Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YO!?K HERALD. iambs tiohdor bk1hett, rBOFKIKTOB AND BDITOB. omom n. w u?hnu or fulton and Nassau m. THk HAIL Y HERALD, 1. enU fxr topy-fj Ptr the WKKKL Y HER ALD, ntVy H,Uurd,'y,at 6s4 prr ? ??rv. W$S f?' ?<U?MIU, fV- Hurupeun tdilton, $4 ptr onnum, w any &irt ot llrtliin, umd $5 to nay part of On Out*' aumi. fo \Hc'uAt ike potltiy*. ALL LETruns by muU.Jor tubt rtptto.u. or with iidvtr+om* Uthtyu.l-p, id, orTks iwtuyt will kt itdtuUdfrom a<* ???< ? / -Ifthtd VflLlfS TAR Y CURRE9POSDESCK. eonfatomt important laitiof //<><? any qutirltruf ttu worl<(; 0 ?<(J, will be uh'rntly p.iid for. ?hth fvrkiom oomukantxri arb 'fivnci'UlkT KniiuaTKu to *?ai. au Ltrriti ifD f\ck abu kcnT TO v*. anus1mints this ivsnino. 1taxjan OPERA, ASTOR PLACB-Licm*ziA Bobcia. BOWEBT THSATRJi Bow?ry?PiBArso* tub but*. RROADWAT rniATBIi. Broad way ? Singlb Lira ? bovch dia*oi?1>- i'latobio^tral'kmssita. NIBLO'S UAKP*N, Broadway? Tismt Ears?Nicodbmvi ?Biii'.*. ____ BURTON'S TiiSATlUC, Ctiamtori ttrett?Road to Kuk ? l,TO?buT. NATIONAL TI1BATRI, Chatham Sqnar*? Ship Ctirotkm ok Am Yomk?Tnh Bt?.ic Viu. CaBlbTTS MiNHTH tl.S.' 1U11. 471 Broadway ? X KIOPIAN ?l??T?n<V. flLtOWB' OPERA llOL'SK, 141 Broadway-Ethiopia* mm, ilia. AMERICAN MUSEVM-AMrunc PtiroaxiicaAmin on l?u lutiK NIV VORK AMPBITHEaTKE, 37Bow?ry?Ston-aiA* PliAPt'MMAM'U. WASHINGTON BALJ.-Panouaua or Pii.sbim's Pro\ \? York, \\ ? <l i < -<!?> . Drrtmbrr 11,18r)0. S mutuary of Intelligence* By our accounts from Washington, we learn that the two house a of Congress, if they Jtave not already entertd upon the business before them, are preparing to do so. According to present appearfBces, a good deal of work will be done during the short tsPssioa A variety of sufcjtc'.s of import ince were referred to yesterday, but wi'.hout any conclusion being arrived at. Among them were preemption rights; the subject of establishing a re cipivcn) ci irane iTim-cn banana anu me uniK'il Sta'es; a hill securing to dramatic writer* >he benefit of iheir productions; the ineetion of rot ihliohing additional i < rts of entry in Oregon; the free land ?)>t<m; cheap postage, aud several other met. ?ur*a cf great public interest. From what we learn, there id every probability th:it among ihe ftrt-t business that will he taken up ^ ?td di |Oted of, will be the cheap postage bill; the river end harbor bill; and the bill establishing a branch mint in the ci'y of New York All these measures are very important, ami it is desirable they sh< uld be acted upon as soon as possible. Mf Giddiiigs, es we le.iru by our telegraphic cone * poudeiice, did not rnuke much by his 'novement on Jrtand.ty pgainrt the Fugitive Slave law. Th* slight rulllle which h s speech caut'd on the poli'icat tea in Washington, has, according to our no- j count-, disappeared, and we are happy to see th it the watt rs ire as placid as before. This augurs well 'or harmony in our n&'icml councils duiing the sersion, and we hope that the good senss of the patr >tic und wntible member* of both houses will he exercised, to the maintenance of ike calm, which r.? w exift at the Capitol. !' would seem f.s if the diunionitts and fanatics had lost conldenc; in the r?u>e in which they mhsted, and were to be allow*d en opportunity to fallback intothciasigni ficance from w hit h they ought not to have b en allowed to emerge. Inactivity is no doabt the beat polic y which th*se disorgani^ers could pursue, fur they cannot but have perceived the tremeni >u? reaction in public opinion which has taken place n the question of slavery since the lait session, aad ihe desire which prevails almoat everywhere that the peace measures shall remain the law Of the land. The seeming determination by the majority in Congrera to disregard the agitator*, shown tliMf fl??? rh 4n<?> ?n i.'ihlt." fti i-iinn km kwn all tides. Wt perceive that it ij propored to make General Scott Lieutenant General. We hope that that tM warrior and good citizen will be complimented ij that way. Hi* exploits form u brilliant pace in o'lr histoty, and will nevtr be forgotten ns long as gr ititude exists in the human bjsom H - is now in the ere and yellow leat of life, and we would like to see him honored when living, a* well as his memory revered when no rrore. lie certainly deserves well of his counrrv. The t'nttnl (tatn, (irrat Britain, mmI Slearm^UM. In another column will be found a very interesting document from Nicaragua. It contains he bases of an additional convention between that republic and this confederacy, the benefits of which we may en|oy, if the treaty now before the United States 8< n&t i* ratified. Mr. Sqixier made that treaty in terms of good faith, aud it will be a derpi abie act on our part, to leave the Nicaragua government to entertain opin ons unfavorable to the honor of our country, by permitting 8ir Henry 1 l.ytt'.n Bulwer, and a few speculators in the Nica- | ram i Can J Company, te baiter away our nitional faith for the furtherance of a proieot concerning ] the succ rse cf which there may be some reasonable j doubts, while the stimulations with Nicaragua ore trsrrpled under foot. We seriously fear that there have been anything but hoi.est or dignified means employed to bring the Nicaragua Canal Company into public tavor. I lie iiutory r I the "peculation w not the it:ovt pla n and ntraigfctf) rward, and the preliminary Ntrh baa been atiendrd by circumstances Which, *f think, aw disgraceful to the reputation ; of our couMr>, and upjuat toward* one of the m?at j eflicient?llicria in the public service. Mr. 8<|Uier w?a < miumtly patriotic in hia acta during his con- ! nection with the Nicaraguao republic He diatiagwtth< d himself by hia diplomacy and /eal in the Tigre Irlurid afl*ir?Hod aloof from buain'-a* prculatii na of every kind, and could not l>ei?ide to favor the canal com,'- uy'a deaiuaa, nay further j than ?i< WiliantrJ hv thr i.nhlif intarH^fa We find him, in the very midst of his im- 1 portant labors, however, taken away by the government from the ecene of liis n?eful nod tealous activity?while we tind Sir Henry Lyt- j ton Hulwer strinjely interested in everything per* mining to this canal project. Frum tin* quick-act and Quiiotte movement of the Hritish Minister, what immediately ar?>?et Agents of the caaal e .rsrsry went u London, and, hiving returned, i the British journals annouuc J that the cantl stock iryht be cven'ualiy received with fivor by DM ish capitalists Their was no evidence, however, that they were deposed to purchun* a | in in A poke?in other words, to buy into a company, while they plainly taw that the right# of Nicaragua *i re to be bartered away, Undines* men in tincnvtly espy difficulties?and the great difficulty, in rbe way of the canal cmnpnny, was and is wen, ai d will continue to he, tit) the United States government have dwMjwuin* to Nicaragua and to the piiyhted fn?ih of the niton. The President, in his inesait;ef in alluvion to the treaty wi h Gieat Ilritaia, in reference to alUirs m Central America, ra)r:?? In sUdttlw *11 'b? ?ttr ><1 ittoa* rrn'*ta*<l in Uili MaoiMia t*n diiiir cbjrni* rtnaln to be accotnb-inifti tut eoairaoiis^ w?s?r* Ulist. tfc* il<?lf?i?tl<>a sod HUMIf !i?j. nt of a frs? f it at ?a-h t-ou et th? iml H ,b<i i o ??