Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1850 Page 1
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7 - . a? 1^1 TH i?ii"' . p- . WHOLE NO. 6U4U. HEWS BY TELHGftAPH. The Weather, * ., In the State of lew York. T MOJUk'b HiBMnC TKLEO&APU, 16 WALL 8TBKKT. Bi rriLo, Dec. 26. 1860. Thermou>et?r 37 above iero: light wind, due (oath ul Inclining to the east; quit* cloudy; prospect of a thaw; fine sleighing; barometer falling Kuchiitii. Deo. 39. 1840. Clea4y; wind southeast; look* more like mow, though too cald for H now; mall from Albany, of Monday morning, arrived this meruit g Bvkaci ??:, Dec. 36. 1860. Weather here ?till cold, and tlelghlntr good; thermometer above tera. Uvica, Deo 36,1860. Clondy; tberm ometer 20 above sero; barometer felling. Aliiawv, Deo 26.1860. ThU morning the weather began to moderate, and to-night It U mowing lightly, and wind blowing very hard The back mailt Southern and Western, are all la. NEWS BY THE MAILS. Our Washington Correspondence. Washington, Deo. 21, I860. At the Naval Court Martial.tto day, Mr. Samuel 0. Harris, clerk in the Navy Depurtw^nt, was examined fcy the Judge Advocate, the object beiog to prave, from the files of the Department, the two following specifoatloni of the third charge of ' scandalous condaet" on the part of Com Joaes, as ccmmander of the Pacific squsdron, to wit:? Sprc\fleati0n 3. ?In this, that the "aid Captain Jones, then being ia command as aforesaid, on b >ard the flag ship Ohio. Monterey Ray. on the tweuty.fifth day o( October, in the year eighteen hundred and torty-eight, in an official despatch, numbered thirty-fonr. to the SMAri^arv ??f iKa Nsws fulaulw -UU?.l. --J ? ?; ?J ?"v4/' nuu umlioi?u?ly did write, And caune to b? written, and Jalsely. scandalously. and maliciously, did report and transmit to tbe said Mecretary, of, and concerning Lieutenant Joseph K. Green, Lleut?nantJohn B Marchand, and l.leulsnaot T Augustas M. Ora*en, lieutenant* Id lint same na?y, the following ialse, scandalous. and malicious libel, that Is to MJ. ' Nothing, air.'1 (meaning thesaidSeoretary) ''can xceed the deplorable state of thing* in all Upper California at tbia time, growing out ol the maddening elfeet* ol the gold maul*. I am sorry to nay, that ?Tf? In thin squadron. rem* of the officer* are a little tainted, and bar* manifested restlessness under moderate restriction*, imperiously demanded by the exigencie* of th?- time*, a* you will peroieee by the enclosed paper addressed to three of the lieutenant*," (meaning the three lieutenants above named.) thereby falsely scandalously, and maliciously imputing to the said three nontenants a base and sordid disregard ol their duty and charao* ter as officer* of the said naey. aud a restlessness under moderate and necessary restriction* spriugtuj from their bring tainted with the - gold mania " Specificmiion 3 ?In this, that the ?ald Captain Jones, then bring In command as aforesaid, on the Pacific station on the fourteenth ?ay ot September In the year eighteen hundred and lorty-nine. was guilty cf wilful and deliberate Iain-hood, in writing and transmitting to the Secretary ol the Navy, in a certain de pa'rh numbered 87. the following laniuaje. rii ? With regard to the balance of the Miltary Contribution fund. which remained in my hands at the date of my last returns, it has been turned over to Purser B Price, whose receipts, with my account enrrent, will be duly forwarded to the Fourth Andltor of the Treasury " 1 Wlirraai the said balance bad not, In fact, been turned over to tbe said Purser Price, and Uio said Captain Jones well knew It hud not been. Tbe witness was called upon to read, from the bnok of original despatches, a large numb-r of the official letter* from Commodore J one* with a yiew to eetabZiafc tbe truth ot the sai 1 specifications. Adjourned to meet again to-morrow. Onr Baltimore (orrtapondsnr*. I J .... I..? I1A lOCA l? I I UUKL, ?Aly 1^;. ThtWtalhcr?Tht Kul*ni>i>wfL Can? Departurt of th* Monument City? Hit McDonngh lieV *??/, 4-c. Here is the 20ih of December, a warm, fogey TORMiofk, with no more signs of ice or ?riater tliaa if it were (he middle of Majr, Winter has J.niiered a long time in the lap cf summer, bat when it does come the old dame's predict that it Will t>e stiff weather, with a late rpring. It it Mid that Thomas Mofiit, one of the fire men charged with kiiinappirg a free colored hoy from OntnviUe, hus timed State's evidence against the other four implicate with him The boy,oho was found con ?lnl in Moffit's house, in thii city, hits been fully identified as the one Moltn. Wm. Cahil. from ?hi?e hous?* the boy was taken, is one of the parties committed for 'rial, Hud there seems to he no doubt that a regu- ] ,?r xhroif of kidnapping free negroes and s-ndiug (hem to the South, had been adupti d by the parties, as two others, a boy and a girl, were stolen from C .hil's house duiing the past summer, and are still among the mi-*ug. efforts are now ranking for their recovery, and it is now ascertain**,i that they were sold as slaves hy some of < he par In imptiostcd in this lust transaction. j The eicilcoieut in Queen Anne's county is very | 1 .ureat itKnJn t the pMUCB. The steamer Monumental City, failed ye*tsrday j !or*Califortiia, with four pawners for San Fran- J J Cisco, and shunt a dozen for Rio .Janeiro. She moved oH beaatifullf, in the presence of an immense concourse of spectator. I UufCny Council have tik'u the appointment of thr th i-.>ninn.-i>i<>nera unrfer !?> .>i(:iJonoi{ii will, out of the Imnds of thr mayor, *tH propose to makr th* appoint menta thrimrlvrr The ] mayor brief it whig* the couurila wi?h to appoint Hrmocrau, ?iid it In aaiif, thnuM tbr rntyor not reio ih" i roioarce, thev will confer thr ap|?>intm^ni ? o Ttf-ix-rs J( !><* Kettlrw. II, Henry S. S*ndi-rsoD. a Ml Ch?ilm Lrlonp. ihrrr men who have tpent then wh< >r lives in office perkinfr. nn<i who havr, perhapa, leva of thr contiilenor of thr community any t.ih-r threr public niru anions ws. : Car Plil'mWi hia ( rerpondniM. f MIUNtPRM, DN. SKI, 1K59 Thr SuitutJiatuu Atw Sitmmtr fmr Ntvt Yirk- Uvk btttrtm Ikt Bu'lt mnd Heart?At lit. Parodi << lr 1 h? I'. H. ptr?m bIp Sarqsehtnna had ?t?am applied t?> b?r ?E(r1iir? j??trrj?y tor the flrrt ttm* and *o f*r ti?M thiny ba? weaked beautifully, d>ict gr<-?t ertdi*. ta tba kalicrii >1 ?m? Murruy und !l?il?hur?t of Paltimotr. 11 %r full cnpl?m.nt of men. three hun Ired. fcava n.rlved b?re, and ara i?ady to embark Sbe La? r>r*r l*bt. bnndrrj ton* of Virginia bit imlaou* ooal, ta coal bunkurt. an 1 bar ? iu *m?nt aad att iaa f?r a thr e year* ernloa ar?on board wt'.h prtrl?i< n? for a w?ek allowed fur hrr rnn to Zferfulk, Va. 1 Tt a co?j] letK-n of h< r tit <.nt i drlayd until bar arrl ??l th*re. She H nav In charge of Capt. Wbi Inmaa who U j-eic anruiljr attached to Lee It u now und-r Blc*>d that tb? ? jK|n*l?inna Into be attach)' 1 to tba Kaet In ! < Mat.on a* tb flair *btn ' ! t.' ?n?ni?