Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 10, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 10, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK WHOLE NO. 6054. MORNING EDITION FRIDAY, JANUARY HE RALB. 1851- " PRICE TWO CENTS. MEWS BY TBLBGRAPII. TfHKTT-FIlUT CtlRORBM, IICOND SK3SION. Senate. MT MORfcX's MAGNETIC TII.KORAPH. WASHINGTON, J?B 9, 1861. THE PATENT LAW*. 'Mr. Ji.ri.tasoN Dahi presented a memorial of a nam *jer of Inventors ol the United States praying that tks bill mow before the Senate to amend the patent lews, 'M postponed till next session. pensions. The Committee on Pensions reported adversely on numerous petition* ef private Individuals. Mr. Hale, from the lane committee, reported a bill renewing the peneion of the widow of Lieut MoKay. After debate, the bill wa* ordered to be engrossed. THE NAVIGATION Of TH"C ?T I.AWRKNrE. Mr. Douolass called up tb? bill for providing for the navigation ef thsBt. Lawrerce river, and then it wa* jaade the special order for January '26th. ORDNANCE CAPTURED AT CONTRKRAS. Mr. Piaro: introduced a joint resolution, rslinquish ng to the State of Marjland twoof the cannoa cap tured by the brigade under command of Geu Kiley, at thebattle of Contrera* He Raid (Jen. Kiley de.ii -ed to present these oaonen to hU native State -- Maryland. J'be jolat resolution wa* ordered to be engrossed. Several engrossed bill* were r? ad and pawed. TMP UNITED STATES COl HIl II 1 CM MONT. On Motion of Mr Phelps the bill to change the >plaee* for holding United States Courts in Vermoat wa* taken up, and the engrossment ordered. California i.and claim*. The bill to settle private land claims la California wa* taken op. Mr. Benton continued hi* speech in opposition te the bill. He pointed out. ?.<? : n the serious lojurj to Jallfornlans, and the uaconslttutlonalicy. of dr. U win'* bill. Mr. Owim briefly replied, and on his motion, the bill i nd all the amendments were referred to the Commit tee on the Judiciary. THE LAND WARRANT DILL. Mr. Underwood moved to take up the resolution making land warrants arttdxnatile.i-L.03t. LOUISIANA OVERFLOWED I.ANBS. Mr. Down* moved to take up the bill ceding certain overflowed land* to Louisiana ? Lost. EIECl'TIVE SESSION AND AUI0U1MMKNT. Mr. Hanoi m moved an adjournment ? Lost. Mr. /I am li n moved an executive session Carried. After ft ihort time, the Senate a djourued. Haase of Hepr?**iitaUTea. ?T BAIN 5 ELECTRO-CHEMICAL TKI.KORAI'It. Washington, Jan. 9. 1831. (SARriTV or SILVER. Mr. CnANDi i:* (whig), of Pennsylvania, asked leave te introduce a resolution prefaord by a preamble. *et" ting forth the inconveniences resulting from the ex. portation of silver, and instriiotlug the Joannitte* on oommeree to Inquire into the expediency of reduelag the valne oi the silver coins of the United 8tat?s, by dl nlninhlng their weight, or Increasing the proportion of -lUoy in theiame, or both, to prevent their exporta tion and that they report by bill or ot her vine Objection wa* Interposed THI: NEW HAVir.lllKt CONTEfTED FLECTION. An Ineffectual effort was made to call on the commit tee* for report*, bat the House returned the considera tion of the New Hampshire contested eleolion oase Messrs. Disney. Uibbard. .McLean, and Harris ol Illi nois, advora' ed the claim* id' the sitting member. Mr M' rrison who i* a democrat., and Messrs Van Dyke ib i Duer speke for the contestant. Mr Perkins, wnlg. Without concluding the mbjeot, the House ad journed. Affaire In Washington. &TJCAMSHIPS TO CHINA ? LAND WARRANTS ? NAVAL court martial? ma OMUTKM in Massachu setts, See. w i JMIHOTOf , Jan. 9, 1961. The Naval Committee of the House will report a bill *>r constructing a line of steamship* to China, bat that will probably be the last ol it for this ssssioo. The Senate committee are opposed to making land warrants assignable. This will probably be the end o this business. The Naval Court Martial is still going on. Captain Rudd, of the sloop Dtle b> which, 1. i- sail. Corn-n >dors .Tones shipped gold dust to New Yerk. wa< unier ex nmlnation to-day. The coalition between the Mas .achusettl democrat > tnd free soller*. and the probable election of Mr flcmner to the Senate, has bis* received with muoh olt'erm ss by the democrats here, particularly those from the South. The vacancy occasioned by the death of Jabti Oore. assistant clerk In the House, who died on Tues day sveniug of typh d i lever, has not ystbten 011*4 There are about fifty applicants. Letters poet paid to Norfolk will be forwarded te the African squadron by the ship John Adaat? which sail* or Africa on th* l&lb instant The weather is warm, and rainy. Long, Ihr Fugitive Slave, Ac. Baltimore, Jan 9. 1861. II eory Long, the fugitive s'.ave, passed through Mai -.imore thl* morning and reached Richmond thi? af ternoon He will go to Georgia unless ransomed by 2)is Noithera friends. Ws have no mall South of Mon',; >msry to n'ght. Th r Pen nay Ivaula Iirylnl?tur?, ivr . Haaiitacau, Jan 9, 1951. The Senate met at 11 o'elook. and wa* ptri.lly or ^atlied No) blng Important tranaplrrj, eaeapt th* yr-*?ntation of two memorial* fram Marcar eo jnty, prajlng th- Lag1*1etare lo pan a rttolutlon lattmtt- | inx 8roator? ao<l l(r(.r?M*ntn it* la Oongreaii. to tote for a r?p?-al of the F itpltlri- KI??e law. Altar a eplrltad tcbatr, the (Illijarl *?< d -lb# prro-nt u> >t|on pending being to tefcr t h? nrfh >rial* to a corn nlttM. The llonae agreed. in cnjnn *tlon with the Senate, to arcept tb? InuU'ion of the In Phlla Jftphla to alait tfcat city on flitvrday, and din* with the authorities. ra? ? hair* fca MlMM ''a.'atn M\th?ve ,?t the Ff.MTi .Mj City of Ula??"? th? plo- ! n< '*r Ol the Philadelphia a'J'l l.laerpool line Th? Il"?? th?? proree ud to nominate eanllUt-i tertbe off ee of t'.H S?nat<?r for the n#it Congre*?. A great nuaiber vert pri| ?*'l am<>ng th* in >?t pmm Ineat of ahoin *m, ax jenator Uam-roo. -'ajg* W ff laarl. llinrjK. I'nt.r. Klfktiil BriwHn1*!. I'. (I. ! Hubley. 0 J I iifforer-U. Oot. Jofea?aa. Jt>??pb R Ji>jer??ll. 'Ireat exeit*?? ot **l*te oa th* *ubj?rt. All thu ofllcer* r?mi' ul>t to M ?l*eted ba?? horn Jlapoted of Never ha* there l>ee? know* *o i.iaay ? ?a?<Ha!r?. ?-r?ral annual report* bar* born r? -cited U >m th* department* W*Marha>itt< Po'ltN a? Srhttonrr Wracked, I Ac. Bnaroi* Jan 9 1131. 'ibc d*mcrratl<* rr ?tnb?r* In aanen* b?te *gr?.H by 6i to to rot* for C^arlea Humner hV I Senator The P*?f contain* a letter from It D. Ilradford. a lead ing dewtrat again"? the wn?nt', and alao th* pro Qe?<llug* of a df?*:ratlc uncling at Salem. of tha Mm* puiport fl* had b**n [f*1on<1y nominated by tha rree*oil?r? and will he elected fo- th? long Urn. | The ?ae*0?!*? In tha Senate w> re flllad to-day, ai l : it I# ucil-ratrol tha rote far Uo<arnnr wilt t>* pro of d?d with tc Borrow Tha < tic la'. ?ota for Oorernor. at tha lait *leptlo? !sa? beeti retired m4 foot* up a* Inllowi - sri( rK,i f?,rr* rhiiiip* ardit BouUli* C6,43? l'jg|?we!l ?.J CeatUrirj 349 Th* achoomr iliorge and \*iii!atn, from Calai* bonn ifcf.r Naw T-nk h%% b~n totally loat aaar Mount Dr**r4 Tha eiaw wara all ka?> J. Icrrry for tliC ????! I.nVa Rallntil* Uh?k>*,M. Y.. Jan. P. llil Th* liirtaylng parly aqgarad to run tb* ltn? for eonatrurtlon of a rallroal tr in il?na?a to 8o.tu-< ' f.aka Ontario, eommancod cp-fratlon* yi-*tar liy af *r iiron Thu* la h< gun on? ol th>* mr st Impnrtaut work* at pra'O't eontanpla'.ad. Pork I lo? ? r llntnol. C,-. mart, J*? I. 1131. M" *ara Irrln ? Jona*' p->rk ho:i*a. on Dr-r er??k. w?< <?