Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1851 Page 1
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" THE NEW TORi HERA 1. 1). ? - "v, ~ V **"* WHOLE NO. 6D74. MORNfNG EDITION-? THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. IVEWS BY TELEGRAPH. AFFAIRS IN THE NATIONAL COUNCILS. Proposed Amendment to the I'ostage Bill in tbe Senate* BRIEF DEBATE IN THE HOUSE ON THK BILL. ESTABLISHING^ BRANCH MINTS IN NEW YORK ANDCALIFIRNIA. The leflcieney Appropriation BUI Passed. Proceedings ii the New York Legislature. TIE lRSlEAHCE CONVENTION AT UTICA. Politics, Fires, Murders, Weather, <teo., dec., dee. TSIRTT-riBJIT CONGRESS. MKCONB SESSION - Senate* ?BY MOKSI'3 MAGNETIC TBMCORAFH. Washington, Jtuutrj 80, 1861. rrriTioifi, etc. Mr. Bale presented petitions from Pennsylvania and 'few Hampshire, praying the repeal of the Fugitive Slave law and all other laws encouraging aad support ing slavery. Laid on ths table. Mr. Clay presented a petition frem the clerks of th? Louisville post offloe ; and Mr. Wiwthsop presented a petition Iron tbe clerks ot tbe Boaton post offioe, ask ing an Increase of compensation. Other petitions and reports, cn private bills, were presented. THE CHEAT POST AOE BILL. The Senate committee reported amendments to the postage bill, fixing the rates at three cents on prepaid, and fivo cents on all unpaid, letters of half an ounoe ; one cent on all papens, for any distance, of two ounoea weight, when dry ; exchanges between newspapers aad :nagasin?s free ; no other papers free. The compensa tion of postmasters is not to exceed the am cant of ralary received for tbe year ending J une 30, 1861. The provisions, exempting newspapers from postage for thirty miles, sod a reduction ot fiftv per cent of post a;e on magazines, if prepaid, is stricken out. They so strike out the provision taking away the right of exchange from those papers refusing to publish letters uncalled for. [A rate of|two and a half cents on prepaid letters will be moved in tbe Senate, as a more convenient sam than three cents. The bill will be taken up on Mon day There Is a good deal ot opposition to It, but it will pass.J Mr Ri se reported back tbe bill reducing the rates )f pontage and asked that it be taken up. in order to have it fixed for some day. Mr. Clkmk.vs objected, and the bill goes on ths cal endar Virginia woollci compavv. The bill for the relief of the Virginia Woollen Com pany, restoring the arnouut of d?m?nw for failure ef contract, was taken up. debated, and postponed. CALiroaniA pmivate i??n claims. The bill to ascertain private land claims was taken Tbe question pending was on tbe amendment ef Mr. Walker to add to tbe 13th cectiou, that in uvery cast* where a patent shall b? issued, said pxteut shall ope rate only as a relinquishment of the United States to the title Mr. Halowin moved to add to Mr. Walker's amend ment a provision that this relinquishment of title to the United States shall enure only the benefit of such person who Las the be?t title Mr Walks* accepted this as a modification of hli amendment After a long debate, the amendment was rejected teas 31- Nays 24. The eleventh seetion of tbe bill provides, that in de elding on the validity of claims, commissioners and courts shall be governed bj the treaty of Hidalgo, by the laws ot nations, and by the laws usages and ens toias of th- government from wbinb the claim i< de rived principally of equity, anu the decision* ot the Jupremr. Court so far a* applicable. Mr moved to add to this as follows:- \nd tbe laws of preootiptlon in l*vor of possessory right", i* applied to individuals Mr iiioton said that l hi < was one of the good things contained in all tbe other bills and which the committee bad ?tri k-n ou'. lie vented thhi good principle r?stnr?d He esplelaed. bat this principle. iif put in the bill, would be oi no Vnefit to Col. Fremont's claim*. Mr Uinvftwocii opposed the amendment. Mr. Btnvox replied. Mr. Sot' l ? offered, and Mr Bicvto* ainepted. Instead Of his amendment, the following : Provided, how ever. that possession on good taitb, within the d?Ur mined mete* and bounds, for twuty year*. sk?ll be prima fa* it evideace of complete title, even against the liai'ed States.1' After further debate, without taking a vote, the Se aate adjoaraed. House ef Representative*. BY BAIN*8 ELECT KO-C HE M ICAL TELEGRAPH. Washington. Jan. 29, 1851. Till FRKE rill BILT.. The 0rt aura announced the ponding question to *>? the notion Of Mr J ulleit. made yeeterday, to re- ( aonslder the vote by which the Ilouae referred to the Committee of the Whole on the State ot the rnlon, , the bill raported fr<>ui the Committe* on Agriculture, | to give farm*. free of charge, to the Ikd'1!?m on cer tain condition*, Mr Jui.i*">. (freeeoll) of Irtdinna. proceeded toad- i lre*? tb? Ilonee. lie udv eoated the policy of giving ^ land* to actual MttUr*. an 1 stated the gtn?ral b-netlt which would aoorur from it. The subject, by general consent wa? naaeed ever. PIIYA1 r MU. ETC. The Committee on Indian Atlaira reported ieveral private bille Th? liouie then want into committee on TH ft MtrirlK.1l ? BILL. Ike Chairman Mr. >1 ran, {d- m ) of Va., ftated th* I ->?rJlnr cju< 'tlon te be th" atni-n iment of Mr Strong, rtlered yettarday, to amend the taritl law, and p'> nouneed It out cf ordir. The anr n Imeut ana in vio lation of the i? mmon law of Pailiament Mr Aiiimi-1, (whig) ot Ma-i-Isen appeal debate ablaT Chai It l? not. Mr A?m vi h ?Then I trust the Chair wl I not make in arguaenl Th?' Ohiiihi laid he did not feel under any *bil gatioa .'or t ie prit liege cf making a statement cf the ground' ?'! I.i? jfci?;.,n Mr. iiei ?m,*(^em > of 0. C.? Ilea an argument been made br any one ? Mr. A ?HMti -Mo. I *honl 1 like to have a chance. TkaUiuirMti announced the ground! of hie d'olaion , In br. I Tfcat 'he am'ndment was contraiy to par llameattrv law irrelevant (0 the ' II ),.>tore the com mittee and the general policy cf tha constitution and the rn'ea made to puraunuc* of It. Mr. Birotn fflsm ) of Pa . appealed froa the deck- i alon of tha ahalr The C h aia m a a aald that be bad omitted to atate that the amendment wu o(fvr?d alter the general ducua " riot wa.* rv? d and hrccaLthe due consideration of jieny bilia wae thwarted Mr Rroo..( (wnlg) ot N. V .aakedthat the olerk read a aeftion of tha civil and dli louiatlo bill. paaaedAa- i 3nat loth IMA 0 Tha Cm ?!*??*!* aald th" gentleman would remember , that a ?imiiar <|ueetlan taam up laat aeealon ami waa decided to b" out of ord?T. The queatfcm w i* taken, and the declaion of tha Chair waa ?u?ta!nnd, by yea? KU t?ya 87. Mr ??( m it, (wMg )of N Y . offered an am .ndmrat like th- Srrt aaetloa or Mr Strong'* tariff amendment. The On tiama declared it out of order. Mr H r i ? i ?,( ?hig) ofOhio offeredan amendment? ( being Mr Ctn n.