Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1851 Page 3
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bales by avcnos. TBI SPUN DID HOl'St AND LOT. No. 261 HIT Hreadway nsur Monlgon ery street, *:>d the hume and JT.' . UivUIob afreet, at auotion. Antbonr J. WrAf . " auitioii, ?? Wednesday. February the ttith at 12 o'clock, at thu Merchants' Exchange, the fof i"? jroperty, vin ? Ou Cut Bioadway? Tha valuable three it> ry and attie brick house, with it Ma room attached, lfxlti, and lot of ground knewa a* No. 261 Bast Broadway, aorili aide, and ant the coruer of Montgomery ?treat, the lot running through to Divis an at. The lot ia jar* 'arg*, being 27 faet from both on East Broadway and Division ?< raet, by 104 feet fu depth, he the ia?e m' re or leia. The house on Bait Broadway. 27 feet by 52 faet in ?rpth. ia haiahed in hoautiful stvla. having silver plated fuiailure, aolid mahogany doors. gas fixture*, Oreton water, bath room*, watgr cloieti. kitchen range, aid rich marble mantel* throughout; in fact, haviag every modern improve m?nt. both for e'egenoe of etyla and eoaveaieace, it baing built ia the meet substantial and oustly uiuaner by Captain Cobb, and val formerly the residence of tha late Dniel Triinbla. It* IneatioB. it bting in a healthy and faihionab a ? eighborhood, and in and near sevaral stage route*? ita proximity to down- town huilneea. make* it altogether one af the nut lesirahle private residence* now otterud lor aaU ia thia city. Ob the roar of the lot, frosting on Division ?trie-, there ii a two-story brlak houee, known a* rfe. 277. i balltingood atyle, with Croten water, water olote-i, & o. For map*, terms, and farther particular*, apply |to the Auc tioneer, 7 Broad etreet. HENBY B. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER.? LaRUE SALE OF ?et aid unset Diam- nd* Bad other praoioue atone*.? JJrB'v H. Leeds It Co will sell, at auotion, ?n Wednesday, the 26ih of Feb.. ( thii dav) at half past 1(1 o'eloek. a large and valuable invoice of i(> > n ildlyaet Diamond*, several very valuable rroii*. aad otl ar Jewelcry. aet in the latait faihioar. Alio, Diaiuonda, Kui ita anil Pearl*. by the oarat, sui'able for tba trade Can be examined befoia tha aale, in tba gallery rear of tha itoie, 8 Wall atreat. JW. BROWN. AU OTION El R? HOUSEHOLD FURNI ? turc? J. W Brown will sell at auntion, thie day ( Wed? Btaday) Feb. 26. at 1UJ* e'cl. ok, at M Uioailway, ay tata logne. an extensive assort meat of good Fnrnitura. cona ititig or Sofa*. Chain, Couches, Wardrobes, Book Caaai, French and Cottage Bediteads, h?ir Mavtrei?e?, egtensiin Dining Table*, d'efiirg and pluin Bureaus, Centre, Sofa. and Cara Table*, fco., with a great variety of naoful housekeeping articles. ANTBONY J. BLUE 'KKR WILL SELL AT AUCTION thu day, at 12 o'clock , at the Merchant!' Exchange. by order of Executor*, tha Humes and Lota Noa. 122 and 14'/, Waverly l'lace ; 151, E. 21* t atreat ; 21 1 12th itreet ; 191 and 1*3 William- itreet ; 19 Snrune-itroet : 152 latex ; 86 Eld ridge- atreet ; 'it* Eaat Broadway; 177 Divisi->n-*treet : 6 Woriter- itreet ; 47 St. Mark'* Place, and 9 Lota on 26?h, H6t)i, Wth streets, and l>th A \enuo. Maps can be had at the Aaetion Soon*. No, 7 Broad- itreet. BY JOSEPH DICE WAV, AUCTIONEER-THUBSDAY, Feb i7, at No 233 Henry, oi rner of Paoitio street, Brook lyn, at 10 o'clock, a M? elegsit Rosewood Upright Piauo. (new) hand?omr Wardrobe Bookcase, Sofas Mahogany Bed ?tesds, Marble top d ret mi j; Bureau and Washatanda. rioh Toilet Set Fr. Cnii a burner and Tea Sets, Cut Qlas>, ko. being a general assortment of parlor, chamber and kit ihen furniture. I atalngues will be ready at the auotioa room on Wedreaday. Auction notice. -tuovas hxi.l, auctioneer, ? By H N. Buah.? I a'g^ i:ile of elegant Furmtnre. this day, at K'.'j o'oliok. in the Auotion R:oms, 10 North M illiatn mrtet, removed fr r.i Uloomingdale forconvcuiino'i rfiale, run | ruinga ui ^t duiira' le vanety of articles in the live of Houcekeeinng. Piai'olortea. elegunt Paintinga, Car pets, Bo< kcasea. Tables, Bedstead'. Buds, i.hina, Sot'aa, Oil Cloth, Conmers. fco Thi relay, an extensive ant valuable ?ale of excel'ent Furniture, in th4 Sales Roomn, removed from Amoi street, by virtue t fa mortgage. TJO*. HELL, Auctioneer. HOISKUOLD Ft' kn it i; RE SAIE THIS DAY. keb. 28, at 1(1 o'elo:k, at No. 125 < roshy itreet, by Cole k Cbiltoa, Aui tioueeri. The hi.u?e contaim a small uasort wient, and . f the emal v ti iety, of carpets, maliogany chairs, Mifas. lo king glasi**, n mo iu| erl?r oaccel lamps, prints iu frame*, ball wort and tiatures, no., tio. FOR ML1 ANI? TO MCT. Urn: K MRIMAXU LAND for 8*LE? ROUNT Uope Village, in the Wentern Re erveof Cp?nr riaania.? The Subaoribers having pa ro baaed that aplendid propVrty. situate on the West side of tin Uarlem, Railroad, and directly orposi e the u ppi * and middh' villages of Morris aaia. and havli g had the tame surveyed and laid nut into bu ild it. g riots, with streets :ind nvemi'S dividing cr in'cr. ?ecting tnem in the most approved m-.mer, hy Andrew Fin 1 ley, i.ri| , surveyor It it now ? Vcrei to the pnOlio on the kkine term* as tho*e of H' rri-ania were lold, an I at a much lower price ' the Ba hr.ite pr^ierty was sold for This beautiful tract has been owned an I ocoDpiad by the Uro'.'iers Weekes, as farming lam*, and the wh"1o is uulera high state of cul ivation. There ate about .JHU fruit trees, ojn ?ietirg of af file, pe^r, ( berry, p-aoh. w> , tti.. im^tly of the les' qnalitv. There are three Dwelling', with 'V ??Us, barns, and o'her outhouses to each. About t wo thirds of the lard is higher thsn the upper Md lower villajrji, c >n ?e<ientl)' almoit every housa can 'jt seen a.1" it were, on a tn.ip laid ou' bet. ra it. Th>re are two railroad i'at!o?s? th.: ouo oa the Southern, and the otlier on the Northern extre'?:ty ef the estate, and witlr* fly. lnf ntei w alk "f the farth st pl^t ob the premises. Subscript! n hiuks aro no? cpon f ir these who may with to pnrchaai. at ti.e r> sldeii' i of R. II. Thompson if Hudson strset, ?tiere all n> o -s ary infoi m ? tion re parting the s^le can l e hal. Puilii mit'.ings will be ealleil a* sm n as th* arrangement* c n Uc mad). of *M''i due notice will b* given K B. niOMI'iON. ?. PURt'ELL. 9?||| ACRES OF LINO FOR 3 A t K, ? Til K SI 3 jUUv s< Tiber otfe-s f r fil?, or to exchange for c: r v proierty. his two tra< r*of land being 'ogoeher aoou '? V ?'> <0 aires, inducing aomi thirty l?provei Farms, Ivini on the eaat and west f id* of the N ?v*r<mk Kiver, tn Sullivan <" no ly.N.T. There are on the preiL sta ? m ? oxteesivo Tann*n<>i, eisht or ten Saw Mills, metirii' Mill an I trr Ob ur"V>e. These laadiare distant ibcnt II" to 1 .0 milea ftom.Sew V rk City, from 8 to 3C ail. e from the l)!aw?r* ant Bndson Ca Bal; from iO to Sim'lei fri.mtheN'cw York and E'i Kail, r< ad aad are well adapted to farming purpoies. For teriai aad farther particulars, apily to JAMES SCBOTT, Jr.. 45 Tenth itreet. CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND, NEtRTIIE NARR iWS. Fcr mli'. eume of t'i? belt Cottage Sis?i ?n 1 Bn:M-n Loti on the ' r?ct of 'V. W. Van 'A' n^e 04 n, | , wi'.hm h ill A all* of th? pr<-eer,i atoainboat lami;n<, i( Vaalerbilt's Duck It ia intended to erect a new lanti n r ;n (runt . f I Ma property m the t-nriuK. ?? thj icra-'in* of the aeennea i? al'Oiit being c?mt>lete<i. The c jni i \n J ni vie we, ami In* ty of Iho surrounding country. moder this pro|erty una ir pateed as a reai donee, by any in the vicinity of th i oiy. while the great At nan 1 f .r tiuilrttate offers an ii.duoetn at to tho capitalist to build. ?? t-n in vest mi nt. FliilHU MORGAN. I Pint street Hotel to Ltua^rni uppkr storied and ' acet&ent of iho new building on tt.e j:>u'h??at ( i ur of Breadaay and Fourth atroOt. Ala-> thr u pper afriet nf the two adjoiaiig buildinge on B-oadway: ?iJ if wants!, the aljoinin* bandings on fourth a'reet, will bo leared to a first elaae tenant. A|>ply upin tho piemiaei, from nine to ?l**en o'aloek, A M. Farm for ham or cxchinge for city pro pert*.- A valuable Farm aituat'il in Liring.aton Eaaea Bounty, New Jeraet, ooa'ainlng one hundred ani liiMan noma, auitably dt?iled into wood and menlow; alao a tine peach orohard in full hearing, together with other fruitola Akundanoe. Tho buildings arc la good orier and beautifully treated. For partloulara, Inquire of aaR >M QUINBr, Orange, N. J., or to JAB. JARRKTT, it.. 186 Front (tract, jUw York For saib-a valuable country residence beautifully situated ia the village of Baijln. about forty miles Irons the oily of Now York. Tho houeo ia new, ?ad bailt in Oothie style, aad neatly finished. For ptrtion lara loqulre of 8. SaMMIS. propnetor of East b. a-i * av Houae. eora?rot Eaat Broad" ay and Pile *<reet. POR BALI? Til E STO< K. FIXTURES. GOOD IF ILL aad !<eaae ef a Store, dmnn a profit akla bi:?ln"ea eon aected wi-h tkaihippteg ia treat. Ica-.ed in tho aeighbuur heod of Wall itroct ant the Ea<t tieer. To a peraes ol oeergetle aad < ommort ill habits It i* aa e*eell?nt epp r.n aity far a safe iayeatment. Apply to D. F. BUTCHER. 90 Canal, coraer ?f Broadway. IAOR BA1 F. -FIVE LOTS ON THE BOUTI! BID! OF F Thirtieth street, betweca Madiai n and F.fth Aveaue. a hi aaoia Tenth (trerr, anil a number <>f|ot* n Fi(hth, Ninth, T?nth. Taelfth atreeta and Third avenue. Broohlva. Apply to OBO. F. BALDWIN. O William ? treat, up atalre. ?MM BALE-TWO NIW AND BIAUTIFUL HOUSES, r Noa 1 1 and i3 Weit Twenty-tnur'.h street, M by i>3 feet, with eat itono front! aad four etcrlea high. Tho lots ire M by 100 foit. If not ("Id en' a "'ill he to lot. Apply to R W. TOWNS' ND HI ?'odar afreet. L'OR SALE -TBI. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A JT ahlrt and lanry atora, wall fitted op, anil tho looatioa mm r*hle in (.raid etraa'. near liro&dway. Tarm* moderate. Aoirtaa E B , Herald "111' a. fl R BALE OR TO LET THE OENTEF.L TWO STORY bnneee Noe 4? Oharitan ur et, and l.'xl Laurana atraat. In *? od order, with or?t? water. Ac , al?o, to let a lod(? ii' m in h?ure 41.1 Broadway it n!i ft.likewiaa tho etoro No. M Lirp-nard uraot. Apply to P. DICKIE, l?0 Williau atreot. LSoRSAl.E ||R TO LET- IN THE CBNTRIOF A FLOl ll ?r 1-hinf eilla?e. near ? io olty. a at?re with tinman-! >hp attarhed. wferoaa oaeollont cpportunitv ta affor4od for A ?aitalaetariac huaiaaoo. Afp y at l|i Wo?t atroot. AYALVABLE IBSTaTB FOR SaLE-SDITABLR FOR a aimaer ho'ol, or Kr*t>aan'l prieata reii*e?ro, oa the Hifhlarda of Naeeaiob. twenty-two mllea fr m tho city af New York. Far further partlealara. apply to J . FLETCIiBR, ' oat ham itreot. ARARR f'BANf E -THR BTOCIv AND Fl XTTRES of a Bi'liaery Eatabllahmeat. d"lB( i? oioa'lent bnai aer?, is efi-red for aalo. ill health oomp>Tlinc tho lad* to re tire PfifO'eainn rrae t ? had immediately, if ro imred. Ad dlreoa J. D H? II ' William meet. A STORE AND APARTMENTS TO LET ON BROADWAY with 1* aao. stock, Itturao aad (ond will, at I miU ready ?a ah: at' re dnlan (*?d kuainesa, loaa i .n tho l.oat, answer aa wellfar Jewelrr. faaee (onda, aa. A idrais U. n for fur* her Inli rma lea. or by (alliBR >a the subscriber at tll.IV Br-a 1 way, la the aomb stote H. BKOWv A UASR for sale. i?a vino thrbr YIARS TO rua from 1st of a?v. May.? Fla? danble nouso. oaitable for a hotol. il'naiod ooraer of Rei-tnr aad Oraen wirL streeta. with prieila?s af immod ate poaaoooioa. Ap ply at No. 71 Oreeawloh streot. Also, a Billiard Table f ir Lease For hale t ihkr vi\rs from the first of Nay aeit, of i ha two etoroa Ho. 170 Oreeawiob straet, earrornf toy. Inquire oa the premises If net iliapysed of by Mareh lat, they will he lo? either as Oaa Stora or oe pa ra lei y SCREW STEAMER AND HOII.ER FOR SALB -A NEW Screw Steamer, about I/O feet Iobk, 17,S feet boaal, and H feet S inehea hold, with new entfaee aad holler oompleto: atoo. a aew wiailae daop Hue Boiler. 10 feet diameter aad 15 foot loan. For fur' her laformatma. fa intra nt CM AS. W. COFELAND. No II Wall straet. TO LET. AT nt'BOEBN. -SEVERAL NEW THRER Hi ry aad haaaaaeat brteh d welliaa h-aeee. wi thia t wo kaadred yards of Ua ferry. Tl.caa honeoe are furnlined with hot aad eold water la the bath rooais aad hlteheae, and ??ery modern enayaoieaoe. There are. also, larro (lower ?ardaae in frnn'. Inqui.-a at tha Hobokaa laad niBee of W W SBII'FBN. Aseat N R. TTia henaaa ?re ready for immeiliata aocnpaMoB. bat will ba raatod froai tha Brat of May. TO I.RT-TIIE THRBF, STORY BRICK HOUSB NO 1441 Church street, batween Thnmaa aad Anlhoay atra-'te, SBitable for a dwelliBK nf aiaiinta?titrinc parpneee. Apply to B A I'll I '.TON. Nn. 9 Well atr-et. TO LET- THE SECOND FLOOR, WITH ONE RO'XI ea the thltd. tn a (eatleana and his wifa, with Brirl le??e la lath Itn , in tCd modern bttilt houae pleaaan'le lo raied oa Mieftiirt h aide, wluna ten ml nu tea want af Ci' y Hall. T^e family Is email, aad the houee in tha ya^ beat ardar. Address with real name. '? William,' Herald otRca. TO LET, AND FURNITURE FOR 81I.R.-A SMALL hniaa la th* Tlei n ity of (Iramercy Park, a daeirable op. p> rtaalty for a f naiily com m >nciai hnnsekeeplna. Pnaaei ?Iob Immediately If desired A Id *a? J. J , Herald ofllie. TO RENY-FROM TBE FIRST OF HAY NBTT, TO oaa ar two aeatlem?n, a urn ef farniahad apurtmeate. without bcerd. In nna of the moat deairable leeaUnas ia the ?eeeath ward. Tha beat of r?ferenoe r?inirad aad (iyaa. For particulars, address bet IKM. Cnat Ofllca. I'll I. T It tUK.M. |AT OTirF. TO IMFLOYRRS OF QUARRY MEN ? AT A IN reenter neotlaaof tha 0*>m m>a e Imioa Prwtac?|*a So. ?lei* eftheeity ef Now Vorb. hald at their head aaartere, oa the *>th inetant. a raaolaOoa was naaaiaouely adopted, deeiarta* that an aad after the first nf Mnreh seat, tha mera bera will etaet oaa d'llar ada* for their work, aad aa* em. latim ef thle roaolntioa willsnbjeeta member ta itsnUoi Irem tha eoeiety. Tha aoelety hea IWm>mKata la food ?t?nd h( THOMAS MNNAN froM4cnt. JaBTN?L?MRW BOSffHA*, 9tl{tlW7' wwrw. WANTID-BY A BISPICTABLE MAW. A BITUA tion aa KToe?r ? Clark. who thoroughly uidiratuli bU b??Ua?a, aad caa giva aatltflMtory raforanoa. Addreaa M. H N . Herald offica. ANTED? A YOUNG MAN Of INDUSTRIOUS AND boainaaa habits is dasiroua to procura % sit uatioa in a respectable * tort or otfioo. He writes a rapid tod good hind, fill inike hinielf cheerfully ltcti), and give the beat city rtfeianc ai. ? Addraaa Frank, otfaes of thii paper. W W' WANT KD -BY AN Eh GLISH WOMAN, WHO TBO r?ughly uadera tarda her bniiaeas, a situation M Cham bet maid and Bcans-rees. She ran give good refereaees. Address lit Whitehall (treat. Te be aeea for three days. WANTED? A SITUATION. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable yonng woman, ai Chambermaid; nn diretanda washing and ironing, ia the beet manaer; ia a 5ood pit la aewer, and can be reosmmended ai suoh. Please Irect, or call, to 64 Prince street, third floor. froat room, where she can be seen till cagaged. WANTED-A SITUATION A8 SEAMSTRESS OR TV auric la a respectable family, by a l'rotettant young girl. Call a( her laat place, t'JU Broome street. WANTID? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RS9PEC table young woman, aa Waiter and Chambermaid, ia a genteel private family : would aeaiat in waehing and ironing; is very tond of children; beat of city retereaee. Call at 7M Ct ailtcn street. in the basement. W'AMID-IVA RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A aitnatlaa aa Waiter and Chambeimaid, ia a private family. Apply at *'4 Twenty -seventh street, in the (tor*. f?r two days. Oood refeiencei from h^r last place, where she lived two year*. WANTID? A SITUATION BY A Y01NQ GIRL, TO soi ut aa seamstress and naree. Wonld ha\ e no ob jective* to going ia the ecuntry. Apply at No. 52 Wooator straet. Hut loot WANTED-BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, A SHORT Dis tance in the country, a Gormaa Protestant Qirl. as Nurfe and Seamstress. A neat, tidy (irl, with good recom tncmiai iens, desiring a g< od home, may apply at 'JJ Wall sttcet, between the hours of ten and three. None other need apply. 'ANTED? TO PURCHASE FROM |50 TO S76.000 OF Dry Gouds. suitable lor the Western Market, ot whioh one-third will be paid in cash, the balance soourel by mort gages on real citat* Please address X. Y., at this othoo, this day. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid, who will make herself generally useful. The bent of oity references. Waa three year* in ber last place. Pleaao call at 44>'J Fenrth street, near the First aveaue. Can i-e seen for two days WANTED-AN ENGLISH. SCOTCH. OR AMMtlOAN woman, as Nurse f"r an infant. Any no* fully ??m peteat may bare a permanent situation and fair wages, by applying at 4V Bleecker street. WANTED? 1$Y A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to do housework or ohamberwork in a small lanuly, and is willing to make herself useful 0 iod city reference can be given. Please call at Ne 8 Fifth (tract, ia the rear, where she < an be seen till suited. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE jcung girl, aa Chambermaid or Seam*tr*?a, or to take care cf children or do general housework in a respectable family. Can be aeen for two daya. ('lease call at No. 17 Monroe street, third floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS PORTER OR CLERK. in a dry goods, 'arpet, tea aid cotfe* wholesale lienor, or eonmitsnion warehouie, or any other huaiaess where he can uiake himnelf useful, l.y a young man ot good education and a tborongh knowledge of tne city. Host of city reforeaoe given. Addrers M . Herald office. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOK AN, a situation as Cook, or Chambermaid, or Litindreai'. T1 e beat of oity reference gi\ en. Can be seen for two daya. Apply at ?1 Greenwich avenue, second floor. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN CttOK, WHO UNDER (tanda Baking, and who will aaaiat in Washing an 1 Ironing ; also a itirl to d<> fine wathiag and parlor work. Both ikuat I).- capable and bring good city reference'. Apply at 15 West 13th street. ANTEH.-MY A YOUNG MAN OF EX PERICNCE A situation aa Coat or Paatalooa and Vest Cutter, in a custom > bis t lishmi nt B-st of reference given aa to capa city PI' at- William, lit raM Oilioe. Would hav no objeotioa to go fouth. WANTED-A LADY, WHO WOULD UNDERTAKE A titration in a gentleman's fxifcily, iu the country, uteres!, would be required to instruct a youti{ lair in EnKlith, French ( u hlcli sl.e mast speak ), music, and dancing Th" ad) vnnld be treated, iu evert respect, aa a companion < f tlio laBily, and i?ooive a liberal (alary. Adl'ora F. M , 2}eoiner of Varick street. Beach *tr*et. St J. hu's square. 11'ANTED-RY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION. v v is a good co< k, and a first-rat* washer and iroaer. W nuld f e wl lling tod., the u p stairs work. The heat of city referenda given from her la?i place, where she has live 1 four yea-.r. Plea?? call at 319 llouawu street, In th* book (tore, nar Luolow street. Can hn aeen for two day*. WANTED-A MAN TO TAKE CARE OF A KITCHEN TV garden, *ran of horses, fee , and to make lilunelf gone rally meful, in the Country A lady c?n liar* her board and living free, as a member of the family, if (he ia ini411e-a(ed, at.d a l'rctel taut. The doty to he that of assisting the ladv ot the h> use m . ewing, am teaching a J im mm, three yet.ra old. Arply at No. 8 Uauk street, between and VH in the morniug. VVrANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a situati >n aa C*ok. and is aa eicellent washer aod inner, and hat no objtatiun to assist in it If required; ia a I'tote tsnt. The best of reference from her laat plao*. In quire at I4A Third aeeuue. 117 ANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN TT a rituatisn as Seametress. and haa no objection to take csre cf clnhlren. Can be s?en for two days, at 115 Prince itreet, second floor, hack room, etith g el reference. WANTED-A f ITl'ATl ON A8 SEAMSTRESS AND ( hambermai'f, cr to take car* "f chillren. .-he ha lived In her lant t :as? 1?> niogi b*. Oood eitv reference. Call at the c rter of First avenu* and Fllteentn street. No. Uu. To he seea for two dayk Wan tel a mi cation by a respectable wotntn, aa Nurse, who oan take charau ot an infint from tie m oth. A rrotestunt faa.ily preferred. Beat of city r?fetrace Direct A. B. Herald cftie*. WAN I El) A SlltATION, BY A RE j 1' EOTi I'.l.K yonag woman, to a ? i t:atnb?rwork an J Hue Waahmi and I: "Mug m a trira'e family. Satiafactory reference ca-. 