Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1850 Page 1
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TH ^.. " WHOLE NO. 6030. IHKWB BY TELEGRAPH. frcm WMhliifton. mbmval or rmmr lind'? cw?ci*t? THE AXIM1MSTKATION AMD MOUTH CAROLINA-^ CHEAT rOfcXAQK, ETC. WiiHinaTOff, flee. lft, 1840. A great many strangers birs arrlrtd to attead Congreaa to morrow and Jenny Llnd'a evening concert, interesting proceedings aro expected la both hotuee. Tho wtlMt exprese great anxiety concerning the .>attitade of South Care lloa; but all proper atepa will be taken to maintain tho dignity of Um federal government. aa occasion may rcqvlro. There la torn* prospect of reaohlng the ehaap postage bHl ta sorrow. The Kit tonal Hall, for Mdlle Jenny Llnd's concerts, waa opened last night for publla inapeotion. Crowda lalted It. and ware well pleaaed with Ita appearanoe. It la intimated that Jenny will giro a ooncert here <et tha benefit of tha 'Washington Monument." father Ritchie's printing txpotc. baa eaaaed a re-tetten la hla favor, and members of Congreaa aeem f nellned to remunerate him, during tha proaent aaaaioa, or hia heavy loaaaa. lew Comptroller* Aiaiar, Dee. 14, ISM. Pbilo has accepted the offloe of Comptroller. He repreaented Livingston Co. diatrlct In the Twentyttlrd and Twentyfourth Congreaa. Da la a Seward at Lake lapeiior Copper. Dkthoit, Doe. 14,1M0. Fourteen toaa of Lahe Superior copper, vara yesterday . ahipped frotn the smelting works la this city, on the ateaan propeller Oregon, for the eaat. Janaylilal Wheeling Bridge Caae?Xaral. BiLTiMoaa, Dae. 11, ISM. Jenny Lind left for Washington this morning. Her /our concerts here have yielded fully $40,006. Chanoelkr Walworth cloaed tha Wheeling Bridge examination, at Plttaburg, on Wedneaday. and has returned home to make his report to the Supreme Court Captain John llanliek haa bean appointed to command the naval squadron at the Kaat India atatlon, >n plaaa of Commander Voorheea. and will hoist his flag on the steamship Susquehanna, which haa bean ordered to Norfolk to complete her outfit, and avoid ike lea in tha Delaware Wa hove received no mall aouth of Raleigh. Iiitocoetlag from the Sandwich Islands. ZVOOKKSS or 1HI HAWAIIAN KINGDOM?T1IB OROWril or rt'BUC ENTERTRISK?SI'I KIT OF THE HAWAIIAN JOI'KNALS? I.IBJERAUTY OF KINO KAJtEHAXkHA, ?rr? pt. Our full files of journals from the Sandwich .'inland*, supply some interesting additional particulars with respect to the positioa and progress of the rapidly improving kingdom of King Kamehameha:? Peostbc rs of Hawaii?The increase of business within the past year at the islands, and the tastle and hurry of a commercial town, so unusutl liitherto, except for a few months during the shipping sesfon, are calculated to awaken in the minds of the eld residents of ten, fifteen, or twenty years, ? new train of thoughts, and 10 inspire all classes with anxious speculations in regard to the future. We weil remember with what anxious excite- i oneat the ciy of *' sail ho" was regarded fifteen i tears sgo, anu into what a sta'-* of commotion the i little forngo communi y of Honolulu would be ] thrown by a ventaMe arrival Irom "fatherland " I Xeuers and 4?pers, from tive to fifteen mouths old, i were eagerly seized, and their contents devoured j .with a greediness indicating the zest which their perusal afforded ; while the one or two cargoes of feods imported for the market here were slowly distriicten amongst the consumer*, whose means I purchasing were-exceedingly limited. j Thdairn hafii rhawTrl mn#?n f K?*n Mmit of Uie tubstantial warehouses, More*, and private dwelling* U*>ve been erected, the Nuuanu Road oj-euH. wharves built, custom house and market provided, watrr of a superior quality introduced for any amount of shipping, and ships air daily arriviog from all quarters of the globe, with their *rsrgoes of varied merchandise, moat of which liads here a market. We would out, mi a uome/it, convey the i npreaaion abroad that anything like San Franciaco speed haa been attained ia business here. Such ia not the case. The market here ia limited, and it ia possible to overstock it, as a few mrntha hence will doubtless ""Wove liut there has been a steady and progressive improvement tor ten )eara, and ia none of these yearn so much aa during the piat. More ,4>uildiaga have been erected, more foreigner* hue*ia to reside; and more products raised from the toil, than in any preceding ) ear. Tea yean ago the augar product of a single plantation, only, found no market here ; and tie enter* 1 ' ,rmag firm who were trving tor uaean eiport, and who ct mtpenced ploughing with a team of about -fifty mm. for want of cattle, wore obliged to ship their sugar to the antipodes, at n ruinoua sacrifice. A ad in The matter of government, no less has heeathe improvement thin ia other particulars. From a state of uncertain re?i*>r.sikWi'y, opprewed with heavy debts, aod without a coustitution or written Jaws, what has no? b-en accomplished for the nation ia twenty ye?r? 1 We now find here an <Mtahl*hed constitutional government, with its responsible head, and its responsible execntnrs, -whose independence is justly acknowledged by the most powerful end ealifhtened natrmsof the earth, and which is ahundamly rapnble of providing for he wants and exigencies of a Christian i>eopte, and for its n lations with other Christian atites. We e? the aatioa entirely out of debt?a linaaci il condition as enviable in a nan<>a as it can poswbly he in aa iurfividual?with a revenue adenine to its economical wants, and wi'h the aNIitv to devote .fmnkmc vearlv. to nubliu improvements We mm nation living in jreae-* and coiten'edneaa, v ho*e condition hj? rec-iv>'d more am?lior*'ioa ilnovxh the voluntary ct.nreaaioca of the ruler a, than c-ntttriea of bloodaberi have wreached from the opprrwor in many other land* ; th<* vote hy ttalkrt in'rc I'tced. aaiveraal aurirase granted to the t<eoi>lc. aal the mean'-at aubjrct eligible to a aeat in the Leg Ma tare of the I ,nd la addition to theae righta, freHy accord?d to the reople, hit Hawaiian Majrrty haa atepped hohfly forward m advance of all other aover-igna we ever read of, aad from the condition of aerfdom haa voI lontanly elevated hia Nt^M to that of land ownera, litiof th? m, without price, a fee ainifle to portion of the aoil. which, from <>m? i'? MMorial, wan regarded aa hia own rightful inheritance In .h?a elrvat-PC hia ihiert*. hia M ij'My h<? Herated himself to a high point of dignity and honor, Arver to be fojotu u l? In coatraating the pnat with the preaeot, and in looking forward to thie future, we coafraaour ho,-e? and rxp> Ltationa are huh for a glonoua and ra?>id advancement. Wt have no feara that the au?v enterpriae o# thefraaent, will a<ih?i l? into the inac.ivi'y ef the t we are m the mnia? of a n?w eombinMion of eletnenta, and a new wirld haa aprunf up in onr near Tieinttr, mantra in vigor and atahiiity, ?a realt> ..a did that discovered hy the imtiortal Columhiia, to the inhabitants of Europ*. Th relatioaaof th^ac i?Un l> ar? i hai/e I Kn>7i Ix in? an iaola'ed aperJt in the mid*' of the North Pacific, lm?M ahutout from th* knowledge, the hnaine**, and the tympathiea ?f mankind, we hnd ouraelvea in the very Imhway of th? nt' ona From a aecopd#ry condition in regard to a market for tropi cai pnwiiiciioo". Wf ar( now in" nm, nin to <> Optniac for all the t*lan'l? can be m?de to produce The land* now lying untillrd, and which have never yi^Mr?l their w*?l<h to ?h>* h'iatmadmm, hut which have been loeked ui> from hia uw, are now thrown open to li?a enterprise, and invite hm rultnre. Tbr*r hrmg facta, wh?t if to hinder the prosperity of the lalanda io all thtae reapecta which c?nartitote a umiob treat 7 We know of nothing ; hut feel aaaured that hy a peraevrriaif course of honorable. action, Md vigorous enter^r'ae, the.?e islands will aor>?? rise to a point of importance and pro*|*rity. till hut recently, never dreamed of. . mfrimt, Stptrmbtr 28. CornT Naw* ?Their Mij<***tea. the K'ng and (Own, with hie h??hiK??, the Kuhina Nui, hia j Exceliency, the Onvernnr of (.Uh'i, and other high chiefs, arrived at the paUce on Wednesday eveinicf, nept'mber W'h. The event waa announced i|iy a royti anlute from th* battery on the hill. A ?mrtwM held on Thnrsdny the Wih, wh*n i lie Minister of Foreign Rel it mas presem#* hia jcellenoy, Mr. Ju4d, on hi* retnrn from hia it*cial mmftion aa hia map < y'* Plenipotentiary iEitraortiinary to the government* of the l'aited /fcates, flrent Britain, and France; also Prince , Al?