Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? ??, 1 !?. ?A* WHOLE NO. 6090. _* MORNING EDITION ? SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1851. >' (I PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. COZfORHSSIONAZ. BU8XZVSB8. Ficitrment in the Senate Relative to Missouri and the Two Per Out Fund. Debate in the House on the River and Harbor Bill. MWCKEfllMJS OP THB N. Y. LFIJISL1TURE. MOVEMENTS OK THE POL.ITICI &VS. Fires, Steamboat Dbtsten, the Weather fee., <Vc., Yo TniRTT-KIHST (X)KOaB8(, ?SOON* SJOWkUN . Senate. BT womb's MAUNJCTlC TILMIAn, ?rri< tt toinu or i(t>n wd hikwh eresaTe. Washington, Feb 14, 1841. niri.OMATie co?iiEsro?nESCE with erAiif. The Chair laid before the Senate a message from ths President, transmitting, as oelled to r by the Senate, the correspondence betweeu Spain end the United mates. relating to ths Amleted olnlms. The printing ni ordered. THE VATENT BISORTS. The Chair also laid before the Senate, W>e report of tne patent office commissioner The usual pumber ?f copies were ordered to be printed. anti*ilatkhy ritTiTiom. Mr. Hash-ht presented a petition for the repeal of the fugitive slave lew. Mr. Bkward presented a petition for trial by jury to fugitive slaves. MEW LINE or STEAMERS. Mr. Sovle reported a bill for a line of monthly ?steamers from Norfolk to New Orleans. MIISOI SI A!*D THE TWO FCB CEMT T U!?D. Ml. Button, pursuant to notice, asked leave to in troduce a bill to make good te Missouri the two per cent fund heretofore reserved froas her, on the sales of public lands In that State, beiag the same bill that ?was rejected some two weeks ago Mr. B. said ha knew the bill had been rejected, and that, under par liamentary law, he could not introduoe It again, It having been once rejected, at this session ; but whea the bill was up before, obo Senator speke against It who had befjre, as Mr B would show, made good speeches In favor of the Mil. lie would also show rsa ?on? why the bill should be again considered. Us then commenced reading extracts from Mr. Clay s epeech In 18?. upon the doty of the government to construct a road to Missouri, as a compact not to be disregarded. Mr. Footk raised a point of order . and observed that It was not In order te disonss the merits of a proposi tion on a question of leave to introduoe It. The Chair replied, there ran be no doubt of the rule that the merits of a bill cannot be discussed till leave ?to Introduoe It tea been granted. Mr said, that dlreotly the reverse had been decided by the Senate on several occasions. The re verse was t be decision -hen I Introduced my bill ?c .gainst the Hank of the United States, an Ion tnat occasion I made a moat elaborate speeoh against the U Ob* the question of asking leave. the Chair said he bad decided according to the rule the Senator be *01* leave id 2 rent ml. n>u?t cow tin* hloitlf to a state meat of the substanoe ol the bill, In order to enable the Senate to know Its contents, and then, when leave Is granted to Introduce its merits the question Is open 6%?v,CwT^t*i> If H i* tm ??*??, I we old make a mo tlon that the Senator be allowed to prooeed Mr Koote? I must object to that, as a speech can be made on one elds, and n ? response oan be given en ^The^OHAis said the ruls was Imperative that, u ntll leave 1* granted no bill wan before the H' marks must be eenlned to a statement of the sub ? i?nc? et the bill. He cannot argue the question that ibe bill should or should not be introduce* Mr Bi mom said be wuuld do today what he had done betore? whet everybody ha? doae -and eh| t he had done this session halt a doien times lie do all tliU or h? would do nothing He would pf I yiiege of t be Senate or nothing Ills rights should aCMr* wrLk^s'lioUBht the motion he had suggested was In order Like motions had been made before The Oh ais . said that as objeetion had been made, the [Sheeted to a speech, because no "Sir wlW* a??n arged his motion As the bill iad onre been rejected, was not the Senator tr jm Mte. ,h uil entitled to elate his reasons why the bill sboutd ^A''r?l??th. parllxm-nury law was that when a bill Is once rejectee. It canuet a**la be lattoduced dM^^"^-ru?tohUUU^UCi.g the bill and bow desired to hear his reasons why 11 should be Intro JUThe CiiAis read the parliamentary law on the point that wben a Mil has once been rejected, it cannot be introduced again during the same eessloo. Mr bkniO'-tbe Ohal: has read parlian'.U.y ?? out not the rules ot the Senate. The ral",''b^J ?ng and the Cbelr muet eni re. them but tary law was under the control ol the Senate, and not **The Ch ai's said It wa- his ennrw parll. wentary lew as well as the rules w.ien a violation ? ? ? >? "? f? " "" ?? dues the bill He had desUed that, until ranted h'?'?ever. It was not In order to speak on the ji' rite it the bill, but r-marks mu't be 0. .utement of the Objeet of ibe bill No argument or Cpeeeh could be made on the III tlU It was before the **M?Vrraeaa* a-ksd that the Senate give leave to the Seeator from MI?ourl to proceed Mr UcHtM would oppose th? motion now, because this wss the day for prl?ete bllH Mr ?*ld li wn the duty of th? (.hair to to fores the rules of the Senate. Parliamentary law was not lor the chair, but far the body to control endregu^ fate He had sUted that his bill wa' the ons reject d the other day. and that wculd gl? why the rHrllam*Dt?rT lew thonld not enforced to thl* ? * Mr J.* m.;om D.e.emovedthat the Jenator from Mlseleeippl has moved thlt the Senator from be allowed to proc^d ?^.tlM hlsrVaaons -by p arliamentary law should ""ir" d'awsow*- I d o o t' a na "Ata ^ ^ hs^ "ssvr.iuif w "?"?? t.,., ....... ??- :t rvo?e?S aaJ show eanse wh? hs ehnolS be p?r?S??ea ? ? r"Surs the kill efwhlek he lias at?ea So*l?e. Mr Oewsew moved to add to the resolution ?? 0a^r#?Mt s^sry eth.r Seeat.v have the right ?f ksiag ^ 'iriV.'^W/rwloU subject on ths D^oVl^'hopsd the amendment would be withdrawn Nohodv would object ?? a rep y by h^ w as"aorr ? Vha t the? 8 wna !et f r om M*?.l?slppl had raised j the onertloa Qe tho i^ht that the Mlseleeippl flena .at Vurit! gtb ed is ? as<1 o n s on th- Calliornls, Oregon susjirs Tv.4.r tr^ss? TSwrar ?< I m"ota ? w ??1 '* ?*e.*J I The nne.Mon was taken on Mr Daw-on s am. . dment to Mr Mavis's solution os the Mr. Oienrewoon Movsd to lay me ree ????? ?a?vo, nsked If lh' " ViT;"^ wo nld'b* t able T, ^^rr/n^n^aliVot^rucIthe bill would still stend - ,n .t.tehls reasons Mr t'enraw nnn was proceeding to stsie ui or laving ?he moelon on the tame. wn?n pir An hisom called him to order Mr. Underwood sat down. j,biU was out of Mr Atcmisok was showing why ueoste ?? . ? ~ r?:.? awswraar otsjjw mVtch h^ been Already rejected Hs thought the f* reso'.u.lon a. amended, was Mto'T'sald -TudW not tn.i for Mr ?lan? One hoar eo l a half fp-eowld a | of that . of ?!??# usrisi *?? " <" that Interruption ha* bean disorderly and uupir!)