Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1850 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 6033. HEWS BY TBLBOEAPH, INTERESTING FROM IT 18HI TON. C0M6KB88I01AL PROCEEDINGS. THE CHEAP POSTAGE B LL IN THE H0U6E. THE NAVAL COCRT MARTIAL*. Another Steamboat Explosion. TRIAL OF LOPEZ, Sec., See., Jcc Washington Items. TWE WATAI. CO (JUT MARTIAL? JKNMT LIND CHAKOKD WITH AB0UTI0N1SM ? CHILIAN C03SLL AT ?0?TOH, ETC. Washington, Dm. 18, IBM. At tha n?T?J e?ort marttu yesterday, Oomai adore J?bn'i mmmI presented a peaer tnnlmiag objee'Uou U?hw(?? of fraud and opprnoalon; that tha a* Of the public faad* ?ai j ootiflabU, and that tha ComBodara waa oonpellad. by p?culiar circuB.staaoe? to tha MfOKtaaat of rigid discipline. Attar tha raadlag of tha pipor. tha court adJou-u*d Tha court to-day proceeded with the baalnean hafora wm, ob iag mira fpecmctnoa ti vnt ana oairgv, that Com. Jim hu.'jMn guilty ot oppreesioo, la unUvhUj buglng two men on boar J the iblp Ohio, It California, withoot authority from tbe Praaidant, no MMBUte hariDg lueb pow-r within the United Statei, nnleea aanotioned by tba Eseontiro. The ooar; Aeelded that Ooramodoie Jonen bad noted within the law*, or, If not, that It >u aeaee hojon'J the juried lotion lA thin orurt. and ihe ap~c>fl?aUon wan quaahed. > auftt Beynoldi and Wttaon pureera, ?er? examined upon the ezohanging of apeelo lor gold duet la California. President TUImore and fam'ly ao-ow>panl?d Jenny Lind to the Patent Office to day Th?re wa* an imatenee >n*h to the eoocert t<> uigbt R. Baraw?U Rbett i* fl-o'ei H^uetor from BonthCarolina Mr. Clay lnat*ee*lnn. 'ienounend him a traitor Hon Nell Brow a. Mlni^trr at Kuyiiia. baa written home tb at ho 'hall aak to bo recalled oust cummer. Bewail Brlntnall. of N?w Tork ha* been removed from hi* elerkehin in the Nan Department, and Jobn Cookrin. an > aprrint-ndeat of ?nrm at Kurt Delaware. Jam?a V. M. McKlroy, of Pennsylvania, aueooedi Cookrin. A reoort la beinr circulated Rnut.h the* l?n*? f.ltid contributed $1 (M) to the Abolition Society The Union odU1o> a corraepondanoe between Ritchie and BarBan, In wbleh the Utter In the Dkine ot the Hlahtingale. any tank oontiibwtion. Ibe President rocofoliM 1>om Henrique Franelaeo 7aUon, Consul for the RepnMie of Ohill at Boaten. raiRTT-vmn CORQRCU. SECOND SKHtflON. fciat*. T MORSB'J HABMKTIC TKI JCUI.AMI. Wa?m.kwtok, Dec 18, ISM. too* their (eats. Mram Bright and Soul* appeared and took their Watt. tni aBHOLUTIOR* 0t thr maryland convention* Mr. Puaci presented tba radiation* of the Maryland State Reform Oonrtntlon sustaining lb* Compromise arte of tba last session. whleh were read, and or?ar*d to b? printed. the coast sl'stef, etc. Tba OaiAia laid before the Henat* tba report of the Superintendent of the Coast Surrey Petition* and private bill* were then intioduoed. OCl A!:iTIU?f RII iTiAifa Tfea raaolntion oflfr-d by Mr Cam on Monday, oalltag for eorraapondan oa bttwni tha Uuitad Btataa tad u? Austrian Charf", about Hungarian affaira, wm Utia ay. Mr G*a? Mid ba had raoalrad in formation which ylaajod Un nick. Ba und*ratood that tha Obarga appaiaUd to AaatrU aoma month# ?iaea had not left tha oouatry. aad aa It *ai aot profeabla that ha would haaa ramataa-d of hi* ova aaourd. ba aappoaad tha TratUat bad Allowed that oounw biok pubila awtl la*Bt rt^llrtil tad vkloh Ika bad rofuaad to adopt. l)a hi* motion, th? raaclutlon wa* laid otor for tha praauat. Mr. Biisikii aof?d. and hundred aitra ?epl?a of tha rapert on tba dare trada wore ordarad to ba prlaUd iwoiiu raoa* orrica-tmk catca or aan. lamb and COL VLLI.ia Mr BaADai'a*'* rakolntioaabout rrmoralafrom afflea, to takaa up Mr. Wkmcomb again took up tha eaae of tha re moral OfOea Laa* a# OoveraO' ?>I Or*g >n 11a defeade.1 flan. Lane from the chargea of dareliottun of duty. Mr Mi>u:a raid that tlir U?t itdmiotatraUon wai BO favorite ut hia, but U?a?r?l Um bad n?? l? a pub licatlon la defcaee of caitiiu troop*, wblab pablicaliaa w?nt to tha extant of Impoachlos Oeoaral Taj lor a ?haraot>r. If thl* were ?o (} >neraJ Taylor owad It to hlmaelf to iaaoT? General I,tor. Tha private character of Gaaaral Taylor wai uiTer laip?a<ibed; bad It <Ji'nar*l Laae had dnaa ao, ho abouid hare twin raB(ta4. General Caaa raad from tha liar to ahiw that Oolonel Wnllar bad aotexeeeded tba time allowed kirn to make hia returoa ?h?n ba wa* removed. Mr. Owiw followed, an>1 dniended Co) Wallar from tha ebargaa mada by ex Serrotary Kwinn ab?n tba ubjaol ?a? ap before. Mr U mada an alaborata dafdea of Ool. w*iler. Mr. I?iau replied aid pointed oat tboaa part* of Cat Wallar * eondaet wbtab wire eonaldered by tha rtalalilStlMi la raaaviDi him Mr Caaa reJolnad In 4?l?a:e of Ool Wallar. Mr Owia alto replied to Mr Ealng la drfeaoa of Ool. Bii'.H' fcllewed la rladlsatlen of Oaa Laaa. Wlthaat taking a vote, th? Heaate adjourned at thraa a'ataak. Ilomaa of K< prranitatlwoa. T MINI'S tUBCTKO I'HlMlCdL TKI-MRAPH. Wi?mac.raa, D?a 19. 1U) ma aaua.iTa or thi aamMBonien istriTCTB. Thajdat reaatutlon* of the Senate to til faetialH la th? Hoard of Ilogt nt.< if 3m!hvui?o laatltuta, war* >m?4 PrftTBTaa CIKIItl ro* rtUfORni*. Mr. OiLaaar. (dan ) af California lo -oda-ad a bill to watt tha cloa of f nri ?jut G? u-ral ot Puhllo I.and ' Id California. ?h>?H t?. rtfrrrad to tha ''omralUaa on fuUia Liw1*. roar or awrar. Mr. Piwrwti, (whig) of N T? In'.rodaaad a kill ta maka Wkittkall, Haw fork. a port of antrj, wklah ?ti rafarrrd to tha Coa?iit*? oa Gommaraa. Tha tl?M tfc?a want lain Cnamitteaef tha Wbola on Tba bill pro?loo pr.. paid lattara, weighing hal a net", thrra c?nt?. on aid flr* oaata Tka bUI alao Ha<** tk* pnataga to D?w?ptp? ra Mr PaTT?>. ( .) of Okla. ?<f?fd a inhatltata aaaalr tk? uniform ra'a to ba tire* *rata, n-w -p* p?r?, kaoka. a?4 otkar 4a>erlptk>aa aot araa^MI with laaauaaript aad aritus aitUr of do graatrr walght than two raa?aa. ?a? i>*>?af<r) daUrarad la tha Plat* wkara ?rla'?d ? * ball ?>f *h? ltr?g lor rat*a Letter* to Orajoii Bad llallf >rnla qoa<lrat>lt ih* a'loaa ThrM c?t pJrwd to tn> eoir>*d. and a million an I a half ol IoUmi to W tpprr|irli<p(l to "apply datllnltin in tk? ode* r?Ttn?*. Mr Forrr* ?at? ft th* old rata* bad eoatlouad. the rma?M of tbo depart n?nt wooll h?v? talkn ?hort. lot, by tb* Ik* of IMA th-y har* *i>?an"*d Ifavlog a rotpla* A further railai tl?a nan bo oiad* about <J?irl?i?nt to th" d*pa'i m? at and If hi* a*anda*nt aboald pr?Ttl|, tbi *urpln< would ?oon Im> |(Ht Tba ?ip n?", ntiolf. *m in i tie hti i- f?il?n and d-!l T'TJ of Mall matter and bo Hid not know whr lUtur carried a kindred allti thnnlil be rtoabla 11* rat* of that oarrlo* llfty mll*a It ?a? a ?a?ra qoeatloa of tran?p?r??'Ion Th- rn?l r nu a- w?il gn a lb u and W a htindr<-d mil** Mr CaarM (data ), of Ohio remarked that thla bill vonld bankrupt |tb" iep-vr; ra?n?. aj?e ?k; woflte a ItllM W< I half of dollar* to rupply d?flrlaa?l*a. W* *r* t*ld that. with our pU'hora of MniM Itf receipt* will fall abort of th* great itanaad* *l?ht mil lino* nnnall/ Wnoldl' act b* b~<t*r to r,?k th department .i?teta iit natii th-r- ?h?il ao d*t>t th* oty'ot I* to caatra dlftlnni|?a f?,or of lar?* f**|ia|i>r e*tabli?bu*ai* In tfea eemmerotal ?ltl*e iai te ?ak* th*lr latm mpplaot th* local country riptri n? ?m nilnrtocl to *ay that ha would try th* *f?ertw?*nt of r-dnolnf th* poefag* to tea oenta wniforaily. bat wa? aot allllej to tab* th* aatreae iate? ff"f **d If hi? pi?o ?r> Jid ?ii"?**d. h* woqid than fro a Pt*? lower Mr A?nwn (whlg^ of Ma**., ibot*4 to aai*ad th* f rat M?tli? of tbo original bill by *tribln( ont th* Ibree and >? Mil rata* aad ia?*rttBt a aalfora rata cf two ?tat> Mr Vtwaat clem ). af If 0 . waa wllliaft to reduce ibe i<ft?(a to a aaiforaa rata ol flee ceata Ha waa , atladr-1 that Ikh wwiitd *p?rat? ao wall that la tl?