Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6084. SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 9, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. MEWS BY TELEGRAPH1 THIRVY-FimST COWGRJES*. SMCOSB SESSION. IiuUi BY MOKSl'S MA0NRTIO TXLMRAPH. Washington, Feb. 8, 1851. ANTI-SLAVKBV r STITI 0NS , BTC. Mr. Biward prerentad petitions from New York s?d Veansylvanla for tba repeal of the Fugitlvs Slavs .aw, laid on the table. Abo, a petition from Sobuyl. 'till county, Pennsylvania, praying the repeal of ill laws authorizing slavery In the Territories and District of Columbia, lie moved a reference of the Detittons. Mr. Clav moved to l.?y them on the table. Mr. Sb?va*i> asked tbe yeas and nays. iKefttaed, and the petitions were tabled. Messrs. Chase and IIamlin presented similar peti tions, wbich were also laid on the table. Mr. Clav presented petitions for modifying the tiriff. tub cahtoi.. Mr. JcrrRtsoN Davis, from the Committee on Pnbllo Muildlngs. made n report in laver of tbe Mills pUn tor -he extension of the Capitol CALIFORNIA |;H?K H MINT. Mr. Gwi\ introduced a bill to establish a branch :.uint in California. CONCBF.SIONAI- KKrO*l>*. Mr. Paari k reported u bill to dUtribuie the Annals ot Congress, which was considertd. and ordered to oe - . Tossed. ?laCIPLIHB IX 1 HK -ATT, Mr Bau*?? celled up the btli, repoi'teu <.?n days a;o l>y the Naval Commutes, to anforoe discipline uad prr mote good conduct in the naval servloe of tbd mted States The bill was amended by providing :hat in eumu ary court martials, when commissioned .Ulcers oannot be detailed, raid oourt may be coin pored of oihners nf or above the lank of pifised mid f l.ipmi D It was then ordered ro be engrossed. The amendment, providing tbat all Judges Advocate shall be taken from navitl otfi"?rs, was rejected. THI MA'SACMl'SKr IS S? > ATORSIIir. Tbe Berate renamed tne consideration of tba ques ss to Mr. V'inthrop's right to a seat as a Senator i> m Massachusetts Mr. Hali moved that the subject be Wld on the labia ? lost There were only fourteen vot?s in the af lrmatlva. Mr. Tukm:r moved the subject be postponed, and the bill to amend tie patent i?ws be talcen up.? Lost ? only lourteen aye* Mr Mason then ad reused tbe Senate, an l took ground tbnt 8' nr.t-rs appointed bv Governor* Uad u Jiubt to thrie seats till th?-ir successor appeared. Mr. Ii< luwin held eiiiller views. Mr. Hali. said there wee nothlij before tho Senate. Mr Kanlonl wae not here aud .Mr. W'iuUirop bad jone; nobody cialuitd tbe eeat. and the Hena'e were ngai<ed in abstractions? on an axKm oi liw tiiat was ior the decieion of a o urt They were undertaking to decide upon a case that ?ai not before them. and ihelr authority would be binding on no one; there lore, any decision by the seua'e would not bind the Senate her) alter. It uiiKbt be true, as th- den*te 1 ad such abundance ot tiiue aud no public butin ess to trsnsaot, that Beuaioie could ?wu-r tbem-elvnn by discussing abstract qu'tflocs H? renewed bU mo tion to table the whole subjiot. but withdrew it at the request of Mr. lit itoiv. who said tbat it wool 1 be better to have the quaetion brought pr-icti -ally befu.e thi Senate; it would be bett-r to la; the eubjsct on thn table. l.etMr Wmthrop resume Ins seat, h q.1 then I-t some one raise the question ot Ms ri^ht to vote. The sub . ect was laid on tn* table. Veas, i<5 ; nays not counted. LAM' I'OU A RAILlt'AD I I MMSOVSI. The bill granting land to Ui-souri for the Hannibal and St. Joseph's Kallroaa passed THi: INDIAN ?AB ll? (imr.OV, The bill to pay Oregon i h,i expeuse* iuenrred in the Cayuz war was returned by the Mou?i amended 'i ue .Senate ooui urred in the house amendment, and the bill paaeed. LiteiLiir o? RHir u*m:is. Mr Hamlin meved to take up the bill limiting the liability ot sbipova-r< aft ?r debate it was lost . M.W UlSMl > baimoau. A bill granting the New Lond< ?? Uailro* i Company ? the right cl way acroiie tue cuetom hou>e lot lu N?W I i.ondon, was parsed. IMr iBTS r?OM CANARA, STTC. T A communication wax reieired iro?i the Veasury I Department relative t<> do.u.eti.! product luui-r aod ' res. imported from Ciotl* aurtug 184V and ldoO. The printing van ordered Mr.liwiv moved for an executive session Lost. tub mint ocaaas. ?.r< Kr. Sot'LE called up the joint reeolution authorizing he Treasvrws ol the Mint to appoiat their own slerlu. ti-% li wae e?(7vo eeej Various motions to take up ditletont bills were made ALd lost BOI NTV LaND WaBSANTS ?NO 'J'MU'M. On b motion to poatpone orders to take up the joint ?ero'.ution makiug multaiy bonuty laua warrauts i'kiaSiBble no quorum vot'd A motion in adjourn wae lost. on a eeooud vote, a motion was lost to take np the <1> eial or tier. tmb hkib* ar com nccATi a. The bill for the rell< f of the oaptors of tbs frigate V.Miadeiphls wae taken up. Nir. H?a?.ir> offered an amrndment dividing Com 'eoatur'e rhara - one third to |* to bis widow, and .he balance to his nieces Afier debate, the Baaendmebt *i? agreed to. Tbe bill was mhaoquently rej-cted. by yeas 17. nay 1 20. Tbe tfenata lh<n aUjoernea House of" IUpiHriit?llTr|> WtiMwuT**, Feb. 8, 1811. KIKrui oil mi ax*!', rrc. Mr. Kawgu. aekrd, but U1C not obtain. iMTr to In* rodnre a r'*oluti<n tnatrnctiag th* Committee on ^rtcultur* to Inquire ino tb* e ip?di-neT of eatab iahlag an agricultural bun-au; alio. Into tba *xp*dl> nay of pur, -baaing the Mount Vrmon aatata tor an grlcultural achonl, or mrdel farm. Tba II cut* want into eommiitaaon the bill to ?? ibltub ? ?n,?i, OK A<a>t'WT*. Mr. u. L? aw, (whltf) <>t Kr . eon'.touad hli t"ra irk*, . > m yeaterUay. In f?ror of th* bill Mr. (dam.) of Va . enlled attention totha i Son time remaining < f th" re*?ion in which to tr* n t art the pti Mli- b>i? n -?? and z*?? notice that on Mon day be fho*!f? make an e Hurt to hare apiiinpr a IiIMk raid* t h? ? paotal order n'll dlaparad I. h t on* mlr had paaaeJ Mr n*iiri. (J?m ) at Jf. O . opnoind the h'.ll. Mr (deia ) vl Tann . ?d?oeattd tba paaaag* f th* bill 1 be g> n >ral debat* rea?e I at two o'tlnek. hot th*ra a* incidental di*eu*?i? r ft t a r h< tir and a half, a? to ? ??at ?h? aalari* a of tb* three enmmW?l<-o*ri ahull ba -rannim Thla waa orpa I nally varied by a few l mark* on ihe merit* of the hilt The Committee roe*, wlthoat amending the flnt Mellon and tb i Hou*? adjourned. Fitiaoidli.ary Ooubir >ul? lde, iV< . Boirae, Fab *. ll>l. la tbo arood* at Braiitra*. yraterday, two buntera l>fca??red tha dead bodiai af two aeraona. f:oi?n atiff. 1 key Uld aide by aid* Oat of'-ftetn prorod to ba ? ^ 'Dan in *>aio attlrw. tt appear* that thay reached uiary, aear Bralatra*. la November iaat. They <tata4 that they rame fma Ohio, and paaaad a? ball rothera After a atay r.f eight day* durlag wblrh the T.aa aaork'd at boot waking .hey went lam tba wooda, nu t omailit- d aulolde Th? t? male waa about *??