Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6047. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION ? FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. !SBW8 BY TBIiHOR APHi fUIHTT-FIKIT CORGBB8I. S?CO!*I> HSMON Senate. BY MORSK** MAO.NKTiC TKI.KORAP t. iVAiHiNi.Toi Jan 2, 1881, rKTITIONI AMD RKI*tl*TS Brtterul petitions and memorial* *?r? presented. Mr "Wii kkh presented a petition of forty two oltl. oi Pennsylv*ni?, prnylng tor tne repial ot the i?ogltlve fUve law. Referred to the Judiciary Com mittee. Report* cm private bill* wire presented CAi.iroariiA i.iMDf Mr. Qwin Introduced a bill providing tor the survey Of .be public lands in California THK nwiwo rOlTli'lt'tTltM or aHIP III.AKD. The Berate took up the general calendar The first 5n order w*s to provide for the forctd cation of 8 hip .tland, or the coast of M!?sl*?ippl Mr jEti-mson Dtii? explained the bill, and it wai ordered U. be engrossed ? ELIKr BILL* KFII.ltOnSt . L> A bill for the relief of Ira Day of Vermont, and a Hill granting a pension to Herbert ii llooley. were neverally considered, ai. a au engrossment ordered, an. an a oHi'ii* 'a h>.aoLurion iinTitit lu hksiovai.s kiiom orrtci Mr. BaniHT moved, and Mr Bradbury's resolution about removals f'on office was taken up Mr. Haioht ih?u addremed the dunate in defence of vhe Inquiry made by tht> resolution aati pa-tiaularly oxumined the onuses stated for 'he removal of (Jen Lane from the post of Governor ot Oregon Mr B ?aid do oharf;^ hud been made aguiast Um Lane, ex cept by a certain temperance leoturei. whose letters -were etubeliiatiad by the commam* of one Horace <neeiey, wticse ralue fcnO ?b?re paper ?er? eij-iitaieui to teiios Cil reproach, wnerever the principle.'' ad vanced by that paper n-erj Kn? *n tie examined <len l?i Kir h report of (he battle of Ho-tiii V lata, iu wbutt ?tlie cot->c*".c". o' t&o Indiana re/iai-iit was ceusural, Slid dtfmded G.;n Lane's conueuiuatim ot thai cen sure lie did not believe thai li.n l' ty lor removed .linn for auy surh oondust Ther* nooM oe no omse jit. n tor his r-moval except Ins derowi aoy. Mr Uviim. di sired to reply, but not hut lug certain docuu.tiils wlili mm was not prepared ?ua, ou his jiotion ciie tul\jeel was postponed to den Jay. uiui'UlMi pt Van; itsu tiilnt. The bill to khowi If in and settle private laud oluims Jn California > as Uk?>i up Mr. It ? >To."i opposed the wbule sy?t-ui inoposed to *fcc< rtam Hi 'it lit 1m to privat e laud claims iu Cali fornia. He jiave tLe history of th<- e-itluireui ol ;*li io/n'u. jr.d^ lie natwre ot i ie gonu ui?ti- by ^ptiu, In order to induce lb* het'1-oii ut . i tfm bnd tie pic ured ttie t?ti?iuu of tlio apauistt people la las .suit*, ami tneir pref-ren^e to giving up tbeir laud t*oouer than go to la? 1.11a biti requi <1 tint every IjSti lloldiMu I Hi. J should m ike bm > Uiui good against -he tared in ibelr oourm I'his ?*s uoju t U? noriua tras MUie i abrut th- name tiiae that Kentucky was. Pup;>ose Kentucky Dal be- a an iniepeaitnt nation aud Is I ?>*" u oont|U*red b) an luiO.ead Ot tinlilornia - wculil Kentu k.eL.- ,-uboiii to have ili-ir property UecUr. d >onl against tin) United dtafeH. and would they submit to have iheiu -elves obllfed to pcevi t heir tit It- e tu be valid si{ainstthe Lniteil (Itate.-! in tbalr ??verat oourc . and lhin. too. at great ek|ieH<? ?lnl ttou''le ' lie b I in -, ned a sub Mtituts for th- wk3i> hill lili <ao ,1: e prop^aed .cut their lund titles fbrnld be fir*t cotleetod, ai 1 fjr nha' purpf?e 1 ?? tir.J providvd tor* reeerlvr o' laud title . Waosn iuty i would t>>- to col.ect and record *11 the prir?i- l.tidtlt'es fbi-'iulJ be dine In oee year Anah? ot the till.'. < h >ul l h- >j. n? oo ta w anhtogi on 'luie recorder and tiie dn'-ici attor ney should rx:w>.ne theui, and it any nhouid oe deuiii ?<1 invalid ttie cinioitut shnald ?y ui*r fm ij?, be called on to clear op but titlea I'hia substitute lur '.brr piep' ?ed tl at i.i. i judgment belo? *n?uld be enn Ollislve a/t list it ?' l olled dialer lu. all oa ul, ^Ith oue exueption fte i? aia ntererted in this matter, and i4f< wa? Col. r r?"tu?.nt. . bis f on in- la sr Tnis aubMitutc *a< received, and ortered to be ?-inted Mr li?n fsld that all pettons in Galift ml* were in avi r ot the m< de proposed by lni oi'l. in? bill a* it 'i?? stood. va< prepared Uy ului-?H aud < eUe?<ues ot he Utouse 1 1 Meprei entntlTM lie read a letter, writ ten In Co* ft' wont to show that he too wu> in favor 31 tlx principle ot ihe bill i he ?? uat >t t'uta Miatoii ^ nr. ..i ?*?>, a Miisreii mat toe bill would .?'I oil the inliatritinK of C lifuruia ot all toeu pio |e ty 'I ii. * was a serious cii*r0e tor it wa. that the >rfi,. "at'i<l from itlut Ht.ite ww here devising the iiraue ot robt.'ug t utir own c naillueu ts. He luauj hi tb- Senator ma le the tame *r?ume >-.s three ;??r? a- o, *liii at the last avssiou; uu'J be believe I tha th" sella tor r<>Bi Uitaeuri more then aoy ether per* r> ha 1 Jeuy?a ami. in In the seitunn ut oi m??eii4ims 'i' t'l .N i *?i(t tbat n'<w *dd btncetorlh he lu'eod .?d tu ii t no In iorre<:t sta'eui> nt of ?h*t b- said go ?allh"ut li tni (linteiy oorrroili'n it He kn>*t* enough i. Mi uuiy in! Hi' mlisol dei- irum to snow that ha ooiilii i ni eh . ? the ?eiiatOi' lit, i ins cotieegaes ot tn' otber II one.' with i oDbiug their con s'.! taenia. II e he 1 ? ?er ?? d an He hud ptukvn of ?he etT-it* of the biil, jut oo hiny atii u' any individual. He oould condn ,t i d? Ii* e ei.Loot g< :t,g into p>-rsonaUll?s llo lamed< oi. f remunt'h Jettet ar applying wholly to a iliin i f hl> sen. Mr U ??-< rep.iej. di .-laiBiing *U ietent'on t"> lni ?arh (lie r.f m mra Ben 'on and Krem< nt.and the sub.e "t wai ; stponed till to or rrow. Ti e tienate In ~ anjourn?d Fioui \V?tblii{(toii. Washix.t. ? January 3. 1S51 Vhe Board of N*v*l offleers app >ioted to consider ?'i ma suhstilii'e lor fit.gging, have reported to the 4s ?artnisnt tbey are rery relu taut to glre np tb* cat*. Mr mutney will *ddresa * publlo mestli. f hereon . ?uurd*e, in th* National Hall explaining the plan 'or the I'aeifl? Rullri ad. lb* print. o,' i,u?irel N'tween Kltehle and Hives, ' run ,-i. oe*. sn l i;u?er developuments *re mad* In the aet publieation. t< the hi uesty ot > i?*dlng poll* ? i'-nkti onigue le^t' rs liom Jackson to tilair have been >t.bii*h*ti. et ch lb* Ut.i'in rep.,nt* tbU morning witb ? if lauatlons KuhiHpprr Arrested. PMii.*uB>.rMi* January 2, 115 L (?aorga Alhrr'l wu brought up tbl* aftrrnoon, 'rhn. gm with kldo?pi'lug a h-iy t ro y "?r? oil wboaa nrHtr ri-ai'i* I'.u-IU f'oa, New Jar *ay. Ila wa? i a. In rba f jiu ol tbr?a tin urauu <Joila.