* mentary. Ch*im-To whom does the Ssnator apply hla remark' la It to the Chair ? Mr. Benioh- Yea Mr CiiAia-Then the Senator la oat of order, and hla statement Is Incorrect. Mr BtNion-It In corrent. Whea I commenced I ?tated that to introduce the bill was conCrary te par llnmeutm y 1??. It having bn*n one* rejected The rules of the Smate bad no such thin* lu then. The Chair was to enforce the rules, and parliamentary lair wa a for the Senate to act upon The Chair Interrupted me beraure ol parliamentary law; theralore, it was, I sav disorderly and unparllam >ntary The Chsih repeated Its decision, that when the ctten tton of the Chair was oali?d to a violation ol parlia mentary law it, wa* hie doty to eufirje it ,.He h?d done so. stating, at tho time, that the Senate ooull grant the lra7e. Th? l?n*t? ham done so. The re mark* of the Senator, from Missouri, towards the Chair are out of order, and wholly unjustifiable. Mr. Mknton? That'* your opinion. Other Senator* hare a different opinion Mr Pr.mcK eail?d the Senator to order Leave had been granted to him to show why his bill should be introduced, lie was notat liberty to difouss point* of arder. The Chair again repeated that the Senator from Mis souri must oonflae himself to the leave granted him. Mr Heutom resumed hi* speeoh, and adJre?n?i the Benste for a consider a bio time lo defenne of the bill, and in reply to a speech made by Mr. Olay, when the bill wa* up last Mr Cm briefly replied The question was then taken on granting leave to introduce the bill and negatived - yeas 13, nays 81. EXECUTIVE SESSION, The Senate proceeded to oonslder executive bualneas; and, after a abort time, the door* were opened. CONTESTED ELECTION. The bill from the House, regulating the mode of taking evidence in case* of oonteeted eleetlona, was taken up, and ordered to be engroased. Tbe Senate then adjourned. HOW* Of UUpWHBUaT*. |Y BAIN'S KJCTKVCBItmCAL l'M-KG RAPH ? Washington, F?b 14, 1861 ? ATTMfrT TO TA? f? THE V..VAT.: CALSNOAB. Mr. Dakiu.. (dam- J of N. 0., mov?d tU?t the House go Into committee on tho privato oai.ndar; and that gentlemen might have an opportunity of evincing their ragard for private olalmanta, ha a?kod for tho y? * and nays, which being Ukea, reeulUd in a voto of U? ma jority against going Into committee. thk bit** AID h?k?o? bill. Mr McLanb, (dem.J of Md , offered a reiolatlon to olooe the debate on tho Blrer and Harbor WU to-mor row, at two o'olook. Mr. Fbathebston, (<*?.,) ?f MIm., moved to lay It ob tho table. Negatived by yoa? 70 j nay*, 114. TkirMolitln was amended to olose the debate to morrow, at four o'aUak, on tho Bivor and Harbor bill, ^nd tho Hon? thon went into oommittoo on that measure Mr. McLani, of Md , reinmed hi* remarks from ye? torday; and, with leferenoe to the question asked bT Mr. Holmee, 11 What la democracy T" ho ?Id It wa? im. pertinent, and that ha had either to tell the truth, or deal with It in the temper and spirit which It ?erit*? 11b. therefore, thought proper to preeentsuohavi* w as would most likely attach to thegentl. n?,n Jrf'? BouthOarollna himself Mr. McL then W** of the principle* on whloh tho bUl wis lramed, and gave no UZruZ^m ) of La., -id that the decided vote by which the n*c?s?ary ap p ropr UUon bUls t o ca?y on the principle* of the government were Md Ida, indicative of the foregone conclusion that this b" U to pMs witho't Ua?l.? to it. ?PP??n;nU th. poor privilege to be heard against some ,)f th* ' tie* connected with It lie then prof eedodto. how the Inconsistencies of Mr Mol.ane, lo supporting this measure . after having voted dirt-renU y in 1848, and ?uitainina Mr Polk's message, vetoing th* River and Barber bill In 184T. This waa like Satan rebuklag 'u. McLawv explained that he voted to sustain the veto mewaze because ho thought that the reasons ? J T _Jt. ? nmiiitc-v. IIo voted ugain.t the eg udfeYev of the qu'ftlon, until the tetraluation of the ^Icanwlr and iooking to the eondltion of the tr?a ,U*7? said Mr. Mel.ane was in the con rt?mocracv ?if protaoung the iron zsszzstt itl tar. and commune with gentlemen who hold?^lnion. Ai fr w m hl? ovu II* wan f?r the iJoioti unuer the constitution, and protected by toe con.Utution, "wn ?i?e' righU. ofwhich ?intr rnal improvement, were woisethau the slavery question the went lor the Union, for the common welfare ^and th a common defence. Whenever ?: li t w?4 by tl "M <r Uy for oppression, he waa opposed to it N o party tie. ZSSwfeuVS- nounced^the bill, hs holding out bribo. to | SttSaSTKKwyswr i ?auSf,*' d W* i it proper, *t the clow or in* pmbi*b? to '"ting inthl' bill, which demands iu T.L.nt ilarger of looing ^ L Me ? We t whether, at thi< la* day, the MU wm to * , for* t br< u*n without ho oppcrtuuitjr o! bcla* amp j dl5'' fliiH (dem)of Indiana, replied to Mr. Morse, whr bought thS the friends ol t be hill -ante J to feu it ttruugh with lodaeent lia*te. The gentleman ulr. Louisiana must be obUvlou. Ms. h* .woMJ not hn ? inquired in euoh remarks Tn.s b. 11 was report ed '.urin^ th- s.-siou or tho pr.aent CowjWMp j _ _ i I. ,, ntlemen are not lamiliar wnh the details, ai iw i ' r% e\ n? t*t* t hnv the mi* el >?? sr# to ' if' f" of " b e m e a ? u re b a re g!?e? notloo. from i ttmo to time tba' they would attempt If he 411 not rh?oe? to ^nare bi. protoss ion with th> Ire thev inav build their b*d?'-eads to suit them -IvH bS he was not to be cut oil ?ben bis legs are t/<n innu m i w?s not to be stretched out wh >n they ?re too short . He referred to the opinions of M*d.? ?n, .lackren Polk and other eminent men. on th.'suj'ict before them As to tho question ^ V^MoL.ue i U- K.t la d?mo0n<)T ?" the answer of Mr. U6UM was that in IH44 it was Polk and U*1U?^ the 7". ,nlJ Butler." If ibis w?s meent as the latsh wot ds of the demoeratle party, tho gentleman wJj ferTect But if U was Int. n <l*d to say the dea.1 rTar i went for men anJ not measure*. It was n'>t oorre .. "t^o Tnd Tie" and ? Kou^h and Keady. ' were owe teite bj the whlgs to catch gudgeon* lie asked, now. whether the whi?* know what their prta . ;li>l?*w ar* ? Hi me of them are ? woolly headi." and ot6*" " Er,;, '.bo" principle, are a. .rposite as ths . pel-. Then It b-oi m-s not *bt one of th-m t? o*h_ what de V aUon a' e h ?MJeSMr? andT d *rt*^e?l the lutoTt^thH sOTV'M^h. ; claims tb? lion *. hare, and al.o to be t*unt?d with the __ rf? I . ?ii|knfiM vhlcb Jlviilon eT?*r b*^.ete "to 7?Tm? " ( whig) Of New Vork. made a .p^h In favo. of the blil, nad went Into a history of the p..uey of improslo? rivr. and barbae, whiahhs.llt* oimm,ii"' meet under the ? Jmiuistretlo i of * *a h Inv'on Thi^ shonll not be a p^rty qneetton^ In ?tead of d? strojing the Lnion, as aupp-od by Mr. Moim, it would ptrpotuaU it. RCt M. The commtttea. at four o'clock, took a vmk e ? 4M<?Miv.?-An.?ri-rttwitiv?s?a-HA?sii,-?.v f TMrRttO. . - WM tbe tlniM ft i *<1 tor ** MP^mbliDj, but ai twenty tainntes past th?r>? were but nine m ? hers pe.ent. a. d about twenty spe ,-Ator. In th g lestiM At blil! p%?t ?*???! ? riouk. twenty o?? ? here ?.r? pr-s. at. and the ohairman called the com '(whig) of New York, said be had bee. Cbarg d. b? an unserupulon, newspaper la his d^^ trlet with having dodged the vet ^ ftta?B;"b.Uth.V ^theBe' wl..?- ?N?d ofji.^nheval..e. j SM#T:?irKO?