'e given Aiplvat I Jl Twelfth street, bctweea th* Filth aaa Sixth avenues. Can h ? s**eu for two day*. WANTED? BY A KL9PECTABLB GIRL. A SITCA tiuntoConk Wash *nd Iron ia a private family. Tt.e b*>t of refer?nc* can he given frem bet last place. 1'iease call at Jul Elm street. In > he basement. \Lr ANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO M A CA TV patle 4 res fmaksr, and haa worked in the best ?atab li?Lmei,ts. a situation to live ia a family in the vielaity of B< si. n or Providence. Please address a Bote to B. C., >'?. S.A Eighth aveaw. Wanted by a re^ectakieprotestantgirl. a lit uatlon as Wait jr. Caa he recommended. Pleae> ca I at Ivl ftighteenth street, between Eighth and Miatb avenues. w WANTED? BV A HI DDLS AGED A M K K I C 1 V Wo man. a 11 1 u it ion M ONl ib A email prints tamily, or would t ?? ?;,l i< to do the gtaeral !... ? .rk; la I (mi wuher mad ircaer, ltd u willing to ntkr hrreelf neefnl. G> ' d ci t > reference oan he (inn (rum h-r la?t place. Plea*' rail ai No. IV Suth arcane, between the houra of tea and Bee o'clock. She can to . c. u for two diye U/ARlEt-IT A TOO N <5 *t\ ?r GOOD A DDRE4S ?' and conaiderible eaperitoee. a aiteati a either ib * dr . goodi or ?r eery huuee. wt.eie b. cao ?a*e aa o'pjrt uni u <1 ohtaniag a thorough knowledge of bn?inuae. Saiit la. lory raferrnoe can begnen, on epi lioation it the etcre if tte Hat Fiaiel lag I'ntin. No. II Part Row. WANTED-DV A RE H'BOTABI.E TOINQ AMERI oe i woman, a eituatton, Nitrae. Aim, by a reepee teble fciglieh girl. aa Cbemlxiriiiiid and Waaler. Bothom p? 'I uce the beat of reference . HI. ate ?all nail Water at. \L' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TOLNO WOMAN. TT to do rhamberteork or waiting. Roe ha* llred flee jeira la her laat t laca. Call at 71 1iglh avenue fi.r two diyaa WANTED-BY A TGI NO OIRHAN WOH\N, A PBO tertiat. a (ituitloa In n>ae prwite family, toeook. wieh nd iron, or ta do cbitaberwork. Apply at No. IV Second it reel, la the tiee*,et ' WANTED? BY A RC1PECTABLE VOl'NO PRO tMtaat gitl, a eitnai l"a to :> geaeral twin- work. te a toed plain eioi. Ilea iio nhjaetjon t? go a ehnrt diataaee la tie (ouutiy fleaee call at S3 Mulberry atreet. UTANTED-A SITUATION, AS WET Nl'R^E, BT A rtaptMill Protai'aut S?<" oh woman. Apply at E'l Mulberry ? * reel. WANTED- SITUATIONS, BT TWO RESPBTA OLE Prottetaat rlrla; ? ae CI im' ermud eel te?mitree?, the ether, thirt* n vearaof age. ta take care of ohUdron. Pleaae rail at .1*7 Ninth atreet, third (I or. front r>o?. Caa ta >e<>a f' r two day*. IB'ANTED- BT A PR TEtTA N T NAN. A SITUATION Tf a> f ardeaer. He t rily uaaeretaada the I ? 'ur e> reiillee i? irouattm I to the vara of borne, aa I ''an tome ? eil r commended from h|.? lie: employer A uae ad iraeae I * ? .etlii-e of ih n p*i r >? ill ?e prompt atteatl o II' ANTED IN TUB l'KV CO IDS Ul "INF.i*. TW O t? amart kneiaeee y. nut men, logo ta St. John. N ll oaaknt gned general enlramar, having tatiafaotory refer et.ce, seed apple te V D Atlantic Hotel Want m>- h v a re^pp.ctabi,b touno ?oT*1?. lately from Eampe, a aitoatioa na t'haiabermai 1 M Seamatreae. rr a* Nnraa and Scamatrea? Goad reference ai ten. Apply nt MIS lloutton atreet. Caa ba aeen for two MWi ANTED- BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOHtN. Miati n aa_C>ok er would do the ? ?nef *l hoiigew >rh lorwier place, l for two daya w ofarm-ll family Haa lieed fnr ail yaara la her t ormer place G* d ' It ? refer* !>? a an befiten. Can be iten f >t ^4 Mott atreet. WHAN TED-A RE3PE0TA3IE TOUNO WOMAN, wiahce a iltnnt|'>n aa ChamSertitaid and to aaaiat in wnahing and Ircaiai. ia n miOlllli pytTBf f? lie. The bret of my refercBcaa (lean Can ba ie?n, far iwodaya, at 1<'7 T? eltth ilr*?t, between Klfth and ? . . 'h eeeauea. WHHAMED-BT a EBfPEi TABI.E VOl'NO WOMAN a altiAticn, I# do general h< aaework in a email filiate family. Haa no ehjec Ion to tn a ahort diataaee in tba ennntry. The belt ?1 city relereaca ana ha gleen. Pl>aae apply At 901 Oonlten atreet. np (tnlr*. Can be aea* for two Say*^ WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A BESPBCTAflGB youai wemtn, Aa flrit rate Cook : nnteretanda ?>.k - ing la all it a brnn. hea , alao, baking and pna' ry. The beat, of eiit reference frem her laat plnee, where aha wae for more tl an twn teara. < an he aeen fer two daya, nt *1 Marion ?treet, up itaire, frea t room W^HANTBb-BY A TOl'NO BCOTCB W'HHN. A ? Itaatlnn. aa Dreaamaker an! Seanetraie. Tlia keit of city reference gteen. Call at Cnenl atreet. WANTED-A SMART. CAPABLE TOUNO MAN. AS cnt-doet Baleamaa. Addraea. Immediately. " H. At tbti ofBce WANTED A SITUATION, AS OARDENER. BT A yonng nita who haa thirteen yeara experience, and lired in er me of tha moat reipectahle plncaa in England and Ire'aad; alao. twe yeara In thie covatry. He baa A thorough knowledge of hli profeeaina. In nil i ta varioni braaahee, e< niprleing the management af itnee aad greea hoaae plan", the forclrg of frnita aad eagetablea, Ac., fee. Aidreaa T. D t ,nt Mra. foater'a, SI Oraenwick atreet. WMaNTED-BT A OOMPBTRNT AND FAITHFUL girl, a eltnntloa %? chambermaid or to lake care af chl dree; can dc plaia eewlng. lad la wllliag to make her ?elf generally aaernl: good refereaeee given; caa be aeen a few daya at the eeraar of Bute and Smith itreeta. Booth BrcckliB. . Wanted t pitmation bt a respectable youag wctaan. te de general hnneework; haa th? eery heat ef city referenoee Call at JR7 Mnlberry aknet. WBBANTtD-BT A RFOPECTABLE TO I NO WOMAN, aaitiiatlon aa chaahermaid, or to aaefet (g waahlng aad itealac gacd city refereacee gleen. Apply at. W State aireet, itrootlyn, (ret See?. Caa he wet twe iaya. Wanted.-a ladt adtbbtisbs fob a situa tloa for her ??ra?( a middle aged Freteataat woman }, I Vie learaa her caly hecanae ahe ig taking a yenager aoree te the conn try Eh* caa recemmaad her highly aa a faithfnl. feed ternr-red. md rompe?ent nnrae. aad peaaliarly Ifed for t ha eat* ?( ig iafiat. Aik (ft Margaret, At if #aity WAira. WANTED- A SITUATION BV A PBR80N WHO 18 mult iuiiu to pre sura ft aituatlaa a* Numul Seamstress, or Chambermaid . or would bo willing U aasift la washiag aad ironing, aad would >>o williag to aiak* her self in ?nv way useful Address M. 8.. at Mrs. Shiredaa's, No. H Stanton (tract, in tbo rear, brick building. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNO GIRL, about hfteen yean of ago. a altuatiaa la a respectable family, to do light ohamberwork and waiting. Good oity re ference. M.ylc teea at S.H3 Elizabeth street. WAANTBD ? SITUATIONS BV TWO HIGHLY BB speotable young womea, one aa an exoellent plain Cook (ajood washer aad iroaar), the other to do ohamber work. Both ara wall recommended &s to character aad capa bility. Please i all at 41 Canal (traot. in the store. WANTBD? BV A GENTLEMAN, EMPLOYMENT (.V aay respectable business. Ha speaks English, Italian, f paaish, aad aome French. Willing to nake himself useful. in or out door. Salary no object. Uood references given aa to eharui ter and boneety. A note, addressed L. C., Herald Office, will be iromptly attended to. WANTED -A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE yeung girl, aa Chambermaid and Vaitar, or Waiter. Call at Franklin atreet, in the rear. Beat of city refe rence. WANTED-BY A BESPEOTABIE MIDDLE AQED WO maa. a aitoatii n as Cook. Qood oity refsrence given. Call at No. 26 Eighteenth atreet, in the raar. Caa be seen lor two daya. ANTED-A JOURN (YUAN UARBER, AT NO. ?1 Broadway. w W ANTED-A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, WHO IS capable of taking the entire charge cf a baby; alao wanted, a girl loi general homework. Apply at IK Warren ?treet. WANTE D-A SITUATION, BT A RISPECTABTi young girl, to do general houeework, or *a chambermaid in aamall private family; ii a Mi plain cook, aad an excel lent washer aad ironer; the best of oity references given. Please call at SO Liipenard (treat, where ?he Uvea at present; caa be (ten for three da y i. W ANTED-A BITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant yenng woman, in a piivata familj : ia a good cook, ftini understands lier business; ia willing te assist ia the washing and ironing; oan give cits references. Please oallat 266 eormar of Fifteenth itieetand First avenue; eta be seen for two daya. _____ ANTED-A SMART ACTIVE BOY? ONE WHO CAN Ilrooks s New York Boot and Shoe Emporium, 150 Walton t come well recommended ; none other need apply. At . I Fa" W ANTED-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE young woman, as first cook, wa.?h*r and ironer, who understands baking and pastry. Best of city reference from her last place. Please apply at 102 Amity street. Can be tien for 2 day*, XA MEN WANTED. TO ASSIST IN BUILDING A *Jv8ewer. Apply to E. PHALON, Contractor, under the Franklin House, corner ot Broadway and Day street. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION-GOOD COOK, washer and ironer ; will take chamber work. No ob jection to go in tha country lias lived in her last place lor two years. Goc d city reference. Plcao- call at Z7:' Nine teenth street, between the Ninth and Tenth avenue*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation, who uada-staads cooking, washing and iron ing Eaily aopliratioa to be made at No. ?3 West Aleventh street. Caa be seen for two dftjs. ? A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WI8BES A SITI'A tion, in a private family, Ai Sefttns'ress, er Nurs.'. or Leundreta in a Uotol. Good city references can be given. Please to call to 1("J Rivirgton street. AN E1.DIRLY AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS |A Si tuation, in a rmall private family, without wattling. or a b itel? is a good plain sewer, good cook, an'l is willing to msie herielt useful. 109 Rivin^ton stive t, first floor, back loom. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A6ITUA tlon as Chambermaid. or to do the liouaowork of a smtll i tmily, or to take oftre of children, and a'no to watt oa & table in aprivate boarding-house. Bhe can b? seen for tw > days, at .'<4 1 ast Broadway. She can act good city reference, if required. * RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY, A PROTESTANT, i \ w ishes a sitra:i"n as Nurse and Seamstress, or a* Sick Nurse had a good deal ofexperienco in canes ot .inknei', un i 1- willing to make herself generally useful. 