Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. ?JftKS UOEDOSI BEI1IT1. J ** PJJOPHIKTOB AND HDITO*. ? *U STS. IFFICE N. W. CORNJEK or PULTON and ma?. -4ML 1' KR.iI.D.2 rtnft per ropy ? per annum till li '-T/i f. V UCkXi.D. ?? r,-y SuturTi u, ,r 6\ ceitf feT ?>pv, or ptr ammmi 'V Knrapr, ih erlitit: iSI peran um in m |m?ci HiUiut, i ml ii u> any part q/ Lie ymtijient bulk 10 i r'ltut4 'ke pOk' ift. ALL J.ETTEI'X bytiuiu, jnr nibteHfHmu, or milh adver i ntt ? I ? j**l ,? kt, or she pmUlye tvtflbe tiediuUd from %r out:,. ~ ? ? I l'? ' C i JUUESPO.NDE.VCt 'iitirp import fit mii. r .a '|'"? '"V oj ,Ju ux>rlj; if mrif, 0Oi\eh>- r OlH t SKitvCcRma.jStott ,, , uii.1 RwjrwTti) ro StAl, ali. Lrrrcas Ml So i'U E M&r- ? < < fOntmiMWOtWM' H ?' ? ?* * /*??? reKittd. ii>i I IISI 'i \ I X r< ?< u-etl every morninf. ?ill i < eculed idttl neiUnttt, i keapneit, and titpaUK Volume XVI Number II. AMUSEMENTS TO-MOitd"'*' EVENING. rr?iTM nPKtA. A?- r Granu Ballet Di TKHT1?>> k nt ? L'li. mo* Vi y Pu.v?t. SOWEBV THEATRE, Bo??ry?8TVDk.tT or 13 AN THA BtUTSlTAU*. _____ OBOATiWAY THEATRE. ? fAvrrt .1 ? Faint Daa h * .*> t > a Woa Faik Ui v. BURTON'!? THEATRE. Ch*mber? ?treet? Davie Corrcs* Mi? i ?P. P., OB THI Man tNU THE TlKKJI. NATION AL THE iTRK, 9<r v?? B? a t T ?? Bl A/If- fROI.lC Or THt FAIHII-UUIXA-N An. BROUGHAM'S i.YCEl'M, Broadway? David 3of riuriLD -Tv.* Wild Imiiab-Jenvv Lim, t'HUI'TY':* MINSTRELS, Mocbauiei' Hall, *72Bro?dw ?y -StKH-FIA.N Mi.NITB AL3V. ? rkLluW3" OPERA HOUSE, Ml Brwdwij- Ethiopian it. %al * mv. _____ AKEUICAN MtrSBUM? AMVme Puuxmivcoi Arrtm M4.M a no Kveniwo. NEW YORK AMPHlTQjkATRli, i,' Buw?ry-E?l'B*T?iA:* P?.|. .OAK A.-CAA. _____ WA>?nrS(JT< N H1U-Panjba ,i ?I THI pi! or m'? _____ JATTI ER"? C03X02AILA. aori.?i <,! Tkiru otli ttmt it ? B.t?dw?y. 9T0PPANI BALL? TABLtAyx o? New K-iglasd. K ?? York, SnmUy, Janntrjr U, IM8. One W?k Later from Europe The btfdmsh.p Atlantic, Capt. Weal, is now in hrr .lay, an4 may h?? exacted a' any mo neat. Her news will be one week later. Telegraphic Summary. The ? nate wn< not in session yesterday, but the House of Repree.-ntativea wm. The latter body, however, might as well have taken a holiday, for oertaiuly their labors did not amount to much. They touched upon the postage reform bill, but aothitg more. We must state that Congreaeare pnr proceeding *a raj idly with business as the pub bc dt sired, aud if they do not do better next week we will feel incline J to speak to them io language which perh.?p* thty will not like. If members ima gme that 'hey can elect our next Presi let t i.t thi^ lime, they are very much mistake i Ii i.s l'i ge tfcer too soon to commence any caucusing or wire pulling for that object. We fear there is so much of tltis w< rl< goin^ on in Washington, that the public bo .itif?a is neglected. We would be happy to think differently, but what we see will not allow ue to do so. The Senate oF Maaatchuaetts have, it appears, selected Geo. P Boutwell for (Governor of that Sute, and H. W. Cuahman as Lieutenant Govern ?r. This is, no douht, in accordance with the terms o4 i he coalition between the democrats and the free soilers. The Secretary of the Senate and the Clerc ml the House of Representatives at Washington have, we are informed, invited proposals for the pabuc oriaui g during the next Congress We sup. pose Tom, Dick and Hurry will, ad usual, send in iht ,r estimates, and that the country will be cheated and humbugged as much in the matter as they al lia\e be i u, and that the printing will he as lootely and as negligently executed as it always ha* Uea Would it not be much better for the grvrDint nt to establish a printing and publishing ?Jci?r>Ui< nt of ita own, so that It would be indepen dent of ou'siders, as, we have irequently urged 1 We are perfectly certain that eooner or later it will bave to resort to this plan That they will be foited into it The Anti-B' ttcnians of the Legislature of Mia soaii bave, we learn by telegraph, nominated James II. ? ?reent as a Candidate for L'nred Statea S? tator. Thir, of course, winds up Col. Bemou'a ahancea, tad , -u loin ia the wiie world after his present term expire# Ibc AhtUlpatrd BtvolMlon In the Whale l I ti l of the Pael/lc. Oar I ant ativice* from California advised us th?t a whale fbip had been fitted out in San Francisco, to prosecute the whale fishery in the Pacific. This ia the jniag of the trade in the new ter ritory, wmch promisee to give as great activity to the l.u?'i>? is lis resulted from the attempts of the Duieh ufld Lngiish, in the latter part of the eix. trfiith century, to find a way to India through the Northern Ocean. The adventures of Hudson, in the polar region*, discovered th'- fact that whales ?fan immense magmtaie wer** in the northern seai", srdas the Biwsyan whale trade waa at an end. the n< w field tor the eaterpriae of whalemen I waa tn'ered with extraerdiaary fpintby the Dutch and Kngliah* t-'nthe northern shore of Spitzher f?o, quite a settlement was made, and t h- com h>tta of civilization were thus fctnd within about eleven degrees of the pole. It is said that the sail ors on the isle of Amsterdam, even had hot rolle for hrt ak fast The product* of th- fisheriee at that tan* were to great that extra fesaele were sent ?nt ta bring heme catg >??? jnat a< w* may soon expect our feosel*, ffiglited for ' a'ifornia, will soon return with 'he cargoes of the whale ahipe of , ihe fcor'horn Paciic ocean. Th<- Ar-.eficin whale fishery haa li*?n present ed arith great vtpor, eucieao, ead profit. A ', tiret, iwany wha>* w ?V fctnd cn the eastern coaot of j Ala continent: hut th' anpply having beat rxhatm* | ed, our ?nterpri?flj springing chiefly out of the Mfital of Naatuck"t and New Bedford, extended itself leto th* l'ac;'ic i-as, north and snu'h At an early r r, M?a<<ahnaetui employed one Irn dred andeighty-'hree ve?se|s in the Nortn, aril ow bitxlr? I ?r.d 'wentv-one weaee.Ia in th" loath Pacifk ccesn*. In s" ision to ottf enterprtoa at , th*t time, i 1dm ad Barke, in 177 1, said ? What in tha ?-t" t ls?'i?*l te it ? r??s by th? other ?alia. *t i ixk at tha smt>t m * hint tha Maw Bat ue ! ? pie earry ?e the ahal? finery Wh.l<-w?(al- 1 law tieBl aW'?? t* rreti* i>i<Jor.UiB? Of lee and j ,u , . -t.ii| In r, the ?p?tt fr I I ra ?*.res ' t It u .?? t. * I'av a. I I'svlf Ctra.t#. while wa ? re I r ? ?'.rtl.esn K-ti- ath th" Aretle eirele w? hrar that th' J ba?e p|?re?<l ti>:o ta? "t poaita tejk'O tf ?< la: : i ' th" tl.?y? - at the aatipol"" an I en iri>*?iir '?rth?fr i-a ?at 't the Sonth. Falilaad |. ler'i *b h ?*?ai?d r*art? aa4 too raaanlte aa < i.j- ct for the at*?p o! aatloaai aavldoa. Is La*. - ? -j ai.<lre?tlrp : aee f?f thalr tlctir us in'lu'try N-?r t? th? eqalatv Isl h<-a" mors dier- i-a*(ag to thsai t h?o the act MB uiat' 4 ? ll?'e? 4 . "th p i-< Y- * le?m I that while same at the* draw the ^r stn*? the i ,rjw ' q rail" ars?t af ^frl:?. o'h** ran tha taagW . ia4? kad p'limje Un n <>/?? game sl<)Bg the e a*t ft ?.?? , if" saa hot whM !f t# *??! with tb h t h ?r.?? no fliei*t? that IS t< ,t ??? fit tlielr t0''?, >? It her <h< |.?-rr've??aea ?.?? If '1 aad a - th-? activity ' ?. fttar, ao? t>a daifarrusaadBrot suftot r "? i:n<? H<h ? n-. r; ii?- Mftr earfl' t tb1* b> ?? r**' ? w>4? j H hat'tji in |n*trj tr> the eitrtit ta It h?? b??a j ssin?4 bj th .ct.* fr fla - a people wh>. ats stiii la the |t tl and not harden*# Into manh" ) I Bark* seerr.a to bav? ie?