Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. - % .??? ? i -"?? WHOLE NO. 6089. MORNING EDITION? FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1851 '? PRICE TWO CENTS. w ? W S HY T K r. E (iRAPII, OPENING OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPA'GN Views of General Houston on the Union if the State?. ONSLAUGHT OM SOUTH CAROLINA. AiTAiii zzr cesroRSBS. Til I1VIR m HlftBOR BILL in the iiousb. SHAME DEBiTEAID (PROAKIOIS SCEIE. ^ROGrffDINM IN TUB N. Y. LIOISLATURE. IMMcBfe Iron all Part* ?f the Country, &c., it o., flee. Crnml l?in IIonitan'< Letter. Washington, January 21, 1861. Mi D? a* Kii.ath a : ? 1 thank you for your faror neatly rawirtd. and In repl j I must aiiure you that I roallae- all the solicitude that you could expect me to ?io In relation to the present attitude of our notional aa wrll aa our (rational affairs. In connection with thee* I hare recently seen In tha public papers. clatter from General James Hamilton, of ?.euth Carolina, dated Retrieve, (Texas) December 16 1660 and addrnaaed to l.angdon Cheves. containing aome aug g<-st leas and sentiments in which I cannot oo inclde Three are timaa of widespread agitation, and of doep and earnest feeling on the part of many of eur tallow citizens. Mid iueh tdeae as those expressed in tlta following extracts from the letter olden. Hamil ton, are likely to ba productive ef evil consequsncea, however wall meant by him. His name has been long familiar to the pnblio as one of the most ardent aad native ot the championa of South Carolina in the timet of nullification, and his late coaoillatory admonitions lave invested hi* opinions with increased influence among the moderate and rational friends of theaoun try. These suggestions, therefore, if erroneous or liastj. rhonld not ba allowed to pan by unnotloed. The okject 1 bare In view ia r ot to engage in a news paper contest with the Qeneral, but merely to intimate to you and some other friend* at Richmond, that, as be places Virginia in the vanguard, In his contemplated appears proper that steps shoullbe taken there to matlfeat her dissent from the high honor pro pose 4 These are the extracts to whlcl I desirj espe cially to Invit. y>nr attention. In many other portions ol hie litter, opinions are thrownout which I also deem justly obnoxious to criticism . but aa these are the meat essential. I will contlne my observations to them alone:? lu the letter which I addressed to the people of Booth Ca rolina, I likawise asaaried brtally that it waa unncceaaary f ur the South to incur the moral responsibility ot dissolving the Union ; that the fanatics, abjliti juiats. and protiigato ?l"m ugogues of the lion- slaveholder States would aave (bam tire tr itible ; that evaatswere tiavelliag |Uite fast enough town aa tin* eonaummatioa- Have I been a false pronhet Thrv litre journeyed with an unanticipated velocity. Siuee my latter waa *ntt?n, has aot Vermont, within her limit*, .-epealei the festive Slave bill' and hat not Masischusetts ? It Jar' t annu led it * May not the r um u-itri. be said now te have ariaea Will not Virginia bow movtf Will she not call a (onrontion of all the Southern States to mast at Rlebni ud V/i.l not each and all ot them letpond laths Invocation of this groat and renowned Couaeaw ealth. Mother of so amy States ' I believe, as I believa in myewn oxletencH. that if Virginia moves, she will save. not dissolve theUnl n- f believe It w(ll lead to a convention <<l all the State*. :? nd , if feasible, te a freah undaritaadiag ot the bar lain. aad that we may obtain l'raeh guarantees lor the pr teetlon of onr slave iaatitutiona by an inhibition of the ?slavery discussir a in (.'engross, and also aeenre amendments to the loastltnwon restricting the taxing snd afftafn nl .n ? power mithia dna ' nds. But mar the trial or these re iieurses aad theie truths never be put to the test ! May Vif O" la. in her wisdom, in all the dignit y and gravity which ong to that august Commonwealth, summon all the nlavebMd.Bg States to meet at Richmond, for tte puraoss of uavlr/. if possible, the I'nion, by rehiring the ulterior solu tion of this in <ioestl?n to a convention of all the States. If they e?e(de that they can gtvs ua no security far onr domestic institutions ? tha* they cannot live la the mat I'aionuith thoae who have ths blight and plHue Si?o*. of alavery ?n their hands? let ns part ia i sa>v. aad endeavor te live i i the Si lnrationof its charities, however hopeless, . rom ths iatsrventisn of human passion, may be tfcecllort. The first point to b? notioed Is the alleged tact that the demagogue* >dn abolition Uaatles o( the North are ^reeaing on th? conteit with tearful velocity? that "Vermont ha* nullified the Fugitive Slav* law, and that Maatarhuset'.e ha* it f*> to annulled it? that the catut frtdtn ? haa arlaea; and ha appeal* to Vlrglaia to mora forward Now, it mult be very obvioua that tha aoaree* of General Uamilton* intelligence ara not wary trustworthy; for aothlag la clearer to thoaa who ara on the a pot. aad eaa judge for tbemselve*, than that ^ha aati alavery agitation la tha free State* 1* la a great zaearure aubaidlng; that tha demagogue* who were par ticipaiiag la It ara deeerting It* raaka, and that it l*fa*t falling iato the exclusive haadiol the threadbare wbita iaaatie*. Ilka Oarri*on and Qerritt Smith, aad tho*? of the Bt-groe* who belong to the Fred Douglas* ordar Of ruaaway patriot* The uawarraatad agitation that pre vailed haa been productive of oaa moat Mlutw; re mit, aad that U, to arouaa tha popular attention of tha iober. quiet. patriotie iaaa*en of the free State* to the character and danger of the** abolition macht a* tioat The moment they arretted puklis aotloa, that moment they were dettincd to be cruthed. We *?* the proceaa dally going on; the Galon m>rm>nt 1* hearing op *ecl*ty from it* greateet depth of feeling, and abolition faaaticlam I* vanithlaf before it* mighty power, aa chaff l**driven befare the whirlwind. The action o< Vermont took plaoe during th* extreme *!?? leaee of the fanatical fever la her legUlatl** bodiei; aad avea. a* It waa, tha act panned by a frauduiaat trick, and. eiace It* exposure, haa axcitad in the breaft* of the people tha moat determined hostility, it la believed they will haatea to repeal it. aad to wipe oat the diagrace It haa entailed on the Stat* So far ?e Ma**a<-bo*e*t* I* coneeroe^. only a alugl* oaae hat occurred there to warrant General <a e remark aad no well Informed rlllxea ot bora ballevae It will bo rory boob followed by another ot a Uka nature There are three oth?r point a in theee extracta deeerv lag of consideration. General Hamilton thlaka Vlr glaia should leaf off at oace la favor or a ? out hern Coaventlra. to be hel l at Hichmond; that a convention of all the State* would be the fruit of tbia movement, ?and that the federal coatUtntlca abould b* amended no a* to lecura aew guarantee* to* the rlrhte of the South. and a freah understanding of the bargain ? Now. to all aad alaxuiar of theae thing*. I objeet be tau*e they ?r? totalM uaaeaeeaary fhi* Southera '"oavention le the bantling of t a- abortive Nashville )cav?ntien and oould *? -ure a* go lead, bat to pro tract agitatioa. aad furaiah a *ort of ?af?ty valve for tb* cr*rebar<*d patriot* of Sauth Carolina aad Mi* "laalppl to let elf their extra gee. Thie eaa be ja*t ae well doa* la towa aoollagt legislative aaoeia Hie* fourth ef .1 uly oration* aad <ia other aaitablo nlone. for theee pyrotechnic diaplay* If a Southern Coavantlon ehoul I bo held at Bi?hm?ad or eleewbere it would be lih*ly to ooatala a lar^> pirtloa of the vlolewt aadaetive nltralat* oi all th- Potitbera Statee or thay would be vlgliaat and laduatrioa* aad would ?eek a place amoag it* aioniberc for th* eaavealeat opportualty It would air ord th?m to create diatnrbaaoee, ;o pledge the people la advance to e?me extreme meaauree. en<l to crganti* a body of eo operator* who might control the legislative at*- nihliea aad their re epectlv* rommuaitle*. and watch mm' i for the mo meat when they eoald give th* I alon it* d atl. blow Tbia I* their on!