Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1850 Page 7
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The Lwluc Scmou. Hi* AU1IU.1 MIND?BY X. P. WHll-PL*. The winter course of lectures, concerts, and dramatic readings before the members of the Brooklyn HE?itut<? rnmmcnri'il nn Wednesilav eveninir at half east 7 o'clock, the op?nirg lecture being given by E. P. Whipple,of Boston. The lecture wx well attended, the room being nearly filled. The lecturer commenced by saying that the lawa and institutions, wts and sciences, commerce and literature of a country were but indications of the national inind. The great men of a country are also exponents of the national mind. Pericles, Scipio, and Chatham, each presented images of Greece, Koine, and England, the countries that produced them. Only peat nations can produce great men, for great minds require great stimulauts to call them into action. We kpeak ??f * Greek, a Komau, and an English mind ; let us inquire whether there is an American mind?and what are ita characteristics siid tendencies, what inspiration and direction it Kives to the individual nnnd. We cannot say that there is an American mind in the same senae thatthere was a Greek, bnd Roman mind, and that there is now un English mind The utmost that can be asserted is, that the Plymouth Pilgrims and Virginian cavaliers have blended iuto one national rrind, which mind possesses the power of assimilation. a process that is constantly goinir forward. At present we can hardly pptak of more than tendencies and the clash of element*. It is a moditicati<'.i <h !(: i.iiglish Saxon element, winch absorbs all others, ind the Celt and the Dane, and the men of other races only exist here as they are modified by it. But the absorbing force id also modified itself by what it absorbs T^very foreigner that comes into this country is not a mere abfctmct addition to the population, but is an element infused into the vital blood of the couutry, producing either injury or good. Thus a transformation is gradually wrought, which we call a change of tentimeni. The American mind in a comixmle mind?composite in the sense of aMmiiation, and n?t mere aggregation There were two elements originally?ihos^ who came lure to repair their e?:ate, and thsse who were driven here by ecclesiastical persecation. This last, English puritanism, was by far the strongest clement It was all charac'er?strong in courage, persistence, and practical skill. It moulded all things to itself, till at length it has heroine gradually modilied by the infusion of elements from other nations; so that, while the Yankee is not fashioned after the pattern of any other nation, lie has a touch of them all?a |K>wer to accommodate himself to them all. A farmer or a mechanic in New England, he is Sam Slick in the provinces, and he assumes a Protean shape under every new phase of circumstances. Let him drop down from the clouds into Italy or Siberia, he will be equally successful, and the inhabi'anta will cry out, "Behold the smartest man in creation!" (Laughter and cheers.) There is not time now to discuss American mind had its root in unaccommodating puiitanism It may be observed, however, that one fide of the puritan's mmd wni left open lu religion it was bound by authority, und had no toleration or liberality. In politics it wan audaciously bold, it had no e<|uai in European politics, and it* freedom gradually undermined a despotic theology. Hut we have now to do with the national mind, as it is and as it is likely to be, rather than With th<- pas'.. The two grand characteristics of the American mm J, as it now exists, are energy and impressibility. Work is '.he test. Not literary work ; for literature is only a fraction of American intelligence ; but the application of practical skill to the business of life. If the intellectual ability possessed by ourMirat rate merchant*, and applied to the pursuit of money-makini?, were directed to literature, Wall street would resound with Illiads and iEneida, that would m ike the present race of American poets hang themselves with strings of their own rhyme. (Laughter ) If we sharply scrutinize the mental pcocrss by which high commercial success is achieved, we shall liud the same qualities of mind that mark the triumphs of the poet, the essayist, the orator, and the historian. U it observation 1 Mirk how he discriminates. Is it argument 1 Watch him as he connects, link by link, the long chain of facts which leal to the inductiou upon who?e soundness he stakes his fortune and liia character, la it will ! .Mark, when the commercial hurricane cornea aveeiang all betore it, how he resists the blast. Ia it imagination ! Hi* mind, on wingi tint mock the awifmew of the t?legr?ph, Hied from pole to |>ole, and re&lizes, with more than prophetic vimon, the coming events which ca?t their shadows before. Ia it analysis 1 Wnh what subtle skill dwK he trice reaultato their caukea ! There is, in truth, a commercial geniu.** the name aa an artistic or literary genius. The (acu are ouiy diiicrent to vybich it ia amtlied, and the mode of application ia different. The came radical mental energy ia'pre^ent in both; there ia divernity in the occupation)) and the direction of the mind. It ia in comprehenaiveneai that nation* generally fail. Narrowness ia ths death of might, and national exclusiveae** isnitM>nal tuicUe. For instance, there may be too much devotion to art, ti? (he negltct of the practical attain of life. Italy it an example. Tne higher German philosophy ia au example of the result of arbitrary government, w hich haa deuied freedom of thought and eipwwioa, Cietpt in abstractions. Ilence the Germun ia free to Idealize l?b?rty; but If he ?peaks a word again?t a bra/en law, which beara a lie on its face, he ia dragged to prison to expiate hi* oilence. lie can indulge in intidel ? peculations, hut be mus'. not touch po^'ics. He it free to bta-pheme God, but not to inia't the houae of Hap?hurgh. \a there ia a danger tbat in Italy exclusive devotion to art will deprive the people of the energy which is necesmry to sus*nu art, and ns in Grim toy truth degenerates into abitractiorr.s > in this country the great danger is, that vulg. lity ami nordldne?