Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1850 Page 5
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g?-L. The dfpoait* bar* iWreeaad. dnring the month, f tot Ml 7. The receipt* fron custom* for the mouth of November, were f i<S2,0!u l??a than in the prerlooa mouth. Thla ia e^uai to a fallis* oil of at leaat t?ro Biillica* ot dollar* la th? value of import*. Tba value of ducImiiIIm ex ported from tbi* port for the month of Kovember. rrarhea $4.SW,070, of which >3,877 U57 ?u diuiertioeproduoe. We ffctU gire to morrow aorne very imp irtant an! interesting ttateueuta, relative to the raiveiuaut* among cotton {nuouiaoturern at the Ka=t, bhowing Ihtlr *floitH to reduce the priae of ootten. ?nJ frighten the planters of tbo South. We rcccmjieod them to tlie pellicular atteatioa of our Southern friend*, and l>riirve if tlx) follow our advice, ttiey will realli* liUiona ot d< Uaia, wbloh otherwise will fall into the baud* ot speculator*. The ritrava*iut 11 actuations of the *tosk m irk >1 in Wall street has in no inetance. recently. been m >re fully illustrated tlian in tb? oa?? ot Krle Railroad stock. About one month ago. thi* atook was heavy at 76 to 70; It 1* now 83 t? 84 The buMne** ot tlie road wan larger, then than It 1* n">w and, without a MLgle alteration tor th * better, actual or in proip?'3t, hat- this suid.u rije taken place. What ean be the rcatxn of tbie ' la it became the public then did not know what they now know ' or I* It becau-w a trap'" ha? been laid " to catob short*." and ha* b-en. for the time, successful ? It appear* pret.y certain that the I.M.i. la /.nrraxS on., at. I It sill h? Bdll lor the *'locga" if thay da not ahow el 'D {Ated far>ea belore they gat rid of their stock. TUe eatiai?'t' I proa* reeripta of thia road, for the present jh?t, were hut t>l COO TOO. and tht> n-t income. after d-dusting w orking expense*, I3 tsli anted at J.8uOOOO Thia th<> director* of the road hate cilcuU'.od ia tUelr ?iJre-i to the noofchold?ri. feb 1. 1850, aad it ii do d >ubt as targe, if not larger, thun th? actual re-uU o! the year'a boffcesa. 1his they a:iv will ha nj.-.i than auffluleut to pa; ail deiunbde opou the company for interest, Including six pere?utou the ?u stok, no I atill leate a turplus of $t>6 vuO Thia look* pretty fair upon paper, and the stock might not bw mu<-h ahorn in it al Talus if the interest were all thar. hii to be proTid?df<r But lit us reo how atiada tba esse. Tti !f * 11 report be*.< liioLt tiOUOOCo iu bun ia at* due iu lt.)B, $.r>C0,U0 ul calibrates aro due in 1854 ? t l,l.r>0 OO0 due in lt&O and 18.r)l; aui noir. the entire inonut* of tbe road. after the Iht July, 18)1, excepting sutiiaient to pa) the Interest on the mortgage bonia. ia plaj^e l for the puyn.i it of principal aad interest of tba J-Sftti.OtO of (even per rent income bonds, redeem able at tl e pleasure ot the couipanj within five jtira Where ia the slaking fund pTirlilug lor all tbla $10 000.COO of indebtedness, whioii matures in le*? tfcan ten jcara' tine, and ranch of which , will be doe between tMa and 18j|? None hat btm provided. The directors lay. " the creditor* of the board will take stock 'in payment; if ac, it will be at a d" prerUtlon of both bends and rtock. It 1? Idle to ?*y that tile atook of any road th'H situated " r?I " ?' ' i* w#?? |?rwb*M?i I bat the holders of it will "go to the wall,"' faster tliun the; have rt ceutly been gola^ to Wall itiut alitr it. Suppose judftiaentaud execution b? obt?ln*d a|ainat the icaJ, to rathfy (be debt* due Id '00, '01. o4, '54, and "4U, what cbaue* would tbe eomrjoa f tooklioldsrn bftve tor thrir divirt <ndJ. in *ach ? tcratable nur>n,' n?ttRng? bonds ttid iucuiui bondholder*? Tfcteo expectations are unreasonable; and the unwary will do well to look sharp. Inst thi-y be taddlrfd* bj the incite acute, aith what will be deal weight here* tier. The r?e*ipt? of the Erie Railroad Company for the mouth of KoV'tmber. in each of the pdit two year*, were as aBMitd :? N?.w V'.?k *^n Htn Ko tn. WW. Not I'asseBgers and mall $74.324 61 Kreitfht 75,a: (130.117 "i IMP Sot. Total receipt? < 5 h leerem*. Not 18R>. . fly ti Total receipts frooj .'an 1st t" Dec. 1st. ISM **7 41 D?. 1819 715 481 69 Kxctts In ekren menth* in 1850 >734 7-J 7J ....I, Ik. ullmil. /.f Ik. (k> r--.1 .. I . *" ? ~ ? ? V ?? for December must anioaut to $149 SIC 69. W.< do a"t for a moment ?uppovi that tha cin^iny wlllearn that amount, but lor tbe parpoac of ahowiug that the e?tiinate of the maua~ me-t has beea reached. Ttia retuna for tba U*t month la th* year wilt, without doubt b? doctored $o m to make up any Uenoi?n*y that ruay actually exlet. Wt* have ?oo??thln< to *?y afiar the clora of Uix preaoAt yoar, rats'ire to tbi> aonthly return* at inoom- and the art* ! *oma of the msaafrmeut relatlm to the catiutato mails for 19>0- I A Tory importaut financial arraagamaut was concluded at ltalllaiore. on Saturday last, betwe-in tha Dtiti ageata of Maryland and tha Uoard Of Director i af tha Chaaaptake and Ohio Canal, on tha on* part, no t the wrerai eoal companlaa of Oanherland. on th other band. It tarnUhe* another frallf/ln* rl J<-nea of tba pi<>di*liia? taoup?r*U(? power* of the Indebted Mate* ol tha tutoa and will itot tall to tapart a atlll higher degree of confidence, at home and abroad, to the holderti! MarylauJ State (took*. By tLUarrao^omeat a revenue l? Insured to the Checapeak* aad Ohio canal, flin the defending coal trad; aloae. of fits,- i OCt) daring the year ISio l>?in>r neatly *i)a*l to two per oent cn the hitherto unpro Investment of Maryland Hi the great woiU referred to. ami a revenin t; u tli* panr *uurce af f'Jl<1,000, dining tha year tl)3, being *iBal to about two nnd a h tlf par ? it upon th* ln*e?tm?i.t of Mnrjt-inil. Th'- C'henap*a><* tnl Oht) Canal w?? originally :crat?d by tieneral Uaraafil; th? flr?t rpadeful of t arth wa* dug la l*iN, by Joha (Julniy Adam*; It ha? barn la pr<>(rr?* far twntyt* > year*, aad wat first op. njJ at Cuuber'and during last month It ia f ae of the magoltteent of that long ll?t of *tu|*nd?'u.s eats rprlre* to whlrh the en r.les andoapltal ol tbla ooantry barn glren mlitenja daring th* la?t thirty year*. It ooaaart* the Inexhaustible ?emlbltnminoas coal field of Cuaiberlatid with tld?- water at Georgetown. Washington, aad Alexandria, and 1*?I . Ik. n .I.aJ I, V. IV.IU^il .IV ? I. iur?n? of coal transportation > ip*l to 3,500,<>i0 to?? p*r >tnupi. By tho *Tr??i|C<,?)rnt it th# Pta'a a;rnt' of Marj land at>>1 th? Canal UoarJ r?-luo*<l th? toll* ?n and?ok?, from Cumberland to AUsandria, during Ih* y?ar 1HM. to fifty four r<-nt? per ton. and dnrlng th? jaar 1*11 to thirty !? ?-n,? prr ton on th?p'.?lftr j ol ?<in*ral Tyioo in l-ahalf of th* ccal coa>i>aniri. that KM'<>00 ton* of < < a! aud pok* ?halt pa?? through theoanal dating th? flr?t. and (,0) ton ('urine th? araond yrar? a guoranla" that ?IU ??t bo no?atd?r*d extravagant a', thooo ritM of toll. whan th* dally In- , crraalnc demando| that nnoqnallad ?t?aw an I ma??fa?tnrtii( turl la rtgardad. Mnrk K*i liangr. il.VM |T a i1*7 li*'? i <i Kiim??n' Trait 5Vi M1<H> h7?,?|*lln l<?. -V > " ?2?, JUil Plan .Vt !'1 ? > <9 (h'. l ?a? 1.1 ia )*' > *"'fc It" do M -IH4I aa U? ? . I'l Mb a ??h RR ,-om da !? '? ?' > l ua K* MO rv, " Iim f.ilt'a Psnk ir.t I vi 4* y? A ?o (l ??r> Haul '"I *a bV . Ml |n? t*> da b4U I Mud Ki??ir Hit J I I" H*tl< ai RR ? , . OtfatM *?y P"?fc H <l? *V? , Ml da b?? l*n K<id<, * ** TiMi da tJU &?', (fn d? _ ?r? ; 4 **' a.. at". | d* * t*\ I'tHTkNIM in',1 t?i d? il'i *?' >tan??<tan ?* ?V, #? V?<< JJ*IWIiJklllU I'J I'4' __ 1 " WS l*4i 4. lu.1 Km MT?rRft J'H 1i? Caalaa C* W?i M'? 5"' Ji; ' I V.?tvw. r?* Tra?? f I"' * > . * " ?7'? : 1 at ,i? tl.1 .?iW ?Caaal l<<) ? Mm. M .V?t <l? *rco*P ."M? ?!> Ilarl. mU 64 ? ?!.? Iri? ** ' W M n?i m ?i , '? ? ?'0 |I0 4" k..| M< l(?? -w **' , , j??t 4? i(', -.<*) ftua > a? R* in# 411 h it f.t I'M <> k.'J 74 *9 t? ?? i..v itn 1* ?t 71 i !< < r,ifi ???) <l> _ iW ?Irif RR bl*> ?? . >?! P?rt< Orr Ttj?k IJ 4a M M 4? *S l'? 4a V? H It CaitnaC* V"? ?!.'? "irt '! MB -M JOfirirMt'^ ,,a4 Ml 4* <t H'? <<1 W>' >1 t 1M 4a ??, ll)VKRTKmm& RhlKWED EVfcM U1V. w?t ocpiih i*ortcKi?7 North 1*11. arrahqkmrnt* - rn?r orrtcr., N?? Y??a. No*.. 1. 1NKI ?Pa ?* < af tor <ln4*f. tho U r( V*Mril'?r, lao folloaia* f..r U>? olatiaf of l?o llvrtti ma'lo HI <> lafo inrti:<i?T?.? tr*ai N?r:li Bitil r?r AllMiaj. Hvl?*li>. n?irt.?t. I'hl' ? *?.. will at Ji. p. M. ? > Mlb ?T ktl^tl I'll* ? la 1 AP ?r? ? ill k???M?i*tho Bi'.l?-m R^or Rhlca?4, iliilii m\i P. M. 1IM n iiU ? th? frit RMlrot I will tl.M n J T. I. ""r* VI \ rm*i>r WIMIHC >b. S^ftHT??Mn Uioriul-it ?t?? of iM D^??