Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1850 Page 3
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JB U11 ? al JL R K B T IvMMr, DM. 1? F. M. VIM rtttk aaiket ni nUtt fcT*rl?h ui uhmUI** Wdaj. QnvtMioM for km of U? Iu?In, to-d?j W?at up, u4 ilowa. Reading Railroad ad vaaead l)i per oeat. with ?ary large aaie* , Btonlngton Railroad advanced 1 par ewt; Norwich and Woraaatan Xi lamere' Lou, X; Morii* Caaal. X. Krfa Railroad fell off par oeat; Harlem, X; Portamouth Dry 9ask vac in demand, and marly two thou*and aharee war* aald, prlaol pally ftnr oaah, at ye?terdaya price* Tba traaaaction* In Cria Railroad war* Umitad. Hare th? IsdlrldoaU who twit ?a confident a tow day* nine*, that tha itock wu going right atraight np to par, got all tb*y want? or do thay think tha atook U worth leaa aow than when It waa calling on* or two per cent klgher? It to onr opinion that thay hare got mora than thay *an comfortably carry long, and are afraid to pnt mueh stock oa the maiket, fearful of dopreoiatlng it* market ralne. The adranee in Reading Railroad, to-day, U perfectly 'estimate, and ia bnt ? beginning of tha end. The dividend will be paid on the 12th of January next. The hearieit hoi. den are anxloni to get all tha atook they ean, before th* appear an oe of tha annual report. The ihorta are taabad way, and moat hare already been aerioua auffirera by the rire. From tha appearanoe of the markat, the feeling of the largeet holdara, tbo large dirldrnd ia the prospective, and tha proepecta relative to the baaiaea* of the Qaoal year juat oommenced, we ahonld judge that there waa yet a wide margin for a farther riae,and that the idea* of the moat aanguiae friend of the company would be fully realiaed. Stoaington Railroad ha* taken a start within the past day Or two. It la not in demand. Tha decline in Ilarlem today deea not amount to mnch. Thla rtock has nany Arm friendr who feel oonfident an advanqp of Mm* Importance nil] soon be realised. The oinu dividend will b? made In February next, and the monthly increase In earning* is satisfactory. The gross Income this year will be about Are hundred thousand d*Uars. The receipts at the ofllce of the Assistant Treasurer Of thU port, to-day, amounted to $792,133 40; payment*, $39,777 64- balance, $3 844.205 15. Among the receipts. to day, wai the sum of $760,000, transferred from Beston There baa bren an active inquiry for foreign exchange lor remittance, by the packet leaving this port fbr Liverpool to-morrow, and some drawers have put p their rata*. We quote on London, 9'*' a 9S? per ent premium; on Paris, 61. 20a &f. 17X; Amsterdam, 41 a 41\'; Bremer. 7*?* a 80; Hamburg. 36 a 33'tf. It will be seen by a notice in another column, that the Rocky Bar Mining Ccmpany have declared a dividend of one hundred per cent. The New York and Erie RiiUoad Company will pay tbe semi annual inter eft on their atock on the 24 ol January. The East River Insurance Company have declared ft dividend of five per cent, payabls on the loth Inst. The amount of cash duties reoeived at the Oustom Bouse in Philadelphia, during the month ofNovomb<r, vaa $16D 328 36; corresponding month last year, $131,i1& 4ft- lnrri>ftM 197 71*2 Ml- rA^nlnta fnr ttiu Arat eleven months of 1860, $3 213 020 86. againi>t $2 4a7.. 16 70 for the same period the previous year, showing U Increase, in 1850, of $765 514 10. It should be borne in mind by our eapitalists that proposals for the (600,000 seven per cent mortgage loan of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company, are received until 3 o'clock Saturday, the 7th of De ember, at the office of Winflow, Lanier U Co., No 62 Wall atreet. This la, withoat doubt, one of the best Investments on the market, and it ihoold command a premium Thli road forms a very lmportaat link in the line of railroad between the cities of New York, Philadelphia, PitUburg and St. Louis, which, when flnlahed, will be shorter than any other route between this city and Ft. Louis. It has txen our opinion for aometlme past that the rate of Interest in this ouatry matt steadily decline. The great InQiix of capital, and the frequent and speedy communication between the United States and Qreat Britain, aJ tend to tqualite the rate of intereat, by reducing our present standard, and perhaps slightly raiding rata* la England. It la unreasonable to suppose that mcaey In thia country can command six and se??n per east par annum whilst It is going a b'gglng in England for two and three. In view of this, we have no doubt bnt that all good, sound six and seven per cent Investments in this country, will soon bs scarce; that they will be all absorbed by oapltallsta for Remanent Investment, and thoae not fortanate aaoagh to secure them, will be compelled to loan their mam* a# tkaea fnnv ami flta nar Mn lntupaat Rail. road bond*, properly secured. bearing high rates o." lnterrat, hm already bmm IkTOtlU iiT?itn?atl. A yiar or two >iuc?. It mi ??ry dltBcuU to nagaciate i Railroad'b"Bd; now tbtjin a* easily negotiated aa say Slate loan and the amount of Mdi la generally three or (oar tlmea the amount of the 1o*b required. The Delaware and Hudaon Canal Cempauy hare da clared a dividend for the laat alz month* of all per rat, payable on Hte 10th of December. The aKIaeea ot Peteraburg have, Individually, subscribed very liberally to the Peterabarg and South Side Railroad, and the aggregate of subscriptions amounts to H160.C00. The oity, alao, baa taken. In Ita corporate eapacity. $ 100 000, and If only waiting for authority from the Legislature to aabacriba an additional aum of $200,000 -thua making the Joint eontrlbutton of the city and ita altlaena up war da of $440,000. We want eur Southern frlenda to notloe, that one of the clap-trapa rtarted by thoae Inimical to American lalff'Kt* and freely publlahed and lectnred upon by Mae of the Itinerant* from thla aide, at Mansheatur, In August laat, waa the reduction of the apindlee running la the Now Kng.and Btatea. Aa great effort* have been Bade to preaent thla IJ a wrong light abroad, and the aorporatUna la th<>aa fan itlral State*, who owe all their wealth to the laetltutlon of slarery, hare winked at H, for the prrpoee of foreing down the price of aoUow early la the aeaaon, whan they maally are larga bwyers, we hare taken great palna to eolleot the nam* * ?- ? A ae.U4laa In aa?S Itata nains f ntln? whol'y lwlr( crot all of thOM ia tha suafaetur* of virpi for tatlactta. B?rlno thirU. moavllna d* lain** tad tkawli of Btxad material*. or whlah It form* a cnmpcacut part k? . and th? agfMgata of aash Stat* la a* follow*, by Pratt'I \*w Englm4 Directory, wltl> raeh addition* and eorroctloni an arc added from tha bc?t Informed noiirtn In thin city ?In Maloa-16 cotton mill* S 4*0 loom*, and 113.000 (plodl** In !faw Hamprbtro? 40 aottoa mill*. 12.442 loom*, aad 440 4^1 apladlr * I* Ma?*ashaMtta l?5 ootton mill*. loon*, aid 1.WS0S1 tpladlM Ia Vermont - 13 c itton mill*. 344 loom* and 81 TSfl *|>la-l>* Ia Rhoda Ialtad ?led eotton aUla, 27.323 loom and #14 128 ?pln lion la Conaootlodt -100 oottos mill*, d MM loom*, and 222 Ml *plallaamakla< aa ac*r*fata of 407 mill*. HMO loom* and 2,741,^72 #p<adla?; of which thara ara only (topped, 00 email and 33 lar*a mill*, containing 1.7c o locai*. aad. la taet. wo ha?? *aod rcaaoa to b?Hava that they will vary chortly raaminM wcrk In II of them. from indication* now bolag diralgad. For tho parpoo* of thtwlng at a jilaaca. tha axteat of manataeturlag (a tha Kaatcra Btatoa, wa fira, In I tahalar form, tho mill*, loama, i<ii *plodl*?. la aaeh tata Mil. ?, 8ri*uLr?. 4*0 Loon*, in Nrw BuoLawa. MTOf, ?i*nt. BpinJUt. If *lno 14 .1 410 112.000 N?w ll?mp?hira 40 12.4'U 410 W1 MawwliowtU 164 U.M1 l.HSoal Vermont 12 345 31 7 51 Hhodalalaal 1*4 87.131 6111M Coaatctlc ut 109 0 40d 3.Vl.?2 . Total lo7 21040 1,721.079 The Southern planter on nrmer urnond tna* may Intarert la thia aal If they till ba tnia to an<l Ircil with withering contempt. tho?? who hare ao gTo-?ly and mallolcualy een'ed ?h.m abroad a poof, beggarly, earJ playing a?t, whofa neoceeltlee wo?M lore* them to tl freely tbia w'oter. at any price, they will pat It Ont ol the power ?( the Manrheater aptan?ra, or New Kngland ?i>< littoalata, to interfere another yaar. Cottoc mannfaotnrlag la like erery other purault, rime th.