Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1851 Page 4
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IRK HERALD. IROON BESS ? V *, >K AMD IDITO&. tOIFVLTON ANOBAMAC'^n. ?K.iLD, I cents per copr _|7 9er HUHJtLD, every Hat* rj? -t ?u 3 per annum; M? t'ur ' ~'yju ~ ijrarl ./ Ore Mi HriW ^'Ttj'to, mm ft b.tK to intlude t> . 10 eeSIfJ *" tkl p* ' ' **' Vlii i4 U ' 1?^ Y ?ertei every Morning. ??,cu <i vi'U neatnen, eVjpMlli 'artOnymMM (jimuiikj.'uu, Wr'.'Jj 1 ' & reneiie '. every momknf. >Vl N lumber 63. ABCSABtNTS THIS XrmNlNQ. iTIIT THIATKB, Bo??ry? Ha?j-? r? Tm >WAT THKATRB, Brj?<lw?7-BsLrHi69>-?Hi K" ' t'S 0A&U&9>. Bro?<l ? ?y ? Jfa Pttlocmkno*. eg tHIATU. Chtmbtn ?????(? Da> a> CoffiH ? fAlii -Kot'fcM PtAMORI'. ION AL TLi IATKE. Cbt'.hun Itnll ? Surtn r? Br r - Ra?l' TO Mjchh-Allow III TO AfuLu ?131-Ca i DiVMTU. _____ jrGHAM'8 LYCEUM, Bro?iw?y? D* r:o Coffer ?WjIU'I rAH. ..ISTY'!* MINSTRBLS. MeohAAioi' HkU. 47i BroAdwAj uopiah _ . }W8" M INSTBf.S, U ? wi' 0(wr? Uoui. Ut Bro?tl -StHII'FIAB IOM? Amvuns Ft Rroim^cu A/ru> FHlTHCATRf, 37 Bowtry? Iqt'KSTAtAS IAJLL? Paborama or thi Filgbui'i )KAkA. corner of Thirteeati ?tr??l -Panorama or Umm. E SHEET. tdn??dA)r, March 3, 1651# r?y?*cond Congrm. rst Congress having expired at ???n, yesterday, the public are interested in having a lint of the members of the new Con gress, as far as they have been elected. This list will be found in another column of this morn ing's paper. Tb? Adjournment of the Thirty-First ( oa graaa Ke-rlew of the LMt Sasslon . We place before our readers, ia another column of this day "s Herald , a telegrsphic acceunt of the closing scenes of Ue second session of the Thirty First Congress, and a list of the bills and resolu tions that were passed. As is generally the case, the last hours of the session were characterized by the confusion which ia usually witnessed on such occa sions ; and we rJuret to say, the precedent was so faithfully folic?, that two members of the oiise oTT epreseotatives ? Messrs. Cl.ngman and Sunly, of North <? arolina idulged in a trial of physical strength;* or, in plain language, had a Hitch at eticuffif, which may lead to a hostile meeting of mother fort. Such occurrences are to be deplored. They are disgraceful to the parties soncernsd, and derogatory to the good name, fame and character of our federal legislature. Ob reviewing the proceedings of the last session sf the Congress which haajust expired, all must ad bas been a peculiar one. As a general " \hrng, agX- deal of business is transacted in the thort ;essiont That which has just been termi Ba;ed has b^n a prominent exception to the rule. Separate at J apart from the regular appropriation hills, and the {cheap posts** bill, and a few other Ueaaures, it has been one of the most unprofitable sessions that we have ever had. Week after week, and day af'.er lay, were wasted in domg nothing. T.iere was abundance of talking and speaking; btlt comparatively very little work was done until the last hour; aci until the last hoar was daaibtful even f he appropriation I ills would be >sed. This was occasioned by the obftmacy which the t4v<*ates of the River and Harbsr tW.neasure, and the resistance which from iu opponen s, who, although in the ,, succeeded in defeaung it, by the exercise ?'constitutional tights, and by the ar. of a science m which poLucians are noton well skilled. most important mearura of geaerai interest, during this session, was an act to settle land claims in California, an act for the ap nt of appraisers at large, and the cheap lage bill, the last mentioned being of as great ,uence as sny of the others. We conarata the public on the reduction of pos.age thus icted. It is not so great as we would wish ; but .s an important one, and we have no ult in increa mg the revenue of the mcb so as to justify a further re ear or two. We congratulate b the passage of this bill, ery day of the week? Sua il save the postage on fifty the course of the year, litem, is worth s?