Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. **?? : % ? ? . .. - - 1 ?-% WHOLE NO. 6088. MORNING EDITION ? THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS BT TELEGRAPH HIGHLY INTERESTING. Til LIEUT. GENERALSHIP IN TH1 SENATE. Defeat of the Bill for the Support of the Insane. the rvBLic raiiim in thi house. BILL TO INDEMNIFY MR. RITCHIE. Bill ti Provide for the Election of a United States Senator in New York. MR. BBEKMAN'S POSITION. Trial of Ex-Governor Henderson. fflPOETANT LETTER FROM flEl. HOVSTOT. ANOTHER FATAL ITEAMBOAT DISASTER. ftec?ptloa of Jenny Llnd la !Uw Orleans, See., fcc., fco. VIURTT-riBIT COM OR KB K, (ICONS SESSION. BtntU. ?V MOKAK's mab.vktic tilssraph, office, corner or imtu aj?d hikoth street*. Washixjton, Feb. 13, 1861. ARMY imiU. A communication wee reoelred from the Tu De partment, enolosing oopiea o f the Army Register, and the prooredlngs o I the court martial hold at Llttlo Hook upon the military storekeeper. ANTI-rUGITITE LAW PETITIONS. Meeare Hamlin and Chah preaented petitions tot tho repeal of the fugitive elate law. Laid oa the table. Mr. Cooper presented ten petition! from Pennaylra i ia, lor a modification of the tariff. Till FUTt'RE HOl'R OK MEETING, Mr. Backer's resolution, that the Senate meat at 11 o'clock daily, was taken up. Mr. Bwinu would be in favor of the resolution, If the Senate oo aid be got together at that hoar. He at tended daily at 13, and the Senate never aaaembled until half past. Mr. Badokk ? The present hoar U 12, uj tb? Senate DNti at half put. Change the hour to II, and the B?mU will meet at hail pest? thus one hoar is gained. Mr. Ewino thought It bettor to Ix the hour, and meet at that hour punctually. Mr. Halk wai opposed to the reiolution, because it was baaed on false pretences. It waa telling the ooun try that the Senate met at 11 o'elock, when the Senate did ae auch thing. Uo dealred to aot honeatly. The reaolutlon waa rejected? ayea 20, noea 24. Lanu roa the at. rrouT or the ijramk. The hill granting ten milllona of aorea of land for the relief and aupport of the Indigent insane, waa put on ita paaaage and carried -yeas 35, naja 16. TUB LICrTKIfAKT <l*m*ALSHir . Mr. Shiklus moved. and Senate took up the joint resolution authorising the P resident to oonfer the rank of Lieutenant General, by Brevet only, for meritorious aarvloec. Mr. Atimicois. aa a test toU. moved it to be laid on the table ? Lost ? yeae 23, nay a 2U ViAi-Mairi. Atchison. Borland, HradLurjr, Cass, Cjase, Joha Davis, Jt fletson Davis, Dowas, F<iob, Qwin, Hale, Bawlia, Hoastea, Jones, Kin*. N orris. Rntk, Spru*aco, 3tar?eon,Tuiae j, Wales, Walker, and Y?U?. Nats? Messrs. Badger. Baldwin, Bell, Benton, Bevrlen, Butler, Clark, Clay, coper, Dawson, Dirts, Dodge, of H isceasin; Dfcdss, of Iowa, twins, Greene, llunter. Mason, MUlsr, Pearee, Phsips, Pratt, Khett, Seward. Sudds, Smua, So a Is. tln<*er*ood, and Uphats Mr. Ham lin voted to lay the resolution on the table, because Coogrees, when th? artuy was engaged In actual war, refused several times to areata this office. He could see no cause why the rank should be con ferred now. in time of peace, and would vote against the resolution. Mr. I'iiktt would veto for the resolution, on the ground of the meritorious service of Gen Scott, who was ths only victorious leader of the army la Mexico who obtained no brevet. Mr. Atchison would vote sgalnst the resolution. Congrees has given thanks to General Scott -has glrea him all the reward possible lie is now Commander in-Chief, and notnlug can be added to his tame or {owsr by this rank of Lieut. General, which will be ut emptv honor. The- creation of this office would be but ths Opening wedge to other offices. Already propositions hare b-en made for new naval ranks Admirals of Blue and Bed. The next will be for the 1 rank of Field Marshal. Mr.Tt'ansT op post J the resolution, as conferring | unneoersary rank Mr Bl tl? a wool J vote for the resolution, believing that General Scott had won the honor by his historical reputation in the Mexican war lie would not hare ; conferred the honor uyon him berore that war but he i has. by his brilliant services in that campaign, won the honor Mr. Male oppoeed the reeolutlon He did not think j that any neoesaity existed far creating this rauk. Gea. loott was now a Major General, ana It was pro posed te make him a Lieutenant Geaeral. It was un derstood that the rank of a Major wa? higher than j that of a Lieutenant and perhaps tt a unsophisticated might (oppose that Gen Scott's tank was to bs cut 1 down Mr H. would suggest to the Meads of Gen. Scott to be on the look out ; these wsre days of com promise, and this might be a compr <mise by which Gea Bcodt, In eonsideratioa Of receiving the rank of Lieutenant General, Is t c resign forever all pretensions to the rank of Commander in-Chief lie thought this wonld be a precedent tor ao Increased grade of rank la the army an <1 nary. Us gave Gen Scott a hub char acter for his meritorious, glorleu*. and brilliant 1 achievements. That lame could not be Insreased or j diminished by any legislation of the country. Ths fams of Scott would live for ever In the history of his deeds, while ths isglslation ol the Senate would bs for gotten. Boms years ago. the Senate pieced on its re- 1 oord n resolution disparaging a hero aud statesman, tGea. Jsckson| Aaother Jennie ordered blaok lines to surround the resolution The fem? and history ol that man lives etlll, and will lire forerer, wbils ths fame of the Senate's resolution, and tbe blank lines around tt on the rooordsJart forgotten by nearly all He would advise the friends ot Gen. Scott to vote this re lolntien down. Mr. Clav would have preferred a silent vote. The veeelatioa names ne Individual upon whom the rank Is to be conferred Nothing in the resolution indicates nay particular individual for the office. During the reeent war, the creation ot tbe rank et Lieut Gen was reeommeaded te (Congress, sad attar receiving the approval of the other House, was rejected by the Senate Tbe eases were not parallel, when, as now. It was understood that the rauk was lo be conferred on a particular Individual. Without expressing any opinion on tbe merlta of the Individual, then suggested be would say that that person had never deeerved the office by great, gallant and meritorious services In battle, as was required by this resolution. Honors are mors appreciated by military m?n than pay ^ and whsa thsv deserve them, hewould confer them frselv; ? lor such conduct and deeds ae Gensral Anott's be would cheerfully confer the rai k of Field Marshal. Nor did be see aay daager or Impropriety In ereatlag Additional rank In the naval ssrvise Mr J otin Dttis bad votsd to lay the rssolutloa on the table but. as It was placed on t be ground of com pliment to Geaeral Scott, be would vote for it Mr Hai.k said that the vistorles during the last war with Great Brltan, on the northern lakes, had bean achieved without admirals covered with British gewgaws Onr officers had no such rank In antlclpa iwn; yst tbsy oonqured the British admirals, our officers and soldiers who were tarefooted during ths I revolution, desired no