Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1851 Page 7
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Vte United States 1b 18ft*. ADDITIONAL RSTUANS of TUX SEVENTH WISCONSIN. CtmtUl. 1840. Adimi, (new county) .... _ Brown 2,107 Calumet Hb Chippewa, (new county). . ? Columbia ? Crawford 1,502 Dane :s,lll 1 lodge 07 Fond do Lac 131? Grant Green 033 Iowa. 3,978 Je flirrson 914 Manitou 230 Marquette 18 Marathon, (new county).. ? Milwaukie 5,606 Portage 1,623 Tiacine 3,175 Krnasha, (new county).. . Hock Kichland, (new county).. Lafayette, (do. do.) ? ? Lapointe, (do. do.).... ? St. Croix* 801 Sauk 102 Sheboygan 133 Walworth 2,611 Washington 343 Waukisha, (new county). ? W innebago 135 1847. 2,914 1,060 3,791 1,409 10,935 14,?<>H 7,149 11,720 6,487 11,464 1,285 2,161 15,925 1,504 1,701 14,729 367 1,674 2,178 5,580 15,039 15,447 15,866 2,747 1860. 187 6,222 1,745 615 9,565 2,399 16,654 19,140 14,512 16,161) 8,583 9,576 15,339 3,712 8,642 456 22,71)1 1,267 14,971 10,730 20,717 903 11,666 515 621 4,092 8,386 17,866 19,476 19,324 10,179 Total 30,945 210,646 305, 539 The increase of 1847 over 1840, was 179,601, and the increase of 1850 over 1847, 1b 94,996. The ag gregate increase since 1840 is 274,538, or about ??qual to 887A per cent. The increase since 1847, i? about equal to 42 per cent. 1 A part of Bt. Crol* rounty hu. ?iue? i?47, s?en awarded to Minnesota terr'.toiy. waitih will .s^ount Garths dsersase in that nouncy In otkat ooos* tlei where a deereafl* In foua l it ha* arinrn troa ;bo lorimtion of new eoapiti'* from ? part o I ts<_. Al.At.ULa The follow. ng additional rc.? reived from Alabama . ? 1850. Counties. Free. Slave. A utauga 6,293 8,766 Butler 7,203 3,649 Bibb 7,09o 2.861 < Ixrke 4,918 4,876 ? ?bambers. .. .12,803 11,159 i.taoctaw .... 4,658 3,780 ? olFce b,384 .557 llrury 6,77 s 2,26.1 Lowndes.... 7,275 11,649 Montgormry .10,47(1 19,44b Monroe 6,848 6,293 l'ii k- ns 10,020 10,366 I'ike 12,126 3,795 rSliclby 7,167 2,378 Tallauega.... 11,71 1 6,975 Tallapoosa. 11,511 1,073 Wilcox .. 3,521 11,881 OKOROIA. The following arc the returns counties in Georgia. There are ties to be returned ' 1850 ? . Counties IVhite. Black . Appling 2,515 405 Baldwin 3,551 1,697 Hibb 7,066 5,637 Bryan 1,180 2,216 Bulloch 2,811 1,460 Burke 5,268 10,832 Butts 4,683 2,805 Camden 2,0(19 4,247 C.impbell 5,725 1,507 Carroll 8,256 1,101 ? 'aNS 10,292 3,002 Chattooga LUt 1,680 Cherokee 11,7:17 1,157 Clark 8,412 5,571 Cobb 11.533 2,283 Columbia 3,689 8,272 Cwweta 8,22o 5,105 Crawford 4,355 4,628 Clinch 008 129 Bade 2,. "85 148 Decatur 4,623 3,639 De Kalb 11,407 2,917 i >ooly 5,586 2,778 i i iilv 3,711 3,579 Kliiniihum 2,016 1,848 Elbert 6,692 6,269 hmanuel 3,715 960 Fayette 6,722 2,055 Forsyth 7,861 1,017 Gilmer 8,261 200 G!ynn 7(il 1.200 Greene ...... . . 4,802 8,266 Gwinuett 9,030 2,2*5 Gordon 5,127 *u7 iiabtrbham 7,674 1,22:1 Jlnll 7,377 1.252 Hancock 4,272 7,508 Heard 4.523 2,400 H nry 9,759 I 968 >i lu. ton 6,431! 9,901 Irwin 2 688 504 Jackson.. 6,827 3 911 J&s|ier ........ * 4,352 7,1:54 Jones.. 3,950 6,279 .'elferton 3 N)fo 5,267 Laureos ....... 3,115 2,974 Lee 3,0X8 3,627 LiUrtr 2 019 5,810 L ucrln 2.218 3,780 L-'Wndes 5,859 2,3*5 T/iinrtpkin 7,7^!* 885 Macon 4,102 2.921 .VKdisoti :;,77n 1 m Mftrion* 6,676 2; '>01 Mcintosh 1,2115 4.629 Menwelher .... 8,4' *2 8,004 M <>u roe 6,?>29 10,170 iVontgoinery . .. 1,542 603 Morgan 3,650 7,093 Murray 12.501 1,929 Nawton 8,109 6,187 Oglethorpe.... . 4,392 7,85:1 i'auldinif {>,563 1,482 PolatUi 1.860 2 *41 I'ulsam 3,328 7,168 Hundohh 7,90 1 199.) J'criveii 3,171 3,678 Si?*wart 8,715 7.881 S'Jmter 6,1-9 3,h35 7 albot 7,817 8,220 Taliaferro 2,102 3,044 . ttnall 2,141 831 Telisir 1,139 96 1 Thomas 4,8-13 5,76 ? ''"wifg* MR 4,640 Vniou 6 960 27* 4,711 l.< ' t Walarr 11,445 1.661 Walton 6,911 4 0"<) Ware 3,600 286 Washington ... 6,81*1 5, *21 Wntre 1,090 406 '.Vi'lunson 5,""3 2.716 W i Ike i 3,831 8 281 .nshave been ie ? Ik40 Sluve. 6,., ib i;,262 4,24 b 10,198 4,703 6,960 9,088 5,388 9.351 7,!M>7 1,1% 7,W9 4,131 5,984 2,470 2,02:; t,39j 7,141 1,084 { 12,6i)? ! 15,486 , 5,292 7,761 2,111 1,616 4,898 2,013 9,291 from eighty. three yet twelve coun 1840 > IVhite. Bink. 1,75-5 3.075 5,355 897 2,147 ?l,60f) 3,285 2,004 4,526 4,725 7,381 2,621 5,401 5,603 6,630 3,920 7,268 4,112 2' 17 4,175 I 117 2,2<> 955 8,567 2, Oil 4,071 844 527 2,009 811 494 4,919 909 7,436 3,101 3,569 new county 1,285 3, 178 8,456 3,244 2,120 LCH 6.077 2,500 4,827 5,060 2,411 8!)1 I Ml 8,562 79 2,3!) 1 2,011 1,193 2,321 1,412 6,01.8 629 1,364 559 96 4,011 7,049 2,232 new county. 7,007 6,77;: 3,697 3,719 8,421 4, ?61 1,772 6,994 1,921 4.117 2. <77 3 078 2 4(9 1,61 > 2,527 4,:t94 1 IS 8 663 3,125 3,741 1 318 8,723 7, Ml 1,279 3 461 3,896 7,M!?> 4,506 2,102 *972 3,711 6,586 2.162 8,174 4,115 8.861 2 296 1 878 2 ool 3,810 I 21 I 3 0i?5 5,636 5 58.1 6 53.1 1.189 5,962 877 I !?57 3,630 954 1,103 6,962 1,580 3,332 4,890 ?266 1,618 6,190 5,6 18 4,377 2,507 2 051 5,596 3,368 1,180 1,192 1,38.5 1,071 4,012 5, |ij7 8,171 3:17 6,680 789 3 7 .<?< 6>._ 151 2 117 6,510 1,690 A 681 4,750 1,611 6,766 2 816 7ii2 . 2,986 ? 4,208 87 3 872 !K> 3.026 131 M*?8 881 1,8*6 6 518 Tin* apparent ltlnrea?e of population In Mirtan i* ?*<n* to ? ebanf? in the county line*. which tlirew a (onnl>>r?t)U population from dteaart within lb* pra ?? nt limit* of Marlon. OHIO. The following are the returns from Ohio A iim' Luking 38,791 Allen 18,103 Lofma 1?*.207 Ashland 8J.828 Ijoratn 2->,7">7 A*htsihula I, urns 12,3K7 Athena 1*,215 Madison 10,031 Auglaize 11,4-11 Mahoning 2.1,7 4? Kflfflofil 3A,240 Marion 12,485 !'ro*a 27,327 M-Iilb 21 15<> Hillfr 80,75*1 Meiga 17, iH ( I larroll I7.ti**i Mercer 7,713 Chsmpaign 1J),?60 M ami 25 007 Clark 82,l:*i Monroe 29,379 Clermont 30,452 Montgomery .. . 88.11.9 Clinton 18,837 Morgan 28,:?? Columbiana-... 3.1, NO I Morrow 20.281 <'otihocton. .... 25,To2 Muskingum .. . . . 15,011 Crawford 18,13!) Otiowa 3,309 Cuyahoga Paulding 1,78(1 Pickaway .. P'ke I0.ST.4 Portage 2I,*>I0 Preble 21,-iJW Inrke.r. 2" l?7 Perry 20,771 l?fmce 1 rlaware 21, Krie. ...? 1'HJW Fairfield ?,? Fayette 12,729 Putnam Frnnhhn 43,002 Highland Fultr.ii ......... 7, "90 Pallia 17.0OI S.mdusky II, 45ft C.e?8g* 17,7")7 Scioto 18,42# ' r^ene... 21,017 Fi-nrca 27,110 UgrtnKT 30,458 Shelby 18,819 Hh mil ton.. 188 878 Stirk W.iW Hancock 17.1 1?? Summit 27.110 liardin 8.231 Trumbull.. MnrtiMtn J0,l<l"l Tuscarawas ll?f.ry 3,132 I iron... Highland 25.8 > I Hooking 18,875 lloNMta 80,881 Huron 88*808 '.'an Wett. Vinton .... Warrm IWi Washington.... 29.5.W Jaekfon 12,7?? Wijynf>~ 33,008 .Mlerson 2'?.i:t7 Williams 7,867 Ktr* 88,782 Wool 0,12 1 l.