Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. [ J AMBI UOHUOS IE 1 NKf T. FROPRIRTOR AND El) I TOR. ?FFKE N W. COKNKK OF Ft'LTOJI AND NASSAU ?TS. I I Hk OAU. Y H KHALI), 1 cent. per fopy (7 per mm? rut WKMKLY HI'.kIlD, every Suuurda y, <U ?% te-Ut ftr on, or $J per ?OMt tan. the Knrepe in edifom t* ftr ,in ?m, ieanu thirt oj < treat Hrttain, and (t to amy part ?/ the Oemi?ient tJi toutclude the poetrege* ALL LKTT ICRS by mail, far tuhecripfteru, or *o*th idoer Htewten ta. U> be pott- pitd. or the poeUiye totll be deducted from the m?t remmted ?1) LirSTARY COKRKWUXDKSLIi, .orUavonf import, mmd ?< *??. ? oltcUed from any qinirter of the ujorUi, if tutu. irM be lux rally p. i,d for. Dub roBua* CoiiUcaroROsnn ami Ciknci'i.AKi.v Kkii'Mtbt to Sbal iu Lbttim AMI' PA ClUtti IlKT TO UB. h'V S(>Tlt K tii ken of wumymoue ^Mnmuutcntum. Wi do mtretum thMi T ejected. Volume XVI Number 40. AHUIIMKMTa THIS BVBNINO. ITALIAN OPBRA. Aitor Pl?e?.~Io*?o a*h JvutT. B >#IM* TUBaTR* ttoxrr-THB Tsmplab? Iuiot IF I TU AM -CtlKIUI tkilU. RHOiDVtT THIATRI. Bro?Jw?j-Mv BiAaT'i Ix>0L -*A Mlt't BUTTON'S Tn EATRJt, Ch?mk?r* tUMt? Doner* AND Bob-11* Uiuti Imt i,. NATIONAL TBRATRR. ChBttB* BquklV? Thibcsb D?r t?uii| Clmi- Ki?hti ir Vdmik. NOCaBiM'l btOBCH, Br??4w?J? Kt)h Bot -Am liMAMiii- ~rti'Ti> Bin lutioa. rn KIBTT'S MIN9TRBLB. BU4bMlw' Hall. i71Br??4??y BmioriA* Himstkblhy. FRLLOIFS' OPRRA HOUSE. Ml Bmiwu-Bnowiii Mc?*m *!.*?? AMERICAN RU8RUR? amv?iw? runiumiB Arras l?> ANH RtBHIRO. NBW TORK AMP1UTUEATRR, 37 Ba W?T7- Jwcbttbia i rnnMinrm W A BUI NO TOW BALL ? Panorama of mm Pimbim'i fbmhr SATTtBR'S COBMORAMA. oormn o I TblrtMBth Mmt And Btiimw?. BTOPFANI BAIJr-TAin.?AM or Stw Rwei-Aro. ?LTMFIC-Panobaba or Lbblakd. Mew V?rk, Thursday. JABOAry 30, 1881. CongrMihwal Doing*. The principal business that eugagad Ik? atten Hon of the House of Representatives yeaterday, wu xtf amendment to the deficiency appropriation bill, providing foT an increase of th? tarifl oa certain articles. After considerable debate, the arnend wnt was deel -red to be ont of order, and on the decision of the Oair being appealed from . was | ?untamed try a vote of 192 to 87. Th s looks a. if the House bad no inclination to take up the tariff question during the present nesa.on. It 19 very likely, bawever, that the subject wiU be brought up again, in some other shap*. before the adjounmeat. An amendment was also offered, making appropriations lor certain nver9 and harbors, which was likewise ?vermled An amendment was then proposed, that if there be any deficiency the States shall be ?ailed upon for th surplus revenue deposited with thru in 1836 Thw, alio, was overruled Several other amendments were offered, all of which met **? same fate. A" length the bill was passed The subject of a branch mint in New York occupied the renin ader of the day Mr Bnggs, of this city, made an able speech in support of it. The House decided that debate on this matter should cease on Friday, at twelve o'clock. We are in hopes that this measure will be paaaed. There ia bo aae ia wtahng any arguments in favor of it. Argument has been long since exhausted, and the ?eceaeity of having such an institution here, is admitted by all whose opinion is worth anything. The pottage reform bill was tak#? up in the Senate ) esterday . The committee to whom it wis referred reported amendments to ths effect that three cents shall be the rate on pre-paid letters, and five cents on all unpaid letters. This would ?ever do, and w- are glad to hear that there ? ?o ire inspect of the Senate adopting a uni form rate of two centa and a half. This , would agr#e with tho popular desire on j ibe eubject, much more than the three aad tve cent rates. We made, some daya mmcr. all the remarks which we deemed requiaite ?po? the new pottage law, which has pasaed the Howse of Representatives, and is now before the Seaate-. bat we had not seen anything more than a sync pais or the law The sixth section of the act, | which is, throughout, th* moat awkward piece of rhetorical composition we have seen for many a gay, m us as annexed:? Ad<1 tt turtb#r anaetsd Tfcat lists of 1st tars r? BAIO DC > rtfcsW'rf M ?" any post offlea for the spaea or J^ ?r?i.s^a an/city, to-a or Tills*. tlxr- a o.wa- I Mrt>r nhall b# pnit^J thai! h*r?*ft?r b? pub*Ub*4 HS. ,.??? id a ?U.t.ap-r whlrh bainf isaued aa fw- ; o*n?ira/a?7 otklTihall bats tha Wat e|,ca.a tim wibin th# rtaf of d#llT#rj -of ?ata 4?etdrd by th# Foatmaatar uaaaral. undsa suob ra*u Wti-n* an ?bai b# praa#rib#d by bln> at a ebarg- not !?#!!?tM thm# oants oa ?a#b Istur ?Usd }~ AaJ U. poJ&ast*r at -ueh effle. ia h-fby dlr.?t-dio , ,?t in a r< n?pleuou- plaea in bii offloa, a aopy of forb list. oa .b# day or th# day att#r th# aubllaatioa lh ?, Protid"! how-?#r. It tna publisher at aoy S^wtoi?ai?ad .Wi l*,^ tha liato Ci-rs as p rati dad .a tkl# saatton tbe j!**" nun* oth?r in whU*h list naklinhfii and Hit k f>uh ?<> r^lwtn# ihall b* ! ?r1?d of all tb# b-a>-nts ol this a?t, and tba fraa ai ? hacf# now pro?id#d by law Ho, if we may judg# by th# phraseology of this f# mark able pier# of leg.lation, publishers of n#w? papers were iu a fair way of b#iiig made the suffer* | ?rs by this regulation. Tom, Uck, or Harry, might aead three or four thousand l#tters to the nobodies ?f his imagination, merely for the sake of puawh mt some publish# r who may have diaplea-ed bun? for, if the government will only pay three ?enta tor adverting each Uter " called for," it is te evid-n- that the publisher may have to do the | ?b?#f part of th# public advertising, without pay- | ?lent H# may i btiit thr#e dollars for publishing iv# hundred names, aa it is quite possible that only one hundred ont of the fiw# m?y. ns the law terms ft. b- called for This, however, is not the chief , ?bj? < tiua to this ne? uon of the act. We are os> j p??#H in prie.rii-le to any such pun shm#nt as th# a?i l<>d templates No man ahould he forced to pabtifh a list of letters, or anything elae. for th# ? gov#rr,m?nf, ur? o ?ry *n? h threat for a refua*l, I an th# last two lines of the section hold out It ia ?o in# thing qure new m legislatio.), and one of the m.M rnaukaM# tkiafts in this most remarkably wnfen ac? On the whole, we think the only good point in th# who I# bill is th# reduction ol letter pMit?v to thre? c#ata, and we ar# pleased to ha 1 ?hat I'm Senate have cut out this sixth section. It to surprising tha' such a piec# of Uly conid |*ss the Honse Th# Oaofornn Is ad title b.ll waj diacuss#d at ?ntxiderable ler.'h Th- L'l'sls'iir- of Hhode lsltnd failed to #l#c a t'ared Ststes Senator yesterday, after luur bal lotting*. Tmr BtUAMtH* Ati^vc-u is n-?w -early Jiirty tfcree days mice the steam.h.p A'Uatic left U?#ri^ol on her in?. to New York, and ? to this *?, ?? tiding s of any hare be#n recetrdof h" Asir al.t be elected, the fn#nds as l Ma uses of th# pasaeagen are unewy conc#rmag her aaf^ty; bat it mnnt be fegoHegted th^t if #h? wu i gisaM. d, si d wna r:omp#ll#d bi pal back to Kaglan I or to (M)and, or to st#?r fc>r the Western l?'es, w# con!d w?' ha*' b#ird 'r >m h#f; for if * h* was t#a , gays at s#a wh-n -h# met wi'h an accid#n*, she naU not r#a' b ny .^h.-hn Ucesin les- tMn tbre# w.eis t.y s?