Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6076. MORNING EDITION ? SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. SHIPPING. ?0E LIVERPOOL.? UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM ? ? tilip ARCTIC. Cant. J. C. Luot ? Thit tteamahip will -_?**? wit'1 th# mailt f?Ev?pe, poeitively, oa Wedueeday, Febrnary 5th, ?t 12 o'oloek, M. from her berth It th? foot of Qaaal ttreet. No ber<b mom red until paid for. All litUn mat papen mast pim through the Pott ofBee. For freighter having uneiialted aoeommodatloni for ilnnot or oomlort, ?; to ED WD. K. COLLINd. M Well it Potitivtly go freight will bo r*oelvi(i on board after Moa "*ay evening, Feb. 3d. The eteamer Atlaatio will tuotaed th? Arctio, aod nail February 19th. NEW YORK AND(JI AVRE STEAM NAVIGATION COM pany.? For llavro aud Southamptoa? Tho United State! "Mall Steamer F1ANKI IN, 2.100 toai burthea, Jamet A. Wotton, commander, will leave for llarr*, touching at IScuthainptoa to Ian < the mailt and pateoagere, oa Batata ay, Fibraary Bth. Btoppiug at Sonthamptoa. the above tmmI effort to patienger! proceeding to London ad v eat age t over aay other routo. in th? economy both of time eat monoy. PnM of paseage to Ilarro or Southampton, f I3U. Alllettert matt pate through tho poet ottte. For freight or pattagt, apply to MORTIMER LIVINQh*#N. Agtat, 63 Broadway. Till ROYAL MAIL STEAMER M1RI.IN.CA1T. BAMP H't, will tail ftr Bermuda and St. 1 homat, on Saturday, tht 8th of February, 1161, at noon She hat eioelleat ae oommodatioat for peaeeagera. Price of pat-age to Bermuda, %S6; to Bt. Thorn at, >7". There 1* a regular mail communi cation between bt. Thoiaae tad all the Wott India Iilandi, HartL.a, Vera Crut, Veaeiaela. (to The Meilin will take ralffht. Apply to B. CUNaRD. Jr.. 38 Broadway. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMfAM Y.-THE PI B lie are informed, that aader the ertaagemeate of thil Company, tteamert iatpeeted aad approved by the Navy De partment, and earrying the Ualted Stated mailt, will ooa tinue to leave Panama aad Baa Franoitoo oa the Brit and jfteonth daytof eaeh month, unlett detained by anavoida tie accident or the aea- arrival ef the mailt at Paaama. The oiaamert of the tint of the month will touoh at Aeapuleo, .Ban Blat, Matatlan. San Diego, and Monterey. The tteamere jf tht fifteenth of the moath will toueh at Aoepuloo; bat at ao other Mtzieaa porta. The new tteamehlp COLUMBIA will ply regularly, after her arrival ia the Peel ft o between Baa Fran oi too aad portt la Oregon, awaiting at the formot port the arrival ef Mailt aad pateengera from Panama, and returaiag without delay With mailt aad paeeengere for the following tteamer from Baa Francitoo. A regular line of propellere will be kept u p .'or the traaiportatioa of freight aad trantitnt patttngrre between Panama and San Fraaoltoo. I The connection ia the Atlaatie will be maiatatned by the ?teamthipt EMPIRE CITY, leavlag New York on the thir ?*' Vend CHEROKEE leaving New York on the tweaty eighth of eaoh moath for Chagret. A third boat will alto bt kept in New York at a tpare tteamer. The new tttamihipt CARIBBEAN aad PBILADELPIIA will form a direct line between New Orleant and Ch agree, leaving at taoh perlo't at will enanre at little deteatiea at poetiblt on the Ittnmnt, ana forming, with the Paeifte tteam - I ahipe, a through liae to and from New Orleaat aad portt in Jfti ro, California aad Oregon. Tl roach ticket! for an* month saa be teea red ea applica tion to the Compaay, M South ttreet. New York. Applica tion! fcHpattage from Ntw Orleant thoald be made'to ARM STRONG LAURA SON A Co., Ageatt at that rlaoe. New York. October SI. I "80. UNITED STA1ES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANT. I 1'or Havana. New Orleam aad Ubagret.? Through ticket! to San Franeieoo at reduced ratet. Ntw Orleaat patenter! trantferred at Havaaa to the double- engiee eteam ehlp Falcoa. Oa Tatede>, February 1 Ith, at 3 P. M.. the tplendid double-engine tteamihip QEORUIA, 3,000 teat burthen. D. D. Porter, U. 8 N., Commander, will tail p re cur I J at 3 o'otoek P M . from her pier, at foot tf W arrea ttreet. N. R., with the govirnment mailt, direet for Havana am d Uliagret. Freight taken to Ch egret at utnal rated. Specie only taken on freight te Havaaa aad New Orleaad. For pttiag* or freight, ipnTv to M. 0. ROBERTS, 177 Weet ttreet, oorner of Warrea._ I." u SAN FRANCISCO-TUB NEW, NB1F YOKE H bnilt, olipper thlp 1NO. Captaia R. B. Little, will meet -With detpateh for the above port. Thu beautlfal ehip re quire! only tht impection af thippere, at pier Ne.l North river, to tarare preference in freight, for wbiob apply te S1FFKEN a IRONSIDE. No. > Broadway. POM BAN FRjflil CISCO? DISPATCH LINE-TEE tp'tndid A 1 fatt tailing paeket ihip ANOLO-AMEEI CAN , at Pier 7, E. E , hai a large portion of her cargo ea vaged end now going on hoards immediate applieatlea taoald be mtde Buperior aecommodatioat for a ftw t.rtt and aacond < thin pateengort, E B SUTTON it C<K, Hd Wall atraet, at Join oquen. in wall tweet. FBATANNAB rill NEW AM> >PI.EN Dl D Btetmthip FLOBIP A. Captain Thomat Lroa. will leave New York for Savaanah on Saturday, let February, at 3 o'cloek, p.m . from Pelr No. t. North River. For freight eff pattage apply te 8ANUBL L. MITCH ILL, 1M Front ttreet. Theatricals. Bowrm Thutik - Tbe ??me very attractive Mil M last evening lnoflered tor the amueement ot tbe nu' nerous visiter* ot thl* eetnbllehment The perfor oucti will commence with the tragic play of tha *' Ttmplar," with Mr J K Hoott in hi* great charaater of ( ? a * to d La March ?nd Mi** Wemvaa u Inollna. Thl* piece will be followed by the comedy ot '' Raising tha Wind," and the inu?Banti will termlnata with tba celebrated drama of tha ?* Plrata of tha Islei," which U greatly admin-d. Bsoauwav Tm Bat a it Still hundred* ate teen wand lag their way every eveulog to *ee the grand romantio spectacle ot " Fau*tus. or the Damon of Draeheatals," which I* produced on ? aeate ot (ark grandeur and magnificence, tbat on* never tlrea In baholdlng It Tba oarnlval eoeae alone exhibits auoh a great variety of performances beautifal ballet danolng and other ac oellent esarciaea. that It amply repay* the vlnlteri. Tba comedy of " Faint Heart Never W n Fair Lady'' comm< naea the entertain manta. Ntai.o's Gabi<k?- Thl* famcn* establishment will open i n Mendsy evening nut. with tha o*lebrated bal let trevpr oonilRtlng of Caroline Adelaide, Tereelne, Clementine and Maine Rouiaet with a toll and elfea live <<"!