Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAM El CO BDOSI BKRHKTT, rBOPKlKTOH AND KDItOK. CF7IC1 N W. CORNER OP FOCTON AND NASSAU STB. ?" n III VULU II n ?._> ?r ?nnu?#T TUt h'jc?aly, every Saturday, at tente per t*py, ?r$.H per annum; the European edition, %i per annum, tm amyp,irtu/ Ureal hnt-iin, ami %i to any fart 0/ the Continent, U'h to include the potU ion. ALL LETTERS by mnl,/or tubtrriptiont. or wit A itdvertime menu, to be pott-paid, oruu poetaye will be deducted fr<nn jfc' wuntey remitted. VLL STJKYl ORJUMPOHDRNl'E. eontainine important Mftna. totuUed from any quarter of the world; if ute>!. will be rnerally p<tid for. Ovm Foreign Cob*"i-osmrvts are ^ARTICVLARLV KKVil 1>*TKD TO XEAL 1U LrTIRUA A*U fACUACU fckt to 1>i, SO NUTlL ? taken of anoiiymoui ccvmn'icatione. M e do met return thoir rejected. 1LVUK I'MLMLSTS renevvJ every morning. JOB PMJNtltiQ executed uvA ueatMii, cheafnen and tHepaUS. AIH'SIHX-NTS THIS tVEMNU. ITALIAN OPERA. ASTOH PLACE? lrcia n lAMMKRmovk?Li'csazia fio?fcia-l<ka?r Oi*i?nib?i?r. BOWEHT THEATRX, Eo??ry?CiAirri't?The Jm??. ?A1 MI BROADWAT T11BATK2, BroailwRj ?Labv or Lro*?? mi Fejksd in TU* Straph scrton's thKATFK.ChRmtori ?giIai.iu -uicd If- Mr rtincvs Bit.iy. WAIIONALTITKATRR. CkRChRia SquRro?Sicr Carprwvkb or Skw Yoke-Thr Magic fia.. CntlSTTB JII 3TREIJ, MtchMiw* 11*11, 471 Brtiulwi; ?Bthiopiab ItiKyrnci-av. FILl.OWS" OPERA HOt'SK. 411 Bro?4? ??-Itkiopia* iM.IilU, ivrmrtN vrllt (l.tai.^n Arrrn. ?0C* AW1> Xvi?IS?. MW YORK AMl'II ITillA TKK. 37 Bow?ry-B*irwT*iAi? fiKmiutCLi. WASHINGTON HALL?Pa.iobawa or Tom rim's Pno 1 MM. fTOTPANI HALL?Fam>*ama or CAi.:roR*iA. TRIPI.1B ITALL?Grakp Rfiv Vork, Snliiril*)', Dwuibi-r 7, IS A). Summary of the l alrkl Although our despatches, this morning, are not fraught with ai;y special pclitii al importonee, same of thein will be found interesting to the geuerul reader. The creditors of Texas will find that the GrTemor of that State recommends the pnjineiit of all just demands against the former ' republic of tlu lone siar." Th? additional particulars relative to the burirng of the hospital at Augusta, Me.,are tialy melancholy. Itappeare moteef the helpless lunatics lost th? ir lives than was at first supjoEed, and that one of the superintendents was alio buraed to death. I*>y referring lo the Washington head, it will be obterved thai ?hr boatd of N'-ivy officers propose the addition ol ihe glide of Lieutrnant General to the Army Mr Ciay has not y>.'t made his appearance at th< cai 'ial. This is an indication that he consign the (?uiitry tafe, for the present at nil events. The 1'oit of fcnn .Ti:ni,?Tlie True State ol the Qm stlon. We ha*, e already published a letter, emamtinf from the Kica~aguan Consulate in London, to th< ?lit ct tliat orders had been issued by the J3ritisl gcverimeiitfonhe remission of duties, at rt&n Juan upon Teasels and merchandise belonging to Eng land, the Uaivd States, Nicaragua and Ccsta llica The London JVetes, of the 18th of November, 4? raes lhat stub orders have been issued. It Bays 'Had Her Mnj'-p'y'ij government forwarded 'or ders to the authorities ff Sap Juan de Nicaragua, for the remicsion of duties, they would have btci surging the authority of Motquiua " And it ddda in tlie tame article, " It is only doing simple justice ?o the Bnti h government to make known the f.ic that it has in no w ay encroachcd upon the ind -pen rf Moe.juitia." it a'.eo asserts, authoritative ly, tint the utmost the British government has don< ha* leen to instruct the Bri'ish Consul at ban 1 u ir n exert his influence to procure this remission "a: soon a* possible," an ) quotes from Lord Palmers tor's letter to the Xicaraguan minister in supi>orto t? a?s< rtion. Now, it is all very well that this ineignilican matter < f & prospective, contingent remission of i paltry two-ardr.-hr'f per cent duty bhould be mad the most of. If one man robj another of his house and will not let him enter without paying si.tpenc t?>l', the rer cbtriously gains something, if th lo' her so far relents us to let him go in free. Th victim may save feme sixpences by the operation but it is very questionable whether that would re Connie him to the loss of his house. This possi k>le,?r probable, remission of duties at San Juan ii precisely parallel caw. It is n " tub thrown ti the whale"? great show of concession in a mat t"r of trifling importance, for the better security o greater objects?a magnanimous surrender of thi sh? lis for the sake of the oyster! It is nreh ts for interested parties to try to mystif; tti'i Kan lunn ri-attrr Xo rrmiss ion of duti?>!i. 01 Ib?* psrt of ('treat Frifain, is /?r>ing to sa'.isty the de AarnU of justice. The pert was wrongfully, pira tical'y wrested from Nicaragua by a llritish force kb?' what we require is, thai it shall be restored t< iu? legitimate owner. We stop at nothing short o the fcn>t lete swrender of British pretentions, am the withdrawal 01 every shadow of her authority The i?tty tariff which exiata there is of no coase quecre, roe way or the other? a mere bt^nttllt, no worth the mentioning, except as an evi lence of thi fliilrttf of aa obuoxicia authority ori2<aa;>ag ii fr??d rd austained by force. Ko one is to be deceived by the juggle which i r? w alt* n pted. It r< quires no very sharp optics t ee through it. Hn^luid must withdraw from Con tral America entirely?evacuate tan Juan, an, Murender lirr pretended Musquito protectorate Si9 ir.tiPt. nei'Jier directly nor indirectly, asmin rr neti *e ,inth< rity at Sen Juar.? which port be Jeofs to Nicaragua as clearly and completely ai ./<sTod doesfo M*iis?ohusetts. All th?t Knzlind it the Hriti?h authorities, csn lawfully do there, ii t? be i>ff. So fur as tariffs are concerned, that is i n-atter between u.? aid Nicaragua and haa beer r Aitii Kv thv iwntiiiiff t't*a'v uifh thf.t rmintrv wtixh net * nljr ma*?a Sju Juaa. but all af hn ffitt ire* porta. clearly the d ?rUich it mrdiratrd it to San Juan, and in rv?.?;on of the t^trit o ifc? Chjrt^n trcftjr. England it prepared to a*T naver the tfatnra ion of tlial port to Nijartfui i? <!>-mai.drd, th\t ahe has no power to anrrendn ? - -tat it belvcea to the Moaquilo Kinjj. And ?f Nirir?*ua attempt# to rejpin il, we ahal i> d bar mt^rp???in" h?r futis to irevant Uloi it 'Ur n??t ihe |)?oMlof ot Mo*']Uito I But a > Jf???"iar? l>r'?nd ha.* bound hera? if t< ehtt.drr htr Itici at irotecturate ?f thia f-intasti X njr. in 'he "early negot'ated Clayton and Bttlfrfi ft* it* No h rg Of the *??tt. <?h, eimpl* Jooa titan? M?? ho id hfrieH not to " nuke u? o arv pfotrrtioii ' which ?he atiorda to the aocalled Jrt-equito Kmc. " for the parpo<w of aa?utr:ng do m. .i.n " nr nh Iriflint thf* nrnnoau l ranal an.I ?< ! rjr n < rr " Tl.' I. r<\ v > . , tl> :r-. U \? a hunihug?rn'n* W(!?'e p?'wr?? fimiri on i?.e Air'iicnn pnMlff, and an set of l>Hfiiihtr iti. t'ndet fmleifi of nuiataianiff lh? ,'i . ? rt t fr iio^T>rrrlv?ft iilfy, it if *?*y to mi I i will n*t octf claim nutl?fifjr to pff?? ii it < < ri 11 n Ju?n, t to rstrn I thi Jlm,t|c4 kin ? Iiiii:jj(!7l toltlt h?f #ti ir?%'?*n. Already hit it h^n n?