> a ?n# Th-rn a as yet. ther foi#, no iimH tif i.ny alarm Th?- provincial go w#rt irieat of Nova Scotia l?a*# d'*t^?>ffh#d a r#*' lie c??er mi swarch of h? r, oa th# supp Mtioa that ?be m?y he nesr th- cosa . s m(.v*rn#?t wh ch i? ; property appreciated m the United ites; bu- we ! ( think r likely sbe is #i h r at h i- ai '.r Oork. Tt is j ( j>rf>i? <-"t in tone quarters to send a v?a??^ to look for h-r, and if -he h- no- heard from by th- t*#>Ti abip from l>??rpool which ia now n-arlv du#. w# tk? k it would be advisable to do so W# cannot ihiKk sh# is l<rtt Ca.daia W#?t is ai# of oar m ?a>: ( ?kilfal e. inmanders. and she (sas st .it a v#a?#l aa wi od sad iron can make It must t e borne in m.nd ift.i sim-lar deteafioan to ateamsh.,* have occur wmA i, .fore tins Notwi'hataadmg ree#at misfor ? ?< ? "? - ? teams lure ' Iaparteat Itadrtlej of tk? tnttfd The Population of Ikt UnM Hcpmbilc. The official and reported returns o f the census of 1860, from the several States and Territories, have so far come in that we are enabled to make the following proximate statement of the population of the different States and Territories of the Union, com|>ared with the census of 1840:? Xtiv England, Stale t. 1K30. 1. Maine....'. 583.026 2. New Hampshire 317,997 8. Vermont 314,332 4. Massachusetts 906, 000 5. Rhode Island. ... .... 147,503 6. Connecticut 371,982 Total New England. .2,719,840 Other Statu 7. New York 3, 099, 249 8 New Jersey 480,381 9. Pennsylvania 2 250,000 10 Delaware 90,407 11 Maryland 576,150 12 Virginia 1, 428,883 13 North Caroliua 870,509 14 South Carolina 16. (ieorgia 960,000 16 Florida 85,000 17 Alabama 800,000 18. Mississippi 580,000 19. Louisiana 525,000 20 Arkansas lfW,77ri 21 Texaa 175,000 22. Tennessee. . 1,060,000 23. Kentucky 987,96# 24. Ohio 2, 1 60,000 25. Indiana ? 260,000 26. Illinois 860, WOO 27. Missouri 681,547 28. Michigan 397,576 29. Wisconsin 305,121 30. Iowa 175.000 31. t alifornia 166,000 Total, 81 States. . . 23,479,468 Territories' 4"*" ? District of Columbia 54,000 Minnesota 6,139 Oregon 10,00* Utah 20,000 New Mexico 75,000 Total States & territories. 23, 644, 607 18,0i3,375 Texts, California, Utah, and New Mexico, hav ing been annexed to the United States since 1840, no estimate is made of their population in that year. The population <M? Mlinnesota and Oregon in 1840, is of coarse uakaown. With regard to the population of the thirty-one States, on which representation to the lower house of Congress ie baited, we believe it will stand near ly as follows Whites 1 ',879,468 Free colored 500,000 Slaves v. 3,100,000 Total 23 479,468 To ascertain the representative or federal popula tion, according to the constitution, it will he remem bered that three- fifths only of the slaves are te be calculated. The representative number of the slaves, therefore, will be 1,860,000, to which add the whites and free colored, and we have a total of 22 239,468 as the representative population of the thirty- one States. According to the act of Con gress passed at the laat session, the federal population is to be divided by 233? the present number of members of the House ef Representa tives?for the purpose of fixing the ratio of representation for the next ten years. This ratio, if our estimate of the total population is aearly cor rect, wili be about 95,447; and thoae States having the largest fractions, when tiie population is cor rectly ascertained, will be entitled to the odd mem bers required to make the whole number of Repre sentative? 23^? as at present. I'y the census of 1840, the ratio of representation was fixed at 70,680, and aa additional member to each State having a fraction greater than one-half of the ratio. We think that the representation of the several States will stand nearly as folio ws : ? RATIO. ILATIO .iVrtr. old. Nnc. Oid. Maine t> 7 Alabama 7 7 New Hampshire 3 4 Mississippi 4 4 Vermont 3 4 Louisiana 4 4 Massachusetts. .10 10 Texas 2 2 Khode Island... 2 2 Arkansas 2 1 Connecticut.... 4 4 Tennessee 11 11 New York 33 3-1 Kentucky 9 10 New J<-rsey . ... 5 5 Ohio 23 21 , Pennsylvania. 24 24 Indiana 13 10 i Delaware 1 1 Illinois 9 7 Maryland 5 H Missouri 7 5 Virginia .13 15 Michigan. 4 3 North Carolina. 8 9 Wisconsin 3 3 South Carolina. 5 7 Iowa 2 2 (Georgia 8 H California 2 2 Florida. 1 1 ? ? Total tU 233 Communication betmee* thx United States and E POLAND.? The propriety of establishing a stea n Miket station on the western coast of Ire Isad, so s to accelerate communication between America and Great Britain, has for some time past engaged tt.e attention of the British government, and a commission was recently formed to inquire into and report the place that thould be found most eligible for such a purpose The result of the com mission is anzioualy looked for; and as this is a matter which ought to concern the United States as much aa it does England, we shall five a few particulars showing the immense advantages that csn be gained by the proposed c an ge. The distance from New York to Liverpool, by the nearest sailing route, is 3,100 miles. From HaUfaz to Oalway 'i 240 mils*. Troai Boat' s to Oalway I.llft * freB MtsTNktaOalwt; 1116 " It will appear, therefore, that the difference be tween Halifax and <?alway. and New York and Liverpool, is eight hundred and sixty miles, or three days sailing for a t rat rate oteamahip. Now, we have a continuous line of telegraph between New York and Halifax, and this distance would be ?av>d, as far as communication is con cerned A similar -avmg would be made on the otherstde By meansof an electric telegra. h, com munications between Gal way and London would be instantaneous Mew York and London would therefore b? withm twenty-two hundred and fortv mile* of each other, a distance which in ordinary weather, a first class steamship would perform in eight dry a But th s is not all. A railroad is be ing e< natructed between C -a! way and Dublin, which will be opened for travel daring the criming spring. The diatance is I'D miles From Dublin to Holy head, the diaUinc is some xuty-three miles, which l ai-fogTa could go in a few hours; and from Ho- 1 I) head to London, th* distance by railroad ia m the i>? tghborhood of MBbmIn. A great many people woiifd prefer this route to going to Liverpool direct from New York by sterni?hip, for they would l?a*e theoifHirtunity ef seeing a great deal of Ireland an I England, which ia the mam object of many who cross the A'lantic The most important part of the prep?f?4l (haute, however, is the (acuity with which news could he speedily transmitted be' ween the ? ? | it? 1 of Ei gland, I^ondon, and the capral of America, New York This, as we have seen, could be effected within e'ght <lavs; whereas it cannot be done by the present arrangement in Ie* than twelve, on an average, during the summer m aa? n, and fourteen or fifteen during the winter. k\> ry great saving in time w uld thus be effected in 'he transmit* ion of fieigkt, boarsver, we do not m i thst iny h'lieli! would be gained. We d? not j euifoto that it would j*y to s?