* ? eere It wo?l4 ha <*woa*tratad that a tarthar rwdnolon wo aid ha artfat aad daatrabla lad*r tha raf*c*4 rata* laet j-ar th ra waa a *rrpl<i* of '<ra 'haw b?lf a ?U?o* at dollar* aad ha aaw ao raa*wa why th* Foot CHifla I1*partrn*nt abouM aaatala Itaall ai mtr* tkta tba tar; a ha old by plraay. ar th* T?. TV Tf. MC kiBj by tlniit He celled on free tr?4m to ih* tbotr faith by their work*. >U bo wM what ?u tb difference Mwmi postage on l'ttera ud a Ux ee jard of ilbu<? If It bo true that i low tariff on tb Deeeeaaria* ot lite preduoee large rereBue, to will a n duotlon of pestege. irrtiltici or nmi limb Dfring tb* debate Mlii Llnd wan la tbo gallery. ba being neatly atared at remained only a few alaito Tbo debate oontiaaod. Mr. kctm, (wblf.) of* T, ftfi notiae of a amendment which bo intended to otl-r. to ma ho a at I farther red notion on new* pa pen and (bowed that tb department would not bo uni|id br It. Mr. Bbown, (dem .) of Indiana intended to offer a amendmeat ot >ro oente. aa the uaiform rate an two cent* for drop lottor*. /newspaper* to be elreulai ed free la tbe county where published and on* o?n postage to be charged In the State or two coat* out c ft. Mr B argued in favor of tbia rate, and aaid ttu a abort time only would elapae before thoy would ,1 enabled to reduce It (till lower Without coming to any conclusion the coasmttti rose and tb* Houae adjonrned. The Varaant R?MlBtle>n In Vlr|1nl?>Ri cwmnaendatl?n of a General CouTenti* Of the United State*. BaLTiMoac D?a 18, 1850. Governor Floyd, of irgiaia, seat a apeeial meeeaj to the Legislature y**terday, la wblob be obaraetoi iaed tba recent aotloa in the Vermont Legislature i an Injury and an Insult to tbe whule South aad rem art that It demand* an inatant setUement. of an iaaa which baa 10 lone dUtraotad the country For the n Store tion of compute tn] efectual k arson; the Governor recommends the Legislature t luvite all the States of tha l/nlna tn unit in tending delegate* to represent the whole pe? pie la a general convention tn aeaemb e at Baltimort r coma other convenient and e? ntral poiat not laU than May next Ha further rut'unm'nda that tb State nt Virginia, speaking through h?r Le*islatur< appeal erneaakly and alncerely tn b?r sU tar Btatee ? tha Booth, to pnetpona any extrrme noon In relallo to preaant difficulties. until tha result of tha delthara tlona of tnoh a convention eon'd be known Ha oos eludes bj faying, the motto of the <<enth muat be. it hr* been, "I nlon If we can?ladapendenoa, If w BUlt. ___ Indiana and Ohio (aiiTeatloni. Ci.vciuvxti, Oaa-mtxr 18, IBM . Tha Indiana Conyention baa adopted a section pre Tiding that tha embesslameat of publle funds, by an officer, shall be deemed falony aabjeot to pnnlshmen In tha jpanitentiaty. Tha Ohio Convention ia (till engaged on tha 'abjafl of taxation An aslmated debate eaaned an tha pro Ti?o excepting cturch and similar property. It wa troagly urged to tax all proper.y alike innludla hank atock. and bo form the Court Itutiun that the L-gn lature shall hare no power ta aeaept of admlnlslrt tor. Fiona lew Orleans. TRIAL OF LOIEZ?ANOTHKK DHKADFUL ST{AMBOA' EXPLOSION AND LOSS OF LIKE, KTC. New Oiliaxi, Dan. It. 1M0. Tha trial of Lopes and others engaged la tha Onb expedition, ban commenoed in the Oireuit Court i Tha steamer Knoxvllle. haoad for Nashville. whU pushing fram tha Levee, half an hour aiaoe. burst al bar hollar*, killing and wounding several per?onv an< also damaging etbar boats lytng alongaldaa Thi names of the killed are not yet ascertained Union lleatlng at Bath, Main*. Bottw, Dae 18. lt&O. The Union meetiag at Bath, Ma., on Monday night was numerously attended, and wae addressed by Gov uuDDard, N?Ui?b Clifford, and dh.rj L.l'ara wen received from Hon. Lawia Can*. J W Bradku; and oth art. Reaolutlons war* adopted. declaring that tha pra ant criaia call* for tba utmaat wtedom and aodaratioa that tba FugUlva Slave law la constitutional an I thai aa one of tha peaca maaaurei. It ahould a* t?ft*d. aa< that raaiatanoe to it* anforoeinent or any cry of rv paal ahoald rail down indignation from a tary trm bland of hia country Ktw Jndga In Boa ton, 4m. Boarov, baa. IS, ISM. Tha Hon. Pliny Merrick. democrat, haa bean noml nated Judge of the Court of Common Plana, by Uovarao Brigga Tha oleotloa for Aldaraaa la goiag on qiUUj. Mr Brigga whig, will probablj bo ohoaan. Robert B Or*agar wu arraeted in thla olty yaatar day, charged wMb being vmomru?-il la tna rolMr; o Matari. Harper* Brother*. of Itaw Tork Tha Hndaon RlTtr Again Clotld. iiitni, M f. Dee. 18 ISM. The river between tbii city and Ilndaon 1* e loead | Tba boat* that laft Naw Tork laat avaning, wari ' obliged to land tbalr paaranger* at lladaoa. Common Canntil. BOARD Of ALIiBKMCX. Dro. IS. ? Thia Board art at the u-ual hour, II. Mor gatia (reel dent. in tha chair Tba mtnulaa ot laal meeting war* rtad and approved rciivio** lU tMIB Ot Edward Macombar. for l*aaa of Ratharlna Btraal Ferry. to axtaud the limit* prohibiting tb? Uorage o gunpowder lu tha city of Naw York, o! Rub. rt Kalet? tor nmtreion of tax ol 184W; two temonUran<<ei egalntt tba paving of Broadway *ith tba to-oaii-il Hun pavement; of Rvtormed Freal>yteilan Church Twelfth ?tr<iat, lor remlMlon cf tax tor yaar 1*48, ul Klpp a. Brown and eih?ri, for dupming plwceo toi manure, in tha upper part ol tba olty or Kooert Kolly for remla?lon ot paraonal taxoi lor WW and 1840 atroava awe ran. Of Committee on Kharve* Hi?r< aiid flip*. advera? to granting petition ol K. K. CoMla* fur abeatblng ol the lenderlag ? f plrr No 41, M K .aad a*ktng to b? discharged. of oommitta* oa Btraeta In favor of rata ing inJ flagging tLa aldewalk. ao'1 layia^ a gntt?l thereunder on the aaalerly r id- of t m?-r*lt? (Tinea Mt'H Kiavetith and Twelfth atraet?, la faror of fillleg in nod regulating K,Pa* nth ?tr??t. frtun menu* A lOM'lurB, airo la faror of flag?ia< aldevalka IB Thirtieth *'re*t, b<tw*?u lumiii aad fclgbiii mwm tmi; afCoiumlttaa on Road* in faror of oon^arraoaa In tha adoption of a r??<Uiti<>n aal oidmann-i fur ra filiating and rradlrg Klghty-eiglitb (treat, U-iwe'o Third and fifth avtnoaa, <f Comuittt** oa Ptraetr reeoBm* a<lln( a roa?urr? Boa aitb tha Board of Aaalotanta In ihe adoption of tha rraoli loa u> ra*ti lata pave and Hag. ao l art rurb aad (attar atoua* 11 B'tadway. bet?r< a irtyaooond ai.d Ponyati.t ttreeU, alao. fo regulate and Lja a<iaBtli* Br<>al?*y firm Thirty Brat to Kilty ninth HMaU; of ;.um aiiu? ca Koa- a, in favor of a t ooeurr? oca iq tba ad. ptioa o a resolution lor filling *nnk*n 1 ?t* betvran Tnirtntt and ?>t itreet*, and Fourth and Majtwn ar?ou?-a an. fencing tha earn*, cf I'omaitttc on folic*, on tha pal tlon of Kcphar Mllif atd 0"b?r> to bin Vn. Tinklai appointed hall rlbgar of tb><JCa?ai in iraat aiatloa, ol CoKBil'taa ob fcawaf* In faror of a aoaar In Ltaran (triat lron> fatal atraat a?Witr, ik)i|lNt aorta; aiao li favor of rawer la Twenty Or>t ilrot. from Iivi4a<>t rlvtrto about TO fret vroat of K^htt atanw, of ft l Coaailll**. In faaor of lealu'tog pardon* I tat o i Thou H llamf; alao ralatlaa to the application ut ita maal S. tilnaau ft r a part of an olJ road, of i oaimit tee ca Ptrret*. ?g%ln? gradlag and regnlatlag Oraug< ' itrrat. hi t??? n franklin atd Chatham etreeta Tba report of tha irlnaaaa Douin.uta- oa Uuaptrall er'a latlmate af tha an anal Us, adapted aadtb*aam< I directed to he ?aat lo tha I.erMctara for ftoaflrmatti.a Report of l!oaa lite* en Wbtrvea H*r?. an i Ul|ii 1 n^oa a| plication of Mr* l>e?*tur la regard u> a p?r ! tioa to b? paid by h-'f la tki aniargeaieat ot ikatllix lip by extending Pier No II K aj?*r*a to graatln, petition laid on tba tabla R> pert of t oina'ttea oa Ordinance. la favor of ai ordinance to provide agalaat accl?t?ut? by the runnlni of tha H R Railroad (treat loaomotiva ro Jamb aa | gin#-referred niaoLuriona auorrto Raaolved That iba Oompiruiier be r*qua*t*4 t i furoirh tbli Board tlib a detailed *tai*cn-nt o , tha nun. bar ot draft* aad* upoa Ma by tba Boar Cf Kdnrattoa tinea tha gr*t af January laat. til i tlaa or date of an?h drafta. tha aatnant of oaol ' draft, and tha epaalfln porpoee fir bmb aald draft i vara made and al*o whet her In hi- aplniou h?l? bona 1 by Bl>y lawn bow Ib eilatenae, I* pay all drafta mad upoa biai by aald Hoard af Kducaitoo praeioa* to an 1 proprtatloaf having haan aa l* by tbt Ooaniia Cobb ell I- Rraolvad. That tba Board of Kd?i?atlen be r*qu*?i? to report ta 'hi* board a dataiiad *tai*uaat of th 1 amrmtif of BtfiBBVI Ihkt htfl h?