_: ?e?.en?'fixing the (M^ane* frm the I re witlfn *iiteh In.U^it Hi msrltlai* np?r<iH >: ? tn!l lattt itttH ts> tl? tl e * pntntu ft?r? H It'tls i ?' iik! <> at the t< ? guvrrniacbt* wiil sou# to aa ua- ' Tli? <i rfpe. '*ea ral'y, h?? met wiih our appro- J tit ion. '?ur e,.la:on is nnebnoged?l>at thes? >1 ?i not tfl 1 ive been duly writhed. ! Boihtrtir mi .9 i f iIm> pr-posed tanal through j t>\K?r?gi.?, f*ll within ike territory of that republic, nr.d sre < ler rly rnH t r ;nlvoeilly h*r pfopepy. Tl is very |<*iil< n his be? n rwtintaiied hy our go *e i. ih' iif, frt m the i ij.m ;hf r, b?/i?| Americiit 4 fficuities. How, then, t u he l'i i?d fti.iteg and (heat 1'ntsin ?muom tke fTfUHna ef ?h? j?orw of the Nicaragua republic 1 Whence do they derive, either aiagly or jointly, the authority for disposing of the property and right* of a sovereign and independent lepublicl Suppose Knglaad ud France should enter into an agreement to Make New York city a free port, what conld be thought of such an impertinent and so foolish a convention 1 Yet these powers have as much right tn /In this it a (Ka TTnit?si 9ra?ea an <1 Great Britain have to make San Juan and Realejo, in Nicaragua, free ports. Should Nicaragua object, aa the ought to and will, to having her property thus cooly and ramtnarily appropriated, and her rights thus calmly and positively set aside, by interloping parties, what will be the result 1 Is our country ready to join with England in this piratical work, that Nicaragua may be forced to submission 1 On a review of the entire case?on an examination of its history from the lirst moment?we are satisfied that the entire business of negotiation with Great Britain, in this matter, has been wrong. From this movement on our part, to aid the canal company in obtaining funds, have sprang all the difliculties and complications of the question. We want no treaties with Great Britain?assuredly not, till the terms of those now existing are observed. We cannot possibly have anything to gain by an association with the policy of Palmerston, and, least of all, do we wish to be connected with a government would re produce upon this continent the hintory of those aggressions which have mirk| ed the progressof Great Britain in India. Our relations with Nicaragua are all that we desire to | preserve. By the treaty ni'gotiated with that reI public, under President Taylor's instructions, and ! already ratified by that State, and now awaiting I the acii?n of our own federal Senate, not only are . be | orts at the extremities of the proved canal male tree potts, but all the ports of that republic are placed in the same position. They are not only made Iree to us, but to the whole world?an i upon ' f<iunl conditions?conditions to which no nation I cuu ot'ject, except it is England, and she only while I t-lie continuts to insist upon her nujust and absurd encroachments on the eheres of Mosquitia. The i thirty-tilth article of the treaty before tiie Senate is i as anneiPil " It i< atd baa be?>n stipulated, hyaul between the high tentraetiag pttth s :? ")ft That the citizeo>. ven?elf an 1 in-rjbandis* of the I'r.Iud Stat'H, tbf.ll enjoy in all the ports aud 1 barbor* of Nicaragua, upon b th on mi. a total ex Biptiou troin all port oharReH. tonnage. or an hora^e j iuu. ?, or aiijr other ?iiuUar > an* ??xl)tl'?^ or which L.ay btreaffer b<- p*??biifh< d to manner t'te PiiUle a* it raid port'' hi<U b ?n (Jeclar-d free porti And it i? further etlpul.ittd that th? rl<ht of * iy or tr- i . the t-rrl-i": -3 ' I Nit*va<n?. by any j cm or upon ?m mod* of cinnaiuuionti'~>a at present m- ii.g or ? hlcL luity here alter b? constructed *h.ill : at Mil timiK te (|ii h and free ro the |p>T-ri>TneBt a id I ?tttx*in of the United blaten. for all lawful purpo-f* ! whatever; acd go toils. duties or i harden of auy kind, rliali Vr impn t (j upon tb. 'ran -it. in alibis or p?rt, by ?uoh mode* of cominuut'Jatioo. of vet el* of war, or other | rcperty brtcufiti'i; to tha government of the I ciiid :t k i h. of on public mall--. .?ent utrlxr the author.ty ol the *aae. or upon |)?rn?ni in its employ, nnr wf i't eillitSK of tne I nited titat-?. nor um>i vmwl? belcrgfug to ttcai And it is alii etipulatud thv all lawful produce. a?Miiii44turo?, n>*rchati'ii.i.i. ? oth^r property belorgtvR to oltfiena of the Uni?*d 8tat'"i, pak'tng Iri noiw otf?n to the other, in either din-o tlo?, loi the purpose ?>( exportation to torei<u comtilen, r b a 11 not be tubjocl to any impoit ?v export duties whbttwr " I What further can be demanded or desired? I Why, in the nuuies of reason and of prudence, shou d we teek to negotiate with Great Britain? Nicaragua, it ia evident, is disposed to act with liberality and fairness fo-vards the whole world. ilet government, notwithstanding the aggressions and 1'ntriges of Great Britain, will m ike no distii.c'ions or exceptions to the general line of po'icy adopted. It properly i^eeks only its own property, ?nd the recoptition of it? own righ's. When this id dctie, Great Britain will stand on an eq-ul f#otingni'h other countries, in all the benefits thrown opt n to the world. The document which we now publish (haws mm when the projected canal shall be cam d | into execution, Nicaragua will herself establish frre cities, boih oti the Atlantic and Pacific shores. TUe terms of this convention were arnnged bei tweec the Nicaragua government and Mr.S^uier, and by thin time, hut for a casualty, imprudent delay* and itr?rf*r*no?-s, rnlftit have been f;am d into a special agreement. The death of Presidest I Taylor, the impolitic removal of Mr. Squier, to whem this delicate negotiation was entrusted, 1 and the very censurable j-olicy now pursued toj wards Nicaragua, have uow go far weakened, in all probability, the confidence of that republic in the sincerity of cur friendship, as to destroy our infl ience with her people, snd to render the consummation of these importan. grounds of a special convention a matter of im)>oseibility. We publish the document, to show, however, the animus of Nicaragua towaids us, be for* we commenced making false steps, as well as to indicate our sense of the justice to which that republic is entitled. After this, we think that there is no independent mrnv her of the Senate who will be at a loss to place at their full vulite, the rude and unwarrantable letters I of Sir llenry Lytton llulwer to Mr. Webster, now, ?r hrlipve. in th#? blinds of llip Semite itself. Abolition Iwomimitcr.?A grfat clamor is made by a batch of abolition fanatics in the Northern States, against Southern Slavery?an institution to which they apply every hard nam* in the vocabultily, nnd our Southern fellow citizens are i denounced