Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. I JAMMB qoroor b e n !ltctt, FBOPKlKTOa AMD KDITOB. ma m. w. cornkk or pulton m maisau its. i"flK DAII. V HERAI.D, rentt per ?opy $7 wr aitnum. thk WKKKL v IIBKALD, every H.uVrd.'y,\,t #'? iflrfi mtv <w*-l (4c European eduum, %i per annul. If anytxirt of Ureal Hrttam, and $5 to any part of the Coniihhi. ma io ktciiult (a? ixwl.iy#, AJ I. LETTERS try mail, for iubi npttoru, or totlA adverAormniU. to be foot-paid, or ftu pomta^e wU! be dediutedfrom wra&raw XOIJt8PPO.VDJt.VCK. r**tamvn important t?< lotirved from any uuarUr of Ou world; if uted, unit be HteraUy paid for. Ovb r?kr?ii? cuambufondbntii ah pabticuu&klv rboi'mtkh to UtAL Aid. lkttbbl 19d finun nhT w n . J . . tiU notk'l taken of anonywiout ti>mm*nicaUoru. We do Ml rolurm tAoic rrr, tei!. Attvt- R TISRV'E\ TS renewed every morning. JOB PUVTLVU eieeuted u-ith luatnen, chtapnott if tkrpauh. AMCSIMKNT8 TB 18 IVCNlNa. italmjf opbra. a8t0r PLACI-Nobma. IOWEHT TUCATRI, liowerj?Ouirrv*? Cx.avdb Drlii. BROADWAY THEATRE BrNdnT-tlKU Lir*? llibm?ti sacbifick- mt fbikbo in thb sriirs. IIIBLO'S CAKDIN, i)ro?dw?y? Mau lm?Tiowt ftsrt ?7ovb Lotrbr. BURTON'S THEATRE, Chambers(treat?Koab to Rv? ?ruhch Dumobi). NATIONAL TnEATRE, Chatham Square?Shit Ciirnru or New York?Thb Magio Will CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Mechaaioa' llall, 472 Breadway -Ethioman MinvrBCUV. nnowr OWERA HOUSE. Ml Broadway-KTKioriA.t flmm iu AMERICAN UTS El'II ? Vnrsiwo Prr rORHAMCica Amnio** asi> Ktbhino new YORK a mi'HITH ?.1 TKE. 37 Bowery?iuurstriab W a^lllNGTOJf hall?Pan o a aba o? Pn-ori*'* t*0asu? DOUBLE SHEET. Rtw York, Monday, D?eeinbcr O, lS.'iO, Om Paper To-day. The contents of the New York IIkralo of this morning pilnttd on double ibeet, embrace the following variety Valuable roriotponiJeRoc from London. Cumpin* rorre?p?ndti?ce from Puis. TkrcA!cL?d Rovvlutiou in China. Additional intelligence from California?iacladia.' A rtry toll li?t of ceitliu l y ohoUrA Rud othet distaai j. Ke?> from Central America. InUHiftnre from tho Britieh Wert Indies. Int*reitirg Addreae of the Hob Mr. Thurston, of Or?r#n. The Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs ?a very Inttrcetiig rarer bout th# red-republicans of the Unitel State*. Valuable Political Statiitiee, being th* full re turns of the recrn i car. vats from nearly every election district in the State f New York. Correspondence from Baltimore and Philadelphia. Mtsirs Dating*' London Circular. loan nation in Turkey. C< rre'p rdence from Washington, D. C. Letter from the Hon J R. Poinsett, relative to th? Nirth and the South. Aspect of Affair* in Germany. Mintcllaneou* Intelligence frem all rarti of the country. Interesting City New*, including the Advertiioiuonts. which, bunt freah every mcrniag. form one of the molt attractive feature under the local head. financial and Commercial matters. FhiptiDg Intelligence from all parts of tbo world, 81b|!? copies, containing forty eight column*. oan t* bad at the counter in wrapper*-price two cent*. I in pot tm.t New York Blectlon Tablri, We publish iu tikij day's Herald, an important mats of taction return?, carefully arranged for future reference. These tables comprise the detailt, by counties, towns, cities, wards, and election districts, of the recent election in the State of New York, for Governor and members of Congress. They are derived from the official statements of the several county clvrks, as furnished, at ?wr request, for the Herald, and are full and complete, with the exception of Monroe, Hamilton, Ontario, Richmond, and St. Lawrence counties, the clerks cf which have neglected to famish the returns requested by us. These election tables form the most full and ciwi.pMe details of the votes of the people ever piimii'iiru in mm omir, compnsing, aa mey ao, noi only returns from the towns and cities, but from the several election district*, in nearly every county in the State. In addition to the votes for Governor, we have given the votes for Lieutenant Governor, in each county, and the votes for members of Congress, in each election district, thus affording a full view of the State and national politics of the people in each section of the State ; the value of which, we doubt not, will be duly appreciated by politicians, and all who take an interest in election*. With regard to the live counties which are deficient in the details, wr thall publish them together, when received We return our thanks to the county clerks who have responded to our call for the details, and beg leave to suggest to them and ihers the importance nf furnishing to this office, annually, correct copies of the county canvas?, at the annual elections, to enable us to continue the publication of similar statistics hereafter. The pretervation of these statiatical tables, for fatare reference, may prove of importance, whether we consider the prcbability of a new formation of parties in the State, or that the old liaea of political demarcation will be continued. Affairs In aiklugton?( vngrtMlenal ProtttAsgi. It if several dsys since Congress nominally assembled { t ut it was not expected that the regular bustnets of the session would be entered upon before to-day. It is usual, at the commencement of every sesrion, for Congress to lose a little time in preliminary business, such as the filling'of vacancies, and changes in the committees, and other work, which, although apparently causiog delay, has quite a contrary effect, for the members generally work as hard, or harder, in committee than ttey do in open session. Those vacancies having be#n filled, and the changes duly intended to, and both houses hwving adjourned to to-day, we hope that Corgress will transact a good deal of business before the usual holiday vacation, which will commence in a short time. There is certainly enough bsfore them to occupy their time and attention ns l- > - ? * ?- ' ' i r> lurJ van iriiiniu in (rfunn, mil OI wmcn th. y can riiapoee of, if they are ordinarily induatAnw. II, however, they are di*po*ed to trifle away thair time in listening to Northern fanaticiam on the one hand, ard Southern ultraiam on the other, eaeh hrwe will find that the real hnaineaa of the country will be n? gleet ad Bnt we are pleaaed ( to ?ay, that, according to prraent appearance*, ] member* are daapoted to avoid ail aubjecta of astatic n, and to bury in oblivion the difference* of the pact. It ia a happy thing for the I'mon that am h ia their determination, because any peraon < p?.o haa watched the course of event* in thia t country, within the laM year or two, tnuai perretre i that, in the conflicta of p?