^ke 14/M Wyandot 11,222 Lawrer.ce....... 15,247 1,0*1,1 W Popula'lrn in 1*10 1,5|8 4?7 lacreaK 463,1173 It.l.tiot*. Fifty-si* routties have bren heard from, which show en increase, compared with 1M0, of about wse hundred p*r cen?. Tnere are Wcountiea in the Hta'e, and If ihoH? to be heard from exhibit an in i reter e^.ttal to th"Se fiom whirh returna hare been meived, the total po|Ulalion of the Sute will nit fell much short of 900,000. In 1810 Illinois bad 470,183 inhabit&ats. PENNSYLVANIA. The following additional returna have beoa re ceived from Pennsylvania Bait of 1840. 1860. Indian. Increate. 60 count!*! 1,347.069 1 S51,?0l 104.032 37 per ?. Buck* 48.197 50060 8.602 IT ? 'Carbon ? 16.893 ? Lebanon 21 872 20.126 4,263 10 ? Mirtlin 13.092 14,974 1 882 14 " 'Northampton.. 40.900 40.041 ? Perry 17 090 20 109 3,010 17 ?? Sua iuehannah. . 21,186 20,801 6,490 23 " 67 counties 1.510.811 2,063.133 641,822 35V " * Carbon county was formed from Monro* (al ready given) and Northampton counti**? princi pally from the latter. Common PUai. Before Judge Woodruff. Feb. 8. ? Taj/lor. Harrison, and Murdoch Vt. Sheldon T*. Church.?1 This waa an action for libel. The damagoa were laid at $10 000. It appeared from the complaint that the plalntiffe are oommUelon merchanta, having a bouae la thla city, and a branch of. it at Uolumbua; the bouae In thla city la conducted by one of them, and the braooh at Columbus, by the other two. The defendant alto resides in tbla city, and la the author of a printed paper, In the shape or a pamphlet, known an '-Ohurcb'a Reports ' Thia pamphlet pur porta to give an acoount of the standing of merchanta and tradera in the Bouth and Weat, whether of good or bad repute; and the plaintiffs allege that it ha* been extensively circulated amongst the wholesale houioa In thia elty; that, in 1847, the defendant cauaed to be printed and publiahed a report, in which the name of the plaintiffs' firm waa introduced, and a very unfavorable opinion given of their meroantUe akill, and the integrity of one of them waa apoken of very disparagingly Thla report they allege waa sant to a dcren or twenty of the most reipectable house* in the city. In -cneetiuenoe f| which they loat the good opinion of these houses, were much injured in their credit, and suffered peotbiary damages to a :? nslder ?!'!?? amount. Only two of the plamtlffa' witnesses were partially examined, when the court adjourned. L'efure Judge Ingrahaaa. 7"'.. rn it. V C.'taw.? The pMntiff in this case sued the defendant in trespass. for the alleged illegal taking of maeblnery, uaed in tts manufacture of silk, valued f>260 After oosupylng the oouit the entire day, a nrci waa withdrawn, and the case went to next term. Before lion Judge Woodruff. Kis. 4- Lk iaion? ? If'*. Lta.tnu'irth vs. Aug ustus i/ui /t.- Tin Judge in ghing his decision, that thia motion aheuld te denied with coats, but with leave to defendant tc renew, aaiJ that he had serious doubts of the propriety o! permitting the defendant to come in ! and anawer at the j resent stage of the proceedinga in ' this action. Ills attorney wan duly apprised of every ' if< p in the action, dewn to the judgment final for the [ plaintiff. On a motion tor an injunction founded on the complaint ho was notified by the decision thou znnde, that the Court deemed the complaint, in sub it<tnoe. a claim for dams,'** for a breach of warranty, jf he aupposed the ooinplalnt in.sufih-ient, he had am ple time to demur, or if he wished to deny tha faots alleged, he had equal time to deny thorn by answer, lie Intentionally lorebors to answer, relying upon his professional opiuion that the complaint contained no sufficient cause of action. The tituu to answer having expired, he receives due notli-o of application for judg ment. and upon that application thu sufficiency of the complaint to entitle the plaintiff to any judgment, aas arxued at length, and judgment ordered. No ap peal Is taken. Mo application waa made for leave to answer, and the judgment became final. The plaintiff vas, in a 1 things, r?gular. There is no pretence that tb? defendant's counsel has not, in all things, acted with perfect honesty and fidelity to the defendant, according to hi* best judgment. Motion denied. Weekly Kcport of Oeailu I* theOity and County of Mew Fork, from the 2.1 ih day of January, to ths 1st day of February, 1881. lien. 66; Waaaea. 69; Boys. 108; Girla, t>?? Total, 328. disease*. AWcess 1 Fnver Rearlet. ........ . la Aneurism I Fever Typhoid 2 Apopleay 12 Fever Typhus V Ansiina ) Fever t engentive 1 Bleeding 1 Fever Nervous 1 Burned nr scalded 3 Ht-art, disease of 7 Bronchitis 6 Hooping Counh 3 (.sneer of wound , . 1 inflammation 1 Cancer 1 cf Brain.... 9 Caturth 1 ?? of Bowel*.. 10 Casualties 2 ?? cffliest... 1 Consumption . 41 ?? ot Lungs... 31 Convulsions 3'! " of Stomach. 3 Cr?up ft ?? of Throat. . 1 Congestion 2 " of Liver 1 " of Lnags .1 Jaundice.... 2 Cyancnis 1 Mira.imus 18 D tllitf 4 Measles y Celerlum Tremens 3 Mortification 1 D srrhcca. S Old ace 1 Dropsy 4 Palsy 2 in the Ileal 17 Polao* 1 " la the Chest 1 Premature Birth 4 Proceed I Scrofula 3 Dvsentery 8 Small Pox ... H l>j>p<p*>* 1 Sprue 1 Epilepsy 2 Suieide 1 I rys pelas 10 Tetanus 1 Fevar 3 Ulcetatlontf intestines.. 1 Fover Puerperal 3 I'lceration of throat ... . I Fever Remittent 3 I'nknawa 3 AGE. L'cder 1 yoar 77 Prom ill toAO .... 15 Fr .mlto 1 years 4.1 " 60 to 80 15 " 8 to S 45 " 6d to 70 9 " ( to 10 20 ? TOt" HO fi * IV to 21) 10 " 80 to 90 ? " J't to .H Unknown . . 6 " 3 i to 10 id fi.ii. m> or Nativity.? lini ted States. 224: Ireland. 7k; r eland, C; Scotland, 3: Germany, 14. Sweden, 2; Switaer l.,iid I; unknown. 2. r*0M? ?orpltal. Oellevne, ?| Penitential y, Blaekwella Isles 4 4| SMfl Pox Hospital, d-., 1; Ward's Islani.l li K? ? ? d?U'? Island. 4; City Hospital. 14: Aim* Honn-, BUekwells ItlAfcd, Colored Heme, 2; Colored P?r?*ns. a. ?v. WD its. city Iaspestor. City Inspector's Offioe. Febrnary I. 1HS1. ? IIIPPIXG. UNITED bTAlEB MAIL STBAM5111P COMPANY. 1 r lltvtut, Now Orlrana anil Ohafrea.? Thr.uith tlekat* to San F.udcuio at reduced rat' a. N?w Orient! r ? CD?. rr, traiiffarr*d at Havana to the (lu l.|e--n*in? etu?m ?htp Falcon. Ou Tset'laj, February 1 1th, at 3 P.M., thi apletidid double- rng tie iteaa>?hip GE'iR.IA. 3,0011 toal lai'Vn, D. D Porter, 1'. S N., Gonircander, will nail pre eiaely at 3 o'ol.jjt i*. M . Irani bar pier, at fovt of Vimi life'. N. II., v I ? l? tli<> government mail*, diraat for Hirana and CliKKi Fraight tatca to Chagrea at umal ratee tit pb "B freight to Havana and New Orleaai, F*r paiat.e ?r freight. apply to M. O. ROBERTS, 177 wait itraet, 0'<ru>.r of Warrea._ NEW tuR* AND UAVRE STEAM NAV IGATION COM im v.? for Havre *i.d Sodtl.amptoa-Th* Uajtod Stattt Kail S' I HANK! IN, i'-'M t.