*r?".r R?|*MI' ?? Wai4 Coaiaill'-O. i ifco eoaowrtUa,) oa4 In r*r?>iaa?* *f a r^ln ,, ? of tfca u?aor?l ' l<*?k lfc? ft nvratir R?p?Mi.-?ii Rl?fl?r? "f t'ii? ?*r4 ?r? la l?Ml#a*? in'-la at* oa?W?n? ' ttna Rill. ora?r* ?< ?im aa4 Taanyr- at ml, a Tr*?4at, M toft**** laMaa*. " ! ?? Vr I ? ar-l r, U>r?a n?Wa'-? ?a tka?.??*ralt laaltld, aa<i *?* m la ihaiaaat ! '<CnmHlti)r 1 ika aarl.'Vll. Th* (?it? tn M !?* - ' a? 7 P. , ?n J -it at 9 V 0 r W.?t? Ch'a. ??H Cirn'tw. i OifnA*. Pj> rt??, iltaHiAiii |aaa? A'??? ? nmmrn, . WAHTBD-BY A BBSKBOTABLB. STBtDY. 04BBful i?rata, a iluatloa a* omuiuh da ia |.?n?o'l/ (cimptmi ia taka char .? tf a Bar* uf bono, aai it to ktip carr *??? ia neat . rd?r R? Km live J vith I'm flmt UBul>Mia Burupc, and lur naarly mtae y*v? with a fain If it Ihntiiy. whu liae ju?t (>.ae abroad. and <r<>a> wttnui lit uaa produrc thrhl?h?>t t*f iiu?lal< ofrharaaor aadcoiufitt?Dty. Fur'.har particular!can h? had by ai'tri) im^ at iha 4?ak #f tha Herald oA<-?. U'ANTED-A SITPATION UY A R*?PK TAILS "* )r?i* woman, to do KAieral hou?a?ork in a mull pn? ate IkiliIv. f t a it mh excellent ?? liar and inoar, au 1 Si to do toy kit d of Oookiuft. and hat no ntij. ?nou lo tj ?rr h A nit* family to tb* country. Shaean prodinc t:.e b??t of city rrfnirrt. firm call at No, 201 Kim atrrat. at th* baa?B>n ilo?r, for t? a day. liTlNTlD-i SITL'AIIUW, BV A VOUNU ?' ' hud t nnr-e, 'Do i* taiigs'oniril tu llkt 4t'? ! avuinbr.fcy fio a i'a Wrlh: ran d~> lixh' hamb jr * jrk >* real plain ic?ta?; baa livuo ilir?e yearain ha-pittvl ctn five ne irtt ?.f city rettren"*. I'leata ap^ly at ok) Hi<ad?ay, in tlie umk (tore: otUt will bu hiar.i far t?? day*. ! WtnTio-Br two mraoTdiu roowa vtt " man. ai.uatlont?igitilluk, a?i?r an 1 Ii?i? 'i i? n< o'je? lou 10 d -f "nr. al hi uae work. In a priva-e ta oi.y; i|ih oihi-r at Pcnmtirc" and ChamoertnaH. R<t* of city i n f> > prn ran br tlven. Puito eall at SHI Wo?t 11 ?iet. Cau ] lit tarn for two c avt ty ANTED-A SITU ATIO V, 1?V A KESP*-T lUI.E ? ? v. ui|( wumvi, aa *u-d l>ok, Weather a?d 1. <nrr; "n?a no <)j?rtlon to f> a thort d'ttaneo In tiaeonn'ry. Tie l. it or rjt> r? fete* " ran b? trieen T?a jrva <n ?or l??t pare. Arpl.v to 'M Twelfth itroet, betwejo Firjt aad ti* orntt airc pu?M. . WAMUDtBT an AMBBIOAN VO?AN, A .hi n A tx-n a* (;nok, in a private family, who it an eniallan'. WQkbtrtnd Irrocr: has * ? ijood rlty reference. I'leate ap7?l> at it< Oftbv ?tre?t, in the rear, rear Bro >m? etraot. V|,rANTID-BY A REfc I' GUT A B LB HN0U1U WO. ?? irto, a titnatlon at Cook or H .nt<,keeo?r in ? t?ntUtcan'a family, or in a reapcstnhle boa'llef h mi T > e? iren at SI 1 Eirvh aicuno, between T*uniy-et(*uU aui Twenty, ninth aireett WANTED - A MTI'tTMV IIV A R ES'?K :T V 1?L f. young w>man. at Cook, and to ?tai<t in wmSiuK tnl irrn'rg, or w< nld do tho a;-neril houie?ork of a ain?!l timily. It a Rood ock. and an riolleat w%?oer nni Inner. >1 a uo (ejection to go to the o< nntry. Got d reference ran I * f!>an thai abe it fully ontn|rintt t? porfoim tbixo du'.iat, ami* lived in the abnye rjf aoit.y Tor teeoral )ear?. I'leA'e call at ,Kil i?ixth avanne, near Twenty, aocond ttreet, for dayr. W'aNTED-UY A PESt'ECTAHl E YOl'NG WUUV, a >i-nation Po< k. and to a*?lnt in wa<lun;, or do the wtubir* 6f & HIT all t:io>ltv. Good ttlcrences To ho .?i> for lwo day?, at 130 Twenty-aixth ?' root, nctr tlio Third WAN1 ID?KY A RRSrKCT^BLR Y-HTVO WOVtV, a i'uatiro ai Chambermaid aud Wai or l.u in tru'tof mould hive no i>l>joi:tions to do gaaoral konwwrk. Cir k to tlir beat of city rM'i?r?ncd ? to <-hara<-rer and nipifcilfty Ari'lv m !'(. W( tt Kuixtth itrect, Suth and Seventh a* "\lrANTEr>-BV A USnfffAlLI TIWIO WXJWAIf, TT a situation mi (ond Co'-k; undrratandj brrad baking rd rn?"ry, having had fi.urtfeT yeari" experience: or &l I aimdrriP. AM'y at 1-1 Twtlfth itrcat, do rlr<mitli? uiserd 1 aivtiaity pla:i>. Can give th> he?i of city r#for?no?. \tr ANTEO BY A RKSPK JT\B'.K PR<> TESTA NT Tt yoiiB( woman, a nituation as Ohanil^raiatd and fn ?? di rta. or plate Sowrr, 'n r Nipw't^lt I'.imilr. Bsit of rrf<Feme |ivn A(i|.lv at No. 11' Ku>t RU r??th street, in tiie ri?r. fan be urn for two data UTANTED?BY A RCSPSCTABLI TOl'NO WOMiV, a aitcni'ion ai ('iian>berraaid and to aaamt in (h< w lal ir: and ir' ninj. or to d? general hoaacwork tiood eUy re'ereoee. I*!raae call nt No. SI.S Nineteenth ?tre?t, in the rir?t arena*. TlfAN'ED?A SITU.VUO*, BY A RISI'I TAni.E " ;on| cciik. to tnVa ?*?re ol ebilir'n. or a? t'V<mb?r_ tuaid, or Cook, and to do th" watliir* and irinim ol a arnall 1 r vmt faaiily llai no nbj.-otion to f> a ill >rt dinanie lu t ti ar un try. Tlie belt of city rafaronou can ba ?ivcn. Apply ?? 11 Marin* am et On.i >? se^n f -r two (lavs. ir'ANTKD-ltY A RC?r*0T\TH,K V'tl'MQ Old.. A rr situation to do Riuer?l hon<? vcrk, or to wailiaid ir-? and inake ber'clf *<*?^raJlv oscl'nl and a*ra?able; and, alao. t? take raru of ehildron Can lie s*jn for t*? dare, at ?< nna*<? arr<-e?. me ?i;? 01 re'8ri"nne onn no ?rtvnn. Wanted?a kitpatiov i;v a v? kv comphtcnt >"pnt vtinin. with |te?4 oity rafarevn. to i'?.ik. wa?h, ami iron for ? priitU f?:--iilw: i<> (wdnok and flmtrata varheritud ironer. Apply at Sixtli aveaua, in thol.oik ? ( M>. "IITANTBD? 1 SITUATION UV A VKKV COMPETENT ?T vonnf wcinan, with exmllcnt oi>? reference, ti nn'M ia ? frivMti family; hai ter?ed irvral y??r; in (hat eaprvdty. and eun take c Irp- a ba*y rum it? irfanny it a used plain acwer. Apply at 71 lixtli avenue, ia tli* b?>k alar*. WANTID?IN A Cf<KKC WAN'S FAMILY. A FEW milra t'rr m ikacity a r?a|?ente>lie ib'.n-at. Mll?di<'n >u? tir), take earr utfliiltren and d-> rlaiu aen <ai To*n h an tie, oho ia moru anxioni firai[u>d liooe for t'K winter than h-?h ??? ?. il.i* l? a de.,ir.?Mo aictia'i' n : a > Vntrican Mid a Piotratent preferred. Addroat, poel paid, at thia, W. D. OK. WANTID?A BITVATIOV, 11V * RUPBOTABLB yccncwutnan aa hainhtrniaid; i? a tfoai wii'ier and ir nci. i r In da the central Imuecwork id % amaU faintly. Tin; 11 - ot city r< fereno- can te *i?ca Applf n^ M H'ar* Ninet'mfh itrr?t. tci?i in the B'*th and S^vun'ti ar?au??. IITANTED-TIV A BBdPBOTABI.B PBOTBSTAWT " ' <trl, a aituutiun to do tii? gearral lioaMwerk of a email peiva'e family. 1- a ?;uoi plain cook avl a tint rati traalier and Imaer. lion-e.t v rtf*r?aei< ran be flean Plrt<? apply at Id.'l If nlbcri y atreei, between Hester and Grand. C*u t>? ieea It r tan <*aj ?. iriNTTD-l PIT!'ATI ON BT A BE? PS PA 31.1 " IM wman. t? (to general h' v.-mrli, r > na-l.inir and irtr 'n, er i bewherwnrk. IT. Irat f city ral?r??ec? pitea. pira?e i*!l at No ltOaaw?ai>rtairxt, w ANT FP.?A ?OST MUPB?T*BI,F. I'ROfB*T.\NT ? ll'Tf to ??itt aa N" r < . Ta n good 11> .. Cwiiin ir?id r?l?rnrt?. Apply ' M Ultrckar atreat. C*i l>< ?ien lor two da)*. \tT A NTB D?A SITtrATIOIf, BV 4 R?!TE:TABLB ?f ynutt* vi'HU, aa < ?< *. Wnaprr. an* frnn?r City t'liHret ?Wca. In?i >r?- it Mo. it7 twi T?iiy- rtrai ?tr<f t, lntw<in .'cat il ami T .Ird arannaa, tirac Hoor, la tlia raar. c n *< ia?a f r dara. U'sMin?uv a stimdv and iHiicrAin ?? Tioi.s tenia. a aitnatloa a? Waifor. Ohmm^erai?l4 or pla'n fv.ol rar <mali an* Iron: ri?d elty rafarauna. I'ltaaa rail *t N?. U I aim t urtll, for two ?r llirn dart \Ir t*TBD-A MTVATltaV tr A II1>I('T\I,? corf lor. J yotinr a* Ch?mfcaruaid or tt'auar to" I rlty rrfarrarrririB fr<.m liar la it plMa Ar nlaat I?' K'aM'i ??->??, '.mo.-, n atrcal ani iIm Siath araaar, Cllatoa C< >ir?. \?" aSI KD.?A MTIATIO* HY A RtlPiCnill IT )ov ai woiran. as Cliamkorraaii', r Pwk.W?i'nra*'l I oorr. r to d > tf-r ?i-n?ril hon?o*ark ?C a ?nill family; ?h> l. at .if rl?> raf.reite* raw >? gnan. Apply at IT ?ea? I rrrt Brooklyn. aa<oad II ?r, trrnt ri">rn. IV A<ITID A Mil M S BV A IISflCUM.1 ? jirntn ??mn, M (TwmVmiH, ?r Ct"k. lid 1? a?r? or t? da the r * n r -?l h msawork of a atnMI tamili: haa i i i i . iii i.i |e t iri Jiaiaarw in tn i nairv ilia kaat ei i>l v n tartar.' ena be *Wtn. Apply at .'I UiontrJ atrtt'. | Can 1 a ic fnr.l 4aj i. W A?Tr. I>-M A.\ INDl ATRIOI.'^ I'H'lTBlTtN r ?T 1 . . . , In* and Ir-nine, In i mill family. Apjly In tlia Itura, IAS hii l atrtiia. Ur A N 7 T Ii?A BITl'ATION B1 I ISP "<'C y? ua| ?i rc-an aa el amSarmild ?r ? iltrr. an 1 'o ?/<(?'. ia tka t*n? waahiag aa-i Iranian la a private faiallr I'adar?'?? ' I a ! >' ' a. r?. Thi ket' al oily rof? e-aaa fr>tn h*' laat flirr, 1*1 -tao aa'l a' .1 Plrat arena , la the raar tuiMCan If rtaa for Iw data. It'lWtfP * fUTTATfftX ?V k IUPI7TI " "M aanra. ?fca la a flrat ia?a meat ail paatry C'aak. I'an aire lh? t'tl of tilr rafer-neo Can li.r tan day* P!? uta in tall to *7 Marl-.n atr?a>. UTAXTIP-ll \ RBUPBCTAtl.! moTBSTAWT ~T ymwg ? nu? a ii?Mia u OMkNMti tal t> do rta'iaeniac ar tat j ?t? ?f ekil Irrn. C> arr aatii'aail >a III It man. ilcau oa'.l at 101 Cliarlta nittt, ia ika karatai a'. Ur.t?nrT?