Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1850 Page 2
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THE PUBLIC LANDS. Report of U&c ComnlHlonti mf the Land OflN. In submitting for yoiur consideration a report of Ae operations of this branch of the service dunng the past year, 1 have concluded to modify to some vAicuk IUC iwium v? oimuoutD, uy |>rrsnuiu^ annual tables ol the sale and disposal of the public lands so as to conform to the fiscal year, and at the aame time admit of being arranged by calendar year* when desired. As it haa been the practice to found the tablea for the third quarter in part upon estimates, I have concluded this year to dispense with it,and tocarry the statistics into the body of the report. The surveys of ihe public lands and privute claims have been prosecuted during the last year with all Ihe energy which the means at the disposal of this eflice wouW jtrnut. The late period at winch the appropriations for the current year were made, prevented the extension of the surveys this fall in the northwest, as inieoded, so as to keep pace with the progress of settlement. The delay thus caused, j however, will be compensated by increased efforts j in the ensuing spring, so that the numerous settlers in that directum may have an early opportunity of ! purchasing their improvements. In the State* ot I Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the surveys have been completed, the archives connected j ther?*ith transferred to the State authorities I as required by, the act of June 12, 1810, and the office ol Suiveyor General in those States dUcon- j UM<U i.i.u?u-, mnunsus, i.Tllclllg>Ul, ItlltHMmn, Louisiana Mini Florida, Ihe surveys are bein*; brought 10 it clone an ppeedily as practicable, iw will bt jierceivtd by relerence to the following tilde, showing the area til each State, the number of aires rurvtytd, and the number remaining unfurveyed Surveyed f'nnurr'd ; r-.irtaioj the Htatrt.?* to Sep. 3U, to &< p( SO, S./r mihi. Arret. 1M0. IrW. Okio il'.WW ?6 .'.7M !>60 It; 77?>.!'-4 None. Indiana S3 so# 21,#37 700 21,1m>;6'jS Non?. I Uilit-1# .W,.?l?A 33,430 200 3M?.?4># 3.7.^1 j friMwnrt ?7SK? 4.1,1/3200 42.8I3.3T7;! SOU,927 I AiftbMua.... i?,W3 32,017,480 31,883 HIS 33,677 37,837 i>.m4.28 2S.M?,62rt N"ue. t L?ni .Ma... 4 4.11 2:1713.MD 19,162.1*28 10.??>3,SI7| Vi<'iiU?B 6*243 X-A.MI 3J.W{i ft,3u6,4ll Allan***.... 2,2.'a 31,41*720 3J.XH.ta 30?.*U Tl itec&am... 4j.!2I .'.liliJ.O IiLir'i.i - lM,i4l,siii U?l ?' VIA 0 19,1 I3..1HK v,| I'londa.. . '>!< < 1 I7.itfl.620 21 .'<"7,311 Id,024 Ah? I K:t ef.otft Ty, fN,(V>0 M |J"W 217,2^7 B?.?^2 77 1 N W tat Ty... bx, ..M S7<f.<*0 860 ? 37ii.< 40.80 ? j KiliuU... 13?I 700 f7 4Ni000 ? H7,4?.-,000 ! It.diai ... 1:7.171 118,7^9 440 ? 118.7H8440 Ktw Hudcv. . 210 741 131 ?7f.!;i0 ? 131 ! I'tuh 1*7 *.'23 1-'0,270 720 ? 120.270.720 ' llllldlll,.. 1SA.M1 I20V47WI ? 12U 847.H40 i 4>it?(? ?4i.4<J tULMtm ? aMiMD ! Total H2l<il?,83.1408 312,710,884 l^AKM.UO j * I xiluMve ci li.ul.kaaw laud*. Thuii it iti nh<>wn that, in a few year#, the Biirveye <1 the public lau<1f, in all these Slates, will b? completed, and the archived connected therewith UhUrfeifed to the reflective S>fdies, as provided by lnw The object in pressing forw rd the mi vey*, has btcn to keep pace wilft settle uteut, lid to rmtble tnieipruing pionetts to avail them fi*-ivi?i ot the bcneti s of the pre-emption act vi 18.11, which iri exwess term> excludes an [>eraoiis who settle on uiimii veyed lands. Where the Kurve) a have been carefully and correctly executed. it is but seldom that a re-survey is atcttsary, noil fie nee no faittier expenditure in this bunch ol ilie service is required. Much embvrru: Fluent has been experienced in dt it riuifting the location and survey of private clai.HK, en-ecially in Florida and Louisiana, but j ii< er the judicious direction of the Surveyors-Ge neial of those M.nes, the difficulty, to a great exit nt, have been removed. In Florid i, most of the private claims ha\e bten located aud surveyed, and the .vork appears to have been done in a nun- i ntr generally acceptable. Daring tin* present se&ton, it is expected that the remainder of the private cluiHis, and most, if not all, of the public lauds of aiiy value outride of the Seminole reservat on. in ibis State, will be surveyed. **## * In consequence of the great number of bounty laiiu warrants isiutd ami located, the low ritea at whith those warrants have bten s<dd?averaging o?l> about bO cmts |>er acre?the grants and d< nations made to the several States fo; internal in I roveir.ects, the sales of the public lands, d'iriBg ike past year, have been com;> natively limited. The whole quantity soil and appropriated in paiitlac ion of warrants and donations exceeds, very considerably, how ever, that of the preceding ytsr. The following statement of the amount of lands solo sud located by military land warrants, ?Vo , in 184H and IS1!!', ami nrst three quarters of 1450, exhibit* th< decrease in cash receipts, and the increase feu 1MD iu the amount of lauds disposed of. At- r<?. ? !* in 1*1* I,K'7..W! 04 ?,,??! to S2.KM.MS 26 l.,.ii.r*>Tlliir>iil _ 13?VMi.|l .. ??.l ?*< 101 B*?'* frlr. ii?b? MIofl'il * 472.57 I liuiTvv?nTi? . f Invert.*c 321,lit* JS ' 4"l.tvi 51 CtictUw CvtU9c*io? 57.24!'10 ? 71.571 !17 | TsUlA.rc* 4.1?.U0W0I t'.twJloTi I Acrtt. ??> ( l?4? 1,HW.?02:7T f<|U! ? ta|l.7M.M>0 41 M'Alran W?r ? tntiiti.,. S.4U5 *.lt> f?i ' U<? t*t? rrl>. ti n*.Actor l <1 ?'*>*M) Xl 7f B In.umi i 'jf Hi? rn.ic l.1A.2Ji< tfl " 1H!'.I/A7 7<> Chtauv Crrittiratc*. .V.,y.V. i.; " ?>r.ny ) > I T.'lJ Airfi 8,1*4,4I0:VI |il.W 0J6 i I Arm, ia ikro? iu?r ?r? in vm dual to $l,l?,la6 w km tu War Vttttili (or I ft. '.4. ?? ! |*rl of *4 qnartcr l.WU.lIPOO - 1,900,130 00 Bt? * -olrrnoot. for 1?'. J?t til cart .1 34 <{(ar? t#r 37?.<M ? " 474,7ftI 47 CfcccUw CcrtiSatUV 4:v*?.41 " oi Total Ac IBIltMfcU HMJ.041 Si From this natement it will I* perceived that the afrmepa e amount of Und di#| <?ed of in 1SK?, c*niidtrahly eacet d* that ??f There is a filling ?>tl .!i ibi < ureal fiml > e? r,cauaed mbiUj hjr emigration io ihc I'acdic, the extensive reaerva- , tiima lor ihe Railroad from Chic igo to Mobile, and the (act that wont of the military warrant* have be' n loca>> d. and ihe ?State a< lection* di*|?>4ed of. i?to< e the la?t Auniiul Report, over aix millions of i acrta of l imit have U ? u brought into market, aud atx ut N ti n million* are now prepared for sale, tnd will be ('fli rt*d early in the enauiog aeneon. Various o| iuiou* have h?-rn formed and expreaaed of the c* at of the public landa, and of surveying, aell ii'K !'" IM'UPOi ' 11 ' lltrill, 114 1/VIUfBI IOVH ? IMI >UV r*?? nue ?tenv? d In m ihem. Ttu ihia mutter may he correctly unleratood, and the value of iho?e land* an a aource ol revenue ke i>r?