Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 25, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 25, 1851 Page 1
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_ , T r ?|J S 91 ,0 ?kftlHO <* ? I u, r'iT ?t . . .,. "THE NEW Y O R kTh ERALD. WHOLE NO. ,6069. MORNING EDITION ? ^SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1851. . ' PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ORE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. NO TIDINGS OF THE ATLANTIC. AftKZVAL oy THB AMERICAN STEAMSHIP ARCTIC AT 9 ALIF AX, NOVA SCOTIA, SHORT OF COAL! The Unsatisfactory State of the Conferences at Dresden. IMPORTANT FROM FRANC*:. TH RESIGNATION OF TAB MINISTRY. The Defeat of the New Cabinet in the Assembly. TH COTTON MiKkIT WITHOUT ALTIftATION. THE 8CIILE8WIG QUESTION, at. ST HA0NBTK TILWlAfR FROM HALIFAX TO FORT" UNI), AMD THRNCR BY BAIN'S LINR, (OFKIC1 NO. 29 walx rruRr.) to mw yorr. Halifax Telegraph Office, > Feidat, January 24, 1851. $ The American steamer Arctic, Capt. Luce, from Liverpool, January 11, arrived here shortly after ;leven o'clock this forenoon, ."he has thirty-five passengers, and has a full freight of valuable goods It is understood that the Arctic will sail for New York at twelve to-night. We regret to learn that the Arctic brings no sews of the Atlantic. We now think that we shall receive intelligence of her safety by the Canada, to arrive next week. The revenue schooner goes to Sable Islaad to-morrow, aad on her return we may hear of her. The Arctic will probably arrive at New York early on Monday morning. The America arrived at Liverpool on Monday afternoon, the 7th. The cotton market was dull, with a drooping ap pearance. Prices, though not acually lower than by the Asia', adv.ces, are yet much less fi.m, espe cially ia middling aad lower descriptions of Ameri can. The weekly sale are stated at 28,760 bales. Speculators took about 1,600, and exporters 1,000 bales. The floor and grain trade Is extremely languid, the transactions going forward bring only for im mediate wants. WeHtern Canal tiuur is quoted at 20s. a 21s. 6d ; Philadelphia and Baltimore, at 23s. Cora has receded sixpence, and is in active de masd. Quotations;? White, :U? ; yellow, 80s. a 31s.; mixed, 2<>s. a 80s. In the provision market, there is more business doing, especially in beet? good qualities new, commsnding very full rates. The hign rates for pork have checked business, l>ut the advance is likely to be sustained. There is a moderate demand for new bacon Really fine commands extreme rates. Old hams move slowly. No new in murket. No shoalders in market. The demtnd for lard is not extensive, but holders have established an advance of sixpence. Fine cheese moves readily, at full prices. Tallow is jarely supported. The English general news possesses no feature of special interest. Great excitement bad prevailed at Paris during the week, in consequence of the resignation, m ?noise, of the ministry. This was caused first by the open hostility of the President towards Chan, gamier, who, in defiance cf tue earnest profes sion of the ministry, wss given permission on the jnstant, and by a decided majority, to justify his conduct,before the Assembly. Bothihe'rightand,left warmly applauded the General, when ihe ministry abruptly withdrew, and with equal abruptness re signed in a body. The President experienced great difficulty in the formation of a new cabinet, M. Barrot having refused to accept office. This Mate of things continaed for nearly a week* when, as we learn from a telegraphic despatch, dated Paris, Friday evening. Kindly furnished by Captain Luce, the Jflsr tirur appeared with the President's speech, and the official announcement I of Drouyn de I'Hays, for Foreign A flairs, and General Keynaud des Jean de Angler, for the War Office, with new appointments also of Minis ters of Msrine, Public Works, and Commerce. Another decree, signed by the Ministers of the Interior and of War, is published, revoking the Ircree by which the Natioaal Guard and the troops of the first division were united usder one com mand. The effect of this decree is to abolish the ' post heretofore held by Gen. Chaagarmer. Ges Perriot takes command of the National Guard, and :he troops of the first division sre to be commanded by Gen. baraguay'd'Hilliers. He enters upon hi* duty by general orders to the Army of Paris, ia which he explains the ohjecf of his mission, aad statea that be will maintain the discipline which his predecessor had established. Hs siso states that he will uphold the authority established by the constitution, and give his energetic support in the execution of the laws. A postsrri|rt to the despatch, under dale of seven o'clock, states that a motion had been made ia the j Assembly that the members should retire to their bureaus, until the preparation of resolutions expres ?ive of the sense of the legislature in regard to re- , rent events; which motion was carried, against the sctive opposition of the ministry, by a vote of >30 to 2T>3 Great confusion is state.i to have pre* ! vailed in tlx- Assembly after the declaration of the j vote. Vety lit'le was done at the Bourse on Friday. ' opened at 94f. f&c , and closed at 9 If. We. Ia regard to the Gentian question, though there ire many |<robable snd improbable rumors, nothing is actus lly knr.wn; the pnrjrses sf the rosfrrences t Drrs ten being scrupulously lecref, which, it Is nidged, is not a fsvorable augury The tone of Uiuirjih which pervades the bearing of Prince "-chwsneaberg , and the crowing hostilitca of ths Chambers at Berlin, whii h m-t on the :*<1 instant, are also named *?. evidence a cf in unsatisfactory stale of the negotiation At the latest dates, Tth mat.. Prince Hchwanennerg'a mission to Vienna s stated to have failed ?d its intended obj- ct The 'emperor of Austrit and the King of Prussia have agreed to meet at Dresden about the middle of this month. The commissioners to arrange the dlfficnltiea between the duchiea had irtind at ileaaburg, and r t the la'est dae had given tbe authorities three ?.ays to eousdet what course they would pursue. I Meantime, the government and the people's repre sentatives in Wurtemburg are at loggerheads upon the subjeet of voting the supplies; and there ap pears to be a