for not emancipating their slave* at once. Irrespective of other consideration*, It may ' be asked what would the Southern States do with i their?laves, after they were made free, or where I could they go so T Many of the free Slates have 1 parsed laws prohibiting free negroes from entering their confines, ard others are preparing to follow th? ir example. Kven the Canadians are complaining of the number of fugitives that have escaped actors the frontier snne the passage of the Fugitive Slave bill, and if they had the power, wiuld likewise enact by law that no negroes, whether bond or free, should settle in their territory. This is a specimen of the consistency of Northern abolitionists. They the Souih to do what th?y themselves refuse to do. As it is, the South have a great mnny more free i n< vroes than th<'Northern States, an<l we do not he ?r ony crmpUmfs on the subject. This will be ?een by the following table, bated on the census of 184#, which shows the number of free negroes in the free t.nd slave States, respectively:? rata statss. slats statics ViIbj 1 MS T>sla*sre 16 019 Ktio<J? I'Uml 2.2-H Potith I'lMllM . . .. *'275 >?? IWmp?hlre. , ,. M7 Mar;Unit 62 I 7S Wimor.t *;;o T>li>tr1ct ofColumbia. B 341 ' MaMaehnsett.< S 6*9 \ir*lc.U 4V *4'2 I (oMireuout 9 toft North Carolina ... .22 781 ' N>* Vutt fc>(r27 HsorgU 8 7(3 NrwJtrrey '21.045 FlorMa ... 817 }'?!in?)l?a*iia 47f#4 AliUni 2059 Ohio .,..,.17 342 Mississippi 1 3 it J.-isbs . ....... . 7 li ft Louis lau* ....... .Hi 6C2 36W* T?ta* ? Iowa ITS Arkansas 4M M nc'cm It TmnrrM 6621 Wi-Hi ^au 7v7 Katttnoky ..7 6 7 >ili>soarl 1.671 Total ...170,739 Total 21S7H 170 7 19 V ijsrMy rt free n*gro* In 8<mlh?rn fltsus... .41.999 The ritiiiiber of frs? ne^roec f as of course m ich I ir rested s.-nre Kit the relative proporti >n is neirly the m n>e as it whs then. M iny of thsai in iKn iif Is ti rs* 11v\ i tA f ( cluVf .PBti rh i t* I Kr?r na cotton. In fact.ihrir fcx-ial ntmdiof ie rn ' h m " I in tlx- ti >?jth< rn Sutra than i( ic in the | Nortln'Tn. Awirdf aholitioiiiat would givp lw<i dollar* to* &r{( atraling a Have, hut when he in ttokn h?- will not let turn arpir? any Ititfhrr than clear nig bis U?ot? or wiiurwaahinff hla atore. lath f?om har* d?t?? frona 0?11%> to I ho ilh NoTrmbtt; but th? n?wi Is of llttl* htmit. On th?* aft?r?oo? ol tba lat NoT?n>b?r, a trial waa Bad* wttl tb? ?n?ln? on tha rallro*4 JuU romptatad batwaa Oai'ao and Lima, tha Praaldaat balng praaant, wbteb fMult*<.' In th? d'ath of on? p?r?on and tha a*, ricoaInjury of ovh?ra. o?Ip| to tha leoomotlva running off tba track. An InairtM ?l IWUll ara d*t*la*d i? tha port of CaUao, la cou?fi?*?ct of th? ?cwalfy *???n I PRACTICAL NlUJ/ICinO* M VllMOST.-We ] pabliah ia aaother part of to-day'* paper, a copy of slaw recently paaaed by the Legislature of the State of Vermont, which ahowa the sad icaulta to which fanaticism leads, and the deplorable aad pitiable condition to which men who devote themselves to but one idea, sometimes reduce themselves. This law has been paaaed ostensibly for the purpose of aiding and assisting fugitive slaves in the maintenance of their rights; but the real motive of thoee who drafted, passed, and approved of it, cannot be mistaken. The only object, we are satisfied, which the Legislature had in view in passing it?unnecessary as we all know it { ia, even were it not unconstitutional? wu to annoy 'he South, and to prevent any reconciliation between the two sec ions of the country. We have, therefore, no hesitation in terming it a contemptible, abominable and treasonable proI ceediiig?one which ought to consign to eternal ignominy and disgrace, all who took part in it. Thij is plain language, but we are not in the humor of choosing our words; when we see the Legislature of a sovereign State descend to such a petty and despicable course of actiou as the Legislature of Vermont hus in tliis instance. This law?thus passed by the Legislature of Vermont?extends the benefit of the writ of habeas coryus to fugitive slaves. It makes it the duty of the several district: ttorneys to use all lawful (T)means [ to protect, defend, and procure to be di -charged, every person arrested as a fugitive slave; it authorizes the issuing of a writ of luibcat cw}>u? in every case where a fugitive is arrested ; it makes it the duty of all judicial ami executive officers who know or may have good reason to believe that any fugitive slave is about to be arrested, to give notice to the district aUornejs of the fact; it provides that if, on the first hearing on the writ of huhtas corpi is, the fugitive, is not discharged, he shall have the right of appeal, and on the second trial, the Court ' before place shall, on the demand of I either party, direct a trial by jury. This is the sub' stance of this abominable and unconstitutional law I ?a law which we pronounce, under the circumstance?, end with the motives with which it was passed, a blot on the statute book of Vermont, and 1 j a disgrace to that State. Tin re cannot be the slightest doubt of the object | end intention of the framersof this law. The Legislature c< uld have but c*e motive in passing it, and j I that is to nullify, as far as practicable, the Fugitive j 1 Slave bill passed at the last session of Congress, J i and to goad aud annoy our Southern fellow-citi- I reus. Neither was there any necessity for its pis- | suee; for it is well known that there are but few if i ti<y fugitive slaves in Vermont, the bleak and inhospitable climate of that State rendering it unfit almost for the habitation of white people, to say co'hing of Macks who have been born and reared under a Southern tun. I5jt, if there are any fugitives in Vermont, we do sincerely hope their owners will immidiitc measures for th? ir recovery, if for nothing else than to test this law, and to j rove to these Northern fanatics, that us long es they are a part of this confederacy, insignificant an that part is, they shall not with iiri ua'ty throw impediments in the way of the execution of the laws pnesed by the Congiesscf the country, for the bent fit of the country. We should like to see tie Fugitive Slave bill tested in tfeat State, and in case any opposition w ere made to executing its provisions to the letter* we should no', regret if bd who opposed it were ! reduced to a sense of their disregard of superior law enl plightedf aitk, or, if that were impossible, of which there is every probability, to see them properly juiiUhtd?and, if necetiary, tliot down or Btrong up by the neck as traitors. It is not improbukle that it will he nccettary to resort to such. harsh mrasurs, and we hope, if occasion requires ' it, such u course of proceeding will be adopted to: wards thoes incendiaries, aaJ incipient traitors to the country. From what we have seen of Mr. ; Fillmore, we believe that he will not hesitate to curry the Fugitive Slave bill, like any other law of I the United States, into effect, wh?