Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1850 Page 2
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CvBAra'i Patfcht?*?Basic W*ii_ CBRIi>TY S VINfTRELS. M?o&aaio?' IUU, (73 Dr?i?w?j ?ErMioriAit NimrrxiMv rtLLOWS' 01'EKA HOLS*. Ml BroMwlf -Ithiopias KlBdT. IU. AMERICAN MVSim ? \wnmiie Ptironiiahcdi ArrsKmin IW YORK .VMl'UI riHarHE, J7 Bow?ry?Emuutiiar WAbBIJNOTON BALL-pan. ha*a of Pilcbim'i Pbof<M. SAin.fR'8 COSMORABA, eorncr of Thirteenth ?trc*t Mil Br??dw?y. \rvr York, Monday, December 10, ItiSO. 1'hr Rrjiort of ihe NccrrUrj of IhcTreamry. The Report of the Secretary of the Treasury ia ready, ami would have been delivered on Saturday U?t, if both houses of Congress had been in n It will be handed in to-day, und we are im boi^H cl being able to place it before our readers lo rn' rrow nxmirjj. Pumt Ian of the Administration I'nlon Plat. ftiin ?llie I'r?hl(li'iit umi Ih U ItiK Party. Oor intelligence from \Vrar.hin2t??ri, both public mi private, advise us of an effort of Senator Seward and his party to effect a treaty of peace with the President, to enable them to keep their ftiei ds in oftice at the North, and for a variety of ether reasons. We are told that h* has already had several interview s with Mr. Fillmore on the aubjert, atnl 'liat the friend? of the Union are not at all pleasi d with the movement. We would ad vi.-e Mr. Fillmore to beware of forming any alliance with those demagogues, lie now stands ? a highly favorable position before the cointiy His first annual message to Congress has commended itaeIf to the approbation of th^ conservatives of all parties. Tha decided stand taken by ihe Executive in favor of the slivery adjustment, as it stands, has enlarged the confidence of the people in behalf of his administration; has strengthened the conservatives in Congress; and, among whigs and democrats, throughout the country, lias operated to identify the administration with the integrity of the Uaioa. Never wes the country in a mora interesting crisis khan the present?and never was any President in a more advantageous position for rallying to his support ihe grtat b?dy of m people, of all parties, tJian is Mr. Fillmore His plain and undisguised recommendations in respect to the Fugitive act, oat cnly assure the country of his fidelity to the laws, buf of his desire to conciliate the South, by refusing the slightest concession to Northern nallitiers. Mr. Fillmore Mands upon the Union platform The old lines of demarcation between the old partie* are nearly obliterated; the general recommendations of the menage may be adopted by either party, without matt-rial violation of their party doctrines. The only party with which the message Minifies the President, is the Union party; an 1 his tB(A|r>ni*ni to nnll?f??ria r??i Uf h*onl?' party hostility which he has indicated. A* far as an be judged. General Caaa and General Koote are scarcely to be regarded as leas the friends of the administration thin Mr. CUy or Mr. Webster. The exigency is the integrity or disruption of th? republic. The President, comiug into power under the distrust of a large section of the Union, and generally regarded as the mere lm ?m ttntni of the White Hou*e, by the whig party itself, had very Kttle to excite his ambition, except the good withe* of the people. A nodrst man?a capable man? but too kind and amiable for the cut and thrust, right and left policy of Jackson; too honest tor the wire in and wire out" diplomacy of Van Buren; too dignified for the bartering system of John Tyler; too experienced to be indulged in the mistake* of the heroic lieneral Taylor?while Mr Fillmore waa eipected to administer the government with discretion, no party?no fragment of a parly?held him qualified to act the preaidential pariy leader. He came into the executive chair aa its imre occupant, by common consent, fur the remainder of General Taylor's term. The whign did not even (latter him with the |>oMibility of anything more. He waa given to understand, by movtments for Scott, Clay, Webster, Crittenden, and other*, that anything more ??aa entirely out f the question. Meantime, he waa expected faithfully to divide out the loavea and finite* among the whiga? for, whether they were Union men, or nullifiers, or aeceasionists, what was that to hitul To keep the party together, he nsust conciliate all the cliques:?the whig* must have the offices, and he must have their support. While, therefore, the whigs are under no obligation* to him. Mr. Fillmore is bound to look to their Interests?and no thinks to him. Parties, however, like men, are bnt the creature* f circumstances. The slavery adjustment, in it* breaking up of the old whig and democratic partoe*, ha* given u* four parties instead of two?the Union whig*, the Union democrat*, the Northern nlhfiers? chiefly from the whig party?and the Southern seceder*, chiefly from the democratic. The whiff puny proper, as it now stands. ic hut fr-tgm'nt?a \ery *01*11 frafment?of the whi( party of 1*4H It > already throws out of the last hope of either houne, and haa ao possible prospect, f itself, of being either able to advance or to iajure th* adai.mstratioa. And it so hifpene, that in the present state of tfciaga, there is more affinity between ' nion whiffs and democrata, taan there can be between Uaton whiffa and whiff aollitiers The circumstances creating this diviaton of parties, have placed Mr. Fillmore in the most favorable position Staadug ont boldly fur th?- Fugitive Isw, ss the test of Northern honesty and th*' vitality ot the coosutntion, the nulliliera, prima fanr, became his enemies; the I'aion men of hoth the old partiea became his supporters. He is thna reir forced ten fold the eiteat of his loss, and in tendered completely independent of nulliKcatioa <mp| nrt 1a Congress and in the States, A succession of accidents, tf you please, hts placed the President in this attitude before th ova try. But the wisest exercise of stgacity and foresight could not have pat him in a better position Any otlitr would have been untenable This is tirn.i and sure footing Practice, it appears. ' is following up this l eory We understand th it the President ha rrttn'Iy addressed a letter to Hiram Krtcham, or cher Union whig of this city, alluding to email removals Irom office,of Seward nullitirrs, in the interior of this Mate, and that the e??cutive has declaied in this communication his rrsolution to regard t.'