* bop* thi* I* rh-lr real d*"Vo Should a roaventlnn of all th* State* afterward* ae ermble. what could It aoccmpliah ' It could m*et with no valuable purpoe* la *i*w bo', to am* a I th* federal coaetltutinu. Aad niw let m* raadiJiy aad ?eriouilj aak any man la bl* eeaa*?. If ha believe* a geaeral cnnvintlon could be assembled ia th- ? (imee of tnrmoil and eieltemeat. of sectloaal jeat *>u?y aad aa4mo*lty. flrom whloh any real go-wl could be expected ' It, la th* date of our lather*, when our territory wa? comparatively tmall. cur coudltloa distracted aad aaarehteel. our coaf*d* atlon a looee ami frail league. obaotved or violated aa Interest or prejudice dlotat*d, there wa* *o mnoh dlf* ?-ulty In forming % coastlttitloa by a coev^atioa pre sided **er by Waablagtna end competed of maay of the I moat lllasttlou* etatea nea an<l pa'.rlota of tlie r*TOlutioa what coald we bop* for n^w whea every ?-aa*e of repulaion and antagoaiam haa been eug me a ted a th<uiaen>l fold ' Bat, In addition te thia th* ;>oath ae*<i* aeltber aew " guaraateea" aor'-reongni Itoa* of th* bargain '' The eonftitutloa I* ample uaraat*e tor her right* already, aad ataol* in a**d of neither aew reading* ner new aanntlfl*atloa. Thi/ ? palladium ot the freedom an d th * righta of every aad ot every cltlaen in the ITaina, <-ann?t be frittered away by apodal pleading, aor overthrown b* < pea force Both mean* have b?*n tried, aad hoik have Igaomlnloualy fulled It* eternal and immutable prlaclpl** rlee up with r*a?tv*d vigor after ever* ae ,iaault . aad the more they are ooa'.emaed and de nounced by faaatle* and d*m*gogu*e th* d*ar*r do they become to every patriot * heart What wroag ?aa be Inflicted oa the Rnuth*ra Stat*e without ? 1<ially wouadiug the oon*tlt.atloa ' Neae ah an lately aaae And what aec?ealty eaa tbare be for emendlrf It* pmvleion* ' By Meklng I* do thi* the 0c?tB abaadoa# fen itronj grouad of ?oa*tit?Uoa?l safeguard. ami, impliedly at least, conoedea that tha constitution d?aa not already prnteot her lights It any wise statesman of the South ready to admit that the federal constitution lit not the very r?u of hi* sectional rights and privileges, a* well as thou* of the free States ' I ehruid tegard such a man a? little leas than dementrd. Why, then, broach th? ld**a of amand log that glorious Instrument, which !? as near pei fcction now aa human wladom oan make it ' If it ha tbured or violated, amendment will not prevent that ; fcr it is aa easy to abuse or violate the amendasnt aa the original instrument itaalf It 1* impossible to close our eyes to tb? oonsploueus figure South Carolina ia endeavoring to out in thia emergency. She coquetted with Mississippi, aod pro duced that unlucky nondeaerlpt. the Naabviile Con vtntion. She courted Georgia, and offered the lead in the great enterprise to her, but that noble State content ptously rejected it. She is now coaxing the old dominion to join her mad schame. aud offering, aa an inducement, to place in her giant hands theori flame of disunion Will Virginia aacapt or refuse tbe profit-red ensign of treaaon ' I believe she will apura it with disdain. Ths Union and the federal constitu tion are too dear to Virginia to be caat idly away. They are her own ehitdrvn. They were daodl?d on her knee in their Infancy, and, now that they trtva an ived at the maturity of Herculean manhood they will stretch foith th-ir powerful arms with her own to upheld her honor and to vindicate her rl<hU. No Virginia will be tbe last to desert them. The banes of Wa>hlngton, and Jefferson, aud Xadison, would not re pose quietly in their honoretavavri, If aha war* to mar and blast thtlr great iabor^R patriotic devotion to their country and to mankind II ?w does it happen that South Carolina It the only beacon ll<ht in the Union? Who constituted her the pole star in oar glorious constellation ? Surely Virginia will not con less that her star Is in the wane and that of the Pal metto State in the aacrndaut. Virginia is, as tbe has ever bten, her owu mistress, and can say to South Carolina, otto any other grumbling State, '? Be still' We want na Ibraily jars, we will neither espouse your quarrels, nor follow your mutinous example." I f'-el proud to refer to the course of my own gallant State. Texas had too much trouble to enter the Union to ba willing to po out. She knows full wrll the evils of war and of faction fermented by foreign interests and do mastic traitors. She hat had eneugh of separate in dependence to be able to aporeoiate the benefits of union and fraternity. Let who may veer off after the false light of South Carolina. Texas will stand by ;th* flag of the Union, and defend all the stars that gem it with the same bravery anj devotion with which s'te clung through so many hours of gloom and peril to tho banner In wbich glittered berown. It may be asked whether a c^utlngensy might not arise when the duty every man owes to the firesides and hornet of his family and friends would require him to surrender the Union Undoubtedly tuch a sa4 spectacle might possibly b? presented. Gross injustice, rank oppression, and persevering tyranny, might produce It, but I think that day will navar pome. It has never yet come, and I bolieve it never Mill. When it does, if e?er. it will be a law unto itself' It will have to be met. not by th'i evasive hypocrisy cf secession, or nulllticatlon, or tsotioniU conventions, but In tbe bold and manly tplrlt that actuated our fathers In the revolution - that noble spirit which proclaims tja*. the preserva tion of liberty will justify any measure necessary to that great end. in the meantime let ut a'l within our appropriate spheres, contribute our utmost exer tions to subdue fanaticism and viol"noe. to resist sec tional encroachment!, to restore kind and harmoni ous feeling, and to cherish thcte expansive sentiments of patriotism In which the constitution and the Union originated, nad which rendared our fathers a band of brothers. W-t ay admonished by the highest wisdom, that >' sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." Let us give up to croakers and prophets of ill the task of trampling on the oonatltutlon ruining the oountry, and blasting its prosperity. This employment it son genial to their feelings and a'.'ords tbera the only chanca they have to attiast publle attention. I* the strength of cur syatam of government be destined to pass through another fiery ordeal for its purification, I can pray for no higher blessing ta be conferred on my country than that onr Chief Magistrate should pot rest the iron will the Spartan virtue, tha patriotic ar dor of Washington, all of which qualities characteriz ed Andrew Jackson, tha -'pilot who weathered the first storm." 