Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1851 Page 3
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__ I4LMJJI AUVTlOlf. iriUIUH. FRAMKLIN.AU0TI0NB*r7-~ ? ?f Bale of R*al E*tat*.? W* H. Fr.vaklia, Sea * JOLkt sell At anetioe. ok Wedaeeday, Janu ary 20th, at .60. will ?1 thy Merchants' Exohange. ui the following <* 12 o'clock. ob First, Second, Fourth. Fifth, Sixth, B* .AT*. 610 LoU Forty- ??Tenth, Forty- eighth. Forty -Bin t* r?nlh avennei; Ninety-fourth, (Observatory So* are. 1 N ... Seven ty-alnth, rnith, Ninety seventh, 117th, 1 18th, UP' .Aety- Sfth, Ninety leae, ineludlng iiltuWe water pri? itreete, aad Harlem the last river The map* are no? ,?l'gea 11 Turtle Bay, oa I'tooe of the Auctioneer!. Mo. 6 *" < ready for delivery at it* - ? jroaJ ? tree t. I1T JACOB 8. PLATT ... D tioneir ? Underwr L Q. ClRRlNQTON. Al'C van itool, 64 kegs an' ?ters eale of 60 Lundies Hnlba:k Ger also, hardware, eu*' + several bag* Griffin'* horse ua.i?, AO.; and fotks, Ueks -icry, and fancy good*, tea taays, knives mi, sadiron* ,?r"svee, ??w*, can>ut*r*' ad. as, l.atohcis, violins, iC < And stands, 12 double barrel (uni, pistol*, knives. . ooien knives aad forks, oarvers. pen aaa pocket tra'' . raiors, soisxrs, shears (lats'l thirn' !e?, louder-, t .#? fcc.; alio, with whi*h the sale will o.aniiM.JfrJ .?t?a fine aad iuperllaa ivory o<ail?, slightly impericct, ?with varien* other good*. Atso, at eleven o'olo-k, oc aooouat of under* riter*. 60 bundle*, 13 600 it*. Ba.baok German ?'??I, aad 64 eaaki wrought naib, In lot* to *uit 1 ur.fcaaera. Term*, cash : by order ef parties concerned. Wlf lf< CORMICK, AlCTIONEBR-SALB OK FASH ? iombly marfe eoats. ?ests. to. W. fc Co. will (*11 thi* day, at 10 o'eloek, at 13 Bpruse street, 25 band Mne fashionably mado gentlemen s sack coat*. SJ s ain vest*, ko ; also, ISO half atd quarter boxes raisins, 5 tire proof Iron safer; alsu. a inperior London aecoad land double barrel fowling niece; aiao, a lot of goods from a puwebroker. AMTHONY J. 1ILEKCKER WILL SF.LL AT AUCTION tliia day, at 12 o'oiook, at the sale* rooms. No. 7 Broad sties t, the honses aid lota Nos. 48, 60, 62 and i4 Grand street, 122 Bieeckcr street, 10 aad 12 Greene sir set., 414 Ohorr> street, J building lots on Lewii (treat, bousos and lots Nos. 13Tw*n fonith street, 176 Eleventh street, aid lot! Third ave?u?. AUo, houses aad lot* oa Wilioughoy. Clinton, aad Atlantic stmt', in the city of Brooklyn, Sale positi'o? terms libe ral. Vi'i ian he Lad as above. AUCTION NOTICE -THOS. BILL. AUCTIONEER. ? By H. N. Buth ? This Day at lOo' the aieti#n room*. No. 10 North William street, tile or hAj,r< im i.ul other I u rait are, bagatelle table, chairs, Ceunteri, grooeries, butter, stoves. China, ((lass ware, dty good', valuable ;HW. elry, goM chains, watches, guns, iuattrtases, bsdr, oar?st(,fte. FOR SALES AJf D TO LET. Broadway store and i hoperty to lbase H. building and ?tor?s N . 4:0 Bnadwsy, j- al.ovt 1 Broome street, and next doer to the Art Union,! 1# e??ui :? 1 i by J. Devuolr, cabinct mak- r, with u l?r c four f tory 1 U''.m ng ca the MBtTe of the lot. iind aaothor oa" a th" r> t'r .t ng on M r* r s'leet, makiug an alinrjt omtinnon eh a of i-uilu srh. from ?tnn to *tre t, ni t?o bundre<i f 't. By lowering the floer of the front building thr ? f^et, knoeking aws\ the entry partition, and oonn; the t reebnil .ingi, a store ran be ?>ude of foarteen feet h gh, f tisot to fee; wM?, sad two hundred feet d>.ep wit': the urrar nart- at three buildings, well calculated to carry on in o.iteojlve u-annit' tory The two rear building! are, ii. fact, already ?onr.f t'.d by 1 1 i.e story ba lding thirty fee', doer- Thfs IToportv is oa th? < rown ? f llrt iida ay, ij r w about tU? cen tre of husineVK. and will tv rv year ln'T';:?i?e in The front and middle building will 0* rent<* without thi one on Bereer street, by which the store would b'j 1 l iulreJ and thirty feet deep, l or terms on a !ea?e of tithor tUeortea 3 ears, from the lit of May. next, aniamai 01' the property, apply to J. W. QERAKD, 27 W II street. CIOR ?AL? OK LIA9I.-TUK HUBiOHlBE.IS 3FPER JF their Landing Property at New Hamburgh, Dutofaesi ?ounty, and ai Hirlhorough, Ulster conn'y, tor v'.p, being th* prcrerty occupied by ns for the pa- 1 fifteen j oars in th* freight bndneis, or would lease th* same, boingamr'y pro Tided with store tousei, sheds fcc. To partios wlat.n,! to en> gage in this business, a chance e inal to thi ? rarely . jcrs. FOR 8 ALB ? The Meamboat fflen-lid is also offered for *al?. Now uader repairs. Can be riumintd at tie foot of Murray einet. For further information, arply to Dill'. KINS fc 8TKWART, 102 Murray itreet, or to MILLiKO fc MILLS, New Hamburgh. Duiohess con nty. TO LIT AT BOBOKRN? A NUMBER Ot NEW : JREB gtcry and ba<oaient brick '.<jiikC4, en Washington and Hudson terraces Thiyhavebesn bmlt . a th? m^st perfect aad sui<staatlal manner, nad- r the 'ipsrintind'.n-e cf Mr. E Benry, and the conitant m, er\ i?i"n of their owner, Mr. J.C.Stevens, ibey are r?> lo? wi'ii all tkstn'*! -neuave aisncsi? hot aad cold wa .it f >r bathing vr washing, water cl'j-ets, vaults, wood homes, snv.ers, ets., etc. Uas |if?s are laid tbroigh the hnu??s, . ad the -.r t? leading to them, and >a> ? ill be fuieishe . a? a m ar ? h? w-irks are e mrleted. A list will ]ca\e f r Barclay, 1 anal, of Christopv.r Street every ?v? and a Half minu c* dor in the _y. and ftmiiiea age < oa ? ?>? with at a vary low rat* V B.?T!: jr homes .. . wv??r-d in the cjring I 1S8P, nd art, therefor 1, dry Bi.irta-yfor .mmtdiat* occinatio l or term*, eta , ia ^uite. at the Bobvkea Land Otti- . I w. y. Miyyjw, Antt. AF1LK MP T1?E DAILY HIRtl D FOR lfW FOR aale ? The pagicra lia\e all good margina, aud r^a<iv ur blading. 1'rice $7? no lea* A idrei t. letter t L. MOM TAOL'E, Fost Ofliee. N. Y. For salk-at tbr old stand, no. o joas Striet, a superior lot of Long Uraed Caaaries. Bird fan ciers, snd etheri. are respeetfufly rei^uestei to ? fall aad s amlne the stock for themselve*. Alio for sale, a South Ame rican Lion. FOR 8ALE-TBB MOBERN BUILT TBRCB .-TORY brick house No. 99 Lsaiaftoa avenue; contains the ?odera iuiprovemeats. Terms v*ry saay. For part ie<ilara, enquire ea the premiee*, or of A. J. BUecksr N<?. 7 Broad at. For ss lb? a good liquor and < iq\r store. with two rooms attached. R*nt very low. Crotoa wa ter, gae, beer pump*, and tiiture* complete and urw. T> a responsible nan, a credit will bosifrn for a part. Apply oa ttemLset 'KjS lloustoa street, ebfor* 12 or -ifter J r. V. For balr-omb of tbe handsomest nbw fouadlaad dog . ia the eity: two years eld. Any gan'.le man waatiag a first rate wa'er dog of the above breed, eaa tee aad try him. by addressing J. O. W., Herald oftee. Ne dealer aetd apply. Amy person having a good sicmnd. hand top ^uggy fer eal' cheap, may hear ef a oustoaer by :i ldr*.a> lag P., Boa 121 post oifto*. Business opbninq.-boor. and fan< y store.? Fer sale, a book and faasy good* ttore, which k:... been established light years, coamaadiair a highly resMetabli iv * ef rssfviB, lo< a t?d la the best business portioa of Broad vay. The >i*ck Is all paid for, and woli scl*' tod. Valusbe twoea $6,u<Dand t'>."00. Satisfactory realms will Is given for selling. T'-rm* cash, er approved security is part. A 1 d res* M. R S., at the Broad ?a? Peet office. Mercantile stand to lbt. avd stock of goods in iood order, for sale, principally aeaeli busi arss.ia tbe most prosptroas enneition. in oa* of tlie river Tillage*? tbe owner In feeble health, wishes to retire from it A great pportnnity. Addrei D. A . I7tli and i-<th inst. at tMe ofliee. RUG STORE FOR SALS- LOCATED in nortuern Penn<> h snia. rommaadiug. at the present time, a good D HboltMlt, retail. prctenLtion WuHint??. I \>r i aruoulart mr y?J to C V. CLICKENKR ft CO.. 8I Barclay ilmt. CTEAM IMi!M-iNy PERSON WlillINO AN BN f ?ln?. trim 15 to Lor-- power. to operate ia tho lower |Ht?ftl?eUf, is a coaap juouo pi*- ? , cm be (ura 4 with highly fiaiahod. uad at aa eitraanly aodarat* ?rift, bniltby ?ptrlitci4 cuixtri, hiirm *1 iitniiolii l)i?U aeik ia thlt ciii. Apply m J*. A LBANARD, 110 I'oarl etrcot. House and i.ot rot sale? the two story aad ftle brink (r ut bouae, 70* G'r nvieli (tract; lot 15 (cot ? : Jo, ?tarljr 10U it? p. ?.i.UU0 or A.'i,UM)eaa r> main, If deaired. <a bend aid mortgage. Apply to JaMES I*. JONES. Bngra\er. 71 Naeeau etrcot, coraer ol J ilia. A PA BLOB AND BED BOOM TO LET, IN A I'HI VATB family. Will be let to one or tiro aiagle gontWmaa witbeat ' ard. A bath room aad water oa at- ??- 1 Ixxati^B uAaurpeaaed. Tor- ? Tory moderate. RaT-roucee ? . l-< ?- at No. 3(4 l- ?i*ar np<> I ?T A IBONT AND HACK PARLOR COMMl'NI E. eatia*, ha-idac&ely foraiahod, witU partial b.ard, or withnnt, ia a fir all prirato family, where there am no eK i id rt a? taa unlet. raticctaUo utugLt jrlwod. Apply at Mo, IT Btawlok t'.tot. TO LET ? ? SBVBBAL fl KMiSIIED ROOR4 WITH (Iratea, at 317 Broadwai A porter watted, a I ?> a . 