Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BIRRIff, PROPRIETOR AMD BDITOR. timet k. w. corner or riTLTON ams iu?tAi> ?r? TUB DAILY nr.HAl.D, t cent* per tow?97 per aiutwm. I'Uk W'KKKLY, every Saturday. <i/B% eentere* ??.}??, orfS r*r annum, t/u t^uropta* ttttfan, ? nny v.u I o/ Or*ul Hrtium, ami $A to any ftirluj On Contitan I. lM to includt the po.M#*. , ALL LETTERS by m,iU,/?r ,vh rt//-><u. a#*rHjrx^Titi, fo &t po?(-paW, or t\i pott.i^e urtlltf dtdiutrdfrom Itu mmity rrmtiUa. JUH PRlSTltiii txtcvU,i mM n**tn*u, ehtapmi* <m4 dttpaUh. AMUSEMKNTB Till* DA1T AND EVMNING. BOWERY THEATKK. Bowery ? Afteraoon Perform?noe ?The D?vkka*i> BrAi.m Sentence ? Yor>o Scamp. B?ani?? Perform*??*?Tua Cmw or thk Jiito-Miw Voil IlLU'lk) PUT!.1 WlLEIRE. BROAS W A V THEATRE, Broadway ? CeRalda ? L* Blitl r A til ATBK. _____ Winio'S GARDEN, Broadway?Tight Ro*e?Soi.dieii ruu Love?Naii ui. BURTON'8 THEATRE, Ch?mk?r? itroel?DwmitihH'HBieu am Actrkm?Pukwicx Clvu. NATIONS LTHEATRE, Chatham Boaar# -Af'srnftonPo*( rmant*? Di *? !?vovahi> hm Uh Movvrr?Man in rwr White Coat? Uoij an Ask. Evasion ?*crlormaac8?JBiuan BujuiHAik?Goij.jln Axk?MAC.U V.'AXU BROl'CRAM'S l.YCEl *. Br"?dw?y? Brscgham A Co.? Deei* or Drkami i. Note?The Light Gi akd. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Mechanic' Hill,472 Broadway ?Ethiopian Minstraijit. FELLOWS- 01'ERA HOUSE. 441 Broadwaj-BrmonA!. Vi.iaTUEU. . _____ AMERICAN MUSEUM?Axvaiso PERroRMAincES ArrramooH Aim Evuiiao. NEW YORR AMPHITHEATRE, 37 Bwery-Eyi-ErraiAw ruii'kM'-i-. WASBINCTON HALL? Panoraha or Pilgrim'! Pront?. ___ SATTI ER'8 COSMORAMA, corner of Thirteenth atree ui Ilrc?dwnjr. OlYIPiC TU It A TKE?Optica i. Tn Niw Aork, Wi'dnrnUf, Occrmbor i'i 1850. Telrgraplilc Summary. Our ttle praj hie reports arc chiefly distinguished by the aiinouucemc&t of changes iu the cabinet in Canada, and the resolutions passed at the great Union met ting in New Haven. The despatch from Toronto, though a brief one, indicates that the political element* are somewhat disturbed in that quarter; hut whethtror not anything very novel has occurred, beyond what is stated, can only be a subject of inference. The mails will soon give us particulars which may be interesting. J^The resolutions adopted at the great Union meeting iu New Haven, show a spirit in Connecticut like that which has pervaded several other important ci'ies o( the Northern States. We think that the people of the South will find fresh reasons, in tinee new evidences of conservative and patriotic teeliop, lor reijinc upon the aiucerity of the intelligent masses of the North. The dastardly attempts of demagogues to elevate themselves, even at the risk of the confederacy, ky the proclamation of their own presumption, and by their ambition to read a higher law than is immediately given for the government of a nation, we rejoice to Mtv, has met with another rebuke tint ie at once decisive and pointed in its application. The excrescence of the whig party is found to be like a canker eating into the very vital* of its growth, and we know of noway in which to cure the evil but to cut out every evidence of it, if nu n would preserve all that is wholesome and worthy of flourishing. The time has come when it is necessary to cease that tampering wiih the evil, which will gather strength by the least encouragf nient. The political pruning knivea at Washington should cut hard, deep, and fust, till the rnnk venom is thoroughly extirpated. Anything short of this will be fuuud to be a dangerous delicacy, that will result in perfect ruin. Our telegraphic news from various cities, gives the state of the weather in different sections of the country, and it will be pcrceived that on severe! railroads the trains have been detained for inuiy hours. Tlit Union Dlovtmtnt-Thc Good Wstk rtlll going on. We published in yesterday's Herald, a full report f the great sjeech delivered hy the Hon. Daniel Webster, at the Astor House, on Monday evening left, and to day -cur readers will find, in another column, a full report of another speech, delivered t>y the aame distinguished statesman before the I'nirn Safety Committee, ol thi* city, in the City Hall, yesterday. If the one was of great interest, which every one will admit, so ia the other. Indeed, the speech which Mr. Webster delivered yesterday, in re?|>onse to the welcome which he received from the Union Safety Committee, ia wore interesting than the other; for while Mr. Webster was trammelled, as it were, on the evening of the New England festival, he was free and unfettered in the company of t/iose whom he well knew were pledged to sustain the constitution, in the expounding of which the orator has mado himself so celebrated. There can be no donbt of the r< action which has taken place in public sentiment in regard to the subject of slavery, within the last few months, in the North, and especially since the passage of the compromise measures of the last Congress. Our brethren have discovered, apparently quite suddenly, that in indulging their philanthropic whims and vagerles?which, by the way, were of a very abstract and metaphysical character?they were giving " aid and comfort to the enemy"? they were assisting ia laying a train, the Itimate eiplosion of which would annihilate aot only this republic, but the cause of re. publicaai'm everywhere. It occurred to them thai demagnguea, intent on nothing nut their own personal advancement, were lesdisg thrm astray? that scheming politicians, under the guise of philanthropist*. were perverting their impulse#, and drawing them into a course of policy which, if carried out to the end, would unquestionably produce a dissolution of the Union. They pauied and reflected, and with reflection came the " second sober thought," that it waa very well to indulge in abolitionism and free-aoiliam, in the al>atract, as long aa the loxury coat nothioc; bnt when the question of union or diarolution was involved, they very quickly ahowed they were Americana, and that much aa they loved the ahatract freedom of the negro, they loved their country more. They disregarded all lawa higher than the constitution, in the common aenae, when this light broke in upon them, ami the result has been as perfect, as complete, and aa overwhelming a reaction in public opinion as haa been witnessed in ancient or modern times It seemed aa if they were called #pon to decide whether they were abolitioniats or Americans, and that, by a majority that drowned all opposition, they said they were the latter. Let these meetings and re-unions of the frienda of the Union go on. We cannot have too many of thrm. And more, too?let ua have a Union party North, South, Kast, and party that will pledge the mselves to the support of the Union and Gonatitution;?a party that will pledge itself to neither nominate or elect any candidate who ia not fot the Uaion?the Union aa it 1% and nothing but the Union. The North waa hound to take aueh a course. Unquestionably the South hare Buffered at our handa. Many of our beat meaning citizena have unconsciously been injuring the South for a aeries of years, and it ia only right and proper that they shoald make reparation, now that they hare discovf red their error. They can make reparation by organizing themselves, without distinction of party, into Unionists?into a brotherhood of Americans, determined to support the Constitution and the I nion as they were given to them, and as perfect as they would wish to trancmit them to their chil 4m. SnAM^iiir 0?io.?Thiaatearmr had not arrived at two o'clock thia morning She haa, oadoubt dlf. been detailed at Haraaa, by the not arrival o# the Patific from Cha#rea, with the Califoraia adr We ma? pretty confidently eipect the O. ume to (Icy. QrALmr or New Yobk Mii.k.?Our readers will find in our columns, to-day, the conclusion of the milk trial, which created so much atir daring the ]?