*? "-'B ?ni well educated, and of a Mgh*r atatloa than ba m??i i'hey w*r* .r?at b'll*r*r* In apirltual a iia klaia. Pi. fpanna. whig utalur fiam Boiton, died Iaat ulflfct. "1 lie Alima Aftnlr. BvrraM, r-b I, Ml. ' har'.aa K flror.ln. ?ho vat beid to ball la th* aura >f flOO. 1n an?wer to a charge of ae*aultanl battery ?an A hi ah m flmlth la Aurora. In tht* county, wai ye* tar day brought bafor* IVIlo* Jaatlo* Child, on a ?barge f ?! Miliar foiHk hating aiaaa die. I Altera ii riasiinail a, tb?- i *H#a iliarhargi-d the dafan < ot. Iltara balng no i r lenna or mat lea prapaoae tl?f Foit Plain Hank. Fast h??, R T , Fab l.lNt. Tba fallowiag gentlemen bare haen nhoaen Diter'ort rf Ilia Fort Plata Hank, lor ^ha aaauingyear Joabua 'aad, John II Mnyer, Wicb'.laa Moy-r DaaiM Moyar. J.lting?tan ^araker. .lohn I m?f?ndorf. .faeob Abeal, 'r . Ilenry Adanif , J Caly KufU' llerrl/i*. Jaiob 8an Ur?. I**'er F.lao'itl, Mobert 1 1 alt <l?>r<a Hall. Ainoa A i*>Hey I>avld Wetwia. Hat?r .; Weftatar. aad mima* oiiatryman. It< Dia fr.'in t lie ftonltl. BabtiMoaa, Fah. i? O'i P. M. The Maryland Ralorra OonrenUon baa adopt* J a r HU?e allowing oaly thoa* arho beitere la Ood, or r*. a ardtand pnalahtaenta In thia world or theaeit, to ct aa jarora, wltaawe*, and jadge*. Wa bare ?o nail aouth ol Moatgnmary. Ala. Hllllta M Whir, th* oldeat Pr-?hfterlan niniftar In th* Oaltod State*, died at l.iherty Oeorgla. oa tha . l?t nit., la th* ninety tint year of hi* ag* Th* trial ol Hullnok. th* delailtlag oaahier of tha ('< airti Railroad ltank, ootaiaeaead at Savannah, on W edaaaday Iaat. PrnRaylTanln Lagltlnlarr. Haagiam no, Fob. 8. 1H1. Tho ro??lotloa ralatlro to th* eatabiiah meat af a llao of aiail atearaera between Philadelphia >*a Fraaeleeo and Uhlaa. Norfolk aad Rnropo, baa puled la eoaailttoe A hill haa l.aoa latrwdaead t? la r ar poaaUth* Pottarai* aaw Norrlatowa Railroad llai aa -A bill wa? roported to laaarporate th* At Mtlo Hi fMlM ItOMB K arlgatioa Ooapaay Tht Owego Murder, &t. OwEfio, Feb. 8, 1?41. It >;hui ftom the avldona*, that th*re was a diffi culty between Garrison ud hi* wife, io that Mri. O. bad left his home the day before, and gone to the houj* of her brother, John M. Thurston. She took their only ohlld. a girl six years old, with her. Thnrs ton went in the afternoon to see GUrrin-m in relation to the enstody of the ohild. and had invited Garrison to come to his house in the evening to talk the aubjeot over with hia wile; when they separated? Thurston re turning home. Soon after, Garrison started to go to the house o* Thuraton, and again met Thurston near hi* own hil,Ur,t0Jl r"t,urn*d in oompany with Garrison to th* hour*. Garrison stopped at the door, and ra qaested the child to be sent to him His wilo said if he wanted to see the child he must come in. _Oaniaon then went In. and Thurston hauded htm a f5?ir' aD |t**mediat?lv passed outjtluough a ba^k door to the wood house Garrison had become ce?t?d and t* ken his child on his lap. aul was plating with it when Thurston returned from tiia wood bouse with an hf? ?PPr???b|ng "arrison from U-hind. struck bim in the head with the edge of the axe. buryia it in the? repeated the blaer. whleh took i'.n li J." "?? >?"?' J Garrison's iwll. ??kad her brother why he had kili<d ti> ^ ' *,,,r*Plle4 that '? In could n*t he's }t ? Thurston dot* a "4 evlncr fh>?lei?t coatritl^n f .r the dang. bn> told ttwlg to day that h- hid ' aervad V7 *n WM no' '?rry lie dii it " lliurMnn was a man of excitable temperemeat. and was generally regarded at a dang-roui mm in the community, though he is very reap* Ubly couneated. m - a? rontr a inqu*H was adjourned at 8 r. M. till A. si., on Mot day. .i,J.f|Hpf?taln.i?llUon/ ' Jh" bur?!',^^, h?? l>'?u pojitpened th* Coroner through with Uie e?idencu before Further discoveries have been made In the burirlarv casr, and further arrests have tele n place. The Illinois Central Railroad. Both houses of the Legislature of Vliinoii'h'ave !Tmi,ri^"II! n,?ueh,r*" ot 'n'?-0'?poiatlon to ttre Illinois Central hailreatf Company. AUteorcInijlcal Oi??? rvnt'Ona, Kcb H JiV MOKSKS I.INK, OFKICK Hi WAI.I. mkW.t ?' -This hi- been a cold d.y. \rith a very p.e.cing <a.?terly wind At 9 X SI. the tber ir owe I IT nc.ted 12 degrees, and barometer Stf 70; at ? ..d^XT' J 8 <Wr#,'s- ? Ro. "kena -We hada eloudy and rery cold night. The (lav baji be.n clear with a routb.-.m i?iDd. At 0 tLienioriuagand 7 this evening. tt.? thermometer vh* t o u l U at 5 Opgrees above zero. t1'"1,.!,"'* A Tty colJ "',t w"lJ ha* prevailed to ? i . mornkg was cloudy but tnia ev?n:nK til* ' Therm'. ru?fer, at 0 A 41, 0 degrees at/ .vs xero; at 7 f. M . 10 deg SkKati ? lb" thfrmfic ter ws.diwu la xero at 8 0 clock thU tror ning The atmospher- ua? be,,, cle^r. but t xtr.uely c<>id a!l <2ay Therm meter, at 7 I' n 8 (legist* above ?eio U uca - Although the th tic muter. at f o'ebok wis h.faff"!' w'0" Zl'ro- w' t"'1 ? ?"?'? M'?s?ot m .rains; but li.e latter part ol the rt-y h?s t-.n quite the ?? v ife tl.a wind h.ving veered found to tae ant, aad fctu >lug Ktri ng from that i|u\tti r Th? weata?r a* " c'elcck this evening ??? ?rj 0ol l and there *ers ao p-srsnces o( a m ow uterto. Th- thermometer was lU auov?* js?-ro hiii] t h?? baroodcter vnn tailing. *,.ath1'"r beau' iful. cieir and cold. At!) A M th* thermom-ter ?ra? W degrees a?ve n?V? b"O0" t?r *"s: mercury In baroraeter ?r.; P P. U . ther uiumvter S. barometer U CJ, mercuiT in baiomtUr and a iight noithwoot wluJ. 1X1 *t9o"r.iock t thermometer wae 2 decree* below sero; it arterwardx a ll't'e itd tmass 1 ?> ahov* all u?y. b 1' M , it wai 1 b low. The uej U> bteo clear I'i si ini.tiin ? H e ht l a i i tr h'it very cold morn cr. ??fb tbe thermnm-l-r 14 d-itrees b-low r?rj at t'lr^on ,At,8'': M > tu* '^y *i< cloudy, aaitUa t. ?"ruonifctwr 6 btlow WMiTkHai.L.? At 9 this mnrnlnar th- merourT Indi cated 10 degrees below xero wifri a brunt anil plea Sent rky. 1 1 was Uuudy at S 1' . ?1 . aal the tocrm.. n;*"t? r v a> li al>or<? Vt ?*ec. Tbis h?< been ehour ??cild ft dsy aicoull b? 01 nveaiently uaHutaotiirni , r, ? though rituj pet Older. Tkeifcv ha? been dear and f ? wi:,d n ,r? ;? - eest At y A M,, io tii- u| p-r t??u th- th-nu >ai.-:. r was ?.o degrees b?low xer.., e.ud Id(V 1 >?rr t..?n 17 de*r.ef b. At H ?? M Th- ,?? ,.r -2 dtgrm* below ?*ro. and the b*rou;e ?r at 30 60 ihe tbi rmotseter* in the n?lgbborh?od of th? oity at .J' ?e,,etac?gt?es b*l.'.? wro 1 1 li <1 be^n b r far the trlde>t iJay of Ih* season. Musi! .rat - It Las been a cl?*r but ln?<n?-lv cold osy At W A \1, the therrnow-ter w*? lu U?<n?? be low ?^ri, barometer 30.0); H P ^t . tb -rm >i?.it ?r 10 Mst*1' b*'?" ,#I?' Ut0I"f Ur 80 ^ aud wini south- i Ki^iisvo-*. ? AtOA M.,the thermom.'ter wasatz?ro. i ar.d tha wind northeast. Tosomb ?It was lr;lr<r to enow at 9AM an! the the rm< meter said 0 degire* above tero lliiuss - ??"