probability that a second edition of the Hesse Cassel affair will finally be enacted in that small territory. The accounts from Rome of ths activity or Mazzini, and other Italian refugees, give us reason to think that any serious difficulty at Paris would he instantly seized upon to unfurl the re publican banner in the Holy City, where the P rench soldiers have become so obnoxious that they are indiscriminately assassinated by the citi zens, on every possible occasion. From Spain we have nothing beyond the usual weekly statement of the resignation of the Nar vaez cabinet, which this time was caused by the Queen's having received that gentleman coldly. ??gland. The Board of Trade returns for the month end. ing December 5, show an increase in the ports, over the corresponding month of the previous year, of rising .?671,000. The trial of the monster Sloane is postponed* His wife is supposed to have fled the country. Ireland. It is announced that the Dublin and Galway rail way will open for travel on the 1st of June. Property to the amount of ?30,000 was destroyed by fire in Dublin on the 4th. It broke out in the 8*uth building establishment of Messrs. Hutton, of Summer Hill. Prussia. Berlin, Jan. 6.? The reports of the impending resignation of the Minister of Commerce has as sumed greater probability. The pelicy of protec tion is now wholly rejected by the government. Financial Affairs. Formal notice has bssn given that the Bank of Bng land will not further advance Its rats of Interest. The ?ffeot has been, with the payments of dividends, to make the money markst muoh easier. Ths last report given, gives ths amount ot bullion In ths bank, at a trifle lsss than ?14,100,000. English securities havs bssn well supported, and there hss been an increased de mand for Amerioan stocks. Exchanges having im proved, mors paper Is offered than for iome time past. Bolilon, therefore, is in lsss request, and oan searosly be dispossd of. Late dates from the continent show an advancing rate in ths quotations ef exchange Oold ooln has also further advanced. Consols open sd on Wednesday at 96X, and olosed on Friday at 0 ?x. Ths following is ths latest quotations for A msrican securities United States 6's, 1888 108 a 108K New York Btate B's, 1858-60 06 a 00 Do. 6's, 1866 106 a 106* Boston 6'S, 1868-02 08* a 03* fernsylvania 6'e 81 a 86 Massachusetts 5's 106 a 100 Maryland 6's 80 a Canada 6's 106 a 10T Freights to ths northern ports are well sustained, and show a tendenoy to advance, especially to New York. Passengers also offer more freely, and rates are somewhat better. Commercial Hews. LiTtarooL, Jam. 10. 1861. The usual cotton market report of the Kuroptm Timet says:? There is little, If any, change to report Since our last. At the cloee of the last wssk, and ths commeneement of the present one, without any ex citement or stir, much firmness was shown; and despite of ths considerable error which appeared In oar yearly stock, flrmsr rates were maintained. Ths last fsw day* however, the demand has fallen off, all busiasas being entirely confined to the immediate wants of the trade; and though the valneof fair cotton, as placsdby ths brokers' committee, remains unchanged? Uplands being 7ftd ; Mobile, Rd ; and Orleans, 8Xd.? yet In the middling and lower descriptions of American, the turn is in favor of the buyer, not amounting, however, to a quotable decline. All other sorts are unobanged. Higas .- With a fair bus in see. purchases are in fhvor of the buyer at Liverpool. At London, on Friday , salsa were at 6d lower than the week previous. Coins.? Few transactions at Liverpool, at previous rates. At London, home market was better, nnd pur chases 'lightly advanced. Tr*.? Both at Liverpool and London the market is quiet, and purchases are In fcvor of the bayer. Navsl Stork.? Turpentine- no transactions. Ro" ein good demand at 2s. lid. a 3s Id. for common, up to 8s. for fine. Spirits turpentine held at 12s., without buyers. Ashks? Dull; purchases unchanged, . (ji'MriTSon Bask.? Dull at 0S. Id. for Philadelphia; 4(0 bage Baltimore, 8s. 3d. One -O'.fve is lower; rape, neglected, flsh. quiet; rod i.37 10 per tua; lard. 40 tuns sold at ?37 a ?37 10*. per tun; linseed, ?84 a ?36. Limiio C*??? ?7 6*. per ten. Mem * ? The quarterly meeting of the Iron trade, recently held at Birmingham, have agreed to accept previous prices; ?Be parties, however, are obtain ing hb advance of 7s. a 10?. per ton. The prospects of the trade are considered very satisfactory Wooi.? Steady demand? light stocks? full prices. PaHfn|?ri per Steamship Arctic. V'?rt Tu Baraa. Wo .ta, Clark. Blatoa Tryoa. Taylor, lluvlkkl, Poet Bek*r. Hltoheu?k Baltsaatall, Arpola. Ca*a. tr Stall. IIHl If. rairfai. Bilifan Ballvala*. Ma???H(t'? ('? Mtii at Irlaatai I>?rlafj*. BctJaarr, Paff. t,arria, Batrotr, act Co?i<ln (baarat of I'aapaieha* from 0 ? Leeatlaa at I' adoal Bra Mellaurr, Mr* Morrl*. lira Barraw. Shipping Intelligence, Aarartar. Jau ?- art ' fuiu " Mferk. H"? i aai a, Dao SI - flic foo' laad. N Tori. lluikaAtra, Jaa7- Sit Lauiaa Maria, Philadelphia. Cum. Jaa A- Arr Jaaaeatta, U ataa ttb. BrookaLr, KtW T?tki "ik.Ocna.4t C-ar.. J eat- kit BVa, MTorfc Cleaeatiaa. 4a. I>aai Jaa ?-Mt MTark. I a r *i Dee V? Art la, Beetoa, ant alt aa bar ratnrn. 0* a? a?t?i\ Jaa t? Art Bays. MTark. 6tk, IllaakUy, ta: m.. flir I Itrl P?al, ta. Uiaati.Ti' . I?*r *>- Art ?( Je?n, MTark, act ?U far Ba aaa. ?aac*. 1m I Art I r paariffr NT. rk. aa-?t a- loa.ll-MM BUaa MTork. ^Batae. J*e I Arr "Ateeetta," MTark. Sit ?th, Hatre. Bai< ect Jaa i -Arr t?Ha< ia. M Tark liaaai Hx iaat -arr WetetUa. ???taiaaie, aat Baiiaa, Mark tfc<ae*t?eA. Pklletelefcie. Tit talaarae, MTarkt InaneaU, B<ate Bit a<k. Waalara Warlt. NTvrk.fth, La4 y Fraahlm.aat Marvua ta Mar* Pl-feaate. Philatal rfci?,7th Je? It P? ?t* hT'-rk Pre Via Tark, fproHe II' P?? * fit? tM Ba? t ark art raaiartaf ) ta. Iiinai J*m *- 4rt Pe-ee'-e Set* ia. iiaaniiai. iaal Art B aaiee 1 1- -k Ith, >P.?le* Phil . ? ia. ai* lai. Cataa a aat Baa*. MTark 'U. Pray a. MT-rk. fi'traa. ? t*?, J aa ? -M Bleak Wk BiceUaa. MTark; Tth, Ceraa Haa Qriaeetl t? am a. IH* f *t4 Tellf Ba, A T, -k. tit ?th. Baa aarnaa pfcleeaiehie. T* aar? !>??*< art Mat la M Tark. niat Jul AiiDitaiia MTark ?? a i nan a ? T B?"