*in< J ad by fira laat i;lght. AVnt R't 1 karral 1 of lar I wara Unrnad. Th?r? ?n m bul"; mp?f. Ii tha hon(? and Ik* b?rr?l p tk t<< m??tly ?a?? J. l?o*l la atook. )lt mM. bui.diiu *10 ? ?V f.ii'y mini I Iml'aaa l.aR?ali?t?lr* . Iiiit'ifd'ii.iW ?. ItJI A jo'r* ?? a ?"futtip Im pt<'i l h *h h-an^h >t ?>f t h* J.-gi la'# ? to,g > into an il*?'.l?u ?'?* K i ian*t ?f NBW YORK LEOISLATDKK. Iwrt*. BY HOUI'1 MaANKTIO TILOUn. Alian v , January t, 1841. COVNTtT BANS NOTE!. Mr. Moruan prtsented a memorial of a Urge num ber of ?erthuti of Now York, ll favor of yir riilimf tlon of country bank note* In that city. NOTICES or SILLS, ETC. Notice* were glran of bills to amsnd the ganaral railroad law, and tha law la relation to tha colleotlon and aaaafsmant of taiea; for highway labor on non resident laadi ; to amend the act authorising tha ap pointment of commissioners to take proof of deed*; to amend the oharter of the New York and Virginia Steamship Company. THE MANOR TITLES. A resolution was laid on the table, asking the Attor ney General to report upon the present condition of the sultsin reference to title* on the manor of Rensse laerwick, and why they are discontinued, and whether the State has any claim to them '' Assembly* Albait, January 0, 1861. FREE SCHOOL* AN B 1} All. ROADS. Petitions wsra presented for a general tax for free schools, and for a r? duotion of railway tax. new reaa st-rtsiDH cowrt. Mr. Varium, of New York, reported in favor of the bill Increasing ths number of Justices of the Superior Court of New York, and enlarging their jurisdiction. miscellaneous. The annual report of the Manhattan Bank was re ceived. | The Governor * Message was appropriately referred to the several committee*. SILL* INTRODUCED. BUI* were introdneed to allow railroad corporations to hold telegraph stock; in relation te ths election of railroad directors; in relation to the pilots of tbe port of New York; In relation to marriages and the so lemnisation thereof; and amending the law relative to the reentry of birth* and marriage*. JTOTH r.l or RILL*. Bill* were noticed to prevent the removal of free citizens of tbe State without it* limits, except upon orimlnal charge*, and tor the protection of meohanios and working men. Court of Appeal ?. Aluavt, Jan. 0, 1851, Case No. 4 Is on argument. Mr. Colllner answering Mr. Lord tor appellants Ths Weather, Ar. BY MORSK'8 LINE, orflCK 16 wall street. Bumuo, Jan 0?1 A. M. It ha* been raining for over three hour*, and ths snow is fast disappearing to day. Wind direct from the South. Thermometer 4'J degree* above sero. Ba rometer 29 8 I', M ? The thermometer utands at 38 degrees above sera. and i* falling ^we wind ha* shifted to the west, and the barometer has been falling all day. It ha* also rained during most of tbe day. The snow is mulling fast, but the woatber is now growing colder. Ro< iikstkr. Jan. 9?0 A M Warm and raining fait Wind south and there will b? a heavy thaw. Thermometer 31 degrees above sero. Ojweoo. Jan. 9?9 A M Strong south wind blowing Indication of rain Theimometer 31 degrees abovs sero Syracuse, Jaa 0-9 A M Tbe weather is very unpleasant this morning, and considerably warmer Kaiuing quite harj. Wind south. Thermometer 38 above sero. Dries. Jan. 0-0 A. M. Cloudy and unpleasant. A cold raw east wind blow ing. Thermometer ii4)? above sero. Barometer 29 540. Gkyiva, N. Y., January 0 The wind i* blowing from the south, and rain is tailing quite fait .!?T.Jan 9-9 A. M. Cloudy, with south wind. Thermometer 32 degrees above it to. 1* M - It has bsen raining all day bstwsen Albany and Buffalo. BY BAIJl'a LITIS. Borrow. January 9-12 M. Cloudy-look* like rain. Thermometer 22 degrees above sere. PaovioEM k. J anusry 0 ? IS M Cleudy. with wind at northwest. Thermometer 26 degree* above sero. Nrw January 9 -12 M. Cloudy, with dark morning. Thermometer 28 de gree* above sero. Bhiimiepurt. January 9-12 <! < loudy and raining Thermometer 30 degress a bo re sero. 8TAXFORD, January 0?12 M. Cloudy, and rale* slightly. Thermometer 32 degrees above sero. Norwich, Janaary 9?12 M. j Weather cloudy, and going to rain. Thermometer ! 30 degrees above sero. Middletoi January 0?12 M. I Weatbfr cloudy, with Indication* of rain Thermometer, in New York city, at 20 Wall itreet, at 12 M . yesterday, noted 38 degrees above sero. Common Council. BOARD Of ALOKKMIN. J?' 9. ? Thi? Uoui net at th? uiutl hoar. X. Morgana, PrrnUi nt. in the chair. Tht minute* of lilt Ufcilng were tfid and appiored. r? urioi mrrnatn, For the rntftil clIeaM ol pier loot of Dey itMit. A communication wa? rreeivod fiom the Commit ?ionrr ft tMmtiaod lamp*, la ?< ??r to rerolation r*<jve*ting hi id to report to toe Hoard th? prol?4l>l* c< *t of oil lamp* during the next jtar to whloa h* r? |.lled. tl>*t th? coet ot l >;h;lDi th* nil lamp*. at the ' preernt prle* of the oU. will b? til per limp nimiirt AKorTKo. Of Cmnmltte* on Bewrr*, lu faror ol ?ewer In Twenty- | arrond ttrefl Ol th?' Committee en (load*. In farnr of chmging the grade of Forty-eighth atreet b?twten Tenth and Ul-r? nth avenue* Keport of the Omrolt re on Street* r**ommeodinf I a concurrent* with the Boar! of A?*l*tant Ald"rtu"B In the edoptl. n of th* resolution permitting the New York and llailem Railroad Company to rontina* a bram h rail t>a<'h. fr< ta Fourth avniu* >??(. 300 leet on Twmty eiath meet Beferre J bark K ? imrt i t t h* Ceiuails*ion> r of ttrreli and l.*apt, on lamp* *t.*i gas Ordered to be ptlnt?d an 1 puh ll-he I in all th- |'?p*r> rmplnji- 1 by tin- < ' <rporaiiou lly^ r?f>> rt It app?ar< t h?t there h*> h<?n ere iti'l and lit. during the p?*t year. 7i*l *ae lamp*, whica. with thue bef-ren cried melt* th? nuaibir amount, to 6 "TO. ilu Id* t'.e ?nn? j-?r bar- f>?en pat up TM oil letup no* 14. end 'huf are r. o? rt nil lamp* making th* ? b"i? number ot public lam]." 12,90J. whi h will be largely lncr-a*"d ar>n? the pr<*ent year at*>iai fwee aeorrr.n Reeoleed, T'?t the and* ot application and tfce principle* e hi :h gorrm the cum- 1 ot th* Corpora tion in ur?lri; npoti t> e Mtat* authority to borrow m(UM ana to aaead the charter. Im couriered and rep?ttrd t? tkli board by the <<? ua the Law I>< par'meut. Ite?c le?d That the Committee on Law Departa?nt ' la<|Blr* and report to thl* board tome mint" be oh p*r?*il in the tr.ode of *e-.tling claim < ag?in*t the Cor poration, that ? hall lw In ainleralty with trie pro* tieioti lit i he rhtltt t R**<>i**d. That afenntaln be placed In T mpkini Vqnafe. en<l the *eme h? built uad*r the direction At the Croton AqnedDot Board, *t.*Oit ri'^t ttrtitiv, Reenlrid, That t'hnt'h freet be cttended. by oattlng through th*bin:k* betw-en Fulton an 4 Mlier- , ty ?tre?t* and continued of the ?ame width belew Liberty ?trt?t l>y widening Trinity Pier* oath* w, i>t tide Keaolreil That the tide or third railroad trar; now lying on the Fnnrth arenu? hetwe?n Twruty Slth ai d !"?? ntj f e?-uth itn-et* he remoetd forthwith The Hoard then adjnnrnad t o clock this evening. nOART> O* A*?l?TA,?r At>l)KK MUM . J,, 9 _ rh? Heard n? A*?i'taot? met thMeeenin*. TH* >'-t?idept In the abalr, and a .4 no ram of mem b< re la Ihelr plara* nreoer* or ? OMMiTrrre Tbe <"o?iBi itti'?* on Clna?">e ropnrte I In faeor of ?nacatring lo pay Kiehard K llart I >r l?ti?(?* <l*ii* toa iiorte by falling throuKh a hoi* lathe pier |>acnrrrd in r*r?atr*"M nit eo?*o ?r *i.oraM*i?. p.tltlfa for Htfhtin* Harrow itrm with gM ? Ortnted. Thl* Board o<?? vir. 11**01.1 TlOlft. To light BloAialngdaia roa<l fr*m Fortieth street to th* point Where 11 int-r-eet* th* Tenth arenue, with all. Ad -plod. . Betalred, Tfcat it he r?'amd to the Committee on Flr? I'ep* itimt tolaqilr* and report a* to th" ei- | pefMtmry of renewing the l*a*e of hou-e oeeapied by lif t* C> mtaay S" U4, la Spring *tt*?t. Thk f '"?irtvn 8?.avk, it PmuMMIMkf Th?