Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.I jam ks gohdos bbshxi, propkietor and kd1t0k. mci h. w. corner or rirlion akd Nassau sit. THE DA11. V HE RAID, 2 rentt ptr oopy? %J per annum. l'HE WEEKL V IIEJiAl I), every Saturday, at . ent> per r**pf, ?r$3 per annum; the European edition. $-1 ;</' o...u.n, U mnyvart of li'nut Uritain, and%b to any part cj the Conm 0.*iit. loth to lude the pottapt. ALL LKH KK8 by mail,/or tubieriptio it. or with adver line me n!t, to be jtoet-paid, or me poitafe uiil be deducted J rom tk' money remitted. . , . I WlA TARYI ORRR8POSDESCE. ront.i ugv import,yd aem, tolkiled from any quarter oj the wo. id; y) uied, wul 0* tfberuUy paid for. Oi'R rnici(i? Oo*B?.irojiDr*Tii ill F??TICI I.ARI.Y R*t)Vll*TE? TO tl*i- A1X LtiTVKMt AM) Ficitcn ?ri*T to v?. . .. ... . SO NOTICE taken of anonynou* (ommnnkatwM. Wtdo n*l return thorn rej r< u.. AVVbRTlSPMr s TS rrnei.vd e-rry mon.iuf. .'OH tRMS I'lSti t.c .t'd iruh neutnef, ihtapiJH ai.d etvpateh. HuUUm TIII3 BVENINO. ITALIAN OFPRA. A8TOR I'LACE?LC;A Dl I.AX>:*an^rh-0*aiii 1'ivnrumwT. * <. * ERY Til EAT UK, Bowery?Gie:*r vi? Ml Kvtia. BROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway?Stra:?*e*?P?t. ricvAT Uorca.iMi.3T. FRTON'S TU EATRS, Ct amb?ri*tre?t? Rear to Ruin ? Vr r?i>.n i!? mi: Strais. NATIONAL THlATRB, Chatham Sijr.are?Shi* CAftft*r*t or St* VuBk?The Mabio Will. ?BRI?TT'S MINSTKEI.S, Ueot.kaici' UaH, tTJ Broadway ? IrmowAX Ui.xaTRigjT. TELLOWS' OPERA HOUSE, nl Bxoai ly-EraicriAN V]*IIT?BL*. AMERICAN U SE M-im'-iRO PlliOtkiXCtl Aictl ( on AM. Evktiise. N*W ^ ORk A U1' II1TIIEA1'Kf 7 Bo??ry-E?i * > r RIA' 1min-nuAJCis. WASHINGTON HALI.?Pakcbawa Oi F.:ori?: Psora am. _ TOFPANI IIALI.?Pakchama or CAUromn*. Vmt VorU. Thursday, Dtfembfr >. ISM). The r.a?< Ht Xoti l?y Telegraph. Very little bu?<inesc waa transacted by either house of Congress yesterday. The Senate adourned, niter tilling vacancies in the committeej, am! attending to 6orne minor mutters of no general iotcrest. In the House, Mr. Chandler announced \kt death of Mr. Lntjer, representative from the eleventh district of Pennsylvania,anda- amarkof je^pecttothe memory of the deceased, that body id)owned after pissing the customary resolution*. We learn that both houeeeof the < hio L'gisld?ure are at length fully organised, by the election ti a free soiler as Speaker of the House, and that I h free soil wbigaa presiding officer of the Senate, ty a majority of three. This would shew that th? Tr**e toilers in tho-e bodies exercise a controlling urfuence over the two old jarties. Now, if a >onth??rri Legislature elected orticerato preside ever jtt deliberations who were in favor of secession, r. ier:ible otiicry would be made in she Nor:h. Eut, * <' suppose, the South are to take no netice of this ftc'.on of the Ohio Legislature. When our I all r< irs our neighbor's ox, it is nothing; but it is ?t?it? a different matter when our neighbor's bull yores our ox. W> r'^ret to learn that an hospital for the insane w is destroyed by lire, yesterday morning, in Auirjsta, Maine, anil that twenty of the unfortunate uiiinatca perished in the llarnes. It was a dreadful oamalty. The m-lancholy particulars will be !< urn! under our telegraphic hetd. Arrival oftlie Kteanmltlp Arctic?Four Day* l.?t?r Xi ivi ti?m (lie Old World. The Arctic, the third of Collica' splendid line of ^v'ew York and Liverpool steamships, arrived here a: eight o'clock la^t evening, after a tempestuous jassage?having experienced, for eleven days in r>u cee.- ,on, a hoa\ y z tie from the westward, which thoroughly tested her machinery and sea qualities. J?h? brings four days later news from the old ?ori?J, the dttitla of which will bu found in our columns. There are two features of the in'.ellig?nre received by this arrival, which are oi great importance, vi; ?an r.dvan>.e of an eighth of a i?*ns.v tferlwg in the pr ce of cotton, and the probable ocitic termination of the German difficulty. 1 ne .nteliigcnce will be received with pleasure by the people. We doubted, fr? m the beuinu of. that the < >rmrn c,u>"BUon would result in m ar; for, notwithstanding th< reaction that ha Mkec place in Kurot<e sincr|tli? revolutions of l*!??e felt assured ihat the powersof Europe had their hail JI fa!!, in maintaining the existing order ol i.inrt? including the " right divine"?without exp*n?i .rg their wins and resources in figh'ing kr.-ini-t each other. Instead of em loying their cispiufl in that way, they will haaband it for the great center which ia certain of ukin? place, ^krouphout the whole of Europe, etween the oppr???ed many acd the privileged (ew. an-i which is veritable, sooner or later. The excitement in Lugiaad, c*.;-ed by the F<<pe a usurpation, a? it is calle , still exists. .1 Mi? day on which the Arctic aaile.', th?*re waa to he l Protectant detnomtration, and a serious disturbance wa? antic'pa'ed, ia consequent* of th? Catholic- beiaf >.ailed v^n, by pitards j -ateJ throughout lite c :y. to congregate an . o; pose it. Among the passenger* by the Arctic ia Mr. Clay, our late Charge de Atl-nrt to Torti ga , who 4e.nan<ie>. am recered hi* pasrforts fr>m that cauatry Mine tine since, ia con?e.uen:e of the 9t0fhie with the I'ai e?i States, relative to the ^ea Amis run* claim. Ti?e rrev.ien*, in his reccat message, ?ti'ed that thcdiiKL-nl y was na train of a<i ustmen*, and we have no oubt that Mr Clay's arrival in Wddtington will hasten ? ct'lem^at. The ?*tai/f of the r.ews wS. be f? uaJ in another yart of th s ay'* paper. lb? gnlivsl ||r|M>vt of tltr * ? ??? lm > of the We published, in yesterday's pip#r? tbe report of Secretary of the N'avy to the P*e*dent of the i'ni'ed Mites. It *ives an account of the o.era IW?n# of that arm of the government durinir the pint ffir, i'i mi! ob, id m i<eri? an i /in >* ntt, and the divoaiuoo of the several ve?sels of a!l clseeet tflonsinu t?> ih* s*n?ce. W> pcniifd it with a j.rrat deal ofin!?r'st. and found much m it to con. ita.1. Like the I'reaiden'.'a it ii j^rrpteious and to th* i <??!-withou' any unnece**ary verbiage, and conuins a srreat deal of i a terming matter concerning the navy. There are thi-r or four features of this rf; ort *h ch are w ell worthy of I*injrpondered aai acted ui by thf tiro honsea of CongrrM n<>w in aeasioa in VVa?uin ton. Thf lirat ia the defect which exist# in the ptesent onranizttioa of the department for the want of a tetireJ li*t for superannuated or derrepni o,"cer*. It ia a well known fact that there are ?e> eral ofl'cers in the navy, who. in conae jiieac e of a(<- and infirmity, nre incompetent to discharge h?ir do tie* in a proper ot satiaf&c'ory manner, and who ate better suited to liva quiet'y #.n?i comfortably oa shore, than endure the fatl.-iea, ?inr:er*, and CH*ualtie? of a lone ?ruiae. it ia that it i? no uncommon thins to h*ar of ottr n?tional on forei/n stations bring aevertl weeks, and fre^u^ii'ly many months, in port, the ch.eft in command being ?I?>I of rest, rod rr.*.Me to remain conMintly at art. fl is apparent (hit in Jwticr to thos?- superannuated pnhlic ?ervant? who h?ve ?)*nt their youth and manhood in the service of'hr couofry, tliey should he permitted to retire on a comfortable p'jb>i.?tenc? prod ded by government. ItUalto due tocheeflicieney of the navy, that ?uch a I*nm<i or retired list should be eatublish^d, aa well i to the you ok mut in the "ervice, who are await* in* year after year, w,:?e'imes twenty ye?rs, for promotion. Mr?