Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD." ?- " ' '***" y, ???*. H.. . . . WWW*. "?? WHOLE NO. 6073. MORNING EDITION ? WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1861. - , PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. NEWS BT TELEGRAPH. INTERESTING CONGRESSIONAL BUSINESS. Debate in the Senate on the California Land Bill. THE HOUSE AT WORK ON THE DIPICIEKCT APPROPRIATION BILL. JHacnssion Relative to the TarifL Proceeding in the New York Legislature. See., See., Sec. THIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. SECOND SESSION. Sonat*. BY MOR&S'S UA0MT1C TKLKORAFH. 3 met.. C*?*EB OK BEA'EB APTO HAK0TBB ITBEBT*. Washinotor, Jan. 28, 1851. THE F?MEMT?TIOI* OF rBTITlON*. Mr. Clat preeented two petition* from Pittsburgh and Unlontown, Pann, complaining of the operation* Of the tariff of 1840. ant representing the ? altering '.nterests of Hon. coal, glM?, cotton, and woellena, by the ad valorem, Instead ot th* apeolSc dutie*. Mr. Hamlin presented two petitions from Maine, for U>e repeal ot the fugitive Blare law. Tabled. APriAllCM AT LAIOI. Mr. Hi'KTi b, from the Finance Committee, reported hack the bill for the appointment of appraisers at largo, with an amendment. THE VATEMT OKKICE. Mr. Waleeb offered a resolution calling on the Com mlMioner of Patents to report whether tho present Patent OfBce building la not sufficient for the business of tho office, if the national ourioaltlea be removed from the upp*r story. _ , . .. After dU?bate, th? vtflolmtloB wu addressed to tne Secretary of the Interior, Instead of the Commission er of Patents, and adopted. THE SMITHSONIAN IIMTITUTIOJI . Mr. Walker's reaolutioa, ealllng on the regenta of iheSmlth.'onian Institution to report why they haro a0t removed the curioalties from the Patent Office ouilu ing, was laid over. THE BBIIl BE or A TV AMERICAN 'tlltl I* OB??IO!? BY THE ?aiviMi. Mr, Gwi.t offered a resolution, calling for the corres pondence between th* United States and th* British Authorities relative to the seiiur* of a vessel at Asto ria, Oregon. Adopted. ( I IREIt Y I* 1IIE DISTBICT OK COLUMBIA. Mr. Half offered a resolution, direoting inquiry -whether any persons or corporations in the District of Columbia undertake to issue bank notes not payable In gold or silver, and whether *uch Issues ar* aooord ng to law. Adopt*d. DISCIfklJIE I* THE *AVY . Mr Bad<.eb, from the Naval Committee, to whom had been rel?rred th* communication of tho Secretary of the Navy about Vh* abolition of flogging in tho navy, reported a biU to enforce discipline and promote aood oonduct and order in th* navy. The bill pro vide* punishment by dismissal, discharge, and by soil jifw oongnrm*nt io irons, sot oxo^ding thirty days, ana to be fed on bread and water. Till CaLIKOBJUA rBIVATE LAW D CLAIM BILL waa taken up. Th* 13th *eotion(ol the bUi provide* ihat all claim* rej*ct*d by th* Commissioners, on whloh an appeal Khali be decided to b* invalid and all land alalms which shall net be presented within two years, shall be d*?m?d the property of th* United States. On ill claims affirmed apatentaball Issue , provided, that, If the title of any claimant to sneh lands shall be con tested bv anv other person it shall be lawful fer suah ither nerson to 01* a petition in th* district eourt, plainly and distinctly setting lerth his title thsretoj 1 oopy et the petition to b* aervedon the advert* party thirty days b<-ft>ro th* time appointed for a hearing ? The section also gives the Julfe power to grant an in junotien on tbi* petiUon. restricting a patent bring la jued until the titles thereto shall be Anally deeldei I ?3 Mr. Binmi moved to strike out all that part of the Motion whloh allows third partl?a to noma in and con teat th* issuing oi the patent by petition . Mr. BrnBif moved **veral v*rbal amendments in that part moved to be atricken oat by Mr. Benton _ Mr. B?-<topi said that yesterday he had shewn this ?bill to be flagrant, and in violation of the constitution ol the United statea. and of judiciary *5?w Clod to give Pelted 8tat*.< court* th* right to try uee. ? 'um and trum, between private oitUens. Tbe Senator from Oeorgiai had endeavored to she'tar him self behind Col. Kremont; but Col. V had rend tn* } netitut.oi. of the United Btatea. and could not have made such blunder* Th* bill proposed to take away a man * land by a decision of these oommissioners-this was a blunder Col fi*mt?nt s biU. ia?t*ed of auiuin iig this bill was alrectly the revere*. Thej* obj soUena he nrtred yesterday, and they presented a book strong ?nough t* bang a man on; but the Sen %t0. r . i^'i" /ia doe- not oome forward te chance the prlnalp*l error* ol th* bill, but oontenta himself with u<ln? : pin hooks In picklug out noun* artiel**. ooujunctlons, and prepoaltlon* Uavln* th* h?dew?a aeetlon still In its deformity Tbe bill allow* the United 8 ta tea to oring a man inio court to d.feod his land. ??>} afte* beating the United States and Its lawyers, with all Iheir quibbles and trick- it allow* evwvboly el?* tO some in and jump on bis back to attack him in the front and ,*ir and on b>th Asn^s ^theyo?cov.r him with pet itioes - they oan - amlte him, aa i an old French translator o( the Bib e said Samson did th* Philistines back and belly.' II* (Mr. B ) wai i al way* the lii*nd of actual **ttler* II* commenced hie support ol them In 1M9, when In thelieneral Assembly ofKnnesss*. and ta* eoutlnu*4 it till now. The aa tual settleis In California were those who went th*r* seventy years ego- they wer* such m*n as >i, astro, who bad siren and twen'y children >oa.W lie again denounced the bill as unconstitutional en 1 b M r? B*is ^d that It tbe rudeneas*f manner and 'anguage In whirh the 8?uator from MUaouri ha* at tacked this bill and mysell, afford him any gra .Ittoa tlon he is at perleot liberty to enjoy himself I have my duty to perform, and If any one supposes I can be H.terre l In the performance of that duty bf "J*" uuaelation* sll I have to say is, J ^ Dlloity Mr B<rrisn then explained the bill a* doing nothing more than enlarging, by let of ' juried lotion ot the United State* Court . Thl* he held to be perfectly constitutional The Senator from Mi* siuri stands on IU unconstitutionality I ??k the Se na:* to decide between ue -I will be content with tha leeliion Th* denunciation* by the Senator irom Mla*ouri aflect me not Mr Bwinr, anpporUd the bill Mr Jmo Dkm atated hla obj*etion to anoth*r part 'm? Bf-ttow again addr*e**d th* Senate, aho wing the ohJ*etion* to the bill He aald that the Georgia had bee* aelted with a sudden ?*ro*?",n ? ' dignity He dealt not With the Senator, but with the blU, and the Senator, bv hla amendment* to-day . a I mlt* the bill to b* all that be represented Di ?rinB a l??|*lat. n ot 40y>-ara h- ha I know* no nSTvUctlon aa thl*. and II the bill had been r-ferred to the Lsod Commute* this seotion would never have *TSr^UAi ? thought that part ol th* bill which aald that unless the claim be m.d. within land sbrul 1 be deemed the property of the United State* '' was unconstitutional ? Mr It< tlss differed with the Senator from i . Ilampshlte. Tbe bill. In .ffeet, was ^ onl y a^ ?"??? elon to oi s te partllton amon? *everal P^es If any >n? refused to nsake known hi* claim, hi* rJ<ht was Uke* from him and when tbe government .hould patent lands to ?om* on* else hs eould JWW ^hh In oonrt; but the bill w?