#n rl?n< fil .Ml hv ilk i'o?ptrjllrr with th? Olty CfeMDrrltii Iw b- crHH < I ?td Hoard of Kdnoatlot alt>?* tit* I1r?t ot Mtf l>? > the ot mowj at ib* tlB* oo d?, a?ita and na ripradrd. and lb* m?r?*t in nt*h ml th? ?p ' rlflo pnrfar?* tor ?hl h 'h? ?nm biialMg< lv?oi>'i > ?l?* to *b"Bl th? raid lnon?)? bar* b*-n pmd 1 ted lb what lama and for what purp???. alt a ?1?t?in?Bt ot Iba ?n*iprnd>d bal?no?* If any. rich and **?r? appropriation ?nw moaloin* on <U pntl'a with tb* Cltv I'hambfrlaln and wh?tb*r. t opinion of raid Board ot Kdn-atl<>n tb* an*iMnd* baianc** or what portion of tban? will b? r*<]ulr?d f< | tb* pnrpo>r? lor wbmb tbwy w?r? appropriated Rrrr|??d. That tao |u lamp* ba plarad I* front < SI. Tbxnaa Churrh. undrr tha dlrarttoa of iba Ooa ! mlMloarr of Ptrrrt# and Lamp* Tbl* I)oar 1 lb' n a?Jonra?d till !? o'aloflk. ti I Mtm | tnlaf. Knprrnt* loarl of Ik* UnlMi HaUt. !> ? U- frrr.M tha wb"l? o?art - No SM R.-IH R larr?w ?? Nathaniel ft HIU On morion. tl1? ?r I of arrot to tb* Circuit Coart of tha 1'alt*d Stata* fi l.#itlrt?H wna dnakatad and Mr?l)i*d. with ?o?i o 77 Ih*c Phalby. eoaylaliuv. n John Itrni ft ml Thta eanra wat arn?d for tb* oomplaiaaat at 1 far tha r*apMd?ata In M 0 J. UayW. ?> a i platatlffa I* *rrar. ?a ft ? Wild*r Th< argn?*at i tbl* nan*a waa rnwiai?n*ad *ar tha plaintiff* la nrt 1 | A<Je?na4 nntll to Biorraw. at II ?>lMk, A. M # . * *r t 'i * ' " t 1 * w ' v n Tf A \J >RNING EDITION?THURS m ThtttrlMl. , lowm Tauni.-Vwj tew aUkta new ramala o( i (fe? engagMnvnt of thooe dlatiaguiahed artiata, Mr. ? ?n J Mr* Wtlkok jv , who in sightly attracting lmk bum bou?m They iffnr to nl<ht. is |h*kfp?'?'( beantifal play of- Romeo ud J allot " Mr J. filtook will iidiii tho character of Merentlo Mr* J. it Wallaok that of Komeo. Ml** 0. Wmny** a* J allot, I. Mr* Btoadloy m the both. ?(i tho put of ftltr Law. r??o* by Mr TUton Thooo who eu tally Mliht lit One tragedy well p*rforaod kid better ?lidt the Bow11 cry to-night. Mb* H Iff art will *ing a favorite mm m and the usdmbfnti will terminate with the dram* ot tho "Felo?'? Laet I)r-?o " The leadln* character* n will h? *u*tolBod by Mr Btavena. Mr Tiltna tad tho d Mlaeeo Dei. In. Uo tarly, a* thi* bouee U filled ?t an t early boor * Baoaowav Thkatbk ?The (plandld P*rl?ltB Billet '' Troupe, sow performing at tbe Broadway Theatre, ta' ken aa a whole are the beet artlata that have appeared '* In tbla olty for year*. MU'e CeieMlae Pranok I* a b*autlfnl deneeuM? her expreeelon 1* pr*poe*?**iug anil her * MOTfBfBtafery graceful The performance* thle evening oommenre with tho newextravagaata oalled tho ' fair Use with tho Golden Look* " la whloh Oaeldgo, i' andMiieecJ Qougenhetm and OUrta fill tt?? prlnoipal n porta, to tho delight of their audleaom After that piece, will be represented the ballet entitled "L* Diablo aQuatro,"la wbloh M'Uee Celeatlne and Tiotoriao Kranck and M. Ktplnoea will appear Ml** Adeline the lavorit* d*mnur ot thi* theatre, will aleo flU the part oi Ytlva, in whloh *ho ha* created a great Moeatloa. r" Thi* ballet will bo followed be a arand flaaaUh diver 1a tlaenent danc-d by M il* Celaatla* Fr?nsk. M Luoa U KiplBUM and tha oorpa da bal'et The entartalaajnnta will ooarlda ?ltk,Ui?l|oyiilir urn cf "101 or th? V?la'* ran and bio Progeay " In wbieh M??ara. l>4Ti<tge, h B?barf. and MUa J. Qouctnbaim ar? al ?aya aaen with f. tha greateit pleasure Tboi>? wbo want to And a o ahould Mil rarly. aa tha Parlalaa ballet troupa attract a large aaaaiblataa ' Nitio'a Oahucn.?Tha prograrame pranentad tor thla ' avtnlng'a uauHaiit, muot na?? tha ?ff?at ot 9ro*d>r log tha theatre 1b avary department. Tha autartaia* D'DU will coBmttei with an orertara, which will ba 'f ancoeeded by the beautiful paotonlmt of ' Miranda;" ?jirr wuiod original kdq new opinua ru ?-Ul. rnD titled "U Cartll.ana." This part ol the entertaln' Bout, M ordinary ocoasions. would be considered a go< u evrning' aojuM-moDt; bat Niblo, always moving '* with th? spirit ol the age, and regardleaa of heavy ex* fwdltun. in order to iIti the h--t aDtrrtalnafat that on to tarn or enjoyed Id any part ai Ma Union will continue to pm>eut ibn (ra|foui. splendid. and moat mat DlQcut fairy spectacle which haa ev*r been produced either in tha old ar new world? Haxula, or tha k. (tight Owl? "every evening. In addition to hit Mho vari-'un attractions Tha part* In thii novel feature are 7 flllad by all thoaa talented artiiti the Rav-l*. and tha ' at'acbei cf th* company Tb* scenery alona la worth tba priaa of Umi?aou?ita (rtadrar aut ba Been to ba proparly appreciated. Go early. and be prepare! to '* enjoy the beat theatrical treat a?er oOered In tois city. It ia to be remembered that this evening is set auart I tor thr benett oi one ol the no>t a-compllsbed dait inix that tv?r appeared In Ameiica, M'lle J Berlin. Her talent# hare been appreciated at th?-lr juat value einoe ber flrn appearaooe. and her preeenoe in the Ravel company baa alwavs greatly added to the attrartioneot thaee unrivalled artiau II lie Hertin <le r perves a bumper, and we are (are that her uame will attract aa overflowing bonae Buarofi'i Thkstbc ?This nea* and ably noadnoted concern 1* moving rapidly on the road to fortune if * Crowded brute* and delighted audleno-s nan be taken at a guarantee of the laet. The lulinitable manager, 0 W. K. Burton, elfera to-night a new and original . comedy, in live acta, entitled " Marrl-d an Actress " 1 The acene la placed in New York and Philadelphia Mr. I Blske appears as Cbronlo a retired m?rohaoc; Bland , aa Franklin llume a modern phiio-<>rb?r, Burtou as Bob Clovers, a retired butcher; Lester aa Prederio Plums. Johnson, as a member of the press, and the other cbarseters by Mrs Skarrltt Mrs Russell, and Urt Uugbes N donbt there will b - acrawded houaa. Burton being so justly o?l~brated tor the prodnoMen ol flue pieces. Mi's Walter* and M Frederic will ' dance a t>o? d* drus The orcheelra will play a>'Veral beautiful overtures and polka* nn<l the eutertalni meat* will conclude with tbe drawn ot Krneeiine .' National ThkAtai ?The splendid new. moral and deeply liistruciiva drama. entitled tha " Ouraie's daughter," will be repea>d this evening. It is placed on the tag* by Mr A II Purdy. In a manner that t n.ust retail very profltably to the treasury lie Is an i active r ef vt-nre kind i>l rvtreon *hu tikri tha motto of Cardinal Klcht-lleu for hla guide at ...r:. lar that " tbera'i no aueb word a* tail " ThN d*plj lut<-rnrtlag piece, which glraa a trua plctare of tba lifKbtlul ccriet^ >; ncet at ln'<mp?raac Ima tba iiaM that It Urn make* tb? mind o? man. which w?a gtran to bin "for nailed purpo?ae bei.d an 1 how down la bar* ear vilify to the *oraclou? rraalagNC.f an InaatlabU appetite for that wbtoh 1* aub>?r?lr? tl l>?Uth an ] r dometUa <*-1 VetCy. to the laat and lrr-ci??riiblM Mat* of homati mleery ob. nld ha a?en by all wh" d-eiethe rpread ol ?on end happlneea Tha whole will *ltl. tha u.agnlfln?n'. apeaUoia oftha- aia^ie w U. cr tha Fair; ot tha D?m? " - AMiaira* Mi ?? ? ? ' Tha furt'.-' i Daaahter'' -ffa f obf?r?f i bat thin moral play dramai'a-d ft.-id coma of Bo,-artL'a Mut dtetioaniabed picture* ha- been pro due. d in an emluantly beautiful and atrlklng manoer, at tha American Muaeuto Th. play lt*?l' la pra feu DO I j IntatectiBg from flMttolaat. aad pr<-*eiit? *u iat?n*?ly ?i?:d piotare of Ufa, in Ita ph?aa o> ?rrr r aad erfme It la calculated to lea?a a luuH aalatary iia pra<af on upon tha mind of tha young, par Inularlf ; ? and at p?rt< rin?d by tba Tery ??oc|i-nt oompany a' tUa nuMin may. Indeed ba pronounced a pubi? i?-o?f1r.. Mr C W. Clarke enact* tie Ourala. with hmmMIi aya to truth atid nature an I MIm ''banman. ?