-?ve, ?rae n?t anddeaty rlih, and noma ar? ruined it I* ?ii nnrj'iertlon^Me fact, that maaafaatuiera alwet* complain, and apparently. nearly all go< da are at'* ally made at a lost, whl*h r?nd> rathe ateady licreaj' of aplatllea. year aftar year, in tho fa* >of theee eeaif.iaiita. a matter of no little wonder to the uninitiated. In the beet of tlme?, mlllaatop, chaaga omen, and again commenee running. Whan a large i>rrporatioa la thoaa Ptataa deema It a?e<?eeary, for political or fioaanUl ptirpoaea. t? atop a po.-tlon of their aplndlta, they alway Imtapat It In th<ir local pap?ra for a lew weeka ba?rehaal and If tha p irpoaa to ha attained la not aoeompliehad promptly, a lew old kloom a ara atoppeO. tha han la dlaahargei aad generally the wqn-1 la. that in all moatha sew Improved maohtnary ha# b'en placed la tha bnlldiaga, which ara a??in q#?'etly aat to work, tha loo* 1 newppap'r being rcjnoatadk not to name tha ? Jajt, ia. Tha ceaiu -ipti"? of for!**, U>a pa^TWof this tMitry, tti ionli( year, vlll uaqaeetioaably be yria>*? iku tut year, u4 U I* bow a w*U-m?t?btd I fact, that the stock* of eetton good* In flrat hu4i are eery much lew than thoee listing at thU date and they an *o rteadllj Ititeaiia^ In valaa, that It to lapotilblt to enter either the Boetoa or New York Market* for a cargo for export, without railing ' prices, ia aom* styles Are per cent. Th? stooks of ' donxatic eotton good* held by the jobber* in the Atlantic 8tat?s, ir? very light The country town* an4 the interior eltt** all hold light stock*, and aa adrance commanoing at one point, 1* fait Instantly throughout th* whole country. Thl* vat nat the ea*? last year, as heavy atocka, mad* from low priced I cotton*, were hrld over, and have now disappeared altogether? tha atocka, at present, ataading In nearly present eotton coat. A* long aa these atocka esUtad, price* could not attain a healthy elevation. That haa 1 now passed by, aa evidenced by the iteady advance every week for the last two manth*. Machinery eonld not stand idle, with *uoh a state of things a* now exist*, although a great temptation i* offered in the meeting of Congras*, and hope* of greater protection are looked forward to, a* the foundation of future princely fortunea, by the already favored Naw En glanders. The ataok of ootton, at praaant, In all that aection of country, ia a mare bagatelle W? do not believe there la twenty-five thousand bales of ! cotton hrld by all of 'hose mills at this hour, or ten thousand bales afloat, from th* South; and as they j are actually uaing up now thirty-eight thousand bile* ! per month, and usually parchaa* six months' stook | in December and January, it la plain that they will be noon felt in the market. The Btata of New York roa?um?* 18 000 hale* per ; annum; Pennsylvania. 12 900; aid Maryland, 5 000; I without going into the Southern or Western State*. where new building* are commencing, in a small way, I to he sure, hut far more than twice enaugh to make up | for tha few bankrupt, or political policy New Kngland mill*, whioh. a short time since, were (topped. It i* perfectly well known, that the reason the New Kng. [and mill* exhibited a consumption of only 487.790 j bales last year, against 518,039 bales the year before, was simply because, on the 31st Anguit, their stock of raw material on hand, wa* less tban erer before. All . the table* which have been ftamed, exhibiting their consumption yearly, hare been on the principle of the stock of raw cotton being always the same on hail We contend that the New Kngland mill* alone* will actually purchase 500 U00 bales of sotton this year as the spindles now there ara so numerous. that without j lighting np morning or night, they will require that quantity; and thryarnnot the men to *top a lucrative business out of pit]us. We bars not spaoe to' <2ar. to taka np the subject of the mills In Oreit ' Britain, and at present merely name the fact, that those about Manchester and Glasgow have only taken 23 CSC bales ol all ki?<d? from Liverpool, on an average. ' for the last fifteen wet ks. wh?n It la well known that j their average spinning was 7,000 bales weekly orer that quantity, and they must now be buyers for their full weekly consumption, and extra buyers, also, or pay two prices, two months hence, as they prsfer In conclusion, we strongly urge upon the Southern planters the policy of holding on to their cotton; keep It : out of the market: nil? it tin on *nnr ?l*ntatlnn?- ami 1 you will foon b# in a poaltloi to dictate your own terms to the cotton loril< of Lowell aud Man ;hejter. Stock Rlrluiigt. ?soooc afi. -fir mx .to.h. uuj?ob rw br ri It HI N y W Ittr Ln, '56 102 100 Mad ?c Indian lii 11 6lW> Ohio7* I'll 60 (tie Kit *H0 M? 30WI KtaJ Mix Bd* K'>< 0?> do eiuti 81V ? (?? 4a 70 75>H 60 do blO Ki?, 60C0 Irie 7?, *?8 ifcO 100 do M1! *to Brie 7?. 'f9 10! > 301) Harlem RR taW <U<0 fludatn Riv B<l? 10-i>J 200 do a*0 ?i. 6?b* In City r lot Co l'V 500 do b<>0 iH}. lo D<1 fc fled Canal 14'!V no do tit*" 7fo Pert* Dry Dcck t<*2 yo Harlem prof Ihkk MW do t<% t itoninn'OB KR I4K J00 do bSO 8*2 60 MorwiAi, prof .v' 1M Finwri' Im?? 5.1)5 60 do b#0 v?\ UKI do IW a 11190 Retd RR 74 400 do 5f>V 100 do blS 74 1?0 MoirU Canal 21J, V<0 do *10 74W V0 do 088 *t>4 200 do 74', HO do ?:*> 2! 'J 1.71 do b30 75 | 100 do *3 2l'i 100 do 74?i hoard. | $foo Rod Bd*, 70 7?'. 100 *h* Parmer*' Trait M* MOO Jo HO DO 100 do ?? 5IS :? !.* Prit RR KlV &.'?> . do 5'.'; f? d* (10 m?J Id) Porta'b D Doek bSO hi' S5 do M 76 StoblaRton RK 44', 6t? do t*K 1. do 4) ?4> do m H4>5 25 da MO 4ltt 25 ix t.'O 84 200 UarUtn RR UM til', 60 do 84U 400 do f.t?2 '? do ? M 2(?t Rcadinj RR blO 7?'d 100 do I*i0 M'i eo do 71? 100 do bl? N'J 200 do bl 71 J? 60 do Irt> M <0 71$ ; 560 do ICJ MK W? do 741; 1 1!0 do Hd *4 to Tuiua C* ADVERTISEMENTS KKMWED EVERY DlV. tPKCIAL NOTICKI. ^ Till PROPRIETORS OP 1 JB NEW YORK ATBRnmm retpeetfally laf?ra Uiolr ?*b*erlU*r* thai their Tbird Couv. r?aii"B*, *M*h waa to bar* b.*a hrld l*?l errata*. wai 1 >o*tp no4 ia *oa*?qa*ne* of tb* aefavoraM* flat- *7 the weatber. It will tab* rlaoe tbl* evening (boald the weather pro re prepitltu*. COURT or COMBO* PLBAR.-IMILL4 SAVCtLt cuaat Judah. or Jfamei Btiauala, No*. 30, 1450. Direr * graaied. Till MBBBBBS Or Till OARVIR'3 PBOTBCTITB I'alba. ar* re<iu?eted tt tak* a*tl?* that tb* Carrcre ia Mi. Buaadolae * *bop hae* *trark aad l*ft work oa aejvaal of ar lafrl*r*a>eat oa tb* rule* of their confutation. Tb* trad* ar* r?t|a**t?d to tat* aetice that there will be a r neral antlac oa Friday. D?e. <tb, at 8 e'clook, P. M , at M.ebaaira'Bali. 170 B**t*r (treat. AT TUB BBOrhAR BONTHLT BftTIMQ Or NBW T'tk float r*tnr*ay N? l > Id at tbelr earHan* hou <e oa og.lia araniag, Dream bar 1, Itonry l>. llatlar, *< )., taailarai hit raaiynatloti M Fnramtn of tha tompur, whan Mr Jltn?a I'. Btatuanwaa a lag tad FoyattM, md Br. J Larioli Aaaialiat >'arimu. whrraaiion tha followiail rriambla ?? ' raaulutlona wtra unanimously .iloptad; Wlirraa*. Hrnry I,. Butl'-r, Ci-| . aftar many j">\r? aortic 1. both aa a iarmb*r aid officer of tblt compear, baa r??l*u l tba oOca of fott'r aa, whl' h V.a bu 10 faithfully flll .-l; ao l ?L*r?ai, mneli of (ha proaptrity and uaafalaa'l uf Una oorapsi.y, a> nr'I aa the harmony which baa e*i?'.ad amitir I'a mtnbera dorian hia admit iatri'lori, la to ba attributed to l.i? i| ritara u a Itcota, and hli aipibility aa aa nll?r. Tkmlcti, bait Raaelrad, Thit.fin aeocptinc hia realisation. aa cannot rafrtia from aipnaaincoar hijli appraaiatiaa ii hit talaakb Mtrl?a u t faltbfal, enir*-ur, aid raafat-ntifflcar. aad anr linear* racrvt at th<< titaa^aity uf partii.* with oat ?h? haa alwava l ?ini hlniarlf ao kind towarla . aa, both aa aa ofCacr aad fi land aad la parting with him wa part with ona that wa know alwati 'iaa bi*a. aad will ba, l d'Totart to tba boat laumtiaf thia oumianr. Raaolred, That wa tander our aiaccta tiiania to Mr Batl*r fov hi* aiiay y?ara of valuable aortic* to tha d*part?ants In aanaoat aa with tbla aaapaay. dsriac which time ho haa coatribntea naoh to oar pr eperity a?d naefulaeat, aal the I ardaeae da nee of a tiramaa, baa baaa made a pUaaura WhUa j mail eadtr ao (oatlrmanly aa Reaalred, That tba foretell* iramMa and reaolntloti h? j )*?a?l by tha oflWya of thia mutiny, and publiahcd ia the Maw Yark Herald, Baa, aad Firmna'' Journal. J. F. H'KMMAN. Foreman. ! R. O Ri ti an, Secretary. I Krw Von?. Ceeembar 3, 1*30. \jKTobid'pfair ?mist H?cma?B ita? appoint *4 Meat by acme of the dapoaitora of articl?a fir * ?hihltloa at th* Palare of Iadaitry, ia Loadca. at lha ?m>t ran laetllulc, to take eba<(e "a their arrival, pay cart aae. in pack ami arrarga lor exlubitli a. eaplaja aad koap la or?er during tha lair, aad to diapnae of tha aaiaa Mterwarde, haying aaitabla premiaae for lhat par; >**, ard refere to tha rtrealar, dated ITlabia* on. Nay. 7, 1 *.'