*u>g | ' pkti' a made b? th* sto:? line of, fo: an To . it ; ai ! tc thT . t y ffov^rn csrry ? n g the mails between the United j I England, has been auceearfuJ We hope j ?rant li correct. been demonstrated that the treasury id mere from this line, for carry Bg the naila n New York and Liverpool, than it faid for ?rxwe of late. It will n t be said that the go i nt want to mak- money out of a line winch fleeted the highest credit on the country a: I was originated by some or our en t merchants, not so .. >ch for the pt?rp ose of with the view sf convincing the world, of peace ss well as in those of war, utes is behind no nation in ex .atenca. I best reason for believing that this was hvi which the stockholders of the liae of steam -hips htd in constructing igaittcen' -ss-ls; and we are satisfied motive was kept ia view by Congress, . granted to the- , the original apj ropri * eh. an hss <? ?n ase*r;aine<l, if a Put there is asother and more important [taken of wbyect. The English go I with tk? -x press View aad (NMfHi of j'ollms ho* ' J' tfca W* of allowance t -? far carrying the mails between Instates Thtt gov. rn Mr. Cunard and Mr Cot- 1 ?r ly tj heavy purse t< m ire, the two gorenam-nt# }? f ui-wy in ?* <n etch, u we.]] M in sacking their towns, and burning and razing tiKir nou ae? and twtilk&u.wu England baa dis covered that peace with the United States is essen unt to her national existence, and that the can herself more good, and inflict on us 'triors Injury, | by depriving u? of ocr legitirc/.'te share of the commerce of the wot 1U, ihs'u jhe could by firing | her guns at as, or ?ndeav<y jg to capture our ships the has. therefore, as ? gov ?rnment, embarked in J the ocean ate? ..4hi* service; and will it be pre* } tended that s .r merchants, single-handed and alone, wnh a coi paay sustained by such a powerful backer! According to the view w hich v e tak- of the matter, the United States government was bound oy e^ery consideration of patriotism and interest, and respect for itself, to support the Cortes steamships, in opposition te the steamships of the Canard line The struggle is not between Mr. Cunard and Mr. Collins; it is between the citueus of the United States and the subjects of Great Britain, the latter backed by the government of that country, for commercial and naval supremacy. "Commerce is king," says Carlyle, and he was right Commerce is the pow er that rules the world, and tne nation which had the greatest commerce, and the supremacy of the seas, controls the rest of the vorld England has thrown the gauntlet: should we pick it up, or retire from the arena, and acknowledge that we were unequal to the contest! Entertaining these views, we rejoice that the application on the part of the stockholder: of the Collins line of steamships has been favora bly acted upon, as we are informed it has been. Give the Collins line an equal chance with any steamships built, or that may be built, and we have nc fear of the result, but we could not expect a half fed horse to make as good time as one that is regaled with the best of hay and oats. The following shows the number of letters and newspapers carried by the Collins steamers, on their four last trips letters. Papert. Baltic to Liverpool 39,875 11 051 Arctic to Liverpool 30.038 10.Q61 Atlantic from Liverpool 28,006 10 000 Baltio from Liverpool 494 10.821 The letters between Liverpool and New York, each way, average double; and the United Slates government have received more from postage, as the above will show, than they paid the company under the old rate. The thirty- first session of Congress is now a part