^t week, comprising a portion of the testimony, the charge of the Judge who presided on the occi* non, and the verdict of the jury. It has for several days been crowded out. The whole case ought to be printed in pamphlet form, and a copy placed in the hand* of every head of a family in the city. From the evidence of the medical men, given on the trial, it was shown that a very large quantity of the milk sold in. New York, and consumed by our citizens, is poisonous?that for confectionary j purposes it is comparatively valueless, and t??tt >l su|>eriiuluce6 disease in children of tender years. Tins is the fluid known as swill-milk, taken from cows fed on swill, and confined in stalls in the upper parts of the city. The swill, it was proved, diseases the animals?destroys their teeth so that they cannot eat hay, and it was shown that disease of the animal was communicated to the milk. Is it Bny wonder, then, that our little ones are swept oil in euch great numbers, as they are every summer, when they consume such a villainous compound as swill milkT Hundreds and thousand* of them die every summer by cholera infantum and kindred disorders, superinduced, we have not the slightest doubt, by this impure milk. We hope and trust the authorities wiC direct their attention to this subject, and break up the numerous poison manufactories, in the upj>er part of l/ie cny, luiurr uic uumr ui uainrs. 11 10 a duuject well worthy of investigation. As Judge Daly well remarked, in his charge to the jury, men who sell milk of this description commit public crime; and we may add, that parents who allow their children to use it, are doing them an irreparable wrong, and preparing work for the doctors and un* dertakers. Let the public insist upon rooting out those nuisancer, and we shall have a supply of good and wholesome milk. Rikg Found 0* BircOy:* e's Camp Grov^d.?We have seen a very handsome gold and enamel mourning ring that *i< found. In Junn last, in (Irienwioh. Wi<hingtcn county, on tlic banks of the Hudson. This relic was found about two miles north of the plaje where General Burgoyne surrendered to Gen Oat?s. OetobcrTi 1777. and where the lormer General bad bit enoarnpiut nt. The ring was found by a boy, while he was planting a field, and is in a ptrfeot state, the enamel bearing, in distinct gold letters, " Robert Johnson, Ob. 16. Nov. 1770. 2E, 71." The probability is that the ring belonged to some officer of the Brltlih araiy. (It/ Intelligence. CiinisTMAn Eve.?Most of the churches of our ?ity were adorned, last evening, with holty and ivy, and oth?r evergreens, and to day vlll present a gay and chet riul appearance, even in the laidtt of bleat, o aid winter. Masoxic Ck: ehratjow.?The M. W. Gran 1 Lodge of Free and Accepted Mmniii of the Stata of Now i ork, nn the twenty-seventh will have a celebration to commemorate the union of tbe brethren hitherto uiuier the jurisdiction of St John's Grand Lodge with the Grand Loage ot the State, The Grand Lodge will assemble at the t'ity Hotel, at*inlne o'clock on the morning ol Friday next, when the grand lodges of other States will be Introduced A procession will tbt njnove to Triplet Hall At the "nine time th.' St. John's Grand Lodt-e and Its subordinate lodged will meet at i!74 Grand street, lora a procession *nd proceed to Tr^pler TI all. where th" Miiseulc eer-monles will take place The services will open with a prayer nodtymn; then a flourish cf trumpets will indicate the reception of th* St. John's Ledge. A Masonic song will follow, with other appronriat? exercises. An oration will the", be delivered, and the united bretbrea will then moTe in a grand proc?'?ior down Broadway, up Chatham street, through the Bowery to Union square, and thence to Tripler Hail, where the dinner will take place at five o'clock, the ceremony promises to be a very gr#nd one and the public may be expected to t ike much Interest In it. Hjsi arc-no* ok a Coihii h Dutil'.erv hv Fire.? Betwi en one and two o'clock, yesterday alternoou. a fire broke out in the camphene distillery of Mr, Keilley, situated in Unnsevort street, near the Ninth avenue, and owing to the vast quantity ot combuitible material that w.ts in the pn misei, the tlames spread , with great rapidity, ard Dallied the active exertions of the > nglne. Hose, and Hydrant Companies that were promptly on tt>e grcund In strong force, headed by the indefatigable Chiel Kugineer of the Fire Department, who made every effort to cheek the progress of the devouring element; but. notwithstanding, the shedj and otaer nuiouutfingt were totaujr destroyed. This is tl?n third time the same distillery baa been am &rn during the last four months Two Ftara.?About two o'clock yesterday morning a fire broke out at No 664 Grand street, which was extinguish! d without serious damage. Another brohs nut In (aery store, No. 183 William street. The derange was trilling. AvoTHm Firr.?About eight o'clock yesterday ra*rnIng. k Ore broke out In the attic of a dwelling home corner of Robinson and Washington streets, (occupied by a number or poor families) but was put out before making much headway. The Watchman Kihb Compant, of Baltimore, one of the best and most rerpectabla companies in that city, will leave home cn the morning of the 30th Inst, and arrive here that evening Th:?y will be met at the depot by almost the entire Ore department of this city, in uniform, with their apparatus, and after being escorted by a torch-light proo-sslon, will partake of a collation, and then be escorted to their headquarters, Wilson's nou?e. 112 Mr roe r street. Fauliho or af? bitnaitumewt?0w? Ma* I^jvsico.? Yesterilsy morning, about 9 o'clock, while a number of laborers were employed In excavating a cellar far a new building, to b? erected on the corner of Fourth avenue aud Twenty-fourth of the embankments raved In. and burled a workman. named Moses O'Nell. beneath the earth, who was soon dug out with his thigh broken, and various portioaa of his body badly injared. Thomas Uuen and two other men. had a narrow escape from also being burled. The Injur*-1 man was taken to hla residence. No. 100 Klerenth street where medical attendance was Immediately brought to bl.o aid. Arnrt^v ;? Wasiwvctow stukct.?About three O'clock, on Monday afternoon, while Mr. John Martin, rt.'lding at No 444 fourth street, was passing Lilianthal's tobacco warehouse, at 319 Washington street, a heavy ttone window sill was blown from the third story, and (truck him upon the head, producing a serious fracture of the skull, and badly Injuring his collarbone He was felled to the pavement, and pirked up lnfx-nslble by the occupants of the building, I who kindly procared a carriage and conveyed him to tbeisewiotk llotptial, wueie t.o received due att*atlOB. Thi M< M?