-n to aa- j ti*rr lb* ttaip. From ut i, V met dte ?aarmuaa. Jan. 3, KIL 1 art' H <?? OrtaaLa mall* ba*? am ml )'y ad i lo?t troai Mfiti-o to :h? ItltU ul ;., ?? t?ara bat aa Mtaript ha<l batn m*'l? tn a?MMioat>i Arlata. I b? Mtrlcan Korer id ?at bap railarait all tb>- ttiiiaara tkJ | WfOU't fcwll ol toanajia July. The cntra j*?0 bua.aaaa >?a tba H 1 > Urania 1* laid to b* la mantf )'?:?? fr>ir Yuretar. to tha .14 ill , atata that tha i?r with tie [fc4t*aiiU*tl:lpf?grcMtaf, rnd tba latter nr? ?nrr???f?l. Acctiii'U Ir IB Taaaa to lha 17 th al'.. (lira tha ofH ?M rwt arna at tha bnaadary bill rata. aa<l tbay #U>? * ?t? J?i ???. ana a 1?7 etatn t Th* total Mrtaa'IM* i Irht ol I'?>a< K *I?H b) th? OB'pr*oil#r la ta HV ,ih> ? o a il :a |>ar tain- rf tha |6 sOdcM) r h* *? ro "I ?' nd- t? it iu t lie via ? -it * ha ?blp KailU, ! *1 ?>??? I Tltaur tn ?M/<? a; ?ii, t ilia pan Mutatl ' t l>??" a+a'aH tin Na?ti?ill? Marine, aad li'VO ! .? i. '..tii" :.?a' :>an? I r i uta-.' - ' ' 'Ui 'BBy th" i in r* I t of cf fin* Cra ; lua i rrnlag. but a?? rat litf ni-.t.?it -ilh' M' aamig* thr Nnv kottrnor o ? Vew \nrk. .* LBAAV . January 1 I P N Tit .>a?b at '.(Hca w*? B'li.jiri t i? 1 to Washington ?leal m iintftror. k| t lin hth t?) M .-Hate, at elirati ? ii'??* ta>? a ? oiy tilth* ha: tha capital. '.lull b?m (' vi i i r i;hi. <h h *? not )? arrlet'J '? t Wi' ' va> ai?i taan i bt Cta*. fl. Bra'. ia, ] u ? b-rk I ili i nurit,l Appeal*. aul Jehu 0 .tlathtr, a. Canal ? Mtofli'tar Duil? * 'hr toralatr Una. Ilm.t vai ?l-l .m| hytha'j Jit. a#- i p? tb? Km mat '<uanl* by r, my p?r- j ? ' i ? iri'Oi ai' wtll1*!* oi th*- ittat.. aho ?l?'i pa' J thalr '"?pirli lft till nff a?r? Ot tl?a i* *4*-. In M*)<ir T ?*n* ? >id aud atham. In th* attorn ? .1 tha llu'ifo* 1 ?r^? jii #Hh fl ? Ma?or rita at-a'h'r ?? d?li|(hMul, ? nd uo hi 1 Jf.'t incur 1 rd to oi?r tlia r?*t|Tltl?a of thn lay. Thf ilraiimhiii 0?l?. 0. n. SI. 1?V). Tlir OM? tin l?*?ii h"B lor >?? Yrrli tn m<rroa ] r?sraa of 1<r n-Bufr* haaadli-il h>ra KonaacHuactt* I<t'H>si*ttm. it mi' ?. jaa 1,1RM. 1 'l ha I. il?la?ura i:i?t to. Uy u utr Vt Main (fTa? 1 il } a|i-<i*nl ptp*id> it 11I t' 1 Proata. an1 Ohnna ?1 I. Ki?pp (t'aa aoil ) olaik. N I* Hanlfi. Jr. ^d'B<o?rr?t *an t lt-ri*!! ^poalt-r of the lli>n?-, by "11 ? J4 t >r hailogi ?hl? '> h. "ra" ?oll a tn! danionralle rauf u?a"#,|a?t arapin*, i ppt.W?t?i| . on m t??-? of iwalni nn rich ijda, to can!?r lu Ji 'ha ooattf for latora (h-Iiob . Intntme Croats. ??*r. Jar J. 1 *51 T%a (^"mplBlr f??i ion of Saturday raporU that two ? ? aiaa aaia loaaii Irano ?n th* Tnaaijay prarloa*, *l h in t?< nil"* or th? < anaitan hound cry An Irlah jaa ? aa alao f? uad n???n tr. Irath lat* on tha ?aiaa ? y ra tha railway trrrk at tlhautaaiigat ATnathar 1 tin a at cold hart, til a tbaraoaiatar. thid aioraia^, >"f at ur?. | Court of Appeals. Alhanv, Jtnawjrl, 1851. Tbe Ceurt ?f Appeals opened this day, but three Judge* b?*ing abeent, they immediately adjourned till to-morrow. We?teru Steamboat Aeeldents. Loiisvili.*. Jan. 1, I860. The steamer George Washington, from Oineiinatl, with two barges in tow, sank one of them near the mouth of the Kentuoky river. She, however, towed it a?hote It is loaded with pork and lard The Wash ington, on entering the canal, grounded the other barge on the rooks, and it will be lighted olf. Ti?e Citizen sunk last week on the Arkansas river, bflow Little Koek. and is a tetal loss, except part of her machinery and upper werks. The steamer Delta, No 3. sunk on the 22d ult , and is a total toes She was loaded with sugar aud mo lassss. No lives lost. The OIUo Convention, dw. 1 Cincinnati, January 2, 1851. The Ohio convention has rejeoted the section giving power to the Legislature to repeal the oharter of banks and otber companies, by a majority of two. Kdward D. Mansfield has retired from the editorial departmdent of the ChronioU and Jltlat. Large Cargo of Provisions. Cincinnati, January 2,1851. The steamer George Washington to-day oieared from this port for Kew Orleans with 4000bbls. pork. 1800 bbls. 1 ,800 kegs of la(^i 100 hhds. and 3l0 tierces bimi, and 2.200 bbls. ot tlour. This is the largest cargo ih?t ever left this port. Western Railroads. Chicago, January 2. 1851. The Chieago and Galena railroad line have leased t? the Michigan Central Co. their right to construct the ralread from Chicago te the Indiana 8tate Line. Tiie connexion with Detroit will probably be completed du ring the eoming season lteportcd Lom of Steam Propellers. IJi mai.o. January 2, IS >1. There are rumors In to^vn that the propellers Napo leon aud Independence have been lint on Lake Su perior. Tlie WtstUer-Know, ?Sic , ta tlie State of Kew York. 11T MOKaK S Ll.NK, OFl-'ICK 16 WALL STRKKT. brrr ai.u, Jan. 2 ? A. H Yesterday morning. we bad a htavy snow with high win a iroiu north to west It abated lait ?veniu'j but bur drifted terribly. The tram which left hern tor the east at 10 A M . had not resebi-a J!?tavia at 8 o'clock left evening No traius arrived fr<<m the east laat This morning it is very plemaEt. the thermo u. ter bring 23 degrre above zero. The dritts of snow a;" immeuse. and uo train has a.? yet ai rived from the evt l\ M ? This evening, we havi a strong wind from t?a?* wet-t, and a prospect of another storm The *her mnueier is *0 degrees above itro. The first train of cats came through this afternoon. Kochkstss, J?n 2?0 A M. Yes'enlay morning the w-aiti?r s?i very unpleasant up lulu A M , when it cleared eff tine Tha storm of lUMday night, has blocked up the railroad track com pute)}. and we have bad no mailt from Albany since } . leiOay OiOriiing. It is now cloudy, with the wind southwest ana appearances otathaw The tb> rmo m* r is 24 di gret-s above lero The Buflilo trains of jeMeruay u:< ming have not arrived up to this time. 7, I' ?1. ? Vt e h?ve now a light wind from Ibe south en ?l It is ciouoy aad growing colder. The thermo ii ^ter ic -b d. git. h above i*to Uaiiroad cummuuioa tit u ie btgitikiug onoe moie tna.asume a regular fotm. SrasiufK, Jau 2?10 A. M Tlie weatfcer here is pleasant, with the wind from tte northeast, and the thermometer at Id duress a' live 7.i ro i r M ?The watber at thU hour, if dear and cold. The thermometer is lfl degrees t-bo.e z.oro. Oswkuo, Jan 2-9 A.M. Vesterday whs a b!ust*rlug day, with the wind trom the northwest. accompr.'.ird with some snow aqua! li lie thermometer wai M degrees above zero. This n.orn)iig it i? pkasant but excessively cold, the ther nn lueier being only 2 degrevs above zero. Cth.a, Jan. 2?# A. M Yesterdaj It wua tunshiiie. cloud, and (tons alter natily making tbe uay very unpleasant The streets, liow?-v>*r, were very lively " This morning we bave a bright. unclouded sky. The wind u moder ate, fr< in ttiH u riliiast. nud very euld. tlie.-mociHi.ur belinr u*'? ri to uva degree iikIuk svsu. >ogieat depth o mow t an isiltt. 