Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1851 Page 7
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In. ifl Bi Ml* (*?? u< Onilr ?( Si* Terk. (na Ui ISth U| *f H ~ *ifrSf '? tw ria *?/ M F?l/ru?ry, 1881. ? Mm. t#; Women, 7S: B?y?. ill; Cirli, ll/: -Total. 3K. Akltw 2 Heart, dutut of j " of kitiifi 1 Hooping Couch f Apoplnny 8 InHammation ??? J AiU'M 2 luliHiliu tf Bnli i ? ? 7 A.truphl? 6 ? ofBowoln.. 10 ?Mill 5 " ofChnrt... 1 " from lunge 1 " of Heart.. ..1 Bwrned or toaldoa 1 ~ of Lumgt ... 34 Broankiti* 7 " ?f Stomaeh. 1 Caaetr ' 1 ?? of Throat.. 1 Cbolera Motljuf 2 " of Womb... 1 Oolio 1 M af Liver 4 n*nMttm U Intemperance J OobtbImpm 2? Jaundioe. . . f Group 7 Killed or Murdered 1 Otaiwilta ?f Liaii 4 Malformatlom { Cyanoeie 2 Muuan 1? DobHlvy. 8 Meaeloe lj Delirium Trerntu 2 Mortiliontio* ; Marrhee*. 7 Mamp? I Drapojr ,. 12 Old A<? ? W la the Head 17 P*1?T-... ] " intheCheet 2 Premature Birta J Drowned 2 PlenrUj. ? OmalwT .... 10 Ktioamatum I BSdMiS' r ? Iraoture of ikull 2 S"1"0 ? Fmu 2 Sprat. 1 >o?? lnt?rmi<Veni 2 Still born S3 *eyer Puerperal 8 *ch:?M 1 Fever Soarlet 1J Tuethja*- f BeyerTypbotd * TartoleM 2 Fever T/pbu li Pmtaowa 3 Uader 1 year M ffom30to44 41 From 1 to 2 roan ...... 41) M ?MM 50 ? at* ? H " W to 60 20 " ? to 10.,, 21 " e9t*70 .,.12 " MWB .. IS " 70 to 80....; (? " ?>?-. ?. . .. 45 " 8?te#0 3 Plaom of N ati v i rr. ? United Btitn. 259; Iralaad. Baclaod. lis Bootlaad. 4; Oermaay. 17; Holland. S: Sweden, j. Britub Poaeeeiene in Mortfe Ameriea, 6, Weet ladlei, 2; Poland, 1; uuknena, 4. Faou? Hoepttal. BelUvne. 19; Penitentiary. Blaekwell'e Island. 1; Small Pox Hoepltal, do.. 1; Lunatio Aiylum. do., 1; Ward'* inland. SO: BanOall'i Inland. 1; City Hoepltal, 11; Alme Home, Blnekwell'e Ielaad. S; Colored Home, 2; Color *4 Pereeni, 10. ^ w. WHIT1, City Injpeeter Inepeetor'e OSce. February 21, 18?l. imiFPiJfa. THE ROYAL Mi IL STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA. WILL ?ail for Liverpool direct, on iuturday, 8th March, puattually at aeon, from the 4 oak at Jirny City. For frtight or pasiag.!, apply to E. CUNARD. Jr., Ma. 3ri Broadway. Tub bbitish a.nd north amekican royal Mail Steamibipi between Now York and Liverpool direct, and between Boston and Liverpool? the Boatonihips only oalling at Halifax, to laad and receive mails and pasicngora. AKaUI A, Capt. . Al'RIO A, Capt. Ryno. PERSIA, Capt. . BUROPA, Capt. Lott. ASIA. Capt. Jtdkina. NIAGARA, Capt. Stoat. AMERICA, Capt. Shannoa. CANADA, Capt. Harrisoa CAMBRIA, Capt. LeiUh. Those vessels earry a olear white light at malt an starboad bow, red on port how. Africa, from New York. . . Wednesday, 36th February, luropa, " Boston Wcdneiday, 12th Maran, Ania, " New York. .. Wednesday, :?th Canada, " Boston Wednesday, 9th April Africa, " Mew York.. . Wednesday, ZSd* M Ainorioa, " Boston Wednesday, 30th " Asia. " New York . . . Wednesday, 7th May " Passage from New York or Boeton, to Liverpool, lit oabla, ?ia>. Paisago from New York or Boitoa, to Liverpool, M labia t?0. Berthi not secured nntil paid for. Freight will be charged on ipocit boyosd aa amount for fermnii expeniea. Au experienced Surgeon on board. 10- All lettori and newspaperi mast pus through tit* PoiT OKiee. For treight or passage, apply to E. C UNARD. Jr.. 38 Broadway. KB* French, Oermaa, and other Foreign Ooodi, received and brought in oommon with Briti'-i Ooodi. Through bill* cf lading are given in Uavre for N w T^rk. After tto 1st of April next, the rate of frc bt bv the toovt ?teamen from Liverpool will be materially reduced. PaS-ENGERS FOR TUB WORLDS FAIR.-PASSAGE for routhamptoa and Havre.? The Uaitod Statei Mail | H tenner Franklin, Captain Jamsi A. Wutton, wi UtavtNtw . York on the tifthof Apiil, touching at Southampton. She , olleri to nemos wishing to visit London during the World s Fair, great advan h in the eoonomy of time and ( mosey liar tpied, and arrangement! for the comfort of paa- | tenets are out mrp^s'ed by any steamers afloat. For pas sage apply to MORTI MIR LIVINGSTON. 53 Broadway Pacific mail" steamship company.-fe>r ojjj. fornia and Oiegoa.? Tbc pub'.io ii informed t?At uadai tho arrangement j of thil company, steamera, impacted aad approved by the Navy Department, and oatrying the Unitad States mails, Vlll continue to leave Panama aad Sas Fraa ; if co on the firit and fifteenth dayi of eaoh month, unleti detained by unavoidable accident, or the noa- arrival of tht mails at Panama Tho iteameta of tho firit of the moatt will toueh at Aoapuloo, Ban Blai. Maiatlaa. San Diego, ard Monterey. The iteainen of the hlteeath of the month, will touoh at Aeapuloo, but at no other Mexican parti. The fol lowing United Statei mail iteampaokeU are bow la thi Pa eito. one of which will bt alwayi in port at oaoh tad of thf *?n OREGON. l,f? toai. TENNESSEE, 1,300 toai. PANAMA. 1.007 " NORTHERNER. 1,300 " CALIFORNIA, l.USO toni. COLUMBIA, 8? " UNICWRN.W*) CAROLINA, 800 " SARAH SANDS, 1,600 toaa. , , _ The now iteamihip COLUMBIA, will ply rtgularly Jf tweea Saa Franeuco and port! ia Oregon, awaiting at thl former port the arrival of maiU and paaiengeri from Pa aama. aad rctnraiag without delay with maili aad paatta ??r? for the following st-smer from San Fraaoisoo. Areo lar liae ?f propeUeri will be kept np for tho traniportatlog ef freight aad transient passengora betwtea Panama Bad ?ai> Frukciteo. Tho connection in t he Atlantic will M maintained by the EMPIRE CITY. liaviag Mtw York on tho iSth, aad CnEBOEEB, iMvUcMty *?**?; the 2Nth of each month, for Chn<?c?. A third boat will MM be kapt ia New Yerk, ai a eparo steamer. Tho atw itaan ahliui CARIBBEAN and PHILADELPHIA wHl form a dlrtat Una between New Orleam and Chagrot, loaviag at moh pa riodiaiwiU eniure aa little diteatUm aa possible aa thl Isthmus and forming with the Pacific iteamihipi, a throagl line ? aid from NewOrleare and porta ia MexieoCalifof. ai.i. and Oiegoa. Pasitgi from New Orleaaa taa bo loearad from Armetronr. Lawraeon k Co., ageai I. airritr raac ru oa m* voaa to cnacbm. Bsloonnate El'jO Lower oatia aerth ? ? ? ? J 5 Stetrage, found with mattress and board 50 mow PAsAwa to tan raancuoo. Ealaon iuto Lower cabia berth f?!i Stoerage, fouad with maf.reei and board ISO raon a*s rnawcuoo to ABToatA. Calls . 60 "lF'^*fh rough ticket! foraa'v ia'oath,' appiy at iht oflot ot | Iht eomptav. M end %>nth ?tr?#t. . I STBAMSHIP CITY OF OLASOOtF? FOR LIVERPOOL, B ?. If a'bews (late of thl Great Wcstara.) Commander, rr? tail po?itivily.lrom Philsdelpkia, oa ' "Jf* * j J 15th ?t twtlTi o'clock. Thit ?hip ? ffgultr pfcMllMi wad % .apartor .*?omn,oda.ioa. lor ftrit aad .ecoal oabia raitengere. make her a verr diilrab a coaveyaan. I riao of i anfir') tn tint eibia. on? hnndrt?l dollars; in iw?a?l cibin liV^.llar. In o'der to save trouble, railway tiokata to FK|l;VcrMARDSON. CO .41 Exjaag- Place J MEDICAL. WATTfc' VK1VOUB ANTIDOTE. -THE WONDERFUL to?er of thie aatraordiaary ecrJial h*e laducad the diecovorer te latile indisciiminately theie pereont who ara li aar way afflietad with d.ieaioa arlt^gfro- affecWd aervel, to call aad teat its marvel oui control over tho net v ai ijit.m. without lee It inch apity pera.n. .hould i < main aerveae. duesit ?, or alBietad, when ?nah a VMIMI rtmcdf ie buowa. T. M'ATIs. M D ,?H? Orcrawich itraet. Depot at imj Nuiaa itrae'. >1 a bltue, >a Jot. Paris and London treatment of priyaji di.ea.ta. In a few houri. by a VlgetaMl afP^tloa. IfM oat rain In debility, brought oa by improper k a WW aad aoaatitutlonal alleotlonl, I eomllne medicinal with thl loial remnJv and can ihow any oni then art thoniandi who iaa* SITtaeund without U, ae I haveeaMI dally, of reai^.taad inc. frotn thi other phfticiaaf. Ia illi I niiiitM I ptriav Beat core. I bave contractiiai daily i enra without taj>?M? ? hiah otkeri uie. tansed by their aot iBfolllag the diiaaae aooa 'n ugh. My aiploma, with theie, and the huadrada ol aamf show that aoi> :can a^ual it. Yoa oarad ott la n^daV-D. M . Corbya Y.u l my eomplalat la ? lew hnari. ? C. [>?r >ud. I waa ai dir the other phy.ieiaai aw a, without benefit; my body wat eevarad; yoa ewad iwll a abort UBS.