*?ia. Bee .3 ri a a ir?.a, bene* la BTnrfe, Ik rMi'ti a?nraat (aa ia eae'aai ariik eeaeher *ae*el aat > artat I ar i alt rata, aat ia eappeeet ta kaaa (ace ta Papal la rayair. p ? a 1 1 1 1 a. ' Jaa ? The W Itaraia. Hilar, fat Baet*-e bat lai ? a a an?r ? m "at M> tar*. a><k nri? ikiflat, laaa ef talla aat ae?e*tet irjaret l na| H>aVaH Ti ? lai aeatee. fa* riHltrtpkla. ka* pat beak ?"* at turn. ra?*aiat k?. htnag fcaaa la e?e*Cai all* i'>eCha* Clair- 1 ar t?r Mtlataa. chial haa alaa pal haak. eitk ?te ll I r ? ai t aiaklat tltir, BirfltM R? lana feetiallen A'a?ePet<e Jen M, 1B1 T> e Raftra t'earaatlf a haaa e4nple4 a rule l? ?e*rr 'f a In the a< a??1leti?e atvk Mi lag the ? ?i?lelarr froa lftar??rlag *ttk the reletloa ef r<i*ter ati't -tare The C< n*< atloc kj a rate ofay-* 17 to ac?? Ki. Ie?l4at acelaat reereeaai Ictloa arc. r.l l?C to pnjulalloa sod that Baltlmote ahall aet hara li ? re'jitltee then roaallee with oce-Wath of the pepclciton. Ttir Wtlrh ar<tl the V% eehlrrtee Men* merit? Mew Mkllreatt,*#. I rn ?. Jtn N IMI A meatlr f ef Waiah rltlr?r.? haa hrai bald h?re fnr th? purp *a nf naktnc arr* i>f?mectt to eoctrikate a I !0<?B *jarb|a to the M e-hlegtaii moramaat fr-?f hunOred ca.lart care totad t?r the pnrchkee aad ptc I iratlnn of the Nw>. BoMthern tlraie. Baniamar, Jaa 24 IMI. flon Slojtrn Mllltny the ttractlt alee'ec <tacctor tirm TlorHa (to ari'r-ee.1 Ilea. I'an l I, Tulea ? re e*tt?d th? entire whit, and a f?? ItcorraUe to tea. la th> l.rRltl* ufe ot tli*' dltla. fha ja*a||j ?tore ?i D. ? !fleh"la at (iraaniV (It . tin robbed on Monday laat ef Sfteea hccdred dollar*' north ef Jewelry ? Thr t onit of Api>?kl*. Ai, JkQ II IM'ai. Pare-* I aotloti* hate b*rn <t??tl tcd, eaaaMe Bl ar ?iie?l; ho. 1W ?nbcil?te.|. Mo 41 T?r?? ter t Ma T**r care tpf oinu4, ta the Overt e^feareed nor in. THIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. SECOND SBSSION. ??iiat*. b* Moaki's MAOPnrnc tklmraph. Washington, Jan 34, 1861. rBTiTiona r resented. Mr. Iiwiid presented a petition from the quarterly conference ef the Weiltju Methodist* of New York, for the repeal of the Fugitive Blare lmw. Laid on the table. Messrs. Dickenson, Seward,, and John Da ri?. presented petitions for and against the amendment of the Patent laws. THE FRENCH SPOLIATION BILL was ordered to be engrossed, taken up, read the third time, and paaeed. RAILROADS AND THB PUBLIC LANDS. Mr. Shield* called up the bill granting a right of way and donating public land* to aid In the con struction of a railroad from Jaokaon, MUsisslppI, to Madison, in Lonlaiana. Mr Underwood moved to amend, by adding a similar grant to Indiana and Illinois, lor a railroad from op posite Louisville, Kentuoky, te Alton, Illinois. Mr. Jkptrrson Datii and Mr. Walker opposed the amendment. Mr. L?aw*o!> opposed both the bill and the amend ment. Mr. (Ieward supported both. Mr. Unbbbwood sustained the amendment. Mr Walker opposed the prinoiple of making sueh grants, and was in favor of giving all the public lands, without charge, to aotual settlers. Mr. Maruum fald that when the time for giving pub lic lands away arrived, perhaps he would give to each abolition squatter a n*gro or two. The amendment was agreed to? yeas 37, naye 19; and the bill was ordered to be engrossed yeas 29, nays 19. THE PRIVATE CALENDER was then taken ug, and five bills were ordered to be rngrorsed. Mr Hale m?*?4 At Adjournment till Monday. Lost - yeas 11, nays 19. The Senate then adjourned till to-morrow. Hon* cf Repieeeatativei. BY BAIN'S BLICTKO-CHKMlCiU. TE1.KO&APB. Washington, Jan. 34, 1861. Mr. Batlv, (dem.) of Va., moved that the House go Into Committee < f the Whole on the State of the Union, disagreed to. The Ht>use then went into Committee on PBITATB BILLS, a large number of which were disposed of, without de bate. forty were passed. When the Committee rose the House adjourned. VKW TORK LKOISLATUR1, leaato. BY NOUS'S MA0NITIC TKLEORAPH. Albany, Jan. 34, 1861. BILL* INTRODUCED. For the more effectual prevention of fires in Brook lyn. To amend the charter of the olty of Bcheneotady. BILL NOTICE*. Mr. Crolius gave notioe of a bill to amend the revised statutes respecting the regulation of trade. THB GOVERNOR'* MSSSAOK. The reference of the Governor's message was de bated, in which Mr. Btone attacked the policy of the 0 over nor In relation to the Krie canal. The Senate adjourned over to Monday. liMmbly. ALB*.tr, Jan. 24. 1860. PETITIONS PRESENTED. For the establi*bm*nt o t an agricultural collage and experimental farm. Prom citizens of New York, lor the limitation of tltlei to land, and homestead exemption For the abolition of tha death penalty. Of eight building association* of New York, for the paaaage ot a general building association law. For tha sijuelliation of taxation. BILLS BKPOBTXD. Tbe Agricultural Committee reported a bill to ettabllah the agricultural college of tha State of New Yurk. Ibe Judloiary CommitUe reported, for conaidara tlon. an act amending the Homestead Kxemptioa law. Tbe New York delegation reported a bill fixing tha eaatera interior line ef nald ciijr Vtween Eighteenth and Twenty-sixth street*. Referred. bipost Or the canal comsussionkb*. Tba annual report of the Canal Commissioner* wu : received and referred to the joint committee appoint ed to eiamine report* lrem the Treasury and Canal department*. THE NEW CODE. . Tha resolutions ol tba Senate relative to th* Cod* were received, and laid over BILLS intbodvccd. To abolish capital punishment, and provide more ? ffeetlve penalties for the crime of murder; to enlarge 1 the jurisdiction of County Court# in this State. BILLS NOTICED. To provide for the better protection of mechanics and laborers *n(*ged In building stores, dwellings, he. DAT FIXED 101 THE ELECTION OF 1' . S. SENATOR. A joint resolution was adopted, designating tha 4th day of Febrnary aext for tbe election of a United ; Ktstes Senator to succeed Mr. Dickinson. The remainder of this day's session was occupiad in discussing Albany Police bills. The Ohio Legislator*? Internal Improve ments. CoLt MBut, January 24, 1851. In tha Asssmbly, yesterday, a resolution waa adopt ed. by a vote Of fifty, throe to eleven, urging Congress to make appropriation* tor the Improvement of tha navigation of tha Ohio, Mississippi and Ml**>nri river*, and tha harbors of the Western lakes; and another by a vote of forty five to nineteen, urging , upon Congre** the Importance and necessity of in creasing tbe facilities of communication with tbe Pa cific seaboard, by railroad or otherwise. Tbese resolutions were opposed to the last by a por tion ol tbe democratic members of tbe Legislature and tbe democratic press, but the large affirmative vote on tbe i|ue*tlon of their adoption Indicate* the preva lence of a strong *entlment In nbio In favor of the principle of Internal Improvtment* being mad* by the general government. Peiiiisflranla Leglalature. Uabbkbi bo. Jan. 24. 