Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1850 Page 1
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r / TH WHOLE NO. 6039. HIWS IV TELBOHArH. Another Urol Union Demonstration. MKrri.NO IK NKW HiVKM. New Ilitic.f, Dcc. 24. 1950. A meeting ol the Mtlit oi tk? Union *w held this veaing. and wu largely attended by mem of *11 partie*, many of them comprising our oldest and most respectable citlsen*. The Hon. Denni* Kimberly pieaided. The Hon. R. J Iivgkrsoi. presented the resolutions, which abounded with patriotism anl a determination to >pfcold the law*. They are ae follow* : ? Keaolved. That we cherish a oordlal, habitual, anl Ik movable attachment to the Union and the constitution. which the fa'lwrs of this republlo framed for ii; that we rega d this Union and It* eouetitation a* a beacon lights, erected by the wtseit and purest of patriat*. under the guldaace of Provid<noe, to save iron wrack the ark of our lib?rtie* and Independence. Hesolvtd, That we regard the unity of government, wjiiuu cuunibUK't vow ptopi9 ui U19 I QUdJ 911(08 0B6 Sople a* the miilo pillar m the edlflee ofaur real Inpeadencu. the eupport of our tranquility at home, ot oat paaca abroad. of our safety, ot our proeperity. aid o( tki very liberty which ? highly prUe; th?:lt la the duty of every good citisen to watch for Its preservation with jeelous aoii<ty. disoountenituoln? irhatevtr nay ev guest even a suspicion that It can. in My event, be abandoned. and indignantly frowning upon the flrit da?niag of every attempt to a]iena'? any pert ion of our eountry front the reet. or to enfeeble the sacrtd ties which now link together tn? various parts Kes< Ived That the oenstltution of the United State*, In all tta part* and all ite compaota. Is the supreme law of the land, whit^ crery citizen and every State is bouadto regard, nil to which theeleotor* oi Connecticut are awcrn to be true and faithful; that the requireneat* contained in it. that per eons held to ??rv!e? or labor is one State, under the law* thereof, escaping lata a net her btate. ehall be delivered upon claim oi the party to whom such s?rvlce or labor may be due 'la of aot le?a binding force than the other parte of that acred instrument and that the reeent act ot Contree* retarding tugitives hariug been passed parauaat te tt is pr>.vision ol the constitution itself should be truly and faithfully eu-tained by every friend of 'that glorious I'nien, under which it has pieced Providence to favor us with unexumpled prosperity. 1U solved That we will abide by, and support all, the mensurea ot ptare und compromise, as adopted at the left tees)on of Uoagrena si well as the acta for the settlement ot the boundaries ot Texas, and for the territdHal nwoi eiiM..?.ea ??* ? av . ee auTv.amvmivl UIBU aDIl CTWW .(XCXl'O 14Tl J ID6 act for the abolition ef the darn trad* to the District ot Columbia. *? well an that which enforce* the o >mtitntional duty of rurr?ad>rini< fugitive alave*, and that whiah admit* tbe (Hate ot California into thl* Union, with a constitution deluding tha in*tltutlon of glaretj; a ad In Tiew cf the aitfer?nt tie* with which tbo*e ?ea*urea were tut rounded, the treat length of time which thl* diicunelon and eiaiuination occupied befar* Cengrre* and tbe country, the danger* uj and threatening agitation ot the pnblio mini which preceded tbeir enactment* and tbe patriotio. untiriag ?cd unpnrnlrWed es?rtion.? of tbe eminent atateimen Of both political partlee who labored, in aeaaon and oat ot Maeon. for an aini??bla aojuatment. we feel it to brf cr duty to adheie to tbe re?ult a* an amicable m'ttladent.and in principal andeubtance a final *ettlem*nt. Of tbe daDgeroun n nd ri ltli.g subject* with whicb the country bad b> en disturbed and wa deprecate thereopening ol thequeetioaa connected with tbem. or their further agitation m i>n*i e unpatriotic, and fraught with imminent pa HI t.. the pea?e. prosperity, and Union of aur common country Hatolvad, That we knew of no "higher law," a*a rula for political action.'.baa toe constitution of the Unltad Stale*; and we bare no sympathy or fellowship with man who instigate or enconrage a forcible real* tar oe to tbe constituted authority* of the oountry. bald *ucb m. n to be mi?cbieeou< member* of the community, and juntly de*er*lng tha seeerest pannltiaa which the law* have provided for their offenoae; and that tho?e who o.aiin to be too oonscientiout to jleld their obsdimee to tha law* of the land, thouli T?moTf lhmiolT** to rom? othar countryiwhoaa <nntitutiona they yTrter ani not avail th?ra<elTea ot the bcnatll* oi the Union wtilit th?y repudiate its obligation*. Revolted That w- are utterly oppo**d to all forel,tn isterformo* wttft our political and elrtl Institution*; *?d ?h?0 torelgu e?e?ta ur ruiwirlai come among tie teaching ur preaching treason to the government, they ere not entitled to tlie hoapltalitiee of the country which they abu?# or tha reapeot or oonntenance ?i * U* abiding people l'lam Waihlngtoki U'*?hin>.tom, Dae. 34, 1830. We ltarti tfcat the secretary or the Treaaury. and other gentian ea in.eieated la tha matter, bar* met ot tba room * of Mn.ry I lay. tbU morning, for the purp ae of cc nit trice 1<k* l her on theaabject of tbo tariff The Sicanirr Be* Bird Injured, dec. Btuui, Dec. 23, I860. *Tbe ft rem* r 0?|>rer. i< ur day* from Bermada, arrived at Halifax y??tr:day, 8ba report* that tha , tMiirr Eat Bird from New York for California, va* tawed Into Hamilton Bermuda, on tha 10th iuat., with | belt wha?I crauk* <o badly broken that they caaaot t>e r a) aired. Kirt in I tira. Uric*. Deo 21. 1860 'Hatly mi If onlay n??roleg a fire broke aat la a Cram* building niluated in the rear of tha Hon. Joseph Benedict'* realrtenc-i on Hotel rtreet, In Utlea. whloh onaian'd that building, with eerarel oa 8? n*ca atreet. Tha Iam la about t>T 0W?, but a amall portion ot which U oorarad by Insurance. Cabinet Ibangu In Canada. T?a?*Te, Dae 24, HJO t*a <;bi?r romaiHatocar or ruoho worn iu ra itinrd bit offlca ?n4 ??; In tha cablaat It I* rumored (hit the Connie).acr of Cruao LmxU will aoaa ollow. Conit of Otneral SrMlonaa Ottcritk* JWcvidtt u4 AI<1. franklin ind OoaUli. rtlALOT OIO. W St ?* AND NATHANIIl. W. kf>M*TS FUR OBTAIN!** 7-.<**> HT FAI.SB PIUCTX1CIES. Dr< Til# 0???? ihl< morning. d#cldal agaln't th? ai<*l'n ma:* bj th? 'lafrrxj#. that 'tha Canrt ch?r<# ih# Jnry .a* b iaat;*r of 1?*. that th?ra ta not aufflciai.t to put tha ?muM o? th#lr datfanea." Th (: rdrr ??4 that tha Court did aot ft el that It wauld b. |< . n?r to t*<(? Ih- earn from tliajurj; ?k# irfnco wrr?. tb*rt'iuro. dlraeted to product tfctlr UHIbm; Th#eoun??l forth'a*eu ?d b#r# pro?a?d*d to opto tbc rax** formally t lh?j jnfjr. altar wkioh U?ay wrut iBtO th# fAIBlB*'! : of *i't.#aa#a Jobu Doj I* a? orn f- r <K-taae*. -I rarM* In th# pity; ?n an attiriwy at lav. J ha>? bwa In tt? olllc? of Iti W. Nil** (''f fin# j rata; I aiu aoa tktrt, pa*? j tally on my i?n ottnt" and partly a* a eltrfc for ? ?a W Nil??; I #11 l.i l b? bank oflf#, la 1M?. my nth larlty waa lb?* of a l?rk, 1 ttudtad In tbatofl<n; In b# rprltg *>f rt*t y ?r tl.u inmit?? of tb# ofllna wtra ;;??? w Ml*-* ^ in !f and a hoy I'niit artaa or l?<Ri?rn ya?ri if ?<#. *'? W Nll#i la a ?w\#r, ka had '.i* o Uu'iuan* an-l att#aii?d to <)# W >'ll??? kiisln-a at time* < n ar about tha 1Kb of Jaaa 0?? W U? l?f^ ? > Ma wat'dinf tour; h# ri tomad oti or a>'?at tt i Tth of 'illy; Mr. Win W Nll?a ar ab#rnt Irn ' di.rltig tb# who!" of Mr. 0#-? W HI.f? P an J I h . 'i U lliitu ?'.! '? /, UK r?.fnra-d I '-ih-r. h? *? alok alth chalrr*. 1 M?t * ?i?B I?>l Kll?n W tM?ai* d'irlBj t hat iiin?, I b if? ii *. r ti h-r tit in* thla trial; I raa?r>t (It th? j ??V ' lata ?t wbirh f aa a har la tha offl la, ||? I thin* ft ? *? arte* t?? W tbrea ||?)| ?tt?r Mr NUnI?U tllr tltr h' rlqHlt' I f'.r M r NUmi; t **M hat ahlch Mr Nl.-a ?t ' <! t? wa, m thm twooftham Mi Mia ff Ml>< n?u> >m up on datir. aba rati ?h? <ar>'r1 Mr Wm Nil*# at Mr i'apat bad raaoamaadad klca ta har: I e?a t ranaamhar that aba bad a cat 1 id bar hoii, I t?ld bar that ba w*? deft ml out if th? rl'y. >>ut that I aipc?tad bt?lft a 'lay tr t? <h? "aid ah.