such rank ic stimulate them. ! hut want through the war without the reek, an 1 aow, si tlms of peace, there was uo necessity for It. Mr St wash considered ther* was a prenedeat for this la fast history The resords of legislation -how -hat our aoldlers, offisers and men, naval and military, bad always been voted thanks ssor-ls metal" an I honors, for distinguished services lis thought the tlms had come when the heto of the Mutism eir and ths coaqusror of Mexico, shout J receive this acknowledgment. Senators were wlillrg to vote medals, swords, and thanks, but not this r*nk He thought Omeral Scott eminently entitled to the on is. He bad arblevsd a llsUostlon in mill ary history, ua Juiown before- be had carried war to the gat?s of M?vxlco conquered the country and effected a pec? Having done this, be was suMiendad ""in his com mend the army was placed under another "fficst and he returned to hisoountry under an Implied esns ire Jf the government Mr Foots said of course, tbe remark of ths ??na-nf ^om Me? Fork wers calculated tc l.f at the res.jiu k?a Mr S*w?sn thanked tbe Senator fot h's advl- ? lie hoagbt that Oea. Seodt, for dl Mueatshed servicse. i ad uader sll Circumstances, had *? rt?d thi? ne loaal distinction Ue saw no injury to result iv>m his It ? as objseted that it this rank b? now con erred, it will beeeme a permanent rai.k In the armv s Ic thought that this was a matter tor 'at ire d- -islnn. end sheuld be left to future legt<la*ore to settle it I Mr. Veeva would support th- resolution It ?t in reass of emolument was to lolloe Me rep ,el H ,?het he fonsi'lered as Inusndo by Mr feiir-ird cgaiasf he admlnletratlon of President Polk 1? ar -mint of he Court of Inquiry apt a Gen S>eU Mr. Amsam 4lMUUB*d any attempt Is <|uefi?->? the oonduot of Mr Poik's adminlrtratlon. Tke oomolalats against Gen Boott otme (r?a til* etmp Th* adminis tration tu innmiIIt compelled to notloe them II* would be sorry to make any attack on the person who was then B**r*tary ot War, for Mr. Mare/ was an able man, and was hla personal friend. Mr. Foot* asked, If no attack was Intended, wbv the appeal was mad* to the sympathies on acoount or the way In whloh On. Beett was treated t Ha would vot* for the reeolntion. Be obbserred that a precedent had be?n established In the person of Qen. Washing ton, when the F reach war was anticipated. II* wonld rather ereate the office now than in time of war. I D* was one ?>( the unfortunate democrats who did not appro** of the proposition to make a LUutanant dene ral during the Mexican war. Hia reasons might hava been personal out* ; but he beli*v*d that tk* appoint ment, at that tlm*, of the individual propo*edL and ??ndlag him out to command Major Generals ia Mexi co, would hav* resulted la Injury to th* servloe. If b* had beea appointed, th* brilliant vlotoriee whloh fallowed would n*v*r have occurred. How oouldtho** who supported the propoaitlon then, to send out aa Lieutenant General one who waa not of the American %uuy|refnae t* support tbla proposition ? .Th Boi'ulss would vote for the resolution ; bnt ^otfld prefer that it provided for the appointment of Q*n. Scott now, and when the ofHca become* vacant it shall remain so till the President shall have tlm* to se loot frcm the arm; and citizen aoldiers th* proper man Ufbe Lieutenant General. Ool. Jtrr Davis followed In opposition totharaa* lutlon. He was opposed to all brevet appointments, particularly this. d?n Boott received no brevet, be cause hi* rank waa th* highest. He questioned th* unqualified declaration* that Q*n*ral Boott1* services were ur>| a ral 1*1* d. He questioned also whether h* was the conqueror of Mexioo. Gen Worth and Quit man received ao brevet*, beoaua* they war* Major General*. Mr. Foote replied, vindicating General Boott, aa acknowledged by all th* world as th* h*ro ol th* Mexican war Mr. Davis rejoined. Mi. Footk replied. Mr Houston opposed th* r**olutlon. H* thought the grad* unnecessary at thl* tlm*. Messrs. Borland and Bhadbcbv opposed the r*aolu> tion. The qneation of *ngros*m*nt waa th*n taken, and carried. Yeas 32, naya 30. T aa.h ? Meier*. Badger, Baldwin, Bell, Benton, Berrien, Butler, Clay, Clerks, Cooper, Jao. Dsvis, Dawsea, Dayton; Dodge, Wis.: Dodge, lowaj Douglas, Foote, Oreene, Hunter, Mason. Miller, Morton, Pearoe, Pratt, Rhett, Seward, Shield?, Smith, Sentence, Underwood. Upnsm, and Walts. Navs? Messrs. Atvbisoa, Borland, Bradbury, Bright, Chase, Jefferson Davis, Downee, Feloh, Gwia, Hale, Hamlin, Houston, Jones, King, Norris, Rask, Sturgeon, Turaey, Walker, and Wkitcomb. Th* B*nat* thereupon adjouraed. Horn* off RtpitientottTti. BY bain's electro-chemical lMR* Washington, Keb. M, 1851. THE H'll Lie FRINTtNO -REUEF WANTED FAR MR. RITCHIE. Mr. McWillic, (dem ) of Mississippi, rocs to make a report from the Committee Printing, tor the relief of Thomas Ritchie, la relation to the puMlo printing. Mr. Bear, (dem.) of South Carolina, raised a point of order, that, under the rulea of the House, the gen tlemen" could no) make the report aa a privileged question. The BrcARER overruled the point, on the ground that the twenty-first rule explioltly provide* that it shall be in order lor the committee to report, at an/ time. Mr. Burt asked if it was not for the House to decide whether It wsa a question of privilege ? The Sfeaeea repeated that it was the privilege of the committee to report on any subjeot whioh was legiti mately beiore it. Mr. Burt appealed from the deoisicn of the Speaker. The resolution of Mr. MeWlUie was read. It was en titled " For the Relief of Thomas Ritchie;" but In the body of it, waa " releasing William M. Belt from the terms of his (Belt's) contract; allowing compensation for the printiog already done, at one-half tbe price* allowed by the resolution of 1819, and conferring on the ?lerki of the two houses the power of dlreotlng the manner ol executing the public printing, and provid ing against negligence or dalay on the part of the pre sent printers.'* Mr. Stctihs (whig), of Pennsylvania- That can't be the memorial referred to by tbe Committee That was for tke relief of Mr. Ritchie, this resolution re fers to a man named Beli. (Laughter) , BrxaRxa? This is the memorial. Mr. MiLank (dem), of Maryland, asked whether just such a report was not made at the last seieion of Congress. The 8r?.A*ER replied? Tee. but there was no point of order raited, or decision of the question. Mr B< at? I am happy to hear the Ohair on a point of order. I should reply to the Chair it debate were in order. I ask whether, if debate is not allowed the Chair can debate? A Voit e? lie is making It a privilege question. ThegrcARAH replied to Mr.Burt.that when the Chair makes a decision. it is not only hU privilege, but his duty, to explain the grounds ot It Mr. M<-L*nk moved to lay Mr Burt's appeal on the table, which wet decided in the affirmative by yeas 108 bajt 74 Bo the Speaker wat sustained. The resolution waa then read twice. Mr. M> Wii i.i tald that the report wat from tbe com mlttee unanimously, and it wat recommended te the lie use. because they belle vtd that tbe resolution It founded on the principles of Justlse and equity. Mr Or* (dem) ot 8. 