1 Dare nanny sKetened tnese trade suggestions, and now submit them to you. In the hop* that they m*y stimulate you ana other* to adopt some effective utiMirM to rercue Virginia from the leist shade of saspicion that ?b? count.xnant *s tbU mofaneit which ? he has been Invitfd to lead. The invitation that has beta tendered te you rnjuires an answer ; let It be Fu-jh ae t? worthy the proud fame of Virginia. I am with |?reat respect ycur ob>*dieut s-rvei t anl friend. SIM HOUSTON, lion John LcTcnca, Richmond, Va. From H aihlngtoiii CONGRESSIONAL DOINGS?1 TROUBLE WITH RKSARD TO FATHKR R1T< HII ? < IIKAI' POST AUK STOCK DOWN? HOCt S J'OCI S STATK OK POLITICAL APKAIKS, ETC. Wasiiiihtoi, Feb. 13, 1851. Father Ritchie's caw, in the House, has been recom mittal, with instructions to cypher oat his exnot losses. That makes it hard, and very doubtful. The River and II arbor bill was taken up by a majo rity of the House, which indicates its complete suc cess. The French spoliations are la a very bad way. Cheap peetage ditto. Patent bill ditto. Ths confusion of parties and cil |Uts here beggars all description. General Psex arrived here yesterday. ft The number of deaths here during t e month of January, was 66. The cargo of the brig Fidelia, from Porta Rico, eon sitting of sngar and molasses, was sold yesterday at Georgetown. The sugar averaged $0 30, and the mo lasses 32 cents. Our citizens are much frratified with the appoint ment by Got. Lowe of Knbert J. (treat. lorni?rly of the Washington bar. as Atr om?-y General of Maryland, ? ice Mr MHM deceased. The proposition has been revlrxd for the oreetion of a nmnum?nt by the legal profeeslou, over the remains of the late Williau Ware, In the Congressional bnrlal ground. The spot Is new unmarked by any stons whatever Massachusetts Polities. Dostoo, Feb. IS, mi. The vote In tbii city, to day, for a representative In place of Dr Spenca, deceased, was Htevenson, whig 3,761 Blattering 163 The freesoilers reluie to put up any other candidate than Sumner lor Senator, although it Is aow generally conceded that he cannot be elected. lien. Ilrndereon'e Trial? Steamer Hank. Maw Oaiaaas, Feb IS. MM. The j a ry on the second trial of General llendersoa, have beea di*cbsrg?d from their laabillty to agree oa a verdict. The steamer Csd io. loaded with cotton has sunk in l.ake Bisteaean. No lives were lost. It is thought aone ef the cargo will be saved. Child Killed by ? llnnsway florae. bi rtiio. Feb II, 1851. l ast evening, abeve sis a'eloek. a ranneny horse knocked down a little girl about tsn years of age. the daught-rof Mr Fugeot Her head was struck by the whlnletree with such force ae to eaase Instant death The Fennsy ivsuli LcRialnturf. ?aMmec ao, Feb 13, IU1. A reeolutloa was offered la the Senate calling on the A adlter General far the cause of delay In publishing the annual etat>m*au af the dlltereat banks in Penn sylvania It wn laid oa the tab>e for th- present Namer?>as petitions were presented la the Hease. Hallraul Artliltni-I(ailr?ad Convention* A Liaav, lab. 13, 1U1. The n^uaatoale up peseeager trala of ears, yester day alteraer a. while paeeiag over tl.e carve between Great Barrtngtoa and Vaa Du?en?rtlle|?ee ihrowa from the tra-k by the eprendlag of the rails, from ferty te Mlv feet Meet of the paeeengers were to il r-d i, ae ?t M>>m badly one bad thr?e rlbe brtk-n. ?ad was left behind, The remaiader c*ai up la the trelaa The Railroad nventl'w thle wevalag reeon ed to reduee the (are ea a. I trains >f through pnse?g?-s, from A Ike ay tu Buffalo, to |6 Oo the s?n< t?. take ? fleet ea the 1st af April abieklMg and Fatal <*si4eali Livvt. Fans, Feb II. 1MI. Furl Trumbull a well known nad mueh reseected eltlsea was aeeldeataily klli-d yeeterday about oae o'eteak nt hie yern heietf, la thle plaee fie wa? ea gagwd ehopniee lee fr.u te- est?r wheel, when It Oteited aw* we %, f, rat Ble? him ae It revelved, and breaking bis l g. la a meet sheeklag meaner fie died laetaatly. leaving a ;-eag wir? and child ?he Fr?e tellen In Ceensetlf al . ?aaivaan, f eh. IB . 1151. The free eel lees la eeaveatlea, yeet-sday aamlnated fm Uoveraae Jehu Bead. f?r Ideut GeeeraoV. William Field; for Beefetaf*. l??eph W hit v foe Comptroller Welt?r Webb; foe Treaear.r, Jeeee F. Ka.dein The eraveatiea tbea a4j?sraeA "" tblpwiesk end laffrrlng at Ilea . Itiviaeii, Feb. it, i Ml The MebHe paper*, received to day repeet that the brig Krte of Baltimore fr-n K.eor?eaa? foe Rie J a aetro wns loet ea the weeteva reef e? tb? Bahama* <m the Sd left The vceeel s NMvl gro??ded te ylMa aad he* deck ??at?d eff te whleh the crew eluag and remained three da ye a heeey gale erevat iv< the ? bete time They weee fleetly r?w??d by* wreefclag ?shooter nad carried late K?*saa ? f THIKTT-FIRBT CONOHEM. UCONH SESSION. Senate. BY MORSX'S MAONXT1C TKLB8RAPH, orrirs, coikli or bbavkb and HAH??r* aTBcrrs. Washington. Feb. 13, 18T> 1 . fktitioni Ann hki-obts. NunmiM petition* sad report* were pr**ent*don private eiMt. tiiimrii and thk two rica cent rur?D. Mr. Bc.-iTot gave notice that he would introduce ?gain the bill to p ay Missouri the two per cent fund. ICE HOAT* AID THK MAILS. Mr. Em Introduced a joint resolutloa for loe boat* on the Potomac, to carry the mail* during the winter. NATAL CM Ar LAIN*. Mr. Bale'* resolution of Inquiry, to place aaval chaplain* on the sane footing, as to compensation, as surgeon*. was adopted. FASSAGK 01 Till BESOM'TION CBBATINU THt BANK Or LIEUTENANT StUUAI.. The joint resolution authorizing the President to confer the rank of Lieutenant General by Brevet, was put on Its final passage, and passed? yeas 81, nays 10. TNI r ATE*T LAWS. ETC. Mr. Neasis moved to postpone prior order*, and take up the bill to amend the patent laws. Mr Bi *riicn opposed the motion, and urged that the hill regulatlnc the fee* of marshals, elerks and attor ney* of the United States should be first considered. Mr Rvs? urged the taking up of the Poetage bill. Mr. It#?is was in favor of taking the special orders in their regular course. After a long debate, Mr. Merrla'stmotlon was r*j*ot ?d? ayes 21, nay* 24 TM? POSTAGE BILL. Mr. Rt sk laid on the table, to be printed, numerous amendment*, intended to b? offered to ih* Postage hill. tmk vbbs or et rn i bs attached to vmb v. s. coi-bts. Mr. Bkbbien moved to tak* up the bHI regulatlog the fee* and cost* to be allowed olerk*, marshal* and attorneys, of the United Stales ceui t*. \ arioua verbal amendment* were made in the detail* Cf the bill Mr. Dow** moved an amendment authorising the department* to mak* allowance of a reasonable ooa penratlon In all ease* r.f unadjusted claim* for extra professional dutle* This amendment la supposed to cover the alaim of Mr burand, late attorney for Louiiiana. After a long debAte the amendment was rejeoted. Ayes 10 Mr offered an amendment that whan a marehal finds It neoeeaery ts call out the military, in order fo enable blm to eiecuie a proceee, the troop* shall b? allowed three dollars per day each. Mr. Ti B*B? said that the eomp?asatioa was too high; two dollars n day aad roast beet wa* eaeugh for asty one of the troop* The suiendmebt was rejected, aad the Senate ad journed. ?