Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1851 Page 3
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IPKCIAL NOTICES. Tc > PBINTBBS-TBB SCALE Of PBIOIS OF THI ??W Tart Printers Ualon *?ei into effeet Saturday, re?. 1, 1MI. (this day). Copies may be had of the Presi dent, at the Tribune 0#m. ?r at the Union, Utt Bowery, on Setarday eveaiBg. By order. t. J OTTABSON _ _ President N. T. PriBtere' Union. C. Waiter Coi.iu hw, Hec. Dm. ASHINGTON '8 BIRTHDAY? THB COMMON Council ef the City et New York. heviac resolved to w ">? Kil day cf Februry, the utii day of the Father ?Mill country, in a aiaair worthy of that devotion every Sf ?"et feel for kle memory aud orinuiples, the ?lutary aud elvie institutions and societies, together with III tbi niuiiitlou g( Iki iltf, ui Igiiui to participate la the lime, aid to report themselvee to the Committee of Ait all cements, at No 4 City llall, on or before Monday, Feb. 8d, at t o'eloek, fur the purpose of enabling the souimitbes to complete its arrangements. COMMITTEE 0?' All B AftGKME.NT*. Aldermrn. At list* mi AhUrmtn. JaiiErx Bbittow, . 8. L. H. Wabu, VilRtN Chapman, Char i.eji Cha.ii, Rohebt T. Hawi. John B. W ebb, Bkmbv Biiaw, Bobebt A. *Awne, Jacob F. Thomas J. Babr. OFFICE BOYD'S CITY EXPHr?S POST. NO. 45 WIL liem street.? The subscriber will receive applioaals i?r letter carrirre dnriag Valentine's week, ob Monday next, the 3d February, between the bouri of 4ji{ and < o'clock, P. M. None need apply bat such a* have biea residents at loaet five yearr, van produce two unexceptionable references, and over ill yeara of age. JOHN T. BOYD. Hancock lodgb, no. o i o. of o. f.? brothers are hereby notified to meet at the Lodge Boom, ob Sunday, the 2d lustani, at halt patt 12 o'clock, to attead the fuaeral of our late bretter, Walter Knox. By order, J AUKS LEONARD, N. Q. C. Akrbhaix, Secretary. THE BALI. SKAHOIV. Grand gift ball at tbipleb bali.? civic, Military, aud Fancv Dreia.? A Present with every tieket, without lottery, ill lnck, or favor. The uio?t splendid entertainment of the season, strictly in aocordanoe witi law Bad popular desire, will take place as abOTe, on Monday evening! February .'id. 1M1. Tickets tl e?ch, admitting a gentleman and lady. Kxtra tiokets, for ladies, one dollar. Bach tiuket, in addition to the eutertaiamaut, will entitle the purchaser to Ite full value in f*?o? or neefal articles, from tbe extensive stock at Tnttle'* Bmporium, 3U Broadway. The Gifts may be selected previous to, or at any time after the Ball. Th? price diltinctly marked ou every artiole. All who wish to enjoy a rsre treat, at no expense, shoull procure their tiokets immediately, as the number is limited. The floor will be under the direotion of W. Whale. Assistant Flcor Managers? D. B. Uat l.rouok, Richard B. Connolly, John Agate, Carles D Stcuart. Committee of Arraagimente?W. C. Txipler, George Loder, Capt. A. C. Castle, R. II. L Town send, Win. J. Banington, Spencer W. Cone, H. Feller, Capt. W. B. Knapr. B J. Meroer, Cant. W. B. Underbill. John Hooper, 1'. Bitoheook. Dodwortn's celebrated Band, in full force, is engaged for the occaeion. Tiokets far sale at Tuttle'e Emporium 340 Broadway, aad at Tripler Hall. Fancy ball costumes. -thz public arc re speotfully notified that an entirely new and magnificent assemblage of ladies', gentlemen's, and children's oostumes, from the very letest designs, are now ready for inspeetion and hire at the old established Costume Warehouse, 53 Prince street. PUBLICATION S< ? (fTlBEUlANT Or TUC MONTHLIES -HARPER'S J. New Monthly Magazine.? Ctitiati of the February jTamber:? The Traveller. By Oliver OoUimitb. With eleven exqui tite illustrations. /.a Invitation t > the Zoological Gardens. Br a Gent leman with a rligbt Impediment in hi* Spteoh. With fear humo toui illustrations Death of Howard, the Philanthropist. By Hcpwerth Dixon. A Hkctck of my Childhood. By Thomu de Q liney . The Hietorv and Mystery of (be Ulann Houie. An Excellet t Match; or. the Ble**ingi ot Bad Luoh. Anecdote* of Wordsworth. Modern Mumnii**.? A V i ? i t to the Tombs ol Birdeaoi, fereollevtione of Chantrey the Sculptor. bailing in the Air.? History of Aeronamioe. Recollection* of Bir Robert Peel. By Br. Cookbnra, Deaa ef Torh. Tbe Marriage Settlement. An Apology fer Burns. A 1 ale 1 1 nhipwresk. The Gip#y in the Thornbush. from the German. Tisit to a Colliery, The Kaffir Trailer, or. The Roooil ef Ambition. Tbe Woodstroam. A Fragment from the Gorman. The Talisman. A Fairy Tale. Michetet, the French Historian. Freak* of Nature Land Bo ! A Bketoh of Australia. Tbe Climate of Canada A Winter Vision. A Little Bumulant A Ttmperaace T&In. Maurice Tiernry. the Soldier of Fortuue. By Charles Leter. author ct < harlo* O' M alley, Ao.? (Continued.) Skeiehes Irom A.ite. 1. 1 lir Old Governess. 2. The Colle gian. 3. The Maid 8< rtant. by H. Murtineau. "J * o\el, or. Varieties in English Life By Sir Edward Bulwer Ljtton.? (Continued. ) an'.b en Birds, Balleons, and B?>1 usees. Carol for the New Year. B* Tennyson.? ( Poetry. ) The Idible Birds' Noets of China. Tbe Passion tor Collecting Books. A Bachelor's Christmas. Craxed. By Sidney Yendys.? ( Poetry. ) Actors and tl.eir salaries. Ex counter with an Iceberg. Tbe l? g and Deer < t the nrmy. Monthly Hm-ord of Current Events. An Abstract and Chronicle of f olitioal. Social, Literary, Aitistio, and Per eonal Aflair* at Uonc and Abroad Literary Niticts. Books ot tbe Month. A Leaf rrcm I'omh? Contaiaia/ more than meats the lar. A False A pple-ation a Tote a- Tele. Eu-.otod Out S?oa. Going ?own to a Watering I'lnoe. Attraction. 19th Cent'ry. Putting the Cart tclore the Horse. A Narrow E.rape, Division ef Lauor. Animal Koonomy. A Holiday at the Public Ofl? *s. With LUven LharacterUUe Illustration*. Fashions !? r Later Winter. I oar illustration*. Tbe popularity of this Magazine uoatinne* to increase, steadily and rspidly, with the publication of every auoaee eive number Bv ?ry month adds over live tl ou?and copies tc its regular sales. The pre**, from one end of the Union tc tbe other, and without exception, ba* cxpreeecd the warm est approbation ot the plan of the work and of tbe manner in wl.ieb it ha* tbas far I ecu carried cut. Tbe publishers weald express their oordial thank* to the pf I he for tl.e extraordinary .legreoof lan.r with which ttelr elcrtt have beau reooited. they aiaure the reader* ?f the Magaune that nothing ? hieh ? xpente, lat er, and tin ns?it esre < au do, to make its mailt keep pace with its sacra**, ?bail ke l?f- undone Tlie pictorial illustration*, whieh hare eccured to muo'i admiration, shall be still further malti plied, diversified, aad improved Renewed care will he ax eroised la the select ion ot literary mat terfor its pages. Ths Monthly Rxord of Current EveaW, which ic deeignod to be a regular *yn?p-l* of all events ot intereet in everv department el activity, aad in every part ef the world, will l>e n a- ? i . ana made more comprahtasive aad syeumatic; aedallDos* - bie exertions will be m*de to render the Magasiao. In all re epeit*. ?uptri?r le any similar work ever published in any part i f tbe world. Articles from I'nech, ml ethar well kso?* humorou* pul.licatitn* will be fiom time to time presented, with pic toiisl smb. .Il.shn.rnti. will be taken in thiedepartmaet, ae ia every otl er. to admit u thing in the rllihtost degree ot*en>'*e to molality or good ta*te, and to cauisin* intereet nrd instruction ?iU etlsnilia,*i La. h aumbtr r I '.he singes! a* will contain 1 44 r*g** octa *o, iu deu ule eilumns Tlie volumes af a elnglc year, there fote, will pre<en> oa.ij two thousand pag e of the ehoitect ol the miMcllaae- us 1> .erstur. of the age. A carefully pre pared n hloii fla'.e will a'Tompanv sa-h number. New velamer romoier >e wi>h the June and De. ? m her numbers. Tkcsta- Tbre Dellafs a tear, or Tweatv- Ave eenta aaun ber. Ihe Fir.t Volume is aow ready, neatly boaad In mue 11a. atTsu I> ilar-. Tbe work n a? beebtalaed of Book eellere and Ferlodioal acnts, aad if the Publishers. Liberal arr*r?em-ut? will be made with the trade, with paetBaateis, and with areata, far effort* ia circulating th? work, aad |.?riincn stutter* will be *uppli*d gratuitously to them. Tlie PuMiehers will sui ply mail and "city subscriber* when psyiaeat is taa.l* to tlmsn in *dv aaie. Clubs sun tdied np' a lib'ial term*. Wualia oovera for *aoh volu in* will be fnrai'bcd by tlie publishers and agents at taenty-llv* cents o*< h. PtrsoBs deairlnr the wrk *\rly will please to furnish Mielr names and address to tlie sgent* Order* fer numi ers from the eonim*neem?-re*r t can now l?- sopp<l?d. ? AHPER AND RROTU r. l< . N*w M ITalmmtim ? i^-tnuMiii AMurdM in ran v elty by tin N< w lfa\-:ii fr U ids' n R ver Kallr^adf, will fl d it o tl.eir edvaatagc to call at the Big/ar F.mwr um. On Canal street, batwiec Broad way ant Cbutoh Creels. ' SMOARO-A PI I.I. ACCOUNT OF THE DINNER lit'it') Figaro tc the editors of the Sunday paper* of New Tork. wlta tnelr snesclie* at lull length, will ?e for 01 in ^e Sun-iry Br* of tc nrnrr w ? one of ibe richest alfaire ef llNMM 1 b? F.ra will l e moreover, on i of the very best sf the wsklie* of ?! <? dar. being, as usual, Indi'pead'-at, satirical and instructive. 'stSproic street. Prioe three tent*. Sold at all the news depots of t ha city aad it* vlejnlty. NE W WOk R UN THE OPERA -IN PRE^S. AND WILL soon b? pnbl'sl > 1 *n i w r1? I 'Ctavo vilum* ef three knn'treo pag> s with ? rlgmal (Mirtrai'* entitled ' fsrodi aad tl e Veeaiista, Oo?|o?er? aa<i tfasioian< of the Op-ra." The work will > e el.t.sntly | r ated, an I the Srst tditioa wilt be rwibslliebe* wit' pio^f platea. PHU AbBI.I'lilA SATI RDAY K\ I'REtH.? CONTENTS . ? Pr ?a? Cnrie?