0 thought that tbe claim of Mr. Kitchie had no paitlrleot justice in it. Instead o: dealing harshly on the investigating committee, at Mr Ritchie charged, his feeling* were tempered much n or* with mercy towards Mr Ritchie than juttlce to the ocuatry . But, as the investigation progressed, he saw that tt ere wat act a splinter or spar left tor Mr Hi'chi* to stand upon . Kllellty to hit doty however, required him to disclose the corruption which exlited. W as there a man In the House, who would juttity Vr. hltehle In tixiog the amount ol lost at one thousand dollars, or fifty thousand dollars Mr Kitchie charged twelve thousand dollars for printing ten thousand oopies of a pamphlet of one hundred and eighty pages charging double tor compaction -wben tbe tame document* were ordered to be printed at the same time by both Houses, and no deduction was madn tor inferior paper; whereby he aaved twenty tho?s<nd dollars, and he realized tlx thousand dollars on the binding He (Mr. Osr), gave his opinion i hat Mr. Ritchie's losses vere nothing, It bit butlnees wat conducted with ordinary Lrudenue. By departing from the contrast, Mr. Jtltchie made forty thousand dollars The opening of the bids last Saturday, disolose* the fact that a re spectable man propotet to d> tbe public printing at less prices than Mr Kitchie gets It tbe lioute are determined to be liberal let them draw on their oe n private retourcet. and not on the public treaeury Mr llitcble wants to line hit pockets with govera m-nt gold, and relies in the liberality ot Congress to do co He said that about the time bidt were put la for the printing Messrs Fiynn and Washington of fered proposals Intending, It they got the printing, to ttartanew democratic paper, and Mr. Ritchie, to da I feat this, determined to have the contract at any price and. accordingly, one of Mr Ritchie's employees put In lower bids. Mr Batlv, (dem ) ot Virginia, remarked that the gentleman has tald that the bid of Saturday *ai be low tfcat of Mr Ritchie at the previous bidding Mr Orr? One class Mr. Bitu- The gwatleman Is la the House, and hat author! ted and requested me to atata. that bit bidt are higher thao Mr Ritchie's on every deeerlptlon. Mr Osa- Mr Rives was tbe gentleman who got the clsss lower Mr R*i i v- Mr. Hamilton, who has got tbe great lease of printing, says that on one description of , printing he Is fifteen cents per page higher than Mr. j Kitchie on aaot her, one dollar and ten cents higher; but he ( t not able to say precisely. Mr M< l.**? asked the gentleman from South Caro lina, whether the class ot printing obtained by Mr. ! Rlies, yesterday, is ths class which Mr. Ritchie pre viously had ' Mr Orr - I understand that Mr Blves has the class i executed by Tree holm Mr M< I.*!**? That Is tbe olass Qewers has, and not Ritchie Mr Monninn, ("hlgl of Ky . gave the reasons why he should vote tcr the resolution Mr. Ritchie d 1 tiered with him io politics, but If he wss not relieved It would reoult in utter and entire ruin to him. In a pecuniary point of view ne was. therefore free to come to the conclusion that simple, naked, sheer Justice, required the relief. Mr lti ri gave, as his opinion, that. If Mr Rltble could show that he has actually lost, there would be relief alTorded , but this ha* not been made to appear. There were conflicting opinions With a view that Information may be rbtalned be moved that the re port made this morning be recommitted, with Instruc- j tlnns that tbe Committee on Printing ascertain aad rep< rt to the House whether Mr Ritchie has executed the politic print it>g having regard to the quality of , the work and time, agreeably to contract, and what be ! has Irpt by the contract Mr Mt 1>M? (dem ) . of Maryland, a Ivetatei th? re- | solution showing that ow half of tbe prices fixed by th? Joint resolution cf 1SI0 was necessary to ?st* Mr l Kitchie from l?ss. In reply to a remark of Mr t>rv, t he said that Mr RI***' bill last Saturday, instead of | b<lrg lower waa fll' y perc-nt higher than the prices l now paid to Mr Ritchie, except on the tilth else* of printing, which was small, amounting last year to only ft 304 Mr Orowri.i (free soil), of Ohio, moved an amend ment to Mr Kurt's Instructions, providing Indemnity j te Messrs Wendall k Van Renthuysen, the ftrmer ' contractor*. Mr. Msbsmsi.i (whig), of K entucky strenuonsly op- ' pesed th- resolution, regarding It as designed to mo.||. fy existing law*, and to enable Mr Rltckla to put his hat dt into the niihlto treasury The House, without disposing ef th* subject, ad jaunted. Death of a Banker In Bnffkla, Bi rrsi e. Feb 13, 1*31. ? mry R Seymour, r>f ths firm of II R Seymour v O . honkers, of this elty, and one of tbe eldest and meet reepeeted of our eltlaeas, tiled last night of a paralytic election He was a bretb-r In law of Mr IK W TORE LKOISLiTD RB . ?v mouse's maqrstio t*l?o*aph. Alsanv, Feb. 11, lttl. COST or MILITIA* The Adjutant General communicated to the Senate In aaswer to a resolution, that the support of the mili tia, during the last Aural yeer, oeet tie State 110,111, and the county treasuries 918,109, whloh U lea* than la 1MT, when tha present system was adopted, by 1 10,900. NEW YORK JVYENILK ASYLUM. Mr. Bkeeman introdnced a blli to Incorporate the New York Juvenile Asylum. The bill providing for tha subscription of stock of raad In Canada West, was debated, when tha Senate adjourned, without tha question being taken. Albany, Feb. 12, 1861. FETfTIONS PRESENTED. A petition was presented from a large number of tha oltlaens of Cayuga oouaty, asking that a law may be passed, prohibiting Stata jalis to be used lor the con flnemeut of fugitive slaves, and that trial by jury be granted to such slaver Referred to Committee on so much of tha Governor s message as relatea to federal relations. The Judlolary Committee reported favorably, a bill to.lacorporate the New York Juvenile Asylum. t'dlTED STATU SENATOR. Mr. Bchoonmaker introduced his bill, la relation ta the rleotion of U B. Senator. The fallowing is tha proposed amendment to the.preeent law:?" Whenever the Legislature shall, for any reason, have failed, or hereafter may tall to eleot a Senator to represent this State ia the Congress of the United States on the day above designated. tha Legislature shall, on the suo oeeting Tuesday of February, at 12 o'clock noon, or as soon thereafter as practieetta, meet la the Assembly Chamber, and eleot suoh Senator by tha joint ballat oi the Senators and Members of tha Assembly." Mr. Beesman, on leave being asked to intradnoe tha bill, addreesnd the Senate at length, defining the posi tion ha had taken ia reference to the vote whloh he had given at the Sens, tori si ballot, olaimiag that his oourse was fully approved by his constituents, and that his objections to Mr. I'ish were not to him yersoaally, but as a polititlclaa; that a man could not Joe ca all eldea of a great queetioa, and that he had reason to believe the heart ot the majority was unsound to the Union, and that the dootrine of Bewardism was In di root opposition to the sentiments uttered by the gio rious Henry Clay- that Seward's doctrine was, that It was