Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1851 Page 3
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CuteM CmmU, BOA ED 0? ALDBRMKM. Jam. 31.? Tkla board mat at the uul hour? Mr. Morgana, prealdent, 1b the ohair. The minatee of laat ?Meting tin im4 u4 tppront. rtTITIOns BEIEBBEP To Hat* sunken lota filled In on Math avenue, north out corner of forty-fourth *tr??t Of J Covert, for a laaaa ot dooka and ?lift, B. B Uomonatraaoa againat tho opening of Ohamberi atreet. Kamomtraneo ot llenry Rejnolda reepectinr tho condition of aewer In Sixth avenue Of Chailei Lent, for aewere from Third avenue to Baat river, through Forty- aaveath aad Forty nintb itraat* A message mi received from hla honor tho Mayor, returning the report in favor ot referring to the Cro ton Aqueduot Board, with power, to pay the bill of William Roblnaon, contractor for building a aewer in Delancy (treat, amounting to (634 77, from which ha la conatrained to withhold hla approval, belag unable to dlacover any grounda npon which the claima of Robin aon ahonld be allowed, and aa the granting of the pra aant claim would establish a precedent and open the door to aimilar clalmi, the amount of which no one ?ould properly eatimate. It waa ordered to bo printed, mcroara idoptku. Of the Committee on finance, in favor of sailing engine bonne in Ilixabeth atreet to Henry II art. Alao, ?n the application of Meaara. Babold it Andrews, to be paid for loaa of horae. Of the Committee on Roada, recommending a concurrence with the Hoard of Aseis tant Aldermen on the adoption of the reaolution and ordinance to regulate ana grade Kighty-ioorth street, from Foarth to Fifth avanuea and Eighty- fifth street from Third to Filth avenue; alse, to ohange the grade ?f Kighty-aecond atreet, between Third and Fourth avanuea Of the Committee on Streeta, in favor ot flagging sidewalk on north aide of Sixteenth street, be tween Firat avenue and avenue A; alao, in favor of aldewalk In Twenty-third atreet, between Firat and Second avenues. Of the Commltttee on Aa aaaamenta, recommending tbe correction of an error Bade by the Surveyor in hla returns for regulating and setting curb and gutter atonea in Thirty- ninth atreet, between Seventh aad Blghth avenuea. Of tho Committee on Fire Department, upon the communl nation of the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, relative to alterations to the house of Doae Company No 88. Of Committee on Sewera, in favor of granting petition tor aewer In Thirty sixth atreet, between Seventh and Blghth avenuea Of tbe Committee an Repaira and Bupplies. Id favor of fitting up rooms ia that department for preservation of mapa and papera. acaoLUTiona ^dotted. That the crosswalk* in Allen atreet, at ita Intersec tion with Divialon street, be re-laid, under the direc tion of tho Street Commissioner. Reaolved. That the Street Commissioner be directed, In paving the Third avenue, between Thirty-sixth and Forty-fourth streeta. to Keep one bvlf of aaid avenue ?pan to travel until the paving ahall be completed. RESOLUT ION REFERRED. That the Committee on Ordlnanoas be dlreoted to draft and present to tbia Board for ita adoption, a anltable ordinance respecting the launching of vesaela, to prevent tbe occuirenoe of aacidenta. The Board than adjourned until 6 o'clock thla after noon. Feb. J.? Thla Board met at the uaual hour M. Morgana, Pretldent, In the chair. The minutes of last me? ting ware read and approved. PETITIONS BEEKRKEO. Of WiUlam R. Lawrenoe and othera owning real aatate In Twenty aixth street, for a sewer from the aewer In Ninth avenne, at the intereection of Twenty alxth street, to If ndson street. Of J. Campbell, for laaaa of Timber Baain. Of the Fire Wardena, for a anltable oflce for their busineaa. Ot the Uudson River Railroad Company, to be heard on the subject of dock nt Manhattanvllle. Memorial at D.Cowdray for a general index of wills In tho Surrogate's omoe. Of rsraona doing business in the neighborhood ol Fulton ?rry. relative to atagea. resorts adopted. Of the Committee on Ordinaacea, providing for the aocurlng of the demands of workmen and othera for lab*r and materiala employed or engaged npon worka undertaken by the Common Council. Report of the Speeial Committee upon the petition Of many ladle*, relative to eatabliahing a female house of lnduatry, waa ordered to be laid on tbe table, and to bo printed. The object of the petitioners seems to be the establishment, in thla city, of an inatitntion which ahall furnish to indigent femalea? to thoee who cannot ge out to aervios, or who cannot obtain employment, and, alao, to that numeroua and inereaaln? cla?a of Eung glrla who aupport themaelvea by bagging sweap jt streeta. etc ,? with the meana af and Ike induce aaaata to labor, etc The apecial committee reported favorably on thla project. BErORT CONCURRED IN. Report of Committee on Ferriee, from the Board of Aaalalaat Alderman, recommending tbe granting of leaae of bulkhead on West atreet, near Chnatopher, to Maaara. II A R. L.Stevena The Board then adjourned nntll Monday afternoon. hoard of assistant ai.der.mkn. Jew. 31 -The Board met at b \ o'clock yesterday. Praaent. the Pnaidnt In the chair, tnd a quorum of ???ibcra la their places. The minutes of the previous meeting wars rood and approved. rrrmens. Petition of sundry persons, to put down a free hy drant In Ninth avenue, in the neighborhood of Kour tieth and Fourty first streets. Referred Remcnstranre pf J. 0. Brevoort nod others, against flagging sidewalk on Fourtieth street, between Fourth and Tilth avenues, Referred ttr?T or committkkS. Report of the Committee on Finance, la favor of granting prayer ot petitioners, who apply to have Lowe's lane closed. Adopted. Committee on Police, la favor of paying Dr. William J. Johnson. $lt, tor medical services rendered at the 9th ward station bouse. Adopted. Report of Committee on Roads, la favor of making an appropriation for working a oouatry road through 173d street, from Teath avenue to Kings bridge road. On ooaonrrenoe, concurred in. Report of the Committee on Ordinances with draft of ordinance, authorising the Mayor to appoiat bell ringers to hold their ofllce daring the pleasure ot the Chief Kaginser and his assistants Adopted Same committee report an ordinance to control the railroad companies who ran cars Into the city, by prescribing rales for their goverassent consonant with the safety aad comfort of eltlieos Adopted. On motion, the aetloa of the board on a report of the Committee on Strsets In favor c.f allowing the Harlem Railroad Company to extend the rails of a ?Ingle track to the lower termlans of the Park, and which report aad its resolution were killed night be fore last was reconsidered. The Assistant Alderman of the 4th ward who did Bash towards killing the report aad resolution night before last, endeavored, bv motions to lay on the table, etc , to consame the time of the board; In fact, he expressed his opinion that ths amendments would ?ot be stricksn out to night. The first amendment which was stricksn out. was one making It obligatory on the cm;. any M rarry pas ?angers to ffarlsss for sis rents. The nsst amendment stricken out, was one restrict ing the company to four ceats fare, tor one person, for Mt distance between the lower terminus of the road aad Thirtieth street. An amendment, calling on the company to grade aad keep In repair the streets through which the track 1s to lie laid was retained, as were several other amendments The most determined opposition was raised to the report hy its enemies It was fieaily ||||M how ever, and this board concurred with the Board of Aldermen, after adopting the amendments alluded to above. If the Board of Aldermen, therefore adopt the amendments of this board, ths Harlem Railroad will probably lay a single track, and run t' eir small ears to ths lower terminus of the Park. The vote on the final question was ayee 10 nays 9 The report of the Committee oa Ferries, la favor of granting a lease of the bulkhead at the foot of Chris topher street, to the Messrs Htevens for the purpose of baUdlng ferry bouses, whleh report was laid on Uie table last evening was. on motion taken from the table aad discussed Several amendments being made last evening ths report and resolution, as amended, were a%>pte J Ft.