>.lore John B. A alio k. itw >? to ga out by tba w?r c f California aud at >h? will prohohH rat am bom* by way or <!ap? Horn, fhw will p.obatty bake a complete voyaga around tbe worU Aa.oair thr contract* for it'tn ??wil? entered Into b?re r??rutly itoaalor a pownful propeller tow beat lof apt I I.' .IH ill ,1?? nu whhia M ?? far tinln In Nrw Totk hay. and i*at?o to l?? furHi-bed wlUi ? ? w-rl??l ?t*am p?up? In or>l?? to r?ii'l?r h-etu il to wr?.-Hnt twwIi in that *lcmlty 1 Tbr ?o?>trarl haa liern tak a by Oapt K. P l.opar. who ba? itm)?rMk n to htr? b< r r.omplata k > th< (Ifil of April ml Tin bull I* to b? < (MttMlM at t ramp hip yurj.amt tb? marhlttary at Naafla * Oo.'l #?.-! WurBa Tk? Pulton ptam pt:mp? an laf'Btlin axulUtrl it tha Am?rirao lapliruta I air two or tbraa y?? rs ain<jM. Bill piobablv Im a I'.ptci ?..r ??r?lra on ibl* t>?ai aha In t > b* l<?S f"? l im with tn?<o?* and pr*>p?ll?f "f "apt I.O|?rt a moat apptovad patent Tha wa**ly pKparo of our c?ly hava gut to l<VB"rli"aJ? lately. ati<t (Ivan rl?a to a 1 ?w ?nlt In ?hl?h tha j-iopri'tor* ot 4<wt:'? It..*,* ana tb?/*a of Haal a U???ltr tt?a Saturday Eitiinf l'.<at anl tha Mulnnlap Ctmrirr fo? ilatnagaa, la oon*a<4b*nna of r?praa-nraHi bi hi an ailvtrtlamnnt. In wlilcta th* .l*f?ntl> ai.ta Jolii?il aa tha plalti'lff* a k*rt. for tba purpone of Injuring ttla r> of iha lorm. r print yult. a wra ocruriail a dtr ?r two alnta an^l| tba bri-ki-ra. ?. 'Iftr af?ar boarn rn?tlna wh?-h for a t? laait to a rlon . ?? ,um . On* of I!? ftrkt f nil* of tb? bo?rd ?ho no* happcai In ba h>-*t In IWtiling and (took w%? daolaltairi agaiimt nnniluat of a o-ruin dial* aaaatnr, ?*.. hau b?*a (.r uiln. ut In pro?>irinc ?h? p*.p11(, of |||> II t!?- l??t aantoa of fh? I>>ff1>l*tar*. and (kill tin nonld N??e him Imp** I for h,lb?ry and emrup Iiod. Anotbat h-ak>r Mid'hi* soaid oaib?pf>??.i fid *?' 0"< *11 ll *?hoit Urn* ?u?r?-d ?/k? lb* r??nlt ?f tk? itlfmpl to prn?? hi* Tha tidUa'Al I'd to an?ry worJ< and hat rorthrlntor ?r?nr? of mutual trlrmta <mn? at fl*tlf?ff? would tur * a?n ha4 , Walk>r ka? dUt>o##d of 'ft; Matin tha r*T)ti?ltn >ad flrat tl?r ol ou* op?rn lion**" tor ihi? ?ihmh^ ?i l i ary t?? r?at# r?aiaia In tha oHnr partlo** of tha Icuri at tl?* praam* Th? to I'amdl la irdar to aotipata h-r aotaa with lh? Swadlah Vt?htn I iln'i. Ii bteoaloi moat ln??a?? Th? k?i tk?t* rnt tararday Monday Tuaaday and fharaday ara rapidly flllaf ap al?o Afca rapaata "l.anraala" to morrow ifMiii M4 ?PP?mi Ik "Mom*' Taaa lay ===^^=========== E NE MC Strakoeh'a new opera of "Giovanni de Napoli'' 1? to he produced on Thursday nut with Parodl a"thel>tl?ht particular star to ebarm all bearte The Lledertafel serenaded the fair eongatrea* laat ni|int. abont mid tight, notwithstanding the unfavorable atatw ot the weather. Their cboru?ses wire moat admirably delivered. and elicited much applause trrm the crowd attracted to the vicinity of Jonee'e Hotel by tbe circumetanre*. The Tlgllant Klre Company returned this afternoon from their visit to Baltimore, and were received by aa eecort of their brethren of this elty. Tbe Vigilant boya were subsequently entertained at the Hope (1 >?e house, with a bountiful repeat Pmilidkuimiia. December 23. 1S50. 77|( Fugilitt Gate -Fatal Railroad Accident I -Paroii, fc. The declaion ef Commissioner ingraham. remanding Adam Qitacn, a* a fugitive alave belonging to Wm Knight, of Cecil county. Maryland, la the aubjest of general converkation and complaint. The question of Identity waa not at all made out by the evidence adduced by tha counael for the claimant to the satisfaction of the spectatora, and tbe appearance of the prisoner proved him not to be aa old aa tbe fugitive waa declared to be by ten years Thla evidence waa aUo contradicted by several witneaaea on tbe part of the prisoner, who testified aa te hia having be?u tbe alava of Henry Lyon Davia, ot Kent county, Md . who by hia laat will, freed him in 1843. The olalmanta as aerted the real name of the fugitive to be Kmory Rice. lid mat be ran away la 1841. On the other hand the witnesses lor I he deiendaut nay they know Adam In 1846, living with hi* Mother in Kent county These witnesses were all colored person*, and the oounsei for the claimant statad them to be alio fugitive from labar. There vw coaxldeiable escitament among the eolorad friends of the alleged fugitive, but they gave tiprtbrion to no riotous spirit. Marshall Keyser'? fotoe waa on the ground, and before 10 o'oWk the fu jitiva was removed, and it by thla time fa the custody of hi* reputed master Wa Mitchell, an elderly man, who had both legs crushed by the cars on the Heading railroad nearly three weeks stnra. died yesterdav at the hospital IIa belonged to the falls of Schuylkill, and had reppeotable relativts. An unknown man, a passenger from Baltimore, was killed this morning, about half past three o'clock, while the cars were Tn Broad street, below Market lie is supposed to have been in the act >1 passing from one car to another, whoa he f?U between thnn on the track. Ills body was jtmrnod tinder the wheel*, so that tha cars could not be moved for some time Th.t di ctaaed was an ?1 Jerly pin. but he had nothing about him to show his name. Ilia hat waa made by Todd, of Washington city. The second tier of the opera house was rather slimly filled last evening, in consequence of I'arodl repeating the character of Lucre/ia The bax t-heet for Monday la. however, well tilled, and' Norma'' will, undoubtedly, occaiian a jam. 1h? Tariff and Mr. Clajr. [Krom the Washington Republic. Dee 2A ] We are gratified to see that Mr Clay haa moved in the matter of amending the tariff aad that too, ia the rpirit ol compromiae. Itt presenting tte memorial of Mr John Timberlaka. of Virginia, on this subject, in the Benate. on Monday, Mr Clay stated the pjrtioulara of the document, bearing hia personal te-timo. lj to tbe character of tha petitioner.' Mr Timberlake represent* ttat be ha* invested *?me sixty or twenty ttourand dollar* lathe m an u fact are ot ootton n?ar Bdonticello, which, under the tariff of 184'J, was tleuri>Ling and rrasonably rununeratlve. but whlob 1* decaying and perishing under tbe tariff of 1846. Mr Clii took ihi* occasion to ray that he should be extremely delighted if. at the present ??