Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 670C. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION ? MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1851. ... PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. fJEWB BY TELEGRAPH. HATTERS AND THI1C8 If WAMI* GTO*. Vh? Appraaol'tng Adjournment of Congress ? Thf Hirer and Harbor, and utlier Bills? The Itiamablp Contract!, &ci Washington, March 2, 1851. The Berate adjourned at a quarter past twelve this "sorning, Oen. Caes refused to sit on the Sabbath. There was no aetion on the Hirer and Harbor bill; and as Its pasrrge now depends on the generosity of the dtmoorats it is mighty uncertain, becaurc the Senate Save yet lo aot upon the Army and Nary, and Civil Appropriation bills, and this Congress expires tomor row. It is believed, however, that the session will b? continued till 12 o'clock on Tuesday. The stesmthips ere all laid out. The California Dry >cek bill is cut down irom a million and a half to sis hundred thousand dollars, with orders to r new pro posals. Father Ritchie is still to be disposed ot. The Benato have also to act on the House amendments to the Cheap Postage bill. The French spoliations and the 'tariff are oat of the question, and there is no time for lotion on the Boston Fugitive Blare business. A it port is expected to-morrow, and It Is possible that all the Appropriations, Cheap Postages, and th? Klver ?ud Harbor bill may pass. But quite as likely some o bem will fall, and most likely the River and Harbor Ml. The reason why the Douse last night struck down ill the pro|o ed mail lines and put a olauso into the Nary Appropriation bill, authtris'ng the repeal ol Aspinwails contract, and Bloc & La>v's contract, was lenause members oonoelved that the contractors wore letting too muoh money out of the government and -he people. It is confidently deolared to members that Asplnwall's Company have already cleared two mil lions of dollars. and that Bleo &'i Company have lone nearly as well. It 1* also statod, to Inflm-iK-* Congress, that both companies h*v* granted large sums or annuities to certain outside lobby agents, who jelped to get their enterprises started: while tb"y jeve, it is Mtid, uttrrly neglected to pay others, who rendered thrni more valuable services. These things, it is said. some of the members are acquainted with, ilow Lotoh truth, do you euppose, is there in there -tatemeni.i? Any? What the Senate will do to-niorrnw, remains to be ?*een* II it nets as the House has a-t?d. the cry of re peal of the Aspinwall. and the Sloo fc I, aw contracts will be raised, and kept before the people. Another efort will be made in the Senate in behalf Df the Kbony tnd Shanghai lines. We hope both will je adopted, and that semetfling will be done for the t.'el lins and Antwerp lines. Mr Webster's friends are rejoiced at the appearance Of the U-rald't Washington dispatch. relative to the part taken by Messrs Ilaven. Ort-ely and Otlt. It has, they ray. enabled them to know who Webster's real .Viands aie With Mr Oreely's (n*t of the white coat) approval, Mr Otis hastened to Washington and re monstrated with President Fillmore agaiust Webster's appointment The nambeis of the Legislature of Pennsylvania irrived Lers jesterday morning, and in the evenln ; ?were hospitably entertained by the Mayor and the City -Council at Brown's Hotel. Many of them left the .-ity this Doriiicg for Hairlsburgh Senator Benton, who has been eonflned to his room tr rcme time by a severe indisposition, Is as yet una ble to attend in the Senate. Ignatius Mudd, Eiq., Commissioner of Public Bulli ng?, died here yesterday morning. Ttte M.autatalp City or Glasgow. PHiLsocLrHiA. March 3?8 }?( P.M. The stetmsbip City ol Olasgow, Capt. Mathews from iiverpoo!. en the 12th ult., has just arrived at the OeUware Breakwater fcV Movement jk Alabama ? A c onven 'ion of ? portion of the people of Alabama a?frm Med ?t Montgomery, rn the lO h m<t , at whi<;h t eolinoa* wtlt* pasted strongly favorinz the with Irawal ol tlmt Slut* from the I nion. The Mont ;omeiy A dvtrtutr, the organ ot the aereaaion party a that State, Hpeakiog ot the proceedings of the ttnveminn, way*:? "We were timple enough to take i for granted < and we thould regret much if we were inirtaJttn, though we do not nay we are nut, > ufier thia communication, weo< d by many of our ;?r?onal and party frieuda. ) th*t the very few ?ounties rrpren-uted had no. undertaken to *;wak lor the entue {Southern ri<hta men throurhont tie State. JJut i leven counties were repreaanted, >ut of fifty- 1 wo in the State? many of tiiem very ;mrtiat!v. Leaving out Montgomery, Lowndta ? nd lull**, there were but iwruty-two <1 le?4t-a ram the ballctice. We mention ihr?e tnin .n 'in miitow." tartly, then, we hud tome r hsoa tot ??r opinwn, that tliey were not m'ended t - a plat* <>rtn tor the S >utheru rn<hu party throughout the c$!Hte. Fut if ihe<ie re?<dutiiMia i?re to in- the bed >f Procruatea, and every Southern nun whoa It loea nut til i* ai t>? atrctcheii or looted oft", then, m ntlntnru, wo ftur that nlihotiAh you anii we may ue down tipoii it, wo ahull have vary lr?v beiifei owa. Jn oth< r wofdr, are wo to discard ev.ry -outtieru tU'ia who Mill u?t ?ulttcnt>e to this plit (orm, !ud down Uy tl-ia Convention I We tell you Ininly, (rilkarn, you may, but we shall not. 1a t ua not be rumunieratnod ? are do not abaie one ota of oar -/.? ?l ai.d devotion 'o the ciuae of the -?iuth. So far a? the principle a eoun .i.te.f iu the t volutin* ktt concerned, We CO ALU r 'Vith tite:n, Mud would tvfu go fuitiicr, if wr cnu .l; but what <?eohiectt> U lua looping oil <-vt-iy nun ulio will lot aubacrilie to ntia platform. We have Vretofore declattd our WilliojjQfiM to take every nan t>y the li<nid who waa oj>,'oae.j to r'ibmiaaiofl and ia favor of rr-Biataiicc . We have tranfcty ex* ? reated the opuiun. to winch we a'ltt adhere, fiat we could i--e u? tlTeciuil remedy for /tl* put, eaent, and future, ahoft of a? r-ai?m; ii t, in tne tant olthe Lrowadeaboroogh ft? lu'ioaa, we w?-re willing to ai.o* tome "deference to those who ad ?nit our wr<>uk n, but advoca'.e a milder form of re* ?i*taace," and were ready, in the language of ihat lub, "without nompromi4tog our ptei reoce for the remedy atari indicate I, to coaptrale in any plan ot nt<u mtercourae, howt ver atrir nt, havug for ita obrc; the redreaa of .Souto rn wrong*.' .Surh h-ia be#n o?r murae in thepaaf? yett s'tall >e our coor?? m the future, the Moat '?? it ? r i Can vrtnu p'utfi'tin to the contrary uui?viiiiataud ?*?" 1'tUI of tboma? I'anouir, for ftobUIng ilia f htm fx ftw.ik. It will t?li th? rwaoilaefton "f th? that l.??l lola aad Thaoiaa Uunw, who war* ?rrr? r i bf oil! -*t iiowjir. in r?brnary. iiVO, tor robbtaa i h i I'll* >it ? i iik at (Je?t?*lr. Khi,l? fi|?n4 oa tb* .Tlh t>^e*o? tar, 1MB. iraia tda4 for tba otf la't *ugu?t. '?H'a ? a a/iti ? i' fooru to and tba Ju'j <1. i uOt a '.tea. ilatlog fotfalu d th?'r ball Cola iainai-1 t?wiyi, jot r?noa?< ?ra? arr*?t?d aad pa* on ihj irtal a^>la n W?dii>-tiU? la*:. b?ror-< 16- Supi u? Ut>' -t a ; Irgut >?. H! oda Itland. baiora Ju V-' if * Mad riray. tr-a. Th* <t? f a<"a a^aln *i< *a alitt, ? it it wv ?r r.oa?U?ral>lv a* *rtnpnr?'l with tbe In >a*r trUt Vaa irlfiftjal ?Hr?aa lor tb? 4?f-a?~ ?? t 4 ? atloa Ifatir} C. t?or*ay. forai'-rl/ ?liip^V?< a 1 ????* n?r (?at, at ?a ?od T4 ioutb at/i*?t. a Va-lr ? ?ae- m 1 *io4artd I ia art if baalg In not t fa j. 1 tti* u" pall to ?'anou?a fJiO. r>n tba 17th D , th* day aid la tfea>!udlctnMi*. an1 tba luh^iie IU r ? <ra w* that CatttRF" eoa'it not hava ba n. on t .1 y. at Tratarlj tha pi'Mat trial. Ii* w?i :>.-ou,|bt tato Cnart atid airatgro-d und*r au I mm id i t ?> .- p? . I^ry oa tba locator trial, aad, thi-rtl'." h r old r..,t ? avltntea. Mo bail U?<a aire^r-u >11 X ? v Vo k t./ itior Hijar, o? ibaii.ith ot 0>t?!i-r I* * f??f atealfti ; Ml (H>0 In I'rtlaaa boo ta. tegatb* f oitu U? u<aa*?l ? ?-la, in 1 k 1 H, Iroia <lcn?r il Ljuian. h'? i aia!iyar. Ha ?n rec-etl^ rtaiuiril toRtioJa i#lanJ. it ft,' tha ! t *ao?.t trlil ainr' hi* arr*?t. the p ? 1 ? ? ' 1* paaaa* ? t-ia ot blah""%a. aad rn* "I tl>? ?!??,?? ?< a a*?ra ? ha *lihi ?? tha form?r trial ba? U- t a?a t?t>< -rl Jtnm. and pr???il tba' b? piir.,ha?f.i I ? '? ?? ? i t'>a th Of Map. front S.b-t h Mott la W 4 r m.l (It ? t 1 otba att?* th? ti?ia b? <wcra ha ui l' tha n;r;. ?Hr t'fBwj fea. rlmh to Mr H?