>aa burthen. Jamn A. WttfU, etmn. un.Hr, will Wave fur Uavre, toii-tilD{ at B< ntf.vuirtea ic lat< tha mailt led pa*c-ngeri, on Bator ay, frtraaryllli. Stoppio* at abov*yta?*i tt ra tf | ?;ner??r* prooecdiag to l.oadua advantage* ever any e her route, in the economy both of time aal money. Pile* <1 paatagv to navraor Southampton. HJ). Allletteri ??Bat MM thrpBch tha poet office. For Ireieht or paeeage. aoply t? MOKTlMKR I. IV I NUSTtiN, Acaat. W Broadway. PAC1FIO MAIL BTRAMBIIP COMPANT.-TQR POM* I'd are informed, that a alar the arrangement* of thll C "i| an r, ataamcra In* petted and approved by tbo Navy I*, partmant, aad carrying the lai'sd Btatca maila, will o n tlati* ta l?ava I'aoama an I Ban rraBPlaeo oa the flrnt and Slt'-jalh dan of aach month, unlea.i detained by on%vc!'la> me accident or tht B"a- arrival ?f tha uaila at Panama. The I'ran'era of the firat of tha meatb will touch at Acapnia*. Bati Blaa. Kantian, flan Diego, and Mooter*/. Th* itMaptri tha lilteiotfi of the moatb will touab at AcapuUo; bal at do other Mcxieaa porta. The nrar (Kama; ip COLCMBI A will Ply reralarlr, af'.et Ittf arrival ia the Pa-iUo. b*tw*e.i Baa f MMMM and port* In Ore*. ?. awai tin* at the former port tha arrival *r mailt and paeengara from Panama, aad rotnraia* without delay with maiie aad paaetngera fur th* followlog itoamar from ."aj Fraariaeo. A r-golarlia* of pr*p?11ira will be kept up for tae traaaportatlon of freight aad traoaicnt pataeogeri brt*ean Panama aad Ban Franetgon. T ho unBB*etioB in th* AMaatie will be ualatalaed by th? ?*'?B ,?Mpa KMI'IRF CITV, leaving N?w 1 ork on the thir ls nih.aBd CDERoKEB, leaving New Tork ?a the twenty, tlghth of eaeh month for Chacr**. A third boat will ala* n kef la New Tork a* a tteamer. The a*w atratnohip* C t K IBH EA N and I'll IT,A DEI, P II A will form a dlr*?t I la* h*tw??a New Orleaa* aad Chanraa Iravini at ia*lt r*riod* a* will *?*or* a* little deteatioa a* poaalhle on th* Ii*hnaa. aaa formiar.wltk th* Pa*i<le at*am ihipa. a thronRh lia* to aad from New Orlaant aad porta ia M'< ro.lalif'.rala aad Oracoa. Tl roa(h tmkete far ane moath eaa be eeoured an %pf li*a> ?ion la the CnmpaBy, M fleoth aire, t . New York. AppU*a ticu? fcrfr aiaa#- trim New Ortoaaa ahoald be aadt't* ARM STRONG LAI'RaBOM k Co., A?*at? at that plaaa. Maw Torh. 0*ub*r II. 1UU. Till BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN C > TA Mall Bteamablp* b*twr*a New Vark and Llv*rpo<>ll<r>* and between Moatoa aad I,i?*rpool? the B?*toaahlp*> tl f eallmj at Bnlifhi, ta laad aad r*r>*iv* maile aadptifior* A K AHI tat't. . A KitlCA, Capt. Mrr'*. pa RSl a. Cap.- . EI'BOPa, Capt. Utt. A* I A (apt ilk ia*. NIAUAKA, C*pt ?t?aa. AMERICA. Capt. Shana"!. CANADA, Oipl. larnHa Cambria, capt. Uiteh. Thai* ?a*a*li earrv a eleai whit* light at a**t ?i atirboad how. red en port b*w. Canada, frum Boaton. .... Wedaaeday, Hth February, Africa, " New Turk.. j?<laaaday, NHh Far'. pa, " B'atoa Wei!a?eday, 12th Marafi, Aaia, M Naw Tork., . WadaMday.?lth r Canada, " Boatoa WMaaaday, ?th April Africa, ? New Vork. . . W.dB?adar, tM' " Amarlca, " Bo*toa W*dna?day, ??th " Asia, " Maw York . Wadnatdav, 7th May "* P attar* from N?w York >r B"itoa. Utwpit( 1*1 eabl% ?IA I awac* from Nw York ar B*((?a. ?* Liv?rp?*U M tabla ?70. Bartbaaot *Mtir* < antil paid f?f. rreifht will b* rbarRedea ip? .* beyoad aa ta^iti Nf pe raonil ?iB*nt*a. a? uperfaB ?d Narjeoa aa board. 9&~ Ail Ufare aad aevr*pap*r* tout pan tktMik thi P.ia; Offica. fur iralfht ar pa**M*t iiplf ta ft. Ct'NARD, Jr., V Broadway. Prennh. Gertaaa, aad other Foreita G*">d?, reoelved krd i m p*ht ia eoaiaion with Briti j O odi. TliDKih biL'i oi l?dir* artdven ia Havre far N tt * -rk. After the l?t pf April at rt, th* r it* of fie ht br th* bb?Tt (tainiera Iron Liverpool will he materially r dtire.1. THE ROYAl.VAILBTP.AMER VI ?RI.IN.OAPT. 8AMP "?r. m lit >111 for Bermnd.i aa l St. 1 h mat, oa Saturday, f^eiit r.f rely nary, l-<M, a? aoi.n. Bl.a hn< efalloat. ae t< rr.moii?tloB? for pa*MB?er*. Prlf* r.f pia age to BtfBlM, ?V.: la Bt. Thniaae, B7" Thera l? a rafilar mall *a?ai"ai r a'loa hetaeer Bt Thnniia aal all tha t?**t India Meade, f 1 * v a a a , VeraCrnt, Vtaailiela.Rfl Th* Metlln will tab* reiphb. Apply to B CI'N ARD. Jr.. SH Broadway. I^OBBAN FRANCISCO? DBBPaTiIH LIN B ?TilB NBW E: and eleiaot clipper Rfl fCHCR ATT. U";er?. maotera, li now loading at pier ft*, felt Ri i er, aad will r?oelva ibp mnal de I atah *(?*? oy thl* line. In polat of heanty or epeed thll el< ?ai t a? ??? I h*a be. n proaonnoed p inal to any. and anpe rl rtonoit tf th* rllppeta that have prcedel her, or ar* bow on th* berth. A vl?i and <-*imttiatli>n will fnlly aatlvfy iblppara ar bh(* fart. Bha .< eipepted to make the ra??e*e wt'li'a Blnaty day*. Bo |erlor tMaaaaittliH f"r tint talla pa?i?nfer?, E. B SI TTON ft CO.. ft Wall itr**t, *r JOBS OflDltf, lid Wfllt root. Notice to NAYifiAToRB.? custom housb. mbm Vurb, v'.'llpetn-'a tiffice. Dot. litd. IBM.? fke ?th aoetiol oi mi *pt pf Coaerase, approved Hth September, H.m, *aM tied "An AP". makiag apprnpria Iob* for Li?it Ifomee. I.ighl B-a'a. Lanyi. ftp . rrovidae- " That, horeaf'er all bqevi alond the eoait, ?? Ift bejr*. harbnn, irnnd* *r Phann*l*,ahall b* Pilired and rnmheied, a* that paaeinf ap the eooet *| lotird. or Mtttili thl bay, harh*r. or ehaaael, red hr.??i ? ituevea anmbira ihall be paaaed aa the a'arb^ard handi b ia' k buoy* with ua*vea anaber* <n tha port hand, aad bnoya with r*d and b'peh atrifoe '.a either hand. Baay* li ihlnnel ??yl ?* be polorcd with alternate whit* aad bine) perpendieaiar itrlpe*." I hereby (Hy* aati**, that the pra vlelone ol tb' for*# 'in* l*w wll i>* parried iat? effaet. aad the chiarea ii.-'tp*'.-! >li?r?(a mad* la th* erraagemaat of the bn.<? ' i M-nf thi* d atrict,.ia *r b*ror? th* ?*H ?1 May, lliit h MAX WILL .OoUeet-r. KKD1C1L. DARIB AND LONDON TKRATMRNT OF PRITATB Ja diaeaaee, in af*w hour*, by a vegetable application. with out pain. In **bility, brought 01 by Improper habit* u4 conetitutiennl affectiona, I combine mediem** with the local remedy, and ou ihow any one th*r* are thousands who ui ?ot b? cured without it, M I have iu?i daily, of years' ataad iag, from th< other ph yaiciana. Ib all, I guarantee a perma nent care. I hare contractions daily 1 eure without cauitio, whioh 01 here u*e, eauaed by their not expelling the diseaae eooa ea< ugh. Ny diploma, with thee*, and the hundrede of oertifloatee, tbow that aone oan O'jual it. You oured me in ene day.? D. N. Corbyn. Tou eapeiled my oompiaint ia a few honn. ? C. Deroud. I wai under the other phyaioiaa* over a year, without benefit; my body waa covered; yon oured me in a short time.