Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1850 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 6024. ANOTHER GREAT UNION DEMONSTRATION. TBI &BOSPTZON or SENATORS FOOTE AND DOWNS BY THE XTMQX SAFETY COMMITTEE. INTERESTING SPEECHES. As soon a> It *u known Senator Foote, of Mississippi. and Senator Down*, of Louisiana, had arrived la this city, on Saturday laat. In the steamship from Charleston. <n route to Washington, it wai proposed iliat they .should be welcomed to this metropolis by the i' nion Safety Committee, appointed at the (Teat meeting held a short time ago at Ca<tle Oarden. Those distinguished gentlemen were applied to on tin- subject, and we are happy to say that they at once expressed th gratification which it would afford them to meet tlie committee, of whom they had heard so much. These distinguished champions of the I'nlonwere received yesterday, at one o'cloek, at the Governor'j itoom. in th* City Hall, where the Mayor of the city atreduoei them to the v&st concourse of people which ! thronged th* building In every part. Mr. Kingsland the Mayor elect, was also present, giving his approval of th* proceedings. Among the other gentle m*n present we observed George Law. proprietor of the Southern line of United State* mail steamer*; K. 1C. Collins proprietor of the line of Unltud States mall steamers | to Knglsnd; F. 8. Latbrop. Hiram Ketcham, R. C Wet more, S. L. Mitchill. 0. B. Butler, it*., Ac, As soon aa the introductory ceremony was concluded llis Honor th* Mayor said to th* mail of poople in attendance:? Tellow Cititens.- Mr. Foots, Senator in Congress Treat Mississippi, and Mr. Downs, Senator in Congress rorn Louisiana will now be addressed by Ogden Ilolu*a. K>'i of this city. and. when he has concluded, tbefe gentlemen will, probably, favor us with a reply. Mr. Hnrrtu* then addressed Messrs. Foot* and Down*, as follows : ? tientlemen -At a time when our country was coneidered in extreme danger, from the spirit of disunion and fanaticism which was abroad in our land, a meeting. without respect to party, wis called at Castle Harden, in this city. The objects of that meetlug were declared to be to footer and revive that spirit of union in-whloh tho constitution w** formed and adopted, and to resist any attempt that might be made to des troy It. -A committee was eppoiuted to carry out th* object of that meeting That committee is here assembled to me*t you. and on m? has devolved ths duty, as <k.U >? LIJ .... I. Ikl> .!>. * ????? V?g??, KU uiu / wu writuwc iw mi-1 oil)/ ? bvri |HBPa their gratitude tor the faithful ami patriotic ellorts which you rendered on tn?- floor of Congress. In defence of those measures which er.uld alone preserve the Union. which is the fountain head of all the -wealth and happiness which everywhere meet you ln'this our prosperous city. (Oheers ) That meeting w?s composed. as thin committee ih compo-sd. ot men >rof>-t?ibg different ) olitical creed*, and who bad bat-l'-d against each r under differ* nt t-tn:. r in our political cou Diets ; hat ax men, imitating the noMe example which you set on the floor of tb<- 8snat<\ they forgo party, and rallying to the or/of the country. ajM-mtned tog< tber on that occasion in an attempt to preicTT - that nappy t l ion which 1? t b< source of all our bieaaing- The example whlcli th.y set was followed . and in lloaton. Philadelphia, and other places in the North autuerou* meetings hire been hald, all breathing the same spirit, and all directed to the same holy end. We did hope that that metin< .might do some good ; we did hope that at thn North it might -iid in checking tbe spirit of fanaticism and folly which preached disobedience to the laws to be a autytoGcd. (three cheers.) We did hop- that atth< ^outh It might have a tendency to remove tbe error and mlsoonoption which did to a oertaln extent prevail. that the North was wining to trample on the constitution. and on tbe rights of the South. We dli hope that It might contribute something, no matter hoe ilttls, te give strength to the arm and po??r to the voto* of those gallant sons of the South who were nobly contending against secession, and disunion, and ? treason. , Three i hoers.) We did hope that It might leash both the North and the South, that we were bound together by fraternal ties?that we had but one hops aud on.- destiny common to us both ? that we were hr-Ihrea of the aanie household, and that a hodbe -divided agninst its?H must fall. (Applause ) It Is not for ma to mj how far those hopes have been > readied; and while I cann<>ih?lp Indulging In exprseeu'nf the joy which I expert-need, when, from the lint of a distinguished gentleman from Georgia, the Speaker of the House of Representatives?(three cheers fJt Jiffwsll Cobb)- to whom on a recent occasion thestm w>4co?e was extended, we were gratified with the assurance that that meeting had accomplished some good, and been of seme at ail in achieving the vietory which they won (Applause) You gentlemen, are personally strangers to the most of us. but we are not i strangers to the gallant tflorts. ths dlsttngntihed zetl ind the untiring devotion wl'h which on, the ft>or of I the s<enat?. you advocated those measures which we ^ l>eli*ved were neceaaary to the preservation of thtnlon and to the promotion of the causa to which we , have devoted ourselves. (Applause ) You are strangers io us: but when we ?aw you perilling all ol the station , - elth wK h you had been hooorrd and devoting your- | selves to tbe cause ol yonr country and the | % alon, bs aaeured, gentleman, that, although .itriBi-r? tc ua, vou lived in the hearts of thou- | Mad* of patriotic oltlzen* of th* North, who honir^d yon (or the oour*e which you puraued. You. Mr. .;enater ft-nu LouUiana, had to enuounter re*ponnibili tie* great and niomntoun Uu encounter*.! tl'em nobly Vou *tood almost alone in the representation from your State, Id the adrocany of tlioaa mMiurti on lb* atteee** of whl'ih the peace and happine** ot th? courier* Iiudi appended. Vou dared to differ from your diet lug ul?hedoo4lea<ue andadrocated tboee mea.urt? with a *,a power. and an *lo.|j*nie and with a* great an attachment to your native land, a* be could be !>?**?**?d < f. (<:b>-?-r? ) And, air It wa* with joy that we heard of Uir cardial welcome with whl -h oa your re Cura. tou were greeted by your tru*tini<|And conti ling constituent*?a welcome wblrh must hare been an (ratifying to yon a* It waa a j j?t rvwar l for yottr pat-iotic labor* (Cheer*) And you Mr Senator, froia Ml**l**lppl? you. whoa* I atat-d - (Thro* cheer* far Senator foote. Hurrah' Murrrth Hurrah') ?who as 1 rtated an a former occasion. cam* forward from ' trial* ecd trJI.iittttion* at bom*?who. forgetting par'y i die*, dared to discharge your duty?with. on your re- | turning borne, (be Oovei nor of your own Stat* against , jou- with tli* ; ?i<iatur?i of your B'a'.e (no matter whether they repre*eoted trul? or not the feetlnj* of the I ?to~H arrayed yo.i you dav 1 to beard the , ;ion in bit d. n and ornt?n<i.d for tIt >*? niuaeurei whi-h were eiMatial to tbe I olon; wltli the ?ame fer- 1 or and the- same devotion which had rhiracterl/.ed rour effort* on (he lloor of tbe Senate (Applau?e ) j We did ho|>* wh did trust and belleee. that tbe time would eoaie and I am glad to learti that the time baa IreedT cone, < hen reflection In Ml??iswippl will per dorm 'he office which it 1* dallr p rlorroing a', the North ? when patrlotlam will dispel the prejudice which, for a tine, taay have itood between you and a portion of TtvrtMitlMtnry- when Vl?*l**lp|d would ?eho the %olee of Georgia, and fcaite with the eonimra i olee of t>e counirt fit hailing her dtn'iag?i?h 'il ?en?t?.r and distinguished ami (Yhr.e .H*e?-< ll. ntlmen not to detain )on any longer In Hie name of hat Union Safety t,"ommltt*e-a committee ot noim portance 'inept so far a* It ha* been ooa?