Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1851 Page 1
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THE WHOLE NO. 6703. MORNING Y ORRHERAL D. EDITION ? FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1851. ,4 PRICE TWO CENTS. ?NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ADDITIONAL EUROPEAN INTELLIGENCE, RECEIVED N THE EHROP1, AT HALIFAX, TRANSACTIONS IN CONGRESS. Proceedings of the New York Legiilttnrt. ?E8nW?TlfE TORNADO Iff TENNESSEE. 'Terrible Steamboat Explosion at St. Louis. Hecwli ?f lv?ati throughout the Country, &c , tea., tec. THl IEVS FtlOX ?DROPS. BY bain's merchants' TELLORAPH, orricK, 29 wall stiiit. Halifax, Feb. 26?11 P.M. The Europa sailed shortly after 10 P. M , with a 3air and flreah wind. The weather in England has been unusually ^nild4or the season, and without any appearance of cold weather. AAUrs In Francs. In the National Assembly leave was given to brine in a Motion lor the calling together or the Councils General in the case of an invasion. From a statement of the financial condition of the country, it appear* that the estimated excess of -expenses over the rsceipts, for the present year, is 256,600,000 francs. A meeting of the several par liamentary clubs took place on Tuesdiy night, to consider the question of electing the President, Vice Presidents, and Secretary of the Assembly, which is to take place to-day. The general feel >ng was in favor of retaining the present Bureau; Sut a leading club had resolved that in case any of the present Vice Presidents or, Secreta ry, should be rejected. M. Montelambert, Da Grochy, Bengnot, Charlemange, and Fiviasny should form a committee to select new candidates in the government interests. A later account states that M. Dupin was re elected to the Presidency. The weekly reception of the President of the republic did not take place on Thursday, as here tofore. In the Legislative Assembly, an Tuesday, the discussion was continued oa the proposition to ex tend from three to ten yean, the time allowed to French subjects residing in foreign countries to disposess themselves of their slaves. Ultimately, the proposition was adopted. A squad, on of vessels, commanded by Admiral Montagu is Da Laroque, sailed from Brest on the 7th inat. Its destination was unknown. Pakis, Thursday Evening. There seems to be a determination to get up a subscription for the Preaiden'., notwithstanding his wish to the contrary, and several lists have been opened in l'aris. The President's horses are about to be sold. There is not much doing on the Bourse; 5's Opened at 97, and closed at 96 80. HslUngihtad, Petty 6i Co.'s Circular. liiTnarooL, Feb. 14, 1M1.? Thsrs was rather mors shown to buy oottou at the oloss of last -werk.and a slight improvement In prices wai eitik ashed. Oa Monday we received later advisee from the 1'nltfd State*, which appeared too unsatisfactory and the Biarket Immediately became exceedingly dull ?Ed It has continued fo ever since. Toere ha? been so strong a deolre evinced to *ell during the last tew days, that buyers have actually be?n intimidated, and al though spinners are admitted to be bare of stock their ^nrehases have, in ooBS"i?ieno? . been restrloted to ths s as sliest possible extent, there being no inducement to buy more while importer* snd other holders *how*uch a *t-ong determination to pre** sales Price*, tinder such olrcaiDitences. have given way la American des cription*, to the extent ot ,'4 to }(d per pound, mak ing the decline, *lnoe the cloee ot last y*ar. one penny per pound. 1 300 balei American and 6S0 Aurat were .'eken on epsculatlos, with 3^0 American and W durat if* export. The Markets. BirtMTi rra.? Brova Shipl-y ?. flo quote Weatern canal flour doll, at 20 te 21a ; Philadelphia and Balti more, 23* 04 to 23a ; Ohio 2 2* to 22* Sd ; Canada 30e. ten* ; ?our. 18* fid to 20*. per bbl. Corn, yel low, Mi Cd. to 30a ; miied. 29* ; white St* to 31* 01 jer quartt r. Market dull Wheat whit#. 5* lOd. ta 6a.; rad (a. 4d to 6*. par *0 lb*. Paoviuo**. ? A fair bualaee* ha* been don* at firm ^rfcea for flna, hut at rather ?a*ler rat#* for ordinary. Pork? A cat* of new at an advance of 2* par barrel, "lacon much aought after, and a email aupply in tka market, llama, no new In market . ahouf -J*r?, do. Lard? dale* of CO ton* at an advance of la. ed. Cbeeae unaltered, and rrrjr little good la market Corrai ?No Improvement In prlaa or demand, and tka gr?at Dutch ?ale? looked tor with eonelderable intereit. and tbera ta no new eatar* to notice the only deman-1 being for common Congo at ?!???* and a Jail panoa to one ahllllng. T ?o email ptrolaof Dae Congo bava been takes at una aud aeven paaaa p*r lb No ohaaga in other *ort* Hi <i* a ? Fair demand at pfevlou* rata*. A?mm are la Halted demand and the ealaaara about It 50 barrel* a'. 29*. to 2ft" <Sd . ?n 1 SI* for pota Natal. Bloat*. ? NatLIng I* doing In turpentine. Palee of 1,000 bbla American loetn at 3a 3d for eon not to ft* ed for fine Hatawat.? A inert -an la *or*h ?6 17*. 6J par 100 cwt. i (li-atciieo* Baaa? Large ealaa to arrlva made at 'Se M perewt, Mr-rat * ?The market ha* ebowa more activity, and rrlaee are wall fnatalaed for manufactured Iroa of all Inda Pi* Iron eoetinui* quite neglected and th* market el?aea very heavllv Seller* at 42a to 43* Od. for mlied. Tta plate* are In Improved demand Toatcco.- The market 1* quiet, and wlthont oheege liiriee. On. ?Bale* of 60 toa* o'ive at a reduetion of 10a . vmell aalea of ltneeed at 4*. 6d per cwt Llttl- i* doing ta cod at ?37. Small ealee ol Southern whale oil at JE33 to ?34 per tun. whlah I* a decline T*li ??,- A merlcan la In better requeet at 3d* ?d to 3le per owt Onal Dfitrnrtlon of Life and Property by a Tamarlo. LtvitftUI, Feb IT. IMI. A terrible toraa<lo nearly deetrnyed tha towa #f /lyetvllle Tanneeaee, on the 24th laat Several lire ? ?ware loat and many perron* tarloualy Injured Th ? -wind blew a perfect hart Inane amldat which rouid be keard tke eereama of women and eklldren falling kouaea and crumbling walla mingled with peel* of ikunder. Tke air wa* a'.lre wltk electricity, Rain eub*equently fell In torreata and Impenetrable dark area prevailed The tornalo eame from the eenth we?t. Awtal Hteanatioot ? iploeton and Lew of Life? Indian Attack on I'. *. Treop*. Sr Lot i*. Feb M Idol Oa Sunday, a ferry boat here bnrat her larboard toiler. by which the fore part of the cable waa com ? pletely wrecked. Mangled bodlea end d*ed korrea Ac 'were laitaitty etrewn around 16 par*on* w?re killed -*ad a* many kare been ?everely acalded or are ml** !?*? Iafermetioa from Council Grove, atatea that the Pawnee Indiana recently attarkel th* gorernm-nt -el at loo and killed aeverel p?r*ona A eompeay of dre joone have been deepatebed from Fort Leavaneorth. t? aeatet la repelling them The Mayoralty of t tica. Unca. February 17 1UI. The democrat* of thla city h ?re nominated Col John ?1 Ilia an for Mayor, aad the whig* John Bryan Tke katfaa end onthoa*** of Mr. Jam* Sayra end Dt Peaieray were deetroyed by flte tbl* inornlng L**l Tke Are wa* th- work ->f an Incendiary Lake N?ri(etloa. Hi r? ii.n February 27- ? P M. The et earner Arrow, from Detroit, afilved at flllver Oteek thirty mile* f?nm Mufalo at oae .? aioelt No lee la tke rleer She will re urn iv- luorree ev?nleg At l hie place a amall <4 laotl y of Ice II*# at rb? mo itn of tke areek, which will di*peree the ?r?? -a-t wind WavifaUea may be een*ld*r*? abeet open Vtmb WuhligtM. IMPORTANT DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT INTERN All IMPROVEMENTS AND THE NEXT PRESIDENCY ? ' ILLNESS OP Cf?L. BENTON? THE PUBLIC LANDS? 