- Jelm Rolluea, jr. I raid *'tr Ave years, to be cured ef dtbilliy Irom ecll abnee. without frnef.t von eared ma, by local and general traal ment. ^ t S5t tl5S!- J? J??'''V';v-Treatm?t bf letter hoara frrnn ? A. M. to S P. M.. and from 7 tc ? r- M. D* LARMONT. 42 R?ale itraet, two doori irom Broadway. Do-tor yocrse.i-for i Wh.tTv-Fl ve-oentb? By u.aai ol the P ? ;k?t ?culaflai, or Evtry Oaa Hn Owa Phyel'iaa; thirtieth e4ltl?a, with oae huadred aa travirif. ?ho* ing iiiatat e.tnl mallorma' ion. la ??"/ aad firm, by WillUm Vcig M.D.. Oradaataof the LaV ?arelty e< r'aaevlvaala. T?,a ?arteni form! >f secret dit aaaaa ara filthfally df?'rit i.iad a l ihe raeipn g.vea la ? lain laegoage. The ?vapter rn Sel'-Abaae Ii wortny Of I artlealaa aiteatinB. sad al.ould be read by every aaa. Voanit m.a, who have keen uafrrtnaate la eoatraetiat dla ?a?? pt'-Mou. to plarlag yonr.-lvoi aadirthe eara of aay doctor, no natter ahat bli mtaaaieat may be. fit a iobt al ?hM ttaly awfal work. Straagart vtai?<?| thi wty,.parMwi lavlv -h'.e e^atewipl ring ?arriage. don t *?'?* ?' lag k air witheat a aofy ef the P*?Jj* ear'ams aad p?rf?ai going te iea.el.onld pe.^.i Dr Y?aag^l Swattr" "* Marriage, U. P^ket jHallfl.l, wltlfcj B . Owa Phyei.iaa. Any person ending MMHIMM aarl'l-d in a le-rev. a. II ree. ivi oaa e?ry^?' ^ l >2 r?L mail or llv. oorlea will ba i-at for oae d- flaf. A'diaat Dr. VN Vol ' 0. I \2 Spt'r i itreet. PliUadelp .la; alio for tali by ftrlBR'r h To watead Ml Broadway, Bow York. New msdical boo**.? a complete practical .'tk on the aatnre and lr?aiineat of dalleate dieeaeea, ant all tl.ebin ired alaetlon.-I'luatrated b y ?!???? ?et nt bain'.lfnl'y >1 rrd piste. . aa largo ae ife. by H- tnef Br|?wlek. M D . lecturer on surgery aad dieeaeet of tM above named narnra It l? a large inar to?MO pagas: aaeoal adl' on rrlee tl i F..''*ct from the' Bo.'on Medioal aad Baratea J< nrnal" It may to Mid. fearlessly, to bo eqaal S oleord'a . r Aat?a'i wrk? ea the fatailyof dlaeaaa^ aad far aarerier to aarthlng ef the kiad evir fabli.hei It ?Ml o-natry." Aatlorof "The FamlTy PhyaMMI pfjjd m Miti. Autlior ?( I wrk *?n nnd it? dt gd rabla eflecM. a. ae.," al*tb "d'tlon. artaefil For sale at the publisher.', I?THI NOSR k TOWN BkN O ff- Br> adway. and ?>? the anther, fil l Broadway. G^HtBMAB MBDICAI. AND Bl ROICAL INlflTCTf, | No ? Chamber! .treet. nearChalham. Thu Initiate riTuader ike immedia-e thar/t o? Dr. I . P. Cleateat, atalltod two ?ee|e?l gen'l - 1 aaJer t 'ir eharn Jm* Ol the lar.t eitenetvi he.fital. at llirlla tul Vienna. OBet hoati ir ra " > ?? until ? a cloak P M. N B. Modi 'iti e i f the pare.t ehar?. t r e- !? m< i-.d jrep*-' I Vf Mr ttm a IT at'.pil 'f tl ? eslehraied Profeiaar l.ieWg, a Qarmaa ohimlit. a ill be dm eased at all Uouta ol the day and Bight. DMkMWWfl ha* EEMOYEO Mil OFflOB T?> 14 t?.,T,r ?rr ?? at We" ?? * " ' * **'' ? J* daatislly eoaeulted ra e.rtein dlees. e ha tiirti wuh-?t mireiiry- Beeeat ea?e. he eniea la a fa<v '*yi' Mtrvoaa leMIlt) htongbt oa lyaelf aknaa? tho vi limi > awah. aaa alaa a??ly with a aortalaty al aara. j hll COSVKRK MEDICAL CARD TO VOl NO I Are yon .i.(Ter!ag from the lid effi^ ttii ?**??? Jt ! haldts rl >?a<h 1 are j on r t ? a d bi e > ? m t ? ?n1 ? ' r" ? ? ?tatad f are yo,,r mrnt.l aad alal fetli* " -nr* " '..J ton weakae.1 .a veung aad ralaoni a? t^ bt bnslaeM. .oceiv or n atrlaoay t I racm* Ii ?rt eav ar? la?tg?ra-laa Cardial, the oaly r ??-?< te* , ? * ' !' baa rae >?ted .eoie. wte hsd aleea nr all hope el ' t be dee? ived weril Ifee | reeonp'" lie. or =?raaparii .a. wtlli, ar o-her a<.?trn?s they era cf I" >'?a In year raea; wieik thin. Tl e . or. lai enn'a. >a a tn. rl r pi m. orataw ?eie ? r r> draga, to lalart I mm* aa aladtaaat^e tie bottle :< tot f r B.V wl > diiae'laal '*al ?w>p"rtan' act lee io the married and sin?l? B"M bf ' *?'? at i.ii tMee, 4A TMrd sunt ?, bet?c.a leirhsnd Bj'*'1' 3 SraaM Nea Tee* m Phllad.l^hta a: No. *- 1 ath Third atT. r ? , taraar i ^ Ivd aad ? Ih. and by 0_al ?wav a Oa., ?I Market t*l Raw jii taal Palic ' Oar*" ? ) yptaa'i earner II : ad Ureea, aad .???ra'r Sea >ad an i ? n-ra at" t e, I' hi 1 e ' * I 'is. ? . g-* AID - OR- u* I M*k V. II I HI 4 IF TUB rRIVAII \j/ m e, ? e < an le a< neal .-e tn ail Jnwwt "f I 4ait*e'* aatate r* i raa.a ef th*.ti? r?' "ti de*> ? ?ma*d'menti ta Mgrnaae. ana cleaaeee af f malm. CnwO liag t? | I'bll.B I "a- liar eell reoammardati' ne ha of?e? kt ?hraa h ?? tt rror' *f Me profetr .al ahit tybeio'a, r.ati.r'r ? ' I f r'eet, lafe, aad eaeertveoea, ihaMtaf it it 4i"/. t/?. i u i-wytaacd atmt. mm Broadway. List of lbttbbs remaining in nu niit rou rwt Oft o?t Fikn?f> H, 1881. OmiHiur ri>MJSHiu> a m ta mi matot* nil i.aaearr MlufUTtOII. PIMM meation tha data of the Utt in wU loh they in adrirtlMd. LADIES' LIS*. Allen Kin Sarah Atwood Mr* C M ArnoU Mr* M?| Ahera Cathana* Abrama Mra Sam a *1 Armstrong Beaaey Andrew* Mr* Jcs*e Allen Maltha Auatin Mia* Maria L Arnold Ml** E J Agn*wMia*Eli*ab*th Auatia Suiaa ArmatroagEtuahnthAohermau Muga-Adama Mr* Henry Aharn Mn Dani*l ret L. Allan Mi** Elisabeth If Back n*Mr* Baoliael Broraan Cathrin* Belle Mid Rosalia 11 r*Jy Mlaa Alio* Brown* Mrs Bertram Ml** Jilla Wtady Mil* Catha- Brovrn Elizabeth Benjamin MiuMary w Brown Mi** Jalia Brenan Ellen Brady Mary Brows Mary BMnobtny Mi** Bradlev Mr* Ann Boyle Bridget Victoria Baler Mi** Scian E Buckley Mr* Beverly Ml** Baldwin Mil* M w- Buchanan Mr* Hen- BriggaMlw Margaret riot A rietta Brim Mary Blanehard Mil* Bullinan Mr* Biahop Mr* A W JaaeE Bran Mia* Jane Blrd*all Mr* O IT BaninganMriElua- BurkeMnsMary Ann Bolger Margaret b?tb Burg a Mr* Mary Bollock Mr* Alia* Bardea Teresta BuxtonMraMyraM-I Jane Barker MiB* Emma BrookingiMraLydiaABontioon Mr* Jo BarneiMiu Corn*- Burnett Mr* O 0 lianna Ba-2 Byrne Mr* Oliver Boctwiok Mr* I U Barrett Mi** Has- Blygn Marcaret Brewa Mr* nah B Brady Ann Brown Bridgtl Barry Ml** Catha- Brady Bridie! Brown Mi** Euphe rlu , Brad? Ml** Mary nU Bartlett Mr* 1 1 BraJy Uratfaritknt lower* Mir* Leay Bartlatt MUeJulia Baker Mi** Janaett Boyee Mr* George Batt*n Mr* MA Ballantme Catha- Boy lan Eliia Bell Mia* Ell*a rin* Buckley Ml** Mary B*ll Mia* Mary Ann BaldwinMi**Almlra Aaa Brett Mi** Ellen Branan Mary Buno* MUl Eilza U*nn*t Mr* Catlia- Bray Mr* (7th it) betk rise Banter Mr*T(AU Bailor Mr* Brennen Mr* tornir *1) Bruer Mia* Sarah BiencmoaMluMary Bara** Ml** Jaae Bnrke Mr* Henry Beasmont MiuEa- Barrett Mi** Mar- Burling Eliaor ma |ar*t Ann Burnett Mr* Bliu Mi** Emily Bate* Mi** F J Bayly Mr* Mary Briody Majgaret Rasley Mr* Lydia Bell Mid Mary Ana Bodkine Mary Bollin Margaret Brolly Mary Brewster Mr* Ellta Bartlett Mr* Ca|?- Burna Mi** Eliia Brien Mr* Mary lin* 0 _ Byard Ml** Mary C Cafl'ery Mil* Marga-Coakling Mi** MaryChitriok Mary ret 0 ( ullea Bridget Cain Mary Coneiky Mi** JuliaCnlrer Mr*Cmantha CalUherMriMatthaConnell Bridget Camming* MraMar Cumpbell Aley Connell Judith garet Coggan fanny Connelly Bridget Cun f Mary Cannon Mary CouuertonMi**win-Cunigbnjn Mary Cran*Mr*AnnM nofred Cunningham Mr* Clarxe Mr* AmaadaConsaiine Mi** Ell*a Clark Marcaret Catlia) Cunningham Mr* Carenan Mre F Conriek Cathrin* Riehd Carney Ellen and Cropiey Mary 1* Curraa Ellen Catbriac Corlgan lira, 13th itCuahia Mary CartorMrs Susan ACorooran Mr* Mary Cottoe Mr* Aadraw Carroll MluBarbaraCoakery Mr* Sophe-Culomaa Mre, Walk Cartuthcr* Mi** anla er-etraet Margaret Con-Tove Julia, An-Colemau MrsMarga Cavitt Mr* Allica thony-streot ret Chapman Ml** Bm*-Coo*ini MiM.Ureen-Colwell Margaret line A wioh-atrect Condit Mra Mulber Caaey Mi *? Ellen Conghlan Catharine r.v-*tro*; Caisiey Ro**r Cl?fly Ann Comb* Mis* Louiaa Oleary Mr* Mary t-'allazlian Eliia Conner Ann* C'hexu orth Mre Campbell Hiss AnnaConnell Johanna Chittenden Mis* Campbell ISridgot Connell Harriot lie en Campbell Mi* KliiaCoanully Mia* Brid CattlorMiisC Canavan Miry get Culi. :u Mary Clark M -a W E CoanilTMary C? mining* Mary Clark MIssMargardtConrey ituse Cuumll Mr* Carey Bridget Coolidgo