< Panny Koeemay aire* ua a tweet pletnre nt 'ha yielding rlrl In faet, tha part* ara fell filled wl'h ennan aim at" [ ability, and tbor* who *e? " tha Cwiate'e Deogbter." 1 at tha mnteuta. will not ocly wlti eea a valuable moral dratr a bnt a pettcrmance not to ba exeelled. [ Nt* Yoka Ciarra ?Thara If no plaiv of aunaamaitt ( In tlna olty. whew tba audiannaa aatnan mora genuln > tatlalactlon with tbt> natartalnm'U'i pre, ,<aied tban J at tha Amphitheatre. In tba How#ry Wo hato fra I qnavtly tpok?n of tha ettraordlnary merit of tba i?u?h truupa, and tba beautiful gt nm**tH act of Mr | Nixon and Off, ?? wall ?t the tplilted rldln* of youog t Armttrong ara deterring of laeorable notice Thtall la a of tha popular clown loe I'entWnd ara alwaya ' r> eelvid with thont* of laughter and applaaa*. fapo**m* or tn* PuuaiM'i Paouane* - Thli exijul> alte pslrtitg I* ttlll drawing lar<e oumbara co W??hr Irgton Hall It la a tort of miral dratoa In tnr?a ao'? > I Tha rfaatiacd ?T?tt? pa*? belare tha a.ill-nee Ilka raalitiaa, accompaniad with approprtat* uiuaic paaalog ' allan atclv] '* txin ?rata to aay trim llvaly to a?*ata " The moonlight tlaw whara Paiana Raa'itlfnl la i?n lllnminatad Is tha dlatanea. aad wb*ra Chr1?ttan > | ?a*mi ?ppalled by tha I'ono at tba gata which ara kaw>.?tVi> laaa *aatta^nail Kv kitcblf vkria hirv f irml ara jort d>earn?d I* on* of tba flna?t affacta el light ii'|p?'r, tui?iHn>ri"n Tha *(rh? with * r: ' 1 n b(?(d|b to isikr od?'i flrnh ortrp voaM angH?at tr |th? pr<pilrtnra tbr i4iid'I|ii of taautng a l catalogue to accompany tha oxhlbl'tno. 1 lartLra'a OMniii<it.-Tb? aihtbition of aplandld ?W?i cf ilmn)t ftitj part of tha world, which I* ?* ' da Ij opan ta Ibc aJmirara ?f tbr fiu? aru, Ir-ui nlna 1 la tli- luortili.g till niDc at ni<bt. b?< tu? r*?ult ol Hi'ril yaarr labt rlrua atudy. by a raty t?J?ai>d ' 0?r*aii ariiat llntart Hattlai Ha >wai to liars rtudiad In tatura what h? baa 'ir.'a'ad with gr-at | anla tie a hill. Ill* map* contain nupi-r?u* akatcbat >f 1 I urop'?n w will a* rnatarn acar;cry. t??rrr pain'. 'I bafora, tat If tbay wrrr, wa rrntura t'i ta; ih-j wara ' not asactUad with auch accuracy a> t?.- ? now b?i?g 1 rihlliltr'l at th? hogit cororr of Tbirtcrnth itmt 1 ! and fcrcadway Tha taalarn ar? la baa<it|fy| ra1 pr>a>ntiigiu th? amrt natural man'ir- tb? aanJ nftha 1 j Lybtan de?< rt-th? mind la ao wrought upon, that It ' laiifitN rtal that tha b at of tha run la f frit, tha blue aky Iniparta Ita tantal aaruitb anj tha Obfrmr l"r?rta that what fc? I a<lmlrtn< aa alm^at rral; It but tha work o? tha artlat hand It ta tha p .rtry of tbr artlat'a concretion. w por'rayad on | tl> HDtait. tbat makaa nna t?liar? hta l?a*arj ta ! train/. Ill- pauliig of tha ara a'-orm ta ao |><-rfa?t ' am trna to rat ara that It alma>t maara afinddaf, ai It w.ta obarrrlng tha aonfltn'tng ?l?o?-nU 13 wild npirar whila tha Innatra of tha THtaala ara In ln>tapt ' aipa+tattnn of b- Ing plunged lata th' fathunlaa* daap. 1 ! H r alrlaa tha admit *ra <i| tba Una art* to rial'. Sat I , tlar'a ! hi bit ion ?l">at thf>a? l<?*utl'ul ria?a, ara j Jattitalnu tha Church of tba llnly P-tpulcbra taa 1 grava wbtra tb? 8arlrr wa* Intarnd. tha laincua I t ataraeta ?>f tlia Ntla. k* l< Ma a*r> Mat W n'ii*?t< ara play Inn a ? -^u at Baltt*nra Thap appear at P tt?Huigh n on tha 2d January, and a* Naw orlaana on tba iHb MwimI* . Iratia" Ortaa Oot'aa ? ' La Bonnambula" waa pat. h fnrmrd last ni|(bt to a rrtj ta?h ' n?Ma an ll-n-a, s tbouphnct ao larpa a ona aa ot>|ht ' l ata ba?n yra? nt rn tha produrtl<'n of onn of R> II* ni para' H r , i tarra >?r* with great *ft ret, *0(1 tbr.^*a<# * aa ata? k j ftitrtl with inth axrdlenrr a* to orik'* *ren? autbti' ?lwn The ladt wu wllid b*f?r? tba earioia with I Cottl nod No??|ll both of ?h> m ?I>fM llrw>l??l 4 toplr* IKrtto tbe op?r* fb? a?w bnllr' T?rp?I, rhfrr, ' latrodoe?d Waibailo wh > boa a or ? ?iI?f?J?y <J l??r bfiliuot ae<*omptUlim> at? *o ?u4b ,f Otaiitagt In til* city Bb.' nr?a od ijaita aa?a?a t il'n Nlof supported vary tinnd?>m> I? br ' ndiI N* rt Tomorrow right ' I'ora-la* will h* r? r>ra a*t>?*d ft>'d Nathalie ClujMM III rap?atth- p?r , mam a IB ?Mfh aha bu a < amlnrtitlr illMiri l' h?r?*lf n On * ^ D PftOtii *4i * CuMrtRT Th? fourth crand I ?tt?nf?n Frnmaaada Oom<rt roun off of trtpt?r ^ loll iM> aaeatag Tba program oi? ?.f anMNl p?r _ ?h Bare* ia ??r> lat?r?-nln|r The aplaadid VO'-all t, 4 * I I B II irl.i'P "111 ihlim lh? ?llb h>i ! ?I Matte" Mgnorioa l.aalnli lUatl'nl will d<a|.l4j t?o?t remarbahl* talert i? ih? tIoIIp. and Mr UafTrt ,? ? I I I l?y ? t rio on the Im rli fliimUt Th? wholt *111 ha under lbs guidance of the ftaat ma?*tro y. I'HKiftTt'i ii'Vitu -TfcU ??l?kr?l?d hand on i (la* eatortBlomeat for tbia Thi pf rtoraiaaee* alll roaa^iM with an ooortora aat ill bo lollr.wt 4 bt aotif* in-truiafta'al p'-rforaiaa*-a f aad rtaaalnji Uhnety la tba groat i4ai>n|?0? of tbl It ahanrtw of amne*m?at *' Fn.i owa'. Or?a? lloi at The eatertalaaientj ?1*?i ???rj ?T*al?f at thla enUDIIehai?Bt. ara ??r? atlrar tl??. m tar a* aagro r-pr?aK>atlaaa ara ooaooraed '* Tba baad I* now roiaplrte la avarr deporta^nt tb atrglag oanaot bo aaipa?oad aad tba daaelng ta tool ?ltaMa An afiaraooa armeort to day, far tb* aoocn * aodatloa of fbiallloa aad Jaraallaa IRK B SDAY, DECEMBER 19. 18 j Cawt mt OMMiml >?Mloai. Bafor* tk. U.^int.r ud AMmbm fnaVlia Ull Ooaklla TB1AI. or 0BO W. NOJCB. AND NATHANIBL W ROBBBTS N A CHABOB Or OBTAINING $2 000 BY FALSI rU TINi'BB Dae. 17?Th?? mm ?m oontlnwd la the Court ol SaasiaMthiamoraiag. Tktrt?Mtr?r} large audiaaoa prMtll, itUMUl b) the laterent wbloh the cam ha* al nm; eioitad The witaeea Kllen Williams, taking tfc? atoai the coaaaal for thu defenoe continued tha oroaa eiamlaattoa Her taatlmony ?u u folio we: I dUwnr*4 my prafuaty tha latter part of April. Q ? Have you beau daLti-erad ot ohild' A.?I deoliae to aaewei thai Counsel tor tha dtfwta ealled on tha Oourt to laI atruot the wltueae that aha muat ana wtr. Tha Court agtaad with tha defenoe. and ao lnitruot| edthe witaaaa. who anawered ? I waa d?U??rad of a child ta February. I860, I think ! It wa* tha aeoond waak la February; the oard whlah Mr. Caput gave ma when ha directed ma to Mr NUaa, bora the una of tieorge W MUai; 1 am aura It waa not William W. NUaa; I oalled on Nilte la Hay; I had ! told Mr Havens what my altaation war aad Baked hia for money, ha waa epeaklng about going away, aad I raid. -Mr Haven*, you will ba kind enough to make ; aoina p'ovlrion for Bia during your absence." he aald ; he did not like ta give any writing, I laid I did n>t j want aa) writing, that hie word wa? eufllotent; he did not make tha provldoa he bad agreed to, be had proI

mired to aall on a errtala day and provide me with ' money to pay bUle, he disappointed ma. but I afterward a aaw him. and teamed tbat be waa engaged at tha time ha had agreed to call; be gave me $90 at a time aabeaqueat to thla; tale waa all ba ' gave ma until altar 1 had even Mr Miles; 1 had never demanded aay tpaelQo aam; when I first went to NUaa' ofli-e 1 raw Mr. Wm Mies a maa named Doyla, and a boy; t apoka with Mr Wm. NUaa, aupLenug be waaUeorga .NUaa. till be told me ha waa aot; , 1 think l)oyle and tha boy waie preavat during the | conferral ion, wheal Drat went Into the offloa I aakad for Mr Milea, and aald I waa reoomm*nded there by Mr. * aput to have aonae buaiaaea 'raaaaatad; 1 tblak 1 meaU juod tha caaa to Mr Wm. Nilee, but thin* 1 did not ineation Mr Haveae' name, 1 think 1 mentioned my altuatlon. but did not mention by whom 1 waa piegnaat; 1 oonteread with Wm Milea ten or HI lee a ma. u tea and 1 mlgbt have mannered Mr Uaveus' | name bat to tha bent of my reeoUeoiion, 1 did no:; 1 remember the couverratioo. that la. tha aabatanoe ef It. but c annot atata it minutely; 1 don't reaollect telling Wm Nilea whether 1 waa a married woman or aet, uiti> lunnutuDiuei ?> 01 .wr mix* uiii| i? the name of ttte intUgiM. and I tol l him it >?