|?rlv l|pNdllH| I heg lf*\p to MM tint, k> a car* ful ?lamination, it aacert lined that the entire area of the public linmim, excluaive of tho landa in Oi'gcr, (Jaliforntt, New Mfxico, Utah, tl>? Indian ai.d Nebracka Trrriionra, waa 121,11*1,?M> airea. Ahout nar-fonrlh f( three landa hi a been told, and tiie purrha?e money received for it nmnunM to ti&vtty.wu Tbrci M ofih? whole of theae ioc-t dm* i he amount paid to for ana, to for the Florida?, mi 'he amount paid for exriug' the Indian ittJe, vat (HI,121,717 A, ruin ? y ol ihrtw I* nda fiaahe?n M.rvrytd, the coat of whicn, riclt dtftaohriea of *iuve\ or: -gt f ral and clerk-, and exp?n>ea at* tending the ?urvey?, w*?. 0,NB,8tO ? Lev* than h ?1f the land purvey* d haa be? n ?old, and the who.e eo?t of ullirtj at d roaMftng the rrme, iaclediap > v? r> exjftmt not |VeVielll>ly ? h>?rgrfl, it.... 7,i0(i,32f Auir^^uuilny ?.f ever) kind 74,!fc>7,iC9 N?>t (>?rfit to the roTrrnment f<4>,;l*l,2n Or an average of nmrly one million and a quarter of r.ollara i itui-Hy, for the la?t fifty year*. If to tli afcould l>e added the value, at |l Z'i per ci?-, of laul nraut* i| mi hnun'i'p, for military i?'rticea .nd ti-r internal improvement, don.Hiona, Arc , it would amount to pearly douttle auni. Tliii? will i more fully apt>recUlrd when it i* und?r?toe.? that the av-rage coal to the Rove rati'nt of arqoirinf Mtk to the |>uhli<: | mde, including the ex'n Ktitrhn i ut of the Indian title, ia II I cent* per ncre. f)o. of mmy 2 07 I |? ??< Imtf biwi n Ulmflir J ? ?' Total nveratre coat ?\ i-?> centaur arrr, while for each acre aold the fovrr n "ot r?*a fl dh-100, or a net pr< ht over ind every co?i ltd ei|k nie, of ft 1 8-1' >' cer ?<'re The whole force of the oiii :e ln.< '?'en ac'iv. ly and vii?ir?ii#'y ern|l?yed in diirlMiV of th? no*roti* ?mii?-n grown# out of i-? current The rpiiirierty ?( co'ioik of ihe rrwiifr? ?f p tWic Wmr^i. kth it rrcfiKTi anl <1 oirn a?"iu*, h t?e all he?-n adj'i*'fd r>, an I ind ufi, tit" thirl qtiartrrol the rurrent r'lend ir )i-tr The electii-ne, I?km iotie, Ac., h.\?e n- *r!y all t**"ri arijuatrrt, o??? it ol entered up to th- ?i it* pi riodj n?l thr ?*nin;; of the Mteut* f?r aali>rl? it* tfMi.t?,(tufiitHi i . find military Nnaii'y ItO'N, hnt been pre*??d #?..wnrj no rtpidlf mm tti?* menn-t plnceil tt oitr di< ?>vit f'r ih?' P ir,>? ? wnu|||>rr* mil Nn nerci* en?, n?t*na ! I mi ) enine#, irt nearly all the >lit iti oi the offir<\ *< '".ie of irhioh lor year* hare prod.r. ,| rtiuc^ ?l Ti t: y -n l ".if. re?pondenre, have h?---0 |?Vafl ,> i *1 (i d of, and the current duii-a hive Lee? ?' -jiJur^.-d with ccmrmndnble dilifeuce. Theie haa her n a m t'*rial inrre*.*w i?i the g ? rral hnaineaa of the nllice, ron*eq>teat u, n ih? claim* to lanrta for military aervior* Darlnithe pa?t year 7,?I1 M -x rin M ntr lmd claim* have been examined and rwri-l I tfo p\- ; l*?ta, the whole of which hi?e been fu#w*rdni direct to the partle* er'itled, mu tc er I fwv t" *<! more are n> arly re dv f?r tran^mi < <?n "P?e 1 hUvit Buu,Oit cf x?.?? l-nrd a--l transmitted to thia office 1a 75,860, of which , 52.W9 have he*n loca"<t. covering 7,840,400 terra. < The act granting Mexican bounty iaad claims vid coMtruad to authorize their aaaignmeat, whic h o|>roed a door for the commiudiou ot ex ensiv* ] frauJa, as well upon the sohlifr and hia heira aa the ' og\v* rnm?*nt Niim*?rniia rl ias?h* rnrn>m kaun Forced, anil warrantB obtained thereon, anil assigned < ana passed into the hands of 6<ma Jidt purchasers, by individuals personating the soldier. * * Some eatimate may he formed of the extent ?f these frauds, from the factthat about three hundred warranta have been cancelled on 'he ground of having teen obtmned on false or forged papers, and about two hundred and eventy-five have been suspended upon allegationa of the same character, made by counter-claimants. Fourteen hundred ravtats have been tiled in thus oflice by individuals contesting the issue of pntents to the assignees. Chiefly on the ground that the assignments are false ard counterfeit, or, in fact, executed prior to the issue of the warrants, and the dates subsequently inserted. Much embarrassment has alao been experienced in closing the grants made to the States for In*? rr.*il Improvements by the Act of |th of September, I'll, and by other f-imildr granta made to particular Suite*, l?y epeeial acts of Congress. Tne following tahle exhibits the ptesent condition of the grant mude by the Act of -1th of September, 1811, to wit:? showino the conditio!* ok tiie 8 r atk selections un i>kh tiie A< i ok 4 i ii Stri ember, 1841, on i he 30th dav ok Ji ne. 1860. .So. oj Arret to So. of Arret to irhich tii'h Sltitr u-fti li rack State vat intithd un- tmt enlulrd un tltr ih< VIA S(f- .V) of Arret up- the Itt July t-VJ. <\f the Art oj proved uptuSlJt/i and tobe telected State*. tu'pt. I, I.S4I. June, IraO. und apvrored. Illinoij ... StlM si SO 'J 05 llii 15 Mi->ouri... W (J 010 00 44y3l7?a (S82 MS Alii. 'J7 4?M7 ii'-ne I?7,4.9 17 Mi??iMirri. SWUM) 00 493A?*3 1.161 >7 Loula Mil*.. 61KI.II 0 I/O 8A6.1-70 41 14* l? i:? fcichiglD. .. tl'0.000 1 0 4!'4.&I3 J.'l 67 j* ik?. i s?... &<HH'0 00 47>.fWMl? 110 V7 florid*.... 4AS-y*> <1# 4T..807 #1 4r>4.4!2 I'. T'wa .ViuiH">iiO 17-. wi Mi 327,W> It Mi?oo?in. 8*0,S?4 01 8*5 04*42 74.711 6'J Aggrritui. 4 iai.H?H 77 3.061 017 29 1,103,ail 44 Thus tt will b- j^rceivnl th it the grants m ide by tins uc< have kbeen nearly closed in sever*! of the Statrp, and special efforts are now making to c< rr plete those in all ths other Sates. In some, particularly in Florida, this consummation has been prevented by the difficulty in completing the location of " private cl sims," as it was impossible in ninny portions of country in which selections have been nude by the State, to distinguish public fi< m private lands, till the.** claims were located, and, <1 course, until time no definite action could be had in the "State selections." A ?ik difficulty has been experienced in t>ringinii the business connected with claims in Flori la. under ' the " Armed Occupation Act," to a termination. ' As most of the "private claims" have been to- I cated, an already mentioned, the "State e)ee- 1 ttons, aud cases arising under the "Armed Oeou- ' pa lion Ac.," will he disposed of us rapidly as ' po*siWc, The several grants to tho State of Indiana, for 1 the construction of thf Wabash and brie Canal, 1 amounting to about 1,100,000 acres, have all been selected, the lauds certified to the Stale, aad 1 closed upon ilie hooks of this ofliee. The same mny be said respecting the grant to ' Wisconsin, for the improvement of the Wisconsin nnd Fox rivers, ami the connection of those streams by a canal, made by the art of 8rh August, lMtj, except that portion west of Fox river, within the recent session, by the Menominies, which h is not vet been surveyed. # * , * 1 Amorg the most important matters thit will doubtless eugtL'e thp attention of Congress, in connection with the extension of th?