#tl?. I ? -k Mip pr'>?. t n?t Dotmi ?rokattgf>'i two af ma a ? ' ?' " ?ta? fanouaa waiiiai astaidi, aad thii? aaaibiralad tba eatlatcoy at M r. pt. AtnMw pt mn, owned Jobn Oollian r.f ftowlVf *.o*. WOO wo* Hie la^t p*tHun prJ0r.1l ng 1 ? at air J tuts ?K't asawilneJ, on tAe fnrmt-r trial t* 11 >w IrnlllM *t?> na-ia rob'ier^ and ba, of c >ur?a, ?? >u ii uot U> a ?Mm<a "ti tb? prea?otcn? Iba avidewr* on b>th pH?p tlo<ad r>n !*t'iril?? at n ?>?. and Mr \rilkl?? t'p#i!tf, of lihoa ' >Ui? I aal'h ,?4 hip a<tdr??a to tba jnr? fir thi ??t*nne. Mr J. T. Hf ady. of lbl? city, prt.eertl ? tbl* ?i rkltif na tha aitnf Ida. and tba Attorney (tfuirnl, laar^ih H Uiafea, th# ' r ly aaaaiwil for lb* praaaaaliaa tti?n rap'laa Mr W r odrnC. at 1'ataraoa w?a ?Uo 1 lainad tar I'ttMia. Thrra wara It? daa' ha at Mao Orl?atia t|a*:nf f%? a >?h at ting oa tha Cth taatan^ af whiea fnt w?ff \>j MMh Trial of Oforge Hlgb?? for It ape? Ills Can ?ictloo. KINDS COt'NTY COt'RT OP OYER AND TKRMI.NER. Bettre Judge Mors*, aid Justices Btll well and Wrljht. Farnav, Fab. 28.? G*?rge Iligbaa, who wm indiotad. with mx others, for feloniously assaulting, icc., Ellen Ilufh, was salected by ths District Attorney, for trial; all lb* prisoners having demanded a separata on*. A. Morse Ksq, Assistant Dlstrlot A ttorney, and Alexander MoCus, *sq . appeared for the prosecution; and ex-Judge Garrison for tbs defence. Col 0 J Jaok,andN, I' Waring. Ksq , wbo wsrs retained for noma of the other prisoners, also attended to watoh the proceed ings Tbiswastbe case wbloh created a great sensation at the time of It* oocuirenea, in the month of Janu ary last. wh? n an account of it appeared in the IU mill, the prosecutrix being tben described by her K slden name. McDonald. Coc rider able time was consumed in seleoting aju ly several having bean peremptorily challenged, and others rejected after examination. The necessary number having bsen sworn, the ocurt took a recess. *rir.RNOON SKssiofr, Mr Moora bristly opened the casa for the prosecu tion A true bill had been tound by the Grand J ury against the prisoner, for one of the highest crimes known to tha law? that of rape. Da was ohargsd with having forcibly ravishsd tha person of KUeu Rush, on the 14th day of January last, on that avenlng she had b( en to the bouse of a distant relative, whose name whs Dooley, and was prooeadlng homeward with him. when they wera attacksd by tha prisoner and others ; Dooley was knocked down and dragged away, and while he was gone for a polioeman, the prosecutrix was for cibly ravished by five of tba prisoners, the others hold ing her down. stopplog her n.outh and keeping her on the ground. Such was tlie outrage perpetrated by the defendants, which thay expected to be able to provt beyond all reasonable doubt; and if they did not, th?y would not ask a verdict at the hanlx of the jury The police cfficer, whose assistance Dboley had obtained, tonnd the prosecutrix lying ou the grounl. and the prist ner Iiigbse near tha place. Thus they oould con nect him with the outrage before it was committed, during its perpetration, and Afterwards*,; lor wken the officer came up he told him where he could iind the wo m un With regard to the prosecutrix, she was ooinpsra thelr ? stranger among [ibem. and a woman Of unble mished character so far as tbey oould ascertain by tha inquires they had thought it their duty to make, She lad until very recently lived in Canada; her husband had been for seme years pust in Beuth A roorioa. She lad bi en detained in th? county jsil avci since, a? a witness; and he would csll the physician of that jail before th? m and ha would testify to the injuries she had received. Tbey would also show th?<e young men had been at the house of a Mrs. Farrell. (on the read to Bedford ) who bore, to say the least of it. a vtry questionable character, and there they htd besn drinking tretly. and were iu that condition th it would render them capable of cots mittlng suoh *:i oflancs, and reckless of tbe consequences, and afterwards LoaMinp of it as an exploit of wbloh thay were proud JaD? s Dooley railed . and examined liy General Dur yra lie lived in Franklin avenae. between Willou ?hby s'reet and Myrtla avenue; was a laborer fnr masons; bad been slightly acquainted ? iih Elleu llush; had only reen htr three times einoa she came to this country; tbe first time was six or seven months auo; b?r hri'tber was married to witness's sister; he lived in llu'leon avenue; first saw her there, at ber brother's; Mrs Kurti was at witness's house ab'JUC a rnmrn a jo, upon a Tuesday; eh* name between past seven and e'ght o'clock, and remained till half past eleven or twelve; she wanted to go hooi<i; they all sat round Iba stove, taking to fee another ; there w.ts not a drop ct liquor in the house that night; ab'ut Iialfptst eleten. witness aud Mrs. llusb started ; ihey went up Adelphl street to Fulton an nue towards a cousin of hers; they proceeded until they bad crossed Fulton avenue; wituess then sit pi*d and was about ta go b?:k, when the prisonsr. lllgbee. came behind bin nnd c^nght hold of uim. and raid. " >ou have got to co^ia witu me,'' wltm-xi said, 'vhtre'" and prisoner replied he would 1st h'm know, and that be was au M. P . prisoner caught him with ols si dh tight round tba b?dy, and ran liim along with bis hesd cown; Kllen Hush was standing alongside witness v-ht n prisoner came up; he ran him along for stiue uistanoe. and threw him down on his taca and hctee; did not know what brtrs of tha womte; ha got up and ran to ihe station house in Myrtle avenue; t' uca four or five policemen there; dll not know their time* except tboee of Griffiths and Stewart; Griffiths we lit with biin; ba (witness) was " fretted," aud did to' sxactly recollect evvrything; when tliey go'. u*?r the |iiace tbe fl'st man he saw wai lllgbee i'ha pri son! r : be caught bold of him, and ealled out. the piifouer war asKed by the c Oloer. and he said "she" (meaning Mrs I'.ui-h) " is round bere'-enl brought iLem t" where she was; rhe was between Clinton *?e nee st.d ti.a railroad, standing behind a charcoal box ; the officer took her and brought ber to tin- stall n hi use. wltre?s next saw Illgt*e at the examinailftB at the jail; hehadavUl'.e coat aad capon: Sue* hiai befuK ; had ret l him a hutdrtl times, pa^sii g him on tbe welk. Cinw natnlnad by Juilg* fisrrison - l,i?* I In ?h?t 1? called th* ?'That.bad Uoui*." KronMln utotiu* Nt CD*- vii with Mr* Kufth *li>D she ram- ti hi? boast, and no m? was there bur. hin.H*lt and hit etiil J Lirrd ' u tbe lint floor? oceupiail our room. A uiau >iid>' 1 W iiti n lived rppo.ite ; be had a wit* and rh'l.Jr. ii ; a Mr* Koyrrs li?*d la the baok rom . bahiud Wilson's ; rfc* b hill daunhur, n maitiej lontn. Who i:*J u small b< j who alto llrrd tb.t rt. The rerc of tbe hiutnwaa ui.otcuple.l Did B"t know how Vrt Ru i& o?m- to ko lfc*te I tut night ; ha bad not turned her His wife l.kii b*-? n 1b tue totm with Kr*. K>>g*r* Witn ?* rat by tl a su ?e that erasing smoked his pip*, and p'avd with the fl.ild ; bis wila and child Wert) there ail lb* ? TCtilng ; tbrr* was uo quarrel batwten hit witi and mints-- rr.VrsKi-h, or an/ on* ; his wife wautrd Mrs. I ush to str p .hirr,and not go hone. It took wit tttt about an hour to go to Fuiton ?T*B'i# Mrs. bulk r.iitlsr fell, rat, or laid down on tbdr way W btn he rose from bit kn*?e, ha was a'ntr. 100 teat frtui Kaiton lf>un? When the prisoner came up, >1 s. iluth was on his liaht hand a Ma. tawi.othinj tf i he pun till ha c? oie tip, and luld bold oi t> i ca ly thi tick ; iii * haul tu front, ul J thr otbi-r l?. huj I eb. Uc *ksat bis back whan ha firrt took holdot ) iui. [Cm r?] r^U stluDS **!?? put '0 tbi . WltArSS With a ?>?? io ? licit tbat ba, rr Mm Rush. or both, bad lt< u Oi it kit (? but tka wit u? ? s stoutly denied It J iir i ut im d b? Ueneral hurjea Neither th - wit Efts nor hlli-u Kura wara lu a state of intoxication tl at entile* T? uilgi- ilairlsivR- Itoinamb.'r Mill trial w*l n*t d>*n lit last Tut may ; was h?i? lo attendance, an4 t it felark ? Jffi than S)l*a Bath was th*n <??! < d .- I8hc i.i a woaaa about ?JL of cge, and bore evident tiaiias ot fttlil miffs j P rut?d bar hutbai-d s run i wjj J"!in I i.fli ; that ba wa? si i* I>e1!rr*t. in Bar no i Ayres. but iii ltd iff n Buttling of him lor lit years ; her iaai Jro nam* wax k rlltral J . aha nw 'l l*i.-ij with a biothar ?f baii, lUttaid lioiioval'l, in Jaokaon-straet. mar Jijftle aiauux ; bad Uoue ?o |i>r about thfea 'uiou'ni I ? > t In I.i (l pait < 1 that Una b< itig s ajrii g w.lh a cMHiu In U'lll' DfUby ri?