of the history of the United States. The thirty-second will open on the eve of a Presiden tial canvass, and promises to be as important and interesting as any that have preceded it. Tits World's Fair ?An agreeable and intelli gent speech in the New York Assembly, ia always a cunoeity. One of these will be found in our columns to-day. The Hon. Caleb Lyon, of Lyons dale, having been in favor of providing for the rep resentation of this State at the World's Fair, was opposed by Mr. Varnum, of this city, wt? affected 1 to taunt Mr. Lyon for being a poet. The reply ?! Mr. Lyon fully establishes his claim to the distinc tion; ai d though he has selected an American free soil Druid, an<l put him in good company, yet we think he could have done better. If ever a timid, weak-winged, prosy writer has gained celebrity as a bard, without meriting it, that man is Bryant. His "Ages" is an imperfect, aimless, and thought less production? has not the merit of harmony, and is defective even in its rhymes. " Thanatopsis," a passable poem, ia only a tincture of the common Places of the poets, from Homer downwards. The true vigor of this writer is best shown in his attacks on the Union and the Constitution, over which he is ambitious to write a new " Thanatopsis," upon which he would deicenl to new fame. In this case, we think Mr Lyon has " struck ths lyre" a little too rashly Thk Dratv or am America* m Paris ?We | have been requested to correc: an impression made , by a statement in the letter of our Paris correspond ent, in relation to the d'ith of an American in Pa ris. Some circumstances seem to designate a par ticular case, and we regret that the misapprehen sion should occasion pain to a large circle of sor rowing friends. The American Consul was not applied to in this cat*. Greene Sc Co. were only applied to as bankers, for the balance in their hands. Mr. Vanderbrock's kindness is not exag gerated; but all he did was of his own freewill.? Many friends, thougS not in Paris, were at hand ready and ab.e to atlord all the help required. A letur of credit, affording abundant means, was ly ing in Uie Post 1 Rice of Paris, when this sudden death made it unavailing The expenses incurred will all be met by prompt and willing hands. We are asked to make this correction because of th" pain given hy the supposition that a ?ick man, 10 valued, woul 1 be left so illy supplied in a fo reign land Still, we are assured that our correspond ent only did /jstice to Mr. Vanderbrock's noble and liberal hearted kindness He did everything that could be done, and he is worthy of all praise. Ntwf ExrifTSD ? The steamship Paciic, Capt Nye, with oce week'- later news from Europe, wJl be due at this port on Thurt>day or Friday; the L i ptre City, Capt Wilson, and Georgia, Capt. Porter, with two week- later intelligence from California, will be due on Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, however, we get the California news v.a New Orleans, or by a transient steamer at this port. Martnr Affairs. lf? ar: iaT f'*K->K?T TO C*rr Con<ito< W* saw, y*starday a splendid ??rvieo of ailver, consisting of At* ptsoM. which is to be prasantad to Capt. Corn s', ook of tha American sail steamship Baltia. On each p>ca Is th* following inscription ? rneitii t# canals ]. '. c o *>t * to<. k , o? tub flraiaoir himr, A) a tai'.isi' tlal I t ? ?ha tu'tirin on a voyacs Iris Sm Vork to Uttml Nov. V, im. This i'jm* was mad* under peculiar ?lrsum>taaeas wbl<h exhibit** th? skill and seamanship of Capt ' Ccmstr-k Is an Inen t degree a Court of Utntral ?t<?lon?. P afore Ju4g* Bebee and Aid. Onklea and Chapman m 4 -IV Qrmnd /. ry At the opening of -t court thl? morata* th* nam** of gentlemen sub tjfB'd to s*rve a* (rand jurors w*r* called ovar and m?nti?a?d in lb* foliowisg list aasveriag th -j w*ra duly |u*ll9eU Bad *ntared up^n their duti?? ? > flia* I. Hmitb Foreman. John Brand, linuil F Bartii William D turning I?aac Foster. John Or**n William F OUi*y. Manning A King U ifh MjRride. John Neilsna. 