8AN FRANCISCO DET DOCE CONTRACT? OLOOMY PROSPECT OF rOSTAOE REFORM- BEANO FANCY BALL? CALIFORNIA CONFIRMATIONS AND NOMINA TIONS, ETC. Washington, Tib. 37 1 941. There vii ? highly important moTimit In a demo or#t!o caucus of tho Senate thli morning, relative to the River and Harbor bill. Mr. Sturgeon was th? ok airman. The Southern ultra* demanded that opposition to internal Improvements be made a demo cratic prinoipio. Messrs. Shields and Rantoul con tended that harbors and rivers won good demooratls dootrines. Messrs Cass aad Douglas, Presidential can didates, were perplexed. In sustaining the system, they lose the South, and is opposing tae system they loss ths West Finally, as a compromlss, it was agreed to amend the bill and sand it back to ths House, as the neateet way to kill it. A oommittee of three was appointed to make the amendments. Ool. Bsnton has bean confined to his room several days by sevsrs slskness, bat ho is rather better to day. The Senate, to day, had under consideration several bills tor squandarlng away millions upon millions of ths publio lands; but ths country Is Indebted to Daw son, of Georgia lor their defsat. lie has waksd up ths old States, and they will oome la for their share hero after. TheSaa Fraaolsoo dry dock has bssn contracted for with Gilbert & Dakin, at one million four hundred and fifty thousand dollars; but it has yet to be ap proved. The expense makes It doubtful. The House are retrenching the army bill. Many Important bills will go over, but It is believed all bills indispensable till next December will pass. Ths cheap postage bill wlli probably be suffocated, the tariff defunot. There is a fancy dress assembly ball to-night Amla Bey and suite wiU, by invitation, attend it. ThsQovsrnor and Legislature of Pennsylvania will visit Washington on Saturday. A translation appears of a communication published by the Chief of the Police at Bahla, Brasll, giving notioe| o oommanders and masters of foreign vessels, that tor all liberated slaves, not Braiillan born, brought to that port on foreign vessels, suoh mastsrs subject themselves to a fins of 100 mtlrsas each, and ths expense of their re exportation, whieh, ler the future, will be rigorously enforced. John S. Pendleton has been confirmed as mlalster to Brasil, and Ogdsn Hoffman, Jr., as Judge of Cali fornia. The following California nominations were received and referred to tho Oommitte on Commeroo .?Thomas Butlsr King, collector Ban Francisco ; Mr. Pendleton as appraiser at Ban Franclsoo ; Jesss I. Hambleton', as collector of Baoramento. It is undsrstood that ths President has decided on the plan of Mr. Anderson, of New York, for ths sxten sion of tho oapltol by wings. CH1RTT-FIKST CONGRESS. UtOMS MM10N. Sonata. ?T THE MOE&E MA0NET1C TELES RAPH, orrn t corner or braver and hanover dtb ncts Washinui o"? , Feb. 37, 1861. PETITIONS. Mr. Chase presented numerous pstitlons for ths re peal of tho Fugitive Slavs law, and the abolition of slavsry In the District of Columbia Laid on ths tabls. REMEDIES EOS rATRNlEES. Mr. Dayton called up the hUl giving patentees reme dies egainst persons who shall Import from Canada and the territories adjoining the United States' artiolee aal produoe manufactured by inventions of patentees In the United States. Under the present laws, Amerioan Inventions are carried Into Caoata, and their pioduee and maoutaetures are brongbt into the United States ?nd sold to the ptejudioe of American patentees. Mr Tvbnet opposed tbe bill. Mr. Datto* replied, and the bill was ordered to he engrossed THE NAVAL PENSION BILL. Mr Pearck reported the Naval pension bill, snd moved to strike out tbe appropriation fer tbs payment of pensions to privateers men The aceadmeot was agreed to and then tbe bill passed HONOB TO THE MRMOBV or MAJOR IITOOHS. Mr Ohiene from the Oommittee on Military Affairs, reported a Joint resolution, dlapcting a sword to be presented to tbe neareit mal? relative of Major Sam'l. RlDgicid, late of tbe Doited States Army After da bale, the resolution was ordeiad to be engrossed. MI1ICAN INDEMNITY AND POST BOCTE HILLS. Bills weia received from tbe Heuse tor the payment ot tbe Mexican Indemnity and tor tbe esUblmhmeol of post routes. Both were rtferted iitmiiTira or *xir onstli The bill limit i on ih? liability of ahlp owner* paaied Yeaa, 28; naj *, 21. ov? irLotm rait r?nM mki'uiok The bill to old Louisiana In reclaiming tbe over flow! d land* la that State waa takm op and explained by Mr. Donne. Mr Silwaki' remarked upon the anomalou* aituatlon of tbe American republic a* a land bolder, a* com pared with other nation*. He detailed tbe clrcutn RtacRfcot th* discovery of America, and the division ol It by B pain, Oreat Britain. France. Portugal aad other nation* He thra commented upon the various cessions of public landn by Slate* to the I'olted State*, and tbe acquisition* of LouiNlana aod Florida. and the dlscovety ?! Oregon Then tlj? purchase of New Mexico and California, making the aggregate pop*** eloii? of tbe United Statu In public land*. fif teen hundred and eighty-lour million* ol acre*. Of the**, one hundred and thirty- four million* have been dlrpostd of. 1 la g.ive a history of the system ol tbe United State* with regard to public land* and deduced that the annual average rereaue derived by the United State* from public land*. <?< one and a quarter million* He thought the time bad now eome 10 settle principle* with regard to the <lispv ?Itlon of public lend* -whether land should be given Id limited quantities a* gratuities to actual eettlera, whether provision *hf uld be made aitalnst Involuntary alienation*, and whether the linlted State* ought not to relinquish ttvlr management te the State* In which tbe land* lie' Tlieec jurstloo* Involve*] other princi pie* II the land* were granted It ebould be to actual caitivators, and occupancy being tbe condition* of tbe grant*. Tbe quantity sheuld be limited to the amount which inch ocuupaat can *o cultivate and should be given a* a gratuity. He dwelt at length upon theae point*, maintaining that the public lands *hi>ald never be b?!d a* a tource '.t revenue but ibould be held by the goverrment for tbe benefit of ?o?l*ty and the p?