<"ret?'d by the boiy object* of their appointment ?in th- nans ot' :.hat Committee, I bid you welcome ? our city.? In the nam* if all who know tbat by >?utliera a* well *> 'irNot hirll blood onr independence wa* *chler*d who know that cur l alon wa* formed la spirit of conpromi* an 1 tbat in a *pirit of eonprnalie It wa* reeeieed?In the nam* of all who appreciate tbe bl"<*inge we enjoy and are willing to transmit them to their children who ahall tone after u*. unimpaired a* we re. *l**d th?n from the hand* af onr father*?In the iam? of ail th- -?e. I bid yoo Wei ?ini t thi" .fri'at citf; and may 0n( speed you ?ad prepar" yon for thedatle* 14bat may jot lie betore you Mr 11 o" in an then (at down sniii great cheering "wbloh lasted tor torn* momenta, Senator Peeve wa* oalled upon to lespond. and spoke il follow* Uanlleoea of th* Committee. and Fellow Ci?li?ni of i be city aad . ounty of New York ?I rejoice to be hero 'hi* day. and to wltnea* a* I do. ttoee **.rlklng indl ation* of the exlaten** of *entlment* In th* *upp->rt ef the Initltntlen* of our father*. I wa* not nnpre. pt-d for *jfh *ceB?* I had wltn??*ed the preeecd?< ** In Oaet le Oarden whl ih bare been *o loqueatly referred to, I haee had an opportunity In my iwa ?tare and eltewhere. of afoer alnlng that the pro eeedlng* ol that meeting had produced the eff *ct of ?i??rln? un the friend* of th I.'nlon. of *n>talnlng ii bin In tba fttrnggla In bahalt ?.f oir ln?tltu?lnn?. *nd at paral? ?i?? lh? arm of fac tlonl'in wh*r?nr Infalilj??" of tham btd raachM tb? 4itf*r?nt aattl*m*at* *n *k? S??th??it b?for? I mohrl my o** torn*. Nater la my own opinion ?la-a tha foundation of thl? km ta; public maatlng aecnrrad which Hi ?o ??a?dlly producad oonaaquoaoaa no Important <o tha prb'U wailara ud, aa tb?t moailn* at f 'a*tW Uar*?n. Itlitrua ?n j I am d?llfhta1 to know it lattua. that yrar ?*?" *I*mpW lmm?<il*?-ly oilowal throughout tha North, and I a??ma yoa that n Bif fltata ?? har? b??n <Jdl?ht*-l In ?.ha rapli?| of Mlaalaalppl, ta lmltat? yo?r nobla lampl*. A lt?? tnara than twa waahi ago, ona of tba Urffaat iM contention! that wa? arar h?ld In th? . apllol of MlfalMlppl. ?ai hold?n In my pr?a?nc? 01 whl'h I t?i aa humbla m mh*r. and orar hkh praaH'd th# lata Praaldant of tha Naah tllla Contention not the lata Naahtllla Onnran Ion. hut tha flrat Naahrllla WoaTantlon which n??m |,.,1 |a?t nniiaar ( hlaf J??tl ? -harkay wb" lla #o??rlnf that thoaa with wham ha oaca aaaorUtad .PT# b?nt on tr??-"n al>mlf>n?<1 all cr>nn?rt i. n with tham aad raaalvad to do hi* duty an a patriot n thl/ rtlala of hla country i hl?tory. t'ndar tha in?hot ity of raaolutlnna a loptad th?r? which *<mi rtm with yaiir own. a naw party, cnmpoaad of th? boat mta ot both of tfca old partla# ha? alr-ady E NE 'Mi been organized la erery oounty of the State, and irrtDftmtnti hare bean made for bringing oat candidates tor every Important ofttoe in the State. on the l uton issue alone, without regard to old party question* ^Applause ) And va have every confidence that in every eout ty In the State of Mlaaiaiippi tbe Union cause will triumph, and speedily triumph. (Renewed applause ) There U grnat reaaon. surely there 1* great reason, tor those interchanges of patriot!* con araiuiuiuna vui cuumrj may nJi n (UlirtiJ Mil, but we certainly htrt moit brilliant pfoepect before ua of lta ultimata tafety. Who doubt* thU.' It it not a fact, without mentioning names, that prominent champions of patriotiam in the North hare already declared, in express language, their determination to no longer continue the agitation which ha* heretofore distracted the oountry and our national oouncils ' (Qood) Is it not true that leading newspapers published In the cities of the North nave lately declared, in the judgment of the editors at least, that it is inexpedient to continue tbis agitation' Is there not good reason for btllevlng ron11 dentlT. that agitation In the North will now o?a*? ' And what is the oondition of public feeling in the South? Why. Maryland unanimously sustains the Union. Bo does Delaware. In the good Old Dominion, where repose the bones of Marshall, of Madison, anil Washington. of Uenry. and a host ot other patriots of the revolution, the language of secession ha? neveryet betn heard, and never will be heard. (Tremendous applause) The people ol Kentucky are equally unanimous?the people ol Mlseouri are equally unanimous- the people at Tennessee, whlgs and democrats, are at least equally as unanimous for the Union. There is but one voice in that State which has been raised in support of the plan of sxcesslon concocted in South Carolina twelve months ago. and f>ut in aotion recently by a gentleman whose name it e not delicate to mention. The voioe of tbe Hon. Hopkins Turney, I learn, wm the only one that waa ralssd in support ot tha plan ot secession eonooeted in 8outh Carolina. North Carolina. Florida, Alabama, Louisiana. Texas and Georgia, the proceedlagr of whose patriotic conventions have already reached you, have all declared in unequivocal language, their determination to adhere to the Union, and to pat down factionIsts and faetionism. I understand the intelligence communicated from South Carolina t>y telegraph is that they will await the action of the State of which I hare tbe honor, in part, to represent?the patriotic State of Mississippi. This la muth what I expected for two or three months past I am glad that they will postpone final action until then, for 1 am ascertain at that Ued reigns, and that this glorious nation exists on the face of the globe, tbat the people of the State of MIssIssIddI will, next Autumn, more unanimously declare in tavor of tii? Union than even the State ot Georgia, (three cheer* for Mississippi, and three more for Georgia ) I sprat: of what I know; and ret tht? ma; appear strange to some.and may need explanation. The explanation is easily offered. True, th* Governor of Mississippi ha* declared himself in favor of prompt seoession?tru-? it in. he la sustained at the present t me by nearly Ml the official influence oi the State, including the two house* of the Legislature, a majority of whom time decided in favor of the Oortrnor'i policy ot seoes?ion?that Is ell true, but 1 ran assure you; that In the county in which the capitol is located, there is an overwhelming majority ot the people of both parties in favor of preserving the I nion and in favor ol defeating any acheme of accession that may ba proposed. (App'lause.) Within the last seven weeks, fellow cltiteas, I have uone through nearly every populous county in Mississippi, and although I felt my own feebleness, yet, buoyad up and sustained by the Inspiring cause In support of which I engaged. 1 did, in every county which I visited, challenge controversy; and in every coutty >>ut on- or two, controversies did occur, in the presence of hundreds and thousand* of people And what was the consequence ' Why, at the very first meeting, two thousand parson* concurred in the adjustment bills passed nt the last session of Congress, and In support of the I nlon (Applause) In every other county that I visited, a result almost preclaely similar orcurrea. Never did I bear the voices rf more than six secessionists in the State of Mississippi, whea a vote was taken; and a Tote was takaa In every county but t>ae or two. \pplau?e) me relate an anecdote to yon. In Talabatchle nounty a large meeting was ennrened. notice was given that 1 would address my fellow citizens cn that day. It being the first day ot conrt, a large rueetlig cf people took place, and on that day oflrrtd tor the adoption of the aMseml>led people, by a nioft prominent men In that section of neutral Mississippi. Those resolutions were offered by a nephew of the late dlstingubhed John C. Calnoun. of South Carolina Well, wkat wai the result ' In my own feeble way, 1 addressed the people, tad wm, to c#rtain extent, responded to?the disunion resolution* were voted down, and in lieu of them, I'nlon resolutions were adopted by an extraordinary majority, there belli/ but thre* rot?