>? <!' hatUt The entertainment* will aonalet ot the new grand ballet ct ?? Cater inn " with the inicnita hie Mile Oarolire Knuaatl at " atari n a Tba perfrraancee will nommence with th? French operatlo raudetllle of " Indiana and Charlemagne '' Iraisn aTiuiTai --A bill of unuaual attraotioa la offered for thla evening The performance* will com aance with the oomedy of tha " llypo -rate " A oomio da tit e by Mr Uoorley, which *111 be followed by ?? Dia mond cat Diamond. Mite Walter* and M. Frederic will dance a pai Je duu , the orcbeatra will eieeute varlou* beautiful overture*. and the entertainment* will eoneluda with the drama ot " Woman* Life.'" Thla programme will tave the effect of crowding tha bouee On Monday eveuing Mlaa J. Hill, ? great tavorita. take* her benefit. Naiiokal TMriraB.? Thla evening Mlaa Hathaway the eucoeeafttl o. hutnvtt take* her benefit, when a very attractive bill la offered. The prrformancee commence with the new priie drama of the" Dry Oocd* Clerk,'* after which a medley dance, by Ml** Malvina. The nail feature will be the ' Devil In Pari*, with Ml** Hathaway In five oliaracferi, ahe will alio appear in a fancy danae Tlil* will be aucceeded by the ?' Right* of Women " Ml** Malvina will appear In a 8wl?a dance, and all nkll elcte with tba " French Spy ." Baoi r.H*M'* TnrtTar.? Another great bill for thil evening The >? A mba'fadreia." which ha* been ar ranged with such graat mutlcal ability by Mr (ieorge Loder will commence the performance* Thla will I >e followed by the comedietta ot " Wllfnl Murder Mile Dney-Barre an 1 t. W flmlth will dance a grand Pa* de D en x from l.aUlaelle, and the entertainments will conclude with the farce at HulJ.n Thought* ' The orchestra will eiecate eeveral melo.liou* musical places. Aureus* Xriti at.? The performanoea of this day are for the benefit of " Donaldson ? Hereunder* " la the afternoon the peitormaanee will con*l*t of " Char lotte Temple and negro melodies, and In the ev? alng of the "Ilelr at Law " end varleu* negro m?l<> lle* by Donaldson's ?ereaed*re Mie* Chapman, Mr t'latke. Andrew* and other eminent artist*, will ap pear la the comedy Oiai > * ? A? iravaov PiaroaH??< r In order t? a? mm 'date famillea and others who prefer Attending In tfc- day time the grand epeetaele oi the - Revolt of tbellari m *111 be fertormedat the Amphitheatre, thla afternoon aa well a* In the evening The circus I* p!?e*anlly warmed throughout, and the entertain m?nt* la the evening are generally ovar about tea o'clock. f neiiMt ai tmi PiiuaiM '* Pao>. art* Weknowof wo m-re ajrteeabl- mode ot pa**lng an evening than by vleitlng (hi* magnificent picture It ha* already been rleltrd ky thousand* and we have heard but one o In lon that It I* the fln?et painting of tha sort ever hlblted In thl* aountry Oiimpk The ha 4iii i f nl Panorama ot Ireland It at tract ng large aa*emMeset to *?e It nightly It Ian ?very de*ervlng work ot art. and the exhibition 'a ten Jeted doably pleaaant hy the eloqne&ne of tha lecturer R ? * ? ? ? Win mm* - Thl* great favorite and oapltnl delineator ot Irl*h rbara ster commences an engage laent la Philadelphia, on Monday evening salt. f#uri of Kprrial *ie**1ona Before Judge Bebee. ?ui aldermen Bturtevant and Hard J aa 81 ? 7V<1 fmnrt fm kit urn 0a* t- Thl* morning, ?t man named David Mcarthy wa* put on trial, In Special BeMlcna. charged with aaeault and battery, eom-nl'ted an the per*"n or Mr John llndaon under the tollawlng elrciira*tanee* It appeared that Mr tlnd'oa vlaltad a *hooting gallery In the building \eown at Uotblo Hall Rioedway. near Pearl *tmet Wlille there, a lamp wa? accidentally broken and the >he?-per of th* | lace char?ed the blame of breaking It ipon Mr Hud ' n ana la*l-ted upon hi* paying fhr It To all thl* Mr llnd**)* objected, and left the place ~ i e v a* follow. d Into the ?treet by the pileonerand Anther per*on. and a**alled hy them MeCarthy only waa - n trial, and while tha wltnee?e* were balng e?. tnlned a etnnrt looking p?r*on came forward, and laklnir the position ef ?oun?el began to eroaa ignaetloa tbewltneeae* To emne ot hi* ijue*tl"n* ??* *f the wltn???ea replied. " Why yon ought to know nil about 1 1 jon were there at the time and aided the priaeoer " ' How la thl*' e?.ld the presiding Judge; Mr Clark, let ii* look at the nompUInt " The complaint was ao ??ordlnuly examined, and th* volunteer conaeel found to be mi other thnn one of the neenead Augu*tu? Par ker, the keeper of the place, who was accoidlngly put f>? hi* detenoe, and with McCarthy, coavlated The coutt ten'enc. d McCarthy to pay a fine of tit. bnt lemat.ded $15 of Parker, whom t?ey con*ld*red tha I ii o*t blameworthy ot the two M*i'arthy'? friend* oame forward and paid hi* flee for him but Parkar w?* committed. In (I > fault of payment Bis oflleloua iee* wa* all that brought him to the knowledge of tka court Mnrrmrnla of IM?1lngnfahrd People Oereral M fttoddatd, Rhode Island. Kaptain 8 J it re end M B Btcrm*. It lea, N T ? B /. Billing*. R net o u , Mr Bainum. tleorgla, J. O'Nell. Albany; A. Rlilotf Ohio, were among tha artlvala, yesterday, at the (iintMi Hotel Hon A 0 Flegf . et Oov. Bouck. et (lor. Tnaaf, Hon 7. Pratt, and Hon Thoma* M Poate, late minis ter to |to?ote are now In Albany Aram Rey and Milt* warn In Mobile, Ala., an tha Md ultuna, News by telegraph. Important Intelligence from all Parts of the Country. RIDDEN DliTD OP TffE ION. MR. KiUFMiN, REPREtENTTVB FROM TEXAS. THE NEW YORK BRANCH MINT BILL AND THK CALIFORNIA LAND TITLE BILL. Hamilton! Fisli Nominated at Senator from New York. ROIUVATIOM IF SENATOR IN NIW JERSEY. EXECUTION OF REUBEN DUNBAR. HI8 LAST nOlERTS AND ?OIVFB8IIO!V. METKOHOI.OOICAL TAB LI, tec., tec., tec. TH1RTT-FIRIT CONOMII. SECOND SESSION. wr morse's maonktic tblksraph, OFFICE, CORNER OF BEATER AND HANOVER ST S PETS. Washington, Jm. 81, 1861. F ETITIONI. Mr. Half, presented a petition for th? repeal of th* Fugitive Slave law. Laid on the table. Various other petition* w*ro Introduced. THANKS TO A1HT OFFICERS. Mr. Ii'rkkv introduced a joint resolution, amenda tory of the joint resolutions of 1848, expressing the thanks of Congress to Generals Bcott and Taylor, by directing th* President to have made swords, with suitable devices, to be presented to all Msjor Osnerals and Brigadier Centrals engaged in the battles under Osnerals Seott and Taylor. THB AMMTAD NKiiRO <'ASE ? (HARF DEBATE BETWEEN MFSSR* CLAT, HALE, AND OTHERS. Mr. Mason's resolution, direoting inquiry into the propriety of paying Spanish claimants, arising out of th* Amistad case was taken up Mr. Chase repeated the oircumrtanoes of th* Ami rtad case and denied that there was anyjuiticein the claim* against th* I'nlted State* on aooouat of this case. Mr. Bale said this claim was the most outrageous demand ever heard of in these day* of parfoot harmony and fraternal lor*. When agitators were dead, and agitation quieted, it was not *afe to push th* moral ?ense of people too lar by such claims as those. Though those who ban resisted slavery may now be tranquil, their feeling was (till exiiting at the bottom of rooming tranquility. Mr. Ci at *aid this resolution was on* of inquiry. Hi* opinion* on the juatlc* of the claim wore not Qxad either in favor of er against it He could not but re nark on the evidence, that th* peace and harmony of th* recent meaaurs* were more effectual than th* eondnot of certain Senators. The agitation on domes tie slavery was at an end. and the Senator from N*w Hampshire and tho*e who aot with him. seize upon ev?ry question relating to the foreign slave trad*, and endeavor to make some capital out of It to revive agita tion on domestic slavrry. The Senator from New Hampshire voted In th* minority on the siavetrad* the other day. The Senator himself admits that the party of whloh be ha* been a leader is now at the bottom, and (here I hope they, and all others who desire agita tion on domestic slavery, will