Mia* Mary Cumham Mrs Mary Carmody Cathrin* Curbett Anno Cunningham Catb Carney- Margaret Corouran Mary rine Carroll Mi** t) Corcoran Roso Cunningham Mi** Carolan Beasy CosgroreJ jlia,CU*r Mary Carrin^ton Mra Z E ry-street-2 Curly Unnora Chapin Mrs MariouCotter Min Mary Curtis Mr* Sniaa 0 Ann Co* Mts Helen K Caaher Bridge! Courtney Bridget Cohrea Mi*s Caiha- Casiidy Mary Coylo Bridget or rin* Clear Mr* Mary Catharine Ccleman Julia Cleavelau* Mi** Coylc llur/arek Collins Mr* Fanny Abby Child Mis* Myra B Colwell Mra Mary A D Daly Mrs William Dougherty Mi** Dtvlin Mary Daley Margejane Elua Devany Mn Bridget Dalton Ann Dormant] ant. Mr* Draw Jane Drake Kra Chi n Doyle Mr* Catlia Dillon Mi* Davi* Mi*a Anna F Duan* Mary Dtetrich Mr* Sarah Davis* Mis* Sarah DuRy Cathrin* Dwyer Nanoy Deeaan Sally Dunn<-> Mra-2 Donn"ll> Mary Drluney Nnney DunnMitKC Donnelly Mi** Mar Dennehy Margaret Dunn Jam** tha Dermody Bridget Dunleavy Bridget Donohno Anne Demon J Mrs John Duauirv Mis* Eliza Dougherty Cuthrino Denoliar Mr* Robt Dalley Margaret Dool y Anie Devlin Sarah DalionMiss Dorman Margaret Devervax Mr* Ana Dalton Maria Dorsr Mi** Lua \ Do WintMr*Caro- DarcyJalia Doyle Oathrino line Amelia Davi* Margaret Duhoio Mias Orpha Driden Mr* Deemcii Mr* Nora Ann Donmlly Mrs Mary Dclaao Mi*a Caro- DultleM Mr* Ellen M D' tinslly Mil* M*ry line Duan Mr* J Donovaa Miss Mar- Dei.naa Bridzot Dunn Mias Julia garet Dentoa Mr* Eliia- Dunabeir Mrs Donoghue Mir* Ma- beth Dunning Mr* Mary ria Dermody Mary Dutaoa Mist Emma Doraa Cathtin* Deuel Mi* Mary Ebb* Ml** Elizabeth Elee Mary Egan Mary Edwa'da Mr* Jam. Karl* Mr* Mary Egerton Mary Ana I.- in Mary Evan* Mia*Ci:iri*ia Elliott Mi*J Mary Earight Julia Esgle*toa Miss Edward* Mr* Ana Evan* Ada Fanny Bgan Mr* Clara F Fahy Mi** Margaret Fitui aon*Mr*EUta Fleming Mr* Qum Flanagan Mrs M Flood B ldgct. bo W Flancgan Ellen Flood Mra Margaret Feenry Mary Flanbi-atfy Aan* For* Mr* John Fletcher Mia* Jaao FarrallMiuM Fowler Mrs fraak Fiaigaa A hoc or Farrall Bridget fox Elizabeth Ros* Farrell Mrs Richard Flynn Cathauae Fisher Julia Fay Mis* Bridget t lynn Margartt Fitzpatrirk Aaae Fleming Ellen Fraly Mary Fitzimoa* Cath*riB* Faly Ellen Flanagan Bridget Foley Bridget Finerty Cathariu* Farreil John er Aan Foraan Sarah Aaa Fiuet-'aa Mary Farreil Mr* Jan* Fu* Mr* Ells* Fitch Mr* N u Fai' ii M m Batih Flyaa Bridget Fatipatriak Mary Fleming Mr* B Flynn MriMary Ann F"Od Catharine Freeman MriChrl*- Flanagan Margarat F*rd Mi*a Rato tiaaa Fraaklia Mr* Ana O Cabandaa Mr*, 6tb Cipaon Mary Jaa* Gregory Mln Anna av GoeUchur* Mi** O***on Margaret Galllgher Margartt Sarah Qil**pi* Suaaa Graham Ann Good Margaret Oileapi* Saian Graham Ml Jen- Borden harah Gtlpia Mi**, Monro* nttte Gomu F.Uza place GraadaraMary Oonghaa Mm Ann Goaongh Bridget Garrltty MmB (ialvaa Mariah Oiflord Mary Jane Gat ia Betay Gailbreatb Mi** Oiatrenx Panliner Gray Mary A Grace Go*t**iere* Mis* Oeraughty Eitly Graham Margaret Jaa* Gilgun Mary Gardener Mr* Mary Goldtn Jaa* Gilmartin Mary Garlemy Naaer Gordon Mr* Mary Gilmartia Mary GarrUon MiM Maria Gorman Elua Gilabeaaa Bridfll L Go* man Mr* Riehard Oriiiea Bllea Gray Mna Emily Oailfoyl* Mi**-> GiBvrdSntaa II nMittHittirn nixKiiif MiuMtry HtttiiK In Cit llM*rtk7 Astir llouan Mr* ria* llal' ma Mr* r*t- Horay Ml?> Franaai Mi* DmX" M" J" B'&'WUon.STnL S,"wm8 m- iP H?rri. Ski ?h "* BrU* 5*" myr uzvrx: st;' akr> m fu3.cfi^rl" "sfflsp m" Al mi.. U?nl? noli* M XlbllrAlM./lM tf'*"** itrri' tlllr "" i ? is?t2MS? &"?"?? sw Ktllr BiSdt f *' *c?ely Bed5f "."/?'".ifr.! tlr: t;:c":r7 zsnur** |:!i? sj5rui u KKr.firi^u K'ii*rT Har.a Kctrjr f<?!Ijr Kl? v u^ i? ?'ii|Wt Kcllj' Kn - ? ?r Ann# If tti'i" Mt 'n.rr L??ry Cats aria* ksstsu. is-'iv-'f "* BSSsff ^Siwfe^Sfcu I .I'm' .. 1 lAr*# Jf|?ph!a# I,rn4? Mr> Rat h ?war- ? '^'?"^SvsSr Bwr"-?walsr ? s sariE? ?' Siir s, 8s:,? - Mikhail OatUrla* M?l. ia 8>ra:> ftT^fiar ikftssk ??j?fe?v sS?& ? ?!. J'.,. "? sf v vr ??''>??'-? "W 5 l(i*tn?rT M*rt.lVL'".ll*,y T Harv X? ' 2 rfJ'5r<. ??HaayB.lia ?..c. ?. c " ! """?? -tin.!?; ?BffiF*" jswas?^ ""W' ? Mm liriulur *h- 5^'V'Jf" 1"?U M Dm. .11 V.rr -fJ'TKr. v.: t:as;;cc,T.v ? Vi i!" "I.' s;? ' " .?C":Z7 ?i ;???' ::&>&???' i-K&'.'zr ? !-:r.S'CV " ?; Mv.:v.r & ......... . -<? fcSS:: te ><????* Iff. mm *r.?fOi?!?a ikIV* ,f *-*???? Mm am ? _ Without Jan* Naval Oathariaa NitUliilitM Nmt;Au NottayBliaa Oaksa Mary Mulu CUM O'Brien lu, Or Orta Miaa Bather OTSeal Catherine ahard it OUuMul Mr* O'Nell Kri Mary O'Brien Miae Jo Mary J OBmli vaa Margaret kiua Ow?u( Klisa O'Shea Jobaaaa O'Brien Miae EUea u if ley M uinn Mil Ol'pkant Catherine Oat? Mut Maria O'Uriea Margaret Osborne Mary OatrandeiM ?? BHzaO'Ooaaer Ella a O'Briea Abb, DepauOwena Catherine, OOready RUea row loth it O'Laaghlaa Mra O'Brica Bridge* Ogilsby Mrs Rllia- Mar* O'Conaer Elisabeth beth 0 'Naif Mary O Briea Mary Aon* Oliver Bugenia O Hir ke CatheriAt O'Rryan MreSarahNOaoot Mri A X O'ihea Bridget O'boneli Jane _ P Piatt Mra Franeea Portar MissNaaeyAPeek Mra Mary Patteraoa Mra C B Portar Miaa BridgetPbelpeMla* Mar> PalmarMra Porter Miaa Judy atla PaUaaar Catbariaa or Mora Preadergaat Miaa Park buret MlesJuliaPurd* Miaa A Buaaa Parriaoa Miaa Mary Purefll Miaa Abb* Petrie Miaa A T Paama Jane Fatten MiaaJoee- Pierce Mra F A PeareaU Miaa Satah phiae Pride Miaa Baohel F Patteraon Miaa CatePollock Margaret Perderain Mra Palmer Miae Eliza Porter Mra Oath Pbelaa Bridget Park Mra T trine Peraal Mara are! Parklnfoa Miaa Poat Mra Mary A? I Prestos Allen Busan Porter Honora Ptrrin Miaa Sarah J Paimore Miaa Mary Powell Honora Pierea Mra Aaaa Ana Parse Catherine Plnohum Mr* UoyaePeatai Carolina Puraelli Charlotte Porter Miaa PeaderaMary Qf alas Margaret Qniokenden Mra, QuinaM'aa Ca ha Mra Bridget 6th a* rine iaa Bridget Quirk Ann R Ralph Bridaet Rogeraon Bridget Roynold* Mary An Randolph Mra Feu- Reume Miia L, ilOtk Rioe Mra Laura lope at Richmond Mra BUea Rta Catherine Roper Mra, Reawiek Ridley Mist Aba Rf illy Mra, Monro* at Rtan Mra Jaae at Roaeralle Mra C Robbina Miaa L, Beilly Widow Au Ryan Mra Apn, Ba- Grand at Really Acn*a tavia etreet Robertson Miaa Reill* Mre Roae Ryan Miaa Mary Margt Raardon Miaa F, Ryan Mary, Cherry Robinaon Mra Ruth North at at Rogere Mra Reynolds Mra Sarah Raw Miaa Mary Mooney Miaa Catba Riee Mra Margaret Keilly Mra, Amity at rlae Richards Mra Ellen Railly Mrs Ana Roae Mra. Oraad at Rider Miaa Reilly Misa Alice Ryan Misa Aun, Ma Rierdan Mary ReiUy Bridget diaon at Robb laabella Rellly Urn Allea Ryan Miaa Johaaaa Roberts Mra Harriet Reagan Mary Byaa Mary, Madiaon Robertson lire John Read Miaa Manarot at Rook Bridget Rcyaolda Mlsa&arab Ryan Miaa Snaaa Reed Mne Maria R*PP Christiana Rhodes Mlea Catha Reynolds Jane Miaa ^ rine Bhallt MisaMargaret Seery Mary Baundera AUia Sanfurd Mrs Lucy Sheahan Catharine Swain Martha Bliannlinsbv Mlai X, Sherman Josephine Selby Miae, Kaat R eevclt st Bemple Miss Banna Broadway Sprague Mrs J H Shannon Miaa Sarah Bheeky Mary Bantcll Misa SaraliL Sancher Mra Sarah Sheeban Mra Jo Savage Mrs, North at Ann hanna BextonJane Smallon M'sa, 111- Sherman Mrs Pcrtar Bohlesiager Mra C zabeth st Shcrdon Mra, 8tan W Starkey MisiLonlsa ton at Bhurray Margaret Skinner Mra MaryL Smith Mrs Agnee Stevens Misa Ann Boott Mra, Broomu Smith Catharine Stovenson Anaatatia at Smith Mies Edith F Stephenson Miss Short Catharine Smith Mrs Mary Mary Jane Sonthworth Mra Smith Miss l'hiltaa Sweeney Misa C?