( pl? lie cotidderrd that evary maa who bad no land should receive it Irom the government, the government ehould not thu* tat tbe people, every tarm cold by the gov * ramrat waa taxed by the (overomeut at the rate of ore dollar and a quarter par acre, while. II all the land wa? givea to occupant*, tbe government would derive ten limee the amennt of produce from them, he wa* nc agrarian. we* not lor any actual dlvl*ioa of tbe public land* and wa* aot lor taklag lioai the rich i to giro to the poor, but wa* tn lavor of that policy which, by tbe pre. occupation of land*, wnald tead to [ Obviate any inequality, ouch prlaeiplee had already been adopt< d ia eeveral of the State*, roetraia'.e had . I.ei n placed on the accumulation Of land, entail* primogeniture. hare been abolished A partition of the d< main wa* the principle adopted by all the Htatec Why n't Incorporate the eauic princi pie now in the di'poeitlon of the public ' land* ' He wa? lor an atereg? limitation of Uie land , to be po*re*M d by anr one individual to 19(1 acre* The great (u*otlty ol land* appropriated by our plaa had , opened tbe door* to ep? eolation aad the new State* bad b> en greatly iejarvd by land Uinvhrld by apeeulatnr* la a *tn?a of unprodoctlvenere The whole novntrr wa* injured by the withdrawal of tbe amount of capf I tai lnveeted In the l?nda. It land* were held cnli by actual occuj ante and enitivatore the reenlt woold be I different and he argaed that for the benefit ot aociety. tbe lande ebould he tree to all who dealrcd to ocenpy and cultivate them Th? men who cnlti rated the eotl were m?n en whom the State was to depend for enp port II a financial iateieat only wa* to be hell by tbe government. It wa' ogpree?ive oa the people and I d?f?a'ed i teelf . lie ealargod oa tlieee point*, and ur??d that tbe pollev of larce rale* wae very lijuftou* to wctera S'atee Ha purrued the ar gumeat bv catendin* that gratuitous grant* to actual eettlere ?ae th. Iroe policy ot tbe govern Rietit lie replied to Mr Nek'e remargs and atatlatl cat etatemer.i* that there wnld no revenue from lead* tor y?are. and that II gtant* continued. there would be a deficiency ia the iev?auo* to meet Ihia. Ho wa* In t*vor of retrenchment e; expense* When there we* a deflel-ncj In the revenue Cut lown eg peneee, bnt do not attempt to | a ??pet, ?e* by faring, In advance tbe right to --Hltivat.i th* ?oli He tben ad voeated. at great lereth the policy on relinquishing tbe public lande to 'be Slate* m ?hlch they lie on coadit oo of being giv?a tree of charge. in limited quaatltlv* tn a< tonl oeeupente He poln'?d ont th* justice end proprletv of ?uch a cones- an-l the great ! heteflte which would reenlt th^re'rom both to Ata'o*, tbe community and the * n-r*l (nrfr*m?nt He a* emlned the qiiectira of the power ef government thu* to dlepoee ot land* aad c n'emi-d that, the powor wa* I onnoeetlootble Mr Ci?**r moved to ai?en<1 the hill by providing thai for every ropre*ea?a*lve In 'nngrt** th<r* ?h*ll be t ranted to eaeh Stat' Ion m c acre* ot puhli* land Mr ll?wro<* f'dloeed In etione oiHi"?i1.ui >o the feat arrgrfeeing potloy of gl*l??f ?**v the eoblla land' Mr M i i.i >e moved tha' ne bill h la>d ?>a ?h? tabic Carried mr rrat.ti ta*a: >v < ? ?'.?ei? The bill provHMag tat a ?urvey af the piblle Ian I* la California. u< making grants to actual settlers there is. ?h taken up. This bi-'l proposes tha grants [ if land to Mtuil settlers an vera paattd by tha bill ?MMi last session to settlers inOiegon. A long dis .salon tnaued half-paat three o'clook on motion of Mr. Malaria, tmt>Ul kta laid on tha tabla, and tha Senate want lnta eJwttlTa aaaalon A^Malt-paat four o'elook the door* ware opened. Tb?B*w no quorum preeent, and tha Senate ad jOBtWl \ Hau? of lUprewntatrei . BY main's kljictxo- chkm ic al tklkoraph. * WiaNiKUTtn, February 2T, 16(1. . THa rsBLic tiKua. Mr. Hubbar^, (dam ) ot Ala., introduced a bill gra duating the prid* of the public land*. Referred to tha Committee of the Whole on the State of tha Union. Tha House want is to Committee on the Mr Howard, idem.) of Texaa, ehowad tha Impor tanoa of keeping up an additional mounted faroe from tha Rie Orande to tha Qlla river, to pro'.eet the fron tier, and carry out the treaty atipulation* with Mexico. Mr. Toombs, (whig) of Qa , aaid that the goveramen t waa abundantly able to pay tan, ff^ty or a hundred million it dollars, If naceaaary; but th# neoeaaity must ba ahown to cxlct. The Oommlttee of HUya and Mean had in vain called on the War Department aa to what items in tha bill could ba curtailed; therefore, the oommlttee had to atrika down apprepriationa in the aggregate. Ha apoke of the Inarcaaed expenses of the army, and 'aid the people on the frontiera, If authority be given to raiae troops, could defend themselves, i paid, which would bo ehaaper than sending troops there. Feople defended themselves In olden times when Indian warriors were numbered by thousand* and not by hundreda. Mr. Burt, (dam ) of 8. 0., attributed the great ex penses of the aimy to maladministration for a series of years, and he averred to the committee and the country that no man oould put his linger to a single estimate ol uny of the' bureaus which could be said can be wisely and safely diminished; and yet the gen tleman Irom Georgia (Mr Toombs) would atrike at the estimate in the grosa. He explained the abuses of the estimates. Mr. Batlt, (dem ) of Va., was convinced that no re trenchment oould be made, unleaa by the hearty and thorough oo-operation of the exeoutive and legislative department*. He Intended to vote lor the bill aa it was. with a reduction ot the eatimates. He desired to force the administration inte economy, especially in the quartermaster's department, and he predicted that the next Oongreae would have lo past a dettoieauy bill to supply what is now withheld However, by withholding the neoeaaity, and issuing treasury notes to pay the awarded the Mexican bonds, recommended by the Secretary of the Treasury, the difloulty will be avoided. The oommlttee voted on the amendments, and re fust d to strike out the appropriation for reoruiting The debate was continued till the recens on the ap propriation for the quartermaster's department. SENATE RESOLUTION BELATIVE TO KoaBl'TII. After the recess, Mr. M< Uli rnand, (item. ) of Illinois, moved a suspension of the rule*, in ord?r to take up the reaolution of the Senate authorising the President to employ a national veaael to bring Kossuth and hia companions to thia country. Mr. Hall, (dem ,) of Ml'sourl, observed that a great many of our own cltisens In California waut to come home. Mr Toombs, (afclg) Of Oeorgia? Let ui attend to our own citizen* first. The rules were not suspended -yeas 01. nays &0, (net two- thirds ) the arm* ArraoraiATioN hill The Bouse went Into committee on th<i Army Appro priation bill and continued the debate on economy la the Quartermaster's Department The committte refuted to increase the supplies for the regular supplies 10 double the amount in the bill, which is $630 COO. Mr Mi Lam. (dem ) of Md., said that the House had decided to reduce the amount for forage and In otder to enable the Secretary of War to execute its will, and accommodate the department to the ciroumstauoes. lietffertdan amindment which, alter debate, was re ject* d. Mr. B< ionce, (whig) of Ohio, offeied an amend ment authorizing the Piesident to reduce the army to the appropriations made for the army. lie aali It waa nethlog but. fair, 11 the estimates are cut down one halt tbat the executive should not be ex nested to keep in lei o* the preaent number in tb- army ' ' Mr McOacchkv, (whig; ot la . waa forec &'>my, and an adherence to this was oalculatsd to make the whig administration popular. Mr.M?Ai>K, (dem.) of Va , advooated r?tr< nchment Mr. Srhenck * amendment was rsjectt d On motion of Mr Hurt, the appropriation of An* hundied thousand dollars, for the armament of fortlH cation*, and Itt ms ot appropriations tor military lur veys Including the lake*, amounting to one hundred ami twenty thousand dollars. ?r.d a( pnpriation* for military roads, amounting to sevautv thousand dollar*, and those for lighthouse*, amounting to more than thirty five thousand dollara, wtre nil sulci, m out. The ocmmittee roee. when Mr. Bail* explained ?hy sppiopiations for lighthouses had been plaotd in the bill. The House then adjourned. KBW YORK LIOIIL A1 DRB, MaUi ?r morse's mnb, no. 16 wall street. Ai iim , Feb. 27, 1851 aolTNUK AND tOt'THRRn At**. Petition* war* ptMnoted to prohibit tki um ol th? jail* of tbi? BUte to the Northern *nd Southern *1av* ksatm. mliI drroiTiii Mr. Caom reported m important bill to rogalat* And re* ore the power* of mualilpal cerpoiatloas and oltfee, In borrowing money, aid coatracttng debt*. Mr Coax presented a bill to *hang? the tine for aafaty fond bAnk* to mak* payment to the bank fun 1 ATATB LURATIl AOLI N. The AanuAl report of th* State Lunatic Asylum wai received. t-EQIILAVOA* t*D rnti.HMIMtH. The Act to repeal tbat portion of the r*vit*J itAtatae oeoUrirg that within ten daje after Ue 4th of March, a member of the LegiaUtur* wbe I* fleeted to Congreee shall forfeit bl* e?At, wa* read a third time And pAfeed All the whig member* voted lor it tmk vniTi* Maya* **?*TO??Mir. The BenAtofUl bill ?u taken up, And a warm debat* followed The Ssnnt* chamber wa* crowded, aad the greateat Interest tai manifested relatlr* to the di* poeitloa ot the queitioa it being understood that If pr< Med. the bill would be postponed till the 2d of A pril. Mr B ? t km ? * moved to re commit, with inatructien* to (trlke ont the data, and Insert April i*t. Ue advo cated hi* motion at aoma length Mr Q*di?* replied. Mr Stanton gave hi* raaaoa* why he thovld vole ?gainst tha bill. The bill wa* eventually laid on the table, aad th* Senate adjourned AMtmbly. ALiavt.Veb 27, 1851. Of the medloal faculty of New York, for aid to build a public hoepital. against the paeaage ef the pUot law. to make It a penal offanaa to a**i*t in removiag any p>reon from the State nnlee* for crime, against th* action of the New Tork And Kris Railroad Company in abandoning their original route, to **cur* th* right of trial by jury to ovary fngitlvo *lav*. tHt oaaar emus canana AtiLRoan. A favorable report wa* m Ada on th* S* OAte bill authoriiing the railroad comyaal** of tho Stat* to subscribe to the stock of th* Ureat W**tera CnnAda R All road new voaa entire justh r*. A bill wa* Introduced to amend th* act relating to police justice* in th* city of New York aatLwav ran A resolution was laid n? th* table, calllag on th* Rallrcad Committee to Introduce a la* regulating th* tare cn tallway* to two c*nt* par Mil*. The m>a*id*rattoa of th* bill incorporating th* Knickerbocker Saving* Hank at New York wa* re sumed In coir mitfae Aad rsportsd to th* Hon** Th* rtport wa* Agrs?d to After a I' on debate 1 MR st a t ip t ia* ?s V The bill providing tor th* erection of A flr* prfOf bulldlvf for * StA'? l.tbrar v. * a* th*-n taken up and disccast d at l*r>?th but without auy quMtlon being tsHsn the Mon*s took a roc*ea irrisvna* iimiks All th* ariernonn wa* neeupl*d In th* dlecaeeion of th* School bill* but without any question beiag l*ken the Ass?ir.bly adjonrnsd. Tho Ahwltll**, Kiarai at Boaton. Rhsvois, February JT , 1861 . Al'tandsr Burton, a black harher of SAlem. who wa* arrested by mistake for aiding in the re?eu? of Shal r Acb And ImmedlAtsly afterwards discharged, baa cf n n.t-nred a suit agAinet iMstrict Attorney Lnat. for tt n thousand dollars damans s for falsa aad malicious ptr addition It la ?t-o > aid tha> write wwr* reeslved Jtrterriay on behalf of *1 a track Sim*, the fuiiitlva ? p?lB*t Patrick Btlty tha peputy Marshal andfl'Orga T t'uitle Called State* ('ommiealoiiar for aesault and battery, end t*|se in>ori?orment and al*o against rtvtia! city coi?siabie?, foe having arretted eiatrery t? th? form cf tbe tta<t.|s and In cl'talolng him whil* us J?r arrest Tbe eieminatlen of Jo* R ffaye. 8up<>rlat*<id?nt of tfce tremoat Temple f.<r aMing tn tha ?*?????. poet ( nt d, on *rct unt of the A*t**nc* of *o Imporsaat wit *t?e at R'a* hitigton New York United State* Senator. Aibakt, F*b 27. 1851. Tb? third reading of th* bill lot th* *l*otion of a United Stat** Senator was taken ay tbil morning; and, after som* debate, on motion of Mr. Morgan, th* bill vu laid on the table. A whig caucus oa tbe aubleot wlU be held this evening. The Democrats of Tennessee and tbe Com promise., Feb. 20, 1861. The Democratic Convention which met here yester day, resolved that tbe/ would abide by the compro mice measures of tbe last sesi-iun of CoograH, pro vided that Congress doe* the suns,? but should th* North evade th* Compromise, or repeal the *ame, abolish slavery in the District of Columbia, or refute to admit new States, because they were slave State*, the) would adopt such measures of deten** and re drees ab th* honor and safety of the South would re quire. Items by the Way of Baltimore. 15 altimork, Feb. 27, 1851. The Charleston Mercury ridicule* th* Tresldeat's proclamation and message, and says that h* olny atks extraordinary powers to use them against the South. Tfco Boston proclamation Is considered as a mere rus*' as it Is against the South that he expects to us* the weapons that are to t* put In his hands. Mr. SUIT, tbe Cuban prisoner, has arrived in Cbarlsn too. and say* there are a number of Americans In tb* same prison who dc net know what they ar* charged with. Thre* prisoners, named Foreman. Camma. and Bidgely, made their *soape from th* jail in Charleston on Monday evening, t Hurts ar* being mad* to recap ture them. Washington's birthday wn? r?I*brat*d la a handsome manner by the Union men at Macon. (Ja- Col Powers, tb* orator of th* day, eulogised President Fillmore and Mr. Clay. The Supreme Court has continued the Wheeling bridge case to next term, on the application of deft ad ants, for want of tl?* to argue exceptions to the Chsncellor's report.