*eod?r and Prince Lot, who had accompanied Mr Jobd on that mission They arrived on the ain'h o# September, in fifly-eevnn daysfnm New Yolk*n?ey wepa rracioualy received hy the Km*: Mr Todd a?W hia majesty for farther order*, and *s?? commanded to rename the dutiea of Ma 4ejarmeat aa Miainter of Fiaance. Mr. Ju*: took occaaton to prenent to Ma m? E NE' M( {raty two beautifnl daffuerreotypea, containing five 1 ikeneeeea. executed for hi* maieaty, in the itmr of Alfred Broson, E-q ,of New York. Afterwards the King ordered a Privy Uounoil on special buatneae. ' 1,1 mbkk n ok of HonoLm.u ?The increased importations of lumber into this port during the pant few months, caused chiefly by the great overstock of lumber in California, has supplied one of ike chief elements of the prosperity and enterprise so evident in our city. The impetus which has been given will not be readily checked. The demand for lumber is constantly increasing, and it will continue to increase steadily in proportion to the immigration of foreignera into the kingdom. Nor will thia increase in the demand for lumber he confined wholly to the capital, or the foreign population, aa the natives begin to be convinced of the econoomy of constructing wooden houaea in place of thatched huta. The collector of this port haa favored as with the following memorandum of lumber imported during the first six months of the current year. We should judge that at leaat one-half of this lumber haa Men consumed in this city, and the remtining half haa been taken to the different porta of thia kingdom, and there are very few towns of importsnce which have not received a benefit from the lumber importation. Little, if any of it, has been or will be exported from the kingdem. Muiorandum or Hot sjts and Lt'Mbcb Impor-tkd at Honolulu, from January 1st to June 30tii, 1860, Inclusivk .? Boards, 096,921 feet; plank, 107,810feet; joist, 112,3ft! feet: boards, plank, Cist, scantling and timber, (mixed,) 639.925 feet; rge timber, 139,550 feet; clapboards, 70,718pieces; laths, 102,600 pieces; pickets, 37,641 piece*; pilings and battens, 19,331 pieces; shingles, 843 14-20 M; houses completed, (or nearly so,) 90; house frames, (some partly finished,) 120. Total value as per invoices, $6b,903. N. B ?The houses and frames were mostly from China and the British colonirs originally, ana were mostly small, and of interior quality?many of them being 12x12 and 12x24 feet, one story. N*w Pi.amtation ?We notice with pleasure the enterprise and vigor with which the new (dentation for the cultivation of sugar, of Messrs. H. A. Peirce Ac Co , is being conducted. With a good tract of laad, energy and perseverance to conduct it, and capital to imrouuee mills, implements. Arc., -??v M? uvu.r. Niai ?utvvpa Will aucuu lUC en* HI ternrise, and wealth reward the proprietors of this ti truly valuable estate. It By the ahip Gentoo, now on her passage hither, a we understand a superior mill is expected, and t< every other improved requisite for the use of the a plantation; and also that the proprietors have taken tl measures to introduce, as soon as possible, ftfty ii Chinese laborers, to be employed, with aatives, a upon the plantation. Salk of Land ?We have heard of the sale of e two estutes within a few day*, at rates which may ? be regarded aa low, considering the salubrity of the " climate, the rapid rise of real estate, and the intria- " sic value of the crops they are capable of produc- 11 ing The first was of oae hundred and thirty-live 81 acres, for $5,000, which included, also, cattle, " fanning implements, 60 acres in cane, and a wood- " en sugar mill 11 The other was a valuable estate of 1,400 acres, 01 about 200 of which is in cane, cattle, mills, etc., 81 and was K>ld for $30,000. We wish the new pro- 11 pnetors every success, which we believe awaits f them. The crops on the ground, when maaufac- fl tured, will pay fifty per cent, of the purchase mo- RJ ney. in both cases, besides the coat of manufacture. ol These transfer* were between private parties; but in addition we learn that larije sales by govern- 01 ment have also hcen recently eflected on Maui, ?f " unimproved lands, at from $3 to $20 per acre, and others are still offered in the same locality. These I1 last were almost exclubiyely bought by native^ in m From ten to fifty acre lots, and we hope to see them * toon turned to sood account iu producing an ex- 10 jort. This is what we want to enrich the Islands. J? - Is [from th? Ilonolula Tints ] p| Incorporation of Hwiolcut.?One of the mos a. wmmt-nt subjects of denunciation among a very in arge portion of our community for a series of yeara, ? Has been the unparalleled naurpation of local power vr jj tlir fV'iri^n auviseiw, uiig..,. .? .u- t. ...?i w .oice of the resident foreigner*. In our laat num- g >er we spoke of the necessity of inror|torating Ho- th lolulu aa a city, with a mayor and proper munici- (t >?1 officers. As our population increaaes bir iratni- y, ^ration, in exact proportion should old forma fx md customs diminish, and others Intro- w Juced, better calculated to correspond with ? , be times, and to meet the popular will. The b) idoptiea of this measure is repaired not only gr t>y motives of sound policy, Biace without it m> naay of the advantagea we poaaesa are unavailnble, but it ia imperiously demanded in considers- d, ion of the just rights of an intelligent community <i, Although our rulera have manifested a disposition ih to contorm their operatiooa a little more than for- of merly, to public wanta, there is yet much remain- pe mg for them to accomplish, before they con enjoy Di that confidence or respect which otherwise would a be due them, in their important ataiions, as guar- in aians of the public trust. I, When it is conaidered that this government is f mainly indebted to foreign enterprise and influence or for ita present exaltrd eminence, and that it ia de. t pendent on the arnne for its permanency, it it more m than just that this important cln*a in Honolulu, n Hhnuia have crmmittrd tothemthe riohtof makinz their local lawa and regulation* I h, 8riu.?i Navigation ?The importance of ateum to naviganoa between thia port and San Fr?nei*cu, al and the advantage*, were a line of *te*m puckeia d? < atabliahed, that would aecrue to ike taianda, ia ? fully apparent. We have it authentically that it ta w in contemplation bjr a gentleman in .San Franciaco, v? to run the propeller "Ann MrKim" regularly be- ft tween that ixirt and Honolulu; And it would not be at a matter of ?vrpriae if, in the course of few pr month*, there wtre icvrral more plying, ia addi- ai tion It ia thm the duty of government to com- at mence. and carryforward to completion, aa aoon a* practicable, the conatruction of wharvea, piera, pr Ire , cf whirh accommodation* oar harbor ia now p< greatly deficient.? MmnltUv te A Good Mna~We understand it ia in eontetn- cl pla ion by the government to erect a new an-1 tub- J? atantial Court Houae on the aite of the builningat present occupied by ilie Superior Cuurt. Thm ia worthy of commendi tion. A Nonut SraciMtx ?Mr. E. H. Rogera haa pre- fr aeiited ua with one of ihe fineat apeciffKnta of (| antia?h we have ever nee*. It ia of the vegetable C( marrow varu- y and waa raiaed in Manoa valley, hy a native. Iia weight ia ninety pouoda, mea?a<*t <t five feet ail incheain circumference, and the meat i* from three to four inchea in thickneaa. It ia certainly a nobie aiecimen of the product* of the ri roil, and ptorea that aome thing* can be done ? here aa well aa other* Th<>ae wtahing to aee It, <*' can do ao by calling at the office of tliia paper " Tut Pkava?'The Hawaiian theatre waa well jj filled on Saturday evening laat, by rrapec table audience to witnraa the drama of " liou Cieaar de> Kazan.'