1861. Ia the Senate, a bill was reported back from the Ju diciary Committee, to repeal the aet to prevent kidnapping and preserve the public peace, accompa. ? led with a recommendation that it be negativi d Tha Senate refuted to proceed to the consideration of the ?ubjoet, by 17 to IS. In the Ilouee, a resolution we** adopted, authorising tha Cemmlttae oa Bank* to propound to the officer* of bank* and saving* !n*tltutlon* such Interrogation*, touching their affair*, ke . a* tli* committee may deem proper? sneb interrogations to be answered oa oath, ead U> he printed. The reeolutlon relative to giving bounty land to tha soldiers and sailor* lathe war of KIS and Indian war. was passed A bill waa Introduced to Incorporate the Atlaatle and I'eelfio Road and Navigation Company, Fight In tha Indiana Convention. IlinienarMJS, Jan 24, 18S1. This afternoon, a scene oceurred la the Indiana State t'onveatloa. which I* not over creditable to that body The vahj'ct under ronelderatlen was the propoal. Uoa to appoint three eomml*'loner* to revise and ?odlfy the laws, and to reform the mode of practice at jaw Many hard things were said sgalnst tbs legal pre feeelon generally, and Mr. Dovey. a delegate from Pceay, (who la a lawyer ) *ald he oould pat his flager oa three aea la tha convention who expected te be I appelated the commissioner* Bom* one called out. I * name them." and a member sitting near Mr Hovey I calls d out, " Kent." Mr K eat then ro*e, much excited, and called Mr Hcvey a "coward." wherenpon Mr. Ilevey advanced to Mr Kent's seat, and struck him a blow In the eye Roth parties were Immediately or dered lato custody, and a long explanation took pla -e amid gteat excitement Fiaallf apologies were made, aad by a vote of the Contemn n the reporter* were directed to another the whole affair Wsahl ?iglun Item*. W Aswt eaten, Jan S4, 1881. Solrmoo D Jacob*, of T*nn*ssse has bstn appointed Flrat Assistant Postmaster Oeneral, In the plane of MajorS. R llobble, who ha* resigned. Mr Corwlne I'nlted State* Consul at Panam* h%i Informed tbe State Department of the dsa'h of Doctor William*, within hi* consular district. The Coasnl states that the par'nsr la business and other friends of Dr William*, had departed for OalWornla Immedi ately after bis burial, and tbe Coa*<il had therefor* Wen unable to ascertain tbe Doctor'* p\a*? of re*|. deaae or christian name The Virginia Coai ml' tee charged with the duty of preen ting t' tl?neral S?o!t the gold medal erisr. d by the LegWIatrre of Vlr?lale lias* arrived here. e-jd the presentation win take plae? to morrow. Mr Cijttj's ?"mlna'l'?n a* J u'U* of Califorrja was s? >. U'h err ed I'l lh- S?n? * y-sterJay, th??>. ? tee,d. I l as determined to wtthiraw It, tg av.iid Its | nj'tiltt Bia saaceesvr la Bel yet caiisij Ohr Contest In HaiiMhaMtti for United ItktM Senator. Bo.tor, Jab. M, 1161. At the first ballot this morning, for Senator, the whola number wai .182? necessary to a eholoo, 103. Sumner 184 Wtnthrop 171 Scattering . ? 37 Blaak i Thia allows a loaa of three tor Sumner. At the seoond ballot thia afternoon, tho number ne cessary to a choice wh 193. Sumner had 186, Wtn throp 168, scattering 28. After thta balloting a motion ?m made to postpone tho subject for two weeka, and alter a bitter and angry ditooaalon the motion prevailed Tho postponement was advocated b y Mr. Cushlng, of Newburyport. and Mr. Stetaon, of Braintree-ths latter of whom waa charged by Mr. Browning, a demo crat, cf Monterey, with being in the pay of "State street.' ?lection af V. I, Senator la Delaware. WilmihiitOk, Jan 28, 1861. Jamea A. Bayard waa eleoUd 0. 8. Senator, to day to aupply the plaee of Mr. Wales, appointed to fill the vaeanoy oocasioned by the resignation ot the Hon. John M Clayton. Mr. Bajrard was eleoted by a majo rity of two, on the seventh ballot. The democrats have a majority of eight on joint ballot, ia the Legis lators. Congressional nominations for New Hamp shire? Destructive Fire, &e. Boston, Jan. 24, 1850. Hon. Amos Tuck was recommended for Congress by the whig convention at Dover, N. 11., thia morning receiving 82 out ot 76 votea caat. Morrison, dem , haa been le nominated tor Congress in 8d district, N. a , by 46 to 24. The Atlantic Bouse, Beverly, and the store of J. Oreene. were totally destroysd by Ore this morning, with their contents. Confession or Dwibar, the Murderer of the lieater Children. At-sinr, Jaa. 24, 1861. The following letter from the Kev. Mr. Beeoher, an nouncing the fao of Reuben Dunbar's confsssion &f the murder of the Lestsr children? for which crime he is now awaiting execution? Is published in the Evening Journal of this afternoon:? To thc Editor or the Kvenino Jocrnal : ? When you asked of ms. some weeks einos, ths truth of ths rumor then in circulation, that Reuben A. Dun bar had made a confession to me, 1 .was not at liberty to stats to jou all that then had been made known to me When a pereen aocuaed of a great orlme makea to another a confidential oommunioatlon In relation to that srims. a prudsnt man naturally desires time to compare that communication with other lacta of which ba may have possessed himself In otber waya. end ot lurtber proving the fullneaa ot ths rsvelation. and of proving the sinoeilty with which it was mads. In fluenced solely by a desire to allay all unnecessary si> citemeat in the publto mind, and at ths sams time leavs ths prisoner In the best po?ltlon or making the preparation eo necessary to.- hie future peaoe, 1 have entirely retrained, until now. from making any communication to the public I am now In a posi tion. and a near approaoh of the day of the execution would seem to demand of me to state a tew things which tbe community- and especially thoss faithful men ebo were called to aot as jurors en tbe trial - ought to know, before the execution ot the sentenos ot the law. Oaths night of the 20th Deoember. Reu ben Dunbar made to myself a full, frank, and unqual ified confession of tbe murder of David L. Lester and Stephen V I. ester on Saturday the 18ih day of Sep tember Thia confession, tbe details of whleh sxtsad to nearly 'JU letter shsst pages, was ta ksn down, and. after being teloe carefully corrected and copied, was finally signed by him on Saturday December 21st, and at his request was sealed, and laid carefully aside, with permission to publish It aft. r bis death As, by his written request.