- Bmma DBN SmithUreLieutCtia tharina Sullivan Mrs A Stiffler Miss M Stewart Mra MaryL Bullivan Honora Sinnott Mias, Canal Beaton Mias Susan Besnan Mary at Smith Miss X, Peok Btevena Miaa Mary Simpson Misa Mary alip Ana Jane Smith Bridget Stevenaon Mary BooM Mia* E M, Smith Mra Clatilda Jane 8th av Smith Mrt Elizabeth Ste-lUrs William-2 St >rm Miss Sarah R Bmith Misa Matilda SwesneyMrsBridgetBtriiblo Mri Adah ??2 Swooney Mary- J Sullivan Mr*. Rar Bmith Reseanna Shevlio Ann ren st Smvth Bridget- 3 Smith Miss, Rood at Seliyuiarhoru Mary Shiue Margaret _ Smith Ann V Talany Olive ThompaonRliiabeth Trimble Matilda or Trathrn Mra Jaa Ann Eliza Jane Trabballaai Miss E True Mils Jaae To?bill Misa Ca Theall Mrs E A Tale'Syon Mr* H, tharine lievuey M at Mary 2d st Thompson Miaa Twible Mrs Mott at Travera MrsBridget Blanch Toole Mrs Margaret Taylor Misa, Oth av Thompson MrsEIiae Toltuon Mim l'tiebo Tin Hroock Mra Thompaon Marg't Thorn Madam John- Delia Twohy Honora aey Tyler Miaa Almira Truemaa Miaa Eliza Thompaon Susan _ . V4iV Upington MisaMary Van /.ant Mis* Van Wagener Mra Van Voorst Miasoa Sarah Cath'a E Van Voort Miaa Van Arnum Miaa Harriett S ^ Cornelia ? W adlrigliMrtMaria Williamson Miaa Walsh Miaa Marf Wall M re. South st Elisabeth Webb Mrs, 21 av W aldrcrave Mrs WUmore AcnMarla Webi er Mrs Blu'h Cecilia Winde MihS H M Wells Sarah Ann Wallace MlssMsrgt Winter* Miss Mary Wi^'(ins Mra Julia Warner Misa A M B A Wright Mi-a Ann Waters Mr* Eliza- Wood Mr* Sarah White Mrs, both Woodburn Miaa at Watere Mary Smiley White Mrs Roeeotta Walsh Misa Ann WtmeMriT Willis MIsk Mary E Walsh Mrs Catha Wiieatly MrsJamea Williaton Mrs Jane Walrh Mary West Mrs Martha Williams Margt Walsli Miaa Margt Ann Williams Saraii M Wieks Uonora Wallaoe Bllen Wilson Mrs, Lud Wright Mrs T Ware Mis.n Ellen low at Wright Mra Cathr Wallace Miaa Mary Winter Ellen White Mia*Joaaph- Walton Mra Sarah Wood Mrs Carolina ine Washburn Miaa Woolley Marjr L Willis Mra, Gold st Josephino Woodward Mrs llar W tiling Mrs U U Watera aliaaCarthy riot i Williama Mra Fran- Mary Welling Catbariaa cis A Walsh Miaa Cathe Whelpley Mis* William.' Mr* Sarah Walsh Jane Charlotte H Wetb Mra Pred'k WalleigbMiaaSarab Wiloo . Miss M L Week* Mr* MargtM J WilklnaoaMisaMary ToangMlnAma YonngSra'DoaMarU CXNTLBMRM'S LIST. Adam* John T Admonde B< nj Aboil Fleary W Al.el EdnaM Alexander John Allen Jorerh W Aiken Joehua A Abbott Jn.iepb Adam* William Abien W L Ahtrn Martla Allen Samuel Alexander John Allen Samuel D AhernBarth' U roew Aleup John Abert romir Jae Albert A lam Allen William II Amery W B A axiom Martin AJlen Robert Allen George J Amy Jamee Anthoay Patrick Andereon Bob'i Andereon H< nrr H Andr reon Dr f H AnderaonEdmnndjr Andrewe J. kn Arnold Hwen B Ahraboldt Vm AuitinJM AlkewO AreMball (ieo AuetiaC V U AaMey Bilwln Aiklaacn Jamea Atkiae Jonathan B At ? ill Jamee B Arind Michael A dan. a Wm A dam eon Job* Brady Daniel Braijr Fatt Babcoek Chaa B Babbitt C L Baeigaiupo B> at/it Iluan Hi. ? John llaker J fl Hallard II k A L Uailard M rtia L Ball Miele Baiky U F Braaan Patrick Bl..ael krd Jae Dramball Uaa'c W Ilarnet liaae B?rr? John Harare Mr Harry U W II irnef. Henry Harkedale Wm ? B:n-ki r John Barrett Su j T Brady Jinti Batee Cart J W Blamelt Horace Baxter Chaa (V Brathia Patrick II r ad . Bernard B> ach Jamee B H ok-r k Co Bebb Mr At will Jamee Streater Andler Henry Abelee Simon Abbott Joeeph Aaron* B Axnew Hamilton Aldan Timothy Allen B M Ale.' r ? A Knew Uryan A I well Patriek Ara ILeirehem Allen L B A oilier B P Am ve Joha Arm ram J O Andrne Mile* B Anthony D C Andereou Jams* Aanfnrd Daniel Araed If m Aubsrjr Harrey Fjr Ayrce William H Aprowath Andre* Braehy William Black Thomae B Blatohford DrWmT Bain v k Frank (I Bracket t Anth'y Bridbury Frederic Babeook Dr Saaiord Maakheuac C Blackee A 8 Brady MM Baley Jamee H Bradley Tho? Brainard H i Bailey Joha D Bain Peter If Bailey Alonac B Baker William J Ball Dr Alfred Blake Patriok Banner Mr Bandinah Clay Berne Henry Barber Samuel Itarry Jetaei Barnee D O Bart liar David IlarrrBacrw If Bantoa Joha Barker M M Barm Michael Brett Enoch lla' oa Jamea D Boyce Oitrti lie. an II k Oa Bieeatt Ji La W<l liam Baiter Cbarlea Banelcha M Br rk Joaeph Beal Joha C Brllowa, Tfctmr*** ???ea Joeepk fc Co-.' Bent Ju< A Benedict Joel T llaty at Chaa Bern diet C W Be) lard ll> nrjr D Berraner Mieal B< miin?ham J as Betia t.eo A B?rlinaer 11 Billmetoa Kot t Flick Wm Bridal rd J M Bridaee T C Bridgee Otia I?? I Bnaao ? naecta Btroh John 3 Bham Ed T B'il Th.mothy B"f?t t Chaa Board man F W Bodlne OaVley Belli lana. B< i. n't Jnha Baldwin J Baila Elward Deary Branoh S:epl, ea H Bangs Elbndga Barry A II Bart Peter Barber lamuel Baraard A. ex B Barry A U Barnee Abla 9 Harr Ilanry T Barbour FramU Baxter C J Beeti T H xakiai M"aa Boyd Uanry Bayaa Oaorga Bayatoa Haml lian t r l Jieee P Bebbit Jaekeoa Bel. til Join Berkley C L Helton Patriek II Belt Bayard 0 Brenn.n Kd niev Id T Bene, n Cept W R Beat Ceo Benedict Maeea BeeliC J B Bell Joha f Hlinkniain Prof Binedict II W Brennaa Thoe Biaedlct 1 Berry Miehl 1* Barel T Bcrara A J Beat W Betjamln lly J p. rnhfimer k Hill Beraart fm Barry Wm Mrtnnan Part llernhelf Antaa Brioa Rtaphea 0 B I well Oar 1 Bridcee N B Brlely V Bridgee Cel 0 L Biekaell A B>nn? Patk Bliea Flnaklia BiaaeHelti l.n Bi?e M . Biennp "aal Bowta Mr Brittaa J aa BirthriaM Jaa P Blrdaalf NaUi'a D HriakerhoffJohaHMBodiaelao M ? na Baldrtek Jaa Bold'ne C Barratt Tim Blaoatleld Riakd Bropha* Michael B'irinaai 'hrietepkar Bennall OoraaletM Bch th D 0 Bohanneny Oee Q Beiaa Belt Barry Ander Broaka C Soaa fc Cj Bloomer II ram Q BronaUt'Tt* lload Bobt Brooke Ni*b< laa Br wn J Heard HlouBiBftalc Ema- Br' wn Joaeph M anal Brown P Gould Brown Bea: T Browae 0 Browne Patrick BrawaJaaO Howa Joha Brawa I. Broun W W" llr wn J L Brc wa David B B' lirke Joha Hmwa Eauinad L Bvnland T B Bloea Mlehael B- nei.e lleary B wlepjlicrry Brnrfiham An Bronnin Willia-n J B?>l? Edward B yle Joneph Boy?e (inarra llcylaa Jamea Bojiejnha Hatta Kohert Boyd Michaal Breenebalr Jera- B aia t^ora* ? eh Bora W A Fn kl.y Willi . m Botle Denie Bnd?o<a K .hett Bro kland Mooaey Beowa Batt Brow a H iliaa J Br wn N k Ca Brewae Arthur Broaea 8 8 Browa Daaial B 'Uttea John B <arka Mieaaal Bet Mr B^etwiek B 0 Urn. Saml C Buel Da<id buck Joe.. m ? Hlun< k< neie?r Cnekce J .iiua B Barret Henry M Butler Janice llutte M' aedut Hi tbank Mr Bi'' iB* Jaha Burr Henry Br'imiham Aadrew Bcurlat Joha Boat wick M ilium S Bayoa Joet ph Boyle Jamea Baatwiek Chai Box Jo -ops Bowmaa Oeall Bull William Hrualcy L BueV.ta?ham Joha A B lekley Dr A ? >' kiaahaa BjT Bnahannaa ? Burekle 0 R Krnenareri Amede B'llklay B nrr la Butler A M Bnttiaa V B Butter t hurlet D Burne Tbaa Hutler Charlea ? Burt r.deard D B rw?i| Aadrew Hatler oreanlaal# Burtaetal>rDH?ar)B'irke Joha M Butler Joha Bur*er V Burr Bamaal J Banter Ji.eeph B rti .ain Q?? Batler Wm I. M Barr Cal? a H nry Burt n Brnelaae Thoe Buah Myr ?? P Ba ehrr Jam*-5 ByraeJ. ha Byarly ilwtaod Bvrne I'atria Bo vat an Mat Ha ?r Hurrer F H B itler Caieia M Hunt ard M N Br)ea Jamea Btrae derail Bey *a Saml L Huat' Warrea BtanaJoba BjraaTT Byrac Timet'. F Bo te> Wm W B?jd B Dykar Buitell* C?or*a B' yle Jeha Bojatoa t'apt Wsi B ?ntoa Cap*. WtU 0?1 B. wrmaa llaat) A Itaa BoylaTcreata C Care ? Patk CalaidoT MTe-rrt < iee Jaa A Caldwell Wm M P i I'.ahaa Jer?miah t'rabtre* /aha I? M Callaway Jahn I Oallayaa Abm B Chad* lea Jaa i eldwell Bo'-m?e ( araaa;r I enla Ct anit'rj Joha ( am be I Jean Crimaer t>ma(e et Ceh i d leaae Calttean Jaa C*l*aelo rat.ricia Cadmae Abraham Calrne Jr Kobt ( lair? erie F L Cablll Th' e Caa tua H aa t hamberlain W V ( >mp( liaa II (.i am for la a t W Catnmela Jo. n C'emmerer h C'e I haima a Ha-. Mr Can ti< Watlaa t I. aria e Mr Craae Chae U . Campbell Miehl Caupb?ll Alex il Cbaadlae tan J -Ha. C ran wall Uaa Claader Chaa 4 haj uaa Baal fcCe CaryiUCapt ClambereJaaF Cary Joha L Carty F#l? Carroll Jaa P 0 Clarmiat* Oeo C Cardoaa Jaaa C'atpeater Nafhaa Carbary Jai Cattar Ar-hlbal<l Meaner A M? ? Carter J"' a T < h:iee Philip B Carrell (n|?a* 1 larka " m riarka Wwi H ( lark B<arr C >tk Ra I. Clark Mr * Fhilia _ Caatallae lie Laaon See C? n?t,ay t Cai ia a. j ? Cta <at j?v % Carry Thea Charlock ieaaa t'larka Chaa Clarke Joha Clark H ram Clark Jae Clark jae Daat Mr* Carae ( baa Crantard Jaa caatwre Cap! ?J anldweU Jr Wai Ubetal Aatnlae Caaaaara Aaleaie CaaalaOaeB Carre r Bee I Cary Riohd .1 8ha*man Mr armaa D P Clarke Thoe Clarke Cart *?y S Clark Catrea Clark B W ?lark MaDiacr . i.. Caeeadf laareit Caatro Hanry Caatee My Caaaj Bekh ?Inaaa Baa V CnvfoH W 0 OnMu Deai?