Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6096. PRICE TWO CENTO. DOUBLE SHEET. NEWS BY TELEORiPH, VHIRTT-riRflr CONORBR8. SECOND SESSION* ItutUi BY MORSE'S MAGNETIC TEIJtORAPH. OFFICE I'OHNEB ,Or UiVM IAD HANOtEH STREETS . Washington, February 29, 18(1. rETtTIONS, RCSOLfTIONS, AND REPORTS. <Mr Underwood presented a petition from Allegheny l-'ennsj ivanla, tor a modification of the tariff, Mil for ?the Imposition of a tax of one hundred dollars on each emigrant as a protection to American labor. Mr. DicEiNson presented a pe titionjroui the author! tlM of Brooklyn, in favor of a line of steamers to Africa. He was of opinion that the condition of the free blacks could not be ameliorated while th?y remained in this country, and recommended the p?tition to the favora ble coaaideratlon of tha Senate. Mr. Seward presented a petition from Clintonvllle, Hamilton count/ , N. Y? aid of seventy- five men and heventy-five women, of Jay, New York, for tha uncon d it local repeal of the fugitive slave law. On motion :he petition was laid on tke table. Mr. Cooper presented petitions of a lika oharacter, which war* also tabled A great number of other petitions were also pre sented. Mr Ooopkr presented resolutions ot the Legislature of Pennsylvania, in favor of a Hue of steamers from Norfolk to Antwerp, and from Ssn Francisco to Shang hai. Cblua. Sundry reports upon private claims, &o., wera pre eented; after which, the bill granting LAND TO MISSOURI FOH LAILKOAD PURPOSES Was taken up. [It appropriates alternate sections of the publlo land to aid in the construction of a rail road from St. Louis to the western limits of tha State ] She bill was ordered to be engrossed. THE DKFICIKHCV BILL, As returned from the lleuse with amendments to the Senate's amendments, was taken up. anl the 'intendments (which relate to Cherokee claims). wera conourred in. CREDITS ON IMPORTATIONS Of IRON. Mr. Tt anrv called up the bill allowing a credit of Jour year* for duties on railioti iron imported by the Tennessee and Georgia Kail road Company ; but. after ?a long debate, the bill w?n again laid upon the tabie? 3 lid the Senate took up the bill relating to rOaTACKti and nir mail ?khiice Mr. Sot le moved to add ta the eighth section ot lilr. Busk's bill, (which authorises the Postmaster Oeneral to contract and make arrangements for transporting mails through any foreign country by euch transient or other vessels a- may be running between the United Status and foreign parti,) that any such contract shall be for four years, and by the shortest and most economical routes ? the con tract to be modified or abrogated at the discretion of the Postmaster General, and piope.tais tor such con tract to be advertised ninety days. After debate, Mr. Sonle's motion was adopted. Mr Sav<ARi) moved to am?nd Mr. Rusk's substi tute for the Houoo bill, bjr adding thereto section seven of House bill, authorising the establishment of poet routes In cities for conveying letters to tha post otfioes, by establishing convenient places ol depo sit, fee. Mr. Ruse said the power already e '*tel, anl the amendment was rejeoted. Mr. Milli.b meved to amend by making the rate of postage on all letters not over half an ounce, three oenta,'' whether prep-ild or not. Mr Dr.i L made a speech against any chaige in the existing law. The amendment was rejected, only ten voting in favor of it. Mr. Bradburt moved an amendment, abolishing the "ranking privilege after December next. It this were done, the malls would be relieved of cumbersome, unprofitable matter, and book publications by Con gees would be checked. Mr Ji ffcxson Davis tki.:gli; the amendment pro posed even handed juftlce. Nr. Risk would support such a measure, if properly ?teparad The amendm-nt only affected members of Congress Mr. J i kfeRsOn Davis thought if the members of Con Sreee tovk the beam out ot their own eyee. the moat in the eyes of others would ??on be 4ir covered Mr Dattoi said that ai tt.i anendment did not operate tin December, he could speak as a disinterest ed witness lie thought the fiauklag privilege was a benefit to the people. Mr. Do?ns opposed the am-ndment Mr. supported it Mr Bauulr moved to adjourn, but the motion was voet. Mr. Pi i act ocpoeed the amendment. Mr Oaas t aid the /ranking was a privilege of the people, and not of the representatives. Mr H ale supported the ameudment. It petitions were charged letter postage, perbnps that would >|uiet the agitation of slavery and carry out the compromise. Me was in favor of abolition, even it nothing was abo . ished except th? franking privilege The amendment was lost? Yeas, 13, nays, 34. The Senate then adjourned. Hook* of U?priNnl?tlrM. BY BAI.n'S BI.ICTKO-CMKM1CAZ. [K.'.KOK A I H . Wi?Mi<iiTOv, Feb 90,1861. olr Btimon, (dem ) of Tenn?*ae<' from the Commit tee on I^'aral Affair*, reported a bill to increase the .'fflciency of the navy. Referred. Tb? House reeumed the consideration o( the bill re ported yesterday ft(a the Naval Committee for mil! eteamer* from Philadelphia *d1 Nerfolk to Antwerp, .ind frem California to China- the que*tlon being on the motion to refer to tba CcmmiUee of the Whole on the State of the Union. lit. Boeota. (dew ) of Virginia, favored the bill. oUimlng that tbin ?m the (.roper plan of an efficient aavy? a nary to be u-e 1 when wanted for war, and in peaoa for the uselal purpo?a of carrying the mall*, and costing the government nothing The proportion now before the Ilouae wan tba cheapen erer submittal to Jie American Congre**, and be claimed that ibe rigbt to eatabllrh thoie linea, wu under the nary power in the constitution Mr. Ui' una, (dem ' rf Ohio, sppo*ed tba bill a? un ronetitational. and naid that, an In the ca?? of the River and Harbor bill, a combination wa? formed having regaid to the ? leoticn of lr??i<i-nt through the *aea*ure lie protr'ted agaiutt It* being urged at this late period of the pea* ton Mr PrA>ron withdrew hi.* motion to refer, and moved tbat the bill be put on It* p<i?*aga. Mr Mini* moved to refer It t > the Commit'** of the Whole on the State ot tbe Liu on . and thin wa* l graad to -yea*, lo# ; nay*. 31. r I 1 MO". A ill Mil IT ? ? > AiaDBMt BILLS Bills for the aupport of the Weft i'olnt Military / oadrmy, aud far tbe payia?t>t of revolutionary and ? ;h*r pention*. war* pa**-- J. iNi ritMCM 01 ? *nm-i??nriM, Mr Bui v, (dem ) ot \a made an ?arn?*t appeal *0 gentleman to remain here and not fall lato the i condition of yeeterlaj. wh>o they were oob palled to lie* aad adjourn tor want rf a .