* I ind system I o\erour newly acquired territory, will be that of making provision by law for the prompt adjudication, settlement. und sr ^Ardtion f<<>m the public land, of all valid foreign tides winch should be respected, and recognized under treaty. 1 he first requiring attention are these in Oregon end California, in the former, the claims, it is presumed, are comparatively limited in number, which corue within the purview of the treaty of >ih August, JSvit?, between tfce united States and ' Great Britain, and the rights which our govera- ! mtnt by tr?Mty litis agreed to respect tnay, it ij suggested, he discriminated, and settled by the joint action and co-operatien of the Surveyor General and the Register and Receiver, acting as a l>o ird of ((mmissioters, whose jurisdiction should extend 1 to all cases contemplated l?y the treaty, except euch or may have been provided for by the act of Con* [ press. approved ?n September, 1880, to create the office of Surveyor General of the 1'nblic Linda 1 inOrtton, and to provide for the survey, and to 1 make donations to settlers. The decision of those 1 officers should be subject to the linul determination of the appellate authority, aa hereinafter s?ggetu d, respt rung the adjudication ol claims in the State of t'dliforma In that State the claim* are much more numerous, and are of a very different from ihose in Oregon, being generally of a larger area, ] time, indeed, of an immense extent, and resting upon inceptive and other lilies, in various stages , r I maturity, as derived from the governments of i 'IJ Spaia and Hcxko, and a gre.?t portion of which ! are tin tided bv aay actual aorrertuder the norenimenta from which they were derived. To settle ' these claims, it is recommended that legislation be ' had analogous to the plan presented ia a bill intro duced into the Senate at the last session, which 1 looked to the appointment ol a Hoard of Coumi.s- 1 sioners. with [?wer to visit difler'-nt places in C.ili- I foriiia, unJer the order of the President, and to take testimony of all the facts relating to the validity, or invalidity, of the respective claimvand to report the Mine, with their opinion, to the departm? nt. subject to the revision ?f a tribunal C >nlisting of the secretary of the Interior, Attorney G?neral, Hnd Commissioner of the General Land Offit e, who shrill have power to render final decision of confirmation, as ai/iiieat the I rnited States survey mid put< lit They should also have power to rejr-cl all claims which, in their opinion, are not valid under the treaty, but in case of anv audi re jectiona, the cl&imunta ehould have the right to appeal from ??ch decision, and briutr the cise by petition nul a (raoaoript of nil the evidence and proceeding* before the District or Circuit Court of the Unittd Matt ?, tor the proper diatnct in California, who thull thereupon enter up a decree. or decern, from which an nppeul may lie taken by eith? r patty to the Supreme Court of the United State*. wnoae drcifcion thereuponah&ll he dual and conducive. In the event of continuation of n claim by mich <o :t. nturve) to b? made, and a p-i't nt IOMMM in oiher hut when the d^cieion shilt he uymnM the claim, the Imda facto to he treated an public landaot ihc I uit?d Since, and dupoied of BCcoidmvly. i<y the adoption of auch a inea? aure it i? h*|ieved (tint the ends of juatice will be fiihtt rvetl, ihc whole matter will be brought to a dtemton and adjustment wuhin a reasonable period, and ai> < Imma that are valid, and ehoulu t>e rt>i* 11? d. will l>e n-cinui/.-d, aud sep.iri.'?'d trout the | uhlic lauds, wInert c n 'hen be tlisicw.-d of w:th?nt danger of conflict ihcfcom Ada lat-v reita of | rivMe individi i's. By the treaty of IH31, the Chickasaw* ceded to our tjovrn n? nt c? rtaiu litids in the northern ptrt >1 M Mad pi and Alabama, with a stipulation thu thty were to be ?old hy th<- I'liitcd Stites, and the nft proceeds paid over toilnm. That ce^ion, aa heretofore rea red, baa'all N en duly surveyed, platted, and found to contain 6*18 6' <5 27-ICO asrt*. But c>f thie ar> n individual India a r?f *n at Inn? wbl- b hare bt?a rraogoiit-d. co??r 2 421 070 M 100 acre* I <ai:pn iit'jfet to rale 4 iiv> tMi 4lluo aer?a Of t1'*a quantity th?r? bar* lf?n x id up tv SOtb fleptenit rlaU 8,:-?T '>U 97100 aer a. j Leatlap unrr>lJ at that data >".'> 817 44-luO airra He.-ide ibe pule if "public I mda,M there h?v j hern di-|>r?-? d : t by the l?i.d ollicers, in the cea ao n. 'Jo Ot ufiK li 0 acreaof " (Hpban r? oervatioiia,' i i.rter tin N h hi fit If of the I rex i v < > I I:<14. T hf iu .iint? ?I J iiutp ' |?nfilic" and " orf>bn,"U'l ikf im^unouni ircrifrd for the r? h|r. livp c! ?? 10 i< h )< r, ?rnl in tK*? wiifie | in th* rr <i of ?Ji?* ihirl <|iiarter of IS*>, are fxhiMfd in ihf following ti>kt? (UMWtrrnl or Ur?.ii?TK>'.( i r t>> .1 (H swri m ?, MW. It MM U>t4 "nrnminx. .( >?*. I'ulit. .Urn. * ins !* ii \m .m ? ? 1? * 1 :v i.i i i.' V* ' ' -1 ? - I > 7 i i ; | :? ?>i r im j? 44 u? - 3 ?-? 27* r- M I* lUf IT ?#"> ?* IIMH ' ' ' IJ it II.. , - .1 1 11 11 > .11 1 M ;r.< - i! 4' ">i 41 ?W.?*74 ?A IftT ),?? *4 .1 ?* 4| lit:!'! >' *J U 4, . ? 1* ? ' ; ) ? ? '44 !;?.# . I? 7 , . _ _ 1 ' 1 'I > h II ,1 ? ? | I ?- 11? . J I? 1- '> .4 .1.1 ,4 N" _ ? 1 1 "; 1 11 i,w 12 _ _ I i!', S I.K 17 * .> 4 _ _ 1M4-I i4 IJ.M . _ .. j M*l* " &!?.? * i. 1*4.T?^T* I .4. . , , W4 1 J z 1 1 . . > ?;j ? 1 1 1 I i r-?- ? < J sin. 1' 4.. > 1 1*41. . I I ' . , 1 1 vj r? ; * n ... 1 1 i< IX I ' 'I rut Hi 7J j v> ) 11 1 *1 1 r >i ?'ii i''7 i' . ii : i.?I 1 I" 14 14' i !? ? .. : 14 IT 4 i I t ? M ? ' I ,4 I 1 ...... , . YJi iiiH si 1 *?M *4 4'. -?1?1 -4 -,r | I..- HCk WntiUfwui. ... . o \ iiM'kfL ttiih ill* . f.n > ( oiih f^i'tiAn r*?A#?rv?<i ! r. I th* Utr of the local t li' t'?. The unsold lar-d*. tindt1 the operation of the trxrluittiou m'himh, ?' ? leiwhed the minimumprice D*rd hy trr-Hiy til 12} . - it." pel >cr?, except * few tracts which are no* alj<ct to eutry at 50 centu (er acre Tht-rt h??f b*?n Ucuril for puhlio landi >B lhii< cf 'Hiou. 22.460 patent*. For nmntlmi S,M " | Total 34 060 M All t>l winch huv?- t?'n ?iui> recorded in thin office, huh the accf'UiiU of the K> l'? >v> r h<tve been adjusted U|> to the 30 h ."v-ftt riii? r. 1?60 It ma\ aH< fii n???riif id t i the amount of Ubor ! whu h h?a ht > it r< >4>(ir**<i .11 >1 ( rrturiMfd in conducttr? thua far the Iai.u oiK-rxtioiiH of the Chick<tMtw CiwioD. hy rr|i> iu>({ the l et that the record* in ilii* ulfii'*, tu t'onutciion with thu particular buatcoDiiriff iiu.nv-Hire- 'olio vohimea. # * ? ? * The pre-enip'ion ?