1'leaae call at 7 1 Sixth avenue, in the store A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG WOMAN WANT3 A SITCA ticn an Co* It. Washer, and Iron- r in a sretli priv.i: I r<iueiti<nable c-.ty relcrence given. ln isir?a;67 stieet, :ti the rear. A SITUATION IS WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE joung woman, to do the general h' tisework of aeravl family; would have uo objections to <1j chamlierwork; the is a good plaia each, washer, and ironer; cm give gjod roferen cee from her last . mployer. Can le (een, for two days, at II hitington strut, frcat las ement. Desk room wanted-in an office in Tb e vielnity of Wall street preferred. State terms and address Fr< noh, Berald ofh fen ily. Su IT.. Ik INFORMATION WANTED OF CATHARINE HUGHES L w ho got married to Christopher Suras, w ho then resided in Pateraon, N . J. ller silter. fcliza II ughta, would be. <lal to hear fr< m hrr by sending a letter, addressed to M2 Frauk lin atreet. New York. VI'KSi; WANTED? A FIRST RATE NURSE AND >?amitreas wanted, to lake a^re of a child abunt >n months old, in ft family ?hcr? there are no other ehildr.n. To one of eipcrience, and fully comprtent in e\ery respeet, goed wages and a good home will b? given. A line addressed to V , b< x 1.960. ? ill receive attention. VM'K'-E WANTED-ONE WHO IS ACCUSTOMED TO children, and is willing to mika herself generally u - 'nl. A Joung womaa prtferrad. Apply at 1JD Chambers sireat, between nine and cie o clock. WANTED-WANTED. A PROTECTANT Wo man aa Children a Nurse, one of a kind and pleasant disposition, atd petfeetly competent to take care of ftn in las* Apply at No 32 Eaat 144'h atreet, aou'b weste>rn r of Vniversity place, betweea tha houra of ten aad twelve o'clock. TO PUYSICIANS? WANTBD BY A MEDICAL 8TU denr wbr haa one year more to serve h situation in u reipe* table iractltioner'a office, where his aervioes would bi considered as a coinpeneatioB. PUa.e address, " Msdious,' Ueral'l Othce. tflBCKLLAMKOU Lime juice: limb juici-i.ono oallons very superior Jamaica; alao, MW hoxee orangec, AU l ag* vary Due krvhah Walnuta, aad a great variety of articles, tnuob below tii a market price, at the cheap caeb store. lS^S Water street QEO. Bt:BIVEW. Comiaiasloa Dealer. WOOD WORTH PLANING MACHINES. OF ALL anee ana tbe meet approved ooastruetioa. ooae'antlp oa hand, or made ?o order at abort notiea. Alao. tha right louiell em in several Stataa. Also, Steam Engines, Iren and Braas Caatiag* and all parts < f Machinery for fittiag ap Planing. Sugar, or Saw Mills, or parts thereof parta tk_ _ JOHN II LESTER. l'J2 Fnltoa atrart. H KELLY'S CRATE AND FENDER MANUFACTBHY, ? Broome atreet. three d >ora wast of the Bowrrv, adjoining Dr Coae's church. New York. Builders an 1 cttiers who are aboat pnrehaaiag woald do w?ll to eall. as be feels contlleat that bia pattsras, for . arie'.y aad ebeapaass. are nni arpaesad. Window shades, cornices. cord tassels. Buff and While I 1 a n k*.? The e..b- ? -r liaa the larireet MMMMM of the ?.???? le, aad will veil cheaper tkku amy beuN ia th* cut for the iii? jnality of good*. EAMttAL r. BtRTOL. ITS and 177 William *tr**t. near Baekmaa etr*ek \i*iNrow shades or every description on ff I * I. Ml 4 palated to oraer. Alio, oord*. taaaola, bud and white lines*, ke. Maaufaotory 27 Spruce ** , near Wil* 1 tain, ? holecal* and retail T.CONOVEB. PREMIUM KILN -DRIED DOOKS ON HAND, AND mad* to order, of any lira or uuality; al*o, Saihe*. g'ai** or sot glazed, of the late at an I beet atyl**; Inn If and untaid* Blinda and Hhattera, (or aaia l>y th* *nbacriber, 47 Beak man atr**'.. N. Y. N P. KIMBALL. CORNELIUS' PATENT SOLAR LAMPS, CUANDA M ?*? hituiee, iriraadol**. n i< rand*iab>a* of emko*e*d Amah; tilvar plated tea a*i *, four pii-cee. S#>. ta Meforkt |7: *poi*a, $.1 per dm,; caetora, baak-t*. Ac .pla ted oa (?? riaan ellvet; ivory handl* cutlerr, tea traye ft*. AMUR kORUAl*, Ifljg William atr?*t. between I ni ton and abd, oppoaite th* ohareh. randies brandiksi! brandies' ii-theqi.d ret and beat 1 raadi**. m inea ll.|u re. kc , imported ?* B preai ly lor the proprietor, ar* to be tonad at th* new as I (iteBaive brandy atare. 4.?) Brooa? etreet, ?nc block ea*t of Br< ad way Particular attention li {aid t* the botfllnrde. pertmea t which con*i*t* of th* *hoia?*t gra.l** of Nadaira*, Sherry* aad Port*, and ar* peculiarly adapted fur medioai ptirpta*a. beiag g?nulaa, aad *o aarraatcd by th* proprie tor. AMBROSE DALLIMoRE. OAK17M.-T. ft J. A L D E ? l < BIDSON COUNTY Oakum Work*, Bergen Ilndaon Cauaty, New J eraey; f u* at I a half mil** frtai J*r**y City ferry. r*raoaa wiah ic( te go to the wtrha, eaa do *? by tahiag th* *teg* at the lerry. that lea*** ***rr half h*ar. Peraeaa will pi*aa<>. ?h>n they **ad by ?ail. aay what kiad they neat? extra aaperlnr. or America Na?y. DROaDWAV. SIS.? MR. LEONARD I K NT E I NPoRMS MJ th* pabli* aad hlifriea I* that h* haeiuat flm*h*4 ?> ve ral aew model* of Maatal Pioeta, of Pyrraaiea ia laid mar ble amai which la ?ne of eaienculia marble, th* moat estimated la Eniep*,aad whioh take* the aame of agave ?r arlla. B* ha* alao Aai*h*d eemc a*w modal* of tablea of th* begttaata: Ilk* em e ai?n of th* moat aplendld mar klea. He bega of th* ama-enra of ho* arta to call at hi* ??ore. LEONARD lINt'E. Nil Broalway. la iBfte'-a or tweaty day*, Br. I.eae* will t ffer t* th* pab li* Ha- 1 P Iteea of tweaty-oae different kiada. CJENKRAL TWIOOS RETURNED r ROM Til E mexT. ? eaa war baariaa twa mark* of hard acrvioe. whieb laarel* eould But hid*, a* they did, CiMir'l baldn***. Oa* waa a n*kd a* whit* a* wool, atd thentkar a 00 taa*oaa eruption *n th* forehead Th* lattar ha cured with a mlntnr*. prepared far hia by th* Surgeon of th* raaiment. la applying it *jbo al hi* hair waa moi*t*ned, which aooa changed color He thi a applied It to all af hi* hair, which aooa "acami, and a?w ?? . origiaal color. Thi* hair dye, for *ach it ia. haa ?lac* boea a*ed with perfact. auso*aa, ia (' * ia? a brow* or black in r*d or (troy hair, withoat diaooToria* th* uio. Turn th* fact of lit peratina throuah th* root* *f th* hair, it la pcrtraaeat. It halag af one preparation. iaa a* a era without aay lacon**ai*aca or troanla, and having a pa<'* - liarly alea*ant aaiell, greatly aahancea th* pleaeur* of tta u** Tk* proprietor* har* pnrcha*** th* r*c|p* aad right to maaalactar* aad aell by tha wholesale or retail. All order* out of thaaity m-.n b* po*t paid, and direct*d to DEAN k S W A RTW Ol T'd Partumer) D?pot, No. *7 Naaaan atreet. Sun building, and by N Milla. DruggUt. No 9 We* t llroad way. Pric* flfty ceata par bottl*. A JOKE W ITU TB E VlRiTrT A Ua! ha' Meaara. ia*--'a. Year gtaikole ar* n?ar ; Thora'a a Lvui ainnag yoa, Oa wall and on floor. Oa* ta*t*nf hia powder? Yan'ro grne ia a whit; Roaohao. motha ante, aad ha4 bar*, It fc alia ia a jiff Whll*. wharerat* and mic* aoaa|*r'4, la qalat ? feat a*, For E I.yon'a famed glebuloa, Olva to them a quiitu*. 1 y?a * Magna lie Powder and Pill*. Depot 490 Rroadway, ('BANDOR-f SILVER PLATI NO ? OFriCB, NO. 14 J Wallftreot Now York. Entire t-a aeta. "(la* potaand urna, raha haaktta, aad erery do crlptioa of plated aara, apo' na. fork*. Mo.,faraiali*d at the *horta*t aetioo. aad of a ?iyle aad flaleh warranted anperlor to tho Sheffield ware, and ? t very low price*. All kinda of metal, military, and k*ra*M *ad carriage monat tag*, plnmbar'* fmurea, *ilrer plated or gold plated, to order; aad every article of eld plated ware made e.(nal t* a*w, at a very niodeiat* cipenae. and at few hour* notice. All ?teamboet*. packtt ah 1 1>* hotel*, aad pri vate fatriliea of tk* Untttd fftatea. may have their ware re-plated with (tlvcror gold, equal to aew, at ab*at on* inart*r the r rlg'nal ooat. A. B M I LLER ft OO , Agaata for the maantaetarer. l^i; B ft OA D#AT7 BET WEB KORAN ? a ? ? BROOBB "B # V white froat hoea*. I* th* great seatral d?p*t far th* moot celebrated and geanine pateat medleiaee, Kel linger'* Llriatoat aad Ma?io riaid, for the hair, llyatt't Lira Eal'aaa. Pafeack'a Pnlmoalc ffyrnp. Dr. tlray a Ufttra tlea Miliar* Mnt*Mrg'*, Kaanp'*. nibbard'a. Peek *, aad R'ahe'a Bitter*. r..waa*ad * aad Sand'* Rar* jaart h?<?l*a, Rmndreth't and the celebrated Waentag Pilla, aad Maa^attaa Pla*t*n. Dr. R ha* bayond a deebt eatabllehed that be bag th* only artlel* t-hat will reatere the hair. Sold te >alt all nlr*amataa<*a. l-arg* family btttlaa a* fl; %!> per ifioa, *aah. I i nuAiciAu Two lUMOUD THOUSAND DOLLAR* 817111 TIR cent mortgage boada. Ceatral Ohio Railroad. Htxri. lla?*rty, Draper * /?>? M will eflsr for aale at tha Mar - chant* lichan**. on W*4ae*day, ttth laitant. at It o'elo k, Two Band red Thooaaad Dollar* of th* b>ndaof th* Ohio Central Railroad Company, bearing iater**t at rata of aeeea per oent payablo M ini annually. at the otftaa of tit Obi* Lira and Truit Co , in the eity of N?? Turk, and the principal reimbursable i a ten year*. These bond* are a p ir tion uf as laaua of Foar Honored aad Fifty Thomaad Dollar* proposed to be made, to aecura which, a llrst and only in ?? jair baa ken made to Mr. George 9. <ioe. Cashier of the ti no Lira aad Truat Co., ia truat . The mortgage covers tha Mtira line ol tbe r< ad batwaeu Colamba* aad Kaneevill*? Mjf