- 8 CmWUU Lull OkMbin J oka Cath Rami Eaoch Ckuri but 9 Creeton Wm P? t Clivifui<Nti mk OiNfu Vila* ClemoBt ViIkbcUOmb William Chester Wm H Creddlt Jamet A Clifford Wat Clinchy tlur Crier Huh Child* U*ui Coehran George Uroeker L N Cockt Beriilla C??b Id w kid J Cuucb Michael Coekt Ptter CoggethaaBdwardLCk ate Oiiiu W C'Jliat Mr. Burnt *1 ('ogle y Jsaet Colliat John? 1 Tempt raaoo CoIUm R Coif* Hum Colee Chariot 0 Colliat J W c<jh? j r Colgal Michael Comori IhuBM Conway 1'atk Ccmetock Dr Conroy Jamet Conaor Jimu C?nloo HiohMl Conaell Phillip Ooeely Jibh Conaor* Edwd Contra Janes ? Coub&y William Cook Mathew Cook Edward Coll am Idtud Cult Aluuao B Cole (Stephen Cohea k Co, B1! Cotton I*onara Cohen Jaaet Collins William Constable Jn M Conruy Owea Ctanon Hvntt L Croaly Joha Cumuli Michael Connor John Oonalfl' John Conaor Bernard Connell Martin Connors John Cartos WfkO Cook B Cook Capt FruaolJ Cook k f aunaort Crook Joseph Cook Juki I &oBbe C H ok l?aao Cottigart Joha Corooraa Do nil Cope David Coat at Nona Cook k Bill Cook Huylaadar It Cooper Oo iQ P Cook JC Oaahia D*nlt Ooatello WuHmb Cotgrort Thot C'ui untll A 11 Corradini Giovanni Cnrtia Daniel Croaa Michael CoroU It L ConrttWm Co jU Jumet Courtae Olivet Cox Andrew Crotty DanWl Commlr* John R Cunningham Mi chael Cngnard Armano CwPen La* rouce Cnllon Joha Clymer Moieditk Cnrtiaa Alfred Cnrtia John A Currell David Cnrran Richard Cumming Mr Curraa lie mar 4 Drake Robert Draxe E<lm<>nd Dally Abraham Corkey Mluhael Cor Thomaa Court William 8 Crowel llenry O William Crta* VSlIaid gtts'/r"; fe" ColeB?j?W Colao? 0 Colaa W * ?olomao** Cell1** Alb?* u CoU?*?;*? CoUe ?VTV kCo Conroy O * " v C.nw?Ow?Q gSSw* ?Eg1 Cook Ooo W ?BE?Re? 9a?**1 is ?sisr i Cotton Qommin* U Coulter Coyle Peter Coartney Eajane Cruger Eugene? S Camming Hiram _ Cunningham Jamet Cannlngham M J Calligaa Felix Cnubaraon Wm Cmamima Oliver CoBBaurhtouMartlaCttaningTiam Jaa Cnrtia Mr Clutkeyjohn Contra, Jr, Ret Cruger Eugene Churoh Hoary Guttik Foster aliader Curtnt k Lead Carry Cadwi Cunningham Bu ?"? o Darley Jaa Daaiby Danl Davidaon Mr Mlohael Ctiry John Dann?b"'t* k Co J Daverport Kdw Darl a Duoait Davit Jimui Davit John A Bails Rev fl Dav e Sheldon B Davie Edwin II l>ay Parsons B Dawion Philip Carroll John P Churoh Kdwd Q Diley Jaa Daly Jaa Dalo Wilber F Davit Cnactr** Dana A C . Bay ton AC Davia John ClintoaDavia Herman R Davit Joahua Outy Day 11 art hall Be Baxredon Bd Davit Jottpb Day Danl Day Oraaga Dacrmim A U Baokor Chaa DeaneOeo Chaa Dearborn Caftan Delanv Patt. B.imuel De Lahore Pelaei Drew Joha Antonio D'A\ iitncn rraaoitJDentelinoaer A DcArrublaJPP Domiok Prelato De Porat Leon De De Mott Wm pavre Deapard (leo Delradornee J P B Deuohar Robt Deniiioth John Devlin Fe'ix De Witt Jit Drxtor Charles Dewy Natnaniel Dreyer Joha De dt Felix Kdw Doh telly John Devine Ik Bro Dillon Oorald Devolling Jnioet L Dillon ltaas Dreur Valoronea Dilly Rev Ale* Diok'ose Jamea Digiinirer ft Dietrich Wm-S Dil'nne Bdinond Dillon Jamea Da. key Patt Dolaa Patk DoBBt.lti Jamet Diokintoa John C Dlvint Jno Doaald Philip Doaovan Patk Donigan Martin Dunn Sir Wm- 1 Donally John- 2 Dody Hichl Donoghoo Bernard DonaUton Jat 1'onohoo lltrnard Dodt Jno Bovtt Dolan P W Donclly Wm DonniUcy John- 2 Dow John R Dove Jamot Doyle R Dorr Capt Wm J Donling Joha Donghtm Jelia Douglitt Louit Dorney Bdmond Dnnton Joseph Dana Jaa ' Dudley Juliua Doorlt Lewis O Dougherty Ooo Dowtca Hj B Do)l? Jamea Dora tee anitrew llownilr Bcni 11 Dunlap Wm Jp Dougl&AB A T Dumt''T i ?ruxniBOB? 1 DimiF-an 1 hema DulyMical Do BB Jtih?-I DvfyJu Dnnite Ale* Dwyer Wm Di at Wm Daly Jat DatvlUa Wm Dutcntr Th?a Eagle t en JJ Earnctt Bliat Baton Theodora Karl k Brothci Ldltger B Rol^rt Egan Wm lean Peter J Kgerton Wm Bngela I.ouia Bn<" AIobt^ F.nglehart W G Everett Ebeaeir Kvorett J L Bvana Richd 8 Krula Bujeat faliej Johm Vahi Tbca . f arlie Lieut Ja* flaming Deaaii FrkBfia Bob) rarrill Chaa Flaaeil&ril Ml Talibiirn Thoa Tarragher Patt flattelljBr^aa FaBaeyThot tret ie? Jet ? > rteciaa J M Fenla franaW fergutoa Thoa fUSSRSM' FiakJoha Finatl ABtonl* ? iiber R 8 Ftorelll Earic# Flteimoni Oauet Piahet Frank Fltuerald Jbo D Fitzgerald John Fcley Deaall F' ran Jaa Day Chaa L Day Alex J Davit John Dean Bdw W Deady Bdmond De Comp John L Doan ti Delany Thoa De U ay Wm Danahy Miohl Den ant Mint A Denyke Jot U Dupay J M Demerctt Saml Dewerti MtJ W L Be St Prix ^onb?y? rand De Zaneh T Drew Lyman L Dickers >n Biraas W Dirkenion Chad Dibb'.o S J B Dioderieh CfcM Diviru John Dod.l Tnot D'nnelly Mr DtfTy Peter Bolan Terranod Dodge T Dobaen Wra Doaae Philo I) >da J B Dooil 0 Douglas Robt Donixan Timothy Deuglaf M Deyle Peter Doolittle B A Doe Samoa Fran eiteo Dntan Prott Paul Dooaen Chat Duffield Wm W Dung Ad?lph-2 I* u ?' 1 k Lorinly Daman Bryan Bualap Thot Dykrt Saml A Durker Dwight-2 Duiignao J B Daly Thoa Daly WaB Xdingtoa Jaa Kdwtirdu F S Kooelea Richd? 1 Kddy Kd F.coft Wm Kidertrn W Kagxlton F A Elliott Capt 8 Bxoell Robert Bnitary k Oakly A ? X. vliah Jaa Beach ft Co Kyre Jas Ivant 1'raoklia F Fagaa Patt? 2 Fagan Joha Pane Rev Thoa Franrt 9 C L Flanagan Wm C t rater Wm Pragel Uarry Farlin Augnttu* Duncan Robt E Du ffy Jat Dnnn Nieholaa Daryeo Mr Deign an Ortney Dufy John Du ral Mealy S Durrie ft Peek Eaataa Job Battward FraaeU BboU Chaa V Kaatmaa A Kaatoa Nathaa Kldor Wa K'.caadorfs Elliott Joseph Bgaa Danial Earigbt Thomat EumrtliBg L Everett J W Bttorbrook flobrt Ewoat Wa Exeer Wm V Ewal Wa Falaber Miohl Fahy Wa Frank Leopold Praneia NormaR Faux John ray A/that flat patriot Jaa Tarit David Farnhaa Nichslat Family Joha Father John Urivot Farrelly Ooraeliol VreaJaad Joha Fleming Andrew Falabey Miohl Pergaton Briaa Perrit Itiok Frank k Co C Fru-ad Joha Finn John Pioh Wa L Fia> her fc Co Cha Pttsgerahi J B Pittgerald E Pitrgerald David Pittpatrick Patt Pot t Bernard Port-et David Ford Mr. Nailtt It Fonda Jat Ford Btrry Fori t David Fogbt Joha M FottBAll B F FoaterTkomat Fo. ter 0 Fr tir Jtba 8 Foy Bernard JVu'e Thot F.yon Joka Poller Jat D D Fulm?r urnry PairchiMs Morti mer For I Joaathaa P Forsyth D< oglata Port' tt Hanuel Freeaaa Ju E Foiatai Jacob V> anelly Thot PtrgutOB Daniel Prey Lairi* Fennel Oeo FIbb Jeremiah Field Jeaenh Fib ley Robert Pilhtr J W Pith Samuel Fitlell Jotef h Fitigerald jat Fitipatrick I>r FitigeralJ Thai Pitch Francia Forbce Joha Pord A minder Ford goo Wm Fcntana Julot Foo'e C D F-r l RT F owl. eThoodociout Fowler John NeUon Pox Richard Poahay J W Footer Thoa 0 PI.,w?r J Fry S B Furfcer Oeo W? I Fryer W D lutl'io John Ptlrhaaka J C ft 00 O Fowrett laie Fowler Sylvottar Fljnn Joha Fry J J Frye Fredriek Fuller Rev C M Foito Siaoa Funk Viaoeat R Vlagg Oeo A Fraaoia M. at Gallmbtr JaaV Oabandaa Aitbut Gall**her Da?l Qulloway ?'b*? QlftlldiK Wm ^ ora<y I'ltftrt Oallatan Utary 0?iun*Jf Jota Grant Juno B Oar. in Rnt>?tt Oarriw u k Bat? Gray Jn?? 11 o?t?n? j?n"* Qray HUaay 9 OaviUr Bnsmanck Oaa*'t B 0 Otwih*';"' jm ( tw Gt'tort Ortra F l Ort?B M*? P. Gracn B?j*nl? Gr*a<ly ?*???* Oaaam A u orry Altatt * Olalch I/*o?>ol? GlbaoB J aim a . Oik*'* W? B? ? Grift n Wa Oili'.y i<>? GirararOt A Gllbattaoo UtlfT Qtllot ? B Oint-ar* Mr 0.11 Palk Oraky Daijail C!nW?iiry B MIohMl l.oMrn Fill Glotar Thoa Gt?aa Oa*r?B Grout J P G?" B altar 8 Goal Piatt* Quia 1 b'a" OnatlB Btaaa Qulkctt BtaalalA* Baitbtt P*?*T ?alara Hltana B*ty J?ha Bala Jtba ? BiltriJiniM Hall Wa n*u h u Ball Daalal flams*** ? Maartck It Baaaab 6i"fM Bamlltaa Jofcm llaad Or *111* ilAmdo* f? iutk*rJ?ha C Hart f*t?r llartCbM llarior* *? H Hart r Barrta 8 9 Barrel Jaatkl parti " ? , Ua't,a*?> Raal Bawktaa J" , B>atin<* C*arl?? llatiay J*h* ? DajH fttairt T Ba'ca **?ard Ba?ll??i * ?? nwV i > 0?'l* Bajda k Henry | Bikii Jam?? K??rt J*?'a I Hianlaf il*ar- ?Ja?.?? I B'Bil't ?r Ja? flmshaua * |aar> ?ra n?? ty n ' H?y af 8 Batrlra ? B?l*' T Ik II *?>?' man . Bitbie Ja?"k Bill 8Haa B 11 lU 8 Uv?MW,l?? |III!M D*8'.?L5 Barti* HUkyJaba {1,1,4 Joba C Hlr'.yla Bl?h?l lloilaat Ptt?? 0ata*t h&iXc Brttaninaa* C

