Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1851 Page 3
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Mi Hr Imo Seymour, of tho We*tob**tor Buk,l? *pok*a ol lor twkln. 1b Tobrawy 1144, tbe director* of the Erie Railroad Company made ? full f?p?rt of "the roonlt of their I abor*," la which It waa stated that tho entire ?o?t of tha work, Bf to that time had baan $4,736,1>&0. la thsst report the ??timated cost of completing tha road to Lake Erie was placed at |0 000 000 Macbiaery, &o., for oommeaciag busiuea* at 1,000,000 Total $7 000,800 By adding this estimate to previous expenditures, tt will be seen that the cost of tbe work wan estimated at about $12,000 COO la May, 184*, the Btate Ilea, of $3X00,000, on the road was. reieared, and the old stock consolidated by a surrender of two shares for oae.thus reducing the liabilities of tha ooatpany $3,700,000 Leaving. $8,300,000 as the entire coet to tha stockholders, ol completing the road to Laka Erie with equipment*. This is the estimates ot May, 1845. Tho next lull and detailed report of tha affairs of this company was put forth in Marah, 1840, at the time tho loan of $4.GOO.IOO was solioited, for whioh second mortgage bonds were to be issued. By this report wa find that the estimated eost has lnoreaaad very much It is In this report put down at $16030,000. And, say tho dlractors, "tha above estimate is deemed large, and la bared upon reseat surreys and estimate* made un der tbe diraotioa of tho chief eBginsar;" and, "from the fact that the eost of pubilo worka has very goner, ally excoeded their origtaal estimates, the pablio hare ia ooasequeaoo become distrustful of their correctness. It has therefore been determined in this case to assume a liberal margin for 00BtlBg0Beies." Ia February, U60, we find another report from the directors. The public were thea solicited to take $3, 500.600 of iaoome boads, and are assured that ao more mcaey will bo required to cemplato the work; bat wo must observe, that ia this report tho entire cost of the road is estimated at $17,178,000? oxoeediag tho estimate ot the year previous, $1 179 000. We are bow, 1b February, 1861, presented with another report; a sew loan ol $3^600 000 is solicited to pay a floating debt of about $3,000,000, already ia aarred. No allusion is made, la this preieat oae, to the report of tho year previous, in which the stock holders are informed that tbe money obtained liom the sal* ot iacome bonds will complete the road, and the then estimate of the total cost of road aad equip ment?, $17 178 000; but they are now told that the estimate has been swelled to $20 600,000, being $3,S22.0C0 more than tbe estimato of obo year ago; aad they are told that that amount tas already been expended upon the work, the loan at present proposed being for the purpose of funding the floatiag debt. What the future estimates of the directors may be, we oannot tell; but we presume that that good, oa<y soul, the publlo. will place the most implicit reliance on tach ol their statements in turn, as they may be put forth, wben more mon^y may be wanted. The Belaware and Hudson Canal Company have given aotioe that they will pa?s boats, during the ap proaching season of navigation, of the capacity of 106 tons, and that the freight for deli rering coal from Honesdalo to New York will range from $1 11 to $1 16 per ton. The expence of transporting over the rail road from Carbondale to Uonerdale, is about thirty-five cents per ton. making tbe whole expense, lor freight, from llonesdale to New York, $1 60. It la reported that this company are offering to deliver coal la New York, at $4 05, for the ensuing scasoa. Stock Rn hangei fSOfO U S S1*, IMS. 101 U (Km .!,? ilarlom BR 61 ld'0 Eria 7's. IMS*. 110 do W; .fno do 1PM, HIS 450 do ti'.'si llKiogriu Income SO do fc.'IO )>/? flooo do ?fi0 1700 Morris Caaal ?|'J? m no do b6u iw? do bw 21 li'ltl Hndi. ? 1st bda lot 1UO do blO ?1 BOW) Illinois Int fV do blU lOICVOhloC's. I>h0, ll'h 1; j N J ti k Mitt Co HX WO Read M I ds. s3l) 1-3 60 do b90 1 1 'J nwo do lM;o. mi 3oO Illinois Stats Bk 12 JOtbulffKh lull ll>; .'S do l."? 21 lltl a ilud foil 1MX 1*) Long Island RR 21 AO do '183 .K'O do 00 do serin 131 100 do s;U) 1 i ^ 5 Bank Stats of N Y 1"7 H<0 do blJ 21 160 Bdge worth Co )2Si " Reading RR ?l 3S0 do m, 3iCI d? 61 SO Canton Co 8>-U lfl do >M ?0H IIS) do ?>0 do S'tO 61 ISO fanner's Trust ti'V SP0 do 6'S? 1M do f.77, li*l do Cl>; 100 do s60 *'7 s 1' o <lo b60 til ? HO do slH) 67* 71 Nor h Wo- RR iro do biW C* SO do 6fi 1*0 Erie KR Si) do S30 C.V SO do MO -?!'/. SO do s'? K.'.1, HO #? bl? ?M'i 37 tlo.Non Ri* RR *? do *2 I N) K" ? ?yr RR n da *30 l?0 P ol ts Dry Dk lte do Hv 'a 100 do 1SJJ 1(0 Harlem RR s3> jfjit SECOND BOARD. r? shs Kris RR 1(10 shs Rftding RR fit '4 ]Ou Portsmouth DO lit*. SO do 61?t SO do 14 US) Parmer's Loan W 1W) Morru Cansl )!>'? W0 Ilarlsm Kit s40 ? ISO do ID ISO do ov SO Nor k Wot RR bl5 1U0 do fi ", HO Lett* Itlsnd RR El?? kmWMMVm RENBWED EVBRY DAY. mm EPKCIAL. NOTICES. CALIFORNIA EXPRESS MAIL -LETTER BASS FOR Jamaica, Chagr- ?> , I'aa imi, California, Or#* on, Valpa riiM, Callao, and ?I1 the Eouib Pa? itio porta, will olo?* at the Kxi t ange Reading KJcni, K7 Eiehaage, Well atr**t, thil dev. at half p>?; two a'olotk, a. d * ill he forwarded is charge i.f a ececial mi ee'tger pet a <anier Creieent City p..?ta?? p- a i*;d to (as Fuarucv 23 cctta. which caa ba paid or Bat. email packigca alao takao ai above, at reduoed rate*. #0 REWARD ?LOSTON TME MOIT. 22d FEHRC ART. ff btiwni Chamber* atreet and Broadway Thaatro, a Can*, with a whit* handle, with a rim of ailvar and fox haad oa it. the rase of r*d briar Th* t.ader will plea** tear* it at Mr. Geo. W. Shurragar a. No. 322 Broadway. New vork medical college.? the first an aual c< mm, nceamt of thia inetltutiou will take placi at the college edifle*, Eaat Thirl eeath atraat, <>? Friday eve aiag, at 7M n'oliok. Th* valediotory adiraa* will ha <? lltered by Prof. H.iraco Oretn, M D.. Prudent of th* Family, lha dcgr>ee will h* ??nf-rred by O*o. Wood, til,, I'reaident of th* Anaril if Tru.teee. Th* proteaalnn end the publio generally at* r*?peitfnlly Invited to b- pre.ent. K. OGDRN POEEMIS, I)?an of th? Faculty. Notice? passf-noers per steamship Baltic. for Liverpool, will plea'* he oa board, at the foot of Canal atrret, oa Wednesday. March .V at II o'eloik, AM, aad aeud all lurgaie. not waatad i n th* paaaa<?, oa board, Taaeday, March 4 marked below, with tha number of their NftV Notice -the dressing case and collections ol pleat* that w*r? at No. 12 atr**t, will b* drawa for on Saturday n th* lit March, at th* Irviac Ilona* Hotel bar, at eight o'clock P. M. FPBB~CONYINSMT4L ORDER or H D.O.J. Q, A. P., 1 M. C.. M. N.. O T. J . P. B. K , T. T. O D., N M. D. C. ?The mrahere of th* above 'Her are requaated to meat at the fc< u?? of Ohae E Smith la Son .'IS ll -ard atr**t, oa tke ereaing of February 2fth, at 9 o'ol. ck. for the mutual iat< r rkarie of apirit* "Poop kolia in.n po.eakaa InaiT nr oetachiore faaetiea foa bewele." Remember'!! By order *f Stchem aad conaotl. Jolly Moaataah*. Teaael: Loare; Infant; Sprit g-rhlchea; Mouataia; Dart; Dauoe. HOWJlIS" "HOTEL CORNER OF BROAD# AY AND Maidra l*t?, New V rk. ia now kep> by ALBERT C'LA R K, f"rmerl? ol the Baited Stat** Hotel, Boetun. aad SAMUEL BAILET, frr m SmlniMI, Maea. Th* Improv* aea te ju.t ?? mi let?d ln'kell"tel a?ki ii ??* of th* mo*t deelrahl* heurea for th* travrller ia th* *Hr KAIL ROAD KOTirr mncnn Ti'RNIKO TABLE aad Turning Platf'.ra Sridg* Kailder. J. R STONE, Jerney City, If. J. rTtME MAMMOTH OX NED JACEET FOR SALR-THIS E celeb' ated **, th largeet la th* world. weigh* t.lOI poaada To aay ?B??oin? to th* 1Forld> I air he would I rm a valuable toei-elati' a. b? will be ?old at a harraia. ApplF to RORT G PIKE. Attorney at l<aw, IS IFall atr*et. Notice we. the liveev vi-able coacrmkn of Ne? V rk r*ap*ctf*1ly call tke attention of th* pnhli* to Iwo or tkrtoof eur ?">?*<?*, who are aiakina the?'*l?e* conepi eaena ia *olieltia( other reepootahle men In th* ?am? bnalaeaa to rednee nn a'a wa*"*. after tliay naro (?t their carria** far* r*ie*d. We think they ere not worthy *f k><ln( patroa l*?d. and, iaereoe*r >hey will not (et an? rMpectak * men to work for theai. But to eatiafy their low, meaa deala ne. ?h*y will hire a.ea that do aot know aay thiai. th?retiy?r 4an(*rin( th* li?ea of their enetomere. We ie*l bonnd ia daty to let th* itaMIe, and th?ir caatoaer* In particalar. hanw what tort or prtactnled m?a tliey are patr^aiiinc. aa I they eannnl eapect nnythln* at 'heir handa >?; diearrfka tioa. We dfolme ri? n< their nam"* at pre?*at, hopiail thef aaat repent of their iahnnaa roarpiraey. R EDITOE-A* one of tbe L'NFAtRLT dealt by thirty-alfht *oa*tak|e* of N?W Vork, elected I t the , aad nt4*r heavy hoad*f'>? th* faMl?eal ?? th^lr^aty. J he? to a p| > ?! Ihrotie'i ) o^r *ol nae* for j*?' ice It I* ? *11 |a*wn thai many ef net n*mh*r enbalat oa th* aiaetahl* |tf ttano* ef foar ehtlltaa* far **rvla? aa o*caaio*al *n ?natoa*. at d the littla we eaa make ia the capacity of o?e?r? la at tendance at bait*, aoa**rte, cert* th*alv*a. fcc.. wkleh duty riahtly hetra*e to ?? N*w. I would a*k th* public If It i* riaht? ia it Jaat-'hat thee* p- #?? ahenld We n-arp?d by p*li< *~ ?>*a who cerive a comr?'*at *alary (eomina! eat of th* aaeketaof the t?