Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK WHOLE NO. 6094. MORNING EDITION ? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY HERALD. i 19, 1351. ?* PRICE TWO CENTS DOUBLE SHEET. rOK IAI.K Jl\D TO LIT. A **1-0431.1 BBTATlVoB PALE. ON TH1 HIOH !at di < f Ne?!i. near the ligfctheatca, J2 milea from 1 ho city of N e w i urk Hilt property coueitti u f 'JO >)rti of "I e bneat aod richest land, aa 1 pift of it oovered with it variety ol riru and beautiful ? rebkery; alio, a peaoh or ?hard < I Hit) youar freet. 1M bou?e tuilt latt tprmj, is lh? boat n.auner, Is lam and eonim idions, containing 21 rottua it btamf ?? on an eminence c >uiu andin* a magotficen itiw uf i lid Ailantc I'rran. and was otoupi d lait year at a On i ia litLn of the riverii another building, fO feet by 41), ? ith bar and billiard r?' mi on the lower tlxir, and eight be irnon on tbe upper f ior. The lurnl extenda abant hall a mil'' '>? the 'lank of tbe river, whioh confers many privilege*. Tin Highland# ot Nevisiok although so near the city, at ? a terra inoognUa" to the Sew Forier; probi ? bly, re place within 1,000 ni'ee van oomptre with it in beamy and grandeur of a enerv. From tht tops of the lofty hills may b? teen a majruif.ot nt panorama ?l the river#, t< wns, villages and larme itho !n?rti.r. wi:h a view of the ooa?t for many u.ilo?, and an immense r ing" of the coean. Tbe locality abounds in game of almost every de seiiptmu. anl toe river wit); Ash, including oy.-"ers and lama in g-eat al undauee. The Fiabing Bantu, whioh #up ?ly thr eitv w tfli bati, black. blue, end Pah. &.o . are only two milea from the ?hore: mrl and riverbathing oan always be enjoyed, and the lover of tailing oaa find no rlvef ?f ni'ire romautio beaut . and variety, To tf.e gentleman of leisure, r the met' bai' who ia wear? of hia eon n tie*. hoeie, this lo ality affords unlimited toitreej of pleature aod gratifica tion. An, eiiei prising person disposed to carry oa the ? u turner hot' ? hi sin?t<a, mutt ria.ite a fortune in a fen years Cireuma' uooe j ( w hioti will he explained to the purchaser >, render tlua p-opecty of far more value than the priee aaked ?>r it. $11. Ot U. $1 iMJO of which can remain oa mortgage The only reu'oo of the uvt er fur pnr'.iog with it ia onntirmad 111 health. Two boat* the Julio Hart and F.dwin l.ewit. run daily. For turtlior particulars, api ly to J. FLETCHER. W Cliatlum .. :cet. CLIFTON. BTATBM ISL4ND, NB k? THE N ARSO W8.? For tale, KUMu ot tlie be ]?? Cottage Si tet and Duildiog I.ota on tbe tttot of W. W. Van Wageuoa, Ba.| , within half < mile ot tbe preaeut steambctt laadiag, at Vaaderbilt't Cock. It ia inteodi'd to ereo*. a new Undlnz in front of thla property lit t .io aprisg, ane tbe rradiag of the avenues id Abontbeiagoomvlet d. Tbe comi:;tnding views, and beauty ii the aurrnnading > tnntry. rfnder thla proj?rty uniur rasecd. aa a retioenoe, by any in the vicinity of tht city, wbila the great demand for buildiag* offers aa ladusam iac to the oa;>ita!tj'. tt Ui'tld. at an inv-ttmcnt. BU M KK mi > k 'J VN. I Pine street MAKM Ft>iC 3ALC.? X l'AKK, SI TUATCI) IM TUK 1/ town of Or-'ersbiirgh, Westchester county, fonr rnilet from Dobbe' Ferrv D oot, two tnil?if: om De irmtn's atati .n, ind ' . i r ee mJee Irom White Plains; almut one mile north oi Simue Hcii'.t n't country teai; t<ntiUl>| fifty eevea u rea of laud. ,n good coadlti >n It has a tiae applj or hard, containing tne hundred trees; all grnftrd fruit. Alio, a number el pea-, peo h. and plotc trees, Ike. The bo <e is i?ew, in I eery crj' eni -nt. Cl?t ? -o ?ni w? I '?tr th- door. A r. ' W zvaanry w fll' good haiu in i other out buildingt. A n , rer-o? desirona o: ring n farm r.r con i. try neat may oh. tuin further inlorm ition, by i?o> irtng of Joha Beea?a, IM Went atieet . oc oa Mie premisoe. of J. I. AC tv CK. Farm for mlk or kxcbanue for our r<to perty.? A valuable Farm situated in l<iringiton. Ktaen county. New Jcriwv. ooataining one hundred and siKtoon acrea, suitably di?> led Into wood and tneiJ iw ; alto a fine f each oronard ia full bearing, together wi bother fmiteia aknndanon. The btiildinga are la good order and beautifully i'loated. lor pir'ioulara, inauire ot AA!i'>N QUlNUf, Orange, N.J. or to J AS. JAKKErT, Jr., liHi Front stroet, New York IfORKAI X-A V ALUABLE FA KM, OS THE SOUTH JT side oi ixiag !?,.,ud. The f.t icrDer t fleia for tals the whole of hia ferin. confaining aboi: : tilJ acres or any portion of It. being *t I initiated for d:v ding into small farns, Vnown ae a part <' ttit Oak Neck Farm, lately belongiug to A. P. Hamlin K i . aituated one m.' a half miles ca?t of the village ot liati)l ,u. bounded loutberly for a distance of III reds, by the Great Mootp Bay, an i containing that point ot 'and known aod 'jid down on tbe map of Loup; Is:an l aj ' onklin's Pa,ot. 1 tie stock, farrii. a* toil#, hay, grain, ata., may be had wi'h lb.' farm if derired. Terms ea>y, and p >t -. st'on g< t'j muudiately. For further particulars, apply to John F. Tftan, No. 12J Water etraet. New York; or, to tba ?nbwtih; r on rh? premise'. JOHN H MILI.XK. FOR SALf? A FARM OF ;.3 A' t?S, SITUATED NEAR tha Big'ilai.^ 11. lis. Monroe viwudiip, Orange county. New Yotk Tv e> ve asrei of aaid iar m are nndo- high eulti i ation. a ad t.. ? re*' ire noTMeri with a good growth of tim ber. Tbrve are ' n it aa orcha-d. containing over one h tn dred gL>od barn and other ou'huildin,;*, go .d well ot water, Itc. ft is very desirably located in a jeii <lencf, for suv ouo wishing U retire in*o the neuatry. as it ? muic&.ls a line . iew of the surroun ling ao?nery, which ii Mghlydlvar^ , !< and niatiirecjue, . nd ia within two-hours ride of thtet'y. Arolyto POPE k NORTH, 12 Ditch street. t|MSAU-ON KO'T UBKRAL TERMS, THE lrfW AmHer) and basement Bri -k House, known at No. % Ferry street, etery way detira'lo for a genteel family, l aving all the n ? I -a un prov:tnett?, hct and cold water, rat. bath net, *e t it t>e ?e. n irl? from 3 to .'i o'clock daily. Ian i-e or C H A 1. B. HU.VTXXOTON. ? Wall at. I^OK JlU.-i SET Or COTTON MACHINERY, COM r nlele, ol b?.<t paturnt and nearly new, capable ol tnrn eg oil above t ? o not aaud pounds - l carpet wirp per week, and in propor' en of twine, candle wi ;k, or yarnt under No. JD ; will be a lia loet. ae it baa to be moved. Apply UM. A. Mi'l I BON E, IS Heaver etreet. New Yotk, up at aire. SALS? TUR&L OF THOSE NEVTLY FINIIHED Honsua and Lot-, airna-od ia that el gant block of bonrea nj t ie eta' aide ot Paeiflc. corner of Bond street, Hrooklya. Price e ily 31.000: an< t'l itai can remain oa .ortfeg". Also Uou#e tad Lot Ho. 17 Willow plane: will be told at % II" ?t t.t.Hiio Apply to 8. 8. B HO aD, No. 11 Wall sijeet. in the < ?ofiii Watir Office, ba#ement,. I^OIt S ALB-THB SI BlTANTUL aNU WILL ItUILT I three ator <- and attic hou >e, lli, Mercer street, conaiet uit of IX room# two bathe, het and eold wat?r. ? ill ke t' Id on ae< )?mo'fa o t tcrmt, and 1 nasosaion given belore M ty, if dca red b*m fcaiii. <n aAWioii mat iuuf ot ft, l three >'a ot gro- nd, crntt ot Miatur^ and Brie s :r?ett, ear-i .' by ii?) leet. Can le imi-roved to great ad vantage tl.:1 ita t main oa boc( kill mortgage. Apply ! m Pt ,1 ret i a ri - L'ul. ?a: A fcliilir 1 fAR- I > K v P 1 Itl O LEASE OF ; A tbe Ii ii il Ue L lei. with laraiture and nt'iirca | til ecotp'ef H. C. K I BIN E Al". Aator i'iottt" Baths. Ne. 1 Vet y it. I Forb I^itH li.tlf. ? I \ K (. E, KLfc.AN'T. bTATELV NEW foiinif.aa I t> ? ? tmoatliauid Caa be tie i for a few dajt .t Ne. " Bar. la. <-itet. Price (>l. 1/ORSAI.EOK Id I LT-IM TH B UBWTK IS OK A I I.OI'K lab.Lg vi ' .ag - aear t te city, a stare with t tatnan'a ? hop itailied.v: mm 11 nt < rrcrtunity it alt irde.l lor a ?r iatifacttirin? b- 'oeae. App y a* II- We<t street \f II I. > < > K r ' Lt t:H ? ? P.--K<Ms' HiTlt IMi'RuV ..vl td, Fii at, ?: i'< kurratone. wirh the fixtures conipie'.e. >P?ly io i b arlea A .\ebtith ID Fei k -lip. up itairi. Only p..' f?r tbe aai? u> Pret tr. d Uuano, 1 eat pir lb * Li NIX. *n"o << t'BVEK 8AL'*O.V. I * \ BUSl - A noapirt o .im.'v. will be ?< id very low if apelie I ? rimneaa j I ? ?? its at the Clcbf Dining Saloja, Nn?. ! . 8 ard !? > o l>en ktrttt, betwten 1! tn< 9 o elock, A.M., bdJand 4 <- ti x-a. I'. M TO UNTO! RLL-TWE IOLLO#l!?