better to be President than to be right; that It was an old dootrina inculcated at the union college of expediency, that sueoess was everything. Mr. Beck man claimed that ha was adhering to the old principles of the whig party; suoh as Clay and Webster sustala. Ha also stated that he could say to the honorable gen tlemen who staid out of oaueus, what Martin Luther said toNiobolas Kausman. "What you teach I p r ac tios '' Mr. B prof essed t is determination to stand by the position he had assumed Mr. Bchoonmaker answered Mr. B., stating, that ha had introduoed bis bill to fulfil his duty to the con stitution of the United States. The man who stands in the way of a disoharge of that duty violates that constitution, and so far violates the oath he has taksa. He thought the Senator for the Fifth bad praotloally become a follower of a higher law dootrina. The debate was continued by Mr. Mann, and ot ha democratic Senators. The bill was introduoed, read twioe, and referred to to the Judiciary Committee. Senators Babcock, Msnn, and Sohoonmaker com pose tha Judiciary Committee. SCCBKTAaY HtBSUR AND CHEVALIER HVLSEMAVN. The following preamble and reeolution, offered by Mr. UeHAM,oame up for eonaideratlon ?? Whereas, ths people of ths state ol New Terk have seen with greet satisfaction the abl? exposition of ths principles which regulate the iatercoarte ef 'he govsraasaier the Ualted States with fortian nations as coutaiaed in the letter of the H?n. Daniel Webster, Secretary of State, te his Kioelleney. A. Belssmana. Charts de Affairs of the fsvsra msat ef Aostila; thsrefore, Keenltcd, (if ths Asnsmbly concur, ) That ths thaaks ef this Legislators bs. and are hereby, tendered te ths Hen. Daniel Webster, for tfce distinguished Ability with which he has vindicated the right of ths p<.opls of ths United States to sjmpathiis with ins sl)orts made by ths ovpreessd of all nations toobtaia tbs iaestiaabls blessinits of freedom sod for tbs pt unapt rebuke be bas (ivea to tbs Improper lntel>reaoe of a Iweigm government la tbe dossesMs affaire M the Ualtsd States. The Senate agreed to the following substitute: ? Thercfure. Keoolred. That it is isexpodisat to pass aay resolution relating to the official conduot of a member ef the preiont csblnet. Adjourned. Aiwatlilft Ai.n*"?r, Feb. 11, ISil. I'll urromrro. Mr T j? Mind, from minority ot Committee on Cana Ja, brought in a bill for the rscharter of tb? Badu* Canal Company. The annual report of the K altera Diepenaary of Mew York, and Fifteenth annual report of the New York la atltutlon for the Blind were received. ?ill.1 raaaica. The Senate bill relative to railroad* - authorixlag the Albany and Boheaectady Kailroad Company to borrow money to pay outstanding bond*, aad to complete it* double track, amendlbg the charter of the Attica and IJornellevillr Railroad Company, authorising extaa aion ol road to Buffalo aid change of name; anthori T.ii g the Buflale aad Rocheeter Railroad to aell to the Attica and llornellavllle Railroad Company any por tion ot their property; authorizing tb>-city ot Brook lyn to create a loan for the purport* of paying existing liabilities arid current expense* to let September next, fcr i xi banging report* ol Court of Appeele for report* 01 other Stale*. mill* iiT*Cr>rr*i> To incorporate the Ladiee Uenevolant AMooiation o the Metbcllet I'plrcopal Church in tbe city of New ! York; reepet ting the pa> men t of draft* or bill* of ei charge drawn at eight. aux* noTtcia. Ta amend the act authorising the 1>n*lneM> ot bank ing M- Vaanux oitVred a resolution. railing rn the Crtnp' roller tor the uamei ol tbe ditlerMit monleil In etltutlona In esub count) of the Mate distinguishing the *fti3iint of real and personal aetata owned by tail, l aid on the table, and tbe Assembly adjourned. Ai rant, February 12, 1861. rimnm ramnrKt. To compel the par redemption of country bank note? In the city of New York; for tha modification ot the | free a ck col law, for tbe modification of the plank road law; to exempt ground* for interment* from taxation, tniee for the unconditional repeal of the tree eoboo1 lee. rtnuL- Wafcee agalnat ttia par redemption or country bank note* in the city of New York, for a r> n? ral t*x lor the eupport ol schools, for an altera tion of the electlen law*. ?ill airoatco The Jallclary Ci mmltti a reported a bill proeidlng for cum p? iiratitn o; justice* or Sstelou*. llefen.dto the Committee ot the Whole. thkhxw roax i*hi?tik?s. * Mr W 8 Oai.osr, from the *elect ccmmittee, having charge of the subject matter for the relief of tbe remnant of the Naw York Kegim*ot of Volunto?ra, ?ho eerved in the war with .Mexico, (ubmitted a , written report and recommended the paeeage of a bill for thelt relief. tut i>T?.aiiT on mo-ilt Mr. C*t>r, f om the telect eommitte", reported a bill re<ulat!ni the intervet on money. The bill pro pone* to n pet.1 the penalty Impoeed fee uanrlou* rate*. Tha Aeeembly then went into Committee of the < Whole. TH K iMi nn 41* lietttTCTB. The annual report of tbo American Institute waa tran*mltted. Mr. Bird, of Krle. moved to *nspe?d Action under the resolution ordering tbe printing of one bnndred time* the usual numt? r ot coplee Alter ci Dfiileralile debate the resolution waa laid on the table. thk a* ri < oxraoMiaic liaOLVTIt^l. Mr. TH?Mr*oR ot New York, called frr the consider ation rf the resolution* offered by Mr tlraham, a few day* alnce. In relation to the no m promise measure*. Thee* reeolutiona take ground agalnat any expre*ai?n c< ncemlng these measures. Mr Thompson dleeussed the queatton at length, la oppoeitien to tbe reso lutions Mr B> Itiiicf, of Onr id* followed, In sapport of tbo iMolatloa*. Mr A^imok, of Richmond. opposed the resolution*. Mr. Yaaai x of New York, took the sane ground, and moved to lay them on tha table. C*rrl?d. sa*ii*?. ?yo neoxitatrr Mr. Bwimct, d Ol'ldt, Intro laced a bill relatl*e i to the bu?ln*ss of banking. Tlr.a law irohlbit? any banking noeoclatlou. or auy Individual banker from engaging in the *j *tem of brokerage, la buying ?p their own note*. Referred. Tint- a *k\ ?rom*t, rt t <TI1*. 1 1 <?. Mr of Tompkins. noticed ? BUI to provide for th? ? 1 otlon 't li. H Senator, end to amtid tha j revised itatuSd In relati' n to *aid election. v\ ii 1 1 tMts'R'iM * bill wa* noticed for rh. laoorporatUa of tha eltjr I rf Wllllsasburgh. mew tiMii "aviio* naa*. The Committee of tha Whole bad under non-Mere- ! tlon the bill incorporating the New York Savin** Bank, and reported prnRreeson therame Adj ?urne<l. The PeustyiWAiilw l-a?l*latnr*. H?nRi?Hi an, Feb. II, mi. Resolutions were edopted In the Senate, to publish a list of the p?bli>' defaulter* In the State. A leeolatf'n, Instructing a modlScatlon of tbe tariff w*^ undi r dl*cusslon in the House. Onrinl llaanlea. IItaei?ei'*?, Feb It, IM1, Qeaerai Uouatoa w|U visit llarri/burK li? the 'I A Inetent. at Ik* lnMtatV?n (4 tb* d'?ojre<lf a?aber< of Ih'LeflPlatgge.