* tUprtMNUIlTM. BY bain ? klcctso-chx.mical mjraiuMt. W?|Nin<irv?, Cib. J3t im *?mi irriotntTiMi. Mr B4,Lr,((J.?) ofVl,ftBu (rom the Committee of Way* aud Mnii reported ? bill maklag approprla tloa. for tk. amy for tb. year lMi R, C?*"U,tw 01 "?? WM. .. tb. luu of rHr public rainrma? belief w.htbo ru ttm. bitcmie. lb. ilou.e tb. consideration of tb. ,eeo|B. Uon wportM ,hUN.;, for the rall.f of Thoma* Kitchle. for lo.M. 0. ,^0M| #| ?#cuU th. tongree.lonal prletlsg Mr. MtarHALi. conteaded that tb. ao.tract ... taken without aa latentlon of performing It, and r. pUed to tb. remark, d*llrered J.?terday by Mr Mow Mr. H?LLiD?r, (d.m ) ol V. i?w,rt.J tb. retain, lon ?dg.T.r^Mwhr Mr BKrt|# th#al< ^ d.mnlfi.d. Tb. 1 1 out. decided out of ord.r tb. p..*, l?f amendm.nt of Mr. Urowell, to lad...,,. mL?!" ^??deH ' Taa Renthuyi.a for in >.i >i tb.tblrtl.tb Csa?r.M *rlBt'BI lor ? (?klu ) of U?M . Mid bat llttl. Bora .ban two . e. k? rratinr d in ?bih to dn iiuul? n.M feoth .Id., of lb. i|ii..tloa had b.?a^?ai'd praeuming tbat tb. a^nde of geatl.m.a ?.r* m?d* ut>' L. muv.d tb. prerlou* queitlon ??d. up. Mr Bt?:< ?;?*, (whig.) of Pa moved to lay the Kit?hi. rottid not b? uone for 1.*. (baa a d.duetlon of oa. P''CM ?????bll.b.d la 1 SI w Mr Wendell t..tiflt'd batota tb. rommltt*. that bl. bid waa two thlrdi Iff* than tb. price. of that year that. h? imi efahte.n thoufand dollar, by tb. neaUaet^L5(??2 ?5VV th,r<1? P" ceat le.. than tb. price* of 18 IP would lademalry bin It wa. oro.ed fhli i irt''"'" v" ???-.? r.?, bu Ivi 2* committee propoaad to glre Mr Ritchi. fifty p.r ?.at Im. a. iademalty Mr MoWllii* *etne?tly pleaded for Mr Rltchl* *? WIlUe <in*?t?<;n wa. tak.a. .nil tb. reaolutloa forr.ll.f wm re-oommltted to th. Commute on Printia/ with Inatruotlon* to Inquire and report whether Mr Hit hi? ha.e,.out.d tb. public printing. baring reg.ri to tb. quality of tb. work and to tin- agr~abl/ to th2 chair #n "UU 01 tb# 1 B,0B M' ??*?? I i CftT#d ** U' I Y?rk 10 Uk' '? JubAttloWnM mUCh c,0Blu,l0B aBd eri.. of quMtloa," octVf ordw"4" d,eldf<i th,t Mr D".r * Motion wu Mr. S. H.!,, ?. (whlf > of ?blo, am. to th. .in..tioa? ?r.nd.r"" lh't U "M ,D ?'irT Mo' lh* Pr,t tlU'ti^1. .ro?. to fb.qu... il? ii i * " raollon "" not in ord.r p.ndlaa Mr Uaj I y'. motion y Mr Dm. .aid b. would oont.nt with notlc. that h. would, after fhat w.. d" poJd 0f oi?! t0 up tb. Rlf.r and ilarbor bill | ^Mr. Fayly'i motion wa. dl.afra.d to-Ay.i lo io?. m0T*' tkat th# Wwt Po,Bt Ae?l.m, bill I nol"'01" ?,ll0M w#r* n,*d# u rii*. amid th. | biff' DC" mortiio *?k? up tb. Rlr.r and Harbor Tb.Cn.i.M.- ruled tb. motion out of ord.r Mr D> r.a appealed Th. mle. ?.r. read, que.tlon. wer. rained tha e?a fu.ton ecntiaued; audthe ia.?tlen bafn. t.k.n th* A no .r'i!rrd t0 "U*4J* t,,# ? d.aUtoa Motion, that th. commilt.. rl?. w.ra ma<l. and Tot.d down. tmk ?f?ra *bi> am, w M tb.n tak.a up - aye. low no*i 0. Home i (.atl.m.B refuaed to vot. in ord.r tbat tb. JI. might b. without a -junrum w? *2d Mr ol Marylaad, who thV rtliliTf ? floor- ?*?? ??y for a in lit i. n th.: nol. p" *?' W,"ch AyM 34, Mr Mor?r (dem ) of Loul.l.aa, a?ked Mr MflLaa. ZHS.u7.wbIu' lBt,,,Uo" 10 forc" th* bm 1 wP,Ud "Mi ,f th* CbalfBM of th. 1 h. i!! h cf n T w" *D" woBl'1 <,t* t,M tD? fourth Of March, h# would. With (r^t nUi .nrm U?|,n!tt5.42lM' T,,i.!hM d*y h# woul,, wll""? I W> *?i>m It tb. matt'r tn him i *1 * ?*Jd It ..em?-d to him tbat th. notn. did ??t Intend to gU. th. Commltte. of Way. and Mean* M^r^j 'laugbtJfj0' t'*B bUI*' Ul"11 th* 41,1 ?' (dM? v r.? ? tb. I 111 bad b?.a printed. II. wa. not abl. to proeur. a e.'py aad non. wa. fo b. haJ Mr 8. i.rwr* (In bl. teat) -Th. ban i??t bl* copy that .all (f.aught.r ) '????? M tb* Bn,?? patllally .ub.ld^d Mr Mrl.a<r .aid that, aprordlug to th. d.irnii.trattoB. mad. with regard to taking up thli bill, It wa. .f gr.a'. Intamt and Importance. H* bound to aiiume ti.a< 't <J. mand.'l of him a careful .xplana'ion of th. prn,.?|nn< to Induce tb. Rout, to .uppart it. Th. com mitt*, would pardon him for ?ugg.*ting that thrr. la no r. latkn between tbl. aad a g.naral .y.t.m of int.rnal improT.ment. a. known to tb. paopi. .nd th* public meB of th. country, and th. n atioaal pollay Tbarr I. no r.latloa betw.en th. policy and ?p*c<n. appronria | tlon. for .perlfl.d rlv.r. and harbor*, alth.r for light h^uM* baoya. or pier*, and tb. of obatruc I tloa. aad a general *y?tem ?f ImproT.m.nt. Th. b.M proprae* to provid. tar public work. Indl.p.n*ablr I nee.e.try tor tacll luting com* A. b> amo.od.d I Jf ????? ?0T* th*" thra.- fourth* of th. nbj.nt* In ! tb* bill bad >>.?n adju.t.d and pr.pared by tb* pron.r I, and bad b..n aporor.d hy ail tb. r.nub | lleaa to Mr The hill wa* ha?d I on ground, tlmllar to tbo.. on whlfth th. l*mo^ra(lc party w.nt Into tb. campaiga in 1R38, 40. and 44 ?l. |iulght h. .Il?w.d to .ipr... .obij .urpriw at lb. I b?at af oppnaitlcn which had b*oome cl.niorou. and I faction, in Tl.w of th. political elem.Bt aion. Mr Bi *r, (Jem ,) of I. 0 , Interrupted Mr* by r<?iarblag Ibat h. would b. glad If th. W"?I<1 the l.mnrratlR patty, a* a party at llaltimor* or ?l*.wh.r*. bid mad. thi. platform. Mr Mrt,?*R-I Mid nntblrg about int.rnal Impror. m.nt*. I *pob. of rlr.r* and harbor. With griat ear* Bad reader I praeeated my dletiactlrn to th. commlt tje What I nM wm. that th. rlr.r and harbor hill I. the typ. ol the bill*d to Coagreaa by er.rr reputdlcen President and efgn.d by .r.ry rapablleaa W t iWMn. M* ' ?*- -t tnd that J?fI*r*oa. Mnaroa. Jaekaoa Bad Pclfc held that aii|aaien< af th. eoa.tltatlon *? lmpro?em?Bt* of rlr.r. Mr M. Una re^ilrd that h* did not ?ay that the j?*r ?am* unrd did not ?ipru* an opinion that an amend mcnt ef tbe constitution *" necessary but that it m to be denied. What I i'?ld wai, that they signed the bills. Mr Mi ar-DId Jeflefson! Mr McLasik? I Kaid they ,-lgned bill* which con tained preslsely similar hems, or oharacter, of the ex penditure*. I profess to betteve that Mr. Maditon mi le the true dlatlnction. and that Je.Terson did not; and he objected to the genera!' syst.'m, and pointed to tbuea. The rirer and harbor bill. unrter Mr. Van linren'j administration. waa irjortiil by Silas Wright. Mr. HoLMia. (dem ) ot S C, observed that Silas Wright voted lor the tariff bill. Mr. M? La.?ik.? Bo would I bare voted for it. Mr. Holmhh.? Will the gentlemen tell what democ racy 1# .' Mr M< Lams.? If I had wanted * nroaia. before all others, 1 would hare called upoa 3he gentlemac. (Laughter.) Mr. Holmks.? I hare the advantage. Mr M< Lake. ? "Those who live in glaM.totue* should not throw stones.'' As to democracy,! bald that th<r true virtue, as an honorable te?t ot a party man, is fidelity te his party organization. "Vetera ? la that your view ? (Laughter) Mr. MoLank.? Stop a moment. Cms ? 'Go on;" "define tbe position." Mr. Mi Lamk ? When you come to ask me what de mocracy means, you throw me Into philosophy and abstraction; but when you ask what demooraoy means,