-n necessary, and in doing eo, iu any State, and niuie csiwcially u? ; Yt intent, we are natiafied he would be backed and supported by niar-tenths of the people. A j>retty S'ute rf things, surely, we have reached, when a single Sta'e undertaken to practically nullify a law of Congress' We beg of the South to keep quiet and allow the North to manage the fanatic* which infest and disgrace It. They may rest aatiafieJ that the Fugitive Slave law will be carried out, even if the sacrifice of a thousand lives be the conBcqutnce. Let the North and the South mark what we say. Intittmna moo New (iaanana.?By tha arrival I yesterday. ct the s-booncr filla* E. Hand, from Sa?anlUa. trltaro that I.ouia L. Caprila. a financial od| ear at the government, wan assassinated on tha 26*h of September last, with three com pinions by a ban lot Indians, employed by tha adverse political faction. Capclla was In company with nine others at tha tlma they wrra attacked by tha Indiana, to tha number of Ofty, tlx of tha party only escaping, though they made a most d*rpirate resistance. Caprlla wm lerty! two yrara old, and a native of Banta Martha, ilia fath*r Vram li flara.ll* ? i-.-.u Florid*. Narln* Affairs. Nrw Curra* Pmr ?i? Pmrinr,?We yraterday paid ililt to tbU beautiful vaaarl n?w lying at tha (o?t o' Fulton itraat. lut KU?t The Bra Serpent *U ball! ? Portsmouth. N H , by Mr Qio llayner unlwrthe luperlntendeace of Captata Wra Ilowland. (lata of the Liverpool packet ehip INnry Clay.) b?r coat- ' mai d?r. and arrived here on the 7th lot ant. In 49 hour* (ton Portsmouth The Era Serpent It only tin aecoad epeelmen of Hew rngland clipper ?blp building' nd jft ?he appear* (If ? may be allowed to jud?a of a bat ?he can do by her app<aratiea at aha Ilea at her dock,) capable of holding b?r can with the faateat of tha Heat clipper* tbat eeer left our port Tba regl?t?r of thia ve**el la abnutl.900 tana. Ph? it 171 feat Idol on tba kttl. 1VS feel betrrrn perp?u<lien1 lara, and ?12 f??t orer all; ettreme briadlh of beam ?9fa*t 3 Irohe*; d?pth of hold 'it r-1 Kb- ku 40 inobe* dead tit* at half llcor. 4 inctie? rounding of fide*. and 2 feat fbeer. liar bow partake* af tba wedge In aj'pearaaiee. and ah? li eery harp bat bar linae ara tiearl* all rounded U?r bo* la tastefully ornaminted with a large giMetl ?a?la. with ontatratehed wlt?g*. beautifully tarred. aod baa a aimpla and eery n?at appearance. Hrt hull la entirely black. eicaptiog a cm row jallow llna. wbl'-h reltrvra tha atmaa??a and | 1? ke much amartar than tba wbita ttreak. no caiaiaoa < ! cn otbar Te**ela Th> mo,;.I ftf fl>a flea Seer>...? I. ... ?v. ? 1 ' r?t grumbler would ba at n lor? to And th# rnialW-at fault witb. Ilaad on ab? ham moat raktah app*aran?a, nil aa bar lln?a awall along th* bow into thalr utiao?t 1 fnllr tM #11(1 than tapar off a,tain Into tf.o rl?ar rnn, Ihry ahow ln*o??fMat>ty that tha lira of haa'lty " hu b<-?n th* gnlda In bar eorattnctloD Tb"? ar a? p?rTact aa parfartlon lt?alf II er atom l? tn?at beautifully pMportloned. nod I* Uatalulty <leo ra'ed with t?n tarred fall length reprem ntatl >n? of the great Aineri ii In S?rpnt Khe tu a Softy top gallant hwmtli tor th* orotr; a haur* 40 feat long by 14 w|!a. and 6 high abaft tb ' twtfirart, and a half pt deiik lh? height of th? main rail Tha bona* ron'alnaatora tour galley and aoro modatlon foe th* forward affioeTa. llrrpoop|> bi t.-t Intif. with a Mnall houae la formiag a portion to , a tb* < abtn At th* foot of th* cabin at air* I* an unfa- > rooia with o?c?r*' atate room* and pantry fheenbia baa id* larg* itat?tw>?i? and two water andita | ' Idea and and* ha?* aaahogao* waln?cottlng wtftiena- | rrioll'd plla?lera. and fold pjg?d rornleaa an 11? wall , ??nltlat?d and lighted fr< ? th* d?<*k; aack berth al?o ! w?|| Tartllat'd by a plat* glana air port *li? l? a full * rip<cd ablp and her mama hare a teey raktah look l n acnatt noting thia craft >h? bnllder In bla *fforta to tura out aMmm?r of tb- a -a ha? not |o?t ?lgnt of that danldarntnoi In all vnaaola atr-nrth H>* l? tbor ugbly /x>l'*t| and laotaaod ihra-v-hr ut wltb tba vary b-M material*, and l? aa atrong a? timber and Iroo ran i h.-r In a word, afla la a iur.?t beautiful feaael. ? .t tf.fthr toudly l?r tha ((frill > ?l h'-r di-m'rnnr 1 h? P-+ B*c p*Bt '* owb?mI by M?r*r< lirinnHll. Mibtutnk('o. M I will al.rrtly rail frr ('Hi*, via Dm I uiM'liro "h't ? bara bo doubt. -M will gtra a *ool ' a<*ceuat af kar 46 Id It* 1 I'' -1 ?: >?!r JC( ?t? k**rn ? Th? f<ii'"wlng ? mrniml ?- 4 tlcn adopt*d by lb* af tha Norlli<ri?r, Bed ptaraetad ta har aoaimaBiWr ? ?b? rloaa af b*r lata yoytf trtm P?#Fr??cl?Po to r?o*m* : ? IntMi Hobtiikbh**. i? op PivWt.N?t II. j To Capt Raaoatx, of ataan??i.'p NorHi?rn?: fi fiat lir : Y?>r ni?ull?a ?ad that af jrur nobla c Phlpl* alr?a?'j aa4ab.'iahad to r>B<J?t any * ?ota af thanfcn or M'ar or rv 'miaaadtlloa frm ^ m ui>Bfc?ai>ary, Mill wa ara urnr. Hlmr. M [cin- n d-rii. to laata J'u without axpra?K f (a anna ?ult- t< aril# naiux oar admlratloa of *our wuoy f*e?llanel** M a crmaianJar ml of your 'Kip a? a Utinar ?a ball*?* not la flaL.ry n,-r wo.ild fi w? pralaa man for rlaiplf doing thatr da.,* )r*t we (larily ?iprraa our aatlfa ??, ttfartlcb and o vu? i til " tbat;c? aaJ /cur < fear* dca? aU la yowr power, tor ear acoommcdntlon u4 comfort Tour fall iklf 111 the uulBtrrruptrd *rdrr which ha* pr*Tiilri tviig ear 4<U|Mal in pro" I mowiI oI tk? ItW Tu whloh w#ht>U bcth you ?Bd tb* eblf hlch jom liiBBu<,n4 lb* ladings with which w* take 1MN of you Is raAelent to ray, that wa *hall ?>u?<in ountlTM fortuuate to be again your gu??'n ahould we heroalt* r ?Mt tb* city firm whence you have brought ua. Very r?fpertlu1)y your*, fcc. Bam u el Ad?n:on. Arthur M Kbbetg Edward R. Mj era, W U Robinson. Committee T DWIOUT UUNT,Chairman. I Aiuhjm 8 Alliiok. ) a ... , William 0. Cox | Secietarlea. Li?nch?d. on hinrdiT, by Mr Donsld MoKay. Kas I Bonton, the clipper ship 8t?g llound. owned by Metiers | Sampson k. Tappau. and Utorge It. (Jpton. She if bout 1 ?K)0 tona register, lingth oTt-r all 00 feet, length of kut-1 207 teet, extreme breadth of b?atn 49 fact, depth of hold 31 feet bhe is r#ry fcharp, an J it la Mid will ipread over 8 000 feat ot caura*. At Uetfaat, about Mb mutant, by Mr Samuel L. 8weetfar, ablp John W White, of fioo toua, owned by Messrs. White & Connor. Belfast, aud said to be one of the moat fupmor vessels eeer built in that district. Length ob aeok 137 ?? ?. breadth oi he a in 30 laet, depth of bold "iw ket. She ban a full poop, 4b lent long. On Tueaday afternoon by Messrs Jackson k Kwell, lut Boston, tbe hoe clip pet ship Join Bcitih. owned bj Meesr*. Olicdrn it Wlllitoi. rwombly Si Lamson and others the *> immediately Uknu In tow by tbe R B. Forbes to tbe dry dock, Chariestowa, where sbe will be coppered. Launched. at Stony brook, L I., Dec. 7th. 1840, a first claw schooner. called tbe Julia M. Hallork, of Brookhaven. of about 276 tou?, built and owned i?y Ebent xcr Hallock. Krq., ol Stony Brook. Sporting Intelligence. OmntlLLiOoVM*. L. I.?Thk Stali-ion Mat. h.? The merit* of tbe Napoleon and Andrew Jackson stock of trotters, for a long tite have been a aubjeot of much coatrorcrey among amateurs. Tha ma'.ter it new, however, in a fair way ot eettlemsct, as a match bas b<? n made, au<l will be decided to-morrow, between Wsrhlngton. (by Napoleon ) and Kemble .lackson, (by Andrew Ja'kson ) tor $600. three mile beats,