/tie* and faction*, at .he < South aa well n* at the N?rfh, the Union haa been endangered. Let the word, tf?en, be?to buaine**, , and down with agitation. Pair r?r th* lex* pmrnstlvanta ?It ' really to he hoped that the ship of the line PetJ.iaylvania, the largeat veaael of war in the world, will he selected to convey to the great fair in London article* of American manufacture We iinderatand .'hat *h?" ^ can be very well *p*red, and that ahe could N* put f in readta>-M at a comparatively trifling expei?.?e. t W?e would make a aenaation in Kurope, and (i ft the people of the old world an idea of our great- j eia. r Rm?owt of t*? commia^ionitr op inman ar- " rataa.? We publiah, in another part of to-day'a J raper, the report of the Oontmi<oinier of Indian 1 r Tt ia a verf intereating diT'inr-nt, an-1 we , cccjti(c4 it to the perutal of forread?r?. t TH? CtllftniU and KftfW Bfewa. The arrival of the Kmpire City at thii port, with nearly two mi I Hon* of dollars in gold, on freight, and with an additional amount in the handa of her three hundred passenger*, ia well calculated to sustain the tendency of many of our population to visit the golden State, or to enter into more extensive commercial relations with her people. Extract* from the California papers, in our columis, will supply all needful intelligence on tha prospec ts and result* of the gold-digging operation!, while we publish some interesting estimates of the numbsr of persons now engaged in the mines of the country. In addition to this news, we publish a list of those who have died in California, during the recent ravages of the chalera. We have endeavoured to make the list as complete as [possible, and shall continu* to make our records in this department of intelligence as full us the means at our command will permit. The cholera has been most destructive at Sacramento City. The disease having now subsided in Jamaica, apiware to be taking its march westward to California ; but we trust that this frightful scourge of th?<, nman race will soon have completed the circle of its devastation, and that California will be spared from its blighting and malignant havoc. The gratification of the people of California at the admission of the State into the federal Union, has been expressed by a general rejoicing of the | people. They will now direit their attention to | the action of their Legislature with respect to the ! choice of a United States Senator. The prospects of Col. Fremont are considered doubtful, and several per tons have been named as better fitted for the station. The aspect of the Legislature in democratic?though it is not quite evident what turn it may take when the political elements are fully resolved into their fixed positions. Hid lh people generally been aware, at the time of the election, that a Senator for Cougress would hive to be chosen, a very diflerent result might have been the consequence. There will be much curiosity everywhere to know how Col. Fremont is to k< treated in the approaching struggle. In European intelligence, we add to our already full accounts. Though we have not space to give the numerous details of the preparations made foi the World's Fair, yet we are struck with the mig[ nitude of the designs, and the completeness of tke [ orrangements made, for this great festival of industry and capital. The English journals teem with long descriptive articles of the various ar | rangements made to ensure the perfect success of the enterprise. We take occasion, also, to notice the fact, thai J the discussions and investigations with respect to the probable Bupply of cotton for England, are still contitiurd. The commission appointed to proceed to India, in firdpr In ?nrert*in the nriunccl fur ? *_ tending the cultivation of cotton in that country, is about to enter upon its work. We presume the result Mill be the Mine as the last one, when lout American cotton growers were supplied by this country, ar.d wholly failed to give any comfort ot hope to the desires of the English manufacturers. Connected with this subject, we must not omit to notice the extraordinary zeal wi'.h which the English have taken up the cultivation of (lax, with a view to supersede their cotton factories, by the t stablishment of those for making linen. To this joint circumstances seem to fcrce them; and, with , no little sagacity, a great struggle is now going on to tupply frcm fields of tlix th at which the cotton I lantations cannot furnish. On this very interesting tojic we shall have more to say; because, we think, that, if England attempts to make a monopoly of the linen trade, she may meet with a competitor in the United States. We have a population that can cultivate flax as cheaply as it can be done in Great Britain. Pmuc IIectitiok To-day, of Sknatok* Foots and Gwix.-Oo Saturday afternoon, Mr. F. 8. 1-athrcp, ar.d other members of the Union Safety Committer, entertained at Dt lmonico's Hotel, Senator Foote, of Mixaisnppi, Senator l)own?, of ' Louisiana, Senator Gwtn, of California, and Judge llullard, of New Orleans, member of the House of llepreEentativts. This afternoon, at 1 o'clock, the committee, accompanied by anumberofothergentlemen, willgive a public reception to senator* Foote and Down*, at the GovernorV Koom in the City Hall. Senator Gwin, a firm I'nion man, will also be present, and some Southern members of Congress, among them, the Hon. Mr. M*rse. The occasion will be one of interest. Senator Foote, more than any other single senator, waa the unfailing backer of the illustrious Kentuckian in his struggle for the compromise measures in the latt Congress. He waa the resolute antagonist of Sewcrd, and none Uid upon his political hide more appropriate stripes than Senator Foote. And as no mnn has doue more to destroy public conti deuce, and misrepresent the sentiments of the peo> pie of N? w York, than Seward, so is there no man more jiutly deserving of public consideration than General Foate. Political leaden in hia own State are a^ainat bim, because be la for the Union, in opposition to Southern fanaticism ; but the people are with him. In thia cily, and State too, the people are f?r the Union; but Senator Seward, who mit repre*fnt? thsm, ia for abolition and th* <iia> memberment of the glorious confederation of the United States. If the day should be tine, ae there ia every chance it will, a large turnout may be expecttd. The distinguished Mrangers all leave this evening, for Wush'ngton. General Foote appear- to be in excellent health an.I fpirits. He addressed some fifty meetings in his own State, during the short tine he was there. Sitio* or Gold rao* Cautomia ?A B Gray, Esq , of the lloundary Survey (Commission, hai arrived from California, and is at the Aator house We are gratified to acknowledge the regeipt, through his polite attention, of a very uaique specimen of the jeweller's art, sent by the manufacturer at San Francisco, Mr. Wm, A. Woodruff. It is a brooch of pure California gold, about two ai d a half inrhra lore and two inches broad, and repn ser.ts a branch of a flow? ring plant. Th?* strm has been manufactured, but the buds and flowers are formed by sixteen pieces of gold, in their original form. The chief flower ia composed of seven leaves, which encircle a mixed mass of fine gold and brilliant white quart*, thus shaping the pollen. The remaining flowers are variously composed of pure gold and of gold and quartz. Mr. Woodrufl has exhibited a great deal of akill in thus preaerving the natural form of the spet imcns, while he haa produced a very h?autiful ointment, which the lady for whom it has hffn made will duly appreciate, aa a work of art aad of nature. Mr. Woodruff *a f kill itaelf, compliment* hi * taate better than iny worda of our* poaaiMy can Onrooi Affairs?The Hon. Mr Thuraton, felegate to Congrraa from Oregon, haa published in arfdreta lo the people of the United "*tatca. (t a a very interesting paper. We gire it *.a another column. Marin* Affair* Bir*?iMiir ATLifttii, Captain Wrat. did not anil an Paturciay, a? ?? announced la yeaterday'a paper. Bh? did not le*?a the lower bay until yaaterday murnIng. at tight o'clock. STrawaa tottNaaara, Captain Dlcklntoa. for Cbarlraten tii alar delated in her departure until ycaterday. # Rictibw or tub Stb*mbhib Letiuuu.?Tba new itcamanlp LanlaUaa. Captain LaaWn. which lett *a laturday lar NewOrWoe, returned to port yroUrdiy <n aeecnat of bob# disarrangement la her machinery Qi-rra Tair.