as known to the hlatory of tbe country, I in prepared to answer. I'll tell yon what it le. Okies ? "Ilear him;" '-go on." Mr, Cahii h, (dem) ofOhio. If the gentleman will give way, I will move that tbe committee rifle ? (Laughter ) Mr. McI.ank ?I don't yield tbe floor to anybody. Gaits.? "Go on." [Gentlemen w?re standing in e??wy part otthe hall; a lid the chairman repeatedly called to order. Mr. McLam ? I am asked, by the gentleman from Seuth Carolina, to waive the geneval question. and say. that is tbe demoaraMo policy I think, as in 1848 It waa Cass and Bntler, Tbxaa. Oregon, and the whole of it. [The noise waa greater than at any former period ] The clear and dininct voioe ot Mr. Atmiiv, (whig.) ot N. 0 , waa heard above tbe din, say ins there ie so much noise and oontnalon that we cannot hear. (Im moderate langhter ) Criks? " ti?i>d," "Bit him again." "Ha, ha." Mr. McLa^ resumed- In 1844 I indicated what 1 thought to bevthe type and symbsl of democracy In 1M0, cooa skins and bard cider were the phsttorm ot the wblgs. nnless my iriend from Virginia found it in Poinsett's Militia law That was not democratic. Mr 8e?i>on. (d<>m ) of Ya . riMng>- Does tbe gentle man allude to me ? (Laughter ) Mr. McLt?t--Yee I thought that you were a mem ber ot the militia Mr |Hai>oon ? We, in Virginia, regard principles rather than man; and in defining what constitute* the democratic party. I thought mat the gentleman ought to tell the principles. Mr. Carter oalled the gentleman to order. The CHtiiMti- Which gentleman ' Mr. Cari-cr? Tbe gentleman from Mary laud Mr. M?La>e said be was sorry that those wko had invited this course ot remark had twoome fatigue J with it. The gentleman irom South Carolina bad pronouaced the first interrogatory, and had derived no raMsfai-tioa from it He (Mr McLane) should not bave telt called upon to throw off the veil bat to meet liie attack Qe waa eontent, himself, to vote for this bill, wit host regard to the propositions of individuals er parties Without ooncluding. Mr. McLane gave way lor a motion thatth* committee rise, which prevailed. The Ueuee then adjourned. RIW YORK. LBQIILlTDHli ?tttU. ?Y M0K5X'U UaO.NETIC TKLKOKAPH, Aliiakt, Feb. IS, 1861. nrmoM Of ettisens of Northsrn New Vork, for the bridging of Lake Cbamplain at Rouses poinfc of merchants of Mew York, for equalisatioa of toll* oa railroad*. TIMMH):! ON LAND. Mr Mia* introduced an act declaratory of the true construction of the penal statute relating to tree, passes OP land Mr. Caaaoi i , of Reneaalaer, laid on tbe table thefol lowing resolution : ? ?*?Wed, II the AaevmMy ceacur that in the jod*m?at ef thia L<|irlatare, Boo. Daniel Wehater ba? ably tinted the well lataklieheg priaciples ef the Korrrnaeat ot the United tf'.ai' a, in regard to it? intercourse with Uri'Ku it tioee.aa hie; rttcr to Chevalier Hiilsomann, Uharge U'AfTaira from tbe .icvrrassent of Auetria, lated Ueosaber I, lOfcK nad itat. tie uae principle*, the general government eboald ??' tM legitimate taflutace towards arcnrinix the net uderation ot opinion end worabis torAaerieaa eiti Ir?? in tcreua royntriea, that foreigners enjoy in tint eeastvy. and alto te aeeure to the eitleeaa of eaeli State all the privileges and uaaiiniiiss of clti/eaa in the scleral States. mkb chants' aacMANoa (otirAtr. Mr Moat.** gave notice ot a bill to allow the Uer< chants' Kxchange Company to borrow money to pay Its debts TIT I RS TO LtaO. Mr. Cnout* (are notice ol a bill to amend the ait to laoUitate the egamlnatlon of titles to land in the city ef New York tiii. eou ct t i ot or maio*ial aim. The hill providing for the stay of proceedings to ool lect rent on uaaortaitlaud', was order* <1 to be eugrosse j for a third reading. A substitute waa offered by Mr. Ban< o< a, providing for the discontinuance ol the proeeedings under the joiat resolution. In order to aaeartaln whether the title to manorial lands Is good RejecUd. The SemaU then adjourned A see ?ably. Ai SAjrr, fab. 13. 18S1. SAt i,i hook mora. Mr H J Ai i aw reported favorably on the bill lor the licensing and govrrnment of pilots by way of landy Uook TNI Mil III* BILL. Mr Baaaia reported favorably on ths bill relative to tbe militia of the State sinnr naters. Mr. Tow nasi ii reported favorably on the bill In re lespeet to the payment of drafts at sight. i soias' sseuroLser ssciitr, Mr Wsbd reported favorably on the bill Ineorporat Ing the Ladlee' Benevolent Aid Society of the Ustho diet K piece pal Church of .New York. I H'LAIMBP WOTVe Mr. 1'wnv swoOt> reported on *o mueh of thetiover jtra message as relates ta unclaimed aot?s In the Com p trwller's office, by a iotnt ree<datl<e. providing for their destruction under the 'direction ef tbe Comp troller Laid over. Mr. TM?airenia, of New York call< J np the resolutlua offered by b>m. that the Leglelatnre will not elect a United Statee Senator until they ei press their opinions of the compromise me*snr*s Mr. Tmompsww advocate* the passage of the resolu tion. Mr Tvvhiii. oppose 1 It* paseage Mr TMowrant moved I he previous |ue*Uoa Mr Bbn.< s moved to ley It on the tebie Carried, hy aye* IS. noes M Sl HISI< lllil ?? StR lU ItltMll M A hUl waa nettoed te aeaeeMtuete ine dtRereal rail roede between Seheaaetady aad Rafale tai nu er wn titata nasi A bill was introduced Incorporating the elty ef Wll liomeburgb mb. eswtao a?o vae . eves.wia* Mr. A A Tsaaraaa offered a reeeintlon opposing the coarse < f Senator Swward. and oa the Judi slary ? ? in m 1 1 tee ier a rwpcrl ea the reeriwtione NHMM th? romp-on, ise msasurae referred te them. Laid ever Adjoaraed. Rallreed* in llllnaie aad Mleaomrl. Le mail, Feb IS, IM1. The Illinois I "gialatere has deseed n liberal charter lor a railroad from Illlaois lowa to ? las in net TheMieeearl Senate hae paeeed the FaelSfl. Baaai bal an I St. Joseph Bsilr?a I bill with lease ea ths eiedll of th* State far M OM M The rote was IT te t Maryland Conn niton? Mnwentenla ef ll?.. I est lens, Ar, MsLTixene. fob II. ISS1 The Maryland Reform Convention decldel to day sgalnst biennial aeatloaa of the Legislature la futars, and in fhvor of snnaal limited sessions Crowde of Bealenlao* are here, ea mate far Wash Inaton - all in fine spirits. No mall esath of Pstersburg has heen reeelred to night Lhls Tram llaytl. Boatew. feb 13, I Ml Areonnta Ocm Cape Haytlsn te the ssth alt hate been resolved The oouotry remalne 'jalet Caff e was seefee. a saw ordlaaans. relative totrelewith foreign ooattileo, waa promulgated on th* ttd ot Jan uary . Great Ire Flnml In the kntqnrlissss-Thf Can| Mince Vlooded? Destruction IMd. PirvtTot, I,r . rati Oo , (Po ) Feb I' HM The recent heavy ruin* have caused a grsat Hood In the Susquehanna. The Irs In ths river bea bsen me' ad several times end piled up to a grest height along the bunks In this vieinity It Is mash to be feared that great damage will be rau'*d by the Im mense quantity of I** should a tiaal break ap ensue at this stage