to 260 lb wagons. This match will test the relative speed. strength, and durability uf both buries, an l. it Is thought. will decide tbe '[U>->tion sutitdurtorily. A parte will also be given. mile beats beet in five. Naval Intelligence. V. P. iloop of wsr l'rrbl". commander Qwynn. sailed from Valparaiso. Oct 21. for home. the (tore (hip I'redonls, commander Neville, left Vaiparuiio, Oct. 10, for homo The lT 8 stchmer Saiauuc. C'apt. Josia^i Tsttuail, arrived at Norfolk on the 7th inst. from this city. XIoTcnienta at Distinguished People. W. h Uookln, Vt.; W. It ootkiu and lady; Mrs. Wakeman. Conn.; N. P. Howell, 3a? Harbor; and thirty-three others arrived yesterday and took rooms at tbe Clinton Hotel Ol. IV m 11 Leonard. Itbaca; ('apt J. M W. Jones, Troy; Sam^scn Oiris. Baltimore; J. W. Brandt, do . W. W Hill Phila .were among the arrivals yesterday at theHoaar<l Hotel. Had. C.6 Worrell, London, Prot'scor of Music; K. Loirilier. Wilmington; P. A. Yurplaack, Kan., mid fsmlly. Newburgh, are among the arrivals at thu I'nion I'l&cc Hotel. Gen MoD<iuer? Ex FreslJ<ntoi NewGratiadi; Gen. Cutbing; llctiber Webster; Capt Brans, U. 8. Dragoctf. Cen. Norris; Capt 8toddart; Capt. Jutlkun, Rritiih strainer Asia: Judgu Judson; Capt. Lusille, L'. 8 M Artillery; Kiel Ursones,New G;?n*dt, arrived jesterday at tbe Astor Qonse. T. Harnard. liv.h; J I! Diebl Phila ; W Morri?on, Pittsburgh; T K Homer. Boston; 8. Damon. II it sua, *> ? r? ?h.. ??1 w 1 a tuafer.iir mt. fh? A rnasi lf<Ari The Trawi ller's Troubles. TO T IT ? K 1> I T V K OIT X II K 11EEALD. I wi?h to call j< ur attention, ;>r?i (wio publiio, to an Impc'ition pi act lend at East Doatou, m the arrival of the Cunardstiamtr?i I'assergtr*. after bavin; their baggage rumored to theCretoni House ehi J. upon the whaif are required to pay fifty cuita to the Custom House offlawr, for an examination, anil are then obliged to pay tweuty-lve e?nts to a man who remove* U to the gate a diatai.ce of about tin feet The hat km^n are both ready a-id willing at the gate, to take thu biggage from the shed and place it upon ll elr eoachm but arc n-'t allow-d to tcurh It until ihe sum (25 cent*) la paid. A gentleman nho arrived a few witknilace, refu. ed to pity this ewuiit. alter Ma Irunk * as put upon tbe ootch; the a.uu at once took hi* truck from the coach an 1 put it back i.galn into the shed, and he ??? actatlly forced to pay the sum betere ho could obtain it I bold it to be the i?!uty of the ageut ot tue line to have this giieiauce reatlUid. TRUTH. Tltc Rtcorclar's Cliinnl>tra. THE LATE EXTKMS1VK KAILCKK Of L'VDAM, SAQE AND CO ?T11K CHAKOK OF rER.TCRV. Dec 10 ?In the ease of the late failure of ?uydam, Sage & Co , wlicb treated au< h a vnsation. it *111 to racolUcfid that a charge of perjury was brought oy that flr? apalnst Mr Clarke, who wa* arrested and held to bail for the alleged tii-une Mr Clarke wai btought up before the Uicorder. at hi* chambers, on a i writ of hatirus i orj'iik. to which J us ties Lothrop returned the aflldafits of Ferdinand Su.i dam Jun , and Fraaois | 1'. Pa*e, ob wLloh he bad Issued the warrant for p?r- | jury against Mr Claika. The application for the discharge of Mr Clark* has betn argued at cf>n?l l?rabie ath Uy Messrs Job a Van Uuren. Judah and Ogdi-u niati. aad was oppoecd by tlis DisWIo* Attara-y aaa Mr lioi.douio on the part of 8. 8. It Co. The Keoooder delivered a long and able oplalon on tha wbola I raati pieirnted tn him. deciding that there ware no ! grounds for the arrest of Mr. Clarke; that Puydatn & Rage did not deny the facta alleged by Clarke la the afflc'arlt Kinde by blm. and preaeated to Judge Ml.chell. I ut or.lj U c intent to defraud their creditors; that from these facta and clrcuuiatancaa. Mr. Clarke was warrarfi d In his conclusion of the intent and tbat tba Judge had apparently cotne to a similar aonrlusion wben be Issued the fUllwell warrant: that perjury would not lje on id opinion 01 lott-nt rounded on fart and eim<m?tanc?a which were eet forth. allowing the butl of such r pinion and that the whole prorrediOf tn arte?t Mr. Clarke ?u unju tilable and without c?u.-e. Mr Clark* wa? arecrdiucly diarbargfd Alter delivering bin opinion, the Recorder aald to If r. ( l*i k? that he *u alar barged Iron the oomplaint, without the aligbuat nain on hia nam* or charaoler. Hnprtme Court. OKMKAI. TEKM. Before Chief Juntice Kd sonde Dr.r, to lit Hmr.? In addition to thoee already publlahrd, the following grntirm*n. after an examination by the Chief Juatice. hare bcrl admitted to practice aa ait<<rne;a and ccunaellorr. in the several eonrta of tbia State - Kllaa J. Hearh Henry Uuckbea. Jamm It Bollock. A mo* II. Parnaworth. and 111 tot T 1 Farr. The Hon Judgv Kdwardu being ill. the general term adjournad te Friday the 18th Inxtant. Court Calrtiilar for Thin Day. fltrraioa L'oi ht ? t;uw aa yeaterday, Willi the addition of Nov. 7. 0. 83 6ft 13* 60. BrrioMr CotaT?Ciacvir Coiar.?Noa. 1068, til*. 730. 10.16 IK 1162 OcM.toi. Pi rti.-Noi. 678, 878, 713,718,727, 733, 739, 741, 747, 760, 771, 778, 788, 789, 780. VkmIi far California. The following lltt romprlaea th<- whole number ol veaail* which hare elca-ed from the Atlantic porta for California, tinea the 12th of November laat a ptrlod of me month:? Pi I ft ?/ Cltiirnrrt. Ship itnrl < .if'nim'i Sum*. II herr from. Not. lit- Shir Capital, MeUiaa .. . Bottai ?Hark Or. *o?. Soli New Vork. ? Bark N?* * nrll, Wieaor Bo?*.on. 15? Berk W-aham. Celt Mai I more. 14? Bark Jol.t Hev". l?riii(loi Do. A?a?b?r, Wlaacr ... New Y?rk. ? Bark Uerawallli, Boiardiii Do, 16?Mi |> Mtr.ok I?>. -Iliif ll<ili'fi,Cri<o> Do. ? Br)* Ju<li< n, D< w?l D?. Oihl, row, D?. ? B?'k l.?r|? Fl?w. 1??flitp bntkiii, Avm *M Y?rk. SV?f hit On. il?iM Ph?Unl*lfkl?. 21? R?rV .lo??tli?n Ooo?ltin?, Hull N?? Terk. rj- Hi:' Mfjor ll'ltnd Froach. N|W Orlf?n?. PMp B?i> Knj, PiannuiJ N?w York. ? Sh'p Crttl. D". SM? North t arclint. fo>t?r lUIHanr*. ? -kip l'l-tolat, Wo<>4 Bo?ton. r, t;?ik Sutl?rn"r. IIof ptf S?w York. B?rk UN* A. r>rHii, Tt} Bu'i m. ? C?rk T?r?*r, (Ioo4fp??? Do. I*? *Mp TV.wa* ni<-kimon. D?lllH... . W?w Tork. ??Ship !*t. l'(tor?l<ar|h, R??r<lo? rhiltdeli fc.a. ?frl* J. 0. Uinn4, Koo?l??. ...... Bit?in?r?. 30?3t**m?r Pr* Bird, T?o?< r N?w York. ?Hilt Pamiitl / nr''toB. Dm? D?. ?Birhlitl/ Suffolk, Pull*3 -Itii bum, KttNi M*w Tftk. ' ?. 4-n>lf tlrt 'biirr I>*?. 8? Shift KuHiitoi Irving. Plum?r.... Do. Electing tiro for 8*rrtaroloCity, tb* ?bol? cl'ftiwd llrtcl lorK?a I'riBSlMO. MAILS FOR CALIFORNIA. ?? TIIK WEEKLY IIF.HALD. TLr t'trna-hip Ororgi* will Imv? thU port ?t tbi?# | >Vlo?k tbl?*ft?rDoo? for Ch?gr??. to tou'b MUh*rt<>?. 