* most benlgwent to th* ants It allowed th*m to show their claims aal g t I nlted Sistes patent*, thereby making them good i for ever lb* bill proposed to dlvld* ' nlt*d States lan l from piivaie property; but ha hardly thought that the r'nltel States would have muohofit. If any we* laid lown a? public land It would be given **?? ^Jf roads, or under th* bill to alee everybody a i fbrm or to ^Ive all land" to StaUa lie did not know but 'he best ?bv wes to give it all t* California and let tha parties Sght It out among th?mselv*. It wouldthenb?a rreat place for lawyer* He was In favor of the bill. In bis op in .on it wa* cUarly oenrtltutional Mr ? e.plaln.d that ?ho?ld aoy oa* r-f.?*Cto # xbtbit his *l?im for two years he would be exactly In the *am > \ o*itlon as II th* blU bad not passe 1 Mr Benien s* a'm*adaenti were eventually agreed to and m" Benton a motion to atrlke out waa reject Alter at-m* lnrth*r debate, th* S*aat* adj tt*u*e *f R?pr*MBlattV*a. nv ?Atrt s lucTio-eHMiCit WsaHiiiTe*, J*a Mtwoaaera. The Senate bill to reduce and deBae tha boundary, cf tbe military reserve on St Pet*rs river Minnesota, ind seeuritig the right* of actual a*ttler?, was referred to the Committee oa Pablle Is THE rBKE KABM BILL. The Hon** resumed the consideration of tha pead in* motion to rafcr to the Committee of tbe Who'.* *n th* It at* *1 th* U*lon th* Mil heretofore rsiatlrl Lr Mr. Johaaoa, of Tenn***ee, p?opo*!ng to alv* to every head of a family one hundred aad ility a ere* of pubile demala. oa coadltloa that he will ** ropy aad Improve the aame for a ?*rt*la p*riod Mr Bnonw, ?( Mia* , *?plal??< ? a?b*Mt?te h* l? tended to offer. The first ???tlon of which, simply contemplated a oontlauatlen o ( the pretest pre-emp tion laws? the sscoad. that the right pre emption shall be perpetual, Instead of limiting it to one or two years. The settler shall have as mueh time as his ne cessities shall r? quire to pay lor the land at the mini mum of one dollar and twenty-lire cents per aore. He did not prcpeee to giro away the lands absolutely. Bis objeot was to secure the settlement and oeeupanoy and a home against mislortnne and improvidence. Mr. Johnson, ot Tenn , withdrew his motion to refer. Mr. Vinton moved to lay the bill ou the table. De cided in the negative Yeas, 71; nays. 90 The House, by a vote of 44 to 81, refused to second the demand for the previous question, whloh would have brought a direct vote on the bill. Mr. Conokb (whig) of N. Y., moved to refer it to the Committee of the whole on the Bute of the Union. Mr. Johnion (dem ) of Tenn., called for the yeas and nays. He said that to send the bill there was equiva lent to its rejection. It was referred te the committee by yeas 121, nays 04. Mr. Ji i.ian (freeeoll) ot la . moved to reconsider the vote, pending which the House went into Committee ol the Whole on the State ol the Union on THr. utricirNcT arr>0rmiTi0N bill. Several amendments were made, when all the olauses of the bill were'got through with Mr. Stbonu, (dem ) ol Pa., moved to amend, by pro viding that on and after the first day of April next, all duties required by law to be levied, collected, and paid on goods, wares, and merchandise, shall be assessed on the market value, with the additioa of such charges as are now imposed by law, at the time and plaoe of export : Provided that, upon all descriptions of Iron, upon maohlnery, made, wholly or in part, of iron, and upon anchors, chain cablss, and anvils, the dutiee shall be assessed upon the average prices, with the charges added, which like descriptions ot Iron bore in the principal ports during the ten fisoal years imme diately preceding the year ot Importation, suoh values and charges to be ascertained and deolared by the Se cretary ol the Treasury, as the basis tor eaoh suooeed log fiscal year. Duties on window glass and liuseed oil shall be thirty per cent; and upon all descriptions ot iron, upon machinery made wholly cr in part of iron, and upon chain cables, anchors, and anvils, the duties shall be forty per oent, provided that any excess of duties imposed by act en any railroad line, imported for the use et any rsilroad, and actually and permanently laid down for the use cf such railroad, within one year alter the passage of this act, shall be remitted by the Beoretary of the Treasury, on satisfactory proof being turnixhed that such iron was so imported and laid down. Duties upon all cordage and yarns, composed fully or in part of hemp or grain; upon all manufactures composed wholly or in part of sheep's wool ; and upon ail refined sugars, shall be respectively ten per otnt. advalomrn. over aad above the rate of duty now assessed by law; on nemp and sheep's wool, manufactured and raw sugar; raw silk. Indigo, and all srtlcles hich, cn the 20th of July, 1H40, were exempt from j . shall be admitted free ot duty. To prevent frauds undervaluing, and to insure UDiformity In appraisement, there shall be appointed appraisers at large who shall prepare rules for the government of the local appraisers visit the several ports of the United States, and perlorm sucn other dutiee as the Secretary of the Treasury may approve and direct. Each ol which appraisers shall reoeive an annual com pensation ot two thousand dollars, with neoessary travelling expenses. Ths periods during whloh. by exietlng Taws. Imports deposited In public warehouses may be withdraws lor Immediate exportation or con flumptionsball be, and the rams are hereby, extended to three years. Mr. Jours raised the question ol order. The amend ment was Irrelevant, and had nothing to do with the Deficiency bill; and again, it was in violation of the rule, which delares that suchjamrndments shall not be made In a general appropriation bill. Mr. Stro.k;.? I suppose the question Is net de batable. Chaiiman, (Mr. Meade, dem., of Va .)? It Is not. Mr. JoN>.i.--This is a democratic Pennsylvania tariff Without proceeding further the Committee rose, and the House adjourned. United State* Senator for Alaasnchuaetta. Bo?tOn, Jan. 28, 1861. The Senate voted lire voce, to <i?r for United States Senator, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of the Hon. Daniel Webster. Thirteen whlgs voted for Winthrop; twelve democrats and nine tree toilers lor Rantoui. (dem ) and two tree soilers (Buckingham and Morrison) lor Stephen 0. Phillips, (free soil ) One democrat, one free soil, and one whig absent. It Is supposed that the House will oonour. The > cw (senator from Dataware* fHIUDU-rNIi, J BO. IT, 186 1. TO Till KIiITOR OF THE HERALD. The notice in your paper ? few days since, of the Hon. James A. Bayard, recently elected Senator of the United 8tatea from the State of Delaware, contaiaa two ?tatement* whleh demand coma notice. The first l?, that he la the author of a work oa the constitution of the United States. This I* an error; the work in question was written by James Bayard, Esq , a member of the Philadelphia bar. Your artiole further states, that the Bayard family of Delaware, claim to be descended from the Chevalier Bayard, of France, " the good knight, without fear and without repreach, " as he was sailed by his contempo raries. Perhaps they do make this claim and perhaps it is well founded, for one s ancestors, traced back a few ceaturiee. multiply greatly , but the name proves rothing of the kind, for the name of the Chevalier wae Pierrt au TtnaA, an J he] aided 'It Hayard, , from the chateau at which he was born, just an ajobo Bmith might now style himself John Smith, of Smithvllle. ? The itfeot the Chevalier make* no mention of hi* being mairu 1 Th* name it the Baywaril lumily of Brotlaud, wae corrupted to lleyard. ana from them our families in the United Statu ar? probably derived. To suppose that the name Bayard Is a proof of di'soeat fro.u the Chevalier, is about as reasonable a? to oonoluJe that every Mr. York ia descended from a Duke of York. The K?it California V. 8, Senator.!!, January '28, 18ol. From private advises reoeived here, per last mall from California It is asserted that Col. Fremont's chanos for re election to the Senate Is very slight, and Mr. Wi thered, whig, formerly of Baltimore, will most likely be his sncceisor. New Jersey Senator. Tsestij!