Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1850 Page 1
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* T- 'm TH r- - WHOLE NO. #043. THE W8ASTER TO WE STEAMSHIP OHIO. Higly Interesting and fGrapUic Account of her Passage. OUR NORFOLK COEKK8PONDKNCK. NoaroLi, Dee. 30 1850. The steamship Ohio of New York, hi* jn*t anohored In this harbor. In the few moments of lelsato afforded me, I bwtoa to give yon a short account or the disaster! o? board cf her, which hare befallen ua elnoe leaving Havana. On Wednesday morning our steam was up aachixrs wel|hed. and all the passengers, consisting of More than 800 In number, antious to start lor Mow fork: among them were lomt ladles from New Orleans and Havana. The steamer had proceeded a lew yards on her way naiiu uTcr iu? wuoie tmmi, ae though striking against mot heavy substanos In the water. A? once the engines w?re stopped, for an aooiJent htiMwrita Something had broken about the machines?. ud. on examination, It proved to be the bursting ofa cylinder head of the (larboard engine, which reads red It naeleaa until repaired It rwquirad several hears for the cooling of the water and meta before the extent of the damage oould ha ascertained; bnt when the exact state of affairs waa known, It wu pronounced Impossible to repair the damtged engine before retching New Tork The larboard engine, there" Tore, we* oily serviceable for the voyage. Captain ichenok however, after mature consultation and releetion. determined to proceed to tea. although antlcl gating a longer passage, asone half the power of the machinery wu loet. lie consequently made every preparation to meet the probable emergencies. On Thursday, the 10th Inst., we again weighed an ?hor, with suine hopes and many forebodings, for the first two days our speed waa good, but on the third somewhat dimialehtd. As jet no aecident had occurred, the tea waa tranquil, the skiea serene, and no Indications of a change On rianday evening, the wind irethened frcm the southeast, and before the next morning. a tremendous storm blew from tha ' -sorthwee-t. It haa never been my misfortune to wit. ntsaatsia one of greater violence. The vessel reeled before the blast, and was toss eU like a feather on tha mountain waves. At this alma. It waa found impossible to proceed, as the engine stopped and the veesel " broached to.'' Duricg daylight on Monday, we lay to. But what a change had coma over every object on board ! As th , ttorm rose, the steamer felt Its effects, and with each (uocassive roll articles were heard falling with a crash and noUe an usual even In sailing vessels. The (ablas and ctal: s In tha long dining salooa came together with a rear that left no doubt of their utter dam lltlon. N??t a crash followed of glass and diihe*; ana jart and jalliaa, trolt and other delicacies, in the pantry, mingled their sweets with the general confusion. In the social hall, no better fata awaited Ita Inmates In the bar, kept for the Accommodation of the passengers tha maibla slab did from ita locality, tha decanters, bottles, glasses, aardiala. ll.juorn, *9, started from their p ace* and tha whola were strewed upon tha floor in ona common rnln. In tha kitchen, a heavy bar bad fallen opon tha roof, eruahtng It In, through which tha watar poured. On dtck, tha waves daahed thair foams, and tha ipara ware white with tha aaline *pray,a* in a hoar freat. When morning cane, the seen* was frightful to . many and (loamy to all. The tire* between decks, ex - oept at the rngine, were extinguished. Nothing warm to eat or to drink was to be had. for thi kitchen wai In water; no tabla could be used, for the piece* ware upon the floor; and, withal, no dishes or other fragile war* remained. It wai importable to walk ar even stand upon deck, and equally Impossible to ait elsawhrre without holding on to some fixture. Vor tha snost part, the paseengers remained In their bertha, hut it wan diflleult U retain poaeeaalon of them in the rolling of the vessel. In the laloon. the ladiaa, In terjor and in drspair, had collected to receive whatever consolation and comfort the furro unding circumstances aflirded. But with cTery larch they wera thrown tram tha eofaa ot If they clung te th?m, It wm at tha riak of ft disiooated hand or arm. Tha gentleman tan* d- red them every assistance. although, at every ohan <e of lataiity, they were liable (aa happened often) to be toteed aciai* tha mloon, and re tossed a* tha ahip righted It* position. Cold m ?.t hard bread. and water were all that ooold ha (Ufpli< 4 from tha store* on this sad Monlay, and *b"0 ICi- C*J cloeaa a more annual |I|DI di camma oI'uat? t? ncre ?*ldf m baa br*D ?but uut from ?i?* wher* no (0?Uii? Uleaatir bad occurred Thaae who fought thiit ttiti r*?ai to ilMp, found It lar?Mlbl? to rapoaa mid th* rear of tli? witrt without, th* many nound* frcm within. and th* rlotint lurching and toning of tb* ttaamar ; y*t tb? wliivl bai aomewhat abated. Ia tin niilt| tbatnglna bad bean put In motion, aand wo Ma: ted on oar eourro, bat with llttlo proapact d makitg much headway. V?<*el? bad been aaaa through tha day laying to. and aom* at abort diatancaa tiom ?i. Ok (team, r bad paaa*d ut to wlatfward, boaad. ap^ar. ntly, to ChaxlMtwa, and wttb bar ateaia ?> A bent midnight tha ltd announeamant waa aada from loom to room tbat tba v?a?-l bad iprung a leak, iLd waa faat tilling wtib waiar - tbat no tima waa to bo loat?and rrrj man on board waa r*>|nir*d at kbo pnmp* and bucket a It teemed aI tbougb wo were about to pi rlih without area tba moarnful oouaolattoa of It* twiag la tba light of day. With a boat*/ but datarmlnid apirit. I put on the nroghoat of nay rlnhlug, ready to do my part to naouuter tba Imp-nling danger. aad rrpalrtd on daek. I clung to tba ropoa an 1 obaina to rata myaalf from falling arerb-a-d wbila ( Icokad aronad to penetrate tba darlnaaa ol tba hour. Tba aaglno bad atoppal , tba flraa wara eitlafnlehod, aad a thlok miat. arialag fiom tba faraaoa. title J my braatbiag. Kara waa an appaillag alght; aad what tddad to tba catastrophe ? > tha fa:t that tha pnmp* wara all owt of ordor. or la aa uui?r?l<)?aMa atato. Soma buabetj wrr* rigged w bl?b ?ero loaerad dawa ta tba hold.aad haad oiar i Ui* attampt waa halng .nada to dlachaig* tba watar, tbat waa r??po?t?d to ha fit faat ia depth, and whleb bad alraady roaa to tba laral of tba boiU-ra. Tba effort* t > atart a pum? and-d la a fellara. aad oar aalratlon d-p?adad upaa four 1 v km kate which wara la u?a. la tlie night, and la tha n illag of tkeehip tha man oiuag to tho ropea . aad unlet arerjr dlaivantag* tba work of batliag waa going oa. Afiar 4a)ll|ht oa Tneaday a pump an pnt la orlar, and wa b*?aii to maka aoma laipreaalon oa tha laak. j Agaia tha doctor" waa able, wi.ti Ita pump, to thro* oat water, but tba dlmiaatloa of tha <|uaautj la tba > bo'.g ??? not percaptlble to maaf I) uriag a>l thla day all tha paa<*ncar? and hand* worke J faithful y at the j pump aad bucket*. T t everything wai gl>oiay. uacomtmtabla aad daap'adtug At noon, h<>we?*r, tha wlad abated, nnd wa hoped the ?*a would go down, (till, ovr et?rtl< ai and our iwiTerlng* wera the *ama At al^ht. the laak waa rear'.ai an l (toppad. but tha gaa?roi leakage. In tba heaty roll of tba a?a. repaired naramlttli.g attention \t tula period, lor tha Brit "? ? >" iaiir<?lii? amnn* th- ktoelat lf>r We bil tcur teaptatai nn liMrl) *l< 'bat ?t w?la tat* nnlarf t n? w mlafoitiint nbonU b fall ua. W* war# at omijf ??