* and the larce of " Fiah Oat of Water." i , Mr. Town?end reraonated I Km (>ie??r, and waa r wr II rereiwrd. Mm. lUy, as the heruioe, nuaUincd , herself with credit as an actress of talent, Citett ?A company arrived at thia place on . Iti.lay last, in the acnooner Penelope, from >Sao 0 Frsnrisao. with the intention of giving a aenea of p entrrtainnieo'a. Tina i? the Hrat cirrua company | that has ever viMted the islands. They hive a | , CMnmodiou? building now in progress of erection, ? near the Commercial Hotel, and there is a fair v rroapert of everything b?inp in rea^ineaa for open- H Sng to three weeks from this dite. '* a Hunt) of KnptrrUnra. Ills Honor tha Mayor. prmMIng Drf 13 buadry hill* for advertising *e , tr re re r ft?r?d to tba C"oiralt(?? on Coaaty (ifflev* A gseat ll niimtwrof petition* for relief from tax** and the ra- c aii**icn of axee**!?* taxation w*r? also referred < ovntt ri taa'i orrn a. a A resolution wan submitted. antborlilog tha appointm?nt of an additional clerk In tha offlar of the bounty Clark, to perform the duttea Im f>"*ed by tba recant act. bleb la to ex?mpt from sale oa execution the homastesd of a b< utehoider baring a lnuif y " Tha following l? an abstract 'if the Ml ' la addition to tba property now exempt by law ftrm *ale under execution there *bsll b? exempt by law from sal* oa execution tir debt* hereattrr ooatractrd the lot and bnlldlnaa thereon. occupied a* a residence an?l owned by the drbtor. h?in? a bon?>boldnr and having a family to the value of tl 000 Such ?xemptlcn *nsll continue aftrr the death of i>u?b houaa bolder, for tha benefit of tba widow and family," fce The application for tba addltlr aal c|?rk wt< referred to the Committee on County Office* inaMiMt* UITOIMI. A eommanleatlon from a number of German* oa acted with tba Merman Rvangetl-al i h-ireh In Kortyflr*t *tre?t. applying to have tb? children rf that la*tltntt?n educated In th* (irrman lasgnige. wa> raad Tba Fapartlaor of tha Flghtb ward aid 'hat when Herman* b?earn* eltlsen* or Aacrt a It ?*? u*?"*?ary for them to attaad as juror* In our enmt? of ja*tl*a. and tt frequently ccoarred tha' turn w?-etonnd worn * Juror* who did not rnder?'ti.d i? Word o' what wa* g'lng on; ha therefore thr ugli' tha' It wa* mora Important ta teaab them the Kngli'h l ?n?oaf? Tha 8upervl*?r of the Tenth wa <1 'aid tba noatmu nleatlon wa* altogether lafnrtral that It *bo?ld ba withdrawn. aada?at to tha B<*rd of Mneation Tha eommnaleatioa wa* rafrrred Othwr dneameata wara r-celrrd raaJ and ra- I frrted. and tha Board a^jaarawd I I fc??*A WftA) lilt ( ?<if j w rc )RNING EDITION?MO] rk* Gnat Dlitnrbanof In the RUrtr 9Ui Mil of the World* [ tbe London Tirnas. Not. M ] A singular rue which hu been going on fc loine time ia thf price of silver has created muc nquiry. The idea that it ma* be owing to the it lux or California gold naturally occur* to ever we, and givra the subject its chief interest. 1 irdinary times the question might be easily set led; but, fiom the peculiar state of the oontinenl ogether with the change recently made in th >utch currency, a definite conclusion at present i t-ndered impossible. The three causes now in operation, namely, th ^aliiornian influx, the requirements tor the p* ind maintenance of the Irerman armies, and th ubstirution of t-ilverfor gold in Holland, have com toactive operation almost simultaneously. The ill have the same tendency; and the task, there ore, simply is, to discover the proportionate intlu nee of each. Kor this, however, the material ire wanting. We do not know with certainty th otal increase which has taken pltce in the suppl if gold, or, as regards silwr, the quuantity absorb d in Germany, or on the continent generally ither by the armies or from hoarding, or othe causes; and, even if this information were befor L we should still be ignorant of the total stook o nllioc in the world, upon the amount of whicl ilone could any accurate calculations be founded Although, however, we must thus wait unti omr ot tbe |*rplexing elements of the questioi hall have been removed?for if the war manii v? re to terminate, and the effect of the Dutch le iflaiion had passed away, we should then havt 10 difficulty in looking to California for its solu ion?there are many considerations that may ven now, throw some light upon the matter, am rhich m<y be usefully borne in mind in watchinj he future. We have remarked that nil the influences nov lifting operate in one way. The oaly direc lode in which any eflect from the California] old could firat be observed, would be by lookioi t the relative price of silver. We must measur lie state of the market for gold r>y the purcha?ini ower of that metal; and silver is the best commo ity wherewith to teat this purchasing power, as i i less liable to fluctuation than any other. In pro ilvf r will steadily become dearer?that in to say ?5 note, representing a certain weight of gold nil buy lesa silver thin previously. At theaami me the purchases of ailver by Germany and Hoi ind, mu?t, of courae, have a similar eHect. The; re made by meant, either of gold coin transmit -.1 to ua direct, or of gold due from us for crediti Mowed or thipmenta received; our merchants, 11 m* latter cate, being instructed, instead of s>*nd ig the sold that ia owing, to bend as much ailve ?it will procure. In the combined action thus going forward Dough ia conaequently presented to remove al urptiee that remarkable results should alreadi ave been -observed. There are, however, aom< lmor circumstances to be noticed which modif] best general operations, although, as it is impoa ible to estimate their aggregate hearing, it can ot be ascertained whether, on the whole, thej ave tended to mitigate or to increase the chaae< iat haa been in progress Among these, on th< >e hand, ia the demard for silver in California nd on the other, the alleged increase of produr on in the silver mines of South America, the ex naive iamie of email paper currency, bv whict Iver haa been displaced in Austria, and finally, i radual displacement of silver by gold, which ii itservable in the United States. Supposing it to be a question, whether the eftacl ' (he demand for ailver in Germany haa not been ^interacted to a very great extent by the iasue ol uatridn paper, and also if the auppliea of silver retired at ban Francisco have not been met by the ore abundant yield of the South American mines, e abould then be driven to attribute the late riae this country mainly to the Dutch operations or California, or lo both. The step adopted by Hoind, of calling in her 3 and 10 guilder pieces, took ace on the 22d of June, and the amount of gold aengaged by it haa been about four milliona ster>K As yet, however, not more than about SOO.OOO ia believed to have been replaced by ail*? ie amount of silver can be obtained. VV hetber .k in- - IL.I rlA AflA flHA ia vi lur fivtiiuir mui ion *iw,i?wiwa? vi xriDf nearly double tha total ruimitrd annual eld of all the South-American mines in 1840) hu en turfdenly added to the Mock of bullion in the orldt which aome hare conjectured not to exceed 880,000,000 in all, and of which gold conatiiutea r far the srr.alleat pro|>ortion, may have hai the eateat force, ia a point which muat be left for eculaticn. 