-^rt? f hf t'w r.i. ?h nt thM thr clatif which wc hr/( flu t?. J Tii, .Ujr rrcegnut-t the io p retell '< m and Mo .) iito protectorate s MWeh*vt! 'yl' ?i, ' it dla, ' no' rf tM# p*f,?r;or*t? f. * C'Ttita ipeiti: piirp^f ?; l.til f? t nil o\\, r?, we are at lil*rty to u?e it a* w* I Ua." 1 hit to the irr?*?t an.i Mhcil Worpl llM frvu'f It th* r?,?i<*ncf f torn'' kin 1 of , e>ct?rat#?, atm proyww onlj- for .*? i'm m'iob, hen it mhonlH hate pro*He4 for its extirpation. " lafrinrtple invnlrett in it,.? ,or,?, j, ^r?n ^ iH llH.'C-roil-, f.lVl ' I ' I" * >? >r 1 to pv I i i a |.?c nt I i, if UmpIv I , xn , Uf a m-?! f>rt? mi the tTri'orif if in^n, ahf ? <io to in th' ' -n?-.i :s, ' mywh?re rl* ? "S* r? i.ti at, tad thin aoo'iire a; k ? tienon ai effective and actual as she could have in a colony Oi of her own. mac The qneation between the United States and the i Great Britain is the grand one, whether thin das* trate gerous principle ah all be admitted?whether a By t mster republic shall be robbed of her territory, and upoi i . ? h. r noKli'?not whfthr-r a lwm#nnv facti ! tariff *hall or shall not be continued. We mistake acc< muc h if the public nund can be diverted from the coui true nseue, by any effort of intermediate parties, or of ? ; led to sacrifice the substance in pursuit of the mul bliudow. The people of the United States, and of hav every American nation, require simply this: the of ti j total abandonment of the pretended British protec- will , torute on 'he Mosquito shore, and the unqualified f&ll restoration of the country to its rightful owners? enli Nicaragua and Honduras. They will never assent app< to anything short of this, and the sooner our gin< government, and that of Great Britain, understand tree 1 the popular sentiment, the better. ear tun The Ft oitive Slavb Law in North Carolina.? t| The Hout-e of Commons of North Carolina, as the ^ 1 lower brsrch of the General Assembly is distinj;uit-hed in that State, have a special committee on ^ negro slavery, to which have been referred a series s of resolutions, which may be deemed remarkable and significant, because North Carolina has been ^ I v#?rv miint iin in fkiu m-rirul ?... .v., r _ W| The resolutions, which have been published, deny the right vf Congress to legislate upon slavery? j. j approve of the Fugitive Slave law as a just an'I pro- (0 ( jK-r treasure?pronounce the repeal of it to be a fair bDJ cause lor the secession of North Carolina from the ^ ; confederacy?declare the abolition of slavery in the ^ llistiict of Columbia to be a direct vielation of the ^ ft Jenl compact, and oppose any project for the in- or ( te'Jic tion of the slave trade between States where ^ J it sew exists It is net surprising that North Carolina should awske to the necessity of such defensive action, j as may be juaiitied by circumstances and events. jn The whole bent and determination of a large porlion of the political power of the Northern States an< I t inp directed against slavery, and, almost alone, (-c having concentrated oa that subject, to the neglect ^ ! of every other, it i3 tjuite natural that the minds of . ; cur Southern brethren should be aroused?that to they ?hould be prepared to resist improper and un- ^ constitutional encroachments, and, in tlie case ?f actual damage, to find thf mselves in a position to maintain thrir righ'a. The spirit of North Carolina & 1 iiH8 been conciliatory r.nd patient?but, with the ^ large democratic majority in the lower branch of her If gislature, s lie may adopt the proposed resolutions, in the ir full force of expression and earneat- ^ ^ ness, ar.d stump the State with the seal of secession ^ ! ?in case the power of Congress is exerted aguinst ^ thf principles communicated and avowed in the doc' i ument. However, we trust that the mud politicians of the North will be shorn of tin ir strength?that BaV we have n sufficient amount of constitutional con- in r eervat sm nm^ng us, to bear back that Hood of an- m" f arcbv which waa firBt started by foreign adventnrer?, on our soil, and which has now swollen % into a formidable current, whose mischief can only 1 be checked by a li:m and patriotic barrier raised ?U' ag-iinst it. Tkus far, we have resisted the action of demagogues in Congress, and we have still a ? f.rm faith in the ability cf the country to maintain * that judt and equal legislation that is sanctioned by tjie the history of the part, and which we are certainly ]in( secure in abiding by, when we are counselled to yy, 1 i enter ujon r<|h and hazardous experiment*. ^ t Ta?:ation is Nkw York?Mors Extravaqamck. '0< s ?One would wjcoie that the increase of taxes of n,u t last ye ar was an much as the people of New York l^e could stand ; but the " powers that be," it seems, 'in< think otherwise. This year the taxes amounted to l'ie over three millions and a half, but the Comptroller we l pays that for livl he will need nearly four millions Tec 3 of dollars. The following ate the estimates which he aeut into the Common Council last evening, and VC9 if which give us tbe very interesting particulars of " I tlic lucirnrc 1,1 , For < xpendHur* of city *OTernm#nt, ?*- 1,01 Of police. IttUlJf 8Bd RR* faiTS-WOO 1 For voile** 610000 00 To Umps and gait 195 COO 00 C . I T?i ' Tot?l for city and e?unty expenditure. Id e rul'jeot folii? control of (bit city turbo- tbr . rlOt?. abd let which application nia*t b? bcr DiHd* to the l.c^'tiiUtur* 'or uthority to Uu i* l?vy $2 877 207 00 tou , 1'or ioMilmerit on Building l.oan pKI ?tfck No 2 $50 000 CO 1,1, For IcMalmmt en Wi?hin?too th? Equar* Trot Building Stock.. f> 000 00 0 ( V< r 4 mm Sekcola 5Cl"k?6 77 Cb 9 Deficiency of interest en eity ?t< ) debt, ( I 50 000 00 04.706 77 p,i Da&:h ncy of tax of 1864 176 000 00 pUi ?? ?oi $3 (ttft 3*1 77 Jc< - State mill tax 14 ) 000 CO cf >p< ? Total to he levied inl?M.fcr city, connty ?h ' andBtato. >3 M4 303 77 ,j# 1 Amount ICTlfd In 1H0 3.2.T0 0*R 02 fc, Irrr?*?<>ftf IBM ovr 50 $804,208 7R j,,, " Half a million i f dcllarr w?a the increase of I9>V) jj> ovrf 184?, and tl?r aarne increaae will take place in ' 1831 ovrr 1H50. Wr should like to know if any i>? point ha* been elected at which the taxea of snpporiirgour city government shall he atatiomry. Mr ' The truth in, ihat the extravagance of our city go- ?'u i veriiiiier.t >1.10 driven hundred* and thousands of ' our citizens from New York, and retarded, in a ^ very irreat depree, the growth of the metropolis. 0, 1 Hundred* and thouramla more will determine upon ?' Iriviif next spriujr, when ihne fipures'meet their astonished virion We shall have a word to say ?t " cn thia euhject to mnnow or next d*y. j I ' Eot eam Pitoartcr* ?It it Muid of Napoleon, "r that on a certain occirion he predicted that within tt? fifty >ears Iluiojte would ho either republican or Coaaaek. It wruld r< allv teem thr-prediction ioi is about to he veiififrf, not ta we would wish, hut p(C , rnthf r aa we shortld deplore. The truth ia. we j,? t nre sorry, to Fay, that according to p-esent appeari anre?, Europe ia becoming Coaaack more and more ln( ?varv f?iv? m r A u o t V o titnit aa not di?fnn( *h*n. wi:h the exception r.f France and CJreat ?" Britain, Cc*??ck iviy will he undisputed on that pj, ccntin'Ot, and that, onleaa I he game be Mocked, ?