-Tha clipper rblp CelcatUI. Captain lardirvr which Bailed from New fork oath* HtUanth >f July laat for San franalaen, ma.I* tba enya?e in ilnety flv* days. runrliig tlaae. whlek la two daya nicker tkan tba Sea Wltok, aad. aoaaemcntly tka borteat paaraga ater made Tha Oeleatlal l< ownd by Haaira B*ckMn Bi d Crane, and ?u built by Mr r H W?bb. of Haw far*, one ?f tb? !?? rt^eaafal In tke eoantry TIm Vuloa ui ConiUUtlvn l(TWttl-i Union Party. I The Unioa and Constitution movement, which was commenced at Castle Garden a fe?r days previoua to the last election in this State, is extending its influence in every direction, and has not, aa the abolitionists and fanatics hoped and ex- ; pscted, died out. So far from that, wherever the ; proceedings have been read, they have created a deep, and, as we hope, an abiding sensation. They have had the effect of making men pause and reflect on the courae they were pursuing, and the inevitable tendency of the agitation which many well meaning persons, in the indulgence of an abstract philanthropy, seconded, supported, au1 helped to increase. The patriotic sentiments ut- [ tered by men of all parties, and the thorough-going a resolutions adopted at that meeting, caused many u to | ause in the course they were puriuing, and to i reflect, that, while they were Indulging in a reve- j rie, they were, at the same time, countenancing an , assault on the Union, and aiding and assisting a < f"1-" Vi UCSIgUlUK [lUIIUl'IBIlB HI IUCII CIHHIH IU attain oflic# and emolument at the expense of what every friend of the Union holds dear?the integrity of thia confederacy. They were brought to a sense of the duty which, as Americans, they owed to their country, to themselves, and to the rest of the world. They were taught that in indulging their philanthropic desire to sbolish the institution of slavery in the Southern Slates, they were jeopardizing the heritage bequeathed to them by the patriots of the revolution, and that the very men who artfully ensnared them into their support had not the freedom of the slave or the cause of humanity i at heart, but were simply using them to promote their own private and?personal ends, caring nothing about the slave, notwithstanding all their protestations. According to present indications, the great Union 1 movement, commenced in New Yotlc, has not i yet fulfilled its mission From the information which reaches us from every qutrter, North, South, ! East, and West, there s< ems to be an inclination, ou the part of the opponents of agitation and the friends of the Union, to show their attachment to the republic in some tangible way, for the purpose ' of exterminating the remnant of fanaticism which is left, and silencing for ever the ultras of the > South, as well as the fanatics of the North. On every side we hear sugg?stions thrown out that the i frieLds of the Union ?hould organi/e themselves into a party, hold a national convention in some i central place, and nominate a candidate for the next Presidency, irrespective of the nomination* 1 of the t'wo old parties. This is a matter worthy 1 of grave consideration, and it may become necessary to adopt such a course. For years past the two old uarties have been conceding to the aboli tioniets more and more their uemands, until at P length the spectacle is presented of abolitionism controlling, to a certain extent, the elections in many of the Northern and New England States, i The evil has become so great that men have determined, at any cost, to cut all connection with those disturbers, and, if ueed be, to sacrifice their party in accomplishing it. The free Boilers in Ohio hold a balance of power between the whig and democratic parties, and have recently succeeded in electing their candidates us officers of the Legislature now in Bession in that State. In Congress theiri nfluence is also great, and if things go on as they have for the last few year*, abolitionism will be uble to command all that it desires, and to direct the policy h?? general government. It is to provide against the fr obability which exists of such a lamentable condition of our party politics, that the friends of the Union are desirous of making their influence I'elt, and they think that they can accon plish it. For our own part we are satisfied that if ihe question of abolitionism, which is only la another name tor disunion, and that of union were made tests in a presidential election, the candidate o: of the unionists in ever>' State of the Republic * would be elected almoft unanimously. There are a few | ergons in the North and in the South who | *t entertain a vague idea that depuration > desirable. It is those demagogues, in concert with th? aboli- b< tionists, who have made all the condition which ^ has distracted the country during the past few di years. M Q( It is hardly necessary for u* to say that we aym- M l>athise ?ith this movemenf. It may not. however, ic become nect ssnry to resort to such a measure. If we tead the signs of the times correct iy. there will 7* be very little left of Northern aboiiuoniain or ct Southern Ultraiemby the time the present Congress M adjourns. As it is, both, if not killed, are pretty , well scotched. But it auch should be the result, ds and un t Hurt be made by the disunioni-ata to control i? the next presidential election, then we say to the a (Jniocists, God speed! and euter i)|>on the good " wotk. eli Police Intelligence. m 1/ tht Vji 7#itm Rohlfi , ?tor the last two wetks part ths r^Kldrnt- of the lith lHb, and ISth Id wards bave besn tbrowa Into much ooohtrraaUon la lb coiiwqames of nightly robberies perpetrated on their wl dwellings li ws? Mr. Mousey. one night, In HUh street. anoth> r night, Mr Klmmel, In the iflrst arena*', ,, and Mr MeClay.the nnt night snd so on. some nights ou two sr three d?sllli:g* would suffer by the burglars )|, oinuj uuiiuiru U?IWI> wunu witH niuiin in min u..u- 6U ner I n conse<iu-nc? of these rep* at* J rohtwtN, th? m, police w?rt> on the v'? "" 1? orcl**r to detect and j] captuie the roguea. On Friday evening last tlie bur- qc g'ars,'cctit:ni>ed their woik of pluad-r. by entering ]al dwelling bouse with the aid of a false night latch a , key It item* that about 7 o'clock, the entry of Jlr fli ra B Maclay. No. t8 Seoond avenue, wai robbed of j,, tan overcoats and an uuibrtlla Mr Orlawold'a. No kn 1.13 Tenth atrr* t, was robbed of an cvercoat and bat. (0 The rogue* thin oontlnued la Lafayette place, and fc0 entertd the hon* of Mr. W'm H Aster. Hare the rogue waa detected The servant waa conveying noma . tia up stairs to Mrs After, and observed the person of ' a man atandtag behind the parlor door. The aervant '' man Immediately latrrrupted th<< retreat of the tbief Jj ' till otbar aaait-Unte rime and the rascal *w held F" ui.til the arrival of efflctra Aekar aad Mcl'oaald, of the "J l.'