> trbUoman down town, (ion t reco.leat wOrther I toll Im be wn* a man ol lamily ; 1 called a^an at Nil**' rttlee m May and lamu'il lrom Doyle that Mr. W'm NUm <u *l?k and that Mr. Ueoig* Nile* had Dot y?t returned, 1 alterwaru* r?o?ired a aotelroui Mt Doyla. [A letter *tgned by Doyle, and addre**?d to Mr*. Willi***, ** here read Tha letter itated that tha wrliei bad commuaioated with Mr. Nila*. raqueating bi* immediate prreenca in town, a* a ra*e ol imporanee awaited bi? attention ] I told Doyia that I had been taained , I>?yla asked taa, "liar* you v?r bn?? Btrneii'" 1 *tid,' i hav* " 1 do not remember ??er Dieui loblng to Doyle that i had been dltorcsd; 1 u?f?r few Oeerge Nile* till July; 1 belleee 1 did sot oonr-r le with any body, except Oaput, about thl? business, al'er 1 eaw Win NUm, till 1 taw George Nila*; I think I ?aw tin.rge Nil** the first week In Juiy; 1 thlakl told ; biai. in my tuet convaraatiwn with him. that 1 wa* a utltil vgaat, 1 did not. on that oc.ation. tell blm that 1 wa* mvorced, 1 mentioned my sitimion U Mr NUee end be aeked me it 1 bad been married, and I ? Id bin* Lbad. Mr Mi** did not tell ueihat my hu*band cruid maintain a?ult, but that I hal no remedy. II I e?*r gate Nii?* the nam* ol ay husband I ???? him Michael Sullivan; when Niias suggests! th? id-a ol piayipg husband and wlfa, I told him 1 had bean divcreat; ibiswasin the second conversation with Nile*; 1 tbink 1 did not at that time mention wi.-re my totm> r hatband wan, I hav* rtatei that wh?n I cam* to Na? V otk. J did *o to avoid Mullivaa, it *ti partly on thai toruuDt that l ratn? hern, Bulllraa >u com. in uaily tending to oif nod tolloltiDg o>? to ranaw oar loimer n Uiionv on- Jobu llollwBd luil appittd to bi, and obi <Mim n?w ? li i#ad ol both of u*. had brought word Iron him to m*; t*ouleaa had Pi.ta that 1 nauld Dot 11*8 In tic* t OB Ulli-H I COBMBtad to llT- ?llt> bin: 1 hud aavflulllvau about three we*k? before I Wit bottom. I hiiu afterward*, btfm 1 in Kox> bury. there aoir? *t?Dde&c? bitweeB MuilMaa aau myi?ll prerloua to uiy ailtlng t" blm Id relation U tli.a l.unne#* ; the teller* that pa??-d between ua vera ol a mere Irltudly character; oua letter that I rrcalvad Item bim waa poet marked t'oreord, N ti ; that MM put ported la ba put la tb* poat ..? . by him while < n hi* way lo Cabaua, b> t?.ld m- to dlract to bm a* Bradford. VI ; 1 did not direct a latt?r to bim 1 iben till 1 a lata tba cae at MIIm' ?ug(*?tl> n, 1 wrote I 'ha. le.tur to r~y former bu?l>and awl directed It to ; him t>) 1 ba nam ? or M l?haal 8u.ltrac , ta that l*Uei, I I requeued htm to coma ta New York; I told hint that 1 tad partly altered my mind la regard to blot aad kui.w blm again. J meaat ?. to e.?-w tin eeuuall.taao*, I lhe| ?? ? tliat I had iod< baal??? la .New Tori. an dxr"-""" * * *' ?? ?* <?a <ilrectiy r I UiiuiiM alter nl? btaJlk laiwaatl blm aketi my own aal told him whara I would meat btm oa on ir rival 1b New Ycrk. I raid that I wculd mwat him on a perilled day. In Laight atrwat, ou the corner of dt JofaB'a path; 1 btllara I bat waa all that waa to toa UtM; 1 did sot Inform wbat the buatneaa ?ai tVat 1 wiated blm lor, the builneaa for wbloh I wauctdblm wa? to play hatband a-c<rdlag to taeaagfea tlob ol Mr. Nile*, lia oaua la tbrea or font day* alter I bad written 1 met blui at the plnoe appointed, 1 did net tl e i* tall h.m whara 1 lire J nor did I lntlta b'.m | to By bona*; wa courerawi together (ur ibiot bail at hour, ha Inquired wbat tba bualaeaa waa about which 1 waati d to M>* htm; 1 told him 1 could not the a t-ll him. but that 1 would tall blm in tha mala;. ten 1 wi uid meet blm at tba coraer ot Woo-ter aul t ai.ak ?ti* '#. tb*M waa rometilcg raid In th<; brat ikimitw about a lawyer or a law hfftir; 1 did att k< ? ' bin. any encouragement that 1 would llva with btui 1 (gain, I did But mention an) thing of tbia attair. bat aid it at I woul l tell htm In tb* morning. I toll hi m my r???0M ca that night 4VW tttuoma aira?t, ha waa i ta m?*t ma IB tb* Morning, 1 mat blui tha next aiorn tag accidentally a* I waa golni' to Centra markat 1 ; commenced a toava/aatloa there, which waa an'iad In my; 1 told bim about ait liaieaa. aad Hat It* bad given ma money; ha appeared angry at brat. I I tb#c told him my nuaatlin. ai d t"ll bim tnat Mini I ad talJ that If there waa any una to play hoabaad. be ooniii get very rnocu more money than bo rooid i Hi. r bIn b? a?p*ared vary aagi> . and at flr*f r> ra*ai to do it; ba Baai. t aakad ma wbat tuy law?ar had aaid; . 1 ttea trld bun all i bat Mr Nile* bad *aM. B? Ui-o aid.' (UaB.I woul 1 tfoauy tblnt for yea tuai I oaa; ' f '.ru uigr i iiu w pi una r>? mi m.u I >m poar ui wantrd a?D?j, ba ftaatiy ooa MBttl t? KO (Il4 MW Mr Nllaa, w? mwmii>(I; >111 di>*kto Mr. Nil?a i fflc* lim>lltttl;, tft' r aa trtt ih? la, bf caaia ?ttl. m? ta tba eoraat of Man-ar and ilrotBf I'rHii. tb'it ? pirtnJ, ib4 1 lioaa, I IH,? tt'COlltCt that It * t' 01) tha HCtili or tba IWt kt<bt tbat 1 told bit) uij r<atJ?aaa; 1 did o:it at that tin?? uli blm 1 ??? la lb* fenny ?/; I to correct toy a?l ??ao? In rilw< iiM to tbn tiiaa f .ml tan aal n.j*<if an d( W Nile. lAlta. It act luiaaa dk>*>l) nltir cm coatcreation la My boqai that wj ?ttt?i?n thaie; a Dl|lit im?itrr.d >a< oitthat o>?M ) ri(-ewd Mr liaaaae and I korw balll ?aa ?a? tobt thtre. 1 #a|>|ioa? tt <a< 'hat b? lalfcht Hod btr liataoi in be* ?nh va brt I did n t a plain tbat Id (tliitah) t!r Un>nf t!i<i> imhi tiaiiaa buur; U'trmttfaMMi not lo^tad and f"lt?Bn tan* la M Ik* fiont door jou will r?r .ImI m open " Icufcrri to*- t*? dtfence-No madam. I reioliaat nothing Hbcutil. and iivaarh aa I kt.ow aotalug t ilw location. I d? not ears to ba rafrrrad to ta rela r? are t* II.. (Laoabiar ) Wit ae*a continue*-t ?aver hiidout a* aa IndaoaI rat to rt.1 Ivaa l*at 1 Oould a?alti liea ?uh bun; tkiMeaa al< ibm nbant coneidaret^* aad aaU to Mr havaa era jou aot ?<t>ai.-<1 io ba in b-d with ray wt?f" Mr. bairM >al<l ' ebola tbat man'" aad 1 ?ald * Oat ! ihr man ta w6"in I *? nutria t,'' Mr liaei na naiataad la b?d m ma t?a meatae, t got aptar biltlllillj I bid not eihloit nuy n?u? ot alaiai. I do at.I n collect a Lai I >aM wban nnlllTeu ttr-t eanir Into tb? nam. 1 tbiak I aid ant fc< Id out any la<iao?Bi?at t< PblliTin to *0 to Mica'oft- a*. ?p' a partial ? amM to g" io?ih nttb l.iai, I did aot egrae aitb htn to llir aitb biai aa bla alfo, m.drt aay 'iiiuui?ta? ? I titi aare j on rob*.ia> d la frbcuary ia?t' A ?I o? < lib* eaawertag Ibat qaaatloa ?4 War* yea roa Ita.d.t.L, t.i u?? tlriKjnn raalIrl at Ul? tuna ' * I aaa i,i Vt hata ?a> that kou?' t'l^ja-t -d to by tba dot* Ifl ' tba gr? iitid tbat tba a?id*a -a eongbt to tw allrltrd by th- <ja>etloa aaa a"t laa -rial to tb? ' ifau? lb* ?< art or?ri uled tbe ohjaeiloa aad all -aid Itbr qneitloa to ba l>u'.j A?I aa? d* ll?* f?d at 4?* l.maiatr? rt, uy aaibrr and a d' ??etle aU?adad >, I bad bo phyaaaiaa, ay lai 'nrr d-tva aot llvr altb l >?; I mp|.ftb~rity a??. (Tba alta aa bara twraiu* tfrrply a(1<t?<t aad ?>pt IIMa a tbUJ ) U I? ?l.a tbild l!?la(? A ? I d?-ellaa aaaaarlag Ilia ?li?i.a aaa n?no i?d tna: aba "?? aot ot>ll?(a1 1 t< an-??r <h? qarattoa tf it trad to eriauoata h*r rb< prrali trd la drnlniaf aad (aaa aa a riaaoa. that aha I Old ki t al-ti Ika y?r" ni to |w dlrtarbad aba ba*a I ?liarjr i.t tba abllJ Rba coat no>'l tba ebtld la ttaltd It la tot wlib ?a, It la >a??a il(ht. or aiaa ifa-k< "i.f I timrunll, I n?r?r ka>* a f?im na u> j l 0?m .li.llrn . | knew Uflt *M (i-nen aaiu*<t . <?iilik. 1 tbiLk J.# ki>?? taj Uurbaod. but i ?hm( a?y tirciitaln (S??.tal ininr> ??r? b?r?- maetioai4. aad ! th? iiaiM *a? aikrd I'nha ka*a tb*m Mb' r*pi<J In t?f> rim a ta Bu rt < I ibfiu u?t lib* did ant liana tb?n i 1 *o->? I aha Hough. h? *?? an ?cqii?i?l?M? Of ?>) fcuabatd: ? >? ? tlia- t?r I flr?t '?m? In tba rit) I boat* in Lttmi atfaat; tt t? b< of a*?ifuail . I vaiit Irvui lb?rt lo 4f0 Hioonm Hr?