Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1851 Page 3
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yrcpriatlcn (or the year 18(1, under th? head of " sewers and drains," enough will be taken to remedy ?oae of these defects. We are glad to perceive that many hint* of the Hit aid, In reference to the draiuage of the olty, hare been aoted on, and attended with the moat beuetiolal Willi. THE <iI'KITIOV OF FIIE WiTU. The report effectually disposes of the olap trap pro position of Alderman Ilawes, of the Tenth ward, and other*, in reterenoe to the delusion of tree water to the cltltees, and complains that the vague eipecta tione created by these vulgar ad < ajiUndum appeal* for popularity have had a very Injurious efTeot oa the revenue. The income on the water has never yet equalled the interest on the debt IIow then, can it be tree Ever* man who voted for the measure in 1136 did so with the full consciousness that the water was not to be fiee. THK S*>. ARIES or THE PEV ABTMKMT. The expenses ol the department tor salaries were, in 1848, *18 469 76; in 1840. $22 613 28, and in 1850. Vil li % 42 During the period above indicated the impor tant Bureau of Sewers and Drains has been annexed, and the income derived from the department more than doubled The following are the details oi the salaries To Nicholas Dean, President 1 year, (2 000 00 TbeoR De Forest, Commissioner. " 2.000 00 Alfred W Craven. Chief Engineer, " 2 000 00 Edw. U. Tracy, Engineer " 2 000 00 Bevo 0. llance. Register '? 1,600 00 John P. K lender. Water Pur '? 1,600 00 Wm. Farrion. Arrii-'aiit Register.. . " 1 000 00 If. L. Robertson Cl'k to President, " 1 000 00 Alex. F. Dodge. Bewer Con. Clerk. . " 1 000 00 Edm. E Dean General Clerk. ... " &00 00 Wm Y. L* Count, Cl'k to Register, 11 600 00 JohnM. Morenus, do. 7 mos. 291 69 Seymour V. Moody. do. " 29169 Gilbert II. White, do. " 291 69 Thomas llook. do. " 291 69 John J Concklin. Messenger. . . .1 year, 470 00 John D. Vanburk, de to En ofliee, ?' 216 00 Jas Oulick. for'n Prov Yard.. . . " 620 00 D. Adamson. Bup't at Croton dam, '? 600 00 Jas. Kootf . de at Sing Sing. ? .'>48 00 Bernard t)ee; do lirryrown " 470 00 Jas. Bremner, do Dotibs' Ferry.. . " 470 00 Abm. Seudaer, do Yonkers u 470 00 J. L Btrrian. do Fore ham " 470 00 Jacob Mtoie. do High bridge " 470 (W J. Geary Keeper. Itec'g Reservoir, " 730 00 Simeon Pomeroy do. Dllt'g do. 10 mos. 608 34 Hiram A Majuaid do. 2 " 121 66 ?W. Uodgklnscn,Cl?rk 1 " 4166 Total 42 * Net new in tbescrvlos < f the Department. ?upc "lor Court* Ot.NEKAX. TERM. Bvtcre Chief Justice Oakley and Judges Bandtord and Paine. Jan. 11. ? .im/reio Son vi John .fl Ciuttman. ? Appeal from order made at tpeuial term, before Mr. Justice Sandford, be, and the same is hereby, In all things afhimed. Claudiut }i vi. John Rankin if als.? Ordered, that the order appealed from at special term, be re voked without costs to either party on the appeal, and that the order on file he substituted therefor. IN UHAMBKK3 The Hon Judgn Bandtord presidlcx;. J*i?. 10.? A. W.Goff, charged before Pctice JPjStice Osborne with obtaining mooey from Captain Li ngo of the sahooner WUtiam Clark, by false feetenr/es, was fcroagtot before this Court oa kuUat etrpun, and die t barged It appearing that the money *"*s obtained by virtue of a power ot attorney from Collins, who had werved as a seaman on board the schooner. Stennahip PaKTltlo, DMtitftxr 9, 1600.? At klB(C'iD< hflu on b<s?.rd t?e steamship Pa'ifio, Captain J?r ti?. S. U. Hipkine. ut Philadelphia, b- in/ call. -.1 to |h? chair, ana Janus A. Uilb*-# , ot New Yuri, havine been appointed 'MntUrr, a committee wax appointed by tn* chair. :ind the following re*olati*n passed:? Ke*olv?d, That bavisr h<en piu'i np'r < on hoard the steam ?bipOhio < at tain J. r. Sch.nck, on hrr lute passage from New York to llai una, and hating b< en witness-- to the pro ?***i*i*l (kill, anil untiring vigilanuu of the officers in <fii?. ml, of that n?bl>' ?htp, desirous, aads.i/.; the opj ortu aity of giving "xpression to our gratitude, ?o' i.nly t r the aaatieal skill exe roised for our sufcty, hut especially for the attentions "f kind, r*-eivrd at their hand*, making our pas ?<ii In ail re'peete happy and pleaeant. SHELDON if. HOPS INS. ot Phil., Pre?. J VC. A. aiLBBKT. of New Verk. 6-c. CAPT. JOHV I'iVNI, Philadelphia. A. SsNDS, New York. ROS* WIIUN'OH, Philadelphia. ROBT. B. WtA VLi:. Philadelphia, And eomc 4fty otliere. Pntf Thonnaud Coati, Pantaloani and Wai> trusts, of the latest fallsttle, from (3 80 to *10, at ?HRPBIRl>'S clothing Store, Chosnnt street, (eoond door at?T< Third, Philadelphia. Tke Ladles alio aid all procure a pair of India Rubber Uioves, tu enre their hand* when chapped or rough, and prot.ot them while engaged in dumestio affaire. They are imparviou* to ho', or cold water. For sale by BITCH00CK A LEaDBEaTRR. 347 Broadway. Price fire Bad ill shillings Riding . m Horseback la th? best enre In th* world lor lassitude and nervousnee*. and we *an assure enr fair readtrawho fancy they have no more conetitutiea than a butterfly, tha* a rid* on horseback at Diskrow's splen Aid aetahluhment. No. M Fourth arena*, wonld itnprov* their health and apestiu, rive Inetr* to th*ir languid *??*, make their hearts throb with joyou* teaeatione, and plaoe them better Mrmi with themselves and the world arouad them. Bis sshsel I* open daily for ladies, from 8 A. If. to 3 P. M. Al?o on M?n<ay, Wsdneeday and Friday evening", for ladle* aad gcatiemsn. and *n Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day eveaiat*. to (eatlemea only Grand Gift Concert.? We call the attention ?f aarraadrr* to the advertisement uf the epleadid UiUCoo ?ert. to come off shortly. The programme is iade*d higiily attractive, aad tt* gilt; ar* ef th* moat valuable demrip ti< a- 1 he tickets caa le obtained at Firth, Pond k C*. *, No 1 Franklin *<|uare; and at Vaaderb?*k'* Musiu Ware reasu, <79 Broadway. " Absolutely necessary ' That every one ?fetnld attend to their undemanding* To do e* properly, they *h*nld patroaiee BROOKS, No. lau Fulton street, wboee steek ef laaie*', gentlemen*. nnd children* lieoU, Ihoee, 4)*ll?r*, Overshoes fee , ie the cheapest, beet, aad largest in the eity. His bnffal* *v*rehe?s are particalarly recom meaded to travel In*. MOHBT >1 A It K ? T* 8?Tra?4V, January 11? ? P M. Tliers was nothing new In th* (took market to-day. Priest were pretty wall su*taln*d, bat the transac tions wers not large. Ths hfarj payment* Into th* Caatom Ilonse. on account of cutis*, begin to alarm MB* of thoss who arc deeply Involved In ths stosk operation* of the day as holder*, and apprsheaslsas ar* satsrtalnsd thst the markst will fall off mash mor* rapidly than will be somlortcbl*. It Is impossibls, at this sarly period t? form an Idea of what th* importa tloai daring ths spring ars likely to bo. Th* proba bility la that th*y will be large. We hay* no control oyer th* Importations on this ilds of th* Atlantis. Thsrs ar* so many goad* sent snt on foreign account and pnt upon ths markst through oar aaotlon houses, that no Issai influsnse, bat a stringent monsy mar ket, sen regalats in sny wsy ths Importations. Thsrs Is an impression abroad that our markets hold oat great inducement* for shipments of goods; the largs receipts of gold from California, ths general pros perity of ths country, the high prices current for our great staple product all tead to giy* an lmp*ta* to Imports, and swsil our indebtedness to ths manalM tnrsrs of Rarop*. Th* amount of soal transported oa the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad daring the week ending January 7. was 27.726 tons; prsviously this year, 160 670 tons ? total. 174 296 ton* 0am* time last year 17.113 tons. Increase this year 1)1.1*2 ten* The committee appointed by the late Railroad Con vention in Pennsylvania, to solicit stock to the pro posed ronts along the River Lehigh to Tamaqnn. have met with very good *acss*s. Th* smoant of stesk subscribed in Lehigh eoanty, will reach at least ISO GtO We Warn that the read will certaialy be ballt and tbat part of th* tame will b* pat und*r contract befei* May nest. Stock Rxehangel ?A?M *r*Y7 I id 'a Miji.s'a R b? IM* I edtaus lW's pfd 41 176 d* 6."., H'?'i H idisa N iivads 9V '??? do uw MS (W?> krie Income V 1 "?? grit RR *1 W'?*l Tennet IvsmaS** , l??? do **1*4 M-O Rrt* >4 Ron 1* 10. W do b30 '?!? IWll do 1?.' 16*) 4* MM ? . . Ue Del k Hud full Ill's lUI do b ? '?IJ< " | 10 _ *? mr, d* mo 10 Rank of America ll ?. list s0 ''i. ?0 nk C.mnf-e? falliM ivst Ilarl-m UK 7"\ :ilRo*erv B??k M >?i do l,|n 7?<J 'AIRroadwsy Bant 1 08 Ito *e KW "H'. lo? Canton ll* M too d* 7f ll ?, d? . W'a l?* d* f?){ '3|r?r?"t* L. aa ?1 1' Hii Uca River R it *? IP do At 6 d* v,U MJd? !. 0 *<A M do M ? '<? k'0 (?' 1 1 Roeh a Srr**ne* lp? dW Morris t anal * ^ 'aV P rts th Dry l?k h?<0 II ?? <e ?H de hi ..?J J* ?, 4 1 Merlem RR srf dlll II* '? sSg ?>W to N?r n Were RR ?.? I7U J* ? ? *W SO de ?*r? ?7 I'.*' - as', f<* *? msi MO Reading RR, iat eR 71 : ?? do epf *" . . ?tft*D HOARD ??? .he Hsr'ea RR n.* ?".hs I' t em nth ft li 10U JI? w? 7" ^ V?MsdRi?*R h? R?*2 W do b(0 II >1 So vlW l?o Parmere' Tr # U 2?i R*id R1 71 ?o c?nt*n c? ?*o rfv< tin 4, #rf ;i 1W d?. lit M Jo #rr f!w are iris r it ftr, m di M do 'Ji |.n ?. IH) 7ivl I do _ ?*% !<?* d.. slit 1;n 1 Gs ri'J nm Mcrrfj" Cast I ?Vi 71. J | 1? _ d* mo ifU T . 