*?ion. the tariff of 184(1 oould be taken up in a liberal, kind and i.ational spirit - U"t with the purpose of reviving obji-cli) nably high rates of protection, but to look deliberately at the operation of the present system and without oWturbirg iu essential provision*, to consider the question of tbe prevention of fraud* and great abmet, of tbe existence ot which there oan b* no doubt?and to See whether, wi'.bout prejudice to tbe general interest* of tbe country. ?rnse better protection than now exists could cot be afforded ta the manufacturing interest* ' 1 he fact." raid Mr. Clay. "Is no longer doubtful, that tbe Pre* are extinguished and extinguishing dally iujthe furnaces of tbe country Tbe tart Is no longer doubtful that the spindles and lo?m< are dally atopping in tbe country Whether it Is possible to arrest ibia downward course, and to throw a little spirit of hope anil encouragement into this industrial Interest, without agitating tbe country generally, and without any extravagance ot legislation are question* I think. %ery well worthy of leiton* eousldt ration and 1 hope iu the calm which we are allowed at pre sent to enjoy, in relation to other nr> at topic* wbtcb have so long and *o disaetrousli agitated the eoentry, bat. ut seme early p*rlod during tbe present aeesion. tbi* mbjeet will be taken up and dealt with In a spirit A kindnes*. and harmeay. and nationality " 1 bes# view* correspond entirely witb thoee presented in tbe President'* Message, and tbe report of Mr Secretary Corwla We do not see that Ibey are op?a In lnor ot 'affording rruoitbU Incidental pro taction to our boma laduatry." and r>m rommdad that - a spirit ct mutual m bmmIoo and couiprumia* In aduitirsr Ita datatl* rhould be charlahad by aaary part ot >ur alda apraad conntry. a? tha only m?aD? of pr?'aiTing harmony and a cbaarfnl acqaiaaoanca ol all In Lbs op?ration ot tba irrrna* law* " fcr Clay certainly atanda In the right pwltloo to trrrmpll'b what ha daairaa It it ran ba n<-0"0>pll?h*d ; md wa aincaraly hope that ba will devote himself to be patriotic ta?k. Tike Storm. [From the Beaton Courier, Dm, 25 ] All aocount* represent the lata gaU an baring baea rrly fetera Aa tf it at ad yaatarday all the railroad tram* Mom long diatanne* ara behindhand, hut all i ara aurtnountad t hair difficult!**. and tbay w III prob uli!y arrive ragulatly to day or to morrow 'I'll- N?* llavan land train, oua early Monlay evening did not an Ita until batwaan three and tour o'c'ock y?atarUav morning, and tba attam*-r Una* aar? proporlioi ably backward. Tba train which laf Portamonth yttnUmj morning waa a'* hour" on U* paaaaga to Hoa'on Tha aarly train Iron Portland ha lno:arrnad laat availing There waa a nol.laioB on tha Partlard ai d Faro road on Monday afternoon An engioe net a taow-plongh latt PorUmouth and tha junction t Hrrwick to clear tba mow from tb* trank. aa It waa fiarrd that tbara waa bo itran mow ahovei at Portlard Whan tha angina from ab^va had puabed Ita aay to tba t trinity of tha latter placa It encountered tLa tViaa o'clock train, bound waat, with two ngioe* and a anow plough A eolltllon eotued?eevaral parioM tin alightly Irjured and Mr Ilavtaborn ampli jed on the toad lOrt an arm Several veaeal* are r?|?rtad to ba wtrcked on tba beach batwaan Hample a ?i.d I'nrtrmi nth but wa have no a<-couut of tham phltlruUrly. Tha aaaa waa bi ought to Portamoutb aaily >eit?rday mornii.g by a man from Rve. Tha paoenper* In tha Portumouth train, yeaterdav torancbD >aw one T?aael tthore an Plum [ 1 ard Haach. lb* W??tarn mall from Albany arrtv d lata laat evening. lu1 theFouth?tn mall via Naw Haven bad not aniT>d at a lata hour laat evening Tha Southern t? ! wratih air- appear* to ha hrokan down (From 1br Naw Haten (Oonn ) ''eurier Ofr 22 } Tha atom ol Sunday night and M -ndaj wa? tha *ei are?t of the aeaten Tha wiad. wbi-h Mew moat tvitonaly tor a numbar ot hnura leak-l up tba ?aow in many plaeaa in tba eountry to tha l . .gat af aaaaral tf-1 till tba rarlrua train* ?m tra north of u* a. rl<o?ly lmr<di-d by lb- ?noa Mil loa u^<n tb?tra<k Tboiflrrtol Iba imiu ? < Mt and I bo train* on tba Harford r -aI wanda'alinl i ngni)?r rf buira. tba wlnl Hating fnro-4 tli? it o* u(ion tha truck*, wh* r? It l?; b-d(* d In aolld a* laa Tha ni'tM? train fronk lloaton 4u- h*ra ahoat (ii- did not arrlt* until attar four a'elork P M Ore of tba oioft Mrara ?now ktnrrit aipartanoad b?ra tor ranrtl y< *r*. cot in en .iuudaj nUht lant, and aontlnuad thirngh yaatarday wl'b i.nalatr l rlo Itrea Tba wind *?? *?ry high trim tb? X K and lb. uph Biurh >k(>w ban fallen It la allad up In dtltta liaillf rlxx at thinly roT?*ra?l kofma ih? "term rat In Th" hart* r ! wall tlllad with ?a**a|- that run In l< t a ?ba'tar Wab?arof no* In tha h irbtr it | tirir tbt rcbootrr fut.k nam* I In aaorhar plaaa. Tha ?tc tm ?* b' m> icr n> bt?h that raaaal* lay t?ry tt'a*) at Iba wbarraa. Wa laar fur ?ra*al? on Iba cmI and trn*tll?T* by 'and Tha brig Mai -llabroka adritt and waa brought op ?My at anrbor In tb* harbor. - I'm . Kfttt iMc *4 ' A pratty Muktrntii u* nort of a day ? t.a 4 of It.'' w*t*rd?y Tba wind brr>i?d ui baa H < W . and Maw wttb tirmandouf anrrgy all rfnnday night Va?. trr lay morning It l?nN about dua " M an I bl>* "a* If It would bara blown Ita la: t " It wan a break*, however, wblrb bad In It little to alaim our fo?r* for tlii- Barlaer'k ?al*ty. for It bl?w out of ha'fc ? way U"?a a ho might bara ba?u i\pproa hln/ ?ha ?" ?' at tl? flaw? contrary to tba a?tge ol our heavy aantarly yal< ?A'cr/ai*//?raM. Itfr 23 Pci?t Oi mi r Koaarat ?*o Aaarnt - Wf learn that Jrbn r Welllngtin a clerk In tb>- Tout Olil a In Ikii rlty a young ni an alint IP yaara of age, baa l>? ?u arr?*tri'. for breaking open letter* pa??tng tbiougb tba font Ofllra bara and abktracllpg money tlnrefrom. 11. . . .1,^ 1... ?! ?,. > a I n hla duttaa in tbaoffla#. and wboaa npi-?i)l?iifn b?*a not ?ri>?r. nil; mcirtu) hiii r< trnlar tnciu* On a rar?nt >l*lt to hl? filmrii la Albion h* niada a display t<> rrm? < n? of a fiftr dollar Mil wblrh mlted tba rtnl' ?lt? ot tba p<*M< n and l?d to an Injnlry h?ln< mauaofMr. Ay?r. th* cblrl Hark In th? fH?a * to |.?* b? nMniii'4 it Mr Ijtr uh-.nrft pr??l?u<l; havli.K tha moat antlra rrnfldi-nea In tha youn? t an t?ll It ti*? duty to watab him and afi?r ha hat fp?l'<-d lo b*d. Imth of tbatn ?l-?plnf In tha ofll?? ha >iib ip'd H? pork^tr aad found in thain a paaka*- of Mi) a tlir r< Ti'atnlo* mri,-y. Tblnlau htui to ?aarrli hlatrnnk ?kara ha round abaut fa-alra hnndrat <fnllara. and amor* tl<? bill* ?a??r*l that bnaa ?b- a?rt?? rordi^i nvinhera of tbnaa malJad a' t?