0' k, ?ulered prefvred: aoti* acad Apply unlea- well rtommeaded. At ply bet* ooa It aad 3 o'clock P. M. TO LET-ABBET HOTEI, AND COTTARS. ON TUB Bl.nmlagdala Read. Apply t? C. C. WEliEB, J0> lut HOIMICB, HOO.HI. Aoh WANfgP. HOI" SB WANTBD? TO KENT, by a sball family. a n.iail aaa>, throe atoty mioota built houM. iu a good aaighbirtoed. abort Broomo atrnet.aed eoaveaioat f Broad way or tbo Bnwoiy. Tl.o t< run mu?t bo ta^dotat' , aad pot riaiti glroa ia March, li pne?ihln. Ploara tdlrjae ' B> IN," Marald ?llr>, at at lag partltalare. ABfTAll DRI 0 STORE IS WANTBD, B7 A PHY oioiaa? <>a? tl<at ?an bo thowa aa d->ln| a fair mail bu.iar-a. an d where A practice i aa bo oklaiaod. Tho apper part of the rlty t rcfcrre l. Addrcae "Ooa'idoa- M D.,' at thia i.nco. atatlag la woo t re?h pel?, r?ai, lac all ty. Be. WANTBD? TUB SECOND FLOOR OF A STORE. HE tw?>n Veeoy. Wnrroa, Wort, aad OmiaUli roe to. AH drooo Q. A. S? Hera.d ott o. WAMID-IN TUK I PPCR PART Or THBCITT, where Crot a wator can bo need, a pla e aaitable f?r a ?mall factory. Addreai A It., 117 faltua (tret, a'at.og terse aad loca'i n WANTED- AS SOOM AS POSSIBLE, A GOOD SI/ED otnre, S'-a'h. Fr*?at. Wa'er. or Pearl atrc?t, vithla ? abort diaan-c ? all afreet. Apply by lettw, with '.eruia, to Bea No. MT7 feet Ui?''. WANTRD--TO WENT WITH TnB BI8UT OF PCR efca re. I a i wall farm la the rloio'ty of N?e Turk. A I dtou C- ? . Hired iK'i, a'a'lnr looaf n rant, AS. WANTED To KENT, ON STaTEM ISLAND. Mil CI i f i n. a c 1 1 ? f n-n'aini?? ? uSt or tt a t'teti s. Ad Irtll U box l. t-'l |n?*r I'oat '>r?n. Si ftClAl. NOTUKI. HoBACB GBBBLBY WILL lECTT'RR BEFORE TnB Phreanlofice! Pneiotf. at fllatja Hall. Wal'-Mlay 2Utb Inat.. at 7H u'elvck. Sobjoot, Sell OaUurv. A'aittiare, 11^ rWto ATWOOD fi sileers AND TllOSK who intend J? laiaf ??, ar< re moat?.| to inr?- f ir <irill oa Ike ?* en la* i f.-?tth left . aad ej Woda*edoy, Xth, at 7^1 nVI ?. ' A M., at Sa?le drill rceira. enrnar ?f ?'hri?tl? ul H lia't ? ron??. fer target praction at Tliemae ?tarr'a. Third aronun; uai to i ? la black ooat. past a aad hat . tauakete aad 1 1 . '0 will be r?ed.i attberooae. !,-?? ?iii irn- iiic tl omorlT < wi'h k*ll,Ar-rU*a. Jo?rp|I r PiNCRs kv ,C- m-cati laat. Km tt tan S. St ?<>?-< Or I'-rly Snm -ant. (<ABD or THANK.*.? TBB MBVSEK^ OF TUE HI D' J a< B Blaeo. of Hoae Cciinpanr N? II, a?alK!? mo' Ivntef kbia oi poitnnl'* of rttirt'ia* <hnir >iaiaro aad aanainoM t bank a to D<d?orth at.d bla hifbly alakrated Moiillm Maai, for their polite aad uatiriar effort* oa all oMaHaai, ?n pleaac o?. a* alto for t lie aaeeli. a* maaie diaiatirond by ikon at the >ee*nd aaanal bal' of the i< npaay hal l at Tam aiaay llal', oa tho mania* nf llm 2ld in?t , anl n ut tha'r folia bt?"i?'i,l tbrm ?o nthor rorapaeiee abi re jei n ;he aervine* ol a baa. I uli'eac nataat aiidy l( t? J1 r o Mdiafae* Ilea. In behalf of tho CMapany, 8l*|>!> ? T. II i J*h, I'eter Vaatvrbllt Charlae Itllny, CaWlMH ?? Prlatlat A CARD. BOIiRRICR L \ WRESCE DAS EST4B li?li?d a *?el r. ? a A<ca< r. ia tho Ua?? otli ?.H Wallatr??t. He will bay. (til, t ad 'aa- pr-'pnt r?t reliant r?nte, cad lapcrlatnad i j at - a. T(t? al??nit?r *aa fn? ?? knna yceri i*-at f >r the lar?? tatAte of Qco. Jtn***r, E? i . ?MeflaeA | and rtfrra te U <? Rry. / /. Jenmay, D D? Now Bru Aa irink N J . If ,.<i Wll iam l> o?. II i .1 ' ??a B >ar. o, Hco. Pr->Hi. A Tillmad. * linn ?'larVa n <Vol' oa, and T W. Tbarnc, Kn . Prc?Mnti? *4 tbe Natl aal Inanranco Com P*AF? e!?tBSMF.N fAMIn JAUI RE"K B < WAVT J too nr tbr ? rn"d i f < a il tali mnn. At ply ' ' ,.o eTnn'.n,:, CAI.IPOHKIt. C'?LIFO*??IA FIOIR a?fl> M?*f, rr?R suB'? :?| J koreero mpplled eri'h kiln drtad ?koa* lilt and natn# ?rted e?'A naaal. aa-knd ia Met i?a?. eed. i tar?' r 'rat b >oad kofehoeda, barrole, and kk'f- barrolo: elao te Rood ?ir"at oata> ?oa kanrole aad kait-karrtl* W* ?? I r ih?l,all fciiuA t ada. loraaiaty /OHM L, Bli' Ri.BV A CO., k rrtiiuwb wim , WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN ? situation la ? respectable family ?? seauutrsee, and to do ohauiber work, or to eeaiet in Wftahing ftad iroaiag? firat r?to oleaa stereber and maker- np of lino olothee. The bolt of city referraee caa be givea. Ai i>l t at 67 Oroebv atreet. WANTIV A SIT CATION. BY A RBSPBOTaBLB y< uag woaifta, to do chnmhtrwurk aad &ae washing and Ireaiag; or weuld do housework ia a email private fau.Jy. C?? give food uity reference from but laet place, l ltui call tt 71 Math avenue, in the bookstore. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE i'roleata nt young lowu, u oook, waeher ftad ironer. I ia a (rivate family. Brat of city reference given. P"?? -all ftt 1(3 Vftrlck itrcet, between Yandurn aad Charlton streets. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant youn,; woman, aa cbambarmaid or waitress, fttj do general housework in asnj.ll private family. Haa the very beat of city rtfeteaoa. fan te aeen for two day*. Please in iulre nt 661 Greenwich atreet. iu the basement. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa plain ecok; ia ft good waalier and ironar; or to do panels! homework in ft private faioily. Live 1 oae year wlthlicr lftat lady. Can givo rood oity reference. PI aae ?'all ut the ooxaer of Jay ana Water atreet*, tn the atore, for twe day*. WANTID-A BUSINESS MAN, TO 1*0401 IN A lucrative nceupatloa requiring bat littl.i outlay. Sueb an on* nay realize from $VH t a ll.i' U per annum. A pur cbater of a oouaty right may enmra still larger profltn. A] ply. afUrPA.M, to No. 7 third floor. *1 vaea?u atroet. Alan, a ruteet right in maobinery for tale cheap, owin. to unforeseen clrcnmstenaes. WANTED? BY A RESPECTAIil ?, MIDDLE A!, EI) woman, a situation aa nurse and t,eamatreea. Apply, for tl rci di yf at 177 Be> onth avenue, in the st'.re, be:w?en tbe hours of 'J A. M.. and ft P. M. WANTID-A RISPECTAB1 E GIRL WANTS A 31TUA tion aa Cliambeimai', or to do general house work for i tnill family; i* agocd vushcr and ironur. The beat of i t it| ;?>' race, Apply at her ^recent j*U'? . 121 SUth avenue. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION : a acaui:*troe? anc dressmaker ; ia capable ot cutting and fitting: and ia a good ibirt matter; has no obieotion to do Egbt cbauibcrwork, er a?-i?t in taking ?. aro of children; an 1 wonld go eut by the month to sew. The belt eity rtfarenee" given. Call at 12 Cencurd street, Brooklyn, in the l.aac u ent. ( an be seen lor two day*. WASTE D? UY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN woman, a altna ion aa n> tjo or nearant rasa; ia oate'ila of taking care *f aa infant. Alao, a re-p?otable wemg n cook; alie pvrfeotly understand* her buainoa*. The bast of eity refercnoc given. Can be seeu lor t?o Jay; at M Si\th ft' enne, oerner ot Eiahtenth itrset. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa a good plain oook; ia an excellent waiher Mid ironer : would do general homowork in a gent*' 1 faintly. None others need apply, at 103 Twenty-fifth itreet, ooraer of Third avenue. The beat of city icrerence. Can k* c- en I or two day*. WANTED- BY A KBSPECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a situation a* Laundress, Chambermaid, an 1 Waltor, or to do reaeral homework. Can be seen for three daya. a'. j4 Foryth atreet, front basement. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, fta plain took ftad llrat. rat-: Wftaher and Ironer. Tbe best ot city retet' nee. Can be icon fer two day*, ftt lUlfc Amity street, ia tho r ar. WANTED? BY A KESPBCTABLB WOMAN. A B1TUA tion ftH plain t uok, Wuahar, and Ironar, or Laundr' as, or Chamberwork. The best reference given, l'le^ie eall at <3 lirtl avenue, between First and Souon ! itreers. WANTED-BY A RBSPBCTABLB YOUNG GI11L, A situation a* Cook, Wuslier, an J Ironer, or aa Lit imJr?ua. to go a abort distant e ia Ihe country. Beat olty ref'-runee can bo given. Apply At USEliiabetli -troet. Caa be Been for twoday^. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a xituatkn a good Cook; alao, bating of all 1 K iitd*. ->ad ha* no ob.iac ion to assist with ? aihlng and ir -n ing. Ilext of city reference. Can be aeen for two tfftyn. Pleaae call ftt 113 Sprii g itioet. WANTED-BY A R SSF EC'TA ULE YOUNG GIRL, A sitnati^n a* plain Conk, good wanber and Ironor, and tolo*?Bctal housework. Good oity reloreno ? given from lirr last plane, w here ?Le baa lived for two year*. In iuire at Elizabeth otiec:, tivsl floor. Can be acen for t ?vo aayi. WANTED-BY A RESCBCTABLE GIRL, A atTI.'A tioa te do the general houseiverk of a email priv .to fiiLily. Can give good ref< renee from her last place. Pl> a*? eall at 32t> I'earl atreet, Walton House. I \IT ANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A i TT aitaaiirn a* rfeot < ock, ta all it* bran he*; ia alao a food baker ; ia williag t> ftasist In tbe wetting, if re ,nlred Tbe of . itv rotereare. Pleaae call for two daya, if not, soiled, at lit F;rf t areaue, Purser of Se- eu'h *tre> t. WANTED? BY A RBSPBCTABI.B MIDDLE AGED votuan,a siMation in ft small private family, at ft |*od plftia cook, wft*h< r, aa<i ironer. la ft froteataui. Vo oVjeet'on to go a di rt diataace in tbe eeuntry. G ted eity rcfertaee given. Pleare in. iuire at No. M Nineteenth street, b?twtrn Broadwey and tht Fourth avenue. Can be sten far thre? day*. WANTED? Bl A YOUNO GIRL. A SITUATION AS rbambermalJ and team<trnta, or to t*ke rare of olald r>n. The belt ol ciiy r<fercnce given. Pleaae call at .'<M Bouiten itrret, u| tain, 6;?t fleor, fisai Feem. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general kou>e?ork in a email private family; <>r oteml trwork. und ftiaiat in wa-biu^ ftad ironiug. The beat of eity referaneea gH ea, f re tired. Can l-e aetn fer two dftya, at 272 Wftlkir ftreet. In the atore. WANTED A SIT I ATI On BYA RESPECTABLE YOrNO womfta, aa i bamberuiu'd aad v. alter, or to miud child ren nnd d" plain eewin ;hn lived three r are in lerlast tla e, and can produee aatiala tory reeomuien lationa -- leaae eall at lOi Eleventh itrc. t, between 1st aad 21 a?c ar.e? 2d roor, froa* room. WANTBD -A SITITATIOM BY A YOl SO OIRL T* take care of children and de pla n eewiag. or aa ' ii*tn bennald and nait.rjno oljeotioa ?o a > ort Jisiaa*' ia the oo.intry; the best of reference rrfur'd Please eall at 'J! Ckrlity street ia the rear. Caa le acta fj? thiei dajs .f not e? gaged. WANTED-A STTUATION AK GARDENER BY A MAN ? bo thonroughly undentand* hi* ' nei?e*eia every r:a pe?t;|la perfectly familiar witii the cultivation aad prepoga tionof fruit, flower* and vegetables ia all ti.eir deparimeuU. The belt of refereno<% N'n oojeotma to any art of th- eoua *ry. I rovidlag tbe situation ia permanent. Addr*M Oar . oner, i at the ofliee >.f thi* paper, or SS We*t Tblr.een'h atre t. WANTED? l'.Y A RKSPE' TMILB GIRL. A H I T I A tioa ae Nune aad Seamatieaa; is a first rate shirtma ker, end caa give good city refireaen. PUaee apply at lo.'? ? amiltva street, rear baildiag. None need apply bnt re erec able ladle*. Can be aeen for a ? e V . WANTED- BY AN |; \ PP. Rl ENc EI' MI DDI.E- At: I D It male, a aituatiea aa aiek Nnr*e. Baa no objeetiou te go aa hootekeerer la a amall family, is al*? perfe< tly aeqnamted with Let needle. Refercnet nebanged. Call at Mi fir and street, atir ?rad? ay, aad will be heard of uatil LextMar. ? W A NT ED- A em ATIOK. IIT A BBSPECTARLE fie'.M'.uat liirl. ai Nuraa and Sr.imiirrii, <>r to wait ?p ? lady. C od oity rtftrtBOi. I'lcai. tall at Mrs. AlUa'i. R> BH/afrth uratt. \VrASrr.l>-BV A RBSPBCTAIiLE YOUNQ Wi 'MAW. ? a situation In a tciall rrivita tamily. *? c ma d or lanadrtai; bo ohjaetiau to dtlaf t aoral homework T e koit of 'it v reeon m' ndfcm yWii . Phaic 01. II at 41 Ctarloa ? trtn, seat door tut oao to 1'otirtb. I'na be a aa too itaya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUKfJ WOMAN, ? aritoatiaaba do c wral hoattwarV ia a ritrtitatle prlvata Itmily. Shi ia a good [ laia cock. a aatir ?uJ irontr. C.ood tit* rtftrtnci coa ?t ii > m aad caa bi ? :ti far thraa daya. flHW tall at IB Mnlbirry Itritt. WH ? AN IEI> ? SITUATIONS BY TMO RISPKOTABI.E yonay ? . im a? oaa to do | tatral tenia work. aa I li a firat rat* wa*htr aad ironar. and cud pr> dint thi bi it of city r>i?r?a?a If re>|itlr?d. Tha othtr to do ihambarwork and waiting, and to aiilit la tha wa.lilnt aad Iroalng, ar goo-rat honaowork. C'aa rrodnot tha fcaat of city rtfortaia. Plaaao ? ill at No. 377 Oudtoa itratt. third tic r, froat raam. VI/'ANTBD-BY A BESPBCTABI.B YOUNG WOMAN H a iltnatloa to do rhambtr work, waihiag and it tint, or ai I<at adro t. Oood alty rtfiraaea (iraa. I aa l?t mta tor two day*, at No. 1 Union < onrt, Uatrtriity placa, bo twcln Blot oath and Twolfth t'ryttl. \Ar ANTED- BY A BEEPS' TABI.R YUt NO UIRL A ff litaatiaa ai ('hiaboraa'.d, or to li (la'ral hiuiowark. It a good ?aab*r, iroaor, aad rlilo ro<- k. H*a yoo4 rcfaroaca fron. bar latt jlara. An ly at jtw. B. oat itrtit, m tbo raaf. U AM ! I>? A SITUATION. BY A RBSPBCf ABEB WO ? T n.fcn. an frit rata Cook, Wiii-cr aad Itoarr aad *h? alar aadcritian '>ahiBg lad goniral beuitairk. IU?a<>ob iattloa tagaa thcrt diitaaot lato tba r natrr. tiio i ? it of city rofartara froi.i bar laii plM*. Plaaic apply at | No. (71 Mulltrry itw t. \li ANTED- IH \ TOI NG OIBI. A SITUATION A.? yy ("' <-ymaid, aad to help ia natuiac tad IroBiBu, or i t- '1 ??ri>ral bcu-ewirk. flat ao trjoctita to yo a ? arl ?iiitaat* la tba ctan.ry. Baa city rotrrtn t. P!'i ? addrtt' w Laoaard itrttt, br?t tloor, back room. Caa it attn f?r two ! \]Lr ANTED -A? CAHDENER It V A SINUI.E IOUNO y" mia i ho kaow ? hi ? t arti ia all ill different kraachti? tha tnltnra of fraita, t1"?tra. and \ jftiblc yttorollr. a--:y lornr* ia t ottoda. tart aad m*. actaaat nf a graaa- nana*. k'<>?> africolt r .. l?o, aid wo aid taka ? . i. " 1 plafa? baa had co??:doratl? ItlWitlM la thia ?c ia'ry. (ami twill rtt nn. f o r i aa-1 hna >b?nt tht >a?t rity r*itr< aiia. Pltatt addi -?i J. H ,C. at il.i? "<Saa. \V*>TS \ SITUATION AS BAITEB-A TOI NO MAN Tv who It latoly fr a i'h'Udtli bia, w nld Ukaa*ltua> ti a ia a rr ?a?a Itn.lljr, or aiuld hav u tb tttioa to a l>nyatt loardlay hi>?M. Ua aill rrodat aadmb.fd r?f?r ? n<n. A a t* for B. N . waiter, at l .toflkctof tbiipaitr. ? N ' i i a .* ar * .11 m< ' i. . . d ut a' t#ntio?. W CHANTED 1MB BDI *TI LY? A KtV WD" ri > IT ? aadcftaa'ta |'ittla| toyothor, ed tn'.tirr on iroa , ronoy, raiiit -, trtaadab. ar rt?f< raaoti rt (o.rad. iB'<ain ? ^ ? t I'laii atraat, wain. J UHViMTBB-A SITUATION. BY A BHPfCTABf.1 jaiiy ?miaa, at Nnraa aad Sft???re-? It a I ? ? r an and mat Iraaat*. can ? i on for two dajt, ] at '<71 B'yh tk utroat, hat wrm antt na? C tnd D, ttlrt U'AMII A SITUATION. BT A TOI Nti WOMAN , yy to do tht C oklar WatMay. Aal Iraulrc. or tk* traaral I I., v ??i ?v, . I a (mail faaily. ^ < ? ? dutaa~c ia tho aonattf. Btat ot rtfartnot lyan. < an la . . n at No 7 franl : n ?'r?ol, toraad ttryy. I UV ANTBD-BV A BBSPBCTABIB PROTESTANT loar* w man, a tltnation a* plain Ctnk. tad un^cr- j rtaa it baklnf, ar >? Laondroaa, ar waali d? ytrcral hoata- > ?O'l In I ,nnil ariyata fiaiily Oc I cltj r?frri-n' a. May I a tttn at V> Ro ??y lt *lyo? t, tacoad Ilo r, liTk room. Wmhaktbb-by a nh.m.v rbspe* taiii.r yoi no j woman, a Ptotcalant, atitaatltr at C> ?mi>?r?n*id, m a t ri rata family, or to tako ista of rhildnn would do t! ? Matral ) narw rb of a ??a!l ft.jiily. Can git* m?tt ??m. raflinnatto d'y rtf rrata. May ba ?ta f*r 'iro da>t, ai :?3 Satraif ? nth it- t, a ir ' t'karaana. ANTED - HV A RFSPBOTABLF. TOUNti Wf'MAS, ?" a <i- o? lit, a t- ?'? >i or Uhamb<rmiid. or ? > do ?'no?.,l i lioottv ork in a itl ti, fan ily Can In t??n for two ilaj-l at | US Kin* I'trat. ll'ANltl IMtirniATS' T * l l,??T.n\Tr B*R0E1 v ?!?'? t? M o I. Mi l> N E H',1 pair Dr l?B( lliomi Ho. I I ar ay 't a ili Amtrirta Balol. \t*ANT?r fITI'ATlONS, BY A STRoHO. HtAt.TdY, TT latpytaai'to aa I iitt> r. ia Ibo oanntry? ha aa* j ii.?Hithri;t??imiM"., :,?af aat'k n? r.riaay: thl ! wanld aack aad atada h>.r??lf v.Mful aad lyrrribin. fbty ; I a. old tikt I frUo in d< lay ail In n,.-iy f,o*. r foy thl bt' lit ? f it.' r i tit 'o) . r. oi n .ut't iMia t? m, oa ^ir a TI. htMal i '?wa.tadaii na ^TPlJ, M bj a ita, to P. A No. fi? l??. Proa. laa..Ntw York. \Lhm?i ai i w ri . v.< I ?tob TOTR.wrt.\iia \ pit- ! ? tly- Waatft, k) a rt?|< triie Rayli<>.m?a ofi")iad I tut. ? ii' pit! >B it a>??a. Hi' llnrtl* r l? tWmgtily I B< .iil attl ailh hltbn ? rt? |>trfrrtly n.hrr: ?aa nrlta I >t i t'r| l 'louBiyj ' a< l i fd to the Hut fam'lti I, in 1 or > I ? I a "I rtoommyaitH. Pica*' ill (M V R. Df BOOTH i, , 31 Ran It) trtit XSTKADV. IBDISTSIOBS ?|vtr,B Ml* THIHTT I joa?# of ago, dtrlr*t a iHnatl n a? .<<lrym?a ia a ?t?r,. j or at IlyM t?or-or -r B trk- 'p** oy iat kiad of a?'iT0 #.a | I'tajmtyt ii aot afriid af oork R i-tof city rot r n*( ? I ii:? fit iai! ?af''r??? Addlf I J. 1* t Htt.'l.fci, I A A - v ?*, ?AIM. ?V?WVW\^^^i^V?.,SNWVNA.\,V\. VW\WWWWWW?^ AVOI'NO GIRL WISHKS A SITUATION AS FIRST rata lanndraa*. ?r >? ohaml-arinaid, or a? waiter. luo* 1 referiaea given All*? by ? yoang girl lately arrlv?d. to take otn of children. or to da light waiting. Ploaie apply 1 ?t Ni>. 7 Union Court, in Uaiveriity Place. To bo i?en (or two day* | A FIRST- RATE fRIICH OOOK. WANTS A S ITU A- | tioa U In ad cook fur a h itel or iteam. r. No objootioa to go in tUo country. Beit reference given. Addreu F. It., At the ogee of thii pi(?r. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ GIRL WANTS A SITU A- I tiou tt do general housework in a private family, ur to i do waahing aud ironing, or to go aa chambermaid. City refcrenoe will b? given. Apply to HI Grouty ureet. A STEADY, ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED COOK. WANTS a aituatioa in thii city, llai good referenda. Apply 1 at 112 Clinton Place, Eighth itreet, in tbo rear, Urn it jup. ? fcbe will bo teen for two dayi. ABUTATION IS WANTED BV A PBOTBSTANT youn* woman, to do the abambcrwork and athing f ir a re?peotnble family. City reference given. l'lenai call at 3tJ fir. i avenue, coricr of Niietetnth itreat, third floor, back I rio?. RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SIT- | uatiou to du general bout work, or to tako earn ot chil dren. and to do plain lowing. Can be bcou at 11 Bait riur- | tecnth atreot, for one day. I VEKV KESPKCTa Bl.B YOD?0 WOMAN W A NTS A iituai ion to ilo the gfEiTttl house work of a its nil pri vita family; fa willing to m>tk a berielf generally uiefal. Plcaa# to call it 104 Tenth atreet, oorncr of Firat Avinne, for two day*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU. I ation aa pjain Cook, W.v her. and Ircner. or to do oham brrwork and plain aewiug; would have no o*>j. .