* 1 ?This Board met at ths uewal hoar Present ?the Pbrestdeat In the chair, and a quorum of mem b< rs In their placee. rsrtrioffs. A remonstrance was received from <ieo W. Phelps aad others, against the removal of Fultoa ferry.? Re ferred Remonstrance of citizens aad owners of land oa Sixth avenue and vielaHy, against allowing a railway to he laid la said arenas. K?f erred s it os n or rOMMiwsi.s. Of Committee on Wharves, Pier* and Blips, la favo of building a pier at the foot of Laifbt street. North Ml ver? Adopted. Of Committee on Aseeesa-ats id verse to petition of Oarrlt ,?torm? and others In relation to regulating aad pavtag Twenty sixth street, betwsea the Sec >nd aveaue aad Kast River.? Adopted flame committee, adverse to grading Thirty ft ret street between the Klghth aad Nlath avenaos ?Adopted (?f Committee oa I'olloo la favor of providing a horse aad wagon for the Maetoeath ward police, at aa ex pease of 1176. Report of Committee oa Finance, adverse to paying Charlee Noonaa for Injuries sustained by him in eon HMMI of the feiiii g of * fiii? of i unib >r -Adopted. Report of Committer on S?-wers. in favor of sewer In Kast Aevnteeth etre< t from Flr?t aveaae to aveaue A.? Adopted. Heme Committee. In favor of sewer la lsit l)sraits?ntk street, from aveaae A to Livingston piaeAe Adopted Report of Committee oa the Crotoa Aqusduot De partment, la favor of permlttlag Charles Ullllsple and others lofput down a free hydrsnt In Ninth avenue, between Frrtleth aad Forty first streets, at their owa art ease.? Adopted Report of the Committee oa fltreets. In favor of con currence to contract with Meeers Run and Raid to ?*'ve Broadway from the northerly line of Amity to th? southerly II no of Bleeeker street Peers* raov thi eossn ? > *i DrSMitv. Petk't'on of nrlnnell, Miatum fc Oa. to have slips at the fo* t of Maiden lane aad Builiag slip excavated Conrur. *ed la Reeola tloa. to lay crosswalk in Allen street at Its later*e<-ti'r>a with l'lvlsl ?n street. Concurred ia Ke?oiiiii'>n. direetlng the Street Comini>*ieaer to ke> p oae ba 'f of Third aveaue b-tween Thirty slvth and Thirty t urih streets, open lor travel, while tbe Other half Is being |>ae?d Concurred la H. port ot I'ommlftee on fltreets reeommeadlag ?oa concurrent* ? with the! Beard of A?el?eertt< ia the adoption of the rcaolutlia aud ordlnaoce to fea-e vacset Ms bitws? n Thirtieth and Thir'y-flret street* ? ad Lexington am.' fourth aveaue*. This Board ad here* to its former .action Report of tbe Con, mitteefon Ordln*n<*s repesllag , tbe rrdinsnce msHinif 'be southerly sldeof < i.'irtUndt rreet. near tbe Nertii rt '*r. a ha -k stand Coacirred la. Resolution to relay ero*? *?1* ?* the aortherl* ia terseetion of Allen end flr?r?' street* Concurred in Resolution, to lease lot No '"'i Mott street, at f ISO per arnnm. fbr the ??* of the hire Department Cen ea-red la Report of Committee oa Flaaasa In fsvov ot eel.ljg ? riglne bou*e In F.I sebeth street. 0. ???Tied .o Report of committee on the applicant** of Mess-* i Rnboid snd Andrew*' claim for io?* of ho.-*" w?f?U, og 1 lato aa opea sewsr bulldiag la Ieeaty ft at h <t(eet. 1 a?4mB??*rded-ia fever Of paying $12?. Owmiil la. Keaotation a e?mart(U? tr?a wth bovd to receive Giaml Uouaton and iiUid to hiss the hospitalities of the city on the Mwlei of kli<Ck> template* visit to this city. Concurred in; and Messrs Ward, Mabbltt and McCarthy, appointed mem bora lrom this board . Braaklyn City InUIUgtac*. Anotmkh Fine.? On Tboraday night a flr? broha out in tbe second floor of a three atory residence. on tha Berth alda of Btate street. between Clinton and Gardi ner atreeta, In the occupation of Mr. Perry. Hook and Ladder Company No. 2, followed by Engine Compantaa 13, 14 and 17, ware qulokly on the apot, and auooeedsd In confining tha flam* a to tbe npper part ot the house, notwithstanding the difficulty ot obtaining watar, aid tbe piercing cold and wind wbieh prevailed at the time. Tha aecond and third tioora were burnt out, and the parlor and baaement much Injured by watar. Mr. Parry waa Insured It la aappoaed that tha fire waa communicated by the night lamp of one of Mr. Perry's sous who waa asleep on the aaoond floor. Ha waa rea eaed by tbe aarvant, who waa alarmed by hia cries. Ona tt the firvmen. named Dunn, waa much hurt, being wedged between a hook and ladder carriage and ano ther apparatus. Cmahuk or Pasairx- a False Token.? Mr. J. C. Smith waa engaged on Friday and tha day before, In In vestigating a charge agalnat two men named Thomaa Dunn and George I.arkla. for attempting to paaa dollar bills of broken and dafunct banka. and particularly ona for (2 ot the Hamilton Hank. Rhode Island. Larkln waa first arrested and Dunn appeared as a wltnesa for him. whea he also waa ordered into custoJy It appears from tbe etatemeuts of the witnesses and of the pri soner Larkln. that Dnnn offered to a groaer named Blngelken. a $6 bill in payment for a glass of ale. 81n gelken replied, it waa bad, and he would take a shilling far such ones, representing $tt. which he bad in hia pos aeaaion. Dunn purobaaed tbe bllla for a shilling, and f;ava Larkln afterwards, from among them, the $2 bill n question, telling him to give him one dollar if he succeeded In pasting It. It was In thia attempt that Larkin was arrested Col Jack, for the prisoners, con tended that the bill being a genuine one, though the bank was broke, it waa no false token, and as no money had been obtained, they could not be held for a falae pretenoe. tbe mere attempt to obtain monay io not amounting to any Indietable offence. The Justice, however, determined on commuting Dunn tor trial; Larkln to be brought up for further examination. Ai Lr.'.ru F h al' ot*lent B*MiHi rTrv ? City Court. ? Jones vs. Anderson .?This was an action to reoover the amcuut of two notes made In December, 1841 and January, 1842, in favor of one Talfourd, or order, and by Talfourd endorsed to tha plaintiff, in November laat. Tha defence waa, the atatute of limitations, and a dlschar/e In bankruptoy, obtained by the defendant in 1843 The reply to these grounds of defence. re spectively. was a subsequent promise to the original payee Talfourd, whe waa tbe principal witness, and that the discharge in bankruptcy was fraudulent Alter an argument by defendant's counsel, a ruls was entered, by cansent, for judgment for defendant, with leave to plaintiff to move to set aside that judgment, and enter a verdict for plaintiff, for $705 20, on a ease to be made out within twenty days. Tbe effect ot this rale will be to aubmit the whole question, including that of alleged fraud, as to law and tacts, to the decl slon ol ths Judge To the Editor Of the llerald? Sir t An ar ticle la tha Herald of Thursday laat requires a little cor rection ? it Is signed by M. U. Van Dyk. It in genera II y un derstood that two companies of Coatincutal Guards noontly applied fir admission into the Second regiment. Captain V. D. should have tiaea satisfied to clear hia own Company of any unworthy conduct, without setting up a general defense fir all. Prolsbly the captain doea not know that "two Scotchmen aud t.htee Irishmen were driven out of one ef the above C. companies by persecution but I will tell the eap'ain what be might have known, that three Sootohmen. three Irlthmen, two English ir *11, a few Uermans. and some Native Americans left in a body one of laid eompanios, de clining ti associate with men whose intelligence led them to believe that a man's "creed or country unqualified him from wearing tha Continental uniform. GEO. LEVIT. 130 Nassau street, late a member of tha C. C. Kteond Ward House, 84 Nassau street, filth; door from Fulton street.? Edward y. Mega re j is now fu:ly prepared to receive his friends, and those who have so liberally patronised him aiaoe his opening tha above ea tab - liahmeat. Hia arrangements arc completed, and are not infirior, is point of neatness and oomfsrt, to any in the city. An axciieai free luach. Tha beat wines, liquors, and segars; aad a comet' nt bar keeper. EDWARD Q. MF.OARF.T 84 Nassau street. One of the Best Opportunities la offered to the citiieaa aad public in general, to aeenre for themealvea a home. A new village ia now laid oat at College 1'olnt, and Iota are now In market. Thia ia one of the moat beautiful and healthy places withiu any reasonable distanee of New York, for a village. It ia aitnated on the north aide of Flash ing Day, between College Point and Flushing. At the bay there ia plenty of flab, clama, and ovatera. It is only eight miles from the City Hail, accessible by steamboat from Fnl urn feiry hourly. We d >nkt not that onr citUets will im prove the sxcelleat opportunity by securiag for themselves a Building lot, SO by UK) feet, sa we or demand the flrat 200 l<ta will be aold at a low price? 