^T Mil"-, pa'eeed h* Wt ?hj Br^iK'ffssJKcr tul. the bill. It I' unpopuUr, anl OJt'?" to . , thern people, an l to none mire '? ???" ^ h b? ? elf It Is nat aecepteble. aed It * . Hut the Northern people will sus alo ? It' ?? ? ^ Th(< pealed b?caii*e thev are ?'*** ' '*"? ' bi i~l ?entl.?p?n who -Ign d tl?e ri dge, fhemsel res for all tlineto ?nrae t" "PP se * n * t" havlr. the .ffert and tendency to prevent lhaa*ten rto. ofsl.v.rj In ths territories 1^ t app- a. . hi ? ? IM t*?r to a u#*w??|iAp*r In thii city, tlut J??hinrf Vadsr no obligation wbateser to glvo aM*|W|l wuh regard t. slavery No. thern ? ? h:dltb?^ themeel res to oppose sny m-asure to preveut It f. ?> cdlri Into the terrltorlo*. ?? ,?,i. Mr It >????. (whig) of ?. V . r-qd-ted that, oerasloa bis honerable colle.gue I question the erf Of tho- oseoolntes with M? ? h I 1 rept a?ent at l?e? of a rommon Utet- lie was pr jld ? ' ,*?W nlmself the signer of that pledge II a had ? ihe i renvietlon that he ha.l l.em aituatedj y a e Me said again, that he was .urprie. I that His C? lifagtie tcr he ??^talne I, should utideitahe to ae?aU any portion ot the i ^l l-r*t M nM Mr Co?or? remarked ' h*Y* assail"! nob dy. k"?l Impt'goed the h?n sty. loWntf enlratrlot ?m of anybody not er.n tho*- who elgeed th ? pledge. Vfe't free ?o notice the pledge, bee. ^ V nt,r^t v.T" .. v.. Mr BokS.-I ?"'T ? *?*, f f .Jf. how^able ^ 1 rxixrPz - ui colleagues, and h*? ventured tbe opinion that those who signed tbe pledge will be repu liated by tbe people ; while I agiee with hi* sentiment" >i to our re?p"n?lblllty to our conntlt.^*Dt*< X object to hi* imputiag certain motive* to me. .Mid 'ty ing that my eon-tituent* will not ?u<taia me ? The gentleman from Ohio arks. "will you turn out oatoh the fugitive?" I would ratn?r tt*u Gut'e?nd and cal'h those la resistance t* tba law. Uica 'he fugitive slave Mr Oonur.a ? My colleague m.runleretandi what I raid I did not aay that tho*? who *igued the pledge | would ba repudiated by their coo'titu-nu I aald that tba pledge would be repudiated by tha N' >rtbern people I have no right to aar that tbe con*tl'uants of tha gentleman will not suattln him. uar did I hear the queetlonc! the gentleman from Ohio Mr. Koobkk ? The gentleman has a right to hli opi nion but I deny tbe oonntruoti>. n which tba gentle man glraa to the pledge I take tbe position that tboaa wbu rlpned the pledge oonelder that tba ques tion" which agitated tba country ara nettled and that the measure* were ot compromise. No matter of ob jection was made to any one o' tb?m aa a whnla; thay were a settlement of the whoi* question, therefore, thoaa who continue the agitation we are bound to op pose and on that position I place myself? nor was lie to be diverted trom this by the ory of catching a slave. Mr. Qiodinos (free toll) of Ohio. ? I find myself un expectedly alluded to by the gentleman? Mr Bokkl? I made tbe remark in an under tone to another gentleman. I did not addresa the one on my right? be can catch a negro-he has a right to do eo; and hts constituents can turn out and oatoh the pant ing lugltlve. and put iron* on his trembling limbs, and take him baok to bondage, ami it tb<- gentleman is witling to boast of that he ( Mr B ) b*d no objection I am willing that he shall rise before tbs eountry and tbe world? and play the bloodhound bat I deny hie right to get Inte a scrape. It is a matter between him and the people, and hie constituent* aod his God Mr Jones (dem ) of Tenn entered into an exam!- I nation of the reeeipta and expandltuies el tha govern ment. Mr. Bowie (whig) of Mi, allocated the River and Harbor bill. Mr Chowkll (free coll) of Ohio spoke la taver of pro tection to manufactures, and tha improvements of rivereand harnors. and against tbe fugitive slave law, Tbe committee rose at ten o'clock, there being only nine membere present. Tbe Houae then adjourned till eleven to morrow morning. From Washington* APPOINTMENT OF KX-OOV kicNOR PENDLETON AS CHAUQK TO BUENOS AYRKS? SOVTIl CAROLINA OK SECESSION. Washington, Feb. 14, 1861. It la a fact that ex-Governor Pendlston, ol Virginia, ba* been appointed Charge to Baeno* Ayte*. The Harbor and Klver bill will undoubtedly pas* tbe House tomorrow. Klngold, a colored barber from Springfield, about whose absence some Northern paper* are agitated, hai been here on a visit to former friends, and enjoying himself convlvially without hlndranoe or ie?tralnt. He left for Mariaohusett* two days ago. The population of New Jersey, aooording to the offl olal returns, It 400 070; of Maryland, 402.601 free per sona, and 60,866 slave*. A magnificent gold watch wai received here yester day a*ap resent, by some young men in California, to Senator Deugla*. Ulshep Capers. Methodist Ohuroh South, has leeued an address to the people of SouthCaroliDa, deprecating tbe agitation ot the question of seoeaelon. Some ot the Boston exeurtlon party have arrived here, and are visiting our lion*. A. B Hamilton, of Philadelphia, is the lowest bidder for all the printing or tbe Thirty aesond ?.'?>agresa. Ill* charge in tbe aggregate is about $16 coo more than Mr. Ritchie's contract, and $80,000 more than the prioe* paid four years ago. In tn? Supreme Court, E . B . St. John, appellant, and Z. A. Paine, in appeal irora Ciroult Court. New York: decree affirmed. Also, Newton and J . II. Steb blns, in appeal from New York; deoree alllrmed Democratic nomination In Ktw Jersey , dw. Tk> .mioh, Feb 14,1461. Tbe democratic caucus last night withdrew Mr Thompson, as their candidate for U. 8. Senator, on monopoly ground*. Commodore Stockton was nomi nated by twenty vote* -a majority of one The joint meeting ol the Legislature, however, pa**ed the i lection of Senator and proceeded to vote for Treasurer and other State olAoeis No Senator will be elected to-night. |Whlg Nomination* In llhadr IcUnil, Ac. Boston, Feb 14, 1B61. At the Btate Whig Convention tt l'rovidenoe. last nl^ht. Josiah Chapln, ot Providence, was nominated lor Governor; K. Bsboock, of Westerly, as Lieutenant Governor; Joseph M Blake, of Bristol, for Attorney General, Christopher Bobbins, of l'rovideno*, for 8e creUijr of Btate, and Samuel A. Parker, of Newport' Jor Btate Trenwurer. The whip* hare also nominated Geo. G. King, of Newport, tor Centres*. |n tae Western blstriot, and Chas Jackson, ot BoitUHt*, In the Kastarn dUtrlat. Mr. Kiok I" > member of the present House, and the other dietrint Is r? presented by N. F. Dison. Urln Madi-co arrived at Providence yesterday, from Apela< bleola. Haw, in the latitu Je of Cape 11 alt eras, the wreck of a steamer? no doubt the America. Field* of Ice In the Occan? Vhe Canada, At. Haurat, Feb. 14- P M. The steamer from Newfoundland, with one month'! later news, has just arrived the report* having pass ed through four hundred miles of ioe. The Cunard steamer Canada, fiom Boston on Wed nc sdsy. ai:ive J at tour o'clock, aud (ailed tor Liver pool kt seven o'clock thia morning. The steamer Osprey, which loft Bermuda last San day, arrived here last night. She brings ao informa tion relative to the Atlantic. Fire, and Severe Fight between Firemen, Yaev, Feb. 14, 1M1. A (Ire broke out in Owens' piper faotory, on Riv*r itrtet, at about four o'clock this morning. The Ore m?n were promptly on the spot, but were unable to save It. The inside cl the building, together with the content*, were entirely consumed. Loss estimated at about >40.