<*i even these two countries will (hII victim* to lh? J ambition of ihe prrat Northern power. Philip of r,r M ctdoa overrcn the whole of <?reece, and verily ''1 r ft | it torn* that Xich. la* c?f Rnttia intends to over- n-1> run ihe whole of Kurope. It would he a strange ^ ' Ihidf if the 1 nilrd JSrat?s hnd. before k>nc, the j J tlu'y imposed ui?>n It of rercning the f??her lund ? ?r< that ie, Et|l?d, ar.d France, too. from Ihe ansp J*' of the Kufalnn I "nr. It i? not at all improSahla rio that audi will he ilie ultimate remit. If the nmr- '/ jaliors nr.d eigrewion* of Rur-i* should extend |? so f?i ?k to irlure enr commerce with the old ? f * world, it would hvcome ecesMry for us, for our tiwn pake?, to rave i'rnac<- and Lnitlaud from its *l> th? P"?tp- r?i Ei.icnrv pi Unit* n ^mto? Skxatok t* Nkw Jtir nr.?The duly of fleeting a t'nltrd State* r fM naior, to fnccerd ire no* w nunrn u. i layton, "" 1 whoif urm ripirwwitb the |*e??nt CflngreM, will ' ? 1 deTolve rathe L*|h?lMor<* of N>w Jewy icon to ' n* niMe in Trrntcn. The democrats at the rewat el. f l>cn pectired a eomfJete victory 0??r their op* I < nte, rd of crura* will elrct n demorraiic ^? ' Fenxtor We ur.deraUad that nlrrady the L"Ria1 Ufurr are eaxirp nhoiit for * propf r man to repre- | irnt he Sine. SVrtral have been nv nt-oncd in | J* ecti.crlioa wi'h ifcnt f fli<*e, the moot prominent of M vl.< m i? (Jrn C R. V. Wright, of HadMa county, , it' in the Filth fontrrrtiional district of that ?'ate. ^ < G< rertl Wrlfjht, %re bun bo drnht, would he a | c?;i al re'ection lie i? a cood Union mm, and ha* frrperly condemned the flamy agitation ^ which haa can* i to much I'lfTifulty and e*cite- f, in' til throughout the country of late year*. We r wrnt UK many men of General Wiight'a alamp in ^ ' I loih hotwea of Corjn*? a* poaaihle. Itiaajjrea1 j,* piythat Senator Dichineon ratsnot here-elected 4 D 1 to the fenafe from thia State, for he contended Jj"' 1 | manfully a^ia^t the h gher law doctrine which ??. waa propounded there, and airfed materially in bringing ai/..flt the compromise meanres of last ife# 1 ! Sr??Ua 1 1 U>? 1 : * Own City Itm.?Several journals make b ado about certain nondescript pa rafrapbi on reather?which, whether or no, thejr perpe: daily, tad put under the head of " city itema." heee wonderful exhibitions of fancy pinioned > (act, toe journalist factotum makea a kind of ory of hia brain, and, in fact, gives a factitioua junt of the atmosphere and ita effects. Of rse, all the poeta are drawn from, aince the time lomer, and every possible figure of speech ia tiplied to infinity infinite, to astonish those who e not been acclimated to the tropical luxuriance -opes. Every wild conceit is dragged forward, tiout regard to rhyme or reason, and ii made to into line, like so many raw recruits forced to st? not a Bingle volunteer of the whole phalanx earing for the love of the thing We can ima* the cleik of the weather, with a large peplar ' whittled into a pen and lightly tossed over hia , patiently waiting to recori a patch of fresh light,ora jerk <ff heaven's wateriug pot, or a great ton crop of clouds, or a thorough shower bath mother earth, er a hot vapor bath, or any other mi on event of the tirmanieut?we can even see i tmilirg at the attempts of these paragraphista ay tomething novel and refreshing, on a theme aneient us Adam, and which has reigned ovghout nature since the days of the deluge, tec the sun has drunk the dews, and has been ting high, of course, reeling oil long yarns of it?or, in his vocation of painter extraordimry he human race in general, haa daguerreotyped ' quantity of his patrons?when the clouds have n getting blue, or the moon has filled a horn or ), or every etar has lighted its cigar, or Saturn ws rings, or the Great Bear swings his partner, the " Dipper" has been turned upside down, or t Itery locomotive, the Eirtb, has got the steam and is goinf it at hot ej>eed? these item-mons are ready to report the revel, and to give a or to every proceeding. Summer is made iioet to die of a consumption, by sliding into the ris of Autumn, who has a hectic on her cheeks; i, at last, they are blown ofl'together on nn Arcexpedition, into the regions of old Winter, ifcce they melt out asr iin, into the warm, gushMreams of Spring, and are borne back again their own natural home. Fantasies of every gible fhape and line are made to Bignalize allminutest details of these great events, and thus erfect first of April is mude of every day in the ir. L shorter way of obtaining such a result, would to put a quarto Webster's dictionary inte a saue machine, and thus, at once, to make up a ch of words, suited to any and ev. ry occasion, e entrails of these weather fancy-mongers could divided into three hundred and twelve parts, by > procPFB, ami a vast deal of labor wouM ttius be t d, by those who go the whole hog at present this business. We throw out the suggestion th all <lut sincerity, quite confident that the iverte will supply any and all deficiencies of ehster's lexicon, in the bhape of everything c.'ccndt ntal, iEComprehn?il>le, and beyond lanpge or thought. Thus, then, we conclude our m?promising to gin no more, after the fashion our cotemjoraries. Cewb r*om L'unor r ?We are hourly expecting arrival of the steamship Asia, of the CunirJ f, with three days later news from the Oid ?rld; but, to the hour of going to press, no npe of her came to hand. She is now in her irtseaifc-1 ay, and cannot be very far off It st not be tuppoMd that, at this time ol the yea>, steamships of either the Collin*, or C'unard >, can make as rapid passages as they do in tummer; although, from the impatience which fee manifested, such is expected. It must be ollected, that during the whole winter, westerly ids prevai ?which are diicctly adverse to els bound to the Unite-1 States from Europe, the Apia met with the same weather as the ?ti? ovruTiwApei!?which ii vcrv probable?he* a-arrival is easily accounted for. City Intelligence, '<?! i ?kim or a Uii'sswr ? At I*r4*t ? >trr<lajr. Coraoer eonolu1?J the lorn'i^a. iod the njatt> r involving a rh?r<? of oar?Usrn*M on - ? Uaa t.iA nn # ha enpnas ChftlTI. ii and Church etreet', who la alleged to lima aeld datiuni lutteadof pnregorl\ ?hareby an Inlant of r mintha old wt> Killed In coa?e<iuencr of the ent adBimlaterirg the polaonoua dru< In tha place paregoric.k It leema from tha facta. a* taken on 1 ln iu?