*nd merehtndise, fronij.ivf rpnol to Galway, and then;* to New York But stepmthips m ght touch at fralwsy, or M me Olhe r poft Ofl the weatern coaat of Ireland, aid leave their rraifa there *od such |> i.'sen gere ae pfsfemd to proceed to London by w i y i.l th*- '} alway and Dublin railfMd, by stetm ah 1 1 to Holyhead, and thence by railroad to Lon dr u It is a?i< to he supposed that every peraon who takes a trip to the Old World does to for h uim'ss porpaM*. Msny go on pleasure nluoe, si <t during trie nm<- they appoint to remain abrovt th>ywiah o see a# much aa they can. By making < ialffay apache' statkn, they could ?ee a great deal ?t h?. h l.nglxnd and Ireland, and when they t ached London they * on Id proceed at once to the ? oatinent We are strongly of the opinion that, before Msf fears, tfciaprojggt of shortening the time of communication between New York and Liverp* cl and London will he carried ?jf. Saijs of Bad Mila in New York.? A short time since we directed the attention of eur new Mtyor, Mr. kmg?land,of our District Attorney, Mr. Bluat, tad that of our Common Council and the Grand Jury, to the necessity of stopping, if possible, the Bale of swili milk in the metropolis ? an article which, it has been proved, is very injurious to { health, especially in the young, and which his un- 1 doubtedlytcaused the deaths of thousands of infants, , within ten or twelve years past. As yet, no move ment towards remedying the evil has been made ; ! but we have faith in Mr. Kingsland, and have no ' doubt that at the proper time he will take some stej* in the matter. His administration, thus far, > proves that he is determined to perform his duty, I regardless of whom he pleases or displeases. The 1 altered appearance of the city? the renisval of in numerable flags, banners, and devices of all kir which disfigured the streets, and made th' ' look more like a country fair in England ' ^ ^ metropolis of the new world- the abolit ^ sauces, and the eilectual e*ecution ^ ^ ord^ nances of the Cor|>oration? convin- ^ ug tfcat we have now in office the best chie , that our citizens have ever elected . , . M Kingsland were to take up th' j ;? milk, or rather distillery po- ^ he CO(Jdj m # ahort time, drive it out of the ?{ty The peop,e of ^ don complain a prea' {jeal 0j ^ com. pound which is sold tj,ere UIUjer neme of milk, and the press of t J&t C|ty jjag ^eooixnccd it in the strongest teim*-^ qUestj0B, however, if the people of Lr fl(Jon are as unfortunate in this re spect as inhabitants of New York. We would M willing to forfeit our existence if 'he ''.aid taken from the thousands of cows tha'.are imprisoned in pens in the upper part of tVjis island, is not, as far as its poisonous qualities are concerned, far in advance of the material which is sold in London under the name of milk. In fact, it has been analyzed, and found to be poison. The public are thankful to Mr. Kingsland for what he has already done, and they will con tinue to support and encourage him in discharging his duties fearlessly; but if he wishes to be remem bered with gratitude by not only the present ge neration, but that which will succeed it, he will, if he can, have the distillery dairies abated as nuisances. What is the reason that some of our enter prising capitalists do not go into the milk business 1 They would find it much more profitable than building houses on speculation, or dabbling in stocks, to be fleeced by the philosophers of Wall street. In the suburbs of all the large cities in Europe, there are vast dairies which supply pure milk to the inhabitants. Why have we not such things here 1 There is a wide field for such an un. dertaking. Let a milk association be established in which the people would have confidence, and we feel certain tha', before ten years, every man connected with it would make a fortune. Milk is indispensable to every family. The demand for it is great and constant. The price does not fluctuate, and the profits, though small, are steady, and can be counted upon to a certainty. Who will be the first to move 1 Who will start an association with a capital of $200,000 to supply New York with wholesome milk ! A fortune awaits the man who will do it, as well as the blessings of parents. Cltjr UUUI|?iim. SK.NSATIOfl IN WALL STRUT? EXTRUSIVE LEFAI.CA TIOH OF ?!*! OF THE I'ROKKRS. There w as a leasatiea In Wall street yeatard ay after noon. It the second board of broken, quite aa ex citement broke in upon the nanal routine of bosiness, by tha announcement that one of the memberi of tha beard had disappeared, after certain extensive opera tion* In tha morning, tha detaila of whioh are moh aa to cause eonslderabla surprise throughout the city, where the persoa in qu eat ion ha* hitherto borae aa exemplar; character On the diffusion of tha startling intelligence. sersral broken who had delivered and raoaived stocks from him, hurried away, with all poeaible rapidity, to their offlcea, to learn tha nature and extant of their loMaa. One firm, at first animated by aoma appreheniion of alargaloM. had the eonaolation, on fe><]ulry, of dis covering that about $30, COO worth of stock had been duly transferred to tbam. notwithstanding rome of their neighbors were In a condition not qnlte so agree able Further examinations, according to the most reliable accounts show that the broker has taken with him about seventy-seven thousand dollars; and wa learn that, among thosa who bare suffered by the ope ration. are the following bonsas ? Jacob Little it Co *3.600 Drew. Robinson k Co. 4 6W Jagcar k Clark IM H T Morgan 6 MO Lock wood.... I GOO Hopkins k Weaton 4.000 Hopkins It Parks 3 400 A B Baylis 4 000 Wm k Jobn O Brien SOTO Cammenn k Wbitehouse 10.000 Ten Broeak 6 000 There may be a few errors in these figuree, but they are as near as wa could ascertain. Several others with whom the party was connected in stock business have 'offered for similar amounts Frem one house, the broker received two hundred and seventy live shares of Erie Railroad stock, and transferred them to another boose, drew the money, and then failed tepay the former firm for the stock received All his opera tions were in this way This It Is understood is net considered a fair business transaction, even In Wall street. Bee money article for further particulars. Tni Fall Kna* Wmm ?A deputation of six Of the weavers of the Fall Blver Mills- four maiee and two femalas- arrived la this city yesterday and are at 3CA Centre itreet. where tbey make known the history of the " strike." In which six hundred af their asso ciates have be?n engaged far ten weeks past. It ap pear' that a reduction of twenty-five per centum wm made ia their wages, which would thus give a power loem weaver about fourteen dollars a month The high price of previsions and the rates of living gene relly it is urged, were such as to make it aeceasary to resist sueh a redaction and tha eonsaquease ha* been ! tfcet tbis large body of weavers, as as another large h-dy. composed Of spinner*, have bad to subsist open the *uh*ciiptioas of the puWIc We must 40a free that sueh scenes in this country are peculiarly di?tr?--(ng and r?*ret that no ecmpromise oaa be eft?cte<l between the employer* and the employed - ? b??e later# ?U should alee;* be mutual, to promote tbe greatest happ net* We have no doubt that the*e IndH'tit't* people will oat b* forget ton by our eltl- ' ??a? a' 'bis inclement *?a*?.n of tb? y?ar. thoagh we can only see ? bene for their entire comfort In aa vatly return to labor Cm???b t? thi Wmimii ?Tbe fine warm weather we bave recently eajajsd h?