Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1850 Page 2
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ieliars in gold duet. She left on the 16th Nov., ad arrived at Panama ob the 2d December. Hat paMengrrs arrived at Chagrea on the 6th December. The Antelope left on the 12th November, and arrived on the 4th at Panama, with flfi0,000 ia nU Am on frniffht and m litrw anruinnt in tk? bands of passengers. Five of them had $67,000. All business was at a stand ? clothing cheap? thin lotting worth nothing. Provisions, especially pork. BncU from United 8tates, which cost $6 per thousand, wern told for $25, and are in demand; sometimes they brought ftO. United States bricks are worth $25 lor ballad. Hotel business is the bett. Board at Union Hotel, f 40 a week; at private boarding houses, $2a to $30. The miners have dose very little?all the dams are carried awny. Col. Fremont is said to be unpopular, and cannot be elected. The whigs have the majority, but do sot turn out in force. There were not many fires, but alarms night and day. Robbery and murder are on the increase. The Baltimoreans have organized a fire company, called " The Monumental," which is 300 strong. They have a good engine. Gaming was on the increase. Improvements in San Franci*<co were still gsmg on There have been erected some splendid rich stores. 25 feet front by 175 deep, and four stories high. Argenti's building is immense. Kumbrr of (Mnwngers arrived at San Francisco hy sea from October 1. 1K19. to October 31.1SV) ? ~1mrr. J-vtrign. Vital. 1M?- Oct. l*t to Doe 81 6 8U 2 3M H 347 1U? J?D 1-t to .lurch 31?t. . a. 167 7.736 April IkI t?Jon? UOth. .10 8U3 6.069 Id 6.VJ Jul; Jst toUc(olM>f 31?t 7 747 3323 11,OHO 30,123 13 4W2 43.016 I860- Oct. 1 st to Oi t 31ft, uumlirr arrived, 1 301 loft, 6.690 The tollowing is the amount of bullion cleared from the pert of Fruncisco, California. from Novtniher lot to 13tb, inclusive;? Nov. 1- Pur <etiM.o.r Carolina and Johanna, clttrod for Valpnruti>o 14*000 Not 1?Prr *t?am?r Panama, for Panama.. (1 (WO 000 ? 15? ? " Autolopf, 2Wi,009 n 048 coo Amount of rretlpt* for duties. fr? tr. October lft t? 21ft inclufi** f 17,095 230 1 There wu a destructive fire in Sacramento, whu h destroy rd about a dozen buildings as follows : Nf* York Ilo??l, 110.GO0; EsgU Hotel, $1000; St francl* Ilotrl *10.000, OnWna Hous?. f l.CUOO, small hiiun- adjoining. ! i 000;' Homo of th* Bad^r," $2 000; Mr Kn?.. . ?I . -* * -...-I-l_.. ? ? - f ??v ?..? 1- V?1I p?"? lau'U -.*???- pi 4 wfllitur bou?? 1p*? UDknown; thr?w ritoTa** lic>uw?, | ffiO, biuph?r'B ?h<'p. (torn down.) $500. Total lose About Mi WO,? Ti anu ript. Matters on tltr Pacific Sldr. [Kiuiu lb<' ficitlg iNrfH Soy 14] Since our latt regular issue for the steamer of tbt 1?( lust, nothuifj of particular interee' hi t oc- { currrd to mark Un progie?s of California. The chokra, the scourge tliut has visited almost every nation of the earth, has made rapid strides in feome localities, and laid in the dust in my a noble 1r11 Minraffrt to home and frauds by the , tirt "?ett tics In our own city, sine- ite tir-t a|>ptnrance, some three weeks eince, the number of ! deaths have been about one hundred and thirtylive; while at Sacramento ihe bill of mortality has been much greater, reaching several hundred and perhaps one ihou**n i. We are sl id to have K to say, <hal the teourge isahating, and that the death* in either citj do?-s notnow average over eight orten p?rday. Thi? intelligence will be received with Sleiiture by thou*ac<4s of friends in the Atlantic Elates Thu> immense bill?t mortality has prostrated, or in a great measure, injured the business of lh? large cities, and consequently has artected every Iccility. Trade generally has been dull. The luikets are well supplied, at prices very moderate. Llurag the approaching winter, a much larger or inter of miners will remain in the mountains thrtn ever before, aud, const-qlently, more gold will be t?kcn out than during any previous winter season. Heretofore ihe miner* have generally ought the populous cinea and town* for comfortable quartern, hat they have now their supplies with them, and will have the advantage of being on the gtouud early in the spring, beanies, in moat inatancea, pa> mg their exjienaej during the winter. Much attention is now being paid to quartz mining. The Mari|K>?a nones are >ie1ding a goo<l return for the labor performed, notwithstanding the machinery in operation is not of aa powerful a kind k M ia desirable for the proper crushing of the ; rock Within a ?hort time past, however, another <|uam vein ot exceeding richness has been discovered between the South Fork of the KeaIhei and the Viiba rivers. An away has been made if pieces ef (uari/ in which no gold was viaible to the naked eye, and the yield was equal to ihiriy-srveu and a half centa for eath pound of the rock Heretofore the mines have i nly been acritched over ; scientific mining bar jnst commenced When fully under way, and the requisite amount of capital actively employed, the rraulta will be even more wonderful and aatoniahing ihan haa been the golden stream of riches which we have already sent forward to the Atlantic States and the old world. An extra aesnon of the State Legislature is still nnder iMrmM, and not altogether improbable The necessities of tlie Slate demand it, and we ara n ho|>ea that it will be called by the Executive. The newa by the last mail froin the State*, that Hcmcia had been created, by Congn as, a port of entry for Califoruia, haa called forth much discus ion, aud no little axtoniahinent. Wc have only to ay, that we yet hope that L'ongreas will so far yield to the wiahea and opinion? of the peo/le of California, aa honestly expressed through their representatives, aa to nmke the Collection District bill in accordance therewith. An account of the Indian difficulties, further up the country, will be found in thia edition of our paper. Although at present aomewhat annoying, and having the effect to retard mining and business that particular locality, we do not regard the tatter aa particularly alarming ?r serious Several fcionuhea have taken place, with but the loss of two or three live* on either side. Against any well organized force, the ladiaas could not hold out a ? r f From lb* flaernmaat* Tribune Not 14.] The ch' lerH. u hi, li hi- for aome time paat ravaged beretly in our cuy, it gradually on the <lecreaae, and we hope, in our neit number, to be able to aay that it lia? totally disappeared. Thou- ' and* left the city beranee of thi* diaeaae, and knndrrda of active Minneaa men took abetter from it in the adjoining towns and country, leaving a blank in oar uauallv arrive streets and bnsinean bonne*, that waa really depl Table. The only professional and business men who have been actively engssed here for the la?t two or three week*, were < the physicians, the clergy, the undertakers, coffin inkers, and gravrdiggera Many of our worthiest citireas have fallen ui.der thin severe epidemic. It is leaving us, however, and business again begin* to engage the attention of our people. In a few dsvs, a stranger coining into the city, could not le!l, save by hearsay. th*t the cholera had been among us The nun era, wheo they liawen on a gool lend, do well; and if they don't, they can make sufficient for current ei|*naen, and many of them much . tors. Those who have cnlfivated the toil, or have taken ofl the s}<>ntaneoua products, auch aa hay nnd aMi, have, we believe, done better on an verare than any other el in of our citi/enn Thia branch of induatry will engage the attention of many ptraona next yrar, an?r we hnve no doubt but their labcra will be rewarded aa well, if not better, than moat others durirj the coming vear. The |>hrea of real eMttte in our city have falen . very n.uch durinj the ia?t two montha, for di?- ' frrent reaaona. Scarcity of money?many persona who owned propertv Wishing to xell and return to their homen? and the universal do ib! of the validity of land tit lea here, are among th? moat prominent The race for tie bni Ming ol new ritiea pamed away, and the people geaurally are a tend tag mof to legitimate Suameaa, than to rechleaa escalation. The attempt by fome of the f?nn Frane*?co Jwiniali to have an extra aeaaioa of the LefteWW called, will not, we think, aucceed, ao that i wt youns 8tat? will not he burdened by thia extra exptnae, which acme of her friend* would Mddle upoa her, In order to carry oat their own political enda The anti-e jiuittrr nota hare cea*ed, and are not Bhely to occur Again, and some of the a<iuattera re awaiting their trial for difleraat otieacea, ?hi.| to he committed a?ainat the State. Jrc. The rainy aeaaon haa aot yet made ita a(i**ar*n(r, but we are expecting, though not hoping, for it tL levee ia getting on well, and will, we think, be ready to do battle with the floorl* when they eoaK, ao that we hope to paaa the winter here Without having to puathrmightheatree?a ia boat*. Sacramento i* a city, and muat remata ao, ia apite f all her raiafartunc*. while there ia gaM in the Oaiiiaraia mountain*, and mea to delve for H. Tint 8qratti* Taut*.?By a note from our BeB'cia correspondent, we learn that the paper* had of reached the office of the aherifl aor of the clerk W the circuit court on Friday, with the eteeptioa of tboae referriaf to Or. Rohtaaon All the prtaanera h*w ?'M?ed. Oar rnrraapnadeal aaya (he trial* will iptebfy ermaieace aext Moaday or Taeaiajr. j TUEXILE RAMCK8 OF TU CH0LB1 It I 0. ciuntiu. The cholera, according to the news by the Cherokee, was spreading throughout California. We have taken considerable pains to compile u perfect a list of the deaths as our facilities by the C. would allow. Nearly all of our correHpondeuce is on board the Ohio, due here on Monday next. THK LIST OF DEATH*. 0. Han Praaeltco. NAMIS OP THOSE WHO HAVE KlEI> SINCE THE )_?8T PUBLICATION IN TfIK NEW YORK IIIKAI.D. Mot 3 ?K t?. Ila'havay. aged 37. from Union Co. Oblo, cholera; Etc hard Naglee. 40 Ireland, cholera ; Mrs, falloa. 20. brain fe*er ; Oapt. BmUh Blijab Hh?(. cholera ; Wa. Rawlaad : Jobn Carn ; Dtautl B Matt be wa 31; HaUey Gould. 24.L earistovn Kails. Me., dyaentery ; Albert Roger* (8. I.ewlntown Falls. Me., ebelera ; Kliia bird. 30. Knyland, typhua lever ; Margarei rajior. j;, monies. o<n rrttnoiaoo , truuui Bod'i?h 46. Gardiner, Me . cholera , an unknown mau d;.?4 to Pacitlo itmt, of cholera : Stephen Ludwlck '24 chronic ditrrbote; Win H . Archer. Mot. 8 ?James p. Floyd. 61, New JerMy, cholera; Norman llewiit 42. Kane Co . Ill . cholera. Mian Aird. 26 ItD(tland, cholera Isaac K. Jones. 2U Ctiaa. N. Y , cholera; Win. M Uottman, 36, Mew York, cholera; Martha liroad. 2S years, Somerset, Kng , dlarrh't-a; L>. Km. 16. Sonora. old age and general debility; Junes McKnight. Greenwich. Boolland, cholera, Jacob liarmann < - Fiance, cholera. an Infant child af Mr. Cornelius; Braeaibonte. a Meiioan. cholera. Not 4.-Benj T Pierea, 32, New Bedford. Ma?.. cholera; G?a Morse. J3 New Bedford Mui , dysentery; Joe. W Palmer. 30. Manillas. Me.; Chas 8. Poairay, 36, Btockbridge Mann , cholera; Cheimrd, cholera; Thou Hailj 26. KngUod. ebtdera; Thoi. KUnagan. 12. Newbury, Mass.; Charles I*. Garum, Philadelphia; .. Kroily Clayton. 12, < barles II Barnard, 44, New York, * cholera. Mr Ma?? it; lultnt child of Nicholas Itelauon. No?. 6 ?Peter Drown. 23. a Mexican cholera; Catharine Murray 32. cholera. Mrs Brown (wlf? of Charle* Brown) cholera; Win K. Kills, Mlddleborough. Mas*. Intermittent fever; Wm. Washington. 27, New York, cholera, Robert Weir, 42 New Jersey cholera; A. Ferguson 37, Illinois. erysipelas; Wm Morrison. 20, Kngland. dyrentery; John Lupfor, 26, New York diarrhea; two men. name unknown. Not. 6 - Win Klllott. 60, Philadelphia, cholera; an unknown man disease of heart; Jonah Kttoo. Canbridgeport. Mm., cholera; Mary Janes. 2S. New York; Paniuel Height 4" 8t. Catherines, cholera; David fayI lor. Alabama; bdwin Klit*. WaterTilla, Me; Charle* Mlats, 87. New York cholera; WmMow Baxter. 44. <Jblo. _ I dropsy; Jobu (iordon. 29. Pauauia; Mrs. Wulkeea ll< need. 2H. Mexico; hl,?>?t>ett? Meado'**, oT. (Charleston. Mass . dfsen'ery; Fnutliu Weill. 