- a tariff am?ndtn?nt, with an appro* pr'ation for certain rlvera and harbor* The* Mia decided thit to be i at of order, and aa contrary to one of the rulea. Mr. H i ic< i. appea'.ed from the detblot. and th* Chair talned by y*?* 103. nay* 70. Mr. II o. mi ? (.tiered an amen iment. that If there be lay deflrianry In the Treasury duiliig the tlieal rear ensalnr th- Seiretarf the Treaeury ahall call on lb* 8i*t.?a fcr the aurpi'i* revenue deposited with them t. . hfpaillu such Inslumenti aa ahall he moat convenient and leart nnsroui. The rNMtam d> ri ui it n?t of older. Mr. Iici *,? wlrhi I to know whath" thf ? waa not a defleleae; I II. and whether it w i* a<<t in order to ?up 7>ly del.'l' iif'ie* In any mof.' n t provided by th* hill' The hai. Mian *ald t Iila bill wa? t? aupply deflclen ?'** In ??opriat!on. and not defleenol** In revenue, and wa* tiartieclaily applicable to the current flaetl year, aui uut the one ensuing. Mr. T /'*<? U) of N 11 offered an amendment I that en all rctton' tab?le plain and colored. Imported ? n ar.d a.ter the .'x)th of June n<xt there (hall be a? aettwd as peld a duty of ta. nty five per cent on the talue that -uch aiticlea liare In 'he principal eltl>* on Inly 2*i h IStfl ; the vein* to be declared by th* Secre tary of the Tiea'ury. The I'm > * ?a d -elded Mr. T. to be out of .order, Mr T at rea!ail. and the chair wat metalned ? * hi in Im> nta wiie made lo tba defleleney i ? when tha C< mmltte roae Vnde* the op*ratloi of Hi* p-avlona oqeit.lon the roendmet.te war* eon-rrri d In and tha bill paaaad. I' ?rft??pHate? on? million threa hundred thonaanj doling to supply the deficiencies in the appropriation* lot the present Ureal year. BBANCH MINT! AT HIW TOBE AND .1? rtincilfO. On motion ot Mr. Bm^ui, (whig) of N. Y., the House went Into Committee on the bill establishing branch Dints in New York and Ban V raaolaco This bill appropriates two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars toward* buildings tor the first, and three hundred thousand dollar* for the latter tor. Bbigus said that thl* bill passed the Benate on the 31st or May last, bj ft very large majority, after undergoing a long and earne*t debate c n its merit*. The Committee on Commerce of this House, at the close of the last session, reported, through his honor able colleague, Mr. Pbunlx, ft member of thftt oommlttee. most fully ftnd ably, ft mat* of statistical fact*, all having ? direct bearing oh this measure; ftnd a* be doubted not the fact* were still fresh In the mind* ef gentle men it would be ? wanton waste of time lor him to recapitulate them. This was no new question to thl* hrute. In the Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth Congresses, a bill to establish ft mint in New York, paesed, and he believed for want ef time, it was not eonetdered In the Henate If there existed, at that period, ft neoeeslty for a mint, ftt ft time, too. before gold to ?ny extent had been acquired from California, how muoh greater, all must admit, did the necessity exist now, for In creased facilities for the coinage of the vast amount of du>-t constantly arriving at New York from the Pacific coast, and which, In all human probability, wculd continue to arrive until the end of time, lie read various statistics, and earnestly Advocated the passage of the bill. He said that New York, at no dis tant day. would be the moneyed and cemmerelal oen t?r of the civilized world Mr. Chandler (whig ) of Pa , offered ft substitute for the bill, establishing ? branch mint at Ban i'ran cicoo and an assayer's office In New York. Mr U.'s substitute was read, when the committee rose, and. on metion ot Mr Brlggs, debate on the bill whs ordered to oeare. until Friday, ftt 12 o'clcok. The House then ftdjonrnsd. MEW YORK LEGISLATURE, lenats. BY MOK3l'S MAONKT1C TKLEORAPH. Albany, Jan. 19, 1861. FETITIONS. For ft revision of the ptnnk road I?wj for ft sub marine railroad on the bed ef the Hudson river. KaroBT. Against allowing attorneys and counsellors at law to administer affidavits. bill r ASSED. To release from jail Sarah Mc Francis, imprisoned under ? provision of the oode. CIVIL SUITS, ETC. Mr Barcock gave notioe of ? bill to ftmend the law relating to references in civil actions, and designating in whftt actloni reference may be made. Mr Moboan offered ? joint resolution, providing for the election of Regent ot the University on Tuesday. Laid over, nnder the rule. NATURAL HISTORY. A resolution was adopted, calling on person* em ployed on the Natural History, to report on the pro gress of their work riBK insurance companies. A bill was debated, forbidding voting by proxy in mutual fire insurance companies. Adjourned. Assembly. Aluant, Jan. 10, 1861. PKTtTIONS rRKHKHTKl). To stay collection of rents on manorial lan Is until ?aits art Aeaided; to compel the Auburn and Syraauae ltailroad Company to lay down a double traek on a portion of their road; of eltliena of the county of Rloh mend, for protection from tha State of New Jersey, against their encroachments on the oyster fisheries. BILLS REPORTED. To detaoh the bank department from the Comptrol ler s office, and create a new oflloe, under oharge of Aadltor; la relation to all companies doing business in life insurance; to incorporate the Williamsburgh Bank; incorporating tha Northein Lire Stosk Insu rance Company; incorporating the Heme Savings' Hank; relative to a district attorney in the county of Kings; amending the militia laws ol the State. THI COHTSSTBD SKAT rlOM CATUOA COIJBTT. Mr. BiSHOr, of Cayuga, offered a resolution that John I'cderwood, of Yates county, contestant fi?x the eeat of Samuel Jayne, not present, be admitted to a eeat in the Assembly with all the privileges of mom 1 erf hip, excepting that of voting or participating In procieUlngs. Carried. thi TARirr. Mr Smibmaw, of Dutchess, offered tha following r"e?lV?d! if the Senate concur. That the interest of the country d? m?rd? of Congress such a ujodifioatlon and re vIsIob ef the present ta-iff laws as will secure inure e.jual And effectual protection to the vatioos pro luotions or Ame rican industry, ai d *uard the puhllo trea?nrv from the ?|i t ab 'to fraud. th?t Are con?aBtlf perpetrated ??J?t _ the ir? ??D( ad val< rtitk ays?.?nit that our btjuatoii End Keprai I' "sH?.ln Wre?,.>s.t.4 to exert their Influence lnf??rrof ?uch a revenue polly Be reeoM'tidtd 1? *" ,"(HMe of Pre.olent and the report of the Seere ' 'HeMletd.Tf theV'nate ooncur. That the Governor .be i re qui-aied tt trsr-mlt A o< py of ihe f>r?