We have no mail south of Savannah. MtteoiologUal Obseiratlona, Feb 97. BY MOKSS'S LIMS? OFFICE ltf WALL STltKKT. Bur?*i.o, 8 P. M. ? It baa been a very unpleasant day. Thermometer 39, baiemeter 2U 60. Wind from southeast. BocMiiJTKa, 8 P. M It has been a st*rmy, un pleasant day, raining by spells. V?ry cloudy to night, and growiux solder. Thermometer 40. Ai/auaiv, 8 P. M ? A v?ry cloudy, rainy, unpleasant evening Thermometer 42 Sisa, i he. 8 P. M.-It rained slowly all day; not Tery cold Thermometer 38. Utica. 8 P. M. A very disagreeable day, and a drilling rain still falling Wind east. Thermometer 41, barometer 20 6C0 Ai. mist, 8 P. M.- General appearance eleudy and threatening rain, wind xoutli. Thermometer 47, baro meter 3o 016. mercury 70. T?ov ? The weather is cloudy. with every appearanoo ot a storm. Thermometer at h A. M , 43. and at 8 P. M . 48, with th* wind light, from the southeast St John'*, 8 A M A strong south wind, with rain Thermometer ; 8. Ui'aLinnToN, 8 A. M -Cloudy; wind southwest. Thermometer 41 Whitehall.? Wind from th* south. Thermome ter 41. Theatrical. Bowxx* Thkatkk ? Thin tamou* esteblhbmant In doing an fiocilrot business and the audieucu alwava Urtp higfcJy delighted with th* performance*. Tony > coin in *oop tLi* evening with the intereating drama of , tha u Creole MaideB." with a fine ?aet Mi-sHilIert will next ring a popular song, which will be auooaedei j by the comedy of ' Crimson Crimea " The entertain ineota will ceucluJe with the new and beautiful drum* i of 'Vidocq^r the f resell Police Spy.'* Mr Stevens, the ac'ive and taler ted atage teenager. austain ?even charactrrs; and the othere will be tilled by an ttTeetlv stock company. We have oba<rr?d the enter prise of the manager of this theatre f r yeara, but we Lave never seen auch indefatigable eflerta aa those made on tha present occasion lie see ma to be all re to theatrical enterprise and to consult more Imme dlately the happinei* of hia viaitera than any personal gain *?/.: UaoAt>f*r Thutki. ? Mix Jt'i.i* Rissnr'a Hut r i t . ? Mr Bullivan's n?w play, "The Old Love and the N.' . "_Va* up t9 ?.??? e-'ir- ???eujrth if pany. an 1 having that charming yoong acireaa. Mia* Juiia h?:?nett, as the repreaentatlve of the hurolae, is runnlrg a moat successful oareer and wbioh la like ly to be of long continuance. Whilst it must b" oiear ly plain to our readers that ws never eudeavar, bv oar criticisms and rrtnsrks, to build up the fau* ot' one theatric; 1 establishment at the expense ol another, or to roihp-ire ibeant&e pro Juotious when brouuhtout at rival th'atrea. still when u new work wtilih h?a found favor elsewhere, Is presented to them for their Oat in the fullest form, the management at the liroadway deserve extensive patrooago tor tbsp'lna they have takin to pot thla delightful n mt '.y no elegantly >ipon the stag'. It has etiJt-ntly not h?eu p-od>io?d as a nov-ity but becatit* it abounds io wit, reflneuient, and fun and la calculated to pltase the most fa?tl U.cus The part of Camilla la cn? peculiarly sailed to Mies Jails liecnett, and we believe was < riglaally wiltten with a view to bt r playi- g It In I.iodon. Hhe brirga out ita points with a nice dlasrimlne'lon; in deed, rarely have we aeen so perfect a conception < f an anthir'a meeting *0 patiently end -o c!.armin<iy carrifdout. Whilst enacting the flirt 'he never for geta aha la a lady Madam* Ponlsl's Miss Trimmer ia a capital performance Th? Major Htork of Mr Bar rettfs moat admirable? look at him, ia he not the v*ry i'lperrocatlor of a midd?e-?g?d military beau a ' Ills Indignation at being entrapped was moat exowi lently foortrajed Mr Fredet i< ks a* Bir Algernon, '.* well dr are 4; hie beating la gent and elective, (?aty Ot abbe flm'a a most amusing reprstenlatlvs in Mr Davli'ge We have rarely seen tM< g r.tletnan to to much advantage; ha ellalt* many a laugh from his audieno*. without descending to too broad fata* The ftjiiaey al Mr. Conway ia a moat agreeable perform ance, he locks the gay lover, and plays with anima tion and care. No? must weomitto notice lb* well act- j ed (art of Ilaythirn. by Mr Whiting On the whole it > Is lur^t rinre we have aet n a mora agrerable comedy, | or ei>e better asted. end 0 e can **f*ly recommend e l ti go participate in ear erjoyment It ia to ba l rep?ated again to nigbt. for the n-aetit of Mia* -'ulia Hfiiiiett, who also appear* In the faroe. aa I.m ly Kllza belh Ftnlave In "A Day after the Wsddlng " Wa , alncerely I rust a bump*- howse will glv* a flttlng we|- 1 rcaie te t hi* talsntfd young lad/, upoa be. brat benaflt In Ametioa. N i *?<>'? Itaun Thoaa who htve not seen 1 ha bal let of" Catailna" ahould VMM this b-eutiful establish ment tbl* evening it will be presented for the;a>t time, aann M' tday avenirg there will te an entire change of perfi mane*. We have witn<e>ed the eifrrt* of varlona ballet timr" In tbla city, bat we must un hesitatingly say we have never raen hallel perform ante* preenned *o effectively aa at Nlblo* by the Ronsaet family. This evening the performances will ccmm'nce with the e>cell?ut French vaudeville ot " I.a Maitreeee de? l.angues ' with M'lle Keilce and M. Itreaaiani.M Kdeuardand M Kichart ia the principal character*. Next cornea the d-licioaa treat given ay tha aeconpliehed And fasciratiwg ,/enn wee Caroline Ilon*eet. atded by her tl ree slater* and father Tho?a who may have i'<an. ' of fairy land, with tylpha float ing r n the *alileat at', ran enfoy a crin;aratlve view la the graceinl and bewitching ? fforta of thla diatin gulehed family. > I aot>.HAai'a fctcttm - A great bill at tbl* favorite place ft amuaement fXtis evening, constating of Brougham a versli,nof " batld Copperfleid " most ad mlraliiy caat Kaym^nd a deserved favorite assume* i ti r tie first time the d.fll olt chara Ur of TTllah Ile'p Ireaiham the irreat Mlcawber hoirlsfirth; and all the teat of the capable represeatatlve* of IHckea* * ? oncepUoa, give their aid Wh?a to thla la auper ad'lsd tupetb dacata by U<? elegant ami beautiful Katii and the inimense sxtratag-anaa of Tha W ilds Pair ''In whlolkoar Mary hae Aided a whole ba**tatful ot lautela to her already larf aacnmulatlon who doubts hut that, a* utual the ? ili-ndi saloon will ha tiled to It* nlmost capai-ify. "W? believe f^om the aplendid way In whirh thl< pi> oe has been put on th? stage, a'b l tha i xrellrat n>ai\ner In which every character la Oiled, that It waild I eVufltcient of Itself to draw crowded hou*e* fi r a |>rnth\ Brougham la da asrvedly going a head In til* ? a* < I Allow me to Apologise, Mrs M e<a 111 will %alie hkr appearance tn a new character. We are glad l| see tM>t Mr Brouirhani Intends brlngir.g rut mora frk im'A thla ?raising jovng eatress, aad we predicWR *iicc*kaf ul recnlt Bi amis'* Turuir.- The per#kmancMP for thl* even itg cenritt of the new c< m> d j lh OiJHl.ov* and the fiiw,' ?ltl> llntton Bland L?ln Blaka\ Mrs flughea, Mr*. Ruaaell and Mr* S kerr'tt lb the le^ *ing charao t? r?; a Spanish dance hy Misa Walter* and M Prede tlo, and a favorite I ailed 1>? Mrs H'.'m??. after which the orchestra will eveenle the va,'""* g'tn* of th* opera The i ntertainm* nta will c^""l?de with the a* paler and ancnfasful pleoe of the "World's fair" Nearly iha ? nitre *tr?n|th of the eon*"? appear la thla piece. National. VNftaTaa.- Thla evening; la ? ' hparl for t he hereflt of a great favorite and axoeilant spreaeVtatlre of Tarkee chnraeter. Mr 0. K Lf eke *? pi*T?? le? ted ere 'xceedingly attractive The iiJJP " the ?? N, w \ nrk Fireman which ha* on s "arm*' 0" eaealon he< a presented, with the gr?ateet with reiterated ehesrs ; anew ni'dley denck""' Melvlna. a Yankee ?tnry by Mr. Locke. ?1' ^ wbieh the ? xceiient arid laughable piece, entitled IB' "tafe film* k Yankee," In which Mr. I. cake will appV' '"hU celebrated character of Cartas Chunk Ml*s*alvlee will next dance a Highland Fling, and th* l*f,?T* aacee wl.l terminate with " Cherahaaco,'1 M r lea* a* Solcmca Snnbbln* Locke deserves a bumper Basm at'a Mi'a* t-ai We ehoald aay to t nr c?t?l? 'j ftieada. that flat nttm's Maastia la exactly th* tw* " place to wMeh 'hey will feel It agreeable to ree*?rt.,B ? vlelt to tbla elty The ewrloei'l>a are not only w^a nnmerona bnt nsore elegant and latereating than U^ao ot aay other eelahlhtiment In Amerloa aad the *?