* Adventure* ef Newman Noveltie. Re. ward ef t irtm . The E .gtleh Tubular lirkges; Aa B'litor in?;*. Ill*; D ?au.rknr in bur p*; Adv*rti??ni*?it4 ca Book ''<? Bbiel'l. the M'l'l-al tempoter; Oeolory. lllusteate l ?run eats | Choii* B>lect< ns. I)' aestl- aad Foreign Affair*; far.i Iipurt' t ion, and a varied Mlsf'llaiie Poetry? The pitei ane's ? ledom; Tt e Can las* Wtrd. El' ration- A Mo ther s Love; V inl. at. l A*e. Th* Fall* ?f the i lyde. Ac. Far '*'*, ? holi ? . sr d r- tail, by C. J W ALKER, II Aaa street > irsle ropice < cent*. Will. HE PCBLISUED. ON MONDAY MORNING, A | R< ?iew, by a Pr .testaa ?, ef the ad lies* receatly de |i la* M u rr*v l> l> . a the D*eii?e e? Pipery nad lt> (*au" ?. Prioe It'a esnta. For *al* by 5 1 -lager a Tuwnsend, R1 B. oaJwty. D-wItt k Davenport, Tttbate Brtlcln-* A<iriaace, Nc. t A*tor hoti**; Deiter A Ufa t her, etc . ere Blank Br ok? francib a lodtrel. tt maiden l^ne, offer at low price*, all kind* of Account Books, l'*t?r?, Eaveloaes, O i'd Pei,?, C' pving Press**, Note*, D'*lt*. Dla*i*? fi r nil, Ae. Books made te pattern. Cards, Circulars. CI erki, feo , printed to order. U' A N T E D FKOM IINR TO l,l?"0 "K s"ld or e?eh?'i-ed, at Lit ingttoa'a Toy Store, III (bi twee* Eirb'* ai ' n i <?teenth street*) F.ighth aveaue. Ct nsten )y a band Novel* Ronuaees. Plajs iVhaol, Dreem. Borgaad Mitcell '?st us Books, Vttloaert. A'manao*. and Val>enae *? ever] deteriatlagl. N. B.? F'rst rate silk aa I eatloa Caps, selling oB from Is to .1*. *ach. MIDICAIm AKk) % - A SPLRNOib ROSEWOOD ORAND PIANO, I1'*''" mads by tfe ralebrated firm. I'leyel A Co., in Parle, will be diip'?. dof at the above i nc*. on aenonnt af Its owaer's sailing lor Rur p*. It coat B7MI a year ago, aad le In the mot peri*<-t order, having no *op*riar ia toae er notion. In I e ? ? n at ^'ld F 'lietb av?aae PIANO* A BIX THREE- FOURTH OCTATK RO*E woed p. aaa, nearly ne w, m l of eecellent tone; for (lAil; also, a i ? ry sapeimr ?i* three-fourt'i ..t lava rosewood pisao. of ri.n.&rliaMi- "Weet nest il toae, ae > and warranted b? on* ol ii*io,> ci y makcts -to I e had at a bargala; also, t Bye ' ?*?. me'odeon, 10 oatrlea. ir a safe, Ar no, Ca*h advance* . a tn*r> > an i se s^d p'r'onal property *f all kind*. J F. JuNE*. V Ana str< *t,**i ad floor. Ant rm'ON having a good piavo, hoicii they wi?h to di?po,e oi on reas >nakl.' t?rms. may heir af an rip rtunlly, bi aldrer^ing ( post paid ) Roins*. at Pact OBIee, >ev. York, ''atlpg terms, he. CO A Is. ?TM? BOAT COAL - 1 N BI/.B AKD tjCALITT *X 1 ' P'eiely adapted teBleamers' use, fer *ale by the rariro. A?Wrv*a r. TTLRR A CO.. i'biladelphia.^ ff'O COAL OR A I.ER^? T1IE II BHCRIBER9 WI1 L 1XE I enfe order* for npihn nod Lewis Vein* K?d A*h Ceal, ? ad W'ril'e Ash frrm Broad Monataln. of all slie*, at th* tau-ert market ra tee. Order* ar. rest* tfully solieitod. r. TTI.KR A CO.. PhiladalphlA 1?tfHA ROM IXIILTR INBI'RANCi AMOCIATIOH^AoTnTI IT wanted io operate for tke Mchaal^e' l aiea A**?oia tioa la all the principal pleee* ia the Uaitod B<aU*. Thia AaeoolatloB i* the ealr purely Mutqal Health Insurance Co?pnwf la the If. 8. Tho*e within* aa Aseney will ad- I dre** all ooramnaleatious to M. R IIRAN, Presideat of tie Mocha*. k' I'alon Assniiaties. Cftte W'j. 1 Uroirich > toiili Jjpf a, BrtvgdtU, Mat a, I WAirra. ANTED. ? SITUATIONS FOB ABOUT 7? EXCEL- | ? lent Hmiti (uf various nations). (looks, General w w Workers, Mum*, Ssamatraases. Laundresses, Chambermaids. Waiters. Coachmen. Ac. They are the beat. selected from several hundred, bbiI we ??U recommended, smart aad tidy -as good aa any in thle eity. "Bcleot Protestant Agency," 7 Carmine meet, near Bleecker. ANTED A SITI A TION, IN SOUK RESl'EOTABLl buaiaeaa, by a yanng m?n of (teady habit*, who U will- i ing to make litmielf generally ueofiil. Salary of no import ance, u ample) west in tUe oljeot of (be air timer. Addrew Z., at the lit raid office. _______ WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A VERY COMPETENT girl, with excellent oity reference, aa Chambermaid and Waiter, in a private family. Apply at 71 Sixth avenue, in the bunk (tore. WANTED? A SMART QIRL. TO TEND A SALOON. Nona other need apoly. Inquire at 63 Liapeaard afirect, between one and two o'olook P. M S. STEWART. CLUTTERS WANTED.? TWO CUTTER*, WHO HAVB ' experience in cutting BhirU, can And employment, by applying at No. 3 William street. Kul'ereace reuulred. DRUQCLERR -WANTED, A SITUATION. BY A joungman, ltf yaara of age, in a wholesale druggists, who has bad two aad a half year'* experience, and ft not afraid to work. Most respcstaale references given. Address J J. B., Herald office, Girl wanted- at 147 sullivan street. a smart, ? idy girl, of about 14 years old. Applj this day, be tween 12 and 2 o'clock. IN LA VI NO y RIN TS-A PERSON WHO UNDER itanda tbe inlaying of prints in a at at mannor, may hear of employment by aending address to box 2.45U PostOffioe, Newlork. TO I.AWYBKS.-A COUNSELLOR AT LAW; OF SB Vi ral yeara atanding, now ia practice In tbii city, (aged thirty.) wiahea to associate hlmaelf with nine other lawyer, aa a partner, or to engage with tome law office having a good practice, to do office business. Would bring hie ruin now pending into the office. Address, " Evidence," at thia office. TO CO &CH MEN- A GOOD COACHMAN IS WAN'TED fone who ia willing to wear livery, and ia accustomed to Hrive gray horeea with long taila. A large, stout man will be preferred. Apply at 701 Broadway, after nine o'clook. HOXJJKM, ROOMS, *?., WA1THD. House and lot wanted between bleecker and Tenth itreeta, in the neighberhood of fifth avenue and tbe Bowory. two siory and attio, or three Htory; price from $8, WW to $7,000, cash. Addrcga 0, 8. S., No, 19 Jaoot itreet, N. T. STOHE WANTED-ON THE WEST SIDE Or BROAD w ay, between Chamber* and Bleecker streets, with or without dwelling attached, nuit^le for the watch aad jewelry business. JAMES WT FAULKNER, Jeweller, 359 Broadway. WANTED? IN THE UPPER PART OF TH1 CITY, where Crotoa watar can be aied, a place auitabl* for a email laotory. Addreat A. B., 117 Fulton itreet, stating terms and location. WANTED TO II IRE? A SMALL STORE AND DWEL liug attached, suitable for u ladies' and geatlemens' furnishing store; terms not to exceed ttfOO per year, aud pos session required between now and May 1,1851. Address J. B. F., at Florenoe Hotel, stating terms and paitisulara. _ FEOSONAL. GEOROE OR OLIVER CHURCH, FORMERLY MATE outward the Altcrf, whioh vessel was wrecked about two \ tiara ago, on her voyage from Hambu-g to Vera Crux, is beieliy earnestly renue*t<d to report to the Hamburg Con sulate at New Y<rk. Mr. Church himself being possibly absent just nt w, unj Tenon knowing him will ple,aa? call or writejto the above Consulate. N ?:w Von k, January 30, 1851, INFORMATION WANTED-OF MARY REYNOLDS, daughter of John Raynolds, of Rafaun. county Gal way, In land, parish of Killmeen. 8he has gone to live with a lady nairrd Mrs. Moore, State of t'onaecMeut. She lett the eity of New York six weeks ago, from Martin Ajhorns, No. 2711 Mulberry street. New York. Her sister, Ellen Raynolda, hue landed Leie these three week.;. iu Martin Ayherna, and wiahea to aee her as soon as possMiIc. Information wanted or fkancis carhick. of Dublin City, Ireland. He left Ireland ia the year 1H4H. Any information of him wonld be thanlAUy received by his brother Richard Garrick, coraer of Tea* Avenue and Forti eth st.. New York, to the care of Stewart Elder. NOTICB.-TBE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED against employing or encouraging Thomas Tierney aad J' I. ii Williams, who are my indaatcd arpreatioes ; and any Li-raoa or persons doing so will be dealt with according to law. JAMES MITCBELL, Jersey City. FIWAWCIAL. ACARD.-THE CREDITORS OF TEXAS. ?OR THE payment of whose bonds certificates of stock or scrip, ?? the duties on imports were specially," or the revenues of the late Kepublic were generally pledged, are r?<|uoeted to meet at the National Hotel, Washingtin City, on the Drat Monday in Februaty next, at 12 o'clock, for the purpose of ascertaining? 1st What claax of creditor*, ia the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury or the Ut ited Stales, held ob ligations which involve an ulterior liability nu tha part of the United States. 2d. What releases he will rs<|>tite such creditors to tign wboge claims ia Ills estimation couies withia, and are protected by the proviso reserving Are inllliini far their pa?ment, In the bouadary or adjustment act. pa>sei at the last cession of Congress. The creditors who held eertit cates of stock, entitled "Consolidated fund of Tjxas." a id who received in lieu t> eroof a new eartificate of the Auditor an ) Comptroller of Texas, scaling tbe amount of the.r old eertilicate down to seventy centa on tha dollar, ate specially requ ited to attend either In person or by proxj : as some I rvliu inary measures * ill be easential at i hat ineetiu* to fa cilitate an adjuat uient autl payment of the puMio debt of Tfiui, at the meeting of the Legislature, in November. The sutiieribi-r rurgeata. tha' in casta where tbe creditors oannot attend in person, they depute the members af Congress f." in their respective Districts, to represent them, as this meeting ia of vast importance, to enable th>i I^gljla'.urs of Texas to appr<- pciate the reserved five millions te tho p?ym?ut of such ? te' itors as tray be d< ilared to have olaitas on the sa-ne the anbaeriber will not witkitU from the creditors of T'^as au t *pra?sion of rplnion. that the legislature * ill, at re uext aersK'} tbe public oebt of Txai, iustlyand fairly, la which they will be acting only In iibsdiaune to the pablio srntiuient of the eounrry. 'I ns euhrortbei will b" sole to lay before tt e meeting an anal}ais of the pal lia ucb I Tu?, the it< urities pledged f. r e n h issue tte tmonnt and date of tha ran.e. anil the cla-sitic*t i"n l-y which the Audi'or and Conipt roller ?f T> xa? Ka? TMoinmeDded thi ir pa wain*. The pkt ers ib the United Status sre generally requested f>;ive in inanition or two to this card, as several ot their snheeti ters muj be iati ri ?"ed in the aubjeot to a hioh it reters Am ?ia City. Dec. Mn'si J H 4MILTON, of S. C . In bis own hehalf, and aa Attorney foro-Uers. IMPOSITION ?CAUTION MONET is REIstj BoR rowod dally in our urines, by one *f the family, a< wall as goods obtained by the nam' party. We hereby . antl n our eu?ti>mers. iricada, and ac'tualataaeas Ml to lead money, deliver foods, | uy kills, or any 4eu.and made upon the faith I I aur numea, as we ackao* l.