> h is fceen progressing in a very nuitthc ory mun-r. \e?rly all the claims limit r the ncit. | nor to IMI have heen tinilly dinpotea of, nmuv oi ?hit ii * ! - very important Iroru iht value tit fht- prop-r'y at ib.sue, and the complexity of qutn iona lovolv'd The act ot 4ifi Septt iiiher. 1841, prospective in its < haracter, font bet n henrflcul tu itn operation, ffcurinji hh it <Ji i.h tt> every i-ft ler who deairei it, the right to t n r without competition the laud unproved ?i.d m-tiled nu, anti i^fo'rally euaoliug him, by oidiiiar) ii ijutirj, to r? t.l ze from the noil auftiCieut meat to p?y for the rame, before he id required to do rf hy law * * The county land aud m up hueinem under the War of the {evolution, 'lid that of lbl2, id being u 1111 ii ft iii. u- rm i?i lu us no^iilile. to the legislation of ( oiiHirn-. liider ihe net parsed by Congress on the 28th Stpitniber, lNr>((,' to euible the State of Arkansas, uiid itli' r S>iat> s, to reclaim the swamp laads wiihiu their limits," it d* cided, with your approbation, to tlif surveyors General of the veral S Hita in which their ollicea existed, in the first pla? e w nb ni ku i; out list* of the la n<1s granted to these >tdo s by 'h-t l.iw, mid where thornoffices were abolished, to devolve that duty ou the ]*l d I IBct s Of Hie If hi ective districts. Full iristiucticns have hren made out, and transmitted for tin- purpose; aid, hy those instructions, the act of t;< purees will be carried out?the rii(ht to all Hit- swemp and overflowed lamia unfit for cultivation, m i urtd to the States, and the interests of the govt riiment protei ted The State of Louifiai.a havijg made the necessary arrant-me ii;h to del ay the expense of s-dec'nig the hweinp I iihIs theiein, uncier the uct ol 21 Merch, 1M!>, the uecet-stry luetructious for that purpoie were irsued; and, at the lusiatice of the lit Iti/at'on from that ^late, n special agent was orrteted there to arrange and dett rmine the principles on whiih that giant t-hould be udju-ttd, who Jitcbntgtd the duty entrusted to him, and made his report, which w * laid before Coutfress J^i ac: < nbne-e with th>* instructions thus issued,and the principles established, the State proceeded to make i he selecticns, and has inadc considerable progress iht run. The It w recently passed embraces Loui-dani, an?l mi itases the graiit made hy the act of 1H19. Instruction* ii ive also been prepired for all the rfisttict biid ?flieers, under the act of 28th Sept , 1,-od, "gtoitiia bounty hod to cenaiu olHcers and soldiers wlio Imvc been engaged in the military setvice ol the 1 nitt d St-iies.'' In older that the lineial views cf Coogress, in passing this law, should be lully carried out, an 1 ell possible excuse saved to the brave and patriotic citizens, for whose benefit it was enacted, in iocatire th? ir lauds, and at the mime tune to protect the improvements of the hardy and industrious picnet r teitlers, it has been determined, with your approval, to waive the affidavit heretofore required, ilt?:t there is no improvement ou the land proposed lo be located, but to publish notices for all the sellers upon the public land-*, to come forward and . . r.. .i l I "ii: . e .1 ; lumjr iii?- i mil viiiurra 01 nirir ini|?rnvruni mm | :o require that the warrant* dirt 11 rt main forty days n the local offices, sIter they have been located lirirt* t'lementg an t imi rovernents, as now required I kit will lxive the atultra full time to lilt- notice* of jy law J luring the time a warrant id thus retained II the h Uii'H of the land oflicers, if it isfouud tint it ipa b? < a li e tted U(*>n the improvement of .1 settler, hut location will be annulled, and a new one made Tor the warrantee. Arrangements have also been int. Je for locating all warrants that may be sent to otlicc for that purpose. The instructions for the Surveyor-fieneral of [>rrjon required a combination of the geodetic, Kith the rectangular system, as explained in the preceding pnrt of thisrei*>r?, and as required by the hi t ol 27ih September, 1*N), establishing the olllc* of Simejor lieneral of that ttrritory. The geological survejs of the northern pnrts of Michigan, Wit consul and l?w*a, amhorixed hy the acts el lit hf?l :id March, 1*17, have Iwen brought to a cIom*, and it is exi*-< irti dut the fit lit re^irta 1 f the gtologist* will i>e rtieived 111 tiui<- to be laid before unyrrM it ?* early pvriuii of the session, if not to i.cconquiny this report. ? * * lrnm< diutely after the pasmge of the act of 20rh September last, "granting the right of way, anil making a grant ot land to the states of Illinois, Mis*iMipp ?nd Alnbania, in aid ofthv construction f a railroad lro.11 Chicago to Mobile,'' instructions M- rt bi-iit to the lamt olticeraof thr districts through whit h that road will pats, direiting theni to reserve Irom mle or eniry of ldv kind all the land* withm auiitthle diMante on each side of thut road until fie grrtnt in adjusted. This rr.eature was adopted to prevent the lands lorc the route from b^ang located by speculators, thiik ft curing to the Slates the benelita contem >littd by the lnw, and preserving for future disposal by the government, the lands 111 the alternate sec i 'i'lift itn>r|( Mir i viii, mm iiiiuuiiutii i'liu ui nuiwu witu doubled by that law. IWerthe act of 2Bih September, 1850. " to r?< dure ilir mlniniuiu price ot the mineral lamia 111 thi f. ke Btrperior district in MlehifUt uitolki Chl| j? wo district in Wiwon^in,"' Ihr whole of the mil * taI IdiiilH in tho?e districts which have been buivr)11', will lie broufiht inio market a? early aa (riciicbble nnt Mtion, ut the reduced minimum, arrmgtnn nt* having been nude for tliat purpose. Tlie appropriations for aurvrywg and inirking ihr roilb* rn boundary of low*, end th* eastern boundary of Mitn* acta, *cte mole too Iat*> in the h ?ton for tlif rervice to be performed the paat fail. All the mreaaary instructions have been prepared! and the wi rk will be completed rarly lit M n *n>u Tlie manner of diapopini; of the public luatla in California, New Mexico Mini Utah, has attracted much atte ntion, and v*riou*|laua have b<?*n bu<* p< ?; d the molt Judicioua for this purp<w, e?prrialiy in reference to thr valuable mineral Unda in thote regions. I*i *i'? of th* peculiar topouraI IiichI ! niurea of tbe country, and the value of th* mii.t tit) land* in California, it hat been *?v,*?*?d by many that the Imhhj ayttcm would conduce most lo the int? r?M*i l the govmmrntanl th* |K'< pie, mi fat aa thnee rniti- ral Tan i? ur* concerned, M i i laiMMhliNcI a a> rtr-miu that diate ha* h*eu introduced in the $*-mte. It ii> not a matter of anrprine that theae opinion* liould he entertained by all who have not realised tin' leMilt# of thi* af ate in. The same vteara were h? hi, noc? >n\t ly, of tbe lead mmri of Miaautui and lllinoic, nutl of the lead ami copjtr mine* of Aikau?