*i ? G- of Jerney City. named after the foreman of Arrrireah Engine Company, No 2, nad under the eommtLil of Capt. Btlnard. numbering twanty five rou?ket?. paeaed tha tUraU office yenterJ*y. on their way to Mount Morria, for target practice They locked W?U and made a very creditable appearance. They were accompanied by Altkla rff aahingtcn Bran Baad. iMraorra Cewnrrr or * Stab* T>ai>ti kin two P*?o? tmt Croto* Liar.?On Friday erenlng. one of the Mag** of theCroton line, (aur Infarman: think* Na 62** there wa? ao light in tha ttaga.l running from tha Fnlton ferry to Fifth aveaue paeaed tha HtrmU office. up at ten mlnuteeto (J o'clock. when a gentleman g< t In At the corner of Chamber* (treat two oth?r* were taken up and one of th*m commenced emoklnf afegtr There wera about eight peraon* In the oanlbu*. and thi* wu offensive to eome of them lie wa* , re'.nrxted nrt to qaoka. hut he paid no attention to the request On being aeked a^rala, ha Mid ha wa? from Ueorgla. and that tha>e who did not like tha mi' king might i**ve the omnlbu*. On b?ing aeked a third timet" de*l?t from emnklng. hl? friend paaaed tha driver of the omnibn* a dollar, ae If to pay for all tha eeata. and a hint to thoea who did not Ilka the etnoklng to leave the omnibn* The driver, who wu complained to eeveral time* and did not interfere, accepted the dollar, and three gentlemen immediately left the Mage In coateiinenne The proprietor* of thl* line raght to look to tiile matter. Mnalrai. Tairua IUll ?The two gran-1 ma ileal fedlval* which Anna Blehop oiler* for thu afternoon and evening. are exceedingly attractive. Anna Hlehop. Mi** and Pigoor NOTflll. will anrh display their mnalcai | abllltlae Mr. DnibN. the nr-'it marital director. will lead tb? orrhaatrnl department aid Anna niahop wIL. 1 alng aereral ?plen<li4 mu?lral ??m? which, in her | hat da. will raeelra all that tha beat knew lad** of toealliatlon can Impart to them It will ba worth tha prlaa af a.ltn !??lrn to hear her alng tha thrl'lln* melody aftha " Lait Ho?a of Bummer CnaiatT ? Mioaraai Thl? celebrated band will (Ira an afternoon and arming perfornanea to day. Tha ?el<?tlcna of melodiea and other attraetlra teatnre* will, no donbt. draw a larga a?aeoiblnfa of our cltliana The aoloa on tha rlolln and gnitar nra excellent r?i io*?' Mmaraitu - Tha atnuaemanU at thl* naw and baantitnl hall, for thl* aftercoan and craning, ct n?l?t of tha dholeatt K'.hloptan raelodle?. burl??.(iie dancing aoloa on tha banjo, violin, and a?oordaon flamra aaaU aarly and enjoy a good traat PaarwriL Co*nrar or Mini R*r?HPaow.? Thl* affair wfll come off on Friday arantng neat. wLan. It la bopad. bar countrymen will mu?tar atrong and *lra bar a bumper. flba may not be tha moat ael?ntias rorallat bnt bar natural aUalna ara rary efTeetlra. and can r?ach i ha baart. A?roa Ti ara Orraa Hoi ?* ? Tha nait p?rf< rmanra will taka place to- Morrow night, and It will ba observed that tha ntartainmant la ona that promlaea to ba cry Interaatlng and ?atl?factory. * laarn alao. that thare la aoon to ba a rary grant naralty at thla honae I ; tha celebrated ballat frnr' Of Frofaaao'r Rlaley. baring arrnaa rrntn I an? ?r? ?oc n to appoar Bar#. an 1 | rumor MJ? that thtra will b? ?%u?? for rrry graat rnltiHrlwrn It m*y b? ranirinb?rr.l that Prof KtiUy h*? ??l?ct?-d tha mo?f beautiful dancer* of Part* for hi* roapany. anil that arary p?rf. rw?r hM a high Karopaan reputation, Pneh an anterprtoa.aotalriolog *ooh tal?at. ol noara*. naaaot fall to prova rtrt at tneUti Tbara wars 1*7 <l?ath? la rhiUdtlahla, 4nrlag the ?**k * Tiding the tlit ia?t. j The C&lc?IU Tut Kxtent?Farther Parti" j bi ml art. u the torm which overthla olty onMoniley, I [J keen of ?laio?t unpurmllcleJ extent; and though it 4 *? only wind here, producing reaulta not rery diaaa- e: UUUP /vi* iu uuier par is ui me cuuuuvuv ii> wmm ?? r ma.Vably fevere. There was little or no anew here; ? but in tca? placet the en w storm waa of almoat unex- 1 ampled severity. From the account* received by tele- J graph, it appears the gale extended aa far aa Washing- 1 , ton, aouth; Montreal, north: Ualilax east; and Bu<a}o, I went? thus traversing over a space of one million square I J miles It Is a renmkable (act that notwithstanding 1 r the severity of the storm, we receive!, on tha same ' 1 night, intelligence of itaoaieer from those points so ' distant from New York and each other. How far It has extended beyond the area we have mentioned, we ( cannot, as yet. determine, but no doubt it will be i found that it haa spread Itself over far wider limits j than these. Thu change in the temperature was very remarkable. The thermometer on Monday merning was at I 61 degrees. Yesterday morning the mercury stood at J 17. That however.Is not so low a.< It was on tha morn- , iug oi the 20th. December last year, when there was . a similar atorm, and the same low tides, and the same 1 ' ( stoppage of the ferry boats. The thermometer on that , occasion was at 0. The severity of the weather , however, Is more lelt now than latt year, from Its coming on so suddenly after an unusually fine autumn. Avery beautiful sight wa.t exhibited yesterday at the Bowling Green fountain. Itwashnugall round with icicles, beautifully white and transparent. In oonseiiuence of the severity of the storm, the ( Northern mall due on Monday and the Eastern mail , due yesterday merning. have not arrived. We are In ( debted to Kingsley'saxpress for Boston papers, brought by the steamboat Bay State, the only one which came through the Pound on Monday night. We subjoin some further particulars:? Yesterday morning, the water was still so low at the . Bouth Feiry that it was necessary to keep the Wyandatik in the slip, and use her deck as a bridge tor thu | passengers by the other boats ] The steamer Hay (state, of the Fall Iliver Hue. was , ; the only boat from the eastward yesterday mornin 8be arrived at about 11 o'clock, and reported that the i night was the most uncomfortable that has bfen ex- 1 parienced in the Sound this season, the wind blowing 1 a stiff pale from the W. N W., and the weather i | was Intensely cold Her chimney* and rod? were ! covered with Ice, from the affects ot the waves < washing over her. She met the steamer gtat^ of Maine. of the Fame line, from thin place for Fall Hirer, at half past 1 o'clock yesterday morning, betirt en . | Stoninpton and Newport. The Commodore, of the Ptonington lie. wa.'. t-tfa at 7 o'clock yesterday mora- < ! ing, off New Haven. I The mail intended for the Boston steam ?r to-day , wa* despatched ever the New Haven railroad, by ] the through train, which left yesterday afternoon < 8t 3 o'clock. -Our various forwarding and express , houses likewise sent messenger* by the same train The New Haven train from New York, due at halfpast five on Monday evening, did not arrive until 4 ? o'clock yesterday morning. The trains from every quarter wero detainej, from the severity of the storm from two to twelve hours. | The l ull Kivcr train arrived yesterday morning at , ' I fi rty minutesp%st 10 o'clock. The shipping lying in the river bwrderlnc: on the 1 ! Fifth ward, was'much damaged by thu win I J The j . i sloop Ann Amelia at pier No. 33, North river was sank: i nd the batk Vfw J Tiers, lying at *l?r No. S2. j t L lind her fides itove in. Other vessels lying in this I part of the rivet, wt-re consid?rably injured by chafing , , j against the piers and each other. The ship Niagara, from Liverpool, which lost her I f' iem?'t mainmast, ncd mlzm top r?a?t. bythegile I while ildicg at anchor at the S. W. Bplt. was towed np I i j nttHta/, 1 , The slocp Talma, before noticed as ashore at the j Battery, was lying high ai d dry yesterday morning. ! < Ene is spparettly not Injured, with the exception of i | annje damage cono to li?r bottom by chafing against i tha rrtki. In the n< Ighborhooi of tb? South F.'rry. there was alfo aon-.e damage done to the craft*. The aehooner Kdward Crollua. moored there. <?* t juttl J to prevent h?t going to pieces, after bri**:;in? from h*r moTlnga. Eke is the prcp?rty of Mr W.J Voorhlaa. The achooner Advocate *?? also sri lonely Injured : and the schooner llichtl. Capta'n (lege, lo?t h?r deck load of ! brick*, anfl was eo badly itael that it was found neeeasary to unbatten her liatiht'fl and let hei fill, in orier i to prevent her being dashed to pieces We lave tot received ueww of any damage to Teasel* In the found or bIodst the coast, yet, and it in very likely, from the direction of the gale, that the cisualltii'j have been very trifling, though the gale was go neTere I j A clerk of Fowler 4 Odell, corner of Gran<t and Clint?