Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1850 Page 1
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- TH ~ ?? WHOLE NO. 6023. DOUBLE SHEET. ADDITIONAL CALIFORNIA INTELIISSNCE ARRIVAL or inn STEAMSHIP EM PIS t CITY, WITH 0?er Twt Millions of Dust AND THREE HUNDRED CALIFORNIA MILLIONAIRES. The Ravages of The < Uolera al Sacramento City. MAREIABBI AMD OKA Nh h THE SOLD REGION, &c., See. The steamship Empire Oily, Captu-u Wilaon arrived jreateiday mommy from (.'litres, vie Kingston, Jamaica 8hfl<it< <;? oue o'clock P. M.t OB the 26th ultimo, anil ivingaton, at eight A. M , on the lat ioaiaut. Sh? haa ob board, a* lr? i?eItt ao 1 tj the hands ol the pBMragers, ovtr two mtii mi of dM*rt in gold duit. The followioK b> a lux of rl a CONSlONiLKb r*k kMi'.xi TV Adams fc Co flttnouo ?' i f.^iM v ? .. 3 000 {lowland fc Aipin Lebueiu I' :h*r?. i.l&i _ 103.1 Ml n L '1 Uready.... a 000 Brown. Bros fc Co. 89 67 J ti L>?> j . a wo Boebo,Ludlow fcCo. los too fc?'ii(TT fc 3r >'.h?r. 2 uco 'Ooolldse It Co .... 6iwu J U!<cn .. 2OO0 I D Walter fc Co a# Too .1 lo<? - a ... 2 8jji t. f. Delano r fc. v 1 m Drsw.RobtnsoofcOo 2>2oco ?UMint\ iioiuiMr 201fl Thompson fc Hitch- Willusi !.: us .. . . 1 600 ???k 35 m*i a > iu V ' K -nbure. 2 ><oo Willis fc Co tit) 718 \ > 'ilkrtu . . . . 1 g;s Herlai fc Co 2 10 \ . 1 uJO ?. Mlnturn *7 h.,1 ? itHrU>ti . .. 1 vi8 R L Taylor l?m?o ? , ii - }?su % :o. 1 ft >0 Slato.Uardner fcCo. la.00 1 .. .. I 7 >0 C K Townsendfc .O. lJ MO iitl i . . 1 uoo Cam man fc WblU m- ' r*? j % 0o I ..(10 hauas 18 400 iift rj < 11 Chambers fc Ilslssr it 0 0 j ... .. 1 0,0 J. Dew Itt fc Co .... ?jo?io f Wjc; .... 1-too A. K KDO 17 6nO 1. K rur !;lln 1.004 J. Bisbop fc Co.... 11 Wi5 J.jf.o . iot H.8 J. falemor fc Co... I6000 . 91 T K Wakemaa... l4 4uo Ooi ,? 400J L. Haas lo 000 >1 tL ;i ? . .21.000 C. 11 Rogers 10 76> It . nr < m' * ' >. lbtwo D. Psrklns fc Co... 1> / V. i. u W. Hog* fc Co .... 13 2*5 uoOO X>. Curtis fc Co ... Im.OO . & fr?a l*.-U 2.HC0 J. Henry fc Oo 12600 K.wl v t. Jo.. I 1 000 Walter it Jonas... ! I " Tit iitl )^(l < 34 Iwibull Haley fc H* . - v ' brtOO IsOe 1*0*8 J ?t -r I !,I7 J. Berabeliaor. . . 14.4J> .ilrti-F Plarf<fc'!n 1 ifrj Cass fc Frsemsn.. ?.*7f W?i I" k ? Wl k Oo 7 2-40 Wiltin-al.i 10 iWO Feter Cdf? 7.4oi< u it c.'i?! -'.? . ... rtiKK) Johnnon A Lowd?n W?W3 H I' - . . . ytHio J. Mac* A 8on?.. u 4'v <) %. u . . . j auj AHLWeak w 4-i* J V < K ? 734 Stein A. Zill It Co. t ?ti rx < .'>p nt J. Wkrren A Bon.. 4 444 J p.-ml 1! . H.*,.. 6 149 A Blnnlcger A Hon $.i 0 0 . > .i UirndvD A Co.... otuu J. B> irt-.-i ... . I5,u00 N. H Kuweit 3 I>>8 r. iokb 6lme? A Buffer . . . 4 bo7 ^iacr, u-rk Week*. Kelly k Co. 4 < Oj V. .... 10 000 tt RoMBbtum A Co. 3><i W>- h RU-kburn ft. P. Bo*b A Co... 4 4(H) k Co ... 6000 ft. Ztcbrtreoo A Co 0.4<u K H?ti a ' u 1 <oo BentiiloA Friocol.' 0 UUO > Hw * In..., g Wo7 O.S Bob bis* Jr .. 4 170 rxV>o... H& Cbwlet King A Co. 4 6 >8 il?rrt!Ju? 1 >>.... Hoi4 . Cottlnet A Oo. .. 3770 mm Ooodbav A Co.... 4.SOO C 11 ')**? 1000 ft. H Green A Son* 6011 11 L ! 1* ?. . . J1 U00 Toanf, JJ*wklBi A e ? ir nu Co. 4 016 P K toll :inv? P C. Brown A Co . 5 0> 0 P kn- b-?ny . . , 12.00 J BftOgo. Peck A Co. . 6 "OO r 4. t.i W.N K Burrttt 7 too J Uo'Ml >n 7 UOO K. Uc*?a 6 UOO 'ikfUB, ^Injoii-OMd 8?ch A " T.nt? ni ) ? <M> 4A. I <4)0 8 A L M M't*> 3 bl<> Bjiag dole. .. (""?> II t H 4 1V) D Vblrr.Ula ... 4 WO J AW .... 31000 ftelf. Rroe. A Co . . 4?? B ? f? A > .... J '44 Dorvmai A hiion . Jwhi 11 (in ? . 8 70O Mwuoa Uioibei*. 44. >1 0 10") Bom A <4r?.fc.m. . . SIN J. T W A lpc<. i9. Uoti 3 000 <uin< A co. 8 a IK* r.trurfk* flll?[er?:d Drvtheri 'i 4*0 1 ... A ffroai A Son .. 2?U0 SBV?alr<i(bt . . 1 4* 000 There ate over ihree hoo<1i>-d nif?-u*eri iu the E C. Amoiji thnn i* t>iif ?i ev PrenMeit of New Or* id?. M>- i* Bi'rivnpkuied by three of his nrphi*w?. Auni i <1 i < li*' of pl? rngrm, including Hi.- i i1 > H'. i iirc? rroiii Cttlifornim? IVAMKM or THK PAUBTWEIM 1.1 Tllk k m'lkB CITY. Cm'I l? >? Ton** C Mr. Iiuih Mil '.*? J <* ?i 0? Kokjh-i*. *i- aliiUrtn ** at '( ktf Fr*. ideal if fittr K 1) tfr.j U>'(. ?.l <' It ?*n bAn m firira Ji l?4? M Muakrll D' I naciioo W U KakiM? Mr l? Jala Maria** M I. Jnll* bsrtrfo A K T rij ?' >??nf?rl Vfnt?f? Hurt *4* U?U m<r i|r HaHar ; tMbil tm L> ?< Urk ?' ' ? km r \T.*4 VI r .?riii tiualMi Mir* U ' D..? Mr Hiri C?n B lit n m - It M I.trry Mr .ttit*r?ia vat, Udj **? y ? ' ? lalim r 1. tt.ili.-r <<1?? c?pt W C IU?p- C?p Sain *r B l !? tor M?? ar Mr 'tHU? DrMaCA'tliy, *f tha Mr I n?r * V * ?" .r*l*rf mt j-hhIp kr l?-i*w?va Jr x?f *o 4 Cut b riirim Mr ll*? *?ja ' *> ' Hni Bkrai.w Mr <.<.* Ill ""I' lliw A A All!a *r l. tKlUanl Wrl?r?*?? X to II ll**k.?* If ?< I li-l> * Gftcah C?ft t *? Mr '! ? r I Wa B?ll kilt #ai 141 ?a.flB Mr* T u J'kcoa P J jor.-t i . >l ik II i" I' -. i t-aVr Mr* Ali"i4 B chill I 1 r * ?? W A kil*i T W ?T K B . "pa i U< t i l> ? Tjaaa l.? U f ???* **d?*fc r C"?? b'Jl Unutn'i! " ! '. Mr Kiw ll . .It C H Bill T k ?T ' * '?/ Mr II kit* M A? y ' m? . Mill* ' ** Mr H" i.*' n f Mr M'L*? Mr M?rrla Br ?l ' > >" ? Mr I aar'AA V- f?? ? ? ' ? A Wfc i Mi B .? ? H ? * VrMiotij ?ft r ?U V m.. r Mr Rally Mr >-?> ? " r*.? torVUM* ki*kin Mr w1 a It iMkar J f 't Irrn.Kr MrMi.rcni * l? k Mr H?ta?* Mr fa- M -win krliuuui *i ? J A ? Mr II >I Mi M trill i * li Br B 1111 ?t Mr A wt 4 Mr. .rk ?rh> '.It -'r ? r .? Mr It A* * i - i -i tor Ail*a Mr B *h M Br St.r*'? Mr * n? i* [' tot P?rHr Mr kr?? i. Mr ?i?*.i*?r torlikoia J ?? * rttirkmk Mr I ..*! M K . ..r Ur I i ' 1 | Mr u*> ?? as Mr Ml k? " ? Mr ? ? rl -k M' Ai * ?'i" ? ' ?' fir Will, r* llr IK " ill * 2%'"r* to. Oil *r Mr Ki ^ ?r4*. I ^ r ' |i ?ni Mr I" i k- ' h fir Mil tor fit* Mr ? s... Hr Mfai-' r llr f. f I 1 * ii*?l Mr M .. ?h? Mr l< ? 'r Mr Irr> Mr ??i*rr M?i?m t< fir ph??? Mr i# ?. 4"? Mi I?'l.r*.?k Mr I I on tom? Ha ' Mr ' a* Mr . 4 V - n Mr WHU Mr n?l?i?. Mr tl >? Hr Bi*l *H* Mr <?? r* Irl'rin kr Ai.tM' W * Mr H? lallii n Kr??-rii| '? liVmiiM Br M?l' ?r>i?."i?t Mr r?*?ii Mr f * ? t > *( Mr ; tl 'Ml - tf'i? tor 'AttAflAAd Mr al II "It i A I *1 Mr I'?n?iy ?>r '??r?i ' ?i MrPu'Mi Mr *?-irtt i a tf fir M<ul'*r Mr Natrtat i A M.I itl"t fit WAICBII Mr T?r?i-r Ir l*4ir(f Br Mn k Ira Mr U nn*i| V i|a * * rAlviB* Mr Will Mr * inlaw* MrHav*'?4 Jlr Ue'rkt M a n Mr Car.*r 'JVk*" *t* m' ?"* '' W T I to*** J Tk .ml* |r <! ?t'ltl Mr Allrrr Mrll iaH- M M ?. *r??U Mr ??< ? -?r . ,|JU ?rwit ?t JJ. ,u *'?* ' Mr lTi t*? W- f; *? > /T fcn*f< *' |'?lkt??} *i Ft> kivv'wII Hi ; Uaa-* Ni tVr* Iff V?? l?i?? Wrl>>?ijr iti TSi. ? v ?tJ. I.i trn ? :', M . -,-t r V?'? h?T*t l?f Mrfr1?t>? Ur H?r'h*n- ? V > Mr ?' <- .'? Kri-1 ?* Sr r rtrii n.'-ii-f Mr y* mi P*r* Mr Mi ilcr )lr nini?t j W Mrtwa "r k?.<r? .? tr L 7 flilr Mr T'.r ft >1 H %?r rVrH.T ?'nrr TMI... Kr I *???? "f '' h * ' ",r ?<i > 1 MMr?a r??? ?i*o?r >?, JtpS1*vttt !>' irlkit (ft t???r :. mi w luM ? 