- l'hil*d? 'ph'H ln<iunrr, of tht !Hh inat , si>enk iii" of lie arrival uf Henry T^<>n<(? tfie ftagitivo dlitvr, in that city, fnyr t ? The I ' S ofRrtra, ?rtth their pfiaoner, M-ere mfl Inet night, on the arrival r.f the fir* at t'l^ Krneingtn* ile,.tit, bv dep'tty I . S. McrKhH'e Hmith en-.1 Hal/el, of t hi ^ c'ty, ?'ip(>(>rtr* ? l?y thiriy orticefe, und< r P??lice Marahu K'yrtr. T1?e negro ?V4^ ecaveyed from K^it ?instna iii ( uiio ty ??f Ihe If. S. ol iccr*. and a mil t-f Mnrthnl K< v?rr> ??tH^rr*, in o?e ol (He* rat'a on nif" * 'r BoWlUfi depot, corner I vf n'h find Mmki l Btreeta, wliera he waa placed ta th- f nre. *nd etarteil for ihe South i? chnr^e of I 1 flit:er ? Taln^dge. Brown, aid I)e An<e|ta, of New Verb Th.r M<tf*h ?l ol Police aU'> had a IHfty of hi* oliiceM e'ationed al the Billtaiora r'i i-ol, for the pu-poae of irrtrenting ?nf breach of the p> ace No disturbance whaiavr, thnu?h, oe 1 r>u r?4t Thf flare ?r*a taken through I'hilidel | ,1 t wilhott *? fb' ?t ??tfte?nnrt. The Banditti of tH? bthmoi. ATTKMW TO MUKOKH SAMDY COX, OF .NXW TOII TMK OKKAT SOLD KOBHKKY, KTC. The Isthmus o( Piuu Appears to b# inflated with band* of jobber*. Indeed, there mmi to bo a regu larly organised banditti, baadad by a modern Ktnaldo Rlnaldlai, or ? Robin Hood. Wa annex two account*? received by tha Georgia and Oreaoant City? of robbe rie*, one of wbioh waa a petty extensive affair. Scarcely a steamer arrives from Chagres, without in telligence oi the murder, or the robbery, of a return ing Oalifornian. The immense assounts ef gold dost and specie that are constantly passing over the Isth mus, attraot the attention of the raaoals ef the world. The tollowing letter gives an acoount of the robbery of Dandy Cox, a well known character of this oity Randolph and myself stopped at a small ranch, about Mv?n miles lrom Panama, on our way to Cruces, Dtc 7. It was about sunset, eur muleteers fearing, or refusing, to go farther that day. We had barely got our baggage out of the road, whan a stout, broad shoul dered. ugly looking Mexican, or Spaniard came up In full spscd, on a One large, chesnut oolored mule, with out shirt or hat, and hie faoe and breast oovered with blood. I hailed him as he paasad, and asked wneru he was bound lie made no reply, but spurred up his mule, and en be rushed towards Panama A few mi nute* after, a man came staggering to the hut, aovered with mud, and bleetlng and inquired If there was any ot us going to New York ? dald he, " I wish you would call an Madam Cox, in Beekman street, aud tell her that her husband has beeu robbed and murdered, by a native, on the Isthmus and that he could live but afi* moments? that he went by the name of Dandy Cel. in New York ? was on his raiurn from California, and had otme down In theataamer Tennessee.1' We laid him on a blanket, washed and examined his wounds, and though bad, thought them not mortal. He had a long deep gash on the lett bread, wliioh reached the bone? the knife glanced, and saved his life. He had another deep cut on the right breast, and another on his side, and bis right thumb iwas nearly out off He told us that he hal oome from Cruces that day, looking alter his baggage? that when within 60 rods of }thls ranch, a native came up with blm on a mule, and asked him if he(would like to ride? Cox said yes. The Bpaaiard jumped off, and Cox stepped up before him to get on. when he (the native) knocked him down aud lell upon him, and with his long knife, tried to kill him. Oox grappled with him, as ne recovered from the blew, and succeeded la get ting on top and wresting his knlte from him, and for a moment, cut his antagonist terribly. Cox, worn out from bis long walk, and laint with the less oi blood, f<ll again under, and was then robbed of tso in change, a b-Hutiful gold watch, and -a revolver pistol? in another pocket he had drafts tor the gold dust he bad sold at Panama, and $28, which were not taken The robber being surprised by some na tives coming up to him with baggage, Oox called on them for belpj but they only stool looking on in tear. The rebber jumped upon hi* mule and olf he went at full speed, and In five minutes after gave us a full view of blm Cox tore his sUlrt from him, and brought in hishaod the robber's hat, which was a Chagres wide braid palm leal hat, peaked top. and three black braids, or streaks, arouud it. Cox is a quick, energetic, spirited fellow; and if he bad not been worn out and exhausted by his long walk on that Cruces road, I believe h? would have killed the Spaniard and brought in his head, instead of his hat. Cox had a revolver with him? on* of Allen'*? but It waa ;?lther wet for good .tor nothing, and be could net get it off. Randolph and myself did not sleep much that night, but witched our baggage. In the morning we found Cox m'ire comfortable and engaged a oouple ot nuMve* to carry him la a ham moek to Panama I think Cox will recover, aud com* on in the next xteamer from Chagres. W? continued on our way to Cruces. and bad g"ue about ten mile* when we met a gentleman in pursjlt of this lobber. He belonged to a transportation company, and had lost baggage. He deacrlbed him perfectly. and also his bat; and we teld him where he o >uld find it. lie told us this native bad murdered a man. two week* betor*. and robbed blm of ot gold dust, and be believed that he was one of those that robbed Mr. Robinson, or Buffalo, a lew days before, of lit jjO There are some desperate villan* ou this isthmus, some are natives, some are Americaus. aod soma are foreigner*, edura'.td in penitentiaries Look out Tor them? be prepared for them; yon oill surely moet them, If you cies* over there with any caonny, Q. B. S F K V ? N d , New York. Tba Cmirier given th* following particular* of the , great robbery of gold on tfce Isthmus . - Panama, December 34, 1850 It ii our diHtgrtaablc duty to a'tvi<e ;uu that th* ? peci* train win attn:ked nnti rob'.e i ye<terd*y ul about $100,100. Tbe particular- art) as folio sr* : ? Th* last detach (neul had arriv ul ytMlitrday. about '2 ' P M , at a Is pot named the Uu.iyabal. when tba j guard. Ram on Art**, van sudde.ily ordered to halt by live iu< n who appeared nil at onw on the side of the road issuing from tbe wood* Th? guard, whll* look ing at tbem, found liia mulct sel/.-d by th" bridles by tire other men. who ruihed forth Ir m tb*opp>slte aide of tbe road All tea were armed A dou lie bar relled pistol wa? presented at bin ami flr*d but luckl- I ly only the | erru <*i<>u cap want off 'lannl tbe par- j ty. a white man. then ordered Arlai. in Ku^lMi. to ' go on.4' wbeu be olapped (pur* to hi* mule aid **? raped to a bouse HinM half or tbre* quarters of a mil* diK'ant. together with tbe muleteer*. leaving four mule load* of Kola lu the |n**-a?ion ot tba thieve* "n airiting at tba house of Mr M. i'<ii atari, Mr Arias found another paitof th* train, waiting tor lii* airWal to j?ln th* two dettctm?M* The peraoai mmpoelrg that Ueta-ihm< ot? part of whom wera Ut. Parade* and a Mr I'bompdo? on n 'isring tba n*w* at once returned to the *c?a* s.f tl.a rnbbwry, mid foun j one mul* still loaded, and that throe of to* liads had been carried on by tbe robber*, it* load of tb* mill* lett behind, consisting ot a very heavy b ig. being , probably, too inconvenient for tie m to miry Tn* trail ot th? robber* wa* followed thr urh the wood" by tt* party uatll they earn* up with the thieve*. when they commenced bring on tb*m *ith their revolver* Tbe thieve*. who were calculated t-? l>e sixteen tu niim bar, thi n laid down their load* and advanced on th* patty, returning their Br*. The f iro* ot tb? party b*. tug InsuM-lent to contend with su<ih a aumb>r. and their revolvers being already ill*ehirg?l, they *?tl j compelled to rett'at as s pvedlly a* po?slt>|?. A deapatcb vra* at ODe? sent to tbe writer. Informing hlo: of tbe clr jUMStano* just rn'ti'ioiied, It #ai f l civd a llt'l* pis: five. J be writer a', on-* cartel lull sp**d for tb? place wb?rt* th- robb?ry oaiufred. leaving th* Me*?r* Huttado of ttl? plac* to projur* traops and rend thsm after him. wblib waa done wl;a In an tour: but as thay arrived lent atter dark It was impossible to foilo-v tb* trail of th* thlev**; but gnatd* wei* placed at different point* on tb* ro>d ta t tbe thlev** from making th> ;r eacap* With , tbe lOldler* arrived many of nur personal friends , consisting of Mr J lln t??lo Mr K. Kunn<-le Mr. to, Mr. Maduara Opt AekeraM, Mr H>ll*n. j and MMN niakli* a to|. r larj ? Mr.'