|u&rura It the- will ?ot *tay and keep up a qii' ran. It wl.l be uttirly j ? poMibla to get through ?uh the bu?laea* ot Uon ? rcaa, and he ^a*e notice .hat eveiy time the II >u>* ' i hall hereafter be found wlthou'. a quotum he would , have the roll oalied, to that if Congre?* adjouru with | out passing tbe appropriate n bill* aud an eitra ?*? ?|oD ?li all i>- neeeaiary . the country may ko->w wboi* lanlt it I* by *eelng the n?m<* of the absentee* thk iwniaw DaraavMawt? a*?v m?ion The Hnu?e went agala Into Committee of the Whole and ta<ih up the bill making appropriation* for the aupport ot the Indian Department, which wa? aiu-nd *d, and the committee then ro?e wk?o the Mils for the aupport ot tbe Indian bepa>tmeat and ; <r the *>ij m?nt of Navy Pebtioni war* p,i?**J [ProvlMon 1* made (or a reorganisation of the Indian Depart ment,^ all It* ramification* totake place on tbe 'ir*t of July ne*t 1 Mr Thomson, (dem > af Ml*-!?*lppl -all taat dur ing the prevlou* four hour* tbey bad *p*at eight mil 'Ion* of dollar*; and on hi* union the Llouee ad journal. _ Politics In fceva Hampshire. DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION? Af.vooii KSPUDIATID. Con-ant., S U . Fab ?), 1M1. Tbe Demooratlc State CcnT?nti<n. held hera to lay have repudiated tbe R.v J jhn Atwnod. the free eoller. who wa* formerly nt mlmted ?? the demoeratle -aadidate lor Ooverncr, and *ubititut?d tUa nam* of the Hon. Parallel Dlnnaore, the prevent In^am beat of th* gubernatorial chair Tbe vote ?tood - Pot Maemore. 302, Atwocd. 8 It I* believed will be no choice by the people The PeiiiiaylTMiila l.r^uiatuir Hiiuhjidh Fab. 'JO. 1141 | Tba Ranata, to day. bara hai undar dlMUMlon tha jiU liiDttluK the tltn* within wt ioh a neeonJ aetiOD of . m ? t b? brought after final judgiaant In the jetton at ej-ctmeat Tli- bill propone* the perM of {in ;nn * The Bou?? h a been engaged upon petition!. Tlw lilbd tair In PhllatelphU, Fmi.*otLrMt*, r?b. 30, 1851. In tha Unpartant Ub?l #*?? whlnb baa been oa triaj a tba I>, at riot Court In thl* city tba jar/. thi* after i o?i r?i4?fti a rerdict for tht plaintiff to th? amount . f fl?e bunl*ed dollara. Th? ?uit waa brought by A. I pott, tb? publlatotr of Smii't H'rrklp Pup'T. agafaat ? aeon K. Fetafaoa, of the Matur-Jay Ki-mint PaW, end > ihrra, for ?oa?plrtng to pabtUb a ilbal ag?lnat ieott i nd bin journal. The eaaa ha* etaited groat latereat ? are Tfce Jatofi ?al4. W it had been poaetble for Siott c ha?e fb' an aptnlal daaag*. tba verdict would b*?a ?a? lor flow M W* t? NEW TORE LiaillATVIll, BY MOKSS'S MAdNCTIC TELEOEATH. AlBANT, Ftb. 30,1861. petitions. From Alleghany Madison. and other counties, for the protection of fugitive slaves; lor the adoption o f nil constitutional measure* to prevent the reeapture of fugitive slaves; of the Chamber of Commerce of Now York against any change in the pilotage law. BILL INTRODUCED For the moro effectual prevention of the tale of lot tery ticket*. SARATOGA AND SACEETT's HaIIIK RAILROAD. A debate took plaoe on the queetion whether the de cision made by the Lieutenant Governor is oorreot, in deciding that the bin ceding State lands to Saratoga and Sackett's Harbor Railroad, required a vote of two thirds of the Senators, ai appropriating publio pro perty to pr Watte purposes. After a long debate, the question/ "Shall the de cision ot the chair be sustained ?" was put. and de cided in the negative? the vote being a ' tie." AMsmbly. Albany, Feb. 20, 1861. PETITIONS rBESENTED. For the abolition of the death penalty and substitu tion of imprisonment for life, with hard labor; three for the amendment of the general assessment law; for the amendment of the divoroe law; two against the re peal of the tree school law; against the repeal of the pilot law; two to make it a penal offence to remove fugitive slaves from this State; in favor ot par redemp tion; to etay the collection of rente in certain cases. TlilC VAT ICS COl'NTV CONTESTED ELECTION Involving the representation of that county in the Aesembly, was the subject of discussion during the remainder of the day. Tne Mouse adjourned without taking the question. Interesting Items from Washington. PROBABLE FAILURE OF THE NEW POST AO K BILL ? THE ABOUTKM OI'TRAOE IN liOSTON ? FESTIVITIES OI THE SEASOH, ETC. Washington, Feb. 30, 1861. Advices received thie morning from Boston, make the administration feel somewhat easier in regard to the recent outrageous resistance to the law and the United States authorities, committed by the abolition jsts and negroes of that city The President ie await ing the receipt of further information before report ing to the Beaate in answer to the resolution of that body. The Cheap Pottage bill, It is feared, from the nn me re up amendments proposed in the Senate. oannot pass at this session. Mr. Clay opposes the passage of the bill in its present shape. It is doubtful if anything in the way of legislation b* accomplished at this session, exaept the making of ususl appropriations for the support of the govern ment. Postmaster General Hall has addressed a letter to the British government, expressing appree latina of their liberality in bringing ove r the Atlantic's mails, and thit under similar oircumatanoes he should teel it not only a duty, but it would afford peculiar satis faction. to purHue a like liberal course towards that country. Grafton Baker. K.?q.. wa* yesterday oonflrmed. by the Senate, as Chief J ustioe of the territory ot New Mexico. Senator Foote leaves to day for New York, to nnite in the celebration of Washington's birthday on the 23d. Smith &. Perkins, of Alexandria, have contracted with the Ohio Central Rwilroad Company for the con struction of a larpe number of locomotives. We have never had a gayer season in our eity. Din ner parties, hope, fancy and other balls are of nightly occurrence, and added to this are two theatres an! numerous other amusements. Great preparations are making tor the ball to be given on the evening of the 34th. Tke Hon. Joeeph K. Chandler delivered a leoture last night b-for? a large audience, on the eubject of ? Education ' The piooeeds of the leoture were giv en to the Female Orphan Asylum The Contest for V. S. Senator In New Jeraejr Trenton , Feb. 20, 1861. Tba joint meeting of the Legislature again went Into an election for United States Senator to-day. and bal lotted seven timee without sueeeee. Party vote* were neceeeary to a choice oa each ballot; and the votes stood ? For Stockton 31 *' Dayton 34 " Scattering 0 The joint meeting a<ljourned over till to morro w morning. From N'cw Orleans? Jenny