(00. Partially insured Two of the tire companies, numbers seven aad eirfkt, had b bloody tight. No. eight succeeded la driving No seven from thrir in ichin* nnd taking it from th< m The for* n?a ot .No. seven had hit arm broken, ro r ne else s-rliniOy injure'), but great number* of biack eyes and bloedy n?s?s w?r* visible after the eoa test. Be*tiU(.tivt I'lrc In PraYiUcnce, R. I. Paovmr-CK, R I , Feb 14, 1ML McNeal bulldlnr, en Westminster street, was nearly d**troytd by fire last night. It was insured for $10 000, and was occupied by McNeal Corporation, Ashlend k Co., Klllott k Tllllnghast'i crockery store, Jro?* k liroth< rs. shoe dealer*, Mrs. Oclaa, Mrs Duff, act Mm. Johnson, mUllners, and by several clubs The I, ss Is not yet ascertained. Fin at l'roT*dcnee, La. Ma.MrHii, Tru., February 14, IStt. A destructive fire occurred at the town of Provl' dence, I. a , on the Misslerlppl, north of Carroll, on the f.ihlm t. Five or six of the principal business houeo* In the place were destroyed. Conviction anil Sentence or the Poit O flier I lull be re, (Wr A i. **?<?, F?b. 14, 1UL The trial of the Albany Poet Offloe robbers la juat concluded Oaylord. last cn trial, has been convicted. Judge Conklln# sentenced Pemberton to imprison ment for the term of two years, aad Bramhall aad Oaylord for eight years eaoh. These **ntence* glv* graeral satisfaction. It haa been ralnleg her* *11 day. Th* lee In th* i liver Is broken np. and oovered with water, between Albany and Troy. The river Is unite difficult to sros* Wreck of the America, FmttliUHM, Feb. 14, 1M1. The mate of the steamrr America *ays, the frag, aienfsof the vessel Men by the oaptaln of th* brig j Madison, at Providence, mult have beea a portl.ra of th* wreek cf that steamer He farther says that part <>f the hull enme up after going down, and u< arly upset the boat containing him*eir and a portion of the crew Hlcamboat Plaaeter* nnd Movrmrnti on the Weatern Water*. Lovts?tu.r, Feb. 13, llil. Th* steamer Kmily from Tennessee, bound lor this place, struck a snag aad sunk, below New Albany, this evening In aeven feet water. Boat inxireu for M0O0. The steamer Ruropa broke her eylludsr at Big Black iMaail. cn the lih Inst. The sobroner Hold Hunter, bound for Mublle, phased c Trr (he 1 alls, yesterday. The Ohio and Wabash Ulrera, Oinntnavi, Feb. 14, IsSl. | The Ohio rivet is rising la consequence of heavy ? alas. There will be p|*uty of water in a day or two fV"?l I'MtaMiifh to the Mt<M?t|?pt. lite H ahaali t|v?r. oa th . |.lt? , latent had It. f* t ??"r I ?'g" quant It i?a of IreUht are at ail the snl . * f't P*' ?? ? eattiog slipmeit t? th* s >u< a NKW YORK LB0IILATIA11. Senate. BV morse's MAONBTIC TKUIOEAPH. Aiii.ii , Fob. 14, 1851. PeTiTlOJf. Forgiving ts females equal right* ?s to tuffm je and a* to holding offloee possessed by mea. T4IA1I0N OF CEMSTKfct UKOlMUS, A bill wss Introduced to exempt from taiatioa ail ermetery ground* and place* ol burial. MKIIC HANTS' tlCHANu* OOMflNT, Mi Mohqan Introduced a bill to authorize the Mer chants' Exohaoge Company to borrow money to pay Ita dairts. and reduee its capital stook. vnnro iTtT)! dmtOh Mr Gtrmme, of Chnaung, iutroducsd the fallowing resolution which, u itU concurrent, lies over one day ?? Whereas. The legislature of this State having failed to elect a Iniied #ihm Seeatoren the 4tb iaat , aooord a* to the requirement of law. and wliereae. it is understood that ocrtain txnators. are anxious to clear their coaMieacei tor such failure, therel'-re, Ritol?od. It the Aseomliy cnncur. that John A Dix, of Westohester, the democratic candidate be. and ii hereby ohoeen a Senatorin Crngreee from th e State, for six veer* from the fevrth day of March next, in place of Daniel 9. Dickinson, whose term of sorvioe will expire ea that day. C Lisas OK JUSTICES COURTS. Mr. Ckolii'S introduced a bill making the clerk of each Justices Court la ths city of New York a Com missioner of Deeds. Tint urDEirrno.i ov bask sotks. A bill wss coasidered Hi oommittss to oompel banks to redeem, at Albany and New York, at oas-fourth per cent dleoonnt It was "aid. in debate, that not only one great bank (a New York, bat all ths banks iu Wall frtieet, could aot oompel the banks ia ths oonu try to redeem in New York at par. Mr Muvn thought dlftereutiy. It was Impossible for coantry banks to stand up for three months against a concerned effort on the part of a great iasti turion in New York. Mr. Maan moved to repeal the act o 1840. whteh provide* for a redemption ot baak notes at New York and Albany, so that the laws of trads might regal ate it all No qusttlon was takea b'lore the Senate adjourned. Assembly. Alsakt. Feb. 14, 1361. M*N0S1A(. RIOTS. Mr. TiDMrsert prsssated a bill to stiy ths oollectloa of manorial rents lo ocrtain oases. rsTiTisns. Several petitions wars presented to prohibit the sals of intoxloatlng drinks , and ons for ths repsal of ths school law r.rrosr*. Mr. Urtm uwooi reported a bill to establish and or ganise a bank dspartaaent , and favorably on the kill to amend the general banking law. Mr. Fksri* reported favorably the Senate bill amen

datory of the charter of Troy, relative to free sohools. Pennsylvania Lrglnlatarr. Hasrisuuro, Feb. 14, 1850. In tfce Senate a warm di <08**108 has taken plaoe oa the bill to repeal so muoh ot an aot as applies to Al leghany county, restricting labor lacottoa factories to tea hoars per day. In the House a communication was reoetred from the Auditor General, showing ths condition of the sev eral beaks of tbs commonwealth daring the past year, and ordersd to b* printed A resolution was adopted for the appointment ol a committee with authority to send person* to prosecute inquiry relativs to the etate and condition of the Delawere and Uadson Canal. The Hon. R. P. Lrlrhtr at Cincinnati. Ciu'iSNiti, feb 14. 1061. The Hon. R P. '.<? oher our Minister to Mexico, ar rtved here yesterd j vening in the Belle Key, from Now Orltaa*. _ The tioalbsrn (flail liALiitioac, Feb 11. IS51 No mail south of Wilmington, N. 0., has been re ceived tonight. Bletrorologlrni OlnnrMloni, Keb. II. B1 MOK&K's U>K, Oi-flCK lb WAlX STItKiCr Dtica -Weather quite unplrvnt. It has rained sinoe It last night; wind northeast. At V a M the Uwrnoiuft r wis '4)i , barom> ter 21* 8P.M. tlier Hoatm ?l At hint.- Dark and cloudy. *u J rained a little this morning, wind south At 6 A M. the thermometer ?li 40. barometer 30 46. mercury In baroraaitr 6W 8 P M..<iark. raining nil day, and (till raining; wind south; thermometer 45; barometer 30 18. Tkor - Tba mornlag wu clou iy and gloomy, with the wind aouthraat and the rlrer dear of lee Ther mometer 40 at 8 A M At H P tl tba weather wan ?try unpleasant It raining all day. with tba wind (rom southeast, thermometer 4 'J H HiTEHtLL.