* for wbo<* kin I assistance you a* well ae ou?e|>a* aunt feel deeply indebted I < At daylight this morning we all maiUrad at the , spot where the thl*v?* had entered U v wood*, and ?s It had not raited during the night th- trail wa* quit* < ei*t>net. and tl.* brush baing v?ry tbiak almost in- , par vlt,n* w* Mt convinced we should soon track tl* , robber* ftoa car having secured tb* e. rvloe* of Mr I. (juintero one >.four be*t woo I ui' ii Dnalvaislng ( ?ome dir 'an -e loto th* wood* ?* found .he trail divl- ; <le<) an. I ther? at *<?? littl* dl?t nan* from tb? main | ? n*. w? discovered an entlr* rnui loil consisting ot ( seven bo*e*. al< BiSid*,'ot two bol*? dag in tb* earth. , wliet* th* t hl*ves doubtless intending to bury th*a, ? bid perhspa be*n ill-tnrb d In the n-lghborn*od wa ? found NViltl eaftridgaa. two pan* ot whlta cotton ?tocklnr*. a *ii-b*rr*lled piste I a felt liat. aoui ? pi"-** rl a Cadlornla newspaper and ? aviosM l*atnar *lip f*f. I Capt. Aikftman. Mr Pollen, and a part nf tb* aol- I diet * * er* left In < h irg* <>f tb* bl" ?sl to eonvsy I IVemtoMr t;uin'-r> s house wbil* th* wril'-r Mesrs \ Hnnnel* llnsiatlo. /.l*belto Ms?pi- rs Withy Art**. i and e*veral *r>ldi*ra. pur?u*d th* trail rul?*d by Mr , 1 (Jointers; we followed tbe tisil uaUi IJ M .flndtag <>a i tb<- read SolBeient lartieatloa* ot the pr- *ense of th* thieve* tn *oa?lar*n*w* we r* liat lar dlatsnt trow I tbem sn?b *a cartMdg** l*nke? ?oi ?? ha.i iVercbiaia, ft* At It o>|<>ek *l?mii| Ibe ?is<l iikkr Aria* a < cbarg* to arrlva to night lu ?;rnces in nr<l*t not M d?- ( I lay tbe l'r**e*at t:ny I d?-pat?b?l Mr trt*>ksek t* i Mr t^umiero s lisur* to paok bl* loads aai go <>a Is Crura* Onr party lallo?td up ib* irul fur ball aa hour losiger when w* wera sudianly na'>*d and or <1*fed tr t %|?. or we wo.iM b* II. . -d ?: I al oan* or dered th* soldier* of out pir'y to l;i. but be lore w* could do so. ? blnaterbjs* was dlscharvetl at a?, and several pistol shots W- tbsn eoaioi n-'*d Arlng " t tl" in. when f*atl?< th* thieve* w*re <j *?mg our lira In otdsr tn attack u* wh?n unloaieJ, I >fn*red lb* sol* diet* to rer*tv* their fir* an I charg* tb* thiav*#. Messrs. Iluslado, Hunn*i*, /.leb-ito and my*ell, ad vanced on thi m. leaving tn* *oM er> vtio wet* encuoi beted with tbelr tnuste:*. to teUo* as |uiakly as possible Th* tbisVkS fled. l<a lt.g th* gOll th*y o*r rlsd in their bundle* scattered b*re aud there In tb*lr flight. Hn* of th* lhlev?* being woun led, w* overtook him *nm* 600 yavi*fr >m lb* pln^* w* found them; his thigh h' tie hrok*a aril m4t*dib> It tnby ap pear. In tbi* condition h? had run ->0i yards 1<?n tb* hill Tb* woun led man >i< a stout, po aerial aaoabo. and from hi* voW we r*co>!til?*d hlin a* the p*i > in wbo balled u<; and Iroqi Ills su.ii'araiiM w* k?e? him to be lfc? fsllow wbo enapp -.l his pi*t> I at Mr. Aria* ! The lambo r?iu?ed loglve any labtrmatlob In * >m* I Hue. till by thrcitf nin^ him wl'h lne>. mt death If , he r?tns?d and promi-lng litm v? toula h*v* I bin conv. y-t to I'tusuii It i. ? loi>?ria*d. h* at ' last. It 1 1 u* that be b?l nrtl -i b*r* few day* tlnce, and had !? ?n I'd la' > thls?ff?r by a I friend of Ms. who bad *?.-*p*'l; tbat tie party ww tvrrtoog consisted or i Ii *).- blm -*lf. bl? Idend. two ^thl't? ?nd two Atneficao*. .ho?* 4*Mrlptloaa h- gav* ns; tl: t hit ermpanlotk* bad bur'ad p-irt. of tb* gold, ? n I that tbe *t? w?re *eat*d, waltlag for th? arrival of another pait ? coao- rn??l *ttb tb m in th* tohbory. wt en ? e caiq* up with them. a:?d tha . at first tb*y ml?to?k u* for th'ir **inp?alnr*, uti.ii uader ivd. On qaestioalng h'm mpxtiiii th* r*?t of th* gold b* *ata tb* pmti** they w?r* awaiting b*d gone to a bona* In tb* wood# near ih* iorgona road, to bury ? part of | th* gold, and tb*', h* bons* wa* k*p? by a p#r*nn n*?ed Ha*e| ** then re?ur*?d to wbera th* thieves had dr**p*d their pliin<l*r, and on aiamlnlag ?heir hnwdle*. toiind alb* ra hue*. (e<|aar?> weighing l Iron t? n to twenty ponn it *aoh. a l>ls -k f?lt aUacb hat, a pair of casiimera pantaloon*, with embroidered iBiMDilitt; a fin* Panama hat. worth twenty dollars; wadding, eousiatlog of California a doable barreled hoUUr pistol. and a cavalry pistol AfUr ?earthing for soma minute*, and finding nothing elaa in tfea neighborhood. we proceeded to the honae of Bas riento, bat coald find nothing suspialous there. We then went back to Mr Qulntero's house, to prooure men to send for the wounded robber. On arriving there, we (bond Mr. Ariaa had diaoovarad three Hmall boxes buried in the mud on the road, on his return to Mr. Quintero'* house. The point of one of the boxes sticking up, attracted his attention, and led to their discovery . Baring heard the firing, be delayed his departure to Cruces until hearing from us. We then despatched six men, some soldier*. Capt A . and Mr. F , with a hammock to bring the wounded man, and next, with tbe same party of friends and Mr. A. went baok where he had discovered the other half mule l?ad, feel ing convinced that tbe missing half must be buriad not very far distant. On aearohing the neighborhood,

we found a small pool, on sounding which, the part we ware in search of, ooniating of two packages, were dis covered. All the boxes found entire, will be despatched from tha Guayabal to morrow, at daybreak, to Cruces? the tin oases wa have brought back to Panama, as we can not discover their owners. We shall have them put up In woaden boxes, and sent to the agent of tbe un derwrite! s bv the next stsamar. Tbe wounded nun haa just bean brought In and lodged in the military hospital The wound Is very se vera and as we found a piece of his thigh bone, about the site of a dollar, whioh bad been broken and force 1 through tbe Mesh, wblsh we picked up about a hun dred yards from where wa overtook him, and as intUm nation bad already commenced It is probable he will die tomorrow or neit day; he has asked for a con fefnor. and tcay probably be prevailed upon te make further disclosures, which may lead to the apprehension of tbu others. * On our return to Panama, we found an Americas answering to tbe description given of one of the tbisvf*. by tbe wounded man lie oould give us no account ol where he slept last night, except that he bad been drunk, and slept in tbe streets of Pauama; tbat he had lost all his money, and left Panama for Cru ces this morning. As it was thee P.M. and h? >nly some five miles on his way ; and. moreover, had his hands scratched and clothes