Llnd, &c. Baltimore, Feb 20, 1861 The mails from New Orleans to the 13th have come to hand. The papers are barren of news. Jenny Llnd and Father Mathew have had a long and pieasitg interview. Strangers ar> thronging to the city In great numbers to h*ar the Swedish songstress. Nomination for Coiigiess. New I1a? en, Conn . Feb 30 1861 The Whig Convention of the Second Congressional district of this State have nominated J. F. Baboock, editor of the New llaven Palladium. as their candidate for Congress. The Pennsylvania Uallroad. Philadelphia, Feb 20, 1861. At s meeting of the City Council, held this evening, an ordinance was ptssed author. tiag a subscription for cu.COo shares (am?untlng to $1 ito.uoo ) of the aapltal stock of the Peni-f jlvanla Railroad Fir? at Philadelphia. PlIILAI'KI I'AIA Feb. 30, 1161. The large four story building on Second street, nsar the corner of Catherine, belonging to tke Southwark Library, Ir as partially d?stroy-d by fire this morning at five o'clock Loss $2, COO, and fully Insured. Fire at Honewille, Lewis Co., IV. Y. ' Utica Feb 20. 1461 The grist and paw mills and the saah faotory he., Lelonging to Mr Goodrich were consumed by Ore on Monday nigtit. Lees f>6 600, en which there Is an in surance of f 3,600 Marine IMMtatrra. HErORTEn VUTI OF TIIK BRIO PBTN A X ? SCHOONtR ? a. Morris walk ashork Chiilutoi, P#b 30, 1841. Th? aohooner > Morrii Wain Captain Crowoll. from Catthagana. Cantrai America bouad to New Tork, wl'h an aaaort?d oargo want aahnra y??tarday at four o'rlock P M . naar the harbor'a month an4l boob aftar ?proBg a laak. liar poaition It a dan*arou? on*. Balkm 20, 1851 Tha hark Kmily Will?r arrived b?ra to d?r. from '/anilbar. A r?p<>rt had raaebad Bt llalana, January 14tk. that tbr brig Putnam Captain Daalal. of Prnrl danoa. from <'aj>a Towa. Cap* of flood Hnpa tor Mo t tBlliju* and Znoiibar wax iMt. No furtbar par tirulai* hare baan raoatrod. Anotkrr Fat*l Ntrawboat Kiploaton Btto* Rot o*, I.a , fob 17 1R.>1 Tba ataam-'r Rrtda. Captain A m* l*n from N aw Or l?ana aspiodad bar hollar* an Had Kiaar ytatarday killing two p*r?on?, and woanding S?a otbara Tile Okio l(iT?r Rt Pittsburgh. PiTiaavMN. Kabruary 1R51 Tbara ara twalra f-?t of wat?r in tba Okto rltar at tbl* point Tba opanlng of tba canal will taka plaoa en tna 34th inat The RUaanahlp Promttbrni. N? w <)a i ? ?*a. Pab 30 H it. Tha itaaniftblp Promatbam loft bara to da; for Now Talk. Meteorological ObiiiTaliwn, Pab. 90. R1 MIM'l Ll>t, '?> WAI.L ft I'RRKT Pittam ai.H Tha waat h?r ia rainy . wird 8 K Hti.tiMoai -At A P M baty a'mnaph-ra, wind B. Vi , tbariB<>R>atar. to At A P M elaar. tharmomatar, 50. VWUinirHii AtAP M, elaar, tbemoaMtar. H. baromatar ;o 31. B' rrai.O, P P M -It haa tiaan rait in* all day, with tba wind from ?ha aou'h: thrrntrtnofar at 4'2 Ko< H>-tm f? p M. -A drttallng rain, an J aary un plaaaaat Utm- ? and Brati 1 *? - Raining tar y bard, with proa pant* ol Ita rontiauaiioa Ti <>t.- Cloady and raiay, bat no wind, tbonaomator Rt M. At n?i?r.- No w nd and raiay; th?rn?"iaater 41. ''?T<an l. - Mild and raining, tha rlaat oppoaite tbia plana la alaar rt taa , Rntnoi t ? Warm, and ralalBg hard, tharmomatar 42: tba rl?ot npantng rv Mop.fF. linr? opprct, 16 WAf.t. ST., trp <?ta ir?. Uth ? "A M. va?*th*r vary nnpl?a?an* . h?? rained i Flace midnight, wind N K , th*rm?matar 8); ba ro matar 30 MM). Ai him. RAM -W?ath?r oloudj and beginning to tain, wind aoutb. thermometer 41; m*r?ary in bar* Biator A". barometer 30 450 8PM Cloudy and rainy *11 day; wind aouth; tbarmomatar 43, baroma taT M 3? Tan*. R A M -Cloudy and r?l?jr. th?rm m?tar 85, Wia?l a^uth R PM Weather dlaagreeabta and w?t ' ail day, ralalag Mlghtiy, wlad anutheaat; thermo , Biatar 40. BuaiianTO-" IA H - Waa'bar cloudy, wind atroag frrm ?' u h, tharm?Biata? 33 WanaHaLi RAM - Cloudy, and thraataa* rata, ' riaCfoutb, tb?rR?o?ator 31 Intelligence IVom Nicaragua. THE T11II CONSTRUCTION OF THE CLAYTON AND BUL. WER TREATY? TUK AMERICAN DOCTRINE. We have received advices, per steamer Crescent City, from San Juan de Nicaragua, up to the 4th inst. No change has taken place at that port, since the dates brought by the Georgia. The Eng lish auth< rities have completed the new custom house and other buildings, which have been in progress for the last six months. American citL zens are atill disarmed, upon landing there? an in dignity to which they are subjected at no other port on the continent. This state of things has produced much excite ment in the interior, where it was at first believed the Clayton and Bulwer treaty would have the immediate effect of procuring the evacuation o* San Juan and the Mosquito Shore by the English, and their restoration to Nicaragua. Rut as the English agents have denied that such was the in tent of the treaty, the government of Nicaragua has published a circular to the other States of the new confederation, in which it quotes the language of Mr. Clayton on the subject, in a despatch addressed to Mr. Sq'iier, and by him communi cated, with a copy of the treaty, to the government in question. This dispatch is of the utmost im portance, as showing the real intent of the treaty, and bb an effectual and emphatic disproval of the mendacious declaration pf Mr Hulwer, that this treaty has no ?eference, and was intended to have none to the Mopquito shore. We can assure this gentleman and his government, that Mr. Clayton's undemanding of it, is that of the American peo ple, and this country will sustain that construction to its fullest extent. This is a subject which can not-he hushed up ; it is one which has a deep hold on the popular mind, ami the public man who shall take high American ground upon it, and avow himself boldly in favor of the fullest vindication of the principle which it involves, will be the next President of this republic. It is a question which will override all minor ones of tariffs and land dis tribution. And unless the treaty is complied with, in its full extent and spirit, it will, in the language of Mr. Clayton, " inevitably produce a rupture be tween the United States and Great Britain." The extracts from the dispatch, in the circular before us, are as follows Dh'artmfnt Of State, > Washington, May 7, 1850 J * * * * It is proper that I should now Inform Jon that r havs negotiated a treaty with Sir Henry ulwer object of which is to secure the protection ot the lsh governmeat to the Nioar&guan oanal, and to initiate Central America troa the dominion of any foreign power. Shonld the treaty be ratifled, and I have at present no mason to doubt