*, an.I the inordinate thirst for mo ley, will destroy all love for ideal leauty, ai dlalUine individual-* with a *Hf-seeking which wii| devour national life. The safeguard* UHinit ti la, lie in tlx- moral dim religious mnii'-ucrs with wi, eh lie American is surrounded; but (hrie very ml ue ice* become modified by the nat'onil character, und religion ilaelf become* worldly. Two clnsaea have l>eeu thrown on the surface by the krtvingi of American wci?ty, violent reformera and violent radical* Iluili ?re antagonistic to the oa ional characteristic* The first are come* outer*, who carry the doctrine of free will ao far ibat they IhinIt man run do everything, and they protest t gdinst the whole life of *4>ciety, condemning the entire concrete form of irliginn and politic*, *nd social existence. Hut their effort i* hopeleaa. They cannot come out They cannot ?ep irate themselves or othera from the coMmunity. They are held by it just aa e (TV dually a* if they attempted to leap into the air, end were driwn hick to the eanh by attraction The earth waul I eiy to every ?uch vipiouHry?If you dislike my forent* cut them down: if .ny surface itrugg'd and batr-n, cultivate me; at you plesse dig my b'Wtlalor hidden treasure; but >011 shall not put from me ; if you want to go upon a journey an und the sun on your own accouut, like a vagabond, that you shall not do, ao h>*lp me gravitation. (Koara of liujhier ) Ir.atead of a di< ine i>a'ience.wiiu h 1 Uim, ihey manifest an imr>:itience w ,th the ilivinity. In t.ict, 1heir spirit ia th* very reverne of reating on I'rovMence, who, when he take* a atep, an agr pusses awav. During the anniversary we-k thn sentiment ia in full blast, mid is carried to the utini-st pitch of extravagance. Hut whil this class hire but our Idea of morals, there ia ano'hercla**, 'he practical, who hive but one ide* of money. Tfte one cnrriea the doctrine of free will to an extreme, the other cU*a refer* til things to " manifest ireatiny." With the latter ever?thing ia inevitable Thi? docmi ia the coiasge of rogues, who cilia 1.tan's sin (><>d'? pri'Vldence j and they are to b? found chiefly u,a>:i tie frontier. This clasa are Mrioua ia their imtrio'iem. and their hombasti> s|<eschea are ever bedir-ned wt;li star* and*trlpe?. and sntitipa'M ns of the ra*?ai'a "goo I tim* roming." (laughter.) One of their dog-nn is, " onr country, right or wrong;"' a falUcv at beat: for, aspirate a conntnr from its morsl acta an i from the eternal r>rinriple? of justice and truth, and *? hat becomes of it I These men aay, th-y (0 for the country whether right or wrong : hut they will be alwa>a found to ht?e? renmrKanle I-ming to the wrong rather than the right. I must don it the caiacity of the aatlor who giw* with th- tendency ?>f lite *n?j? ro j;n nown v.irip l nn r* i |'niH?#??)?uy which lead* to the bottomless pit. II ttteloocxrim*tr* if i'lici'M n ot the American mmd in practical matter* ib not chocked hy there tw<> cla*?es, ml moral and rcl.uioiu institution* will stay the r*ce*MVe P|?ril of the rooapvocracy Hut, wi tfcp ?>ther hand, in proimr'ipn aa iliia takea pure. th?*re ia, in onr reli*nua miilitritlnfr, a trmpotinuj; with mammon, and indu?trk.l production* areejtaffeiatri in *ermon* aud prayer* a* the rbief blea?n<c*"f Heaven. If w? look ln<o American literarnrr for Ihp nation*! mind, it will be found thtf it i? not ao much what ia iiiepiipd aa wh?t it in*i>irea Take ow ?* nir bea' pro#* writera?Channin?, for instance, i" lofty and uutveraal, hoi he want* thr mddy eirmgih indicating ita auurce aa springing ftom 'he naiiotial mind. Hi? proHuctiona <***ni the n? hmveiieaa, racmeaa. an I guMi of national iiy. Thr *ame may he aaid ??f our poetical ??ni|x>mfioa*. They are bcaotifol, it ia true, but it ta nit the heaufy of America. All the l.atli-h , ?? la. from Chancer downwirda, i.l'ali.e hmrliah ?c? nery, Kngliah Itfr, and Kngh?ti men Oar root r Hilar at p?<eta, suck aa l^oatltlliiw, Dm*, m4 Hn am, Merita* o?.ly from the neeetsity of th?ir oaition. They dracrih* free* and wafer. aad n ountafc and dale, and ahatrtct m?n, hut ie|i|rf ike ace#ery nor the men i? A ii?*ric in Their mla a|P rather the production* of the national n ird, t*n off'sboMa of it IViler it ia a?, for wit it t f.nM 'Hp poei wnir of An*?ric m life aad mnnirri? If tn#i*d of Tha?at?* am! a*her irtealitte*, we hid irread ilplinp?toaa of brokers ami stock* in Wall , ireei. It wm?u4 he deairahle ?o tab* a < *** of n^rj hit.' *r chloroform. ( L*?ifHw ) T* th* ? national mind, therefore, among the small poet? or litltrattun of America, is to aeek it in vain. The Frenchman came as near the mark, when he aaid be bad discovered the true native American, and that was the red republican. (Laughter.) It is in the laws, institutions, and active pursuits of life, that the American mind is to be sought for. Our politics compare favorably with any" other country, a* regard! their morality and intelligence. America has produced three great statesmen in the ! preient gener&uon, Webster, Clay, and Calhoun. ; The last, though dead, >et speaks, for such a I man can only die with the monuments he originated. WelMer it> the most comprehensive statesman ; Clay, the must accomplished | rhetorician . Calhoun, the nimblest leader of partisan warfare?a kind of Roman Englishman, I a crots between Cincinuatus and Burke. (Laughter.) New Hampshire ia lamed for great men and water power, (laughter,) hut it lavishes its great men on Massachusetts Webster and Calhoun have the same great grasp of principles, the same i disregard of the means of popularity. Webster's ; orations have more of passion, and a wider sweep, ( but they are uot so compact with character, nor 1 indicate so much persistency to an object. Cal! houn ignores everything that does not agree with i his opinions. Webster looks before and after, iCAUiiig r > r u to iu |Uiuti^irBt oiu J'l iuui|iirn iu I eveuts, and arching over the scene of mental vi; sion, looks at thines from above, and in their relation to each other. Webster ha* comprehension without audacity ; Calhoun audacity withou: cumprehension. Webster lias an instinctive conscif ntiousness, springing from the very greatness of