15"', whatever view may be adopted br each invidual aa to the influence which hta been pre ininaat in producing the r fleet that haa occurred, ere can be no question that that eflect hits been a moft decided and important character. At thia riod laM year the price of ulvrr was fa. II id. per ince, and it i* now &s J jt , the nee being within traction of 2iper cent; a tlirirrence which (apart urn oih? r consideration a) u coaai lerable, aa afLting the Ftignortge on our own ailver coinage, hia coinage laaed on the formiog of G6 shilling! itofrvrry i-ound weight of atandard ailver. leaving groaa protir to (he government, when ailver was its usual price of 4s ll^d. per onnce, 01 nearly percent, and which protii ia now reduced tn )?ut 74 (< r 1 cut. lu l unce the premium on goH ix fall- n within the name p-riod from i:l.J per null*! 2j|<ermille; ao that it in now reduced to only out ^ per c?ct. Should any further importaal elite take place, the silver coina of ihat country ill then gradually be displaced by gold ; for they ill intrinsically be worth more than tin ir nominal lue Again, in the United Statea the siuu lect ia obiervable. Last year the half doll n Iver coin. jre was at par. It ia now quoted 24 emium. Thia will cauae silver to be e*ported id us place to be supplied by an tacreaaed coin ofgold dollars, half eagles, and eagles. At ilie a<ime time it ia to be remarked, thnt it oportion as ailver thin comes to be di*piiC'*d bj old in cmtntriea wher* it has hithmo bei-n in ex naive nrctihtion. fca further relative riae will b? becked, becauaa Ma user, and the coonequeat de and for it. will be diminished. A decrease 11^ *h< trio.ic value of each inetal niiy then b? looker r, althei gh not in e<i*?l proportion*; and th< uly w*y in which it will b? (oastble that thia fal in he traced thereafter w II he hy aacer'afcfej cm time to lime the general exchangeable reU on between ilicm and other commodities, ao aati Dinpare 'he 1 urchaamg po * of both with wha waa at former periods. [Frrm the London (Hobs Nov. 36 ] That ailver has, during the laat twelve month* t>en in v?lue from If lljd to 6s 1^1 an ounce, 1 olonly an interesting hut a punning fact. An< nminv immediately after, and in apparent ronnec on with, the new supply of gold from California ia calculated strongly to confirm the a? prelieii iona of a material d.?iurb?nce of (he *tan<urd v i?lue already Indulged in mrne quirtera Exp"ri r.ce hat reputedly proved that the tirat reqotait > the froti'alde ronaideration of a auhiect of thi ind, m a clear understanding of the fact excitiBi ?iubt. la ihia inatancc we have firat to yet tid r n ambiguity involved in the common mrrrxaiil hrare. When we aay that ailver ia 4* 11ii. a unde, we do not mean that an ounce of attd lar liver iaeqnivalent,in mtrtnuc value, to five of th nrlieh eoina hnown a? ah<'liat?, Irea the 1'/I.I art of a ahillwg (repreaeuied by a half |*nny). I t wrreto, the i rice thua etprci-arti could have n ariaiona For, aafive >- hi I inga, leaa 1 24th part? shillug, will always, according to our preaeti r?nt atandard for the rilvrr coin, contai hont four hundred and thirty-twograioaandaeven ' ni hw of a^rnin if atandard ailver, e<> much of ou .ntliah coin can never he intrioimally worth eithe nore or le?a of thut mbataore An ?unce (Troy ina 4H0 grain* ; and tliia ia the quantity of ailve oiaed at the mint into five ahillinva and aixpencc t ia ai |<aren?, then, that * declaring 4a 1l|d.,c ny MM UBder 6i ttd to he the VMM <>f M MM >1 atandard ailver, we have reference to aorite othe tardard of value. In truih, we mean that ao mucl ilver, cf 11 oj 2 dwta fine, ia worth that fraclio f the rnair.d a?< rling wht? h ia correctly reprr?ente >y 4? lljd. <>r, more clearly, it may he expreaae follow ? i?The round aterlin* c?-maina li:l.2i rnia? of gold, of 22 carata fine Five ahillioc ire, hy law, a legal i' nder far one-fourth of a potw letting, and ao, in mercantile phtaae, are rquivi rut io 3n.?l# graina of *'ard<rd gold. Thm I l|d. in equivalent to 30 "*'? gralra of auck gold md th? latter it ia that ia the real meaanre of th ralue of an ounce of atandard ailver, when quote it that (tut. All thin ia very well known, and vei imple And. if a more clear and conatant remen irance of It than ia ail ueual were not palpabl >***Mial to any profitable diacnaaion of the preiie, 'iit^a i, we ahoulri moat willingly avoid the taak i Te aay, then. th*t the current ptice < iTvrr hnn t<?aai 11 id to A? 1{d.aoounc n eana that ia? aaatket value haa tineu from abo *) to abo* D to gn?rn? of gold?e?<-h metal b n>? oftfcf Fn|^ah mint a'ardard Thia tiae la r her l*a? than three per cent It will nt once I i b?erved that the fact of allv> r having rtaen in vali ia, upon inch evidence, mer* ly aaaumed. It mi be tha gold that haa fallen; or one ma v kav? foil* and the other heen ; ao aa to ahare the eflect h tares them. All that ia really proved ia that tl relative value of the two met?l* has uaderfoae IRK I SDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1 - f change. And we have not at hand any meuu applicable to either metai mat win aolve the dif culty, even by approximation Both metala chanj in value ao much lean than any other commodity general demand, that a aeart-h for any other 1 which their variations in value nay be teatei must needs b? fruitless. We before noticc the existence of se\eral cauaea operating aimu tanesualy in the Mine direction, and tendin both to lower the valne of sold and to rail that of ?ilver. The svpply of new gold no being pouied from California into the Unite Stales and into Ejgland inay be supposed to hav lowered the value of that metal; but this w? cona d? r, as yet, the least effective of the diaturbin causes relerred to There is good mason to h lieve that before the Californian aupply came int the market the consumption of gold, even in th face of the aupply from Russia, wan reducing th Mock in Europe at a rate that mutt, at no distal period, have raiaed ita value perceptibly, in spite < the continued extension of banking facilities, ri ducing the quantity of gold coin requisite to th transaction of a given amount of business. W are strongly inclined to thinh that little more ha

yet been done than to restore the equilibrium < supply and demand, though the comparitive sue dennesa of the operation?the making good of th gradual waste of twenty or thirty yeara by a nev supply, poured in during one or two yeara?has ap par? ntly thrown the balance the other way. Whi w? cannot but think of more importance in relati) to the preaent topic, are the variations incident t the effective value of such an enormous masse ! silver as that known to be circulating on the cont > nent in the ahape of coin, under any influence thi , limy act upon a considerable |iroportioii of the pei i fona in who?e hands it is chisfty accumulates ; When revolutions shake down governments, c hot-tile armies prepare for conflict. traders in th r neighborhood grasp at every coin thsy can lay hoi t of, to meet the engagements they have contracte a in the hope of continued tranquility, and must met ; in any event. Action of this kind communicate e itself rapidly to all who, though not in the itnmc % diate circle ol apprehended danger, have bee made cantiouc by pant mishnpa and experience c t the rapid transition of auch disturbances from on part of the continent to another. The huay trat i, ing