-n "the future in the in otsnt " He r? ' weii th" character of a people t???rn be)nndai! I ;> ? except tl.oae generated by oelf re'ymg indn "t Il<s ia*';/ e rr.ind saw the future stri !?s of llii.i country in th< very attitude of j ita iofsncy? ind probably he te-n impresffl with ' the certainty of ? coming d; > wh"n the eon* of the j etnppiing col?nist* would plant their b? , ind i th?tr lashlurtone, as we have, on the Pacific ahor- ' ? leading, eventnally. to conmercini and political changes in the empire* of the].i*t,(<f which we have today only a faint and narrow conception The carryitg trade bet* ecu 8al I ruiri*"" and ihe Atlantic porta ia a new idea, ao far as the whale shlpe are concerned By the disc barge of their oil and whalebone at California port*, to be hro-tght th- n- . by otir ordinary Bailing vessels, the while ait a ? II giij a very important a l?anti "- They will save from ten to fifteen months of time, hitherto employed in coming home to discharge their car goes. This is an immense gain of time, and con sequently of money. It costs a vessel no small sum for provisions and wages, to come around Cape Horn at any time; and the expense to whale -?>in owners is very heav>. From this time, there * ** 'he former interruptions to the 2 i " 5* - ... . -U?d until ,h, whdlf tishenes. They will be pu,. species beco r ei extinct, when all ti?v W e?e ? can return to the society of the United States, * enjoy the light of th? muy new gases which pro- j niiee to supersede the necessity for oil. That day, I however, id somewhat dial at. Tiik Washinqton Union and tiik Cass or Henry LONO.-The Washington Union, edited by Father Ritchie, appears to be in ecstacies because the provisions of the Fugitive Slave bill were carried out in the case of Henry Long. It says the court in New York has set a salutary example, which, it is to be hoped, will be followed on future occasions. It likewise say-Klhat Judge Judson> before whom the case w as tried, is a clear headed, competent, and independent officer, who has borne himself with equal discretion, liberality, and J tirmness. Now, we appreciate the venerable Mr. Ritchie's I compliments, i u we can assure him that we in ! New York, do not view the matter in the light in | which he does. Judge Judson will no doubt bo : much amused at Father Ritchie's attempt to soft I soap him. Our venerable cotemporary is admit tedly as ardent as a Southern sun can make him? but he must not sup, ote for a moment, that there is danger of any law, no matter what it might be, not heing carried out by New York, so long as it is law. The Fugitive Slave bill is the law of the lanl, and i' will be carried out, as far as the Stale of New York is concerned, come weal or come wo. Neither our citizens nor Judge Judson need to be informed of what his duty uuder that law is. It will be carried out, be the consequences what th?y may; and we are strongly of the opinion th*t, if the ultras of the South only knew as much of public opinion in tl e North as the Northern people themselves do, in reference to this question, they would not be quite so rampant they are. The Union excl >i s, is the Fugitive Slave law a dead letter and a humb g at the North now ! Fa ther R?u h e cert inl, cannot be as well informed of the state of the public m nd at the North as he ought to be, or he would not use such language. We can tell him that the citizens of New York will uphold any law passed by the national legis lature, as long as it is a law and in accordance with the consutut ? n. Even did they think it un constitutional, they wo Id stand by t unti its un constitutionality were decided by the Supreme Court. The great mistake with people out of New J York State has been that they > ave taken Gerrit Smith and Horace Greeley as public opinion. No ' greater enor could be commi' ed. Gerrit Smith, Horace Greeley and William H. Seward belong to factions that the mas es of Ne v York utterly and completely condemn and despise. By accident, W. II. Seward go' set in the Senate of the United States; but if his election depended npon the voice j of the masses, he wt uld have remained until this time, in the obscurity from which he never should have emerged. New York does not want any credit for per forming her duties as a member of the confederacy. She may for a time be led astray, but anly for * time. She knows her duty under the laws and under the constitution, and w?.ll perform it at any I risk. Judge Judson, too, knows hia duty, and we venture to say will perform it, no caring a straw who approves of or who condemns his action. Thk CaoTOH Acicidi'ct.? In another part of the Htraid will be found an admirable document, j emanating from one of the departments of the | city government. It is the report of the Croton Aqueduct Board to the Common Council, for the year 1830. The Croton Aqueduct is, perhaps, the greatest work of the kind in modern or ancient times. It is the pride and boast of the United 1 States, but especially of the city of New York, whose inhabitants voluntarily taxed themselvea for its construction and maintenance. All, there- i fore, that relues to it is interesting to them. Th: document to which we refer must prove particu- j larly so. It is the best, perhaps, that ever issued frftm the department, and it presents a striking contrast, in point of merit, with the report for the ; year 184&. We have abridged it considerably, and, for the further convenience of our readers, we have added headings to the difl'erent subjects which it embraces. We entirely concur in the observations relating to the wast ? of water; but we think that some stringent measures ought to have been long since adopted to put a stop to the evil. The Commissioners, however, to take the matter in hand immediately, and to furnish each house In the cit/ with a copy of regulations, the violatu n of which will be attended with penal comequences So strongly do the Board feel on the subject that they think wanton waste of one of the greatest blessings of life ought to be made a misdemeanor, and w? are ratlr r inclined to agree with them. We refer the reader to the report itself, which will aiiply rejay peruaal How TBI NlW Colt POR TON B1COIN TltKIR YkaR r>r Orric* ?The \ery first act of the new Corpora turn was cne of the grossest extravagance, to say the least of it. On Monday, the B >ard of Aldermen ordered l.UiO copies of the Mayor's message, and the Eoard of Assistant Aliermen 5<i0 copies, to be [Tinted m pamphlet form, under the pretence that this vast number w?s wanted for the Common C< until, although the document appeared next mornmg in nearly ail the daily papers, in the Herald gratuitously, and in most of the others paid for ac- | oot'iir.g to contract. It u no wonder that the city taxation is increasing from year to >eir, till at length it has become intolerable, and it is driving Mir resectable citiaras to the neighboring cities. 1 If the Coir mon Council begin the year in thi* way, what we to txptet from them before it has ex ex, ired ?* Marlnr AtTalrt. F * Cm v?.pi ? -Tl.o V 8. mail tuam-blp Oonrgla f opt Fort?r *ailod yUt^ty afUra?on tor Chagrr* via Ilnv*e? with tb? P?ri8' aul California mail* r r ~ rarrUd b?tw??B 160 and 100 aiaonz ? ?)' m *?r# thf II"0 Oortlani Cu<h:ng 'hurt* 4"Af- , f? r? to I M?jor t H BobMo tbo Ha??l ta?|? l- k? Th<- r< m*la<i?r ?!U fee toaai ua4?r tbo boa! '.1 n.aritl** it ttUU t?* B?w ?t??ni?b p Flor.'ia f'a^t I.O'il ? ?a ? (J T"t?t4ay ? "a hor :.r?t ?'f BfOt< Muci,?h ^bt ok a ar|i onn. t??r of j>?ioo?b |ti i< r ?hp*? aan-x naarfttaua Into.' ig?BR> ?atMli Tm? * <? ?? hitMn -Ibi groat hi i lol in'rt ?slnwi* wb>h ??? t?h%??t?b'0 pla-??t X: |> I ? r 11*11 Ult night *? po*tpnn>'J In e<>D?"|a?ne? of tho I, E??o of i'aro'li who ha? b' ?n iWllt 1 with a tor* t. r ? * t (rtii< ? Vri4?7 Botatag !??? The rnarwrt will b* *!???. prf b?til/ ' a Hatut lay Bight b*xt C> *i t? ? Mtwarati ? ? Th? uaul ?x"?ll??t ?nl highly M?li| < t?rtafi>Bj?Bt? art of!?rw4 for to n. n- w i i Bine- (lag of th? ant ploarlng tad ham'Bl<n>< 4??' rlp'koa ati'loU f>?rtirm?nr#? of ??b-.i b ot#ry < n* - kk* la tie hrgh??t t?rai' of pr*l?? ? 'i?T.rr<}BC It ' in p?r% wbleh tle|t< ? t h?