< pat*re) f*r protectla* th* peeple e pr > l>?rty? whioh duty tlu>v uroe.lj- yfolat*? to ateal th* bread oat ?f th* aionth* i f aat tami'l**. when th* laweapreaely forMd* them recelvier ant *omp*aaatioa (which th*y ar* ia th* habit i f dolai) or of ?at*ria? *?*k placea, e nleae la ?Mt of actual neceeeity? I w?*l< kaow If it la th* with of thaaeanla to be tated for the aaaport of el|ht hnadred drenea, who. ia> ?t. ad of atteadiac to t4*ir dnty ( wMnh I* altogether out of door*), are ftatailo4 by tfeeir iat*reot*d chief t* take front n* anr principal mean) of anheietaao*. to that aot aioro <kaa ?a'.-t fth o( thalr nomhe* **n ***r ka f*uad on their pr*p*? anty # ad a wi rd to yon, i*nt|rm?a? proprietor* of ball aad ooacartmome. pl**e?of amnaaineat, k? . I would a*k if It id a*t mire to yctir interiet ( to >*y nothin* *f th* tail* *f h * - aaaaity ) to emt loy m> a who are thoaaht ?om?etent by tha whole paoyle for the r-fll ?* thev bold and who** icaarity I* Uah'.c to eke inn* ef oa* ' honaaad do lar*.* haa la **Eaa? tho?* ?p|K>iat*d b* a lervar t ot thia taat* r>eop|e (aad that thro*Kh felltiaal coej* rina), and who ba ra aethia? tola**. aal**a per ape their pi at. wblch ia <|nlt? nnlikady aa aldarmaaio infltt *arc la alwaya I rough t t* oear on ttieir caetif Olv*?aJua tiaa: 'tla*llw**ek a*d It li*a la vewr |?ow*r faritafalftl anent: and I tract. c*at|emea >ou will aoe n* ri*e *d ia thil mattor. If aot ? why thca " nth*llo'* ***<ipatlaa '* toa*." TOT THtDM, Hocse carpemtees eallt amp cblic meet l??*f Houa* Carpenter* will b* hfld at Oo?yea?Joa Hail. 17* Woo*ter *t***t. oa Friday **etila?, F*b. 2?. A paaatual atteadan** ia aavicularl* r?iua*t*4. a* kama*W of irreat Importane* will be brought forward. Notice to Enpiorims or qcabet sir-it a refulor aeeMaaof tha Qaavrtnea * Tnloa Protaotir* S*. alety t.f tb* *lt7 Tork bald at tbair hoad tear'era, aa lit* 10th laetaat, a r**olutioa wa* aaaataaaaly ad ptad. daelarina that *a aad *ft*r th* Hr*t of Marob ae*t, th* metn bara willeraet oa* dollar a day for thalr work, aad aay rla latlea of thle r**olatioa will anhjact a m*aH*r ta aaynleioa ffant tha aaalaty. The aaataty ha* tOUaemhar* la cood itaad* ?E- _ THOMAS El [f MA*, ffWidaa*. |UTWI4*>* K"?*?H4?, Sf<(*tK7. M P3ft WAN TV* WANTED- A SITUATION BY A YOt'NG GIRL. TO to out an mmiir'H and nurae. Would have no ob jection* to gotag is the country. Api ly at No. U Wooetcr enact, brat floor. WANTBD ? A SITUATION, BY A RE3PE( TABLE Proteetant woman, at Cl.amberinai J. or to do general hot aework. she caa come well recommecici irom her laat |ilard, 44'> Broome street,* beta aba it u.'W to be teen lor tbree daya. Inquire for Mary. WANTED-HTUATION'S FOR i'ROTESTANT IBK vaatt. of every itatton, at 7 Ca'mine ttreet, "Select Protettant Agency." N. B ? None are olfiirci aituation* but thoae who ate 1 mart, till)', aober. hontat and capable. N. B. ? Not coaneoted wiih, or reaponaible tor, a plaee in Hu itoa, atrtet, 1 rete tiding to ba conducted on mi a\ ettiu / 1>. M. ELMO K ft ? ?</? WANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN PARTNER, OPtOK reet babitt, genteel uppearauoe, and good aidrett.? Apply At 7V5 and 727, Broadway. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 81TUA tion aa Co< k in a amall 1 r;> family, or to do gene ral hontewoik ; ia agoidwaiher and ironer, and MM goi'd eiiy rtfereaoea. Can be aeon lor two daya, it not engaged, at 2ti7 Mulbf ry atreet. WANTED- BY A YOUNG MAN. WHO UNO BR - ttanda buaineta perfeotly, a aituation Ai Salesman, ia a * be It tale ur retail drv |NMW otb- r store, or In a newt paper office, at which he hat had oonaiderablc expericnoe. Would aatiat at bookt Addrett Buaineta, lierald othoe. WANTID-A LITHOGRAPHIC KMU RAVER -ONE accuatomed Uj the pen and colored work, preferred. Apply to 8. HART k CO.. 82 Jobn ai root. WANTID-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to d? plain rooking : good waabtr and ironer, or general housework in a small respectable ftmily. Good city reftrenec from her laat plaee. No objection to go t? tho country. Pleaaecallat 161) Carri 11 atreet, Brooklyn. WANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE jouul' woinun, who it a firtl-rate plain Cook, good Wether and Ironer. Ihe btat of oity rtference given ad ply at 109 Better itreet, on the 2d door. Can be aeen for two daya. _____________ _ WANTED- A SITUATION IN A STORE, BY A youvg lady, who underitandi ventilating and wi( mat ing in general ; hat been uicd ta attend a taacy itore for a number of yeara. A letter addretatd M. A , at tbia office, will receive attention. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED woman. a baby te wet aunt, at her own residence; bat juit lott btr own, five mnntba old, whioh waa htr Sr.t baby. Reference exchanged. Can ba teen for four day*. Apply at 64 Clarkibn street, tkud atory. back ierm. WANTS D? FOUR SMART, INTELLIGENT BOYS from fl'tecn to twenty jeira of age, of gaol addrest and education. at meatergert Oood referen' oa re tuired. A 1 ply at t he Clarcndoa. corner ot Eighteenth ttraet aad Fourth avenue, ia tha evening. WANTED ? A SITUATION, B\ A RESPECTABLE young wo-nan, ia a private family, to cook, wa?h and iron; it an excellent waaher aad iroaer, and a tint rata plain ooek at breud and cake; baa good city ralarenca from tier laat place; ia a g' od, will ag girl in every m inner. Can ba aeen until engaged, in tbe front baaeinent of No. 1?< Varlckatreet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE j' nng wiiii. an. aa good Cotk. uoderatanda wathiag, or *a launilretr; baa nu objeotion to do the general housework of a I mall private family. Tbe beat of city reference can be given. Pkaae call at No. 3 Prince t treet, oorner of Tillary. WANTED- IN A RETAIL LACE AND RIBBON atort, a smart and honest lad, abaut 16 or 1* yeara old. One that ia well acquainted with the oity retail butinets, and that bringt the moat unexceptionable city reference aa to honeety an* capability, m?y apply iratne tiately to BElNfcVA.N'ft KoSBNBaIM, 313 Urand ttrect. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIR man girl, aa 0 >ok, chambermaid, ay general house worker, in 11 ptivate family. Inquire of Mrt. Maniag, at 706 Greenwich atrtet, third atory. WANTED-BY A RESI'BCTABLB SCOTCH GIRL, A tiluatlon aa aeamatteaa; ia a good cutter and titter. To be aeon at 1H> Wett Eighteenth atrett, lrom ten o'clock to half-paat three. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation aa Nor e asd Seamatresa, or Chambermaid and ?eamatieat, in a irivate familv. Beat of aity reference giver. Pleaae sail at 273 Greenwich itreet. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A 8ITUATION in a private family, or reapeotable boarding houae, at Cook, Washer and lrocir. The beat city raferenoea given. A 1 1 ly at 3r> Greenwich at raet, In the basement. WAKTID? BY A BBSPECTABLE PBOTBITANT W i dow lady, a aituation aa Nurae and Seamatreit; It an excellent tine aewer and rhirt makar; ia willing to do tomi charnbiirwerk; or would nudortakt tbe care of a tiok laly, at ihe it very axptrienccd In tiokneaa. Pleaae call at 71 Sixth avenue, in tha atore. IT'ANTBD-BV A RESPECTABLE YOU NO W OMAN, t? a aituation to do general homew ork. Has no objtctiox to go a ahort dittanoe 13 tbe count rj . The beat of reference. Call a',7# Croaby atreet. WANT ED? A SITU ATI UN, BY A RESPECTABLE young worn in, to d> general houai woik m a amall pri vate family, or to do ahambrrwork and fint waahing and ironing. It willing to g* a abort diatane* in the country. Good city reference fri m her laat place. Apply at No. 17.' Eatt E'eveath etreet. Can be teen for two dayt. WANTBD-A KEtPlCTABL*. INTELLIGENT BOY, in a tegar ttore; ore that reaides in brooklya prefer red. Good reference re inired Apply at 305X Broadway. \ITANTID-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB 1" young ? man, t . -ook, waab, and iron, in a retpeota I le family: it kind to oluldran, at d "an give ii<>od eity refe rence for honetty and capability. Plutat oall at No, 11, cor ner of State and Furinan lUeett, South Brooklyn, third flnor. back room. WANTED? FOUR CA BINET MAKERS, TWO POLISH ei^, a mtn tc fit up, nod a packer. To men who per fectly nndarattbd ihtir t atinjft. conttant employ aad the 1 igbett waget will l.c given. Apply at 292 Bra id way before 9 A M. WANTRn-bY A HESI'ECTABLE YO(TNO WOtfiN. a tltnatl m t ( hn.ibi rmaid. tln<- watllngand ironing, frua Conk. Ti e l eat ot city reference gi van. Pleaie call a' No. 129 Green ttree'. VBTANTED-A YOUNO M A V AS SALESMAN IV A RE TT tail dry gouifa ature. Addr-aa B. B , at thia b<Bea, a'ating name, age. how l"ng in tlie butineta, etc., aad term-, ahich mutt l i moderate. WANTED-BY A KR4PE<TaHLE 'MAN, A SITI A tion at Grocer't Clerk, who thoroughly uaderetaade hia Lunn- ae, and can give aatitfactory refereace. Addreaa M II N , Herald < 0<-e. _ WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BBSPE STABLE girl, ia a private family, aa good Cook; the it a flrtt rate waaher tud ir ner. <J >d referead a given. Inquire at 12 A Lea ttreet. bMweea Better aad Grand ttreeta. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PBOTSSrANTGIRL. a titaai iob u Cliamb. rm lid and Waiter, or to uiii'. ta waalilng aad Im ?r a plaia cook, ? ? ? r aad Irotar, ia a (ma1! private family. Guod reference* given. Can bo at bar laat place, ?I Butler (treat, Broeklyn. for one weak. WANTED- AT LORD h TAYLOR'S, T,1 AND '.I OATH A tine itrect, three intelligent Lade, to make themeelve* gtarrally niefnL Apply l.efir* U A. M.. aad after 7 P. M. WANTED liV A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. IMHthtM lauadrtM. chambermaid. waitar, ar ta 'In feneral homework ia a reepeotaola family. Good city refer r e To ba iron fer tw <? daya, at No. lOt avenue A. b?