-tion to take charge of children, and make herielf generally useful. Can produce the bolt of reference from her liat place'. Apply a*. >'.'? !> Utiya Court, where ahe can be aotn for two d?ys. AVOUKG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO 1 iicnrral homework, dhajnbavworfc, or waiting Good reference can be give n. Pleatis ?all At No. "7 Fourth itreet, corner ot Perry urect. Can be icen for two dayt. j ARESPECTAULE YOUNG WOMAN WAN 1'8 A SlTl'l- ! tionaa plain cook: la a good wa?har and Ircner. and ga. reril housewuikcr. Good city ret'orenco. Inquire At Si Loci low itreet. fit it t'oor. * RESPkCTABLE WUHAN WISHBS A SITUATION i 1. to do chambtrw ork, or the general buiineei of a i nall lamily. No objection to tbo oouatry. Call at 122 White AREBPEOTAIILE YOUNO WOU VN WANTS A SITU A- 1 tion Ai plain Cook. Waihor, and Iroaer, or to do gcnaril bi iitework in a iinnll family. Can l a icon for two laya. 1 I' oaao call At Mr. llubg Burn*, No. 3J Frankfort atrejt. He lit of city refareaef. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTADI.E yours woman, to oook, wtilj and iron in a roapuctalila > family, llaa no objection to go a ihnrt diitance in lliu coun try. Tbo belt of city refert nee nlvon. Inquire at No. y , Ileavcr ntrc' t, thirJ floor. back room. Can bo cecn for thrt i dayi, il not eagag -d. BIf.LIAKD8.-A 1IAN, WUO l?N DBK STANDS Kf? pairing billiard tablea. and ia compel' nt to tike ebargs of a large raloon, vould like t< get a permanent lituatiou .n one. Addrcn E. Li.. Herald oittci. CLOTHING SALESMAN WANTED-ONE WHO IS thoroughly acquainted with the buiiiiom. competent and itduitriom, may obtain a good and permanent lituat .on by addreaaing a note, with name aad n tcrtm oo. to Clothing, Herald office. WASHING WANTED? ?Y A SESPEOTABLE WIDOW wotuan, at her own home. Apply I9J rirat utiui, between Tenth Aad Kleventb itretti; call in tlu gro:?ry a tor*. ?OMU)mo, ??. BOARD -A iOL'NO LADF CAN Bl ACVOMMODATED witli handsome furbished or unfurnished rooms, with er without beard, in a p'iyato iamily. where there are no children. No Mfereno* r<;i|uir*d. Payable in advance. Ap ply at 36 Thimpsen atroet, unj lino d jriag tin clay. BOAHDING.-TO LET.? A VERY PLEASA.NT, LAR1E aire room, or parlor, on the first ii*"r replete with every comfort as a sitting or lodgin.' room for a -inrle g a tleman, without board, may be had >y applioati'.n at M 1 lauklin street, a fsw door* west of Urea 1 way. BO.\ kD.? A PARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR, WITH rantry, may bo had, on the litol'Iebruary, at v>2 Uroal way. Ala... a single room io the upper story. Board wanted-with an infitrnisued noon. tor a la<ly ?i.d infant, in a private family, or wher>! ?her* ar* few boarder*. Addreaa L, itatlu; terms, Herald ofliac. Tlio beat of loierenoe given. BOARDING.? THREE OR FOUR SINGLE GENTLEMIIN ran be aecommudatod with board and pleaaaat rooms, l y applying at 4 to Greenwich Street, ten minutes walk fr m Broadway BOARD- A PLEASANT ATTIC ROOM, NEATLY F( - Sl ushed, to l>it, ia a privaie family, to a single gratis man, an a lodging ioob , without boart. Apply at III Frani. lin street. IN A FRENCH F AMI ' V, BOARD IS WANTED BY A ]r?t aatuaa. whoa* objaet is to loam the language. Ad diees W7w.. BoxJ.iitf Post Olho* rfO PRIVATE FAMILIES? A GENTLEMAN WISHES A X room with I reaklaet snd tea, ia a private family, win re I o can en.ioy the ecmlorts of a bom*. Rest ot reference gi?in. Au I'll..! lor three day, Comfort, Ilorald otfie*. 'PO HOARDING HOl'SE REEPEbS ? WANTED? BY M. Jinn i (i?ht young r*at?, board ia a private homo, ?.tuaud l.etw ? ? n ( M>ailaati IKust n street", within threo bleeks ot Broalway. Addre n " Secretary." 11- raid oifi.-e. 1*0 LET, UITn BOaRD-A HANDSOME FL'itMSHLD front room on the see.nd floor, with rantrtr attaehed, to a geutl'nau and his wife, or twa single itentlemea, by ap plying at 51 City Hall Flare. Reference* exchanged. 11AMID-IN A VI Ell FAMILY, A FURNISHED v v room, an J ' oar J for a lady, and partial board for a*<<a tletuan. Neve n> ?d apply ea?t of Broad* ay, and not hig'ior than Amity aor I wtr than Canal street. Phase addreat A. B.C.. ILraliofiice. IIATHIMOMAL. MATRIMn.NY.-TBE ADVERTISER, A YOUNG MAN. twenty years of .<?*, re viving a large salary la one *f the first Dxreaatile establishment' la the oity, and con sidered good-looking, i> d**ir us of forming a matrimonial niiiaare with some touag lady, who lie desires shall be aR< o tkakteau'i kind of a rasp, otabl* family, well eduoated n4 of (air peracattl appearaac*. 11* .?-ur?s lis filr rta'l< ? that, whucvrr motive may '.ate prompted similar ad reriiscmcnts befor*, his latent ion* are siac re and he hope* ?" ?r?oi will answer Mm with riewe foreign to this Idea. Address N.i.gara, at the Herald >, stating wh-re am interview mar be had, or bow a note may be addraiaed. Matrimony made east-ox how to win 4 I,over.- Professor iAwtoa, of Loadia, baring arrived ia Baatoa, will tend to any address, *a receipt of Oa* Dollar, po?tpaid, i 'i.b iMaeilsaa to enable ladies aad gaatlemsa ;* Win deet:?d nitrations of as many of th* oppo . set u thetr heart a mar desire. Th* proeea* is simple, hut h ?aptlvatiag that all Bay ba married. irrespective of ajr, ar? (MMNN [osition. an i last, taough net lent, it c*o be trrasgei with sn*h *aa* audatlloanf that d"t**tion I* im possibtl*. Address rrof***or LA WTON. Boston. Maa*. N* ?ttsr taken from the Poet OOoa anleas th* p*?ta<* la paid. CAKD.-MRS. PREWSTER. PROM PHILADELPHIA tender* her ?en lees to ladl*s and gtatleaiea of thi* eity ir a^trei'gy. lore, aad law matt*r*.iaterpt*tiac dr*aau, ko_ k) book* aad srieao**. ron>' aatly P lied oa by Napoleoa; >na will tell th* aaai* of th* lady *r gentleman tntr will marry Ala* th* anas* of the ri?ller*. R**id*a*t 117 ClintoaCreet. Lad i as ssveuty-lee oents. Saatlsatea ene MMICAL. Ml'SIC.-A LADY, OF WH0P1 PIOFRSSIONAL ARIL Itlei ?? a Pianist, ttie most na?i*eptioaabl* reference* oaab*alr*a, I* anel*n* to take tw* or three pnpiU in ad dition to those she Is alrta ly teacl.lnf. She will either ia *'.ra*t tii*m at their resideaee*. or at her owa dwelliaj. Terms- For be(ian?rs, f.'; tkoaa adi ani si. $11. Apply to S. C . Herald ofte*. PL E r I I. ' 8 PIANOS.? A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD, r.raa J | Ian" ma<l* ia Parle by th* abate firm, will b* di> Koaed < f at a r at bnrgaia, oa aeoonat ot r.e owner'e sailing rlunpe. Itha***re*d bat a rery eb<Tt time aad is In tu* most perfeet < oaditioa, T > be e?ea at 34 i Fonrth teeane, DOPBLE ACTION t.RARD HARP. lO.I FILE AT Jollir'e, .U' Broadwai , a aup> ti r Joo le astioa Erard Ba-p. TH- laetrument eii made to order, aad '( th* Aa?*t lualltT of t?B->. WANTED- TO TRA\ II, A PIANO TORT! I LATKR. "I lady or r*atlemaa1 ? It* muet play well at sight. al*?, a Bopraa S. A Jdrtss I. T.. Post Ofl' *, N. T. H1LLINKMY AMD DRV UINIOI. Mapam tarin, from taris GREATrri. to t:ie ledi** of N? w Yoi a an l It* Tlriatt*, ? r their liberal patroaage. be<s Ua*? to inform th*m thai ah* will nn?a on H (dat'ilar, th* ith instant, a rieb eolkeetUa f Fr-noh Drees Caps, U a<M ee*?> Flower*. RHb<)ni- Ae . to ???.!,*? with new al.ape Sfrlar Boar at tl.e Lhicaa* liiildiag. ?fS Beaadway. w abw has traae^rrsd f r ? t<>lishmeai. from t r> Rroadwav. and ardeatly enlleit* a cell from all who >ympathise with the miatortune that ba? befillcn her. aad pledgee h.*ri- If that she will ase ate** etertlon to mortta eoatianane* of th* kiad patr'X a?e <( t|??* Indies wli* uee l toeit't her It'rmcr eetai'liehmect. / 1 RF.AT BAKOAINS now <?! riUI> AT BROAO. " ' way? Mi e Laly wialiea it aaneuae* t) th* 1adi*s > f > w York aad it* rl laity, that ?*>' a> new oa ha?d i ?> d< sea ef 4r*-s sad simple eta*. vhi*ii will he sold !*? then i*lf I Ribb a from rd, ia < ?nak? room for sprint ??*<1*. WfKING OCODS. HATA, CAPS, STRAW OOTIDS, PILK tTT and Satin H?iinets. \rtt eiai Flnwera. Par:i*ol? fcr. O'orgeW k Jrhlal Ri ad. No. 19 Ceurt>an It e reel (a1 >iala( 'L*W**'eia IIm I). taei e t h* at t- n'. i<.a f tkc seUk t* their ? s .cnsit assor:m*at *f freeh and lashi-jaal le good* a the above lia*. TNBUTI! LB A A. PARBAN, I* PA KK ri.AOI.NI1T ?T?rlL? Bhlrt# alt?r th? PiriV in ?t ,1?, ltd ill irtlflM fcr U - MWeMd with frtit ??r?, I* th* lUh Du t <?' til# ff|skr?t?l Pari*. UNCORK, Ac. 1 HON LIN, KM Fi ('NT ?TBr.BT. OTrlU P0B SAl.B ? fr?n Bpb td Wirtbuai< ? Coin**, (litnimt, *? kcll?. i 4 Bnrri'Ai.t pit* ind urk llrAndin% lu ' *lf, .inir t*r. tii'l ci. ?lihth Jlp' . ?!??? ??. I Sit, -A 'W II rdraux OUicl. >? <???>? And BAWOt BoM. .n* ul Ko ? l.i IV W11.0 Tiiitir: CUh.i ui.t, virion krau lu Pitdinri Urrti Poas, Mn-tir o? '. Be . U f?rt*4 (Mttttrt J ?? ?; *t lor C'fl*' . '? *A?*. A? i Ko <l?lli tmiiM . inkM nrJ?r? f"r Winci, Vli-.iri. ? Mill, OlifM, Fruriii. BriBdj Pt ittl, C?tdiik?. ftttdiao*, (IWr P?uA. M ti'hroimt Hil l Alt kind- M t"r*?rrr.?. SCOTl'll ? 1II5RIV -I INK OLD BCCTl II WllUI-H ? formlci* niBtitittt* m It. it $3 ft lilkA. A'*>, . rTliifr 1 ?rn?. btiBitM ? *'A> i, * <?.. e (I'.illjr low, ?y i. ? f Al I UN. N?. H- Qt< *1 ? Ich itit'i, Ut?e?n Dry trnd C ??' UtJt RKW IKVK.?TIII%?. D !l ARRt life'* PORTA HI K ARI T COOt 1*0 NU.M. M-dt B' rr lt?A* Oripdiw? P? ??t*4 Kit. ink", IMf ? 1 MU( fc r? * ATtAAtd a m r* ?' rk ? >ni> saf * IMt mill* *' *? in n?' i?l do n ? rr ,nlrr in" liAlf A? mnrt piwar. TV Hr?! rr'lr'nm * :?! 11 I(UH to t'A ?1. nl the* Mill*, it tkr Pilr? tf th? A ft ii?i? 'b?? r<? lii t'l'*. Vid Wl) AIm. At ili? T?lr t.l 'li H.?> k 1 ?? i? Cli -r *kl<- M - iSiiifil A.i?c?!?tl n. Ia 1 Ihom U It'* irr utr tiurt ?Ml fit In? ppilllA Ibi r? ' WAl ..t b?i?? ??(?h t*w t'.i ? tl.f i!oin tli'11 ol .irioni '-i mli* Thtjr ir<< ilArv I '1 1^1 1 t< d f-.r |t ailn* tiufl r II kl*d? ocltcA, fpl-'f, rn-tird. ftirrh. 1 ila'i, flitm*!*". B?*n?.\B???, k. r>#?. C b% q??rt? el i.rrnt, <lng?. 4v? (tuff*. ibb1, flit Mtd, 1 1| elk*. A" Ac Pt ill* f ? n r. H .UKI.M co . 44 treurtUlilt >? . ?P Itl'irA VHA VBLI.KKI' Ol'IOi. M *1T TORK AN? PBILADBt.rniA. SB1T T01U ? B< P)l !?4 InhiB Kmt.-CllM 5!?'?1 HaLI Li?l -- , nu"??h hi 4i? h'.tift ?!? K"?? BiilroAl. f?i? r?- ?