(i PHOPEKTY, be four a tOkweat tide ot tietea h avenue, b itweea iwentj ill tut v aty siath ttr ts; twe btutes in J-e* cnteent'i ?' '. ?ol th eld , btt? e-a 8'nj-vo aat a^uar and Itret a?-rnue Nt. 6.) Lament t retaadfll Thnmpscu l ??; ? i'a -aat ti.le enih aveane, Iv we n T*. nly- 'iftli and T* nty-aixth strvo't, nearly ? -mplei. d. t eaa>idfrabte am ? > nnm'rt#a<' Apply to T. W :'ml?h, I Nassau stret' f[H) LET OK l.tA-C.. FOB A TE ?M OF YUKS, THAT X r a par. i >nafw*. ??":?# Wrick fii tcry, kaov a at t 'i i Cheltea I/Vfg W?,iki. No. Ill Teenty- fourth Itreet, beteeea Sixth ?'iid Seventh j , o' *t? hariiig on tl.< i :? rr. -s i a do'iiiU beilcr ? 'earn eaglae, if 1 1 b.#ra? power, w Ith ahkfti and pilllet a * - tacbod, a#**, a ? >dr?ii r pr?ti, thr.e ? >hn?ier? two brutii i J 1 *. f ali n^ a?3hitn'4. Mo , ccn, j Ittr, f-?r mjr n?nwft4i,wr?r?# t-wi o4<? i Tcrftir ?r t r r?i?iUri, *pp' w 4. WI140K Se*i K um ?trrf5f f Arn?f r.< H &hI(q Urn . |fuj am iik !??.? lift ?h'* lUth f t M?irrta. ? ium>-ohe rr*vi?' eu mi j*. with ? hrt- ?(, <?i * f Hi l* r. an ??id li'l*. (I <vl fir till Itly %ljr. ) m i ?t .??' |ir??i>? i imilv , * h> ? nara ?r? aa i >4 t" * i !? 1 Pl?ur td'ir -i il. > ^ <1 va PoiOtHit. <nf I. ,m. . (v ?tj , X? n"t:r? i \t u of aa* ailtltl Haifa IO<lpai< 'J'o UT-'iii' mi' <;.??, nvt, .i ask io iiiiiiuic i itirot No M ?r|V. he list f >r t Vi iril'm b nao, it ao?. I aiaa tlurt'ta iHiaa a Kix r i ai x : Ii ?t?l? . Tbt | u?? No 1) ri.u'tU lamiljr: I oil to on t ha i ?' Maj . ' rp'f ?? "? h ? ? ?? N !? ReftlMuB ? r? t. of it Wo 71 But I T> ttUMlh I'.Wll. TBOI. i). VATI.OH 'I'O I IT- PfiSHifH *AV Ni:\T, UOWM TOWN", I ibtttiMiii alb from City u*ll. it i.m<* taltiblo ; f ? | ijin'ii, ?r.h irofjr OMtoiiiri' Aloo, t?o or < tiro* o< m? >>a?l ? (nailtinta, althaat l. ,\ M ;o? t W C it Mil* ?#?*<? 'I'ii . ?.i ihh tttrli w>ntr I JiUlk run h;i-icr i a?'?l, p '? llM't). AMlf t If U. !'?tlV!5?l . <?111 !)< ??? BKH?, K?i I lo? . ?|H# I A I <>.* .1 roK A lit** or tlAM" A Tko 4? i u ?i?c < . llio Bnirl. M -ol. >' ? M, a. it 'ho ?? 'Buil-n cumprlalrs t?-?i tf Urn ?r t lirt* > ?> W. I n,ti?1 nl'h to*- ! trni" r? ?? ? *n i4 ?otll. Apr/*" M. il. K^IIIMaV Altor Kn'l*i Bl'bl I Vmrrl'. H| wb'ii'* ? i.r "aVSTT u mnitiJo >? >r ???.?, u? j t',? -a I < j . r btllao U Mr| fna??? .<m, lotaM ? >ih ?? i < i i . ir tlit tinPiag ta>l It T?rv a??t ly iMeon* i futtlMf i i ii. ? ii. Unit !???. lad ln*ai*, ir? *a l->! 1 hmp. i?h ? ? t/lit 4?)t. to If. T . tioralit <irtV-a. I* in H?l Of r ? R *01iKt* H'l ? ft. I'M WrfJT TWVM'io'hit ?t ' -taion Math ? I "?-voolh ???ii?*r, ? iMM '(IMtU ? krt* f :o?" t>? 'h* upon' ? '? ? *ui' I . I "fir. Mi , of fib ? n .op*rtt?b' ?. A a; l? ?ff*r 1 t y. ncnoAu A KOI II I ? ?ilO?TIH0 *I)NDIK' ? ARriFIOIAI. 2\ Dtiin i -U' lla' xhtori a fi ?'l?. IM t mo tli'ilIM I uii *1 r f - i d.rtp-. *!? ? i i T. |ir?|i .r? | fr im .???<?1. m ? > i ? ii 'iiooh ii( W ' i ? I -r ill "??mm ?l 'mron tie"!-! ? i('lU pA' ?l?l"iM??l ? h? .1 S VnuRli'na ? ll ' i tl *orth tl?b i l'bi!*'lilp)iiA, f?iO .? i i'. . ? ?>i?il?f*nl ro? ?<? f rm!lf fi n if>- I pMfian. (M IIM I tf Mitf laitl- . r-nt'lfoti >n onl 4?tiilitf, j <-Mitac atln urt't >iaa unhurt >-? aa nr?'?o?B t- ! I h* ft IT ?u?. H?' ? I???|I? B 'ill of I^Maiii, int???i| it ?at'-r a ill a f ?" ???!?? I*? ?'.uii''? "f r * it | r?. i ! <il Ibo utimtrh ttloillllo lit I loi<ja I II lit. i i.? c ?iib>AM< ??rb ni onlnml <.h?ml?tr?, i ?a)0 -"*??. 'H il <iir i?It? IfM. *" tttu |\^?rl* mm it'Bji i ? ? -J S pf i "??1 f' "'? ' * matiM ??iabrAM ?'l|||ll<*inn . rt ' ? ' I |l*Mlk*|rllll Mlllto|ilffl<ll|, Jt mob* ^o-l ?i Il-* ?of'Pti 4, iliiTfol. tal 4if*a*tij, i ? t hi *n> >? ? - nopi -<? M 'hoy wmiII bo In 'Ho hnnian t oaiar'i b' J'i i V Dr?|i' r Prut ? ml ''Honilt! rj ia ? M Hi H,.'t: i ill pii | <? (Jal'-rt'fr of ?'**?"' in Mo hltlMtall | ,?$? m?* ? "l'h??h-?a? iiaot'- .i ? i '*h *f iili Mill iliao* ian 1 1 I bo MfWuH , ?in ii ii ?atiT?ril1 MmltiH th?5t m*? b*. " f i-li'*, | pillar 9? - <M+' o Oi>? bin It ? III ?<T?f b Nilihr . ?i* K< ? > <>'iti i ?i tkaaaaalao I'M" n botrt tbo vfHboa ? (B?l i? !.l J *4. fl inthlna. 0 10 pmffl" or. Ui< i hW1#?T'I* < V-. ? ??% 0*h?*. S . ?! ! | >B? I b 10% iailMli Ifxluif (.'all tH'l(i * Hjtirlplloo ?li?tl, , raft* OK KOISHiH I < * ONHVI.TBD CJUflMI fl A 1.1.1 oa *<r*? o li??*ata. li? ?a?' ?rit-b..?? m rriity ' Kan-Hi *1~if >ai H, r?i?,.v?a in a A prMtioa #1 . thlrtf ??**? Wkhtlla ? "?ri! mr?.n,< 4<MlU|, b. ?p<?i ? ;'??') ?<? fo Ma mi ?ik. ?4 hit l it I ? aoa 4lpl?n,? m IK I ?A'?, ?l)(| *nlt?? ?-??4 ,*%*. * ?. a' thok ni? t.ik - HUoth'al rat II / r?ii "Vraivaa." A" -OlH.'"! h' -iro, )i. In ? ; # |r ? i f ?..) in -i 4 a i umiiU'I t- No. Sh Urneaaiob atraot. from j >h > ?ri< ?aiit i? ai**l *' *4?Mil?4>t wa aotiior iiu o.ijof?4 ? Ho haa % ffU raaana for tta*f?* that, ia t||in-?n.' l'!i iliiiawi. nf ta?ir Oiint" loannoo. w ??'.! I t lb- A^tlofiklo ?S?*' ? r?a*!*#B? tr-m ..?rif iiaprarar ha - j ? iu In fAa lt? ra ni'1! oa'iala, a??o ml ra ii ?1 f??, u ? oa b? ?**alaa<l ?r?ia an oiho* #i'ir*a ?f Anar-'j'. T'inOO abn ? M*a m 'h? ?*r? ? <? ?> a?*t, tr< I bj f?rp*?f. I III ?? tl o ?l I ?a>'4ai tf iVl ? ?. THE CALIFORNIA NEWS. 1MITAL OP THE STEAMSHIP CRESCENT CITY, WITH Only Eight Thousand Dollars on Freight. THE DETAILS OF THE TWO WEEKS' LATER NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Shipment* or Gold Dust from San Francisco. milGl OF GOV. MJMifT, OF CALIFORNIA. The Emnete in the Senate between Broderick and Moore S1NC1MR NOrEflENT III THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE. Anticipated Demand on Mexico for Two Millions of Dollars. The See<l> for the Acquisition of Lower California. The Reported Rich Discoveries of Gold on the Coast. The steamship Crescent City, Capt. Tanner, trriiad at this port yesterday afternoon, from San Juan d? Nicaragua, Cbagres, and Kingston. Jamaica. Shu left Ban Juan oo the Uh.ChagresonthaTth.and Kinga ton on tha 11th inat. She bring* advice* from Ban Francisco to the 15th ultimo The news ia interesting in a variety of aspeeta. Our telegiapbic summary from New Orleans, published In yisterday morning's JUraM, cmbracud many of the lending points. Three steamer* laft San Francisco on the 16th, tor Panama, two of which had arrived, namely Tha Now Orleans. Capt Wood, on the 2d inat , with f>C(OCOO in gold duet on freight, and 230 passengers, acd the Anetlope ou the 4th inet.. also with $auo oeo In gold dust on freight, and 160 passengers. Tha Uoloorn liad not arrived on the Stb inat Sha was the mail tteamer, and baa $600,000 inguli dust, on freight. The Nnrihtrntr ?aa to have sailed instead of the Unl corn but came In rolliaion with the Tennessee, a* .-he was coming dowu from Benicla, to take her plaee in Una. a ol had her wheal house carried away, and other damage done The Sarah Sand* arrived at Panama on the 1st Inst witb V8 pasaengera. The names of tha passanfara who arrived at tbls port yerterday, in the Crescent City, are as follows ? NAMES or 1 II R CRESCENT CITY PAWKNGKEB Hi ii M ti l.eooard, Capt Gardn-r. Mr faoulti o, Capt II W Ji t n? u, ladv and ?r u>, Capt C 11 Burroughs Mra stun tr. f M WicliaidaoD. Mr Ilanks. Capt vjrowell. J W D Boter, Jmi V Itatea, W B CUddii.?, 11 1' Pour 11 N Whue, Capt Church. H', f*rf> e, C?? Ons>-ki'abosii. Dr Ja. Cic it t, Jan Sel kirk, T 8 Haddin. II W Ltnkwood, Capt RB Revell. W II 'fsjtor, F O Vobbk. 1. W Stmpe, /. C La*< h, Th?e Lewis, O J.iak>os, Ju Hill, u Dauchariy. A I'atkv l> t'aras. M imu. SC<o:.,ll A t aker. Mr \ an court, B M < astls. W ricl 1. 8 ?. ariiv. T J Cos. Jan Bobinaon, J C >uttiii(, Win White, Vdrev flton, J Srolt, Boet, Jno Vao Uosif. A Watcr mun. Ki< hard Ckuay. Jaa H Cli?mk?rlatn, Joriah Baldwin, A I. Jackx n, D It Chapman, W U ti ibb*. J M Chambi rlaia. M ? l.aie, Jr. J Thnrndike, A T Atheraon. W AdiHugton, Cha C Tte', Dr Stoiktu,', K S Btookiag. ambits. Jno Cuwdry, A A Clirk, E Pulmau 5 Woidwortn, J Tliuma?, A II R' jjan, Jin A 1" illits, (. Mills, T Fay, The, a Moron, 0 Scail\ Jus Sim lie. Bofeett Uatiiard, II Beaumont, Jin Wea'.hei * as, Jno Ilari, A Mali. 0 Harvey, W Bri nn. Alien Buni-II. Piter Haa uu. t Cole, Jon ph W 11 ley, Ro n Whltuey, Jno 1 arafcara. Piiarbltw.r W "ou, J /? i(lut, lie. W OesJi, Muubi'B Craft, ltii Yra'er. Olln Wymau, Lvraan Muui, M Swan, C f #)? Lnaate'B, T I' Salisbury, 3 C Carp ntar, John F Id. Ale* /nth AH Blake O MoCnmBinfa, Jm Pkillpa, 0 S I ere /. * I a.Ier, E D Rntibias, M Likfcy, 9 A Matltereur, H' I'ann. f am tinrtt-n. 1* Meaner, fi 4 Williams, Oe irire W Paine, H W' od. (> I, Lhur> 'nifl, Jeo Nrwman II H * '!? n, P W Hull.., k W B Barlow, B Muri uy, II m Jiidlir, UWiodiuO, S Maacl.eaUr, 'ieo I. liamird J J Ilfin i' ft, ? eo ilun. ,-ir, O t) Paker, V O Mttiirr. D stua iflniaa. t> I. Hoaeh, P W Mar'in. H B Llan, W H C i ml, Chaa M k ml I U Mu i lb, H Nice. W Wtlim. \ If Hn, n I. H .U bai d. < li ollbart M T Itndc II. Jao P not', # (l Br teard, J l ui'ieil. A 1,1 rtat o; 'i?r, D Hi e, P II Mil:*-, Jai Dm an, Chea llawke, Jnn b Wilght, V? Ueeu, Cur i), vn crce "elftrd. Bd Wat h, N J Waah, M Jobn?