27. Iowa, Inflammation of bladder; John Brown. ,HU. New York oliolvra; Jamxa Kiuirou. 27 New York cholera, Henry Carlisle, 3D. New York cholera; Henry Vuh, 24. dt&rrliaa; Keelina WooJlord, 30, Matagorda. Texas, oltolera; Samuel Moors Beuisou, cholera, WillUm I, Lee, colored. 21 t*alem. Mass., cholera ; Conrad B*ld?snburgh 23. Germany, nervous lever; Kltxabeth Kallay, 17 Dion'hs. Xoi 7.? Charles Comaro. 40, France, dysentery; Peter Mil mess, 44 1'enn.. scurvy, J H. Haiamouti. 10, Mass . cholera; Joseph Scott. 36 NewOrleans, cholera; A G SylTefier. 3u. Charleston. 8. C., cho.era; George Btednan, 32. Cmn . cholera; John Williams, 68 Ohio, cholera; William Picckuey. 23, New York, cholera; Charles Bu.'by, 63. France, cholera, Thomas Bargant. "2 Ohio, cholera an Indian girl, con* a caption; Thug. A. Knos. Fredt-rv-keburg \ a ; an utiknowu man; William Charlton 45. Kngland. chrlera. Hear? WlnneU, i 20. Krnintnxbaui. Mt?, diarrhoea; Hri. Harris, 3.i, | (ilasgow. cholera: Matthew Smith, W. H. Hammond; Tbciuas Warren. 66, New York, diarrhea; Antonio, 62, llraail. cholera No* 8 - Jhdx8 Kildnrf. 23: Kll*<?b?th Cr?s?*lUe 8?; Port I'hillp, N S W .cholera; Mason Hunt cholera; William Hulley. 23, New York, cholera; Kdward Burtook, 21, Ireland, cholera: John A. Penman. 1 month, f. inflammation of bowel*; John Myers. 21. C*nton.Ohlo, cholera: lieoigi 0 Matvm, Ala . cholera. Win Robin?on, rhiladi lphin congestion of the lunf* Trigonlcg 2?. Louden. dropsy: William II. Currin. 40, Louisiana, cholera; J y Kobb. 36. dysentery No* V ? fliram fctotkhaui. 00 Illinois. dysentery; Wllllf Willjf t> I)BglM 1. dysentery; Richard Dart*. Mierouri InltamaatHin of bowels; J imi'i Bentnellick. Hofton. cboleia; Ralph Bell. Charleston. 8 0.. cholera; Thomas Koolnson. 57. Kngland cholera; 0. C. Anderson. 34. Missouri. cholera. Jarae* W. Kinsley. 3d, Mar*lacd dysentery; K N Reed 30. Maryland; Johnston Hughes. Auckland, dysentery; U. W. Deacon. 23, Philadelphia. t*phoid fever No*. 10 - William M Henshaw. 31, Providence, R. 1., cholera, (son of Bishop Henrhaw.) A (He*ens. 43. Cambrldgeport. Ma??.. cholera; hnoch 11. Dorman 3d. Msehlai. Me. ; Florence Newell, two years. Sandwich Islands dysentery: Andrew Bradbury.60. Maine, cholera O. C. Hender-on. 34. Mis*ou;i. cholera. James N. F' rlntey 36 Maryland dysentery; 8. Jewett. 64. Middlebury. Vt ; David T llovey, 26. Ka?t Machine. Ma., cholera: Joseph Xnber. Sw Switzerland. dropsy of chest; Mr Bellow* accidental death sailor, name unknown. Not. 11? Ilngh McLever. 40. Sootland. cholera; Michael I uon 00. Ireland, cholera: Joseph B. Williams. Newburyport. Mass .cholera; Christopher Nason. HI. Denmark. cholera; Williaas Willis 83. cholera, Hall A Kvan*. 18, lioaton. cholera. Kphraim Kempton, Jr . (0. New Bedford, cholera; Henry li. Carr. 38. Newbnryport Mass : Mr Muller. 87. < rmany, nervous fever, Wa fatal. 30 Boston, Mass. ch<4ara; Warren Fret-nan. (colored.) cholera; Uharlea Hall, 18 cholera Also, six person*, of whose names the sexton had made na record. No*. 13.?Adolphe I> laronvllle. 20. France, typhus 0 fexer; John Kennely. 32, Ireland, cholera. Josiah Morgan. Byraciiee. N. V.. cholera; Helen Tillman. 2 years. Kngland: L. Illnekly. 80. Main*. exploelon ot frsgninore. Kphraim II Stephens 48. Montrllle, Me., cholera: t barle? Ramsey: Jann T. Paul. 48. New Badtord. chronic diarrho ?. W Sterling. 27. oholera. Capt. Skaat*. formerly master of hark Alg< ma PhilaiMpbia; Charles Smeathman; A. Ashley 22. chronic diarr b<< ?; Oaadalupe Caraca. 22. Mexico, cbolcra. Patrick Kllnn, SO Ireland. cholera; RUwurd ttulgley, 20 Boston, cholera R Mitchell. 46. Naatuckat. oholera. Al?o. four death* from cholera, the Drnan of the deceaaid not aMmtalanl Not Franci* P. Rejaoldr, 24. Maine, cholara John I'OBBlaetn 34 Ireland; Peter Carno W. Hawtebu>*tta. cholera. Bernard Alrenu* 44. Belgtaa, Intemperance Andrew Abel, chroalc dlarrhira. Tbemax l>ari?. IS Scotland dlarrbx a; (laorga Smith. 40, Nara Scotia; Service Mill*. 10. Weedport, N. York, typhu* t?eer, l>r Cktrlw Barnaa. 36. Loulalaoa cholera, Aaguate Ueraiaul. 40. i'mot debility. I>anial W CengWon 17. Connecticut Panama feter. Antonio Oonialea Mexico pneumonia. Mot 14 ?The Hoard of Health report IS new oa*ea, aad 1 death* for the 94 hour* ending yaaierday boob. lamturnto CI I jr. tier or tiuiN* i* itniMinTO i itr, mo* tn> 26th o< ratta re rur 18th navEMeca- both ntn irclvdU. [From the Sacramento Trlbtiae. Not 1S.J For tba Information of the triead* of the d*oaaa*d. and other*, we re-pobliab in cw weekly aad xteamer paper of to-day. tba 1IK ot death* ncoorrlng In tbla city aince the 2uth of Oetohar laat The liat ha* burn carefully traaaeribad from the booka of tha earlou* undertaker* aad ia beliared fa be a* carrect a* clroumataare* would permit?few death* accurrlBg but what raja* under tnelr aotloa In aeery Instance eoffln* hare baea faraUhed by their friead* or the eity. aad the laat funeral rite* paid to the departed *tranger It will be a oonaolatlna to their ftk ad* to know that, w0 in a large Majority of caeaa. neat head and foot board* ark their laat reatiag place ? Oct 20 - J< ho Deidrlcb. t'hirago, UL. cholara. F Caadua Abbat co . lad . una>< ertalaed Aaioe P Pendleton B'eetetly. N. Y., diarrhiea Jacob Coatea uaaieertalaed Oeorga Aatlay. ladlaaa diarrhtea. llenry Brown, (colored) unaeoertalaed. (??t. tl ? IIor?re Harrienn. Neaark N J , T. ferar II H Train ebolera. Coarad Hage, (Uertaaa I aaaaeartaiaad ? Tringa cholara Wn? Pitmaa N J., cholara Joaepb K*e*a. Mia aa , Mo . T terer Kdward Bay. N. B , oholera Nathaa Waod. aholera. Oct K2 - ? I*aela Boatoa Mae* cholara M. Frater. ( ootehmaa) cholera B M Ktahaoad. yraeaae NY. cholara. Thoa Rdwarda. N.Y city cholera nlik I'niD HuflFel*. N V cholara ? k ally. (Iritbaam ?hol?ra Kdwardli F owU RmIoi ekvliri Alfred W Rnea. cholera Iabn Htaii<l?r?>n Me , rbolara Mm. I Birtfj Ohio tkoltri. Oapl *' V?w?n. I'UU ehtlrrt % Cbarlaa DtlMj rkoWra Ciyt. Onak. rioter*. )?t 2J - Drorft Irritfn. Mo . iknltrt T.