hi* intellect, which keeps him always right, and leads him to defpise minor considerations. Webster is inductive ; Calhoun is deductive, and con* verts prophecy into a science. Burke, the greatest of Euro|>ean statesmen, was remarkable for having made the discovery of deductive laws. But the mischief of Calboun is, that his will controls his reason; and it may be said of him, what Maciulay untruly suid of Burke, that he chooses his position like n fanatic, and defends it like a philosopher? and we mBy reverse the sentiment in regard to Clay, who chooses his i>osition like a philosopher, an I defends it like a fanatic. To overthrow Cilhoun you must direct a tremendous blow at his centre, like Napoleon's army in a certain position?to overhiow Webster, like the sune army iu another position, with the sime organization in another position, you must rout the whole line. The style of both shows the power of the meu, us waves answer to winds. Clay's power is of a ditierent kind. His personal qualities attract men's almiraiion, while they command their retpect. ile wins the heart. 1 he secret of his influence is not to be sought in hie printed speeches. If WebsiT is inductive, and convinces the reason, aai Calhoun is deductive, and dalles the reason, Clay is seductive, and carries the vote*. (Laughter.) Clay concentrates all his qualities in his person; and, without beiog a demagogue himself, mikes all the d'-maeogue* work for him. Likn Na<x>leon, he has the power of winning and controlling the hearts of millions till he moves hem like one mm. Yet Clay is not a perfect specimen of the class of characters to which be belonea. He does not always exercise his power prudently, or turn it to the best account. A sense of honor, morbidly quick, s(>mrtimts urges him into impolitic acts, which destroy the labor of years. The best test of greatiiess in a man, is, how he acts whea he is mraittd. Calhoun is apt to lose himself. and Cl.iv displays it glorious recklessness. while Webstrr preserves Ins soul tu calm 'dignity and patience, anil tees tlie end from the beginning. In his Btyle, Webster is not (Un BotlnQ sjjfftsg liptiiniDff shooting along the horizon, nor Chathum's thunder pealing overhead, iu solemn grandeur, without ilie brilliancy *?l tlie eleclrio lliid; but, like the liarh and crash together, convincing and -triking awe into the mind. After adverting to slavery, which, Mr. Whipple said, cursed one portion o! the country, while it disgraced all, but would yet find its inevitable doom, the lecturer wut on to say:?It is cot so much in (he pint or present, aa in the future, that th?- grandest vision of American mind is to be seen. We have observed that, at present, its practical productions are its greatest characteristics; and. in the future, there is reason to believe it will be a comprehensive national mind, harmoniously combining the <ju*liins of every race?the vivacity of thtrlMdunia ?the frankness of the Irishman?the humor of the Englishman, and the national chiracteristic* of every other n?tinn?a mind too sound at the cor? to be coneuti"*d by avarice, or destroyed by |>ower ?n nvnd movint; down the pathway of ages, nn image of jiut, intelligent, U-neticent power (Enthusiastic applause ) _ HWtCAL ASTRONOMY?BY PROFESSOR MITCHELL. Proirtibor Mitchel delivered hi? fourth lecture on Biblical Astronomy, at Hope Chapel, last evening. The object |>n>|<o?ed by the lecturer was to showthat the science of astronomy furnished uo data by which to prove that our race has existed longer than the period alluded to in the biblical account, lie alluded to the term year, as used by the ancients, who appear to have applied it to different extents of time; but as to the period in the past to which all astronomical calculations point with certainty, as a time at which astronomical aigns were first observed, the lougest period which can be clxi.ned will only csrry us bark some six or seven thuusuBil years. In proof ot this, I'rofes.oir M. quoted the tables and calculations or the CrnNc in, r?v(,tmn, Hindoo. CIiidi'w, Hebraic, an t other Ktttonomera. Th?*re are seven of these diflWent calculations, carrying us back to the following l? ricda of titre, before the Christian era, viz : 8101 yeais; 2252 years; 2:ftW5 years; 23'Xi ytNirs ; 2226 >f s.s v 22:12 years ; 224"> yeara; 27>2 years. From ?.!i tins the lecturer conclude! that there waa no proof that our race had inhabited the earth more than aix or seven thousand years. I Ik American .Minister, mitt (lie Ltrd Xnyor of l.omlou. At the f*(ilen>lt?J inuiigurul ban inet, nt (Jml.llull, on i*aturd?y, the l:lth ull., to celebrate the instalrn? nt in oflice of the new Lord Mayor, hi* lordship proposed the health > f the American Minister in tlie following terms:? Tbe Lord Mnoi-lt baronies my duty now t? pro po?e a toait wbk-h I am aula you will all rec.-le.' with n tarnation I b?ll*T? th?re n?rsr w?? a period whaa II was mors acceptable to this country. U receive the riyrHtaUtlTH of foreign powsrs. than It is at th* pr-peut tlms. when we are at peace with all the warld. (Otters) I take tbli opportunity of raying that on the laet occasion of dining In thin hall I had chs pl>a ?ui> at ilttlni oppoute the American UlaUter and he dM me the hoaor of naylag that II be Iliad to thl'Uay, howould fce aura to be here. ;il-ar h*ar ) lilieseellency had fulfilled kt* promise and 1 am delighted to ?ee him here with aereral of hl< colleague*. (H?ar, hear) 1 beg to propoec " the Health of the Foreign MlaUtrrs," I am ture tba cltUens of London ata al> wayatvsdy to glee them a hearty w?icoma. (Cheer* ) The toaM was drunk ainidat much cheering Ills f ICflllMy Mr I i ;hr A met lean Minis tir. raid -3ly I.oid Mayor, my lords, ladle*. and (? . fit m. n t r*n.c k?:? hoaim to hava tha nlaaaura of a larga nuiDbnr ol my aallaaguaa. many ol whom, t knrw w?ra older than nyavlf. and would r? <|u l to any ?*ntlio?nt :bat might b# glran by roar )< rj-bip lo ttat v.xpaclattoa 1 find ayi?tf <il??p tcintril il I I eonfmt to yon iumtvkK oab?rr????J U? ?M?? finding injtrU lb? aaulcr <> tbl< oeoaaloa It frcm th? (food mrraory of hit lardnhlp. that on n whi n I h??a bad Ikt b->aor of dining In tfcta tall. and wh?n It gara m? groat aatla laallou (aa I w? I r?mnnh? I l< alt opfxlta to hi* lot d*h |> 1 niiiit t proalaa- but without knowing tkat b* * a? to b<- iba oait l.ord Mayor (a la a*h>- mat I would inakr a aparali wbmarar h? should bo l.or4 Major TLat i.l??lga be call* upon raa uow lo rrdarm (llrar. tear ) I b? r your iora.