bUm? with all ita properties aad appurteaancea. eqait>i<*. depot*, depot lota, kc , (to , and are convertible into the ?tock of th* Company, at par, at aay tine before thair matu rity. Tbe nnderaigned are oenfiuent that theae road* ofler . a* aafe aad profitable an opportanity fir investment a* any which bare been ia the market, and that th?* prernnt *<>ma peculiar claims upon the attention of capitalist*. The ti rat divides af tha road from Colusbaa to Zau*?viUe. 5h)f in ilea, upon which the mortgage i* a lien, ia all und*r oomract, tha grading and masonry oi aome aection* being already eom plete, and the rtat rapidly rrogreas'ng. The chief engineer enpeot* to have the 25 mile*, between Zaaeavill* aad Newark, ready tor the rail by May next aad the ha'anaa of tbe line by Angtiet or Heptem>er next. The line between /.aacarille aal | Whaeliag, where the road will form a oouneution with tha Baltimore and Ohio Road, la uader snr>ey. To build Una ?astern extension there have already boen eubsenpti >na mad* by Wheeling, and the adjoining eonntias. to the amount ot t?*',000. The directors beliave that the full am>nntwill ba made up by iadivilual aad other eounty subscriptions. a* aoca ae they are ready t? put the road under eon tract. The aatimated coat of the division he* ween /anesville aad Columbu*, fully equipped, ia $^7,000. The tulniriii tiona, guaranteed t.y the Diteotor*. amount to $517 IMD. leaviag $870,000, which it ia proposed '.o raise by thvm bond*. Thu?, when completed, the entire r<'*J. depot*, equipage, Ike., coating mare than twice tbe amount of the bond*, will b* held aa aecurity for their faithful reim bursement. la regard to the location of tho road, it i* believed that none moie favorable exist* in the West. At Columbus, the I eatral Road conceota at the same depot, with th* Columbus and Xema. and ths Cleveland, Oolntnbu* and Cineunatl Koada The Coluuibua and Xtnia. with tho Little Miami Road, over a distance of one liucdrid att'i ump teen miles, make* railway ornneotiou with Cinoiunati. By th* Little Miami road to Springti'ld, aoonnection i? had with the Mad Kiver and I ake Brie Road, all > in sucocisiul opera tion. It i* alio contemplated to extend the Columbus and Xvuia Road from Xania to Dayton, where a second usuaej tion will be had with Cincinnati, by the Cinolnnati, LlainU* ton aad Dayton Road ? whi-h ia rapidly progressing. At Dayton also, a conaectiou will be mad'' with the Dayton an.l Greenville, and the "'Western" Roads. Follow lr.g i he latter to the State line, a sonntctior w ill he had w th the T' rrc U no to and Richmond Road, (extended); whiob. p?Min< through Indianapolis, traverses the whblti width of the Statu ol I ntfl? una, and at Terre Haute, connect* w.tu the " A tlantio atd Miraissippi" Roa', stretching to St. I.ouia. At Columbus, also, tke Central Road will connect with tha Columbus, Piqua, and Indiana Road. At Newark th* Central Road connects with the Columbus uud Lake Erie K 'ad, which furnithes a railway communication with Siuiiusky anil Cleveland. At the Eastern end the ?tioa at Wheeling with tbe Baltimore aid Ohio Ruad will secure to the Ohio Central Roada large traffic in the cattle, horsea. hogs, grain, flour, and other products seekinr an outlet to the wlantic. Bythia line the route to the seabratd is tome forty m* lea nearer than by any other line and this ditloren ce wilieom masd the tratfia of a large area of the richest portions of Ohio. Tho convertible feature of thee bonds is a v> ry i alua ble one. as the stock of the Road must ultimately become one of the best in the eour try. An exhibit aad a map show ing the location of the R"*'l ?nd jrivlng full particulars of tha crndiuon of its affairs sud n proipeative traiho, may bo obtained ot tl e underaigne. I The terms of the uale are ten per cent at the time or porchaae, and tfie balance in equal payments at one, two, three and four month*, with the option of making tho whole pajmeut ai one 'line, with in'."r?tt from th* time of aale. UILBKKT tit JO'i S9<>tt ti Wall atre?t. H. B ? The underairneil, lavlnn rteeived full aiJ t?; j factory security for ?o doing, are preptied to guarantee ' .? payment of the interest t n the aiovo bonds, until theooial Ij ticn ot the work embraced in the iu"rtgage. QtURf & JOHVtOir. SEVEN 1'KRCkNT MOKTUADB lix.ViaS Ol' I'd K I, A Kayett* aad Indianapolis ftailr' as C"<np tuy Pnnjipal and Interest 1'ayable it the City of Nm Vork The attaation of rspitalista ia Invi'e'l to the si l? of Three Hundred anl Fil'y Ttt isiui .1 ilUrs ol lie above named b?ads, to be made at auction by M'nsts. U' rf gerty. Draper ?i Jonea, at t.lie Metchaata's Bxchaape, on ta* 27<h February, at l>3i o'clock The bonda are -ecured fcv i mortgage to Tru Mas, vi/ - Joseph B. Varau'n and id ward Whitetome, of thia city, aad the Hon. uluarr. S Whito, of lndiutia, foririiig tbe arat'aad only lion up ti the entire n ad and all ita *<i uiprannti, fixtures aril ai rnrtenaaoet. The Ismeof the bonds unrer this mortage is liai'el to th* a im ot f.lMU'lUi, which ia to he aopropriatad to the purehaae aud transportation of the iron taila, chairs and spik?*;the irvl- ' ina ol the wlioleline (62 mile*) and tho Hniakinu ot the road l ed with wooden su p?ratru*tur?i eomplate, in h. ling tho laying < f the trac k, hi. vine l een prnvid I for bv stock aub scrip'ioos, amounting in the *ir(rre ? ? to S262,OOU. i'nrthet aubscripilcnsof stock to a e'.nsi'l"rabie amouat have i a ' tendered, iLOluding fltU,Ol II bythcultyof La Karaite, (the latter onlv awaitnm tbe required legulat lve auatiou. )wh; li ? ill be fullv adequate to pio\ ide tbi a<eea*arT equiusan s and meet all possible eont1ag*a '.es. Tb^ . ompin), wlien j work i? cfiapletef, will b* eat irely free from a float ing * while the cost ot tho road will te mora than dou> U the amount ot ita (mall funded d .bt. The La 1'ayette ani In dianap< lia Ra'lroad is an in egral part if two irunk Li e? which pro. ecdiBB fri m Loui . lie and Ci n ? inuali, meat ?t lndianapolia and tbence er j sinp the Wala<h River at l.? Fax ette, the head of steamboat navigation, w ill J' ri c od nil riant lii.e to t'l icaso an 4 :!>< .re it Northwest \ , I n t :.n hv* roada built or huildiag into Indianapolis from tho So- h a?.d East, will nek a N"rthw**tern outlet over th* l.? Fayette aud Iadianapoli road, tmd all the roada frnia tl.i West, aiming for the I pper Wabash River !r u t-pringtiold, Illinois, to South Bent, Indiana, mak* a focua at la Fayet'e. Ocen[yiag *o favsrable a posi; .n, tbe through bnsinass of tha ti I K R. mast be ti.lW equal to that of any I'.ad within tbe State, w l.ile in r?'p t to i'a local buaintss baa* is lU'.re favorably situated. l"?n? tratiag a belt of country comi rising the eight moat wealthy and pi pul jna oonntiea of Indi .aa, a -id forming the ver* b?a*. part of t he State? now yieldinr a large mrp! is? it < northern extremity reata at the head of iteamb'iat nniii'i in on tb* Wabash river, and at th* lest market town on the Wi^ i-li ana Brit canal; and ita r ou them 'erminus at Iadiauap'lit ia withm convenient rta> h of Cinciuaati, LouUrille, ani the obio markeie. Ti e boada will b? is;ntil in sums of On' Thi>n&nn iloll?ra each, dated 1.1th I '.ruiiry, 1H.H, redeemable m -en ytara.and bearing iaterest it the rata of laveii j -r deal p? annum; coupons I'or th? interest payable scii- intu i'ly at tte liank of A marica, in the city ol New York, "h the i'>t day of February and Aaguat in ea li year, w,l' I, utac. I to each l ond. In addimn to the tcearity a'.lord*d .he morfgage, twenty- three reatlimtn ofc-iat re?r etab.l.ty and knowa wealth, of Lafaje'.to and Indiaaap' lis, and 'he vioiaity have girea their p?rs'm?l liabiUts for the prompt I payment of the interest on thi> bonds until the rovi stitil beei mpleted, fulls cquipp id, aad in *perat. .a tt.r iii. hon ' ita entire letfgtb. The bonds are ctu en i !.|? into tiesro k of th* Company at par, at the option oi the twU?r. it ai y time within live yeara frera tke d ite of their is. a. . Asihe road w ill be one of ihe moat cheap! v conatruetoi in t ie eonu ia believed, a* it pa? as througa the finest a rleni tural district in the West, aal forwaa I nk in the difet line of railroad eom mnnication between Cio inaati and Chi cago. that it muet prove re ry remunei a- > . e r thest boldtra. Arrangements have txen made to- an earlv <lel' very 1 1 tbe rails, which eusnraa the completion of therot f in season to femr* the b<iaina*a of tin coLain/ autumn Pnyment will be r*qair*d for th* t <nds, aa follows Ten par cert on the day of pirhase. atid tb> balaaci within i thirty dayr, at the notion cf tbe perchaair. Th- accrued iaterest en ti e boada to be added to date of pa)tnen' Rxhiblts show ia i more fnlly the merit* of th* road < an l>* obtain*, and eepi** of the bonda aad m> rtsa<e, an I of the rersonsl guaraatiaof the interest pavm- u'.a. can nai en. ea application to CAMM&NN It WOI 1 ElIDi;? E. Wall street. ' PENNM I.VA.MA RAll.RDAD LOMI'ANV AHI mV fcrwardug goods to Pi'.'.tburgli in hve daye, t r? "? Philadelphia a", the following low rates, vu Firat Class? thy (ioode. Shoea. Bat*. *c $1 per HO lbs. Se, ad Clase Bgles Brown Maslin*. Oraceriea. Hardware, he., ta. p-r 100 Iba Third? tjueeaswtre, Coffee, Tin, kc. 6 i eta. per 10 1 j lb*. Fonrth? Ashe*. Tar, Pitch, fcc., in ?ta per I'tilts N> eommifimn* chargidfor receiving or ti rwardin Goods at PM'adelpb a or l'itt?bnrgh Goods Ircm S'c ? Vor?. li- :oi, oraeyofth* Eastern Manufacturing Oampaaies, to in*nre detpatrhto Ptitabvrgh, aad all [arts ot the Great W .at, , ahonid be coaaigaed to B II. HOl'STON. Freight Ag'nt Pennsylvania Railrcad Company, 274 ana 27f> Market itreet, Philadelphia. McFA I'EN li CAVODK, Agoata, t'anal Basin. 1*1 1 tab ji- e h . BHane or north a m ehica.? cjapita i. bp?jk SI.UUU.MK).? Bo"ke of aubeeri|itiun to lb* rapital atoek of the aboee tank, will be opened &t the iifiue of Hum. 0'l>'?rt ft Jhnt'n No 51 M ill itnit, en fiieaday, th> Jitli laatant. and ooatiaae open until the Sittuifa/ follow. n*. unleaa the aobarript i on h? preeioualy full. An inetalaient of trn peretst will be dn? at tha tun? "f anka *riUin*. T..? ft ret Board oi Directote ml) eouaial of the lo.Uwin* *?n'.le m?o ? Joha J. Fiak, C ??ore Ori-weM, Jr. Ralph W New tea, Wm H llltea. Bain ii (I L Hath, Ch.trln M C?m. 'lly, IVriok Strnchnn. C ? ar.uK B. IliS'ibe, of New Fork; and Aaron Chau. i <n, ?( Savannah, JOHN J PlSK. Preaidaat. TDK llANOVER RINK, (*? IliNOVBR RQCAKK. IN ? the (iij of Now To. ?. -Tina iaattw ? h r I the (eneral bank law. with a -aitta1 ot $ ?iO,i?<. of wtv .h baa already h'tn *nhacrtb?<l. T.ia tolloon* rrtUe ? men eiuatitnta the Board of Dtrectort -l?aa? O'ta, I'real* diat, (trorar No. 7N Froat atreet. R kert T Wnjdw?r<l. dry ?o?da. No. Jti liberty nn >t; U.nry *. Tirbell, dry *oo It. No. t4 Conrtiaadt *tre< t. KImki h I rr N A* and Ml I carl .treat: I bar lee T. Pietean. boeta anil eh ?ee. No. Sft Coartlandt at reel; J. N. W robert. wiae and f'ult kro ? kar, N? 117 Pearl atreet; Be w ard Hrolee, ?"raw *? .ii>. N? 124 Pearl itreet : Ad?ni.*h J I'oderhill. rroekery. N t?( Pearl atraet; H hert II. Bird'll, fr >d<iaa <? itn. mer?h?a\ No. .'*2 Froat atreet. Bdward t'ornina, hardware No I.V P >rl Ittl kilted Bdwari", (ill |M< . Ha. Itl P %r1 ?-ra?', Rlrbard P Snrk ram merrf ant. No ?' Reuth atraet /?