|? deferral, it i? mud, inaketh the heart sick. If th?* is true, we should any there are many lick h'arta in the Amerfc?>n navy, at the presrnMime, from thia taut*. We are informed, I by the Secretary of the Navy, that the senior paferd midshipmen, now in th? service, ar* older than were I'erry, L>? catur, an<l Muclououfh,* ?^en ihey achiewd their victoriei which retWcted so much renown on the couitry; and the senior lieutenant* p?M the age when tuii*wy 4;ty ia reof in the Thi?*riee* frcm ' the fact that, accordm? to the present organization r ih?r? cmi hf nn Drnmnlinm f *i>n< in cases of death ?resignations In fact, promotion deprnds, aa Mr. Graham judiciously remarks, on the mere conditions and accidents of entailed estates in fuiiiily settlements. It is this that has made the Amenoau navy a "umily concern," a complaint that has been constantly made against it 1 for a series of years past?a few old fogies possessing all the j oets that are worth striving for. Under the present system, the ambition of the | young men in the navy is chilled, or entirely sup! pressed, because, no matter how meritorious may j be Ihe young officer, or no matter how ambitious | he may be, promotion comes no sooner to him, nor j any later to the worst in the service. The reme, d ee which the Secretary proposes for this defect in ; our present naval system, are, first, the or?aniza1 tion of a retired list; and secondly, that, hereafter, i i.mciu una 1101 seniority man de me mie 01 i promotion. II these reforms were applied, it is eisy to see that the whole navy would ' undergo a th? r> ugh reorganization, and would bei come much more efiic.ent than it ever was. The I m< ^t ambit.ou* and enterprising, and, therefore, the best yt ung <flicert would n-1, cs is now frequently 1 the case, leave the s< .n ii ^eust and, seek t? gutify their ambition n other j>r* fesaions, or in the 1 merchant service. .Another defect which the Se1 cretsry refers to, is the disparity between the ages 1 of the subaltern "tlicere-and their grades, and the i failure to provide Tor any promotion except in cases 1 . f vacancy. T< remedy he proposes? Fir.-t. To reduce the>?r of midshipmen, so as to 1 furnish only ho many as icay be r< paired to supply the hiyher grades. ? vacancies may occur. ^ecotJ To educate a number equally as great as that now ertabllsha'l. and to lix an age in avery grade, i upon the attainment of which. If no rasaucy exists for promotion, tfcey may be retired from the navy to find employment in th? merchant serTloe, and supply a reserved corps, ic case of war. of the mint efiiclent charI acter. The sub>ct of relative rank among the officers of the navy ha* engaged the attention of the Secretary. He propose* that officers in that service shouM hold th? same r- rank a^ofl'icers in the army, as is the case n Great Britain. He also suggests that tw< vice aimirals be created as the re. ward of meritorious and long service, one to be ttatii ne?l .n Washngt< a and the other in "San Fran ciseo?the latter to b^ invested command over all the naval officer? an>) seamen westjof theJRocky Mounts ns, as well aa the naval forces in the Taci" fic, and in the China a id East India seas. It iB clear tha: su. h an officer is necessary on that coast, removed as i: is so far lrom the City of Washington. It eppears that, in abol shing flogging in the ttvy, without [rovid'.ng for any substitute punishment, Congress has created some trouble and disorder in the service. It leaves otienders, he say3, exposed to the extreme penalty of human law, to which forcing was, in many instances, only a wilder alternative. This is certainly a matter o( great moment to the navy, and we have no doubt that CongreiH, in its wisdom, will soon remedy the temporary difficult) which their hasty legislation occur i one d. We are glad to perceive that the Secretary of the Navy is in favor of extending the mail steamship service, and recommends th? establishment of a line oi steamships or sailing vessels to run between San Francisco and Mucao or Shanghai in China. If any such line be formed, it is to be hoped that it will be composed of steamships. The experience which we have acquired is conclusive that they are the l*st; in fact, it Hoes not admit of a mo mini's nucttion, while, at the same time, they are admirably adapted for transporting the light and valuable merchandise of the JI t??t, such as silks, tea?, ?.Vc , Arc. Mr. Graham is perfectly right in raying that th?- merchant steamships are a valuable acquisition to the navy, and we are gUd to see thit the prejudice which e.\iats in certain garters that | wt know of, towarda the trail s'eantship system, has- not reached him. The mail contract system ' should be filtered, encouraged, an 1 extended, in every reasonable way, ana ought never to bj abandoned. Aa we ti&ve repeatedly shown, it farniches the country with an arm of defence or offence, the cost of which, in time of i>eace, is comI aratively triling, while it afl'orda to the young nen of the navy the opjicrtuniiy of acquiring a i perfect i.nowledg- find e.\perience of steam as a mothe power ou the ocean, a d?-sidrratuni not to l>e overlool.ed by any government, especially ours. We like the re, ;>rt, and hope that Congress will promptly act upon the nuny \iluable suggestions which i: contains. mrtt vfl n? Ftatk I.eotsi at' rk* ?The Legislatures >t the following State* hold their aessioHs dur nr th^ present season. The time of meeting rr.d the st^te i f j m the Legislatures are also given. rrATrs. tmtFMiiiiM, min. iisrtc. H H n N^rth Carolina.. ,.N< t. U 1?4<). ?^J 27- 4T M Houth carotin* . .No*. l)sra. majority. HorMs Nor. 4. " P 1" - H i.1 irsiaeit r i. nf* Id extra ration. Pem. ma.orlt*. Ark?D-H9 Not. 4. 1?30. 4 Hi ? Ul 61 ? Kentucky Dee. 2. " 25 41 ? 5.? 45 ? Ohio Dee. 2. ' 17 1? 3 34 8 2 6 Indiana Dee. 2, " Dam majority. Ybginla We. 2. " Dam. majority. Iow? Dae. 2, ' IS ? 4 <il Vigour1. Dae 3o ' Wm majority. Ma<?*ebut?tta>. ..Jan 1. 1M1. ? ? Nrw\ork 7. 17 1 i ? Si 40 New .i?rifT Jan. 14. " 10 10 ? 'H 3" ? lvari'i . . . .'an 7. " I" ]< ? 41 ts ? I'-ia* ?r? Jan 7, " 4 6 ? 7 14 ? Mfblran Jan. ' ' 6 15 3 24 ? Wlteratia Jan C .: 14 : 11 18 7 fillfirn'a ..lac. i' " Not y?t known. Kl. Jf I?la<i J. . .Jan . a.djcur?ed Mfkn Whijmai. lb the ' gl'Iattir* ' IMiiacarl th-re If a democratic Majority?but thr whl** ted anil r>rnt(<n (ibm?crat? cutnumbar tb# Irland* of l!*nton - Tbe UflMM o; Ma>-?cbo**tt? eenrlut* ot forty ??natore. and tbr?a hundred and Ifty j'.i KepreeectatlTn when lu. 1 Tbr drinoerat* au>l lFt>o||?rabtTn ?i?ot'<J a B.a.oilty of mt-m Vr* arrr the wblja. In both j ?tin'-h??. < f the aboTe L*e aU:?re?, the following are to el'ct I n.ted Stt'ea Senator*. viz ri rWa In j !?<*? of W'Id T. Vale* dem. Oblc " The*. } ?! ?. whlii Indium n Je??* IV Height, d-iu Mritlnla. " .Tan?i V. ilf n X?-m 'huerii* " Hil<?rlC Wtntbrop. wb!jf 1 N'rt 1erk.ii, " l'?nl?ll DI>'Uhm, d?m. New Jfmv., , ' William I.. Dayton, whig. )>nn*)ltan'.a . " I'a at I Jtartaor il.