<e nulliliera as his political eaemtes.snd the Union i.i?n as hia politioal friends A practical movrvent o?" this hind is all that is ' needed to confirm the posit ** of the administratis. I'ollowrd up,it will soo i operate to reorganise a aew party?a great Union pmy?f>a the basis of the admiaisttation. Pnrh a* organization, it is unaeceasary to argue, would place Mr. Fillmore ia a vnv prominent attitude with respect to the cam paign ol '52. The Uaioa pUUoruj aiopc, cau ac complish a successful administration, and cin alone enter iaio the field with the lightest prospect of defeating all sectional combinations,either before the people, or ia the Houae of Kepreaeotativea. The administration hua? foothold ia depending upon the duilocfited whig party?it hat the (irmdal footing in the Union party, North and South. That party haa got to be organized; but the elements of Northern nullification and Southern secession clfbrly iudicate it* necessity. Ami whatever may be ihe r?eult to ['residential candidates, ' he platform of the administration, thus far, commends itself to ihe oountry. Mr Fillmore may be assured that he, or his Euiiiiuibimuun, < m gain nomiug ?y an alliance with Seward or his tribe of higher law politicians. Under the re-action which took place in public opinion during the recess of Congress, their influence has dwindled down to nothing, and in attempting to coalesce with his administration, they are only trying to grasp at soiuethiug to keep them from t-inkuig. The better way would be to let th? m slide into oblivion?a fate which they well deserve, and which they seem to have courted. The Papulation and Utowth of the City of Hew orComparison with other Cities. By the statement we published on the 12th uist., it appears that the population of this city, according to the census of I Hoi), just taken, (which miy be slightly varied by the otficiil returns,) is 517,849 The cen6U* of 18-10 made the population of the cny, ut ihat time, 812,832; but there was an erior in the return of about 9,000 in the Tenth ward, which would have reduced the total of the | city to less th$n 304,000. The actual increase of the ei?y, therefore, in the last ten ) ears, is about ' 21-I.GCO, or over six y per cent?an immense in1 create on to large a population. The increuse J of the city of London and suburbs, in the ten )ears from Iftil to 1&4I, was a little over twenty | per cent. | For the purpose of comparison, we give the po;>ui latum of ihe principal European capitals and com1 mercial cities, by which it will be seen that New York, without including Brooklyn,\c., outnumbers all thr cities of Europe, except two or three, viz: London, Paris, and perhaps Constantino.>le. With regard to ihe latter?the capital of the Turkiah empire? the lumber of its inhabitants is probably overran d?there being no other authority than vague estimates, which vary from 300,000 to 600,COO. MiCulloch sa>s, the population is helitVfii hv ihf Hiilhnrifi^a fn Iim nh/tnr If 0410 ronrLATioN of kiroi-ean cities above 100,000. Londhn ai d *ub- Edinburgh 160 450 uibf 1 ^73 f7fl Manchester V-4o Paris 1136.010 Bristol 12J.188 Cci^tatitlnople. .. 680,000 8h?81?IJ 10U.bV7 hi. Vt teieburgh. . 47CXOO Uiruiiegham.. . , 181.110 Moscow 2.r.0 000 Lyons 146 675 N? pi# 358.8(4 Marssillss llo.W.I Tbwt o33 SM Brussels 119,443 B< rlln 272,( to Hamburg 153,OiK) l.i?bon 23!*872 Prague... 108.533 A ms't-rrinm ISO 000 Munich 108.0<?0 Matlrld ........ 210,0(0 Milan 143 378 n?rr?lnna 120000 Klonnoe 101.822 Kims 167.(00 Palermo 173 478 Liverpool i'82 066 Turin 12t,8h7 Dublin *12 726 Warsaw l&y 000 Ulancow 274.683 The population of Philadelphia city and suburbs, iu 18-10, whs 228,(if*l. Returns of the ceisus for IK^O, for hve wards of the city and most of the adjMiniig districts, t-how a population of 187,000, against 12ii,012 in 1840?increase, 60 W&, or about 48 percent. It if, therefore, probable that the present population of the city and suburbs i> about 330,000. The following is a compirative view of the population of New York and Philadelphia, from 1800 to 1V/50:? 1'or. New York. PhiladtlpKm. 1800 60489 70287 1810 63 378 W287 1M? 123 706 110 325 18*0 202 689 167 ?li 1840 312 8 VJ 2-J8 W1 1860 617.849 330,0U0 It will be noticed that previous to the census of ]h20, the number of inhabitanta in Philadelphia exctedul that of New York, but that aince that period, th? progre?a of New York has been much NiAV* rmniW ?h?n tit ftxwuif wf I Ma?K been greatly benefited by the internal improvements in thtir respective States, aince 1?20; but the decided ttdvuntagfa which New York poeae.wa, for foreign *pd domestic commerce, have placed her till end, not only of Philadelphia, but of all other American citiea. The aix lower wards contain a population, ac. cordirg to the present cenms, of 109,427. la 1830, the same warda contained. 73,172?thus allowing that the older part of the city, viz. i below Canal atreet?haa increased about titty per rent in population within tht last twenty yeara. The number of vacant building lota in thoae aix warda, in lftfl, waa 3?5, and in all the otfcer warda below Fourteenth atreet, at the aame tfcne, the number of vacant or unoccupied building lota waa 8,967. The increaae of population in the lower warda has, therefore, been very great in proportion to the dvrllinghousea erected within twenty yeara. The population of the city, above Canal atraet, in lMDt^ waa 129,417? it ia now 408,422. The comparative iacreaae of the city, in population and wealth, aince 1S10, ia ahown by the following table:? I ml uf / K-tU an J Ytar. PnpulmtMn. Hrrtanal K Imlr, HUH $34 4M37<) "?3T3 WW* 763 inn m.momi in at 1M0M 101 100 04(1 126.2SH MS IN* S70OH9 31S.723 70S 1M0 SHIM 362.M*ia3 IMS 371 ii3 3SHWW3I7 I860 *17,#49 'JM.J1T.W3 The above official valuations of real and personal essate convey, it ia true, but an inadeqate idea of the wealth of the city; but theae atatementa are sufficient to show the astonishing progress of thisffon mercial metropolis during the present half century, and particularly within the laat twenty yeara. Nothing ia wanting but a good administration of the municipal governnaen', eapecially in keeping down the city expenditures, and thus preventing an accumulation of taxes, to make this city, within the next quarter of a century, the grealrst commercial mart, aa it ia already one of the moat populoua citiea on the globe. Th* Kc*ic!TY or 8it.v*a Cots ?We publish, in another part of thia day'a paper, two articles extrscted from the London i-reae. on the subject of ' the scarcity of silver com in the world. The with| drawing of that metal from circulation haa been going on rapidly in the Tailed States (or sometime | past. Mexican dol'ars are at a premium of five per I orIX; and the brokera in Wall street charge a shilling premium on five dollars worth. Hhopkeepera *r.d traders are. in consequence, much incommod-d in their business. The Kftglish papers attempt to account for the acarcity which exista in the old wurlrl as writ ns in (Jir nrv. of silver currency. hy tlx* Urge 'jvmntity which has ?nne to California, tlie fart that gold coin to the amount ot four milliora of potinda ate rlwg baa been withdrawn from t irrulatioB in Holland, and the demand that h<* tiiiD for it in cnowquricr of the threatening *?