-nr ,\ ?t<r?ori?.i.r. yocNu ithun, a altnatlnn a rvatn' ?* < lid ar a^ald 4' |an-ral \\* Affl B1 B1 . i i?. "B " AB1 ?: s (>l NO W mr.\ f ?i-"i ( i i a? iw Clian,barmaid an I l.i'i.i lr-. aikar Cook Wait'r and Imnf. It'll t< a in*. ?a Muta tin n aan?? i?aora'lr aatfnl. i:??H r-fapa>ir?? will k? I va Iri i i thnr U?t [ la. o*. Cail at 1 l ai 'aua A. (Jaa k<' laan far t?o (i)i. Ur,.NTIl>-\ HTl'ATIO*. I1T A TO| (?IJ WOW IN* a <aamt> rn 'Id and lanadraa*. I do iho h<t>ia??ork or * <irall. r>rlTtt? 'amllv tlia ho*t at ?|tv f?f?fa?rna ran kaiiraa. Apply at IX I mirth itraat, rornar of Bivk ara ana. Ur*NTlI?-A ?TTI*?Tln\. HT A UfaPBOTt lll.t > ??? amitti, a? w? a i-l aa'laaila*. or -hamImild It) HilallU ia tMliMNllM t II*a a ?iaa la do plaia *4?rlat t'aa b? o?ll tai- aiaaaiad Irora har ll<t plk<*a. FJaar- ra I at n !? <? tw, U7ANT1D-A UTIATIO*. ItV * KUPKi TAM.R pTf ??.> ?n villi t9 tHf ?aa?ra! h. ? ? rk H ??all rtnata tamllf: l? t'?J waihar *il J Plain* rail at iMIaAaaa Brink))*. f?l b? ihii f?r !? > fty*. W ANTED * ?ITfATIO\. BT A HI!?ft< TAHl.f I J' ?? ? ttrai tat? r v>l<. anil "? lcr?t4?i< all kIMaal |<a>tr*. unil n>?kia? ap fia? liana. *'an ka ?. ?!? ia? itnii at AW* Owitlft a?r?*t. Ur.?vr?D -i?v Aiuricnii.iroi v. vovan.a Fratraiaat, a -nana* a? anr. i?n<* Htailn'l ->t tk?aiV<>r?ta ! T wal?r??? la a raaawataM* familf. C ?< ai?a A?*l far lkr?? dart ?l MP tf'<' Saraa tttrat, ?<ira?ral Urat'.k mn>, ?? ?aa flxif, .oa' ro?tn. WANTED- A ?ITT ATI**. HV A ItKHPgrTallf.l j i? a ir?t ra:a aaak. 'ha it aa rianllrat I iVar. aai ?a<t> rttaad* all ktaaa?f | a?-rj. ffunl t Kara a? at ' !' >a la an ? I* aa-hia<ati< lr-?i a?. if ra |>ilr>4. v f lv?Uc? la a i-Snrl IKUkiI la tla antinfr* ran alra II f kail nil) ft' Apnl> It H>. II' KU?*n?h r?a?, hai??i f ia< f -afh Ar?in?". Caa k? M i| f?r I* dan If aa? ?ai?*A. WA S Tin-* ri>TF VTAMT UISI AS ClltNBKR. maid, *? i In ? !?? In w??l.a< *?l ir?a?,? ' I"* ?i>art <ia?aa*? la tkaaaoaif* Naa? a??-1 applr <ioa? ? parfaatly ?a<t?r?''?a4 l??r kaa n?t( a? a^ara. ?n4 ?b? ??* <> I r a# Iha k??t nf rl.a tvfara* ?a Aptlf li?t??aa t<i? ra t f III ??? la'alvrk ?l 17 * ?'l ' fM>. lll'mlln |?<4 at apply. _____ _____ UriiwTfr *v * ?rr.crABt.R ? i.i.h? vr..***. t alMiatlm ?1 fV?t, It * |rr1?ir? funll'l iiuiln. f rntt? f k al f'llly r?in|wi.?t In all h??a th >14 4n tl*? ; ?i aatUn ta ia to Ik* aa - ?rv. f''t? p?1l an at fffiry ??! -?. ia ik? la'PTitat. Bstt af r?f>r<a<<i C?? U' AXTIU-i Siri ITIOX. II ? Ht?r?orA*LI v?m ? I* !.<?<?? r t f.amS?ptn*(4, to 4* *ha ta aa ??pa'?r?t w??htr ??4 lr>a?r. tlaa r?o<l ?ij paf?r?a.?. i'l iC.I at UJ tlnrath ttrt't, ? 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HINTED?A SITUATION BY A EESPfrTAill* A1 >oiiu| ?"??, a? plain oock. ?uUt and truaar. ?r to *. do murral hnuMWir* 10 * ruikll privatu family. (I ?>4 r?fe- !JA' r*b<trivr?. APhlj ?t >7 Sluh avcnua. ouraar of Tweuly. 'v**1' fourth ?tr<a'a OB ill Ikir4 floor. * WihTtll-l COLO it KD WOMAN, AS WAlT*EHS IN I * private fumilv. lm<,nire at N? is lira norov Jour:. ?* flood ??-i>-r??ciia ramrod. Air> a whit* or oilurtd ??nu. ' " a- I auiiorci*. a.'iu u nd?r? tandr tint wa-thirv Bud iroain*. -? mm Ur ANTIkU?A SIT1 ATION. B T A KB M'? J PA ttl.E Jf *< ><>iing ? <1# K* Qi'rul huuaewnrk: i? ? " ?-I t-r and liinar; n willinr tu go a ihori diitaao* in tli* c<nntr>. Plexe rail at 110 C?rfar ? rest. yV WiNlkO-HY A KBJPlOTlBl.t MlHIURD YOUNG *' N ? >n an. a aituailoa a* Wit Nurat. H),i< ran prod'ii* ">? 1 thr U tt of ci>y r?f?rea<-a. i'ltan apply at 61 Marion itnwt, Jr u liir P iiioiii'rMt. jorti W A M- F P A 8TRU5U IAD ABOUT CiHrC'M ~ ?? >?ar* old. Applt to Q. AROUJaM, 7J YYiillvji \\ ifrrt, ti* th* kaw nea'. nun WANTED IVUBDIaTELY-AN E.KPEMCMtfBD AMD ai? p?ftci?nt T > xadrriaUt. Nraa uth?r aced apply. ?jj?- I'av mi Hi* %li?M aol ????d ?i. |i?n IJ'> f*uiai\iiv llall. and \I7"ahTID?? hm >KI Yol'sG Ma*. JIMT F UiU TIB |> yt n.iio'rv. t? work fa thia oi?y. and on? f ir Couo'Mivnt , ai <l N>w Jrmry M age i ftr?t ?uok, aud a'tur if ?uit?l, ' !> m S1) lo $IJjj wiili^ Krjm tl i" $ ncodul for outl-. t"'< t"?M tn.ui y A. M. to 1 I*. M., bt ?o. oi uu ii vn limit, in irn < ? t> i?. '".'Id IL'amu rvo ADDITIONAL XSN. TO OAKUM d' ' " f-T 1>? pgntt'fi 4tre? - Dimeter?, toon to be iflfued. G <>4 ail4J wnttrftntf ' .wrt'incf m^r, icivitg nfvrtMei m?r viJm? ** ' | *ith ?t?l nairn; and nan ber. Uireatftrjr. %t thiflofloft. at'r Want in-a K?pit) asd (Kiiroi miniature H1 r?- t?<; fnr inch, o n?tant cuplovmeot ?ul liberal *r r> nr?-i er*i ?i'l b? Riven Ad<tr*r? a it., bt tb? <iIUo? <>t ' lb ? (Uttinx robl oatnu bai v>her? bn ialttriitw ni%y t'"r 1,. h.d ??'? tru? HTaS'iKD?ltV A RE3PEUTA81 E YOU NO M\M AND ?--t.bit wile h 1 a' < ' from r , m, nithclotist atta* V:J, I ir- toil r.isheJ nr mifoi ni> lied, wtthr.iit bnbrd. >o dn*'i lf?t ?n Ti rm?, ff Iur'ilKhnil, n?t to ex> e?d S7 ? month. K - tor frrenci * rive* bad rvquirtU. Addretn, iuiiu? liatoly, Lod;;- ken Is; ? Iltriild I lilt*. AhESPICTAULE YOUfcQ MUVAN WISQE7 TO ir on ti riiuviuu a i !*!>' rnbl I, ?r jvna* ro?? ?i 1 m er ? e ?k?r; c?r> Co bit bind- n pi?in virk, liriitlni fcni' '1 > )'?|i ol i-ity iifww>i? cbri he?ivfU. fl?-??e e?ll b? > ? r< Kurh ?'?uu?, moud flu*trout room. Cbn b? tuen for By i tw) d?J?. rtrl Anisl,imBI,K\ro?.tN WIM1R* A i ITl'ATIOJf TO ith rock, ?b>b ?u?l iron, or to b?t' 11 WBuhiox bn.t lr*n- wit in?. (Jood oity ?i?t?. Pl?i a oil at 2it Six'h vi< t n\ nnc near Mx-eenth . treet, ou the scoonl floor. Cbn be rot ftr two fax*. I Af1 OTTO Gl Kl, Want? A 9ITI ATION AS COOK, >' 1 \V??In ami lr<t.r, > r Clia?nl'?rmsiJ bn'l Nurja. G'iH <*' > reference fin Ke frivvu. Can l?e <cei for two dby*, at d"'1 No. 1 UUIittr attest, between Leigbt smt llubort tireou. a \ COVIRNM1 SITI ATION VTANTKD BY A YOrVO r,t * * i any?a miiiani'n in a lamny an'.m, v?on? nr I no aniatl eMldnn. is tt c fcmliuli branchoK haeing a know- ?1< u*e of o>tia mukiti, would be williuit toderote the remain- ' Jir'f her tlmo in sewing for tha family; no olijec'.ion* to leave the rity. Kefcren< ei given. AJdrei..! Governee*, Iler- *ot a'd uffit e. DtlfcY GOVERN ES? ?iS EVOI.I3II LADY WHHES ^ *? erpati tn?ti t a?above in a'e family or io^io'I. I , la (lidilii'ti to tho ntitl krin??et uf a Kood e tniation. eh* . tallica Ftefrh. ftertuan. Musi" and Mncinc. She would be happy to attend ptipiu fit any one of the above aieotnpliih- i" hum-, r.r ree?lve them at ncr own rrilienci. A<ldro?? *'} ' l a lv Cjvert.efe." Herald office Hotel kee('?rv *c.-wants a s'TCaTIOn-a f"1 i ii (r. ac iv* w in .n . ae hmerkceper, one who on-nr- 1',ri >.?^i all ti<r du.iee 01 in ita ten Hyle. and ca i unti? - n'" tako. in > t>y fan ily, m <h a piace. l'ieau addreaa J. Q. 8., Herald i fAe.. ior tt.rte daye. Lt RftTIVEl.?l'LOYMENTr.I\EN TO L 1DIES AND rtttlew.en ?h? have leiitire time, in a liiht and tentuel taurt work. tanaht in a If? eai v lenaon*. Considerable ? t im l?irieat ma* La derived ae eo<~n aa aeiiuircl. Apple p - >\ ally, between the hcura of il' and *, at Mr. RO^E'4. It RarcUy j.reet, near Broadway. Premium for teaching, tire e# Nurse wanted-a middle-ac.ed BXqLtiB or "* American * man. nocuetomed to th* care of children. , " end * i lint to aaaiat. in tlie urdiiiarv eewioc ot a pruate fa tily. i an at 17 Strong place. Bouth BtoiUti. ? NURSE-WANTED. I?Y AN lRTEl.UOKNT AND ~ otal-.e female, a aituatioa aa Name. She I* fully |!u <?peblc uf taking the entire etarK" cf a bahy; ii a *ood a im- . r r'm I 'm t-? f a' 1 ( llfflTiliti t, T r two day . ?* P:tf.?S>!.\N WANTED?A MAN TflOROOMLT AC- Br quaiircd with cylinder pr.-saee wanted immediately. , ( Reference. ?i to aMlity In Job wirk. he. and temperate ^ ha'l?a,{?ill be required. Apply to E DC. fourth atory. bera't* off'ce, from eleven to one o'clock. Alao, alaithlol j,.. errand boy. |to TO DOTE1 S -Till SinjORIBUR H \ VINO R?EW EM. raK'd lor a number of year* a* aariaiaut Mauarer in a M! flrtt rli > Uottl, offer* hie ?cr\ ioea lor a aivnilar enreronunt rati <> tli? ei'v, ?-r at.* part of t&r Uai?n. Keforent ei uad<jiit>l- nic . I \Mreta A. r. _ New A ork Poet aflee. Wt TO MEKCOANT TAILDRH? WANTH), IN THE CITV ! ff* < f Ne* Y t-1.. ly a tnt awe* IrewttM and ? ftMUer. a I A .Ituation ; aatiefactory reference (Ihi tolae^ i mrljy. Ad- n<e drtia T. B. S , Br raid ' rtUe. ai.d PKI UL NlM ll'M. . rp IO or O r . EGYPTIAN ENCAMPMEVT. NO. IV Tbe oCS"era and rn"nbnr? of thie eneammnent. are re- i ? . . netted to meat at ?lieir room, Odd fi llall, nn Ttu?- v4 a day tTfi ln*. Dec. 3r?'