.h ward, who took the accused intn custody, aad on " hli person waa fouad a night latoh key which flued PJ the door evidently the on? uaed In entering tba premlee*. The n bber was a German. and gave hie name 1 " aa Ohriftlan Gralt The offlcera ocaveyed him to the | "J1 statloa hovse. aad then M(| in eeaich of hie accom- ' plica, who war >xa to run awa.v from tha outalde whea ' : ' U rait waa arrested Tliu i fB-erf. on p>Ming up Amity ' '**' street, came exactly on thetra;kot the other botch 1 ,r" rogue; be waa taken Into easto !y by r fleer MaPowald. I and likewise conduct* d te the atatloa h"me Ue gave da; hi* name aa tienry Batnum On searching his person. of I night kejs were elan fruod and an overcoat on bia ) ai back b?longing to Mr Maeli.y. aad two kaudkarohlefs. mr Alt< getliar In the poeecaaioa of theie two roguea fro pre pert j haa been found. Identifying tVui with the tb? perpetratlo* of tbne burglaries alrra'ly. and poeslbly cea tbtre times that number will b? mala to appear No areln't them before the police finish up the buetaeM lai The two a sensed parties were convey ud before Juetlca ? MoGrath. and committed to prl?on lor eiamlnatloa. ir . CA*rg? Pntisf CminUrfni ,W?iny.-T?o Oten, call- Col Ing themselvea 0*?a McCabe aad Kdward Oonaell. drs w?re arrested ' a fteturday night oa a charge of pasting of I altered benk bllla? a >1 l>fil aitarrd to a 910 bill?on the ^ I'tlea City Haa k The accnaed parties w?re conveyed , f| b?f?re .mstiee Tlmpern whe com Bitted the m for ea- jj5 ainlnation , In WeiMmr a JVseef.? A man fallal Oeorge Lyell was at- jj0 retted on Patnrday alght. by officers Thral! and Ko'.and Ma of tha Vlret ward police on a charge of stealing a quadrant end leitant toge' her with a lot of elothtag. * ialu#d la all at more than fU'O. from the brig Susan nab, the property of Capt Mes. Iimow Justlue l,o throp committed the rogue, to prison for trial '/s?eti/rf"g Pe/fcw Offlrrm - A dieturbaace. on Batur I day night t<ok place la a Dutch port?r hone. slruafed he: In Wa?hlfgtoa street, aad a ftght was the result; aad bod several of th? poll* officers of the Third ward entered the the pr? ml- < In order to mak* qole?, If possible; la*<<*ad { be of which the Dalchtnen fell ?a tbe officers aod beat bla them considerably, and one Is vary badly Injured Aa- on IMacoe wa* ptocural and Frederick Ki.^ch H-nry mm Vf (ir#lug, John I>ld?l?i \ alentlne Compter and John alei llenpatt. w?r* arraated for the a?>au1t on th* din cfllcerii and h?ld to bail by Jnatlr* I othrop ?o an?w*r, (| and la default ?fwhleh tlier wer* committed U> prlnon nff ?a|irilnr( onrt. J""' flefora Juftlre* Oakley, i'tloe and Campbell * I>r< 7 friHrti./ (i 7'iuti'en t'.al il.Jo?rpA (tail- ' Imt.Jr ri /? Jl<l|llrllt re?eM?d with pn?tf. and naw trial ordered. Jnrfi:? Palnn dir?ent*d from th* '"rl' dec |?lon of the majority ot th* Court and dellrered an r labor at * opinion on Mi* *%** .lodg* Ceaipbellleft the h?nch and Judge (landlord Joined ih* cth?rjii<lK*? la th* following <l*<>l*t*n*: ? 7'*< M?fnr. t~t , adtmt Janut ft' Smith, * " r?pmi<?ili ? Judgment r<er??r?ad with coat*. Mid rule t,,D ol r. let. nee dleabarged ' Sutmn I.riipar/1 r# H'iUum Jarnt - A | peal dUmiMad. Broi OBNFRAI. TR?M. ?h? Prn 7 It la orrt*r*d by the ronr' that the preaent tloii P?f?mler fteelal Term for the trial *t !a*n*a of fast, one b* cot tinned nntll the fonrth Pat* day of J an nary pblf ?e*t Th* flpeclal Term will adjonrn from flatnrday cltli the filth Peoimber iiattl the flrat Hondar la January Irg Caneae ready for trial whlrh ha*e not been noticed for 4?1 the f>(rin>hcr term way h* noticed ft* the flrat If oa- I er day in January and placed In their order M th? end ha?< of the pe*?mbor calendar At th* general tar."* af tha (tar cout| of January th* clerk *111 mak* "nly oM e*l*n- a th dar whlrh will contain a* well the inlt* orlalnally ' meai roamanced In thla aonrt a* thoaa tranaf*rr*d M It In tl fnm the Pnpreme Ooart. th* latter being placed <? , >hla (t.clr orCfr b?for* rnt*T)B| tk? klTWVT I ?h?( City Intelligence. j (limns er Dt> umw Oi.i>u Iuli Olomho -Oo bnrsday krt t Mfllu *1 the dry (oodi kerbs ef Greenwich (treat wee held tt the Oooiurr ial Kjshaotce ' (Yurtlandt street Mr Charles gobaff?r having been called to the ebatr. and Mr U t. lark being spp< in'ed Secretary The foUowiog prembie did revelation* wtnnaaiilmouil; adopted. Wberea* variou* attempt* have been made ?t differnt periods to bring about the early aloe!ok ot store*, nd wberee* the** attempt* bare ever proved abortive, or lb* ? ant of unanimity and co-operatioa, par lieu srly in (iremwirh atreet. therefore Resolved, That tbla meetlnc reoogul?ing the fact bat from long confinement and protracted application o biuiciH. arl*? great aril*, which are unquestionably Dju'iuu* alike to the merchae'. and clerk, deem* It ueessary to enter into an arrangement by which these Til* may be remedied Kerolved, Tbat whilst ire believe the public might oeke their arrangements so as to enable the m -rbant* to close their stores at seven, P M , yet w? feel hat this change can only be brought about by gradual Lnii nr?m?ai?M ati rm Resolved That In order to comment* ft permanent irrangement < t the sarly closing of the (tore*, we roolu re>pectfolly suggest'to the merchants to adept be following plan of operations. vis: That on Thursday he seoond day of January, 1861. tne retail dry goods tores ot the city ef New York be cloned at seven ('clock, and continue to be closed at the same hour very evening (Saturday* excepted ) until the first day >t April and at eight o'clock from that date until the Irst day of November, alter that at seven o'clock, as >efore stated. Resolved. That tbl* meeting call a publio meeting of he merchants and olerkr for the purpose of bringing heir object before the public, deeming it aero**arj hat their object should become generally known to inure enccets Election or a RmoADira OtjirBAt..?This evening it four o'clock, at the Mercer Uoase. an election la to jt held tor a Brigadier General in the First Brigade, in ilace of General Storms, lately resigned from all bat we bwve beard there is every probability of the lection ot Colonel Fostley. of the Third ltu**ars au l be renior colonel of the brigade. Colonel Posti-y has aired, within a short period one of the most splendid -eglments ot cavalry in the entire militia ot the I'uiied states The getting up of such a corps, compared eith an infantry regiment. Is an Herculean tank Not inly bas he got it up himself. alone, but ha has b-ea reiju. otly complimented npon Its magnificent appear iBce, discipline, and tra ning. It coualsts almost, if not altogether. of Ueimans. each the pocseasor of the aorse h* rides. The success of this reglmrut is mainly )wing to Colonel Postlsy, who has never been ab^eu 'icm any parade drill or olher a?seai*>Ug>t of his gal aot corps He Is a soldier <on amo.r and his koo??dpe of military tactics and military law is very ex ensire. It Is upon these grounds that the officers of be brigade are about to elect him, and then- in no man n the service likely to do greater credit to the nhoiae rbe regiment will regret his lost as a Colonel, thou ?!> b?y will doubtless teal prouJ of bis elevation to iigher pest. JClm'Tio* or Cmrr and Assistant Ksoisihs or the Fni Dwutatwi ? On Tuesday next, at the City Hall, he election for Chief and Assistant Kni;in-erH of' the fire Department will take place, and tbe po'l will l>e :pen from sunrlce to sunset There are six r?n1llates already in the field, namely: John C. Koaih, tobert J Lurkye, William 8. Wright, Peter B. Anierioh, John t ashow, Thomas Watson. PbOTHTANT RltFTllfO at the Ta HF hi aci.ic, to Co*?:?t Catiiot.ios?Tomorrow evening, will be held a neeting ot Protestants at th? Tabernacle, for th? very sgaclous purpose of conveitlng all the Catholb's t,f tie United Btates to the Protestant faith.?to which