|<ect of ahaira in Germany. Iiuti <l?i.a ir Poaro Ten* Yre#ri.a - Captain He Fratee, of the fchooner Kmtljr tillltard, <Vom Bt. John. Inform* u? that a h?a?y otIWr rovaieneed at Porto Rico on the nifht ot the 85th of November. and Jaatel until ih? mr.rainc of the ?k It a?eoinpaoied with tor r?nt? of rain whlrh Inundated the ??hole north aide, and ?o rompletaly Interrupted the -onsmunlentinn tlmt the aiakW from MayaRuet. A^nadllla uiJ AreeaIhn rin* in ?t John at 8 V M . on the nth Jtrin her hid not arrived on the flrvt of Paeember. at 11 A M . when the K roily dullard l?ft It *a? f??red that cr?at dtntf* h*1 been don# to the roffee and ?ugar cane In the lowland* by the rain and the fhree of the wind, whlrh latter ?? alaioat rijiial to a ?ale therioearop which a ?#ry abundant d?t tw Juat ripening, ban tnffered aaeenly. at Arreaiho The American *ehoon?r John nnneoak. loading f?r New Tork. with ninety hoj?b< ada of ?n*?r on b> ard went uhore on the morninc of the Wth; and the Adeline lion K?a York, with macbin?r?. wa* rl line in freat danfer The On?nl wrete that the rhauaea w?re a hundred t? ona that ?ha would (0 an ihora alto. The KIh, PragTMi, and Destiny o'tlM Sandwich Island*. The arrivals from California now hrinr ? , also, more rapidly than at any fopner period, sewa from the growing and /iouruhing kingdom of Kime- hanteha, who holds his court with til the form** lity of a European monarch, in his palace at Honolulu. Our columns present extracts from two jou* nals?the Honohiht T?mfs and the Poli/futtan ? the former hein? the organ of the extreme liberal t party, and the latter the official journal of the government. The Timet, however, does not demand anything from the king that can he construed us exigent. MB onjrci appears in iir i-j ihiihiii an 111treuse of liberal measures on the part of the king's (tally, which may tend to advance the general prosperity of the territory and inhabitants, both native and foreign, of Hawaii. To thia end, we find it urging (he government to adopt such wholesome reforms, and such lines of policy, aa may encourage emigration, and permit foreigners to share in the formatioa of the local rulers and of the lswigenerally. The Polyntuun does not oppose any plainly judicious movement, but is conservative in its character, and claims, with no little justice, that the improvements made in the laws, and in the extension of the franchise, together with other important public acts, are all satisfactory proofs of the deMre of the kirg ta bless the people at large, and to ijftcreaae the importance of that kingdom, which i4 now beginning to take a high position among civilized nations. When Cspt. Cook, the celebraied navigator, discovered the Sandwich Islands, he found them occupied by a barbarous but a cheerful and contented j>eople. The spirit of American misxians herniiii* unimhtnf hv the accounts viven hv the navigators; and, about (hirty years finer, the JV/Iitiutiuty Herald, published montLly in Bostoa, bo gan to give us records of the first stejM of the islanders from the barbarian to the civilized state. The monthly concert of prayer, in Presbyterian chmcbea, has been uniformly devoted to the progress of the Lord's wotk in that region. Thus the public have been made acqniiaied with the prcgreta of religion and of education, colored af'er i I the faibion of missionary writers, but still suffice nrty clear for the judicious reader to form a cor- J rect estimate of the real progress of this interest- | ing people, la the early stapes of that society, j thi n passing by a transition state, into a hurried ! contact with the civilized world, the first result | was, as u?ual, a haud-in-hand race between vice : : and religion. As churches increased, hospitals 1 I were needed. As the school house inducted the I youth of both sexes into ttie decencies of civilized i i life, it carried them through the inevitable gutei way of debauchery and folly, as a probationary ordeal cf a pa?s?ge from a state of nature to that of art. The whalethip* of Nantucket and New Knelend generally furnished many a guide to the simple islander?, and, accordingly, at one |>eriod of ! the history of these islands, the hearts of the misacnariea almost sank within them at that very natural condition of soeirty which could not but I be exhibited under all similar circumstances. The mercantile pioneer? the pedlar and the supercargo?are the true inisrionariea of civilization. Thtie nitn prepare th* path for the commercial irian, whose enterprise will convert en idle into a busy population, and who will teach men thit the true woy to lighten labor is to love it. Aa soon aa the Sandwich Islands became important, in a commercial point of view, the funeral moral prosperity l>epan to keep pace with the commercial propter; and now we find that the American missionaries are congratulating themselves for having established in the Sandwich Islands aa excellent a government as that which the English niit-sitnaries hoait as the product of their labors in the Society Islands. The spiritual domination of these two brilliant island clusters of the Pacific are divided between the clergy of the United States ard of England, and both groups hare derived much temporal advantage frein the earnest labors of the res| ectiv* missions. It is, however, to the ""mficitl ,w*t lias hern introduced io?* there islacds of the Pacific that the impartial historian must attribute the origin ot those great chsnpes which have marked the progress of society trom its chrysalis to its present condition. Th? ee missionsries who have effected most good, , have done it ky means of introducing the vast business motives of men; and we find that it ia by temporal, rather than spiritual teachings, that the king, Kamehameha, is persuaded to pas* thirty substantial laws in the course of a single session of hi* Assembly, and to enter into a long and important commtrcial treaty with the United Statea, aa it will be remembered he did on the itf)th of Dect mber last year. Yet, without touching further upon the origin; or the proximate causes of the advancement of the Sandwich Islands to a high and very premising position, we may he assured that the king has only to imitate the liberality to foreigners that has characterized the success of other nations, to establish a power f f to mean importance in the civilized world. The time is approaching when the Sandwich snd the Society Islands must be important to the whole civilized world. They hive the very centre port* of the wotld?stand like mid-way havens between the two great continents of the earth, and eath day will add to the (lory of their position The great revolution already effected hy the discovery of California? the establishment