-dge na in ??rest or ciBnectioa wi h laeh party ia respoaaibility aud imf oeitioa. Bewaru of plausible tales. TIIOS DOWNING, No. 3 Broad street, OlO T. MOWN I N G, laa Ot ?txi Kr ad way. N. n. Anyone repr-senting himself to be tha laet aa need peracm a ould he ka ?n or not credited. All city pnpra plesao insert taice, and eeud bill as ahova. Editsia will please call attaat'.on editorially. (1(1 *k( W ) W * N TED |>N BOND ANDMOKTGACE, ? 1 i/ 9 tlvV for a tetm o.' y ara. at aevan per eent is let f . t j te aetured on tine first c'aat brown stiae hotiM* and lot?. located ia a good iieiattborliocd, bd to?n. *..r.h, catb. SXtUtW, insnrtd for $24.1*10. aad the paliey will ba aa |l||lT Address W . at th<- office of this paper. ??1 nnn - A PARTNER wanted, either sru 31 s))" V/vf. rial or active, who can command f-V*1!) ?o S.VKS-, to engage in the wholesale Wine ami T si Traae, with a toung married man, who i.? now engaged in the business, hut who mora capital to extend hit tiala. A aufo at d pr> ftiatle invai tmsnt far any one having that am .unt. to inveat. References of the highest rcansct ability given ai to e' ars> t#r and business capacity. Address S. W.. at tliU of tire, wlilcli will be considers* strictly confidential. BOARDINU, <fcc HOARD.-VfKY PI HAS ANT SECOND STORT ROOMS, wit' full I r partial board, m?y be had at 27 i T-n'.h Weot. Warm ana c. Id bathe. Board wanted -wanted a small room. ?altablo for a elo*le penti. nan. in a ? houeo. in tli? rieipity of Bradnev, ket <een Canal aa ' Eighth ?treet#. Aadroei f. B. J . Uerald ?llio?. BO A R I).-A LAI* V AND GENTLEMAN DEMUR TO obtain a aoed lurnirhed room, and board for the laly, with a?me widow or family, wliore th. reire M ether boarder*, in a and reepootaMe neighborhood, fur whioh tb* mo* n< yu ill b? laid ia advance Tbo groateit object beiae to tngr>a.'?d hone far lio lady. Addrii* " Pjrdy," Broad way Phi OBoe. Board a large and neatlv riRN!SBr.? attk; R en to lat to a aiarla gonUftnaa, m a lodging room, without foard. Apply at IU Fr mklin itraet. WAKTID-IN a ?l"|IT FAMILY, A PURNIBHED re m. aad toord far a la.iy.and partial board for n*aa tiemaa. None nt-od apply aaet ol Broadway, and not highar than Amity nor lower than Caaal itraet. Pleaee addreao A . it. C., H i aid office. LOST Ac 6 10 REWARr.-LOBT, ON BATCRDAP, THE :?TH ak I \/ ln?t , two J Mile in bankable money. 1> ? riader a ill receive tho aid e r.. aard and the thaaka of tha owaor by 1eafia| It at No. n ? hitehall etreet. IO#T? LAST WEEK. IN THIS CITV (>? BROOKLYN, J an tngliah made >ld pencil aad pen eaee. Th< owner n.jt v fouad, aad a mitahl* r-war l obtalaed by tha tinder, on id dr. Mia; W. W. 8.. at thia offlte. " _____ f OST-ABOPT TEN DATS SINCE. AN OI.D PASH 1 J ioned ?old Seal, Willi a cornelian atoaa, m irked with a ??< et an-1 the irltlt'.e J. A. G The dialer will receiro llvo d Hare toward, bj a?n*l?* it ta Nn. ISA Pearl utroet. POCUFT BOOK LOM?.? CONTAINING MKMoRAN. 1mui?. reoaipta, an i otliT pater-, of no value hut to the |Mk A ?mtabl? rewar i wi'.l Ve given lor n? reetoranoa, and no ^aeatioa* Mkrd. h\ J. B. NOVRS, No H Broa i*iy, iiiRGRAPHIO. The magnetic tei.eor w*ii company. between N?w York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, an I waehiattop.? New Totk office, ooraer of Hanover and Bearer etreet*. Tioaeer Up*, withfenrlBdepond?nt wiraa fi i Waehinrt<n City t? New \ ork, I avlng offi. e? at New T' a, Jeraoy Oltv, Newark, New Brunswick. Priteetofi, T' to*, Pliiltdel ril.ia. M Umingten, Havre da Grace. Ha' ore, and Waah nrton City. r>?d eoanei ring with all K.'ia' M rn I n E? '. H'Mt, Noith and ffontfi Thia company, havinc lately Bind** eatenii v a repaira of tha line. Ktea'ly iner. ax- j ita racilitiaa, aad r? thori uahly ?re'rtnutiicd ita baiinenn in tho trati??leoi( n aad modo of deiiv ryof ni"i?r?i, are Bow prepared to roealra. tranamlt, ar i dalin r any number ef mrKtacei rt'ialred for the aocom?r . da'lon of tiio rnhiio, with an aodOTacr, promptaee*, Bad tlrifli'y hl'herto nn a palled. tlie t> len?a^i.i?? MMMN Pf 'h? pnM|r l>. 'hTi fore reepeetfnlly aollolttd, at the office, eoraer of Ifanorar a?d B?nrer atn. F* ft BWAIN, Preatdeat. cieonmw*, CHHl.OTIIING.? BTRIBO AND II MBER CLOTHI VO f T whote-alo.? W' would eall the atttntioaol r?<r<-han'? Tlfttl*( Ne>% Fork far > print pnrcha? 'a to our etock ot pprinj and Pumaier <'lotbiaf. wbi'B lore* ?at, rarfei \ aad ex(*ol l?8Ce t?f nennfaottire mid atylo, le min n luperl r to that of ?*y fatmer a-aaon. and we f< al naanre'l aanat ?.e t llipappro* bntiou of clot Itiaa df all re i n all eeotii ne of she oonn'ry. A* ineof tha llrm now elalta leriodicalla the Bun if?n m?r krtf, pnrehaaer* ean rely on iiarin^ all tha l?te? and h?f? eft lep of for , la mado into r.irni rate In o?r wall knowr ele sance of ftaleb, ana at pricea macli lower tlaa home- who dci -ad ei'lely oa thia matket. An ia pn tion of gnr eta< k, Mfore ftirrbaainn tleewhare. la reaperintly aolicitoi ?f. B. We ara aaw prepared for tha la- *.t d. wand for Calil rn * rlrthiax of o\ary ileaerit'tioB, at tha loweet rricee D. B t. DEVLIN. MBB4 SH #ohB atro* * o-ri?fi t \ na*:i it. tii iTBiiiM' eirimBo Nrw TORE AND rPII.ADtl.PBU.-VBW TORR and Philadelphia direct.? failed Mate* Mail I,iao.? Throwah in iH hoore, r(a New Jeraev Hatlrrad. Pari r? r nra? I" ?> f?r#TPt eiaa? anl |JWf?r"Mn1 elaee iaa<? Ni ? I -ra a'" A M , fratn foal of C"nr?land? at . aad at P A K or if ? P M , (turn foot of Liberty etreot. f^ave l inl lielpbla ?t 5 %rd K A H. ai J S I* N, Iroia the foot of VliMllttHh ? A HI IT APCflOI. RC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER? BOUSE HOLD FURNI ? tu re. ?This <?>, at 10)4 o'lloek, at 85 Num itrMt between John aad Falion atreet*, R. C. letup will Mil, aa above. at auction, by catalogue, a aery lurxe assortment of both new bad Hco&a baud furniture, oonaieting of three pi f terpen. larg* French plate mirror*. oil puiuting*. Fr*noh ul. clock*, fee., reeowood and mahogany parlor furtii tme, en *nitc, Italian aarklc top centre tables, extension dinii g tubles, white Itaai cbma dioaer and taa eat*. out flan and plaied war*, ivory table cutler], mahogany reach btdsteada, rosewood and mahogany dressing bu reau*, wltb and without marble tupe. wash stands beat live geese leather beds, bolsters. and pillow*, belt curlea bair mati r> ar< *, walnut cottage bedsiead anu chair*, paint ad clumber furniture, iu net* to ma tub, one handsome libi ary took c*ae. Auction noticb.-thomas bill, auctioneer. -By B. N. Buak.? Large aale of oienant household lur iiimie. pi?uo forte, paiutinu* He -Thm day, at 10)^ o'clock, is the Auotloa Rooms, 1(1 N. rth Willia-a attest, the eutire gtnftel furniture ot a family, remored for convenience "I tale, thtee ply Wilton and Brussels carpet*, Freu.h and stile sofas, rosewood and uiah >gany bedsteads, piano forte, paintings. locking glaaaes, burtaue. obiaa, aplundid book eases, clock*, cofa lea, kr .two splendid fold wntoLes, two chains lie. THOM AS UI.LL, Auctioneer. WM. McCOHMICK, AUCTIONEER -LAW BOOKS, military equipment*, clothing, fee. ? Win UcCormick k I o. will sell, this day. at 111 o'clock, at 13 Spruoe street, the law library and office furniture if a deceated gentleman; also, 1 is military tqaipmente, (word* gone, *a*h. coat, pants, ? pur* piitola, aoine jewelry, aattlle, bridle, he.; also, 200 lba. imported sperm candle*; also, to < loic a conoern, twenty ?uperfine ?at k coata. ko.iio. TKI'BTI.B'S SALE-ORAND 8THEET PROHtR^T WM B. FRANKLIN k SON will sell at tb? Merchant * txeh*ng*, on Thursday, February fit li. three Uou*ea and Lot*, in fee, kn'wna* Nor. fifcS, 405 and 807 Grand *? reet, at it* junction with Baft Broadway; lot* 18 feet by about 78 ftet in depth, having three-story brick houaea and atore* t hereon, paying ? large rent. Alao, the Boime and Lot No. f>v 4?rov* atreet, near Bleecker Href t; lot 26 by IPO; together with three Lot* on Fourth aveuue, between litlth and lloth ?treeta. Sale peremptory. 7J PC oent on M?rtgage. For parMcnlar* inquire of A. BEN EDICT. I'J Wall atreet. WM. W. SHIBIiBY. AH TIuNEKK. -HOUSE FURNI ture Sale ?Monday, February .Id, at 1DX o'clock. at fllti Eighth avenne. next to Forty-third atreet, the whole furniture of a family leaving the city. Sale positive, for caab, and a dtpotit required from all pnrohaaer*. Stages pait the doer At 12 o'clock a lot of lumber, bonne mate rial*, etc.. ?to. VB^ILLIAM B. FRANKLIN, ? UUTIONBKR.? O BB AT TT ol lUi! Lnvaie.? W?. H. FrinT Tin, Bon ? Km. will tell at auctioe. on Wednesday, January 2?th, at li o'olook, at the Merchant*' Rx-ffincgo. and the following day*, 630 Lota on Firft, Seoond xonrtb. Fifth, Sixth, Beventh avenuea; Forty- seventh, forty-eighth, Forty -ninth. Seventy-ninth, Ninety- fourth (Ob*ervatory Square, I Ninety- fifth. Ninety aixth, Ninety seventh, liTth, 118th, 119th atreet*, and Harlem lwoe. inclu iog extenrive water privilege* at Turtle Bay, on the Eaat, tiver Tho map* are now ready for delivery at the office ot the Auctioneer*, No. 6 Broad atreet. FOR SALE AND TO LET^ NOW IS 1 HE TIME TO 8ECURB YOURSELF A BUILD ing Lot, at the new village of College Point, about eigtii mile* from New York. It ha* ju*t been laid oihinto tfHJ lota, 60 by 100, each lot. The are aelling at the low price ot $75, and tire of them remain yet for *al<i. Those who apply tbi* day, may aave ttS. There will be two ?teainooat* running to aad from the above vil lain-, every half hour? fare, only 'i'acenta Only part ot the tu-ney will be required to be paid down, and the balance in monthly int>s!trent*. All precaution will la used to prcient tke e*ta5!iahmcnt of any businoaa that will prove detrimental to the health and prosperity of aaid village This plaoe will, undi nltadly. incrcare very rapidly, a* maay of thoae who have already purchaacd are going to build im mediately. From four to twenty lota will be sold to compa nies, and located immediately. A liberal di*eount will la paid tothoaewbo are dispose J to pueohaso aa above ('all at theollke of Losrley It FUiKitjer, ^7 Wooatersiteot, from nine A. M to niue P. M. Tli re will be a railroad made, ta run flrem Williauiabnrgh to Fluahin^. and also a plank road; and 'h?n the merchant and mechanic can be in the city be fore 7 o'oliek in tho morning Thia ia oue of the ? e.