*. Jan. 28, 1881. The election for U. S. Senator from this State wlil not take place for several days, or perhaps weeks, as the time for the joint meeting of the two bouses for that purpose he* not yet been tl\ed. Sleeting of the State Insurance Convention* Uric a, Jan. 28, 18il. | The State Insurance Convention assembled to-day. There were delegates from most of the matual In surance rompaniee organised under the law of 1849. They assembled at Baggs' Hotel, at twelve o'clock The lion Teter Wagoner, of Montgomery county, was chosen Pretldent; E. Chester, of Keneseleer oounty, Vice-President; and B.C. Foote, of St Lawren?e county ? and Geo. Young of Saratoga eounty. Secretariee. De legatee from thirty-seven counties answered to their nsmes, and the convention adjourned to two o'cloek P. M. The cocTettion re-assembled, pursuant to adjourn ment, anloa motion ot J W lilaeeii, of Rocbeeter it was resolved to appoint a committte* of five to reonmmend subjects for the consideration >if the contention, and committee* to investigate aud report upuu such sub j.cta The President named the tollowiug to compose Still committee, vl* Messrs Young, of Saratoga. K. Comitoek, rf Rome; J. W Bissell, of Rochester; II 8 MeCollwm. of Albion, and II R. Mart, of Utioa After oonsultatica. the committee rennet#* 'h? names ol the different crmmitteee; alter whleh, the eon entU n ad journed till eeven P M. Eitcnilvs Fire. Tsor, January 28,1881. A Are broke out at half past one o'clook thle morn ing, In the chair manufactory of llsbert Orsen, 288 and SCO Rivet street, destroying both building*; also the one adjoining, vit . No 886. The loss on the buildings I* $6 880? Insured 84.000 in the Albany Company and the Troy Mutual. The building No. 286 was oeeupled by Priest, Allsndorp k Co., merchant* The value of the goods (mostly destroyed) was $8 500 - with f$000 Insursnas In ths Ktne Albany, and Hartford Company The loss In the chair factory is $2 000. with an Insurance of $1,?U0 in the l.eclngton and Clint >n, and Resei Mutunl The building was also occupied bj W W llsjer s shoe store lo** $1 000. partly Insured, and by J O Merrlcan * clothing store, loss $1,000, fully eevervd The Ore is the supposed work ol an In cendiary The Fire at Wsterlowii Watt stows, January 28, 18il. The aggregate lose In building* and property by the fire here cannot be less than $'J M0. It Is mostly ste ered by Insuranss. The following Is a list of the prin cipal sufferers: ? K nowlton Rira ft Co , lose on thsir building, bindery and book store 88.M0 Insured for $1000 Perkins Hotel, owned ly John Brown of Albany, loss ab >ut $4(00; Perkins' loe* Is about $8 000. Insured for $1 200 Washington Gevrltt $8 000 ; Insured; - J kP. Ilotehkln $8 I'OO . Insnred Ma>onl? Lodge and Ohap tev. eiM.o, Insured Mrs Grave* $1 loo Dyer Hunt Ington $6 M0; with a number of minor losses. Lake Navigation. ?urrai-o, Jan 28 -11 A M. The s'camT Ilenirlek Hudson has jast left for i Cleveland, en her second trip 1 The weather continues quite fnvorkbU. HEW TOIK LKOIf LATURE. BT moesk's MAONKTIC txlkokaph. Itulii Albany , Jan 28, 1852. petitions raaauniD. By cltiien* of 8aheneotady, for par redemption of country bank note* In the city of Now York ; of for warder* on the Cham plain oanal. that tolla may be impoaed on railroads running both aidea of aald oanal. BRIDOIMU L1II CHAMP LAIN . Mr. Oeddeb, from the Railroad Comnrtttee, made a report on the subject of bridging Lake Champlain, at Ronae'a Point. The report la aitverae to granting au thority to build the bridge. Mr. Dart, of the *am* oommltte, aubmitted a report favorable to allowing the bridge to be built. Mr. 0?*tne,from the Commltteaa on Rallwaya, made a report adverse to the bridge, but far different reaeona from thoae advanced by the chairman. Mr Dart had leave to introduce a bill to direct the erection of the bridge; and the Senate adjourned. Auembly. Alhant, January 28, 1851. For the abolition of N ormal achoola. For the equali zation ot taxation. For the repeal of the law for the refiiatry of blrtha and marriagaa. Of eltlaena of New York, for the paaaage of a law for land limitation* and homeatead exemption*. bill mtpeaTio. Amending the law incorporating the Manhattan Bteamahlp Company. REPORT OK THE CANAL FI ND COMJInSlONKR*. A eommuntcatlon waa received from the Lieutenant Governor and the AttorneyfOenerai, protesting against the reception or the report purporting to be the report of the Canal Fund and aektny that it may be returned to the Commiaaionera ot the Canal Fund, In order that the annual report of the different funda may be trana mitt ad from the proper aouree. Mr Wheel ?:r. of Franklin, moved to lay tbe com munication on the table. Carried - ayea 08, naya 24. BOWERY UflNI RANI. The aeventeenth annual report of the Bowery Bav Inge Bank waa rtcelved. NATIONAL LAWacHOOL. The Senate ae nt?fc* the concurrence of the Aaaem bly, the bill Incorporating a national law achool at ballaton. Referred. BILLa IKTROnt't'KD. By Mr Townaend, to amend the charter of the 81. Luke'a Hoapital, New York. By Mr. Green, for an amendment of the law repealing the act for the more effectual prevention of Area In the city ol New York. By Mr. Lyon, for the disposal of the public landa In alxty acre lota, and allotting to them aotual settlers. THE COMPROMISE RESOLUTIONS. Mr. Anthon. of Richmond, called for the raaolutlon* on the Compromlae, offered by Mr. Underwood, of Cayuga The House refused, by a decisive vote, to conaider the aame. vrtLLiAMancaoH. The bill, inaorporatlng the city of Williamsburg, waa referred to the Kinga county delegation to report complete. The Aaaembly then adjourned. Tbe Canadian Foatal Law*. Toronto, Canada, Jan. 28, 18tl. Dlapatohea have bean received from England, com munloatlng tbe aarent of the Imperial government to the new Canada Poatal law*. A uniform rate of five centa throughcut the British American provincea will be adopted. The Haider and Suicide at Pantald. Rochester, Jan. 28. 1881. Coroner Pullla held an lnqnaat upon tha bodlea of Mlae Sarah Sharp and John Everett, yeaterday, In Pan Held. E verett waa a brother- in- law of Mlae Bharp, and had for aeveral years Illicit Intercourae with her. A man by the name of Chaa. Edward* had lately become Intimate with Mia* Bharp, which created a jealouiy on the part of Everett, who contemplated destruction On the evening of the murder, he aharprned up a jaok" knife, and proceeded to the realdence of Mr. Campbell' whare Mlaa Sharp waa. Edward) waa alao at Camp bell* houaa. Everett larkedabout the houae. outald*> vttoking tft ?