of th?t territory ftn on* of the Statrp of the Am'ripin Union?the aonneqaent trade about to be opened with Chiua, and, indeed, with the whole of eastern Aaia, force into a commercial aummit theae hitherto vniirportaat lalanda * Already nave commercial interchange* been comparatively great; hot with the increaainc lil>erality of the Hawaiiaa govrrnment, the tide of immigration tv Honolulu, and to the other Hawaiian porta will be aanuredly large, rapid and beneficial Aa thia flood of humanity poui* itaelf along, increased commercial activity will be the reault, and our fhina, on their way to India, China, and, eventually, to Japan, will make the harbor of Honolulu one of great buatle and imporlanre. There ia now a project on foot to make Honolulu city. Thia appear* to be a wine anggeation If that port were dignified with a looal city govrrnmrnt, it would inrreaae with great rapidity. The progrera of the place would be more quickly advanced than it poaaibly can be under the present ayatem. and it would aoon take a high rank among commercial citif a The argumenta. however, on tl.ia point are ao readily preaented that it is not requisite for 11s to enlarge tipon (hem. It is sufficient thit the kirn hu been so favorable to the adoption of liberal measures thai be will not lore tight of such a project, which, so fir from diniiiiitbiBg ha power, will add largrl j to it ia every way. The ejnrarte frt m the Hawaiian journala will afl? M, in addition i> what we have been called tijob to an*, *?virr# ? of diaenssioa that may be in rretting and profitaM The inhabitants are lookwig with much deal re :o tke *MaMi?hm<?nt of ste^m naviaatirg vr?.. * iietween their porta and thoae of California; ac<i, aa the (ntiire of the Sandwich fslanda is to be a bright one, and na the communication between China and Han Francisco must *009 he made speedy, capitalists will not be alow in et mining this subject with that satacity which practical men so well know kow to enercise. The Sand* if h Mand.- are now reached from New Yotk in shoot fifty da?s. What w ill be the rttsnlf.when this time has kQ?n shortenrd to nearly one hnlf 1 Sraarrtt or J?i t at Tt aa'? ln.i?? ?Capt. Mltehelf, of the srharnrr Tremoat. reyart* that vb?i ha left, an the third iaat . th?re ?a? ao salt tn b? obtains!. either a* flrand Tark of Halt Key. ier^ral vssseb had h?en t^ers for the parpose af taklag ear<"?? to !tiaOdmi ^ ba,t w?re chltgrd to Matt without obtUntng th-m. The ^reaient waa obliged to g? over tolheKaet Harbor. ? .'he Catena, to proenr* a cargn aad th'-r* ?" ^ ?ery llMtf iy-n thera wh?ti he sailed Owing to tha , *r?at quantity of rain that has resently fall*a. It was t * * "Hrtd thiv would be aiade b-slwa J I rb? k*Mn-B?lli Given and to k? CllT?a. Tba diirltf mni baa now fairly oommanaad. Hi (Tirtl balla b*T? tlrud; b??n fivrm. Wa Iuti bow 0 many fl?? dancing. itloou In Lha eitjr, tba* tboaa *ho admire the - poetry of motion ' oaaaot tail to And tbi mitDi of tajojiag themtrlvea I* the practice of the TeipMrboreaa art. Tripler Hall, Caatla Garden, Niblo'v, tba Chiaeaa Momuid. the Coliaeam. tha Apolla Rcomi, Military Ball, Tammany Hail, and numerous tether ral?oa(. are open nightly, anl trippings give glad response to the merry notes of well filled orchestras. The ball*, pur txctUtnct, of the year, are the grahd ianey 4reel kelli which take plaoe at the waterlag plaeeii, at the elase of ths fashionable rum titer feason, but they are net half so comfortable aa the (mailer dancing parties which oome oil in the olty (luting the winter. 1b fact, it does one's hfart good to visit theo- sociable parties, and witness the sett with which all swa to give way to the eajoymeat of the hour. Among the balls whish have already taken place, we notioe the followltg:? The br?t ball < f the season of the Young Baehf lers' Society, which eame off at Tripler Hall on the 6th of the prereut asontb. aud the first ball of the seaaou of the Junior Bachelors, which camx off atNlblo'son the lltb| the Thistle ball, whish took plaoe at Niblo'a on Friday evenlrg last: nnd the flrxt annual ball of company K. Washington tirays, at the Apolla Rooms, an Wednesday evening last. Among tte balls yet to come oil, may ba mentioned the lollowiug :? Tha Yonng Bachelors' Second Soiree, to;take place at the Apollo Kooms on the evening of Dae. luth. (Second Assembly of the Junior bachelors' Association at Niblo'* tfaloc n. Jan 8th. 8? v? utb Annual Ball of tbe " Continentals." Capt. Iraac T Cos. at the Apollo Booms, on Monday, Deo. 16th The Secoad Annual Ball of tbe New York Benevolent A?o< Lailon of Book Binders, at tbe Chinese Assembly Kooms. on Monday evening. January a7th. The first Annnal Bali of tbe Order of tha Circle, to be given at the Chinese Assembly Kooms, oh Friday evening. Dec 21 til. Tbe Kirst Con.pany Gonverneur Blues' Fifth Annual Ball at the Coliseum, on Tuesday evening, Dee. *i4t b. i< br-rtuns Kve}. Tbe Tenth Annnal Assemblage of the members and friend* of Manhattan Kire Krigine Company No N at the Apollo Baloon. on Tuesday evening, Dec. 24th, I860. The Ball of the Clinton Ouards, (late Fire Knglne Cempaii) No. 41;. at tbe Apollo Kooms. 410 Broadway on Wtdaesday evening, January 1st, 1851. The (irand Soiree in compliment toMr L. Brooks, by his|pup:ls asd friends at the Coliseum, Broadway, ou Thurtuuy evi mng, January tth. 1651. Tbe llenry Clay Ball will be held at the Chinese Assembly Kooms. oa Tuesday evening, January tflst, Tbe tirst llali of the City Blues will be given at

Niblo's (iarden. on Friday evi uing. December tfth. 11?> h.'Urth Annual llail or tLi r irri Liuiiptny i/imtii.n 1*1 Guarda, ( apt II Wine. at the Apollo Kooma, ou MoLday evening. 9th, I860 The tecccd Annual Military and Civic Ball of the Chatifruu Uuard at the chineae A*aeuibly Koom?, bit Broadway. <>n Tuesday evening I>ee 17lh 1M.0, The Seventeenth Annual Ball ot the Krin* Automation in to take place at Triplet Uall ou Monday nlng December 30. Tbe Filth Annual Ball of tlm Kmart t. uard a will take piaee ou Mondcy evening. January 0, 1861. at the Colin ddi. 460 liioaJway. A Oliand Opening Ball, at the Equestrian Inali'ute. WlllUmrburgh. InSoutb fourth .-met. between Tbird and fourth fctreeta, ?ill be given by Eagla Kugloe CoiD|atiy No t<. r n Thui aday evening DtcmWr IK. The Annual Ball of Fultou Fire Engine Company No. 21. la to eomr off at Nlblo'a Uarden. on Tueaday evening lltrrnbrr 17. Tbe rieventh Annual Ball of the Minerva Society will be given at tbe Coliseum on YVednxaday evening, lit c? tuber U6. Thia la ao be a fanoy tlreaa ball. Tbe Twi uty-ircoud Annual Ball in aid of the Naw Tork Fire Department Fund will be given at the Aitor Place Opera lloute. cn Monday evening, January'27 Tbe Second Annual Fancy Dreaa and Civic Ball o( the original American lliatrionlc Aaaoclatlon will be gltfti at tb? Ccli-euin, 460 Broadway, on Monday trtniof. Utcrmbtt 16. The third Annual Stirir of the Jawellera' Aaaoclation will laka place at the Apollo Kooma. Monday Deetmber 210. 