|itn?n and dl'ae'afl lo n. to tbr anioiii.t of W- lllngtcn w?r than arr??rad ?n<t Wiad In Jail and ?l!1 t>r?b iblj l-a ram Iliad t?dav hafrr? !nmail??lnn?r J A Roaa R>rj A |iintl? n ol th? motifj h%? baao M-ntlArd bj CI v h*r< ai.d dataa a* that rant frfn OU'naB W4 llti(f. ?tat?? that In no aa?a ht? ba ta**-i ro^n-j ft' in latfara rltkrr mallad a' or dtraat. d to ?W? ?fi?a ktit fT' tn Ifttara paatlftjr 'hroujrb tba o4lra aal thai h? icntll) dat?clad tba fart of tba pmtaf't a train |r ir pirfn-f, from tbalr ronUIno* ekanc*, which b< fft\- ?w(?r {Mi) mug, Dm ! , * W Y Q )RNING EDITION?THURS i I UK LtU ????bo?t Olsaator near New Orleans. AUDITN'NAL PAKTICULAKS ?Ult>T OK THE KII.I.KD, aN1> MlSsJ>a [Kr' in tie New Orleans Picayuiw Deo 14] OliP it the editors of (bin |<ap?r had the misfortune yeeti rdsj to witnras a moet awful ami fatal 'iis???er in Hit blowing up of the n?w lew.pressure towboa-Anglo Noiman Capt Kbinebardt. The A N hid made three or four trip* to tbe Belize and brought up se>eral ship* to the city, and everything working well It vae determined by her o?uer* and officer*, be. fete cierlo* h? r permanently on bar business to" make wLftt is teimed a pleeeurV trip This It was ap poinud should take place jesterday. and iu acco-d am e by iuvl'aMen a party ot ladies and gentleman numbeilng ah.ut one hundred and twenty 9th weut on board At a few minute* betore eleven i o'clock, tbe boat left the wbarf at lie lord street Second | Municipality, and m*d? b>-r way up stream at a rapt t rate f everything looked fair; the morning was mil { atd pleasant, and none on l>oard thought of dinger ! Tbe beat went up as far or near tbe Ked Church | end then returned At about 1 o'clock P M . a porI tion ot tbe guesta anions "bom were five ladle* and a little girl, eat duwu to a sumptuous collation in tbo I cabin Fortunately ihe number of ladle* and children on boatd was so *mall. Kvarything pa i-d off merrily. A second table was arranged for tk iw who bad not been able to obtain a place at ihe first and. as the company became more and more socially di?po?M.i, a number ot those who had already lunched ctowded lnti tbe cabin to pariakeof the general enjoyment '1 his raved a great cany from tbe effect* of the eioricn At half past 2 o'cloA. whilst thla festivity was at It* height and the boat wat coming down stream under full headway, at the :at? of ten or twelve mile* *a hour. * hen apposite the lowar line of OarroUton the explosion took place Wi-were standing at the ran m * Lt c v the boiler dtck, near the front door of the csbin. We noticed a fh' Wt-r of water telling on tba deck around tha small escape pipe, which in low pre* ' sure boat* runs up by tbe smoke pipe. I n a eeco; d or I | t?o a rbarp. crashing nolee followed, and the whol* : I d?rk forward within t tM* f?**t rtf n? rn?* In fh- mi* A thick, blinding. impenetrable cloud ot hot ugi<ki ?nd cinders iitW oped the whol- .-en-- 11. .in <taot i and. ft r a short space <>t time, the darkness around wtn like night, W f wjll rot speak of our own feeliugs at the moment The enjf>kr cleared away and tb? aw- I )nl character of the terrible aeoident w?s re*e*ied : The crlus and gr<>*us uf the wounded. the trr>?0M of ' affrighted women. the confused mas* of ruins in the i front ot the boat the Mir fare of the river revered with 1 . s^ged timber, and human being* struggling tor Iffe, and the next instant the alarming cry ot " tire" in the i bold presented a seift n ot ineideuts iiufH- ! eieat to sppal the stoutest heart Kofa moment or i two It war net known whether the boat would float or be raved trim fire The flame* were quickly exlln(iuii,li? d. t? wever. by the crew ; It ?ai ascertained that | the hall wan uninjured, and then ail on board went ecolly and quickly to work to rescue inch of tk- safferers a* were entangled in the fallen and broken beams and plauks. to soothe the agonies ot the dying, 1 or to give all possible aid to tLose who were more or less brulxsd ecalded ?r burned Of the la lies. amonj whom were Mm Junius Bet be Mitt Iteebe, a ooxnsln of Mr. Junlua Beebe. and a little girl, none were In jurrd At the moment of the expletlon, the ateaiuboat ' Nanlope, a coaat packet, was ob her way ap and wan aboat IrtlO yard* trom the A N . abreast of Ler 8L* ! instantly r< unded to, s*at her yawl* out. and by an tiring exertioa on the part of her oflloer* and urew, Oct)e eight* en or twenty peraun*. moat of them scalded or otherwise injured, who had bet n blown overboard, were picked up aud taken into her cabin. There every attention that the kindest and most generous hearted Impulses could dictata. were unceasingly afforded to the sufferer*. The Nanlope then took rbe AngloNorman in tow and proceeded with her toward* I the city The steamboat Creole, whose ofllaers had heard ot the accident (aud whose names we regret we i rould not learn.) with a praiseworthy promptitude. I immediately came to the assistance or the shattered boat It was arranged that the Creole should tow the . wreck, and take the wounded persona on board of it to i the U S Marine Hospital, on the opposite bank ol the i riTT-r, ??iu iu?v tin ii?iiivpn nuouiu cuutf ID m? OHJ wi'htli- pereon* *aeed or picked ap, and uk >n on board Tbi* ?#i ImuirdlaUly done The fir?t enginerr w*a on dtry at the time ot the j eiplcfion Tbe eacend rnxiarer wan In hi* room and etcaped uninjured All the ateaatda and moat o( Itie ' deckhand* were aaeed Thr fallowing perron* were taken to the Marina Hospital:- Mr Alfred Ntillinnn of tbeQriu ot Aliiaoo & StlllBian. of the New Yoik Noerlty Work*; Jaoil McDade ode of the crew of the boal. who wai at the wheel at the time of the tiploeion; and three B*gioea flremeu. all thrre badly eealded Oiw of ' Ibiiu heloBg'd to Mr .lam** .lama, ot the B. W l'a r and another to Mr. Kinney One of th?-!?a I B?fr'oe* *11 oempletely raw Iron b-al to foot all the *kin having b?-n taken a<T by I b? eteaa. He bad bretdve a large bole In the tide of the hmd Me prveanted a mc?t ah< oklng ?pi-otaclo and il not r ipected ta Ilea Mr fltllliuaa *a? a?errelr wouiidtd M* leg and eenll being *eeerelr fracturua, betid** being badly eealded The pliv*lc>4ii* at the , hoepital rendered eeery aid to the aufT*rer* Nathan Jerri*, of tht* city, wa? found under the wreck of the botur deck*, and hanging over a portion of the machinery lie ?ai Insemltile - hen dl?coe<-r*>J aod re*cuad Iroai hi* ilaageiou* aoetttan A fee'-ut* more aiid he would probably haee aunk under the weight of the falh-B timber* and the heat and eteam He aaa lereraly wounded In the b?*4 Ilia brother. Stephen J are)* ai.d brother lu-la a, Mr. Andrea*. 1 were a>o eeTarely Injured. Mr Itigny. of the and Mr KM4, of the Oraa| tent, were Fitting trgethi r at th* fim>' of the ai|lo<lna on the boiler deck near the Mnoke-pipa Mint of the I chair* bad been takeu late tb? cabin for th? collation 1 and the majority of the peraona out ot tha cabin and j ftrward were (landing up Mr lilgny state* that he of a auddin heard a not** of 'team recap in* n*ar blm aud the neit inataat he telthiniaelf raieed la th* air lleandMr.Kldd aa be atateg. fall Into the mlddl" . ot th* *tr?ani a good illataBf* from the boat and clear 01 tha numlM-rlea* and dar^erou* || attug frag uient* i>l nmm r nr ninny anu inr i mi umn ini onthii ntlrti'li thtlr href*!* anil with on* or two ' t araption*, rurh ?" liubt cnt? ltd t>rul*ea th? ?nly j Injun** they received ware from 11?? vlolen' 'iunti*ttun Oo rlftng to the *iirfae? Mr Uiguy *aw many i |?rioD> in the water amtd thettmi ?r iu pj,f nod br tliuk? about thirty In numlwr. 51? r**m ' I to a piece of timber ?om> dxtance off. and wai tak> a , (ii board thi atramer Ninlofc, Mr Kid J n a* al'o ptrki d up by the tail e bout Mr I'erty althe Hull-hn wa* li't *e? n b? n> few nioBi'iil* or* it* aiploaton. anting alnn- amokln,* * cifti oltlii' ki'llrr d<?k oa UxUrlxard lidr rrar'h* I ilot b<which ?ii torward?f the wok*- |,ip?