200 Pertemenlfc D D bAi u 100 ,u -P$ ft 4DV EHTiyiHE^TI 1I5RKWBI) KVHRf PIT, ?VBf.lGlOl t M? l l? 1C?. DRV 004>DS rt.ERRS M. R. AND P. ASSOCMTION - Uy reins**. <f U,e *? eiatl'a M !!?v F. II. Chasia will ^ tiier e t'.oa tbis svsstnr. ?t 7 ' ? s'rloeh ,n Murray frett Churth. Pnf'jeet? TM Eatly Uloiis* '<f 8t t."*. ?roaTino. G ? ?> ? Mill fOR ' F " A It- s ? ? r ' ? n ? ? "ill t " * < en ' v J "< usy Walker, at Ma. er's Ce.i ert Hell. *s. l*'l fcli?sl?; < r*- ?* Tn*?daf erenla*. Jae II, w<ion h? still M a*xisted ' y all *f tke tnost emirent professor* rf 'he m??lr lit -Ji 11 StiUi var. I^hsr.y Walker .IJeor I ? es. Rill Wil?. n. M "e M r phy, R'iMis Trlrk'.Tfi O l> saell, Phillis Vlnre. I> 1 U -ily, Jem S'ewnrt snd a h ?t rfoth're hue in th* knits' man ner pTM?is?d to n tnaklnw' this one of ?l.e ?e*t??t and re. ft s..l?sti*c tr ttl'fth* new )? %r. Johnev Wslk -raid t>iiklis tricks will wind up the sports of th* ?v> ula*. A twenty four f^nt roped stare ? ill be ereited in th* ?en?r* of Ike ball, f <rr Ins a p rfnt picture of the ter-nUr prise ting, eo thai *11 will have en op? rtneity of ?|tneseiax *he sport* rf the eteair.g. T]cl:t? veat*. dptiriait to ?t'ist*?saie tt f s'slork ?PECU1. ROTIOK*. (ll.OBE LODGE -THE MEMBBB8 OF GLOBE LODGE, * No 537. I. 0. of O. r.. are reipeetfuUy invited to attend the fuLcrel of our late brother. Charlea rashtmann. from (he reeidcuce of hit brother 170 Caaal ? treat thia (Sunday) morning. January I2tb, at lOo'olock. J. HEM KOSE. N. 0. NOTICB.-THBrOU.OWINOABTICI.BS HA V K BEEN received lr?m Philadelphia by the Oarndea and Am boy Railroad:? One Half- pipe, 8ei*n Barrel*, and I an and a Half Barrel* ?f Li.juor, for " John Graham;'' Three Cases. marked " H. U. 1 and 2, d. 8. 3, No. 133 Water street," eontaiaing C'ai'?. The consignee! are desired to call and receive thorn, or they will be cured at thair expense and risk. Now York, Jan. IS. 1851. A. DECKER, A rent. Brokers or others reueiyinb or ciiing iuk lire'* on any of the Bauka of Nawburgh, Oraage [county, marked on the back with ink. the initial! C. U. M. or W. Trust. w ill confer a favor, by dipping a line through the 1'oat Oflioe. addressed J. Q1LM0KE, No. 92 Sixth avenue. nrriiK or tub new york gas light oompany ' " December (4tb, IKAO.? The Annnal Rlection for thirteen Directors of this company will bo held at the office, No. 174 Centre street. on Monday, tho ISth day ?f January next, from 11 to 12 o'clock A. M. The tranafer book will be oleied Iron the 88th mat. until after (he election. By order, C. L. EVERITT, Seorctarr LOSV, Ac. at 1 fk R E W A ? D.-LOST, ON NIW YEAR *"^7^ fP 1 \J while makinit calle, a diamond linger rir ~ aud aet with three diamonds. Whoever will rotr r.T.,* ring to Br. A Barnard's, No. 1! W*U atreet, wil' 'f* ' I * T above reward, and the thanks of the o?n'r. i rtoeive Cin REWARD. ? LOST, ON TUB EVEN Tvn ftP Tn. W A" fitb of January, between Houston an ,'i; or taken by mistake, from 627 Broadway. . ? laca turf. Whoever will return the .a ?treat will reeeive the above reward. * , Moroer bare; weare reddUh oanti. brow ? .^i^a't'Jouttd'blao'kfur cap:nrKS*K wiiTN^i? "6 0,8 ?r ,11 f*ra? HIGH I. W tl 1 1 Nt Y, i ? ... it s , ar.". Bolton, Ma-s. T ?*fTIjlf 4 iOHTH STREET LIME OMNI ?J bui. ln ? rowiue atrett to the Italian Opera II o it i e , a I u rg e 1 1 ac k La ^ v#i, Who#v? wiU i^,' ttie an? the i hank a of the ? *iU ?oeWe ? KooJ "w*rl tlr am? . WA?taflj7v^ P1TUATI0N, IN A WHOLESALE OR the rat all busir 8tor*- by * young man who has been in wateh *" fbr ">? '??' fhree year*. Dai aome know ..r repairing. Recommendations. and the beat of Mierencea*n <B. Addresi S. 8. C- 370 Broadway. W A?rT kD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, f ,n , .iter. Nurse, or for general housework. Beatoity *.?..? r ' tfiv?"?- *'?n b? icen at her preaent plaee, dVlroy .trcet, >r % Uw ityl ANTED.? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE kin yoi'i'f fill, aa eooh. She ii capable of oooking all * . Jr. la willing to aaaiat iu waaliing and ironinc if rt ltiir . Wit hea to d-t In a leapectable private family. 1'1> aa.; all at 1?7 Sullivan atreet, in the rear, leeond story. To be mi for twe day a. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESHECTABLB GIRU aa Cook, or to do the general homework of a privatu family? alao a gnod waahor and rroner Can *iv? good city reference from her laat lituation. Please call at No. bl Croi^y atreet, front baiement. WANTED. -A YOUNO MaN, RECENTLY ARRIVED from Bootland, wanti a lituation an Coachman or lnai<*c Servant ; haa been acouatoinud to wait at table ; alio the care of horaei. Aovertiaer haa a th'irouxh knouledgeof hi- bMtoM*. and bunaa eioellent teitimomali from hia laat employer'. Would have n> objaotion to ('? Sooth or Welt. Addrraa J.i Mclvor. 17H William atreet. WANTED? A B18INE35 MAN. WITH A LITTLE oapital. to join the a<lverliaer iu manufaoturir.' ir t el"i in great demand that realiie a large profit. Or one to puribate the whole or partial rilht to mauufaotnre for him self. Apply fiom 10 tc 3 at 6th itnrv. 100 N aaaau atreet. WANTED A OOOD COOK'S PLACE.? A' RESPEC table woman recently from L' n'lon ; ii a Pntcatant. No objection to go to the country. Addreu 8. E. Herald OQie* ; will meet immediate attention. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoong widow woman, a* Oovernen in a reapeotable family; the ia <|ua)lfled to teach all th* Inzliih bran, hea of education, and the pianoforte. Salary not ?o much an ob je? t aa a comfortable home. A letter uddreued E. S . this otliee. ?eating where an interview can b? had, will be pr mptly attended to. Wanted to kent, prom the eirst or may neat, a house la Broadway, not below Chamber! uor above Canal atreet, or in the firat block of Chambers atreet, wcat aide of liroadwuy; loag leaaa made if deiired. Addreu E M., 12 Park place TO DRUOG18T8 ? I DESIRB TO PURCHASE A DRUG ?tort in thia citj, or aa inter*** ia on*, eatabliahed atd doiag a profitable buiinen. Addreu- A. B. C., box 3.CUI, K ? er Poat OfBe*. TO WATCH CASE M\KEKS ? WANTED AT 41 11EEK man itre*t, two Jvnrnejmen Wateh La ac Maker*, wh* under*tand their trad* thoroughly ravorable term* ar* efUrrd and a<r?am*ni wlU b* mad* to keep them constant ly employed. TOR SALS AND TO LOT. Foe sale, or exchange po* city peoperty Tbe farm, kaawa aa Howard Plaee, ooatainiac about 200 acres, aitnate *n the tenth Bay, near tn* villag* of Sa/rill*, Long Island, formerly th* mldenea Capt. Mareena Manaon. About half the land ia uad*r a high atat* of eultlvation, and tb* whole 11** ilopins beautifully towardi the beach, aad la oapablaof grtat prodnotioa. The manaion iaiurrouaded by aa exi*aaiv* and baantllul lawn, well (haded with treeaand ahmbborv? oontaini about 10 rooma, ii in good condition, aad haa be*a recontly pal a ted; ooaob bona**, itabUax for 13 l.oriei, on* of th* larc*at barns on th* Itland: houieilor io*, milk, coal, amoking; tooli. *c.; cattle *h*di, pig pees, eon hou**, Bo. All on the mala travelled read, about a onart** ?fa mil* from tb* wat*r, with a handsome avian* leading to th* b*a*h. Thia I*, undeniably, a v*ry deairabl* reiid*aoa, from it* peculiarity of toil, th* parity and abnndano* of wa ter, (there arc thro* wolla of aoft water, beiidM **v*ral ?piingi. on th* premieea, ) modified tea air? th* balm* brt?i**from th* beau tifal bay read*ring It dclieiouily eool In lummar, aad qolte temperate ia winter. Th*e* a I van tage! reader it one of the moat healthy location* to be found. There ii oa the place a yoang orchard ef aboat 150 traee of ?elected graft*d frait, aad aa *xt*a*lv* gardaa fll tad with a great variety ef entail frnlte, plant*, grap*(, hn. Gam* abonada in th* Tleialty, and the molt eathuilaatlc diiolpl* of laaak Walten can be gratlled to hi* htart'* dcair* with the flah aad oyatare from the Bay, aad trout ia (heal* on hi* own aad the neighboring itream*. Manure ef th* b**t quality i( eoattaatly depoaitlng *a the beach ia Urge (aan titi**. aad tb*r*fore *o*u oaly tb* labor of tartiag. from ?very part of the plaoe le aa aiteneive view of the Bay aad o?*aa beyond. The diatanM from New York ia aboat 60 mile*. Ike thrae hour* by railroad If not eMd entire by the firet of Pebraary, It will be divided aad eold ia oottaga lota. T*rms moderata, aad me*t ef th* purohaa* moaay oaa remain *a bond and mnrtaaa*, if d**ir*d laquiraof l>. D. HOWARD, Irving Home, N*w York, VT ALl'ABLE CITY PROPERTY P)>Z SALB.-THE v Leuie and l*t, No. 7? White etreet. three door* east of Broadway: Hie of let 2.'? x 101 feat, with a thre j stery and atti* brick hoas* th*r*on. The eiteniive improvemeati that are to be made during th* *aeuiag year ia the iminidiat* neighborhood make this, to a capitalist, a moil protitabl* in viatment. Price blOOiKl; if dedred, caa r< maia oa bond aad mortaaite at I per en: for nve yeara. The above to be ?ld Irea from all iaeumbiaacci. Apply t* A. Millar, Id Liberty itr**t. np ?tair*. A BROADWAY DRUO STORE POR SALE-IT IS Till ??lt premising loeatloa in tb* ?n ? aad deina a fine l.uiiaesa. The trade in fancy artmles li unusually profitable, la additloa to Ita ngalar family tiado. Btoolt and Fix tures mw and c*mplit?. Enquire of (<. Johnaon, l.a Willi a a Unit. VOI RALE-THE SUBSTANTIAL THREE f- VET I trick bairm. nt b?ua*. Ha. 1110 Elm a*r?