18iu. on which occaalon there will tie aa uetal. a laige number of pieaea of jewelry Uiatributed by lot to ibe ladlea. We have heard a great deal ot tbe preparatlrn fur thia stiree. and the pritea to be distributed It wUl. do doubt boa line affair Tbe Thirteenth Annual lle-anlon of the Independence Uuard. Capt. John T Calina. will take place at Nlhlo a Tttatre. on Monday evening, January '47. The Fret Annual Ball ot the Firat Company of the Jenoy Lfnd Guard will be hild at tbe Chlnaae Aaa??.? kl llAAnia K1Q liaAailat* An T IIAtJllT ftftniDlT. Ltsti niter 31. 1 he AiiLUkl Rail of the 'Garde T.afayette" will com* off ?t NIMo'f. on ibt ?t*d1di oi the Ufh ln*t Th* Heveateeath Annual fancy Drw and Clrie Ball ot tb* N>? York Plekwlek Club will Uk? plaoe at tb* Apollo Krom*. 410 Broadway, on Tuasday erecto*. January 14. Th* firat Annual Ball of the New York Print* r*' Inlon will b? brld at Tripler Hall. Broadway, on Twtday Tuning. January 7. 1U1. Th* mmt liberal arrangement* at* In progr*aa to make thU ball on* of th* brat of a ?aron hitherto without a parallel. fw'^nty' prrVor mer?*llai oVen ?D4ge*geVtor lA??*8fa*Vo'aJ and i thn arrangement* arc Mich aa to warrant tb* aa*ertloa that tb* ball will b* a good on*. Tb* Blith Annual Panoy I>r*e* and Clrto Ball of tb* fihakvpear* liramatir Aa*o?lalion will ha bald at tb* new A**embly Hoc ma. Broadway CuUiaaum onTuaaday evening. Jan 7. Tb* Eighth Annual Ball of tb* Hew York Raottlah Ouard* will b* brld at tb* Chlnea* Building*, on Tuaaday e??i.lng P*b 11. Tb* Fl>?t Grand Military and Clvlo Ball of tb* Worth Oaatd will tak* p.are on Monday evealag, Dao 244, ISfto at Tammany IIall Tb* Third Annual Supper Ballot tb* PI rat Troop Waablngtoa Gray*, will tak* plaa* at Nlbto'a, oath* 8th January. The Pirn Grand Military and CWle Ball of th* Whit* Guaru* will be given at the Colliteum, No. 460 Broadway on Turcday evening Dee Slat Ther*. from thla loag llat. oar danolag friend* can auialy a*l*et th* mean* of eajojlng them?elT*? at th*lr lavorlt* ibiimb*i1 tor tb* winter. TB* prteaa of U?k?ta forth* ball* range at ft on ?1 to ?6 aa that oeaomy taa b* comulted. aa w*ll aa choice of oompaay. Thara la, pel hap* no b*tt*r plana than the ball room to glva oa* an Idia of th* different el awe* of ao laty In our elty. Th* gay equlppage* whleh oarry the member* of nppar-tendoa to thalr itiwi, and tha humbler cab tbat tak** th* nor* *ooaomleal, hot not 1*M a**ful, mechanic* to their racpeetlv* plaoaa of amu?emeat are batty pa* of all that accompany the *e**ral fe*tivttt?*. The rich brocade* and d*?p lace* of th* rich fair an*i, th* gem fth* powder the per fume axe ao nor* aovetrd by thatr wearer* thaa th* Impla muaila. anowy whit* and trimmed with bow* aad flower* made by tha timer* of th* poeaaaaor of th* met* mode*t frarment while tha glow of health oa tha cheek* of t he latter more thaa makaa np for any d???? I mm*of* *? * of bom; ? rpwt la the a* ik??|k difaraatly appartloaad. >*4 tha > ? ftt4 tfMilt to biiij who Bra la lataraata? tha landlord* who taut thalr rooau tha rooks mi4 eoafaatic err* a ho furaUh th? d^xn. tha Bialtlui. tha *h<?makar*. tha tailor* tb* lllla*ri tha uitiuit kin tha roaehBaa. tha wattara ail raoala* th?lr ol?tjr of tha baaaSt aad all ara of ooaraa. ma<'a proportion, ataly |Ud It la. pat hap* wall ta igbfil tha nlad at ila?* ttrm tha cott"diDg cat** of llfa and forgatfal of daily Jr*4|?rf, |lra rcrpa to mirth, (uidad hf tha m? of mo*lr What If tha w??ry alark labor at hi* dirk wi ha ?ll?htly lacraaaad haadaeha aflar too lata a daara' Tha haadaeha will aooa laara him anil tha agraaabla faaelaa of tha al|ht will r?aali to rhaar hi* nra*Bt* of rtfWttoa Wa bar* haard ayaioal paopla *r?ak. la tarn* of r*prcaeh of tha phlloaophy which lidoNi maay af oar work girl* to *paad thalr *para paaaia* for hall draaaaa. aad to rtda to hall*, la (ay roachaa wbaa tha aatt amralai aftar tha ball, tbay mi*ht ha aa?a walking d?wa town pootlf *hod aad wttfcoat a eoiaffertabla ?hawl or cloak. Wall what If thla ha tha caaa' Tha poor ftrl ?ara* harowa paaaiaa. aad ia tha a am a of abaritp, lat h?r (paad th*ai m *hr ??** St lat h?r torfft. far a faw hoar*, tha powartp which la bar lat, aad lat har partaha. if iha oaa. of tha a.ll.vt. ?> MMutl.. ?. It I. ..II lh?t .ha itnal ?a. *bo thin get* new hold ? Ufa. ?od wi tho wort4 > t ploaeare. lartead of tb? wr.rl J of work which would nlk'tilM bo her oil; portion Let tho doaea- th?? will, without leare We onaaond tell* b?f ?n?? thfro'i ilMf phllnooph r In Ikfn TH?y amy b? ?HII?4 hr wll; bat without jutiwIm thoy aro prrituetlTe of Inmmx good, The rich distribute, through the ageacy of boll*, rout amount* of mono? wbteh < aid oth?rw??e lie hoarded la eloee noffer*. r t go to wot to de*tlaatloa* thaa they do la (India* t'.?e|r ??t lato the haadf of tr*d?rmen or Indaririoti* ?hopk'T'" And then there aro the itmm of tho hall room, WL?> *111 foliifacn W Ura?4. If aot la the ballroom' Certainly, aowbore #*eept la the aoboal wblrh pr?p?r?* ?he d*noer? *or ihe danelag salons ft l? aot our pnrpo?* hero to iri?ail upon dancing *choo|*. or w* might dtociiM th* m? rite of the** ln?tl tatk ar, which are foand In all ratlette*. la our alty. Ir?a th# artirile academy la which aro tanaht tho Tolaptnna* flpnre* lately latrt daeod lata faabioa*M? life, ta tho hnmhler rohool* la th* by tr?oto, wh?r? th? p>y*terio? of the *tep? end *ltrpler figure* era Impartpit. They ar<- all a*?***ary lo make ap tho hall* of tho ?iat? r Aad ?" th> y aro *H a?-fn| la their way I ?M.' I'. I. Nanhai'aOAr* r.. 14 > ''">? j ' * ? '?" *' i '? ri -o p?*r i nnd o* i*d " m?? M? I .1 M < !.* n and I < hn llator wort- brot. M bef. re th- Mar*hal "n A?''ir.1ey >horg?d with ha*!* ? l>o?B ronreraed la th# robb-ry of ho mall* of tho " IN '??a Plomaa number of eon ion* w?ro found npoa tho ?ccvr#4 Thoj hart boon City IaUUic*?M> tki Wmir rot tki Emk.iant*?We ha*e IumI ooouIob ||| IO(Nn4?|M4lMl?( alHUMCMMtt a?