? I. ad a clear morning, with th* thor tn'Bieter 8 degrees bejnw s.ero at nioe o'clock i-asti itov ? At P this morning lb?*k/ was -lear and P e<**cr. th* wind north, and tan themc^-tier ldOo grtt* be low x*to. by gain's i.ixk, orricK 29 ? at.r. xtrist. Pmm ai'S.i nil*. ? ' Tb* weather at H Y '?!. ?*? oloudv tud i old. ihe wind fresh mm the nortbea<t th ? ther n.1 m?t?r at 26 d?gree*. and the hamciwter '&> IH . Hsi.iivmK. - There wer* InOicatiuas of suow at 8 i PM Th-rui<met?r -TO. Wn Ml-., vow. ? At 8 this evening th*w|nd w?s N.N.K , the i l.-r o. ' uirti r Ho, aad the 'ky gav* evideuse of a ' snow si mm WAjiiiM.ioM.-It has bee a a very alear aad oold <?7 BY T1IK F.KIK I.I.N K, In KICK 5 HAW. Kr ^TBEItr. Pi ?h? iiu.v.- It has been a very cold day I RMM.ftia ?The weather Is cold and clear. We hive flue sleighing aiid no mud Pim it ea" cloudy ail day, but cl- srslnl b-tTe evening At * I' M , a st",*# east wind prevailed, and the tiir rninmeter 64*eer>> s li^^sfi 1 1 ? rbls a>"rnli g it wa? rloiily. wind N K and tnsia'.cn^r 0. At* P M li a as tlear aad ?row U f. ?sr?.?r lh< rn oroer 14. Irs, '.!-*? have had a cold N XT wind. Th* si. 4l>it:g i- pi er in the valley, bu' is f?!r oo the hills. O?io . ? We Lave had a **ry cold dav? slwighin r MetaW^ W'inO N K , end (ksriswistsr '1 degr. o* at - It I* v*rv ef. Id here an J the th-rtno men r 10 degrees *t 8 P M ll*r>.i*i.t Th* wind la north, th* attno.pUcr* I eold and co mtw falling Nssesv ?*i hi ? ft was very pnld an.| cloudy this ! ni'initg with tb* tbermocie'er *t lo 4*gr*ea; at 8 I I' M it w?s ci. ndy, giowing *old, and th?ru< m-->r at i Mmni ivo?e The wrather Is eloudy and very eotd and tbeimctneter at tero at ft P M OasHan -The wlnl wa. arrtheatt, aad thermometer I 12 dagfeea at II thN eV nleg N>wiu aii. At M M ihe wind was north aid ther Bome|?r 11, and sky eloady. Oar Baltimore roritlpondfurf. Rat/rinoiii, F4< 9, 1831. Ihulth Stafittirt of BnUiimiTt?Ci nrrrmiHon irith Captain II'. tt, i f tht Alia tic ? Firt~~i. mg fat '? *?, ' The animal r.*pmt of th* Hoard of Health of 1 B iltiir ore for ihe past year, ilMWi nuny int're..t ir a fact*. l)i>- ?hole number of d'Vha during ' , th?- )fir *?* 4,6?il ? tfhg IS! more than ihow of , i the p'refdmif year. Th*re w?re among thia nunrv | ber ll"? i tli 1,023 di'd und'T oue year of age; ?81 if con-umption; 210 of dropty; ||3 of ?mal''pos} 1 12 of crotip; 'JM >f dysentery: 7.1 In ? hi d b*-d. A c Thrre wrrr i:t died between JM and MO yetrs of ag?: 4 Wf r ICO j ''are. The fotal number of building* ^r?- in BjI'I* more during ?he i n*t year wr? I *17, w hich was II. ' Prrii ||i 'he v*lue of ?1,938 WO. C |.uin I .* to tier, of tb?* t>hip S'ar of the Went, just arrived here from Liyrrj-ool, ?.i tew York, ritfn that h#- m? t Captxia Wfn', of the atenmer i Atlant c, nt Liverpool, in the American reading- i rrom, a few day before that \ens?*l aiiled, and ! bud a conversation with him in ri epect to her. | He wan pit) i ne, ap;?r?n'ly in deep tbnught, when ( a|tiift Lavober entered; and on hia aaaing what wm the mutter, he replwl that h?' wi always thinking of hia vre?el? that be dreaded thete lone Wea etn phs?ajei?: Cor, Mid he, " w<* cany sumach at'-em tbat ahould w? com' in contact with &n ici U rg, our dea'mction would b?* ine> liable." Tbe country re idence of Hugh UHaborn. K*|., known a a '? Calverton," a fear miles from th* city, Wi.a deMmyed by fire yesterday morning. It wae a bnndHu.e structure, on which there was no in inn nae Tbe ehip Victor, which aniled from L verpool for I i more, on the 13th of November, ronaisfn'-d to Hei / M.'iiknn, K?q .with fr*i?h' xnd passing* ern, baa to' >inee been heard tenm H>i* hi* now been out 88 days, and great tear* are entr rt iin-d for ber safety . "wprem* t aari . fiMrilT I- t? mr R?a Tti? follow. Inr pntlwn. having b??n r?port ?4 by tb? "*amln?r? aa Moly qnalitrg, w?r? a<tmlt<?4 to i>ra?tl?# m at tr>Ti??y? and enuasrtl?r*at taw: Th?tn*? An4r?w?. Hiram B?ab??. Jr.. William II. Hull. Caa?t?n Browaa. Tb?o4nra Ball*? Broaaoa. William 0 Oarp?Mit?T, ? h?Tl?a rra*?r. I.nli 8 ?>ki??r. Rofc*rt Olll??i , William tlopllna. Fraaalaft Hnflman Jam** Mnlfm* jobs II Plait. William Orvgot P?ll. .tobn II Paeaom. ll?nr?C Bwlth Otla H?l?bt Bwaa. Aaraatna P lb?t weti, Ti-?jaailnO. Wataiora.Tawyklm Watarralt, J aba I Walkar. NEWS FROM THE ISTHWUS OF PANAMA. Ol'R ISTHMUS COKKXSrONOKNCK. Chaorxs, Jan. 27, 1851. Arrival t from California? Detlructton of Qorgona ? The Railroad ? Health of Chagret. Day before yesterday the Columbus arrived at Panama, after a boisterous passage of twenty-five days. She reached Acapulco, nine days out: from thence to ltealejo bhe encountered a succession of heavy gales, damaging her machinery, See. ; Bhe fell to the southward of the port, and waa one and a hulf days in returning. Intelligence has retched this place of the almost entire destruction of til* town of Gorgona by tire, which originated in the cen're of the town, and epread iu every direction, destroj ing about one hundred house*, which were principally occupied by the natives tt? dwellings and grogg*ries? a uirat many fain i I if s are thus thrown out of a home. No American hou-ea were burned, al though it reached will in u lew d >ors of Miller's 1'an.tma Railroad House. The lower pari of th?* town wbh saved ihrjt'iih the tremendous exertions ot the Ainthcfeii*. The fire wui the wmk of in cendiaries, 8j*ni?h thieves from Carth'ig>-na, and thereabouts. The m ?lr -'lie1 is r*pidV advancing, notwithstand ing the disuiiv. rings* or :iie tad difficul ty of obtaining labor; (shortly aft> r 'he tnen arrive ot their station* minvare takeu sick, and are en tin ly useleis fo the compar) ; numbers are at pre sent* sick on their hacd<*; notwithstanding this it tookfa vrry lively, vety like a railroad. (Jhagrets ie healthy us u^uil, at tt>is season of the yecr. The sehr. John Rowlelt, of New Orleans, from San Juan Nicaragua, bourd to N w Origan -i, with a lo.d of passengers from California, wlio enth paid $15 for their passage, put in th.a p'ace in ditties, aii l wan c ondemned ; the pa^eiu'.ers d.* nid tided their passage money back, and were re fund by the agent ; thty consequently rrb >rti d to Judge Lynch, larhrd hint to trie fore u ntie ot the ve?ei, and gave hitn a round dozen, when he rtleuted ?i,d returned the iiinr>? y The ttcimer Gorgona is d<?i:ii? thj railro id com pai y n.uch service, plying to ih ? different aUtioas; (he < flice IS Klirt i re *v ;ue nil wt II. Tie Hteciiner P mperoarnvtd thin morning from New Yoik, and limling tievtral steamer* h-re will .?? il this nitfht or in the morning tor SauJuaj, Nicaragua. AftHS-T OF COI'KIKRFKITKKS. [I (I'll l lie t'aimiui ttun. Juu It] It hea tieeu Hujx'uied tor wune trne past, that ex tensive totiirg operations weie carried on ia this city, but nii'il I'ist Siturduy nothing po.