4 Wf ?r? ti' i: i : >. > . Uir - < th -*n Krturiae* HrraH . W H Htot*. K^., Pur? _ . .v/^. i** *'i' ? '* " '* P*" I I E NE M , of ?h>* Georgia, aimed on a*'urdaK in trains; D Strong, Eaq , of Sacramento City; a id lo /Vlams ; Ar Co aud Gregory <V Co ' expre*?, f.?r full fil^a , i of California and Panama pa"en? and n'wa. The cholera kaa appeared in ^in FianciMO and Sacramento City. In the former, there were but few death*, and it was not aap;M>e?H to etui in an epidemic form; hut at Sacramento ita ravage warn i more fearful We give a list of dettha, a* far as ' known, in another column. I The returns of election, held October7, fnrmetn\ bera of the Legislature, were not xufTiciautly *o; curate to aaceruun the political complexion of (hat body, aa party lines were but lit'ie regKrt?e<J ? hrou^hout the country, nor was it known until nfter the election that the duty or electing a IJai'ed Senator, in place of Colonel Fremont, would devolve on the Legislature then chomen Statistic* of the Gold Region?Person* I napioyed lu Until.((. [Frou (br l'lkocr rim-i. ool M J It ia very difficult, at (tie pre*eui time, to collect , I information as to the productiveness of <h" van >u* m n^a ol California. Even ihe number <4 prion* Iemi loyed upon the various rivers, ia but, to * limited extent, known. Those who have travelled ** tenaively through the countr), and explored ih' variouKiivera high up into 'hemoiinuixs, of course 1 c?n form very correct conclusions t i But there are comparatively few who have dona t i this Moat miners have hut part>ali) explored the I country, and even those who have m>u(e ex e i?ive ! ex-intonation*, have felt hut litile inuliaatioo to I ! convey the information acquire.| to oiti**rs Kor [ this reuon, we the more willingly i*y the estinities which we yive below, beioie our reader*, believing, although they are wiim- whit im.^rlect, that bey will be of use to those who Imv? uot had the leisure or incliohtitn to nuke thorough examinations The estimates which we give, ii,clud<- the mining rrgion from Feather rivt-r U|>on th- n ?rt?i <o Oosumtieaupon the south, which contains ut hwnt two thirds of all the miners employtd in the c>untry The mining reeion upon Feniher river, c.> n mentis below the ftot-hdli ih-* in-iunimm. tome thirty milea from Maryavilie, ana t-x' ni* h.ick upon the mountain* fur Hoinr-thui/ lik - ei ff>t* mtiea. There are piobably not l?-i-s i-ha'i tf.000 ?>-rmni nt woik u|>on thta rivrr. The ino-t prjluelive portions, the piM h>*hs >n, have tw?n in ih* too hillw, and upon ibe Sou h F?ik of in river h i? :tn- general impression ihti in?- mini averag- <1 r?y iiiihirK upon tins river haa K"<-u ah u( mi doil ira t?r<iny to the man Thin, allowing twenty-tour woikiog days to the rmiu'h, would nive Jor fi?.> months, (e? much pruhnbly us moat ?l th-* luiaera will labor during the mmiug waso>.) fir tacti miner $120 |*-r month, ru ' $600 tor the rive months; producing an aggr?-iMte ot $.>.<100 000 The Yuba, with iia tributaries Deer < !re?-k, Go d Run, A?e . has h po|iu'iiion of about 30,1)00. The mine* in this region, huve, iu ma >v in*t-nF??-i?, pt id more than thone of any oilier portion ot California, but there haa been u large nurab r ? ho h?ve mcceeded but poorly, which ha- reduced the a\trace to eeih man to >oinethii<g ! -?- tii in < It it upon Feather river. Upon this ftream, w? believe, the average haa nix been over lour do'lira to esch perMin employed. Tbia would ?ivef.>rthe total HniMint i f gold dust token our iu five m>nOi?, $14 4'0 000 Be?r river, the next stream upon the south, Sont'tiur pri hal- y a popul ir ou o> three tm>ui?Aud Mnam, although no very lar^e aniuuu ? have been realized by dividual*, ha* produced a I nr averiig??eay lour d( liar* to ea< h mtuer, wh-ch wul give in the nggregnre $1,440 000. The A.nertPiin river, we presume, cnutam* a population of six'et a thouiau'l, distributed on iui irihiit'rie? a* follows:?five thousand ti|?>n 'lie North Fork; five thousand upon the Middle Fork; snd six thousand upon the S mrh Fork, which, nt five dolUrs as the avrr??(e. Wuuld produce as above, in five moutha, $9,000,000 Thia would give, in Uie HitLtrg lie, lor Fea'lier, Yul-a, Reur, mid the Aiiimivu rivei?, luaetoir Wi ll their tributaries, the sum of $40 240.000. ? the product of the l?b?r of lifiy-s veu I pertoDt Tbl* sum, we b> lieve, i? mi near au >?vern^eofihe produce of th?; mine* u^' ?.i the nv-ra named lor the past live month#, as can Wr-ll be ascertained at the piesent time. u. . |,<? .... Aiir . Minn .f?? i,ik> a hat a n irtion I of th?* milling regiou ol California, ai ?ar rr?d<ii hill mc, tut wc the <j'j intr.) of gold int Ukeu troin ilirif atrt-arr.*, or from th? ir immedi.tta i. ighhorhnode, con? itutea at l^n?t l?"Mhir<i? of all (be gold taken from thr mine* of Ciliforma The quantity of *ol?i oh!uue<l by iniu-r? ittiiuiif thr I <?t wiutf-r. win kiti'II ?u proportion 10 wUnt it ouyM to h?ve been. M>uer? t?cu l??>k<'<4 forward n ihe opeow# of aptiiiff, nmicipnting I ir rich-r diggings in the beda cf i?v?rt-, >?l>'ii llv* w.itfM shouldnhridr In *etn.-i|*tioti ol rich b*rves??, thr winter w?* mH-red to without proper ?x?*Mions upon the jwrt of tnicr.* Vain* Arnold Uui (From lit* I'lnntr Tuu?i Ool * ] A* int id> m to the utimi" i>'f> ?>f Jliion.U, md u < i ntequi rce likely t tnki pliii:* i- on, h ib* e \in n ot sptculaUou in cold dual T'. ? chiiiy Will hi reality plit ? in the hatidx of ttu' mia<-ii< tluuol dolliiri-, * Wh h?ve gout to tbi ?lit|f>r in 'If furr.i ui i rr?liin. ?, the continual ?h>,'onma < ( <Ij?i h>i? hid flie ?Itr-i t 10 ( rr ate an unnaiuial ai?ie oi all<or?iu tf* iiimnere o? Calilori'i Out this is noi likrlw to ?<'ii iiai.r. Tti<' est*l?li?hcu'ni of a mini truf at mm i nliai < ih# (alui- i.f < QM an in- ten , - c? ot or iiioir Punt win h l * no v ?e!' ng for $lti ,>- r ortiie, w ill I iiuk tr>iu #17 "0 JIS. and whrrr it I- ?eiy tlfHii. t vri MMr. Tn". %ill a ifreat r* volution m our husiictai aliens, *ud a id to the teal prosper i v (> thr .Mat*. The profit* r? *l?7e?| upon* nt? of dual hare i>< lit rally |[Oiie 'O lleivy ripittillSM, roil lev of wliom e?n n-alty he cls-ed ni'Wvst our pfftusn?iii cit?ei<a A^rucie? hn?e hern e?'nMish?d oy iii?i.v ot'hr lirgi.t bwikini >1 in a of !'a:v' to ir laii ct tbi-I uiuaetia, and ik > t?af " tji.i# far beea I a Mr io cniiir'il it. Th? re is i < reason why our?iJaraa nhuiM no: | rerrlse in roin, the r? *| Tula - i<f Jn- oil'1, i oit- it i ot giving in ih'* sj?iuls?or t?n rr iwei*? ,?r cewt It'll r? Vail Itfti'D W?- hive **? it in r- alifv g . idt t< ih> pnii'bLiwr f om one dntlir ?iid a h ifi.itwo | <1f.Mit?. for takii-g our cole*, end xrttioe in ft'irn 1 H'lhltit hill (It'll, 1 he legiaiativo an lioriti? a of G.ilifornii m?1e I tr. atteiM|?t to pinre goi4 at |ia true \ iloa, l>? >he ' moie^fd infliieore a<??o wr?ai,tr>ei th?y *rm- ioij ?hie to aeoof>i|^ir)l ihm pr<i?ewor'hv ??i'|rci Hut ?lh? |...r% fcolil (IW t win ion ? (III I will h? j.'bi . d tipon *n cqn?.!;'y *i'h tbr All iuuc Autlft. I VVniin.o-f w ho trlurn to th< .'tatr* w, it ?f??