*t. near broom* ?triit. f'er particnlan apply to t. H. OirriNG, No 22 Veier (treat. OSc* hcura from 1 to 2 P. M. HOUSE TO LET, AND PURMITUBI POR SALB^A geatlrmaa. aboat to leav* for Europe, olTera for ealehia ?atlre furmtnre for H.UXI. aad the l*aa* of hii house. Ap ply to C. 1 , 2.11 Eeurtb avenue. Orricis-i \rgr and Liaar orricEB and store Room to let. on tret floor. No U wati itra?t, for fifteen montbi, from I'ebraarr lat. Apply to A. B. MILLKB k CO.. No 2 Wall (tract. TO LET OR LEASE.? TIE PI V? STORY BRICK building No. 411 lirradway Apply to W. R LAWRENCE. JR. f.m Broad oay or r Wall (*. LET-ROOMS AND LOPT. IN NO. IS BAIDEN aaa. Apply to T.J B AONIN k GUEDI S. If Maidea lane, tip ital'l. iiih .ikv mooxB, a?.. wtitibT" OrncE WANTED OH BBOADWAY. be SOME or tho adiaesat ?tree'*, between Wall aad Graad etreeta, either oa the Int or lecoad Boerc. Addresa " Lovet,"*t the Porald an ??. C^ASAL STREET .?STORE OR ST?>RE AND DWKL / ling wanted, sot lar from Rr' adwar. for a tarm if year*, by ? ro 'd traam. with aa eatabliabt l bucincaa Ad dr<a* be i t.MI Poat Oflteo. \LT ANTED? HY A OENTl.BM AM AND HIS Win. A vv fam bed elitlnr room aad bedroom, wiihnat board, UlMMtaHefittie family. Tb* loeatio* aiu.t b btlow Caaal traet. ana tie r Br> a'.?ar. Rafer. naet uarswntioa ?II aad |< rma moderate. Addr* a " B. N*? Y <ik aad St at- n ?!? rrapb OfTo *, i llaaoeer stre*t. T?i aOAROIHO, Mr DOilD I P TOWN * BINO'OIII ROOM AN T.IB D Bt?t floor, nluw for * Birrlll wmh or twi ?lnflo partoM, (i? I* ?k??iu?d s? Ho. II* F? nrth, ?< mar I Abim ? iroot. til' h' no* I' lighted with km, hi? ? bn'h. Bil l i* wltbla eatrki" tif *aiak?rko?ktr ?(>?? rout*. 11* WriD -BOARD BOB *r,t!*TLI?AN ANB WIFE, " IK iff! I'rthelady. whar* iter* are hat (?w koardere. A f r ?. n ? room preferred, aad within t?? Tielaity vf Walker iiml. Ad'ire?? W iv jt offlM. HUKMB*. dm L'(ir bair.-a pair or riNt orkt hok?ic< r?vi F ?<-m Mfl fortlmUn three jair? ?? rrlrete fBrri??o borer* In this < Hy i ?i?ht yeara iM Apply ?t. Mo Mann ? itahla. in 8e?ont?*nth itrnl, near P ^nrlh itmt, y R SAI.B ? A flNB BI.ACK MARK. SIXTEEN HAN OS r i i|i ei? fter* old nritt ipt inr, *ad a ?tylieh ? river to a waeor or nader th? aed-tle, tftner for MIm or *Mitloni?n, l?li I h> nun o the Village Metdrn. I'll he it! the Biii'etrfan Initltute aed tidier Aeedont, 8o?th F 'inh ? troot. VT illltmol In iiilre of WII.^IAB I. AH UK R, J7 t^nth Fourth itr ot if or to lli? Ki liaft Ar Umj. cor mitnkiismipw. ?| i I'M or hardih-. * baii.kv i? t n is oat A Oieolnd ky In nut t??? t. Samuel B?il-y 1,M putw thiaed Iko mtor"i of Wnlur R. ffordlajr In tho HownN llp'tl All the It.etnrn of th? let* tlrii of lUrdin^ B Bailey Will ho M'llidl) ! ??eo I Barey, *? t h* una Hotel M Al r? R V lARDINO, HA Hi LLBAILRr. < Oi'i KTN It rt.- B IP.? SA MCRI. HAIi.RV hM k^oolAtri with Al.lif.HT i l,A F k, l .rm flT I f tho firm ol flolm an * Hark, raitf'l Statee Hotel, Baatoa, ta l tk-< ktmiaeee of eeU Bi? erd H<.i?l w ill ke roadaited nn'ier th? atjle an'l tlrm of CI APR A FAII-KV, where they will k? pleaded 10 ??d wait up. * their frieadi B?w Voa*, Senear? 10th. )*BI. T~~ BF ?Ct"C'RIBRR8 HAM RNTBRIP IBTO CO prtnertlip fo* tha pataoio of rondaetlnir a i>nrtl i Shitcnaier. I't oaiMi n and Coaiairr ia| hnat.ioaa, tin lar tie flm > I Jk?rml t B < arow. ROIIkRT k??lf. Job I. ivAI f'tf.lRLBS OAROw. fur imB op sr?*RV a ibaw is this da* di?u 1 fol??d >y uttMl aMMft, H*ary Bterry hanaf par chaied the entire irterert of Of*. I. Shaw thrt?i?. Th?ln<l rt?a of tha lata *tm w'll ha oottlod ky H'nry fptr/y, wha oill tojitmi.r ?j tho prM'at loeatioa, N ? l* Baid.n lata (AUaad) HRSBYKI ERRT, 0*0. la. 811 A# j Br* Tfti, 9,1 SBI. W1 SALES r,t Alt HON. *UNV AUCTION EEB.-aRRAT ??11 At auction ?n W?d? ~ 'Wm U *r?klui, Son* Co.. wiU at the Ueichanta" E.eli "dlL>' January 2#th, at U o'clock, en FlritBeeSSJ Rt *"!?? ?<? the lollow big day., 5W Lot* rortv .t?crth i-,,r, ''h- r,flh' *>*th Seventh avenues ; N?netf.flu?h <o" / u'"htl'- '"?* ???">. Seventy-ninth, SinbNinJ^.v? '?"Taiory Square. ) ninety- hlth, Ninety Lane Yn-ludniir ? <?th, 117th. ll?th, USith streets, enliiarlein tbflaat ri?r* 'tensive ?<"? privilege at Bay. on S AM AT .... r AUCTION, or SEVEN' PER CENT MORT if-nds, ol the Mad Uiver and l.aku b.ue Railroad ijITH, , .?The Directors of the Mad River and I.ak-= trie ? J CompMiy. will nell at auction. at tk Merchants' f"* , * jge. in the city ct hew York, on Tuesday, the tweuty ~ .ay of January, inbtaut, at 12 o'clock. ly Mciiri. ling 's1, y Draper Ik Jmts. Auctioneers, eigbt iiuadred thousand ints of jevt D per Cent Mortgage Bonds of the said com P jiy. These Bund* form a portion of aperies of $ 1 ,000,000, 4 1>C issued by the Had Kiver and l.ako Erie Kail road Com pany, for the purpose of re-l^inK their track with heavy T rail, and of paying oil' the floating debt of the company. Tliey will be eenruu by a mort^atre given to truntcea, ou the entire road, with its eiiuipmeiitit, fixtures and appurtenances, sub ject to a prior lien of $oC0,0ti0. 'the Bonus will be in suinsof (1,10V each, dated on the 1st February, I8SI, and having fif t?en years to run, with interest at seven per cent pur annum. Interest coupons, payable at the Bank of Commerce, in New York, on the first days of February and August iu eitoh ysar, will be attached to each bond. The roan extends from San dusky City, Ohio, on Lake Erie, to Bpricgtiuld, >1.14 miles, w here it connects with t he I.ittle Miami Kiiirund, running to Cincinnati. From Springfield, it extendi to Dayton It miles, and it has a branch road to Fladlay, It miles, forming a t < tnl of 174 miles of railroad. The road passe* through a num ber ol flourishing towns, and nu axricultu/al oountry of groat fertility. It ia finished, and in full operation; the net income for the four months ending on JOtli November Udt, having been 0. The cost of the road up to this time is $2,Sii6.72l IS Th? capital stock being... l,hJ0 035 CO Bonds alioaily issued 481,000 HO floating debt 2iS,iv?; 15 l'be terms of payment will be ten per vent cash, the bal ance to be paid in equal monthly payments of ten per cent, cimmer.eing on the first of February, th?j purchasers having the option of paying the whole amount in cash on that day. The bonds will be convertible into took at par, at any time keloro their maturity. For further information, and for printed statement ; sliowini: the c. ndition of the road, ap ply u> Mofsru. RAWV! . i :? ,? k SONS, Moruhantt Kkellauge, li' er n ? \ll N. < 0 . We, 14 Wall Street JWSI.RY. C. l.AWRAN ' X ft ??., AUCTIONEERS, < 2 Wail street, will >011, immediately before the large sile ol precious stones on Wednesday, 16'.li las (ant, a splendid invoice uf very tieli gilt jewelry, consigned b> an European house. The attention of the trade is particularly .ailed to this sale. All the articles ure of the finest descriptions ?nd suits hie either to thia or the eo.ithcrn market. They will be disposed of without any reserve whatever. Bale to be.;in at eleven o'clock preen ly. OUNL. V AN DEW A IE K, ACC MON EE It? LA KG E ?ND peremptory eale of Diamonds, Previous St >uos and Jewelry.? F. C. Lairn.uce H Co., v ill sell at their si'es rem, No. 12 Wall street, on Wednesday, Jan oa-y IS. ISSi. at eleven o'clock, an extensive invoice of preoioua etoues, com prising over lik) kar?'.s of diamonds of the tirst water. v?;i ous aisas; pearls, rabies, opals, sapphires, garni t* and o'.lier preeionssionrs Also a superb in> oice of rioh gilt Jewolr>, to ?hirh the attention of mannfac'iire's and dealers is par ticularly called. Terms undar $-V?, cash ; over and above that amount, approved endirsed piper, at four m*mth*. JOli p* PUBLICATIONS. A NkW MAI' OK TUS I'M 1*0 8 1ATKJ. CAN A H A, Mexico, Central t tncrca. the We?t India lalanls, Now imda ani Vene^uala, shoaicg the n. w boundaries of California, ttah. New Mexico and Tixas, and all tberoa'es overland and by the lailimus to Calfornia au'( Oregon, and also the r.utes of alt the Amcrinau and British Mail Steam ships throughout the West Indies. Compiled from ti e latest authorities. ar>4 publish, d by J. M. AY WOOD, I'J Bookman street. I'nce, ia covers SO o-n's. J I' ST Ft' B LIS II ED.? A N UNFAILINQ GUIDE TO THE genders of French ni'Un.i. Bv James C. Qord n. Price, ?S eenls. The waul of such a treatlv* as this has leu'' been t it. li is brief, and will be found invaluable to ?tud**ut* of the French language, aud as a class book iu academic- and seh'ovls, an a coui(auioa to the French Oraminar. STKINOKKfc ruWNdF.ND, Publishers, '22?i liroadwuy. NEW ( HART OF CALIFORNIA - THE I NI TED States Coast Survsy Chart of California, iust received, and lor sale by D. EOUERT Sl bON, tl'J Pearl st. PPBLIC LKCTURKI. <?CPIHITUAL KNOCKINOS EXPOSED " ? I). CH \CN k' ce.v Burr will give a course of six leetures on Imagi nation, Witchcraft1. Ohost- seein<, arid thn Tempertnent of Oeniu5, nt IJ o [ -a Chapei. No. 721 Broadway, commencing Monday, January 1.% 1 sftl , and contlnuiu every cening through the week. After the lectures, each night, Mr. Beinan Burr will expose the whole phenomena of ?' Spiritual Knocking*, ' in a series of elTeots upon the imagina' ions of any number of gentlemen who mav come forward, volunta rily, out of the audience, which are acknowledged to be the most remarkable experiments with mind ever before wit nersed In this eonntry. Admission US cent* ; children half price D?ors open nt half- past 6, lecture to commenco at half- rait 7 o'clock. INHTRDOTIOa. Spanish language and literature? pkofes sor A. P. Ban, from Havana, having a few leisure hours, will give general or private classes, at bis teildence or in any part of the city, devoting two hours te the former and one to the InMei ; either to beginners, or to those having stndled the language, and wish to acquire a more thorough knowledge of It; will hear, also, propositions from eollegee or schools. Translations in Spanish or Ingllib will be corroetly and pnnctuall* made Address Profeaeor BAR/. 