<M? it a ad MIm S w?p? futilAitt. About 8 o'clock, ahe went out of the door, and but a minute alter a scream waa heard, when Campbell and Edward* went out. and found Mia* Bharp* throat aevered from ear to ear. and Everett in the aame con dition Everett waa about forty year* of age and Mlaa Sharp about thirty. Tbe following commnnioatlon waa lound in Everett 'a pocket, by whioh it aeema that he contemplated his own deat ruction:?' '? My Ood. Sarah ' aould I ever believe, unleaa I had aeen with my ewn ayea ! Never did 1 think ot aceing you lettlDg auoh a man-ao diminutive a man? take my privi lege, that you have promised me eo much. My God! Barah. 1 had rather be dead twice ' He will drive me mad! Yon don't know my feeling*. I a?e every no tion -I see where you parted 1 aee that klaa. You made my feellnga mad. and lor thla I die!*' Election In Wh((UD|->B?lroMl Loan. Whiklinu, V*., Jan. 2S, 1861. The cbartsr election in tbli city went off quietly, and resulted In the re-election of Alfred Caldwell Major by til majority over Fingle. There wee alio a Binjorit j of 668 lot a subscription. by the olty, Of yio 0 CM to the Crntral Ohio Bailroad stock. Death of ? New York Merchant Noioui. Ot . Jan. 29. 1851. 8 M Steven*. Ksq . an eitsnnlve dealer In French goods in New York, expired at his residenoe. in thi* place, lait evening. Meteorological Obsei rations. BY MORSt'a Tkl-LOKATU? ofpick Iti wall mhert. Bi'rrttfi Jan 28?9 A. M Piessant though cloudy, with Indications of Know. Wind ra/t. Thermometer 33; barometer 29 'JO, and falling. 6 P. >1 ?It commenerd raining abont 2P.M. and has continued ever since. The wind changed, about 10 o'clock, to the south, where it now Is. Thermometer 44 above; barr meter 28 :>6 an J tailing. The Headriok Hudson sailed at boob for Detroit. KorHirrr * , Ji n 98-9 A M. Wind south; eloudy and chilly. Thermometer 30. Appearance > f rain. Attar**, Jan 28-9 A. M. Coot, clondy and unpleasant. Strong wind from tie south Thermometer 31. ? P. Mi has been raining quite hard all the ??tn ing Strong wiad from the southwest. Thermome ter 36. ?v R %CU9R? Jan 29? 9 A. M The weather continue* cold Snow has (alien slight ly. Wind leutheast. Thermometer 32. . llrir*. Jan. 98 9 A. M. A cold and stormy morning with a piercing east wind. Hnow falling rapidly. Thermometer 20, baro meter SU 710. 8 1'. M - Cloudy and cold Have had a very unpleas ant 'lay lias aot stirmed much since morning. Ther BOBelst 34, barometer falling. Al itor, Jan 28 9 A M. Cloudy all night and commenced snowing about sevea o'clock. Now enowlng last Wind east. Thermome ter IK. barometer 30 210: mercury In barometer 69 8 P.M. ?Cloudy and looks like *aow. Wind south. Thermometer 83; barometer 3f 820 Taor. Jan. 29 9A M Cloudy and cold, and saowlng fast. Wlad east, bat very light, t hermometer 90. 8 P. M.-\ery little change since this morning Snowed ?tightly all day. Wind northeast. Thermo meter 30. Mmtiiu. Jan. 28 -9 A. M. Thermometer at ?ero, barometer !? 90. and rising Snowing moderately 8PM- Knrlous snow storm now raging. Wlad southweet. Thermon. ter 24; barometer *9.00 and tailing. Qr rear. Jan. 98- fl A M. Tl. rmcmeter one degree above, barometer 89 96. Wind north; vrry foggy Tunrr Rn ras, Jaa 28 9 A M. Cloudy. Thermometer sli above. Rso< stn.L*. Jaauary 39 9 A.M. Storming heavily from the northeast Kin<.STni, Jan. 98 9 A.M. Thermometer 11 above. Snowing; wiad northeast. ToaoNTD. Jan 38 D A K. Cloudy, and mowing lightly. Thermometer W ??Bi.iaeToit. VL, JaB 28 9 A.M. Thermrmeter 22 above. Win I south, and saowlng quite fast. 8PM ? W- ether cleedy, with a strong south wind, end a slight fall of snow Thermometer 80 Wmit i t . Jen 29-0 4 M. Wind south, aad snowing fast. Thermometer 19. BY bain's TKr.KQK.Artl, OPFICt 29 WIU 8TKKKT. DKTSoir,Jan 99? 19 M. Cleudy ; varied slightly last Bight Oi s.r'seD.JaB.29-12 M Wind south; cloudy and warmer, with indications of raia. Pittsbvuom. Jew 29 -19 M. Clear and pleeaant. Jto? musts*. Jaa. 98?9 P. M. Raining. Therm tmeter 40 Bohtoi*, January 29?7 P M Cold and eloudyi looks like snowing. Thermome ter 91. PeoTtPfwes, Jv?nsry 99 -7 P. M. Snowing; wlad south Thermometer 34 Norwich, .laeusry 99 7PM Snowing aad raialng alternately Thermometer 99. Raw It ??*i?. Jannary 98 7 P. M Clrudy aad saowlng. wiad northeast. Thermome ter 34 Psioospoat, January 99 7 P.M. Misty, damp evening Thermometer 99 Sr?Mro*e Jannary 18 7 P. V. Cloudy; win 1 caat, stev; . Thermometer N. The Pcnii?x>'nnla Legislature. H iKiKii' kii. January 1851. In tke Senate the following bill* wrr* reported from cemniittevs :-'To Incorporate the t'hester Iroa Com pany I supplement ttt to lnoo*7>??rate the Washington Coal Company, (with amendn. ents .) to incorporate the Merchants dteam Tj* and .Navigation Company, with a recemmendatlou that it be negatived. A reso iution was adapted railing upon the Auditor General for InfermatJen as to the amount of toft* due the com monwealth try certain railroad*, ke. Also, an to the expediency ef a bill prohibiting tavern keepers from siBlng liquors m the Hnbbath The bill to iooorporate the Wllkerbarre and Scrantonla Goal Railroad Com pany, tis passed. The House was engaged in the con sideration ol private bills. TIm M?ryl??id He form Convention. Baltimore. January 24. 1861. In the Maryland Reform Convention, at, the Committee on the Legislative Department, re ported against imprisonment for debt ; prohibiting the Legislature from Interfering with the relative position of master sssd slave, and in favor of simplifying and abridlnf the rules of practice. A long debate took plaee en a preposition to give counties the right to ?eoede and attach themselves to adjoining States. We have no mail Boutb ef Petersburg to night. Tilted Ntatea Circuit c<mrt Belere the Hon Judge Betts C'HAllOK Of HOMICIDE ON BOARD OF A MAN-OF-WAR. Jaw. US. ? The United States vs. Frederick fi mfrion, itulictrd at Edward Francis.? The prisoner. wh? is a young man, very small in stature, and apparently not more than 19 or 20 years of age, was given In charae to the jurv, for the homioide of Edward Reed, and the United State* District Attorney stated the oase for the Jroreoution. The prisoner is Indicted by the Orend ury for an assault with a dangerous weapon en a seaman named Reed Tbeaot of Congress provides that any person committing an assault with a dangerous

weapon, on the high sea a, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $8,000, and an imprisonment of not more than three year*. The prisoner was an ordinary seamen on board the U. 8. frigate Brandywlne; she was lying near Montsvldeo, about five miles from the harbor. The prisoner, It appear*, had an altercation with a man named Reed, in the month of May, I860 Some witnesses state that Reed llrat struck the pri soner; but in this the testimony conflicts. Others say he merely shoved him. It will appear in evidence that, when the conflict oommenced. Francis struck Reed with a kniie; they both fell upen the desk, 'and. to the horror of all on board, they found Reed a dead man There were three wound* inflicted on him, (one in the region of the heart ) and the unfortunate man died in about five minutes. He presumed that the defence will be, teat the prisoner inflioted the injuries in his own defence; but it would appear that he was not in any danger of bodily harm, as Reed had no weapon. There is no act of Congress under whloh the prisoner could be indioted for mur der, or the Dtstriot Attorney should have felt it his duly to have preferred an indictment for that crime. Henry W. Kelly wa* examined by the District At torney, and deposed.? I am 18 years old; I am a na tive of the Unl ed States; I was one of the crew of the United States ship Brandywlne in May last; I was in the capacity of landsman; I shipped m November of the preceding year; the llrandywine is nman of war? a frigate with 40 guns; I know the prisoner at the l>ar; I knew Kdward Reed; I was present at the commence ment of an affray between the prisoner and Reed; It was on Sunday evening. 