*il?d oul with aonataat Ub*f and Oh* In irrrf thraa hour*, for a hall b"?t Hrh Mm- *11 #?r? call*! I* tba J?? (o labor la Ihx *lBd cold. and ?|M. W"*t and worm nut. alib' ut rut. ik*?p or warm l?M. ? ?oil?< on lai Cbrlataia* ?ornio< d*?ti?d >11 :lia ntIII rb*?Tlaa? ? ? . Uar *ff rU bad low h?n>ia* r*?ularani j?t*ma;ic W? ta?* a?ary Innta ?? bal ?* a?d, tb* ??Ur ba l aanb tn tb? l-??l n( th- fl?>r h?n?ath tb* Jmaar* tba ?r*? vat* la a l>Ui?-*nd w? h ->p?d wt an -a klpbt bat* ?tna ta b?ip a* Caforianataiy. tba pimp , attaebfd ta tb* aiaalilntry ?* nn tn* iltiboirJ all*. an J 'c>o??|U?n'lj ?n a?al?M At !? '. tba ?o<o* ?aa atart* I but a inanti:? of ?h?^t Irna bad (a *a fitar tb* abaft, and pr*r>at?d Ita r*?ol? iu? I'bln I n p??lmaar r*anlr*d tin* for lt.<*r>m.irai and, ?h-a It tM dia i >f?r?d (bat anal ba l w**h?1 fr -m tb* floar grating brl-iw IM rr*-i* II-r- agala ti"ir? w*ra -u -n?d F*ar? alfn ?-t? rnUrtaiaa I that ran th?n 'iia m*?aior/ would b* orlpptai an I. po+ nbly. un>*ri tavabla About nla* o'oloe* tb* aoal wa? ( rt oat, and an*# mnr* va and tba r?**?l wa? it*adf Not oniilil gat outafnrtaol#. war .a f> >1 ti> ill, wblab t??i??d tb* drooping ?plr1t* aod_r*fr*?b*d ttr?n,i A of Mil A M?rabi? dinner at tn? pr"p.-r i la*, in |.n?tr?4. which ??? 4?*?nr? I with *?lH'y At thr rtq'i'ft. In wrUtrj, 01 th? pM?tnf?r?. oar roaro* ** ??t f?r Jf?rfr>lk dt?!?at about In*!; wlUi roa f>?r p*?lttna Tho w k at th I i ktti aol fnaipt till w?n? o?. ?nl *?#r e????l #?tlr?lf. natll w arwbr.ral at thi? port In war an?l 4tffl?n1tl*? 0*pf?l?, k'? ofll <?ri a?4 m r. * <01 th* tralt? >11111 ??H mn?t j r ?? n ?| cd ?l n h pral?? ?% b?? * 4 ti?< th' n ao4 to? ma <h ?aa?ot ?wafl*<i K? ?(? . I ot b*T? i-ar 4mtraM<>a tor all that p?rt?>a# to 1 Oklf r>ir* Hmob.1 ik# fMl?'ii> it?pat II rprr ?K -r? t- h-? > M vil.| ?|?4 ?i?. H > (< Di'Di Tll? tdrlil. il at m'jHt h % b??a arolC.d. If ik? t-Ktn?r h?J a??? a??rh??l? I E WE %*. % > * before etarting to M*. 8 ha had bMD rualu oonatantlr for fourteen atatki, without flnlahlng. with oat repairing. or oop poring. She wu unfit to enoounter tho lufwi of the HI wkw lea via* Mow Orteaae Our tsMjuod la tho Ohio have booa la tho Mao ratio with our dlaaatara. Tho aorvaata ou board aro tho laaloet, aott lmpadeat, aad worthleaa pack of N ubiaaa that aver lounged around th? ourb atoaoa of Mow York. Tho petty pilfering wu Toxatioua enough, but tho many thefta of jewelry and moury oa this voyage, would amount to thoaoaada. Ao a parting bcnedlotion to tho Ohio, I would lavoke general overhauling, from ruddor to booaprit. and tho taplo;moat of a aow act of eervanta in partioalar. The paooongora fool, with grateful aoula. tho prompt, tho gallant, and oourtooua attention* of the offloora of tho V. B. atoamahip Baraaao, la auppljlng them with thoir boato and erowa for landing. Tho oourtoey that dlctetrd their gonoroua aaaiatanoo. waa fully appreolatod by every Amorioaa heart, aad equally ad m trad by every foreigner oa board. As wo left the Ohio, throe deafening eheora wore given, aad with will, for oar aoblo Oaptaia Bohenck. OMK OF TUKM. ACCOUNT BV BRANTZ MAYKR. [From the Baltimore Bun, Deo. ST.] Tho U 8. Mall Steamer Ohio afrived at Norfolk yeaterday after a moat perlloua voyage, from Havana Oa leaving that port, laat Wedneaday week, aa aoeident happened to her machinery, whloa detained her a day In tne harbor, whence ahe departed on Thureday. with the perfect use of only one of her eaginoo. She waa full of paaeengera, and among them waa the Hon. Kevordy Jobneon and a number of other gentlemen well kaowa In the country. On quitting tbe port of Ilavaaa it waa eoon noticed by thoao akllled in marine life, that the Ohio wae but r?rv>a >v>uuiiiuini 111! riinui a wmierapproach to our Northern shore*. Her singlo oytrtiiti engine was. in all likelihood. unequal to the task of encountering the vioWnt tormi along those counts, and her frail ma.Hta and light salt* could afford but slender protection il the were forced to - lay to," or 1( her engine praved useless on a lee ehore or in tha open eea. However. *11 wrnt fairly and prosperously until ia*t Sunday night, when the breexe, which had all day been freshening, rote to a violent gale. In the midJt of which the engine stopped on ita centre, and the chip broached to in the midst of the tremendous re* that bad been already raited by the violent wind. Skilful seamanship Immediately rescued her for the moment, but from that hour until the morning of the 36th December. the Ohio was forced to " lay to" nnder tha tcantest Mil, and to bear the brunt of the hurricane. Her immense die made her unmanageable by aan aa. She lay like a log in the trough of the sea. rolling between the walia of the wave* that towered on either lide of her, aAd threatened her immediate destruction. tad aa wa? the plight of the gallant ship from thaaa events. eh* waa destined to encounter anether danger on Tneeday morning, it waa announced that she had eprang a leak, and that the rising water hat extinguished the fires beneath the boilera. This dreadful announcement at once aroused the energies of the passenger*, who manfully organised In bauds, under tha charge of Qeueral Benjamin 0. Howard, of Baltimore, ana from that moment until (he passed Cape Henry, the Ohio wm, under 1'retidtnoo, freed br their incessant, but patient labors, together with these of the offloer* and orew. an 1 enabled to recover the uae of Tit eugln?< Inc'o the morning ot the 26th. This la but a brief and hasty summary of tbe danger* enconnti i by this noble ship, and is Intended only as introductory to the following correspondence betwoon the paaerngers and our gallant friend. Captain J. V. Bchenck. ot the U 8 Navy, who command* her. There were several lady paaeengar* on board the Ohio, but, throughout the perils their nobl? fortitude noouraged and nerved all who were In a condition to labor for the ve?*el'* safety. To I/ici :t. Sciikkck, U. 9. N , Com\ia* tiic U. 8. Mail krttMtNir Ohio : ? Wcdnit*dat, Dec ?S, 1850 at eea 12 o'clock, M. 8ia j?The undersigned, passengers on board your *hip. have labored hard for the last two days and ore. and have centributed their best exertions, beth by night and by day, to aid yon In saving the ship, under eirounaUDCMi #f xtrcm? nuril Tbiiv ?i?n eeiva tbat tbia give* than name olalm upon joa to be beard now, when the tnmI It oaoe mora upon bar wny, bar t-Dglna at work, and tba proipeota ot ultimata tafaty mora taTorabla. By tbia claim upon you by our partneriblp, In tba common danger. andlntne name of common humanity, wa r<-tpeetfully but moat earneetly urge you to land a* at Norfolk, tba naaraat port, and dUtant tearce ooa hundred mil re, instead of praaecutlng tba voyaga to Naw Yaik, a port dlatant between three and four bundrad. You have now tba at a of bat one engine, and even tbat baa for the laat three day a, via el ore Sunday nlgbt, ba?n totally uaeieea until within tba la?t bour, and our tallt are rant and torn partly from tba meat* Tba laber and great exertiooe of the paatengara in aldlr-g yon, your officers and men to free tba rbip from water, it continued avan wbila wo ara panning tbia addraaa , It baa nearly eahauatej their itr*agth. and oannot be expected to eoatlnue muth longer, Such ot ?i at are mambert of the bar, and known by yon to be eo, would alto auggeat, at a eooalderation ablch tor tba lnterealt of jour ownara yon tbiuld by no meant loae tlgbt of their diatlaot and unanimous opinion, tbat your making for My otker ttan