- John Rollleon.Jr. I raid over $300 ia five ycara, to be cured of lability from eelf abuee, without benefit; yon eured me. by looal and general treatment, in a chert time.? Ja*. Saliabury. Treatment by letter. Oflic* hour* from 8 A. N. to 1 P. M., and fr m 7 to 9 P. M. UK. LAHNONT. 12 Read* ?treet, t?g dovre ti?io Broadway. Doctor yoursrlf? ior twrnty-fivb osntb By mean* of the Pooket ACsoalapini, or Bvery On* Bit Own Phyaieian. Thirtieth edition, with on* hundrnd en graving*. abowing Diaeaaia and Malforma'iota la ITK] ?hap* and form, by William Young, M. D., Gniuate of lb* WnUeraity of Pennsylvania. Th* varloia ism* of Store! Diaaaae* ar* faithfully described, and all the receipt* gift*, in plain laaguag*. The ohapter ca Se'J-Abuee I* worthy cf particular attention, and ebould b* read by *T*ry oa*. Young men, who have been unfortunate in ooatmetin* dieear* previous to placing yonraelT** under th* oare of any dootor, uo matter what hi* pretentione may be, get a copy of thi* truly uaeful work. Stranger* *i -iting lb* oity, particularly MM contemplating marriage, don't tniak of returning host withont a eopy of the Peeket iKaoulapin*. Sea oaptaina and persona going to tea, ihould poise** Dr. Youag'i Treatise oa Marriage, the Pockot ACacilaplua, or Every One Die Owa Pbyaician. Any peraon Binding twcnty-lve oeata ancle** d in a letter, will receive one copy of thi* cook by malt:.or AT* ?oniee will be aent lor one dollar. Addree* DR. wM. YO'JI 0, 162 Spruoe atreet, Philadelphia: and for fait by Stria Town tend, 123 Broadway, New York. NSW MEDICAL, boors.? a complete practical work on the nature and treatment of delicate tU*****?, and all th* kiadr*d affections? 111 uatrated by a creat num ber of beautifully eelored plate*, a* large a* life; by Boiaw Baatwiok, M. D., lecturer on uurgery and diaease* of th* above named nature. It ia a large quarto? .'ISO j area; aeoond edition; prioe S10. Ratract from .ho "Boaton Medioal aad Surgical Journal," It may be aaid, fearleaely, ta be equal to Record's or Aoton's work* oa the aame family of diaea*e*,aad far auperior to anything of the kind ever pnbliahed la thil country. " Author of ''The Family I'hyaioiani" prioe tw*a tv-iive oenta. Author of a work on "Helf.abua* and It* de plorable deieot*, (to., Itc.," sixth edition, fourteen plate*, prioe ?l. For sale at the publisher*'. STRINftER&TO'iYM B?ND, Zt2 Broadway, ana by the author. 601 Brraawav. DR. CONVE'.IS'KNV lUOKATINU CORDIAL ? TUB ON? ly rernady for woakners aud debility of the orgajja, and those aad disorder* of body and mind, cauacd by imrroper habit* of youth. Young men be cautioua where you apply for aid. Avoid .inacka, who proles* to our* in two or thro* da.) a, or n week. A fow bottlea of thi* ourdial will riator* you tc manly vigor. Thi* i* the only mudiein* ou which any reliance enn be placed, in caaes of self-nbuae. For year* it has been the auohcr of hope to aoore* of youn? men. Cor dial. ?2 a bottle, three bottloe for $4? with important ..dv'C* to tro married and slnnle. Forwarded to tlie country. Dr. C.'a office, 55 Third avenue, N. Y., wlure he ia privately cou inlted, and the eyrdialobtaiued. Letters poat-paid. Sold 68 South Third street, Ml and 37# Market atreet. southwest eornor ?otond and Green, and ooinur Third and South o.rcot, Philadelphia. So* N. Y. Police Qaiot'o. List ur lmttbhb ksmaun inu in tmb jtuw vgkk Peat Office, February Int. I V>| . Orvio ai i.t rvAuiHCD i> thb riris H*n:vu thklakcbst riRrwi.*T10!t. PJcaee it?utiom lie date of the Hit in whloh tkay I r? kt veruacd. LAD I Eh' LIST. A Ailunii LyJia Arvedaaou kiissBul-An derjon UiuMary AiIhidh Mia* HarahH do Jaae Allen Mr? Eunice Adams Mini Kate Ayera Mr* Ellia'ieth AjIwarUlliseCatha-Aleaaudcr MiauLucyAatalleaa Mind Luoa rise. U Allen Mr* Jaae Black Mlu VirginlaBrown Mrs T B Bcokwith Mrs F L Bracken Miss Majialtroaa Allen Breliant Miss Mary L? 2 Brown Mis* Hannah Bell Mra Mary Auu Brady Miss Jane W M Benton Mies Carrie lira die; Mrs Eliza Boyle Bridget Heatoer Miss 8n?an Baker Mrs F.inmaC Buckley Mis Decniallensel Mr* Maria M Biktr Mrs Kate L Bur bo Mrs Brickley Mr*,Wa*h Barr Mary Burns Mrs Jane ington st Barren Mrs Eliah* Bnrrell Mri AnnBirdsall Miss Sarah B-a li Miss Mary K Eliia C Bi ll Mrs I ydia AnnBryan llary Boiley Ltddy B.laUMal'IUSophiaB.icohuii Miss Am- Brown Miss Ann Carolina and? Brown MUj Frances Bennett Bridget BradyMs**JW Bowles Margar?t Bertody Mrs L I) Biaiy Miss Jane Bruce Mrs 11 Brinianion Mrs E F Bradley Martha Butler Mi a Ann Binncy Mrs Julicttellaker Mrs Mary Burr Mrs CaroliocC 1* Blank Mrs James Burns Mary Birmingham Sarah Barry Mis Mary Burnett Mrs Sarah Eliia Bates Mrs L'athe M Bryan Elua B< nattc Mrs Br Beatieo Mrs Rryant Kiss Jnlia Eecket Maria Bnrhaaa MraCatha-Broekway Mrs Lou Btgley Nancy rino is* C Calahan Bridget Cenklia Miss Mary ACoate* Miss Dora Calilll Mils Bridget Conley Miss E .V Cooke Mrs Cain Miss Mary Connell Miss.CentteCroeker Miss Har Camrbull Mia* Eliia it riet N Cliaiui'lin Mr* MaryConnoll Margnrat Cooper Miss Sarah A Conway Miss Mary Loniia Clark HriE'ii*b?tb,Co*grove Mary Coleman Bridget Will *t Crupsey Mrs Ilcu-Collins E!l*n MrsMarraret rietta Collins Miss ElUa Carr Mrs Mary J Cox Mr* Maria uetli Carroll Juddy C'ullen Catharine Collier Miia Trance) Caahin Bridget C# Haitian Mis* Ca- M Cauly Mr* Caroliae thaMne ? 2 Condon Margaret Crawford MadamCahill Miss QannaliCronin Mary Julia Crandall Mra Suraht'onnor Miss Mary Christ/ Mr* HarrietCammet Mr* Eliia-CvnleyMiesMargarat ? beth U-J Council Klua Cogsa Mr.BlirabethClara Eli? abet h Conway Miss Elian Cook Mis* Alanaon Clark Mi? Mary L Coskery Mra 3u Cooper Mia* Ctro-Cnrr'Mir* Ann phronia lioe M Uarr Mr* Vikeent Costellow Mr* Reae Crosan Miaa Mnry Case Mis* JaneCowplaad Mrs Har Coteiuan Mr* Ma- Huntington riet ctael C'oahinan.Mra AnnleCroyd n Mrs, R?a Collin* Miaa Eliza Cbuuraud Maoam, wick st Collins Mary Jan* 4th st Curry Mis* MA Loltcu Mrs Calvin Creamer Mi** Biid-Cunuingi.aiu Mary Conger Mr* Lama get JU* Daly Julia Downey Mrs.Green- Drew Mies Emily J Daily (.ilea wich street D'llon Bildget Davis Mrs Ann DubcieMi*^ \naetta Mis* A Davis Mi>* Sarah A Dugran Ellen' r Dotovan Margaret l)ai Mrs I. aura PuDcau Misa Mary Doran Rose D'- Medina MraEliaa Dunn Miaa li. Dawling Julia Gardner Dunn k'.i < Fanny Do/to MrsChriatlna O'niott Mia* Emma Dunpby knsliridneiD.yen Mia* Catha Delany Catbariue D?tt n Mrs C? rm?