-rn D<lawarr, .. . . ' John Wa'?, whlf. , MI>I Uat Law In Caea. d? m Microti...., Th"ii-a? f! Kenton, d??m | W ii > nnaln... . " |i?nry I'odfw. d?w< Calilorala.... . '' John C. k r?m<'Wt, <lam I 1; bode I aland.. Albert C. U r??M. whij. It in irobtUe thai tlie whig* will Iner thrre I Sratern, vu i .MtrtuhH' tt?, New Jm< v, kn<< I Ha* are, and ira n <w >n New York. Th? Let iatorrs of I Inr <li and California ai?doubtful. several seata bring contested in the former Slat*, and the return^ from the Utter not being* complete at ettr latest ndtiees. QrA**r.'.? / >v, tii?c I k. icnnrr.~-ft would ft m as if the de&iocrMa w?rr not yet a united jsirtf. They are *jturrei:iojf still, and growling and ?n'nt*l,n? at etch r<th<*r ai much as u#ual. 1 At the If.te elec'ion for members of Yoitag M? n's Democratic ( c mi'teea, the honker* did their best to outgeneral th* barnburners, and srcure the ret'.;r? of a nworitjr of their friends. The 1 urn' trners d ' thf **w. The d\nou*?s. at al! fvejita, have no occasion to firht about the division of the spoils, for after sucking ther f^ws, ns hears do in winter, for two yenrs part #rmore, ihey are no nearer to th? fl<"shpot? thun they wa?e at their first defeat. We suppose it is hinge- that h?? diaturbrd their eqiaDirr.ity, and was thf cause of the recent squabbles in their rnnk?. I ?T? l?'N POSTO R -O <i??. Irfifl* * *lt.?T*>S srrtrtl sf t? s Vflf Nartt!sM Csf>t. Ntlaon, yrsVriajr, fit u? in t?f dttsi to ths 1f>tti alt, fr?ra Pours At ths tin* ths Ttarltlskl l?ft, all Ike troops an ! ?ttit*as ws i.nJsr arms by orders! ths Governor, who wss momentarily sap. cling an atts-k from a ft>TS" nnd?r n?o l.oper. %ho hid b?sa reported la t*?s tlelnlty of Pon-a. ?lth ? l?r?e ores to ta'NS th? kltid. | The Ifehakltants *?re u?.i*r irrtst f**x. and patrolled tbs ?hs*f? an4 outuhlrt* ot t*s elty day and sight. Ws ths ^ulxftle Qwkeral is still ?o??wh?rs 1 tb* t<-?rUa?j *f 1l ? ' ?!? < Bta'.o* ' fs?fjrt< p* to f Gkobob Thompson, the Arcuno*ibt.?It if Mid that this gentleman, who haa rendered him elf ao aotorieus by his lectures on American " slavery, and his attempt to interfere with our in- ti tern&l affairs and institutions, is about to deliver a * series of lectures in eanaia, on British colonial d history. We hoi<e the report is true, and if he is ? overflowing with the milk of human kindness, as L his friends say he is, he will hnd abundance of * matter in that subject, on which to expand him- i self. We would suggest to hi-n the propriety of ? lecturing on white slavery in Great Britain, which ' is infinitely more galling than negro slavery in the United States, and which does n?t permit the slaves, male or female, young or old, to see the light of day for a week at a time, according to the reports submitted to Parliament. We allude to the slaves in the coal mines. In those abodes of misery, the male Slaves, in a state of almost complete nudity, ply the ' pick-axe and fill the crates, which the women, I with scarcely enoueh covering to hide their nakedness, carry away. Many of them, male j ! and female, never Heard of the Saviour of the ; world, as has been proved. The very negro j slaves of the South are better treated than this, and many of them voluntarily contributed their money to the purchase of food lor the starving white slaves of Great Britain, during the late famine in Ireland and Scotland, a year or two ago. Slavery, indeed! Look at home, and you will find it in perfection. What would England now give if slavery had not been abolished in the West Indies 1 Removal of the Caiital from Alpany to Nlw York.?It is said that a vigorous eii'ort will | be made, at the ne.\t session of the Legislature of tliis State, to remove the capital from Albmy to this metropolis. We do not know bnt that this is ' ' a good idea. The reason of establishing the capi- | tal in Albany, was on account of its central position. In this age of steam, however, when the State is intersected by railroads, this reason will not apply, for the members from the most distant I part of the State could reach New York in a day | f nd a half or two days. We apprehend the " rural j districts'' will hardly consent to this change. We i shall fee, however. Airlvnl of tUe V, 5. Frigate Hrauilytvlnc. The L. g. frigate ttrsndywin#. Capt. Charles Board- j ' man. - bearing the brood pennant ol Commode re Geo. W. Btorer, arrived below ?n Tuecd&y evening. She tailed from Norfolk for the Kraril station on the Sth of September. 1847, and saiiid ircm Rio de Janeiro Octo- ' ber 18th, 18S0, for New York. The following!? a list of ber officers: ? Charles Woodman, Captain: Luther StcddarJ T.'eut enact; Samuel Larkin. do.; J K. SI. Mulany, i do.; J. J. liudrie. do.; Kdward Fit/gerald. Purser; | lieDjamin F. Lache, Fleet Surgeon; Philip Sam- , da'.". Aifistant Surgeon- John L. Lenhart, Chaplain: , . | Hichard T, Law, Acting Master; John CG ray son. Viral i Lieut. of Murines; Jucob J Storer, Com. Secretary; i : j JohnT Benand. Passed Midshipman; Thee B. Wa\, j ker. do do ; John G. Fprocon. Midshipman; Randolph j K llnese. do ; John P r?kcr. do ; William G win, do ; i i L'ajtrd E. Hand do.: Itibert T. Chapman, do.: Joseph Moulobi* ('attain s Clerk; Klijah Goodridge, Jr., Purser e Clerk; Wm. Smith. Koatswain; Thomas P. \ enable, Gunner: Joseph Cox, Carpenter. Mr. Chan. Eroadland and four seamen, from the U 8. sloop St. Louis and six eestnen from the U. 8. frigate Codgrtss. bare come home in the Erandywine, sirk. She hat also brought as passengers Major I'hos. S. Morgan, la'.e Secretary of Li gation at Rio. and son; I and eight teamen rent by Mr Kent, the American C< usul at Rio de Janeiro, u mutineers. belonging to tke ebip Henry, of Boston, bound to San Francisjo, 1 which ship got as far South as 44. and had to return to Rio, en account of the mutiny. She there shipped a , new crew, and proceeded on her toyagetoSan Fran- I rlsco. The mate, Lewis E. Jackson and Henry Taj lor, j ' boy, are on board as witnesses. I The Hiandywin* crossed the Equator on the 4th of 1 November, lfc'47, 52 days from Lynnharen Bay. and re- 1 j crossed it on the 4th ot November, I860, in 17 days from Rio de Janeiro. i The following is the list of deaths on board the 1 ' I'randynto* due hrr departure from the I'nited Mutes. Pec. 27. 1847. Tfcos. Iiamm< .?d, seaman. at Itlo. Not 8. 1848. Cl>*? M Woodhouse. C. A. U., at do. Jan 20 1849 Peter Johnson. boaUwain'* mate, at aea a uur io int. Biwui lijuiu miMu. ai ntu. judo 11, 184U Benj. Chamber*, do., do. Deo. 10,1840, Philip Kebinsen. do., at tea Jan. 0. I860. James Kitehle, landsman. at Montevideo Feb. 15. lboO. Ktchd. Walker, quarter gunner, at do. March 17,1850. Simon Ayres, surgeon's steward, at sea. March 21. lh">0. Thomav L. Dance,acting ma*ter. at do. March 25.1*50, Raliord W. Irti,' midrhipman. at do. Mar^h 25. 1850. Jam-sO. J 1'sher, Captain's clerk, at do. April 12. 1850, J antes 8. Tibllts. landsman, at Montevideo. May 19, 1850. Edward Reid, seaman at do. June 24. ISM. James II. j (tocdwln. do . do. Thomas Veeny, (sept '* cook), suj femumerary. transferred from the I nited States ship I ft. Loui* The I'. 