r4**'* ?o_W (?! tirti aiam. i?d #?' f?r M'i'>Bd ?Im?. L?*t? ?? J,r* ?* * *? t'm t "t of Oo?tll?i>dl ttfo**. And 11 4-JL tt H.frun f Of tot jjwwtnH. loi??Pkl. "f'r.l"*.** I A?d i ?. !??? p. il. (i*? tUt <utvti ru- I HI 1 jlmuuiti, i ?ow^V TBEaTKI-TCMDAY IVI.SINfl, JANl'- ' ?Ota* oa La Mure.., ' r ? in if 1 $?* Tait ' ' 5*" 111 ton; Bering. Mr. ?. ?^Il...u?_ Ki'W?"!: "*? Conldscu; li' auvaia. Mr. fllfWeniyas. / tier which. Mix Uiflert will us* v. V. Sr gSJQ^J^HL To conclude with thn drank called t,^ " 2 Of tijt fKA; or, Libfitj'i fl*K? Mokammoud. Mr. ?P*> Malay Moekar Mr. Braei; Raboechi, Mr. Martin; Mna^I'h*. Mr. Forreater, Koiili*. Mrt. Woleot; Jauatte, Miss ^*fb?i Zagira, Mra. Jordan. Iloxaa. 85 Mats: Pit, I'Jty otnti; Ot ckaatrn Boxes, SO en. Doors op?a at o)<. enrtain riaua at 7. nriTCN 8 TGIATRI. ' HAMBRRS STRICT. RRAROF II City nail.- ISo t?'?, Dr -i a Circle and Par ,nntte "jO cents; Faniily Cltele, ?r >coi nd tier J* coats; Pilvnt* Bo.vso i t&. Orchestra seat* 75 cents ?Tuesday ?v?nlng, /an jS, will be produced The larat aal history and experience of DAVID CuVn.KHU,D-I>a?id Cuppa) field, Mr. Jordan; Mlii Bat. ay Tr?t-.od, Mia. Hughes; James t'.eerforth, Esq., Mr, Llai.d: Mr. M'ilkiua Mioavber, Mr. Burton; Mra. Miea?ber, Mrt. Skerrett; Da> id Prggott* , Mr. Blako; Mra. Cumuidrfe. Mra Ilt-ory. To eonolude with (he Farce of SENT TO TuE 1 ow ?R? Principal eharaciors by Metsrs. Johnson, Jordan *ud Iloward. National theatre, Chatham street, near Itooi-erelt.? Tneaday evening, Jan- 38? tba entortain tntn'a will ( "rotatuoe with TBI rRBNCH SPY; Mattlde do Moiio, llncii Vt. Alme. Bamet Carmaaly, (throe charaotara. 1 Mis* U atl away. To he folio wtd by the new comedy entitled DRY GOODS CLEKK. or. Early Cloeing.-Billy Buckram. Mr. L. F' x. Caleb Candor, Mr. C. Tailor; Simon Skiuuer, Mr. B-rkert; Kitty Crap#, Minx R. Mestayrr; Polly Poplin, Miss U. Charles; Sukey silk, Mist Smith. The who!" to coa olude with tL? extravaganza entitled THR KIGII18 OF ROME**, or. The Ladiea' Convention. Do ore open at Ualt psst ti. B 10b 2!> Ota ; l'it 12>, , Private bar $5. Broughams ltced m-biioadwa v, near ! Brooint atrcet.? Dn u Circle and Parquet, SO coota; Family Circle, 25 testa: Orcheatra 8cals. $1; Privato Boxes, %!>. Deori ? pen at half- past ?ix, to b. gin at sovon o'clock. Tuesday. Jan. is Mill be presented the AMBaSSADKES!1, or, aMursg-r'a Miacriea? Duke dc Valberg, Mr. 8. Leach, fortunatni, Mr Btouihaai; Henrietta, Miaa Mary Tayl r, Clinrlotte. Mia- Julia C.old. Prevlons to whleh, TBB BAP Pll.ST DAY OF MY LIFE? Mr. Oilman, Mr Owena Mr. Dudley, Mr. Tajrloi; Sophia. Miaa Mary Taylor. To eon'tode with the HtMGU DIAMON D-l.ird riato Mr. Phillip#; Coualn Joe, *r Owcnt; Lady Plato. Mr*. Loder. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY. ABOVE Grand atrcet- Open every night during the waok until further ni'tice. Th' original and well known CRRISTYS Ml.NhfKELH. roaprlalnf an eRclcat and veraatlle "i:?rpa" of "talented" and "experienced porformcro," under tin mxn.iK>.>>( at of ?. P. Criaty. whaia concern in thia cit*. for I . . aios of ' Uvo yearn," Aavo !>eea ractivcd with favor by l.igLh reapoctahlo and faahlcuabl) audionces. Ticketed ccata. l)ocra < pen at half- plat aix eotnmtneci at half-poet<i o'clnek. Tko r atrr na < f Chri?ty'? Min#tre!a are re Hpectl'ully lnformu'u that the usual Saturday afternoon e )n > or 1 1 ail! be diaiontinued lor the future. OLYMPIC, BROADWAY.- NAG1XS GRAND PANO rirna of Ireland? Paintod by tho drat Iriah artiata, from aketehea taken within the laat throe yearn; In fidelity, inte rest and krauty unrivalled; with Iriah long', Iriah mualo, and an IrtaMnan'a illn tratiooa. Every evifcinr, at 7% o'clock. Wndncaday and Saturday afternoon!. atSo'olook. See Ilan'lbilla. Admittance Dreae Cirelo and Par i'i?t, .'5 con'a; Children, under 12, half | rice, Private Boie*, (I; U?l lrry, 1.'^ eonta; Gallery for eolorod people. 12>? otota. 1^ RANK I. IN MlSF.l'M. 175 CHATHAM 8HUARE.-OBO. JT Kilo Proprietor. ? Admiitwn? Sea n in Private Botea. '"i ? ? *;.< Stage Seata, i," euata; Boxoa, '.5 oen'.*; Par quot, 12% ecuta.? Rlouant Saloon performance! overy After- , noon and Eveuing. Kn'.ertaiutnenta comiaene-! in tho alter- t nocn at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at half paat 7. Tba en* 1 tertainme>nta aeo varied andkeleot, aud lucnaacan bo aeon I at no other place of amuaament In New York, o- naiitlng of Lea'a Female Rtlil pian Opera Trouuo. numb-.rini fifteen p. iii rmcra, being tl.c largeot and at the aamo time tuo moat ; talented band in the United State#; a tronpu of M del Ar- . tieta. who are aclictcd for their beaut* an 1 figure, and who ' per*" natc a number of ocao'iful tableaux, taken from th? I picture" ? !' anoient and modern timer a company of Arab I Giili, w ho go throogli a .arloty of teati of *trtag;h and dex* ; tort*}'; Madame Rooalino, tho only Female J'jgflor in the ' worlo; a c?mi cay of Mai c and Femalo Ar'-.e'a. w ho will give ^ an exhibition of WarMe 8 latum y uao ,uall?d in thj w irld, to- ! gethcr with a vaiic'y of lBterc?ting perfonnaacM every al- i ternoon and evening. For pari icuura ace bills of cack day. SATTL*K'8C03M0RAMA3.C0RNER BROADWAY ANB | 'fhirteouth at. admlaaion 25 cunt a. The Ut aeotion eonii?t* i ing ot a oolloction of 31 views of Enrope, Aaia Minor, Syria, ' the Boly l?n I, E^ypt, Nubia and Arabia, will be reilaoed li lb* eourae ol a.ra* weeks by nsw e ;ually^t leg nea.. > B iUHl'IBIKITI IV PHILADKLPOU ^ A KNUM'8 MIJECM, l'U ! L A KK LP III A -P. T. 11AH iiin, Proprietor and Manager; lienry Suolird, Manager ? l'rodootion ei a 1 ?w drama' 10 aiarranon from <4ol.l raith'a world. known work, TUB iTICaK OK W4K E - I I tl,l>. arrant J i r till mueoum by as rtninont clem man ot Philadelphia, and d-.atitict fr-m th- London edition I'avortto and re.|u-etei pie-ca ? ill *lan bn re poe'ed. Th> drai.atic company ia "cro ailed I y few and excelled by ni up." There are two da ly performance*, oora taii da? at .'I and ; I*. M. The pupulnr vulca onmaiii the arrangement of the k'ini rou? cur; aiti^a. Adulation, 2Sata. WICKIXAM KtH'B. OVSTF.BP. nlSTEKS. <l\ -TUB': - PEARSALI. A' A IN in ttt i..!d? ' 0?i them a^ain. '? Tlia lover* of ,iO"d ojatcra will I e i iuaaod to learn that tlia holly Cat!ierin< Market Yai lit, comui?dore Pearaa'.l, ia again eg l.acd, with a cbulea load <>l those eld Tlp.juiro r'aatt Ilicy ar? -oin* ofl lilt' I.1.1 cali*e, from tiathoriae iilip. 80 look out. aud ' e 111 hatd in lime. Wc prcaio.a tlua aot.oe ia aufticient to liii the tcuie. silver plated on ccrnan silver tea ket?, ? ' 6 piece, $2V to $30; C? re, lalte Uuike' ?, Tab'.e fui-kr, $7; 8p.>ona, $.'1 p?r doa : Iv< rjr TnM# Cniiary, Tea Traya. fcc.; alto a beantlful ateck of Cornell* V 8<>lar 1 umr?, Chaadelie>*, Olr^ndolc*. Mmu'l Brai'Obea 0 r 1 I'irturea Ae.,ali warrant-d, by AS II Ell III) ROAN, 1 William atrcel, kutwata Pultun juu Ana. oupoaitc th* ohnrch. Mechanical lamps, loaned tor paktier Br. 1' ki te ?oi Su<( nelona.? kapt alwaya on I and. a rich choice of F111 ch lampa, icr pail' ra und ntudioa; 1 *adolat>:*a, oiiaadi II' ri a&d braileia ol 14* lichoat doa cripiioaa: inrul tnre lo? lainti. *'?-? ?vi, k. libit, a pa nr. oil at 11 alul liu( . baat f 1 li nil at !? ahiDiofa, forwarded. U. DA H LOS V1LLE, 4tJ Bread* ij Steamers genrrall) inppliod. LA DIBS <>K GENTLEMEN DiSIROlS O! CONVERT. Idk iat? ca-h their luperfluoua eflecta, aaeii a* ? ajt-ofl rlothinf, roatutne*, t rearma, firniuiro. watcbea, and .lew airy, will obtain from the anl'Mrioer 81 ly per -eat more thau hera tcforc rteeiroi b. aeail'n* ihronan the roe', or otberwiae. I8AAC 0. LVOX, No. 2 ITaH itrect. CAST orr OliOTU INO AND ri'RNITLKE WANTED - I.mI tea or ruilru a hariac any anperHuona CI j'diln* or Tiirnltare, Jeaelry, feo.,to <iei^>ae of, oaa obtain a fair etah price for the aame, by ae admit tor t&a aubarribor, at hia reaidaaoa, by aoi* or appoint m?ut. M. S C<*DKN, M Raade ? treat, ap atalia. l.adlaa attaadad by Mra. Cohen. TOE PAIR IN BVDI PARK ? At th>' fair ia Iltde Park, ? here a *itria?i ark W ill mntaiti more inecr th in than tbr wood ana, la a cabiaat naat, l.yon'a Po m dcr, nnbeat. Dare a place 1 ad aaii^n -d th-m?a |oo4 ' Be. The iaa ct trib* liriti, h, alow erawliac ot akitllaii. Are d( om< d to a cud-tan c> tlaetioa, But the powder tha' alava every inaect that prey*. Make* in favor of man a diatiactirn. Lyon'n Ma^notia Powd r deitroya inaectt, but It iaoaaea* i? ham-ic haiata. 