|iNl on tk# part ot tha CommiesioBers ot Emigration. P" There is om mi?ir? whtoh. we naderatand, they are an about (O adopt, Jar whiah they de w r y torn* credit, soi K It U carried out la ?ood faith, for the baaaflt of * the emigrants, and la not made a mere kouico at p*1 emolument for aoa* favorite. Hitherto taa f migrants doi bare barn Bade tha pray ot runners. who board the -reels on their arrival, and cajole and plunder the . unfortunate ttrangers It is in oontemplation to c establish a wharf, which shall he walled in. and be op? kept by a dock master, wba shall be an ?fflcer of the De, commissioners, and whoaa duty It shall he to give the emigrants advice and direction, and to protect thein e" from fraud or violence. All depends on the man. If tin be be ol tbe right stamp-a man who knows tha country, and knows the city -a man who ia eompetent to give emigrants all the information they require, wh and who will glvafe ka them faithfully and will not pel cat hit tflce to pliMdar them himself, or to amabla at others to plunder thru- U auch a man oat b? found, the appointment will be of the greatast advantage t0 to the emigrants; but it be ahonld be an Ignorant or dai corrupt wera almost better to leave the poor pr, people to their fate; for in that ruae, the nnw arrangemekt would only afford feoullar facilities tec plunder and oppression. tio Buicick >t Tinno Orii'M.?Coroner Oaer held as in- ?te quest yesterday at tbe Oity Hospital on the bedy of a t man whore name ia believed to be George Frederick Stanton. an Englishman by birth aged about 84 yeara, 1 who came ta hi* death by taking laudanum The de to ceaaed. it seems. by tbe evidence before the oorener, an- sr] tared an eating bouaa aituated at No 101 Nas'au atreat, about 4 o rlock on Sunday morning. and atated to the *x peraonin attendance that be had taken m quantity of poi opium, lor tbe purpoae of taking hia own lite On the 0f announc< meat of thia fact, officers Kamey and MoOarinody of the 2nd ward polite, were called in. who con- m' v?y?d the deceased immediately to tba Oity Hospital ed Tbe aurgeon in attendance administered to hi* relief by sppljiDg the stomach pump and other renin ilea, .. but all to no effact, as he died in a ahort time after. Previous to hia death, however the deceased atated to va: officer Kamey that he had only been in the country a tbi few mcntl a; that ha came irom London, where he had been employed aa a elerk and not having any employmeat in this country be beoalhe melanclieiy, and took eg] tba opium, that be might paaa away from thia world in Co quietude Tbe deceased was a man of genteel appear- . ance. an d on hia person was found two pawn tickets, same opium, and a recommendation. Verdict, -'Sai- 'u eide by taking lawdanum." en King m Cottoiv Saturday morning, about c0, 100 bales of cotton, that was slightly damaged at the late destructive Are in Brt'ad street, wera conveyed t^, 1 n und pilfd up on. the wharf at the (rwi of PUr No. 6, m< Fatt Kiver. lor the purpose of transportation to Phlla jji dtlpbia by f he schooner Charles OnfaU, that bad buen chartered by the owners At seven o'clock y<-sttrJay ,ul morning tome of the tinder tiaies were discovered to be mi on Are. by tba First ward police who immediately prw U| cored a quantity of bosa; but before they could bring It into requisition nearly all of them were burning in a" consequence of the fire spreading rapidlv from oue j bala to another; however, the devouring element was ml subdued after considerable exertiou by the polioe and b?atm<n, who prevented the fire irom oommuoicatiog to the vessels snd wood work of the dock It was a tri fortunate circumstance that th?? cotton hiJ not hi-eu rB plaeed on board the raaael on Saturday, as was in- .. ttnUi d. *' PiwiicirtL OcFDrcr or OmKiwiMtii ?On Haturlay wf eyenicg at bait paat # o'clock Kohwrt Kurman. a^ed at bet?em 60 and 60 year-., wbm cr.>->.ietf the atr?et at fj,, the Miurum was kaocked down and badly eru?he j WtVMt Iff itlfM, Tb? drirara drove on. and oaver rtnpped to ascertain wbi tber the man w*? killed or Et not. He wan tikes to 20 Ann t>treet, and tbenow to pr tbe city hospital ^ Tahokt Kk i ihios ok thc Ouihin.?A new and b-nnMlul military ermpany, racntly organlxed undtrihe name of the ';li Guard*," will Ware j.u tba city tbif morning. and proceed to Jersey City upm tj,i their firtt annual neureion. for target practice. There a-? a number of prltea to be contended we for, and upon returning In tbe afternoon they will m< dire at Miatra Ptrkiua Brothers' apaoioua rooms In ??, Odd Kellowa' Hall . P? Forty Thou?ainl tout a, Pantaloons and r" ITa ta,ef the latest fall atyla, froia U Ivu (10, al m' BfCfBRKIi*" Clothing Rtore, Cheaaat atreet.eeeoaJ dooi y above Third, Philadelphia. clt Cbn|M, Chaft't, Eloitgliiteaa, RtUawaaM. rl| Plmplaa, Kmptioaa, and all akin dutiita, ar?. it la wall . known, poanite'f enrad by enag Qnuraad'a Italian Medica- tc ted map The Peadr* Paktlla erainatcihairfr^m any ran bi( of tha bad;. Liquid Rouge f<* | ala line aad akcek* Lil) White for rough, fluehad. tlnagith <7 Walkei zii atreat. flr?t atora rrom Broadway. CaJ leader. toath Third troet, Philadelphia ?* trc tonrand'a Hair Restorative Is Warranted to force tha hair to crow, praveat ite falling off and J* taralBg gray, aad making atiff, wiry hair, aoft, ailky and bji Iloaay. Trial bottlee Ifl reata cash. Oonrand'a Liquid IIax i; a will chaape red or fray hair to beautiful blaak er hrowr cr la a few s,iaaiea. Fonnd only at ?7 ITa'kar atreet, flrat aton )j{ frota Br <adway ; Batta ft Jordan. IS) Waariagtea (treat Boetoa. n* Who Knox Loudest 1?At a meeting of a '' college alab ef tbtrttan, a few ayenlaxa ainca, tb? a nraraa- pa tioa tnrned apoa faahioaable lla a and Hatter* Oa "eonat- ,i ing ap" it waa f< nnd that aiae i f tho thirieea wore Kaox'e aleaant faaliioaabla Leav-ra, and the other roar th ae uf b? ether tiianafactnrera. Thla waa rartaialy lnml talk f r fk I Kaox e popularity?to epea* teeonlcain, unite a teatn?r is bis esp. And hlf saps Me almott St beantlfal as bis bats. Ce M'lgt and Toupon.-Ptrroni wishing a ''' eery e?p?ri?r Wt< or l oo pee ah uld call ?t Baiobelor'o ,c celebrated Wl? (MMiT, No. 4 Wall it They will dad t<* m? ?imrtm. re sever (alii to fit the b?a4; (n fa<t bo kmowi Bl hte hneiatee, aad makae a banana of it. Copy bio aidre**, as* |lT? bin ? call. Hew DBfOfmoljpc Gallerjr.?Mr. J. H. Wbitobsret. who ernes to aa Mahly reminmrsdsd by tha ? PouIt t re rreia hae < i ened a ?| l?n iid eaite of r??ni ti the ol errarr of Broadway and Leoaard itroot, which he baa ?tted _. op and furalahrd in tbo modern etyle, witb etrery oimlort rl aad Inxary that oao could wiah Th1* pioturse of tbla n tleaen ate laid to pneetee mat merit Aa at evidence or his Rest aerees, we will etate tbat be baa fa>hi?sabla salirriei eo operatise In (be ritiee of Baltimore. ITaahim tea. Kiuh- , mend Norfolk. Pet< rebuff and l.yi rhhnr*. Tho-e wb > wl-h to obtain loed llkeneeeea wnold do well to OaU and eaainiae U the epeeia aaa at tbo cailrry ia tbla sttp. - - - *P W? itrnamrnd oar readers to examine > tbo stock of C?nsliat' f lar lampe. chaudrll-re, aaa lie can- ey delabraa, *lrafl?'*e. and hi ieory beeele table cn'lery. at Me'iaa ?. 