-i eliatcei yet offered ia thia country. It ii better tban Mor risania, Vordham. or Monticcllo. HOMESTEAD ART UHION-CII AKTBRED ACCORD !?? to law.? For the distribution f work* ol art, tac., emb.wing an entirely new feature frnn any heretofoid adopted ; in addition to the oerlan tv of receiving an elegant aed highly v*u*llo engraving, entitled " La S eita," or re pose. which arc retailed nt t7 '* each, there win he dia< tributed amenj tho lubjcrihors ninety, nine Oil fainting* and engravings, in ornamental and plain gilt frame) ; alao, a '. '.lui-hlt) houce J lot, w irth hvc thousand d illara, loca ted iu Second, between Sour Ninth end Tenth itrecta, two minutes' walk from I'eck Blip ferry The ptintinga an l eugravinga are now on exhibition at Hor>per k Brothers' lotikin,-' tlaai -tore, 106 Kultou craet, where oataloguea. an 1 all tl.e necrssarv informa ion can be obtaiued. Priooofajb arriptlon five dillara. A few more aharo are still left, and thoe who wiah te aubscribe would do w ell to call immediately! aa t he number ia limited, and the lift ia rapidly tilling up. The above being the joint rr>pertyof tho members oi this association, the distribution will poiMve'Iy tate plaoe on the Zld February, at theChineie Aisemhly Rocn, Rroadwa>. Doors open at fi o'elocg P. M. By order of the Tru*taeK t^OR 6AI.B tig LEASE. --TUE 8UHSCK1BEKS r'KK their Landinir Pr perty at New li*tnbttr^h, Duioh-a.i cocnty,and at Harlhoroiigh, Ulater county, for sale, being the property occupied by u? for the past tlfteeu veai* in the fntKht i ialni sa, or would leaae the same, being amply pro. vifcd with at-'te t buses, sheds, fcc To partiee wishing to en gare in thia butiaraa. a ohance equal to this rarely ocenrs. fOK S A LI? Tie Ataaiuboat Splendid i* alao offered for sale. N ow tnder rtpairs. Can be eiaiiiued at the foot of Murray *tra*t. For further information, apply to UAW K INS It HTKWART, 1U2 Murr*y nr-et. or to MILLARD k Mll.L\ New Hamburgh, Dntoheaa county. KiOR SALE-THE TWO FITE STOBV STORES AND m: Lot*. Noa. <2 and 24 Liberty atreet. These premises are now oct r pied tor the dry goo.i* buaineta, f?r nhiohtiieyare ? ell 1> cated, being contiiuoa* to the Poet Office. Aim, the three btory Store and Lot. No. 4 Coenttes flip. Also, the tl r?e (tory Uuute an4 Let, No. Hit; Creenwloh taetuJat, and Heratio tireeta; $4,000 can remain on bond and turitgftge. Alio, the throe (tory Sous* and Lot, No. 50 trMklil I'lNti AWo ti e two ttorv IIou*>. with rear building, constructed tor a*ilver*mnh e shop, aud (even tteti yeaia lease ot lee No. Ki Vandam atreit. Alao thatwo atiry Uoti.e. with a brisk wuikshop in the rear, an4 leaae of L t. No K7 Warren street. Alao. two L"U n? the north ?i4? of Atlantic e.reet, between ilinton and r"iirt strei UtCtkiyn. Apply t? J AM Eft C At' U!?U AN K. He. 4* Oreea w ioh etreet. WOR BALE.? TUB TWO NEW TIRST CLASS DW1L JT ling heuasf, juat hmalied, built by day* work, of the beat materials, with nil the modern improvement*, three tk. rles. with attio*. KM bi 5.1, lot by IUI 6 leebee, *ilu ? teo en the north aide of Eleventh Itiiet, between Fifth and bix(b avtriue*. Five thouaand dollar! may remain on bond and niortgige. at tix per ceat. For further particular*, In quire of JAMES Boc, III Liberty Place. CtOR SALE.? TBRI K BRICK TWO STORY AND ATTIC r touso*. medcru built, and in Complete order, Croton w aser brought in, aittiatod m i'lrat stn *t, Noe. S2.M and 3o, will be ?ol?i together or separately. Any person rtl.c.inga fale. will be allowed a reasonable cemtniMion. Apply at No. 66 Mln lane. CTEAM ENGINE - A N V PERSON WI> UNO J V EV C* gine, from 15 to 25 horso rower, to opert te in the lower part cf the eity, in a rnneplJuous plaoe, can be furnished wi'h ae highly finished aad at aa extremely r a ierate frtce. built by experienced engineort, doiron* of inlronucinf b? ir work in thil ctty. Apply to P. A LEANARD. 1M P*arl *tve*t. IV,R PALE THE THREE 8TORV DWEI.LINO 11(11' and Lot. No. 2.* Fourth etrett. fronting on ' w<!n( ton *quaie. The house is modern, very (nhatanti* if bnilt, and in good eont'ition. Terms rcaacnabli . Arpl .t Mo. SO Cllfl itfct, near Pnlton itrwt. OR SALE.? A LOU Q TAIL BAT MARK. 1* HANDS high. (iy?*i told. and can trot a mile in 8 mi. - and i0 acc. to a wacoa; aonnd and kind ia every rerp. ot, and ean trot l> milca within an honr. Prtoe $MH. Can be *e*n at the rtable of J. D. McMaun, corner ef 5evcateonth trect and niftl avenne, STORB8 nN BROADWAY TO LET -THE NEW ST )RBfl on the front el Nlbl. 'a Uatden will be eompleted on ot before the let of May. They era pnrtl'ularly e.qloaleii la ? d for rcape etable trad. - 1..' u. i no', ?. ri le 1 eblickeff, apeeimen pi*no*. watel makera aad .)*?? Iry. gentleman'a Urnshing ttore, ladles' Ftinch boot mil ehoe store ladies' ? n l rentlamaa's glove atore, eard and silver plat* entravers, invention* and the fine art*, genti*man'a hair dr*??tng and perfumtry eetahlnhment The *id*walk* aad pr>tnenade will be tiai*li*d in ?r?t rate ityle, aad every ftellitv given frttn the Hotel and Garden, *o that ar'.i.-ln ofl. re l Tor aala in tho above tiaarJ ? ill be *een by thousand* daily. Pr i posala add rested to Win. Nillo, with pr p?r re ere acee, 1 0 the care of W. II. Ring, Niblo'e Oatden. will receive proper attention. I'O I IT AT BOBOKEN? A Nl MBKR OF Nl*' rBREB ?t' ry and baaement brick haueet, on \l a?hia,t.>a and Hudeoa terrar**. I !>*y hav* br?n l.uilt la the ifi- ?t perio-t ud tuhttantlal mknaer udI'T tli* MipoTial'-iid-ne* or Mr. ? lltitry. and tli* court. int ? n p?r * i ? i ? a of their ?>< nor. Mr. J.C.Blevrai. They art replete with all the mod.'t n e-my* aionoet? hat aa I rold water fir battiin." ?r aanhia* water vault*, word 'ower*. all.. ato. Uu llpei ?r? laid through tha bouaea, tad <ha (treat* leadiax t > tntm, aad I \ I ? ill ba luraiabad ?> ? ?n *? the worki IN o ni latad. A tat trill lt?<* far auiUf, Canal, or Chriatopaer llrMI eery eorcn aad a half minate* dartl* the ?' <y. asd baUiN are ron muted with at a vary la* rata. N. B.~The?e houaeo were ocMtnenoed ia the ?f rac "f l^W, aad are. therefirt, dty and ready for launedia'* occupation 1 r trrmi, eto . in quire. at tlit BoUk*a I -aad OfTW. nf W. W SBIPPEN. Ar?nt. IT* OR "Al E OR TO LBT-nOCtl NO. #7 MIRRiT ST.. r wi'-li in-mediate po**e**i?ii. II dceired Tb.e rurnitiro will b* cold on r*ry r*a*oa*ble termi if ro nifed. Per par ticnlar. an ly to BAKKtri fe RAKBER, 10 Wall ?trt*t. HOUr I TO LIT. AND PCRNITURB FOR SALS.? A ; ? ? about (? l'-are fir En rope, of*r* for Ml* hit mute ftarnitar*. and the lemo of M* honne. altnated in a moet d*ltf htfal part of th* oily. A| ply, m the premise*, ta C. J.. * W Fourth ayeauo. _____ HOUfB FOR 8AI.B. -HOUtB AND LOT. NO. IM WEST Thirteenth etroet laid hottae mm e*<-elt-nt order; hat atwo ttory tea room, twanty faet t |iiar?. an I *11 th* tnolern eoaTeaiaaoaa, rat cretoa water, bathe. fc*. Can b.- e'en be tween lOand 1 o'oloek. Arpiy, for i artiouUre, to WM. K. THOKN, 2f? Bookman etreet. Till DRCO STORE, 412 BROADWA1*. TO BB IMS pe**d of a r*a*lderal l>< >>ar*?*n. Apply na the premiaoa. ABlftlNF.SS B A RfiAI N? STAND TO LBT-OOo?S for ?ale-a eery trofltable buainee* ?a the rleer ladM ta ?n mi! ruat villa**? Majority raeh cuet<>m-own*r'* hosltb obiu?e Mm to nuTt tbo baeinote? a great rhaate. For iali rnaatii a. apply immediately to IIIWAM \ HITMAN. 4 Liberty etroot. I'o i.rr tili, first of mat- apartmrnta n* theop'ino lliorof b m ??torn bailt hnnne, fitrnithod or aleo the baaement, ?uitablo for an oflioo. location a f> w <l?> re ea*t of tho Bowery; lerni noderate. Apply at XI Bayard it root. A PARLOR A Nil BED ftOOHTO I.RT. IN AI'RIVATB lanlly. Will be let to on* or two ainrlo eenil-tnen with.nt b..*H A baili room Mil wa'er el ret attached. Loeattt* aMurpAMtd. T*rtn? yerr modtrata. Ref^rtneot ?aehaaiied. Ia intre at No. Br?ad*ar. Asvitb or rooms, f.itiirr FURRisnio or i n fiirni?h*d, t* lot, to cne or two tinile ?-ntl?men. or a F'atlrman and lady. In a email priva'e family. I<noatioa very doiirmble, aad in the immediate Tl<'i?lty of throe itano ront?a. Hie* * apply at 147 Wa>*rly pliee. I FtSRor A STORE IN HKOADHA 1BKLOW (Ol RT. MJ itrtct, *f 100 f**t deep, for Ml*. In iuif at vt Broad way W" EtFTTISF TbRASANT AI?I> N'rwJV" Fl'R I nithed Parlor, on the ttret fttor, for t*o or three tinitl* *> ntlenitn. No. 17 Honlrd etreet. \L'ANTIDTO LBASE-A HET OF orFIPBt IN OR ?r rear Wall (trert, aottl I bo tak?n Immediately or for let May neat. Addr?'?* bo* 4'.'3 Poet Ofllee *M K WORLD*! i \nt tT'ORID-S FAIR ART UNION C VOIR THE MA "" naa> ment of the N?w York Art I'nioa C'?mp?ny. in aorp' tated by th* l<*frl?latur* of New T*ft.? fbara* t ? -aoh. The . ml <ny nil! pnbliah a mointfloen' oagrarlaK of tho ia torior of the Great Wnrld'e Fair. Bat h aane'rit < rof will be mtitlod to aoopyof tbil print, reallrwnrth ai?r* tbaa t\ and Bfty ant ferihere will hate a fre* nret rabia [*?**?? to Loadt'B and ba< t. and 1 1 JO ta pay tipene~< * hlle l?ier*. Th* fWbocnMI"* liet ie flllirR rapidly aad a* tt? nitnibar of a^*re? It limited by the ebarter of inenrporatlia, no tlm* ?hniiM bo loft in appiyiac for ehat**. Fun 'I* narrent at th* plo. * from ahead* eoat. takoti at par and remitlaneee by mall * ill bo at th* co?).?ny'e rink, but all letter* m.iet b* I*' paid. P..*ttna?teia. and *there. remlfior tO will be ea~ ?d to tea ebaree Pharee or further par'ieniar*. *ar ba tl !? nrd in a plie*ii?? t^'*' ..r ?>? t * d lot 'or, at th* VuB.pakj'1 Offlf e, Bo. K |f all |tt*tt, f'*w Yvfk. I