.. at 7*| a'alaek, <>n liuine.t ?f *reet in J- r'anet to the Miiu' era and Eacaiupiuiu?; it il h..p U m hat "?ery mrmker will le pre > on till nT??nt oroe*i. a. I By orili r. JOUN C. OR A tl.\M, Horltie. Io. Of o. r.-Trn: r woaruv gr\nd i.odgc or ia'j Voudt n Htw Itfk *111 k*H a lt>nltr main at t'n ? Vrat4 Room. Odd Fellow*' Ball, thla (Tueadar) eta- rii nin* at 7', ? clock. Keprtaeutatii ia wtll plcaaa Ik-puu - J tuaL By order. ? BENJAMIN J. PINTZ. Grand Boiretarr. j MAfONIC Tl?: R. W. GRAND LODCE OF THF Al? Aacieat aa<l Honorable Pratarnllv<f Fr?e and do- r< o aeptad Maeoaa, ol the Mat* ef New Tera, will bold a iuar. to terla meeting. at thoir Grand Lodfr Kojib. Freeaiaeona* twi Hall. No. **> Broadway tl.ia evMiinc at 7 e'eloik. by ? order. JAMES M EH K l> O. Urag.i derate ry. qniK M OR IDS FAIR -THE ADVERTISER lURI'IM ,, M in* to proceed to Eoiland ahnrtly. would b- hapcy <o II take charge of aay artiele* intended for exhibition at th? > "World * Fair,"ead *nperlateadia? then dnrlu* the aatu.-. II* ia p< ifeatlv a. lualmed with l>oad< a. aad < an refer to " ' ai'tne i.f the l-eit f(m* ia New Vetk l?r .niaxrity. A4drea? f. Fair." afB-t ol thi* paper. J " PKRNO\ALi ? ( information wanted-07 a toi wc man ur j I the ram* of hmd W. Cnrliat, who left New Vork on the P( .V.b day it May la?t, to arek employment a* caa'neer on the i 11 >!> ar in aad Reading Ra'lroad, and hat not bten hoard . '"tl fn in olai'O. lie ia a^oat tear* at a;*. leal ianhc* .a k I h. ijiht; Mae *y?a, dark hair, beary eye-brow*, light ?>?- r*"*"1 p't >itn: <e?r on the forehead. mania* from the hairdoan J?d to tin-i le-hrow had witA him lett. ee ef rrMnnr ndation J'V from M'. Clark, eetineer, and Mr. Wala'i, clerk of tt* Nr* l"' Vo.krid Eric R'lilr. ad. \n?- information ooa<erni.ig him w ?ld how >t Uiaaklulty roe* it ed hy hi* a'Hlrted nu thcr, a: Peei 3". > ili*i<a *ti??t, aonth e?tt oora?r of ?jniag atn-< t, I IIPOBVATI 'N WANTED. OF OAUON, WIO U< nnigtnled to th * eeoatryia Miylaat, with h?r a'atey l eu anil 1 rtthrr J"'.? Cartiindy; wai a natit* of the I'ariaii ot fcallitirt rrr, ?nintT Tlpi'T?ry. lr'land. Wlnal it hear I of ?? in . ait lotm>nt in New York Ikielliceaae of h .r ili Io thankfully t?v? i??d by lior bt ether John C'arruody, jar who litre* w at New Al-ion, lV.ara?(u* ouuaty, Ne? "'* Uad I tutl > IN EN, BICUAKD riNI.V. J A M C t I IN EN", ','1 ' At ii w t am. No ei"t* nuiarka about tho ab"*e at?a (cj | all ^ IM OI.IO I.RrTl'ltKS. IjtRI l.?M)-rol ITICAU REI.IGIOl A HOCtAL?MR. N A * r' n. n.etnf'rol KiCatklfill'l HWI. Caaibri I I ' l atn.ien ?|et t, Colle* ?f Fr?ee|.t..ra, fce.. will ,? a terifi i J of thrre l^etorea, at Olfntoa H; II?tlie ltr?t oa 'ho eraaing ' . ^ il M'ti<aotday aeat, De-mi?ei I, enriaeneiec at n*U-pa?t 1 . , ??'ia< i!?ek. Eotlaad. i'olitieal. Tho lattarerwill trwat ' ' Mi e irtjert fully, turaiahln( th* htatnrieal data for etch ** at?'?wieL aa ha traeea th* traiial riae at tho people aa | fceair. ai(4 ti.e eraonal i!. -liaeof raoaa^ekiea!. ariato*rati* ' t ?? ? -cl. ?in? tr a' <f minatibn. the |>re*?at *ta'_? af pV'aa, ? ? \' OABUliui <*?. B\t*w?*flaorn<r-:w bro\dway. tornb* or ?l'*?? ?tr ?t. * t St. k I *far|c BnlMlagl ? Lill" and 1 < ~atittn- n 111 wtnr (< !! *rj, *ill, k oaltin, f*4 V'llj & I )i# |-artc>ra'? ?li*j rvinlr*: ami Di>?n bating i lit* *' <m? to r*ut, ?ill And Juit u>* ptiKM to oreupjr i?ia that ' At | I i)' art) wami.i, 111 * hmfu.r (llinjitm, in ^ . M3 a jiriTit# rim tv ?.( th? ?r?t r< ?p*caSilltt, ?n I h? i Ki if la* <1 n?ar i>r on Mia ; r: MB*. H |.-r??r?? |>r Klly aatl'iaetor*. AJ'r n Pby. miiUi, tUt.a?t?airJ* t Offltir, Iff an* work. , {"J,[f I.A*0! AMI PI NO I K iMiftM'. WITH _ ? ' Kuril, <? kf i.?4, kj irjlyi"* tma?<IUtM> at No it7 |V| Mttrrat ?? - _ . ? * ?? gaV Bojhdi^o.?tw piuuxxt ?<o?sT?trr. wim i ??/ . trata. ia nt nf i'i? p'aitoai tat . ?*tl r*rt? of llr.'.kljn. nnt ikrc* a>iant??' walk Iro'a f>iH?n ?' * *. A I W l> ar4'm a only. Api'l/ at M i. H Willoa ' Hntnr A <i*NTI I W\N A*|| HH 1 AMll.V ( AN ?K *' p'f? *atlt *.'? mr. ?lal< 4 In a rH?a?? family, will i?t ki"t ?. Il4tr*. ?>tli *r*tj coafi rt i*elir*M* In mall* aa l'?". <t *-ail?"ii'n *i<ii partial l?ail. I at air* i ?* >' at >! I4t final ***?, a f#> 4??t? ??> < f lirt>*44ai. |> \*i?-a last ?l?ll*< a *<miv ooarohtattr I? ljiai?k*4 auk ki ?r4. kat*r>a Br??a?* n I lllf lfr I - , m ?r t-Af fitv*4??jr. a<! tr??i B. c, >r>a4?ay i Sj _ Z*ti UMT, *r. ! V.'u | l?r Q\ kiwtdd. ? i.ost. Of rHIWAT. the fTTI, k I **? V*' V aan I Ocr, Mai* aa4 while, ?llh I >a t ?ar?; h? it a 4 .??, ia ? m?">t ,caifc?r ??U?r, aa-war* t? t>? aaoia 'f "(laacar " i I Aaj- r?*?i a f ??la? its * In*, w'll rwelT# ?*>< .# ,* n? arf. ht Itariat hia> at II.* *fti.'* i>f ta Sftw Tirt II >t?l. * 11 ? " 7- Ii,n $.% IIIWARD- I.OHTOK TkR^III JfOk EVbKR IwtST. *" iii?n-->raa 1 m j < k?t >>ri k. in II?trlajr ttrait, '.? ? . n ? ? t ?. i ???i. ti V, t*i? !! > t'? ' i? f\ , \*1 tiroat Ifntrl, tha al.ovawl'l b* Milt | I OJf \ rw-f? w* nkmav ,<IMBr, I}' " la lli* rtolattjr M ll?wry ai I Klrlafoa ro*fa, t <lc.aH* 1 ?rr"l lo* liai ?i?o?. m ?df v y P-?*ia? ?I?H a |I*M t Wtr>l l(*t'i*r e?n. Iha *!.*<? r???r4 will ? <? p?M on im ' ro'ara'ft^f ? . ?f l?f i?n?ii >a ilil? >a?i t ?* l? lit ?? - ffi ??nr. Ao*lt in Mr Wltur. 0 r??o?.l ??ro#?. ^ . Dim 1.0-T.-A W'HITt I Mil nil at M. TtlK I IN tilrli. with k gra* |>at?h "it ach ?l<l? *1 tlii h*?<l < ?r/ ?rai?ful In fork* *? < ka?w?r? la tti* mm* *f t*?ny nil lit ?r Jlkrk 1WH fca fkhl far Mr ro-'i' > ' M R*?< or ^ JP ' (Onutl ARD -STOHN. I RI?W NO. K PHIffCl ^11' <J>??rr*? on tli? Jlth of Jin*. mh*r M?t on* I-.4I** pn< Ool'l * air?, |.?#l!a4 I'irV. Pfo flai l S;t* r*re??; ?. *1? 11? ok fr<? k C'k?s *k'Hark I>t?m Coat f< ar Mir ?lratif Tiat"; >?? Hack Oa?hmar* Vattj na* .*i'k >r*-f??h? rlMllBr jrokkWy " Pt#?W." Tho ah >v* r*w ?rI will ? . ?> | a-* on tti* i?<->??ry of th :! ?* or w?f. .tU*k- (,A. *1*1/ r?r pan fcotoof. A| |>1< ?a lh* (~ J Pt HMCATIO*?. """ f < ?UIAM ? VJI(ll/IMOr ?IT***TI-R? AM> *?T- ^ KM 1 ? ?|?-a*,i,a ? 1 K? 1'alaa ?T'-? J?ni*f r anmaor rm. fy I a.a* arifit?l 11W lrf? Wi??lk<? Cnllan Brj***. H?arr I W T??if?lTo%, fl P. R Jamra. John R. I>?!?M. NatHaalal pa?? 1 I'. ? lliln. tiMin* I*. 1.(1. 1?. Pro-i'lr- Roarr W. ??*4t Hi fWr'. Ravai* I. P. Wh'i'pl*, Allr*1 R Bir?-X, i. n Ultra, Ti.?a?a? * kaata R*a4. W. Toaa ^artih kntkr r N>! of " Rurtt ll"*rt," fl*?<? l?r? n?" < Mi?? I. \ irainla !?miia. ai'?. Itooa Onrtl lira I J Faat*a. Ilarf Rfa*. I'* *r !'?* * R M V. H Harlow, t). i. |**f man. J. V iVja-? 4. *m t. Hra?aa? J. Rii>. Jr '" ta R !** liillm l|?ilmi> tml*ik?i 14 * 11 lii>a?[??'' f'M k Brilirrt', Itrlnnik TttMiO.ll i'ft I ** J !? >)??' . I LM ALK* 81 AVVTUM, n-rnowr j. buiciir * co . aoctio.viiis, *111 ?ll a ruklio auction at tha Merchant*' Ktobanf*. ) rlty r No* York, on (h? iliieooth Jay of D??at>tt , m nana for raah. ?i*hty aliaraa of thi capital iltd ?f " ? aka Brio ?>?M?ay." dop.ialt^j ai atotnlf. W. RROWH. AUCTIONEER t!|<MNT IIOI'IEhold K'ruii "re.?Tu-iuumw, ( X'oiuaa.lay ) Dmc 4th J>* xVook. at No. M Br-aitw\y. will t>r 10U at auetioa, out a large a?*?rtnicat cf hauJaumt Furniture, prUii* a toiKpUt* ar*<irtD?vi. aurthy ol tno attontUn < 11". k< *p?r? and aa.uen. am>, ?irnij ui nou>? i Ini x artielua F Hi'l N K V I (' K, A I'CTI ON I S l{ - CLOTUIVU, dotkt, Ac.-?W. >cU<?r*lck k Co. will (ell lull ?l?f. 0 It fpruce a*.re?l, an a-?"ri ulci of >'ljthin, , c >n?:at foweoili ?r?ta, pvita bla k rnvmirai. A ; ilm kn n(?, a lot of maootnary f-r bat maki* i; alio. I ?o piano* r, ill hmvomI Ii?<I nrkfl MtMii, llroalwout, maker; <tl ?i ?Uy nia le. r- ! '? oclavaa. 8?ln ? mtive. w. shirley, auctionebr-two op a< con J- hand Purnitm . iro Jk 'ami I lea. A Uo. N* ? Pu -rcm-.l Fu<i<y 0>'d?, TuaaJa?. D.-xjitbtr 31. I0>? d'cIv::, ? l<>! Wil lam ? fWltiy ?f UNfiil FitraUurv. to advatoaa. At 12 o'clock, Ultimo Vailla, to pay atora eapeoaaa Btlciwrfinp^r? c. Ai;onoNKttt.-ruRvrrr.ii, china. C>( OIma m4 8ilt<r PU *4 War*, Iron Sa'ca, da? aayCl U"*d?y) At il'X o'clock, at ? > Xa??au m ruct, bo?ii Fflliou and John atrecta ? R. C. K<*U* Mill ?all at log. i>r above, b* datalofiir. A lar< < ??? >rtuieat of hnuae1 urul'.ur*. Carpvta. Chin*. Cat tju*a and Silv?r Platod c. Prrn<'h And Mattel Cl >>'kl, Si . of lha beat atylm And liptioca, enn pruin* A fall anoirtcctat of parlor dining cbaml-T Furniture, r aewooil, mn'ivaif and blank