-itive known. (In that d..y a discovery w.i? mule which ttles m the sliirni 1 iv- li these suspicious*. It seems tint on ouudav week last, a Mr. Alex nrder fcbirciilie, a very h-ud working and wort'iy nuchanicot ihiaiity, who had aocumjUted by bis indu.-'ry some seven hundred dollars in gold, j had made preparations to Hurt lor th?* I'uitrd fkntis on the morning following. t't rmiug on Moi.duy morning, he di?cr veied that his trunk iiad been lobl ed t>f u II the money it cont i aej. ti-ia |"?I tilii; Mil Ol l" ? feUo V to : !"rj. U I iter Ul d.vidual, of the theft, lie hid them arrested, an i in searching among ihsir t Heci*, u large uud com pute set i.t counterfeit ng apparatus, cvnsi*uug of i',' r, st mi, a 'Ie- lift? ,-c;i i y niaclua. ry, arid*, A:c., nece?Miy tor the making aad Htamotjg Mex ican dol arf; were fonnd About of tlili coin, f?>m- ye' utifinibhed, nUo t^und Thf-y ure tiioistly if the nates of 1JI>> aud ISiT; but others may hevr been sttuck, as it i.- 1>_ u?< hkm u I ertsin i lint nil the diet have been di.^covcred. j They e.te mude ot (irrmau silver, aad nt-itty pl.t- I ted wuh ^o??l silver by nirai's ot a gnl van iu bat tery, whn ti w-.-s ilso luund ninoi g the machinery, togtiherwrh several piV' r w itoh-s ex: . ??- y w?d gulvHDi/ed, and which would readily jriss wi'h me unkt>u?vii g o?. , tor rcnl gol t Tf.e?e ihmL's wer? all tonai ia tiie old convent t f Jvia Jo-e, ne^r the ao'ithern ot ttie ci v, nherr (lie pr?'|?"e;ors of til* 111 Weie iippat' U'.l/ itri.1 II. b ariangtmtts t>? ente ?? irdo the t-uinc of rowftteiteiii"!* ?iu>!e I .ri"?ly. Tlvt' i'4ia> 1 <??? Whitehead tt d John S-jie* T.iejf w-re put in j .il, bui we have v? ry UQM iK*a ti^y will eiay th> re i.itnv days, or any lonzer ifi.'.n wid silt their coavmiei'ce. Th" p .ui?hiit?Bt <>f tii.-ie of fence, by the laws of iIiim country, i.-< l?i ye i J of tun ed Ihlmr in tin Qntudin mountains; but a v.ig j at etir < Ibow mi'tjes's that ai they are ay.ive i;n I ictellig' i t scoiin lre)?, this ^overn-tienl would tmd it adv< i>' if ouf to ? mt4oy them in the mint at iio pots to in ma tht b n* cuneney i t tins country. Hut It w ci ihe bad dolf .rs are in dnaMtt ksis, having 1 1 ix.i <p:< It v l?een sent down the coast, where it is said counterfeit nu.i.ey gi>e? t \c rdtngly veil ! They uro genetaliy well cxecutt d, but ol hgUt weight. Since the above v a* in type, Sfil? p, oie of the prisoners s">ove uime-t, ecdeavored to make hi ? . cs| e, ot. Sunday tdgbt, bv jumping oil the w ill I I the ptiscn >arJ, but in hi^ (all to ttie gf.iund, (trained his uncle so severely as to be unable to make (dl. ZnlrrtsUi'K From K i ? nud the I'ppcr lllOUl?hll?> SCARCITY <T FOOII AT [A rr.? TIIK noi ? OAll V cuaiki^io.n? uik isdianh. Arc , (Sir., 3tc. [Frcra ilia National fab 7 ] hud the | li aaure <>f c^avciein^ ye... ru'ay ? it very intelligent rmtlei.iau ji?t from rf ? ?? a Kr, via l.i I'd fo, Which latter |4ace he I* fit he !:? h lVuniber, limiting the jotirr y thence to r$>n An tonio in iw? ntyone daye, In the midat oi mow and c?- vere < ii IJ He kivt i, we are aorry to aay, a ???* ?uiiriiKii)ff -trcoun', rot?nljr <>t the country of N. w Mexico i'aelf, but i>f itn prt went a'itute coailitinn tbiough nil me aetOetMnt* on both Mil-** of the river Coin win ui trn>. at f.H the ftnt^a, of two ?ud r h?lf burhela, end it waa ? tippoacd would run up to $12 l>y Manli ? r Ann 1. Vegetable*, of even the i?w hiij.i* there louid, w. re ? * ? ? Ij reaice, making livn g not only I. ird hut preoliaM. The exp*? latum v?* entertain' d tt?, f the troo<>* thn>aili??t tlir whole ninth military d-partinent would to he put Hfon half rations m moat of the uauel article* of aaliaiateuce, Hour btinj a piol-ahte eirep'icn. TI.e weather et S <nt ? Fe, and, indeed, down the *holo valley "I the Di I N< rte, ha* beta unuen .il) nM i'ia winter, t'n the l:h. ftih, and i> ii, <>f December *aow fell in the neighborhood of JUnta Ke ttveral feet in 4<-t4h N<-<tr ivUili'a rrioho nix men, herd" ra, were frmeu to de.itb; ratile that h?d atood to<" 'her for mitual a* elur were fo*iod fifed ? i.d at fl, and i rt n the poulti-y oathetooat aorcnmbed to the iar>mer? v of the aeaaoa. For o l< nif retire i f ymr* no ? I ha* been remembered ?o revere aa thai of Dceml^r U-t. Even at El P.iao, in a ft gkin rum* ned f< r the mildq-a* of ii* (li Mte, ;h? tneimometer fell l<i near zero. The cold?a? d<y *?a Friday, the teli. Wind ea?t- i Hi>'.i|,e.t* t, with a i* inn* hominy -grained ?aow lal'-i.g . The whole of the Amrriean enmm -?irn f< r'he location t f iliettt't; boundary lme between the M? x can territory and the new aequiaition* of the American Kovcrntitra% li ad arrived at thf *ith the eneptn n of the ox train carrying the The M?xuiin Ootnmiaeiouer, l?*n. I'oade, had alao arrived. Co . ('raig.conimau lime the n ili>nry escort to the American CotnmMnon, *?? eitaa ?*d rear MafnAilli ranchn, opweire l\l I'a?o, ex[^ectioi7, however, to l*ave wi?h hi* o mnia i>d, <n th<? cou-ie of a ?Siott time, for the Coppermine r? c:on on the Kio t .|la. ^ n iintm. i y < ? rrt ( t i i eiirrt d on the everi<iK of tbeMtht l I >?'.*enib? r, between ^ake men, the'U ti'adt r i f the ox tr?in iiienuonrd al>ove, and ? i<er?on atta< bed to the Crwmi >???<>*, hy which Waketr ^n loet bla life. He received two aliot* trom hta .'nt neontet'a revolver, ahaitnin? hie left ancle a?d knee. Oa the fourth day morntica tion tcrk place, !>?:' denth did not p it an < id 10 the wounded rnnn'a anfferiDsa till the 15th. An invr?tigation into the ?irrmm*tance? waa no douht made on the arrival of the ox train at th? I'aaa, from which they were diatant, when ojr infurm ant met thf m <>n ChriMmaa day, nmw two hun dred roilf*. All the other memvraot the Can miraion were in the rrioymeat of rol uat health. Accommodationa for ine Coinmiaan a b' imr very *< anty at the Pa*a, i< a member* ar-' di*?rihute<l be tween that nla-e, f*ocorro, an f the I'reaidio of Snn Kli/ano The main party, wi'h the mule tniaa, tinder Cel. Crai*'* ereort, ?ot to their te*pectl? ? r*ta on the 9 h and 10th of December, thotifh the tiiiimi*?iotier hints-lf, v?ith a few conn>anion*. aot% Into El I'aao about the middle of Novenibrr. They t x h the route up the Pecoa, leaving it at the H"?ehrad croaeing Many eonfrrencea took place between the Ameri can and Mex'ean Commi**lonera before the im l>orrent prelimmary of a etartit.jf point for a So-.indv ry ci'Uld he et>re?d upon, for it aope^red that the te?m? of the treaty of (Janda'npe Hid ?l^o, the map by fH*turnrll, and the old Mexiran mapa, were aa incon*l*teat with each other aa they are with the true topography of the cotmtry itaelf. Prep<ra'ory mea*urea were in progreaa to aend an ex(>lorinf party over the etrern aeetion of the probable line, in order thai t l.e hnal o(>erationa niijht be rendered of more apeedy attainment. I hiring the neeond week *f December the annual fair waa b< 14 at El Pmo, at which tho u?ia! e xhi feitions of bull-fights and gambling, mixed with other amuwDKiiu, took place.