*t ; fhahii anvtbtr ~ouiMu in t ulloistlaat ; Lslore that tic. a ahl lived in KId4< i? ii I ; p?r t'ai ada for firs yapr*; ?hi was at I'oitlaj's Lcsi* lb .tannery left, wbara rl>a want to see him *>id ? pi.ii a w fella ot ' h? ar?nlr(t ; thanght It w%? aflar f x o'i lork. but wa> not <]ulti> sura . want thara from bai brml..- 1 a housa lioi iey . I>ls wile, and smail < Ll.d, wita tbeia; bad Lirar s??u >l?s. but onea briora at b?r ililLas*') bi .ibur 's. ILay sal and talked, and bal una ba llstt: did c ; d'tuk any litiuer; Mr. Doolay are wi b hi r ?in b . he taftj tl. -y vau*> t .wardi Kultju U II.I1', 'br had e?-*ar b'?^ ttat way balo.'a, Di'jlay a. Ik J *li nr?ij? of bar ft:* wniitfii to call r.t h?r fiiui.i'n aa thay a rat el*wi:, whrro she thoafht she (M d rt i p all r>l|(h? . She ?t la?t laada up h?r nun<l to C? to )?r |. otbi-r 'r aa I hay K?t tow?.rda ? ilton jre it? tt<y oirt iwjybur.g un.; tha fiist said, liuoi i>i?bt, ' ih. y trade feo aiierr; h- grappled Mr. Dooliy, 9 ;l ? j bad a st ; ffla, ai. 4 h? irrura to try aa 1 eiiote Dock}; wttt i as raw t>c< lay | !ck up Ms ? at and tea av *y , t*n>t t f a >r en* trn n tbtu tc< k hrr at.' |ft(. ?, a. i i ?i ? fl I ha ic?4 a | tree; thi two rann- 1} j>is' at t f ta titia, ?i d two aior'* eao # up attar ?atd? aril rbr d a i < t kiow h^w r'?ny more Ku' *ba cop .1 m * re tl>> i? wtra r-i>n ol t h> m on* rtl I hat lar{? riaed bof, alt'i tba wbitf rcat ?n (W i '<b ra pbibtad t ut an I I. a t?* It .ni t>a |.|<-< boi ) I't uld *< ' t?ll Low lar, Uutlt wss tit tar ?:! tl.* madrUr; the othar o*i rs-u* tltif ib* told htm t' I t L'?r go; ba r. id hi- woild 1 ifes ti r b< n.' , 1 1 ?? te.J th- aai i ?-id^ lo bar bru' t.- r's, at. -I t f : d Mr n?r.a; ha than tbrrw h r d->?n iiii i lis it har i.i . ti ry way ba c ^-td, rha eoul i i'-i tatr.-rg. l?r tbay aald t-ar US'" s ai d fa?t and a-.Tit?<l hrr tno?i?h ro that rha ri a J fcot rry ou', two tt?r* tain* tip ?i,-l tllv?d bar a? nmh as ibro h-n tl'. ih" h'l j'bt I h< i r mate toora *>ul ?b- , '.'Jl-louly ictfetity t- at. - he ttinl t > resist tha::. ai w<ai a' ab i . i/iu hi d rriifiwad out ofe a, whan ?ae uf th ? in / ill. ?? W h> n't j ' n karp jm-r h?tn'? i*ti In r ui' mb *" btr l?:d* wia also t < d w'th a |ft:|at l;*n : f t ; chl*f. id it lofif* ap?ft>: t-ra of tbam a<it I u?r wbathaf sin won o bat* roiBi'b1' (ttn dritifc. bu* rh* raid sb a i w'rt Bit a tl 4 aska-J thrni to let bar go; the f >ur ih it aharitjld itfitttl'y watt ttl|ikra Mcl l.irkay 0'>mbaa, ? Bil lia i tlrkroti; whaB tlia olll ? -rs *??* up they ran a?ey : tkat-M-mnvght oat tl *t night it ?.?? tb? prt foi ? i tiiry took hat t-? tra stvtloa l:t J?a, a ask-d btt wbrtl rrtla e?'i.iJ id*MlfT him, ml she did rO, It *?? hc li i - maiotily Hirbt ti'gl.t. sud aba ??i t*;<lng to tl ' fii tor t?m* tlnia; lit bad hi rn dirk, tha would *? 1 1 a ki owii crttiiri abr nt It; the watt homo lo U?r ? ti ibrre. th* offlaars feed l?i-o|ry m* har hi .oj, ah* I *? finre l>*r? datalnad In Jail ss a Vltt*M| th-' o-*t t tin* i ha taw tha prisoner si'?r tb?t nlglit tha ata tmnlsout* was at the Jail. | I'ba wit nr ? hi i in ana wif t ii a iji 'ftli n fton that.oirt, made a rtateiuent ? irn I hat t he offeBra, to the full eatent rhar,t?d la tii - iuuio mtnt was n mmlft-1, snro, -.. in i?. by tho ft ii r |.i im ii*r* bi Ton nsma t, tIi:? Htgbta, Mtn' M*kay. < ru.bts end Haodrlt k?on.] Il?r alt thai w*r* all tutu ? <-' erveti d wl'h U':'i. rhr did n- t know any ol tbe ?.i i < t eta hffor*, bor had rhe rontaraod with them; hut thr did converse with them that nlglit hsfora they III rftrf b*f 1 tie witness war subjected fo a rigid orosa *saoilna t.i n h? Jwtf? tlarriron, and ?m- itisareprnaira. of a mii.or ibaraet'r aprair-.l in the il?ttll* of the . titty a? fM h-r and f>onli>y, and thr aivviot ! |ii?aattba ettamlnation. Rhe. howeatr. danled. as ! i arsiatlrgly a* h* had don*, tha*. altk?r of t>i ? io had iltaiik ati3 (Unf; there wrra no he us?s ciaatly at th* st ?>? but there war* rowie Trry near; tha prisoner I ! i lire tint threw ber down; Ma^ttKh'y was ftand 1 I r t n*ar a* fe*ar a* ponib'-, and hill har hau t a; ! tie other two aame np from 'he f a I side, whan ?h* ??t up, as rfirw as sh* aoold, tha sa? thraa BiO'e, sb* ta* is 'ot about thra* mina'es and a bed them ! tt l?4t lit I," she s?M that *h* had thc? t-an theft ' <m?i kid ?ovJ4 kaow ibfia agaia, it was tb?a tb?y asked her if ihe would htn something to drink; t*i? T woald not then lot her err out, and one M4 bar month when ah* attempted; ike oould not UN what time elapaed from the tin* they tint up till, lM*rtnc the ofllceia, they went away; when the offloer Mae up sbe *H stand lag in tie nme plaoe; did not tell Catherine liarpby. or any one in the jail. that there were three quart* of beer and some Ihjuot at DooUj'i that night, or that abe had never awoin or teetiBtd in the matter; never Bade any pro posal through any one; but the frienda et the prlion en had come to her and aakel; but she had laid ?he eould make no iett foment- they must do it with tha gentlemen now; never told any one there wu an im proper intimaoy between herself and Dooley; It was all ?? a making up;" did not aay that abe would never hare known any ol them if the magistrate bad not pointed ttirm out; never bad been in a prison or penitentiary here, or anywhere tine, before she waa new oonflned aa a witness; never hid said to any one that when aha wait before the magistrate ahe waa out o( her mind, and did not know wbnt ahe waa saying, bat some of their lriecds wanted her to aay so To the Court ?Some ot their fri'nda had eommnpl cated with her in prison. Never aaid that ahe would arrange the matter tor $60; bad been engaged at her brut lit r* house sewing till the went out about 6 o'clock to ge to Dcolej'a. and stopped at a house in Wallabout lor about five minutes; a young woman. Hose lUnnan waa with her; aid not know where Koee Uanna lived; the baC not teeu her lor l'i years before. To lieneral Durjea.? Bhe was kept in the same way as the pf if on en , sometime* a doaen with her aometlmei a doaeu end a talf; Uigbee'a alater bad spoken to her, hi d another pen ou, a atranger whoae name she did not know, the (lligbee'ajtiater) aent for witness, and made au ofler lliat it abe would not "have him put up the river," (which witness did not understand) aba would meke a Lome for her in her houae; ahs (the witness) |?f? j to go to ber bona* or to any one'a else. It b< iog then nearly eight o'clocli th?;court adjourn nl till the nest mornin ? StCONT> DAY. M men 1.? William Stewart, police ollloer, called. Wee preeent when Might*, the prisoner, w*s arrested. < u the 14th January ht tile station home wh-u Dooley ot ui v ; witness anJ otbw officers started vi(h tiiu Pool ey cold tbem where it happened Witness w*nt Diet ; they lift three boy? ? l.oall 8nb?artz ?ts ons of thiui. and ha thought Sctnlao ; th-y atopi ed tbu:i but Dooley taia they wire not tb? it" Went up CliMon airMir. between liedt'ord nail H?d ,.ht* railroad; about half way" met Ilea diitktcn ami Combe* aud another boy whom be did cot notici- ; stopped the two, but Dooiay naid they we1* net tbe ones Tbt-y went on up to the railroad, and could not see nny one. Witness then went on to Mra. V an el in and kuook.>d at tbe door ; it ar?s closed uf. Sbe hoist. d t.ue window, and asked him what he vauted; be raid lie wanted something to drink : hn thin went in. and the rent went in ; they n^k?d if there were any boya there ; she said then* wan only cu? ; ills nan.n was Me'Jlary ; h* v,-as up e'alta ; Dooley raid be was not on* of t.iem ; they tl<en wenr out, and witness met Smith ane moimr lad; asked Dooley whether Smith was f'ft; he said no; witness asked 8mith on ons side aboiit tMs woman. Mrs Kuali; Dnoley did uot appear to know any ton; rrnith said he na? two or thru a run iiit-g down the railroad; then Dooley halloed anl tbiy alartt'J tantbat way and rawthi- prisoner; Doo ley w an wrh hi iu. and raid be was one; witness asked tbe prisoner where tbe woman was, and he said ' cone along with me, I'll ebow you;'' witness went and found ber iu tbe act of sitt ing down on a pile of posts or rails, r^tit along wle ol tbe rallioad. between I'lliitcn ai.d Washington avaiiee; went up to tbe wo man ?cda?k(?