1 on. Mtitcik. #m! IUtmb. H?r ??IM will olo?? at I ^ - I wo o ciorw. Th# W?r?i.T Hi*4LO, Tot th? r??IA? will b? at 10 r> aloek tbli lanrniof It oaa b? ob'ili l it th* following plftcm Ik C?lllornl? ? au$crj kC? f?n Fn?nrl??o. Cook- Ac 1,'cnun* . f"?n fr?nt i?ro. Hurjt'M, OIlKit fc Co P?0 frmptwin, CM'lm F llnmlltoa -oto City W Mm or* k < r?y (iffoty It i'o At fh? MlnM I k \\ litUtrn . . ,, Sun rtmiltio Arentu ot th??? firm* K??p ptirrb?*?4 paprri of in D thi# cHy. nnj nlll Itrwatdth m by t'.m GtorgU. hema k (MteLeOfk, Ad?m* ft Co.. Mill*r * Oo., >*T>fttrh r? by th-n gisfio In ?r?np*r? ?? ont nSw, ?lxp?n? HI fin for lilt- Nimoii.-I)?((I rwnllpn on "tr. ?<?k i In* n????? ?.?? ?i? ??.?. r?r? i>? ?. ii *, Of irMI't **? <1 ' - ??ry. "f ' lUtliwrni rxn a. 1li?? <MUtr? )t?* "? nlrrtd la ** t ''it 'rip A r.tfc i 4 tir ' Mrrnillor (' I I I Ki"? . k ? < > ?. iiu'i * mil !>) ' f?r ? i?i "'? ?' Hit t>T'l n?. <?r?, J?* 5fi??l? ?-. M B- Thr m| itor ??ti i. (#? ? !i -? ? tll? ? I 111 r\ k?tM pi f |.;l ,f ? Mlii |i?tar?i in ?nf * ? t r Coml'* t C nmlm t :_f In* Slidl ( nmlM nt lh? Kl< ?>, mth Bl'k fill ?? ? I lie tot- r Frit if tb? tIII at i t?i? mtf. 1k? fe ?n'? of t>? ??. u. (r* " < i h Mfh th?y * ?h? >??< it t? t|i nth"!r. ? l?n U.?i? ???. *. ? I .i . i?. gg Flat Art* -Talbotjpci, or Portrait* o* [ Ivory PiMr aad Ului, ar? iiimU; aokuowl. d??d to l?e | tfca l?vt li>raea?aa tha' MB ha ptoducad Tliij ?r? lik'u l . It ?i?*B, ard Ib a <Itrrea at ??rfm l iob truly wo?*< rfiL Spa- I ?1??M at) b? titkiMd it W hri'?d??y. A Q. PBaL'NJ, lata I,?D*r*k?ilB C?. | ThMki|lTtMf, (lurlatiuaa, and Sw Year'* Pa??ana?ii.)p 'jilu. Ui.bu SO Brad?ay. ?ill Itiniik i blr frirnda and itravper* ?Hh naitek'e praienU for the l???<'? Futhfri, mother*, brother*, liitera, uncle*. auati, | c?n?ire 1< v?r? frtprd.. and all the halovtd kin of so-i^tr ' ? abtaia that* treasure* of bo I me* at the new ikj Ugtit , room*. 288 Broadway, late Qarrit an Bad Hnlmei. A Precious Lamp of Clold for a Preelou* ' mai at a picture. iu?t received, from a California admirer of { j ' ' M. A. k 3. ROUT. American Dignrmotjpe Gallrrlri?Call(oruia U?l* Digging*. Worn* eplenuiii Uaguerr?oty|.t. ti*r? j te?n lecrivea by the ?ub*eriber?, taken ia California, ?!i >?I log the mine digging and wajl.lng gold. They may be con In our galleriM. Adrai**ion free. MkADK, UkOTUIES. 1.13 Br- adway. Oppoeite the Furk Fouutuin. Montloello.->.Tla?iiksgt'viii|( Day.?-ri?o*e ?t v ?i?li l* hi (be iaa<t adjoining Montioolio offered fur tale ia one acra plot*. thould take the Ilarles train that ita?ra the lli.y a quarter J?a?t8 A.M., and git out . at Uunt a Bridge, where a parwn will oe waiting on i'uure1 day morning, to *h'tw tbe property. Dr. Dotl'it I'tcuirr on Electrlral Piychology 1 ! iif? with abeorbmg iau?e*t* to the wWe w jr'il. It ? elf evident, and puititely no chimera. It ia the theor; ?f | Picfemor Watti that to e<iuali*e the e'eorriei'y through > it the utent, tow de* troy the very cauee of all die^a'e W at f | he>v?n> antidote doee thi?, and ro one ha* over been ><i?. caatd after UMng it. Science bring*, every hour, brighter prc?|>ect* to th? human race; but thie ii the brigkteet. Maunders' Dressing Case Factory, 1*T and |.u7 liroaCwuy.?The** ????* combine many advantage o?ei i the imported, oeinn made with the new for real lerrtC" containing the Vert onality of article* in the emalleat poiai- | He epacn fAl'NDfcRft, 1*7 Broadway, corner of latortr I and If" Broadway . Order a Hat, or buy one ready made, of > W. V. Da V 11>, (rUcet'Mor to a mio on.) 3u; Broadway, ne-ir I I Dnene i-treet; whnie etyle i* reeheyh? whoee rriee i< mede- | rate; wh<>*?'*kill i* nnqiienionfthle. Ho woud *l*o call at- i teutiur to hi* large (took of mcn'a and boy*' doth cape, of I every vtrltty. Fnnt Fur*! Far*! "The fur that warma a monarch Warmed a hear." " Kov i* the winter of our dUcattent Made glctioui summer by the fur* of Knox." [ShaV*peare Improved. Mutli, Pltigh Robes. Buffalo Cvtrooate, .? , % large and cheap a^BortiLcnt, for (tie by KNOX, the Hatter, 128 Fulton afreet. OvriroilH ?nd Cloak*, tlrh and elegant 1 111 :rif ; i I a I <f> > l?i III Tbetn % . Suit-, 14- -.1 1 r 'la i auction will be ??ld cheap, cornel of Naatau a..d ilujkuuu atreets. I Itunln?M Cvati, lack*, and Paltoi?Reduction?1%? tire bow ottering ou? !?!>; and varied atoca of i the above eoat < at a rreat reduction on previous rates, whioii pla< ea i hew tnuuh below snyMug of tho kind ever off re I in the United States The variety, taste, and comfort of tli< i-e different styles, can te found at uo other eitaMishm nt. Out Stock tf pants and vesta in ih' laraejt we hare ever bad. 1.'. fc j. DUVLIN, S3 and Si .olm street, cor. of Nassau. Overcoat*?Reduction?Our Hloekof OVereoau id Ik- ejoeimively lar<e, that ? Uuvs sonoluded to make Con id< ratle reduction iu price. for the purpose of closing them out, as earl* a* possible. to irako room for our spring* wb"letalc stock, now in |irornu ef manufacture. This off rs a rreat opportunity frr those who havo not provided their wiaUr wear, to ^ro?jrc a oboioe irt oer very l .rito and eleysnt stock. at greatly reduced rricot. Our celebrated two I tided eoatswiil aoon be cWaied 0'it, although (till perfect In j variety. 1) k J. D1VLIN, S3 and 33 John atr et, corns-of Nissan. j Forty Tlion-and Coats, Pantaloon* and [ Waistcvata, of the lateat fall atyks f.oci f'J fid to S O. at I BII??D irfD'8 Clothing Store, Chesnut siraat.seeeud 'loot aoovo third. Philadelphia. Comb Factory, 38? Broatlwny.?The An(nrtment la i.brfjali .1 ia he city?embracing ine'teen quality i f the imported a? will aa home nanuf ieture. ,-ht latter being uade from original designs, and groat oar* lakes In the fnicMnc and fitting to the head, and will he found to i arpasB luy hitherto made. Coui'.s to orier. Klpairing tone. A. Ik J. SAI'jNDKKS, :W Uroadway. If air Dy B at chclor's () nnln? Mqtild lt*.r l<>e. 'aa oily b secured at the msnufaetory, 4 IV.ill c i . R|< i ui iio aliuulii imK n't iaaitstisaa. ne? bit vavion* diplomas Perfoos who?e hair has aararrtdt had color from ihe tine t f the imitation dyes. can Ua.e Ooirected by callu.g at above. Copy the address. (iooiiDtl'i flair HcttoratlTe Is Warrantrd to !or:o the hair to (row, prevent its failing off and 1 turning /ray, and making stiff, wirv hair, aoft, silky ano . jlosiy. bottles J8 cents eaah. Uonrand'i Liquid Elan 1)' e will ehanye red or pray bair to beeoMhTi blaek or bro rt m a few minatea. fooud oaly att>7 WalkerttriMt, tlrst (tore from Ilroaaway; Bates a Jordan, IZJ #asamgtou strust boatos. Chaps, Cliafrit, Roitghneas, Sallownsss, 1 Pimples. Kroptiocs, and all akin diseases, is ?oil known, positive'r cuted by u?ingGourard's Italian Medica- , ted ?oap. The Pendre Subtile eradicates hair from any part of the tody. Liquid Rouge for palsliis and cheeks Lilj White for rough, fliiehsd,?luitiiik?umplsxions, at H7 VTalko: street, first store trom Broadway. CaDendsr, Boath Tkirt i street. Fhiladelphia. A ltcncdy for Colli