8<?) will he aold. The prioaa will advance after tbe sale of the first 300 lota. Thia ia oae of tha beet chaaoea that has bean offered in this country. It ia better than Pordham. Morriaaaia. or Montieello. We aader etand that the property haa lately been purchased by our ea terprising friends. Messrs. Longiev and Flam mer. The heoks are aoworen at J. a. FLAMMERH office. JI7 Weoster street, f rtm 9 to 11 A. M. end 4 to t> P. M. Valentine*! Valentin**!!? Tattle hu Jut otoacd aepleaoid assortmeat ot Valentines at the F.mpirium. *4# Broad* ay. Notice.? Bvery persoa pu roha?ia? a tioket far Tut tle'e Grand Fancy Dreta. Civic aad Military Ball, will be entitled to ita full value ( (7) ib Volenti aes. or in fancy ot useful articles of every description, from the Iffimenee at >ck at the Emporium. Tickets should be called for eooo, at they are aelliac rapidly. Tuttlt'i Ha|?iflcM\t Fancy Drain Gift Ball.? The ticketa fvr thie epieadid affair, which comes oil to-morrow night, are aearly all sold? aims tS ar fifty re ?Uised nneold last avesisK A limited another of tiekots liave keea Mued admitting to the dreas circle, fat the ac commodation of thote wh> wish to attend this atl-udid f?s tlral aj apaotatore Tlckata far the dr> m circle, M casta, to be ubtaiael at the door, aad at 348 Broadway. ?ot a " Orand Witt Coaaert," - All Prliaa, lie Blaake."? Breok*, Be. 140 Faltoa street, at the loUeita Mea of all the Ladies aad OetU af "relaed taste" ia the any. baa beea iaJuoed to aeatiaaa supplyiat hia paerose aad tbe public geaerally, wltk the beet qnaTlty af boot*, abeea, (altera. overshoe*. A*., at leae thaa aaual priaea Tootkarhe eared without pain or eitrao tioa, by l>r L K Brodhead. Medical, Burfioal. aad Meehaai eal Dentist, at No. 1 Ana street, N. V Alao all other dea tal operatloaa |?rformed, from tbe *impl*ot? rem oval of tar ? tot? to the meat oomplei? puttla* ia artificial palat?a. Office hear* fr' m H o'clock, A. till auaaet . acaia. !' to IWo clnek, r. M <>? Bandar, for to< thache ?urin ? parpoee* only, from 7 lo 9 A. M? aid from to 10 P. M. It was the remark of a relebraM Roaian Cosenl, and baa aiaeo b<ea eohoed t>r pbiloa. pher?, poete. and sacee, that the cheapest place In the world to buy Boot*. Bl o**, aad Ualtere, la at the celebrated Chtap Boot aad 8 ice KitaMisl.meat of C*i>. W Preach, Ke, 7 John street. Ladioe Bu te? Jeany Llsd, Rtseatte earelsiors, patent leather aad (aamallrd tioa, luslia*. aad slippon, of cheiceel etylea, at the lowest poesiblc pri<ca. ______ Hair Ore? Ba?ali*lar'* 1 it a tan ta n aoni U auid Bair uys. eo oolabrated la Loadoa. Pari*, fioetoa, Philadelphia Baltimore, Waaliiagtna.he . can oaily le pro e tired geaulae at the maaufaatcry, 4 wall atroet, Raw York The public muat beware af ecaaterfeite. See my various di plomas It i* for aale wholeeale aad retail, or applied. Oopy the addroaa. Wlft and Toapea.-Peraon* w tailing a eery superior Wl? ot Toupoe ahould eall at Batoheler't celebrated H'l( factory, Bo. 4 Wail at They win tad ke perfeotlv uaderstaads all their requirements; no matter how difficult, be aeeer faile to lit the need; la fact he knows hia boaiaeea. and make* a baalaaea of II "opy hi* addrea*. aad *i*e him a eall Pltalon'a Mania Hair Dye, to Coltbr the Bair or Whiakere. tbe moment It ia applied without iajasy to the lair or ekia. It can bewathed immediately. untnost . D" L?*1 ?? >> Sfc&Jk ; "l ?? ? ocmntry. Dr Keltlng* r*a Liniment has been Scy?n year* before tlie puhlie, mak'Bf frienda ia every 'irele, aad ia every quarter cf the sl'ihe. rhcre are maey otlier v?ry e? client articles la market, but th* m> <"iagti ear that they aell haadieda 'f thia to oaa of aay etbrr, a* it ia the mildaet. chea^eet, aad pleatea all who u?e i\ for tuai or h< rao. Tr Nichclaa Borrel. of Lexiastoa avenue, cured hia be roe of a eery bad aprala ia four aey?. aad worked bim Br. Oer.rf* Bpeaeer eared his bcrte la eleven d?>a. af a aetfa^t. aad worbed tl,e aadtle ufn It daily whieh bad beea treated li>ral? moatlia with eeery ether remedy that hecould boar of at the time. For all years ha hae aeeer beea withcat tli* remedy. Frrai theee. tad m?ay ' .her ae I onadies rare*. Br. D. Iparbs, the di*tia?aiahe* caterer cf th* Four Bit* Heae*. an tb' Third aeenee. he- tm acquainted aith ita naafal i(eall>loe. and t.aa aeeer been without It einr* Mr. B. kn- we both if the aboeenatael sen denies well. Bold is ?ery Urr* bottloo, at ftal < esti aa-h; ?4 S dotes, eaas. nOIC V MARKS T. ~ lirrMit Ptb 1 CP M The atoek market f | esed with th* aaaae feellnc of ? pprohoaaloB as hsd t oen per cop title dartag tb* psFt week Kach day baa hsd It* offoriSR* of troabls Tb* parly referred to yaatarday as hsytsc boat ?om pollad to iMyati baa msd# s flosl fslltir* th* **ttl? mest of whose eootrs:t* ha* larr*s*?d tb? nam her of share* oa sale added to which, th* dlflnaltl** of msklsg loss* os fsacy stocks ar* lser*a*isg. Tb* lesdlsg brokers who hare gleea fselllti** to oataldor*, hs?* a* much a* they ess do to tak* eare of th*n aolro*. Several bouses who hsy* been and an, premi ers t as ball*, bar* never pa**od through on* of oar oldfsshlosed roa*tlooe that ba* ?c rftes riclted Wall street Tbe croat* of tb* 12th Jaae ar* yet rem-m kered by tboo* who suffered at that tlm* At tke flrtt board, Farmer* lr>aa declined Morris Reading, iX; Ctoaiagtoa. 1; Norwich, 1; Ilk, Jt< At th* soeond board, th* mark*! improved In Krio X i Morris, , ; Itcadlag. Parmer*' ; Portam- uth, X; 0t*alagtoa 1. The** slight reaction* ar* of no Importance, as tbe market caaact b* sustained naier snah a pr*asnre of real stock. Stock Kickasge l:iMVlr?,!? ) .% Hba Morri* Cal *30 I?1,, rm d*. 1M7 no , MB d* IM i I 'lOO d* li{ Iidl Harlem RK cm f>*8 Ht'CO do ilk lid) do tile IW do, ?aafra ilVU 3*0 do IMOKei-oeki ?? 1KB do MO >'* fttO (tie r*. 1RM iOt^ MB d* H * l< 00 II nd Bd* IM 309 do 6A<2 liwm Btie lacoaes ?4 i'<0 d? (00 Si xmm do kf'O Idu do 64M ? a it- iv i a Bnd CI i t* no SMaia?t*a RR mo 47 4? Brcadwa? Hk :i?W *0 do k? 47 dT'tFarmeva Uat nd Oi do U 9 0 do 6 1 10 do 43V )"? do Pak? MU ?0 Berwick RR f4 .'?0 Caatoo Co kj ?n Hnd*ea Riv RR H 117 do M; d* $30 M ? 8 _ *? f 1 1B0 Port* Dry D*?k iC Erie RB W .no do 1)0 d* lM Rcai'.as RR 400 do *??? M 37 B?> do ,00 d* f ' do i :t0 hi m da 't do 1*1% BA A* ' ?< Lets Jeiarc R R _ U * bMI rio Bd) do K-0 i:* to H Bsrri* Ctaal ?u> v jno ** ion *a s!? fcM M do 10V d* ll? ?s BO d* ,tro to i no d* mm mm u SECOND BOARD 100 aha Loa? UU|< XR as 100 aha Porta D Doek U?, i?o *o mt m *? _ isji soo <o e?H 2A0 Baadiag RR C?Z as do ?4 260 do (30 62? to Brie BR wj. >60 do ?S0 ?52>2 to do ?3Ji 100 da ?1U 62V 100 do *60 84 300 Merr la Canal l?i? 1*0 do at?0da MW 40 Harlem RR (<A 100 FwBiri' Loan 61 5 1 100 da >60 66 100 do ???* 60 do 63'* ISO II orria Canal 1 Wi AiTERniimm kkmewrd ktkit hi. W SPECIAL NOTICES. AIHINOTOH '? BIRTH DAY -THE COMMON CouboU of the City of New York, havlag roaolvod to obaervc tha 13d day of February, the natal day of the father of hi* country, la a manner worthy of that devotion avery true patriot rauet feel for hia memory and crinoiplaa, the military and aivie laatttuttoaa and aoolotiea, together with all tha organization! of the elty, are invited to partioipato in the tame, ana to report tbemeelvea to the Coaaittee of Arrasgementa, at No. 4 City Hall, on or before Monday, Feb. 3d, at 6 o'clock, for the porpoao of enabling the committee to aomplata ita arrangamenla. COMMITTEE or ARB AH cava NT*. Aldtrmtn. A$iUUint Aldtrmtn. Joseph Brittor, 8. L. H. Ward, Warhin Cma>-ma*, Charlu Cranb, Bnnrar T. Ha we, John B. Webb, Hexhy Shaw, Rohibt A. ?ai?i>8, Jacob F. Oabi.ev. Thomai J. Babr. A CARD -NSW YORR BUN OFFICE, FEB, 1, 1861. At a meeting of the undiraigned, oompnaitore in the oflloe of the Mew York 8nn, held thia day at u M., it wan unani mously Resolved, That we pretent our united thaaka to Moaira. M. 8. and A. E. Beach, for the gentlemanly manner in which tbev received oar application for an inereaao of wagee, ac cording to the eoale adopted by the Printere' Union, and for their ready aoquioecenoe thereto, (Signed) L. Field, J. W. UiU, C. R. Pitt. J. J.Bindee, Wm. Young, Jr., J. B. Orruiaton, B.J.Taylor, Geo. Young' J. Taylor, J. 8. Glover, O. P. Crockett, J. F. Maher, Jeptha Jane*, Robt. Boyd, Wm. Ware, Josh. C. Card, H. P. Gowan, Joa. Delmape. SAMUEL J. TAYLOR, Chaimu. WM. H. Van Voi.rhi.h, Secretary. A CARD -RODERICK LAWRENCE HAS BSTABLISH ed a real eitate ageoey in the baaement otfioo, 88 Wall atreat. He will buy, sell, and lease property, colleot rente, md superintend repairs. The advertiser waa for teventeea jeara agent for the large eatate of Geo. Janeway, Esq.. de ?eaaed ; and refera to the Bev. J. J. Janeway, D. D.. New Brunawiek, N. J.; Hon. Wm. Kent, Hon. Jamea Monroe, Hod Vrt-dtriek A. Tallmadge, Hon. Clarkeon Croliua, and T. W. Thome, Eaq., Preaidant of tha National Insurance Company. WAMTB> WANTED? A SITUATION, IN SOME RE8PECTABLB buaineea, by a yenng man of aUady habita, who la will ing to make himielf generally useful. Salary of no import ance, aa employment ia the object of the advertiaer. Aiidrcae Z., at the Derald ogee. _ \kT ANTBD? A GOOD JOURNEYMAN BARBER lo ?j'?.JEi.10 *or PMtlculare, inquire of W. A. BATCHELOR. 4 Wall atrtet. WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE 1'roteaiant girl, aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or aaatst In tlie care of ohildrea; ia willing to nake heraolf useful te her employer. Good reference. Plaaae applv at No 6 Anoa Itreet, near tha Bilth avenue. t'un be i?cn for two daya, if not engaged. WET NUHSE WANTKD.