lut bidat??d<i an., winch will be found w >riby of I im hHch i f hpu?ekt?p?r?. I'JaI'OBS J'LATT? L G.CA?<UMUTON. AX'criOV?er?Thle day at 10 o'cl'ik, at the auotioa a'.ire, ?1 it atrect. Atork of hardwire uiieutlary. About -*J ty 1 0 ir and mht day clnnka orain? platf ?mi ?aaln?, one a?t 11? |i>urea. nil>1' ton plat, d moona. trial ?uo?la. >k till and padlook*. aawfraroea. laniui-is, hntti arid ?? ki ' l"c-S % ? ? an i i?. auxrra tad au*er but?, knit> in< i iaa, matbainitt< al itwtia, ivory and otl.i r kuivei ml <trV?, arvsro, c:m. D'snuru fi.rk?, tl'ty pane u cards if ?tock food i, t?k:!??, >a?Tratn?>, on? ct?k blAc?amUV? ball >?? ]iip*?, u raakf lo? chain, oua cark oil chain, two ca-ka tr? o iii. s;j<t??n ai-zrii tatk hammers, i.rasw < to llejtiukl, baid I tiaUhets, manure folk*, It*., fco. Also iiiri.lee of k?w mpne'S'lMU of mow, shoe res, pocket cutlery, knlvet ai.i forks, Si t., wit liont, r?'?. Also t> ? issks Kirming' llll pttl?U,HIMtlN Ntl rdtr of the iinportrr Al.<?, at 12 o'clock, f^r cash, joe ? saolerv, slightly damaged Aim, jimi lis# gum and ?1?. i-itc elected pittiril. Aim ft ereut v:tri?iy t rr K ods. 'I be whole will be S"ld tu the bighe't bidder. h< >t ri'urvo T rm?, nnder 8"*', < ash ; over JluO, three the Ior paper approved by auctioneer. AHOE SALE OF AMKRllMN DEW Rt>T HEMP.? Mintnrti It Co. will ndl on Thnnday, the fttli inst.. at r.'oloc'.. in f r on t of the sure of Mr. G Mulo. So. 2.M ter street, Aim bales American Du? Kit llmin, In priio sr. Also, for nooonnt of whim it taay eoncsrn, a ntity of American Den Rot llemp, i-liglilly damt< 4 ou v.jage of itrp irtiMi n. 1 ERI FF'8 SAtF.-ON W EON I8L) t V. TU g 4TS DtY 01* Dejrinber. I.*<60 at l'*H o'clock in the forenoon, at No. Walter street, ft lot ot tallies ftnd might*. winiow DM, timber, bo?rd?, glass, nails, screws, Mngos one so, wag',u anil harness. to., &e. l'HOM 13 CARVLY, PlierifT. 4 A3. K. TEKHV, D piity. ORPoRaTION MOriCI.-SALF. OF PROPERTY FOR uni aid Taxes ?Public notice is hereby iii en that a iile iropacyfor unpaid taxes for the ycire 11*17 and I 'H will e p'aue at pnblie auction, ftt the City Hall of the city of ? York, on Monday, the sixteenth day of Ocoeuk'jer neat, 2 u'tlock at norn. and beeuntinued from day to d iy tiilii bole of sntd property shall he sold, and tVit the <lctaile<l leicmt < f the property to be sold for unpeid tttxt.- is pulled in the New York Commercial, a ia'ly rpat>er printed and pntllshed in the city of Ne w Yo-I . JOSEPH it. TAYLOR. Comptroller. mi trailer's Office N'sw Vcrk, Sept. Ill, lsjO. TOR IALB AMU TU LBl7 RARE CHANCE?FOH BU.E. THE FIXTCRKJAND Bie year's lease (nt expired) of :i Porter ll'ioii1, uovr uiauding s good business, ttoated in one of the bo?t lottcs in ibis oltt, ftud doing ft good business, formerly npiert by Cornelias ftoleuek. For further particulars. Iy on the premises, Ml Water street, corner ef R-itg, r's n. New Vcrk. I et neon eight rind nine o'olock A. M.aud | h o ftrd ( tin, ftnd five apd seven. I* M arhiaue fob sal*-i very light, focbpasttngrr Rockanay. with shitting top to t.tkeotl it; sllv?< yoke on pole, ftud trimmed with enoneltd let- , r; bad about three inontlis' me, and made by one of the t builders in the elty. II will be sold low, if Hip'ied f"r mediately. Cftn be eeen at John C. 11 ita's H?|Misitery. tOU ftt way. New York^ 1 ERF.OTYI'K FOHNDItr FOR Htl.i, COMPLETE? ronsistmc of oven, metal pot, pans, shftriur maeltine, ee's teakc ) rhstes, fl??k?. moulding stone, k>. Have ncen lie but ft lew months. Ap^ly ftt If.' Wi.lUm street, fourth ry. OK SALE?THE II * R AMD D!M VG 5\LO'?.V. K VOW Uf fts tf.o Albambra. IWater street flits old .ml well. aMished lionrs is nu? in pcr.'eot ord>-r, la every depsrtut Tn?< reasons bis, on tarly ftppl.cation. ln<[iin u[ lllftto Dillon on the pr> ?i<ss. IS! Witer street. >0 LET OR LEtHE?TIIE FOUR HTORV STORE, NO. 22 Liberty stieet. now oceupiud for the dry goods busis. Possession tfutl Itset >trl can be had imtn-diatcly, the bftlani t on the 1st of May n-x*. Apply to JAM):* CRl'IKIII APf&. No. Greenwich street. OOROCERfV,*!'.?TOIET. TUB I AHOE STORE, REeently refitted, painted, to., 2TiTt> feet, No. 1.112 ftdwfty, " Plfttt ftsll " Also, the Hastmeat of the itais, rtitu site, suitftl le for ft r.fsitorv. A| rly a? No. Ii)9 H e'reet. or .14 Weet Twenty-Cr?? s reet, Mr. PELL. O LET?THE HTORS. DWELLING. AND Ut'E dim, ^ o. l.Vi Ohaml^rs sireot, near tba Uaas^n R.i sr Ir1 a?, ini'able for reetaurat, wl ll be lit losr Aim, ? rem m in hottt i Hi Hroadw ay, with top-liglit. Apply i' LI' > IK Ifti t> iilna Hiiii. ? LtT IN A FRF1CH IAMII.Y. A FI RVUllfcl) rscm and bedrcm. Inspire a*. No. 7t Rca lt street. > LtT ?To SINGLE ?MUUI, ITITIODT loard, a furnislii d parlor, ?itb bcLr, in fttaobel. >?. ore large room, with grst, In. fdrnliliel for ft I idgiag r?r? aad Hum Apply at jflT l-J lion j:?d crttat, beta Ilroa>liray anil Hotrery. TIIK MII.IT.tltV. Til 8UABM?ATTBXTION ! IYN IN KMFMflulljr rr iui ntdil to *ti jn.i a met tm? of t)i? < onpaay ml tlia 4th in't . at th? Ki rn' H 11 n 1<1 Mtrrir mil Vr>i' lutuntt., at T far tfit pnr. ..f .trill. r**?rn? frl?adly t* t'i? ab ra ?ra invufl |? ?* ? !( D)or<itrof aNIIKIV LtHTIK, Cm. . W. J. Ph i fcwoum frciutary. OOPIUTSBRIHIPI. OPaRTN RK^OII' NOTti'F. --Tll? irB?C1IIBtS4 I sol* pr?| *r th? nb r? Company.) ??' nt< a I'opartacrftiip n?l#r ih- m.a ?l SAX roN. 1.1 dill* O., l< r the r.rf 'it of mionfactur.n* Mc4: inra, lb* lmtatl< a of j nr? W'iaM and Liqi">u far <l.cin?l porp.j'l, It r tha transaction oi kn*ia?<* aeOtnaii!" 'ti M-rename, riri A:r>U ii t?rf i il), W4 m ?t ?f iht tawaa t.f the Ira B'at*. nu I tha Caaadti, in ail Ik- ITeat India lata* la. t Un tnirnttaat p?.|ai? n tha Panltl. com *< puimh uliar and nrnvki-** for jhv *?< ,ft a m J tttraliia'1:;*, 4r f-r m fci'i*" -n ? of <l*?i'?'(?iTrlri|i otrilol attention <a any part >1 Urn l'?l? Btktaa. l/ltue tnd aaichoua*. 211 lima In?r rust ni? u. SAtro*. Winn* r i,mav. jwsbi \ r (iridic, M*i CI. f. BK!I> If. OTKRI9 ntRKB> (if V* KM. TOAT Til ft COf* *T>?r.l.ip heretofore eaietia; bt tf.ii th - auk*' nko'i, rt lit" Hi" ( J. II. 8 .IICONMIKCK * CO., hae. t , .* >? dinKiiT.-d by eiaintil rimeon*. lha Vo'iB'.ao aiU ' naurd at .ke ?U>Ual. K? ?l? Fal:"a ?trt''. by J. II ixxaabrr. aha u ?alr ambour- I V. ertOa an I It t"ida*? )?maa>le. J. II. 4 > * M\K LH I a Toik, Jfttr 3il IHWI. 0. VAN IH V t OTIC* OF IMSMHA'TION ? IIV HI H AL CUMlMf "f tlit uadi'rtic.ted lha partB"r*liip I "rut A .taeainlai r*?n them uadtr the firm i?f Til *?* * B'lfk' tti. at IVarl nr?r.. ?? IM. -|f?. I< Wr T's'labi* ntt.vri.r4 la eall'rt all 4ib;i iltia t? ?ald nrnt. an* w II I li.initiate It* '. iaV i It III. T\OM \HI ft. " Wr.I7th.MM, J KD.NKCrri. F1HAH4 > < I. O.NIY TO I.RMD.?AUR.t II AH i. JAOCSOW,fA*> . kpltr, No. .V* kr?.!e atievt, a ar Brsalaai. ? I* l?rt? ar until ramtna nifh'*, l->. if. .-r? t.r?, 1< ?ilnni ftti tfftl + rt.' ? r*w #1 * ?r# r.ptl?>n. '' ' ' I *W I IM Ml WKDII.V i* ? N l> ?Oat I *< I ' 9 " j"/* " In la I t i I" an '< I'l I HiiiI Xttat* "a I Ma rtir. Rm'klJPti. J?r William 'Mr?. \f t? ? >. Br .ad, No. II Wa.l ki , th? irMtn w?t?r ?. iMiBtlt. \ <>fin-Tn* A"vrRTMr.R <1 l-"l??T0?OltRi?# 'f+Vlr th? mm of 7r? Th. -and f,?? ll<i?ir-1 >r>. 1< r il ? Itia I,f tara )rart, f?it >.hr S I.a ?ffl pay ?< ? Mi''. Mf aaaaai. unit *>* aatvla-t"iy *> -nrttf. A4? H< ? F ?. ! Pop I 0M< ?, Ma? ark. ht? Jrr?y. owiy advancm is n * ?. n?'?* np rp. *ar4a, far in* Irrriti af llw. ? ?n?t*n?< ?! "t I aad *lh?> in.< lry. lia n?t la, alliri vl pla. ?*r?, ir?f l and ? . plana-, faraltur?. R?.. all Iran*n? itrl: Ut roaiidantlai. t.lOHUK J. LfcVT N"l? Rrok??, lt.1 RN T8 C'OLI.Rt I III, WOXKV LOlNRH ON' B'?M> and N'.rtrafi) lul R tva kaatht aad a?lt, ? ? ! *11 ???? rtlifni ? (r<-p<r'jr ? ' ?< I to with i??'? Amp** N'K'I'tltl ?!!?< ? ?' ?a-iklliiy, Ai ply ,i; Wall ?t . f?artk r ?r. froat *? ?. MIM.IKKKV AM> t?KV lAnnn -?4iwAi?. DM I 1 "*?. taaktra. aad * aarally, An ?4 that tkaatiwk Ml rl<-h rtkt>->aa. i>ml>r*i4*rl??. Il'rl, *? , lalaly l?n'4 k; Millrt a Co , *f DrMlttr, Ml ?nfi l>a?*dat Mty ??nt? th* 4ellar, Mil It ?< * *1# at ik? Hraadwny Yartaly Stnrt, N<>. 7<U llrMl'if, I nrtk iMMt _______ * inc l.ADIKt-I'KTKS RORRRTI 1 '*D?*?. li?? Wat t*?a<T?4 ft liri' l.>? "I thtrad lata rap?*. kaa ??4 rcarla Valrari.'aaa* CalUrt aal Cnlfa 7 > I I'arla il.n.ldfr-4 t'ambfi. Uandkrr.'hlafa, fl ?r4?. J 003 j ?nl? .>p< ?ii<> .all Tiiniiif lor fl?a< ea. V h K. YtATIM. W. R ROADWAY. HAYR Jl*4T 1 r*il?td Mr fraaiili*.* nn? in liikiittkli twirlI nt n, hcl.f. t tr> , J , ,1 III, Istiat < !< ?, ?a*i??l*4| ir? of Cnr <l? Met ?iH mtHi Cnr'ftla*, ?o? C'*ralf*f tmd Hktd**. i'*p?r M>a>i?r?. iMwrai.oa* akiak ik*y will Mil i?aa Ikaa aay otkar luaii la ta? klVfllUk A. PARRAW. It PARK PI.ACt.NRW Vltk - ShlM> >W I. ...1. m w, t .11 ??'< m iVi oilfTt' )'i'?J "wi t k r" ?* > <*t f*r?t ?f il,? .'?|r?r 1,' rfim :ll? k l'o.. 1:5 TIITErs. ?<?\?*. ami Mil'-1 B1NTA I'.. ??l Kirn,?or*?r of W?? t-r,h?i J??t ?*# < ?i:k I .?...