the i^ arett port, under tb? pretent airenmatanctt, will not forfeit any Insurance on tbe Teasel In oaae of lota. We do cot. however, make this auggettlon from any apprebenalon tbat yon may not oonalder tbe reaeout already pre tented at sufficient. but from a belief tbat It It our duly to mention It in view of tba raiationt in which ittow stand towarda you. We bare wltnaiaed with )leature and admiration tbe (kill and firmness wbicb yourself your officers and man have dltpiayed In exerting jontteltet. In tbe hour of pari' to save tba tbia and paaaengera, and for tbia, we return to yon and thoee under your command our warmest thanks. Rtvsrdy Jskntoa. Bald mart; Rnaltaiia C Baward. iUltiW'-fe; M fnlii. utxak. r, Ka*at.a, >?w Vork, II II StrawbrlSse, New Orleana; ilranta Mayer, haltitaorai ill I'taa, l*alelene, Wllilaiii t Murdoek. Haltimore, Juka (Jibteti, da: D Leadbetur, V Rtatei Corpa terintert; W N Ollitoa, lul'.lBore; Ruber* A Basxerlv, Nee Turk; W B Heilltter, laHIaaa; Oeerge W Sataloat, Ntw York; Itaao Maeyer: R b *atftram, lit Loult; J II Wbteltck, V 0 A; Jamat V liitay, New Orltaaa; W Wllntr, Kaglaat; Jan-i Broumel, Ualtlmere: Joeepb Tark; J E Slantbter, V S A; John Met. Phuaj Wa Brick >a|lind: Deary ffiiahooak, do: Tbea H I'jatr >y, Bcttea; Jane* Herrbaak. New Orleana; II ."nhleaelnter New Orleaae. Ritkard Vaaarka, Jr. New Vert; Qaiatla ? it daw, aatlMdi Clement W Uon.ll Leatt, Net Aadraw V smart Fair Havta (tapiaia la tuerebeat ?erri"e?; I'll Caaeaat. I Kit fort; Q (larillif. Ckirlii C bim. Nit'titmrl,' Maw: DrHF Hall. U<trltnit..a. Vt; M F B?H if. Htm Tork; flmilTiK (lull, FliiladalpM >j D R Fari<>a<ia. M?? ??rk; 0 W UtC'rrtt, A fimnr C U Jokaaea. U W Ofalahtaa, , PaaFtlark, Iniit Hn4, Maw Tark. I U L? a. Uaia Cupar. B H Waua, KJi;ah l laiaait, Wm II A??ma. H a Staala, J C Ptlmir, Cti'orl, 0 M 9ia??i??, *i? Tork; J 4 arttr, Phlla i-Ifhia: T8 Dm** Jo; Wm Fliraaoa, .1J O I'nwlta, J ha Daat rtk, Itiw Ouriri Saa(*e>iati, ICwillt . larit, ihu U' lt?f. JaSa A Praka. II Hau l ran. rraaaaaco MlaaMt, ftaaela Mate. Win Birch. V I If an SmawaMir Omis, ) At flea. Dm 21 1W0. { Oi*TLi??rw? I htta tba honor to MksovMfa tk? rtrrlft of )'ur latter of tbi? data. and I h*?? d-t?r1 mined to *1111 your rvqaoat to " Uad yoj at N<rfn|k" la puraulag tbla eonra* I fool that I ata i not only parlor aiing an aat of Jaatlaa to yon bat at tba ran* tlma conaaltlng Ibo h??t Intereata of tbo o?a?r? of tbo ?hip. an<l all otbara in any ?ar eoni eerred In har eafaty. a reaaon la addittoa to thoaa atI ready *tat~d la yoor letter. which ladacea ma to tako 1 thla ?tap. It on# which I bara juat aaoartalned. that Ik tbo rloim which we hat* aoaa out of. a large properI ti??a of aiy prortaloui ware deatmyad. by watar getting teto tb" atova rooan, *o that I am laft with but two day* pflWVfrtN * I hag Inw. gentlemen to return to you mf aiaeara thank* for tha cheerful and affluent at-rric- you tan??rad me daring the *ala an I afterwarJa In lr-??ln{ lb?- ?hip Iron water I am wall aware that to your . aitrmrciinary eiartlon* I am mainly Indehtad for tba rraaarratlra <.f tbo chip and tha Him of all oa b">?rd, aleo thank jou far tha cmplliii-ota-y mannar In , wblab Jf>u hate heea pi' a*?d to B'lttsa tha eervlca* cl ftoll aad tha ?>fBc?r? and crew of ia? *blp It may ha proper al*o to atate. that ay offl ?, without aa i aioaptli a aft?# with ma aa to tba propriety of my ffoiair lata Norfolk. 1 am. ?ery respectfully. your obedient (arrant JAMKS FIHDHT 8 JHKXCK. To M?>r? RaTerdy Job*on and other* Tba Obk> hrlaga oaer a ml'llm of doPara la California foil d??t. fha brlaga no n??? of eon*e<|ii*nM . frf m Havana 'All *< quiet ?h>n aha l?ft Thrra waa much anxiety among tha Cubans for tb? onrlaU?a of Lope*. [From tba RaUlronre Aiaerlean. Da? Ttifltilolf raid toW coral lerahly damaged In b?f bull Tbrac of lb* lmm?a*e Iron btaaaa that anppo.-t bar fraua baaa haan anappad apart, aad bar fnrnl' tnra aad carry tkiftf that w?? braakahla an hoard la rapraa?t>tad a- hai ln? Haan ruined Rlia la In aacb a dl>ahl?d eoodltl^a ihat aba will baaa to b? tak*a Into tba 17. fl dry dock f< r immadlata rapalra bafora aha o?n arecard to Raw Tork Tba damaga aha baa an taln?d. It U anppr aail caatbt ha repaired lor laaa than 4*0 (K<0. Notnltbalaadlna tha aararlty of tba wefhar, tha Inlrapld man In rbarga nf tba puma* dll not caae Ibelr iffmta nntll aftar tha ahlp ha 1 paarad Capa i Hanry. and tba barhor of Norfolk raaa to tha alaw ot tba paaaargara. mn*t of wh^rn had Ct*an tham raWca up for lo?t Tha a?tant of tha leak may ha Imaplnad fr ni tha fart that with tba piiapt aoaI alantly worklrt from tba tima It waa <1l<tntared tha ahlp, on har arrlral at Nor tola had eight faat af water In har bold Ore af tba ratutvad Oallforniana, who wt? a paaaairger In fba Ohio. Intwrma na Ihat daring hla two j?e*e at ranca. ba baa t!oahla4 Oapa II ^ra at the moat Inclrn.ent aeaaonoftlta jaar. h?aanffared ahipwraok n? tba Faelflr coaet, la'-ared lor moatba af to hl? valat I* tba aatrr Is tba tlaer* af Oalifarilt, andnred all manse* >1 < ( (iklliika k>t Ik.l ..... I th* nn'M of hi* IK* 4I<I h* ??*l blia**lf * ?*ar hi* mi ? h? did on b^?<l lh? ?t?-?m*T Oblo. oa lb* Mih ln*l*n? It* (It** II kl? d*IIW*t* opinio* th*t h?4 not tb* p***?-rn*r* ***rt*d th?m I*** *o tb* *it*at ?h?f did la fwl?? tli* ?? *! fr< m nnd?r th? m*r*ha1*hlp of fl*no?al fl< w*rd ?k* ?hlp *mld not h??? b--*n pr??*nt*d l*o? j.Mi ? down with nil ? Ko*fd and from tho b?rH-?n* mY. ?b w*? pravklllaa at Ut tlm* n?? on* <* >nld h ??< bo?a *a??d to t*H tli* ut# On' tafr.nn a< *p*?*? ??!? h'?h??? t?rn>? ? f tb? ?tr*B,h ->f tb* *bla. ?? l tfei .kill and latr*pl>)|ip of l.t??t 8ob?anb aad h? oflt**a n* *! *UI?< tb*t lh? nohl- lto.| d;-pUr?"l hi b? **<*ral |*dj pa?rn(>t* ?bo *-r* on b^a'd <li { mnrb to?*rd*a*rTla? tbo*? of th? *t*ra*r hi la ?b?l I arioou* l*V*a ft ' .? #"> ?T*?1 T ' It *? tTyo SUNDAY MORNING, The Late Mm and IU Uheti. [Vrom the Boston Traveller, Dm. ST.] The Newbury port </men of last malif givea *o*e further particular* of tk? fktai iklpwtici of the echooner Argua. at Plum Islaad, at noon of Monday Int. Ths Arm* laft Vraakfort a week ago, andar thi command of Capt. Kllard 0 racket, of Searsport. Ua waa oUM t* pat Into ftriou places on aooouat ot the weather having lost aa aaohsr and obalo In tha atom of last waak. On Monday ba attamptad to ra? into Proviaeetowa. Cape Cod, having reeohed within twenty mllaa of that place; bnt tha waatbar oomtng up thlok. and tha wind Increasing to a furious gala, ha waa obliged to ka?p off before the wind, and finally bore to. On Monday, between 11 and 13 o'clock, he made Plum lalaad, q uarter of a mil* distant. About tha taaa time, four men were wa*h*d overboard, and two were lest, tha other* being rescued. Finding that the reeeel aunt drift aahore, she waa run head oa. with the tlda about four hour* flood. Aa aoon u abe struck, preparation* were inade to get a line ashore. and while ao engaged the oaptain wa* washed overboard, and reached the *hore after being la the watar nearly an hour. Not belag able to render a*at*tane* to tho*e oa board, he went to s*ek help, and being unable to find any one. he took shelter in a barn, where ba waa found Ju*t at nigbt. aaarly exhausted, with hU leg*, below hi* kneaa, trotea A young man belonging to tha achooner waa found dead on tha beaoh. Ua undoubtedly reached tha ihore alive, aa the *aow wa* melted under him The captain I* ot opinion that all th?ee reached the *bor* alive, at low watsr, and