- rin* Demwey Mia*, Mott lia B Do den Rue atrret Daily Mi-s E. 7th *t Dunbar Misa Mary Ptecuan Mlta Ellen Davie Mr* S N Drumm MraUoraelia Deveny Mary Davla Mrs Bridget E Dewey Mr* a P Day Mra Lydia Dunn Mi'sEllilaeth Li*n< nd Mil* Mar- Dec Mra Dunn Miai Mary raret Del Valle Mrs Auto- Diiant aaa Mis* Dtonan Mia* Mar- nio Yiraga Mridr.t garc Ana D^laay MuaBridget Dussltlorf Mr* Doran Mary Dvlany E*?e? Dwver Mrs, <j erck teuitlas* Mr* Sarah Denton MrsKachacl *;reet DowUsg Miaa Mary _ Devlin R">?e Ann K Iran Bn'ft Elw?aMr*Catharia< Ellis Mr* Mary F.lder MlasChrUtl- f ran Margaret EMridg* Mra RUia* tea El?m Mra Kob: H beta Ebtry M it a Sarah ?. kf ord Mia* M O Mr Vs in Mary Flint Mrs B M farrell Jn li h falkatrMirs. l'aail* Mir* Fanner Mr* (treet Mary Fee Mr*. Broadway Fah<y Mai carat or Fogarty Miaa Oany Frtaiaan Miss Jane Ellen FoeUrMrsU Farnhaul Mia* Sally r*rr? lly Catharin* Fowler Mirasda K I arrrll Misa Mary Fahany MisaCatba- Fisher Mi Chirle* Fra'ket Mra. Watt rtne Forbe?Mlf?Elltabeth (treat Faulkner Hi* Ca- F Tared Mrs Anne Frcilan RtVecea J tharina Foster Jsranmo* B Fianklini; MiixMtrla i anally Ann fey Mil* Mary Ann Gall??har Bridget Gtdard Miaa, GibN? Mra Ann M Ultllasliarlliarl'iiaan Olo elierst Gilbert Ad*lin* Garvan Catharine G'ldan Marv Gilligai Mra Rll?a Gi*y AMgal U*H*(li?r Mrs Mar-GliUsi'i? Mra Dira Gre'Btr*a Mi*t garet tliua flarrmi P Gainer Mary G <ld*n Ann' G Grrnn' n Mary (isrdinar MrsElUa- Gown Mrs Ifti Oil n Mra Mary baih Cnttuian Miaa llaa Gil'iride ( atl anne Cr aaMraLualadaM nah I Ciiligaa Mra Ma r ^ G rnaua MusCaaillla Dall Mr* Marga- Hngaa Mra, Jeffer- Ilawklna Misa Jaae r't-2 so a at II arard Me* 8u?vn Hall#) Mr k Ira, IT ??k? Mia* Snsan lleaib Mrs, or J a* tlth are Horen Ml** Eliia- Cburon naniltea Mr* be'h Il< nn.ssy Mra Wil li n 4 y Mary Hurplai Mra Mary ham Uaanoa.^abina H-i.iik as Misa Herbert Miaa Mat Hardj Miss Mary Emma garet Haiti* Mra M M S Tlr.nbar I Miaa L B ll-ndryi Mrs L i iaa llartsteae Mra Mar- Hi m?r Miss Mary F si ill Mice Maria I. tta A llr"hir?? Misa Mibbard Misa Jaae A Dafkell Mis* Fas- N?n. v B II'*' Miss Sellna nv 8 II. II Mi** Mary J 'l ata Mis* Mary naves Bridget Haiabt Mra Jaae Holmaa Mra Eliia ba>en MiraXsuraB Hammond Mis* 0, M< ran Miaa Aaa LKaly alia* Rj a a I''arl*t HopklatAaa Johanna IIanl> Mia* Marga- l) ia? Mia Adtla Ilsrben Miaa Maria M B m*t?? Mr* I*a ll? i n Mary Htaaea Mra. Trl* b*Ha Mi. a aityplae* Haat Mary Bill Mi** B Harris Mra, Waltoa Daialilar* Mr* Mar n il Mra Karl, ael UouM i ha 0 Hiii heork Mia* Hartkaee% Mrs Uatrheraea Mr* Abigal A Maria Pallia Belt Mr* Bli.abeih _ Uatre) Mtry I A J Irwin Mr*, or b*r Jataeaaa Mr* Sarah J* kaea J*a? sen M m A J?(*ary Miaa Marr R Irwia Miaa Mary J?nk in* Mr< El a- J ic Mrs 8. >:i? Irving Mra Cbarle* b*'h ar-i U J m?e Mr* Mary J .aea Mary T. Joaa* Mr* Hi a Ana ^ J '.tin M se M ry K??0' Mary Kir Ml?a tj lia KsnaadyHarr K'lly Ann, IC'b a' Kelly Ana. Rii'k k ?" all Mr* tlarra Kelly Mi** Uridge! t? < on s* L Kelly Klua Rally ills* Aaa. Kirk Mrs Mary Kenaady Jnlia lVh ?' Kirkpatrtot Ma-j: King Mi?* Harriet K.lly C*tbe K :ri4ge Mi** Aa K'rkpatriek Mks* Kei aee Brtd|st ai* M ?Mft L I ate Mia* Hnn"ra f nan M s* Ca a I.iaaarl retht Latiner Mr* Bi- leom e Fl? a E Leanon Maey rare B 1 vnghmaa Bllsa l*a??r Mary ar Oev laytoaMraWO l.inet M?^ *? tit ? l>wla Mrs HatT t I ee Mrs Harr at I.yca* Mr* Abraham Lie* -lea Mr* Bl L?i?h Mra Jul ? Lamb Mare aar I tub Mra Sarnl I.awler Mr*. Stb a*? ***l?wiad Rli'abe'k I. nerd Mary I^ary Mary L ula Mra R'giaa I rrshna M ?< Mary L?* BrtJac in l.?w Mr* R A l fcj?rn?r M -a K l?*ob Ma-gt l^aati Aaastatia natpont Mary Care! in* Mai'ia Ml** .^arab Mnrphy Aaa 3d at Ms Idea Ann <ra M?ad Mra Etl?n Murphr Mia* Mary. Msaaeaan Aaa' Maahaa Mrs Roe* Mtrlkerrv et Maanlrt Mi-a Mary Msaeing M ?a C ?*r4ilh?Cal?aain? Ana Mill* Mra, ilria-l- M 'haa Mis* Mary Mall'-y Mri iltlik way Meaaghan Aaa Ana Miller Mad'la, Meete Mrs I. Margaa Rridgetl (irteawlah a Meote Mre Jsae B Mareh Miaa Sarah Mlllagbaay Mr* M >are Mr*Marr,SnU Maragai Marg*y*t Aan lleaa Minia Mart* Miai n Mra C 8 M >???? Mia* Bridg Ma bewaMreEC Mitekell Mrs Mer'.ba at MeaenmMiae Maria Mnhaa Maria M?rr?w Mary Meksrn Mra. Beak- Moaaghan Ellen Morri**y Mrs.caa tnnn ?t Meote Mi** tllen bob *t Meylat Ml** Mary Maer* Marv, Shtriff Mnlaare Mar* Miils Mra l^aiaea *? Malloway Mis* At Mlilet Miss Aar* Moore MrsMary A- asta'ia Miller Mra llaaaa II Meryaa Mrs Murny Catharine Miner Mary Ann Marti" Mery Mattay Mra R ?at Marbado M a F D Met' Mra Jan* Aaa Mnrahy Mr*, Waib Vaodea Mr*8lbiaea V *!doon Ellen lagton plan* MsaniraMIss Ma- Baab Mr*Uiri*a Mnrpb Awn. Cher tflda Mntray Ilt?Carftllna ry *t Mahoaey tlDa an nr- ^Mra, Oraaa Man by Mi** BlUn MftnnUn Mis* wieh (t Bntpby Mary, Oak Bridget MnrpkyMK It Manal *n M*ty Murphy Ml** Han, Marpby Mr* Maty Mar*h Mise Rila , 31 at *t Aaa Mart ia Caibaria* M? M'Aaary MI**Mary MeOowaa Ml** MaryKaPtMa ra'hatlna Mellraa Mrs Aaa Meilaina*** Mrs Ma- M'0?nalo?ne Hally Mnlartby Mra rt-? H"Corina''a Mary MeTenl Miaa Catha M Ke'ver MraCe?-M*Ci>y tJatkariae tire ?o<lot? HeOaaigh Mlae Ma Me('r?ady MartaretM"Mahoa Br* lllea ry MaC'tlty Mra. Rat- MeMahea Mis* Mar M"'i ?n Site* gere st gatet HeOowaa MleeMary MeCermaek Catba- HeWteretCatbarlaa Ana tiae latnlilteCarlarlaeMelnlyt Miaa Haa - Me Cetmaek Sarah gecaka Martha nab MeRvey Mr* Catba- MeCartby Mlae Mar-MeM?'n HlaaSarab tiae tba A MeMahoa Ml** Maty M'O'tlgal H ea Be-MeClaiiaad Hi**Ma M)MHh. la* Mary Ha >) 4 Naah Was ton Kul lbl,DtiiiM H?tn Catharlae NiMbta VmIc * ? ? . Niwaaaa Mra Mary t*m> M or tea Mm CatLa- N iekeleoa Mia* tX\ MevlaCatAariae rta? eabeth ? Kiru ViH Mary ItiUHIn Ht*l? Mi*. Kewtoa He* Cut- N i|tu Mri 0, lb- Norn* Kit, Ct> ala lia* A tlMi H bere et NofUw?p knVui Kloelle lunnt Rilut EUw J8 NieholMn MIm Ma- Ne*bltt Mix Sink Nowlan Im<; rU KuwK1?iJ?m O Odell MiM MalbdaCBeafe Ma tj OBriea Mary.CAAal Oahora MhV nliadaO'B till Mix Kill* It ? O'Reilly MlMMaraa-O'ConnellMreBrUg O'fitln Nut. in- iM " n>" B 01d*u Mr ? JamM ONeii Mr* Ana 9 Nail Mill Mary v Pardee Mr* Ana A Pol* Jeanette Pier ion Mia* Sarah Pirkin* Mix L Pat*h Mr* Wrj B A t reawick Mi** BlUaPraeioa hi* Jan- Foi Mn Blizabath A nan U Pluakett Catharine Phillip* Mr* **? line ^ Qnig MitaCathariaeQulaly Ml** BridgatQoiaa Blizabeth m Raich* Mr* A B RlkirRuthA rine Read Ml** ElUabatbRabert* Mn M?rv Rellly MIm Mary C Rukiux-D Emily 3 Aan Weed B> delia Room Jut Rioh Mik* I Deitn (U?* Rourke Miry Rlk*r MIm Maria 8 ReVlly MIm, BulM- Ryan Mr*. JanMet Roberta Mr* Abb 1i viia *t Ryu Ro*y RobtBioa MIm, Reilly Mary Ratin Mr* Ambroee Green a t Kr >** Mr* B, Jameatuexll Ml** Mary Rohdo Ml** Emily A *t Keid Ml** Margaret Ruoaey Mr* Sarah Riciitrdi Mre J?