communities along the R hiue, and in the nortt , eastern departments of France, for instance , have now been for some months in such dreac 9 They have grown to went (hint generation ofpeac< - and have lately been warned how quickly an f how completely all their aflaira may be throw icto diaorder by a revolutionary movement i They see a heavy storm brewing, and they knov I that there is no safety for individual traders, upai from a good slock of the current coin of the coun r try. Add to theee the smaller boarda of privat j>ereons, whose recent experienc# has given then , a like tendency, and the boards made in 184S. an 1 still held, and what must be required for the law f armies now on foot, or in process of equipmen : end it see ma anything but improbtble that a pre f poition of the current coia of Germany and Franc ? has lately been withdrawn from circubition, lirg enough to create nearly the whale of the extr f demand now apparent in that direction. We hav t alw> to allow for the change being made, durinj 9 the present year, by the Dutch government, it , rubaiitutinf a silver for a gold standard, and with drawing ita gold coin from circulation Thii operation will probably throw an Rddition of fron i three to four millions sterling of gold into the l ia noon market in exchange (or ao much ailver i In comparing the present juncture with past in stance* of the disturbance of peace on the cod [ tinent by rumora of war, we have iomi long waj hack? torn* sixty veara, at leaat. We tiud th? f |opulation leas, and the trade much leaa. Indeed there can be no compariacn between the ex tent and importance of the commercial trans actiots served by the coinage of tha continent aa they are now, and aa they were in 1790, or a any previoua period?nor, consequently. any jus parallel between the effect of auch a diaturbanet at the apprehension of war ia creating at thia mo a < ut (backed by the I itter lesson of H0) &n; similar conjunction of circumstances in time pari ?eo far aa the probable demand far extra au.vlie ot silver ia concern* d. The movementa in botl aa both come of e v? n's hardly two yeara old, proba I biy owe much of their apparent efl>-ct to i he sud I ilenneaa and ra|>idity of their action. But the i have already uncovered a com|?-nmting procest i not hitherto sufficiently regarded, by which eacl metal tends to render the value of the other mor ateady than it would be aloae. Aa each riaea ii value maierially, Irom any cauae whn aver, tin other tenda to take its place. While Holland, ii tear of the Californlan supply, ia aeeking eaf'-ty ii a silver standard, the United States are bringini their gold coinage into uee, and the eagle ia push inft out the dollar. So in France, if the alteratioi ia the relative value of the two metal* goea but i little farther, the napoleon will become more com n only current, and the confessedly inconvenien live-franc piece will, in the same pioportion, retire In thia way, the extended use of void coin may within a narrow range of fall in value, orw-n a n? > d< rnacd for the mew, sufficient to take oft even th i enormous quantity our American frienda promts to dig fur us out of the tanns of California. i ___________ Thratrleali BnwitRv Tnr?T*r.?Thl* ovenlng th? admirer* of tli f.rrtt dramatic talent of Mr and Mm J. Wallank Jr *111 liaee mi opp< rtuiilt of *cetDg them la two ol thai W t character*. In Bhnkipeare'i tragedy of ' Richer 111.'' Mr Wallack a able repi eeentatlon of the Duke < Uloeter. wfcen he play?d it on a former occasion we d< eereedly riw?rJfrl with the wermeat denioaatratlon of pleaeui* by a e*ry crowded h*u?* Thl*. th-refori being, petbepi, tb* laat tine he will appear in ibat oha ' reeter. prerloj* to hi* letting for Iond"0. tho* ; wb" d?ll*ht la a On* bUtrloric treat ehmild by al j < aaa ?e* him tbia *?? nlntf. la tbe cl.aju-ter of Kiefc > ar I nod Wr? J U allack la that of ijaeen Klliab*t> I Mr fltaeen* a fine geaerel actor will enatain Ibe par rf lit nry VI.. a*d Mr Tiiton a* Rirhmen<l. with Ml* I W'ibjm a* l.ailj Ann Tbe other charactera by f One rtock rrapeny, The ent*rtalnm> nta will terml cite with Die H>log butr-bmen ' If ibl* toellen , 1 programme doea hot cram tbe Il"wi-ry ih*atr* .u < rer d*i artment. It will romewbat eurprlaltig . Baoaowar Tmkthi.?If enterprise it worthy 0 i euae-** tba manager ol tba Broadway theatre It rial . neatly entitled to tba patronage of tbe people ol Nai > f<rk N? ii' telt? tn tbe dreme'lr w< 11 that la avail able aaeafee ble notice, and liberal eB. rt are al way I aade by bim to aeeare It for tba patron* of bl fcon** 1? bl* lata epaeulatloti* bare not b?en a* foi i) tnaate ae hi* frlanda cool* wt?b er bl* deeira to eate t fir public teite daaereee we bopa that tb* engage tenl ot tba wonderful rarlaian ball*', iraupt wi pre** both a'.Uettlve and remunerative Thl* reap under ti.e dlrtctk-a of Mona Robert !Cemp, embraee , | the nemea of lime ol the mott eminent artiatafroi a Tarl?- tbe focra of telpelchtreaa ele|>OM Mon ,| l.eon Keptnr'a l? on# ot tb* mod flctabed art late i | tk* day. Madlle Ceieetlac Franek I* a rbaeta aa 1 dillekwiimieiieie Motia. <1 red?hte >n<5 Madani*. Ki ' | pioore are alec highly epokea of Tbe ballet* will 1 ' ) rt dared with tbafail fore* and ef#r|??oy of ue ' eritiery decrrattoa*. and other au.\lll*rlea, and ? hate do doubt that tbe efforta of tb* ir.en*#?r will h ft rewarded with overflowing hour** Tb* bill far thl * evening * entertainment I* ** worthy ol tte atlai g | tton of the admirer* of the gaaeef'il art if Niate'a (liana* ?The magnltranne with whl' * MWo produce* every place b* put* upon the *tag*. q rerer aurpae* il by at y o*.h> r theatre in thl* elt; j The gorgeon* aeeaery. tba quick Itanefi rraatloa*. an r ? 7'jUlMt# tniDsa* niaot di*pla)?d tbrouanout taa ei L tl ? IrprrMblttloll Of the M* paatulli ilna of '' Ml tulm. ?** tnatcdth* *> rider and I I a| probation ( ( tfei nmt err -ded and faahionakl* ai 0 di*nce? Tb* tal*at*d M>d attrartir* Unit? of tt if Ra?*la ara *?flW?at. In th' io?*1t> *. to craw lu it ?ina?ly. and Mr Nlhlo aBord* them *rary rpporti q ll 1 to appear in ofcarmt.r* ?.f lite mrwt tultakl* d < vfpH'iii. TMi new pint* mini* i* d'-Mi' <1 t" bar* r loag and *ucr?r*fu| inn hut w* would remind oi raadara t lial otbai ton ltl*i ar* nightly ad* i to th . great pl?c* Pi?rrl?*i on tb* tight ropa. ani tl ' | 15 ?oidt*r for Lot*.'' form portion* of th* mtartal * meat* fwr tbl* rrnli g Mt aran'a Tnitrir -Tha *r?rlin? gofld old Erilli r c ??<1j h** ft nod a b"B>? at tbel'hftRihetl *tr<*l Th* tra aad If tba *bad*a ot Pbendan ( ulrman Iuebbal T Holrrc.ft and t>?er* of Inmortal memory rt*lt tl h fern* of their o?a cr? at ion. th> j rinini hut h? ?atl n f *1 at th* perfection with which they ara txodiicad I ,1 Jiortos and bla ahi* alh*a tn th* diaraatla *rt. Th r| rompaaj r*n%* aim rn it* luemhar* wm of tba T? j b**t actor* la tba ron jtry; and tba crowding audloas that tightly throng ih? tbeair* *ti(flel*atly prova th " Snrtria * t*ftia I* alm<*t ublf*r?al Th* er'ertalnmei. for tbl> *?*i,lng commerce with the inlmltaU" f at? l" ot th* "Road ! Huln and will enaelud* with tl I. ' Ktoa Boy '? ? Nation ?i TH*?T*r -The bill of ?nt*rta!nm*nt f * tbl* *w*alng la t*rj attractive Mr I'uTdy ? -? d d t?rmlaa?t that ho ?hall not b* **e**i*d by aa? otb y <?tah> lab meat la (roducint tha |jT*at*?t nortlty I*. tb* day lla ba? b**n a?*ry oth?r w**h pr. **utlr y lor kla patroa* pl?a?ata a*w and aicellent dtami jt at i omhlnahl* *ip*a*?. aad tMaartalaf h* offkri . r*w draa a. ot a m< ral aad ln?fruetl?* < baraot*r. ? "I ttti*<i th* OtMMa'a Pawgbtar Th?ra?>^t rmn M t?ra I* good, aad tb* ?c?n-ty I* ?aid tn ha of a rloh a gorgaona d*?rMptl*n Tbl* pl?ea of lt**lf. w*ra Df o?t*r parfar ad wa tb* ? * night. I* tufflel**! e- att rartla*. tr? ia It* airtal taa< ?