upon that sub ject. it will. I trust, secure the passage across the Isth mus. and any and every other praotloable passage, whether by oanal or railway, at Tehuantepec, Panama, or elsewhere. I hope and believe that this treaty will preve equally honorable both to Great Britain and the United States, the more especially as it securaa the weak sister re publics ot Central America from foreign aggression. All other nations that shall navigate the oanal will have to become guarantors of the neutrality of Cen tral America and the Mosquito coast The agreement is, '? not to erect or maintain any fortifications com manding the canal, or in the vicinity thereof, nor to occupy fortify, eolonixe. or assume, or exercise any dominion whatever over any part of Nioaragua. Costa Rica, the Mofquito coast, or Central America; nor to make use of any protection, or allianoe, for any of tbesa purposes " Great Britain having thus far made an agreement with lis for the gr?at and philanthropic purpose of opening the ?hlp communication through the isthmus, it will now be most desirable. Immediately after the ratification of ths treaty, en both rides, that you should cultivate the most triendly relations with the British agents in that country, who will hereafter have to devote their energies and co operation with ours, to the accomplishment of the great work designed by the treaty Kindness and conciliation are most earnnstly reoommended by me to you I trust that means will , speedily be adopted by Grsat Britain. to extinguish the Indian title with the help of th? Nicaragua n<i or the company, within wbat we consider to be the limits of Nicaragua. We have never acknowledged, and never can acknowledge, the existence of any claim of sov> rignty in the Mosquito king or any other Indian in America To do so woull be to deny the title of the United States to onr own territories. Having always regarded an Indian title as a mere right of oecupanoy, ws can never agree that aunh a title ikould be treated otherwise than as a thing to be extinguished at the will of the discoverer of the coun try. Upon the ratification of the treaty. Great Britain will no longer have any interest to dfuy this principle which she has recegaized In every oth-r ease in com mon with us Iter protectorate will be reduced to a shadow, " Star Nentinu umhra." fer she eao neither oc cupy fortify or colonise, or exaroise dealnion or con trol in any part of the Mosquito coast or Central Am-r ica To attempt to do either of t b thisgs. after the exchange of ratifications, would inevitably produce a rupture with the United states. By the teams neither party oan ocoupy to protect, nor protest to oaaupy. The British Minister has also given me an official as surance in affect that her Majesty s government en tertains no design to establish any more protectorates in America. The fate of Central Amerioa now depends upon ths ratltioatlon of the treaty, andthe execution of it ac cording to its spirit. Let nothing be done to irritate the British government. By kindness and aonclila lion on the part of Nicaragua- with the aid of the gotd offices of this government -Central America, ca pable as she is. ol sustaining the population of a great empire, united in herself, and exerting her best ener 5 1st tor the deTrlopement of her great resources may ate the eommencement of a career of unexampled prosperity from the date of the ratification of the treaty. [Signedj JOHN M. CLATTGN. 1 bratrlcat. From ft heavy pre** of matter, we era unavoidably obliged to ?urtail our theatrical report*. At the Bowrav T HKAt lis -The performances will conal*t of the new an t *pl?ndld natlooal|*pectaole of '? Waahlng ton. or the l'a'h to Fame and Ulotjr." with the *xoel lent drama entitled the " Maid of Tyrol " Broa?w <v Thcat*r.? There being bat two night* more of the grand and imposing ipectasle of " Faua tun," which i* generally admitted to be the ooit m%g niflci nt production of the day. tboee who have not w ) et iren It. ebould by nil meant do to Kirlo'i THtiTee ? The beantifnl French vaudeville of - Indiana and Charlemagne," together with the bal let of ' Ontario a " lorm the attractive feature* for thta evening The RoniMt Family are tha moat graceful irtiiiri wa bare ever leva. bi rtoi'* Tim at* r ? A fine bill, aautnal The exeal ient drama of - I'avld Copperdeld," the fplendld epec tarle ot the ?' World a Fair." and the comedy of" Faint Heart D' ver Won Fair Lady," oomprlae tha entertaln mentafor thle evlning National. Tmiatr*. ?A great bill ia offered to-night for the benefit of the active and talented proprietor. Mr A II Purdy. It I* hepad hla friend* will crowd the theatre In every department II any theatrical manager deeerve* a bumper, he do?i. BanroKAM'e TMrAtea ? The rt.n>m*nclng featara will be the farce of " Herve him Right.'' which will be tol Inwed by the excellent pieoe called the World a Fair " and the whole will eloaa with the fare* of " Wilful Murder " Avarnun M< art m ?The afternoon performance* will conaUt of the ? Adopted Child," and thoaa of the evening of a mix leal axtrava?an*a entitled " Beaaty and the Beaft," with the tore* of ?' Alaaher and Craaher.'1 Cire. ? ? Tbe mo*t claaalc and beautiful eqqeatiian exereiaee are every nigbt given at the Bowery Amphi theatre. Large audience* attend thi* plane of amuae ment. Parorama or thi Piiorim* Paoi.*r** ThU after ncoa. at three o'clock, the Kev l)r Adama of the Brorme etrret cbureb. lecture* te hie ooagragatlra and the audience who attend at Washington Hall to nee thi* panartaa. Mi>?*> a Room*.- Tha aplendid panorama of Ireland, with Illustration* by a very talented lecturer, cao be enjoyed at the above room* A?ioa Pi am Thk atrr? Borriv ar Caii raar am. Thorkr Thi* affair come* off to morrow evening It la hoped their friend* will axert their laflueao*. ???teal. Thf Itai.ia* Or aa a.? Thi* i* the la*t night of the *p**on. and " Krnani " I* to b? performed Thar* will probalily be a full houae on thi* ecaaalon a* the opera i* well c ?*t Neit week, eeveral member* of the oom pany will take their benefit*, and tha honae will be