1 have recently given a duplicate ot that oonfeaalon to another person, to be given to the publio at sueh time and under sueh ctroumstanosH as hs may deem beat, 1 em relieved from all responeibility In refersnce to ths oopj thus delivered, and ebsolvsd from the pro miss to preserve the secret of Its sxlsteaos. I am In formed however, tbat It will be given to ths publio immediately sfter his execution Mis manner of making the oonfesslon. his appai eutly sincere sorrow tor bis enormous and unnatural oriaae and his ap pearance generally, when rubjeeted to the severant teets wblch It bae been Id my power to apply, have left on my mind the impression tbat ths confeeeloa Is full and strictly true. The prisoner devote* himself, with much apparent earnestn?sa. to tbe work of makings preparation to die? professes sincere penitence fer bis jiullt. and bia wiillngneas to natttfy the demaada of justice by the surrender of his lite That his repent ance may prove sincsre. and tbat others may be warned by his example, Is tbe ardsnt wish and daily prayer ot Yours, vsry sincerely, LUTBKK T. BK1CI1KR. Albany, January 24. 1861. Extent Ion of Albart B?h??-Conft?>low Of his Brother. Ai'ii i.i, Jan 34, 1861. The execution of Albert Dahnm. for the murder of Nathan Adler. took plaoe at tha jail lo thl( olty. this mornlng at eleven o'olock and tlx minute* 11a maul- ! tested great flrmnes*. and (trugglad but (lightly. lia hunjf about fifteen minutes. and wa* then taken down and put In a coffin II* haa mada no contention, and tbie morning proteated that b? wm Innocent of tha crime. There were aboct three or four hundred men. wo?en and children around the jail All appeared sa tisfied that he should ?? -? ? death The Auburn guard* { were on duty about tha jail. The crowd ware allowed to eee him after be wa* put Into the coffin 111* face wa? not black, but looked vary natural. After the execution of Albert, bit brother. John Baham. Jr.. (who In under sentence of death for the pane mnrder ) made a full oonfis*alon of hi* knowledge of the murder to hi* counsel, and It will be publl*hed In a few daj* The general opinion I* that Jcha'* sentence will be commuted to Impr'.aonmeut. Mttrorolo|lr?l <)l>*?i ration*. HT worm's tkuokaph? office HI wau strkkt. , Hi Will, Jan 21 9 A >1 Fine pleaeant morning, strong wind from *outhwe?t. | Thermometer 40 Barometer il t SO. 8 P. M Thermometer ST. Barometer 29 36. and rielBg Very dark and cloudy; wind west Ro? nmii a. J?n 24-BA. M Weather pleaeant. Therm* .meter ?tan 1* 4i. Wind *outhwe*t. HP M .-- It ha* baen a 8ne day, with a *trong tenth west wiad, clear, pleaaaat weather. Thermometer 88. Ai<n<H J*n 21 - 9 A M Clear and plea/ant; run tblnlng bright and warm. Itan i M. Jan 24 -9A. M. Quite clear and pleasant but cool, think* ? storm I* brewing Windtoatn Thermometer 42 8PM Very clear and pleasant evening: It haa been julte warm and thawed all day. wind taath. Thermocauter 33 Oewroo. Jan 24-9 A M W.ather cloudy and mild; wind *oulh. Therm me. tar :>fl HP M - We hare a tin* clear and *tarllgh? evening: wind northwest. Thermometer ''-IX l> a, Jan 24 (A.M. Cloudy and unpleaeatt morning; *harp ea*t wind Therm' meter ri Harometer 29 f40 HP M Clear and On* thl* evening; the day slnca noon ba* been eery pleasant It ha* thawed consider able at d wheeled lehlrl't are becoming quite ou merou* la our street! Thermometer 86 Baromater 29 770. Ai salt?, Jan 24 9 A M | Cloudy and warm, with a south wiad Meraury In bare meter 88 Barocister :;0 MO Thermometer :?8 H P M Clear and warn ?lnce about 10 o'clock thlt miriiin*. the street* are very muddy and Irateillag bad: beautltal thl* evening wind northeatt Thermo u ? t er 42. Barometer 30 10. Taoe. Jan 34 9 AM Weather cloudy and mild, a slight froat daring tha night. Thermometer 3* No wind Hp M Clear and m. lid. with heavy thaw all day ; wind light from tha southeast Thermometer 40. Q. re*. Jan II 9t M Tbermr meter 22 Barometer 29 H6 and falling Wind fresh from the east , cloudy and appearance nf rain 8PM Mild Thermometer 3ft Hnowlag furlou*ly Mo?ra??i Jan 24 9 AM Cloudy ard smoky Thermometer 11 Baromttaf 29 98 Wind light from tbe north H P M Mild and thawing; wind west northwest. ! Therm oneter 34. Baron* ter 2H Ml Kntnaran. Jan. 34 9 AM. Cloudy and mild, appearand# of more *now. Ta* mt?, Jan 24 9 A M. Mild, clear, and pleasant, Thermometer 88. Ht J im* Jan 24 9 A M Dark and wtrdy, and looks Ilk* rain. Tbermomo t? r at :HI 8 P. M ? Cloudy and windy Thermnm*t*r 31 BY HAm'8 I.I OFFICII 2W WtlX *TR KK f . hrmvtiin Janaary 34 8 P M Clear mild. ted sprinx like. Toi run January 31- H P M Mild and T>|ea*ant. frore a little l*?t nicht. thaws to dayj tun ahlaas finely, ard perfectly clear 0..p*!**ai'*i w. January 33 8 PM Tbermometer thl* morning 30; wind *o?th, and ft?