cct of Protestantism we are not told. The meeting rill be nddiesred by Kev Drs. liawllng, Ohetv?r *ud 'ix iml Ktt Mr ril&tfe. of Paris The lecture of LrobbirLop Hughes. on Th? Declined FnUatUt* in l? to b? replied to. and torn* fun m?y b? ex*ot?d. Ak ipfnta! Diath rt Pali im: OfT of a Wisnow.? esterday more 102-between seven and el^ht o'clock he body of D ? Grey. oae of the boarder* ?t Rath un> Hotel, wta fouod lying In a dying condition on be side wala in Broadway, having fallen from ou<> of be fifth story window* The unfortunate man <?*? on\eyed into the hotel, and medical aid procured, ut to no i fleet, as he explied In about an h?uratt-r. 'orcn?rQter wait called to hold an ib(]Uert on the ody ; and on exxmlLiog into tbe cauiesef the dvuth It ras nst eitalned that the d?e?a*ed had left, hi* bedroom nd proceec'td along tbe entry to the window fronting n Broail?*y. irom which he evidently fell bat whether y accident. or wltb Intent to take bit owu lite, wan not >-certained It wa? chow n. however, conclusively, tint be decease J during tbe evening previous, was laboring nder an abi nation < l niad whiih is believed to have een the cause of the fatal result The deceased was tklrty.flve years of age. and fimn Albany where his wife csides Mrs White one of the bourde'rs, testified tbst he beard a violent blow against the window blinds. In bcr husband looked out of the window and sit ><* body ft the deceased lying on tbe sidewalk trange to say, in the tall. laige i!ab ot stone was roken by the force of the body falling on I*. Tbe ny rmdi-rtd a verdict, tbat fhs deceased came to his suth by injuries received from a fall while in a deluged state of mind. Tur Wmtiiii ? The miserable rainy weathsr ot the .st week was followed yesterday by an atmoapbsrle liangefortbe better. It was dry. clear, and oold, 1th a gale from the northwest, and lee uilght be seen f considerable thickness in exposed situations It as the Cist day like naluial winter. Though cold, It as bracing, healthy, and pleaaaat. Connmon or the 8i*>cts.?The condition of the ;reets Is most disgraceful to the altv authorities and > tha.civilisation or New York. When any repairs re made thejob Is to tedious that It would be almost stter never to have began It. The job 1b Biooasa the corner of Broadway Is an example. 'When ill It b? computed"' asks every body who passes that Irectlon. Tbe loose way in wblcb public centralis e euff< red to be performed in New York, Isa reproach >t only to the powers tbat l>e. but t? the people tbemlves, who such a flagrant dlsregatd of their tertaU. Fi*? rao?i Imhi prune - Pamutl I.ockwooJ hi< a jod )?r0, ud to oO:ce. about^-li feet ?|uare In I>? atreet. corner of Tompklna. erected on (round rantl7 filled in I rider th? office ia cellar ab*ut two id a ball lot deep. iron which there ha* artaen lately disagreeable Abaut three o'clock on Batur17 afternoon Mr. l.cckwood threw in aome lim?. and about two hour* alter rained the trap door, and took brand of Are fr< b the grate and threw It into the liar. In an lnatant the ofBra wat enreloped In imee and Mr Lockwood with dlfflculty eeeap-1 hi? ntbea and Lair being burned eonalderably. Th-tlra ia ?1 ttDjrul-hi il without much damage to the offlje. Akothu Km* ?At eight o'clock jnterda; mcrn?a flrr bu ke out in Plrat avenue between Twentyrd and Twenty fourth atreeta It waj extinguished th but trifling damage Tim On. LaMrn *a*i(?.?The police of the Second krd rrpi rt that the oil lampa In Hurling Slip wera it at l'i o'clock on Saturday night, and vara not ihted at all for a?*eial nighta prevloua There wm it one oil lavp in 1'eck Blip, to aee which the police-it bad tocarrTtwo dark lanterna. It wa? out at o clock. At half pa?t 1'i o'clock four oil laoapa In ild ftitet were out; at half part 2 o'clock all the oil npa In Mttle Green atreet wera out; and at 3 slock all Ihoaa in Matt and Cllfl atreeta ware extinct ia police of tha Bixth ward report tbat the oil npa were not lighted at all iaat night In Mulberry d KlliaVeth atreefa. fnch a nlgbt and inch atreeta be wlthaut any kind ol light' What beautiful city veraBent tbla la ! 3itn ramui ar i Dcrnsin.?We noticed In Batnrj a rlh rr!it. the proctedinga taken before Coroner er at the Inqneet on the body of an Infant four nlba rid. who came to Ita death by the Mother adnlatetlng laudanum Inatead of paregoric, aUlegfd to re bei n pnrchawd at the drug atore, corner of urch and Chamber* atreeta llr Pay ton. the proet< r of the atore wa? not charged in the evldenca 'ore the Corrner aa the per?on ?h?aold the laula m TKn rl? rk (lMfffl f'niidll *ai iha ntrMnif tnt 0 ?old thf I.andaoutn. m tb* boy* p?rtl?nlar1y id?n f bin to be tbf m*n: w* indmttnl howwrer, tb?t ci?> ia to be Inrtbar investigated which oi*j prosly (*nd te nontfiUf Mr Payton and t.U dark n> lh? aplok.a which sow point* toward* tbam IrtTd iTtNiCm ITo*riT*i. ?The Coronar y**t*rr bald an inqnrat at tha City Iloapttal. on tba body Kraacl* frott. C.'l year* o! age. born Id New York, a ntar ky trad* wha died In tba 11 capital an gunday rnlng. In consequence of lajurle* reaalved by falllnt is a laddtr whll? ?i if**ed In painting a building, at 1 r<rn?r of l,?on?rJ ?tree? and Broadway Tba da>*ed haa lilt a wlf* and three children residing at MCbarlfon Rtreet A verdict wa* rendered accorj. y >k*tm by Arcrirxv. Yeaterday the Coronar b?ld an ne*tatNo 61T Trarl *tra*t. on tba body of Joaeph >en ag?d71 j<?r? born In France, who rntaa to hi* 'h by a fit <>t apoplaiy Tha deceased ?ai tba father Hart CllBa. tha famous rope dancer, utMmi - Tha Coronir h.U an lnque*t an tha body Francl* Claik. a laborer, who** family realde at No. f!be?ry |tm t. who on Saturday night, on proeaedhont? fall down unddaaly In tba *tra*t. carnar of n?g?ni*ry and Fr..nt street* and aipirad almoat Inntly. Verdict. dlsaiaa of tha h> art. "othu ? The n?rra?r llkewlae bald an la<in**t at ITT Delancy *treet. on the body af Matilda MeVnlin *g*d2?ytar? born In Ireland, who came to her >th by dlaeaae of tha heart Verdict accordingly. ' koww Mji Daowaan. ? Caronar Oeet yeetarday <i an inquest at the foot of Roblnaon ?traat, on tha ly of an uaknown man fonnd floating in tha river at ' foot of Rf blnson ftreet 111* deoeaaed appeared to boat thirty year* of aga. draaaed In gray pant*, rk cloth tody coat, whit* *blrt. and had a uar tba braa*t. In on* hand af th* dac-aawd was a ill troth comb, and a tan eent niece and two cant*, tcbed firmly In tbe hand The jnry rendered n ftt, death by drowning ??crrn r*o?? ? Campbell McPh*r?oa fall | the dcek at the foot of .lame* (treat yeatarifny rning at fin* o'nlock. and wa* ra*ca*d from drown py pmofr n ai?n mm* r norm ward ot nv Paowwrn. Yaatarday morning tha body of an iirwg mm win found float log la tha do?k at thx [ of Kobioron atrrat i>l?r. by policeman Radford of Tblrd ward mn Oi -Addx ?m found on Saturday running II? tbrongb thf ?tr?*t? by an cfflear of tha Hth rd. who ii-mrad him In a yard. Ha wan foilowad by ?at crowd and rrratad a good daal of tan, but torataly did no Injury Jimmt m? Viaorn."?Wblla wa wara pa?lnr ?p < *dw?y. a fair day* ago. In oaaof tha ?tag?? two man, I i appaaradta bafrianda w?r?> ?ngag?d In a?oa??r*a- 1 i about oiuatr. |oa1 anough to l>a h?ard by rvary ar< nnit th*n on? of th?m app?ar?d to ha an un?o , itlratad larmar from tba far w?at and tba othar a , ran of N?w Vork Tb? waat?rn rb#?r?ad " I am go. | to b?ar Jrmmy tba Virgin tonight" "Who tba 1 I* Jammjr tha Vlrgla " ai?lalm*d tba !fa? Vork- J " I bara known many a rlrgln .*all?d Jrnny and 1 > aaan a Hinging virgin too. ot that nan* that baa Itrd tha world bat I am Mi wad If t baard af | gin aallad ?rr my Parhapa It la Jan.iy Mad you k ? " No I don't," tay? tba woatarn " I'ldn t I a*a * la payr* that Janny Llnd baa gona to 'bilndal- J aad I ha?? mla#ad bearing har Rat f am Mton- , I tfc?t Tro I1rlr5 to N<f y<r* Mra pot. baa. 4 of Ik* ?lcr rtfkt T blft lug the nuu ha tba Htrmid " TIm Haw Yorker emiWdineredut oualy. 