*t, tao ladl*? li*?d ihrie with in- ij Wa? that a hi u*? o> I r ! roatllutM o ' A I d*ei<u> ani ???rir>n it ?t qa??tt<m M 499 i.ri>o?a- ?u ? : It M ?m?Im rtrr>t ?h?r? i to* rm i<??, I doeilrif an l ru.g ?l ttbrr I hm* b-m arr??t I (V * -f'P* I I oiMiuttl) b' lipa tb*ta, I kill >1 plain 1% (' nuaxl 1> i 1 d?r ti<? oald tut tak* th* i iplmatl n < I oi-mr iom ?) i4 - antII I t?lil It to Jii ia notation ?i mat k?t. tba\ tha a*r?oa to wbna I arrta at Hradf>r<1 , Vt Ml?ha?i iultlaan my form?r haiH?4; I Jii I act nil bin antft b* tbr?at?n*d to ooami; *.? i. | TKr r?aa*?l for tha d?t?nr. Vt* r"?4 a p*r? of thi ritailaattom at tb? ?lin?a?. Eliaa wu.laai* takta b* iat* Ji?tla?- Mount fort , hi f i.n.Htnr Hi t?rt? llotwf f*B? In mf Hon" i. | In tb? nion It aa? aftar tb? unit bad h??l? i? m I r itt'd acatniit lli?*m, l*nli hurtai to <i ? I lla??at'rotu rat. It* laid It wa? arii.* or ina U rr? l . a?ed agaiaat Mr Ma?*aa, tbat I ?an h?hl? to ba Im | prtaxaid aad II1 did aot da*l?t b? nald k??r iir ; rriaraad, ba aaad t?>T to a, aalgar Uaaaaip ba aal Mr la?n was rwj (mM la pay ?>? ; far aa tERA KW. thine*, vlxi b? Mull get them for nothing; Mr B chard* (>ti m? bomt at on* tin* to get mbi thlni oat ?t paws, to enable me to aapear la court Dlraot mnlulloi rtunmwl ?I tu at on* time ai rested mad takra to Jefferson mark at whara I pal coaaiderable money; one Krlti Trotter a gam Mar. wi Ikrrij ha had frequently threateaed me with Mi Nile*; who* I received tha money from Mr. NUea' haa ha paabed It toward* ma oa tha tabla, ami said, we 1 that la batter tnan nothing, I hopa you will have be' ' tar luek next time;"on ouo time whea wa wara talkio { ot thla matter, ha aald in rafarenoe to It, " tha nei > tlBe you must have aa older and mare subataatii looking man;" I aaw Sullivan tha next day after I g tha money; i did aot give him aay moaay; I have r? oalved letter* from him since; Carolina Dexter la atil raiding at my hour* Tha cross examination of thin Tltue.ii waa hai clored. and tha court adjourned till 10 a'eloek o Wednesday morning. Dcc. 18?Tbe Court mat at a little paat 10 o'eloo thla morals*, aad thla case waa resumed. Tha proa cation offered to tead. la evMeaoe, tha raoord of d voice la the ca*e ot Kllan Sullivan vs Mloha*l Bull Ira la the Supreme Judicial Ceujt of Maaaaohuaatta. Tl paper waa objected to by the defence, oa tha grout! that eome Informality. In reference to tbe place of a fixing tha aeal. waa apparent. Tha reading of the pi per waa. therefore, postponed, In order to give oouaai aa opportuaity to examlae authorities It waa next propoaed. that the depo*itloa af Mr. Ill vea?, taken before Juatlce Mounlfort. should be rea< Inatead of calling Mr. Havana to the stand Thla ooun waa propoaed. la order to save tbe f<eel!og? of Mr. Hi raa The couasei lor the defenoa expreaaed a wlUluj atst to do all in their power to aave the feelings of Mi Havens. but they tbooght tb?t th?y could not. la jiu tioe to their client, allow thla deposition to be rea.1. CoraeliuK Bogert. counsellor at la# and commissions af deed*, at the corner of Broadway and Joha atreei rworn.? I know (jrorge W Ml?n; be kept hi* ofloe i Auguat. 1>4P, in tbr uoi building (Paper ahown l witn?as.) I raw the witneaa. KUea WillUmn who wa ci i lie stand h. re in the tiret cf the trial ; I have a< r ? collect tc o that th* witnaa*, KUea Williams. eve signed tliin affidavit btfore rae Coua*e| for the dtlonm objected to the Introduction of the pap>r. wbtrh purported to b? an affidavit aettlai forth that Kllen SuMlvan waa a marrii<d woman. Th Court sustained the objecUoa rai*?d by the delenoe Witness continued?Th? tu-at re?oileotlon I bare o seeing the woman, Elian Williams or Sullivan, waa 01 the (th of August, 1850. I an confident that *oaa person. purporting to be Kllen rtulllvan iwore to tha affidavit before me. I recoUeo: that at oua time i > ur f men from Nile*1 office came to my offlea with w< man. who swore to an affi lavit before ma. I dan' knew that tha japer now before net* tha lamu ou that she swore to The affidavit waa taken about year ago lart August. I recollect that tha woma to b>j offia* with a boy from NUes' office Th form of the pa par on which the affidavit waa take wa* the tame aa tha form of thia paper The woma who fwora to tha affidavit before ma wa* about flv fei-t la helgnt, o( dark enmpleiloa am ill and wel formed, plainly draaaed She stood at ion* distant and did Dot eoireup to me till tha young Man u?here< her up. Thia circumstance makaa me ramember it [This description do** not oorraapond at all with tbi lite or appearance ol KUea William*.] She did aoi rinn tha faper iu aiy presence. It wa* signed befori it waa brought to me. I hava no recollection of evei having area tke woman, Kllen Willi-ma before. Hh< if much stouter, and 1 should thiol; taller and oldai tbaa the one who came to my office. 1 ahoald ta? f lie woman who came f? ny office to be about 30 reari of af e. Thia witness waa nrosa-examined, but nothinn D* w waa eiirltad. Mr. ttenry Haven* waa nait called and took th< rtand The Hitnea* Is an elderly gentleman of varj injectable appearance. lie te-tifl.d a* follow*- I have ssen KUea William* I knew h?r; 1 Lret nw her about a year aud a hall ago; I have no mean* of fliirg tiae whan I Oral taw her, 1 knuf (l>o WMI>i; 1 first *aw blm aboui laat summer a ) ear; it waa, I think, la July or Auguat hut I may We mistaken; 1 received a note from him that rote It Oesfrojed; It was a prote .ional letter, II waa mi i?ly a not* requesting me to call and aae him in relation to KUtn WiUlama and Johu Sullivan; Mr | Ml** wa* a stranger to rae at that Um?, 1 waat ta * ? i him in tha course of a day or two; I told him he haj to claim oa me in any way whatever; he aaid h shouU bring a suit; he did not demaud any money of ma al il a: time; I tl Ink Mr Nilaa said bis client wa* John Balilvan, I naked who John Hullivaa wa*. and I thiol he mM ha wa* a sporting character. I did not ask bin _k... i... II.... II..H f rnl.4 Mil., ih.l h. !...< ./, I ii.I rlaim id any juxt way arid I fbould not pay anytbln* ha tl m i aid La would n.?k? lo? ;?i. ??1 laada 'julta i hlua'ar, b? did t.*t inmta what lh> chataeta.r ot lb< fwH waa, I b?licv? ha ot miu?n<?<l a auit agaioat ma tb?ra waa a papar ntT?o on ma; I tra?? It to Mr lloltiti (|ia)ifr bj l.i<b?rl'i i-oBia<-l,) thli la the pa|?r, l think. Ttaa utuninn* *11 hara prudu-aC and r?*u It waa In tha m>? ot Job* bulltun ??. Ilanr] llavfun, aid wan *l^ntd lij 1?o W. Ntlra. a? oouom lor tli* piamii*- ropy o1 in? oomptatot m tha nwai ui J'frp Hi'i'i*aa ?r. bn r> bati>n?, ?u h?r? read, I ctinilnai lutrrooaiaa Ut?'?a Mr. Uirniaaut tha wU* of plaintiff and a!aln>*<] twaaty Urm thouaan* 11 dama?aa I Iba'w iap*ra w - ?i I'd an th< Sl?t of A usual b) a man n%u>- <f tiah ?bo nmtltMil la ibf i*'iiii-(t cooraraatloa that Mr. Krbifti *a< a f I J man. and U anjua.D'd *1 b law. and wa* a ??ry food man lot nm to atnplny; ernaaqnaatlv lo tha c?iiri?of aday ortwo I calird ?n Mr Ro ??*;'[ did nut II on NUwa ba oia I calUJ on K obartt; I atat'd 1 to blia that Mr. Nllaa ??i about oonmanoiax a *ult , (gall kt n.- and I w,. had him to dWoad it. ha (aid ha uuld. tbat bia law would b* llfty dollar*; Ibadtwuy' fi?? dd tra by Ba. aid I fava It to him. I gar* Mr ' Ki>b?tU th* papar; ba Mid ba .".nai l?rfd Mr MiIm i raiki-r a bar. cu> bn ?nd th-y hid bad aoma j diBcul'y. ha raid ha thought tbat nothing eouid ba jot out ot mm and atroa?iy ad?ta? t ma aftalnit any ci mpi'Bura; I aaw Mr. K brrla again a da* or twa atwrwardr; I did not ?ac Mr Nil * attar the laat cobit t till thla tluja. ba than aatd that two thou aar. q* had b**n oaniaiidad ot ma. but thatthay ' had no gooa rlaim o! that kind and tbat I *h.