7 I' M The weather is now cloudy, but not un pleasant. It has moderated si nee morning, and th?re I* a light wir.d fiom the northwest 'i he aieignlug is fit i in the city, but the enow is very much drifted ou the rotutiy loads. Tbe thermometer st >uus at uiue teen dtgrsis. and the barometer is tailing. Aibamv. Jan ? ? " A M. bare a talld northeast wind. The sky is cloudy; yet it is pleasant The thermometer is fourteen de grees above rero. TP M -Clear and pieasnnt all day. The wind is west this eveninc. and the th< rnioi*< ler is seventeen degroes above zeio. NEWS BY THE MAILS. Oar Wa?lklngt?a Carre?i>ondoiieo. WilHimTOK. Doo. 31, 1850. Confrttt ? Sot hint D n#, and a Crrnt D'ai to kt Done? i Lit! vj Important Mta-uret? Prvtptiti tf a Sim Sri. ?Mm. Th? tlrat month of tho iwond iMifon of the thirty Cr*t Congraao expire* to night ; one third of the hoi ?Ion U ovor? pane J- an J nothing bM b??*n don*. The time, m both houiea, thai) l&r. bM been expended in pet.tion*. and the most frlrolou* debate* upon th* moat ' frlvoloa* nuluecti. Tor cumpl>, the quvition of print lug ? few extra copi** of Mr. Webeter .? letter to Che- I ruU' r Ilulaatnann and tha i|iie*tioaof referring a mara 1 matter oi Inquiry to tha Secretary of tha Navy, have ' occupltd tha Henata aluioat exolunlvely lor tha I eat two i day*, and tha only point af any nota iu all this dovbi* | brradiide of debate, tu tha following : ? Mr Uowm charged upon Mr. liantoa that ha atood I '?aolltary and alone" in hit opposition to tha present CTganlxatlon and of tbo eoaat (array. Mr. BtMoit raid that there wrra other oooMi^na on wbloh ha atood aolltary and alona Thar* wa* tha eave of tha United Htate* Hank; and ha had lived t? aaa that b*c<>tue an cb*ulate Id* a. %, r l>u? ?v in tili? raply. iatimat 1 that the time h id gene l J ?k?n the Senator trom Mi>?Oiirl couliexp-:t to at< < mpltah any thing in ataudiug ' at alona Ua had no longer tii n?-ral Jar'taon an J (ha desi u'atio patty to et ue to the reaoue II ? wa* lika Cwmx? "llut ytftarday, tha word of t'naar might 'lave atood egaiaxt tha world. fcut i oib*ar. tlr to give the raat of tha quotation. It la 1 i ? t net ? ??*> J to repeat It. Mr H. i ion ? 1 dee Ire tha 8' nator from Louisiana to I nltli tha i|uutatton. Mr Uimna-fiMI the Renator deaira It' Mr 111 On? Yr? nr. Itinh th? quotation Mr liov i? - Well, air, I ba.u va it rafrra to Ottiar "He yeaterJay th ? word of Ceaar tu jht Have ?|oM *t;fnu t the world; ltut now that ha tl daa 4 ? ' ' A f .Mm? ' Mow ha Hea there. ? f| none ao poor to^Io him revtreoije.'' Mr i>ow?? ??? ?lr, ' A mi th? ra it i -n* *<? poor aa to 'io fcltn rovereneo '' I beli. ve that'* the aab lance ol It. 1 do aut rem<'in ht-r tl.' *xa<n phra?eolf.?y J'r lli.jfton Thatl what I tfcougM, atr. The .^-na tor a fi rbra-ajoe In n< t glvlsg tl.e wh la '|n<>ta(l'>n, vie ? i?r all, li'KllUe lie r uld nut recollect It. (I i iij toll r ) Sir |iow>? I Meolleetad caoi )th f >r mr purpoea. ?! r And ft* iOi?b'.co u give tit" raat, be ca u?. it titpr ? u hi* n ? mory ' W* take that to b? the i>. ?t |>*'a; of tha la?t t*vj day * deba'ee in th* e*uH* 1 ho re < I'Jtlou aekiug oftfto | ("??"I'taty at tbe Navy I" atat" why tU?> Otmt Survey ahoulJ i'* ineorporatatt ?itb iho na al wrtlN anciu- i eiV' .y h <a paaarJ. with an ame:i'iiii<ni atkltu "I i'i ? < ? rr?t?ry of tha Tr a?jry t<* giv* !>!? r-?-*ai wh/ iha aaid ai i < ay ehovl I c at n.i.? un'l-r hla jHtoilnti j. a? i kai tbe reeult ia to pit an* si-cretarj iftlW t tM c t.r. In a doeiiaieBt?ry conleat l<?r tl>- jurlaji ii n of I li> I <>a*t Purvey tt la aoppoa* d that tha rant ot jauj tl Mr l!*a'.oa it tn gt t rtd ot Mr Banhe i aa *u; ? i Io *nil?nt ot thla aur rey Th*t at laant will be ;Ui? re? lit If the aurrey la I urned over to and In^'iTp- rafo ? i p*rt ul the naval nrvlca Xh? Seoa'e tvroa nftr t'ie dlipnta to tha B*ir<tary if the Navy and th? 8ee??tiry of tho 1r * ?') Fa?h ir tftdu<-?d ta argue oiat hla oaaa In tai or < I tha Uoaat Purvey *< an ap|> n<J*. i ol h>a do rartaivBt and th? ?*t* la to ant aa jmi** and jury Tl ai a what wo call a mr* ftpeot*' n oi leglalBMOB Co ot tha p?in i' : rf 'be II illa>-iBaii'i aod Wabt*er rorr t oBilencn Ooe day. out of <l' liaaiiy nail do lerenae to A ua' -la end CiimHI tha S? n*'e rolu *? to pt nit i ltd ropla*. a*d tho Be tt day, out of napoo*, to Mr W*h* ?r. they order 5utm ct'raa. Thla "mmi to be aatlafactoty to bnth ii'loa ot th? n?e? 'on. I'tpH Biar) . hoeever. If a t*a iMfd ku'lti'M, an 1 It ? al \ w*il "iH igh to look at hf tt( aidfi Tin brat Ri'ntk ot tfeo faaalot haa expired Nnthinr haa bcon don* In th* r*iiialntB{ too month* ? ? ran t. *xp*e! mn -li iol<a don* I ha foiiow'.ii ; aroaoa of tha meaaurta re'iuiring tbe pt< Apt ati?ntion of CoD(teaa: ? i Hi m' ineldenlal modiflaotlona rf tha tar'T for lh? pr> ventlon Ol Itauda. and tho lnor>-a*e ot tl e rav nael t? meet tbe pi'hllfi VipeBaM a?d ifea puMio rt-l)'. a SnB>e U?iaialloti wl'.h r*?ard I ttia pub i lan l ?, 10 a? to dativo fim* retenuo troin that aour ? lo'teat ot th- ir haiBft totitlaned a bo. dan upon tha iieaaury. I Hetrmehment ot extravagant appropriation*. 4 KeaaanaMe arproprla'.lona to rlvrr* and harbi ri. 6 t'heap poatag'B. a. Iho Xork and Sob Vraaotaeo Uraarh Mint* - t"e California one for uit;li| the gold du*t, and the New Verk Bint for ooinlng it. 7 Some legislation In regard to the (eld mint** in California, and the public land* and land title* la that State 8. Protection of the Mexican frontier* against the Indian*, according to the treaty. 9. gome general system for the government and sub' ?Utenee of th? 100 000 Indian* of the prairie* and de sert* reduoed to plunder or starvation, fea ,U We don't expect much te b? done ; but after New Year s day we ahall certainly oount upoa aome steps in the business of the country. We count upon the New York mint? something fer cheap postages, and rirer* and harbor*, at all event*. Tariff exceedingly doubt ful. Wasiiihoto*, January 1, 1861. The Sew Year's Kit and Ike A'ei# Year's Day in WaskinfUm, ifr. All day yeaterday we had a mow etorm, till sunset. Then the ttorm held up, the cloud* bioke, the sky opened in the weat, the sun shone out upon the world, giving promise Of a goodly day to-morrow? that i*, today - - and the promise has been realized in a warm and brilliant day. from aun to sun. The Pre*ident's reception was a jam? a perfect jam. The seen* 1* an old story. Uenry Clay and General Bcott loomed up like giant* in the throng, in the east room, while iu Ogle's eliptiral saloon, the President, and hi* wife and daughter, calmly arrested the ruxh ing torrent ot the sovereign people with the greeting* of the day. Mr. Secretary Corwln had a substantial aet ont of ? roast turkey*, roast beef, hums stewed oyster*, chicken 1 salad, confectionery, and other refreshments. Mr Seoretary Graham had a liberal display of cake* and wine. The Postmaster General xpread out a very inviting oollation. Tue Secretary of War. Mr. Conral. and the Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Stuart, also kept open bouse, and free refreshments. Mr. Webster's tasteful reeidenue was also thrown open, and, a* upon all great occasions. Mr. Webster ?