19th May. last y.-*r; I was sitting en the gun at the time; Reed ran to the pri soner and said. " I wish you would keep my name out of your mouth,'' and at the same time gave Franols a shove; Francis then called him a son of a b? , and Reed gave him another shove; Franois th*n said, " you I'll seeycur liver before I die; Reed clinched Francis, and both fell over the grindstone, and that's all I saw of it; there bad been a previous difficulty between them; Francis charged Used with owing him $2; and Reed knooked him over the gun, and gav<> htm a slap in the face; Francis drew a knife at that time; Reed died in about five minutes alter he reoeivsd the injuries on the 19th May. Cross-examined by Mr. Bebee. ? Reed was a large man; (the prisoner Is very small) did not res a knife with Francis before Reed knocked hiu over the grind ?tons. James Murray deposed to the altercation between the prisoner and deceased, and that he saw him put his hand behind him and take out his knife; they tall to gether, but witness did not see the blows given Cross-examined ?This occurred about 7X o'olock, on tks second deck; It was quite dark; there were no lights where they were. A witness named Percento deposed to the same facts; took Reed to the main hatch ladder. uross-examlned ? Reed was beating Francis at the time; he was knocking his head against a roller; Fran cis was a mere infant In the hands of Reed; Heed was giving him n dangerous beating; the prisoner was j* are ow 1<mii1 lbs Branuy win* and waa m ?(?let and Inoffensive lad A witness named .Reynolds gave similar testimony; the prisoner has been in confinement since May, 1850. Thomas II Powell testified to the scuttle, and to his having picked up the knile; (identifies the knife pro duced; It U the ordinary clasp knife used by sailor*;) Read wa* the larger man by many degrees; when they fell together. Francis was under Heed Dr Bache, surgeon of the fleet, deposed that he saw the body oi Reed, one wound wan over the reg ou of the heart, cutting through the cavity into the apex; the second wound transfixed the liver; and the ither was on the left arm. cutting it to the bone On cross- exsmioation. the witness said he did not think the wounds could have been inflioted by th< de ceased fal ing on the prisoner while he held the knife open; the wounds were deep, the knife apparently having been driven up to the hilt For the defence. John A Barclay was called: and deposed that he was kept here a* a witness for the prosecution; was within six feet of Reed and Francis at the time of the occurrence; there was no one nearer to them, Reed had frequently aggravated Francis, who was a peaceable man and a favorite on board . has not the rligbtest doubt but the wounJs were inflioted by the struggling of the parties and tke two falls which they had. District Attorney? How much money has Francis given yen lately' A. Fifteen or twenty dollars. Q.? When did he give you the last* A.? The day before yesterday. ToMr. MerreU-De did not give it? he only loaned It to me, Mr Bebee addressed the jury on behalf of the pri soner, contending that the evidence in the case went to show that Francis held the knife merely for the purpose of deterring Ke?d from assailing him. and that ! the Injuries were Intllctud by the falls. This be be- | lie red, xotwitbstanding what the doctor hid sworn to. ( The District Attorney summed up on the part of the people; and the Judge charged the jary, strongly condemning the use of dangerous weapons, even lor self defence. Verdict guilty, with a recommendation to mercy. Sentence deferred Court of Special Sruloni. Before the Recorder and Aid. Franklin and Concklln J*f? i'8 ?t'JfltMiV tf Woman'i 'l?ari ? Au.'nj the *l*ty or eoventy petty rofuei tried at the 8peel*l See ?lose tfci* arming, ?tl n woman named Jan* Hlpwell, ? rather hard locking eobjoet. who rtood accused m | eteallng a guantltv o; towel*. pillow caeee etc from ? dwelling houe* up town . A? Jan* wae making her way ti> the bar. ih? caught one of the Tombs lawyer* bv the i ?leeve, and the following pithy dialogue envied be tween them. Jene? Say, old feller get me off from goln to th* Iflard. and I 'll Bake It all right with ye 1 don t mind going to the City prison. J.awyer- Well, I 11 do it Now mind, when you g?t up there. ery like the d-1. Following the advice of aonnxel. Jan? haJ no *oonor | Uken b?r place at the liar, than the up apron and ap plying It* tabrie to her optic*. began a moet plttou* Wall, intermingled with heartrending io!>a. Ih* c>m- j plateau gave the requisite testimony and the prisoner wae eo overcome by her feeling* that -h* couM *ay not a word In fell defence 8h? wae, of oouree. cnn?iot-d' but the court at uld never think of eending ?ucta a lump ?f contrition to the Penitentiary to b? the companion of hardened thieve* no ehe wae sentenced to the City prleoa inr thirty day*. No nooncr wae the oentenee peeeed than .'an* * apron Ml in *a*y fold* to Ite pro per pofitloa and with a knowing look at the lawyer. t he made her way out of the room lo company with an ?fllorr Tiling I ihtr f?>t ? D'ar for thr Whiiltr ? Her bert Oliver, a frenchman timing himeelf on the lilirtnmgdale road between 121th and IJTtli street*, on the jt??h in?t . and la an amative mood. addroeaed hl<n felt to one Mary Fean, whom he met, and to whom lie ?nede ?uch addre**o* ae did not plea** the young lady. Hbe ceetued bi* conduct worthy of pumebmeut and gave Mm in charge of the police, and entered a com 5 taint egainet him for a***ultlag her and taking In ei-ent and Imprcper llbrrtie* with her The c*urt fined Oliver fifty dollare and ordered him to be im prlx n>d ten dav* In the City prl-on Th* Imprleon mmt wae. howtver. *ul>?*>ju. ntly remitted and h< wae allowed to go on payment of the fine, wi.h the ad monition that In future he ehould " leave the gill* al< n* ?' SlnUnrutural Son ? John Wllke*. a boy not more than feventeen year* of age. wae placed at tbe bar charged with eeeaultlng and beating hie mother and Meter The mother wae the aomplelaent; and ae abe nam* upon the wki?M etaud, h?r raat<-rnal feeling over powered everything nlee and while ahe told her etory. ?he at the eama time, intareaded with the Uourt for her lacoriiglbla eon Her appearance waa reeoectalde, and her grief unsigned. It appeared that etrong diink wae tho cauae of the unnatural conduot of the prisoner With a proper adraenklon. an t at the re uMlt ef tba complainant, the Court *u?p??ded ?en tenc* with direction* that If the boy wa* again guilty of offenoea elmllar to thot* with which he had juet b?en cberged. ha *boald be arrested, and dealt with In a more severe manner. ( ' nfi f ml fhjfrrrncei.?' Matthew Ward," nailed the Clerk, and Matthew made hi* way up to the bar It* wae a large man. nearly ell feet high aad well propor tioned. apparently fitty-flve or *lxty year* of age. Ill* gray hair fell In abundant and Irregular feetaon* about hi* eare, and we* restrained from covering the 'ace hv being thrown back at right