of the water Mr. Tettls, a gentlemen re siding on the opposite side of the river from this place, was obliged to leave his dwelling, yesterday owing ta the blg?i water we nnderstsnd that several coal mine* In thl* region have filled np With beck water Bom the river. The wa'er la said to be three feel higher than sver Known before 1 havef jiet leernsd that part of oae of the aew plsrs. at this nines. hss been torn down b; tke Moving ol ths Ice. Mctrorologlcnl Observations, Feb. 13. BT MOKMc'h l.litE, OkKICK 1 1> WALL STRUT Bt-rraLO.? The momiDK ?Bd very pleasant. wit* ? mi. u Bo; th wind; bat the evening is cloudy, tad the r,'n? At8A M "*? thermometer was U 87: 8 P. M . thermometer 42!.,. Ko< iiestkb -The day ha* been ax flue as Mav Ther mometer 40 at 9 A M and 7PM 7 Aibubm -Thla ha* bean a clear and warm dav Thermometer 44 at 9 P M . and 43 at 8 p M The wind this evening is strong treta theB. W. tvBAcrsa ? We have had a trlortous clear and ?primt like day. Not a cloud to be wen. and tbe wind 4 W Thermometer 31>i at 9 A Jt and 40 at N P M. Oswkuo ? The merning was rath* r cloudy, and a strong south wind prevailed. At !> o'clock the ther mometer noted 24. and baroaoeter .;0 8-I, IT tic a ?Tbe evening. like tbe day I* beautiful. Thermometer 23>,.?nd barometer 30 40* at 9 A.M.; At S P. M,. thermometer 34. and barometer 30 160. Aiunt.-W? bare been blessetf wit'a CtuJj magnifl rrnt weather to day. At 9 A. A! , the tfrrrmometer was at 24, barometer 30 93 and meriury In baroin?t?r 88; > P M . thermometer 3d, mercury la barometer 01, and barrmeter 30 70. Taor.? The weatBer has been remarkably fine to day, and tb? loe haa al! disappeared from the rirer. Thermometer I" at ? A M and ,'ttt at 8P.M. Wuitehavl. ? Tbe merning was clear, but the eve nlig la cloudy, and Indtoatea a storm. 'ITMrmometer 29 at 9 A M and 3* at 3PM Ki.'BLimi. ro.v ? The sky wasclear andth e vHnd moth this morning witi the thermometer at 18 at 9 o'oloil. I At 8 P M . the wind was southwest, the sky cloudy, I and thermometer at 34. 8t Jomnh. O. ? ?Tbe morning waa fine and pleas ant, tbe wind southwest, and thermometer 20 at 9 o'clock. BY BA!N*8 LINK, OFFICE 23 WALL STREET OuummioH -The weatber was very pleasaat at nooa, with tbe thermometer at 3-t. Since then It hat become colder, and there are prospeots ot a snow storm At 7 P. M. the thermometer was at 16 Watebtoww. ? At 7 this evening tbe wind was south west. tbe sky cloudy, atmosphere mild, and thawing, I and the thermometer 36. Pobt Plain.? Tbe thermometer r?ae at 28 at 7 P. M., the wind west, the sky cloudy and indicating snow Philadelphia We have u clear night, with the wind N W. Thermometer 4? at 8 P M W ? L.MiMiTan. ? The atmosphere :? clear Bad spring- j like. Thermometer 38 at 8 P. M. Bai.timobk ?At 8 P. M the thermc?a?ter was at 40. The day taa been very line Wahh*.. tow.? This evening the wind is east, and the sky cloudy. Thermomet-r ??? at ? P. M. HY TUB ERIE LINE, OFFICE 3 HANOVER STREET Ki.MiKA--At 8P M, tbe weather was warm and cloudy, and Indicated rain. The thoroughfares ate very muddy. I Ow ?:<io -The day has been beautiful. Thermometer 86 at 8 P. M and wind south. lli.ii.H amton - The day ha* been warm and clear, but the evening is a little cloudy, and the wind 8. K. Thermometer 34 at 8 1' M Mok t it one - Tbe day has been dear and pleasant, bat the evening Is somewhat cloudy and e?ld Hon?:ki>ai.k ? We have had a we 1-4 and snnsbialng day. but tbe evening is rather clot.fy. Nabrohnhi no.? We bad a heavy white frost last I night, which frose hard. The morning waa bright and mild, with a south wind. This evening it is oold, and ' rligbtly cloudy. 0?li> Brai*o The evening is cold and oloudy, with | appearances of a storm. ARRIVAL OF TIIE ALABAMA. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM MEXICO. THI INAUGURATION IP PRESIDENT ARISTA, &t>, 4tc., ?fcc. | The steamship Alabama, Captain Foster, from Mlna- I titlan and Vera Grui. arrived at N*w Orleans on the 4th iaitant She left Mlnatltlan on the 25th alt , and iu detained one day ln*ide of the bar. by a norther. She left Vera Crux on the 30th nit. The Hon K P. Letoher, oar Mialrtur to Msxioo, came pamenger on the A. CMaUMe lne|U Ika pMMB|?r> . -? 11 .? K P Li- lobar, Enrifaa Men*. Aid toUan Aritk*. Ramoa Lozano da Aininto, I m <i > , an t two brother*, Jaointa Kibe nud three aetilitwe; 1'edro M Uoroxpe, Marian, Kotiereuia, ' Iraacia 1' Arrangoii and leerotary, Joaepk Landere, 9 Juk- ! iua, E Kimouttmid, D Jorakeaeen, Mr Utvu, K H Umlm, Daineirio Valdea, Prnaparo Cabellaro. Jva lliiiari. Captaia Carlo* Valencia, An*. if Orlnda, Raman Urmia, An*al l.rrd?, Jaaa Paagael. lire Karoona Uinaat de OulTu, Mr* tfauualla Terredo and ictvant, S n Lew la. F hiraada, Claudlo Orto, Col A J Smith, Pablo Oliviar, J Thompaira. II Vealoar, C W bojd, D Hltehell. M Wiuke, VV L ulantoii, R Berna>>y, J Atkina. T Beb'tereuu, Mr Biadall, Mr Khali, I, C*ni-jntar, J Cat | < nil r, W 1) Uanurll, K M Julia'un, J U Jobuaoa, J Carr, G Atkina. M At kin-, K Walker. M H Pan, J Stewart, ?' Maraei, C Celine, J 1> Kendall, A I. Ball. F S??u>(, U <) (.ait tier, M Joxre, E A Caaaoa. J Critoher, Mr Paioalli, U II Rachanao, Mr Barret, N Uoughtoa, U Aata. J Aldred, A Rcot. The hydrographlc party, Lieut. Temple, having com pleted a *urvey and minute examination of the rlrer 'or about *ixty mile* above Mlnatltlan, will, about tb* 27th alt , prooeed to oroiti the mountain* to the Paclflo and make a detailed (xaainatioa of all the bay*. harbor*, to , within reach. Crosslag on their way back, t'.ey will examine the halanoe of tbe upper river (Coat taooalcos). and the bar at the mouth a* well ii the river below Mlaatitlaa. Mr. William*'* part* (topographical) are engaged in ruuniag lines and level* Irom K1 Barrio down to the lagoon*, aod te tbaOulfof Tebuan'epec Mr. Avery * party are em pleyrd between liora d> 1 Mont* and K1 Harrio. When thay rhall have flaUhed thU line, which It ohort, tbey will commence end run back in the direction of tbe Unit of Mealco. cn the Moraapa river. Major Harnard ha* been In advance ol the party all the lime, arranging for traacportatioa fcc and plaaniag work lor tbe parti** on the m**t available line*. Annexed are eur translations from th* Mexican file* received at the 1 1' raid otllce : - (Irom the Trait dTnloa.Jaa. 18.1 The new ministry, with the exception of Mr Payno, who remain* Mill very lick, took the oath ot n (lire yes terday. a* c ffloially announced They are aa follows ? Minister of Finance Mr. Payno. Minister ef Foreign Allaire Mr Yane* Minister of .lusiiee Mr. Aguirre Mial*t*r of War Mr. Kohl** | Thegnatest reproach iaa<le agaimt the above lint, 1* thai. they are all moderate*, l b* puro*. (strlot de mocrat*) wbo have maialy contributed to place Arifta In th? Presidential chair had expected tbat at leait one of the new ministry would nave b?en (elected frrm among their rack* On the very day of hi* laauguration. while the n*w President wn recall log the coBgratulatlon* of hi* ftieads In th* mld*t ot a brillant company despatch ??