- Morning oleudy and raining; wind south Thermometer at i A M III Bi Ri.iMiTo> . ? Bainin^ hard cloudy and uaplsnsant; wind south. Tberuiomrter 40 at ?< P. M Cim ihkati.? The weather U mildsr, but indicative of > mere rain BY THE ERIK I.I ME, OFHC?" lU.NOVgR STREET. flosH?-*r. 7 P M ?Thermometer 48, Kaln all day, with eery slluht intermission MiDMtcTown, 7 P M ?Thermometer SO. Bain nearly all day; flcoteh mint balance of time N*aa?weat at..? Waim and rainy Thermometer 46 at.'A.M l-M rain* : P M wind south, rain con tinues. Thermometer 31. Delaware rlrer birfu, and rising. UoiskSpile ?Thermometer 42 Mist and rain. 8PM ?? arm ram t hermomater 15. MoKTitoet .?It tiiits ed all night. and rained all day Biai.M*-4ior>.? It bas rained be rs all night, and etill rain* 8PM. It hue rain?il a:l iUv and prospect of rala all night. Thermometer 48. Mud deep and toads nearly imi>a*eable. Owti.o. W A M ?Weather mill, and raining hard. WlndB E. BP M - liars bad a disagreeable rainy day Thermometer 10 Ki.miha It has rained ail day. Mud deep; road* lmpaesable. River rising Itmai ? Weather ha* b >?n unpleasant, and raining for two days. Iloads horrible. by BAi<Vfl i. ink, urviv* '?< wau, htiikh r Brrrno.- Had a rainy, unpleasant day; weather mild Wind H Tbermoiaet>r 11 at 10 P M Boi HrfTta.? Warm, rainy day. Thermometer 45 at 10 P M. Brazi l ?r.? Rainy all day Therm omiter 19 at 9 P M Fobt Plain ? Been reining all day. Wind 8. K. Thermometer SB at V P M. Markets. mcMwatt. Feb 14? P M Freights are plenty, and market* Arm. I' I our ta New Orleans we .juote at #0e. per barrel; pork, 74o.; and whiskey 11c. United States District Court. Before lion Judge Uetts. THE CHAROE OF SkHVINO ON ROAKD A St.AVER. Fib. 14 ?The trial ot Henry Johnston oharged with voluntarily serving on board the American rbip Mar tha. engaged in el a re traffl<-. was continued. Lieut Hush was recalled, and deposed? We were shut thirty mils* from the roast of Afriia. on the <Jth at .lane lhfrO; we were a little to the south. <1 Ambriaa, which Isa notorious port for sinva tralHi. dis covered tba Martha in the afteraooa; when she name near as ehe endeavored to pass, so as to get between us and tba shore; ws altered oar courve. and *he hove to There was an American brig called the Or?gon. aiose , by, she wae to tba south of both of u?, further d< ?? the coast (A map was here produced and thewitaeea rotated ant the poeitlen* of tne three dilferen' vessel* | went in a boat and boarded the Mir' be; as the boat In which I was left the Perry, the Martha hoisted the American flag; the Perry had no color* up, I passed round the stern aad raw on the vessel ? Martha of New York;" a* my boat, got alongside her she hauled down the American dag and hoisted the Brazilian flag. 1 was dressed in my naral uniform I boar Jed h<r, and was met by a perron who professed to speak no English, be *poke In Brazilian. and I understand It and the Bpanlah language*; he ?aid ha was the Cap tain and that the veasal was Hrailiian. I am not positive | ol his name. I think It was 01lvi-ra, I aak?d him for the eblp'spaper* and heaald hebad n'na; I thenasked him why be bad hoisted the American (lag; be said be had < done so because It was a very o>minon eu?to,n on the coast of A triea I asked klm. If the res*. I was Braslllan. why she bed Martha ot New York, on ber ateru ' and besaid he canld n<>t tail; I then went below to et amlne the wasals she had a large quantity of water casks; I could not eount them. but I understand there wera about two hundred; those that I saw would hold from 1 10 to 2uQ gallons each. she bed also a 'juantl'y of ether barn-la. rice, tarns a common fool for ne groea. and dried fl?h, abe hat! lo othsr cargo but wafer and provialona, *h" had a stove rooking Bten sils, and artangemen's for anttlng up an additional 0 on deck xbebaJ al*o wo-nlen backets, atid a quantity of woodan tpona*; there were rough pine boards not made op. slowed away In the h?1d; in the captain * room, ur.der bi* berth the- wa a num ber of muskets, about thirty five in gc<> J order; there wet* al?o bail aartridges . the ninakrt* were not : charted, there ware two hags ot uioskst ball* I went on derk and raceivad a writing d-?k fiora a rain In another of out lionts. wbi h had been picked up by [ him. and handed to m- ; wtisn I was looking at the I writing desk I saw a I *g# stout man lock n* over my , ?honMer, and I aekea him what ba wanted. h? then I waike<iaway; he snld he at* a I'ruillan I am not | certain whether he replied in l.nglisft or Spanish I ! entrained the papers, they a. - tn-J private litter*, | addressed to ths Captain. He?iry M Merrill, I saw this man whom I bad efok?a to a few moment* balora. and on luMi'g Itlm tl h* knew anything about thew be ea'd the latter* were I is; I th n knee be Was -'apt Merrill. I saksd Lim If bt had anything to do with th> vsassl. he said no that the tasM wsa a Rranllian abaut. tM* time ore of Hie oftl irr of my "hip nrn to tneargtaM i.hUi (( M>rnli ad '? ut? P'p-Jn witi h be ha % fain lilm a?..r*te nn my **Vn g *he t the pap r* be - aid h? bai a?n? I t uJ t. n II h ? !t?i any he had better giro tbem up quietly; Be then gave in a two |?f?ra, the papers produ:el arc those hx gave IB* Mr Donobus. on part of the prisoner, objected to the papers taken from Capt Merrill being put in e vi tenee tmainst Johtieon is the prosecution had net prove! that be knew anything about them The court decided that the papers were competent evidence, as against the ship, to show if she was a slaver. The prosecution must show that thl? ship was acting in violation of the law; it don't ne-easerily affect the de'endant as yet, for he may have been ig norant of the tact kir. K verts then|read one of ths papers which was an undertaking to pay ta Capt. (1. M Merrill the sum of ?ne hundred dollars per mouth, for sucb time aa he ?nay be engaged as master of the ship Martba. of New York, with a commission of five per rent on the net proceeds of the return voyage; the wages of Cup?. Mer rill to oontinue up to the time of the return or the Martha to the port of Kio de Janeiro It wae dated April 13 1860. and signed Joshua M Clapp. [The paper did net state where the Martha was bouud to, or what her oargo was to consist of ) Wit?e.-d continued -I sent these papers and the writing desk on board the Perry and l received direc tions from the commander of tha Perry. Lieut Porter, to remain on board the Martha all night, and he sent ma sumoient men to take eara of her; there ware about thirty -tit e m*n of tbfl crew of tha Mirthi; to? Martha and Parry remained alongside of eaah other all night; I was then sent next day to New York incharge of the Martha, with Capt. Merrill and his crew, and I wan aocom pioicd by the prize crew of the Perry , aod a second lieutenant; ths prisoners behaved generally very well on the voyage home. I delivered the Martha, and the prisoners, over to the United States Marihal, and I have remained in this country ever since. ti - What is the difference between the effeot af tha Bra zilian and Ameiican flag when hoisted ou the ooast of Africa ' A.? By hoisting the Braikllan (lag she would have been proteotsd from examination by an American oruiser. bnt she would be subject to ? lamination by an English vessel; by hoisting the Amerioan flag, she would be protected from the examination of an Kng .