remain, forever I believe they will never ria* again to ditturb the country Mr II ai e said he never had introduced agitation. Ue did not introdnoe this *lav* trad* pr >j*ot the other day ; nor did he lotroduee this proposition. The Sena tor from Kentucky undertook to read him a lecture of a peraonal cbarao'er. lie was lectured under a belle that he we* at the bottom. He knew no one more oa pacltaied. from experience, to lecture on the conduot becoming those at the bottom, than the Senator from Kentucky. U e was no prophet, but he would venture to deelare, that my man who placed himself as a csn dldate for popular favor in any State in the I'nirn on the ground of being the author or supporter of the quiescent compromise of tb* last session would find himself in the position of a man spoken ofintheOreek fable, who. when the ship was wrooked. and while every one seiied something to support him la tb* sea. unfortunately took hoid of an anchor, and was carrisd to the bottom. The Chair said he must arrest thi? debate, a* the rout promise was not the subject before the Senate Mr. Hai i - According to military law. wh*a a man is srrested he fives up his sword I yield Mr Mason raid the resolution we* on" of inquiry only The subject had been reooin me nd*d to th* at tention of Corgres* by President Polk Mr Ch *?t raid that he would introdnse any subject, and would speak on any *ul>jeet be thought proper, regardless of what the Senator from Kentucky or any one else might say. He never Introduced agitation Mr. Half moved 'hat the resolution lay on the table. I.oet? yeas 0. nay* 43. The six yea* wcr* Messrs Baldwin. Chase, Hal*, ? ?mlim Upham an J Walker Mr Winthrop observed that he had voted six times while In Congress sgainst the allowance of this claim but |he knew no principle on w hich a resolution of Ifquiry Into the propriety of aliowlug the claim against the United t*tatss should not be adopted. The resolution was then adopted. iNr rsoroein ruin. sash ii** to tiii rAiirio, Mr Ki ss reported a hill granting to Messrs. Snow and Hangs the right of wty for a telegraph from the Mirrlta'ppi river to the I'arifle. S ? W MUM it ASRIN'l ?or admission into the union The Thai* presented a eomm oni'-atlon from Mr. Welghtman P?nator elect from New Mevlo i asklngfor the etactmrnt of a law declaring New Mexleo one of the rnlte.t State* on certain conditions. Kef*rr*d to tho Territorial Vom mitts e. TMI AWISTAO CASK AOAIN. Mr Hals offered a resolution, calling on th* Presi dent to r mmunlca'e all correspondence between the 1'i.lted State* and S|aln. relating to the AmLsted culms I.aidrvr 1HR SALARIES IF DIPLOMAT*. Mr f .on offered a restlntien. whieh was adopt*d. eeqne-tll g the Secretary of Stat* to ctnmunloate any fnti rmatlon la his prsaesslon. touching the etpedten ty of adopting a graduating Male of diplomatic sale rio*. t>RAI> LETTER* IN rtUriiSHA. Th* joint resolution concerning California dead Ut ter* engroertd yesterday wa* taken up and passed. FRlVatK LAND CLAIMS IN iai.iiObha Th* debate on the bill relative to private land claims In California wa? resumed. The Amendment pending wax on making an years poeeeelon ia good faith a per fee* claim and evidence against the United States Messrs Bonis *>d Bradbury supported tho amend ment, and Mr Berrien opposed It Theamesdment was rejected by 11 y ' AS to 37 nays Mr Br* to* moved to rtrlke out the fourth section, npp< inting *n agent t* attend to the Intereet* of the United State* before the commissioners an J courts Att*r debate, tho motion was rejeotad. Yea* 2. nay* 37 Mr Benton th< n moved to strike ont tho fourteenth eectloa and Insert n substitute After debate, this was also lost Mr H proposed several other amendments all of which having been rejeetsd, th* Senate adjourned. HeaM of Keprseanlkllvte. ?T hair's iLSCTfto-rnKMinat. Tr mbapm. Washinoton, Jan 81, 1881. Th* resolution to olo?* th* debate on the New Tork ? nd California Branch Mint bill wa* amend*! by ax tending th* tlm* Iron twelve to three o'clock to-day The n*u*e went Into Committee of the Whole on the Slate of th* t'aion on that bill. Mr. Kino, (whig) of N*w Jersey, replied to the re marks Mr Chandler delivered yesterday, lis differed from him a* to th* capacity of the mint at Phlladel. phla to coin from *eventy-flv? to one hundred mil lion* per annum, passing by double eagle*, and eola" Ing the smaller pieces, the capacity would not amount to thirty millions Ths gentleman from Pennsylvania ?eld that the transportation of bullion from New Tork *e Philadelphia. tor eoinaga and sending back coin, could be effected for fifteen thousand dollars per an. num by means of Adams' Kipress But he. (Mr King) wa* sure, whenever sueh bargain should be made, it would not be for that sum Insluding in surance and other etpenses It would eost two ban drsd snd forty thousand dollars He said that the cost of a lot of ground In Now York, for th* erection of a building, machinery, he , would be |e?* than la Phlla delfhia and twl*e a* much money would be coined in the fbrmer place for two hundred and fifty thou tard dollar*. These buildings would be more fer utilitarian porpose* than for the eye lie thought It right that th'resbonld be a brarch mint In Cali fornia He opposed Mr. Chandler * amendment, who proposed that there shell be en assayer's office la ftew York whence the depositor of gold shall receive a c< rtlfl' ete t?> be receivable fo: pnblis due Thi* eoght n -t to be considered for a mom?nt It would W tn eiie^t tc a paper cntre-r cy rf t -rtv million*. ? e< d re. ? ?? n" r ? r I ' - -i'sr plac ? fi f e>> ? e gc d from ftew > ork to Philadelphia to be eolned. nru.d h* a* ibeurd a* to rtqulr* tho farm- r lo -stab llih bla threabiag ?Mhlat in ? neighboring town. Is eonol uaion he (bowed that the Philadelphia Mint waa in tbe wrong place. Mr>, (dam ) of Ohio, contended that tbia wu not the tima to incur tba |expena*a of another mint; tba eatlmatea tor tba expenditure! of the preaent year will exeeed tboeeof iMt by alx or aeren miUiona, be aidea, we have ? large national debt Thla eatablUh m*nt of a mint la New York would iavolve another million ef dollara. We ware told yea terday, and by report of the director, that the faollltiea of the Phila delphia mint bad been inereaeed to Are or alx time* It# former capacity t or coining. II tbeae facta be true, why oreete another mlat ia New York f It oae be erected in California, the influx of bullion into New York would be prevented. He oalled on the committee to eoademn at onoe the propoaltioa Mr. UoLMKa (dem.), of 8. 