<om? reeolauo as to ea-h of the ttna'ors and repttseatativ inLoniren from this State. . .. The retolutions were laid over THK COMPSnMISK BKS9LI Tie**. Mr Thompsiw ot New York moved to consider the resolutions of Mr L'nderw. od en the nuhject ot the compromise. laid on the table yesterday. Lost? ayes 1 Mr Thompson then offered a r^solu'.on that It is due to ti e people of this Slat- that the Assembly should , *pr-ss an oi inioh on the compromise measures he fore the election of a United States Senator. Laid over. nil IMPBlSOk ^T OF WHITS PROP! IT i 1 St-A? K STATKS ? INI SVOITItB LAW, MC. Mr lliiMit of Cajuga, offered the following reso '"\l UrrM, fr?? eltiiens of non-s'avithoMifig States have I Kin imprisoned h? Ho-ith Carolina, tn dleect vloU^on of that clau el iU constitution wlnoh ?a area test that the eiMiean of encli Statu efall be entitled t" all the prlvile??s i nil io mniit iei. as r|tl??as. ef the ??Ttr*lState?; t, i gr-'k a enst-tirc ?he pre?-nt Xmltlve Sieve law, I i'tc d> ??? all in tl < ir p-?*r te Mcure it tho slavehoMsr his iiileace rl*ht in ?la?n; ttsrefore, tw It _ K. Wed. if ilit Pmiats concur, ThAt nur Senators la Con , m* to Instruex d. nnil our Km 'esentatlves re.ineet.i, to . >U hvsorat < m?an? to ?<icute the passage of a law to -!? vrat the it' ?> r ? ? ii ? ef a like o?tra?n "n the ruhtsef et? tfv I*" *1 tbc * tati'i, fck<i 111 vUUtwu <*( owuftUution 'he Ivid, tt t'h' Vaate eonenr, That the Governor at this I'la'*- tii?nu'< <? 'o tsrauh inch of etir Senators anJ _H ; tr>en'a!he( ib lokgFA'* a " / of the fote<olB* pr.am1.le "iVTlo'sVov of Bt Lawrence, ell red the fallowing j ' K-'f1 Wed! il tie finale eoacar. That tU<- J >iBt i Ad-?'ed"v t*ie Le*t?ls ui of thU 9t*te ra the l?ih of feV n iv |k?i. ??r? tiltl ful and tnif upreisloaeof tre eplniua the l?opis el thii State; aad tb*t tho ?ame opinions are atlU ea'.'Ttaiatd. Laid over. !5*W % ( B It BR>R?OLr.JIT SorlKTT. I The i BSl.t't ol tb? Whol? paene.1 abiU to amend the act In atporatinf the Llle Savings llenevolent So elety. of the city of New York Thie law gives power to the directors to inrure their members. Adjourned. the PsiiiiSflTanlk Lrglalainre. Uaaainni R". Jan 26, 1 Hit . IteeointlCDS were adopted In the Senate, calllne on the Slate Treasurer for Information as to what pio gress has been made in collecting the debts due tha ctmmonwealth A hill was reported, wl.h amen4 , ments. t? setabllah Unking on Stste stocks. The bill I to prohibit tha Heading Railroad from declaring s di vidend till they have first paid the debts due In .'an usrt. gave rise to an exciting .llejuaeien. Hills were Introduced, in the House, to limit the time when judgments ?hall be a Urn on real **tate re lating to voluntary ass. -semen" fnr the heneflt ot ere- | dltc re : a sup plan utery bill to punish nduotloo. and affrrd more adequate r-medy lor the injur f Infileted, to Inc>rr' rate tfc? Hellefente and Kastfleld Railroad The joint resold 'Ion Instructing Senatofi In Loogresa . to vote for a modification el thelugltive Slave law. and the bill to abolish the revsnue hoard, were a "Oaten. Two Mnrtltrs at OrUaM. Ntw Obi.kais, Jan. 37, lSdl. Our rity last evening, was thrown Into eiclt>m?nt j by two ot the most terrible tragedies that have occurred j here f- rmaiy jear*? ons of which was enacted at i the Verandah, betweeu two men nam'd Rrrlngton and njrd In which tbr iattet received two fatal stabs and aimest isetactly eapir-U lljrd s htoths* died Js tks ? ame *ay but a few dsya since at Leilngton, Missis Vhe either murder occtrred at a bvll the partle? belnc a Mr T?t. and Vise Shepparl; the for??r ^ ask ad the lady to lope elth him. to ehlch she ?' No," when he drew a pistol and shot her dead it appears the paitlos had been previously engaged to be married, hut th< paretits of the Isdjr were eppneed to tha mat'-.h. AirlTSl of I he Xuppiiai d llnrtleisrs OfHark ner, the Jiwclier. n i rxi.o, Jan 29 1SH The prisoner* Knl kerhccker and liall a rlrtdlast night In charge o( officer Waldson, and were bron*ht before Police ,in?tloe Chi ds for examloatlon. ami lvt ?r?at eiclt'Dient The chamber was era eded to suf focation. and such confurlon prevailed that the exa mination was postponed tho aldow of the raur 1. r-d | man was in c urt The prisoner* wera remanded to all to await a more coni.slet.t period for esoaino tlcn There Is greot excitem nt amongst tha Oar- I mens Hall I" aboii*. twenty .nd !? n'ckoi booker t een 1 tv si* v are old ard of reapertehl" spp? ?ran.:a. They 1 have srseaedfi W Clinton a* counsel i Th# wfnth^r i* ??Ty noli Uif win 1 blowi ? f%U, I *Ktir?*alN with fntw. ?lection In lllkode Island for ? C. S. Senator. Psovidkncf, Jan. 20, 1851. Both branches ot the Legislature met In joint mi lion this morning, at eleven o'clock, for the purpose of electing a United State* Senator to supply the plaee of the Hon. Albert 0. Qre?ne, whig, alter the 4th of Mar ok next. Annexed Is the reeolt of THE HALI-OTTUUl. f'irit. Second. Third. Fourth. Charles T. Jamss, desa.. . 24 34 84 86 John Whipple, whig. . 32 84 86 3ri Ju F Simmon a, whig. .. 19 31 22 22 Robert B. Cranston, whig >801 Scattering. 7 0 6 4 Total number of votes cast, 97 98 97 98 Nicessary to a choice. . . 49 60 49 60 The Legislature then adjourned until to-morrow, when another trial will be made. 17. 8. Senator for Massachusetts. Boston, January 29. 1861. The House will vcte for. a United States Senator for the short term, to-morrow, when the Hon. Robert Ran toul democrat, will probably be ehosen. Gen. Oushing snd other hunksr democrats in the House announced that they should vote tor Rantoul; bat If he was eleoted, they should not leei beund to vote for Bum ner. In reply, they were told that they should have said so before Boutwell was elected Governor. Another hunker said he would not vote for Rantoul, because he was friendly to Sumner. Adjournment of the Insurance Convention? Arrest of the Otsego County Bank Rob bers?Altered Bank Bills, &c. Utica, Jsn. 29,1851. Ths Convention has been debating the report of the committee on the tariff of prloes for insurance. The following leetiona of the report were adopted First, that in each city and village where cash com panies have a tariff of rates, the same to be charged by the mutual companies. Seeond, that in eaoh oity and village where thera are no rates, a company shall make ths same rate as above. Third, that in the cash insurance, the Interest of both the insurer and in sured requires a strict adherence to the rates whioh the best companies have by experience found it neces sary to eetabiit-h. After which, the Convention ad journed till 2 o'clock. The Insurance Convention re assembled at two o'clock in the afternoon, and resumed the considera tion of the report of the committee on uniform rates and terms of Insurance, and the remaining sections were adopted, as follows Fourth, That on all the rlski taken on the mutual plan, exoept on farm pro perty and dwellings detached, the cash premium re quired shall not be less than half the aggregate amount ot cash premium for the term of the policy, at the cur rent rates established, and on risks where the current cash rites exceeds one per cent, not less than tbree fourtbs such aggregate amount. 