*0* Nelbur, the registering clerk of tha custom house deposed that the book produced is a record of Ships' registers kept at the Custom House Witness proved the register of the Martha at ths Custom Lieut Ru?h was reoalled and. being cra?s-eia?lna4 byiMr Donohue, said? 1 had never been on ths ooast of Africa service before that voyage; I was on It at that time between five and six months; I was nat on the Brazilian station during my last cruize; I was at Ambrize several times, how olten wa anchored there I can't say; I was ashore there frequently; whlla there I never saw any slave ship. 1 never took any vessel during that time with slaves on board, I only know Ambrtte to be a slave market from common re port; honest tracers occasionally anchor thsre. 1 be lieve' I should say wa overhauled at least six Ameri can vessels while on that cruise. tha Brazilian tlaf was hoisted to ths gaff a small spar attached to the aftermost mast, it runs out aft; the Perry was not over 300 yatd* ttom the Martha when I left la the boat to board her ; I had about six men in the boat; the Martba was a oarrytng ship bli'-t bows, old. but had a good bottom; I do not know anything to the ocntrary that the American flag proteots vessels from bei^g searched by English crutzers; I heard of the Louisa Beaton, an American bri*. whloh arrived here about three weeks ago, having been boarded by an Enaliah vessel on her voyage To Mr. Everts.? The l'erry bora a streng resent blanoe to several English orulzi rs along that coast, as to size. Sic , there was an American sloop of war, the John Adams, on that station, there were, during my cruize on that coast, three English brigs, and four English h team vessels of *ar; the Perry is an Atnerl can brig of wai, the register in the Custom Uousa book agrees with my reoolleotlon of ths Martha. James Fairto?l. examined by Mr Everts, deposed ? My occupation is master ol a ship; Philadelphia is my place of residence; I knew Johnson since 1849; he joined me on lath January '40. oi a voyage to California, be was disohatgedia lUo Janeiro about the 11th or 12'b March, '49 Cross examined ? Johnson and I had a difficulty, I applied to the consul at Rio te proteot the American flax and be discharged Johnson . .... ,, ttamuel K. Orarp stove monufaeturer of Phil ad si pbia. deposed that he knew Jobusoo; not aiqualuted | with him three years a?o In Philadelphia, be has a wife and ten children his family are in Philadelphia . ^Richard Bollllon deposed that he knew the ship Msrilis . h?- r*|>*lr*-<l h<?r fur Mr iait?r, the owner; tha . ship brought into this port by the navy officer, is ths j same ship ... ? ... I t'rcse exmlocd'- Wbsn witness repaired the Martha, she was hound for guaco; cannot say whether it was for the Pacific coast or not Ullbert l.att?am depose! that he l-as seen the ship Mi.rtha IntheAtlan ic dock, there are two or three vessels tit that uanie Benjamin 11 Taluia.'ge D-paty Marshal of the Col ted H'.ates dt- posed that he went on b the ? hip , Mtrtha wtioii aba trrlved ft m\l? troin nt*t*?I , Island she went ashore at Hiatcn Island In a ?aW; I she was |Ot off. anJ brought to the Allan' lo docks: she had no w*te.- ca*k* tW or 70 bsg? of beam and tice and some farina and some ca?M of bread, a tew of sa'er ca?ksw^re empty t?nt the greater portion of th-ui were full; the Martba aod ber cargo w*ra sold by the marshal . Mr Everts then offered, in evidence the decree against the vessel la admiralty, as testimony of her " "hir. Doaohue objected. but the t'ourt admittsd ths recerd, si>d counel excepted The record was su6-e quently put in evidence JohnOilDert a native of Calcutta deposed ?I wss In It io to July 18W; I remained thsre till the ftthof Apirunt, wai tb**re Mtitin in February, I860, I nafe u Jubcston in Parinsgua aod in Rio, I have been on tbeceaft of Afti.-a Ambrize is a place tor slavers; I j was in the b-ig Ramon tie /.algo she went from Am brtte to the River Cengo and from Ong-> to CabinJa; the object of t hat > oy age was for Slaves, they took la 800 slaves at Cabinda, but I and three others then left the v?esel, aud we got baok to Rio In rn- ot the veas-ls of the nauie establishment which had shipped the pia?ea; I nw JobDRoo on boa*d the ship lUutbil at j I'ariasgua, he was chief mate of her, 1 hid a oonver sationiwltb Johnston at Rto. I a?ked him what s?rt ol a voja*e be had with th? llanibal. he said he had a fall csrgo end uiedeagood voja?e In February, IBM, the ship Mar;ha was In Rio; I worked aboard of her for a few days; I did not see lohnton on b >ard of her durirg that time I saw lilm "<n shore; I left the Mar tha became they would not give u? any satisfaction where she eu going; they said she was going on a 'oVoa? eVa?nl"nsd by Mr Morrill Did not ?aa any bills up advertising the Martba for a voyage to I, all ' 'Mr" M??trlll epeued the ca?e for the defence and then proceeded to examine James Steward, w no de posed that when the Martba cam? witliio g<m?hot of the Perry eh? Kol-ted the Hrasliun fla* upon which Johnson the prisoner said be would have nothing to do with it. .. . . . (in cro-s examination the witness said he is a prl eoner. but does not know what he is brought here tor, I jained the ?eseel at Parinaxua, seventeen of ttte crew joined there at the same time and fonrteeo oaine alterwards, I weat as a paesecger. and was to work my peerage; I shipped after th? w.ter wsioi board, they took about J>Q cask! cf water. Merrill was eap tain and Johwson was mate; I dl< ??t kM" "? after we were seised tbat we were bound to \ elparelso. Mr Dotiohue then summed up on the part of the pri srner. contending that there was no evidence toj pr?va tbat the M.rtlia whi-h was ..wned by a re-peotable merchant of this eft; e as engaged as a slaver that the cargo was intended for the ship golo^' on a long voyage to California, and that farina l.eaue, rlia. *.0 . was not an 111- iral cargo te ha.e on b.iard lie lur Ihsr o<? tended that the prtscn?r etarted trom J h ]a delpbla W'tb the intention of going on a voyage to Ua "fMrD *K verts addreeeed the jury on b*haH of the I'rlted Biates reviewing 'be evidence, and oont-ndjng tbat the nature and cliaiacter of ber ea'go. which consisted t.nly cf provisions and not goois of eo? merre. was a strong pm >f of the purport of the voyaga on wbi< h she was bound Couneel. la the course of his cbservaUone. admitted tbat there was nothing la the evidence to Show tbat Mr 8outer. tae o?. Mertha, ^ho l?* a portable ni?r? h*nt of N?w i nrR, a an cofjnUant of tbe ?e#Ml balfef ??? H9* ln lb# pUf# UTh- Jndge then ptoc?ed*d to charge the jury eleaily reeepitnlatinx the evld^uce. and deflnlng ?