> eph 0. Allen fruit dealer. No V- Pr^a* atraet A'ker* W fo4fn (t, I bah merchant, No. ?4 Froat atraat Ktra Wh'eler, rrtv r, No. *9 Proat a-raet. The Board bare appointed C'hai lef ? I - in*atoa. Beq.. Caahier. Farther rnbaorif ttcna to the < apttal 'fork a.ay be madr rn epplii-enoa t? rither of the Direotnre. or to C> mint ft t'o , N NT a ret' : or t.> Win ft John O'Rrlea. No7m Wall atraat ______ National hank op ikbi.and imn- rok larre or amall ataounta, on aaid bank tad i'a kraaohea lu Ireland, aa<i iieili la Eniland. Br tlan l, an I Walee, for aalo ky C. * . IIABtOUr, ?alt anthorirail a tent of Na' if nal fan* "f Irelaa4 Far tha United Statu!. Pa lis banT p ? 1 - 1 ii i sFhVcri b ? * ? . Aiff-ira poa tha baakina b n>a i.f M-'aara Rue da Traaiaa. Parte will epaa aredi'# up..a theai lor pirtiea Im part ia? r*'>da from Franoa. 0'<rniany. aad Swltu riand. AI?o, for traTtllera koibr to tho Conttnant and ta Kn?!*n I fijt tarma arr'> to r ? H A?ICIIT ft CI . M Wall ?. Till MBIT VORK PNBI MATIC DRAININO AND Baanlao'arii t ? oiar?n?. ftook af ?tib? rip'ioa* (or tba kalanea of tha . apttal ?t?i k af thia aotrpany. will l>a open- I at tha olBea of B-nry a Iker, i.a i , No. i! B" kroan atreat, on W ednei Jay. tha 26th inat . between 1 1 A H. and I P. ? . and coatiBue open natil Tn.-day foil"* e< Aa inatalm*nt of tea par teat will k- dae aad payable at tha tlma of auk aeriptt'B BPHRIAN UTIVIM", JA*?1 AI^'ICK. PIIRRRB I.AHIIRftT. JOAII'B gt>KIPtt<. QBMH V Al.KKK, Tntataaa. fil ivriMini'At II AVISO THI? U 1 ) OVA/, am ant *iaLai to pnt It nlot m^ i'al ilalie.i and profitable bmlaaaa.whara t he [<a o>nal aerr i "a of the owaer ara aot needt<l. tddr?-aa Win . R f>allv|e, ?< n' deatially, with relejent e. throitru the CbaUiam aiuare pjat olftee. MHHONBT TO I.BN D. AIIKAIIAVJ J A J I N ' > N, PAWN kroker. No V Read* atraet. ae?r Broadwav, leant moaee, la larae or ama'.l mate, aa mty ka ra<(nirad, aa watehea. Jewelry, ellear ware, wearln* *;paral, dry *aodat aad paraonni sroparty of aeery 4ea?n?tlon TRAVRt,LRR?' IUK 1 W l 1 -TH? Hl-DSON RIVBR OPBN T.l AI.1ANT. " Be opt oaiti'n t ? tniaipoly for Albany and Inter mediate landiao: fare IWi aent*. the e?|etr??-"l ?tea*aer Raflalo, t'apt Pmith will Irara far Albany. Thuralay. Tek. 27?h, at t o'rlook, p M from t.ha fo"t ol Bart-lajr atraet. Prei?ht taken at t eaat naMe prHi a. P. r frt i|bt at purekfa apply on board. NHRW FORK AMD f >1LADRI.PHI a \ .KB aad Philadelphia direct. -Calted H<atea Mail Lira ? rhr"n?h ia IS hoart. ?la New J*irr Railroad. Fara re Iaae4 to BS for Drat alaaa. and |2 W tor eeeoad olaaa. Laa?a Raw fork at ? A- M.. from look it Coartlandt at., aad at I k M aad ? f, M . from foae ol I/ibaity (treat. L?a>* Pkilaaalphia at t aad ? A. M. aad ? F. M.. from ?ha footef Vataat a>?aat miTSICAla. PlANOroBTK F0? RAI.B* HEAP-A !*t;PKRRdXOC. ta?a roaeV"<td piftaaforte, of ea<|oiaita t. Uch, taaa. aad llalah aad nearly new. made ky I ft H.'ldar, New Pork Alao a II aataea y?ew od, rrtra I '0, and < n? *?. Jirt a H aatarr anladaoa at fKA, or Will biia them all aheap Ap ple ta M Domed ay taacbr| of ftnaie, at ik Utaiid (treat, Cvtatl ?( Otran powmr TDIiTII VIDNUDiV EVENING. FEB. I J Xtb. th* urfvriiiUM will ceaiuieae* with th* uagcdy ?r DAMON AND PITBIAS-Damoa, Mr. J. R. Scott; Pythis*. liltra Ctlutkt. MimWib;u. After Che tens edy Mr. W. B Evai** will appear tad disc* tin sslsbrated Comic Fii GacolniqB*. Ml#* Mmsrt will ting on? of b*r most po pular Soags To ?oastad* witA tt* establl*t.*d drta> of VltOtli; ProBoh Polio* Spy ? Yidocq, Mr. Stevsns, Kayaoad, Mr. Jordaa; Debienn*. N Johnsea: Boibbb. Mr. Tikon, Annetta.Mr* Jordan; Roeiae. Mra. Walcot. Boiea, 23 cents; Oioh*?tra Box**, 80 oeaW; Pit. 12V, oent*. Dour* op*a at half-past 6; Curtain rl?a? at 7 o'clock. Bl'RTON'S THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET, BEAR UP to* ?J?t jr Bail? Be xe*. Dra** iCIrole, aad Parquet, 60 cen t?; Poo i ly Circl*, or Second Tlor, 23 o*b t?; Pri vat* U ih, ?'1 aad S5; Oreheetr* Seit*. 73 o*nt*. Door* op*n at 6 V to b*f IB at 7 o'olock.? Wi'lao*day *v*a'g. P?b. M, will b*pr? ?ented th* new comedy, culled OLD LOVE iNB TUB NBW? Sir Algernon Conrtowa. Mr. Bland: Capt. Sydney Coartoau. Mr. Letter; Maj. Stock, Mr, Blake: Stnbb*. Mr. Burtor; Mils trimmer, Mr* Hugbes; Mi** Camilla Uay to?r?, Mr*. Russell; Cherry Boubo*. Mr*. Skerrett. Spanish Bolero hjMiM Waltere and M. Fred*rio. To conelud* with TUB WORI.P BPaIR Mr. Win Waggle*, Mr Burton. BR O r 0 H A MS LYCEUM- BROADWAY. NEAR Broome atreet. ? Dress Cirel* and Parquet, 40 rente; Family Circle, 25 cents; Orchestra Seats, (i. 1'nvate Bote*, (3. Doors oDm at to oommenoe at 7 o'elook. ? Opera night.? Wednesday evening, February 2U. will be performed SfBVB HIM RIGHT? Harry Bylla.J, Mr. lr?|W tamp*on SLuttlcworth, Kiel Gould. After winch a Grand Polka Diveitisitmrot, by M'lle. L. Duey. Barre G.W. Smith aad the Corps de Ballet. To b* tallowed by the WORLD'S PAIR; or, Columbia in th* Clouds? Jove, Mr. Brougham; A polio Mr. Dun*; Columbia. Miss Mary Taylor. To *onclud* with the farce of SUDDEN THOUGHTS. National tbeatre.-boxes. a cent*; pit, 12* tenia; Orchestra Box, to oenla. feats in Private U ii, Si; Pn'at* Bai, $3. Alteration of time? Doore open at a quarter before 7; curtain riaes at a quarter paat 7? Wednes uuy evening. February 2ti. th* entertainment* will com mence ai<h th* dramaof RORINA Ml ADO WR? Jethro Bai ter, Mr G. K. Locke; Mr. Meadow*. Mr. Braadon; Ku.ina Meadow* Miat K Iteatajer. To be followtd by the aew drama entitled the RIVAL CHIEFTAIN A OP MEXICO? Zol ediali fcliort, Mr. O E. Look*; Alvador Nui 1 1, Mr. H'at kine; Drnna I sate la, Mra H. P. Grat'an. To conelud* with A DAY IN PARIS? Emily Grenville, Miss Hathaway. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. d7l BROADWAY. ABOVE Grand *tr**t? Open *v*ry Bight during th* w**k uatll farther Boti**. The origiaal and w*U ka*wn CUR1STYS MINSTRELS. tompriaing an emoleat and versatile "o^rp*" of "taleatad" and "*xpori*a**d performer*," uuder tha ma nagement of E. P. ( hriatv. wbno ooncerta in thia eltv. tor a succession of " At* year*," nave been r*o*iv*4 with favor by highly reapoctabl* and faah.onabl* andianc**. Tloket* it centa Dcor* open at half- paat six. oomnenote at half- pa*? seicn c aietk. The Latron* of Chriity** Minatrol* ar* r* ?P?ctfui!r iuiormod 'fiat the uaual Saturday af**rn?nn con certs will I.* diisoatlnued for th* futnr*. (>a Saturday next, Match I H. anaral heni't.t of J II. Donnecker. F'. EL LOWS' OPERA HOC3E. 4U BROADWAY, BE tween Howard aid Uraad itreeta.? The manager baga be atatatbat thaimuenae tncourageinent given to hi* celebrated Concert* every eveniog f jr the laat eleven montha, bv the olito and taahion of tnii great metropolia, haa indnora him to oagago artiata of tha very hrat tal. nt, to produce Bur Uaque Italian (>para Scenaa, Burleaqne Concert# and Halle ta, in a atyle equal to tli? originala produced at the Italiaa Opera of thia city. On Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, a Concert, commencing at 3 P. M . for the anoommodaiiaa it iawiliea. Admiaainn 23 cent*. Door* open at halt paatd. ?oBoert at half pact 7 o'clook. FIlKll'LER BALI ? T I EfiDAY EVENING. MAR "II I J. lt-51? OranU T>?t unonial to Ueorge I,?der ?The loll w itifr eminent artiata have vt luateered iheir a*rvl*ea Vocal l eriotmera. Signora B i*ia, (aecond app arance in pahlic.) Mailume Autcn.ette Otto. Th>' c mmi'iee have u>u in plea sure in aiiuoiiticit) that they hav? received thtolfnrof tha valuable aotvliis ol Mmlamu SchleafLger. Prim% Dunaa of t) e T> eatre at bcrlia, Vienra Dreidcn. Mannheim, L'ipsio, Re.. Be . * ho a il' make her tirat appearance in \iuerieu, on tl.l* o< ea?i n Keaiileat cal I erforoers? Mra. Edward 1 Li der, Mrs. EmmaG. Hoat?i<k, Mea Kutco't, Mra. Laura A. J oik a, Mra. (ieorge Loder. Miaa Mary Taylor, (by perinia ?i n . I John Broiigi aai. Eaq ); Mr. Arthursun, Mr. II. W. Greaiiie*, Mr II Swift, Mr Stephen Leach. Mr. Philio Mayer liiitruiiiental? Miaa Wyait Harpiat, hor Hrat ap rmraiee in New York; Mnnrio* Strak"ji h, 1'ianat; kicliard U< tl.i an, Piaaiat; Will iam A. King, Pianiat : lltiry C. Tiiuoi. Pianist : Muka Uanaer. Yuliniat : herr Crietel, Violini."t ; Mr. Bh:n, Flutis;. Choral hocietie? New York llirraoaic Society. The Qerinaa l.icder Kram; Three Militury Han le. D"d w-rth'a. Shel t u'a, uud Adklm'. A Grand Monster Orcheatra, the largtnt eur ye' collected together >n New York, compaaed ol all tl.i. Inati umental Societie*. Theatres, ftc., in the city, ceni prisirg the tiuest musical taleat in the country, usdarth* dtrte'icn ol Mr. Vincent Wallace and George Loder. Diors i pen at six i 'click, concert to commence at seven o'clocg. Tickets. One DoPar e*oh, to be hail of all the members of Coiamitt'c. at the various Miisie Stores. Hotels, and at the do r mi the evering of the performance Programmeaof .be cctcert will heiMued shortly. II* HI INFANT DRl'PM ER'S FIRST APPEARANCE AT Tnpl?r ball, lasl Saturday evening haa otea;?d |BlM a furore. Ui.t in1 antile actions has bren for the last lew days the theme of great remark The ladies are particularly anxious to hear him again. Vive la Tambour. MEN DXL930II N'8 ORATORIO, " BT. PAUL," WILL ! to given by tDc N s w I o* m U a R ai>?l< Sooictv. at the hi. 'id way Tabernacle, on tb* evening ot Frida*. the i^th ; mat., ucuer ti e d rection of Mr. Iheodor* Eiaheld. The or chestra v ill be full and effective, and the aolca will be aua tained lv the following artiata: ? Lopraro, Mr*. I.aura A. J nc Meito Soprano. Miaa l>acli: Tenore. Mr. A. Arthur ion; Rae?o, Mr II W Greatorex. Ptrlurmaice to ioinn> s:i at 7)* o'clock Tieketa Bl, to be had at the principal mu sie it on a. andat the toe r oa the evening nt perfurmanc*. rilkMAN THEATRE. OLYMPIC, Hi BROADWAY. - vJF Ob Weilaeiday, tht 2Gtli I bruary. will be perform'-!} the Pri'mer* of the Ciaari *r*. comedy, in 2 acta, by W V neCrieh ; and Throwing out 16' Wind' w, com*dy in I ao , ly W Friedruh C * f'l I KK S < 0> .11 0 K A M a 8, CORNER OK B ROADW \ Y O ani Thirteenth atreet ?The nrst aeetion, containing a eoliecti' n ot iweuty-aix view* of Europe, Asia Minor. Syria, ike Holy I *nd, ?g i t. Nubia, and Arabia, will le exhibited until the eigbth of March ; alter mat datr, all ihese will be replaced by new views unusually interesting. Panorama of tuk pilukim a rnoung-n. at Waahiagton Hall, W* Broad way.? Ope; every evening, exhibition to eommeac* at o'elack. AdinittancaW cents. Alee, every Wedi e?day and Satmday arternoona. at three o'clock, when children will be admitted for balf prioe. De sorlptlv ?at*loga*? ItX **at*. CAKU-MRS PRE W8TER, FROM PH1LADELPBIA teadera her services to laoies and gentlemen of thia eity n astr< logy, love, and law matter*,interpr*tiag dreama, *c? by books and aoienea*. coaat antly relied oa by Napoleon; and will tell the name ot the lady or gentleman the* will marry Also the name ol the visiters Kni'ieno* 1 1 7 Clinton atreet. Ladies ao V*atf-lv* oeats. G*atl?m*n oa* I ?