> Mr 1 htgny how?var ??w him ha think* at the Bum'at ot theaxploann walking bark Mlll on tba bml'r d ^k and forward i t lb* cabin. wblnb. In all towboat* here li (mall a ltd placid tat bark Tom Mart. well km ?n ' fceie. wa* with him aad wa* Mown iwrtni< Vi had II il'inr i m>H MlW ifillirMil. Willi rereived iio othir Injuria* l>nt a good ducking Mr I'errj wan towtd much lijurnl IB lb* lower part of lha *plae III* alolhra ou hi* back Wera torn off He *nf. 1 fried Itten'a ag< uy. compialbitg that bt? iu*?r llmha war* poairlm Heveral trl'DC* w?g( wham wa* I'rida, <f lb- Vicond Municipality tentid tiliu until th? Imt niom>iit II* at flr*tr>fu*ad to taka *i.j<hlrg to alli-vtat* hi* ?uft?ilng but, upin a quantity oi aaeet oil Ix-th a <mti.l*taf*d tnteibaUy. ha aaid ba frit I'M pain, turned nwr. and la a law mot.rl'J died lie leave* cot (Ingle retail*- In the world. Ila w** a falihfu! and valued reporter, and died In the dlerharga of Ma duty. Mr Kyan. of th* Orlmian wa* blown high In th* Ir aad tell talo l he river. Ha a*e*pel without Injury. W e rirolKct dlrtti pily a moment b*tor* tha etplo. fIon rolnf a group of fire or als paiaoa* atanrflagln tba il? ImIj ? t i tie iianke-ptpc Mr Junlu* II?-be. accrntpanled by a?r>tl?*r cattleman wa* walking up and d< tl lb" hollar dealt That wa* th* Itf*. arer at tn of Mm Bui a *h"?t time pr*vlnn*lv b? ?ai <nJoy cg hlmtelf at tabia amid hi* friend* In hi* naual qiiUt ii "d-?i rm?lbl* triai n*r It I* Impoarible to itn* tha *s*ct number of t*ia nlrdng A* far a* we bare been abla to a*c*italfl. the fell <? ii g I* a lift of tha victim* : KiffeW ? rhatle* II P?rry, raportar of tb? ftlb'in ( Alfred PHllman ol llw M*w lfMI MtnH| WwhM Itb ph>n N Ulll, flr*t engineer Mi .am*.? Jumna Bee be and other* whoa* namaf art of km wa. Ilv.rf.rf K 0 fltnrta. ?lightly will recover ; Richaid Ni t*< n pilot badly; Chll-p Hra 1y ma** "lightly; ! 0 9. Mlll ??r* I'ahily ; i apt J' hn I* l>a*aett l-g fro<<urtd Nolh'ii Jar?l? ??-??r?ly 5t?pb- n .IMili hit bfotkar o?iot?ly , J W. Ao<ir?o?. ?raraly bat not dang* roorlv, teoldtd ; Jm J Poy. of Plark I'oy. flauArt A Co.. Mlyhtly j Mr bljny, -ol tha li'l'a. tllpblly : Mr Kldo, of fha Cr???t?f. ?1i*htly Mr Ktar, Of lh? Oilratnan. MtphMy; ll?nry Lothrnp, oll^.h'1} ; Jo* Mcljod dr< k bond, "lightly; lla l. li?Ltly, a| |-r?iit)<>? of Mr f^-od*. Mlicbtly; Copt. Anno* la, Jap badly be k?n. clnoa roport# d omptitolrd. J. I. W?r?i-r ot .1 I. Wortiar It Co., botfly Injufod; ? htiii? at. hr<lbar of Alfrtd ^tlllmaB. ?llbh'.ly ; Win Kllt'if badly, Jobn Taylor ?ll*Mlt; ? Whittinirro. Hi pH?lf ? Thay?r, Sr i>IW?itiy; Coptoln Th< fc| foo, of tha uhlp I*ll0tt<u bodly, cool and tbr?e colnrrd Irrimi. bodly; John Wttaon dook hood, otfharborlfj hoaptfol ha lly ?tll rajnaor, ?n|?r.l fc,.y, at curtly bo?pltol bodl* will rarotar; ,f. 0 Pl?r?' a, Might ly; Mr Oorlond floofod .^lunloljialily lrro.?ur?r. tltphtly [From tbo N 0. Orarr?nt f>ri. It ] Tbr itm lalotnloi ?Uty itlH aii??? In r?p*td to tba |,ffoi? wi;andad ood mlmilng Iron Iha Anglo Motnian 1!p t" l?k*t ar.Dir* th? body r.f ('apt B??-bo bad net I far ft.oi.d and n thirg had b??o b*ord Iraui ?.lb>ra tbat oero inlaaloj IMnr* our l*or<irdoy'? a.Mtu n Nit K C Utirm Mr fttillntan Mr llilt Aral *n(It r of tbo AngloNnraion. ond Nal?oo pilot bt*o dtad of Ibo fojtnlx tb?? raaalaad. And tf faor lh. ro ot? ntbat* oha ror not tnnl??, Tbo fullowln* orttrlo* woro plckad tip oo ^otoMay ot p'of?? ob??oo >bo rlfy oi.d 'hay moy O'* o omo to fomo of tbnaa who ora ml wing : At Faftan t' ' piootoi?t' (*? ho? siodo hy l?r?? Porl? ?t?h *1* t?Od* or tba crop*; o?a bo' by K. !>> *, ood np by r, nhi NavYtrk l? oil tbara oaro ol* hot* Icnnd ot tlili I'-n A' ll*r? "i n?" n?r? , l wt* <?Wti4- DM m?<*? !(y llo?fy?j . P?r<?; one by K?fIrl* l'?rl? p? o?il S, 'in* bj D \mj Nrw Ori H?n? with* ptr.rll murk l?TI, < d? bj (l?nin Ttik ? tli l<?hith? rMt?n on tb? Ho I It k ?nd by l.?m '????r & T??rt? U a flutbot b-l w Rnrtbo'a ? ? mill. t?n hat* <*?r? I fnuftA- oo? b*l'*?li? U Hurk t Plft.y '?? r? >.<* bi irtWM. ?Ub k tfc???iatt lialng. *Uo m? etoik It k I % *% DAY, DEUJfiJMJJUK 26, 1 r?i A; l:ui:|iri? (? iu)ll,t? ? i-rn fi-un'l ooc Uia>0<' by K?-u?u<l fitri *Ub r?(ii' hp . <t , I ?n? i'j 4'iot mIi r ,> thv f".Uth?-Tt? ><1 W ' : I I i? ! > <11 II 11/ ll?r

Pvnumlxr nth and ^nu "-Pk n<J r.? yellow kid 4 I i t> urtivt i - lb>- ct n"? oi 1H.' ?xpl 't u cum to ?. id viiin.n* not | urtlnlt ol tb?.i>oiii*r l?n if l?mril T>- -niftup*r It 11I wn* ? mnut p?r*fnl i?mI *uU?r m?ti. hh'I th niMio* tiiuMracx *?? pin '1 him ' J th'" ?>: wh I fiuj. ; Hi, l.U'4 b??n DunMK. THt M' unni . Iln fir .. 11. Oo .. I'Viii.* tb? i>Ml Metk l*iif >>!.. -i-K i f Ritltvu* ?nd HlUlrri Hit vnil. i (u? jfcl lv. > !::.( (g took upiiD L>uu(?r u litf- ii i,u?ui"nt ii tr?, lh < Stwriit 1e*o?'j to 'ioy kAm i?io>? tnu-.irly *. vh> 'm.? ?ppii> il *i: 1 tin Umlut. h <|ilrttua. *dvi* f, K?? l?r Hi' i-tn r . auJ hi? lol it. h ?t >t>n i to lniu 11 .??? ?#_tvn?t (rinii i liw Nen ? octi" ?nt ?'t.Illicit. i>i i u. ft ui> iring in tin i?li !' wit] th't cri?oii?-i Mnd n mnnr fit- i beat- r 'ii . i ,rt?nt t h*i III h?<t U'Ulit h lull Cf'tir r> t)i? Of'm* t? Pl.ll Hil< we I" fiir tatbority if tli* priiMMr to4mij Wi ?i?ilf(l iln rJujr lii-iuh: m. ihilrltiiT h?r broth* (h ii. ?uo itifor i>* i <2i?& tb- ruiudr lb I'trcumtli n riUn.? Inr < < .;.mt<.u Hi! guv-iit mi*.il "J pout Tr i. >. il , itmiu^.i ,nr ? h?t t***o ?i th- id'? tli- iri'tb?i> .;;-riii',ii-'i with bin. ? lime. I * = '< & h * <! ?ul i u anil u h>?i Ian ?l?il mi I hr |il'> ?< .1 lie th*!;' I. will 0<'T4lml). ami ?lib * .ram " hiix- nmnr u f<|ii?li??l r? >uiui ! lUi if Im?> !? * ut t Hiiit en > tli hi whil*- Uii? n tur- ?. " nijtci a int. r? 8-?i-ri?l I?ili. ? ti??< I ?n pittfttlnMo OAll u nil tb? t?tlll*l!l?V Ml OlUill ( MtUi-" ? ll< J tin Ir n) dj| h hit-" U? ?iit'?;.M hiniin i. in rudmc ?'"! hit |ir??i-r>* 1 k Ii i li ..t ulil --.I'll i lU&mn i'u| *?vr. i ilkvi- i'H-t M' ,il.' - nn> I .iin ae. O'.ipm . 1 by o tlcuian wnr*. In fc i<?ll thre" or f -t J?}? i?*iiliii'*l"'.'l' l!'i-r. .1* n i ? I. t, .( r; A? i. tii ... u> til} ritu-4 link iuii ft tl Tl 4 vhi- utfi r?, ii m. .. j.)j i n uiiB?rkn ! > Mi; ("lip it ! <)< n< * rt'tii ; V **!% Oti fil-.t}. tlit- pri.-iiii t i cil .1 Jfj l>j )>. brother in In * .. i iMurt ?i li:-l ..r tid.rbk rclltp?4 to n.l.rtrt r- witl- .>1* ?*i :? f; ) I: ij ?U'c : thai I h?- l?v> n.?dt t*K'4 )t? ii.ii * > At ihm inttili fftim i i>iu1i<M o! n liilii ?.? M J:d *bi IW uDoxp c.-d t> via nintii, i tfN! *;. !. . i. ' b. .4 in lh( mmt tivrh:nit oi kiii'T i:. i , vMi-iitlj b^r for x r.D.uiut itu ii i <J vhmi tlii- ' ,?t , !n. t . i? t>i%. r from liliu h ? bruit t . t1 br ikiri Ml i> tion p??nU h ? ?. lii it rtii rt Ik'k <u.' hi* < r.*?am hit mlokl niwcuti .Hi t V V.) }. I. In* Cvai Th*uk run Wi(l Tfir p??iit't> *?.it l<7 li?lnnU ihi? ?i?-k : (t.ttl.UiltOM iklok i<m M Of 4 b<*<AlV t' Jtf V* tli- 4 li ldl II y h-l: t 1<- I Min j i f tta" orerntt>r> h?? - i i hi| i.-1 - a; toihrr Mini i tb?-t? ?r-? working ut a r?rj' 1 i 1 n' Thin Ii- hp It rhi uld hi- It i? lolly t | ?