*? '**? which snbjer'ed part|e? ennaned In trafficking io to a penalty ol not less then *1 0<M and two y.ars ta? prieonmeat Th- alle^a-lon In the present that the ship Martha ?a< enga^-d In tb and that the prisoner ?ae employed on b<iaM that V.eeel The record of the con?l3tl"n of the Martha Is brought before the court, wbleh is of itself evld.rce that she was encagel in the trade; bo. it ll net sufficient to show ?b? pHsoeerwa,co#nl.?ut ot the fact that shs was so sugared The IMstrlct at torney has. however t ne low. other avld-ncji to sh-w her ecndltton and e rcutistsnces and to establish the fact that the plsoner kn-w the fh??"ter o' the vej .el III* hoicr tbeJn.lse coBtlnmd at length to cvtcB'nt upon the evidence end c jncla fed bv savin*, tl at altbouirli the aot states that p rsoos on board a vessel en?ag-d In transporting slaves tr. ia port to pert ?hall be snl-,eot to the penalty presorlhed. yst the 8wp?eme Court has decided that the jioment a vessel Is prepared aiid .lestln-d tor oarrjlwg slaves, r. m?s ei-hln th- meaning of th>- ict so ibat U Is not necessaiy that .be should a j' uaily bav. acargoof slaves on board If the evidence wa, sufficient to convince the jury that Johnson ??' cognliant of the fact that the Martba was ergased In th. slave ths n the only question Is wh-thrr he was there tarlly If hs kn. w that -.he ve-Sel the slave trade and wllhngif continued """"?'[L' ber. then it amounted to a voluntary service on bii '"he jury retired anlinashirt time returned with a verdict of gnilty. Sentence deferred tliulrnl. I '? Mr-?tr ri * - Th* #x*?ll?nt p?rfnr*n. **r?# ?? urixnnntuff1 fnr thl? ?*?"<lnf *11 I ? :i?n It known ih?t (>?><*(? N. chri^tr t?k*? h ? ? b?npit. It r?q?lr?? llttl* mJoffv from u? to Ijdur hunJrM? to *lMt Meeh?oio? (Uil tni? ?r?nlnf II* h*? <????!? | contributed ?o th? tnn^ Bifnt of n?it. r? mil ?ar*l/ ! th#y ?il' n?*t tor?*t him t? ni*lit Ktiiow?' Mi*?T?ri.< - Th?*? will l>? ?n ?t??rnr>on ?nd ?? till? pr-rli t H'f"" ?? i h'? v ?-? of 1 1 .. '-1,0 In flr*t r?<>- >a I *h# r'iwmn?n ??* . | i'-ti > ?'o n ii'tr. I?f ?iniflttf m, ' I C*.'uiif|. ?(? he }?ftle.iUt lit n < 01 ?< Theatrical. Bo* i av Theatre ? Thil being the 1 Mt night that the spleudi 1 nautical drama] entitled '"/ha Wrsardo 4 the Wave'' wiM bo produced tho?> nbuh'x not Meg It should by all oeioi, do so as It Is in it *elf wortta the price ot almlsaion The performance ?'tll com mence with this favorite aad excellent drama. with J. H Scott. Mr Tiltun. Mr. Stevens and Ml<s Wamfw ia the leading characters. Mis* II i rT-rt will *in< a t *vor ite ballad, and the performance# will conolude with *h? romantic drama of " 0)1 Bias." Buo.tuuAi Th?:*trc ? The same excsedlogly attrae ?' 1 live bill as that which has drawn immense bouses for fire weeks is announced again fsr thl* evening the grand romantic aptctacle of "tfaoatHs ' with a splendid cast, and with the rlrhest aad most gorgeous sooner* w? hare ever seen We are cot informed whether thu j plooe will be withdrawa after to-nlwbt or oot Those, therefore who hare not seen )* should. by ail maana. embrace the present opportunity. The eoterUinia-nt* 1 will commence with'tha new faro* of ?' Ratsey (falter, '' and will conclude with " Kaustus." ' Bi'urm iThuik?.- \ pent bil) for this evening. : The entertainments will commence with the corawdy ? ot the "Hypocrite," with a fine east This will bw ! succeeded by a fancy dance by Miss Walters ; ndtke next feature will be the uew cosmoprDtao prema' urity entitled the '? World's Fair ' whioh V we may judge j from every new piece presentod tor the amusement ot ? Burton'* patrons, will be placed.on the stage in the ut . most splendor. The concluding feature will be ta v I laughable afterpiece ot ?? Sent to the rower." National Tmeatsi:.? The programme for this area ta g consists of a groat variety. The opening pieow ! will be the beautltol spectacle called the " K rolic of thw Failles." Tnls will be sucoeeded by the Yankee tl ra ms entitled the " 8tage 8 truck Yankee." in which' Mr. O E Locke, the inimitable personator of Yaokee oia raoters will appear a* Curtus Chunk This gtntltfaem is drawing well The next feature will be the capi'al burlesque, ' Pizarrobus," and the amusements will ter minate with the ballet of the " Frisky Cobbler." Bhouuham'i Likim. ? The entertainments aa noanoed lor this evening are exooedtngty attracMvoi They are tor the benefit ot a worthy and talented aa tor. Mr Owens, whoee acting < lloits every night th* most entL usiastlo cheering. The amusement* wiM commence with an overtare, which will r>e followed by the first act ot ?? Dombey m l Son " This will bo succeeded by the popular faroe of B>tsev Dakar," aa* then the favorite dansevrt. H lie Uuoy Uarra. wilt danoe the " Craooviecn*." Thn next feature may la deed be termed the most attractive of all. as it contain* the spico of ever) thing -It Is callcd ? Tha World1* fair.'' To see Mary Taylor alone ia this pleoe will amply repay the visiters. All will elosw with " The Wild Indian " Baknvm'i Mi'sat'M ?Thl* Is. beyond question, one of the most Interesting places ot amuscm-at la our oity. No stranger thicks ot ooming to New York with out visiting Barn urn 's, and Independent of the aunmw collection, which, in point of variety, vales ourioelty, Ac , certainly far surpasses any similar estaMlsn n-ut, except the royal ones of tiurope, ?? Charlotte Temple" 1* performed there thl* afternoon; and lieauty aad the Beast, the delicious comic extravagant*, that everybody i* running to see is done this eveniug Circi*-Th; Two Clowes. ? Donaldson, the singing clown and negro melodist, disputes the palm with JobnGotsin. th ? old favorite ot the A mpaithxatrei and each opens a new budget of merrim<-ut an drolle ries ovary night, to the infinite enjoyment ot the a-i4i ence- the friends of each vleing with the or.h-r waieh thallreoeive the greatest applau<e ?? Jack Robinson and his Monkey." and the great teats of Franklin. Hirer*. M >sn Wells, and the rest of thl? ?pl*n lid tr m/w, continue to attraot large audienco*. There is ti be aa afternoon as well as evening pertormanoe. thl* day. Mh. Faf?ebt's 0>*u?n Thkatsk ?Our GToan friends and all w he take aa Interest in ihs lauguage and literatnreof that land ot book men. will tbaoa u? for railing thslr attention to the fact that tne Darin ta troape, which has bsen performing duriag the winter in Chambers street. n?xt to Burton s. is aboti' to re move to the Olympic theatre oa Broadway. Mr. fas ?ert, the manager, deserve* the highest en.. lit uot merely tor increasing, by this atep th- importance aod respectability ot the enterprise ba'. also tor the gr-at efloits whioh ha has ma le, by securing thn ssrvia sot the bsst performer* to insure a success equal to the boldness of hi* enterprise The tieatra op <us on don day evening next, with "Thedoacf the Wil Jxrue?s " a celebrated and highly poetical pl-?a of whioa a translation in verse, b) Mr. Charles KJeard tn'his, of onr city was published a y-ar or two since, an I at*! with great favor from all who bad timi to rend it ia this oity of hurry and all ablorbiuf dervtioa to business Pilkbim's The same rush to *-e tnia beaut i tu I painting seems to exist. Tue hall is croeited by highly respectable auduncs Oi.?wi-ic --The grand Panorama of Ireland we art glad to perceive. Is wsll pa'roms-d We a ? infor.n *d It *111 be exhibited next w.ek at i he tttn?rva K >'>m Owui's This evening this p >pular antes, oellent romedian takes his benefit at Ursuthtn s Ly ceum. lie dererve* a bumper, and w>U assuredly g<4 one Madame Anna Blshap had a b~?ett at the Waluat atrest theatre I'hiladelphia last evening j Sir William Don is playing in W a^hmgton oity IH1PPIHU. OCEAN ITE AM MVIUiTllIN CO HP -P?)R 11* t aid. ?ia J<outl impioo - l'ho II. 6 mail it W aahin*tou U W. riujd. oitmaniatlfr, will oil |nr Ur>ca*a tia 5iu ' Hamilton, no MtnHty, IV#. 