torn, as it in making bis way through the woods, we arrested him on suspicion, and he Is now in jail. Tomorrow he will be confronted with tbe wounded man. to sea if be was one of the party. Our Hutpioions respecting this man were con firmed by finding tbat nuns of tbe persons living an the road bad saennim pass. We have left a i arty of soldier* on the ground to pursue the rest of the thieves, an i it is probable we shall succeed in securing thrm A reward of $1 i)00 bas been offered tor the first white man amang the thieve*. It taken, dead or alive Of is impossible for us to lay at present, what boxes have been broken open or whether we have recovered all the gold or not Our impression, however, l?, that if we have not got back the whole, very little is wanting? probably not over tour or five thousand dollars. We have hopes. If not of procuring all the gold stolen in July last, of discovering a part of it, a* well as tha thievi* who we understand have bsen touud In Cen tral America, and two of them are now in custody. Theatrical. Btsinr to Mm. Hmau Uiihiili. ? W? under stand that arrangem* ntn are being mad* to elre a benefit to Mrs Mitchell, wife of ax manager Mitchell at Brougham's Lyceum shortly It will nut be a com plimentary benefit. but a charitable one. the laly, we art* sorry to say. being In a state of (Institution and living solely on the donations ol her friends and tbe public. We hope to be soon able to Rive further par ticulars In rbfer?ncete th* matter, and express a bop* tbat a handsome tuml will be realised. Th eats k -The proluotlon of tbe new dra ma David Copper? e]J," is witnessed every evening by crcwied house* and with tbe warmest demonstrations of delight. The cast of character* la excellent J. K. Icott performs the part of Pegotty. la admirable ttyle ? his personation oi this character draw* down re peated r bears. Miss Wemyss, as Kmily, deserves the highest terms of praise and Mlsi 8. Denin, a* David t'opperfleld. sustains tbe character well. In short, all the artists ably sustain their respective parts. (Jo an 1 see then, ami y?u will be amply compensated for your visit. Miss Uifiert will sing a popular ballad, and the entertainment* will terminate with tbe excellent dra ma of "Walieee. the Hero of Scotland." witH J. It .4o*tt in (fee (.riuulpal character. Tha Bowery la !>* ct mlrg one i>l i ha most attractive places of am us?m*nt j Bsoapwav Til r ath k - The ar.lendld ciiutc t*laat of M?aer? llichiug* W heatiy. Whitney, 'haw, Mrs. Ab bott. Mra Ishei wood. Miss Olivia and the pretty Miss Qotigi nheiui. is drawing respectable audience* to :b* metropolitan I best re every evening Te bight, they spa'c appear In tbe beautifully iliawn o >me iy of "Kt tr.rots " Klehlngs' personation of Mayber.-y is the nji.?t finished piece of aotlcg we have ever seen be Is a host ia himself. Wheatley's fop cann?t be ex railed. and the widow Crosby. in the band* of Sirs Ab l>ott, reeelre* all that an educated lady, whose digni fied appearance and graoeful, easy movement*, can give to it. Tli? Quadrille !,:? Craoovli nne la I'jren**. * hioh is Introducrd in the illuminated ball. l? >x --l ! lent. The entertainments ? ill terminate with the fare* of "Platonic Attachment*." Those who wi?h to | pass a few hours In pleasure, will visit the Broadway rheatre this *?? iilnv'. Hi atan ? Thkst iii ? The admirer* of good sterling , acting are iafermed tbat the new drama of ' David Cr ppu flel 1 " will be repeated to nig b:. with a cast Which, seek wbeie they will, canuot ha e , utile J But ton'* Mlcswher I* rich In the extreme ???me of tbe wtid Blake s l'egotty i* capital - Lester I* at hoia* I in Hteerlorth. This g? is a gr>at addition to | I. urtntr* company In rtne .lordan .loaosoa, Hiaod. Mr* Ho* sell. Mrs Bkerrett. Mrs Hughes. and other eminent alft >???? rcntrlbate to make the Chambers *t i e*t tbratie tbe resort of all those wbo look for si thing bhove the ommon place acting of the day. Mi.e H alti rs an l M. Kred?rlc will daace. the orcht *tra will pl*y several l*autlful puies of maela. ami the eg tertaiciueiits will rl. ?? with 'he amusing and favorite rarce cf the "Kr ugb Diamond." Nitio-al Tnkai*(. ? Purdy, always Introducing novelty, day after day. i ITers a vet y attractive bill for this e\enit>g K now'ln s beautiful play of ?? Th* Wife," Mil commeiii-e tbe perform hoc** The par: of Jaiiea | It Pierte will te sustained by a young gentleman of i Ihisclty. being hi* first appearance .Vu doubt th* N atiosal will lie erne de l lo a l> tiess the daliul of thi i ? 'plrant for theatrical Ume Miss Malvina will dancs, nd then the new and excell-ht i -tir le-?j ue of 'Old king Cole" will follow, which will Introdno* aearly all the talented members of the *' mpaoy. The orjli- tra ?sill nrx' pl*y a favorite overture. and the a*iii>e iii.-t.ts will termlna!" with the amnslag ballet of 'Tbe Krl'ky OabhltV." Thi* bill must base the ?lTA*t ef Bllirg every departiniDt of th.* popular estabiiihinent. Be or <11 1 MS 1.1 1 I I >1.? This establishment a* ire predicted, is completely successful Til* dramatic l>rodnrtl< u of Brougham entitled tbe Story of David '< pp< rfield." ia every night witnessed, by the patr n* 1st this favorite place oi suun meat. With a d-gree of pleas itre which glees ven' to th-' most *at Inelastic wheeling. Owe** as I riab Heep. gives ediilli of (reat aoaiio latent, and Hioughaui s Micawber i< J?>t ahatit ought to be purely nato-al l.ynue. wbn i* ? ell kaown a* a finish* ! actor and eve. Il.-nt reader, represents I'eRotty to th* very III* Hut there I* one 'haracter which deserves a speoiai notice, and that i* Mrs P**rtt|. by Mr* n-outh*m who di'play* the Jsrllnc features of sn ar*-etlonat* heart with 'h' most -?in*rh?r>;* r|tvei*M< II *r Susan N ifper *euld never ' l>* beaten, and It i* j?"t *o now wl'h her renrasent.v lion of Mrs l'egotty. Kate Horn everybody knows to [>e a fasc'mating actre.*. Mary Taylor is everyHodya j avotiie. In fine, all the meabara of Brou^ri?<a'* ? apanysre flr-t. rate Th? ae.xt trature will be a | lance by Mile Dury ,:arre. iheo the farce of th* Wild Indian '' and the whole will roaclnd* with ? Jenny Liad " Axaasiiv Mi si. ix. The arrisiag and laughable ?lie?s of "Ti.raing th* Tsfclas," and ?? Domestic ?Vnaoniy " will fovtn the afte.- ijoi n entertainment* at t.v? f.vorite establishment In the ev-aio? the beau kilul mm 111 of " M' n ey ' will be wltb th* ?am* t| ten lid east. M-sirs Clarke Aa<lraw> lleda ?ay lls^klna Ml s ( hapmsn. and other talea'ej 1 >rtt*t* will appear in the principal characters The Vlueeum i> ahly .onducted !iy Mr i.reenwood who ?tai de hlfli la the intimation of the natroa* ot tbe vii*. uBi and tbo Mage department refleata credit on I Mr U ? Clatka ji \| n ?'o 'a t'ia<i * -The admirable per*.rm?n?ea the Virti ik trra?e . al the Amphitheatre are atghtly r> raised al b liberal and deserved applaase No f* male r ider has *?er appealed la tbi* ca ualrj who h?* marly .^tailed Mile U ul-e. either for infrep'oDy ? ad agility, or ??? grac* and elegaace ol style; while >> aie of her tost* we hafa aefer ?e?a atterapt.'d by aiale perft rmets In Europe fha ?tovl at the Baal of hir nrotesslon. and We dojbt whether any oo? will net p< fcana to tiirpa** her An excellent bill of ea tartalemeat* I* ana' nae*d fit tblsevealag. I'a ? sma oi rM?. l'li'.m*'* !'