>?*" perfot maneee are eqaal to 1 hoee of any plaee of tniw^ : meat The saleoa H?elf te magnificent and everytbMm I* caretnlly exelnded adapted ta o#?nd the moet re?a" *d teste end the atoe?t seaae of religion ThW afyry 1 noon the tlx Oeyreea of Crime are perforgiad. M 'I*0!?1! comedy of' Krrors," mad thafwoa ot '? littery Baker " 1 1*11 ? ?Those who delight in equestrian exarsisaa, MB enjoy a very pleaeant evening. by visiting the | J*0*"'* amphitheatre, where some ot tb? moat oala bI^e<1 frll,t" <lf lh* d?y ? ppaar Id the various snorta i of the ring I ranklin ia a host in himfelt his horse manship ia without parallel- he perlorias aome of tha , aost daring teats we hava ever witnesatd The clown Bobby Williams. take* his benefit to night and will ba aided by three otbar clown* llli frleadi are ezDoot | ad to do their duty. ' Mimhta K"Om) - Thora who ean take delight ia [ viewing beautiful paintings of Home of the beat scenery In tba world, shonJd visit the panorama of Ireland. Phi. rim's Pro?. r?:?s ? Hundreds still continue to i visit Washington Hall, where this splendid and instruc tive painting i* being exhibited . Mmilcaii Italtak 0 rm? Horn* - A brilliant, anthuaiaatlc, and fashionable audience waa presant at Nathalie Fiti i janjee'a benefit, lajt evening. " II Giuramanto" waa v?ry successfully represented, and Traffl, Bozii, and Kortl were called before tha oortaia at tha and ot tha opera. The singing of Boizi waa a alight im prorament on the first representation, and she aaemed to glva mora ratlsfaction than on tha flrat night Ai tha opera ia to be restated to-night, we hopa aha will antar oou r*geously into the busintas of the drama, and forget the audience. Her taste and musical knowledge avi dt ntly give her that anxiety which impaira tha affaat of her efforts. Nathalie Fitzjamaa created quite a fur me by her ringing last night Bba was called ba tora tba curtain, *ttvr>inglngithe poiacca, three timaa, and tba audianra Inflated upon an enoora. Tha dancing cf Nathalie, alsa, waa very beautiful, and was warmly applauded. Tha cavatina from " Robert la l>iab)e"*. waa accompanied by Madame liertaaca Maretrtk who unostentatiously took her plara by tba side ot htr barp in the orchestra She waa received with the warmi st piandlts. and whan Nathalie had crnclu'Jed the song, which waa vsry apiritedly given, both ladles received the anthusiastie approbation of the audience. "II Giuramento'' and the dancing of Nathalie to-nlgbt, will draw, we presume, another fashionable audience. Thifli k Hall.? The grand complimentary benefit to the famous Oaarge Loder. who, aa a musioal direc tor for jeara in this city . baa won fir bimself impariah able fame, will come cfT next Tuesday avening It will be cea of the grandeat affairs ever presented In this city, as all the distinguished artiats of the day will aid Man on the occasion. Mr Lodur has always been tha first to offer hi* services on every charitable occasion, and we ho| e he will reoeiva a flattering testimony of hia benevolence and musical worth, on Tuesday evening CiisiaiVs MiM.TKkLS.- The excitement causad by tha entertainments given by this popular and taleuted company, cannot be equalled in the annals of publio amusement Their hail ia nightly crowded to its ut most capacity, and tba versatility tf talent displayed by the pt-rfoimtr* wins the admiration ot the audienoa. Tba programme, as usual, consists of the bast selection of songs, dueta, oborusaa, and instrumental puiform ances. Pillows' Mimtrils ? This admirable band of negro p?rformers bave won a pel rnanent reputation from tba Sew York public and very deservedly ho, im they are an entremely talented company, and uhs all possibls endeavors to please their numerous visiters. The per formanct * consist of songn. duet* burlesque scenes from the several ope-as. with a variety of instrumental performances. ItliMiti.saCHN's Oratorio oi 8t Patl.? This oratorio is to be performed this evening, at the Tabernacle by tba Harmonic Scc'etv. It iaa grand and masterly pro duction, replete with profound and touching har monics. ana exceedingly effective. Wr understand that Mr. F. (' Adams, proprietor ot th* CLarleston rough hl? agent.. W O Rising. Esq.. has ei g?sed lor bis theatre aom? of tba oholoea r plr;ts 1 1 tie Italian Oprra Company in thia city, and that they will take their departure from here with Mr. Klsli'g. In the stiamshlp Southerner on the thir leeatb ( f rex* m< nth. Among those who are engaged we m?) mention Truffi llenaedetti. Kortl. Hanqnirlno. Bevevtntano. Itosl (imbeili, and Mis* Whiting. We congratulate our ft How citisens of Oherl>-stoa on the prospect b. lore them and have n < doubt that they will be much pleased with the periormani-es ot these celebrated artia's If tbey could Induce Parodl to go to their illy theit cup of bliss would be oomplata. Cltjr Intelligence. YrMerday evening I)r BeLtuer d.-llTorod hit Brat lreturo k< Hope Uhi|?l en Oriental lif*. the report of * hifih ?f are unarciaaMy oom palled to lay o??t till to mrrrow. Ki* Yon* Pbitatk I.*imi-iw Toititutk. ? It will b? r#c ilictfd ttt.-'any of out readera that, about i jmr ?(?> T **^1 the faot at the ?-ub!iiSn?Bt and f I mini: Ot the abore named iBatitntion, rllualed at WlllliDifUtitb, Long [-land under th- o?ro and tiiHoi^finrrit of Dr Thnmae llolmra It bow appear*, during pant yi-ar according to tl o Dootor'* rigia t?r. that enr bundrrd and eleven ehlldrrn har* hnao 1 roi>bt into i ?iftf i ce. two only having died out ot that rurr. Icr. The other* are healthy, an<J doing well. Thepatimt*, too in nerj ca??. it reeic*. reneWo! lurtlul tiintni'fct, and wero reatnred to r W<-lr urual giod health. 1 hu* It will be *ren that tha inrtitatlon. troni tie t nit t?r cf patioBK adnoiitrd ha* roaoiTi-d a very Jalr proportion cf patronage. and the publio ran judjif <f the o'ility Mi>d ben^flta to b? derived by ? ke'pirn.tuon! ?? tabllahmeat of an institution ot thii kind Fi*r - A fire brc ke out at half pact ten o'clock, on Wtdl^af clnbt at I<7 X Cruiitf ?treot It <ra< eg. vir 1 id w it h tut trifling dan.age by policeman Me Mr r.u# ?n i oikn Fir i On e^Bi-eday evening a lire wa* dlaoowerod in tbe tack rem on Ihe third Uoor of honaa No 66 Lrreerd *t;re' . occupied by Mri AJainl It wai *i ltlngtilit*d with trifling damage Pt.D??iii'? f?ii?n,-Th? aoB* of It. Dttid will ci it b:?telh* aiiuirrr'aiy at their titular aaint at Per kir.r', Odd I e'low* llall. on tbo flrat of March by par tat if it of a rplrnold d Inter, and rp*nllng the errniag la a mh lal Buoiirr The at ran* nn-uti for the featival air ?oc plat ? ai d bo doubt it will be aa eieeedlngly brllHut and inti-reeting affair I?iath Caiern at uoMtmini at 8r* ? Yaaterday Ci r< rrr O- er ? a? called to bold aa Iniueat. on board tl e brig Flakier*. from the Went Indira lying at IMer liO'a?l ilrer, on the l>ody of Hugh MoOannaa !>?