-n ttieife. wan eevwvly injur d yesterday morning by fha icnttle of an adjoining house being blown (T and atrikicg him on the head. lie U not expected to reI cover. Thi- fnry of the gale waa felt most aeverely on the Procklyn rid* of the Kant Klvtr, and particularly 1 about tfouth Brooklyn, whtra Ita ravages w?ro more numerous than we can accurately aet forth. The ] evlnrlpal disaster*. however. In Addition to thn?* already related. were, that a raiige of frame buildings, ! crntainlrg about t?n houses, the property of Mr. 9 P. TownaenJ. and rltuftted on llamtlton avenue, between 0???l nud Clinton afreets, waa completely destroyed, being levelled to their foun'latlone. ?? waa alao a house In Hamilton avmue, In the course of erection. near the ferry, tba property of Mr McGulre. In the earn* avt Due the roof waa Mown off the house of Mr Ale*, ander. tear I'nlon atreet The roof already reported aa having b?en blown off a building of the Atlantlo Doek. waa the tin one ov?r ene of the warekonaea rilled It up as If It were aaheetof paper, acd it waa da<hed to the ground without doing any fnrthrr damage A new frame building, jnet com..? n..* fTMe.l aw.nno ne.a J \ ?i> blown down, and every timber eru?h?d or broken I In Court atreet. era* Summit. ai* building*. n*arlr ecnipletf d were proetrated. In Union atre?t a houa* I btlonglr.g to Mr. 11 ? ry Fmnfr, waa greatly damaged The high chimney of the dintillery at the coraer of Paoiflo etreet and Flatbush avenue. tell with a trrmen doua cra?h. The ahlpplng on the Brooklyn ride of tba rirer auf. 4 fend aeverely. Among other raaualtle*, an herma- j phrodlte brig, of the Wilmington lino. wan driven j , aehore at llumber'a Hook. Jurt beyond Qowanu* Hay, and only eanaped deatruetion by mnt r??k* running oat at that point, by a few fathom* She lay In the asm* pcaitlon up to laat night Twoaloop* were driven lihMt, beyond blgh watwr mark, jurt beyond Fort t Hamilton, Innumerable minor ca*ualtie* occurred, . both whore and in tba river. BT MAIL. OT'R BAI TIMOR K CORRKSPO!Vrr?CI. ( BaLTiMOan, Dae. 34.1S50. ffr had a aterm, a I moat approaching a hurricane In the vicinity af tba elty. yeeterday, tba wind blowing at auch a violent rata throughout tha day, that pedaetrianifm waa aim out out of tha quaatloa. eapeelally with the ladles, who are anxlou* to ba out (pending Ibilr Cbrlatmaa fund*. or* rniLAPKLI KtA C01lTlK?r0!1D*!?C1t. PiiiLADBi.rHiA, Dae. 24,1M0. Among tha damage* rauaed by the atom, y eater day, waa tha deatruetica of a large building, recently put up aa an addition to Douradoure'a aoap and eandle factory, on Market afreet, near tba RelinylkiU. Tha walla war* three etc tie* high, but had nat been roofed la* Tha weather la bitter coll, to-day, and will, donbtleaa. freetenp our canai?. but aa to morrow had been fixed upon for cloalng them, tba coffer* of the Itate will not ?n(Ter materially in conae'jaence of IU hap p?aing one day eooner. [Prom the Philadelphia North Ameriaan, Dee. 34 1 Luring the prevalence ot the blgh wind yeeterday, aeveral new building* were more or leea demand. The wall and teadoldlng or on* on Mark*t *trw*t. near ? ' the Bchujlklll. wa< partially blown down, and two or * thraa other* on l!oat)l *tr*at near th? Ka?tern Penl- *' ; t'ntlarv thtrad a atrallar tat? Sign board*, trap '* . dorr*, and pl*o?? of tlmb-r of different kind*, war? ' i torn away and thrown Into the atreeta l}ult?- an *i- * eltement wa* can*ed In t ha rlelnlty af Ohaanat and 1 Third atreet*. In eoaceijaenr* of a number of bnarda being blown fram the *?affoldiag on p.irtlon* of Dr. b 1 Ja;nr'* large building. aareral par?oa* narrowly aaraplng itjory from th?m. We regret to etata that a ?< female. named Mary Clark, wa* *erloa*ly hart by tha ' aign of the lllaek IInr*e T*rern. Markat *treet. near ' Flerenth falling upon her a* *ha wa* pamdag along tha pavement TLe ontortunata woman wa* ooarayad M ; to th* hocpital. N Dir.AWARK Lrwra, Deoemhar J8? l)f P. M ? The etorra continue* to prevail with great rloleoea. m 1 *o ainrh *o that ao boat ooald ?nr***d In reaching tha k Breakwater. A great nambar of T***al? ara la tha *' raadrtead Two *ehooaer* hare eome aahtra laald* tba Plteh of tha Can* thl* afternoon, alao, two aohoon- Pi er*har**unk la tha harbor, and two othar* had to n hara thalr dk'i eat away toprarent their anialng on k tba baaah. Tha ?aow and wlad ara terribly flare* d from N. W. d< BOfftWI. TI fProai tha Bo*t<a Jouraal I>?e 28 ] h On* of tha mo*t eerere *torn>* which ha* baa* ** t< patlancail la thl* rlefnlty tor **r*ral rear*. aat la la?t w night batwaaa alght and alaa o'aloak A law hour* II attar th* roDiraaaranaat at tha *10101. mow fall, but ai at about mldaight lha wlad (whlnh wa* from th* p< nottbeaat) Ineraaaad la *nd tha (now changed pi to rain, whlrh fall la ( rrwata Thi* morning, at rl*a tba crala waa ragtag moat larionaly. and tba baro- P matar wa* lowar than It baa be?a In thl* vleialty for 01 aaveral year* (W 10 ) Tba gala ha* aomewhat mode- r? ratad la rlalaaaa. bet at noon It continued to blow di rerr beatlly from tba aortb. aaeampaaied with rain bi 4 hftil a< Th* bipjlr c In tho hftrbor ha* c?n"ral1y rod* ont w th? gal* In tl>? wind ant hating b#?n from th* ?? rti bt ijiiart?r to do murh V? Irarn tktt a brlf ?? *?*n thl* fr>r*nonn it di anchor ?b< nt mil* from < h?lo?? B**rh. with both m ir a#t*ret iti;. and ?l|?n?l ol dl?lrm flyln*. bnt bar tl n*m* ct-uM not bo aaowrtainad Th* ?p?r?. rail*. Ate , ol bad com* aahor* en th* b*arh Th* ?t**a>?r tl. R ai I'oib*-* will j rnr??d to render **?l?Une* m W? h??r that tba fram? of th* n*w Rpla^npal church ol which tw bflt| *rnct*d on tba corner < ' Pari" and 01 T>?e?tur treet* Rt*tT'."*ton wa* blown down about 01 (phi o'clock thl* mornlnc Tba rool of tba eharnh fr <m ecrarad and tba fiam? wti partly bearded m Th* b?rrm*t?r f?ll, from Sunday antng nt t*n * o'clock to Monday neon, from iw 1 t? MM; nt * on* o'clock P. M.. tt hftn to rl*c. and nt t?n itMd at ** M 1* thai* w?r* bnt taw dba?t?n In onr bar- ' l<r, for ft nftr'.beftft fterm doei rtry li.tla fam>|i ra It ?r?. Some Meldaata ooenrred t!?:??ra?? <n la Btt IpiwOf?1 "hlc{? ?M Mm ?r??M on tie corner of Park tea Daa**^ rtreota. lut Bo?i>n. vif blown uown about eight o'eloek yaeter- >] ?J more in* Tka roof of the e bar oh ?H eorred and the flraaa ?u partly hoarded. Tha Ia/.ii A vnn nf *aJ / ? ? arffti *IU htr. els macker-I on board, punk off the end of India 'hart, In the morning, and a ballast lighter between 1 adian and Kuwt'i wharf, met the came late. A brig 4 raa men, yesterday forenoon, at anohor about a mil* ( p'om Chelffu Beach, with both masts eut away, and > sipnil ef distress (lying. bat her name could not be iscerlained The spars, sails *c .had com* ashore on ) he btach. The steamer K. 1) Korbes left in the after- < loon to reader assistance North of Boston the saow itorm was mora severe, there being less rain. All the 1 Sorthern, Western and Kastarn railroad trains were ate ytsterday.? Boston Courier, Dec 24. LOWELL. The snow commenced falling last evening, and kept in xteadlly until morning. The ground hat a great weight of snow, whioh we trust, will remain and furnish sleighing lor the winter The mall did not arrivo bere until past 10 o'elock.?[Lowell American, Dec. 83. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. The severest storm ot the season commence! on