8. steamship sailed this morning, 1 in obedknee to a tdegraptic despatch receive! ea Tuestfay evening. Bhe will tonch at Norfolk lor Commodore Parker, and thence probably proceed to ihe We?t Indies. The following is a lift of herofl1:er*: ? i Jofiah Tat Lai, Captain, Thomas L. Brent.O Carr. W. May. and Oeoige Well*. Lieutenants; A N. Smith. | Bailing Ma'ter, N PinkLey. Surgeon; M Duvall i'asa'd 1 i Ais t no ; J.J. Jon*s. Purser; J. T. Doughty Lieut. . Marine*; J. P 8lall. Pas*?d Midshipman. D L. Braine. ; J Rowan. B. Uheiadi. T. Rainey. ?. idchipmen; W.W. W. Wood. Chief Engineer; M yuin W. L. Lynch, D. j ; j Mapt*. J. W. Park*, aad A. C. Jacks* n, Assistant*; i John <'rosby. Boatswain; U liobinson, t>tinner; Cuan. , , Boardman Carpenter; J. inner. Sailmakrr. Captain H II Pearson has resigned the command of ! the iteamship I'liilaoelf hia to Lieutenant k' Stanley. \ i l'. fl N Captain P. goea to tiia Paollio to re-um? the ct n:m*nd ol the steamship Oregon The t'. 8 *bip Albabv. UommaQdi'r Charles T Tlttf, left the navy yard. at Charleston Mesa, on Taesday. tor the tiult of Mexico, where i lie i* tc> be the Uag-ship if Com Di odor e Fox hall A Parker of the llomeS^adr? n Mie was toivi d down the harbor, and aarborej ii .u,tucket lii.a.Js where ?he remained at night Mnrlne Affaire. 8titin roa Ei aosr.?Th* R. M. steamship Xiaf*ra. || Captain Stone, lef. yesterday, at noon, for Liverpool. j (fct earrltd out 5 3>M62 in ?pa?la The name* of her parirugira? ?f:y two in nu-niat?will be found under onr head. BrriMaiur Ai ***?? will 1>ii? NawOrlcani far T?IiUBlt f ?c on tba lotb ln*t Initeai if the 6th a* |>r?Tiouil; announced Laisc mi o.?At Di receu'ly, by M**?r*. Auitiu f. Catter. a ililp ol 1.J4T Una, and atNewcaatle Mr . n *bip of 410 ton*. < (Bid I jr the builder, Mr. Ilmry Hitchcock Tur |Tti"?Mir PiiiLaoti rwr* Tbi* *pl*ndid j ?hlp arrived *t our f ort niiy je?tndaj mrraingln nine daj* frtm New York, with* laiuahla f:right -fgjoN | and J1,3Mi 'H 0 in coin, eon^ned to rarl'iu* ban ker. 1 mmgb*r pa >eag?r? i< Matt*. FaMua Stanley, t*. 8 I N who will hereafter take command ol bar.?A. ir I I hI irtm. .Nor. u. The brig I'arld K. A kin. Captain Power arrived at j R?r Hiit on tba lWtb in*taa:. Irrnu Philadelphia. bating on board a party eca*l*t|ng af thirtvaW nvn I vnder tba eotEmaml ol Mr l.ean. for the purpoae of eot tructing an ir> liphr bouae on (*and Kay. V* ncderftar d. that Majir Llunaid. 1 nitad Stfttaa Topo- 1 i Rtapblcftl tinglnier. will itma toon to ?npar|ntend it* ct nattorti'-n. It I* rninor?4 that tbagararamant j intend* to flnlih tba light bona* already MBiawNd j ' o? Oaryafi rd Riaf Mt ti*i ???i> Diatii ?The ah I p Kel*o Tone*. irrired ?t lloni. K? rr on t|.e 14tli fepte?nh*r ftotn fan r ancle'o^Tfe captain r*p< rt*t that about threw war t* go ha waa Infm m ?J h/ two of hi >raw that a mu'mo u | l'aiiag prevailed among part of tba *hlp'? company. ' ?l.o i?a determined to n.urder lilauelf. the atawari, ?t d carpinttf. and piraUaally lia upon tba raaaal. in bleb tnej mpecte I to tind a Urge amount of treaIauia. On Uia avanitif n which tba piracy waa at- I tmiptid ba (Ur lane*; having pravl nily bad informaiioti of tbi intention of tba rtcfleadern. r?drad n ?t ' *)< r?bin b? waa accurtonad to u*?. but to an a Ijtirlr g on*, tba atewnrit alao. by hi* ordara. changing i hia *l?>-ptng plftfa Tho nniMtii?r? aoon nf'ef bro'ia i I opan thi arm cheat, and poa*?*?ed thrmaelvea of l;? I (oiliili : bat firtunuteiy it ?oatain<a no pnw lrr i Ota ot tba rin Incur* rrawlin* > n ht? hinla and , knaia Into tba cabin that had l>.-"u raca'cl gara I IntlsatioN that th* rootnmi far action ha I eonta. Mr. Jem* tall r pr tha mnn who enleatarel to pro^r?<* ! and i ??catr bi.< wtirdrrnn* latratirn. fireil urt ahnt j r Mr* i. PTil ifit infill?t ij r . DI? Wpj lurimcii tc? if*.# |?ocp b?? found th? ail | *iL<rt. *tip. ralliDR ujin tb'tn to l?y doan thMr nr. b?* oi?ar v?? f b*y< d Vy alt wa bn> on*. I abo andt at< r?d atill la lnllai:4au v. I ti ?r lilir I Mr Im mi| n tfcic lal.itturd tlw runh- wr il 1 rail ( lift n L>m i t>i ? f?v?r?l f> lay hi? n-Mfion, ' and fumirr. acd ibat. ur,n ? h!? dMug lo )> irotlo li'tn. 'ibr man p?ra'.?t? 1 ih? ma?'.?r find, mtilaily b'rn. ?h*? Iba tnuliay vim .,n< I ltd TCP i >'? a i * li?? av tbapoUi >( * ..m in ttit> CiiU llcipital " Vr.Trtty at \<W?. JC!Mo itfiri .wnuiara Ir^aantl/, bafora tb p-iMla lata b>an lain bt In an'lr ja'.a any *"?t rrittrpriia. ! Ila b?> dT'J-d to aloa? hi* hntiaa f ir lbr?i i Ifhta. an 1 ( mi Mci i?>7 will Mt< ni#li tha patron ( bi? popular av U'llltitutvllk ?r? p|rir trhlrh ha kM rlrt. a 1*-r? mm of mm?y. II la r*|l?d ' Matttlu, or tha I Iv'ubt 0*1 " a ad II la rum mi thai it wll! (r*4ta qalto , an rxalt'Umt In t>?<? ni*trnpn|la. by tba originality i t Itatfrflyii arl I j tha tnlmiut!' |i rtnrmancf of th# 1'kTrl ii ?y. >vhoaratn prcaut It to th# pohll* T h* r?bira??l* an- now r^n?tarit. and a??ry 1?t ani r.t?ht tr*T,r?" r* *r* ?*'ff ' * <" f'T? thla ?or?|?y an nt.r?t a ! * r?? ? ? I ',-t /Tlt'alor -a rf lb- ?W.1?rl?l ?!" M f?tl <: it Vnti 'aj t'iU, W ? ! Wbt*. I* ?. i!-t? ti : ? atti o'ptrp .la'kn. City Intelligent?. j He*#* t? the iLLcrraiovt Dud.?ObHQSlM in | nf tkv 1st* Onl B M lnhaann wilt l.a erformnJ at Ttmmuy Ball, to-morrow erening, by k? ItvEin; Society, or Columbian Order .the d*aasud bating been a ember of the order. The e?r?icniea will consist of a prayer an introductory adjess, a eulogy on tk? deceased, fc.o. The service* will onme&ce at baH paat?even o'clock, and ticket* eaa .? bad, without charge, of Ex-Mayor Mickle. and other ueinber* of the society. No person will be admitted rUhout a ticket. Tin i atk Ai ci?knt ok the Kew Jerskv Railroad.? "he coroner's jury in the case of the death at J. Alexander, who wis killed by a collision ol the Philadelphia ind Peterson trains. on the 1st instant, brought in a rerdict that the collision was the result of carelessness ;n the part of those hatiig the management of the Faterft n train. The Philadelphia train was oQ the .rack at the time. Br* 0\rR.-A man named Radford was knocked lown and run over by a carriage at the corner of < ourtandt street and Broadway, on Wednesday night mil very much Injured. Ue was taken home by one of :he Third ward police. Diath sv Inflammatio* if the Throat.?Coroner >?.r Mi an inquest yesterday at Nr> 61 Mulberry itreet. on the body of Kllen Doyle, aged 49 yeari. a na- I tire ot Ireland, who cttme to her death suddenly by an -xtTsire swelling tea iDDummiuog in me tnroai. Aitimft to Commit Siiiide ?A man by the name of ''.moo Urjan attempted to commit suicide on Tueaday [ii,.:M t.y jumping twice into the river. Officer Harris. ?fth? kirst ward police, succeeded both timea in rescuing the man tiom water jr pray* FihKD.?A fire ?m discovered in the store 103 Front itrfet, occupied by < hamberlain, Robinson \ Co . a? balf part seven o'clock yesterday morning. It orlgiDated in an office in the building occupied by J. 0. ] [?bam (Hope Mill* Co.). and did trifling da mar* The poliee of the First ward had nearly extinguished the l!ames before the liremen arrived The store 1# filled with Taluable and inflammable good*, and it is very Fortunate the Are wax ao soon checked A fire broke out yesterday morning in the grocery (tore No 129 Pitt street. ?Inch was extinguished with trilling ilamaee. Another broke out at five o'clock also y?tterday morning in Tomlinsou's block and pump shop, rorner <>t Filth an'. Lewis streets. TLe prompt action nt tbe liremen and private watelimen prevented it ppreading much and the damage sustained was unimportant. Boon after, there was another rail upon the department, proceeding from the store No. 12U Piatt itreet. much damage was done. Alao. about halfpast one o'clock, a fire broke out in tte cellar cl the store 81S Pearl street; damage trifling. Police Intelligence. Tht Cane 0/ John I). Jaekwn.?This case, in which Kt. Jackson stan4* charged with obtaining several hundred dollars worth or liquor, by false pretences, from Mr Lewis J. Jones, was called up lore J ustic* Oaborn, on a hearing Some of the witnesses were examined; but. thus far. there dees not appear to be evidence enough to sustain the charge of lalse pretences. The examination, hewever. was not onclud'-d, but adjourned over until 2 o'clck to day. Chew < / a DvLt/e Jtigamv.? Officer Acker arrested, y^terday a wan by the on me of Joseph George, on a