*h Noon .18; wind **me. fair and plea*?nt Thl* evening much colder, and freedng hard wiad high Naw January 34 8 P. M. Thermometer E8 raoviDvnrc. January 34 8 PM Clear. Thermometer 40, Baiix.aroaT, January 21 8PM Tfcumr meter 87. pHfi.ADSi rHi*. January 34- I P M. Cleat; wiad stutli, Th> raw meter 48. Barometer so a. B?i riMoaa, January >4- I P M, Clear. Thermometer ft# Wsswtwornsi. Janiary 34 - 8 P M, Clear, Wiad WtM. Tbsrm<m*le* 44. ARRIVAL OF THE FALCOM WITH TUX MAILS FROM CALIFORNIA, TEN DAYS L ATER KEW8 FROM CUBA. TH1 UCirriOH OF JBNNT LLVU IT BUMS. *?.. fco.. tea. The United State* mall iteamshlp Faloon H J. Hart atene, U. S. N., commanding, arrived at thla port last ????lag, at 0 o'cloek. She left LI a ran* on the evening of the lOtb, and ha* made the run hone, agalnit atrong head wind*, In fire day*. The alteration* which aha haa recently undergone bavo mada hat one of the moat comfortable, u wall u one ot the beat, eea boata of the line. The Faloon brlnga 326 paaaengera, the California mail*, and about $20, COO in gold daat. Annexed are the? NAHM OF FASBXNOKKa IN T1IK FALCON. J N Webster, X Sullivan, P C Brook. B Leal* re, A Fuller, W C'l ambers, T (forth, O Patina, 8 Oaksmith, P Patisoa, $ Hanton, B Hubert! Ik family, B Crosby, J a Bullerd, J W Unsii Eli Plumb. John Randolph, B Bodgers. W H At water, F Carlieu, L Drundere, B F ?tone F Smith Ik family, John Slater, K 1> Bart, K F Hiuith, B Tiukham, U S Appletua, W Kobiuion, X K Hi: tot enson, P B Buokbead. D I, b uni<er fold, G Rowland, Br ^misgton, $ Strong, P Adauis, J Bamliton, eal Davie. Dt Dutrac he, W L llalrd, T L Burtxn, B Workman, B Crawford, J Wirner. J I. Warner. J Fellows, Oku 1 ask, T B Pease,* B Erb. J DTownaead. IS f Deaeldiag, Bam! Baker, J H Colegate, P Buake, K Collins, P Reed, T Smith, IS Peabooy, J B eight man, B C Eastman, N 8 Bennett, J Lewer. 1) S Chapia, E Petersen, K Tuuke, D Bebelf. Tho* Littoa. J Loek, J Tyaoa, J A Brower, J Perry, T D Board man, A B Sherwoud, J Carrol, F J Thoinpaoa, A B'ttte, Br Oaiat, E Waldan, Br Th raster. 211 in steerage. Subjoined axe the name* ol those who A Uorner, J Benson, H Warner. T S Ellas, J U Rowland, J O Bates, i B Miller. Br Peek, (itsl Daroy, W Kinney. Br Hartley, J B Davis. J r Falls. B O Chatte, B Q Bluseom, 8 B Cady, A B Darranoe, U B Darranoe, T B Bly, Ira Ceckran, I) D Biggins, B Shumnay, W Sparks, W Bolmus, R Burdick, W Glase, T Brown, J Gifling, E Blackstoae, C A Warren, J BoCcnauKbkSea, T Kntght, P Worth, B Colvia ? DIED AND \\ KKK UI'KIKO AT SKA, On the morning of the 22d inat.. of typhua fever, A. Kebow. of Salem Man, On the morning of the 24th in*t.,of typhua fever, Mr. Ohovsb of Qroton. Mas*. At aame time, of eon aumptioa, B. Bit r, of Monmouth. Maw. The following i* the ? amount of hold ntrrr by the falcon. $a gold dun, to Chutebman Kob?rt* A Co. $10 100 do do. to order marked T. A \V. $1,266 do do. to W. Hodge A Co. The cteamer Pacific, Capt. Jar via. from New Orleane. and the Georgia, from New York, arrived at Havana cn the morning of the 17th. Both had left for Chagrea tba former on the 18tb, and the latter on the 10th. Our old friend, 0 Y. Hollecbeok, Haq., hat returned from Havana, and engaged room* In the Falcon for Jrnny l.iud and Barnum, and a large party, oonalatlng of acme forty p*r?on*, who are waiting at Havana the raturn of the Falcon to take paaiag* to Naw Orlaan*. The U.S. aloop of-war Albany, Comd't Chaa. T. Piatt, arrived at Havana on the 18th. Mr. Jama* Gordon Bennett and lady had received a great deal of attention at Havana. They had boon twice invited to dine with the Captain General, and received card* ot invitation lor every ball given while thoy wore there. Coneiderable ' anxiety had been manlleoted to aacertaln Mr Bennett'* opinion* upon the queation of invaaloB, revolution, or the luatainlng of the preeent government, and ho iBvarlabiy referred the queriat to the Htrald. a new order of the government haa boon iaaued limiting the landing of paaaengera to one wharf, and imposing a fee of one dollar npon all who with to land This order was not admired by the paaaengera of the att-ameia Philadelphia and Falcon a grant majority o whom refused to land. The order had oauaed consider able feeling among the boatmen, haokmen. and other* who found their profit* In mlni*terlng to the want* of returning Caiitorniana. It i* probable the order may be retclnded. II avaca wa* quiet, but a rumer waa abroad of an other invation being contemplated; but it found few believer*. Th* new Captain General we* v*ry active. and kept tbe troop* on cocttant d^L flk* day befor* the Fal con left a efcam fight took plead art Fort Principe. There bad beea much excitement at Havana In eon eequene* of tb* execution of a young man cn charge ot having killed a police offlcer while the lattar was endeavoring to arteet him The elrcumatancee were the** 8> veral ot the c ffleen endeavored to arreit the young man. who defendtd hlmielf against their maltreat* mmt In the affray, one of the officer* waa (tabbed ai d died Immediately, and the yeung man waa oep tnred by a bloodhound which bit him aeverely. The trial caused much excitement, but the young man waa ecrdemni'd and executed. Bubae.juently, It waa die covered that the mortal wound bad beeu given by an other of tbe < Itinera, who baa nine* lout hi* reaano Jenny Llnd bad given four concert#? the left of which waa for charitable parpo*** Tbe Nightingale met with great applauxe; but ber rtajwi'?#ru>, Barnum. waa not at all relltbed by the ffpanlarda. aa he had put pile** for admlaalon at a higher point than had ever been known befor* When be advertised hia price* which were M7 for a b> i holding tlx peraona, and $2 eatraocc fee*, and r >r tbe parquctte $4 36 for entrance fee and feat on* at tbe paper* ram* owt egalnet him. and tbe affair at once took a political caat. Tbe reeelpt* of the Ore* concert were |4.*(i4. and the *e*ond only $'i 700 Th* Creole* attended the concerts. whll* th* old 1 Ppar lard* *tay*d away Thl* occurred for three nlrht* when Batnunt determined to gl?* no more concert* and announced the fourth tor charitable purpn?-? To thl* all parti*# crowded, and the theatre waa not only Ailed, but th* anl* of ticket* had to b* (topped Th* receipts at thl* concert amounted to It 000 clear cf all eipenfe*. which we* .distributed a* follow* - $1 000 to th* Lying In Uoepital . tl MO to th* Chaitty Hopltal of St. John of Ood; li ont to tbe Catalan Beneficent Peclety. >1 000 to th* Urrullne Convent far the Kducetie* el Poor Children, and $1,000 in aln< for tbe deeervlng poor. Th* Creolee had formed a plan to give J*nny Llnd a demon*t rat Ion and t committee waited u pon Barnum offering him a tell hou*e If he would give another eon cert. He left th* matter entirely to Jenny, who ap pointed th* following Monday to *?* the committee Jenny ha* been mneh applauded, and her voleo pre aouBoed a moet **tocl*hing one. Her >w*di*h eongi did aot take at all. She only *nng them one*. Ilellettl wa* very well received Baraum ha* probably leet from $10 000 to $15 000 la Havana The Havaaa paper* hev* eeyeral curlou* article* about Jenny Liad and Barnum. which we mat trans lat* atd glv* on Monday To-night w* have only room lor a few extract* The/),.,,, ,/ u in rpeaklng of tbe charity concert, my* : ? If In the other eoncrta tbe knte *?? i t ?