* change I lata what I* a>' re ? pproprta'e to w later On Ta-eday rata tell la abur, dance; ye*te> day It became very cold an I la tbe ev-rtag frne hard. The co,d laet night was lateaee aad it ? ?? felt the more after the unnaturally mild wee>h?r to which wed ha b*en acust- for a fort night before Fmii ?r>n ruts JI- w?*? Fi*? Onwrsw.? Thla mag alficeat fire company. who have b<en sojoaraiac among us. leave tkl? day for Philadelphia They lid not leave yesterday ?? wae oiperted Kecorted by a d? legation of I ndependence HnseCompaay. No i they vleltea the High HrldfS In Ave otn utbue*** an I on their r?tara sat down to a eplendld dla??r at (*tarr * llveMlla Hou*e given by t be Cona"a Coum il They w? re al e accompanied by Win II Malatyre Aid Hard, and o?her ? i-m?iab?r* of the late Hope Fire Kngine Company So 31 In the ?*>-Blng th?y visited the I vy 8r?m in Flm *'re?t by Invitation of the proprietor, aad partook of refreshments Yesterday they vrr> ??cot'eil through the city by Hoee Companv No. I and In tfce altera<-on they e>r? m?ited to a eplenlid eoila tlon at < be carriage hon?e of tbat company, in ''eat-e reraat ebere ihe n-agniftcct carrlag- of the Phlladei I h a mpeny ba* b? en lying Tbey are the gueet* of f1o*e fr mp*ny > o .3 Tbey rarrv away wl'h tLsm tha best wist)** of the fire department at large Ci rss' * (fft'.Lgiv Cat.tM* to vns P * i n . ?The n< w bulldiar* la I'ark rr w ? *n< d by W-ltt-tin h A?Ur. hate b?ert l*ft lor M?r?l Bight* pa*t open and wlth oet a debt or at>y o'h?r protect!' n to prevea' perwta* from falling iato th* ina?m?n'*. which are nearly (if t??a feet de?p A eis'it or twa ago a poor woman fell la this pit aad broke i,er leg II la hUhly reprebea sii ie t' hare m h a m .a an I wnnea trap, to the peril of humaa life and limb. Cei i isiow i>r*re? rwo - (ieorge Shepherd completes of r a* of t> Keefe ft l>urj?e'? driver* driving iato ra* (f the Knickerbocker >teg?? an I ruaaing the horses on the sidewalk, and alto beatiag tha dri ver Hasten flm Rmtir ?Patrick Casey, a hack driver, was aire*ted|on Ta**day* by officer Brown of the fi?rond ward, for ov*rehar|lag ea>l driving without a lleenee He wae taken before the Mayot aad fiaed It f"?t tm* aas rwai Jr Irmo a* Mmd ?* F?*a? Bo*rs, ? Jf'hn fiayder la jumplag oa board of th* ferrv boat a' th? fni af fivand ?treet oa Taaeday mornlac. at Hi a 'lock, fell overboard, aad wasresenad ftoa drowa iag by Wm Callaghea ttmovsi. or tet Di ??e B?**?r Cmacn t;r Towe. Tssterdav m?ralng th? aaagregatlna of the Itiiane itreet t harsh aarehaaed at privet* sale, froai ? H ludlow.tbe lot on the cornav of Fifth avwaue and Maatseatb itreet, s?teadiaf 9% fk?t a? thaareaat aad 160 feet on the street. The price ?, toon ?? a new cburoh ie bnllt on tK "J ~J Mmt eongtwlwn will MS9T* , -i'SJSiVK o.Vu *? young <leiman woman. by ' ?f Vi^r. Loub Ztienw bo was dlreovere-' the name of J*" Washington street, * J y? Coroner, on holding 4t ^ ,'i Vnn tiieited evi dence which went ? investigation, sllelted evi ?I1B ioTf \od ' o .how that the unfortunate girl the iouna into * th. aBeetioti wa* not returned by dsFDsrate an<* the object of her devotion, the became liudr ' th# result was h*r s?lf North Air tiu.l.tu. Miller, mat* ot the ship North K" erlea, from Hamburgh, lying at Pier No. 11, lounu -T?r, nu examined before the Coroner This II J if r Mt, It leant*, w?* the obleot of her affection. at?d that he wa? well amuainUd with 4"* ir -<ed, and was aware that eh* loved him ; but that he lorm*4 her a lew day* *g<1 that he would ??????? anyone unUl he wa* In better cUcumitan^i O* Tuesday night the deceased w*nt down to the iMip. andaeked to see Mr Miller, saying ihe to see him before .he died However, .he did not see him. and returied back to her residence. and <*"?* the night she administered to herself the laudanum, ?which proved ta'al. Dr Vaniier made the r*,t vxamlufttion , which exhibited oo?K?*tlon ot the brain, enured by an overdose ot laudanum. The was 20 years vt age and a native of Hamburgh, 0 many. The jury rendered a verdict, ? That the i de teased came to her death by an overdose of laudanum, administered bj her own bands." Beastly State or Intoxication.?' PoU?* report several men a* being arr**ted, for bslug round in the streets "in a beastly state of Intoxication. This a mistake- beasts never get drunk. Throwing Ashks aid G*h e*<i?: in th e Streets.? Jane Van beck and Rlohard Wright. ??w arrested on Tuesday byithe lHh.nardpoliee. lor throwing ashes In the street, and fined $1 each. Mary De.kenlm was ct mmited by Justice Mountfart, for throwing garbage in the stTeets. " Dirt'? Miohael Btokes, waj ?r^ted on Tuesday byCoflicer Thompson, ot the 1 Ah ward, for "stealing dirt oil the avenue ' In violation of the I city ordinances. Francis Kelly was *rrest*d by the I lWth ward police, for the same offence. , Criminals Discharged. -The police captains of the i fourth ward, report five ca*e* laro*ny, in *11 ot I which, the offenders were discharged by the mags I Dead Body or a Neo?o Fol'pd.? Yesterday morning, the dead body of a oolorsd man, wa* *1 Fettlgreu s wheelwright shop, cornsr of 4oth street i and Third avenue Marine Affair*. For Europe. ? The R. M. steamship Asia, Capt. Lang, called yesterday for Liverpool, with >273,673 in specie, and seventy passengers, whoso names will be ! found in another column. Steamer Victoria, owned by Mr. J. Rawdon, and ! built by J.M. Woodward, made a very .uocewful trial trip, on Saturday. She 1* Intended to trade on the ccast ot Trinidad. Commerce ok New Bedford -The Whaltman t Ship ring Liil gives the total value ot sperm oil *n'er^ into the New Bedford district Inthe year l^.at $1885,143, of whale oil, fU60 ,608; of 000 Total value of whale fishing. The number of vessel* enter.d from 140 ot which all but 9 were American. 88 of the** 1 were employed In the whal. fishery, and 52 in the foreign trade- (47 from the Britiah Province*) . The amount of duties received merchandise imported dar ing the year, wa* $16 603 18. Common Council. BOARD OF ALDKRMKN. Jan. 26.? Thin Board met at the u*u*l hour. M. Morgana, President, in the ch?ir. The minute* of th*