-A Y'HJNG WOMAN, WITH a fieah breaat of milk; one who haa loat her ohild I referred. A doctor'a or clergyman'a certificate of age of child required. Apply at 601 Houoten atreet, on Monday afternoon. HOIMK8, HOOJIS, dkc., WAPITfGD. WANTED? A SMALL IIRICK HOUSE, FROM THB 1ST "f "ay, iu a pleaaant neighborhood, between Fourth and WietTwenty-aeventh atreeta. Rent not to exoeed $J00 or $3f0. Addreaa box No. 12^4 Lower Post Ottiee. WANTED TO HIBB? A SMALL STORE AND DWBL ling attached, anltablo for a luitiea' amd gentlemen*'; terma not t?axreed tirtX) per year, and pes aeaaiou required between new and May 1,1861. Addreaa J. B. P.. at Florence Hotel, etating terma and paitieulara. PRRSOIIAL. rjEOKCK OB AL1YER CHURCH, PORMERLY MATE " on board tha A I tort, whioli vessel waa wrecked aboat two veara ago, on her voyage from Hamburg to VeraCroi, ia hereby earneally reqaeaua to report to the Hamburg Con aulate at New York. Mr. Church himeelf being peaaibly ahaent just new, any fen<n knowing him wlU pleaaocallor write*to the above Conaulato. New York, January 30, 18.M. INFORMATION WANTED OP FRANCIS CARRICK, OF Dublin City, Ireland. He left Ireland lathe year 184.1 Any Information of him wonld bo thaakMilly received by hia brother Richard r.arrick, coraor of Tenth Avenue and Forti eth at.. New York, to the oaro of Stewart Elder. FINANCIAL. YET ANTF.D TO INVEST Sl.SOO IN A PROFITABLE "? buaineea. aa a i ilen t partner. Addreaa confidentially X X. X , at thia office, with referencea. Money to lend.-abraham j. jacrson, pawn broker. No. 68 Reade atreet, near Broadway, latea money, in large or amaU rama, a* may ha required, on watohoa, jewelry, ?ilverwapo, wearing apparel, dry gooda, aad personal property of avery deeonptioa. BOARDIHG, A? BO AMD .?A LAMV AMD OINTI.tMA.V Dlllltl TO obtaia a good furnlaked room, and board for the lady, with kbi widow or family, whore there are ao other boarder*, in aqnl*t aad reepeofaMo neighborhood, fur whioh tka mo ney will bo paid in advaaoa. Th* grcateet i.bjoot keiag to ?eoure a good homo for tk? lady. Addr<e* " Purdy," Broad way Poet Office A I'll ASA NT SUITE OF FUHNISHFD APARTMENTS, ia. wilh kreakfaat and toa. or full board, if required, muy bo ontaiaed la a private family, by applying ?t 17* Thoap *iro?t. near Bleeeker. Referencee exchange! LOST dtc LOST-A PLAIN OOIB BRACELET, OK FRIDAY cveninu laet. The finder will be suitably rewardad, by ltavlag it at AO South ui ataira. Focnd-a bunch or chabms. containing a lookot with hair, a.- . yetterday, ia Broadway, botwooa t nrd atreet aad Great J one* etreet. Tbo rightfal owaor ean bare It returned, by e all lag at JuUcn'? Hotol, proving own erthip, aad fa) lag the eoet nt thl* aevertleemeat. at K REWARD -STBLBN OR TAKXN BT MISTAKE ?CF from AM Broadway, about 9*eleck Friday eveaiag, a eommon awod carpet bag, coa'aining clothte, aad aome pa per# valuable to ao one V-ut tka owaor. Aay peraoa leaving the tame at 447 Broadway, or giving loformatiea whore it ?ay h? foand, will receive a roward of five lell*ra, aad ao ?lueatieaa aakod. COPARTNERSHIPS. Dissolution -tbi co-partnership herrto. for* eiittiag hetwoea tha ?ubeeribcre, aader the Arm of I'hillii* A Clark. expired oa tka <7th laetent, by mutaal com* nt. Ei i any are aath*rix*4 to aettle (he baeiaere o( the lata eeacora. WELLS PHILLIP*. Ni? Toaa. Jan. V, IMI. JOSEPH CLARK. Dissolution ? the firm or rtder. rrotuers. tailor*. 0<7 Broadway, ia Una day dleaoirad. Either party will aot ia the *ettl< meat of acoouata. C. W. RVDBR. Feb I, IMI: R. H RVDBR. famuli H. Rydor will coatiane tha bnelae** at th? aid rtand, at d would r**p**tlnlly aak a eoatiaaaaoe of tha palrotag* *o liberally be??owe<l apoa tha lata firm 83, 000 .1.*,".1 fli- buiinota la airea<h nted ami a partner to en. laauleettiriag htmiafe* in thi* alia, ily aatablt'had, anil wilh atteatloa, will aet from *even to t?n thaaraad a yaar. For particular!, ad ?m> B. I., at thl* oBm. TUE COPARTNERSHIP r.XISTIN'. BITVTERM a. Dole>nce and A t. Oayot, under tha firm A. Oalaeme A Co.. ia tl ia day. Fetrnary I, dieeolted by it* owa Umitati^a. Tha b&ainoaa will be ooatieae* by tka oabforibar. A. DALF.SMB. INBTRt ( TIOVB. TO ir.ARN TO draw FROM nature in one LBS eea,? prefe.eor Eli IITRR. from li> rlia. bog* to laform hiafrian<ia and lha public, that ha haa foand out a rery tuy and eimpi* uy?ia of drawiar, by whioh aay p*r?>a, ?ithiet the leaat prevleue knowledge of drawiag. ?u cop? from natare aay tinhlr object, euch aa laadaoaoea. por'raita. So won, et ? . 9tc. on* l*?*on ia ptrfeetly auAcient to laara the method. Aa proof ol the ?imtilictty aad g.'odnce* of kie invention Prcfeaat r Hmh'er pledge* hia word, tkat aa? pupil pri ting tf at ko caaaat draw from nature with tbo gr?at?*t e> neetneaa ia one I'Oeen, will not be required to pay. Torma t?n<l<l ara a pupil *??! laaa if Mverel poreona leara loge th?r. Reoidenco Bu lleuetoa atraot, ean - r af t'roeby itreet. A PRINCIPAL W.tNTBD FOR A NEW INSTITUTION, to ta oroaed May lat. 141.? A iplandld aaw edii.oo, I 0-i.etruiUd oa the moat improved plaa. with aboat ??* hundred room*, moat i llgibly altuatei naar tha railroad, throe h tare ride from New Tork, eoetlag tU.Otm, with every facility for eaa inag IwMM, witl bo rvatad low to any per ??* p-iKia ag the re^ni*!!* qualificatioaa and m?ana fnt makiag i: aa evaagtl.' *1 achool of the lagl.e.t order. For farther particular* atpl*. poatpaid, ar perooaally, ta the I'. S. Sehool Ageney, wl Broadway. B. If WILCOX, PropTietor. CLOTHIHO. CI ? ? r 1 1 I * ' AND BDMRER ' I.OTHI V(i At olioleaala.? ?* would "all Ike att*atiaaef m?rchaata vleltiag New T ork for ipnag purehaaea ta oar*toekol Spring aad Summer Clathiag whlcli fop *<t*a'. variety, aad e?cel laacc of maaafMtnr* tnd etyle, ie muoh furor, r to that ' f ?ay former **aeea. aad we leel aaeare<l ma*t meet the appro bation of elt thiag dealeri ia all ?ootloni of the coantry. A* i neof the firta bow Ti?ite i eriodical!* the Rur?ieanmar k't?, pwrrhaaor* < an rely oa haviag all the latee* and beat ?Mlee o< yo>d* made late garmeata In our wall kaawa ele < fiaiak, aa< a' prieoa tnaeh low?r than kon?a* who depead *'l*iyoa tMamaikat. An ia*pe tton of our itach, I afore |.'irela*ing elsewhere, I* reep? tfally aolieltad. N. B. We are a?w prerared ler the la-u??t demand for Califama le'hlag of every deeenptioa, at tka loweet rrlcea D. A J. DEVLIN. .18 and SS Jeha etre< t, enraer ' f Naeeaa. TRAVRM.KRR ?.l II>K. New tork and i biladblphia.-nrw tore aad Pklladelpkia direct.? I alted State* Bail Liae.? Ikrouehla hoar*, "la New J*ra*v Railroad. Far* re t u' *d t? S3 for (ret elaea, aad SI > for eooond claee. Loava N?? T' rk at S A M , from foat of Cnartlantt it., aad at ? A M , aad fi P. M? from feat of Liberty itraet. Leave Philadelphia at 6 aad 9 A. M aad l(P. B, from the feat af Walaat atraot. COB le? CTEAM BOAt 41, -IN SIZR AND QOALTTV EX C7 pr*a*1y adapted ta Steamer* ore, for #?ie be the earga. A4*fm F TVLEW A ' O , Ph Tadalph.a. TO.OAI I.EAIIR* THE II BSCRinBRS WI1 I. F.XF tnte ordere for Sreha aad Lewie Feiae Red Aah Coal, aad Wkita Aah from Broad Mcuatala. of all *Iim, at tha laweet market ratea. Order* are r??p*?tfnlly ?alieiiad. F. TTLF.R A CO.. Phlla.lelpk.a. ~n> WORLD'S r A?. ~ W (.RI.D S FAIR ART UNION O'DRR THR MA aag?ment af the New Votk Art Unioa Company, ia tirpotated by the Lagialatur* of New Tork. -Skar** SA eaoh. The ccmpany will pnhliah a magnificent *agrav|ag of the ia terior of the Oraat W' rid'* Fair. Rach *ab*orib*rof |l wiU ke entitled t?> aeopyaf ihi* print, realljworth mora thaa SA, aad fifty labeorlbera will hare a free firet cabia pfteaag* M Loadr>? aad h^fe, and finoto pat *gpe>*** while there. Tha eabeerlttioa lift ia filileg rapidly, and aa the anmber of ?bar** la limited by the aharter ef ieeerpereiloa, ae time ahonld be loet la applying for *haie*. Piad* curreat at th?