1'riaei) a 1 dcp it. ?Xt.i Jir' a ,**j. Mrs. jbr vis's cold can or? Par aad vide' l'ar and wide! 1'rom Atlantie'a rolliai; tide Ta the anootli I'acifiJ, B' that tamona '.-aady knoaa. Tbat raatrrea each vocal ore. An I fareongfci and oolda, al a*. la thoaraud ?pcci? v Prom Thiae aix*> Bia Bread ir. y Ta the pi laa > f far Oa' hay? I'lalna where roama tha D m ,k ? La' It* vittuoe be proclalmad, And with jnjaun tbonta be name I _ It* maVt r, Mra. .larvia, Mr* W. Jerv^'a Cold Candy, I'M wl ?ilaealo ??d retail by Brr. Vi . Jervia, .Kfcl Broadway, and by dmr /iate generally. riNAflCIAI. ft I AO OfW) TO loan, at six per cRirr in. C ? U\J umt, cn bond and ni'irtiaf*. iaauaa to ?nit nppliiaof 1, on prudnstiva real' In tine city or Brookl>n. A > ply to 8. 8. Br *d. No. 11 Wall ?tr*et, la tha Crotcn Wa'.cr I'ttlca, kaaemcat. cj; 9 lAAiwrsoro awdmortoaoe. iv PvjUW eix a* r cant, in "??' or two eome. Aprly to ? All. fe PARK ?R. 7" Liberty atreet. HtUMl AK 'CI I \ E Yill Nt. MAN II \ VI KG TBI* ' ? amount a* commaad, daalr** to oMala *"ma out ? <r cioalojuca". ft i lree- ?' I aeriy," at tliie aBre.ata. itu rt al aama aad buai'.aea. R 8 V ALL AMOl'NTA. ptloaasf praporty. Par , ? e?ery kiad of mor-haadiw hoonjit at fair \ al "nti a, n ;htr in or ant vf ih? city. AU> HjHLr , at tke Hi raid office. _______ MONEYTOI.BND.-ABBAflAMJ JACK V PAWN broker. Na. > R nJe etrect, aaar Broadway, l >*ia money, la Urie or email aama. at way be r?'|titM. oa watch' a, jewelry, eilrarwar*, wrarin* apparel, dry (ooda, aad pereoaal property of a\?ry iaaenpuea. \f ONZT MIAN IN I ARCS OH Ava for e!.i rt 1 rrl, ,le. oa all dt?. rip t )< Oture. Biuaical matron ogta, t.ud e?er] pbmuhaIn rr* B ORKK ^ V, WHO ARRIVEI' I* *TrtM?R F AL ^ ? r?n, fr> m Charr*e, oa the Jiili ia-t.. e> .tap >-raxa kaiwiaih' add, t*. will eoatir favor by Irtviat the ad dr. ea a- nu.a'a ^1- *ratk Woe, or Moroliaaf - Bet?l, Canrt "a '? ? ??? a I.I-. .'d ? II ?? *0 KAN. C I I || | ' ' < > ?,??*?* M it * K! I- Mlf.l. 9 1"'V It, lailar, lei t hla h? ma ? n 'lie 114 av "I Duam ber, l^W aad haa n t tiaaf F"ea itudaf by aay of hie wkioli hni |lun 'fd tkrtn la tha de'ftet iieireaa an I at trow the al 1 vo reward will lo (aid l'? hie wife, Ann 8 telly, to Buy pireoa ->r jareona fi'iaa each informa iea at rt.ay If id to : a? <ito*ledae of when re mar be lonad H? had ( n n hen In- lei l I. 1 ie a b'.aek pilot cloth eeok, black eatln 1 1 it. and airii 1 d pa*t?. Dirivt ta Ka. 8 Beary etreet. B> it< a t-a| ' ? pluaaeapy. __________ INTOBMATION W* NTI D, AT N hORKINW.i n etreet. r f A M Hhetwood, who (tat * pa>?aaK?r oa the [It earner " Talc ? a." *0 COmritACTORB. ('ONTBACtOB* riOPOflALI WILL nilt'EPEii at tl,e Rerid*n< ? . aerteliffl'i .1 the ff <te n Biter Ba.lroad, ontll noon ?! tho !<>tii ill at, it Poufbko'pele, far Halililni tLe cradiay of eteilea f>i, o* the aerih tine of Vapdi nbern't Itay. Tt work c?a?ia' ? of fr?m 1.1 t ; t 0 W cnbla )nrdart aarth and rcekaj aitiina'.ed to ba l-"> rocke; to betaVea fyem ae place, bv working from each nd af a ,v r r ? ml rn ?' . ' *r> al exeavate I a' o e<n I ai.l.mi nt, en iverar dl tan?? rl 7 feat. Tha W"rk to ba .loae on or beftra tf e fr t day of J ily ne>t. l ad >nbt??l a cnrii v will I e re iaired. and a de lt na of rr"po?ale ma le a 'he ."With ias'an*, with 1 reoaa fe <ent wh>> may pripoae fa votaMe, in regard to rrii a and ehow ab li y lu p?rf inn tha Wirb. WB. ?: VOI NO, < h if Kn. a er. Niw Tors, Jannarv 2lf, 1*61. I'1?H AHTH. Mkfli| 0BE!1 EAD Akr i;n lUN-CHAHrBRFD A' ''ORO. iax to law. I'< r the di '.ribatlaa <f worka of ay . a ., fembrteHf ta entirely new leawr* t?om nny bcr- tofore ?d"i'd ; ia ad iiti ? to tb* eertalt t r af pa< ( tat a "ie ? -it awl hifhly aahia'lo euT-evia , envied " l.% 8 eaia" or r" toie, which aro tataii d at ?7 litt, ?'ar" wi I be jn. trili ? d at.ienf t e a-i'. ti'ire e n-' > atae <>'.1 Pj.atiuo tad 1 ttitarlata. In on sm ntrl and plaia ri It (ramea aien. a 1 alnnbie hoiiee aad lot, wrth tiv tho>ieanl d'llae, |o-t ted lr 8c ad.batne n "ii'it, and Tcnih a-re- a, l?r minntot' wall trom rib Slip ferry Thj patfia^a aid j en)na\liai' ara n' w or etli Mtion . t Hoiper a Hr ther? I oViegilaat tore, IIB | ul'ia *'r?e', where oa' ?1' "je?, ae . ' ?!1 ? i.e-caaarv inUr .a loneinb- Ma nM. Price f aub. 1 e rlptivn GVi d llare t tew tii' re ii ?r?e are atill I. ' .and I the ewte wlah ti?:?,?rl' wauUdo wall4" call immediatiy, | an the aoLiti r la limited, aad the Hat ia rabidly ltllln< np j The al 1.1 e beie< tl ? joint t r*p?rty of IM mMMNel thi? | aaa'oiatlo*. tha dia iibLtion alii patl Italy tak' r'a * "n ' t?< 25d t'l. 1 nary, at aha <Mn"e A? mb!> lto< m, Rroaiway. ' D' era open at 6 a eloea I'. M. By order of the Trnat ire. I Ft \ I ion*. NIW PAfWTf Vi r.)R /AN1AHV.-IB MINirBCB I #? !a If 0*1^, ?r I * !?'??' / nrftftl |"? #T?ff m >?th. ! la ?i(h fair nrigr?tinr? ?? ? **!, and 1 full lit* <1 Dtitern*, prrftetl? ttrli aHim* rt- i Hit* Of * B ?trtp ? k Br tbtf, II I'lI flirt. im UBOABWAY THJUTRB-& V MABIHALL. SOLI ? !,"' ' ? *? Barm, IUi>|<i evening, Jan. 1 W I"*! *??anti? *p*cta?lt, In three net*, ei titled FiVBTl 8, or, TkeiDvmoa of tbi Draahenfelt? Fau*tu*. Mr. IJ/utt, Mephiatophile*, Cuaway; Count do CaMnova, Whiting; Count Oraini. BUI; Adlat, Madame Po sit!; Moii.'io, Mrt. Abbott; Lneetta, Mitt Capel. The p?r. Urmaaoe will commence with the comedv of MY HEARTS i uiil/j Count Leopold Von Kaleaberg, Mr. Pratt: Baron Borronitf, Co?7??i Madame EeiaeteirMad Poaiai. Moo,, < l?n ?t half- pail 0. P**?. Clroie *ad Parequet, 80 eta.; > auilly and Third t'lroUi, KC ct? ; Prm:- Bom* ?i and ??. Italian oi-kka holsc. AsfOB PLaOI-bidcc- ' tioa ofpri**? Parquet and Bote* |1 M AmphHheatr* ?''e?nt* Foru-flrn sobterfptioa nigl.t? Firat appearanc* of rigBorlaa TERESA I'AKOIjI a* Komee" I'iwt ap pearance ? n any itaro of Mils V. WHITING, in th? charao - i?r of " Juliet." Conductor. Max Martitiek. Tttiull/ evening, Jan .28. will be performed, BtUJu't Trtfio Opera, iB i u?U, of BOBIO AMD JULIET? Captfllo. Signor Bene veBtano; Giulietta. Mi., v. Wuitin g; Borneo. Mil*. T. Parodl; Tvbftldo, PifLoi 'Lorini; Lorenzo, 8l/nor Patti. D<?or? open at a quarter before 7: to comment* at kalf-pa*t 7 o'claek. No rr?i lid. No order., WEI-LOWS' OPEKA HOUSE-TUB MANAGER OF FELr "T I* Mlnttrela, in returning thank* to hi* patron* and the public l<r the unpreoedcnie ! patronage e. leaded to kit popular Con )ert* lor the last nine month*, be re to itate thai neituer pain, aor eapente will be ipared to make thie band th? moat perfect In *verj part. The ooneerte will be eontinned every evening during the wvek, and on Wodueeday and Sa turday afternoon*, at 3 o'oluek. Adviaiim K oenta. Pri vate boie. for *ii. $1 Concert* at 7H o'olook. On Wed ueedat, January 20. Benelt of J. A. dern.aa. PANORAMA OF TUB PILGRIMS PKOUKKS8. -PAR tionlar Notioe.? At the roque.t of pattori, taaohertaad other*, and in order to allow au to *ee tb. ' new Panorama,' the uaiform priet ot education will hereafter be twenty-Svt cent*. On and Saturday alternoont, children Will be admitted at half-prlo*. Descriptive eatolofue*, UH cent*. Open every e veiling. D.uri open a; 7, to oommenot at 7 V o'clock. CI EC D 8-NB?r YORK AMPHITHBATKB, NO. 17 Bomry? M. June a Co . Proprietor*. Door* open at C^i ? e commence at 7' i o'tlock. Private Boxet, ftOnent.; Boxet, 28 cent*; Pitt, 12k cent*. Tuesday -evening, Jin. 2-i, Mi** Mary Ann Wells will make her looond appearanoe la Ne? Yej k, in a iidenlid act ot horaeman.bin. B. Kunnelln and B. M . Franklin, In their great Claitio llliutratlum, on two for*#*. The Sister* Well* will api ff?r hi Ih ? irnnJ pa (easr.atd dance theSpani h Danre an>l a grand 1'. *dc Tr it. Mr. h i hard Klver* will go through hi. Trick Aet of Uor?"? maniktp J i-m Laihrop, Clown, H. W. Fraiklm on the Flr in? Cordr. To conclude with the REVOLT OF TUB QAKBlf NOTlCE-THIPLf R HALL.? THE C RBATB1T NOVKL ty of muii -al pettormanue* hit intro lucid lllllbll ct,. ntr> , rnJir Iheciitire mau?*emt-ntVf 1IERH KKAL'.-/, vho b r? ti Minoun;c tohi. friend* nnd *?*>?( ri tors, that th' Crand l ot Puuiri Drimatic Musical Fee .Ml . ill txkc place a Sai. r iiy. tho Kth or February, fnrthtr particulars and I rograai e w ill be duly notioed. I IOCEI.YN k WAISON'8 LAST GRAND <;II r CON- I eert - UolJ r* of l>luo ticket*, r *f?r\ ibl? in Mufic. tre ri'iinestcd to present their ticket* imme liately, a* the time || r their redemption it limited. lll'BOiS Si MAR.llNBtt. .11 j Broadway. CONSTITUTION HALL. NO. 6.W BROADWAY.-TBi: hxi>" publi Mutical ifuir.'e of the celebrated Prima I>jn na Ih. a Valeutiui aid her troupe, eon>r??ad of ten ace tc - pi thed tiagirt? live young ladies and tin gentlemen? will takepla?> ?,n Friday, January 31. Tkk?t?. V< cent*, to be t ad - very day at Coa.ititntion Hall, at Mi<* \ alentini's Smgiu* School, at 1 at tb* door on the etesing of t:.e concert. rpHE AMERICAN H^TKIONIO ASSOCIATION BElNO M. abent to iu?reaae it* number of member!, the present it a lavtrabl* oppoitunity for genthmen detiring to improve their elocution, and having a taate for t>.e -i rami, t? join the bett .imateur jorpa in the oity. Apply Tu> tday Thun day. r Saturday tvtniar'. at Uothic llall; catrtnee 515 Fiarl itMt, AMtfcKJttKVrs IN BHOOKLYX. BROORLVN MCSXUM.? FIRST NIOHT OF PL'TNAM. ptit'ormcd by Mr. Derr ami the celebrated Traiaed Horjet.?l 'ittday evening, January i"4. 