OOWCRY TH BATHS. ? ON SATURDAY EVENING. X J Febiuary 1. will be [?M*ui for the laattime, tbe aaa ccstiul tragic play atyled tb* TIHPLit-Uoiog Lt Maroh. Mr J. M. Boott; Ajmir 4* la Roche, Mr. TUtoa. Hersrend. Br. A. W. Feuao, lnoline. Nil* H'cn>yia. Tu le followed br thecoma yil)l(4 RaIMNG TUB WIND ? Jtreajr Didilir, Mr A W. Feaai', Famwould, br Jordan: Ban Mr. Wluu; Mirk I'<r.r> Plainway, Mr?. Waloot; Miaa Durable, Mre. Bioadlj. Tu oonolude with tbe drama of lb* PIKaTE OF THE IsLE" ? Mavrei ui, Mr. N. Johnson; Leiuetnue. Mr. Tilton; Bart an. Mr. Bteveue; Helena, Mlaa Weuiyae. Boxee, 26 ccata; fit, 12)* eta ; Orchestra Boxes, 60 els. BLKTON'S THEATBB. CHAMBERS STREET. REAR of (Jity Bull ? Boxes. Urvaa Circle and Parquet, tu eta , Family Circle or Seeoud Tier. 116 eta.; Oreheatra Seate. 76ote. Paturoav evoking. Ft brunry I, will be played the comedy of tl.e HYPOCRITE ? Lambert. Mr Howard Colonel Laiu'ert. Mr. Jordan. Mr. Darnley, Mr. Bland; Doctor Cant well. Mr Blake; Ma wwortn, Mr. Burton. A Coiuie Dance by Mr. Courier. The favori o (area of DIAMOND CUT DIA MON B. or How te Die for I,o?e? Mr. Ueartly, Mr. Howard; Can Seymour, Mr llolu in; Charlotte. Mra. Skeere't. To aoachide with tbe drama rf WOMAN'S LIFE IN TURBE EK AS? Michel, Mr Bear); ltajaxet, Mr. flurton. DROUG HAM'S LYCEUM BROADWAY, NE A R BROOKE D street? Saturday, Feb. lat, will be presented thi opera of tbe aBBASSABKESS. or a Mannger'a Mleeriae? Duke da Valteir. Mr 8 Leach; Fortunatua, Brougham; Henediit. Dunn. Henrietta. Mife Mary Taylor; Madaaie Barnaok, Mra. W R Blake. After whiefi, tlie oouiedioita of WILFUL MURDER? Mr Consul, Mr. Taylor; Sphooa, Raymond; Wl.i^kera. HieaK. hum. Attar the Ainbaaeaaroee. Mile. Du cy llane and C. W. Smith will (laaue a grand t>?s d? dttux ticm I.a Oiiclle. To conclude with the faroe of SUDDEN THOUGHTS. Dress Circle aad Parquet, iOeenta; i ainilv Circle, 96 eeata. Deere open at t o'olock oommeuoej at 7. National theatre. Chatham street, nbar B( oeevclt,? Benefit ot Mlaa liatnaway.? Huturdar Bve mrg. IV . lit. tocommcnoe with the DRY GOODSCLBRK, cr Early Closing? Billy ouekrau, Mr. L Fox; Caleb Caador, C. Taylor; Kitty Crape, M ra E Mettayer. After which, A DAY IN PaHIS? Kuiily Gie.nville, (with foar other obar MtfriJ Miia Uatlanat. To bo followed by tbe BIGHTS OF WOMEN, or the Ladiea Convention? Mr. Paul. Mr. L. Fox; Mr Caunon, Duun; M a. Mott, Mlaa E. Meetaver. To oea with the FRENCH SPV-Maiildede Merle, (with two other cl.araoter?) Mies Hathuway Boxoa 25 eeata. Pit 12>% cent*. Doors apen at o'clock; commences at 7 o'olook. HALLOWS' Of E R A HOU'B, Ui BROADWAY, BB A tween Howard ai d Grand streets.? Tl e manager lions f> atate ti at tl u immen.ic encourage meat gi vtn to bia celebrated Cmrerta etery cvdaiiii; far the last eiurcn moutha, by the elifv and tashion of thia (reAt metro|inlii, has induced his to eot.'at'e artiita of the very firat talent, t'. produce Hur leeo ue Italian Oj?ra Boenaa, Hurlej^u? 'J^uUeit.kfiu r.alieii, 7n a >T)Te bi|iiai lo tr.e ortKthAla |>ioduced at (lie Italian Ol'er&ui thiaiitj. On W><tn<a<lay and Saturday afternoont. a Coneert, comni<-scinR at3 P. M.. fcr the ancommodatien of i ? h A!?i? .'ti 25 centa. Doora open ut halt pu'. ti. Concert at halt pait 7 c'olm It. PILLOWS' OPERA HOUSE-TUB GSJEATEVT AT ti action of tbu 8"taoa ? Ou Wedueaday eveninic next, Ffbr'Kiry 5, 1.N51, benefit of J Jonea: on which ocoa?i >a the attractions will be eutirely new. Thecrand scena tromLa ola di Lammeruiocr will be producca; aleo the Tyrolean, the Concert a la lioohaa, bo. Adiniaiion 21 oeuti. Concert to commence at balf-paat seven BARNUM'S ASIhRlOAN MU^ELM.-P. T. BARN I'M, Prcprietor and Manager; John Qreeewood, Jr.. Aaalatant Manager Saloon I ort'ormanoea every alternoon at three, and evening at seven o'lilook. Admittaaci; v> eaeh of which, and to the Museum, J5 oenta ; children under ten, halt' price. Benefit aad very last ai ptarance of the popular and inimita ble negro extravaganti^ta, the renowned Doaaldaon'a Serena des. Saturday, February 1? In the afternoon, the elegant and thrillingly int treating picture of real life, ao will known u CHARLOTTE TEMPI, E. After which, those highly cele brated negro extravaganzlita, the Donaldaon's Serenadera. will Rive a choice seleciien of Ethiopian sonfs, muaio, and dancing. In the evening tbe popular nnl interoatiag piece ef BKIK AT LAW. To oooolude with the delight'ul per fcrmaneea of Donaldaon'a 8er?aadera, in their ainusiiuc and highly varied Ethiopian entertainment. The entire Chiuxte Nuaeum, late of b.1* brcudway, la now Incorporated auionget the million of curioaities. The tiipay Fyrtue Teller, fcc., Say be seen here. tfRANKLIN MUSEUM, 176 CHATHAM SQUARB-? GEO J T Lea Sole l'ropitetor. ? Adnlition? Seate in Private Boxts, 60 cents; Stage Seate, 37K oenta; Bus, V5 cents; Par quet, i2>.centf.? Elegant Baloon pcrforuancea every After noon aua F.venlng. i.ntertaiamenti comuienoe in the after neon at 3 o'oloek, and la theeveaitg at half ( ast 7. Theen tertaininenti are varied and select, and anon aa can he aeea at no other place ?! araafomont in New York, eonais'.lng ol Let's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen performers, being tho largest and at the same time the moat talented baud in the I bited States; a troupe ef Model Ar Uata, who are aeUctel lor their beaaty and figure, abd whe personate a number f acautiful tableaux, taken frnm t.h? giotnxes of ancient a id modern times; aoompanyof Aral irle. w ho go through a v arlety of feats of atriagth and dex terity, Madame Koaaliite, fiecrly Female Juggler m the worla; aeon [ any of Mal.t and Female Arujta, ?lu will giv< an exhibition ot Marble J catuarv unequalled in the wetld, to gether with a variety of imere^tlag pertcrmaonoa overy af teraooaaad evening. For r?rtieui*re ?ee bills of each day. CACKKI) CONCEH T -MRS DBANE RESPECTKCLLY 1 ' annouaeea to her fri'ind.4 and the public that her firat Sacred Concert will tike plaoe en next Sunday evening, try 2d. at tbe Freemaaou'e llall, ixiO Broalway, when taisted ty thefollowing distmguiahed artists:? Aim Qonlif, Mr. F. Lystcr, Mr. Dunn, ai.d Mr. Conaton. Ad ir ;a?iou &'< eeata. SATTliER'BCOSMOitAMAS.COKNER BROADWAY AN? fhirtaentbat. adminaioa 26 c?nt?. Tbe lat atction kh^uv ing of a eollectioB of ttf view* of Earop*, Aaia Minor, Syria the Holy Land, Egypt, Nubia and Arabia will be replaced li tbe oourae of aom? weeka by new equally lnter*e'lnr onea NOTICE? Til E BABOON, OR WILD MAN OF TUB W<o<a, caabe ac^n by day<ight at the Walton iluuit, 336 Pearl itreet, and will rt main tor tale for a few days. AMUSE MJCN rs IN PHII^APKLPHI V. BARNUM'8 MI'S El'M, i'OILAliELPHIA -P. T. IIAR ncm. Proprietor aad Managi'r ; tleury Staford, Aeaiataat Manager ? l'rodiutiuu ef a new diauiatio adaptation lr?n ?old>L.ith'a world- Know n work, TBB /ICaK OF WAK B F ILLI'. arraiigeu f' r thi." mueeum by an eminent elerftman of I'hilaerlphia. and entirely diatiuot trom the l.oudo* ediuoa Favorite and re<]n??tei piece* will also he re peated. Tbe dramatic compaay ie "equalled by tew and exoeHcd by acne." There are two daily performances, eom ?oereiBii at 3 aa'l 7 P. U. nSMaiai y?i' e roraiuani" the I arrai^ement of the aiimerouacutiesitioa. Adiuiarwn, 'il ita. HllCELLMIMOl'l, DAGI EKREOTYPE TBB SCALE PL iTES -T IE IB platca are warranted to be perteot, ajd to give t? the ' dagoi rreian impretsi in amuah riclur tone thaa any others. | Tke aubacrtherla atreai for the Preach manufacturers, and ' wiU tell tlietn at the lowest tiricte. Samptee sent on de ! mand. Addre*" YICTO* BI8HOIV ? Maldoe laae. PAT BEEF IN CENTRE MARKBTAOAIW -VILLI 4M l.aloT, of 3H and 31 Centre Market, will exhibit t r sale, I on Saturday, tbe firat oi February, a pair of *ai>erwr cattle, fatted by Mr Horatio, of Oataria < ouety State of Ne? York. AUe, rptendld Lamb, M ? ?n and Veal. Bp;"aree ati'l o.hera in want of a prlno afMsts, at prices in accoidanee with tbe times, will do wet, by givfru him a tall. C CHOICE OLD DUTCH CUBBSE.-A SMALL LOT OF y auptriorold roucd Edaiamar Dut-h Cheeaea, packed in | easee ef two doaen eaeh, landiux ex -bip Catharine, from ! Anaterdam, for tale by ASSfeLEK k DAVIS, 16 Beaverst. Alia. H'lkminew Duteh Berringa. JOB AND CARD PRINTING, OF EVERY DBACBIP tlta, a eat ly, oarreetiy, and expedition' ty done, at ' Sutton'e job aad card priattag i ttioe, ll'i Fnltoa atriet. be I tween Na>ean aad Broadway, where may be found rich de aigaa for atcre billa, carda, lie., togetber with aa extraaive i aaaortment of new aad lane> tj pa. border*, ac . for aeat jab prlatian. ?L"TTON, l<2 Fultoa atreet. Mechanical lamps, loaned for parties. Bracki .(and Sur; en>\oiin.? kepi >l? aya oa haad, a rich ' rheioe of Frtacb lamps, for parlore aad utadiot; eaadelasraa, | chandeliers and braeketeol tbe richest deeeript ions tnrni | tore far lamp*, glaaa ware. fcc. Beat sperm oil at 11 ahil linf. beet French oil at 9 ahiltinga. taraarded. U. DahUONVlLLC. ?IS Broadway. Rt' aniera generally anpplieil. 1*0 HOI SEKi'.IPF Kfl - A FIN E NEW STOi KOFCOR rellas, einhoaetd Solar l^ui|a, Ulrand'ilea, tlan'lo hianef.ea, Chaudellara, tiaa Fixt>i'e<, Ivory-llaadle labia Cutlery, Inlaid Tea Travs, Biiver Plated on Gerrnai Silv-r T> a S? t?, Table Forks, flpoona ?'a?t r-. Ha-kets, fce.. will he all very low, >.j AHHF.R MORGAN. Hi William, hetwesa 1 ulton ^Ld Ann streete? o| poaite the chunk. WM. NBUSTAEDTER, importeb and mani fac tnrer of Prene.i aad German faery gnodi, IRS Rroadway, np etnl a, l? eona'an'ly reeeiving, aad haa n?w on hand, a large aueilmekt "I (iU aad plated lacea, I giiepa braii'a, corda, frlagea, tanaela, biuilloaa, cenatllle, 1 rrangira. ornameate, 1 1 art meat'ee, buttoa*. ben ineta, hair { dreaeera' Wire, lam-, thread, fci. fcc., of plaia aad mlatd chenille, for embroidery and triinralnxs, fco., fci. He wanld > alao call the attention el 'he pub'ic te hi* newly estahlis ied j tnaauiai tt'iy of silk, aattea as' worsted e?rda, ta?eete, , fviagee, fimps. ladiea' fau -y drees battens, and other trim n nge. In evtrv denrable style. Jobt -rs nil dtaters t i p ! plieioalhe a.esj lihei al arms Orders ir <a tbe aoaniry ' promptly attended ta. 1/ KUDO* KRoa COUOH IN TIN KIM. JH. IW JT aurtd b? Hryan ? Palanii' ? A niiih lie of thla atlraordlaary rim-lr ia warraitf d t > fiva i?m?.iiat? raluf Id all aaaaa of MM ' "><*a. aaUiina#, l>r< akltia. a*4 all dia?aaaa of tha laaga. ?