-'. that on Wednetday evening. about .1ve lock a Mr*, liannah M Knapji. residing at No lit urch > licet k? ut a boy hy th? nam** ol llenjamln K ne.egtdten year*. to tha drug atorc In 'jueetloa, )t b) Joeeph Pa v too. lor three oenta worth of '?gcilc. and gave him. at tha aama tlma, a phial to I It In labelled with ona ol Peyton'* labwl* " pararle " 1 he boy. aa directed, went to the drng 4tor*. :r mpanled by Alexander 0*tvIn. an Maoclal* boy eight jrara. and ona or two (mailer one?. In th? ice of ft re or tan en tha boy raturnad again tha lal aid ita content a to Mr*. Knapp liar Infant uiihter mined Harriet K I'.napp. aged four month*, lis una eh, aha poured out lrou? the phial a toajoutul of what aha believed to be part'gorlc and kde tha child iwallow It Aa toon almoft aa f d? aa waa administered aha looked at tha balance tlie Ul ut ball) <' d lr> n Ita appearance, that It p?ured too dark (or jategotln. and b?vmtng nlarme J, irtul ahe li?d given the child th? wrong medicine, rpatr bed bei lather wlih the phial and eontenMto the ugiUreof Clark fc Kualiton. corner of Chamber* eet Broadway. In < rder to art retain the nature the liquid. It waa there pronounced to be lamla01 lh? ml*take war bo* Uncovered and the boyi nt wish the fatter of Mra. Knapp. i?nd pointed out r atc-e trrm which they obtained the laudanum, a phial waa exhibited to Mr. I'ayton and LI* clerk, orge I'urrell who both denied uo?t positively that y laudanum liad been anld by them to the boy. nit'lifter ding the boy Identified thoae letheatore Dr. tide waa e?nt for to admluieter relief to the child, to br t hia time had b*< n ttupefled by the large do?e laudet.uni administered I.very poa-ioleatd wai aj. nMered to relieve the little mtlrrer. but to no effeet. fteexpirvd a? light o'clock th? following morula*. U)tcn andhia alerk were buth examined before < Coroner, and they btth iwore. under oath that no idanum waa a<.|d to th? boy by them. The jury. ?i ver. at'er a brief com ultati' n ren lered the fol nt (r verdict' That tbe ram# to her death iniwr dr>< cl laudanum purcbatrd at tha droit i? corner of Ckantdi an l i hurch >treet?. kapt by ' |h " H? u?d<r?tand that tha Coroner I la; t'.? ttN befttt- tbo (i rani Jury for thtlr action lhe Ratter. rr*m?i I?i>top? to tni i *r* Cot.. H M Junto* ??t at b?!( pi>' m?<b o'flock. at Tant.y Hail tbe obwqulee of the late Colonel .l<>bn? 'ii K<ot*el|, form-tlr Vice Treatment of tbe Uatte>| it?>. ?i re perfurnif d by the Colombian Order. Tbe n Ivioa vae by ticket and a em. -I J-rahle numb- r of KM * re In aft'tilsti'"" A *-a? erertrJ f->r t ?arb?n*. who wore th* badge* of their oH?r. In iit et It *ii liua# a plrf?r? off Colonel Jobnaon. ud?d In rrap? Th? orrhfira wa? d >er rated with >? ol liberty. la?hlon*d alter the order of the Tarn .ay tf??l#fy mil al o ?hrcnde<t ia mourning Ou M Me r?t upr>n thf atage were tit r?d eai ll(hu. ?kr bark of the *f*ft# ?m an or*?n. a?t eery rarkahle tor 11M melody; ari a ebolr of pr.freelonal -all*l?. who Toluateered tbelr (Mtlcei tn he a or of il?e?a??d nff a rryw*. Mldef th* direction of arr'l'ider wh.? rrni|>''?0 tt>e rnn?lr for lh? oerao the word* bjr Of?T|" T M -rrt? A fir. ?mM ? an I Wot rn? were read. In wbleh the ?H wljfwu-n h ?hr watoh flr?* ai.d ft T?mm?ny. wera gW>rlfle4 jim. tire |?n*n??e. Tb diauoGrn* ronr'a>l*d ii ite r??nlTe, tb it tha buicr of K?utarky b? O'led la the wlgwatn end tbat th* M?Tfl?era of th* r?-?r lrmrrla* for f Mrty day* fir the dfeeaaed. " T> .1 et || die* a rrc4 d?woeri?t The enl?cy W? r prtii inrril hy the lion JibnO Mather. Caatl < t*1 In r elei-'. after whi"h a hymn wa?*uor IP n Ml. ??d the kebetUctlon. which aoaalaUej nlflrorlea. V r* Frtrap* - The prfi'itln* of Ike Klerentfi i"t l.? Tbe "1 bird. Ilftiin*.h and Sixteenth ike tt Ij W aril* net yet "etiirn> d 't i Mi?n if* or l"?iii.n?NTii 1 be fo'lowlnt Ii o?? rl n>?r> : <'oThur?day, Mary V ai.1 an nn 'grunt . lauli d w.m f-'tind lylag on ih?- wharf *c sl?k that | ' ?? <n it ! to Hir?*. tin) L?4 da I only twr> I ' i )t) it> h-1 ?.m? Bh?*M bi'Miftit fn'Min i I . ' Hi u?* b? < mr- -r " il'lTitn. An ih i? til* j t?k< n ( tin fiO't < in ?nti I j tb? Ci Dinili "Ion-r i r< ? ?li?n m? A tr* ? ? T'?t#ril?r ntnilttf W> ti 1? ?r>4 1 fiVlofk Id H? h*V|? bvimint of hoo*? i?t lirritji *t. r?v?n| by n?gt g-nrr on tlm t < f tb-?p?i?nt*. In ii4*ln?tb* lmnp? barulug r ? Unfit bid ?itb I nt Iriflnr 4?r.i*if*. \ I!if ii .'i if ? A JntT tip rwtjiinr?ll*<l f>* Jnm r? lntl? .lnprttor I onft. 1 ?n^uiit of r?? i??? h t? tirrT Imrtij in'llion* of dollar* | orj?t tl * ntlil?e*tTr? r?r* ffn B **??? W?ldr'>a Pr i A.*. ll'tiry Hrmctt Jo??ph HMSptoii, i oihii T>r?ti? - A m*n ?appo??4 to b# .f*r*mUb : r i./I. fti m Brl?fol R f.. # II ilotn T<ii>r>lit. at t i.t ?n'i x i-l-1 i In ? ftv minut** *. ?** ' |r (|ti? ?t ?* Inld t>j tb? cctrtiT wb'H Ttrdlst of lb Ireiti d?blltty ?t>d old *?? ?v r?tiwn?l. mi* iiwt riiitc<ni -Ot?ll? nlfrtit rf i h* Mb li??t. ' mt'i.l fplifrnt ttrntMif In lh? botrl ol Il<mrjr r? I it * rintm. I?nl?b*? crnnty. Tmn jonng l?pt Hi m m on tb* tbfrd floor through ?bloh fli * rf ? Hor* Pn?lti|t tb* nt?ht Mm. r? frit l?<l*>"| ?d. w churn M (If* la ?t |ch ?h? k.'t bnrtitoir ?dd<?? mrr* rhar *f*li> o 'f r(?rtoh?d Aboi t l*o o cloak la mot- i u? ?ittt# ? I .t b> cvu?r putM *h? lift i> the bona*, bat bo farther notice >u Uka ontil about tea o'clwek on yeatarday moral ag when ci*olth*;oiHDM*u found dead, and the othar nearly ao Med leal aid iy apeedlly obtain ad, bat no hop* WM entertained oi bit recovery React'rD rioM a Wiita? Grave ? Tburidjy Jhm W. Boaae fell into the water at the foot et 01 We* (treat, mud ?U rescued frem death bj Uffloer Colgan, who brought bim to the But Ion liouiu. Biciir hi* Leo.? On Tkanfcj. Timothy Kant, a boy aged 8 yiars. ItII on the side-walk in Ann atreet And troke hi* leg. lie waa taken to the City Hospital Acc ident.?Yesterday. Tboma* Raehlord Ml into the Eaat river, fro* pier No 8. and waa reaeued from drowning by John Nagle and Qeorge Burn*, eitirena. Tin: Lh.htinc ok the Cur.?The lighting ot the oity i* shamefully neglected everybody complains of it. Tie police make report* oi it. Property ia loat. from thedarkn* ? Kobberiee aecidenta. arnaulta. ana murder* occur-out tbe oity lathe re. intent only on the four dollar* anJ other epolla. pay no attention to any oomplaint, and care not for the oomfort, property, and lire* of the citiiem. Officer Iteroet. of the Hecond ward, reports a* fjllow* '-Three oil lam pa in Burling Slip not lighted all night It i* shameful that tbe oity keep a perron like tbia lamp-lighter In their employment. aa be never pretenda to light hia lamps.-' paintedx' ft.?The membera of the New Vork Typographical Society will meet in their rooma. No. BOO Broadway, this ever>1og. to oonclude the arrangements that hare been in progress for aome time past, to celebrate bv a hanauet the anniversary of the birthday of Benjamin Franklin The meeting will no doubt be very large ? It is expected that almost every member of the society will be in attendauca. Military Bali..? The Pcottish Guards Captain A. C. Cattle, will give a grand invitation ball, in the month of January, at Triple/ Hall The Latin given by the Scottish (>nards have always been awongtt the bast of our military festivals. 