/. to draw larga I n. **Biblagra for tba aatlr* w*?ki but whaa It la kno 'v* that tba *nlanrfld ip*ciacl* nf tba ' Ma^to Wall or I w Fairy of tb* I)*a*ttwill tlao ha p*tforta*d w* abot *npy > 'hi* popalar *itabllfh?*n? will a?t ha rat ' bl* of **atlng tb* number* who will w*ad th*lr way a tha Natloaal tbl* ** tta aarly aad aweara aa* T~ tawvonaa'a Lrrrt ? - Great prrparatloaa ara b* ado i? oyea tbl* bowaa. with an lar ?<iah a* it* p * ptlatog waa wow ta bar* la tb* mm ot kk Uaatn re o?rer. ih men eminent aciors are engaged, ai fi. our old Mend Brougham will toon b? it kon?. wh re k? will do doubt nmIti u InutttM iuab?r of rl I ton, ud Boat urandlj entertain than well. T " groat nndMl leader of thia citv, Mr George Loder 7 gentleman aa much rwpMttd la private lite, ? he a. admired li hia public profeeaional capacity, will oo ' dait the orchestral department of the Lyceum. Amiiicm mtum.?Mr. Greenwood, the able ai talented conductor ot thU apaoioua and boautll ws eetabllahment, U ualng every effort to gratify the v w riona taatoe of the dramatis publio. He haa an ? <1 cellent dramatio company, among whom are the nam fl ol Mlaa Chapman, properly called the aotreaa of i j. work, aa no matter what charaoter aha may bo a] a pointed to represent. it loses nothing of lta worth in k * hand*. Mr. Clarke. tho stage manager, ovary ben knows t? bo clever. and Mr. lladaway la a fine oooa ? actor To night they appear in the beautiful pirn i? called |ho" Curate'a Daughter." The afternoon p? >e formancoi are very attractive. New Yoaa Ciacirs?The beautiful performances >f tho Freaoh equestrian company are drawing immet S orowda to thia elegant amphitheatre Tho vault!i e tumbling, and otaer exercises, may bo reckoned e good aa any that havo taken place in thia city I *?? >f Satti tt'a CoiMORAMAa ?The exhibition of the (. beautiful paintings la given at the houae, corner e Thirteenth street and Broadway. v PitoaiM'a Punr.iin -Thia aplendid and Inatruoti >. Panorama should induce parents to bring their ohildn II to ace it. It is a work of great artistic merit. ? Musical. tf Pabodi's Last Two Pkbfobm iwcica.? Parodl w i- appear to-night, at tho Opera llouae, for tha laat tim it On thia ocoaaion sho will appear in that magaiSoei J* peraonatlon, Qemma dl Vergj, in which she ao en " nentiy distinguishes heraelf by the ezerclee of all h ,r great artiatical glfta and power*. Of oourae the: will bo a fashionable houae d To-morrow night ahe will take bur loave of No d York, juat at the moment when ahe haa establish* >t horaelf against the prejudices of handreda, a? the mo g fln'ahed and the moat highly gitted vooaliat ol tt day. Though she has received no laudations of hi _ gfcodneta ot heart, and of her charaoter in privai . life, it 1* but juatice to say that a nature more mode* tintelflrh, pure, aod artl' sa. nev?r loved to repoaa i e the nnobtrusive ccnroiousneaa of lta own rectitud I* At the concert at Tripler Hall, to-morrow night, th I- great vocalist will exhibit the highest qualities wit % which beavtn haa gifted her, and which we have i |. often pi/iotedout aa aingulatly wonderful. Let tloke , be aecured to-day. J Anna Bishop's Kichtm Bacbkd Cohcicbt.?Tripli n Hall, en flundnv evenings is the reaoi t of those wI ' delight Id the g?ma ot facred ?onx. ao tilnlnbl; aui t by Adds Blahop Kub ooncert adda to the inter* ol tbe next, and tbouf anda flock to them who are ti . much engaged bj the oarea of life, on aecular daya. ei.gage in tbe refining emoRementa of the metropoll " Tbe concert. l?>t night, waa aU.-a<l.<d by raat ma 11 of delighted auditor* who were deeply Impreaaed wit ? tbe performance of tbe ' Meaaiab," and with the pe t, formanct* prnerally. Anna Biabop. Mi.<a K De l.uo Orlebel, and the reef, distingoJahed themielrea a uacal on aueb ceraalona. OnaiaTia Misai him are teaching their patrona t march to their ebtertalninenta, in hundred*, ever evening. timing tbeir Rtepa. bh they go along, to aeiu aw?et and touching melody. The.prvgramine for thl evening ia Ttry attractive Fcii.ona'a Oei a a llovac.? The programme for thl evening ia of tbe ?am? attractive character aa thoe which nave lately drawn ?uch crowded bourse ever niglt. to thia well managed e.?tabliehment. Tbe voca llnta are excellent. and tbe muaiaal ability of the coin pany ia ot a t< ry high order. The hall la new nod elt gently arranged. Police Int?lli|tiK*. CIIAIIOK OF AB90N?EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE?A AFFECTING SCENE IN COt RT. A few daya ago, a man by the name ef John Wataoi and hia wife Sarah 8. Wataon. were arreated, on wai ranta Irined by Juatice Oaborn. wherein they %ei charged with Retting fire te their atore of fancy dr good*, tituated at No. M, 3d Avenue, on the night < the 4th fil July laat. Tbe upper part of thiR atore wi occupied aa a dwelling, and, therefore, the crime 1 under the atatute law. " araon in the flrat degree 1 -41? ?..14 W- m?? > ? Kee 1 ' WLiiri), UU CUUTICIM'H WUUIU U? Ifuuinuai'.w ?/ in tba city prlacn, awaiting an exnmlnation. tb? hu _ band 1b oae department, and th? wife in anotut y strictly prabilllad to coKimunicate with aaah othi-i i, Saturday aftrrsorn waa r?t down lor the InTrxligatio l> Tut b< fore wr gtv* tha proceeding* of that ( wntiM e tlon. we will relate briefly. an outline of the who * caw. Irr n the tier of tb? fire. down to tbe praaant I ? *?1 proceeding* Tha facta are aa utartllng aa tb< a ara horrible. and not for Bany yenr* paat. hai ^ tb? police authoriUe* bnu compelled ta record tt detail* cf wlckediit-ea%*ud rrina aa daTelopad I tbla raw In tha firat place, aa tb? carrativa " told Jcbn H at.<n. tha prieonar, far* bin wife V'M a t<i fit up tba iaccy dry good* rtora in >iu*rttnn Ho < '* aftrr. an ItiMirarce *u effected on tba proparty In tt >t Hioadway Fire Insurance Company, to tha iBunit < i. flow) Tba ret anna drrlfd fr >m tba iala? In tk , ?rcrw dirt not appaar to ba areordlni; to tba axp*eu v tiona ol Mra Watirn. and a proportion wwm?l? I e bum op tba ?toek and obtain tba Inturanoa. Wmao e all*-re that hi* wife waa the flmt to propoaa tha pr< jact < t DrlER tba preiuita*. and tha wife nay* that h told ber to do It. and by burning tba (toiaabn oal cat tied cut tba request* of brr buft *n l Be that a< I n>a^, we Kite b?th ?i le? ol tha qui'Htlon. However, tfc 0 "II" - - ?.. Ilir dtrd to ha dona, ?ii<l on til* day bafora, H tlw ' l?tt thia Ity and want to OloH'-att<-r Nrw Jaraay whai j be miaadb-d ur til tba bth day of July, id ,f thin retmaad to Ntv York, and naotrUln d tin iS the atore bad baan find during bi? abaaimi ? On tLa liauranca cumpany IniratigaMng tha can-a i , 0rr. etrruBintaaoii rnhibitad tbaina-lraa which abnaa ^ that Improper m<ai a bad beau reaorted to and that I , tact, tha d> atructlon ol tba ani l amount ot proprrt 1 I waatha arrk of dolgn. y?t atill tn? etIJenca wan < . turb a natuia an vculd not juttny at that lima , crlmlnnl rtirp ai'tough the auapielon ?a? (M t gnat At bear tb? expiration of alitr da)? the Inai ( l??r? ttnipany ? d pi> kWd Ibr ua ignt ol laiuraai % ai d paid to niton }t?rt) Nov that tha inonvy wi I *ld, a ditcr tiuntuiei.t arnaa bat<tetn Wa'aon and b t *lh. rk(tltloilD| tbf ?bol? anoutt tl the mcar; i r l?r o?? Halwii finally to kaep peara gara her IM I ? blob i mount lb* dtpneltad in tha 11.wary 8*' ttpfl aeU or at l-aat. w. h< I?e (Itt Maltera fiaaa# 01. lor a ibon Una. until Walton d Woo tared th til.? *l:a raa Intlgulng with a man in tha Sa??i * l?Mh ward, wllh afcoin ?