place freai ?k ?*ee een* takea at par. and realttaaeee by mail w|U ha a*, the oomtaav'i rlik, hat all letter* aeet ka rra I win b* at the ?o?faa*'i lilk, kat all lattare meet k? prepaid. Poettraetere, aad rthera, remltt ag StA, will ka ea ?l?kid fo tea *bAf*e. Share* or f?rt?i?r part I on fare, may k? obtained ?? Dfm.nally rr by paid let tar. M tk? Cemrtry ? Ogea, Nt. M WAjJ itmt, N?w ink. r put ?? ROV1IT TbliTKl.-IOIM, MOT!.; FIT 1?K MJ Orshesira Bexe* 10 casta. Com* imi ?? half JH I (attain ruti at 7 o'eloek.?Monday *v*aiaA. Feb. M, #111 b? performed, TUB PONFKEKIB OF THE MECHANICS? Piedmont, Mr. Btejphens; Roitrige, Pepc; Manuel Baeiiao. Tiltoa; Flerrna, Mlis Wemyss Afur which, the oomady of ALL IBB WOBLD'S A tTAtiE-Diggery, Mr. Wlnaa*; BajryStnkely, P> pa; Hi** II Pampkea, Mm. Broadley. kin HiSrrt will appear aud eia* one of her populareoags. To ooaclude with MAMaN I RLLO? Masaanieflo. Mr. J. R. Scott, Alfonso, Pup*, Tenella, Mxs B. Dcniu, RWira, Mr*. Wall ot. BL'HTON'S- BENEFIT OF MISS J. BILL-MONDAY evening '(I. 14, will b* LiraMBtod lh* popular comely ?f PAUL PUT? Burton a* Paul Pry? Make aa CoLIUardy ? Harry Hbb1?j, Mr*. RumcII? Bliaa Hardy, Mlu J. mil. to be followed by a eomlc daao* by Mr. Gourley; after which lb* favorite druma, ia oo* aet, of FAINT HEART NBv RK WON PAlB LA Dk ? King Charlee II, Mi?* J. liill; Marquis. ,f Fanta Crui. Mr. lilaad; Buy Gomel, Mr Lester; liaiman. Mr. Bsnry; which will be followed by a faacj Pa* de Deua. by Mi** Wait*!* *nd M Pr?drric; th* whole t? coaclude with the lauf libale (area, called TWICE KILLED ? Euclid Faeilo, Mr. Bar toa? Mr. Freak rt|hly, Mi. Jtriaa. BBOL'GHAM'S LYCBUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOMB *tre*t.? M'adaT, Feb. Sd, will b* prooeatod th* opera of th* AMBASSADRESS, or A Manager's Misens* Duke d* V sllcrx. Mr. 8. Leach; Fortaaatus. Mr. Lyase; Benedict, Dura, Uenriett*. Mi** Mary Tavlar; Madame Barnaek, Mr*. W K. Blake. To einclade with DAVID oOPPBRFIBLD David Copnerfleld. Mr. Palmer; L'riah Heap. Mr. Owea*: Wllkia* Mlcawbel, Mr. Brougham; Daaiel Peggotty, Mr. Lyase; Jama( Bteerforth, Mr. Buaa; Agnes Wloktield, Mis* Mary Taylor; Peyety, Mr*. Brougham. Dress Cirol* and Parqaat, JO o*nts, Family Circle, >5 cent*. D*ori open at 1% o'alock; to? tan a4 7. National theatre. Chatham btrbet. near RooMvelt.? Monday Evening, Feb .Id., will b* presented th* play of IDAMON (AND PYTHIaB, or th* T*it of Fritsdahip ? Samoa. Mr. J. O, Haaly; Pythias, Watkias; Dioaysia*, Braad*n; Calaatbe, Mi** E. Meitayar; Harmioa, Mr*. H. P. Grattaa. To b* fallowed by tha n*w hurltaqn* of PlZARBOBl'S. or. Who Shot Rollabaa-Bollabu*. Mr. L. Fox; Doaaa Nelly Virae, Mr*. H P. Srattoa. To conolud* with th* ballet ot tbe KOBE OF SHABON-Jacob Swittle tum, Mr. Thompson; Emma, tha Roit of Bharoa, Mis* MaU vina Box** 26 teat*. Pit 1 2% ceatt. Doori opes at <i% o dock, oommeuces at 7 o'clock. MBeHANICS' HALL, NO. 473 B BOA D WAT, ABOVE Graad street? Open every night duriag the wask aatll further aotis*. The oriciaal aad w*U known CHRISTY'S M1NBTRELB, uom prising an efficient aad .versatile "oerp#" of " talented ' aad " aiperieaced performer*," under tht management of B. P. Criaty. whna ooaotrt* In thia oltv, for a suoceasloa of "At* yaart," have b?*a retetTed with favor by highly respectabl* and fashionable audiences. Ticket* 26 cent*. Door* ? pen at halt- [>a*t six, eommenoef at half- past scvea e'oloak. Tbe patron* of Christy's Minxtrels are r? sp*otlulIv informed that th* nsaal Saturday aftaraoea oon cartt will ba dl**oatiau?d far th* future. I^ELLOWS" OPEMA HOL'SB, 444 BROADWAY, BE tween Howard ai>d Graad (treats ? Tbe manager bars to ?tat* that tha UamMse eaoouragemeat *iven to his celebrated Concerts (Tory evening fur th* last *laT*n months, bv th* clit* aad lachloa of thi* great metropolis, has induced him to engage artist* of tha very tint tulcnt, to produce ltur lasque Italian Opera Bcaaas. Burlesque Conooru aad BaU*t*. in a style equal to th* oiiginal* pioduoad at tbe Italian Opera of this oity. On Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, a Coa?*rt, commencing at SP. M., for the ancomtnodati*u of families. Admission 2S cent*. Door* open at halfpattfi; ootcert at half past 7 o'olotk. FELLOWS' OPBRA 1IOI SE-TUE GREATEST AT tractioa of th* Beaaoa ?On W*dnesday evening next, February 8, 1N11, beaeht of J. Job**; ob which occasioa the attrictioa* will ba entirely new. The graad seana frem Lu cia di Lammsrniocr will M produce'!; also the Tyrolean, tha C*ac*rt a la Booties, Ac. Admi*tl*a 2S cents. Concert to commence at halt-past sevta t BURTON'S -MISS J. BILL RBBPECTFI LLY AN nouaces her benefit for Monday next, Fab. Sd, whaa th* comedy of PAUL PRY will b* played ior the first time this season. Paul Pry, Mr. Burton; Colonel Bardy, ( first time) Mr. Blake; Harry Staalty, Mr*. Russall; Eliia. Mi** J. Hill; Pbob*. Mr*. Skerrett. The drama of FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY? Rny Uomes. Mr. Laater; Marquis. Mr. Blaad: and first Bight here of a laughable farce called TWICE K 1 1,1, ID, in which Mr. Bart*a will play tha principal character. Box book now open. 1^ RAN KLIN MUSEUM. 176 CHATHAM SQUARE.? QBO JT Lea Sola Proprlator. ? Adaii**lon? Scat* in Private Botes, >0 cents; Stage Seats, 57 H coat*; Box**, "ii cents; Par quet, 12U cenU.? Elegant Salooa per tormanocs e very After aoon aad Evtalag. Eattrtaiameata commence ia th* aftsr aaon at S o'oltck, and ia the evening at halfpa*t7. Theeu tertalameats are variad aad sclsc t , and suca as oaa ba *e*a at ao other plac* *f ama**m*nt la New York, aoaaiatiag at Loa's Feuiala Bihiupiaa Opera Troupa. numbering fiftaea Krformar*, being th* largeat aad at tho sams time tha mo*t lented baad la tbe Uaitod State*; a troupe of Modal Ar tists, who are selected for their heaaty aad figure, and who parsoaate a nataber >faeaatiful tableaux, taken from the pictares of aneieat a id modern timaa; a eompany of Arab Girl*. ? ho go through a variety of leau uf strt agt h aad d*x teritv; Madam* Roaaliat, th* only Female Juggler in tht world; a eompany of Male aad Femal* Art lata, who will gir? an exhlkitioa ol Marble Btatuary uaaquallad la tbe world, to gether with a variety of isterMting performances every af teraooa aad * vaaiag. For partlcnlar* s*? bills of eaoh day. MRS. EMMA GILL1NGQAM BOSTWICE REBPBCT fally aunouaces to bar triands, and tko oitistnsof Brooklyn gaaarally. that she will giv* a Vocal aad Instru mental Concert, at tha Femal* Aeadamy, Joraloman straet, ?a Monday evening, February .'id. a**Utod by M**srs. T'mm. Noll, Biatltr, Andrew*. Cuium, aad Warner lieket* SO cent*, to te obtalaid at the musla store*, at Wilder'*, and at tbe door oa Ac tveeiBg of th* coaaart. C AC RED CONCERT -MRS. DBANE RBSPECTFOLLY > ' BBBOUB*** to her friends and tbe public that her first Sacred Concert will take place oa aext Suaday evening. February M, at the Freema*oa'< Hall, tflO Broadway, whea ?ha willb* aaaiated by tb* follawiag di*Siaguished artist*;? Mis* Sould, Mr. F. Lyiter, Mr. buna, asd Mi. Coastoa. Ad ?i*si*a IS ceats. 4~kLYMPIC, BMOADWAY.? NAGLB'S GRANB PANO " / ram a of lr*laad? Painted by tha lr*t Irish attista, from *k*tche* tak*a withia th* la*t tare* year*; la fidelity, inte rest aad beauty unrivalled, with Irish soags, Irish musie aad aa Iriahaiaa'* iUuatratioa*. Every ?v*aiBg. at 7k o'eiook. Wsdaesdsyaad Saturday afteraooa*. at S o'olock. S*? Haadkill*. Admittaaoe ?Dress Ciiclaasd Parquet, 21 atata; Ckildrea. aader 12. half prla*; Private Baa**, *;<; Oal l*ry, 12>? caau; Gallery for colored paopl*. 12 H a* at* ABVMUKTI iar BROOKLYN. DBOORLYN ATHBNKUM BtlARS PEAR! DRAMATIC MJ iHMitlti.-laiidty niiigt, February 4. -Mr. ttu levia'gbt CHARLES II . OR T&E MERRT MONARCH. EXCELSIOR ULRK CLUB, and th. CHa RCOAL Bl'BNER. M. Ladiee u< geatlemea amtteur? deeiroua of jolting thle aMooiaiioa, eta apply W latter, pott raid, or pereoaaliy, at their weeklr meetings, room* Me. St White atreet, eo ta inrday eteninge. By order. J. B. TAN BCREN, Pre.:, lent T. H., Secretary. FOR lAil AND TO LIT. NOW ISTHBTIMBTOSECCRB VOURSBLF A BUILD in? Lot, it the new villtgeof Callage Point. about eight mileg from New York. It hu Jnet leea laid eat Into MX lete, 69 by I iw, each let. The ftret 2W> are eelliag at the lo* price et f 76. Tboee who apply thle day, may aere 128. There wilt be t?o atetmboate rnanl?f to aid from the ebore vil lage. every half hour ? fare, only 6V cent-e Only part ol the meaty will be repaired te be paid aowa. aad the balaaee 1b monthly inatalmente. All practutioa will be aaed te prtTeat Ike eattbiial meat ef aay baeiaeae that will proye 3<trlmeatal to the health aad proeperity ef eaid ?i llage Tfcia place will, nad> abtedly. laorraee aery rapidly, a a away ef tbnee whe have already pBrehaged are (?tB( to baild im mediately. From four to twaaty lota will be cold te rumpa a lea, aad located immediately. A liberal dieecunt will be pail te tboee whe are diepoeed to parchaae aa there. Call at the t (Ere ef Loaale* h Vitamer. 227 W ooater atreet. from aiaeA. M toBlae P M. There will l>e a rallr ad made, te ma from WlUiamahurgh tn Fluehiag. aad alae a rlaak road, aad 'tea the metehaat aad meehaaie eaa be ta the city be fore 7 e'olrek la the moraiag Thle la oae ef the lea* ehaaeaa yet oBered ia thie eeaatry. It ie better thaa Mor riaaala. Fordhem. at Moaticello. FOB BALE OR LBASB.? THE SUBSCRIBERS OFFEB their LaadiBg Preperty at New Bambnrgh, Dnteheee eonati.aadat Marlborough, Ulater euuaty, lor eale, keisg the* ropeity occupied b? ne for the paat Ifteea year* la the freight bueiaeae, ar would leaae the eame. being amply pro Tided with atora toueea, akede, Bo. To pertlei wiahlag to am ga<e ib thie bualteia, a ehaare eqaal to thm raraly neonra. I UK BALK? The tteamboat Splendid U alaa offered for ?ale. Now uadar icpaire. Can be eiamined at the fool of Mtirray atreet. For further lafermaiiOB. apply tn HAW KINS k STEWART, 102 Murray atreet. or W MILLARD A MILL*. New Hambnrgh. Dutebeeg county. FOB 8ALE.