wsriaut issued by Justice Unborn win rein hi* stand* charged with bigamy. This case is somewhat remarkaKlat u> tli* firtt wi'k hn? nlan tnoUifr man It feeinr that Oeorge left bis wit? tor some time an 1, during his al>F?nce. the wit*' waf informed that ho was dead mid ooon after she married a G<*rman printer.doing business ia Vesey street. tleorge, In the mean time, waa not idle l>ut paid bi? attentions to a pretty young woman by the name of Stanton, and finally, about two weeks since, Inductd her to marry him The father of Mi s Stanton becoming enraged at the deception practised by fleorge. has brought the whole matter before tfce police authorities. and the arre'ts hare bees ma le and tbe parties detained to answer. The cafe will po? ibly undergo a hearing Charge of Prrjury.?Ye>t?fday. officer S J. Smith arrested a man by the name of Henrr V Maker, on a charge of perjury, in swearing (alselv before the Court r>f Co&mon P'ea*. in a divorce cas* pending between lieorge E. Barr and his wile Cornelia which evidence. ?* sworn to by the accused. mi considered material to the matter at issue. J uatloe O?bora held the accused to bail in f.1.000 to answer the charge. Itom (1 of Kditcufion. Di< 4.?E. C. Benedict. Esq . the President, in the cbair The clerk r?ad the ninnies of the la<t proceedings, which were approved. Several communications respecting new fchools, were referred to the comxuitUe. Put Hi S< htnl $o< lyTl?? Preaident announced that ho had received k (omaiunir.atin from the Public School Society which represented that there is a d?Bniency of f4S COO. whi~h it will be neoe*>ary to supply to meet their (utlay. and tha*. aa they are empowered by law. they look t'T the means to dt> so to the Board of Education . referred to tfce FiuancaComBlttM Thr ?Qpptopriativn fur (Kit Poarrt. ? Tht President also innouueed that he had received a communication rroia the City Cotnptroller. requesting that he be furtfc In 'I with an estimate ol the auto* required for next year t'T thia department. A a the letter wai received ilcw the last meeting oi tbe Hoard, ho (the Preaident) ind the Clerk to whom tbe communication was addressed. anawered it. M it required an immediate reply. It appeared, from the statement furnished by Lbe President and Clvr a. that the sum of ^270,'WS 3J >a< appropriated for the expense* of the current fear, but in fcn''"i????? ol the applications for new ( Loots, and the vaitous expenses specified, it appeared that the a?V'ral items would amount, in the aggre*?? <> *631.Til TT. and for which sum tliw President lent in hla estimate to tbe Comptroller, tor the ensuing year The letter ol the Preeideut and Cleric waa adopted by tbe Beard. On l.all< t Mr. Denny waa appointed a member of I rutive Con mltter of 1 roe Academies. in room of Mr Towers, whote teru ol ofiice had expired. Adjourned I*. S District Attorney's Oftlor. P?< . 4 ?Lhargt nf Murilrr nn tumrd V. S. Frigah t.i. n. jit,>i. rieueira irmirl t a >*auian on t>" am .lie I bitcd Mat<? frigate Bland) wia?. bif be. n arreted a charge nf having murjt n d Kdwar J K- < a n'.ip u>?tr. while lb* wa.i lying In th<* port ol Uonttnd*n ('II the l! th May lant Ki.nn the deposition of rue ol th. e.-ew, It appeared tbat a dilflcnlty aroae between Franci* and Hcil, when they |uarr*Ui-d. at) 1 itru|<glirg. nil tofetlur; will* do >u th* acouaed >tabl.< d Ktx >1 with liia fl.lp ki.ife la the aSJomen, ahich cauatd de?th In a Itw hour* afteraardi Mr liall 1.8 BUtrict Attorney. caused a warrant to be iatutd. yeaterday evening. for tbe appn h> urb>n of the ?c?? fd.*ho litinw conrn j on 1 iard the frigate in boa*. and will be brought up to day lot \aaimati"n Ibtf"'* X'liny at Sri Nicholaa 8uillU. Kranoia Moiils. 1 ml L)e.?moud 1 lanrin Capana K*t>-r Prarage, Uaf>ff# gbeppard. Michael Coii'-iif and .lobn I'atriok, right c.f the nrea ol the American nhlp llanry. nf Hon tar. Cant. thrlatophir (ill! war* ve>-t*rdaT charged ?illi ? u. | " i tr m itlny on i 1 tl.nt vr kX while on liar 111* Tiiyma from llO'lm. to .-an l'rai?oi?co Tb?ir art <1 II. :li>y run iruied dining all th-? rotage frrm Boaton till they were mar It to da Jamlio wbfii the captain put lalo that port in July laet. Tlic mutineer/" w?r? Immediately Lao led over to Ibe American Conaul at It la. who e%u?ed thein to be liiirtrlroBrd until tbe anth ol October, wb^nthey wiri plactd on board th? llrant*y?ia<' to b? br.'Uiiht lo New York f?>r Tb. aceured were In a comI ete rtate ol into).'ruination. they tr?>(aent|y r? lu?> d to d<. duly, and were armed l?r tbe gnater part ril tbe lime with pWtrl*. c?tla-?*a marlin pike* :?c. tt arrant" bat* baen i??ti?d ana n>t thein by t be I * . I>i?tilet Attorney, and tb?y wbl be brougnt uj> tbin ilay fcr ???..cation ( oiiimmi Fitlt. it rHAMftri. Tbe Hen Judge I'aly presiding. l?i .T i I . On,.. - In tbe ni?!!.r of !' lil :.! fcott aid ? ** r W r _tb'. .. . n~e<l to I Be and iniprlaonmont by tb Mayor, lor drltlnj nt>lie<n*e<i omcltuv. ?nl wbn war* I't riibt up on *i'<. i.?i;. b* lora thli ronrt Judge Duly ga>> the ''ollowlrg decl-Un Th' r< u^rii'mect I t tlrtne rt which the re|atcr> are detained t? iu?ufficitnt. Therein no ?urh offeree pnn!?b?Me bylaw ir?i jniwn iiiey arn all*: "i i? I *r? i n o-irrlrtfd Theeljhth ?e?tlf.n at title n? of the of>lir an-? r*l?tlng to iU|?< and crmmoJatlna ra'hi-*, t-rinird May S. 18 prohlMt* any pir-oa Iron k??prp: rr driving any Mt|?. kl. ' for hire of vrvjfea aithout lltmrr ut J?r a prnalty of fifty dollar*, rhe < fli-nre dracnl-ed la tbv roinmitm<n' la the drlvlnp of a a tag* or aecinani" la'> >a r ?rh 'or wblrb no Urene* ?a* ?rart?d " Tbe hrep. I Kg or driving of an unllrenaed >!?(? i? no riolatloa <f the ordloanc# 1 lit ofl(nr? ronalat* In Ueplrg or driving It for birr cr wafra. lint. efra Il he r? ton itnv nt rperlfled an (-IT'tie* p-oinilt?<i hy w. and of vthlrb bia honor tb* Mayoi bad jurNdte ;]? . tha viol more are ttUl> d to tbrlr dl*rb*r.:a upon hr rrnind :bat 10 record of tbrlr < on Intloa ba< been lied with tl.o Cleth of the Pearion* In tb? mnnn*r rr. ial<r<J by the t bird iectUa of the art <4 1*1'. I" oplr rr liufTy The otbtr queatloa ralard upon the h?*rng may be Minmarilr di*po??d of. The objeetina to he riannir of conviction the lmpo.