>>ar. AMI HKMKNTS U BKOOKLYN. BROOK I YN MUSEUM? PROPRIETOR AND MANA GER. Mr. F M. Bent - I'ricM Itduced? Parqut'te 23cta.; Widnts<!*y avtairg, February 26. L*3i, will be presented it e drama of 'he FKBNCH SPY? Matilda, Mile Aloer inc. Alter ahieb. the drama of the YAMIC DUELLIST? Elitn l'aii<ake. Mr I, I' Aadam*. To l e followed by the drama ? I Hi* NORWEGIAN W KECK IRS- ? Jack Junk Mr. Seymour, lotoneliide with the ATLANTIC IS SAFE? Osgood, Mr. J P. Addame; Betty. Mr*. J. P Addama G Til K BALL KBAsov. THE 8kCO"D PAIME BALI. ON WBDNBSDAY, THE 2>>lh instant, at the Chinese Ball, .Vt'.l Broadway, in aid ol an Industrial Scho 'I and Orphan Aaylnm en the Pais* Farm Mr. Ilrcwn r| New Lanark, will aadreaa the audi bly, aad Mr. G Vale will explain the ol i-eta of the l'a<ae Faim Asaociatua. Ticket* on* dollar, at th* B?aeou< tflrj, S Fianklia Sqn*r-, N. Y . Mteara John 1 1 u l*on. Brooklyn Alf Kempt, ttllliamsturgh. aad ?f the Committee ^RAND UNION MASONIC BALU-THE GENERAL c ir.mitte' ? are requested 1 1 mi tt at "?2 Fotart'i atr?>", WeHnr-dav ? eenirg at 7 P. M , aa buaineas of the utm >a? ?Bi'ortaeee to the fraternity will be bright up. Br order. II J Dm xaoni' (?r. D. SICKlB*. Cha n. #"1 RAND UNION MASONI'J I1AIL -BY nil FRATER " I ally, undar tlie mpcriBtendenc* of Palestine Baca ei . ii ent ot Kiiight* Templars. ? ill take place at Ninlo'a Saloon, on Tl.uraday evening, Feb. 27, IM8I. Tickets, 81 each, t > b>i had at Die City Hotel the A*ya>o*e, Mercer ll< iiae, -2 Fur ay t!i si rut, 1 10 Chatham a*t ea'., t.!l Grind tt'eat, "? ' Bowery, sad f th" foil wing Cemmrtee of Arraag' meats ?Henry (' At wood, J slues M Powell, M D , Oscar Uolea, A. Cllere 1" n i . Robert Macoy, John W Blmoria, S. II. D? Matt, P. M?r ri-on, ?ic rse B M arshall, T. T. Farmer, G O Webster, Wm. U. I sditl ill. TlioB.:ia Hyatt, Charlc* N. Baldwin, John W. I ms ia, H. Cr>'B**ll. J Crawford, jr . J. C. I'laakaey. J II. Mini, S Arbnthaot, 8 E. II pkina. *m. U. Cornell, J. Mc? Ar nur. I'hi'ip Merit*. Brethren will appear is full regnha. The Sir Kn'ii ii wilt appear in fall coat uma a* worn by tti* ktiahl* Tsluplare of th* Cruaadea. Daniel sickkls, Ch?irm?a. M J Dm mmmm Seer*rary (^08TfME9. ? T II K OMLT COBTUMB W A H KB' >1 ,?B J wli*rt laiilt*. (rn'l*oi*n aad rtiiHr*a ?? b* ronpl*t*ly | ?'int' p*<*. I" at t li ?? oU *?lahlt?hR>*Bt V Priace atreot, star ' MHIo * G*rdi*. ll 'Slaoai. Ma'iacred* and Hall Uaataaee. jiul i>r< par*4. *atlrelt a*w, for prlrat* partiaa. Dr**t**?*al I t? ae> part el th* l'ait*d State*. ffHR WUKMt'l KAIH U-0RI.OS PaIR - BOUTIIAIIPTOW-COHTRIBL'rORS lo th* WurKa Pair, by Ui* 81. Lawrvaee, oaa ha** ??*'y atuatica paul la th*ir ba*ia*a* at Boathataptna. ar in Loadoa. oa o< their wi?h*a, by lattar. to J. ROOMY CIOSIIT. V. 8. C?a>nl, Son'hampton; m aktinbai'. t hosrey a co . 57 Thr*a<la*?di? at., Lealon; of LIVINGSTON. WILLS * CO., 6 Wall *tteet. K*? Turk. tl oHLD * PAIR.-OOODS FOR 7H P. WORLDS PAIR, ? T mo lata* St. I,*wr*ni *, *aa b? fhlppod to Harti imi, l'Mk?| I Ca.. 17 T1ir?*(li?**.llr ?tr?. t. Loadoa. la ?iuir* of L1V1NUBTON, WBLkSkCO. 6 Wall (treat. N*? Tark. It" MM I. * PAIR ART I WIOW. I'Nhll THI MAtt fr H'ln-ut rf the W*w \ ork Art t'aioa l\mr?nr. laoir lwrat?< aoverdiag tn law ? Bhare* B* *aoh. E?*ry ?h?r? linM?r * ill t*c*it* an ?n*ca?in* aad a chaae* ia tn* 4 latrt - 1'iitien of M pri>*?. *?rh priie b?ia? a fr?* nanac* to Lia loa ? ad baok, and B IUO ia moaoy. Tb* antribntln will tak* I !??<? ca th* h nf March A irmttteae* n f (I > will a*<iire in ahare*. nl nali af l*a* tl an t*a ma? luliit ft par *-nt. Pcmiti anca* b* mail will b* at the C> mpa??t ri*k. 8h?r-? and Inrvbor particular" mar b? ol.'ainad at tha oB ? of th* f*w Tcrk Art Ualoa Ceapaay. Ht Wall (traat. TIIB WORLD'S PAIR.-NBW TURK. PBII H, I?l. I M?*>ia Maarda. Baaford fe On -Deer Sir* My reta j Ilea to tl.* *r*a- lldMttlAl Bihibn oa. at an* >f ih? I. a*| I I ? Uiinitu* of till* Stat*, baa, duria* tb* laat aecerel noath*. | broniht mc lata ia'arcoarre with your Mr F.dwarda. aad affnraail m< tha orpirtea.ty of nb*fr*ia? p*r*onallr, aad thu* heoeaiinit w? II acqaaiate* with tha ma*a*r in whiih tl* b??lae*> af toar heuea. ia r*?ard t? tha lablbitioa. ha* b*N ItmirtH If that K*atlaa aa. aad it la bat joat to *!*?*. a* I do *cr> aheerfully, that, t* far aa I har* ot>**re* i aa* kaow. th* art lain ia chant* of year honaa. aad leat n*d far th* Bihibltioa. her* h*?a pr?**nt*4 with prnaaptuMa aad **nl*r<ty. and ?T*rrthl?* la raiard to thaai. *n far a* I your ho?*o ha?* b??o r.>nr?rao<l, ha* ba*a <-haraout it*d by lymtm. urdrr. and a ?nrr**t batin*** lik* appaaraaoo. 1 ia <l*ar air*, with ?r*at rmrt't. Taut *b*4l*at oorvaat. (Sl*a*d? Ij BKADHfl W OBlD*l PAIR ASTOR hoi ?E. KB* TOR*. PRR ?* 17. 1*AI ? M?**ti Bdwarda Haalrrd a I'a - 0*ai lanan It ?iraa mr pleatat*. ia onapllani * aith jrnnr r*.|a**l. I* too t ? f y to th* admirabi* nana*r ia whiah r*n hatf ooadyotod tl? Inalarro nf tl.n*a Aairrioan ?*hlbit?r* ?n ft" I nn I n lipofitii a who h?T* ?a?rait?d th?ir eoaaicaa'at* tn y*nr UN ktarT'binc ha* bo?a doaa by y*a whlnh th* r ?? a tina* of th? Rnyai Cnaimiarioa roqalr* . and ynar arr*af* mrat* hara pr*n aarh a< ranaat bat *rr Btlf faeilitat* th* dlatribntlOD and itian "f th* K?>ia. apoa Utcir ar n?*l at tb? plar* of athlbltlna. Rcplng that ?*ar *lfort? rr , * I ? an^'i-iatod aa th?y d''?ar?* ?o b*. by thna* whoa* la I'rtiti ar* **t?*d by tbaaa. I rrmaia. (toatlata*a. T*ry ra ?porlfally, your *bo*i*at **t?aat. CHA8 r STAKSB0RT. Fdward*, Saafnrd B Co . Tran*atlaatto Biproaaaad O- a* ral Af* n*y. Adam* b re.'*. 16 Wall *tr**l. H T. frtrttt Ha*?**ora ro Bt-?or? ? B'lward*. Saaford k t^o , a ill d*> patch i?r *'faai*r Africa, oa th* Mil laot.. a aponlal mrao****r. who will pror?*d to l/oa4ea, aad thaaaa %n ?ari aaa nth*r ai'laa of lamp* T* latoadian onatribatora m the *r*at ladaftrial Pair. who. ba?in? b*?a dl*ap?;lat*d la ?o? tin* thalr artlrlr* raady, by th* aaHlat af U>* Rt. L*wr*a>-a, or. fr*a? "tber *aa**o. ?r*T*at*? from forwardina th?ia ora thta, th* d> partura *1 tki* ?*atl*fnaa ofhr* tha laat aa? ?nat ttt'taM* ? pp?r?aalty of **adla? their (anda la *af* chart* Ihr^anh le th* L'ry*tal Palaea To Diraaaa ai>hia? iar*h*o**ef **~t* ?*d? or ord*ra *f aay kiad ?tcaaad. thta lr***ata itaat (aailltla*. a* all knrlaaaa will be att?ad?.| ta wltb pr*?ptn*?*. by BDWA Rf>R. BANPORD ft 00. Traafatlaatir Bipmw aa<< n*ti*ral A?*n*y, II A<t|ii b Co't-i U Wall rtr*?*t. the Pos tilflr ? Polka, ky 1ber**e end Moil.' Sohtaddl. T? conclude with the faro* of BENT TO Til TOWB?-taa ????? ???*?, Mr. IU?; P*rkyna Paddktoat Mr. Mwf; n f' Door* open at balf-paat f th* cirtlit ?ill ri**at7 o'clock precu*| y Mr*** Cirol* u< Par^aet, faai. n*llJr*?< TL,r' Clrclog. ? ceata. G?Umj, 12* N I BIO'S GA KDEN MANAGER MM. JOHN 8MFTOW. Ticket* tiltycont*. Private Box** (It* dollar*. Door* open at half-pa*t t>, to kegm at 7. Night* at porfof in nate, Thur*d*y and Friday Peaiiively the lui might tut mv of tha ai'iwaraBoc ol Mil* Carolina and har * (ter*. la the Lallttof Catariaa, thi a eeatoa. id Eew York. Third appeaiaaea of M'De. Felice. u Leoalde. Thursday. Feb. in the entertainment* trill uameiM with tha Ovurtur* to Zanetta Tu be followed by the near vaudeville, aalled LA Ma ITk ICS' E Dt LA NGC ES - Vaadnr*. M. Breeeiani, Lao aide. Mil* Felice. Tu o-,iclodc wltk the grand ballot, en titled CATAhlNA, ou la Ri'ine daa Baaalt*. A 61 OK PLACE OPERA HOUSE.? MA DEMOISELLB Natalie litij nines baa the haaor to aaaouaco ta her friends aod the pabho. that bar beat fit will take plaoo ?* Thursday ertsiai, February 27 IL GUI MA MEN TO will ba performed by Madam Truth Benadattl. Madam Botxl, Signoc F< i ii. and 8i><nor Avignoti, who kiadly oun*oato4 tojriva their valuable service* nt thia occaeion. Mkdekkoi?elle Fita Jkaiee will am).-, tor the hrat time la Maw Yark, ?? tula oeca ? ?r, the celel rated Arira, "Robert toi uu* i'aima," frot* Mt yei be< r'e fun. one open. KOBBKT LM Dl ABLE. Madam Benuc> a Maietxek haa kiadly ooa*aated t? accompany thia Ana on tl.a l.ari and also the baantifal Aria from Yardi'a I LOMBARD!. and will appear. f?r the flrat time >? Itear Vtrk. in the celebrated ballot. LE TIOLON bU DIABLB. Mr Griebel. the distinguished violoaiat. will play the Yiolea Solo ia the sew balli-t. The price of adatiaenn will ka oaa dollar. Itai ian 01'p.ka iiocse. Aaron place-benefit ul Mguoia Teres* Tiutii- b. i.edetti - Wedaaaday Evauiaf, LaV-i*' performed Mrroadanta'* opera. lLGl'IEA M kN Ml. Ilelut "f Bignora Uielietta Bom. Bignora Truffl Hencdetti. Binaora Giulittta Bo**i, Sicaora Avog-tdro, Sigaor torn. Biirnor Av 1*U> Be. 8 unor Parortl. Admiaaioa priuat ? P*r<iuet and Boxes, (I. No extra charge for aecuriag eeat*. Amphitheatre, '?> oeiits No orders. No free liat. Duora open at )ualterlel ru 7; t.. commence at half-pa*t7 o'eloek. N1U1 O S. -THE UlSTtKS KOCBkET PLAY THURSDAY and Friday only ot thi* we?k. GBBAT MUSICAL lvem r tiiuiWhaY bvenimg Fc^mcry ?7.? Italian Opera Uuaae, Aator I'lao*. ? Price of admiMkn. Par-iuet aad box**, tl. No *xtr* eharne for ?? ouru * c?ate. Aujphi haatr* ii eaat*. Bui fit of k'i.LK N Ai II A LI *. JM 1 ZJ A fcES ? Haroadant* * opira IL QK'KA MENTO, to Hires art*; Meyarbeer'a ra tnaDce. C;Ka( K, bKU'a. fr m KoK rt th- D- vil Verdi'* opera, 1 II I K U ACT. from 1 Lumbardi M'lle N. I'itija:n<a tax the h nor to iafoiin her tilrndo ami the public, that thj IoIIowibk emixeut urtiat* have kindly rol in tiered ihelr Txl uab!e HHi.ii taiice on tbi* oec*Moa:? Si*nora Irurti. liaaedatti, ti*uora Maretiek: llenuctu. fuuora Giulietta B Ki.the&v c<mi contralto Sunn- Forti. Bigoor AVKooaa, F. Griebel, Mil* If. Wald?iir4>e, Ci^neri Carreat, a-id N?r . Thorrday February V7 ?Pi (ramme ? I. Meroadan c'* opera I I Giurainento, in lull, by I rutfli- Becadetii, Hiaaara (1. 