44 Kobianon sk MORNING GOVERNESS.? A FKRNi'H LADY ITISH es to devote from :i till 1 o'olook daily, in a private family. She speaks the RngUsh language perfeotly. Tench es the ptano, siagni.'. and Italian, and has had ten yew ex perience as private fovernea*. Address to Madame DeB , Broadway Poet office. AN 1NGLIBH LADY WISHES fOR PUPILS. ADILT8. w bore education may knvo been neglected. She leachoe in addition to the ordlaary branohas. Music, French, and Prnwln,. She desires also to teach her own laaguage to French persons, who may wi<h to have a correct knowledge of the tongue. She eaa give references as to her eapabllltiM, fci . Application asv be made ae MS Broadway. 1 FASHIONABLE DANCING.- MR. BARRETT, PltO fesaer of Dsneiug, (pnpil of the celebrated M n- R. Oonloa. from Paris end Londoa.) re<iieetfq||y annnin -es that his second >iuarter is ubont oonimeneing. at the tpll Rooms. 410 Broaawav. on Thurt lays, at 8 o'clock, and Hatur ds\ mornuu'i at 10, for ladiesjnissei. and musters. OentW men's classes sn Monday aad Thursday eveuiairc. at H o'clook. Als", at the Institute, Washington atreot, Biooklvn, on Tne sdnys and Fridays, and at the Polytechnic Hall. Private parti' - attended at hours not engaged by clan.-< s. Private soirrts as nsoal TO TAILORS? D. HULL CONTINUR4 TO TEACH HIS superior method of garment cutting, with i?t the ex pense of a machixe. The beet tailors ia the oity referred to. Clsssea Monday aad Thursday evening, from cevaa te ten e'. lock. Terms of payment easy. Office No MM Broadway. New York, romer ?< Duaae street, Brst floor, room 40. Office honr* from two to fonr P. M. aiRCKLLAI EODk. CJOLD SCALES AND WEIOHTB, OF THE MOST A P > protcd Kreacb pattern, adjusted exactly to the Ainert ean standard of Troy weights, and of all sisca, from smallest to Isrrest. They are also made that they can be packed for shijsQ' nt la s very small compass, aad are the m >st desira ble article of the kind for California trade For sale by R. FA BHEtyl* ETTE4 FII.Sk NORMA. 7.1 William it , up stalra. Attention bikd fancibis and othehs -it is a fnot interacting to bird fanciers and cthere, that ig to handsome, loag caaary birds *rst rate singers, are aow sell ing off, at Idl Ml 1 1 strset, hit* per cent ch?aper than at aay other place In New York, fall and ae? for younelies, at I tRT ARHIVED FROM BRLGICM, A LOT OF ?Uri el rior canary birds, ef the first soeg, together with a lot ef L>ng brted oaaary birds, eii|ulslte shape; also, to peri or BIO. king birds, two years old, in full song; a variety of fancy osr-'s proof against insocts or wntcr. The above birds can be heaio singing frem seven o'clock A M. until tea o'clock P.M. For sale at 303Bo?ery, between Third aad Foatth streets. ?GRAMMES. It. .-.'10 HALF, 01 ARTEBS, EIi.B FHS MJ topes Cognac. Cbampagae, fcoonelle and Borgdeanx LranUiec 1 -IS 3ft, '40, '42 aad dt Bordeaux Claret la cavka and ? a??a. Whita Wine Vinegar. Cnampncae. (variuus Lraads. ) Sardines. Gieea Peas, Mushrooms ond Truflles, la aa si risd eaaaistera, for <al? by J. MON LI'N, I "4 Front st. BILLIARD TABLES FOR S A I.E.? T WO GOOD SECOND bnnd tai ier. ia good order aad nil complete, for sale. Also, any inmbar ef asw table*, with the pa-en t iadia ranker ?nskma, raadv fur setting up or shipment a*, the shortest aetlee, bv applying te T IFCO ? NOR, 41 Ann atreet. TO daguerriian ariists-the scale & 1'I.AT!" - 1 base tlates are marked with a seal", aud tb*l*iterC*a both sldei? the ma.k ef the raanuraotarera, 4' Chrisufle k Co. of Pat is. who have ?uceeede I ia (reiac ia/ an artit le super or te t hose previously made, aad will ei ntlnue to aaeulacture ae plates bat ef thle same tiuality, s? as to maintain t he high reputation of their work. Ar raagemrale have been made thai will eaable the subscriber to have a ennstaat su| piy ef those plate*, aad t > cell tin m at the lowest priece they eaa be imported f ir. S.ompb-s will bo ? eat oa dsaand. Addreas V H TOR Blsuiir, XI Metdea l.aae. up stairs. CAMFHENB, BURNING FLUID, SPIRI I GaR, AI.CO bol, aa? I he above articles, of tbe very beet qnal!**, aianufaotared aad for eale, la harrela tnd naif banels, at the lewcatjinoea, by JAMKS f. TaPSiJOIT", ?' South street. ftae"?seor te Ceoke a Adam*. The trade eupplled on favorablo tsraia. f ADIES OB (IBNTLkMEN DB8I ROUS OF CONYRUT li Ing Into rich their sap?rSiions iff seta, such a* ? aiit-olf slot I Inc. erst times. Are arms, furniture. ? atahee, aad Jc wst ? ry. will obtain Irom the enbsrriber bftt f r ? eat more tl ta here tel ore teteived, by seadiag through the p- st or other wi e. IS/tAC U. LYON. N?. 2 Wall street. I ACAAWAMNA OOAL ArU>AT.-TUl DEI.AWAKB mJ ill Hudaoa innni Oiaru) ?r# aow ptrpnrtd to atll uair lamp C->al afloat, in of ">n? and npn wd?. ?o ?biri'ira, At $A uA t'i *T'?? ten huli'f 4 on hoard, nt-1 f l> MM* >? ten on tha wharf. Ai plr n? tha nffioa ; f tHa Uon rnn?. SI ? lllumt. ISAAC W. ftBVNOI K. I'll* OA? BATTI t.-TUI IKI * AM) I lit OugVOlt C?: Mfl Ar* At cpaa war tn ??? in tut na ara hilt1) to ?*> that lilt ant t'erf' 'l ' ?rm <nf of n| <* ?<? n an a i Ik- ?*r>?" t >.r cit) f .tt.ora.tha I ?t?l an I fc rJiag hatiaa ki > p*r?. and. In fact, tha '?Hr? p?t la-l?a. mlatlia to iv mrri'a' I uit'l NAfartlr rllHI It II ? aaaiMMMiaa nf ? i linr? ?h kff arhaa. onto, flaa?, flMttlaaaM ?, ii< Ma P.tla ft? rlrtMthatf !aa4 pirat??, <ha nil ->r>4 m.'a.tha ? mp )? paM. ,ni?r? It DO Kit About III* BoMMI Af tha-.' H'lll 'l, Tt? nhala aflaatlte * "rid haa namj ad ?h?m with tha a?al af appr* \ a I | an 'I tha ? la ? f th'tn i< tn> ?? win ? wit 'i *, ? Mffi ?h?Wa, la tha atrnact H(M, 114 anall-tanr a of U.a pnMie la thair ?*'?<??? Fnr aala at t.'n Broa.lwaf. ALKXANDKK'a PaTKNT ARTINCIAt. LKR 1m. frinriral drpot. n Maidra Una. M?? Torh. Tha?o l?aeti?? h a? a baan appravad al aad adoptad M e*a of t'ia graataat anrrioal inaantinni of tha ana. hj nil tha prtoti tionora to whom thoj hart baan liitrodnaad. To aaoatma onlr tb? namaa that a?a tha moat ttal tn ai.ll j fcaawn, w? a'ull rr'ar. in Now T'rk.ta Pr> feaanr VnlanUna ItnotoraJ. P. Pamah, RaMnaan kt j and in Pari*, ?o Velr ?i, *l?. rd, tM< Mtna, A a. Snob nam ?? may <i>p>inao niUt a loacar Hat. Ihrar laoohoa aro atfar aloaafr, and canaa ini?h lo?a taiat? thapaMatitthaa iho rcpnla''- 1 natural laoohaa. Thay aro Inaltaralil a. and. If naad with pTopar rara. OTarlaatiai; 10 lhatahoxol t'fi. or tvtn .1" W. la north a??f 800 laaobaa. *> iha ralora tt inant tha r?*d? r I? tAlia aotlra of t:>la In aantioB. wbirh fa Invalahla la Iha fariai-r, tha dootnr. '? arary haad of a family. fcAHBKRT ALIXAWDRB. MLATIUMOXlAla. \ I ATR1MONT MAI'B BAST -OR HOW TO WHtA 1*4 l??tr.? I'mfaa'or l^iwtc.a, ol lx>adon, harinf Arriaad la Bcatca. willond to *nv addraaa, onraraipt of Oac DalUr. poat raid, plaia diractlpn* tr> aaatla Udiaa and xaatltmaa to win tha it rotad attaati n? af oa many nf tha ?r? >alt? aa thair hairta mar daalra. Tha pr??a?a la Hmpla. hat a? ? aptivatina that all ?a* b? marrlad, Irt^fpaotiva of ana, ar> poarai aa ar pnaitlna; and lna>. thna||h to* la.?at. It ana to Arrar^d with mah ta#a aad dallaarr that d> taallan la Ini r iiiMlt. Ad4ra?a Prrfmor Ij AWTON Baatofc Haaa. Kt ttar ttkca fram tha P?<t Offlra aalaaa tha p^a'ata lapAid A RD? MIIB.'PU w 8T r R. I'Rni PR 1 1, aDBLHIIA / tanHara 1 ar aar?(r <-i tn ladiaa aad taatlrman of tliltoity, la a?trr>l?(T, lo?o. and Ian mattara, intarpwtlna lr?am?,*a.. hjr bnaka ard ?.il? naa, n natantlr raliad -a hr Nap?lo'>a: and will tail Hia nama af tha ladjrnr jantlraan th?r mil marrf. Alan tfca tint of tha rial'**. Rraldanaa 117 (*l'nta? Ittaat. Ladlci atTtnty. Ire aant* O'ntUaaan aaa d?B?f. | AlBCIiKMKItTB. BOW EH Y Til KA1 KJt ? iXES, J8 CTR; PI r lfUCTS.; Kr I' lin B<.??e SO cents ? lioor* open at hair past 6, I < urt?l?r'?'? at 7 o'clock ? Monday evening. January U.lnM, I taUlbs n< ted, Ut new play of the STUDENT OF UOKLAl X, I or 1Re Patient Heart? Eugene '.era lie J u Scutt; Geuat D'Auvergne, Tltin; Hortetiac D'anveegnc, IUi Wemys*; Madame GeloUe, Mic Jordan. Mies lliflurt will e ng un* of songs P?rl> nu tuco wil oonolufe with BI5N TI:E BOATSWAIN? apt. Aet'n Mr Hamilton,