- want*] tr. aaa htm r ght a??j , alia *?nt fo??rd- tha .lo>>r and ttira earn- ' * tnJ I >i 1 in- *.1 aooui har budnat# #a that I might ?Jt Mr Nil** of |t; aba aara ma har addraa* Mid > Mil Mi a tarn no a I rav h*t at "iM? uro >ma airavt; aha ffav* raa * nat i arlUaa u? Ha tr a* ni bm , r ira o( I 'In'*#. and ra*ld?Bo?, na bar vlHt tha oflw ? *'*fd tf Mr Nllaa h? 1 r?' utaad y?t; I 4mi t kn"? ?h-lh>r -h? ?'k?t for * Mla? ir for Mr .MUr, I aac 'rtalm- l nhaa aha hint r*ma to tha ?fiti ? that aha rama to I nk for Win W n llaa and t ?l?a??t>fV . r fri >d that ?h? a h??! aha callad Onnm af?ar'?*n M Nllaa ratnrn ha aaa in tbr front rfflca; ?ba aakad for Mr Nllaa and I Id h?r ba had not y?t emu., bfk. aha h?l aa?Ti Wat. W. Wtlr* ?<?<* tn ?ha rmantln.-, Wm Rlla? |?ft tha city In May, atak and atayad at hl? nrla'i lr Nan HafB. Mr tiao MI Nil** latt on lb- Utb ot J ana; Mr M ai Nlla* ratornad ona day nad r?m iln-1 in i<r?f klya and rama o*ar to tha ntyfor about an h a Mia ba aaa tbara Mra W tlllama "am* and ha bad a aonraiMtion with h?r; I did not h?ar thair eonaaraatwn. I do ant raaollaat aaar Introducing h-r to Oao. W NMa?_f <an't kaow nhan Mao. W Nllaa Brat an* ?! ?; Mao W Nilrimaft ha?? ?'n h?r. f *r <ln( to Ik* baat ? f Biy baital. bo/or* Win W Mil** nut Ixtrk. 1 *! to mlta * ii't? to Win W Nil** ibt'Ul hut ta?t n?N ?nii I did ?? ?ba t<ild mo that ?ha had an ac ^Minuueo ?Hh ??h?la?a? and that ?ha *a? with ?bil?i bjr bin tbat h? poor and did ?ot know what >hf ?houl<l do to upporr h?rnrlf and tha child; rtr* a*k?d ! ? ?Nat *h" nli'iul-1 do; I ?aid g.> to tha < arpornHw Attrruar ami ho wtil roapal him to ?up port tba akild ' ?ba aakrd if fha ao?ld do ?o, (oolag that ?ta had ? bu*aan4.#h? aatd (ha bad motbar atd iu'lmi l a?d ?h? f?ara<l iham, ah* aal.l tha pi H?m*r Mri<* M<> aakad m? ho* Mnah ah* r. ?H n:ti> Ma )?), Ijtmla to Mr. Wm W Nilaa, h? that tlaa In N*V Kara*, i i???r rrmmnaioatol with tt? Hll?lir>kr*ir> to tbll matter I did ant a (ltt | U> hac ikti Mr MUm had f E NE MO] tui ued to thecity; I wrote to turn In relation to a iota I bad written Win W. Nile*. Cross i- aamined ? I bav?i b**B In Mr Nliss's oflse tarty lu year*; I *u employed by Oeo W Nil**, and received compensation lrom him; Wm. W Niles cuina to the city on the 30th of June; the had a oonvercation with him at that time; ha eame hatk In September and the business had baen attended to (Paper shown to witness?the complaint against Havens ) That U la my handwriting; I did not serve tha pa|er; I know Wm K Smith; I kaowa female known ai Mrs. Smith; when Mr*. William* came to the oflloo she asked for Mr. Wm. W. NIlea, and said Mr. Caput had sent her; Caput was a client of Wm W. Nile*; he whs aot, to my knowledge, a eilent of Geo. W Ni'es (Copy cf compliant served on Ilavans shown to witn?*s ) I made this copy; I put the original from which I made Ibis copy on Mr Oeo W. NUes'sdesk. or gave it to him; I cannot aerouat for Oeo. W. Niles having charge of this salt. In any other way than that she had ?mployed Wm. W. Niles. and when ha did not cotne she emplojed Qeo. W Niles. Vtrner Jarbue swora.?I am fourteen years old; I lite at 168 Madison street; I lire with my father and mother; I am employed by Uonld. Pents & Uoin, I went into tfceir (mploy in November; I receive four dollars per week; I oolieat and pay out money; I hamdinMMlM one thousand dollars, aad tometimes two thousand dollars per day, 1 left Nlles's oflse on the 9th of November; I lett because I got better wages; I was with him three years; I used to run of errands and serve papers; I was generally in the middle otflne; I know Kllen Williams, I have seen her here while this trial bas l>i?en soin> I -*? ? >? - ? | Nile*'* office; I think I first ?* her there in June, 184D, Mr Geo W Mien Mas absent wh?n (he cima ! in; I believe Wm. W. Nile* w abaent; Mr. Doyle , vac in the c fflce when the ctm? In; I wa* la the middle office; Doyle was is the office whl ih front* on Johu ?treet; ?ke Mid lometklng. but I did not bear what It wm; she remained there about 16 uilnutet; -he came in two or three day* afterward*, I Win. W. Nile* ,n? ihere; he had returned the day , before; he lemained In town three or four day*. I be! he Ma* tick, and n >t able to attead to bualne**; the woman epoke to Mr. Doyle flr*t; her conversation I think wai< a .<lre?h?-d to Wu. W Nilea; ?he talked with Mr Nile* 16 or 3U minute*, I *aw her there afterward*; it was tn? or two wa<k* alter; I saw her glva Mr Doyle a card; the card had writing on it; I be li*?? the eaid there * the card of where Mr llavka* keep??-wfceu Mr. Nile* eonri in glva it to him Doyle aaiil he would; I *aw her there about a week fti-roaid?; Geo. W Nile* bad returned 1 believe, Wm. W Kile* had not. I believe; *ha raw Mr (i#orj? W Nile*; when the came in. *he a*ke.l if Mr Nile* h i1 returned; Mr. Doyle *aid Geo W. Nile* had returned, aud vu in the front office; Mr*. William* went into the front (Aire, and I believe Doyle went with h<<rj D >}le *ald tt?i? I* Kllen William*, who want* to coinmenoea*ult; I bad paper* in my hand in a tultof Sullivan against Haven*, one wai a paper that Mr*. William* twore to, and one waa a paper that John ?ulliv*n nwore to; when I cot the paper iworn to by John Sullivan Mr Nile* called me into the front office; John Sullivan wa* there; he had been there about li minute*: Mr. Nile* sent rae down to ?s?if,M.r. liogart wa* la; he wa* not in. and Mr. Nile* told ma then to go and hunt eome at her eumml.taioner; he gave me the paperj and ,John Sullivan went with me, we went to Wm Aueten. a commisilouer, at 75 Naoau treet; I told Mr Aurten here wa* a man who wanted to ewear to an affidavit; 1 think Sullivan (igned tha paper at Mr Au*tm?*. but 1 am not mr?; I had navar xi-rn i u? oiso uciorc; i Knew It was Mr Sullivan by th? affidavit; he wis * man about five fuet six la ohm high; he was dressed la blank panta.ooni, black ojat. aid a black or brown overooat; hi* hair km bUck, I believe he had black wbi?k*rs; liia complexion was dark; he wan Mender, and of g?nt?el appearanca; he did not ?p?ak like an Irishman: I raw Kllon William*, I think the next day; I think *h* swore to an alBdarit the next titie (he wan there after Sullivan awora to hit affidavit ; (paper produce !) that look* like the paper; it wa* a general release, and wa* folded like this; I went down for Mr Bugart; alia swot* to tha affidavit there. Cro??exsmlned.?I lav Sullivan there the latter part of July; he came In alone; Wm W Nile* la now ?t 241 Broadway; I have no recollection of using Sullivan again after that. The evidence will be concluded on Tuesday. I'm- 24 ?Thi* rasa was continued to day. and th? t??'tmony finished. The flrit witness railed wa* .dr. Klcbard*. who tbe counsel tor tha defenee pat upon tha Ktaod tor the purpoae of cross examination He said ? I ba?a tran Kllan Williams: I first saw her at the statu ii house, in Twenty eighth str??t. before Juitloe Mouiitfort. soma time iaat rummer; I had navar aean her batora; I may bava beard of her hefora; I did not know where ahe ll fed; I think it wa* about tha 29th of June that I first aaw her; I think I raw her on tha day on whieh she first eama to tha station house; I had i>? communication ?ith har till that time; I bad nam rent any mesaaget to her; I t .-.ployed no tndl* villus'* to search for her; f think I had s"m? conrersatli n with her; thera wire q?ita a namiier ot persona |>reeent; dale wsa prasent; I think Proper wa* pr??ai.t; I boa t thlak effloer Weeks waa prevent; doii t know whether Justice Moontjort was there; I we* thrre three or four hour* during the day; think I was there the next day; witneas stated. In broad term*, that he had bsaa verv act'va in thl? cult, b'cause he wri anxiooa to bring Nile* to jnstlra; the authorities, he raid comnenctd tha procaadiag*. and ha had ..... I.I. -n. V-- ? - 1 toM him ibat he had fot J'ii.iw out of Haven*. J' tn input ?*oi? ? I raalda at 197 Canal atraet. In April Way. anil Junu 1?49. 