Sunday evening, and aontinued, with little or no battment, for twenty-four hours. Bnow, rain, and ball, in alternate layers, have been packed in a hard muse, that will take something more than a common January thaw to dissolve. We should judge that ihont lire Inches bad fallen. Last evening, it came off in a heavy blow, and everything under the eontrol of the wind was flying splteinlly through the air.? SpringJUtd Republican, Dee. 24. ACCOUNTS BV TELEGRAPH. 1IY THE M08HK AND BilM LINES. NEW YORK STATE. Alba*v, Dee. 24.1850. The snow storm ceased last night. b?t the wind blew k perfect gale until morning. The Boston railway ferry boat is frozen tight in the middle of the river, and pa?lungers cross the ice on foot. The thermometer, at Watervliet, has been four d?rrees below zero. In this city, from two degrees above 10 two degrees below zero. tp to tbii time, 10 P. M , at Albany, weather continue* very cold. We hnve received no mall we*t of Syracuse, The Boston malls, in the Housatonie tratn, which lalt New k'ork on Monday evening, to-night paused, on the way ?p the train which left this city on Monday morning, m-ar Bridgeport, and the trains which left LhU city on llonday uflernoon and this moralug, near Great bar irjfton. Oar last nail from New York wan that of Banday veiling. T7tica, Dec. 21?A M. Tbe weather i* clondy and very cold. At 0 A. M. the .hermometer indicated 0 degrees below zero. The tnersury in tlie thermometer now stands at 11 degrees ibcvt- zero, barometer. 80-0. The snow is about thirty nches deep, and Is much dilfted. The wiud, yerteri*y and to-day, has blown with the force of a hurri;ai?. We b*Te not recelred any mail west of Syracuse since Saturday. Si raci'se, Pes. 21?10 P. M. Tbe snow is two feet deep, and the weather very :old, with a prospect of Its being clear to-morrow. KocHKSTta, Dec. 24-8 P. M Tbe horizon it clear and tbe weather U very cold, ["he storm is entirely ever, and there is a prospect of t day to-morrow. No mail* east of Geneva have been received since Sunday morning. BrrrALo, Dec. 24?8 P. M. Tbr gale of yesterday bas abated, and we have bad a rery fine and clear, but piercingly cold day. with the nir.d N. W. The eldghiDg has been splendid. At four ?'cbck this afternoon, the thermometer noted 22 d 'g. ibe vn uro; it has since fallen 11 deg. A larger of snow has lallen than at any previous time 'or many yearr. and is so much drlited that several of :he roads in the vicinity are completely blocked up the sleighing in the city has been splendid for the pa?t 'onnigbt. The sky is now cloudy, and has the appear iecp ct morefnow. WV h*T? not rt-celvcd any Eaetern mill aioce 8uu!lj. unit 10 rue ram* in the train tb it hit* just arrived. I b? fret train ( I oars. propelled bj three locomotive*. :id? iuilatt night, at 11 o'clock, without any passen[?r?. The propeller Oynx, for who>? safety fear* were i-niruliird, arrlvrd ?< mewhat daniH^d lautjereuing. !fcf bad been fcrcud to lie to under I'oint Abino. Tho thermometer. this mcmirig, stood at 11 degreaa Lbov? xero; this evening it is 22 degrees abate. Massachusetts. Boston, Dee. 24,1860. Wc have yet heard of no serious diaastere by the ate pale, although It li feared that maay bare oeurr?d. The schooner Albion, from Philadelphia, with . :u*1. waa obliged f> cut away both mants to prevent lolng cn thore at Chelae* beaah. Bhe haj been towed to the city. Tbe brig Sarah Griffith, from Mobile, waj run ashore it Cchasset Flat*. and will have to discharge to g<?t off. .'he ship Plymouth Kock. la below from Liverpool. The fall of sn?w to tbe north and tbe <a*t has been :'*J great, and retards tbe trains in all directions, he train from Mew York via New Karen, due last venlng. did not reach her* until 4 o'clock this morn- i ng The paasengers by the rail river boat last night ire the cnlv ones who have yet reached this eity. The weather was still very cold at nine o'eloek this truing auu lutri * on* sieigoing. RHODE ISI.AMD. P*OTtncMc(, Dee. 21?10 P. M. The weather Is clear and cold, and we bar* good lelghlag. VZRMOTT. BraLiwoTOf, Dm. 24.1950. A sr vere storm and gal* prevailed her* all day yae rday. and was the fsroast experienced for many ears. Wo do not at present hear of any very serious lamsges by It. CANADA. Mowtbesl. Dec. 24,1860., Teeter Jay, a heavy sn*w storm swept orer thla city, he moat severs that haa visited ui for twenty year*. 11* feared considerable damage ha* been sustained. ROTA SCOTIA. liti irtt, D*o. 23,1840. This province haa b**a visited by a lurious easterly now itorm. PolIrr liitelllgerxe. J r>nhimrit H'atlrr.?A black man, byfthe nam* of Wcs Henry Jackson. a waiters* the Irving House. wa< irreeted verterday by offleer Lamont. one of the Chiefs ipecial aide, on a charge of stealing property from the hoarder* ot that hotel On searching the negr*. a gold ratch was found also pawn tickets of tww others, and isew overcoat, valued In all at near >.100. which pro's rty had been stolen by the accused, at varloos time*, rom the boarder' The rogue was conveyed before the 'hlef of Police, who committed him to prison to answer h* charg*. jfrrnf.// Burglart ?On Sunday night some burglars orced an entrance iato the clothing store of Mr l)eToot. No 142 Fulton street, and stole lherefr*m three nit* of clothing. The rogues w*r* three In number, ad dlvnted themselr** of their old elothing. which hey left In the store, and placed on their bodlos as such new clothing a* poeelbl*. Ye?terda.T,'the three mrglars wrre arrested by (he Fourth ward police, and he major portion of the clothing found on tb*1r perons They gave the nam** of Robert ftlmpson. >'>*? IcOuIre James Mitchell, and Denni* MeCauley All hree were conveyed before Justic* U*born. who com *itt*d tbsm to prison tortrial 7r? fat * N?tor itmt T'U Th?f. - A yonng man. well nown to the police as Cha* Hayden. wn* det*cted. on londay night, extracting moneyfrom lhe till of 0Claus?, grocer, corner of West Broadway and Anthony treat The regue, when brought before th* police ourt. was Identified as an old offender, and likewise n escaped convict from Blackwell's Island. It I* nit* time such rognee were ladlated for a second INne*. es the penitentiary **nt*no* appears to work ut very little reformation BmrgUny ?The dwelling house Wo 110 RnHlvta irtfi. Mrupira ny u u < ragin mimurM nnnon ij night. by *? barglar* ?ttb th* at4 of tale* k*y*. 4 after tarnlug ot*t th* content* of th* bureau* nd r|o*et*. mrilod of foar *v*r*oaU. on* frock eont, im* (tlfcr *poon?. a flat*, and mujt otb*r artlel** OIRNl. Caught in the Act ?k burglar. by th* nam* of Patrick noon. wa* arr?*t*d on Mndu night caught In th* 9t Of breaking Into tb* preml*** No it Centre mar?t pl*ra, evidently with Intent to *t*al Tb* beared *ii committed to prtaon for trial, Canlum t? ShnI Mthcrt.?A complaint >M mad* OB iturdar before Ju?tlee Lothrop, by b y*ung woman, am*d Rlirabetb Charlton, agalnat a French *hlrt mi er, Itoated la Broadway, wh? wa? charged with Iranolently keepiat on* dollar from the complainant uo rr the following clrcaaMtano** The Pr?ai?haian ad ertUed for uhlrt maker*; the complaisant railed at I* rtore and depoeited at hi* r<*i?**t one dollar aad >ok out a *hlrt to make, for which *ha an<l*r?tood eh* a* to r*c*lt* tr* chilling* A ?mall book wa* k*wl*e given her, and on her return bom* oh* found utered In that boak the prle* to be paid, two and ?ltm?e;" finding *ba eonld not mak* th* *hlrt far that rlc*. ?be ye*terday morning returned the *hlrt naiad* and r?q nested th* retarn ot her dollar. Th* r rrnrbman beoam* angry, flew lato a rag*, aad rdered tb* complainant lr*m tb* (tor*, and r*fo?ed to Turn nri in* aonar. in* po it vninn. to mi n- n r???. applied to tika l?t ward polio*, wkoooar*y*d h?r tl tfnti tbr iflitnlr Tk* rmrbnit *>i ramani ? I to app*ar iha dollar wu r?tur??d by him to th* d man and th* ?a*l?trat? held kirn to bail la th* r< ib of t'JOO to answer th* charr" .< lUtrl htfi fr?.|??tit not In** of d*pra?tlon? <-'<mmltt?d hr ?oa?