1. sonar J K flml'.h. William OllserT Ward*ll, Robert II ay dock Patrick M nit bill JohsT B Mai??ll Atchison P fl mith. jurors. Sltabn t /'?>"?? JUL ?? - A ynnag Herman nam*d Karl Berwald alias Charles H*t? >od was triad on as indictusnt charging him nith stealing about fib and soma elothea Iron Aatoln Whitmar. of No. J 18 Mai harry sraat Th* complaisant and tha a?an**d wsre fellow work?*n at the taking buslaese ant tha iA< r. ?y was taken by the frl**n*r fr ai Whltmera chaat. Ths <-a?e was clearly proven and tha jury ra. torssd a *erdl?t af guilty ae%to?t th* prisoner. whom tha court sent*D:>'d to tha PeTiiteattary for sit months Jt ;? ' a/ a C trg* a/ H gK>r?f geAAcry A long shoreman nam*d Jam** Johnson was put on his de li sea. *ha*g*d with tha serious nrlm* of blghaay rob bery perpatratf d against tha person of Qeerg* Wlodie, at tha corsar of Moore and Front streets an tha wtb of January last Mr Wmdl* (*s?i1*<l that h* naa faMiap along Front str**t, when eo m*? perann a*ra* *lnr.d him asd put both arms aroaad his psreoa. holding him so ti^bt that he could not eaarisat* him ?k'if. and. while fea was ia this position. his pockets ? * r1fl?d of abont f20 In moa*y Tha prleot.*r beta* In th* neighborhood at tta tim* Mr. W iadla. 90 look lag about him aftar ha ?a? ralaas*d took him to ha tha p*??in ?h-> ha4 rahbad him Tbee* ao Id. ?t?- | Bret Ion of tha paeaoa. ho ?a?ar aad tha praaM. og judga >>hark>4 tha jury stronaly in favor af aa aa- i ^ulttai Tha ptia?a?r was adjodgad not guilty, an I I took h>s i*a*a . ?aarsing h<s iaaanaa?a sndatatiag to I tha Coart that tUe C' lnplalaant was mnob latcalaaiad FtfS he gars Lb a chsrga 9l U? i< lies. 1 '?"?T ooBcitlt Utnattn ?i Art I Tb* <? have km, wKhla tte |MMt !*?, ?? *?? ^ftaat additions to Ui literature ui art ol Europe, ul of thli country, mil *t which ilmly hate k*? noticed 1b oar columns Tte accumulation of tteee, however, 1* to rapid, that a hurried glance ??? oaly be taken of thoee which have attracted our attea. tioa. A continuation of the hletory ?! the G irondlsts by l.amaatlnc waa announced la Lecou ? catalogue, re cently It waa entitled Hiatolre duDlreetolre -four volumes, ptlce forty francs G rnnler de Caangnae | however took up the same subject for feuilUton pub I Ucatlen, and Lamartiae baa withdrawn hl? work, ?nd I baa announce* another work, la eight volumes, the first one ol which is to be published In April, the title l ol which is "Hlstolre de U Reetauratlon " Lamar I tine will receive about twenty-lour thouaand franoa for bis work. EUas Renault, also haa announcedhis intention of continuing the "Six Yeara ol Louis ' Blanc. stjllng It the "History of Eight Years, 1840 | 48 ' Louie \ iardot, the husband of Garcia VlardoV ?he Tocaliat, and known for his elegant tranalatioa o Don Quliotte. has written a history of the Arabs and Mocr* in Spam, which will soon be publlahed la Parla. Ueorge Band a new drama. "Claudia," is aald to be a work ol considerable Interest. Da \ illemeriue hes re cently translated tha 'Fo. me dea Bardes Bretona du M Biecle ? His reputation ia a guarantee of aa la. tt resting work. At Parla oil that ia new in art has ap peared in the exhibition of the Palais National Oat ; of thirty nine hundred contributions, thirty one hun dred anJ filty consisted of paintings and drawings. an<l i the remainder ol atatuary architectural designs, llu ! thographs and engravings. The average merit of the ! performances appears to hare dlatlngulshed nothing, i At Rome and Florence, the sculptors are producing i some excellent works. In tne lormer city. Wolff, the 1 Prussian sculptor, who