-TBE TWO NEW FIRST CLASS DWEU llBg houaea, juat Saiaheii, built by daya work, ef tha beet materiala, with all the modern impreTomeaU, three Horiea, with attire, Bkll M, lot 22)f by lid I lachea. attu ated ea the aorth li'le of Bletealh e treat, betweea Fifth aad Stxtk atenuee. Fire thnuaand 'lellara mat remain i>a bond and mortgage, at an par "* t Per further particular", ia (",re'f JAMES H"fr. I" I iher'y Plate. AM rv . I s F. ANT PERSON WISHING AN BN glne Irom It te 25 boree power, te operate ia the lower part ef tteeity, la a eoaepiauoaa pla>a, caa be faraiehed with oae highly tn<ehed. tad at aa eitremely moderate priee, built by eaptrieaeed eagioeera, daaireaa o( ittreduclag tteir work ia thle etty Apply te I'. A LBANABD. IIS rear! atreet. tfOB BALE? A SPLENDID BLACK WALNUT WING r Book- Caee ( aew I, of the lateat atyle. H feet 6 iaehee by 1(1 feat high? maker W J BoMaaoa? will be told oheap for ea?h. if tpplled for immediately, at 104 Madleoa atreet. I,1 OB BALE? THE TflHBE STOBV DWELLINO HOUSE tad 1^ t, Ne IT" Fourth atreet. fr< otitg ea WtaMng toa?.|uare The houee la modern, eery eabattatially built tad la good eoaiMtloa Term ? re aaea able. Apply at Ma. SO Cliff et?ee?, a?ar FaltoB atreet. LV1R BALE A LOJIfl TAIL BAY M*RE. 14 IIWDI x hlth d yeata old, aad eaa trot a mile ia 3 mia an I 10 ?e* <o a wag?a: aeuad and kind la eeery reepect. tad eaa trot IS mi lee withia ta hear. Priee BMrn. Caa be eeea at theetable ef J. t) MeMaan, eoraer af de* rateentb it reel tad mm www) f^OR SALR-AORBAT IIAROAI^ THE STOr-R. flttare* aad faraitare, alee, the leaae aad goed will of [the ? tecrly Hotel, at the enraer of Atlaatle aad Turmaa atreete. South Brooklya, near tht'erry. Apply <>a the pra m laee. OUBB AND LOT WaNTmD BETWEEN BLEEC KBR I aad Tenth atreeu. ia the aeighberhood ef Pilth treaaa tad tha Bowery, two etnry*aad tttie, or three elcry: priee frewi B6"*! to |7.t*W. <-tab. A ddreea 0. B. 8.. No. ft /took ?tract, M. T. TO LIT AT BOBOKEN-A NUMBRB OF NBW THRKB atory tad hteeneni krtek houaea. oa Waahlng'-n aad Hudaoa terrtcaa They have been built Ia the moat perfact tad eutat tat I el manner, aader the auperlateadeaee of Mr. B Henry, aad the eoaataat aaf^rrleioa ?f their eeaer. Mr. J.C Bteeeaa. They tre replete with all the modera aoaea aieaeee-hot aad cold water far balhlag or wtehiag wtter ekaeia, rtulta. wood honaea. eewere, ate., etc Ota pipae art laid tbrengh tha heaeae. tad the etreeta lead! as te tbem. tad Be ? ill be furaiehed ta aooa aa tha worka are f?mplaMC. A at will leaea for Bar lay. ( aatl. f Ckrlatophar atreet ??err eeeea tad a half mlaatea durtag the iay. aad ftmlliee are <-oa mated with at a eary lew rate. N B. Theae houaea were ea* meneed ta the aprlag nf IMM. tad are. therefore, dry Bad ready for immediate eaeaaation. For terma, ^nlre. tt the Bobokea Lead Office, of W. W. SBIPPBN. Areat. House to let, and pubnitubb for balb.-a I eatleman, aheat te leave for Baropa. offer a far aale hit eatire fwraitare, aad the leaae ef hie keaee. allotted ia ? moat delightful part ef tka eity. A jplr. em the premise, ta 0. J . KM Fourth aeaaaa. LBASIOF A BTORB IN BROADW AT.BBLOW COURT, ltadt atreet, of 100 feat daep, for eale. Inquire at M Broadway RITA1B FAMILY, RBSIDINO IN A OBNTREL neight* rheod, feel deairati ? ta ebtala oat ar two gea ile?e? te o. enpy a parlor with bedroom adjolnlar; the rootng tre fnralthed, tad the heoee aear where a line of etagee are H A*: aemtianally rnaalag They weald prefer aleiag no meale, but. at all create, only breakfaataad tea Preaoh tggpokea l? the family. AdHreet D.. eM<e ef thie ptper. Waited to lease- a sbt of offices in or near Wall atreet, would be takea immediately or for 111 May text. Addreee bat 49* Poet Office IIIVBANOBS. Health iniubanci aesocutiom-aobiitb w at ted to operate far the ?achaalca' Uadna Aeeonin ?i?a la all tke prlaoipal plaoee la the Ualtad B*atee. Thie Aaaeeiatioa la the aaly partly Mutual Health laguraaoa Company la tha If. f. rtoae wlehlng *n Ageaey will a4? dwaa ail aemmuaieatleaa te ?. B. DbAJT Praeideat af I) ROAD WAY THKATII. -MONDAY EVENING. FEB MJ 3d, wiU to iioeenud, the greed rtuuui (fwiuK entitled r Al'STI l-ftunu, H*. Dyott, Mephiet?phll*a, Mr. Conway. Count 4* UtIMir, Mr. Whiting, Count Or Mai, Mr. ml 1, Moatolio, Mr. Shaw; Anioaia, Mr. B?/nald?, Warner. Mr. Davidga: Enrico, Mr. Harri*: Adiae, Madam* Pcuial. Eocolia, Mra. Abbott; Luoetta, MieeCapel; Jeaot.Miea Olivia, the v?rfonnan?a (ill c?mB??e with the oolite drama of GBAND/aTMEE WHITEHEAD? Drayton, WrMattkew*; Crandfatbor Whitehead, Mr If. Davidge; Langley, Mr. Freaerlaki; Driver, Whiting; Bob Lincoln. Mr Shaw; Lonlaa, Mm* Olivia, *u,k. Mite Gapel. I NIBLO'B Ci.VRDEN.-THE PROP dl KTOE BEOS TO ecnounoe tha opening of hie oa1 nt, Monday, letruary 3, lffll, and tha engagement, for a limited period, with tlia juitly celebrated and highly talaatad M'ilaa. Rou* ? at, fonr deter*. Caroline, Adelaide. Teretine, Clementine, and their fathar, Moai. Jean Roueaet, Irom the principal theaue* of Pari*, Bt. Petersburg!). and Milan, will make their fiiat appearance In Now fork. Debut of Mile, Police and Moaa. Breieianl. To commence at aeven o'clock with POT POURRI OVERTURE, bj tka oroheatra. To ba fol by INDIANA BT ( UAKLIUAU.M To oonolude *ithjtbe grand ballot CATAE1N A. Ticket*. 60 Pent*. Italian opera house, astob place.-eebuc ii i"!11" tbe few remaining night* of Bismoriaa TERESA 1 AKoDI.? Price of Adiuiaaloa: Parquet aad ?' *>; Amnhithaatre, *0 ceute. Part/- fourth Sub Mriptieu Night. Benefit cf Big. A. Baa<|ulrioo. Coadnotor, ' ii rj ???tnr. Monday evening. Fibruaiy will be aarfbrmad Roaainl'a oomio opera, la two a?U. of the BARBER OP SEVILLE? Roaiaa, Sigaoriaa T. Parodi; Berta, Bigaa. A. Paul; Couta Almavlva, Big. Lerini; J1"**?' 8'f- ">?n g"tolo, big.Banimrioo; Don Baeilio, Slg. Novell!; Fiorello Big. GiubiWi. Door* open at a , uar: n before 7? to commence at 7>? o'clock. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO MAX mutl/IK ? The general committee of tha frianda of Max Marctiek convened far the purpoea of arranging a graad compliment ary benefit ,to be given to him at the Aater Place Opera Bou*e, on wedneaday evening. Febraary 12, 1861, have the pleaaareof informing the public that they have received tha most liberal and generou* proffer* of auiataace from many di?nrgul*ttd artiete, and feel fully warranted in promising a programme of unequalled variety aad attractiveneaa. Par tieuiar* will be given m future advertiieineat*. O. D. PATTISON, Chairman. Jawrs F. 0t!.<, Secretary. | The greatest noyilty ever introduced in thia City.? Tripler Hail.? Under tha entire mana?omoat ?f HERE KEAIIZ, the celebrated Huagarian Vooaliat, beg* to announce to hi* friend* aad anbacriber*. that ki* Grand Pot Pourri Dramatic Mnaieal Feetival' will take place at the above Hall, on Saturday Evening, February Nth, when he will be aaaiitcd by Signora Truth Beaedetti. Herr Kraun will introdnoe hi* Orand Pot Poorri, the Confuilon of BabeL ia thirty different national melodie*, to be aung in the original dialect* of language, far which h* ha* engaged the aaeUtance of Signorina E. Gandolti, Herr F. Meyer, and Herr Salle; aad Herr Krauai will imitate the peenliaritia*, both aerioa* and comic, of every nation, in their native tcngae. Alao, by the kind permiauon of M. Maretaek. E?]., the full orchettra of the ItaUan Opera Hou*e. Coaduoior, Herr krtutier And three instrumental aolo performer*, Derr Oriebel, the celebrated violiniit, from Herlia, Herr Pychoweki, l'ianiat, and Herr Eltz. (lie taaioonilt, from Dresden. Between the flr*t aad aecond part*, the mi*t ex traordinary and talented child. Mi** Fanny Da a nr. will re cite "The Mania* ." in costume Ticket* Fifty Cent*, to be had at all.tlic principal muxic ttoro* and hotala. Dooraopea at half-iaat >'?. to ccmmense at half-past 7. A new and aplendid i/rand piano, from the manufactory of Mr. Jamee Pirfacs, will be need aa thii oc<aau n. Grand gift concert at tkipler ball, tueb day Evening, February 11th, l.SM, tor the Benefit of the Fire Department Fund ?101 Gift*, vi* . one beautiful RoMwood Piaao, valued at f.'lAO; llO tplendldly bound and illuatrated Muaical Anauala, valued at (5 each, on which occaaion the following eminent artiets wilt appear Mre. Laura A. Joaea. Madame Annette Btepbaai Mr Piward Sheppatd. Mr. H'a. Dreealer, and the Shakapearc i avert Society, eemroied of the molt able ciember* of the Jenny Llnd Urrheatra, unt'er the direction of Herr Noll. Past I. 1. Overture, Ser Freiaehut<?Oicha?tra Weber. 5. Bong, When you aad I were boy*? Mr. Bheppard. Newkom. 