*s in full coctume? blue coat, metal button*, buff waistcoat - aiid. as everybody testified, - looking re markably well." Colonel llenton *l?o kept op?n hou'e, and had a rush of visiters ejual to the cabtui t. Tbe Major of the city set out a regular dinner. Mr Sp-after Cobb. Mr. Winthrop. and a largo number ot our private ritmens al'O followed the good example of open house, and cate and wine It has been u delightful day? every, body was out- -everybody whs at hi me ? and a uui reissl spirit of kindly salututlom dispensed a genial I alow upon ?very face of welcome and good feeling. W( drub', wb' ther New V Offk itself hud a better cele bration el New Year's >ay. Now. thi-n. we b> pe Congress l? rfftd / to go to work. The dcoHon ot th? Supreme Court in tbe ca<e of the United Stag's against Jesse Uayl. wis airi>un<'ed yes- i terday. by .1 unt me Nelson In favor ot government. Wy j which the judgment *>f the Circuit Ceurt against lioyt, for over is ailirmeil Ofllcial infotmation is published, by the Department o I Statu. ot the iuereaaa of Hi per cent on the valua tien ot foreign itut'orta to Cuba fcoiu the 1st t ebruary, an) like s ifco increased duties on exports of augur and tolaoco. The Trial of the (iilian Invaders. COXSBSPOMlKNCK lUrrWBEN OOVgKNOK qvitmam ani> THK I M'thji s j'ATES DISTRICT ATTOSNKT. |> rom the Jackson (Mies) Missltsippian I The many reports toat ar* in circulation in r? latlon to tiovern' i' ouitnihn'g coiiUeotiuu wilhJtiiH late Ouba fx V* dltlon, mu(1 the n<m'irr<l order* of the toderei ad ministration relstlv* to his arreit, have induced him to consent to the publication of tho following ooirtf p^ndenco wbwh rp?ak* for lUelf. Subsequently to thin correspondence no application wai mads to the Jodpo of tlie Un'ted States IMst.riet Oourt t >r iu order for tho arrest of UOTrrnor Qultoian, and hi* removal to Niw Orleans, on the chaic," of participation In the ! Ouba affair. This motion was argued in open oourt on ' bib?lt tit the oroAet lion, by Die District Attorney, ! fcKfinled l)j ci urn-el employed by t.Lo government. and , c; pored on behalf of the Governor by several of our ' abb i-t nu mbers of tho bar, on the ground thit the | *pp!lci.t i< n v ? ? Irregular and deteuiive. and th%t uo power existed in the federal coutU to m:ike such order. The moiiou is tlill under adviat-ui.-nt before his lijuor Judge Cfcolr en. U. 3. l)mT*icr Ai reaniv'aOrrM ) Vioaantrao, Kept ifi 18j0. \ Pm:? Tb? I.'rited Slates Olsttioc Attorney tor the i Kastern Distiict :>f Louisiana. has forwarded me a oer lined copy ot the indictm .ot now pendinj against you 1 and otberii. in the Circuit Court of the I niledBtatee tor tbat district, together with an open letter to the | Hoi:. B J . f* h<>l?r n, re^uc-ting liltn, upo;i the pr*Nentv> ; ?lot' ot the indictment, to take the steps pre? rih-1 ti y tbe act of Congrer*, to secure your appearance at tti? next terij ot court In his letter to tue. accompany ? IU? Uilcut, u~, >t.?,w v ? l 16..0, Mr. lir.nt say*: ? "If you can hit* any fevrurnac* that th>?*e rout'.*, men w.ll voluntarily tuaku their appe trance her?, and give bail aoc to law. m au.y reasonable time, I wi old <11 that cure. request that you ri tain the letter aiid indictment lor toe present.'' la compliance with the *mh thus expressed. I now htm the honor to call your attenlion to this subject and t< re fpectfully in (uiie whether you leel disposed to give tli e asruraliCe -pecifled in the above extract. A reply lo i his communication, at ?h early a day a< your convenience will allow, will much oblige me. aui is m iicited. I am, very respectfully roar Obedient i -rvant. uo:;ixio j. IUUKU. t*. 8 Distiict Attorns/ Hon. Johv A. Quitman, JacWstn, Siusliaippl Kxai i ti?? Dei tutsi -.t, Jai ?eo*. Oct. 3, 18i0. tf.'r: ? 1 avail niysiit ot the orst leisure moutaot to | answer your letui of tha KMh ultimo received several I days since. Vpon t ie receipt of the lirst information that 1 had been indicted In tne United State! Dsstrljt Court in New Orleans tor a participation In thelatu i Cul anallair uy peiMUi iaclUktlMl would have in duced me promptly lo i:i?tt the baseless charges tbat had thus been txh.i>.iea luuicst me by the federal government or it* ac nta ?nj to demand nn invenl gation; l ut. as tho??|wno brouxht about this prosec u. j tton. are perfvotly aware, my oulclal position as Cover- | nor of the Btatrol Mia.Mssippi imposen upon ma solemn and respnaaibla duties which an not leave me at lib^ ry ' tocnnnuit my private inclinations, especially when the coDPequences o| my notion may raeult in a suspensi^a ot the executive power ni a soverelgu State to whiih | my primary aliegiacoe is due. In the peculiar and unprecedented attitude In which I am placed, my amcere desire Is to ascertain tha rule of am inn whish mould goyei u me, and to peiform my whole duty To enable me to decide correetly. it Is my purpose to < consult competeot leg?l advisers, and 1 hope to be I enabled wlthio a fortnight to r? tnrn a dellnite tn<w>ir . to your enquiry wuether i wiligiva tbe assurance that I will voiuntaiilr make my appearance In Maw Or ient's and give ball accorAiu* to la*, or whither I tkall decline doing ao. In th? meantime, 1 pray you mnkn known to the attorney who has thought At to exhibit this Indictment axainst me. that 1 a ui ready at all limes to give the aseurance. tbat I will appear and n:eet the charges made against me so a?on as tha termination ot my oflictal t' a ties as Oovernur of this State (hall leave ma the rontiol of my owu movements 1 remain very reepeetlul!y. your ob?di> ut servant, J. A ODIIXAK. i II J. Ilsaais. Cs<j ,U I. District Attorney. ,vo Statu Or Uisnanrri, Kxrct-rivr D>??nrwiir, ) Jacasoff. Nor i>. IMO \ Si" : ? A lo?; protra< ted ludtspositlon has prev iilod x ie Tnm kIvIdk tba additional reply to your letter of tbe 'i"?ih ftept'inbcr. promised In ralae of the 2i Octo ber, to wbleh I again refer. 1 bad ?"in? hope* tha* tho government In tIsw of all the flrciims'ar res, wi old be disf>o?"l t> su nend the ftrsecntion Ogams* me until the terminal Ion of my i fflrlal duties ?a Uovernw ?f tbla Htote. might leave n e at lila-rtr to repair to New vrleai s and meet the cherfres mad? against me. I am now lati riued by your not* that tbl* propo-|. tton Is not 'stuiactory. and I a- callel oo. undrr lbrv*t ot arrest *i I lotclble remrvsl from the !*tat#. to ?ey whether I will volunisrtly make my apitearanoo In New Orlesn*. a-^d glee b?ti ac*or<liog to ln? In any removable time he. I again VMre ym, ^at If ! frit ?t HWty to pnrsoe my personal lnclinati >ns. I would tiasten to m >rt too charge* exhibited r ^alnet m?. and confront my *<i; hrit pool mil reflection I have ennolnded thvt the highest obl'i'st .