>e. I Ham, I Prlrk, M Hi Nfel. I A Urn. A C Beater, K li.lea, <> iir >ton- T Ritlj ,t C Ohkore,0 ? ood, W Beat ligr.JI I omti, I Mr bkini" u. U f orsiin nr. H J Keller. A (?r< m . B T U illar. I III. lie ill. R H !>eaell, W Ba 'is. A Kox. C Wuiint'T < <! B Pi u . M I Sat v . R K Jamee, Jao 1; Kara?y I.ymae H-inolia. f Hit till sad pob, W UeolitUe, K 1) Cnceny, M k, I tankn. Tt i n Wiley, M Mieaa. J a- Fr -iian. W C I'altas.. J I' Bo? ' i a. C Vi un*, J C Tour*. R"kt PB?i-kley,l ? no llu'i 111 .en Thoe McOee, 11 Ia*le. P Dj'i'aft, A J illea I. P Bt'.neM, I> Mmy, S Smith, J A \ arncy. J T At' ekey. D Duncan Tba Ci accent t'lty brought T?ry little of Cuat f>n freight Annexed la all ? e'-priK I !-T OP TMl: ORESCKNT CITV. I'otifcall A Co . New York 12S S Dnrand do 14) II 8 llenry. do 1 |>U0 Hire ill. end V Tierce Baltimare ...... I 8ji Total 120 Tba rirti and ragged Califof nlana,with thair lunburnt, palden huad (mm, and broad brim mm/ii m ?, who mm? hi m? In the Crefcettt City, liaU probably plenty of fcold dint. The amount mi by tie lina ginallvo at half a million of dollar* We >i? lateral Of thee# niull'unoirtt yesterday aftornoon looking about for tailor*' ?hop? In half an hour il>r th? *Uam>-r touched her wharf Tb* urn airlTal of tba liaison. at Panama. la the raui>? ol iht mall amount of cold duat on freight on board tba Craront Pity ThaCherokea and Ga<*rgia, do* in Friday or Baturday, will probably bring o?ar half a million I: appear* that tha exporta ot gold duat tv m fan Kranenco duting the Drat half of l*?t month rracbi d Bi-aiiy a million and 4 half Ann>ti-d la the rxroUT *r aot.D i?t r fsom *an tr nci$<o. S mount from I'ecmber "Kith to January 1 1 IMI a? va'ered at tha On* torn Ilouaa .. H .1?J 000 l't??loualy exported J1 ?$."> I6i Total etprrta ? #?"! 180 1 Ji The Oa It lot t. la papers (for 61a* tl which wa are (["ally indebted to tha Furaar of tba Craa -eat City, to tlregory k. Co '? e*prea?, and to Mr. B Y , Jloultra of I Adami. X Co. ? tiprtaa ) ara &ll?d with lb* Uovrrnor'a meraage proceeding* of tha Legialature and tha ra ported dlwoxartea of rich gold deport* on tha ccaat. We giva in our colutnaa, tbia morning, fall il?tiil? of thaea matter*. The moat Important and ai^niRcan: p!?ja t t if a 'i garae freixed by tbia ariival ii tba', rait1 it# to lha Meiiran or 'Fiona Fund ' It ha; a Ttry peculiar a?t*rt, lloklrg to l.twar Califaraia for a ?rl-Jtioa Tla Jilt* la ? latter from f ? n l??e lUtad l?th alt , glin It a lollt*ii| ? Mr Ware?r ofltnd tha following raaolutlf ? in th? bti at* tbia morning : ? II* at l r ad, i ia? a oamialttM appoia ??' n "ia. * I a t ?> ilia aatni* >i il<? Niiucan t'aa<i. ? nkimn >)> allai tba ' n r ui fur d.'an r p >ft wbatbai then leaa/ I r.uaaf it fame die I v t ' e k< * i a a r. aariieakt te the ata'e t( I 'al lntBla, aa4"lf ??, ta lep-iri tha kcat aeiita *1 atti nlrr ifia j aaaa Tl r iiaclntkin ?..? adopted an^'the frrtldcBt ap pointed V ?*rra Warner Urien ai>d t'ooi a? th>- r m mlite* II i? a ail that thl* fotid atnrunfa to t2 ot 0 C<M>. and tint th* whol- ot It. with Intarert !? at (hi* too. m?nf. actually dti<- to Oalljorria by Meiloo It ia a ? ? il K lo? n hlatotiral lart, that at ;?r *artoa? lo?"' t ti* I a''t n fta tha <li? regal goteirm??>* "t -o to auhdna tha Indiana in th* p?rlaaul? of 'allfrtftla. the of .inulti prr poaa 1 to tba goeafaia?n? on raitala r n.HMoni to at oa?r>?. tba n> i jifaar af th ?a? ' Icdlana ?Hh th? arm? ot r?li>;!.en an 1 th" croja 'f be IM Ortltiona w< r>- a-lmltled an I ? he ree jl wa* aaliafaatnty At a -oin?wbat la'er pario l a It^a a* tetnjt ?aa tt a da hy the Fr?Bitla<*an order In V'pre" j i alifortila. ar <1 a |i h almllar ra<ul'a. Ta ??:i|apil?h ' lha? ohjee* a f in I w?a orw<?ed by tha <olunt?er con tilhitlona of ?iiitlTl<iii?la. Koth la ?(?**> ??'* If a raa^niia ot whlnb be arp'l*d to tba nlmf* j hrniana pnepoaa Thla fi??d ??*? ?? V- 1 'I f.< ?f ? r ??? oi ami at the time of ?h? daclara-loa af ' Ini'apee d?aea by It amora'ed i.o *<>ma'hlnt I llfc? PVlOO tw i). pri?.tni?Bir a " ft eK?m *>>i?pi?n | ntnntlly It <???? aiatad ot real ?>!? <' >t ?>? eify 01 | M'Xleo and kaoleM?te*, oi pi ia?at . la difTar ?t part* af tbn rainbkla and it waa unit** the ?*aln#lf? u>anag*fTi ?a? and retfirl of the <>IV*f|* oftha F?r 'ltBovl" tha 'tfy *1 M-tla" T h? 'Canaan r.ufcao'i Ka???>inl?? ; atuHarrat a-ir tlona at raven'ia wire ?ial*?d from time r?? tim* by Ibe K<ifi tfimrM; thaaa taiaarna ??r- m<1> w Arut auth ittr ot law "t any r.tb*r aut>*ri y ami a ia-?a amoi.Lt of >ha fi/iJ wa' a'laotb- 1 la th a way ?'| oa tba appolrtmats' ot ahl h 'p mt PaHforBia, iha I I aianr* al ?Pl!a lufid *ben etlatlng wa? plaa?i| at M< [ I ? *. 1 * rl?u# l? U' w/?T?l l? '"aUUrBla tn? whole remaining amount of the fund wan seined by the executive of ths {Mexican government and isppro piiutrd ior military purposes This*fund was originally created by the oontribu tloEi of benevolent individuals. for the purpose ot Christianizing and educating the native inhabitants of California, and if it was now applied to the pur poses for which it was originally designed, U would serve to rescue some of the present native population from the state of i jnoraaee and heathenism in whioh they are now living. The only question hoeuis to bs whether, under the oiron instance* whioh I have thus imperfectly stated a demand cm, be legitimately made by California upon Mexloo. lor the payment of this fund, to be devoted to the object for which it was contributed From all the Information In my posses lewion, I sm convinced that such a dttmacd may be justly made, and that the provisions of the treaty of (iuadalupejbetwien Mnico and the United States, ought not to be oomplied with by th* latter until '.his demand la paid Hon. Thorn** Butler King, the new Collector of the fort of San Francisco, arrived in the Tennsisee on the 6th ot January and took charge of she Custom House on the 13th. Mr King is strongly talked of tor United States Senator, is place of Mr. Fremont, and it is not unlikely that he will he the man if a whi* should b" returst d. The inspectors and clerks under Col. Collier, w -re about i>r?*entini; him with a magnificent Sttrvloe o plate. The political completion o( the Legislature is not >rt determined by any test; but it is generally oon cetied that the demoorats have tour majority on tolnt ballot. If all vote together a democratic United Statss Senator will be returned in place ot Mr. Fremont, whose prospects are not very flattering. There are a number of candidates in the field, the most promineat of whom are Mr. Fremont, Oen. Douglas, Col Oeary Mayor ot San 1- isnoisco. Col. Weller, of Ohio. Mr Hey denleldt ot \ irginia, and Thomas Butler King. No day has yet been fixed for ths election. It will pre b?bly take place about the middle of February. Gieat excitement existed ia California particularly in San Francisco, in relation to recent discoveries of black sand near Klamath river, which is astonishingly rich with gold. The estimates of the yield are beyond all calculation aud go far ahead of anything that has ever yet been read of California Several companies have been formed for the purpose of working claims, and a large number ot vessels were up for "gold stuff" when the steamer latt. In consequence ot ths want ot rain, the miners have Dot taken out any very great amount of gold, fjr the past two months, in the dry diggings. Immense heaps of dirt have been thrown up. but none washed As toon as a smlisient quantity ot rain ehail fall, theyield will no doubt, be as gr*?t as ever Indian hostilities etill continue in some portions of the extreme southern mine* The wandering tribes come down from the mountains, steal the mulei and cattle of the miners and, in many iustauces, rob and murder the inhab tents. A dnel was sought on Sunday. Jan 12th a short dixtanoe cut ot Ban Kraacisco. between W H. lira ham, formerly of l'hiladelphla, and Vm Walker, one ot the editors of the Hrrahl. Ttri eatiss was an article in that paper reflecting upon Judge Morrison The parties fought at ten paces, with Dolt's rovolvers? advancing one pace ateaoh shot Walker was slightly wounded below the '.eft knee at the first shot and on the recond. received his antagonist s bs II just below the leJt thigh and fell Ths wound, though severe, is not ooneidered dangerous. Business at San Francisco, and throughout the cities of Calite:nta. was uncommonly dull Uoods were tellir g very low. Annexed U the report of ths New (Means ou her trip to Panama? nirORT O. TS.B fcTK.UIElt NI.'