1'itth, That on de tached dwelling houses, barns, and other farm proper ty insured on the mutual plan, the premium shall not be less than one per o*nt of the ameunt injured, and the cash payment shall not be less than fifty cents on one hundred dollars, when their term is for five years; forty cents for three years; thirty cents for two years, and twenty cents for one year. Sixth, That the cash rates on farm property shall not be less than seventy five cents on one hundred dollars, wh<m ths term Is for three years; flftv-tlve cents for two years, and thirty cents tor one year Seventh That this Convention strongly recommend that policies be issued on farm property and detached dwellings for no linger term than three years, and on other kinds no linger term than one year. Mr. Cbipmaa. from the Committee on Compensa tion to Ag*nts. presented a report, which was accepted after some discussion The following resolution was adopted, as a substitute for the report f!cii>lvea. the several Inmrsnoe cirepsnlsi hire re rrf*ent?d will a>t, directly or indirectly, par to aseati taking miveyi for mutnil apriioationi eiceeiiiiut 'wo dol lars, and doi more than tea per cent oa tUe premium col lided on < aih policial. A Committee was appointed to prepare a memorial to be presented to the Legislature; after whish the Convention adjourned tin* dit. We learn that two of the Otsego County Bank rob bers have betu arrested, and that the ofli'jer* are on the track of the other. Most ot the money will be re co\ end. Sloan, the collector Of Richfield, Is supposed to havs been murdered. Altered bills of the Utica City Bank and the Troy City Hank, from ones to fives, have mvl* their appeal i nee in this jity. Their altered appeeranoe Is mtds by pasting five over the figure one. Glass Works Homed. Whkkun<i, Va., Jan. 29, 1861. Sweeney's extensive glass work* in this plaee were totally destroyed by fire this morning The loss is es timated at $40,090, on whieh there is no insurance. Before the flames were extleguished, the proprietors had contracted fer the rebuildlag ef the establish ment, and will be ready to furnish spring orders. Meteorological Ol>*ei vationa. B* MORSE'S TKLIOKArU? office I*> wall stukkt. BrrtALo, Jan 29?0 A. M We have a high wind tren tb? northwest. There was a Might fall of suow last ni^ht. Thermometer 14; barometer 28 fu, and rising. 8 1' M ?It haa been a raw ctld day. with a piercing wind from the northwest. Thermometer 8 deg. above ?. etc and falling; barometer 20. 10, and riaing. Rot hutfi, Jm 29-0 A. M Th? wind changed lrorn the south daring the night to the northwest. and it has commenced growing oold. It i? now blowing a gal*, with enow. Thermometer 18 8 1' M ? The ? ind b as blown a gale from the north w*?t all day. It ia bleak and oold. Thermometer 4 degrei a above tero, and tailing. It mowed all day. A i> me:*, Jan. 29?0 A M. It li mowing and blowing, with a oold wind from the north Tbeuiu meter 23 HI'. M ? It U h t ill snowing and blowing terribly, with a north wind 1 1 haa auowtd all day. l'he ther mometer U down to 10 degree* Uswboo. Jan 29?9 A. M It rained considerably during the night, bat the wind has changed to the ?est, nnd la now blowing lr<-?b. and It lr growing oold laat Thermometer 1 ?? 8 1' M ? It has been a aerare. blustering day, with a blyh cutting west wind accompanied by mo*. Th r ui< meter 9 degreta *ero. Btracvsk, Jan. IP ? 0 A M. It la a cold. Mattering morning, and haa snowed a llltle. The wind la blowicg a gale from tiie weft, ll.einiometer 12 8 V. M? It las rontinned to storm hard all day We haia a raw we*t wind. Iheimometar 0. Of i oa, Jan. 20-- 8 A . M. 1; rained all might. It la a cloudy. oeld and etormy mcrair*. The !n?t is fulling, and the wind mrth weat. Thermometer at 24, binmeter at 2S MO, S f. SI -It ha* atotm< d more or leal, all day. A ahaip perelng west wind haa prevailed, and It haa b?> n the mort dimgretable day cf the reasen Tb>a etet.lag it la aloudy and tery cold; thermometer at >. The barometer continue* depressed, and now stands at 2V lu?. Ai aaav, Jan 20-9 A M. It la an unpleasant morniug. It rained all night, and I" still r?iuing bard. Thermometer at SO; mercu ry In barometerul; barometer at 29.110. 8 P M ? It ha* )>e?n rlear moat of thedar. but It l( ^rcwlcit ry cold The wind I* northweat. Barome ter at 29 to, thermrmater 13. Taov. Jan. 29 -HA. M. It i* a Tery atormy mornlns, with heavy raia, and ttrvog wept wind. Thermometer at .'>3 I'J.M-The the. mrueter ha* fallen to ii, and th* wtnd still strong from the notthweat it baa rained, and ceased and the atreets are now covered with Ice 8 I'. M ? It 1* now vary stormy an! cold, with a h*aey blow from the northwest. Thermometer at 7)4 above tero. MofTHrat.. Jan. 29 8 P. M The th?rmcin?>ter la 2 degree* above aero; barome ter at 29 40. We had a ?e?ere enow *torm from tha weat. Hi ailMTM, Vt, Jan 20 S P *t. The tharmosn< far la down to t< ro The 9lnl Ir from the north and I* now blowing a heavy gale, and Batt ing the enow fly. It !? one al the moit unpleasant nlghta we have had tbl* winter. Whitimau.. Jan 29 SP.M. It I* clear and plea*ant The wind la from the north, and 'inlte atrong The thermometer ia 0 degree* above *er > with a downward tendency. loeowto, Jan W IP M It haa been vary windy and oold all day. The ther mometer S degree* above tero. Qitaic, Jan. 29- R P. M. The weath?r here la mild It haa *nowed all day Two faet cf anow haa already fallen, and It la still coming down. nr bain's link, office no. 29 wau street. Bannussv, Jan 29 It M. We have a strong north northweat wind. Tb* ther mometer Indlcatti 38 degree*, and It 1* clear and oold. Ci.Krci.a.'an. Jan 99 12 M Tha wind Is from tha north. We have a violent anow ttorm aad It I* tery cold. PvraoiT, Jan 29 t J M The wind I* northwest. The weather I* rery oold. and It Ii blowing very hard. PtTTiereoH, Jan 28? II M. It haa been a cold and wintry day. Tha wind la ?trorg. aad it ii snowing slightly. Loraroat, Jan 29? 9 P M The wind Is north, end th* thermometer It degree* *b< ?e tero. Snow fell during the for- noon ? aoceroav. Jan. 29 IP M It la very cold here, and It I* snowing aad blowiag batd. O..I r.ivsetaow. .tan 19 RP M The wind I* northwest, and the thermometer? de gree* above iera. W?T*areww, Jan 79 IP M, Ti e veeather here Is rlear and cold. The win! la Weit, ani the thermometer T degree* abort mo