< fir ths disunion resolutions, on? of which wan e*ft the representative of tlie muntyauoth-r by hi* l-rother. and the other by tlx- MWrf ot th<'re* lu tiour ^Laughter and applause) I n the ecunty adjoining. Carroll, I had the honor "f aUilrsaing another mejtinir and th* people seemed to be unanimous in the tnppott ot the Inlou. At that meeting. one oi the most elt ',u? nt men in that part ot the ccuntry. <! a Wall by nine, a native of South Carolina, addressed th- p? >pl* ut hrgth. In a inoat powerful manuer. in support of MCeMioa. >nd In opposition to th' plan of adjustment ag> ' < <1 upon attha last aos*i?n of OMgf***. Th* Judge ol tha Court.a vary estimable wan. felt himself railed upon to spaak in favor of tha constitution which h* had sworn to support. H* made a speech of no very kti at length, bat muehto the purpose And what was the ellact' This ha* happened since I l*u that part ol thu country The vote was taken; the anion of thi (estates was sustained, and secession was voted down by a majority of more than *evea to oae (Applause, loud and long continued ) I have addressed oth?r meetings, ona of which was in Nat:hes- where the governor of the State has rtsided for the last twenty year*. I spohe Iresly in condemnation of Ms message, and denounced It a* a treason* ol* document, (ftpplau**. and three ahi-ers for Foote) lils lilends w?ra praseat, hi* relatives war* present gentleman accomplished Intellectual, and patrUtln bl? partner in th? praetlsa ot the law for man- than twenty Ave years was pte?e?t. and sat with m* on th* stand which ! occupied on the oena.!?, .In run aurnnse. * *? the result ' At the olo*e of the ineetlnx I called f r the . .iwrn to *how thrui'el re*, but It waa Ilk* callinz aplrlt* from the maty J' *p? (l?u<Jit?r)?tb?-y did not come. Tli><r* ?? not en* man Ib that meeting who h?d th* eflrontriy to ail?e, and *ay he would ?uf>pori tbe Governor la th? coarae he In puraulng la thl* erl?la of the coun try (AppUuac ) Xh?i? will be another opportunity ot t'-tln* public opinion Ib that ftate In the ccnvention which i? to a?M<mbie there; an.I I of you to note what I *ay, that while rcrcla bad only tbree count)** repr-<?nted Sy *eee'ft in h>r convention. tba Htate of Mi**|salppi will not have one county thud repreaeated ( lr?at ap plauae.) I know that all the oOloial influence of the Slate and the legislature are affilnat naiea, bat. unlin will. notalthitandlng ttat. bi triumphant la Mi.'rir aipf I. and that Btatawlll nobly rindioat* her* tit In bi the ru*pialea ?f treaeon. which baa arlaea la men'? mlnda in 1 onae-joeac* of groa* mlirepreveutatii n rn the subject (Tremendou'eppUuee.* Aad how I* it that ia Booth CmoMm patriotic volae* hav* bunt lorth In ani port of tbe ualon and the constitution' Mr. tirayaen.a member of Oongres*. ha? published a pamphlet In favor of the eoaa'ltutlnn. which ha* been < lrculat<d throughout the i*Ute. and which ha* pro ilueed an eitraordiaary MB*ation there, l.ately. llr. I>< lacett asJC.n Hamilton hare spoken ant on the ruhject ot the I aioa. Can yea doubt that thoaa roltf*. raised la support of tbe Institution* of our father*. will arouse a patriotic lullti nce In South Caro1 >na ' I caaaot doaiit It. Do vcu recollect an lasteee* which occurred la the pa?t hUtory of our country, with which Jot I R Polnaett waa Identified A lew* ago. whea he repreaeated this country ia Mexleo. Hi* house waa autrounded by a mob. an I iti demolition waa threatened. lie kept ^alet wad almnlv hung out the American Hag tbe < tar* and stripe* What was the result' The mob wat calmed by hl*slleally pointing to the atara ar.d attlpea of hi* country. Tha* the moral pewer of tbe Union wa* felt In the centra of semi civilized Mexico. and pat down factlonists aad factioni*n. The tame man. In tha centre of Houth Carolina, ha* the iaue part to perform toward* men who hare banded themselves against the loftltu'lin* ol their country? (applause) ?who hare declared war egainat the coastl| tutlon of the republic. And * hnt I* he doing' He I* pointing. In their preeence, and within their view, to I tha flag of tba chantry?the immortal stars and ' *t ripe* - (applause and cheering* - tha rml>ieta* of our country Aad I do not douht bat that the result will be the pane a* It *M in Mexico for liefore the aeit e0nvrt.tl0B a?eemt>lee In Miaalealpttl. I venture | to predict that South Oars line will tedeem het?elf and will rrpent In tack?loth an 1 a<hes the remerity which, tor the la?t twehe month*, haa majked tha con1 duct of her leadera and neople Kellow cltlren*. the larger I* altno?t over. I regret to *ay there I* aone little ground for apprebeaaton a* to the future Thla comprct of adjnatment. which yon k*r# heard *0 eloI juently enlnglred. will fjtilet oar conntry, and will secuie tie permanenoe of our la*tltntion* If faithfully | edhrrtd lo, North, South Fa?t and tVert Hat the .,<i??llcn la, win jou unir" w? i? t . uirr. wr. w?,, wawlll."] Will ths North generally alh*ra to It? t confi lantly ballata It wlU. It la "n thla ground wo have prwcawdad In ml th# pat?ils 'n tha But* fr< m which I t orn*. If you wr?p with u*. lh*t tha Fvgltlva PI?ti> bill. ?? p*???ct by Oon:ra??. fhall r?m?ln tha l?w ol tha land. and be Ulthfully aaftrned; that lh? H llinot prorlao that m< nftroua thing which, I trvat, ha* b??n can?tga*l tn the Tomb of tha Cayul't*. "hull not hara?iT?d, If you rgrea that no attempt "hull ba m?d? In Oonrr*M to abolish ?lar?Ty In tha Platilet of Oolnmbla: II yon agrea that no attempt ahull ba mada by l??ingrea? to Intarlare In tha trade of rlaTta batwaan the different Btaf??: If yon will atre? that no State eh all be prevented iron ocmlng Into tha I'nlon on tb? tmmd ot har hnrlog ?la?ery; it you will agr?a to carry out tha rjmpau of our fathi-ra, tha Month will do h-r p%rt. faithfully. In executing that comp?"t 1 h?lle?a that the Nf rth will "* ' - i "v" ' < ? >h< ('tnirr?< Ill* mil nniir>? nii<i ?... ? ... of the lalted IUtM. ?h??hl?"t and pim' dlatinv<ilati"d m?n of the I'atn* coaanrreit la urp"ttl?< that plat ? alju>.tm?Bt I l>alle?e the North will be faithful. ai I know the loath will b? to thl? eompaot. b.cau.e I know tha nntt Influential and p ablatio m*n north o Martin k Dltoa'a line ara oo th? aide of tfc? Taioa, an<' ill tuataJa that |'lan ot a.lja?tm?nt. 1 bell??a It. W oanae the rrral<i> at and Ma eaMaet all concur In tup port of that plaa of ulj<i*tm>it I tha law wll ba enforced, baraoa* the e<R,-teacy of the law haa bw t??ted and that the jndaea Berth of Maaon V Plzoa K?a are prepared lalthtallj to do their doty (AppUuae WJiT, lo??k tba BMmi? r>f Mr FIllMofe tt la wor ty t tbv ,-?t u?n of the ?< public at .