V. I. Senator for Rcw York.? RlM In tha llndson BlTcr. Alhant, Feb. 12, 1861 Mr Ferris will introduce la the House to morrow, a Mil to provide for the election of United States Sena tor. In principle it will he the came as the one now existing. Mr Boboonmaker'a bill, af reported in the Senate to-day, goea to the judiciary committee, oonslsting of M eorra Bcboonmaker, Baboock, and Mann. It la verf doubtful what thape it will bear when It comes baok to (he Sonata. The ioe is breaking up feet, end the water I* rising rapidly. Quay-atreet is flooded, and merchants ere busy si-caring their goods. Considerable quantities are damaged already. The Central Railroad Convention were oeoapled dor ring the morning in dlseuraiug the proposition to reduce the tare from Albany to Buffalo. UMikghuttltwHcr D. I. Icnatorahtp, <fce. Boston, Feb. 12, 1831. The fourteenth ballot ler a United States Senator wa* bad this morning We annex the result:? Sumner, ooalition 183 Wiatbrop, whig 180 Boattering 30 Blank 1 Whole number of votes eaat 383 Necessary to a ohoice id It will be observed that Sumner was nine votes short, which Is a loss of six en one ef the previous ballots. After the above ballot the election was postponed twe weeka. The whigs have nominated J Thomas Stephenson to fill the vacancy in the House, occasioned by the death of Mr Bpenee, State of Psrtlns la Montgomery Count}-. Fort Plain, Feb. 12, 1861. The following are tht rssulti of the several town (leetionsl held in Montgomery oeuatj yesterday, tor Supervisor St. Johnsville. (demoeratio majority) ?.. 100 Faleotlne, do. do 40 Can^oharie, do. do. 100 Foods. do. do 22 i Giro, do. do. 24 Mohawk. do. do. .......... 34 Amsterdam, do. do 1 Root, democrat, elected without opposition. Menden, (whig msjerity) TO Charleston, olose, bat probably whig. Washington I tenia* WtSHiNOTON, Feb. 12, 1861. Lieut. Queen, of the marine oorps, has been detach ed from the steamer Susquehaaaah. and ordertd to join the frigate Bt. Lawrence forthwith. The defeat of the Board of Aocounts bill, Is deeply regretted by a mass of claimsnts who have been peti tioning Congress lor years Those most active in the defeat, are known to be objectors to every private bill In Congress, whatever its merits or endorsement by committees The eiaim agents rejoice, however, as by the passage of the bill their occupation would have been gone Tbe tbeny line of steamers is being pressed xea loutly by Its friends, and is recommended by numer ous legislative bodies. Want of lime will, however, very likely defeat its passage this session of ?ongruss All attempts to orginise another Cuba expedition have failed The excitement here is utterly dead and oani.ot b revived There Is a rumor that Oen Houston has writt.m a powerful letter on the slate of the nation, wbiah will be published in doe time. From Mew Orleans. RTSAMBOAT MSASTKK.S? ORKAT SUCCESS OF JK!?NZ s L1M>? BkMKAL HKMifcK.sO.\'i> TRIAL, KIC. Maw OaLKAita, Feb. 11, 18M. The (teamabip Alabama started lor Vera Crui. but got aground, and was ao much injured aa to be com pelled to return for repairs. The steamer Ogliby, bcund for New Orleans, sunk with 700 bulea of cotton oa board Tbe boat and carRO are a total lose. 1 1 la reporttd tbat tbe steamer Autoorat suak at ltajouSaia, by coming in ooili-ion with the strainer Magnolia Captain Uraat. J . fiiKUMii *>4 ??*? il?t Mr. Qo?0)ear. third engineer, and one or twe other lives, era raid tn have boon lost Jtmny l.ird baa met with immense success hsre. Tb? proceeds of tbe first two oooceits ware over *40 W0 Oeneral llenderson'a recoad trial hat olui.-d but tbe jury raunot agree, ant will probably be discharged again. skconii hkhmtcH. I.OSS or HIE MSAMUK AUTOCBAT, WITH THIBTT l.lVia, Nrw Oan mi. Veb. 11, 1H61. Tbe magnificent steamer Autocrat, bound from New Orleans to Memphis, with a heavy freight, and a number of pasrengera, came in collision, on thu uth instant, witb tbe tteamtr Magnolia, coming down Th>* A u tool at tuck lium- dtatety. ?n J it In supposed, ovir thirty perroni were loit inrlndinff several cubin psrfengers belonging to Ttares ee five negro fir' men, and < tie engineer It Is supposed tbe lost scd aargo will prove a total loss Fn(IUT*li?TeCM? In Clnclnratl. CiwctivMtTi, February 12 18M. Tba flret Fugitive Slave ca*e here wa* that of a to- ! m> le, ?bo ~a* tried ynaterday. It rau*?d contltirra I la ? xolte ni?nt. but Anally en.led by th* woman ( eg j>re*?ing ? dealre to retura with her matter. The ? < int rain d by tb? i.ltti' y lur the Mare. ?>( thai ebe ?a* brought bera by ht-r mart*! and under our | !?? entitled to her freedom The Indiana Constitutional Ccnrrntlon ha* ad- I H>u-n J >>ne dn . The woman * right* el m-? wa* ' tin> I y defeated. The Walmeh river ia in good navipabla nrdrr; aavt ftat ? n thereon ha* taan Bu*pend*<l tor naatlj '.hrea Bit nth*. UltKitli'i from Hfrklio. iUi.tmnat-, l'eb 12 1 ? *>t . | Dale* to the ltth ultimo, received at New Oi>aa* from kleiiee, *iate that the packet brl^ Ro?ina Iront 1 New York, waa eigaalled from the naitle. The rcTolstloB attempted at Ooanajoato wa* In i favor of Banta Anna a* IMo'atir and It wa) aooo quelled, Although the lonurgr nt? h?ld tb* Plate fr>r two data. ) tictieral Arlata. In hie inaugural, declare* bit lnt?n ticn to endeavor to govern worthily tho country of hit ; birth and toder?tehlm?elftolt?boBoe ;.nd prosperity. The following la hla Cabinet ?It. Marlann \ anev I Mialrter of Relatione. I>. Maneel Koble*. Mln|*terof War and Marine; Manuel Tavnn. Mlaicter of tha Treaaury, .loae Maiie Aguiira. Ulaietar of Juatire. j Th. war in Yurataaaiill continue*. and the north rn Ptate* of Meilco are grraily troubled with Indiua* I Scrlana Vallri ad Accident? Srntariee for Mart or. I'Mii ion tut, Keb. 1! !#.?! A bout ten mile* thl* elda of W*?tche*ter. a train c n tha Colombia read, thia aftcnoon came In eoUlf'on with a aaniaga drln n b/ Philip Uarrett. a ree.eclabl* farmer of I pper Darby The hortea ware killed and the oMi'agw eruthed Mr Oarrett wi> thrown from hi* wagtn hie akull waa fractured and he I* net ax Booted to aurvtva Two children w?r?- al?o 1 brawn I frori tha cart lag*, one had hla rhoulder dislocated but the other we* nnhurt One oar wa* thrown from tha trark and brokm The accident occurred tnrouah toe impiwdrac* of Mr Oarrett, who vat ctoaeing tha track, tlie appioarhlng train h*iaghidby arutre la the road. George Pbaroab coavlctcd of murdering Ml** Pv,ir^? le?a waa tbl* morning eent*nr*d to b? hung at We.t t- belter, b* Judga Chapmau II* ll?t*aed to the ?eo t?nca with firmnee*. and wai perfectly unmoved, thourh nioet of th* epeetator* wer* excited ta tear* by the Judge'* elo?jn?na* liu ha* ainc* oonfe><*e.l tha crime, and *a>d that hi* object wa* to cbtMn hi* vie- j Ifat * ?*'? h ('apt Hinder wa* acquitted of the charge of :nut ar, ] *alll*| of t He < ai aila-Dlailm ll|*??fera, dec, I Uomii. teb ia, mi Tha Royal mall *team*hlp Canada tailed at 13 0 olook to-day . with aiaty three p**?fng?r* for Livar pool, and thirteen for Halifax The brig Logan of 8-ai ?oort, Captain Treat, t waive day* f?i m Mata iiae for Eonton. with mola.'ae*. w*af aehoia ia iba log yeeterday morning on Naueett Ilearb, aboat one mile eo.i'h of Chatham Light The ?