1 t?i: led in tlaininonj atreat; I know Klleu William"*; knew her to March. IMS I raw hrr at Mr? Cowan'* la <'aoal I treat; I bad ?ema (inv???t on with bar about doing dob* paint Ing; I bad K'nin conversation with her la May,at 499 Proem* ?treat Kn relation to tome law bunlnem. and I rrcoiMi)<>rd?d her to Wm Watnnn Nile*. mj own ! ? y?r. I rut bar my o?n card, with his name written on the t>a?k; Nllaa'a oOiea ou^'b* corner of Uroad?i; tud Ji hn rtrttl: I nt her afterward* whan *h* raid the bad bean there; ahe aai.l that Wm Wat*on Ntl?r waa tfcrn In the country. I did not tell har that W 1.1 Walton Nile* waa not good lor any thing; I had r< p?aifd convaraatlrn* with hrr utter aarilf Onaa-ataiatnad -I did not know anything of flao. W Mlm, I nav?r had area blm bat hi#; I never fol InmtiiMr Havana lie an- from Kilen William*'*; I never followed toy gentleman fr'na that houe*. at night or In ibi day tlma (Card ahown. on which waa written Mr Havana) That la not my writinx: (waa not arretted fr.r atealinc jewelry '.roui Kllen William*; f wai accuted one* of ateallag jawelry front Mr*. Cornell. lo < ?I itlaMi I ha to alao been aeouaed of nnlawfally naiag paint hrnabaa belonging to aaotber man Wit una auhaequently teetlfWd that ba complained of tha Cornell* for mallclotia prt-eerution; that ha never t?ld Kil? ii Will lama of Mr llarma < a lJr?*? Mm W Nile* aworn?I am a lawyer; my oflicaiaat kc mrti?rf'l Uriadway and Murray atrial; la 1819. I mytfllcewaa at tba cornar of Broadway an J John ; atreet. earn* rooma with H?o W Nllae; I waa alck In th>- inarm; want lato iba country an I came lot ' tba city hut on<<#; tbat waa tha Sub of Jnne; I want to n j ?Olre. and tbara nw KUan William* who eonaba appaara 1 to ba preKneat, I thlrik aha ni'Ctloced It and I think ah- mrntloaad tba nam* of Mr llaien* e< nnected wllh har pregnancy, aba aaid ?ta wanted aoma kind of protection or aupport; *aid aha waa ab< ut to ba cnnQned. a;.d waa without mcuay. I and aaki d ma what catiraa waa ta b- puraued, 1 t>d h r > We could go la the Aim* lloa** an i ba provided lot I din't recollect any an*wer that ah* made; aha wi at away, aa I thought with tha uadaratandlog that I w.a to vtend to the budaea* when I caina ba >; I ktww John Caput ba at tbat time a oliaat <>l Itr; I never raw Cilan William* from tuat day to thta. Cw? rxasinid - 8ha *?< lBtro4u??J to a* ? Mr*.. 1 t 'uppn'i d fh" >m lnn? wouito. and prathat >h?h*d h> *n iwlur'l I <l< n t know whatbar l ha g??? ni? ai>j end, I Ion t rrc< Urct idat ?b? old. I>*??d Vandart.ork balaa nwnrn, taattOad that ba ??? ?t ?rl f >1 to tkr polWf in Julj 1MK; In AtlguH. ?tatirn?d at tha Kaa?l Markal Potln* Station tha wit* 'a -1tbat ha u* th? part.?? ibrr- whi-h bin btfora baas kl.udad to. did not ra? Kiian WUuaou dr'.nk aijlMvi la*ac i f i k%f*lr ?a? c*I1*d n?tt. but u th? tartimony l>i 11'? rf to b? drawn trc m L.tu >i< irrelevant. tha 0 ? t rui?d It nut. Wa!t?r W?akr a pnlira ofllrar. * < al?e ca'.lal ha a!'1 h>' ? ? Kllan W liliam* take a (la* of r.mattiing to rrlnk; WltL??* want to tha houia tl KlUo William*, at l.?r n?n fatjtroot. and brought to bar f 10. Ji l.B l.alor Olark nt tha fwlra t,ogrt at K??*i Marfcaf f ollca ffl a wa? al?n -all'-d to prora that K.Ian It a drm.k li jO' r at tha tiro# of th< >-iaii.loatioo, | but tha >'outt would mot kilo* an/ tuira lattiiaooj on thl? point I'ri dir.rk A Ooa wia railed t ehnw on th< part of Krhait*. that ba (Robert* an4 NIi-? Hal at on* tiaa. a f.*r*wi*l mutator and tbfe*. witnea* did notkooa ! tbat ai ? I attar feeling eil?ti noar I/Uintoo Mr Adam b?in< aworn, It wa* prop. ?al to | h' w tbat R> berta bad arti d a* rouurel lur tiaia, bat it I ?a* tint allowed by the lonrt. 1ba?* ware all tha witn**aee for tha daf?BC*, who an?a?r?-'t to thair natnaa when oallal Tha wltn?)t Pojia ? ? now recalled and '(uaatloned by tha riftjnaal lor pm?a*nt|on n< to th* entry af t ha \ tltt* Of twit*. Hi the rrf(?t?r k?pt in Mr Sltla#' nfllro, j In IMS lla *tai*d that, ?<>i?etline? Mf. Wm 1tl??<m?le ih? anftl??, and -> > ! itn?r they w?ra road* bj tha wllneea Tha r> il(t< r wai her* pn dorad, but no entry et iild b? fotind la It of tha ?ult ot Pallleau < Havana Hltnr? r< uld no' a -ount for thl? ault uot bain< antart din tha regtofar Fliar W jlUa?a?r?rall?d ? I did not know Mr llar?ni i flr?? ?atn? ?!.?? I Brat want to Mr |Nilaa'? k!W i aixit J Ia*tip?n r " rn ornpi-y ir mfo n? ?lo win Mitt *?? b1? Uwyrr bnt h' m? to rmplof <lf*v Rflta iCmd hn?a vllfk Itntl* itm tlttm i*rt | to Mm1 ; I mwthi?e?>d bafor*, T n???r t**a tut curd to l>oyl? '?h?? f w?nt to tilt f1*(? t', Wg Ml?a ?ald n?t btaf to re? about alia* boni* or toor ban** : hi"?t1<?n. Mia* ?*> mnr* n**4 tt <h?l Ind of hu*lD*?? than b* ??? Rob*r?? tild in* at hl? iffrf that WMtba nrnimt that It ila**n* p? I ; I do not r?rn|l?rt tbnt I art# took kit etlh In Mr. P1|r*'? r tfl - 1 n?t?r *trn?<f b?tt on* t i>?? If'art J iMafotir I ka*j a tfc?rnom?trto*l r# I rntd In thin elty , t h? tbarni'>ni?t*t on th* '*ittb of July ia?t ?t*o4 at ft d?jt In tba "had* at tlir*a o'elnnk In tb? nf??rro?n that mmt ba?? b??n a ??ry w*rm <ar TH mMhiiw km br light to pror? III* of tbattat?m'nt m?d? hy Jab->*,tbat Hnlllvan on that * ] "f" blnck frock aoat tt l ?n M?ron*t '* Tba ftHwi-f Mi| no* cotnpl'trd, tb? court ad )on?i??d till Tbati J?j aomln* ?M tb* r?a? will l>a |"urmw up m*r* T? <l-?thi It lutn, 4nrl?< th? WMfc I4?| tkl JIM IM. W Yfl iJN INii EDITION?WEDN J IMPORTANT MILK CAM r. TBK coir ?s. THE fKtirOl, c*?rt or lamiuMi Picas. Be lore Juuga Umlf KDWAKO UAIiaUMAli VS l>AN 1. 1> HOWt l.i Du 21- The examination of L>r Uarduier tinued ; he depoeed to th? quality and iugr?di?";? o milk in iu purity, which ??r? ahcaee. auga ? it, butter, pbaapbatea aud chloridea , putt murlrm -xauiiBtiJoi ?u mad* (n aorna o?i that illml io tbti -t-i> at which Br UrUcomb and witue** aUeudel ; .11 witnaaa than described <h? appearance al to-- 00* i v> k ?ueb a* be had stated ou the preeiou* day tin haviuK a bloated appearance. but poeaaaaiiitf irrry lit' fat; thalnnga. teeth. Java aud teet ?>r? di-. % the disease* of children 1 hare spoken of. ?rri- c?u; I hare do doubt, by drinking the mil* (ru n kind ol oova Dr Head deposed that he la 4 cht mi't. au<J a.i?l7n ' specimen* ot milk at the request ot Dr Uarduer , in nutritious parta ol milk are augar cbnrre. Du' > ?i; . a portion ol earth) and ?la?llne salts , the e*r h> ai-> ter it nutritious, aa it asautu id formiu* th l> 1 childrrii ; 1 analysed Ave sample* ; iu KG" ,,?r - <> c< untry milk Boo parta art* water 66 parte b jtler I part* caMng or ckrmj mat ter ft:< p?rt? ?u*?r ni >1, u So-ICO j bofcphate ol lime. 70 100 pboaphate u uig.i.ala V-lbO phosphate ot Iron '1 p.u in cliorla ?1'pit'a?h uOOOO ehioildn ot tedium, 60 I0U soda In ooaiuum< t Hon 11 ith the ohiiiii-; tbrte turm tha Ingie,ii-u,.- ?* far at I hare been abl? to aacertaiu "f pur* coiiqtry milk; of the twill milk, in tour tpeultneti* ?i tb- bu'. tar. waa 16 part* ot 1000 iu one tpaolmeu 14 la Mn.lln 13 io another autt 10 In another ; th-re ?a< a itri(*r quantity of the cheri-) matter in th? 1 aiil'.-i v mi<K than In tha country milk and |e?e augar oua ?? tin specimen* thowing 44 parts ot IQOO *uoth?r 41 aud the other two 41 ana 40 ; tha lour *peolmau- ot - >111 milk showed 869 parta ot loOO * at?r, lb- otUer 1 hr e. 870 888 and 81/8 MM paita. The wltnara on cron-aiaminatlon. said tn? ' h? analysis did not (bow anything delete i-m in iw.ll milk; it contain* all the auba'ancai. proportion*, whic h ware in the countr> uiiit, uw twill milk it more Indigestible than tb< purr rouatry milk. A witness wai railed t* prore that the od jr fri>m the htablea waa moat oUmr-iv* Witnesses ware called by the plaintiff to pro** tha the cowa were fed < n meal aa well aa swill *ui tual tha milk from cowa ted at the dlstll'ery atab * ?ai good and pure; and butohera. named J B Smith a >1 Gallagher, depcred that they went in the habit ?r baying cattl* there, and that the meat waa healthy aul tat. The followiug rebutting testimony *u taken tbia morning cu bebalt ot deteiidant: Mai tiii KUn?g*n examined- Supplies milk; has tried the di*tlllt-ry ??r|ll milk lor three jeara paat, h*? tried llider'a milk tor ? your prnit State ?fcat 1? the dilKrane* between tb? *wlll and purr mi k' Wltneat?The pure milk produce* half a* uiu ti mora > >.11 r aa the twiil milk >ud tb* butter from ihi ^lura milk it noilh four or fix o elite a pouud uur? ihau lbs butter product d iroo the 1*111;I i h<ek that ?a? (Hart of pure milk ia worth two q.iarta ot tba awlll ml ft Crote-examined-Keep* cow* hmaelf; haa l??o<yone; teeda th> ra on grain and meal and hay, u- alao utaa twill, loat tome cattla lately, lott a oov? a abort time ago; tb* waa in Iked shortly before ?ba die>l, ab? died luddanly; wit?ie?a buy* milk froin Kiler, be put* bait water ia it, and tellt it lor pur* milk 11 Do you put wafer Id the twill milk ' A.?Certainly i d> (A