1.W William atraat. ' atwoea /altos and Aaa. Hie platnl taiW re, aaaaora, tabu >ru aad e poena, are tbo aMt dnraklf ?? ba?H?iiid. Tbey are plated or Osrmaa alltar. aad have As ^pearaaco af pare silrsr. el 3,000 OrtitoaU?Blaa, Pilot, Drab, BeaTer, blaebaad brewa eloth richfy trimmeSaad iiaed (I to III. a'eo a few pure c.f black desekia paste, at SI s _ pair, ale* a few of tbnea $S saita eeaetatiaf of a eloth coat. *' eaeeimrre paste aad faaey re?t. C?r Reekaaa aad Nassau, ** aad st tke eerssr of Naeeaa aad Beaknaa. t, Comb Rssslkclsijr, SO.1^ Hmadway,- t? Tbe orislaal aiaaufaetarer of tbe aelabrated Urea Chela bell Combe and tbe oaly manufacturer la Broadway. la- pt Tltse tbe ladies to oall and eiaaiae hie late Improved oat* ft. terne. Premium Opea Ckalnn. ?1 OaU at wbolaale. , Z. H. QL'IMHV. xn* Broadway. ^ CIstklsf .-OTercosU mi reduced price*, at 0. H. ciarbo'a, IIS Willias etroet, where $W coats are a*>ld " for $17, 111 for $14, sad $14 eoate for (12. ame coats for $A. a < ' ae b'art dree- ooet to aeaeure, $16 ; the beet, $jn. I have si eoaie very eboice (sods ts select Im ; isaat be sold bsfsrs d< wt. . ft WInter Aoi unerairnt? Reaaon of Fare? 11 OBNIN >14 HlitiittlM ettaaMeoef the la4iae t? kn DtimlNil Mtrlttal *f lapark 'nr* at4i ap In tha < ?> .>! Iidroii lMhi?nH? ?TlM, ml r >nai>t IH( of In 11 71 Kla af linda Raj Sabl*. Hnfiii ?a< la. Royal rata*. tl :?M Mania Cblathllla Rn?k Merita, khak. ft*, flit ??! *f Mage. Vletorlaee aa4 Caff*, ha ia < aHaai, ktiwor keea fl *arpa*?*4 ky aay <?ar nkaitM ta tha U<M m4 Jal(- "! r??t af tha i*4l**?f h*w Tark A a Iik-in *tn*k a( G aa- *< tleaaa'a Far aa4 Plaah rape af tha m?*t r??har*ha pattera*. b' ablalec eleaae** with aimik, baa alt* jaat heea ?een.l. aixtallahe 4eaJre ta forUf? tbaaaelrae caiaat tha blMM af Winter are la*He4 ta rail aed eaaraiae thea. Mna' ar Far eed F< It ftraaeke, together with aa ?! *** t nrlttiaf ! leealy ha-.* far children. OBN I H. tl? RroaUn *? > rr?*lta 81. Paal i. Hair Djr^-BaUhf Inr's Utnalna Uq?M P air bfim enle h? *e<ar*4 at tha waeafaeiery. 4 Wall 1; t'.rtat Tha pa kilt *hoal4 (airi aeaieat laitaUen*. Be* a. r earlea* diploma* Par?"aa who** hair haa annaad a ' bad aolar frem tha aa* af the laltatlna dree aaa hare it . urrwta4 hj atlllai aa a kara Cepy tha *4eree*. M. Drntli1,Ai|H Braadwaf, Uh* In- bi trraaaar rf tf* priattpi* ?( a'a ?i barl pr?>?er* Intel)** (4 Matrr. la I'M, 4e?. lea " hla par itr alar" attention t? tha iBi'Mlaa af Rrtlkelel Taetk Hie popnler work. 'Okaarialiaai aa tka beet Maaaa af Preaaraia* tha Taath,"*aa ha ah- < aa ayplleattea aa aheee. Tha ( aptar of iflor. tarry - The plaater aU tue ef 1arl"r. wearing th* aaa* *alta tail* aaiha >t.?.*al ? wart at Ifnaterey. aa) k* *a*a at 7* Fultea aireet. rhar-. I; t??, ??r>n, tha here af cheap prWe. I* eaptleatieg all eowar* with hi* (plaadid winter al*ti <a? for r>atl*aaa an4 a koja. "* Jl () \ K V NARK RT< Bvnnar, Dec. It? P M. | QieUtlok* for itMki. at tha aloee of tka market ye*. (nt t?rday. ia*H aomewhat kicker than at tka eloaa of tka week Paring tka pact weefc tkera kM M| b??u eonalderable a. tlrlty la tke Market, and tka *plrit of rpaculatlon bae keen more attended than at any preeiou* period thla reaaea Tkia I* moat eitra ^ ordinary a* we uaualiy |lo?k for dulneaa anl Inability about thin tlmaln tka fear. We cannot kowerer form any idea of tha future from tke etperlenee of tke g, part There are. at praaeat. *o many tklng* calculate! to flee aa lapetua to our general prosperity. that no trilling rararaa would be more than for a moment fait, m Within our oon limit* arerythlng la In a aonnd and bealtky coaditlon. and we u?t lonk abroad for eauaoa. If any *il?t. likely to dl?tnrb the preaent proeperona M< poeltlon of onr flnanelal and oontmeroiai niTaira The polltiral erndltlon of Kurop* I* aueh aa to create oma alarm, and It l? by no m-ana ImpoaaiMe M( hut that iha whole continent will hefora the iapae of many aoath* be engaged In ane ganerat war It will bring ab^nt a rery great change In onr ^ armmerrlal affair*, in tha erent of koatiiitio* hreakiag dm ont on tke ronllnent and niapy of onr ma at Important thi interett* will be aarloualy Injorad. Already tha pro- ihi labl'.lt i> * ol a wat hare arreated tha ad ranee In o?t; hai ton. and the view* of holder* la regard to prioea lira tnt experienced a rerjr great rhanga Prloea for brand iar ?i>p|t* ara not ao ?en*ltlee and not ao anally nffected hat Tha knrraata tkrongkont Knrope hare been abondant liil and it would be eotne time after tha oommeneement of ei* n war before wa ahonld Bad rery eitenaira Market* on tie* tke continent for onr agricultural produrU. The lari moat Immedlata effect ol a rupture In Rnrop* would mat be upon public oonfldeaoe generally, and that one* thli Impaired or de*trry*d. would bring about a long train aga ?Idi?Ml*r? It vtU, U4f?ior?i N Uiat.jWt at bai particular Juncture the wtoeat oouret,^ wttklrtv 1Mb all tk* operations of tha terra. If poeeible a masterly fUlt of laaetirit ? d patiently wait the oourae of event*. Tk* anhmt Hey to aertainly the wleeat one; and, m a flew weeka. bapa fcji. will brtac affaire to a tooua, it ttwit bo ibted for i moment but lb at Inactivity to tht only I poaitlon. if tba leading ftmey atoeka wbleb bar* been target;* rated 1j daring the past week, Erie Railroad apira to be the greatest farorite. The eeraerin^ nbisation, which we have before alludad to, oonnea In fall blnat; and the ?U(|M arc ptttag op, in Lrly every bank in tbe State, lota of thto (took, apod icb loans are obtained at a margin of about twenty r eent. 80 long a* th.? atook ean be bypetbaeated auob a moderate margin, and thto cUqua ooatinuu purchase, tbe market will be sustained; bat It the nand from that aaurce ouaaea. or should any of the IMIlt l&fM K#\I<luM 1 AM* wAtaM 1M m. ? 0 mS mpede among the small fry. and a rapid depreoia n In prices tor the stock Tha fact of a railroad ?k, standing behind preferred securities amounting; at least twelve millions of dollars, the rut tHnl"g" which, thai lu. bar* been no mora than auStitnt pay the annual interest on iU debt, aa it aacrnad, ling within ten and twelve per cent of par, U so traordlnary that na one for a moment can supte that it' can be maintained. Tha real taint, the stock baa nothing to do with thia movent. Present price* are the result of a plan romoost by a set of speculators, wh<> have unlimited means command. They expect to attract the attention at ? public, and give an impression by the rapid adnee in prices, that the stock is really worth aor? in It ii selling for ; so that they can work it efl in all lots at a profit, but in this they will be most regiously mistaken The stock of tha Krle KailroaO mpany never wai so much conoentrated as at thin >ment. The high price* ruling hav? brought out an mense quantity, in tbe ntfuregate. fr.