-lil.iii of fin* an J inprltrrBi) nt. vndrr tbe twenty tlr?t rotli ? of the i i?t r f Itv t rad of th? penalty of < '? irertrlbi'd br h? ordinar y MMl irMwMt Mn ran I f be Mayor ?ire4 in lnipo?ln? It. the rrror la to be WMtrl upao ? writ ot ortimmi brtaglac tip tha I eerrd. Po a* If the obJerMaa 10 theMaycr aeastam >< r of tha Corf nation acting juUieiailj thmijb thi* ' vnt I a* beta reeraliy pn-'vd npon tba Pup,em* . pcatl havlag It > 1 11.a* an .\M?rman nay Ve a ?ltn- ? i n a ?t?tt tK' up f<>r rr agalaat the Corporation. , M he la o-l. in mk I Hf to ba d' Wirl a p-irty rithtn lh.?* mitring af tha ?Utate. Tniv. and the , artoua i lb?r otjenlon* lo the a^da of proceeding. :ui't be btongbt up and reviartd only upon ike reeord bat har a?.t t>een made vp ar.d li t 1 wM h oanaaloa , " of lt>*|f iuttrleal to entitle th" relet or a t? (Mf digbarge. Htldgrv nfr flroivlvi ??>. T" ' 1 111 > l t < > or tin HI Ml 1< ' tt Ir at I'mer difficult to ero?r l.rtadvraj ?t?i| ?ome b?r fin *t? r f Jew Vrrk etcn to raparii- r? J dodgtv: and ti'-. .rtrr'ne the nramify of being mora ?r I?yr< t'feft finding an rapoMtmlty to ro?? br? | ill' * tho ftom thn tun4 In r?tuy n?fc?r arid. r.ct lhil'i?tt(kll. th* J?tnj?r wh??th? oil** ?f? ?!'l ; i-ry ?? n? nln.v th? too r*tc.?? Mrl'ii nt? vTlrb bar* huppri cj. It ???m? dm)i^blr. Isarrry r<?p*ct, tb?.t woir ni?*ti* w?t? d?*i*?i I fn 1)t>K In lh> | iiillo ! ?* TiTfiji rtr??. Why, | ii T>?-tlhrfv bru'K'fi OT?r "rn* l??j Th# ?talw. '! bmlpht??*m u.??njy >n ae">ant of I h? ti<J trij b# mad' nrt to lnf?rVr? w I'h It *t ' II. A bri Jtr Ur j? t uough bat f r two row ? of p?.l ?ri?r? *o?M uni i?r. id 1 tb? ntntrn v riffbt ?n*l?? to t. two al r?? b ?i4 Ivti hnt tot our t. r.ii *<'Ul>l not project ?u> ?n(>: ? f ii th? ?I4? way than | b? :me:-T9?? tr?r? lamp r"*f- fca .<which #|>ae? l? l l? jutneaat) mi-! ? onto. ffn?f i at n'lf ?o' l?t?rl-i e ' ith thr rtcr wbU ani j>a?>...r? br. '???' p?lr efatalri 1 i. ttth ed ?f tti t-rt<)(0 i-iy tb?w? toward* up 1: Mid tnlwll |r ior (*>>aa wl. t?r*nd t?4 thn ibtt filt. n itrr?t. ?*olu' lr<?ly tiir th"#? l:?* d? ? td til m the btlJr* It eoulJ rrVt r? hmr "lur- r ? b?>'< n >' ' a>i - "H tli* ?i I#. jr?y. and on an t?h litf with th? ?talr? A f?w fnorr lnm btldi(?* of f ?t bin 1 *f ti|<J i.'t rnly b? in-hnu-lro. but *!*> or?b ?n?al to tl? #tr- ?t. ?r>d a rtr?4 "Mfn'-at*. both rnln'iil 'kIh! . Wl*. 1?? * II 7. <i II T. luteal, Piioh OrvMt pi Vebgv.?Lut night, PutiU ^ agala triuatpbed la her pereonatlon of Omu,iiftuiag lata the character aU that delicacy. paaaiou and i energy which are neoaaaary to a correct portraiture. 1 We need eearecly ray that bar acting wai inimitable, , aad that bar vocallaatlon waaluch aj might be expected from one who weare tba mantle of Paata. Loriai waa la good vole*, and eang excellently wall. , TfrriTinu' much applause, which h? merited We have Mldam beard him (lag with more effect, particularly in thit rtrnt ant of th? oi)?rt ?kflr? hii ailva* tAna were ringing clear and pr?ciM. Parodl and Lorini were called belore the curtain, with Avigncnl. who tang with much taste and fettling. The former was summoned to receive tbe plaudits of the audience at the nd of every act. and was - It luch talent oan b?? complimented by bouquets It will be many years before we (ball ha\e another Paxodl. Bcttiiu's Fiair Ni'.ht, *m> First Ri:iiuiiul ?Btttinl will ting for tb? first and only time in this city, the rult oi Kdgardo, in LucU di Lammermoor, to-night. If the public are aware of what they have to expect, there will not be a vacant seat in the house. We heard this masterly tencr. at rehearsal yesterday, and may as well prepare the publlo to listen t? the most finished ttnor that bar been heard in this country. Balvl is a great artiet. and has a delicious style Uettini's styliif fully equsl to Balvi's, and bis voice is fresher, fuller, stronger, sweeter, and calculated to make one of the most mtonishio* excitements in the musical world j Bettini has a'mimv i'i/nr:o of tbe purest quality?is an accomplished musician - and. we believe, may be ranked as first in tbe art With a commandingflgure. and every requisite for success; we can promise for him ! such a reception as he merits. Really, at least, we have two of the greatest vo*-all<ts in the world at the Ahtor Place Opera Moure. Will the public discover this fact, before it is too late to enjoy tbe treat, to be < offered lor a few days only ? We shall see. Jianif Rkv.oiksom's Coxci:?t.?The celebrated Jeanie Keynoldson gave htr aecond concert at the Taber! naclts las: eveniu^assisttd by Miss Louise Stanly and .ni'DB. lillijet. Tf C 11 Atcuvu nun ^K Ui, vicaruic ?v iw throughout. Jeanie sung some of the old Scotch ballads in extremely good taste. and In a manner replete with pathos and leellng. We have seldom 1j- r. a the ' Heather Hills,' John Anderson my Joe," or the 'MacOregor's Gathering' bitter sung than the/ were last evening by Jennie. Miss Sttnly likewise is entitled to all praise for the style in which she sailg "Kathleen y. .. u aud the 1'rince. ' Mr. Uillyer acquitted himself Ttry haudeomely on the occasipn OB the whole those who attended the concert pent a very agreeable evening. Professor Phillips firerided at the piano with his usual ability, and we iust|tbat the'fa'r Jeanie will on future occasions meet with the reward her merit entitles. Ni w V?is* Atm(w t fM.?There was a pleasing musical ?ntertaiament, last ni>;ht. at the third<-unrM>a.-><mr of this elegant establishment. which is now the resort of gentlemen *ho wish for a ijuiet retreat, where they may pass their hours of leisure in writing, reading, or in conversation with friends. Kach eonreriasione la attended by a large number of ladies and g-ntlemen. each inbscriber having the privilege, on these occasions of introdu?ing his friends. The establishment is unique. and is rapidly gaining favor, under the ex1 cillent management of its proprietor!. Cnm?Ti'? Mi.iii nn.s ?The 1>I1I for this evening is of the same light and highly amusing character as those ' of the preoeding evening' oftbewoek. The singing is i excellent, the instrumental performances are capital; the hurletijue optra excites immoderate laughter, and i the dancing If Inimitable. F> li.ow Orr.* ? Iloint:.?A bllljo! great variety is embraces beautiful negro melodies, solo performance* on the violin and aooordeon, repreeentations of the shaking Quakers, and exquisite dancing. ThU band U becoming very popular, aud are gn at iavorites. Tsiei.i a Ham..?The grmt pianist. Doctor, will give his feeond concert "n Saturday evening next. M and Mine. I.ouise Doctor will be asiisted by the sweet vocalist Slgnorm TrufBi H-neJetii. andthe excellent violinist. Uriebel. The selection* of musical gums are I such as will be sure to draw agood attendance. Limttf Uui Ni>\**v.