<>, "All enpenaca ia London far anrtaye. no|i< kin*, arranging for athibitioa, aad raaaorlng packing eaaoa, >.uat ba paid by the owner* ar thair ng??t?." pepo.itera ? w hlng to a rail them eel rae of tha abort, will apply to ItM LuOOOf IN^ilprlat ih LOIT, Mm'. ??).*? RFWtRD-LOIT, OB THP. ISTII N'?V*M8ER *?* / i?t, la tha aioiaity of Barclay atraat, % gold lavor wa rh, ycld dial, aprlaa-iira riaa, % plata moTtinaat, I No (a.11 fh? iViro rawiti will pa piid to any ptraoa ra: trrala* tba watah, by applylM ?t tha *t?n No. Ill Wiiiiam lit***. at fi kkwahd I r,. K ru NOTBMBBR i-ast, O" a mawtoraa iaai p.t?i ba?k, la riarrlay atraat, hatwraa Waat and Owaatitli; by dalitariac tha aama ta tha | Barclay itraot Bat?l. tha aboaa will bo pal I. DIM) I.OST.-A WBITB BNUI.I9B BPLk TtHHICR hi tab, with array patab oa ??ah aid* ai kin haa I. vary ! cr*'*fal la form. aa<i anawara ta tba aan< <( Man*, fit* dellira will ba paid f?r hor man In M II ,v?r atrWt. 0 1A RiWAin-Doo i-o?r-ttray?d. on *0yI |.;| ..j mr n\9 tx-fMII riNiiif thftwjrh Tf K?*fo??<l?nd D??, ??'' ?,f'f ' yMj* ****** **? 11" W#?* T?W'r-w<?l4'tmt^ (lAIIWtlO ?tTOLlW, FROB NO 97 S 2I) trrn* ?? ?! * s*th f toor??h*T ?? V.-JmV;.1UJ bVk. M? MrlaA ?n* 01 I l?ok ft- ok r?*i: on* M?rk Or#?? C"**! fo?f r?"' I M>rSl?n' MlSk 0H?I>?r? r?<L ?? *''* >'i' tHm trnii?MT "fti'rtr The Ahivi fewsrd will k. V'Urh. .^ ?f u...'i.t.?rin^?y propott..*IMI IH ' noi. Tnl FRINCtl tAtOVAflS ,T vi",''!,T. ,RT * 1 n?< F-?r ??ll? Ultlllj, wmwur t? TH -lrr? in tl * '? 'KtWi *t I* l*<l '< if H"?' t 1 liil??it' ?? of nMiinlm ptpi'i f?t lk*i t?H'h li?*?M*; h.rVJ"*M??.f Kin*C.N*i??4. M4r.r.h"-' ;: ' ?h?m XjlUf 4 *.Fyu** kV"l.V? iM*. x* Mft ?wl.. Hh?- in th? ! ?*?*? Ill 1? A??|?l?? A t"T * *n Ilia l'??jir?p?i r?,'U tr f?nM will A Pr'" * *?** niT'lMtlpU. V* ?nJ?m MICDSI-. W? ?*I |w**n Iiakw *f J * ** " An aci o?ri-i?iun Ennus? i.mjv dr-iiu* aminnWti I?? ?* '?? f> iJ?*b V*"?,,! tl <? brarrh't* W "WH fj**Uf ^ 4- ? V, iih lli? ??- . ?-iiiri>*?*r* 'i'"""'!*i??* Mr' Arttjf JJiM?kNSHSmmhv. A-um*h.? 17*/:P.ItOff'*. W-VAltr tOTE*NI.?.-Afl S^Otiaa L40T WIHfM DVimMIIMl iVllif! l? ? Prt?? * >?!<? >: ' ' : In u/uioS ... ?M > '"*1 ' Vh. ? h'* wirhel rrt'?li.n?i'?. WrMfl "4?'*k\^tn.^SitVh iM'I* ????''nit r"' * f T *v "\1 1! I? ! if 1 M.I 1 "lull BHMHNi1' M"< . IIOIIIKI, *r. ^ nORSU FOR IAI/F -1 <a b?r>*? KM t???y ?n4? Uch. i?i?* "! .V ill ii I IM,v?u.r.i AMi? - * U - .. r /. f. '*>" ? *"?' ?. ?l(?l ?? | A ?*i ?M |i *' fttl ' Oil1!' iWm lS I ^ wnurrm . WANT1D?A SITU4TIO*. BY A MSFBCTABUi Toan( wooim, m ?? ? C?ok. V>ak?i ul Inair, hu bo nkjMtion to ?a a Awl otium la t*? oo?ntry. TWa baat of ait} r?l?r???a aan ba Kit**. Twa >a?ra *n fiar laat Dlnaa. Apply 'o M TwaUh itraal, Wtwaaa Firat ud i Braond a*, dux. WANTED?IN A CLCRUrMAN'S FAMILY, A TtW onagirl, to take oare of ohiliren ud <!. plain m?ii( To auth an one. who ia ??r? aniiuaa fur agood boao for the winter than hub wagca, thte ie a deairaliW aitna'i a, an Ainerinan and a Pioieatant preferred. Addreae, pott paid. At thii ofllre, W D- OR. WANTED-A SITUATION, By A RKIPRCTABLI Protee'aat young woman, to do tba MM hoaaework 1 of a mali private family; ie a good waahar and lr<>a?r. i Plcaaa call At 66 Hodecn avenue. Brooklyn. Can be Men for two <*aya. WANTED-HY A RKSPEOT A HI E VUUNU MlN AND hie wife, a large front room, wttb olueet Attached, for* ! aiebed er unfuri.ii bad, without board. Looalion dowa 1 town T?rma. if furaUhed, a?t ! exceed $7 a month. Reference* give* Aad required. Addroaa, immaliuMljr, Lodginga, Herald ottc*, I 11/ AN TED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE yoaag w< man aa Nurea and Keamatreee. or ChamSerI maid, in a teapeetabla private family Apply at 411 Broome I atreet. eoratr of Kim from 10 to 9 o'clock. WA N T K D-A SITIATION BT A REiPRCTABLE yonrg weman. aa tlrat-rate Cook, who ondaratanda bakivg and paatr>. No oSj,.?uun to aaaiat m wathin* and iroring. if required. Boat of ei'y reference (Iran. Pleaae call at No. Mnnaton atreet. up (tain WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNU GIRL. A actuation aa Chambermaid; ?l a it a Brat-rate waabar and ironrr. Pleaae apply at US Mulberry atraat, between Hit ard Grand afreet*. Pan be aeea I r twodaye. WANTED-A kITUATION-A VERY RESPECTABLE yonng woman would take chareeof a tahy, aaaiet in ehamberwork. aad do plain ae?in?; or won't do ehambrrwork and w Ait en n a mall family. Can glee the beet eity reference Apply at lt>7 Allen atr**t, near Rlvingloa street, for two day a. WANTID-A SITUATION IN A PRlYATI FAMILY, by a reapcctable Prote*taut girl, aa Seam-traaa ami Cliambertuaid or aa Cliildran'a Niira*. Can <ut and tit children's oloihea Beat city reference can be given. Inquire at G2 Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn, fur tUre* day*. No objection going to he country. W|M| ANTiD-A SITUATION, ItV A REiPE TAil.E yutiag ??maa. to 4o cham mart, an! M aaan-t iu wnahiiig and Ironing ard ia kind to obildr-'B. Ooal refereno* given. Apply a' 16 dixth atreet, oppuaiie the Bjweiy.eeoond floor, front raom. WANTF.D-A BIT! AT ION. BV A VERY < OMPETENT Ameru as rirl. ai Chamtermai 1 and Scami'.ruaa, in a priTatn fuin111 y f> ml d go in the eoaatry. Apply a: 71 sixth avenue in tbx hunk ?tnre WAN VXD?A SITUATION BV A REil'ECTABI.E young woman, a* ?hanitcmald and Waiter in a Srivate family. Be?t of city reference giveu. Apply at .71 lulberry atreet, for two da* a. WANTED- A SITUATION, BV A VOUNO WOMAN, as SeamatieM and fLam)'rrraAl<1. and to asaiit In A iu.nU wakfcinw. or AttAnrf to childr'n. She ia a peraon who ia fnlJy competent. And can give the brat <<f oily rofereuae. Can be K'n, or A notA A'idreaaad to M. / , At 71 Sixth Avenue, will Beet w th proper attention. WANTID-A SITUATION. BY A KK-U'ECrAULS vcniig woman, a* cook, wachtr, and irouur, for * private family. Beat city reference girtn. Apply At A3 Jay atiec', New Yoi k. "II/ANTID-BY A YOl'NQ WOMAN, LATEI.Y rKOM ?T England, a aituAtion As Chambermaid And Wutren, in a pri*Aie!Aiiiily Apply at Mil Wrat Twenty f >urth atrvst, betwten .slxth anM Sereatk avonttei. oa top tlour.iront roua. VIr ANTE D- BY A VERY RESPECTABLE VOUNO ?" w'bab, A aitiiAtion to do Chamterwork or WAiting, or a? tcrn-nre1" -Vwrae. Is willing to ntiko heraelt'geaerally uaeful Can give goou o ty kC.CreneA. oa'.i of ai'.dieai a note to No. lti Rvtetclt atreet, near Chatham, letond floor, front ma. WANTGO-A SITUATION, BV A RKSPEC TAHI-E young woman, to take va^o of ehildren, and da plain lewirr, or chamterwork, or waiting Good euy roferenoa given. PI*A-e to call at MHI H'uaton ?tr?et. WANTEr)-TO CHARTER?A TERRY B.)\T, OF " light draft of water. Addreaa, with fall particular!, CHAHI.ES w UITEHEaD. box ?m WANTEP-TWO FII.acRE jEWELLER4. IN^lIRE at No. IKS' William atreut. WANTED-A SITUATION, BVA YOUNG MAN, IS A ? ? <>r>c?ry aii'i rroviatoa, or Luiaor Stora, who u w?ll aojnaintrd with the tonne.e. Sati.factory.reHreuoe given. Addroaa W.^Herald office. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, WELL APyUAI NTED IV the city, to attend an office in Uroadeay. T>ayonng mm, batwtun tte ?i? of 14 and In, tbia offaia go>d mducjmenta. Arply at room So. 8 Lafarge ifuifclmg*, corner R'atiu etrcct, acii llr in 1??t. \i,tantid-turee or tor* young men, pro* f T the oountry. to travel in the country, fu a li|ht and ?*?y baaineaa. *it? from *ii dxlUrt to tea dollara iw? week. Vrom two dollara to ten /"Hart capital r*|o iroa.? ply at H*> Hurray atree'. up ataira. \ltant?D-by an AfllVE and intelligent ' T yorng man, a aitnatiea a< p rter in a atero, or at ?ny other buaiaefa where ha ou'.d make himeelt uieful to bia employer. Be wrltea a ?ood hand, and U quick and oorrcot atfigarea. Oafy a mojcra.e eoapcaeatiua egpooted. Pleaae addreaa L., at thia office. II/ANTED-A TOUNO MAN. WUO 19 T1I1ROUGBLY TT acquainted in tho wholraale ail retail hat bueineaa, la deair. ?a of obtaining rmt.loyment aa; jl[ make himeelt generally uaeful, aa r'^arda keeping a-eotinie, ttc. Can produce the teat of referencea from hi a laat einplcyera. Addrcja "Salami, an," li?r?M i.tS e WANTBD?A SITUATION AS LIGHT PORTER IN A ateie, or aa French p?ii?her I* a furnitnre aiora. I>y a jontg German. who nod<r?tanda Englleh ra?ugh to make hiu??lf generally uaeful. pleaae eall at No. 28 Pall ?t'"* uf at Kir*. f?r lnnt r.T..m. Wanted?by a respectable. 8tbidy, carsfttl peraca, a altu"*1-" -- ?- ?