laugb ) Before I began to purebaee from Kld?r X never got Ms canta a quart for my milk; I never got mora than three and a ball tor it. I mix Kider'a milk with mine, and then put in tba water, 1 generally put in toe U> tbree; we never put any other coubuntabl** la it- rbalk flour, or anything elae To a Juror?1 do oot take tbe ereax off before I aell It Loci* Pet teller examined la a confectioner for hi teen yeare;wat In Mr. Uoward'f employment aa cnnteo tioner tor iwmly three montut about nine year* mji; 1 la acquainted with the uaea to wbiob milk ia applied In hotel?, it acquainted with tbe jualuy ami value of milk; baa u?m1 awill and pur* milk b 'tb: think* tbat (will milk la worth aonat onethird let* than tba pure milk that it, when tb* pure it worth tbree etnta the twill la oal> worth one. w!lnw? ii Swim j hid father kept i large dairy and manufactured cheefa ; witaea* got hi? experl-uue there ; witneaa lately tried aa experiment ; ho git on* jiihrt of pure milk, to which he added two qaartn of water, and uaad it for cou'ectionary purpnaei , he tl)en got three ijuarta of xwiil milk. to which be put nil water and applied the latter to the Kama purp >ar and he found that the confectionary made troai i tie .juart of pure milk waj much better than that made f.uui the three quart* ul awlll milk. Croaa-Mam lead - The threa iiuarta ot alop milk ?P"n which I exp?rim?nt> <1 ?? li'.nulit t'iuiyei.?li liebment by a milk man , I don't know bla i in< ; he |oei about aerting milk , he did not teli me tbat it waj alop milk , I gat "y para wUk Irom >rang? ruuoty ; 1 got 'be alop milk mm* for fun thai any fhlug elae , it did not appear to ma tbere ?u any eater in it ; I do not know whoaupplled Mr Howad wun milk when I waa with him ; he generally had good Milk, but fomatimea ha uaed flop aillk Hrorga Martin reaalled lla< bwn a confectioner for fourteen yearn ; ia Uoward* ounleotloner at pre aetit ; haa bad experience in milk ; witaeea tbinka the dlflereuca between tha value o! nure milk and that aerved by Lauftiuiau I* one-third; I think tha pare miik would lie worth three oat* wh<*n the ?|op mux would iiot ba worth ntt cent ; wo otten had toeaud out tor milk, aa wt could not uaa Lau^hoiau ? iu .lt it waa ia bed. Cro?a examined ?I niada aeveral <om?lain'.e a'Kiut tha badneM ot the milk 1 mare all tha aomplaintii 10 tha ateward . 1 never maJe aay complaint to If r or Mr? Howard , ha waa tha proper p?re?n to make tha ccmplamt to ; the ateward uaed aomeumei t-> laugh at me, and ray that it waa ay tault that tha pudding* wera ao had, and not the fault of tha inhk Mr. Howard onoe threatened to discharge me Jamea Heed examined ? la employed in the (rami Ilcvae, recollect* wh'U l.aughtuaii auppile* the milk there. Met pialutlH at the irviag lluu-e, he ?<k?i eiu ueaa lor Mr. Darrah. the ateward lie iheu aeld lie aupp< fed Mr Howard wa* going to leave oil taking mlik from him. and that it waa too bad that be iboulJ, after ha (plain iff) had got In an additional i-uxk; but auppoard that wLia Mr Howard waa up at hie atabiea he raw aooie feed before the cowa wateh he did not like Ue naid that, Id ton?-i|Uenne of the Kra*< running ahott at tha time. It wae impo*rib|e lor Una to glee the milk aa good ae he prwaiieed. bat he woull he able to glfe It in a abort time Haa not talked with aay oi.e about what he baa told herw to-day. asoept with Mr Howard nwuneel, fee talked to him about it In iba nuraa'a room aad (old bim wliai Laufkiuaa had Mid to witnaa* llara de^urui r??u4 KiKtn rtcailad ?>u bahail of |Uiaiiir ? Wi'naaa got milk mmUmU| irout plaiutiff. hi du tliMM Mihu It and ftM bu (rU rutin 1 auout in lit* ntlnhWhocd K??p.? cuwt hlma?lf and auuld auijr difiiaguith tha B>lk ba bu>? Irout that ol bU < wu coat liaanolo huudradl ot quart* af craaui rala-d ttou MUti muk Milk a( 00a* fed on bay la rinh-T and purrr than that ?.l aowa lad on awill, iwnl auk. ah?i? mit*d I" ol eouraa datarlorata I Malcolm Mc'lr?icor iwura en babail of plaintiff. - | Tak>? plaimitl a milk. Ui- | * 1 7 1 11 .eom^arlfoa altb tounlry tnlik MtU dapmd uu tua I .f tbf country milk, baeauaa tbar* am til laraat kiada of eouilii milk lor aiampla. if oouatr; eo?i bapp* u to rat wild onion* i.r laak* which uapp-a to grow amoa?rt tka gr???. I would not ua? it allb0U4 h It would ba mil pura o> uotry -ailk Tbara ara aouia cow* that jl?a no liar milk than otbara. I don t ibluk tikatl ! nab dilrraaca >?t?m tka milk 1 ft. fr .iu and tha country ml k Crota ?k*mii>ad ? I am a dmtlllar and a far m i, I thlak I ?? uio pn ior tha milk pioduaad from ? *? f?a In iba enuBlry. u|?<a tiai'" lir aad clorar. to milk pro uutt-d from ioaa tad oa *wlli. It would dapa id a < > >d Utal. bow?*?r. oa bow tba uillk w?*haujlad wnrtbar rWaalt Of otbarwiaa; I took uiilk Iron Lmuli uta ba ranra I tbounhi bla oowa waia kapt claau aad lb- milk cUarlj handled. > iupatrick * tamlnad for plaiBtlff -llai taken milk fn ui him lor thiea year*. ha* al way a fouu 1 It *aU?lactory , tb?ra la a tiap?t ol county milk anl ih r r to u*. wa hata gi?i a tbla i*uk? pr< l?reU'>a, wa Lata lonad it aery "B?i*:al?>ry, 1 e< aaultrd with mr w|l? about It during tba rbolera aad >ha prafarrad It 1 o?ir children liata alaaya Iwaa bvaliby, ? twok awlll milk Itoai sb* Lb* r maa lar lour jear* batora w? ?ommenceo iak.Bg fr?m liand hlair, rianiln< d tor plaiatiff ?I# a dl* tiller. >iw plaintiff * milk tetrral tluiaa, m?t bliu aavaral tim?* in Wooater *irett whan ba aa? (eralng Mr Howard. li- ?i< i>|.? d Willi"-* in tU? atrial and tu iwad b m tb> mill ii ii??- *?!.,in i i. *ml i un?ijMi*a It putf, itiirnililik) It *< aiirik lujr erata a quart, ?UBf I. I Ml I'll *r u- I.'- I It. ? l> ?i * i by |un Ik li that hu b I* takm frotn th? ?o? an I atra n"l lalo tba Kill' ?nhiur any lu lt-uro. atid wlihmit r?fi>r?aca to what lb* now In ted on. Mania Laiigbnaii raoalltd and rxamluad for plaintiff - I hi* Hit***, la t?P7 to a 'juration M In lha ijuaiitIt) i>l i r?aui to be pi.>duo?d b? a gitra (|iiaallty i>l Bilk Himvtrvo thai It mi u J <! p??J ? ? d u??l ?u bo* rlona tb?y afclaiiii>-d tl x milk, and mcpl; I" ? aaMlM <'ii tla i ioaa r laaaiaatlon, h* ?aii ib?i hit > h? utidaritond by put*- mil* *?? milk *birh ?as tik>D fro? tbaeow and not adulteratad ?ltb *itri or any: olh?r ubfiani? 1 hn Imilai |if ou both ai l-a a* h.rr cIom'I and tMMMl IMHMd ny *':. r whlak. Jtid(i> Daly charted tlia Jury ii?-*ily at tollotra ? HI* floaor (aid tfcl< >u an arttnn to raaaaar f >r a oanaia i^aanllty of milk daliforail by pUlutitf to daHadaattn tk* jaar 1NV. for which ha "kaima up*a.<l< of tMM Tao i bind* aald he ara aJmltttd on ttila tnai-l?r?t. that ttia milk *m* tmMtrd and (bat drf. i.daai a??..a to pay tor Itat the rata of i?jro- i'.? a >l?att bat tt I* d*at*d I bat It waa of tha juality Mlju | late.. for Uafendaat r"al?ou? ihat the aaiikto ba tii??1?b?d *aa to fad upoa *ra?a bay aad grain aa I it la naa???<l in It l? tna< tin* ml* turai i>. rd <U not ot that rh?rai?r hit a l??orf |>tl?e ot ntlib rr< m rn?? ?. pi lata* T>?tb ????# at a mitftH hvii til tb?<(T?i.or rratltii nl lbi> i lMII |?ry Th? dr?l qiiwHiw tli-rat <*< la, aa* thara a ?<? t?aa? Mailt If .hart. aa- dt'olnM l? aattilad ta trduflt rr< m tha Mim clatM?d. th* diilar?a b?l?. an lb* ??lu? ?f ih? nil* d?ll*?r?d and tha'. ot lb- artlala Thar* vara tao *lla??a?? > iauiia??l n* too l?it fil tha <l?<?n<la?t iw 'h?7 har* dataiiad what liwt |?l?f? M?i>?* lk? patliaa In lb*li Uninxaf ?!> J atwtan'tallv agraa upon what did lata pla ?. and If 7<'a r? if on tbalt nadaao at U aatn out -hat dafaa,M| nlata d I" t Ml r?ai t1 MM) ( lift ! <bat btad at Milk whWih ha ra< ?t*ad. Tba drat aitaaaa thai plataUf promt<?i to for a lab tba ktit af " -t*n fi n .j rr |RR E 2SDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1 t ui> milk lh?i , ipprabttimioD ietat. illy Uiuhuit . ?n? in th o| hi. bkiiic ? ?UI mii>, mi4 thtt jii'it'lfl mM h? a.mlil not * ?! ?u arUelt l ihat Hiii.i, tint UhIi lidw,. ' ..- runsr1 -libit , n'? iplnllilili h Uli HI.# ttulUd l?< ?... ' In j, Ui 1 aI'IIIiU o iuii' ti u: Ik ot t h?'j u*Jlt y li* w< Kit ii I .uli n-q nrnJ.