<*d m:. i. o W YO ORNING EDITION?TUESD Washington. or a Maditoa. as far a* the riavcry ? question is concerned. He ia iieterm-.ned to *taad by the lit, and recommend* bo alteration* in it* prorielona Thin will content the Pouth ; and lot the North not up to the recommendation* of the President and the Inion in safe. I will not detain yon any longer, hut I feel Uouad to remark on the proceeding* of the Committee of Thirteen. The distinguished gentleman who addr>-aaed ua on thl* occasion. (Ogden Hoffman, K#n .) ha* referred to the action of that committee, and not having t*eii one ef that committee. I likewise can epeak iu ttrmt of commendation of It* labor*. The gentlemen who oomposed that committee did rite above party influence ; th?y did ferget their party. abeorbed aa they were In patriotic aolioitude for their country ' welfare and honor Ye*: and I will give you an anecdote illustrative of the spirit In whleh th?M men acted. It wa* said, on a certain occeaioa, to my old friend. Gen. Caaa. by tome gentleman (three cheer* for Oca. Caaa) who waa consulting party palicv a little more thaa the interests of tbe country, that If the plan of adjustment waa carried out. Uenry Clay might become Preaident. i Now, Gen. Caaa had nominated Mr Clay a* chairman of that oommittee, and what waa the reply of the old patriot ' I will atate tbe reply; because, psrhaps. vou will hear it from no one elte. When he replied, that honest lace ol hi* became ' refulgent with the true aplrlt of a patriot da remarked, "Then; ?o be it It Clay's noble conduct, at the htad of oar oommittee. In resouing hi* country ltom prerent danger, tbould conduot him to the presidency, no man in the nation will more cordially ratify Li* election than myielf." (litre followed aa outburit of applause. which made the portrait* on the walla of the Governor'* room danoe a jig ) I challenge you to point out to me such another instance of patriotic devotion and *elf sacrifice. Aad that wat the opinion among the Mend* of the adjustment in both booses of Congresa. 1 will net apeak of those who held a subordinate position, but I will ray that the three leading Senators who supported that scheme of settlement Clay. Case, and Wtb?ter. proved themselves pureminded. disinterested, self sacrificing p?'.riots regard- s1 less of everything like Individual advancement when I> tbe oountry which they loved wa* In danger, (ip- P plause. loud and long-continued ) Yes, In my julg- p ment. their oonduct aurpatsee that ot any men In any c< age In the page of authentio hii-tory. Arlatidea and C Tnrmiftocle* lived an<l died rival* Cmr drove t'ato p trom Home, and he *H compelled to rescue si himself from the tyrant by committiug sulelda Cicero it too had to become the victim of the m tlevolenoa of d the tyrant who calltd Anthony husband. Fltt and n Fox were rival* In England throughout their whole r< lire* and never became reconciled up to the moment t) ot the leath of the latter Burke and Fox had a ijuar- P relwliioh terminated the friendship ot many year*; but ii Clay, Cass. and Webster on the alUr of their oountry'* 01 happine**. lacritked everything like personal rivalry, *1 disregarded everything like purty ascendancy an l the O success of faction, uniting themselves ?s a band of | tl brother*, standlug sboul.ler by shoulder in support " of thtir common country, and Immortalizing 8' th< m*<lTea a* the unequalled of American patriot*. ot (litre three cheers for Clay and Webster were given 1 ni with a hearty good will.) 1 will detain you no longer, i dl fellowcitizens and I regret that 1 have kept you to ei long. But thia 1* a subject on which I have muoh B feeling. It la a *abjeot in whlota I know every patriot I ?< ha* a deep feeling Let me closej then, by pledgiug tl my.'eif to you. l>efore the country, and before 111m 1 1 who reigns in lltaven. that a* far a* my humble ser- , h vict* are rtquired, 1 will staud laithfully by the corn- | ei I pact of our I nion-by the plan of organisation which : ?< originated in Castle liard?-n. and which i* now rapidly ri l extendtrg itself over the whole confederacy, until the j tl cri?l* i* past?until the republic 1* rescued from dan- i T gtr. and onr constitution established more firmly than I " It was originally established Yellow citizen*, 1 bid < " j you all an afteetionat* farewell. ?< Becator Down>, of Louisiana, then cam* forward oi amidst loud and enthusiastic cheering and said: ? ; ?< al Fellow Citizen*--1 cannot eiprese the gratification I yt feel in meeting yon npon this occasion. lam come trom j e, a I nlon State: and though a Southern planter, and I 0| having most of my worldly interest* invested in that I K peclea of property which has been so much the subject ; r( of dispute forthelast twelva months,I am now.a* I hop* ( , I ever shall be, a I nlon man. (Cheer*.) I have been [ \> [ more fortunate than my friend Mr. Foote in being ! t, j greeted on ray return home, though he was well re- ? | olvfd by tbe people. In despitw of the dUaffec- ?? I tion of leader*. I w*? greeted everywhere) by j t? ptople and leader* with the same feeling* that ao- ! k( I tuate you on this occasion, and with expression* of j Vl I the most tiecid?d approbation in favor of tba Union. at i . r,n, tf'l that ?ni,l>l t? th.l - till* faellag in unirtvaal, l?, that without any concert. CT and though aepaiated by tho-.uanda of mil**, the mo- ju , tlmi nta ol the people, both la the South and In the j, North, have b? n etmultaneouely exi'reeaed forth* {, 1 crmpromiae* of the constitution and with nn una- 1 ni Dimity I nrwr *ltn?M?il on nay other aubjart My i., btate la diwdad by party feeling. and I am a party I ? man my*elt. Yet p*rtlian*hlp Wan laid aside, the de- r( uuiiriattou* of party warfare were alleut. and the men w of all hide* united together aa they hare done here.and ?t ? Irouied aie with demoaetratioa* of coatldvaaa, ?r ympatby and tupport everywhere. and la reery way that tbey eonld (Loud aheer* ) But while I thl* wai tb?' general Tolre, aome told ui that we w?re going too mat; that we ware reckoning with 0, ' out our brat; that It w?i all mere ?heif, and that there waa no reality in It; that. In fact, the Pugl'ire of ; glare bill would not be carried out la th* tree Plate*, and that the antl rlarery agitation would b? rem wed d? i contradicted thee# mlagirlng* la advance. I did not tr ' ??e a tingle newepnp* r from the North' but I thought : I knew jour paopla. I knew yaur dlatlngalahed Proa- tr tor, IMtklnaon: (Cbeert.) I knaw the Senator from of Maaracbufetta. I knew th- Senator from Michigan, et the Beaatcr Irom ililaol", and nnmeroua other free n, Btatea. 1 had conr*ra?-d with theae Sena'ora, j ta and tlx y araured ma that the people of their aere- aJ ral ttatm were atutid upoa thl* lUeatlon and la i lay own State I pledged myaelf to the truth of their itatiatntl; and It la with no ordinary a?ti*f*ctioa that 1 wltneas to day ao enthaaiaatlo a maalfe-ta- T' tioa of thut aentiineni of which 1 apoke la anticipaHon. If lever entertained, tor a almtle moment, a d< ubt of ita ailabnee In thla Mnirlre Out of an Kniplre Mate, that doubt I* Tanlahed. and I will 1 carry hack to the people of I.ouWUaa the p|eaMn>( aeturahce th?t 1 waa entirely right In the atatr. t. ini-nta 1 mt'ln aonie month* ago. (Ohaora.) My di*- fr tlDgolahed friend from Mi>>i*alppl haa alluded to the ' lu l'< nrnltti e of ThirUen and he ha* Mated that he wh ai not a mi tuber of it. Hut though h- waa aot a member ?i of it. be waa Ita ereator (cheer*). Had bat tor hi' ra nt ai Mrmuou* avrtlon* agaln*t aarc.iama, danunaiatton*. I and erary *p'dr* ol ippofttlou brought to banr Iron ri 11 |ii?rt. r' tb? ?pp<1ntniftt of tb> r.igimittH would n*??r ka?a b**n aceompll?h?d. tad *! ? it ?m ;> I u.t - -i it* labor* would bar* bi'. n fruitlaaa Ila pfiNrmil i>d J paraararail till tb? rompromlaa u*?- I ai'a* paa?i il the commltla*. and ha wu not a ?mtv*r ol It only barauto ha wlahad to doth* work withont 1 taklogth' ItWM (i'h??r? ) 1 ha Importance of that r.< inmitt** wan graatar.jparhap*. than yon *r? awara. ! 11< to that tliaa In the Sanata, wa war* dlridad and It * waa only la tha committaa thrttbagraat man to whoa ot I hat* allrdad laid Ibrir hrada and tbrir baarta tog*. w tliar. and torg'ttlng thalr part* distinction* and pro- ? jttdlra* In tUa all ab?