perished from cold Thl* however. I* in probable, a* tha so hoo n er must have gone to pieeee before high water; and the youag man doubtle** washed asbore alive, and was uaable to get over the l>ea?h The schooner wa* loaded with stone, for Philadelphia, and wa* not Injured. One eighth part wa* owned by Oaptain Crocket, wbo thus lose* all the property he poaaessed We underttaud tbat the schooner waa seen fiom the Island a short time brfve she (truck when there wa* not a possible ehaaoe ot her keeping off shore. Every soul on board might have been saved, if aid oould have been obtained within Pa hour or two after she struck. It seems strange that aid waa not obtained, if she was seen as stated. The Newburyport Herald of this morning say* On Wednesday, the body ot the young aia founionthe beach, was brought up by 8 T. Pay son. It proved to be the body of John Homer*, a native of Scotland, eighteen year* ot ag*. Yesterday, Mr. Payson, and j uvuiu u i'iHi(r. mill uown 10 iHnrwii me ma 01 the others They found, about three quarter* ol a mile below tha wreck. among tha bunhes. where ha had taken shelter, tha body of a stout man. and brought It np to the Court Uoi^a. Tha captain ldentlSes tha body a? ihatlol Henty Murphy, who *m thirty-three veara of aga. He undoubtedly llred neveral hours altar having raaehad tha abnre. from tha tracka whloh ha made and tha efforts to shatter himself among the bushes They found traoka of another whose body will probably ba found further along. Tha boUiea ot James Holt. Benjamin Haatoa and James Kallim hira not yat been found. During tha storm of Moaday laat just at night, four or five Irishmen elartad from tha village of North Adsias, Massachusetts, to go to a plaoe two or thraa xuiles distant Ona of the party, namad James Watera, became nu.-nmid with cold on tha way, aod waa halpad along by bla companions, who ware finally, bewevrr, ?o much exhausted themselves a? to be obliged to leava him and go In search ot asnlatanaa. When they returned, Watera wai lying upon tha ground. lie waa token into * houaa. but only groaned a few tlmea and died. Wa are told that ha waa ao troien that when thawed, the akin peeled oil hie back The deceased waa about thirty yean old, and have* a wile and two children He aud hla eoinpanioua are aald to have been entirely free from liquor and to be, In fact, temperance men. Another Fatal kttawboat Explosion at Wow Cfkaaa, [From the New Orleans Commercial, Deo. II ) The auflercra by the reeant expiaalon of tha Anglo Noiman are yet arltUing from iheir wonnds, and we are called upon to record another aimiiar calamity, which baa rsaulted in loaa of Ufa, and mach misery and anguish. About half pastsix o'olook last evening, we were astounded with aa which shook our building, and rattled tha winePrtramea to sooh aa extent. aa to impreaa ua with the belie! thai eotnx ouovulfWn bad occurred in oar immediate vicinity. A moment a reflection ratisflad as that it wt< a iteamboat explosion. lor wa are becoming familiarised with aucb events The eoeae ol the cataitropha waa tha river, at the head of Oraviar atraat. where 1?? the steam brat Knoxvilla, a complete wreck She had mada a | single revolution ot her wheela preliminary to her backing out Iron her berth, on bar trip up to Nathalie, when the whoie tour at her boilere bureted When we reached the wraak, and lor morn iban an hour afterwards, there waa ao mach aonfiieloa and alarm Irom apprshaoslon at a further explosion from the large quantity of powder known to be on board, that it waa lmpoaaibie to obtain any coherent statement of the amount ol damaga or tha number of tha killed and wounded The tlrat report was, that ail an boatd ot the boat bad been kliled. and eertalnly a view ot the destruction presented by the wreak, gave the report the aimblanee ol trath. Happily the reauit has act proved so f?art Jlly dlaaatroas Ttue wera but all passengers on board, and wa are iaformad that they all escaped unhurt. Capt Harris i waa thrown overboard, and Is ant sarloasly Injured I The flrat dark escaped unhurt. The second alark, Mr Geo Old haui Is injured, bat to what extent we cannot laarn The two ansineera war* llk?el? It,i ire.l Mr Henry. the pilot, Mr. McCoy the mate not "dr Mull, i l-e t ai keep r at* mi*MDg At the 11 n - # m r-* u * ? writing, th. r* hat* beea only two hojiea recovered. The Knox villa bad tour b uler*. all et which eiploded. , One of theia ??' projected la a northerly direction, naming In:mediately through the cabin of tba Martha Washington, which lay next below her. making a lodgment In tba after cabin of tba Urittla Veatmen. tba fecoad boat below the Knoavilla. Tba other boiler w*a thrown In a aouthwrot couree. meeting I* it* pa<*age a lot of acme two hundred barrel* of Hour. piled up on the levee, about eighty of wbtoh wore daatroyad Tha hollar U entire, and apparently unlajured. and lie* on tha (area at leait thritt hundred yard* from It* lata bad on tha deck ol tha boat Tha Na flu* Ultra, tha b>at nest abore ib? Knoivlll*. wa? damaged la liar gnardg by the explml< n. and bar captain. Philip*, and mata erleorly Injured The mala ol the Hunkeye, a boat till further up tha lirer. war kllgb'.ly injured by anU; ill* of *<.me kind or other. Bin** wilting the above, wo baeo received Intalll. genre from the hoapital. that eleven wounded wore carried there from tha wrack Of thae*. Dewdy. tha enginetr baa dlad. Henry, tha pilot. h%? had hi* (kail fractured , ol th* other nine, tone ol thea are eon* idereil mortally wounded Their mine* era ilenry i Itina* Patrick Connolly. B II Pranklla, John Burn*, retn Mullana H.J Burke, John Oelllae. Pattlck Con n?r*. and Kdwin ??. and cooitttuted tha are* Fortunately, there ware no ladlaa on board Tha nly ft male, the cbanibi tuiaid. eecap>d wlltijut Inju.y. The Kn?x*llle wa* owned by Win A Violet k Co., and (.'apt Herri*. who waa her commander. Hhe had n MKtUd end valuable cargo and wa* bound for th* 1 Tenaeriee rlrer There ara a number of* afluat a* to the eharncter ol tha boat, tba age ol tba boiler* ete ate . and many eanea* aeolgned fbr the eialoeion. Wa forbear ni.vertlegto them until we oan get *ema defl'ilte In* formation which, we trnat ?*11 be th* re?ult ol a rigid and thorough inv? "tlgatlon I It wa* m?*t fortunate that tha boat did not laaroan hour ?oon*r. ?hm th* lava* <h uaMually thmat*d At oar tim*. Ihtn wm aoaa* appr*h*mton of Injury to the lDBfBn?r?fd that wm? tlttMUd to th* ?? ? of d**truetlca and *urh douhtl***. would hat* b*?n tb* cm* but for tb* timely and i*-i*lta actio* of ?if i vrrth; oollrrtor, Mr Fr?r?t, la ruppi*nUng t?aall ' aad n>*ln:*lain? ordir, Dnmlng of th? HUaniboat tnalh Autcrlaa, ii??r Ub)ou Sara, La. [From th* New orl*aa* Ploayuna. D*a II I W* bat* tfotlftd Iruu Hr Hijatg. drat al*rk of th* atraniboat l> mh A ai or lea. a d*tall*d arooaat of j th* d**truetloa af that boat by fir* at 4 o>1 >?k laat Monday aM*raion at th* h*aj of M?r|w'l mti fifteen mi'** abot* Bayou Kara Th* boat ?a* from Olaclaaatl. aoam?ad*d bj Oapt. i Logan She atarted with a lart* number of pv**n??r? aad a b?nj ear|0. Many p?<ifai|tri and oiaoli of th* fr-ijbt ?*i* pat out oa tb* way dowa Tb* boat l*lt Nat'b'i at A o'olook oa Moaday b tkibi aad artlTrd at Mr.raau* Hand. kavlai oa boird *> > ton* o( lr*l?ht and thirty cabin ?iltcb(?r*. of whom fonr w*r? kadlr*. all d**tla*d for tbi? pity Wban at tha bod of th* B*nd, and near tb* l*ft hank of th* rl*#r, tb* boat took fir* In th* hollar d*nh. directly or?r th* mld<<l* t*dl*r Tb* older w%* lmai?dlat*ly glt*? to ran th* boat a*hnr* to tha l*ft baak whloh ??i don* 1 In about two minute* th* boat touched tb* b*ak and i ?