( r ? which can bHd my e ^nsel?nc?, *n<. the M,;b*ft duties ol allsgl- nee to my flat* turbid ce 'rom voluntarily piacim myaelMa a positiou in which 1 cannot c-mply with tbe one nor perform tho otl i t. 1 Ibertfore r>sjpeetfnlly deeilae nia\ivg any yofnn ? *ry pieda** for the wrrtvM of my p-roon exoept that heretclcro fropo*ed of meiilng tha iadictment I *?mptly en l be termination of my present If the isme ?tall h? soceptable. As an ioHvldaal cfsriea with a vh lation of an aot of t'oagre> - and as settlor n>y liiooefaco. I hive no favors to a?k from tho go. ?rr.mi .it . btit as a oiiison and a pntdte Oflfef, I maybe p. rmlttod i o suggest, tbe ontlr absence ol te, . ?s ty t? r rresslng io*erlons con ' e<| nonces a pru s?< ntlon whien. so lar as the pahi'c lotereot and I am reputed to be i "nnrctod with It corta'oly deserve* to > lie r> K*t d-d a? ffl<olcn*, when a short delar will quiet ly ebect all proper Objento ot the prosi 'Ution. 1 he 1 1 can scarcely hope to Involve mo sero ne l v la the charg* a preferred Bnt ?hoold It he I tha' the in Inlseose ot some (ympathv for the oppr seed r- pie of Cut a call* for tho infii ion of some punish

mint n seem* to me that th? offr tided lews ol tho ?cuatff wtuml 1- an ply vindb atrd by the ovent>iai i putii*bn<snt of t he atl-nder. wlthont d eming It nenes -ary to invs lo the goornment of a Ptate, toroibly h't ' op- ii ft er chief o<ngisirat*. remove him from the p< ? l rmai ce of his dniien. and actual1.' ?>?*pen>l for a tlaio the e>> r utlve powers ol a soveteUa State, lam. I tory reeyortiully, your obedleat servat;' A i; II 1 1 d \N , Hot rraor of Mi?sl/?*lpe' Tf-n H.J M*a*fS| CF 8. District Attorney, bnrg M ssissippl. Arrft^te, *ts m me Oovraaoa oi- Ifrw Veat To vc:a< r Hut t has designated the f .owtng gontlsmm to fill the | ' ee? for wrich (key are asm* 1 Piivate Secretary, James r. Raggios. Messenger, Jsmes fprir (steed Mil n on-- Vjntant Oeneral. L W?rd Amlth .Tndtje Adv?ioat? Onu rei Bobeft II P.nyn, t<uar:?r roa?ter ? Oeneral Charlo*A Ftetf?n; bnrg>on (Jen'-ral II ward Tow ?, fay master 0-n?ral Isaa- 0 Colton. Kn- \ gln>esr In Cklof Jamex W *toon Wehh. Aids de Camp Mfctiad A H< nedtct. Hcbert II Morris. Robert 0 Campbell, Military Soerttuy, Charles 11. Adam< ARRIVAL OF THE U. 8, SHIP PREBLE. THE LONGEST CRUISE Off RECORD. ZHV01VAVT DISCOVERIES. GREAT MORTALITY. Release if the American Prbonern In Japan, &c., (See., Occ. The United State. .hip preblei Commander Jamw ?U?nl,'.4rvV,e(l thU P?rt' 'e8UrJ?7> San Pran 0 .00, via Valparaiso. u.r cruise ha* been a rentarka bl? one. Sailing from thia port lor California In Sep tember, 1846, an convoy to BUvenaou'e raiment of volunteer., .he .erved wtth grMt activity upon th. Weit coart throughout the M,*ican War. Atit.ter 0.?' "h" WM ^"Patched to China with Com. G(i.inger on board, who was ordered to the command for a aho't H 8'1Uadron- 0,1 WttT >he .t^ped, IHandf f T' " "eT,,rl'1 POrt" 0t tbe n?!f forl'lter?8t "J novelty. The mo.t promi nent among, he.ewer.Hilo ana Keallakaku. ^xs^sssasz&ass; An Opportunity wa. here offered to th*.? k?. . vzszxrszx .fHlr-rr"' sels bound to California but i.nt il, i 1. ',0' VM' Hon ot land wa, 'ndlC'1 "Ud, f'n ???. gg^ll? si ?icw of aeo-mniauu. r to i.ul? tl, u! ? ' , th' 'quadroa, and .h* ^owlYu" *""" 'a I Am, ,' !' tttld lai Prl&on Di'nt, in Japan, of *fit?.<.n I in ih'ro rLif wreckf .i hn*:u,ta. tbt? w&i <i? ' 'patcLfd in >? bruiirj, 184V, to a-mimd md ob Lr? ' ti)**ir releuRt*. Sin# hud po&r^fly lmc ?)-? w...i ^ I Hong Kong, however, b.for?^ J^maH pox made ,t*5 1 jm* w** th? oouet ^u^bCM ot thi* unlotky ocoarr^no* 1 ?uim 10 m.B frntt tncoettt/a On h# r wav *,* ? 1 P.rt u" *<? lb? Loo iihou ijlauJ. a kir"?' Tornae?tf"^1;J"'t depeuilenais. ?fJapuu rf" I or gentl* Jiiiiiity of luacners. euuevlor uJv&n<<n Ib .lie llret American man ef war tbai h.ii #1?r ?i,,'t, i them. A? Ihe rr?ble neared theer?.tof .)au?u .icnai t"nX7c, th'1 :r0a fhu, "'<"?<>?'" Le*li?.tai to ariiln^ to the country ? ,? r 1 ward. aeoenain.d) ?.l th. appTarinoT of . ,,1' eMp. A. fhb entered the harbor of Naga.akl th iVra* ihm'j if-! *.. u l'." 'b-Vu'u t " rtrT'i'.' * '?*! (m? i ee? n t" .'tr! am, 'jh/, u'in Igh t ' k7- IT^uadr" iVbniti ' i a.,r|. ,.ra,e O! tUe I-r^bl^rVrm'' K^T.Uh'X'm' \ V" ten ,1 , batter!., of I "I7v Jrfiil V, . " ? U ? ^;.OU0 fcUUB WU^ Voa earn, d ?n for tho IeU..e oA^ r.cau c't "" fr ignruiliiou* wnj cruel tmpritotim>'nt of near' ? e:.Dt rnthr h.A?4U,t ^?tL,j.rD;r42 thfr Lm I hln 7 ? k*!,1 ..cbar^' ??xcvpt th? diAoulnj lL??y bild In butldiDsr Misni,* and . ? ouch t o hold them . Vet tbe7iere t?ea,!d 1 f.i i "* h Linu u l>artarlt_v an t when flrn conflnnd w r.- nia?5'e BellT"/# 5" ,h* .erurt?x ," i,, 'el ] that it wu^thl ?,ul ,Ut " they refuted to ? ^ !!??* wr.uld pay thn forfait Th<? d?t ttw.d for rm\M?+ w i/at am .i,t bv Vaot Ol.Tn "V 0p0n b"l0,r P'^wpfrllv to d ny apt Qlynn In languaK* th^t c. uU not b?m|t. i ?D<!errtoo<l? thut thi y Iau,t Imu edlaNly aillwr u, 1.A fh? .7 "???'?' ??<! be found to compel the ni ?ud tfcst th^ AiiMTicRii i(n?crn?*'Dt ilwayn ku#?^ hr.w '^1-r'pe'iy detained or abim-d bj ?ny r vt|.,n whatever tbev ' Kl' cbenired their tone and aepre.-atln* any ?Z < f:h?V-cU"Weat ?D.the 'UD-">-' ?"? l> le ut uover not (who hud e> nuueted the incrview iu beiiail et the ih.r*??7-r!'V U,1'^,1 lt*llth,,y *h"U'J be ??nt oil to h f u I f I led Tht' Pr h i1* *1 ,ln" Th" WkA "'"CUy . i .Tr Irrble. i n her return to lion* Koub ??< l p?aat thecon.Dlarport?of Shanghai and h,v .X" .r:.,""t.?f,'MVir "Ot-Uh.tiodlM rdl S2r tr.tM'^r "d?;..oat aJtT?V- a? SImiS11, ttf.L'i," n,"' !ili,n 'u'r, ,r""> ?j? of fc /l.M. ? r f*'Uy b"n ?Wen f ' h'v ? ^''"P-rler-ceU lijun about Canton to *1 h *' lbl" ,,i4'"a "I >e.r I'r.1 L i ink heving now te.?/ly expired More tho IrelleMtth. 1 sited gtate., pr.paratiowi w.-r. made u?'r hotr:ll,7n" >>**<? ?*>?< Xiut. wh u on trip ?tc oi nniltA* or Jar* I??u,n ,h tto" B?Tydrr.nm.:n. lorher Ico.'^ Ih.e. ? ?h? th r C/'*' ? . ' I? obejleuce to fc^Van Kritc^ ' 1,0 the 101 b ot .?ttL0Io^*phi (T* ?cconBt > cf ?*?" month at ? n iom I M , laud wa* ..jeri \en d. whirl, an I provedtol^alurgei-iand It,e*tent h?we...r lot m M4?it?lrc(|. rm th# PrtbU* d>d c t ^ ?r h?r u?d': ':t (.h*1 ?r vh,ch ?^ i laod ?r.e Br?t miide. On thla coar.e K N k > Ih? ran thit ity .??.n mite, para' lei with the c..a?t b?f.>r? it 3, ? trtiid off tioiii her I.i. ?t,Jw '* ec iri-ealnto a n n-arka i'le peak near it. .o.itl western esrreuntr Th" i> >?l U?*26 di,? *lTk; r h> thePr-M., tua" lat de^ IT Bin N , and ioi 1S9 df(,. ?/. >4)a K Tb? rklp ^a.f.J qaite ne^r t. the laud; Out oalnj *o the aitrem* hktlse.e o( tl,H at>nr ri'?r.. It wa. itnaa* Tkar* '? ?'VrmiJll wk-,h f W ? a. Inhabit,! or not. of th. ? dlr,J" ' rh?rt. fu D?arJ, of thl. pari Of the An. an ?t.e Kt-gll?h. one Tr- n -h. end two r ABetjean MMpltatloa? jwt ?