finally clo*ed about the flrat of next moeth The part of the troupa now abaant In Ronton, will not re turn till the third of March Tbey have been emi nently *ur "???ful In Boatoa Parodl appeared a* Not ma. on Wedne*d*y, and added to her popularity. The '? Caata Diva " *a* encored proof of good t?ata andjadgmeot. Th# Barber of aevllla " will b? re prevented there te night; and after th* great vo9*ll*t haa been eeen In comic opera, the Boatontan* will have had ?oni* cpportunitle* for a tolerably fair appreela tic n of her talent* She alway* advanoea In publle eatimation? excelling ia everything ah* attempt*. CHRiaTV * MitaTRBt*.? The earn* ageelleot negro performance* will be given thi* evening, at thi* pro* pereua eetabliehmeat Ringing inairumental perfor mance* and dancing. FaLi.Owa' Mi'atrh a. ? Thi* oelebrated band an nounce a fine bill for thi* evening elnging. .1 in log and instrumental pevformanca* with burle?.iae opera Mt. I)empat*r, the vooallct, I* giving conoart* at l'ater*burg Va Domaatla Ria**liany Wm R.Myar* tha peraoa wto ahot D H.Ttoyt, at Richmond va. for an Improper latlmaey with hi* wife died In that city on Saturday week Th* chief clerk rf the poet offlit a' Wilmington. Tel ha* b.*n arreted fer tabbing the mall, and held to ball la 13,004 fot trial. V. 8. 01a tr let Court. ?u" Hon' Jud?? B?tta. *k? ao .?TV A P*?? ) court thia mormi,.? ,..V:/f?*:~At the sitting ?( ths the eiM of the Cnftad hl5? ??*<!, in reference to tlo.a bar. Cn Ufc.1 bT ,M"X -*?"> ob*?? to tba evidence by which ?k f?r the priaoner to convict hii^i^d I.*h^i Attorney pro them In tha ord,-r in which th prooeed to oon.ldar flrat le that tba counon. i. J. *" presented. Tha good. ? within them "nin 2 *,?.!. Bot " hot of 1790, noon whl?h ? latb ?aatit?n of tba indictmeut are "ounded and ?J ?? thi. ?tory, in the rune of thi UnU.5 Mwoi, H. p 8?? 1 ia r.ii^ Bt* **' ?? Davie, 7 S Hon The aot ii qae 'tioB .UP?n SV,!MU,D th* within any of the ptaoei un^/Ii. ^ ^ *nJ p?raoa 1 jurisdiction of the United Ht.t ,ole ?n* "*oluelva ?hail take and cirrTa.!l^',wr uPon the hl*h or pnrloln. the nareaaai^Ti?7' . h 40 int?nt touted "tha Mather." that then Aiders andjabettors ?hall oLWn? ? 00u?MUorg, ? sum aot exceeding n \ conTictioo," be fined in Prisoned dollar., or im log to the net are mi i?om Jf' or ?loord Judge 8 tor j in the ce?? I^i IV ??D the ?ff*noe. to ?uppoae th*t in Werta V,"!! ^ word, peraonal good^ in a ntafr, f ? the ?7. re*>rt mu.t be had to th^T rnu!S0^rn,U*,Uro*' the common law; and he a... # ?i 4n<1 ""'m. of ??d note, which are ohotea in aitf^" _"Bond?. bM? by the common law *ooda whir V V* not Mt**"od committed- being of nTlntrini. ,Ur*eD> m"7 *>? parting any rrooertr of ?k 0 vfcIu?. ?ud not im tro? .Urgyf.tlw. Po? arioa of the person party. ' But in a ?nh.- ? .Ut ooly "M'noe of pro Wonftou 5 Ha^on r -3 oai6, [United States ra. y*'W4 tuVtXi .ubj,ect .o".mr#?*hr,,etd J?d*' "* eoneerned. and came u! th/ . *? b,nk not?? "era em tlmea, oourta o7ju?tJ? in ? *!'?n th,t- '? mod t?l ca?e. , are di.Lc.Ml in > P8n*'' '"J even in oapi thing, rtilan aa dthouah h^f V*"'1 ?*???* nation,' yet If poa.eaainir * m i * form 'ohoaea in to hold them aubjecte of larcenV .T'L"8 in. POM???ion, Wera ma. it I. eWy prov^fhlt th0"' 'n th* ?"? of tha real intrinaic value of thirtV ft?" cou?on* ?r? thay are payable to bearer and wh.l #40hi ">at ofwrniSSi K'Z*"* "Uh P?id at the nroner ,?m wonld be promptly fh*sUtuU huthori^ing the joan?of ma g0T"Dm'nt the Beeretary of the TreMurt ?h. 1 COB,fe? upon tifleate. of atook with eon nnJ. t ? "r t0 ?? ??' Tha form In whlo'h thi. Shafts k a in**TtKt ?tt?ohei. by the act, and ln nr.0tta. h:.. ? 2 '0t Pr8*?rtb?d o??pena are in all r?anl^?! . oourw adopted In .uoh matUra l'h1/'1 t0 u,uml therefore, in deeidlDn that fh- no *lfflo??lty. j? y a? lp?omi gWttoT" ^for" th? Crimea act, and are auhUct^ ir i . th* ?""n'og of the vialona. The next ob?.?M?- UQd? "? P"> tbn P?0t **hlb>t?d by the DiJufot Attn r? ^ ?f called bo wit n*H to iroye thahl^. "2522' who hM Ditrall," and -J a b\ b*n(l 'r*fag ot - k to the ooapon*. in behalf of' thT a>#" s'?n"? ?urr, Thr.. .oTn po!nt of ult ^\lTy ot tbe in tha Aaaiftant Trea?ur?<-'a /m wU V P,y'ni clerk be teatiflea th "t th^Ba^ a?.?* "V ??U "d that ha hae paid a fhulae oonpon.; ?igned ia the ??m,g?t ?*?7 ,JU,1 llk" lJ>em, the coupon, of the joa^of m/UJth#r , ^ ?" DitreU and fienet Thl. nr5i. T"? B,'n*d br clant to bring tha caae withf. . quit" ,uffl T? Joiuisob. 8 Yn thTt , i o 0 th8 p"?Pl? of thia 8>.ate held that "on an^"ini^M? aaPr?B>" Court bank bills, they must b. ?" . ,ndi?t?'*t lor forging what, tha crime chafed f. ^he .t.^* ttot'tlOU,' ??d they mutt be .hown to be ??nu ?r* ?' iUoh buii of pi oof 1. ada.1. sible in b*h n2.? moJ" who, ia the course of bu.ineu i? nnd l*dge ot tbe fenuine not? oft'h^ h * t0,,"lrel ? know, billa In qunation purport to have which the patent tn expreaa their ??..!, ?? ,Mufd. are oom tm ia th.V.^t^t^taTfcl.?ru .h,h peVn' 00? pliad with ia the oate now before th I h"*11 eom ?ad Mr Kiwaall ar7b^)?h ?o^ r tb? court. Mr. King ?? to the genuiaeneaa of th? ."n forln BP,utl>n. testified that tharv can h*t!?A ?0U*' ,n<1 tb"y 6??"' question are what thay purportVo h. V th* P*P*r* ,n ine coupons b^loDfllncr tn tif i J*** tru? eui jr*nu* therefore, oTemSe tSe o^?cHn? Jf 1848 1 **M 4nMt trUl t0 Proceed ?P?n poi,lt, denying0^ guiny"B0tent*odnthe C%" f0F th# pr,,0*er' d^po.^l-fknowVai'the nrVlT1 1?* th' d,1,n?. and ?ome of tha ticketa that hare t> with hinl riyad from aaa on a Thundlt 5 ?p?ken of, ha ar following Satarday tharl w<L **" th*M on ">? oa Ma part ha ??/i'takl??Ti! ?? oono.alment of them he had'the oouV? i^hU h Jn,?l0hh#' V^t" *'*? ??? 1 JDntah bllla." aad I aakad him to i J "om* ratioaa bring in erlde'ce J"0t,<l 40 ll" P*"1**' dMl?" Wi1--?.?rt "n'Uln#<1 the objection. ?t. and I th^ew ItM thL*H?H',r"1 m ' 0n" 01 the tiok" foodu w^Vot .'rMt " U ? ??> ?= ?<th Max. be would make a ge^ rhingTfU " ri,|l,t tQh?lbth"i the < Ulcer heard a ?oV, VtBrwJraj ?"t tSem for Baldwin Baldwin fh between Max and he would check them alVf? VnTttV V"' ^ not tell any one about them j]** t" w,uM cot glra him >1(0 ' 1 ,4,,, no< ha would iS3SbHriS-HV"' as I mail big* of the iiai.f.. a, 4 ' who cut open th* po?. tbareftom and that ?e?Uh?r J?d toOk'h'0"?' arold detectian r"n *"*7 to LW?',P0Jl to p< MUon?,Urt rUl'd th* ?Jnl? Ability ol th. da sSja-"ta.!S?KJS'ss ?nprcm* Conrt?( Ircuit Conrt. fr. 20 Uo? Judge Mltoheii. " ? -~J*?*pk Partington vt . the Nnr Vark ?*! Ol tha rtlliiS5 ?!5 u bn*** "Itu.taJ on th- line pkMf? ^ ilroed belonging to the defendants in W>?t ot oc" oftht'r tra"narkTheUln< frC,a U" that In tha month of Ma, f.? h " ?PP"*"J /rom N" *?k. .t V^u7 .u K?U?oad ?? ?f K'9 Vork and Harlem ??? fb!^ ihUnnw?^ i* to^Mda tbi. city, and he then rt"*7 'ro? th" haw. of the pUiatlff0^ roof oT t'h**h S# Tw*1"* flr* ,ro- lb* trai a catch the oeenr thron.b th%t tb* ?ot value *r .K?i "'t'^'no' Of th-lr?. and that the ??alldlaJiTH "hlch ?? old bull,!, n, Pl?lX ^S,Vr..d0T,r in th' 01 '?"