>uld \ rot pay it; I told him that I abauld not pay It. j flat It waa an uwjurt claim; ha atbad ma If I ' wial 'd to ?aa Mr Ml**' I (aid I had no obja?tl?o. but tbat I did cot hn<>w what c>od rould aom * from It ad flnallt h* (ant h>r blui. Mr Nllaa ami ?ary ?oon, at thathid* Mr Mia* apor * flrrt, I tuld hi in In r?lar | cur* to tha claim b? had (at up that F should not pay i It cr waa uat aUa It-pay It or anm? thine Ilka that I I Uld Limit ati an unjnat elatm ibatltwaa a hard ' oik ltd (O on; Mr N ! -( raid u' l-aa iuia w mid ba ' taktu a lit than abruptly I-fi tft- ronni Mr Roberta aid nbtbiai; th? co??ar? tt? t< ? *aht> fly with Nll?a; ! bothiOR ran had liom tha eoi.v r?atlon; tbara waa notbiir -aid al>oat Ralli'ao. ai ?r ha had laft tb? ; m hp|?Hf ?ald (at Mlaa* ba I' a bard nnatomar to gat along with rr aomatblng ot i. ?i , I 1 ta I ua?rt a?a? Hllaa had?r? Mil* on tr.U aobjaat; I oad'-ratood tbat Joba McUlTaa waa tba bu*bat.<l of tbat woman; i Ihr fittlli waa to b* paid to Jthm Jnliiaan, I a>k*d | Nil?who Jnhn fulll'.n waa and h? ?aid ha wa? th* bnahaad ot Kl'an If.lliama; I had ia??r wn Khan W iil amr afti r tha rrcvlpt of Sll?i'? l?tt?r until I aaw hit talora Jimw Maua't^rt, t *hagM think tha ault maooatl atx'iit a wa?k at-r th* racalpt of th* ! lattar, Mr Rcbaita nvrar loformail ?a what wa* tha ; lowirt (tint tbat wovld b* fa\?n to ?*tt|a tha anlt; I think I wnntioiad to Rotorta that I would pay *1 0?i, It raid ha would (< * HU't; ha afNfaroa ??id tbat waa tba lowaat auat that wonid ba tak?a ; I aftorwaroa paid tba n inny; at thw tuna I paid th* I n ' riM I bi||**ad M'? n William* to !? th* wif? ol ,'ibti Pwlllatn; I ?h"nl t not ha-a paid It wlthaut; I paid II t??) lu btak notwt. ana f I wki In p-"tala?orj Il l": ll?f ? 'I' IW'II B'" i; n r -/ > ' 1 11 foar and Mi month . * Ik bo < ? w-va m? n*i la ilnliUti aaiiumd by ttafl?m ot II Har-or * Job- tba nntaa tut paitl a nt'iiril; *nd ( da'trop?4 tt*?i tha ?tl?? ti-n li?th Mow* Taylor iki lu hilU.r ot ikit in I g>?a tba mr>??v aa< k>ln to Kob?r?: I mil tiim I van ad a'd h? |ta*> it* what h? atllad a dlaahai <a (papar protur.d thai U lb" p?p?r Mr ll?h rt< pr >p>> d '.o <-ai n.a ula< liars* er * aa'l#f*fM B pl?ca-anwa'blag U ' ?l ow that .ha itiIt'fit ?i?i trmikl? in? 117 lurtW (J i - Itid jtn aaa Kilt it William* at 4'tf Hraoina ?tra?t ' A i Cellar iif*?rln( tbi' qd>it|i>B from > i?inlti?<1 b) R-.batta rono??l ffl?n I ra'l?4 on H b> rta ha arirlaait ma in d?l*ad ' h? .alt a? it *a< I lit* t| it. Ion it at Klirn 'Vnilaui* iai not a Baftk'l ? MB. and thai th?r?*ar? 1 ronl* MOMBlBllJ d?t-B' | iY? ?tilt lla mI4 ha thnn .ht aha prr.rtfata aa< I. a ti'trr ??p ?.?<! a d ffaiaat op aim; I roi.aldar tba ! k"r Hcfcatta a<t.d tkr"?ili(nrt, that I* oi] nplLl' B BOW; Mr Rnhafta FCBttBU-il t" ailTl?? Br |l ' dat. nd llilit "nit, i B tha r'atnl* I ha?a in utl n?1, h< mUi! Bta H I l!l'?f th?t ho rbould th? wo B>aB, 1 iflJ blot I tad no objaattoa; h" ?i ha ?< id.r.ii h.r a dargarnua wotaan, ba a i?iaa 1 u it V (ay a *tB?| U'ul know that Mr Rob-'ta ?? ? a1 I n?d Bi* In ratar?a*a to thin Milt. to dataad It tha liUO *aa paid In two aumr. at two dilTarin tin.a. a hi ? flala laivad ik? pap ra on ha ?tiJ b | tnpporad aba waa n?t a a apian of r^d rharaoaa I tklik it ?? ?? likely ha ram haaa .aid tb <o?ht Jabi Ftilliiti a letllkiif paiaoa; I thlai 'lair told m I CBfjbt ?i' to pay a cant In ?bl? anil; my rajtttl* i w?a oat ?t town at tha ilia- tha papara war i rat??o on io?; Ikla aaa tba rra?n? (if Bif amployla It' k?ita, I ha>* mad* an romplalat In thl??!**a, I ha* maoa no < < n f a-nt aaain-t I .l<ar?a I dl<i not ?'>lantl I ril^ appaar a? a w?tn*ra bal ra Ja*tloa Mn?Ltfart. I a?a atiarbad anil wrat up al'^ an oflHar. on sit w* up. t waat with tha rflicrr paat K bvn.a' < Una. aad r r]t rft?d lharff.prrto pn up with ma ta gat Hr H ' urta la |II up with Bi? ?ba rflrrr fafnaad. and ; arrta a Bota t<> Mat r?qwa?tlr* b aa tn ro?a an t? tl ! rta'toB htuta. a* I uad^r Mraat. and w?n-acl hi I fn raa to niy tlfbla Q? f>M n ? app'y to iMnanfrrt for p?rmtr?k>n to ??-nd ?<>* antir aona??l an illd b? ratara ' (Ohjarti d to hi tba |\t#a??i|"a a?n' malarial) I harr talkad wl?h Mr. Kdwa'dC Rl?hard i-b*at 'hi* tj.aitar tU'Tumio v?r k hard" I o- i ! ?la?t*d r> e1lc?n?lal Mr R' hard- .lid not prrw'aa I 1 harp Uv h all that I raid to h*tn V?o?a t Bamirait hj Cnana?l fot Nli-?- Very poaaiM ' I T mlfbl haraflril aprkan to R< "lar:* about a?ttli? 1 ' thlr mati.f | think I m?at- n?dth t I wnn d tli ! *ll<0. t did ant Inowfiaia |H?t ? kK aaralaf ?? ' par*" mta, fea aailad it bj alcr- l*lra a i?rw?rj II relation tr> ih'a raiaa ^oalaaaa aad lafir* ln? aa'th ? want, I think I nara. aaw Mr Oala. aftat t?a aattli ? ? at of tba .alt till I ?aw Mw, at tba -tatioa hoaa, rata aa-In and oat ablla I b-?a? avaalnad; I a Ian raw Mr mavnl 1 Hirhaula 1 think hotb tl Mr Rt'haid* wata th?ta: Mr Rlakarda waitad aa I an bail ?. r tha wamaa; I told h?m ?ha? ?< Vhalf h tl a wrr an Ibata b? had hatt- r hail ha- hnnaatf i- A aamh*r r.l rbalral potafa a* M th- a?fal?alhl1k 1 af raita.B . ?ldan?? wara ralaad and ar?aad. hut 4 tkita.iran roan-'tad wttb tfca hlatnrj a* tba aa< b wa #f C^c. fk.a '{o^ ataailMtHoa * ' -1 ggai , ' 07 "VjL/I LJD. PRICE TWO CENTS. I- oloMd. u4 tha f rMMvtloa than r? op?o?4 tha (irttl \? fiinliitiM. on vkltk Mr. flaraaa tiid that Ui MM to tha fhithfulaaaa Vt Robarta waj oanaetad wttk thm r- belief that ha paid ot? Ik* whota ot tha ?1000 Tba Oamrt adjourned for tka day Cnimw Pleai?la Cfeuabwi. before *h? Uam.Judga Ingrakaa. B>c. If ? Jn ikt Cat* nf rtr f'irt Department if At (StV 0/ AW >'?*; f< F.inMnd L. Oale, for aa ialtiagamant of the lav regulating tha baigkt, tbiokaaaa, *?, of building* la tkU city, a default waa take a ky tka Slamt'ff for tk? mn of (11 000 It appaarad tka* Mr. araotad a lot of building* la Hint Hftaaatb itraat, wklek. It waa alleged. wara not la ooafarmity with tka law, ahlch waa inatttuted far cba praraotloa of tra la thia city, by compelling peraona to bdld party walla at leait twelve inohea la thlekaaaa. Die. 18.? iMruiTi^t to Uniurui tuaTaifiLLau. - Jhilwy K Mrtnsrd vi Otit it MtulUtn and Jvkn 9. Stout ? Th? J adga gava bla dacialoa la tbla aaaa. Tka c?a? romaa up oa Motion to act aalda a report af raftreaa Tha defaadaata keap an botal. and warn aued for tha value of a trunk ana Ita conteut* I sat aadac tba following rlrcumatanoaa ? A porter loft tk* trank la tba antry of tha koK-*l. saying It Wong ad to a gaaUaaian, wboa* Duma ba took from a card on tka trunk, and wbo would ba tkara ahortiy Tha trunk waa plaoad ia tka aatry by the direction* or aoma peraoa In tba am ploy of tha defendant*, and atolan baton tka arrival ol tba plaintiff Tba T-t-r?t bald that tka dafandaot* war* not ilabl* Tba point on whioh tkar* l? any difloaity ia wbatkar an Innkeaper ia litbl* far goodn of a traveller aant to bla Ian bafaraktnd and wnleh ara utol. n before tha uwin kaa aigalted kla iataation of baiug a gue<*t Tba ia?-a*ngi a-nt by tka porter can hardly be 00d*ld?r?d auob an Intiioalioa. it waa that tba oanar would b- tkara? wkatkar aa a board*r or act. ia aot ctat-d Conceding kowaaaa, such to ba tb? intant of tba plaintiff. I do aot thiak tba liability nf tba defendant*. aa Innkeeper*. azlatad. Tha plaiottff bad ??*aro?>l no obltga'l<>n to broona a gueat. and tLe while theory upon which tka liability la founded !all*. via That tha innkeeper beeemaa tka tnaurer In O"n*td*ratioa of tha proflu wolck ba make* fn ui tba guaat If tha ptalbtilT bad not haoome tka gueat. tka right to any eutnp<-iu<?iloa dll aot e?Ut,aad tha plaintiff waa undar n" anligatlon to tr?oaaa ga?*, or to pay anything for tba liability whioh la nought ta ba Impoaad upon tba d?faudant? [Here tha J adga eltad o-?e# from tkltd Hill and ulna Pao? ] If thla ba ao. then It i* olaar thar* c u be ao liability kara. At tba tiina tba good* wa-a atolan, tba ionkeapar had aa Man in t*?* gocdv baaauaa tba ownar haw luaurrad a* charge by b~eoining a guaat. and nla aabaaquajtly doing ao. aft or Utacovotiug tha loaa. can no'. alter tba ra>a 1 aa Iraa to aay, the point la aot wltkout diflrulty; and. ia th? praaaal atata of ?ocl?ty. and tka cu?tom at tnnkaapcra. It may baoa i.a nec?aaary to **tand tha liability of laEkaepcra furthar tban tba ruia atatad. I tbi >k ho????r. t 1. noi?u muat ba diapoaad of upou a (juration of fact, Til.: - Wbatkar, ta raallty. tba plain'.iff war gara any uotina ot hla lata* I nua ?i nroiniaii > (U'l. n muai uJ oouofirj tail, if ihu plaintiff wa# not to ba a guart tl?? dfavdaata mir not liable ax lookm p>-r< Wha'.har tfcay ?