> Eleventh aad Twelfth *tr<-*ta. WANTED? A SITUATION AS PORTEROE ASSISTANT Cl'rk la A 'It y goad*, hardware, whiletale llqnor jtora, or tcaalMlon waraliona*. by a ;?u?? man ?r ?oo? *d<t?B tinn, end a tboroagh knowledge of the elty. Addret* 1 h> mi>, at Ibo oflleo of thl? paper. WANTED-SBVKKAL YOBNO LADIES, IN THE wanted and faney good* etoreof Mr Peyeer, Broad way. aad partlonlarly one experienced ia aeaorting an l?na di ?> I wore ted. Tboee baviag beoa ia a elmllar hniineaa pre ferred. Alao, a email gifl to do errand*. Oool referenoej ft <401 red. VANTBD-TO COGE. WA1H AND IRON, AND AS ?tat ia geaeral hou?< work, ia a ?mall privata family, a Protoetaat girl? n German preferred. One ? ho I* neat, and af good habit*, may apply at M Uraaawiah (tract, be tween tba boara of 10 A. M. and x P M. WANTED- TOR THE C. S. MOUNTED SBEYICB. A faw active young men, to whom will bo (iron Rood pay. clothing, horee aad aceoatremeatf. Regimenta carving ia Oregon aad California receive donhia pay App>) at Dra (?oa Rendeivooi, 5 Chatham Sqnare, aad *50 Hndeoa atraot. Nov York. Two d?l I are will bo paid to any eiUaea ktlagiag a recruit, if aaid recruit ba accepted. A^m TEH V RBSPE) TAR1.B GERMAN WOMAN, WBO lirtd ant aa lady'amaid fnr eeeeral year*. want* a ai Ptnation ae aneh, cr ae Saemetreee . She perfectly naderatand* hair?tr<*?irg. dreaa making, ke. Apply la Amityitreat, flr>t door from Heary atraot, Soath Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE PRO I teat ant girl, ae Chambermaid aad Wait?r;'ie willta* to a?atat ia tha we?M?g or In takiac -are of ehildrea. Hae ao objects n to go to Broeklyn. Ooed oily referaaoo. Plea** a| ply at Mi t eventli aveane. near Fiftecatk ?tree!. Can ba aoea far tw* daya, if aot eagagad. AOLIEK WANTED. WHO IS WILLING TO LEND ki* emplo} er SI"1 or ?*??'. ia a genteel bnalaoae A ?hence for a yenagtaaa with 'he above am?ua t - n"ne e there need apply Addreaa, with tk* real aan.e, at thle iffle*. "Bnalaeea." NURSE WANTID-A FIRST RATE NUMB AND Seamttreea wasted, to taka tare of a ahild abeattia montbeold, ia a family where there are ao other ehildrea. To en? of experience, and folly competent la every r**peet. t->?d ?a?? and a r od homo will be given. A Uaa addr?*oed o D . bo* l.Wtl, e? ill receive attention. Nmm una w a n t e d. -wanted a protest ant wamu. aa Children ? Nnrae: oae af a kiad aad plea?aat diapoeitiea. aad oompeteat to taka care of aa iafaat. Apply at No. J2 Ba>t Poarteeatk meet, aoathwaat corner <f Uni versity plate, betweea tha hoara of 10 aad II ?'?leak. THWO MSPICTABLE ? VO WOMEM ?rr SI tnatiene, one aa fhamhermatd and Waitar, ar to m ad ehildrea; or aaa at la waahia* or Iraaiag; tha otbor aa C??k, Waehar, aad Iroaer; waM make herealf aeofal. Naobiea tion to k* a el.ort dietaaea la th* (onatry. The beat af elty refereace flrea, If repaired. Apply at No, ff Bla**ata a tree t, baok room *??oad Boar, betwoea the Plret aad ?* oead avtano*. for two day*. TO KIRI'II'VTJ ANI. OTII BR" A H I ' I III T HK ?peetakla yona? Banliehmaa wiehta a aituatma a* bonk keener, or general aeeie'aat ia a dry (ocde etire. ?ker* he conld learn th* baeiaee*. Th* adrer'ietr ha* had MTeral Seara efltrial iaetrnetloa, and weald make hlm?elf ne*fal. la would eep'Ot r* aala-y for tke ft ret few meatha. aad wruld fflra aacnrlty it ra<t?lr*d. Addr**l 0. H , H*rald TO MILLINBR.o AN AMIRICAN YOUNQ LADT, who ha* for the laat fe? reara ?nparinteaded tha maau ?aeture of miHiaery la nae of the moet faebioaabla honaa* in thi* elty, I* desire ii?V-f en|wla? with a Hrw elaae eetab li*hme?i*, either a* Snporinten^ent of tV mak-.a*. or t* act aa f aUewrmaa. Une*pepti>.nabla raftmaee* ipeaa. Ad drew, *' Milliner," tiflle* nf thi* p*p?r. T|0 TAILORS. -AN EirERIINOED CUTTBR IS wanted ia th* Tallot*' Co- teperatiT* Store. Tha parti** ? rpljln* mn*i hare a thorongh knnwlodg* or t^ke eaatom and atore dapartmeat. Apply by arte, with r?ierooee. Co Cperatir* Store, IS4 Naeean *troat. BOT WANTBD-AN ACTIVE EOT, ABOUT PIPTEJCW year* old, ah* wrl'ee a good hand, i* waated la a c-itton broker*' offle*. Addrta* "S. C*ttoa. ' at tha afllea ?f ska , Jonraal af Ccmmerce. CINOERS WANTID -A OOOD ALTO SINOBE WENT. O ad to anttala that part la a email choir. *!?". a goad baa* ? lager Addro* Mnrl*. ko* 2 ICI. PAETNER WANTED -WITM A CAPITAL Of BS.flOS, la tk* B t frete. Chiep Pablieatioa, Magaaiaa. aad Newa napar biidneee. in Sea r-a*e(#e?, Calirnreia. Tha *nb*erlb*( ra ided in P*a Pr*?eie?a nearl* threa haa ahippad nearly |int? worth >f paklieatlon* al^aa, k?t la eeeee.ina*** of affkire here, Meant laarai gala Immediately. To a petao* with th** rapital. who **a * ve n*4eaktad referaiaa, aad would ba alllmg to Ware for San Prannieaa, a rood rportnnitr. wi'h e<|>i?i proftte. I* "ffer?d. A4d-*M Cbdtp hibUnstloa. pott paid, Chatham S<)uar* Pott OA t. LOST &?. L>OCKETB<>OK LOST? IN FULTON STREET, BROOK ? Ivn, near the Atlantie Bank, containing about S.'S. be longieg to a poor laborer the fiadci will bo amply re* arded on ret II rn ton if to 2S Btoad street , New Vjrk. IOST? A V OI'ERA GLASS, MOTHER (if PEAHL, ?> mouatud. with t??, left iu * B-oadwav cutalbue last night from Nlklo's. The tinder will bo rewarded by leaving it at !? William street, Office N*. 2. up stairs. 103T, OB STOLEN? COMING FROM THE SAVINGS J Bs'.k. In Chamber! atreet, to the Irving House, a Bank Hook, with a oertiflctte of deposit for Foriy-three Dollars The tinder will be liberally rewarded by retarnmg it to the of the Irving House, to Nr. Pretcer. ' A KC' b Y COCHRAN. L08T-0N TUESDAY LAST. A SMALL DARK OMIN porte-uoaaaie, coataiciag about thirty dollar* In cold, and a few dollar* in bills, (among them, two one dollar kills on the Baak of Harrisburg ) supposed either to hava keen kit in a Bleccker etseat oanibus. or dropped in Broadway. The fincer w ill ba liberally rewarded by leaviag it at Crow en's book store, ft# Broadway. tffcK RE WARD? LOST, ON THURSDAY, P. M.. A BEiD VP** Puree, eontaining $10 in bilU, and 41 oeats In change. Any one returning the name to the Ciiaton Hotel, will re ceive the above reward. fllARtWARD.-l.01T. ON WEDNESDAY, 2STH ? Iv inet., in the t'urk, eaet tide of City Hall, a small King Charles Spaniel, black and tau color, answers to the name of "Jip. Anv one returning him to Delmonioo's Uoiel. Broadway, shall receive the above reward. A1A RF. WARD.? LOST, DURING DECEMBER, A FINE 0 I" Mosaio Pin : design? boy iu a chariot, drawn by two deer ; initial! on gold back, "C. M. B. from A. 8. B.. April, 1843. 1 he above reward will be paid on rat amine the pin to JAMES BOLTON, 200 B.oadway. gs/k REWARD A LADY'S GOLD WATJB, WITH JptfxJ gold dial, made by John Harrlaon, Liverpool, No. 2.277, with gold chain attached, waa loit orstolea, la De e? mber last. Any one i elivering the lame to the awner, ak No. 231 East Broadwiv, will reeeiva the above reward. PHH80NAL. IF P. R. BOWEBS OR JOHN PROCTER WILL CALL at the office of John Jay, 20 Naeiau atreet, they will Lear of icinething to their advantage. TIHmAS CUMMINS LEFT HIS FATHER'S HOUSE. ON Tuesday morning, Feb 25th, for ichoul, and haa not re turned licee. He ia ten to eleven j ear! ot browu hair and brown eye! ; waa dreaaed in a browa cloak, blue cap, and dark pante, and had with him a bag of books. Whoever will bring him to 140 Greenwioh itmet ahall be (>aid all ohargei. HOVIE I, ROOM*, &c , WAN r?D~ WANEED-A NEATLY FUBNISHED ROOM, FOR A gentleman and lady, (with board for the lady only,) ia a family where there are no other boarders. Addieis Beau mont, Broadway Poet Offioe, poet paid. WANTBD-A SMALL COTTAGE. OR TBI LOWER part of a small g*nteel house, from first May, either in Brooklyn, the upper yart of New York, or Williamtburgh, by a small family; a good tenant. Rent punctual, and not to exceed Address Franklin, office of tl.ia paper. WANTED TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE AT STATBN Island. Address, stating location, terms, and any other particulars, box 1.6ft), New York Post Ofliee. A (URBAN UENTLKMAN. OF UMBXOIFFIONABLB character, wishes to engage toocqk, with breakfast and tea. in a private family, where he could tind a home. Loca tion near tho Park. Terms must be moderate. Address G, W., office of this paper. House wanted ? a two story basement Home, above Hleecker street, in a genteel neifMor hood. Kent not to exceed $150, paid in advance. Addreat B. L. G., Herald office. PART OF A BOUSE WANTED.-A SITTING ROOM, Two Bedrooms, anu Front and Baok Basement, in any street i ll Broadway. Apply to X. Herald Office. P* KT OT A HOUSE WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN and wifo, crnsiiting of three or four rooms, in a respect able neighbourhood. Addre-rs J. U., at this office, stating Uruu atd locality. References exchanged. BOARDING, <Mc. BOARDINO-A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL dren. wishes to let the second floor, oonsisting of tout rocaiK, together or sepmataly. to gentlemen with partial hoard. Thchou-e is pleasantly situated six doota west of Broadway, and ten minutes wall ray, and ten minutes walk from the City Hall. The lamiiy do not remove the hut of May. For ~ dr. Bsr. E . Ilerald office, or Broadw ay P. O. Board up tow n.