.1 i. .1 ln j i hi- (.ihie t.n r?pl t ' iii- > . : i i? iip ait old auit-i owatom?rii?u<i J?ii??r t< .< -meum ? kM? . alOl-i*, till* in th- ?ulii*t*!iii.* '*1 i1 wiIq -fid ? (iiiiti; 1 but u i? w to fedttttoli wJhlrh i my ni?i?ri* ,th?l . th* : ?t thi- riiim u r ? > ! :a .? W uiiik eniu- i.'iroaa the liar. ?m .wr mil in.:: u* ,?pt hi* i'i>%. .ti \v f^ujUi-^tui* ? !?>. ii spp?-iu*i (iitihtf ti?l1 if f*i a ; n.' t.,i it : e 'r: . . lu iv.tuat oa? III it I Ol"l? 1 111-.: t?- < It'll tti <-:f I - 'fit .?}? ' Ibt pliihlll Ul'l hi? llowar i tin > i.) :11tn .Ii ft* U-utufn uutiy muk, loa. ?'.! - ?<t.i .:i ^taw j !o uantitr und fid r,?y n i l gram in xiaUi and that | Mr? Howard <aid at i'ii" i im? lbny w .,- , ni,>p milk. thtt inUiikii liut imif fr>' iik. t._ l tn>?w l'tiiliiiiiur*)* iHitiii rui'pvi(?l ?- iL? .in aratiou* laadc bylhr |i atDtitt i?i t fvrvaul** It avi'Char p?t6nu? ildrit k 'li? tin -- I' ?t? di i -luilk; and BtMiut lb* in- fti niu" ? dt .i> r i t.i IJ sirlki-r I tiMU h* H't hi" ci wi-In M Mob' t .nr. u >. t<> told hiul i thu luiui'i-r ill ni'ii hi" -uiplcj'.! m I -ar? thmi TMii tt*i*tlaii?Mj i- tiiiji'irt ik?r is to b) I fiinytu t.i t h' plain: ill mils b-i . < m i ni: i * r?prn I b -Ittiubb IO 0*01-1 V * M I ll - - 'I* I k . I Hilt COlll|i?iijti4 ot tlii* .(uallty ?t th. in ih m? an 1 Im made raiioun imiim-> fir. it ?oeli m tL- n -omvi in tbiiuotr nura mm I'm tl" -<i ?:.-rf.fce It ?l?i ?| | fiiri> I nut |i . mud* .? mj* ri ] i ?. nUiti>i)H lid < lrli'?? to Mik llr?"uii>t ?ud . >.i - lo??ri oompli'iit tkiit hi? uii.k *?i cl tu - --iI.: i|U?;l y. n? Htiiiro t i.nil iu-iit?d i tin t i #4* , m n??t of par* Bi'ik, upno ubicb Vr- Iii nurd . 1 tii?t il knr biml>ku'J Itmii ! i.llt ttmi it ?? rlt milk I r ?mil Inim d. fctt ly ilmrbUK* biui T!ii.i.?.i?ii U n a iir??iiiiBportkiit ciirtiOiitiiLii'fii. Iliiu<' > i r ? 11 ix< na nuil tl tl - cur, hut Kiln tb?y *re ouiMtu u* of oreilioiUt f U"Otli uj'li It h?? twin *un,5?it' i-4 that t ti*r? m'gbt !b?i Iwii u pritkti aMrt-ruit t b-i ? .i tti? plulotilf 1 utid oiieiiiitii! km t? thii oktrtctur tl ttn* w it t* b' j 1 dcli??ii<1 ?uu ib?t ib*ii? ii-pi?-.-iititli. n t?r- uia.tH I I > dt-ceiTM th* m-ritnli ami tlm public 1 r?2?r t > | iliiii i-u.KHiti' ii ** JiiliiBilHDt k?->- |i? i'iii- of 11 in lnrjcmi bourn m lliii vt untrr wb'r? a > u?t i iiin b?r o: pfi plii 1 ?top; and it suili a utoiy ?** trui-. mil it w.ut ; it Hotiid lit ot , r.oun u.?i#?nutiuc? to da J ' tiimiit Gcutlt ui> D. th' far th ill U?? c-i?tf nvi(ati\<i that cbargK It app'arn that del uJ*'it nis ln an I u?re-Dj- li with Kititir ln-lnr> fur pui? oiiik t>r wblo'i hi- paid thi* Miint pric- > b? pail plain itf; and that, atti-r br c?am d takiug th- oattk troiu p'aintilT h? a/ntn 1 i ntpri-i iulo u coo'iact wib Kid?r and pmd a m ;h < rami-price, aad tbartf tai'l tirip t bfl ch>? .it' all iu>>tivi-aoD tb? putt ot tbr dtfrndant fur ib? purpot* i.f diceiviDK tbe nt<rtaii*K or the public, nil to thtt | w.r. .? ! |>u> uuil .. .i..., . If . U, tUHIjJf HIT ? Mi' nurpOkea ot bit uwu No* h?i.i i? iu.-u, you are 10 ( nj ?netb< r tin to <?< a rxutraut toturni'b pure cauuii > milk. It tDrr? < ?" tbe plaintiff cannot recover io tb ? action It wartUoprovrd by a *itnr??,tbat Mr Howard admitted liu knew whrri- k?pt lit* oowm, but tbat eTidn ce ?a? ienu*ird -.iimattrial by *'juration put to tbr witaea* DC hi.* uro?i>-examination, vu*l 'tor Mr. Howard bau found out tba*? t?:t. b? oeaa-d to rattlT' ltt> milk ltha?> l>?en proved by IUm? I Ki? Uy that Mr? ll' oard fci.?* that 'be rail* un? | Tr?o. a atablr; but the <|\leition ??. whoth.r berefld^nee liijict overbaiaucid by tliu teatiinony adduceJ on tb* i art of (he defendant Kb* a!*o tMtitlei to two ' ci UTtnttkirr; but in that ?he ia ?l*o contradicted bt lb* deltadant'a wHnea?e?. tint to return t? the mi>l?uo? olfirtl to nliow that tl.e inlik ' duiTurd was not only inferior in 'jualllj bu' tbat it uiay a'*o be injurious to li??Uli tn respect , to the condition iu wbioh t b- co?* w-re kept the dec- j tori have been ?-.aaiii'H' i all agree It appear* ' fn m ir t?>tim< uy tbat fri i.i J O'J to J ioo were kept , in a Hiblr m the tee art of t' e truth arettue aud bintrrmti street; that dutma the Hummer uion ha the | table and yard* are en hot that thi eui-il from tbeui i ia offensive; the cow( ara tied uu in Italia on ? wooden > mailt*of th? maleiial trout vbieh ?hnk?y I* d atillad; I ( k Urrel mtaj It allowed to a*--ii c.?, tog? tfcac wuii * I t mail quantity cf bay. but "Inch it baa b? uu ?ilJ tbay 1 cannot eat in roD?e<{U?n<"t of temn deoayin# | v Itoui the coaetaot u*? ot tfca b<>t liquor; that whan I C cm o they are put into thin *tahle tb-y ?r? never let j n cut. that Ibrlt Iudk* and other fart* of tb? body ar<t t I1 all-i Ua by the o? oliii?io?ul and loon aa a?ll aaby tba ' a ditt in which they are kept. Anither tituix at*o a latrH that ?h> u tli.'? arc takun ot to b? *iuu^lit?rnj h the Miir'l ao bad that. they can b? da'voted at h a #iea; Ul.iaui*. aud that etet. m the buvu ar'? ?laii " ti?' u<at Ird ud am.! c?u b't dialta.-uj'bed irom other J Karat l?r llitolnnr. < un ol t La wituaerea. -aja that rattle fed eti ewlll c,i?? ? <n it iiumrtty oi mil* loit c' Hat they won b^ct ia>- bloated, put up no tai au I be. ? a.# direaard lit* i ??i iuit.ny i? Mumum i|uaiiii'd *' I'Y the I. o. teu M lite pttiiul ia * WlUj*?**?. * Ilia hull hut who ha" b"U rxautliaad ?u the t ot ' the plaiiitill lattia he ha* ktll*'l a uuwber of i-aiti* ' 1**d in >Hiil, and (bat the mitt ana g t?d Li I tutor j '' llareiner ait? rays thai tbe autrlticia qua.itjf of the I milk la Jetaenad. and tbat. iu addition it produe -a j tliitaM'i. partirularl> au.<i>r>t children. it i* *?tyapt 'I ti pi o<iuc? cholera ii nsiitii|.iifu tea 4 tkw ' di-eat?? ltu IJouoc tiieo teuiarkad ' bat if tbia uojit 11 <>t k>epiii| cenle wac plOblietife oi tba u jui<af \>( ' dteeaaea I eat I lied tu bv tb? Cntore a public cniuu " be* b<-ii perpetrated ou tlil? i.. luBadultT. will la I ' rail* I u'lly t> r tli* leter?eou.ia ol ilie . public au- | ' UoiiUet. i ni lor tar |>unl*ii n-at I tiinie whoiiaie i ' p? rpeirated it for il it be ti ua tlial di*ea*e ii ta? :e*ut | ol ibia mod* ol keapiag aud le-uum r.attl* ami tuat " tu. b ijuaJitiliM ol era d?aiy dia.ilbuWd aia>u??; " tba oiiiavlia froai tallla ? l?d to 1 I loiirH dllaawii, " Mr lloaaid ia tiBtiHrd to tbe ol t e cituaot j <*' f<r eiptrlcn tbi? fiaud on tba coianiaai'.y. JuU* ! M I aly tb?B t'kUed 1h? attra'.l a >( tUejutj to tba a?i- * d- in e of ti.t cb?miat. who autt jiad ibtiaiii nii.k n aid | ointad out the dl.'fei. m a bet?? ii Ii ..n i ta? p.iro ^ milk, lia iie*t caiied tbtir a.l?n::cu tu iba leatlut .11 j ol tba altuefaa* nbo pra'e I t ie rul i> ol pUlnuit >.u Ik. ^ and to(4 tha jarv (rata tha ? h^la i f tV? r vid eiio*. ' they to 01 tbe talua ot 'i.?- tu.ik dtiltaied lor " th? Ul liajl. tor *bi.:b ibo pU.UtlU ol-1 ma, Hil.t ahea i th*y Ita'a daeiaad tbat. lln at-h' i o?ui 11| teat-i natl???. '1 II ilia ii ilk daUvarrti *n I mi mi>iior tj .?i 1/ \on alii t'lirtiva. raid he that ia Jauuary ua coot* " pin t.t mr made andupt'itbe tlia? ha wa? d: inn?nJ 'j In l lailiiwiOK,' aln..ii ?ai tliaut ulna tu ti.Ut '' duriCK tbii tuua he ? at >ald >I,jIJ , a 1 It, a? tba mt ! ^ titMraya It a ua uat ? ftta ibi e and a bait eente, tb-u l' ll..?..i<ll.a .laafi ft (In I L t ulil I. i.fe Ii i ? ra'ih 1 !iu 1 l> . I m,' an fi r a t ich lliii * Urn la I j iu. of *rj I plain ?' lilt <.u?l t not to r?cf>T*r la thlr u ! II* than t I I tha jury U at II iwilUtrl Km i.t-fad i.. < l> . rg * tLa ??i; ? *uU (Ibl tulfilWd t?J III' (lUlutuI, lift' o?l? ai.t atulJ hare 4 tlaht to Ja.i i t ( r Injury au-tailed . Ni' m thtra a \a no 4?m?ga |r?r? i In thu * ca?a It wi uid ba difllcuit l? r tli'?) lo raicul**" til > 01 auiCiuiit ( dali to 11* avarUifd. a iJ ujimu tkii i'jtnt ki mI4 ! H tolfethMlix II llui Mlitnui ' ? ?man had * *! ailn<l?d to lu tha |>r ;; of llir -rial a nil that <J??a.Utt . 0?rad I i a> : 1 tl J l? < ail ti. l<r Kij .. iprOi>?r l< r l< t?i<t <;l" u " fta i r?-? ?l thii' i '.it J iO'O et i ' at t >0, 1 ? n '' am ifiqrlltly iiiiluatd to Bay wf. thay afa t>oi Found " ti'| a) - ra?r tban ?a?ar tea i ?< <l?aw 11. ' Kid " Ibarrfeta n< man* tl|hll art ti h.? jn l^ad I b/ an filial nf ttat kltid T)?lrt>dabt*t l > ' >it'IA l*Jnl|<4 by Iba ?TkHra aloft* Tl.f ?hi ^ i*?tl- n. '< ratal? iik J iata tha aatlaia >. a will oiaA? < I tha i !' ulu'oi ti;f Irnii UmUm ' e?ayli!tu ?ir* I m?u?' until tba rlat?t<rf e?a I tafiraiih it. r?n 1 l' It yi ii ara of "r -iloi that l > , I retard ?y (lalaliff ha ?m pali an i of f'AK), T' tb?n ba anrof rraof?r. Tha Jury t?