? Raprnnr Crart-ernrrtl Term. B*fot* Ju?uo* Kdmond*. and lion. Judge* K (wards ? nd KIok Fr? JO.?Hahrat Corpui ? In. th* aa?* of th*p*opl* ? panM Km*rt M?*er, nhargcd under the tr?aty with *iraling a quantity of Jewrlrry *ni plate from a p?r eon n*Dinl Uaraet rvrldlng in London. th* Conrt, alter the f i*:jln?tlon of the totlmony <>fl?r*d by th* cum pUlnunt and on bearing application of Mr A A Phillip* the cnun*?l for thutj jcJ decided tb?t there ?a* not rufllelent evidence to *?tabli*h tb* guilt otMr Mo*?r and therefore ordered hi* ducharg* Jthn C. Nfon ri Motri J*. /(.??. h Thl* w?? a certi orari It app?ar*d that In IMA Mr B>-a?h t*a**d to Mr Nixon peart of tb* pr*mi*e*of tb* .Van building*. for 1 th* cutlery buitn*** , tbo l*a*? contained ? wrenant that Nixon *bcald not a** th* pretni*** for any b.ui- ? dni derated extra bttardou* Ha. how*r*r, *ub<e queatly cre*t?d a forgo, and uned it until tb* IStb Ango*t, 184V. wh*n ISeaoh applied tor*moT* him aa d*r the nummary proaeedtng* ant for b ?* -h ol oot* nant . th* Iran* provided that on th* violation of any ?mdltloa by tb* t*nant, th* relation b*twean tha partla* rhmild e*a** and th* landlord ml?ht apply to r*moT* th* tenant aa if hit t*rm had expired It "?a* obj*ct*d before th? ma?i?trate on th* *uin?nary proceeding* art, that h* had no Jurladi'tlon. b*cau?* tha expiratl n of Nixon'* torn *pok*n of maant in*re ly an expiratlm by lap** of tln<- and that this ?a< a cm* t>t forfeiture only It wa*;in*l't#d, alao, that Mr lUach had reeeivtd rant att*r ba It new tb* feig* had brrv n??d and that b? ibu* wair*d th* forf*ituro Mr JaiiM T Rrady. e?>un??l on th* part of tba dafen d*nt, e< nt*n<l*4 that tha exnlratlon of tb* t*rm >8 eurr*d a* nueli by lap** oftlme. whea it wa* hml'*d on any eveat, aa if limited ta a day. and that though rent had been rae*Wad by Mr. Ileaoh. tha fori* h?l b? ?n a*ed afterward*. and tba' tbi* ?m a continuing coveaaut. **< b infringe m?at of winch gar* th* land \?>rd a n*w right of action, or a right to ramora tba t*a*ntnad?r th* *tatnt* I)*eltloa r?**rted C fhnl Sp*n r Snmvrl Vy ' f . Thi* wa* a in 't,loa to eet a?ld? r*port of r?fere* Decialoa r???r?4 Th* following g*n*rat ord*r bat b**n thl? day and* l>y tba aourt naaaaaL ordk* Ordered, That ao ordar of reference a* to rarplui mon*y* on a rale of r*al ("tat* ba graat*'! nol*a? th* application h* accrni|.aal-i by a cettifloat* of th* c'>rk. that tb* report of *?1* ha* b?#a duly ooagrtnad. and a eartiftrat* of tba chamt>*riala of ta* elty tbat *acb earplu* b?? been paid Into hi* band*. Katraot froB th* 010 V RIBLUT, Ctvrk. Superior Court. Before Mod Judge Uuob. F??. 30. ? Jai Hutchinion ij. O ?f'. Com tlock and John C. Comitork ? TW? ?u1t wan for the value of a horse bought by the plaintiff to NU5. from the defen dent*, for the sum of ??. on the f*tth that the not mel >hj sound It it allied that, at the time of aale. the horse *u not sound, end that plaintiff had been put ta expense for eare oi the horee to the amennt of $660 The cue waa tried before. *h>n ? verdict wu given fcr plaintiff for $123 10 A bill of exceptions was taken at the trial, whioh eai argued ia the 4u pre me Court, and the verdiotaet aside. The defence if, that the horsa waa sound when sold, and that hit Imperfections aroee from subsequent treatment or ac eldest while in the poasoeaton of the plaintiff. Sealed verdict. Before Hon. Judge Duer. Richard Decker, t> Charlet D. Malhrtri and Thomaf Gauluu-r - This wa* a euit on a note for $i30S 40. dated let Nov , 1847, made by plaintiff to the order of Robert Jones, and endarnel by Robert Jonei, James Jones, and the defendant, Thomas Gardiner Th* cause hat been on trial for several days It appeared by the evidence adduced, that the nota was made by 1'eoker for the purpese of being discounted in the Manhattan Bank, and applied to a particular purpose The Manhattan Bank retain! to discount it, and James Jones put the note in a safe in the offloe, and be al lege* that Mathews took it out without his knowledge or consent, and gave i: to Gardiner, and that Gardiner got It discounted at the Bowery Bank, and applied the proceeds to their own purposes. On th* other hand, it is alleged that Math?ws took out the sate ia the presence ot James Jonas, and with his oonsant, and that part ot the proceeds was banded to Jonaa. and anethar portion given to Mathers to pay a debt daa by Jones to Mathews. Mr Oerrard summed up on behalf of the defence, and Mr. Stouton for the plaintiff; and after a lengthened and abla oharge from the Jud^e. the jury retired, but had not agreed at the rising of the Court. Sealed verdlot. general tkrm Before Chief Justice Oakley and Hon. Judges Btndford aad Paine Fkb. 20 ,?JtUtrt 0. Hiiflry, retpondtnf, ft. Qtrrit and F.dgar M. Smith, opprllanlt.? This was an appeal from the special term of this court, to set aside a verdict for *7 Ml obtained by Mr Barley, the gold pen and pen cil-oase manufacturer, in Broadway, against the Messrs. Smith, in an cetlon fbr a breach of covenant The parties were lora*rlf en partners in business, and the breach of covenant "oinplalned of, waa that the appellenta dissolved the partnership dur ing the temporary absence of Mr. Baglay from this city, without sufficient cause or due notice. The ground of appeal, ai contended by Meesrs l ord and f B. Gutting, were on exceptions taken to the charge of the judge at the trial? that Im proper evidence had been admitted and alse that the damages were excessive On behalt of the respondent, Messrs. J. Blosson and Hntohings contended that there was a clear breach ot an express. independent covenant; that in estimating th- damages, the Court below properly in-t runted the jury that they might take into consideration the probable profits of Mr. Bagvly. not asa rule of damage, but as a circumstance, or one of the means of enabling them to arrive at the amount the plaintiff ought to reoover for damages. Counsel for respondent also submitted that the ver dict cannot be disturb. < I as agalntt evidence where the evidence is doubtful, uuless it be manifestly and palpably against tbe decided weight an i preponder ance of evidence; that the verdict is not exoeesive, nor doer it call for the interteranoe of this eourt. De cision reserved. Common Plena. Before lion J tidge Woodruff. Fm. 50. ? (tr?rgr Hotchk Iti vt H'w . f. &ht\frldt and F.dvmrd Hitttll ?This was aa action to recover posses sion of personal prnperty, whioh defendant claims to bold for storage ot some bundles of "shooks;" the amount sought is $17. The plaintrifT