Our informant came m with a citi/en parfy.of fif teen men. They encountered no Indian hostilities, though a p*rty which hid preceded them a couple of weeks, lost four men from a Cuinauclie attack. Water scarce? grass tolerably attainable. At Santa Fe much interest was manif'eated as to who would receive the appointment of Governor of the Territory Our friend thinks the choice on whom it haa fallen will be generally acceptable in the Territory Colonel Calhoun has had much Indian ex perience, and is by this time uuite well ac quirted ?.vb the wunts and wishes of the people. T. ? ij ?. ane. eept-cially the Apaches, were ge nerally quiet, though the Navajoa have been demon si rating <'ieir fidelity to treaty engagements by the stealing < ' aeveral thouaund sheep this fall, from some of t;ie settlf mer. s alnns the river. The ge neral impression in New Mexico is, with regard to Indians, that the system of seeking their good-will by the me.ns now in favor with the government - viz douceurs or presents? is one that must be aban doned if t'-e country is to have security und peace. The Pu< Mo? were quite peaceable, though they suffered r: ich alarm before they were assured that the ornsuf inkers arxwmj them had not come to lead the way f. r * general seizure liy the United States government, upon all they had. On the fitting of the Termi nal Legislature it is i>robahle that the Pueblo question will cause much and heated c>>a t rove ray. 'in -informant thinks the Pueblos equal ly M?n'. h the great ' \!y of New 14ettc*Q* to all tlie >)4* *??f riliMnikip, and that the denial to thun or their righ'.a misbt prove very detrimen tul to the peace snd security of the country. Pro perly ustc, the l'ueblos might be made n most effi cient ne> > t >r. Keeping and defending the territory, as w elt from the savage tribes as from the assaults of disaffected natives i hen. selves. The Uestrnctlon of the Steamboat John Aiinnsa, on t)i* ni>?U?l|>pi. [frbiu ibo Cincinnati ConniMrctal. t ?U 4 ] The Lie calamity of this ill fated steamer, by v huh n> sou's were launched into eternity, hits mated a profound i-eiiaaiion of sorrow and a melancholy gloom thro igbout the west'-rn country. Over one hundred souls were fiurried, mivvarnert und utiprr pared, to th--tr last account. Mauy who were en their return home, after a Ions absenc", W iih bright rr<'tpeets stid pleasSant hope*, to em brace pi ain ; hose ibey loved, now sleepheneitb the boMin c. f tlie Mississippi, with nothing to de s',?i)Mte their pl 'ce of res'. Olitldr.-n shrieked upon tiie waters us they drif'ed along the dark ti.le, and mothers .!(h< lathers lit aril their voieesHs th--y, t >?>, sttupfclt d v ith death, without the power of a help iii i? hacd ? and all died tog-ther. The circumstances, u? ve obtained th?m from Mr. Leonard, the pilo:, who was on watch at th tint?, are, in brief, t'i '.liw : ? Dump th ? evening mi d up to t? 11 o'cloik the weather wa? inis'v.wi'h indications of a tog: but it cleared up, and every thii g wae lio'- and lair for a r-.n, ? so much so, that the captain, Henry A. jouea, lett the deck with the ci-r'siiity all was safe, and that there .vsa nothing to indicate even a possibility of danger . But hi about tl.ree o'clock in th" in'irnrip, at n dbtan<-e (.i ?orne K'^i miles above \ ic.?.- ? > r , - ? i - : r ? . ? k. u '? sawyer," ortoag, and imnivdii'.eiy commenced fi'liDg. The b oi t wa he vily loaded, tnJ was dni wirg about tea feet of wati-r at the time. She b< i tune ucmaougeaMe, and notwitBvandieif tbe i Herts < i the pilct'to rnn fi< r on a bar. na fer a full head if s'eam, she sut.k in le.-s th^.n ten s -iva.'j, in b\> r sixty feet of water. She wuit down with a pluuge, bow foremost, a* d u' suck ua aa/le that *v|.< n the | i'ot rrtti from his j lace, he took a p-jsi tioa i>pon the turve of the who"! hou?- next the de?U, which was in almost a horizontal fine. Af ter tkt t>ow struck th*- bottom, r e upper w ? ?i k/- ;<t ! the boat wt re detached, tt?e c.ioiu lin k' is two, 1 Bt'd the chimney a passed down through lli? easing stid disappear d. The tw > sections ? f the cifin floated roi n<l and funned u V, but fin 'ly drifted lo.'etfei, end those who v ere Uiiou tli^m, .inJ those on'y, were s .vej The cabin drifted aom*' eljrht tiii!e? b.- fun? it wa.- .iu-1- d. \Vh< n the l> 4 atruck. tt?e alarm w-ia im n-di ately friveo, w'. nu tih< rs ?>; persons, men, w-> n-n end clul.lreu, ne<<le their wav t?? the <le..-k, aiid tnus w? re s ?'ut s? 'ne w irnli'ir was aho'i, niiia 1 1 's, dont?'l- ? , f -rishe ! in th< lr tvds, <?r <? r ?./.Jed for life. " ? n it rVwh at i ? - * 'leiwi-rii the ? Us Tli-< 'r w - - ic to > - .-V . ar 1 ili ? ii 1 1il. < t ? I.; : ?*? l! tw t h >1 j; .. iiw ii. Mu l tM'.y t ij tinned unUl the wa'er, by pissing through th Hi'. i i e ?tO| (ied th?iri. The nnir.her tout is e?tiT7t??d at oi - hua'r \ vnd twenty, t 'f :h.r ? ?. ' >i:? p .'sen^cra (a*in.i I '?,> over I wehiy are kucw n t< hnve perished: rtOil I ' the dn ms crigers ( - ? lit" ) but tao t. ? (.n.iwi I to b^V' been s.vr-d. Tsi of the ci.'W, I jn k liandt aud firemei., were drowned. The Mw,kc, rn>i?ier, ar.J money nfthe but vnf ] sav?d; and uikm the reiurn of Mr. Wiiaiin, the 1 rleik, w<* Wiil be tuahled to give the names ot . those w he wtie lost, or, t>t least, u number of i them. "1 hi* if we of the ecjtde f >r which no b!?'n* ran fail u >"n th * oflioer#, as <?ccurrni? -ehe^e it ! ?'id, and in weather s? tavorabl ? 10 rutin v.; n is a n.Htter of ^r^at aurprite ?<? th- olueat nnd m.>s' e.\- ' l*i.enc?d river men T'i? e\i?t<nee cf a sr ig ihne hal terrr be?n ku< ??? or thought rf. a. id tt wiii one c>( the list places wh^re dai'g* r * . .* to b ? s| preh?nd?d Cspt. Jons is cue of n.r brat ant u.ost srccsss'n' utd frr U" .te riser m* ar'i ^T,*. I i<mutu sao'is ee?ond to noce -* a pil it, ui tj th< tn the hi eiderii is i.tiaccountabV. i\ tin t g ibe psi-seti^-ri were ecme penaas on th?ir rtt^ra from CalifiwLia. Tl'.-jr lost a 1 tiiey had, ard I id a fair chance ?<f |e#it.g More A li ember of th<>-? saved hailed i*i the Peyt, *u a? she', a-jd we:e t^ke? l>j that boat to L iui ? vl 'e. Slnee the ve \vu?: ?vritte'^ Audw I S /?????? , the I'Vst i;?ei ? ? r cd the <tdam?, h is Uruishe 1 1 > I US fll< follo'.vicg !'ft of ?lie pel Mill > S.lVi ?! : ? t.i?r or i a .se: onus "xvlz h-om tue v ;n. . Of 111* !-Tr* 1? H I'lNS ft'. ?vv J S?rsotrB. !?.; Joo?-?. fit i William Dif?i), I'ln., Jotn U?etili. I?., Uri liotT.nan ??"t fnar nhil drm, N 0 : tlr.iiartikuil >?i, f'lo ; Urs. ffbitas/, . I.ti . Mt f? mjiiantl ?ri!-> ? In Mr Ifurfij C*li*? nU V tls>a|e>, i;t>, ; w. If Ii?rasi<l. ?la ; I. lii -h:ur.ii d(Vi Ji'bl I >-?< us : J <??