- R**h*l Mr* Bu*un RowallMieaHS **f ii B*illy Bin Catha- Ryan MIm Mary Rj*r M.Si Amelia C nan ^ Bakls Mr* kltiabel Blohaa Bridget E'Mtij Bri Mi ^audftrd MIm Alia 8toih*r* Jan* chad p Bliotwell MIm AnnaSmith MiM Oatba Haneer Mtia Buraair Mr* Silaa nit B'.aw Mr*? Matroa Soauneraab Mr* Smith Mr* Jana oi B r Mary Ann Bmlth Mi*? Mary. 8h?clian Maryor Button Mix Cao Jam** it Catharine 11a* Smith Marjtarat, Bt*|heaaon MiM T Sykea Mr* Patt or Philip L, Amity |>la?a Sanders Ml** Lydia Bmyth Nancy Sweeney 8u*an Bandford Mra Phile-Blme Mr* B A.Leo 8mith (or amytb) na P aard *t Mir* 0 A Bnanklaad Mra B apnea Mn Blaa Bmith Mi-* Carollaa Uamiet aor Bmith MiM Mary, Bhe.i Mrs E K Epioer Mra John lint-x at SnedekerMie* J act Blocker Mra Martha Smith Maria A A Smyth Ann Sheridan Mr* Md- ftftott Mra Sarah Bmyth Mix Marga- get HHart Miaa A ret M A Ste\en* Bllon RummeMMlaa Siglf r Mi*a Sarah A Steven* Mi*a Mary Catharine Sinimi Mia Mary A Jane BaUtvla Bally Singer Mr* Ii-aae M Sylvaea Mix MnaM hartarne Ellen Button Mr* Mary i _ Sylnea allioe T Traoy Ellra Tbompsoa Miaa Eli*1hiker Mra I.ewla Taylor.Mix, Si ring /a Tl><??p??n Mr*, at Toweon Mra, iadi- Mulberry "treat Ttmpaay Mrs Ellea tion *t Thompson Ml** Tilahmaa Mie* fan-Troy Bridget Lizzy nie Talbot Mi* Sarah Tonnley MiM Ada TiisKor Mr* .tdalineTerrrll Ara line Toley Margaret Tecidalc Allra Tuttle Mix Joia limaAnse . phlaa II &V I'r'iuthart Mra, 4th Falun tiMad lie Variau Mra Mary ay L I Rileu V?nl Miie Aaa ^ Vaa Cott Mra Mill, 11th at Williama Mn A ff tvhelan Mi** Aaa *i!iiiM'iuit.B William* Mrs Ma> y WheelaaEli/a It uUer Eh.abcth Williaun Miaa Mary VVenaar Mra Totim H utitn June J We*t Mra Sarah Wntartmry Miia Winne yarali M White Mr* Gertrude Harriet Worth Mix B, h WnksPheba Cr?eawieh st Wii-testdee Mill Mi U'l.ilBn Eliza H uoarutt Mis* Hen- neraia W ^ren Mil* Ellen ricttn WilmnMaret Wfiherell Mra W*lsh Mix, 22d at Williama Mie* Mary Abrthan Wnldenrave MiM Williama Mra Mary Wi'kliUt) Madam tniiiie Anu hichd? 3 Walai-rMary Winn Mr* Sarali A Wkit# Mra Rfiette Wataon Mra Sarah Wimara Bridget MM i* Mi ' .Miirliu M'ray Miaa Kmma Wood Mix Fanny Wi ed Mra Alonzo B ^ Woodman Sar*U Young Mi** Keaia Adriancf John Ackley Adrfieon Adams J Hew ard Aekeraua (J Abbott Joseph Aft Thomas A 1 CD Jotci'tl Ardere-n K D Anderson 1 ?nj B Atkins A B ABi tin Jol.n S Avid Capt W A'eell raWN Atlitrn I'cttr Arm Id K Allen K I. Audiea A 0 Din knitn IT StMkin Edward lltuem Atirlci lilac k K" ' ert Brandon 9 Ij Br:>clon John ltl>cb Andrew I: ib E B ker A Hs iley John Bailey Saail? S Dilir Thos G Baldwin A M Branui Nickel llar.iaia Wra CENTU:?M(N'B LIST. Adams I> K Abraham Lotus Acktraua fc Butlor Adams ('buries B A Alexanders M A' hilJes Mr Alt xander Joseph Alexander 0 Vt ?2 Andrews James Andrade Id Aii|vitg Mmisleur Appleby Mid^ty Ayrcs CarlU u Austia I, E A) res Wm II Armstrong K A Ak>bcv Lalayulte lu? Co B Bacfit Psur Braoley A braao hotter W ballidx* W m 8 Blaok John Brady Cat rick lirndl* rd IJaeil braham 0> rie Baitmaan Rafael Bakor Isie Iilaisdell W A-3 Baldwin Aaron V B ill Jorm Banks II Ham lie 1 1 Join Barney Harrison J barney S Monroe h:iiitd A n Barker D B Barrett J II Bartlet James bsrtrsm Ja* MeG Barrel fairael Bantes l>u Anto- Itari s Win J Itio Rarti n I 11 it L Hart lett T M Mates Ben.i F llnti belder V liaisett T l> UeaMan James Becker Cliatoa Re oh Bliaa J Bearer t;?<rn? W Re<re B N Belfour Jno Bcllla Ret t BttiUa Maurice Ilenr et t Jaa lier.jasnln Mr llerti Riebd Bettriirourt Iwd Retry TSk? J Beits Geo I Biewtter . * A Billow Tbeo S Union W?i Bir.rham lly Britr n The a Beards* mi E 8 Hi e E B Buyne Fredk 8 ilroi sea Mr Bond S O Rt.iam John H Brt wn Ale* lir"wn lai :bl browa JwbaCapt Rrewn A II Bourke Denis Bottom v tas F IU vea Btai B Bn.rd Jibn 8 >??1 Barrett K K batr Bet lamia Barth U iltert Menry Barth Henry lias-en l.s l atm thus V Bn'^hor <;eo Beebe UlUreth Beach A J beely Miebarel Bedell Ik Ashteld Beeman T l> Bcldea E II Ilritaett W L Brem N Bcmita Satnl Betnoat AloaM Brett Joha Br-saahan Tim Betts J S Berber Jiha Wi Smith? 2 BU M Briaeao Wiaoeslao Bingham tlaal Ilirt : ntl.t Jas P Mii?i< k Gee. W. Adacaa J VV Adamj Julia K A<! Am Ali a L? 2 Alden l> M Aldeti Farrelly Andrews Jonathan Austin Alfred Atteaas Joha Appleton Samuel Ainhield James Armstrong W Atwocd C F A'kenae Joseph Anaan Edward Andrews L U B'aokwcU Joha Baboook A B II1 1. k W m T Blaek Cavid Bradley fc Deail Bradbury F d B?v ks Mr. Chat ham at Baker Joaeph Bar' tr Saml Kailv Henrv Btiubridxe Wm T lliliikiu Baker at Co Banieem J Birbiy at Bros llames A M? 2 Barreirae Antonio BarUha'd Mr Barker Orrtn U .rnr k W alder UainaeA U Bart-j- 0 K. ?..!*? ??! Barns H M Bayard II ? Bl.mreU Harrl? so* Beara J ha Bet. h Ke? John Bleaka?T * m Breeee U W Betnrr Adam Bell ? aioa C Breadtaer Mr Be>. jam a Calela Beaaett Abel Br* nnaa Riebd Brewer Mr, Wms( B'fy John Bauer Valeatia B?rr/ Oeo BiUiats t alviu O UiBibaa J W Bvsartl) B Blodjtef- IT Bt/ert aokt. Boardman E L Blid|ett?Ge? 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( ami ell H? 8 Crao < James Caadfe J?bn A ( ran tail ?*al C Crandall 5aml Carl's Rit?a Carter Cbas P Caadoyo Maaael Jose ( at or Maraada CacTUlo Jt s Ja<ia- Caiotte Cba< to C arr H Carter, Csleeril * Carmll /as Cat?l Joba Cary fa Carter 1'atk Clarke Thee ( lark Joha Clark Ales Clark l>r Sumner Clarke Peter Canteen W I. t'ba-e Iteiter Caslitaaii JeresUl Caoedy Patk C9iaeee traari* ( aiaeao Car' W L ?'<nhadror B Y Cli'wana l.era'l C Crelfblra B^'oey Col Id Jaha ' pa an On N' Cefej Joba ? olf r Mo oe C ''.!??? Js< Cullett I iw Ctll'ne - 'Idea Co lias fiepkea Coibr Jjhn lr-l Colllae Ed Conklia Fraaklla ( rester J l.n A ("Mdeey Jel? 1 Cbrletle Joha J Comosins E Qalb lu Ch rry a ??;!?? mint on ileary i! CVfeyJelia . ? , tefcle (!) ta?t Iph- Cj'.'.ibS Joha ram Cillias Copt JM A Col-? k Opfoabel* Colin* John Celtlns Jer ae Collins Oeo Albef. Moaroe Oolllas VTta Hy Catllae Joha ColUaa M-ehi ?<aaerTke' Coaanlly Ed C?aroy CoaloaJnhn Com' tick E J Cart- Conway U"? Buhl C naor Bathew ten Oaaro Humphry (^naover ^A V N Ctaant Csp* War- Coarad B F rta Ceaaor I'att C ilan Biehl Cot-k cbas Co' k H ?mry Coop?r t ol 0 * Cook Fredk Cr?- k?r Pasnl M Cooler 8 C Cooaey Patk Cork I. F Corlese D G CostriH IFia C?rl I.arraee Cornn II as Bearl Cotert Rd Conrtaey Bryaa C'otiltna Blohd Co* Beaj CoiB'mB C<-xiae Cbas L? t Copper Joha Ceaaeas psM ? Clr.n,rhJoha Cttonlnsbaa Jeka Galilean J ba Cnllia tk' s CortisJ B ( anier A P < artie Geo W ( bun h "ami B Cnrtaia T G Cnaeen Jae Ctaalej '.eo Dallery A I>vM?Uslarie Daly Mirl,ael Danshey Btobl Darla^- TOC I>anfrrfb flo't F Dsni'ls Bath Darlms J Tej B m liawson H B? 1 Da t is F. C Daytoa Kdwsrtl l<a?is Marehal Da els frawis W Peae'jr Daalel fb an II'M" A IMtttirk B p Del'trolar r J iKnaistoira Wm Cndaoy Albert Cat lor Geo Curtis B?aj B Cutler B r ( nlli r Joba Clrne W W Cornrias Andw 0 na*r Hanary 8 Coaoly Jeha Cooaoy Lube CV"r?r Bd ('oak Joba Co k Her t or< eran I'atk ( ..rwwll Bean C'ttnll Bobt C"W r ill Joka-I C- st-l'o Jae Ct'wleehaw * 0 C'-artwer Tboe Cnnnin?F\am Dial