angle* with It* natoial direction " Here I am *ir,'' eald Matthew, with a eott of >>aakful grin emoothing tlrat on* arm end then tho other, with hi* bug* palm*. '? Mary Ward," again oiled tho Clerk and the leett bit of a wr man appeared before the b*noh , and alter curtsy ing two or three tlmoe. In quick euc ^aeion, *tyip? | upon the wltnaea eland aad flrat looking good n< tnredly at thaprleawor eald to th* presiding jndga "1 want \p let In off. ?f T? ylee??, ?lr (aartea;i*g| Recorder? Oh. you are willing to forgive him. 4r| Mary (looking at Matthew) ? Well, I am sir Beoorder- Row, Matthew yoo see your wife I* here di8gJS5"' *miD|< ,ot?f" JOU VVh" Matthew-Why, your Houor. I -Hdn't ,triK, her; dldl Mwy? Yeaee.yeiH honor. It w.s - rtw.,1 -(scratch log hit head)-it wa, at night air. an t ? M .if ? nnd-and-it wasn't striking her I wanatall Beeorder (to Mary)? OI?, he didn t strili., ,ou then and it waa In bed, wai it.' Mary (banging down her bead, and biting her tinker nails) -Yss sir, it wa. in bed. about tv?Tvro>lo*k ?ir. and be didn't itrike me. but-but I'd wins to let' him off, sir. (Laughter ) It appeared that Mary had attempted a bit ot r? Cau dle lecture, which Matthew did not relish but reswnt eil tn lome way not exactly describeWe The Court charged tha case, and the accused and oomplain.Mit lett apparently in the happiest mood possible Commw Council. B O A K I> OK ALl* IK MS*. Jan. 38. ? This Board met at tha u.ual hour; Mr. M. M irgans, President, in the chair. Tha minutes of last meeting were read and approved. PKTItlONH Mrt:H>r.u. Of J. Paine and other., for tha extenaion of aewar in Chapsi and Bead. streets; of J. 0. Wiuans aud others, to bare lots on south side of Twenty fourth street, between Seventh aod Eighth avenues, fenced in and aid* walks flagged; of James Thompson and other., for a i ewer in franklin .treet, from Breadway to West Broadway; of M A.Howklns and others, in behalf of the House of Industry and House of the Kriendleea. to be relieved I rem assessment. Huron r. ririciTiD The special committee on the subjeot ot widening West street, from the Battery to llammond street, pre ? anted a report to the Board of Aldermen, recommend- ' ing that application be made to the Legislature for ! authority to alter the exterior line of the city, far the I purpose of widening the street and building store- I nouses on the west side of the street. After some ooo- j stderable discussion upon a point of reference, the ! report was referred back to the oommlttee, tor the ' purpose of affording the aslnerityan opportunity of presenting their report on the subjwet. The seventeenth report of the Bowery Savings Bank, in the eity of New York, waa received. The trustees report that they had received, during the vear 1850. from twenty- six thousand nine hundred and eighty one depositors, the sum ol $1 .W2.666, of which number 7.389 were new accounts; that the sum of $1 130,767 34 has bran paid to 14.891 depositors; that the funds of the institution on the 1st ot January, 1860, amounted to (it #0 ( 789 46. and the total assets on the 1st of Jan uary. 1861, were f3 851 014 67. RKSOLUTIO*S AOOfTKD. Resolved, That the Corporation oounsel be requested to examine and report to this Board, without delay, copies of all resolutions that have been passed grant ing to the New York and Erie lUilrod Company a lease of the land bounded by West, Duane. Washington and Reaile streets, and also a copy ot the lease, and whether it is in conformity with .aid resolution. Whereas. This Board have learned with pleasure, that Gen Houston, Senator trom the State of Texas, has signified his intention to visit the city of New York, during the ensuing aiontV. therefore ? lit.Uved. That a special committee of three from esrh Hoard, be appointed to tender to him the hospi talities of the city, and the use of the Qovernor's Boom. tor the reception of hi. friends, and to make such other srriuifteuieiitH lor the reception ot this dis tinguished virltcr. as may be necessary. HESUI.ITIO* KEFKKXBO. Resolved, That section 16th ot the ordinance for the government of hackney coaches, passed May 30. 1848. fixing a hackstand ou the southerly side ot Court lac dt street, west of Washington street, be repealed Wbereas. There is a diversity of opinions in relation to the meaning of the charter in reference to the con vocation of the sessions of the Common Counoll, there fore? Besolved. That the counsel to the Corporation Vs re quested to report to this Board whether tha Common Council are to hold their sessions for one month com mencing on the first Monday lu the months prescribed, to the tame date in the month following, or tor thirty days actual sitting. The Board then adjourned to 6 o'clock this afternoon. BOA HI) OF ASSISTANT AUKUIIN. Jaw 28.? Thl? Board met last evening at a qnarter pact Ore o clock The President in the chair. ran nana. Of sundry paraoDf. for a r?wer In Thompson street, between Amity aud Bleecker streets. Referred Of sundry persocs, to hava Kightv third street, be tween Third aud Fourth avenues regulated. Referred. Of P. Wara, and othere, adverse to removing awning poata from Chatham strset Referred SKMONSrS 4M| KS. Remonstrance against removing Pulton Kerry from Us present location. Referred. Remonstrance of persen* living on Kighth avenue and vicinity allowing railroad companiea to lay any more raila in the streets of the city. Referred. krrnin or roMMiTTiica. Report of the Committee on the I. aw Department. In favor ot confirming contract for reenlatlng and grading Bighty seventh street, from Third to fifth avrnurt. Adopted Of Committee on tha Fire Department. In litvor of building a house for Hose Company No. 42. in Thirty* third street. between Ninth and Tenth avenue* A lopt ed. Same committee in favor of exten ling the heu<f* < f iloaa CoBipany No 6. and Hook and Ladder Compa- j ny No. ?! Adopted Committee on Lamp* and Oaa reported in favor of lighting Sixth avenue, from Twenty-sixth street to Thirty fourth street, with gas Adopted Alao. to light Bloomlngdale road, from fortieth to Sixty-first ?treat, with oil Adopted Ot Committee on Markets, In favor of concur ring In resolatioa to erect a crane for hoisting out fish cars at Fulton Market Adopted ririai raoM thi ><t?ni> ot aLBBBMB*. retitioo oi James N Cobb. to exteud Hewnr serosa Eleventh avenue, fifty l?et south oi Thirty-ninth street Petition granted in Hoard of Aldermea This Board concur. bbsolutiobs. Resolution that South street, from Coentiesslip to Maiden lane, be repaired, and the enrb and gutter stones raised. Referred That the sunken lota on the north side of Thirty- ' ninth street between tha Seventh and Kighth avenue*, be tilled Referred. That the Street Commissioner ba directed to suspend ?ny further action on the ordinance recently BMMfl relative to tbe removal of awniog posts In Chatham street, until the further order of the CommoB Council, j Adopted. That It be referred to the Committee ob Markets to repert to this lioa'd as to the expediency of selling Fulton Market and bnilding new markets in Peck slip. Referred. That Sheriff street, from Broome to Rlvlngton rtreet, be lighted with gas Adopted That the owners or occupants of property la Chat ham street be authorised to erect wrought Iron awn ing posts or brackets, under the direction of the Street Cemmisf loner. Adopted. Police Intelligence. Charge cf F.mhrz tlrmrnt -Assiitant Captain Fulton, oi ibe Kirst ward, arrested, yesterday a voang man of genteel appearance, by the name of K L Crieeejr. on a charge of embensling ? large quantity of silks. \o , from the store of William McArthur a Co . importers. 