'I'll bat you drink*/' Mid Ike nttori "Agreed " said tha J New Yorker Budud bimaalf aould not make a rir . tIn oat of a .leBow aball It ba decided " ' By referring to tba HrraU ? The New Torker *u satisfled ?tth tbl( authority, and tba western taking a copy out ol h>? po. ket, unfolded it, and out bU eji o?ar | tha advertisement page, "J hara |*,? ba exclaimed hare It ia " and ba read alond tba verda Jemmy tba i Virgin. Show ma tba paper." impatiently oriad tba New Yorker, taking It oat of tba band ot bla friend and looking at tba advertisement of tbe Italian opera, hx bur?t into a roar of laughter. and a* *000 as ba wan aH-- to speak, ba raid why man It ia not a virgin nor a Jemmy either-it la tba opara Gamma di vergy, la whi?b Patodl in to perform to night " Tha whole audi> uce j( Ined In tba langh against tha western who looked considerably abaah*-d at tha strange confusion be utda ot name* and things, either from want of speotaoU?, or irom an original defeat in bit aduoation. MUlcaU Aitob Peace Ortm Houait.? Tonight Parodi wll appear igain in "Norma," that splendid opara, in which the p> r?onatas the character of the high priastese with an originality and freshness ot daalgn wbiob stamp bar as a child of genius. Though we have bad mao) beautiful personations of Norm*. tb?r? hu n?v?r ht en seen a more correct and truthful on* than that ot Parodi Iter vocalization i* precisely what Bel lint contemplated when he wrote the open; and m Parodi has do* become the great star ot the opera, we suppose it will be difficult to obtain peats. except by id ttily application We eau promise an entertainment of unsurpassed brilliancy whenever Parodi is announced Guano Gala at Tain na Hall.?Next Thursday are D'ng (Thanksgiving Day) iimatslro Bocbsa willgive his tlird Americau promenade; and the universal favorite, Anna Bishop. as a hemage to a public who know how to appreciate ber rare talent*, is to Ring English ballads, and the national air "Ilail Columbia." Bochsa, we understand, is pteparing great things for this memotable occasion The price tor floor and paniuette tickets, including dancing, is to be 26 cents; the upper part of tba hall ill remain at 60 centa. It will be indeed a merry evening at Tripltr IIall. Success to th? enterprisitg manager. i Ciisistt's MikstRKLs ? Tola efficient and versatile company offer a programme of great attraction tor thip evening Excellent singing and splendid instrumental performances. Fellow's Omk? Horse.? The excellent concerts given every evening, at this new and favorite establishment. are attracting very respectable visiters. The company is first rate Theatrical. Bowebv Theatre.?The Wallacka will again appear thin evening. in tta beautiful play of " Gi-ippus," which is nightly received with the warmest marks ot approbation The acting of Mr and Mrs. Wallack Is fimsbtd; and as they will shcrtly leave for England, thi f.* ?ho car admire the highest order of histrionic ' talent, should ree them The amusements close with the drama of "Claude Duval''?Stevens in the 1 charaster of Claude. , Broauway Theatre ?Sir William Don, Dart., the distinguished eccentric comedian, who gave suah ge- 1 neral ratinfaction t>j his great comic talent during his former entagrment will appear, this evening, as Mr. Peter Pinkey. in Buckstcne's popular farce ol " Single Life." lie will also sustain the character ot Bob Ticket, in the farce of Alarming daorifioe,' and Mrs Stephens will appear t?s Suran Sweetappla. The entertainments will conclude with ' My friend in the Straps Sir William, no doubt, will be welcomed by a full fcou.*e. Nino's Garhfji ?The grand spectacle which has been Id lehtartal for the last week entitled ' Maiulm, or the Ni*bt Owl,'' wilt be produoed for th-> first time, this evening. in a style of grandeur and tnagni3ceaee nevrr before seen in this city. No doubt, the house will be crammed The performances will commence with tfce tight rope, and will be followed by the pantomime ot the " Four Lovers." Bi-aTon's Theatre ? The frequenters of this famous Thespian temple h?Te a rich treat to receive this even lug. The performances will commence with the excel! lent c< medy ol the -* Koad to Kuln, 'with a east ot characters which cannot be equalled throughout the I'nion - Messrs. Burton. Blake, Lester, Blind, and Jordan, with Mrs Hughes. Mrs Skerrett. and Miss J Hill Tie amusement* will conclude with the famous farce of the " Keugh I'iauiond," Mr. Johnston as Cousin J oe. National Theatre.?The entertainments this evening. will commence with the new and successful prize drama entitled "Nature's Nobleman." whloh was received on the previous representations with the most marked demonstrations of pleasure. The cencludirg feature will be the magnificent drama of the ''Magic Well." which has been produced in great splendor, by the active and intelligent proprietor ot this establishment. Amuicii Hi programme of th* most at t tiatiWe character la offered lor th* amusement ot the numerous patron* of this establishment In the afternoon tor tare* of the ' Pleasant Neighbor*." and a th* amudng pieoe of Domeatlc Kconoiny.' In tb* c evening, a domestic dram*, founded ou historical . events. entitled " Charlotte Temple. which will he frHoned by the " ]Muatrloun Stranger " Mr. Green- 1 wood U managing thin establishment wall. fc New Yoaa AxrtiiTHEATRK.?Tu* performance* com- ? mence with the Interesting apeotacle of "tiulllver and . the Lilliputians," and will ooncludewiih ' Cinderella " The beauttlul *<jU?a!rlan excrclsea of th? French '< company at* greatly admired. c H'aihinotm 11?ii. ? The < icalleat panorama of the t] " Pilgrim'* Progress," should be teen by all thoae who fl admire a splendid painting. Rn k'a Br.isriT.?TbeTrlends of this great favorite and ' old Inhabitant, are Informed thnt his complimentary ' ben>tit will com* <fl tomorrow nlug Indepen- j] dent of Mr Rice * profe*?lonal claim*, the programme . exceedingly attractive Mas l.F. Luuiasna give* an excellent selection *' f Poetic and Dramatic heading* this craning, at the *' Society Library Koom*. 340 Broadway. This U her t< first appearance in this city since her return from the ? West, where her reading* were highly approred, as they were her* last s?a?on '< O] Ipartlng Intelligence. #| I'barle* Hotel Bweepntaki1*? tree for all age*-two mil* (t beat*. (SCO rubscilption, $100 forfeit. Proprietors of di the it Charles Ho??l to present th* winn?r with a tea b( lervice valued at fdbO. provided two borsea start. A l.ecomte'* b c Flying Dutchman, by Qrey r< Ragle dam by Hackle John 4 years old .... 1 1 pi T.J Welligr c Capt Imp. Levlathaa, cam Reel, by Imp (Ileneoe 4 year* old 3 3 1 P Lantton * ch c Hot* O More be Inm Olen- ! co?. dam lmp Pictl*. 4 yoari aid. . . dr. m Time, 3 40 - C 42 Brrown R?< r?Bamk D*r.?Trial Htak??. iinrl* d??h of two mlltc? fettbrr wlghti-42"0 inscription, hair " forfeit ol Duncan F. Kmnrr i H'glra. by AnbaiiMdar. oat ,, of Fh*bt. 4 y*ar? old 1 " Jobn Turiibull i Pacny Q 3 *c D. Hare** * eh. f H*ub?? Hutlar, by Thornhill, < i dam by Wild Kill 3 (ll Tl??, 814),. 111 Cnnrt Calendar for Monday ivraan Owrt-Oiicvit Own?IH. 1002. 1039, C< .041. lr48 1 04ft 1046 1048 1049 1727. 1064, 07??, 1046, Pi K'H, 1068. 239. 813 1036. 13JH. 734. Mi Oi -?**u Ti KM - No*. 7, 8 P. 11.12 IS. 14, It, 177,17, Mi 18. IP 20 21. 