* her whst was the matter; sht- sulj eh* wan near about dressed to a?atb; he asl.ed her it any oi.e had tioubled ber. and eh* nald, Hire.;, iha; ?ai about >.11 tbe coo v ,'tset I in , hr took her to the station In 1 1 - uud lett her with the cap'aln; her bat W)| siiieiheu and ber clothes pulled aud hauled: a V act ed like a wouian intoxicated; he thought she was f retty will diunk; (he eta^gercd and talked but lit. tie; lhov>bt the wfcs drunk by he> Motions; was B"t n?ar eni nth to smell liquor. t ri > a examined by Judge (larrlson - Did not know wbetb?r sh~ tlift eaid three, or whether ha asked her liow many bud troubled her; h;id often r? n people be thought, iii his own rulnd. rfcre druni: but he jould not aw ear; a man iuIkLiC act drunk and not be so thought Do-ley ivd th*y were Wall about fellows; he raid hi- kr ii? one. a carpenter, be eaid thnri' was it g acg there la a srrt of enclosure on tbe sou'h side, nrar OliuUn ateoiiv. on Ibe r glit going up Lh? Ja ?jaira reed, and tbe li It ef the railroad, be luuad the ? i man atx'Ut eigbt < r ten tei't Irom tas enjlo jr \ on 'l.e e?. t n je, near Waihit jf'rn a? -r ae, abmt tsn or tweiie tut licia the .lamsira riad betwe-u the t *< , ^l>a. V e>r- H e Uai^bt be ?00 or 2(J0 yurtla Irom thnre; th> te Is a hnuae near there, a email ons. where tbe ni Li cans rime ir ; did cot kno* that any one llrej IttKi thirewere also b<-aaea near the corner Klt'lin t?^n a?mur; eou'il vol tb'erre whither Dooley wn alteet l nv ilquor nr not: be did not taku witnesi ou the A il l j 1. 1 r tr?et klrfe to find ti e pn tics Jamtep (Iriflltha called and < xamiu^d by Gs^vral Duryia.? Was One of tbe ot this city, in ibe leurih ci.tii l; rrooltest a It wai about hal:-pait t?o o'? Iric k ?iii n h* ciei to the atntion houau on tha I. ifcbt < t ihol4tttol January ; Dooley an 1 Kilnn Ruth wire r'ttii ir tb le; witntii told at litant Captain I'ali he hud better txaminv Ibe wenia adds, whloh he d<d; I.e. (witnias ) uiael h? r h w niauy p-?sons Tii lateil tier pen on; rte ansaered ire, be a;iel hi r 11 tbe (tit* tl at >at la the station hi"i?a was one o< ibetn. she said he was, person uas tU? pri ed ?r, lllgb-s '.askeu ter ho.r they noc ^mpilab d thuir i j lit ih-s#-: -be answered by h Idln? ber hinds, and ' put'irig tLelra o??r lier mouth, the <"<ni9 had every ! eppeatance of being nrj badly uied; b'rbit wn | Ittki n be.- con.b rieashrd aud tw hair all down her rbruldera; her shael auj dress were all covered with land; ?!? was In witneea'e biliel, l ail.otljr avb r. did not -irell at allot l i|Qi r. t'ltrs niuiM d by Ju ge Qarrlson Madenoauoh l'at>n.i al betite tiie ma^ietrate, was not aikrd tbe quest Ion. anistaulcapl.ib ana wi.neas examined Airs hi lily h| art Id tbe ball . ru n t so sure t bat that ? as Lit LaiLe as ba was of ^eery thing else hr ba1 stated; 1 e ni' ant the wi ntn woo h vl bri u on tha stand; ths ex> mi' alloc wa< Lnt iu writing, wt'naes waa not pro p?r (fti'irto administer an oath and did rot kn>w at y one I ad d<-n? in; ba raw a piece of a eomb asd etil'prwed It muet bate b?en a e hole one, had said be tli ugbt tbe bfjs would be conTlcted. but haluo feel, ices ? u tl.e rubjei t. I W Call, aexistaat rao:aln of tha Fourth di'trict police -Jt? in ?Uiber>d Dooley aul Mrs Ku>h ci c. t g to Ihe itation nouse. rn tha Htli January 1s t; wb?n aha eame tbrie. ebe bad nn a black dre?s, all ulif ' draw hat . which was all ataashtd, and abe siiieii: I d ft ty much e?C!ti?1; ber lair S11 rerj luui'h tfiron ireu at t ret, thought alia I. art bean drlnklnv eOBi'tklrg; took her Into ths ball and was nlose to her a>Kii.g m me i,ne- lions aini could peroe|?i. no emell oi liqut r Ir tun ti r breath; l*>en *? n l pr?v<ner to the City llall (ibe Iru k up for tbai metric ). Um as- - xanlred by J u Jge Cat risen Hud tba t'l J boys' ftirt a* l ?irg persons ln<etestaJ. what the wocitu liad UiJ bin; in tl at etui ? nation. Lsuia Scbaaita a v< uag it>su a*>cut 17 J ears .if age. ? I.o ear i xsiiilied pat I iy i ornilfb u -ai. ? ot an Inter pieter. f stilnd? t'bat be Herd wltli Mr Kcrei is c?r nt 1 f Mjrt e and Ulasson an mi' < a pubiio house; bad b?en to a danee at Mr* Parrell a, thaie were se eetel bul ami Iscira there; it was In Atlaotlo *t-?st, but enui'i i 1 1 tell what corner; that waa the flr-t tltn? h' Lad bit n '. hi ta, wi:u?aknrwtiio prisoner; u? ?as tlli?ib?l, tbr) s'ajtd lire or six bouiS; th*y Wriwd-iUclag ar.d dttnklag; wb>n they Kit. wilni-ai ng-gi.i glome wlenb* psned whera the ero* t was, 1 ? 1.1' | pi d live nrtin n,ln.r", raw a wcxau. H I ; V? . Ili nt.i i< keon CoBitxi Mi-'Moeicy and Ho?h. and an ott-ir. t'ie wouau wsa Ijlog down streaming aid t > klrg all I hi* ti*e; tccy be 1 bold of b?r tetas of tt'Bi; hec<nld c(4 ??s who the otbi-r was; raw Hi} ite Lad bold ol her and auutber had hi* 'ie on hit BtiLih. I I e vlliet* thin d'scilbed wla' he saw. and ds I ' sni positively and dl?tltictly to tbe ooaeoaiesim i>f lie ofTetice chat^id by Bush (not ia custody,) and the I tier art ucrmlvely , heard the wn? in sa , if they u.d ci t 's t her he. ah- w?a golrg to ew> ar aga'ant erery i t.< ; itehsllced. they then wer.i home, bal bdfa la York since tha affair tenk pl .ee (V.i i xamiaed by .lodge (larrl.on Was aerest?d a ebort Use ago, and taken to the rounty .1*11. wn-re he ibn fi tii'Mit bnwart atd ''all and the Jail keep ? r, 1 1 d alk' d to blm since about It a number of tim*s; be aas lold be was to b> a witness utid If ba would be eoe, iiOtt leg would be dene to him . rtcewart ami an ?ithrt iliiet artertrd bim ; l?ft M b. }? arrell * that li. bt a boo I a unat'i-r aft<r two ; Wn B;anlan. Boh Vhegtou, aAd Joes ah Crws* were with him the? ??r a S' li g t ? me by AtlsttlB stre?t. when they heard the 1 1 1 1? i h iD i wett down CMtiti a ai eane; was not drunk I I al night -dtaal, no l'ii|uer at all dcsuiau. CBastM. lit nee ami lien inrkann iaine away from tha woman ? Im be i!IJ, I'urh (or Ilu >c h) waa o Urnokl> n nliap ? laifiiiow *hort 1 1 k and lull I act. witness tial no I I. mg to ' O with the woman; ktnltiw llash be f? re or alnee , ?.id ar t ?e? any bnt the tiree he h %d ipoten of. i*ci Im V y. Hush, aid IfUbe'l hare aujthln? to do uhhtbc "'can (The witnee* agsin detailed the I tar's Implicating Mct;insky) Wh>n he was told to | rr me a< a witri " 1 Hey told blm to speak the truth ot what ha raw and nothing tome Hlgbre. Heudrtokseu. limbs, t,'tos? Cbdton. and another young manwent with bin to Mrs. b arrall'a tha* evalng. Mighee. I(ennrlc)''* n, Ch'Stoo Iranian Cross an I I I'cmba were by t lie wrman wfci n he was there; did n'?l | ki ew a pi ?on earned Carter Ite e^ inilnar" - Tha eourersatlon wl h the ofllnera waa rn h< atd tha retry boat, cowing over he was ar mtelli Wil<tiUtei Nsw Ycri. ?as t? prleca as a witaees aad tklts w*i no charge against blra l>r te ? n--; e 'I. Ball deponed to having examined the proescufrl* thfl irrrnto* after tba oe.-urr-noe. at tba J i Ice rout t ? h 1 1 ba? she was in a at ate of e scl'eajcnt en.'h ?( would 1 ave been raused by rnnh an o?ca* fUUe*: there were htni'wsnn her left hr -art her fata and wr; it*? the latter pt'ibably <"au*ed hy b- log tight ly holl Dr Timotl vA vv ao'e ph' * daa to >he sounrf jail, where Mri. Viush had been eon ?*d, carrohorated the last wit bee* -iir raw hat abcu: twen:v f ur limirs after Ibe oeeoiti tee tber* w> ro aim b'ui?i> on her le<*. haees alio anklrs 'he <'mpv>ms of feveri-h eid'e n eat c nt . ntied for t wo or three days, anl gradually dinlntehed lhe pro. -et tiro here reated aoil tha oourt took a neoe* : t an htut tl IIS ION -. isiOs Vlr l'fet.t# srae opened hy J'lrfge liarrteon The i eieute with wM'-h f.iUton-r wse tharg 'd was sa hal l> eu Kia-- - > o Hy tiie c. iii/is <l tha hi<n? ?l in the law It ? aa I tmee'v oi c-eetctlai easU'in wi h drat h Plow thesta1 t-i fhtch had b??u raa.l '?-1 . ^ I .ht* ; j)s jik<ai !,i ?. sa |*a.*( ta p isoa meat, which ?u ft* l?u;, Vut tbe offenoe might b? vlalted witL confinement for life. He did not kn*w whtther til statement that tbw 0 mad .1 ury had feund ? bill *u intended to preju lice their minds; th?t ' might be the affeot ?t one period ?f time, but a* the present day, wh*n ths aatu.'tf of i;tiul jarle.i w?s (ally uader*tood and tbey Were kuown to lotfvUitoiiAl nil 4 secret Id their pri ??eJing* ? th*'. ail the avldeac* against. and none la ,'avor of, the pri Koerww produced before them? he waa coniident tbo conclcslon that tbey bad come to wctld ia no de gree. influence the decision to be give n l*f tb? present jury, i ord Hale bad Mid oott truly, tbivtil was easy to make a charge of rape, and most diiU>'?U to dis