-an "tlr-l au J ir< a k(l?r Irrufbt In i i jj T' I i t ft , -,d '.? " t II i mill I j ? fit > 11 1111 ?ai* '< >' iKfltWiNK vra* itii lia lui?i.??aii? -OnlUit I a day aftaraoc laat, an appl'.r* ion ??l mtda tu th<< Jj' 11 ii Jrhrt Orvmncoi, ftr * i Inj-inrtloo upim 1 t , tj n?? 'uirliMi grinl' S t>j tin Co. | #?kn th? f| y I tl o|ft?? Voik to Mmiii I'ltrrap* nt &. Lj I!"/ a. i * 1 t! ?.i lii 11 tl ? l ol< n IT?rry ' a\ i.y wliw < | j?l. ? a lion ?*? upuu matin a dalib'ia'li i. grants t fit a ' rU? t (#r?iia<l?i ?u Ih fo'.U * at' '1 IB lb* 0"?i. I?'?it) ti IftjUlft ? tt? '! fvl 0?fcl? >1 ? ! fl'l'llIlL It if, | H MM Ik* CvrtiurMioa ot tb* alty cf>r? Vork-Mtt*9 ll nmi, m Um Irit Moalay ol J ?>> < J nait, a ? > |??* I j rial tai bi cf lb* Suprruia (Vvi i la l'uii-fbk??j< e.ati/ , i IL< J afcoold ( t b? ?djIo? J ? |ii J i' r !o Ih<* oi4 ( it L? ut, titi lu tha nrttt iua r* iwaiavtb* d ( n oar* j.!?U t-piibl h I, a Roy. fi "lit a?c pi Inj, a? I Itr It Cn|ii a> .c<t> i f New Vutk fr n l.lltrr ng.aoy l? a? ol 1 c lli? ti ri l< ri'rifrt??d in tli? lic?n*a obtained IimiIVi ' r i-nnuiliwi Mi*r?. uBiivr lh- f? ?i law |>a<?*d la l**"! l Tbuatha |ot| aco*aU ^U' -lti ii a? th? < { 'tin i?l Us* tw<> ottii** Vo tha mi i >l o( ilia fcri i ? I' liMlj to U ?<tjiillraird upon in * man. r ?UnU mi! a rttllt tb# point Id dirputa Id a J?5tttf uianaar ? Viwut A??4i i.t ?A man bamiJ l'r?o lar*a*t, an j' o?n<i?tf<l on Mou'lay. ol a tM >rnt ani va'i h|M?> an- ' r?utt oa a Mr. CauaraH. aad In* Bi S r aa t b? ia ? ' * r? | fx din* n ratOTiin) i l??f iUioj?u l'iy j n.<.u u ?tr?nt. 'I h* prl?4>ai>r ai'<i aaiXbar lata not lu " i u?ti.<ly. IralnU'l on toliowlaj tb? prvn-'iii<>r, au I <>n *' hi? a?n Milling tbalr ohjact ib?j t'.arkal htm ao4 r >*nt t>d dnwii both himialt anil hli m lh?r an I ali-n k l'i?r lli? pilaoti' i att?BipiaU t" koii4? M* aya oui j1 'It* *r*a??iutor bad?U(a? kui.i ?f ?* /- *r*rl? two [J tliou-aiid do lar *bvot him at th i no- bnt < ouM ont '' ray tb* *hj*ct al tha attMb *a t* "ib hlw thi ml ha ri ul I M-i^n to oil i" rau-* Mr. Aallh motaucad tha * p.ix brlto tbl<:? iBi'lltb* cot fl rum- Bt In t&? * Mm; '|'m . I ... Kin bt till r? r I > III! r IIMKHI _ I ii"' rin n im i ?i ? if HI ' i ?>lt Haturday !aat. tha rr>-? o( tbii 'ritata ?a- iin , il.aiyd Itlhn Dii; M<t ImMroiurli n| ?? , lt?i b*dt?ft< a ?*t i nlrff lk|? M? liMIMtiaittril Itlt iha >a?d; bat ahlla ftftit'r^ to b'< pftM aft oiu la I j In ft r?ii*ie>r?M? nimhrr met in t" tafj f M> i htlMot, t'tiiid tb? ??t*a ?b? ti Mr Hntvrrt H th? j in?n?r at trki inftda hit n| |i<i'?n?? This ??? tba , naaai t' T ft ? i >-im imio *ii4 b> ??a tkiNll; ft'? i fttil tUrt'4 w ith hint ud Ml . dart on tbr Iftte ?<yac? rt* f01ft? Bl"1 MMr4 . Prftdy and Ativan* war* a?rrati"l aa rmut-?.|?fa. aid o? W ?d???dftj breuikt k*l t? >lr .1 P K .-?* whan a (0"? itxl o' < ontradutoi ?aa t?*ao. aid , >lr l\ rf T. at?>.| Ilia d?r? . n till . hftrija/. whan h* . 6-'t I at??d both pi Italian ill Tjftn - Onoi>a roll tin f??i F*i? -T? pur | mas* f t tha tintru'tlrnt r?f?lr?<l by tha onramand i lit a "tat'd In tba Htrttiil *' dft) * ftfft, "pftclili | lot* o??T an* < f tba nCrabonr*'* hft? b*?n appiopuftt-d | tt> Ilia riT* ptli'ti atii ?ftta kooflnn of any nrt'clri ftant j l?t? t? trft>i>tul??l? it to tba filr, b it ti?ltii? ? fat, vid tftat ) bft> h~? rarHvrd Tha ?tftt??t?at in #? ?? ral eoVspiiftild t bat ft luaap oMrnn or- '>oa and ft h?ii 'ofta atgfct, had ba-n aa ?a?i U Ufttoaulad [ERA i860. 1 n b rvwirifK Hill ILL* V. 8. CummlMioner'i Court. Before M tlall, Kaij. OKKi* r Kicii KMittvr kksi>k( tinu thk ai.i ?qki? mm. TJTK *UV|(, HKNkY I.ONO?I'i'WAKUS Of TWO HUM" I'll Eli J"oU( h.MKN IN ATTENDANCE Dn 'J4 The t'omuiwaiouer'a office *ti danaely rnwded thin morning by pereona aniloua to witaeee 'he result ot the Investigation reapeoting the alleged fugitive kl?>? Henry It waa auggeated to the Ci>u mDnoLrr t> boM hl? court la a tuore apaoioua ri om , but the Marshal, having coneulled with ene of the Jud*ea aaid that it wan neceasary to eoatlnoe the procetdingH on the premise* of the United Btatea t'ourt. and there ??' no other room but the one they w. xv no* iu 111 at could be appropriated for the purp(?? Kt< m the concourse that laeseinbled, it now became Leiei?;ir; to station ofltcera at the doora.iu order to I<r>r?nt any persona but the rcuna?l. the repreaeutativm of the pieaa. and the immediate trtenla of tbe accused from unneceekarily thronging tbe room. Mr Western appeared an counsel tor the proeecution, M en-re Jay. White).end and White, for the alleged *1 i ve Henry l<*n;c brought before tie Court in the cusWdy of ti.e Vnrih il Mr Jay. oil beLdlf of the accueed. (aid that he aolemfel.) piole?t?d against the proceeding* being held In tlua roi'iu to tbe exclusion oi the public and the Lumeroas permc fri< nda of taeaacuaed, were aDitou* to wiiiieta the investigation.* Mr Went*ru said that, ceaacioue of the rectitndo of tbe law uiil?r which they aoted, he wae n?t diapoae4 to place any iwptuiun-nt in tbe way of tbe accused j *?nt be would not sutler himself to be exrtted or In1'i.nced ly;m.y drvite to create n mawkish feeling in ill* community. Tbe Marxhal has said, in elltct, that, a* tl In wan a proceed'ng before an Uulted State* officer, ?e uust keep it cn I nited States ground, and under lbe Halted Btalea Uag. and be (the eounael) did not besith'e to aay that justice can be admiuiatared in thla room a* Mt'.l an lee where True it ia. that we are riowded , but we tiara several meiubtri of the press here. Wbat la the result ? Kvery aentiment that may t>e uttered - every word of evideuce aworn te will go t> th- wing" of tbe wind to every corner of the United -tatee. ?r that wo may aay it ia an open investigation >p*n to tbe pub lie,Jrc in one end of the United 8 la tee to the otbi r. Mr White asked as atavor-he did not demand it >a a i Iu tit that the C< mmla-loner tor the convenience l counsel. would adjourn to a larger room. A loi'K discussion eiifU'd leant ctiuir t he nronriet* of t moving to a more apaaloua room, in which thj oouuiv 1 for tr.H alleged fugitive deelgqMaed tti? protending* i? ler ch?irb.-r " and again*! the intention of th? tot ct t'cngreaa, whirh giie ttau authority?to thi? 'ourt. The C< uimi*air>ni-r raid that, ?o tar a* th? remark* of he I cm M*i for the fugitive. which Implied censure on lira lf>r holding 'ba Investigation Id this rooui. were i.a>le. he would only ray that, they were wholly uncalled or and undeaerved Mr Jaj lagged to >>tat? that he did not mean to court^ anv censure to tha t!omuiia?ioner TU? (.'on.ini??ioucr raid the investigation commenced line 11 e did uot wieh that the examination atiould be iroret. He bad do powtrovrr auy other room thau Ha, and lie wea told that none other coulvl hi* prolured. The pi-B'ure ll therefore. undeserved and ua:alled fcr ty any act or cbaarvatiou* o( bia 5i r Jay begytd to withdraw any implied Centura that lie CoiuiaiffK nrr might have telt. ".he C'ommladom-r directed that tha proceeding* h"i'ld couiBvnca in thia court, until it *m a*cer nit.eit whether n mure spaclou* court room could be brained Mr W<-*t>rn then raid that. a* he underatood the ?l the claim to the labor ol the man (Henry) eie already ertabliebad? the testimony of identity rae alio In?and the point that the tngltive owe* labor i the crlj one on vthirh he need adduo* additional irtof it he establishes thia, it would than be the duty lihe C? uiUiler toner to gran', hi* certificate tor hid reurn, wMuh the act oidained to he auuiuiary. l? r Parker was again called, and examined by Mr. kealern. he raid i have known llenry for the Uat 1 r yt art, I ?aa on a visit to tha county lu which hit arler resides and met him there in hia master * em J luy; I kntw him t>i>t In Klcbmoad. about four year* ] go, wh> n he waa aent to me by DP. Hmlth (the claimt to hire him out; I wai not at homa at the time ! e arrived, aud my brother had partly agreed to hlra m out at the Columbia Hotal; I have got the bond Wile hlilng of him oat continued tor two j r"ar?. ?.ua?tlon? During these two year* had you any i.iomiieicatione wlih Henry r>*p?ctiug hi* position ' kr M lute aaid, ai the act did acm allow the fugitive ha rianuni. bu- treated him aa a rhattel. the > m> 1 I would not attempt to prea* a question of that ind Mr. Western aaid that he bad a right te prove that ! t. .y lie ft e<tae>M?4 Va the witne a that ha Wtl tha r' | any i ur tuna. Mr. W bit* argued against the admissibility of th? u.