- r?rt?otly euapetent to t?k? of apairor m<>re of bnr<ea, aad ales krep mrriagea la neat > rdar, IIn baa Ured with the tret familiea la Europe, aad foraearly three yeara with a fata;ly (a thlaelty, who haajuat goae abroad, and from whoaa he eaa prcdnce the hlgheet tee'imonlala of character aad eompateaey. Further particulara oan ba had by applying at the deak of tha Herald office. W A N T E D-AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT voi no aa. aa aeaietaat ma e*aatin( honaeia Broaieay. I'aexcep'ivaable refereacee repaired. Salary firat yea' tlu). Addrtaa, ta handwriting of anplitaat, X. T., B'raldoffiee. A MOST RESl'ECTA RLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES to oblaia a >iiuatr a aa ChamSarmald and Walter, aad la aa no Heat plain aawar. and would feel happy to m tke h?r-elf ia any way aaefnl. Addra-e C. 0., No. o Btaatoa atreM, Stantoa eouM, ia brick hotldiag. ABITVATION WAHTED. IN A PRIVATE PAMILV, by are' peatable joeeg woman, whe haa leac the hou?ewerk i f a reipeetabla prieate family ia her laat aituatita, having la o?aa?<|uenca of their giflaa up hoaaekeeplng. Beat tl aity reteraace. Apply f r three Jaya. (eraoaally. ar by note, to Mti Gearon. Si's Eighth e:r?.*, aear A?eauo B. Warea ant le muth an ob|e*t aa a r*od place. A vol NO WOMAN. WITH A FRESH BREVET OF milk. wanta a baby to n?r?o at h?r ??n ili? 1.a? no othir vhlldron. Inqulro for Bra. DCfFV, Nt. 14 Thirteenth nr'ot. K' icrori<i?. Dr. OtlliK%n, No. 373 Ttuth ilritt. OM< K MASONS WANTBD-SIX C>OD BRICK Mttona MJ wanted, to *o to MaakattanTtllo. it wh'itn foot * ill U on. Ali'ly nt I). F. UiKAN N'S F?mt Factory, LI CBATl VE LMPLOVBKN I CI VIM TO L1DIBS AMD gottUncn who haro lolatm tiaa, in a light an I *?iU h>1 f?n?y work, taa(ht in a ftw 00ly looonot. ConoMnrnblo croolonont mty lo doriTOd aa aor n ai a?<|tnrod. Ar?lv p-*l*Mll7,MWM tho henro of I1) anl 4. ot Mr. B'ul'.V it Barclay otroot, near Broadway. Premium for taaohing, tiro Irllm. NCfc^B SITUATION trY% rBD-IIV A VOTNVrWo"mn?. who l>a< r?i ntly loot hrr cktld. *|ply ot MJ Anthony otroot, atnr Contrc otroot, for two dnya. PVBLI0l.RCTtIR KB. E* NOLAN D?POLITICAL. BEl.tOIOUS. SOCl tl. ?MB. U Morton, mrnfcrr of St. Coibirino'o Unit. CnmkrtUo, Camden Boolety, Collate of Prereptort, |to., wilt girt a torfo* of three Lootoroo. at Clintm Hall?th? Irit on tho o*onin| of Wednoodny nelt, DuraW t, oommenoia* at hnlf-pa?t wren o'clock. England, Political. Tba laotaror will treat tMo tubject folly, fnrnitklrc tho hittorleal data f?r onoh ttetemci.t. oo ho trtcee the rradonl rloo of tho po .pi* no n r'?or, nnd tho rratual doolino of in ? Bar* h leal, nrlet-riite an<t eowUeiaettoal domination. tho protont otnto of partite, representation, effrote of arletncra lo Influonoo on tho way, noT?. churtb. nnd f?rai*a policy. riXBLK ATlOMIo ~ C'PAHAM'S MAOA/.INROF LITBRATl'RI AND ART.? Tho Maraelne of tho Cnln.?Tk? January aarnoer coat*.aa rtif irol nrtlo>o 1r< m H iMto n Cat len ilryant, U-nry W. I < ri.?.llow, 0 P. K ionci. John 8. Dwtrht, Nathaniel P. Willie. Ooorto P. Morrfa. Oo". D. rrentioe.II'nry W. Herbert. Bnynr* 7oil? r. B. P. Whipple, Alfrr 1 fl Street. J. M. I# ore, Ti.oam Bichaaaa Read, R. P?an Smith. Antanr of" Rural H nrt, ' OraceUrt. nwid, Ml?? L. Virginia Smith, Ali??Caroy, Mtoo Dotal. Mro. B 1. Earn-". Mart ,?penOOT ?' nee. K H Stoddard ?? H Barlow, o. / Bammao.T. Wjntt. A, If., ffn. P. Hranaai. J Hoat, Jr . 0?"n?o R. Oral am. Spoolmon enpl< mar h? toon nt Dowlit DaronWtrt'a, f?ni>? k Brothor*'. Iirmpr k Towniond o. D.-ator B rothoro*. IUIKLLf I IVIBO AUI, N IIS CBXTH _C A (onto ?I. Wattr- I^ndm W'lof, y. \rtorlr R?fl?Wi 2. Pr *rooi of tho 8<*ie?i o?. K linbnr/N Pi>11oooptiioal Jortrnnl; .1. My Mortl. Bo k 2, Blackwocd'o Maxmlno; ?. Mowiof tho wook tndt?( >;th Octohor, Ppootnt'-r, Inm t-r, B? ; ft. Amorlian O'oan Si?nm N'a- i?atl' n. rt. Br<> bor Jnoothnn an<l Iho St. I nwroco 7. Atlantic Bnen. K, The Mooory of tkoSoaa; fho CoMon Panto; I1'. Onttway >.f tko O-onn'. Cnm?ron4onco. Now B. ok?: fot?ry -Iho Ti?* It Shark. Puhlttkod witkly nt ill dollar* n yonr, ky F. Uttoll h Co , Itnotoa, and tola by Danittfc baronport, Trikano BolllIn^t, V. T RlUbr THIS *"R>I.NO MO. 11. OF TM FAMII.T I J'urnl ?Cnatoato?liar*land, tho Sanir|Ur, Ctaodlna Jar |oar,1; CardilW tho Jowfltr. tr is tho (' " < a: Halina do f.onlll; Anoodotot; ( hroo, |i> , fee. I'n1 ll.h? l by P. Mitlor h Son, nt MO Ponrl atroot. r?r aaUhynll bnokaoflir*. Pil'O 1 oonta. ni Aiium : wn, inii i ? tn.Kii rn jrumi 1*1 A hom.jiat f'.r J?n?* I in 1. lltVBM DOW llUkl r*??4 On I i-a'hm and <>a Chr Ham rrwil, F f in Dl #?%> '. <1 ?B Mr ? < aay. Bnni? ia * Ik* !? ' k I* aitt-a But, <> . 'il? ?< ? m < i-r* di?ri l?til? iwon'y-1*? will | ?*. A'r< If. rfnar r??ipl?. y " flt, 1li*ra"f li?i?"P'n?, aa<i oma Drwlk, In > vi?i n U 11 f. Two AtUr H itt? i< f ?? (, ApI fclfin In liuikB ltrt?k, f'l ?al? Jath kaap 1?. i*a. k *t* orr.Mnr. fMAFlNKY AI.I.VN t 11(1 *1. OF r'H.Ml. JT ?i rr?. ?i?h a-itifrmn ! '?(?? (r'i** ff nl'1" th? mi n. *, tha !> k aan In ?*ni ?t mail *? am* | in "f .? I mud r< i'a.i ?r 1 tufa. J i?l paMliliait 1 i? ?, hy 0. (ill'B. >1 Hitler Kin?'? < Caln'ur *, tf >'?. kn4 ?it?? ?f B ?ka ' ll.?.r/ni UmrapUy, with | ri*t* a* x?4, M JM. Un>V4N'S, 17* Fnltom airaafc, X?w T?rfc. ? I.OT MVU, ('Art orr c'.ittiini and ruRNtTirni! htasTID. J l.a'lHarr pilf ?a|?rP- "i? ? ? m dia|i? fl. rm i Mi n ir a iiv-int *a,'i pri-a f. r l iaaa*t* a> inK fo* |h? aaKwrtk"* >* i>"tp or hrntauli I*. 8. COnCV, %< H ? . ?f i!alr?. Tl II-t>ifH?? hr *r? (! >* * (UN O'f I'KiTH !(?, FUl.Nin K FI?C Ml*. J *'? h?*, anil J* ??:r? ini?l. 1"h< rti 'if l f?r ako*i-, i n n i . -f . liMti a ? i.ia aab* rlhar, wlia will i ' n.| lir apr r 'nit' IMAC O. I.TON. 1 IT*11 ? .. ? ??* IroUalf. l-adli-a att"n4?<l 1i* Mt?. I ram. I A HI la ANIMIRN ll.n^nv A <?. BMI1I MJ mil* I*farm d that t i-**M obtain tlia fall y?Up m | ra?K f>* alt 4??rr1 p'lori?f < tHtml f*?mat afl till-*, I f l< nitlmt thpawrf '*i? r?<? ?r of h?f?U? *?' wmramaf, 11 , I .?? ?it ?? . !| i l'?." * ?' ' tl?? - r a? ' , ?. -??v..>i, u Uvit. iat >Bm Uaa. BAIOLa IT AOOTIOI. Awthowt j. uiioui a co., auctionbb* will i at) i) pikll* imUh a* tha bnkuii1 tuUiii la tha ill; af New York, the ilitaaath day of Dacaub UN, ?t nooa, for ewt, lifktr (ktm of the unittl atoek ?he "Lake Iril Talaftaph Compaa J." 4*poMte< M wcanl JW liBOWN. AUCTION BBR.-LARU I 3ALBOr Nil rtkim Furauare.?TtaU day, Wedaeeday, Uieauk 4th, at half pail 10 o'aUek, a* Ko. H Broadway, will bo sol at auction, withou i reaar?e, a large aaaortment of haadaon hoaaahold Fun,nine, ea? priaing a oomrlet* aaaorlmon worthy the at teation of bouaekeep >ra aad dealer*. Alio, (nat variety cfhouae furnUhia* artiel-e. JOHN L VANMWAtlK, AUCTIONBBB-f. C. LAW aacr It Oo will a?ll, thia day. at 11 o'clock, at their talvi ri<ua, No II Wall atr??t, near Broadway;? MuniSooiit *al of Mich Diamond Jeweliy, oompriaing tba largest and riulio. aaaortmrnt offered thia aea*oa; ivlendid diamond broache earring", head piece*, necklaoea, braee'. t?, (la*, r riugi, Ac beau< ifully act in (Ina ?old, coat from $-'i0 to M"M; rnagaiflcei turqn. U) and emerald do ; (old peacil oaaaa. ihaiaa, guar aiiu veat abaiaa, alaborataly ehaaed; lint watohaa; togetht ilh the nrual afaortaaent. The whole eamprljing o?u the rioh'at worttaenta ever offered at public anotloa, A In ri< h ailver plated wara, e<>n?leting of ca itora, rake kaaketi waiter*, ke. At 12 o'clock, one eplaalld diamond hroool o< ntainn k IP- tine bnllianta, of flrat water, co?t ale< o-?? pair raal ailver coaAalabra*, weigh 130 ut, LARUB BALE or AMERICAN DEW ROT HEMP.Miuturn k Co. will tall, on Thuridav. the 4ih mat., a 11 o'oluok, in framt of tha itara of Mr. U Mala. No. tJ Water (treat. .'.00 halt* Amerioaa Dew Hot Hemp, In pria rder. AWo, for aooount of whoM it may coaoera. qnantity of Amerioan Dow Rot Hamp, alighily dtiuagvd o the voyage of importation. rOB IALI A*D TO LET. | "AKKIAliE TUN tJAWS? 1 Vt?Y I.IUUT. FOUR V> passenger Rockaway. with (hilting top to take oft to time; allver yoke on pola, and trimmed with enamolad lei ther bad about three month*' u?e, and mad* by one of th beat builder* in th* city. It will ba aold low, it applied f > unite J lately. Caa be *eea at John O. Llama Repository, 36 Br ad way, New Vork. ctmeottrl foundry FOR 9m.i, COMPLETE0 eon*i*tlag of oven, metal pot, pan*. shaving mao!iin< 1 Hce'* naku ) chases. flasks. moulding stone, no. Have bee in uio but a few month*. Apply at IK) William street, fourt *tory. Dinino saloon for sai.e, neatly fitted i f situated in a business neighborhood, an I pres.intmg favorable opportunity to aay one dedroti* of co-iaging in th above pr?ti'abl* business, to which might be ad iad th*nyst*