8t Ni<h*las' Day a*i> thk St. Nicholas Sm'IKtv.? Yesterday wan St Nicholas' day. and the anniversary of the St. Nicholas Society ol this city ; on the occasion of which ainlv. reary be it known that for a long time it bath been the custom for oertain respectable citizens ot tii.thmn to meet together, and partake of the good things of lUe What thing* be eaten, what things be drunk, or what funny things be paid, on three occasions wot not ?f, oily as they are told ns I y come member of the society Th?y choose to sit Willi closed dorrs; and. on the whole, perhaps, it is as well, tor grave Knickerbockers look just at singular ?hen undergoing a course of champagne and trLiedam as do any other persons. We. therefore, . fmnxnd ihe member* of St. Nicholas' Society lor ittiug in dose coiin*!! when they ceUbrate ttuir anaivenary They bad a line time last evening, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather. Of r*cr?e tke day " was toasted, the President." t^e Sister Societies," eta ,etc., eto ?the ' Bister Societies " II course. tieing replied to muoh after the sentiment remained in the vulgar catch of " You've tiokled me, nd I'll tickle you." After the regular tnasta were oncluOed. why then, ot course. cuine the Vice-President '* toasts- then the volunteers; the whole in.trsperied with pongs and good payings to suit the oceasirn the proceedings at the anniver?n;y ot any of the ' Sister ioc'.etlea '' Fair cv iik Mechanics' iMini rt.-We understand that arrangmenta are being made by the Mechanios' Institute to bold a fair in this city next Spring or Kali We have seen a design of the building which it is conti aiplated to erect for the purprae. It will be of wood, two hundred feet in diameter, in circular form, and will be partitioned iato stalls or shops for the exhibition ol machinery, with committee rooms, lie , in the centre. The draft was made by Mr. John X. i Fisber There will be no agricultural exhibition connect! d with this lair. Am Attkmft to Assassinate James A Bi:i?et.?The J following is an aiiidawt of Mr. James Arlington Bennet :? Cily ori? county of iWie I'otft, ll. .himtf Arlington Bennet, being duly sworn aoin ae- i jorc and fay-Tbat an Attack >u made on hl( rcl- I

deuce in New I trecht. King'* county, last evening. i Dectmber 6th. by some person or prrson* at present to this depentnt unknown. who discharged a ball lrom a 1 hi . I t. or other gun. ioto a room in bis said residence, j where be and three other perron* were aitting. which ; ball jarred through tin wln'lnw khuttrr. and through | the end of a rofa on which this deponent had been fitting about one minute previous to the discharge of raid gun. Bid which ball would have entered the per- [ cn of this deponei.t. bad be not moat providentially i moved bit position an he truly bt>llevea; that aaid bill entered a ftather pillow, wb-re It loJged, and from j which it was taken. That thl? go aooii " | tbe report waa beard, crdored the lights to be extln- | J guisl.ed. auj ran Instantly for hi* fowling piece, with \ wLlcb he par*? d out of tbe rear of the boure, where, at i some distance. he heard, aa he thought, aome person | In the act ef running, when thin deponent instantly discharged bis (aid gun. loaded with shot, in that direction when a gun was immediately after discharged at bile. tL* ball tiom which whizzed by this deponent, and struck a 1 rick wall in hla rear, as he had discovered. This deponent doea not wish ti> make any vciuntary criminal complaint in this matter, nor ha* he any Kuans to offer a reward for the detection ot the villain or villain* who intended to murder t llier hims. It or son JAUKS A UKNNKT. t' rot n to btfore me. this Oth day of Dec mber, ISoO. J. I.OTll&OP, Pollise Ju?tice. NoTrnirnti of DlstlngUUhtd People. C lltlboru. J. W. Leonard, i'btladrlpbia ; K. Richaids. W. 1>?ane. Koetun ; C. Lunuian. Wnshlngtea ; lien W. 11. toif*ell. UltDola, have arrived at the Astor. Larkin, Portsmouth, N. 11 ; W II Allward. 8teaJ TV Sinter, C. 8. 8bip ltraadywlae; D.J. Mas >n. Boston; J. Dennlston. U. 8 A .were among the arrivals, ytstirday. at the American. j ? <n. Wool. V S A ;?K E Mclean A. P. C , do ; 0 j Talnadge, A P. C,l' 8 A : W Turnbull. Ualtlinore; : J. Massy. 7. Starry lirllish Army ; Lieut Iiartl?U | U. B Navy; Gov P. P \ room Col Wall. N J, O. A <ii rdon favannsh; K. Harrey. fit Johns; J. A I'al.ner, Pasti'D. were among tbe arrivals, yesterday, at the Irving Uouse. Court ( altnilai-Thls Day. Cot aT ClBH IT ClDISDil -N'os. 1002. lfi.M liisi ifiia ini& liha in* 1010 i t j; l, .. i t;7ft j l#i? K?T, 1(48 Tb* (rarrgt calendar will expire with the y?>ar. Not' k of lean* fur thf Jetiua. j term muat be fll?4 on j or balora tbr wlit in?t THE WEEKLY HERALD. MAILS FOR EUROPE. Tb* atearoehip Atlantis, Captain W?t, will Imti t b In noon for l.lTcrpool. The trail* will elote at half pa?t 10 o'clock, A M. The Wmklv IIi n ai d, wlihthe latart lntelllg?uoa ' frnm *11 patta of tb? American continent. will bo pub' i llthvd at hnlf pant nine o'clock thia motuiug Single cople*. in wrippcr* alipenca. A fanl.?(From the I'lmrloU# (r.) Ronthrrn )? the MiKraarta ?Ike meieMate of New V?Tb. who | die rv? no If itr" tn rwiiti a tut of tn?a?jf oai the Booth, are Cfclttaadra a, ?r,i? ________ all of Ne* York. fliaee tlrme bar? row" on* boldly nod ' oreuly for the farkeit fha?? of ab?litl. nl>m. TJev art i?? elei'llfntani'i tor the Obin aad W'eetara I run ?nerallr, whura they upeet, hapandtrln* l? aholitlna taj;?4, to build P a pair?ti? r?." Tit aboee tutrao'i from a r?-?r**"**4,1* fcoihuia j u?aai, aite a epactatn ?l ttatemeau winch hat* been eiteaetrely cittnia'tl tl.rvn|h tha Southern Stat**, boo the IAiIi <>f October laet. A? it ha? loan parfeetly , well ka'iwr. ia thii city, that tnaee >iai? ta?at? are nriKtaatei 1 htnfi ritH fupone. at. J a> ? aitbmt caaea or JuittKa! tioa *e fcaee ?ot knhert folt called upon t* deny them At the e ^Mti?l and reqaeet, hoaeeer, of frleada at th? ft< i >h. *ad iaaetnaeh ae re par able editor* tliara ire ketn* mielaa by tl.eni, wa r.ow take lea?a 'a ?*v, that they have bo f. liBCa'im whatever Ib troth We Biade tha <tnial in he tti-tt pi u,i r? entire m.l n? Abite eliape. and w? mean by it enact)? a r at ae ear. If we aera "abelitWaiitte," wa eb"Bld liava bo Itita-ma in aebwiag it. Aa lioneet aa-l manly n <n the faar n! the 1 of tn?lae?e aeeldnot pratiat Be tt? n detr* io IFearnaet afceltMraiete, dimply beonaa aur Jadgrnetit aad coaieieace hart aerer baen reaainerd of f-ejreiaeee of their eiewe. We r??ptct all tha law? af ear renalry. and niek t< > s them faithfnlly ol.?arred. Wahaet elctiraeetcd for Bn trade, bat hare a.m-J. and da etill aiai, Mwmal -i r raj id It .-indue biieir-eee aa American ?erthaa-e. and ia pr'Btlplae that ehall return* id thenueleei t? all moa oMa'eitritr e*d b a'r. We hold nt relatiaae. at lrd(r.<<uale. whiek, aa ilihlly nadarato d. are in anv d. ;re? iaeiB leteat Bith tha ak. ae Tha e(l>r?a to iB'erropt nar hti? aeaa. ei'har at tha North > r 8omh. haea coumeaead la Btaliae, and 1 art bean | nrered 'a the h. p? af paeoBiaty tela. II * III n*t b* oar fin ft. Mil IT*Nt?r> k BUM. T! ,* fun *1 Ohlt!?a<l** Bin* k tV l? mraptt* ! tf f"nt IhfiM n?l'. l fff-m U>* lat of Jaaaary will abrar* *11*11. 1 M * !? ki to ? hirh ?*if aka?* i* a r*t 1* *r? all aiia*1 ?t *"S. B. ri lltulm' i>4 i Mtt?n4*a k BI1*?." Out l??il? b? irg !?-*? . v? LkU. mtljo'ii facilitation ?lth n?r r?. m?f Ikt fikim M m4?. If any otrn I* (at?r, *?l*a to k*?* ibvlr rir'M, fli'y ?t? *> 1* to *r>**k fat th**aa. __ CfllTlKNbCN ll HU-W. f'Mv n<K?1n,?M ? pmtlTt lif m Cmimtogmint ? h' ?r J?m?? K Co?l?y, Iba* b* I* iVnl ?