<ihlng leva of tbvir common country. framed tha?a bill* wbieh war* ultiniitaly " trowsi d with ?ureia< (l.oud cbaar* ) It ought, thara. It lot*, arm to l?' forgot"n that oo? of tha moat on- 1' aptcuona actor* In tba dram* of which tha Cunmlttaa n < 1 Thirtaan ronatltntad ?o prcmioant a put. waa my | v friend wjso baa jnat aitdraaaad you. (Chaara) I' I am happy to aay with him. that th* dan- *i gar, In a ?r?at maaaiira. la pa?t Tba ladica- g< tlrea of Uai.ritia ara dlatlnot-ot Alabama that a la no doubt. and ultimately Mtaalaalppi and all tba other ai alarthoirilng Mataa will ka right. amapt, parltap*, i><nth t'aroiira; but?ran In her a tbara ar? In II- I rattan* that rba will panaa before aha takaa tha ra?b atap aba ha* threatened. Probably yon ara not awara id IDa eitent *he ha* gone. Independent of tba art! in ! M of th? lata Cm greaa aha wa* dortdedly datarmlnad to ai at par ate from the IJnlfn twlrani nth ago Tha n (lorarnor has declared It. Tha graatoit m?n of tha o< 1 r it? ba\e 4m Itrad It. and tba ablaut pamphlat th*'. arar la?nail from h*r printing prtaraa haa not only ! t> dcolarad It. but takrn tha ground that thara ought ? to ha a *cparntlon between tha Nrth and th" Hontb. frtm tha Incompatibility of tba Interact* of i li tber* 1 wo ^rent taction* of the country. The .i*n#?r. u 1 think, la orar: but tba aolamn l?**?n whloh It con t*j* onrht not to ba loat upon ua 11 la foil ol warn- t? Irg and ln?trxetion. l-at ua not terapt ailob peril ?< arain ar d Imagloe that, because wo bn r* e*?*p*d It u <nee unscathed, wa may pas* through II with e<|u?l t -?t._ ... . - .... r K .< in.j uiuiy **... l........ - .. io?K tli' laat fc ath? r break* tha rtuH i l>a<*li: ll ad tha pnblle mind. irritated by Mi p?*t, will b* ? found on < ith return ol agitation. Im sad l?f? able to b t>- ar It mo,in nllfraedom and rati dor. toll voa that c If them agitation* ar< rarlre i If ?he|f n/ltlre Mara bill J l? or materially moditied or renderad a d?? l l?t>r by a r> ftnal to carry ont It* provision* In the a free Stater and lf?lar?ry ahould b? ab<>ll*hed In th? n IMatrtrt of Columbia. you may rail thla by what nam* t ) on will, but when yon d" It. yon may rett aianred th\t ? 1 It ia the abolition ol tha I nlon. (Loud eheera.) I be- i Here, h?w?T?r that the ? *1*11?>ir lawa will ba carried a out I bolter* that tha campiomiae* of the OonMltutWn

at 111 ba earrlrd oat, and t h<-r?fora It * DM that I aald to the paopie ol the Pouth, l-t ( 11* not eomplaln of tha North in adranea. If t I hey do not adbeia to tba compact. then K will t ba lime mooch for u* to renew the agitation for *? i ce**ioa Hot. if tbe -o?tract nbould ba riolatad again, you may expect the m"?t dlaaatroua eonaa<|i|eanea I c do not *ay It by way of bnaatlng of the prnweaa of tha i Poutb; bnt wh<-n yon consider the fartalton* rlrrum- t rlanreii by which tbe menaced danger waa averted and I 1 that the prorldrnca of God. which haa alwav* watcbad i orer th<' Valon Interposed in a moat ?lngiuar manner to mto it In that crltu. jau will admit that there waa abundant oauaa for alarm. Controrenij had procefded to ?neh length*. human paa*|..n< had b?eit ?o i arurrd and men In high place* hvl pledged . I beraeelrea ao attongly. that thi* aneat.ion would, i petbapa nercr liare b'en aettled bnt for tba 1- - ? !..? ih? iitmlnlitrailnii of I ?".??v?n - -? ? i affair* from tb? br.niM nf <?n? man to iN<< of I ThM napri !? Mill b (w'wd tk? ft?nata , l ot In [ tha Ilouaa of R.pv ??Dt?llT?? hunt tha Important oaa f upon whlak ?ii blagcd tha fata ot All ih? fata f tha I I ulna lt-?-lf If tha T?*?j hill had ba*n l*j?rtad i< or? aa tharo l? i 0?l In I oWil war would hare h?an ?H?il la tkla now happy land. I Tfca lorcaa of T?xa? vara laanhallrd. a??rf prai | aratloa waa ma da tor hflatlllMa*. an aitra aaaaina of l *h? l.aglMatwra wa? oallad hv th? Ooraraor, an 4 as' thlrj ?? wanting hat tka application ot ika mttrk . to tk? train laid in ordar to ^rodllf* tb# ipl<- I t ^ ?1ot> Bet, *17 ?kc would k*v? fo?? alaa? lain ? - - R K II AY, DECEMBER 10, 185 truggla, or with only the aid of South Oarolina and ilieeirsippi; yet onon r?ln the tocsin of war on the *!>): of the ltlo Grande, and hundreds of thousand* >t (toutbern men would make cornmou oauie with her, .nd fly to her staidard ot revolt L?t us, then, avoid be eauses ot say each danger in future. We of the louth, liave crnfliienca? we always had oontldenoe in he North, anil I tee no reason lor doubt aa to the fuure. but though the masees of the people in the orth have never manllasted any Indisposition to dj uttioe to the Boutb, let me fay, that in some natters you were a little slow m doing justice, lot only is it incumbent upon every nian to ct ftorn patriolio motives himself, but to exert ilmseli to make otbers tollow his example \ our lty has a population of over half a million, and a mora pitelllgeat. virtuous and orderly people never existed tut even in this great and virtuous community, fifty r oca hundred men not restrained by the laws and he polio*, might lay your vast city in ashes. 80 is it rith tbore who raise the torob ol discord, me lUtnbly suggest that not only ought you to conduct ourselves with propriety, but ooiupel those among ou to do ao likewise. (Orie* of bravo) We do not xpect anything that is unreasonable from you. Fe do not desire that you should silence the lamors ot fanaticism and abolition ; but w* do ipact that you will lay some restraint upon b^m. (Cheers ) Let the abolitionists talk as much s they will, but let thein not creep into your high laota and speak for the country (Vehement cheerag ) It was not so much the fanatioirm of the North hat we cared for. It* ravings would have passed us y as the Idle wind; but when your legislatures, in so mn conclave asrembled. passed leaolutioiis. and went iirtbrr. and opposed the laws, thus violating the rlnolplts of the conatitutlon as we interpreted it, nd taking the local power cf tbe central government ito their own hands, you will ajree with me that here was some cause' for apprehension. We enreat you. therefore, to control there men, and not 5 permit them to misrepresent you By you. >Uowlng this course the country will soon attain to ncn degree ot prosperity as It baa never yet reached ut if you have not the boldness and the courage to 1 ut down fanaticism, we mint oonclude that you the eople of the North, are not the people thai your antstors were; and we shall hare to agite with tiouth arvlina, that the awluljword ''separation" mu't be ronouneed (OrIf* ot 'Never.") I do not antioipate ich a cataatrophe, but it 1* for you to decide whether shall be pronounced or not One great cause of the 1 iflUultics between the two Motions it a want ot t mtual understanding of caoh othfr It hat been a , ttird purpose In certain quarter* to keep the peopleof an South iron knowing tne real state ot the North. 1 crbap*. intelligent ax they are. there is not on* voter i ten that knows anything about it, and the majority f them think, at this very moment, that you are ' gainst them because their presses lead them astray. 1 oe ot tie most remarkable instate** ot the sagacity of le Union Batety Committee of this eity is, that it Has ilven measure* to diffuse correct information in the i/utb at well as the North Let usoaly understand each [her as brothers, and we sball never <iearrel It is by l linappiehensionand perverseness that suoh unhappy , illereoces arise. One ef the moit decided statement* 1 rermadeon this point, was in my own State, in Baton ouge. 1 pointed to the example of an upright jud^e* i ; Chicago ; to the txample of Case, and Webster. and l* Prvrldent of the I nlted States, (l.oud cheering ) tcld tliem that I had faith, and that they ought to ave talth. in the North. Yet I was told b> the preisi on the other side, at New Otltan*. that I nsed not pest there what I had said ten days before. Idii peat it In their teeth, and glad I am this day to see oat everything I then said on ycur behult wa%" correct he feelings that actuate you will actuate others, and he sentiment* you have expressed will be endorsed by tie country a' large The city of Ne* York is pos i sed of wealth and Intelligence beyend an y other city ae I tiion Never were both used more appropriately ( r Bore happily, than in reference to thl* all important lbjtet. At a ciitical period in the late I'ongrees. 