11'. /i, Bi^uir Forti. Bl? n'ir tvumini, Ao. 1. ( Betwrca the hiat and beooad acta ). the roinanoe Grace, Grace, of M.y. erheera' accompaiued ru the harp >y siKaora Mitre'uk lier tuota. and fen* l.j U IK N. litijame* .1. (Uutwatath* ee o< nd and third aria), v ill be pvriormxd the third act of Ver di'aopeia 1 Lombard i. ty M'.le N. I'ltrjame*. Mijraor F>rti, and full ohornuaee. To aonolu'te ?ith tti* grand Pa ? da D ? hie, > n a aolo obi '*ato tor i he violin, eieouted by F. l?ri*l>el. and m.ncrd by M'lle N e'ltijainoa Mia* Waldergrava. anil Ml y ii ri Carrcnu and No. Leader, birnor Lie 'It; Ch rua Master. Mr Uetaler. lloora open at ouarter k*for* 7, 10 commeaci preelaoly at half-p?*t7 o'eloot. BARN IMS ABKKH AN Mi IBOM.-P. T. BVRMl* Muiiaccr aud Piopnetor; Jhn i.iaen aood. Jr.. AatUt ant.? Admittarce to tiie Mum um J'> ueate; children uuder 10 )eara of n^e, U'>, tents- Mamini li Girl'* La*t IF' ek ? Bene fit cf Mr. aud Mia T. D Ye miut? W" Cobruary 111. I. >41, in ihc altcraooB, the highly popular pic c i of Lti.H C.t.fjR l'E Ba/ AN- i)ou < . ar, 0. w. Clarke: R*iit.ani, Mi.<a Chapman In th <? evei inr- tli* newfaroo of ItETVBY II A KER- Mi'iiaer. Br. llada?a<; lUtaiy Baker. Mia* Chapman. Alter w hit h. the powerl tli) exct i nig drama of the SI V 1> E? GKEEM'F CKIBE-Di rm: !y t W. Clarke: L< niae M an C'hai muii ki'hail, llenkuia: M*d. Douoet. Mr*. Hamilton. To lonclnil* with the new Kiliiopean t'areo of BLACK GHI |>T- Bongo. T. 1> Yo?man?; Uraula Mr* T. 1>. Voomant. A new and oxotting ilnrna of a dvmeati* and atrikiag cl.a rjcitr la in | teraratitn. The enui* i hineao Muacum it no# lacotpsrated amotg tbc million of cariosities. CVi: 'I NEW YORK ARIMIITUEATRE, 7 BtlVFERY. J ? Jame* M June *: Co.. Proprietor*.? IF i dneadsy after? noon and evening, I tbruarv 2d. the *urpri)tag acrobatic ar tiata will piTe a auperb oirplat of their variou* feat* of dexterity and t&mcular (nm?r Mr Bumtll Kuunal* iu hit e<|ue*tritn (cena f ti e litherman ef Naples; Mr Rivera and Ml** Wi lls will tpatar togtthif in th* e<iue*trlaa bal ea It thi SHEPntKU A\l) S II K 1'iJ E KDE 4S; Mr. II. Fraak 1 in and Maater W. Frankliu in tli*ir Clawic Pasturing. To conclude with th* CLOWN AND DENTIST? Dr. Pulli k.r . Mr. Ilncoi. Clown. J 'n Goaaia. Private Bote*, 80 otnta. Ili'Xt*, 26 coni*; Pn. li.'-oat*. PD1LH ARMOMC SOCIETY? NINTH SEASON.? T B B ThlH CtHW al thia >n will ha given at tl.a ApolSa Rricjr.*, in Sa'.iirday evinin* Mtrch 1. MM. Coadaotor, Mr. iloodoie Eialatd. 8uhatti|rtl?a(, prigrtmm**, fc-i , at tha Mtif Stora ol Menrra. Seat li-ab*rg a Luia, New York, an4 Mr. 1" K Weitel, Urock'yn. By oider. 11. L. Ea?ic%. e?c. U C. TIMM. Pretideat. L' RAN KLIN MUSk.1 M. 175 CUATUAM SQUARE? GEO r L.a Sole Proprie'<r ? Admiiaiou? Seat* ia Privata Boxoa. IV) ceati; Stage ki a'a. T?, rtat*: Boxe*. lb eea'.e; Par inot. centa.? Elogaul Sak.on perlormanoe* tvery After noon and Evening. EateriaiamcuU outamence ia th* after neon at S o'clock, and ia the e reniag at half pa*t7. The en tertainment* are varied and aelect, aud *aoa a* ean ba *e*a at no other plaee *f aratiMtaont la New York, conditing of L*a'* Femal* liui"|.an Opera Troapo. auatb*naa tfteaa perfori.ier*. being the iargcat aad at th* *am* tin* tn* cao*k talented baad in th* I'aned btate*; a tro*l?e *f Model Ar? ti*ta, who ar* (alerted In th' ir be**ty an 1 figure, and wh? rertonate a uumber if Beautiful tableaux. tak*a from tha P'Oture* of ancient . d modaiu tim*?: aeompanyot Arab Girl*, who go through a variety of feat* of atrvngth aad dex terity; Madame Rotalina. tli* only Female Juggler ta tha world; acomptny of Male and Female Artiru, who will (iva an exhibition of Marble Btatcary unr'iuallod ia th* world, to gether with a variety of Intereatln* pertortnanea* overy af teraooi aad avania*. For rartionlare a?e bill* of rank day. Mine eva rooms, tm. broadvait.? naoles Grand Panorxma of IrtUnd, paiuu*d ky the flt*t Iriah ? rtiata, fr?m iBatahal taktn wilkB tha laat three yaara -ia ndalitv. iatartet and nenuly unrivalled ? with Iriah *ong^ lrkah maaie. aad an Irirlimau'* il1 ne.irain?*i . |v*iy*v*a ing, at 7,'a a'clai k. Wodncaday ai.d Saturday alttraoon*. at .i o'clock. B*e handbill*. Admittaaea U c*at?; children* uader 12, half prise. AMl'SKMK.M rs PHIUPUMA* BARNI MS IIDUVft Pnil IDILP1U -p T. BtB aum. Proprietor aad Macager; llaary Saadfnrd, Aaaiat *nt M*nag*r, Re-engagemept al the S*guia t)n*ra Troupe, who will appear th:a euek in i airtu of *pl*adid opera*. Monday evening, Mr Segma a Beaeflt; w L*a LA (>4Z2A I.AtiRA will l>* peilormeJ. Der FreirckuTx, La Fill* da Re> imeaf. /.amp*. 1'ra Diaeolo. Uny Mannering. ka., are la rreparauoa. Tt ? ameeaaof thi* troupe i* unpr*<*dealed. Th* pre** of Pt ilal*;pl ia i* lavuk la it* praiaa of thaic effort*. Admittance 15 era'*. KXPMCSa AGKICIM. PXI'RISS NOTICE ?KINSLEY kOi>.'i EXPRESS. VIA Cj Newport and I'al! Kitir, lor k?n?i anl th* Ba*t*na citie*. will laave ifl.e No 1 Wall a tree t corner *f Broad nay. at a nuarter ta ft P. R Notee, Draft*, aad Bill* oolleete J ia all th* prla |tl fca> ra lawaa, aid p'ooaad* promptly returned. Cna'om U iae buaiaea* promptly attended ta ia Bo*toa and Philadelphia. HARN DEN'S EXPRESS FOR NEW ORLEANS AND Mobile ?All good* entru*t*d to oal aara for New Or leans. Mcbil*. or aitlc* adjaiee t. will ' a forwarded witM prnmptnea* and despatch, kj every ateamar, to toar aaoata, Buraa. Ooneea a r? .. g| (amp atreel . New rvr 1 ean a California. - transi ortaTTun across tiib lathmu* *f Panama. - /aekrl***a, Naltoak Co.. of Pa lana, ar* now pr?| are t W man*rt freight aerata tk* i*th ? mo*, or take It through toSsn Franolaao, at ahippara optioa: ?tut each paeknia oni*t beef portatlaau* an t weight, kna I ropcrly e overed at /... N k t o , are not raapenaible lor da tna*e cr accident in th? transit. Tt e ef.argoa of traaiport- - tlon to be pte pa i if Ne? York. T r particular' apply ta K ZACDRinaON a (ft).. Wall street. CI'ECIAL EXPRESS NOTICE -COMPETITION DEFIED k? ? Gregory '* Califorria Parkag* Exprei*, par steamrra I'r matheu* ar d I rereeat Cite oa Thur*day and Friday, i(7th and 2-th I'll n ary, at 3 a'elack, P. M. - Ma kag laava to call the attaatioa ??' tl * pallid, to tha fa*ilitle* elTeraE tbea, for th* tranMiiiMi' a al paekagea, parcel* aad letter*, to I alifornia. through onr*xrr*M lia*. Cnaaectad with tha keavi**t tiaa* porta I n > >apaay en tha lithaia*. wa ara prepared to aoatlMI lor th* dclitery of goud*. at Baa Fran eisao ?ithinth*rli real poaaible | ertod Our enure *bip m-et, of 1.1th Jan.arr lae' per Kmrira City. *a* r- ahippeA at Panama, ca the . *. rakgaary laat. Par**l* received natil I ; e n reias kl suaatr'* day cf Uaeln*. aad letter* until ; i, P. M. raek w? (akli k aaat la al: ea?aa be **t4a per leetly water pr I) aiatt Le left at the ? fho* th* dav yra vloo*. k? rt*isa b*t ' '.arg**. Thitnps ak dttohco*k. Manager* tad Ageat* IP' P'ktl street, aerner of Wall. Re lirly tern Me-irs Johaa<n h Lowdea. Ill Wall ? ??? ? r i I t i Tlle*M(iOk,M Soath s'reet, Ntamlth M t * . J< Pia* etrea1 aad l<avi Apgaf M t>.. 71 Day (treat; TUB fMIIIi l?TATE< AND ? AI.IHiMNIA IX PRESS Omi ?} rr?i?eil liy inform tha public, that their ta li <? |- r|in Cit?, Jonnary l.lth, wii ahiprnl t ? t m?il -i aonttr I arm na. from t iiaat, Kohraary Itt I !>? ??* . l r,um Ch .*rf? to I'aaoiaa in thrao >b<1 iltl( di?-> *?l "hippor. Ml run tot the bill if ||4i(|, k? i illin? lh? uflk*. Tbtit nut riproit will bi Mat forward pnl'imnCrwn! fi y, ?*th mat., md all rooda.Mr>*,t ? > thit r.atiai at tka; tiwt, will pribabiy raaak Saa Praa - oa.oiala.. thaa forty layi. A. Mr J Oantl, mbn<m4 with tM p*b Fr*net?co trntof of thi? enmpfttty. **#? ??? ?? lh? I'litciii'ii,, ?i,u will p*r?oaally aitand ti thitraii ?iiwto* aid dal.tarr i f mr ff?i* i(, a r?r? ? ppurtnalty M I m. at'd f*r t' . ? ! (, riant ?f amaH and ?*l?ah'o parka*-". A. H. Mll.l.fcH ft I'll., Pr?pfirtnr* II Wall itraot. ?<?(?? t->R 9. Wttliami t (> u- -rn ? ? h J. T. Moot* * Co , Char. Monti, E?>| , ltd I'aaaaa Railroad Comraay. ?ILLINKHV AR1) URI WK)OI. Parii* mantillas, ladies are invitedtocalo and tiataiar oar ?| rm? and inaarr ?t? k of fain m?-io Man' illaa. wliioh a III 1 r "pa aid vh ? ? ( ? * latiday I t?' ra>nn. Fob M. All o, ? Hi) ??* ilflii *1 ladiw' Bokoi. J AM Ed IIECR a (H) . W Broadway. T'n UDItl 1? > Mi'HH I'KI/B SHAWLS I TUB H patti ra thai al t imrd tkl gold madal at th* la*? aipr ?Hta* to rati!) hot. IM llfi at thl CaataM tanbnit, f?* I'riarr itrttt, by a tantlanai )a?t fr?? Europa. Tnop ? 4 . | |rh, lltM tha "nor K ia mrillato woit ol aotrr. will be (aid at prno aa boforo. >11 . HI Ihoia la i<? alo war? dlaappointod ia ???arva? ?? it tht laa I thm. hw adrlnd to aall ? ny, con. C 4 J PER TON -niCI OR II t BD. BED ASH. IGOL %p\J Ran.' a aad Et. tr ??/?#. Marraat'l of tint quality lad trill fn<ard ^ r ?a> ?? !'? oar ma, dalinyed. Ad? ply at tli# TIS DA I I. COAL D?H?t 7 Hof>okia itra*t, f <f final ?tr ?t. t d or? fmai t?o*hin? B?ttf?t. UTBAM Et' AT COAL IN SIZE AMD (|UAUTT EX O [ r-a?lj aaaptad It Etoamor*' mi. for tala ky tha laraa. Ad lr? _ TTLER k (?0? Fhllad.lpMa. TO CO A I DEALERS rilESVRAi Rl HERS Wlffc^Hh oatt ordori ttr Epalm and I., via Vatai Rad Aah 0*aL ud WMtt Atb fr"? Broad ?nnaiaia, of all Umi. at tka lowoit aarkot ratx. Qrdaw %r- r^fattfallr nlmtod ?ti.rr t nrt.Vin lladalhia ? f?*S,C*in BROAD MOUNTAIN. C L'i ff in4 < >r?hir I, fp m ?p?taTtd talftill, aad pr*t.irod with tin atmnok rora. at rad ? rad pneaa Tho aialtbolaf nndar oa?or. oaa '?* fninlihti dry ia ??t wtatbor. S. B RSEVBR ?'<>. . ? Mnrray. for. CinilindKIm And cnf. Jan? and 'P??t?,fc (^?A.L ?OIMU tiruinia oo.L apuoa T ataparior artielt for tmltkt'i nt? *nl manntaotnna^ parpoaai. ma diarhartm aid for oala low. ia loti taanil patahaaatt. Apply at tho coal t.rd Na. 27 Cllktoa ?tro. f. O A. ABBLER. hknovale. linOTlL BVDMIN B BoBBRTBON BATB RE 'n? Nl. Ud P*orl itroot, tl thilr aiw ttora, No. ISO Biatdwty. aojolaini tha Reward Bitol. whtro thoy ?ra |?? ipattia* I l?r*a and oiafait ttiak if ttarl" aad fanow Dry Owadi. taliad ta taa Saavhira aad Wntara trad a. iMah thoy oBor oa thi at on favirahlo tartaa D BBOTAL ?TBI AOENCT OP THE COLUMRI f IN !?' oraaoa L'oiapaay la rotnatad fro* Wo f* to Ro. It ?tr??t. PRE.N ru DO W, A?<a^

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