-ir . ?ci un u laird raiting*, it n?Aki h lur liitle >'ill>r< mw ' wh it ?a'hr iinfi- r>i?d hd?l' i d i*(; Imi witn 'lioni who j'^jr tt out h^rr, it i.i?k< a a ?i?d? ! nc ? Tm? la*t mmtti nrd cUm ohrrw bin fit*. *h>rr?ui, !hr o'hri i in,. MHfn fit It M n<.i *in#? i-.r ,ctiml lo a upon the rfiiNt, < t wlttrh ?rr it la thr withdrawal from cirruln'ion of n Ismr imiMOt oig< Id. * Inch would n *nin w? rf It tiVrn hrr* 'or i itt rvrl talur Hut this can?r for complaint will ; pern hr rrn.rdif d,?nd thoar of na vh-? ,.?y thr ir dual lor prtprrty hrrr, * ill he il'ow d 11a foil aIh Minn Tbr i.nt t ?l N(atr> Rtiiti.x. |Vr?*i ih? H'neii (,n WvarLai >??i ?t J Thr f if 1 tun of an U. h Her itor will <*>ritpy 1 totnr little Httrntioa in our L? piltiarr iV j tpj'tnm hing pr?#H?n Nrvrial ??nir*tile Hrr alrrxdy i in tht lirld, matahaling thru lorcra i.?r thr ront' t 1 "they Biinotiiicr in Nan Kranriw ??, ihnnM, ?< tf by Buihontt, that Fnmnot h*a 1 ?> thr Mtftt'r?t ! rb-Micr tor rr-H? rti?n thv hit Wendt Mima tkrrnarivra by iheir rriort of ih' lit ? <"<> . in I it would l>? liniil^M Ui ?( 10 ait'ii >1 rlr ?t?ng I h'lii 10 thr Sri itr Aa P>r arlri.ioi >< CiOOti'Mr for thin Impor aat 1 Hicf 1a 1 m*itrr vhoh will be fUridrd rniir?lf br ih?* ruon of 'h* H4(?rv 11 ri to and **Bn J.itqnin di- it r-?iM !* *dfor rtsdid.ttr* ai'd !h?tr fr n.d to 1-1-rrt<in thr tirwarf fb" f?-w m?-mb*r fimn ?.hr->r 'l?.frirt*, btforr ihr> mini up ihrir ral :nl*rion? I Among tU.nir i*IU?d ?f pr >i? r rti? 1 t>i ?tir?-rpf dr (. ?.lniml K'rnioni. arr I . rU I? r ,iod (,v?r\, ot i*ho Kmawno; M*j*r Utynni. tli nntfcor f " W'nat I ri.w in lJ%Mor tm" I -air io H dl<'< k, f? ?inrtly ciri ity >! th?* Trr;< *?r\; ar l irK'iiy f.ijf pfrBrBt nb)r ^ud hotir??t .?? 1 ,.*Of?*r, M*iorRi>m^n HrraUqultr 41 ) itliti'f who, with <t?* r ll? !?? v< rrrd, ?r* |<r*r*n*ff ?h->r fin |'d? f. ?< T^?" rra*p?t will, r?? >< * ?? < ' iti .F h'? And ?iffoioi?ly carrlr I on ?iln> mU , Maniifti *nd In (tllUrnl* kAMlAUM. Ir rownty, Hy II. .IT* fn*t? Oft IVth.llr H. A nt ?tri? iii# it to ** nc Mut C. Nill, T?. ? ? Fflwhwi ? Ik# t>4 l? Mr < > r W m r>tp* Int. t* Ml., r v * t ; f li lid vt. . mm i .TT ""^?VT i Wip^r Ull?| Oet IM. %y R?? V? i , Cf W YO ? [ORNING EDITION?MON Whitnkt of Ho*'ad, Mm . to *lw Hum* Jamb, aeoond dsnfibtr of J H Morrill K?q., of this olcr Oot 80th at th? Miuloa Dolwti Mr. Vttira WH?nk? to MIm A lick M?aTiff.kotb_of Rm PronoWoo. nt nmapmii aui 17 Dir. Jimi H 'iiLta l(tl of Htrrtnrllt city and editor of the Placer T'met to M<m Uuiu. i>u|hl?r of C?pt DuM A Ford, of ikIttftrn, Mm A' Bunu'dto ?Hi, Oct llik. by the E?t. Itaiel Homkouw Tim*.. Pact Attuni to Mini A.iciblica DtOititLHo of Rio Ortod*. Hrasil InHtn on tk? V'b tteptamber, ky Hot. Mr T?vl?r. Mr William T IIobton. of Mattitnok, (L,ot>a Irland ) N T , to MIm Ann Adams, of ilydaoy, Nut Bcoth W?lfl ulai hi iff SAM rHAnciaoo. PaU. Sum*. /Himm. At*. WVre from. Oft 1 B ? d^NUty, iw York. 4, ' airurl i!. Daeii, " tS Altiimv lliil. uld, " SI Baltimore. I harle* Kay. " *0 < 6, Innrl Krefor, auieide, 4H frUM. Jii'Bltli lima, lr>'|M), 34 ButUlo. Jena U*a Du fee, casualty, (1 New York elty, ? Ml It III Walla**, rt t a kisrt. vft N?w Tork. H?ir;Rir?<ur, d?e?a'?ry. M Wooda???k, Tk. rmir, enoiera, ? Otlond, Via Cap'. filrtr, eoa'ption. >9 Loadoa. T.Wi'ur ><*11 djeeatery. .10 Ho <tlaad. ?illiaai Glister, '">S H'lbartoa. 8, It N<aifr>nrry, chnlin, !U Ohio. iienry M allot*, Imam. 31 Canada. 9. i. L. Philip*. dtstatery, 2* Main*. Aaraa Thompson, cholera. 44 Ohio. II T "nlmr, M Vuitn lalea. B. B. KcCn??n, t?'d ftnr, 39 Harieaa, H. T. lafaat of Mr* Thomas, still bora. ? Infaat of a kixltu, ? fraatea Bold.a, cholera, 44 Bradford. Ohio. 10. PiaacU U bonUt, drowj. 40 Now Orlaaaa. T J f m It, t?'d ferer 22 Mew Tork. L Pokerdaa. dyaeatery. ST Fraa *. W H Graham, 3u Now fork. B'i Colrnaa, ly'd freer, SI Boatoa fhila. i-in(;?r?, oun'piloa, 43 Kaftlaad. 11. - VM..lM - If-xiao. Win M' urlor, cholera, 40 Biltlain JeioaiiaJi bally, uakaewa. 40 Now York city. 12. l?o? aid Ncele, dysentery, S3 Soetlaaa. Frrdenek Christ, ? Clrmiay. Jawirn-iridt, d>(eatery, SI yranee. A Meaicaa. ? k lVimiit, dyaeatery, SI Vermont. 13. Jnaeali arliile, 3 Illinois. * B. Pu-fn. diurbai, M Qnebeo. Grotge Mnek, " 34 Ohio. J. A Stickf. dyaeatery, M " J>.b?i Eiali. lata ol Richmond Va , from injarin* roctittd b) the upliwioo at tha boiler of the Sagamore. Cot. 3Mb. riman wile of Win. Newell, of New Tork Out. S<tb <1 rbolrra Varg&rtt wffa of John J. Cor fell. in tit* 26tb vnr of h?r aga, lata of Mobil*, it*. Oct. tl?t. Mr AomI N Bakar, of Dartmouth, Mill, *? a -to y. axa Oct i!Ut. Mr. Theodora Merrick agad 36 jranrt, fornii-ri) 01 Philadelphia. l>et. illd Mr A II Barclay. formerly of Penn Uc' ?Oib. of ch<i>ra Cha i?a Naron Uraman onboard Monir Uartlurd. b* ??? Inui New York (*auie veiling Dai id Uruarn. irom Kngland, at the TlobiOtl llou-e. Oct SO'h, ot. bclera, Mr Chaa O. Orifflth, of Albany, N. V . a*. <1 about 40 Ort *H>h ot rhf'l-ra, Mr. Joa?ph Parker, of Nawton Corn?r Newinu. Ma? , ag?d ST U?t 2?*th. iii lb* Lfttb year of bar a^? Jana. "-be wlfa ot Capt K L I'a tl-o?. la'a oommandtr of tha U E 8. I>. Cacipany'a ftaain packet Bo-? NawSonth Wal?p. Oct -S- A. Davie Adam*. XT, Maaa cholera, Mr. Mmd it> Trim . bltllou* tavar Oct. Quo. Allen 81 Kidney, lever: John Walihc? 21 Knylaad cholera, J. D. Wells. XI, N Albany, ?ent?rj; Mr McKlioy; Mr. Kurti. diarrheal, ?. Miller, 'J4 InHauiuiatiuu of the lai>u? 0< t W) K JeuLllif. o4'. N Y., cholera; John Cling, > V , cboleia; 8?tnu?i Holme*. Ill . fever; John Bat?a, lit l> cbuleia, A frenchman 40. oholara; l> 0. I.i < > ke. Mukiaan nranoertalu> d; Mr* Parrot, 30. k'iatrt,<0 ; >la; i ii M<ida, pai.urd oholara; Jamaa, cholera; .Nicola*. )W. Ill . fvver, Join Howard -K). Ky.. lkil?ta; Mr JaeobHeaion *, Ark, diarrbwa, Dun >aL Mrl'hernin fcnotland eliolara; Amur Kiohar, IK. MlMtj L-boli ta, i i arlolt rauniitra 40. clnlert; Jut. Ii Peuuleion. 14. dlotiii||t?ii. cboUra, Matihlat Woi.ra 3? UoatoD. otolera, Edward a rttawla 37, M Y, cboli la: K Loillnu. (colored) 28 (>?l , oholera; <!?rno'. . V. oouri.IT 45 N Y , cholera; Ionian 0*11 46 N. Y , cholera; (.'apt A. Pratt, 'ii Maiu*. oboiara; Eao? Pratt '21 Main* cholera; .Um?? 1**1-mto, 30, Ind , nli'lei a; Harris. 'ii, Main*. r; Naihan JohnM>ii 31' Waire. cholera <>n tbe '21*1 iu?t. ot dyaaotory, Eleaiar W. Iloopar, af l harie?t< ?n. Mai>* agru <18. Hbdoei.iy, Oat 23d. Lavl Olll>nrt, of Brooklyn, M T? g'U 3U > ear* Oof N'li Mr Mr. Patrick Bar.<9*ld, formerly of I N?* York a?>d!?j jeara Ort 27 to 1UI Ueotga K'l ff. a-.nth Danvara, ! llaw Ui-e?-e cbc larn a<Ml 'In; l'?pt. Ueury P?rk?r, | Aiirklaiid. haw /.-aland rut.lera. aie.l 4?; Jo?iab ll??oh, i Ni? Ila<en chllara ag 1 3->, Daniel O'.'J.-ti dale in, | *>? cboleia kiti d M (.barlaolt i'olw*. Naw Baaf ?rd. &> ? #. rlmiwu M?d 4A; If. Oook Byron. X?w Yolk it fl?u.n atma <.f Un bo??li. ?i? l il, 4n Htrw rt It flmrnmi. n >n tb? bitin, William *orrl??n. Milwaukir rholiu ?j;nl 4A; llrnry. KanaKa ?