-'Jon Ir the ronfeanon or the parry la to bar* KM and rff-ot- il by tbr lawa of th? Urate the oath of lit- party npiviflj for bid -It will re jnlre eoe*Mamie iogt'.'.uliy to make (ho o<>nf*-arioa good for an/Imig. lb- master niual ?*tabli?h bin claim under r.U' BC" wbich il el ail* a?4uilr*.bl? ir law; audcault i grartly urged upon the CoMtniMloner that tbe con i-hlcn ct th? man 1? good for auythiug when hi* oatb i. If h* unit law, ran lerad gcod fur nothing' Hero 1 i a man wbo, by th? law*, la nut a uian. tacept for >cie purj o*e?, but a? a w'tne** In hia own cati>. ha la ' ct a |uaii. lonifl therefor*. aonteoded that the | >i>l?>#*|r?< ol Ibe alleged nam were not mora admit- I bl-. rrsatof through am lbrr party, tbin they would ! r< m:n* tioai hlui?c|t I* it the law. what tbe 1 an ? >)? aannt be u-rd to e-taMirh hi* awn f aij<>co ut wbal he ia ,? caii be used to ttabllaa tbe ra-a i ihotm who rial* him a* a. battel' I* iber* a oimid iTfciala wh?-re a n< ^ro ran be produced * etldeopa .atial a white man ' No; tb? la* proclaims bim an ).-. n,j?ti Lt witkeea Mr Jaj lolioacd, on tba same tide, and urged a .H ilar ergnr> ut. Mi.V nam n pis <1 and -aid that tha tart argu. i lit o( tba oouiieel on l ha otber < la waa, iu Itrnif. u tibial to it tit ea??. Tb?'lr argnu.?-nt amount* to bl*.-- \ u cauaot gi?e tba aiiuutUu* of tbit iu in. train* l a ia a alafe"- tba ?try this* that I tin li >ie /tabli'b. Tliey bat* i.o' *aid ?o in a-tu>l wor i-, ut tbat In Uia iatuntU to he drawn fr->u> n. ?ir argu bt. lb* maii mead* tba. a a* a fiat tuaa ulI il am atirr l> ettab itbed. and iLt-rrf re, hi* cca??r?ationf tba wlti ? ? ar< pei fee-ly aJiui*?lol? C n.uil*?|i">n> r - Kaj at jaur qua*'Ion *i - II* I a Jrrij bad any rcr.teT-a'ii'tn with tt-nry In ' Irclaia in wtilib l>u r"?> gbli< d hiniftlf a? tba alata i ! I 'P fci. Ilk' Afttr f< ui? fuiib'T artfuuieat. tb? aalooi'f ilii, I fh !r k lb> thii <|. ttb? claimant r?uupt ? pat. >* tin* tl a nil' $i d mil run net b? fflvtn to ' I will ptra I auy a:t if hi* to b? paHa ??! ret fo ||M? bir ? to ?bow the nlahoii b? no bim nod Mr* claimant; but a.> ?na*?rratli>o u't b? admltt* d Tb? >ju??llou l?, iferrafura, o??riM t'oubl'i fcr dil n?-'pt. I Da ??i m.native ol Ur Paikar - on jtttr rtsutA U> Wrgluia la wbat faitl >n did i? find limr? ? UiU nuMtim war *1 ?o objaala.i to by oounaai for k? aCCVa?d H?r? ? bu*t of Drnoathrnaa ???, by tba tbu>a? of Irl'D*. Will) tk:?VI Ilia I'M* vU HtliCMIt ?*? t?< J ai.d 'lr, iHtoro iatnrrupud Llii oua??rl for | .? o tin. . ><j . ?jir? ba to traim * jj at ;l?i c? uld tot lall u^ca Sir Wnlu i dmkrd that I h f>?d tb* ecuavl Mud >r l.iad KuU'i 'i? pi (*i >*J tor in* pujp?>a#ol b?lu< ik-iM'd in iii<'tv lau<la?l-' tUa tbat in itu > ha now *, ( ? ! tl.aiirfliirr i 4i. Man* ntl?u> d, at tt >* lingth, to * gut anal tot * i- I lualbvllt jr of lb* ^tiMtion pio,un I U* ?oti'*ud?t i lata* * >Uii Ufoidni not toaloait 1" m i>i? ? !( ..? 11 Uia mill. Ua .annol ractlra iu teaili ay ?r>mi-t I n ku aota, for acti ata c^ai^iuiu. . nd aia 'IkawlM lbc*fepti?at nld tiM HaaalJLa** he; it aovld tf-a I to; a tsig Vajr. Uf dor> ??" luaa ' u at "I ctiar to *?ra lor liliu. ao4 i uliilb* ; ldifcoa ?.( kM i law) y to ibUlo a liar#.<?* to |?.o?a ?t tUat lad pr%n hita ??>?* In a totacou -i<-i } : luat. rn n tu.fht ba r.t to ?U??ry bj I ft a aimiwioa ,t , a*.?. nitUrt lt? law t?|>uiiiatr* vii* t'gati .H of ; ji b ttMtXi. Mr Wi ?Urn contvtidrJ llal ttiU binj ap oalcl, , 1 ??ioald Wfa'lj rrn-lri' il no ot,- mli ami In* ' l-,r I ? tV ) il l r lltal' !' pi" tn t n'? oan but to cl> nu1 nn i fiin ..ailnr iui during iba ttriu oi an ha aa? Ui 'O Is tt? ' llii'i 1k>fr art humlri' I* a?a thriutaud*. of Ur>? I Vifytol* h? IJ Kllhu'it "?i ?cr?f> o| *111 h * ' tr co?l<1 rb*ir h< n b ;. ?( ?! 1<nl i i iiMMVii-n I 1,H teU and f h? con-Ji t r.n In ?hi<,8 h* titri :arr Uiit It * w<4? diff r.iicc ii?<< n tl." imUilob* of U.e man at. J hi* mu, th? t wu>rrb!p of a roan>l or?* l? ?<l(Wue? J ! > poM*i<loB, ; h* c?ti< rr blft of hl< botM II OltflWil l>/ d??J? but li? rjfiftftilp "i b!? *li*?It*rr?w I* by po?Mfltn II* ('jonint?l) t(' r< I to fbtw th?t tbti roan I m? > n ' wi!?< 'i ntoi Snil'b tn H cl r l'*r rt. t< b>- Mi 'I n* a ?! > ?, Oat h? Ulr <1 o*l *nl hut Iioflor I'atlut Mt tit* w'.tb I in <?.? m*lit lb- f?furlt f Mm |.fe} fleitn II* lb*f?t?C**ubmlU?4 il? r'f hi to wltb M? J?y r?|?ll?it ant ? i. t*?*t *v?4??fl? nf (?. ?.f a ] tttj. wli.l* In * itM* n( mtiunt l>? litnU'lht* A law I* rinutb Carotin* ?oaoU tWat j <1 | - rKit) arii*l(R at tint r>lao* It m **} l>r?l*u < ft. mr7 b? t?i<?n at> c>m< J* ami d?lW?rnl or?r to b? M*>?b*l ?lt * U>? To???i remain* Id p jr*, bai b* mtlif mHi. th? m?r alaiai tohn trui? , lar iiamfcai, and '.h* la* *ti*rt* tbat b? ?b*ll I* <1*l vji to u.?-it a?t?r on hl? p<yle< th*j?'l' '* f*>* tlnuIf tb? IiIuim U) p*> J*'] | | ?? tk?n th* oolot?J |>?rf u m*f. \>j th* **?* of '?' t>? vi j to ?'<r*ry I t th? r*n jm? i m m??? ?? i Hire f * h# h?.i r? ? hy fh* t?port Ik tbi? J?y'l th?i Dortor l'?rft?r tKltrlif thai i? r?T?r mw th? tf * I* < ?<U bf tbli ?? w<? ttf, Ut V*tk*T Mill >? ??e* **M ?v Mr Jut not *r???nl Hi tb.-pr<v??'l?n* <?y b*? h?to?k ili? r?p?rt firm th* IUr?M 'Jonn#fl lb?n r*M th? follow!** *U?rt from lh? llniH:? "If. fl?w do inn know h< ?m ? pN??' A I li??? <r?n Mn ? MrPr ttll'l hr?n> I ?ff?? d to hlr" him t.ut y Md y " * th* titl* d?*d? ?r authority hy wH? h Mr PoHth h?ld lltaBIR Mli'ftn? A.? N? ?ft I h?T* i>'t <i l|?T? ton uny oth?r m?*o? of knn?'rir tbnf thl? n??> t? ?? th?n Mm with Wr Puiih ?nd ?enr hltll?,< Ma A I h?t? iid?, n.'rfl that I > '? hrat i my n?t?r ?p*?k of hi* ? t.rtn(t t?ry n??'?l mraat, mJ th? t>r.'p*rty < Dr r?ib. u - At* mot torn* ot th? bitok la I I f ?) *] ! LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Virgin!*, freemen' A.?Certainly, I have heard Mr Smith rpuk of him ti bU Mr rant the aervaata and alavea both art engaged In the lame kind of work la Virginia; and black flree persona, aa well a* Urea, are ometimea called aervanta; beyond what 1 haveaeaa, and what I ha?a heard from Dr. Smith Mid my (liter, I have bo knowledge of hie being a dare. " Tba Ccmm'Mioner wa? then aaked to raad hi* note*, and having done to. they were found te be almMt verbatim with the above Mr Jny ?ald, then thl? report te virtually aoeraat. Mr I'arker remarked that be eenld explain the mitalog which he intended to convey Mr. Jay continued lie denied that tha right ?f property wai. aa ntated by Mr. Western, proved by pooacarlon, and he maintained that no aingle not of thia party, whila under reatraint. could be tataMUh*4 aa part of the rti jfta. In eaae of ebatela. except wild anlmela, th?y muat belong to aomebody; the oaa* la different with regard to thia man, they cannot prove their tlaimK by the acta or adoiii>Klona of tha individual under anch circnaataoce* Count el referred to 'id Starkie on Kvl denoo. paga 28. Mr Ke?a*n<1en. a volunteer couuael on behalf of tha aecured. wi?hed to urge one or two obaervatlon* 11a aaid it would doably enhance the aeverity of tha law, tf the CcnimlMkouer would admit the not* of tbla man aa evidence againat hluiHrlt 1* it poeaible, he woalil a*k, that a law, in a civilised laud would ahut a nana mouth aa to hla owu vindication and give bia acta In evidence him'' He trusted that the Coram iaaiontr would haaitate before he gave aech a oonetrnotion to tha aot Tha provlJnn tk. ?K- a.