- utm-Hit )at hur ?a4 4atel g wblrh cannot b* t-at^a Id bbj past ef 'ho Ciil^o I t!uv OfifM H Tbi? popular pla^o ot MitMBSoVt *f< B* to Blgfe" with % gr*i>4 ?oir?4 (ion 1 rrtt nil * it ' ' u' r - ! I ? f r-fo o! * ?bl<-ti I In tBly IS MBf* * r t I. Dwlot mil L ?fa Doctor ml.m* hrliiiaat uiuolrai dl'play on tbo piano > st Trlpior Halt, won t?r than th? *?u?ni ?.f th- tau>loat 1 pOOpM ot thin city, will ?x*eiit* ? f ran4 taotaoia frtm ' ficaBami u f a '-Polka do Coao?rt ana tho I' Coronation March, br lioy?rb?<'T . U?n a na I tloiml hi Bin Ltop' 14 M*;?r a rlollBlat of groat i eH'brltf. wlil riMl to ftnit tvaatifiil ? l"? Mr Cob irro will riag tho r?'itatlrf I^r1 what l? Mia b* f ;? p b? n?' n A y uB<t lair of ?r??t ?o<-al aMIItr, wlfl t?B<?r With V*r4or# ? 1*4 oii Ab*-I? ot?t bright ? n?l f*lr M . anothor amatonr will ?ln* I' A??M?ri* Iho pl?ao to ?o*4 ob tho ?ooa*k?B Mrntol I rar4 * gr* r.4 doubio actloo. bolng tho ' ?t prlB* okt?h ?4 at l< III* f gift ?0Bcort Thlo M a oploB dl i fBt>lUlBBI?tl. t'. ?. IXalrlrt Att?r?aoy '? Olll?o. Mi.tlryi m4 Jltii \ mil nani-4 llatliaoatr. flr*t ' ma'r of th ? Aai*rtiii bark A<r?? ? <? arr-rt^l for niBtiBT ??'! ?*?aiilting th? OuptaiM (UfOWB) With B laiif ? ?'?altt*4 hr ?*?Biaai;cB. Arrival of the 17 . S. Frigate CNMltaUw. The U. 8. frigate Constitution arrived yeeterday, from the Mediterranean Bhe lilt Rpiiiit on the 3d ? Not. ; Genoa. 7th, ud Gibraltar, Deo. 1. The following H a list of her offloer* ? Captain? Thorn** A. Conorer, (1?U John Owlnn, died ) Lieutenant ? ? lit. Jame* 11 Rowan; 2d. Melanaton Smith; 3d. 4.V.V Gray; 4th, Benjamin F. Sbattuek; Ith. Carter B Polndexter; 6th. Thoa 8. Crossau, 7th, Henry Rolando J'urirr? Brnjanln J. Cahoone. Si.rgrim? Samuel bftirlflgtoD. Captain of Marina ? n ii H-ker tywfr- j:::; x~rir& Pasitii dligiitant Sutgeon? B.W. Jeffery. .9 til 'slant Surgeon? P. J. Horwitl. ChapUin? N. Front. __ Pa?u,J Mulsh lymm -Thomas 8 Phelps. W. W. LOW, John U Upuhur Joseph D. Panel*, W. G Hoffman. Captain's Clerk-T. Coxe. Midshipmen- Janes StUlweU, George II. Chapman. J P K Mvgatt, E. F. Coddingtoa, F. 11 Baker. K. B. Shubrlck. " jhlivg Matter's Mate? C. T. Bullen. H ram-inn- John Peatberston. Ountier ? John C. Bitter. Carpenter ? Luther Naofon. Sail maker? V Belberedort, (acting ) Llrut. G F. Lindsay, ot the marine corps, has come hope paereDger in the Constitution. The following are the names at officers formerly at' tached to the Constitution, and where ordered .? Lieut*. Lewi* C Bartori, and Wm. B. M 'Kinney paaaed midshipmen Geo ? Morgan, Bobert 0. Duvail and James Bocbelle; and Midshipmen Jas. G. Max* well all ordered to the razee Independence Burgeon F. B GuiUou. and 'Midshipman Eugene 11. Oaklsy. or dered to the frigate Cumberland. We publish the abstract of the cruise of the Consti. tntion. from the time she left Boston, in 1848, until her arriTal here Date of Date o f So. of failed f ram. tailimi. Arrived at. arrival, days Ditluiee A. I). IMS. AD. ISO ultra, tiy i?t. Boston, Dec 9. .Tripoli, Jin. 19... <1 6,4 - A.D 1849. Tripoli, Jan. 2.'. .Malta, Jan. 27... 5 471 Malta, Feb. 12. .Alexandria, Feb. 24... 12 I 2W Alexandria, Mar. 27. .Spejiia, Ajr. 12... Id 1,1>1 1 Spexia, Apr. 30. . I eghnrn, May I... 1 60 Leghorn, May 28. .flpeizia, May 29... 1 Al Spezna, J una 2. . Naoles, June 7... 5 374 21 ft pies, July 30. .Cseta. Aug. 1... 2 1U0 Uaeia, Aug. 2. .Naples Auk. 3... 1 h>> Naples Aeg. 4. .M<??ma, Auk. 7... 3 177 Messina. Au<. 19. .Palermo, A?g. 21... 2 I'*') Palermo, Fept 8. .Naples, Sept. 7... 1 183 Naples. Sept. 24. .Bpeizia, Sept. 27... 3 398 Bpeiaia, Oet. 9. .Genoa, Oct. 10... 1 7<> Genoa. Oet. 19. .Spenia, Out. 21... 2', 193 Speuia, Oct. 23. . Lo?h?m. Oet. 2.1... >a 4)1 j Leghorn, Oct. 31. .Bpezaia, Nov. 1... 1 55 8peziia, Nov. 28. .Genoa, No*. 28... 72 I A.D. 1850. A.D. 18fi?. . Geana, Mar. 7. .Tonlon, Mar. 11... 4 198 . Toulon, Mar. 28. .8pe?iia, Mar. 31... 3 1U1 ! Fpeir.a, Apr. 18. .Leghorn, Apr. 19... 1*^ 40 I Leghorn, Apr. 3D. .8|ellia, Apr. 30... .ii : Spezaia. May 22. . Leghorn, May 2.1 ... 1 55 ! Leghorn, June 8. .Speiiia, June 9... 1'4 101 bpe/tia, June 18.. Genoa. Juaelti... '? 42 i Genoa. July I. .Marseille*, July 5... 4 2 0 I Marseilles, Aug. 5. .Naples, Au*. 10... 5 5(1 Napier, Aug. 21. .Speaiia, Aug. 2o... 5 325 Sp?uia, Aug. SO.. Genoa, Aug. 30... 50 1 Genoa, Sept. 18. . ? peztia, B?| t. 21. . . 2 112 I Pi*jila, Nor. 3. .Genoa. Not. 5... 2 tkl Genoa, Not. 7. .Gibraltar, Nov. 27. . . 20,'i 1 7tiS A.D. 1851. Gibraltar, Dee. II. .New York, Jan. 1 1 . . . 40j i ? On the the 25 1 of Feb., 1849, the Oonatitution land ed Daniel M'Cawley, Esq , (Consul General to Egypt.) and family, at Alexandria. The lady of the Consul General on the previous day gare birth to a son. who wat christened on board, hy the name of "Conatltution Stewart.'* The ceremony was performed by the Ber. N. Frest, chaplain ot the Tes*ei. Capt. John Gwlnn stood godfather ot the child. On the 3d of Ang.. 1849. Pop* Pins IX, aceompanltd by the King of Naplee. Titited the ship, and were each saluted by a discharge of 42 guns. On the 17th of July, 1849, a magnificent ball was given on board In honor of the lady ef Col. Bowan, our Charge d' Affaire* at the Court of Naples, which wa* attended by all the nobility of Naple*. At Palermo, on the 4th of Sept., at 18 minute* paat 3 A. M . 1849, Cap:. John Gwlnn, the commander of the Constitution departed thU life. He wa* much belored and respected by all on baard. Capt. Thos. A. Conorer assumed the command of the ship at Naple*, on the lith of September. The Constitution arrired at Gibraltar on t e 37th o Not , after a passage of 20}* day* from Genoa. The C. 8. storeshlp Lexington left Bpeiaia on the 7th of Not., and arrived Gibraltar 34 hour* before the Oonatita tioB; and again left en the let of Dec., at 10 A M. The frigate sailed from Gibraltar for thl* port, on the let of Deo., at 8 A M? and on the same night came in collision with the British brig Confidence, from New port, bound to Barcelona loaded with coal. The brig vent down, bnt the crew consisting of eight men and a boy, waa cared. Tbe Constitution Tlsitcd, during the cruise the porta of Tripoli, Malta, Alexandria, Bpetzia, Leghorn, Na plee, Gaeta, Me**ina, Palermo. Genoa, Toulon, Mar seille* and Gibraltar? in all, thirteen. The number of mile* (ailed ' by log," during the cruise waa 19,000. Religion! Intelligent*. ?HHM TODAY. Diiciplea' Meeting liouae, Seventeenth itraet? Bev. 8. K Bheppard. morning Central Preabyterian Church, Broome itreat? Bir. 0 W Wood. evening Ci ngregatloaal Church, Fourth atreet? Rev. Charlea Parker. ceasing. B apt let Chapel. Grand atieit-Rn. D. M. Onhtn, ?MM Cnivereallat Church. Fourth atreet-Bev Dr Maa ?ert, morning. Congrrgatlonal Chureb Madiaoa atreat- Bev. m. W. Clark morning St. Luke * Building, Uudaon atreat? Bar. Jimei Macbeth evening Meeting Houae Chriatie ftraet-Rev N B Baldwin, altera? Coogn jatlontl Church Ilaamond atreet Rev. Dr. Patten evening. CenatitBtion Hall, Broadway- Rer. John Grlfg eee ?