<*, Norlhtrn Michigan, ani Wi?cou?in. A? an additional reason, h >w ever, for th* adoption ol thia a)atrni in California, it ia alleged that the oil in tf the pl.ic*r? i utterly valu>-lt *, except tor the mineral fou id therein and that, ?vh<*n tbat mineral h exhausted, 'lie land it w.irth nothing W't.en th hifetory of Hi* (;>>.t. with Ttfr renee to thia queato h, i* cunnirterfd, it will f<m id that there an i. ni<. ptiM of MertkHdkll like c iti i have pr lucd like ?ll*et* in all lh<?e Mat' r, and th. t M," imir r ?ult? will proSably be tiiti n erd on tbe l'aii?ir, it the lea*mg t>yaUmil i n ri <1ui ?it tlx re. Fr?tn tbe bernoitl the government ha? mini- i t . 'nl a ilrriri lu r-' in (<n rtfr<?t in. I wci* ennui,.: _ v, ;.M<* ni ii?r*l< Ttill it n nttural feelii| iu ilntpr who, d hy I lie ?ti,yo*rd v*lnr ?f i|i u? ure, in?trfo'io-*lljr ?'* *ire ihti the tjoverni?i? tit ?# ?. :la Kbif to it. Wh^ n howi rer, tii if ihr i ojI of oft Hinini; thl? share by the i i r it t-y fit ni exuiil* the hi ,ir fit* derm-d from it, p i <i t? attend- < hy h loig tnin of rrioiu t\ ti nt idii.uhl at onre he ahai.doned 'j < llr?l rction cnihf |iiriii( Ihe g?vcrnmerit in ti t 'on i'' ihi? ml i'Ct, w < ih* ordiM?nc* o( the l.liti 11 A|>ril. 17" V (>) Which i>i?e-th :rl |*irt of nil ti'i.nivi', !e*ri uni miff rmiiirt waa reii-rv-'d lo ff.? I'm'nl Si i*r?. II-r'- it will he perceived 'haMit'ii rut |ro(i*'H to rr?-f?e or |e??- tlv ! i il- Hie j 1 i in* ui.'i ! , i I' of t .< |?fO|'le would not h. ' r tnlf i ?ti d l Ii il tyri ni of v.i??.?l.if{ . Th<h vrd'iiRBi'e prt.*i . .1 that the Nu I eliouM he oid, I i' *', in m" rinc? with a u?*a? ih- n in li r? r >n i .iiioi**, j |?>i ion of tli?- valuable inin * :i.*r*iii ihculd tciMlii lo Un MVefeign'y. I lir i *' w-* ill* joi. t resolution of the lfith of A|i II. I '<), nirict u ?l rm(.|o\mrnt of mi *n- nt 1 < 1 1 ct infoi imuon t? Utive to the copier mine* | nf I he Puferi? r. .V rrj tt* ? TWtte In errftr^ mr-wirh this re>? luii. ii, hut 1,0 fiinh?r eiticn wu hud in relation |

0 tM ? f hi, till >fl< r tKe tf ii|r Witk U4 Cfcip ?n , ill it l?h Oi'ii 1 r, 112, hy winch thv. , 1 try ? , > |niinf. The t.iii.t w ? ih? <*<:t ol 1 M in Ii, I 7. atithrtff ng Ihe Prci-i -?nt lolen*e i!f 1, d i,n * in the Indian t-in'ory. I 'ml- r tIi* f > iaw? tlir tei>Miip?)iitern wn? adopted. I?t Mi* fatly r|e'?il"i>? Of ' *e hive hut It'tle IB? tttrH, hp th* iiiit ft*1 lifiil* tveje |i|,'r?d under ! h? untrnl f f tiif w*r tVpstl^ienl i-i I?l, mil ! 1 r t" het tiui" there wan but little if any thi.ig '"f>r In it. The lir.-t fiw hI infoTfTMi'inii I h ?re fotio?l,t? cA?1 1 iti 11 urt il tke A1 ittwf ?f W<r, of Ihe I ?, I in ~ Ivh it h tn?t th? > ' < 1 t tn > !? ! ht th? C .. , i t * i l,i-l j>?l.ud ', WjiU j about f 1,600? a sum that would uoi more than pay ihr annual salary of oue of the superintendents employed, in.the wrier. lly sutwqient report fr?-m the War Department, it wits ohown that the rent received iu 1848 and 1844, amounted to 242,814 pounds of lead, worth about ,b6ti?while the amount expended on account of mineral land* by the government, including salaries <>f officerB, dcc., dunng the same period, wm $20,729, making an ?rij loes to the government >>y the operauou of |15J*3 If to thia be added the amount that wouid have b*en renin, d from ihene land*, if they had been void at the urdiuary minimum of $1 25 per KC e, and ihe expenses, costs, Arc , that grew out of the vast uumberof suits instituted by the United Stales to recover rent due by defaulting lease.:?, to tacate fraudulent entries, A* . it would amount to a sum in companion to which the loaa abovementionid would be iutignificaut. Subsequently, in coii^equt nee of active measures having tieen taken by the District Attorney for that purpose, a greater amount of reut wan received, but without auy abatement of ihe attendant evils. So fully was Congress satisfied of the inexprdiency of this system, with reference to revenue, and of the actu<tl loe* that the government had sustained from it, that ?n the 3d March, 1819, un art was passed, authorizing the President of the United States to cause the vniwamr irn?i iiimrs rrerrvru in llltr Olttir Of iTIItf* | soun, to be exposed to public sile, subject to the ordinary minimum This was followed by the act ot Uth of July, 1846, direc nig the mineral lands of Illinois, .Southern Wisconsin, and Iowa, to be sold ; by the acts of the lft ami ;ld March, 1847, dirt cine the Bale of the v-iluable uopper mines of Lakr Superior, Arc ?and finally by the actof2tiih September, IWiO, reducing their niinirnutH price to that of ordinary public land?. ? ? * * *# * * 1 therefore recommend that the lands in California be sold?those that are agricultural in the ordinary way, and those that contain valuable minerals. in small lots, and subject at tirst to an increased nuuimum ; that these mineral lands, after due public notice, be put up to the higest bidder in <juui)titirs only to suit the demand, that after such tiering, if they should remain unsold, to be subject to entry at un increased minimum. And if it be the determination of C?ngre.s8 to secure a recomcn-e for the valuable mineral contained in those lande, that they provide by law that all those minerals sh?ll be assayed in California, by the UBi'ed Siates; that a uivf-n ratio of the sirne thus essuyed shall fiisure to the government, and tiiat no mineral shall be exported from the country, until it is thus essajed. * * * * The Army. die report ok the oenekalvl^chncf, a< hie report of thr secretary of war. riBAIM^t'ARTEKS OF 1 he ARMY, > Washi.noto.n, Saturday, Nov. 30, 1850 $ Sir.?The organization, actual numbers 011 the rolls, ana dis'ribution of the army, will be shown by the returns In.m the Art jutant-Geneidl s ollice, appended to this report, vu :? 1. ('rewnizutioii of the army of the United State?, an established by law, mtirkt-d A. 2 General re'urn of the army. B. 3. Position and distribution of the treops in the ilustern division. 0. 4 Poiit 1011 and distribution of the troops in the Western Division. D. 5 Position and distribution of the troops in the thud, or l'acitic division. IS. (i. Exhibit of the number of recruits enlisted fr< m Uct. 17, lb-It), to Sept. 30, 18-50, F, with the Adjutant General's repoit thereon. In my la?t annual report to the War Depirtai?nt, dated November 3, 1819, I represented the urgent necessity of the increase of the military e?