tenders what he dxeuis a juxt demand Sealed verdict. John Jaifnei i-j John IF. Farmer ? This was an action for aetauM and battery It appeared that a dispute aroi-e between the parties. In May. H4C respecting the purchase of two and a half pounds weight af solder; upon which occasion it is alleged that the defendant as saulted the plaintiff in hi* etore, by giving him a bex in the faca Beiiled verdict. B?iore Hon Judge Ingrabam' Wiliiam Cotter 1 1 . Jl. freeman, Lorento I'entura , Patuck Clifford , fid Kdwai d lloker ? This wa* an action far trespass in entering the bouse of the plain tiff at tta unseasonable hour of two o'olock in the morning, under tbe plea of <earcbing fer stolen gioda. and th?reconipelling the wife of the plaintiff t>i leave ber bed whila the search was being made The plain tiff was employed in a store, and was suspected ot stealing jewelery. the property of a lady In the aara* house, lie was arrested and when brought before the poliee juetioe was discbarge and eubsequently to the dismltralof the complaint the illegal searcb thus com plained of was made by the defendants one of the parties b Ing a policeman Tha jury rendered a vetdlct for plalnt-.fT of $676 dami^s A poll was da- I manded by sou a eel for defence, and they were found unanimous llioob 1 <lty tour*. Before .'udge Urteuwuod. and Aid. fa<lor and Leeoh. F?s 20 - TV Pr>r''> <fc- ???<"'< (iiorge If Met.? This cause was rallad up in pur-uanre of (be ar rarg' tnent entered into on the last oooasion Tne de feodart was arral|ined and pleaded not guilty an I the following gentlemen were empanelled as the jury ? Janes J Itajmond James M Piumstesd Stephen O Johns. Col 0. Jacksan. Thome* ?J. Hill, Jacob <1. Itratcblev Wm Burrill Abraham Verplaick, Wm M Harris Uerjamin iiandley. Henry Tbo rups in and la cob C Weeks The defendant exercised hi* right to peremptory challenges, in the cases of Jamas Bird 'all, Wm II Fri'chard James C Wilson. Jainei Burt. M. Van I'uren Stephen C. Wheeler, and M>rdeoal B. Smith. Considerably delay was ceased by tbe non attendance oi jurors. and having at length sworn in 1 the above, the aonrt postponed the hearing of tbe oaaa till to-morrow morning, (this day ) Brooklyn Citjr intrUlganea. Br inn ot tn di im. T?vmi Li. .mi! -Tbn llo?tJ m?t yaaterdaj *t tha Majcr * oftisa. whan the com mittee to ?hi in the petit Ion* bal bean reterrad for a reduction ol tha charge for licanaa* and %u riUnilon af the tima. *n4 on the other band tor a total aitbolling ot thatavarn licanaa*, rapnrtad <h? ma jority bring adveraa to both applica:lna? th? p?ti ti.itin w. re. upon motion. laldoo the tabla. Itwa* then moral tbat the nrn-?rj license* ba radnoad to J16- and by amendment that tavern licenaec bo fliad at ttn dollar*, aad grocary one* at Off dol lar* B >th motion* wi re loat. the board balug ?>i<iallf dlrtdad on the point of reducing the prina Th* ?oin inlr*loner* from tha reapectlva w?r.|< tlj?n HNNM to report on the application* referred to them, and tba board rtaolrsd on granting about tilnxty ta urn aad fortjr grocery lleennea through 'Ut the city, but many application" remain unooaai Jared Itwai deter m i tv d to require of all applicant* a de elaratlon. on oath, tbat they po*ae**ed lux noonm modationa for traveller* Mm bylaw an 1 tbat ao application* -I t be received a'ter rhur<day the WTth mat. In all caee* whara !lsan*?* ara granted, they ara to b? taken up and paid for. onor before tha nth day of March neat Tha board adjourned till Thursday next. at fr.ur o'clock. A**avlt with I*Ti;*t TO Kill ?John Poran *M in dieted for *tabbing one Peter Koauh on I'brlitmu evralng la?t. In a poitar hauna. A brother of tha pri arner appeared a* a witneaa for hlLi and by hl< evi dence exculpated bin . but raiaed a atrong euapieloa tbat ha (tha vltneve) * a* him*a!f tha guilty party, whereupon the Court of Oyer and Terminer directed him U> ha detained, and tha mattar I oread** ted by a poliaa Juatiea Tba prisoner originally ebar<?l ??? acquitted. Kiaa. ? A frama hauae in Adas* *tra?t. took 4re on Wedneadey afteraoon. but tba t1im?a war* vary ?oon extlngui#h?d Tba daaaga dona ?a* eau*ad princi pally by the w*t?r. Rki aiviitu Sioir* Goor>?. - Patrick MeCny a jnak abopkeeper ia Jackaon atreet. ?u convicted on Wed neaday ot purchasing eev??al bra?* ock? and *oiaa ?rrap raetel from two boy* who had atolan them from McNewkirk'* lound-ry. in Watar atraat, Ne? York Tnr llaaan o? l*vrimit,-Tkl following ofUnar* have barn appointed lor tha enaulag ta ar : -Oyr?? P Smith. Prealitent, Dr J 8 Thome ? ioa President; S I. Ilolrua*, f'ity Puparlntandent FnrMi*'*Oo*>t*Tio^ Dtanaaoi)* Brnnisu* ?Tha fireman of Brooklyn at their la?t meeting in oonven tion. p*aa?d aome raaclution* ?ipr??*in^ in "trong term* their approval of tha bill now bafnra tba L? glelattire. to amend I b? law ralailra fo bill iinf* and for tha praaaatioa of fire* and lo*a of Ufa. and eon damning ?h? oppotltlon which tha Common Couaoll bare *hoa n to tha mratura Marina tlTalr*. QrirciciT T Hint Yar.-Tha elippar ahip Ho?|na< Capt McKantla. Jr . arrlvad on Wadnatday from Shanghai, ha* mada tha inlckeit out and h mi Toy aga attr bafnra acoompll?had 8ba laft h?re March 14. IliO and arrival at Shanghai, via San Franei<oo whioh plaaa *h* laft again oa th? 234 Nov pa**ia( Anglar whan *litaan day* oat. and arrived hare in M iay* lha wa* *b<en?. In all. alaren m n'h? and Or* day ?. at *ea 379 day*, and aailel 44.623 mile* Tha Ilowquawa* built by Brown ft Ball, ol thl* city, tlx year* back , Sh* I* owned by A . Low A Brother* AaaTHta Qi'ic* Tata. -The Aberdeen ,/.i <rw i/ m?n tloa* an extraordinary trip mad* by an Kagliah clip per troai St tleiena\o tha Down* She arcoapllthed tba yaaeacr In thirty two daj* tba *h.irta?; time ??ar made l;?t<rean thow port* 1 hi P ?a?*T Smr M hh ? vr . Uapt I W Paabody hence Slat nit., ariivad at Liverpool on tha <th. mak ing thepaeoage |n *lita?n day* Mav*m)ntl of India l<l nal* Hon Mr Veaable of North Carolina ha? be?n eallad hf-ma from hi* eaat ia Oongreaa. by tna Ulna** of hi* daughter. | " Twifg* Mo , T Updike Meaiphln. * Dasa.Boiton wara among tba arrivaia at tba A?tar Hnuae. Iteary M Johaaoa ha* been annviated of mnrder la the aaaord de?raa In canetng tha de*'h of .l<idaon Brrrecn at a a'erbnry ('.no The .I'ffl ilty grew out of *n alleged ln*lm?ey betw en tba wife of Hroa ?'natnl the p-U.'ner rb ? p-na'tj ? I .u j?