( ? m.?t of f?r *rt(M- ?. U IHl wl?M?* n?? ?t . ri( 1-lMt from I Itnr t ill l?w?T < i. thaa <Lv f -?l*t fur Mor?<. ~ CLOTHIR?^ T-orr noTHiffo, m?w?Tfiim, rr*? ?, H4 jewelry *??! < Th? lit?fc*?l ? ( > ?W?-. on tutting ? tk? ??k??f1kw, wfc* , ^JCHPTW* " W?1I . "orn-r ?r. it?? ikr Hr?. st o? i CLOTVlJto and ri ?vfTi ?t wan rtn ] >4t?t ?ri?i f?r ?"'!'?? ' * * ? < ' ?f. ttm in* *a?t r*><* if ihtmm* ky t f?r Mi kMTiV'r ? >! ?r ?pr"te??Mk. * g c<?n ?!*. *? r "r t H ? !< > )? ti* ?r< (Vh'K >t of r A?<r> rORJUTuai wanted ? Tfc? mi' can k* ky l?4iM ?? ! J?n * ?h. ?.*?. iu W?.o? 1-IMk ??. . ) ?!d ?|>o.? #. k, ?r ?*?*?) * f.*? KV TT.1?.?"* 'ot-'rif, a? ? ?'r? ' liniltMH t? kj la U?M)i. 1 Am mmmaan, ' "" - - ? ? ? mmt m A KBHViiM Aa Jt? Mr J. Wallark, Jr.?T???dav eveuin*. Ba?. X will be ac-rd tha tragedy ot Hi* A VI. MG f it-111 nek hum. Mr J., Jr; Sir Baldwin Briarly, Mr Tlltaa: Philip. Mr. J. ttaiUuk, jr; Sir Kob'rt R?b?, Mr Uauiltwa; ICdw.a Bnarly. Una S Denaia; Humphrey, Mr. Jordan. P*t?r. Mr. William*; alleo Kaky, Mi*? Irtmfii. To conclude villi the cmed. of) IlARlhS il -Kiu? Charlm, Mr Tllton; Can tain Carp Mr J. k tt ott; Edward, Mr. Hamilton; Lady Clar.'i, Mr-. Jordan; Mary C"pp Mra H'aloot. Uoia*. 25 oent*; Pit, I.'1, oe nte: < rchta'ra Bux??, '*) (tin. Door* open at 6.',1 tha cut tain will ri?a at 7 o'elook. BDKTON'BraBATKI. CUAMDBRS STRUT, HEAR OF | City Hall.?Tiirtaay evenlaf, Deo. .'id, will tr playod tha airallant ooincdv of EDUCATION?Mr liuy Staunch, j ?r. Llake; Suakliuft, Mr llurton; Mr. Triuplatoa, Mr. Blaid; I Vinitnt.Mr l.e.ur Mr Kaui or, Mr. Johnston; Count Vil? , Inr*. Mr. Howard; Mr. Atpic, Mr. J plan: Ellen. Mr*. 8kar? I rati: Mm. Teuipleton, Mr* Qulman: Hoiina, Mir* U'aatou: llio< Ur>a<l>a.t. Mra. Henry. To grnolade with ihe fare* 1 of MY FK1KND IN THE Sl'lt AP.S-Urumpy, Mr. Jo!iu*U>n; ' Mr. Niipkin* Mr. Howard, Major ftapalsnu, Mr Ilolmtn, Fredetii Mr. Jordan. Caroliuu, Mua Ifeaton. Daorl open at 6?4. to begin at T o'ol?ck. NATI JNALTHKATKR, CHATHAM ST NIAH KOOSB- ' ?*lt.?Tuniav avenin*. Doc. :f. no pert?rtn?nc?* will coinmanoo with the uew pfioa dratu* of MATCRK'd NO111 I VAN, T<IK ki HAM . Or( TUB SHIP CARl'lVTIH OK NEW YoRK-Herman Gray, Mr. II, Watkin*; Mr Turn thy Tippler. Mr. L. Pox: Jul:* ilartley. Mlu Mo>tajer To ooncludo with tha dramnof tha MAOIC WSLI,. or I the Fairy of the D**?*rt?Am*!iai W, Mr 1 Seyuvur; Mai' y, I Mr. Hr*adun: Dwarf**, Mr I .a Favor; Youn* ?Jniek?ot, Mr. Watkiua. Hummed. Mi?* K Mettayer; Chaaxmt), Mri. 0rt tan; Maimounc. Mi?. Xnut'>nvii|?<; Haider, Mt*a M. Charki. Dorr* ( pen at t>}?: ta commence at 7 o'clock. BROUGHAM'S LVVECM. B lit) 1DWT A Y. N CAR IIKOOtfE a'r at ?Tin* tabltvhniaat will ahortly opan, with a tarefiilly foleetad company, operatic dramatic. and nlioro graphic. A limited number of teaton ticket', prion t.Vi. admitting to all part* of th* bouae. nuv bo hid of II. Lad* .V Co., Wall (treat ; aluo, if Mrair*. Boharfunberx & Ul*, mui-ii Mllor*. Broad lay, nfar llroomo street. MECHANICS- UALU lain UIVOADWAY, ABOYI ( rand *?,r?a(.- -Upon avcrj n.gki during the wuuk unt'l further notioe.?Tbo original and well kaown CilRISTYT MI.Nf I K1I.8 eoniprixiuji an cfP'ilaiit and TfriaeiU "eon?' of ''tal?<i'.*4 ' mi< ''e?p<--lencod p3rforaioM,"on4(ir the man a^em mt ol K. P. Chri??y, whnao concert* ia kbit nity for I ncetfaUa of "four year*" ha-.? heau rdo?ir?d with fa?oi bj klKhly rjepeotaklr and fiit'inabl* aadlan'r*. Ti*ketl * aunt*. Door* unrn at k i't paj' ill i ca?<c?tn?n* at half pa*l *ei*n a'alcck. Tho pairoa* cf Chriaty'i Vin*trel* art r? pnetfnllT Inforn rd that 'lie uninl faturiay aftamoua cob04rt* Will be dUcontinued for the future Tii h COMPLIM*? I AllV BINB'-IT TO Mil. D. T. tvii'r?'I he C< njuiitt**'of Atrnn bof loive to announce to the numer. ii* tru iiila of it Ki'i; and th.i rublia (enirally ,t)>at tbe> have conclude 1 npin prc*t n'.ioa; tha I'm.ji r (Nriir<ii>Kivr |-|V?'U?U IWIB. rT.?..| WniKXM I. II ?.! ?.?? mi HUTANTiAi. cuui'LiHt <r iiuoq tha' Ktntluiuan. ai 1'ttlPI.F.K UVl.U OiTvihiuv ?vkmko. Oetember lt?, wh?? ? Mi i.titi rimocn AauAV'r Tai.knt, Ftieh ?? on no ?i>ullar nr ?nji:,.Uar o??Mion ha? over k.'cn coileciud to|Mbir. will li i.*ti Evrn v Va mrrr or Art. From fllMnlit in?M? ot ilie un.iii .ir uKULtt to the familiar ciim n irntr '* Atnovgxt th4 (Tir:lt variety of talent who I *Y0 a'.e idy volunteered. will > found? The bemtifn! ard c?!. t,r?n.i MAOAMK ANN* BISHOP. N'-w York * NlKhtliRale, the enchanting MI3i U.UtV TAYLOR. MRS. K. K nOHN. TflsS Illf I'?KT, (l>y kind pcrtnittlon of T. S. Qaiublin. llie great Maeitro, M. 110CB3A, with bit won lerful OrTtf admired llano P'ufundo, MR SKCPIN*. 1 lie ilintinr "if tied Baritone, MR STEl'll V. V I.K\01I. 41K M BY 111 Ml*. IIVI J.I <CK. Tt e celfl rated I'laniMi, Mr. I1ENKY VI KM. Mr. W. A. KING, and Mr. GEO. 1.1)1. Kit, wh j will denwnatrato tk?i t?raolty of l'irtson'? monxtur piano. Mr. I'KTB MOkklS. Mr J ST. LI KB, The popular Ethiopian Buml of Mr. Will r*. The magnificent Bande of Mertra DOIiUOHTIl rnl dllEl.TON. ?ill diicourti mm t almiutnt mimic at. intervale. MK. W . II. II A K Rl FOX. Tko popular Ci trie tVcilirt. will alao npi. ?r. AM OI'l'AHia.\AI. Aimaipx I will bo written aid deliv reil hy I MK. JOU.V ?Kt>l'UII A.M. hiplitftt ore or, lo be. hereafter ti?uwci<> hTKABM 0? Tilt KMUT.-W WmU, J?TU#? Pi- OH. Fau.ti'l > i- l.oU, (.'apt. A. B. Caf'Tn, Jam** T. Otii, W. I'. Brougb. Ol. J. I.. llcHitt, C. A. Burkbardt, Lcwiili.Clarko, li'Otoi Nor I hall l'lcketa t(I ci-nta to all |>arta of the ?, mar t? obtained a* all Iba Mneio Stor*? an 1 ?f Mr. Klar, H^riBva'a H?til, corner of Walker etitet and Bri^dway. MISS JlUMI HIIfMOUIWH, THI 8SOTTISH vocalist, t < the plaaeiira lo aituiuDca to her triandi aed the public, 'bat ?hc * 111 glva her a?coad grand eoaicrt :? the llrua l?uy Talirrn* :W. ' n Wi-dnirday nmiit, !> < 4th, oa wbicb ocaaaion ?ha will ba auiitel ly Mi>? Louiai Stai.hy. Bouticur 11.11; nr. and Mr Raatort, the celebrated violinist. Sir. Auatin I'hillire will preeid-: at th-< pirmo. Hi la Itrypohleoa n ill alng "The ll?*th-r Hille. I'n Mo Oiegnt'a (latin ria*. ' "Jock o" llaielitean." "Clydaadale Famwi'll," "The Highland M inure 1 b?r," "John Avd>raot> my Jo," "O. would 1 w i re a Child a?aia aad. by e pedal re,ant, "Uiar hvhi Hoiin" TMlll M fiaia. Ii ba hi I a' ilm priieijal muiic e'orei, aail at the door oa the etuniui of theinectrt. fioora ('pen at 7; eoaoert to commence at S o'elcek. Fellows' MIN3TKEI.P. - J. B. rtl.I/OWS, banaoel aad propriator ol fellowa' Uinatrala, haa the honor ?< lulerm Iba oitirrni of thlri great metr-rolle, that hit ue? hall, e reeled on t'jo old Tatt? r all ground. 414 Broadway it tulehed, ar.d bi? calibrated band of mlattreia *mti thalr fir it ooasart in it . Mvudar evening, Norrm'.ar tub Tua Hall ia btted ap In a most gorgaou? aiylo, imb aata, aarpeUd, aad b'-antlfiilly licntad. The band ia joq poaad of th? Kaa'e?'. talcas, aa r<*ard? Cthleaim miaitrel*y. In America J. U- tellowa Vallaiea it adute to prea*a* hi, tbaaka tu kia arroat fManila. and the paMia generally vbo eiluudad eo liberal a patroaago la him, aad > jgn t< atat? tlmt no patna or cxpeaae *itt be eparod o uake thli the mon asiotlnt aad ahaeta place ni rea->rt la t'io alt?.~ Doera opoa at t.V,?Concert to eomuicrce at 7i^. Admleaiai 13 oenta. Italian opera iiou?e. uo\ and p&uijretc* Ticket! and aoataler Iba bentM of tb? Yftnag Mea'e U B. Aeaoriatloa, at the Italian Opura II n.e, in Tuenltj nealag Iba 3<t l>ec?mbrr mat ba procured of Boars. liall It Sob. Muaie I'abllihere. I'm Br?*<laB>. P1IUK1MS i'ROUKIU. ?AOW OPK1V, AT ITA^Uinrton Hall, Br ad way, aaar Ilouatia elreat, tbr ranciai'iBol Haayaa'e J*ilgrlm'e Prograa*. D? ira ?paa a* aa*cn?commeace at a quarter to eight. Tlckata 6<i niata rhiMrea half prtea. faiaily tlrketa, adm tliag foar par(ob?, $1. A a aft arcona axbiblliaa oa WeelB<'?daye aad tardaya, at tbraa o'cloi k. (mo m?. l'B ewster, rami puii.adelpiii\. J tiadlrf b?r ?ir> loaa to Itum u4 praU4ua?a *1 thla H'f. la ulr< lo() , U v . (nil U? iitllKi lai?r?r*'.m/ Iraar.i* v by bu ll ar <1 ?*!??< . ti'Di'dtlji titl>4 oi by N>|vUua. ?ad ?il| till tl.r aiF.r of thi lady i-r ?* i > ill man >. AIM Ike tame af ihe rliitrr* K<-?id?tiJa 117 < 'latva ltn.ll. I.aiiUi ti.mjuit riuti. i.otlrm-B '>*? a liar. Anriuum in pkiuurlpduT aJ.vRMMS III RICH. nilLlV*Li'IIlA.-r. T. BAH, IJ num. Proprimr and Vnwr; b irr ^nJi nl. A? ? lint Mai.a?tr? A aumtcr at rtali) fiv.r'.lt pnc?i in ttM liraaiatir 4<.