*(>? saes? Despite th* had *? afber. we are glad to see the pfMIt turn oat to sea this magalSeeot penor*?a W- believe there ha* lee? nothii ir Of 'be ?. i t ilaae Rnavard so decMadty a favciite, *n I th* irreat c?re ar.d exp*a*e ef g'ttug it ?p. as well as the or iginali'y of the i t'* are certainty diiiftlsf tha graatee' sns-'ot *>a Woilaas-iay and H itatd*v eft.! nrioa*. whea th* chttdrea are *1 aitt- 'l Kt ball (ike. Itroadway. near lloastoa street Is all alive with fMtnlllee nn'l s?hr>. Is Brorr >" t IIai t ''%'jo's Tehlemiir af New r.ngl*nd, of the Vnmtooth Pani'tam* o? the (toanectlcut Klver. I ls a product ;na of gr?a" ar;l?llc merit and ! ? dr ?wlmr large at ilences \ falth'nl eopy of the ''harfr Os* 1* al?e si.' ?r. which Is worth th" price of admission. Kamie's OosasoasMsa Wa invite th* pnbllc t" i this .xhlMUru Th* i .in .ngs nr* ttie UI?K ; lea?:>)nl we have ever beheld Mnslrn I . Clisim a Mfs*r*sia K- eielt-d M?ch*n ??- tf *11 cn M ? di esday eveMBg. and altbongh It was a clear j half hour beiore the perfuT jian??* ao?maaoed j?t , there was l ot a seat ntioeriijiled. at d by :he time the | emwsetaeat* commeo sed It. w is almo*t suffasatitiit Ir im tbe crowds who wero hemmed la on all std?* Phe?n tertalc nteafs war* excellent and Oearga, th* priae.e af negru repre*. M*.atl t ??-, kept the hatw In ro i-i cf l*ughl*r chitsty Is la Ih ? fn'l tld* ol sa ve -a* fiti t ows' Mi**rr,*t.* ? Th- performaafe* at thahevn fifni hall 4tl i!r >*dway thi* eveaing. arw fv? th - be nefii af B A Wall* the popular priian ba* o of Pe|. lues M ir st i ? i ? lie Is aa excellent p rtorat. sal de**tvas * aroei'rd hou** The programme eontalna seme of tke ehe'aest piece* ef R'ht-?|>e*il minstrelsy an 4 th-> whole of the telaatad o impaiiy will appatr >a theaceaelea an I *s th* perform, ra depend m u )h oa th< ir b neat*, w* b >p* Writs *IU h%r* * bu aja?. Tlae Mall NtuwUp Obi*. U. 8 8r? iMiHir Ohio, t Ntw Yon, Juiirj S, 1U1. ( ToCrantx Mate*. K?h ? Dear Sir? Numarou* engagtment* nut b* my ?* tune for not earlier noticing your communication to tba Mimic Sun. profe**i?g to give an account of tb? lata voyage of the Ohio. I bop* whatever I may foal b*und to My to yoa will be r*ocived with a proper feel ing, a* I act vtrlotly from a mum of duty in contra diotlng rune of your itatemenU, calculated to Injure Biy reputation, and that of my (nip. You Hay?'- The Ohio was despatched on thi* voyage, carrying between three and four hundred eoula, with but feur boata. all of which were not oapabls ot bear ing mora than aaventy-flta or one hundred indlvldu (fcly * ' I am prepared to prove that the Ohio I* aa wall pro vided with boa La aa meet packetshlps The idea ot a *hii> carrying **m three to eight hundred paaaengera, and a crew of one hundred, or mora, being provided with a sufficient number of boats to carry all off. In riM of wrcck, is absurd. The boats of the Ohio are large, strong. pink-aterned boata and, according to your own calculation, I should have at l?a**.*ixteen or twenty ol' theee boata to ascommodate the pasaengeri and crew, and with double the number of p*3*engers aa la frequently the case. I would require double the number of boata. Now, please tell me, air. where, on board the Ohio, lean conveniently stow thirty or forty boats' Better send a Under with me at once, Again, you say: ? "Iter pump* were altogether Inefficient aa they proved in the hour of danger." The Ohio la amply and well provided with pump* which were in pertect order when the left Havana, and which, under ordinary circumatauaea, would have been quite sufficient for any emergency; but human fore S'gbt cannot provide against all dangers incident to a s>a life; otbemij-e we would b* as safe at sea aa in our bedrooms on ahore Then? '? Being a vessel of several thou?and tons burthen, the left Havana with but a sinxle engine, whose capa city was evidently unequal to the propulsion and pre servation of *o large a maaa of metal and timber in stormy weather." , . TLlt Is bit re assertion mads without any knowledge ol your own My impresalon was, when 1 left Havana, that my single engine wax quite sufficient; and 1 must have some stronger proof to t he contrary than your aasertion before I shall be convinced that I behavsd Imprudently in attempting the voyage. However, we ? 111 leave that to ship masters, ship builders and engi neers; and if they agree with you. then the great ad vantage of double engines over single, falls to the ground and fteamshlp owners may save themselves tin* enormous additional expense In future ? She was inadequately supplied with spar* and can vass to tide out the gale when steam failed.'' &.c If the frigate Congn ss should untortunitely be dis masted during her present cruise will any one blamt the government because it did not provide her with steam apparatus before she left ' The Ohio Is a steam ship. and her rig is precisely what 1* required for a coasting vessel never more tban live or six days at sea and In no danger ot getting short of tuel If I were going to make a long voyage in her. where economy of fuel wa* an object. 1 should rig her differently. "The leak and the water that proved nearly latal. w*re not detected, we understood, until the tlrss were a '.in or t extinguished by the rising flood under the tur ' naces." . Is the captain bound to inform his p*?s <ng?r* when ?var ha dttecta any thing wrong on board nis ship' 1 knew of the leak huurs before 1 comu'tuioatej It to anyone I was reluctant to alarm the passengers, and. If I bad not required their services, two thirds of 1 hem never would have known the ship bad leaked 1 A vessel lik* the Ohio was kept afloat and brought into port, alter ahe had been to straued as to break | two ov tlirse ol her hog braces ' by the efficient use of fonr a h bucket*, or In other words, bailed out," With regard to the" hog biacee ' w* ware all de ceived - none were broken aud. if all had bi-en. it was a matter of little Importance These ?? hog braces'" are extra fastening*, with which but lew ships are provi ded It elating to the " ash bucket*." they did us ^ood service certainly; and in the handliBg of them no man worked harder than yourself. but you appear to have forgotten that a large number of paasengers were faithfully and couetantly woiking at the pumps, to j which we were quite as much indebted as to the ash | bucket* " These pump-i were uever out of order, ex cept when choked wKh coal dust; then a U? mlou'-* | sufficed to draw the boxet and clear them, when they i were again at work Well do I recollect the music of their clatter throughout the long nights and days of | nit snlfering An nnwIUingues* to discount;* you | all who were doing your b?hi I ? tue snip Srwui eater with the rude Implements put into ynr hand* I alone prevented my inarming you that 1 had far ?<?re ] confidence in the servi:e* otibe pump*, than in your ? asb huoketa '' No one appreciates mor* bi^hlj than 1 <!.?, tn? **r vices of our gallart friend, tieucral Howard; but the I (lenersl must do m* the credit ti admit that the su< geetion lor the organisation wlildh he carried out so efficiently, came irom me; and if tin Central ever | iMNued a general order on board my ship, dleband- j leg bis iorces, I can only say he forgot for the llrst. , and only time aha', wa* due to me as captain of the ( ship I pledge you inv In nor. I l ever heard of this general order until I read It in your published account Mr Keveidy Johnson s kind and con?lde*ate d ? port me nt towards me I can never for-et; auj I do not believe he ever said 1 told him tlie *hip would go down in two hour* . I d^clar#. most #BphatiaaUy, that I never nid *o and. that I never thought so After the gale was over, one of th" engineers not the chief engineer- did say. in reply to a playful que* tirn I propose i! to lilm that at one tlm- he would not give tweniy-flv* cent* forthe ship A* to Ms fear with legatd to the machinery " dashing cut the rlba and | sides of the ship.' every en*ln?er denl'S having** piM?