-a room suitable vor a married oouple or single person. Is to let at lit Fourth street , corner cf Anion. The home ie within one blook of the Knickerbocker Stage rt ute, and is furnished with hath, ras. Iko. _____ " Board.? a parlor and hcdroom to let, to two single gentlemen, with an additional l l<ing r cn if required, or to a gentleman and la ly. Inqu re at 37 Irving Plaee, corner of Sixteenth street. Tue looatioa is very de niable, and convenient to stages and cars. Down town dinino.-tbi important char aoteriitiei of tha "Excelsior" Diaiag Saloon, fcS Nsaeau itrcet, by Mr. C. Swift, are thcabioVntc neatness of every department, the uaiform first rata quality of all the articles nsed. the promptness with which guests arc served, an 1 the quiet ana good order whioh reij o throughout the ei tablishment. Ia a word, the "rxcelsior" combine! all the good qual'tiesof the most coetly mstanraats, with the economy of the cheapeet When ence a man uf taste caters there, he is sure te become a permanent euetomer. FOR BALK A*D~TO LKT. For sale-a valuable country residence. beautifully situated in the village of Babylon, about ? ortj miles from thecity of New York. The house Is nn ?, aad bnilt in Uothie style, ana neatly finished. For partieo Ism inquire of S. SAMMItt. proprietor of East Broadway Ubiiae.ccraer of East Broadway sad Pika street. jViR SAl.l 110ISE IN BROOME STREET -THE TWO story h< use basement and attio, No. 3Mi Bronase street II ore ^Sfeet 3 la ebes In widtt by M feet in depth; lot 2J feet 1 inches by 120 feet. The house is most substantially hoilt, ir. complete order. Croton water, fco , aad ie desirable lor a lenidenie, or. from keiag on tha line of the New Haven aad Harlem Railroads, aad fiom the depth of the hoasc. n Ight at a small expeaie be turned into a etore or ware h< ute. It eaa be seen between the hoars of 1 and 3, oa ap plication at the office of J. B. HAMILTON k SONS, <1 Wall str*et. F CtOR f A I K? SEVERAL VKRV HKl'TIf t'L Bl'l LPINti F aitea aitaated aear littrau ? * a ctniiuiai four, tire, *ichte*a. >lllw, fourteen ?r forty aore*. On two at the lire acre lot* i litre ar d**llia? hunae*. Pur teraaaud o' li' r : ?rti?ulur:', apply to tho aubaeribtr, ?t Doormen, UIO. W DC ARM AN. L^OK SALE? TOE STOCK, FIXTURES, OOOD WILL r < UlM of k Store, 1 > 1 1>? a proBtabl* bu?iae*a eon naeted wuh tbo ehippin* la'-rett )<ea-.*d in the neighbour' heod ot Wall itrtot and tin lut river. To a peraer of tnergttlc and <-ommer< ill hakita it la aa eiaellaat opi >rta Blty for a eefe i*Tet'mitnt. Apply to D P. BITCUKK. SO Canal, corner of Broadway. rOE SaLB-TIIE LEASE. FURNITURE, AND FIX tnree f an Hotel, Bar. and Diniaf Saleaa, ia an excelloat loeaticn, Bcw doing a goad boiiaooo. Inquire ot FRANCIS Bl'TLEB, SUB, Water otroot. fOR 3 A I B OB TO I,ET? IN THE CENTRE OF A PLOl R iohiai village, 'near the city, a Mere with tiamaa'o hop art arhed, wf ? re an oicalleat < pportnnity la afforded for a manufacturiag bmiaaa*. Ape y at 11H W**t (treat. CLIFTON, ETATEN ISLAND, NEARTllE NARROWS. For oalo, *oae of tho boat Cottage Sitae and Bulldiag Lota on tho traot of W. W. Tan Wageuttn, E?| .withla half a alio ef th* preaeat itoatnboat landing, at Vaadorbilt'i Dm k. It la iatanded to ?roo>. a now landlm; ia frvnt of thla Troporty la tlio acrmc, aa< tho grading or tho arrauot ia tbuat being eomt'letnd. Tho ooratntndlng view*, aad h*auty if tho anrronnding '.onatry, render thla prof?"* aaaur paoood. oa a re*id?aco, by any la tho vicialty of tho oity, wbilo tho great damaad for kalldiaga offara an iadao*a?Bt to tho oapltalUt to build, aa lh Invaatmeat. BONER MORUAN, 1 Pino atroot 9r,nn acres op land foe sal e. -the sue j WV/V/ aortbor olfere for aalo. or to on haage for cit* pr.-ierty. hi* two traeteef laad. beta* together about 9 MO acre*, iacla*ing *oai* thirty it?iro?*i Parma, lriai <<a tho aaat aad woot aid* af theNaveralnk Klver.leSulllTae Cian tr, N. V. Thar* aro ?a tho preaieee two onaBain- Teaaetiea, alght at t?n Saw Mill". oa* (iriat Hill, aad tw> Chuteho*. Thee* laad* ar* diataat ab< at IUO to llOailee fiomNewYerk City. from M to W mll-e froa tho Delawar* anl Hidaoa Ca ? al; from iOte SUniloo from the New Torh aad Brio Rail ? r<ad aad ar* wall adapted to farming purpon*. For t*rm* aad farther partKalar*. apply t* JAMEi 8<:H0TT, Jr.. 45 Teeth *tr*?t. Hotel to leasb-the cppf.r stories and b**?a*at*t tb*a*w buildiag oa tha <eathwe*t a?ra?r ?f Broadway aad Fourth *tr**t. Alan th* npperatorl** *1 th* two adjoiam* buildiaga oa Broadway; aad if waatod, tho a<*joiain( boildiai* oa Foarth atroot, will bo leaoad to a drat rla** ?*aaat. Apply ap< a the ptt-niaoi. from aia* to *l*T*n ? ? k B. M. _____________ PCBUO pool! rOB IB II WOW DOINQ A OOOD ra*h baaiaex. ia a *r**t thnrenfhfare. K?a*on* for aoll in?. th* ow??r I a* other haemra* toattaadto. Price, | Ml. Addroaa A. P. M . Boi ? , thia f (Bo*. A RARE CBANCB- TO SB SOLD INHEDIATELT, TOE /a old o*t?bli*h*d P*f*orr**a room*, aituated at XT1 Broadway. o*ra*r af Cli*ab*r* *tr**t, together with all the *1 raratna. apeniaiea* aad furniture The abere will b* fold a barra.n. a* th* owaer i ea???od ia aaether baeiaaaa. Ap ply at the roemo. A RARE CBANCB.-TBE STOCK AND FIXTI BBB op th* Empire Partar B um for *ol*, laolndin* th* dwoll <a| part of th* I' no*, aad avatar aaleea, with a I euro it lira jaar*. P*r further pari ??alar*, in iairo oa th* pr*ati*?*. Na. II We*t Broadway. *oraor ar Roade atroot. N. H A talfabi.e estate fob sale-sditable fob /* a aaiaaier hatol. or (oatleaaa'a prirata reaidear*. oa tho HtfMaade of Nareaiak, twonty-twe anile* fr >m the *itf of B?? Talk. Par furt h*r ptrtlnalar*. orp'r to J. PLETCIl IR. n Coataani atroct. \l OBB BBOPS TO LBT.-TO LET, THE MW AND ? ? apaei'W* ?T* *t*ry haildinr, eitnat* No < Maahattaa Flae?, a?*r Ela atroat. roaoaaMim *i%ea lamHuttl;. Ap ply ta TBuBA t NORRBLL, IPO Fr at *trr*t. *<>ra*t Biimll. Dt' BRISBEB IIOCSB TO LET-IN NINTB ETBIET r fir*t blovb w**t of Broadway. The ho*** le of th>ee ?tarte*. well f*ralah*d. and ha* ***. faraaee, fce., fce. Will bo lot rot oiio or mnro year* fr m l*t Nay aaat. Addreaa bo i Na. I / -I. Pom om*?. COI BTRV RESIDENCE TO LET-BAN OtOMSLT SI mated oa th* Tenth mat", aear ldtth ?lre*t. Apply ta t. B. Bra lh*rat aear tha preate". TO CA LIFORK I AN?.? FOE SALB. A PATENT PORTA bl* Iroa H?aa?, 2Sa2">, *na*trnotod oa *nU*ely aaw aew yrlaCplea. haviac, what I* *o d**irablela m* hatiaoa, p*rfeet Ttatilatioa. aad eaa h* takea dnwa and rat np with ont the aid of trrow*. It *an h* a**a oa a raeaat lot ia Qr*t>d atroot, aeit ta Oram* *tr**t. arorOdd Fellow*' flaU. For term*, apply to O F'?. B JACR^f>N ? CO. BinlMor Iroa Werb a, IW Coatre *tre*t. ^f?0 LET OR LEAM THE THREE STORE* AND TWO J Dwtlliijta kaowa a* N <*. S.1 and !M Chatham *>r*?t. Ia fair* of A. D. A B LOOAN. W Marehaat*' B<ehaa(a. TO LET-ONE OB TWO FL'BNISBED Bor)ES. WITH I an'ry attached, anitablo ft r *** or two ?<*?!* (eaale ttea. Arrly *l N r Broadway, ihlrd float, froatrooa, b?tw*an the henra ef 12 and 2 o'clock AM, wkoa the roesa e*n h* aoea. O LET, AT BOBOKBN.-SBTBRAL NEW THRSR fttry aad haaoaent brlok dwollia* h o**a. witbia twa bnadred yarda or tl e Hrrr. T^eae ben*** are fnrnienod with h*t Mi *o!d watar la th* bath ro?ae aad hlt*b*?a. and *??ry mod*ra *na**ftlaae* There are. al*n, lary* flower card*** ia front. Ea inlr* at th* Hnh*hen laad oBoe of W W SBfrPEN. Avoat. N #. Th* hruao* are r?*dy for iaatodiat* oeottpatlon. bat wtB ba ranted froa Mi* ltat of Bar_ nrv> LET- THR TBRIR ST0RT BRIt'K BOUSfl NO A IdbClinrrb *tr**t. hot ? a?o Thorn*- and AatJioay atroeta, nitabl* Car a daellia* er aa?a(a<-tari*? pnrp<?e*. App'r to B A. CBlLTON. Na. # Wall atroot. tO BFNT PROM TSB PI EST OP BAT NEXT. TO oa* or two foatlaaiea, a an it ef fnralehed aiwiu. WHhrnt b?*rd. in ?a* ot th* i<*n*< d**4aab|* I >*?'loai ia the ?eooath watd. Tho beat of ? ?feeo?r< r-?*irad bad for urtuaUrb, mJdrw* Uf8, r??i OB?a. URCKLLAIIIOta. , A BCUIT1CTCRE.-ONR0F 1HE MOST UNIQDlToON. I 1% venieat lit U?t ?eiah?d kooni ,?ai ap ia ur ?Vm-. N-* York in New Jtr.ev, for thelatt few ytara, U (bat aow Aaiah ? i ing lor John Chadwiok. >*?(.. in u itreet, Newtek. The e\t*tiorI* a good <lc?l In the Mounah "ttle, md h .a an 1 unc'Bimoa and good t-flao'; and the in'enor, for n-atn-a* of arrangement and etylt ol fioith c iui, .t be boa', It i* a ho na that will do credit to every nian engaged on it. The orna mental plaatering l* beautifully ekecuted. Tho parlora, ia I particular, are hnid.ed in aiDK *up?ri>r to anyUuagiii the country, by Mr. I) Carvey. of New York, author of "neitgn* for Otaametal Pla?t?ririg " The architect id J.G. Uall, E*i , 1 of Newark. _ T' u TIE LOVERS OF QUOD BEEF. TUB iU 3d .'81 HER retpecifully inform' hiaiat:oaa and the public, iha he ] Mill expoae for aale, on Satarday, Mar*h H. at hi* etall, No*. I md 6 Catharine market, f ;ur *uperior atoera, two of wlilih I were fattened by Joaeph Carpenter, of Rye, Weatohener i aounty; and two ky Captain A. Knapp, of (ireetiwioh, Con ; necticut. Alio, acme extra fi&e mutton and veal, all at' i which he flatter* himeelf tin not be euipaaaod. AH thoaa | v ho like the good thiac* of thi* life, ar?. requested to j. til : and snpplv tht ui'clvca. ALFRED VARIAN, N??. 4 and 8 Catharine market.