* r*fii?? who It iwmit har* 01 a?i* it th?lr t>iiMin*><Mi t* ?i?lt one hot?l? ant plunder < i* trnnk* of th* board* On th* I *th iMtoit one (r I th* hrailm' room? at Kathhun tlloUl ?M *nt*r*d |r fid robbed of a a*w froek eaat, on* brilliant, an *na- it el breaet pin an opera gla?a together with unndry |a b*r artlelea Theroo? al?o ot Mr. Tkotnaa IIowm. ?1 n* of th* boarder* at Howard a Hotel. waa eatered j? ne night dor'n* th* wa*k and hie trunk brok*n open, t? om which th* thief extraetod I* Bflney aad p. any other article*. rained In alt at $" . Otk*r ho- d< la Bay al*o b* Ti?it*d by tb?B* rogue* th*r*for* It n r aid ba well to taka particular aotin* of all tnapl t] oa* looking m*a. who aai k* ***n ky th* nerraate ?| irklag abowt tka hall*. Hirtel kcepera aaaaot ba to* t? irefai a* th* law make* th*m llahl* for all property r* alaa ?kil? aider tbatr ear a aad en<tody. j? ANOTHER UNION DEMONSTRATION. n>? Bon. Dan 1*1 Webster and tl?e Union sfctv C*mmltlM>. Mr. Webster having, at considerable inconvenience U tended the New England festival, at the A (tor House, >n Monday evening, the Committee of Safety took the opportunity of inviting him to meet the citlieas of Hew York yesterday, at noon, at the Governor'* room Im the City Hall; and having accepted the invitation, the committee accordingly made the oesesnry preparations. Long before the appointed time, the room wa* crowded with the most influential of oar merchant* and other citizen*. Among those preaent. wa abeerved K. C W?tmore, Mayor Woadhull. J.T. Brady, 0. B. Butler, Mr. Tappan, Mr James De Peyster Ogden, F. B. Lathrop. Hiram Ketchvn, B L. Mitohill, tic At 12 e'clock precisely, Mr. Webster entered the room, accompanied by Mr. Lathrop, of the Unien Safety C(?nittee, and vai received with enthusiastic applause. The Mayor, after the lapse of two or three minutes, said ?Mr. Webster, of Massachusetts, will now be addressed by Mr. James T. Brady, on the part of.the Union Safety Committee and the citizens of New York. Mr. J. T. Brady then said, Mr. Webster, the Union Committee of this city of New York, have Invited you here to meet a number of your fellow-citizens, desirous to tettlfy their admiration of the course you have adopted in the recent agitation, which bade fair at one time to impair. If not destroy, the liberty of this happy republlo. And we feel assured that you muat be gratified with the reoeption those citizens will give yeu. They are of various political sentiment*, but they have one feeling lu common?a feeling stranger than any which ever bound them to party-an ardent i and abiding devotion, to aur noble and prosperous j Union- It Is bt cause you have stood by that Union i during it* latest, and most Imminent danger, that : they now extend to you their heartfelt gratitude. You are bere in gfodly company. The facen of departed patriots snrround you on every side. On these walls still glitter? " Home cl the few?the Immortal name*, Tha> wera *?nt hrten tn HU " You behold here the portraits ol architects, who r>a?sed i their lives in constructing or securing our political fabric We feel that we revere their memory when we honor him wbe a M1? in preserving their holy labors for posterity. (Oheer*) And though ?om? features tk-fr'rm the gallery. which remind us of blind fduati<%ro or the wicked acts of the demagogue, thoy nerve bet to render more lustrous the memory of tho.'e who aid not prefer ambition or revenge to the welfare and glory et their r.atlve land. (Kntbusltistlc ohoerln,?.) OurVountry lsju?t parsing out of a trying emerg<?uoy. You have witnessed the bad effort' Of Its enemies I tie noble labors of its friends. The people appreciate your per?everlirg exertions for its safety and It 1< most be. coming that they should attest their gratitude at every convenient opportunity. Kven now. the very m-n who placed our country in danger? the very men whitn wn hare protected against their own lolly or niekedness-these m<u deny that any peril ever existed. and sneer at the anxiety which they did all in their power to increase. (Applause) He assured that tbev will not be forgotten. The time hi* arrived iu our polftlcal history *hen the great test of every man. proposed for any Hah plaoc or trust, will b? the strength and sincerity of his attachment to the Amerl^nnUaioa The people will support no candidate who does not believe that all th? pi-ovlslonsof the constitution equally merit observance, and that the American citiaeu must seek in that sacred charter, what (hall be to hiia in all J olitiral relations, the highest as it is the widest law. (Pheers.) Novtjiatthe country seeinn relieved fr< m the daDcer with whichi: wa< threatened. we may, perhaps, rejoice that the crisis occurred. It has done much to allay, If not drrtroy, thi ef party ooctrov#rsy -It has mitigated those sejtional feelings which bavo too long and too generally prevailed In our land It has diffu^d that American feeling to which yon hare so reaently and so eloquently referred We feel, sir, thttyou would net have shrunk from any oonsequenee to which your part In the recent agitation might have subjected you. If It had resulted In rairtyrdoa, his. tory would have done you the justice it often awards, when ? place Ir a*Mgn>-d even to the humblest mirtvr Id holy cause. which ti refused to tha conqueror of a world. But we do not wl?h such men M you to die tor the constitution?It !? much unto our ?i.sli sad interest that you fliould life, and Ubor (or it* pree^rvation Nor need ycu li-ave to paaterlty thu duty ot appreciating what you liar* dene (or our glorious U nion. You already enjoy tbe admiration m i gratltudu o( every true patriot within onr broid territory. (Great cheering) I ahai! say but little mora. This audience desires to hear yon. Th?#? gentlemen knew how well you can depict tha 1 trailul tendency of tbo?? aeotional divisions whinh bare destroyed many ft republic No man can I., t ;. r than you explain what hanpy results have emanated (rem our excellent government. Von can enterrc the betiel that in preserving this toverniucnt. we are executing ft truat not alone tor thoae who n?w lire under onr lawa. but for all mankind. Our wide | rpreftd territory la theatre for the enterprise of onr entire race. Here, (re* competition ensure* to merit it* deserved tUNM. Here, the oppreaaed ot every clime fled ft refuge ftnd ft home; and li- re. at the gr?at (ouiitain of liliertv. whole generation* are yet to slake their tbirat. If permit our happy republic to fall, we In(llct a cur*? and a aorrow upon the entire human family. We will zealouily guard it from ft 4ia*at?r ao mournful. We will tee that no man ahali be elected to anv hi>th atfttion, who, attar giving aolemn assnrftnee that he would maintain tha constitution. ml?ht yet employ hi* office In a manner to Indicate that when hi- gave that aaaurauoe, he meditated perjury and treascn. The ccnelnalcn of Mr. Brady's observation! was followed by enthusiastic cheering. Ala) or Wooohi ll - Grntleai n. Mr. Webater wiU reply to Mr. Brady. Mr Wcaa-rica?Gentlemen. 1 am afraid that yon ei? pect a speech (torn me. Mint Yoicis?We de (Laughter.) Mr. WineTta then atood on a chair so that|he mljht be seen, In compliance with the expressed wish ol thoae assembled, and spoke aa follows I am Inflnltely obliged to you, fellow citlien*. for thua Inviting me to meet so large a number of the cltliens ot New Yor^, belonging te no particular seetlon or party, espousing no particular associations, but aasembllng, and acting, and receiving me aa Americans In the largest and most comprehensive *en<e of tbat tlorloux appeiiatloa. It haa been truly (aid by Mr. Brady, that there are subordinate questions, on which different parties entertain different opinion*. Thoee (jnthtiona ought ?ver to be and ought ever to remain subordinate, because, when we rise to the inag uimm i i mat i(rrai qui i'ion en la* a*oi*mn 01 wmen j our eountry and our national rhirtnti r I might ??r our political ?n?tenra - depend tbar* ihould b? no two opinion* *1001111 in*-n of any party whaterer. (Applause ) Undoubtedly, gentleman. I hae* b*wa at- J ImM to party- I bar* **pou?