< ") 30; Jurt* Rbfti*j, Nrw Vor? Hty, n*r.l .14, R>t?-rt ( rbvr, rtalrra. urd A; John t'olj?r. Nt<<. a??*d Jl; Ifvty ii or ton iuUtinor* cb ol-m mKl .19, Hr it?rl.?y lit'jrr*; Allan L Btiaw, Ka'li M" ?D<l"ra ?* * ; KT i Ita ntll It??"? *d"(i AT; U<-uwn. a I . ?K?J SO; William mwion ?in.M?ra; | ? ? lluMr!t).? U*llll?ll tin ikOff, I'li In Ih 'ho?? wh< *trr kill'd bytb- n loot .n of t? t.?m?T rnk.?im>r?. |.. :h?p? thirty la numbat -or It j limy many no la lb til that. (!i n lto rn ?i. Kir lkT of cl?*tb< from )etob?r IJ< h to I Ifth tin Itir'vr.- |i?t 12 0?orr? .S'uck. d 24, from ?>> o dynr.t'-r*. h day* In bO|>l'*l; 14th. J A tt?t*?l , ?4 OMo o)?nt?tj, 3 day?; ll'k. Pr?d?rlcii iimitb, ( M p?T ?;9 daya; M h. K P Wj?tt 3i. N?* n-l>>ui, ajtrtiirf), lit d*)i, ISth. Ohaa J litlburn 33 V>M , J d???rtr-j : d?)f; I?th. Tk?M< THft*. ljphti< f?T>r. U'.Mjt; I7lh Mm W. Qnaitva '41 Vt"flata, dyan'cry. i .!?r.n Ta> lor S.1 lllii.nii" d>.47d?)?, 19tb, Jow l>< p, ."1 Hungary, d 12 d*y?, '20(b, M?*i. I van i bi'ii. ? nr 9 Mt*lpo do . 13 rf?y?; HJ. frtdnrlfk I O'KHry. Itf Miiiiidnim do .'17 i.?y 'Jftli. Th imn Ho. i l?> I mlnad ol.oiara. U bourn. JlJh, T t>. French, L? lilted Plat** 'hel-ra 0 honrn >rt 1!I-N> An??I N. ilaLar, of Dartmoath. Mr, ' g?u 4>? y?ar?. in '? Mr A R iiarrU) fi>rii>?Tl) r.l Conn. (>ci Hu of ci iai, l)at>i?l VwdIu, K?<|.. r?o?ut1y li > ii. K Mtridu cmiatj. 111., faeoi'ilyof O 'BO.; at th? t?tn? (, ? ?. ? in* L i / the iiiib* nl Hu.-ll t .ratriy uf ?* t n ! '? ?i fcolrr* Or ll-of t?| li' ld f?r?r Mr. fJao. YowiU, of , Ihi i?ity ol hf?Votll,i|f4 .10 )Mn, nTt^i lis im MCluauni cinr. O t SO Jib? (><tdrlrb. t;bU*?^o til, oh-?l?mi V I iidm. AbM rnoiity fed, niini?rt*i?"4; An>?P. P>iidl?toti W ??ti ily. NY. din:r>i?r?: J?nk l n?n ?i ?ln#d, iitarf* A?tl?y. Indmbn, llMirlKri; ll-nry HrooB |e*lwr*d> un?M>?rtalu-<l I'll Hi?!!<? ? ll?rri-ou. Kvonrk N.J. typhoid | 11.11 T,? n okolrrt; Oonts I U??a, (Qnrinan) III a-u.1' *ikr J, ?? rnuf*:. n'i il-r?, # .a. Pit 'n*3, . I* J . iSoUri, J<*rpb M-< eou afy, Ma tf- { ptii id f-r.-r, KilitM R if, N, II, ch il?r?; Nitlita " < n n> i*ik 2J D*?!?, Bo?t<tn Ma-a rbo!-rn, M. (!*rotrbai*fi) ehnlara K <1 K kmuml H.raV , r bwWta Tn?- K .< Y cilj lk*litli r milk. I!i oi?a. Ufltlo. N Y . m 4-ra, ? K--I J. (hiHii?i) f?, Kilonril it. V <*!?. Bono a, ibid, la, Ailr.u H. IV ? oboVr*, John 4*uu<J?r>oo, H.i. tttkti.f >o. if IUi?*/. Otio 'brink, (lapt 4. V Pnn? Pbilatb Irbla. ib. J?r?; ikarlM D-Uoy, rh?l*r? Clt' ?.'<? b fbi>l?ra <???t JA Oftrrf Br?-?loa, \li> . rhnl?ra; Kty \lf*r eb<4>'r? ai>ri>a* <wiliit> i> DM*. 4i?rrti<r?.K t Ilitlill tio on*. ti.< l-r? Kaa' ii l> * i Mo . JUii. < ?. A itt ti* M. kratt* N Y ib i? i a'rlck F.**a< (rail no ibMit*. Pa?u?l [>rak?. Iala?, rb-Mara; >lcur/ h l?> " ??."/' ??. .Urn. JV '?up,?ll obaUra Orl *4- t?*i>ai ii'?ud. Omui . nhoi-rt , Cb?? W bt !. ?> nit.i.i bi>?<U , Ja<a?? Hal'lwm < Y.. rMiit, JiikiiD r *' PIlDi-t "4* ? , billn?< <???r , Mi i.i }<I ; J>"- D<-'fc? <4 ?. dl*rI hi J. i iv n i.?) rb Iri, Ml? , Otilils* , ? Irsnt (*oWf?4l I ? n Van fcai.'l* J?ai?a M i? >? R I abolar* , . f") b Rti'kr N J . ???!> : ' ?? W rt*n'l Maui. i W?i 1 bOMa*. Ra ;l?(4 rt"kl () ? *6 CiT W II all* lib*"*. *W .tiiK k *|.? I,, intr^r Hair* rmnn|?tv n. Oa i 'i Mlrb rtf lira Jim? Pbl<nl?T Irvf. I'al.i, una- 'r'aia?4 ; Hip Ml N cbulf. N T? WMMttrianil; Jaa ?V '"*tn?l 111. abator* ; ba* Wliliim. *o, .'bi.l-ra: J%t ?'la> k If. iauit. rb< l?ta i liaiu ? Uartl a Kugla i-l. afciv lata; H i hb rb l>rt, l*r Cubb ? . cb ilara ; A h tiiat a fimi.J il?a<' Thr-a o b??a. 4l?.a??? ua??-?rta>I rd 11' Bin* I'rmia Mo f??rr; Ja? On* i, m ?ff <-rti'i??d, ka'h'l wtlm* * h Ma:*b Tun nt fh^lara ; M !.?unlr? ehnUf* *?4ai ii -.'tr??t f'ur.r* ll ?lm : Win M I'll B),?on IraUaf rhi<t?ra . II Mtu?^IT U inou favrr i?ft W-0?tM r?|>|i?r <ibk> ?baJ?ra, Oaf I ila^a. MUrrlii rl nl*ta : Mari*r. *i? a?arrb>e?; M h?lliy rhobra ; Jamaa A'atinau*. I'b'U diarrhma. ' I mm b oilai. Indinoa. i*a , Jaai"? W at I M. V 4 I .icbi Airlaa Hataaa rb"l'ra .lay -?li Hi>at?n. ii , Amii<? M?it 'l??*?it?rj i J . H SI I.a i? iHu. tit 1^ ui? r.b lafl; r*t?f II Du i h '??>r, J? 4 'a ail nl. i If i fl . .loin"' La<il? j liltb'fl* n !?*?< rta'^f i ; fir T Ji.T WblMoi.ll IMuol* I'b lwra ; J ibn R .la *1 r r.iiiiy 'brl?ra: .l^ba r*r?l v ?l ? : H f| -a t IrO'm* <|n > \r W Mi.ha Ob In .v *m? , liM.-ith I l i'oa Hi tlan4 eb< l*ra ; ti< o H i anl( 4? e<i Oe V7 B> nj f At?"?' M*?# . nb???a. ii T. Mnrh l'b?? f???r; Mr. Wi?rih?i?.i ilniitif J A " i???n?l? iliarr--i?*. ??n nt I 4a'?? *< .fl l?.?; *r >? ? Y<n?? Mo. 6i*Mi.?? tl?ll?r?i 1 I - i Mi ? '? l>H?? Mi'i ? . . \J Mil K?? <?c.> ,(Joj4kf?tr ?r? n ' I1 * I I! F?' - in, <!'? i P??M !>'?* I i 't J?mjT M<?t 'b o I <>** v it ? Irfl.

fto'r I 1 li? ! ? ; " tft- ?r?; ! >! *? f?tnt'h "i M1 "? *1' 1 v ? Wt fori" n I 111 Ml' r. M ?< lr*?. t ! Htl'fU* r ?!?? rt M ; i', '.'h**,v \fk J??"t- ' * V f. lur. &?? ?.?! ' : * a ? .?. ' #.g f> i?. M-nfj I ?*?*?? ? ??? ?. I " ln?t? 1) ) \ i |i< -)?, ?? ? ' i " T" I it cfciitr* 0?? vi !> > V 'i '? * '* t. f?.,? n f " T?rt i|?rrh r ii'?n T? . I >'>!"* * ' " " T~ J i . ? (rein**) ? n??ri rtknll II ? J -h ? /!!? I K ? ?*! * ? ?M RK H DAY, DECEMBER 9, 185C qi(r,T?xw, cbol?r?; JJAUImii. Mo., d/centory; J. W. Smb. Ii?im dUrrko*; Oot St?wm Gondrl?h. Mm*., cholert; John H. JokMOa. AU., nholerm; Tbo?. Koos, All . cholarft; Nunrt Aiimb Ohio. rhol?rt: Dr GiO W NaKIm H*r. many eMm; Mr*. C Hart. N Y elty, fever; Mr*. Allen O'Brien IrtlMl, cholera; W H Qilmon, Ma., cholera; K it Oakely Ohla dyventery; WUnan lien net, i Wn-oonrin. ferer Jobb 0 Roltnn. Ml**, ofcolera; Ja? B?rt half, Win cholera; Thoa. Ma*?ey If. J diarrhoea; G?-o C>r*j Ma?* . cholera; Darid Barn*. MIm , cry*lp?U?, Wm PrrorOhio. In??r; 8tran(?r; P. M.Oraham, N.Y eliy. cbol?ra; CKarlee death. Conn . cholera, J' W Kl~barda. Ky oholrra; Pater Koulax Belgium, cholera; Patten. Ill. o holer a, Monro* Dlbb*, Ohio, djwnifrj At Maryarille. on Saturday, 10th Oat , of dlarrhaefc and worry, J?hu K. Sullivan, Iron Cado pariih, La., la the ? th year of hi* age B?V? With at Hall'* Ranch*, Mr*. Catherine Hall, late of Vlckehnrg. M a*., aged 61 years. Vlokiburg and 8t Lanl* paper* pleaeecopy. Oct. *3d at PlaeerrlUa, DaaltC. Bar, of MllwauUa, WIMOMI*. At Mary*vltla. Oat 2Sd, Alfred H*nn*r, Jr., of New Orleaa* a*ed 20 year*. Op I>rj Creek Oot. Wth, Mr* Ktnlly Hummell Oct. iSth. with cholera (from Saoramento, J a* L Frailer, of Kelmont eonnty Ohio. Ib tfe* city of Stockton at Dr McLean'* Hotpltal, of typhn* fever, Mr William Abbott, aged M year*. HU family r<*lde at Wilburn Lake eounty. Mlobigan Onth?SUthAo|[nit, on the American Kork. at th* nooi>e or Mr T Dora as itaeaxr, nr. morn too w nsoa, late o? Adams rounty Illinois. At the Brighton Hotel Brighton, Ootober 29th, Mr. A. Davli Adams of Boxbnry. mm , aged 31 yenrf, of oboiera At Feather River Mrftdnwg, of wound* reeeivtd in an HiM'tU'it with th? Indians, on the 38th of August lot, Mr. Francis Pioenlg, of Botlui, Wayne county, New York. At Mlreourl Bar, on the Aaerioan river, of bilioua lever on the IM'h 8i>pt*mbrr last. Kirn T Mountfort, ton of Jurtjjf Monnttort of New York oity. ayed 31. In W?b*rvttle. Cnl., Oot 4th. Mr. William fllfl land formerly of ('harleaton Va . and reoentl} from Randolph county. Mo , aged So years. In Salmon Fall*. 