last meeting were read and approved. rKTIIIOKS REFERRED. Of ThnrnbnU Atkeraon. tor pier No. 84, ?0rt??W Of Robert McKerg, for pUr foot of Troy North river Ot J. B Sickles, lor pier* Nos. 47, 48. 60, ol, OA in c.a tt and pier* not numbered, with bulkhead, on the North river. To extend the limit* prohibiting the storase of gun powder in the clt* of New York. 01 Isaac 0 Edwards, for piers at the foot ot D*y and Hil ton s treat*, bulkhead between middle pier at Kult*n Market etc. Also of Lovett R . Mellon and others, tor south half of pier No 14, foot of Cedar street. REroaTS ABOriED. Renort of the Committee on th* Law Department, on the communication ol th* Counsel to the tion, asking that oertaln papers be transferred torn the Clerk of the Court ot Appeal* to the Clerk of the tity and county of Ntw York. . Of the Committer on th? Lnw D^pnrtiiont. on th# eommunloatkn from Messrs. Bogardus and Hoppln*, relative to an Iron bell tower ..i.ti.a Of the Committee on the Law Department, relative to the nreeentmeut of the Grand Jury. RenortTf the Committee on Ordlnanees. *n th* re ?ort ot the City Inspector relative to certain nuleance*. tad recommending for adoption an ?rdlnanc* me*? the evil oomplalned of. Laid on th* tabl*, and ordered '"concurring to prohibit n*w cemeteries or burylng nound* within the llmlU of the city. RErORTS REEERRED. A , Of th* Committee on the Law Department, In favor of confirming the assessment Hat tor regulating *erty - a ntr#? t frooi Blcbth t*> T?nto sv^Mti) * ^ Ninth aTean* from Thirty-eighth to Forty third the Commltte* on Ordlnanc**, providing for th* securing of th* demand* of workmen *nd others for lab*r and material* employed or expended upon work* undertaken by the Common Council. aKSOLUTION* ADOTTED. Resolved. That the erosa walk at the northerly in Urseotion of AUen and Orand *tre*t* b* reUid, under the direction ot the Commissioner ol Bepnlrs and Sup PlR^solved. That U* LegleUture be memorialised for th* paeeag* ot an act dlreetlng the Clerk ot the Uirt of Appeal* to transfer all the papere and record* in his Doesesrlon relating to the opening, widening aud ?* tending and improving *tr*?U. road* s.iuaies and public places In the city of New York to the care and custody of the Clerk of the Supreme Court ot the city and county ot New l ork, *o. aESOLlTIONS REEERREO. kMOlved That a maiket for the use *f ths dealers in country produce, to be ealled the Country Market, be built at Washington Maiket on *Ll|rh West street, ol one story high the ceiling ?'w^'ch to be siXeen feet from the floor, tolbe lighted bysky light* in the roof, and that the Commlaeloner of Re pair* and Buppliee be directed to advertise for .sU mstes. and contract therefor without delay; and that the sum of $10, COO be appropriated theretor ltM<.lved Tbat the New York and Brie Telegraph Comaaay are hereby authorised to extend their line of tefegrsph pole* from the corner of Broadway and Reads street to the foot of Reade street for ' ' pose ot connecting with the New Yoik and Krle Rail road c ffices The board then adjourned. BOARD Of AMHTAKT AI.tlllMIT Jf !?9 ? Thl* lioard mat; tb* Prealdantln tb* chair. Tb* minute* of the lMt m*etlag wara road and ap ywwi flTITIWt. From A C B*a?dlet, for relief from errca*oa* tax. Kafarred Of Ueary Brown lor eempan?atlon for 4>at(i don* to hi* property by Ih* late diaaater id Tw*nty drat atteet Th* petitioaer k* pt a auraery on grouadaad . "Inlng tha building* which fell and much of th* rub bl*b nod lamb*r t?< rem< ??d to bi? pr?nl'** which b* claim* were Injured to th* amount of $!>S0. aol thl* ?oifcunt b* mIi to have paid K*f*rrad Of Mieba*l u Donaghne. to regulate curb, and gut t*r. and etcawalk* on eonth #td* ol Grand ?tr-?i be tween Corlaer* an 1 Madlaon atreeta. Referred Num>roue appllca'len? ??r? Bad* for laaaM for whtrtea plar* and ?llp* and ware referred. aaroaia hom cmitiTTtta. Th* Committee on Btfaeta reported In favor of con torting wiib th* Board of Aldermen la a ra*olatloa to allow rn* 1 1 ?rl? m Railroad "'ompany to 1*7 a alagl* tr*rk and run th? car* from their pr***nt t*rmlnu? In tbla city to th* lowar *ed of th* Park Thl* waa am*LU*d. making It a coadltloa that th* company ahali on<*y pa***ng*ra to llarUm tor f , -?ot> ant to Thirtieth etreet for 4 cent* , and farther, that tb* (?tp?a; ehall grade th* atreet la which th* propaaad *ifan?l? a I* to h* mad*. B*v*ral oth*r amendment* were *iad* la th* r*port. which *ai *o mutilated tfat it* original friend* dl*own*d It. and r*ru**J to adopt It Th* adoption *u !o?t on a final vota R?l*>rt of th* Cootmltf** ?n Fir* I)*partm*nt. la favtr of th* *racttoa af aa iron ire alarm bell toner in Thirty 'bird afreet Accepted Pallra l*t?lll|(*ct. I.illi'y n tkr hrtt Urgtf - u mo a re Frcaaand Black, rf tb* Flret ward polle* arr*?t*d. on Monday m?hr. a young man of d?*p*rat* habit*, by th* naa>* of .Um*a Jobnaoa on a eh*'** of rcbhary In th* flr?t daft**. In :ak't.f by force trm tba p*raoa ol Weorge W Inel* re elding at N<> 13IH Atlantis *tr**t. Brooklyn hi 1a mori*y and a 'Ilk (l''\* and th* gloi* it wa* liia'lm t*n*d th* guilt on th* pri?'>n*r It appear* that Mr. * indl* wan paealng along Mw r. *tra*t oa M* way ta th* Couth f*rry, wh?n th* prleoner ?ali*d him from b* bind embracing him around the walit. aneloelng I i? arm*. thereby preventing r**i?tann* atid whll* la that position *t< I* from ih* complainant * p"<- **t th* , money and glov* la <)u**tlon Th* rogu% oa procuring ' tb* money endeavored to eecap* hut wa* captured by th* abov* ? (Beer*, and on ?**r*blng hi* peraoa th* laeatltal fioee wa* fouad la hi* pocket, hut the mcaey h?d evidently be*n either thrown away or p****d rfltoaoai* accomplice tne c?ae wa* taken ne'ere Jaatlee l.othrop who oa tha eeldenca produoed t< uiOBitt-d tba prl*on*r to the Tomb* lor trial ( '???# e/ /.??>? ?g Onmitit'l The compiailit a<*ln*t I?r Pt?i(ht ?bo>aarre?t > a aehara* of giand luteeny, we noticed ?ome day* ?lnc* havlaa been fully ln?*?ti gatfd by Juetlc* f?*bnrn ba* r**ult*d In th* honor ? hi* dlrcbarg* of the d?f?edant by the magla'rate < 0/ Slralfg <i flnrtt mni ll'*gon - A mia. by tb* n*m* of John Kfhert* wa* arr**t*d yaat*rday by cfll< *r -mttb afth* Fifth ward polle*. on a charge of M> alivg a hr.r?* and wagon. Th* ptl*on*r wa* con t*y*d before Juctlc* l.r thrc p who detained him until the w|ta*ea la thaaa*? could bo obtalnad jf'r??f tf a M-Wini .IrT' ant - Ofllear Ma*on. of th* Math ward ja*t*rday atreeted a young girl. II year* of *g* ly tb* tam* of Catherine OHonnar, **r*ant In tb>' n. ploy of Mr John Po*t re*lding at No lul llrratio rtreet oa a charge of *t*allng ? It la gold The acrua*d wa* tak*a before Ju*tiee McU rath, who ertnmltted h*r to prltoa for trial fiat f ?f /*/?? I't cfcfitu Ofllcer lld*r ye*f?rday moralai arretted a g*at?*l looking |oua? man hy tha nam* of .)?>(, a Quiaey Adam* on a warrant l*?u*d by Joattcf. Oehora wh*r*la he ?tanda rharaed with obtain ing M'to frrm .loha f. Rtrub oa th* 17th day o< Nov>*h<r IMMi i;a the arr**t ol aaother party aoa ?*tn>d iime few wrek* ulnca. th* partloulara ware then pal, II hed Tha fal*e pretaaoa however aon eleted brfegy in r?pr**eh.'la? that a certain plane of laad uaatedln Maa*a.hii?? tt* wa* worth *om* twalva tb< u>aad dollar* wh?a la t. "th aad la faat It ?a? a of worth an* third of that amo. at Tha d**d of tald n*rty wa* nad? o>.t la th* it.i* of Adama, tha tldual nc? nn1*r avt**t Jaatloa Ofhoyn d*Ula*d tfce ?'cu??d far ? 'itf'.fcar hearing Theatrical*. Bowaav TKiATm?.-H?? performance fnl tin of the "Templar," rec?