>lag Btuyreraat Inati'.ute Broadway- R. ??, Mr Walllmc toa. met a lag Reformed Dutch Churab, Lafayette Plaae-Rar. Prof Allien, evening Constitution Hall. Broadway Mra. Binhop after BOOB Congregational Church. Bistaeath atraet? Bar. B. D. Cochran. evening Pre?b)teriaa Church f piiag atreet? Be* Dr. Skin ner. in meg Reformed Dutrh Church, Uouatoa atreet Rev. W. B. Gordon. avrning. Seventh l'reebjterlan Cbunh Hid;- atreet Rev B. t Hatfield. evening Mi'iioitm ? Oarr< t - Mr. P?l?f%?"l. one of the pir IMC whoaa favor to the ' Proieetanta mad* him an ob ject of menace by the mob of / ?nfe wae t.aptlieg on the IKd ol September, acd immediately compelled to leave the city 1'rom a letter ef Mr I'uel dated Plr ? ua. we Uarn that, thcugh the objaatof ?a?pictoua hoatility hia maatinga ware unmoleated A young nan who had a'tnoded hia p reaching for a year and a half part gave credible evl denea of piety Mr B eaya We hate at length a eliurcb of nailee Oreeka la the Pir i ua where - two or three meet together la Cbrial a name. 11 he ia with ua. there ia nothing to fear. ' A??ct.i ?Mr. Campbell, writing ob the 30th Sep tember meationatbat he had caly the Jay b*fire re. reived ir formation that he waa dealtfiiated to labor at hjoukPhyco and. tor eneonragenient ??? inf ru-d hi their a-Mrtant who waa ju*t returned from that place that th* people crowded round him day aad night to hear the gee pel till he had no time to cat or aleep. Tbey arked to bare the inUatcnary coma among thaio Pr>aehing had hitherto only etoited oppoeition and dletnrbanre Thle coiacideB :e waa highly gratifying ' to hia Blind Sum -Lettera from Mr Dean* (late that Mr Joaae waa await In r the arrival of ?oiae an* to tat * charge of j the ChlB>?e church aa he required relaxation und a change of atr There were aenrai hopeful oaodidatea for baptiem ainang the Ch.neae U? government aeemed larllaed ti adopt a more aiclualva policy | towarda foreign* r? than formerly. A ma ? Mr htoddar l haa be?a obliged to *uep*n4 public aceakiBg and teaching la eotae laenoe of broa ch. tia. The ecbeol waa therefore piaa?d In charge of i Mr Dauble. It iiuml>ered fifty two puplla Rtv Charlea K Mcllarg waa laatailed paator of tha Firet Preebyterten Chunk la Syracuse December With. Ret P Ronghtoa ha* reigned th* paetoral charge of the rcngregational chureh at Port Huron. St Clair mnaty Michigan aad the tieid beretol re occupied by him la bow vacaat Kav HarreaC Fl?k? waa inatailed a* paator of tha Cod /relational chureb ia Marlboro , Conu . on the | 1Mb nit The new ffieetln? hou** jli t completed by the Firet church In W inch*tidon waa l*dlra'e>i on tha I'ith utt. Rev O W Cor, ley we* liemlaeed ob the 8Hh Bit. fn m the paatornl < barge ef tha B'-coad Cengrega tlonal rhurch la Do?er Mae* and on the ?arne day by the fame council, Mr John IIa*ke|| wu ordained paator la hie place Tl.r church recently erected by ike Porter Bran- ! ?elical lociety of Notth Rrldgewater, waa dedicated oa bureday the ?th in?t Rev J" W Alexander D f ia und*rat<od tn have j acceptid the rail 'tf the Dnaae atnet church and eon- j gr?aatlon In New \ ?rk. ob ccaditioa that hia realgna- i tlon of the profeaeorablp he now hold* la the Tneo logical S? a, iaary at Pilacetnn ahall be acj? pted by I tne unrctora ef that lailltutioa and by the General 1 Ami R,bly An <> i Prrabjl?ry wa? lately formed liy the Synod ) f flUlao.a cr mtw ??d of the niniheri end churrhea of | tl.e Iowa P e?|jyteiy nr-rtt and ??t of Iowa river, ar d called the Prefbytery ef Ce<Hr He* Jeiae W Ilume ?m Installed ovar tha 0 8 rbnrth iti Tallahafree fla . Dec 5th I'ev S ?! P Anderwn uf Norfolk. Va . haa been ca.ied te '.be (t S. Ceatrat Prrabyterlaa rhurch In i St Louie Rev Simarn Btoaa ha* r??i,rti?d the peataral charge ! tril h IKm Wm M FergasM 1 a> bei a iD'talU d in hi* p are hi v Fan.nel H Alexander ha? rec?|eeil a call from the J e< r "H Village efcarrh ? t.i'h he ha? a ?p;ed H?v tir Cat?raodl!ev >;r Kl tiauO S clergy. m?a of Alatiama. have recently alea af the eholara The Biftrm eoBv*a?lon of Maryland have Infract ed a n maiittea to in^alre into the espe>i|?Bey of mak ing a pern* Uliiiu aauther In a d?e| gu'l'.y of t'i'.i''ei >w1 to ?nvi h;? property i;on1aca'ed to tu? ; tuifMl Kl U\t rictuu a leu /. City Intelligence. Pt-?LIC lliurur TO Mr Jas. W. Wallack, Ja.? Yutcrite; the piettuioitl and atnjr other friiDilt of Mr. Jumi W Wallack, Jr., who will leave this city to morrow, for the lUy market theatre, London, gave to that gentleman, at the Amerieaa Hotel, a (plendtd public breakfast. Messrs. Tabor and Bagley turniahed an ample and elegant entertainment, varied with all that luxurv oould auceesi or the appetite desire. The preliminary honors of the table having been ex cluded, the chairmtn. Mr W.K Blake, Introduced, in an appropriate speech, the guest of the company, Mr. J as. W. Wallack, Jr., whoa* reply to the chaitoau was most felicitously expressed. Mr. Thomas 3 Hamblin, the manager of the Bowery theatie, then sddreaaed Mr Wallack. and, in the name of the company, presented to him a silver salver and two Mlver cups, ot massive workmanship and beauty. These testimonials of the regard of his friends were received with deep reeling by the recipient ol the honors, and a delightful inter ohange of sentiment soon exhibited itselt in the toasts and speeches which were called torth by the festivities of the occasion. Ameag the distinguished person s who were renumbered ou the occasion, were Mr Henry Wullack, the father of the guest; Mr. James ( Wailftck, the unoUi Mr Beojaittii) Wrbster, the ma i uagfr 01 the ket tlj< aire, Lou<Iob, Mf. P'M'V;-, { of this city, whosd nathu was yropoted lu a iiGat j speech by Mr. Brougham; Mr. Charles J . Karnes. the . distinguu<Led dramatic otitic and writer, now abjut | to leave this city l'?r Nathalie; aui several other per sons of eminent reputation iu the literary aud dra matic world Mr. Wattersou. the ex member ot Con Sress trom Tennessee, responded to the compliment to Ir Karnes, in an admirable speech. inlicatife of bin I feelings on this occasion ot hopes and farewells; aud I the whole i-cene, which last" d trom one o'olook till ! mx in the '.reiiiRg war marked by many sentiments | ar"t moi :o nhiohwe cannot do justice lor want I of space. Jut. liuiublin having been toasted, a? ihe I l'ounut-r ol the A median Dramatic Fund A?sooia j tion, an honor to which he li alone entitled, , gave a very interesting hlstoiy ot the rise and : prrgrraJ of the institution; and Mr Bluke. tha cbair- | man. in an artless, but warm (peech. niadt many valu- ; able remarks with respect to the position of the thea trical protection, making a deep mipressiou upou ali present. The nowsaper press, alio, was complimented on the occaMon, and the t; ast v. a properly resjonded to bj two journalists wno were present. Altogether, | (, and. we may add, admirable enter tainment, as that designed to do honor to Mr. Jamea W Wallack, Jr. has seldom been known in this city, j Without ostentation or notoriety, it wan conducted throughout with no reference to the publie; yet the many brilliant speeches ami sentimeucs uttered would have graced the history ol any iestive occasion. It ! was an appropriate aQair in every respect Mr WiiLack. to morrow, will leave the city for Lon- , don. where he is engaged aa the principal actor or the Uaymurket theatre, and where, as he expressed him- I | seli, tie will strive to do justice to the kind opinions of '

{ his friends on this side ot the water, whose favor his wafted him towards a ltnd of new hopes and new am ' bition. lie has had a rpleudid testimonial benefit at j the Lrotdwav theatre, aud the public will be gratified to hear that his success in England shall have been I such as will transmit (he lustre of the Wallack name | through the dramatic future. The Cass of Nilks aud Robert*. ? Judge Edmondv I before whom the bill of exceptions has been aub- ' mltted on an application for an order to stay judgment ' | in the cafe of George W Niles and Net haul* 1 W Rc- : j berta, t ho stand convicted in the Court ot Ueneral 8es- ' sions. has refuted to interfere iu the matter; therefore I on Monday the flnal judgment of the Court of Sessions I will be carried out. and the scntcnce passed on both j ! convicts. DsTLfMiNED Sm. or -A man rained Charles Wal ton residing at 27* W?t?r street. near Dover commit ted suleid* on Friday night His wife, who kept a litre house obtained a divorcu from him on Thurs day On that day he attempted to eomrnit suicide by opening the veihj of bis arm Ue went to bed on Friday nigbtat 9o'oiook and on on# of the tamily go ing to his bedroom at 1 o'clock in the morning, iound him lying dvai with hie brain* blown out. and a pistol beside him. Since the above was written Coroner G?er Us investigated the cause of death and held Ml in iueft on the b<dy, when the lollowiug fact* in addi tion were elicltrd: - The wile of tha deceased was ox amined as ?n, likewise, Catherine CanUr me of the female boarders, who Uetifled that tha deceased was a dissipated man. and had been so for many montha past About