<> **ll. tHli ! mit r. il hl< fklfi ro"tn, 337 and 37" ??. a ?rj *?t?* Ma *?1 r?lo?il* Lav Library, tl oont*in?. a* th* oataI rn? . it, iftij ttorb of T?ln* In th* *<ita"* of ??i-?>ri ^?rca. Wr milil rtcmatrrnd r>nr l*i>l frt'nli br *11 ?i?im u> (t? amlrxania* lh? *.>rk* for th'm**lT?*. ?iit iflli iii ar* antoat tni y<f grin' aa>l ?mb an th? ??-t lav litrary ciaaot la *a!d to ba *o?i>l*t* aiifc'ut 1 nk? V: nit It on Untu it. itlfh tin plnrMly I l"?"tii?l aiKii, li 4a.r.R *fin?ara f >r th* *? tiiliuti of ; J. TI. ?MiTll|f, to JbJt I f tl,* - l.-ri who ?.'< ?? t>. I.fnr* "i* I'b'tal I fl r *1 a h.m**t*t<l f ! tlV W ? atrial that ?h* l tlta i '"tii-i a* ?' h*ihii ar? *r*? for a f*w day* lamer, tt l. W<>OD': ff?. 117 JiHi I'rwl. Fatlorfi 3H? Ilreat!ttny.~-Tht A*" 1 inrna??i It n?*<|n.ili*d la ha *lty?ainbrMiax th* lt d inaltiT of tb* 11><| 't'i < * w ll ** h m* mtnafaiatar*. Th* fatirr >*in? m?4t fr<>m "r'tta*! Untiraa aad tr?a- <ar* tiki* in iha fn|,hiM aad ftttli * la 1b* ani aiil b* fcniii tpnrjf.. any hlthrrto t- <** run'! -n% lo t> nr<j*r. H?talnn dor*. A. k I. 8AI'M?** \ 3'7 ltroa<i?t). Hie T'l?lifit?n FTi r-Poltil(d Cnlii P?-na, ??|H lr?|??l. by JfMlh T. MVA-.K. W Filtn* *ti??t, ?r? n.a?la In |p* nmi l inibt unti#' ?n t ?r* *n*r?nf?f'l |1 ?\??y ftrilriTiar. J. 1 ?. h*j. il*'!, a and b*hntllii| ii?irlB ttt ?f fclil aa< ?ilv*r WatcHtJ, nlilch b* ili i*H tciy It*. Fetly Th?>n nt tl (onla, ranla'oon; itntl m. ?>l ib> lat^'i fall ?ty!*. fr?a L (<u to >T0, at tun DtKb'S ' h'ra fltrrt. Ohaotl taat,*?a-a? *ovt atata Tblr4. rbll",'i'1''t '* fannnrrt' HtfU'lrg t ** k*i lory, 14V an< t-7 i -"aiiway. -1h*?a aatf* ei>? ia* an. ,<y altaotar** ?t*i til* 1 jiTV'fl, b*<s( m* 1* *ii.h tv" Tltr f*r rral * r*lr* f rttiaii n tli* 1 fimk ity rf trtlfl*? la tb* *?*IUit r???l* bia ?^*-? f^T'M)tP3. H7 l!roa-i?at. afratt ?f I.'i*t*f, a*I: t "r?-*'w?v IttiilrcM Cmla, Parka, att??l I'alto*?lit* 4ii?ll i.? ** ar? aa? (.e*Tl?* 'at tar** a?4 ??ti*il *to?li ?f tb* a'l'T* *'?*?*? * (Ml fulur'tok on frt rim* rat'*, wlfcS I > ** ibim n,n*h t?l ? nay Man ?.f Iba Maif *i"fi>f r*l in tb* trlt?.l f cm Th* ?*r!*t? taft*. *al *->mfnrt of tb->#o tit<tm> *t?l?* ma ?* lo-fc"! at ?o *>b*r * '*Mi?h?T> ??. oar *t I k f l Ma I**n<t T*it*i* th* lan*'t w*b*?*f*r hal. V a j In 111 >. a.-, M aaha almi, ?a?w * Paaaat. I'nlrr SI.iil? *1111 Diattm* Thtit ?np?tUt ??,!* br had at tk? n.aaulMtory of KA Skl.s k ITtt. l'tB'-?fiy, *ic?ot b* im I'r^kilj rtfmm?a1?< it tb* f*klit. T *y arr < * mr **4 "I a aitfrlal t?i*| J-.l abtfnl tr *i?r, *'ry Hnr *bl?. liabl* to ihrtk k; aai l?r aa4 iiiil .il ?uia*t b? i?r|? ??4. OrciMab-Rcdactlm-Onr Stock of OTerhM to ?? MMNlftl; Iwri. tktl * h?T* wiiliM M make considerable redaction Is prite. for the pnrpoee of olatinR U>cm ent, u earl) m poeotbU, to s ake room for o?r iprinf wholesale (teak, BOW is ptoctH of BtlufMtlrt. Tku ollere ?r??t opportunity for thaee who k?? Da? proTided Uoir wuUr *?*r. to proaare a eholee from very lu*e bb4 ?Ugaai etock, at greatly reduced Drieea Our oelebraud two* elded toili will too a be cleared oat, although (till perfect U ?ariet r ? Tl D. k J. DEVLIN, 33 bad 3? John itreek, corner of Nantu. Ttar Alpine Gaiter Boot.?A new article introduced oy CAN i KKLL. 33** Huwery?an admirable a<ib titute for the India Rubber Overiboe la clear, cold weather. Tho>o who etudy oomfort should five them a trial: and we rtceniicend e?ei y fema'e troubled with froeted or chilblain feet, to procure a pair Immediately. The Alpine Qaitac Boot molt become very popular. "Great Inducement#."?IIrooks, No. 130 Fulton urtti, h*a on hand the largeat aasortiucnt of wator 8roof sad dre*a foot*, Siren, Gaiter*, Leather and Rubber verahoea. fee., of every deicriptton, to ba found is th? city, which he will aell at very low piico*, and warrant to give perfect satisfaction. LagerBrrr^-G. Klrerlr, 103 Mbcrty street, Men 1 irk, reapcctlail) announce* to hit frieuda aad patrona, that he ha* now read/ It sale srveral brewing! of lager Be< r, made from pure malt and licps, on a new and improved principle, aad is warranted no', to create bile, or aotir < n the itomach. a* thousands cp.u testify to the taut of Its being of a very superior quality. Chap*, Chares, Roughness, Sallowness, Pimple*, Kruption*. and all akin diaeaa?s, to wall known, positive's cured fey uaing Coumud'a Italian Medioated toap. The Poodre BuMile eradioatea hair from any par*, of the body. Liquid Kouge for pale lira and cheek*. Lit) White for rough. tiuahid,sluggish complexions, at 67 Walkei street, first store l-om Broadway. Callander. &eath Thict trect, Philadelphia. A Sew (harm.?The Lady tvho habit nail jr U'ea Dean'* Columbian Hair Trioonhane, will And it a poteat ehatm again-t the accumulation of aotirf, and tho*e dry utfcliationa of the akin of tha heaJ, whish are *o olten productive of partial *r entire baldnaaa. It alao rive* curl, elaatioity, and gloss to the hair, aad, if too light, shade* the three with Sdeeper tint. It i* an indiapeaaible article for the toilet of every lady and gentleman, who desire to preserve the moat becotnins ornawnt of nature in the fuline** of it* vigor and Its boanty. For rale by Dean Swartwnut, at their [crfumcrv store, "7 Natsau urcet, and thcit ar?h store, No. 'J Wait Broadway. Goniaitil'a Hair Restorative Is Warranted to font the hair to grow, prevent it* falling off and turning gray, and making stiff, wiry hair, *ott, ailky and gloary. Trial lottUa ?6 oenta eaah. Uouraud'i Liquid Hail Dit will change red ut tray hair to bmutilui black or brows !a a few c'nntei. Found only at 67 Walker street, first atort from Broadway; Bate* * Jordan, 12V WnmlBiUB street Boston. Ilnlr Dye.-Ilatrlielor's (ieiinlnc Liquid Hair Dye, ean'>ely b *eour:d at the manufactory,! Wall Street The Bvslls should ftuard against lmilaiios*. Met my vatiou* diploma*, ftnuw whoa* hair tas ar?.imedt bad color from the nscof the imitation dyes, can have corrected by calling ai above. Copy the address. Plillosr.j'.lty of Vrantfreth's Vegetable Pills ?When the th' orj of the circulation of tue blood w? < established, the aeer?t springs ef vitaliir wtre then partlall* exposed to ot>r view. H e raw aiid under tood that the fo?d we cat w as comcrted into blood, which repaired the waste of the animr.l macl.iie; the tood i* fuel, which keeps a: a Ilia heat the tin* that warm aad iavl%4rat* cur inner man. lhr blood is an electric fluid which carries this hcit tn i-\ ?rv i imihuiiH, n rf the hodv. even to the extrem.tiei of th - hair and teruy nail While the blood i? thus the seat of life, it in alio the seat of disease. Food gives the body tucngth, Braiidmth's tills give the bio jJ the accessary power to thrtw out from itself nil impurities. that rendering the a'ream of life pure and healthy. If men were m> re sincere, there Rtull be fivtt religion I crot da: and if they kept aloser te nature's lava In th? m?nageaeat of their bodies, they wcuM require little medieino. A'men grow mere intelligent they will btcoiue wi?