1S5I ?:ll be nreucn' ed-.bc national drama of PUTNAM, TUB IKON SON or '78- Pv narn, Mr Dorr. Danoo. La Petite T:<zlioni. Pre V >uti to whi h, lLofare- of A PLEASANT NL1GBCOI R. A im:"ti. n to boxra, .'J conta; j ar juetto, 37 eentt. CflJfi BALL SKASON. Tee fains celei>katio\-at the Chinese Ur.ll, 1 J Bro&daay, on Wtdnciiay, the net-at.. Tickets fAr the l all $1. ?t the Btaocn 3 I'ranHu ? uar . of the ctramittee. Several ahort ildrsewa at ibe ? tipper Ul la, tcutinicuta, ko. Tbc oummlttec and other* hm in/ bu*ine*a, will mwt at the Beaton otScc, Tutcday ? veoiir. N. li ? Tl.u w rk* of Patac. 9tra ?, ac.torgn'n. Masonic ball ?tub fifth anniai. masonio Hall f r tLt Wllo?*' ant" Orpuam' A*jl m Fund ct the Orend Lodge of t State of New Turk, will le riteu at NiMc-* Valoor, e* Tbumday uttu the :*Hh of January. Kl. The fraternity will appear in full retalia. Ticket* two dollan, to admit a gentleman and Udive, m.iyhaob taitted ? f :b? CI ran <1 Secietary, at Fr?* Maeoa'a Hal!, No.'??) llrottdway; of tb l'raateoe, Jamee Ucrrip*. Williaa Willi*, J"'.n Horap o). I aaao Phillips, aad Kd. Ct ' * an i at the lol IfHlng Ocnaikl l ot. rait tee ? I n New YorV ? Of Brother* CharlM L. Church. J*n><* Conner, Charle. 8. Ilowtll, J ? ? ph A. Jnikeoa. Itieaae Mill n, Eitgta* Vat??, Bmanuel Lyon, Th.niae O. liepluru. P. S. Van Uoutta. Jnl n Maaoru-ld i. B . li Jch . tol< L.arj. Lout* < :.arl ? J.OUw, Thorn** 0. Hold Jo?a'han Jars in, A. A. Carpenter, John C. Alla'adt, Jo n F- lirady, B< ury Robin*"!, Joarrh Keelor, Jaw* M'Uratli,'l Osgood, E. H J vjr Mr. Ilale. Jef .b II Mart-h, I*. H . I raak. Irod. L. Vultee. N. II. No'iBtrrt, W '* n Small. la Brooklyn -Of Bother Fatb. F. Wurirr, N. B. Mori*. Andrew D*u>ar?ef, C. Klat.-dg I.aatar, J )ia C. Suit'b, Flat* Powell, la Williaaitur^h ? Of IS otbiraH't ry Ottuaai, Philip C. Murxaa. COPART.N KItSIl 1 CM. (tOFARTNBBSHlP.-NEW YOBK, lit J AN.. 1SS1.? TUB J onderaigtied ta\e thie day raterod lata eorartneriliip ? ertba purpoa* of ttan*a< ting a gonaral eoaai* ten knai lcm in ihia aity, under (be Bra of Dohirty- K. Wnlie. and ? re prepared to aSurt *\ury facility to partita wt.o an? >? ttvtt tntir interact* tn lull hande for aale or purokwae n tlila market, ?l tor *on*lgnaicat to th*lr trend*, M'aira- W.l IvL B Depart j, Liverpool. J\ME'< DOHKETT, WILulAM WMITB, 43 New cr**t~ t " OI'A RTN KK8II I P NOTICE.? NEW YORK. JAKl'ARY * let. 1X11 ? T'ie buiistu connection of *hv (ubatriber wi'h Mr 1. it Markley. Jr. having expire I by i'.a <n limitation, tbia day, he baa aaeoc iateu k mneil :a ee- rtn r ? bip with Mr. Ed?ard Owea, in th- elotbiaa b<iaiar?r, at tb* '?IJ atani, i\" 7s N > lay auci t, uiidvr tb arm *< seniles, r iiOtll. Wlf. 8BIT/TM(!EK. El> Wl>. OtTEM DI380LU1 ION.? THB OOPAKTNRA9HIP BEEBTt) toi? e>letin( between the aul.*?' i ken. under th sane aiid brm ol LllCE A MEN ITE i* thia day dwclTil ky ma tual oa-ent. IDull*- IT. DICE, Jr. New York, Jan. 20, 1 RANDOLPH MiN ! TB. 1 ne ant>aaill>ar will rontlnna the kuiiaaea at b.a ooal yarda. No*. 1V7 B aery aad Broadway K ANDOLPD MBNI1 E. D.f90l.lTI0?l tirCOPAKT.NBKSHlP. -TBt < OPART nnreMp ljetr>rorr ealatlnx unJae the brai ol Pena. Mer rjveatbar k Fracuian, n thia day dl.?a*lred bjr motaal aon ,?nt. KMBBRT PINS. Jaa. r. MI. W . Mf BUTirraTlirR. Wltnaaa. Cmk E.aair.^. EOBCKT HtBBMAW. Ar.BNTI.EMAN, BAVINU AT BIS PI?P09lL III - M Uti nandrtd dollara. eaak. i* draireai < ( fanalaa a i a f arta rahip with a i arty who i* eaeoeea'nllr *>ra? 4 In the t. arohM' tailoriaa luaineea la ilna tlM aada'.o raaena. maad a *eod run of aaetoa. The advert a?r ta a pra-v al n,* cbanif, thoroughly aequalntad with th* knalar-? in all it* tranchaa; ean a!eo iatluenoa a reaaoaakle aaount af but a<**. Any i>'rr*n * iablni ta eatrr lit 9 an arr*aj?o,?at of t!.n klad, " ill plea?a al?r*?? a act* to E. 0, at Ui* olhre, ?ta'-lnc altera an interview may ke had. \VMNTID? A PARTNER I NfTDW B \ KIN I1V>IN E*% vT oa Broad ? ay; ona with a few baadred dollar*, aad <<a r?Ho of taklaa ol.arre of tL? ti.tdoockui.aMe, o?b addrx* A f?. B.. at thl* oWre. PARTNER WANTED (9ILENT PHI I BKBI D) -U ITn at lea*t $2 <UU ca h. la a maaufMturlaxeoaoern. yield I* - large prttta. Addr***, with I (tl nattc ouly. F?rt aa. Uerald l*ffli?i MITRVOTIOa. The i rench lanclage tacgiit nr a short and Ea*y Matbod.? Martmnlaelle MIcBEL. f rmarly n a rn?-tre?* ia tha lattttatli a tl th* Ltflca *1 ll?a r .a rart*. t* de<iro?* ol obtaining pupila lor the nmh Uasnaja. A* her knowltdg* af Bniruali I' United, *'t aidrte i heroell to thoaa p?r*?n* oaly who kav* alracdy ae^airvd a par ial kr ?led? el thi fr?a?b, aad may Mlt to erf ct tk*a> ?aivo* ia tb* laiKuaie as* t* aoja re a eorre. praaunela tlen. e| ? aat le refir at * will I ? ,4v*?. Apali<anea ? ay l<>' aad'- to Madtci"i? He MICUIL, ' St .dea .kv t* ten t ba honr* of aa i P. H. Booekbepimo, arithmetic, etc- te. jb irna H ar d*atria*oi prepartac th?m*?lv ? for t1!* eeuatln; ro' in. or I t narcaatil* | mauit ? art aarar-d of b?ia? tartUt 1 ra Meally, acl in th* mu*t tkoroagU m >aa*r, ky W J. BEN VILl.E. t^9 Broadway. Back atu ; at li ?<par?t?l) ia ?tru^tcd. Op*a day a*a tveaiag. T*r a*. Books posted i f and balanced, "e Riar Urly keat ky agreement Boefc-I ping .aafkt ay S. BTI ETBTAEt. fa Wavetly p'ae*. EXl'KEM AUEKCIKk. Harvi'EN? em'rks' foe rtrnr Orleans ani? i M' kil*? All rood* entrn*'ed to ear tir> l?r NiwOt leaa*. M'kile, or *iti*a adja cat, w U he forwarded with rromi'tae** *nd d'epatch, by every ateamer. <? aur arant* It rn*, Cearr* A C*.. ?1 Camp ?tr?et. N- * 1 >rleaa.?. IIABNDEN'" IXPREM -OLD FIONEfB 1,'N B Nil* II Arrtcg m?nt?.-Tbi? ' xpre** leave* o if c&:a daily at a quarter to I P. M. tot Frorlg^aea. Rotten, .ad all < ia Eaul'rn Ton*, via 8t< alagt n I alt*d Stat < atil I ne. W ? moat reap^e .fall) (olleit a rent inula <? of t. j patroaage t rr. tafor* -itead' * to tha Mdcat lln* la t at *oun'ry. THOMt'fOM h LI VIKOBTON, Preprietor*. ? ? all ltr*. t. wfB' IAL BM KB'? FOR CALiroEMA -ADAMS A Va. * Cal forala Eialgbt, PackAA' . and P*r;'l Dimh. per a' Chirokea, tn Ti eaday, Jjnnary S<th - W**hau clapatcli a apt ?i . -j-r. aa, a *'? i r * ???? i r Cap'ain W mdlc, for Ohagre* 4ir*?t, < a T eeJaj, Wh n<t., at la'tleck F ?..and tneaee, via Faaaaa. t.> Pan Tran. .l-cn, tltknl delay. Our pi't'ner Mr D W Haik-ll,*" favof?kly Va< *a totba pnbli* tor t ? *?? ae?*.'ul ma n? ? mtat "f o"r eirrea* kadneaa la Cai fam'a, k?iag aboat ta t turn, nft't a bliof ab*>Bea, ta at* pott to Paa fra?iiea?, wl'l take r?r*on*i ckarac of all I ??oi. f ? k-> ro*. aad p*r eato, fw IB* ?xpna* ol the ill ,t at may ke (BtrnMed tv iat *nd we would rnigtat tn ai>rrbaata. '???'era, a-td ottior* wishing la Mod goo4a ar paeeal* t* Catifern'a. ?? avail ot th a opp'.ritiaity. N? inight cr largo paeka?r* r rtivad alitr 2 o cloek on Mogday ; eaiall (areal* aty will k* tak*a i r th" day >f tallir c. Bi eryibiag *? at by th a -?pt"?a muat ka r*ad?r?d ttrletly w*terv*t>al or It *111 ba at nwnara' r'?k. <'ea*i*n*ft may nvi td the treakl* aad *-r ?'? af ?d**! ag lk*ir gand* atC>t*taa Man a, ky t.aadiat aa hvir iili iKa* * any. All freight mutt k* lnvari*>>ly prv-pa1 i. Al'AMS ? ? O , |. and \\% ' t ("JRECOHT s TALirORfllA P\CK AOE EXrilEia, I'gR .1 Bt aathip Cketeke* ? Th* (obferlbrr* will forward an e?rr?*e per akov* ?t.'*mar. on Tn*a<iav aert , at 1 P. M Paek <ge* ?nd h*a?y fr'igkt *honld I * left at tha e<n?* eg M<*d*y. I'arec I* received on f uincy. until In \ M aad l?f*ri ualfl i?g ?'*1 k. TOO Bi'BON n ?ITOH JOCK. k *r*f r* and Arcat*. HP F ?*l*'ret. fSTUIICSTUAB SFORT tTliiJt WALTRR FIK'D FOB I tha laet two yeara ? Kildekl M I'r.naaa aad . an I ran 1 >on, having re1 am 'd to Panama f >r tit- t nrj .i,e I t. *aa MliBg kn me*a th'r*. will ni" Ive. atChOfi l*.l raninig all ?f oda th*t ntey b ? *?a? ?a b'm fir *Mrni*n' t ."tn Fi*a j etten. *a | nt the iiimi?1 rat**. T< r fartker nartlea'- 1 ? t> "net ? ' tlien*. e f Li .iat'?t. a, Wall* a Co , b wall *tr -t. Nt? V'-rk, J*?" >ry '/*, isil. I AR M (Mil. O S nut HroEint i hi akt iviiM-nnn tub mv. ??t'"ntaf the Ml* Y<^rk Ar' I'bi'a* > ipiay, in - re rpnr*'?fl I y ibe I iilaaretlaf* I'Tk t>eaeh. The b. i ... ? > |l> p?bli*b * nagnli^at *ag*avlag et i h* la ? eriat "ft' ? I. tea' W r'd'e fir B *i h r t>i $' ? II \ ? -aMtled > * o< ry ?' <1 ?'? p^lnt re* Hi wagth mi re than < "s ' ai.d e >j in' ?ml**** <? It b*ve a fr?* Hr*t r*V;i? wt?> >? l.oiid?? aid kt? ?, *ad ?l "t o pM eep?n~? ?Mle fc .. tPll( ? beorip'i.e ii*t ia n li'g raptaly aa* n ak^ nnnke- nf ? are* ie Halted fy 'be ebarter af ineorrf>r?tfaa. a* ti j,? *ii*a|e ka !? ?? la atpiylag (ar aha**?. Faalt * i* rea' at tk* * ef rcto ?,<eaee e?at '?e* ? |er *n? r ?f*a' * ^>r , a all ? III b^ *1 ?be - at *nv'a vl.k, ??*? all let ?* n.iit ke | fe*lti'. F' *! Ir?gt'-r*. ?*? *lBer? railtti ?* 1 1 '? w k* en ] ' l.d (* f'a a bare a M *r ? ot intWut p^- i ?*e, ?>*% H* etta'aed e? i eg' ? a i ? i 'nelly ?r be pent let .,,?t k l( inili, i VB.