-klp and thin dlntla guUhad company. t? arcapt tho jmMul thank* of my enllracun and air?rlt. In Br ha 11 n| tb* countrlaa wa pwt?rally r-pr?-? ut for th?(i>a'. honor yon har? donn? la dunking our haaltba nn : hl? orra?lon (tlaar baar I My Lord Mayor. It 1? good for w? r?pr?"?ntin ; lonlga l oantrlra. t< rom- up hn? to tbl? ball, da Toiro aa It ! ta Iba gra?t objocia for which It baa baaa orrnptad almoat ftbja out at mind -tb* (root purpota of 1b* city of l?<>nd'.-a. illoar ) Wa aboul4 k? racraan to our duty and our Int-raM If we wrra not to appr* i late tfca > at of b*>a? larltod to din* on tbia tnna honoit'4 oooaaloo wl b ttia rhlaf naglatrat* ol thr Bitjbti^M rify thM 4 UM or probably a?ar did miiI. on tb* far? cf tkt -aith (I'b-ara ) My Lor J Major*I am h r- In tbU gr?at city of London wbla^i i? tb* haotitg iM ttllcg hon?? of tha world, anl what baa i rrat> d tkla ail<bty oily ' 11 la tha ganltM at i rftaiftrrr* London tiaa bton ntada and aroat* I I ? r al V l? mr?v * I i nw iinrum-r" ?ui j m r'nirurrj | anoly tha bosor and lotagrlty maintains by tb? l<?i>bi r*. thr *?rihanta the trairnuaa of tha city af I.'l4"U |('b*ata) Dyt abat I har? aald with rajar l to ih<- < t?y nf l.ctidon la bnt a nn?it ( art. In my aatltruli n ?i ?b?t r??llj b?l<>Bg? to bar. (Ilanr ? Tbi? . h y |a i h? b< n ? ?.f ftrBd'tn. tha aity ol l.oaJna haa tun tJlaMrgiil-h?4 t"T brr dcToticn to th? canraof a?*>l aaa r> l'gina? iibaity i re t. obriria* i Wbrrr a a it. 1 ?t, that lb* Aral ataail ??< |tia<tlk< w )al r???ofail?r of rolUitlag *iitp mt n?y liar* In b? city if l.nadiD by tbat Immortal man. Jobi L!?l?pc?n (t'hrtta) Wharn *a< It tbat th? pro . .?lib. U ki> mWrxi I Parllato*at took r<-lu?a' It *ai In tl* etty i.l l.oadra. uad? r ikr pr< trotina ->t the aiayor. 1.1. rr *n and rlfiana (I h- > } *y I "it it hn? N i 11" b< n ? cf <r??d' ni and I i.op? It trill at ray* b? i)rfeim? af >nl'i? both In flt(l-a an<l politic tCoilafpinN IMMIM mj lorJ. tado ?ir? llllliimt ta 1 'ill a; ar k n'W,-.l?rn-i.t? n% b'balt a. at ral tad m??<lf tor tha iraat hoair a* ' ii i i Immm *it 4o*a (HlMI i?t?gl* trarl I hi ij a* a r on a try- a alad? word for a nati?a and a ! < ^Ir ab? hate a roaiuoa anc-atr.t altfc you> ? !?* tlt-rftt Mf od a r-oriiaoa iaagnag? t h? <?>. rall|tM, al <1 tb* >an? In** |''b*ara I I rann >* ?a*? a?r *aat ltk?nt raj lag a Ingir word on tlta Intlmara ??<* rt?l trlatlM lifting b*I tra*n tbr t ntvd Klnjlom ra? Ikr I altrd ?tat*? - a Mlatlon *?>!. h UMfMM an I d?r? n in I. tor tba p*ara oftba world - Hiatal ln??tr?t. tlUar liar) lut t.h?ra la axmatMng aVtiil I bt tin pit than tbat. W? ara nf tha A?<l<vt<iAa raf". nana In tbr firr><a?t faith - ? ?rl'h tin m? rittiH tftbci |kt. It itr grrat plan ot Pratt. di?ia la rlallistcit tha am Id jflaar. b ? ) I a?h, tl ?. If ar ara al-al I ham r?t raaan>*-<l l> th a fiona t? ha la n ?a'd to tkatr relation. "h?t i< th? r? th t tL< lid f l>! tii b i bat p?ao*> *ad k*r war j that artata ba! a aa.' I ran ral* *ay tlw p irt ot afaatl rrit'iy.nd I pi* itpa Mt?a Mtnf pmyfti* (iit?ra?4 by ll? Arg r. faioi rata?I ?l?dga ibri a* I 4" layaatr. 1 T .1.^.. tk. fcallaa a)il?K ?( > IIum anil k.n I 1 (or the WMrnttT ond happin?ee or tho elty of London (Chooro.) My Lord Mayor, I congratulate you j oa being elovoted to tho important position whloh yon ow hold. I coogratulBt* the oitWeB* of l<oodon. on ' havlBg lived under the goversment of a<{U?l law* veil dm'ulntrred; and I can only wiah that the mantle of l tboae that hate preceded your lordebip may fall upon yonr ahould* r? and alt a* gracefully on you an on the j moet successful ol' your predrcewre. I.ouj cheer*) | HEUIC&L. NEW MEDIC A1. BOOKS.?A COUPLET! PRACTICAL work oa the nature and treatment of deJioate dieeaaee, I aad all the kindred affectioa*?illustrated by a great noia, lerol beautifully aolored platee, u large aa life; by Uo! rncr Boetwick, M. D., lecturer on *urgery and diaeoae* of the above named natnre. It ia a large quarto?3S0 i>*i?* j i* j coed uditioa; prioe $10. Extract from the "Boston Medioal and Burgioal Journal: " It may be eaid, fearleaaly. to be equal to Record'* or Acton'* work* en the same family ot diieaiea. and far superior to anything ?>f the kind ever pub-. | liihed in thii country." Author of" The Family Phyeieian j" price twenty-nvo ettu. Author of a work ua " Self1 abuse and ita deplorable defeota, lmpotenoy. Sterility, lao., ; kc aiith edition, fourteen platea; prioe $1. Poraaleat tho publiihere', 8TR1NGBH k TOWNhEM D. 222 Broadway, and by the author, MM Broadway. Doctor tocrselp?fok twfnty-pivr cents? by mean* of the l'oeket iEioulapiui, or Ev?ry Oue flu Own Phyilcian. Thirtieth edition, with one hundred engraving*. ahowlnc blatant a and Malformation*, in ever) shape and form, oy William Young, It. D., Oraduate of the Cnivenity ol Pennsylvania. The variou* forma of 8oor?t I) (ia?b aro faithfv.llT dt'aoribed, aud ail the reeipca rlvaa 1b plain language. chapter on Self Abuae if worthy ?f j particular attention, and should be read by every oue. Vuuni mrn, who have been unfortunate in contracting diaeaaa. 1 I previoue to placing yenraelve* under the oare of any doetor 1 no matterwhat bla pretention! maybe, getaoopy of thii truly aeeiel work. Strauxer* viiitlng In* city, particularly theie contemplating marriage, don't think or returning home ' without, a oory of the Poeket .t!?i-nla<)lu(. Boa captain* and 1 pprv'na going to aea, ahould pcaaes* Dr. Tonng'a Treatise oa . Marriage, the Pocket JCsculapius, er Every One ilia Owl I Pfiyeician. Anr peraon lending Twenty-flve ocnti enolcMd In a letter, will receive on* eoiyof thii fcooi, ny mail; ol lii eopic* will be lent for one dollar. Address DR. VM. ; YOUNO, IM Sprue* itreet, Phil delphla, and for ?alf >j 9tr ararft Tow**<nd. -."1 Bro&dw New York. PAKIS AND LONDON TRLATK (NT OP PKI7ATI 918 1 easoa in ft tew boon, by a vegetable application without pti:i. In constitutional affections and debility brought on by ' improper habits. I aomtina mcdicinua with th* loralremedy. | una can jho* ?r y on* thera ar? thoutandswho eaiinos be enred without it, tj I have tuei daily, of year** atandtaji, from ?he c.