[*|tmiat Turiag tha piar-at wark aiantai jj whtcli Bit} limed, Ortit to tha Kill, 71. o E?rty Tillcft L<.an < V l.i vtr. Tli* Drnakard. ?ti. Mr. D. Biwtri ?)U inatitla I )>a rharaftar if llaa>ar?f m I ha farty ThUraa. Mr U.C, Uiiaioa li anua??4. and wul appear a' an aurlr 4a:# Mi ari. K<??r?, Uak? r, lhajrer, A?liai< r Ml in I lilirr a?f M ift'Bar. Thay?r. HiiiMcr, ITatbait, an I ?il< ra nfipaar 1 ha Mu?aimi | rapar ciMilaa anrobrrlria marvvlh.iii nail laUr.'?tirr <h.?mI1Ii*. Tbira ar* I diilr |?rfonkaa at ii tlia l.i. (ot? Ru .ra, at 7 and 7 o'clock A4a>i taai o to tha aal.wni ar.d or r a:?rialam jat, U aaa'i?al?iU 4 ran u?4ai Iff j<ara. |])? neata. MU( KLUHRUri. 1 4 A NIC ?TRFIT. AT JUNE1- I?TIIE illH"E7T It ai.4 b??i plf - |?|it|Md lta<K. 8h <?a, an I Call) ra. floLn ?< AI.RS A?l) flllHTA-M U' i.'H.D grain aad t? ? , iilr, ?alnn> Ida a; AOU 4". 4o. 4a? o?b I. ?ar; lii' dt>?. ii dc <la., japaanr I l|a > WW M la Tr .y, 1 -a??n*4, Irnm 2 ?i. to M ).| ?lultaUl lor tUa Califorala nadi ?for iala i.? H M If SMI Til k CO.. < Wald?a Ian-. < L' I LEATHERS A imaU tot af neU??4 and far >tla )>y MARTIN h LA WHOM, >4 /ahn (trait 47AMKI I IA* TEN IHoUMMi CAMIl.tUB, or DIB " t a> -t a>4 iili'il van iir? ' r -ala ay |>. Bail, f in, r?rt ?r f Br . ?d > ?y ai d riflli tli atrnt ilaa. a 3a mnrt> ia??laf l.nttliinM PI' hi. H in?n i i| a|> at abort anllfi-, liMiltllji arr<a.'4?lth fr <h aad ia>il r->a>r?. at ?r#ii'i-d prtca. 7h> lllaau.iai dale ia4 U/iadaay llai af iiifra paaa ,)l( rtr/.? OBNTIITRT.?-ALL Tilt OPSIATIOMS IV DE<I li'lrj *iih ia??.ilM''rily Ml n>? Ia-?rraptiKIr artlArlal tailb laaatt-d la |K? aaat ?o?ar* and appro*' 4 ntaaatr; aa-rait? l t? t'|?al ibaaaiaral la appeara?'? and att'lty, and ta ba *?rn ?itl. ?! pal* i>r laa^a. T?al?a^a, < ? thrlawaat Mriaa br W A POI.RO\ PRErSHRB. M. t>. (lata i.r Paria, | .in Br<.*a4? r. rara*r af tnilumfu II fT RECEIVED-\ r?F7ll EI PPLT Or ? 'it' ll I Al*a. Tii -Inlklrb, ( ami ? II i. aa 4 Trnaanl i (Jul. a?-a' U?'lla Bmaa Plant : Ilia-, d-i. liir kl-i a IVrhiaa alikraud lor.din P r??r, ia plat b III-1. .pr aily f>r 'aaally an. Iap<>r'> 4 dir' ?. by lakwo llaiiia rr. a* I ?art?aird fanlta. All Hnniia I'roat, a?: air of Malbarrr. Tiie pi'Ilic are iNvirRi>Tn make a trial or Dt'llarp I rrlabratid Ala. Partrr, aad (' i?r, ta dractbt, at tarn raatf par (la at alao, bti aupannr Rr. a ly, l?la Wlart, C< I dlalv b . at tl ?lm? pn Oar i i < .1 ........ riwlllllUK HJf? I Ml Rmot Mraat. ??raar af ?lk*rrT. Ai.tcoxMUi, u ntil uiioi; or a. ?. . .iu?i tii. ? i'i oi ?> n???? op?t* ' ."trla, ti prvtrnt ??.- * '! hr tk? arti -U tf tH? m'.?r 1'it'i 0|wi? Brut*. a??r* lilt Mfflaaa li tti* 1*41"* of .It* ra?k. A44ratt Ir?i4> if. S)!.*K I.AWI\?. CIIBAKOH.KS, tTOR) CITTI IV. plat?4 nara. rat r*a4*att, It, il tha ?i|?i ra'tl Oatntliu'a aaaka. la laiaa< k llni anl ( >14 tmtl., alan, *a? ailvar |>lat?4, "? fJninaa n|r?r. Ia*l> f"Tk* ( ; |? par iraa, caflora, i?a rati, I aka haak ala, fee, *'tna> in app *r?ar? ?o piita allrtr. ASMtK MORi.aV l i W Mian, ?, taaaa IbUmi ar l Ann *Uaat?, i||mH|ii ?|ta tknrrh. flOt.Bfl. RHtl *ATI*B. BBBCVItUL OOBfLttftT*. vv lr '|>ti?n 11 ih? fk la fee?Tha rtna?ia*a4aitaaa af 1<T? KtiiglUlIM, ?Nt?aa, Aalik. Di?aa Mill***, tn4 liar rmlurat f)>;rialaa?, far lb* patt l*-ai)-*li }*ar?, p "0?f h.. tUfWr of Carr>lt'a ?apnr aa4 tuipl.rr ha>h*. 4* Uaralar itrttt. m > if at' <11?< . at t at tka tkm w^mta GRfAT I M INTI"* 1t.? itaai-t mi-a? aiat. a-1 a rat tr>?k tha rhajp, With a maaaa far tka ?laa, *m4 a 'raa'h fat ratwrtar. hlllfMalttthiaarilu mr fri?a4? ).iraa?tra Tkat l.jaa oar thi rt lira* It taMiai rna.-k <har'?r i 1 than for* prtf ota that * Ith lo?th II I with ttit?, W* |>el*oB hit klaa4 a?4 faroaionaty ttirk It j I or lla pltia thai rata. *.tra t?4 aaal. mall r*ap(?t iMac Valaat i?a la ilialiM. *? ! full f?a ' kick tha tmklli" Naa, Jatl at kt Ial?ha4 (ami'lt* maMi upp'aat- ) Ana ?ra th? iM'iMj >ha qnaatia* I *4 lak-a. Amaac th*t aalfattloa af (tlnga. tail* a*<f ?1awt. A *h?a*r af la aa<t tka pan 4ar aria -tiakta. At !>?< ? t| rj akthiloa*4 all Oiaaht af 4wbataRa> r< krr?rh ?a4 monaa, hratTa, U4 haa aa4 If? Aait kaiatn ta 4*ro*a. falliat l.arf at tha* ?t?i And that lha toartntlaa a4Jnnra?4 tlat 4I? Trlaalral 4t, at of LYON S Mataatla Po.?ar tal fill*. I? Btnaaaay. I^l.fcRilV I.ADlRt AND UBKTLRNIV All A?- j ^ I ir'4. tritk irath. that a rait af th? ? ?" "a J?n* t I i:h?mlrtl 8-<av ttlll B?ak? lar-la:t'lJ l.lataht< ff??ll?4 ?r a arlakWA ?kla t.r>?l t. tlaar aa4 i?tl?i at. fa-nttmi ?rrrjt >tartl. ii aa4. al?o, that ? Oiraa tuill at K.iil?i>f |aa*< t c. tal llair Raataratlra *111 aaht aa4 k ?r tka hair laaa of*, tllty aa4 lit*, thrlca aal?a? a. ia? a?' r artlila m?1# ' I4'|| t'lM mlfl.lotra* t ha hair t .1?' .W, a? f 11fall a? a# *..ra ^aa4r??. ' Raa*ar, balk th?-t ?r? rr*llr *|. J Kant try thtm aa<--. *?t? y*? kay tham ?alr at ?n ' ^ Ri r-radwavs rkadv CAWnor pail . in rMin| Rhaaaia l*?r n -ha- ha?? mt4 an li h? l.lalwra-t ?? ? O** kalaaiaa a j thaal wall la< *?r|wr. ? ntaaat rallaf. htaa ka*a *ara?f la a f*? katrt ha I?t4? *?li'f I-It aala ' 'faiora f-.r Ra?ral?ta la ?aa I i rlra ?< aa4 tJ otatt |?r W?ttla. Art fw Ralaaf t Rt?4a * l.lia*. Wi ftiltoa Itf" >*? R t-r* li: ? ??rr, VI B.,4. * ? -tt-.S T . ta? ? all i.? 4nwU a U? ?nf. *i ,, p.. IIJI- ? IM ?MW * m? AMPMUiMtl. BKOAi?*r AT TUkA J K? A. 0U|U(* ; (1 H. Nui(or ill )>? ptrf oruifd Bu < < r i lll of Li'*y W LYOH9? Mtlaotto, *r ('<ic?iy; Ool. Damn. Mr. CUvi. Mr. I. fti??. M. Hr MMhew? PmJIm. "Iwkirly; Vmi L>etch*p?lT*a, Mr*. Hicl4; ?"???, Hr?. A Kii?t ; Marlii, ?l?? Cirniia. T? with tb< fun ot MY F? UND I.V Tilt STIllM-Hr. Muplibi. Mr Wkltlu; Malnr C^o.ioura. Mr. HidI.O'SUt ^ "1. hDW Mr llill -*roli??. Mm OgWp | Dicta Circle tin i I'animtu, 75a.; family Oirelc ??4 AM Tier. 20c.; Gill^rv 12^o To uwm ta*no? it7 o'clock* NIBLO'8 OAKUi-N Til KKTS iJ CENTS; PRITATB bf*ee, |A. - Utivir. Mr J- In icltou - Door* open a* half-pajt ((o'clock, u tomiun.'t at 7^*? Wonderful Rtftl Tamil* id four tDicrtmun,-?i? ? Cirn auhtci theBarlaium r?BtciniB?-Traicole ?,.d Aav.iae ia n.uriK oh?r?ot<r<?K Hi ltertin and ?"in. Urll.ut. He or* Will* and all*. A Lebmaa. Tuesday evening. Uml?r :ii. e?oloti?a? *n ttic Tifilit Mope, by L?'>u Javelli and ih? tu-rel family. Aft?r wi.lcli the 0'iiaie pea'oraiiie of ih? 11 i.l l V CK.4?SiaanaFraaccfa Rare! To I trno ed-d *y 'h - ballet of 0 VDINB ?StiniII. Modi. V Hnll?nt: Ond n?, Milt. J. Strtln. Ta o. nelode with the MAtilO l >U?l?r 1 TALI All OPERA UOl'dL. A!?TOM PLfcCE.-NEIT MA? ehiuory, l>> Mr. Taaieoa; Ne? Ureilm b> Mr. bi^ami fiapertt-a, by * . K.. Uil'.gr* New Sooiiery and r>o~ora?iea?, by r Pricea oi ^dmiaaiou?Seeured HcaW, i'ir>(u?? and Boiea, $3 "i; a<)mi?ii'U in l"?- jutl and Boxi i. on' ha evening of parfiinuain r tt'J ; Amphitheatre, 10 coat*. l.aa* wi.ib bat one of Mimmui Tare** I'irwl la J(*w Vork.? Stroud perform an o? of I'oniiri.ti'f Oulebrated Optra, t>> tbrea xtit. el CVMfA I?l H^OV-vrii nna Tbkk.<ia pAAi>ni a? Ut mma. Tn^n'i' tb riptioa JtWIu. Mtl NKNllAt Ulti'iniiiu 4, Will be performed, i*r ibn teinid tnuw, Umiaelti'* QTU4 CI r e in three ai 'a. of CKMHA M VlKUV. Cemma Sicnrina Pirali. Caute di Ver?y lienor A?lscmatio. Ida jijuorlgt A. Paul. Tamaa Bi.}tjor t.orlaU Gtiido *i<aor NotJUI. holanco Wixaor OluMlfti, I.tkdera. Mi Kreutier and SI*. LlHti. Cuuru* Master, Mr lli nil**. I>?ior? open at 1, bn fore 7 o'clock:'< c?nnntncc at 7J?. Otdere. N lruu li I. ITALIAN ePEK A 'If I ST. VO.t IM.AtlE ? JBNETIT of the Yculr Mcii'i Hebrew Aw>**l'j*.i^n.? Ti o eon mitten it tb<j ab vo- a.- i tin J Dciueobmt tirni bfcre tlie hoi.i-r t ii.l iln | .1 lio that lliey !>*? the Italian Up ra I'omrnBy, I r an ' * I "woi'mary i?i:.rrnai.-o. the entire proce.iU '.I *tll i> deroteo to i'i? V'j-a'lUMo purple of ft Z .irmilT dial ributiiut me'. Da tiiU creation will be pur'*" r mod, fur the first tiuw fir the l*et two ?rn?*ni, LA Kttvsr \?UII A? i<n' *? A ?"?*? S'(tnorin;? I'einai. ^iicn'T K'/fii. "Inir N. vtll). !? liiirii actul H.iNANI?8i*??.rA 1'rutft K. e?aetli, Six??r . Pirnnr Btn< vcntatio Tbe f? '.>*!?(. of P\V'' r.\? Vile Ntti alio Flt^|*D??, *iKn r r luwpni t'.ir ?> Pr o? of AdmiMloU? floaoe an" P?r|ua>tj>. * 1 M. Aui|>"U!ii ? re, M ivut*. Tur*da> evrn.DS. l> 'icmher .1U I ue uor? fnvnitJ, fur the br#s tiioe In thr la~r t*} i' as B'JlIat'l favorite ?r*ra. In two a?'tt, > f I. A >< > N HI" l A -A on ua. blgD"ra A. Herturci; iliiu, tf*|t**>rtiia forr-ai; Birlwa. flicker Fori!: llocni i, bi#<. r'>'o*il!i. tfi.r third ?vt ol V??ll frand ? p? r?. hKN iM ?Klvire, ! 'ft 1 R-ineccttl; Frt>aai, S'Ktior I rial; I? a to* Ti> eono'ui e with tbe lavc-r ' b?l rt c f PAiJI'l ' A?l*?|?i'A> Mile. Aathaiir FiWiau'*;,. <i,? C,are<iu; , Fli. Nirl. Iht '.u;?u > n tU ? oe'iwloa ?ill be lifil? liaflv lllntuirated. Oei. tuctor and 1 ale-. Max M ttvtT''k; Leadtr. Ur Kroo a?r; ('In nt? Muoti r. tlr. Duller. I>.?or? pm at o'clock. 