Carte* *a?t Curtain The# Corry Fr<-dk Carrier B B flatlip (l?nrr E cartie II P B Ckartoa W ? D Piaiele k Hard Date Jaraoe Daltia Wa? 2 Da'Iae Jareh Drake Fred ortek Palt^a Pet?r Darrt w Georre Draper Woi I?raf ?r k G'?eae Ij llraper Wm IbiT. C tr F Deney leaae Dane Jaeob l ay BJ Day Jamee R Paeis T nomas A Davis Joba Day Clamsat Dation Hurtle pefnreet B C peso Chaa O Ifllfaad rt Mr Dewey J<'ha p. mi eey Tboe Hoai'oa Cbas Baan (? I>errlekeoa B 8 DjetNtkam Mr pn e Cherlee pe-txt Owea I> itkrtet a Ceo B bit t ?re Iteary D?pe?, Frsaeoli Co Jbawl P A Die* Jetties D"rhaiwpe l.'wls l?-ew Tal'tae P II. in Tatr k Di'trieh Jii'ta'e las JobafJ'nfeJH DaBhauser Cbas tier Albert Pat is L I. D? is A F Daeeaport Josbnb i?a? r t ? Daeia D Dauniaa fl A Deoi'Hot a B J pelai'ite (!?t> D'l m* AB'h'ine D wieie Maaoel ual u*Mm leafT D-a'tf Thomail H'n'S F'B0?rte |iisalt<r Peter Derbnrn Joba P'twtnt #?ha A Iti'klneea 1" . p Pl?bete Bebt I, PtsoB Wr% Divine Mr bast W DrfrtfiNtpk DtlW TktBM Kuiii r*tu kd* Bamuel A Doaegard J A Dale German 8 DoLaa Patrick Dob* Mikl DubIIb Michael Dojle Jot a Dow lint Patciok Daloagliadore Donnherty A N k Bou Doran John Duwaer F W Doyle Franoii Duging Jruiui Lum(>ny Patn?k Durum J auei latoa Eldridre Q Editor A U Elder George Edcey G'urge Elmer George If Elting Juha N lllls famuel Ehlert' Ed?;rd Emr *y Jain ?? 9 Hi |!.9B Thomai Egleetoa Edward Rvern Capt R ?\asi, Thorn pica * Co Itibi Patrick Diiata4 Mi Dhm Daaiel A Doaakarer Jas Doaahue Patrick DtaaliNB J ana* Dodge Joihua Dollingrr 0 Dow ha* Joha Daw J aon Q Dos ery Juau Doaxhrrt* kToung Dust lass John Dead Barn I Duffy Jams* Duell Jobs C Do bun A Dyer Robert Dytr JubaP ? EOgertonk Brit ton tan uo Cilee A EbbltiMartiu {ley Wb k Co Elwill R Elleyott, Oilbat Itu Hi k?tt Empire ftoheoner Eaarlcli l'oter ?wing Wm ImliBiar Harry EynJA Everef E Briitntn i Fernan d*? Fihey Hun Flagler J B Flagler A muMP Franc ii Dr J Flandrow DID FiOkcer k Broth Prater Donald Feooaa Henry Freeman Hot Z-2 French W K French W Warraa Ferero Ootave Fletober William Flenrot James Field John-i Parlay Mici.l Falkc Adulpb Fubb'-b Robert rraakP Faielley PbilUp Flaxe JoLn l arlry William E I olio wee liaac P Faetaey Patrick Pletobar Junn y"i?allA?t^nj Fitiger*1 * m. ford J ? Forbee D A Votes Juba To* Ceorg" Fordgo Bfrn" ,t Frs>onBaraett Ri5??.& ju?llaitoB J?w* Gallah<* Dr Graham Oallafber Jam** Grant r,r uut r I* t.rant J*10*.' Garcia ?***, e:u;u" eSw'b Ge?T?T,ID? ?iytt Oi> bin Irnnoil Griffin A M OiiuHeury ?S"SKi gsssssi! r.SngV'jU^ vV Brut" J> hj} w vjvui FhiliP Hall*. ;ajl?? W U?I Hamilton J " HaaUtai Mo'??E HatlKod G?<? * U*m?? '? J?" V. (lardee1 > J*5 u Hardy l'jr?? a llafiKj J?" ilattingunU ? tin rm ? n H??r' Uurdfulurgb Mat llliali Ch?? n liSS2W-? tssstffiT ki&SA' yotd A C rorhay J w Flynn Riobatd riyiiB J?m"a IviHcB 1-**' ? jowlet F ? CtaUam Daniel ^.Abrabam Ginti V O.irdmer k F"1 6r?i*rV S"?onU?'\r Giant. ""V.'!? ?irurdtJRo*r sssSftfe* tas% OOi*? wCO ^ GulUvet llidiael B Ball n?ary C S^'ondk -il kank llaniner J?''n Hamilton U D altt J A M4 Uarru N ?'J Uartinan'^*. SanUDtCnaa ?s ;i ^UfehKl v:,n Diekie Geo Ditiaare A D Denhoe Jobs Doanell Terraaee Dole T T Doctor AUxaadat Domeaaak I P Donovan David Deoly Wb A DouMeday Mr Dorringtoa Joha DonglaM Kobt Dowbj MiekoU* A Dow J G Daratt CAP Du?an J B Dartoa Jab a Dundaco PklUip Dyer Olivtr Eddy Jobs Eatoa 8 Dwlgbt Edmund k MiUf Earl Charlee Elmeadurf Ktf J no J Ellhworti Jadiab Eliot Kilter EurightThoi H Emery Jacob C Euetee S ami W Killing Joha E?aji? John T Ertel John R ElhelWor1. W 8 Fra?a Manuel Flagler laaiab Fraaoii Mr Flasdere GraartU Fay Patrick Fa*ell Jamea-2 Fee Arthar Fegua Thumai Ft ahaa Patriok Fredrieka Chaa D Ferry Jamei Flint J k Co Figueira Nicolaa Fish C B Fitisimon* Patt Fi'igerold J B Fuller Dr R B Fora Alvurado-2 Ford Bamuel Fruoct Lewie fux J amen Flyna Johu Flyan John Flyna Willi* Fuller John Fox Frank ijaten.H It Crandall liavene Ktnaielertr Jlayea J W Ilavkini Tboi P iay kr il- ran Jai lli'ilgrii J Hearing Julm II N Haiwell J C llefleran Duvid Heart fcdmon'l IleuKgltl Dan I Heart Chaa M Urn aivy liuinthy lioiu Joha <t'?!ett Geo T 'ill) l.< v i E dill Jonathan Dr Higlina Ji? M tin 1 1 Win A 9irlin Ji hn Uoeaa Tboa Mollamkr A II' ffn ann Julini Il' l'maa Wr.i U llulden A I yu an llorribm Vt k S lluor David llorkiai U m I Hope Dr llr, ,..rClaiM Hough D A llotrlina *r Howard Alex Uo> t Ztri ? Inretie a I.eey Mali bell Uliiert llbmri J hn !1>?iii Jreepk ilnnt FN llaf^lawa P S UiMianderllvaJoM Ellas Hilb< rt M lint in Fvr<!inan4 lllgham K H II lps John Uindp Net.vmiah Hull Waehingtin Uolhrook, Sneking haiu k Go ? 'J Hollyuke E A II a* A J, Md Hlbrook G C llorton Henry B I). marl k Co llo|'kin? J>tn?e Ileum Corneliui Ilouiley Mr Dnyt Wm R Hotey -ohn J I'oyt. Fri dmok llowell an R Hudeon Ptot J U nnghea II G H unt J.- I Uunt'r W T 'lutobiaaoa Henry Bur'.ley Wm B llurlay Mlt bael Boy Stephen Uvfg Jacob Uni on Robert ^ larrahatu Graaville Inellller C E D Ivey Jackioa W k F a J at k? n Thro ami Abraham )a< luaoiet F Janini Willtim J< in, ir t-r Ml' hael Jinklui ti W Jol.aeua Joha Join t a Re? 3am - ael K Jtnient Mr libsim Andrew li B?? Jaiuei II JuBM Wn.ry K Jtrni H C Jr?|h E'll. Jejce Act IB Irvin* Dr H U Jaekinn Hmry JatnM l^via Jarvn Ehraerer P Jeakiai J' t n Jrnkiae Qta W Jer.Bin*a Sol mnnG JohnatoaCbarlrt H Johnic n John A Jnhmtoa Daniel H Jokaron Robert W Jor.n (;* or*e Jonei J P a Ca Jonei Flarv u? J Jnaee Jetn Jordln I oka Jvriaa Patrick GnlaharMat .a Galbvaith Julm Gra'iam Aleaaaier Ua idti Jainei (?augh Joha T Graa*. Gu > 8 Garvey Andrew J Gurdner Ale\aal'r Gray 0?org? Gray Jamee Greta Hiram Oreea Fianklin Grrevo C A Gi 'W Tl.omai E GUnn Samuel G< rriab Il ratto Gi'iQn J?Dob (iibdiu Andrew Gritliath li.iker ( iliiiartm I'a'.rick Billtea Dauiel cr.dvrald E W (iilohrist Ge ? W-2 Orotfrey AndrewJ Gold-liourgU Roa yuril Could 0?o B Goviu Joee Pi ) C rnell M r Gurn.iDjc Joha Q c . irK P Green Jno W Hall 11 na all ll.iiuel k Armi llmnn oud H Ilansoa it Ri ctii lUulaboolt Tbcs Han ley Dr lljrilimont Wtn Uarri?o? ii gtcw art llari ii Nathan ?, Ma Bart NVm E Hart I'atri-jk ilailuy Patrick Harrington Mark llau'kn SeMi Hat k ida C M Bay ward Thoi Z Uiuka Wm E Uauaer N T? 2 Hatch '??m H'jly Patrick Head Amoi ? 