>?? Hark, do J ? .in Oant*-l. I #0: R Inr - do; W V s?.; .1 j. ?.tt'.o (|it|r i N?? rt; V I't'tun I aa<?sllls W 11 l,?o l U vCilsi l. ?'li> ? I. tl l.?in"r't i'.? \ W. Otnlfllf, (ifcln- V. l?? u'.t on At, j. -u. (. Iktltst a. 0 Hi*e? nut s?ii;M>r. Ohio. A t.'roal*? t'in , W<n I . . ? It p , ?lo ; AT. I. ami 'on. It; 0 llllvtt, Jn ; f f rfaasT p((ltiif|).C|o ; H fin .nn? d M f '<?? d" ; J. Kaaainn. <!a i II K ;[ I'a MI?j N . O'* sti. *v jb^a atll*; lrm> Tosill.l v ; I. A k V. t? ua?la. J. It Hays. K^larky \T ?J N#"iriS|- da; KsMst r lli^ba an; .'mim Isfa^n* fa A M lilt ha Tain ; W. C. frra NswYotk.O. P Itia.niil# J N Tann ; P. I* I'taa ; A lln?tl. !i? ; Jaha lio*< If.Cla JrH^h Cialall., X Ytrfc; W B l.i'4 Tf, N?? J?rs?y. J W. PrttT. S ?'? <?tl?ao?: A T V?nil I! . f.. Wael.fued 1' IJals. I> V. Oa'.Mt. J Obaaltar. fa, K Mm d< Salomon Clsasr J - A t-?-r . OHo; Sn -til r* ; T V He-,| W Tsat, OMa: II J. p. ??. Nta latli: D fa ran. Va ; W. Butop, Pa., J. Utiar U< r la . I .1. Kit.ibar. Mich^faa. tUIIglam iniMf. lUptlit cJnteh, Moj'olh itltrt - H ?? D iMlnay. r.< n "?* 'jfirtlrtt ah Broadway? Mr* Tilth ip totals*. MiDr?.g?; rtrn.t ? liuri h K?r Mr Ariuttt.' ? I' I Pi?w .'tiu.^n church. B'^Uth ?;r?f*. -Tr.f. fl J?b crrili.*. Arad?a'y rilntca ?tr?l- B?? Mr T?yW. wriiij fop|?lj hr?,|?. y R?f M arlir- prrilif Owc-rrgt'leaai chot:h U lUk'nnJ ?tn?t - K*r Vt. ?T?I Contralto* 11m], w? :it?r ?trc?t K#r. Jamti Man ?#r, irurmrv Hkthtegl r% lltll. II'Mtr ?trr?t r.ll?T J. Lltjb. Retail*. Vtilr?r?al!rt ehorth. Orchard ?:r?#t? R?r C. II Fay, *yt> tt. TilnrMrlf Eroadwa/ h*t J P. Thompson rr ta le* Co^H*?.ja'!.>ital church Bixtavnth ftrrft R*? Mr C'twinrd Bi'-n.r* M K Chart h, \??lry ?trc>t - R*t. T>r Mecllntfih. tu< rt.lDf. Ht >.? Jtuil :inf, IluJroa rtrt*t R*t. J. Mao bath aMtrtoia I r*a Will Hajtl*' rhuroh, Oraod *tr*?t? IUt. I> M. Ainliin ? or?.tv>g Kit K T? i i ltt?a. of Ortngr <>on?ty !f St tap rl?lt t puSfi't ? i tb? Flrirt I'r ?ailf-rtaa f hutch la K?? l>tl*an?. during .h? abt**?*'nf th* Rav. Ur, taott. tha p??tor, la Kunp? K*t I>r. T?lln<V' a To r?< thart doting tb? r?.?atl<ti in Ih* Ojltthnfpa 1 * lr??tlty. of tHrh h? l> Crc'datr. ha? ra'artiad to lit* fort, havltg wort < traiu an atUah of th?* i batata. ll?T. Iltary P. Thmrpton. lat* nf Harrl?huf* bat ??cryt?d ? n iatitaitan In a* tha ftjlM ttinfly of lh? rhvr> h ?i Larc attar, Ky. liar .'?Ln M MaCbord ha* rr>i(iifd th? cart of f ha ? l.nrch of fthaan*?to*D. Ill . ?a1 atr?i-tt(J >n lotita tmn to labor *t tha itatad ?op|ly of a -harsh raca aly 0T(iiu:>xt ia <?r*. i>**?tl?. la lift. !!???* V formally ofMa.ylaad hat a ret ptcd ?a Im'tatlon to cattir. a* tha ?t*rcd ?apply <f two ehuraht*, raeontly ar?aa**ad hy raiaotia* ]'t?fkjl?ry, la ( thai a ?*d Ill l!ar i,tarl??A Ca'cpbeil hat aaaaptrd aa iatitatloa to liVt aa tha ftata. >u?plf iiflkr church* af cai'lh fwU. J?r??y ijlty. am l>lan'i?ill? Ky. R?? Mof?< A Hpi '?. (PrubjUmt) Iia? hf?a <1l? raltrcd ?t hit ? an r?i|ar*t from th? t>a?t'" al ch<r<a at tha ?hui?h at Ati ?na Ohio ind ba? prctaatad with a aall fro* th ? aharch la /aaatvUla. la th? aaai* Ktata Tha tr?t Ttubj tat la a aharch al Alblo* hay* gtva* thThePK L Br09ii ?' Corain*> 4 cal- to btcomo ! I'm. Pa , c o n ({ r?i{ at\ o I') Ji ? ! n* dD* e*" f't-m tha 8? WTh nt0 th*1 ?,Uo" ,TlUo Pr?bjt. tj, and r. K*ntuoky Chester. Ill nm Pr??byt<ri?D church of . Th* "?pti?t cburch In Jer*** ru. i to bnlid . nciv house of wor?hir> 7* 31'niv' JSLSTm^. I ?... r.rd?u7Mo , to the^r. ' c^TthTch ''T ?'? ThMB*0c7t"1 th* 'Station * ehu,oh Mr J?nj*s W r ???,?. "??*'<* churoh Brooklyn Theological Imlltutlon^' <?.r'0ei1' Nawton call toCoome thi p"nor0AVarPl'l * un*n,??"? ?n<l society in Dor<vh?iat*r ??Pti?t Ohutoh aSSSS? _ Tbr*lrl??li. a s *,v: j ^oDDmlUbiot^bU pfe!*"' a?d"''? j ?". lubUg,,. b?C.UM lit~ k" "V"^ dr,'tt ?*??? T?.v:?f 1 Captain JKoinn fio 8?ntlii*o?, f Mr 8t?rqu? ?? J <3 u' tlon of* T-' r.'uKaVrJSr 1 ?wi?i "pro m.n*. ho??*?forU?? pMt'mo^h .'iT* ,"u"h ? wntrd to.Borrow.wnS., A. ,h? h b" pr*" ??> baUrrirounot l.rlnKfn? tbt-lrohu i. ? Koriieoun (pactao!. nreiinua ?? i. wi? a 10 th'? he manager h..V/d. llJ ^,n< "th 1,.wq. ?t. ?" ?<to h?,. The ii. w farr? o| ' I'uk?r " win*?1 ,e? 0 cloo:t' ' ? ?'rtai omenta ? Da vij|?? 8h?. mT ? the ?4?ta. Cap,,, ^Lar^'Uh',a' narrow et.nh,'# confuu o/'thi ??U"!alt,ot , far t0" " Indiana et ciih-i vHulMyiil* o'" ?1 ?? Catarina.'' will' J th" ballet ??l?t elm.. 1, mnijUut to p"r IU*t"5"1 fh? boofo, fcf. Without ?xi-..n(io? . OTer"owinif I t an M. KoudM it rn.t in 1 , * ^'"ntod lastly ?"? "l'P"-'r*4 in Ui in , Itv "I '"r^T1'1' iiit-ri'lj to repeat ?hai Wt. ,T., . ,'or .u,tr"i"'p ?"? h*v# ?n.-it Kr.c..ul ?i?u.7lu?VnV k r",d""d ?h-l,th. ??*n in (hn olty aH 4in>ci.? w? t?v? ?r*r cour-e.'wiii j'r.w' th. "?/t luTl' anim '"i*i "n\"hl(!h. ?* ??pcctubl* an,] jM,bi..n*t,u rici! ?** 0f h,'",1y f mottow ,v,nin< jjjrtoa j, * "\.U '?"?"""ii for to vrx "Xi^iZ^Tr *^5 I fc? cajt nt oh.r*pt,r, eni, R , '' r''"llllfM. iTrrist J?v*r wuhth,n,w..fc;o J'?/tr4;x% ",11 kee < U'?Ji?Tn 'c!l1*mfn^r< ,0^ ,h* V*a ??trnlr., Tl.? 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H *, i-?i,.?." UfcW p?rfo10,?^ on'-.SA;^ pr** i! th% tbtktrt* it flown ?PP-?i-uc- .t tli* A :11,1b! Tl* *' '? v M * > 1 T>i . ,j ? , - ?'? c-lui . l-r^-1-, -ih" ThV.-.V "f iwwn* 5,04 Pt,a""' M !t *J'? "i'V l/ 'b !'*? iimi or Thin ??K!> i>i v j*or.?lt;^ty r"pu:*r Crowi. .. "1 1V II ?tU kil irfri hi/My ,|. Miiht iI .hii .1 " brilliant ,ii? ialtea/il.^bT.*' iZ | P.rfJr |B 1 1 0* i <? MtlTiat'ioa. Thrj inn' ?nr-'.VuX !'V " r ta .a, jmr.t fur to niorru* , ?,bIOr. biaofaa. jV:; , ;j.L,;,v.v. Tr.j,*:.? lM?b.i?i ai,i an.ii.rl. . in , . ? 1 * ,H '' lt". ?' 1 "?? ? r ?' I'oi ucai ?rwkr^nra'r/Ii" u ' ??VtoJi7?Vi2SKet V Mr- k '*i??p 'i. i v 'Mi t 5Hn??r*li- by ihr r ?? , . , . , ' . Th' (nH.'s |J1W PO*^f ,, tb. hl , Aii 'u'mi ? lll inln?l < I ,v , t T'l ;|m? of t.r. .n rcu^L^i, .?;?? ,^fu"krnf' r0i^r- ?' ? a? niin^i Cur-ac a trtm J*l> ' ?tr,? t?ra U, ^ at a. 1,-j |? kU 0.,1 ,'h*/ .l'bV l>.o\ N*I"> lt 0 1 '? W,n ijMto J-hS .V & u"rV. P?rV?' Vh.t? ' Ilnr. ? "'trbill. Th - , u Dntcilnt kra?oia Ili-rtU N?w Vnrii, j.b j iiil ?? roller Ir.tvl'tjfenee. .* i ? > ?? ft-- 1 A.'n- Mr Oao*/* *l?l yaa I iba , ndr|>M)i!rnt p< ?lOf. . c f J#J ywrhy ii a- ? a iusi'ifi- frr-a KlfUtii by th? atur "t 1 Afit V< ?r a Orrtii?n > Ma ?|f? ftrid I'tiriitn, wt.a rtanj ciiartfl ?ith ? t id ntelir. iillmlnM ?ii?ar *p<?oa? ladlaa and jaab ?It J, In Itl at ?* ? ral thoura . d .<>i|ar< 'ha pro ( . ; ? at \ r It- tt.lwal tt*| ta I. 0 1"K I ? ?4iwlkw r?. t.? *?? I '??ran i to Bif-n. . . . . '.I* ?Iftfn.i.i ,oi I io, I.. ?Mtl th? a*>-uae<l )? miant' 1> i?aftiibad <nd i lmj ?t?'l iT f t7 r?d . t hl? arr?M. f hi ??ra?l I* rap-a HiifJ t? lUfl >!?<? ? N'Mt In tha *?r*tr? of Mr l!?r?- :,No 41 RtfWl r(ua.-? I tadoa an ] Ul wit# N;,1! ij'vlllnhci'.r.Ui 1 14 ?b? aK? n ?? of tha Ml1; ? -"i.t tba naron i of Au*u?t ba.*li<()afk <1 up ttea ir-arw-t nrji, i*w,ry >n jaaa tfc>a. and J?t? th- Mi'CIom for tb* 1'a'ta-t ?{??*?. brlav ; 'a* ttea >a' i?l.