<abii#hrm hi, created mainly by the lar^e accession ol territory aoiU'red by the late treaty of peace with 1 Mexico, and the express stipulation, on our part, 1 to protect that republic from the Indian tribes with- . in our limits. Congress, by the act of Juac 17, | lstO, rt cognized itois necessity; but the additional i force authorized win both inadequate in nu nbers mid deWDptMNf. The act empowered the President, whenever, in his opinion, any exigency re- j quired it, to increase to beveiity-four the number of j private* in companies serving on the Western frontier mid at rtu.oie stations, and io mount such portions oi the foot comiunies so employed ashe might deem necessary. The great extent of our frontiers, and the peculiar diameter of the service devolving on (he troops, render it indispensable that the cavalry element should enter largely into the composition ot the army. Two udditioual regiments of horse (dragoon or mounted nlleinen) are deemed absolutely necessary. The s< tvicc is Built ring greatly in Texas, Nt w Mexico, und on the Pacific, owing to the mtulliciency of the force now auihon/.ed by law. i'Vr the wni.t of regular cavalry, the commanding I General in Texas lias been comitelled to call out, at great expense, a considerable i?ody of volunteer hi rue. The coinuiHiider iu New Mexico has also repeated and [>rtK.-iiig applications for cavalry, but not a company could to spared from o'her quarters to reinforce feint No other description of troop* will answer for the protection of our immense lines of emigration and frontier settlements through, ar.d bordering on, Indian iritx ?. Mounted infantry, as a substitute, is wholly inadequate: and the experiment of employing foot regiments in this way can only resul in disorguii'zing ihem, as infantry, aid col verting th? m into extremely dillerent horse111* n. llesiaes, from their inexperience, and the temporaiy character oi thtir new duties, the wear und tear of horses and equipments, in the fundi of lufuiitry, would be enormous?probildy three fold greater ih?n with regular cavalry (dragoons or mounted riflemen)?thus making this nondescript force the most expensive and the least eflicient ever kr own to our service. 1 beg, therefore, to recommend, for the reasons given in my former rei>ort, that three regiments be ! added to the establishment, two of l|?ht dragoons, i or mounttt! riflemen, and one of infinity: that two | c< nipunif s be added to the prtsei.t forty-ei^ht cornallies ol altllli rv. BPd thill the lif'tv be ori? ini.-ed Into live r? girmnta of artillery? on<* with ita lield ami Mall' oliinTH, for the Pacilic count; and that ili'- I'retideni be anihomed, according to the rxigeic-iea of the terviee, to cause to be exc-nded by i? ;;ular eiiln.tmen'a, the number of privates iu every company, old and new, through >ui th army, from forty two, fifty and sixty-lour, rerpec.ively, to any iiun l'tr uot exceeding aeveniy-lour privates per c? nipany. Another year's expeiience heacontirmel me in the opinion that it ia only by *ui h augmcutationa the urtiiy can beenabbdto preserve uor lorniicatlona alorg the lintixh, the A'Untic, and the Gulf <?l Mexico frontier*;?10 gin rd the immense lines of ?migration a< ro:.s the Hocky .Motin'aina, and diftnd our numerous serlenunta bordering on as many ill-atitc.ed It di.iii trihea Id the ?.ime rej?ort, Nov 3, IHItf?(Ksecu'ive i Document No. ft, pp. fH-l(Kl)?I presented the ! equitable cUima of the decayed or worn out noldii u?r? gularit and vciuuteert?discharged, or w!?o m?y fx* dim barged, to an Asylum, &nd that one might he established out of funds already lodged by the treu*ury of the arm . and by other l nimni, wrhout original or nt charge upon the country. I tgain beg leave to comnftad this meat interesting subject to :hc attention of the higher authorities A bill providing for a rrtired list ?f disabled and | worn out officers. iwssed th'- S-imic at the last seenon, M'it will, I iio,e, aorn be taken up by the House an I mate a li# I he :>d arction ot the net of June 17. IV*), deaigh'd to ?ncourfe enlist men ?a in the vicinity of the remote troi.tur port*, by giving u n bounty to c*ih ricruit the expeii?eof sunsiating and transletting mm from the principal depot in the Kaat, to a lie li |?>at, b h tiovtd a failure, and S'^ht ro be repealed The inducement it presents is not sntfici ut to r.cconi| !t?h iU object. Indent, th" mun, if i>ot (he sole re iati? e, fur tilling the ranks of the anriy la by recruiting in the old glutei" '1 l.e act tnakicg a |iproi "nations for the support of the atmy, approved Pept 2*, I8M, see. 1st, doublea ihe p?y prefer of enlisted uien aerving in t)reg>n arid California. This i* a j>;*t provision, and ought to be extended to New Mexico, where, it ia believed, the rxpt ott a of living are netrly u- j;reat * ' on the Pacific, and the m i v ice mote arduous. The act limns the payment of this addition it commentation to Match, 11 ->'2 nut it will no doubt be iound necesiary to prolong the time It ia also directed hat the jrraiiniy be not pud to the so! tier till the ettH of bis inli-'ment. Thia will certainly serve as a cheek to deseitions, but it ia apprehended it m.iy airo prtvt nt r? enlistmenta A wwldier receiving no large an amount of back p?y at hi* discharge, would i.oi I*- likely to ri>rnier tor a sro.-nd term. 1'itbapa both iibjeou? ifci ,ip Vi-ationof desertions, nnd e?M>nrn?nn lit nf enlistment:?m'ght be se. ft;r?d by retiimrg till the eX|timtiiHi of service cm h'tlf tn-le?ii i f fhe wSols of the ad litional J I y rr n'ed f,v the net referred to,and It is rtowit- i i . i. .1 lb i' tl. law hr- n.ii.lili A * " wvivih^IJI 1 ih hom r to ttBMin, sir, VV nh high re*|>tct, your nli'i ocrv't, WnciKi.u SjoorT. II,>n. C. M. Cotnurt, Prc'y of War. Army li.tilllgrnrr, Wr in tii f II in* Deputy On it. tnn %?iir lor IntoraiaMnn hh,m to th# ?l I f>? T?< eotnti*nl*< of I In :j trt|l|?M lll'h- Nmt Ks on f inda). *? ll twt.. fro* Tamp* t!?y l h>T ?* r. otith lr any to r?ll< till will f'-nnln h It until fur'.hnr or?,<> fi*i> rom( *oi?'?rpf ibo 4:h Attlll?r| IrfiTlnpi, ft fhrrl? ma Mi < for \ ?'k <! lopooy r o< in * ta fl?rtto?d tor ? !? M 11. n0 P.|t?ar? il<?r, atd rrn p?r.y L for K.?ri tvtah'o?tr>n n?? enrol. tiu'iin; r,l?t Artilimy. r.Mnm\n l I hy lt>?r ? nt Noutrnn raiiat- at ll N. * Orl?an? H<r < mp> n.\ k,4tk Irtllrtr, tklrh Um l> nor<ir*d to .>?* tnrli harV.r. Company C l?t Artillery, fin mn.'i'il by Ll' iit Ck>| IV. b't?r t>?? rt?|t tfl fr irpa? i I at Batr-n Hong* l-.? r?. k? utmii. J. f<1 t y Br?t?t Majrr t^eett of th? f-h Artillery vl'ili ha* rati* (I let hit Wot btogtcn on tlie i'o:?in ?j - .VeW OiJitdi I'iref???. .V?a M T*?ra?ra?t Y?l?? p?H?ir?. at tMa tl-na. H %|i ?>* fttinn** of th*f? 4*t?r? no1??rrnl<n-?? :<1S jlr-al 'a M ht Mtlntf, II atuJ*u'4> hi. J .i t.wttiu.i of jU.l t' yhj ?ui mit. Ceuaoa Re tarns for I860. Nmsaba Ooi>i?ty, N. Y ?V^e are indebted to the A*M?taat Marshal for tke following atatimical information;? Tmnt. Population. Oldttt Per ton. Chariton 1,902 92 Day 1,026 91 Edinburgh 1,473 91 tialway Z.OOd 90 Milton 4,263 99 Provideace 1,4-41 96 The population of the village of Ballaton Spa, lyiny in the town of Milton, Saratoga Co , ia 1,961. Suffoiji Col.nty, N. Y?The number of inhabitants in Southampton, u 6,505; niuraber of fami1 rn, 1,269; in Ivisthamton, 2,125: families, 450; Shelt?r Island, 386; families, 77. The aggregate increase ia ten years in the three places, is only 356. The village of Sag Harbor, within ita corporate limits, contains 2,660 inhabitants. In 1845, there were owned in Sag Harbor 63 whaling ships. That number is now reduced to 15. Broomk County, N. Y.?The census of Broome county shows a population of 30,660, an increase of 5.654 in five years. Massachusetts.?The following are the returns of the present census of the State of Massachusetts, in comparison with the returns of 1S40:? 