8 I. Oot 10th. Mr. Charlei P. Leiob'r, formerly of Qarrard oounty. Ky At Brown*' dipping", on tha Olla river, on the first of October of dyeentary, Moaca 0. Nichols, aged about IU, formerly of Brooklyn, N. Y. At Honolulu. Osbu Sept 21st, Mr Franela 0. Jones sin of John C. Jones, Knj , formally D 8 Consul at that place Intelligent* from the British Went Indies. fukfi'l iuvavkn or the cholkka?orkat dki'ltEciatio* in ueal zstatk ?latk krom honduras ASP GUATEMALA. Lty the steamship Empire City, Captain Wilson, we have received fall files of the Mominf Journal and Coitmuil Standard, published in KingMoo, Jamaica, but we do not find in them any news of interest to our readers. We regret to learn that the cholera is making the moat fearful ravuges throughout the British W?st Indies. It has been very fttal at Kingston, Jamaj^h, but is now more severe in other parts of the island. Kingston is reported to have lost 5,000 by that diseube, and a proportionate number at Port Royal; it had entirely disipi>eared from the latter place. The most nit lancholy accounts are received ? from the interior and agricultural districts The >??/??? ociy d mat, lii uir x muiam uaiucu ivivci ~ doirict, oce ihou?an<i pcrtioa* havr bren 8?vept 1 away by ihe feII destroyer li at n?? that i?" From * St. L>6\i<1, fnghuul accounts hive hem brought to L town. N?t only have the grrut maaa ot (he |x>puk- ,, tion betwten the Lleven Mile taveru and Vnli tU'd, a una a large number of the inh.hitaaia in and arouud hlbingti u hern t wrj.t ?>v>y, but it ii Kind that the <J whole |>oiice force, Bergr-anta, corporal.'*, and pn- & vatea, Lave l>*en uiimolaird?the whole forue dying, as it la raid, under literal w&nt of euale- 8 buuer, iu consequence ot the uon payment of (heir ^ p.-.y I tie ataieriient baa bren made tor aome d.ijrs t, in ihe eoluniiia ot a contemporary, and hi* not been ,< dini'd. It la impotbible, however, mat auch a li (.bulge can lonif escape nqmry. Tne money, we h have r? aniH to helieve, wa* lurwardcd tr<?m King- " atou, and acme one muat oe res^jin-ioln lor ita uou- h dikiribuiii ii Ji la a thing too irig itful to con- 1 (en'i'taie, ihi-t an entire d> ati hinent of police * should have beei? left to die of cholera, without evta the comforts derived from their haid earned j payIn the mountain diatricta of the aim-1 p\riah the t < holt;a Ik aaid to t>? cqaally dthiruclive. if h-ta ai>i?ar?d at Radnor, a proiierty ujiararda of 300i) li teet above lha level of the aea, and (be liue?t cli- f mate fcn .? n ou the lace of the creation, and it haa * w ucbtd ?miliar aiuiudea ii> the pariafiea of Port 0 IU|ll ai.a !?;. Alidrrw. It ha* herii Mflh fully f ii.align nt at Midulemi cofiVe pluntaiiua, die pro- J I* it) ot the lhike ot liut'kiiagham, cad H tim miniit nt d i'm-It aiCharlotte uoui^h, Oil aier V?le,Se w- < Ita, and othtr pri p? rue., all aitti.iied at *u altitude il that ha* hitherto aehed lehrne diaen-u-a o Another account ?u?iea tbat?" VVhen any one 1 !>' olthtm," "la attacked wun tha ili?eaae, he or j the ia a) once for>aktn by lath r, moitier, hro- *' theie. ?i?ier?, ui.ti lati to tb>' while p op e to aitcud 1 * to ihem as ?#? y bent can. On uon.1iur.1l turn her. j ? wlon ?u ui'mt three )ear* old w*a attacked and turned lo the l.oayllaJ, ha\lug betn r?que ltd hy tin MM|CItl go and aiieinl toiler chi i.i, lepHn ci?>l) thai 11??" cbilil might nir, bi t the wa? lint | g?>ilig to riak hi r life for the *ahe of u child Pli< 1 ?< it hull hua tH t a alie wua laai ni^bt h< ra**lf at- { 1 licked, and di?tj at 4 o'clock Una iiiormnir, and , ' tbat ill- cInio is recovering iu lb h<?pl'al In- ! * d?ed, uiile?? yoi. w?-ie ou the ?pot, you could h-ird- 1 ? ly conceive Ute want of feeling dirjJayrd by the lowaidr ?-.? h o her. 1 have be. n com >el- f U il io iiiy live ahiliiuga cefore tin y wo-ild airikt* a , y II Iff II.r < r?a. I Rill *'?ir> to ?ay lh?- dl?- t mi* itiia bu?i? u out afireli at VV I Debet u r, and I h lirar tii lor't*it dt 4ih? at B 1th; irvrral at liullaoi t> tbd 1 ?o? k? i a* al-Hi at a H*'l, iiaui|>'un * ( awl, I'ltatiui Hill, ?u<i l'l.iili,<-ti< lJ." The jvuiatia are uoniplwtntii 4 of the great ile- ? pttcMl* o 111 r?-Hi taialr m lli* i>n i*lt Wik( Intltea, i r-|fi.uiiy iu Mon ?-rr.?t Th - iolo.vtui{ ar?- in- K Mai.o a ot ?n j'm ri 1 iuu sIiuum without a parallel:? ti L?iri> iuW tu tin* i*lat d, y Mai?balV ?*le, (tie n folio* lug kirn* mm uU.'ix d ?ug it and coilou i ? itee, p 111 li rtiiiM Mock 1 Ititiy u- H' 1 i|>tr*B, w nit a varifty 1 II larmturr, nlti' r tad fi.u<l ariiclra, Jta.f thrre d hi ii. ra iu tlx* town ut p,) okiuia, wnn plant i'i >3 JI a'.orep at'nclietf, -tiid luio'er jrafda M two of t.iein, y tw?n') iNtgalirad" of aii'i tlir? e piiuofcenua . ri Oii'laatra the wf-Hrnt wtmh dMuM eaeredthe ? tnoui.t, or r?ali7e trofe th 1 1 tw?l*e h 'mired n joulU* t'rrii.jf j*ix e?t ii??, cnm.>ri?iuf by l~ rklitiiclli'li 1.000 nciea ol c ue, p ?'ure, mil | P/Vi ' f ft? ti l?i d, <*i'h two w ii>d nulla and t?ro ftoia-milla, b li> (outfit 'f impair; -hr e >> ? ul worka, all IrCeatiy 1 r'taiitil, wi b f Ulttier ard n'ppe.a ?n 'item, ant- ' (icitnil) <a(wt?V ?f fx.tlinit rfl, atiBU nl?, ?*lbe*vy ,, k<i|;ilM i>.4i f Mi(ir, with lili|<< ttll, CNirwcr, lid I m< mi attache.1 tit ru>- of them, alp? m rt^'l inc * III lift, COt.talDll'g l?.tge dn l I! Mlhldrawtui; rooin-*. I ti?f bc?l th. nil n*, wtt'i h m r?*l?* aalii-ry ro'iui t tl> huLM, wi'h out > fti r a*t ich*d, nil recfu'ly ' l? 4 111G. nid a liirg* g?idtit cuiitiguim* Four of these Httfar eeti'r* g*v ih?* Ute proprie!t.r, whf n ?" Wd? Trry hign, pt?r!in| in c ol< ) r, Mtd lor rrvtrili'iitiM cviiif jrnif. H|i* irilj ( t t f /fi CW) 1 er ntitmir., niter dfdii. t'"g e.ip o-?*a. I'?v cwdon anil (idt-ion t? rtllilfil ' the e hi>..Hi pail ?>t he u'aiiii, coo'Hinti f upward* "I WW ' mit i f Ihi d, %?nh fit?> ?';, 1 ne hnidr*d iril ' ] bli) hi <) lA ca'tli, fn ty , ten ral "'id t IU 1 k ?l rhup, ?i<h furiiltur-,eilrer erd^utei *i > ?, ill (J AIM. MVi nit I \ . i u.l i lii'mrji, <t nnr | ?In i i CHiri<<(i>- ab'i x<p, *iiti lurtirni n>m,.lrt.? to i tl>i f 11 ?-r, My h> wf rwgtr* iiua- I Mi i i ^i f mi'1, i ? ?. ihr wftr'r of winch did riot ? II i< r tin n itwin XI o " rin tr Thi* etmiwr* ! It (i t | n (?rty <nd whiiill liulfiitv I rrifii i-d i? r fmrh ih |>i. 1 ? ..lit*, H ooljr 1 i I n d) lit !> d r iti?- i oiii# i>f *h j'uSHc m dhow (be t ji- hw-t .ii w'tiicli |i?i^rt? m i: 'ti?ov1 in fhm i*- j > iii ?hf-n r?t uiirt- r th*- h*roiiirr of a m<r | ihtl ltkil tbii Ili'd | |KI UK, ll' IM'*** | | Vt I'n'ti fr'in I, P iiii' II ?