.C OK'.KANN, CATtAIM .1 It WOOD. She Is ft San F-ancirco on ths morning of Janti try ltitb. wilh three hundred passengers. and JMiOO iru in gold dust; arrived at Acapnlco on the 14th. and sailed on the 'Aith and arrived at Panama February 2d. at 10 o'el< ck? fifteen days running time. The atetmer Northerner, while on hsr way from Benicia to San Francisco, on the lilth. came in colli eicn with steamer Tennessee, going to Beniela; bith damaged very much, so that the Northerner was unable to sail ou the 16th. The Unicorn was dospatoh ed in her place, with the mails and specie, at 4 P M. on the lft th. The Antelope railed on the aauie day, at 4PM The Sarah Sands sailed on the 10th inst Ths steamer Panama arrived at San Francisco on the 4th January; the steamer Antelope on the 8th; and the Uesui.r Tennessee also on the Bth Spoke steamer Wilson <1 Hunt, for San Kranaieno, Jan. lhtb lat. 31 20 N sweeping flues Saw steamer Hi public for seme place I'.'ih lat 'JN N , Ion. lift W. I'rcpeller Commodore Preble, Jan S4rk, lat 17 N., Ion 101 W. Steamer California for San Praianlseo, Jsn i'4tb. coming outof Acapulro The steamer Isthmus -ailed from Arapuleo. for ?an Irancisco out health The steamer A nteloae a< rived at Acspulco, Jan %lh. and sailed on the IMth fur TaLama The Unir >rn had not arrived at Asapulco on the J6.b The L S. fii.ate Savannah Commodore MftCauley, was to l?avf hen Fraarts^o. on the 16th uit , for the Atlantic, touching at Panama aad Valparaiso. The lollt ?in* ii a lift ol her ?fllc?-rs - Commodore, Charles S Mc 'auley; Captain. Ilagk S Per', I . :e ii t ? nants lleary S StellWagen. Joshua Humphreys William K Le Boy Kdward T Mc'iols, Kdvard I. Winder; I'nrser. Tnomas B Nalle. Fleet Surget n James Cot ui irk Brevet MajO.* of Ma- i nee, John U lieynolds- 1 st Lieutenant of Marines. loeeph W Cuitis: Brevet l?t Lieutenant of Marines. Kdward Melt Hi jsrldf Acting Msstr r, Henry K Mevenn; i he I* lain . Thomas C Stanley; Aeeis'ant Surgeons, Randolph F. Maron MonsO A f Still; Commodore's Seotetaiy. Jaine* F 1'bUney; Passed Midshipmen, 0-car F Badger. Robert Selden. Hunter Davidson; Mii'sbipmen Frederick Btose, Richard H Otyle. George 1) Hand. William A Abbott James B Hodges; ? sptala '* CUrk. William \ Tail<r, Boatswain, Oeorgs Wilrmith. Qunner KD.iah Uaskell; Carpenter. Amos Chick Sailmaker, t.eerge Parker A l< niski rbocker Association ha? been forme.l in Fan Irsnrl'co tnd the following o IB sera eiectel ? I'rs'id- nt (J arret W Ryckmsn. > l?-e I' residents .1 H Sterling. William M. Kildy, Treasurer ,8 K Harris. M. I).; rhysielsn. II M Cray, M. I) ; Recording Secre tary, Van II kkeiiu, Corresponding Secretary, (1 ? ot .re M Mrtr I Mnllri'on <li? Pacific .Hide. 1 from tba l'aoifi; New*. Jan l.'i IK>I ' The *'*? mbling of Ihe Htata I. m Mature aiuealho ?iliioti ol tb? l??t airarn?r baa ua'urally i'.'m t?il tfcr attention jeBarellj of tb* ptopl* of the B u?c and ii? labor* aa<J teanlta arr Iroktd to with much iot*r eat Iiiulag th? flrrt frailoo nut; h?i *rr> rmt' ' ed wl irb ai per lance ha<.lca, vera I at pa*f? ib tbt lr dataila or iBjuiloua lo tliair general appli ia tlon a ad ?Ufh antcl m< ut* will cm> n '(ulte a careful rftlalon or an 'Utii' r?p. ai Tea L'glalaturc ai?nit>te,| on the ar l ai|>ioruta b? ii ir praaent Immediately f-r*anl ?d and appointad It* < ?o*n Tk* a><Nf? cf not. H irratt ?*a trans mitted tba mic -eed lag day . and. a? a .-Hat* p ipar doa* ,'i'at credit to tfcc brad and hiart of tbat u-n' l<- man It la < t tb<- ratcrmatoty. pmgrt-aalra ordar. and o?k?? n.aay judlciout and round r?cnmu4"B'lati<>Ba Ala* daja (ubf?C|Ornt to the meeting of tha l.^tiala' u"?. fltfirtir loniiH t?ad?r?d to tbat body bl? r#?l, ia li'n, and l.lant Oct McDougal ??? inaugurated >i? <.p?HB"r tfca nibae>|uent day. On an ala.Uon for Fra idant of tha Cia?>. In pit"# of tba Llaut. flor^r ?<* Men |> 0 Broderlek of tbi- Biff, a prominent, nllill' 'IrniMral and an tola man wa? choaan on tba flrat ballot. Tb* political complexion oftb? !*? :l?la'ur? h?? not ' y-t l?fl M'tvllfd I) a feat ante a nu?aUr>B whi ;h :r vi !?fa the rl-rtior. of a I sited ri at a* i>?ataf I ??fin t atla'ao'ory Indieatlaaa. Ia?tr?t, ?? (Mil t*?l I tba air- aaantkica, mad* atraarar by tba de?*l p | n.> fcta of tline. thai Bona atber than a democrat ci# b? Met-tad ta that Important port A day tor tba ?"<mbliti. 'I tba joint aonaoatlon far tba <*bol<'' of a f> i, a' or baa not kw n i n to-. I bat the rote will probably b? takf n aht> t tkr mlddlr of Ftbnary lour wa*h? | krt ??* HWIiiki i|tlM|lli?t !b? Bill- ? 01 California, la ri 1 tren?ely dull Wnoda bar* ba<n raid at t>au< m -mnly , low tataa in in'tnntar lower than tke tir?i coat ' in Naw iittl, but 'bla atata of thlnca aaauat latt l< i ? 1 !?* mlrar ? <a No liara ba*n K'tting nu' an irn rrtiua i"*l'IIJ al <lnt.liut wa?hiug foralont tin e ?||| aooa begin ta reap tba prodm* ol thalr 1* I or and ttatawlll < on**>|iiently r*?i-?a and b? an I tl ri?i|>?? aa e??r, 1 he want of rain In tba mountain* j ha? !?en a ?? rl< i? J- awbar "l nf.nn lha labor* of tha mlt< l ? Still, 0' ifKittaMa atimuala of daat a ? i?My fuc baaed by our 'tankara. tbou?h ??' an m teli a* ? <i Iild I a ? >? bi . n thioan Into niikal but for tha dry B**a al tba a> *?< n A pro ?ct la bow oa !not lo ||?bt Frineiaro Tiib. i ? and ? r m r ??y * if ba unnta>iMitalr nrganitad. 1 attli a lain' 'apitU nr >Tide? the aotborltl-a ,'i?rau i ta* tb? arrlu-iae privilege far taa yaara. * hi ra Will , i totally b? iloaa Un? y.?*r lt?ia t ha pr*??ns lima. I oar tltaeta wi I ;w doul.i b? ua iatil ian'1) 11* ?! a* , Itioaa of tlit old< r cilia* of tba .Vl?aatl?. tiara Iba depattara of tba laai ataamrr. lion T Rntlar ItiBK fba n< w < 'ollai t A it tha pott, haaarrifad. ? rd 'atiratl Uftin tba dut?a* ol bla ? fllca If- w?a aarmj? fee load bj bla many paraoa I an. 4 V" >' I ? i ' 1 1 , flier Ja and aa an ??tfloar, >?lti ka yery a> <apt,?bla t?? , i'ali?< taiana 4anaralli IMimil4 a wl.ig h? rant ?k> V ?ablB|taa aa I nit a A 8f?t? a far at' c. It la a lunl k.*ay tl at. Mr Ui*g will b* tha tuaa The Mtaa?ar* tor ib.a eiiy aa I -otja'y bi?? ,i??t ( c mplal? d (b?lr lab' ra and trad* 'J? lr raturn*. Tiiay pat .!?.?! ; 1 .i i aluw o. ?>ai a tt? in th? rity at ? 1ft V."H< flJ; and In tba joualy oi , ?.??!# rf tb> a'. a llttla '-at* than I s/: a mUlloti rt aW lar- l'b? awCr* | gate at la* in alt y and oranty . ia, yvM 41, Tba Indian i^Hcull tea and dapredati >.ia. ?> lah bat a V en parpei- attd In tha up p-r -tt ?>? a "t tb a 8i?-a ?,.,<e a. and t'.a tiiii. gaaerallf . >ni adw to bo ulM, Mmk I* aatl ilpa <1 'rota ttie lab". ? rt Ibe Le? l y au t-iiit* 1 '%J>aa ac at', m (a^tiriag |aim*aaat fr'tat .t'> r?la .lava with tbe Indiana Kr?m oar mora nor.hatn ne'gbb?r?, In Orautm ** hear if no l iu* of r^Mcnltf intenat Tha territorial l.ati^ia1 ma I* atlr !? ?aeaion an I a: - li'ifat.v fi'j io?-a.b!a?" j* thai waa'a at tha p ople da ttad I'ba pi'K?l*< Irttt la ataadily iaeraaa'.cg and paraitfiant ptoaprttf } n.ait* tJM f?ag"a? U ia'. '? H I '" I Tho areat excitement in our city, tor a few day. past iSatetf :j: jar?Kssi s 'lis . >%ssfc?r? s: s cclfectiDg the sand and determining it. T.ttj"*n ?Xn h,.W?th. excitement, with. in tha com inunlty thit thi*r(i i fortun -Gold Blurt." the locality referred to, thai