#r aid h?n ierj even now. thfir wisdom in proved by the fact that, whf n tickoeea assails item, they use Brandreth's Vega? able Cnivcrssl Pill*, soon reatoro them to health. They are rem liarlv adapted to thia climate, and re i?ire no eatra eare when thev are used in either diet or clothing. They should be always in the bona', so that upon the tlitt iadioitica of sickneia they may be used. Oxe dose in the begin* nirc is more potent I : co jd a doit n after the aiokaess is hied in tie sjsien. In etldf. nought, asthma, rheumitlun, < < stiveutas. feeeri, and in all soate or heavy deepseated pains, their tllects will be found beyond all praiss. Three or l'i?e will act like a charm, often curing a dangeriu* malady at once, saving month* of sickness and the cv'ls thereto attendmz. Kei. 'tn^er, Braalrcth's Pills are a kcown, and a fully tested medh ine, one that is ni> 1 by hnndreda of tbi utanrf* in thii eountry, and throughout the rivilized wcrld. They are quietly etipersediag all other midifinea. They take out only that from the Mood which is the came ?t weakness and pain, leaving strength and health; they produce healthy slop at night, and an anpet' e that relithei a'l kinds ol food. Sold at Dr. Brandr?ilis rnneipal otf.c, 2H Urea4 way; aad at hii retail clflccs, 171 Bower;, aad .'I i 11 du n I'roet, Now V^rk. lUi<nnmtlc Patients are dally enrtd by Radwav's Ready Relict. Twenty eases wero eured on Thurs- 1 day. ? ho repotted thetntelrta cured at our office. In every case kadaay's Ready Relief stops the paia in BHeen minutes. %. . .J- 1 a k?a !.?.? Urn.,I way'e Kti'ly Keiicf in thie city, bat ha? be-n entirely ouretl bv a lew bottlra. Rfn.( mlfr, u cured >11 pair? and all aehoi. Price Wand CJ cent* : la-*e bottlee. I(t2 Folt?a "treet; 71S Bioadnay; 1Z7 Bowery; \ an Bnekirk. Newark; and by all icaptctablo nrufgiita. Timolol'* Sulphur BafUa, 54? Pearl atrcrt, near Broad war, N. \ . eatablieh?d la 1SJO, 'by Louie J. Timolat tr'>m Parie, fir the euro of rhenmatlam, ernptioat'ef the ikia. eolda, kc. Ti n la the 4ret ootabtiehod aa>l only genuine sulfUi r bath in tLie city. We re<>r to Vr. Valentine Mott, lV. K(iere, Dr. n<r;er. Dr. Vaohc, Dr. Wallace, and t!.e jriaeipal phye>oiane ia tliia city. Or. Hatching*' Dyipepela Hltura. ThU latraluaU* veettaiU tonpuuna. we ars (lad to Had, K rapidly KttUr.i Into general u?o ia (amiliea, aai we chtetfuUv ree a>m?n'M^ nee to *11 who bare not yet availed ihetr.etltee < f itabei eftte Priee any cento per kettle. PrneiIal ctliue, liU tulton etre-t. New York. * ?- ! ?V.vri \ !? ? 1 am ce'lTliiK letter* ohidlna me. la roai.d act 'eriui. for ant making ay dMoovery mcro kaewa; and every Utter complaina that Bothing yet l.M be?a written about It poeltivkly euongh, to give a tenth patt of M Idea if it?Importance. One etatooit le ' the anme of medical dleioyerlee; another, "that nothing can K- >aiJ too eitrarvant ?ith i?ca>d te ite w .nderful inalitiei:" a third, " that auetlaa- eh' uM be called to make It known. ea mai-ee," and to < a. New, 1 hare explained It erer and over atain. It la a < limnHbt te the nervee. eioiiing t.hein to notion, therel y producing the nenrona fluid that tquaiwet ?l?ctrieity thrnnghnut the atatem. and at enoe dretroyine the v try tatiM of <11 di<<*re. 1 tropoao, for all pereone altli 'eJ with any duea e. to tktala one bottle oaly; if that glr?e no evidence of iti p.iocr. to here the dollar lark; if Udiea. then lo parrhaie a doica (kit), which ia ?i?mS for mo?t all dliieaeee. I d< a t eippre . no hottlo will onre everything, tut it will Ki<e eaflicixat erldmco of what it mil do, that it ia imputiltTe tM to lee' certain of ipeelycare. T A l,K?T W M. T>., 410 Greenwich etreot. Depot for Watt e Nervn?e antidote, 102 Naieaa etro> t. l)r. Krlllngt r"* Liniment glut IntmrUlale relief ia thenmau - paint. breaka n? d??p aeated o5 iglia. tad atriartbene tho r*'" na? at OTery doee or applleatloa Her'hanta aay they eel I b(t<lr*d* to oao of aay other aow offered forealo. It mattere not what tie pain or weakaoee c?<a f'f tn, It ie M certain to em* u It le need. 9Md ia buttlei to alt all cirrnin<tanc*e, tram le. to ? . eech. I1. (2 and g1 a deicn, caah No petm n can d&alt, if they u ill aend. or oall ma ipi* orr r*l< rrnm una <-nr??. at . " r?ari (t -act, or 1,0 RritlMjr. Nrarlr S.I*" i" i> tnttlri liata h<-on ?o|.l, u.akia* fr>n?te ta en-re otrrU and eeer? quarter *f the *l?b? N. H. It hmi ncvtr tailed la iMuitm ??<i Maturing th? hair oa old or yruii*. II O \ K I 11AUKK T. futir, Dee 6 - P M. Tber* U nothing rew In tb* atoek market All th* far.ele* were In d? man'!. Norwich and Woremt-'r bar* b?? d quit* a"tire during th* pa?t two or three day*, and piir?? bar* adratced ?*T?ral per rent. Ther* ill be a dltide nd Dl three par cant paid on the first of January next. Ptonlngton Railroad ha* lmproe*d ccm-Metably lat< ljr, without there baring been ranch d>mar.d for tile rtock; it U con*ider?d a cheap etock al prerent r?le?? 8toek? generally wer? Arm. an J tb* market lonka ?<ry much lika muting upward. We ahall have another arrival cf gold li a few day, from California. It la oUaut-d that the ('.earner now nearly due will bring at* ut two million* of geld dart. Tbla will glee another cpwarJ lmp*tai to prt?*et*r lacry florke and lb* depieiiation look*d for dating ?1 at I* called the dall a*aaon. may not b* realUe 1 to tha extent anticipated At tb* irrt board, to day. M?r;li Canal advanced '? p- r cent; Canton Co. X, Ilailrm Vi and Norwich Healing Ratlrral fell off J* P'f cent Ail other*cio?*d at pri)*-< current yeeterday. Tb* reeelpta at tb* ?t th* A??i?tant Treasurer f tbl* port to day amcunt*d to IC4.109; payaenia >4* 5?l V5 - bataro* f2 AM 741 C.9 It wa# ftatad In tb* treat tbla morning, thn*. a writ of fN* warraa'e bad leen l.uued a*aln?t th* Healing Railroad Cctnpany, and alt kind* of etoiie* wer* afl - at relative to tb* ?bj*ot. To put tb? matter at reet w* gife the Mlonirg from th* Putin ill* Emporium, of th* filh Iratai.t ? On Saturday laft. be for* th* Cowrt of Common Pleaa. at <>i'w|g*(>crg. Pdwaet Owen Parry. Iteij . on h-h?!l of William Cbalm-re of gchnylkill llaren ina<le application for a writ rf IM te?>r,tn'e eyalnrf th" Philadelphia and Itead'ng Railroad Company, to i>hf? ?a'i?e wby th?l? chart, r ?honli not he forfeited. Th* fo in dktua or tti? ation ?< a t^rumi on f? pirt r>: tn? n*l'ro?d Coaipan* to permit Mr. Oh??htTP to run bmiWa r?r? ni'Oit'th* r?ilro?<l. Tba Court ftlMtrtl ft ral? to ?hfw c?u?? ? Hy th? writ of . v?i-ran!<i ?lioui<i net lam* Tvtnrnabl* to tha prtirnt tcrui of emirt Th? riirrunt cjiiouiim.? in tbl? m?rfc?t. for far*)?* m l d?m< rtke rsrbang>s. for ipacia. til for aoeamnt nrnry, wnr? *r aoiKix) f'lar'ri On foadta 9 * 10 u> Am.?rHia?41 fttlW On rnrl* ?fn ft f-f 17X On * .*'* Oa l)r*t?*a Si tnra? *itirr Mosrr. |tV( If. VM nt. *?'>. at +14 ?t. Ijttftal.. '? dl? |'?i Until la. irw'l' H )<'' Al^'y, Tr?y, tf. 1, i' Jt dl? >*w Urlun. ..Jk 4ii **< ? JTrmVi-imtitryCJZ .'t? oi i? ?><di.if <*ia Ni w.. }? dl? a ?ll? Jndiaift ....... I dt? l!4<l| I rmu'kvirfiu... **<! r*r J *i? 'Hit* ! Utilizer* U 4(1 '? dl? *t "nt(?M**?. a In .'-.dia I Vlii'plft ]W?'?1 dia *i..,nrt ... . d.alVdi* K?ri?. innllrftl', 'I ? dl? *??bli I d ? 'It *' Booth ( ?r"li?? I di? - dia U?M?. I tli J 41$ Ofou i* ... ... I <1 ? ? di? WliMlir * ' aft*. ??