prove it. There were many dNcrepancift* li? this wo man's own testimony, an i agaia ether* betwwai hera and that of Doolay , particularly as to the oircuinatsiuct)* of first meeting the prteonar It was always net aeaary, in a cane of this nature, that the prosecutrix fhobld be corroborated; but here the only witness brrugbt forward to do go was Schwartz who name on the rfaud under such circumducts as showed him to be ub mo acmpllre. and ooasciou* that he ought rather to hm been In the prisoners' dock thsn on the witueie"* stand. Some better testimony than his should ear t%lnly be adduced in bar support. (The nature of the defence aat up will bs ;{athen<d frcra the fallowing ab stract ot the testimony, which our spaoe will not alio* us to give in full]: ? t'atbeiin* Murpny, a prisoner in the county jail, swore that Klleu Kush tlie prosecutrix had ooiae over to their ithe witness's) side of the prison several times, and had coevrriifd with her ard one Maria Kreuo'y, about the occurrence; that she had toll them that they bad drank both beer and brandy atl>ootey>. on the night In question aad that an illicit la t?rci?nri.) had taken place between bar and Uoolny; that aba atkril witness to sen soma ot the frlrnds ot the boys a..d if they would pi>* h*r f2u a piece she would n >t ! swear against them, but say she was craiy when ths bad done eo. l'l. is witness, on cross ?xamin&tlon, said she did oet know bow maty times she had been committed to the county jail bat J ustice J . 0 . Smith had sent ber about farty times; that she had known the prisoner ? fauiil/ for ubant nine or ten years. Maria Pheeney. aUo a prisoner from the county j *>l, frilcw.d suit, aud told the main points ot the story, in tbe identical worda of the last witness; she had bean twice in the county jail; had sea a the mother of on* cl the boj s. and a #Ut?r of another Justice J. i) Smith was call"d ? He bad se?n the prosfcutrii the morning aitrr the alleged outrage; Jrcm ber appearance and the s'Hte ct hrr breath, he tborgbt sb? aan an Intemperate parson, but could not discover the smell ol any particular liquor; she was turn perfrotly sober To- examination being b?n l.>d to witness to refresh hi* memory, he deposed to cer tain dieercpaiiciee between the stories told than ajd now, tbe ptinolpal being the Lumber that sh* then spr'.>?of, viz. five; he. ho*e\er, rai l thy wi re aot pointed out to her; she identified th-jui as they en me iu. Cro<s txemlred- lie kni-w the nitneat--* Catharine Marphy and Mar*a Preeney. In his experience as a police judge; tu?y were both persons ot had repu tation. Ieuao A Keirbum ?u polieemau of th* Fourth Jls trict; reooilected the evening in .juwtion; his beat was Uiiuton, Mjrrl*. i.nd Pulton arenues to Kayrcand ?tteet: taw l?coley at tun nta' ou hou?e that night aben i.e wr lit thai*; thcrelie: time w?< half p?u oae c clock; rjw a perron h? supposed to bo Dooley be fore. b? tween twelve and on? u'ol'.ck. go?aj up Kulton s vitus iu company with a wou*a: f-asr thetu Ami in Fulton xveoue, below Raymond street; foil owed them b> a ad bye three hoys cams along: h? kaewr oae of tl-em by eight, and a*ked h!in ?!)*! he was dom,/: oue if the tlarea raid they wanted to aH tta wr man that wm with th* nan ; Dooley earn* t? atafon Smmo about 1 j or 2?> mtn>it*s at'*r (jot in: wfter h? raw bin aud Mrj Rush toge ther be thought they rrer* the smiia thtt ha h d a. -n be'ore they appe^r-d Intoxicated ths woman yerr much 10, more so than h- tt,ev went up alo-n- aif?r as l<r Or>* r- *\rn went rcnad tr.war ia the rail raaj ? aud witntss f.llowtd until th-y were pr"ttv n-ai'*!>* leilroad. Cr< r? e?-iu.ine<.I Thought the prrson fcs regcrni 'od was Murray, knew licorge (the |aris.iu*r? < iatber. aud iie?rr,?, ho hIohlJ tii? psrty to -tet h I bl? c!t a b-ad; thought hit askej 5Jurr.a-r wb kt was ' cut"' and another Boy raid tbey want-i to get that ' women away frem the man; th* l*>t he ssw of th -si I they were within speaking d'rtan>-a of the in? i uad | wfwan; whtii he uirt them the wo-aan wrt? i>tl..rr log. aud stumbled; had se-n Murray *ln.-? nigoejs' lu'btr had aub|. .'tied Liai Mis. lingers, who in the ?au? hou?a with Dot/ley, tai then called, but she uLa'.J that sb* hue* jotbing about the nikilii did not goo.t fcrs Uu.h orrimiLilxr tli? ui<ht iu lassiiou b-ari no wraau'lnp or <aerrel!io^ Mrs, Phcrta Cook ( ? hi proved to b* % el iter of t.b? TT'eoner U? in'tiskacu* deposed that the proia ntri* | hud seiit for firr aod toid h?r ti the!. woul A riy* ber f it) apievu she would ?*y sU.< iid nvt'^*.?w ttt-n it the utal , that ?he wented the moniy to g j it. o*u? i? ILat eb? ww go, of t* vftlle to J.:dx? jjiiih to?? . wh4t ' ha would ??j about it; tnnt c'-lo/ to ft*-/ at 1 Do* ley '# all iiiKht but Mra Uo^Tey got In u pa* .on tticpxi h-r lo->t , and cire'd an.; ?wor?. HarabAba Ilih'b-e v.?a iben calird Tb? w)tu?<N a I Rill akout twenty je.M of -ajc drpoael ??ia wa> ot ibe pri'ODef, *na htl wn M?i 'tu*h In th ? e oity jsti e? yeral lime*, and eoti?e? 'a'.lon* had peed iOu t.'j? ciicuwetance 8fc . then re , uor.N- 1 :h*tM ( fit-.; weie to the t mu? >IT ct ti tl:< f > ?? vrn ta b> t! w\' teft.s Murphy aud f hteBey with nnu) addltloMl psr: t.ars as to tve t.racetclai>* t?l tt i bod t'ooley oo the nl^ht in cjue?tioo. ?rt?i,-h sr,< iiDht for j ijhMca; on j There we . e ?? r. n.I rnny. r?>tlioit< and cn ero?s e*.u,tn?tlon ehe d?t:.'l-l theoo.-iasi aa o ?? . h j sti'i preeent. and denied tbm* ?>ie had e cr tild olltn (the p>or??u!.rii; that f-ha woolJ Mod h?rah?-o? it ?be wuuid not swear agamst her brother th?* ti'.-w Bash had thiestine^ if ehe did n-.t ^e? lie m?ut) .ah* would swe^r all rbr could a^aiast th'>- V>v On l ? r re , saiulaa'kn by.'idga nr:i?ou sh? , ? .j efce bsd h-?n a ?nemt ?r o{ a Jletlo^lst ? h jreh lu I *?t l>r< ( hljn, It: in avtnua la?t ira< t moett an ?*? ayrar *?? a full mnibif, and h-.'.o i<ed io b-o'h -r Patker s cla-s: Mr t'Mk'r llti d !<? Mjrt!.< ftr-nu* v ' Bowin agwt b h?r motb?r: went to Hobok -n int ?r n ni?r and eta) ad tn?ra tour in >ut k ?. Hii.iatu fattirsi u. who war a et.' .ir l,y traj< Uat ta? ?uplojed at thoftl maitint *.aa -ille.l at t :iir? 1! a '.hat ui. ht und - *w thawl'u -ssaahw-r t I trer-' ilio war ri.iuMi^ biu Mil was iu.oi.sat I ; ? ities* arank trnthlog tut giofrer pop htiai if Cri rs i iauiined ? Had r.reuk; since ?'?w l rare (lanrts Cr?k, ol Or Id rtri rt e r leprnt-r Tin I sr.iwu tbe printer eight or i.lai "eai^, h- d n?'er krowu ? d v * Uiii;: out ot the war ul him, ei. ert th? tcwsswlid, ut rii U-<ru a.ijtliluK aga'nat li i a o tk a rac'rr; b> _(pi I -<-ui rj wurk> d at utr^ient^r s woik last sun mi r, ta dri re n wug'.u pe-.'dlii.^ Tii? prisoner a Ilefaoc. la-tel. *aeti the Di-tr '.At tr-ine> called d? rebntMn-? erllenr* offl.-ers ! and I, all who testified to the it>hri*ty of I>f>o ey on thst niabt. an. I that ha ha i aeen Patt :?oa Irai will In the last two or three wrtk.i Officer \ils?r, also bad ee?n ths witness Pat ti tn'tj. fat ilcuti d. tao or thras ts-ts i(i atid ahout rtieweaktgo. he Vis* Patt.T<he Murphy sud liana ! I l e.t?y; tfcelr gen. ral rep: atiou wa? ha I ani he wi uld fcot belies* then on "heir oath, kai .uown tr ? in lltleg in houses of pros'ltut! n. Mrs Mary I>?o1?t wife ft la%#l DcA'ay, wht (rtM t>? sit'yeiy that tl ?rr was at* drlt' In i or quar r In hit boure on that n?g bt Mia McDonald, ((ii-ole)'s sl*|rt mi tbe p*owu i r! a > sister- la law > wbo prosed that tlia Inter a? H?lf|t wiih k.r at the tiois, and i?ft h?r hi u-s p.? I'eilj scter ahcut fl?? o'clock, to (f> t > Itoolev's Ju^-aQartlpoD mai'i) up 'or the defence, an! the District attorney lor the proseratli>n Jltfjie Moras wbosa . n?>tgeui> nt at cr jn'y er tr p-ll? d Lltn to complete the ease ehargnd Iksjit; ?rnolat'trfr about twelve n'clank They ra tired in ? ?arg? of i Ulcer Taylor and alter a da liha ration of shout % quarter of an b >ux r* arnel wt>h a y.-rdict ol goi ty. The court thru ad., urosd till Monday f la* 10th inst Polk-e On? f v<i rasN,a'i Cms.? A> tore* o'cl.i;* thia affaraoon. the oaae oruaeK>?d Ta?ia?a a *ilt iw l.iara hefora Jtsflce Mouatl. rt, wherein:.- ataadl tl.alg. d with balng an aerompllce ot Wil)ta?t I ?ri> t n. In the pk/sing to r*mci r? ia th a elte, o t Ti. 1 1 i?)iy.til?(r latt. ee. rial oouot.rf*' 0^ Hank all I ? n t I ^e IlnBillton Kiobange Hank. Matl- n ei-iaty Tfc' a- proa asrerta snoat posltiyi ly. teat lb* pt> ,lsi a a r e'"t. n ia their Ideniiiy. ai he can peova an .? ry trie teatluioay ? f aereral persons wbo saw him In Idookiyn at atx.ut the time b- la alleged to u,re l<? u in thts aity In coiap?ay akh fainhiri .ixtittf J: i fh;i>.an Wf noticed In yr' a la?'s I >i*. . the escape ot Jaek Klmp-on, an rlj ro<us It. bj "llewr lie|| on Friday afternona In couie^ii Tt s fl t n e?