*ved every night with ticn to the patron* ol thli tamous and very popular ,, of ?mmttiiit Mr J H. Scott perlorms the character of Gaston U Maroh with great dramatic ability MUs Wemyse, aslsollne, b ???Uj?t, and Kenno, as b.rtrand, b capital. The scenery b beautl lul thk eoitimr* rich, end the ?ctwg throughout b good Miss lilflert wilt ling one of her fads which will b ? loilowed by the sterling drama ol the '- Idiot Witness or n Tele of Blood " These two piece* are in themselves sufficiently ettraotlv.todraw a lull hcuM, but Mr Hamblin seems not ocntented to give hb patrons a reasonable share of amueementa, inl consequently h.. added to the abovs ith? .excsl lent comedietta ol ?'Oriiuion Crimes Those who wish to pees an evening in pleasure and rational enjoyment have tbni offered to them ? programme Ol Tery attrao tl Biioadwa **T 1 1 r a t * k ? The great success of the bean Uiul romantio spectacle of" Feustue," to unprece dented in the aanale ul theatrical affaln ? **"7 at an early hour, this large and beautiful establish ment is crowded to snffooatlon We are not '?prto?d at this whe* the great eptondor and magnificence of the piece is taken into consideration. What light so beautiful as that of Venice, with gondolas passing and repassing, preparatory to the earnWel scene, with nearly two hundred pereoue In grotesque and sumptu ous costumes. The ballet here introduced is surpass inelv beautiful? Spanish Oarucha. La Mere Glgone, PatJe in the chapter of More, El Torero, Tamborlne , Galop, Classlo Gymnastle Feats, and Or??d do Galon The acting of Dyott, Conway, Davidge, Mad. Vonifi, and Mrs. Abbott is nightly rewarded with -h?.ra The entertainments commence with the new and eie.Tl.nt eomedy of ? My Heart's Idol." Dyott, Conway, and Mad Ponbl, play their respective parte with great dramatlo ability. Baton's Thfatm -Another very attractive bill for this evening. We would here say, when has it beeu otherwise with this famous Thespian temple, but te . gm programme of entertainments Hun Sreds answer "never." Tonight, the entertainment! will commence with the excellent comedy of - Dombey and Son " The characters In this piece will he tilled by Mr. Burton, as Cuttle; Blake, a tine ao,or> ?? Bag* stock' Jordan, one ot the best representatives of Car k? Howard, a* Dombey; Bland, a capiUl actor, as; Mrs Kussell as Kdith , Mrs. ?*erritt as Susan Nlnnerfolri Hughes as Mrs Bkewtonj and Miss Hill a? Florence Dombey. A taverite ballad by Mrs. Holman. [aide Bayadere by Mma Walters, and the or chest, a will execute severs 1 beautiful gems from the operas. The entertainments will conclude with the new come dy of My Heart's Idol " Leopold, Mr Jordan; Bor rowltz, Ml Lester; Mad. Beinsteln, Mr?. Skerrett, Louise, Mrs. Russell; and Baroness Bomwiti, Mrs. Holman. Oo early, or seats oannot be obtained. Nationai.Thkairb -The bill cf entertainment pre lented at thb bou/e is highly attractive, and worthy i of a larger audience than that whUh assembled te wit- , ness the performance last evening, yet those who were there had a rioh tuat and enjoyed themselves most heartily Tke " Kiench Spy" wee received with great enthusiasm, and the graceful Miss Hath way met with the warmest enthusiasm for her representation Bhe was called before the curtain, nt the conclusion of the drama, to receive the acknowledgements of the whole house, acd responded to the call in a few erateful expressions The new prize comedy, entitled the ' Dry Goods Clerk" was repeated and was received with the plaudits which greeted it on ite former re presentations, and whioh will no doubt encourage the manager ta keep it belore the public for same time to come The spirited manager of this house b dei. rving of the patronage ol the people of New \ ork. as he everlanxiona to encourage native talent, in bringing for iXch piece. as the Dry Goods Clerk, " tending to show the reform that is Becurarv to tirri l w* portion ol the community, and the benefit, which in to be derived by the lyitem of early closing. An ex tensive fairy spectacle is in preparation at the National, and will be shortly produced with gorgeous reentry and appropriate decoration!. The pr.ient conipany ts highly efficient, and the entertainments are worthy of patronage, end will doubtle.s be reward cd elth overflowing houiei Brougham's Lrtti'M. ? Thto perf.ctiyeu of a thea tre is now the acknowledged temple of amusement lor the fairest ol our lair belles and the most rsepectable families. Thb fact is most flattering to Mr. Brougham, proving that his discretion in excluding every objec tlonable feature from his theatre, b marked and ap^ proved of by those whose support and patronage give tone and character to the establishment. The new opera ol the ?," b one ol theusoet .harm, ini? p reductions of th. aeaoon The music to light, catching-sparkling with melody, and admirably lung, the plot alio, to highly amusing and Interesting cau* InJ WtVbwTu of laughter and applaue.. Mary Taylor as Henrlette has achieved th. greeteet ol her many triumphs ; Julia Gould sings swerfly an* looks beautiful and Mrs Lod.r acquit* h?i.lf with great crtdit To Mrs Blake no less praise to d*o? ho.- sing ine and acting are both capital; Mr Dunn a? Bene diet, sings with taste and ability. The ?Ambeeaadrees attain to-night, with Raymond and Ka?o Horn In the laughable lirce called the " Kton Boy," and Uwens as the ' Spectre Bridegroom. ' Bar*vm'? Mi s?> m -We observe that this Is the lart day, but two, of the performances here of the popiflar Donaldson's Sereaaders, whoee uegro miuetr.Uy, dancing, ke , have excited eo muoh and such enthu ?la.tlc admiration In all quartow They an ^de?ldo?j artists ol the moet superior order, and thrir extra ordlnlry efforts d.lbht -M who wbaaje th-m We no.lcetbat the pretty romansa called the Wood^ man s Spell," and th. charming entitled the ? Illustrious Stranger," are performed in t saloon, thb afternoon and evening. In conjunction with the diversions ol the serenadere Barnum 4 w Indeed a moot admirable place of public amusement. Ciaci s.- The grand caravan Fa???nt, with lU goreeous processions ol eomela. elephant*, eharlou. Tartar cavalry Its olegant garland dances oombat* and coro nation of th. snblim. Sultana, not forg.tting th. thrilling .n hor*back. Is to b. repeated this evening, together with th. Gladiators on horoeba.h, by Franklin and Kuanalb, and th. lalry act ol hereo manship by Miss Mary Ann S slto OLVMric -Those who oan relbh beautiful paintings. | should by all means call at the Olymolo ? iplendld panorama ol varloui beautiful Irish scene 1 t, is being exhibited every evening T- , are natlv.. of Ireland, and who were obliged to J*-k ! refuge In th. land of th. free, happy America those scenes will be likely to reeal to their minds aseooia- ? tions of the dtarsst character SvoersK. II*. u -The exhibition of the Waatltal Ubleaux cf New Ko*iand glvee great pleasure . the ( viiiters it ?? may judge from th. approbation be- j rtewtd ' on each fainting Th. attendance is ro- | s pee table. PiLoam's Paocaasa This beautllul and Inotru.tlv. , panorama, w. are glad to perceive, la attracting b'gh {v respectabl. audiences. The painting Is a work of great artistic msrlt and no doubt will oontinue to at tract large aaeemblage* I Niei o's Garhio.? The great theatrical captain. Wtl llam Wlblo, Is sgain in the fbld with a v.ry | coiuDacy. In addition to the celebrated Hou-eet bal lot company be Las engaged M ile '/lie. Mons Bres sanl Mons Durleu. and several other distinguished , artists from Paris, who will appear In afrenchmu ileal piece on Monday evening next. Jiulcal. Iulim Ortas Ilouea - The reietltlon of " Knaeo tod J nllet " or rather of H?Ulnl ? opera on that thrn? \ till toll pile* to tlfkl end there la every reesen to 1 believe that our c?? American fMtlllt ?iU again shine u >t? did at bar rfr W, and with awn Increased omtidenee. Nmr, perhepe. did a lad y appear a pon tha Ijrla eta*e to meat with spontaneous encourage ment, evoked by the pr< miae of her own talent*, and w# >h??ld not emit lo state. tbat every person neeted with tha Italian company ha* fx en constant In kindness towardii tba yontht'il aspirant Parodl'a generru* nature baa particularly appeared io tba pub lic scene aad at tba rehearsal* ai.4 to ulcbt her Juliet will b? found an Improved a-tres* Of tha great p?r *<a<ti<not Parodl w? aball have m re to s*y tomor row It la on* *( tboee im pressive i?