* arrived from Mineral* A rig a and Uualam-nte, giving an acoouatof th* completeoverthrnw of all the rabel lore** at Ouanajvato Eighteen piece* of cannon wwretakea, beelde* a great quantity ol ammunition, ami many prisoner*, tbe leader* have been taken, or 1 have fled" Private letter* announee that four of tbe j chief* have been tried aad a hot among tbtm Ochoe an) Fernando aad. a* tbe kfxnror eaaoaen** an American to begin with. Nothing certain i* known a* to th* ni^art of thi* revolt Some *ay It we* In favor of (i*nerai Almoate That Oeneral i? at thl* moment ?Ick beiag It I* -aid. attacked with the llvar com plaint and 1* In a dangerous situation ACCI BATION AND TRIAL OP A STATE OovERNOk BY (UNURF.a* The member* ot th* Legteiatar* ef the Stat* of Ban Lute have laid More the Fed?ral I'oagre** an asou aatlon againet the Uovrraor al th -ir Bute, for di**>lv lag them by an armed force Oongren will, at doubt, take up th*<|aeetioa and deolda. in a legal trial, upon th* < rtmiaalliy of th* Uaveraor. lMAfCI kation op PKEMDtNT arista Thla waa purely aa ofllclal ceremony, wlthont any ?opular exhibition according to the wi*be* of th* Pretldeat, few of the people were a lraitted to view the eeremoay of taking the oath Early In the mnrnlag. the troop* nf tbe line and the National Uoard. were t n loot aumberlng .10t0 mea At II O'clack, they formed en the Alameda, wb?re they r"inalaet la the grrat *'|aare whan after th* ln*tallat|oB. they e? err ted the Preeldeat aad autherltle* to t he cathedral, whea a grand ft rfenai wal performed la honor of the ?eeaaioa At on* 'dock P.M i?*aeral Ari*ta went to the Cleabf of l?e|<utle* to take the oath. It wat aa fallow* ? I . Merleaa Arieta President of the Hailed fttate* of M a 1 1 t cwear by Xod and the lloly Krang?ll*t* that I will diacharge faithfully the dutiaa ?m h thoae tiata* have c-nldej to me. aad that I will defend, and cauae te he deftaded the coaetltutioa. hill of right*, aa <1 geaeral la we nf th e *ot federation lie aftetaard* delivered the following ADD H tea "1 haw la the moat Mema manner, hound my *>-lf fo the aatloa eweariag before Ood la the moat *ol>-w>a rr.aaner to d*f>ad the *y*tem which govern* a*. Impeiiad. aot hy a vala **i*mony or by igur>bl? I ****** l*at the la'eraal oravlctioa which I 1**1 I that that reglaie la the niAy *ae 'bat can ???* ?? There may *i?w, g>atlemea. be rememh-'red three epo-h* duriag which our anuntry ha< he?a llluttlaal edhy fame ray* nf fellcHy. diap-ra!ng fw a llm - th* darkn*** whl-h for eo long a period h*a *v*raha low..d ii?; *ad at thoae time* the fe letal *y*t*m rniej Can we claim the title at mea of h?aot or good faith If we ' violate the teachlag* 0? eaperleace" I believe. g?atleai ea, that f he f ey*raae at If It ojb prthead* well It* ml?a|oa. ehonld. a* far aa it l? able. ai?e aa Impulse to every thing th*t may make the Mate* great and happy hecaa?* la thi* manner all i the pertleaicf aoclety may ao op* rate la *uch a m%a aer that tha t alon ?*y appear *tr?ng a? the moment whea It may he cail*d oa to maiataln it* malt aaercd latere*!* . Cr a*enneatly every thing will be don* hy the *en tral author it iee tc ereble th? ?fa?a* to eqnallie t he eg , peare* and thelV revenue*, to moltlply their way* nf . eraimaaioatloa, to augment their agrlcaltural and | femmarrlal ln-i<>*try. in short to make them great . aad rowerfnl e'traitiag to thair ho*nm? the inteill ' ?eat indnst rl"*s aad enlightened pnaulatloa whieh they'ro much acd Thi* pawer aad grandeur, tar ? tto? iad9 -t*gjealoa? leari la U* gortramcat Pi th* Union will cauae It the greatest pleaeure. inch M that I with which a loving lather viewa the happioeea o < mt ot hia children. Pwci will k? maintained at anv coat, bh the only manner In which tha happiness and prosperity of crur I compatriot* can be secured. Thla laeatlmable bless ing la tha firat aeeessity at the Kepnblio, in order that the joat and legal anoceaaloa of tha administration 1 may banish even the Ida* of thoaa rerotta which have heretofore bo dlatraeted and Impoverished in. Tise exact and weB comprehended Independence of : tha awjreme powara, while every ona la psrmltted t? pureu* hi* courae In Ma own path. In acoordance with the hartioay ot tha wh?la system and tha rlgoroas observant* of the constitution, win ibe sufficient to save ua. a.vl will restore t? all tha tall enjoyment of I their rlgh without fea/af thoaa rtiUMa which In 1 other timea tore compelled tha Legislature to reafriet ; 5*?m Thla ia the moiaent, gentleaen, at wh$>h I may de elhre to the na-'.on In presence of it^ representatives, thet only gratl cads for the hifrCt confldettoe that ha* ban reposed In ct? has inducements to tocept ao ele i vatsd a poeitlon wtiek 1 ilnturri^ b?lli<Ta tr ba abora | my exilities and merits (iratituC* atleota n.? in auah ami"" that I sLal'teel inyaelf obliged to ocnsecrata J my whole time to, the public aervlte ProtecSed as I I hope l7?rovidenos Winch knows tta reotltudo of my I intentions anil aided itt my efforts by all good men? by { those Wl3 merit the bfawrable title o* patriot- I will e ndea tot to govern worthily tha country of my birth, whose feiV-lt y is the ohjr-? of my, most ardent dsstrea." In reply ? this address, which waa receivsd with evi dent application. D Maiibno Tanaz ndta few re marks. con jrntiilatlng Arista on hia aooaaaion to oflloa through the form of a legjrt election During thiraceoe, not a 'tout nor a noise waa heard from the gasifies, which waiw crewded with people, whether from ??peet or front indifference* we cannot tell. At the oaelusion of tlM parliamentary cere mony, tha President. accompanied by the whole cor tege. proceeded >.> tbe Cathedral to perlorm the reli (i' m ceremony. Alter thla. t.n- party proceeded to the grand palaoa. where the goisgout President mat Jba naw one. in t great saloon, and surrendered up to him the place and the dignity ha had hitherto bald. The official recept'.aae were put eg till the next day, and General Arlata. with tha whole party, aet fbrtb to p? to Taoubaya. at ttke Invitation of Praaident llsrre ra. to dine with him at bia country taanatoa '*he two P real den t?roda together 1* the aame caaoh, General Arlata giving tbe right aide, by courtesy, te General ilerrara A erawd of rarrixges preceded and folibwed. tilled with ministers, offlcerr. and high dt?l tariaa. The banquet at Tacubaya was- splendid . After dinner. General ArWta proceeded to tha National theatre, where a piece waa tu be played la honor a( him. He stayed there bat a ahort tima. and then pro ceadad to tha palace, where the rooms were filled with the public In crowda, waiting to cheer him. In tha evtuing the resident Germans formed a grand toroh lipht proceaaioa. and after parading tha atraata with blazing flambeaus, arranged themaelve* at the palaoa und<r the windowa ot th? President, with loud oheers, attar which they gave tha new Prealdant a beantlM serenade. The President came out on the baloony and saluted the crowd below, he then invited them ia; whereupon a great number of the Germans entered the paUce. where tha President received them, and treated them with a copious aupplyof old Khenish wina. atter rhich ha addressed thjm in term* exprea nive ot hia desire to patroniia forelgaara and thair in dustry in Mexico, thanking tkain. ts.o? for their attaa I I ona