* -eel baa bilged bat the cargo will pfv'.iably h? aavei In a damaged i.laie. TLe "cfcooaer l.yaander. Cap* May den, for Baatoa. la aahor* at Mackerel Cove. o*ar Na?rpcrt 1h? large briok building of the \illaga KalK Manu f*'tur?ag Company, at Path New Ilatnpthlre. w*e deitrajed l?y Hre yeetarday Tha loa* I* about '/>>, upr a which thar< I* no inauraace The Mm tier and Btar?lar1?? at Otargo. Ovu -o, February 12 ISM TLuxaton, tha murderer of bi* ' rother-ln law. maul fe*ta much contritiaa. and denic* that he told the Pbtiill he waa glad he killed flarrlaoa The funeral of the murdered nan wa* largely att?nded by our cltl tet>* a* be wa* generally reepected. l>ani*l* '4*e rfthe ^ang of t bbera haa aa1? a fuil ecnf*mloB aa to th* late barglariea rapital Ptin'thmral In Wimanaln, Mi) W?t air, r?b II. 1461 | Tba Senate Mil, aboll*bing eapllai punltbm*nt. wa? 1 l? 'Jb-> ??*?, thia a Vy a larja -rl'.y ? cw Att*rn?y General of Maryland Bii.TiMom, February 13, 1151. Governor I,owe hu appointed Robert J . lit ant as Attorney UeLeral of Maryland. Bfrteorologu-al Oban-ratlona, Feb. 11. *OI!<k\ I INK, OFFICII 16 WALL STRJIET. Br i r alo ? We ktd a cloudy and cold morning. with the thermometer at i3 at V o'clock, and baromaUr 30. At 8 thin eveuing it w w moonlight ; wind north ther mometer 2?X , baron.* tor SO, and ?l?ighing good Roc hmiu ? TbU haa been a Una da* Thermome ter at 8 A M aad 27 at 8 I' M with a light south erly wind. At at an - Thermometer 25 at S AM, and 37 at 8 P. M It haa been a brantUul day. Imruie -It suowed a little last night, and thit morning the iky waa cloudy, but tha day hai been ?War and pleasaut. and tha evening ia not to be Bur pa used Thermometer 32, both at II A.M. and 8 1*. M Wind N W 0?? buo. ? The evening, ilka tha whole day. 1* eie fant At 0 A. M., the thermometer noted 21, and arometer 30.81; 8P M., theimometer 29, and baro meter 80.03, with <a very lipht south wind Uiii * ? tome snow lell laat night, but the day haa been clear, the wind northwert. and the atmcephere refreshing. Thermometer 31 and barometer 30-360 at 9 A . M : thermometer 34 and barometer 30-400 at 8 P M. Ai m* v.? The weather waa very pleasant to-day, and the nun began to hare aa effect on the ioe. AtO A. If the thermometer noted 22 mercury in barometer 60, berometar ?0 736; at 8 P.M., thermometer 26, baro meter 30 930. Tnor. ? The weather haa been so fine to day that it broke up the ice in the river, whioh. In ita turn got blocked up below, and far a while threatened ua with an overflow At 8 o'clock, the water waa tour and a halt ieet over the dock*, but it haa ainee fallen three leet Thermcmater 18 at 8 A M . and 21 at 8 P M Bublixoto* ?The morning waa clear, with aa eaat erly wind, but the evening la cloudy and the wlad northwest. Thermometer 13 at 8A.M. and 16 at 8 1' M BanNitcTON.? At 9 thl? mornieg. the weather waa pleasant, the wind southwest and thermometer at 10. W hiteihil. ? The day haa been clear aad pleaaant. Thermometer 13 at 9 A M . aud 18 at 8 P. M. ?t Juh*?? At8P M , the weather waa olear and celd, there waa no wind, and the thermometer waa at 10 deg. hy rain's link, orrirtt 'JO wmx steket. Pltboit ?At noon, the weather waa clear aad plea sant, the windiS 8 W .. and thermometer 20 OuMWtM ?At 7 A. U , the thermometer waa 9 degreee below aero; at noon It waa 10 above, and at 8 P. M 13 above. WiTMtTOMN.? Tha aky was dear at 8 P.M.. the wlad south and thermometer 16 Port Plun - We have a beautirul evening. At 8 o'clock the wind waa weat, and the thermometer at 16. NEWS BY THE MAILS | Our SftTannaJi ('?rrMpnudrnM. Savamuii, Feb. 8, 1851. 7fi t Cornet ion of liulloi k, lit Bunk Defaulttr. The trial of George J. Uullock, for stealing $ 103, COO of ih? notes of the Central it iilroad and Banking Ccm.iauy of Clrorgia, terminated this morning in a verdict of guilty. It will be lemem bered that in February, ls >0. Bullock, who was cashier of ;hi? bank, absconded from this city in a vessel bound tor FayaJ, and, vpon examination of his accounts, a Joss of the large sum above men tion) d was discovered. A reward of $ )00 was of fered for bis apprehension, Rm' a police officer of Boston, named Butm&n, taking the first steamer for Liverpoc', arrived ther? in time to apprehend Bullock on board the vessel in wh>ch Ke had nail ed. Although this vnu> a case not within the Ash burton treaty, the officer managed ?o skilfully us to bring tbe criminal back, and de'.iver him to our authentic?. The tnul ias'.td four day-, -ad the \e:dict seems to have given general satisfaction ; for wc had be gun to f?ar thnt it was impossible to punisfi any larceny which might be committed by -i bunk oth rer of the funds ot the banl. in which he was em ployed. The grounds upon which acquittals were obtained, ai U which Were strongly urgtd in the pttrrut c*~-. were, that tbe bills laketi were nut}) described in the indictments, or identi fied by the evidence ; the defence contending that : e\crydes-criptive mark on each biil, even including the letter and number, should be set out and i proved. Another ground of defence in this ca?e I i give for the benefit of your bar It was that Bal , unk, havii g had n number ot shares ot the stock of the bank transferred to fcim as coll itrral ttecuri I ty, uml standing *u h.s nar .e us cailuer. although he was ..ot pe:?onally interested to them to the n | t' nt <d one rent, hr was a [art owner of tbe bank, and could not be ronwct? I r f stealing from himself. This, snd other similar prints, were urged by counsel of the holiest'nce at our bar. But the charge of the jud^e tied ihe verdict have vindicated the ein>;nis"ation of justice in Goc rgia, which has not here:cftve borne the esf character. Though none of th? bills were found in the powers ion of Be'lcch. let the entriee is 't.e bcol<s of the bunk, made by himself, show< d the ?ie ticirncy, and the president proved the de srri| tior. of etch l.ind cf bill ..-surf by the bank. At> the indictment contained a separate count for stealing a bill of each denomination, of couri-e the mor.ej stolen muet have been of tb tenominntiou tpecinrd n <cmt on- of the counts. The proof was deer, still cne juror refund to convict until tw nty-fnur hctirs hai etapv d The my.*tery in the case is, what be cam<* of the aioo n money \ Not a dollar of it has ever been truced. it was proved that Bullook had dealt \ery largeiy in lottery tickets, but bin ensh had been eount'd shortly before he nOscoadtd and found ci irctt The whole u*ue of :hc hank, up to the tin.*cf the theft, has been r< deemed, txeep' $ 1 1, - 1)00, and this nmonnt is supp< s?d ?? br yet in the Lands of aeri mj lices The bank turi ts with no <>u<pviiv for .ts loss, w Lich ainotuits to about $100,0*) : Ba hock's sure ties liavio . e m;>ronised wi'h the hmk for the sum of f ?" "GO, and the est '-uses of apprehending the criminal, bein* about ** > KX/. M Our ( arseu* t'wri ? tpoi<ilTce> Cvr.AfoA, lanuanr 17, lt?l. T\r A.-]h t of jillait* in It nt :nrta Tbe news we ha?e received f oin V enezuela ..fates that theie is strong ejbiptom of naoiher out break the .e, so much so that the I?uicn Gharife, re siding at Caiscar, has requested the presedce of lon.e Ihitth i.ien of-wai|at thelportsof Laguayra srd Torto Cnbtllo, for the protection of the hutch ciiiats* tes.jinc thrre Two of the vessel# left ihi i |H>rt lour days auo for the above n> tned ports ; :h< ir names ire the Sparrow and Arrow, (brig* ) rri*ioe:,t Moaagas, to cany out his vie*e, inn surroundtd the capital with tr.