<> nu" ?nerovely ett> nded. tbe fault ia attributable to Her tun who ?et tbe price# at an exorbitant *u I which deptlved a great many people of hearing the < mftfri e Alter bavieg. In ? atrneg article, erltioiaed tie. ma ra <wnent of Itarnem. the* jonrnal ?a?? We received a letter f*?m Br Marti J a a, N which It I* r*|orted tba' the receipt* nt ih? fourth concert of Jet at Mn?l er? to b? glten toaom ? lavtMu tii't* of benevob tj"" Thl? eir-'imatenre eti * ? .?*? en tltely f? r ii* on thl* occ??i, n. th- a?peet of 'tie eaor moti< pt|, e* ??t by Baranm for heartea 'he *"*e<li?b nightingale We nu<t n> t l> 'k at tke ptl-e?, Mtt; at tbe work W rtari'v int?ad<l by J*tnj MM fnr the nnha| py feeing* Of Havana We ra??t all go "> h ?er *i?r *a<l rertv i ?r trlhnte for the poor Porn* we?b*Ue%y, at d ?h?ii repeat to our friend*. " ell b?*f .lenny LIN.' becanee we Will not on *bl? oecaolon, Se victim* ot , u eiargerated *p*?nlatloe. In contributing to a eorV ot eherlty. The /'eve fcrflllfl iM whiah. from th* b^laqlttg. waa 1b* prlrclp*! or gan Barnum. at'.er Imidii ***k?ii of lb* to all audience preeent at th* second ' one?rt' an-*:? We muat eav tba? th* audien ? *?i t*tv email (*o?tl<hr'vg tt* wierits of U?* nrtieti ft* th-c>anirr at d fee Jeot>y I <n I *? a*ii?lome1 ft dav by ja> L<* kloeipbant pvntlegt, jor * >ye rtlyoord in Kuroae nil America wo ars *?Trj to sea t la Ui vana the excellent 8 eevdlsh artM has not receie-d tb? lAgin honors tod offc*io#j whitfh ttUodvd the per formances of Kenny Klesl'* to comparison we here been cool aad indifferent witll JeBny Llnd Ns doub\ If the audience v? smeller than on the first oobow , the plaudits, the bravoa. bar* n<Jt boenr Kpwred I to J-ttuf Llnd, the flowers which oo verei/ the eta *?, tfl? besntl ful and rich erownt directed to hn. the fenetl<rt?m <n the public all wsre worthy af the gwait o*ata(tr!c? an 1 and of bar Immense talents. Tha Ravels had arrived but do n? open nefW tho first of tha month ThUr corps da baflet wart*?et*t In bringing out, for tha fittl time In Harm*, tha cper* ot ?' Rebert la Dlabla " Tha 'agar crop promises etnndantly; tho m tuTl fu ' had begun, and new sugars ware already in the nra. . Tha tobaeeo crop will be larpr and batter than 1<Mf many y#ar?. Theatrical. gowitt THrarar. ? This favorite establishment If crowded In every department. In orde- to see tha apian* did patriotic drama ot ' Putnam." wksleb Is represent ed with the greatest effect on a stage which ia every way suited. from lt? great capacity, to tamper display of anch Imposing pieces. Putnam " will commence the performance this evening and will be ft Ho wad by the Jong of the Indian Hunter, by Mis* lliffert Tha nex. feature will be the oomedletta of "Urimoon Crimes,' and the performanoea will terminate with *.ha roman tic drama of "Our Bon of tha Sea. or Llbar.yn flag, with a great caat Mr A W Penno, an exoallen light comedian, and a great favorite, will appear a Ilarry Helm, an American Tar, whiob he r^preeent ? ith excellent dramatia ability. BiOiiietr Th?at*?.? Public opinion has ratified the criticisms which wa hare given upon the spaetaelo of ?? Pauatus." ai produced at the Broadway. Every eveaint for the laat fortnight the entrance U>iheth*a tre is thronged long before tha opening of the doors, and tbose who are not In attendance at tha rising* o the curtain must content themselves with a ohalr, or perchance a standing place, in tha alalaa; tha plaaa, wa therefore think from Its unabated attraotivanoso, la deatined to run for some time; but. aa many novst tiea are In preparation, and the manager aeams anxious to keep pace with the public desire tor new attraetiona. It waold be well tor thoae who have not aaan " Paustus" to tvall themselves of aa adjilrable a treat -dramatis, scenic and Terpsichorean? as has been presented to tha New York publlo for years. Its attractiveness em braces. besides the unequalled splendor ot Its soonary, the rapidity and neatness of Its transformations, and the acknowledged ability of Its trading characters, a band of well drilled chorlaters. dancers, masquaradors, comic pantomimic performers, and grotasque figures, numbering nearly ens hundred and fifty parions? which add a brilliancy and a life to the Carnival HeM. In addition to this spectacle, sufflclently attractive la itself, the manager has produeed rtelby s translation of the new Prench comedy, " The Husband of my Heart ? It is truly am wring* and brings into reuutsitiaiK th# t?? l*nt of those accomplished aetresses. Madame Poniasi nod Miss Josephine Gougenheim; the farmer as a high born dame, stooalng to the ?ervillty of low eetate to win back the affections of the husband of her heart; and the latter performing the part ot an unsophisticat ed fish girl with admirable skill Tha supper soeno between her and Bcharf. where they both become stapl fled with wine, is well illustrated, and craataa un bounded laughte* and applause Conway and Shaw portiay the gay Prench libertines most artlatlaally, and altogether the com?*dy has been wril played, and equal ly well received. We aeldoni aee a better bill of fata than is now pr aaan Led at the Broadway. Bravo* 'a Thc^ts*. -Night after nlsht thla Teaplan temple is filled with the most fashionable and discerning audiences, and we believe we spaa* the truth when we aeeert that all retire not only perfectly satisfied with the evening s enioyment, but also with a determination to visit again Lain a theatre whieh afforded them such pleasuro and amueement. To night the new and excellent drama of " David Capperfield" will cojimeuoe the en* tertalnmants The caat ot eharaotere embraces all tha sterling and Inimitable talent of Barton's company A rorular duet by Mr and Mrs Uolman. a jw. J. <W? by Miss Walters and M Prederle, the Jenny Llnd pat nourrl by the oreheatra. and the entertainments will oonclude with the new faroe of ' Boat to tha Tower " N a nowa l Tn?