hnainv**, at a imall investment. Addraes A. LI., UeraL offli*. WAOON FOR SAI.E- A YBRY SUPKRIOK TWO eated Rockawav Wagen. square top, leather rur'aim purchaaed of McKinatry. Ilroadaay, three month* fsinct s>.ld fut want of uaa. an l i perfect in every reapect. Addr-a Rod away Herald office. Alio, a horac tut aalo, sound n every re?pe9t. I10R SALT?A FIN< LA rub THREE 8TORT 1IRI0I house. situate* in ea? of the moat pleaaant licatinns ii Brooklyn, about eight minute*' walk from tLie Sou'h Ferry modern built, with all recent improvement*. mirbl* mm tel?. tearoom, etalned glass, Ito. To be aold ohoap. Fo further parteular*. appl' to BUm It EFLINtlE. 92 Wall afreet, up stain. fjl O R S A L E-THF. BAR AND DININO SALOON known a* th* Alhamhra, 1.1'i Water ttreet. Thi* ol ai. l well eatabliaLed honaa ie now in p'irfeot order, in ever; department. Teriua rtaaonaM*, on early application. Ba (|?:re <'f Wm.OiMfn. >n the premise*, l.lii Wattr street. "ITILOCIFEDE. OR HOBBY MORSE," BO IUCH 15 v u?e about thirty yoar* agt>. If any pernn haa nni at. wed away in an old lumber p'oa, hit may hear of a pur chaser by aidrt a>-ii;r A. U., llox .1,11.1. Pott Oilloe. TO GROCERS, kp.?TO LIT, THE I A ROE STORK. RE cmtly refitted, painted, feo., 27x7d feet. n >. 1.11; Dread?ay, " Piatt Kail." Also, th* Basement of th* antne of atmo tiic, auiiaMe for a r-feotorv. Aprly at No. 10>. M all atrial, or .11 Weat Twenty.Bret a roat, it lir. PEI.U 1.11'rn 1511 EL) ROOMS.-TWO PARLORSON THE FIR3I X floor, wi h pantnoa, or a mite of rootna on the *ocon< 111 or, consisting cf two Ir.rge room* with bedroom* am I ant r ee at' ac) ed. to let. eitlu-r a,'iiar*t?lw nr t,i*HtK?p. t sin/let eotl'mrn. without board. Alio, ft email ro?m on ur? flcor. with airratelnit. Apply ?t 114 Pranklin street WASHED TO BIRC?PROM TUB PRRSBNT Tl?l to In of April or Hay next.alarre iter* la tlx vloiai ty of Barnum's Museum. Tha occutait ii oompelled to mov rn account < I the owner liein* about to rebuild. Pleate dress boa 1.2HP Lower Poit Otfice, statlnc particular*. TIIK MlLlTAUYT UVCR GUARDS?ATTENTION ! VOO ARB HESPBOT tully requested to attend a meeting of th* com; any o Wedreeday evening. the 4th init , at th* Mercer Houso. oor tifr of Ifcrrtr and Broomt streets, at 7 o'clock, for the pur Lot* of drill. Peraoai friendly to the abeve are Invited t (present. By or., or of ANDREH LB STB It, Coin. O. If. J. Iwtwwili |MW>My. TBIMBLB GUARD -TAB MBMBBR8 or TIIK Alt )VI < mpany are I et'hy notified to attend a r-| ilftr meet inc. and drill, at No. if J R?*d? elreet. en Friday (renin? Docembtr 6th, at half- t.ait 7 o'clock. By ordrr. wm. pow'lik, Com. MTm. a. anxstnnvo, Orderly. WIITB QUABtMI.?AT A NBCTINO 1>r TUB COM pftny, Leld af"r their firet annuftl target eteuriion, i *ii rteolved that the thanks of the Company 1<? tendered t< Cornelius * bite. Be<i-, end lady, for the fraud reception am dinner tendered to the Coaptay, on their lata *x)orsloa t< the resideuoe of (.'arnelim Wl.ite, bi|. ft*. Am^oy, and re solved that hie kiadnes* to th* t "tapaay ihall never be for gotten ; and alio to Thorn** UamMia, Bs| , and th* Mama tern >t th* Bowery Theatra, for th# favor a eh own to th C'.mfany on thi ir vi?lt to said establishaent, on th* aigh < t ilv .r NNHln. Last, aot least, to Dodworth's Cora* Band. I r the sploidid music diaoouned en th* ?< WI? and to th* invited guette, Meser*. G. Thompiun, Htajloi Mott aud James Thompson. J. Vak Brakinit, Sec. J4MB5 STAR*. Chairman. N. It. The flrtt Annual Ball of tli* Company will b* rive at tie Coliaenm. t.Vi Broadway, on New Year'* ev*. Bid worth's I'lraet llaid It *ng?ged. ~ HlTXKDIUfl, Me. ~ Boarding aqfncr-a^ broaDipat, cornbr o KeaceKtreet. Room No.8Lat*r(e Buildings ?Ladies an Coailouiia la waat of Board, will, by oaliin*. Sad exaotl *.. ..i Housekeeper* havli rooms to raat, will And just the persoas to oceupy then thi IflMi BOARDINC.-I ARCS AND 8IMGLB ROOMS, VITI board, eaa le had, by applyiag immediately at No. t Murray street. Board-kinci.b obnti.kmbn can bb accommo dated with rooms, with full or partial beard, a Ma. 14 lis^enard nre*t. YyA N TIP-A rURNISHBD OB UNrVIRIIII! y? >i>rim> ?s lor ? i??y aan ronti. man HI ?>"ra the ia a konM in the i^Wi p*rt of the city. No tAo m??i giv*a. Addrca* Plat*, Herald office. ~~ MlACKLLANKOl'li CBARIBS STEWART, MANUFACTURE* OF FINI Jtntlrj, ke , No. ST. Bn.adnay, up .ana, tlrii nt'i at (ready ridged ir'eca. a larra a**ortm*at nf a*nu a article* *?ly A Pla, far miaialer* lik*****. wiU i. border, for aal* lew. U| ANW STRUT, AT J8NES', II TU1 (11\PES aad hc*t place total good Boot*. SW# anl Qalteri GU OLD eCAI.ES AND WEKIIITS-?*> SETS QOLI trait* antl Waifthla, walant boa** ; 4U0 d?. do. do,, o* b<x**: 1UU domn do. do., Japannc.l tla boa**: I ,<HM> fit IV > Wtlfhti, aaaortrd, from . 01. to M 01.?aultabl* (of tb* Call foraut node?for *al* by WMJBMIMITH k CO., 4 MaH ?n laa*. DEI ICIOUS COFFEE, IMPORTED BY THE L'NDEK *i?a*4, for their eatenelv* trad*, la Art pound cam $1?nothing lib* It la th? city?where, al*o, may he had Ht poind c?na. *f eery chaise tad frarraat T?a?, for AV at th Id *atn*>lieht4 war*hont* of th* HEW FORK AVDl !IIV> TEA COMPANT, 71 Calkana* (trot, aad ?>1 Urccawicl track. _ ?111 1.1 \ KM TAlll M N..W .. .. II \NI). SI ITAIII.E r<H ? private or pnblic nae, with tL* ia>proT*d euah.cne. N B ?Club reoai (Med np aad table* ehlpfed at th* abort** netir*. Alio two r*r*ad head ublea f< r aal* Can t>* e*e at No. Annatieet. ORIFFITM A HE AH ("'AMI AS.?TEN THOUSAND CA MEl.LI A9, of THI ' faeit aad acwoet tarietic*. f% aale by D. Boll, fl >rl?t c<ra'r<f Broadway and Filtia lbetreet; aU*. a la? ae**rtawntcf UrooalioaM Plant*. |.il ap at abort ao tire, taetefally arranged with fr- ?h an I iwhi (i .w?r?, a related price*. Th* Bl<w.mlt -dale aad Broadway iia* e iti?n pw* tin rtrf**. _______ S'lon^O-OOODWIN. CHEAP PATENT RUBkTH IV inr, sake* a cbcap. light and durable roof don* ?i ri.a*h flank for 4Wo per foot, oa tla or alnn?lee S>4?. pei foot, aad warranted. Ooodela a Chimney Pot* ar* th* bee pre* en 11 re for ameky ehmnija. Office JHJ Spring eireet acar Badaoa. | DENT1RTRT.?ALL TBE OPERATIONS IX DEN. tietry t? rt rme.l with *ai*. dcat^rtty aad e**e I accrrnpMM* ?*eth lo**rted in th* a h ***ar* and *p. pr*eed moaner: warranted to *qn*l th* aataral ia appear aac* aad ntl'l'y. aad t* be wora wilb*at nitm aKaw, a the low**t term*, by NAPOLEON PRE TERRE MD.flat* nf Pari*) Sll Brovadway, e*raer ef AtiHmj ?? TBE PUBLIC ARB INVITEDTO MAKE A TRI1LOI rallim re * c*lcbr*i*d A'?. P*rter, aa<i C for, oi dr**(ht, at thro* r*a'a per ?la?e; al*o, hi* aaparUr Bran4? Ola. wibm, Cordial*. He , at th* aam* price. Oa* trial wil prove th* faot. I at.^ualied by aaT elhtr h*uM la tkia eltyHl Bonat?a *tre*t, *< rn*r of anlberrr Alacobdillb. bx-iuib prbssbb op n. m </*?'n Chrlatlaa, of It tie. aad of the (Iraad Opera ! f aria, at |4rarM errt*' ! by the artl't* ?f tb* Acter flacc Opera Dona*, offer* Mi aerrlCM t? th* ladiea of Ntw Folk Aw i . i Broadway. DBUPBAT. LA lilts nAIR DRB^'FR, A PUPIL OI eN.C? I>at, r**?atl* arn**d fr?>m Parlt At oa* of th? I ( ee^ ahibltlt a a 'here. m. lief rat ree*i?*H from lb* Kiat el i!? irnm I'Hii tiii ar*a?wlr?i*lB< Ma i>?rfao?l?? n tha art i( aak fi Wlt?. rrlaai???. ! ?' alrfaa' ar>4 aaralcaahl*. Parfoaarr Part#. A44raaa at Mm??< aaay'a. No. MM llr< a4 irajr. Haw Tark. CO M.S. UIIV4TIM, MERTl'SIAL COUPMIHT* kr?|>ti?aa it tha ?ka, fcc?Tha raaammaa l?H?> al l>r> Nrtt.ltaraaa. W'SaTaa.Siaitk. Di?'? Mlilat t, ail thai raiinrat | li)?iriaai, f >i tha ?aa| yaara, P*?M |M afFtfe-y af (arrall'a iifir aa4 nlpliur bt'hi, tt llaiMij alr?at, ia a ra?*4ial ar<at far tka ahaaa aoa?plaiata. I GEEAT I >X VrSTI'.M, 1 ha it. arc t in baa not, a* I ? rat iaok tha rktir. II ilk a nn i ? fur tha rlra. aa4 a 'roaak f >r r< partar. Baia tha rat ta tk?naatin?. 'mr f-i-a<ia. fioraaam That l.jaa oar ?f<>rt ii*?a la aatttrg much ahartrri 1tt?'af?t? rr tcra that with taath ?a<i with attic, Wa p (ana hi* Ma?4 an4 fararlnaalf anak It s T't *t?a Mala that rn,i?< at.4 aach tatall cr-rpia*.??Jar, Vat-aa l>? la itlak*4, m"11 fnll ???? 'hhrkiha i arkaU'" few. inrt u l.a flm h.4 (anliti-- arnab ?i I'Unaa.) A a* rra tha lavn hi/ Ua qaaatim ha4 t?k?.a, ! ??( ikat a?lla?tt<-a af win ?. i*i" ? ?><? . A atioaar 'f tha rl la ?r4 tha p-*r t ahakaa. At?a'-a thrf atlnH n?4 ? I thratkl af 4"' ? ?? Rat r'tkl auk *a4 m a?, b i ,a, I a4-ki? a*4 if? At.4 b. tan ta 4aT?nr. falliM 5?M th?r M?