*' "tttvtn, n fit of ' , ? . ifli i?i (.?J U!> l>y ih' hit (iKkfl ih?t ) k.'Mt.iitn <ii| .shd rranctsco Dormu)|ii,'C1 lit* j J .-,1... '?, win w ir r.f ftti'ii in ''t|? 'ii' at to ' fe I: <1 lit Ii i-i ,i tl, .i,<4 ?r?*t? < fivirt -A inl i? i- ! H iu? H it. bt i *?. ti i d, .i- ii att r* M? fut b ck to j ' I >.i ii ii- I' 'i ? , j, m iv 1 ii' ?? ? *ii't -cr ; ' !. . * . . i , I l-' ii. 'til tti mllv, -m?t H 'ii onvii^'M of pr* jr, ! i i ?> \ I l*f|iiTH in ill IN* jil"*' r* of h*r i ' ii.i>. unu r. j ty lif H.,*? i. it >i?iici)? is 1 p. I. ..?it 11 r nth-r *,i M?? \ii4- iti I \ , i in |.t i' . i I IVil'ii If. ? 'S*(| t - l>?' U tt'llul'lt . lit ..I. I.I V 1 I t> 'ftl t >1- ' ? tl. >ii ftir f<ii, * ' r. Sm IWI, f>? ,n .r >. r, ' O All'. Al.\ \ llf adi'tc * If i? m H IIII ' It tl? .4 (fllill I ' Hi ill l<" lh* I"* if i Vt* ?K? f I If 'in tti, U ? ' , l i . rfiffi. t' i I" nil'*- q c?. <if th tn i : kp d r!-n .. o! ? o'n it-/(lit* ( I.- IV' I'.I'DJK , Ij :h" ift vt'Tnufr r tri i n , f? i Ikf id ??f . l?? ' T?1 |> ?' *! ? IV -r -<'I ov?r l?T t.f 'hi" 5. \ ' ' > f.ift? it St'Ti it . i " it'll || ?uii | i vl ?'f -Ii. | .hi , ! 'T-f I'ftt' ii H ' v . r th-; r j Jc^ ' V.i:LT/i_.hfir. Biii ? I , * ~7 hp ft- fr i n Y/:?S?I n? ! i: t i n^tir ' nwb * ture ha<l * fH? (v?t iTtrr* pv! fhi,? th?* ptiw* I 1 Mfwli ?rrr.* r rr^UrhT ERA] Int?UI|MN from Central America til the Honth Pacific. Tbe ateamahipi Georgia and Empire City bring ua intelligence from Chaff rea to the 26th and from , Panama to the 22d ult. They alao bring a little later aewa from Kealejo. We learn from Mr. Strong, who came paaaenirer in the Georgia, that on Sunday, Oct. 26, coming : I down Chaffrea river, met achooner Michigonne, about eight milea from Chagrea, loaded with railroad materials for the Panama railroad. Two achvonera, one of which waa auppoaed to be loaded with railroad materiala. were aahore at Charre*. and will probably go to pieces. The Panama Star of ih? 15th twiys :? Vim hab??n shown a letter to a commercial houss In this city, wbleh represent* considerable distrssn a* prevailing at Raelejo, owing to the aoarcity and high prloe of all kind* of provisions from the great Influx ot passengers. all klnda of marchandise as well aa labor bare risen to enoruoua prloee. The Star of the 22d bUtm:? On Saturday last, the steamships Near Orleans and Columbus left hera for dan Franctioo carrying off nearly two hundred passengers The mail steamer Caroline would hare called the same day, but unfortunately in beaching her a few days previous tor the purpose of making some necessary repairs, shs was put on at blah ipring tide.from which position sheeould not be sxtticatad until Monday moruffig. the 18th -on the j night ot which day she sailed for Ban Kraacisoo, with the mails irosa the United States, and about seventy passengers We are happy to announce ?.hat Panama at this present time is eaoadinply healthy Tbsrs is no sickness ot any kind existing hers that we can bear ot. This is the last and worst month of t he rainy reason ? and tha way the rain pours down, for a short time almost daily. " is a ceuUon" to people in the strsets without umkreUa*. In about twrnty days more ws enter the summer of dry solstioe. which issta until the end ol Mareh Our New Orleans readers will bs doubtless astonished to ltarn that we have less rain hera, aven at the present time, than usually talis in their sity durmg tbs rane month On laet Tussday evening, among the passenger* who iandtd from the steamer Northerner and stopped at [be Orleans House, was one who was so very green as to walk op to the l ar ef the establishment for the purpore ot taking a drink, and to put on the counter a :arpet bag. which, he says, contained $3 000 la gold lutt Whilst engaged la drinking bis 11 (u >r and lightng a cigar, some 1 ght lingered gentleman lifted" the u?g. sna walked ofl wiUi it, siuoe which time nothing laa b-en beard or seen ot it On yesterday morning, auotber one ot the pas*?njers by the rauie steadier. a Mr Tllten. met with juet precisely such another mi-hup a< oue ot the Hallway tiouaes on the road toCrooes. His bag, however, ha ajs, contained $3 600 In gold dn't a* well as the contents of - Gregory's Km press " and which Cad oe?*n entrusted to bini at San k'rancisce tor spa-dy delivery In Sew York. lie walked into the Hallway house and put bis bag down alongside of him . hut while en<sged in lipping a cup of ooltee, the aforesaid !>.<g moat m/steriiualy walked off or by Mimeotber uiranv want clean entirely " out ot his eight. At about nooa Ur. T get back into the city, in search ol advice and the robb ?r. Notwithstanding the departure it tour large stoan"tlfa since our la?t publication, our harbor still pre- t isnta a got oly array ot them There are now lying lere no less than alx. vn the Panama Northerner. )onstitntion. Oontld< use aul KquaJor all tntagsl D it? trad* with California, hol lo tbe Rrttinh I'anitle j nail alramt r P> ru aud lb* On* barbor boat, lb* Pa- 11 Quit* a fl*?:t lbe lirltuh ktviuiirr Peru, Captain Hlne.arrired her* u the )Wib iDKt from V *141*1 at-o ?ul t:?lli?o inn T tlrr? .i'i |uwc|Mi and *7w/U0i> in Mlver bullion, a >< r?nM?ni-a to M*a*re /.acbrt?*on N. l??o & Jo II lhe llcur rpeeulatura of Ubll" arc aom? a Ur{* bad K kk ?Llcb jialo? tbrni hu lnim-n?? prodt ?hippin{ i rtpr?M nit u a? lii.ln^ a juii >ut In ibrdoutbaru fact ? c porta abd ib* t? 1* uu change in treighia Utbtral J . C Mo?m?rra. as Pre?ld>-nt ol New p< a. leave* Panama tbln *e?k on > flilt to the l alted |>< la'rr. i? l.*K*r?lM it one of th? moat diatlngaliih*d m"a of Ti i.uih America Uu ban fllUd tbu hiKuekt ullKarjr aod tt till cOtce* id tble republic ?ith < r oh to KIuk^II aaJ ii errtli to bit country. Wblle PrerMeat. hie ailmime qi rattan tb? aov*ri)in*nt *? mo?t ltb*ral. atil it i r?- 11 alt* bare t?i u tuora boneAeial iban anjr pmc-ding It. i t< [? I* numb* red hart atnooR (tie ?i,ribi*<l iuu< <ii .;o- p uiiilila aiid our ol ibr tew remaining ufflein o( the ci 1U aim} ol Iudrprodraw, ?bo, in all ih? olnl vara ol p< 1? ro?.n'ry, bete blnuHt ? a hirfb miodml. hraee, rue b< aiteU patriot, Mid on* who n??er drew hit ti ord except Id detvnr*- ut tne llbertlea of hit coaotr j- 8 m u, m>t abrath* d it bat lib ban^r. * 1 li?- I'u+uma Stor ? f the i-i.u, in <-|>frfkiog of the ti 'attain* rnurt ad, Ma) a: ? U < are ?er> tappy to Inform our eoal.t nj>>;arf at * be Cail'oinla CWin thai ilie rut i"adl? b'ioi{ built ' -and it la tbe confident expectation of tho*e who liar* " w nisi n|ritiMji. inti u/ in*- a m u> ?T. j my, n wm ? ; ' rid) I r ! be truirj >riilinn of p+Ji'i ujft* and uit 11 hti.-dire, trim 1. lanu tt?y <m t r> - Atlan'la to a punt ' blhtrlrar, between Palanquiila ?oi tlor- " ija- ?; about ten hour* travel from tbla pltnt " I'Uii* t*o iii?