Bain Storm at Boetoa? Mlilpwreek, ?Sie. Bosto*, Jan. 2#? 1 P. U. A severe rain ?torn is prevallog bar*. The bark Carlos, of Boiton, Seaver, from Oalveston, 5th init., of and for Baltimore, struck on Bgg rock, outside the lower light, at one this morning, and filled with water in half an honr. The erew were saved by the pilot boat Jane, and bronght to the city. When left, her stern had washed ont, and she shortly after went to pltces. She is fully insured here. A steamer flas been sent to save the cargo, which consists of Ml bales of cotton. 661 bides 44 bbls. molasses, and 6 casks of merchandise At the last accounts the wreckers wore engaged in saviig the cargo. Three persons? Dwight. Saekett, and Edward Hall ? were arrested at Westfleld. (Mass .) last night, charged with robbing the U. B. mail They hare been brought to this city for examination A defalcation of ome of the olerks of the Boston and Maine Ballroad, to the amount of $8 000, has just to light. Robbery or an Iiprcss Car? 15, 000 Stolen. Baltimore, Jan. 20, 1841. A keg containing fire thousand dollars in specie was stolen from the express car of Adams U Co., during last night. The robbery was discovered this morning on the arrival of the train from Philadelphia. The robbers have not yet been detected. The keg was one ol six, and was stolen, it is supposed, whilst crossing the Buiquebanoab river, and was not missed until the train reached Baltimore. The Southern mall for this city has been carried to Philadelphia by mistake. Washington Kerne. Washiwiton, Jan. 29, 1861. The tariff delegations were actually at work last nlgbt. Kx- Secretary Buchanan is here, and favors the modification with all his Influence. . James Callahan, the corresponding clerk of the Navy Department, ha* been removed. Iht Confession of Dunbar the Murderer. Alhamy, Jan. 29, 1851. Dunbar's confession, written by Rev. Mr. Beeoher, ban bsen sold to Mr. Bender, a bookseller, and la being printed by Weed 3t Parsons. It will be ready for sale the moment of his execution, on Friday next. The sheriff has called upon Governor Hunt for a detach ment of troops to guard the prison doors and windows from the crowd who. It is feared, may foroe an entrance on the day of execution. The artillery and Burgesses corps have been detailed for that duty. Fire? Western Navigation, &c. Louisville, January 29. 1851. Lind's wool factory, at Lexington. Ivy , was destroyed by fire this morning -the work of incendiaries. The loss is 915 000; no insurance. The canal measures five feet eight inches, and is falling. The weather la cold, with the prospect of a frozen river if it continues on to night. The New Orleans (tVKielly) telegraph line li now In order from Louisville. The Steamship Philadelphia. N>:w OaLBA.ts, January 29, U51. The steamship Philadelphia. Capt. Pearson, sailed to-day for Chagres. ?"' Albany Coircipondtncta _ Amjawy, Jan. 27, 1851. Scn*toral Question? Great Excitement? Wio it to be Senator? Fish, Phoenix, John Van Jiurcn, Granger, or Dickinson? The time for the Legislature to meet in joint ballot, being the 1th proximo, i* fast approaching. Only a week's time ia left for negotiation. The whig majority held a meeting in aecret on Friday evening, but being private, and pledges exacted, nothing is known, as to certainty, of the proceed ings. Sullicitnt, however, has transpired, by which it has been asc;rtained, without a doubt, thai-there are twenty-two whlgs in the Legisla ture who will not support Humilton Fish? the candidate? lb r Un.ted States Senator. There are a dozen mere silver greys prep-r who will belt the ebonies on any slavery question; but as they are mostly from the city of New York tbj w. vcte for Mr. Fi.-di, as a matter of " y til gfc?g that 11 is lhc on|y chance :ho city J" had for a great number of years, t? send one of its citizens to the Senate. The city greys also argue that Mr. F. may atep into the Senate as a profesw d friend of Seward; but his interests Ki i10^ ' are .so clo??ly connected with the national whiga that he will assuredly act in concert whh M<W aay, WebatVr and F.ii" a^fon'*11 'he con,?,romi?'' measures of the last Of Mr 1 0|| , The twenty-two whigs who hive pledged them Ives against I i.h are alio as firmly niiiioat j to nh^ifi "an \h.? may be brought tor ward by the atn litionisu They have no candidate whose name they wiU unitedly preseat, and will oalj art in concert to prevent the election of a Weed, (free ley and Seward automaton jThev have been "?! ,inC'> th ? or?"'?tion <>f the House, and have been stigmatized as eowardi pupj|ies and whelps, for permitting the offices of i the House to go into the hands of the other t-ection carry.rg with it else, the complexion of eve^y , ra Drow^?uft'T i The eT("y* hltVfl al<0 been RE a ?everaloccasiBKs, when Mr. Vara not, 1 MrAnihon, and others.|nave attempted to call i/p 1 } w co,nl,r.on"M': Union resold tioua presented during the fir?t week of th? ???. ?ion ; and, instead of allowing them to be debated CV 'nU) ,he haQ j" of the Judiciary M "Tnould'fr and smother until j ii ,.'rT? i L i P' rmit 'heir disinterment, after i s au.,e8 **?a'or question shall have been 1 coi ?e CdUCU\' m,i he he id in the cotim of the week, when another a'tempt will be made to induce the whigs of both brancheato go , !nik?prn?fluru" on Mw,rf?r f,r Tuesday next, u?d F? bnid ry ""naU0D MliT?rtpd on 'he *'h of kJi? Kie n,ea*:i,nr? ^e democratic members of ^"^"are keeping themselves very .iniet; n? Mr n'Uf corpora's guird who volunteered i K.ii k? *?? " ' * ' hearers, would desire to ! vr or! n,rne fnrward, in hope. of giving the sil ?7.!?.*,* ?? Of voting tor him in pre- 1 S TK '| DO junl!y of lh,! na,urr Wl" he I IhiTl mL. T *ecli? 'hat the two houses Misllmeet in toiatb.llot ; but there is no provision 7 ?Z ! J ^ffn-wre to make choice of hallo?*, ii Thr meetioK ,a joint S? 1 J ?ut u '' doubtful whether o! ??? EftSSSr* **"' opo" "" ?,,.lKht K*?" *n?a*ed in i 'ay n* th< ir cards with Cku.ion and dexterity. They have agreed to thTiT ***?gree ,u 'he choice of a candidate? the* have no candidate tor United States Senator, and whea the time arrives .to vote, esch man will date Wn ?Wn ' Bn<1 "am,? his oivn candi I he war waxee warm wi'h the majority daily. SlLW-?ni:rr.,h" ?/r'"rtwl/ *""' Kf^ter- are now bitterness and i he leading mea of U denounced and unmer V . > ^'rn"'r l'ai" r is partirtiU.rly h?m \T vi ar-icles on John V oiine.Divid (Jra ? hT.; k i Fil'tnor-, an I others; merciless in its av.acks tijon . e ward and his leading su^Kirters ,! 'hr ,,r:n,y-two national whigs adhere I t ? i ? ?. determination in opposing llamil* ni!? j >rid any other man whom the majority msy desire, then no election will be effected du I'Jlf ,i'" of 'he legislature; and if they ailoj^t the mme course which the locos will pursue ' D ""J""1' ballot? that is, to scatter their votes? Th^'n^r"^ r" ,"ca'ter thr whi< P*nr ?lw> t L'Urh a, ftU,i,'r r,?her 'han any losger .1 ! !? J insolence which hns been otl.-red ? P commencement of the s<i?ion. i ntajonty disused of Mr. Anthon's reso lutirns in a reputable manner, without giving any ??necemry UMhmfe at the time they were offer ed, thugs might have gl.ded more smoothly. ??-i jrna,? iue,ll0n '? taught with much ev tl, and no one can yet predict the result. Should p|,'C?aon be staved oft until the next Tegisla A.l'Jilrn!.be lCcoSwi" ,<?14io 1 not onlr the Asa?mMy, hnt the Senate also, in quarrelllni be tween John \ an Buren and Dickinson. w F.xicvntw or Baown ano Wn.t.uvs, at Pkoima, Iu.jkois ?The execution cf Brown *nd Williams. irV r imn rder of Mr Hewitt, took place on the a I at "hotit hilfput twelve o'clock Although the a timber of persons present to witness this execution was much larger than on the 2mh of] Uecei mber, yet everything passed ofl quieUy. The scene was deeply impressive and solemn A few minute, before the ropes wtre adjusted Hrown ad dreesrd the crowd; hot, from tl>e |?