(??? Of tbem bud tbla Inand aid <1< ? * ard Iron .nb>e ,uent ln<(t<.ry. it I. imiy .at.Ma.f-Tr !- <'rter*ilt,H tb.t the aredlf of it. uV. ?' ,V.V 7 liJtt*tl? en* ^ tf" I'" *?> 1 It !? be ?t 1 r.Ve I.Unl X, ? ? \?* K"* *'T,U if ?h- >>?rae e reeoun. ?f n if I *"r" (Sr,lron? 01 mallng nMit t??I Iti fc, (a . uo*? Unl- bu? th* . . . < atil.iy fr rhad? any de,'?v. Thi. erld^niic *V^.Tl?d Vfc th* >"<?*' -"II ' ? >m,n lt?f ??? lb air. ady iwo m.n died .fit ?nJ Itr J t?o Oibe'. Were upon the .irk r#M>rt rt? r? 1"*^ '"??f"1 lb?? apart frem the Br mb!r B?ar'ut .f tit/ ?* ",r,T ^,*r, of * '??* there w^re t )waru?i Qtty r.fflrer. and mer in ' h ir h.r ,>>??? ^VleL *0*1 la ajd.tlnn to ttl- ih? r.i oj I wry I el * ti in tl* M In ? I, Wllh tba diet a.e that fherewM a, i'. n,r;;r;r r^: mar aw.y i?r the P?ndwi?h ;n ihe .rrhrl of the Pr.b'e at I' >ao',u!n. an V,D|. t*l w?. it ore? e.faui.h-d on .ho.? f0 whleh 'h- In ja "' ???'* ell removed bet. U."l, ... ilu tor , al of til.* po.r r? Jl. w. f],- ver, ;; r , r tb. by thi. fell ?b* ? Jy.tbeyw.r. a- I roe heaited u.nd noble a , . f m?! * Ik- "-K ?? an, ,h.P The r Urrtnl, Tu, lerlng. were borae alth b?roic fort.ti.d. ?. i .i. ? I amre and r.?lg? ?tl< n wtfh whlnh they contemplated i h ? wai. I n g n,oro . n tr ot t b ? I ? . x t . ne? \ ,f( P .on rttm .M b .be be. t of ehrinlan. inlcht hart p-o' l"; ?fcM?:*rf,,^tllVwW.\,b',r U"""' ?nd n rlrg belwe. n the Oon.til ii>n>thlo. kranm and I be Hawaiian go*>r?ate?t . de?a. hm. nt ot ...Uler. an 1 r?r Vh,;W""Vh"" lroii' ,h- 'fetinh men of! hl.Tta ? m .'i li* ; ,,n', UtlOf. ?he? ? He I n' *" ' ?"?< ".' ?<? ? be am mu . r. ?, . tf .r . w J ? ,* l? tba m-anMm-* utor.d In rV. ' r r.B? ' . m . 7 'v* reetd.nla, ln (illi-lonr: bootbardnent of tbe\^w wr.t!'-lr:r,,,!rr ,o11" "n,( h>? ? ??..^ if^rL. ? . ? e'ent.y to admit of loan?d fr(!i/ ?Ytm ,nr ^ t0 t>J''or, '?. ?"?' a lew n,. n loaned rron. tbe i juairnn .?he ... then f?k n to H.t. "nrf n!,rw, to Bel;.fia, thlrtv Ave Ben having been lett behind, la the hoepltel at Hono weVe'.lr Zehl:^''' ,h' rrr" h"?"? "PM thev T l?!l dlfff *? fwt RN IhfT r#f Ot*P#d I, M leave the hard* ot th- lh,^e1? f ha b!allh i# nianj of the rfl*. er. wa? ?o greatly m paired that th?v ware .eat home bv tbe way of the r.thmu* rii? .h n we. tba. left entirely . Pr.w ?*. ? ?"r literally *ora oil her bottoa her hail mai^^act and other spars were falling to pieces with dsoar ui to a" moAV ,f" UU 4bo?r* th?' *? flt o lpr^ wl^o4*r,U br*t)1?- In July, however aha wTI 5T??n*h Up' the ,n,llBma?t ??had. ? suit of' old s%Us fiawdfromSLT im"7 offl??..nd m*a mVou1?K paralso. where sb? arrived in U?U" SSMaft? ?HK from the United States two years and e1e)?n and had sailed 73.H31 miles; an .?o*? lu?h?H.. h ' unequalled ia the same apnea o| time by an? m?i ^ w?r ?t any nation that haa .Ter Uoatad'and u?to her return to this port, she baa sailed nearly loo.uuu in.ies and been in commission ro0r year, and toZuoulu!' v JJ'f. f. any importance whatever in the of^uth ?i " CL'Ca1B^' HU<J uPou tl?' w?H cmut ?iafred mi /fi ' *Ul1 Ctt'lforU"a. haa been visited, and many or them several times during the traverse d rw1 uented parts of the ooean have oeen traversed? u lumber of arrant ports b-.?# t>*en en i otVii' wh,"r" c0 n?t,0Ml h?'? ??"- before ?howu I our, haa received lueoor aoj protection from the Preble In a nu.r o-e ut mo,t J Portaat instances Thus it will be s.-n that tu? Preble I . l i?" Hi" Interesting, and certainly th* longest cruise. for b< th duration of time and dia man oUa't th*' *T"r **""* maJ? by *n Am4,ri<-au ! Of the ene hundred and forty flv* persous who sailed | lrom New \ ork in th? Preble. lu H-f, tember l?PJ. out one commissioned ollloer tao forward ofiiceri aud lire j men. r. main ou hoard Of the oth.ii. thirty hav* been | transferred to other reseels, or permitted to return , Home, in consequence ol sick ues?, two were hilled by ! accident. in the early part <t the cruise; M,j.wa | served out tb?ir terms of enlistment unci were dia charged in California; the othsrit run tor the dur | K'l'K* preferring to serif themselves at th* r< oortud i Wnrt".h?! 8lxlcu,D d"lUr* a *?3 to serving their ooutract and their country at thirty cent* a day th.?,rifh*.**t'.i.f*C.t,0n^ ,hB frt'ndaof the deceased, the following lir.' in published now, though rum? part ! Of It may have appeared in print before It in com | plete. sc lar aa It has been possible to r. ujar it so i'K "if?. L841f,' y.,u,"? L'oyd. ordinary a?aman, I m?"I pVi?'^ i J ' ,H'h j4n)*H !>??*. boattwaiua Bate, Philadelphia. 42; ^)fh. Jamea Thompson aali ?.,V.ri!hT '' J'"?"and 31; SUd, 'Jack," paa.en^er haiidwich Irlur.dt ; UWh, i'-ter Thumpaou oraiuarv amman I hiladelphia. '25. Jacob ,lanaoa. ceaman, 8w#den, :iO: ?th do, Main?, Z7, Vth, Hamu-l WVi? cooper, Kew York. 24 lmh, Jubu Orafta, uuarter mas ter. Newport K I 4W; 17th. J?e, Vallince. oajfa.u kller guard. 1/elaM.Hfp City, 31; *Jd. Michael LougUliu^IrWa.d 28; 23d. John Culp ord.-rly aerj-aat.' Ian*. 46; iieth, .i ohn (iardiuer captain t.ireca?tl.. Mm. Delaware S814' h' J M mt " ^uiuu, captain maiiit.^, Aug f. Jacobus CniJdu*. ItolUnd. 27; 11, Jam?, rd, ehip > corporal Maine. J?. loth. 1'et r armorer. New York 44 17th William C?i?ei uihn. Co/ineoticut. !*j, lfth, Iticharj it rry, ordinary aeamau Mafe*rho?. tta 35; 2oit J. remlah Horn m?. I?? d.i 22d, John Kyan, *eH-nan. dd Sit. gfttj, | " '?.lam Arehibitid landsman boeton 'J2: 20th Th? I man Coltmttn. anting cirp.'uter Newfoundland 41 I 1, rn. Jum*H l)uiiCi?lt, h^airmn, 4 'h?rltftOQ. 'Ji ? William Co* marine. New Vork 26; 7th tvilliam Prect, aeamau. Sweden SI; Uth t'houaa Wit , llama- sbip'a <x>ok. Rhode l -laie 46. 2?tU. John Peurje ordinary peamvn. Uaii.dHiatea Oat. 22d, Edgar Johnson, II ?-t boy. N..w Jersey ; i.orfe Vvm d, beau.m,. England; ' benuis Kich laa 1s uihi., Ea?t Palm} : a. N Y Tou.l 31 1*?it ?'lei' at liouoliUu aud uied since Uec?>ml-er I UtL, lb?Jv. Ihe abora list rhow.i a mort?li?y of more than twenty 1 PJT cfBt ?^0'* numbe.-, ?.l)ieh ia larger ttiau any ! eblp iB.#ar fcrrice hua ever suffered tiom all or any cuu??rfl twlng one cruii>?t. and it believed to Im* not i PBJ> *i*Jucb lar*er average, though a le*a nletiu- I gui^nitu lopt, than v. as MiM;tin?'d by any on ? Wi?iy %>f 1 m? n In any cno action, during the whole of the war I ?i'n Mexieo llatd and lonp; ceryice baa used up tha Preble her *rlt, a'.moat ua elfeclually as It ha- the or w Th? treble baa on boat d I. ur men rharg.d wiih tuutiiir and mutd'-r on boar.i u e bark 01. nn, of N'?.w lltven 1 lie trillowing ia a list ft the oftlcrs who oi? rue borne in ti>? Preble: Comunaider, James talynn joiu- d at I'ullao, Februi.ry.184K; Kirst l.ieulenaut, T. H ll?n- I ?i.a?. joined at Snn Franeiaco about July, Acttnr Maat?f, Franc la Gr.gory. d.? ; Midahipmeu W.u. II. Het.ltt, do; 8 Htwari Newman, do; W.u P. A < itmpbcll, ito ; Jus C Walker, do.; Captain ? O'ierk Jaa. B Nourae. do ; Matter's Uate II J. Morehouse , do Ao'lnjt Dfaiaautn. Jame? Wa'?.er do; A"t nir J. ? do ; F?e ma l.ivutnunot. Slli.s II. nt. j.ined lu New York. July, l?4rt. ji?ii cii?a?