* a of tba ro*d u already 1 vd with ra'la, 1" i><i at ** no rfuob ahjr tA? vxpeciattou* ?l tha < u *' fdtculd not ba f'lily rea.ii-d A? to (be p'mik ?o iLai pnjrot ha* lirtD ?n Irely btDilon<i m l ?' i? ?t. !a i* ct tha rat: load eomp?ny >rn n?? kr jrert. .1 toward* tb>* esrly eoiupl'tion ot their mora iiBumiil and ureful prcjret. \V? l>?rn tb?t *?twaea Aland 4W giro ara Bow i d U? work, an J ' kai anhin a f?w day* n?t>l bundn i inor* Uwrtri *' itl br nit oo it The dl?tanr? fr <oi l.iutan liay to tba out wtare tli? road will ttrica lb? Cbatfrat river it x" *7 nod ot. roil** culy. . ui CLKAHINO UP OK A HYSTKKY. [Kroui the I'aBtma Ktar, Nut. 22] It ? III tw Iri clleoli d by iuo?'. uf our itllitcBi that nBi' tiiD? in the i nrly part if la*t }> ar. Mr. H Kuf?o Imi imi tin Ol don Itl 41U of Knoturky ar Ired in tbia city on bit ?ay to .i*u'i*ko dn t'blii, ,, bate ba ?ai to rt tida an S> cr>-iary to our l-gBtlon ni.aioiJat/ly trtaln?d bera lor urar two uionibt, tttonif?4 int> iitgrncr uf tba revocation ol hi? ap oilat nt. wLi?li toiicl bar with otn?r can-*# ao pray ' u up< n bi> mind, that h? alu tu,. ed tult d?ttr nation J" or a lima h- > an frnatratrd in tb? aoe"<nplihn<nut " f I.if ml'| lo Intention, b it tb> *?!iu?-t eara ot ,i I* It it ti4?. aim wrre many w> tr tuiabe *? utually 11 l'?nf bit Ufa Ha disappeared from tha oHy vary uco.ily ai d an'II wi<biu a law d?y* p?it uruiu* r't a* 111 n btard M blm notwithstanding ilia m >*t iu ' rltimtlit ti-arcb an J iaip>?t liiju.rle* bara bam MKia Ou Friday lai t aiafaity ot g nil man wbila oat UBiiii K HI re a rrD<liL>|( the iiimuu. aia In tha rear ot f h?* eilj abou! taidai.y up t'ia? 'ilMSnrnred ttia ra- * ia<n? <l a hi mmi brln* iJfK*d lit m rrcak e ?at. r! tnt> ke.; ai d altbnngh tbare i? lot no part of tba'. ! iman liabte l?ft. but I ha ba a hone* Ir 0 ?bi b 10 1 w tb< biaiory ol tba dao?a aia ara aufll 'tout f>| i b? r t ic *ne?? lo rrnuer a uixt c?i'a>n tbe deJoci'B that ti.ey ai* <>f tba unloi l.mat* liar iln. Iirit ?tid<-b?M enn?ltt of a l>t|n louu<j la oaa of tba MtHltl ihr Ci4t ilat-d ia li*?*pa !? :-Ui'e-r, IHiO ddr?i>rt? t? Ui>B lira. Hard 1.. It a - Ky -i. i?ni lli^ nlill -My dear tat bar,'' and aDding witb jr tir *ll?rtl'rt?? M'u It ?w.n " II ?id? .* Ifeta n< a rd 1 k I 'el??t I, at Ilk-"M< f ta I run * ??y? a a lu'.i uuirn p' rpn aitur, aiiq |i?i 01 a rna purw. ii'.n i ?u i ib?? afar hid. t'n n ik? / th? ground wbara l h? b'??? n< n|? found aim r* Uetrd tiv* . ih? ?u-^tulo i ?H?t* ( , It 11> u illU* <1 ?< Hi" tbat lli? .irc-'?-?-tf aa? iu urd--r?-J t la na d tL*t tba lu-rouBding l>u>b-? bad b??urut ? waj. and u>?<1 to rO?rr up'bi hod/ ItttlaMfo. tt j,, Uii leap'#' Mf to arrlr* at an> <> lirr modjmou ' h(n ihal li? f-?l by ib? fp.itrii a band. But p'"?r fardiu h>.d n? in tbia r oiinoni'.y : ? Hut fin but a cm lit ua <iri>. " Ai.i t? it? Umita ! ??! W? cud> ritat d tbat a rilrad of tbn driaaad ha* f nl?. t.ii lb* k*aM, and III M I tin m it j?ci ti tba ,j id< ? ol th* family la Ki i.turki And mi >ada ibr nrprd of larta In thl? NDam'ul ? If ihrtf ?r?lli> brnM of Knw?o llrim torn h>; aic Ibi rvinain* of a jtiiuii* man of tli.ii-d.ioi n li t. ?lm pet i? d |f at a< a B??krr m.iM r mi iiili'Ihd ai d a >a in and ritouidt tin hiart, full i' >1 ii?ii**rnii#i toi|ul?'* a?d not.l- n in' iiii *hlrh au v I*a 1 -d I.mi to all *lio ka-? bla> ill* ?nd ?? a mr- *7 Iifj-nlj IV, but th? I .miMfan > of bi- (mil i|?i- ( ni.ii ?lll loo* outura that of hi* f?lM?a. ?iae? to 11* tin nr? Froiu IlollTia and t oala Hlta. Hy thr Mtunrf Gaorgtn, limn Uhi|[rr?, *r h*ve n our pr????*i.M?iii coityilrtr filri of M fantmfno j bil /<? C'r<mna Ofiriot to ihi- I7ih of Nj*?*/iib',r 1 r Th* iranra of ihr \> ir Ymk Hrruld hivr arrn ^ uM thfd id ouf |i?| rr the m1?tri a of th* att-mpt *t 1 i.uiii?? on'h* i*-r?on of thr P'< i I'm <> ilolivi%. , 1 lat jiuidhI* of ih*t cimntry m- hiiril with |?ol#tt< i i.fihr i*c?pl?* atfaiiiM thin trtietoiiii net, ami ihr i ri Htr** ot thr rr(nir>|ic fi'ihlirli il it i-ioelti'avion i tt.r ?11171 n?. in *h i'h it cmmii r. in utrwi* t? rm?, lli?- attempt tv Hiatorli ih* p-ace of ih. co'tntry hy i?fc 11 k thr inr ot ih?* f*r? a drill, it'utnl hr.* 1 li <i 'littnl* l?MI*flfd t|<,ill hia wrotiiida, huiI llomi Willi, at ihr I'<t rfa ? , m a <tHt* of p-if 'f4nH?;illii% tii pr'i-? h il .?n i-ilud, for nii ?-*irarf?ii|iaiy iimii b, onth' 7ih of 3? m?*nihiT. ' In 1 nut a Kim h ri.r r,,am<i?-nci* hnit rb i.fid t? i?h i. iin (tovi fv.ttr of i >e .?r.nin'' of K*h?i |ia -t??1 ?? Mwtmrof Mtn'i* of Ofi?'< K.i m, 1 ri-'Ti fir? ? th? |4? ivmiii nt th- t^Mlory of 1 1/ * B"?Ha i'? t 'J 10 Faiai. Hau.huaii 1 ?nM.ia|iMi tfp in ' Hi- , d in Mi c+m vv . Sfiii li, Wl ?#-n; h-t^ri, mn , III} PUti WV IT*- ' , M lb" PT<?I? fi if I Mil 1 roillali n II 'h? ProvkViw* ->l.<f W <rrr*1't r.inif ' \ t?>if ttMftiMMi Thr I.ilnv n iirml nr*r the I 1 jut' i .i ii ? W.f' i ' ' > n -i i?i> < >' > 'run i l'> m ' U'' m' ? I'?ik th *? w ?' tn-l>i( rn ir?> fc. ( < . s h> i if ) TU# I rtifl ? i?t ? wrrr ' ??<!* <*? ?fc ri. ??<4 th? iKY i. thr >i .r* '? ir <in Ml, i|h it ' ?h* ? liw<* *' It'* *v /> rt T>># unn??,r i>in ?"*ir' l*i ???,- > j iir> n? A nrfi-N r r?? ? *" f* ..*4 r.?Sl* -i H?| 1 lf?t f rt?? '^ ' < r ?! I#? fKr i LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. * flj JKEWS BY TELBORAPH. Tkt Latest from Waihlagton V. 8. KXNATOB KROM WAHI.WrON?THB QUASI* imUN MJCSSRS KITCHIK AND HIVES | Wa?HIHOTOI?. Dm. t, ISM. A* iati?ip?Ud. the Otgrlll iNNlblf of Tie {tola )Mt*rd(y reelected JiBM M. Huoa t* ths I nltrd StttM 6enate Oat of 1M rotes, Mr. M. milwt 143. Mr Rltohle la publishing a (eries of irtlalMlalli I'nitm| la reply to the obargea brought ifilut htm If Ur. Blvea about the public printing. Thaa far, fitkM R. mnkei It appear that bla antagonist baa kMa ths great eat tranegrnesor agaloat tba government. Tke weather In thla region la el?ar and oold. The Jenny Llnd Fever at BaltlHore. Baltimobb. Deo 8?P.M. Tl e Jenny Llnd excitement It now vary high, a ad (fee ticket* for the flrat eonoert freely command )U Tbe Barnum Hotel la crowded The Saranac at Norfolk. Nukioli, Deo 8. ISM Tba U. 8 ateamer Saranao, Capt Jealah Tataatt ka* arrived here from New York Three Daye later from ?ailM. We have received Irotn Vera Cruz our files of E7 M<'niter Iirjwbiicann, of ihecity <>f Mexico, te he 16th ull, brought by the brg Union to New >rleann, and thence to thin city by mail The result of the pre.-identi< 1 election wan n<?f et ascertained, the returoa of T-?Ka*co and Chilubhus being not known at the la'eht Hate; hut out if tweuty State*, thirteen had voted t'or G?*u#rd Uieta, and the remaining aeveti h id ?>vn th?*u 'oices to Senir Rons, Almonte, <lom?*7. Pedrasa, ;tid Sr. Mujici. There ia no doubt about ?>e? Crista being elected for the n?