*T*r.? Furdy. as usual presents ? verv attractive bill ot enter'ainment The entertain ments will commence with the attractive and favorito drama of '? Jack Sbeppard." with Miss Mestayar, Brandon and La Pavor. In the principal characterr Miss Malvina will next appear In a fancy dance, whlsh will be followed by the excellent exsreaganaa ot tho HI?Ms ot W*men.'' which embraces la Its ca^t nearly all the talented dramatic company. The nest feat uro Is tha admirable spectacle ot the Prollc ot t"?o Palries " The orchestra will then egeente an overtoro, aad the arousemeats witl terminate wi'hthe Monkey and .lack Hoblneon " Tbl? Is a treat bit', aad one that will undoubtedly fill this popular establishment. Bbovoham's LrcitrM.-The brllllaat aasemhlaga o elegant people that witnea?ed the representation o ' '? Dembey A. Bon," on Thursday evening, warrants tha industrious manager In presenting that rlob dramatlo treat before the elt liens this evening, ia addition t* which the beautiful . Irhuimnit , Mrs MnQlll makes bar first appearance In a leading character and Brnughan and Owens wind up the entertainments with that Irresistible plvce ef fun. tbek,Wlld Indian,' Du*y Barra dancm one of h^r most popular -a rara combination of ?ari?d attractions On Monday noo ning they produce l.oder's adaptation of Auber'a ?? L Ambaseadriee," with a famous dirtribntioa. Tho Lyceum is on the Up wave of popularity. Aaaairin Mi'stia.- This establishment is so ably conducted by Mr Oreenw ood, aided la the dramatia department by Mr. C. W. Clarke, that huadreJe. every afternoon and evening All every department of tho beantltul theatre, whlrb Is flttod up in the most taeto tul style tor dramatic and other Interesting perfor* ancee In the afternoon the amasoments ooneist of ? Robert Macaire ' sndeioellent negro mlnetrelsy by Donaldson s aerenaders and In the evening the excel lent comedy of the Poor Gentleman. " with a fiae cast. Also. Bthioptan perfarmaaces. ? Oiacrg? ArvaaisOOJi Prarna v*ecr?? In order to af fcrd to Juvenilea an opportunitv ef seeing tk a grand spectacle at the Bowery Amphitheatre, there is to bo an extra entertainment given this afternoon com mencing at hn'.f past two o cloak besides the evening performance. The' Reveltof ths Harem." with all tho camels, elephants, chariots, and proeeeelons, will ba played en beth occasions tin Monday evening tha nelabrated Wells Pamtly. Including the accomplished f out) ir ftfwifn'ffwie. Mt-s Mary Aon Wells, whose per formances In Philadelphia are aald to be very supa perlor will make their first appearanoe The sisters will lead the oorp* de ballet at th? amphltbentro. Bmifit or Mss Bkibsitt ? This great favorlU aad excellent actrees will take her b-oeftt on Honday eve ning next, when a bill of great attraction will be pre eented Mrs Bkerrltt is so universally esteemed for her celebrity as an artreee that little fear may ba entertained of n full and fashionable attendance. Starrs*. H ?li. Is nightly visited b/Jw?? ????"? bleges, to see tie splendid Ubleou* of New Rnglend, wh>ch are pronoutced paintings of great artinlo merit Ptsoaiei er fan ?*n.-Tho?? persons from Ireland who would be deliabted to eeo a repreaeotatlon o? Ita beeotifnl eceoerv should call at the Olympic theatre, where partings of great artl.tic merit are being ex hibited Paeaassia or th? Pitoata s Psa..s?? -* very eve. nlng we eee this panorama, we are more strnsk with Its attractiveness end Internet It has already reached a position which no other paintiag ot tho eort has yet attained HiMal Tub Rrratmoa or - L< ftrniiTt "-UN nlfht, a?at al?Ia and landing plaea. aa wall ?? tha loH>t*a. of tbaOpara w?? nli*4 with an aatlont thton* <>? audltora lotaat upon witn*a?in? lb* rarr ra. markabla p*rfora<an<-a of - l.a Farnrlta. ' In ?ht-h ; Varolii aarpa?#?a all fo-?ar rapraa ata'lraa of this rharaetar, ard aln?a with aa artiatlo aalah of at, I# M Woodarfnl for l?? fr?ah?a?? ?? It la at'ratrdiaarjr for Ha trnthfu'aaaa to aa'ara I f ???ail i ?tton l? taaral * | to eoaalat la aaaaalaaa ronladaa aad t*pIJ or tlnaal j rrram>nta Ihaa tba Ijrla draxa li?lh-?'?r k? <up praarad, aad ooaoart iwni ?? opan.'d tor th* nnrtara at roral talant Ob th* contrary If tha portrattnra of ! rhararlar and aipraaalon of Valine - tha trua avdet all mtiaia- ara to l>* kapt In rl -w than audi a<t nt^V bit Ion aa Ikat of th* artl't'a la?t altht la to ha dr a i frliw-C hy aa latalli|r?Bt puMI* It la ona thla? t? f:B> ? through rhromatlo a?*|aa whlah .<a? ahsiil'l ?!*?*? do attar braakfaat and qalta an?*h*r thiaj ?<> Intarprat aa aathnr'a and a >mfa?f ? ta-anirt ? 1?t ?lrtlr? tip to tha aplrlt of tha da?i{n an? tmpartlnmt lntarf*"?aea with tha ??tt < thin hl?hl? aradltahla aad pral?awar?hy I .??ln??% wa alwaia flr><l Parodl ?n*?rad and iha *"????-. la that ffia la arar t?aw. and n*?*' tlra? Wh?n a??a |? wall anpportad a* aha wa? la?f nl*'it hy B?aaran'^i o. Lorlnl and lorHlt. Ihata l? lltfl* loft m d?Hf? St a?w m*?lr?l crltl*. H?r?a**atano ?anr n' ?>ty -Noraill wi? ^ I praat rharartar and In good atyl* an I l-.rtnl r n*w? k ?t>a fr -ah?.-aa of thoaa l?ur*l? whlah ha talnc<i.r>?t V** firat fight Tha ^hola of 'ha opr- ? ??? ?Vl u|i lv r.ndar?d and Wathall* fltrjao"* f'arra>a ant VM.?t R'aMnrn- a id. I to t ha -n* crt.>< n maat ty ?>t ?< a ^ . ailreMa ? lf>'tta <>B Tn-fdar atffM w**t "afrdi will app*?r la * tn!??w rta-a'tar t"atao tha rA't ?? Whl?h ?*a#% afawenvi Knr^ra aad In wM*h wa ar? . alt* .-Ukn T'?r?wM will rt??t* fw hara. If u?attn?.(| adm'aaM n. Md a *'? l ?a WhUlti* will tnaka h?r lift a . ?a .? raHoi aad wa ?ha11 aaa w^?th ?? or a ??. aha w l| H1SI th' anprrta'l-ha of ?h? paMI" %n I tha *nM-'p"t -a of tha |ri*M roaallat wha ha? Mal<?:*lf avuiif I an ABir'laan l?dy to haa ??. t "?a I %n rta?a. It will ha aa arant of - - Hairy iv -fa CanKii'i # fraa. j i| i ? ->t pr gtatnm * of ati*rtait ? bUFr??i' n tnina'l >Wy ' n ll* par ty of ia,..? ?a ttatlon ????-?? nf tal yarlor?ianna?. aoto* on tba rlolla aod j.ii'ar, aad ainal-lta dana'.air Kei.i owa' Mtanaat a ?Tha proftanima fur thla aflaa* noo* and araaint la >?aa af tha h?at afar fl?a? hy iku eajahratad hand Tha ??? Iyro|a?n harlaa|a<i * "t Ra nar ?*aOl?. la a?. ararr n .(ht. iicara ?aata rtaJf, 4?*at ? ??M,J *l(hl. *?a,rir rr J t Thli fararlta af ?a||oaa' *lia?tr'-l? ?> 111 faka hm hana^t aa W "Inaaday nl?itl na daaaraoa ? aanwdad ham Tl.a T?aatfa Ko?*l. at K?a? ?n, UflMlfa U? )*i tj Bit ?? 'ta idiU taai,

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