/? which de mand study, aad la too highly elevated for ldlego.sip Una K*at ra'a Mi ?ic*l Fkbtivsl. -Herr Krauia will give a concert at TripWr Uall on Saturday tba M h of nait imn'h which promises to be a very piquant a flair In th? vocal aud instrumental way. There will ba no lea* tbsn thirty pimm of musle In trod need In tba neond part amt of th?a? h.*in< sung in almost aa many different dialect* Of modern Ian goages Tbte will ba a very novel eahlbltton Tba orchestra of tha Italian opera will perform durin* tba evening led by H?rr K rentier Atnon< tba aolo p-r former* will be the celebrated Heer Qr'abel the vio linist, Pjehcwskl. the piaiiKt . II rr Kits Meyer, Pail* and Pig?' rlna R Oandolll "Ignore TrnfH Be asdettl will also appear on tha o union On the ? h l?. tbi* concert seem? to promWe a very great result for tbe vocalist who ia to give tha oono-rt Cmbist?'* Mi"?t*bl* ?Tba programme annoi?n?d for thia evsntng I* a capital one Ktery description of negro melody Kxoellent instrumental performance* toloa on tbe violin and guitar which would do are lit ta any concert room and dancing of ?n e*.|ul?ite cha racter Oeorge * witty sayings keep tbe bona* In roar* af laughter. Pillow*' Monona Thia band l? tenoning every day mote papular. K nea*. tba musical arranger. is a gr?at ici|Ulrltlon and Horn la a starling representative of nagto character The entartalnm-ot* eoa*i*t of aegro roogs musical performance* and dancing of every character. ]X?t amenta of lllitlngnKbrd People, .1 Har'tn MlMlssippt; J. Miller Philadelphia J. 0 frlen. Baltimore , Mercer Jonee. Cnnada; A Hish >p, Wmbl?|to?, U U Morton Roaton. wer* emongst the ari ivel* ra?t?rday at l h? Astor Hon M 0 Hmrey ponghkaepala; St George T Campbell. Philadelphia, Oeorge llariltng. Philadelphia; 11 r Clark. U H A , W A Jackson Virginia. T II 01111*. Leiloston. Ky j A H Wallace l,oul<?U|e K W Ratley, Philadelphia Chamtloa llrowa, t?an%dt; Charlea Lynian (melon, K A., Bo. ton. J I, lie Wolf, ttieton. H?l J. W Brooka Mlchliran. wera among the arrival* at tbe Irving llou*a ye*terday. Caftala Oalano ahlp Albert Oallatin Geo Kennedy Pittsburgh, ? VoorhUa Morrtrtoan. J Reynold. New Bxitord; t)r Par<|uahur. C. 8. N , arrived yea t- rday at the Am^lean Oeorge Thomp?o?. the Ingtl'fc abolltlonlat, I* lying ?erloua y ill at Ho?ton Colonel Ward T"f*?; t'apt. TI Pmlth (?* ; 8 Rim *ay U f N ; J >'? MorM, Tenn ; O P Poet Conn , and J B Cooper Albany w?re among tha arrival* yeeterday at the Ullntrn Motel. tiovatnor WultBian and lenator Ruek have recently . h?ld a eorreepoedence relative to a remark aald to have been maoe by the latter, la a speech la Texas Tbe affair waa as lankly settled. C'lorel t remor.t will not take bla esat In the genate during the present saaalon of Oongreaa. being d?taln?J la ('altforala by Indlsnceitloa Ooveraor Houet on delivered a leatare la Philadel phia on the iftth Inst oa the history of Taiaa, Fanty Cntlery. frwm the Mnnaraetcnrtea ft Jnt g 4eara, Oae w nienhnlm. ? c, Ttis aasortwent ?<n br? ?? tl* *???t ^nality of Imml P?*kaivas. and ??ar ar t tales fat vailat asa. 8AUbl?RR^ U7 Hr?sdwaf, Ccnar af Id baity it., ut $fi Rruadway. The ?rand Carnival at TMplcr Kail.? On Monday aext. hle brilliant event will soma off. Nlfv la tbis or U|>;ib? ' ??ty a publio ball been given by ? priva'o in*l?t Jual, tht tlrketa of whioh ware redeemable at their cost, after tha to e The Ira* men in the State harn beeu invited? the tire'. man In tha ally take part in the arrangement*. Tha company will oomprlse tha alita of New York? the fancy d renin#, muaic, decoratione, in abort, all (be aecompanln anta ? ill be ??i>arb; and. remember, when ail U aver. every ticket iegood f< r two dollara' worth of bijouterie, or netful article*, at Tuttle'a unrivalled emporium, 348 Broadway. Row Is the time to secure yourself a Bnlld~ Ing Lot, at tbe uew village of College Point, about eighs mile* fron New York. It haa just bean laid out into 800 lota, SB by 1U0, each lot Tbe li>,it 200 are nailing at the low price ot seventj-tive dollar*, and 2U of thom remain yat uninld. Tkoee who apply this day, may save |2*. ThurawitS be two steamboat* running to at d from the abeve Til lage, every half hour? fare, only li'^uenti Only part o( the inenay will be required to be paid down, and tha balMou. in monthly inatnlmente. All precaution will be u?ed te frevent the establiehment of any butineai that will prove etrimental ?o the health and pro*i?rity cf raid village. Thie place will, nndi ubtedly. iacreaee very rapidly, aa man]/ of thoee who have ? I r< ady pnrehaeed are going to build Im mediately. From four to twenty luta will be Bold to eompa? nice, and loeated immediately. A liberal <li*oount will be paid to thoee wha are diepoeed to pitrcha*o a* above. Call at the office of Lnnglev Si rlau mar, 227 Wootter itreet, from nine A. M to niee r. It. There will bo a railroad ma<l?, te run from Wil!iam?burgh to Flashing and alio a plank read; and 'hen the merchau< and ineohanio can be in the city be fore? o'clock in tha morning Tina ia one of tha >aa> ohaDCei yat offered in th'a country. It ii bettor than Mor - rieania, rerdhem, or Monticello. To Pcifcet tbe hand-writing In one course ef tuition, aa (JOLOtifc ITU i* now doing, at bin well known recrnt, tbV B< ?aclway, a thought by lome pereena an ;cpja ?ibllity Let them call and judge fo r thenuelvea. In the day of "a'ow coaenea." people soouted the idea of rail road*. Lardatr aaid we could not ateain acrois the Atlantic, laeh of theio miraolea ia now a fait asoompll. Fresh ArItsIi?E. U. Ncwmsn, 331 Broadwat , baa reeeivoa a 1 .t embroidered hitudkerohief*, at (1; embroidered night cap < 2a. lid. to .'U . bieakt:lst alnoven. Is 6d. Some beautiful collars, chemisette*. lafaat's robe*, waists. out ruideiod under aleevei, which ha i* selling at Tory low price* a!?o, a lot black lace demi \eila, 30 pec cent under uaual puce* Strictly on the iuiall pralil system. With bo deviation ia prloos Vslentlresl Veientlnt s! I? Tattle has Jml opened a*|>lenaid assortment of Valentines at the Emporium, ?'it Bread* ay. Notice.? Every per?on (uroha. ing a ticket for Tuttle'a (irand Fancy Dron CiTicaml Military Ball, will be entitled to its full value ( 12) ia Valentine*. or in fancy or useful article* t every description, from the immense stoek. at the kmporium. Tioketa should bo oailsd for soos, at they are selling rapidly. Attention Dagturr*ot]rplsti US rest Aoe ilon Bale ol eoverui l.WUO Mar date*. No. 40. Also, valuable Carved Wood Daguerreotype Fratnea to fit up* gallery, and a large lot of French Paasepartou t,s. by F. C. Lawrence k Co., f Wall street, this day. The goods sire i eady for examination. Knch aa opportunity rarely ooeurs. Comb Factory, 387 Broadway?Shell and BuHalo born XUeea Combe ?This "election, acknowledged tbe lineot in the oity, ha* of lute bad many additions, a nd ladies will bed, on examination, eombe of ?n entire new style, not to bo obtained in any othor establishment. Combs made and repaired. A. k J. SAUMDIRS. 