1 must reeollsot. with gratitude, that a petition, (tied by 4W> (WO ot the citizens of New Yeik. ime to relieve and cheer us. (Applause* tio j l, then, with the ?o<d work. None can do it ore effectually than you. None can be more inte- ' 'ltd in it My hon*rsole friend has told you tb?t syH was taunted with contributing to make Clay a a resident. I. as member of the Committ<? of Thir- ! tu. wm ?jpo uiuuira dui i pcojupu (qc lauai. obcdy on that commute# cared for results, when the ' lift} i t the Mi ' r v WM ?t f I h?ie br?n c unted with th* (nuifthiuK floor A toiceYen, id j "u will be IkWttd B3?iu ") Strenuous ?ff >rtI pre Kft<l? to prevent me ettendlng the dim meeting New urleans. 1 wti told that it would Injure me I Ith my party to attend a mlxel i:w?tln:; or decno- t aU and whig*. I replied tbat a pood act neverlo- | iti il a g??4 iiiin or a Kood uqm but suppoae It did j UN) me. or tbM it dentrojed nn party it I 01 my trty were down to day, another would arl?e to orrow as patriotir. and an useful. and an good: j , ut tear down the fabric ot this great I nlou naa ! ( >' l.aie ucli reir a '> a>hiD^t n a IMkttt,a Itiar j in to la??irr n? with sentiment* of public virtue It ould be better, therefore, tbat party should be 4e- , re}i<1 thaw that th* I i.lon ehoulil prrt*h I am irr*. geailemeo. to hav* detained you ? long and I lall now conclude. Vebi meat cbeolng followed the onelmlnn of thli , Idreee. which was apok* a with much feeling and ?rl- , nf sincerity. t Three cheers were then proposed for the Committee ( Thirteen, whi<h were enthtisikstirally responded to Tbemeetirg theu retired eaeh p*reon belog lotreictd to Senator* t r??t and Down* a? he paamd. aad rdieily shaking there gentlemen by the hand. TDux enMed one oi inr dom rnmimiMiir a>-in< nmra l < th?l has en r l?ken ^l->rc in thin clt ron?tetin!( ' c ur m' ft eminent mer< tiantn au 1 our ?t?t In'u- | \ itlal mem. We otter '?w grrater enthuiiamn man- I Ktted. or more unflinching determination to mainIn the Integrity of the L'alun a-ralnst *tery op?D to* < id tterj 9caret t u> my. Tht WrtUin (Mot ul \uitiW a. IB omkt or fkop. a. r. backs, serf. Of ths 1 t*. S. COA?T *1 RVKT, TO IIIK SECRETARY Of THE I TISEAMRV, CONTAINIKH S*IUV? I'IRk I .N? i'OK IMKR1MI COt.t-MlllA EIVI R, OKI SON. <'oa?t 81 mt Station, No* 29, 1S60. 8m I ha re the honor to communicate the flrntor ill'* o| hydrographle notice* i,t th? w?tt*rn coo?t, 'in l.teut. Cotrg IV. P. MrArthur. I' H.N ,a??UUnt ( 1 the romit lurter. and would respectfully r??ju*->*t < jlk?rlty to puMIrk It. The chart f Columbia rirer , ^triinee. from aprt limioary *urrev Lit* tern tt-eelred. | j rid I* lednring loi the engraver, and will be put.ll?hed , > 011 j. Thl- rotice e ntaUm railing Jlrvtuai for . Ueilig the rlrer. Y*ry respectfully your* (Signed) A U bAi'lil*, ? 11 f.t V 8 Surrey, ( Hon. Thom t? Co** in. See 01 the Treasury UIBKCTIOM ror. THE vtHTIRN OA*T ">F | Tim I'XITftP kfAIKH, IKO.M MONTEREY To OM >< ' MA Rl\?n, I V 1.IEI T. (ON W. I . ARIH'P, I V a. N., A^IRTAJIT IV Till OV?1 ? R' A i l'r*Tlon? to git Id* ailing dlreotl^or fur thl* part ?f ropnt. I propose t? notice the character a{ the Ind* at dilTecnt *raacn*. with th< lr e1< i t upon tt? * and eurrrnti I Fr< n? March to Ortobar. tli? pr?T?IIln( vial along i* caaat. and for many mllra to lha ant ward la lr??a o? lb'' northwart, b?ins !ri?lia?t ltom 10 A M . t'? 1 >1 nnd tot urifr* ^nrtitly talllER llgtt durit.c t!<a i Igbt During thia ?ea?on of tha yiar, th? ?ortl?w?-t * 1 n * blow* wuli alnvH th? of a tnll wind itiltig lh? incntb* rf Awirn*t m I Iffl BWl lag pr.' til to a great extent. >u 1 Impede an! a4?n;?r oati. I ; ition materially ' 1>uiihk the pari of tb? jur abort- menU c? j '.hera 1 r? tt" hcary jjaiea of wind and little or no rain. | ' Thee* ?inii? oaima a current ol about l.a l a kn >t par r-nr along th? <ra?t netting to the touthaard frrm lN>t<>bet to March I hi' wind I* rarlable. both , ith regard to \elaclty abd direction. I urln< ihl* iiflti bury (tl?< occur from tba touihaa t. ?outli f n lfontb*-?t K?a?rallT accompanied by protracted tin, and rauMug a vary hcary ?> a rod itrrll il' ?< the i r?>t. lha cnrrett daring tht* aeaaoti aet? grneraiiy to the r Hbwtrd. \arylrg In rtloclty aitb tba itren.'h a/ lit* Ini I 1 Thea* fart* being knoirn. It 1* now to be r< ? ow direction" rbould he glttn ahich aonll ba nlw | rrlnl to nartgatlen. Tallin? ?p?a? It bound to ill* rurthward from Mnn- t ' ray, or any mora northern port duilng tha rummer | ra?o?, thould wall > (T ahorr nat too clca haul* I rill) aboat 2?)l ?llea from the laui. whan they will be ejoihI tha Ifilnence of lha m .itheriy current. and ia rltcatlrn to taka adrartara of a ?lant of alad wbloh recently oecnrt from tba weat north w??t They ?uid do well not to approach the land unleaa farnrad | < y tha wind to aa to enable them to lay <ith?r thair otiraa. or nearly fo. until up with '.ha latitude of tha tlaed port. Pteamera abonld follow tha ccaat from : otnt t point ( a nearly aa poaalbia, alanyt keeping within flttem iillet of the land. They will by thin mean* th-irlen ha distance. * <! frequently n'tcld tha etrf ng noith- I rrat wlnda. aa ntten they will find It '|Uite calm clo?a ii with tba thora, whata rhere U a atr ng ?lodto tearard. Vraaala Votinil to tha northward In lha w'ntar aaaitti aliotild keen aa rlr>a* aln?t9 ih,i ltnil aa oracilf abla. it>'l t?k? cTrrj adrantaga of all *outb*rlj wind* to oak* latitude Tliay 'hould alaaji ?nd?a?or t<< mat.# h* land at l?a?t tw?nty or thirty nil** to the ?outt? lard of the deetlnrd harbor Navlgatora boaod to tha ??uthirar 1 *bould keep the cad la right. and take arivanta r* of either taok up >n rhlrh tb'- in'>-t latitude may t.? m?d* *l?ay? mtktnff h* land to tba northward of the port In anaioier and to the eouthwara In tba wlrter ae*'in. cunedt w p m inrntn. Lieut. Co?g 0. 8 N anj AmU t la Cnaat 3ur??y Nnvrmlnt* ?f llhilKgulihul IVopte. J U Cht|.Dan Near Orleans. W U Bi?h p. *i?h ! B|ton; (*h?i a? l ee Han frill two * <? Nohle??tn ; I .1 lluoter 'In were au.oiirf tb# arrltal* /eaterdaj it th>- Clinton Hotel J 8 Warlaad. 17 H A.; J?ai*> 0?a*r Wa'hlartoa; loha A. Rogtr*. do ; lllram ilrlae* California lloaier RuatdaU Mavbarih C M Plaaeant*. Ktohmaod ?)apt littrhta. I C N : A ftoa. ware among the arrlraU jMterdar at tha Irrlng llw> C M Marvtlle, Mtaat**?ppl, H. A?lar*i. Albaar; 8 0. Hamilton 7t. II. Itamlltoa, Philadelphia 4 b. t mp. C. ft K . vara tau nt the arrlral* yeeitrday at , tb* A met loan C W Cha|ia. 8prtngfi#ld C. Ftraag Rlnchautoa Mr Ptllna. Amhrmt; Antoalo Mailer, Haraaa; Kraetaa RmHh. Ha-ttord; (Jen T V de Mor |tiaaa*Nea Hfaaada , Pt*atl*r<> ll-trhrarh PnaaMa. wrra ancig the arrival* j jettcrte? al .he Aft*x I ERA 0. IS NEWS BY TELEGRAPH, iiirrnrATiim rnnu u/iaiiiuataii micntdiiriu rnum n/\v>nini.iun, Attempt to Revive the Slavery Question in the House, THE ONE MIXl'TE ROLE ADOPTED. BI SMESS ElsrBES PROPOSED. FIRES AND LOSS OF LIVES, A*., Sit., St*. From ihe Capital. T1IF TREAS' RV REPORT?OOOD WORK IN TICK BOi;? 