>^tion which we BSrri: i7,P?*^li to bear what he credit is due to the officer* under nh,i*e jl*e f lfculM'? "'?? conduced 1 om Tit alias Jordan, the man who planned the robbery, was brought to Peoria a few hours before the execut-oa, was fully rerngmred, Mid Committed lo jail - H tmkfgm {/U ) Jm. W. One Hnndrfd and Fourteenth AnnlTerwwy of Tito* Ptinv'a Olrtk I>ajr. I.ast tvening, a ball and supper were given at the Coliseum, Broadway, to oelebrate the on* hundred and fourteenth anniversary of the birth day of the celebrated anther of ''.Common dense and the Rights of Man." ^ At eight ? clock the company began to arrive, and at nine there were about 860 ladies and gentlemen In the ball room. Dancing waa then commenced, and kept up with great spirit until 11 o'olock, when the company repaired to the anpper room, where ele gant supper was provided by Miller, the proprietor of the Coliseum. After mpprr, Edward J. Wells, Ebj , the chairman, rose and announoed that Doctor llel lock would deliver an addres?. Doctor 11 alloc k then rose and spoke mi follows Ladim AND Okntlimkjc? We are told by the Apos tle. that - There are diversities of gifts, bnt the same spirit. And there are diversities ef operM'ons. but it is the same moving power that worketh in all All true men no matter In what age or country they may have lived? no matter how diversified their modes of operation- were moved by the same spirit^ &o ot all true things The frost of winter and the heat ol summer- the sunshine and ths sbower^tha storm and the calm -the evening and the moaning - so opposite, so antagonistic in their "P?"*l??' "? moved by the same spirit -all work to the same end the perfection of the harvest- -the good of man. And this grand result of conflicting powers is, because they are nil true because the aggregate of truth, however, diversified the elements that cempose It must be har mony must be ? unit. The motive power of the uni verse is a unit 8o of the true man- so of whatever truth there li in man But, during the struggle and jar of eontendlng forces, this unity of design, this same ness of spirit, canaot be recognised by the par ties engaged. It the elements could calumniate and rail at each other, or misunderstand each other as men do, would not the Ught say What union have I with darkness? The oalm would not extend her gentle hand to the 'tempest I summer would leel that she would be chilled to death In the embrace of winter. They oouldnotseejn their diversity of gifts, " the same spirit ' ^''ther man Among other things, 1st us devote ? the briel period allotted to reflation on this festive ocoa?lon, to a consideration of thie feet sequences. Buch a thing as a martyr, in ^Proba bility, would never have been, had this fact been known both the victim- and ths persecutors of that grim old age were in earn-st-there oan be no doubt , ot that - men do not burn each other nor suffer themselves to be burned In sport There was a det-p purpoae at the bottom of all this; coulJ some power have lifted the veil, and shown that purpose, both In the judge and his victim, to be the same, how different wouhT have been the result!-llow cbRnged the whole current ot history- hew puritied from blood would have boon Its stream' Tim* has lifted that veil for us, and, standing upon to day. the apex of a pyramid omP,0'^ ?f. *'} nast a?es,we may look into their purposes. In the light of thefr de* d? not their creeds, and .V of al 1th, true heroes ef the rare, theli purpose was one their ^motive the same. In looking from this mental Plsgah Into the past. It Is sublimely ludicrous, the anomalous p roc (lesion of earnest heroes tbat pass in r??l?wbetere us? Gregory the Pope Luther the Protestant -Alfred the king - Thomas Paiue the republican (to name a lew), tut fancy some of these to have met ''"P" Gregory the 1st as he cast his eye northward over that dim Uland ol the sen. warm with earnest hope for its redemption from Urul* rites and barbarlautluel dom and Thorns* Paine, tresh from battle with the very superstition which Gregory's church en gendered Ilow could these have met? Heady cord and shirt shrift" lor the - heretic' tbat lufliwilty might die. And yet, when the one sent his n onks into Britain, and the other wrote hlH ? Age of Reason" and -'Crmm n Sense,' can we uut see ' if we cannot, let us " anoint our eves with eye salts " tbat we may seo. notwithstanding this dlverel IV of gifts " the /ume spirit." Where would be the obloquy which obsenres the n*m* ol Paine "??n0Jr' If this veil et creeds and prejudice could be rent In twnin end bis dvfamtrs could lo.'k into the leactuee ?',r"otht. heart and see the spirit th*t guided it -or must we iorever be detainers i and persecutors ol each olhtr, and. blinded bj the form and f?"hion ol men. he nnsble to discern th- mo'lve that ImP'l* them Hut wlia! I? it that hinds us to these mjchty ? tints of the past J It IS. because we low liberty and lore to cherl-h the memory of Its P1"0"*" , Its defenders This Is why we are here tanlght to celebrate thebl.tli ol oneot the best of these( They were potters all, but the, could not know it Let u* I r more just to them than they could have been to themselves. And now. sh?U 1 stop to say when and where TLomae Paine was born, or n irrate the partlou Uis ot hi. a??ntful lite* Let us. f r tb. ores u', leave nil t hut to hi.- tor? What wher* ho wm hom' Hurh mat t.?t" fern, the body of history: eur concern Is with it* spirit and Its phi.osopby. A nl. re framework ot tacts. like the human body Is only uselul as It contain* a moral and a aoul Wh n we have secured these, let H be honorably emtombed Thomas ('nine's lile ??* demoted te the establishment of mi utal liberty and this embraces every lorca ol liberty und*r hetv? n ; for the t> to thjuk ItnpUe* the liberty to act. for this he Is caUedan InUlel and denounced by t'.ppant misses tkrr* at a unme to ? eoojur# up tht devil wltn nut lor this we rejoice, an l are glad that he wee I J"'" " while ae reji ice let us not lorget what that liberty Is "or which he lived and ial* red Mberty. In the pop*. I.r sense is not an end but a means o its hen.lee sense It is enjoyment, without which there can be neither the on- 1 nor the oih r How can a man ?