*rr liable in any otb?r character. )? not *t?rlal it* to Imjutro 1 think thin ??? a question or laat. vtlkin I h? provlueit of th* r*fer*a. and ?ith tLka daekaiaa I am not dlapo-rd to intarlrra i'ha u ol loa to an aaido tb? ttport of r*farr#? was, thuretor* donlad Marin* Cam t. Batora Judge Lynch (>BC. IS.?Hutirt, SuMmi. and ulktrw. v?. C K. Mttek. ?Thli ?a? an action bat ? ?>? two rarjr atUMlM ffi-reaijtilahou?>-a of lUisoitj.for the aum of %tl Mr U. B rjnlth cn l/*l;aJt of tb* pia'ui<ff?, ?ubnmvai tha% on tba 271 b of April 1*30 to?i a old and d?li?ar?d to the drtrndantn aeraial balaa of ahmiltag *.? , tor oa*h. to the amount of$76975 that through a clerical arr* of plalntiff'a aluk fonr of tb? b.lea contained jarda each, Inaiaid of tKK) yard* end of a hi<-k tba 4?feodant vaa notified,bnt he r?tn?J to adtllt thavrtt, aud tblr action ia bought tor i(u yard* <1 ahaattaf m t\ c?nt? a yarJ, amounting to fit On b*h?if of tka il-tenilant, Mr J II Ilaol danl-a tba Lka balaa talnad mora than WOO jard? aaab aa<l that tb*4araa4ant paid tka plaldt fla iLa aim -f (7?u 7? m ful?f >r hta t demand, and alao that tbe dafandant linsi?diaV?lr # i i?t purnBa*ing id* goo??. wild *om? or in?oi I opening tlirin ft* coatalalng BCO yards ?aeh. aaoorMM t to tie ineolc* anil bill i^oelead from tlkn pl*lBMlf?; I antf tba* fl?aOt the baWi whioh wara I b/ tha [ d< lendant. did uot contain iD'>ra than HOo yard*: atd i be. then-lore contend* that l? any error a-an r*4 I tba put ol the plain'It.*' tHk Ilia defaud >ut Ml I laMe k Coomel lor |lalntrff* utter* t? prora that It I* Ik* I neap* bjbob* aiarobaBt* tt?at when gooU* ar* Marks* en lb* Lain (be tumbir th*y roi.talu. taat that *'! Ixt la p*ima J*>>a arlden-a of tba iju m't'.y of yard* i i a li T>all contain* Tba jo>lgaoverrated tbt?, aad aa I ?x<<rfUoa *aa taken r Mitaxwaltii lUa plaintiff frotnl that tbara wara I H OlntarhWIr and for tba dateaaa It a4t proved * (bat Ibey oontaibta bat V00. Verdie. for deleaiaat t ( twlllga mco. , .Irr-tt o?i St tpu:%?t./ A|.?acr a ia*ii by the aaaaa I olJd.a KaiB?, ? * ri-tnil <>a Tue>da> igO'.uu a cha/K-? of * tabbing, wltb a knl.'e P'aa by in* o*a< of Mlrhaal I.area oa tba sight of tba 17rk at ,.War h la>t by wMeh injury Larau died tba Mlt day rfca at tbe lima t.^1 am arcb for Lama*, but a *ra>#d ?tr?*f, la aoo'aqueaoa of laar'Bg III* my. j 11 a| p<ar* tbat ?n tb* aigut la ijaargiaa, bai#?ta t aud In o'clock Mlebael Laieo *a* aalki >g hoaa la company with two *om?d. by tba naine* of Vary Oallii.a and Vary Me'afT.ry, aad whew oo tba no-nw < / i Sc*iuiii?l and Monro* atr.-.t* th?? ?ara art by Kaiaaa, who Jamanded io bi to paa* on tba aid* walk A 'ju?rr?l tniu*d ba(*a>B tba two am. aad Anally a oliaah lojulir and Kalnta wa* Uea'C to etalaira that ha w> ulll ba their bnlrKm la tba tuaaal together. th*y both (ell to (be *1oa walk and Kala>* <ru u^'riiMt At tbi* tlaa It la *tippo.-ad I ha fatal wuaad waa lafllHad, far tiiltk Kaiaa- i* now arr?*t?d. aa I tltariad wttaparp. Ira lug Tba witoew Mr* Collla* ab >at tw at <aiha t.Bra *aw Kama* and at once heitrrad ba waa tba aaa wlih alum n had tba diUi.iulty at tba tun* ha ??* lathed, ami ih<- now hrliato* It liar duty t?i sa taa lila arfavt. TM prlaoner aa* takaa balora Jaatla* houatf?rt and tba erldaana takea.j'h'i* far, goaa to lajpllitate Kaitiee aa to< p.reoa who lalliotej tba fatal Injury during tba affray, Jl dangi.iar 0>?'f aj Aarivep.-On Tuaaday moral ag a peiscn by tbe cama r| Jam-* Hpain, ka?p<ng a *'aad la Waakliigtoti inai kat ?* brought Wnrt hora < b a tbarga of eteallvg a p '?k "tb>ok oo*'alai?| ffr ll.f iriil *r< I of lUtill Hu.nal J It aaaaia thaltha i ?ifm vr?rtow Rnklabd ?m In ta< Birnt. pit nl a>rd aoma rohb?|>? from P|>* n and In Nt i h.a B.oi.rjr to |M) l-r th?u>, b* MtMta btly It >p?a4 hi* f ih* atl amount of I nmrj on th? atom). tn?n? tb? ??f*tabl?n A (hart lla> alter kaatlt t tb?- mat k?t. Bobtaod ial*aa4 biabiok I n? noaoy, i?d l?uMi?tfi) aaut ktct to tho >im4 and o?l?<i ?( ( || h# hoi aooa It, ttH'ug bin of hlo loaa. M| ola J. otad oil baoal.4*a of tba k?l or tbo ihomj. bat ao coafldoat aaa Hohload that ha dr>opod It >a tho otobd h? Ml >*ll|(M th? tiaad tno?t Kara lilrkrd It op Arrordloffiy. nMiari \rm-tr >n? a?4 on: of tho "bird ?anl rolioa. vara ooliad la, Ml Pfbiu ?u token lata ourto\j. and ?h?a aoarchrd at ll>? ciotlna ho?M th? cMuk ^>rk?tho"k %ad m<*a*y arraltuad la hlo pm?r??K? Tb? aecua-d ?o'l-a?or?<| to txj Uin Uat tt.? IMMn aby ba ??ol s> >* >??aiou of tba i B,rei>a?? to ba ?jra that ? hirnd >u tbaowaorat I raid |>r? |??-r'y llir mtiwral* bo?a??r thought dlfittmM; and b?ld flpaia to ball to uitir lb* obarga Of (rood lafr?r y. Mnl<i g ti-ik ? Two knx c haras-tar* a>lla.l "barlaa Ml'ltr and llaarj Hon ?r. r? off. *i?d oo T ?af by , t float W halt a < Mh? Slhlb a*rd |>jII^? oo a atiarf* at *t?*l'i.f na ftivrta; t-f*nlu< laa.. a ptoao of alath taiurd at |li froai U>> awr* at Uan?ab drhal iag UT I Ullluai ralMt of Ann ttrobl. Tba p->?a-ty *ti l< ??d Iba i??*oeeii?a of tba rngn?a. **'0 ?<N fully ?<a ?wttd by Ju-tloaO bora lor trial ( t kmi i r f t'-iln Ftttrncn OfBa l I. i flinlth Of tho , loot r pollr* ?rr-M?d ? friilat a bf tba ? ifliburl Mnotitl'i on a ahrraa' ia?a-d by Jaatto* > Urbcia ohafalti b? a lull nharjad alio obtaio a< lb I Alport la*' a .4 >on<l'? if I%tj piwla. an>0'itiaf W | | (till, fro* ?> <**? H rent, ai "tba lirn ?t Po t a lira1 I I' tJi !* lit MiiiiM itrr't hy ai,*??'l ta.a. a ?1 fiM' Jul' 11 rrpt?o? utat las* It ai p?o>-* by th* all tatlt 1 | on 1t? lb 'ha (i>lk?iouri mif h* Hr f.ibtai. that I Ki)ib"Im to orilar to oh ?la tba pinparty, riptat ?? i-d t bat h? a >a d< tat a ?<i.d bu>lfl?< bad that ha f did not < a? Jftfi' in th? aurld and had ' ! hia on #<>oli 1 la tfco abObat of Oltnb V> *l<t*aa h iotr?d dollar* CfOB lb>oo r?prt a-ti' !.?? ttja nt>oaa hill of f"0t? I mil at b ai 1 tilt lit mar n>aa>h? Tha niqipiala oat bi* a 11 - 0* 1 that M) Hi?ti?a b?? Uwlf N*ut-i , |h? prr a*rty frr m km ?t. r? a> >i t ia? h? o?a4l*h? a <i< atfi.f to fb'iCO, and tkbt ?o > aft-r pnru-<a?B< t" fO< <)? th* ao< ui>J? ifr-ad a j>i l|(ia?at In a'artata I raioubt and iba prnparty aaa ra j.>??.| f < m t"?a tar*. ? -obibla'oaot b??m fbat h> baa a Jwf'??<f?d ?il I of .h? (ii?><ri.j lb qnrattoo A brvlx aill ba hod lb d lb* cbtaon Monday ba?t t fobri C?Ut.d?r-Thia Day. a t'viTtb Ititii IhariM-r 0>? ?Nob. I" Ja, M, M a I Bt rttMi rot-Of-flr****1. Taaw ffaa *0 'I. W W, I I Sft. M, ?T. *. ? , ? . >M ? ?? "o. 7 la?t ar I I .a *!?? Woo :??, ?M ?.t? T7d bOIKoHU 7 a nr.- Moo M ?l bl U ? II fl ?, >> u |?b, J(? IPS MA I4S 140 1*0 lift St *A Ul. I IM IA4 l?S IM 1?T. * 'M KM IM a ]f><> 1*7. "" Iw l.v ill. in . ll? ii> n> in m tip* m tfi?l _____________ a Notrm?i<t( mf Di?niifiil<lKil P?op'?. >1 Urn D l'ir*'h??n I' H rf?a*t?r, ffn.oitiitm, l? lion Jrha * M C d? * V ?r'tni(t < I ?^t I fill* N C Ph?f *. Ifor.l 4* , Jam*' P r??rn Unit*, 0 J l< Milord dt ; II Pu?,?lljr Alhaaj; Rm I> If I ll??l taltiaarr. da MMHa. Wran**; Hon 'IkM j rf?<l?r1 <"?ri>.d? ?>r> iBnni tho llilfili, < (llfc* niiai Nr'nu f HtMniKl J TalMt tf* Jna* %( * > qn??a ??.? Ortifit II i' * lama RnaUm. w?r-aaia?g ?, lb* ?ir1. al?. ? utffltl *t tb* Altttifti ? II 1'nrlj I f.?'Un P '??< ? h. I.**1 a- V-rrt? t * A'aiy l?r \?nd?*p^nl Albaaf Y.Dnr : liny fan Fraae^cn. r Toby Ro?t?n, atri?*4, ya*?*r? 1 da* at tb* Ailxf llnaa I* Aatna llc.r?* (T?ima ?rw>r\ *<iic?i Rantat? tat I' pli ri ?' Id an I |)l?*?a:i? Ha?, i?t *<4d day Ntwllaraa Cirar and e?W Wrt<lf?jort? rnld and M#.r ly C'a?t A P w .llUfr. ri u J I- Malay. <'Wr?fcaa am Salt'a Af* .1 t.anthnll *a?bl?| ??, t> I.; J |lnn,.rW4 W*??f -U l? T ??f* a?o?| tb* arrival* ?* at lb* < liataa Ilctal yaatatOay.

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