\j My?r. Ie*a City. rfcolera morbua Jacok (Mm. Oklo. <larrk>i? N. A. l??k Obi" uiMMrUlnnt Da*l* k MH'ih. Wia . eboWra N' rdnoaii |i khark*lfor<I.M? diarrhea Aagu* MeKaailo. S V rlinlrri Patrick Ktagi IrMaad akolara H i?n?l Drake. M*lor rbolara. Unr; M nkoWra. Jtnra W <?iuab*U rk<>l??e )rt 14 fnurl Mil"od. f'eaa , *kn|rra the. W t rebb PI l.oui*. letUm kowela ,1m R?ld?>n N V ?hn|.T? John ? T W Pltaey Mm* MUIom fc*?r Mr. (Ilkury giMrtrttlitil J*M? Drake Mo . dtarrbwa Jo* (Kanaka) abolera < brt* Rlrhardaoa. Mo . diarrb-. a. Or*at i??4?r*d rknl?ra If alab Tan Umdt Mia* abolera .'am** M Coak. H I eb?l*re Jn**pb RIpl'V N J., ebolera. Oept W Rand Ma*a , une?*?rtalM<i fa ThoiaM kaflaad xholara O't Sk? Oearye W llatl?nb*<-k Wil . ebolara Ml?a I. fm?tttr Mala* cnnMimptloo ' aUkBartWtt Mtr*i*an ahol.ra * ' J.m? Khid.l.r Troy "bin uuMfrlalaad Pamn?l NkcbolM N T . uM???riala*4 .!*!??? W Caai*t. Ill tkoltra Charl** Wllllan* M? . ebolera 'aniM Clark. Iralaad tkatora llaary llard*? V'itla?4 *kr>Vare ln*?ph Wabb tkoWra. Dr t'i bh ?. ikolm A K taeka ft and d?e<l Threa nbar* <lt*?M?* vaamilalari Tknaa* Po|M. M# ,l???t Jama* flin'T* Oklo auM??ttalM4 katbanWI WII?-?*. <>r?foa km. ft Marab V*r??at ebat*?? II Lefvtra. rMkrt Nrlaon Carkat. Praa** abolafa Wm II. Tkoaaaoa Ireland eknlar* H Mm|.ff. Illlvaia. f???t Oil I?- Da?ld P'^r Okla. ekalara I'apt Oaja llllaol* ebolera Rar>amln Marc* WUrtula dlarrbi* Mr Hell**, rbolara Jaa** Waaaaek. Philadelphia dUrrh-a Raoeb Collet, fadlaaa 4*. J*la* Ward. Haw T*tl, l? Joba lMl?* NereneJebrWra k* /NN lajmt; keelaB. K t. ??A?tda 8m?rt djMnWrj II J. I. M'LaughlU,Bt Loui* . ehoWra. Pater H Inltk f?v?t. Jamaa W Camel cbolara. itkiO LedWv. IIUdoU aatiMtttlMtf. Dt T M P ffkitiotk. Uliui U tbokn, John Kotlli. UnmiDf, do. John Ctrl, N?w H?tu| ?htre, dy??ntery. > H enl j Indiana, do. W W Rohb. Ohio. (crofala. Jowph Byron. Kngl?>d. eholara. Ororg* School; do do. otf7?Beojamln f. Atmood, MaMachuMtta. eholara. H. T block, Ohio. Mr Northman Germany cholera, 1 w. a. aovauv, if iiouuaiu, uiMrmti, Bom of J. Maroy. do. cholara. l>eon ItoiMvik;, Poland dtMotfty Mr* Young UlHosrt. ilUrrluA John liaRarinan inland fholera. Mr Ptidrow, low*. dUrikitt. Randall Kairohild, Kentucky, dc. Jar p?r Wileox, Oregon tholera. P U Ptttmon, do. David l)rak?, Iowa, do. Joaeab Bbook. Ohio, do. 0?o Faucatt. Iraland, do. Martin Kore. lllinoia. do. Jobn La . .Ohio do. DUman Bulth. Ohio, dysentery and ferir. Martin Rom. Illinois. cholera. Mr Bant Wiiaomio. do. Jobn Maokay, Mac* . do. A Fortugurw. iljicntfrj. Jamti U Chlcheiter. New York, cholera. Jamni Uolme*. do. 4o. Cherle* f. Clark. Montreal. dy*?ntary. 8 A. Wherler, ohlo, cholera. Henry Packard, do. Edward Beach, do. B. P. Blnipeon. do. ?? Clark, (colored) do. et. 28- - Oneax W. Crcu, N. Y.. dyientery. JametT Hblp. Va . cholera. AdonUAdami liT.Ma.*.. cholera. Ureen. 36. Tens , bllliou* lerer Knooh llaler. New York, diarrbuea. k. L Uopkia*. Conn , djeuntery. Stranger, l'a .. dlarrhua. T. Walker. Ohio. leTer. ] Btephm ftiinon* Bo?ton, cholera. Oaorgf Tbotnp*on. (eolored) ill., oholara. John H. Holland it. I , cholera. Verdinaud Nlokoli, N .1 . cholera. Biuion Kennard. Texan, cholera. /(Dan Oige. lnu, cholera. .1. Alitor Mo., dyientery. J. W l)?welx, Indiana. dlarrhua. ct. 29?Win. (i ondriub. Mm . oholira. .?< hn U. .I< bni'>n Ala , cholera. Tboma* Knox Ala . cholera. Henry Anion. OdIo, cholera. l)r. Oeorwe W Noble, Atrmany, oholara. Mr* C Hart. N Y. city, few Mn Allen O Uriel), Ireland, ch< lera. W II <Jilman, 'la . cholera. E R Oakley. Ohio, cholera. Monroe nibble Ohio, dyientery. Wllion Bennett, Wit . fe*er ] Jobn O Bolton, Min cholera. .Ihoji m I'.rrtt oil Wl? . cb' lera Thoma* Mafiey. New Jer*ey. dlarrhua. lientge Carey. Main cholera Dniiti Burn*, Ml** . erjiiptla* wiiiud rrjor onio, ivrtr Stranger. P M. l.rab?m. N T. city, cholera Charier llealh. Coco , cholera J W kicbarda. Kj.. cholera. Peter K< ula? Uelgium. cholera Patteu, 111., cholera. Qeorge AUfn, 83, 8j dney f?Ter. John Wallace K upland, eholera. J. D Kelly. 21. New Albany dysentery. ? McKlroy. not aecertatued. dysentery. Mr Knr'a. not ascertained, diarrhua. 1 *. Miller. 24. dirtaee cf the lung*. ct.vO-Kilwud A. BtiM 1. 31, New Vork. cholera. Kaekel l.odine, IIS Delaware, cholera. Caunott Woodruff, 4ft. 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Millard carr. 23, Connecticut, cholera. Henry W Peck well. New York city, fever. Col. Wm P. PenUton 88. Mo., fever. John I-eggagi'. i2 New York elty, cholera. John Hardy 21, Lorain county, O., cholera Geo. D Butler. 31, Now York. <ot.11 Mr Phillip* 21, Ma>i Ferdinand I.elnmejes 21. Germany. Campbell Covey. 40. III., ceng (ever C. Johnson '.1. Mate , oong fever. J. W. Wilton. Crawford Co., III., chol. A. May. dlanb.a Daniel Clark, cholera. Geo. Marten*, ebolera. Wa. Mill*, cholera P P. Moybell, 36 Thomasvillc, ft*. Ilenry K Morse 7 mo . Cal. Jab* II fl?Jee. 2?. N Y. elty, ebetera. Jerome Dnrtee. N Y., 22, diarrhoea. Iot. 12 nenry Myere. 29, (.triune? cholera. Mary Ann Pamml* 19. Iowa, ebolera Che* K . Weed. 22 Iowa, cholera. Ebtn Webber. 20, Man , cholera. Crraa Robtaaon Wb Prior, .12, Ni-wi'oaaard Jy??at?ry W. A. Vlaoaat, BO, Yaa Uortg Co Ark ehol BUU ford St, Ohio Mtaa B Thoaaaa W. X? York elty. lov. 10 llaary Illoha. (tolotri) &0. Brooklyn TUut Cralfg l.oaUiill*. Ky Mr Obtiif, Ky. S iNlki Id konpltal laat 34 koura?I admlaalon* -14 Ikiti. DitrHa at tmi cAi.iroania HiariTaL ii i. rraairr. Io?. 6~ Franklin RoMnwa. It*. M Ik wan. okolrra. Jama* W llonarmaa. Vlrglala cholara. Jamaa Wrlah. 16 Nvwfoandlaad. ebolara. Jooaph Ualnrlrh. 24. If ? * OrUaaa, cholara John D. Bakar. 