2 Ileiai Henry Hi in ere in Can R tort Heraaat Juieph Ileyn Fer H> viua John Biggeae Loreai) llitun.nga J B Ii i n a Geo Hull-ran Martin liolm-'i J<ri U H ilai Thui Hooker J B"ffman S E Holt William Bora Ueaj T Honrcii r Ataasoa Bou |- William 11 organ Joba Iloit^aa Barih'w ?Bail Jaa Klie Iluvtland Wm P ifuward Itee lioaea II 'i we I Jonn Hull Jamee Ilughee Jae WiUoa rtabi efl Oe?r*e llnnim ler 11 II ii t >1 John k Ca llurtado Sr Do n FA H ilton Wei lluffni in Pitet laSell B II Ireln John A laalee /*c\ uIob C J a -ohm Iaaao M Jam -t Henry A Ja<<keou Master BaiKiiel J< nil Kiekard Jiwatt .s w Juha'oii F W Johntiuu Jam. I O Jnhnaton Kobtrt it Jul a .tor Jeha A Joans I tea" J< are Smith Joaai II M J nee Charle* Jaty Charles F Jarre faaanel J Jtfee Samuel Kratsrr Pet?r ?*Mf M Kc'r?y <.:?or{c II Krllnrtk C<> Kt'ii i k Nimcr K K<?n Luk* Rally Jim* L ?nily 1 h> iru Kiiki> k albary-1 kat nil" W m W Kai,t W tltrr D karnan Thtma* kfn kl<' fonty Kilniartin JuUn krily Ji tin kltl.y Tl.cmaa 3 Kia?alar A kirn Al' Ilti'lir Kin* Mi.haal krirlla C'llarb A' mm* Mr Karaath Mith-.d kr*i? Mr K*llj Mlchl KcI'pk Oti* Kirrtaa l.atirrar* Krlly Richard kfirnan Mi< haal Ktlrh Nirholaa kln4i>n U Km. ill II I. kCo kaui Unracc B kryl John Kiiii) Jtnii'l Kbh ki Jama* Kirrnnn Andrew klllkll)'' J '?' I'll Kirr 0 K"i.n>dy Ji/bn K. I TLoilm ki D?aa Jul an L I.alrtkitr* Alirrr I.ann* idulph Hi t < ?'. U 1 if K k * 2 j 1 ?*r*5"w D Itrind* * k Laa*1** i'A., I, I ? ?*??*?. fofcw l/?? " ?*???) * W?V gfe * ' W W V***W John ty?'h I"] ' vtvv.?w*T?rt fc.V?W ? u fecVj esSE MM** f? Joh" ? ?J.'- ?_1 Marti* J?k* " Lane ?rlah Lnai* Mathilda l^ior fraacit La'alaC 0 l.aa. ami J altaia I. to U Un<a 1?M laymta Oan l.anlrr Thoma* Lraab Jal.n W Kamr a Edward Kr?p J ubn K'Hv t n*?na lli-nry A K ttmr Lamcaa* Klim > a Ca tally I'atk ally JuhB Kobi Kr ? II k T.| William H K< rr iamri lurnartl K"rti?ann Win klli? in Wm 11 kitr-i'in Mr Klin- Rly II K i ii < N J Kiafty Uiii>1 k rirnla Nlalm k ccnrath Chi-J Binaaaon Knott Lau.bart K in Lam| krnb I rum 'a I .a Utani 1'lnlip lunula frank l?anii ?r' M ham*- ra John l.*?li? fi.IloU* Uttos J N l.aidloar Rnkt l.aiaruf Alfrad l*? Jo??ih 8 I cach l baa N I or, it *adr*? V T Llili Bam", W I.amh?rt Ca?t Ia ah Mi.ff aa I. L?< a?a Urn I - a aid W C tlry Path Lai i* fc urn?a Ia ra rn-n Uar?o? Umlnill Jotl Laarntad Oao W l.indtay 4l?- ?adcr Ir-raatl Ctrl l???n J< a I,- a If Sainl Maatt I'ai ' I H l. fdfr* iaf I P l.fnart Jai.a l/*iai* I. L Ua Ma ktlly Joh Ha'-'lB llf?ry A Linao'i a J ha L l.ida l Mt A Lackwad Bliaa l.i?ta(>l?a J II l.a?aa>t?ia Hyu Lwk iraad Warra* T l.?n?fn?rt rr Q?? H I agar rt DklH Ladawy J?haa UlJA-i l^ nalfa Tt<BU W If ?* I l>* II B I.ynah J< ha l<a?>rn Mal'iaw l.nkf William L LrniMin Va'hlM LyaaThama* l.yti. h Wm r Lndlav K i ward D I yen' I tmaa llD'hJamta Jaka Lyaib ttk* ? i I.*i1|ra, Oar Divlai ? ?J M ???k Tat* Baddaa B J Mat-ur* I'alk Malta:* f h*raiu Maaa Joha Manai' n Mlahaal Mar in Kdward Marat'. a Matb Martaa Thamaa ? artia Jeha Maita Kralak Mitfcfwa M W ?aana CNarUa ?* Maya Oidaoa MaM.awa Talk May 1'imrad M'ldram AlaiMdarMaaan Will am Vtr^ala* Dt Mfrri' k Bdwta Mfmmrt* J ?< | k Millar John OrifRa Mtlltr Lanaia? Mil l?an Oilhfrt Mi' k ?< Ji< Mlrando I'firo Mi'ahall lit J 8 MMW K'ii'1'1 arr Satnl Mi?r? i'lia?, Mfrrla L M- rr k a ChM II Mama Andw Morria J' hn Mnroa J' hn Mrrtun J%? Marri ? Wm ? ran ( i rnaliaf ? n?a AI'lH A Mallifrait Naal ? ulliaa John Millar Darl4 Millar B O Mllar Jon** Siak W ? la>?a R?aJ Sltahflt Cha* B li'fat i M Mallafl aa Th?? Maor* it ft Mnrtlioa John ?"?*y Cbai Moraa Hi DkCl Morian Miihl M'tfan Jaa J M*ra a a Ca> ?nody Nictanoa S M"vanaaJoha Daraany Dlrialaa ? Miryhy iar'k Murphy Danif Way im?r Bufaa Mar U' ?> M*ff Jama* Mann ? kaadtiak Mah?a* /oka Maa'r ? <hal Maadaltaam JfcD Marahall Calak B Martaa < aft Th -ma* Matk.wa Or M ? Mar fc Van ll>okf Mafia Itanial Q Ml) C arlf A M'ftall* Patriak M**k*r John B M?i iaha M"il?r Aarnat M?tr*l( Dr Julia ? '?til J' "ia ? ilia K'l"ia ?illar Joaaph Mil <lrhr?*rr Joha A M.-t Orraorlo M'-.tafht Malehlaa M ni?f'm?rf Capt laaao I. ?nor? fart Wama M?*riaon J H*??4 M"-rt? A Jnnaa k 0* Morf n Hr ?oraiw Man* M mf 1 awia A Marria* I I M?aar Kami H ?? Mi Ihnllaad t" li*rl*? Mnllharla J?f liitt; n ? Mnmferd Jotrpk Intihy Jaha Marshy I'atlt Mnira* Jo? ?aa* Wa B ? alford Itarid 0 ?nm'rrd Baml Jnat* Mnl'na Brniaid ? i-tir" Wm Mai'Kat.iB Miahl Ma# M<ii John Mn'.i - ? -r?0* M I ana John M?n*'" Tho* M^rrar Balpb M ia>y Wm Mtrar Wm Mi 'r'.'y Ty M'llar fly Mrara* Mir ha*l M K ??frf?J*? aa.jd'.aaja 1H krl r'aain Mirl.aal M'l.^"?M'?Pa?*t*k H^It'.aaid A kel MM Joba K r('?raa? Tliaa McCata n?th VrCaay lirth MeOnairl, Wm MoClrtih Jaa I J?1 n a^a .1 a*C*r*f a < ii ffMBfH I fall la Mat aji kj L?a.el ktll iy Jaati M'loaa km M"Ii wall Wittlaa M' L< od Jat n *ot?aa rkf ? nllan Vil. a'la* Mrfnr'and V* aaaaBtaff* Maafatlaa* Wn 5:5 ^orarlana R?m * JtWW Patriot Mr I fttMla ^amn?| ? ?S tra .'aba MeCaaaJ^B^^B HH*ary Mo MoBvriuondH Mac Donald Joha k cTaairy DaaiU H*bb Tbomaa MeAmiitav I soar. Joha ??WMOTIHIVjbhilik Jbtrr McDoaald Andr.? 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W a "iad W Vatta IU>bt Wib Wm II Wobkar N M aalar Jae A ' Mlar ?HiTer l'-t *!.'? I?r Brail* aleh thee W'lla Wm It W...|an H R W?rtfara.i Una A >a>i t' t?r A a ' ar I- b W Id Am i Wlan?r II W.lwa Ota W laham Thoa M A iil?B R k A ilia tt U*il Bei In- J Will a HI '-hard Storm Ariaht ll'Btt T WiToorn^y B II M' 'liaiaaon l.neaH A' iliaaw V I' A 1 1 1 1 a aa ft Q A'llliBme Jetrt k Ahi?*0(l Ar te r R Vkite aardatr Q Whiiaay O W Intor rhae Wlthty Faa'at Whitney Fratb Wi itlBT Ma?on M'ki trier Be^fT? ? ? i 'let J natnaa W and ft C* T' oa Wao'l fr?d?ritk WooltBard Wil-AB B Wartk Oen H W ? il?r Chaa Wtmt'l r I ward Cookaoa Wt"bn? J W W1 |tia? Jr.ka F WblMrai't J.'i.a Teaat ^ W Tonan Jala Jel a 0 ,'iiaratt B tt M Weod l>at^ W'odba'y Joi t Weoda Fatt Aatfean Meatre Whaelar B 0 A .(oh Aothaay Weed Wm l> B "rear J Fatef Waaaaila (lark W*thtrid Maroaa W I 'a* n Wm R Witkia>?a JakaW w.-tht J R WllaeB U B W i a 1 Ja?f pft Wilooa R.tO It tiakli yhata W i. en i hie Wiia'.n Joha M ntaatt J ha V William - Hand ? Willlamaon K WilllamaCiHtar R Williariia I'a'ar William' Dtnry WM?e Joha B M '.ha Mi'aa Wh ta t'kaa Wi.ittak 'r Jae Wi*?t fkil. moa A hinat WiaaleA W H HI tr Joha O vltaerheb Ftnl VkMUajtea Ta W "da B?ity Wood k Ca deem Woo, la K K Woeda <>*?B Weed J Wv man Raart Whittleear JekaW'titlow Jaa M-.\ B WhitakarMeo Taa"t Joha Ta*a? Traaa I xiac Rirki L T "?e? a <1 t Taea, He*ft Ziatiaairk Mr. Zaiabaa M? wm t. BBAur. r

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