...wi, have l*on B""1 out- 'om* of sailed and others are dally departing If one half "" estimates are well founded, tte treasures la th. '?blaek sand" 01 Klamath are sufficient to give each California adventurer a fortune NEWS OP TICK FORTNIOHT. [Krom th? San Franoisoo Uerald, J an. 15. j D-iring tin past two wffki but few looldent. ot -!"?? ral Importance have ocoured. The houses of K0**r"" uirut. wbioh met at San Jose on the dth Instant. ka?, as jet. doue little beyond completing the PrePil?7"r' .UPS ot their legislative career. In the menage of the Go i.rxior a somewhat lengthy. but rery^lntarejltlng document numeroui very salutary alteration. in tne present oode are recommended to th. Senate and a. sembly. which our Pa'ret Conicri/il i will, no doubt, pay due attention to. . . . The financial statistics show a more favorable state of all aire than wa. generally expeoted The toul debt of the Mate up to the l&tb Dec., was $48o 4QO 48 The amount of r. < eipts to that date was $.44 9. 4. while the txp<nditures amounted to $447 15:1. making an excess otejpenditure. of $I22,1T9 The receipts for the year ending 30th June, 1851, aro * >19 550. and It the proposed reduction! In the expense* are made, the* will amount to but $289,203. leaving a b? lance In the treasury on the TOth June next, of $i20.346, nearly halt the total debt We mj f""' fore reasonably, hope that at the end ot .1 um, 18-ji, the State debt ol California will be all but Uquldated. On the 8th inst Ooy. Burnett tendered hi. re.igna tlon cf the offiae ol exeoutlve chief, ?bloh was ac cepted by the housei, and Lnut lloy McOougal took the oath of oftlce in Ills steed, -he e? ? 00***0, ? re tires from hla poet with th. satisfaction of having been at least, an honeet man. whlok we are aorry to ? ay is by no means universally the oaaa among ?-??? j forriia officials The candidates for the Senatorshlp are numerous, but It is impossible to predict who will be the t .icci'aa'ul one. Col Fremont *41l> '? *' 'P r?" bability mat e a virtue of ?ecenity and withdraw, to repose on bis laurels. The election will net Uke piac* I n* our t)* n city, the municipal authorities have proved their conviction of the fac that " the is worthy ot his hire,- by eMSin* " the people of tan Francisco" to ' decre.' that each of th?m (the Alder men) receive $4 000 in return foe servlo.s done and '"w^have alto had a considerable excitement from the rumored dUcovarj ot immense alluvial depos It. of | acid on tiie beach of the Pacifio near the mouth of the Klamath river, the reports hitherto reeclvtd are of sut h an aggravated nature as to raise an 'n'Oluii tary smile on the realera lips, and it is extremely d.ffl cult to obta'n acy authentic information on th" aub feci Tbat\ery Urge n uantllle. of th. precious metal are to be found on ? Qold bluff can, we th nk icarne- | ly l.o doubted- but from the laot. that no landing lor nasfenirers or goods can be obtained wllhln twenty feven miles :>f the sen. of operation., '^ immediate road be in" ot the moat rugged and impassable nature, very s/:ioSus doubt, rise as to whether it will be, at pre tent an available il-cevery. , , . N i' nitrous parties have, however, started to explore this ni w field for fortune making, and a joint .took company with a good capital, are preparing to com mence operations on a large scale. Aocordlng tor_ poit. gold is found fhroujjhout tbe said on th> b???b fer nf arly twelve mile, along the cuast. auJ i the Mid 'and aviiages in valae one dollar p-r pound; the metal is f.uVd iu extremtly suiaM particle, and can only be extracted by means cf ,,uieksilver Thero^J trom the "Km bar i adero to tb.- ?? Blaff- Is .o difficult as to ma' e twenty seven miles a two days journey, unJ to seriously impede the transition ot merchandise. | In the other mining districts, the long contined fine weather hw caused very great ineonienlenee to the workers in th# ' dry dlggiu,'.s," and has affected the amount o dust received tn tliij city ana ha da de pr estlDg i.Huence on every kind ot Uade. Ban Francisco still however, oontlnue. to enlar<.-, lts wharves are busy, and lis streets crowded to a degree north? of th*? Mmpir# dUt?of th?- Pacini. DuiiDtfthw U?t month, thrr** htve bwn djfll?ultl?f bet. '? n the Indians in the southern a. , Northern mines Oar lMt a 1 vices were that a party I of several hundred Americans were in b.'_ pursuit r Indians who bad st'.len stock al-ng the Mokelumne. Calaveras ? nd 8t?nlslau? R xnltement h n been tense in regard to the murder cf a votiog man nam ?d A veiy . by Ird i a n s in Kl Dorado count,, four Indian. hV".b"mUed'".rrcthr?.ni" bM proved^ thuaU, trou. to the miners in the dry dig* lags When i it . wa? snppoe. 1 the rainy aene-.n had fairly set in. .he mtn sr?. net <>iil v anticipating: an abundan.-e f water la ?? dry dU-giug* bnt * ,i>" tn th* *tr< &,n" would prevent liver wasftlog left, as a general th ng, the lis ii ks of cur streams and furnished themselves with c imlortabU quarters In t?.? dry digginns Hut TtMe ..ccurred a general deat h ..I rain. trno. me end of the mines t > the other and the *mse<|uaae? t he* .-(.aid do was to throw up dirt to be in readiness tor the talnJ when thev fboald iall. ?ut eompara tlvel v little .old du.t has. in cn?e.4u.?a? touad lt? way from th. m- untain C.lcbes to ,<|ao Kraonlsc aad Saersni> nt> City, during the past tw.i ??'1 heme an unforlunate ?t.ignati >? 'f b'j?luesa bat tol I. wed We are happy to state however, that within the i,a?t week we have rec?he< InteUlg inc* ?! lams. from almost every sectl n ol tbe mln?? firm discoveries ere b-lng made weekly . and I al though theaverar- yield to ea. h man is ?ot e4ua W ?h?t i,i last vear it oiay tenly be accounted for in the fart tbat most of those now engage J are working : ?,ht the seine .round tbathae b?-en rfvl^usly w?. km ?e?e. rsl 'trr>?s The n?ws from 'he Klamath m n.s will b.j tonnd in another column and whilst It may be looked , on as vaeMy ?atrav.?-nt. th.r- can atlll be no doubt ot that region ol country fosse.ilog rich dlgC1"*" 1 he is ? ney cn-lnue. tight Money eon Ren<f. ir< m ?l?bt to ten r" >nteree? p>r whilst in s< me Instances we have known tbe intereH to rtrre from twelve per cent upwards to twenty TCe eutire levee around rtaer? tn-iit? ? ity. exte 04 * uli e n b.s been oomplsted Toe cost, inelulmg |ts erection engineering committaee ?. 3 will rsnge t'r< m f>IW' 1 1 0 to *170tti0. . . Hie piankin* cf the prlneipal streets in our city has ccmmented bnt the dettgh-tul w.sth^ h.s Wn sucb ,s "induce luany to regard the work a. not ?(?? t.iial and on aoonuntof tbe nonpayment of taxes 'Wft:.! ;\\^:,r^:nrd4;; ?, led with -HOW distinctly Visible from tbejitrtheie Is liltta pi< Imbillty .that '.row t lie m> I'lnt oltbe wowj next A pill, the rivers will rca<h the same height, and ?>Mtiow the bankf as they did ?'t?ea* n . A tn.ifai of enersl surprise to every ?-w ' ' iner the Mate is the pleasant weather ?ff-r '* " '* We ta.ehad bot few rales an I tbey hsr, W? hot of a short duration tempera - ? ts ol so mild aclinaeter thsi 8res are a' most enlireir d'epen'e d with Tne tbeimoin. Ur raof?? about .?? 'leg ,atlv in the mrin'BL' nndM d'g ?' ,, .0(Mj The health ol the ci'y and t lie entire ta ^ Sin'e the depatture ol the cholera "a.e b.d^ n ep ibmic and cur mortality 'eprrts wilt comp v'l.My with those ol any "L'.e'i^hl . a' er the I. nion Per th. la. t month th. death, ha -a>er yii a<l I (s|M| f )|MD tWO I l^h j. m 'i he^-err. ol the eity la ? 'be in-rea.e Btaam k. at. In m the Allantlc .id. arrl.e ?n<l ar. immedia e^y^pls^d l .oama UritV^bae. bee, .ea.Ka.- ^Vl'r'hU^tr mmA tb.t MftfoN wi'l b? |?'f f 111* C.?y. ' Tbe CV .-as .-.l hei fears ha.. .n - ting ?n me altar c. the dt^jl ^m^ ol c.I.krail t< tn whieh all f?t? '" A ha. been Alarg- a-o.nt ot proper^ ta ba. ? ?eld ehd 1. seMtn t I r U*^" qnan title a nsseto.d te Th- lot I wheni have dWd. other, left th" B-ate a. , re id ir ? v be i-clamel wlsbin a *9*'**'*' VTr-'i^T the pajRK nt ot cne hundred per r. nt o?Jb p ? Brecnjalaea ha?ah..nh^y In making " the jnuioion. w itl loubtle.s realise lortun.s Ilii It l< It l ><?ltl DlscnmUi on th. ('?mill. I'l-m tie Hm I i ???<?!< <? ? Ii<-r*M Iki t."> T! > i ftv u hh^ b*tn tnU ma ? tba r?tum rf th# Cti <ai r%Va. b/ r>-por.? *? to tbora |1< brpM < I' lb* Maunt'fi ? GalU Staff-;" ?a4 fi?fjbo?ij ! **ln-n ?n ii>iu< to *?? wim* -if lb' ft* c ot.? nrx bro'i^lit bf ^ hjr iha ? !?onlar. ?? *p*ctm? a? of ifold I* ?tlet* raail >**?? nomr uudor on rMimllM m: J. ?? f?r ao ??? ai? abl# l? it It i.?. I ini,?r lh<ii a*t il lb* oi.l.ainy noi.1 bearing |i:. T If ?f ti e ?.mth>T? Mliifl It'ftatKKba dunlin 4 that the alron ? hut all thi ?