34 Mav cholera. KaaU I Taft. 40. Haw Uaajpiklr*; ekolara Edward T Boyd,? Naw Yarkj okolora. Tka Rarafta of the ( kaltra. We Iritn, through Bedford & Co.'a Expreaa, bat the exiatcnce of the cholera at Han Joae hu rented a great panic among the Mexican portion 1 the reaidrnta of the capital, and that they are raving that place ly hundred*. We do not learn hat the diaorder haa made ita appearance there. I though premonitory aymptoma have exiated, ami ke diaoriiera that genrrally precede cholera (Proa tho Paelfle Kawa, No?. 11 ] for th# taaaty leur hour* ending rratrrday noon, kara vara rtportad to tka Board of liaaith. twaatjit?? aaaaa of ekolara, aad alaaUaa dvatha Ihia aaabrr baa barn axraadad bat oaa day alnca Ita apaaraoea b?ra Tka Board of Htalth kava an harrnlaaa labor to parnm la rlaaaalag tka dtp: aad aalaaa tbatr agorta ra aacoadad by tka eittieM, gaaarally. thara la no tiling vbaaa or wkaa tk* aooarga Bay t. i Raatau tat aad kotol kaepara aad private raaldaata. ahoald I OBOO d? TOta tkrBi- ir?a to th? rlaaaalag of tkalr > praalaaa Thara l? aearcaly a iaat?uraat la tova ?a back yard of wkJck 4 ova act a OB La la tlltk aa?olaa( i bread aa afldaala Thara la ao ilaaa for dolay. Tka aennrga la aaklag arful raaagaa. lad aad k?pt allaa aa It It by tka kith Itkarlty. Th< Board of llaalth ha?a provided aoowa , : tba loot of Baeraauato aad PaelAo tract a. vhar* I filth aad aarbaia raa ba dnaaad. for eoavayaBor ta ?ep water. Llaf. oae of tha BNt ifftftMl die- . taotln* known ahonld be freely dtf tribute J nit Ui< pti aitx of ill Tbla k? Important If area 'by 4 Co km b (npplv of the article ta4 We prr 181# It ?BB be bid Bt ttklt place* , We kirn to wlah to ( reate bb alarm bat the break . I out aaew of tbe peatUrere t?B<?t? prompt and , lleieot action ifraNar; Bad Inpertaat. Raetaraaate ?*! . aad prlrata taalilee. who fall to eieaaau their ealaee. ahculd at o?ee ba com jlalned of ( hnlrra la Ikt IOiiw. (From lb* flacraa*ate Tlaea ] W* haw* tarn pereoat froa varies* portloaa of tba laaa. depeadeat apoa tbla city for auppllae. from icm wa laara that tba cholera aaa apread to but a ry Halted fiUat. A few raca* hat* occurred at ifBte ritj, Rough aad Ready and aoaa other towaa, it t? an considerable eiteat It aeeaa now altothat probabla tbat tba cbelern will aeon eatlrejy ire Call oraia [ Proa tba Saeraacato Traaaerlpt | Mr. B. li. Yoaaaaa. alty aadartaker. headed la hi* II. ;a>t*r<aj. to tba t'oaiaaa fn?i?tl. far aofla* fur?b?d to tbe dentitate |-oor. dnrlag tba parted froa pt. II to Oat ; !. Tbeae tnrnlahed. at M each, lonatad to ?.*?< Tbla eihlblta a M*ht(ol platare mortality for tba la? Bfatb Health In Ik* Miner. [I'roa tba raatlla New*. Mot 14 1 Alaeat nary day bring* to n* aoaaa Familiar fee* af Ma ad tbat wa bar* not aaaa before fot aaoatti*. or rbap* tor a yaar or aaora. <>nanftba?* *alntad a* eterday aora1a(. la tba paraon of D I. Weoda who tibeea the paat yaar la tba aoatbara mine* aad oatly ob tba Tooiaane. Mr W parted wltb n* at ipa paa l.aea*. May IVtb. IMS. flaaa which wa bad >t bafore aaaa bla tmUlap fhee lie appaarad tba ala ra of blooaitna baalth aad wa bara beea ?nrpn*a<l reaarkthe iaaa la the aaaa ol meat of oar triead* to have IMM4 a* from the alaee I n feet. fVoa all araea af laloraattoa. wa are laallaed to betlara, that r the aaat year the health of thoee la the alaee ha* e? tally aa gcod aa that ofaay la t'allforata Aad ah wa baMae* II will eoattaaa to ha. That the naBtala air ahoald prodnoa alakaaea, If thoee who a la tba aaaataln* pat took of whelaaoae food wa aot laiaflna Rat alaa the aalrltloa of 'be alok laer la deflelaat Very little foltable protWow for ikaeaa 'il?t? la the alaee. aad whan oaae takea III, t little aid aaa be afforded hi a d< Kr Wood, latorae aa. that, la eoaeeneeeae af tbla. A raral af thoee who ware aaar bla. aa the Taolamaa la paat m*ib? haaa died Ha bad hlaiaelf Beat*ted parfnralB? the laat *ad offieaa far alght who hate m mmh la Mi *Mm*7 n?tltk ml ItecktM. I From tb? fteili Newt. N*? 14.] Ii U with much pleaeur* we u? e bab led t* iiioum that. for Ik* paat tkree d?y?, no euti of ehotora k><? appeared is on city. The dlaraee mad* 1U appMruei on th? outeklrte of th* town among the M*xi*an packer* who lire In ?xpoeed ?ltuaUoiu, with oat ?brlter and upon dlot not in all eaeee of the aoet btalth; character On Sunday last. eeveral died with the diieate; but Mnee then it ha* gradually disappeared until at pre* nt we know ot no oaeee la our alty. Thl* 1* another evidence of the healthy location of Stockton No care whatever baa been takes to protect the city iftalnrt the approach of thl* dread oonta dead the oflal from *laught*red auimals, ko.. and the ekuDtl in the ?ery btwt of the city la ntd< a receptacle for all the (pollad provisions thrown from our stores and restaaraots These should in th* oomdod aoarae of oaus*{ and effect, engender disease, bat our atmosphere la fortunately ao par* that *? foal gasrs aannot sufficiently infuct it to keep the peetilrnea among a* A number of the cltliens of Sacramento hare fled here tor safety from tha ravages of the dkroaaa in their town and we rejoice that we hare ao healthy a haven to welcome them to. They are aate in fi took ton or any portion of our talubrloaa district. Health of Santa Clara Valley. We learn that the state ot health In the Bant* Clara Volley, ao far a* concern* the American popalatioa. has never been] better than at this time, notwithstanding the great mortality among the Spanish and Indians whose habits of life render them peculiarly liable to attacks of cholera. The death* In Saa Joe* for the twenty-four hoars ending Saturday noon, were tan ? and tha total number since the breaking out ot the cholera is estimated at nearly two huudred?Including Santa (Mara and Alvlso. fully that number. The disease however, Is abating?tbe northerly wind* and heavy|fro*t? no donbt exerting a beneflolsl Influence n checking the fpread *f cholera. Vhe Vote of California. Below we give the vote in th* several counties in the Sta'e. at the recent election as far as heard as we flod it in the Sairmmtnto Trannrtpt: ? fan Diego 160 KI Dorado 2 MO Monterey 376 Marin. . , 101 Pants Clara MO Sonoma 150 San Francisco 3 450 Napa 123 fan Joaquin....... 1 160 Solano 2oo Tuolumne 1.7C0 Yolo lu* Sacramento 8 000 Butte . WHj Sutter 1 390 Sha?ta 1W Yuba 4 163 Colusl 20 We have no doubt that the agirT?giite TOte polle<l by the State did not tall short of 23.000 Thsnk^'lvlng In California. I'ROCUAMATtON. 