B?u Bnwlins A W. Femo: Kir A rthur Trevot, llart, Pope; R< sr. Jk"< Ban ?r D'-mo Ut'luU. Hi*. Broadley; Margery mum Mt?. w*i?ot. BURTON' THRA1 KE? CHAMBERS STREET, HEAR ol tie ityila'l I lie ncarc i thea tre to toe large ho tels? Dress I irde and I'sr |ii?tto ?'?' cm t?. Family Circle, "A cent*; Private Bnlti, $lsn' < 'relies ra S? it*.75oe*t*. Doors open a? li a>t' ? I #, to b? ^ u at 7 o clook ? Bcnclit of N r C. Jordan ? M. udu. evening juu. 1 I, will be pr .duced, the Personal Uiet r> ai d fci i crisncu of DAVID COPPER FI) I D- 1'avio Co| perflelil. Mr. Jordan; Mus Oeta-y Trut weod, Hra. fustes; Mr. Wilkina Mi. ranker. Mr. Burton, fcuet, ty Mr tidllr<i. Il.linao. Te conclude with P. P.. or Tht Man aud the ) iger? 8pia<.her, M. Jordan; Crape, Mrs. itwrett. ______________ National theatre.? CHATHAM streep, near Rooaevelt? Monday evening, Jan. IStb. I>v5l, the entcr taililieiiir ? ill ci mmein e with tl e musical ettraveirauiu uf lltAUTV AND 'IRE BEAMf, to le followed, for the tiret time ' bv nn Operatic Burlf talin two acta, untitled the FKOLIC OF TliE FA IRlSf*? Court t rarkovieaia-ki, Mr. S'ufl rd; Kieket iwh all vr Berber ; Maiourka. Mien K. k?f ajrer. Velva M'i>.? Malvina To conclude withe the pan tomime of 'I UK ROLUKdl AXE B i ? iA cents; Pit cetlt: i Irate lu x $.>, scuta in Private Box. $1; Sea'a in Orrh'.i'ra B> x. Ail cent*. Door* open at half- pact ti, curtain rites at 7 o'oli ok. Hk o u o h a m ? a i. r c 1 1; m ? b koa d wa y. near Broome street? Dress Circle anil J arouet, 60 c?nt*| Family Circle, 25 cents: Orchestt a Seat*. $1; Private Boxes. $.V Dtors open at half-putt six; to couimenoe at seven o'clock ? Mot'day evening, Jan 13, w ill be performed. DAVID COPPERFItLl ? David Cop per' eld, Air. Calmer; Uriah Heip, Mr. Owens; aiicawter. Mr. Brougham; Daniel Peg gotty, kr byline; Stecrforth. M'. Dunu; Mrs Mi Mis It lake; Arnes, Mi-? Mary Taylor. To bo fol lowed by the new American farce, by the author of Sitnon fours called TUB 1VIL,I> INDIAN? Mr. Brown. Mr l.ynae; Julia, Mrs. Loder. To conclude with JENNY LIND. M ECO AN ICS' DaU., NO. at BRUADITAY, aboyi Grand at ret t ? upou overy uixht durian the wvik unti further u tice. The ori(inal and well known CUKlsTY'f MINiiTHKI.a, ? >, | an ?Saint and versatile "eorpc* of " talented" and ' oaperirnued performera," under thema naitoment if E I' t'hrut). whose MMtrtt in -hie uity for > aiiocesaion "t "tivu years " have henn received withtavorbv highly respeotalile and lashionivble audioacee TiokuU a cent s Door* open at half- paat six , oomtoouceeat half pac loveu o'nlo. k The tatroua of (Jhriaty'e Minatrcla aru roe pectiullt informed trial t.liu usual Saturday afternoon oo?. oerta will he 4. >n>u tinned for tlie fntnre I^F.LUIVVA- OI'EKA ll()U?E, 411 UROA D ?VA V-F I It* T Orard Sstr. d Concert on Siinday vening, Jannary li on which iceaaioii Mr. F. F D> etor and Mme. Louise Doc tor, tbn celebrated Pianist*, assisted t.y Mr. Uondon, Leo Kld Meter, and two )iiuhg la Iv amaieura will appeaj'. ora open at f)f, etneert at 8 o'clock; aciois'ion 2Acenu. Private boxea s cured in advance. The Piana to bo > se 1 on tliia eccss iiis. ?? one of Era/d . Grand Fianoa. bcnK the ^ri/e won by Mr I laws, at Jolllo's Gift Concert, anl for sale at l.eucnte a Vewton'a ?. anal str-et CONSTITUTION I1ALL, [dill BROADWAV.-TBCItS da), 16th January- i'rivut* C'oLcert el the celetirated prin.a teacher Elua Valentiui, ani her pupils, aai rust wheat i-he can b .ast several bciutifol ainrers. Pro irr.n u ? I art 1? Spirit Oeutle, Mr D.; Eii2 irk dong? Misi fc U.; Duetto fr m arutiauid? Mrs. V. aud Aignera V'alen tini: Is . autcous eemt lance? Mr^ A.; t me ireaar il Pi into ? M:sa S C.; l.o?? Lannol ed a Fairy tl.-at-Mr*. 11; Cava lni Borgia? t<ra B. C ; Cava'.ina troanl? Mrs. K Jenny l.tnd'e celebrated llird 8. ng- Bigi ora Valci.tini. Part i? Duetto Lit'la? bign ra Vslt nti- i and Mr. P.; Caya'.lna Taaao? Miss swia? Girl? Mi s S C ; Ouetto Guiramouto? are. C. anl "i^nora Val'tutini; Aria LirCa Mm li. a id S P.; Duetto I'uritani? >i?n ira Valtfii iai Mid Mr. P; Aria tiotnnaaib.ila? Mis. B.C.; K?niatia Puritam -Mr P.; Jenny Lin t s cele brated Euho Sung? Minora Valeutini niiscra Val>utinl will preside at i he ? I ,an ' ianoforte ?f oilbsrt, 4 i7 Broad - wa>. For aingiii* na, tlo >au be aeeu in Oonstitu' ion Hal! ( mi dat , Irin I till t o'tMk J UNE *. D CO. S CiR US-NEW ) OR* AMPIIlTdEA tre, 37 B .?er) ? Muuuay ?\ouing January 13th. the nerfiimauca will eomu.euou with a "Grand Mk-qncale t.utree," to ia I 11.. wed by eril!iant new 'eat ir.ja in soencs of II. r^eiuars ipaod . latMo OI> mpic (lames, in winch the en tlic troop will apptar. Mona. Francois 'l'ournaiare. in kia Heat act upon m?n hors a. aa the "Courier of At. Peters burgh " The French ir.-ure.iin t'tir extraor 'luary i?r foimancs* umveiaaily pr i ian?ed o b? tli-! pjrfeotion of h rttmanship i? conclude with a liuxhsole aft jrpieee Joe p. n lsnc.CLO^N Inactive preparation, a "Grand Ori ental Patraat " aotice w II be given of ita tlrat perform vote. B.tRPIlMA aMLRKAN MUSEUM.? P. T. 'lAKNI'M, Plopnator and Mai ayer. ? John Greenwood, Jr , Alsiat ani Manai'er ? A imntance is ihe Museow, aud uaon aal. on psrUimance. Ja cei.ts; ehiloren under t?n v ears uf age U'j cents. Perl'uimaaces eommince as J anu at 7 o'clock. In tbe afternoon, wil) be pre>*ined the comic, rnman'ic aed e.traordiuary |iree, Ir.-in tt e Frenon, entitled ROBERT MAC A IKE. in which Mr. Penkins will appesr as Maoaire, a pa t in which he has b--"? tor yeara eminently dietin (nubed. In the evening, w ill he parlormed the highle eele ralec noial and daaes'ii' dram s, prepared from U .gart i s iu moital pictures. TUE cLRATai S UAUGUTER. The ei tire Chinese Muieiim. a million of Curieutica, and tbe Gipsy Fortune Teller, may et be seen here PILdalM'S PKOORlas? NOW OPEN AT (YABUINQ t>B Ball, 6U8 Br. adws>. uear Houston, the Panorama of Bnajan'a Pilgi mi's Progrea*. D ors open at 7, to com mence at quarter Cetore S. Admitsiou li t-nti. An after noon eahio'tion oa We?.nesdaya and Satardajt. When Cbllaren admitted half price. ?j<RANELIN MUSEUM? 17b CHATHAM Sv|U A RE.-TWO are aiven daily, coiiimencint at 3 o'clock la tbe alternoun. and at hall past aevea la the eveaing. Ttii entertainments aru varied and seleot, and inch ae eaa b? eeen at no ether plat e or ansmmeni la New Yerk, ooaaietinf ol Lea's Female kthiopiasi Opera Tronpo. numbering fifteen Biformsra. being the lergeet and at the same time ihe moat lented band In the Uaitod siatee, a troupe of Model Ar tiate, who are selected for their beauty aud hgure.aad whe peranaate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from tbe picturea ef aaoieat and B>eera times; a company of Aral Oirle, who go tlirouih a varlwy el feata of etrenntli and dex terity; Madame loaallnc, the only Female Juggler ia the world; Sign.r Eegar, the best Ventriloquist ant Magician in exietanoe; with a variety at amusing performancee every af ternoon and even i ox* Ad miasi .n ? St age Seata, S7H cente. Boxea, Z6 centa; Pa-quet. U*t eeatc. (~1 RAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO MR. BTE ' vena, Stage Manager ef (he Bowery Theatre ?A meet ing of tbe C? mmit lee or Arrnn|?mente for tbe above named purpose, will take place at the Wee'.cheiter liouee, corner of Broome aad Bowery, on Tuesday o\eaiag next, Jaa. 14, at n o'clock preolttl*. amiCMBMTI 11 BROOKLN. BROOELYN MUSEUM ? SECOND NIGHT OP THE world renowned cumedlaa Joe Cowcll I'irat night of tbe talented danseuec ma le aDertine, and the papular eemedtaa Mr. J Sevmou ? M"ndar evening, Januar) 11 I'M, will be preacntcd Sh-ridan's comedy. In live acta, called the, <>K A TRIP TO MATH-Bob Acres. Mr Cewcll. favorite daaee Mdlle. Albertiac. Hornpipe. La Petite Tagli >ni. To conclude w.'h the OMNIBUS? Pat Rooaey. Mr Seymour. Admittance, tA ocnts ; Par iiette, 37'i Tuesday Mr W W PelPe He?eflt. BROOELVN a THEN EUM ? iU AKAPEaRF. DRAMATIC Aasoe.atisn? Tuesday eveaing, Jaunary It-Mr. Turner'* n'gbi? Shell'* flve-not ti of tho " apostate ' N II.? The Asso iatloa are deeir ue of obtaiaiag a few lady mem ber*. who will pleaae apply (eienvally. oa tbe evening of performance, or by letter addroted til Broadway, up eiatr*. By order. J. B. VAN BUREN, President. E. C. Tumi. Secretary. TO CONTRACTORS. LOWMOOR IRON. ? GILMORE, BLaEE k WARD Banker*, Stat* (treat, Boston, representative* ef John Fiaok fe !??na. Iron merehaate. Lixrpoul. *ol* agvate ia th< United Stnte* lor the Iroa Catapaar, areprepared to receive orders fot thi* Jimtly celebra .ed iron The great ?are eternised In i>e maaufactute, a* well a* ths ni?, In all oa*e*. of the came ?r?e. tak> n Ir m the Coinpany'e own min*< la Lowmnor? orea aekac > ledgid to i* tli.i beet In Great Bri tain? ln*n re* an invnriably naiform quality of the Iroa; and lie ese can oonfldei tly be recommended lor all purpoie* re quiring iroa ot extra quality LOWMOOR CAR AND LOCOMOTIVE TIRES. AXLES, aad wr tight iria wheels J ha Fiach A te-us. aac Fiaeb k Wilier, Liverpool, has* appointed Gilmorw, Blake k Ward. Ranker*, state st reet, Boaton, ol* agent* la tbe Ucitcd Siatee for the eupply of thi* *ap*rior stamr el car aad leoomativa tire* aad axiea, ia bare, or ??at, welded aad bleekad. Ale... lor tbe auppSy ol Flaeh aad Wil ley'* pateat dovetailec and ath*r kind* of wrought Iron ra.lway car aad locomotive wheelc. The low prioe at wblcb Piey are Imported, aad their well f*taMi*h*d rcruta Ion ca tbe prm' ipal railroads 1a 'be Ualted Siatee warrant tb* ?xpoetatioa o 'th?ir geaaval use la tliia coiatry a* in Great Britain. The advartwar* are prepared to execute all or- I Ear* with d**patat. I ?TArrotP*uiR* iron or nrriRiot uuAurr Ollm ira, Blake ? f ?r?. Itankere. !????? atraat, H> etna, e>U areata la tua t ' a 1 1?-( fltar ? i r J i n riann* H.m. Ij?vri.<"4, an prepared to nnieratnr tiia wti! kirnri "Piaah" hut "fiaeh b??t" bare. h>?p. ihaat, koil-r raall rooad >ad a|aare. faaae fh*?ca. and all atbar kiada of Welah and (uaffordafcira ir.^r aad their eoaetaat eadtaror vill k* w "y ?1? an ?""? *?' ??!?? la of ciwid tiaallta LOW HOOK IRON -CAUTION TO TIIC rUBI.IC AND Naaa*er? "? Kallroade. IV>*r<"", Oet. 17. T" W ?i. A. I'hoih k. L Tantitoa Loe<>B'>tlra Werka? Dar Sir I ft th- latter the lw>?m<?ir fitnpviy ts'oiiiio V". dated l.nwmoxr Work*. IMtt hin< akrr, 1M0, for i he jwrt ??l of ?hlrh I am Mifd. >a l j 1a t ? Lovmnor <' mi ?ny alaeeraly thaakia* T?n aad Nr. C??'k lor the im|'uram laf. rtuatma ??? have itirgn at to tfe m poeitiaa that hia lor a ouaetdaraMa tima pan. fc ?a pra ? tiaed ufa tie I'n tra Statea pablla, la enbauta'iaa aa la in r lor aad ?pnrloui artial" la Uia place of r?al Lowm .nr Ir-taj and we ar* nf naiaioa that tka beet a?