*at4ta?? t'? ? mr. ? in tha Unlit ' >tifT? bit, at tfc* rnttr *im , th? i?e' of hfl/ i ' 1 1 s t'refe raj . nrtt* l?i|g|t} T.i#f ??? on?t for It t??>-?mbly. bj ???< that tB? f?l)ip4AV mint Oa.r? ini io irt,il(r tknr tll'i-n'MlM iutl?M?.H4tM ? ti? ?l;i b?l?fo rrri-h ??'.1. a!tf? ? !U?< ouJotmi t" Mi IV) it fo r*>*? Hit. without in |i >4tt|t*tlin? tb?| Pli?htr?' IU on t.h??lat? mtfit* |.ir *' -??, nr \ t% ? , It. % nllit b# i??M to ? 1 ?TBiW tsarli i?ntlt<i ml>rkln( i i:>a>li?lj H an <?t. i j tl?o not to t?n out f>r> luMa *a ???' ? r? at ?*o?i,t. Wrtiit.-o Mat qtitt* ? '??* a rutnb^f of T???l?ar? ?':? a>t} up t?r tki htnll. \^?<l in thn jr> fn- i?l| ttata it k') T( ? I ?p? ?? -if fw IlKln'i l |f> > !l t?? 0 >11*1 '? I ? f f[ t*?" If 7? tii?y iiiii "it ttj?'*f *t?l;> ?n>ftt?l 'a- Mitttiiw <:,> 'I ?? Ifh th?- mp i ?tioii -j ' In I ? UJ T?? J f *IT) *1,1 prov*Mf d'?appTl?t<4 flbv* f*? i>? M1. t all* o* Dili; ha* oil ti.<? >l.ont ?< ??>! ai -st ? Mi'ti l?N ?l ?fi I-* n'l'i'iuo of i'?"U no ? i* ft- nil c-ti W'rf? i to lor?< M? <? " t.lanit* !?? th* 1 a? k?o?it.ri *i ?ut tbi ,i Klintc * rHW. Vn>?tl?\ pW ? lie ???'! ?i) ?? e."'ii ?. ?t tl?o ?or?ok o| (!? loll Ttr^iiv ?imI *o i?iMii* f<> ?>? r< i? 'r*? ot Ivt i t?. i to (l?? ? int ???"* ? i tfe? iv I itu nli ???' tv? im;' ?? ? : ?l luoi r I ut **?*?!? ?f ?, light Aiaiub* I'al'-o* Vha i"lil Oiiwii' 4?j i.ij'. H ??'U"nl T1" fft' *o?. ilW II to il.#>t uli t?, ??< h .? Vi? * n'.lr; >4 t inil ?*on ?Hh a ptcWv 1<Tr? t jriili' f i? J nit eiu lw ut. 'o '?1) tttlWoid, ll'ho OAjvt ?f <ltll'|l?lltlM fiftt? <b? HI 0> ii?t >T Wt ail lh? ?*n4 Vt> la*? ??an<H h?' tr lo^cIO a*y fvtMonitntry (*r >flf. | t'rum ?ha f'nitl r. .'?n I > J J* .if' i Lia h?? ? i u? ?t iOnifot <|im III f.Ml i?ni fit- 1 > t*rt?d to ?- tiJ> '-t ti ntf'a '' Oh '.Wf a.? J but ali. hfti >'i>u n iili. <m( ' iih I'ttai.a.o* olth t.lo? { ' i Jiiiiil Li t, *iwfc j* t a M'HnUllNiMl entire community Instead of thliJUMtlOB, " How ?? your health"' sod ' What I* the new* w.'ileh nil Yanketdom propound* when meeting a friend, the only inquiry now In, "What do you think of the b nek sand from Gold Blufl Frrrn the male gold *?eker?, the excitement ha* naturally spread to the female population, and we yesterday heard one little woman orbing her huaband to engage in the enterprise, and offered to furnieh the money herself to fit eut an e* pedition. by way of experiment It in dilcussei with coffee at breaktaet; estimate* of incomparable magni tude are wade at dinner, and dreaded ot at night And what ku caused 11 thie cammotion " Why. a company chartered the Chesapeake, went up t? "Gold Bluff." and brought sample* ?f "black sand,'' which appear to be exceedingly rich in glittering ore A company, consisting of Home thirty persons, was immediately formed, booka opened, and a few sbarwe only all the etoekhf idere would consent to dispose of. were put In the market and up they weut, like a mammoth balloon! ndated with gas The condescension of the shareholders in permitting a few others to pay their hundred dollars each for an the treasures which were to make them all Kothobilii* and Barlpgs- on paper-was highly commendable The (took was divided into 12fi00 sharei, of *100 each, and 1000 shares were thrown Into the market lor which the original holders expect to reali -:e ? 100 - 000 a very small cornpeneition tor ? division of th"ir prospective wealth The sand was dieplayed through out yesterday in all its richness and numberless were the Ami rican eagles that changed hands at Keud'g and Wainwright '* The entire ftore had the appear ance ot a mass meeting The result will be. ol ooure, unlets the whole thing turns out to be a stupendous humbug, as is not unlikely, the origin*! stockholders, about thirty in number, will take th? proceed* of eleven thousand share*. while those who make up the segregate of *100 000 In caab. against the fictitious capital of the others will receive a dividend upon one thousand share*. The proportion is about as a bat full ot f and for the latter to a ship load for the former. When a division is made, we would not be disposed to zive a sizable bundle of '? old exchange*" tor the proceeds which fall to the g#nt!em?u wli<> put the cash inro the pockets of the benevolent thirty citizens There may !>?? and undoubtedly is. an Immense leal of ?' black re.nd" at Gold bluff, enough to load all the ships In the world, unless the bottom of the earth should fall through lnt? China. but the rlobu?ss ot it hII. is a matter ot extreme doubt. But, as those en gated in the rneeulatirn have come to California for the purpose of making a ? pile."' th?re i s probably a# little objection to accomplishing object by dividing the spoil* of plunder at one hundred dollars eai h share, as In any oilier way. The loss then fall* lightly on each, and can fce stood without oavins in by any " Who bide for a few shares ot Gold Hluff stack ' Last call, gentlemen: only one hundred dol lars each: and If It* not all right, we'll make it ri ?bt in the spring!" tV'iom the Ban !?' rauclsco lUlance, .Ian li ] That on the line of the coast from 'ift ratios north of Trinidad, to 8 .miles south of the Klamath river, there if h very rich deposit of gold in scales, intermixed with black sand. is beyond dispute. Tbegold bearing range of the interior here strikes the o,-.ean. and r inning down to a Una of bluUs from 100 t > tM 0 rest hlgV mire or 1#8* precipitous, skirt* the coast tor n?irly ten miles These are the celebrated gold bluffs s H I father Neptune here carrlea on a gol I wa-bing operation on his own a.-enunt, precisely on the principle of the miner ? gold washing; but on a colossal seal-. As t-h waves ?bb and llow they wash out. the bluff, cairying back into the sea *11 Ue lighter sand gravel. &.c , and leaving behind on the beach the heavy blai.H sand, ecntaining the gold. k?i.4 Occasionally, afiwr a storm the Mack sand Is huriM uuder a tort oftop dressing of grey rand thrown up by tlie r?a; on removing wbleh. to a slight depth the blnek gold bearing sand it shown as b?lore. The very rlaheat portion of this depo.i' Is confined to a strip of coast nearly t wo mile* long; al' bough for about seven miles more, ihe *?nd is all fsor? or l.'*s abounding in gold We bate b?'#n shown uos *atufl>le, which we are assured ha* yielded noon analysis at the rate ol six dollars to the pound; which we pr?*um* of course, to be a very favorable sp?"im*n Th? irnti saaculae member* of the I'aeifli Mining Nicnpsnvare , confident that the poorest saud will yield from ll'ty- | tive c?nts to one dollar and twenty-five O'-nt* a pound, for all which ?etinia'e* we wish to be In no way re sponsible . although the eompafcy is giving the l.-s'. e% Hence of ft* faltli intlietu hv if* exn-odltuto* in tte ett'erprir.e- '.he purchase of the steamer Chesa peake. k.e. . ... , . That the gold e*i*t* all along the eoa?t. at b* f<w ot the blutlx and in great abuudanne, -eein" to be in disputable. Uowtogstntit in any available *hap? is an>tb?r ? Hair entirely The ordinary* (by washing, winnowinc fce.,) of separating th.. gold fro n the -and in whii h^it is found tail In this -as-. th? blaek -and he ? ing nearly or .|Olte a- h-avy as the scales of g .11 -hieh it contains We pit sume ilia' there Is wt'.Ma th* re K>urc<-f ofmodrm 4* ^b ^ioitiC tn?* I by solution or others.!"- an I -?e V?-n th*> Pr?r | tfpieker ?l this city h>? the 'eer-t and has b? I It ill , sn -ce,*ti l operation We bellev It is n .* in the egelnslve p?aee*?lon of the Pa.-tl" "lin'M l ?nn?. j W fielht r this or any oth r po-eihl o ii|< el wom' ! ing the c?.ld i* t*? *n'ng to <*t a r "d d al ni?ee 'fcnn it c ome* to is.otci>nr*e the p ilot on ? veeyhmg dep. nd* If the f old ran be ..St.iine ? a- s i -*1 % e^.r as will les ve * fair ua'ytnlrr prnfl*. fheu ih ? denmlt <t j the Gild Hluff* is iiultien*-iy ri li If ni'. i' is | wort til* S* The p-ln*. I* tn he ddsd at th>exnu*s of th??e nko make thefr al W I at i* ei.t' tel r esrtatn Is, th?? lo llvHu-l eflort will be merely thrmu away tJomosnl ?? r g*nlie<l wl'h proper >ppara!us ).i ni<y e w ?? rk i be d. p< -lt |.r< i *My In Ivl :nil* In'heB i Inre d tbitiK's e snoot !?!* b?