-ops ? ?n th<- A'th, Monday next, fs the day lijed by the cansiitutu.ii for ihe resignation of tbe President Krtm the fact cf bis titling the captal with tr< ops it ia his deter m ni>ti< n not to re sign without Uuohhrd. Wh?n Hill tbia be aUt.ful but uuhappy coHctry ugain have a wbolerome torm of government ' City inti lliganaa. M >>v: ? i Oi tHK Wii'ti (?**? r aI Ci. ?! aitTBk.? Rt> ? |ll?t?-<l ?? V T|i' (tn.sis <1 n ? - ? Vmli.h BriN-la rtrlliog ui'siln^ at the <M asn's" Whig Uaiiril Ci etcHI**, was h?-ld on Tuamiay night, ? t tn? Tr-idway Uoupr ?n I th? ; rln- t>al t^plc of the niobt <i* ? trngth? d*hat? uprn *.1m subject ot *<><( ttf 'inestlon of tkf oont^-tsd naats of the Ninth * Md 0? nsidarabl" Spirit ?a? rnani amonir the rsetubar* pre??nt mil ftaatly the stlvsr jrsj i- l't atloa ??? adaattte't, ssd hy of tba chairman : $ : ? the w>Uey h?"1< arlihdraw. TTi* m *t t>o*in?i>s Mm this ?. ?a?i My. na tka dlecueslca i f threa reeotuUonn that aaibodlod the ?en l! Brats > l th? aatioaal abiga In N ?arit to tba arrxeat <i ,'i>t!nfr (ltT?r?ace? hd^sk th* whi** M tha Kmoira Plate I arh rssolutlea vasetr ngli la fhsot ot aun > tsiotiig thp frscf . t national a 'Kirntetrail o and rail ' > 1 ?p< n tha I < ~islatur* to i.ert ao nti (or I'slie4 8t?te? Pi nator > weal'l aot eponlv a?o? and <lefl?? bis fi'Sttlna befrra ptsrlag htm in the responsible po I sltion These esoiutt<>>i> *?ra diecn?'"d at graat Irsgtb aud atUt sptachUy .n^ until nasi tea o rioah tb?y ??re adopt d by a vote of near! f>'sra.?igbths ot w* a'ater? |>raa> it We hare n?t seen the old ?btg sa srr adsd slni-a tbe U?t ?l?et on a* It , van ?a Tio ? 1?jr '.tfht C'->pt Pa-auei fl'reat who has just ref irhel f'tas the t^iden shore" ?? Oaiteorala. was in the nc*J and srnu?d to crsfcte ,uW? a eensa ; tteii a*. >ag lbs Raaaralts^ bj datlarlait hloiielt an J nut an i /nit ?ileer trat. and st/orply la furor ?t emufc. I and aeattarinj tba eat'ra W<-ed aad Seward clique I to tUr ' nr winds fbearei aad mistata*ag ths l.'aioa. I Iks whig |a'ty. and the na'l' aal admlnlrtratioa Col Tarpsn. Jutiga lllakelay. and huatlrsds r<| other*. I Were s' -o at the htad nuartara dl?ru *ins MM Mil of P?eato~ Beskaian We '.aara that 'ha > pang M*a a ! Ci tin tt'a ?ill mas'. !o aae?-r? night ^ail we ?na4>??a i tbe^ a U1 pass tks ?anis ras* lotions all' l*d tee *k ?a II i' k lints MJtOawe"***.? AbeatHa'aloah, ? nn H o'i Jiy nl^ht a ady r"lllag act* dsw trv U A ri>t>us C ^isppea'at t ba* ? oscastoa to gofob^r , l,ae? or .' h?ard a Set . asn in ths bp t? b > isa ocoupied ty ?r Bllllaga It wurml to h< r ti,U ths Joi-tar I tnlsibt hstr ??-ea ?t cn ? n?s et-k sail and that thesa w?is i' bb'MSi In the boa ? Pbe esn oat sa l looking latt a w'vflt * r*?ao *ss ->f flr? mr Ing ta and fro i ihrov ?? thrh'use at 'i on atoi.-r saiiaalloa. sha I .'i-eo er I to hst ec tof. that ?h? s> rrai.t gtfl, Mary K? s ? ' -> la a b's?? an I fbst >h.' ?? i rur nadir j tt.yV,.! 'h-b^n's 1 h* lady >>r* re in a window, with ' tbe ?>*!'? af#e ' f fw? sis- whr * r? ra? nt and ea f lersd IV ? ot ?, an 1 b_* ' hrowiti^ \ h- .r sat or t wo af ? rat . ?|>eaths M?*gtaa*tt jut, Uiay ettlaguUM the liBM; but ibiWM ?? badly burned that she dl?4 on Tuwdt; night. at IS o'clock. Had not the lady fortunately hrard lb* icritmi of the poor girl, the whola honae would probably ban been buriid, and perbapa tha family In their bed*, an it appears they were all no fait asleep tbat they did not bear her cries. Tba horrible affair was caused, aa uiual, by a oamphene lamp. Death ok Mat Ob Tuesday Bight Mrs. Mar tha Nlblo, tba wifa of Mr Nlblo, wall known aa tha pro prietor ol Nible's Oarden, died at tha realdenoo of bar husband, in tbla city. Mr*. Nlblo waa a dacjbter o( David King, who kept a public house la Bloat ?tiaet a great roaort of merehant* and busineea men, thirty yean age and whioh waa subsequently marked in the Bank Ceffee ITouae, kept by Mr Nlblo after hia marriage with Mlse King Mrs. N. was distlnruiahed lor bar ability in busine**. and much of the *nooee* of Mr. Nlblo >h owing to bar aagaolty and active mind. Ilt-rloas win be severely felt by her surviving partaer. Death moM Katiko a Piki e ok Meat.? Yesterday, tba Coroner held an lnqueat ob a man named Franoia Moilowan, who wua strangled while eating a pieoe of meat Un Monday afternoon. tha deoeasad oaLled at the porter houte. No 123 twenty third (treat, and got a glass of beer and seme meat While he was in tha act ot eatlag the latter, a portion paseed iato his wind pipe and produced death. A verdict was returned is accordance with the taots. Death Cai ikd av Dmkask or the Lives ? Coroner Getr yesterday held an Inquest. at the boarding haue* No IT State rtreet. kept by Mra Orooker, on the body of Kenralalr Rantley . aged 51 years, born in New York, w bo came to his death by disease of the liver. Tba d? ceased waa a boarder and bad resided there for the last three months, aad lor tha last weak he had beea confined to bis bed, having taken. a* waa stated, m heavy oold, whloh effected his liver. Verdlot aooord inply. D?atii o? an ITrtK.fOwx Maw ? Tha Coroner likewise, yeeteiday. held aa Inquest, at tha Fifth ward Statie* Hi. una. on the body of aa unknown maa, wha waa found by ofllner Kerfe, the night previous, sittiag o? a obain in Wert street Tha officer oonveyed him ta the Station Ilonee, where he died. The cauae af death waa hemorrhage of the chest. The deceased ap peared tebaa kind ot vagrant. Dit Ha ivov Uukc.abt , delivered his first leoture as Physiology on the 11th of February. The subject baa been, summer and winter aleep of animala, the Influ ence of brat and splrita on the human body, tha aaa ot a larger quantity of food In winter, aad tha actloa of purgative remedies aad ot bleedlag Charge against a Police m an .?Offlcer Kaokletwita, of the United States Dlstriet Court yesterday morn ing made a eomplalat to the Mayor against a peiloe man of the Seventeenth ward, lor extorting moaey from a poor woman. as lollowa Catharine Krot coo plained to the policeman that she had been aeaaoltedl by ber landlord; and the policeman, taking advantage of her ignorance, extorted six shillings from her roc obtaining a warrant. Row at a Oikt Concert. -A row teok place on Tues day night at a gift conoert at Trlpler Hall. Themaa agera having failed to fultll their promises, the audi ence demanded their money. Bnt it waa found that the treasurer had vaaisbad; aad soma of the aadlenc* were about to Inflict anmmary ohaatisemeBt on tha doorkeeper, whea the police Interposed and aar*4 him. L Bi e D'Italia.? Tbla very interesting aad abif conduoted Itallaa aewipaper has beea reoeatly en larged aad Improved, aad i? now one ef the haa4> aemeet and beat weekly jouraaia la the United State*. The editor. Beoohi de Capell, has always beea aa ar deat aad coaaisteat adveoate ef Itallaa liberty, aa4 a- sorted the right of the Italian State* to self govern ment with aa ability and energv truly cemmeadaUes Our Itallaa fallow oltlseaa ought to be pre?d af tha L't'.c*. and we are pleased to hear that they so libe rally patronise It. tbat the editor U enabled to eniargn Ita oimeaalons to increase Ita foreign correependenoe, abirh is ably written, and othrrwiae to extend lU uaelalneai. TU<atrl<ala. Bowkrv Thhui.