22 U. S. Diitbict Coirt.?NM. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 0, 7, I, 9.10 Kl Simrior Cat rt - No* 63. 64 (?, 63. 81. 84 66. 96, < 10.1 104. 1C6. 107, 111, 114. lift, 116 117, 122 12V 126, n 127. 12V 131, 184 186 187, 188 140, 18 46. 71, 118. 6, op 19. 20. 8. ?. 471 11. 28, M. 16 1*4 ?1 Co MM OB Pi.a** ? Jfoa 762 763.746,767, 709. 778,777, at 774. 781, 782 783. 784. 784. 786. 787. Vndtr th* rule* of tbla Court adop'-d Jan 9,1860. tha |.rr?#tit Cal*ndar will expire with the year Not** ** of for January 1861 murt be filed on or bat or* art Tcatday 81*t day of Dr?rmbrr ,njt m lBO day* only remain for snrh of oar po ei>lt?a*wha hava aoi ***a that m*?B'i<-<at apectacl*, tha ' fta taai of a V*ya<* to Calforaia.' t?4**?. Mr* Warm thai th*r* ?tll be aa tft*raocn aad *?*al?f *thlhniua to ?" dajr aid t*- mtrro* at 8 and 7l, P M A* tniR I* decidedly tha n?t ??.?tir? thlat of lha ?tad ' taoa la Ihli city, ? p?ta< a (hoald l?a* thja la?t opportaaity. It War** fir CO I H<?a?> <a >ii!a?Har aaat Hj Mr. Kdltor?I lta?? Tlaltod the Union Da Rcoiaa, 61-2 Broadaay. ?l*i? lhay hav* aiiteea tahl>*, all on , ot* fl*< r, ate antt ia> 1 a*rer i?? a plaae ao (la* *ad a?at!y *11*4 t.p ia ear part of th* world. Tti* tal l** ar? ** -tll-at. rai lh* lltratian red. km Arat rat*. thnaah I ma*t *ay th* (Id TncMah i>laa ' f tr>rat* to?ip? *alt* a* haet, for w? el dri *a> *?t a lit* I* *? ritlilii oa tha cam* . hat hat* I flad *h* t>. takw *f ao h*ttlae. *dh*r*d to *?r1ctly. con** pi*a'lr p<ar*r* ?rf pf ' *hiit aa?iaat?ii, ?a in *? ?n?ra (or and an iii?m??n only. Maraaaia. Voura, ka., L K. ^ Forty Coala, Pantaloon* an< M ffuiinoit, >( lti> Iiimi fall ittli, fmm |l hiM (It), at .. SHtlUkHIi'8 Ocnlli Atora, Chaaaat atraat.aaaoad <?<I alar- Third. Phll?d.l(iMa no, BulnNi Ccala, Vadia, and Pal to*?It*- Idi taalna-Wa at* ae* I'Dmai anr lar<? aad ??ri?? it?#* tf <j tt a akovo ki'iiI a ir?a? raductma oa |t?t|i?i? raM. wh *?. tlaoa tkrta ei?h kil'? amy hia| af the klad *??roff r? t la 2 I a l'Mt*d Rtataa Tba aarloty taata, aat eaafort of thnaa ?: diflir?at at laa. raa ka toaad at aa at har oataMlahmast. Oar J1 ti rk af t ?Bt? and taata it tha lariaat wt ha?a ??ar had D t J DIVI.ID M aad M ?oti? atraa*. aat. af Kaaaaa. Orrrfoal??HrrinrtliMi?Onr Vtork of 0"*ar- I coat* u an ?i<-???lTaly la-ca, that ?a ha?a*i>aola?a<l toia*k* ' * mn-HrraMa radactloa la prlta, fir tha fitfmaf l<*tnj th?? i>at, at oarli a* poaalM*. t? a oka ritna for onr (print ? ?h< I'laU atook, aaw (a rrooaoa af ataaufaotara Thi? nff?-a k mat a| | .rtualty firthnaa wtiohara ni? r*aT'd*4 th-i. trlatar waar. t?> |rw?nra a oholaa front car yory l*r*a and al?raat ati.ak, at neatly radai-od pytaoa. Oar cal#kr?taJ ?wi **, id?d roati wilt aoaa ka rloarot r>n%. ?*h a*ill ptrfaot la J , aariety. I> k J. DCVLIN, ? NmIW Ma atr??t, raiaa-af Maaaaa. i :? j t.t OnnrkU, Hark Coat*, and Coali of frary K*j rlffti).tn n. rtady mail* and to urdar. Aa it la r*th*r '' lata In tka iraaoa, I will aril my randy made Coat* at aa ax- , trairdlnaiy law rrlea fu> bl-rk rinth Draia Coat*. mad* In fid. G. R. CI.ARKB. 118 W >1 lata atraat. Itttk *' lit had la IM4 The raaipalftn of 'TO.?All tha ffnrdirr wt' rirtiMUBr ol 7ti fn toa fltraa*, will ka aallpaad ky th? fall ir-4 * ini'r < an | aira r>. w < |>anin?. R >??ra haa ?oiatn*a<?od M ?r?ta?t'.a? with tha moat ritacaly* anpplT ?f ttTtro .ata, 'nala, aaa'a aafk., rarta papt?. kr. f?r a?ll waathcr fit lhat wiTm avar a. and lila prtoaa ara Imr, almoat ka >10 Kad en-diMiity ft| Comb Factory, WT Hroad w a j.?Tka A aim'm?n? la n? . mil..I m k- on r- am*raalu* tha ? inalltt af tha imr- r'.d a- wall aa h^taa aannfaatnra. Thr ' ?'l ttar Valaa mMa Ir .m ariflatl taataaa, aa t (taat >ar? takar kO I a th* tilaiai and flttlaf ta tha n??<l, and will ha (.nil Cr? a rarraaa aay kltkart? aiada Caaka *a4a ka oHar. Ka- i,a v airl.. doaa * ft J ml NDM* H7 Bioadwar 1 ' Mltfrt, Bonjhnf.., OkllownMi. J.T twplaa. Brapti?a>. >n<l allakia ar* it 11 wall < ?w*. li?? 'r etiM< by OmiraaiTa Italian N?4l?a- t4 0 < *oap. T*? Pnwiir* Snhtllf hair from ?r sari cr!( W1J"? R??f? for r*u lip? ana e?f?k? Ulj r rhlla f?T ?nak*4, .ln,?.k aomplxitmia, a* 91 ITalkai T' tvaat. TJrtot* " ?? Cdi*a4?ft iNtt TMrt ,\, Uc?V Pfc*U4?lpM*. " ' Stat Caaafc Factor?, M3* w<wty.?TI? MLIllM'.tlK ul t&e ukbrMM OfM UtMIMll 'oniba, end Me onir laeau'ee'nrer la BtmImj, Invitee the nni 10 <ali and iiumlai hi* 1*1* improved mtuu. >rt niiuin l>, tn Cbaiaa, * Oembe at wholaeale. Z M. QLIMBr. JUS* Imtn,. C'ouravd'a Hair HcatoratlTe llWuiMtoi to furot tl? ail u do*, prevent it* *?"'?[ iff uA nruing *ra>. and maatrg (tin. wiry hair, eoft, aikv and tloaey Inal bottUe M ooata eeah Gouraude I*qeid Hair Die win ehanr* red r?ra> hair la beea Uf el blank or heova ia a tew icmuita. foetid only atd7 Walker (treat, ftrat (tore 'rom Br art war; Wajee k Jordan. IS) WMhlnttei street, But t ea Hair Oit?Batthclor'i GcbiIm Uqvki it air ii>c, .-ai. i I. b . i. r- d at the manufactory, 4 vfall itrvet Tkf uuMif efcould Heard again it lmitetioaa. Bee mr vailooe diplomat Pcreoaa whoee hair baj aeeeaeda had color >r k tat u,e uf tha imitation dvea, can here corrected b> cellini a abort Copy the addreaa. M. lifTftt, Dentist, 098 Broadway, tk* ln? trodnrer ul th? | nncipie ut atmoepherie preaenre into ItaBttatrj, ia Ittift. devotee "hta perticolar" attention to the inaction of Ariitnal I ?. ib Hie popular little work, "6beer~ ration nc the beet mxtii of Preeerrini the Teeth," CM ha obtained on application aa above. Philosophy of BrMdr?(h'i Vegetable P1U? ?Uhta it e boiyot <bm tirualatioaof tue blood wee mubiiabed. tt? eeortt apriage ?,f vitality iriri then pvtiallr exptetd to out view. Wa hi aud imder.tood that the foed ?' eat eou verted into blood, whioh repaired the wmU ot tl e animal ivhut; the f.od ie fuel, whioh keep* at a Ufo best tbe internal Are* that warn and livl|{?rbU oar iauc Lta. Tho hlo d ta *u ele lnc Hull whloh carriee tbia heat t' rvtrv lauiifi attou ( f the body, even to the extrea^tiet of tbe hair *od I orny a ail While the blood ta thaa the eat of Hfe, it U also the eiat of diaeaae- Food jririr the body atieegib; Rratdretb'* Filla gire the Blood the 1 ecee?ary power to thr< w out from iteelr all lmmiritire thn? retid>ring the a ream of life pure aai hialthy. If mea arte id re em?ere. there would be fewer religioua cretda; xud if they kep' elteer te rature'a lawain the manages est of iheir MM (bey wonld reqaire little medietas. A rotn grow more ii -e'lUeit ttey will become wiaer aad Larpiee; cveii now thdr wiidom i? proved by the faet that, when ?ickte?a ai-aaiU them ihevuae Brandreth'a Vegetable I'ntveratl Pille. whrh aoon r*etnre them to haaltb. They I are peculiar)* artaptt J te hit climate, aad requireao extra cate wlieu thev are uaed iu ti.her diet or clothing. They l.otild be alwaya in u.e houa>, to that upon the lint ladioatira ef aicbaeie tbev ma) be tiatd. Oae doaa la tha begins nlrtt ir mor* potent f r go id than a doxen after the atekaeee ia Axed iu tue ?ye eiu. In o< Ua, couglia, aaihma, rhenmat! f ci, e. Miv # aa. feven, and in all a^ute or heavy deep reated paina tbrlr t&ecte will be found b* yoad all pra te. Three ir Ave will act l<ke a eharm, often earing a daager< u? malady at on< e aaving montbe of a ckcae aad the evla thereto ai tending K r '. r, Bran lreth'a PJIa are a known and a fully tee ted medicine. oae that U ? < ! by hnrdreda of thi uaan-.a in thia eotin rr. aad thronghoat tlie rivilueo w.ild. The* are .