| An4 thna lha r<a< -*'!' n a |.<nraa4 aiaa 41a. Praattal -??pal af LYOM 3 Ma?aatla I' ai tul P III. W InMatr I KriUikM QO!>lH WAIMtUCSR.-DMkl.RM' BKAUnuiii ri -l at a Ina't Kabbat Caitr. >a7. I# Nauai atraat. Maw Vark, tahara aiiT kafona'i tka K an4 " .t ?ai?r?*ta *?a?r*ai?nt '.t <ia->4tr*r> Pataat Wa al'lo -r Val tatarl ft i^bar Qnada, ar r ilrwi ia tkia wtnir imm^r a. tag ??#ra art*, la la hart"<?r liaa i ky l?ii C?mMar, whlah art'.l l? a?l4 tt tt<* tra4? tt f? . p ?? C"?a if a I rtr rt Hra'?ra a II t a l oai?f 'f'i I < a 'la ban Ita-k rr it ?1?r"' ta ' **'* tr?4?, na4 w' h a ' i ?a a t t?4aaaia ;, t t. A i:?i ?r?i?i'*. wi'h priara atta- hri Wlil ka fnniai lira,, ra ?! ?? r?ir 4 n*. RilKIMAllR < Tfl COVOI! a aa4 t?l4?. IDO ft ra tkmai?, 1 ? at < ? al ?>a. a^4 maar Ml rr *r|tt-il i>a?r? ?#"? ??r'1 laa? w???, h# R\U * AV? R-'t4f Palirt 1.1 ?t?-y ?i a wh?" Paia axiiU it ll laataa'lj ?npi )j N\OM'av'< *?*1y f It.f, rrW V nn-i ?? rat a: i'ii r , r. 1^7 Boaarjr, . i| |?wr. 711 llrat<*?j, Naw Trr* H't?l. 41am>?mp*r,w?rrH, *?o* nnMT>M,puu. Im4rta hrr aar? -?? tola* *? aa4 toati -m-a it tin ri ?, la a. tr Irjrt. I< ?*. aa4 'aw a" a-? ij"rpr'th( ft f *y ' V? ar 1 rar "f'tif1 ?t -1 >? N . , I aft til llna- ' a I * ' 1 I 1 bfeuaa rataaty-ftTa *vata. uatattoMaa ??? *>um. , _ AHticmm. s. rnf?prai.-|A?Ji?V-i<Xir?AQUiBXT or ,J D ?. J Wkltaek. Jr.?W*4a*?d?r ?r?niM Dm. 4, will b? ,r TB 1 BBtuAL, ?r U. lteid . Tn?*4>-IMMUu?, of * > WUUak, jr i ArttMi Mr- TUtoa; inlilar, Mr. Pom; V. ?? ??, Mr. M. JokMo*. irohk*, Mr. Mtrti* lM? Mr. 1 WuraibUlii. Mr. J V.ll.nk lr . Antinhilk In Mui. _ haui. to roaclvde with the drama of ML *0YDB& or th? "r War Wolf of Blndooeran-Mat Mlinn, Mr. J. R. Scott; i Burr tWu., Bra. Waloot, Uamit. Mr. For*: Midi. Mr. Wianaa, Moli>o, Mr. Bamiltoaj Crivwi Zada, Mrf. Jordan, t 501"- 35 eeat?; l it, cent. Orehaetra Bote*, SOceata. ^ Door* opaa at 6>?: tba curtain will riaa at 7 o'elook. DUBTOfI 'STHKATBB, CIAMW8 BTBBBT, Uil OV R* Clw Halt? ITedteeday aecniac, Dm. 4, will ke plated GIBA LDA. or Love and Myaterv ? i'lulip, Mr. Letter) Do a * Matnel 4a Bivar, Mr. JorJaa, Dun Japhet Delia Trom' a, . Mr. Howard; D< n Lucia, Mr. Levere, Don Amaaia. Mr . Frederic. Don Pedro, Mr. Henry; Gil. Mr. Burtoa: the Quttn of r paia. Mra Ruffcll: Uiralda, Mm. Skrrrett. Tooomlude : with tie OLD BlTcill GOVERNOR Pvter. Mr. Jordan; . Adnairil Count Vare**lolT, Mr. Howard; Bertha, Miaa J. Bill. Boiea, Dr*?e Cirole. and Par iuet, SO ?n,?; Pa-aily } Circle, 23 ceata; Private Boxei, $3 aad $&. Deora opea at * ?H to berta at 7 o-eleok. N 1\I ATI JNAL THBATRB, CH ATHAM98T.. N BAB B008R' 1" ?flt.?Wtdne*day aveniaf, Dee. 4, pertermanoea will > eommeaoe with the aew price drama of NATL'RX'a NO* I BLtMAN, THK MECHANIC, OB TUB SHIP CARPENTER Or NIW TOBR-Hermaa Grey, Mr. H. Watkiaa; 7 Mr Timothy Tippler, Mr. L. Pox; Julia Hartley, Mian Mc?* tayer. To eoaolnda with the drama of the MAGIC BTBLL, or " the Pair? of the Deaert? Aaahack, Mr. H Seymour; Mul>-y, * Mr. Braadua; Dwacaae, Mr. La Favor; Youa* Quichret, Mr. * Watkiaa; Haaimed. Mini B. Meatayar; Chaaeme, Mr*. GratD tan; Maimoune, lira. H autonville. Haider, Ml** M. Charloa. Vw ra open at 6)<i ta commence at 7 o'clock. UKOl'GBAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAB BBOOMB MJ airtet ? Thia eatablienmeut will ehurtly open, with a carefully e?leeted oompauy, operatic, dramatic, and olwre' (raphio. A limited number of teaaun tioketa, prioe EVl, ?d' uittlnj to all part* of the houae. may be had of B. Lt< Jg It " Co., Wall *tre?t; alao, of Me**r?. Scharfeabevg h Luia, " muidc *ellere, Broadway, a<ar Brouine atreet. U \/f ECHAN1CS' HALL, NO. 471 BROADWAY, ABOVE ill Uraad (treat?Opea every night duria( the weak until further notice.?The original and wall known CHRIBTY'I . MINBTRELB. oemprieini an effielent aad ?cr*at<li " oorr*' ^ of "talented" aad "'eiporienoed pwrformcra," under the man I, adcmauv vi a. r. vnnaty, wnoev ioneru in tme >117 lor a aucoeation of "fonr yoara" have been reoaivad with favor bi highly reepoctitble and faabJsaablo audlenaa*. Tlikata > ennte. Door* oren at half put iii; oonmeu<i at half 7M1 , a mtbu o'elook. The patroai of Chriaty'a Minatrela ara r?? ipectfully iuformcd that the umibI Saturday afternoon ooar oerta will be diacontinued for ihofntnre. T' UK COMPLIMENTARY UKNEK1T TO MK. D. T. ' Hide ? Hie Committee uf Arraugetnenta ben leave to anBounce to the numeroua friend.) of Mr. Kiev and tTie tubhe generally,tkat thev haveooncludci upon pretesting the 1 l( VXiqi'I InnlTAiniKT i provided for the purpose of beetowing a vrai.i. tmattvEii and n ivmtajitial Cd.iipi.miNT upon that gentleman, at 1 Tit I PI. Kit 11 ALL, On Tvi/uuv December 10, ] C whan a u Kfi.titt'Dijrora Array or Taii-vt, Bueb aa on no ain-ilar or diaaimilar occasion bao ever been ! oullected tonal bar. will j r Iuahthat* Evany Varutv or Art, Tri m claaeio moeie of the HiuHaar ohdak to tut familial clattah if til* " kontl," Amongat the neat variety of talent who hire already , volunteered, will befonnd? I The beautiful and celebrated MADAMS ANNA BISHOP. f New York'i Nlghurgale, the enoUanliag Mild M.YKY TAVLOK. MRS E E IIORN HISS BllTEKT, (by kind permiuion of T. 9. HamMla, ] I Ii'i.) B Ihe rreat Maeatro, M. BOCHSA. Tie ailmired Ha?>o Prutnndo, UK. 8EGIUV. The <i Utility lal.ed liaritvno, MU. STEPHEN f.KVCH. ( MK. MEYEK. MK. HVLLI*R. 71a celebrated Pianiati, Mr. UEN K \ T1MM. Mr. W. A. > KING, and Mr. GEO. LOIiKR, who will douonatrati '.'an capacity of Pirmon'a mounter piano. ( 3 Mr. TEXE MOKRIS. Mr. J. ST. LI KE, ! The popular Ethiopian BAnd of r Mr. WHITE. 1 Tho magnificent Randa of Merire. DOC WORTH and SHELTON. Will diieourie meet elonuent innate at interval!. I MR. W. B. 11ARKI&ON. The popular Ctmio Vocaliat, will alio appear. an OCCASIONAL AtUiRaaa r will be written and delivered t'7 MK. JOHN BROUGHAM, The Committee are is negotiation with other talent of the highest order, to be hereafter announced. btiwarin or nut Nigiit.? W. Weoki, Jaraea Parpen, ganiui-l Mckola, Capt. A. M. Dafern, Jamea T. Otia, Y. Brounb. Col. J. L Hewitt, C. A. Burkbardt, Ltwii G. Glarke, Dnotor North all. Ticketa ?0 cent! to all parta of the bonia, may b? obtaine< A* all the Mnaie Store* and i>f Mr. Rice, at Florenoa'a Botel corner of Walker afreet and Broadway. MISS JEAN IE REYN0LD30N, TH1 SCOTTISH VO- j ealiat, haa the pleasure to announce to her frienda aid the public, that aba will give her aecoad grand concert at the Bradaay Tabernacle, ?u Wedneiday ereniar, Deo c 4th, on which oocaainn (he will be aiaiated by Miaa a ' Stanley, Knnaieur Hill) ar, and Mr Kantert, the celebrated , violiniat. Mr. Auetin Philllpe will praaide at the piano. Mite Kejnoldeon will eint "The Heather llilla," "The Mo Gragor'a Gathering," "Jock o' Ha.-diVan." "Cljdeaiale V?r?well," "The Uigl laad Minatrel Boy," "John Aatferaon my Jo," "O. would I wtre a Child again.1' and, by apecial refloat, "Heme Sweat Hemo." Ticke'a 60 ctntl, to la h*d at the " priacif al mmlc itorci, and it the door oa the evening of * the concert. Docri open at 7; concert to oommince at S J o'clock. __ 1 9 I^ELLOWS' MINSTRELS.- J. B. FELLOWS, MANAGE! 1 K and proprietor of Fvllowa' Minatrela, haa the boaor ?< 1 in'Tmifit oiiiMHi ! mn pwi niirvpcm, aia ru I ball. tree ted on tk* old Tatteraall ground, lit n>?dway, It i now flclahcd.and hi* *eltlr*t*d band of mine trait gaa> I i thoir Brit concert it It 01 Iot4>f eaoulng, November Ilk I t Tlio llall > 6 .ted op In a inoit gorreotit etyle, otith'oned i i niti.carpeted, and beautifully lig.'itod. The band la ony I r, poe?d of Oie greatest talent, a* r<-gardf Ethiopia* mini'.rol y, la Aa*rlca. J. B. Fellowe Volieaet It a duty to prooent i hit tbaaka to hi* nurner'ne frienda, and the pnblie generally n who haTo attended ao liboral a patronage to kla. aad bog* it tat* that so paiae or eapoaao will bo aparod to make thli tho moat ainueiee and ok it to nlao* of rooor* 1* tho olty.? Jtcnra e? ??< ? ?<*?t?enoo a* 71*. Adwiaatao PH II.CRIM'B PBOOKESS.-NOW OPEN. AT W Arlington Hall. #P* nr. .*? ?, aear Bonatoa atroot, the d Panorama ol Banyan'* Pilgrime ProgroM. Doora open at '7 aoran?eommeae* al a luarttr to tl<Lt. Tickota (0 coat*; >4 chlldrea half prioo. Family tlckata, alalttiag four per> a?*a, SI. An aft am on* oahlbltlea un If edaeodayt aud Saturday*. nt throo o'clock. 