0 . contended that if it be eaaentlal'to establiah a miat in New York, do ao; bat do not do ao on tbe repreaantationa from that city, when no neoeaxity haa been ahowa te exiat for lavolv lng tba government in auob a large expenditure. Boppoae the mint at Philadelphia la Ineaffleieat, what then ? Katahliih a mint in California Thla would ?uperaede the necnaalty for a mint in New York. He had no objection to New York becoming aa rich aa Tyre lier cititena ought to rally aroaad tbe govern ment, for without lta action, through the monetary ayetem. and taxation and diatributlon pclioy, aba would become, aa New York ought to be-a reapecta ble town, aa large aa New Oneana aad Charleeton. (Laughter.) Mr Phokix (whig), of New York, replied to Mr. Chandler . and referred to atatiatte* to ahow that tbe n^at at Ph ladelphla la tneapaMe of eel alag the large amount of bullion conatantly arriving, at (few York particularly, and doee not meet the reouiremeata. Ha epoke of the expenae ot traaaportlnj bullion between New York aad Philadelphia, which be eatl mated at about three hundred thouaand dollara annually ?more than enough to buy a let and ereot a building aad maobanery in New Yotk, and, in conclualon, aummed up argument# in favor ot the eetabllahment of a mint in New York. Mr Thommow, (dem.) of Peanaylvaaia, apoke ia fa vor of Mr. Cbaadler'a amendment? repeating that all bullion for coinage could be brought from New York to Philadelphia tor oolnage, aad aent back, for fltteea thouaand dollara per annum. Ha replied to Meeere. King and Pbooalx, aaying that it would bo the aheer eat tolly to bare aucb an eatabllaament at New York, and apoke or the large expenae which would attend it Three yeara would paaa before tbe mint and machine ry oonld be erected there, and by that time tba Cali fornia gold mlnea would be dry. Mr Bayly, (dem) of Virginia, regretted that thla queatlon had been brought down to a aciamble between New York and Pennaylvania, aa to wbioh would get the public patronage connected with It. He had no doubt that th? membera item thoae tit a tea would vote wlih an axolualve view to tkia (ue?tlon but ha hoped that auch weuld not be the caae with membera from other quarter*. He oppeaed the bill on the groaad that the national debt ia now eighty millloaa, aad wo have laid the foundation tcr ninety millloaa, aad ho aaked the Houao whether there waa auch preealng ae ceaalty lor a mint In New York aa wairanted the pas aage cf thia bill. Mr. Cahi.e, (dem.) of Ohio, offered aa amendment, to come in at the end of the ttrat aection. thin : '-Pro vided one. fourth ot the aggregate eolnage aOtll be In ?:old dollara. one- fourth la quarter eaglet., oae fourth n halt eaglea, one eighth in eaglea, and ana eighth in double eaglea. '* Ha aald that the acoundreliam of the Philadelphia mint, at tbia tima. waa very proverbial. (Laughter) You will And that during the lait year more than twenty three mlliiona have been coined la double eaglea; ateut two milliona alx hundred thou aand in eaglea, and tbe remainder, a million and a half, in rmaller ooln. Tbia object waa very clear. It waa to draw gold away from circulation among tbe people It waa tbe plan of bankera, jobbera, and a pe culator*. that they may not have competition with their ?hln plaatera. Tbe achema waa to plunder. Mr Cable'a amendment waa deolared adopted. Mr Van Dyke'a amendment, aubatitutlng Jeraay City for New York, wai negatived Mr. IL>lmk? offered an amendment, to establish a mint at Cbarleaton. Declare! out of order. Mr. Reooaa. (whig) ol New York, offered a pio/orn* amendment, to enable him to aay that New Yorg aaked tor a mint, not for her own benedt. but becauae the oooatitution and the government undertake to re gulate the oolnage of the bullion whloh come* into New York If you make the gold dutt aad bullion a legal tender. It would not be neceerary to have a mint In New York It waa a duty of government la exercis ing power ever private property, to exerciae it for the benefit of commerce The government hai no right to tak* our property, aad make ua tranafer it to I'hila delphia, thereby Incurring heavy expeaaee, laatead of pre tiding for ua a meana of coinage in tbe great mart of commeice It waa tbe duty ot the government, when exercirlog the power, to ao ao with a view to the meat convenient plaae fw coinage, and the greateet good to tbe grrateek number. The argameot of the gentleman from Penney l? ante. (Mr. Cbaadier ) if It abowed anything, abowed that, iuatead ot takiag tbe gold bullion to I'hiiadelphia to be coiaed the bricka, morter and machinery rb'.uld be transported to New Yoik Let ua alone, and we will let you alone. Re ceive our gold duat and bullion in payment of oar debt* aud we do not want an extraraganl building in New York tor a mint much lew* for one with aplendid colonnade*. fit tor the moaea to dwell In W? want no thing but a plain building, with machinery to coin Mr Thhablc, (dem ) of N. C . an<w?red the gentle man, who?e argument, he aald. would prove that there ought to tie a mint at all the moat convenient itndlng I'lven In tbe I oited State* Hut all tbe gold duat which arrived at New York did oot bel ng ih?re it ?04 >a eepeia'ed and weal oft to other portlona of tbe country. There waa no difficulty in getting money from Philao Ipbia to New i otk. aad the delay et half a day waa a matter of amall importance. The committee then roee. and the llouae adjourned. IE W TORE LBOIILATVRIi ?an ata. BY HOUI'I MA0MTIC TEI KO KAPh Jan si 1861. TNI I'fl'K UW. Th? PumiDKNT iiiooairfj the Select Commlttaa on tba bill amending tha uaury lit aa follow* Mr Morgan. 0( K' W York; Mr OrddHl, of Onondaga. Mr Uulnulp ol Chemung. M*tTIM>. for tb? equalization ofcaaal toll* on mil railroad* tir auction, Mr. CaoLit-a Introduced a bill to ini-ai tha law regulating aale* by auction. tn* rvauc uxm. Me??r? Muni, Owtn, Irmot. and Caat.iu* ad draaaa d tba Senate on the aubject of loatrurtlng our repreaentatlrea In Coagree* to nrga tba paaaaga ol I la? glTti g tba public iauila to aatu J *ett|ar< Mr. Baatoca continued tba debate Mr IIiikm*^ euggeatrd a labor aarlag resolution, wbirb would aa?a tba Legialatura time and troubla U read* thu* ? Hp*?Ivf4, if ih? Awmkl j aoaaar, That thi? Lagtilatnr* 1* in la?i al all th* ?r> at r???rnn M th* day, ao<i tkat i.ur to i aiora la t eagre** ka l*Mrn?t*d. aad aur Repr?eeata ntf i We r? inaaicg, la a?a iheir l *?* *ad*aavr* t. carry iaia ? lf**t I ha af tht* L*(l*la'nr* Mr H aald If It waa In order to propoae aurb a reao lution It mlgbt ba advantageous to tba lataraata ol tka ?tata Mr M ?ww. of Oneida moved to postpone the whola ?Utject Indefinitely T?a faoluttona ara favorable to a dlvl?ioa of tba public laada among actual aettler* who have resided ?!,?. lima tbaraon. Without disposing ol tba aubjaot tba 8 mat a adjourned Aaes-tnkiy. iLMin, January SI, 1M1. an i a noTtran. To prohibit tba Mia of flr? woad in New Tork egcept on llceaa*; to regulate wharfage in Maa Tork and Brookijn in relation ta tba rank ol englaear* in tba militia of tbi* ftata fin coMraoMiar Munaii ar cownaaee. Mr TnoMr?o* offered a raaolution tbat tha I aglala tara will not alaet any paraon a? ganator who will not unflinchingly auppart all tha Comprnmlaa measure* adopted by tha la?t Congret*. including tha fugitive Slave law Laid ever. undar rula. mtitiMW. Tba n*ual aambar of patltiona war a praaantad. I among tb. m th' I I lowing tor and agalnat tba dt I vtaioa of Wa,na cunt? . tha rapaaling tha Kraa ieboal Law aad lor a law agnlnst tba ?ala of intoiioatlng diinkt aii. i ? aaroatan llaport a w?ra made ol bill* to amand tha Plank R?ad law; to amend the ant lor tha prevention of fire* In Naw York, to amend tha aet incorporating tha Naw I Tork flramen. and to ee< ura tba rapretantetlon of tha j State in tba World a l air an. i a UttaMVcM To Incorporate tba oaelda County flaring* Rank, j to It.corpoi ata aa aead* my la W ay na aonnty , to eaa Itla tha supervisor* al Liutebea* county to ral?e money ? compel tba flyracuaa aad Rochester Hall road to lay a double track lor a cartaia dlatanca. to amend tba charter of tka Albany Cemetery Aaa-xjta tl<n. ta authorise tba Medina aad Alabama Plank R< ad Company to botrow money nariinai an la Notlcr* wire given bf bill* aoncernlng tha rank of