-Mr* lieane and her talent! fd children will give a cenrert at the above place. Mtp. P?ane rlDgs very pleasingly; her daughter plays the piano with taste and iugdintct; and the Interesting little Fancy recite* tin- piece entitled --The Broken ; Heart in ? munn<-r that would do credit to n profes| tirnal actress, THat rlcnl. P<" wi n v Tiirstr > Tb>- beautitul pity, entitled "Guivippus " written by the late (J< raid Urlftla. will be pre rented this evening, with a very strong cast, the Uowery Theatre In now in h sueeeslul career, owin;* piincipally to the great enterprise oi Mr. Humblin, wbc nHtir neither paina nor expense, In affording amusement of tbe most refined and instructive character. Mr. Wallark In well known to po?es? dramatic talent ot the highest stamp and ban, during the long period he ha* been playing at tbe Bowery. giv< n, by tile gr?at histrionic abilities, the most unmixed satisfaction and p! itsure. To night he appears a* fiuiMppus, Tiitnn as Titus',>uittlus h ulvlus; fUven' as Lycias; Mies Denin as Noilean, and Mrs. J. Wallaclc. Jr. as Sopkionta. The other characters by an excellent stock, company. The above play, both for beauty of language and excellent plot hui not been surpassed by any writer. and with such arti.ts ns tbe 1 H' ill arks ii will indeed be a rich treat to tee It. Me should mot be surprised if Its repetition was called for again and sfrair The amusements will close with the ' drama or ' I;I Hyder,'' Mr. J. K. Scott in hla gre*t character of Mat 1 hi* bill will draw an iiumi nse audiet ce. i UsmniMi Tmk*tss?Mi?* KiHumr, *s Ji likv,? I ast eienltg .Miss Kimberly made her third appearance at this theatre, and tbe pa-t in which she pertermed was the Italian Maid. In Sbakspeare'a trag "ly Cf " litineo and Juliet/' This voutz lady as we said ' b*t" r?. p<>*pe?ae* many ualifia* which. * iirn maturad. ! will ptanip her a* an actre** of celebrity. In the 1 trm'tt ri'tDK thr in pathiUc aud :?tiin||. and It *Ue want* jbwicfll to depict tlia mora ititenna pas- ; rage* o! lb* dlidraugbt wife. or force of vote# to till a rp*eiou? houar tbrw ar? impediment* whk-h practice i alitia will tT*rn>u?. Mi?* Kitnberly'f reading i* t*ulll*?p. a ad experience will, dc nbtlraa. make h?r an , ornatcent to Ibr AmttK-an ?ta**. Conway'" llomeo a a* an admirable periormanca. Thia gentleman it puli nt. In every part he undertake* and r?aJ? with a , pr?-ti?K n and a ireliug tbat would ba coratueu Jable n?n In tltoMiftts Mr. Fredet'ck*, { renre. *af impreiPiTe. in J delivered the b*iutie* ot bit Pirt tdmlrably. Mr#, liield, u tb?i?rw.isd Mr. | Trtt. a* M-rcutlo. ruatained tha reputation they have both gained in tbeir reppective parti. Nim.o'* Uaftna* --There will be no petfortatnc* far I th? c?\t three night* ut thia **taMl?hwnt Th? rea on ft thl* l? (tint MMo aiwav* deplrlnu* of pleading 1 hi* patten* by P" ditalrg novelty oferery d?aori pilot, | I bap In rehetipal * n? w and magr llleent fairy panto- I' entitled "M ulin or the M^bt Owl.'' wliW-h ha* bn-n In cour*e ot preparation It netrly tbr<? month*, i It we Bay judge from the other rplendld r p<*cla >l?n. product d durii'K lb' *e?pon. which. for gnr^eou* rcea rry. dre*p?* atd denotation*. t>a*a ntvi-r b'fore b- n ' ?(|UHli?-d, Ma/ will Of the mopt brilliant and dirzllvc ppecta<ie e?er pre?ent?d in thW eoontry. The ptpge i? ectlr-ly o<-cop lad In the arrangement of tb<- machinery ami In order to Ita rfleotlra working. Ilip ll'Uil cerl(>rm?b> ? mv>( nr. epparllj be decline 1 The Iotitp "I thia Veaatttnl description of en'ortalanirit will harp an opportunity of anjo* in- a plea?ant ! eretlii on Men lay next, by rl*ltlng Nlblo* beautiful ' thttlir Hi re- ' at Tha great Napnleon Pf comedian*, n K liuitan. whc-* p neltcnt ciiau^ement 1 la* maW- hi* '.he air* tb? r>*?<rt oi tha rao.-t rnftrUM>. pp*enibl?)r*- < U*r* a bill > f *rtat attraction for tbl* | 1 ring ruitpetni oi The p?rfontan-e? eominen<-? ' with the ermedy of the lto?d to R-jIh.'' Tarton in hi* . rr?at character ot ilcltlBmh. It'ak* a* Mr. DoffBtua, I.?i t?r ar Harry liorn'on Johi.vton a* Sllkey. Jordan j * Jaak Milt rd. and (Hand ? tnlkey. Mir lluxhaa a* Widow % itti ? Mr* s?arrait a* J?ni?y. and MImJ 11!U rtfr pl la i'an ?urh a ca?t fat) to All avcry *?at | in thl? baautlfnl Tbepp'an Tei'tpla MIm Wiltari and ' M i tf eno will danre * pa* 4e d?ux. which will b? [ fellutrad the Jraay I.lod />.<f / >wn by tha orcha< tra and the an-ntr will rlo?a with !lia n*? and I , fxcillrnt f*rr? rf'< My Frlrnd In the i?trap?.'' Co rarly and *t nr? jrur Mat*. > %Ti<Ki Tnr T?iTh? o*w prli* <lram? of tnr*'a >rbl"ia?r th* Mrohaaic. or the hbip t'arprator M > ? Yoik. ' ulileh kn l"tl fMtmllj pr>du?i?d t( I IM? popular ?MaM'<hlB*ut h? A II. I'ur?y tb* i-nt-r. , j |r'?lr- and !ad> talliiaM* m?r,?i?r t? br'a* (1 iy.l with , tiiiini}>baat incmii. ir crow..*.! hou?*< and *nthti'l*?t!c chf' rirg b* ?cilt*tlon tojndf* bjr. Itwillataa i h? iLU r??tan.|i. i*tih th? "B? *:rotii c*?t. W> ?r* glad to thut 1'nriij'n *Hurtii ar* pr >- 1 I i.; irvtrM. k< ?lar* tli? \*t lonnl rtap into hi* po? ? ?! i< b, th* *Ull?f? hi?? J ut r<'??0B to > it th it ' a'l that lost) aould do t? mi f th* ?i>h*?and U*tr oi th* k<?. bo aiatt< r ho* but b**B utvj*ttak*a and ?. cf Biplirlif I b.i lii* r?r?r?i r?nce Bad lol.i?try . Mim MaMa* will l'MM Kl /.BpBtca lO Bad P*t? Morrill 1 will ?i?t(r hi? a?i?bratrd rrnj*. ' ifin; Llnd." and I ' Callfsn.'.a " Tt>? rnt-rf?lnm?Bt? will elo<* with ih? . j grand ?p*atactr <1 tbi " V?i!>- Well." whl^ti I* nightly r*?*ivrd with warn d< Binattraloni of *>(>.au<* Avratrtv Mi nm- TM? furoTlt* ??t*hli hrnut wb* b*t*r mor* mrr- -tlul than at pr*n?i?t Th* anrpri'log p?rfo?maBc?? of T"tr> Th-smb )u*p tb? airti*n?* ia nMhIm III* tlnftf-?nd <fan*trg ?r* ntnti?iB<; , and hl? T?pr*'?v<?tl< n? ot N?pM?na ?a<l fr?<l?rl<?li ta? ' r*at, arr capital l>rld*? thlw f*at?ra. Mr Or*i nwood. I Ifcr aotlr* and iaMritm ma&ar*r, hrn a r?ni Will# 1 r ti'(?iiy *Um ywiaraatsfa at* <TI??a It If r<r?M*r*d thatwi'h 'h* al>n?? tIfjaBt Bt?r*aln- , i) ' il. (be audits m Ran alio tI*w the rara and b*autl. fill i iirio*Uiaa ct th-- \|u?i it hi. w? at* Bot to ?<* ruck Nrga aafrnMaftta. N'r* Yon Aw it"**ra . -Tl?l-*awtiful oqti'ttrliii ! p*r'otma>,c?i? itu n by th* Frcaati ??|i*?t. inn rrnratiy. at llm Bowery <Mf*o? ar* ??irh a* mti*? rontlnn* a to draw Urg? a?#*ml' ???* Th* ho?""man<hlp I* * t r?ll(*Bt. aid tb? ?ailou? other * mua*ia*Bt< %r* oalna> Intrd to i-xcltt lau;bt?t and jollit/ ?t*b ia tbu dullait , f>*r?oa. , >i?< t "hl? cli Vrale I dellB'ator of IrMi ehara*t*r. In th* llt?* of a l?w coir.'liaa ha? v n rtn<;?d a t?tt ?r>" "?fiil *nerf'Wrnt In PhilalelpM* II* ?j-j,raT? In BaUimrr* ob th* 6th Inrt. Mill Chitrlott* CuphBian i- plajier at Pitirtuirir fa. r, . . M " if i? * n?r r?nnw, ?- iiiit/ia^ ivinmn i ^ honrti at th# thiatr*. lioitrn iniirtmi1 Conrt. p.. 4?<>f<1?rr<l tunt r?l?nil?r b? m*d* nit I for vhr ?ir.-oll to b? h* d <B tll? llr?t M .n l?r 'f .r?n<i. { r t* n?<*t m>4 that from ?h*t timr. daring tbr yur 1 "f>l. a pimnxtt c*lrn4*r ?lll b? m^?l? iit l con- ' tinted ffon i?rm to *prw*Hlj to th? MjiiUtlon' ?':opt?(l In Nofnni?r, 1M> nt'pt th?t Ih? eilriilir ? wll. lot l? printed. Ity ord?? w. Rini.Kr curk. r ?? ? e Inprrntr Term, ? fUforr Chief .'n?tl<?? Kdmrn !*. ?nd the Hob i, K.