> mad* fa>t Tb* *a?tn?* were continued worklnu ! to k*?a th* bo*t*t**dy In h?r po*tUrn At th* flr*t alarm th* p****ti(*r* ruah*d forward, a ' f*w of th*m harlot tim* to ?**nr? tbwlr trunk* Tb* flr?t cl*rh. Mr (layman. ?n?*r*d th* ofH-*and a*eur*d half iba tron*r. hot l*ft th* r*?t an 1 bonk > ?n I paper*, to ran aft aad bring tha 1adl*? forward If* *u*c< *d*d la d<> n? *0 th* ttani?a *pr??dln* ao rapidly thai oa* mom*nt mor* and th* la lla? would har* hern I'at All <h* g*atl<m*n pa****i*r? got aahor* aaf*. an?r * !?? Ian In *??ry way p>*albl* ti *?tln||aUh th* flam** That. how*?*r. w?i ltnpo<albl*; In fl?* minute* after ah* took fir* th* boat waa In flam** from at*m to at*ra. and from th* main to th* hnrrlcan* dock Tb* rapidity alth which th* flam** rptead may b* lma?ia*t from th* fact that by tb" t?m* that Mr Itaimaa had tun to th* .adi**' cabin ai d hurtled It* lnaa'*a forward ml ont of th* *n?lal hall to th* ?t*p*. th> flr* Waa within two f??l of bin. II*. 5?w???f *a *p*d un>njwr*d Tb* ladlaa aha w*r* ?*r*d. Mr* L?f*n aad child. (Capt Logan'* family ) Mr* l<a* *ll*a ao J Ml?* ffooap*. dl ala) ?d ?r*at pr*?*ae* of mind dnrlng th* dan g*r. Tb* oMcera- captain ?ngto?*T* *?.. all ttoid to their pout* to tb* la#t mim*nf, uattl t^*b ?atwa* tUd np aad th* p****a?*r* w*r* ?ar*d Mr tlharle* B Itiaal'r. tb* pllit. itood at tb* *h*?l nntll tb* A?MM %h* wh?#l H# U ! *?> thrnnrb lb* knrnlitf h<v?t tnwif? 0*pUl? 411 nnt |>?i? ht> f ?ton tin h?trl< ?>!? 4??k n?MI lk? V<?t i ?m M monnil n?th?n r?n>? <!<>?? to th? ! <!) ' i hMi to M? ?lf?> MH afctM Mr llajrmti *?1 Mr > i?en?4 H?rk. w*r? ?h? U?t t* qnlt th? boli*f i ftrt of tk> i?m>. sn*pt Mr tirviikr. th- ?ho *? tk? 1?*( ? k?'*r4 Tti* l"?? nf Itf* >?T?? Mr? IVkH*. th? ?<( n1 th? r wrMlir ?l ifc* b?t wumm?r ?hl? ?? ? ? 4fcr?*M I tfc? U41?*? f?Mt\ ? |t? otbor lom-t-n (M H?r ktt*f ten' ?*1i? * fi??i ?*> tk-n U?t. *nHM'klci Mm ?l>r?v? k?r toto ik? rt?<?r ?'?< J la IRK IE v? DECEMBER 29, 1850.

; after her. He ni unable to MTt her from drowning. I ghe tu the oaly oabln fHwgnr lost. The oblai oook, Jackmd Noiee, a white maa, and three firemen, wers last sees oath* iu?ln deck jiutalt ( the boilers, with their olothe* on Are. They had hold of tfca base, aad war* laboring hard to extinguish the Are. Thej vara never eaen again, and ware moat piobabty burned to death. The porter of the boat, a white man named William She p par d.Irons Kvaasville, lad., wae laat seen at the wash house la front of the wheal house, lie was either drowned or burned. A young man, name unknown, part owner af a large lot of poultry on board, wae laat eeen in the water, holding on to the wheel-house. lie became exhausted, however, let go his hold aad sank to tire no more, lie was from KlUabethtown, 111. There were 100 soldiers oa board. r?orult? for the third regiment of Infantry, on their way to jola their various companies In Texas and New Mexloo. They were under the command of Lieut. Williamson. They were scattered on the hurrleane and main desk. All hsd to jump overboard to ears thslr lives, and swim ashore Seventeen were drowned. Two or three of those saved were bsdly burned. One soldier's wife jumped overboard and was drownsd. Another threw her little child over llret and sprang after It. Both were drowned. None of the non-eommlsion>>d offloers of the soldiers were injured. Lieutenant Williamson was the only commissioned offloer with the party. 1 The soldiers lost all their knapsaoks, clothing and Tl?na...<?f>lu k?l l?.l Ilk. ladies saved nothing. A few of th? passengers saved their trunk* With that exception, all who reached the shore saved nothing but the clothes they ware. The boat burned about three hour*, and to the water's edge. She then sauk In eighty feet of water. Boat and cargo, which latter eonalated of floor, butter. ka , are a total lore. The boat struck tho land about half a mile below the houee of Mr. Sneid, a planter. The name* of the United State* soldier* killed are M follow* -Olldermeister, Hunt. Tirank. Rnaser, Rooentfale. Drury. Duuiont. Dally. Dwyer, Glrard. llyer, I Johnson, Kimble, Loomie, Werther, liiudpointer, Downle. Rcllgloof Intelligence. SERMONS TO-DA*. Baptist Church, Twelfth atreet?Rev. George Copway, morning bt. Luke'a Building, Hudson street-Bar. James Marhett. afternoon. Cniveraaliat Church, Fourth street-Her. H.ft. Nye, morning Baptist Chapel, Grand atreet?Rer. D. M.Graham, evening Congrigetionel Church, Fourth street-Key. J. P. Thompson, afternoon Congregational Church, Sixteenth atreet?Rev. D. S. ! Burchard, evening. Baptiat (Mariner'*) Chapi-1, Cherry street?Her. J. T. "feeeley. morning. Tabernacle, Broadway?Be v. D. Cheever. evening. Constitution 1.1 all, Broadway?Mrs. Bishop, alterDoon. Presbyterian Church, Thirteenth atreet?Rev. A. A. Wood, evening. Broadway, No. 144--Rev. 8. 8. Snow, morning. Rev William N. Mollarg wa*, on the 18th inatant. Installed pastor of the fleet Presbyterian Churoh of ltbaea. Rev.K.T Ball, of Genoa. N. Y , has been invited to the Presbyterian ohurch in Meoklinburgh, formerly und*r the pastoral eare of Rev 8 K fiooQelj. Rev. Bjtou Bmnderlaud, of Iteteria N. Y., haa received a eell to the l'ark church in 8yr*;u*e The Congregational ohurch at Yorktown, N. Y., waa received. Nov. 20th, under the eare of the Presbytery of North Hirer, by a regular certificate of dismission from the Fairfield Kast Aasoelation. Ct , and Rev. J as. 11. Thomas was Installed pastor ef the same. The edifice formerly ecoupled by the Associate Presbyterian church in South ear k, Philadelphia, hat been purihneed by several gentlemen connected with ths Xhlrd Preebjterlau church, with the design of forming a new eburch. Rev. Mr. Rood has been engaged to supply the new congregation Rev. J. II. Nortbrup was ordained by the Presbytery of Albany and installed pastor ot the First Presbyterian ehurch la Ureenbush, Kenseelaer county. N. Y., Dee. 18th. A third Congregational church *u formed in Lyaa, Mm* . on th* iltn, from a colony of the Plrst Oh jreh, under lb* auspice* of Hot. A. K. Baker, who ii pat tor elect. A new Congregational church wai formel at Stafford. Spring*, Cuuutei lout, on the 10th, ooastetlag of between tort} and hit; member* Use. Raj Palmer lata or Bath, Main*, wai in*t*U*d pastor oi the Congregational church In Albanr. II trail A. ftaoy, of Sultan, Uu< haa been appointed District Secretary of tha American lizard for ClBalnnali. end has l?.?u ilisaitseed accomlaglJ trom hi* (ututl charge. R*t. A. 0. Fierce, of Holynko. Ma**., wa* dismissed, t hi* own teq'ieat, on the Mb. Her Beiden Hayne*. former:? ot Raw York, wa* installed paetor of the Congregational churoh In SJUth Abloyton. Han , on tba lath. Rer A 41 Daablell jr . a graduate of th* I.'nion Theological Seminary New Yolk, wa* Installed paiur of tha Congregatleual charch la Btookbrtdge, Mas* . an tha Uth. K*t K i.. h Smith ha* been dismla>?d. at hU own reijueet, froiu tba pastoral charge of the churoh In Laa, M*t Charla* Wllley ha* been dismissed from tha partotal iharga ol th* Congregational charch in Cbi?be>t*r, N H. Kot. Jeremiah Blake ha* b*au dism lined from th* paetorata ot the churoh in Tamworth, N II. Ha*. Jaoiea A. Clark, o? North Woodstock Ct , ha* raceWed and accepted a call from tha CongregationU church In Deep Hirer. lb* hour* ot worship erected tor the Saccad Coagre1 