-* it rr Into ih? m?i kvl kt nty lien tban i* r t. -a. ?n I n*. tiru'?tl\ fi ?; Tt ? ' tin n?l,..n ot # r>' li* ID tW ll?di' I- 1. tl-'?plj trl< II) lid t.1 bu?lurt>r *t> k4j Mi'l limlttiy Hi rupc i b? t)'< .-in bm ii loroit-d -ii tb> lutj'ct Uw l, l nuul tkrowhi ut the ratlr* ? ci<t u:-[itii i k ill >.i ) toil* p?r ?m k Tbl M prolm til ? in ii 1> . to* 1 n r< ?<1 Conipi ny run mirv iln< iu( i hu v" t. ji -4. which 1? i idii)?rilj kiI.Ii frojt ii^ i unui bicfc i? an* 'h hii. Im .rHtiU to hi-i j r?l! tMimptnlllioP Pulls, lir ' f ['?! Bniolil}ii < ity lulcllli|riirr. ^ ('hiihtm*? l)n A Hue cli'iir nioriiiii,s' i:T,r? good oppoituiiitv lor <n- turn nut i'l tl:' Mi?r it mill tary ana lire cinuhm>? <h Dn? >uyu .'inu > u rn m , tb*m paraded tb* p an i t.i. c ?*tiU-?ti. n **r* Lb* 01 (It-r of ih*day Tit- *riii (i.-n- i,? I ?f }oacg mtn trou: tb* w? !u.11 - eoinj ?t >.<-? o< rLlrt?? nth ak'i Kourl?#oth r-^im 1.1?. an ler tk? tnand of raptalo Ainir*? Morn* ?i"l mmtarog t?#o:y ?**?a uu*k*l*. ?t> It*lit*, prri . mrt?* (1- tvpo< j1 nrtlo* rb- priiiii w?i* ?? d by (i-it-ral liu rj?a jib<3 bi* a'alf ar.<1 th> oftl m or tba ?bo?* r-gtUcnta Thfjr p( <'m*o<1 to - i *?j " of lb* Aran ry accompany io?; l h< u> a> judg* i'be?hoottig ? * **oi ll> Lt lb- hLiuic iip.i ->(u? i '.fl iniii ar* n.m Tf-<- r> it pfta* *- a?wd?l to Mr Uim Ktrtj tb* < ap'ain *i*et rt IIim His b wh ! polia* rh-li app*aran<-* par ?W?tt . tbair uui''niEl vnj pit In hi iuf a ahlU < oat. with bla * bat. :>aii'aa!Hl l>? ft. Tb- Kaiii' Uua ti ai40 >* ( uyoa a innlar ?ict.r-.lon m.ii*r 11 i i nduet <>t < 'a|> am H?1 l*u Hru.i-it i|.*N ? York ? -u(>ani-? > ?i 1-4 Itruukyn ; aiin uk <>' b*r* I h? a. c tin . p i * >T i a-' -lia'ni oi (>ua'<1 (j ii nli r lii> tima 'h" * **.tii|h> ?' it 't llrftk Tb*? ?r*r* i(i??mf.i I"' tj tb?- I nun itf?? Itano fnd ri iuru <1 i#.V? Voi It t tutu "din :?ly by tb? Liimtllofi a?*nut' t*rry Hi aiiLaan aao Ami i m u* It* >. i? r>< ir ?t Jay pa?-?a bin a la I tliforWatt n i- m**n to ttin iiii.ll f Fiilira rm>|>iotlli( (In- Hall u l.u'a1*' itw III ItMHikljn I'U *oa>* nighl*. 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Ii tb* ?tr?t wh't* tb* rilla1??" ! t>aaa*d M r. 8l?t'ln|i'a pantaloim-?*r* ioum J, *?id? nUy | brown a*ay by tb- burglar- ?tt?t asttaotlng tba pin'ki't book ahloh rnDtaiu*r1iiiiily a ?iu til aomuat of 1 mm *y Th* oitii?nt%l Htooklji ai p. ?r to b? gr?atly klatliudat tba fnijUfiit altaoka of ih undaUht rb lur* and b'kln t ? think m anni- laini' dlat* utapafor Lli? |mi utlnr. tml doti'Altoii f ' tin ijrprxiv r<, nr 11 adaption ol * n>m* vllcntlr* of ut^ht police In i ll'ra'H ?? pnMi?h-d an %e-"uat ol 1 Mr " i 41?!I I* ic* in c I I M. ? 1 h? ? M '.ir in 4 1 rTdf-ro't. ?u?th?r ruUlmi m.t In ).(!? * *'< fUflk| tkroggb flfiaimlli >tlN( H <> .* I ? .l Li Ir.r'l Tlil< fi I.;l li.?n h.l ?? ,iol I ki Ht Lit* *4 nkfaf t tl tilt lUHl ?M OO siVi t? rib bin. 1'in < t. > ? Kiiiot* eo 1 ki t?c? hi* i V' Ya' lh? p jnl?hiu?nt infl'inrij l>f I th* ran'tl-rt* ? 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Donuii'lx ol Ait and hi > directed to procure a portrait ! ct \ : Ijo,. H<?.ihull W?yorotth? city, to Hi *ultaMj i ' ! ami p?r>-d iu the Qovarnor'i JU, .u i ; l.i miui 01 >i-iu be appropriated to u? nV the rt^(ii i ? i>t trik eam*-* W r r.ta* Ii:? u -ii iite nuttom of the 'Jomin on ' li- i j 'J V? I ork lor nearly ball a cen i ti./j, iOlna>.i . |i"rt.a i ol meohief magi strata of . ?.r? rliei .if m ii "noun Xiiai !; "uimiiteiouvr of Kepalia and 8upfit uti'ter ' Jr i| id tile Couimitte* on 4rta j hi, . i-nne- I.- In-timl d to prooure a lull length P' , ol iii Kia ilfiirji. Utnilltun Ki?b, liovei uor < " t?ti S ? \ ik iu le plaoed iu the Uoveri ir "l ti. I. Ila.ll. ai.d tbat tun euin ol t'JiH) i \> 11 j.i-jji! ,i?ii.. in i mot MiiilUa. the turiher iuu of r. 1 .i .i i j i i the iiama - I >H' H .>1.1. lit AUIIIItflT ALOERMKN. K : r - . muiil re ..u street* In favor of let m, lib tn. pu tei fiuaee in third avenue, from r.h tu T? ct. . i. bcli *1 reel, t alerted Ol Jo mm it ..i, I ia '?? r of regulating grading and pavi11, ' 11: .-|j *u??t li. uj Hixtb to SeTi-utb avenue; ! f '? r. 1 ti n. iu lavi r of gtanUug authority to the N i ui i H au I'en gi <;? . to aiteud th? ir line of ? t, rcier nl A i u.u>.;uiuattou from Ueoar W jui freMUeut reioiuuieuaing tor adoption au u.oinaii. " p otihmtig initial- below Kighiy-sixtti ?I n l tu city, r* let leu. Apportionment of ai* '.Hi* ut u lh*'er i.| regulatiug and mar.adam iik r ill J lourt ti ? reel, ln.ui ? lftb avenue to Urwadi way. adopted a it no i. v *ti on* ioncu aafcu itv. * H"olved. Ttia' ib- ?u. .It u#ed by th* keeper i ol I. i ii.D Hark o* opaii d or a ue?v bou*e built, and I.I.HI tl.? 1,' n?r I>l It-pair* nod Suppllra ba 41| r*< d to ?air> ih? *auiM into < 0-ot K ?< !??(1. Tm( tki >kl?rjr ut Nuih IliiMl 8*rgaaatI ar \rtip oi th? Hutril ! Aukiiil Aldarinm. b? in' citmd tr< m ti*t-to rii > Lu<n>-d to lafctt itlfeoi oi. ".hr lai day of !> ? dI?i in.ib K-M>i?i<d Iba. Kiiu tfml, roui to Oan?l irrt lir ll<l lrU ?l h ||t< kU'l .bat cn<- crOKlvalk* j t> r< m til* Kuli li hvciiu- ?t t he intxrrnotiou ot Jail* I -t 'ft br repaired ion li*u h i Iuh l?td Cliat l'ai r> atrial, from Wart to Pourth ti. t hr |ybt< <1 *i b *a< forthwith. V. hrlrw a larn* uuuiiR-r oi th?* ra*id?nt? ofdaraatb I l I " III Alrl ur ll In Hl>rl, ? i-ti to bavn l tin ? a p i j. t |ilai'? 0 ll l(VNlk HtCMrt. Iharrt ir? ba it rain r?U lbat pira- ba laid la riarrnth *tr?-et. from I iiiiut I: loUtMiiiwt ai u that oounilaaioaar oarrj | l ? i-r in > it to < il. at It tort halt h In- H< ard tb?b aOjoutu>-d until 6 o^clock oa Mod- | 1?J -T> ulBf l>?< *.'1 I'hia board Luat at th< u?ual h >ur M MorI ana l'r>?id?-ut in tba rhair riia oiiiiiilaa ol tba laat m>-atiu|( war# rra4 and Hpprotru r>.n>io\? kMtmtD <> William rt l>uHa ltd J Lo?hIj lur l?m< of Otthtrtna f'iry. o( Maria It*/ii"id- lor .lorraoiloii of payin iii oi a^Hi-m-m on lot in Tbirtivtu uttwl brtwaao j I. ' i t li and N lUlh lirnui? lor mtur; of T. Jraauruu ! and oth>r*. lor oily railroad. ??rrral palitloon lor the | 'Mi ii'icii ot th?- hu? pavpuivnt in Hi ,.ad?a>, oi Jama* I Hru a l<> h< a| poiLird I'oinuil'rlo ??r ot |lt*>*d-, of Olio- ' i. <<ilb-ri and o har? to tia??- the aidawalk laid in ! Hnh?t*iiur MI?I?I| Niu.b and ThuI- iftuurl, ol i' r l.iiiiialay to purcl>a?<' I*lor toot of forty thlril ; at >ar<h Him. < hl?i KnMni?ar a return* ot tminl- j lion a t?*lf nation* and ?xpul*l<>o? ia tb>- ITira 1>?. ' -ill l i "'inimr ami nm-r in.?u, cvu'iiuiii, 'ti'M >lr?tluB ? Kngmaar f<? the fci l>t p*rtiMo?? o?inUtm?ii. Uf Htianea Oomniiit?-?, on ih- i>?titl?, n ^luk*ng l't< I n- to -Kill*- oorlllg ? 'lo|B?ol< *u lot* t>r>I -iiati ? : i. I.hi, ?.r < oiiimilt>-M on (tirrot* id 'a*<>r ol r^uui iu? I i'd tfldiiif eurli m<I (utii*r otiQi-* la tbn ?tr"i-t? I taut, ' lllrtl-111 ami ?ill i-ttl utraata, ami Taatli ?? - f nu- ! Ih< HuiIii d rlf?r. ?l?o ri-lntriuii th> p~titioa i ol (.. uiga liolfrr 'o r? tfiilitt*- at, <1 fir ??ugi I Inilu Tt|(t]r m-ti-illitu l'<i-ulV fl<|hth mrmi t<- lh? I tt-fi rmjiBii-m- n- r, of ClytaiaOumBUtM, In f??or I Of granting dona' i>-b to Kir-hard K Hart tor dtm><Mi I la 11 ua , .1 < < m u t t> * on Wnarta ?