bas made bust a ol tha royal family of England, and a statue of Prince Albert, as a Greek warrior, has reoently finished a Una figure e( i Paris. His lour figures ol the Seasons hare been pur chased to England. Mr Gibson, the English sculptor, ! has commenced a statue ol Queen Victoria enthroned 1 between two allegorical figures. It is to be executed fcr the House of Lords. He la engaged, also, in making a statue ol Bir Robert reel In Florence, there has been much Intereat expressed in the works of tha young American sculptor, Gait, cf Virginia He is only nineteen yeara ol age; but his wcrks arc attract ing much attention, and he ia named as the future rival of Powers. One of hie productions Is for sale in thla city, and may be seen at the Art V'nlon Gallery. In London, there have been but few new publica tion of much interest, which wc have not already noticed. Bartlett's "Gleanings on the Overland Route," containing twenty eight steel engravings, ie a work ol literature and art that has met with merited attention. It furnlahec a fine picture of the East, or, aa Americana will soon have to call it, the West-far New York is now the centre ol the world, commercially and politically and the Weat Iadiea must be called the Southern Indies, and the Eaat Indies must be deslg r ted as the West Indies. The English geograpbisal lOmenclature must be repudiated, aa troubleeome. In convenient, and absurd. Among the works of art from London, we prize tte ' Art Journal ' very highly. The engravings are in the highest style of excellence; and as the work regularly arrives In New Y ork every month. Its circulation on this aide ol the Atlantic will be very great, and lncreaae aa lta merits become known. It ia, in ita literary department, aa valuable as the" Interna tional Magazine," publlahed in thla city, which can tatas always a valuable aurvey ol the current hUtory ol literature, art, science, and politics. 01 new American publications, we have not such to aay, as the book market ia mot very active. The first volume of tte second aeries of Richard HUdreth'i mis- named ? History of thoUnlted Btatee" haa appear ed. It is devoted to the administration of Washington, and la no Improvement upon past histories. It is aot so reliable aa that of Glbbe. The errora which It con Ulna show that Mr. HUdreth ia wholly Incapable to produce a correet history of the country and the mo ment hla faulta are discovered by the publlo-and we ah all soon unmaak them-hls work wUl moat with the late that It merits. " The City of the Silent," a poem, by W. Gllmore Blmms, bas recently appeared. It la written In smooth pentameter couplets, and the notea exhibit considerable research. The poem waa read at the consecration of Magnolia Cemetery, near Oharleetoa,and many beautiful allusions are made to tha Memories of the sacred dead of Booth Carolina Among hlatorlcal works about to be published, we hear ol a " Life of Constaatlne . the Great," by the Rev Dr gohroeder, ol this city. Of course, It wlU give aa account of the church In the fourth century ; aad.ln connection with Clinton s " Fasti Romanl," the last volume of which bas just been published la London, will be read with great latereet. The reputation of the author promUee a valuable work. Ameng works of practical valne, Issued in this elty recently, may be named the " Oaly Complete Ready Reckoner," by John f. Btoddard, and pnbliabed In the shape of a pocketbook, by Cornish. Lamport A Co It ia adapted to the wants of farmers merchants, mechanics, lumber dealers, atock com panics bankers, and, In faot. to buslnes a men gene rally . It la calcalatod to aave a world ol ealcalatioas Of lighter works about to appear In thla olty. we aay name the "Dollar Magazine, which haa been pur chased by the proprietors of the " Literary WorU, end which