-?? ^ * the word " slavery" in It. from beginning to end It eye one whose rervires are claimed and Is bound to setviee ar labor, (bail b* restored; and It is applloal'!? to a white apprentice as wall a* to a black mau; the evidence ot act* Is la bis (Mr If miod inadmissible II any law contains any such proiiiiou b? verily hcllrvts that tba Supreme Court of the Uaite4 (States, composed of gentlemen who have property in flare*, would set aside tbat law as contrary to tba constitution ol the (Jutted States. Mr Western and Mr Jay having addressed tba Court on the saines ubjeat. The Commissioner said - No evidence appears in tba ra?? up lo the present time, to prova that tba nu Henry was In duresse. except as to tb? relations be occupied towards Mr Pinlth He (tba Commissioner) did not Know tbat '.he Cuurt w>< to assume tbat Henry was In duress*, and be did not this k tbat tba duresse of slav< ry ?as|rufflrient to exelude the acta of the party as incompetent evidence lie thought, on the whole, tbat the testimony on thi* point waa admissible Mr White excepted to the ruiing. though he did not know wbat advantage the exception would be to htaa. The question was again put-On your return to lUcbmetid how did you find Henry situated' Answer ? I found Henry at the Columbian Hotel; be was waiter there; I received bis wa^es myself for floater John T. Hmltb, by right of a letter from Doctor Smith, and by previous agreement <i ? ISt wbat right, known to Henry, did Doctor Smith claim to_^?cetv* his wagta ' This question waa also objected to jrffih>nnsal fat Usury and was ruled out by tba ComidHKuer. Q.? Did Ilenrr know you received bis wages? A. ? Ha did. W ? Hew long did be oentinue In employ at the bottl ? A.-Oneyear, be demeauad himself properly; be fr*n*utly oame to me dariug the year aa the sgent of bis msster ; he regarded me as his maatar In the abrenae of Dooior Smith ; when I was leaving the city to spend the Christmas, I took him to tho City Hotel and told him to remain there until I cans bark , I bad made an arrangement to blra blm oat there but when I returned I tound that ha was not th?r?; be stopped at the City Hotel a d?y or two, but I found bini about tbastreete; I censured him for disobeying my orders and wrote to bis innter about it; ? found great difficulty in getting him a situation afterward* : he (Uecry) was bard to please, and wanted to l<ir* himself, a* his master bad previously permitted him to do ; 1 expostulated with him and told him ot the will ol hi* ma?ter; after soma difficulty, and seeing an advertisement from llaskena k Libbey, I went to them and they agreed to hiro him; this was about the first of February, 1147, befora that, Henry bad been hiring himself, and never inalo sny returns ot bis wagus to me; In January, he had which tarTicaa I JidrecaUa hi* wan-? whch anounta<l tn>t about$ia day; bw hired hiiuadf, alto, at tha Ma4l*ou Uoutr andanoilier plane f'>r which b< B?<? no ret urn to ni?. though I had toM liliu to do *o; darlnir that year I taw hiu> IH'iuriiUj. nod I thlo* i haA loaned Mm inouny, he coutlnuud at Ha?fceo? k I-ibbe? '* Junn* the year until ?o?n? tima la r>ee*mt??r. 1 > 481 bit disappeared about that time; I ?<<nt to Itoakft?. a putt of the t< wu where h? lited, and lojair?4 ih. n? bin; I mw lla?kena & Li?>b-y ana In |ulr*4 hat had I aooaie ol turn. Henry w*? glow, and I inada Jili.ri.nt Inquiry and could not ?ra.t him W ?What did you Ilu. ? Ijflil o( ur DttlltU wh-11 ll-nry ?M *on?' A - I had n*. vpecltic authority to a lT?rit.i? h.m beraure hii niaKtrr wax mora than 300 mil*.* Il? tant ar.d did not eip?et htm to run a>ai. q - W nat . wa? jour authority, or in whit wax it eoata a?d la rotation toyour agency orer ll-ary' A I bai b Hb ret Lai and written aihorliy. u - llara yoa > hat part of y< ur authority which *u la writing with yoa bere' A r hare ? (product a o iiftaber of letter* ) It being now pant threa o'cloek. th? Crnimlni m?r i?k? fl h?-coun?el how uiaay wltnc??e* th?y ha i to x*mine becau?e If I Here wu no probtblllty of 8r?l?hai: th? ra?? to dujr, ha would adjonrn. Mr Wectwa aid he had but ooa mora witnem Hr Whit* aiid ha lid not think it p<">?it>> to flulah to- rn' to- lay, a* .hoy had >-lght or ion witnea?aa tor tl?? -faience. The letter pr- du-aJ from !)r Smith to Dr Parrar, a* ruled by tha Cociiiiloloaer aj ina I ail <?ll>Ie Tha " raid he ha<l m'lrn control "?er the man Maory Pl.r etf-n eiaminatlon of Mr I'arkar wa* then ooaiDtcced.bat nothing *?rjlug trom that which waa raxirlrd in yealerday'a HttuU was aliflltaJ By tha t'ouim1??ioner f>o yoa know the ag* of th* nar> Henry ? A.?I d>> aot. A ndei too H l.tiubkir bting (worn, dapnted that ha iiii wi urarjj i " (.niurjj traa in :i??*rn? una i<ioty'? rmptoy, In IUehm'<nd Virginia, Hd the m?n pro tit, I nin ptmillv* it the ram*; li* hriu?hl t?r?ii on nj irM*l l*o ur thr-n <iay? b<-lor* b>* ma away, it w*? 11 y?f ago thlr ' hrlotnixl b?rin?*t;; I knoir It, ittraUM i ??" tbarr all that Ohri-: tun*. h? wan fin >)o>?d by Mr. Ltlibey. Id tbt oap?el'jr of vattvr t ) nary ftnrm on b ard I run a paekrt batwiwa h York mi (J l.iciitnon'l 1'ioaa xitmim-d 1 at<i not koov of. ray ova knowniw th>t k* ran 11 way only I ti?*rl tt Mr While upon 'h? niilintt m?'?l fit th? di^ b*f|ii- rji tt* priioMf upon lb? grounJ* ftt?t Tbit l(i?r? h?' brm no ?ati?fa<rtory ot-r? <1 eoinp?t?t t in law. to prow hat tb* allied f?<ltii it ttn iId>* U? l*(t Virginia ?m b?ld U? MrviM iy tb* lnw.-a i>l that Stat? Piccnd.Tt.tkt th-r* h*? Wn no Mt'.?fa<"tnry ??lJ?i c? t.Pi r? d. conn *t? ni ti> law, to pt >1* that lb* atf^vd tujiti. r?cn| ?d Irnm Virginia or Iron * < y pur rti tbrrala, |o vIiib by lb* Itvt tb*t?uf be u??J MM It*. Tt lid Tfcn* fiiimir* hw b?tn a<liuitt?d,im .rup?rlj if the art* of tb* af1t>g?4 fagltl**. and ai-o r\ 1 J***' of irt( anil dteUra'lt n? ol iht* -lalniiioi That ail tb* t\dMi*? adduc*J 1 n th> p ?rt t th? rtalirani a* l? bin till* to to of tb* ilty '{'tirt inlaf?r nU?l ?n 1, mil laat Hk la* riii Intrti I notl n. Ulnrtf tt'tb. Tbat tb* . ot M: l.-r aiilah tbt Hum.*11 ?# *? *?pl?r* .hi ali??*d laillli* t? uuc..u...uu;;i*l in I *(Id T* * '< n n.i??|i n? r 'ai l b< tt> ,<hf that tb* ?re i?*4 if 11 fM i l.i ect t? t lite' 3 at IbU ?ta*? t>l tb* (,1' < 1 1 I I I* Vr. W' Hi' th*n h?aJ?l ?:? a writ of \o' >t t wfu* t? it tb?l'opr?m?C ??* 'or iltf ? p??t?n?t { Htnry Lit' it 1 inp?Mtt a* 1" rioek r>n in .r?4ay u.m mo^. T: fiBBi',?it'??- u.rn la'titha tUf W*it f i"*## > 'nfft rfitn'nTT ti? M. yi'1 T.i*|>ft?o? >i I a i ?t, kovtri r, b* Ja'.al u< i In lb* 4Ml 1/ <X >b? . 4ai*l il ?n l b ill a i.'j?uul tU? cvt l^luui *<!*/, t luc'riwl, T'r trrcvd ?n ! in Triad I?t?lf t<> tM 'i al>r ! J at* ut tao kun lr?ii fOliaMSaii. Ho iliatBTb* r,e? rr, thruiti ft. t ccnlwt of oo? or ?? . of fl1> < ? ? at thi? fourth w?r I. whifa uatji.f ?? Umt* (t l?*rnpd *?* caicaiattd. by tbvif to pr<jIup? MtUic*. In flout of th* V?IM Mar?tMt'? o*>ia ?r>1 Nl I t-v jr. a ,ar*? 1 ' ijf ? t ?<> i?r- I inplt ?r*r? ror jr?[?! .i at !!? ..)' hour, itu M. 1-4 tli-w a ni?m r ol ru*l* ;u t?ltfi?!?iO nt th? ! ? !?maary tt?? ttv lt?r. ji t U>?y ** u<t?U? 11 u ! ?> *~>n? > uios, Im?hmi?| fct- fiubai'ilt/ of Urlhar >?j*|iat * * |'tl"K ct i rj?. *. i *rT In"*" k ?f ivHli-w w?r? D ftttHiW?npp, to ? th ?t ?r*r?'p?rrt*it oil >??>ut mif ll?tai t>ft?io? )?t. Hi U IM< of tk? t U i'.'tlUP*, Ml ; 1*1 h" ? uhllU'i |1 ai?f rr ?f thp aboil* i n |mnn-I ;i?aV,r? Vj?? to ?4fri'-r tb? ?-w-nlili <1 eolorwd i>?af>]? HaaWurd th? ki ft-liir>Ml('V '* n??*w and f 'l" :< I oa 'h* fhsr?r t t til* fat rt*t irn'hlng'on Tth tofth'r with l?vgr?0t p1 ? r?ty ir-Wir* nator*. ?p?di" 1t? ''ana* l ' ,!i of fhP pul.lC p*t rP. th# ihc"f'rt it M?li ll*? to l?.i, r?. an I'h-?j-?*-r ??? l*;ti'*?4l HtKr tot..- qu or to I ?f? ?b? pla.-p Tti'*a b? r?lu?*d ln.M l illr>ly ppi??* ,n?nUj. h? wa?ta*?? Into t untody, mi t? tb?- Tmrfc* b'|or? J.i? ?(,. i II : ?rn " ' ' ? >? < if t- 11' o>? *il u> i(' >" tha ataaa of # la lh? P?tk br ??u!J ?!'. a lit* to ?o Thl* pil?li?g.? Wn?d that. tiu eon 'rt*n?a wnulu an* allow h m t? ilo IIV h? mil>* hlf at t lc fu*ltl?a. an>l Jin ai.h htm If t-"??arv. ri flailo* ttin prlWMr ** U'nm n?1 r?<um >*l rrratc a 4Mtirhaaa? took t h-rvquMia afl ' i It a?..if??t Utrn, mi U?l : b> -t t bad in tliaanw 9t fatO to ???p tha pa*c* frr 'I* K?tith? Th? prUoa r (?? Ma u?. i? a? R>l*ar<i <1* At. K*m v. and. in Of'kuU't tail, ha in lockxi up in Ihn T.>uia? ftt'-roiM ih? tr-kt.l n?r.p1? f n4ao?*4 tiimntTill I'h tti? utaiCMt pre not th? ?lwh ?t iytlmv li? ?' f f ?M> r ? wa? th?r- ?tt?rop?l all r? -<nlf < a al?h I" tuiehaM tfia ltlwrtjf of tha fputad iliftli li- Arm id. tu? daofal'** nt 'fc# Onnivt* l*Ut to h? thn ptofn-itt ? Jahn T Smith. P w?HI fl?? at I ?l* hnn1r?J flo'lara un VrHanJ. h?? ha?ii ml ?f ?!t a1r??df faf th? ptir?*ha"? nf tha fmrltl'a M In ?' <#, h????t rh >t tha af tha pI?t* if h?ld a? mi thousand dollar* laprtmr Conrt. UKMikAI. TKil a. R*f?r? Chltf Rdmood*. ?n?l ldw?.r<ti nil MIt?h?l1. In tkf muttrr nf Mr t (SrTput m fkt Prtitimt tf ,Vx ti IVrHmlK. (!< fhikaM mn4 ft TMintltrr o??r to Th*?r?J?r nornlntf. wha* ih* pri>?nm art t? N Mukt ?p iiitkiMda 4I*p?M4 ?

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