7 AHl'IKHBIITS IN PIIIL.ADILPIUA. f OA EMM'S ML'SEl'M. PHI LA DELPBIA?P T. BAEMJ nam. Proprietor and Marager. Heary Sandford. Aaa.t- i t tarn. NabMor?A nur.ltr *f really laavrlto pleeee i* Ui? 1 drairatic deraitmeat luriag '.lie proeaal week; *a a tithe of " which nay bo named, Orletlo t'.o Mill, Tho Furty TIHotml ' Loan of n Lovir, Tho Druakatd, ato. Mr. D. Bowera will r auatain tho character of Hapaarao in tho Forty Thieve*. Mr O.C Ueraoa it engaged, and will appoar at an early data. Beeare. Ror-re. Baki r. Ihayer, A. m-r. Vi?t,'? Fitter aad . : Mortatr,Meodamrt Thayer, Mntl.'-r, lla.kaet.aad other* ' appear Tha Mo ten a proper coat*.at una l>er loot mmllona and tnureeting corloaiMe* There aro two daily yer1 foraanree 1* tho Lecture Rooa, *t 3 *ad 7 o'olock Admit- J , taaa* to the aalooaa ard on* oatertalaaeat. IS ceat* - elul- ! J drcn undoi 10 yearn. 12 ^ ceat*. 1 I Z PKKBO\ Ala. Ml Ht>RV Rlt'BTEK LIFT BIS HUME ON FRIT)AY m* rainx. and ha* not been heard of ainco. Had on n nhtn ha lift, a br<*n ia<k coat. *rcn pantaloon*. blue ! ' ahl't tmdar. tl ?n a while one an.I a rod flannel at tho top; " had on hoot a. I* ahunt all foot In height, and daikhalr. j ' Any one who could iU? lnf?rmatl'in would do a great fan>r to flit dlntroi fd w.fa ? I ' T ird tir c'. New T-rb. 1 INFORMATION M ANTED?OF ORWRGB HWEE T, oar and eandlo n.aktr, fit. John, New Brnnawiok. Be . ' came toN'w Vork laat Angoit, and rotnninrtd work with ! 2 Meatre. All,* llay, ft (>.. aad lei- on well elncr win h ' notblnil.a* b?en 1 eard of him. Any laforaatloa 'oft fjr A. * ISeott, Hetrl da l axit, lamodla*oly. or at Mr. Jaa. Cona, et rr ar if Budonn and Caa*l atrooto. w .nld I N FORM ATI W.I WANTED. OF MAR V CARMODT. VTnO < H A rmigrated to thla ooantryin May Init. with her aStar , kl an aad I rothrr J> I.a I'ariu.. It. wat a aatlte of tha ; > ' of Batlingairy, eoaaty Tlppornry. tralaad. Whoa laet heard * of woe ia ' i lotuaat In >' w York Intelhiaa-* of ker will b* tkankfnlly recolxd by her lr?th*rJoRn Carta' dy, who 11wo new at Now Alkloa. C'atlara igm ooaaty, Mow | Torft. i * OP\u i Miiiuips. /^"PARTNBRKBIP NOTK E ? TAB BCBICRIBRKS f VV (onto proprietors of tho liivl.|il?n Company.) ka*e I fnraad a Copartnership nad-r th? flria ff 8ATTON, I.I Bit V i ft CO., for the purr to of maanfactnrirg Mod elaoe. tho la- I portatloa of pure W'inae aad Llqnors for modlolnal pot| ia?a, 1 > and for the trantaotloa of bneinoae aei,'?mala^-n Merehaat*. f Haeiag Ai<au ia e?try city, and m< at of tko tewat of tho > raitodsta'oo and the Canadaa. in all tho Wootladla l>lande. i aad r.t tho Important pnlate oa the Pael eoatt, ?a poooooe ? p?'nliar aad aaeunallod faeil''.lea for 'he latrodnctlea aad i tale of aaar klada 11 aarthaadio*. or for tha aavacaoal at i bnaiaoa* r* |Oiriag oorefal attoatioa ia aay part of tho I'aj- I ltd States, utict aad warebonte 214 Broalway. BbWL'ND D. StXTON. I ? II I.I KH P. LiB?r. 1 /OllPA #. fRIDOB, BtMI'RI. f wtm ti NHM|OTH'BI8 BRRBnr OITEN. TBAT TIIBCoriRTaar-iiir koto' it- e?tatiag belweea the eot-- l nodrr the time-f J II S< II "ONIIA k * It n CO , hae, f e ' dar, been diaonlaa<l hy antnal rope-a' 1h? bn? neoe wi:I ho I e< rtlaaed al ik* olda'and N->. ?l? Pal"a atroa- lajr f If I Mi--?naak?r, who I* daly aatkoriaed to kettle and llomda'o ' all d. man,la. _ J II R IIOON M A t ER. II?W IVO. V. T A > PINE. 1 | 1\IOTICt Of DTUOLCTtOX-tT MCTTAL CO!*??VT 1 il of th? na4?Mi???4 iha p?ri n?>rtMp h?r?tof"rt ? * lf?m n?4?r lh? ?rm *1 Ta.-h?l.a? k R r.k'tli at ' Na t - Pf?rl ttraat, of thit ellf. i? 4i-i?It*4 Kr Tuliil 't * > I* aall < rn*4 ! *11 4akta la tail firm. ?n4 will , 4?U : \ .1 I Mil *. { f ir*??at*r. s;th. iaso. j. Ron kin I. J HHZI nj.Ai.ciAU J N OTin -THI R0CK1T IAR WIXIXO CONPAVT * M?a 4?8l?r?4 4WI4ra4 ?f )<? |?r * ?, p?? at rl?? t i rlfii-a ?f lh? 71 Wa'1 ??r?< t, en th# 8?.k In-tlat r Haw Tirk, t>? 4. IkVV ruiLO O N1CIU.M. Ji?M torra'ary. \t <i???r TO Ltnr> ARBAHAW j. ncmow.PAWjfi?I *t? r, No. f. Mr-*ja ? .. t ti ir llr 1 ? 1 ,n? ( i*.69*j la la??a ?r imall niMia wai'h**, iaw*lry. >!? -rwara, ' 4ri |t ' 4?. ? f ?n?* ?Pi ?r?l,?nJ t*r??ii*l property of ?rtry '' 4r?rri(ii'n * i M'iJI?T TO I.OA!* ro* I7IORT ritlOW. TR't* ? a|*?r4?.rn all (frMfip?l?a? ?f |?fpart?. Caah ?4 ??i a?4 an f '?? ?al*. *? -? ? > an- i?l with ?ha t n "I I < i - . - ? 1 tr. > ( f. , ??*V? I.. i.>? Apply la F. I [I. <>|. ur 11 I ) a "ina> t, rutin < lea air haat, raal mat*, kaat* tat ??u. >1 * , W WitTUm Itrwat. HfLLIXl u> MD UHY OOOnu. M rs r. prov pari*. u.i? jv?tr:< eivfd ' ky th? n?atn.f Praakl-a a ?ri"nM4 a<a.>r>Mtat -r Iti < I, (.** , rt |I? I -r?: alt r 1 it < M I a?j ll-t-V ' (il I'h a MiMt* a??<nm*ai * r*hr?I4?r?4 Ah rt la II* ? (* PnUlia iM Or awltfc K?w r T< ik l' ?m I.I >tlri'4 f ?r I?n4 ? rawt . SI if Win -BAR!\:s kiiuvmi. D?m ? mtti'i t i r?ka*?ri r"" i art ' u t4 I. a ?t? ? * o( r . nk"i?'r ' " I' -A *< .??, lai?lj ***?4 by'f * i'" , "t ?? ?4*??, till > *a mr< k?'< n at t'l* '?? '? ?h# d#"*'. Mf ? ("? ?f* ? 1.1 ?l?a? iha ?an?'/ ??<*?, >f*. 7"! Rri?4*m/, mr tmi'll iiwii ?ro til ?piiti R.??niJ? *7^ n?o\n" ?*T. k?? !? ? ?r*A l-<l ?f tlr??4 R?tthr? ?ol'jr* ; r-ir? '?' * ?a '??< ' 1 ^ 1 t a ?i ?? . ;< m?"*? T"t *' ? \m i? nTviV., n ii'iiT*r oo ji*it < r'<*l? 4. r< f ? *' ki'?. * I'm" ?? I l? h' ?*- J; I t| ?? 'it-a? 'J I "i ' ?'' ?""? I'rl tha ! i d %, * ,, p. t i ? -i [? f i tt i i ti. "?: la-? -?a I tit '. e' -t?i?a, ?la4?? r>tnl?n an l ?h* 'a?. kfida. '? 4**ora?It** * . ?Mah tk?r will ? 11, whole.?i* or rat?-t, * ?a* ika? ??J h> " '? r "_ t r^A afrtl 17* * P*<1!I' PV<K "ftT | * !?. . M|>.. il M. !? > ' <! * V1?I U < ?M| * 1 I " iniHEIIKNTt. R*?ADWATTMATI*.-*. a. MAEUU4>fOM LB*. ~?**J O- Barratt, Maaa??r.? IT*da*?4?> tnia* Dm. * will la p*rf?na*4 tka tia,a4> af KOJIZO aXD JVCttf? Sr nf. !; V. DmTU; C?p?l?t Mr. rhitimc Mat?a?lo, liiifi i' ' ? ?. *?? Kiikarlaj; UAr Caaalat, Mn. NJBLO'B QAK1>KN.?TIC KITS ? CKNTS; PB1TATI . "''MM. Mr jolia 8aftoa.?Doom omi at tui-fut I alack, to Niaitgi |i t w bi y A4?jaidaliakjaaar d Mj u. jHaritttl. aa4 laai aigbt, thi? w?c?. w. >U. IV.... ram i/ rirn apinraao* of KIM l*hmai, on the tightrope. Mar??ut in 1i* rrea? part if tkf ip< of Braiil. PraaeoU and Aatelne u h?rl .quia abd Clows. Loob JaT*ll> a* tb* Agile Arab. CUarlt* uLmeu * iliird Mpearanc* on tin b.4?io iaduar. Mil*. B-rtin as4 Mob*. BnlUnt ia faYarlt* daaoaa WeJne.dav *<r*aiBg1 Daa. 4. to cubid oiioo with r>l an A. or Love aad Jeal?u*y. Altar whieb JOCKO, or Ibe Bran lias A pa _ ITALIAN OPIRA 0OU8B, ABTOB PLACK.-NB1T MA? chiaary, by Mr. Tuniaoa; Now Dreaaaa. by Mr. t?lmn^ fr.jxriici, by A. K. Gilbert; New Soeaary and Deooraiioair by r Grata. Prioae of Aimiaaion?flaemra4 8?au, Pwqaai and line*. ti 60; admiati?n to Paruoot and Biiea, ua tha Toning of performance !. Amphitheatre, SO oaaU. Laa< t?k but one of Signerina Ten -a Parodi ia Maw York.-* Beeond prrfnrtr anoe of Donltctti'a oelebrated Opera, la tare* act*, of UIVVA DI V'MKQV?Siga'.rtna Taaaaa Paavui M Giuima. f?i'?in'lb Hnlacrlption Night. Wai>naai>av Evtnmo. DbckmbbR 4, WU1 be performed, tor the *i-joud tiaie, Douuotti'e 0na( optia. In three acn, of GEMMA DI VZKOT. Gemma Blgaortaa Par*41, Cent* di V eryy Wigaor Artmit. Ida Siguorlna A- Paul. Tama? Bigaor Lertai. Ijuido Bigaar NovallL. Rolando Bigaor QiabllaL. Leadet*. Mr Kxeutaer and Big. Lietti. Chora* Matter, Mr. UtnnUr. Door* niien at \i be fore 7 o' eommtaea at 7X. Ma Older*. Mo free Vi*t. ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE. aSTOR PI.AC1.-NIV MAelnacry b> Mr. Trn<*<'u. new dreue* by Mr. Battalia I iropertieg by A. K. Gilbert; new acenery and d.ooratien* by r. Grain. Prices of adi.iixiea Secured Seat*. Parqaatta kn<l lioiet, %i 60; admu ~n n to Parinette and U tea oa tba ureitinK of performance. t!; \ral t.ub?atr<!. m omu.Fifht Afr? ai? A!?r? in AMaaica, of the uiit aad truly into ..rated Tenor HBTIINI, From th* Grand Opera of Parii. kc , In hi* favorite character of SxxiAKiMi, In Doaitetti * Grand Opera, of LUCIA DI La MM ERMOoK. Grind Ham it DiytKnn?*.*T, >rincira'lT by _ _ M'dlle. NATHALIE PIT/JAMTS aa.l BigaorCABUSEOn Thi innav tvhuii, I>ecemlerS. IT ill le performed Donuetti'* Grand Opera la tbree aet*, of LI'lA DI I.AMMERM'JOX. [,i.oia Slgnora Uertoeca. Hoia Bignora Avogadro. E'lf.irdo Signer Rettiai. 'ir llci rr /ihwn Sign< r Aelgaoae. ItaymoBuo t .Signer Ro*l. Iri nro Sl^nor Paltl. Thu GKaND BALLOT LI VERTIBIMEMT Will take placa teiwvtn th* aeeond and tblxd aotr, IB M'llc NATtlAUE FIT/JAMES, Ml** EM|I Y tfal.Liii RAVE, Mia* DELIA NORWELL, unrt Si?uur CaKKUI. Leader*, Mr. Kreutier and Lietti Choru* Matter, Mr. lender, l)(or? ot*n at a ouarttr Le' r' 7 ; to romn?i?