3. Salo on the Flute? Mr. Fr. Reitiel Beyneimer. 4. Soag. When Mcralng't Bright Sua? Mr*. I.. A. Jonea G. F. Briitow. t. Coneertande. Two Yioliaa? Noll ard Reyer Danda. 6. Grand Geacert Air. oompeaud expreaaly for An aett* Fterhanl, will be tuag for ?he tirat time ?A- Stepliani Otto NiehoL 7. Fireman'* Polka, dedicated to Alfred Caraon ? Orcbi'itra Win. Dreitler. Past If. )?. Overture, Queea of Cj prean- Oroheatra, tirat time C. Halroy. 9. Bug Lily Bell*- Mr. L. A. Jonea Mr*. Smith. 10. Duetto eoneertaad*; a ear piano and viella? Somnambsla? Drtaelerand Noll. .Peaediet A DeBeriot. 11. Air. Quando e Duee Dell, Opera gli Arabi Belli Galli* ? Madame Bterkaai Parini. 12. Medley, introducing the mod popular ?oaga? Mr B. Shephard Bhephard. 13. The World'* Fair Polka Quiekatep? Orche?tra, flrwt time Win. Dreealer. Tiekete, SO cent*, which entitlee the purchaser to en ad mia*ion to th* eonoert, and a chanee for one of the valuable gift* T.ckct* can be had at Geib k Jtckaon'a, Millet*'*, Yan d*rbei k'* mu*i* (tore* : at Taylor'* aaloon ; and at the prin cipal ana ieetore* and hotel*. N. B ? Half the proceed* will b? given to ?he Fire Depart ?eat Fund. CLAYTON * LYON. PANORAMA Of THE PILGRIM'S PROQ KEBS. -P A R tlonlar Notice.? At the reaueet of paator*, teacher* aad ?then, aad in arder to allow ail to eee the " new Paaoraaa," the nalform arlee of adml**lon will hereafter be twenty-trl oente. On Wedneeday and Batar^ay afternoon*, ehlldren will be admitted at half-prlee. De*criptiv* eatoleguea. UM eeate. Open e vary evening. Deer* e pen at 7. to eommeaae at 7 V "'cloek. CATTLER't COSMORAMAB CORNER OF BROADWAY O and Thirteenth etreet.? The tirat eeetlon. nontaining a collection of tweaty-?lx viewe of Europe. Aeia Minor, Syria, the Holy Land. Egypt. Nubia, aad Arabia, will be eibibited uatil the eighth of Mareh . after tkat d?te, all the** will be replaced by aew view* equally iatereeting. THE AMERICAN H ISTRIONIC ASSOCIATION BEING about t* increaae ita nnmber ef membera. the piraeni i* a favorable opp?rtaaitt fer gentlemen demriag to improve their wevUia, and karinc a taate for the drama, to jaia the beat amateur corpe In the aity. Apply Taeeday. Thure day. or Vat nrday eveaiag*. at Gothic Hall; entrance, S64 Ptail rtreet. ANl'IKMENrS Id PHILADELPHIA. UlRNl'M'." BL'BEUH, PBILADELPHI A.-P T. BAIU J' ntim, Proprietor nnd Ucnr? Sajitoid. AMiitaat Maauer.? Thia weak will b? presented a rtoh aad tariou* * !' .??*? tmoSf *hich m*J b* found th* beautiful drama of ' l h* Vicar of Wakefield," ?' The Otmritir,'" an *10111041 traced); thecomadle* ?f "London Auuranc*," Wive* at they war*," aid "Hid Bead* aad Youn? llama,' the . ~ ..rd V raqaaat of maay patroaa; a nan Daole?u* for Dr. Valentin*, the *on- in-law or Manta*? aad aeraral a*? and I lib* farce*. All three will ba reader** by a eon !??*?, whoie talent* an daily oromendcti by the praaa ud the public. Add to tbcao attractiona thoaa of 900,(00 oorioai ti<*. and tha auptrWity o? thia aelehratoi ftatabli?hmcnt it palftabla to ail. Tbert ara two daily parformaoeaa* co? mrneit* at 3 aad 7 P. If. Tha pepn lar voice commend* tba arrangement of th* numerous curi< eit'C*. AJamloi. ? nili. THE BALL HRAION. G UNO Oirt lilt it TRIPLIR B ALL.? TBIS ? _ aioifi'Mt afilr will take place te> morrow etenlnx. February 5. A teryliii ited number of ticket* may be ob li.!"?* V W'M Bmporinm. M* Broadway, or at Triplet Ball, from 8 A. M. to A P. If. Tioket* $?' each aad ever) poicl aaer is entitled to it* foil value iafaaey or aee fnl article*. without lottery or drawia?. Ticket* admittini ?p*ctat<r* le th* dree* ritefa, so eanu aach. CI ENTLEBEN WISIIINt; FOR INVITATIONS. t OB " turn** domino* cr ma*k*. fer the ptlvet* Ball Ma* ,u*. "? wedn**dnj neat, can obtain them li application at the eld coetnmt warehoaee, M Prlac* *tr?< ?. ULL1RBRT AND DRV ttOODB. Rial india shawls-i eft poe bale bt a ship ?*ptaia direct Iron India, two magnificent epeclmen* ai real camel ? hair lone er double -biwlaof the moet alaia rtta vaikaeathlp, aad entirely aew deaigaa. They may be eeen at the ild eatahliahed eoatum* warehoaee .v< Prince ? ir*e?; and *e the aaner leavee thi* port on W*dn**d*y reit, they auit b* *?M | retina* t? tha* time. A terr lew prtce, com pan d with intrlaele 1 alue. will, ther*fere, b* for them, either together or *ib(la SPRING OOOD8.? BATS. CAP!, STRAW OOOOS, BILK and Satin B< anet*. Artificial flower*. Para*cl*. fc*. OeoraeW. k J.Mai Read, No. 1U Cenrtlaadt *tre*t (adtoiaiac the H ei'ern Betel), la til* th* attention of th* pablle to *h<ir eiteasitc aaimn ?at of fre*h aad faahioaable ieo?* a Ui* abati I n*. MOD MISCKLL ANKOl'B. Brandies and rRBSRRt bh, landing per ar teda, Aletamler, aad Neptnaue, frcm Reehelle. 10U half, (Barter, and eighth pipe* C <aae and B?ehelle Braa diea; 3N ea?e* Pardee*. Oreea Pea*. Truffle*. M< ihreon*. atd tep*. ia a**ert*d caaieter* F?r eale ia let* t* lull purclaeere. by 1 ??NI,I N. Ii"d Front *trt*t. CHOICE OID DL'TCU ? BBBJB.-A SMAI.L LOT OP ?uu nor eld round Edamtner Dotih Cheeae*. peeked ia *?*?* *i two do tea eaah. landia< at ?hip Catttariaa. fr m Aseteedara, for *al* by AKSAl.BR k DA V If, IS Better et, A ? 1 . ? n?? Dtiti f, B*rr1n**. IT IS N?H- AM KSTA Bl I9BF.D PACT. TB AT D1LL? bi -r* *ell*,*ine* and liqanr* cheaper than aayoth*rhoue* laNcwtark.olwhleh the aamber ol ( > r> re wbodail 1 < teit hi* ettablislimrat. from all part ef the city. I* a e aTincia* prerf. A. DALI IMORB. Wine aad Li |u?r Merchaat. All B'tifton "iml. corncrof MnlWry. Vir*. B ALSTAFDTBR, IMPORTER ASO M AN ( F A<? Tf tarer of Preach aad Orrmaa (aney Ro .de, M Rroadaay, ap etal e, ie > re-aa'.lt receitia*. and ha* aoa oa haad, aiirt* aeeortmeat of gilt aad plat*d lac**, imp*, bralle. cerd*, frin*e?. taaaeU, h< ntll >a*. eat.etlll<>l *r*n(le*. ortiKmeatf. 1 tare ceet'ae, buttoa*. b?u.jaete. hair draaaen' vir*. laae. tkraad. Be. Be., of plaia ?ad mufl cbeaille. far embruidery aad tiimmla*e. fee.. Be. Be weald alee call th* atttation of ib* public ta hie ac?ly eetablianed ? aauiaetery of eilk, eottea aad woreted *nk taa**l*, fi la*ee, fimpa, ladte*' fanny drew hattca*. aad other trl? mlnc*. la *t*ty deeirable atyle. Jobber* and 'lealere e?p. plied oa the moat llbtral term* Order* from tb* teuntrT pti mpUy BtW B?j f. LHaBIIS or OBMTLEBEN DESIROl'S or CONTEBT. in* into eaah their laporflnon* effect^, each ae raovoff elathinc. coatume*. fir**tia*, furaltura, watch**, aad je?eiry, will ebtaia from the *ab*eriher fittt per ceat more thaa herw> tofore re?eie*d, b> eeadia* thraach tha poet er ether* i*a. ISAAC O. LYON, Bo 2 Wall (treat. TO I UTLERS, 8TBF.L ANDIRON WORRERB ? VIEN B aa IIbm, the a**t p< li*hiB( mat*ri*l kaow*, aad oa I r aaprae i? t> ^ hy tho** who hate oace amplajad it la pellahln< eteel. hraae, iron, German illter, Jn?t imported la ririnal cani'lere, and fer aale, hy Dr. I.F. WIS I F I't'll I IP A N (? E R. WIBaid< nl?n? I' I - /etTre. (1 nerepar. I el?r?r. bleached ahellac. eitraat falllower. fce. fc. .. for eale a* abate. IXPREIM AURBflBB. HMABNDEN 8 BXPREB9 POE NEW OBLBAN^ ami Bobile ? All Rood* *atra*t*d to ear ear? f?r New Or l*aa*. Bobile, or eitle* adjacat t, will b* forwarded with jroief tnee* and d'epateh, by every *Hn*r t o ,r ?^?nie. Burn*, Caaeea B 6a.. <1 Camp etrtat. New Orlaaa*. IBITBB' u TEAEBPORTATIOH w ai TBR r;*! D P"* the lact two y*ar* a reeidaat at Panama and Saa rraa ? ?ieco, bavin* rataraed to Paaama for the purpoe* of traa* aetla* bneia*** tber*. will raaelt*. at Ch*?re? aad Panama all roeAa that may be *eat to him fer *hipm*at to Ban Prna ai*e?. aad at th*ne?alrata*. for further parti en lar*. laaair* at thae?le*of Litinietoa. Wall* fc O*., 6 Wall ctreet New Turk. Jeantry 10. IS8I. rvBieioATtoas* Nm IW WOBR ON TBBOPBBA -IN PRBSf. AND tril.L ?ooa be pnbli*l.*4 an Imp*r1?l cetavo teltim* of three hundred ra?ee, with ori|[inal per trait* eatltled "Parodi aad th* Tocallite, Oompo**re aad Bnaleiani of the Opera." The work will he ele*aatly prlated, aad the flrat tditioa will ba emhalU*h*4 with pieaf plake*. Will EE PUBLISHED, ON HONDA V HOBNINO, A Review, by a Prcie*taat. *f the addra<a recently de livered hy the Rev. Nichola* Burrat. I> D? oa th* Deellea ?f Pipery aad i?? Caneea. Price ll? aeate. Per aale by Rttiaret fc Towneead, IW Bread way, Dewltt fc Datenpoth, Tribnae Bulldine*. Adriaac*. He. I Alter B*n**: Dettet fc Brother, etc , ??*. HLANK BTORR.