1N1MAN INCURSIONS WW MRXICO?' HAROK TO URI TIIK TKUl'ANTKTKC TRKAIt?VCRMONT mnxu :CATUI.N, ETC. Wi?Hi*uTO!?, December 9,1350. Thit Treasury report will be furnished to merrow. It ii an able document. The House to day. hare ijiren evidence eonrlusively of their adhesion to the Fugitive flare law The Mexican Minister s appeal, relative to the Indian incursions. will be followed by a bill, establishing dragoons and military stations along the boundary line of the United States and Mexico. The name ot Mr. Bayard, of Delaware, as Charge Je Affaires to Hruescls. in place ol Mr. Clenuoa. reMgueJ was sent into the Senate to day. The Tehuantepec treaty with Mexice has bean completed. an4 an express messenger despatched with It to the elty of the Monteiumas. It will no d( ubt be ipetdlly ratliled and the work commenced in ?ood * Senator Sonle> son denies in the K">uA(t^, thli mora* [Eg, the statement of the CAri-nofyp*. that he wa? prepi nt Ht the abolitionist w-eting la Uostou or hell any i^ccUtion with thro The Ht public denounce* the late Vermont law asnul- I llllc-ation. wbkh came with surprise upon Its entire i 3ei>Kr??Blont>l delegation It is especially severe upon SuTernor Williams tor approving ot the law. The election ofScudder. from the tenth Congr?s?iGnsi district of Masra< husetts is sliu argaed against he being neither a whlj nor a friejd of the President f IIIRTY-F1R8T CONORB0V. ^Kt oN? fcxsMo.f. i BY'? tei.rORAPH. i*<? nte. WiinitQTos, Dse it, Hi') ' ' Mrsen Yuiee of HoriJa; llorland, of Arkaasai; sad 1 Jwiu. of California, appeared to-day. and took their < ita'.a. T*rmn? }*om riu: homs ntfiiniiin, Th>-Chair laid ' efore the Senate a communication \ rem tbs Uome liepartmeut. enclosing the annual re- ' orl ot the Commissioners ot the I.and Office and Pen- I icas, also, the repott ot the second Comproller, of the .pprt;>riatlone tor aud eipenditures of the Home Dearimeat. for the past ;?ear The printing f the papers ras ordered and the? wers appropriately ?fterred to . t-mnitteer I >?.w NKOIMT. Mr Oon pre.-ented memorial fr> in the Itl- | t ns of Kentucky, setting t <rth a discovery relative 1 -a iViti rnlturc r?f 11 *.t* >#*W an/1 VU? o purchaae It. Itelvrrd to the A ,t?-u ture 0 m , nlltt*. On notion of Mr '< li> all la the PreaMent'i Mea?I? irlatlag to saral aCTatra ?u ruNrred to tbaRiMi J .'cOiSruttf* , i.ii isiMrinTu'f ion *d?i* ? THf n nmr-4 wan. Mr it> tLifgmt* a nolle* o( a bill t<> Indemnity iha pn pl? at t>. nth Carolina tor adr'antra ot Bicury t<> lb* Krreiki goirrijin Lt, on at count of t&e k'lortua war. Mitwrli aid thi rt "i 10 taur Mr BiiTan introduced a bill to pay Mlmc url the tmoiiai ol the two per centum fund aerru.d ?u (be , . ?! ? of public land* to that Btate, which were ?it??1 ODikiaintdtotkil ftatr lli> np!ilai<ltlM wfcollubject and the bill ? referred. Tb? '411 for tie re.iel of .'oba A. MctJaw, OfNaw ' i'Otk. ? taken up and p?e?el. ?i:l t "* fir n?*rru ? thi *o .ht i?n"r. Th? bill ?r?nttojr land* for the ben fit tf th-In li- I , :?Dt lotaue reported on tha memorial ot Miaabix, ' >11 n.jila the u ncial order for Wednesday weak M ? c n? i -If J Th? bill to oiatrlbute the drclntou* of l>i Supr ma j Jcjrt among the Mitral ?:at*a aul t*rrltofi??. <u iaken up. Mr Ii nT-ii* explained an 1 anpp^rted the Mil , Mr Vt-ii t ppoaed the Mil. and. on hie a 't!ot*. it , ?ai aid on th? MMa-JkUll, nayal). ' < ui> oa>ia Mr G>i^ in >t? J to take up :).? Ca.ifaraU V4U*. I Loat. rmiATS ?n?. The cal.t, Jar *ai teatn jp iuI '.?) ;rl??:? Villa m:? [ uird t^nta* iKti a*iO* i* navi > T ie Cliair laid Wti'l* the a-nata a m-ana/e from !h? i Pr-'ld'nt ?nelo<iln? a ecBi:iiL>ulcation from'he Mni , ( can Mlnlater in rrlatkn to the luctirrione of fndlao* cratei within fhe territory belonging to the l'nlt>'d | 1 priii Mr na t.f ibf i t*trntb arti If ?rl tt. tr*at> ol it*. Salupi-11 Idalgo t# arr.. 1 out by tin* I nltr 1 Ma'aa I On motion, tlif id?? -?<? atd aurloacd comiuunlcatloawrra r*ltrrtl 10 th* Cc?amir??a Miliary At lair i Th? (< nat# :b n *<o: fat > ei*:at)T# imlon >al 'bortly ?it*r aJjcjrLf j IIo"m of l(r]iifiriittilvfi. ?Y baiV"" li-^tTiiOir iiitMJCj*:. tkmor.4 rw WJ-ki.* ,! *, I>?? 9,199 ). Tl?r COMMIT 11 M. Tlf ilicillkj ccc nitttri anac jdc? 1 by th* 8p*a:i?r >r# Br?r:.r th# #am* a# tbc?# of th* !a?? i#*#l<>a Th# k mrolttr** an T"rrltoti*? m l K>etloa< ar# th* wbi. rt? following ar* tno of tb? cl.on ;#? ? H>w? ?n i Mroni -Urwn Jt-pium of Goorjla and rtriok# ot New l'orb. la-t?adof M?mti T->omba and : Duir. Vu-Mr Jobn?tco of KtBiuokT. .utile: M: i HtLHI. I ? Mi 'ir* ?ath*-?ton Wailae* anikinf >? *-w J*r?iy, ;o-t l ] Ot Mfftra. C'look 8t*tOOO i>d Conrad fhttritf ?/ Colombia -Mr. F*ath*r*ton In*t<a<i of II t Hi >?n of Ml.*ii>?tppl J*Ji airy.?Mr hract lait*aJofMr Mor?h*al Mr ll*ary A It n. lard. from lb* -~oad llttrkt of | I r.ulf aoa. *l?ct?d In ' h? plae# of S**r*tary Ccatad ? ft i latioUurtd :.nd ,ualifl#d *< no* o* tmi MmiiMt'i Nr"i>.r C>B motion of Mr. IUtit. (Jam > of Vb . th# IIodm tut lato CommUU of th? Whol? oa 'h? (tat# of th* > Intoa. Mr B >> i>, (Jem.) Of Ky In th* hair Mt lUin c!I?r?<l r*#olutlon# r?f*rtl?* th# Html part* of th* i'i#>ld#at ? Mtnajr* to the approprlat* :rtnmltt*??. oriaiy* 0? v?. OIMH* a?TNt all * imi L ?..*II I* motion. Mr Oioii* i (frw rolli af Ohio, ?T#f*I an am*nd Mint that #o much of th* at wag- aa r* at'* to our Jcatlc policy, bo r*f#md to tbo Jodlciart- CommitIf*. Tbcr* w?ro arm a thlatr* In th? rn'-aaait* whi'lj h? baartliy approved and cth>r* which bo conli:nn*d Thtro w*? no dro*ptloa or ua#*rt*iaty la aa* part of ltt TVa tIowb *ipr**?rd >>v Mr HUmor# on :h?? ?ub j#et of th* ?ito p' w#r, ar* a* atron< a* tho#?* arow*d by Oca Jaok?on. Mr Tjl?r,o* Col Polk Th* latt*r part nf th* n>w?a** ?a.a. la tlfaot, that th* FujtUW* Mar* law *ha!l tannin la loroo. an>l that If a hill bo I pa***d for Ita rap**I th* Pr**id*nt will Toto It Th* r*f*r? n?* of hi* duty to *ia<-nt* th* 1?* Mr Olddiac* r??ar4?d aa a m?na<-* that th* fr*i poopl* of th* North ' i>h*ll ubmtt to th* law. or h* will rail In tb* army and oa*al tore**. Thl* I* unworthy of th* Pro?l d?wt la tb* 1 th oontury frc?tn?n ar* Ml M '> go**rn*d l>y aword* and oaaaon. but <>y law Th* ; P-?*t'i*nt ha? n?t power to oator^o tbo law wh*n It J rnn ai li th* ffrr*n>*a of th# North to i*ar*th*ir ? orh#hop* aad dwtlllnf* te ebaao fuxltl*** put lr> n?oa | th*lr llwibo. and rotnrn th*m to tb*ir tnrn*ntor* Th* army aad b?ti oaaaot rommand and anfore* th* car rjlBfi oat ot th* law Th* fn*r*l uo?arnm?nt ha* ao . aow't to npbold ?!ai*ry A I* an taatltutloB of th* j Ptatoa Tha p?opla of hi* dl#tr1*t woald dl* *fofo I th*y woald aa*tat la aiaontlof th# > n*ltl?# (Ian law Tb# alBTiM>at*h#T wa* r?|fard?d a* wor#* than a plrat* or a icnrd-rrr aad th# moBi*?t fanaon ar# broafbt attaiaaf Northam fra?m*n. thai ?om*tit th# d*ath ka*Uof th* r*poNlr la aounlad Prom thl* tlm* ter- ( war# wa will know wh?r*'h# Pr*?ld?nt 1? H-It la taiof r.f th* ? a??1#*fl**# 1*? by It tb# admlala- , ti atloa mu*t *tand or tall. Tbo lino* o| ft*#doia aad i alaowry ar* drawn a* w'.d* am th# tmp**oat.|? Rutf that 1 ? - I I ....... U . <>r> ?Vi,i urtlH MMt4 Oat ct ttlrm th< n?*n.l In th* Nrrth tift ?h?n 'mir or flr* h*?? ??*ii e?ftnr?J Jtln* [ ?ut of tf? "t 'M ?V<j fW*n?p?Ti *!? \**r unr-d I LD. PBICE TWO CENTS. and execrata thia law bb4 the public la Hcuatioa wtlf aweep it out of xUUooo. L1MITIK0 DIUTI-i iCHHtr ^OTmr.JIT Mr Hrom*. (dem ) of Indian* Mid, that thli wal a fhort tertion. and little time r??