> n n Irelai.d agid Tl year* formerly realding In whocrae to Ma drath hy being atrnck by llflltiliK at nei>n Monday lart It aeeuia. by the ev>4> i'i e ilnu hy 'apt ndl-'on, that on Monday II.' r I. In if la*t alii.U'. II o'olonk. while the vrarel wan off ti.e lepra r ( IMairare Hugh Moi'annm tha do tearrd, and Mxlin Power, both eailora. were n th? ft'imart taklmi In the nail when at that inrtent a flarl. ol Hthtainir ?true* Po??r who wan the 0 j n, i?t nan. tea ing off nearly all hia clothla*. and tro-ilrf hlBi o*eib> ard a norpaa Met'annan wa a thrown to :b< deck t*B?r|re*. aad dlrd tba neat mora In? all fcanda on bo?rd tha ??aael were eiaoned mora 1 X 1? a" by 'he ibMfc The c ? K |r ?t the u?e of hla left leg for many lour* aft<r. bnt anbaeqaeatly lie da n r?eo?' ??d tl?r airculation Martia Powera wbo ?aa loet o*rrb< ard. brk nga to {it John a Newfound land wbere he bar a wife and tamUT fi'Kil'i ?? J' Mri?? Oct or a ijiwoaw? Ooeonor fitar, jaatrrday l.? Id an ini|Urrl at N o .1 1 Mntb ?' re?t > n tl i b dy ?t Rmba A. Fraarta aged forty year*, born la I'rairrilev who cataa to ber death by jt.mifng OBt rt tbr tortb atory window at the abo?a mm ? d | r> m i?e> It arpear* by tt'e evldenae of po ? ?? an l.yra cf the F|. emth ward that ahoat one Ol 'rk in the p't'ht preeiona. hr waa ataadlag near thi hi o#e "tinhr b-?fd a h- ary weight fall to tbe grrBfid acd oa prceeedlng to tb* *p?t ha dlaooeorod thr tfrcraerd Ijlag itaenrlblo on ibe aldewalk BBder the wiadow The r-ffl-er Unmrdlately picked h>-r up. i e?ed brr Inti tho hon?e and forthwith wont l' r !>r I' n >n/ but ?n tbe doctor a arrival ahe waa Ictrd to be diait Ike deceaa* d it roe Bin haa beoa laboring! nd>r a deranged atate of nlad for eowe time pa*t. abirh la brileeeg to ba to beoa tbo cauaa of tha actcf a?lf drstrae'loa A verdlot waa rendered ac c< tdlrg to 'he a^oTe facia THa?ai>wiNr> Jl nine.? A man. named .lohn M aid n rot baa bran revpiained ol to tbo police a* going alont crary. tbrowlrg away hla unary and threaten Ir a to ei nait aulslde. The ( flceta ar? oa tbo look out frr Mm. Ft ai*< ? Aciii>*?t to a Chii n ? A ablld named Ma r'a Klldea wa* aareroly Irjured 'n Hank atreet. near Weit atrret on Wrdaeeday aftrraooa at half part thr*e o clock Vy a pile at board* falling npoa her Fhe I* | pot ? to I>??TH BT F*i.Liau Doww a MiTrnam.- Coroaat tie. r j?rf rrday war rallrd to hold an inijoeft oa tho fci'y of rollick Kelly, about 40 year* of age, ?bn C?aie to hi* death hy areldralBlly falling dowa the hatchway of a barge lying at the foot of North Sloora atrret ifce doreaeed war con*<yed to hi* for?er rerl d?nr* la Orernwich atreet Aa in jueet will be held thi* day ol tb* body Mi nl I llatl n K II I ? i> i d 1 1 1 ll I ? 1(1 II at * . Ucn C M Ingeraoll. M^or L Candor. New Harea. J. F'rl l>lna l.atbrrp lady and daughter llaeaaaah. Allan M*rklatc*b Brq Kootload; T. /. Millard Naw llamp rklr*. J A Doir. M Allen, Now llar-e were among the arrival* yeotrrdav at the Ualon Flaee Hotel. ('apt Pran N?w York. J r Howe*, A McKeaale, I'iBcianatl; J. Johartoa. Iloaton 1>. Durfer, Ruffalo, T Kobertun Klchmond; T Wiley Fred florgraat Fo*ioa were aaiaag the arrloala yeatrrday at tb* A* tor Hoar* IIob II Baldwin Syraen**. (Ion F R Martin OI*an N T . Cart f . t Wood Oapt W W Taylor N*w Bed lird. A J !>t aaldaoa Na-hrille J H. Blake W U Mann Voeton. S R Morgan Philadelphia; Tapt R Mldgett Notfh Carolina llrn B <l lla*?n Buffalo ft. ? N Crv,.r Wmii-kr?1ir arriT"d ?? atrrday at tha ll'lag llcare Jo* lianielr. IT R N.; Coaamodofo Panlelr Baltl tpore. O Walrh NawhBTfh, 0 Oelaugh Augu*ta Oa ; * Jrarup Washington, Ool Hale Moa'.on arri?edyoo trrday at tbo Anetieaa Hotel lapti mo Ctart-In C kaailxra Brfore linn Jndgr King F? a S7 ? //?'??? Cmffit ? l.oeel T Bpooaor. I fo | rrnit wao hronabt before the Court oa haheaa anrpn* or d rlataird ra the part *1 hi* father be hotag uoder ? to aim he i allot r 4 The applteatlna wa* roolatad. ft? t|o grrund thot Bpownor repr?oea?od hiaiarlf ta ba twenty (-no yiar* of ago. aad oa part of tba ?lal?aat tbe es * m ir * t Inn of tb* rraratt wo* ohjreted ta. aa bo ?a* mi hoaBd to crtaiiaate hlaarlf aad W* aaawow ?>tabt rat d?r h'ai liable fabe proaonated fm rl toloing Wi era - ib* ? nH?'n?rnt le? n ndrr fblee preten*?0 0* dUebargai. bring nnJ*r a|t Police Intelligence. THE CASE OP ALIJMIKD KALSB 1'RKTKNCM PENUiS? AO A INST CKYDEK AID m'KAT. Before Juatloe Lothrop. ?CCOND DAT. Fas. 27.? Tbe (UHlattlon la the matter ^wHt| tfiJiit J ohm P. Cryder and Juih McKay, nhagati with obtaiaiag bond* and securities Ttlitd M $9MM, tbe property of thtHllnukU ud MlitMpylMlNkl Co? pan j, aa alleged, by false and fraudulent repre ?entatlons, *M aet down at the appointed boar, 4 o'olook. Tburadajr afternoon, in order to continue the inveetigatioa. Counsel and witneetea appeared oa both aldet. and tbe magistrate announoed hit readl neea to continue the examination of witneeeea. Mr. Baadford. counsel for the accused parties, here pre sented to the magistral* a writ of certiorari, granted by Recorder Tallmadge. ordering the whole matter and procetdinge in tbe case of Jamei MoKay aad John r Cryder to be brought before him at 10 o'olook. aa Thursday, at hia <fflce. The magiatrate. on reading the writ, replied that be doubted the authority ef the Recorder in tbe matter. but he would take a abort time to consider, and would make the requisite retara to the (aid writ . In the meaatime he would adjourn any further proceedlaga until 4 o'clock Friday ^tar noon. Charge of Pairing Spurtout Coin.? Two men, oaUe4 William Bwarts and Joslah Shepherd, were arrertedea Wednesday Bight, by officer* Ferrla and CaUary, of the Seventh ward, on a obarge of attempting to na*a a spurions quarter eagle, purporting to be geld, oa George Parley, corner of Market and Cherry street*. On the men being stopped, and the polioe aent for, tbey threw from their persona ten uuartor eagle* and sixteen one dollar pieoe*, counterfeited to repreaeat gold. The accused partlea were conveyed befor* J us lice Mouatfort, who committed them to prison tor a further bearing .Irrtitjor Hut glory ?Yesterday, a man callad Jamea Kelly was arretted by ofloer Carman, of th* Kigbteenth waid. on a obarg* ot breaking into a stable attuat*4 la Nineteenth street, and steeling therefrom property be longing to Mr. Joseph Trainee. The accused was aoa vaved befor* Justice Mod rath, who committed him ta prison tor trial . Complaint for frrjury Dii miiscd The complaint sgbinst Uenjauiin ferine, a bouse agent at 110 Colum bia street, lor perjury, made by A n drew Sohoolejr, re siding at 692 Fourth street, heretefore notload by aa on the 20th of January last, altar a full eiamlaaUm of th* matter by Justioe Oabrrn, he* been llsmissad . Saprenaa Court In Chaabera, 1HF VVAIJ, STKKKT DEFALCATION. Before Chief justice Kdmonda. Fra 27. In Ike m alter of Huy Tompktnt.? The par ties met yesterday morning ( 1'hursd ay) pursuant ta adjournment, In the Special Term Court room, ta proceed under tbe writ of hahea* corpus , for th* dla cbarge of Mr Tompkins. Alter the Chief Juatioe ha4 taken his seat, be railed upon them to proceed. Mr. Van Buren? I understand tbe oflloer has made a return to the AaAeas corpus, under the dlrectlea ad the District Attorney. 