-r. T. UriDiu. do , Artin^ Uunnor. H?n rv W?r?i, do; AMiatant Hurg^on Wm Lowdar, joined In tnw I Lb aa 8m, ia IMS. Naval littelllf(ercea Tli# V. 8 fteuiuoi Ip 8.i, ^ueiiauna. C ?pt lrniari fr? B' Philadelphia where ete was built and -quipped .?.w"r.V,*:hnH',.a Norl lk Saturday afiern.H.n, i JMh u, t t*ne will rtn>a:n there long enough to com plete h?r tut fit of pruTirinns, stores \c and her fill or>*ple*ent of r ffleera and ui.-n aud then prre.ed to her deptiuitiou in the Eatt Indies bearing the ? pennant olt'oni modore ,luhn II Aulie, oori;tnauler of I : the l . 3 Mjurdroncn that ataticn I .T-hi ^"''iuehaiina lei: he Navy Yard. Philadelphia, at 0 A M . < n the iflth. ?nd arrive d at New Oaatl* t>el wbeie she ratiie to and or In oonMMjuen.'* of th* tide to t aerviug. under st?> n having run at the rat- of | ten miles an h<>or. hy ,h ? ,shP lll%d? ,iow pr?Kr?, down the river. It beiim necessary to *1el,nr several times an I having only ..a hir.i of a crew most ?( wliom were green bunds ou rtachiog the faj ..< of th* ' ,, "are. >be again came to anchor aud run. ?.n?d up 111 J P M or Friday, making the ii.tance thenee to Norfolk in twenty ??,. b?u-s tier eoitlne* ,re aali to nava performed ?ery Well, thirteen ri volutlosa elvln* Ber ? speed of ten knots A boat mid day on Hatuiday t be starboard ecentrlo broke and It bename neoa*' sary ;o work the *tarh<iard englae by hand until tOay reached hnr? The ethe?rs speak very highly ?f liar j ertoviosnee. and think that wben her ma hlnery ia cr in pitted, which will re [U|ra perhapa two mruth^ sl.c will be second to no orean steamer allot' as reaarda i speed and gensral vWcleney the 8 jvjuehanna ia tlie longest T.'tacl atloal Her dimensions are -Ungth ' I i?7 f?et on deck. l6?!?et loi.gsr than the Penusvl-' ?enla ) Iruadth of beam U feet I'er . n#lne? are ea ih I i 7ta. hors* power ?he haa now on l.oard nuo to^s of coal i with all tho equipments neoessary tor a eruis.., nvi.ii iBg nli.? gun. weighing Itio o cwf II, r app. arnn . e I a he I*}., at anchor is Biagcilfloeut .be United Miafss frigate Albatiy. atrlf'd at 8t Thoj- s? rn the 14'h ult., from a cruise among the W '/tualslauls bound heme The Hmn Tranieripl s*ya that orders have been re ! cr ? ?*?! at 'he rl'arb stoeu Navy "i aed to fit < ut th i r ship Ohio with the nlniort despatch She is pro bsbly destined to convey the United dtates ttibute to the W oild's Fair at I.ond' n. I H frigate Constitution and store ship Kria for New Ymk. which Lad b. u e!nd beiiLd at Oibral'ar ! vvl ,li, nr* p,e- S with a Stron* ea-t. rly w.n i which continued oa th* &lh blowing a moat a gals oi I Ircnsld.s dlstsn. el the whole 'I. el o| u< aut u< I hundrsd sail, tf many nations Our Philadelphia Coir?']>on?I?n??. I mi ? i i i I'M i* Jtuuir) - 1861. ?frrit al * f ik* l #"if rltuniK bit # at U h?il tli pl#a?u?* of w-l coning the arrival of ? *t#?ni -hip at of|r ?&?/*?* di rect fr* to l.h*rpo<l. Karlythl# ni< rnioir th# ?t?em> boat T:*nton baring on t>o?td th? oonm.utr# of ?r rMugi'iufiitii. ?mlHuiot couurU*. ?u<: h< r of our eltjai.thU bUBit? rltii; In ? 1 ikon' f?nr buo>lr-<l, prea##^'! down th# rlvr K? mwl th# wiir?tn? ?ti?p. rr. ll?tor# 12 o'clock her approach wa? p#r Mluj and auBOunccd bjr th? Una* of cunonn fr. ji ?*tli.ot> point* aJocg i"ir < |tj front A naln'# at om but drill cuTj? wi< 'red ^<>at th# pl#f ahora Pla# ?trr#t m.. rtrda* th* *t?ani?nlp pi- r ?? -b ? n??-#d I h?' eltr wbli# gur wi-r* * ?? bring tn-m N" l'taotoo. gnd t* , nd> ft to b? th* <!itr o< <' * -cow Th* Tr#n ton niwt thw atf-MUiMr b?|ow ? Uc*t#r *h-B nt t.-r l>#ing vt*lt?d by th? l"tt i bjf lei ?n. tl b-?l'h ofllfl r* 1 1 i n, ht ? *| t M*i in ?? no board < ha Tr-ntnn ?b#n ji# *?? ?tlrom*d by Morton Mallltlhn I. ??<i . ob tb? ; .rtol the autfconurf, ia a mint #1 ,.iat and jowerj artdn >a. 1 bit #** r#?poBil' <1 to by Capt. Mul'th*'", and th#B tb* cotnpaav partook oi aboiatoom coli* |ti n *t>trai la tbti nab n of itia Trenton Itmniriiii along ton city froiit mi moat Impa-lag t>if| aau mid with ?|i?i t?t ?? ? I. . B:ft<l? tbn a. I tin ring with thftr llnM a* tbn !? iff ? r gtntod along Kb* ilroppad h?r ai-bor opp; ? h I'lo* vtrrrt, at aaon * vt < 1/ ami aa? *iil'?# |ii#?'iy i%i'.-d n to Ler | i#r Th* pnbu ? dinner to t ap ma >. luUnr . to b? giti n 'in th# ' Itb lr ?'*nt. an i at M a n ii m Itiiiidlng. A* >h# l? ao hot. it* to mo** of ?onr i?auer? i i #i i rot afeiup1 to dOBorUw k*V appo*r?tiM Tbovgh a rnb<taatial anil luritra#oiui> >h? la d< cir?ui| BO InnutT Tbr ?it?npi*i f uil "og at 8<rhtt) IkMI ?nth *n 1 lla miltoa iMr??t. Bn?h ti i, aaaaplod hj Wilhau. I' KIJ ; ? ?7 a* ? drait iad d * roxd Bill w i? to'allj dr?troj*d !? fit* ?*rlt th)? Bnnln< fba upp?r part* w?ra o*> r u \<ivA Hjr 1 b#lnor and <'n Tlob?rt l'?ul John Hiio?il<t?i, ?ad ? i ?? ? - hi.-. - ? wi oil. a ii i ro'toa ?i uf\? tat?rii. ?ho ?rm all oiti-tifi?i- 1o-?t? Th- iot' \ nan not I !? m than frit (KM about bilf r-t which wa? tBKurrd. Nrw TarlfT Httflti nl llaratta. blKllfl >1 "I Hutl W a.mim.ioi. dm 1|, { Iti^ftnatlrn ha* r, rxlrod from .i"hn M rl ?nd. K?i Clltfd Btik' r * A'Mtg i'oi.miI at llavnoa, that a fojiil otctur. dau'd at Mailtlil on th# 14 ot M i?t m >?? l?*t. 1 a? ?4dtr??*iJ lo thi Cup ? rlnt?>nd?nt of th.i l?'ii)'' "t t uba, bj whlrh h r lb* u*xt tto^nr* th?r* will i ui tacr?aia of ilutl** on Import* aud ?sport*, a* tf III ??:? <?t i' *a<l a balf p?t o-atum on th* ralvatlon of *11 foti Iga iinpott* Or i i tith of lb# fir ??Bt d nt* ?-'= to ti* #ha**?d ttn at.J abi t* ahat bpant*h Inportx liar* h*r*U>i?ra pa 'it . f iflT r?nta o?#r and abo*# fli# duty ' ?>r#tofiira eliatgrd oa a brt of *ag*r vapnrti il anrt in th* ?m? niai >.#r. tw? ntj 8?* e#?.t* p?r on? bundr?d poattdi of tol aero arid pi-r thi>u**L't *rgar*. 1 h# ttiot.??' d rat#* wilt fu niio' nr* to h* laid oa tha l*t of P< brtjat) B#*t tipoa irood# in'por,#d from porta of Aan-ttra rio? ptlng Klo d? la P l<<t? HI" lan#lro, *tid i *b*r poitd ot *i tith Aoi*rl<-a wM-h win to- from b? 1 ?t r r April and oa gni>?a f'om Karop* th# l*t of Har*b. Tin lm r*a<* on tb# #*pO-t* will ?omm#ac? oa th* lat ot J au uar j ttil btWNtlig frwra Ceutral America. Our latest advioe* from San Juan do Nicaragua arc to tho Stb ult There were about a thouaand returning Californiano at Ban Juan, m route to the United tHatea. but there were no at*am vvarela to take them Our correspondent sends ua the following intrlli genee : Ol'E NirARABl'AIN COKHtSPONDlNC*. Ban Juar na Nicabauua l>ro. 3. 