ofltrer* ta the militia, la relation to the aala of wood la t be city of Naw Tork ?l<hoat Itcauaa, for tha pra factn n c.f game In Cnnrtlaadt county; ta amend tha clartai ol iba olty of Oawago, to amend fha revised etatntee in reference to la'eeny, ta Incorporata tba Wratero cat it.g" Rank at Buffalo, to proaUe for tha publication ol tba report of tha Suprema Court, to lioalde f.>r iba appointment of St ata Aaae??ora , to am> ad and #? mtina Into one tha aavaral acta ralatlra ta tba ? Ity ol A itany, In rafarenoa to wbartage In tha cWy ? I Naw York, toauthi Tlna a?>eator? to examine l-iprn* on aath In ragard to tbeir peraanai eatata, to entend tha act In ralallon to the Judiciary. pa?aad 1(47. ra.|ulring companaation for injury e?n?ad by ?agltgaLca th* aMNpanytaa anaitt. Raa?lntiona ware offerad In relation to tha compro ii taa nit aaurea Laid an tha tabla nana* at'aa T'ia bill In r?latlon to Mnrnn rlrar, wm ordarad to ? thirtl ri-a ling Mijoorn'd fh* Lut Honrs, CanlkMlon, and PietBtlon mt Ruben Dub*r, to * th? HunUr of Uarld Md Stephen V* Letter. BY MORSE'S LINK, OFFICE WALL STREET. Albaiv, January 31, 1861. HIS LAST UOI'RM. Left aigbt, Reuben Dunbar, the prieoaer, wes guarded by two persona, who were left ail night la hi* cell. During the evening he wrote end left letters di rected to hU wife end brother. He oompoied him self to reet et ebout the uiael hour, end slept better then he did for several nights pest. He awoke this morniag et bb eeriy hoar, end et the asuel tins partook. with his accustomed relish, of e hearty meal. Before Bay compeay wes admitted to his oell, some one seat him e oopy of his confession, with ell the pictures of his execution, whieb considerably ex cited end disturbed his mind, lie expressed dlssetls lection et the appearance ef the wood outs, which he '?re off ead put into the etore. At length he beoene ?ore oelxn, end begaa to prepare bis mind for the final scene. At b little after nine o'clock, the clergymen who hes attended him. accompanied by several of the oity slergy. visited his oel. At three-quarters peat tea o'olock, hs prepared and Ar eased himself for eaeeution. As soon as be wee reedy, the Rev. Mr. Rewsoa reed to hla the flfty-ftrat Psiam, and all present uaitsd, while the Rer. Mr. Meaerd led ia devotion. His prayer wee most earnest, Bad ilagularly appropriate for the ?ircumsteaoes of the prisoner. The prisoner wept muoh during Its delivery. At tweaty mlautes before elevea o'olock. word wes breaght te him from the sheriff, thet the execution would take piece at half pest eleven o'clock. This seemed to affeet his miad somewhat, but bis flrmaees continued to sustain him. Whea asked If he did aot find it more difficult to meet the final |seeue tbaa he supposed, he made bb effort to calm his agitated feel ings, end answered ia the negative. At a little after 11 o'cleck he expressed a wish to engage in prayer on hl.i own behall, wbioh he did. His prayer was simple in language He (expressed bis entire submission to the scntenoe of the law, and ask ed that If he had Inadvertently kept back anything from bis spiritual adviser, it might then be made known to him, that be might there reveal It He prayed lor his wile, and that his own great sinfulness might meet with forgircness. He said he freely for gave all men. The officer came to his cell at precisely half past 11 o'clock. His maaacles having previously been knock el off, his arms were pinioned; and leaning on the arm of the Kev. Mr. Beecher, supported by ona ef the deputies en the other, at 2b minntes before 1) he as cended the stairs into the third story of the prison with a firm step. The persons who were allowed to witness the executioa were already assembled. HIS LAST WORDS. After a moment's delay, the sheriff intimated to Mr. Beecher that the prisoner was at liberty to speak, if he had aught to say. Ths fact was communioated. ?fid Dunbar addressed these present substantially as follows ? My dear friends, I feel my situation Is an aeful one; I teel that I committed a great crime, and that my seateace Is just, but I hops that my sins are for given, through the atonement of Christ, that my feet stand upon the Rock of Ages. My friends I desire to s:?y a few words before 1 lea\e this world, let m? exhort you to bsware how you yield to temptation, and remember to look to Him who has promised to give his grace, and assist those who are tempted I hope that when wears all done with tbl* world, we e ball meet in a better Ob,0od! Into thy hands I commit my spirit THE EXECUTION. The rope was then adjusted about his neck th > cio was drawn ever his head aud in a moment, with a sudden jerk, his body a as drawn upvard towsrls the ceiling Ills n?ck was Instantly broken, and there was net the slightest apparent convulsion of h>s frame. Us ohosr to be eieiuted In his own cloth's, and the privilege was granted him by ths sheriff ' He wore a nest, plain blaak suit, with boots well 1 polished, hair snioethly rombej, shirt collar nis.'ly adjusted whlrh render, d him in ou'ward appearance ' dressed more appropriately tor a par'y than tor '.he gal lows The body ren<ain*d su*peud?<t twenty-Sre tuin | utes. when a aurgron telt et his pulse anH pronouueed bim dead The body was tbeu taken dowa aud de livered to bis bro'her in law. by wh.'m It was convoy- j e>l to the residents of hi* friends some miles la the , country, where bis tuners! Is to tske place to morrow, i THK At'MENCE. There were not more than three or four hundred out* s'de the jail, and perfect order was preserved by the Burs ess' Corps and Republican Artllllery, who were on duty at tie request of the sheriff. HI* C'lNfFxsiON, Tb*r? appeared In ?U?* *tr*?l*{tM* *tt*rnoon * patu phut baarlrig t h- ?*al ol r pyrl.-bt, ?hirh I* Mid to b? ? lull and Mil c*nl*??i- u. a<Anowi.'d?lD* MBMM ?i>d th* oljerl ha had in riaw In committing th * bloody d**d I'l* ait**tad by th* *h*rl1. who pr? noui ( *? It th* tru' and ou)y r nfvaloB of Puibtr It app*ar* th* only ohjrot ht fla t la ?1. *r in ??'?umlUInc th* drrd wa* pt rroual uagran lt**m*nt II* had n" 111 faallng toward* lh* rbudn n. hut ha thuiKht If thay w?r* ont rl ailatano* ha would atand a elianrn to g*t a l*rg*r portion <?l l.**t*r'a property Hut h* pr* t*lid? that lli? ptiirdrr ??> not pri-n*uttat*d, and that ha did not take hi* wit* away lor th* purp"M of (Win* Kim a b?tl?r < pi" rtunlty of I'omiultt lug tb* d?* I II* ?aa In lb* barn ? harpatiln.t In* alrkl* and wbll* th*r* I hi- yontiira't hov ?rimi to n*t hl? p*rmt**ioa t > go a fi *1 In* II waa Ibaa for th* ffrattla* tliat ta<- eonj't?*d up In hi* brain a |lau for kil in t tf -ai Alt -i ? >m" r< nr*raation. ha IndneHl hiui to go mtt th* wn.,d* f..r tha turpi a* Hi Ri-ttlt f wo Iilonra and wbtl* h* waa drawing hi* attrition id a plaoa whi-ra tha cbl' 1 waa Indurad to loll' ?