<lu wa Wild adipt ?o prrrtal the Imneel'lna ia Tatar*, would ha la publieh letter entire la the a?wepap?re. aad at the nun uae rautloa the A tii.iri *n pei'p'a, that the oal; aartaia ?a? of obtaining Ffnaint L<? anor Ir e U either kj epplrirt direct J ' 'ufh aad S ae, Iron N' tohanM, IJ??rpoel, wh are the aole ajoata ar the |,. wiw r Company f?r tha I'nited t>tate?. ?r to order It thr?*n?h thalr n?l? repraeentatieee ta lhaS'atna. k?ari Oilamr*. B'tkelt ? ard. beak-re. Il iaton. An ? I n ' w ) "n are 'vialli I a.r u ? a? aaraalTaa that thii fraud efcaald ha atnpp< d at e aaa. whoerer mar k" tha niltjr l ir-ief. we thiak It almoat aaaeeeacary to aek y?'ir rertnie il'n ? MMU ? Cl '? l?"er hn' i in a III rt? w? rgaat net take without ynr ? sneltn'%, reineatlni wht'h at jnai earliaat nntiTealeana. I am. f?r J?ha Kineii ft ftoa, * h *reat re<i eft. d> at air. yaar oW 'i'ni ?? r?ent T*r^Tn*. Qo?. Jft, 1<*0. Jouy T i<f*, Sen., !><j , Bae'o*? Hear Sir : Vwr r'teemd f???r (t 'ha I7?h lti?tant eame dole to haad. and dnrln; my aheenea from heme tu mielald, whleh it my ano|of y for as* B>"r? promptly pletae my *<?<-ni ti y >?? pr*po*|ti?n to an - therita tli* pnHtcatt?n of tkn letter r?ftrttl U. Chit I new 4 i meet oheetlally, and remain yonra r?ry in It, Vri A. CHOrtlR. LowKftni) If Vmiii, I K??* Bnmronp. TnnaoHiHr.. Pent. I*th. l*vv t t?, A Clio <?*?!>, M<i . Tent ton, lintflnHl'i -Wr! T?nr nam* ban been kindly introdneed tn n? br J ? ? Cook*, ft*),, who we bin l,?d ?' ? pleaaure ?f ? ein^ MM, and who eaproewd klmtrlf Bnch p>a*' J with Mr BinmlfMtnra H? brought In anr knowledge fame. that w* unit van mil nen ? eider of aii War nt i?portan<-? ta juittfy n? in taking tka lib erty of eddre?eint yen, thowth a ttriiger t? nt. Ha int'mi *4 ?? that yon take n lieely interact la tht w (irking of Rail weya, with a daa regard to eomimy, and thelTyr. Bar* of oar manwfaciura have often proved of rcrr ttowllent naalitjr oa the Hi a of Railway andrr yci.r immediate ?ya. and that ??hert iu| fjti d to b? ?f the <?ni make ha*n t irnad .at far inferior, wl em Mr. Cock* u* nnr wcd*"f manufacturing tyr< Ba?? he etprewed eonaldeMhle utinitftmer' at h' a* mi rariatlea in oar quality ind -a entering fully ?|kib tMi mbjeet, ww h aratd frm him that two thlrda nt I aunt, of all T)f?e hearing ? ?* tnppoeed mark ware apnrmne, they hiiiai ? croee thai hetwwen onr mark ef l<ow ? Hoar, Wh<:reae>we krow oi a* inch thin*, and Mt?r 'i-ar.1 of it he fora. nor ir.ark being at Mr. Caok* eaw. a nimplt liraoir. Wt thall lake immediate ttrp?, throngh our ag?nte. W. ??r? John Fineh k Pi ne, of Utrrytol. that this he ma^e kn iwn in the Caited Btatea. an wa foel mu?h Injury and |>e<-iin:nry low it inttnined ky tl.a pnrihaieraof euoli Inferior iron, aa well ?? anr own character hem* moat nnjnutW dacarae. Ha fnllt e*plnlt.e4 to Mr. Cofka nil order* Bddreeeed to onr egeete. Vearre rineh k 5ont, would moat wHh Immidiate attention, er.d through lham all parii't ean ralv tip n mr man'.ftrtore We truit thia ? tpUnnti> a will la a ? tin, lent npoleryfar the literly we h**? taken, nnd e?? only eaprona <'nr ehli**Uon to Nr. Cooka f. r hniln- ir?'rht'hli h. f ra a*, tf nt an) time we ean. la any way, h* "f nerelea to yon, er yon ?hon d ri?it Ihia eoanlty, it w onld afTnrd a? Hnoh i leaeara ta make yonr peraonal a< -innlntnaee; in 'l a mean time. danot haaltale em| loyint ?? If we ean ha na-Ail teyni. Ard par* lha hon"r! o i-etrein. ?l- ynnr m ?? btfiM ktinhlt Ktmnt. BlftD, nt'snjl a HAKl>r. OfihtLonmo i 'uyMf. AKOKWKSTI. BMKOADWAV THEATRE A. M A Its II A 1,1., SOL* Lessee, also c.f tl t Walnut, Street Theatre, Philadelphia; G B. Barrett, Manager.? Doi r? will open at the curtain will tbe at 7 o'clock. prefix ly ? llreea Cirel* and Parquet, 60 cents; Faiuily and Third Circles, 25 con's Uallery, 12)^ tents; Private Boxes, S'> and S'i.? On Monday, Ja? 1Mb, nd ovoryf i .? ? ? the week, ? >11 fee |?mhM Uu : rand romantic speolaolo, in three acta, entitled FaU"TI'S, ?r the Demon of tte Droohenfels? Pauatus, Mr. Dyott; Me Blintophilee, Mr. Couway : Adine. Madame Pouui: K aolio, r?. Abbott. A fMwitt (tKt will I it! |" iforuiel each even iuic previ. i ? t< t'.e nand rptctacle. I'lAl.lAN t'PLKA HOI f*. AS TOR PLACE.-RBDUC I tionsf Price ? Prioes of Admission ? Parquet And Boxes, tl f>?: Amrhitlieatre, SO ct?. Monday Evening. Jan. U, will be performed, Bellini's grand Opera. lot acta of NORMA ? { N"taa, T. Parodi; AdulgiMi Signouna A. Patti: Pollione. Big nt r Lorica; Oroveno. bUaor NovelU. Grand llalle1 Divorttsieinent ? Between the tteunH and third acta, the 'MP. TOP POLKA, oomiosod hy Max Maictxek, and danced, for the lirst tune, by Mil*. N. Fitfjamea and Signer Ntri. To conclode with the LIII.U9H N DUN PEIKTKE. by Mile. N. Fittjamea, Mi Wnldetfrave, and N Orwell and Signor Carets. IJL'RTON'S-CUAMBEKS STR EKT -It EN F FIT OF MR O. JOH l> AN .? M onday e yen int' Jan 13 ? The uiiivcrsAl Betgw, Mm Hughes: Martha Hi'. Weston: Mra. Mioawber, Mrs. Skcrrett. A variety .1 oan^it r and mi . iac. First night here ot the farce of P. P., oh Tilt, man aNDTIIE Tl GEk? Splasher, Mr. Jordan: Bob, Mr Kkerrott. David Cop pertield every niirkt this week. TRIPIEIl HALL. -GRAND CONCERT, ON MONDAY evrnirr, Januar> ><', at which the following eminent ta lent will appear -WM. VlN't EN 1' WaLLaCI. ihe great Piamat and Compomr; Mra WM. VINCENT W.MI.v B, late Mia* Helen.' 8i? p 'l. the ?mlnentlPianiste; M'rnc E. WALLACE 1U?L( all.L pupil of Uar. a, ihe eeloliraiud tutor ot Jenny Lind- her ?Irst appeai sncc in New York; Mrs. LAURA A JUNE!!, the eminent Vocalist; D ni? "i 'h's oelo biat.d Cornet Baud, and a varieti of other talent, winch will I'C hereafter announce'. Atlur the coaooit therewill he distributed among the audit DM One Uuudt. ?; costly an I ele gant Musical Protents, et inpri tun a magniflcent Grand Pia no, made hy Erard ond selected by Wm Vim tin Wallace. This is a new instrument, end undoubtedly the beat tu Ame rica. Alan, three superior veeen oetave Rosewood fiaaoa. mmle by Wra. Hall Ht B on. and one fine toned six and three quurttr octave Piano, of the samo make. Tbrae instru ments are all uew aud warranted, und will he k< pt ie order fir one tear without charge. AUo, u tine tone i liu-hm Plitte, with silver kejs, lips, und ttilver rub uchnre, valued at $I2U; a arlt ndiilly eh used Diatonie Flute, with eilterkeya, tips, atuda,|and niln.u. hu re. rnd a 'ante variety of tme tor id till it art. Flutt ?, etc.. eto., makni* mall one ii und red \ ulualle aud cli xaut preieats. This concert will be got n p in a atyle of maRnltieenoe a? d liberality never before equalled, and the beet available talent in 'lie coot. try will lie engaged, 1 ickets, entitling the holder t. Si's nor1 li of musio fr .u the catale^rne t.l Me-ta a Wm. Uall & s n, which ia ihe lar?e?t aud moat valuable in the United State*, 'a ml admission to the concert and au iaterertln the prrseniti. |] euik Tiokati of aduiiasi'ato the concert only 51; to i. e Saemid Circle, 80 cents. Fur -itle at the Muaie Sfic ?.f Mcsnrs. Wiu. Hall It Son, No. 239 Broadway. L^EI LOWS' OPERA HOL'SE-TUi; V1 \naoek OF FEL r low:.' Minstiela, iu returaim; t'lanks tolas patrouaand the pubii'- 1< r the unprecedented p*trona^? eatunded to hii popular Con wrts tor the lati uiue uouths, bene M state that noitncr pnlnn norexpeuee will be spared to uiake this baud the tnoat pertct in ever] rart. The concertn w ill be emit inned every evening during tlie week, und ou Wedaeadny and Sa turday afternoons. at 3 o'olock. Admission ti oenta. Pn vate Ijiucs tor sii, $2. Concerts at 7H o'clock. Ou Frldaj ninht Benefit of S. A Wells. Prima Baieo G1 HAND OIFT C0.Nt7KHT.-THE BE MARKABLK FA F lor and patrot sne which bat ? oceu bestow ed up'.n the ' tiift Con.'erts," and the general expressed desire for are. petition, imperatively demands anot her Grand Concert In obedience to this loudly cxpresa*d wiah, arrangements have been made with FIRTn, POND & < 0.. for tlie carrying out of tli" tl ird and last Oraad Muoical Uift Concert, en a aeale ol niagniticence neverSyet e iuallud. The ten su ,ierb Piano Fuik - Irom the celebrated uianulactorifs of Stoiart, Dun> ham.FiVthlfc Pond. Dubois K Warriner, and Pirrsoa. The Melodfons are from the factory ot Walsh si Co , Bos ton, and combine all the latest, improvement* male upon thoee ohsrniina inetrumeuts. including Carhart'a l'ateut. The Harp is from the well known faotory of Bckultz k Co.. London Th? bust talent in the city will be engaged ia the Concert, which will be a splendid Phogb am?>'. or the Gu a mi Girr Cokccrt. latC ft? A splendid 7 octave Piano, value fklp 00 ?d " Ab<autiful7 " " 4'll 00 3d " A valuable 7 " " " 4110 00 tth " A flue 7 " " " 4' 10 00 fltli A splendid 6J< " " ?' 3W 00 (1th A fine 6>4 ,150 00 7th " A beautifnlG " " " ??W 00 (>th " An elegant 6 " " ?? V?j0 MO 9th " A valuable fi " " " IV 00 lCth " A fine 6 " " " 250 00 Darp. 11th " An elegant 6 "Otav* Oraad Action Harp. 400 00 MXL0DEON8. 