1M50. 1810. Count irt. Po/nt/atinn. Population. Sullolk 144 .>20 95,773 Est,, x 131 307 91,9s7 Middlesex 161,385 106.611 Worcester 130.817 95,313 Hump.'hire 35,714 30,897 Harritfen 51.2*5 37,366 Franklin 30,869 2H.812 lietkohire 49.59b 41,715 Norfolk 79,000 S3,140 Plymouth 55,699 47,37:1 Bristol 76,202 60,165 IWiistable 85,279 82.548 Nantucket 8,452 9,012 lukes 4,540 3,958 Total 991.665 737 7(H) Increase from census of 1840 256,965 Rhode Inland ?The complete official return of he |>< (Milaiiou > f (Ml -State makes it 111,189, being pn inereusf of 38,767 since 1840, when it was 105,722. Vermont.?The following are partial returns Irom this S'ate:? CnunlifK. 1850. 1840. Lie'?. J>rV. Wlndgor (22 town*). . .36 biS5 C8,61? ? 2870 OrnLf;* (11 towuf) 16 971 17,236 ? 265 Windh?m (13 town*).. .16 401 15.219 1,152 ? CaltdotiU 23 609 21891 1,716 ? Wellington (10 towuii) Htii7 12 005 bo J ? B*nnir>gton (10 town*) 10 558 0,735 823 ? Chittenden (11 townn) 17 171 15.865 1,806 ? Addiion 26.052 24 686 1.60d ? N*w Jersey ?We have received the returns of population in four of the counties of New Jersey, winch are as follows :? Counties. 1850. 1810. Sup?fx 22,99^ 21,769 Paseaic 22,576 16,731 Wajjen 22.161 20,^xi Salem 19,501 16,091 Total in four counties ... 87.236 71,960 74,960 Increase 12,276 The population of Warren county is 22,161. Increase since 1840, is 1,798:? 1850. 1*10 Greenwich 11,784 2,901 Franklin 1,565 1,317 Hsrmony l,"t>7 1,??2 Pal<a?iuary H>2 :r?u Frelinehuyeen l.iT7o > . 0. , Hurdwick 727 C 1?JN Hope 1,756 l,<3f>) Oxford 1,711) Helvi.lere l,milC Knowlton l,an?? > IJIttir.'town 1,405 \ ' Washington 1,507 > 3n-7 Mansfield 1,617 ? Independence 2,(>21 2,234 Total 22,134 20,3?<i follawing returns from this State have been received;? CounUti. 1850. 1840 Allegheny 140,000 81,235 Armstrong 30,497 29,365 lleiks 80.000 ?4.W9 Beaver 2ft,(131 29,868 Carbon l.'j (new) Juniata 12,973 11,OH' Lawrence 21,Km (new) Monroe IMS 9.S79 Northumberland 23 223 20,f?27 Pike 5.H76 ?,<? Schuylkill <C!,2i>.> 2l*,i?-?I Wayne 21911 ll,H?s Clarion 23,712 (new) 178,1 189 20,301 289,301 Increase 188,788 Montgomery Cot >tv, Pa.?The census of the country, as far as received, is as follows:? .-sorristown nu.ui bower rroviaence. i I'otistown 1 ,047 SkippMk 1,622 Conshohockta 72?i Limerick 2,165 Plymouth 1,'.>3 Pottsgrove 1 , >> < S| rinctield 743 Worcester 1. I j*> Upper DuMm l.:W0 l.owrr Salford.... 1,212 Mooreland 2.3M Towamencin !?>l Gwynedd 1,571 Franconia l,2tW Montgomery !>7I Hatfield 1,133 Whitpain 1,330 Cheltenham 1,21)2 Norriton 1,.">0?> Upper Merlon .8,611 Total 3H,0*<.$ There are l?ven townships to hear from?jxat one-third of the comity The population of th? comity in 1810, w?* 17,211, and il the remaining townships show the same ratio of increuic, the population wiil l>e nearly (jO.OOO. Ohio.?Thirty-one counties in Ohio exhibit th; following as the population: ? Adisnis 18 013 Fulton..... 7,7^0 Allen 12,103 Medina 2I,IV? Aueiaire 11.Ill Morgxn 2rt.3#> Clink 22 l;Mi Morrow 20.2-I Defiance...-|.... ti.SM l'mlding.. 1,7t><? Fayette 12,(2"* Union 12 2t > > Oeaoga 17,737 Van Wert 4,7!M ITnrtlin H 2M Vinton !I,;V?3 Holmes 20,** 1 Washington SAW Mercer 7.712 Wayne.. .tl.iKH Uriiwii 27.33<i Carroll 17.(? *? Clinton 1?,?77 Champaign 2'>0fi8 Cuyahoga 48 ff? Jackson 12 S'23 Lale 17,63l Ottawa 33<H Pwnliifky 11,600 Trumbull 30.HM Williams 7,!*>7 Wood. H.lfl Total of 31 counties 313,3(21 tk acise CottTT, Wi* ?The United States l?*puty Marohsll for thin county, has furnished t!i< I I lowiog hs the othcial r< turn* of the number of inhubictnt* in tin* coun'y. op the Is' of June, I s"s?: ? City of Hacire... 3,III Town of Iloehes'r 1 '>72 Town of Kscine,. 7^1 liirlmct*-i .. 1,?;>? " Mt Pleasant 1,07* " Yoikville... "W " Caledonin... 1.'<H Norway 7 >1 " Ifayuiond... 1,121 " Dover N'V? Total 11 977 MAKW.a*n.?The follf*i.ig returns are from nine eountus in this dtale, mcludiag the city of i iiunrrrr Ciuutiti. 1HV). IfK). lialtiiuore ci'v If 9,138) i\. >*,, county 40.000) Cutoline ! iW 7.* ;> 111 i f r I I'M 11 17.120 Carroll 17.W"K? l^.loN T.ilhot 1-2 (i'M Frederick lo.'kN) Alleghany 2.?t*"0 13 WO Wath ng'oii 80,7 Ml 2"t.*U> ^ Mi27!? 27),013 270 0 IS Ircrrnie Ui Tx, i:.rr C?.r ntt, Mi>?The renmti of TalHM oruuiy t? > n follow? trfPe m'vtVitn'.m, !? Vxi; ?Ihvps, 1 IK-toiil 13,(01. Innre<# of fren winWitcM* ?in-e 1(M0,1, le.1. and of alitvM 11^; of this n rr??fe j.t'OO In in 8? MuthaH's district Nunitu-r of ! willing*, l,fil2, tirnl of familiM, l,MK ({nift Ass*'* Cor sty. Mr> ? Tne fi.]l >wing i? ihf centu* rM?rn* fjr H'leen Anne's con ity: ? Tin re *re 13,215 white and Iree hi ck inlt ibi'ant*, and 4,271 Matea in'.ht> countjr For Um jre*r eud """i' V'' ,r wtic wii qcn(Di tueir ?r" pi*rf t of ih * .? ,Q iha county; 4>p?LihVf?li. menu of frofjortivo industry, ytrJUng frnn fVyi tti J In 'KX', ?nd !??j (.ni-j vitldin j flui) ami u,>. watda Annually. KI-UKK cnrv> rr. a A. I fe k habitant*. r?2;< *?** lt/f'i Trtil r?r>ptiImtlon lti.liKl I ?ihn (rem Junr I, lo Jonr I, IH50 . ;i I *. in* ?| j Value of rrnleauna. .. |x r#i iul ?m> I,s'i'.I #|5 ToUl f , I ?"***" comr, OA. Free inbnhitamt 97. , ?:$ Total population p |j|?, ! !:m # I, J- "t ?o I t , | j-v't" *|'{| r If a of CO :on n:a e m |- lit ? Vieowia.? Loudon county, contains a population of 21,660, of whieh 14,652 are wtutea, 1 &48' trre hlat-ka. and 6.631 alavta. Total since 1840, 1,119 * kictiland district, s. c. Whites : 6,777 Free colored 408 ! Slaves 12,974 Total 20,243Ke.nttcky.?The present census of Kentucky in : 921.000 In 1810 779.S28 Increase .140,172 Ala n a ma ?The following are the returns frrnn nine counties in this Stnie:? Count let lhoO 1848. Cooea 12,610 6 995 Clarke, 9,903 8,00$ Chambers 2:1,H49 17,:?.i Benton, ?I,01H 14,260 Perry 24,553 19,086 Pickens 21,006 17,118 Macon 25.H87 11.247 Sumi^r* 21.507 9CJ7 Mauioon 25.SI53 25,706 185,5H1 149,68u ! 119,685 Increase in nine cos. 3T>,XNi ' Sumter county bu b**n divided finee 1840. Marengo County, Ai.a.?The census of Mtrenpo county show < a total imputation of 2r,70fl, viz 7.117 whites, 20,o41 slaves, and 39 free negroes. The increace of whi'e inhabitants since 1HI1 is only ttn, while the increase of s laves is 3,340. Tensas Parish, La.?The Concordia Intelli&fnctr furnishes the following statistics of Tensas l>arish:? Present white population 905 " slave population 8,222 ' number of plantations 175 " number of bales of cotton made the last year 21,000 " numUr of bushels of corn nuaed last year 332,100 The number of rt?