promises to be materially Improved in every respect. Musical elrclee, alao, may prepare to derive entertainment from a work on the drama, that will appear during the preoeot month The firat part, of a hundred and sixty pages ia entitled " Parodl and the Opera " It will be beautifully printed, and will contain portraits bv Barony, Hardtmuth, and others, from original drawiage The work Is of a disourslve character, contalaa a llle of the gToat dramatic vocal ist, reviews of every character In whieh she haa ap peared. citations Irom the preee, and altogether takes a bold step out of the ebaokles of Kuropean criticism As the work la a voluntary tribute to art. and written at no speculator a suggestion, It will be a reliable ene as the record of individual opinion. In warts of art nothing very rare has appeared In the city , If we ex- j cept some specimens of lithography by Barony and Major They have reoently execnted a lithograph of tte sister* Rousset- those charming dancers who are winning so much admiration at Nlblo s. The plate contains ten or twelve flgurce and Is printed In tints Parisian art has furnished nothing as yet comparable to this work ol the disciple* of Benefelder Where our lithographer* are so very hurried in their productions as ia New Tork, It Is relreehlag to fiad a werk of art worthy of particular notice. There la In our Congressional documents, occasion ally. literature of a scientific character, which merits mere attention than It usually reoelvea, even Iron our profoeaedly literary journals, and we are gratified to j find thai the printing and binding of the works ?i the eipenee of the country. ar? of aa improved and more substantial character Tne report of ttetel" | ?atendent of the Coast Survey by Prof Alexander B, he bas j??t appeared The Informatloa which it contains and the maps and charts embraced in It make it a eery valuable werk. It furnishes I'i't fund of reliable Information coaesraiag cur I b?ays cad hsrbor* which is latereetlng la many points of vlew^ The work embraces all that has been aseertaiaed up to the cloee of last year The lithographic maps are handsomely executed. I Kacordar ? OAct, omimm or rrcordf.r tau.mai*r in the urm IRNIMNO *i;ai>*T MKAT ASI) rRYDRR, O.N nil WRIT OP CRRTTORaRI ? T1IE CAM RIT1 Rlgb TO nit m?oi?tratr Yaatarday it tb* R*ftor4?r ? offl -? tba partla? la tb* eaaa of .liao McKay and Jobs F Crydar m*t ia areardaao* to arfjaaraa^a' ?h*o Ra*ord*r T?llma 1*? prtraadad to fi?a hi* 4*?Mo? in tha <???.? p*n Ha* tx? Kri hlai nn a writ of Ctrttormri Tha Raeordar >Ut?4 tbat to tha cm paadlac b*fora b ? oa tb* r? tatR nade by .laatin* ,L ?thnp. to. tb- writ of i < f <rm b# bad **amio?l tb* ratora thua mad* >?*?<? m l rin?ld?r?1 It to ba all tbat waa a> ???arr Tba ? a* dill prr.dir( b*fora tha Joatira and ba did not f<B>] any authority to tab* from tb* marlatrat* a lagal la**ati?atloa until tba aiatt*r bad b?*n paaaad up->a If tbat bad b?aB doaa. tbra ba ballavad ha waald ba authorised to r*viaw tba avtdanoa aod tba daeldon mad* t>y ni' h mnglatrata In aupport of tba d*cl*kn tba Ra*nril*r altad Ptona and otn*ra. af alra* tba Major and Aldarmaa. la W*n a*t?K*port* p V> a*a lofl and ?* Tba Jla?erl*r raid that ba bad aot aa4> any ?rltt-a opinion bit naa to tb* r< n*la*lon to ratarn tba *ho|a m*tt*r to tba | jartadletlo* of tba ma?l*trat* A* lor tba *?/<?? rar|>Mt cr*nt*d yaatarday h* abould aiaka tba aain* dlrpraltloa of tbat. b y ramandlBC tba aonqaad partlaa barb to tba jarUdlatlan of tb- a ?{latr?t* Tha noaatlon of l?ll than aroaa Tba Raeordar <l?rt. d?d tbat tb* aatira jurisdiction raat d at (.raaaat with tb* fomalttlBir manlatrata Hev*f*r for tha pr***at. wltfc tba eooaaat of all partl?? any furth?r projaad ir*a a*r* autpandad natll 4 o'clock tbl* aftarno--o R*>pon?ibla partlaa ware pr*a?nt to an'ar Into boat* of f 10 <00; but. aa tba R*oord*r could aot at that Ptaf* of tba prr>e?f ding* taba bail, tbat ?raa al*oh- id o?