-*ult msde t.y sereral o?h -r thleyea on lh? ?tfc?r. a? 'be time of mtklng tha arr??t OH *er Tr?tif Rai ?! i u^eeed i d in apre*ilDg the ea aptal rogue ?? Hsti.t. aj ufgh'. In the | It ef ike libatba.u t eatra. He wa* eonreyel in tb- itrc >ni ward po tow a'ati ia. eai in rurifay ni.riuM takan betura tha <;?ief of I nlire. ? to I cc nuted him to prl-on lor t'lal .1, tut m fftitptW?<i.- A woman called M*t/ Di nala, wa lustre.' ed fn 8 iinrday eyet,i?g on a charge ol a pttv tlkfit. by ih* w?rd pniHrt } hi,4 on p?r>r,!i a fold witvh in1 p|?l4 toot rl wMi-h are lielleyad to hare heea st?l?n for a |..n|. ? r owner la wasted Apply In Osptalr l.a.-nard ot ?f. 8. end ward prHce He woman wa detained far a fi.r Ibar ?**n Inatloa, Ihirkug yp Cut Chuity ? A mm callrJ Martin U(|. y, was aireetei on flatnrday ?a a aharfe f n"< iroilfcg hia lainilf . and selling the coal furnished by the alais house and purchasing rum. thus becoming lutngii ?tfd an I abusing his wife aal rhIU ren The I o Ice III the 11th ward conveyed th* acsaaed before Jiaitlce Tlatpeoa. who eoniDltted him to p-tsna Mt i'ng Lihuid TV'krfs.? Oflater Mortis, of tbe mtb ward, arrear . d, on Hatotday night, a inaa iwaliad Isaac Ooldeteln oa a bench warrant Issued by tha Court ol P.rsirna. wherein he stands Indicted for selling lottery tiekets connected with tha great Industrial schema lately broken np la tbe Bowery Tha aceasa l was de In default of ball. Caart ( alaatlar for Monday. Pi raawe Oarer.? Oia. t it ? Noe 52 1M. iM4, S30, 49, 101, S? HM? S13 IN. lf?, 119, ?0 Ml IM Pi raama (tatrar ? Noe. I ? ?, 7. 9. 19, 11, It, 14, M, 9d. 17 10 ts W. it. t?, 90 99 93. M. M to 40 Cosaaa .a P, eas -Nos 94S, ?M, M. 9T?, 1T0, ?1, 191, 199, 21 9, M9, lit. HI. 117 Tha death p. aalty ha* heea ah?llah?4 ia I?wa, a?4 tepitfoaawM tot Ufa (uh*tU?U4 1'nltrd States CemMlttlmw'l Court. Before J. W. Nelaon K*q. K0BQKR1KS OK POWKKi OF /TTOHMwV FOR CLAIMS TO IIOIINTT I.aNDS .. VZ\"! ?'<"<? vt.Lrwit -The examina tion i In this cam which had b??D adjourned from last wt*k, wa* mumad. It appeared by t*:e previous evi dence that K illiam Merrihew had been chared with tbU offence, and that be ?ai di*charg?d on hi* own recognisances. be haying charged Captain Liwi* the defendant with the com minion or the forgeries Wit nes?e* are now produced to impugn th? shsraoter of MerriLew. and to pre ve that hit handwrltiag la allUad to several ot the claim* to bounty lands and that tbey were forwarded to the government by him John A. Mac gregor* testimony was i?*umed (Pow er of Attorn*} produced J The atgaature or the wit nee* to this instrument. 'James Uric*,' is la the band writing of William Merrihew; Merrih?w, I under ataad. baa been extensively eagaged in the lan I war rint nnd penricn buaineo*; I have brrn to Wurteing tca last wei l;, I went to nee and obtain pape/f in reference to thin case In thn bands of Individuals or in yovurnraent clAees; my attention was p'.rtWularly dlr. rted to iettei* which Mr. Nealeyani Mr Ki*;?ie inii.l t hi. ve and wLrfch were written by Merrihew, in relatim to claim* a*alnet the government; lama; (jvaintcd with Merrltiew'* handwriting; I saw a nam ' ber ol letter* in pori*u*alon ot thoae parti'", which were mi the Inndvriiing ci* Merrihew, several ii the po? (waslon of Mr Mealy, and numerous letters written by Merrihew in the hand* ol Mr Jthqae, In relation to tl.e claim* ot virion* p.-rronx [Letter prodaroed.] I fid jofn nf.on of t hi* Utter fro* Mr Nealey in Waah ingle n, the letter i* In tha handwriting of Mr. Merrl [Tin letter was "igrsd by Wn. Merrihew, and ( i;lo* ed p9-??r of attorney, fire., in relation to arrearages of ray Uje to Katfcael Dunham. widow wf J W Ducfeam, lute i: . Ompaay, Louisiana Mounted Volunteer*, and alao claiming the arrears due to Catherine Kenna. and leiiues'ing that the rias ihould belcrwarded to hVm J Que- don - bo you know what reputation Mr. Merri hew bear* in Washington, in relation to these matte**7 a nswer ? Those in Washington who know him, kn?w him to b* engaged in sending appl'iia'tota for laad claims I called at the pension o*1"ce, ! cannot my ? hat hi* reputation there is . I am acquainted with hi* ujenerel character for truth and veracity; it ia bad; it in to tad that 1 rhould nut believe hlra oa oath where he was iLteruNtea I would nit believe Mm on oath, anyhow, unless b* was oorroborated; I am acquainted wltbCapt. Leair ; I know hi* character for honor and veracity to be very good , never beard anything sgaluatit until this oharge; I know hie handwriting, [t'owtr rf attorney, purpoitlng to be claiui'.tor i'h ?h? Urrimau. u'u> the aftdavlts of her aud t to nltnease*. iiaiiit d !>' ewland andliardner, produced.] I see none Of Vapt L-wl?' handwriting in these dcruaents; the rflldavlt I* in the handwriting of Mr Merrl!iew Mr lat?on. rounrel lor (.'apt Lewis, called thn at tention of the ComiijirtioBcr to th* fact tbat the power of attorney bear* Ua.u 1st J uly , and the- atlldavit th* ?Jd July. Wither* c'ctlnui 1? I sa w paper* iu Washington in tLi*e cat as purporting to b? claims lor land warrants for volunteer* in Uapt. Lewis' regiment, one was that ot Mlebael lie* iiuoi.t. another of B?iy;?uiln Mills, und the other was on behalf of u widow nto <d Duo hfcm. l>ut I am aot certain to what company her bus land belonged, r he land warrant* on thnee applica tior.r were li<*ueU the one to Duahaci was num<>er?1 tiV t t(i i.c J %m Jated May 1st. 18^0 the otLer was No tti {>44 and eae issued May 3d. HoO t ri -n exaunned bjr Mr. Owen tJumraer*, oa the part oi tbe United St*tei- 1 have personal hiiow!ed^e ot th* *^ of Merrihew, in Mexico, be called on tu?, nnd i.'k'iii" lor u draft ou New York for $1(0, lor vhi. h i? nave a i lliiht prec.iuin I gavn it hiin an 1 be called In a lew days and said he d d not think be | rou.d 1'. t rue have uior* tbau f 7 j and he asked tor I a draft ft r f'b. uad said tbat be would catcsl the rt ret one, I nevir got ba<k the tirtt draft for 1 100 but it ? as j i ssciited to tan ;or payment In .Vew Vork I be Ilev- there !? a little balance of or 510 Uu? rao on . h 1 r- 1 draft: I have beard hi* g'neril reputa'iou epi i not in Nmw 'irrk and Mexico; in Mexico hi* re ; utarioti wn?, ih*t te was not a g>o1 soldle- h? f?an I ' ?d u* iraakaiireat <t?al and *ai 2?t>erally sink wb> u !io ?a* wanttii tor duty; he in hut >ne sklr ai?h atd tid not bebave vt-ry wall la tba' he didn't i-|> lil* "Bg* suae t>te; I would not reject a ia--u * path becaure lie v as a gambler, it woull depend up in ?he <e^r! e to which a mi a drai.k I w^.ull re ^i ct 1 1- caili or not; X aia partner of Mr La'pra, uul i v8 ! *' n ai tiselv engaged as couusel in this ca^e; snjT.T tkote t>l>0 lioow Merrihew In Ne* York hi* ?-pute'Lrn ataoiiahad; hehsi been efcargwl with di? li r l ftT iu f'.Teial lualauce*, I heard the ? r-port? in iS<?K l*l<- r: T Drtti w?s ami ?wero. and aat-nlafl by Mr. lit riil4?lt ih) ell/^ I ?ai a t ?n'.--r dofrg bunn. - in Wall atrrrt, 1 Kno-r Captain i ? I* fcy 1-tght I h*w? ti aar dona acy hBilsnifftth hlro irTcrllia; I know William Mi rrlhaw by?sp;b'; ? barf bought In nil o aica* and ei>rltl:tU< I r> >t irgtcdtli* claim (4 I'.acbal liubha.n. widow, it ?m ' ri.Lytt tc iu? bj a }oui.i? luao Iri'ju Naarau i.traat; I [ . j M> tnaaibar w iu la ?kv ha waa a uiau. | ' l'h '?T m" 1 tl.ltik tba paper* w^r^mana out la ! w> haodaritmg but I knt pr?ltjf sm Man! lit * *<i lot bring thaa to tha ( Hcc Tb? riaa.lo%tie:i atjapaMad to giro Hiu m cpportaBiiy ?>1 pruduclog lu-roorini* l'? lcr-al William .lujr HiBkatt. axtmlaad by Mr Lat ? '.a ^r|< cad- I i -?in < In Naw \ ork: I aut a cauna-llar t.t !*w; 1 aiii ar<juatnt?d wlih Mr Mrrrlbrw, I bato wii fciuj I b .lir i?. ain?* 1S-U ha wa? tb?u acUrk la ltd I' 8 I Uiict Olrrl'l offlca, I w?* bought la oju tn t with blm by in jr dntlaa a- councilor at l??, 1 a-a ? cqii?ij,t< (1 * )tb I. ik handwriting (pur. rol atl.iruay a t. * core i ' IIi?pIjI:u or Ph ??>? Hoffman priJuaali; tfc; tr>dy of tlil# matiuwint i? In the handwriting ?f 1 M-irib?n; Ilia ti?mn o PI, b* Huffman Bad all tba | LtjycfUit Uittiiarut ! InUera to ba In hi* h?Bd vtlilti nent ')>? mm' ol Jiirw Brlto aod 1 bullara I part c.i ibat, tfca Ja ai.d the two fir?t ranion* of the lit.