bM,* B"k?rt ??Til* J MM* (Ira! am Jaratf Qnanul 0 Gallaaher ThomM Graham Mr.l.taiil'. ?Vjr Is?3X?. ?*T1 aa*? ? Gray ab? fSjkk*"* Oral- lT*kBaVl? P?ik 0'M,? wi-1 Or*'" r? Ota** ? ? ssrjUw10^ ( fciA U SKfcF Olivet' 9 oi y* r"ja?*? Ooo'lm^all*8* Craaa' l.h, ? ^?jSThw o??i? it flattla J IB * ^ ss?r"*" Hatha* r Baiaa J?* ? oan Corat liut Oalilxan Biohl Oalatla Ronjaaia Oalbiailh II >n Joha Galtaghar Jamaa Oram Tli-nri# Uanbell Jan Oaray J Oar'inar 8t?pb C Gat-, at A J Cray Kanaad* Gate- Mob* J Goy IE Gray Gacar B Grayhao Jeha Grata I U Gli a inn H'm (?reaaw Mil f'ak O raaaaarh f W?3 Oral* W 0 Ori an U Oroant Tbnaiaa G>rach:y Path Glaaana MauriH Olan J. t.a-J Giffxrd JoMpb OifT 0?tn G ba a Juha V Giloanst Ha'lbtW Giltoil fn (Jilhart Joha t Oilbart C 9 Oilbatt Mijah Oillow Biabil-3 Oiabat.ata Oaaarl Oo?(ia J?ba Qoaaloui Ban'l G" 11 1 n Jaaaa Gnrdna Mr 0*ald Jarr.'t Glottr Kanwlaa Carmaa Miihaal Qntmia Cars a* Graraai O P G?lla?h?r Wrn Ba?k*ak?n Dr Ot* Haklay Jnba L Bait 1. 1> II a**n Jaaaa Mala R ? Ball*y<raa Mathtw Ball H C n aararbari Jaaaa Baalltaa I M Hall Cart 9 Haaalaa Joha Dam i It ?.? anlrtw BaniallJ M RaaOrt * a Hammar Jaaob Hamm nt Danial ABaaday Caltla 3 llaaaah Hatha* Daaatahaa Joba Hanaak taal-t Bartiaoa Buah? I ?laCal Hara r baa ?athaway Edwla tlarrlaa Jaafi U Hartlana Wu> 8 Harrla Haart Barriaitnn 0 L llaipna K M llatta Pa'tlrll llataaTh'<naa llaaaU Mareaa Uayaa J Hawk* William 0 f1av aa 1 1 an l-ll Ilavilao'l (?ha? B llaaaitt Clair UawaTap* BHjah tlialb Joba P ll> ath Paarnal llaarlit Panlat il'-al'y Withal W-?*ley Pa rlnk ITaaf?r4 Dt Br n Il'ffi r Hani? Ha. 'rlak ft J O 4>^urt T (ikarltoa Il'iwt Wa-J H< iiafcaoi Joha Hill I, ftbta II', nam Thaaaa lli-tani Thna link k William H*f?n Patrick narath J .'lcgaaa PatHak B'ftaa Tkaaaa Hfntmaa Jaaaf B?*bT*T. Joha ?&S?K l3?yiK?-? ,u*. V'Vrwm* B*". Ot A11*? VsSm??-" wsi.wff' SS?fcSL |al*?? a &iv-> b%%:. HMthnoak Haraaa Httaai 0 D li a?k aa <l?a L alalla?4 DatU _ n-i!?a4 r.tat llxfaat 8ifkl J Hn??*? J aarh P W r 1 ??ra William Rata Miahal B ITalaaa /-ha B ?rnairall Baal Hatat w a ? a*|k Uiaa B??lbrnak IVanl I nlilaa Blahar4 ? ohaatkal MwtN Baltata iobn KcKyf Datllaf Riaar'l HatTtf Bay* taaaal # {??in Bnn ?eaSb William l??N< D 8? I KK.!SSU Hew Jeel I Bowes JimH Howell John H |t?M j h Hayward o H?Um TIim? Ht?Mh> 0.? Hotlj J t Howell B> Hoyt Beery Rillikw Jtha ??well JeU B ? 1 Belli *4 /oho T Bonghtaeliag ? I Chau iiuey Hell Jobs Jame* I Hubbazd Btapba A Bndaoa Uairjr 1 Haggard William Button Beury Bubee Cert D T lis aeon Sober t Hunt Leonard Bueten Bdm'd D Hatckiagt Abrn't Ieatc Ctorgd Irrin Henry lreing Charlst Jngmtni A Jnokeon Bubt Julwe lei Johnston T W lhit Jobs Hunt K J Hunt Bars W Hnynes Peter Byaet WiLli MB I A J IrwlaFrnak eg Joha Itu Jm B Hugh Petri ok hughe* Bnbb* leaitl Huk liru: A Hunting N Ilmchien Oapt BH Hyland fb?au Hyde Benry Bolirte Hnee Unuid ITutehmeon Robt Hnt?lilngi If a 0 Imley Edward Irat Arthur L lrvlag Robert laaae Mote* JackaoaJaaW Jaoobue J O Johnson Vn John Danl Johnson J f P J*ha*oa Wm? 2 . _ ? Johnston R J ?2 Jontt jb Olepber JohnaonGartElieha Johnston DrtPK Johnstoa N B Johnson Jenn Johnatoa Thoe D Jehuetoa Bob: Johaatoac Mark Jobaeon Jh Mile* JobnetonJasO Jonee Cdm Johnson Alex J one* Nathan W Job nston John Jones John B Jones 8 K Jonee Gen Jonee Smith Jordan Pntk JonetRlod Judge Patk Jordan Dowioltut Knapp Dayid H er Kenfmen Lewit David Krmtlger Mr Kapiut B4 Kcefe John Helton P C Belly 0 0 Kearlty Jm Kelly Jtba? I Beepe Walter J Bengali John Belly John Kerr Jm Bey Reiart Bemon Win P Kennedy John Kennedy John Key Wm Kennedy Marty** J Kelly John Kidder J K Johnston Robt Johatoa D anting J one* Hoa J O Jone* Joha F Job** V J Jost Ret C Joaee Mob*, U?? nnrd it Knapp B V Kayter F ran tit Knapp Ht B Keer Patk-2 Kellogg Aaeel N Kellttt Rlohl Q Kelly l'e ver Keleey Raetel Kavaaaugh Pet* Krene Luke Kelly Felia Ke.fy Tko* Kaaee Chaa Belly Geo B Kelly Mirhl Kelleher Cornelia* Kelly B4 Ke'ly Thoe? J Kelly The* Kenney B 8 Kemble Bd C Kenay B4 Kenny Path Kennedy Wm?2 Keril Patk Kennedy Hock Kerr AO Kenyan Geo Killmer By KildamXd Ki'mwtin Patk Kimball PhwshM Kinglee T J Kingtley Ja* King Jae? 2 Knox Semi A Boning T Laneel V A L'Amertmx Mr Lang John Langley Joha Lamb John Laugblln J erne* Laweon Robert Lawrence Semi Latham J ? Larkin Bartla Law G Lefwich Drf D Leeds Wm B Leiser Phillip Lee ThomM Leeny John Levy Alexander L.-mmhan Wm Leonard Dr B B Lennon Janicd ti nt Wm Levy B A Lememk Joha Lindeman Win Littlehall Thoe Lord John C Lovell Joseph Keaa Ja* Kenan Kd Kern Adam Bony Cha* Keaaaa Otta Key* Nath'l Keaaedy Rleht Kenmuir Wm K?nw< rthr Jo* Belle y JehB Kibbee Jnrrv* Ktlbora Wb H Knight Wm W-l King A Joy Kim berlt' y Martin Kierana Joka M? 1 Klltk Wm S Kinden Hy Kimball DrDewittC Kittridge G W Kirby Joha W KirbrBartholomtw Kirk Lewi* Knowlo* Mr L Lairlo John Lansing Chai Lang J 0? 2 Lambert L'hae Lamnlier 8'ih'a Latham Re* A Laptrrr CI. a* Latham N Lav ton Jonah Luughlln Jam >* La* eon David Leid y lr N II L aby Dcni* Leeehl Michael Lee Ephraita Lccda W M I/OTinmi n ir# Lewie WkT LcTicu Jamte Lerett Dr Motria* Lcaater Wm Lcntiou F.dw'd Linobrn Tareno* Livin^Kton JaaB Little Goo O Lon /hlin Jamea Lombard Li'ting L Lathrop Warrca L Lord KevJohu Loomia Frei nan Long Dr F Lock Mr, Wnlkar l.ookhurt 3enJ atreet Long Jams* Logue Alexander L >gan I'att Longh Jamee Longlev Wm Lurrnpcidor Jaoob Lynoh Thoe J Lynch Phillip LjonWtn W Lueaa G<.o A Lnnd Stephen C Lj < n Jan Lyman J W Ljneli Tbomai? " u'fe r v"Dai$ tip.#!# Z'*Z?FrJ*J s%v*ib' ?.tr"?VrV/J' Lynoh Pet or Lynoh Jains* Lyle Chatlea Lord Madden Mr, NiW ll Maiden Ed J hjng Bd Lane Selah 1 yman Wm C Labaraia Franc e LaCaate Henry Lawton fc Co Larale Xaritf I. a -.ham A L Large J? 2 Larkia John Lazarua P Levett Joaeph Legare K C Leary Timothy Lee Wm A Leiaon Joha Leavitt Jamea M LdW'ia Darid L?onard Mr, Wil liam at Lynch Thome* Lc wit Reee Le nerd Owen Leatott Chnrle* I.illey ThomM I/exare Dr Liaton Jamee Loomia Henry? 2 Loveland RalphA? 2 Lookyer RT Lookwoed B 8 Lon< Edmond Loft ue James Lnaen A Silrtatet Ly nob John Lynoh MicbMl Lynch Patrick Lyona John I.yon Am\ia C ? 3 Lynch Denie Lyon* Michael Lord Dnrid-3 Mackay J 8 Mackaey Jaa Mackey J.ts Hagauran John Madey Patk MaooatMv Patk Marned Jaa Malcomb Wm Manning Chai ? Mahonry Peter Mah< ney Riobd Malley Pat Mahoney Robt Markham Wm Mar?h Peter Martin Dr Jot Maguire Jaa MadcoJk baml Madden Francit Mkodttn Hryan Maap Henry Macke The* Jiann W Maloney IK U?g ;erty Mallbie W Mai noy Ja* Maher Jaa Manning Patk Maroelin Bd S Marah Wm Marahall Geo ? Martin Jaa Martin John. Pe- Marahall Squirt noLaoot Indiba Martia Job* Marka Beaj Markajohn Marka 11 Martia Frodk Martin Jaa C MaarMt Joe 8 ? I Mauri Mont. Wil- Mathewa John liam atreot May Fraukiia G Maaon B M Maatrrei a Pat Manrice M R tiasen Riohd L Maaon John HMtnJW Maxwell Jaa Uaiterana Pat Mazan: Moaa. 23th Mayer I>a?ld ?treat Maxwell M Meaghon Robt Meyer H Mercer Wm Mchan Patk M'.rri" Mr Meliua WheelerB? 2B< liua Jusephu* MellyPatk Mellca Robert Mekern Mr Medbirry Sylve*t*r Minek Mr Mechler Anton Mii ak I'iltnem Miller Samael A MinerKdwm Miehail Fianoia Miidletoa Robt Miller A taiatjoha MignclinaQnillccun Milla Jamea Maxwell Hy M Merriam Benj If Mercer WordeaPap* Megraw Mr, Moaro* ?treet Mead Joba Meary Garrett Mean Jamee Meed Joha A Milton Joaepb Miller Arc In! aid Michael Samuel Montgomery Jnaiee W Moller O T Meoree ligallt Moore Robert Moore John Morgan F Morton 1 liomM ForriaCa Mnn iaon Mot an Allan Me ore Jam<a Morrleoa Morten John II Morria Jamea Moa Ronetecht Mr Mullar Jamee Mn'.dor n Joha Muliak* Bdmund Murrey Di Jaa W Worthy Ac: he ay U narun Michael Hurry Bernard Milker Edward Maekev W G Miller SUelahO Moarou ltobt I, Montgomery H'y Meloier Patrick M?ore kamutl Moore 8 B Mooro Samuel Moote I'atk Mora Wm W Morriaoa W C Monarty Jtbn Moorit Lewis A M rriaon Patk Morris Jeha Mkrphy Mr Morri'say D L M?tt C A Mising Augastia* Mulhgaa Cora's Mngrnt Edmund Mairy John T M??re Geo Fran'f Murphy John Munnri Henry Hugh Murt hy K> t Maik Murrhy Patrick Mnrphy Michael Mutaeh Willie? . Murphy Michael I Marry Jamet I Mvriy Jtici1* 1 MyeqeJame* Mott Wm F ' Mullan Blcl ob'n-I Mile* Edward Mullany Patritk Michaelis Bmil Menuelly Miolil Moloney Joha Monk 8 P Moore J D Moore