three months Bince. while laboring under a temporary dera?g?d atat? of mind. caua?d ky driok Idc liqnor, he attempted the life ol bis wife by dis charging a loads d pistol at her. the kail of whiob ta?k effect in her ri<ht aide and earn. very near proving Xm tal At that tlmu Walton waa arrested, oonveyed before tha magistrate, aad on the charge, was oommiuod to the T'rnbs The n-xt day he opened a rein ?? bU araa, and would hare bled to death but for the timely dis covery of bis condition On the charge ol attempting to kill bla wife. alter a ahort Urn*, the deceased waa liberated from prison on ball, and again took ta exceselvs drinking and during the various fits of derangement brought on by tha liquor ta would puisne his wile and threaten to take ner life. The wife finally engagad a lawyer, nnd on the ra iiuuite evldenco she obtained ndivoree^ This '?ot be .uniDK known to Walton, only tended to enrage him mora bitterly against her and on Thursday last, he again endeavored to take his life by the opening of veins In bothfarms, but In consequence ot the timely aid of physicians bl* lite was saved However, he de clared that no doctors could keep him from taking his lite, but that before he died he waa bound to have satis faction, (meaning to taka tha life of his wile.) and during Friday, he several times expressed himself In the like manner. On that evening ha came Into the house as usnal. between 9 and 10 o clock, and n?ka? Catharine Canter wbero Mr?. Walton was?that he wanted to find her? The girl saw at onoe there wan mischief in bis eye. and Immediately went Into the daneercom and told her Walton was after her. Mrs. Walton immediately ran out at the back door, and took refuge In a neighbor's house Walton finding he could not obtain an Interview with his wife, went up stairs to his bed roem and there looked himself in, where he waa found about 1 o'clock lying on the bed, having shot himself through the bead with a pistol This charge lot powdsr and ball was. etldenUy from the conduct of tb? deceased, Intended forth* wifa, but luckily for bar sha kept out of tha way, and he. In bis erau fit of deltrtuB pnt an end to hlaown existence The jury rendered a verdict, that the deceased came to his death by suicide by shooting himself In tha baad with b pistol Charles Walton was Jo ysars of i age, and b Swede by birth. I iii? utmnTT 4 F,,r.Y Do?i.- Yesterday morning al nine o elock. a ler man named Korean Buratt. a silversmith by trade at tempted to commit suicide, by jumping into the river at the foot of Hurling slip Ua was rescued from drowning. and brought to the Second ward station bo.Te.Wce he -a! t.k*. to the Bollce Oourv.-d committed by tba sitting magistrate, to be sent to the , Lunatic Asylum. I Fn i. into Hit is.? At nine oelook. on i Friday , night. Michael Curry fell Into the water, from the Brl- | ti*b ship Conrad lying at plsr No ? North rises and was rescued from droanlng by policemen Klelyand McCarthy. U? bosoms. Taieivt? The members of the Ycung Men s C? mmlttee at Tammany Mall have presented to their Chairman OarTet H Btnk <r. Jr.. a splendid gold hunting weteh and chain, which ire of the finest work- , mat >lilp end the watch has the ?ollowelog lowefiptton beautifully engraved The Democratic Republican Young M-u * General Committee to their Chairman (?arret II Striker' The names of the Preeentatlon committee are added. This Is a compliment which, it is said Mr Htilker bjr bis energy and p?rseveiaooe as a Tammany politician well deserved Psi^tis's B?s.(i rr Oils sss 1 1 ne er Fe^ei-'* s -On FiMay ??*? th\ f/JV birth New York will eelebrate Benjamin Franklins birth it Ntb.o a b> a irtp4 bM'|Utt. niid#r tb? <Hrte tl< n or \b* N>w Ttrk TypMraphiral iodMy It will we uaderstend be a magnificent onterta'nment well wortty of tha Illustrious dead, and of tha prlnwrs of New TOT*. . I P?i*Tt*s' Bsi.t t* Tsiei.ra ? This f>u. which | etme off on Tuesday evening In Trlpler llall. was of n most Intereeting deserlptltn It was a?foal; to sny ball of tb<- season Tha attendance of the trade was numerous and respectable, and the editorial oorp* was also well represented. The charming wires, and daughters, and slstars.and swe.tbeart* - f.the prloters, bloom* 1 in ail ihelr ioveilnsss The dr?ees wei* of tlie most superb description and presented rreat va rietv silks satins satin torke mnslins, baregwe. of every kind They locked much better than the gene rality of the daughters of tipper tenJnm All wera katpy anda.lsesmed to thoroughly enjoy the ocon ? - n The daneing commenoed at nlns o eloek and was kept up with great spirit till rne o clock wh?n supper was announced- an elegant hot one. to whlih smt.le instlce was done, and. though temperance was the order Of the night the festive board ?. not nam- j livened by the explosion of chsmpsgne 'orks and ssarking win?s Att-r supr"r lsncjng was I i, nd ccntinu?d with much renl and hlinr ty till life o Clock- in fact till the first rays of the rl.lng sun r*_ minded nil that the >Mf?n for rotelrx wa* past, and that It was high time to repair to their liom" The aiiv?nred hour to which the ball was pr???J,r? V* the b,st prcel ol the universal enjoym'-nt. an l the s^ clal warm cordiality that preralled I. ^ry os' wl b<i was pre.ent sf-esks of It as the most delightful I -all of t?c*. ? r n sodas f- r the Isl ?? they are In rsptur-s with It All went merry as a marriage bell Tut (>** Lamps On Friday n Ight two **? lamps In Jihn-tr?et near Broadway, and two lb Fn,t?n street, one near No 1* and the other opposite to ?? #0. were not lighted r,e. n ? I' 1st" s Fseiesr The .nlphur fsctoryof Mr Jeffries In Troy street, uear W a-hlngton caught fire ye? let lay ab'ut fca'f past twslve o rl. rU The Hr? Wis ex Ingnlshed by the energetic action of the fira c mpanle* with but trifling damsgo. The smell ol the mi1| bur washorrlbje^ HoV? tiienle of DlaUl>snlsl|r4 proplr. A mm ley theTursUh Knvoy. is at l.oulsviiie Ky i i i , v Johnston of Fsnnsylvsnin, has docliaed being a csntldate for the post ol t. B Senator from that ' Mr 0 Barclay. Conectd James Itally Ks | Toron to T M IKt-hklss Albsny Jsmes Fortsnon . '"I Montreal Mrs Ii l eecher. Nsw llaven. R N 1-aacs. Baagertles. were among the arrivals yesterday at th< Inion Macs Hotel , ... . , ,, . I r V Holmes Montreal. Col Joseph Ward. B A , Malor Rldxley I . 8 A ; ( apt Baker USA; f bas i'meis. Bt I.onls J Cox. I S N ? Hon O. Hard. Al bion U Hoffman, I 8 N-; d W TlfTt HufTalo, i B Psase B> I.onls, linn J. A. CalHns, Blnghaa ton Hon J Sherman BnlTalo; l>. 1?. Perkins. I B A > Field Boston. |J W llsld .do., are at ths ''nXund O S N ; J. Walcott. do . J. M Croper. do J Mott Albany. Oen Tys^n Baltimore (leorge ? -1 | u m arrived yesterday nt the American J 'irawley' Albany J tetts. Chsrlostet; T II alio* y, Texas; D Baker 'barl.ston^ II Ktftti* Baltimore; T Tylef. Boe on wets amongst | th? ar: i r als yestsrd ?/ ?t the Altai How*. Til* Crotou Aqueduct Department-. H.purt to tkt Com won i;ounell Th* annual trp. it 01 tb? Crotou Aqueduct Depart ment laid been laid before the Common Ocunoll, and printed. It if an admirable document. CLAIM* SKTTLEO AMD U1IETTLCD. During the past year th* d? partmvnt In* fettled two claims againft the city for d<mit-es growing out of the construction ti tM ?.