TO STBAMBB IP, STEAMBOAT. AND PACKET SHIP Owntra.? The aubacrilar haa unhand and for' aale. tour I Mahogany Extaneinn Dining Tables, to match, in nets Each table being 3 feet 6 inches a'|uare, with 11 feet oi'.od j tion, making in ull tW feet. The above are a duplicate uf an I order for a eteamboat, and it would be an object for any I eae withlng ?uoh an article to callaid examine, at the oabi , net wurehente of T. BROOK*. 127 Fulton etreet, oorner of Sands. Brooklyn. RICH ROSEWOOD FURNITURE ? H. 8TONEY, ( LATE Wagner k Stm ey. ) particularly invite the attention I of pereoni about farniahiag with rich rjaewood, black wal nut, or mahogany furniture, to examine hi* *tock of apltn ! did, aubetantial, and faahionable furniture, not to be excel led by anv in tbie city. To my ol<l cuetomera 1 would euy, that havingl^rge manufacturing faoilitic*. w ith extensive warerooaiTTwul endeavor atill to aeoure their euatom by renewed cxeitlnna and moderate prior*. 11 EN RY STONa.Y, (Late Wagner* Stoaey.) No. Mti Broadway, near Spring etreet. French mechanical (carcklj lamps loaned for partiaa. The largeet ohoioi of French lninpa, of every ^etoriptioa. and of the richeat pattern*, alwaja oa hand. Luitrc*. ohandeliera, bracket*, and aueponaione, Blain or oMaellad. Glaau ware, bo. French oil at nine ahil nge per gallon, forwarded. H. DARLON VILLE. 443 Broadway. Steamer* generally eupplied. Window shades of evkhy description on hand, and painted to order. Alao, uorda. taaaol*, buff and white linta*. ko. Manufactory -7 Spruce at.. near Wil | liam, wholesale and retail. T.CONOVER. PREMIUM KILN-DRIED DOOH3 ON HAND, AND made to order, of xny ai/.e or uuality; nlao, Saalio*. g'ared or not glazed, of the latent and be<t atjlua; lnaide ana outride Blind* and Shutters, for aale by the, 17 | Beekman atreet. N. Y. N. P. K.IMII4LL. H KELLY'S URATE AND FENDER MANUFACTORY ? 346 Broome atreet, three door* west of the Bowery, ! adjoining Dr. Cone'* church. New York. Builder* and ether* , who are about tinrchanioi; would do well to nail, a* be feel* I couttlent that hi* pattern), for variety and *heapnen?, art unaorpaiaed. Roofing? cheap nooiiNa.-GOODwiN's patent Hydro Pneumatic Cement Sheathing inakt* a ??neap, light and durab'e roof. D^ne u rough plank for IV, centa rer lo??, over tin or *hingle? centa per foot, and war ranted, by KAML. GOODWIN, 283 Spring atreet, near UuJson. BKOADWAV, HIS -MR. LKONASD LENCE (\FoKM3 the publi* and hi* frienda that he haajuat finii^e i ia?c ral new model* of Man'el i'iecea, of Pyronalcn inlaid m ir bles, ami ng which I* mm of varrnculin marble, the iuo*t eaiimattd in Euiope, and which lakr* the natue ot a^ate marble. Ho haa alao tiniahed (ouie n*w ttodela of l.tblcn of tl.c biattaate. like wiao aguia of the moat apleudid mar ble*. lie bcc* of the ama cur* of fine art* to < all at hit a'ote. LEON ARD LENCE. KI3 Sroalw iy. In fifteen or twenty day*, Mr. Lcnue will < If ir to the pub lic Mantel* of twenty-one djfTerentkinda. TELtBCOPES AND DRAWING IN'jTUUMENTi FOR Sale, Below Co?t? ' The *iock of kexarey'* Nantioal and Mathematical lnatrumint Wurehouio, No. 1!W) Wa'.or ttreet, wl Ich i* now being (old to ol< 10 the ei'.ato of the late prcpriet-r, comprise* ???me of the m*>*t bcautilullv liaialicd and cc atly artiole* of thi* decoription ever imported. PARIS MAIiE MANTILLAS, kc.? ALEX. F. STEWART k Co. have received, and will bn prepare 1 to exhibit on Monday next, March 3d. their Spring avoek of Paiit madti Mantillas kc. Broadwa*. Chamker* a-id Reade *t?. PARISMANTILLAB.? LADIES AkK IN VI TED TO CALL and examiae our apring and rininir Mtook of Pari* made Man" ilia*, which will be opened thi* ( ? olneadav ) moraiiig, Fok. 26. Aim, long new aivlee of ladiea' flreakfait Robca. JAMKS IIECK k CO.. 3M Broad ?ay. TO I, A D1 18.? T W J MOKE PHI/.E SHAWLS (THE that ? btained the gold medal at the laat ? . ?itlcn in Pari*) have teeo Itf-, at the Coatumo H'aratinoa, l'rlncc atreet, ky a cnllemaa juat from Tiny would coat, lo import, $:i* I each; I at a* the owner i* in im mediate want of monoy, will be aold at *ame piite a* before, vi? , felt Itfcaeladun ?k? were diaappmnted in *eonring on* of the laat three, are adviaed to call earlv, COSTUMES.? HIE ONLY 00fTV? TABIIOOU where ladle*. gentlemi.n and childr'n can b? completely eqninned, ia at the old eatahllahment, .VS Prince attrc ?*, near Nlblo * Garden. Doaincei, Ma?'iuur?de and llall C??> u jiva, juat prepared . entirely n?wr, for private partie*. Drue e* seat to any part of the United Sta'.**. WALKER'S QUEEN'S OWN NEP.DLVS AT RtXiERS chaap tan. f (tore 4|'J Broadway, t. getnsr with arery variety of crotchet and 'atling neadie*, beaatifully lift 1 ia Victoria and Jenny Llod o*?ea Alao, a aplendid aaa?<rl ment cf Ergliab. French, and Cerman ianoy g*/da, aui toy*, f. r aale cheaper than ai.y other pla> e m the eity. Billiard tables for bale ten per pent LE3i than any othareatabliahmeniln the city, with the patout cuahi'a, anitable for private or publlo uae. Ail *rd*r> hy mail for Tablea, (Jloth*. Italia, Cnea. etc , promptly atteuded f. N.B.-Oae?ooad *1? No. fk? Ann atreet, oorner of Gild. B BANDIES! BEAM DIM'! BRANDIES' ! ' -TOE OLD eat and b?at braadiea, wine*. Ilunor*. kc., imported n pre*ily for the proprietor, are to be found at the new ail eitentivc brandy (tore, 4 ?> Brotne ttroet, one block can of Broadway. Particular attention li paid to the bottling do Sartment, w hich eonai*ta of the ehmceat grad ja of Madeira*, herry* and Porte, and are peculiarly adapted for medical purpca**, being genuine, aud *o warranted by the proprie tor. A MBRXK DALLIMORE. ? 1MB JUICE! LIMB JI'ICE-1 WlO GALLONS VERY M-J anperior Jamaica. ai*o, NA> box** Orangea, AU l.aga vtry fin* Caglith Walnut*, aad a great variety of artiole*. much below toe market prio*. at the oheap caah atore. 1 t*l? Water ?treat. GEO SCRI v EN, Comiuia*ion Dealer. 4> fUWl GROSS II.AYlSt, CARD j. DIFFERENT AjUVfl/ .{ualitie* and price*, from $5 to (>) per ar->?* lower *nd better tbaa eaa be found at any other establish ment In tbl* city. DAVID FELT k CO , 174 and 176 Pearl itroat. New York. DR JOHN WILI.IAMg. \ ETC il IS A KY SURGEON, ? raapeetfully inform* hi* nomcrou* friend* Mil tl.- | -ib - tic, that h* continue* practiiiax ittMaoafully on the HTerent <inu(? incidental to that aonle animal, the llirw. ?? hi* old t*tablli<hmi at at tie aicn of tha Golden U r?, Ml Chria li? etrera, btltm Broome ?4 Delancey *trc*ta, New York Dr William*, ia thaakiag hit aumar-aa friend* for their kind | atr nair during a |? rioO of tn*uty-two year*. la tht? city. re*citi*g from ill to <ight hundred hot-tea pe r annum, lege a rontiauaLCe of their favor. Dr. W.'a eap?srtene? fat examining horire for eauudaei*. fav?n neither P'rty. CUI OHS AND COI.OS.-I)* REL1.INGER J I.IN'IMINT eared Mr. L. Lear, tha celebrated e.(ue*tr?i maaac r. wto wa* i b ?' ti n h t to tic in a <i*eliae. nad MM Mr Jam ? Qordoa Bennett, editor, who wn* atflioted ?ith ap*rpl*itag caugli for l*v*ral yaar*. It brace* tha patient daily, '?? a nei< and very agreeable treatment, by which it il iinroeetblc to fail to enra. if t'i?ra la anything left to l>ulld on. For fear aoma n ight loaa thalr fr>r tha benefit of th a a] read, ?< are Induced to ptibllah tha preaoription Take ffligty drop* three timia a da jr. in int mm |>l* trruv, ami form four thick De**e? of cotton akth, like a fail' (hirt lioo m, large enough to cover the throat and *h**t; aaturat* thoroughly with the llaid; tlx it on. retiring, ahiah, hy a few application*, will aatraat tha inrUmniaUoa a*id *< ren*te, and allay tl.> nn'at naod coughing, break np tha ea i? at tba bottom, and leave th.- paucat fr*?. and clear of treacle, at tic f< uatain lead. The. a two caa>< m ill iininortaiia.' th* !><ct? r, and he ha* hundred* of othcre. Hold in larva family tattle*, at $1 ea< h. at Tearl atreet, and 470 Broadway, ?bite front boner, where th* Daataf oaa h- e nenl'ad daily, gratia, lie mil la extremely happy ta Me an I ooavaraa with tte facalty geaarally, aho auall at all time* have a trial free of eipenee Th<- D etor la fact gaining favr with '? ? g-?at ' di of profee.lonal ?Mt?M They art all M> toniabad with Va carntiT* elfe t*. hat not morn ?o than they ara with tha Doator'e adaptable laalitioe. T k y all leave h m agteeahiy ?? i : iated A CARD -CANDID AI'TEAL TO Mr rBI.LOW-CITI leaa.-IMam wrong tha Mat* learaed ahonld invaati. gate ard aipoae my error; if lam right, th. phllaathropie. tba ?tieatil*, aid tba authuritiei. ahoald aid ma la dtveeail natiag IM benign laflnen ?< thrangbont the ? r I I ? eiiauge Irvelopemente of my antidote >i?on dioeaee*, other ? e well a* uerv?n*. and ita lavanabl* a.moa un?a tke pa tient*, hag confirmed mc ia tka ?pml n that it proauee* an ia taraal poeitivt magaatiam, diatrthnting tba aervea* Hull aad the positive and permanent ram-val of dtaeaia. aenhrmmg. by prnetiae. tha tbaory of n unat 1am. It it aa harmlaa< and mn oent in it* >p< ratione. nnd ao de cided ?a enemy to di>ea>*. that ta cr ier to aaealarata ita utimil knowledge, I mil admiai*t<-r it ta any geatlamaa wtalitac toaipartaaee it* power aad nndar*t.andlta working* And to ?h*w ita complete mn<.t*?c*. partake of the earn-' vial, all u algbt tint eg the qn an til > thay do, ar what iianffl ci*at to pradace the lull magnatia atate, which enueee a fall flood of lra*h acraoaa Bnid to (low, carrjiag health an I alae tricity thronghaat tba wli^la *t*t*m TALBOT WATTR, M D . 410 Oraeawlch Dapct for Watln * N-rvaui Antidata, it1] n a**an atraat. CORN* ' ! BVKI',KA! ' ! ? DOC TO* MTTI.Bf III.D'S Shield" and riaatera far coraa aad haaioaa allord randy raliaf. aad a few anptiratiea* oftea euro tl>* eara or Knaion. The* are wwra wttbavt t'le leaat la*aaa? !*?**! Raid oy Rnabtoa A Co., aad all tb* prin?lr*l dnigaiat* ?a Br -ad way; aad Dr. Ltttl*lt*ld'* offi?