|. ? al >? Th* tutor nation ul taa f ?? baty a* i thai* dapartara f \r tbla ?ouvry wa? ona* vo'lr halt aa tod al>rmii"i r?r?*v-ran-a fc* wrmali'd that tna ??? *ng*?ad M Nurd "lb# ? r*;o?Up Kniplta t'lty ?? ???"tat I Aai-iri u . lj. l a wta tat' n lato r iKtoljr, an 1 on hU parnoo w.t? fruad a fold waltfi iotf ??poa#B:; a?? *',iy will tha lua f.t l.-rih lr tta r*t'\'*v\rn' r'i t la tba |>oata*al< a of tba wtfa anotti- r wa'-b w?? bail al?o r*MBM Cnrar rin<t? an I atb*r plopar t) ?-! 1 to ba Um|I?om4ii irt u* mlrty Tn???fu' d |.?n ?? *? . v nr. j?d fcafotw Jiiatlra Oahorn wb-, aaaMittad thrm tv I b- T<m be fir * fur' bar bMHnf. m Mi Itutfk-' *t*4 !>?? ?- ? Ob a*! <!?? tart. a ba? pre'aa'ad a ahrrk at I fpm * ?>: 'ha ftutehat* aai I>ror*rt Haak. It th' l.osavv. p irpott iig to b? dr?? n by R M P4I of N ? >:<> I! * ??-? 'or tb? arm <A tiftO. "bf cb??* *?? ^a t tta iiallf, and It ??)> a?b?a |>:aat!t M bt t " ?TI,'rT II, baa'd lu l a tito I ? ^ ? tt ol tka r?urth war.l nollea. tbat ? M?a at? Im m th* rr.ra-'r at ( bath^ra %e l N'rtfc WlllittB ?traa?? and hl-> ttm ( t haf t to (i ?<? t'i? batk and f?t th* mi' i*y rro?la ; Ian tc |lv* bin a il >Har for bta tro . I*. Thahojrwt t aailllaC'd. and oa Ma tat*rm trtth tba m,n? tfl'h ala?a d-a'anati d b* tb? ma a tea fm.^d M? i,, iraMlnf. The*. "lay -?*a *iT<n bin an* lattaM "T *,?m? t?ia boy a ilotlar. Isa onljr n a hlir. a tan c?at ;>i?e? ?n | want oft lmB??dl*ta|y ?lnra wb'ch Mma tte* ro<?a tea* ??0*p i th?r"tla* Mr Fall tea* Vaaa ?ho*? ;te?<'barh. bp I proBi nno^a It a for?;*ry ?ff t Mtn't tip -k '!(???? took |>(?<?? o? Prfday *:ta*noon In Mnltarry atfa*t l a' Wf-aa two aiaa by th? namaa of Jr-ba l?*?n?han an I Ml-Mal P1rt?a ??d la I tb? eor.tllrt t ranabaa a?l*ad IM-.lnalrtb* nnl-rllp and bit it off. Tba polio* ??r? <?all? I in. a?: > PHr'n* plak?4 up b'a (Irta b^d llf. flxci- l (t la a t noiM *r of li'ltiaf. BBd ??'.>?* nt it alas* to tb" t?"llo? m?bm ia ori.'ar la <*hlbtt to tba mivflatrata tlM* ttlaalif tba lajvty. OBIrar Naatk ?rr?ata l t.raraoan. and Ja?tlea (>#?' ra eomir ItWd fc'm to prlann f r ??? "'I Kr'nra ff a F?t>h>* Sr?'" ? ? OIII*ar Balpb Pat tar?ra r*ti'*B?d yratarday frr m Fr?t -n hi?int In rhaaga a t^bpk man b? th? r>?"na ot Rohart H OfltM, ?teo ttanda lnJI"t?d on a chi-*? of r'and larrany, ba*k>t brokan opaa a ?!?"*. la th? prlatiif > fSaa No t? <>a?d atra.t ?aJ atolra tharaftom It Dwtnlr?i M tba j?rt?p?rty ?< *lr #>Altav4 Tm rora*. affar ft >alla? Ik* tr?na?. a.raoa l t-oia tba elty and ?ant tfl Ttf.?t.'B wbara ha ?raa takaa lato ?a*tody at d ya?tatrta? I ha piti-onar wa? br'-ofht tothlaal'r m a ra<jni?itl a lr?a? tba Ooraritor, and waa anra mlttait by iaatlra Oabarn to prlain t.<f trial r>wf ^ Ww|fciir <?tio?raiat?oaal4, o? tha Fenrth ward, arraatad, jaatarday ayotmu man by tba naita of 9rmc? far|oa?n, on a ctearf e of t attrtaf ttea Avail ins house No. 90 Madiaea atreet, oocupied by Mr. Jobn Goodwin, and atealin^ therefrom $188 in money, ?ad various article* of jewelry. valued at >25 Tae prisoner is charged with eatertag the room with a falee key On Bttuidij lut It Mam*, ha wai imn to So up atair* and aoon after, on the return of Mm. 00 J win, the property was iniaaed. None of tb* pro perty wu found on the prisoner The magistrate committed him to priaon to aaawer the chance Charge of Roiltry Office ra Reeree. SuUivaa. nnj Duffy, arrested, on Friday night, three>allora, seam. -a on bo%rd of the I'aited State* ahip Constitution by the names of William Hamilton. William Anderson aal Mathsw HoLaoahUn. on a eharga of violently beating a negro called .lame* U Dunbar, also a saUor on b >arl eald ahip, with a bottle aad mallet, iafllcliug eevortl daageioua wound* on the head, breaking his jaw. aa t poaelbly fraoturlng his head. At thatamr time it wai alleged they stole *33 from the negro'e pooket. The evidence elicited butorothe magistrate showed that an Old grudge existed against the negro who was aceiiaM SifiSSr1.?**1!!!' th-m on board the ahip to the obtained the mallet from a gro cery atore in Koaevelt atreet nearby where the riolenoo wae perpetrated. At tbe time Hamilton took the mal let. he rated to tbe clatk in the store that he lateaded beat the negro; and when he returned the malut t.> tbe atore. he etnlalaed, " I re cooked him 1 meaning, aa tbe clerk supposed, the ne-^ro j>n,u.. -the mallet when it was returned Anderson wan se*otu asmnit the negro with a heary bottle, and between the tbioe or four men on him. tbe poor negro was almost killed ; aalti? but little bope ia entertained or hie t eeerere. Ha vae conveyed to the City Hospital where he remain* If a aenitelr** condition The acoured p?r tiee were ooaeryed before Justice Osbora, who com mitted them to prieoa for trial. C* Gtfi IMsr,,.- Offleer Kiley, of 1 Be , TntirsdaT n**ht a ua> < called BarimH T>oley. on a charge ,x <y n-uiif ing Andrew Qulaa, residing at 87 Oeiar atreet. ay Knocking him down in the public street, and R'eaiiof Item his perron $lf. It *r*ma that '^ulan was walk ing along Orange street on Thursday ninht when be was s nd'lenly tilpped up Irmn behind by Doley, #h? stiuck blm violently several blow" while he *?< o j the ground, anil iiy iorce mole from his posket tbe money, aa above stated. Tb* accused ivas oonveyed befnrw Jn-tice 0. b >ri, who committed hiin to prison tor trial. Chatgi *f Skaling Clothing. A man called latuec IVggan, was arresti'd. vwsterday, aa suspicion of braakinr open a trunk and at. a inj therefrom a nu-?a tlty of clothing, valued at $100. the property of Jobs Tracy. Justice Osborn detained tbe accused for a fur ther hearing Court of (itneral St-aelwna. Befoie tbo Ueuorder anl Aideruea ? rauklin aad Droley . F t n 7. ? Attempt to attain Mimry on a Fern ? ' Onl*r. A man aamcd Oavid Crawley wbo ha* alr??iy reived cne t?rm iu tl.e gta'e prison, tor f,>rgary. ? a< thie moriiinn placed ou trial, rharged with forgery la ii? second degree, iu en Jeitvoriug to obtain %'io troiu Ir. Henry J Mevir. of tl>? rorner n( He. for an 1 West streets, in the mouth of Octwher last It ayp?*re4 Inm the evidence, that Criwley m- t a bay Iu the ptrect nnd sent blm to Mr. Slyer* atore with the order alleged to he * f rgt ry Jchn Pcbrodt-r. a toy IS year* of age. bMn( s ?v>iu, teetitli'd s.? follows -I live at 400 Wn-hlnrton atr-et; I whs gointc up Weat atreet laat Oct.<b?r a>>J m?t th? prisoner who naked m? If I wanted a j >b. I toiJ uiua 1 did not mmd xnd he gave tneaten cr?ot pi-ci*, ti# th'n l>an<ied me ;t co'e aud <equest*d me t > t?k ? 't (? Mr M yer at tbe oorner of Ki-ctcr ?nl '.Vest st-eet* C went thcie, and Mr Meyer was uot in lwintba:ate <!r*wley and told, him the uian *<< n?t In; b? then tolt! me to go back aa j wait till he camv In aa I Im would give nic a fhll, ing. I t.i-n weut bick aaJ Ur. Mey?r gave m? an env lope, with * pieoe ot pap*ria side I irtnt bank Hud gave thla to Crawloy ant jn?t th-n he wik ar't ?ted Tte pa p**r whi. h the bov 8chro l?r took t'l Mr. Meye*. ??s then put in evidence by tbe Dittrl:t A't?r< Ley. It n ad* as toliows : ? "Mr Ilenry J Meyer? Pl??ae li urt rm!