*lde? ?n In* -spita- >e snd ravage < oust an"* even onnnas'et who g? 't ?? tb< old b- ptovldeil with a n pie ntea* ? ttr wtnt rtng e< lo fort ably Thl-l< all we know '>I b-.l ve abi?t M.e | 1 * old tlliifl*, a. J our teaj< r* must ? j?t tak< it "> , 'b*: j H 1* aitth vri rln t*n.lo?rlirlwr*? *ls-.aia rlrk Mild | $*b ?!??*>? L'*tt??r. J ?*! 10 I regrit to In 'o in ' on lha' a pers.oal rrll'rlen "m* place in tf e street tins eveiileg h-tw.enM-s'^ Il > ? ;?ok <1 the f-na-e * nd ?' tb- *...?bly Tne rencontre tc.k p!a -e up n th- sld-- alk . diree Iv n tront ??! the >itat.'Tr?B"U'er's oth <e M r Br ? ie compaay with Mr of th- ?m-miv. r'" ttru'lig I>1 b'* hntel ktom tb? capilel. Mr ' stancleg upon the ?le?* <M the Tr *,ori*' 4 V there gent iem n pse-d on iheir ?*v Th?V hsd as?^ tlinct J but a aw ardswh.n Mr Brola'lelt heard t e e | i t he t ot I* eal or ????onndr I t.pplt- 1 b ifl by Mr Mots Wr Hede.hrk tum'd rnun I a id a In-.e toward Mr Moor - The latter h-ld a revo'v ng n'*">l hi* his h..nd -nds- Mr I'rodetlek approe h-l h? Mr M) lepeafid the offensive Utuj iag* ; Mr Brvl i tlrk. lef lylng In the IMW Isrm.. aimed ???? *''? hi* flat nt Mr Hosts; the Id-.w was I Mrsl anl In a moment Mr Moo,, wss sel.-d hj Mr ful Iwln and others, oi/aimed *nd forced into th* otll;' t>f tile treasurer Mr M by sosre exrraortnna y n* rs CO I re.l Ihe piltnl. and ?iain advan'-d tffsi'J w Brvderlr^ who aassflll ??a^tlog OSHH.I- Th-'-ws. a cry ol " be * eolrg to lire." atid a rush made by 11* crowd fo-|i?t out r f the wev Mr U rode risk "owevr stoo<? still Mr Moire adtan'ed nntll h? wassi. mt ihreo pace* o let ant fyem Mr H hi* f ?'?! r< ked ard levelled full n?. the breast of 1r llnsderi-.V. Mr M.mld ** he adra'oed "1 will shn?? yo?. y"? econr.disl ' Mr II looklnv hi* *n'a??sjiat In the ay* called out. " Vcu cowsrdly es assin why d?n t you tire ' Von not lira yon cnwsru k i yosire. after h*s|taMo? a few *aron Iv was *tsi<i sei.ed and aga n ilnrnst, and Hi" parti** were ? p* t^sa* very nenenlly "sipiMMed tbatt> ?1*tr wo-ill t etmiaa'e fat.llv Hut feinnntvU U ">-r l*^. *1 be i.nlllnebirg '.rmiies, displayed by dr B o? t oecn.ion I* a snbja-H of general 1 .hV mint ,bi. nntnrtonaie reneon're o-igloatel in the jalnt ?cnrentMnnlthnfeoaU *ndA?*.mb.y tr day It wa? vevy generally stood hr the memb r* H thai body that Mr Br.-I.ri-'J -as the proaitnent ean.Hd.te rr LI. u' Ooverno*- an .nice which wa* m*d? vneant by the inaui .nation of Mr. M -Dr njall a* lo "The'rvmarh ma.le by Mr Moor. In the convener*, that be wa? ?pp~-d te the resignation , ..l good m-n seoeelall/ when Ibey *?re to be eilfleeeded la lie ? by p.rron? about whose chavaeter* he ws* --ipprsad to refer directly to Mr Brodjrl k and ro ln,ply i?.a? in th ? - f Mr M Mr H w? . person nl douhtln'. rharw ter This I. -H rem . ? . at whieh 1 lalleve Mr Brodcrlefc took <*e??e. snd to which he na le an exceedimjly severe reply In the con %Tt" i* rumored thi* ?vr?lng thai a chalteisg' ha* alrrtdy pa**ed between them S'MW-ttl:* ? / nit Antfrtf I ?? Cti'lfoiMln. | f ?'"ii the r?i ll?r Nf?? Jmi 1ft J Mr* Mum Mr ton ?n *l ti? .itouj Mn?l thr* 1 rt. cr?mltlo<) ttilrld* M?tr??nl?* by la'imi * Uri|? '|uani>?yof ?)inut?i ul i><t?#?uro * drtllf pl"<? u?? I :?r ?l?rt;otj pir n rhl? Uia*iiUM? ??t ofcurr**! ?h<ut fcalf pt+l I'lvn * ?lnrk ?i rti* R'U' in K??m ??r?it wh?r? ?h?* ?n<l h?-r hnita^il *n? hoarding ?n1 ht ?l* o do * h" ?ti ? crp#" Krom ' h? l>'t< ?-htoh mrrr iil?*n In rrH ?<?? b? n?? th? <'or>n?r'? jarjr. It *1/. ?i? ?V !Iti< very >n.h?rptiy with hi-r hr#h,.n.l, ?-*il hud fn k ?? ? ' h? i ?rx-mn< >rivi<)t( hit ih* w?* ?h> ?t to p%tf ?lth hi m . that h? b?t*d Mm. .hit if ?'?. ?t< ? rinv'* *Mn?n ?!??? tllM r??n? n ??<<?? ???/or hytln a?"v? ot 0??4. wh< m *<? *?? I?UI ?i ?'tt.?b? 1 ami who lira Vd In tV> >?m?? ?nn?c w<ti fcft; m> >1\jr ??id 'ili't fiload. . 1 Tom iuwt ti?4 W ? urjrt??ii kp*r ifii4 1 am cal b> n\(h' >niing "h- ilav Mr tlkmbl-fcnn ?li-Mi m * *U* ?t tb ? (>???? ttontr*. hatf m*w? Ml'iltf *lth r<>?? n T*|4i'ltn hi* f< Vl? iwat'or* in4 Oi l hil h?> n to '?? tt ;h<' kn>? in ??!?? \\'*nr' tnit ? birh > ? r>':ia?d ??, Th,? ?fiiirn ol tW(M4l?ll tttttli Ma ?? <> w?tn aaltrit I ? %'tond Mr? M "nil ? fad thi? j iff tint ?h? Hi I ??> Ivi.IkiMj 1" >ft h- p. Uvn lit i' -lly?r anlta'1 ih* riblttlO'tH|iMM ttil^iiitd ii * >?r? t* m( will* ; ii % nf wh!i k *hr 'fill ?t I ? ?, ? fnll Mn Itt&VIt tr a ?U *k*.r."? ??! ?n HtdHI'1 wai i tk< ut "? pftif ag? Itl i 1'iri*' hiiU'd Kitl'tH ?naitK k) bn'h 1b? ? ???< no'hln< in ,h? 1 ??><?' otf llfit i T.pli*????l bft ilkii'^HtllA/aM !??>?*?# *?? r hut thai ? It* !iy*4*U *Wi!> fv'. '?? ? JI ??il >> n-? ti*T ,n tH# m?rr?r ihiiir il ?i> h?d. 0' 'J i< m it ?!?? >??1 t"n tk> il't b of Mn *? 'j? } ev *? i ?' ?in?<'?' 'i H:it Ortr?.r H^ h?f h?J.I *i , .*u ? ?? I lilt ?t c l J l|<-' '?? I'M iT J,. Ikl ,y< -#?? I I i *>'?? I THE GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE, Tianmlllrd January 7th, 1991. OE.vrijniKN or the ^kmaTk aS5>i;mbi.v 8iac* the adjournment of tb* Legislature we bar* passed through mil y tor or a, ?omaof melancholy . aa>l rem* of pleasing character <mr cities have beoo visited by Are pestllsno*. and flood; and oar wholw State has pawed through a sever* monetary crisis, pro uueiag extensive failures, aad grsat pecuniary em barrasement We hare lost ibpd; most valuable otti sens by thst modern scourg*. the cholera, wbieb toe the first time, visited our shores during the past fall l'nder all these untoward circumstances. oar popula tion has rapidly increased our wonderfut reeo.iroea have been greatly developed, and improvement* bars everywhere marked the progress of an euergetic people. Calitornia has been admitted to bar equal station among the tree States of our great oonfaderaey , and hsr senator* and representatives are now heard In the national council* We have great reason to be thank 10 ^im 'n his wisdom and Madness mit*s the evil an>l ih* good, and scatters thorns a* well a* . w*r? along the path ot national and individual ea iitenee The application of California for admission into tha Union, gave rise to bitter and long protracted discus slons in both branches otCoo^M, Bujh t?s had a*v*r belore been witnessed in that body. The fearful -tat* of passionate exclteinen' that followed these crimina tion* and recriminatiou. at one time seriously threat ened a dissolution of tb* lolon. and called firth the patriotic exsrtions of the great sUlesuen ot alt parties. The people of California, in formiug their constitu tor In tb* Mmpliclty and sincerity of tbslr hsarta had suppoecd that they had adopted a most unobjec tionable and effectual mode to allay excitement is re erence to the i|ueetlon of slaverv. They had acted u|iou the long established and well known principle ot the Booth, that slavery was simply a domestis instita 1 Ion, with whioh the general government had nothing to do, and which must be either prohibited or permit ted hy each State for herself. In th* exercise ot their right to form a constitution tor th*m**li es. not repug nant to the constitution of the United giatea, they bud prohibited slavery within the limits of th* State; not tiuppos'.ng that they should th?r?by giv* offsoo* to any portion ot their fellow eltlaans ot other Ittatea. I'erhas*. in th* tails J history of all mankiad. th*r* has never occurred au instance of *nch rapid aad en terptlsiDg ptegrea* in all that consti'u'es true inde pendence ard grtatn***. a* that made by the Ameri can people. under the bUiaings **sur*d by that great charter thst tuik?? u* one nation. From distant, da presstd and dependent colonies, we hav* risen in th* hliort spac* of three quarters of a century to th* front rank among nations We bare now a secare foothold upon the abores of the PaoiBe; aad a new ocean aad a more extended and brilliant career lie open before us. if we shall only have the wisdom and energy la improve the advantages of our position. To be ha Tasked, und*r Kuch circumstanoes, with civil diaeart at home. <? mod uulortuuate indeed. Although oar prevent state ot national greatness and Wliclty might porHibly have been attain' J without the Union, still it becomes a wire and prudent people to let more tba* well Jone alone, and this they have don*, and will continue to do The events through whioh our oountry has rusatly passed, have again proven the virtus and