\>rn tad flip1 at! It* to making a hulk h-(l on North Kli 1-r. (ilntor llm- Irftu Till-ty third to rtilrt y-alxth Miaata. ai-o in ia?or ?1 paying to Magn- mi l H autfan fit'. 'I'l U'r* I- D|th of fior'i! K K, al?o in fator of takl d ?r <n I'lar 12 N K., nlao, to iiantl t'i?r 13 to nti-titr Una. gMM'Ttnaa aiiortKD HiMtri) That tb? 8>ra>t O uimiMionar bf iliwt?>l to |ikvi< at (1 repair Krtgar lane lr< Ul Broadway to Tilti||\ Cum aad rharga tna ittowi ft.r a6uil>l?Uog lit- moi- to tha ofimti ot property known at Mo j* Lr? ?>. r.irtk* mom thk board or ?an?r*iT tLtUMm-f aapnata m.r?a*r. 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Oi i -?'Mi* ..(i Art* and .* ime?* on Ibo enn i> i-'i . i?j r># kin llt>u?r th* Major. relit'It* totb* ( u t ?f rv.nimt* ol p? lio*. *to OI OooiiiIUhi oa I ? i>- J i r of N IInM ?tr?-rt fr l"'H to l'*titr* ?tr?*t Ol th? i!c uiniliM of Li* ' ?t?i tu.< tit la lator ol eonSinuate u^uni w?' i>u? m i it'M Mi'Mmnt li; Mifuril. 'i > Iic?r4 lb?-tt a.'journf 1 till 6 o'clock on Frlrfajr ?*t itg. BOARD OF AMHTA1T AT.Mt*MI1. f?ir 20 l'i<?rDf. th? I r*?i*rnl In I,* ohalr, on J a quoram i.f inhar* In tbair ptacua Th> ttiUuWa *-ra ( Ml a lid apptctrd rof. tnltte* ro gtiovi* in H*or nt tla^lrg In *' ' I lotrllk ?tr*ft H'||U I t . sun,nut, kiU n lit la n>r??t romui??|oarr. In laror ol f?rm I* imtiit |'it? <>n ? ut&*?? . roraar ol Ta*nty ttlrtf Mtr*t aad ?n?h a**nua Arfoptal < < B.lnttO* oo Mrrttn la taror "I fr?i I I'.lno to paante a?iaa poit? ia Chaiht-.i ?uhI, lr?ii ftarl ittwt t?> It) I nil plaov Adopted Th? 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In taaor of ragulMlng. fr?4- i Inr Ktilaf rwk ml (tlt'r itiXttl. and ilirgin/ riJa?aik? hi rtaan t?th Mint fr>>in Third to r mirth torn* On rorcurrra a*. rafarn J Uinmittt* i>a tin l>?jiaitm*n'? lofarorof concur Mr )i .a t??ah?tlou to ai.iarii* tb* h< u?aa of Raff1n? J t?B|>at; .So Ul and L'.nm i.'vmpumf Mo. %>. <;? i <iri?d m raaaaa raow tit* ro?an or at naatea*. P. a port ?>fl thx r>>mmMt*o "U Par*ta?, In fh?o? of l?a? I'm Fuitnii floath aid IIamilt n a*?nuo larrta* ta?? i till I.* h> y and llmry 0 flarpont for taa ) nra. at tfc? aom>al i??t of A l Wi i.Vt.rurro?l In Xi pu'f ul ?ti? ?f?fial c?.uiwtt?a In relation to gaa niitiart tit fav< r I granting a n?w contract to tna Nin ^oik (. ? 1,-irlit Otni anv r< ntrnct to aiplra th, MUM.,. lxtS tOM-urr. din iiwi.ltiaai 1 o fci.lld par a pat valla on FouM?> irtno* naar Tcrk*ll!? U,? liar ol ttia tla-I'm Ka<lr?ad tha ?a?a t.. t> r.lia (< a to tha I'arlain Rrtil ?1 Company * " f?tr?'i to thr |j? Oonmit'w t ru?d to M*at on Mrariap nlof at t o aloak I'm i? frawnt ?kr l ia-id-nt In tha olair and a qn< rt'O' < f marnhar* In thalr ftarM Tha mion ?a of th? Ntt aaa.ltg ?ara r??d and a|>prn??4 K Wmn Mr?? ??'l f-f 'iW t< T ?t i.-i.fwtb * f>t rl r<-nth M'H? R?. Uti?4 fc?* rai?M?r? r* Rn|?rt M flrial ?n<t nth?r?, th?- * J? ff t?? <'hH?tofh?r Mr*?l t? tk? tlr?rt CowaMsnir, with ponff, Pr*-?nit tfc. plr? |i. p?r ? !, on ftn?*?rrKiia? iih t. ototi'C to koil<l ?? # ??tn??lnr Rii?ln? ?'o?l>?M Wo I R?ffK ? < ?!> ?il ana r??lntl"n ?c|ipt?'J ot> T'-llr# irfrtt*4 In ??? ?? of paitnf ? ??? ! pi. y?iriai.<' bill*. for ??!<- ? r? a at St* i t"-?. h' ?. ?, A#"; Iril t t aiiuKi#* cm <Jt#ta*?e*? la fo?or of r'faUtlag " i LD. r ? ? w PRICE TWO CENTS. forty-second street, bctWMri' and Third Iff IN. Adopted. MWOTlWfc To rspair Fourth street frocn UeVoagkl rtroet U) th* Bowery Adopted To bniid two oulferU at tbe ooraW of > uttoa and! Oreenwicb street*. Adopted. To repair oroM wajks acit>?* KolUn atSMt At Greenwich street Adopted Adjourned to meet thi* (Tuesday) *V*Blaf. l>ee. 24 ? Present, the President la Ufa* ohair, and quorum of members in their place*. rArmit raeM tub boabd or 4?.DK?XBir. Report ol tbe Committee on Vinanoa' in favor Of paying f.38 11 to a. W. Ja^uen. lor remo.'lng aiinnMf and clearing gutter* In the Third a^enua, In tb* Ninety nth ward Concurred in. Tbe Committee of Conference on the ?ut>j*ot of inviting the member* of the Htate Legislature to " ri*il the institution*." reported in favor of adopting tk* resolution to gite the Invitation Tbe re,*?'* wa# adopted unauimi uslv In the Hoard of AldarnWBi bat met with a sharp opposition, and was finally .' M th* table, by a vote of 8 to 7. TliestrUal. B?w??r Tiikath b. ?The entertainment* for thi* ITS' niog conrUt of " IMzarro," th* beautiful drama of tlM a aopiru ubiiu.' idu me grand romuuo speotaou entitled ' Peter Wilkin" " As the Wallaaks will appear hut tvo night* mora, those who have >tut? foe tragic excellence should by all owoi visit th# Bowery previous to their departure vitoiuwii Thk*t*k.? The new comic drama, en titUd Uiralda," will oomm?nc* th" performance A the leading actors of tblc establishing n: will appear i tli* piece. hh also the Inimitable 1'urinlaD Ballet Troup* The entertainments will copclude with the excellent ballet entitled " Le Diable u Wuatra " Wu hare never >m a better snlartaluiiient thin that now given at the Broadway TheatVe Nihio'i OiiDin ? Tha Ravels, always attractive. pra >?nt a very amusing entertainment tor this evening I he amusements commence with the Itavels and tha inimitable Laon Javalli on tha tight ropn Ttl? will ba followed by the dramatic paDtomltoe of' Robert Manure" and the whole will terminate with the g.irgeovu spectacle of ' Maiulm. or the Night Owl " A Una bill for one night. Bi ktoh'i Tmiaihs ?A? nsnal. the great manager and inimitable comedian. W K Burton, ha* seleotad thr>e attractive features tor the evening's performance The first in order is th? " Deserter," whioh will be followed by the new American oomefy of "Married an Actress " and the entertainments wUloonniuda with the " Pickwick t'lub " Those who eaa enj <j m hearty laugh rhould visit Burton's N ation al THKAvac?Tha splendid Irish drama af "Brian Boroibme" will coimueuce t' e entertainment*, and will be followed by the " Oolden Asa," and tha amusements will terminate with the very attractive and beautiful spectacle of the Maide Wan or tha Fairy of the Desert " which has bean rvoaiveil every night with the most enthusiastic cheerisg mitob?.iiam'? hrcti m ? The antartalnm*nta given at ?hl? new and fitgant establlnhment are light anJ pleaaiug They commence thia evening with the rlguiarola entitled " Krouirham At I'o ku<1 will conclude with the heautllul comedy of the " Serious Family," with llrougliam In lu? great character of Captain Hur^by Maguire. With iaob to eioellent performano* 111 ougham s Lyceum will ba ?ure lo be crowded Ahiiii tn Mi ann ? The entertainment* whlob %r? daily given ?t this | > pulnr and well managed eatafc1< )i ib ?n t are of a novel and very at tractive character. The beautiful moral drama ot