<ll ialf- pa*t 7 o'clock No fr?e list. No order*. Lut week >ut on* of ftignoiina Ter**a I'nrodi in New Yoik. SECOND GM AND VOCAL A N D INSTRUMENTAL Ctnc*rt.? F. K. Doctor. pianitt, fT-.m Vienan, ha? th? i"B?r to Inform the put lie !>*' h' eoonJ Con. *rt will taka place at ibe Tripler Unit, on Satatday. TV eember J, a**ieto4 [>y Nlinota Truth'ti, prima donna at the Italian upi raln.uie; l>y hi* lady. X4?. L. Doctor, and by tbo eminent violin virtuoto, Feid. Giteiel. PIIOUBAMME. 1. Overtnr* from "/atipa," for f?nr hand*, cxrsutod bf ford. Idw. ind M4e. Loola* Doctor. 1. ( Br ?eneral dci.'re) fantaeia from Soitnantula. ' < b?pofed and ex'cated by f K Doctor. 3, l?i| by Signora Trufli Bet e<rtti. 4. Man he Marvrain, compo*?d ty M*j*r??I?cuted by F. E. Doctor. 6. Violin Solo by Frrd. Griebu'. 6. Creatine to America?praod duetto from naional Air*, for'wo ptann*? oonspn>?d by F I. Doe-or, and txcouteii It hi mm If and Mde D ntor. 7. Fcn? by Siesorn Truffi Bene etti. 8. tirai 4 Foiaota fo) piano, for frur hando, composed bf Kircken?executed by F. E. acd M io. l.onian D"itor. 9. Violin Solo bv F Giiebel f. Caprice, for the left haLd alius, i ompo?ed by Willmer* ? Ktend Polka de Concert, competed and ixc*at?4 bf F. E. Doctor. I. Rene by Signrra Ilcnrde'tl Trnlfi. Yankt* Doodle ?grand tanta< ia for piano?composed and executed by V- E Doctor. Door* ?ten at 7 o'clock?to commence at 8. TloketeSO *at* ; to le l ad at the prin cipal mueie Here* and hotel*, nd at Frhubith ik Co.'* Eur >[ tan mulie depjt, 'ibl Broadrtjr, oppoiit* the park. rRII'1.1 R II AI.I. MADiME ANNA BlSflOp-fl EIGHTH Sacted Concert will take place, a* u?ual, ca ttandajt v cairn next, Dec. 8th. Barn cm'8 American mu&eum-p. t. hahnim Proprietor acd Manaier; John Gre*aw^od. Jr . Ajeietint Mtnacnr.?Afternoon performance at 3: Craning. At 7 clock. Poeithrly tli* l?tt week of Ocneral foni I'hmnb.? n.k alteraoon, the popular and celebra'ed t.eneral Tom rhumb having been rven(*ged, at {rent eipenae, for onitieely hi* laet wtek, in oon?c>iueiioo of tli* oratvhelming *uoee?* of hie performance, will appear in hi* longe, daaoe*, recitation*, tatuary. A*, he. Beeide* wluoh, ,b? comic t tecc of IDE KlNU'A OAKDEHIR. Tbie eeennf. after the petformance of that diverting trill*. TUIH LlFL'i IN DANOEK. will b* produced, in admirable etfl*, with coetly icrnery and leAutifel nppointnient, that lanihktle, *tartlin(, and ex'ra*?<?nt muileal burlc*|?*. HOP (V MT TUCMB, in which '*> perf' riueri partielpa'e. lieeidef the little Ceoetal. The entire Chinese Mueenm. late of S* Broadway, ba? b??n ?d.'*l to th* otk*r cnrieeliie* of tkia eetablUhment. Eritlien Uiant, who U ei<ht feet ki<b, Ut? I)i>? Teller. A* . ?c , are nil te be **en here ret. Admlaeien, 25 cent*; children under 10 year* of age, 12K ecnti. Parqnatte and Fimt Cirri*, 12)i cent* extra. NEW YORK AMrtllTHEATKE, NO. V COWEItr.Jam** M. Joi.e k C?., Pro pre tor* .?Mr JameaNUoa, E|o**tr.*n Mana**r.?Ben'lit of John Oe?etn.?^ntnrday Tenir*. November :k)th. nil be pre*ented a inHt a*.tractive Mlcctioa of cntartainnrnt*. inclodint the a*t >ni?hittg ptrformane** of the French Troupe, and the beautiful fair* E?eant *f CINnEKEM.A?Cinderella. Mdll*. R an; th* t*r*. Mia* N*edbam and Mm IJolnie*,' Prtn**. Mdlie. J? ephis*; Dsndino. Matter Madieaa; 11' raid, Ma*t?r O. Nixon; Old Bnchtlar, Ma*t?r A. Vixoa Trie** of adminHe* Prfvat* ?o**?. *no.; hot**. JV.; pit. llSie. Doom >m tt half- p**t t. Parformtnce* *emm*nc* nt n inarter pn*t 7. ABfl'RKMKMT3 IN BROOKIiTti |>RO< KI.VN VI Erit-MMSRS I.e . CI I AND EIMO. E-? L*?*ce* ; Mr J. C'oatn, Treamrer ? <V<>dae*dnr event**, D'ttnletilk IsVi th* *nt*rtnit mente will e >mmei.oe wlta le piny of the STitA N(;BR; er, Mi?nnthropy and Rewntmc*. E?n?. ' 1 he Fla? ?f our L'aion.' by Mr. Dana. To >oa*'n<* with lh* *uc<*eefnl fnid of AN ALtRWINO lACRiriCB. Adrl**loa, M cent*. Grand perf or jxace *?*rj InttHay afternoon. TIIK BALL HF. IMO*. FE8TIVAI. AMD BAI.U-TIIE E. L. 8NOW SOCIAL I a I OB, No ?, will ?tva, to- m?rrew eTeninc, D*oemK*r 5, k Grand Hall and Feuivnl, nt the Golieeum, 4.V1 Br .lway. rte frtesda of tetrperauca, and th* pnblif <en*rallr, nrn netted Prioe of il<kat*, Inoludlnn e'lnpcr, .Weenie. To l.w md of th* commltt**, or nt th* d > >r on th* *T*nln( of th? Mtlval. Jjll VATE DANCING AMD WALTZ I NO, ATM BONO I ?tieet.?New *la*. * for all th* faebinnnbl* wnl'te*.? If r. Pearlr.( will. In adaitlaa t* hi* *l**<?* f .r r otleio. n oa rneeday and Friday, nt * o'*l?ck, f?rm a dae* far wal'ainc n WeAneedar tn i 5aturd*r. at 7 o'etaek: for la.Itae and nnil iui>ii, at IV, o>l??nk. Tin a4?aa<?4 ilw for laJiaa ?tio at trad oticr a fHt, ?B Bat. urdajra, at i}i a'alaok. *' aa4 fataili? nur-Hod. Boiraai, MU>U. airlaaia* [# i?pill' ptnnt- r *?arliiia. _ MR. FRRDtRH'RB. BAI-LBT *UBTRR Of RURTON'I T) utm. rripoa'ftII) logi tif? to lili (r<n4t u4 th<l pvllir thu K?(i<? lnt' ia in it* lataat faahioaahli atjrla of ka;i-r""m dtf or. %' h?m? ar.4 ahr<%4. B<h?oU m4 pr.'ttt fauutira atoada*. at>iuliae? 4* Fraablta itroat. ~ MUSICAL. ?? Acard.--ricimri> Hnrrm*. piarmt, n*s plaaiara ?o laaaaara t? hii friiad* that tb? aila tiUraiiailH vbiab trnrrad ktvwi P r Itrnv, ad I. mwlf. hai laaa arrai rad ta tba aatlataritoa ?f both lartiaa, iad that bla far tba C*aaart taar with lad'lla Jtnnr l.ln will * ailan?. M ptr nri*tat< atrnmaat. MCBICAL.-TFI* jHAKSffAKR C?i!CCRRT MOBICAl. bfitt;, f ?H ?f tba it abla roaabara ?f tba *vihritrt aa{M?d at tba Jaaay Ltad ?a-?rti, ?ii?r ihadiraa. Mo* af T Noll, it ao* prararad Inn ?l?i ?rt(n(.f?w laita, Mini, talla. ao . a.a J eaa faralah Ina two u f*ar,?aa artiita, a< may ha raauirad Ordara at; ba laft at Maaara. Baharfrabarf k l.aia. t-.'i Broad?a?; K?rb<taa k Hraa>ii(. 41I Broad, ay: ara? thr r* alrfraca at f. RaatiaCV Laami itraat. Traamrar af tba Baaiaty. KIPRRMI AO K M I KM. ~ " E? WARDS RANDCORD ft t OB f?>KtlON IIIITIIfOJ Afaar y aad Traniatlaatid Rtpraaa 14 aa 1 lit Wail itraa . at Adaata b Ca."? Riproaa f >m<?.- I I?ar4a. *aa4for4 t I'D.r ?">! at.par' r I. I II ta I.carpal, Ka( . for ar?ardia?|?o?i to tba Uaittd R at?, will iMp ail artirlaa riariraad taitrm at tba law taataiMloa of tara ahtlltnia trliat far tba f tat parka**. aa 4 < na iilllan far aaab tddTi-aal parbafa. R.lnardr. Pta4f .r4 a C?. aill forward m ?aa. paada. (.. ta aat taaa ladraat llrt'ala or aa tba Caa> larai. t dwar<!a. :Wa4f?r4 a Pa. ai l *aratah ai/ht drafia i t tar tarn, from tl up* ar l*h ch till baaaabai UroaU taj btiklar b?o*?a la Graat Mrna?a. CALIF ORN 14 -TR?*ai*ORT\Tt0V AOftOS* Till lalbmat ?f PinaBa-Xaobr'aixn Vilaia It C*, af ' a/r ?aw praparad ta tr'a?p<.M fr. t?ht ttr?i ha ath?a?. <r alaltthr?a?b U 'an f rta. i?> . at ahippora' ptfoa ; hat ?a?h ptabara matt W *f p rtab atia <a4 rrfrbt, aad p? p?ilj tatanl, aa 1 * 1 o. tra not r?a * im* rnr mil' ?T kreMrat t? I ?r ?.|v. Tm ha c . ot r?a?r?M?il.i? to ka fr* |* 4 <* * ? T?rfc. tor otrlialaift, i r'? *? > iSciUMOB ft CO., *? W*l?tra?t. CILIKDHIU. ~~~~ niurorm itani "i carts*. covvisuon U K't-fin - '111 fn,')' r- '?Or * ft. I) Wall ilr >t Mi * v..f? -*# ne Ulr4 ft 0*. nd K. W. Clarka t> < ?? ft ('?, rhiladoinhia - l>a?H S? lr?*n ft C?,?nn- ? ft War i. l**.>wrt aaja. nuttiilni i la*r?-|> K ar4 No 11 art* far ?hipp*i>( lr?i *i?T?rt. r \'i HIV in ?SR* (HI. n ' 1 '?r?KN. llI.'H J l? ii? ir.'i) ? ' ' *?*'>lnt(. fit) rttr " , Oftllf#r?t?. *?ft' andiaa ?r<ir?4 I* . will M i>l?'o4 ?? ?* '< a*r? 't?- ?hip ?t"l t*14 k?n?M???thlf ftTuitlM ?|l t.aMofJr.'. ?* *?f?f .an ft i>rli J"**!* T Pnritt, 4*; ft I r?m?ll? ft Sailth, 4?.i t. T. Bn??. 4?.j B*?4 ft lUvla kl*aar __ IMTkoK ft 'Mk'fftI, MHf A*nMffl AMD U">W 1 m ?' ?? irarohanto, Oha ??, *. ?r? now pr? i?4 ti It r??r.l all % 'in r?nt ?a aar rut, fa-loa kntllfhft ran?M ' < ?, ?. k m4i* ir' Mr Mlftt lot tilt .*?? a#4lr? < !. W? ha?? al?n aid* ,rt"rm?ali *Jth ) ? "It * '' > . tr < - tr-v 'v i i? agon-a, a* - fnr atal O-ut", l? I**' tVra t >t > ? Do ?l*T >h? * f TATU>* Ira ?f . *1 " '"* ? Otl'M*. X*f<r>a?? fa Nop r .fh, J. r >.*r*T4% * *?, 44 Rr,?t,ar. m A* *r? J I'mH B???c *.r*at; Or via*. I? k I. 4 CtttiUn, r?!.*?*< M?i* _ Itir ft c*.. S?a r a?l llAVCLI.Rtfl ( II ?. ^ rw x % ?' ? ; - ',.* Hf t m ??4 Ffiitv'Thi% r ' r-.ii. i ? ?t->? i*ii lim.? tn 4H bom. ?( N?? Wft1Iri?*4. T^ra r?i<*4 i? $ (*r *.t< ?^a>, ii) it M i. r v<??k4 <ln*? l "vi ?w Vttl ?'' A M.. f- rn foot rf C . -M*bIt an4 at I.I.Ml If. fi m f oi of I. :-r?r rtart. t??ra rkl. CflfS itl I h' f 4. M. mH IP* .'to* faot of ttliil tm*. .-.11 ** 1r"* * j'? : *Om '*" .' l<?^ a * a ' '? " ?

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