|ni> lly eupcraeiiag all other n ediclnea. Tl ey take out only that from the blood which i> tbe cxrae -f weakneaa and pain, leaving a'.raagth aad health; they pr-duce heal'hy aieep at night, and an appetite ibat re'ithet all kitide of lood. Sold at Dr. Braedr-tb'r principal office. '.'II Broartwav; aad at hli retail office*, 274 Bowery and i'4 iiurfat n a reet. Nee York. Dr. Kelllnger'e Liniment glTU lmmeillat? relief in ibeuma i parne, intake up deep aeatad e iugha, and, treniitlient the |>a!iem, a: every foee or application Mercbinta fay tl e\ a?'l hundie?t to one of any other Bow offered for tale It matteta tot what, t e pain or weaknoae oomew fr< W. it i? a? certain to cuiu aa it ia uaed. Sold la bottiee t? itiit all circunetamra, trom la. to 4'. eaoh, tl. (2. and $4 R loien. caeh Ne pereoa can donbt, if they will eead. or oalJ and aee orr reti rente* a> d ruree, at Z.1U Pearl at <eet, or 47S Broadway. Nearly 2.l)lll).iiMi ottlee hare beea fold, making rnenda in every irele ard every uuarter ef the globe. N. ? It fcia never failed II faateaing and reatoring the hair on old ?r young. * HONKT MAH.KKT. Bimdav, Deo. 8- P M M The (took market daring the pant week haa been teadily movlDg upward, and trauaetion* h?ve be?c unusually large. Buyer* appear to be plenty, with tny amount oi capital at comnand, and oonOdenoe ippeatA to be a? strong aa at any tine daring the i?> iv<r w> > UK rirw-UlB VI vpvouiuiun SUDHUUV letlTe. co 1 or^ must we look (or an expansion in price* or rtccki gen*'rally Mokey Is ratilv obtained, at rates >f Interest ranging b?low the lfgal standard, and tho upply la In txosss at the demand. This gives a groat nprtus to sptculatlen. aa the means for carrying toekt I* a very important matter. The stealy and normnus receipt* of gold duit from California, li anoher cause for the steady advance in prioea. The eftct of an arrival of five or six millions of gold dust >er mciitb, dir?ct Iron tho mines, upon the speculaire propensities of the public at large, cannot be >theiwise than one calculated to develops then; a the utmost; and It would be ai wis* to at?mpt to stop the revolution of the earth as te t?m the torrent of speculation, under existing oiruns?tanc?s. We meat go with the tide, without cowing where it will carry us. Is la argued by nary that prlees for maay stocks are already too high > bat securities of all kind) are selling for much mar* ban they are worth, and that it is lmpoaaible to carry hem any higher, but that, on the contrary, thay are lready so much inflated that there must soon baa onplete bieak down, resulting In ana of oar olfi uhioct'd panics. Now wa admit tha truth of part ot bis, we admit prices lor stooksgenerally, are toe igh, that they are selling for mnch more than thay re worth, bat we do not believe In,t.he break down pretcted, becaase there is In the perspective nothing bat wa can see calculated te restrict the fkellltles for an-ylng stocks; and so lc?g as lioldors can aommamK be Brans, they will not let a share slip through thell rmcvpi ii * proni td? pro*pent of a eery great prculatIre moumtit In fansy stocks In ths taring i a great Inducement for holders t? carry their stock* brcugh ths spproschlag dull rsason, and ws ha i s a< oubt but that prises will beat well luiUliod through U viLttr, u tt?j *?r< daring the whole of lMt ibbk 11 ? oold hardly be advisable, in oar opinion. > niter tbe market and buy (took* at present prices, "ith one or two exception* prices rang* high enough >r the Macon, and those who hold back until about tk< ptnleg of the rpring operations, may not hare to pay By high* r, and will hate the benefit st all ths ehaace* r deptrclation In the meaatime H ol J ec? however, are fferently rituatrd. Many of them bought at priaaa rlow thoes now current, and If they sail oat, and alue their profits, they may have to oome in again at rices above those realltei But for ths favorable pros pet relative to ths stock tnarkst upon ths opening of trlng. It would be advisable to eloss up at oms, am! ake tbe mo*t al lbs prssent stats of ths market. Ths receipts of ths Reading Railroad Company far is month of November, IK to amounted to 93 ' wklsh. >*34.261 78 was reoeived for ths traasportaun of ceal Ths eeal tonnage for ths month amsuntI to >218 479 tons Tbs receipts for ths Steal year idlog November .'.Oth. 1 WO. compared with those foi is year previous. w?re as aanezed ; I'iiilaM i.rma ani> Rkaiuik. Railroad. l>?r ceding Nor 9wk, 1849 18A0 al >1 Mi 9C0 48 ?S.071 731 18 Lsevegvrs 165 9<>8 1 8 1 48.371 99 FTcbandlss freight. . . 10? S4? 8? 115 Ml 8.' ail. lie 11436 09 14 864 It Total $1 931,690 69 ?2M0.7M IS icess In 18M 417.1M W rte net revenue, (deducting forty-tea par cant far <rating eipensee) for ths ysar, will amownt tc n"> 437 U. equal to mor? than eight p?f e?ot oa tha gregata eoet of the prop* rty of tha ronpaay Tkl? a raiult little axpactad ?l* taoalhi a^o. Th? sat rnln((? hara been aqul to tarn par eant on tha ate-It H <r paylag iotereat on all ladabtedaaee, ui proliDg properly for tha sinking tnad. Th? aaaual ra H rt. ?hlrh ?UI mob ba published. will, wa laarn give ta that will atneed tha aatimataa aad ealsalatloae H tha aioat aangnlae friend of : h ? iaportaat work i oaa hardly raallaa tha value of thla railroad to tha iimunity Had It aot baaa aaaagei with tha great- H ; efficiency, coal would have baaa eeliiag la thir uket at thla mora* at for at laaat twaaty dol i par toa. Tha treahete, which u?ad np tha H Dai for tha eeaaoa. weuM have eraatad a (fraat il of diatreaa la l?r<a eltlea bat far tha Readier 11 road. whlah haa furalahad a fall aapply of aoal, H 1 kept prisee dowa to abaat tha old level. H Tha bid* for tha $600,000 Mnrtgaga Boadl of tha Ohlr d Pennsylvania Railroad Ooapaay. war# opeaed at l oflloe af Wlaalow Lanier k. Co , on Saturday altar H na, aad tba whola amount wm takaa at price* rang t from ?l l'i 100 to 96 par eaat. H Tka following ware tha sueceeeful bidder* ? K Ct?I? t.oro <* J.N. Patklaa... *?? 91 v? tatfeataakaa. I ??| W ?0 , 5 ikH Ji m * I W V2 .*) Do. 10,MM) f | 15 }!I?' *"-c*i?iia t.m ?!:S ? 21 i 2 r*,k,M fS n j? Jnkiaa M L"l." V.'y" |fc; ?!T2 25 ?vx? ji.h H fcawtaa l^r- 5*ml H ?< ti ? 6 nro 92 K. ( MCIrimI %? hm ni ? >. I f . . |<i IM> JJ Mir An a I? !! ." M),il00 PI X! L1' k htieiH, l,(Wf PI !Q D? Unmr !,?. ??# ft- It?li0l?rli...t)0n0 91 K ? 1k*?P*A*..|tM'iXl DIM for4 MM 91 TV r?r a ?t?t*.a, I mo PI HI f! C. Unru'jm ?i.i> _ \JM ?! 70 ?>r4kv? >M00 tIK > S. Frm < K s W>?laa ft p i h' nr?"?" i Hi.* C?. .. 7.01*1 ?i ?& l,Kfl 1160 "<? tv*.i?o addition to i h? abova, (hara war* bid* for 9744 00#t Irh > a mam r- c?ful ? fnilova : - Mnrun ft. laall", 'Ht?fl03, K i* vvb?|?a A 0o? 950 000 a *1 It; t Marl'n. H4CX0 a 111 U, do 91ft,000 a 91 10; do pUOafcl , dc , 91&,*>00 a P0 60; I orciran k RlffCP. 0 !*'(.? t-1 10 -In fHiO.'iOO *9 TO, do . 99?.0?o * H< land Jaoklna * Co . 97 000 a TO ; Da l?aaaay, t'p % Ci?rk 9i'0 ninuN 9". do 9*0 o<>0 a (0 M; J N klaa, 9*<?<>a90 9?. do ?2\ oooaBO 7?. L II D? Mioa WI ?7. do . 9S,009?MM; 4o . 9? 000 ? H 7 W ard It Co . 94kMK>a *)#*, Rl?r?. HlUhaasIl i. 9801Ml * Mli'. ii A Kohblaa % dan 96 000 a I B 6. do 9?(>oo a to It Joha K-f?n?on, 910 oooaTO : lat 91010V* TO. William II IUt? 9*TO* a 90 ; Wno*bor? 91 000 a 90 , r MeMartla. 91J00 a TO ; ikpiiiii I Whltahoma 989,CM a IB 10. M Taylor. <0 a PO. Tha tamalndar at aadar tha laat aanad la anaaiad atataaaat aiblblt* tha dlaaouatj. tpa rlrmlatlon. and dapoalta, of Ntl talk la Ifela aua.bttla? cna hnadral ud aUctj NT*

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