>m small hoUi, and those connected with the eoruer have baen spelled to take any share i ffired to sustain prion*. other stocks there has been na very important >vement. Prices for r>i??t of them have bean ?Uay moving upward, and holder* feel confident that m ether rise is n?ar at hand This dxpend* upon so toy contingencies that at tfcls mcnent the cbauceel ? more in favor of a lull in the m&rket. if not a positive preciation, than of an advance amounting to mnrh.' ill the arrangements tor the immediate commence1 rit of the coustraction of the Uatario. fHiaeoe. and iron I'nloa Railroad, have b>'en perfected. Tha eonictors are Messrs. M 0 Pt..ry and Co . an<* the chiei. giaeer Ih U. C. Beymour. Btitfe Inglneer of New irk. These gentlemen are a guaranty that tho >rk will ba speedily aad substantially conntrdcte i, d tbe stockholder; and other parties interested aro tunete in haying secured their services. Mr. 8eyioriswf ll and widely known an Engineer of the ia Kailroatl. and 8tcry nnd Co. are the moat enterIMnir railroad contractor* io thin country. (J rent dit ia dae to F. 0. Capreal Krq . of Toronta, for the ergy and perseverance exhibited throughout lc ehlng this natter, and the people of Totoato and at Rection of Canada will be indebted to him for * irk ol internal improvement that will rapidly aug>nt the value of their landed property, and develops e agricultural ami other resources of the western rt of Canada The importance cf this road la no* ilifed by one in a thouaxnd ol thooa who will be so jrh benefited by Its construction. We learn with pleasure that, a tew day? sines, the hen* of Milwaukie were gratified by the advent r, ilroad travelling. A portion of the firat division o. n Milwaukie and MlsFlarlppI Railroad being com* t< d. the " Iron horse,"' Icr the firat time, want whizlg over the prsries of Wisconsin. Tba eonatruotlon tbla road gives indication of durability, tba grout) J irk being firm, and the T rail sixty pounds to th<e id. The directors deserve credit for tha peeuliat. sonar they have taken to make tha road adea? stio road. They have not only interested the elty of llwaukie to the extent of *260 000. bnt hav? anUate<3 arly every farmer on Its line as a stockholder, tan r cent mortgages being given by them to tha eotuny upon Improved real estata, at oaa half It* valua. >n, exclusive of perishable property, sash aa hoaaac rns lie.; or. la other word*, at oae half tha Value o a naked land Inpayment thereof, tba parties r?ive atock of tha company and, In ordar to add addl>nal security, the company giva tbelr gnaraatao >nds for the payment of tha prlaalpal aad aaaaal n per cent interest, at tba American lxehaag* ink Baking the aaeurity. la all probability, aa goa? i any la the market. The road ia aoapletad, by this me. from Milwaukie to Waukeaba, twenty and a baL! Ilea. and. by the opening of apring, tba irat dlvlaloo fifty Blilea. to Whitewater, will ba la oparaUaa. be Intention la to finish the road. In dlvisieaa af iltv llaa. to tb? Mlaalafippl tlttr. it i point ikon Onion* ' M to ommand tb? load tramportatlon, i UrWoQ bo finished ar?ry yrar, comaqutntly, the an lira dil oet of two bundrxd mil** will bo ocmplatad by the ring of IBM Tba roti. In oonatrnottoa 1*4 antn, will bo of auparlor obaraotor, and ono of tLc irapaat In tba Union-not cxcaadlng $000,000 for the tit fifty mild Tba annexed itatement aihlhlta the aiwanti In rtlgn dry gooda. In ibla markai. doling Um waak. ndlug Iba l'itb Inat MottHMTii m Poaair.n Dar Qaaoa. MMtamot. Mono for turn >\f Wool? Package*- Wool. 84; alott, ; oratad. ; atnfl gooda. 1; cotton and woratod, 80; oaa mares. 1. aipaoae. 14, laitlnga 2; luatrea. 4, cbacka. raionja. 2, abatli. 3, handkerchlefi, 1; orarata, boalery, 16, yarn, 81, carpeting, 17; fancy, do , 10 ? U1.1T2 MunvUi I urn of Cot I'm ? Pack agaa?Cotton. 14V; rlnta, 6, adored ottras, 80; ?el?et.6. awbaaaad anaDa 11; lacoa. 9. nanklna 2 par??-t clotb, 4: vantlug*, rbllta. 1; qolltlag* 2: net*. 2; apool. 2; Mil, 1} ir?ad 7; yarn. 2; other manufacture*. 1#? total, t#Cv M?n?/u. turn ?j Htlk.?Packager?IMlka. 47; Uaaa, t Ireta 1. ralla, 1. crarata 1; ?hawl*. 2, allb and worata<J >, 1; ranting*. 2. do , allk and cotton. 2, plunk, 2; da , lk and cotton. 4; ailk and lln-n. 3; do and ootton. 9} >. and worated. 21; boao. 1; glove*. S; bralda. 2; In gee 1; raw Mlka 0; glmpa 1. otbor laanufnotnrae -total 14H, Mannjmrtiirti of FUs ? PafkaiM-Uma, M; bamlrrcblafa. I lacea I, thread* if, lloan and ootton. 16; rn >. tow do , 9; ravane dnok 100; oUwc ?nM>ciraa. 1 ? total. 404. ? Package* Mr*? gooda. 224. arllflcla* >*ira and feather* S ??nhrf l<1erlaa, 4; llllnary i; glaga 3. cellara cuffa. kr 4. r<b?a. 1; raatlnfa. 1tittona 4; do atnfTa. 1, leather glovea. I?total, Bl withi?h** * r*o\i wtacwnraa. 6f.iaa/?rfnr>? of ?Pa<-k age*? Woallaaa. 7; cloth l; woratod. 1; cot ten and worsted. 4| blaafcata, 4? tal 44A Nmii/orturn of Cotton ? Paekagea ? Cnttoao. 14; iota I; corda. 0? total SO Uon%fottnrf of Bilk. ? Packagan?lllka, 6; rlbbonr, crape ahawla. I; aar*neta. ; puogaan. Id; button*, rewlnga 2 Total M Mant./mrturn of flax ? Package* I.ineoa. 7; thraa<f, - total H'tctllm?Parkagaa-Straw gooda. ISO; *wr? rlderie* >; hoatar? 2k pearl bnttnaa. 2; drnggeti, i. mat* irolla > 600; Batting. 4 total. 741 lf*aV*rlwri of M'e*<. ?Paokagaa?Wo .liana, T; woratl. I" .'tb, ; cotton and woratod. M; luatraa, 6; -u-?ereta. 1?total. 0k Monnfottwttt of Cotton ?Pack a?ee Cotton* W{ u*lln* 4; veatlnga 1; hosiery. 22; bobbins I; pnraee, apool 4 total 1*7 *?m/*r(?r?i of k.?Package*?Bilk and vrttUd, allk and llnan 1; glorea 1 total. 4. Mnnnfortum of nw - PaekafN- llt*M. Tt; lata n?l ft lhr?i*i 1: ll*?n *nrl cuttnn ) M**h*m 6 total. lc?. Faokairoi-Straw cooda, M; kaadkar* Mb. 8; pilttlin. >-li?a<a*ii?*fcc , 1| # ??, 140? ?i m ICtriTt'LtflM. Ctmnrmphtm PaJaa. Ikuhrtorri of Won) IT* $?4,14f Do Cotto. *0 M.U1 Do VII 14* 1*0.1M Do. fla*...,.. ? ? T?.5M MrlUlMin !!? 'AS 34.07" far **n?448 tt' 'hitra? n from irnthirtur Pmckmft. I 'mint iDihitgrrt of Wool. 44 flft.MT Do. Cotloa *1 ?.4T? Do. Pill M T.?B Do ri*s i.rtr accllaaooua lt?m? T4I ? 00' W M0 4*3 F.ntrrtA far wmfhovnnf. Packaftt. Iilar inafttcturra ot Wool.,,. G4 $ 30 J0?! Do. Cotton 1ST 86.3lt Do. Hilk ? 1 4V. Do Hot 100 1*34 r, ?o*llan<u?lt*n* 1?4 IS IIO M M*T *U 'bo moTrmrpU in foreign dry (rood*, la thia market, rlnc the paet thro.. weeka. hara ba?n more limited laittbttoRMfondinii period In ?a<-b of the |?*?t *? JHM It I* fortunate for tbo trod* that tharo i boos a lull In th? Importation o| f >r?i?ri raanafaee? ol thli kind thut th? afockt on hand n?r booomo lely reduced by consumption. and tbo markef t?r fr.ptrtd for the "print auppliar Thorn la my J? doubt but that the 'prlng traport*4loa will bo eadlngly largo, particularly la tbo o?nl of hoatlll i on the Continent. Onr manufacturer. bar* oa ha a J ( itoeka of domeatlc fooda, manufactured c.f raar terlal at blub jrleea. and tboirol^ont l? to reda?? Muply at aa llttla loa. aa po..|ble, hoforo going Jn lato fall operation In thaaventof dlaturic?* oa U?a Continent, pricaa In action woofcl

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