|*?rd? HtiJ Mitchell. Prr. 4.?V<m; K 9tnan r*. Jnt'fh h'iitan nf W? ? e The Tjrnnn'nt Ib thl? "111 **?e. which <~m?M np on i ?jp??i *?? pp?n?d Yy Mr. F'd w*H Puidinrd who oeeo- j, f;nl the Ciurt the wUl* dnj. ^ J,t arced Movement* of Dtitln|a)iki4 r>n p|>. Hob. Xd llunUr. Hunter'* Island; Mr. HunUr. do t Benjamin C., Ki<i , N Y ; W. C illn, do., J. p. WiI*oa, Philadelphia, J V Carr, B.I.; Mr*. Cunmons ?d daughter, Boston; 0. Goodyaar ud lady, N Haien. irt among the arrival* at the Union Place Hotel. \T Burdett, Oawego; Geo. H. BUm, at earner Arctic; Dr. Paekmaa, do , J. K. Moray Racheatar; Gen Ty ion. Philadelphia: N. Van Zandt. U. B. A ; Gen Aaaa*. Hoe ton Captain Btanabury, U. 8 A , hate arrived at the American. Hon. It. 0. Nicholas Gevtra; Hon. T. A. Toaalinaott, Keefeville; Dr J 11 Boatwri(;ht, South Carolina; J. J". Greenougb. Washington; A M. Eaatwick. England; Ueorge Trotter and lour ladle*. Philadelphia; H. Farnun. New llaven; Col. <leor?e llnobanan, Bt. bouia; Mr Fall*. Baltimore; T J 1 iuole, Natchez, Miaa.; J. C. Woodruff, Washington city; D. Woodhouaa, Philadalpbla; Gen. V Lawrence. Vermont. Major Sbermai U. B. A., arrived yesterday. at tba Irving Houae. Col Bowla, Deposit; Bennett U. Yltihugh, England;. V P. Porter. U. B. A ; Hon Jamaa B. Clay. Philadelphia; W. Wileo*, do ; Captn'.n Lnca. Steamer Arctic; I'ol Hamilton, Naw Yoik arrived, jealerday. at tb4 Aator Houaa. Supn nir Court?General Tevm. Tba clasa of Applicant* for admiasion ta pra?tio4 will be examined, by Chlel Justice Kdmonda on Friday next, the Oth inst. at 4 o'clock, P M . in Chamber*. Court Calendar?TlUa Day. S IHMK Ooi'BT?Oiaci it C?h-bt.?Roe. 907. 95. I00C. ' S0o. 1039. 1011, 1043. 104% 1046, 1047. 1048, 1048. 1737 1062. Or.Miti. Tkhm.?Thia day will be devoted to aon* enumerated motlnna V ' ?,* mmI 4 grrisic* CovaT.?No?. 63. 54, 66. 69, 62, C3, 73, 79. II. 38 . 84 . 86 . 82. 94 , 96. W6. W. 101. 108,104 106, l?7,lll. 112, 114. 116. 116. 117 11H. liil, 122. 134. 1*5 126.127 1S8 139, 131. 132. 134,136. 137, 138,140. No. 07 now otj trial. MAILS FOR EUROPE, BY THE Amo-Ran StiaraalMf Kraukiln anil Atlantic The tUannlilp Fra&kl'n, Captain Woeton, will leave tnia port at noon to-day lor Havre to tcu??n at 0<jwee j K ngland.j, The Atlantic. Captain Vtwit. will leave oj Saturday noon for Liverpool The maila of both the F. and A. will elo^e at half |>a?t 10 o'clock. A. M., on. the day a of tkelt departure. The i IttVtiD wi h the latest Intelligence from all paita of the American continent, wiU be PBb? Uahed at half past niiie o'clock thla and < n Saturday morning. Single cepiea, in wrappers, tlxpence. Young If??ln loi'rt Soiree, Tripler Kali.?. Thursday aveblBft, |)er. h lf80.?CwNI wuhinc t? euk cnbe, i an procuie their ' Vleta by uilrlnc a: N?. Ml Greet.* icfc at. TD K 'DOKJt I)CTTO>f, Preaideat. Bfc'v.'A.i i* B. D'l.v. He. etary. Mr. Wllllnin I?ra<ll>Urj '* t li irol Singing C)a*a.?Mr. b. |>r?t?i*> to < larjc eeala 10 ouet one.' a week at the 'Jaoeruacle, the obieot of whieh i* t)ie diffi'tlrm , la nore ,r. l ral know ledfo bod (raeucoo. mutic, and tLc promotion i f congregational alair.n.- la th? otiuroi < . I tie tif i lets..u *111 > <iM-n tomirro*. (Tridap eteninx,) at the Tabernacle. The terma are ei jued.ngly atmtkin. 'l icketa am f. r ?a!e at the iuuhc ?urt!, and can alio be "btuiutd at the dour. S]i1cmiII<1 Holiday Olfta-Neade. BiMliera', celti rated Dt(i>rtett)i'<>, all tiiea, pat in gohi lotket*. bra-?let*. linfi, p'.ra, keje. fcc.; alao, in elegant | ip?< ma lie and lurkej Morocco kecpeake ea?ee, for lar*' frame*. lor I PKiilj croup*. >othia* be more desirable aia^ifL. duri: k i).c festival ies**a, tlun a likeness of s. ire dear rerr trier* merit an Ualhrie.*, 2&i Broadwiy, nexu tht American Hotel. Ttie llat'Mnrkrl.?Knot la Un>>hliig alieail ia fine itjle, and hit cnitomi rt are rapidly luorea*!**. Tl ? reputation ol bii hati ttand, to uee a m roantilc rhraae, A. An. 1, aau tluv par. cnrroki ihrouirhout cvrry fart of tha iitr. Kro* aeiU 1. i? btet c-erlpiiun of bat* at luur dollar* (Xth. r nd they are fully c ral in material*, stjle. tad faahion t any told in thecity at live Ilia rich and nlefant fart arj \tty lutraetive tothelatia*, oho are carrying them eft in auticitation of the coming cold weatbtr, very rap dly. Thoaa 1b waat of hat*, car*, or tui( <Uo?ld rcovabcc hi: ?*?r? U r.fc lis rultos itrtvt, Bun Building*. SanitHtn' IhtMlhK lti? Factory, I4T an4 7 llM MM OMfcMM many the ini[ir'.cd, bting made ai h the view lor r?al werrio*. containing the be*t ';i*h ty ? ( article! in the intalleit po*ai? ble *paoe. fcAl'MMtkb. U7 Qroaaway, ooraei at Uoartvw and 387 Broadwav. Fine Art' <?TalbntjrpeM, or Portralti na Ivory r*t<>r. 1 ho fidelity oi liteneii, aad the beautiful I ? i-? hi taf |iptnr?i, i?in tor them re*t*r primarily oetyday. Ttiey ?r? tikua > *11 titea, up to hie >we Sp*neai majr be exhibit* d at 217 liroadway. A. y. h k> i ,n.?, iat< fc Co, The (ire?lf?l TlUforrry In Datnrrri'Myp^ Im.?A. J. B<-ela lia? i?at reo*ie?<2 a patent tor dayaerre<?tj pin* h sr* at tie in rilwr aad much euperi?r to tituee pre-* tea 'rd to b? tsktn en ivory, producing ixqiraitely Veen riful likmtnea wish all tl.e bt>u?> ol a reiaiiatf. N. B ?And Lie rrire 1* let ft plan. IIH colored. Will le opart 'I hat ktgieiug day. No. IMi Broadway, between MaiUea lane M'l Utrrt| atrial, opyn?n? Mali.) aa'i Uatal. Tin (wo hlgtiret tledall for l?tO. for tb? bait ituutrtwit]pe? exhibited ai the two laat >airt, held aa Cat:!* Cardta and Philadelphia, tare tr'? a^arool '< the heat' , Bicadway. cut Ptanklla atreet. Call-,-y frta. 1 Bintlj-n l)??m > r??t>|>ii>g on iTory. pre* d in uei^iWMli kauiilii fWMHii Mh4I|| H*NH* ri?"- ,nalitic* of a nain'in-: with the accuracy of a da^earKutypa. fine ipa< inibr et bieaeie and r*<eat diivottry at) K eeea at lukCtlleie, No. fi? Broadway. Comb Factor)-, :W7 llroadnajr.?The ir acrtoiirn'. i* nirqaaiiru iu tha uii)??uii,racial the tlan* quality of the imported a- w?lt a? home n.iaafacturp. Tha latier made ir-in i ngiiutl lieaicaa, aad great rar?;taka? in tbe tniehisg nnl f.ttiaj ta the brad, an1 will be fuai I xv ib) Mi*cn? mmo* fin#! ?mo io (TPff. K< |b.i.b( dvua. A. h J. S&l MJMll, Btvadsay. VrlTfl O1oak?, ^*rk(?n?l NaiitU*. ?op? ilki r ?life l loth, Mlk uu Mrrlav a*., may Iubb4 It. Ktu >b i* . t Ib- ? and M ?t ry lotttiti.tilil fkUCUCK & LtiUBCLT1RJ Mr fir' ?4??v, i-?r?cr LkiiH iti.ct. rr at*u rj uilti) vf try (i ?< , ? M.ka, 6t??U, K-riiui, I?i l.alau, Ufety and ?i u.i'Hic ariiiUs. m?y b* oUi.b*'. kl ffei. Kcirty Tlicin-at<?1 < oata, f Pantaloons and WtidcnaU, of tha latest fill at)I*, from S3 M<?? SHI. M 81 i CloOiiBt St >r?, l.tiuaauk aU?al,*?*?B* 4?*C BUia IMrd. rhllBi'drMB 1 Im-; f*i tnl?il-liuii hl?l,uiili ran rtwl ai rimiill'i. l.nury, b ?r> < ! >l<r aroek ?f 0*li-T In .! , 111-. h" klnt. UubcIbi rli|it>i.ra. Bad Ovara'.iuaa. ??ll Bufili tlnir *"?ntin ' tr.titll b!hi* t? iubI< ifa* loa la tlif rtlf, BB<i M* rilla?rll B>? <f If r opialva. ikB'. I* la ??r;. aeccialul. lltliMlillilnirt I. "A (.rmt flB|!*iacll*n"t* know whm yonr ob ' IiMmiIji ob i mill- Wa t>? iBliria "..I rtalirt ? hi * ' li l"? VI "l1iil<liX><lB|l"al( ont in ntitr Kill It l:k<n >Kt , fc?. iMl I'pl'i n atfi *i, tfery will had k U:| at . i< r> t ?t ?" d !><* ink t'vailBl lli (, #. Stiata. ti??rsi uir, ft . Bt > (I ) lv ? f I in .(j.. m. . - ( Iii.|ib, t'lialaa, iloii^linrk*, Hnllownraa, I liapita. knif-imaa. **<i an Bkia ln>ai>>, u waU Imii, paaitiTr** ratt.l fc? ttaingU ?iaa<t'< Italian Irilcttad ?m . Pna lr? :?k:;i* i wifn. i Lair fiom any rirt kill.. Italy. L.fild KiUfa fot .aWlifa iai ka. La'f Wlil11 far rai-(l<. a al-arUli unrlis ?i <7 M alkaa .'ja? t. ftr nr~r la???'wB> ' alWa>'fr "-"Ui fBllC , rk.;.i<tiii.iB. n?. Hgfi ouu ?taU Ukr lfnlt an?l I i.mi |>l?\lor? _ l lir lata* pronniiiii m( >iai i.? nli.KtBika *a : aanvrat im, i* tt->i k'a H??f I "a H* d: thr nmt Blip? w?*li f'T t?? II ad ?Bt II a I tup till initklai akiB. 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