>e tree who makes a lie the governing principle of his llfs. or ? natlen eiiher Th. mas Peine bas well delioed letldellty to be a want of mental Islthtulness lo one's "It ? trying to persuade onrselves that we believe wbe. bell. T? And the man who does this - the man who !n comnii rce. in polities, or rellgion ls ' llr is a slave: No matter though lie be the 'U'laver ol others- no matter how loud mMJ be his P'aUeeof | liberty or his professions ol regard for hsr mirtyr* , Therefore if we would profit Vy the rem-mOranee of Lim a hose birth we are met te celebiate - 11 we would be fr? ?let us.ts he diU search for the lte,in every d^P^" . I r onrtv as tor at yrant that we may dethrone it. S;, much otVIltica. truth was utUred by Thoma. r?ine- w? inty wvll l#ok b?ick with aitouiiuixitut | the clearnsfs of hie perci pt.lcns_ on this '"bJ*,ta l? Hist esrly dny. Vet how inneh of that truth end liberty has the nation l>. en oh-* ted out "J by the political lie; or Is It ? truth that three millions of Lore U an Kus-i.n serfs in our midst are enjoying the llb-rly that Thomas Paine labored to **tablish cr ie it a truth that the liberty, for which ^ he con tended tn-ans a perpetuation of I this mMM to ^1 tiae and in all territories, orei '"hlch the flag ;ot this ra.ii vhllc stall wave ? or Is It a truth that llbsrty Is ? compromise oltlist. and the highest duty o?a fre-?an to ?atoh a slave If so, well ; but If It bs not so. If It be a lie; snd that It Is. great na lire > rrt Claims with her loudest voices end her still Ion ler sileaoe then, the sos.ner we hunt it out and dethrone the V.^er we shall be .Id of a tyrant ' w hols rMI' f..rmln? nslnto beasu." How much of pecmlery l.berty do we et?f v Just a. much a* we have ot commercial truth an'lnomor?' nor shall we ev. r I do uot ep-ak of tbh as doubting the desire to discharge pecuniary e^l between ... and man, but to ??* wh. ther comm rce the wide w#tH o?er, h rne gr-at He Rise, why do thoee J ? lhat l.?t labor eel the lightest reward! Ilow else IS M, inai he UWl' are rolling lr coa,he. r)r p,ea,ur...n; fhe Industilons wot ke^ are rolling wh^4b?rrnw ft hr? A?1 ' Ilow ibill wt ^ . this Is their while duty man 0*n there b e Ir-ater f.Wheod than that' In sourts -f law. oltncult nnestloas are MtUed by pr? cedent ? P l of e 1 1 e ? e were summoned to shew r,u^. and s>me ssi u* e jutlst were to searr-h not the *tatJtehoo?, not Blaekstowe snl gtory. but the ler of nature lor a precedent, where wonld h* ? ? find it' Stippoee th- lord of the forest .he oek were to adept thl? creed, en 1 should ""tlteeif loose trom the working element*, as they ^ werkli K classes loose from the soil tha* r-are.l l . thesun t bat ? arm. d It, and the jews th.t 'efreshwd |t-ihet would b- it. fat e ' Why the aam Md "r the lie everywhere ; knowing a. ha did thnt wi-n^t it ?r It will ???!??? iw. i t i ( 1 1 i it oftfct of th?* 6%y lo Thoto ? fftlral# with rnv d^bott of TIoibm NiM. Wh?n Tthhk of hi" .arnest lite, devoted to th- coj.?9. ran*.- of men; when I think of thle ge-a tep i ? rbi. f corner s?. re of whlflh was |?|rt by hts n 1 think of her past achievements aud pro. pe, .ive j cannot but r.jol,e In hie birth, ??? reverence I,, memory My he had IHMe. If fW has not' Bay he hel Units If ?? ??*" . ba?"t*niitlee"N?^ttv 1 en ""trie Inst totlone. whleb he labored to e-tahlish with the might of e the Mem, of a godk R ?;;?Vr an7?r.7 t?S iin rn the truth which he ottered an I t 7 live While the truth which was tb dr .uejtto^re. melrs their animating pr ncip Nothlo* bat ? lint the truth Itself, can r v r d ^ <ttT . Ue esn be ann h leted; l? n<ay h |h# 111 e the sur. but. does the '*7 " m ,, , ,m. hides It ' Bo may 'h* Tr ,r h,.?rts hi > truth In m. mcrete u pf e--ed< a?d prejudice ?nr live #?. when theeiw-. ^ - b# ,MT. ,1 .all have pa?*?d ?VJ.LrlVhfr ?r, snl hi* . h ? will be I im'i, t- L (vm kp 1?? at Ore of Ihsf.w the Immortal na-n T>a? wrrs he-n ?o n - 1 ?*" ???? ?? ? foe- '? "f ' r nur e llh r ' ' l\ , ?? ? li ' 1 ' 1 ? V " ? ' " to ? stand his principle* to rejoice that hit works bar* been translated Into foreign languages Air? "Liberty Tree." 3. Washington, and the worthlee of oar ftevolutioa ? They acknowledged their iadebtedaeet to the exertiena Of Paine, and hi* powerful pea Air- - Portugueee Hymn" 8. The United States of America? May this great monument rained to liberty, serve a* a lesson to the op pressor, and an example to the oppressed Air -"Star Spangled Banner ' 4. All needful Reforms -May ths people bar* the spirit to demand them Air?" Marseilles Hymn." 6. Freedom of Opinion- -It will continue whilst our ptesslsfrse. Truth and science are an over-match for error; when ths field Is fair, the combatants are unequal Air- "Truth is firm, and must prevail." 0 Free Ia>iulry The memory of its able and honest advocates, li nut a numerous yet a vigorous band ; their works ar? a consolation te the searohers after truth, and, standing unretuted .by ths priesthood, they challenge their disputation. Alr--"Nature only Truth reveals." 7. Education? Youth prepared by tile solenoee !? onr schools, by the arts iu our workshops? these faith fully taught, and with chemietry assisting our agricul ture, our Institutions will be sale Air? ' The trees are formed as twigs are bent " 8 The Tea^ue and the Pea May they never be let loose la phrensy of passion to be disgrace ot tli? tutu and the injury of a good cause Air -" reason into the wayward mind.'' 9 The Ladles? Their agreeable sooiety is the height of domestic felicity; "for nature tried her band ea man end then she made the lasses, 0." Air?*' ilome, swett home." Sen ral volunteer toast were afterwards drunk; alter which the company returned to the ball room, tad the carry danee was resumed and kept up until be tween ene and two o'oleck, when the oompaay tepa rated, pltased with themselvee and with everybody Brooklyn City Intelligence CiTr Court. ? (Helure Judge Ur.euweod), ? KnuU (loulurd vs Uilra E. Cuitill.m In this action, which has occupied the court for two days, the plaintiff charges the deleudant with the reoeipt of various smaM of money. and claims a very large balance Several witnesses. Including the olerks and cashiers from some New York banks, were examined on the part of the plaintiff and when his case rested, a motlea was made to dismiss the J. otn plaint ton the graands tl at - firstly od the 3rd September. 