* 41 William Mrtet, Kxebang* Boi ding. tbird door below Wall (treat. PR (1 C R A RT I N A T I ON IR TBI Tllltr OF TIVB ? Delay ia danger*" a- aa?l*at tbat *old aad *?? a lew waak* aad th* b< p* of r*****ry will ba lo?t to yen lar *v*r. L*t aot any paeaaiary . onai leratloa deter <ou fr tn trim* ta aav* y*ar life and health ahil* thar* i* a abaace. Con - eamptloa la aaaaally aaeeping'fl thoaear I* 'ta the tomb ; ?a <ii*e**e ha* baWed tba akill ef phtaleiaaa like It. ao I hi ?totan. rerhnp*. l.aa ever daae mare far thie larga elaaa of *nffert?( hnnaaity thaa Dr. Wie*ar. Aa " oaae* of pr? veative la worth a p>m*d o? enrei" therefofa hefara year lnn?e become alrernted aad *0 di**a?e4 that no human meaae eaa aave yon from an enrly grave, try In eaa*oa. try at oace, a medicine which hna haaa *f *n*h ialaite ?alae to tbonanatfa? obtain a bottle of Dr Wl*t*r * Balaam of Wild Cherry, take it, (at another If aec 'ea?y. pereevera la neing II until ton have removed the dt' aa. entirely, which, if ne*l?cti d, will termitate j. ur life. Palmonary Coaanntp tioa ha*, natil within afew year*, heaa gaaerally coa'iaared inenrahla, although mnny mrdwel men of the hightit ? taniliog, nmong wf om ae might meati"* t .-rnaea aad III* fri?nd Raylt ? b< th dia'ia?niilied aa bora, .admit ,? maeb dreaded ikieaia nay ke cured, even in tt> advanred ?tag**, when tb* Innge arc aot completely dleargaaiged. The remedy which ** ao* offer. Wiaetar'e B*l?*m of Wild Cherry, aot ealv emanitna from n regular phyaician. bnt hna been well t*et?d in nil th* oompleiata for woifh 1 mend#4. Beware of Impogiilaa. Rrmemher the original aad only genalne W let are B?>aiti "f Wild I'htrry alwaan boara the arittaa vignalnre of I Butte "n tho oat id* *rat p?r for eala hy a. B. fc D Panda. No im r-uton atrti t, earner if William itreet . by Havllao-i *...e> No. *0 Maiden Inae . by William Burger. .11 Oonrtlandt atreet; by Rnehtoa, Clarlte h Co.. 10 Aator and 17-1 Irving Home Broadway, New York ; and by dr iggig'* generally ??ary where. TUOfl op OIR READERS WHO UO TO Tdl World'* Ynir, will And k me*hcre within the epac* a*, etgned to th* I'nl-ed Rtn**e, n prettv little cnMnet with ee veral oaal*tere i.f Lyen't Ragnotic P?wd*r npon ita nhelve* Mr Lyaa l?*onfideat that h* will obtain * pn minm H*da> ?crvea en*, for hie rttra?rdiaerr powdor ie uarietlled Ml a doetrojer ef in**e? life, *** yet it may ho taben iat? the ha m*a *'*ma*h with Impanity. D*f ? . ?/ Hr-a-l?ay A*2ii BBOADWAT. RRTWIINOR t?*0 ANOBROOMI *9 t\J whit* front hone*, ie tba great ooatral depet for tha moat celebrated aad gennine ratcat mediciwee. Rel Hnger'a Ualmcat nnd Mngte flnid, for tb* hair; Iftatl't Idfe ftaleam, ?eheack'* Pnlmaai* Syrrp. Dr. tlray * Cltern Ilea Mtgtnre, ?nteMng'a. Rnaaw *. HtVhard a, l'?eVe, and Blake'* Bitter* To wneer 4'e and fcind'a 9*rtnpanll?,la mart battlaa. BrandraUi'c and th* o*l*br??*d Waahmg Fllla, and MnnSat-tn riaator*. Dr. K haa b*yond a denkt eetabli*h*d tha* he haa the oaly aniole that will reetcr* th* ha'r. R><ld to mlt all el re a at* taa e a*. Iar?* family bottle* at |1 8 fn 4we>. rM. AMI SBMKKTS. fJOtVFBY THEATRE. ? FUDAY EVENING. FIB. 28, MJ ? <11 l ? reputed the drattattyled the CBEOLB NA I DEN; ?*' D Jaiquea Rt belie ro Mr Uaaiil Bl'l Bn" ? e>?. Mr J. R. Scott; Jack Whirligig. Mr. Wlnant, ilin> re de Tourville, Miaa Wemyl*. To bo followed ?J tb? cooi'di of CRIMSON tRI MBS? Fright, Mr. Winm#; rStWf, I r'tsh* > Mr* Waleot. To (onolud* with ibe drama of 1 ' DOCy.ur tin French Felice Spy? Vidocq, Mr. Meveat; F'*n'vis Pettjpan. Mr. Wiaant: Roman, Mr. Tilton: Ann?ue, "**? Re*ln*, Mm. Waleot; Louine, Mica bitf.-rt. I o??i, 25 lime Hit, jju cente; Orchestra boxot, SO cent*. 011 "P?n at SX; curtain riaea at 7 o'clock. BUrH2NM 'i. CR4MBIKS 8TRtBT, REAR or TUB Li.Hk i' i e Theatre to the large hotel*.? c*aU*'pJi????U Mi,'??"|Mt. 40 family Ci cle 25* Scat.. 73 rent.. 2<. will ?e Dr. t. bi./Ik i0 b,,"ln *' 7 1?'0,0?k- *'r <***? *'eb. AND TMNkw B'haf,w eo""dF ????<? TBE OLD LOVE Bjd"eyCc*rU?"Mi,fl|,?r?.#BCau,l'w"' *'? BUn<1' <*?" Plubba Mr Buri^ ii, ' f L,'l'r M.ior Block. Mr. Blake; | To conclude vlth S'nn ASvWJL'.i To .... inde with YBBW0KLD8 FAIR-M? Mr. llurtiu; Count Kanouaki. Mr Jordan Mil Skciieit; Sig aa Fiancetca. Mia. Weaton.' Win W agglat, re Smudge, Mri. National thbatrk.-- benefit or Yankee Locke.? Friday evcaing, Feb. tbe entertainment, will ecu. nience with tbe NlW YORK PI REM AN? Frede rick Jerome, Mr. 11 Watkint; Mr. Wealthy, C W Taylor Alice lliwthorne, Mlie Ernilv Mettayer Mre. Waddletonme' Mr?. Uaot' u> il.'e New Medley, a la Militairc, '?? Mkh y?u vina. Yankee Story, by Yankee Lccke. After which, the HTAGE STRUCK TAN KEK? Curtua Chunk. Mr. d R I.ocke; Jcdidah, Mite M. Chariot. Highland Fling, by Mies Malvina. To conclude wi'h CHEKUBUSCO Solomon hnublin". Mr. G. E. Lccke: Maiorra, Brandon, Lauretta. Mre B. P. Grattan: Vanilla, Mil* Crocker. FELLOWS' OPERA HOUSE, 444 BROADWAY, BB tween Howard and Grand etreete.? The aumtir bega to etate that the imuanae enoouracement given to hit celebrated Concert! cvtry evening for the laat eleven mouths, by the ?lit* and faehion of thit treat metropolis, hu induced him to eiKUt artiete qf the Terr brat talent, to produce Bnr leaque Italian Opeaa Seenaa, Burlesque Concert* and Ballet*, in A ttyle equal to the original* pioduced at the Italian Opera of tbia city. On Wednesday and Saturday aftermooac. a Concert, commencing at 3 P. M., for th* anoonmodatien of faailiec. Adwiaaioa 28 oeut*. Door* open at half ynii li ooaeert at half pa*t 7 o'clook. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUBEUM-P. T. UARNUM Proprietor aad Maaager; John Greeaweod, Jr., AMiataal Manager ? Admittanoi to the Muaeum. and tc eaoh aaloon perfoiinaae*. 36 cent*; ohildrea under 10 yeare, 12H ocnta. Hatoou perforn unoca commence in th* aft*rn*oa at 9, ia thi evening at 7 o'clook.? Friday, February V*, in the after noon. will be performed th* extraordinary and exclthn mo ral drama of the BIX ?EGREES OF CRIMK-Dorinilly, Mr. C. W. Clarke; Louiae. Miaa Chapman, la the eTeni?<, tbe celebrated COM ED V OF ERRORS, eaet with the wboln ? trtngth of the talented eompacy. To conclude with HRTSV BaKER. A new and exciting drama, of a domtatic and ftrikiig character, ia in preparation. Tim innumtrabli on rioeitiea of thia Muaenm, the vaat Chinuae colleetion. th* ele gant apceimcna in fatnral biatoty, the Mammoth Girl. *n., vti to l>e aeen at all hourt between H A. M.. and 10 1*. M., every day except BundaFfla Fink akts-great attraction. -a m a g w i k i - cent Gallery of Original Painting*, by the moat ccle b.ateJ old maatera ; ateo, the maicnilicent marble a'.atuc of the celebrated Venua do Medioia. by the immortal Can v:t, it Bow open at the large hall, formerly the Aoaleiny of De?>;a. over ihe Society Library, corner of Broadway und Leonard alrcet. from nil.* o'clock A M , until diirk. It it. bey. u I all conipariaon, the moat aelect and valuable oollection, wi t.hout exception, ever aeen in this coun'ty. Amunc tlietn arc the warranted pri>duotiont of Raphael, Michael Anitelo. Con ' <io a del Surto, Caiacci. P. Veroneae. Titian. Domioiohino, Claude. Riibenp, Carlo Dulci, Vandyke., Tintoretto, Salv itor Koia. Guido, David, ko, (tc. A pertbual view can al .no give any idea ot its mtrrcatund volue. Admiitauce, 24 eta.; a eta*' u ticket. Mi cent*. PANORAMA OF THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, AT Waah.ngton Hall, M)" Broad way.? Ope:, every evening; exhibition to commence at 7?.i o'oUck. Admittance 'i"> oonta. Alt", i-very Wcdi eaday ana Saturday aftcruoona, at ttir<'o o'clock, when children will be admitted for half prlct. Dc leriptitc cataloguev 12V, centn. CJATTLBR'8 COSMORAMaR. CORNER OF BROADWAY O and Thirteenth atroet.? 1'be Melt aection, containing a collection of twenty- six ?iewt of Borope. Alia Minor. Sv . iy I the Holy Land, fg. 1 1. Nubia, and Arabia, will be txhihitod , until tl.e eigUth ol March ; after mat dat?, all thoae will bo : replaced by utw viewt unuaually interesting. AJII SF.JIKVTS UI BROOKLYN. BROOKLYN MVt BUM. -PROPRIETOR AND MAN A r*r, Kr F M. K^n*.? Pricea reduoed? Parquet, 2S cents. I Bene' ' of Mr. a>id Mri. i. 1*. A ldamt.? Friday aveniur, Fci>. : 2*. will l>eptctented 'he drama, in three acta, cf > A MEADOWS? Blxter. Mr. J P Addama. Roaina Mettdc-wi. I Kri J. F. Aiilami. Dance by M'llc Albcrtina. Song, by Mr. 1 Seymour. After which, tbe eeltbratcd diliniator of negro extrava^aaia, Mr. John Smith, with hia w nderful protege, will appear In tn ETHIOPIAN BV TEKTA IN M EN T. To conclu-e with HaM PATJH TRAVELLING BV TELE tiRAl'U? Cam Patch, Mr. J. P. Aduamt; Rote UoUter, Mra. J. P. A'datnt. ? ALES BY AVCl'1051. KC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER.- WE WOULD INVITE ? the attention of b >niekeepera t- the 'argc and valuable atoek if rcaewotd and mahngany cabinet Furniture, riano. fortet, Murora. decorated Frcnch Chli a. Re., t? be told at audita to. morrow, by R. C. Kemp, at HS Naeaau ttr*. t, bv tween Fulton and John ttrccta, which will be found to be well worthy > f nttent i n, aa t ha t I < arc of go .d ?; tali .y aid enn b* rtlied up yn. Catalogue* oa the msrniag ol aale. ANTHONY J. BLEECKER WILL FELL AT ACCTiOJf. thi] day at 11 e'elook, at the Exeliang'. the hon et aid lota. N't MM ard 1M Georck (tract: 121 Wett Fourteenth a treat, IN Troy ?t reel; bM lloutton street; It aad IS Ctgh h avenut; Ihontea and !