1 will also stats that we hava declared a writ of certiorari, returnable before year honor this morning. Chief Justice? To whom is it directed* Mr. Van Buren? To Justice Lothrop; and I desire ta know is there a return to it Mr. Blunt? We have not had time to draw a retara to it. but the papers are in court. and we are ready ta hand tbem up to the Judge. Mr. Van Buren? We will traverse the return te I ha writ Ot hobrai i or pus. Mr Cutting? It Is a demurrer, and aot a traverse; but we take iesue upon it Mr. Van Buren- We are prepared to go oa The slm ple question Is ?Is a magistrate at liberty to take a complaint end ieaue a warrant against aa fndlvidos^ will. out any evidence. Mr Cutting? I say, what you call a traverse la aa answer to tbe return, and you may eall it a demurrer or not. Chief Justice- I will take it down as aa answer ta tbe return. Here an angry discussion arose betweea Messrs Van Buren. Kutting, and Blunt in regard ta tbe mode of prooeding. Mr Van Buren -We did not com* hers to pettifog, but we ceme to present our caae. Mr Cutting? lam glad the gentleman has acknow ledged for once th at be haa come to present hi* ease and not to pettllcg as is bis uaual custom. Mr Van Buren Do j ou apply the term pettifogger to me. *ir? Mr. Catting? I repeat what I have said, aad I nil ant it as a relett to jour sarcasm. Ollcf Justice- Bit down, sit down; you mu*t *ettle ycur business out of doors. 1 will not alljwyaata violate the decorum of this court. Mr Blunt I' tbe gentleman aeani to apply tha term pettl'ogger to me I'htef Justice? Mr. Blunt, I Insist upon yoar kitting do?n Mr Blunt sat down. < hiel Juetlae - I cannot go r>n with the businee* while snch scenes as thrse ar? enacted la mv presence I II leave the Court | He took up his bat and left the bench. but returned la a few minutes aad again took Ms seat ] M r Blunt aent Into an eiplanation In regard ta tbe prrduotlon ot the papers lie said that el the aeeet Hf (t tbe Obiet Justice's hiuse ou Tuesday evening, be undertook to have tbe papers la coart. In or ler (hat tbe paities might introduce them into their travetre but there h? stopped, he did not undertake to give them Into thair p??aeaeion and he bad not he seid bed time to have copie<mad*ot ibem although Lis clerks have been oopjiug tbem aince bitwhia coj le? are finished they will be lodged In co'irt Chief Justice- Krom the great arrear of buaiaese no* on my bands, I cannot go on with this. I mast adjourn it until Monds* morning. further proceedings were th?n adjourned to Moa day neat, and all parties shook hands, and weat aw a/ in good humor V. M. leUtrlct Co art. Before lion Jui|t Hett*. Fl? 56.? The Suit far thr Conn tea It i<n nf Hutmandt Tb* c?n of tbe People fi r th? conl*oatlon ol lit ptuk ? get of diamond* rained it f I *'*>. and *uppoa*d ta be smuggled ?n continued Th* eiaminatioa of Mr. Ltltri" Clifton Hou-? rlletr. *u rtitai il io addition to th* erijene* reported In the Hr~ tmld ol tb* iid iort . thai b* found a quantity of I Mi lk' io n diamond* where be bikiIh tbe I'U h at tb* hnui* of Brubl and .laral, in Jobn (treat and whea tbr other officer* dlrrorered ' he diamond! they contra*t?d them. n ud abandoned the idea of aetata* tbo**that they bellered to b* Imitation. Mr Brubl dml*d all knowled^* ot th* alt package* of pura roaa diamond* etrept ihat th*y bad bona placed la hid baud* oy Mr J aval. Oa ero?? examination. ba *aid the diamond* war* cot mhaittfd t" any per ton la their ralne Oa tba lltb Kt-b . when h? want to Hritbl'*. b* aaked for <Ji?m< n l?. or wh*r* ba eoaid g*t th?ra . Brubl gar* tba o?m* of a pertoti from *boia ( could proaura itiaaa, I called again aad Brahl produced night package* froai a boi which wat lajlag mi tba table I look th*ai aad arried th> m to tlie coil-ctor I doa't recollect tbat Mr. Biubl produotd tba Vermant entry lor tba diaaoaAa at tbat tirr, ? Coon*el bating *\u?m*d ap tba c**e na both iMlaa, th* judge charged the jury . who, aot baring agreed at tb/ riaiag al tb* court were directed to reader aaaaied rerdict nest morning Ire 26.- Tb* Jury rendered a **al*d rardiot ' Ibt the I'nl'ed ? ate* tbua deriding on th* ron(l*catt*a of lb* alammd* Coaa**l fot the d?feadaatx d era aad ed a poll. an 1 tb* jury were found uaauim >ua. Ha tbaa a*k*d tb* Court for time to iaoT* aa arreat ot ju1*a>?nt Th* Jadg* ninnd flat urdar Tb* p*tty jury **r* them dUchargad until Friday at Ho clock and tb* Court proceeded to take up lb* ?aure* la admiralty. i.i i Ft. agaisst Tim onto amp. Jrari I'iMI ?* Th' SunmsMf OK - Tbli oaaa wan returned It *a- a libel agatnat th* Obla tor tb* turn of $1 Ml J* for ata'orlal* alleged ta have b**a farrlehed by tb? libellaat Ik? Meter* Hmhap and SlBoaaoa. aad uaed by tbem In tba eoaetructkoa of the ?e>*el Mr Udell libelled th- ?t*am<hip Obla, for the amount ol bia bill agalaat Ht?b?p and Sliaaa tun Tba defer, ce ot the ootdfn of the '>Mo In nr*t that the materiala had b**n *n|.| to Bl?b >p and >1 mcneca by the libellant *n time and that their nolo* were taken far th* mm a'leged to b* du* tbat bat a ?n ?I1 portion of th*timb?r fural*h*d tb<>ia wa* uaed la th* construction ot the Ohio; and *l*o It the goad* had been med la building tba *t?*a*r tbat luaamaafe a* tbat BI*bop aad Rlmlneoa were not out era testa. < wear*, or r*a*lgna*?. th* iaat*rla!* soattltatad a* Ilea apoa tb* t***#! Deciel' a rexreed Till Cot BORHkHr. ?r* 17 - In the oaa* of tb* I'alt* d *tat*a ?? J?aa* M*>. found guilty of r*e*i*lug coupon* knowing tb??* to b* *tol*a, eouuerl for tb* priaoner mnred to |?a*h tb* Indictment ableh w?? rent med by tfc* Platrlct At toraey. Deei?i?n r**orr*d ('cart of Hp<rl*l H*a*l*n*. [Rtfor* tb* Recorder and Aid I'o^ge and Morgan* | fi* U--4 m? I' inprr T%' '? <D 'h' -itm < Ntntta Fwl ****.? A man named P*t?r fafick appeared la tba Coart ot Baaelon* tbl? noralag to prn>eeuto a no? ; plaiat agala*t a woman naaiad Margaret Nniaa whrn be cbarg*<] *|th vtealing til from hi** Tba principal wltne** wa? a brother ia law of th* roar rlalnant*. who *wor* that while ba wa* lying la b*4. II. h* *aw tb* anrueed go to the bureau and tab* th* aioney Th* ra?* look*'l queer aad the Oourt Insti tuted a oloae inT?*tlg*t i< n whlnb roealted la briaf Ing out tba Prllowlag tart* : ? Cuilrk Mead at WO are nu*A and k**p> boarder* and at the tin* of th* alleged th'f' wa* dowa at the Aim* lloava. applylag for coal, wblrb ?ai supplied to him There waa In ad *<lla aioney, la the b,ir*aa froai which the III were tab<a B". here waa tb* beautiful picture of a boardlaghoue* keeper with aioney hoarded up aad rut of u*e making eucreeefal appllca'loa to tb* Alai* H-ooe department for coal at tb* pnMI* roet II* au?t bar* made falee ?t*t-m?ot* If not a fal** o?|h. la order to proinr* tb? coal ? lb* yoaag *om*a who wa* aharg*4 vitb tb* larcei y. prr?ad to b* of eiceltent character Bhe wae out of place at tb* tlae. and wa* b'-ardiag with Cnelck till the rhonld agala pr*our* *aiplor?eat.? Th* Coart dt*mi***d tb* complalat. and ailminltaeed a neTcte rebuke apon the coaplalnant. for tb* groai impnetor* which he bad practiced apoa th* Ala# Hca?* r?cer? By the way did tbe AtaM Hon** ?Ult*r, ?b? bad cbarg* of ('u*lrk * *ppllcafioi? An hi* datT pr*p*Hy when bo w*at ta look apoa tbe caee latbeflratla ?taace la reaeeqaeaae of a ree*at domeetl* afllictloa, Ma d?*tb of a 4*t?r M Mr* rit1?*ra. tba r*c*ptloa? at tbo pa *M*atlal awitaa b?r? beea dl**oatia?ed.

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