12th " An improved and "oeautilnl Melodeon " fiC 00 13th " 'T " " " HO 00 14th " - " ?? - HO 00 1Mb " " " ?? ?? HO 00 l#th " - ?' " SO 00 Oirrt from 17 to 41 inclusive. Twkitt rivic superb Mvsicai. Akm'Aui, valued each at 8 00 tlifte from 42 to !?! inclusive. FIFTY RICHLY BOUND AND BEAUTIFUL ANNUALS. Valued at (5 each. TICKET! TWO DOI,LaKS BACH, Entitling the purchaser to admleeion t? the ORANU CONCERT, Ox ? Do I I. A it'a wok i n or Mt "IT, And n chance < f obiaining one of toe Beautiful Olft* to b? dietribuMd on the nish t of the Conoert. The Gift* wilt be delivered tu the ownere after the distribu tion. The Musio to be seleoted from the extensive and valu able stock of Mnsio or Firth. Pnnn A Co., Compridinc. beaidea their immoaae catalogue, every pleee of Musio published iu the United States, f 1VB THOUSAND TICKETS ONI.F WILL HE ISM ED. The Books are now op*n. and Tisketa can be scoured At the principal oOtoe, (for the convenience of purohaears,) Vandur beek's musio ware rooms, No. 479 Broadway, and At Flrtb, Pond A Co.'s, No. 1 Franklin Square. Persona oot of the city, wisbiug to eubaoribe to thia mag nificent Gift Concert, are requested to forward their orders immediately, aa no tioteta will be reeervad. JOOBLIN. WATSON It 'II' il. WELL. THE BROIGH IOMPLIMENTARV It EN El 1T-A I'RE llmmary Deetur of the friends ol Mr. W. F. Brougb, will be held at the Astor Iloute, on IM nday evening. Jan. 13th, at 7X o'clock, for tbe rarpeso of ori;aai<inx ll-neflt Committees. A general attendance is respecifull y solleited. SATTLE K'SCOSMORAMAS.CORN K.R IIROAD WAT AND Thirteenth st. admlaeien 25 cents. The 1st section confut ing et a collection of 10 viewi of Europe, Asia Minor. Syria, the Boly Land, Egypt, Nubia and Arabia mil be replajod in tho oonrso ol some week* by new equally interesting one*. AaVIKMENTB IK PHILADELPHIA. DARNUM'S MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA ?P. T. HAR EJ ntun Propnetorard Manager; Henry Sandford. Aaels taut Manager ?l HER HT AND FAlE STAR, already a proret l. of elegance and entertainment, will be continued this wei k . Fir?t presentation of I he* ye eel< I rated eotuedy termed the SOLDI FR'S DAL'UHTER. Several new faroea during tho week. The Coatlaui'd attract! ma of tbe Lecture Room and the Saloons, render this the most de.-trablc resort in Philadelphia. Two daily performances, at 3 aad 7 o'clock. Admittance to the tUloonslaud one entertainment, 28 cents ? children under ton years, 12 cento. ^ THE BALL SEASON. TBI TWELFTH ANNUAL BALL OF PROTECTION Engine Cou.pai y, No ft, will take place a' the Coliseum, i5? Brtadway. onTuetday evening. January 21. 1M51. Tieke'e may be bad by applying to nny member <1 the company. E. SrOrainn, nonrotary. W. C. LYONS. I reman. TBE ANNUAL BALL til THE BAXTBBfBLl BsWILIs bo givea at Niblo's Saloon. Wi daeiday evening, pan. 1ft. Tickete ean be procured of the e..m mi: toe l apt. D. Mere. Corp'l C. B.Scail/, J. A. Jaokjon, Lt. F W. W. H i- ? P Ayr**. ?? Owen. torbury. B. liremnsr, J. Van Sana. Lt. T. Thomas, W.Haynor, O. W. UriAths. Her. W Hour y well, Also at ihe Westchuater Ilonse, corner of Bowery and Broome street. nuBiOAiZ Music.- a lata, who i;ndf.r i and* tiouoi'oh base, aad ol wbos? profcseional atiliti^a tl.'- i?"St uaex eeptionable reference ? ran bo rsven, is anxious to take two er three |>upilt ia addition. Hi e will either Inttreet them at their reeideaeca, or at her own dwelling. Terms? For bo liaaers. S'1. 'h' SC advaneed. SU. Arply to Music," No. 7 West Fifteenth street. T??1C \\ O It 1. 1 it FAIIl. THE WORLD'S FAIR? THE SCBSCRIBER INTENDS going to I. ?! don, and would take charge of, aad oiiiioit to the beat adeaatsge, ai d ac ? as a.*ni, lor anr aruciM ? n trustes to bis enro. Satiafnc lory reUrtacas given. A Idreoo T. R. P., this office. A ? It 1 1 i i l I i ; \ I . itnbert have ccnatantlr en hard the most eateailvi as s<r'u.ent of ti e bes*. and lateei improied A-ricw't ral end Bortienlt ural lt?| I. meets. Field and Garien S*'jds. ever offered for sale m tbe Ui.ited Sta'es. Alt ', i.naao, D>ne dust. Plaster, aad all oibnr fertilisers. Thov would aloe Int rtu tbe public, that tbrr hat e , ttaia 1 t'.e ariacy of William Hovey'e Peteat Straw Cattefa, an i Are now ptn l*red to futalsh all otd.irc which they ?ny reor?a, at t* e in aa II fa 'inter a prii ? ?. Uehsered In this elry O'ano.-Wc are In dailv capoetatien of nrrivMs of Peruvian < uani. and tboic wishing to runt ,<e wi'.l de well t>. trier at tb< eartl? est moment. H%KR h ATTCH bl RV. I'- (1 ff strset. riNAKClAI*. N?MJTTAH< 18 TO flRBAT BRITAIN A.N P I U&m ? Thi National Hiok ll Irtlla4 ln? MtabU*ha4 ?* 8??*y !? thia ?tt y. ir.4 tha aalontm -4 hn ba?a irfi at*4 * l?*?l in4 . nly ? !iori >J Bgaiit >? thl Mia* n. t!, i;?, 4 Btatoi. Ilo la pr"i araj to t'-?? bi!'> lot ianta or rr.all lira ??i th? Natl*. nil 1 inn k. Bn4 Id fcriarh c?i?l.l ?h ?-???. la lval*ti4, II wall II OB I.' biIi a. IJrerr-.ol, an 4 >ha tows* of Ibr1bb?<. BrotliB*. mc Walai A i i-lj paraiaillr, ?f kf WUat, poat pH4. to * ** C. 1 HABlCtlT. M Will IV. r. |> O. WEN DOVER, EICBANli* BROKER, LEXINQ B*. tor. By.- AU Kladl ?( uujurriai ki w<;.i mM nB tha h??t *?r? a. r. a. wrvpovBR. it?Bth rri?r?tf?*t. KIPMM AUKNi 1K?, rrilE I'RITKD STATES AND CALIFORNIA r\P?r "S B Cnnriar V ill tupatcli thMr noil *apr?ai |?t Koiptr* ( !tr OB M"?i4ay, nth. rotintrtl?t with the mal It m fana B.S. Pa?rniry lit. Ph.ppir* will plaa*a obtirai thM tfeta l( tho naly tallforali Cum|?ny harlin iknr i>?b fa 'Uiitrkoa th? I'' hvui. IVkn ? an lud?i in i km ita *?<Ma??W nf tba l?h?rra* rl-T in Imarioia ?'"ati. hii'.t optaati; f"T tho la Niw Y -k. u? i<r tho rir* Ba.4 ehir-i if ( apt. Abraham niifkfr. aU |li ;??4 froai hMM, at moo, kj nor/ naim-r Ol*M ? m ?liaraatai <llaia?<l fr a <?; all lift I i rrtowtl? A. B. I Kll I 1 i ? ? s \ Hi'lun ? ft Co.. C. W. k J. T. M >>ii ft Co. J. II ' . -M ft Bkb. CHIKMOBY'S CALIFORNIA PACK AtlE RXPRRSI PBR B Staimakip Eitij irB City Tbi wWurl'-ra wll f->rwar4 KB r- i r-?? r?T Iboro rtoantrr OB *"i ? > I v S T >. Paaka?oi aad h?a?? froiikt ihoulvl bo l*(t at tki oi&<.o oi Sa tiif<la]r. ParBola rrVelfll OB Miadlt a?til I ' A M , in* Ut> tf tl hiliU', o ilofk TUOMI'roN ft IIITl ItDX'K. R?oi??ri ?nJ A/cnu. 1*.' Poftrl ?"?i zzzzzm C'AI.irnRKI A.-TR' N?KiHTATIO* Af ROfS T?l / litliraui ?f l'?nii"B ir.iohriiW' n Jfolwa * ? ?., of Pn BBn a, an bow rr't*'"1' tn fMiin r? fra (t"it arr- aa tho titt.? ibb?. ?t taki it tl\?< ?nh to Kan rraaoiiBO, b* ahipporj' op^<on , bet e?<h paclaxo Unit bo of twrtaMo llti *n? woUtbt, ib 1 nowrlf ooTerod. ?? t?.. N ft bto r ?i>. o albwr rSinfor BorUant In tho frBB?l?. Tbo "h?rr?l ?t *f*L?l fftBtloB to ll iro-ra'HB V'W V'Tk. 1 ct malar*. Bar I a ?? ft. *ACIlRI*AON ft <<>. All ?>4MrM nUVJCLLBHI' UllOK, N^BBW TOKK AND PHItADBtmit \f* VonB ?nil rkll?.'il|hift Wrtot.- DaitH ?>at*B Mill Uaa. tbronskln ?H hmn, via N?? J?nay K*u:ml. TBra rr. Ivor 4 ti f fotArrtclaaa, a?4 |2 IDfii rmi ?',??. I.iuti ti- w Yffk ?t J A * . from foot ?f CoBT'laa lt to4 ?| t A. V ib<? ?P. B . fra? footof l,fk?ftaa?f*n' fo^rarlll. Hal.' UK ? ulU U. vai k P, M , ft'w vk. f tluf f ftl ?i> iWk I NEWS BY THE MAILS* Oar Washington Ourr**p?nd?nM. Wash i no ton, January 8, 1461. Cah forma Land Claims? Mr O win's BxU ? Mr. Bent on* i BiU ? The /uuc between them txpiained ? Tremendous amount of Pi operty involwd. A comet i between Mr (Win, of Califorui't, and Mr Be Dion, of Missouri, is now going on in the U. fc>. Senate, upon California laud title.1-. The issue involves property to the amount ot man/ riulli?ns of dollars, extending over the entire habita ble surface of Calilorniu, a* well as the uninhabita ble |>arta thereof. The following is the plan by which Mr < ! win proposes to settle all these private land claims in California : ? A Bill to raoviot for th? Examination andScttik. mint of Title* imi Claim* to Land in California. Be it enacted by the Senate and Uouk of Represen tatives ot tbe I un.? I B.At.K of America iu Ouugresn usstmbUd. That tor the purpose ot ascertaining and settling tb* private land claim* in the State of Califor nia, three com in Winners "hull be appointed by the Presioent by and with the advice and consent ol the Benate, who vball bold their session* at such time* and at such places as the Pretiideut shall direct. Pec. 3 And be it further enaotel That all perpend claiming lands in California by virtue ot any right oc title derived from the Spanish or tne Mexican govern ment previous to the seventh day ot July, eighteen hundred and forty-six, (ball present the lamt to the said coiumis-iont r* when fitting as a board, who shall proceed to examine the souie when ready lor a hear ing. and shall decide whether the same is valid or in valid And tfie district attorney tor the proper district iball appear before the cemml'tionere, and attend to the several claims in b-halt ot tne United Stat*-' for which be r hall be allowed a reasonable compensation. And the marshal of thu distriot, when the board is Ua seSKion, fball appoint a d> put; marshal to attend upon the same, lot which he shall reo-ive the tiaine c?mpen tution ?? if allowed to thu marshal for his attendance upon the district court of bin district. Seo 3. And be It further enacted. Taat. In dec! ling the ([uestlon of validity or Invalidity of said cUm, the boeru of oomniltsinnerf shall be governed by th<? treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Hie la* of aatiuas the laws. Usage* and customs of lb? government from which the claim Is derived, the decisions ol the Su preme Court ot the United 8 tales so far as they apply, and the law of prescription in favor of p tSSosory right* as applicable to iudividuaU. b< o 4 And b* it further ene-cted, That all testimony in relation to snob claim* shall betaken in writing, and preserved recorded in bound book* and tor the par pose ot taking such testimony, th? board itselt, when in session. or either oommiKsioDer at his chambers or the secretary ol the board heretnaiur provided tor, shall