#d 1ST f?uch apprehension an<t I <!'? i*ot ttiini there is one' of them slliy enough to eutertaln tor a moment any notion so supremely ridlculoa* I again ref eat. Mr Mayer, that I make this rejoinder a ith no unkindly fssling towards you, and now that you lave had time to allay tu aome ni'?>urs '.he very natural excitement under which you were laborlrg at the time ycu published that .venun*. if you wtU take | tbe trouble to examine it carefully. I think jou wltl a<1iui? tint tli ere I* a good deal ot exaggeration n Ml the detail* growing out of soautv and incorrect intor p.ettcn tiiruished you by ? there The Ohio 11 expected |o be ready for *ea by the 'iotli Inst After all she h?a gon? through. I hate greater confidence and take greater pride in her thau ev.-r I hop. *ome time to have >011 with tne, when you will f-e I compelled to adinlt that you have don* injustice to as line a ship a* *v?r float.d I am. very truly. your friend. jas. riNbur gniKNik Meut mm, eeremand nr *teeni*bip Oble. Basil.' M tits, Ksq . Baltimore Ill* Fnrrcat Mid Willi* Affair. MR. W II. I. IS' CARt). Mr M P Willi* uk>* tin* ni* lio l >f *ttgfntlng to Mr K. Korrt-?t that th* Inooo. nrt if* UJj (tliavfR dlratinn d tb* hrRor ?f Mr*. forr??t) I* ? ni?? mom I tilling iu tb? court* ol law; mi J ftubm. thl* in**, lion to Mr. V trVRtt. whetbrr In i'' p*r d-fer-Rc.* to * ?i birr. a* writ a* to jurtlr* kmk hr ai>t Mr Willi* I ring ii'c?-*ary pattir* to th* raaia/ trial* 'h* tiglit* i t tb? lady rhnulil not b? Ortt ttUaM *o without it.* rl?k of o?in? A iaj*ii or d?l>tt?l b;l?Mir di'Vr?ei ??? b?lwr?n Mr Willi* and blm-i'U Mr W iilU *ugg>tt* to Mr forr**t tint th? prolan*, ahflrlvt. and low lanxuag* ?*th whl*h h?> aa-atl* 1 Mr, WCk on m*?ti?g I. tin r*-?aUy In a publia *tr**t the dltturbarr* of au aoJl*ii.* ol a or i thwatr* or th? mrb? arcRing. by loud m l o fTonalv* brag** l??to? j aad *on?plraox> *?<?:???* audita*) *!>aklRi? aid th* j thR* ar.uoying and ttrrlfj i 'ig Mr Villi* ?it- (thanRiy lady * ho bad an -otapanti l Ma to tbr tb ? or *h? ?? under hi* ??barn* at tha tiui") ir* Rat-dl*** iatllo lion* tb* publi*. and upon th< ? In >oc?n: of c ft? fl?* ngainrt. Mr i'nrtcat Mr Willi" >w?i;* ?t* al?o that. alth?ggh th* tt?rm for * bkih Mr. Ki<H?*t ?a? ? b<>und n?.r to k? -p th* p.-?c*" l>a* ju?t *ipirrd j?t th? ab B^Rtioi- J nnprofok-il ho?tllltl** ?r? atfp* ?? ry rlr*? apim i r.m?? ?unU.i?'l by th* p? nlWitlatf- "Ut of wh>R It i* < < to Mr* I orr**t that Mr PVMMt rtoill b* k?pt If pn?*t. Mi till bl* aopti?Mloti* a<nln/t li r oat* bvj a fair tearing *R<t h?r innoR?Rc? r .air iM*r?i. iani'AR . \ ML mr. rouni^ ? ami Mtattaat'nn bating b-*B HRll** I in *a?rd of N P. Willi*, id Ihi* morning ? jSi'i.,.^. I 4rrm r . p- op*r l? da:* tL?t hi* eburg'g rtw cobkciourIj t*l?* It I* fair* that ( u*?d toward* Mir In th? *-r *t pro tan*. ab??lr?. or low 'aiijua.* I' in til'* that th? audi*w?* at the tfc?a'?a waa iliatu.!* I h* any l'uil talhiRg of nilnR? ft r I rpik* In a-i} too* <?f *oir? or by any ifMtWulatloR* u My part Hot it I* t?u? that on Moiida" Rftartu nn la?t. I iartN P WU Mfc BR thaHftb araRU*. ?nl thwr* aililr - ?? 1 Uim In tk**o ward*: --'Tor ltl*rnal r^nundlr*!. I it. and coward thl* I* th- Mr*t tin* I tutv* *?< n jtm . In ?* th* bor** whipping I fav >og Ir Jim l**t irnit t no pair; 1 will not Uy ?1.l*nt bnala opon ?rn ' Ami b* | *B?Rk?d *w*y, withont iaak.iRg a r?p ? CoB>ctnu* thai b* ft* tha viola ? r of iuv dovir ,lc h*?rth an l bad dr**rratr J ami i *?olat?d a Mm bat i>j and flheer fi.l h< m* h* rotild not. utt ?r a ?ingU> Wor*L On tb* ??< ring of tb* ?atBw day I a<"lr> m*thim n tbr lobby ol tb?-np?ta ll"ij*?. *ti1 ??? . ratio ^ th? |u*t ?pltb>'t* applied to >i!ta th* ?ar.r day I *nr*iwi| tar rMarMr**! that or" *o <! gratl. il ati i iRtan u< ?t ? nlil ?How httn?i il IR a r??p?'. : <l>. ? .1 ?!!! '1 Mr. Willi* th> r walked Int't th? 'tr??* c|#ri* m4 th*a. lor th>- ii**1. tiRif. I fco?w b* w?* tn i Rip?nl? I !?y IMMm I di>l not ?) ? ik to liin aft*r. A* to tn>' abaurd 'R ol Mt Willi*, w! h r*tar I to tbr |i*Rit*ntla*y I h*v*nr>lyto ? mark tltnt R" or* t f Riy family *r?* it<tR *wt>t*Rf>*d frlnu an ! wblrh ontorttifR! 't for him th? *t itniaal r*-orl* o? * *l<t?r | MH? too pUinly t-h">w w?i th* lai-titiJ tal# '1 on* ' who** ??ir.? bor* blofxi lib* bi i ' I tlo not know how ol bor m*u t**l RRdRet unl*?th* r*fK**Rtk?n and lllogal rfR'O'utioi* wit'i whi<-h I hs** b**B lat#*ly a**ail*tt ??u? ugh to wr*ok a man w n>?*' ouly ? ba* b**n by f*lr anil l'rf*1 tn*ati* to (?%?. a rio?rI l?prB*y froBi b*? nam*, R't'i whinh wh*n one* p.rftmn.d niR-t ooi *l*n l.>r*r. r It* RRthort to tRfaRIT Mi l di'trrar* lint th'? ' kn ?? ' tiat not t o h%?? R*?t*d a* 1 h*tt- tli n* tow art** M r W ill* I mi* t tiRTa '>?.ir I ?|tl? r wor* or I*** tfcRR RRR. J*Rt*at t. IMI KPWIS Ki aRPrr Dtiat r*tlr Mi***ll*nf. Thrrr wir* death* Ir l'ro*itl*Mt<*. R I. dRrlRg th* yaar 1 0 *no? trll t? 'ha ?l*pth r>f thf* lnnh??, R* M<i?t?? Ri.rr A'*, oa ill* 3.1 lr*,4il tb* it whlfH Ssi >*? si iR thai c tf ??r M. t. 'ii J ar? Additional IatoruU?( C?tn1 AmtrleM IotolllfciiM, OUE NICARaOIA CORR1SFONOKNCK. Granada dm Nicaraoua, Not. 30, 1880. liter eate of Yankeet and Yankee HottU?1%t Cott of Travel ky this Route? 'flit Britith Outwitted ? Americant in Trouble, tfC., fr. Never, since Columbua first displayed the but' ner of^Ferdinand and Isabella to the astonished na tives of the western hemisphere, has this portion of Central America been visited, at one time, by so many of the Anglo-Saxon race This city, id July Ubt, cou'd boast of but one hotel; now there are fifteen, each displaying either the stara and stripes or the Nicaraguan flag. Evary town from 'his to Realejo, hat) been aroused from sleep much longer than that vouchsafed to Rif Van Winkle, by the magic tread of Lot Yankett untvtr tales. The natives teem astonished at the change, and instead of hatching revolutions, put their wits to work to make the most of this quasi transit? thin * 6ilver shower." On account of the representations made in Cali ornia respecting this route, many Americana who hpve left the gold diggings, either from choice or necessity, were induced to try it They were told that they could cross this State in a week or ten days, at an expense not exceeding ten or fifteen dollars. But in thin case, as in that of Hayne vs. Webster, " the vigor aul success of the war has not come up to the high and lofty sound of the manifesto. " The average cost to each passenger crossing by this route, is fifty to seventy-five dollars; and the time consumed twenty-five to thirty days. From Realejo to Granada, some aspire to mulas and horses; others, more humble, or with less means, come in carts. From here to San Juan they are conveyed in canoea and piraguas, and such has been the excess of pas sengers over the means of water transportation, the price of passage, which was formerly eight anl tea dollars, lias advanced to fifteen ami iwenty; and boats that cau shelter from the weather but ten or fifteen persons, take thirty or forty; and I am told one is to leave, to-morrow, with sixty. Each passenger furnishes his own provisions, anil the boat sto(>a. once each day, for cooking Six to aight days is the time required from this 10 Saa Juan 1 have heard many complaints made of the treat ment on shipbo.'