|??3u6Wtbft flret a claim or Richard Oarnan cm promised tor $10,000. aud the erci iid lor i?purt add* that there are other claim* UMf tied. which will rciuire not leff I Li a n *1^6 (CO Tn HTftaHl.TI OK the v KAIL Anrnng tbe ImpTOVt me of* made during the year are tbi lli u railing < n the wirg walls at the western end 01 tbe UigW bridge; lb" t i ?? - hn*f"u two ol tbn piera dr? dg?d out. so f to tumtsh, at all time* of tide, a (?uflft-ient df p' h of water to ai y vessel likely ever to nougat" 1b? liailim river; sud com modious iron stair* have been tredud down tbe rocks, a* the fsot ol One j Hundred and Seventy -third treet. to tbe bridge. This new m' HBf of Tisitir* it. available by one of tbe flLcHt driven on the islmj aod opening at various poinuou llarl-ui II ^ ly !? . -- at<d from th? top of the ? fair* a very <xtt-n*lvi ai d beaut ilul view of ling I'lutid aud the Sound will no coubt become a place ol (i"'"' attraction, n&t only to t rangers. but to our own oitUei's. In the design and erection of these i stall's. the d. par tin. nt ha> sought to exhibit thevatne cli hi acter ol rot seivetieh* and solidity, which so aspe cts1 Jv k all tbe prominent features of the aque iuot. tbrOOf^iont it. . rfire letig?h TSf sqnetTuct (j'-**1' Zg-tnunt, in which these imp'ovi roent* are item", amounts to Hd.lbT; still li atinv tunhi r p.iytirn's to be male. Out ot the ap propriations iii**Ui' for repairs li*rf been expended the sun> of $12 ( 67 Tfc?s. outlays are spread o<er a con tinurus line of nioie than thirty-three miles of aque duct. and do not appear ex'ravagaut. iHi txlt.MiioN or Ti i wathr works. All the work contemplated tn (be plan submitted to the < ommon Council in Dec-mher. 1849. under the hesd ol ? Crotou Water Wor ks Extension." has been crmpUreu. The amouni expeaded is $31,711 The m? aiif thus inquired of tbioa .tin into tbe distributing reservoir at will an additional thirty inch column of water. Is a ino?t important it in in maintaining at all tini"< an ifflcient head for the extinguishment of flru*, at d Irr tbn service of consumers in tbe up pet stories ol duelling* and mai.i'tHctoriet ; ltn beneficial eft'eot* ar? apparent, in the ab??uce of complaint? formerly of daily occurrence- ol deficient mj plies in all ele vated situation*. MATS AND STATISTICAL TAHLK*. The appropriation of ten thouiand dollar*, mad* by tbe Common Council in 1849. for the purpose of ena bling tbe Department to compile - Ctatlnlcal Tables" ot all i be house*, building*. manufactories, st> am en gines. ai d other psiticulus. within the water distriots of the city required by tbe act of the Le^itlatur* of tbe 11th ot April. 184V. has furnished the tuaan* to meet th' nt ejp. uoiture? with a sir plus ttflcislt t? pay for 1 he returns lo be made by t he Captain* of Police, of all new brlldinrs erected coring the currvnt year, their character and dimension*, and also to ?opy tbe ward maps U" d i? the t.ffic* of thi K> *?tv?r ot Taxe*. These maps are etaeatial te tbe Receiver of Water Kent*. ?IHr I AYIKM. OK TH K nrr.S- TH K TOTAL LKNiSTH. In the laving of pipes luuch has been done during the year; but tbe operation* of the department have been greatly cbftruc'ed by tb> erec'ion oi sewers, and by others vbi< h it is intended to erect. Uanng the year, in the npper ward* of the rity, '>11 teet ot foar iaeh pipe bave hi en 1 iid. 3'.- f^;u ieet of six Inch. 1,!)80 of twelteinch ft CCO of twenty ineh 't # .0 of thirty inch, and ti40 of i hirty-ilx inch. Total. 41 4t>l feet, or over 8.' , miles 'll.e wbole uf the pr> reu> area of th* wat?r dtrtuct including the curiou? net work of pipes be neath tbe Mreet pavements makes au aggregate of two hundrtd miles. THE tlAISS o\ THk KiriH AVRM'K? IM1fc*ESTI.t<. OrKHA TIM9 In April. ?? iirly a# ?hi> openln* apring mit the department aon.m-noed tbe great work ot low er tr n ib** two It l ? e ot mam# on IB? t ilth av?nua at Murray hill rendered Imperative bv. thB ?'t*rwi ^"Jhi mreet grade# in that vleinity. and through which tha piinci| hI mi ply ot ?t? to tl?? whala eitT 1* i?TiV'* In the variou# eatimate# ot the coat ot thi* andertak log. u>ad? by the former ? ffle?r# of the d*p?rtmrot. and cillering amount from *ixty to one hundred and tive thousand dollar* It bad alway* been awumed that tL^r pip-# niu?t ot n-oeaaitj bo taken apan, koi?n d out ot th- trench, the deep-cutting (reaching t( tb. deptt ot gixteen feet) ex.avt.ted. the pipe* low ered In. aua "be joint* remade ai d cau'ked. ejNsta coa gumiag at lr*#t one hundred pound* ol lead To avoid tbin >u< imour *xp?ndituie. Mr hiiward U Traay. o of tfc- ergineer*, eugire*ted. th at in hie opinion, ''J?'**1 be .fleeted a# #a!ely aad at a great enving witb. ut breaking the contmuit, ot the l'"' by draw ini < fT ibe water trom one of the malne at a to lower and fluleh that. ?b>l* the other wax left m addition to the uew thlity-in.h Una on t^ Third avenue to keep up the daily aupply ol the eitT Hie gugjotioiir were approved and adopted by the boar*, and he wa? placed iu charge of th* work. The court* poi*ued by biia w?* e?#entlally t bi I Urit tb* whole of both l.n-? wera unoovered. and th* water orawn ?>ff trom ibe w*?t?rly on-; n*it. **etU>nal drltt* underneath and *cro#? both line*, wer* ?d to the required depth at dUtan<-*? of about eight feet apart and both line* #upuort?d 0,1 '?d?P?nd*",t crib work of timber car.tully c?rTl,,,1uP.flr0? ton. ot th?#e drirt* and #ecure)j wedged. 8o?uaUln f <J, the ?*?rtb between th?t# crib# rumoffd. living thr pipcp to b* ?upp? rtfl by th*m for % length of ral bundrad feet at a time; jaek-#crew* were the n*e cnrely placed under the line, the *nb work oi timber taken ou' piece by piece and the pipe* lowered by th* acrew* to the bottom ot tbe trench The natur* of tb* toil, an exceedingly hard pan favored thi* mod* ot procedure. a* It proteetedtbe men from all dangarof ite raving. About one hundred and fllty laborer* w*t* ?mblovtd among whom tb* ?trio'e?t discipline ?M r*<iuired. and enforced; no liquor* w*r* permitted to come oa the ground nor war* the men allow.4, daring the honri ot labar to wlnit any place where thay could be procured Every pricantioa bavlag thu* hacB adopted, *?d et eadil) coatlaued tha plaa proved emi nently *uccM*tul. earl, in Jul* the whole wall flnUb_ ed nor had n *larle Joint been broken, or pip* '"J"'*!} in tha operation, whila our cltlxen* acarceiy felt that any wor k affecting their daily #upply of water had beea in proaei* of execution During the whole period, th* f mincer re1 tin* d tbe pow^r to bring b??tb lino? in o operation aithin three honr*, h?d an extenrfte flr* <>9 ourrac, to reouir* It. Tb* *atire oo*t wan only $18 MS 08 which would bare been lee*ened more than a thouiand Ji.llarr but for a ?uee*?*lon *f baa ?? rain*. whi?h irra'ly retarded tha work by repeatedly DlllBg tb* UTb? opportunity .a. takan whila tbl* work ?? being done and while in con?- tuenrt- tha*e great malre were nlternate|> empty t? . 1^ n i**rt at *h* '*? tarractlan of tha Fifth a? nna and Twenty-ninth nreet horlionUl a'ap *ocke in both lin*f of an im proved ronrtrurtion aad In a mora pertact and thtv ri utb manner than thr j baee beretotare b?en *et A eapa. Hue and well built eault ar.-?,e,l and I laid In oa nient. wltb a convenient man hole ln?ert<-d wn* mal* to enclose ti em. furnUhlug perl.-, t Un lttl*? for Inture re pal re ax aeil a* t? op-u *ud *bMt th-'m Originally la lajin* d?wn tbe?? lard- main" of twenty, tour thirty and thirty ell Inehe* dlamater. all tha ? top-cork*, with perhape two or three exception*, wera maoe ?o opan and ebut eertlrally g*'?l da^ ug *r ot ible arr.ngeme.t will be apparent when that ti e ?al?*? are attached to tbe pUton which ale ra'ee tb?m either by an ordin.iy ecrew thread, or by rleete and holta which are nctad upr a with $*??? *?* Lid it > by oiydatlon rendering it certain that , t? a few ,ea.?, n. .r. o. lea. tbl- frail aupport will ?ate* away by rn?t and tha ?al?e? in.ldanly fall. Tba e first of an inetantaneoua etopt>a?a of a ot wa'er thirty *ix Ipchea In diameter, a mila or i more In length and moving at th- rate of four it i lee an bcur can ?earcel? be conceived. No nt re ever con*?ructed wonld *u*'aln ?h? tr*raea ,|..ue rea*tion, a rupture woul I n "'*' -T I which It happening In the nltfht wonld probablT prcduc* In -al. ulal'l* damage before tha water cotll'l he ?hut i II inl-ed it i? not too mu.