be authoi iaed to adiuiMsti r oaths. to examine an t crosi-examine wltnes-es, to rtle the ovldencv with th* secretary of the boird to be u?ed when the case comes on for a hearing, the claimant always hiring due notice of taking such testimony wheu not done at his own instance Seo. 6 And b* It further enaoted. That the said com missioners shall be allowed eaoh six thoissand dollars per annum, aud twenty- five cents a mile for their ua oassary travelling in th" discharge ol their duties Sec 0 And be it lurther euacted, That 'be saldoom missloners (ball appoint a secretary skilled in the Spa nish and English languages, and imh clerks as may b? necessary, not to exceed five In number, and (aid se cretary shall make up tbe proceedings of the board ant) act as interpreter, and be allowed three thousend dol lars a year, and twenty cents a anile for necessary tra velling. and the fee* oi bereiualter established; and the raid clerks shall be allowed, eaoh. tift<-* n hun dred dollar* a year 8?c.7. And be it further enacted, That in all caaes Of rejection or oonfirmatlon of any olaim by th? board Of commissioners it shall and may be lawful tor tbe claimant or the United .state* to present a petition to tbe dlstrlet court of the proper dUtrist. setting torth fully the nature of tha claim, names of original aad present claimants, with the d-raigumeut ef title, ac companied by a transcript ot th* report of the board ef commissioner*, aud of i be papers on which It was founded, and it shall thereupon. and at the next en ?ning term ot tbe district court aforesaid, be tbe duty of the said court to enter up a judgment, pro/urna , la eenformity to the deoislon of the commissioner* afore said and upon tbe application of tbe party, grant an appeal to tbe Supreme Court ol tbe United State*, and tbe said Supreme Court ot the United State* shall thereupon proceed finally to adjudioate such claim*, according to the prlneiples so far as they are applica ble, which ar* reef goixed in tbe aot of Congress, ap proved twenty Mxth May. eighteen hundred and twos ty-four. entitled " An act enabling the claimants to lands within the limits ot the Slate of Missouri, and territory of Arkansas, to institute proceedings to try the validity et their claim*:' Provided however. That notice ef the intention to file such petition shall be en tered on the journal of aaid commissioners within twenty dajs after >ucb decision, and such petition shall be filed in ths district court within six months fi out the dale of (he decision ol i tie tribunal aforesaid. And all lands covered by the claims which may be Anally rejected by said court, or net brought before tha said court, or prosecuted within th* periods aforesaid, shall, iptu/utto. revert to the public domain, saving foe a time aot exceeding years the rights ot infants, fimtt cotsrfs, and Insane persons; aad for all claims Anally confirmed either by the tribunal or court aforesaid, patents shall issue upon the rendition to the General Land Office ot a plat oi survey, duly approved and certified by the Surveyor General See. 8, And be it further enaeted That the Surveyor General ot California shall oause all private claims which may lie finally confirmed. tobe surveyed; and la th* location ot thvse claims, h* shall have tbe same power and authority that are conferred on the land offices of Louisiana by tbe sixth seotion of the net ' to create the office of surveyor of tbe public lands for the State of Louisiana " approved third of March eigh teen hundred aud thirty one Sea. t And b* it further enacted. That the deci sions in favor of a olaim, shall In all eases enure to the benefit of tbe present lawful owner thereof, but do deralgnment ot Intermediate title need be proved bat only alleged. And any person claiming adversely iuay file a rairef ngainst the issuance of s patent V> bis prejudice, until the contested right is duly decided In a court of justice; but such ceea *r shall have no effect npon the progress of tbe claim to final decision Sec. 10. And be it further enactod, That It shall be tbe duty of tbe board to ascertain and repjrt to the Secretary of the Interior tbe nature >4 the claims to town lots, or other lands, it any such there be, not embraced by tbe foregoing provisos of this aot. and slso the charscter of the tenure by which land* are bsld by civilised Indians or those who are engaged inlatxr agriculture, kn.. and also those which ar* occupied and cultivated by Pueblos or Kancberos Indians. And the following is Mr. Benton's proposed sab ?titutf:? Amitmni raoroaiii at Mu . IIk*ton io th? Awi*i> mitlluilM n Co?Mimi o? iik Hhkli,i>d ki rum i o to i ii ? Snti > , vir : Htrlka nut all alter the aord That," at tb* gin ning <>i th? flrrt iia* >n<i laaart:? For the |.<ir, ..?? or a*. ? ? in7 ui.-l NUIia| th* private l?n 'I claim* la th* Slate of Uiillaral*. I recorder of land UW*-? learntd In the law aad akiHed la tb* hpaniab aad Kaglli-h I* 'nfuniiax *h*ll It* appointed ky ili>' l'i*aid*nt by and with th* aj*i ?* and ei>n?*at cl tb* Men ate, who ahull nM and k?ap all the public arrblvei of California Ib relation to laod grants and aUo rball rail In fur r*e?rd all th? evideiic.* ?f land tltUf in (.'alllrmla. and efterronrding th* MM, tbati return the oiigical* to the jar'.le*, eimpi *b r? !?> gery > r flrnulallon ahall b* au*p?ct?-d by the r* MM *ed where there nm h ? no written evidea** eitant M the original (rant, a wrltt? a aU'emeat may be ma<le df the claim and received lor re?urd atallng all the elr? ubiuoin In NiMlN thereto an>l **pe i' tally all that leUti* to the fart of aetuti po?ee?ekia t<r : 1 And twit further enartad, That it rball l>? the defy of all town*, cltlea, TllU<e?, and p*ubLa*. and ft]] I * which bare D"t Mil *?? -liar i tad. and of all individual* ctuiiEing lauja In i '?1ltornia vir tue rf any rUlm wbaterer whether derived tr '3 tha Ppinlali the Mexican, or the ? alifornlan aut.horitla* before tha eoa<tne?t of California or by aay Awriraa cftlcer alaeethe conqn-at to pr?*?ni alt aaeh ev idanaM of till* to tb? Piid recorder. upon line and pabli* B*U f cat too to that edert by the recorder. Per .1 And be it furthrr enarted. That on r*c?!vla< mob evIdeBcra of tit1* the *ald recorder ahall oaaia the (am* to b? record. d in l oiiLd ho. fer an t aba : i make oat duplicate aWract* ft all > laini >, cla ?allied aecerd l?g to the authority Irotu which tti<-y iaaued, and r* taming onr *h<tra- 1 in bi? ollfla ahall tranaunt tha oth r to tb? t'f t?nil*?i >B*r of th* General l,an t>'flj e. at Washington city aril I* (hall be t)ia daty of tha recorder. In ronjnucikia with th? dlatro-t attorn*? of the I t. Ited Ptate* for the dUtriot in whiah the claim mow lie to examine I ha aatne. nod if halt* v*d by thra. or either oi thru to hi nival d tot auy MM It ? bell Uf the duty of th.< di-tr.rt attra-y to iwtf a tint fat I ? ata'ln^th* rati"* ag?lnnt the party la y oi ulos, or claimant. re. fill in* him tu appear a tha dl?ti Irt rourr and abow cati?* why bia claim rhnuld not ha hfld t j be Invalid, at d hl?gr?nt raae*ll*d and a r*p'it < f all ?nrh ImMni by the Recorder and DiatlM Attorney whether fur or agiia*t tha validity of tha rtalm ahall be ir?l? to tha Ci'tainli'-ioner of the?)eaa ral 1. end ( flic* to bi bv bjn laid b f*re the Ireretarj of th< lnt< r|< r tot. eulultled te the Attorae , iieaa rai who may order ? lu aujr raj.- in wliieb he d< ? m* tie i laim Invalid Ser ?. And be it fnrlb?r ena-t -J. That In d>sl41?c upati the ?{ ae e t ioti ?>/ l?<uin? a ?fM Aet'ai a(ainai any cUiirnnt. she eai-1 lterord?r mil i)l?trlct Attorn-y a ball be forern.d by tie treaty ol Uuadaliipe Vietorla. tha law rf nation* the law? n*aga*. and c??tntB*. of the goverrment frf ra which the ilalm la derivad. tha proeiamatloaa o! the r. mninn-.tng otV^era at th lata of the e<>n |U*?t *ri<l tha rapttuiatioB* mad* <rltu *?ah rcttiiiiani'ar*. the ileriaion* ??f the Pnpra a* Court of tha U nited**, at tar ?* thry ara applicable and the law of pt*",rlpili b In fa?or af pna aeaanry right*, tha *an ? ?* If It wa* a qncation between iadlelduaU, and in all c*? ? ar'nal P< ????*?l n b-fnre 1 1... con t M M t ha c?tintry thall l>* htld to be ;>rt*i?/*r<* avldaace of valid title Pec fl. And be It fnrthef enacted. That th* jtiantlte "IB m OB Iriguaa, Bt*a?nr> d treat tb* mm of the t< wn city, or puebV tan leigu** In every llr? lion ?h*ll he cr nflt tned to all ?n*h towB?. eitii*. and pueblo* (laelndlng the elty of ftaa Franrlaro. formerly \ trba burn*) the crcupi>-d part* to their po?*a*aora having title aad the vacant part'. It aay. to tbaau nlripal or town authorltir*. eicept au^h part* a? may be irqulrrd for mtliUry purpo*ea withla tb> I'nlted Ptatra, and. with thia re?erve ar eifeptlon. all tb? re alCfle of the *ald tonr leagnetrqiiare ahall tv rontlra*<l to tli' city town Village, cr Boabln, a^?ordln( to tha " iBaft urtlf B an I di rree < f the t'ap; >ln UiB'-ral of tha Int*mal Trovlnre* of th* W*?t. dat> d at nUnotkiia, a mI directed tu thaeomoiabdeBt at Mout 'i iy. of I ppov ICalllotnla'' P'. fi And be It <\ rth*f enacted Tt at tb* fT%Bt? wad* by Uenatal heairey at Pan I ran -lull be, and te-rhy ar*. aonflrnnd f> far a< the I al(*t "tataa are *ct?crrii. d.and withAnt p?Jn.-iloa to indlvidaala; and all the r<?er*e? made I r th* grverniuaa; ?dT tb* I tlud P(*t?* e*r*pt ?u b a* ?hall b? *? ? d?d f r ?Bill t?r> | nrpc*ea, ?t B?c*tra*y public bj'.'d!pg?. ihaU k?,

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