- (ft ?. ') lirl to br iu tti> baBti writing of Alrrrl l*m 1 could hai i!j b*'\'Tr b* would b* guilty of the ; a?t y?t <t looln r'n^uUr toiaa; 1 lui? nothing 1 ugnc-l blm until ?bt* rrnnasctl^n It' Mr. Boari?Tt- bad nothig to dltiMtb my Iffl pt ?mum <?? bu j it ii perrai i? man. e-;a*pt that I l.i lit ?! I l|h hi 1 at. a iu tbo habit Of gi ing It pratty I|; ' 1 would bflif 7i aim under oalb Iu erdina:/ trai taoi'.oua .)o?t|h A. I'liter deponed - I wai l fit lieutenant la j ft< ftttil W|liml of dragoon ? 1 cfiaKkal?l Co? f?Lj I' I hi. ugc the Mrxlran i ar, altir the death of t -iitsia l>u)T I i.tii* c?pt?'.n l.?wi# "Incr 184" I b? j cut"* in "i kiut?-.i ? ifh hlia in Miv.n-0 m#t turn tb?n ?ail v.,< i lata Ktd aiMi In Nrt York; I knowtb* oh? taoti r (.1 l.?wl? 'or truth nod ?rra<ilt?; 1 aim?* eon- I a), "i* I Mm u man ol lil^U hoiiornud a bravr ioldl?r; I !i ? Jl?' Ire ul U- a *fll In th? urn;; t n???"r b* aid ati^iLiiig would oait tb. aligbu ,t bl-iuUb n uli r> in ?et*r up tu tb? tiom ol tbla chargr; i hm>?r j V >. Ilaui M ? i ill "w '.lore t > t re : leg of 194?, bo *ai at : *rl.i a to ii, y ri inpiuytiin. lau frry mil} ae iuilotad ai:bbla bakdrrl lug ? ( poaar of att<'rt>?y pr'?dnc-d 1 1 ? ibla ii 'a * ?rrihi*w'? nan'larllltiK, ?*c?pt Pb .'b? HtiTsab acd Win II G'lk'ild Comuiiaalonar of Da?da: 1 >1 ni'll >ay thr iiaina of Jam" Hnoa U to Marrlba* a iMlll'ltlM, MlalUllIbi I grctial rbaiacur for tiutb at>tl trtaclly I aliould i.ot i)iv?ud laocb mp?u bl? ?er#, i ? i uld LI t l^allrr? b.u uadrr ratb it h? bad a ft j.o?i lii l lui'int at ata .a y - Wtat kii bia ctta lli'li; lot t;uth m I TrrBcity a>aoDg?t tb? aftiiira' A Thi j ?b?j llt.lla rO?murit;a'icD u lib him. b>> ?*.? o'lt* tafioiUii ?ii-k wn?n tha? tbt>ui(ht tbara w?a tMt Brt'i ailty for It; ba waa not bald la vary hull t. -5c a> * , rt.ii ui .u ai.d n't ( fflc-r and for tbat raa? >a ba wa< rbnnin 1 a< much aa pcaajhla by tha f Bl '?ra b? >?a wet ? biif.' ??u ba n-rrr i*ou';l:' in any of !(?<? i mgaftbi. Bta; Li Mirr aboai-d ftii.t I ?ai lit dub iuai>u:?g 'flktir; t bara a: a timaa ?bio ba taporti J blfrull ilcktbal mam Mora kick than b- took tba b CfDtral appiaranra ra< tba' of a baaltby itar wbtu tfcria ?a- any ? ?tm* or diloking to ba C r.? 1 ? a i a not alek tbaa (langbtar> ; h? i;aa*rally ata nnd <':aak bit abara. ai.4 ruok>d bla aa<?r, - [ mai'.ar rull ^rodutad] tbla la tha proper print, d turm ?1 am** n ri ll B ri py of whlrh la In t h- r"">" 'alon ol tha ] coa.ii ar.d>r ul airrr ro-nj any th a la OllaJ up aa tba rriia ?l tb* araay ga?> rally ai'a bLIad, 1 aa not lau u ar |ua u'ru with Captain l.rwia' writing, but ar<-ry tbl i g 1 ? r* la Ib coit'-et and ptopar lorn It la tha laua t-r tel ul Capiatu Lawla' company Crt 't i-aanilB' J by Mr Kuaiii'ti- Wbro I ?ay I a i -Id nt-l h'llrtr bla nn l?" oath wh*n a gr??l iBtar ? ? t la at taka, 1 bB?a is; optal'.n frrm bia ganaral rha r 1. 1 1 r : I dm ' ccriridar bla a raan ol honor ha t ?' c'apcrt h:nti|i aa a man of trl?t botmr ah?nld ' a wal I" lha bald', of ;att>Dv m"aty In m tha prlaata* t II .? n>j I wu roBipUluad to ooaa or tivliia ati ut It aud i Liiirtc Ibat a luau wbo wojIJ a'o ip to th'it cci id ba ati bor.otabla man I d. a t know th- fBCt of n v own ktniB.artga b.ittbr mall 2('iupl >i uad to ?.? tbc m ft rrll wa? ti"t rubmltt'd lo ci?. Ihara wbi B? ??'i aaUy of r1 rliwtcg or snproalnir of tba a'?tk i fill tfi atak nati w?ra ii-n* ra'ly a?nt to tl" hoaf Ital Mr Mi rtibaa ramalnao In hia nnarutr II an off': ?wr raM hr waa i Irk . b" roald ramal n In hla .,n?rta-a a?->. Ibi r ha waa (Irh or wail Manibow may baf? baan r .ik a< nn fit*, a. 1)111 my Inipr.aalou la tbat aa ?a? nut tin. atat i lint' l a rr p. rlni blm -i f ao ba w?? airfc aooiua 1 tfa*. t Bppllad for a aacond 11* utauant, Bod got M.* It.o. U. ai d t a and I did all Ilia Ju'j* wb?a It ??l Ni t* n ibaf M r Mood or bbt otbar offirar want oat In ipi.nllBj part1?a rioa* oi?n rolunlaarad ihBB wara ra i.uitad Lut If It wari- known that ?r Marr'ttaw waa lo tafca ti imni' d rot nna wnnld vrlan'aar, bat a I aaltid for oidira, ba aoiosaBdad a *ooa'la4 parti ? u< a going to a " Paaro," and jt waa by tha graataat mbarla tbay warr nit all ktUad; ibay woald b?aa N i b aliv|bt ra 1 but lor tb">r ow r gr>-at rooloa >a an I ;wfgn.rBt. tba m< B art* at'trkad oy gn?t llaa, and ib?T all raBia a. at' rrd bar tf.l? waa owleg t? Mr Manlhi w a waat if mUUary aMll, and tha mfa wara riatir wl llfig So po out with him alt?-rwar1r ha waa irra aib'.tnr* aha* ha had j.iwar that alaa nt'gV baio rnurrd tba in in to dl'll^a him Mr Matin aaa nrallrd and produead monorail* bj wl li b lia prornt tlia claim if hlabaiaa Hrau D. oi.l . ball, u warrant No M,.ll?'. waa forward"! on tba tTtb Matrh. 1S10. Ilrigaoin Mltla' rlalm No M.IlM waaarbl'Btna data, tba claim of Rfbaal Pun' am wlifrw of J W UnishBm. !tn I * ()??. #a? ?aot Jan-jary. I Bed tho<a markr d from W ib Marrlb?w. hn*. I rant ot ray hy whom thay wrra hronght to ma I thtr.t ilia monry waa paid to a man namad flora; I would ha ta goa? to Mrrrlhaw for tha monay I hat adaaaaad On I hot a. II iba olatBit had aot haaii rarpoatfa I to, I tartr aaw aay al tba r.alaiaBt* tbat 1 rainambar. A ljoiwaad to Friday, at It a'e oak f. a rt -Maataaant Ja??a l> Pot tar. * worn aadat amlnrU %1 Mr Lb??ob 4?po*?4.- I am a taildant af law Yotk for tha laat twaaty Ibraa , t waa aaa ol tha a?l#af? of tlka lat t-ifmrbt of KawYnrk aoi in t?ara I waa aicond l.iautanaat ot eompany I. ol ' gapt , t.wniiiki^niMf trtM ferred for a short tie* to tbe 34 Dragoons ; I am **? qualntad with Capt Lewis; I know aim pirwoillf ovrr a j?if ; I know t Dumber who knew lla in ch* MrsicM war . he *u NtMmid i very |tUut man la Mexleo, and la considered a man of honor and integ rity ; I was In the habit of visiting Capt. Le wis in bis room, at hla betel ; I hart slept at that hotel, not In Capt Lewis'* room, but haes, on one or two aseaaioaa, alept with Merrihew , Merrlbew's business lately ha? been procuring claims (or land warrant* ; 1 ha* soma conversation with him respecting my own claim ? fur recrultirg services, Jtc , and ha nld he had facillti?? for putting thrm through ; I hare imd blm frequently in Capt Lewis's room, writing , [ If nets r Roll wroduoad 1 On one occasion In going to the room of Cant. Lewit t louad tbe door looked, and wm coming away, when M?rr>bew opened the door, be (aid Captain Lewi* waa out. but he asked me In ; I went in; I nr ia :>k{cron the table et which It errihew was writing , it purported to be a rnurter rtil, and looked like this ; ? can't sk j whether Merrihew was copying it or not, but 1 tc-sk it up.aud looked at it; 1 saw It war Capt Lewis'# marter roll ; I turned it over, and Merrihew sail, " dm t disturb It. 1 m busy with it ' I know the gaa eral character of Merilhew for truth and voracity tm be tad : lrcm what I hare heard In regard tohlin gen erally. 1 would not believe him under oath ; I am ni <iualntei with tbe bond wrltlog oJCapt Lewie , (power of Attorney and ufl.davlt in the case of tha claim of i'hoilie IlotTuian produced 1 I don't see anything in either ?f these rest rabllng the handwriting of Capt. Lewis. Cross examined by Mr Owen Summers, on behalf of tbe I' bite'l Slates ? When I sawMe'rlhew on the oc cvion ot tbe do<.r being locked. Us a*id Captain Lewla w :? uid be se>cn in; be appeared to be familiar there; hrrre fern Lim and Merribew together: I hare seam them wrlra together, but nerer knew of any buslnaao trsssactloii/i between then; Captain Lewla. as tha of ficer of tt? m jipioy. was generally nonsuited about thw claims; '.be t;jne I speak of seelog the muster roll On tbe table with Merrihew. waa, I think, In Juno, 1M0; it mt|<l* have been in the laUer part of May; I was I* tbe babit ol going to Captain Lewis a almost every day nt'e r tbat until 1 left town in Jul; ; I hava seen Mer rihew write in Captain Lewis' room after the tima on wl li b 1 saw tbe muster roll; 1 sp?ak of Merrihew front what I have beard; Col Moore, (his co onel) told m* l.e was a coward, and not a man of hi# word; 1 hava iieard Sir lteiinlck, oi Florence a Hotel, say that Mor libew k,i?J stoned Captain Lawia name tor suppers for hiuirelt and women, i do not know whether tfiey waiw ladles, bat they were frmal ?* (1 fighter ) To Mr l.ateon. ? ) know that Captain Lewis had left towu b*ti re the 4th >>uly. tor Washington To Mr. Summers. ? 