1840. Jliptcl of -ijfalri in tkr Mox/ut to Country Thr lielum ivg Ctili/l iuaju ?Jtuull to Ikr .imetirun Flag. \c. Alter a pnaaage of eighteen day a, in tba brig India* gueen. from New Vork. 1 flud myaelf attain on tbo Moat|uiio enaat. and the change that ontt j?*r hM made wait viaible a* soon ae we made thu harbor of Sao Juan Mo Ira* than seven American veatela showed the '-atari and atrlpea." whilat 'h? Brttiah man-of-war Ft?an?i Inflexible, phowed tb? rival flag ol Kuk1bu4 W<- louna the town crowdud with Oaliforoiaus. on the way home, riu Keal.-jo Theie arc about live hun ?*r? d here at pieeeut. and '-the cry la, atUl they come " One huiidred cauio down the river yester day, and reported eight buu.lrel at the Utter ? r.rt Mui'h di.-ealieiuotion it ih >*u ey ih-i paa*?n ^iri a in tot Indic^ a rt % ly convny?Q<ia troui thin place. they wei a led to b.lieve would lw tbe ra>e; inateail ahicli they have tu aw.tit ih? arrival of tbe Knglifli at' t>umr trim Chagrea. tu t-ike ttiaia, ? hm t?'"y autli!} atfi iUilu?Ulal? OOtlveyaS?? Iron here to the Stela*, the ra" ? of pa-stge in ^1* a brad tor the deck parage. m< iil-U go to-day Want a<-? i ur ftrun.rT i about ' 1'hty ki igtn par t li ma.-lr-* and acrnn)iui>dK(i< American nilui-t ? miituot to grt home. ut? uue h>r? t? aaau au uncertain chance In the lirttiab steamers Aflaita on pl ore seem to jttograaa p uc> *bly Atter the lira t of Jit' uarj , iaa Juan la Co be a true p< rt but the '? I'ro'.eotorelo," it fe. at-, la tu uonliuun People ?i rt- b'U In belli v? thai by tbe II j| rer aui t laytou treaty Knul'tnd ??i tr?ml to iriUqill-A h> t bold ol the Mosquito shore, but atr>u,c. ^uin< tue police by a frt i-b in | it.ation of .tatn ti a * .a roe (blnck) do- a not lu t 1 kt it rii? Aui noan *ud 1'renrb oltut ut desire a efcauj. of gormunuu-. hero, and ibey will hait it. The outrage commuted t.n Oapt Kmt-ry of tbo ateemboat Ol u 4. ha? -rrat*-? a g. -at dual t>( excite ni?nt bete. Vtu are airealy u >|uMut?t rfitti the facte ol lit nay. tielnr.ial n >1 tb<- p tlioo into hie pmatw H; m. nca n-ibix arreat arua witb out u ahttuow of caiue aiidb.* T''nt ?? tt bru'ai Uttie Hire mi. Should our t.iverniuent /'.?ul auk folded ant s and l< "k oalmlv ai tit lu*altofl-r. 1 1 j it, tbrcuttb ati Amrrican cidien' l!n?t Kluery repi r'a the total lu>e ot :l ? "run on t he Mrehaee rapid about sixty n?He? up 'to ?n lma Hiera 8be wt n l.igh and dry on th? Wih Movr io-r. T'le liirevtor ia aome lor ty n-ile.? f itti?. up. a" Oaatlo Kio. Tb? drua in a noioplHte wreck. Tne p-i*?-ng ra tome arrokk In Luo^or at prt-a-ut oil If ?r It will b< hi'mi tibia belort t tit- river t,a>i be renu?r>-d nurtga Mt- for ateein. Ah I pu'pnee going to the north end In a fa* day*. I will t? p? rt prof reap from the iuuiac i-ojniry. I'la Kittc < f all iht Vo'i|uitoa ia a' pro- vnt on hie way fvom t>t? (.raciop a I)it h tti Hie wtieltla It ?? m I'ntmjtJ in a iumu rf war ..Kiltl-ht ibtthei and 'aiiitn or doriea. tc i.ia reaideli' e at liiewtleida B?t aalU h?? tor flour, a tli,1-, bud prcrtai?tnt a-u# rally bifcb Aurtvoir K 1> 1' TbcutilMU. jloMur Thkathi. Tji.. rutriiiitom nt? will com ?b?a uinired drama o; ? o'IiuJh Duval.'' aftnr al.ich Ml*a UiOrrt will ?|Ul/ * la.oiit-j ba. *4 Ihir ptrca Will b* KU.-o.filnd by toe Drv n*.iUi>al ro' matter of I be - Vt?w of th. i ?nij h..j tri il.lU will uoiiiiuja *nli tbe rnmii.Mo h,>?".ia?l. .4 ?* I'rtir ttlluni " Mr .1 K deoti \lr iter na -lr Tuton M.-a WVnjjis ?aj j)i? s Dauln, wll! apu.-?r li Ibn l**ai/lU|( rlmrtict.'Ii* I'M. Bnoeiy i? now b?u ill* lb* Lirtt UvorUc r?p- . t In th > city Ihuini Ybla b'liiit toe iMt Bijtbt bj? odh ? 1 tbr repraaanmnou 01 tlm b-.u.,tul Amarioau plHV called the tho?r * l>? u*..- not a* ?et ?? 1 n it ah< old by r tj a.ean?, i'inbra^? thU th- Oi,'y up | < ituuitj tfcfy wul b?v? lor anme tliuu ol n?iii/ rttbe b St play* n| b-d?y Cnulrtmik s ch^ra-iVr of Mari-lo la ?<> ably p.. formed tbHfiii^ i. 1ta?ll, wor'h th. price ot MMiaHon but wht-n OoaaaT rfna* ??. tldH', H biting. MnOaui* Poni.i jiri Abfju ai<* appear. It makes Uiw attraction Kt*a..-r Tlia Man tit JO. n?? will pud *ltb -?ly la '.o? H(.r*pe ? Ntm.o'a ?ijBiiKi - Th* usual r. ry aUrac-in p ?rfono ??-i.? are announced tor itji* <-?uni.i? fh* flru la otUir la th<- tl,j. t rope tijjr. by tht t- .rprla;i,< p> 1 I!/,?:" latui'.y rha u,*? ?? - * O vi?n-tl, ort i, Hilars .t * ,lrA, m l tbe ccocludinj l.-ulor. win b- f,a i.?pj,. 1 g ?p??tael? of Me/.um r-^M^uwr which, of Ita.-lf. I? Mimelantly attract! ?- to uu to* tb*a. r. 1. . jnoMhtocu?. Oj early, ad ta? hous , la *aaa,aly lull at ???mi o'olock. * ni^hi'i!.0" Thia popular *< ablishrr. -tit I. Iiififclly wuailnl.tu itv ibe Lr< drnuia'.ic ri ??! .Q ,1 La. v ! 1 li' val railtled which U picducfj with a cart tbat i^?y Infy ft- ?m J?* ? W altera au.l MonMour fr^u? f l? ,L ^?L<" f,Pf*.ae "eu*. orch^t tra will Ji, ?. n0Jr 1U?4 ami tli* -nt-rtaio. 1! coijc.uJ.' w.ib tb . p,.* mu4 iwivhabla f..rg? ' '" J Pwnu ??tu?- ^.triipi i'hia bi.i, no aoab wsU crowa errry ihpartiaciit in th? bnuan ( N?Ti,.*4r Tur.TMv Thx nr..|l^nt Jraraa of tba J '*.'"," r irrtuaa wil! b? rr?ir?d tliia ?v?nina. hitli tb? I. rui-r apit-DUid . ?at Tn- y.irt ! I>. a-ri^k bv'iiT 1 y ?ir " '?"?l"' *! ?< Tbi n? by Mlaa lS W..aia,t,r Tt.? opn? ta w?i oUj lha i an brHtr-1 Uuntlt.* P tt. wbicl m ill b? lL(| nr,i by tin- crania <t tht- Inunb Ulrl ot Oonon ' \ cr>*n<t niarrh tba UuaiU will u< * ba p?rl. -?u?>d by tba. ich.Mra and th? ab. la aill tuminata witk tha lauffbal..* bail t oftbf Krla*y o'nbbUr-" I. 1 l.rcat'M A bill of /rant rariaty la of iV.v L?/ Lh-* "A ?*'" In t?l ? Mark. ? K-boa# of tb>N,, b_ In*.,., . fa. co, My "rUoU in >ha rtrap? Tha a.1ml,f<) J.-,. Ml'. |>uc? 11 .-r? ana Mr Q W Sioithwul a. iDtl?o?* obara. ? r ?iKDca. La 8cht>ttlaab,anJtU? ??ataitainmoilta will u*>. iultiat with the builrwiu. ..- ttt^.t w,t^ Mich a blil i t anaarmaot?. and with auch aurllnr <>0. ui? olant aa nr . . n,ia*. i? at tma popular r?t %Mt?*luiant we pr.runia tha Ihaatra will b? cr?niui?.| <!i.\iri im? i t*m r n Ma Wa.i*, * (n eon i,, a ot t.. ra upp,? ;.o anf |?arO li at tha V. ; -''""Kilt cot .It ic 1/ipirr Ual' aaJ Dm altrarlion^ .t our . t ?n pluo-?. tbo l>? .,f Mr Walia?k wlUnot a??; :aa^ at tba Hro.jw.r tb-.tra ttif but u> I rrow* Vba bos ahaat it l>, <?I4. J ' rapluly IMid^ up aoti tba pr^apci-t i> th.i Mr M'al ?Mran-ll |.-ifi.rn,?fi'5a will b- oc* (llat<n^ll<b?4 bj uaeonnioa ??thuaiai m a? I10 h%? a lai?? nircia of |,f r-cnal trianda. b. a"i?a r>. n-K i? v.-ry pn;, iia. di?i.. 1 b ? antrrtaictD' u' 1 of cbi ar? nth* p? 'a'?a a ??ry r?ra traat * * aaMini.Tiifi ? Tha kaaullliii p?n?ama of tha Fil?riM ? r, niM la NtlU I In* . kl..b.>?j. .od ???? d-o?l>ln^l7 la utawitu hi ;hly Lbla au.lia^..* r " "/*" toar-a. 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