the "(,'urato'a I laughter" la in Itealf, wertb the price of almiaaion. Ciacv*.?The French e.jusetrlan troupe art drawing Inmieine Hiidicnee* The horsemanship if lenf and all the other feata are inimitable Wamiim.iupi Hall - Tbe beauti'ul panorama of th? t-Pilgrtar* I'rogreM" U (till being exhibited at tha above hall. StTTi.ia'a Oo*Moaa?ia? ran ba aeen by nailing at tha houM corner ol Thirteenth street and Broadway. Testimonial Hi mill r to .1 Wallai k. J a. - The frienta of James Wallack. Jr , who learn this country for London early In January, met on Tuesday evening At the Aim-ricao Motel and made all neee?aary preliminary arrangement* tor a teatioonlal b. u-'it to that gentleman who hex risen to a eery distinguished p?HHon and who been engaged at the llay-narket Theatre a* the leading tragedian of tbat establish, m t,t Mr Wallaok Is reapwrted bota ?? an artiat and as a gentleman, and there can be no doubt that with bis I loop* of friends a benefit will b>* given to hia, such as wlll.ln an ?ff>'ot*ve manner prove a 'eatiaunial ol the high ptnitlou he holds lu thU community MnriMlt Itai ia* Or? >4 Tbe >i|iiik .1 " II 'li?r?^cnie" l< lo tie r? I f i r med this evemllrf. kd<1 Perlui is tl aooe ?r a* lithe* I hara ?ra nun; tj-au.lful Kama In thli op<r* Tit* prauhiata I* a lo??ly melody lt??t will lnu< ll?? In tb* UM Bii rj lhrn will ha % ??-ry r tat ion. ?? prMunif. lr"Bi I ha ?tr*ri*th with wiiioh U>* ehtrx-Uln k?a 6-?n <JI>trihut? J'ian* IMt*j?na*a will appaar la tha ball?t Tarpalrh rela whlob ait* h*? won ttry di*lltpui?had applauaa and lo wbloa aha dancaawlth uocouimon brtllUuiy A *? Hi-Mor'? Co*< rut Thac??o?rt at Tr<ol?r tfat la?? night aa? a (rrtl tr> at Ui I boa* wb? ? r- pr-axqt though ilia attendance waa by n<i la?*o* what auib aa aiit. rlaii.mtnt ahould ha?a ?<iiam t i l? I Aoaa Ruiitp *a< in fsealUnt role*. ami >u aaoirad tu imlj ?tir)llilti( ih? no( 11 * r balial* w#ra particularly chartum* " John And.raon ?'" Unm*. llnrn " till ' Mary Maria draw forth raptnroa* pin lira. Noaalll aa> i| alto, a lib hi* rh*rart?rl?tl^ aorraoto*** acd iwIIibm, Th? trokNlra aiarutaj th?ir p ntWo of tl.? e<ic?rt admirably and Rirh?a *thlbit*4, la thair Tary ?ltacti*a pai for manoaa, bi? "kill a< mu?f-al director Tha arming pufrnan* IIJ not taka plaoa; an-! hut lor th* mow chat fall aarly In tha a?-nln? a Inrr. r avAaara d?ubtl?>a would ha?a baan pra?ant lo arjoy tha gratification of a? rich a mu?ial antarratu rat OHRKTt'a a ?Tha pr*fr>ttnm* nf ?nt?rtuli HM'it* for this<*11nltiK I*. na u?u*l, 'Ul?.| with a ftaa ftalaetli'* of mriojl.a ln*trmu?nlai paiformaac-a, anl dancing * hi.liit'l Mi ??rai i ? a'* (f'.lnf np Iha hill fry fa?t. Tha a'taiidanna la *?-ry Ha'larlog an l tha roaal ibatruniatital parforvancaa gi?* "n- ml aatlafaetioa. JnsMt Frt???i r.ana, tha awaat. ffvttl-h b ilia I le/ar. ?ill r'?? har far-w?ll c"n?**rt. thaTa?ar. narla, ta n. rn rr? uing r?? i I'MiLii run On Ba?.ur>lti n'.ftit tlx f i 1 Itrtnto Itanlt' v??r*p?*ti4 Whr* ?rrf lull ami IHluan' bona# l'h< a* ol th? n?'ll"N?a ?ii iTm gi>kiti lb?n in 'ho p>?e-"lla{ i>rrnto ai4 l'?f' <H ?i.k an4 aetad wl'b lot r. *?-4 ?[>lrtt Wo h ?ra > >* rtlta l? p?rt|pii.*lU? Iba d>n< r? ot t> -au'l. a' I!?? p*i lore ?r.c?. lb-ukL ? tub il? *? < !t 'bat th~ <iMm aaa naaar produced h<T lifli morn tlTilt to I c ?>?* lha hnu?? waa In* ?f?t? or a*rl'oni?wt IkfODrliliHlltit ?b"l? f?tn'i il xri'ui Ilium tli< at plat i uoui>.jallr ?o* h j?ia-''? *11 tlitliRfd Furrdl *< r>\>?a*aJly lllaj th? n?rU'ti Mil tuh?i?tii <! trlih jwom-tra ?t ?ui'i.-a it*'*) aa<i W?Wqif-t*. Ta? Hgt. tl?? ti?i tTl4<tll|Mkl*fii4 a ir i ?t I 4tl?rl*ir trlnmplt at t It U th? nor# to t>a tali"lM(tN'("l hitnall; ?ra?t p-?*?r? loxn i<h aa ati? follow* ?o *aJ<*?t.l7 ?? tb atvpa Jmunf I tn4. aaJ ta<tr>errata an in'traU w!tb tbo-a rtioa# patlaap* of mu? i*al prrd'r < a v. r t ,rnlit?v? rlaal li*4 jalla aihauatad Tbla ar?utr< ?? ?r?t? ih? a?rt!lp rf?r? rf Tfrn.ia auii wi.S Par Jfna ,iriwa *?* ? , ?r doubt not tt?* tt-? htti?awi;( h?er>?d?4 If oi 4f?a t? |'?fi|??tt? Tl.? t mala U of tciftar and riimrc t n-!m?r.V at I ftic < will furataS an f la app'atnnlta *r a dtap'n* of Parol. ? * > %! pr?rra aad UiaiuaKo g*al?* l \.U4rtik. ,V?iM .!<*? iiim. /'? *3 Ji .?? !,????. ?liil? at IMehmoad m t?la a Jn?ti"a of t*)ltphrii<IM il'? (* fir plwllnMf at fotlo?t - t- mil* Orpbaa a?j itm (Crunt'tit'l >#."<. Ht Jt?. pb> I . taala Orphan \<j ra (Ca'bi'liot '?*<??. Mala nrpfan Aa>lom tPr<-?t??'pnt > *h- at lirt .|-?ijrnrd Htak>?? a donation ot f lift?<o ?.?? f waN <t-ph ??i A?|iao>: tiat h?atia? ?f'h? of th? two otha* Inalltti'lont rk* a44?<< >2 a I fh* (lit. aad 4'.?l U4 ih' ?t?.' aat amonftt th?? Vm<a ar rtir I'. I> f >> i*? \nwi"? - \ a^Hntta iH?a?l?r n,p?fr?4 o? oar In llti i *t? "f M >n4ay la't. Th* I-' f itiaair \aa> u Kind- baaatl !*? f!r*?-'a ?*t,t!(i4o to V?t Ot'.aaat, ?l'.k an^o pa** nt?r? oa l?'aril toli'lro of mi 1 rr??. (Jrn- n la fr?a ?tr? ? ol aratlm, nal now lit* total wrat k >i tb>t p?itln?<ilrr. abml l?n ntllaa tV?w Matatarda S? wo 1??rn ftnm tha paa?anc?r* Iba Anaon lair llraxn* ? tl.? aba>Uy ?*?tilng prftin?. with tt?? llat* of p''p|>!?? at i|?|???t?n on tl a roata bat durlOR iba atfht rnnai tftH a h???r "*a ?a I "tniwa i.- ? 1?^ fi> lh? f? mbward. in wMrh *h~ rwr-rt *i w \ j fi? r boot# b"'w?T*? tr.l -on*! f***hio lnj>ir? ctb?r?l?? ?hf n. tbe fallnWln* morning 'h- . >?p *lr? eOBcludad U"ni? ?e a bur>fT In H?t??"-<la h%j tho HfUhrt HI11 tinnbaM't Whoa (II tbo bar <\t lo'niuaK, P |M . t?j>> nt? 1 ??r- made for a pilot without ?ftirt; IDil th)>MP'>ll brl?( wi ll l.l? l dmI tbo t???oI In a 'Inking <*"?!t|f inn. If tu de*ixi*d Impem'tr* for lb* |>r?"?rr?tion of life to r?-l ) er hlrli " ? no'-ord n?l? done. nnd w*tb?al ?r? ii?|f?tn??y th? lor* of Mli ile ut* nlthouib *r??t <j?r.f?r*ttM?<1?rl tbo de?J>?rit? ?|t I to. Th- <>oi rlr?il hTtc* Thnr*d?? U?t mmt ?.f th?m tr> ? ?li irtitutr rendition, h ??l n* )< t nil their ><?? * I d r. rl? In th* d1?n?trr, the r?t In |ir Mill?-T otio ?>t lb* l.nad rcrina!??l?n?r?. itho hn* (tot a # )?rr* KB'uiit ?f romy valunhlo p?u?r* Mr H?a(hoy, a i.t?tt|w>rary of tbo pr-"?. *r,d formerly editor <>f the I'nlnt l?*b?| htilhlitt I* .moti* th? pn"":n*?r?. WofoittW? 7\Aw. ftiw 9n Hi *mmi or M*i*k NiaTI Pafno-*.?-The Stat mm o, at rbotiM-n>n, Me , wo* .Itncoverrri to be in fir* rb lit low and a U?il o'clock. Munday fi moon laM. The rniria a wore prn^p|? on ihi eprt j bui owing to o*re???To eeM. (?hi-m?inotor rar(fiii|f 12 d'pifr?it*i?r iem,) and the at-areiy ?rn? r, c?nM nut b? brought for aont? t me to work i n ! ?' iitiPPf. i wurfirii v aw IN * H"M?| nuin Hftawn, imd m?M room, *??* M^flf < pfrryrt Tw woTli?h?r? "n't wing w*r? Mvrit by lh?* throwing of .Vc., on ihe fl im**, f y ciu-/.' n* Th? pnnoirr*, about ntn*tT in nnm> er, wrtr all nnfeh IrnfpM ia ?' rkahopa Tk? ?ir?- ia ro h?v from atn**p?p? in t'linfft room. Th? waMf?"n'a pr#p*rtjr. heiaf m Am* "f ?h^ hviMing, *m moatlv ??vcd l+m not t\%\*4.?Porxl**d Art**, Dtc. 24