1 cannot say whether he left on tbe 1 ?t or Ud ol Jul; 1 think ba intended to leave on tbo : d .lamp? II liouniok. book- keeper, at Florence's Hotel, deposed, that be is acquainted with Capt La wis tor Shot e than a year; be has b**u boarding at the hotel ;or that time, 1 an cot particularly acquainted with bis handwriting, 1 know Wm ttemuew for tlx ir otthe, ha has bearded at the Lotel for three or four months; solar an I have had unv transactions with Capt Lewis, or uoytbipg I have h?ard of blm. hla cbajacter tor trnth and veracity stands very good, 1 am iiut aoi.taintvd with tbe general reputation of Mr Merribew, hut in regard to lilt transaction' ?lth nie be bas ri ver laitilku any promise he made re. ejecting tbe settkmcniol lulls; atler he lei t board lug at the totel, Ml order came in one evening from tbe bouse of Mrs Uiowu in Mercer street, and a II- 1 written ot what wanted lor suppers for el-tt'. tbo cderbad 1 h? name cf Caat. Lewis to it. not b?iag In tbe babit i f K**tt leg sist h order*. 1 told the servant 1 would net U< liver it; 1 kept the order, 1 tnidCapc It a is mil raorciug I bad receive J suub an order. ua<t Lu said be never rent it ?nd had not been in Meroer at reel; tbe reason 1 old not send the ?U| anr was be ck u e 1 ted wj ru piclous at tae time, a* 1 uuver hi I received su-'b ord< r? firm ''apt Lewi*; I is showed tb? eroer to Merrihew. askea him if h ? sent it and he leughed , I -aid I oishei to lino*; h-? said thai he did send It but that h* was druak, aud did not know wbat h* was aboat; h- had prevl ouely trL d several wa>s to get sappers tron us, bat VtlUIDH 1 Tu J.r dummaT* ("apt. Lrwli an i Mr. MarrlUow *>kiv ;i> ihf liHblt ot t?lt>j lotdhft; I tlo doc kio f tb? bat uip c<t their Uudti- i n Ir.i :i-*?tlon? Major (iwrc U)h?iutt d> po?rd thV b? ??? torrnirlp me^id a* clrrk In tbe I. k"'1 r i "fH >?. N*?Yom, ptrn l t< Major in the N(? Y 01 K vol.iote-r* in tbe MmInu *?r; know* t'aptaia L"iit miik Nominvr, lb47. This ii d -i>? a *?<? Lb* mu* luipraaaiou 01 iba lk?TMt?r o( i.'aptaia Lrwl* ai that u.-pojut to la I uo pitrlour tettinioay W?i Intr luc*d i.i "4-rrib-w ii? Aupurt, 1H47 but haw not htl n?u:h a3.|u*:atan je i'!iL hiu, 1 ban* b? ?td i.l* .'htrtolir ?pik-ii of ttuoe ttm r *Mr:? ot tbla ch r?a; it ?a* dael'l'-dly hvt. To Mr Hbinuicra - I ko iwtxi>tbto? porkoaatly t/'tlnal Marrthew; 1 biard that be bad b~> n appr?h oti?d lur to :p.?j pap*rr ..tid i bat to ci-ar liiu?*U hi wa'ln tka obarga ttkltilf'tpitln Cewla Mr La'-i'n tb*u ?aid ha Lai uo m ?.?? vitaaM"* to naAilyr. but h* had n-r?-o a antiov ?o t!i< I'.arlit M.wuf) to fndocii I ho l-tt-r wrt'tao by Marrlkaw, lit febw li 1 e r tated that b? nad ??nt I >reard tb? c.lalsaa ot I'l rheHofthaa; u4b*M?MlMNtk<DMrti| Attrrmy (i> produce tha latt.r, or tin iMr I. ) ab mid b? cblii'?d to kit* m caadary aTldeaea ot It Mr m-uua-re said tbat be wa? sot authoricd to prw. dt>ee tha letter Mr. Latfrn aa? about to n*l tb > aftitarlc at Mr. IV *> into" u wban Mr Sum in r? object* J ta li *? luruOl tai t ? \ id*n -? 'J'h? CuDiiii-iobrr ?ai.1 the '?ooiM'l tor d*l4iit%<it Blunt Stat prat* lb* ei l?uinre of tb? latter Mir* bo ran nlt? aaooadary evidenn* ol lt? aoutnaM. H ?acn I ? Tba further ha-arlo* of t ill o >aa vat a 1 Jo irar 1 to ttoud* (ttia dajr ) at 12 o'ciaok. Ilafore .lo?aph Rrl J/ham, W*<|, ll/'t ir OF Fill JNO IMT A VkMBL VO H THI l:ur| TK.AD*. F i 5 6 - TV U?ilr4 Sinn. ?a. William T^ttn ? '? tl la (???, *bt?b wa? rrportad ia Wrdo?-<daT't Hrrm!4, tba <'?Diaiui?Laf car* tb? tollaatai daolatoa : ? Tbm U a c rs p altit aicala't Wtillam T/<?n. lor !>ki?| ? feaji'din tb - M??r trada. routiary to tba probiM tlnn? < t th* Aet ol 0< ngtaaa uf t ba Mtb April. 18.1 ? tkaiNHl 'aftl'B ?f tba >al 1 a<-; raaota tbat ? o> ol>ik<n <reltti?e> two (ball af .?r th? palling of I hu act at a orrral 1 tor Llmaall tb^tsaalvra or aay o?.b?r ftrirt oi kHK i i ?bati'>'irr. rlthtr a* :n??t?r f*c ;or, or oat.>r luiid. bi <>q?lp load, or oeb?ral*a praparo at / rklp or Vtaaai in ao> port or plaea witbla ttio ja il diett<oct tb* Coital Staioa. aor aau?a aoy ?u*h al ip oi ? >?rt I lo rail Ii i>m any pert or plaoa ? hataoa >>r wltbtn Iha jutl dictlon <>f tba (ataa, for lit p?r> pi. >a t>t | ro;-urt?if any n'groaa. Vo , to bv trai.?p >rta4, h* . *h >!????? Tb? 8d rrotl >u auaot* " tSat avarf crriOB orp?ri if? ao butldluc lilting out, a.|uipplii(, loadli<K i rrlh?iwl?? pr?pari0ti or ?-B<lknK a?ay. ?t? rati*liiK no) of tba art" aforaaald to h? doaa with )? ? ftitto ?oipluj auoh fhlp <>r ?????! In ?mb tr ?1>- or buaiBvM allrr tba paaa ?<%<? ot t'ala ait roatrary to tba trua InKn'nad mnat.liiK tl*'< >f- or *lw aball ti a* f alar 1>* alolt g or atit>ttln4 tbcrrto, a 'kail aararal 1*. oa e<o*lrtl<iB te " Tba proaanutloB lBUOdas<( to(U> i?<.i,jr to ?how that tba daf*o4?ot t?? a part o*mi of (In Lilg ltaaion da /aide at th? tlia- aba a*lla4 frtTn Kta Vork i n bar laat vofaga tbat aba proraad rd ir ? port in Virginia, an I toek la ? lot I or lliar, thus* to Tahla *b"t? aha dlf*barga?l har*trg> ? llHii So Klo aad aubi ,(u?nily to Iba eoaat of Atrtrs nbara aha am < mploj<*d la tha >ltr? trada The rtldarra tor tha d> faiwia. adalta that tb? d??a? raat ?aa a part o*a<r at tha lima tba brig loft Mr* \ irk that nba war than a* bafor* aoctgad In a lav tultn da, tbat aha ?aa ohartarod as h>r laat aoyaaa bj M? arm lulft. I lllot tin, tbat at Fort Wal bail. In V ii kIlib aba took la a rargo ol floor aad proraado4 to I'abla and thatro to No abora aba an told bp tht Biiatrr undar a full poa or of attoraa* g raa to Vi tan ob a praflotw aoyag- tbit tba pr.tror lt ot rala, t? ?a?htr a lib tha railatiy and ?btp'? papora w?ro ro mrttad to tba ow oara tb'o i?h lirrlaf k Lir in^ttn and that all iut- i?o; lu or ktcol?dg? ?f Iha krigr.ntbo part ot tb- former ?'?natf roa?*d with tbr aa." ol tba b'l? at Ilia; thai rLa ?a> aaror <lir>ai? ij ot laciraatly aiipaa^d in > tty lllagtl trado. with tbalr ki.r alrdyo < r e< uaft.t, * od tbat iht*> narar a?t ?B tir.a. r'tai dlBg <l!f??-tl> or moira-tiy w|?.h tba g???ta? tbat ?ba 'fc>-i!l 1 t-a chart arad or ?n d lot % alaaor Tha I'nttr'nt In tb? ra a o? tba irhmmr flltoa I Ma?i?a, 4f4 r-trrrad t ? bt tba proaajft'i^a h%? no ap,i la?M?i 1 1. tbla rata, la ablah a tall powar of attorn?y to cli?f ' ? r or awl) tba brtg waa *(t n to tha aaator. ao.l It ??! Irli d lac ratio oar? wit It bra to uao thaaana or aot a ? i<o niikbt rr? tu, naltbor la tb?r? aay atldaac' in th<? eaoa ot m) praltndad tftwlrf or aal* a* in tha eat* of Dait ' b'ligl 10 K?nd Allhr.inh la * p?? 1 tplaa t ? iaui1t at|.->B It l? not Ba<?o??arT f 'r tht p-+ netttlf a to a-iabltab *?ob a r?*? a? to jti?tify a 'iw Tlrtlon by a jury I* K?a filial ta tbla laa?a'ia?to attahllab a ra?a rt probahla f?n?a ot poiaialtaiaat 1 hara la no atldari' a that tba trl? Htana <1* /.al4>?. a fill* Ib 1 1 ?? p >aaaa?l?w ?>f Mr TjfOB. oa< raiplora,# Ib nik>r ib?B a logal trada. aad no proot of any rlil* ti(?Bi<atba part ot tbr <*<-fra.lant of tha aot B?a*r ? bleb tbla ? i mplalbt U broagbt The t.iia^lalat lo, IbartlMt !l mlratd *n? olH n t > a?;ia*.*r. In tba c?aa of iria I ol od utalaa r? #amnol Shaaroa , alio la -ba 1...1 with it>alli>? >1.0?C <?? J&* 1 dart f" tr a <al'ow ptuMi n?tr oa hoard tha btl* "?*?* tr; pb OP hat lata ?oyaga trr? *?B franalaoo, tha aot 1 <|i ?ica tat the UefrBea eat Mirltlod tbla day It Wa* I mamly Ihtand^d to abao that the ??ld hal?o?ad U tba arenfd and t tat th.- p rata at eharga tat a oootplraap Bf atari h.oi for Ih-purpoaaof d'traadlai bla oat ot bt* frt party al.o tha tha rlalmaot. (Wilflar) Wa* a gan l>er and had lc*t hi* gold datt by ganbllog. Da MttM ra*er??il It.fof* J. W N ll?? X?* a I Ib the ot*e of the l'nlt*d dtate* i-?, Sfcaa. far fat rteallac gall da*t to tba value at tl miO ta. If or la* to a fallow pa?*aa?ar on hoard tt.a brig f raph. on berlata vogaga Iran Oaliforala to Raw York, lha t'eionilat loaar having recMrad the otldanoa offtre4 for ha paople aad Iba ptltoBar d*r Idad oa eoaioil .Mag Ibkktrr tor trial. Tl.J- i'klMINCtH of Till un Mk.a Maihw*.? ? ' Tb^ Wa-ahtup'o'. p4p?-r? coiiiiiii an adtrertte^niF?* of the rflffimil i he late Mr*. Dolly Mtdiau, iit?i( wbli h ?re thr fnltowiug pttntinL'ti ? An ofifinkl por trait of Wmthtitginr, by 4ta%it, rai4, by thir who kre?omi?tt ntjurifea, to b?kTM? faititfiil lili????? tie ot jtrtrr.-oo. Mkdiaoo. and Mra MdAtoftjfcll by ihr Mtn^ krtiat 5 oo? ol Joh> Ai?m?, bf OoJ. Trnnihail, Mf af Monroe, by Vaa?lerlytt; *11 ? ftttohl, patntrd ra,*cial)y for Mr Mtiitoon. aa* bayf Bevrf brra out ot I He poa**ai?a n 4 tM J***" My . There py< a Ian |K>rtraiti of A'eap ?"??> ' b?m, a?<t i^h?.t, the three greai ATief'?*? c?t i rt i" , irlUi oikn>' Oihfr FtfuaWo

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