1 No. 72 William street The aoouaed. It swni was a clerk la tbe employ of I be above house, property was missing and suspicion ultimately rested on Crlseey as the guilty party lie wes accordingly taken into custody and on searching his residence. several pieces ol valuable silk were found The accusal was conveyed before Justice Lothrop, who oommltted him to the Tombs to await a further heajing Chatgt nf Strmling f irthip g ? Officer Kdwards ar- ! rested. yest-rday a woman by t.he name of Maria Mitchell, residing at No 11 reck slip on the charge of breakiog open a trunk and stealing th-refrnm a iuanlity ol iemale wearing apparel, the properly ot Bridget Kerrigan, valued in all at near (.'Hi It s?eiu? that Bridget Kerrigan boarded at the hu?e <>f Mrs. Mitchell and during Hridget's absence the trunk was forced open and robbed of the elotbing in juesti^n A dress was found In tbe possesion Of the accused, claimed by the complainant Jasttee LothropJ held tbe accused to bail to answer the oharge .1 )?ung Qirl Ycettrdsy maralng Cap'. Mtct> tt. of the Fourth ward poliee, coaveyedfrom a house kept by Wallace Parker, No. HI Water street, a yoong girl of g-nteel appearaaoe aged fifteen years, whom tie Captain considered in dtngemas qusrters. as the examples before her eyes, almost bearly. would soon have made her a victim to vise and pro?tituUen. The girl said, about a year eg" she came to this city aith her mother. Iroru Trenton. New Jersey. where she has more relations living Her mother, she said, became dissipated, and Is at present B prisoner on Pl.ickwell s Island. The girl gave her nsiae as Kllxa Clarey and taM sb<> wished to retura to her relatives at Trenton Accordingly. Capt. Wtchett very hu. manely eonveyed her to the Commissioner* of the / 1 oi e Honrs. who, on hearing the caic authorised Mr. Dlt<-hett to forward hertoTreatoa ?ifrrrsf "/ e Hutglnr. On Meaday night, oflloer Ma th*r, of the Third ward police, succeeded in arrea'lng a young man by tbe nauie of James Marshall on a charge ot burglariously entering the cooper's shop kept by Talltnaa It Co , No 1H Fletcher street, snd stesltng therefrom several tools, tbe property of Mr. Talltnan, The eseai ellioted an entrance into the shop by fotcing open the door, and after picking up a bundle o< tools, was making good his e? cape wnen detected by the oflicer Upon the officer's approach, the acca?ed ran off and when the officer wi*aisrnp to htm the thief three an adse, the han dle ol which strnok the officer on the head, which stunned him for an Instant the ehase was soon re newed snd the hurglar Ultimately eanght and con veyed te the poliee station Justice Uothrcp before * hom the charge wne brought, took the oofnplsint of the parties, and the accused wm fully committed t?? the Tombs for trial. .1 Fiefcftf . u m e fc'rt /r OB Sunday tilth*, a : man by the name ot Kobett F r a*e r was are?et?d ?n a charge of vlelently assaulting Michael Timmins. ia siding at No 880 Twelfth street by cutt|e(!>|m aevera I ly and dang?ronsly oa th* wTist hrea?t and kaee. wtth a' knife The iejnred man is confined to his bed. aad (tor, ttA are enter'atn?d of his reeor<*rv On the Bight In question, it reeei* that Fraset, whe reai.tee In the suae house, up stair*, was re'.ttralag home with a friend celled T>.oni?? i.ane^i All, and aa they were pro cee^irg np stairs Tint mine 6yMned hli own doer. a*l hi.o?rd U ?m ? >?|ht - this tw be'wtfn U ?x) U o'closk-aad Fraser who is ml J to' fUrfC [:?=-n joins ? i wh*t Id liquor, began to <iu*rr?l Wtfa Tlrlmlns. hI i from word* they got to blows, mid K 'iMr ig the couraa of the flfht. If charged with In Nictin ? t.v> wounds ?? i stated above Justice Mounuort wV)m ton prisoner wan brought, committed k.r> to prison. t? await the Result to the Injured mad! Jtllrmpl lo Hreakuut ?'( H rutin ? T'lii >vp? rit? IUilC men. i ailed Pack and Murray, eon flneO In the Ott/ rlsoo on charges of highway robberies i ado a r?tf old attempt to break out of their cell :n Konday night. The villains bad succeeded in outfox a hola through the aide o( their cell, leading into t ie iut?rlor of the prison; hut luckily, before the hole vn.f largo enough te admit them to pass throngh, the nl,>t? watch of the prinon discovered their design. Ha walLad alow* If to the cell door and discovered the rogues .ft work "kr!*K awaj the itsiit and mortar. A load* * piatat was presented at them, in oldar to prevent tl air re sistance The* ?are then removed from that oell, and provided with heavy leg iron* and handcuff*, ai d la that way securely placed in another departiaeut oftko prison The Intention ef the I* statoCi ia the event ot their obtaining their release from the oAl into the prison, waa to aeii? the watchman oa da%, I secure hia by taking his lite, and than with tha key a I let themselves out. The idea appear* to be in ooa Jormity with the negro character, sad 10 doubt would Have been carried Into effect had they obtained their liberation from the oell, a* anticipated MmImI. Xtslian Opera House. ? Last night the Opera II unsa was tkTonged by oao of the most elegant assemblage* of tha season Many of tha aisle* were filled with temporary *eats. nil there seemed to be mora thaa ordinary interest oa the part of all thw auditors Thia was caafed by tha novelty ot Parodi's appearance la tha charaotor of Romeo, and of Mi*e Virginia Whiting in that of Juliet, In Bellini'* opera l Oapulettl ed i Montecch .. or, a* It is styled in the bills, "JLomeo aad Juliet." The opera|was produced here umlsr Maaq Ulrica and Pattl's management, but failed to pWaoo tha yak He. for what reason it ia not Important to iaquiro. A very different result ha* now been *eoa Tha opera, aided by tha talent* of Parodi. Mis* Whit inf. Lorinl, Be neventano, and Pattl. has given great deligbt. and w? are quit* prepared to endorse its merits kfisa Virginia Whiting, on this ocoaaion. made bar tirst appearaooooa any slug*. She was beautifully dressed- aad oa h*r en trance at once made a highly favorable Impress iea, a very powerful and natnral demonstration of eneon ragement haviug been made by the ardent applause of the whele house Tbl* klad feeling was not loot npoa the dtimianir. who, gaining courage, oommenoed h*c task with very slight trepidation, and gradually wea the admiration of her auditors. Her acting wasauoh aa gave promise of future excallenee. and her pure soprano voice, light, delicate, true and melodious, won tocher very great distinction, while in the concerted moeis aha waa always true to her time, evincing a correot fcatw ledge and practice in the vocal art. Hbe was caliad out at the termination ot each of h?r scenes, and seve ral bouijuets were tbrewn upon the utage. These, Pa rodi. with admirable grace, presssd upon the yoathM vocalist, who, in return seemed unwilling to reoeivo them frcm the hand of the groat astiste Oa tha whole, Miss Whiting made a droided hit. and we aati cipate no ordinary suocoss in her art. Of l'arodi's Ro meo, we shall have occasion to say something hereaf ter. It was another oi those grand imperaonatiaas of character, which have deservedly (tamped haras aa surpassed by any dramatis vocalist of the day. ? The cavatina '? 