* r . prr ?il Dovamic K tmnurs l a ? ? H "ti? M Ml?m 1l)..tX I ! rMladrltMft.. ? ft >? ?i* W?M1? !'rVwia.l ?)>< I rt ,. . . ? a >4 din N'd?Or'??nl,..i??l dl? Rlclimiii't rtr. 1 ft ? (lit Jt 'rth I ir'1'ftft..lH ft -- d ' pr I l;?li - ft ? -l,? (i-irl- Mt IH ? . fllrlMt B... K*1 1 ui?. * I "ft ' Savannah.,.. J, ft i 'I* Ki-t.(MI?. .,..1 * ' 'J' Aarvtn w ? I * * ' * l<?)>li bacli.KH ? Calamha*... . ? I 'I* ? ' Qi ot*r(?*? ?oa Jracta. , Ft* r> f. w 1'* ? "" ?'?'p|i??*nt#. tWfl ill . * rf?. << ? k?.i<ii a l l iirtfwHe... yi4? * i ?tf 4?11aM... .101 | l,HV the'Wai ... WW* I * ij rfrtufiitr* i-old ill ?*"'? d'>. pnirlat. '.4 r* \ 10? Rt*> lb (tnlVnr* |1* a I'") B?r*r I?a? .. . 4*1 ? . ^?ftn*r???V4 ft I " ? ??. "??? ; lit Hi (leftft fan rft.!? .? I .!? H*?t? . r f J -la 4*. aa*r*?r?tt4 * l"> *'*'? **1 Thrra lit* brr? an Ir^ulr? for K^rllng b'ili* far rfmlttftaf by tba (ia*k?f thi* a*rl far Litaf. j,ro| to worr i? and 4ta??r? but* b n f rm la ra*?( *Tc bxrdly ntla?rft,a<l ?<maN r?Ht (t da 1 b-. ! lli v* ttat I! ??r.not l'rg I* mi'ut, ia"4 DMMtttj | I axrbaage* contlnua qalet. without any alteeatlee IS quotations. rnenrrvat money la Mare*, particularly tba iatuaa of our Stat* bank*. Our Stata (lock a?amrl ty banks eaanot supply tha demand* upon tbam foe currency, and tha amount daily | o (fared lor tttltnplion if very 11 ml tad. compared with prariou* yaara. Our bank* bar* a large circulation at the Wait. Spa ia ramainatha aama aa prartoualy quota*. Tha in quiry lor silver for shipment has increased since tlx* advance In exchange. end we may look for a greatoi premium for silver coin. If exchange does not tell off. The Merrimack Manufacturing Company hate d?claied dividend ot four per cent. The City Council of Toronto ban agreed to advano* 1100.COO in debenture* payable twenty yoars after date, with 6 per oent interest payable halt yearly, inr aid of the Toronto. Blmcoo and Lake Iluron Railroad, on the following condition* $40 000 shall be laaued to the railroad company when (400.000 have been expended upon the road ; (40,000 more when >800,000 hare been expended ; and the remaining $20,000 when work to the value of $1 000 000 is completed. The annexed statement exhibit* the <jMntity and value of foreign dry goods entered at thif port tor ?onanmption, for warehousing and withdrawn from warthouse, for the week ending Pec S, 1850 MOVEMENTS IN F0RII0!? DSV OoODl. IXTMtC FOB < OlfSrMPTIOW. Manufacturti o/ Wool.?Packages?Woollens. 15; cloths, ;i, worsteds.3; cotton and worsteds, 60; delaine*, 1; kerseys. 2; coatings, S; bombazine, 1; worsted an<4 cotton Testing*. 1; covers, 1; scarfs, 1; blankets, 3; baires. 2; alpaca serges, 1: puddings. 11; hosiery. 1; yarn. 8; braid*, 1; carpeting. 8, velvet and tapistry do , '22. Total, 142. Jfamfartum of Cotton.?Packages?Cottons, 40; pjints, 1: colored cotton*. 88: ginghams, 1; velvets, 2; embroidered muelin*. 3; handkeroLiets. IE; eottenades. 1; vesting*. 8; quillings. 1: ho?i\ 2; slilrts, 1; spo< la. 5; webbing. 2: thread. 1. Total, 156. Uauufn" rt> of Silk ? Package*?Pllks, S3; ribbons, 3; salins. 1; velvets, 2; haudkerohlefn, 2; shawls, 1; cravats. 1, silk end worst nd,6. silk and cotton, 4; silk; and cotton plurh 1: ellk cords. 1; silk galloons,4; sewing*. 2; braids, gimps. 1; other mvnu features, 8. Total. 71. >f.r?n/?c/ii?ei Q.r Flav.?Paekas* s-Linens, 221; handherchiets (Hn< n ai*d cotton,) ; linen and cotton, 2; laces, 1; thread, 11; t> bMns 2; yarn. b. Total, 24l> _ AIine.'luiitout Item* I'ackBir-is?Straw goods, 285 ; plut-h 2. tuibroiaiTV. 6; leatuer glo/os,3; kid gloves, 1; petrl bntloc*. 1, button*.!; suspenders, 6; jEitting, irclls) 101; oil cloth I. Total 403 ?itMi>s***t? vaacHOi'sr. Packs?**?Woollens, 7: cloths. 7, worsted. 2; cotton and worsted, 1 i> eotton and wool, 2; stuff goods 3; lastings, 2; Wat. km. 11; carpeting, 1. Total, &8. kf ..r 'If! vnl vets. i'; cclcrail cottots. 12; embroidered rottons, i; liose. 1; col. ?: cord*, 3, other manufactures. 4. Total. H Mcnufaeturet n/ Silk.?Packages?Silks, 9; s*rsaet?, 4; embrotrier'?r 1; lfrantin*. ?.1; handkerchiefs, 111; porgtes. 113; braid*. Ij tewing 3. Total, 1M. Manu/acturet ,</ flax.? Packages?Liuoss, 81; drill*. 15; gros de Naples 2; linen and cotton, 1; /arc, 12. To'al. 61. Miicrtlanrmit Items .? Packages?Straw good*. 89, embroidcrir*. 2; nhawlvl, leather gloves. 2; hose, vests, tie., 1; nnibrella i-loth, 2; chtuti garments. 1; mat" 1. Xotal. ty. ruiH w.tnmot sr. Manufacture* nf Wool ?Tackr^ i?Cotton and worst cd 20. Manvfatlui ti of Cott?nPaek*fies?Cotton*. 70. Mawjiuturti ((/ Silk.?Package*?Silk and cotton plush. 4. Minu/artiirri of F'cx.?Packages? Linear 52; linen* and cotton. 10. Total. 62 Misctllantout lie mi -Package*-Straw good?. 270. aEtANTl LATIOf. Ctntumpthm. Perkarej. t'allu. MannJactures of Wool 14J 9-J1 37f " ' Cotton 1*6 27 91*1 " " Bilk 71 57,510 " " Flax 249 47,8M Mlscc-iiuneou v.3 37 ,3-W 1.026 t2l2,u9-i Tf'itkJraun from WarehuuM. Par knee . T\im . Manufactures ol Wool 54 *15 001 " " Cotton M 10.163 " " Bilks. ... 1K6 21.466 ? " flax 61 11.4*3 MiicsUaneoua 40 463 $70 748 Entered for Warehoviiinf. Parkajr??. faiue Manufactures of Wool 20 9MM ' " Cotton 70 13 367 " " Silk* 4 1,744 " " Ilu H'- 12 Ml Mi*cell*n*ou* . .270 17,124 ~426 *60.4.!* The amonnt pnt open the market during the ?Mk was $282,782. This shows a verj great falling oif. compared with the week previous. We ma*'. r?? look foe an inoreaa* In the importation of merchandise g?n? rally, far the spring trad*. Th? Mnn, J tal.lo exhibit* th* (Violation* frr th* principal public stack* In thU market, at I lie poriod* aaou d :? Ui'OtattOw* roa Titue B?cf?rir*. Aer. U. 1?M>. Hr<\S, l.'iSC. D. 8 loaaj. S itT Tnt, 1W,? ? a ? t H'l D?. s j?xauo lmsv;?iw;< Do. t ? i*s:... ? a ? 110 ailf'l Do. 8 aiww usx hissDo. ? MSB.... 117 all7<< - a ? Treasury Notes. 6 pst cwt.... ? * ? ? a ? New York 6 per ofa> ? ? ? ? a ? Do. 8 " ISM 1(H a H.J 1115 a 107 Da. 6 " 1**> 114 all* l'?S a 117 Do. " 1*1 114 allS ills a 117 Da. In-j U?X a IIS 115'' a 117 Do. S " ISM ll? a ll???h ? a ? Do. S - 1*7 119 till", 113 atUj,* 5*. *S " IHtD If* a nw ? a ? Do. t>\ - 19SI N* a !< I*-* a 103 Do. " ifev.... iui aiw - a ? Do. " UW-it... ? a ? ? a Do. * 1?JM?... 105 a INI ? a ? Do. " 1<WK0... 1'W a ion* - a ? Do. " l^MW... KCV a 10* - a ? Do. 4* " IM M?S ? ,0,> - a ? Ohio 7 per o?at, 1H1 16Sg a l'K 101 a 108 Do. 6 ** IK*1 lot a 101 ? ? ? Do. " ISM a l?7 - a ? Do. ( " 1*0 110 a 110>4 ? a Do.? " ??7i? ? a ? ? a ? Do.5 " IsCS lit all*'. ? a Do. " IV-UM ? a ? ? a Kaatuaky R p?r Mat KM a 106* *><.*, aim, llnole Int toip , 1*7..'!!! !!! SS W a isl , II a Do. " Int. 3'ott..,, 37 :w a 37 lln'ili fnnfohl* Bvndi - a ? ? a ? itdlana floaw.. ? a? ? a ? | I?... Stat? T\-~ r.t*i a HI HO a W . Srkanaaa, t i??t ??l; ? a ? ? a ? *la?'ana, 8 " ? a ? flu a #1 I Do. S " - a - ? a ? I Do. Stftlia* ? a ? ? a ? i P?aa?)lTa., I H2J* a fJ < "< a M Do. ? - - a ? hc* a 1* 1 MarytanS, " ....... - a - IK'S a m Do. Btftlin*. - a - ll?i>, a )9t i Tcnataaoe, S S# a *7 ? a ? Do. 6 " 101 alow* ? a ? I M?.?ach??., 8 M ? a ? ? a -? Mfohwaa, B " ? a ? ? a ? 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