> t#eiity er twenty. five d l'.*r< *intt evening and I ? ill full on vou and r-'nrnth" mm I ?1?V? bt?n buvnu liquors and aai $'i.i eh^rt; aal oblige JQHN HARKISON. Northern Hotel Corner nf Vx^taul Ovurtlaad Miaets " Tbl? n?der ?a? directed t > Heury J. Meyer, 09ruer it It??tor aad Wrst etr?et-i Carhifn K Meyer the brotLer of If J. Miy<r, tM i. fled to tk* ta;t <<f the boy coming to th? etor ? wi:h t'te r rder. II te brother waa not in at the time, and he t id tte boy to comi' b*'-k in half an honr o'ib" hte I'ro'her ceiiio In and witLe*- .bowed him th? oi.t >r. rta'lr.gat the rtm-'ime that h-* b'listsd it i ? tie a lorg<iy They therefor- determined to <iv?t'j? bay hi envJ"pe poatatelnir a ple?? of bU' * ai d to follow bliu wli-n tie I -ft tbe a'ore Wltneas foUawaA the lid. mi I ehen h-- <???' th? envelope to t ti pri- air. be asked. ' I* ;hi? tbe man who gar* you ' h- ??<<*( *?' Tie boj t?p!lej tbat It was Mr Mey-t i , ?? a >?-a urested I. mi. M'. Jolm llarrlsnn proprietor of the Nartv?r-> 1 1 ?1 corner ot OiuirU.iid and West Streota, apji'i--!, 1 1: d t ? t Mfii d t bat the order w?s a f'irger v No def. nee wa* tun (e. e?, 1 the jury r lame 1 * tv diet of guil'y without leav :n ' their seat* T i ? Oo irt ?? ntenced t'ie prl?rn<r to the State prl>>u lor taut jears and six months, ?"f ('?"> C'Aergei/ i nth ft Mi'ef k ? ?RUfc. ??d M Ctapuian vi* called up >n t,> l- end hi u ill *r* t>?c. a charge ofgr adUrceny Infel'iii' ui'.t.idag t'.ti'fcn Tboo. as K ran* his vtcp'. >yer, on. or an 'he I rt d i v (,t )j .-mb-r ISIs' Fro a tki rr.dii -of Mr Rli hiM J K \ * ns It nppearel th%' t'-1 ?? ? i? >bi ? los?d b^ M- Tho*,*? Rvans witn?tt'. ? 'i*r. ab<?' t a y??r age last decern he . an 1 remained i i t :?e e?) li ymeat of the Arm fir M?te tb?| t far. v' <t he lett Mr Kvan? ha I missed ra a?_' aid *? !??? i* picH>*i reeled on Cbapu>?n. ib > ??* a' -orl oglf ar repred end ut i^r pr.>slr<sol |avor. made con* ??!>? that to had tahen moaey from Mr R?ans II' J.ilfl )e? i < Kvatie thk'. he had f ii?i la the liow?r7 " iVlage hhtk ai d Bveonipsiiled Mr K. to t'li' 'a<t,'uUna. vb're it aas ' und'hat h? had such l?| mI' Ii lib fa v r lie >aid he hs 1 ;oet bis baik bO">l| in I tKun t ir* nave aa order to Mr K sns on the l.nk tor tl.e a aeuat i t :i c ,.ey '.bi-h be ba > tbere TU>4 ?! f?r - called a ? i B her i t witnr*,es to pr< v* a g< od cht-j.-'ee ? r tH-e accaeed ; *tid tb* prison* r'< counsil a* -usd ti Ihe iurv tbe' tb?y bad ro tt -timcn/ to e< nvi"t his oil- at ot crsadNreeay: that If tley roavioted him at all. I: could oai.r hi* tor petit larr,?!iy Tb ? jury r?tara?a a v> rill t of gi.ilty ef petit, larceny only, aad r?o>>;? inrfd. d him to th- meny of the Court- Tbe p:i- -net ?*>r m<nd"il tor senienne 1 ii h Tkrfi ~A man mm* I I'etsr D, 1' it tils morning pleaded gall '.r to *n Indlctmant, earning blm wl'li th* tilth "f .tanntry, HileB jewel' ?. *ilv*r a are. n ad Other valua lies w .flh ll> *11 $1-8 frotn.ltne Patker r' 54 'Vest lironlway. TI e jKiiffr'T was found a* 1 M ^hurch street w':??s It l.a ' aoea left by the prieocer Tb* eourt seat mm to t iie S ate priso'i for t?o y esr* .a.titewi' mf Kuhn-i 'f < This young ra'B, * bo wa- yesterday '?oaricte-l ot P' tit larceny, in stool l.siB"fiey ft-i m bis em ploy - Mr vaao. ' d? <'s:aa. r ic s?t-sf * ?s this morning settenred to t*l?ctty puaon tot ttirev siontb*. II rook I) ti Cltf IntelHtfriiWr. T. (l liUk VI Ri'rtWI'MI i ?> n iNt <i Bl?* ?? ? 1 ? j . mho* Au ?i?*i t??*. ? On ? rlilaf i <?? ? tin* Hoir4 iu-t by ? ij"iir nm?ni ?ti-n th* cos i! Wn *o whr u th? ia-?(ioB tu r*f*rr?-d w*f* U l.aro r*pnrtrd on th* ? i<nt?rlt>ltty vf t h* Al )*rm?n o< It ? n-nt nd ela*? who rU.,n ta-tr ? an ui1?r tht n*W ,< y r Th* wh?i|* mi'.i'r hiw?rfr, iMt a? utri|<?rM tirn by Mr froo** (whi ha? t*k?n ?? ir'l?? \* I lii c>. position to In# Atl*rn>-n. it?rTio< ? nM th?Bi b? lb- y Vr- 1 t!> ? to^ji wt.b ? c >i if mi raW mud' by th* riufttam* Oonrt In * mw, la (' Ml nr? rl ? | .? uaf tnfa. by th* p?opl* ajflaat t'rni ? * wtlch fh*y (Hi- All?'in.n of th* rt?M, lallTlJually n-<n ar* e-d?r*d to afc->w, oa tki 1 T i b t ?taBt by wha' rip h*. *h y cla iu to act ?? ? i par t . >?, he and nr.- tn tha ra^anttM*. tro? ?- Mrn a> <n-h Tit* <li?r j' -d p |t?t l? thai rrt*rr?i t* th? dHlfkn f>l 1 b* Oi-"* Riot at k D?m it.- A-ia* rl|V o* Bin* p?wo< w*r? rb*'x*<' en rrl.lny. bafoi ? Mr. )w?l?* J. C Smith, ? i*b m IU? nrh?iipi> ml rW ??. * i*,ti?*. al th ? old Pl*ih W"?rd HpW Pf-IOc pUNt and h?lJ la rac fat ?ann ? to appear oa Man! a jr. fiM'iii -Bui Th* anaunl 1 -all for th? b*a*Ht of I ha hru'lWB Ptra t>rp*r'm*nt fund, took pla'f la*t V ? dn*?d*\ f?, nt jf (t th* Mmitfgua llall. tbf ??a di n* IWM df ahioh w*r* littrally nio#j ?d. hut tha abl* B?an*?*si*Bt **<r?ii?#1 anatlad all to par!lrlp?ta tn tbalr tall luaanur* o( aajnym*Bt. ll*?l l*? <b? l*?l in* aiamb*r* of th* d*p ariuitot a*?rly alt th? al l*r nii-i T*ra pra?*n? a? w?-r* 0*a*ial D jry??. 0 'foa?f Pall. ki> lii? a it m r ao*. l-a? than t?n h..J Jr*"l Th' au>l' a u 4 > j p o- r ??t? ua?ir?9''"aa b>. Ti.?fund? ra ??d by lh? ?ab?er,pMoq ar? t < ha ij.wt*' to thpnii of th* wl Um ?n1 ?rphaa? *f (fi)ru Sri m a Tm ft> ,l?. iit? ? ThU prop?ll#r l? a?? la th* dry docli, ab. ?t to b?*.' h#r p?*ibp? pot la II f?un4 to f.hlit oaa of th* ia??t? rbi*h op*raii?a th" ?< rhai*a ara now an|TM*d ayoa. A hoard ot tm Klnrtr fiom W*?htnitoti now ?t ihi-Nary Yard, ha fa ltt?p*rt?d an I appror*d th* ?na*hla?ry, Iba. f?. unoi Cr**' ? Tb* lollowim l? th* f hoil p*n?aa of tbaclty of Rroohl-a lar/tha y?ar IHW. rMo? tha ? nun -r .1 rlii; Ir-n f>-lw?.n Ih* mm ol5 and H ywara, t.> fhf 3lrt !>*<? laH | Whll* *nd frlorad '22 OM fviorni ?hll<lr*n 4M tumbvr of prlratf schaolf ? / ?r*K* ntt*n??aca IW Tbl* fhow* an lo^raa** of 4 MO la two ywara, or a?ar ly M p*rf*?l WHhln th* pvt y*r 70 p-rf?n? vara *\*nin*d. anil rar*lf?d llo*a*a* to t?a4h. oaa In aaofc fifth* rriihan fi-hool*, and tha otU*m la th* public trbool* of th* city. i n wr??rair TwtwtT rt?r f!' wr Pia<*a? - Jaia*f aai Klly?b?th Law* on wrra, on thurfday la at. e?m?tttf4 tirlHlirw iilt*mptlB< lo pa?* eo?nt..rf*U m >n*y, Tbry ?r I ~at*il to b# woThlni la ooa*wrl Tha nan at I. raptad to |-af? <>?* and ?*r*n othofa w-ra found la V. ? wi mm ? po?ffffl n A' m i xt unit CiMftira* k ft^ra In MTTttaar*BBB. BtM (Itilrti Mr* at, ?ra?, nnThnrMiy night ?at oa flr? , by a o ?n i'b a* lump b'lrattoB Tha Br* ati Bpaaddf ? mtlngultlifd by tt a 1th w?rd p?H,-? Damiatlc Nl?rrilaafi Tha ctg ?a*d by tu-pbaa Uhard during hi? Ht?Ai?a, w?- le d la Philad*lphla at an*tMa. oa thatth laat ttf th? flahty Ha* a*mbwr* of th* WU^atifta l.aelAp lu-a. bow la aamloa. thirty ?hr*a art aalWaa o i Iht htatt of Maw Torh.

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