*r to tbla day ___________ Caart (?l?n?tar for Wnl>ir<day. P< rrw*r Co! a*,- CillctiT,? Woe 1H tl lui, 2M, 157, lt? ??> 171 103. 'JHO to tH5 e riaioa Coi a r - Koe 6ft 10. M, it (I U M 17. ?#, 73, HI, ?* ?3, M, IT, M. ?!, 0t ta 106, 107. I'rO 110 111. 112 111 C- mir,m f. na - Ilea 123, M7. 3(4 to M7 (add uua b*r?) alao tV'H. 17 I. D.rmt Cet?T. Pa?a aa ?a rtt/tey aad *? U Tk? Dye Street M?r4?r C?tf a. THB COUBT or OYBB AND TBBMIMBB. B aton Ohiaf Jurtloo Bdmond* aad AMnwa fnaktta and DoUmator. ??CORD OAT. . ? March 4 - Heary Caraela ?M K?ia ?* bar chin*! with the murdar of Caarioa If . Boaseaa. The eroee examination of Louis Rohhu ?umii??4 Counael wna about to uk him questions as to hU dspo altiona befors the Coroner, whan the Dlatriot Attorney ?Aid ha had the original la Court, and would adaut 'llVDlstin said thore was eome dlsorepancybetweenTiis evidence here, aad that Wore the Coroaer, aa to time. The District Attorney remarked that the examina tion before the Coroner wai when the witness was suf fering from hie wounda. Witaeaa to the Court? At the time Garnet was pre sent when he learned there waa money in the trunk, I did not apeak in French or English, I merely made suna to the carman, that he must wait until 1 went to the trunk for monoy. The prisoner was present at the ti: To Counsel? It was dark in the bod room when I was stubbed ; 1 oould not soe the prisoner, but reoognlsod him by his toIoo when he spoke; 1 don't know in want room my father mot tho prisoner that night; I saw Ba thing in my fathsr's hands when 1 saw him; my lather had no knives or forks in his bands, but my eldest brother took knives and forks from the table to defend himself; tho servant woman did not get up that night during the affray; I usod to s?o the prtaonwovery day at dinner while we wero in Carlisle street, but did not see him every day when wo removed to Dey street; the prisoner wisbsd to oome and board in Doy ?treot wito us. but my father said he could not aooommodato him ^"iVthe Court? I never noticed anything remarkable in the conduot of the prisoner; 1 never saw him set down moody or contemplating; he has apoken to me of a sweetheart whom he bad kMi but said that be had '"to'mt. Dlatin ?I saw him drink, in Carl isln street, with a woman whose lamlliar acquaintance he had Bade en board the ship; the prlsouer did not attempt to stab us afier ws awoke; as soon as I felt the first blow X commenced screaming, aHd the prisoner kept stabbing very rapidly; there was no time between the blows; the first blow waa In tho stomaoh, I think the nest was in the breast, but they Ml so rapidly that ! can't toll where I got them; it wwi too d:irk tor me to see if mj brother was stabbed af * I tcr amml out; I don t know if it was through the bed clothes or not that he subbed us; I have never seen the covering since; we bad but two oovers over ut; we had given one to cover the prisoner. , , _ The District Attorney said they had tho olothlng at the polios office. . . The Judge directed that an offlcer should examine them to see If they wero cut. , Witness oontlnued. ? I did not see tho prisoner look the street door that nlght: but he askea mo It it was Direct resumed Some short time before tbe night in <iue etion I heard the prisoner say he must look lor voik as his money could not last always. Charles Kosseau, aged 22 years, the eldest son of the dsceased was examined, and corroborated certain particulars testified to by his brother; does not know whether his lather or brother took the money out of the trunk to pay for tho Dey streot premiaea. Louis Kosseau was here asked this question, and he said that it was he who went to tho trunk for the money; the prisoner was present at the time and saw him lLouls) go Into tho room and come out with tho "'chMles' examination resumed.? When M*nry C?r nelcame In on the night In question, he said he had procured work lor witness In Newark for which he was to get $82 a month, and alio that he, prisoner, had got work lor himself there; he asked lor a drink, and l?To tho'court- When the prisoner Uy down, witness put the cover over blm; did not obsorve anything pe