-a?hs. 1 ist year, in the parish, was 178; of which 156 were from cholera; 9 wi*w drowned; and 13 deaths caused by various other tccidents. Ti-.xas ?The following returns are from Te\as:? Bulk. Countin. Frtr TnK'ti. Slai' t. Furmi, Da-tll'gt. Corn. Liberty 1 133 893 199 313 ft3 970 Battrop 2 lhO 919 281 877 148 360 Travit.. 2.oo4 T-H 163 433 98 8 J6 Fayette 2 787 1.010 Ui:i 6o4 111.830 I.arnra 1,140 4*3 202 203 SO^1"! Jackp.n 013 83? 127 113 30.490 lie Witt 1.147 670 177 381 ? Victoria 1446 6t>4 1 43 337 ? Calhoun.. 800 22.1 <S8 173 ? Goliad 485 2(9 lift *8 ? Ban l'atiiolo.. . 197 3 18 39 ? Nuecea 648 47 20 lftl ? Kefugio 269 19 SB 6tJ ? Ark ^sa--.?The following returns are complete fr?m this State :? Countirt. Population. Counties. Popu/atinn. Arkansas 3.2.V) Madison......... 4,331) Ashley 2.157 Mississippi 2,276 Carroll 4,280 Monroe 2,190 Bradley 3,<J0:? Montgomery 1,700 Benton 3,516 Nrwion 1,632! Chicot 6,365 Ouachita 9,291 Clark 4,139 Perry 921 uonway a, im imiiip? ?. 141 Crawford 7,(ill) Pik?* l.fii).' Crittenden 2,(i37 Polk 2,155 Dallas ?,72l Pope 1.13S j >eeha 2 H73 Poinsett 2.7N Drew Htc'l Prairie 4,05? Franklin 3 571 Pulaski 1,961 Fulton I, ?!> ? Kundolph 4,<fii7 Greene 2.5!i2 Siline 3.227 lit ini'ttcud 7.2W0 Scott 3,561 Hc t Spnnjf 2,919 fearcy 2,914 j< nd? uce 1,'ilM Srvirr 2,053 Izanl 2.0OT St. Francis 3.75H JarktoD 3.:?Mi Union 4 679 Jeilrrtoa ">.<.">1 \ an bun a l2,:k)3 Johnson 5, Washington 2,063 Lafayette I.HK7 White 9,567 Lawrence 4,172 Yell 2,484 Mai ion 2,009 ?? Total 19H,74ff Of the above there are 636 free ae;'roea, and 45,212 slavea. The following are the productions of the Siate Halri hutheli Buthtlt ButKtl* C'ftm. Cnrn. Out*. I '*??/Arkansas JJW5 118.678 i*3 ? ArbUy IM 1-27.140 736 61 CarToll 2 SM.3&II ia.*70 11,1V !lrat|I?j 1237 lu?.674 4,1*1 It H.nteu - 142 HTO M6 133.874 ChUot 1 6&C2 237 736 1 320 ? 1 CUrk 748 1113*) 1.&84 678 f 0on??T 364 161.1)70 4 340 1.7M Cra* lord W.i 821.107 04 7S? 8 3UC. t.rituudrn ? 130*87 403 ? D?iia? i -61 223 ?40 i M6 sr.r J>"h? 3 OCiO fT w.!9 60 SO !>' ? 1 '33 124 1V0 1 M3 20 Franklin 711 28)680 20 *30 2 037 Jol'ou 16 11 Ml 8 WO a 550 Own. 3 00 084 10.700 2 272 11 (inputtad J.SS4 S61.014 i? 610 1.140 Ilot Bptlng 107 102 4i4 4 6-!6 1013 Inifp?ndrac* . . . S52 310,100 264 000 8 BOO 76 103 (02 6 428 0.60^ J?ck?on 751 30 626 1840 00& J? ncr?f 4 838 107 205 1 375 ? Jrbn?on 718 m<l]| 84133 4 82* l.*layttt* 1,609 144.776 ?40 4> 1-awTnjc# . 62 r.28 625 21.148 10 104 M?<ll?on _ 22d 4#3 20,173 17 70? Marlon - 137 1X5 10.8C7 0 ?66 Ml?.|??lppi (9o 173 110 _ _ Monro* 621 68 <<78 1 673 v ? Montgriaarj 28 ft) 734 2 38* 8 845 N*wton _ ?n.405 6 625 3 017 Onarhtia 747 307 446 7.2:41 807 j;??y i ;imw i860 4ir, l'frtuip* 6,ll n 811 330 8 40} 10 130 115.187 2 104 MB Poin??tt 211 8h::t2 6.3C0 1.64 >5 ? *7,040 3 205 081 ?fP# "08 1* 8 705 12.487 4.022 rralrla 244 81.630 1,103 l,14f> PuU?kl 086 162.800 8 8JO 170 Ktcdi If li _ 160.120 13.266 2.712 8*lln* TOO 174 W.IO 8 000 !VS7? Srott 214 1 22 2 47 16 S*MJ 1290 "' "J ? 14 032 8.824 6,140 8*??rr 1.638 127.V40 TIM 017 81. 1 imiU 1 778 lt<3 ttO? 1 070 M . CnWn 7 363 871 0*8 12 477 878 Van I'.ur** Ifa7 08,318 4 64S 1.080 WmhirgUn ? 6.0."80 137.811 30.007 WblU 109 (1225 ft OHO 1.134 Tail.... . .. ... b*ts Mu?5 1MI 4J0T Total 64 (-42'H <91 1--iW.ail iWSfci1 (r the nl > p:?- * * ."ion*, Iai:nv of Uad air devoted to the culture of cotton, an.V UVi.'-n to the cclttue of crain. Traokkt in Afti/ii***.?-The little Rock Ihm* crat, of lltr 8th iua( , conUina the pwticrtUr* of r> late tragic occurrence which took place io JelftrMtii c?".i.'v, ,\ik . ':il "i I i "ir .} rh of tw ri'i/ena of that r< unty. It appeara that Mr. Elzey Taylor, oil industrious an<1 hird working citizen . h*d mndc hiniat if otmoxi >na hv entering aomo tovernm* nt laiid on which *<ina<; of hia neighbor* had rn.iui- aomo improvfutram. The peUiemMt , toi k the matter in baud, took Mr. Taylor into cu< and after rt>:< ;i h>*n. mi-! t i?tin of dta'h, to convey thr land* he had en en'eml to ilie persona who had Imprnvemrnta on them, oa the | ayment by thrm of the entrance money, they warned him to rimove from the settlement. TUo took plate some time ?go. INcently thi feud br< ke out afr* >h, when Mr Tr.jlor, havinf oecii n '< I'" '<? i'i. n!i? en M i <*'i? full ?* ? r niet r>n hia return, on \Vedrie*dav wek, t>< three men. Ander?<n Steadniaa, a Mr. t joyle, ml J?hn li. iloyan, all arme d with nllea Taylor*** armed with a double b*rr? I- d al?ot gun. iVrceivioc manile* ist.ona of an n'tark on the part of hi.-j turners, T?)lor llWdttd from hia h>>ra? anf awaited their approach. On Renins; within a atu>n ou'ance, the two tir*t MM pereona discharged their ntlra at him. hut probacy without aay ell<* t except *l>< i.tuig hia hi>rae. which waa hetwera I.mi it r d |.i? .? il- I' i *i i. : -| tree. Preidroan and lloyl* advanced on him. ? h*n 1 .f lred both b-irrela of his en in i"?i ?nc ceaafcm, killing the former on th- spot, <"?' inflicting u fatal Wound on the latter, which terminate*} in hia death a few houra afierwarda. Taylor in i4e hia etcupe llitO the Wroda n;>d had not en he iril ft 11 ;n III" II I , ; 1 , , , , 1' <v lor ia caught, h? will be leas in d mg? r frimtlia law then frrni the fury of hi* neighbor?, who, it i-M?ri'?>edt till be Mtislifd with not Sim s i>< >rt of hi* hie. A***fT or t<ovro*i>vr, tub Hai.timork FrtMcn. ? A drcrnt looking yonng tn <n rrnchrd thu rity or Snrfay pvcninf, in th' Nrnht-rn oafa, undtook UmJvire it ih?* Liekinfti llntol. V?Mtrr<lay ai'H'n- \ ii'K Mr If; ic >.i ihp kMri, Iroi^nilfii thryoumr men u in!; the ilentiail in.Ji*id it' who s 01'I ?' ?ri?? d w (h hiving (i- fj int"'l t*o fonjulr* in ih?* cifv of IIiliim >r*, whtrfi htd iVrett 1 ?>q MffiirHny I inf. 11* Irnm -dinU'lJ in(oinifd M?y?fo4 ih# city of rir'ii?n-?m > *, whc?f ii, oil ihi*t fiinr'toiinry nt reil olIin-H to lrrr?t the iDrtit/'luMl d nianiir^.l. Tim officii!* I i r(< in ?d that tin*)', an<t atraigMwny arrlfd th? v<'iti y m m (ivhn g.iv<- hi* nunif n-i 1s>n>t;tot?y M? let# tl >' Maynf A fW;>rch vr<a tVn tr?nfn,,",l t lH" I < i I'. ! \ i , . i-f * ' ' l < i Ii ' HIM H"l ??? ..!.? < I fin r |>l v r- ' r'i|Q<?'itia ih?* inthoriii><a h-'rc to teUla Ijove^nivc till ti r?i'ii-?ifiot could U" nn^'! I>y the Rtrru ive of Maryland ? H >hm m-t (f"i ) Vnntt, \>r. !S>. I Imtar (Vt?t or *M? U-?irirn P^c ? -Pl?" la* at<l Hi. Ju?H ? Daniel cl Vtrirnia No 1 Bujftnm ?o I B-jt!. p al iti(T? m R. ft. Nytan 0? th# IhnH'-a of *f. W'alVar. of rontt?*l for th? 1*fiMiwt ft t? raw*# I ?m th# (itarntt l!?wt of |b? tint I-J tn ??? i wl'h piwt<. (dr th? of m ?mi

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