- PRANCIS B LOUTH el. T7 MAIDEN l,.ne,*f.r atlowpTte**. all Fapee*, fntelewea, a ;d p*a*, f, r,?, Pre-.e M tea' Dtaife, Martee ftriwi, fce. Beek* made to pattaia Card* UtttaUra, UteU, B?, ptiaud M etdar. NBW8 BY THB! mails; Owr VHkli|tm C*ini]Nw4?BM, Washinoton, J da 31, 1851. An Interesting Day m the Senate? A Small Brttwe on the JVegro (fruitum?Mr Hale maku a Pro phecy on the Presidential (Jueetion? .W rmnf; Busmen? Mr. Si/uli throies considerable Light on the Subjett of California Land Titlu, but no f? Obstinacy of Old Bullion. Brilliant winter'* morning sky clear as a bell. Bracing breeze from the northweat. The meeting of Ihe Senate is signalized by the largest gathering of spectators- the moat numerous, intelligent, and elegant audience of the session? in the galleries above, and in the lobbies on the floor below. Con spicuous within the bar of the Senate is Mr. Dalian, with his venerable head as white as suow, and the dignified Mr. Buchanan ia shaking handa with hirn aa we write. The cause of this unusual gathering is the anticipated speech from Mr Soule, of Louis iana, who, from his first speech in the Senate, during the Mexican war, eatablished his reputation as one of the most learned, powerful, eloquent, and fascinating debaters in the United States; in the estimation of many, ranking in felicitous language with Henry Clay, in legal profundity with t aniel Webater, and in nolid compact argument with Thomas H. Benton, and with a gracefulness cf action, manner, and expression peculiarly Permian in its elegance, a slight French accent upon the hard gutterals aud the hisaing consonants of the English language, if anything, to fur from detract ing, actually embellishes his distinct and emphatic articulation of every syllable. Add to thea- ad vantages, a fine person, a highly intellect il coun tenance, a dark but brilliant complexion, eyes a* black aa midnight, but luminous from the euth#. eiasrn of an active and comprehensive m ml? a heavy suit of black and flowing hair--a of dress of elegant and tastefil simplicity, and we have the elements of an orator competent :o com mand a commanding position even in the Senate States. Th?* ?'*i?ected speech from !??**efrf?w.eyen on the dry subject ol California land (idea, in au/iicient cau?? for :he ? h - ??Lr ? Sf-Bat! ,odtt}, Th? result Will o.n , . ??u'e attempted no display tor the galleries, but contented himself with a brief, close argumentative appeal in favor of the old settlers in tori .r?T,.a7rrS* ,rom Mexico with the tern Im^'h A? y ?,co' ln ,he treaty of Cauda uidtod Si!?? ut?n the paternal protection of the United States. But, md* prudently of this debate restin**? >r' " lhe wer* sufficiently inte r^ating for a special notice. 3 Mr. Mason's resolution came up, instructing the ?x?^d?enpt?Df nr'gn Relatitm* I" Squire into the expediency of allowing some indemnity to -he Spanish claimant* of the blacks on board the shin t^'unite? si!/,Vr't{,aViDg lTn d'c,a"d free by the United States Courts, being brought from Africa in violation of existing Ueaties s^tin?t the htli'ade The Caae iH '' ua del-stood Thea? blacks were imported from Africa to CuSa, and AmiHt.cTiyfnrre ?n 60 the Spanish ship Amistadt for another |>ort in the island Tne ro^ *nd took l-ossession of the ship, and compelled the crew to agree to take the n back to Africa. Instead of that, they ran the ehia ashore in the State of Connecticut, where the sub i " w" tried, the negroes liberated, and *or!J.q. iy ?ent. to Africa by the Colonization m ?L# &P ,Ck U0S by ?? Spaniah government, in behalf of the Spanish owners or alleged Ununited bl"Ck8' haVinf bfen made "? mEsJi .if I ' g?vsrnme"t. Mr. Polk suh JrfinHe m,fi Wlth a ?rong recommendation JtW7 i v ? grfM|111 h'* "nial message ?L *1. J H w" ""Joduced into the Senate, *Jla*',nK ?50,000 indemnity to the nf but l,[t,led "? ^e House. The object of Mr. Mason, in his resolution, u to recall the at tention of the Committee on Foreign Relations to i'r0ffeae?dtKSCUlar,y 10 ihe re? T he resolution being up for consideration, Mr Chase gave in his exceptions. He recited the various treaties for the suppression of the Africa? slave trade the history of the Amistad ?se the judicial decisions uton it, as conclusive against these Spanish claimants. Mr Hale wai aiutl* ^>gOMn,. He declared this *0 be the l'roIJ?9,tJon ever presented to Oengress. If these clairoanta had been Ameri cans, the law would have hung them for .."V b'?ln#r sP*"1Rrda, their loss of the blacks, stolen from the c oast of Afric.t, we are called upon to indemnify out of the public treasury. He warned gentlemen not to rresume 00 far uoon the suppress, of the nlave? TXT ur?n "j1,? provoked at this outrage Zl lk t ,fry sentiment of the North. C? * a ground swell sooner than the compromisers expected it. Mr. Clay embraced the OCCariOB to crow exultingly ,n the triSJK# [he lie*????*, Jn"BUrr* ' P?n the subject of dom"? ?g'titors were effectively put down and now they seize at every opportunity upon the forngn slave trade for a little capital. Mr Halo replied, and declaring that he was not a , ro, het stHntia^v' th?pd" Th'' f proi'hpc>'' wh,ch sub? stantiairy this -That any m*n who should, m 1852, undertake to run for the Preaideucv th? BnrVrP?0' I?.rithc ,dvoc*Uf of thr compromi^ mea SThi. -uJl# ?7#mpfd And Mr Hale longed for that day of retribution to come tound. We cut this prophecy on record, ,0 see how ? will coL? u!^n have a Union c*ndidate, and oniy one. Mr H",e himself will nn havr ,wo or more can.l.daten an il tk c".,?',rom'*e *? the election will, doubtleas 8Z f HouT : and 'here, though no maaeTn Z'"1. ,kTirP*l,i'vWr Prp#u?' no man will anjume y ?U election of a free soiler Mr. Mason, Mr. ( hase, and Mr. Hale further fa?er"w?. ^ re^lu,'OD' * hen a motion by the rVw i,?TA ?J'c,ed? D,oe 10 forty-three ; and the 'uf1?8 a resolution of inquiry, wan adopted. We presume that will be the* end of U for this reiaion. Mr. Hale then submitted a r^so ll1 i?A'ma. !lg fora" thr official correapondence on M A?/,ud c?^. which he. over one day ,'"n,rr B?v?' of a hill to amend the act wfff h?l.nfJ ware housing system, of whtch y?u c Iihii re v # I ^ k ,dV"''d by ^'^"I'h Some little session g Y"y ""k' for lhe ,anfr lhie .{'00,1'!. olered a resolution, which wan adopted, calling upon the Secretary of Sstefor to ,he ''f'diency of adowing a graduated scale of salaries for the diplomatic r?o dotbt Mr. Webster has something to c"mmu hlt^ ? 0,,t,h', ""hject j and it is a matter of atwo our rn,u|st' rs to Kngland and rarce, should be reduced to the necessity ol tfZD,r,VS' >h} pay,n? a >*rce ? tik-o f their expenses out of their private fun<w ]: h is to l2S a ma!,tp ?f 10 "nd ?"ch miaiite" to London and Paris as ran afford, and are wiil.aB to meet the cost, of these sp, ointments The Utverrment should graduate its diplomatic salaries according to their unavoidable and reisonabk ei. pens?s respectively. tetsonaoie ex WH^ft,?.U',klin,r?lUC,.d " h,n ?r,,ntl0? the right of for a telegraphic line hrtwren thf MuuuVn^ river and the Paeifis Ocean, to Jnaiak Snow^uSl oiri*ny Aa this project it rather a large noe we susrect the right of w.y will h, the end ofT* ? uch were some of the interesting proceedinas of ihe morning hoor * 1 oceeaingn n J?h,r ut6ttz to wi,? ,h'" b?H for the settle ment of California Land Claims aud La 1 1 Tiiie* adCa "aff:h.lkM? "ad Mr ^2?5 advocate an amendment providing ihat a twentv yesrs poisrssmg nfht of land, in California ah.ll f"rU " rv,dence ?g U^rtll sfJi. . H Mmr OB 'h' part of th- United the la w ?r*fTUn^?l w?s brief, stick lag clo*> to M?e la*, and especially to the laws and usages 01 "SErfi? wh,ch ",0?, of ,lk* California grant* ctoima ?Wkh*??' * ,ha' ri?hu aod ?r"n!v claims which had been or would be respected bv r^atv?^ 0f Mp,ico? ought to be undrr our h, , P U ?? rf,"P<,cl'rt hy the govemmsnt of Uie lsmted Statea After debate the amendment S2Te?ri w,p rr]rt*d 1 1 ?? :i7i ?? <he jXiTffi Of fiTI w *rnrral PT0*'*10"" of the hill the rights or the old settlers were sufficiently guarded. The aud'encs- thinned .way-old Bullion imi^rturba bie in hia opposition to th^ bill eon mned to put in one amendment after another, as they were seve rally voted down, till past four o'clock, when ;he senate, frcm shetr exhaustion, adjourned. WAsmsaTOK, Jab 30, 1861. Tit California Iximd R\U? Tht , f*., California land title* exciting t tirni'-ndoux de bate in the 8<natr? Benton looms up like A>a* defying the lightning? Clay,J*>ule, Bernen, Hon* Ion, Butler, and others in the debate. Remark ably perplexing question. Mr. Hunter'* tarift bill to morrow. It it aou* thiog? not much, but actuallr ?ece?s?ry to carry ?ut the existing law Hy a late decision of the Supreme Court, that good* by the set of '#? are to be charged with duty upon the value at the place and lime from which originally imported, it is said there will be ground lor a drawback upon he trtarury of from tea to fifteen million* of dollar*. He nee ihe neceasity of Mr Hunter'a bill. Iu the Holme, we had to-day a very amusing apeech from Mr. Van Dyke, of New Jeri?ey, srt'ing fof'h the advantegra of Jer^er City for a branch mint, ovrr the city of New York WKI City muit ha looking up We count with confidence upon the New York braach mint, and the aa*ay iflke at San Fraausc*.

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