'I j CO..i ll uua at t?v t e'elock. Ti'Lrta to be bad l is 'b* I * ; ttir , and of K Id 5w%rt. 10 Oliver atrte': Geo < ?^f y Ii9 Wi'?r ttrnti R tttn'Amia, !'t Cha'ham t'wt; Jo^rp"! AJ>n, I.V? fcarl (trtot; "* I'uhoa, Tr<a?uter, lit H'utvr eid-et; B H. Ucrti, Jr.. I'lejut ut, M Join tmtt. I'. J. JOACHIMS* V 'li^r"i?,1H Saltan itrret. JE. nr Vocm, Recre'ar . *4 Kr'?aiv.i?y. IT* 1.1 AN OPEai-CAKn ? Ma X a ->K?TZtK B U Till bono* ?f armttimcl'the pvibltt th\* li v ? i#* '3*! ioi In rraaa ?r. for ?fev ?i?ht? ol v the *?ll kti?n a-.d truly dirt i.*hIiIiel t. nor Ui. 1 I i N I Iru n tbe <i"?a l l?,or > of l'ari?, rr>.?ioT? tfl lilt #ciar'ure f>r 11 tuai ?gi tU?t h* will ap: it.r oil Tt'Ur*da^ cvin'ui >"it * b -I ?*r I >, In D nlllltl'l n *hd c lera of l.Vf1 A HI 1/ iVKRUDt. M Mare t.k. * itbint; te do e\ rrv hinf Id In* |>*rr te |>.'e?eot attraK.1'? etit?rtfttrDi"Dt? to the i utUa. ? II Rive o a thi> o?j >v?o. Ill, a^ratid btliet dmrtiicn.. nt with Mini. Mkt.Wie i'itJjkitiHf a?d Carvre. BAIfNUM 8 AMiUH-.N iifofco* -f. T. t iKNL'Jf rreprletar aod Uaua^er; Jehu c.ierawou?. Jt , Am itant Xan?r?r ? Afternoo- pirt?rtuanoe at 3: Bveai ? at 7 o' fuiu'lat. l>?" .'-)Un atterDOin. thi r?,iilar?nl rrlsLiated tirgrral lota T u < Iwn-t beeD re ea^<gad, at treat t?pen??. tor p uitl wlv Ki-? '.alt woe"'.-n e n? , ie?o< nf Ibr otervhelmlL^ .arena ol hla | norriar-t wl I apf?ar in bin e"UR*, Mi'i .i 'ui nt.Uuarv, ao. Ui it* which, Ibn ( |U?? ot II.t al'lb't Q Ibie evt-nlnr. *ttri th? ! if.?rto<ni- < f 'lia' trill*. VOL'S I IFK'S IK Dan UBi will k* ^r?Jii<?i, 11 diuif'M* ?t, le, ?Uh ro*tly ?c*ner) kail ..I autii il f p"in<'iirat. thatlar liable. a * _r 11 > i. k , Knit tx.uikngt ui?*|ial buil?*|H*. d )P 0' MY TBI'liB, iuwhioh'/i jtri rui'rn t ?r:iolpie, l-<i.l?? the little Urrrtil. Therntlre Chin ?? llno'un. l?te ol JO Broadway, bit bren at <t to the tber euirl^i'Ue ?f:'.hij e>tabli>ba?*'. >t.*li?h Uiaut, ?u? ei<bt feet bub; tie f3lr. i Frrt?T., Tt lhr, t" A , at-al t^ te ? n bj;???t, A,.,,,. -Mr^.ta ,, ni.,1 r til >?ri I I if cVlltt. Pa'r'iuett* ard i'lr.t Iinluim-WILL BR OI??**D AT rnz WfiBA K 'Cir.r. Na. ftft" ???. a fc?v. 8tkni">'t NOttli An.?r|. >n In4i?ii . ,kll?ry < 134 oil tu.m cm-'Bf I Jll??i?a, *1 ?'*? frmn1*1 ifciif?and * worm'lift/ diffarnat r riri p..a ur Wintirt "nd Soo.h^rn |raltia< N?? M-iiiro Calif fi .a. r.4 tofalrrr aiaii ?rd mp vi?? ., *^i.a? buflk'o Mini*. ??d 4'4l l ie i :a^a alt i.l w.i h i ??a n? I j In th?-iT ??? f no'tv <lnr rg jn .r? naval amrrf tl'em: the wliala 'rfmiiM. ?n? . f th? mi?* ta'-ra^Uu* i.o< laatrucliva It-itl' 1.1 il i uat ?| ( lo'ii ? I'M kn( cu?t(>mi, fittr b<(i'R in iKi |iablte. l?i??rip'i*# lotturrt m?? lnn ftd II Vi'glr , f i! . on nu<l Pit nr?ia?? Blr?'' 4"-h < > *' t at T'f ?'?1' ck. i tit*#u 3t aant?. ?cm< *1. kit ba p.>?ar?4 < '.? ? w > ? drill bottU, urn ?l U J or fc. DICKKIIHA V. P? ia>^B Nt,W VOl'K AHfUITJU K? NO.'7 HOVIHV.? Jarota H JjH k i' ., I'r. |<r Mr -ik.o<"Nii a, Bq'u'*tti>n Mann*' . !l '.4 '? > i ' tvrnlvr. Ho?#mMT Wti all I ' ><> t ?t life (tKciioi ot pnwitlm nt?. i ur In 'I 'i f th? liirtsiinln M ? I r 'II' Frrkrli Troapa, Ml inn krkl'lfol f?it/ 'f CIM'l;r. Kl.'i \-Tit r'et.k B.iU. k'W m mm. Bin Kh4i v ' m ,j Jo(i-rhinc ; baa4iao Mai'r.r Ma1t^k?: Il"*?l?, V w tt O. Nli'.n Ola Bi(Uat?r. Mk- ir A Mici I'm "I kl?l?? I' n- .vw- : 1 .<!** 2V T? wri i^?? ?tb>l'-|k>? ft Pirtwru-i ? mir.. no* k \ {atr?r r"-*t T. FRABKL1N Mt fci I . ^UHfc n?? pari 'rniaecj ar? jl??*. 4allj, cn mBkcm* ai S wfc ! til." Bftanwin, and tilt rui r?q ,n >ti ifiui.j Tb? Btrrtslnmckij kr? > ?n?d '.,? < ?unh m -?n s? ?c ?i ?o r tlicr | ik'? uf ac'iMB ' t Ik Si * l?rt, at !.??'? F*mkl- linn |.ikk (i <?ikTiou[^. ?*. ?rii* *f- n y?ttrmtrt. k?lB( tht lkr*-i' ? ? at -hr MUI WuCm^ ttkatii hi i la lh? Vnlta.t <*:aiM i a .raap't af Mil ai? tli*.?, a t'" art r*lact'rf for their Na?aiy aa4n*ara,aa4 rM pcrti'aata a nar t.?r ?f'lfal * !.:*. *. tkkra tr hi i)>? rietarea el aa-lrnt and " ???*?-?: ???mraar -f \rak fcirlf. aku ci> tarn, fb a ?anfj af ftitasf atr< arihaai Hadavia Kokalir*. tha mlj ??t.a.? J ur- :r ta ih? aer?4 ; ri?ti ir K'lrr.r. ibt Itit Vantr-irnniiiaa I ?a.v as '? aalataa'c: wiUi a variatv "f amnaia-- ??*r ra'atrorr;M> ttranaa ka4 ivaairr A 'irmii < -*>*f **ava S:J? atn?| Dexoa, >6 Mill i P?ri|u<"w im cant* AliriK.IKVVS IIV nUMIKLVS. BRO< KLVN VI SIM If CIS M LOVCIXAN'D siy], Lri * a* : Ml. J. Crt>n16. Tr?a?Br-r ?-jl;St of tr Moi Ui ? |>t.-a4?y ae?aiar IKe.n iar:; I. fi'.Wlll h i r<M>i "l Sh?k?i ?i>r. < i v? mi<. f?Uiit UTUll M>, lif M?"? <1 \ < ni II li; Oihalln Mr loot); Of*i, n. n*. ?4r? lova'l T* i inaoliild with IN ?l.AMMlKa -Mi Hit II I -I. k TleW, Mr. K-?k; Hii .an I. \><|| tl'? I. f?4l. A4b.mI<ib, 31 anil. I.rae4 l^lfii j>uii< 'j i\irj (titaiitiy ?fka?aB??. THR BilX IKiMM. T'hii I em iiai L mic IIKtlll'QPlMllOS )'rc3 aT tt. a ?; !??md will l> *i??? r,? the '"OltTOtwl" afota]p," it T>ti 'ii i! )?.Iwl l ull of ?oti?lMi ???>? jTi.riit?4 f i^?|.i Kn-(>|>, N* I >3 Lint. J.l.nar, n>t ??r ?f I ??l an I i.'liatna a ' fi jt* ; |.l?iit. Hi irf-:?al. M.,|5 Jaaci t lif.; W. II. C a.r. Nifal U1 ?, Ci aton Il. tia*; I>r. I*. ak. Ho '1 Ma ?(Ml| In W. t'?ikl "utter llnrttrai'i air- at mi4 r.'tli ariaaa. at ?a? if tk? rri? til at Ifce i r>>i lf4 loaale ivtl Hfea4waT. Mil al Tri|>t?r Hall. I* lw?*tl.'? full Mi 1 la ?u*a/*-l fat !M I Imiwfc ^ . Ban asd ll'rril VILt M nr.i.O IT ?Mfkr flMftrl 11. tal. "B W 'aj Hit. Da " < iaf fit. T el H, Maill'iii laHjr it 4 lewltiam, U. S'l-ai atari at rerea tjil ei|(l a'elo'K l\ M . If im Hi K aa-A a I'arrjr la eaatae Iba e. ?.| *L) la .lie 1U!I. aa<l alaf <a i hair ri tu r? In n> If a hoi*l. it'/ ? M* rnrnrm. ki. iuitT??imor bcrtus* Th-atrr. reifM'.liiU) ana. aneea a* kla Flrinle an I lla mill, that ha klrra aa la'ha la>ai> at/la of * all rretn eaulii. a' h "a aaa * r < I I. ?b4 frl.aia faraiti<? H?fi<lr4. It?ail-Bct 11 rraakl t a^ra't. "II SM IL \| A Hi ll> IMkU 'I ' *\S PI It! I IT, H\S (teat |.|??ore la aahaaap* i > liia filra^i i>i?t *he nl<? BB4?*?ta?aiar *1 ifh reiraree* I nwal' r. Il<r iua, k? |? la4 I. ma*II, I a* >f?a <'f?i it! .. lb* aa'tare n a nt katk t-ar'aaa thai Lea r?aa?- mb' kr tba I nanart itar alth Ma I Ik J'htiy IJ?* a ill < atlaar aa Mr ri??a< ter aai<al. Ml III Al.. 1 nr. 11 * a. ? ? I.vr Mt' MOAIa i fm I a I). ram n e?ia aiaai ill> ?. ' ?> ? nl k* ar~ ahliltt '*(' '*4 a: lit Jem; Lull aterka. ar<-r iliilirfiia !< t> af T. >?I1, la ** fr-i .i?J t* ra tl. i ar>l?ra -* +m aria. eatri'M, kill* da : ir>4 aa l?>^lal. fraen I aa t? I '?r> It a ariiatf, aa aa; la rrnairail Orr>ra m?y k. l?f| n Ma-ara. 9ilikr!i ak^rf * l.nia, l-vl ll* >*<:wi>; k-rkae ? Ik 8r*naiaff, ?JI rr*l t..?.f.? .tar.caal T k.?*a?l (f7 l.aar'na a'rra'. Trt aanrr* at th? utr Awtr. cxcili.kmt ; nvr. aoiiu ?M, fer aafa. II JI'Mmtf-riiirDilraa*., krl ???i Matk aa4 Trnn ar>krtM KII*KKM A'IR.VMK*. /lit'.OKI i CAl.irpM>U 11>II??1-T!B Si a. "* ??rl"?ra aiJI f?ra?rj ! ir t?h i .aaa i e California. [I Ilriail 'iMUlu a I a.Sr M . M I w ) ?fc i > m b i i i ui o? ll ? >1 , * ? < KtN, TknHltl? k l*|t' H0?> *. Hit ????? ! \i. .i??. I?" r*?rt ?.? ? r Wall. P.'t ?Mklpiin *? liti iMfifii H 'H i\? i l>4 ( ?l?irta( iHir r*<? ! ?ba Cw???? WT rn.a M anatkl _ t IUIOMU. riAiin>i\M k \^ > . MKTU < *?<h,N " > ll>-r?ii??ts ' 7*')* .VI Will Itrttk H-lTfir<?. ift I Oi ll? t*AH,rA kW> ? ? B W Clark*, b itu * a. Ureas* C# . ki? TVf mat * *ar'li. ri??r? r!"'n"V? I'l. lltHiitoM l> W- fw?* ? ??> ? ? !'?? iM>. !v# tkU|< far T*l>. ^ r|??TW ? W*V*r?-(KTCH ? ? '* V Wlt?l?tal* (fci'h! 'Ut.airt itantt. *ai. allf^ralA lt?H>h*n4ira a*.ir?-*4 town. Will U I.lArr* < ? kear4 Mi t >/ ??' M* -thn? ArM?ll?? all r!?k? ?f |l\||i. tUtm *~?W<9 A. fart ll Ca? Haw Tark: J'?pli T. 4*. L?wktw4fe lattrick. ? .. ?rrr A AM??Wfc<tA: U*?aa. fe Ca, I*.; ( ?Bkli> A Aaiiib. 4*.: V. t Huh, 4?j lm a tawa Aiwar. __ Tailor * itvru, ruHwuoiNa ami> tow ? Mint M H.? W* u< ant. f*r?H t* f?rwara *11 ?""lt t?ti ? ?ar rara, haviap f,?? ViaU. with liHM rnk>ar Mnr?. ntlM>ilt ?M mrrpttt t( rufiim >< Irttikl Wr httt ih>. miH lti?l??f?li v<M Rrn?: A ( tr?('tx>f laitsa act'*. At is*T??a?aa4 Citwt. ?a tfeit (K?r? will At A* '?> * nmm <k? Ittkmal * "IHKUtwn tr'tmn I. Ma* Tort' J *H. g ???t?sJarx2^5SSs3 >la?>a < alllrmla TH AVI LLEKF^VlAk. NKW. Tl'"K. ,*" r?ii.*oti.rniA. nbw row L **4 Ik.lalalpfc'a IMrart ?, !?.* !?aafcw Mat! U*?.? *r*?ffcl! * ?,?* HwwJWm* blln?A r?*? r%~ M*V* *y *7 ?m !??. m (1 m i?* **? * aia? Um 'wfwka; I A. W.. fro* (Ml el Poartlaafl ttrv?V ?*A a* A.M. ?< f lf?A M H Ukft" ??A?l Lnnhi. iiU'f *' 4 9 4 " ka4 *p " f~" *' v-rvrsst Kli n !!> .? I J r>tl?. Ilili.l.iMB

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