-h to #upp"-?. "hat la nureniaglteconra* to elth.r rlvar It wonld *ul a ra- I vli.ed.wn loth* rock and ?weep away ararythlag op poring an "bataele to ita ? xlt . , Tbe department In'ende during tha next working aaaaon to eubetltute boriiontal etop-cocke la placa of i tbeae Vertical onea. on the princlral llnee a* early and ae rapidly a* the meitu of lt? dl?f"*nl will p- r ivtkoo' ft"1- r?taw?T?a va rt?< ^-w?. i '? tat ?*o. j In bringing the Oro'on to HI""-***'1 ? I diflkeultlM tttr ?nrouM^ Tt?? ri?tr bett'?m . found to be naked rook pointed and I tha water varjing m depth Irom ?u to ?* f??* wlLl1 I niree in noeaicg the river and lnduc?-i Mr ' raven, at t. r due enonlry and ron?ld?tatlon to a<kipt n double line ot girt a per*ha plpea each of the dtamew of t"< and a fatter inrhea a. the beet, and , only mean* *1 -fleeting tha tbjeet. aa tha.a pipe* would be??fflrl.ntly n-xlbla with anrhor* nt *hort diataneae to adju*t th-meelve. to th ? InrquaHUad of the bottom, and th* elniular tenacity ,of,1 vrT^!>? en w ' ii Id furaleh the beet protection *g?in*t ahra-loaon the rongh and eharp roeka below ,.i.ii? A c< ntract waa ac- O'd n<ly made for tha ler -'h "f theae pipe* but owing to an error in the con- , atiHctlon of t he machine thr.ngh wb^h th.y wrjr. taeeed in thalr manritaetnr* with wbleh thla Lent bad no connection they wera found af aoa'aining th* t. quired pre.eur* of 3C0 lb- to th. Inch, and were therefor* condemned Tha 'M"?- i went however added to tha eonPd<nce before felt. th*t there piper, properlv made, would meet, nnd over- j erm? the dsWenltle* Of the interprlae New pipe were theref..ra ordered but. a* wme time would elapee be-f? ta they ?ould he dellvettJ. It wa* de termined to .alert the be-t rf thr ae . n hand runh m ?ere tound to ?n?tnln a prerente ?.f 1.0 lb# to the in ? - *ntl put ?cro#e n rlngla Una for Immediate u-a TnH ; baa been rnccerefully d< na *nd tl.c water I ? n >w | lirere4 rn Elackw.ll a leland In nu*nhtle? e iffirt-nt ftrr rrdlnary d- m- etfe pnrponea Thl? fwporary lina hna been leaned to the departm.nt (tr t pnrchn'ed ) and npon delivery of the new pipe* will ba Ukea up "m rrVlflert and dl>*ppolnte4 ?? th# Chief i.n*in?er wa# at the Ml lira ol plpe? to ruefaln tb. prr^f tt i* not to be regratud It th? takini up of the pre i e nt line nft?r font or ?lx m< ntb? wrar willenaoi* him to rea what damaj:#. If *nt. I' ha? auetnlned by the rbifting tide# chain* It *gain#t tb* rock# below. HoaailLK w? I* Ol W?TI* Tba frllowlng ob#ervntlon# cf th* report on ,h w*#t# of Whter tb*t continue#. *r* de#?rvlng ot #anoa# *Tb"emoet unremitting *n.l inlrji ?f J^* f -?? :::? trlbntlrg reeervrlr anl.lblt th- tiifllng tan of an nra r*ge b?ad of two f-t above tbat of former r. Tlfa influent pipe# t* that r#*ervolr. with the eddlt '? male ara now capabl* of pouring intJ it th arodu Jt.7n?ntlty of thirty mill i >n* of gallon, per prodlglou* q.anmy^ ' on Mtnr la,*, e#^ whea rValoaa ho.*-wif?t, put* *v?ry #tr*at waeher In reqnleltlon (whether nee.#*ary or not), tha ,v, re#ervotr I* drawn down to half it# *apaclty. *qnal o ten milllrn. of gallon* mm* and making an a44re gata^rVy mUllan. of gallon# far a ,i?gle day # con iuB)tl*t, in $ popuiaUcn th* wat*rdUtrlc. jul ?gm? of not mora than four hundred and thirty thousand persen* or ninety ,iall'<n* to each individual If t b Is fbameful and wicked want* of one of the ble**ings of iiovidmce was confined to the ignorant to those pre.' uuied 10 be unacquainted with the city ordinance* r? gulatii g it* use. or Incapable of oKiimM" ing the priceless value of th? water* of the Croton, there would bit ? lue shadow of excuse; but it is not fo; a *h'? t hrooyh the rashlonable quarters of : the city will exhibit a* much wuntoa upgl^ot Vi tlltt rlfcktf Ol triftus, as ready and defiant u dh regard of liuiiiatl >n< to the me of street wathi r* a- can be louud in the suburbs, and along the wfaiv?* in the unlawful oueulng, use. and abure of th* tire hydrants. It i < in iaic tl st this Department .ssays to stop the evil lait re lericdto, it baa not. the means, nor till uumljir ut men at Its (l|spo*at to tffeet it; nor. if it h*d would both be sufficient wi'hont the aid and rupi ort of otber dcpaitmeuts of t be el'y government The sub ject ia already t? yond it* reach, and the fire h , lant* within the cuiitio) of thousands of irresponsible per sons outride ot thin d< partuient. and over whera it tSa exercise no supervisory power The Aliermeu and Assistant Aldermen can open them no may every perron i mployrd to sprinkle the streets, every g+u.j of street sweeners, the lirriuen (rightfully and projiarly), the emplojes? at evi rv f. rry ut all th* wtourve ?. aocu pled by steamboai* and their barges. and ut the rail road flatten*; tje li.uitb warden* do it without Uw. and not un'requeiiil \ it is done by members n' the police. Nor is this all The hundreds ot h*ai rson about engine houres the volunteers. the rutin-, s with fiic companies- th< se i-xcrescencr* upon thit Depart ment, haie etch a wrtnoh to open a (ire hydra-it and the spirit to ebow their pronrnass lor inis:h:ef, by doing it at all timea an tin despite ol everybody. It i* -ale to estimate tnat tk? se wrench"H to op ? i hy drants are in tbe hawl- or under the coo'rol of wore: tNn ten ihouratid individuals Tlie present, ordinauue imposing a fine? con riction ofopeninn i n? not exceeding twenty- live dol lar*. in tbe discretion of the magistrate o<?riui( the complaint la found to Oe quits inadequate to c^eck the evil; therequi Ite proof l.i notalwavt atfaiaible.or if obtained. ia use t by the production of a permit from coiii o membtr of tbe Common Council. who, though he might himself open it, caunut d< legate that power to ano'h r but which must ueverthe ier* be di erued sutti lent to exonerate the oti-nder. It ia this perve rsiou ? " the purposes for whi :h flri by ? drafts were creeled bai render* the repufcg ot thi'U! go expentire react ing tbi* jear f'? 472 71, ?ud whioh la m fatly Inyoed an amount that in the proper ase of them would b? i e ea? ry Nothing short of waiting, the ( Uen< e cpol.sii 01 a ini?4t mkauor auhjeotii:{ th?) cff> nder to iin ( r *? mm - of will abate the eyll. The itber aoore- ot w?*te referred to. uainsly. ttreel n iflit ra a> alto tbut pro inusd by leaving taps at wash bowlr, and tht rp- ni?a' at water closuti anl urinal? running a.t all time*, day and night, is sat^lcieittly within the control u tbia department, aud it* pow ers will h?r? af'er h- interpos>-d. it is hoped, el.'rltu ally. The delay ha* nrinru from the coucin <ed la bor* Imposed upon tnc Hoard io airanging the sta tistics. aud ca?r> ina intu o^eratWn tbe new sy.<tea ot water rate* leaving it r> letaure to condense the vari ous ordinance* ot ' h> ni'v Kovernment regulaiiug the uie ot water, which it ia intended during this wintsr to do wi'h the adolnon ot ?ucb rules as have been adopted by tbi* B-a'u and have them printed on a single *be. t with u <ti * (hat the violatiuu o; any of tbi in will subject t> e ntf>iidrr to tb? penalty, first, ol having tbe water shut t it and second, to the payment ot the tine and exp"*ee? >>? ture a supply will I' - again furnished These pi int'd sheets will be di?trfb ited to every bnitdlog witbin the water dirtrict this d ins, no eoneuBier can complain w he hnds his olluuog Ijiloireil by *oju?ta retiibuiion. It tbia Kobrd could by any process divest Itself of the ci nscioiiM.ese that it I* entrusted with duties con necting it lmmeoiai ? ly with the dally lonveoienoeu and cm forte ol e'ery individual in the city, and upon the proper administration of which the future growtb and prosperity of tne citv *o essentially could not forget thai tht- law under which it is organ ized enacts, that ?? Tn?y snail be responsible for the supply of water *uil tb? good order and security of aU the wurks ft cm tbe Croton lake to the oity inclusive for the exactness and durability of the structures which may beereetew. and ot tbe dally work perform ed, and for the ?nffl"iency ot tte supply in the pipe yard to meet eveiy casualty, and for the fidelity, oaru and attention ut all