-1'Do Wiza.d of the Wart Ii4 U.l Bin* have proved attractive piece* for the Bowery tor lornx Bights put aud the able and efficient maoaar 1b which they are produced. Is oalculatel to ?a*uro Ihtlr most tiluaipbant success The anting af J K 8cott. Til too Stevens, and Mia* Wemys- a th( grand nautical spcctaole ot the ''Wizard ol tb* n?re," 1* enthusiastically reoeived. and ttie soene ry of the pieoe much and deservedly admired Tba Bowery fur meties a most attractive bill of entertainment (or thia etenlng. to be r? presented by a company inferior** none other in thia city. Beoauwsi Tnuihl -The uiiny noveltie* that are (n preparation at tbia house, will oompal tba manager to withdraw "Kaustus" from the board*. In ordar to make loom tor those n*w production* As it la pro ktW? this is the last week of the grand sp-otaale, thoee whe hare not yet seen It etanuta mat fail to wit ness it;as soon as possible The house is still orewded nightly and the audience* seam highly delighted with the representation, and aatonlahed and pleased with the magnificence af its scenery, and the neatness and rapidity ot its t rancformattons The new farce of - Uet sey Pakei" Is exceedingly amusing and Is performed admirably in every part. Pi urn's Thkatsr - Tba Chambers straet company under the abla d:re?tien of Mr burton nightly drawl ? n overflowing audience to witness their represeuta tmn* of the true spirit of the comic drama Tba oomedy ot ' 8he would ami sha would not. ba* bam repeated again and again with tt tat. and the faroa of ?? Ret say Baker" la received with roars ot laughter every night. The bill tor this evening is equally attractive. and wo ircomtnend thoee who w?nt to ei^joy a goad haarry laugh, ta go see Barton and his able auxiliaries. W* know of no placs of amusement, where the dullest spirit can be ao quickly excited to merriment, a* at the Chambers street theatre. National Thiai ik. - The great diversity of tha tertainmrnt* given nightly at the Natlaual Thaatra, furnish an attraction to tbe lorers of spectacle, cassia and other dancing aud burlesque repreaaotatleo Tha bill ot this arming Is such, aa will eaaura a full at tmdaace The perfar manor* will commenoe with tLe ? Hermit at the Itoek ' Thia will be followed by a ) aa rt jrimne by Miss Malvlna Mr Locke will nest flat* his jaukea story, atter which, aud for tha trot time a new builssque entitled Faustua,'' will bs pra. >a?trd. la which the entire ol tha exeelleat company ot comedians now playing at tha National, will appear To morrow evening, Mr. U. K. Locke takes hi* beaett Brougham's Luri M. ? The great " original abarigi nal. logical, and mytbologioal, opposite and apbartsila aot'uymositj. a* the bill* rail it. ot the Worlda fair ' has madean eaormous hit at this popular piaoa ot amusement. There is not a pa-aing matter af la tirrst which is not commented upon, and thera is a e< lit taut succession of puna aad critloiam*. of tha most sparkltLg and happy description. reoeived night ly by crowded bouses, wltlu the nioit enthusiastic de monstration* ol delight. This remarkably well writ ten piece Is destined to draw all New Vork to night. 'I bey glee tha ? Serious family "aloof with It, aad Uia excellently acted place ot " Betsy Baker." Tha edml t ali.e company at thl* hnusa no* work b-auti'uily together and the result is a barmonton* ropreaea la in a Liiitbuy This evening. tha bill i* ol ths very ?Irong'st character and must command a erne dad auditory JUani M'* Mt-**t w ? The new vocalist at thia plaoo ot family air ua^ment. alngs with graat sweetness aad ? fleet tier personal beauty adds no little to tha rfcaim of h-r slleery voice and we can wail fancy ha* the two elicit auch enthuajHSti ? applause every after Boon Tbe " Rempstress of Paris" waa unusually fertorni d hera yesterday, and tbe erowdod audtsaao shewed how the public can appreciate positive exool |. nre A* to ' lleautj and the Betel," performed new ev?r> evening to gratify the publia aexlaty ta as* It. you would be forced to laugh at It* wit aad hamor. though you had even ' a raging tooth " It 1( oaa <* tbe beat things ot modem day*. Ci*< i s - J une ft Co. 's extensive aad talented frwupe base added to their exhibitloa several Interesting fea ture* la t be way of horsemanship and among other* the wonderful perfoimaace of Mr lllram fraakiln npon bis barebacked steed, upoa which he will, to night, turn several someroata durlag his rapid ael ad e-qui'atirn M lea Mary A an Well* also appear* ta a n-w ad of single horaeiu anabi p aa "Cinderella. ' la wbicbabe uadergi as various traasforma'iona, and par fir ms a variety ot ei?gaat exercises The Aero hallo fee pe led by U W 1 ranklin. Is oaa of the moot stn peodi'US exhibitions r.| mueonlar power, skill and dec ??tl'y.ever witnepaed The comic features bare alee been strengthen ?y tbe addition of John Ooeein. tbo oiawn. Olympic THStTBi. ? Tbe beautiful Panorama od Ireland will likely be withdrawn at the conolneion e# tbis week. Thoee. therefore, who ean take delight la beholding representation* of various beautiful men tion* la Ireland which are palated with great artiatl* ability, sbonld embrace the preeent opportunity PasoaaMa or tsr Pausm ? Psih^ssss. - The pro pnetors of tble painting are aaakini areporaUouo to remove It from the city at aa early date There will be an atteraooa exhibition every <iny thia we?h we learn that eeveral olergymea will leeturo, oae oa f rt dst and the oiher* durlag the afternooa* ad ns>t week We therefore, adviee all who wish to aeo tbe pla ture at all. ta go aarly Ms B Wu LiaMa ?Tbis eeishratad lriab oontedlan la drawing fnli house* at I hlladelphla Miss i ushnas playsd Lady Macbeth to tbo Ma<v heth of Mr Buebeoan. at New Orlaaaa. an tft* ttft instant. ______________ Mhsital Oaareaioor is? Laav Jio?mkwt.- Thia grand and beautiful produotlon will bo performed thia evening by tbe Brooklyn .Snored Music Sooiety. aided by the i hiibarmenio Hoclaty of tbis 0I17, at the bail o# the female Academy rf Rrooklyn It Is one of the beet musical productions, requiring n great amcuat ol talent In It* proper performance, but there lo no doubt Iron* tho namea ol tbe well known ai lists wbo will nppear on tbe oc?aet<vn aa eicelleat ti eat may be eipected It will, doubt tea* a* it should, be ge neinlly att ended I'msisvv's Miasisn ? Tbl* famons band still caa tiauee to draw Immense house* The perfnrmaoewa are ao light and highly amualrg that visiter* alwaye enjay tbe greateot pleaeurs Ttuawl' Mi??rs?LS This band I* making great beadwey- their staging, laetvumentai p?r form* now* end Jancing afford the gieatest pieaenre. The bur lesque opera Is aspital A m-etlng of lbs frland* ol Mr rteorfe L-?do* wilt ba held at the Astor Honso. on Tbnredar evsalo<. fsa niary Iftb at ? 0 elor k U? make .rraogemeata aw ? . ctnilimmtery teatimnalal ?e ba al?e? to_Mr Lwoag. Thoae wbo IsoJ l?lo**otod I* thlf oh(oat

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