7Tir Gotrmor of Ike State e/ California to all to trk.un 'km pieirnlt way mm, gritting . In ecmpliauce with the long established and appropriate custom of our father*, as well an in act-ordau:* with bis own feelings, the undersigned. Governor of tha State ot California hereby recommends that Saturday. tie 3tth day ot Noreab?r. one thousand eijfht hundred and ttfoy. be set apart and observed by the people of California- as a day ot solemn thanksgiving to tne supreme Kuier or tne universe. ror me unnumbered blessing* bestowed bj Uim upon our young eitate and people; and especially lor our aJmUslon into the happy family of gtate* ' Giv*B uuilrr my band, at the Pueblo da 8an .lone the fonrth day of November, in the yrar of our Lord, one thousand eight hnn Jred and fifty, and of th? Independence of the United States, the seventy fifth peter a bursitt. Mining Information. THK VUH MINI.*. [From the Pacific New*. Not 14.1 We have recently spoken Of the mining interest* of this region, and almost every day in bringiug to ban 1 more information of interna respecting tar in It will be readily remembered by many of our reader*, what throng* of people Went to thin river from February to May last. A laige part of them located themselves on thu Yuba and it" tributaries or on the neighboring atrtam* of Feather and Uear river*. A very larg? amount of geld ban be n taken out by this anltitule of n-iners. although the average per nan will not ezeet d wage* at f 8 or $10 per day. Yet this. It Is pro*uined. if a larger *uin than ha* been areragel by aoat ot those at work in tba placers of the different streams of the gold-bearing district. We were ranch giatifled. the other day, In meeting oar old friend and <???;>.'gn<m du ivyagt over Mexico, Mr Randolph Peter*, of Philadelphia. Mr P. arrived at Koae'i Bar to whieh hi* operation* were mostly confined, in Juno, ISttf. II* waa accompanied by a few follower*, who engaged with him In the sever*' labor of mining for several month*. By the aid of what wa* thu* a~qair<?d. Mr. p. set him** if up in bnsines* a* a merchant on thu Bar. in November laot. In whieh he continued till he left It for home a week or two aince By careful management and close attention to the *t?te of the market*, a* well a* by keeping a very rhoioe lot cl good*, such a* are moat desirable for those in tbo mine*. Mr. p. had by the end of March laat, ooUeoted.togethsr finite a snug fortune. With the opening of the season bu*in<t*s Increased, and a large number engaged In damming the Yuba at the npper end of the liar In order to direct the en tire stream from It* channel for wore than half a mile Mr. P'? builnrM became linm<nae. and In the end bl? I>iwm proved heavy alio. l'be buaiaeaa of th? Dm Company *u badly mtn>|?d The atockbolder* >|uar relied. Idled nway their time Id ffambliag, lad ?torytelllag, or in drinking liquor*. and 1ocean to the amount of nearly $30,000 fall upon tlie butinee* of bl( ho*fr, a* a romraurnr<> Tim river proved rich In part', bat the Inactivity of oi>t of tho*e engaged la Mrtlll It. proved the rula of all concerard. Al naoal. blama i* impaUd to different Individual* aad more than all to the river, which 4tMTTM It luit The river ia ricb. and la parti vary rich, bat the exceealve dlfflculty of dammlag it. and the lapt eeibillty ct dclai thl* with a iarga, on wieldy rv; aay ol in n a arly blaited tha proapecI* af all connr-tei with it. Mr Pttm left for homa la tha Aatelnpo, yeeterday Wo >ara from Mr Patera. that a large popalatioa ill wlatei la the mine* oa tha \ uba. aad that tha pro*pacta there for anuthar year are by no aetu 41acouiaglag m KfJtM ATM Mt> KV f From tha Plaeer Tim**.] We have haaa *howa by a (aaUainaa In thia eity acme baautiful neclraeaarf cearae fold, takaa from a tributary of Klamath rirar, by a company sow at work tbara. Tha (old which * namlned waaa mixture of Iarga and mail particle* ranging from thirty or forty dollar* to tha piece dowa to a fraetloa of a ? !. A portion of the gold haa bean aent to tha city fhr rami ttaaoa to tha fllate? Tha eompaay of which wo apeak, la located upon leott river, oa* of tha trlbn'arle* of the Klamath one *erentv-fve mile* aorth of Bhaata City and about foar mile* from Klamath rirar. aad lakaowa aa tha Boott Rifrt Mlalng Company Tha aaa ara moatly from Mlaeouri and Illinola Tha captain, lame* Pavie la from Mieaoari aad tha traaanrer 0. K. Onodwla, la iron llllaola. Tho company. after com plating their dam, and going Into tha had of tha traam. took oat. the tret day. 11.431; tho aM*al day, 2 100. the third day, ?T7I; aad the foarth day. 1704; with twelve ata. After thl* the eompaay wore obliged to operallca* aad eaiploy more aea The water aame la *e faet that it waa Impnae1bl<\ to hail It oatuatll repair* weromade Thealaetaaa per*oaa. apoa the.r flrat day work, took out *8 BOO aad the Nctd day >1 *00 f n nineteen day*, each pereoa had made M,V)n. aad thia too, from a piece of grouad aot taeaty flie fret In diameter Aaoag the gold taken oat by thl* eompaay there tu ><b> >uap or ?? *? eaoii??r ?3><> ii ib't ?t".o anotker >137 lid nolktr of $74 Oa* ?<ab>r of the Mm cob pair. will* wot lilof *loa*. took eat one lamp weighing |4W ud iiolbar |N1 W? are tat* raed that the hnd water* of th? kit Ik it* tk? rirkrlt In gold of My portion of the >tr??m Oa* Ur. our lifTiiil **r* with wkl?k ho l? acquainted. all! pay tr> eigkt to twvaty delltr* to the m*Ti for at lra*t an rntln immi. lot In huadi?d p*r?<o?, MORI (! ART/. I I ron th* lto?ktoa Journal ) W* rerelred km beautiful nf*rlia?ai froai Thar aii tela a l?* day* ?Iim. Tbl? rich depoett I* Bear Bars* oa the Marlpoaa ro?d leading lha Stock loa and l? a ?pur branching oat rr?a th* groat Khar rein of the Sierra Nevada ridge The rook prevented lie by Mr T ! e^ual la rlokaee* to aay ?* her* y*t i*e? Aftkaltar* In < allfornla. A * ntlem.n la Saata Oral darlag tko preeent ?*a*ra realized tke aloe little iuai of tl MO fro* el? i?rei of laad p'antetf with potato* aloae What kink thoe* who har* doubted onr agricultural rw ourree, whllt each faot* (tare them la tko face Vala* ' Real Ra*afc In Raa rraatlw* (Fro* tte AI tat'alitor n la. Mo* 10) Thecal* of Mr t.llleeple property yesterday ky leadlg. It alawrlcht tie w?