At mldnliiht. all wae ended and the Praaident retired to rest, no doubt having already discjvered that ii power has its charma and attraotlona, It alao has lta troubWa and iatlguea. NO AMKRIC'AN SHar, APTKR ALL. [From the Tract d' Union. J?a 2i.] The Insurgents of Ounnajiuto wara surprised at night by (Jen Uraga, and laaplHajl routed Koar ci tha leaders were taken and immediately ahot; an?t of theae was a Uarman, and not an Amerloan, a* wa atatad before LOSS OK A FRKMIt llltlli I.N CAUrEAClIV. The French brig, the Shark, which sailed from Vara Cmz tor Campearhy, for a oarga ol logwood, was en tltely loatln the portot Laguira. Oaniveachy Sneauo ceeded in getting into the port in a violent atorm, bat having lost her anchora. abe became, In tha port Itaalf, a prey to the violence oi th? wiuda. and was totally lost The passengers and ere* were all aaved. Mr Letcher. United 8tatea Minister to Mexico, baa left tor the I nited States; before hia departure, ha gava a grand dinner to the new President, during b|l absence tbe legation will be in the hands of the Sacra gTTtAJf COM ANCK HlTWIEt nROWNSvn.T.E 1k? matamurab. The orlvllega of establiahint; a ateamboat for paaaaa gers between iirow;.avUle and MaUmoraa. was sold at auction December 2 Id nt Hrownsville. One Ilr3wa bought the privilege tor the s'jm of >150 a month. MIACKLl.ANVCOr* I There waa a slight show ot revolt In the State of ! Mleboaran. a tew days ago, but It waa promptly aup | preaeed The Mexican Deundary Commission had arrived at Paio del Norte The Vera Crui Rrn < Irl Com mm saya. that from the let ult. Sen Juan de Nicaragua to be a tree pjrt. The war In Yucatan atlll contiouas, though with na decisive res ulta on either aide A great effort ia to be made in the apring to bring tbe Indians to terms. The papers ?,f Yucatan are very Indiguant ag'ainet the Kngllsh authorities of Yu;a*an for Ta'erfering ia tbe aflalra of tha Peninaula. The Vera I'ruz ptoera think that Maxleo ought tu ramonatate aerloaaly with Great Britain on her infraction of her treaty stipula tion They aay that Spain only permitted Knglaad to establish a tactory at Halite to carry on tha trade in logwood, under the expresa stipulation that no for tlfieaiioa should be erected. In spite of this the Kag lish have lertkfied Haliae, taken p<>aaeision of a large traet of country, and exercise authority over it juet aa If it had always belenged to them The northern B'.atee ot Mexico are atlll infeeted hp tbe Indiana Coabulla. t'bibu thua and Durance are overrun by them A large party toik possession af the towa of Parras without opposition, and committal the greatest atrocities Ihr Aflalr iHiwtrn Mrania U,iyU and H?t>, Mi., Feb 9, 1841. Jimu Q?*t>0* Buawrrt. K?| Sia- The commoBieation of a Haltimore oorreapoa dent of the HrtaU. puMi?b?l on th* hth imt, cont?lni ? atatvm'nt ef a difficulty IcHffi Mr lloyl*. ot (tela city, and uyrelt. to which I If el bound to reflf Firrt That th* diH*r*or* did noi originate In tha minnrr utatrd. either dlrcetly or indlr* >tly. rteooad. That th* ?o?nunt?r did not take placa at th* (lover nor'a Third That that* I* not on* word of truth la th* reference male to thl* matter by th* aald corraa Rot: dent 1'ii'ipi that thai* waa a rennouater MlM !r Boyle and miaelf Vour corn'aponirnt La* h*a? entirely ml#lnf< rm'-d or to lt? origin fci. l?o m? tha favor ta correct tha ?U'.em?nt Very r*ap*r-tfuJly, your obtaar rant. .' c. MAliKIorT. M ualral. '? HiMTam i ? A On- btlfar to-night- haaa tlfol nefro melodle* eieelleat le*trameatai perform ance* capital burl-t jua opera aad ? I'juli'lte danelnf FaiLOwi' HiimraiM.-A bill ot great variety I* of fered tonight The bandl*fir<' rat* and tb*lr per formance* are received with enthualaatlr cheer* TxtoiMiac Kiarrini will (It* a grand quartetta ?mi' at lb* Hop* Chap*!. Broadway, oa rtatarday ? Tf ni og Feb |1 Mitut I. aura A J n*a Mr Otta Dtwl Mr. J Noll. Mr Reyer, aad Mr I. Rloharn. will aaelat Mr Rlrfellt. Tha mueloal Mlactloaa are a* mM. P? ?ai F?mu v.? Thla de**rv*dly popular family glva another of their hietrtoirtc aad mu>i'-al entertain ment* oa Thoriday av*nlag ne?t. at Freema*oa a Hall Mia* KanajrJwill raclta aomt of her mott favorite plea** Roeniir** t?< Bcero*. Mil* Itorgh'ae'a cono*rt oa Ha'urday ?*<*mn; "a* on* of tha b -at of th* aeaaon. The lady acquitted h*raelf tn >*t happily We h%v had ao oa* infuae ao much hearty an'htxiaam l**< an adi< nee during the whole winter Bhe ba< rata ft much power fleilblllty. ao I *weetaa*e. whi h aha manage* with th* gr*ate*t ta"llity la maay of h*r toa** th*r* la a rlohnea* w* oe>*r heard aurp?*a*<l ll-r ?h voice haa a warmth aad fraahaeaa wall oal t-ulated ta wla 'he admlratioa of an appreciating audieace Sh* ?l< hear-ily applaud- 1 I n ail h-i p*r fornianc**. an l In ??vera! h*ert.'r ao tn RonJo Brti Ian**, from "Doa Taaqtiale ' -ha fairly fired h*r audience with enU.u?la?m It wa? the g?m of tba programme, and waa .-ailed for a aaaoad tim* moat loudly The Batanlan waa given b*aatlfally Itaam* upoa th* ear aa onarmingly at th* aumnt*r evening br*aa* upoa tha fevered hr^w Be* idee It waa we lded loan archaeaa of manner which gaielt a fin* effaat. There wa* a ill very n-a? la many of th* oed?n/ ?* <init" et jul-lte Nearly tha tame miy be 'eld of 3* >m ti . Coti^/ef? Orotaefi; u't. from La Prophet*. " It waa I rllliant and felieltoa* Tha rfx ? from II Ba'biera dl Pivlglla ' with Big San'iulrle-. waa m^al eioallent. hit tin* tha ati'JIenee finely I o ' a * . w* ? ?T aay that tha dt??tngul*h*d lady er |Ult1*d h*r**lf loth- oi >tt era dltahl* aad acc*ptabl* manner. IF* lru?t that Mlla. Borgb*** will favor onr eltleeni with one or mora ona cert a Wa know fnll well It nke h*com*a Kaowa to tha Bo*toalan* rh* will Worn* a ureal favorite He* m*rlt? are of the flrat Order and dea?r?e a liberal pa tro natre hnttm F". W. 11. Unprrmr Coatl-flrcnll Court. Before Hoa Judge Mitnh*ll Fr? ll.-ZiitH Hi'uniy r? Jtupk ( - Thla waa en aetio? fb? the aim of $300 watr?? allegad to b* du*. nnder th* foil- win* oirrum*tano?* I'lain'ifT ?ta*^* that. In th* month of Au)iu*t. 1848. tha d*t*ad?at waa ma?f?r of th* alooit Buperlar, loaded with a n*-*o of ?tone, and hound from Ran'. Oha*ter to N*v Yurh, that the veaael waa wrecked on her voyage, aol th* <!*fe<>dant t mployed the plalntlfl to act aa a tailor, aad pronir* other aid, to rai?* Wi* ve?pe| t-o* bar atrandlag Tha p'.alattff did procure the aaala'anoa af ?everal other* aad ralaed the ve?a.| an l br uiht h*r to a flare of rafaty, for repalra Th* defen lati*. hat, a'noe that period, failed to pay for ?U"h labor, fhr whieh ho ajrei d to give the plaintiff aer day. 1 lie J.feree ia tha* th- plaints w >? .?-ipWed hy him tor th* aiim of whloh wa* pal l him by th* owner 01 th* v*aae|. and alai that d*f> a lant pa'd him twelve ahtlllng* per day.for aa?i*tlng him to work th* aloop ta a placa of aafety Adjoarneil. ?npn me Oaarl-tn ( tiaaiher*. F?? IS - I n the matter of R ot b?<- h 1 1 d anl Other*, heid to hail far a breach ol fh* lottery law?, i'klaf Ja* tie* ltdmonda rrf'i**d to radaea the bail or in fact at? with Ike tale laid aa tha prlaontr* by tha Haror ,

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