*xt i>r* term, Tbe Legislature of Pu^ bio addr sued to the rentral Cougrea* a protebt agaiuat gome reform! n irference to duties up?h aoine articles of ooaluniption, the mining of me ale. and taxes os tooda Thuae reforms had bren lately discuxsrd n bo'h houses The Miuimer of Finance off-red t> the H ? ias f lir-|>ret>enlativee, ti i?ropoMtM>u in whit: i h- turn luthorny to moiigigi1, ?i the lowest rt'e of nut<*ct, thr Attuncm indemnity, ?? r a trim uf 1*1 vtndrnl mod fin? thoui-uud o? IUm, iu order n> ptu ide for the wnntsof ihe (>iif>lic i<iiniiiirt'r>i ma HI Mimit'ir Ibyubl'dino affirm* ihit tbfl I *li 14 'cinpany of Havana will no, n*,v mirnm, to >4-x?o, mid will give ? herie? ?f [nformiiict^, ui<wr ie direction ol ih t dt?-'iiig'ii-h> d mid tali ible 'tn?n. M. lJaH?T. Wr h?t?- itii!> ttewaiauut nanfi Minded, and that we ahull hive the ;.| Maura of Hi (! a^Miii th* clrhrai'-d urn* h <>l 'hi* ;o ni<iay i New Y?>rk during trie n< xt rummer ae i?ou [frum tb? N?? Orl?>ui? Pi itjuon ) Tha brig Uuuid brought on lrri?kt (i >0 to fp<ol* !)? tol|( ?tun in a lint of bar p*j>??ngxr? Mr Mt?-w?rt, C'>n?ul ol M?ii?o ? Na? Tjrk. 'M. u?wll, CI AC Ham**}, ?uJ a M<n-au Cal?a?i m*DU?l Alereaa. Al o. 13a from California ?l? \a?pu?a, tth about >1) 0 ( Ou In arid <Ju t m ttulr b* i<1? Tha n*wi> In int*-r?i? lag Ibnuih not of ?r?aI I nnrtanr* lo a polhutl >?r I ti r- l< authiiit ol >ia >rtanca to raport Tu? quaatlon ot thn l'r?ai, I* onncwlnd In d?ttuU?ljr ??:tl?l iu favor or Artnta h- financial noadltion ot th-* r pul?n n UI nu|%{<i a attrition of ?;oB|<ri??ii ?bl -h b ?df i* J>-t oo:j?i 1 i ?rrat g*i<g tha ?nt?nor hu I l'?r?l<n <l*bt (nil station araataa a ?o? t riaai ot d HI ulry ?u I <mii ta u??l? tb* lrgt?Ntor? ?v>n?1<l**?t? y 4nl <r*ll t' a??i, i th?y h??H a l-rg- a aou t t par. anil a tHlti< ta ?jr It ?l'h altor whtrh h* ? mnt proldn for ife? urrrnt *iptnra? ot ttm fcovei uuit, aUian aloa ram difficult D"ii?h It ?an rfp<rt<*d iu M--sico thtt tbt r"iui Ih i at? had b"> u ; i?j?it?d bv rb>> rtciait oftU. U iU tat-i, but the nit?t?ka ?*? oon dici<or?r?l <li I D?i?t) In ntnlfi-otrd In ngatd to th< iat? ot <b? i?a<y Tba Si*annouoi*** poMtivaly tha'. tb M?*ti to .* r unit til ban onnaia.trd iwj cnoirt ti ?lfi > '> n<J ?in??jr. tor th* trao'Dortauno of tu'eina i?? ta brough th<< republic Tba M'Xt>an (>?<-ra'0?itt ?HI t2n for a vary loo poau i? of norra^p* jii?ana, bd 'JO e? ata lor uw*rj lOo p ?uii4< af ao??p?^-.'i Hj Ri'thrr rondart tdiT? U lo ha oonjty u Jia to a rr*>n N?w Ori an* and V?ra ''tin t?l?r am a'a . a* iri-B Yotlaia V>raOrm bfth>??y ni lire ^ Mr? a taoBth . and ?>-t ?w-n a Yfnloau t?or . ?a 1 ft-.ii ritrlnw ore aj' U'h A d?eialou baa ai l?ng> h a*?n r?a J?ra ! in tla < ? th* ar?a*?ift* of th d'pu'-jr t'toado ?iiim < 1t? f a?f brrn cvB<i?Diii it in ii? ih aa V IK Iwho rao'riirvd t<> t?r y?ai?' Imprimatur!)'. Thrra Birr Mnicai Q*n?ral* ar dial. Phr??*t qii'tt Mativrl koni'ito, ti'd Wen ll-a t> K?-a-?Ji an >1 Th* MnnflaMr*. aft- r a brilliant an I ?ui t v tough Vni?i ar? ah >ut to d-o?rt irf ilarma It aiiprtri thai a* It* > ?-!< oI th? Hid of In f la<t, i? M>-?tcaiit* D?< ?r<if hu'?l aa(1 8 atlntioal i>oi?? irt. a Itahtf 1 W?ti?t?-r urtr |?nuUn.< iu at >?r I'M ipulmtsi tit <?? auar>unc>*il h? < n t l>t? to Mr. atit'ar who rrtpoutlrd la th? ll 'tbg tn.'im <* auaJtt* ? WtlNIKAto*. R lT-o I h%?? racrlrad th? rnmmiioli-atl'io rial* I 11?? 1 h of Jol; ka'. Iu *hi h In your eauaclty af PrintDt of lh? U'nf raphl -al au<i IMail?'lril Nrtcfat* "t ll'n jno ??niiano- to w? toaf, ?l i?r aHtlnf twrfd 1Kb of that mouth, ( ?? h.iuoNl \tj n- an vr?> >?*d and accepted a a ?oriwpi<n iib< m uitMr of Ut irl?ty. I bate the honor ta r> ply . thai I eordlallji a?'-a>t te rtl?t1nrt|jin of wbirh I ha?? h-?n in it" i n ,ibj .c. 1 h*' u*illtj i f rnicb i?Mlitl n* It ?-an ally r*ra(l? d. and I ha?e nnBlldeooa that your it i ir> tn ma ' M tat* anil dlf!u*e at a. tetoaal ant |[?<igra|int<i*i nti*l'<l|P F'^rctall; pnoc> ri?ir< t mr lumi loaal r<nntr> *111 ba tlftml tt'lt lBi?f*'t h y th <it?n ?f ib?r natinc* Th* muntirr ot orja .Itttioa ot l)? clrty and th- dlatlagu-h. d M*ll??it? <ll? ta?? part I It* prrriouliii*. *r? a IttiitaM-t augury 'or Itt via i In which it. will ff't'dlif tid Aa An* cm to do ?r tj thill* t my power lo aoatrluul* Ibrr pwr-?r?lly or ffl-laliy I tak? tM? rp|."ftnni y in off-r 'o yon th? tuortat' toy (]i?ttonulrh'd orn?nl?-mM'?t> UtfllL WRIStl* Our Philadelphia < orrravoixlt I'HIUbil.'MIA, l)"C H, IHTO. Tht H'lather? iJtath fr<.m t+uitkmnru, <Jr*. The wm'hf r Sound VUtl ill ihU %i ini / ir n week (Ml*', hid ohetiint^lr point*! to III* rrthcaat, weie nllowrd to ahift their i<omtioo, l*aj .(milt:, lo a fair wtaiher <vi?rter, and i" k>? dux e were gratified with ?i-w <,f the * *??. twin*nu merrily after their long holday Tiiia meruit, h f nK"uiid? d. ?nd the wind *wmk?i|i If n> wly hnacti razor; *tx>iit u >on, Never?l n>am re eiiitmnt. of a ?n?>w nmrni *|>ro<i( ii(ion u* ijiita n? sfectedly, but fortunately di I n<n laat Ion^. h# re wa* mitf'i tent, hr*t v?r, to ad.n >ui.?h m i?t winter i* at h?< d. A |>oor iif^ri tt'J'imi Bofd, who ?ru ?ICfd iu Hi- Ht>ri?u friMen wifft-tiu* im l.?ht, waa ( itltd d?*l <hie hiviNC (>*! >? .1 ir> m ?hr I- mi of rirtinkeDttea* mil eipn?nre. fe we* farm* rl y a tmrern k ee,^r. and h%? U> ei a ict>m to thr wm? h*d?uir'a he dia^n-ed ?o othrra "hi* tMhe fwrrrid deith from rum In the t*,iro| iarden watch-h<'ti?e wt<hin iw? d i?? The rit> nid diafrict!> remained perfectly a met, i d the priwv rr* 'aken hy the jx-lic* wt re only of h? innut tri*iHl ehiiMCter. tm LaT* Frfmikt ti Wnr?M N'nw votw? ,r*f or I.irit ?The Ute mow nnd run* C? I?ed i Hidden ?i d *lrt ng' mipernlleVd ri?e m fh<* t)-ali . (*? nietirnea called Allen'a Cre-h) whi h no* Inou^h thin *ill<iRe Nearly every *>rW(e tnl l??in tor e?ifhi mth a*>ove here were either a^epi or ?? <! hv the S ?ti- of the Ki iiiienU M'd d'iniijr' ar* h? "?lUrn*:?-At -rw*??** mill, in ?h? fl?n? *hk ^pr'i 11' .<r^pt a*My, anffc pir'of th?* hn?i<i?, >mI h tori' and ?a"h IWWri'iK At Rtil<*y'? it HI. ?h? 'i-m "'d hrt,,f tvrl> e-mi-.l off 7 I f *< K >m?k- fix1* '*-rM, but no nmtiT I oca ?*? ? amtaiaed Htt ih* lota td 11 man lifr at fhi* point, rrndrrnl ih- ar>-n<?a ?f Tl urt*ia> mi>" Hi??" H-??r?ir hin fh- lna< of ,>r??tv Ft v run ?D'ail. While thrr* fo'toc ? ? ? Vl?r? >'ll.f??M, arH fair""* arvl vV |*)n_v? r* n>i lr>|rrrl in rl '-nireinp wnr thmi-wiwi mi th* lr.r h < f ifir (Um. th-- l>o?l wria Cirri"*! o??*r t?j li?> tuiy of ih?? mfrrof, nnl '?o of ih- tNr?r in i? were ala?? cinto the holing helo?--th* offcer main imag hi? a ?oH nj i the brink until r*lirve<l Yonnf Jud I ww rn tort** but rw after making ib-fita' nluof He r?n-e nn ?rcl f*H *> kw%.\4+ ??d<*r ?h? t<11v fhr?-i of ???er, ami i*?a*?t fr?n ??* ?' Hit I r Kad !> ' ?-i< r?ci?vere?f m> to MT.txl ,v n?na, I. nr a?d ii h If <f?%a after tlie f*ttl OCCUIT-'BO# ? i, /{ ?. (iV V) <;?? i,. ibr i DaniNtlf niiifllaaf, w i.~?e?irwfr?i ny fire at Terr# II >?it?. lorf , c? *he 2<1 inoi A?iivrran<l rof?K? H'ti* kia been 4i?c<wer*4 i-at Ciaitrfon. \ t The ore yields .11 1.: of par* - ? IT m nfaai .?r

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