-ber j hysioiatia. In all. I guarantee a permanaat onra. I hsva contraction* daiiy, 1 euro wi'.hont oanatio, whiah jthirt use, caused by their net expelling the disease aooo jr.o;:j;h. My iitilotaa, wuh these, and tb? hundrodsof certificate*, ?how that none can equal i;. Ton eared mi la nil* day, U. 3d, Corbyn. Too expelled ny complaint iu a few Iko irs, C. Dsrcud. I wa* under the other physieiaa* oyer t rr, wl'-haut benoflt: my body waa eovered, aurad m? a abort time. John Rclliaca, Jr. I paid aver toUll ia Bvi year*, to be onrad of dollUty, without benefit; yon rnri-d ma. by looal and general treatment, ia a short time, Ja*. Baliab nrr. Treatment by latter. Oft':* honrt front * to J. tad 7 to9 P. M. DB. LARMONT, 41 Ucada *1* ??t doers from Broadway. CXili k REWARD.?JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTB, A 8P?cifia Mixture for th* *tn of private diaardera It makes a si cedy cure, wittout the l~ast restriction* ol diet, dnuk, expo*aro or change in application to business. The proprietor challenge! a tingle ease which th* mixture will not ecre, under the forfeiture of live hundred dollar* < It ii put up in bottlo*, with full direction*, at (1. One boto tie latts a weak? many ar* anrad ia tw? day*, for *alo bt C. ii. KINO, 193 Broadway; 108 Bayard street, New York; W. It. Littio, 1<M lianovar (trout, Boat ,>n; Wright it 0*. Nan Orleans. at\Y SA V ID.?THE FRENCH ANTIDOTE ISA PERfeet exterminator of dieeaaea, no mattar what stx, age, or atage of the complaint. It extiu ;iitehi S the virus | and purilie* the blood. The first do** will give relief, and ! oeic cases ate cured la two days. One bottlo laita a week, *ud rery few cases require aors. Tha proprietor will warrant a perfect enre, or forfeit $31. and return all that hat been ptiid. Price $1. bold at l:W Fulton atreet. Sun Blldinet; 127 Bowery, carter Orand street, and at the Doctor's rasideaae li< ii Madison itraet. No tharfe far advice. Sold Philadelphia, by T. R. South Thtrdstreat. 1IST OF LETTERS RKMAININU IN THE NEW YORK J Post OfBro, November 30 UHl Ot ? vvjuiaiiau in thk i-Aran, TKai.aaour Clhi'VLATlOX. Pirate Bivatioa the data of the list in which they are advcrliaed. LADIES' LIST. Mary A Austin Mi** Matil- Adolpha* Mr< Sarah i Atkerson Harv J da J Armstrong Mr* Eli- ! Aiid'.s Miss Ann A not If is* Mary tabeth AlhnMraK Albrrtaon Mrs Eli-Andrew* Mrs Mary A Art"rellMttrJane-2 ikbeth A Avery Aan lliia Ayera In* Mary A _ Adams Sarah D Babcotk Mrs H IS Brodaax Mist Annie Btaaor Miss Auiaablack Mis* Vir.iaia Boseli* Mim E.isa- da A Blair Mica Mary bath Bentoa Mr* Mary Bull Mr* 1, Park Br?wn Mia* Jote- Aan row phine Barney Sutanua RradburyMsryJasa B iwalt Mlxlrahella Bishop Miku Emma Brand Mrs K Bottrke Alls Boanar tlary Brayi ard Mil* 8u- HoyU Kri?r<'t Broukar Mt*s Aan tar N liojlao t atbarin* Bro:>hy Catharine I!ar?< Mi*s Bridget Butler Mrs Jana Broira Mr*. U**ter , Bitra*|*r Mrs Ana Burrows Miss Jana street Barry Mr* Oatha- Baron Mr* John D nrown Mr* Maria r, nf 111 idrMiif-ir ,liti. D I! Mi Pr Bartrl Mi?a Marr Blakalay Mitt Kc- o?? K lleneOlct Mra Chart* becea Boyle Mr* Abby Bonnett MuJum'i Braly Miaa Ann IJiy'e Very ller net ta Hallaid MraRabuCCA Uu.arJ M r< A l tit I r? Bataal Mlc Marl* liranco* M?nr lijal<D( M?i lirBrlrn Mlia Bmilv BarnerMUaA I ha P. Billeanriu Mriea- I*?r:i-U"*r?l.?T^iii? Bneoh Mm Viitnrla* lull Attn Hai-yAnu- Ui nu Kio E.i|>h?B tuirrrt Mi'i'lU u^rrj HillMinute t nil fttk'i Burtrim MiieMaryJ C Cfcllratfrt Mr* 111- Ccimor Alice Clift?uM, ?e A. rata'.h Coruf >M.??HriJi?t Itnome airaet Ckl.UI Anne CoO| ?r Harriet C llutoMi* i 4,3<ia*a Car. D?*llCatlifii?t Craabjr lira C->a Miaa U I Can^ell km I.araConr say Mr* T t Col<- Mri.Wall at k Cortiakn,Walarat C lllar Anne ( lark Cathariaa Crrii* Mia* Maria Cominrrr-riCathaCarr Maria craAAiek Mr* Me- riaa < arrol |iriA;rat ?anna Conhay Mr* EliiraCaiat&tra Mr?k V, Can wall Ml*a Uan- beih Willi*" etrae* nab Canray Mar*ar?t ( aaaa ' t Mary CastiUII Mm D T Coaaell Mi?- Kli-a ( araaa^hMir<Vary Ca?f>b-il MieeJaaa Cooper Bannah I aiel tr Marv i a npkall Aaiali Corkia M.?? t'athaChild M-? Alire II < lark tli/a riaa tltllcB Kackael CardoW R?-ha> i Coaloiln K .rr l? dmaa Mrr Ar- Carroll Uliia Coyln iamb Jaae But* CharlieMiaaBHA?al Curti* Aau Caii \lt* (lwaketb ( hai>[. lMr,?amiiM i.nlkin.Mi*nnr.4*et C?le Sai l 4 tt'lin Mr* ilaan P Cunningham Mr* CalllB* l?|l ia t Unr Cathariaa Pterin Corny a* Anna d utmt km Aaa Cuanta/haa Mia* Coarcy Die a ^ M-iry I>*l*y Mra. Moar.o D n- 'ii>Mi .jilelen . Do Ua AnaJan? atrrot llninrii Worry?S D*waa?Mi?*H?nn*h Daaf rthMi*Ali'fKDarta Mr*. OHrerat lnU?a Mr*, N.nih l>e?te Mia* 8 O >ty Mra flnaaa aveane Dai i*Mi>>HarrlrtM Doyla Mary Didaal avar M a* |i* * .Man Mile L Duffy Oat haric Manila -i l*?h*y Mra Catha Dn,nn Ml.a Mary TV.naru Har arjr Hue Dunran Mr* Emily i>on?h? If try Daeriar BiUret or Dairy Mr* ICnily Donially Mr* Mary IHmn'll llrldiet Mlaha-1 Dranau K''h?r ravilMrt^atliarlao Dorian Mart l><Ta?e] Marruret Day Mr* Dt*IM II Don v; Hart y Mia* t. B lirn I Mi'* rarali De iaain Ml?? C, I?oyf? Ml?i Mtrla Ann Siath ar> Dv yaa Mr? titan D*rir." Xn Aari lialln.W IHnLanm Dtbb Mr? C U In. r?i it Mm D*?r*a Ml** Sarah UmlayMiaaCathaHar or D?lany Cathaiina rin* Di' k*v MraVartliaJ Dan.r?ay Mary Daaderiltla lira I;la'oil I ail.ana - Davaa. Mlaa Mary R **l. D.^gc Hilt Martha iC llllntt Via* tna C?aa Mra Calbarlat I lwarl* MnJt|taa> Mia Mary Keen Marr hanna R taaa Mlia M*ry K'< ?ar li Mia* An- larn t M i Mary Miaa Mil Mary Ana tuna J KiaaaMlaa Maria P Fa*an Btidyat fitialBaaoaa 111-a rn'HM Ann Maria lali > aak>Miia Jaa* or ? * y r<aa Mr* AaaaMtia faky Ana Faimaa Miaa Mary Flliall Mia* A A r**lr Mr* ratriek Al* ?lt>a?raldMi?