*i n aea<i*a<t li. a lib harlot an Improper li.taroouraa. aba uiMma.rl * lalt tar hu*b?nd arid took alili her tbrli little boy * fn-'rblld ot abort tl* yeara ?! *? Th't ehill th lalt< r paaalonataly itiatbd to and. tha a< ' i|i'i| *l|i 'Li aadiiirol tb? principal m- <n? vt tt '* aI ?la n^farlaua op. a'lota hacumirg bnown an " V klic.n iunan4trtD| blawif op la Jaa?tlca tVatani ' vlrbifcg to obtain poateraion ol hi* child, and alt * hirrarttb* liiotie}. nployei a laay.r and a pla n ?n? then datlaad to bring the tilfa to lerma Aariti * . f t., ?a? "Malt 'I th-- ?tfa arra?t#d an t t?i >' tr]rO to a lawjat'a o(B?? In Nk??o atraat wr.?r? ' ouitft l)#?>r wa? bald, and It waa decided an 'jvfgr d aba a at to glta up tha ruatody ot titechll >* ai 'i !< ha nnnrdtd ? .*.0 ? > tb? non>i than in banl w af d tha ba.inea to be ,i?tn up t ffiitn b*f bai ' l and Tl.a money ?a? a. ordin^ly, that rtaraoa * tiai t firm Ibr lark by tba MMtM ft nil pat11 I' 111 illliltil ).< >' ''i'n| It ?? ! In ? - < ., ? only retaining fit* lot aartlca A*ainn?lt? piwM-d along unlit a diaagttaniant aiaa* b-l??? h Will'amC Uatar n btotb-rof tb? John Wat-"? ti li t? tptr und?r arirat on i?narg? ol armt And f f. t)'tna rauaa (tbf Uiotltta ar? not J?t thor> >igl id llilrri'foilj M 'lltam ' #? ?on rall?4 on tba pfi dint of I ha llroadaav Inturarra I'onfaty. and 4 a Mctly ar a?>-4 bia t>r< h> r .< ' n f a^ ? noala i n< I m that h> ttt 6ra to tha ?t rt? tc' " l? fm tba pu - fitaof d'traudlrg tlr rt^Hii'Mat# n the |n'nr?n 10 (''ftpat.y Thi' ?t? i> app< ar n< ?o plaa<IM>' and ac a- ji'j'uoini; *Ub lit |?rii*ua tu?(iiel'>a*. IVatac a- *a> itqUabftd to go to th- pollrt nntW'ritiaa an I ma a- Oath to (tia fneta na to i b* ?*ri.lf-??lora ot t i 1 t.r^ih * I Joi n. Atoul Ibt tnt of Koimlar tha aflldntltt ir VI hltau C. Walton aaa n>i>do Jointly w.tb a nan rail la Hajaard. rl,arytr>K uir?-c11jr 111* MaalrtlM of tl >a I rtlic* i n Jrhn W atioo ant * warrant wa? laanad | a. j !. > unfit on li>? rt nrg<- I'ri >r to iha?? dotal <>i>a mm III OCCU'ad had ) ft tb? < i> J ar d Wi? raiding ,h ' !;' ?? ta.latl (?. u. >t. r iitu.t-l In N?? .'-r y Tfc? Wlfo wiiblBR to r?K?in of tb*|>-b j ! ??nt to fllouraitor at.d In kin abdaot 1,^ bn me from tb? lot bar. and brought him In thl* city, aid | lorfd h-rrrlf aodar the pmtrctl it h?r torfcrr paraotoar Watario < n hla ratnrn bo? l(, (! tlaMing kin rhild abdartfd I* raai? klmmt d Oat tad and la>is< diot?ly *? nt la purault II* p r\ rradrd to I'blladrlihla, rid rh?n tr?r?d h<-r on ho< ,1 IIIMn N?? Vip[? klMIlVll attai . and no t< ?r?l?al la tbi* rdly h? pro.t?|rd at oac? to th< rt dttraat hi* wifa'a paramour, ahom bo founl and li rdbim wi'l aldlr hla wli? Intia ahdurtl n if wit# Th? paramour dml? d tha fhrt, but ra l li ilk arraryt mat with t? ataon to Had bla hud fbr hi * f?*r wbl?h ?rr?lc WaUon oOarad to pay JIM. and a rr.llatnol aarntlty gata him bl* gold watch, whleb ' ?ai to karp no prodoHng tho child Tha porami 'r ob tla watch andpi?mla>d t? t??*rUln tbc rt? ! ' aboBta ot Iba r l.i.d by 7 o Mor It that .'renin* an I ? " |'i? 1 <1 Ori ? r p, lat ni.-"n? Nna'Nm ' war inafo by tMiIndividual toarrxt Wai'nn altboo hr kr w frjii ( )| that a warrant wa< l?iuad I* hla art' *\ 'til >|b rtlrr-r rn tha contrary, Wat'rnall??.'.tl "" l? ** li.ld to .juit th? city and ??p "?t of lb- way ** If ha dldn t h? wruld .itraly baorra?t?d (tiara tr arttlha Manila low. aa tha c ncaalmaat of offend a? a| arrprlata fin tMl raw . and oar raodara will l th? Oarr'r Inrurrad and tha pnnlih?*nt ??tod ,J a fcn*lrit?a ] ,,a Kt'rj | arrrn who ?hall bo cnatlctad nf ha'In* o< aralrd ar t effard?r a'trf tba anatmlaalna of ant l? t< r j . r <.f haairir titan mrh nff?ndar any r.tbar I bar w?T(( t>at ka baa romatlttfd a ftlnay with lat lt'( ard Ib r dar that ha nay aaold > ? aaaapa fr'oi art ao. ?r trial, rr oraalrtlf-a. ot pnalabaiaat. and bo otto ??1 tl ah b* dr?ut<4 aa tccaiaar; cut Uw lait, aa4 ?| IERA I860. ? LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. 4 oobvIcIIob ahall b* puniah*d by imprisoamsBt is a ea State prison aot exceeding l? years er iD a county si- jiil not ?eMdinf on* yw. or by tat not sieeedtaf ho flro hundred dollara, or bj both fae and tapriaoa, a ns?ot" i? Tbui, it wtu b? se*a. tbo penalty I, nt?m on tb* n- ooncMlM?at of oftndm After tbo noottog Watson bwtai desp?ad*Bt and not pltoiM much *onfid*ooe B(j la th* promise mad* by thin Individual la regard to rul tbo restoration of bis child, bo o?nolud*d to giv* 4. Mm??U up to tbo authoritiea ; aa, la adopt ... Ing that oourae be ?u in tbo foad bop* ?a?< a( more of beholding bio obild. LIm, thereto*, called oojthe president of the Fir* Iaeuraaoe)6?epaey, and related the whole story that vary aft*raooa. PotT lie* oflioert were aeut for. and WaUon was tak*n into j_ euitody. Aa Watson surrendered himself on Thar*(J day the Saturday following the wife waa arreated, aa# j, was oommitted to the aity prison by the magistrate} ir. over a week has now alapaedsinee their arr*et,aad Saturday laat wat art down lor a bearing aad eiamtaaUon. The examination waa coaduotad before Jnatio* Osbof a 01 and Mr. Stuart, tbu clerk. In one of the Court rooaa*, IM before a number of oitltena who bad mustered in the room anxious to hear tb* eviduno*. The brother,WilrM Ham C. Watson,the voluntary pr***aatiag wltn**a,wha or reside* at 1'atenon. New Jersey, was present' lie I* a apare, pale faced looking man The brother J aba, >ae under arreet, la apparently ot*t 40 years of ago, but t presents a better caat oi oouotonaaoe Tae wife la rather well favored, carrying full, expretntve, dark re eye*, her lip* are compressed, bnt still her llret appearBU anoo to casual observers would be eoaaidered favorable, on the offloera bringing the prlaaaxra into Court from the cell*, the husband entered at oa* door, aad tbo wife at the other, bearing in her arms the boy, with hi* Ipbt leg bandaged up, it bavlng been accidentally 111 broken about lour weeks sins*. The inatant the lather i* ? held hia < bild. he sprang Irom his s*at, a*li*d tha Bt oy from tbe arms of his mother aad wept loag aad . loudly bathing tbe bay's laoe with tears Tbe poor ll* child waa much allrcted and ao were allpreaeatla r the Court, mint of whom ah#d tmm ttthahfftMttOBftlA ra aoen* tihlbltri bftwnn th* fatkar and bli child. The only eon who n-riuad to b? unmoved by th* m?m v waa th? prother, who wa* then about to W hbIh4 id lu the presence of th- acauaed, to aubalantfata tba t awful ctfmt of araon, whereby hia teatiraoay ml|h( 19 oonaifn as own brother to tba gatlow*. Altar tba ar excitement had aomewbat aubiidad. tba prUoaara to took their aaata by their ooun-el. and tba magUtrata t, proceeded to axamina William 0 Wataoa. Tba coinn ?el for tba woman, Mr. II1 raoa V. Clark. commaoaad a. to aroaitexamiaa W*f*on on bl? diraot aSdavtt. ia aa far aa any part alluded ta tba w?fn. Tba arldaaoa b elicited w*?t to ibow that tba wita waa acting aardy >o under the >l*raction ot her hunband. anoordlng to hia ta retfion ot the matter Th* wltnaaa aaid ha r?aldad at Pateraoa Naw Jersey ilimaalf and lUyward waa ?r nieaant swhea{ Mra. WaUon waa brought to tba lawyer'* oflioa in Naasau (treat, about tba child and tha mor.ey 11* waat np to tba houaa with ig tha rfllcar. at tha raquest of bar baabaad, aad ,t waa told by blm to tell bar to ba careful mi three thing* or she wauld be exposed Ila told *? ta tall ber that aha waa the only one raapoaalbla about 10 tba fire aa be waa nut in the city at the time, and that aha waa tba ; eraon who aet Are to tha atora. Tba aa* cend thing waa, that her ohild died la Proaldaaaa, " if aha did not put a shot In lta ear and kill It Tba r* third thing waa. to ba careful how aba aoted aad B> talked or i>h* would be exposed about aoma annay * aha atola In Hartford Tba wltnaaa aaid. that Wataoa, the prlronar :u i bis w|f? H< , In a houaa al Hartford. o In ranted apartmenta era widow, woman Tnla old y a i man bad a.mare, which kbe auld for (Ktf. Tkia faat a waa known by Mra Wataoa. and th* next day Mra. a Wataoa took a 110 bill to exchange to the old wemnw. The till waa changed, aad Mra. Wataoa th*r*by aaa*r ig talned th* place where th* noa*y waa <i? peel ted ; aad # In tb* absence of thaold woman, Mra Wataoa aeoreily . entered her room and atale tba $M aad a day or twa alter paid ber rent to womaa In a portion of tba . aery money atoien Tbele three thing* war* told bar, by tbe wltaeee. at tha raquaat of bar hueband, ia acdar torprrata on hrr mind that ?h* ?h<>iiU conwit to UM division of themonev. and to dellrer up the -hild to the father After the money matter* wer* MttW, Iht w liners stated that be and the prleeuer (hit broth*# N want to New Ilamp'bira with tba objaot of seeing their father and after arriving within moa twin i, or tblitran alien of the plaoe they turned around ?