intelligence of the American people and conclusively shown their ardeut and unfalteting attachment to the 1 nioa, aad to liberty. It our people, born in republican A a*rio? ? well act 'irtomrd to self government, and unthaokla* by * i 1 and long established monarohicil Institutions and customs, interwoven with all the frames of society should } rt uudi r the most favorable ciroums* anoe*. be unable to pre, *?rve the Union and perpetuate our frte inttitutioa*. th?o It woul.l Miord a melancholy but conclusive pr< of that republican system* ol govern ment are. in I belr very nst ure. imprac' kseole iu 1 traa rltrry; and a* 11 the friend* of human bappiunsaand fnedom could but Indulge hut one regr-t ? thtt our fa thers wanted their blood and treasure for a purpose so delusive anil that there exists a solitary reoord in tha soild to M'ow how much they were mistaken. The porteatlou* itate of thin.;* that evi*'*d sic mouth.' ago It Is hoped has passed avay forever; aad cur fellow <'ii wen* ot every si otion of our country oaoa more united in th* bond* of fraternal kindosss ara r? mly am 10 la insrch hmrt in the pat i ol :io;>r iv? msnt pi ogn ss and great nee* Call'ornla ?i'l be r -ady tu do hrr i ait Hh* will readily forget the op,) i-iti>a made to her * mission and her people will not rctnam ber the a*i>ersions ra?t upon th-ir mtiv s s 1 1 r'urae ter; lint she will ever be forem**t In all' eifor?* to ** ? i re piompt i <| mil and exant justice to each aid erery e<ctionot our country. f*he will know no North, no .-ouih no tVe.t but only our whole oountry; s nd if she ha* be* u the iuaoc* nt hot n'artm i^oaiM ot so ex, itenieut deeply to be dapior-ti slie *i I hsaita K lib asks amend* to ihs tinioo by her d-?v tti n ' > it, bj her lor* of lustier and by the ?piri ot '.i i-il' ?tlo*i aii.l hindrn*seiis will ver exhlbt>|towsrd?a)'. h r lUM rfsti* Kiom h?r Jlstsnt hit comm*uiin " ptMlloa *et eistr<| as >he Is tru<n all 1 veal esuse* of not- teat, th' will he stil an 1 al way* ? *llinv to ? x> rt i ??? >' aad -slatsi v caneervaliv* intluen"* la the Is^islatie* n mn el's at the co'inlrv Mi oe ?he artjTjrt. ni? nt of ih? l.s;isl'nrs tea- a tad calls ha-e b.'S nisde upon tne Kisa ni lor th? Aid ot i lie militia to le-i't aad pun'sh thi itttaki ot th* lcdtaiiS ii po ti ?at frontier Wl h a w?H m > i itUnoua fi onti? t. ot m ire the u ? l|jb' hu idra I ?nit" ? in extant, i. Iliriirif i be nicst i scc-?' ill* rsir-s < o <o lulua foe. -o ? i II a ousttmed lo thine nt'i lotsin f*? HM****, Califoi iiia Is fa cnlia-lv exp' s- il t.i depredation ? Irons ibis quart* r 1'tie isiii>m 'mall triti'O up*i the con fines , f < all orma ne'e U'> poll irtl ergaaiisttau sad il > ' egi Ur tovt rt m nt aim>n< tlievi T'is i.ili tbslr vh?fs hav* ov* llo m ati? < f >? n that p-rs? tat pot u'silt; (ainc J hr supeil^r proa*** ia *w, or *|i urmlac-uuctl There is, th*n f.?-? ao r*a?>n tv'no po> e that t h* re ha* be? n any r?Mil?r r well uadi ^ sti od mmhjnailon among them to m?^e w*r uooa the white*. TSev ar? ail howerer sf< tl by th* same can?e? ot euni tv and the result hss ? ? -*. rlul a aloiost *11 prim* nana onr widely *t'*s H ail at* posed tiontier. h ?tiliiiea raor* or l-a? -ra1 1 1S1 ? ti sv* 0 cur. ed stint r?*|s and uiasy valua'iia lis-* hs*a been lost Amon* t!i* in ire imm- lie'* ? ?'i*** "ii .'1 ?? < >-a*i p'ts'fdthl* *tit* <>t thin* may b- m?u'lt>"?'l ths a sVet ot lit* /?neral usii-fsm-st te m?M tfeMins ?i'h tt?m tor their lanl* We have ? H>nli so--a4 1 iirf el?e* r??r to* eonatry in every dire -Hon sa l ap propriated ?hste*.-r portioa of it we p|e?<e.i to our t*lve*, withou. il>eir con*, ut aad withmtt. .- -tens*, t on Alt hoi i(h these small and srsliered trihss ha ra sniiBglhem no n lei ;n ? mm nt t hey nava *>ias idea* Of eauleijpe a* s ?epae*te ard la icperiient people. Hid sesne '? pc pt|<?n of their ri^ht to th* cimntiy sequtie I by 1?n^ eoiit*rrapte t an I ? volu stv* pos'^s.ilno They bav* lint A aly *?*? t.h?it 1 >ua I rs t* leu f om them, hut th* s **e their ranks rniildly tMnnH>g itom the it'i's ot uur dltetse* fhsy !?*linetl?ely . nn.ilir then**|?es a doom- I rac?, aod t V Idea lead* t* ? despair awl d?*;i?ir pi* tittlniia lisa prosii ng tl:? u*ual sal c*"*se.iry supply of ptMsision* Tins prodaoes *isrvs4ion srhi -h t mwi tu' en* law ttai if grati'i-* fljn aad 'Us astwrad r*sult is that these peopl* IsMl the llret *t.-i?f an<mat lh*y 8ad. I hi* i> a<le lo w ar h>twseathei* and the ahltts sud war ereates a hatrd ?ir*iast the whlta 3i*R that never cease* to * Jet ?a the Iismh rhl* S' ate of thiff th 'ugh pea lai -I a' ** earllac pert?xl h? th* e voting cause* menh i?? I sialil srtii h%re followed In di*e rnsrs* ol tune Usf Atn-ritiaa e tpen. are b?? mnti't rated. ia tact tba the taa re<-f* can *t llvs In tb* ???? vielaity iu p?s*e Tb? lof? <?f 'on- ?? w.l u tb? h? ? ># ll PrniBM (? III an- H<1 o?r lit tll-(t *r? MtU< (?h'lcn ' 'Hum ti^ th? lii lni r?r^? j *4 1 1 ry ir* tunni -?ll prior no 1 >wv!' tf1b?? of ra-n %? ? hiiidi Iftitiiln t?lh? on* mi| in pr>rur? o iuf f ly of tt,??tt?- Wh?n brfMiu 'I i? <??*??*-? with % olrillrfd *o*o "I ??? th-y road-lj l??ro ho n*? of i hrlr ln< p4**ir ntn ?n I an ti" f*?' ir?? br>* i b ?/ do not ?a f?odl' J lra'n thr *rt of m t'lom TO l-?m th? aw of if* <-owifb' to ml r.iai rMlrn t which ir? miBllfllf 'iifi'lcrli till old I* feat tho ?*rh of * imf: l'H? t" *<? .Iilr* ? '.DO* ?<lx? fib* ?rl? ml ? I *11. o? U tho ?r >rk i f K-arrotlr ?? Ltko'h |? >?:? ol ?>l ih >lf |?opi!l*l?d MIC f-rMlooono'il"' ?'io a ? oa ?tl. <1 m ?>ippljr th? *trop|i??t ?aat? ?! mturo 1fm ihm *1 or tonnn* |iri"lMtt?tl tl tho north th-f or < t-ora ha bit o ti il prr i?dn*. ?trr?dlr (|jr ?n;i. Inimautl I*. tmr Whllo t Ji' whitu man a't?r'iro bat ll'tlo >llli? to llllil orttnlo* mill <-r.|>f*<|n*tltlf ftptffa thnm tho mj?Mrt|w4t ho throwo to 'h* ?*nf 1 1 th? illlM that ?Mrh i i r?-??Bif ?! hj him on ? treat Ifti^MlW ? tvd o trrit pilf and a* h? (??no ft wak* tho >?rt ?r4-f ? ud think* imi*t har? it ho :m.l? beft t!i? nut rud; ond c-ortoia mf>4? t" nbtaia it dn??*a? In trl *1 ?a hot 'tail* to attempt* of *r?oi^r iapirttnoo Tba ? hlto maa. tr ?h utiar to 'n?a?y oa<l who Uboro bard kil ill* W> iirfUf th? < -oothirM <>f lit.- run it *lt up oil i, (hi to wolob lit* pr.*M rtj oo t ai'of b- ?< r? tilwil a t?i* llm*? bo l>oooaioo 4?p?*r*t? to I r??' iroo upon a our of Mwnno itl*a fht? l? to* t^ntta for ting of mi p?oo>* ?l i> h?.r? llred ap >n ? U * h ilio ftnetlur Tli* t vii h?m ?r ? hopt ?ooi. dor hr ? i mi >o# nuMH tod tiovn ?{ no t'?? Ot lolrrloc* or g'tln'.tjr lo ti tt . * ? f!i*m, ikrf m??t ? r?r frvun ?' fV ioit> Thai o oo; a >i>r ?in?ti hi olU ''??in?? ti '?? h. t? ??o tb?- rar*o uat I t h? I inli*4,r?--o.h. ohtlart Bdl h?np?rtfil VliUa mnan kj l?l fAto Uj'< r*J-olt bn' ?? b pontiii fO|Mithllh 1 toht>* loatiay c tb? ro ?? la H-jion4 ih? po?? t ot o*. mm to % "ft Mtuoiii ??t"aiif'. .i.? i* . oouiiiat np?Ml nri|. tton-il >o l harra* ?i< Ur'gnltr ?,t>? tjfc. in JK ?p? tn a our h " <*r< I ??? olooi* tUo fimlfiraat . oatr * InHif lo Mf it a to* Viibouah i- ?. ,n n in'^i on I a?f iiUo'1 iu tkotmil t hoy ???,?? i ?alaf ? ??j.l t?fii tb? *4*ni'>rffi nftMr nwUnia oil tb?p, r out* *|U**at 1 1 r??oit %n t'i?t pi'.|? or} ?nifaro m* i .iMirrrfli* ' ?> ?? ???4 '"nut'.# thoai Jlif|r-?J,iT brfor^ %n . oe?itlar*h>a into. iiUo4mIU r ,*>#? th>w nmlr-'i * m h-^ir hounti ta lh? rami' ti1, ? h?r* U ml* r inta nur< . ? A* tlsn? , h?m liar rtioo '.Of y oau .v?.|u, o>>o'*a' tb* ? lio ??il||?t *f?n i. iitdrr pniala. r*? ,? I, m>. tar itv all \*n u?* at m .n*r? fitinll fron p ?(,,?? ,. . > t'?i|ifii Iltr JltiaclfiilPlrliN iu!' fi, ,(<M j ??*. IS* ri iiati y In ohfob b?y *? o It tf.?M . j \f biiir?? >h?t ;h'T will ?iru*a t?r m t? .:ai.Jo'o.i h?a ba* ^on.taliv hrra <uppnw4i f#i ait in 'b* ?-lid ?"? ?i'a'. '.our wan tor maa ? *, >r lanMilifl ?ilh iirni Cin?.d?tioj( lh? ?n uH.i- ?-,4rr(% . ^p? i?i y n? To?tor "t tb? ? '? <k ?? ?? 'ltd) i t* f'V oinM alo*i4 on- ? hi .<? lf?all?T. I h? I i|?t?rm"i*l ia ? i f o*a jiiod to *fl lb i ? of 01*11 noiiH liothood ??> pr >*?ct Ifr?*kpi?o0 HlMnlh-r **o-i. I *?? t? uj ?-? ?n?l thai o r??ui?r mri^ vonid a?l tiod f?>l?>??kl la tho 0? I.I It *?? t??'?ooo? !o|t hon I l??t? "I iron lb* ??? ? i bar* i??i |.i?i {H|^( '|io?P?t |> f rot W*?*. U lift: 5V?

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