*d the aaatlmeata of | party, and malatained th* doctrine* of party . but I , be uld b? unworthy of th* ragard I bar* ro-elrej In i r>tb?r Instance*. and r*parla!ly unworthy of thi* proof ot your rrgard. If I did not hold all party dogma* ' tnd all party principle* ?ubordlnata and Inferior to th* great ^uotlon of tb* ?nnntltutlon and the fovertimeut under which we Ilea And I did not, tnd nave not felt, that thera waa any baigrd In eomlng nut boldly and an flvnly a* I eould. In fnrcr of tba n>ea*ur>* Dffnnrj ta the upholding cf tba country, wbataeer party might recelT* or reject then. Tier* I* no danger In giving ntteranoa any where oa tbtl oetlnrnt to tba feeling* of the true and patriotic J American heart No party ran put down *uch *?ntl- {, neat* Wo party can repre** thoaa that utter them, Iternn**, throughout tb? length and braadtb of the and. tb* great predominant faellng. after all. l? and ?pe?Ully when tb* public mind I* aronaed the great tnd predominant feeling of all la, that wa are oaep*o>1* that we are Amertoani-that we lire under a canrtltntlan the achl*v*m*nt of which *r>?t to macb " ilood. *0 mucb treasure, and to much effort ?and that '* ar* <?t?rmla*d to maintain It to tha laat <l*ntl*n*n It I* true u Mr. Brtlt ha,. anggaatad. that th*ra ir* thow* who pr*t?nd to think tbar" ha* b??n no dan [?r to th* institution* of tha country that thoaa rloa for I nlon m**tlnr? ?n<1 th* ralaing of tha Union lag and th? r?p*at?d uttorane* of 1,'alon *ntlm*nta, rrf *np*rfinou? that It ??? a work of anporogation. think quit* differently, ><1 t * * now. much n?r? Uarly than I did on lb* a?ranth or March laat. that t ha faollng of all*Batlo? of one part of th* aountry mm another thl? l?llug of hostility-thla dlapnatIon to war In tha hall" of Congraai-a aort ef bill** ant Icglalatlm of on* part af tba rout try u>!nit not h?r vit far mora vlda ?pr*ad, and far lorn d**ply **at?d. than I than appr*h*nd*4. Intanao allanra) And you will And It ao In ha *ip*rWno* of yon all Owing to etraumitano*a, *>t n?c*??ary to allnda to. tb*r* had eo?* to b# a ?pi It of dlaaffactlon *ntartala*d bv on* portion of tha onntry toward* anotbar. and alianatlon of brotharly )?a and kladnaaa. and a dlapoaltlon to enltlrata that *llng Along the "*a coaat. g*atl*m*n. and la th* u-g* elti?a wh?r? th* atmpaini** of a*n ar* *a?lly ommanleatad. I tmat thin feallng la fa?t tnbalJIng know that th* maatlng In thla rlty In Oatobor laat h* groat Vnlan ina?ting had a prodlglona cfT**t hrougboat arary part of tba country with which I tn aeqnalnt*d It *u tb* role* of m*n of bn*ln*aa. ia? of patriotism m*n *ngag<xl In lb* ordinary pur nltaof lift without political aapiratlon*. without daIrlng to agitata th* community for tb*lr own and*, ho rolo* of that meeting th*r?fora, wa* a yolo* calalatad toealmth* troubled wat*r*; nay. It waa a oica calculated to call man baok to their duty; ?to nmmon m*n a conaci*?icea to a right eonaHeration of ha gr*at qa**tlon prevailing In ao?i*ty. and. to a c*r- t tin Mtmt I har* no doubt th* proc*?dlnga of that nd oth*r meeting* bad a larg* InPnene* In tba into lor Rot I an afraid, ao long ha* thla aptrlt h**n Innlgad *o acrlm< nloii? ha* It become that In r*g1ona here aympathlea and fe*linga. and caramon ??ntl 4 i*t>t*do not apraad th*mi*lT?* rapidly ?I am afraid hat throughout a ra?t partloa of tha country th* 'ork r?main*. In a gr*at m*a*ur* unaeeomplUheJ I o not know of any Imminent daagar to tba nnatltutlnn or fh* T'nlon; bnt I ?p*ak of th* "URXMIK l?'ll ng WIDTH I PVIIPTV / ? ti, af dWHir#. not of th? imaatltattn, but of tl n? pn^nn of tho onaatrT t>< th? othor ?a want of J, ood f??Mnff and brotherly affMtton I think thara>ra. that ?? far. from dl?oo??Unan?loK Ualnn m?at- P' >? I wloh to th?m ahn?nd; I wt'h tri|h??r of tham It i tha Interior, In th? larfa Till***# and In all tha tII- ^ * ? And ?h?r???t n?n to<r?th?r, baraui* a hatija ku to t>? wrought la m?n> mlada on thl* rah- R rt Thf? mn?t tak? thla anbtaet and makaltamat. m irefenm'nl*iMiiil?f duty--not m to how forth#? ?. irmlt thMnu'lTM to ha drifted away from national at j Gentleman. theotyect at the maatln* at Caetle *' arden. and of tha Tnlon *at?ty Committee.I* prartaely pi ohjaot which the good of the country raqnlrea tonld ha ptirm?d and pr>??cot*d. That ohject la eta >4 to ha ' to ntI? and toater woi> the whole peopta " I tha I'nlted Btatea the ?pirtt In which tha Union waa tl >rm*d and tba Conrtitntioa framed.'' What waa that M \ \ ipiiit ? It wu a ?pirit ?f mutual eonsaanian?a vpirft i>t com promt#* TM <SonftitwtioD ?h a *rwat p? lit leal paitDci shlplnto which our ffcthera entered on artels rendition*, and the faith of all iu pledged to Maintain tfcote ronditioni inviolate; and I do not know that n; ooutraet in privet* lile can bt more aaerad or aorw binding than au en*a cement whieb m?n entar into ? with one another 8"uttered over a oontlneat, wherein they pledged to maintain i>nch a form of government a all agreed upou?tappUu-e)?I know of no oblig*? ticns Of eonnclence rertlbg on men to fulfil private engagement*, which do not on them tofnial all the stipulation > of th?K)on?it?tV>ncf the United 8t*t?a,without exception.hi full fair and ju?t apirit. Mo man ?nc man oI hunor and charnctfr- will lneiit on th* faithful peiforioanoi' of that part of the contrast, the ob fin unce oi wniCD in lv ut< u-eiui io uira mi i nouesTct to asoapa irom another part, which hoi da him to t *4 performance ot certain <laties and obligations. Gen tltim n. I believe we bare got over the crisis, so far M public demonstrations #n?so far a* requisite laws are necessary to carry the provision* of the constitution into etirct; but let us take care that we are not deceived, and ttat ths public are not deceived, by crie# such as I hive mentioned It it sometimes said that the compromise measures parsed at the last s-sslon cj CcDgteiv ?B<J espeoinlly the Fugitive Slave bill . <?ra adopti'i as en armist'o* - as a trnoe. th^ bayo only laid down their ?in? to commthce the war ajatnJ lie it 110 patriot who ?ona? abroad among the paopf^ such ideas as these. 11 be is an intelligent man. ba i? not an honest man, because he knows ?for every im* telllgent man knows?that those who took upon the*, felvrs the risk ot any position whleh they may harm held, of supporting ?nd advocating tho?e measures, intended them "s a final settlement of that qaestioa. (Ureat applause and obeering.) You know, pentlemea, the precise, and clear, and mrhatio words uttered by the l'r*xld*nt cf the United states, in bis message on tMs subject, deolarirg that he oonsidered this settlan t as final; and the President of the I'nKed States when be hae any thing to say. knows now to say it so that the people ean understand it. And I know na differ* Mice between his opinions In this respect, and the opinions of all who, In "ither branch of the legislator** ur IB U'B cuunciiK. b?i? ciiDjurn'u in luow ntt| iur?a. and hate acted with him and aein to aet witb him in mm in* them *11 |einphntically] into tall ef1 ct (AppUuiw and ?h<"-r? ) This is a ?n';ject. era* tlcnim on wbi^h the moral sense of the country ought to receive tone and ii'tiMon There ought to b? a stern rebuke bv i uIm.o opinion,?of all who would rwopen thil itftlU'Jni! ?