.rd frain San Fraaciaco. The ves sels not having been supplied with a sufficient .quantity of provisions and water, 1 judge from what 1 tee and hear, that the gold hunter* will not loan sitht of the animal (ill they reach home. We are very anxious to know who is to succeed Mr. Squier. us Charge lo Central America. W? need a minister here more than ever, and one of no ordinary calibre. He should be clothed with largo powers; the United States naval force in the Paci fic thou Id be put in communication with him aa often as once fi month, and subject to hi* orders when required for the protection of the commercial ai.d personal rights of our fellow-ciuz<*n#. Tho customs of thi* country, the laws, and, above all. the manner of administering th*m, are wry defer ent from our own. It ueeds no prophet, then, to foretell collisions between the two ra^es, unle** we have a representative here, clothed with full power to secure justice. I have recen'ly received intelligence from San Salvador L'Uiiion is blockaded by a British ship of war; but as Mr. Chntfield w*s good enough to intimate, as early aa the Hth of last August, that such would be the case, preparations were mado which have rendered it abortive, so far as the great fair was concerned. Traders landed on Tigro mlan l, and passed 'henc* through Honduras to Sun Miguel. My inform tnt >?y? be saw a nolo from Mr. ChdtliH I, rnldrcwed to the British com mnnder, teq nesting him to permit the paasagn of a eer'ain vees *1, having on board goods belonging to British subjects. The vessel passed the blockade, but the authoriti-s ot L'Union woud not allow her to discharge, telling the captain 'he port wisbio^k aded. Thu the SaTvgrforetioacall a contra Thev insiat that the lintish are only hi >ck tdmg the fishes. San Salvador is a "Tallin' little State; and I, for one, 1 am willing, if her citix as ne 4 aniusemint, tba' they should call Uacte Sam nick names; and if his olTlcials do not behave property, 1 am willing, also, that Iheir wit sad satire inav bo indulged at the expense of said ofli 1 1 1 ?; but wli?it personal rights are concerned, 1 hoM to rallt >g them, and every other nation, to a strict account. A esse has come lo my notice, which, if true ? aa I 1 h ive no reason to doubt its truth, bein j parson* ally cogni/.ant of some of its t?*alures. and th'-re are parties in New York which, I pr-snme, can vouch for the whole? demands tiie mim-dute action of our government. In the >car 1848 and 1 ?, a very intelligent gentlerrnn, by the of Robert W. Hoif, ana live of New Hampshire, formed, with some of the lending men in s<u Silvui r, inelodiag the Presi dent and other officers of the eovernmjnt, a c >tu pa"y for the pnr|<oa* oferec'uisj m that ."Mate a cot ton factory, saw mill, grit t mill, mid other m i hi i.ery The gov-rninent granted then a monopoly fo( ten years, and a Im-iuty on exports, amounting to twentf-fivw thousand dollars. In the fall of HIS Mr. Hoit proceeded to the United ;*'ate?, let ters lo Mr B. Blanco, agent f< r h;- a.ia ic a'es, for the pnrpcce o?purcha>ing machinery. In April of tf i yaar a li t ot machinery >vaa -h p(iei in on# i f Mr Blanco'a vessel*, via < ' i|?e Horn. On tho */7 b of May, Mr II atilsrf from New York for San Juti. accompanied by three ope r lives an I a fen ale? the latter to su^-rintepd tli<* do'ti"* ic nil irs, and introduce Ytuikee modes of co >ki i{ nmoi g the natives. He also brought wih him ? o veral Urge ? h- sis, contain 'ig tools, cooking u'' a nl-. end aomll machinery. H> arrived in Sn Salvador the Inst of July. The Ciim,nnv has re fused to advance another dolUr, a fi he and fna cim -anions are (^rftctlf des'iiiite. Three ot tb?H h? \e I imtlies in Low- i, Mass. Think you, Mr. Fdiior, the 1 1 i/.i as id the Un<' ? I States would ha thus ttifled wuh if o ir r.">vornment w<a proorly repn seeled her'' I A si mils; cam*, m Co ltd Riei, f s K? en brought lo m r no'i.-r, wh- re, r. se?m?, O' r i overatiiei.t is treated wiih c.ia.ein it. Shall thru Kings be ? A"i?? rtiuni F "TAUOS UfttDOi. Ill* Taoaaaaa) ll>il Hail?? Joha Van Barm mil lh? Tainmanjr ? ??1*1 jr. Tha Annual Hall ol tha anataut aad honorabia I*, riatyjot 8t Taroaiaay f%m? off on tha araalag of January llth. at tba old Tba larc* room tt alii Taamany ??< alagirtly fatoot-d and dacratad lha altandaiica fM auiall Am o?tt>* Inrltad ;a??ia ?tr? tba laUBmaUr bli. Capi riaai- aad T.kaiit. PeLtnk. U. I.N . bow e mmaauief iha ?taam?r Ohio. Purwt Lf?l l>. lilkaiB aaa alao. lit :h* : r?t lima la ?. ai* u , a ti - <<l 1 fuiopin; (rimn 1 *? '<tia of tha lo*ttad Tha Hipp r ci*?a o? th? i*acbom* which waa alallact treat that at whloli lb* Udlaaaat. and uuraly politick. ?a? aa ateailant aff?lr u. J woal4 liar* (oti < ff with *raat harmony b% \ t not baaW far tha uBaiparl*4 appiaraaoaof John Van Huraa Tfc* oitfaa placad in tb>- ifrrat cmaoU ah unbar by *r. Kib?n wh?B tha ohaa>.|Bl<>a of tha la a Richard M. JokBaoa war* eal bratad did ii"t rffaetaaily harm >aiaa ihi untarriflad damoarary baloBglog to tha Ol I Wi< ? am W* wara at flr?t. at a Inaa to a*<*?rtaia tha r?a aon why *o many n( tha ofeiaia and thalr a>|uaw* wara ?b-f i.t float th? klctakcy, ' but wa wara anlltf'itaa >4 iiji-ntfca auVjatt b-fnra auppar Uma It appa?ra t ?v?t tha aarlona tribaa ol Tavmaajr (thahuakara and barn buro>ra.) bad nar<-*4 to baty lit- hat hat. and la oal ? l.rata tha ami.-ahla arranfam?nt with a *!"??'. daara, II baltig diMlnrtly unda rato< d thit thara h uld ban* amljatada ni ia ntbar wotda no eh?atincan lb- oa i *?lrn. At a craat mat ting of tha trlb?* tn* 'iraa.l 8n. h?ai un;<?r tunatalyj ?*l*eta4 tor ih? Cb? rca?a >f tha l>HBlltt? of Arranaasnant". a brother *ho waa aa a K<U>D| rarty at l<tiff*l<* lj la** and fought h%r4 fi r tha Buffalo platf' ai thl? aalaetl n lr> lurad tb? T'jrular tilba lo hack out ftom tha Ian -a, aa I, r< ntlj , tba tlakata o UJo I ba aolu, nor wiuld tt?" !adl<*? r?Bii?. In tba arraagfiB'nM, l?.. roBtiall orjarhama w.f appointed a aoiB il'taa >f Inattatfrn Attar moat i f tfc* iB'iiithn* luj-1. U?a front r< r-rrad la ohtatnad a blank laaltatlon. ?n4 ?aBt It to thai I'.n-trt up and taU ntad aclon of a ro r w nr4 K lrd> rbi">k aaffa. Jehu Van l>?r<-u vr ii> a John mad* hla api>*nr*nca In tb- lull ron, n>? rllkafWli'M* atlfpw>?l?d an a-abiiK^ada. ma la It ,tiiitlaa Into th? la whiob h? obU<n?d ad* niicli B a i'd flnditR out th<* trlak, rau?i'd .I?lin t? ba (n'rrittf d tha' n,i tn?lta'lon had i>aan ?tt?nl?<l ta h'iu and alao >tnt?d that tba aachaaa* hal >-*praa?ly i In H to lovlt< hliB N itwitli'tna Jl n tbl< Jotiit ? aa 4at*nn>aad to b>kT? hla aappar. aad pr>.^*a4*d to tl a 'tipi 'T f Howaa Ktoppi-d I jr ?:?? aa~h?B? at th?- 4i aho nrjad hm not to Intruda upon a to in ? |af>y?lin bad out raquwiod. auJ did n>>l d?lra hia ? K i?any . yat on ba pr^?-ad. and tm>k hlaaaatattba tihla It appv?r? ba b?d a t.aka^ Xoa Uraa 1 Sm^haai, I whan tha p> lur iny w?ra aaatad, aonouncad that a lat ' ?ar tro? (Ian I aa* would ba raad upon which tbraa i tra mi aiU i.l cbaar? ??r? nirao. wbtah rba?ra wara fnt lowdbyth-' cr? aa fot Van Uur?a Tha a iai'*ny ?ii. ?? Ir, ? I whIM a. tara1"thar lattara a?r? r^al froai l -airxB ko alaaona Irom Way. f'?<-b?na I o-p I I ? IU? I W?ra ohaared baarUly. bat aaak cV.?r waa trlinwrd b? a ?r -an far Van Wnran Mr Jahn \ jo Bnran w?* prlaaiaiy lBf.???<i bafnra I.. . ,f*ra d tba >upp?r rn .m that Ilia pr?a-ni? waa i, via >a and ln?m???a. and Ifat tba t? lint wa? aa a> I ral that It ?>- ap|i?>ara<i at tha t..bla, Ba wtai4 i . (,t,ly b? <iaa??t with aui-h dura a"?? aa w?<14 ^ an I Inaalt Mw II -am- to d. iaaf a ?p*a ifc but bad la ?3aia; a<Utk?i > -J aua^ hka p*ip<>aa.

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