gattonal ahnrch in Blddtfartl. Ma , wa* publicly *et part to it* sacred usaa on Thursday Dec 6th. Kst Joaeph liaven,ot Breoklina. Mas*, was dlsaUied last week, pre; aiatory to hii antarlng upon tha dutla* i of the Profeeooaehip in Amherst t'ollege Rst Christophar Marrh waa dismissed from hi* pastoral charge la Waet Roahary. Mass., on tba Ttn. Hay J. J lilll wa*ln<taUe<l over th.i Uongrrgatlcnal ehurch In Albany. Ill on the 'JOth ult. Her J. R. Kockw II. ot Wilmington. Del. has been sailed to tha Cen'rsl I reabytarlan church ol Brooklyn, M. t Re* T If. Cleland Jr waa orer the U. I. charch In Lake ProTtdanee, Ml?a , Rot. 24th. Re? John M. L?ail> ha* acjrpted a call from tha Free byte i laa church ef Laa* a* tec. U. Rev Jh lab I) grilth haa aaeeptad a call from tha : PI rat Tresbttaiiaa charah o< Columbus, O., to be capa lor with I>?. Ilage. Rev. P B Heroy lata ol Delhi. N Y. ha* accepted a rail to tha Presbyterlaa ohurch at Buttermilk /all*, M Y Mr Ilenty Rat res wa* ordained and installed orer 1 the 0 f. Preaby tar laa church la BelrtUer*, N. J., 1 Rot. IBth. Mr. Adam Harris waa ordaiaed aa 1 iastalltd orer the 0. I. church In Lrsu*yort, lad , oa th* l-'.b ult. Thratrical. Bow ist Twraran.? the teenager of thi* establish maat rcitliuii Id aa naintartupiau inarm ?i hooti i ? ha |? making great praparati<?a for M?f Vwr'l day thaia a> 111 ba two paiforaaata* Tomorrow evaalag a bill of uaaoainoa attraction it praaaotad 1 ba ra!?rtaiaia*ntn will eoam*aca with J. B Booth* tiagady ol 'l'(o<iao ' with J R deott at tba baro ol tba ptaca rut. a* garaaal Jordan aa orilao. Mlaa I Daaia m Augrllea. and Hra Jardan a< 'MjmpU Mlaa will ila* I'M of h?* popular ballad? and tba n*Kt taaiara will ba tba Baw drmmaof tba "Craw of tba fltil,'' with J. R SaoU la bta *raat . haractar of /.* 1 lada anil Miaa Warnjaa aa Ttaraaa Tba aaanary li i tfela ptara la baautllally arrantad bjr that tal?ntad taga niiia|?r Mr ittarana Tba aatartaluaar.ta will , tiiwlualt ?|tb tba ai'ra*a<an?? of Joa la Londoa " wli b a fli.a eaat. thla >lli, no doubt, wlil draw anotbar full hcuaa. fiaoaiiwav Tnr?T*?. ff? bara had th? inOat dlittln gnlabad artlxta of tba daj pla;log at tblf handful riafropolitaa thaatra for tba laat tbraa m'ntbi, a*. an aroricoua afpaaaa no much M that attbJUjh R>a bcuaao nay ba *?H to hara baan fill, yat th? graat aat?rpM?? of Mar>hall indncaa him In oof opinion to fODfVlt mora ImmadUtaly tba bapplaaaa and plaaaura f hi* palrona than any parunUry tataraat; an 1 oo*>*<|u>atly a dl?carntng p'tbllu about J raaaaarata blm for bla ??artloai la catering for tbclr plaaaura. , Tn mffraw tfaulof. tba naw ant Boat baautlfuily wiHtaa m B'dy wl.leb baa aval baas | raa-uw l lu tbla city. tba Betrothal." will ba prodnead withCouldock. CoaiMy. Davldga, Bhaw, Mad Poalal.Mra Abbott.ana marly ail tba tal-nft tba tbaatra Wh-a laa' tbt* ptacw waa patfoiBeJ, It waa arary night becoming niara popular tba b-autlful phra?a of tba author wara rapaatad at tba braakfa*''. an I Jlaaar tahl-a ol tba litaiatI, la a word. It wa* foraiag lUall, from Its owa Intrinala mailt Into putllo favor, wban It waa withdrawn. Wa b*Ta watehad tba parformanca with a I eiltlcal aya? wa haaa naaaurad tba d?pth aod brll- < : llaary of tba author'a mini In hla brautlful por I iral uraa. whlrh bnra bran draaaad up la th" m->al flowary and brart taaahtng languara. and wa muat aow lapaat what watban said- It Tinea ol tha baat pro daetii'na of ib?* aga. and wa inalta I hoi a who dallght la a rich llt?rary and laatructlrtt traat. to vlalt tba Broadway tbla waak andthat?by glra para and ra tloaal ninj m?-nt to lhair mlnla altar tha laborlua I toll* if tha day Tba a?t< rtatnaiaot* will non;tuda who m? |mna mn?ic?i r?irj -% wi ' Pair with th* '4 jl4?n L?-c*? ' which I* Intorpp?r?4 with b'an'ltul nana We hop* to ?* tkt* th<atr* ornwd*4 to morrow araalnc by a fill and f?-hIruabla auditor*, a> a trlbata ol ra?p*9t t) nitir* ( In* Ki*l?'* fl*?!> -To m.-rr^w ar*nln(. th* nu?lflrrnt apootaelo oatitlai ' Maanlm. or th* Nl?bt Owl,'' i will rinnMci It* toorih *wk of rapr*Matatloa. Thl? ?|>l?adld and aorgaon* fairy *p*eta?l* la ?pok?o ?? by ??*ry 01.0 abo t1?lt?d Ntblo'd Thoatro. m tba irrilnt (rntggUoi iwt twi any ataga NIWo l? Iba mai lor ?p?rlaola h? apart* nalthrr |?*iB? nor Mp< m? TV ilMt?lianl? *R| nonii>iM <Htk III* roal? Matmalma of HI an Vaat " with l*ia f?at?i I raardt* Ratal. Haarl Wall*. Jarona Karat, an I Madam* M?m-?I a-i.talnin* tba oharaotarf Tba a*at III boa I'M Rtyrlaa. by tbo aoo -mpil'h* I and tKaatlfal M'lla Rortla. and M Riillaat; and tb* *r?at attrarMTa fratnra of Manila," whlab will fill RiNo t%*atra a* l?a? a? r"rf*rai>4. will -oaalo U tba ?al?rtalnm?iil* To tba irnnary a'.ono, ia tbW pi?ra, I* worth tba pflro of aiiialnrfoa P. it o-'a Tm?*t? a Th* (raat an?| lulmltaHl* raaa f,f ltd nififh'l *'f tin* ?Mn"tlaa W R H.nton ? 0?r> a Mil ot *r?at at'faction tor to tanrrvv ?*?ninf Tt- afiUrialnacwta will e?a?a*nr* with. *r?? Mm* lo* aad ottglaal draaatlo ffrion of tau [ERA novel entitled. the " Personal History Mid Experience of D?fM Oopperfleid,"?Jordan as David Copperfleld, Lector aa SUerforth; Uriah, Mr. Johnatoa; Wilkin* Mioawber, Barton; Daniel Pergotty, Mr Blake; Ham, Mr. Bland; Mr*. Steerforth, Mr*. Holmau; Bet?y Trot wood. Mr*. Hugh**; Rota Dartl*. Mr* Rua*all, Mr*. Mlcawbar, Mr*. Skerratt No doubt the theatre will be crowded to ma tbl* new piece What * *! the production may he, on* thing i* sure ? it will b? ably *aslained by Burton'* Inimitable company. The scenery 1* raid to be on a splenJid aoale The entertain menu will terminate with the new tar** of" My friend in th* Strap* " National Thkatbe.?The moat attractive entertainment* are being prepared lor the celebration of New Year'* day. There will be two performances Thl* evening, the entertainments will commenie with a new drama, entitled the "Three Thieve* or th* Robber* ol th* Rhine." with Le Favor, Brandon, Mrs II P. ()rattan, and Mrs Drew, in the leading oharaeter*. The next In laaoesslen will be the new farce of the " Living Statue*," with Mr. Wemy**, an excellent aetor, a* Mr Pigtail; Le Favara* Harry llardup; Mr*. Hautont ille as Mr* Pigtail and Mis*Crocker a* Kmily. This entertainment might be considered rudiment for one night, but the active persevering, aud go-ahead managtr. Mr A. 11. Purdy. always desirous to preserve tbe good opinion* of III* patron*, offers, also. the new and beautiful pantomime of tbe " Golden Axe." B*ol'?ham'* Thk^kc ?This nrat and comfortable theatre in going ahead Brougham is exercising all hi* ability in order to pr**ervaa character for dramatic celebrity wliioh he hagffey bard *tudy. justly earned in tbi* city. II* jireae^B a very attractive bill for tomorrow evening Withgueh artists a* he ban engaged, hi* sucoes* must be certain. With au-h name* as George I.oder. tbe o?l*l>r*tad musical composer; Messra. Lynna, Palmer. Dunn Owen*. Mr* Veroon, Mrs. Brougham. Miaa Kate Horn, (everybody'* favorite ) Mrs. U Leder. and the tamou* and splendid aotresa of all work. Mary Tajlor. how can there be a doubt of his success? The entertalnmtnti will oornmence with 'MyFriindin the Strips,'' " Kch?ea of tbe Nightingale' will sueoved; the " itough Dlammd' will be tbe next leature; after this. Mile Ducy llaire andilr Smith will danoe La Scbotioob; an 1 tte whole will conclude with the operatic, Terpslchoreau burlesque, entitled " Km me raid a ai; J her Ulfted Goat." Barni-m's Museum ?This elegant and interesting the race of attmctiea* aui