*Klii* fraack Mr- Mary A Fo* Mm Cathaiina rita??rald Mt< ?ilI rlAi Mr? Harriet larlayAaa liaia Ilr-'f t ran|hnerCAtharina PruH Mary K l i-ier*. I Ml Wa rie Ana foaiar Loatea lei mrl rraa? li Miaa Vlr- fr??iahtaa Mra, Mi 'iaU MiaaH - tiaia I. Muli^rry atr-ei ' " U CadoKdl- f WrtBlleaCiaita li(ao|? CSkera'Aiaa M me u ( aannn ItriJart Tareat Ui*aan Cathariaa ( ray MU> Ca:hariatOonijnb MlealCmilyOiima M?r?ar*t I.Try Mr<MeryAaa Mot. MoaOiarlattaSUillea B-I.l?frl tinea Mil ly Unaniat Mia* Aaa ffllroy Mia* tlira Cr - Mary Oadilad Mra IUi.i GilmwaH Mlaa Anna >,i Mil lit Am utria hfmv uomiii ainlilti Olllrc Mr? All*rt Cray Mirtn# rint UnffinMrata'.baft* Urtaa Mr* Orr'nad* Qalaaa llri<l(*t OH ra Mary OtMamaaa Mi Oh*t*4o Stgatra (i I lira It n Mary Mar> Aaa Maria (j i?? tl* Mr? O'* Cr<?i? Mm. Ilr *4- (I .tham Mr? Catlta I tariaJ way ria* Ilna-p M a If ..I?-a E*clia?I B'taaai Mra Maria Di'if <1111, t lias? jlfll'tn Vti Ann* L I lar* llilanl M1m Marv Bi**, V*- I tlarl iiM(*iKllca Jaa* rlrk *t ri*<iia Mr*. MiJI- Hull Miaa Vniu-i HeiUr Ml.i Mary A a it Buat Nu II E, G !!irria(tcn Btry it Hlrka Biat lliil- 1 IItitI* Built-in Jaa* i>?ih ll*Taa?atm?r*t t C Ana IlKtln M?ry lituca Miaa Char* llal'VraMI. Uoraa Mar/, B**t?f I' ll' t Hall Sirah C Etimtl Blia X, llairaliaa B?it U tta Mary. Pearl , ?tb ' alarnaoii H.?? Mary at TlrtirJnl'a J art II.Hitter Blaa Aa-ta j D> I. r i?? Ma*r Warty Mary H"ppcr Mian Mary Herlert fcim llarn*t Mill Mary (Inciter Mar tr*t Illkl.?r4 Mr* f? llu'l'ri Mri A M. Humphrey* Mi.a Iliilifi In Mrak llay*r4 at Fraaci lint >.h lliti Bialay ?r*.eof W?(iQa?kiaa Marmara' llui'1.1 at Miia aaJAarth B ore M Larry at* fltaly Mra Johanna J Jaaet Marrartt I> J*?e> UtiKC* P Jnaat Bra, LtiaaH Jil.?' a Biaa Saral< J >r laa Mi ta.lUh at ? fl Jh?m Mm Mary J?ha*?n Mra. P*arl Jrfttrtoa Mr* Mary Jamaoa Amalina at An Jer?inl?h Mlu v.a- i^haaoa Hit * ?<*!( J tt? IHUy rMla* Jnta MiatMary OefJrliti-na Miaa Ban- J^aea Miaa Jctaaa atUa aah K ' Mr* Ultra- R'riaaa ! * Mary Kinaay Mr? B *? ? pv?nn? ij ?r? ??rj Eallj Mitt rm'ii Kii ( Emily kr?raa Ana* H K '? Mm /"anh Ki'kv. ntMraltt , Ktttrltk Vr* M, t?h Hi't?tiar M a? C*th Mnrrav Ma-y rn k'ltr III I'll*! K<a*tv ifiM III:* C l>M? fri llirtt K'lly Aan Asliav Pll?m I k ???'> Ho* tarah K r..*f i lira Mary Kialy IP kaany Brl4(?t Kiaiaaa MltaOrall a KaltM Mrt flwanl ^ lit' Nil' EUra I <tck?m?<1 M>it Lilly Mi<? Marat I M?r, llxrrutr U*ia?*t?a Mrt * i.nrkall at Koigtilta Mia* Ellta Jana Lariaktr Mm Mtty Ljach Mi Ana I,iek?*<fl Mra Bat- I M ki l?t Julia MT I lull Mir* All"* l.'ratit Mi?* Mary Mr. Daj L? l"r k in Julian I amart> Miilaa' via D ' litXIiril 1 ana'eia M .a I* <; L?rn ??tlh Mi?? So- f 1 litrrar* Mr? l,ara< n Mlat Marft ?** l.nwr'a<.e?oa kit i.aialta iata Madam* Lta) it Mrt A??liA BntutK C.Uim ! lifiah In A?i, lixAnni'l fmif'fi-i'h ii 4aa* Ai|.t?n??-> l a?i?a.-? M. . Ma j Ltj.I M ti'J?r*lI?mj Hit* fn?tn l.iiit* art *n B l.??'w? Dili Ana l.ti'a NIm Wantnl I <*r? H, TMr- !< ? Mt* llanw l/?ti Mita Aaiut< ? (> t? Ua Ma tam* Mari- a**t* I/MJ Ifilltia M Marker IM?a M ? Jnllt R Mtl >r I.Hfn R Mnb-.ti ? * Aatia Mailt** ratr aria* Millar Mrt, ratlfOi Malurrt Mirrartt M?ra ?ra Aaa al Mara Mtt Mia?- Mttray Mra Aaan- M;l>an M-a tfirr li ttihrl 4a K i'li) twin MtT'ia ( a<? aria? M" rty Marra-M Mi*a(ka-t 4i.a Ca- ! Mtt Ma fet-? Mrth. Mnrt>t>y Hainan thartn-" |tt-?*?aay Ma*nti? Mary tan M?-rr Mi*? Franaaa Mat>rr? a Mtry Rtiattt H" lpl M >,f M-a * m?l.? M*+tfc> at latt Mn Italy Rria(at M Jan. Mate Maraaiat Mara ?r<<l?t< M- rr-ll Mr*. riflh J|a*1ta* ''aik*tl?? Marti* ??iah Ct'y i'?taa Mao* ia# Marl* Hall yia?* tlaUftwa Mif'.tr I AM* Maattn't N M.lvavl ....kana* M<U?r Hn n?Ul **? tot. WmS- Mnrdooi Mlaa lata srr-^^1 ssarfc*. "?* " ??*> MIm Mur Sin?Duub Marrill Mm AUc. B Murphy Mr* Martia Moigan Miaa M L ^ Me Anile Bridi.k Mc01ou?hlia Bnd- *eC?rihy BUm MtA ulay Mim M?r- * ' w . MoBonomh C?U?(int MoMaahan Mra Ann nw McCala Mill Mary McNlchol 8u?aa McEta??y MIm McCann Mrs MoNamea Mn Ann Sally Ann CarU.y.t Mel?Brid?t M.ltoy Brid?a? McCarthy Mary MoArUla Mra Joaa^h Mo(io?lfl. Ann MoCona Jiaa Mary Mo Barron Miia McCarry Mra BriJ- JiW.. ?H ? j Me K* ally MlM M^Caui MiM'ElIii- MaN^tf Mlai wVen" Rtmu bath M< Xaughton Mra MctniB* Mary MoCormiek Mr*, Jaanet McCitaey Mary Tenth it McLinaoa Sarah McLonglAia Jan* ^ Natln Bridget Noonan Mary Ann Nabl* Mim Sarah Newell 111m Ellia Norrij Mra m A Norton Mm Mary Ntwell Miaa Snaaa Nell Catharine?2 Northing Mr* F Newell Susan Nunan Johanna Nichol* Caroline C ^ Newman Kos* Oaborn Malinda O'Doanell Mr* El- O'Brien MraCathaOverton Mil* Adelia nora rme L O'Neil Mary O'Donohue Mux O'Brien Mr?, Tilnit>01i?er Mra Paul Ann Place Ovtrton Mm Jaru- O'Bhaitghneaay Mri, O'Connor Mrs. Mul- eh a II " Hamilton et berry at O'Connor MIm Mary O'Neil Kilen O'Kucte Margaret ^ Pahurd Madam Polliti Mil William Pennington Mary I'hi'lan Mix* JoannaParker Mary >'owell llonora l'erry Mine C Phelan Anno Poweri Mary Power* Mit* Anna Petrikio Via* Mar- Parker Mim Elviia Pain Mil* loin wet M Pr graph Margaret 4 Quian Mr*, Mott it Quinn Mis* Mary Qutan Margaret li Raj mcud MinMaiy Rcwnn Mr* Mlohusl Robbln* Miss Phebt A Hitter Mis* Jnlia KoUmon Csmhne Keadin:: Mr* l*a- Richard*MmClaraP Moth* alias Ittown bella RiebmoudMrsElkn Mary Reid Mim Mary HusmII MisaCatha- Roehu Mi>*Ca'.huReilley MitiCaiha- rino rine riot Ryer Amelia C Ro t Mis* Mary IlevnoMt Catherine,Ki a Mis* E, Cheat- Roes Mra M.iry M :ikl ingtoa i t nut at Rowo Mra M J Rol ort* kr >, Ith at Rrilftea Mim Julia Rowland mm Kli/.a Kobinaon Mr* H W KeiUeyAnu* June Robcllar Maduuie K' illy Ellon Rich Miaa Emma

Euphrouno Re>noldaCatUarine,Ri' !iar<ison Mra E Rot-he rf iry J 11th ft A or Martha Ball Knee Mis*, iBowery Reynold* Mi*aJano Riun Miaa Ann kois Mia* Sarah Anne ^ Ryder Miaa Ann StJaln Mrs Dorcaa, Simon* Mr* II 8liaa Margaret 1) iicmj *t Simiuona Mim Mar- Seo Mra Clariaa ' lail len Mrs Tier ry ihiE SerfriiV Mlsa Alice Jvinluu kridgi t Sniith Mia* Aane Sheldon Cat'iarin* SaltnMad'llnaAdil*,Smith Mra Burgb- Bhoehan Mary or ruranna iuu-r imv ai.i,nuvgvra Sh?l>v Mm Bllen futitL Mra Caroline at Manual) Mral.oviaa Smith Miaa Maria S|?uocr MrsLlroadS iuirj M'u Ann Spreci; Miaa Ellen nay fn uuirkMutLcuikaBulIitaD M*ry Biuvju Mr*. Beater fttewartMreTttincan f adrtlcr Mlaa runny it Sav )?r MrtEi aayO HaniMrUniA Bim '?h Mm U O, tS??c>i Jim Mary Slaughter Mra if, Clinton at Ja?e Ortcuwich at Smith Mr? ?. MLh ? Sttiuauu Mra E, 8?ia*ar HimT' re- Sunt > Mitalaut W Stanton it ait* Smith MraCatiiaria* Stead Mra Small Ansa Smith Mi** Mary Bhepherd lira M. Shannon Mr* Bnd-Kmvth Mra M*rf? 14th at act SuliiTan Ellon BInerty M a* Ftiaan Stanley Miai Sucan StylraMla* Julia Sntdiiar MraEliift- gaundtia Miaa fc, 8> una Mij? Marn?bet!i Thompacn *1 retMuryAnn Shield* Margaret SLaw Mix Mary A T Traety Honora Tucker KUen Thompaon Mr* Taunt r Miaa Jane l'urney Mlaa Mary Catharine Tailor Hub Taniey Miaa Illea Tw. ml.lyMi.aJauoS Tubiaa Miaa Attclia Tutlut Miaa E S Turntr Miaj EluaTrutt Miaa Sallio Thu.var Mra Joseph beth MeK Toiid Mlaa Jane TummmMi** Tti'mpton Ellra- Tylar Mtta Altnirnli Catharine b?lb Ann VarntjMr* Ita'haal VaaiWar Miaa Van BurcnMua Valk MiaaEuphuai* Helen Mary L Tan Buroa Mra, Yinalita Mra E1U*- Van Seat Mra 'J tli at both Martina* Voute Mlaa Mary E W Wart Mti>>MarK&rit W httpacll Mr* Roaa WtlHaaaa Mra 11 B, Wumn Mra Mar- Wiibya Mtaa Caro- liloekerat aarat line Williania Mia* Waaun Jtne W..oda Mary Emma Webb Mlia Ellen M alah Catharine William* Mralobti Whealur Mr> Jane Wald?