* tha !?? nay *til ka r?tnroa4. Prica .'A crata par km. hM by ail 4t W!o>le?ala D?r"t, i'. I Ilnaai n etr<a?. A . TC KM BL'LI.. Ar-m. \XT 11 0 Ii IK KIKMI.N1 t.Ul VV W 'nM j-an ha .a tour f' kitMfe Your riatiilt . ia?lr I <> vrr , II haa fot jai* fifty m,tt Vbu can u?a or' "Boh r>Tarf Koaeh?<, i ttf-ka<? ana Haa*. Ant*, and all crawler*, LYONS' i*o *-<lar' will alay la > > ? 11 r 'litnv ra ia l parl-rr, The olnla. n yonr 'illaf, Wl'ht at any riafc, alr?, Bla Pill* will ?o? n i inrdBV Tha rtriLia with wkiakara. Dapnt, i.m BrrMvir. 1V> I t TI.K.H hTkF.I. and IRON W ORKBBS VI FA a? Hum thr aaat p<l!?hiar matarlal known, aa-t ?alr appraciatad by thaa? who l.avc ?a?a ?n.| lo>?d It la poliakla* ?taal. kr??e. was, O-rinaa ><l?er. loat ibij ortad la afjhriaal aaalatara, aad f?r ?aia, by l>r LIVH III CUlf ?Ni.K?. 141 Maiilt'ti lane. P. 8 ? Zaffra, tlnorapar, falap tr, kloBatiai ahallaa, tatraat aafuwar, Br . for aala a* *t> *<?. INMTHI'CTIO**. TO IF. A KK TO DRAW FROM NAT! Kl in OMR LR* I ava.? Prufaia-<t Bit 111 Rlt. I mm Iterl n. k?sa ?<> laturia litafrinnda *od 'ha a naif. <hkl ka k?? loond ??i a< ary ?*ay and aimpla men of dra? in*. by whlali any (araia. ?i?h*a? tlio trait prc'isa* knonladgr of driwiat. ??#a ropj fmta natar? any vlaihl* afjici. tuck ia laad<a? p.'fra'ta. fl war*, ate. ?tr. ??na fa??"i> ia f -rfaatly aafftaicn* t laara the Biotl ed. Ai proof of the ?iiBilf i?y Bad ? al hi* Intern ioa. Pmlo?e?r Riehter t>la<l|t<'i hia ward, -bat *?? p?ptl pmaiB* that ke riuau* draw from natar* with 'ha ?r^ at. jt <ort?ftD??a IB 'Bi- Kill n it ha ra (nir- d to pay. Ttrma tin dollar* a pupil, nad laaa If aavaral par">n* !? 'rn thar. Rnaidanfa til' llu-ton alraat. ?art r af I'raahf atraat. TBE FRRNCII LANOt'Ati* T4UOIIT HY A SHt>RT ?ud Ba j Mt lliod. - Mi ?iti-i|*all? N ll'UKI., f'rtnarlr "I ?trni trata In tha Inatllvtinn of ih? l/afion ot II 'tor u ?*?rla, ia 't??ir',?? of ohtalpiac | j^ila fvr tha rr?n Uncaiia. *? bar kaowlrdga af Bn(li?h la llaitad, aha a.l,lr?a?.' . hartalf ta troaa paraona anla who lta>a alraadv a*<|iitrad a |>ar>i*l kn ?lfrt?#t tha f ranch. *nd ma r daatra to p ?rfwt tham aalvaa in Iha UnnBata as* to a?qmr? a corract prnanai-U* tlo?. lra?i "?ptiaitaYla r?f?r?a?? will ba ?i?an Appl" ati'>a at.iy ka made to Maaam< iaall? MICIIKU aU Btoadway. ka lwa?n tha haara of 2 and a, P M % APRIMCII'AL WANTBD roRABBW INSTirOVIO??. to ha .ip*ji?d May I at. la*l.? A iptaniid aaw a4it??a, eoa*lrnatad on tha tnoat imrrt^ad plan, with abnu> oaa hnndr?4 rooma. Boat rllnibljr aituatad ni-a^l'ia railrna-l, thraa li.inr* rlda fram Naw York, aoatinn Si'' with ?\ ar? facility for ?nai:ria? iiioc-a*. will ha riatad l? ? t" any par aan paaaaaii .* tha rt'itiaita |>ialiKi-?tii*? and mnana for aiakina It an fvaorrlirnl achool of tha lii*h'?t ord?r. T >r further partianlara apaly. p >a'paid, or i-araoaally, *o tha C. S. Rohoal Aarnay, 2? t fero ,d ?\ ft. H WIUJOV, Propnatot. TO PBRNCB LAnir^.-WAltTRD PRIVATE LR9BOM 4 la?r?n? an kouraaah da*, fym a fr-afh lada.hy a (catlrman ? ?raatonif d to taarhint, wh i tn rattrn * 'nlJ taank k?r Bnfiiak an a^nal tima. aay kaan Ud*a al Buclinh aa har ran would ant ka aaraaaary. Addraaa H. B . Pa?t Off.ea Kaaaan aa<aat. HOOKKRRPI^O. ABI fBMFTI' . |p? *RFTI?f>ROU<m Ijr aad practlrally taan'it hjr W J. R RN VII I,*, Vo. JW lirnadway. Ra^h itndan', ra"?l?aa a-paraia inaime>i.>a. a^d ka th* anrafnl atltatlon k^a'owad n p?n Mm, I* f?nd? ? i aa'lrala aoippetan' to ?! <'*a th" ?? ? ? a itati^a of i.ti* ?uatir?natn. Oran *ay aad ?y ?aTBg r> r?a ataiarat.. AHVIKUITIi DIOiDVAT TUA1U. ? IATC RDA Y EVENINGTIB. MJ l, will ha prteaattd. the mad toauuo (pMlwU, ??titled FAl'BTUB- fHilu, Mr. Dyett; Mephlatephilta, Mr. Conway; Count De Ouukti. Mr. Whiting; Count Or ?ini, Mr. BUI; Moatollo, Mr. thaw; Aatomu, Mr. RaraoMa; Wagner, Mr. Davidge; Xarloo, Mr. HarrU; Adia?, Madam* Poum, Koaolio, Mr*. Abbott; La**tta, Mia* Capal; J a* ft. Ml** Olivia Tht ptrformaaoa* will eoamiiM with th* c?B*dv of TAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LaD? Ray Gomel, Mr. Can way; Marqui*. Mr. Whitiag; King Charlt*. Mi** Cap*l; Doa Oaimaa, Mr. Mattlitnt; Loptt, Mr. la.; Duchttt, Madam* Po*l*l NIBLO'B GARDEN.? THE l'RC PRIETOR BEGS TO ?aa'. uoe* tin rt-openiug of hi* ettabliahmcnt, Monday, ^<1 February, tad the engagtmtnt for a limited period with the oeltbrated danc*r?. th* MadomoitelltF ROl'8 JiT? four tittcre? Caroline. Adelaide. Tererina, aad Clementina. aad alio their father, Monaicur Jaaa R uteet. recently arrived 2?" Europe; aad will rnuk* their debut in a new Qraad Ballet of two acta, with new tocnary by Mr Wxtr. attr dre*M*. Re., entitled CaTARINA. or. Tf.e yutca ef the . whleh M'lle Caroline and her three aiatere will ??i***i??Mda*i'l*'of]Njriii^Vfc5i?l/ErRraNlP principal w "a ' ' *'? *h* XT a I IAN OPEHA 1)1)1 : K. ABlOR Pl.gcE ? KEBl'C ?om?r i?be. Uw 7"*1?"1* " f Sigaorioa 1 EKES A I aKODI.? Price ol Admtaaioi Pari??t aad Box**, SI 60; Amphitheatre. #0 cent*. K-rty fourth Sub tcriptiou Night. Benefit ol Si*. A. hafcquirioo Coaduowr Rax Maietiek; Leader. Mr. Krtutier. Monday evtaiug' FaLrueiy Sd, will be performed Hoaaima oomie opera, in twii aet* of the BaRBER Of 1LLK? Kofiua, Sicnonna T. Parodi; Barta, Pigna A Patti; Coute Almaviva, 8ig Larini; Figaro, Sig. Beneveatano; Don lUrtolo, Nig. San juineo; D.a Haailio, Si*. Novelli Fi>rello 81c ? Ginbilii. Dour*o|enat a ?|oarter before 7? to commence at 7)4 o'oloek, MECll A N ICS' HALL, MO. 473 BROADWAY. ABOVE Graad atroet? Open every Bight dun a* the week until further aotie*. The original and well knowu CUKISTV S MINSTRELS, onmpritiug an eifioieat and vereatile "oerp*" of " taUiiied" aad " experienced performere," under th* inanagtmeiit of X. P. Criaty, whete concert* in thia out. for a eueeeMioa of " five yaart," nave been r.ctivad with favor by highly reepeotable and faah.onable aadieniea. Ticket* 2ft oenta. Door* ? pen at halt- pa*t aix eonmoneei at lialf- paet aevea o'clock. The patrona < f Chriaty'a Minntrel* are re apectlully informed that th* uanal Saturday afternoon oon cert* ? ill be dieoon tmurd for the future. CIB( tS-MIV YORK AM 1'IIITH t A I KK sr IIOWERY. Janitg M. June & Co., Proprietor* ? Mi-? Mury Ann Well* in a aew act, a* tfce Syrea of the Floating Scarf.? Saturday afternoea and tveniainx. f?b 1, 1831. Mia* Mary Aim Well* will appear in a ((.Undid act if honeiuaarhip, which, for e'egance, graoc and effect, i* unequalled by aay artiat *t her aae Mr B. Ruaaall* and Mr. H. W Franklin, in their claaaic illuatratioat on twn horeea. Saui Latbrop, Clowe U W. Frank. in on the Flying Corde. After the euueatrian perlotmancea, will b* preseattd the RKYOLT OF 1 HE llAKAM, or the Captive Slave. Private lloxe*. '0 eta.; llexi *, 2S et*. ; Pit, 12>? et* ; Cbildrea. talfpnee. BURTON'S -MISS J. HILL REJl'K'.'TFL'LLY AN nouncee her benetii for Monday next, Feb. the ; eosedy of PAUL P KV will be played for the tirat. time this I ?eaaen. Paul Pry, Mr. Burton; Cilon'l Dardy. (Or.t time) 1 Mr. Blakr; ilarr; Stanley, Mr*, tlneaell; Eliza. Mis* J. Mill; Phebe, Mr*. Skerrett The drama of TAINT UIARI' I NEVtK VttoKT FAIR La OF ? Kuy Gomel, Mr. Leeirr; I Marquia. Mr Blind; and lirat night here of a laughable farce called TWICE KILLED, in whi h Mr. Burton will j play the prineipal cbaiacttr. Box book now opes. ITALIAN lOPKRA.? C.aBK.? flGNUH A. ?ANiyl'lKICO tet|tclfully b?ga te inform the ?ub*ono>-ra of me Ait r 1'l.ic* 0| era Houae, a id ihu publio In general, that hia Oen^tit will e< me elf on Mmday. February 3. entitling *ub>ori?er* to the right of n*iag th*ir *tat?, being their tubaoription night. The crbate!?t novilty ever introduced in ' thia Cilv.? TripUr llall. ? I'nder the entire management I of IlkRK j/., the celebrated Uue?arian Vouaiiat, bfga to annouace to hi* friend* and aubaoribera, that ki* Grand Pol Pourri Dramatic Mumcal Feai.i\al will take place at the abo\e [la 11, ca KaVurday Eveniug. February fith, vbeu l.e will be aa*ic*ii ty llgkoft Trafli ti. or !???.. Uerr Kiauti will ietroauce hi- Grand Pot Pourri, the Cont'uaion of Babel, in thirty different national meio<*ie*, to heaung in the orlgiaal dialect* of langunge, far whic'i he hai the aaaiatancd of Signorin* E. Unudolh, Uerr F. Me>ei and IlerrSalle; and llerr Ki-autt will Imitate the pec iliari'iea, l oth action* and ccmic, of every aatinu. in their native tongue. Alto, by the kini permi-eion of M. Maretiak K*<| , the lull orchettra of the Italian Opera Uouae. C iaduo er, Utir Kitutzer. And three in.-truuicutal aolo performer*, Uerr Gricbt'l, the celebrated violiniat. from Uerlio, llerr Py: howbki, rianlat, ami llerr Eltt, the b*r?>nairt, trim DTeidcn Between th* firit and aecond part*, the ui at ex traoidlsarv and falcated child, Miaa Vauny U?:ine. will re cite "The Maniac," in coatume Tieketa Fif y Cent*, to b* had at all th* priaeipal mu<io (tore* and hotel*. Door* open *1 halt-paat ti, to ocuiinunce at half- pus: 7. A no* and iplendid graud piano, lrom tb* manufactory of Mr. Jane* Hilton, will b* uaed on thia oecaaioa. PANORAMA OF THE P 1 LG itlM'S PKOJIM PAH tionlar Notioe.? At th* re'iumt of paetori, ttaohertand other*, aad in order to allow an to *ee th* ' new Pacornui*.' the uaitorui price of admiation will hereafter be twenty h*< oent*. On U'edneaday and baturdav iflmtuM, childn* will be admitted at half-pric*. Deacriptlve eatologue*. 