Joetph Moore Mr Moody Joaeph Morria Robert R Morria Randall L Morriaon Welling* ton? 2 Morrill Augt'iC Meat isr Moraa Michael Mown* Com a M M >aea Abrabaa Mount Cart Jo* Mulligan Jam** Mnllvwhy The* Marpbey Jama* Munger Samuel M- 3 Murpby Hugh Murry Michael Merphy Thoiaa* Murphy Mannc* Murpby John Murpby Battiiola mew M irrr Jame* MuipW John 4!on<n Patrick Miller William Murtagl. Battle Murphy Dennis Murphy Decnis Murphy Timethy Movnihon ll ua* jLtey McAnliffe John MeCsrter D MoAnlifl" Jame* MoCruchan John McAllister Andrew MeConathy Joha M>litidcWm McTiniel Rami MoCaughey Robt Metal* Mr _ _ __ , _ _ McCarthy rallll ta MoDonald Matkew MuCake Jamee MeCaffty Michael McDonald J A oa- k oPermott Jao ter M' Donald A It MeCorma :h Jimts McTlonald A Co M'''ordJame* McOtially Mlclil Mford Wm MHieyJno M I oi.aihv John M 01 -in El* McD> Bald Joha McCaaa William tlrCBraey Owen Mol'reery Michael Mi D. ugal Andrew McCnllum 1* McDermett Jeta MeCartbjr Kngeae McCarthy Denait Mel ate John Mci aagh>e Joha Mi Cahe Michael M>'Cotter D*gh Me< abe R but McGrath Patg McArdle Mlchatl Me An ley Kobt MoBride Wm M< Carthy DBniel M <?an l.awreace M> Cornnch Cork*- MeCready Fied'k lie* M-?'otter n"gh McCerm-.ok 1 be* MeCoemks Jane* MsOnnell Tko* BeOkee Pa k MeG'.vern Patk MeUewan taw McGnire Danl Metiavirk* MeGinity Peer MeGrantr J*? MoGary Ba.iLole mtw MeGewtn B MeOilny capt Hy MeBalpfa Thos Mellew Jersph Melntlte Danl McKay Jae MeRia<le> H J M " B i " ri ok Daa 1 McCabe Michanl Me l am. hlin Mi hael MeCatmiek Wm McCatihv John M< CoUoin Johl Peary MoClellan Robert MrCarther William McCabe Joha MiDoaaellP W| t?ef> r.n 11 Patrick McDaaald Bernard M< Donald Donald McDonald Hugh M Donald Jtha A MnDcrmett Jne MeCcrmick Andrew M [>ermott Wm McConvllle Bernard McDonald Jm Mo gelvey t arid M'Intyr' Jne Met:.illach Fraaeia Mr I*ey Ja* MfC'?M Wm D McOuire Thoe. Mi Miltoa Joeeph B IniyreDanl McNancy Bernard Mclntyre A McNa'len Patk M'ReeanPatk Meltnlty Jaa McNulty Jmo fcr Nelly Jno M f^erry Thot M' Jiravach Hy MeKepin Geo C MoCratken Mr. tlctaai hlin J 8 Mci (in Wm Mclfahen Patk Mc"t ?eany Eimand MeMiehaelJa* M'ShaberJaa McMiohaelJM hcGuire M?en M l.aut Pett M Garry Berth Is- McHaboa Jao mew McMahoa Deaala Meflowaa Patt M' t;rera?re? Ml ml MeOrath Lawrcitt M Neuia Jne MeLeay Deeid MeLel'aa Archibald McGnire Patk McGoagh J as MeC.aire Jas MeMahoa Owea Me< - Jao BcMsaas C Mr l^nr Ii? Mr HcMahoa Owes M UBoktCtrur Nance 0 A? 2 Meier Braeat. Nels a J M Nelson Ji I a Kewtnrn Wm Mtitltt Re? Dee M le bolt C W Norman Jame* MeGrand Ja* McLaughlin ChM McBngh Mlchl Meflouaaey Hat tktw II N**hea* TkotaM Malitr Zepha alah Meely Albert Newman HI 'am Neal Michael Ne.ell Mr McMair Hngh M tally Patk McVally Bdw M Tagne Pe'.< r M. Waiter A J itrtrt' U Ht S?eeayldm*ad Naran Michael Naah Miohl Neaglo Mlchl NeiT J"hn B Neynioret Fetri* man Nieholtea H ehl Nortkutt D L Nerrn A Brotketa. Nocgey DewiU WaUtt Nolan I ewrenee Neyet Benj F Niiftbanad Adam Nolem F Net gent Joka J Jtiekereon Ma*?*? 8 Niih?lton Alfred Nexon A lieu Norma Frnaei* Maater Norman The* Murry B Noble Alex Noble Ilea rich Nee laaaeC Nee ner Jm Nekle J B Nut tall Wm Nnlly Jm NnttHag L B Ok?'.kt A?( W V'tMlhl b'Ntai Win O N ? * J O'Kaal Jill M Dentil John 0'D"k??ll J< I n O'FUduii rr'#J? Ofil*l? Jam?? Oxtrtadrr J >? (trt?n .iol.? (1 Our Wm <>??? J ft O OC'i'Bor Hatty w Brian Urn Oataa IVk Ofrfartik <> Ir.-n Jabn OBnta Danl O Ctntr IMtU t) Bn?n Jii V ttwrrr The# OKnlf Aadraw rirtff O A flllit Jr br. Q Palmar Ut? B Para W B I'a'iaar Jtka r?Tk?r a *- a ?'???. B ?tl Q*? 1'tlBlfr Dll'rl Pr?U Tbaadora J r?j?i Ira P Prat? J*h n T I'lan Ji ha U rattan l?)laii _ r*ia?t??i?h UCiltifirwt'H ? Ftliti fia B Piittfa# i C* J !??"*?? J ? . p. r . J?aarb j'irt? 0*?H I fli?i|?rin7 rn?k J I rwuK va run i)H OKI Trti II O'Draaal Pavtd O Donaall ? hoa OWalll Phillip Than B oNallU J..h? O t.?an Hi' 1 1 O Null Wai O'Dotnhlt Jna Own J B Oteoti Cap* A Ilia 0?bfrn Bdad O'loanall Pal O'llrian En i or? Q O'Brtda Chaj O' Brian CapMilft Qaa A O'Brjnn ta 0'<"Vnn?lt Jnhft O'Brlta Patk O'C < anrr Patk O'JfalU JaaM P Pii-V-rafill Jbh* Pun* W U Pindar- Tatrick Po?aii car* J?Lm IVwtll John 0 Pond John P l'r?*lar Jul** Pohea Jtaaph r*nl? Rmbard Prlhaar Frani'la 'lev |?*t li'ilB Pnrdy i 'af' H rirtll w* Mm fa B O'Wail D*aU Q Drinrnll 4< hft O KaafaThoa C) II ?r? Arthur O Naill Patk O'Maarn Daait OT.nram Edwi Oabavaa Th?? (Mthfin J m (> Oollltaa Timothy Orllas R 0?daa k A lima <>'H?raf IhomM O't'onaallOwan O'jir'rn JaranitBh n Onnuor Oorn*lim OTaiiaci.aa Bay f'Danlal O Jm WF-.rrtll Praaail o'ii>6ii*y r*m ? Patoabat 0<abri?r I'mraon * ? . Prlrvi) HI '-bard Pfrifl t A 1*1 f?M Will'aa Pr ? IVikiaa ?< B P>'?r?m Wm Pnwi ch Paray w ? Pira t'haa K _ rinmf ton C L P?k?iwn Dr W PiiBptnn 0 L IMnataay Itaaa L Prt'ham J?hn v??vt Pet tot Mr, Blm ft Faaaer iu filMn>i Baml Nlatr O 9 Frail HirrlMi FtJM> (**< PettefordJF Ptttl J B Pike 1> B PitUD ?illia Pilgrim /MM Pextas Thoa Flaaptoa Lnli Putts Chaa K rw4}ChM R Phelps Uoiaer Psndera Per** Felimn W Partridge Ju I Fame N * Palmer D B Potk Geo B Parish Jaa Pill i:ilh Phaanaur Foogera Perkins 8 I Ftckit Diui FnviilA 0 Palm *4 ward Ftriaeau Alfred Paul fc Wilaoa Payne G 0 FitMnon Jaa Fratt t Co Ptake Heal f ysinlaa Jartm'b Vuia Patk Uuigley Joha yuigley Aaher Railway Ma Bathboae Jaa Randall L W lalfiitr Daniel Bayaor Klisba Be id F Be t ie kloKB Pcttiboh? tin S farm. h* Muni IBtt J< hn Frltrhar? E B Priest (in W Fierson C T rut JmmmB Pawn Piwm Pa war Mioh'lM Powall Mr Purtie Patriek Fhiaaar / F Purehaa Mobft Phillip* J oka Party Ma Protease Mipi) Pottar Jaa a* Fowal M W Foat 0 K Polar Jo*m Powers Ml frwaiac Je km ataaaa A W Perkins J L Fattiaoen Gee Parson i Thoa FnadlaO A 4 Qulalan jerttn'h Qnin Pat Qaaokeafcoaa lanacA Queue fa <juiekeadei> tto- yuii Ma bert R Kahili Ja* Rathye Una Kan Adolf Rahely l?> nnia kunuan W Bead J E Reed O H P Bey acids LamWrtB Rerenu David B Read Cbae B Remington K P Reiliy Bernard Wax Cca Roberta CJaa Maitii ftayaer Jaliaa Bamel Monaieur Bunui laaaa Baw Hugh Beynolds fa Beynolds B Bheem Jaoob Reigart J oka Baal Reilly Terenoe Reed Araehoe Belli; P Raily Philip Reilly Joha Railly John Bailly Joha Bit-hard Fttldl Riok Jaa B Riara Don Jayas Rilii W Richa<M _ hardeoa W ? Ruli Leonardo Bit hurdsoa Oaa W Bloart Doa Jayne Bokinaon ft Broak iaga Robiasen W altar 3 ^ IUh /< Rtillfr Chat IUodib Bailly Jaa Keid David Bailly Jaa Betta ,?wia Beiaera Henry Railly Jaa RelUy Thoa Bailly (la* Rebeeehi M Angelo Regain Wm Robinson Calvin C Railly Mieoaal Kidney Mr Richarda A K Kiohmond Homer Ridley A R>im Herman Kiae B B Rlagsfrtia k Ba- RiUey Anthony chirson Rickard??n Chaa Biec B B Ril >y J au>e* Rlaly Paler Rigney John Koaera Phillpp Reilly Joi> n Robinson W in Roberta Peter Robbiaa Nathaa K Robb a Taukev Bobbins R W Roker ? ne UraadnRoberts Edward F Boblaaon Cap A M R>bina tl It Co Roberta Geo Bobaatt George Robiuaon Seo s Bobaraon Richd Robtonu Jibu Rogera Phillip Rollins Hi au> Roark Laugl.lau B>>gtrt Jumrt Roach Wm Roach H e ha. 1 Roche Matthew RolUnson ?nry Reach Patrick Rody John Praak Kodgera Patt Rodney l'att Rowan Patt Rouib Kituarl Ron Adaa Roan W E Rom Mr RoeentUa Mitnon Ronrke Thoa Roaelmr John Reaenberg Aueat Rouayne John Ronrke Patrick Roamno i.?aa Ronrke Manrica Rotenfield Luianl RoaevaM 1 Roacr Mud i?ur Ryan John M Ruat S IJoni?r Ryan Michael Ryan Patrick Ryle Jtremiah Rjaa W illiam K) an Mr Ryan Nieolaa KnmmollO Ryan Dan KoaaDaiid Rot-onl lati Mjer R. monidat Nieolaa Boaouberg .fhriat (Sonaaia) iau Stafford Lawrence Baoba B Spaldiag J L Sohaab George A Bollice George Sprane Char lei Schailt Andrewa Stack Manriee Sanford Ik Cobb Beanlon John Sandcro Aoguit Sandera U Stanton Philip Samueia Henry Btratten P G L Hobaon MTaUil , Rogeri Phillip Roaeli John R?'lgara Runaoll Rogera Thoi Robinaon JoLa Rodman Jeiac Boaer J B Hoaaebaki Louie Room Bdwd Ro'>n)u Thoa Roaenberr A Romaiso Morris Rork John Ryan C'lrceUaa Ruat Chaa Ryan William Rnaaoll UugU Ryan Thoa Ryan JoUb Ryan Uiehaal Romalcy J A Roahan J R ner Charlea SchaUerMiehael Kpaninrr Hermann Mack Thoa Rinadle