*r?v? MraSM Whitney Miaa Whelan Urtl*et Warnar Mia* liar- Lney B Wllaan Mary, or ri*t Wilktaaoa Mia* Robert Emmott Warter* Mr* Bar- Ana U Willinma Mi?a riet Wood Miaa Julia | KateS _ Waahbnra Kiat ?u? Mary Williami Mri Mary Woodward Mra llarPtmiial WHkiXriCIiM rlet Wadkiat MittMary Whitman Mrtlllcu Wman Mary Walah Aluabtth M ^ Wri<ht Cxtbarina Toman Km !aiah ^ Youn* Mary Zm n ermann Mr* Bttlit 0I.NTLtMKS 8 LIST. AtUtl Mildiid Adam* John T Aokerman John II A date* F 0 Addu./n Ceorft Ailaint Cl.arlet D Adi.!,.hii? Mett AdtmtJIj AdaatJamotB Adda* i E4w'd J J Ahera t'auiel Alaaander Utary Allan Ldward J Aralla J iat C Falix Aoit New l-onion A'len Jordou IV Alehutn Tltnmaa racket Alfutd W ji Idea Timothy Allot Gt?r*? 8 Alliioaaiieraoa J?- Allen WilUata Alking Clark nit Aknmm Wd Amory Oliver C Allen IlanrvM Ainri Uyrua An I rtoo William Atukro.e k.iurd) U anlrtnon 3 I' Anthony Sam lei Aadwjt i> C Andrrtou William A i-rywBraly Aiintiu Btuj U Au.'.m Julm Akwood 1-iwie Aekall Jamee A> try T K Arnold Ri ihara Artroe AlUn Arruftetd W W AtwaKr Robert U Autctn ktannal J Are?Bd?ar4T Armani Louie AagntJebnB AndrawOoL Arlin C Aj rat Militant W AUattr li W Ayerr Or A|-|'l<-by Jtuwu M Alllkdfta John Artn.trua4 Btkj F Abbott Robert ^ Abbott Win Bra. ten Joeepl, Bradlay ft Hunter Baduel Manrltt Bradnaa Henry badier Milton P llra.lj a Can Hi Id Bradkuo Uao ti Bradford (J Hw >a J 1* Bracken Joee|b balUrd Bam Blake J 0 BlmrHm.Jr Ual.lali C * Co* Mr Ba'laaiiaa Palia BUk" U nry C ballet Wm U Baiiliat Wm Ball Latiut R Bali Worthiarton ' IWiley A J k Co Bailey tiaffty M B*ktr Dr UaoT R ' ktlaiadelt William Baldwin Mataiaa bt?ii?i.>rd FredeBlaiieli< n l>?tlrt W nek bar iH.ii k*tttr Barm Samuel Bar lull That M Mnae* Ur .rs? Barrett H ml* birtlettCL burktr k Utagloy Kin Wm ? barling M II Btrtaat Aavoaia Barker KB Ba?rettCBMCo Harj I. itkr ?er f sn>> I Baraota l.eatlat Kari. am l*hert N halt, n Tbutnaa He<!- 1> B Uf tki> C l> hoal 1'hoa R br< itel Joha ill ait? Jaito* M Bujkntuita J A t>*vk Uavld Bcatttn ? M Bvaeh Jan.- a K B.-al Ednmn'l l?t. nla.a A hfvf JB?k?r lit Eerkmaj a J T-tUrJ lytn Sonry Ward bf Jaei liomap Trmnaa b-ll Joha j BalHmyJoha Belta Ueart UaiaMtlin* Joha r ' Beldau Br Bvajn Hi uodrtto M* Da Brenaa hithtrd t??UU lln It braniano Lurant llanaoit fbinvai nn.t A 3 KrrtLi hia Tn?t Brrwttei A llerty J llerryjoha Bene II [let tit it 0 n Nerfy U?nr(t Mrrtionhata J?ha lirrnlaham Wm llrnrtt kamit W lull A?ery. Jr Un<K* Wilnem D Ill??low Dr A <i liiiiorci.ia Blita Me??ll B jdl??'im? 8 bli. l?r 8 Jiliu T Mini M i liam Britar fella UoldalnJli Hinflhira Aloato brotaaky, tha M Bndeo Wl.liain H >laod William low alio ulli ButkelJoha Kocliaitr /trdaaad 1 in* It Mli.oacaod J at \. H *nd t B B. oil. 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Duiini Huib Dulay Jcha Duniimq Ci|>t Duboag Ju.ia DuacaaJaj buna John K Doiwan Frederlok Dudley JuliD* Dinoaa Michl Duuu Jm Dtipg&n K N Dwjer Joenph 0 Duaning D S DonaThoa DwyloJas Duycker B Duffy Bagh D)ioi Hmci bueenhury It Ci Durua I A DwyerJoba Duvaritt Mr, HUuval Edw dridge al E Edgar Sigaor EigeaJoha Eaatman Auguatn* Ecbenoa Jamei Edward* k W'ilion Edmonda John M Edwards Bt-Dj Edward* J M Earley Wm Eerie* Thou Eaitoa Henry Eilia, MoCune k Co EhaingerJM Elfrey Win Elliatoa Jlr Ekia kit hard Ellaworth Bcnry Engel* J E*an Patrick Emery Q L Euart John Enuaon K 3 Eugliah k Welah Enrich J ha Eraaa Mr _ Erving John F Fagan Bryaa Falkland Geor.'e Fuller R W Karr Edward Fa?c< Mr Fallon Ja* or Pat FalkuerJM i'i?ua Lavnsce Fraeto* J A Flaherty John Fraud* George W Falkenriah l'r:d Franklin Aelor Franoia Chatlea Frankenstein (JuaKrav Martin Farnum George tavua L Faruum C E Fuvre Bypollt* Farnum ("has E Tarnham I'atvr Fraerr Archibald Fanner H Ho,- r? Faruiwortli Amoa Fart?oll Thoman 1 urn!.am H':a II Fruaera 1. F?waitt William Fargu K W Fawaitt William Tlcinchmuuer Fawaitt William , I'elt Notion Jac<iuea It Frcd'li Flelaliaaaner M 1' Fellow! Dr C Fury James reenay Di?maa French Wm If Farria K II Fletcher John Fenwick Tbo? Forguaoik Cpt Tho? Ferria C D T Fermier lleary Fieliweg Fred 0 1'nifli J a Field Dauicl Figari Ang?l? Freiie H Freidlander S Fr<iijU Fink Uenry FlinFatiick Fli-ldona C S Field Wm D Fiaeher, Bamum Ik FinterChaa Fling John Co Fittigerald Tho* Fri.ioeo Capt A j Fiaeher George Fitzgerald Jami a I'itigerald Mr J'ltcheta Sylvenera Fitliarald Micli'l Fitzgerald Jerome B W Fitzgerald Roll Fit.patrlck Barney Follard Francis I'ulgti'".. A F"f* Jonathan L I on* T II l'olc* John 1* Ford Uuon H Fli.ui Peter Flood Albtrt S F"rbuah A Fort P N Floor Uenry Fowler W W F<rd John Foure .Wi naieur Frost ltd win Foater John S Frothiitghnm A R Fowler John 1' Floyo Wm A I> ttcr Fredric Fowlor D S Foster Vere Flournoy Hon Geo Forliar- Silvester Florry FrancU W 1'linu J.imea Fox Patrick Flower William Flju-iJuhn I allerton John Fuller Nelson U Flyuu J S F urgtuon David Fuller J Cut'.ot <* Gallagher Charlos Gacki Adolphe <>ral:i'U John GallagherWm Glade Uenry Galibert C Gallagher Thoa Gnbriel Tho* Gahan Patrick Gallaher Oaoter Gale D A (.rant I Gallaher Tbos GabodyM Grant Robert Graudume 11 M Gaubier II f I Garcia T U GarroueMr G?rt<oit I Ward?U Gardner RuaMrod Gardner L P GardiuerJeremiahS Gtrmon James Gardner N I Gray Wm Graves John Gory Mr Gray George H GraveiJoha Gray Tnomas Glatr. Monsieur Gauley Francis A] Gaavaln Mr Greononrh J I Grealey Patrick Gregory Joacph W Green ft Kellogg Gr.