1847. plaintiff had executed to defendant a general assignment of all hla property and effects for rbe benefit ol bis creditors, and It appeared by the evldenoe that some ot the items proved resulted troin properly belongiug to him at the date of the austgnment, and which therefore by that assignment became the property of hit ire litors -and. secondly, that the menry claimed had been deposited by plaintiff with defendant as agent. In one Instance, ot J. B Goulard; and as others, stent generally, and that no action could be maintained by him tor moisy belonging to the principal the court ruled that for tuch part* of tbn claim as belong ed to the i .nint ill at the time of the assignment, and were covered by the assignment, he could not re oover in thii sotlon; and for such other p irts as were aei|nlred f.ubee juent thereto, aud were not owvt red by tli*' aSfigimi'i.t he was entitled to recover. Ths m >ney paid by plaintiff to defendant a< ag-nt ot I) H. Gou lard, he could net recover except u.ider certain cir cumstances mentioned by the court; but fjr othar moneys paid by hicj to defenJmt the mere tact of hit being described as agent did not preoluie hiui frnat recovering, a.i h ? might not have really besnaanb It weuld be tor the jury to apply the erlleuoe in accord ance with these views; but it appearing that the ae countt would rtijuire a long investigation, it was ulti mately referred to John Dikeuiau Motet Van Uuren, and Kob? rt T Hick* Ks.jrs , to bear and determine the action upon the principle! laid dawn by the c>urt. Mr. Crist appeared for the plaintiff, aud Meter*. Out ting aad Moore lor defendant. Committed ios Trisl.? Adam Ilsnr, charged with arton. whose case has be?n reported iu ihe Her-ud. was brought up again on Tuesday aud f il.y ouanuitud. A Nkwiv Proji.ctkii Fi:rrv iirwoi Maw Toax tvo Ihooklii ?Some parties In Bro-iklyn. among whom the Hon L T Backhouse m*mocr ot i he Legislature for Kings county, occupies tie most pioiniueut peti tion, are taklog measures to e?t>b>i<h nu adll lonal ferty. connecting the foot of Bmknao street. New Yerk with Fridge street Brooklyn and have already leased the slip at the former place f i n 'k* individual owaert, and obtained a iiounte uudor thedcatela* ol 184C. Cuiomtm't IsnjuasT. ? The norou"r. y- t-rdav, held aa lni|ueat on ths body of .lo*e rh Outl ag? I -litv ? native of Ireland who died su tckinly on Moudty nl ght. at hit late retidence in Navy street rbe jury found that the deceased died of Intlammallou ot the bewels faiiL Plrrv.-Job> Kyan a young m\n t>mtt U Sears of age. was yesterday no. uiautc.1 hy lr .las m>a leg to the Penitentiary for fld day. with hard la for having beaten hit mother brutally on several *? casioat: W omii's Rights.? At a discnitiou hy the llamUea Literary Association, the quest.on ih n, i women ot allowed to vote " was carried in the aitiruiitire. Ns.w Pi a k Vntiixs. ? A splend! I engine wtileh hat just been manufactured lor the H'.itlua<t >n Oompiay No 1 by Messrs I'ettlt, Ciillintn \ Sl'tl-" of York, was brought home ou lou. la" last and ll< pow ers tested against those ot Ne4 l'he perform-in v?e ot each were to nearly equal that it was iinoosaih* to decide on tbe superiority of either The utm ?t gn feeling seemed to prevail, and after the trial b.>th companies proceeded |o the station ot No 1, where r*> fre-hm- ntt were provided for thorn . V N. Circuit Court. Hun Judge list's, pre?:dlng .)?*. IS ? .Ipjttnnrmrni of 'h- eote Clr'k ? John W. Nelson K>q . counsellor at law has he-n appointed bj the Hon Judges Nelson and Hstt*. tier* of the Uult?4 Htites < lreult Court tor the south rn district of New York. In the room of the lste Mr Oardiner. Mr. Nel son wa? this day sworn into ofD-e ky the presiding judge, and the court was adjournal to Mouday next |Mr K E. fltiliweil. who bi> eti -iently discharge# the dnliet ot hit cilice for many yeart past, it we are happy tn say retained bj Mr Nelton. at the assistant tlerk ol the Circuit Court ) V. fl. Marshal's Office. Rstswsivr Ponismes oi Mr.xu te D ititTf List WastitNTt - W srrants were i'-u-J yesterday from the Marshal s wflloc a. ainst eertatn parties charged with extensive forget let of Mexlcau land warrants. Oieof the aesussd bad hwen arr?st?d aud committed In de fault of bail, lor tfi.iXKJ, tbe oW iers were aolively ia pursuit of another, but up to a late li iu- wltboat tas cess. ? Political Intelligence. Aboi.iviob <???.<?? ?*ri?s The ?h iitl?ont? ?| (''nan**, t cut ar? to hold a hint# Convention, at Hartford, the lat h el February, for iii? of nu.niu?Uu< * f t?te ticket Domestle llls< cllniijr. Th? ctli?' r.? of TV hetlinr V* h*-? V?>t?'l to *i'? rertbs w o to the stook of tho Central Okla IU?1 read Natkai.i'l CM1 1? Jr.. ?u*J tha Hank ( tha ftnta of Miiwoori. and laid th ? damav? at $&o,0u0, lor t*lM lmpri*> um-nl. The \ irgiuia ltsfn-in Qoavrntlon tux n ? thsm a rlaup* (? i I ha n?w rtir.Huil<,n protli 04 for tk* ? ke'lcn ofQovrrnor, Miitruttdnora f. and tary 01 Htata, by the pto|>i? tb? dovstaor to b* la VMltd arttl* a qualff1?d TIM. 1hr?*. Bj?ti w?ri> tilled *1 Tltttti ft* tkl Htieeftoe I ? *i?> - ? n Kt??r Rallical, a lea ua>? ?<c, b/^c 01 k hilt uuJrr nhirb tb<*y w*r? vtrkui' Tbc Uroiwra of Mant?c>ji' ry KWf. vil . hav* tot two we. ki psrt, Ixtao |>l'H.^biu< lor that. crops. t'aunferfett k*'I4 dollar# *r# In . ,r a la 1> la Uflpbla. fltNATOft GCYHLof Ms-- ?rn:, 'S i .s no* MM KUifUI. ? The fcliuwiaf it ll oft letter irom Mr. < " yer, re*d lv tore iv l.e(<ui. irm of Missouri, en th* Lotri>r' mi-e ni?- ??re?, h tor* hts flection to the [>oat ?>f Uiltnl 9tate* Senator:? " The pMWevering efforts to procure th- on . j ? ?? of arts to prohibit slavery it the Territories, an! thol,?h it in the District of Colutu n, h m Ur> ;ht <>n a (earful crisis A' th ? eo a iiencriu' ?; ' of . hs late session of Congress, bo one. I t ifnk, ? as doubt that the success of those efforts, m either cue, would hav?- i>ceo itgtnird ml treated by feveral of th?- Sm?e? a* bm oj?*n de'Uriti'n of ct\il war: and tha Union, with its nisnifold bleis incs, would have |>eria!)ed in a rot. .oil of .rm. Nay, if the question-1 hvl h??n I *ft oj> n to agi'* tier another year, this l! no 1 c.iuld n ?t hav wi H Mood the Block FortunaU ly, better counsel* pre vai'e>', and the great' ?' ol ail calamities wa* av ?ri ff 1 bjr ihlMMfe of the several tolls c mil l i t 14 what i>! called the Cofnornrnine; and no^, my de liberate ?H>inion i*, tfmt the heel aectirity w# ca-i have ajranmt ihe rectirren-e of theunrnio 'tit ??til *hicli we bare bo reoeotly e^ca|?"4, is ta upH >1 i that adjtiHt met! in ai: n? I'tr'4, and . r-f .-rve it n yioln e, AltJimgh the ndrniiiion of Cilifornii, .with her ea'enpure houn>l> n *, an1 the act* forth? nimlition of w hat te call- d the slave trade in tha I strict of Columbia, would n<>t have been envHy arce|>tablr to m- , ttneonofi t>'d With the other coa b iiurntB of Ihe adjustment, or a rrliahle b?b iraae* ?.t their pa? a?e, yet, a? a whole, ! was from the ijionmi, nm now, and Bh..ll he to the en I, in favor of that adjuBtnif ut. It is the beet aettlemeat of the controversy that could, oiklef all th? cir? ctim^tanteB. hive been obtained. It involve* no Bacnfice or surrender of principle. It impairs no right of a State or citk^n m th;- United States, and f< rurt .-ni> triumph to \ iy section, party, or people of tl.e ! nion <*ver aaothrr t?ood faith, aa well 11a th" pre*etvati?>a of the htrmoii) of the Union, requirt a th <t it should be soalsined by men of r'I t ar'.rs It it ca 1 l?e preferred inviolate, it will restore barmony and frMM)wUitf to all por tions 1 f ibis republic, by r? esia ilishng th* c?nH? dinoe of our pteple hi the pietiee nf th* g 'vrm* t'ii nt. and the ^ u>d f..i ti t'f * h lr fellow ciUz'M, If i? overthrow n, t. ? o .? ran fa'imit# f4* " r.tla | mtfies thet w?tl alffltf.'' nrvirib f be bflMf ll* 1|4NI h. .0 ; . )