Nif.iiaa Bhafor Jam<'? Bchaffer Geo a Buy re Car ton L H|iragu<' Emeraon Baudn At ui Salmon C Smact B1 j ah Strakoach Kaurieo Balea Jamca sianlun Dorf Stanley Wm T landlord Jsn'i B d ant >n Robert S Faumall- t> t naa Btanfotd Arthur B Sama W illiam Bhanmin Jain. ? Soaunoll Jen 'h Shaw John P Staunton Plnneaa Sarlea Ja?e Shaituck Jno U Slauglitei J B BlattaryPatk Bharry Jno M Saundtra Bobt Stearns Jonathan Seaaea W C Spear t'aml 11 Shea Jaa Swtat Jno B, MD bhegban Jno Shaw Wm H Siatterry Patk bhaw K l.t T Sweet Win Blea nt Weotel Soan fion Lawreaoe Mptniruc David Soariett Uav.d A Saxon A 8. arrett Isaao Shaky Joaopk Savage Jaa Bayers W Shet hy Jao Stebbina N B Boely Chaa | Snicaton Geo G? 3 Spearman W D Seara 8 Sweeney Daniel Steel Th' ? Stein !d<na L Bpcncer Jno 8?eaney Chaa Bteel Rev Jno U Bheeban P?? t Shearman Uy Steel Uy d Shea Alei Seaman W (1 Schnetr F 11 Max bttinbertter Jcnat Biencer WU Shell Paul Sheika Jao Bkelly Jno Send' er Lit ea hhelniau Patk Selielhng Wm Steuait Mr Slovene (ILK Sol.leeingorLanaL- 2 Stew art Jno W-2 BtevenaGeoT Stovenaon G Pitt Sherry Michael Shemaa Cai t a it red Sshermerhora J F Shepherd Albeit D Stcwar* Veil Sherldaa Miekl Sheatter Saml btieehan Timotbf Spear Saml H Steeu Wa Sr-eltriede F W Hnifert Fred Belvoator Capt !t? phea Skelly Jaa bkelly Chaa Stephens Jaa Btevenionii Juatia K Seybold K 9 btevenaon Oao-S Sherinon Morris -1 Sherry Michl Sterna Joseph Stewart W Stewart Danl Stevena Jaa A Scliatdt Kdw Stillman Jaa A Smiley Snmner Bhire Danl Schmidt J B?ift Qarrat Stewart Jao N Sheuermam M Bthurn erhura Rev iUieridaa Jaa Uy O Sherry Miohl Stewart Warren M SolimidtUea Sherry EdmuLd Shrimptoa W Sieiier l.anib kt Ca Simone Uy Silvertt.oia D Bnupaon w S? if t Jeremiah Simmon Raft J W Simon Kaahovor k Skimmoaa Cka? Ur> there Shilling R Simmons Capt Jo- Simon* Danl seyh Bkjff Fradk Si' e Jaa Sim n Daal Bohmittltin Johan Bitiard W m H Sehinuler CarlWel- Skinaer Thoa D hc'ui'-n Shine Jaa-J Smith J C k 8 B Smith Capt J S Smith Galliway Smuli Gaiway Smith W B Smith CB Smith CaptLocoard Smith U Snith Wa K Saith Joseph Smith W B Smith Patk Smith Joha Smith W J Smith John Smith Thoa Smith Mr Smith l,a-enoo Smith A P Smith Henry Behlifneger Lone Bivers Piederick Stoddard Capt ChM Stiles Bl>jah Bcbroeder W Sloan Danl r Stockton W St kes W 0 Stoddard Capt Chaa Btooameyer Jokn Solar i Pierre Luie-2 Stone Joha B Sooen Jaa Storr" A Sod an Peter Pebonhali Jasob 8<iroghan J< ha Strong A B Boutbwiek O C By'veetir W B By fret J 0 Button Geo B Summertield All Bnlliven J as Sulln an Joha Sniyth Fater Shutter Leopold Sto eshury Dr 0 1 Stow k Brewster Scctt David Bcott J?ba Bykes Chestr W Sykes Jaa Stuart htephn W Shurden Joha Btutiel Geo Snider Fredk Blair lend Chaa StlBion Wa Sinclair Meaea Skinner Morria Smith Kaal B Smith Jaa Smith Ik Hepkia* Smith Coluaka* Smith Uenj Smith Geo W Smith Edwd Smith Lonla Smith Sabiaa Smith I eevea Bliter W R Snodgra-s TaMl Bolomoca Mordlea Stoeking Wm D Stoaa Daal Sohotler 6"0 ft Storaa Jm Bborb Dr Jaa ft Bonthwort h J ? Shore Thorp lehoyer ? Co tutherlaad J ? r Sut ton Geo B Sohmnlowiti LaMI Sturr Wa L Sc but t Moiea Bmyth Jaaea Bmyth Jela Stnrdevaat Lett Bo lit van Jekakja lia Bhuti Meyer T?>Ur ffi Mnntea Taj lor Joka Taylor WilHr Tkaycr U-crit M Trait oa Wm H T?jl?r W i linn Tinny Ibumw Ta> lor 1/Uk? T? her Ml ling Tayler Robert Treadcrleabort D Theodora Tempi* Hot. rt . Te mi any Sd * ard T- 1 1< n.lle nry fclloll Tuiker C?|t Ma- Tnnp?>a J A Thrift Jalin T thamel u Tcaana W'lhaa Tiel Lewi* Tm*i J?ka Thriae Mr Tkicl a Co Tlynn Jaail Turn pkme BdwArdM 1 tmmeraan Pe.lrt Tokia Bartia Teaia* Henry Thmrea E Thompaon tdard TobvJaae* Toby Hart in Tcia* Tab* B Tailmaa 1 Baktr Teft JeLn B Tan *r, Jauie* R Turner Bblemoa Traocy Patrick Taylor Win Tkatthhold Tho* Tatbcll Wa V Traniat ? Wm Tellor k Trran.r John TllUrn Ik Co Tiller r< in J*tph TMrtault Geor*e Tboaria Monnitar Thompson Jo* Th ma* Cl.arlet T1 omat WM Taylor Bdwia II Taylor ft Rubaid Traoy Ttfll Trafj E A Tbayar S?;k Taffa 71* aa# Tracy t-A ward Thatcher Jo b Taylor J C Traa-tgaa 14*4 Tea ill 1) Traaay Patrick Ttlden * Kif har4i ThoaptOB A re hi- Tkoapaaa Wm Tl.omr.oe Joa M TnmpYino Mr Torraaae John taolrr Daniel M Tully Relit Tillly Jamea f ullork ('apt laid Tlicmai T Thaytr Henri* W Th* mend W W Thorn H m Trotti r Chaa W Trott Bltam Turner b Co Toek?y Cast Tn'klll Edward Tuck Joctpk r ndcrtlll Joel I udtm i od Coraellu* V ValtatliiWaan 8 Jr Vara am ha Tattarilla Loaii Tutile A U Tymon Otia V t'lmann Jnlaa Tnm* W B Thompiea Cat A I ThomaeOoer?e 1 * BMM W m R Tnrrcacc Joha Tu*k*r J* W Tnmfttf JnkB Tuckar J N Truman WilliBBI Trueadail Ooorite Toaatend Hoary Taarnaaad Wm K tali Bar th Toyet Soail I'H* ' O. Vniokmaa B Vega Den Jon Vra< mi *pt Varaon Jib? Ttalkl Ckarla* Viltm Rtitant V<raaitai aut'ta* Vara*l Lawi* \ Inoent JoI.b Vittaharl Ai?iaa- V aaandak Ja* Vcrael Tkcma* dcr Vernon P Van Via I>iii?bId' roaa* Vaa Neae- m?a V?n Vlack A II Van Areaale Joba % aa Reyaltan Jki * an Dr pla 0 Vau Denier BobtH Vaa Voorkta* ft Vaa M art D W armr Jo* Tred Wa. ?'-a?r W W Wai?h Bdacrd X al?l, Thou aa Walkar Jo*n u Wclih Wm Wtlker Mr Warner Abram W ard Aattlac Warden Janet Ward Cca*t a Wiay a OiUilaa W alert R A Wataoa Dr 8 M Wati rhnrt C B Wattea Wm II Walter* D< nry Waet n- r Jo* Weed Ret BdW Well* Wm Well* J' l,n Weed J W W? id Rot 1. 8 Weed M.v M W Wei b C-.1 J W W hear ft I I'h Well* William Welrh Jaa Werill J Oeo- 3 Watt M Cu Jaa Wa?t B W?*tra Gao O * ?Ii>b W L W ilttaa Captaia Che* Wn?ht Dr W Br0kl.W Wa'dMC A W ali h Patnek Wallet C>aiad WaUk T Wa?elaS B.*h Waieh MUkaal Walk at Mr Ward Hera a D Warner Wa n Walaar J" B Wara'ck Wa Wale?a A lei Waterman W D Wntraa O WauoaT ft W altera Th?a Waitou Iho* Wet .t <HW*U Will*' Daa*tla? Welch Real Wood Het tl N Welle Boca* Well* A I hart W at'Ct Frod Wclah Utilaa Weathcrbaad J W . ?lt Th?* Ja? O m . <.? ar* O J Alfred Whelaa Miehl Wtla* Dat?? W ilc a Ralph Wruht A B W llloaa Ja* O J Wilaca a Brolhat* Wltlteaa Jaa Wrlaht Bel t Wilder Ja* W ? Ilea < l.a* W ilara 0 Wi/maan Jnlia* WiKiaei* Ja? Wllkinrca W P Wilcox, Regan ft OB I WiPlaa* Ja* Williaaii Wa ft U illtame A R Williaai* Rohkf * i Rami Rd William Hnwlaad Wlllla?* Scat's Willlaat W Rol White * ilHant* The* Whit* Wm While Reid fcC* W hit* Tl.o* W'l,ile Tin* Willi ll? ?? I _ Wiat* (iabrUl T W hippie Van, I H W' field J aha w Miit Java* W na rait ? . ___ W iit>rt"i Wa B WhitUfer Wa Worll ary f reaaaa W?, drnw 7 hoc A Wotted. I Qaei W c o* Berate Wctdaard Wa II Wood* I'raakiiB ? anvyck TCMON Van Pelt Beary Taa NettJaka Vaa Bora Baaaal Vaa 8atoaahty*t ? Wtlta Oh W Waleh J ha J W aiker Jaaa* WaUk Jaacpk W alch Wa B Walch Willaaaa Ward Thaaaa Waraer Oco W Wardla H J Ward Jaaa* Waahiactea J Wat*oa Pttaf Watacbury C B Waahhara R B W ataoa B B Water* Patrick Watcrara Rob* Whoelaak BdW Weed r a We?> ThatB Wdr J B Walak Ja* M Wheclatk OA Wcki Oil J W Well* 0 W ft Wederlnd ? Whalel.aa Cba* Walek Akraaa Weeton Da?id_ Weetfa, Cart U ray 1 WiUoa [>T Wa W ll*aa The* WiUea Capt J Day* taa Wrt(k?. A B Wil?a Wa 0 WU1* Chat-S Wn?ht Wa Wllacn Wa Whiabtoa Jchn Wt'liaat Wa Wiinamc b Batab latoa Williaa* Alfred * illlaaa ftakt Willi a ae DbbI WlMiamcon p 4 Sll"*0 wh.-o M W a 0* Wi<u J. ha White I'atk W>.tm? D"dd b Ca WVitaB P WhltcleyJrWm White Cap* W l.iiuey Th?t .? ? ? ? Whltl?t Been WM-in* Ra'pb B Wl ltai y JcbB W h I ley Joha Wib>U* tdjar i?od 0 Weed Mr A-l Wocd Chi Haaiy Wttd Hair. I Weodroek Wa W Wilaaa Jtha W Wlltea T t. Wruht Riaatat Z Wilder AM T?tiB? J?fa Tennt Bi n la (i baa Btrcaa Waedeard (t-? Wool Jaa Woo'hnna Wa B Wont Jaa WyckcS Dr J tr Wnracr A mat L ad Bieka Wrndtaff Miraa Wlecat d Kdw Wtekeff Mr Wltf'iica Ja* B 9 T?u?it Bk?a Taanc Reward B Zart* Dt Wa Whiter Joka N Wtat?r l>aal Wiaaloa Jaa M Wiatr Sal'-aea Wlaalow Jaa B Whutt Rol t Wttbaa Thaddta* B Wiaclow Uerdaa Wiadow Jaa f Walttaek Wa Wa?d Wa S Woloot* (I W altar Wtedvirtk J B 0 Wood earn Beary B Wood Patid Woad By Wa Weodaa Jeea Wolfa J??l Wtckef Wa Webb ha Teat* I a Tauaf Daa ralle B I wa. y. iuii

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