-n <nmant Irr NU. ONE VUK LITER FROM ElfRfPR. A&1IVAL OP THK AMERICAN STEAMSHIP BALTIC, AKTRK A Very- Short Winter Passage. OCR EPROPEAIf f OffRESPOMDEftCE. Threatened Insurrection in Italy' AlfltlVAl: OF THE NICARAGUA* MINISTER. DEATH OP THE RKV. DR. 0G1LBT, IX PUIS. OPENING OF THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT. Intrigues of the Bourbons en the Continent* THE CREiT INDUSTRIAL BUMHTIM. THE VEfcV LATEST NEWS BY TILBOtAM* STATE OF THE MARKETS,. &??, dtfl , 4m. The American mail steimship Baltic, Captain Comstock, arrived, yesterday morning, from Liver pool, alter a passage of eleven days and tweuty-oae hours?a remarkably abort one for this season af the year. She made her last outward passage ia ten da>a and a half. She left Liverpool on Saturday, the fttli inst ,at S| o'clock P. M , and brings one week's later intel ligence from all parts of Europe. Mr. de Marcoleta, Envoy Extraordinary and Mi nister Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Nicaragv* to this government, whose arrival has been expeet ed, is a passenger in the Baltic. A severe induse sition detained him two months in Paris. The object of this mission is the consummation of tks canal question, which liaa been bo long agi tated , as well as other matters of public impar lance ; and the arrival of this diplomatist, whose friendly views toward thv people and govei?> ment of the United States are well knows, is ft aure promise that the complications at present ex isting will Boon be removed, and rights so deinedL as to render fruitless the attempts of a third power in its projected encroachments, (too well known to our political men, however, not to be enabled to frustrate them ) Mr. de Marcoleta goes immediately to Wathingtcn The steamship Pacilic, Capt. Nye, hence, ar rived at Liverpool on Monday morning, the Sd inst. She lett New York shor'.ly after noon on the 2Jd ult., experienced very severe N. W. and aor therly gales during her run Irom the banks af New foundland to Cap<* Clear, and suffered some damage to her paddle floats from the fields cf ice. She arrived ofl the N W lightship at (> o'clock oa Monday moruini?, ai. I off the Rock lighthoaso shortly before 11 o'clock; completing her rnn ftom port to port in about 11 days!7 hours and it nninutes. The following is an extract of a letter fromCaptain Nye, of the Pacific, to E. K. Collin* Etq , agent in this city:? U 8 Mm SirtHi'ii P( inc. ? Ln.jiroji WI) S. U?l. ( The Pacific arrived at the N W i ship at i A M on the 'd anil rt Liverpool a'trr three ?al a ball hcurt' deti-ntion at the bar a', ha.t paw 10. W t lost lull thirty hour* by let. o& the ban tu, anl ware compelled to run thirteen hour* to th? south anl southwest betore finding a pleo* that eoulJ b? pen*, trated. That brought ui deal to lea ward, ai we bal a b-avy northerly g?le and terriHa sua trosa tfcs Rank* to founding* ?h?n vr? took a norta-??l win l, but *re wall repaid by the iacrea?- i coafi lenie fives our pa*?rof<-r? who bar* wltueaied the b'autlful per formance ot the ship In heavy weather My aJ-nira tion of the elup i? unbounded 1 ro .U not had I not a. <-n It. believed tna: it were po?iit>leto run a ship feme fitteen fcuc ir.d mile* directly In tha Iroujb of ai henry n ff? a* I have ever aet-n in the Auaatie oo*an without a fashing'* damage or iooonreaieiiae. flu -b I* the (act Our eogloea were not atoppej dar log the voyage, and are lu p?rteet order We leara, by letters from Paris, that the Preni dent'a dotation bill, is a!mo?t certain of being re jected by the Legislative Assembly. In that event a national subscription is confidently spoken of. Such a step would, undoubtedly, be a severe con demnation of the conduct of the A>scmMy A collision has taken place at Mos'ar, in Ilssnie between the Turkish troops and the insurgents, in the latter were defeated. The new government ot Holstein has p ibii.-hed a proclamation to the inhabitants of til* Duchy, by which the Diet Is dissolved, the funlaaien'al laws of September, 13H, and th' Frankfort fundamental laws for Germany, are abolished, and all laws passed since March, liMai, will have only a provi sional validity. The Holstein Sudihoider>< have resigned in Ca vpr of the new t'rovisioaal government, la tfcew proclamation they state, that the Germutic con fedetation intends to protect the established rela tions between Schleswig and Holstein. Vienna letters state that, the Count deChamberd is laboring under a serious iliness, which threatens to terminate fatally. Mr Felix P>at has, oa the application of tke French government, been expeiled from Swiuef land. Annexed were the ra'es cf American stocks, at London, on the 7th inst:? UalM8Ut<ifl*(i. llU 91 a M Bit e* I6o2 102S a 14* Sites !*?? 101 \% a I " Cixe* iter is>* 104 a im Boeton City Flees, Iflit-lfrW 91 a 94 finneyltafcis yivss 81 a M Maaeathuaett* five* Starling B >a<la. 1C4 ? a 10S * Maryland Kir-* Bonds I*S a M Canada Bixaa. 1974 IM a 1ST In Spain, the new ministry have already disco vered that their promise-! retrenchments are not so easily etlected ; and th? rumors of another minis tenal crisis are very prevalent. Besides other dd. faculties, they are personally repugnant to the Queen. Intelligence from Vienna states, that a conipira j cy cf a revolutionary t. stare, had been discovered at that capital Some eighty individuals hsd been atrrsted. The conspirscy is said to have rsmitica. | tmns in all parts of Germany. It was discovered i frrm s< m- ccrrespondence seized by order of Coiat , Leiningen at Cassel Gur advices from India are nothing more impor tant thin Sir Char'-s Napier's farewell ad ln-ss to ' the attny? ek^uent, judicious, coinpiiiH, and paternal TI.e British Parliament o{>eoed on Tuesday, the 4 tli inst. The ^aeen escaped comment by dei*. eaiir.g the settlemrnt of the Papal qu"*iMW to ' te?Tr collective wisdom. Lord John Russell male I a long speech. He recommended that all property i left to clencal Catholics, with Kntrlish Mies, he reued by the Crown, and thit future assumptions of all such titles in En<*'*nd and Ireland be pro hibited . tie also recommends Wiseman to live in Rome quietly. The steamer Thames arrived at Southampton on tha 5th inst w ith ^1, 400, 000 in specie, of which I f?00,000 wt-re in silver ami ?800,000 ?w fold, (As Iuilltt pttnrtftuJ.'^ ftufn Ctltfimii. Un!\nnant"t Mn*fn%rr of the l.h last , make* th? following arnoiintr 'iwn* ? At I'aria. on the M in?t , the learned an4 ssash eetsrmed Itev John D Ugliby.D b . Profeeaor la tha Thedryleal B?nlnary or the It pier opal Obtirrh, He* tf-rk who ?fte r a cruel and Iliigeilug ii,n <? . *ulafe b? f upr n:t-4 a* a C'hrUtlan, departed Utis lit* la kof?

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