Feet?Ladles, try the Alpirs Caiter root, made bj Cantr<ll, 5-Wi Bowry. Ihe* are made of iloth, IIred with ehamola lea1 her. and are the net: coml itable tliiaas ever iavenvad. Oive thea a trial. Dr. Hntchlii|(s' Dyspepsia Bitters. This ln<aluaMe vagetablu compound, we are glad tottnd.iarapidly nti?, lota general uee in fainillea, and we ch-eifully ? rtc mmendits ok to *11 who have not yet availed 'he iselves of It* bmeflta Prlee tfty ceats per bottle. PriaoiI-al lUice, I2d roltos straet. New York. Ltls of Ai'petlte?When the appetite nt' terly falls, snu the whole avmal maohlnery sesma to be I losing its e'Tsngth and vitality ler waat_of austeaanen, d?. lay net on* day tetoro jou rc?c.rt to unapra ueann u? torativ* Sitter*. It will *??n hri** back a kaea rslinh ( <t food, aad t he rowor and diapoaitioa for aserMoa. General | Oc pot, St. lludsua street, an J for tale ty 4ru? ^iat? gea-rall/ The < heaprat Article In N?w York U Dr. Totoaa' <*lebrai?4 Vaaetiaa Lia aent. baoaut* y< or money I* mi.rred, If yen do mot i;et r*liaf. in casta of rhauiua'i?tn, tor a tlnoats, toothache, ehilblaias, chapped bti ti, cuts, It ia warranted anir to fail 2<> U00 ba>a been <urri ttla jiar Plies, only IS casta and 50 casta. For sale st tbt d? i? I 1 Murray strest and all the drur^i?t?. Ar<auWt at on, h'dirj A Co.: PMladalpliia, Atabroa* Smith; Aloany, Bprir*tte*4 AlBalloek. 01 ON K T MARKET. Ti lanr. Dec. 10-0 P M. Thr market opened wry active this morning. and th? speculative feeling U rapidly increasing Thar* ??' very Urg? sale* of all the fuelN, at m ?drue? on prion current it the eloae yesterday. At the flrat board to day, Krle Income Bond* Improved H per pent; Hudson IIIter Railroad Bond*. !?'; Indiana 6'*. Hi met*' Loan.1*, Morrl* Canal. Hi Canton Company. X; Harlem, J?; Reading Railroad. )l; Norwloh and W*rc?*ter, Hi Kile Railroad Y?. All other* oloaed at price* currant yesterday. Government State atock* and railroad bonds were Id demand. Within the patt day or two. Erie Income Bond* have alvaaced about two per cent, and the (ale* have bean large at the Improvement It baa been a matter of mueh astoalahment to u* that these bond* have remain* 1 *o long *o marb depreciated, and the advance realised I* *maU compared what It *honld hare bun There U a margin for a rl*e between present price* and par partlcnlarty when It U considered that three and a half per eeat Interest I* da* on the lit of Pabrnsry nest. The market value of the *to?k rarge* within ten per pent of the market value of the I net mi- Bond*. The farmer bear* bnt lis per cent interest. while the latter bear* leven per eant Interest. The fnll Interest mint be paid on the latter betore the former get* thd first fraction. The ooaelaeioa U that the bond* are toa low, or the (took I* too high Norwich and Worcester Railroad I* steadily moving np. ward. The dividend of three p?r cent, dne on the lit of January, I* ao donbt attracting purchaser* It la. at present price*, one of the cheapest railroad tto-ck* on the llet. Caatoa Company hai become quit* active wltbln the past tew day*; It I* In demand at prsseat prices. Parmer*'Loan opened at an advaaoe oa ye*. terJay's prteaa bnt fell off at the cloee. Harlem Is Arm at ijnotatlnnr but ? do not look for *117 Improve- 1 m?nt ot Importance at preeent. Sealing Kallroad h?" ak?n a fr??h -tart. and, we bar* doubt. It *111 touch eighty b-fjre the payment of the dividend. Erie Ritlroul li loidtfhill; i>uUlitd. The booki doee la a ft-w daj? for the dividend. when ?f expect tt #' ? Inmriff quantltlec of the utock put upon the market. It In the moit Inflated fancy on the lift, and aothing keep* It up but the abundance of money, which enable! holder* to hypothecate at margin ol about flfUen to twenty par cant. < The receipt* at the rfllce of the Ae*l't*nt Treaonrer ef fhlp pott to day. amounted to *77.107; paym-nta, f f' >8i' N1 Balance. $3 697.849 83. 1 Ttie d'trard for f*?rtl?n exchange, for remittance by ! the jaik?t leaving Boaton for Liverpool to-morrow Wvtfr.eeday. I>aa been only to moderate extent. We f qtwte 't> T.omdi b, 10 a 10', per cent premium, on * Fail* H 17% a M15. Itrfm?u. 78*4 a 80, AmHerlaffl' ' Ai^Ni tatai.llKftl|f? 1 h- Boton and Main* Railroad Sompany hart de- B rUied a miu! annual dividend of two per e*nt The total ralne of merchandise expnrtad from Button J1 i? ir'pii |">rw, uurinR in" w??? fnuia| UW 1111 ?w U7S78 to, c.f which HC4.HVJ .'>! *n of 4om*?tl? 4 vrrdurtn. For ih? eorrrppondlaff pmrlol for tha t#o * prf*i< ?? y?ar? tha a mono t fw. in 1919 4hmfrtl? pir- " dart*. fMIOt ? ; fori Iga ft?713 88 - total. $1*7 780 I*. 1MB, (kuiallo prcJuetr, >110647 1-1; foiil<o, " JM34 64- total, *1C?M1 h7 Tha total Talaa of .1 >- " nu f'lr roiton grout *ip<i|t*d frm ilia ?a;a? port f>r *' la matith r.f .\oT?w',?r wa? flfl9,78? 3* Total f >r Tl #1*T?D a.otlTi" rl INf $1,771 tl? 88; *am? (Una la 1949, l./V7,r ;7 (S, ?; ?.* Una In 1848. tl.M3 M 7;). * Ilia unaMli; ef flonr whoat. corn anl bar!?y Wt at '' tWa titer dnrft>* tha l?t w??k In I?acawl>->r, in tha rr >?*ii 1849 and 1M0 aa* M fotlowi i? ? /7.'?r. MfV. lit /I<n7'y.Ai4, ISip 89iM ?8JM 7' 41 IvH tv 1150 lt?,7i? 7TIM4 8 fx u 7 1 tl re 7na. S 68T f?e ?f>fl28 Da* 3i<*4 Toe. 1*) * Tfc? *gfN(aU luantity of Ma mi uUcUa left M ^ tide water from the cotnmeneemant of aavigatloa t the 7th Dee Iu.IuMt*. during tlka jmii 1M? m< 1840 ww M foltowa JT.t. hlh. 0%rat.tu. BmrUy bu 184?. . . IWUK'J 3 7li3 008 6,080 Ma 1 ?7 793 1860. . . ?-TOh?73 8.f84 386 8*43376 1,781.080 Dee 19 06t Ine l?2J 337 Dec. 1 887,187 IM 333,107 Tb> agirruga'.o 'luamlty of tha tatue article* left a ltd* water. Ir'-in the coaaenaenent of MTlptktn t< the 7th of Dec< tober, inclusive, during the year* 1841 and I860, wa* ? follow* : >' .mr .')/</? WVuf 6u. C#m. A*. BmrUy. lit 1848.... 3 116.266 8 040.3H4 2 804 1.660.010 I860. ...3.-70,!"V7 3 034 386 3,223 676 1,731,090 Imo.~166.75l 691021 328.87 180 180 By reducing the wbeat to flour, *hows an incrcaae o 16o,0^0 bbla. of Hour. The following taMe *bow* th* quantity of *omeol the principal article* of jroduce U-rt at tide water from the aumuienci went ol nailgttioa to the 7tl Dt-ct tuber, lueluviT-. during the year* 13*8, 2-1 day* 1849, 221 day*} I860, 22U day* RKCklfT* 0? PhoOICC at TlDK WaTEI. 1848. 1849 1850. Flour. bnrrM* ... . 8.116,975 3 2W.C&2 3.270,9r, Wheat, Luthelt. , , S<-40.4#4 2,_5i}008 3 634,:?{ Corn, do . . . 2 894 2flft a nun ?aa * ;?t# Barley, <lo 1.6M>#10 1,781,090 Bye, do.... 284.18# UJ2 #6# 641,1* Other 1 4_m j?s? L888 267 244l,#:r< Be* f. bum Is HI 7f>9 10H.#41 #5 30* rork, do i<0 4lK> 73,#38 46 63C A>L?s, do M3 837 64.44a 40.041 Bu'tsr. pounds. .. 23 807.649 30 3-18.031 17.120 081 Liud, do.... W "86 47# #073021 8.270'6?t, do .... X8.088.1M 42 105 #31 33 4.V4 67, Wool. do .... M.748 787 12.914 #46 ll.