<*. Nv. W Wkli <tt**l| N*a 1'i'tB. NEWS IT TELEGRAP The L a teat from, WadUaftM. Till TRIAL or COMMODUMC JOiiSH ? TJIX rt??f | kXTl.NSIOJI or TlUt CAItTOI. ? MlfllSTK* I? ?ftA ZIL, ETC. Washington, January 27, 1161. The testimony in the triaU ?( Commodore Jomi M lug conoluded, (In Walter June* win pot lc kli da (?ae* to- morrow. The ho tela axe crowded with lobby atutm foe steamahip*, railroad* French apoiiationa and IM tariff. It ia understood that the Caaa democrat? arc srHJln| to rale* the duty on ooal and iron. The appointment ot Minister to Bractl hu wet- aa flnltlTely tendered to the lion. Robert C. Bchenek at Ohio, who haa accepted, and will leave for Ric i?xn>t the let of April. Tha U?uaa Committee have agreed upon a pj*t Jot tha extension of tha Capitol, by additional wing* oa tha north and aouth. Th s Senate Committee have #?t yet concurred, but they are aipeated to do K at lb* next meeting. Camper, convicted of the manslaughter of &**?, baa been aentencad to eight y > are impriaonmCD? in tha penitentiary? tha extent of the lav. THIRTY-FIRST COMORJMf. SECOND SESSION. Senate. ITI MOKbB's MAONKnC nLMlATH, 01 HI *, < OnN?;K 0> KUII H AND HAMOVER IITIttl* Wasiiinoton, Jan. 27, jgfrj. tiie rRerosto like or stkamir* to arnica. Mr. E?iw<. presented a petition trom Ohio J c fa vat of the Ebony line ot ateamera to Afrlea. the rHiLADiLrwia and Mtazii-iAN unl or eTr Mr. Cooper preaented petitions from PhUaaeii D a, or a line of ateamera from tbat place to Bnuil *> a ar .e number for the modification of the tarifl VIICI,1I1 LAND WARIiN'TI. Mr. Ma^On preaented the resolution* of tha Vug u a Legislature urging a further appropriation tf toiWj the outatanding Virginia land warranta. rKTlTIOIS FliOM MtW YORK. Mr. Di? xitfo.i preaented a memorial from ttu.Ne* York Colonization Society, in tarer of the Kbny line; aleo, the joint resolutions at the New York Lef'-Ieiara n the lubjeot ol' cheap postage. ASTI-t'lfilTIK I AW IKTITI0N1, ETC. Mr. 8 ? Wamu presented the petitions of 60 r t. . etii ?? Vales county, b W cltiaaiis ot 0ayu*a county, and citizeua ot Niagara couuty. New York, tor the :< p**l of the Fugitive blare law; aud th>? petition of Si citliena ot Niagara county tor the repeal ot adl)ew< aupporting slavery in the District ot Coiunb;a lie moved a reterenoe to Judiciary Committee. Mr. Dawson moved, and they were laid on the take. aasiAToa from Indiana. Mr. Whitiomh presented th> credentials ?' Mr. Bright, aa Senator trom Indiana for aix y-ar ? 'rr>? the 4th of March next Tarioua petitiona and rep >rta were presented. Misaoi ai ami. i kk route LAI DC. Mr. Bento* celled up tl.e bill to pay Mlssc?n t'u* amount oi the two per cent fund reawrred ot e*J? ? vt public land*. Mr. Shields supported the bill. Mr Ci at said, that at the proper time he eould I'rnve to the Senate that Missouri was not. to the am cunt < t one (arthlng, the creditor ot th? United States, on bo count Of this two f "T cent tuud lie waa tot Jeebia to-day t'jtifth* bill was postponed he would Ler? aftci Ju to. Mr likNTCN was willing that the bill ahou.d fce i> <t poned (or a thor* time Tha bill wajs .aid on the table. Mr. Maion called np the bill Incorporating th? t l ? d Gas Light Company ot the oistrlotot Columbia. Mr Walker moved to amend the bill, by stockholders individually li:nle for all debts ?-out?att ed, to the mount ot the etock at the tiaic debt 1* cot traeted. Mr Bwino opposed the amendment. Mr. Walker supported It. Mr. Chase moved to amend the amendment ij | re Tiding thateach director shall also be held In Ii?ld .u.i y liable tor every debt contracted whilst be 1a Is rff re Mr. Kwim; opposed this amendment and Mr. Chase replied. Mr. Chase's amendment was r >j?oted, by yt?? 35, naya 87. Mr Wnivk'a amendment waa agreed to itt bill was ordered to be engio<?ed Mr. Boai.A*t) moved. and the bill wm takst. t a. authorising the United S'area iMsmot J u lx* c' M kansai to epnolat steamboat inspectors tn teat .? ta.e. The bill waa debated and amended, nod ordeia^ ta La ccgroeaed cai ii orma raivAre lisd ci ?rws 1 Mr a win movod. an I alte'' debate, the b< n?t? t ok up the bill to aacertaln and sottlc tiie pri> a ? l?.ud clalma. The California bill waa originally Introduced t* Mr. 1 Fremont, early in the *ea?i >a Mr, C?iv moved a subetitute for Mr t'remnm ? ?-.U, which was agreed to la Comml'.tee of th* ffult, when the bill was repnrted to the Senate Mr Bestow offered a subrtitnte for Mr. ?lwii?aib i stltnte All the aub>titute* aad therriainall } the* referred te the Judiciary Committee. The committee repotted ha-sk a n . w bill as k f '?.!??!> tute tor the original anO all the aubMitutes. The question was on agreeing to the aubatitu'e ra? I ported by the Committee on the Judiciary I Mr Harshi explained the proposed sabelilu.e Mr Bin-to* aaid that h- c? i pointed out the .. '? ? n Mr Uwln a bill, and the defect* were Co g'.ar.iig, hat the author of It himself uOTod Ite refereu'cU a committee Kor forty aix yea. s tha Public LanJ '?< ? mlttee had charge ot this bu n*?s, bat now f ? >e sent to the dlstlBgalshed ttee on the Jud e'a-y. The bill reported by thi* eon m .tee wa* worse tl,*t a clear act of eonRsaa'.iou The cum mi ttee haJ I a deplorably and calamitously uafcrtunate Whcr- Vr. 0? in s bill waa bad they m. tie it ?ror-e, where It ?n , good they have etruakit ou*.aud where the h.! wae neither gond nor bad. th-y have originated eome'tlsg I infinitely wocae than anything I-', e heard i ' Be | proceeded at great lengtn in a orllloal examination <* . the bill reported by toe committee, and anncunoed the intention ot making its error* maalfeet m dtXmti, by motion* to atrike out and in?att I Mr B?rrie* rejoined, and showed that thta > 1. ? - .if ! carried out, in detail and wita preclaien. tu-. frrvl : *ion* ot Mr Fremont s bill Mr. Blttos was surprised th it the dUtie^ .tei >d lawyer from Georgia should aitempt to shelter hM I blunder* behind a paper drawn up by a young M , who perhapa. had never rea i law lie pointed at*, the blunder* In thia bill, whioh Mr. ITreaaont sever t-ul I have made. Mr B?rriev had no deelre to ehelter himaelf b>h.nJ I the absent Senator from California, nor the present one from MIssouil. Aa to the charge of, atid other denanelatlon eootalned la the courtly plitate which the Senator from Missouri aicus*' in?d himself to uae he would answer It by stating tbat be did not believe the Senator from MUaourl c-airs I hended the prevlslona ot the bill abont whiok be vm I tilling Mr 9r warp moved an adjournment -Ayea, 14 n?ee, 116 No quorum. Mr. I'snrisosn- Aa no qurrum la pre<ent,a'^ ?? can do la to ad;ourn. And the rieuate did adjeora II*M? of RrprMtnUllTN. av pain's KiJtcmuM hkmical rn.MitArK. WiiHiiiart*, Jan. 37. 1K<1. Mr Utiiiioi I'lfl bat II 1 not obtain laart ta In troduce a joiLt r-poluti.m further eipianatory < f tun bounty land law ol laat 8*pt.uia*r "lb* Paeral ?ry of the Interior ha aald, ta> d-nled that, to obt?.t tM b?n?tHot thla law pfr-oop iuut aataaliy hti> aar?*4 < in the win; vhrriw, h>- (IIwiImi*; propr>**> that Ihoaa who were nu-uN. but not In acta*. bM tllttlr*. afcall b? entitled th?y having bean aba-nt fraai ihelr krBH; and thta, be contended via lb? ln*?a*'<>a > I tha law. THF I I MUlLa^P rt? Mr Born mored that the flon?lil-ratlon of V ? m ? i roirw nt of the Cumberland dam In Ihi i)b!? r ??r, it mad* tk? or Jar ?>( the d?y tor TbarMaj Tn? Hup* raiarrt. mi?> n lanawra. Mr B.rn moved to make the billa for parmen' rf ihi citj p*aplom. rtn latmatrT aad itbn (<an be, for tha poppnrt af the W e?t Point ANd'Mf . Pott * I re Depurtment and Indian l>??utm*t.t the ?pe <J cnler for to morrow and nntll <li?p"?ed rf, not fc In terfere with tha aperlal order* <?hjee?.l?n belnj m*d?, Mr Bayly m?ved to auap?n<l ?h? rnlee and th* t, ilon wan derided In tb* negative. there not ? lilrda In Invor of ao doing Several other g*ntlem*n waa'.ed bat did not cb.a ? cnaent to iatr> daoa bill* e-id reeolntloav, Ax < c th'n, Mr Ctaii ha I a bill appropriating iaad to renaeyl. Tenia for railroad purpo<ea Mr JdN'in*, of Artenaa* mo??4 that tn? n ?ar and Harbor hill ba med- a ?p*elal ordar ol tha <?e f.* Tneaday n*?t. Objection wn nude, and to t?; Ika queatlcn he moved a au?p<- Laioo of tha rulaa. wtlth waa l*nd*d In tha oeg.tlve by ye a? llf nay* 1 U-?ot t>*third? tit* nrricitvrv ?at Tha llouaa then went Int i o ? ulUaa. en the b1'.. ? a anp| ly the deflrlmoy in tha apptop;Uttc n tortba jre ?e nt 0?"-al yaar Two honr? were oeeupled In d<?eua<ln ? an afi <? prlatln of >IJl">?. ft?r th? [?*vm?nt of ?l? rt*, fn li?ata th<> rartvlng ont ot the La -id law o* ia*t September. W lth?nt oommc t.? any eonrlaflor tba CimnitiM rot*, and the ll?u>* adj <ura*d ?r W YORK I.KOItLtTDRK, Cwuata. av M"*a?'a na?r<at(C n!.?a?Ar? At aasr, .'an 2T, IMl rintiaa "f nv r. ban* a cf Naw York for t*ia ?qn%i;?ati?R t4 ol iha rallroada tanning from tha Uuia.-<n ?'??r to iaka Krlo aama Of a b'll to ataand tha la* relating to rra ?? rrai oaaa to tna < aaaitt1. i ?*. Mr M?^?. af OoalJa propoaad tba followl' ? a?a<l n nl to the roi?.tltutl..n. tha eonaldera'ioa ol ?t ah c??r radar tha ral*: K?a?Wa4 It the *??einhly aon-nr Tha* 'b-f icw jl , urn't imrtlt b* pi rpoa?d tl> tklKCUil t|

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