* ha rotiM Pnd tkam. ha Itmk him (>n th* baad with th* twln.'l* trr* ll*alm*dwall aoj wl'h onao b*r blow lit# ynfOStlMt lla cr.raradth* body with l?o*a? Mdtl* *tl*k 1.11 Jaf tha l-f wbara it wa* fount and raturnad toll-* lmu*a How to ?*? rid ol tha othar rhild ?a? th' a lh? all ab*orb n< tboatffct. Attar r*fl**llon ha OOfcOtnd*| t? ft tlo* tha rlilld i II Inla th* wood" topath"- but'-M Ut* and whtli ri gK'd In thi* h* a*kad th- boy if b* vonid I *t to aa* a arow a naat ; to whirl* tia raplMd atfiroiBttr?ly If* told him to rllnb tha t r*? wbt h ha did. lumbar fni|ow|r>( Mm up and ? h.n ??.!???? Iiatght of t**aty Irom 1b* grout d. ha Ota da tha ropa laat to a Hub W hila It* wa*an(ag*r. In nakiB* a nooa*. b <lira*t*d th* hoy'* atiai.ticn to t.a iing ? it tli* ??<! which h* *ald wa* In mi otl.*r trw* II- ibati Hlppad If >rar h!? haad but will' h* wa* I'iait It th* I >r *>."1 'boat R*ubln. dint ' Whm ha had **rur*<l It tlglr. around hi* n**k. ha kitkod hi* f *t from tb* limb <m ?hloh h* waa p'andtiv kndtbggtild m ."t baa* b? ?n inatantlv alranflail br I li* at. a* b* did nut ?uira aftrr ??*<! * b?? ba fnrr?d lh* *hnd off th- tmib, h a *?p f*'i to tha (ifmr whli-h Iirntiar took aad pWo-d on tha limb jaat *h'i?a kla h> ? l No ona waa oath- farm but hl? mothrr i.t thatliua, who. It app*ar*. b*?a-n? ala- mad about tb* < blldrra ? ntha rat urn ol L*at? r and Uanhor'* wtf* mmO alarm pratall*<i ?b ut th* ahiari-a of th* ehi!dr*S. and a g> tu ral a*ar.-h wa* ei o imiK . ' and th* b .y* vara found ju*t ?? ha had l*lt th*i? II* ft>U? rxooarataa hl? mo thar from any tattlrlpation |n tha ?rlm* aad aav* that ta tha di.r wbaa h* eommlttpil tb* tutir i' r* aha waa ?|< k atd 'icn*! ha?a l ~?>o Irlnf down ah' o ha o> mmlttad thadaad Wl'b r uaru in th* aail *f w<.t>r.tha iB*ta ara tha raaa a* war* arat?d <>n tha iri ?' both# d?ai<'? andaavortaR to draw off lh ? att*ntioa t paraoo* ?i |Hid In tha ii %r-h from tha plai'* wbara tl ? i-h't dr?n war* hid. II* na\?r b-oam- tolly aonaalan* of tha anoimlty ol crlaia h* had **n mltl*d. till thr aainlni c l tha day il U>* nMMIar wh*n b. r*tl?idto bad. Ha navar th..,i*ht of d'n*?allac tBa hi d'.*a but waa aituru* In bar thmi ritt'.i !>? Ibk coat In **d ' hat h*n*?i rwouM ktra lw*t ckotyad with tli* miirdct. I'p to th* lima h* made thla *? hlMBk n ha il*ni*J har li <f any knowlaii** of it. or iM'lBf In any ?*r mpli tatai in lh* ni'it'lar fla did no? *r*n It f'-ri ? hi* f< ittl *ai of til* fnllt nor did ba int a m ? n*nt Iniafln* from tha t*?tiniony rIt*b thai ha wonld ba rontia'ad, and ??as ih*n Ii* app-arad *atl?fl "l that th' Oorainor woiiM Intarpo** an I I' wa? not till all thaan hopa* had lallad aa nld hla atf>m pt to bnakjail that ha ton laaaad bl* fu'lt to fir ll**i>h*r, Th* Rabbrry *f Atloma Ai Co. 'a K*|ir*aa, Ar. Rai i mini, Jan SI 1MI Tb. thlaf ha* rafnaad to dl*?lo*4 tha hldinf pin** of moat of Adam* fc ()o * mnnay Th* oiHrar* bar* ba?n out diffing fit '? a | day, bat. *o lor. only t$QOh*y* b**n r*eo?if*<l. Tha t hl*r* nam* l? Cba?t*r Ohtlda and 1* only nl- *t**n y*ar* of a?a. Wa bar* r*?*i -ad to mall aouth of Wa^ilnRton to MfM. Ilraaihiiat Atrnk, Ar. Bi l<oui*, January II, 1SI1. Tha at*ombnn( Rt P*nl. whan at tba lauding, with a fill load frrm N ? w Or! a d*. *pruug alaak, and aoon had rn* foot of aa'i-r in hat hold Tba fr*'(ht waa much damagad aad a larg* qnantlty of anjar w ? an tlraly daatroyrd Navigation ho? *l? **d on all tha nppar rlrar* R<tnrnlng[ ( alifomlanOi Rt. Lotiia, tannary H 1IM Th* ataamar* I*ib?l and St. Paul r*arh*d hara laat night, ftam Raw Orlaana, bringing IM raturnad Call ' fotn'Ana. with M*.COtln gold la?t b*t**m vh*in Wblg C?acu for United SUtw Senator? Hamilton Vl?h SdMtW . Ai.iunv, January 91, 1861. The whig leglsla.lve unu, Mr. Oeddes ehalr. maa ha* nominated Hamilton Fish at a raniidate for I nited States Senator The whole number of vote* , eut wn? 70. as follows : ? Hamilton Fl?h 67 Samuel B Ruxzles 1 Thomas McKicsock 1 Blank . ' *i M. Baku 1 Hamilton Fish was tbea deciar. .1 . n*r.inmusly no minated. Tbe ctBi'ut then proceeded to tbe nomlBatlOB of the Regent of tbe University The whole number of votes eait was 89 as annexed ? John M Campbell 54 t Backus 1 Samuel J. Wilkin 2 J. F Backus 8 Kdward A adrew* A Joel B. Nott 1 John M. Campbell ws* then unanimously nominated. Not a single silver grey of either body waa present at the caucus. If the silver greys in the Senate vota for their own candidates, ob Tuesday next, a nomination cannot be made, and the two hounes cannot meet to oompare nominations. Senator for N?w Jersey. Ta kmtom, Jan 31, 1S64. ( The democrats, in caucus, preparatory to the joint I meeting to be held this afternoon, have agreed upon I J ohn R. Thompson for Senator. 1* B.? The joint meeting of the Legislature adjourned i this afternoon, without electing a U nited States Sena tor. The democrats were not ready. The Latest from Washington. T1IE NKW YORK MUNCH MINT BILL ? TUB TARIFF ORADI ATION OF DIPLOMATIC SALARIES ? IjKATU OF MR. KAVFMAN, OF TKXAS, KTC. Waihiiutox, Jan. 31, 1851. The Branch Mint bill looks a little smokey. but there is still hope for Its passage. There is some danger that , the amendments, reported to the Cheap Postage bill In the Senate, will defeat that measure by delay. Mr. Hunter, In addition to the bill tor appointing four General Appraisers, has given notice of another, to amend the warehousing law. If either of those bills go to the House, there is a prospect of something for the tariff people. Lobby members still hold on. Aocording to Mr Foote's resolution, we have reason to believe that Mr. Webster has apian to submit for the graduation of diplomatic Kalarles. aocording to the expenses ot ministers, somewhat alter the British system Al present, no poor man can accept the mis sion to Bngiand or France We understand Mr. Rives has addressed a letter to Mr Webster on the subject. The Spanish Minister is said to he at the bottom ot the resolution in relation to the A misted negroes.i 1 regret to lay that Mr. Kaufman, member from Texas died this evening, ot disease ot the heart. He left the house at two o'clock, apparently in robust health. He was a young man of tine promise for a long life, and high advancement. His death was a most unexpected event. The Natioaal Hall is to be converted into a theatre and Miss Davenport opens the reason next Monday. PrnsiylTSula Legislature. Iliaaisarao, Jan. 31, 1961 In tbs Senate, nothing of Interest doing. In the House, the Senate bill r corporate thu Pennsylvania Steamship Company, passed to a second nadlng. A bill was Introduced to incorporate the kbarp Mountain Odl Company. aUo to Incorporate the American Baptist Soc'ety ol Philadelphia Tun Committee on Backs reported a bill requiring banks to make moitbly or quarterly statements, and to publish the same Fnitbrr Rr.utlvr to Ike l,o?? of the Steamer ? John Allans*. N? w OaLKASS, Jan. 29. 1841 . W" have just received the tnelanchrly Intelligence of the loes of tb>* ?teenier Johu Adams, Capt. A A. Jones a bile on her passage from tbU port to Cincin nati. She Iff ; here ou the 21it inst with a large car go of procure an l nearly two hundred passengers, ana ?h? n ell Irlaud Bi, In tk? Mississippi struck a and soon after ruak. fbv boat broke In two, ?nu r?