|iu*?tio?,?who would break tbii? truer, as they call 1.. who would arm ?n*ln and reneir the war. No gentlcum 1 hare no heliet that at pre* rent, in either bonv of Oor.?rM? any such movement would receive any espenahle mi p.tort I b-liere that if any peraon should move It. in either house ot Cosfrri -A he would find bimselt in a poor. lean, and mieer* able niinority. (Ap^lauee ) (J.Mitn men I oente here to exchange nonrratnlatkm* with jcu -to a'fure you that ray own opinion* antl purposes are tie lived n? yvure ran be. and that, in th* projection of duty, nn I in upholding the constitution and tbo Vnion. I feel fur n*tain* earn for nothing. a-J thali abriak fr?m uothiug, to the l&it day of my lift* (Trtmindous eppUase.) After Mr Webtter c nelude i. he was warmly ah*?r? ed. and afterward; ah>ok handa with each of the oampany piect at. MAILS FOR, THE PACIFIC. THE WEEKLY IICRALD FOR CAUC* FOR.VIA. The (Uamshlp Falcon , Captain ITarttttln, will leara this prrt on Tburiday afteruocn, for Cha^rcs, witb passengers and the malls for the Pacific. The mails will close at 2 o'clock. The Wesklv IIkrald, for cir? cu'ation In California and other parts of the Pacific will be published at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Single copies sixpence. The ? Gift " Coiiffrt nt Trlplrr Hall. ?Tho Kew Girt t)?nn*rt r?ir *o much the taU, U ti wtne c!l nt, the 3d of January. Htd there been (lr? thujw.A uumbi t?, Inttea 1 of twenty fWo hundred, thav eooli hnrnr hraa NM?lli t'm; r-f atett t ato, *n parteetly aatitraatary ?! ikl the atraiigfuier In, and ?> tplendid aro 1to *ilo? (it dittn> Imtli a. T) e Ccarcrt v 111 h> a t.noons, fully worth a dallar; and la all thcue to wl>"in Citit tt that blind Jaia, doai not! ill* tribute s alft. a dol'ar't worth of Ann minis, of their own ttleo'ion. will prove a titDlatieii. The book* ar? oraa ab J(>L1 I a ?i> t j. StU Lroad way, whore alia iba muaia will *> ekcUd. Clfll for the Krniton.?Urady't Dayaarrw type* i a itcry tt* aekaowl* nod to ho anparior uiiaiataraa, and :t,rac uimn para silver aroboaatifal, lnwrUd in loolwta, rirr*. hr*eo!et?, and pins < ' every ?i?*. On liaad, a large at-rtinen'of riid | < ko'a, in Maty fMrle. Alto, olain, faapy and t.r <lal c.tnot. at hl? National Gal'ary, 3Uj 3roadwiy? i r<> to-aay. Otltl Fellow*" Hall ?The-arnrrlty of Otmn tad i'onltrr ai mate i fo, ? Br>-h?r I'erhina, of (Ml JuttlW Hltlia'.ld r-ttnurant. Lan mauftpolited tba market. Old KlUurun hiiu elf *o M gl >at over the end low variety oC eh' feu edi low Ftrk.i > hat o? hand. All l>oa vivaata ehoalit laprova the opp rttmlty of f^aa lag thur ataa,aa w#U at the ini er titt, tiptn the en- rmnia quantity m i variety of *u>4 tiitai that ara dup.'ajed at tlila mammoth liahment. A\> that the train* on tlto Kmlron Ki>tr Ri.l1r.iil will run at unit! to-day. axeepti th-l the 2 I*. M. traia frmu f?ew Tork wtil ha omitted. Tbla ia'artoptioa ia earned by the la'a fall of rt<-k ? tba trtofc >a tha fclehland*. which ha? required atoro tima fot ilt rtmovalthaa ataat Aiat anticipated. Walrhti, Cold Pant and Penella, and Cold Cbaita.?A hoaatifal and attentive a??ort airat of tha above good* art for tale cheap nt J. V. SAVAGE'S,02 Fnltaa itraat. A mat satiety of Ifrtitlnt Watolict, taitabla far ladiea ojc Ktbtlemen, aadtf all qnaUtia*. t-I. # ? ? .? ?*-- - NW* wuwm; awMVUR wa UIITC KHU p nrVI<1 * ihip ?Tier* it nothtnR ?o eteon' to offer t' * lad*. ae a holiday lift. iiiNlnl run KNOX. 12* Fniton (treat, haa a rtrj rieli aeiortmont, ramtlnc frarn Ova aollari upwarda. Oeatleaea remember tM?, aad call tad Wart yoor ordera. Forty Thonfantf C'aati, Pantnloona tid ITtiitri ?w. of the lateet fall atria, fr ta > W to 110, at tO If HKIlt'S Clotl.iay Sura, Cheaaet atiaet, liiiM da?w abore 'J bird. Philadelphia. To Commit Mur?ler (lulrtl j. take a Laif tad ell her el:a haa a ; rett j f- t. Sh? will than w -ar a mall tli ia eboe?fo aat In the vat. ratrh c?ld. and a told will brta< os a a tar, aad aha will die la a month. Wo ahe woatLa.llea art mor* Mr ?iVle new a-ditya, for they patrealte aa eatabliafcnieat la ihia city, where 'hay Mi* <i>iltted (alter boota aa<1 ihoea, (alter boote, Imaklaa and la?e bante (double alee), with India rubber 0'?r ilmN and boota, la all thelc tatiaui atjlaa. aad that f<iiNi?hmi>n It J. U. MIIXBB'S. 134 Caqal treat. C It a pal, Chafra, Rougtuicaa, lallownaM^ Plmplea. Imptlone, and all akia dleeaaea, la vail known, poeitlTr'r eared b* nilai Qoaraad'a Italian Kadi salad Soap. The Peadre Pantile aradlaataa hair fr?a aay part of the body. Liqald Stage for pale liva and obeebe. Lll? White for raagb, flaahed.alacKieh eeivpleiieae, at tt Walk** itreet. lr*t etnre troa Bit ad-ay. Oal leader. Seath Tbl(4 I tree t, Philadelphia. Gonrand'a Llqnltl Hair Dye will ?kM|* rad or *ray hair to iraat.fal i lsek or browa, la a few mlmtee Oonrand'e H?tr K?e wet I re la warraM"d taforaa ?ho tairt?(T?w. pre ten t, ita falliai elT aid tarala* rrar. aa<l nattai etiff, wiry hair. ?<>ft. al ky aed *l"e?y trial boklee casta aaah. raaad only at 67 Walker atraat. tiab iter* from Bread*ay; Bataa It Jardaa, 1? Waahia(M? Itraat, Boeua. We deabt Miry praetlaa. tra daabt arery he*,ie? We dcabtad the telegraph, railroad, aad Heaa | Aad n an have d-nb-ed what Meaner lleplaj'd. And n>any anil daabt the aa. e?*? ef free trade. Aad aeaiirei dta't?thoagh tbev eertalply doat The power af Watu irwt Antidote. Watla' KerTonn Antidote ra aat and will bo laibted by all aatil It la trieit, tar anthtag hat aetaal e?>erteaee eaa rearlat e aay oaa ->f l a voadarral llfa reaewlae irlaeipla aad Tlneroaa proaotlaa. tl per bottle. Oaa bo ad at tba dra( etoree. Chief depot, 102 Naeeen etreat. OUT MARK E V. Trtaoar, Dae. Mtk-I P. M. The ptoek market waa rathar anaettled thla tnomia*; oma of tba fbaete* vara op aad aotne vara down Tbo raoeeetlone vara te about tha nraal exteat, hot re notice a larger portion for aaah than nraal At tho r?t hoard, Rrta Income bond* advanced S P*r eent^ lorrli Canal , Mohawk, X. Farmer*' Loan da' lln?d H par e?nt; IluJinn Rlrar, X, Roohcita* ul <i, Hlflfl. U; Railroad, ^; aa<t lri? Railroad. V Thaaa alight r?a?tlnai (Ira a baalhy ton* to tha markft, whlla tbay flra tha Wri an pportunlty to taka la *o?? of thalr ahorU, u< raamill pro.1t* It I* oar Inpraaaloa that thara U at Itla maaant a Urgar qnaatlty of fanayatoaka la tha aadi of brokara. la Wall rtraat, thaa at aay tliaa pralooa within tha part thraa yaara Th?ra I* rary llttla oabt of thl(, ?nJ It la fall tlao for tha holdara aC iOrt of thtM atoaka to bofla to look about, 4 ?? whara a markat eaa ha foand far raab amaaaa qnaatltlM of anffaaraataad aaearltiaa. ra do aot alluda to gaod, aonnd <M tldonda aylag railroad rtoeka. railroad bond! Mtnrtj by Stata Mid (otmaait boada, kit to atnak* hlek him baan anormonaly Inflatad, without the Ightaat baata for * r(M. unprodaatlra. nn?uarantaad. nd raatalnad almo?t antlraly by tha laglttmata admea In thoM poaaaaalng raal ralna. many of than nek bayoud tkapraaant markat rain*. Rrla Rallroa#' wonderfully natala?1. Tba aontlnaatlon may irry It hlghar bat tf praaaat prleaa do nat bring late la alraat a larga amonnt of aV>ek. outalda holdarr ?ra a battor opinion of tha valua of tha aharaa than r ha*a Raadlng Railroad and NorwMh and Woraaa if Railroad will, wltknat dnibt aall hlghar attar tha Irldand tkaa tbay do bow. Raring aarnad large Ivtdaada. part of whlah tba ataokholdar* will aoo? n-alra. thalr markat ralna la mora llkaly to ba aenarad. than d*praalat?d by tha ratnrna raaalrad on la Inraatmanta Tka paymant of dlrldaada froai aotal aarninga glaaa hnldara aon<ld?noa. and whataraf > in and ?*l*t# aftarward* for tha attok. (?n*r*Uy ralaa# rt?a?. FrU Railroad baa aeld ht?bar dlrldand o?,tkai? did dlrldrad na. although II I* wall known that the rldand vu paid out of tha capital. HtiUoi RIt?C nilraad ?<H ?t ttrm'j At#. dividend oil, and atghtfi* and ? half dlvld*nd off Raadlng. florwloh, an4 arUm will probably follrtw rait, for It U ?I1 underatcod thlt ittk Of th?M iMp*nl? kf tho dt?n?n'i? o?t of th? n*t * **! (?. MnrrMt knton, and Far?"? not paying dtrl4??<t?, irt >ad wight l? tfea hind! of hold*r?. and tk? hl?fc?r J r th# w?r? rapid tho wiimlttlM of tfitoroaft id Bin rapid Inert a?o la th? eort of iWm. So tm

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