|4 earn* bark again. Ilia brother Jobs, ha aaldl principally want to aea Ma first wife (not tha on* ' now present ) bat thn one that Uvea out In Nt? y Hampshire, but ahe bad rtmortd and ba only taw on* lf ol bia children, a girl of nearly eighteen yearn of ag* The witnesa aaid that hi* broth** bad, ha gaaeaad, M something lika four children by bia drat wife, and tfeaa a, he ran off with hie wlf. own aiater and they llftd n together lor somo time he then got married at Fader fou, N'-w Jemey and thla la tbe woman (painting t* h Mra Watson) She amiled when the eyee of all In th* .s ~?~t .m.ilbwiait ??- ? ?kMki tareed crimson and then pal*, evidently feeling ni>t*k eabairaaaed by the Uevelopementa made by the brother *< The wltnaea Hated that bia brother bad been avri?4 r ; to tbe present wife about eleven year* and had a*M D eight or ten children, which -ha had dropped about at diflerrat plaora *" Tha counsel wUhed to know of th* wltneae what le motives oeuld have induced him to volunteer aa th* principal witaeae to appear and testify again* Mk own brother, when hi* evfdenoe, #honld he be *gm>7 Tinted, would sentence him to he ezeout*! Walesa re replied that wbea be made the ebarge h* tboarM It le waa no more than right, and that fee did not know Ike >n crime committed would hang him. tie atatod that la his brother and his wile had a plan t* tw**r him Into X) tb* State pitaon, the prisoner Waleon wee going to n make hia wife swear that I atole tua jewelry and a<>na le money, and 1 waa to h* arrested on the charge Hay(f ward told ma ol thie plan my brather told his, ie and be al?o acknowledged It to me afterward!. Tks I. latt time I raw my brother I abn>k hands with him; to 1 bare no other motives that Induaed oae to make tha n charge agalaat my brother, only that I thought U WM >. wrong he ihould try to send me to B'ate prison ie 1 be above was the aohatanee of tha cmea *nnlaa? tls ?. nn,l Km *? aaa WW a a ? I i\a? A Tha Maaiatvaia anaAm It out a coir mlton nt. tod W*t*ca. the (Komi, wm ooaim ?i>td to priaon *n<l thin held a* a *IIomi bo heknf ir * reeident of Another But* n flaring the i umlntilon the prl?on*r, .lohn WaUoa, a held hi* child In hi* Up tn4 erery few altoM <1 would eubina* hlai, and toward* tb* nlo*a h*wa4<ibn *er??d to write *oni*lblng on a*Up of paper. fold It ap, i. and pl*?-e tbe nma In tb* boy* pocket*ri4aatly >f *oajinunle*lk>a inlendi-d lor Uiemotbar. At the eloaw d of f be tnveatlgalion tii'- paper wa* taken from tb* u po< k?t ol lb* child by the raagtotrat*, wbiab read am y follow*:? ?f Dr?* 0a*am?Will jon clear me from thla *k\rga a that In brought Bga'net me ; 70a know ( U??e do** j nothing. l)o ft'f lli4> take, rone and * * ma a? *>> 1 a* yen ran. end latch my dear eon I beg and b***anl* .. ji'u.lloi'tln<eiM{ do com-and *ee ma. before In u t inert n y God; *t d all I a?k In (hi* world ta to talk ,li w 1I1 you irnm n.ore " u The matt4"rate *tat?d to the prlaoaer that m wm (I, rtrt wrong Kr him to attempt tn make any commaatr cation witb hi* wife; although there wae no barm la >d lh? prtaent attempt, null h* ought to aah p*rmleatnn. t TI<I rtl?< oer* were a rain r-iiien'l-d to prlana tfe* 1. wlfr taking eharge of the child The farther eiaal,r net Ion <1 tbla eitiaor dmary oaaa wUi be *<-atinne4 [y till" d*y. a <A#>g* of tkat ' >*$ w&k ?tut i? KM.?Again wa hare i? ta r??oiil another cbarg* of *tabMuf with n knife. r. which l? hellered m*y p?e?lbly pro** fatal It appear* ! that three pn?*oa?. Michael Harry. fat ri -k K atrn, a*4 id another wboaa at pre*?nt I* unknown. anter?4 n. the port*r houte, No. 24 flpriic* *ir<--t, <>u rivulay 0 nlrhi anil railed for drlaka the refr**hia^nt< wnra >n handed to. them and after drinking they r?#u*o4 to r>t pay The bar ka. per. Jamea Mciattea. pa??ed fro** bwr, hit d the counter got Into an altercation with then, * end *ei*e<l a lead bo*, and attempt*"! to atrtka id I air) with U, but wa* j,t*?*ut*u en di ng Kateo 1 j ?t,.n rlTi H apt* the neetotaQee of Harry. *a I "Uh a 1, I d*rk knile inflicted two *eeer* *teb* inthe b>dy of M< alien Aa *< * a* thl- wa* 'tone they all tnraa D n arte their errape b'fora tb* arrival of the police ,f 1 lt?? alter how?v?r cfllc?r* p.nioy ind Moonay of ?# ?u P rong ? *r?i trnv^l ?n'i on a?i?r. ? ?n?* fir WW* rt p'tnri ? lli? offlaor* w?nt In a?areh of th m-u?il ?*r> ! " nd luring tb* m, lit lUtrr ??# in *' A???tta* an ' tahan fr> m hi* tvl to th? at*i|?w nr bonai Th (itlc Mm, kt>r, litneniMf I* yaatrrd** Illnirk ii ri)r third im l? not *rt Mt if t>>r?d Tk? Itjnrx* it?n ?o? cnaay-.l to tha Oity |i- I! i pitaJ at d Mil w<unda ara*vd to ? ? ft a >)> to cba'attar Tha partl?a h*?a >>aan r. coininutad ? awatt th? r???lt to tha Inju-ad ma"v ? #a*Ai?g a l#?iW fomr bold rowna l "i*? |ato tha it- cabin if it* ?|o?.r> Ki*ll>| fl in lying ?t th* foot oi t t?y atraat on Fittrdtf nliht. tmlliK tharafron k? Mil lb iwi??j and * ?llw ??'ch. tb* propatty of Um r captain No urnt of .trtnl a/ ? Tuif'ir ? Olflnaf Van Tiavll of tho ?j TMri? iith ward ar-a?tad on 9a ardor night a man ha r* ll?"1 O?or?a William*. > n a nhargaof h irglirlouaiy lor altering tha ?t?ra r. r ni-r >? t>*lan?y an.I Will, t at rant", l( oo>?|.i*d by John CVt Th? burglar ?nt?rad th* atora 'a ky na'ng on instrument eolla J nlppara." whlob t.iraod tho k?) in tha leek Irnm tha oatuda *1** w?m atnlon lid h) tla r?bh?r froto tha mcncy drawar Tha rngua tw d rapturad n 4tkMtni?t <?4J??tl??TI?pnn c*?mltt?d I I? te prlam for trial M Mai In* AWolro. la- Hiw Hainan hi* > f -.M.ra Tha Oonard nomro patiy ara now h*.?lr j *'-uctad In tha <'Iyda two r mora inf. '* f"rth*l' Atlantic ( ?in r* Th*y hla aia?ohara?"l lha A -Hla an I t'ara<a and will at. be of g'?ot?r length and t.ara rraatar prop.iling powav tl en any m* in tha ll?e "fha Arabia la to h* enmhl, niasdad by I'apt Jodkin*. now of tha Ada. and tha It# I'af*la by ('apt Rjrlo,now Id command of tha Afrit*, m Lat a* Nan.?Tha packat ahlp Cndarwrltar wu a lanncl.ed on PalrrtUr frMn tha yard of Mr A. J. ha Weaterrelt. foot of llcii*tn? atraat K II Rial! k?lit or tor B Kaimlt * llna of l.laarpool paakata, aod will ba ra- **?>inand<d by t'apt PMi.lay lata of th? John B ip MMdr and fth.r Ll??j| . . pa--i?t? 8ha la to ??U nm ipt Ilia ISth Jannary th at Tfca Rilimad Ca*?, Mt N aw Tan, r?a? I A. "* TO TMK W.ITOR OF Till NKW YlIRK ngRAI.O ,n' In your paf*r of th<a morning containing ? ?t*ta*r" irrtt rf tha ||ii'l>n? : ivor H'>iro*d ra-* l -tora tH* PuparW r Court y?-?tar.i you h**a ma la ??i-uk' lit on tha nawiaa, Tha pnrtlaa Oppoalng tha appllaatit* wara J. Outwntar and P. Ontwatar a?1 not tko'ho^t, aa yon hata It Pn ?'>a you maka th* aam* Bl'taka i? * my na?a ha aounnal fn tha partiaa Knowing y.ia k111 wlah to bo eorract alwaya. t ?*k* tha lihartyo* a^rr??t ,Bt log tha error* ao that In * It i^**r< la your papa* ff to morrow. It may ha right. Vary ragpaetfullr yon*a. h? , f. tfVIVAtU, it.

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