*riy cue buudr.d and Ittty of the passengers a re drowned. Including ei^lit or ten ot tbe cabin passengers Theji hn Adams was a new vessel, and bad been running but a short time 1' S Tbe John Adams is said to have been princi pally leaded with railroad Iron lor Cincinnati Meteorological Ubsei rations. BY .MORS*'* TXIXaHAJ-M ? OFFK.'K IH WAUL STRICT. Brrrat.o, Jan &1-DA M Wind fr< m vest, thermometer 31 degreesabeve zero; ban meter St SOD aud using, ot >udy 8 I' M.? Wind from west, thermrmeter 19 degrees ?hove rero. and the weather moderating with appear- ; aace of snow. Bar meter 3010, and falling Rot unit s Jaa 31 9 A. M, Wind still northwest, weaiber more moderate this morning Snow tell all nlpht to the depth ol 4 inches. HI* M ? It has been a flu.- day, ant the weather more tuodtrate, wind still northwest, thermometer '41 Aobi en Jaa. II ? 9 A.M. A tcrr cold morning wind northwest; saowlag very iltlb . thermometer ll degrees above rero. About two inch* s ot snow fell last night 8 1' M ? A cloudy evening weather moderating; sltlghlng good thermometer lt> degrees 8i ?? ?? ?' ho . 31-9 A M Still rondiiu-d cold, tcnn< inchaa 01 enow fell during *ha ntftht ; light wind In m the nortb tharmo Relxr S di|iiar? abora ??ro 8 1' >1 UltU ui uoi)?r?lr<l h llitia ?n >w fall to da;; wind waat, ami virj calm theruiomatar 13 <la gr?a? Mbotr iftv Ol-WKCIO, J Ml .11?0 A M W'i a'har *iora raod.-rata than yantard ay but (till f-tyioM wind light from tha ncrOiwctt, thymoma, trr 4 dagraaa al.ora ?ro; rloudy 8PM ? ( It-ar and pia?.?r.t wotlarating la?t, light I wait wliid, tli'-nnrinrtrr -2 Ot&tn (ii.4 Jaa 31 0A M Cloudy, roll morning ??m" >n#? tailing; about 3 inrb<-? tall daring th* tilgbt w.nd nort >i?a?t tharmo inatar 6 dagrt ?*? b. I'>w *a?0; haromat.?? 3o 140 8 1* M ( Iru and modrrat'd rilghtly rat ooli 'till, tb.- day ? baar pit'* plavw.t tbrrnoarUt 2 | di(ir ?i a bo it s.?r?, fcarcmatar CO 240 Ai.**ar, Jan. 81? 0 A M. ?tl'.l cloudy and Vary r^ld win* n"*th mtrrury In I ar< mrtar f> 5 t aromatti SO- < I >, tbarm.'inptar 1 dogrm abora ?? ro 8PM Oar and coll all day wind aoithwaat; Kartury In baroiartar ' ft l-arainrtar JO ' S tbarmo BJ?ttT 11 dr?a.a. Trif Jau 31-0 A M. Vity rolJ and elaar with alight wind from tba nnrth wiM, tb*rB>r?irt<r 4 J-graa? balow am tr II W? athrr praUy mu. h a? ywataritay? elaar, Fold atid jil- a?ai>* tb# thcnuma tar raogtlat 8 da gra. ? atrra ware ail da) tfcl* tr?tlng at 6 wind Wlllaftt W.i. i anau. Jan 31-0 A M. Vina cold m rnirg light t<>nth wladj tharmomatar ft rta?ra?? balow taro. IP M -1 "im. tartar at ft dag.-aa balow tarn. rary elaar and cold and hardly any wiu 1 B> a ?.r a .'an 31 0 A M Wind ?' rthwaat . rj. ai aud cold tb rm.-iniater 10 da graaa b?low tarn 8PM Waapar tary pU??*nt with a light wattar ly wind, tbararauiatar 4 d'grawa b?low laro. iin .tan '(1- 9 A M Vary pel.) wind Mowing bard ail night, tharmona tar * nagtaaa l<alow ?aro Q-rat<\ Jan 31-0 A M Col lar atil! th?rtnoir *t*r IJi d pra?* b?|nw taro in thalowart. an 10 In tba nppat fan barn ma tar 30 lt?, Vied trarh Iron th* w. at VawTjn Jan '?) ? A M Vilia and slra* . tharn n.atar 10 dagr.'ta above taro; l arrtBitar 3> -46, wind aaat Kia .t?* J?n 31 0AM * ralh?i elaar tharn,. b> tar C <'ijr?M balow aaro; w.i.d ??at, T .a?ara, Jan. SI? 0 A M. Wind wrat. tharmoma'ar 4 .1a?r- aa aboya ?ara. ?v main's tki taiurH, orncii 2T? wta aTRgrT Ch . n in a 12 M TWr, at daylight. tha<-inom?iar b dagraa* balow tarn. T. ? ? tan ft 12 M Olondy and rold, rlrar fyoian nrar again ^?iwraar, Jan. 81-12 M Win I nnrtl.waat, th. rmotnatar 1? dagraa* balow raro Ci i . ai.tan, Jan 31 -12 M. Call and* ?ar; wind aonthwaat Oni'taaaDa.iM, Jan 81? IP M Wind watt, rlaar aad pl-a?aut, tba : momatar 3 da> craaa abota ?.aro. F Pt ?iw, Jan 81 8PM Wind w??t rloady, thaair' matar 8 dagraaa aboro tare 0ia? tiairi, Jan 31 18AI. Tba rirar ia full of |pa hara aud no boati ara leaving ? Tha waathar la madatatlng rooalrt"rably At l<n?ia allla lha waathar la nmdarata bnt lha mail boat did not |a*ya th' ra for Plnalrinatl on nrrount of tha loa. W?tHt*.iTO?, Jan 31 ? 4P M Th?rmo?atar 20 dagraa* wind nortbaaat, an1 alaar Ru.tiMMi.JM 31 0P M Thar?oc.atar 22 dagraaa, wind north?a*t and alaar. P?u *r>ri . mm J*n 31 -If M , Tharmomrtaf IS dagaaaa wind ap?t aonthwaat. If a i >n?. Jan 31 0 P M A bfaay nrrlhwatt wind haa prarallad hara ala?? Wadr a?day | Tvf?f"??-',ar at TP w*|| .Iraat at 10 A M 13 da I a,f a'rt tr *ro. aad it t> r M U Horrid Mur4?r In Aar?ra. Araoa* Kant Co , en 81, 1861. A brutal murder was committed on Thursday even ing in Harrow*' flouring inl!ls, Aurora, voder the fol lowing circum'tenc** : - It appears that the foreMaa, 0. K Winn, in the above mill, had had a grudge against on* ol the men under him. ever since last spring, and bad frequently stated that It wa* bis Intention to take hi* (Abraham Craitb's' lite On the evening of Thurs day last a number of men were sitting around tbe stove in the mill and Winn was amongst them The deceased (A. .Smith) came in and sat down, when Wlna ordeted him away; he did not mind him. but satdowa. Winn th?n lifted a piece of eriin'.ling that was laying on the floor hy the stove, and broke bis akull in two. As he was tailing he straek him again, aad agaia { whilst ou the floor Uneof the men then said to Wlan. '? '/ou have killed hiaa when Winn answered that that was what he Intended. Winn has been arrested. Attempted Murder and SafcHte. Botrox, Jan. 31. 1831. I An actor at the Museum, named Lewi* attempted t<> "tab bis wife, this morning. In th* Museum. during 1 rehearsal, but she caught the knife in her band, which I was cut severely. Lewis wa* then seized and bouad ' but succeeded in getting a rarer iron his pocket, and cut bis tbroat. but aot dangerously. His wife goes by the name ot Mrs. Stickney. Blunderers Committed? Close or Lake Brie. Br?-r*L0, January 81, 1861. The examination ot Hall and Knickerbocker did nat olosa till to-day, when tbey were fully committed foe trial an tbe obarge of murder. During th* proceeding* Knickerbocker manifested considerable interest; Qafl however, ws* smiling and speaking to bis Mend*. The llenlrlck Hudson tailed in reaohlng Cleveland, aad now lies frozen in at Brie. Navigation I* agate Closed. AMl4e?t and Loin of Life. O'.ui hhi k'.h January 31,1861. La*t evening, at 7 o'clock. John Armstrong, a pro duce dealer from Rochester, while attempting to oro** the river to Presoott, with a double team, accidentally drove into an air hoi* and was drowned. With his wore two joung ladies (Miss Daraards) who narrowly escaped, they were rescued by Mr llolmes. a brother in-law who was driving behind tbem. Mr Holme* w?s ho Irozeu that he was unable to get the ladie* in the nutter after taking them from the water. Th* ladle* and Mr. Holm** were In a crltieal state this morning. Mr. Armstrong had some valuable property about his person. lbc Aeetilrnt on tbv flrlr Railroad. NiKnoHiauHi;. Jan. 31, 1861. We visited the scene of the late aooident on th* Krie Railroad, and found one of the rails broken into several pieces. It appeared an though oae end of th* rail had brcken l etireen each cro?stre*. by the heavt nees of tVe engfn< but were not displaced until tha last car oame round the curv* The car went into th* liver about MOO feet from where it left the track. It struck a telegriph pole, twelre inches in diameter and cat it cleau off. There is nothing discovered which indicates that an; person wa* killed. Mr. llctchklss. who is at N'arrowsburg, is found to bar* one rib broken and other severe injuries. The physi cian in attendance e*|>res<es the opinion, this morn log that he will reoover Mr.Ogdm. ol O eego another of thOH* moot injured, returned home In yesterday'* train, and was thought to be dangerously injured 1* si.? A luwhir examination ot tne traok where the late accident occurred shows that tour rails war* broken ? two ot them *?t aad one ot them east ef where tbe cars !!