noveUi<w, ami is continu ally presenting ur with something wouderfui n* well aa entertaining We notice that Mr. Harper, iba celebrated delineator of American plantation negro**, is here now, performing hi* great Uroetto of the black gatiriat.'' in * hich he created such a tremendous sensation in the mrtropolitan tu t provincial theatre* of Great Biitaln anil Ireland. The afternoon and evening performances In tha - n are alwave admirable here. The company Is *{ual to any, and superior to most of those In New York; and mirth and amusement, cciitrolled by a proper aente of deoorum rules orer every thing produced. Ji pb ?t Go's Ciaci-s ?The nest week will b* the last ol Mr Wallett's engagement, aad all who wish to sea the wittiest and moft pleasing clown that has ever appeared In tha ring should visit the amphitheatre before he leaves for New Year's week, a most attractive selection of entertainments is annouaoed. and on New Year's day three performances will he given. We understand the management have In preparation a grand pageant, of t.he moot novel description, whioh will be prcduced at an expense of several thousand dollars. HiorriM IIall ? An exhibition of historical tableaux, neerouiiDcy and msglo, with a variety of other entertainment*. takes place every atternoon and evening at the above ball. The orohestra consist* <>f the highest order of talent, and I* under tha direction of Mr. W Smith Oi.?Mrir Tmkatrk ? A grand exhibition of transparencies tak<s place dally at thi* plac of amusement. The first part consist* of various beautiful gens, cameo*, and ba* rellef*l)of ancient and modern time*; the seeded, of this heavenly h>die<; the third of artcdilmian animal* and the fourth of dissolving view*, by hydro oxygen gas light The c >ncludlng feature 1* a display ol the seven primary cclora. Panorama or thx Pilgrim'* Proorkss.?This magnificent picture is growing mom and more popular, and with good reason It 1* a beautiful Illustration of the moat beautiful allegory ever written, and oonvey* a most impresalve and aalutary moral There will be an afternoon, aa well a?an evening exhibition, on Monday. Tuesday and tVedneaday of this weex. Mr NeiSf tho American tragedien. h\? been playlug, with great sacccs*. round ot 8baksp?areaa characters, at the Auterioan Theatr*, Id N*w Orleans. The papers generally speak tn high term* of hi* dramatic talent. >11m D>an is, also playing at th* 8t Uharle*, to otowdtd hour**. Mim KiMarai v ? Th* Ronton /' ??< spetks in rsry flattering Urai of this actress. It says her rounl of character* hai tllclted the higheet praise Mr. Murdoch i? playing at the Walnut (treat theatre. Philadelphia. Sir William Don la playing at the Ilolliday ?tr?et theatre. Baltimore. Mia* Chartutta Ouskmui U playing at Losisrllle, Ky The Bateman Children are at Mobile. Mr Buchanan la recreating in New Orleans. Mr. Cbenftan anil Mr Charts* Burks ar* at th* front street theatre. ISaltlmor* Mlilwl Italia1* On a IIois*.?Th* opera w??m has mot* than half expired. aod. thus far may be raid to bare been suecaasfnl. owing to the exertion* of the manage. who ha* made ereiy iH'*t to e void the losees ol hi* first teeson Th* thirtieth night of the subscription will b* !? moirewHT.tilng when "La KaTOrita" will be produced with powerful caat Thl? opera ha* bei'n much admired. and we doubt not that It will be brought out In et*e||fint strle ''II (iluremento" ha* been quite suecee?lul. and n*? been rscelved with a large tneasur* of publid approbation, lor the manner In which It ha* hern put upon the stsj;* . At an early dsy, we prerume we shell have the Rlaler ballet troupe, including th* four Ostet* llousitt, who have arrived In this country A*n Bism?*.?This lavorite oaDtatrloe, accompanied by fc?r maestro. Bccbsa. leave* ns. tor a tew <Uy*t to sing at Bo'ton. We hear that the.?? artl?t* will v?turn to New York in the latter part <4 the w*?k; therefore V* may expect a *acr< d oonoert on Sunday w>*ek Ttaieiu Concrar. ? Ml** Jeanl- K*ynaid*o*i. th* 8e< tti*h ?ccall*t. ware her third an I farewell concert at th* Uroadwey rebernecl*. en Prldey *reai*(. 8be was assisted by Mis* Louisa 8'anley. Mr. Kabtert. th* celebrated Violinist and Mr. Aastl* Phillip*, who presided at th* piano forte. Mia* K-ynelJeon first appeared In the song of Us* "Heather Hills." which w*a ddir-red la a *w??* and pleasing manner, and rapturously encored when she Intro Inced ??me MlM -nog Throughout the wboie ooncert fhe ru siont enthii?ia?ti>-*lly applets isi. aud in reliably encored and the *U'li?nce appeared to he much d*!l|ihte4 with b?r method ot alngieg Sh* eung the beautiful hailed, John Andersjn, my Jo," with nirtBBi a sweet nose Cnkkti '? imnai Tha bill for to.?orr>w iw nlng In on* of t?tt attractl?* danorlptlon? n#?ro laitrumi m*i p'rforman'-a* and d?n ln< Tha burlaiqsa apara la ??ry laaghabl* prof .! 'In ?>.J th" ?okx ou lha violin m l ?uitar ara aif-u'ad with graat nofleal prarlalan Tlirj ara ?n nt b*n4. iml it* inplf ttvirM for ih' pl?Mui? th?jr *?or4 tit* ?laf*ar?. Fi ki.awa' Mivtiru ? Th? (orftirniD'H at IMi haaatlful hall ara of th* ?<..( amu?ln( kind Th-* a*? " t>ot?h Drill," br WflU. !>%*! and Kuio??y. will at* tiaat larga ?ro?d? Tha bill lor to morrn* aaanlrf f^ntalaii a rarlfi jr rf NauMltil id.1>ll?-> Iri-trannut U ptrfnrmar.caa a aolo on tha violin br M?f?r. wl h pclka*. and rr?ry othar daarrlptloa of d*n"lnt. by tba mapaa; aranndram* aad witty aarlaga In abun 4ltra Tba ball la braaUfally arrangad PolICa lntrlllf*nc?. n?|? ?/ Avtinf Sialtn ft opt: if W? p?MI*h?d. In Frtdaj* llrimU. tha arraat ol Mlobaal Kuri?aii. <>a as allagad chaif* ?f hujlog <(n|.n aioprrty li o? ? appaan that, an fortliar liiv??tli<?<l< a Mr. Kirrl??n ?< not at boni* at tba tlm? tha rl itMlf ?a? ?at< to ba old by tba tblaf. nor *ai ha a vara of mrh r'>tl)m< bavin* baan aiirrhaaad until thay vara found by tha tfllcr Mr hlrrlfaa ba? bran, (or m?i* j??i? a daalar In clothing, and thl* la tba Arat noraplaiat ?TT mada of tha kind <aio?t him; and thai, ahn tha clothing wax puichaxMl. It ?u not Intimated rr ballao-dthat tha property wa? Milan If It bad b?an. Mr. Klnlpan a??ari? that tha artlclaa would not hara b?<-n r?r?lv?d nor purob**ad Jlrrnt an Su<r?""* A Mia. by tha nama of Palrlak naillxan * a* arrratad. on Prldar br nflln r Martla <UI?. nl th? Third w*rd. on ft ch*ru? ot o? Tu??dfty lft?t. k|p htn? rallied at b?t<r??n twoaty aad thirty dollar*, fro* room la th<- liul'dlnc at No l(T Htoadwaf. tha property of D. W Itoutall* Oi t)M p*r-r>? of the areiuad k?ywa?tnunl which flu tba |n<k 10 Ibo d<K>r al the riom IM whl?h tha apafty ?M ?tol?n in I on ??r hlnt ? trunk h-longta* t? Ik* pii?< n?r. dl?eo??r?d at No 'i*? lut Thirteenth atraat ft Pfttln?'? Baak boak wa* f<mn1 aihtMting a credit et |81S. ?nd other money" amounting la nil to fW>S tA?r|f ?/ Sirihvg K*K?i*n4 rrtinhi?t ?p?n *-d, by the named Mlohael t.opei waa arr-ated ro Prtj <l?y. by > MeOsbe ol that Pint ?ftrd. oa a ehar?e of tfftllaR three hoin of aegftcii. fram II J Me?#r? of j 18 W#?t itrvat. ?? earthing the room of the itcuied. ?M?til trunk* AIM with w??n?( ftp^tM ball# t nl to hare been frna ?om? of tb? N'Tthrl?ef !??mho?t? w?r? dlarorerad (t?a?ri Bra wanted for the property Apply U the OUrb af Peliee. at th# toaba C'htng**/ A'ralina *n*?r?if?? ? A man. eftlle-t Jiha II t ry ?? < <.rre.t?d * rI !*y by > fllr-r >! ?* n' the rnirtli ward p*ll?ie oa a nhftrg* af 'tealta* nln* ? ?V l*ar,l Rtt f?ll4l f%m ft t \ ft HI l|m> 1?tr??t On lh? itrHt of lli> f??i ? <? fonn 1 < n hi* r*"*1" ?? 