< well atteadod, aad the tlddlag animated The*ek*dule Included aoae very ralaak e properly *ad ? thlak th< pa-?h???M hare ecured bargala* <tar eltljea* partlealerly th* m-r haate. appear to har* a prefereaee for water lot*, aad or thl* deeorlptloa of real eatate there I* an laereu ng drtnind The foUovlaf *xhlblt* tke r**ait of yee rdat ?ale : la ?.|?ate hounded ky Clay. Washington Dapoat ind Porimaath juare Lot Ha. 1, VIS feet front oa old Wa*hln*to? atnet. >y TTS feet deep ptirahaeed by J^eeab ft Hnwaan*at 14.400. l,ot Ho 2. 87'. f?et front oa old Wuhlut/m ?i~?t >y 7TH M d??p. to?atbar with *nnd Irani* dwelling loan*, paifhi'tl by Orrg^j \ *|r at M HOC. l-ot Mo 8 3ft fa?t frrat . a waahlngton atr-at, byT7)4 , at daap- piiohtiH by Hriiquarla at 41M>i lit Si 4. *> taft on W??htOften atraat by 40 faat 1 laap-tnr'Maad by P. W. Lalf at 41.400. No ! eorjvr of WavblHutoa nadDnp'tit A fa?t 10 larhaa trout on Washington *tiaat by 40 f??t [aap - nnrrband by W. C. A ball at fZUftO. Lot So. II faat fr-nt on Dupoat by M If at 10 laah daap- fnr-hwd by Mora*boat tt >1 nftO. , l ot V# 7. Il'i M hi Dnpaathyftl M 10 liokai p -rnrcbaaad by J. P. tluaklay at ?l.040 . Two lata, frottiag ra?b u< l??t oi Jarkaon atraat by 0 f??t In d'ptb, w?ta aold to Mr. J P Raaklay. Ma at 1 100 an d t ha ofhar at ?1 V*. Tha lot i nan tfCllr 4ra?t i*4 Proa pa at Plana. M * >at oa ( lay ?tr?at by ft* faat 4?aa. with a dwalllag cnaa nil to Mr J W l>aay at (I M Tha lot aora*r of Clay i?4 Dapoat ataaata HktM at with I two utory hotiaa parab***J by It a hart 1 ttHll. at >4,*?. * Tba ?dj?i?ing lot 10 faat an Clay Hraat by 40 faat la . >ptb. told to Mr. Tbo^paoa at ?PM " A lot fraatlag ST faat a? Pika atraat by 44 faat la . rtb with a atabla 10 faat by S3 faat aold to W 0 * Wll.atM.tM. Tk* awaiting bmiaa of Mr Hlllaapla, naa of tba baat * at*bad ht.aaaa la California. with tba land. Tt f?at ?a aaea atraat. by 114 f?at on Vllbart ttrawt. wwa wM la _ T Paadara, at 414 0W " Car California Cumipwidcnt*. L.? Anuki/js, Oct. 23, 1880. Condition of Thing* t? S-mh California? CntUt-Grn/ft??? Wmt Ummtry?fUal EtUte?Tnxit ? Want of Mailt?Mining?Affairt on the Col(rr*do,4rc , jc , +r The firat rflTect of h?- gold excitement was to materially injure thia portiou ?>f the State. It drew oft nearly all the l.borug cla* ea, eo that it w*? with difficulty the r*i>ciirroa could keep then atock together, for w?ut of men to attend to it. Agricultural o|>eratioua of almost every kind they were compiled to mfpend?few of them evea raiding sufficient vegeuhie* for the consumt'tion of their own families A curious proof of the anomalous state of thing* existing in this quarter is seen in the fact, that here, in naturally one the richest agricultural section* in t*e United States, potatoes are twenty ceut* a pouna, and to be hail only occasionally at that. Tur ^nce of goods, too, with up, has advunced nioriiiii^iriy hy the gold fever. Freights from Sun Fraucisco have been on the average f40 per iod.jiisi double what they are Iron* New York to JSau Pmntucu Rents, too, have advanced trom the mure*-* of puliation, and the impossibility ot rinp oymg hand* except atmoit extravagant rale* The only countervailing advantage we have deriveo fr?in the existence of the goldmines, i* in >hr euhaucd value of our great: staple?canle. There ar? no# worth about three times what ihey were two year* ago, and double what ihey were sold f.?r I let s~?<son. The demand, for them, too, u very ^rt at. Large droves are cobtinually beius driven on, ?ud yet the demand continues on the'WM- Tne prices even now muat be con*ide-rahle reat-nuable, when compared with everything nw Hulnchs of the largest ttzu can be had lor $20 and uond milch cows foi about the Bailie amount. Sheeep are worth $6aad fSn bend Next to he rr??ii? cattle, the raising of grapes ami the manufacture of wiue is the most important I uoiuei-s in tin* quarter I here is no doubt that ibis is one of the he?t wine-produciuK countries id the world 1 be here are ot ihe >e?t quality, cud are e?n y rawed. Larac* quantities of thern are sent to ?ud ri ucieco, where they fetch six or t iglit thiUnus <* pound? here ihey are to tie ha 1 lor about as rent*. The minufacture of wine i? now m mil operation. The price is from 110 to (20 for h h*n? I 11 eighteen gallons. The Wllie UtUally made lie re ie*?-mDl?* claret; but VUIV IO-" {(III till ^ .?? ?r^ |'UM? will" I I I'm whxh wine is |>r? ?u< e<?, mi l most of tne virietl^j will n on found lirre,?* m o her wine growing di.-inc s The bud times at the north are sending largo numb* rs of people dowu litre to s-ttle. Almost eveiy week a ve.->el arriv. a hi f?an Pedro with pas fcengere As a coi. sequence, esta'e is rising lttpioly Tber<-is Kieui inquiry for small f-trms op whirh to locate; Mini ike old r.ineheros, ia whose li ndb iotnostt f the good 11 a i ia the couutry, are beginning to ?eiI out Many of them, di*>utfefied with Aniericau rule, *rr going luto Lower California an 1 other pi ft* of Mexico. It' be ut in ti?rt that there is great cause for complain', on the pnitnt the inhabitants. ngainsr thrir rulers. The ux?-a are enormously high, and1 but little good ii^i^arpto be received for them. (?ur judicial *y ?'e in i? vt ry complicated and expensive, ai d hy no means *? summary as was thai, under the old Mexican rule. There are a good many troops ui the country, yet tleyareso stationtd that ihiy do little good Last week, over two hundred horsrsweie <liiven oH", through the Cehoone Pass, into 'he deeert beyond, by a few Indians. They belonged t.i Pio Pico and John Forster, wlio reside *i the mission St. Ju<in Capisticno. The latter kruiieriiMii lost, Imt sprag,about two hundred aiumnlx, m Inch, with the present loss, makes it a very scuour iiutioevg. In the list ot our grievance*, Set rtre not lorget to mention that we are yet without a mail or u post office. What is the cauae oi this neglect 1 cannot sxy, but it does appear to me mo*t outr p>-ons It this community w?r? situated anywhere caat ot the ltoclty Mountains, it wouid i oi be >uit?hed withcen.unly lea* than a weekly mail; hut hete we nr? utterly with out mail facilities of auy kind. ThediilJ Utrald 1 have not reieivtd for over three months; nor hive 1 had a letter from