*tt on Twenty-third al l th* property on the corner' f Bridge and Broad a'reett; JS.I tnt K> W>-at feventeeuth street , &.H &S4 aad W> Niath avenue; 2il l.ui' l ng lotstn Tweaty-third. Twenti-niath. and Forty-th.rd |,trv?ta, and ea Second avenue. PVBUC ATIoYi. THE klCKLBBURTS OV Ttir. KIMNB THIt "U tar wcrk. lyTha>k*ray, it puhlicbed oomplet* a th* VI **kly New Y' rker, office of th* Daily New York r, lot) haaaan (treet, at tbr** centj. mn TAIIORS ? W U BT1NBMETS DBSIRESTOAN T nIin? toSthe Trade, that he ha. a few rem.. ?"p.r eopJy" Apply a. No. I?7 Broadway. > ?w York. llOHftKM, (AERIAUKN, StDOLRRV, <fcc. i; w SAlB-A PAIR or PINK OBIT HOKSES FIVF, C Kud ail Jiin oil, i-ar'actly aout d and nry (ut, k nd in iisf'e or double hiiim. Can be ihd at C. CARL'S livery .i?t It Pulton farry, Brooklyn. IV)R P A I P. - A PAIR OP VBRY VAI.UARLI FAMILY Coaah Hora*i.lS)t Kanda high, ? and 7 y*nri ?I4 jnit fr vra Ilia lovntry. warrant' d [arfaotly aouad, kind ?n I faatl* in iviry raapr I; may b* ntn at lb* itabl* li.l H?a>iinitn ?traat, b.twaaa l'< urtlandt and*rty itraati Fir parii rulart. iB<|alra ?f J. T. PALMER, at th? iAii of U?ab. k Co., Wall it rait f(>R BA Li? 4 II(iUr < ' A RRI Afl I 1'OR POUR I'lR anna. with (la** doora. lataat at y I*. with ahafia a d 1 pol* for oaa or two hum*. aadi to ardor laat fall Piiea ft'*'. B. ALBRO. No. (I Rldridg* atraat. j?OR BALB CHEAP. OR BXCH ANGR-TWO LIGHT wa*'a?, eaa wuh and one wi'hnat lor; alao a light ? print i ait, nearly now Apply At 61 VanUam atratt, naar 11 u d i * " F ndlon ittaat. ftHB WORliP'l FAIR. 'Pill WORLD'S FAIR ?A TCL'MO MAW, AO ED 21, A I natln of Loadon. Iiavini ll??d in thia country Sri yiara. would )<a bippy to maka an i?*.*?m?at to wait up?n a party of nntlimaa. or a prirata family, about to prooaad to tL* World'* Pair; i* thoroughly ar.|uaiated with I/mdon, it* publla bnildiugi. aad ?nrr objxrt of taUroat to tba trarallar. Can produce Ih* b**t of ratoranc*. Alinaat dr?< "d to O. M. C-, aflloa of thia l apar. will m**t with lin tnadlata attaation. 11-OltI.D J PAIR SOUTHAMPTON -CONTRIBUTORS TP t? th* World * Pair, by bhi St. l.awraaaa, *aa ha?i arary attratloa paid ta tbalr baamaa* at Southampton, oi in Loadoa, < a aoauiniloa'mi thalr wiehaa. by lattar, ta J. RODNBY CROSRRT. U. S. Conaul, Baathaap oft; M A RTIMAU, I Kn.*tlT A CO . 97 Thr*adao*dla ? . London. at LIVINGSTON. * Bi.LS A CO.. fi Wall atraat. N.w Tor*. It' ORLD'S PAIR.- OOODS POR TRR WORLD'S PAIR. Tf too lata far tha St. I.awxanna, aaa b*ihippad to Mart' aaan, Croakay B C* . N Thr*idno*dla itraat. L?>doi. la qa.r* of U VIMUBTON. WBLLS It CO . I Wall atraat. Maw Tart. trORLD'f PAIR ART UNION. UNDER TBI MAN " agimaat of thi Maw \ or* Art I aioa loapaar. ia*or [poratad aaoordiaf ta law M.araa fi each. E**ry ah?r-> holdar a ill raaair* an eagratiftg and a ahaaaa a ta* dutri but ion of Mi prliaa. ?*rb priaa baiai a fraa pta.aci ta Loadoa and baak. aad f 100 la m nay. Tha ItatribaUoa will *aka Ila^a oa tl.a ?Vih af Marak. A ?*mllt?a?* af |?A will aaoara (' abara*. aad aiaba of la** thaa taa may dadaat t far a-at. SaaittaaiM by mail will k* at th* C< aipaay a nak. ttharo* and lurtkar paMlcalar* nay ba abtalaad at tha o?'* of tb* Maw Tark Art C*l?* Caipaay. Ml Wall itmt. w N niARClAb ATIONAL RANK OP IBBLAND - DRAFTS POR larya ar amall aaaua'a. oa aald baak aad ita b at ? la Ireland, aad a?aall ia Raalaad. Votlaad. aad Walea. for aalaky C I H ABIC ST. Bola aathnrliad a??at of Ma v aal Baak of Iralaad Par tha I'aitad Stataa. PABIB BANK r.BS THI Bl BSCR1 BBRB. AOCMrt FOR iha laakiac k u?? of Maaara Alllai * Oraad It la? da Traal**. Parla wiU ?paa cradUa apoa tkaa for partiaa ia parliac raodifroa Fraaoa O'trnaa j. aad Switarrlaad Al>a. lor traaallar* (oiaf ta tk* C*atia*?t aad ta Bailaiid For tar** ??r'y ta C. k H aBICHT k C ) . M Wall it. (H11TY Of BROOKLTN BIK FRR CRNT I IAN FOR twaaty |*ar* -Baalad ar >pn*ala wiU ba raaoiaad at tha I CamftmlUr a Ofliea. City Hall, ltro*klya. uatil Thnrada*. Marak dth. at f o'cloak. ?' M , far th? pnrekaia *f RV turn <>f aity boa Ha, *f f I .WW *a?b. payabla o? tha lat Jaaoarr, ITl. witk I at*r**t at *tt |>*r eant par annua, paynbl* hall yaarly 1 aa tb* lat Jaaaary and lat ialy la **ah yar. ror whtah I ?'apoa* will ba taaaad with tka koada Pr> poaala may b* ( mad* for any aamkar af th* kaada, and *ha waal* will b* i dali?*r*d oa lha lat April aa>t. Purahaa*ri will ba r*inli*d I to pay tha latatad on dallrary, froa Ut iaauary to II h April, at all r*r **at , aad will twain tha Ialy aonpiaa f ir ti aoatbe iataraat, aad will also ba r? ? ? fra alam offarad iam*diat*lr oa tba act-apiaa** of tl>* bid* Fi* a par aa?t. of thil Uaa U to kr rai**d aaanallr by tit far twaaty yaara. and dapoiitad in th* Slaking Find for it* ra 1 daaiptloa. Fall partiawlaii aad* kaawa *a u plloatl"* to chab c. Birr* vaaytf u m ?LOTMMW, IH AIR HRRIIT RISPRtTT J fal'y i*tora*d that tk*y can obtain tA* fall aalaa. ia ?*ih, for all daaotiptii a* of **ooa* band or eaft-ol *lothn?, at# a*aoad- haad artlala* la ??neral. by taa^la* th?ir ad dtaaa. thraaah peat ar ??hirwia*. or oalliai oa ia*. Boroaay, I at hla ator*. No || Oraaca atraat. a*ar Ckathaa atraat. LP DIBB OR OBMTLIMBN DBBIROUS OP CONTIRT ml into -a*b tkair laporflnon* affari*. iaah aa oaat-of i alathiaa, ?o*tuaaa. S raaraa. fnraitara. watahaa. aad lawilrf, Will abtaia tmm tha iaha*rlb*r fttr p*r o?at anra thaa ha?a tafeta rao*l?*d. ky taadiat thranin th* poit *r otharwtaa. ISAAC O LTOM. Ma.t WaUitfwdt. CLomiMO. IPBIMO AMD ICMMBR CLOTHIMO AT wkalaaala. W? wonld call tb* att?atiaa af aayahaata ! fi*t?M Maw T*rk for ?pr>a? pnrahaaa* U air ibaak af Bpnac aad Baaa*r Clothlaj. wkiah f*r *??*at. aanaty aad aiaal laaaa af aaaafaatara aad ityl*. I* anak r* pari or t* that af nay fxtaar aaaaow. aad at 'aal aiawrad aa*t aaat tha appro katioa af *l*thi?? daaiar* la all aaatioaa af tha iwaabry Ai aa* of th* fr* aaw alitta (Miadiaall? -h- lnr.p?*? mar kaw. parak?a?r? oaa raly ?? having all tka lataat Aad baat Kflaaaf |"*4* aada lata fartnaaM la *w? wall kaawn ato tan'a of l?iih, aa* At frteaa aa*h lowar thaa haaaaa wka laaaad a?l*ly oa ihiiaarkat. Aa iaama'loa of air itaak. Mfara parakaataa ?laawkara. la raapomfaUy aaMmtad M. B Wa ar* aaw rr*par*d far ?h? ln-?a^ d?**nd for Oaiif-rata . rlr'kia* *f raarr d**ariptloB. at tha ).<*?*? t rtcaa .. .... D A 1. DIVLIW, ?Wd?/?h? JlAifM. ?r-? ?? ?"??5R5 urifm ntb. ROADWAY _ TUUTRI-I a. marsh ll, sols Le.aet, 0. H. Barrett Huwr.-Fint Bn'*' ia IBLOS UABDtN -MANAGE*. MR. JOHN BRfTOJf. Iickct* nttj ceut*; private boaae. n?e dollar*. Dooia I fi| nca of Mm Julia BcaiiuU. On Friday, Fob. JR wUl ke ?ri ?ented the r> m.dy ef the 01 D LOV1 A N D TH1 WEW-aiC Alge.noa vourtowa, br. Fred?noA?, Bydn.y, Mr. Coawarj Major St'ct. llr.G. H Ilariet!; Cat* tkubbe, Vr llivi'mf CaonJla, Mifti Julia Bennett; Mrr. Trunin or, Mm?. Fooiirfg ( htrrj ? once, ?r?. ALbott. Alur which, 'Us Po*tiUi?J? Polka, by Therti?e and Mon* Schmidt. To ooitolado with tb# ct'iLt d y of tU DAY AFTIH Til* WEDDING- Co). Fr?* love, Mr. Col way; Lord Km era. Mr. Htll; James, Mi. IVMliaCi La <Jy Elisabeth ri?t-!*ve, M us J alia l?oa?tt. nHBMBHI oi>*n at I, all pa*tl, to begin at 7 e'oteck Great Buooaaa at tl.e great French Danaeuaes, Milt. Caroline Rjuaaet, aad hec three aiatera, Adelaide, There?ine aad cleaeatine, who*# j?rioiiLiLc a have L, on pr.n.uneed the moat perfeet ea? arm tie ever aeen iu the United State*. Friday evening, Febiunry Ml. Overture to /.anat t a. Oreheetra. To be fallow ed by (laat time) the new vaudeville callvd LA MA1TKRS8S DM l.ANGCES- Vaudore. Mora. Breeelani; Leouida, Mile. Felice. To conclude with, laat time the <rao4 billet entitled CATAR IN A. on la Kefae dea Bandit*. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, IIROAD WAY, NEAR BROOMB ?tract.? Prioe* at admiaaiot: - Dreaa oitcla and p?r<i?**a I fOc.; family circle, 26c; oroLeatra atall eeat*, |l; privatt boxe*, $"> Friday eveninr, Feb. **. the p.rformunoe will commence with DAVID COPPERFIELD? Uriah Heap, Mr. Raymond. Wilkin* Micawbtr Mr. Brougham; Daniel re* rotty. Mr Lynne. Miaa Beteey Trotwocd, Mr*. Varaon; Ro*? battle. Hue Kate Dora; Poggotty, Mn. Brougham, la Ja? 'luinettt Polka, by Mile. Duey Barrn, Mr. 0. W. Smith. un4 t> e Corpa de Ballet. To te fol'owed by the WORLD'S KaIK -Jove, Mr. Broughatr: Columbia, Miaa Mary Taylor. T# conclude with the El ON HOY. Mechanics- hall, mo. <71 bmoadwat. aboyb Grand atreet? Open erery night during the week unUJ aotiee. The original and weH known CUK1BT1TI .... oomj. ruing an e thole nt and . varan tUe "oerpe". of tal.nted" and "eapericua.d performer*," under tbi ma? aagameut of E. P. Chriatt wh.e. oonoerte la thi* ally. lot ?,?0Cf",OB of " ?*a yeara," navo l.eea received vruh faro* by highly reapeetable and fuhionahle audience*. Tioketa 10 cent* Door* open nt half- part *u. oemmencei at half-pa?5 ?even a stock. The patron* of Chriety'* Minatrela are ?peottul.r .mormod that the oaual Maiurday afternnan oerta will be diaaontinuad lor the future. On Satuidad neat, March lit, annual benefit of J. B. Donnecker Circus- new vork ampuithbatrj* ? u><wi ? Jam** M- June a Co , 1'r' pnetora.? Wenefit uf ih? Clown, ll?bby William^.? Friday evening. Febrna'y *"th, Mr. Williama will introduce hie Infant Son, Little O.bbw W llliain., in a Highland Fling. Ho will alau diaiilay big wonderl ill akill aa a Drummer, performing all tha m >*t diflW euit bcata, iniitationa of the tiring of a regimen', of Infantry, he. A Double Company. ocD-"?tiug of t*e meat cel?fcrate? Ridere, Vaultera. Acrobats, ate., will appvsr. Alao tUe Fenc Clowna, John Quaain, W R. Duiialdaon, A. R eh well, and K. W ilJiama. D. ors open at 6*4, to oiiumenceat 7 V Privet* boxta 60 fentt; boiea 25 cent.: pit I aenta MENDELKidll.N S ORATORIO, " iT. PAUL," WILli be gi>en by the Naw Voku Uau Uociict*, at tit Hroadwav Tabernacle, on the evening of Friday, the 24tb inat., ULdir the direction of Mr. Theodore Eiatield. The or clieatra will be lull and effective, and tbe aoloa will hs aua tained by the following art lata:- topravo, Mr*. Laara i. Junee; Meuo Soprano, Mir* Lcaoh; Tnnore. Mr. A. Ar'hnr aon; Itasao, Mr. U W. Urcaturox. Performance to eonncaM at 7>? o'olork. Tickata. $1, to be had at the arinelnal 10a aio atorca. andat tbe <<oor in the ereningof performance. RANK L IN MUSEUM, 17? Oil ATKAM Si^UAKR.