-en ihomai Green I T Gear W N Greeaway J >hn Green ltd ward Gregory I H Geare W M Greene F.dwurd Green Martin E Green OhatlM firewater Gr-eu John W Greeaway Cleiaenu* Gcelan Michael Green Thoa B Giarun John Gcrgaud Felix GeUe Geo Glenn Matthew Gerrity Franela Oerri'.y Fraaoia Geviiah N M Gilford Charlea Gflffia Charlea A Gibaon Jnme? Gibson Jtdin Grilhn John Gibaon Thca II GrillH'ia Thomas Uriltithe Th-mas UrittinJ A Givenajcaae W Grindle W illiam Grirran Natfcal Giaiaajohn R Giles Rav ll nry Gill William 8 GlliauJamts Gilen Jotin Ulttlagn fc Pillon O 'dtreyCaptAdama (lobert Monaleur Gill Charles M Gohan thomaa Godfrey Capt James Gri'bar Georfce Gorman Jamas C Urognn Henry uotirney John r l>i>tm>n .'dm (toward Xr Co? H Gruas Prol SD Coriinn Wado Cohort Monsieur Gordira~n J.'hn Could Benj A Guach Tliomu M Cat tleroi F C Gonsman Albert UuerraTU CovnoJaaS Guixucs Biehr p Cu?rty John G uvotto Uoa ?rs Culler Franklin nell Rassnel Cainy Samuel GuinJohn Gract Patrick Uaw J S Cujer I D Balbcrt Itaa? Hnllilan Jsmcs Haley F.ldrid Ilalbert laaac Balsted Capi Cliai Madlook J >?*ph Hum K 'iirid Budwen Joseph Hum Benry lial 1 Jthn Uall Jatnus 1> Ball litnry II liall John Ilall Abraham Ilall Mr lliilll'cter Hull Jtha W U-tllCUasil Hall 7 l oir a* O Ball 1'att Ilampell Adolphas Bsmmon Simeon Hanuloar John llamlet William llarriuMi B*?J I. Hamilton TC Hamilton AlbertO Hani ury Jamaa 0 I'amlin At* liam Henry Uaii ruutid Thus Bamilioj I rani* HiaJojik Win Unblry Thcfdure BatmlUn Wall Hce.liamt Paul ll?rri.?ir Robt Harrison J It llirlraauu ValeaBar'.yEdvard Hsrtivin John I11119 liarrir?tun Ceo A II;irrin(tton C I- llardv Ban jam in Hart M C Bart?gruv< Mr Harrison I'atrick Hariia.>n Ju&es llarry haia'l llardmonJW Bardt John Brir* Thomas Ha?eltcran O Ilaetinc Ktv G II B*at inja Charles Hajo WillUm H??<? V? lllard Way* Patrick T Ba? kins J llriscan Unaley Henry-2 llama Urnry I'uyntt 1) H I lath a ay llobort L Bat is Teoiu ii. Baydcn Charles Bi'lfcrin Edwaid Ilcllman at BrS Heather Will'm Htddelb?ra Mr Beauey Thotu\s 11 r'n.'- Win Ueatbe William C He.lur VI II!am Hi ffrorn Patrick Ilnderaon Wt i Hoimler Wm F Benry W illfain Baxter William Her*It ( ail Heisiiiiuifild* D Brrauy Ma . lleil>?tt Samnal Belbutt u W V UirwitfCarl Harney T I'ranklim flerisg PS IKary Hot ert lleilia Dittel Hereon Pinion Tims Hosting Jus Hilly Joi n H ill John Binkok Wni B HisaaocoMr Bill A J Bill Charles E-rBiTTjer Goo R Hill Horace J ton U i rattle I <1 B Ml.ckey Jite W Blckty Joiin J Bidkhuk Clil 'ii.da jamusl II l:nej Havid H lste Fredrick Holmes Job* H illorv Allrai D Holeoliu k Lyon Moldforth W alter llay. Cha? H< liua C J Bnlmes Perl?y Hod*r*w ?. npe Holhroot Andrew llnlmaa 6 Bolt l)*nlel B Dope Dr II C ilnkiui. Gen II llolliilar N 4 Ucney Mr Bop* L<wis Burton B T H? uiley Aleiaadcr Hfpelty C A A Co llaote J?<lth S H<. are Austin T Borijrin Daniel Dopklns Wm BoyarG ll?tir Geo K llotchkisi Aleall B'tobkleeBM jln?liot Bard llonlan I H? J Hushes John Hull Sainuel 11 m i . Mr Bull Menasn A IlullardSW Bulbs Charles A Bnl l ar-l K W Mnahci ? I Ilia B Bnke Wilht la ll' rklty Cliriatilcy Bathe* Patt Hojhan John HnutitCart Ja* Buatja* llnnt John D Hunnnrton J . < lliiBphri*" J J Hunli<"'na l<cri T Uunnuei Chrl.i* Bunt John llnmpbri*. J?*epa Hulel.inaon Bdad lIuttUtMn Jio Hyatt B? t?r 11 urtel John Burner John A Byatt Robert P Boreyarell Capt Holme David llo*ell David Kliatt B 'ufliwout Nldii- Bnvell Dninl W Boa Jaitph lai HoulauJ Btnry T I A J J'b* inlUhty laMstfi* B Irain Dr J Jackaon Clark A Co Jacket n Mr Jl?kc n Alrxan'r Janieeon Ri.f'.ia Jacka^u Wn Jan ?m Jeikiae llenrv JamoUaoW Janee J hn C Jearvtt Cfcaa il Jear*t; John L Jenkla ChM 8 Jnaham M. .ia< l Jerala Marnn Jobaaon PtirutK F Johaeon Wm Jot neon h Rro J >1in Jtbnaon Jonathan Johnion Benry Jokuion M >av* Jobi am Amir.? Jolmion Wm Johnion Ktmuel Jobnaoa W 11 Jon> < Wm I' Jooeam Kob Win Job** idoard E J ii'eJaraoi J*ne*UI< Jones John Jones Besry Jo?*a ,\ Will ot Jacobs J Jvdd Jarn<a* Jon<eJ")in J< idan Ik Mills Jurd inJohn J . Idl.umta^ Jonlii I'br JvdkinMilrn Ji'!t I* t Jemn J?n J?i<iif Joaaa k Ba'aar k Knfiiin S K?i| Mi?'> k?hr?arl Lult 0 K" l> Thumai K- arnar K?c I kar Jamra Kttnam W II Br?t B*? Bralar'i knlikt It ? ry Kil?r J Con??? Kia?8l. A:aiCli*rlta Klanan Puk Ko? , al i.kft Jraa fcnapp CI.*' B<t(kr k ay Tlioataa * ? 1 ka* K'arataa Path K>?**'i Wm J Kclljr J ha K"llj 3 W KtauaclUifla? KrrrJoha Kaaarrfr Datiary KIT* I W ktl*aaAn4y K nrrCoa. I KirkIaa4 J?hn eara lhai Ki.'kIi IimM KaapaDrJC ktlljrpatk K.|'nj??.n? * liaJamta K'lljjiail Krllr Jtaci kraa 4t KatnTA ki?i.Hjr I* J ki-?kh?u J kniat< W'oi M kla*?l?y W**r?? Kiaav M|rh 'l"H K^audt A B kraa.Jaa<< k?ily 0?< rt? I* UikBtaillolak LMfrtti ?<lia Lanrla Val? . I MMr I H l.afi-aa Mitkaai Laataaaa Wn> II laar; *H|tf l-aibli Ia* la I a?ia, Jr li aarl II" fj B l.'n U )(| ptill.ij I hal Jolm l.lti J ia L>r<*aa Mi?b*r4 I if. t K ima/atna J .*?i?s l?ahw ?4 Jtf h T Uli Jm?Ii l.ontMia Tlmmai l?ta?t Caot U l?n It itt I. ailnltr LyiaJatE I,ii It in Im- aa I v aarl Mutual l.iarli Pri*r I aai|<ioi C M Sal I an4r?a Hl(bl-I l.artani K I .a P. i> ao?*l I atart Abaaath Lafrnaaav I. I*lth will am l"?' J IwrMk lir'i ?r? J l..i?aid J oh a M l.i ?i? Jahn It I - a|. 14 ? i.k 'lm II l.lakatk fraak l.ltlag?t?n Mart a lit.?:?t?a AC I i>hill W l.aaaaa ialia Uta Ji'i.n It fa J> li.! L"<*< J"h n .1 Lyaoii Mi.iatl I taali Jrra|It l.tinar R't|h l.jiMJlatl |.'i?l?T Ir I atiimn A K l am m l ia? Latria*a Capt 1 act! I.aa'karc T I ?> all J?ia UaiN<> K l,a * Dlaia L>< AC* l"? liana l.xl, ( lid S Ul naiinll Dm la tiara A t Uij Mi I * I l.iaditr im I IT I.tack Chiiatiaa? l.lrif?* na 11 *? I . V Jimv W l -'khart Km'I l.aak i tiaina A l.nih in Nn Jai I.' < alai 4 i *|i? S laatalftfta II l.rnaa M?t4t?a M Mil l.nat lliarla* Lyaan 'aiuta L>a*a klaai LyaraaMaaa lain ' aa ? ? A??i?M 'Hilar Pr?i4a i?iti>( .a 1*? Jtf Clfy L?#?f N? 191 ^ a?a. -TI>aa Kar-ra J t L ?< vi Jir hai r Mr Malaria) J< >a Hal t , Mtfr ManiabinW NaoltMal V Mar^ kI < II M'rnm l uat i M*t<|nat?l Cro Barruw i !ta M<r?anJa. KmnJn a H V*r Ja a Maa u J?lm Vvl-a I, data A M>ara -rrirk I* A i?a4 a .'a1 a It ??* J1 _ *.'?.? n Millai. 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