#l8 26t Bacon do 8 J14 746 8.583,490 0,615,921 TLe canal* of this slatelprobably closed on the 'Jtfc ir?t . po that the abore statement glvos about the aggregates lor tli H year. Tho canals wore open last jur iit-aily a week l?t' r tban this, but the receipts oi flcur and wheat couMn>-d t'is year, will exceed thost of list. Corn la con. iderably in arrears, while all otter articles ot breeds'ntf* are In excess. The ri ct the Macon and Western Railroad Ccn}j any for tt *e?r ending December 1st, 18J0, wer? $2M 040 71. fc(:u'ni>t J.1P7.179 47 for the previous year. 8ho?ii]i an iocttiw of <3 861 24. The foreign expert* from Baltimore. daring the week ending nr> T'mi H'iiv amotin'ed In the aggregate to $167 702 The ptitielpal articles exported were 14 816 bt 1?. of flour; 28 72S buihels of coi-o; 1.017 bbl?. of corn ifl^al; and 4'.1 hbds of tobacco. Atnon,? the thlpments were two full cargoes, principally breadto LlTfrpoi>l. Ttsne vere cleered at the Baltimore Custom ITouse, dnrit g th? mouth of October, 91 vessels, via.: 3 ships 7 barks. 8 brigs a?d 12 schooners, hiring an aggregate tonnage i f 7.886 tons, and employing in their narige tion 222 m?n Of these eeefels 7 were British. 3 Bremen. 1 Hamburg and 20 American. Their dsilinatloor were as follows: to rarintts ports in tile West ladies and Itrit:fit provinces 16; (California 6; Trieste. 1; Rio deJrnelro. 1; Liverpool 2; Pernambuco, 1; Taloabaasa. 1; l<r*meu 2: La>ruayra, 2; and Spanish Maia. 1. The total value of the merobnurtisc exported by theje ve?s*ls was *778 497 21. including th?t to California, which amounted to *2*52 087 88. By comparing the above with the monthly statement for Oetober. it will be reeb that the niimb ref foreign clearances at the Bsltimore llou?e d urine the nontb of N"ot< ia bfr. flilie* considerably short of tUose daring the preceding month. White this i? the cue, however, the feet I* presented that the value of theartlcleg exported in Nov* inb*r Is considerably larger than it ku for tho en nth of October. The entries from foreign port.i during the month of November were, 3 ships 7 barks, 18 brig*, and 12 srhooiiers making a total of 40 ves-,?l? Daring th? ?ame period, the arrivals from coastwise ports were. S fcMp? 0 barks. 18 brigs, and 00 ichoocar*?in all, 118 vessel*? making the number of fori !gn and coastwise arrival! during the month. 169. Of this number. C were Biltii-b.2 Bremen, and the balance. K7. American. 01 the arrivals from foreign port*, 8 had free oargoe.*, 3 were in liallaet. and 34 had cargoes (abject to dotyThe total amount received from custom* during the month was $53 742 50, against $61 '33 29 during the saaie period last year. The disbursements wert $57,. 280 87. agtinat $48 673 89 last jear. The atnrxvd statement exhibit* the ainannt of bnl ion arrived and cleared from 'the port of Ban Franeiiro, during eaeh quarter iron Nov. 12,1819, to 8ep< teniber 30.I860. both inclusive:? HoviMim or Bullioh i* Saj? Francisco. aaaiwro. 1840. .Nov 12 h to Drc. 81st, lnoluilva. $1fl7.00C 1K(0. ..Ian 1st to March 8'st " fi*l 3.11 1S.M). .April let to June 30th " $98 836 18L0. July li-t to 6ept 30th " 60OCOC Total arrived.. $2 134 Out cLKiarn. 1?40. .Nov 12th to l>ee 31 it. Inclusive $2 400.292 It1 Mi. .Jan 1st to March 8Ut " 4.072 70S 1810. April let to Jane ?>th " 5 089.00C lblO. .July l*t to Kept. 30lb ' 25? S8U Total amoun* clrare'd. >17 8*2 877 Tetal arrived 3134 0C0 n<IT.M.n?a >n.nnnt #.! ~mr.t mwA CIS itAG W"w' Clearrd durlrtr Oct . 1S60 4 581 4'iL T< tftl cl?artJ to Not. 1.1800 iX J?u M# Tb* abota abipmanta war* maJ* In l**ia thaa t??l?a mom l;a Tbif Icclndaa oaly th* ?iport? through toe t'a?tom llou**. A T?ry larga nmoubt bu l*tt la the trunk* of pawangar*. aad it would aot b* far out ol tbaway toaatimat* th* asportation of fold duct tad bullion fr? m Pan franeireo. lor tha abOTaaamad period at thirty million* of dollar*. Tbla la lod*p*nd?nt of wbatha*b**n t?k?n *ut of tbat country by othm rout** and la th? baggaga of IndirlliiaU. Tb? amount of California gold r*o*lmd at the Philadelphia mint baa areragad, for tb* lart ?l*T?n montb?( two aad a balf million* of dollar* par mcatii, a* will be **< by tb* followiaf ?ta?*ri*Dt from tha Traa*ur*r: ? Gold duat dapo*itad la Norazafcsr M 400 OOC Coin*** during tfca aam* period 4,lUi,U00 Apgragata raralpta of Caliroraia gold da?t from Jan Irt to No*. Kitb,iasliMir* 27 35J.00C From otbrr Murcaa 1 '.VUOO Total r?c*lpt?-*I*T*a month" 00? Tbla. toBparad with th* at*tam*nt of *blpB*nt? from *an Kianclaeo rhow* that la-'iC* amount* of du?t ha?a laft that port, aad ba*n rocalred at th* Phllal*> pi '* mint lnil?; an<l?nt *f thoa* officially r?pnrta<t , t appnara by th* anov* that th* ra?*lpi* at th* mlat la *l???n month*. nc??4 by many million* th* asporta fr<'in Pan K'*nri?eo In about tbn ram* l-n,-th<f tlma. Tb* hooka ol *oh*?ripti3n to th* eaplVil *tcck of tho Dalavara and Cobb* Oap Railroad Company w?ra op?n?J rn tb* 2*ih nit in th* borough of-tr it Ubu-.r. Pa wbaa all th* ahar** war* Imm-Hal ty tak*o and f 5 - n ra*h abar* pail In. Th* rum paid in amount* ! to ft*) 000 l'h* governor la axp*etal to l**a* tha cbartar for th* road at aa aarly day anl thr rout* ia to b? put at auo* under aurray TK? Mln?r? ?ud Mftnufftotami* C*a*?i>tln? *t R; bnx' V* . h ?rn appointed ertnmltt?<<? to th? **rt. u? minufnn'.urm* i?: oi tho Btrntu ?d report th?n\. Tb? ?ui:hii1 r?p rt of th? KufriotoTn R v. -a p?Bj prviriitM ft T?ry ftti*fft<'t< ry ftatrirwot of th? *i r.ipany'? ?lUlr? Tt ? r?r?i ? ' ?nd e?ndltnr* > fjc the >?ftr toiling N'-it lit. 1V0 iriuugfiiil:' Norriitswi Kin Hun. R?r?lpt* lor th? j??r. from ftll ?ourc?i. h?r? ?-n. HJi 4*J 2: f >' i.di ii Inn I. lit Novtml>.?r. I"49 lift.Mi ''f fl4?Mjft 1? I I p# ad't ar*? of ftU kljJ" 132 71 vg P?lurr? % 14 163 17 )l ti>U Iblnbrrtkn b?. o un l by th?0ota. Biittr* ( u I'onm.i. iftticft 1' '00 00 LefttIre r**h in bank |( jtl ]f Tb. ft <h b art **p?mli"iip? h?T" l> 1 ... |sm 4HI ? > Iimb-I I tu:|?" mil b? I t r?i ..... 71 V7? Rip***- j.?r alia run M<-*nt? B-ftrlr ftU?ip<:? d tfcat il ?i Und will hi p*l.| H Ootobsr n*it. Tun ttl.i. ni . 1 ?U tli" coin 1 1 . ! . > ?- I n? nri'itw; 1. HI ft< > f? I r, 'nil .! tip ill 11 ? cnai, ht, r rul 1l< >1 of 11 1 Mil' f 1 1 t h ? 1 irgi- ' .-!* ) I ft .input in their ba?1o"Ff. glri rtroi| ft**n? ? " pr ?p?rUi Vilot'li lo^rnf*l??>tiU??r? W?? m?d? u; ID tbo rtmd. Tinnew hcooo. "" < " I -'i f i"it b"*'i pit "i>- I. 1>? nunil.i r "f . , > !.?? b ?n mih in^r'ft"* lt r' S' " 1* L d 1 ?' in lh? * 1,1 ? 1 : T r i t Up .1 that c?n?"'il ifldlMa h?l lnil r< ?t.,ftriy pfti J. I th?wb?l"nf ?< i Tii? r 'npartf I 1 -r? cr I n tl - 1 I i ; n i ' .. i r,-i i ' <f?< n ? f r >t? ? ? rr > ' ' rr . > > UiP't'fl H frori t';.J ii 'I ih.> >thi -v to ih? ? mr *. i>n I > t-i! <r> to hi;? t' jii-'It in* i " < ? ?*rt ' '>i i l?' iMn in ho* ' *? ?l.t>4 IllNt, Ik* ?nml?t ?f ?? rl?4 4 . ( n< 1 - i ( t n u jt' , *?- t . i n r . -i 1 b-? ' !' ? ' ? ?)?? t i*?n , ?, ?o i f N ' ? > i - n-tturtlDs' ?t that pUcn. * lo*pm Mm aonor*t! >i? tthtfc* riM. II l? tit* ?p1 nt n th?t th? I |g<lnn'. mttf ?V? oonipl?itloa of tHt SiMt0?O tnrettoa. ?UI r-?< h M> OuO tc?* p?i tun tra

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