*B?ined for bualoeaa; if tbia dUouaaion ibould continue there waa no telltim when it would tnd. For the purpo.v of terminating depute h* moved that the corn nit tee rim, with a rle* of o(T?rln; a resolution to stop debate. Tba Com ml t tea roue, when a ruaolution to ilatft litcusnion to one minute waa pawed, and the IIoas*9??lu went intj Committee. a avsixes-LiKK indication. Mr W> ttworth,(dem.)of 111 ?I pre'fed the bop* tint no rperch would be more than one minute in duratloti. Wb?n this nutijfct shall have been dlspoead of h? would oall up the Hirer and liarbor bill, and then tha Cheap Postage bill, which the p?ople riject will b<? pasted thli week after which they would proceed t? other necessary busineM a hroaoiiioi Ki?no ivm Tin; ??oi itioiut*. Mr M<Ci tR.n>D, (dem 1 of III said, in offering aa amendment, that aH a cilUnB #f a free I* tat e he disavowed. for himself and those he represented anil to* aad he might say, treasonable s?ntinent* a rowed hy Mr Ulddli gs. who ohjeetel to the fugitive slam act It la ? fraud on tba constitution and on common ho* e?ty to profrr* adherence to the <->n?tit utioa and at the ram* time to object to th? lav tor an objection to the law is an objeetiou to the constitution the law bring in * ivoutiou of the constitution If it h?4 not be-a for thoae with whom the gentleman aota. there wouM t are beta do occasion lor this lew. Woal<t he t?ll ui- that, without thin clause. the couetitution could hava bn n adop'ed' Thr art of l?3, to carry oat thi* prevision. **< planed by W**biagto?. Is the gentleman more purr benrrolrnt. aod patriotic, than the Kathir of his Country.' That art war voted for by thr framsra of the constitution They did not conceive that thry were trampling on thr rights of humta natuir Thr; ccnaidrred that thry were observing good faith Hut in thr count of time. voluntary associations wrr* organised' underground railroads constructed and the law was illegally arrrstrd; the conduct ol certain individuals bream* a grievance. anJ Congress. at the last amnion- actuated by a Rente at justice remedied thr grievance by passing the fugitive Slave law V or onr, hr would be willing to use all thr lofr ot the g nvernment to rarry it out Thr iHtf Is between the unionists and the di'unlonist* It to not a tpei illative ijuesi ion of philanthropy It 1( aa issue of thr tupremaoy ot the constitution and powwr of the government. anil thr subvertion ol the laws af the country. The amendment of Mr (bidding* was vate4 doww A'lrt incidental debate, tbr rerolutions of Mr. Bayly, referring the several bianchas of the Preaident'S marpage, wrre agreed to In committee. and concurred its by the houtn tut. r. a. enip r? > vsvlvama iv > tht wonn'a rata. After the committee roar Hr Bi m?i*< a. (whig* of Ohio, again inr.Tfcctuilly endeavored to rtfrr a resolution directing the Comrnittew of Way* and Meant to report a Mil appropriation money to fit out thr ship Pennsylvania tor toe parpore f conveying American prod acta to tiis '.ondaa WoriJ'i fair Without transacting any other business thr Tlouaa adjourned. Ur*lrm II11 Fli(-l<oi?, HOO.OtXK llofTOi. Dec. 9, 1HM The iarje broa loloth and delaine mills ot the llauiltou Wooilen O at ?outhbrldge Mar* , were entiraljr ieetrojsd by Are at 7 o'clock yesterday tu rning The [u? in eatiniafi. 1 at from 41TK (Oil to 42CO tiOit luar. rd I<T fl&2 0GU About infn hundred paraona arw turned out (f I'mployment by thi* calamity. The i?iurarre wa* na tiltoaa - Ktu, >6 0'W; Prot?eti*a, Ilartl .id of Ilartiord. tlO'UO Connecticut llutral fS !A0. Merchant a ltutfalo. fftO'W, Kraaklla, [*!iila>lel pliia >l0.lg0. ftat* i'ei>n?Tl?*oiv }Q M*; tmerirau lioatoa$10,000 Ne|tuuc ltoatoo. |1A iXM; liojlrton Ilonton 1 <' IMj ; Merchant'*. Itcaton, %V> <H#J Hremeu a Dost on J10 WJ' Mauutacturira, li j.tuu. 121 <AU. Hire anil Lrf>?? of I'hrrr Mm, Cast mi r Pa . Deo 9. ISM l.ata on Saturday fcl.fht out citlien* were -tartled by ho cry of flra occa.-loned by the burning of a aaaU wo atory brici dwtliinK in the aouthern part of ibm own The ml at :h? time waa blowing cold aat 'trong trcm the north weat. and before the deatr-ietlra ilement couij b?-chacied In ita ravaging career, tk? aoure atd Ita helpline Inmate* w> re i < o-uoml We uppoar tU* tire *m octaaioned by accident The bolide. ccn*uu?d to a criap, w> re taken from the laioaliiTlng rrin.y, and thla ui<<rniug Interred, all threw together in one grave 'I he victim* were an ag<4 jtriuun, named 1'eck hi* wife aud J.uuhur [l>? MMNM ha* th: ? n a deep sorrow over the iahabi;ants ol our quiet town. Ehtllaii tor Mayor of lla>ton. tMTOI, 1'fC. il, llal). The rote for Mayor of this city, ti day. wa? a< letIowa ? HI* flow regular whltf 5.Iir Amory independent whig iiuoufi'n , .1M Hue) fr?r ?< il \.e DM Seattrrtug. 44 Th? whig ticket lor alJ*-ui*o an l al?o th# r*<iilar rhU t':ck?i for council. w*r? carried at nearly If ia*t liilta all tie tuJ) la the city Mr?t ( onrnt ! J11117 at Hal?I more. Deo. 9, tIM The !r?t C'S frt of J??n / Llad can* off to nlghc, 13J ?? lliiiir.'J to exr*?* by a brilliant audleuav. rt? third tl*r at J? pr ticket. wa* completely oeer1ow? J. Thrrecalft* w*r* about tlil.uoo. Pa-r? la a p-rat Jaaaandfor irk't'for W <lnc lay ulght. ro?lntn?l< r C au^lU Ituliblng Ihr Mull. tilN a. (N.I ) I??CI 9.M6-I. Tbo? Mitch* .1 poftmantaf at Wmt I'c wler. nt. Lav* net county. wa* ye*t?rday brought to thl* place la suftody c{ a rpf lal ?g?-nt of tb* department, u>W irr??t !or robbing tt? Halted f*tat?* utail it *p;>ara that for *?Ti>ral tuon'h*. package* pa??lru ov?t th? root* b?tw?*o Watartown an I Canada llr?-tr l * Saw York. Philadelphia j.c , bar* bean aSatrait*^ and upoa ll'iulry it w?? elcaily ascertained 'hat Mr. ft. itrbt.l an lb- xoilt* pcrw n lie wa* tak*a t>cUrw CuB>ml*?ioiicr H.?yci tblf morning wh aft-r a brW bearing rnjalr-d th* ptiaoaer to glee ball la th? mount c.f t*jt<A Th> w??tb*r la?t *t*d1iu *a>l to Jay ha? beaa -aa ccldaat ol the n 1 "?a. ran*! navigation at tbU j iat la fjpf roiled, and th?r* haTlag :?'? eoaaldeiabla of f?.l ot wow. the alelgblng If ( all* good. \ Irglnta ? << ihr IIimIoi, Nlarr (' ??, Ar. Binimmi. Pm. f, 11V). , A m*?tlo/ bell at Kkbmood on B?tar4ey alght. to est J* an lb* Pr??J?nt tor a t >|u*illag the Uoatora riot. k?d la :'a?cr of d jb inter voir** ?a a complete tailor* Tb* Waahlrgtoo P?ifler* r*!"i??* In *.h re l*ctlca off?aairr Nairn, ?f tirgiaia. Tk*r* ii do aall uuth of Kichaioul Vlrglaia ta_____ Mclanftioly Dialliof a llaaloai (Hlieu. !!< ?10a, Der 1, 11.' 1 TbU mrraloj Jo*. P. Whe?l*r ?f thl? clly. * ailh;. ?lii| o?i>?r an ttaodirg o? board kit nwm mi?l th* Mo**< Wh??.ier, lylag at Davit* wharf, hi- Mr ick by a ca?k of n?U? which w%? (>*ia| h. i?t'J and knoek*4 iut*> tb* bold, aad lantaatly killfi. Tli* Fin* Art*. Ni? Bun* ? HanriMi Tb*ra I* ao oa* <*h? caa p;a-t?r aa arttat maaical or draraa'le with mora *ff*?t than r>arb*Ul*. Tin haf ju?t produe*d two at>*elaaaaa of hit g*alv*. la two dii!?t*at rtylo. On* r*i r***ata I *r llnand K JouarJ Doctor, tha c*|*brat*4 plaalxt aa l ?t npc<*r. la hi* r*ry m ha llraa-tlia other !* pr???d!? mm id r?ry tw 14 and ln??nlonii cartratur*. in whtrh ha I* playing on a plan >ft>rt? fr in whl -h :iow? a Mood of ooo?i tuitiona cataract Th*fnl4a el T'optori hair ara rnrloatly labelled with * rari-t j t antral tit la* It It ona of wtrb?llla tbr?t tror\?. Sfiorllug Inli lllgrmr. CmattiitiOo in. L. I.?T*otri?<;.?On Thur*<1*7 wit ft rnttrh for tJOO tbr?* all* baata, In 840 lb. WtgMt. will tomo ott orrr thin tra?*. batwrtn iw of lh? fln*ft yonrj ttalllont fa tb* country * NipvlMn. tilth* otktr it *tdr?? Jtnlutn; tlrt. >?M for hort*? that narrr won or?r $90. all* h?at?. b*?t In la bara*M A irr^at day I tport may b* antla'.patrd. drroltlyn tit) laltlllffinrr. A R<*-< I' a.ti??t.?V.-?t?rday, at thw City Court, tour b y* 'ba nldMt b?in* <lit??? and tfea * r an*" t t??lw yrart of a*?, wara brought up for trial. rtaarfd vlth t.nrjlary a fifth, aboat t.?r? I I >r "? admitted aa (ttata M?t?* aad kit a amiB&tim Via ftf < *h?n (kal'nnrf ? ttpMi It la allread that tf?M ;oi?( boy# him bf? k>o lato *nJ robb*4 T*rml hn?? la Hr nklyn t*? e' n?td"r?M? prtnolpnUr taking ?llr?r ta t <tt>#r ?rtlol?? r>t ralaa M?r?<tlth, th? ?ltn*M abov* mmtloaod. lataly ??(!# ? la thta olty. at tk? Court ot Pwatloa* agaiiwt oa? M?Im, tbargxi with raerlrlan atalaa good*. Th? 1/?r* AtttMtT to ?if>?7 M? J, Br?? art.? Mr. Ortiwall. Nr. Raanat'a ?on la la* Km oftrrrd ? r??*rd of |.'<00 for tki appr?h?nn<?a rt III par. patrator of tba a bora outraga. and a fortb?r?n n a| V ) ot ooarlrtloa I'nIM ?ta?fi DUtrtrt ( nnr(. ?*<r? JadM *?tu J't 0 Tb? Court op?a?d to br An*rkwrl||? f*? matiowa. hi* Honor a<lJotirn?J to to mom*, (tbla noralp* * at ?hl?b tfmi a ?ratid .'urr ?IU ba ?a?pa aallad ami aa tvdtrf maat agalaat Re?d tor tba aiarIpr I f ? raarl.< oti SoarJ 'ba B?aniyw1n? ?U1 Vl' U4 *r*lf th'tt.