try family during that tune, simply because there is i o medium by whicti lean receive letters or p*|>ers. The government has, 1 believe, an e?pecial agent at San Francisco, to attend to the muli in this State; but why ho dors not cast u glance nt this quarter, ia more than I en imagine The District Court, Judge Wetherby presiding, has been iu sestuin for the past two weeks. A1 though so long in ?esHOB, b it little bua aeas hui been transuded The lawyers complain of the gient dilliculty in gt-mag witonM lo cowt, ud of various other sour -es ut delay. From the new mine, oo the road to the Salt Lake, called the AtiiagoiM we continue to hear good re| oru A p*ny arrived from the north, last wrek, with rnt chiaery to woik it, and tliereare several partiea bow ua the move to make furtbrr discoveries. Our lateat new* from the Colorado ia unfavorable. General Morehead, who was sent out by Governor Hurnett, arrived there about ai\ weeka since, with about one hundred men, an?t the rery first night of hia arrival got into a difficulty with the Indiana, and shot about a dozen of them, lie h?? ainoe had oimi or two other engagements. Thia expedition of ' :<meral Morehead ia a v< ry a?d siiair; but I coul.l not give you a fair account of it, without devoting a long letter to th*t purpose. The aute of thin*:* now, on the Colorado, I conaider more alarming than at any previoua nine. Morehetd is withouprovision?, and, probably, before Ihia time, has beec compelled to inreat. The ferry coiui-aav. which haa been there all the aeaa*n, will be forced to follow him, aa the> are not atrong enough, in the exasperated condition of the Indiana, lo maintain themselves at their poet. The rvsnlt will be, thai that when any party of emigrants arrive at thr river they will probably all be slaughtered. Hap pily, the spring emigration from the Htates ie nearly over, and it i? pre'nhle that it may all havn resched the river before Morehead leave* it. Tha United States troop* are still talking about goine out there to establish a post; bot when they win get there, Henven only knows. Adieu, T. V. Interacting Law Can. DinTait-r curat. Baforo JnUaa t'arcons. c<f??i I' T?*n*i?ii.t uttiNin n. Jomi V?* fr? r, Ji<iti II. fiiN Ann omrn mmut, hot. 4,1u0 i Tfcl? tu aa aatloa brought hyCaraallaa Vi*4trM;t tUa ol* bra tad atrambnat oaatr aad a^lltaaalra. of Nw York. w4 othara iftliil lb* d?ftl4nU. he si laaad ilolMIn of wtkUi ( timaMt. Tha plalatiffa tlliff that la tk? nth af Mmh 1*49. tha partlaa aau-rad lata an a*r*aaMal rfaUat In form to tha Baa; aaaoalatteaa Mat lr?a Ik* miMi tUUi lar tb? parpoaa of anrlrhlac lb* faw wha raaaalD at k?aa. at tha aiavaaa of tha aiaay wha ara aawt to thlaroaatrj to awdura all tha toll aad pr Wallow of a llh of 4ao|?r aad as|?*ar*. Tha rapltal ataah wa# ??l OW. la ahara* of % I Ouw aarh Tha property aoa IKH I Depart r4 tha ataaiaar Haaraoeatr ' aa4 tha iihoatar JaaaaL Pa* ' (t wa* alao aikf?d tha. durlag tha rayaga tha drtaadaut Yaa Pali, tof*thar with Naah aad Ratfgav. traatad tha Khar mfBb?ri ol tha aaaoolatloa la actual aad lywlul Miur. la roaaaquanra at whlah a* ratal of tha mam hara war* aoaipaUad ta ahaadoa tha MWiltlht. Thai tha dataadaala r?nladaratad aad roaMad tagathar frandal'atlr to aall tha piopirty aad dafraad tha plaintiff* of thatr lataraat That thay aold tha pta party at haa Fraaeiarn. aad that rich porehaaa* tha taaiaar at a aaai far halow IU raal valaa. Tha* aaf that Van fait nor rtah had arar a?< aoaiad lav tha ia*a Tha plaiatlfft tbavafnra mM that tha aalaha darraad fraudulent aad that tha ?af?ndaata ha 4a raad to aceoaat. a* traataaa. ta tha alalatifl*, h? th* r*:ua af tlia pr^p.rtj aad all thatr aaralaca whlla la thla aawatry aftar tha dlaaolaMan af ikatv a?atattoa. allaglac that aa tha aaaa?dattaa.hy Ititaraa w<mM ?M tiptr. until araia tl*a la 1UI. thay oaffht to ba arm pal lad ta trfimat lar all thalr prtrata aara lac* aftar mfh dlraclatloa- Haaafaa alata>?d vara oaar I 100,004 It appaarad la ttllraM aa tha rart of tha plalattlN. that aftar tha arrlaal of tha aaaoaiatloa la thlaaoaaUy ih.y prae-adad aad pat ap tha *taaai>r. whlah ?aa rar m tha ftutraaaata. la roaaaatloa with tha Jaaaaa I. Day. aa tha haya. That tha d*l*a4aat Plah, wa* ap crlatad thaaaaat of tba taaoalatlon at Ku 1 hot art* rnoaing tho >|r>mi oat aad *fh<>?nar ft?r tlm? th? m?Bih?r* at lh* a** clatloa hold a aootlac tnd rt*nlr?d anaaltn u*ly to dlaoolro That property i.f tha ???or stc a *?* | at up for Ml* at nxtina tod lb* |t(rotd< of th? m)'. togothor altk tha oom Ib(> nf tha ao?oclatloa. aatcuatlaa to WW MO000 Il*i4< 4 aranai It* aiarabor* K?r? tad tti<-ao In tho #ity >f N?? York Tb* platailfl* rloiat'd that tka dafao Itlt Fltk li tk* firtkw* ol tl? H*t ootlaf oa tha i('?t of tha oelaMoa, pnrcha*od tha uaa a* a irnat** for their and *m lloMo to aaooaat w itioh Tha jlalatlff* abandoned tholr alWattna rharf dc a fraadaiaat oonaptra?r and aoJ*. and rial sad that , ?a* a tr.nd a Jaw ? Mliat I >ah aad \ an P*lt <> > karonot If aad raa'.d thalr oao* Tha dalradaa'* Piah aad Van Polt. tka* ?oto4 for t Doarnlt. oa tho errand* - ; 1*1 Tli?t r! ai at I tf had not nflrliiM; prorad th?iMIoWa of intnntil, and tha appointment < f trao*o*. M T> at Plah arUd "Imply a* agaat oi Vaa Polt >?d aot a* a n,* tabor of th* a*aooiat|na. and aat-1 ?ad'f V?? f?|t ? ardor*, aad thorotoro *m aat hoaaJ oaorcnnt to r I "lot i IT* Sd That Tib Prlt *a< ant h?*ad to ooaoaat, laa? uch a* plaintiff* hod arorrad that Naab would sot rmlt aamnnta to h* h< pt <th That tha aoauaot. h/lta Una*, wa? l?pooalWa ft ha parforaiad Mh T>at th* a*aoal*?|on ??* l*4*Ur .?U.r|?ad *"l roooad* proparly dlatrlHatad af rr? aWy la roaolatloa ?' h That th?ro vara aaaia* la tho artlotoa act Aat*4 i tho eoaplatat Tth That thoro vora oraaaroa of aaaaa la tha art! > * aot tpUlnod Tha r< art ordorod that tho waplalat ho diNalwi i to tho dofeadont Pl*h aad tho plalatlft* aoaaa*a?d i to Mradaat Vaa Polt J r J?ooa aad J K Piatt *>r plolat.lfP* IToad. rtuiaao aod Oooh ofthko altp, aad Mr Iflaaw. od Miaaiata City for dofoadaata

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