peirons employed by the depart ment in watching tne works, and In Making construc tions and repairs " Under these direct and sufficient ly onerous rtaponslhiii. lea. this Board now warns th? CcoiBun Council auO through It every citizen, that tbe last dron of watar which the works io their pre sent state can supply is now daily delivered in the city ?a supply m?re than tquai to any. and all the legiti mate wants of a population ot a million and a half. It is true that a surplus is falling over the Crotoa dam during a great part of the year, but the Iligh bridge across Uarlsm river Is between the city and it, and to increase the quantity delivered, near and larger pipes must be substituted for those now occupying that bridge, involving tne expenditure of many thou sand collars, and subjecting the city to the inconve niences and possible uaoger of a diminished supply while the work should be In progress. It is, taerefore, the duty ot the city government, as it is sorely the in terest of the tax payers to compel the use of present resources with some little regard te reasonable econ omy With such economy tbe daily quantity is amply sufficient for all domestic and manufacturing purpose! for a quarter of a century to coma ; and the reserve la the Croton river, and the namareus lakes in whloh it baa its rouicts. sutgect to future oontrol. eng^li fori larger city than say now existing on the globe. collk mm or water Bates Th* entire collection* for " water rate* " lor thf year 1*60, bt>? reached lb* aam of (44'J,783 JO, and tboee itill outstanding end uncollected it 1* thought will produce MX1. the two iudi exc**dlag th< origioal estimate* tatdr by tli* department, and upot Which tbe run were eitabluhed by tn in.?onani?rabl? difference onlj . Of collection*, J.37,101 34 wi< received by the Deputy ft*gl*tor, for lap*, buildiaj permit*. \o lly tbe K.giater lor regular rate* t l - j1 tor interert on tho*e rate*, linco the tirtt o A u*t | Mfltw, ?t i tor mltceiiaaeou eUr|t*. Tkl>rt)? on THE Ar^t KDI-CT. Th* report ootnplatoe of the difficulty of pr. tectU the wikr work* In eoaeequenoe of village oceapatio eontlguou* to It. on uiff*rant part* of th* II n ; aa< tiro by wilful tre*pa*a Tbli I* the nr>ri to tn r? gr.tteii a* th* court a far have decil'i eg i. aat tb ri|tbt of th* eity li a caa? trl?d and unl?*? trio do clelon In rn eried by a higher court tbe d?pa '.m?n will ><"? ill control over tn- aquodu ?' jiroundi in th county of W?"?tcL *?>r. acquired by the payment c three tinier tbeir value. mtlroM D rt'UHAM or UEOl'.VD ?OB A ?l? ErlEE' DIE No direct progrvr* bat yet been made la tb* pur aha e of ground tor a new and larger re*etT0ir. Th neceulty for tbia work ? ** plae> d b-i >re tb* 0. .am Council iu Juo?* ;*?t Doc No 41. which wa? referre to the Committee on th* Croton Aruedue! Depart meat. that no definite action ban been had. aeoma t ba?e ati?> n more iroui a want of power* than a d< ttclent appreciation of It* ncceteity. In th? aieal tin r rtal ? "tat ?? on '1' i*.ai,d n conatantlv .n I rapidl I tUiiig in v?lue niu~h ta-i r tban the in.. . ?<; on it | coit while rale* in aliiRle lot*, and par *1*, lucretaing the fciimb. r ot owner* and unking II mot difficult to |r<eure in a body, the number of aor r*qulr> d It i? respectfully iuggerte'1 that tb 0 tnoj' n Council by re-oiutlon dir. ' i he Klnaa' Cr. u.uiltt< >'. the I ouiptroller. tbe Cirton Ajela CciLOiItt* e, or tbl* department. to pro-*?d named at?ly In th* purcb?*< ot the grontid. If th-jr* ?.-re r other rea?on lor action. e*on< aiy w < 1 deioan i I but tfcer* *re oth-r and Imperativ" r<-???n" Cat. year will lacreaee tbe n*c?a?ary c>n* iraprion eater atd the re.en "ire now built ar ? barely e,4u I to faieWh the wai.te of the city for the tew dare thi I the a 14 ? i.-t 1 ? ,r? < n ? tl to p?r in it .?<* ntn? i a a r [ repairs nt It* Iaterior, a< . ran It bow ba dra* 'without a *? nfailou 01 >-ar and aniteiy wlilsh l* *ea>| jiar r?ae*fd aad i?;"ea?<d 111 if tbe n .?n? Mrrin,i a more roptoua (apply be not provide* with tb' n?'lt t.Ti- ??ar* tlie-? . xauiiiiat 1 a in ? ! aba ii- Ilka eliy be ? nhwut water daiiug* | Mh| 01 th* Hate they are in progre**. tlWlll it* I EAI?* ? *A?T I RKtiTIt Of IMral The Bureeii ot ? w-r ? an I In alu? ?:'a net ' depar'mant ba' b?en rtr.v actively ? ul*|ad th," urfl out tli? ieii>>n. Ht.d a large amount ot work ha< be I h. c< n. l i-l.> <1 1 h? reenltlmr 'ro-n t' ?? <? | etracrita of *ewer* la Ike lacr*a*e<l eca??aiea< rleoali'i ?? anl r? ml. rt ' t etery d?. ;.lr.? . u '.???? t | with -hea I- ' 1: . I ? ? I ;? ly knowr. 1? ??? it dwelling* ?n eonneef?d ar? greatly p'ef-rred hy t? aat* ami aa adeaacrd roat. aiore tban eiinal t* il t . 1 ' - 1 < Ii t . e I ??? I - a I , , . 1 Ma-:,- . I ! I ia 7 | prriod la not dletant *b -n tht y will ?oma to bt _ ddered m (M-ee*aary an *pp<-ad*ge to ?avty hoa e a I ?up|lTi'f*?tet ?ud *l?n an the inn', r 1 ly a. i ? I tain lueaba 1! prno'ing and | reae , aa th* |> ab I I r a i ' h 1 he ii , , - ' ' ? .1. I | rawer* in atreeta *re*<lag tbe 1*1 aul It we r* well, ail ca?- ? ' '' f tli? prior ir ?' t I at pint t h ? tr a* h'"' trv t ???-?? ? : ? th' " ? l*ty or eight y t?et ^>t the aumiok Kiel A < re wind Mowing directly Itato the mouth of aay la< ? eaer for ka> taorn that in Tiv> nty third ctreet. . aat >llarb*i?e liaelf iNm n h th? ?mall o enlnra i-ft 111 t | Tentllatira. ai l aa a ? on- ,i.h,m noan-ti u** ? roaif* the reri?tan. ? "-11 I hv t?.? - n " | pipe* atidprur* the dwallla.' eoluniee Of !? ait till* *' iild h- < 'tu*;iT ob all tb*re a 1 \ |a>**"a oper> d to It Irrra liter to rlrar Nature haa furnlab> d et"rr fx ility to n^ab* *b? e atruetlon of reeera eaay, and their op*ratlur aerf To do thl* only require* ordinary nare aad ag',|f | regulatirn of *tr?eta frttn the aumralt to ?IU??r Diakirg the grade, tf poaalble. r.Titinuona In *t ?iraet. and giving to ea> h Ita ind pendvn afi king the error* of enrvea. an J frequeat eoao hv ahirh the r?lo. lty of the ourrenr ia ariaot d priflt* >|ulckly formed a&d eoa?tant char**t li, ar for rliaoli g A ateM^bt iewer of uropar form, K11 Inclination of eight Ircba* to a hiiodr?d f- et, we rerarr*Tnlre th* outlay of a dollar ia cleaning the re?< ltlng harln* only wc iiid demand oe.-?a|r fji lintko Old error*, a* in the rra<lx of Oanaf utr th* l."t>llert arovada au<l iome other part* of tbe r are probably Irreparable; If they rf rre a* eautlo pnvaat Maiilar orea hart alter. Id tna ui pt ti,| i [ rarta of the laland. they will aol b*v* h??a with their benefit*. The practical op?ratioa of the ordinano* r^uU< eontiact* ?apeclally *a affertiag the fonitrii tin rcwer* I* found to be iDjuiiou* The lvtl'.h -eetio th* otdlnani * OTRaoiJlog the <!*nartcienta <V tlie alelpal goveroB>?-nt of th* city r* ,tew Vork " c im the award ol all eontiarta ' to tht iuweat 1 tj. I'ndar an enaetm?nt ko irn**rativ? it hn* hanp? that thl" depa.rtn ? at ban < Dtirrd Intj contr* '* 'I It a a* within It* In t|. dj*. that the Ind". rid ,*'. not the Bee<'?aary mechvnl<sal *kill Th* length ct *e*>t* ronatructed dariag lb* year ntrnun'.* to t< n and a quarter tuil 'i TV? depcitmeiit ha a rerently a*ffert*inad by t. <? fnl revliw of the d^' iimtnta Is- it* paa*ef*|-)n. ala*t? reliable.) that tbe whol* len^ ,b ul $? r? now in nae In the city reache* to leveoly mil- 1 Irg the coat rf all re^alt* -qu*l to }27 Si r*e ai:,e, the k|tfcD*l ? h?ej* rf rlei rlipg th< m and the T-"< Main* gad ralvattA 77 per mile. All the I o*ir?. including that In Can*l *tr?ef have I thiro ngbly e|eaB*ed doting th? pa*t *? ?a< n and BOt e*t>ect? r| that th* enaaal coat ol thla e -rti -e he nmeb Ircreajed f'>r *owte y?*ra to co-ue. s p?r of thi ae *,w?r* bntlt In yeara j,?at an lih* 1 ?| g with' at rati hole*, through ?* lil~h to a >r, *n I e thrm. or they *re plareJ ao ftr *p?tt a net tu th* frqalrt I f?cUiU*i lor that purpose ; eutdf th*

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