8e ttomeo," wai inimitably executed, and the tllegro moremrnt waa most brilliant aad per fect. From this the various acenea took their ador ing. and the ourtain fell upon one ef the most oa chanting entertainments that has claimed the adsbi ration of the public during the visit of the gr?at vocalist. The applause throughout was deafening, and the Romeo was again and again called forward ta receive the additional tributes of an eullghtened audi ence The repetition of the opera will draw togettter another large audience, when even greater pevteclioa may be anticipated. We learn that Haoijulrloo'a benefit will take plaoo on Saturday evening. A very great treat may be es pected on that occasion, for Parodi. Amalia Patti and others, will appeal In a new op-ra When the an nouncement is made, there will be no littla deetro among our musical citizens to be preemt. Omsistt's M inst h ki W? have sxiiausted word* In describing ths attractive ioatures of tius band The proprietor requires no eulogy, as ever) body ka >w-< ha ia an excellent manager . his band has been playing for years in tbis city, aad if a test of popularity be wanted, visit hia hall, aad try if you oan got poop ing room. Pkllows' Mi'vstski.i ? The concerts of this popular band ot minstrels arc received every night, by crowded and fashionable audiences with the greatest (Vein en - stration of delight In* new Mm? on the Con certs M outre* i* a groat hit. and well under*t<>od by the public. Secure your seats early to enjoy a goui treat. Mr*. Dusi mother of the Interesting little Fanny, who recite* with cuch cleverness the ' Tale ot Ninety eight," will give a sacred concert, at Constitution Hall. Bnadway. on Bnnday evening next She will bo assisted by Misa Julia Oould, Mr. T. Lester Mr. Dunn, and Mr. Condon Thratrtoial. Bnwui Thi 4TRK. ? 1 ti? entertainmsnfs lor tikis owning eoneist of th* excellent liable pl?y of Ths Trmplar, which receives svery night th* rnthuaieatia cheer* of delighted audience*. Mim Hiltert will next hid* on* of hrr popular pong*; and thn amiwinnti wllleucoeed with the drama of "The Idiot Witneaa, or a Tale ot liiood:" and the whole wWl oonclad* with the comedietta of"Ctlmaon Crimen " Tbia vary au t recti vs bill will, no doubt, draw a lame assemblage. Bko*i'?4? Thut**.- The aplandid ipeolaala of '? Fanttus" la. perhaps. the beet and mod attractive piece ever produced in tbia city Kv*ry ai^ht inna new feature ia being added to ft. and the beat proof of it* grandeur in icenery, transformation*, and excel lent noting by Meaars Dyott. Conway. Uevidg* Hbaw, llad. Pcnlki and Mr*. Abbott, ia that the houM is not able to contain thoae who wend their way to the me tropolitan theatre svery arming, l'fce carnival S'jnae i* ? urpe*?lagly beautiful. The entertainment* will ooumeuce with 'The Idol of My Heart '? B aTois'a THr.iT**.- Thl* famous theatrical tempi* 1* in th* full ttd* *f aucceaa. and how can it be other wi?e with euch talented artlats a* Burton ha* smploy ?U' To-night, the comedy of Tba Hypocrite;' thl* trill be succeeded by a new I'a* da l)*ux. by MIm Wal ters and M Krederic. the next will bet ha performance ol gem* from the respective opera*, by the orehnstra; and the entertainment* will conclude with Goldsmith 'a comedy of ' She Sloop* to Comiusr.'' with a ?r*at?*st. National. Tiiiitri:. ? The performanoec of MiM llatbaway who made her tint appearance on Monday evsnlng have been crowned with suocees. Ike ap pear* to-night in the " F rencb Spy,' a* Mathilda A* Mail*, in which *be receives the mmt eaibnxiaati* cheating. Three piece* art presented for Uiis ere nlog a entertainment. ? ither oae of which, on ordinary occasions would be eulllclrnt to attract a full house. The entertainment* commence with the 1 French dp*," aud will be followed by a new medley danc* Tm next feature will be the " Dry Uonds Clark." the new prise druBa Miss Malvlna will then dano* an I n??a lilt," and the whole will conclude with the Hlghc* of Women, which i* a capital prcducttew . With *u:h a programni" the Nalloaal ought to be Blind to over awing. Usosmam * i.i i *t m.? The Knglish version of Aaber ? opvraof th<> \mbaasadrcs*. being a.> trium ^ep:ly succrssful, will sgaln be presetted thl* eTVHBg. Mils Ducy-Barre will dance a grand Paa d* Deux with Mr <1 W tfmltb. 1 h* orcheatr* will next ex?*uU th* " Punch Quadrilles," and th* entertainment! wilt terminate with th* excellent cemady of Dombey and Bon. ' l.oder * mu*ical arraageia*nt* l, r this theatre la giving general satisfaction he I* a great ao |ul*ltlon to any **tabli>hm*at with whu h be may be connected. Brougham U going ahead Baast * ? M S*t m.~ We eee that th* gifted an! g*ntlema? 1/ Mr tlenkins take* hi* benefit. h*re t il* kTrning. on which occsrion the etcrllng old cniaedv *f the " Heir at Law " will bep*rfo<m*i Mr II tauntf for th* Cret time In hi* life. th *pnrt of |>r fn|lM Mr II will do it jwatice, two lie I* as siiellsat act**, and 1* a credit to eren the company at th* B)ii"*'ias. which, a* a whole, any be pronouased equal to at? ia New York He hope to tee *n uncommonly or > *.1*4 house for him thl* evening Donaldson * taeren?i?r* will alio apptar thl* sv'Uing a* Well as thl* a.tera^j*, when * capital laroe will alio be performed, Ci*> ' ? The rath to *e* the ' It* volt of the II *.-??*. ' at th* Amphitheatre. la a* great a* ever ar.dth* p*< ?ot bid* fair to rua the *ea*on throngh Th* hor?- i*a ?hip 1a treat ly relieved and enllvv ned >y the bia*. cuh tong* *nd witty r*part*e*. Jokt% and *t<>ri '? ol th* cloea Bam l.athtop. who has ? never lailiM budget ahlcn be open* nightly. Th<> soaipiay ot ?i|U'*trian* now performlnt at tb)* la the best that h?* appeared thers for **v.-ral year*. Thl* cvealag the fascinating Ml*" Weil* will r -j' at h?C heantlful act ot h?r*em*h*htp. and M>-**r* PrankHn and llunnal* will appear again la their great perform ance ot the GUdtater* on horseback. OtisrH - Th* bcan'.iful Paaoraraa of I ralan 1 *h^> i'.J be e*en by *r?ry one whu eao dwell with pcuure up. ii lt? f. troer gre*:ae*? If th* paiutlng* themselves ffflect not the *halow? rf the fertility aad beauty a* this unhappy onntry. th'- eloquent lestux*r has a charm or*r "the *oul cf every I rlshmaa, wdto li kept spell bound by the iaamag* #f the orator, whit* h* present* a* If la a mlrrer. thn b?autifai bank* ad l.ongh Ney th* aadtcm * beholdlag ? the roan t tow er* ol former days, ia lb* waves beneath them , eh ialng " Hiss Jt'tta (anwaTt. Thi? ynug I'vely, aal aoeam pllehed aitltt who for ion* time, won *u*h adnxtra lit a ftom th* r)tgf?n( and critical audiences ol th* Msynatket theatre la Landoa. arilved la this city by the *team*Mp Arctic. Ws hsa/ that Mlu Beaa*tt ? -hoitly make her flr*t appearance In \m <r;?a, si the Broadway Theatre. Pilusim * P?oi;?ru ?The exhibition ef this very attractive Panorama, Is draw lag larg* family etrclss to See it ?, It l? a beauttfui palaUug, aal -lever res public pattoaage StovraM H?li ?km aafertaiaineat cf very attraa tlva hatares? namely th* exhihltian o* th* Orand Paaorama o^ the Tabieaax of New Kaland. witr. other r> |>re*eatat?eBS i 'me* ell svery cvsalng at this hall Batti va'a Oo*Mo"?wtv are attractini lar^s aali?aeea 1 ) ? v ar? paintioge of great artl?tt* ? " Ml** Hereupon is P aymg at Albaay Mr Mnrd?< h w*? t*X*n wm the ?f*g? ?' ,r* but street The*t'? I 1 ? ' * " ? T?th inetant. In ? ?tate of iu**a?ib ilty. c*a??d by a ' ru?b 0i t.> th* br*ia Ms b*4 Irtfc PetiiVB >'f KT?fSeJ*/li

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