12^ eeata. Open ovety evening. Deer* open at 7. to coretaesM ?t7V n'olook. OLYMPIC. BKOAiJ V A Y. ? N AOLE'S UKAN1) CANO rinia of Ireland ?Painted by the tirit lriah artnu, fr>ai aketcl.o* taken within the la*t tlire* year*; In fUelity. inU reat aad beauty unrivalled; with Iri?h ?nag*. Iriah muais and an Iriaiitnan'* illuatration*. Every (tuning, at 7^ o'c.oek. Wadne*day and Saturday afternoon*, at .1 e'eloolt. See llaii ibill*. Admittance firea* Ci- cka?rd PaMoet. J eeate; i hildrcn, ticder 12. half pric*; Private Hoxe*. t-l: Gal lery, l-)? ceaU; Gallery far colored p?opl*. I'.'t, *?au*. A f; HI Ci: liTl'RAL. U.MTID STATES AORll I i.Tl RA L W A SB II ' >! *K aad Seed etoro ? Th* n baoriber* have cunKiontly oa hind andaWirfor na'e. the lanni and moat co.nplato aa aortroeat of t gricultuial and UortuuUural luipUneata. Field and (,ardea Serda ia the United S.atoi, anioBg whieh tray be found the following:? Pi oi i. it*.- Cpwarda of iw diflerent kind*, together with the "ptnulna Eagle Imrroved Ph ugh," whivh ha- laaoa Ui* pn ti loir w bercver ? xhibited <r leatad. HOM ?? A general a?a.-r' meat. Ci i tiv*tos|? With *te*lorea*t. irea (barer, a ftr*t rata *rti*i*. Co* . ft AMTua- A variid ataortmeut of all Vie m ap> I roved kinda. Ht rn 8<>w ???. of different t*tt?nii. that will plant all kirda of need at any required dxtance Watih Ram*, selt aotiug, of variont auee, fur ramac water. Onm Ann Fibb EMmwr, a drat rata maeblne of r*c*nt Invention, that cauaot be anrptfied. Fobi-k Ann Lirr Pi mp?, all kiada, die* and qnalltie*. F.>m i v? t it a ,r Pi xio., complete, or in part* ef vanon* ?lie* to auit | > rrha?r*. Gn a in Wi i.i.a ? French burr (ti ne, from (V) to ?25", aad Caat Ircn rod 8te?l, trom to fat. < oa* Pi' r i i iin Vveral acw kiad(, together with all th* ?l>! and mill popular (trie*. I Btbaw Ci ttbbd, of *very improved patt*ra aad (ire, for ?BtttBg bav, a* taw case ard eeraatalk* CaBT? ami Wioovi- All atyl?(, Itniahel to order. Ot l io- let) ten Geaaiaa ? ernviaa, of the be<t iual ty, aire, a large lot ot l'? i o au. a priaie artiaje Fixir.. (I??nrv isn Fi/>wbr 8>ki? ? A large at ek, *e> leeted with the atn.'it oare, *ipre**:y I r tat Amerioaa marktt. Bori Dt ?t af aupeHor .jr> ality, la blgr Aad barrel*. Pi.aaTan. ground in barreN. Poi i>a>TTr(at ti-(?i luufar'urer'a loweat prteei f i iiim. W >ii at. Ri r avu Baai rv? a lar*e Ireah (taek, ja*t receivtd. G?a?e >1 an? Timothy, white and red clever. K eat a iky Blue Or???. Or-hard Graa*, Red Top. Oat and Ray Grata, Lacerae aad Sweet Vrraal el *un*rier quality. All the above geodi arill be *ol? na the b??t ti gao'li will be cold r>i Uie he-t terna, aad a* an be i nrehaaed in the I'aited State*. JOHN MATHER k CO. 197 Water (t . *. T. TO CONTKACTOM. LOWM0OF. IRON -OACTION TO TUE PUBLIC AND Maaagera of Railr ada. Board*. Oet. 17, H4?. 'I'oWa.A Clio, k ? H. F.a I. Taunton l, 1 1 r* Dear Sir: I received th* l*tt*r th* I^iwmner Company hav* *eat to yeu, dated Lnwmnor Work*, IMtb Sci i-taNer, lHW), for the peraaal ef whioh I am maoh obliged, and Join the Lowmonr (wmpany in ilaeerely thtBklng yon and Mr. C?ok for th* Importaat Information yon have given a* to tb* ia> position 'bat hae. for a condderabl* time peat, boa praa tiaed apoa the Baited State* pabll*, ia (ub*titatiag aa ia ferior aad apuriou( article ia the plaeeof real Uvaior Iron; aad we are of oalaioa 'hat the beet meane we oauld td>pt to preveat the 1 mpoaltloa I* fatare, woald be to pahtiit that letter eatir* 1b tha aewapapere. aad a* the aame tlm* eautiua the Amerieaa people, that the oaly eertaia va> of eb tat Blag genuine l.owme.r Irea i( either brarrlyiag dkreet ta Joha liaeh aad Hoa(. Irwa Mar. hanie. I the (ol* ageaw ef the Low moor Uompaay for the Called Statee, or te order it ilireagh their oaly r*pr?aaatati v*? ia thelta'ea, M<aav? Qlhtara. Bl*k*A Ward, (aakera, n K a A* w* kBi w you are equally d>*ir< ii* a* oaraalve* tbat thi* fraud ehnuld be (topped at ????. whoever may be tha rulllf partita, w* think it almnct nan>eeeearv to aea yaar j.aral*. *ii a .* pabliah iha UwBonr Co.'* letter, but It te a liberty * a ra aet ant take without your tenet IOB, re |aeat ng whiet at vnat earlieet eonveaieaoe. I am, for John Pi noli A Sob with great raapeot, dear Mr, your obedient i?rvaet e?y JOHN FIVCH. "on T*"ttoi*. Oct. SA, IHfai. John rmm, Sen., Seq , Boetea? Dear Sir i Your ea teemed favor ef the 17th inetaal came daly to haad. and during my lid M ? fram heme waa mielaid, which ia my arol. gy tor aet mi ra prompth giviBg my ae**Bt to yeue proioatiioa te an theriee tha pabficativa of the letter referral to Thie I aew do meat oheetfally, aad remaia y. ura very trnlr, Wtf. A. ckdceer. Lowmooi I bo" W' Ng*? laifrogB. Tciamic loo a lani W "it bb, I Sept. 1Mb. IrtM. I b, Maaea k i-etta ? Sir Wat. A Cam a ia, Ee i , Taattea, Ma**aoh i*< Tour aBB.e haa bees kindly latn daeed to u* by J M. Cock* kaq , who we have had 'ha pleaaure of ie*iag .tare aad wh( e> preeaad klnwolf mach plaaand with eu r mea ife. . u re He br< nght te oar kaoaledge taet*. that we tvaat ton will oaa ? tider of eufltei m m. i tan. ? "> luatKy oa i? taking tb* lib erty ?t addreeaing yoa, though a*traa?er t ie. ttelaform td at that >o? take a lively iateieet ia if w ^kiag t Rail ? ii ?. * It h a Jue r' /ar l to aaeaomy, an 1'iBt Vyr- ilae? of enr maaufactar* have oftea proved ef ??ry *t<-oil*a I in allty en th* lire of Hallway aader ynar imwuia r era, and that other* tuprco d t>i be of tha earn* make I ava m nod eat far Inferior tfl'i Mr Oaeke aaw ear made f me iflMtoMtM Tir ni'ahinprtned ennaiderabl* Be', aiahar if at their beicg any vtriatl'B n oar qaalitv. B"d oa eaitring fully apoa thi* (abject, we Itarwad fmtr, that t*.? thirda at l"*(t. of all T>ri ( bearlag eat tappateo mack ware lotnea^ f hey haviag a eroee thae betwoea nar Mark ef le-w ? tloer, where** we know i.f an <urh thtag. and never heard ef It be fore. ear mark being a* Mr. Cook* *aw a amn io , wmo-r We. hall take immediate *up* through our agent*. Mae are J ' i PSn"h k S"B*. of 1 iverpi el. that thi* be ai'< iv ?n in tha Halted Stat ee. a* are feel much Injnry and poenalary I* e* ia a net *laed by th* p-??ih?i.t? f ?e*b infer, ,r ,ron a* well ea our a?a rhartttet being moat unjoeflt da agar ? e fullvea plained 'o Mr I imii *11 order* addreae I <o onr tgeat*, Mf*ar* Ftaeh fc Sob*, wuld meet with immediate ait-atlon. and tiuo-ah tbvm all partita can ml v u a ?af m aa u fae t ore We trutt 'hi* t iplanatloa will be it ? t'lenl Bpoleg* far the liberty wa have taken, and *?a only aprae* eur obligaficn to Mr Cooke tor kavlag brought thi* t>?f. r* na. If at an) time we oil. ia any way, ba ef aervle* te van. er yon (hou d vttf t thie eonntrv. if woald afford ne mueb eleeeere to m*k* your i>ereoaal acquaintance; ia the meaa tlme deaot Iteattate amployiat aa If we nan be mefnl to yoa. Aid have the hoanrt n remain, ai?. your moet Kedlanl kumblt aervaat. II I N It, DHW'tltt a HaIOT, (IaHRICON* fOUTAtl,! Ill r ?'l)OU?U III 1.1.0. Jt Kurt H?M Grln.lerf? le.n'oi N .?.mhpr. M* - 1 h??* mill. ?r? ?nrr??v.4 t?4'' m r? wnrk than nn? >tnn ?fw If nr?, an4 do not r? (?tr* ?*? h?M nenmnh f> w-f The Art l fr in I u m w?e nnnrdM tn the tntoni** of b. < ?I U? F?tf? |if III* *ro*ri'nn ln'tin!. In |-4?i nn<l l?Ml Al?> ?> th? Fair ?l th? Unaenehnee' la chtrlt*1 le *? chnnienl A?oci*ti< n. In IMO Thrao Mill* nr. ??rjr f???l n taiat t f< r I r%n?|<ortnt>' n. thalr (thole <? ?i*ht feeing much lew thin >h. nlona i>f ontatann mill# Th?y orfnim Mi n^nr" '1 lor (timllna ?rn ? ?f nil kinrft ? ' ? "pi -? n<n*tnnl I'lr b >nll, pmnta, ploinhn*. m?n#nnn??. Hint, unnni pla.fer ehar<**l. 4nt?a, 4)? atnlla. ennlf. tlna mi>4. nil rnk ?, An do. K?r?*l?fer H t ? ARRItN ft CO , 14 iVinrtlftnrtt ?? .??> MII.I.INRBV *KU URV UOI>??. Striko ooonn - hats, ca-m straw oooos ?il* nn^ ??tin Ronanta. Artifinl*: ft .>???. rarnealn. lie. O.pir* a J.hini n??4, Nn. U c rtimiHt Iimt li4HalM ? h?W>n'tn> Hotel) la fit* ih? mt*n :?a of I hi t?nMli tn t if If -t??-l?n luirl'tm' al I *a4 f??l.i"a?>>ia ?nn<? n II n ?hn^ V L' Al.l, RI?IK ri??K?RT4RI F.S -riRf T M/.i FOR r rr?a. itrr a4 4n fnf "inaln kf ??, ?Mr4 tr flrf <j . n M? S. {. | frnrth 4<>. f> r l*f?? 4?>oM# hoile, nti|? 4n |nr tttta lifwn i h<<ta In I oi l> ?*> t an.l iar*M .|nnli?i??, ?|| ra-inrna ?.fl 1 . ?4? nt>4 IIMHR fiira t?t?M, trier. a u 4 1 ni avNai a* Mtlatlnr InoiM* ' > rn H4 Cnnal . nntfc?? . ( Ur?<-n>' I'm. 4 In, SW f<? Httba ? i inaaeU. CI TV HUM HJSJPOHT. Pan>?r . Jtu 31? ? r. m. Aihu ? 81m* oar laet there bu bees bat little mi rlation li (ki Market tar tkli wtiel*, bat tlM tatM ?h not active Bain of80 bbls were made laeludia? pearls. at $6 82 . and pom, at MOI a I(iib>TU)ri.->W-for 8 tat? aad VwUra floor tb* market waa somewhat depreesed to day; bat we bare bo thuft of latertst to boU 1b rata*. fb*r? was a fair laaoiry for lot* to sapply the want* of th* local trade; but for tbe East tktrn *m little. It aay tbiBf ? doing Oblo floar *ai 1b soma I?aaa4 for as port but at rata* not satiafhotory to hold*r* and tkd transactions ia oooaeq aence war* limited Speculators evlaoed leas inclination to force eat**, aad aaar ot them ware a*king an impronaaat, bat, ?? b*lt*va, without obtalniDg it Soma 8 MO bbls domestio hava been disposed of. at $4 87 a #4 68 for No 3 superflne; $4 68!? a $4 81 X for common to good State; $4 76 a j>4 87 tor mixed to straight Indiana, Michigan an| Wisconsin; >4 76 a $4 81U forObio, good and rouaA boop, bj the way of Now Orleans; 86 a $6 04 for para Genesee and other descriptions a* before quoted. Ca nadian flour war In fair request for the Provinces: bat, being more freely offered. pricee have declined. About 1, 000 barrels changed haade, at 84 76 for eommoa, la bond There was a better testing ia the marksc lor Southern tiour, and the demand ?as good, in part fee expoit and for local use Thn stock waa not Tiry large and holders were rather anwilllng to re alize at tbe prices offered by purchasers. Sales ot 1 leo barrels were made, including common to good, at >6 a $5 12X ; and fancy at 86 26 a 86 6iX Hye Hour was in fair request, and the market raled Arm Tkfl operations comprised 1 50 barrels Peansylvania at 83 87K. Corn Meal waa held firmly, and was quiet an 4 very tirm. aith sales of 100 barrel* Jersey at 83 00V^. and Brandywiac at *3 25. H'hmi was heavy aad nominal, with only a limited inquiry for maaufao turing The business doing was niueb restricted by tbs high pretension* of holders I.oaf lalaad wai selling in lou at 81 a f I 07. according to quality, Genesee was quoted at $1 18 a 81 23, Mlohigan at 81 U a 81 18 and I >hio at 81 o& a 81 08 Kye was held firmly, and the supply was limited It ?as difflsolt to obtalm anything of a let under 80c Oats vers a trill* Arm** and la request, st 48 a5'?c. tor Northern, and 45 a 474k for Jersey. Barlry was steady and much wanted at 8t a (1 l'?