- w otf the trank. This proves, con cluxively . that thi' engine of elth- r ths up train, whieh parsed over a tew moments before the accident oo ourred, or the down train, which ia?t with the asei dent MMlktN Wb*> Ik* its and not tbe unlor tunate car. as wan ruppored by the conductor. Hallway liiMltgcrrfi A vkj.r, January 31, 1861 The Mohawk Valley Kaftroud Company ha* hi' so organized Aiarlah C. Klagg I* p'esident Old ltulllon for Prrild*nt, 0mm MU I , ??*'> 31 I8S1 Be veral democrat!'- papers in I udtaua nrge tha n >sal nation cf Thos II Benton for Pre>ident. slnoe bis de teat In Missouri Pome who previously resommeadei Gen Lane, now suppi rt Col. Kant >n. The.HUrkets Q :>mii Jan 31, 1861 Very little ha* bean done in our markets to-day, aad we hare no change to notice. 8 1 . Lous. .las .11 1 1)1 Provisions ate active, and prloee teal upwards. bbls ot mess pork deliveiedon Illinois nver s.ild ?l >11. 4C0 bbls. prime l?rd sold at 7\o lO.OOo pi** ?? cf dry salted meat at 84 fid. ftieulde-s side* an 1 tam*, IXCt- Uetces, deliverable en the IUiuoi? river. Ml i at * c Oat Philadelphia ('orre*pond*n**< I'm 1 1. * oKi.r h i a , Jan 11.1861 TV WratSrr and br - Dettrurfirt Firr Carr f>es<J ifn I in fiii ?r of |fc* 17?rfcrr*--/)ir?rrr Cess, 4"r ? The clerk of tbs weather has given out. to-d*y, a chilly specimen of what old fashioned winters war* made of. T he Sehujlkill if croaded with field* *f I**, wbicb tbe dealer* in that commodity are rapidly oak ting let* rakes and atoi ing it away for summer a**. In the Delaware there I* considerable floating i**. Tbe fireo^n had an arduous duty to perform aarty this morning, ia exliaiuishiog a fire that comaeaaad in the workshop attached to Earl*'* picture tram* ** tablishment. No 210 Chesnut street Tbe shop wa* completely burred out and tbe heat and sm.ike enter ing the (tore, damaged the entire stack ot plotur** and mirrors. Attempts wire made to remove the most eoetly mlrrots but tbey were generally demolllh ? d. In tbe baste atieuiimg tu* efforts to *ave. Among the pictures burn?d was a rare oneof flt. John In th* wilderneis Tbe rnntents of tbestor* were valued at 6i6b4.C. more than one halt oi wiiieh were ruined. Tlie >ni ire lore ol Mr Karl* is about M3C<X). of wbisfc but 6 5 l 00 was insured loth* franklin ofllee, of this city Tbe daguerreotype gallery of th* Messrs Laa g?i helm in tbe uppi-r part ot th* building -scaped ? Hh but sllgh' damage frrm the water Tb* long pending cae* in tbe nl?l prim brat-b f our Buprenie Court ot Mnreoood A On .of N?s futk, it Jno C. t'arpenticr ?t al . was concluded this morn ing by a verdict for the pla-otilT agatust t'erpsatter alone of >14 0111 Hi Tbe flint of Myer*. Ctagtio-n h Co Irelnded among the iletendsats. was de-lded by the veidict not to be psril-- In tb? transaction The ergiim* at In the divorce cms* ef lleed ee Ke?d In th* < < maicn Plea*. wa> given to the jary thta ?(tetnoon, under a charge from Judge Parsons T iwy have not yet C"a*lad?d up<>n a verdict. Come very rich disclosures were male duriLg the eiaminatien of witnesses j lacing some rakes of our city In their tree light b'tore tbe crowds that listened to th? proneed legs. W ere uot our libel law so peculiar, the publica tion of the evideu e would cans* us Phiiedrlpilans to l.lueb lo* our morality. Hwrtnh Ittut^ Prvnt IIoi ai. Tb? tbitd rapraaaataHoa of | ' Knttieo and J uli*t " la?t night er? at ?d ? ranwil?f thlt f nlhu'lMn ? iah htn !>?<? rii-ilMl ?i 1*1' o'tj-r two oreaamo* of Ita pr< lurtloa l.uriM a?n< rwry flraly and Hanar.ataao ??? a? maal.full of hi? j?ot and ar.latlr In hia aff.rta Ttt? tti.mon ?( P?m II t? a awt ratuarkabla klmtlotli and I ? tie otHiMlt?a. The ratituhl. of tha raia/ma *a< aa ?ii|\iUlt>i I vfel a tta ?w? ln ?-ro> nt K I ? n that Iplrtl. ? n?rgy and taata which diattng'ilah u?? aiaalral ?? r< rapllanmrcta of tha (treat art i?t. tha filiraiM bro\a In upon the ImtrvattUI loa with rwltaratad a(.pl m* Tha eonr.-rt?d alan w?? ra*i4ara<t wl?b tha I utrooat akill, and. in the final a?ana t ha poatlral taa'a Ot ?ha artrt-aa an 1 tha rtngrr amah nad to uiaka naa ?t tha aioaf flaiabad alhlbtttos* of tba lyr.c ?rt aaar ufos Iba rtaga Th.- mora >? ?? tha wmidarful lrtu?n ha of thla TMlUil tha m ira aati'flaj ara wa tbat liar brlllUat car?ar haa hot juat e< inmi-noad and if ib? 'an ba prartlli .1 upon to raiaatn ha'a do Ing tha ?( nn? aud tumturr a>< n h> whan th? tida o? po pnlattrn aat? toward IM? city har aneraaa wilt hi" b?. jond all praoad?at Mlaa \ irgtma M'hitlng with tha additional coalHi rifla Bract l<-a givaa bar iarai.a* tha adailrat ?-.n of tha public liar ulagiag and acting, I aft nluM war a mnrh mora par fact than on ?n t o?Vr a*ea? n flha took haf hlgbaal in>ta? final]', an I dUplKjad * parity > f lntoa?tion aa raaa a< it <? ila llvh'.ul In tha dnat bat? a? h *wlf and Pbrndl tha ' tri>? i of t oth wara partart and harmonl-ad with at a truli'.r tk>ht>aa? Tha q?iatatta *t tha and of tb? drat art alro, w*? rairarkaHla for Iba perfection la wh1<-1? It waa a*ac?itad by all tha vocal tata. i>a H?nd?? night Pan i?ilii 'O will taka hi- hcaaSt Mari*f? hat lac arrange,! with Iba Itvjf.i httim to raak<' It *l?<v a anbacHptlon night On thla occaalon I'arodl will ap faar lb rratlc rprra for tha flrat tlina la tfcta ec untry, an.l Aralta Tafll will appaar la lha at |t rt* thua waking ? far* alTacilaa c*?t Banqiilrtcn marltaa (r?4 banaf t at d tha b wa? will ba arowdad to tha omi I inrtloa of talent ba b?< aarnr?J CnriiTt'l Miiai aai.a. Tha aam* ataallant par. ?rr?iai.ra? a Hob ba?a rbaraotarlaa^ thla con nay for yaara ara offcrad for thla avantai'* antart?i?B?aat. "o|>ir?. irirti umai.tal pxtforman-aa anl ai (til?ita danrinf. Clo rarly. aod trrnra a?%t< Fat lawV Miwara*ia Thla airatlaat b*nl of KtM oplaaa ara roial^c mona? lor tha rnanaj?r Tha Tr rolaaii t.url -anna and tha bnrlaa>|na onacart ura nightly areotad t allow* l? an ?i 'a||ant tnanac-r. and da | mta? tha KT?ataat eradlt for tha abla rjaaaar to , which fca ratara for tha ptiblla Co?iri ivtxi in (runt ? On Wadaa? lay aatt *f J Joitaa ?aka? a baatlt at. rallowt' Opara fl< a?? fla la t ratiiad old prlnrar who ?li aarva* a ragola' bn>apa?. and, to Oonbt. will hura it. Fart vaiOn'a Il*i.i Mi* Daaaa. ablail br Miaa Jail* flowld Mr >' I y?'rr Mf. D?k? and Mr <)oadoa. win ill# a faorail ronwit a' fi Pr??l"ray. to 1 ?fr!r* T* a m>i"'al ?.?l?a?lon? ara |"0j tt IS lioja . bar lr? nd< will ram ?atar fear.

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