3E7 Broadway. Pha Ion's Mstgle Hair Dye, to Color the Bairor W bieker*. *ue moment it is applied, without Injury to the lair or ?kli>. I can bewwhed immediately, without distnrbing Vheolor, and haa no bad odor. It is applied, or sold, at PU/*L.yN'B * ig Faotory, No. 1V7 Broadway, corner of Dey street; and by all tho druggists, oity and oountry. Hair 9ye?? Uateltelor's Instantaneous U> qnid Uair ^ la. sv celebrated ia London, i'an*. Uoctoa, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, kr , can only bo pro eored genuiue at the m wufaotory, 4 Wall street. Now York The public must beware of conaterfeits. See my various di plomas It it for sale wholoaalo and retail, or applied. Cop J lbs addrtst. (Great Improvement In Hair I)ye~Hallard't Sin i remm tu *i.lciJur me ha:r any ahaue ia twenty mi nute*. without, tie trouble of waehina before or alter tht application Fortal* bv Ruehton, < lark k Co.. C'ristadora. Dibie*. Ri'geway. Milbau and Pally, Bro\d?*v: Union, Bowery; Mr* Haya. Bn cklyn. Ottiee 14ft Fulton street, oor aer ol Broadway. For tale or applied. Wlfi and Toupees.? Persons wlshlns a ?try superior W'g or Toupee should oall at Batoheltr's eelebrated Migtaetory, No. t Wallet They will ftad be perfeatly naderatande all thoir requirement*; no matter kow difflcnlt. he nover fail* to fit the head; in faot ke knows bit bualnea*, and maktt a bntinatt of ii. Copy his address. Sad glTo him a eaH Watt's Nerrons Antidote presides OTer the largest number of die?a>ea of any mediome, and hae gain ed tbe > gheat peaiitle pi ?h of celebrity. It onree at onoe all aeivou* sfflicticne neuralgia, tic dolouronx, (paatnt, cramp _,d, ia faot, all the long lkt of nervous aifections. $1 parV ,,le; $?_p*r d< im. fcott T. WAITS. K. D., 410 (Ireenwieb stwet. n ON ST MARKET. W Ll>*l KADil, J>0. OT-flP.M. The stock market opened with a disposition to re alize at lower prices We annex the ehaagas, a* com pared with the cloee of the sacond board of yartar day:? Farmers' Loan declined \X ; Morris. X?; Canton, 4, JCrle, l;liatleoi Long Island, X; Norwich, 1; Hudson River, ; Reading, 2; Mohawk, 1. The basinets of the seaond board was lnterrapt*4 by the rannr of the sadden disappearance of on* of the members of the board of brokers, taking with hla about seventy. five thi utaod dollars of money belong, ing to various broker*. In earns of from Ave to taa thousand dollar*. The mode adopted was not aa unusual one aa It t as been practis?d frequently ba lore In Wall street The party purchased about 600 Erie Railroad shares' 400 Partners Loan ,ai.d 800 Reading, which war* paid for In his checks on the Merchant*'^*' ange Rank. The stock* were then re- transferred to other boa***, whose check* be received, and converted them into bank cotes; since which time the party ha* not bsaa heard from, nor have hi* shook* been paid at tha bank. It would net be an inappropriate time to re mar k that In all ea*a* of defalcation of brokor* than have ever occurred la Wall street, not an tnetanca ha* ever come to our knowledge of any one broker wh? had been brought up a clerk In any house, to whoa a similar imputation could be attached Ry atel*gra|bic ?>>petch reeelvtd from Phlla4el phla. we hear of an extensive failure on the Stock Ex change tn that elty. The stesmshlp Asia, sailed to day for Liverpool took out M73 673 It; specie. Annexed Is the statement of tha Assistant Treaa?r?r t? day ? Reeelvtd 63 Paid 2u 4M 67 Halau** 4.0M.0M W The following proceedings show that the Long Island Railroad is looking up again ? tl'rsiMi i A or nuoi. Tht Hrtoklyn and Jutnwia Hniiroad Campuny ofaanat 7 '? /-on t I, land Kailrood Cam pang, I. Mmm Mayaard. Jr tbe Receiver of the Long lalard Railroad i appointed In the above rati ll?d piMf*llD| do htt'bj otrtliy thai K. W Clark bar thin day pud to ai* lli- mo ol 000 to cub and that 1 hn> d>po?|ted the ran* to the New York Life aLlTit-it'o to ray credit aa Raoelver, In CI mpliance with ill" J I vlairne at an order Jaljr enter ? d In tbe tlifM ?n*t'led proceeding and hearing data t b* vi>\ day ' f "ri a-jr m thl* year 1961 Jan uary 26 A tl 1UI MOgKS M4VN4RB. Ja Re-alver Long Ialand li?il-oad 0a. Rki Cltrt*. flrr. : . it. lh January from H?m May. ?v<l Jr . Ra?etT*f Of tbe I. ong Ialand Railroad Co all tbe property nark affect* and * |Ui'*ble Intereat# of tbe l.otg Hailroed Company In bl? p*?*eak>n aa mii fc Receiver. ?? p't tba wuhia Inventory, and an d?r and by virtue ?> t'.e otder of the Supreme Court. Dalad Xi* January 1^41. ISAAC* IHVtl.iVD, Preildc nt Long Ialand Railroad Co. Tl.e ree? ipta ol Una rind Inr January. 1851. ara about forty p?r cent mora than tbay war* Id J an nary, Id So and the eenditlin ??*? Imprond Soma geatle nienol b iff b ?'aadirJ{ of Philadelphia aad H >aton have I ?? n added to the dtfartlM . an 1 It I* Qoafldently ?!? {??tad tbaUibie etmpaay ??111 l* enabled lo pay a mall dl?ld*ad from Ha taming* thia ye?r We hope o. Tha -anaua return* ahow that Long Ialand ha* In itilMd mora thai* any other pal t of tha Stata la popu tlian which ought t->tnor*a*e tha buainet* of tba road' Tba laat annua! report ol the Auditor of th? Stat* ? Okie givea a greet many lnter**tlag and Important a?ta connected with the financial affair* of the State ' h* receipt* and di'boraemant*. during the year end ing Nov 16. 18t(i, were a* annexed ? Pi***?K?or Ohio? Rhi?i i *ao KirfaniTraaa ? 1160. aacairta, Taxea ccll'cted by county treaaurera being gineral r?i-nu- canal aad feboot tale* of Imu agricultural fund, delinquencier of ) Ml. and for feiture* . fl.243.6M S3 4* Tne* on prr.f?**ion* pedlar*' licnae*. foreign iratirance c<m panl?* auo tlo?*. and joint *to#k cnmpantee. . . Taie* paid Into the Htale treaaury through A a litor of rtta'e a ofllue. . . Mi*c> llareitia It ? aa et general revenue Canal toll* and wat- r rent* received. . Turnpike and canal dividend* f'ai ai land* aold Stirplit* revenaa repaid by conntle*.. ? febf r| and m!fiet?rial land* aold. . , . Inf. reef r n *urpln* revenue paid by eonatlt* Tax on hank* and State Inaaranoe eOmpanlee Toll* m H**tern R*a*rve end Manmee road N aft' nal Road ff ila r?celvad ? laitn* eollecteil hy the Att'y General. MiacelUaeoa* Item*, Total nmr.nat of re?*lpta during the year 19M? $IMHI 416 Balance In tbe treaaory, Nov 16. 1940 . 666 466 40 S Amount applicable to tbe diaburae manle of 1960 $3 091 993 II 9 M*m aamaaTa. Bllla drawn for appropriation* and re deem** at the Treasury >391 1M W a Repairaif publln wcrk* i-hecki of aet Irg ermral**loner* paid. p.p. It* of Natloral t< ad cheek* paid Intereat oa domeatln bond* Intereat on apeoial aabonl aad truet fnade CommrD retool Inad pal l to ?onatieo *> J?7 62 8 87 m 47 P 3 101 47 ? 72* 0M 73 0 2!? and an o 42 SRI 41 0 177 213 M I M 271 03 0 68 741 SI ? 66 429 36 0 U04.3 o 17 010 11 O 4 271 12 <y 7.467 48 T 320 M? 00 > 47 241 66 i> 29 6*4 90 ? 07 272 91 0 2t? WAI 00 ?

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