21, fro n pur *n 3 >'.rth Kivtr it 12 o.cleck. M i'nm of paaaa<e ia thetirat rak.n $120; prioa or pa aeaaa in i ha aaoond cabin. V?l U eipenenoad etir*e. a ta at'aniied t? me ahip All leuata muat (a through tha Pott Oihoo 4pacle delivered .a iJa?r? at rtdiitad ratra. Fur raaaaro or freight, apply ta Hi I.I KK. MNfin HI AHA >:>??!?, WJ Uronl?at. I'll* hO> AL MAIL. BTK\?BK II KALI N, CAPT 8AMP eoB, ? ill tall fvr R< ruiuda ag l ?t Ih-naa- ?a Pridaf. tha lit ot Match. Isil. at aoen nhe baa aiBollaat ae timmadBlio?el?r parteogere t'r ra ef r???? to Hero ura, $AS|Vi St. Ill" ma*, tfo Tbrra la a ratolar mall eota nani cetiea tataean bt II. maa and all U.c fr<tl>Jit Ihula Uavara. Vera CTui, Veaezuala, le Tie Marlia will ' eke freight, Apply to K il'XiHD If Kr aiwa* Us. vail i> rt. a m mi i t* cum* in v.? fok h > v am Aa ? NreOtkaut and Cba*?aa.? Tbr??*h Ticaete ta tea t'raacltco at iaau< i d ra'K. - Cl>a< r-a ? aaaaucra tr aa' erred ti llaik a to tbi aptadid ai*aii.aoip FaI. kS -Ob <dTa4 n?<iey, K?h??ar> ttth. k' SI'*, tha ylri. l.,1 doubl aum Itaamehip Ofcio. :< i?a> tana bnribao lu Fiaalay Sahaaek. Con maBder. will lilt praiiacly at .1 o c I -o k . P. ? .from hat pier at foot of W arren atreef, N. It.. with tha imnnrat maili, duait for Uaraak. N w UiIi uiimI Jhk<n<L Frotgaa lahtB to Niw Otltluiil uinal rktaa Spuria -air takaa ?B freight in Davaiik Shippere ut pukMai a'alaiBUijaaaln, tola, ?r atlarr war-, oi aay artl'lra <>on<aealy kaewa a* telnehln niunt lyrntly >hr value nt the ahipwat la taatf killa ol lading or tho company will n it he reap'inaihle Is* kn> l?a?ra < n kaluib.c more headier ahipprl ?iiHniil nA tpooifti atliiBa Fur narrate ?r freight. aupiy ta M <i RnniRTS. i/7 Weat "treat, o .r??r Warrea ak. ?lOftOBAKRtK. DIECCT? AT Ttf ? LOWIST ft ITMOV 17 l'ii>a<? and I'ral/ht. - The n?w and ipl-ndld doahlt engine ateamehip i'HOM K Til KU 4. nl I, St it to >? bnrtliea, ft L. Tinklipaugh. Commander, wlil lean N?w V .rk, from rter No. 2 N'r'h kiecr, oa T.araday F?arii?ry Jflh. ia ttaat.kt .1 o'clock f. M . pr?riaa!y. Fir Iraixbt or puiMa. bkfiBk ?u parior aaooma??dktiona. apply la D 11 ALLBN. .Vo. 9 Battary Plara, op atklra. Notier to Bhippara ol I r< iflt ? All ?o da m ut ka nlaara4 at tha LmtnBi lloiiaa and tha !raixht raid kt tha Aiaal'l Cifl ca. kafora tha day of d?parturo. Fraitbt will aat ba ra oaiord OB tha day of aatlia* Pacific mail btkamauip i'omi-ant.-f ?h cai.i forhik aad Oraa.ia. ? Tha pa>ill<* it Ik' rat * that uada? th" MMMMMM of thia eoapaay. attantara laaiwrM ta4 Bp;roaad by tha Nkvy Hrrar ai at. aad carryina tha UatkaA Btalra Bikila. a II coBtlnna ta laaia Paaamkaad tea Iru mtro ? a Ilia #'?t and hrtaaBth day* of a*ah Bi oa t h . aalw d?t*ir?d by uaafotdabla amdaat, or tha bob ari ? val ol iha ? alia Bt I'ai: ft uia Tha atrttm-rt of tba flnt of iha aoatk will toacb a< Ackpnlaa. Paa Blaa Maaatlaa **i. U-t' , a?a Moataray. Tha atoanara of th? kftaaath of ih> n??'h til toaeh Bt A??i,oloo, hut k* aaothar Mmiaan parta Tha fal lowiat laitrd Htatra nail ?'?aHNCKan a.a aow la tna IV ?i?o. oaa ol which will ha klwaya is port a? akoh cad of tba route.- _ OBinoN. I.IWV ton. TRNMBk^KS I.T? toat Panama i.flw " ?o?tm crmbk. |.?o* CAl.irtiRNU.l.OflOtOkk. Ull.l'd?lA. hi - I'MICWKN. WO ~ CAROLINA, '**1 " SA AAA SAN WS. I.nai .nr. Tha Btw tti'knithip COLVMUIA. will ply ffultrly ba twa-B *a? ?r*a-i?au and p-?ta ia l<r?c a. awaltla* a? tha l..rinrr p?r' thr arrival of mailt ktd paaaonaara froti P^ aar^a. aad ratura'Bt wiihaat dalay with iBktla aad p iaawa - tait for tha follnwiat ataanar Iron i^a Fraaoiaao A roan lar lita>f proi^llara w ill b? krpi ap for tha !raa?p?rl*tia? af fraitbt and tran?i?Bt ya?'i|tri bataww (,'ataaa and tea Fraaoitoo. Tha conarat i aa ia ha Atiaatle will w main i a.u <d I. tha |t>aoi?hipa (HI'IRR CIT1. laawat Maw y.ik I B l?-e f'?h. aad CHIKOKRl l?k?i?*H w Tark a? tla ilMh of 'arli moath. far rhattaa. A third boat will alta h?haptiaNra tck. ti a triar- ?taanar Tvi? arw ataaa. ah pa CA Rl H U2 AN and PUILtf*! I' HA will for* a dlraM liaa baiwa n Naw Urlaant and Cha?r*a laatiax at curs pa ritia'a aa will a?>ara aa littla datan laa ?? p aa'S'a oa tht lathnni. tad Ivtaian with tht tV-iftr ttaara -hir-a B!..nt|l liB? to led in m Naw Orloana *Bii porta la M- tiao, i alitor* Bia. and (itH'B Paaaa*a from Now drlaaaa oaa ha aaa?ra4 from Arniatt"B(. Lawraron A ( a., axaa'a. * arraor ? aat raoit r> a w i oftk to rmcak*. a'a<tr*irni... M Lowtr rakia barth . , H KlaarMa, laaad with inBttraaa taa board H riina rtataa ta aa.a ma?iWO Saloon tfate room M Lawtr oabia kafth JJf Ititiait, loti Bd with malitaaa tnd la?rd la raoat tAia r?A?na?oTO??fiihU. ?'2 Bt? ? l a<r .j.. ? Fi r ihrosth tirktta for *n ? tik, apply at tha <&aa a 4 Iha aotnpaav M t?d AA 'nn'h tataat. L^OR 'AN rKAMi I ?? u. i A I.I Fn ft,N| MTTITAI r Maa. with ir medial* d< apat. h ?The saw aad alraaak >ew Votk I iiiit r|it|?r ahip IMI.R I Idttia. maat-jr, I BB ti fa hnrthiB havitit 'hfea-fonf ha ol her car*" ?n.-a*?4. ? ill ht?t uBick caepanh. Thia aery an par .or aad aaamA arn'rhipwta l?ill by M'ttrt. r*ri?t. Pa?tara?n ? A aiL ?f|, ipirltl ratktd f? ana-d, far ?he fiat India trad, aid II |a rerhdra'l; aaported the will make the paaaata mw > hot' e time ?a any traer I ?*rat. Frr fr'iyht, whiMi mt.a? kr aet>> dnw* immoatataly. a? paaaat*. apply oa aoard. at tier l?. Real Rl?-r, fool cf kaidea laat; at |o Ma Ilea k Herd. I'* Wall itreel j or Uotdor B. r> ??. I'? Wall airaw* L'OR BA VaNN aB ()"I Be1*! RI>AV 1.1th IN BT.. IT I r o'o|o< k. P M , fr to pira 4 fc . B The arw aad twpw rior airaiBihif I'LORIPa, (1, 'V tore ) t'tpt. T Lyaa. For frattht or raiaeg. . arpiy tiS^ail. I M I TI:B I LL I'M fraal t'fret ) ft I(ht l'>r t harloati f? Will It 'tboo ?y thf P.. a?A ftrwtdad I j the rwrtlar etetm'*e. protnklly. aanentJ. L'( R f, M.? Til F. F AST BAILING AND 1TRI.LKNAW V arl.r M illikm h. Lattttt. karlh'a Lai toaa. ilir 'laaf nea? ato alttt aavaa teat Iral, iwoe'y-foar feat keaa< Bad aa?a? Itat <*epth ol Imld. bailtof tha la?f tpatariala Fa* Inrl! i r parti ultra i Biiulio 'k board, at piera No 1J aad 1^ taat RiTer, or i f WilltkB R. Lr*?ett. evtiorof Fn*at awa Baekmao atiee'a. Now T?th SUIT A I I R1 - Ft R keM F H AN ClffO -Bflll'PFRC will pna-? ktre all <k?ir te. irti .? koaid a< Path, Mo >h f >.r fall ta PtttiM ay. Hlh. aad lead ktl a el I- l.?4 a t?r affika l< f if afi e? k b Li nU A Ca. fit. NVt dmi

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