'I ? k % r H|n? frf ?h? ?t?l?a pr???tty J otic* <>?bom < >atmut*4 M? to jrtwr frr trial Arret#** Hofik CJ?rh - K m ? . hj" th? ??? ?f JoP'$b Clark >M ?rrn?< J ? ? ) ? * !?? p? Hm * rh?rk h* !1?*rj fUi?? r ? K??'i t t P?r%. b?i??It?i?4? f?r il?W ?ht? r-fcr.k *t li o?hi r ?tt?i-1 ?? Mot> ri f'l fn I <ill?** ftva-tit* H?rk< Mini th? Jiir'tr* Otbi rt %kn .-. iilitdlila to ^rlri. .qjAflan A.ioy ynA i "i T.n PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS IT TEL16RAPH. Another Arrival of d?MI flwt Nk w Oiuin, VM. W, IMO. The (teamship Pactfio. Ca.VUla Jarrl*, bu arrive* htre itou Chagree. with 300 pUNifin, and I7V.OM in gold dust. From the lu<DKATIIS Or KXGOVERNORS OF NtfWT HAMP9H1U? MI'Rl'XR AND ATTBMr TED ROHHtttV? Till LATB STORM? KKT.ANCHoLV LOSS OF LIKK, ETC. Boiton, Drt. 88,1860. Kx Governor Plumer died at Kpping, .New Hampshire, on the 23d December, aged 92. lie wa.? the sol* surviving member ef the convention which flawed Um flrst constitution of New Hampshire. Kx Governor Dell, aUo ot New Hampshire, dle<f Chtlsea. on the 23d. lie rrprrstnted hU State In t'A* untied etaies senate irom la.j to lsza. Yesterday noan, George Ilaywarl, th? depot mas* ter at Lincoln, Massachusetts, caught a robber In tha ?ct of breaking into tba depot, and laid hold of him. Tba robber, buwervr. got away, and, ai Mr. Hayward wan pursuing him, be turned and (hot him In tba groin, and mado hise-<c?pe. Mr. II. died tbU mcrning. The nam* at the jobber is Justin Davey, of this city. an rid offender lie ha* been tracked to Bedford Woods, on bit way to Canada, probably. A large force are In pursuit of him A schooner. supposed from Philadelphia, loaded wull coal, wax drivfn on shore on No-Mans-laud near Holm**' Hole, ou Moo lay fk't aad br.-ke to pieoM. The crew were seen struggling in the breakers. but no Assistance could be rendered Ihem. and all haadi perished Fire if the bodies w-r? washed ashore oa the btach. No cine hss yet b?en feund as to their Ukn?(. or the Dttme of tba vessel lost. Nomination In Hew Harapthlre. Coicoao, l)eo 29. 1950. The democrats of tha First district of New Hampshire have unanimously nominated Dr Geo Klttridga for Congress. In place ot AmasTuok, the present frea oil Incumbent C list pi In, tha Ibelitloiilitf l*KTk.HMUKOiuH, N Y.. Dec. 28,1850. Win. L. Chaplin, who was recently held to bait ia Maryland, lot " running off negroes " is ar. this place, lie ia stopping with hi* friend 'ierrlt Smith, tor a few days, before his tour thiough the State. Baptlat Missionary Conrentlan. trlici'li, Deo 2H 1860. The session of the 44th board of th? Baptist Mlsilensry Convention, of the State of New York , will hold its annual session in thin city, on Wednesday, January 13th,1861. The Itlrn Water Work*. Utica, De*. 28, 1*50 Tbs I'tlea Water Work* Company ham declared a Ft-ini-iDoiiHl divijen I nf 4 p?r cant. Much of this stock is owned in New Yotk oity. Dreadful Ma II road nil Columbia, 3 C . Djc. 145, BM An accident occurred yesterday on th* Charlott*, N C . road, by wbljh the train with 20Jpa.iseng?rs, was precipitated soaje 30 feet Thr liven wire last, and all the passenger* were cure or lei* Injured. The W(ath?r. 8TATK OF NEW YORK. . ar morse's i.i.m:, ornir. 16 ?ti i. srRKBT. 11' if Ai.o, Dec SS?7 t. M. At 8 A. M , the wind was west southwest. The thermometer noted 30 degrees, and th* bnromsttr was steady, but there were appearances of snow. At 11 A. kf , the wlcd changed to east, and the thermometer ran down to 28 degrees and continued falling This veiling the thermometer stands at 90 degrees Tks wiad Is still east and It ts snowing hard. with the prospect of a stiff eastern storm DaromeUr falling Rochkhtkr Deo. 28 -7 P. M. The wind is corthwest. with strong indications of ??ow. The thermometer points at 20 degrees and th* barometer Is falling. tasrrsr. Dee 28- T^P M. This morning the thermometer stood at 22 <l?gre**, with a north wind and cloudy Th** thermometer Is t?? at 'Ja degree*. U< win4 U nwrthweet sad the i ky is cloudy. O?w*.oo, Deo 28?7 P M The tberKom?ter tbl< forenoon indicated W d*gr-?'?, with a north wind. It itsow blowing a gals trash from the northeast, sad there ar* prospects of a storm Th* bar i meter Is falling. l/rir*,D?c 28-IP M The weather is very unUvasant. The wiai Is ?a*t, and It is blowing very hirl with lre(iient snow ?<iualls. The thermometer is at 24 degrees and ths ban meter much depressed Als??t Dee. 28-1 P M. It has been cloudy all day with a eouth wind whiofc has changed to west thl* evening It Is growing very cold, and th* therai*m?t*r is already diwa to 17 deg. . CAMADA Qviiic. Dec 28 - P M. We hare had a tn* clear, and cold day Thathsrmomstar being at 7 degrees. Mmrssii.. Ds-! 28?P It. This has been a splendid but eery oold day Thermometer at itro. Toronto, De? 28?P. M. W* have been Messed with a v?ry mild and pba.sant day throughout Common Council. no a ki? or ali'Ikmi*. Dri V -Tbta Hoard mot At thn uiual boar H. Muffuni I'rui'lut in th? rhalr Tb~ minut?? of l*at mtatlBg **ra read mil (proved ^ r*TITIO*? KFCmtD. Of Thomas BufVrn. aad otb'rn for a ?aw?T In Paarl ftr*?t Irrui John to Kalton ?tr?*t, of tba IruittHuf the Metb<dl*t Ctatirrb in Attt>rn*T ?ti?at to ba rrIrom a*a?a?n>act; to attend tba limit* pr?bii>lu li it the ?tofngn of iiiap"id<r balow Nlo-ii-lb itMiJ if J?mu Kallj and othara. f >r ? ba ait?n?ion of tba Ku<i p*T>n,tnt; of W till* Oo'aa. ' appjiatai Oomnil-al< aar of lieadu, of (>a<rg? Klckbfct Bud other*, to Utf H*rft ?tra?t widened, complaint of oarnera of prcprriy la Chrlafephxr etreet re?p*ctloi the fla*? lattl* laid In xald alreet. coramunloation from CoinmWaloner of Repair*. la relation to a baiidin* wiraat of Rim an I White atteeta. for tb> Ktrat DifliMI M tka New York State Mtlilla; alao relatlre to tnaklnc allaratu na and addition* to tba hi u?e of Kofint Mo. 24; alro relatlre to extending lb* Mow Ycrk City UaU to the Roland* A K Binualrilkn fn m the Major ?n the* r?c?tT>d. ?h*r?ln he r*eomiaeu<i* a?y-leu af Mr Robert liar*, who propoae* to prireat animal matter tmm bte< mlay putrid, and to convert U Into manure or fe?till*?r? rapebl* of r?plarto4 (tiano ableb will reEi'Tt all raoM of complaint r-? pectin* 'laughter ' and iba fator ail-in* from tba careaaea o. l-al kcrMI in'l c m an 1 othir d-ad animal* a?d who, | tor bla co,' ?c n woald be willln* to take tji* Hill ;,?H by lb# li,?p?M<>r for tb* rtaoiM ' ( onu fn ai ik- tuol of Tm-bif third iITnI, and tha wwitl paid ty Llui tar tba convFiftoc* n( ca-ca???? to tha rl??r md? i bo Iflron-r b?(n.j yti prr Jay. tha I?Mm ?t I ! ?? run*', ta lh?o ot tb? Hoar I ol Ai4iri ui> n It waa r?f<rr?d an I ?t<l*r-d t > b>- p'tnt Ihft.oHM *i*?rrro. Of ih# FIdim? CoiiUiliifo in fi?in of rtfiiiKikf j taiaata th? "hurrh In Twalftb itr??t al... in U?m ol I remitting tha f?t*i mil tai rf Ii i T >dJ, ot dtrvat 0?i? air la lav or "ffa.?lmr 'vut |n|< on the CM* | art of Ninth H'tui- a?<t i'*?nty noon i #t*?a ?, tfan.iulni n?r on ?lr??t? and I,amp* In r*?p?ct to tha ?fcl?TT<t 'baeUtkof th?Tomp< n> t Wf'fd I; ol tha <oumit > ? i a t'l* attmlaation ot tb? a<?i >uat? of th?- Ototoa A|q? Imt D'p*itui?rit orJnr. I on fll>*, | and pilit??f, ol CWbtl l??1 n-r ol Wharr?# IMara aid | In favi.r of b^>M'n? ? halkhoad on tha *?t*rlar I rlty |l??of tha North rlnr m tui Jotn u Tioy itrirt, ad bllinn In brhlnd it* una KKitiiax tnorrtn. To ha?a tha ero?a walk eoiurr ( lU/a 1 *tr?at and lh? 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