- UMO Lea Sole Proprietor. ? Admiatiou? Heata ia Prl vaa4 Boxea. 60 cent*; Stage teate, $1% C4nte, Bete*, it oenta; Par quet, Kr, oonta.? Elegant tialvoa pjrformanoe* every Afte^ noon aad Evening, tctcrtainmeuta o immauce ia the alter* noon at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at half paatT. The an? toitainmenta ar? raruid and aelcct, aad auoaaaeaa be aeea at no ether plaie .1 ami aeatent in New York, cunaiating ot Lea'* Female E Viopian Opara Troup, numbering hltcea perfortuora, be'.ng the largca^ an<l at the fame time tne nioat talented Laadin the Imtcd Stato*; a tronix ?f Model Ar? I i't.i, who are ?el?c:ol lor their beamy and f.gure.aad who [sraouute a number (fooautiful tableaux, takeu from th# piatcren of anc.enta.d ttodera timca; aoompauyot Arak Uirl*. who go threugh a variety ot uata of atrtagth aad dog? teri'v; Madame Roaaline, th< only Fuiiiale Jugglorin thfl world; nc->m; tor cf Male and F.'.ualu Artiata. who w!llgi?? aa exhibition ol Marble Statuary unequalled In the w.rld, to? getlier with a .ari.ty of iut.Matiug i?rfnriuanoea or-ry af? ternooa aad eaeuing. For parileulara v?u billa of eauk day. 'pilE CKLEliRA'lED PRIMA DUNNA. SIG'A El. 1/4 1. Val;ntini, baring eag.cgcd the Uroadway Tat'ernaols, foi the purpo.-eol ? ring a aenoa of Uranl vocal aal (a ?trutLcntal Concert , ann jiinco. that tha lira; will taVe|| ,ae? oa Wedneaiay, March 12th. Tnaeta 611 oenta. AJirsK.tuc.M rs in Philadelphia. BAHNUMS MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA.? P. T. B K it? mm. Proprietor and Manager; Hoary Sandtord, aat Manaxer, Kc-uriKagement of the ^eguia Opera Troupo, who will app*ar 1 1. ?? week in a aerlea of aplendid operaa. Monday eTeniiig, Mr Seguin'a BeneHt; whan LA 0 17.ZA LA I iff A will bn petformi l. Per Freieehuti, La Fllle 4a Reftimeat, /ami a, Fra Diarolo. Ouy Maan.ring, A a., are im rre^aratlcn. Tie *ucoe?* cf th;* troupe ia uopreceilentajfc The preaa of Philadelphia ia lattah In it* prain of iifaelc efforta, Admittuace 2o < eat*. INSTRUCTIONS. ALADV, (A GOOD TKAOJUB OF THE FRENCH language, ) lately arrived fr?m Patia .leaire* te gi?a a. L.e loam na in the e-.amu^. Addrot* ( poat paid I Mai am* 1! .*01 MtfOPoat Office. ?pi? DANCINO MABTMB.-A LADY WHHE- TO JL bare her two children laeti noted ia dancing, ia retarw tor which alio will give leaaon* iu ta> ?ic, drawing, or Freaok. Aldrci.a, Howard. Herald office. P. 8.? Young ladie* ia Itru tad on moderate wruv\ U7IL1.1AM H. DI3HK0W B Rli^iNO HCHOOk. NO. S ? Fourth a.eana, near AJtorplao?.? Opea day aal evea? tK, lor ladle* aad .entl-mtn. Hour* for ladlea, from I Am M. to 3 P. M ; for gentleman, from % to 9K P. M. BXl'KKgg 1UEIOIEI. H&KMltN'R BXPKBB9 run N KVT UlLltNl and Mobil* ?All good* autrurted to oar ofcrr for Ni* Or? Wa*?, Metal*. at iIUm adjaorai, will to l?r?wM witk nreuiptr.M* ai.d dfJV?.toK by ?vi*ry ""ti ? . *T |fnr I E>trn*.CoBTn* k do.. *1 fata* atmaa Nw'Miui CALIFORNIA LETTER 1Kb PACKAOE RXPBCBl? Pontage ti rrnta In Ssu Fraueieco- A apeeial meaeea |*er will Iravt oa the C re went City, on tli* IStk met , aa<t will deliver letters in ad?aa?* ol the United Siatoa Hul, whieh kit OB the JMth iaet. I'l ii|(i received till 14 e'llotk, tti'l letter* till 3 I'. II. ilnh Inat. llf.HUlt; I) * CO J Am r Hotiae, Voeoyatrt CrKULlirilU NOTICE? CON PETITION DBF1BB 0 -Gregory* Cal'lortia l'a< kage r.xproie, per et?amora I'r' m?tb ni i>4 trend:, r Oity, on Thiireday ill Fridty, 17 tt. tod JmIi t'< Unary, at 3o'clock,P. i.-Wi he? letea to rail the attention o' tb? public, to tli* faoilitlae efteroB than, for the tr*mmia?i"? of package*, parcela nd IttUHb ij i alifornia. through cur?xprf<> liar. Coaaeoted wits tha heavier! trttaporta'i n e.impany on tha Ia:hmua. ?a m prepared to contract f> r tii* delivery of good*. at Saa Frau ?i*oo, within thr rh'>rt?*t >W|IH? peri**. Oar aatira ebip m?at. of 13th Jaunary Iaet, per F.mpire City, wae ruhifpid at l'ai?S)i, ob tha lat February, mat. I'arorla received uatfl the n> rniB< cf etrawer'e day rf leaving, aad letter* until P. M Park a*. * ( which unit n all oaa?a be made per fectly wain pfufct ) aittit l.r lrft at tlieofllo* tha da* pro? ?toua. No oaetom Bona* charge*. Thompoon A fitobooek* Mae arm aad An nn 1 IB Frarl itroct. ooraor >.f WalL Rr ta r by [ertnieeioo ro M" Jclmeon k Lnwdea. MB Wall ?treat; Ppofford. Titrates a Co.. 4- B nth atraat. Neemitb fc t o . 6n l'i ao atraot: aad Lati Apgar k Co.. 71 Dot ctreot. Til ? tJN ITBIl BT/.TEB AND CALIFORNIA BXPRESS I Comp?o\ rcewttfuliy iafonn the pablle, that tkeir ob? Ikt iiprea*. p-r Empire Citr. dauuary l.tth. waa akipped, per mail ataam r Carolina from I icama, February let ( ?a liag i vnvejrd from C'hairte to I'aaama in three and a ball day?) and ahiprora ai'l other* r*n *r* the Mil of ladiag. b? < ailing at thr oiler. Thru next oipaoe* will bo oo at lorwkgB per etc amor Crri. ?Bt City, 2-th iwat*, aad all goad* thip;a4 Ij thli n n | am at line, will probably rtatb SaB Iraa sieco In le*t thtk forty ileta. A Mr J Utvett, eoBBe to4 villi thr Baa Franriaoo aarnry ol Ihi* o. tnpaay. foot ant Ik thr Crear. nt City, and will p. rataally attend to tho traaa mlaelinaB'l dallerry of otir irei?M, a rarr "ppoytaalty Ik proo< nttd f>r Ihr nieBt "f amitl! and Talaan'a pan k age*. A ? B. Mil. PAR k CO., Proprietoro, 14 Wall otroet. Prfi r to R ? Wiliio'aa k Co . Mraara C V k 1. T. M?or? k Co., Cl.aa. Noriaa, Eat . atH Paanaia Railroad Coapaajr. PFNN6VI.V AMA RAILROAD COMPANY ARE SOW ? firw.irdirg $ "? la to Pittabnruli la fieo dayo. frr m 1 f Mla.lrli l.ia, a> the f. Ili wlaf low ratio, eli Firot Olaao ? In Oooda. Ah'.oa, (lata. ke. II per 111* Ibi. Bor. a l Claao ? Ital. a Browa Moaliae. Grorerte*. Ilardwaro, k<-., Beta, par l'?. II a. TI rd i i ? n?? are, Collro, Tla. ke. ?t rvo. porlOQ I ho F?. urth- Aoi rk Tar. Pitrh. ke., *0 oto per ItMlba No r . mmiaamna charfnl for refoiein* "r forwardta* O?o4o at I'hiiadrli hia cr I'it toLanih. Onr do frrn New T ire. R?et?a( r aay of the Kaatria MaaufactnriM Compaaiaa. to laeaik 4re[ ateh to Pittobornh, aad all parte of the Oroai Woo*, lb.. t, Id bo eoBaifnr-l to M N. HOUSTON Pralfht A?'nt PrnBarleaaia Railr< ad C< mtaay. 171 ?n.| -7* Market otrreka 1'hiladeIpbiB. McFAl'B.N k CAMU?B, Aaoato. CBkal Bana. Ptm>Bfl%. TILWiWOCo Ii^nK MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH COMPANY, BETWEEN Nrw Vorb, Philadelphia. Baltimore, aad Waah ?<? a ? New Vol k efltio. ooraor of ilan.'Tor Bad Bearer etroeta. iai ma . mmmmm - ? - ? mm ? - .... . . . . - Pinaoor Liar, with faariadapoadrat wlroo from WaahiacVa ( ity tr Nrw Vork, baitac oArri at Now Terk. Jorooy (Titr, Newark. New Brnaearlck, PriaeotoB. Troatoa. Pb ladel tl'ia. WilmiBftoa. Ilarre do Gra^e, Baltimore, aad Waoh iB?toa Ci'y. aad eraaoetiBc with all tho Rraat Noraa Liao^ Ear*. Weet. Ncrth aad Boatk Thia company, hariac lauly madr riteaolvo repairo of tho liao. ciratly laoraaood ita faotlitloo. and mora thoroughly lyatrma'ieod iu kuoiaroa IB <ha tr*namieai?B Bad tn ode of delivery of aoaaacoo, era B"W prepared to roocleo, tranamlt, aad deliver aay aamboc of mrataroe tr.|iured f or I h? areommrdaMoi of tho paklia, with aa aoraraey, promptaeoe, aad fidelity hlthortn ua r j'lallrd The t 'lecrat hia* kaaiaoeo of the pabho la, therw l?t>, roaper'liilly aolieited, at the nfllca. oora*r of Raenro* aad Bra war eta. WM. M. BWAIN. Prootdeat. *RA\ KI.I.KIIS UUIDB, New tore and PNii.ADRLPaik.-NBW toik aad Pkiladelphia dlrrrt. -tuited Btateo Maul Uao ? rhr.?u*h la hoare. ?ia Nrw J"-?a? Railroad Fare re J| aood to f or Bro n laaa aad tf *? I or >?coad olaoa. Loaoa Now Tork at B A M , frt.m foot of Coartiandt et.. aad at ? A M aad B P. K., from f a* ol Liberty otroei. Laaea Philadrlphla at I aad I A. N aad ? T. N.. from toe fo?to< Wodaat at MM* IIICAAICH. Heroval -tiie AGENcr or the goLOMBira in! ?tiraai t Cempeay l? romoei 1 lr m St fn to No. It WaU ?troet. PRINTU DOW. Imk NiWtORk LIFE IN^I BANCl COIPABT, OfPICB IOB Br. adwt) Arr .mnlatrd rapital. Jaawary I, ihbi. |tM,7.W 14. ii" per Stath Aaaual Btatetaeat. A dietdrad af Bft j par reat fr r the ytar >n ' ni iannan I All, hat jaet kaam darlarrl. A'ao. an latere?t of an por oral for tbo oaae lima, ra all proeloai, payab'i ^aeh. MOB RIB i RAN KLIN. Prootdaa*. ... a HINT FKF.BMAN Aot^t??. A eopp ol * i" Anaaal Btatamrnt. aad eearv iaformatina. ran bo i.bttiaod at thr ofllre, iliB Broadway. WUh _ ^ OTEkN BOAT COAL- IN BI7.R AND QUALITY BX ^Tted ta Btjamrra ..., ,.T, k. tbo a Ad irree f, TYLER k CO.. Pbiladoipbia. T'Sfh?? wn l EiB * ayWyi' 9paha aad Lewie Yelaa Rod A* Ceal. wblte AM fr"ta Broad Bonn tain, of all eiaaa, tt tha ?? mark** rata*. Order* arr reaparttully eolioltod B. TYLBR a no.. Phiiadalbia a and .. lowaot . TYLBR k OO.. Pblladelbia a ?,R TON.-PEACH ORtUARD. RROAAII. 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