>, for ordinary to prime two rowed The mar ket for Corn was lower, but mare active. Tbe deuiaudi was better, and I he sales reached lft0*'0 bushels at 66 c for new Southern yellow, and f.8o. for new whit* J<rsey, including some 10,00<i bushels Southern, t? arrive, on terms not mad* public. Corrca.? We noticed a steady demand far all de^ scriptions. with sales of 200 bags Klo. at ll)i a 11 Vc ; 1C0 bsgs Laguayra at 12c ; 100 do African, slightly stained, on terma not made public; 50 bags J emaiea at ilK*.; and some small lots 8t. Domingo at llo. Cotton ?The market still continues very quiet tha sales ot th* day only amounting to 600 bale*, at foi* mrr prices. We continue our quotations : ? JLivs.rpooi. Ci aikiucatio."!. .V. Orlraiu, t'piiiudg. HoruLl. Mabilf Itii9 Inferior ? a? ? a? lis a ? Ordinary l'.'^ a ? 13 a ? ISV a ? Owed Ordinary 13 a? 13'? a ? L1K a ? Middling... 13'., a ? US a? 13K a 14 Uood toiddlin* 13*v a? 1 5* a ? U-Ta ? Middling Fair 1SX?- " a- 14>* a - Fair U a? H',i- ? a 15 Fully Fair 14)i a ? N"ne. Nominal. Gcoa Fair Nominal. Nona. Nominal. Fine Nominal. None. Nominal. Kbek.hts continued dull, and engagements to Liver, pool light, including ?om? cotton at ,d a6-32l. Flo'ir and grain were nominally the same. Dead weight varied from 12? 6d a 16). asked To Lonaon. naval stores were being l? ken at an ?l?htn. To Oaliloruia, rates continoed dull, without material alteration in quotations To Havre ootton was steady at ',j Fsi it. ? Buach raisins were held with more tt<-mne**? and the transactions were in consequence limited to 700 boxes wet dried and dry. at 81 80 a 81 #5; chiefly at tbe latter rate. A lot of two uaaoa mushroom* brought 81 12S per box. fl*r.~ Uood i-blpplng qualities w>re la fair request, and 500 baU-s have tieeu sold at 70 a 75o.t cash, per 1048 lbs. Ilium There has been only a moderate business trarsactfd in hides during the past week, partly owing to high views of holders, and the small supply In the hands ot the trade. Included la tbe opera tions were2 000 Buenos Ayns averaging 21 ?* a 22 lbs , at 14'?C ; 2 040 do , 18 lbs., at 16c.. 600 do , 14>g lbs., at 16Xc ; l.COO Porta Oabello. 23 lbs , at H3<e ; 80ft Buenos Ajres calf, at 17c.; 400 Porta an Piatt*. 17 lbs., at lO^c. all t! months, or lrss 4 per sent for eaab; snd yt'O dry Texas, st 11c.. ru-h There was also a sale iu Boston, tor this market, of 2 000 Boeao* Ayres, 22 lbs . at 14c. L?*th>s Tbs demand, since our last raport, baa been more active, and principally from Kaltwrn dealers Hemlock sole has oom? forward freely, by tailr.-ad but not ia sufHcieut quantities to afleot prices, which remain very tirui with rather an Im proving tendency Oak tanned sole was in good re queat but beirg scare*, there bas not been mueb Core Holders are very stiff, particularly tor tba medium qualities, which ar* in few hands Li?ir ?la common Eastern w*bave to not* a diwn waid tendency, th* receipts being larger, and tbs de mand not active A lot ol 608 barrels were reporteA ccld to- day. at 65c -A 1 risk inquiry prevailed for B^w crap New Orleans, and. with a someebat reduced stock the narkst was rather bi-trer Sioce our last. 8oO barrel* wer* dii-posed ?r. at 20<' a 29)i* . caeh, aad a f mall lotot tart t'uba fer dlstl'lisg. at SlHd < short time, Paoriatoss ? Pnrk - Th* market for old pork was leis flrm but the demand *as something better. New was In moderate request and a sale of bO bbls. Ohio mess wi mad* to day at 813 IM. being the first sale of the season Of old, '.he s?lea amnanted to 600 bbls at 812 12 H tor mees. and V0 itia a 89 15 for prime. Including 200 bhls. two yea -a old prim* r* la , speeud at th* l<>w?r rate Beef wa< ia good demand. I with very moderate stock-; th- terdency was la favor ; ol sellers Fairs of 100 t>bl? have b>-en made at 88 37 ! a 810 60 lor mess and 86 a 88 for prim- Prime maaa waa selling in retail lots at 815 a 815 60 Beet hama ; vera steady, and moderately active at 816 per 2*0 lb*. I weighed out. Pickled m<-at* were witlout any impor 1 tent change The receipts were limited, and lolt to arrive w rre held at enhanced prioee 8om? sales of extia sugar cured hams were reported at 8Y? ? and shoulder at Ar Pressed bigs cantiaaed soar 5- and l>ett*r, bat tbe season tor pt<*t<u( i?-iug nearly elo*ed. ' tbe transactions ?er- quite small la re. all lut*4h*y I were selling at a Ofte. A steady 1'i^airy prevailed tor prime barrel lar 1. but the adsan*e<| rates demand nd by holders, reetriet* i the busiae?e deiag About j 150 bbls old brought V . and eouie small parcels of Ohio 8 ' , e hir new B itter was t (her m?re active, end bolder*, in general. ??r? asking higher rat*f. Tbe present coM wsather ha- bs.l a very favorable In fluence up- n tbs market. Oraage coun'y was quoted at IN a 21.- . western dairies at 12 a IT e ; and Ohio aa4 iaferior slate at tf a lie. C a-e-e has improved, aad was in brisk request 'a pai t for shipment aad on spe culation. Ordinary te prime dairies oommead 8 a 7a. i per lb RkiL KsTart ? T'3a sale* today hare b*ea as aa nexed Lna*ebo'l property No |>8 Vanlem street, 26x1(41. $2 RAO 'easehoid property No 4*9 Hudson I street. 8t'*72. 82 . 80 3 lots oa Nin-teenth street, be I tween Fifth and Sixth arenuea, SiiVJ 87,njo. Wisxs? A ra.eof 50 qaarter casks port waa made, ?t ftca a 90c cash Wooi. - Salea comprise 10 000 lh? ilamastlo Haony II' sea at 63c a 54n ; l.'iOOolbs three. tnurths Merino at 4 I? a 40c . 10 0()t> lbs No I country pulled, at :Wc a ?"7 K c 5 000 lbs No. 1 elty do . at '16a a H8o ; li (MO lbs. supsrflne clt; and eountry pulled, at 3)e a li>.. cash. Foreign la rather quiet HARK KM IMBWHERE. BT.iCK BAIJS* Pwtl.Anar pmia, Jan. H.-fW It* irrf ?' ??' HIT C*?. 'M. |f?- S ; l>" "'o ? I'?*V Readiaa ?'?, 70, 79',. J".. 7?H; I l*W Rtlu?li?-ea RR 4'* !H l.Vt il lUM n| RR. I?4. i \, INI* Ik: 100 4a . ??. *? I 4? .*?. H 4m . ?>', to 4o.. M. i i'Ai ff VMlikan , I' Imii (Hit. M. II' It*l4?j l*Ja; I (H? 4* . It: HB? 4e., M IDW ? r>m > 1'itk. Il?>, ' ?i?' (Ml, ft>V| III CM. ( Mii-hanie*' 7?'Y IWwg Hmtdt M?kil l..t?r-??? *'? C 7\. M?4n., . *V-IUt; V : PlMMviiil. Iltti -'?4o-, US ?' <"?. *' ??. "Si f VW; mi Kmafer, I'W 4" , I'V ?> 4*., * S-ltk w I 4*. ?Ma .M?i *4? . ?\ !.? AI.- - " . !>' |>. ???? ???. II; IH I'lwr. Ilh &<rrh " lit, Mk *? 4e., ?: IV> I h>tt|?tkl.|l Af'<r S ilf t'Oiafl R.-? li*? t>'?. "TO, 7*! ??? ?.s? ???.'ir.f KR.ff'W St. 1.1 llmrJ *?.< ?? Wllm a?ma *4 ft * ??; IMM St?t? 5 ? <*.. I?i ?h| Me*4ia( Hi fcl. f< 4*.. H.V ?IW4e.?l: IW M . 11'. ?W4* il , 't * H iU? HI" W? ?<h N?\ln'ion ??'?. iat n M (*???*? R< a4m( RR, .tl '? 10# 4a? Mj In' 4o , .?%: 100 4?.. US rtlRNK HfliKfl I?? i*i. Jan 'i* -I'rtfMif euaar ?rc un<*han(?<J. molaeeea 2 a 2S r* Tb?rc hare hr.n n<> tr*oM^tion* In tier and wa hare. tharef t? on n*n4 the ?wjn?? per Womer* Ariu* ul Mftttn laal??l f: w Charlea to ? with ?f?n rM?l? from Braiil and Manilla la M*tat>i*?. tli* rlea per I aahal ?old at I Mf r? .10 daya; Mi Merrea lu half do , IM he?* ripe et R-rrhaut w?ro *?ld to day at 10 re They w?r- Imported from Oarda ?u Th? *rnp of coff-e yl*l4? hit a ?raall *upplv; in''* here b< ? o ma I* at a ?9>, ?)<3ordln? to q??llty Thcaipnrt* la*t yaor from h-n?? aad da i aara? o?ly amnnat'd to U Mai a>roh*a ?arrlML ?)n Wodncflay Jantiarr 'i'< hj th? R?t A M. laaaaa Mr N Anoi rni ? to Ml>? Fxn.i"?a Hutu daacbtar ot Bet jam In Onaiu Ra<|.. dro*a><l all n| thla eity Un Thur?'lay January 30. at Br>?*l?.i by th? R?t W II l.avla. al?r bj Ul# Rat C <! Hlaa. Mr R?a?*">?*> net* Hi'tara. of Uavaaa to MIm Kkh? Avmirt, dauihtarof tb* lata W m Rakawvll On .lanuary W by th? Ra* Mr Rartlan. B?n*i? K . Rr..,a?? to R ??* M llttwtao all of thla rlty On Moaday. Nor*mb*r 2^ I M0. by th? R??, Rdwltl r llatn-M Mr H to Ml?? Kmmihh Y or*o, all of thin flty At Raltlniora. oa Jarnar? SS, t>y th? R??. J f Ooao Ian, .Iom"i f mmu, of tha flrai of Jotin llifa'aa k Oo , N*? Yofk. to arrr D . yonof<?i daufht?f of Cam ?odoraJ D. Dan?ll?, of ?altlaor? Dtatf* Oa Tbor?day. Jannary 3a Rii ffaao la tha 79th jmt ol hi* a*?. a natira of Llaarpool Kn^laad. lb* frlva l* at tba faally. aad of hi? ?oq? and aoaa In law. ar* inaltrd to ali?n t h?a fon^ral fro? tha raal d'nra ot hla *oa la law. J 0 Amlth 34 Rlaaakar vtraat, rn Wat or day February 1. at 1 o olark. P. M W R ? Tha aiaaibera at th? Broadway Plv|a|na lona of Taai ptraar* ara raapartfnlly Incited to attard ua Frl lay mornlnf. January II, of dlaa??? eon trartrd la Califrrala. Ki w?ai> Hvi.i.ita*. (brother of Jaaf ? ) Th<- ralatltea and frlan la of tha f?ialty ?r? raapaat fally laritrd to attend hi? fnaeral oa Sanday aftar no< a at > o'clock, from hla lata ratldaaea. 110 Ocatra *tre>t 0a Ttiarrday. January 0. Kroatt Q. yonngaat ehii<! of ,ia?ae? Davta 111* funeral will tali* plaea oa Bun-fay. February f, at hall pa*t 1 o'clock. Irora tha reaiJkara of hla f r?oi* No 80 taat Rrot<i*ay Oa Kriday. January II. M??t Ki-s wi. aldeat daughter M Pamuel an<l Mary Kl. fridge agad 4 yaa** aad T momh* Iter faneral alll Uka plaea from tha feHJenra of her p?'"B'a No 210 We?t Tweaty #f?.h atreet, between Kl?hth anil Ninth arrnne*. nn Monday afterajan. ?/ bait p*"t I a'rlock Tha Irleada and aaqaalataaaM ate re |ue?t*d to attend Oa Jaauary il, Rumee f. J*i ea?aa, M D. aged .M yrara, Miaftienda thoae of blahrntVr Fr'-leHck ?adofth? fa Bill) are f nlly intirtd to he ? ineral .?? <ao d?y S 'lruary I, at 1 a plo.'*, P M yreai- ty, tr?ak

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