culiar about him at the time; he lay quiet. To Mr Blunt? Louis said to witness. In b?d, that ho was uneaav. and ? what It Camel would get up In the nlcht and stab ?s.'!> witness said it was nonsense lor him to think so, and he then went to sleep; "'Jness -here described the stabbing which awoke him and hia brother, witness reoelved two stabs, ens in the throat and one in tbs side, and then got up in the bed and took Carnel by th? throat; was not able to hold him long and he (prlsonsr) then wont into the next room; after he broke loeso from witness, he said, ?bat a the mat ter, what's the matter; I II help you;' heard the de ceased cry out, " there he Uj-' saw a acuffle, and I sup posed that his father was atfuck upon which wltn??s went to the street door to ery tor help; one of his brothers (AdolphK lit a match by whioh wltness saw his father s throat out and the prisoner then made off, through the kitchen; he was running as if he was trylnp to csoape; he upset all the things, and broke two panes of glass I took some of the knives and forks to defend myself when 1 got up. after 1 waa ^ToUie Jury-When my brothel spoke to me of his fears he spoke In a loud tone, but It was in Bpanish. and the prisoner does not understand that To the Court-It is ten years sinco we left JSurops; came hero from Central America. ... On cross examination, nothing was ellol.ed differ ent from the material points of his brother s testimony; he said , when his father addressed him and his brothers, It was generally in the Flemlsn language, be and his brothsr usually converse In Spanish, the prisoner tried to escape by the front door, the dseMsod prevented him. and it was then prisoner gave him the blows, witness was la the sam- room with bla father at the time he was atruuk; oould see very plainly; his lather | had nothing in his band; saw a movement, a acuttl-, and his latbsr attempt to seize the prisoner; witness then ran to the streot door Tor assistance, saw his father rua towards the prlsonsr to oetse him and I it must have been at that time the deceased got the blow from the time his father cried out - there he is, or ' here he la,' be asver spoke a word, his father was atlll atendin*. after he got the blow, aad waa able to , go to the atreot door, where be died, leaning on Louis's tro ths Jnry-Tho words. ' Walt a while; I'll help ?on ' were spoken In Krenoh; tho servant speaks a species of German />o/ei? that a Flemish person oould not understand. ? , [One of the bed guilts was hsre examined, It was bloody and thsre was a large cut in It. J The witness said that cut was not In it before ths ^Adolph'Kosseau. aged sixteen years d?po?od-Ttiat he slspt with his father, was disturbed about three 0 clock In the morning. > y seream. he I beard I from his brothers; on hearing these screams, my father aad I ?ot ap I g< t a match In tbe bar room lighted It, and when I returned 1 saw my father wounded in the throat; 1 did not see tbe prisoner; had no candle, mer?ly lighted a match To the court? Trlod one or two matches before I e?Lcu|l?8uiswau was hers asked If his father was an. drselsd at the time be died on his knse and he re plied. that be bad red drawers and a rsd night shirt on; It waa in those hi slept Wm McCnlloufh. an offloer of the Third ward de posed that his attention waa attracted to a nolee on the 16th of November, in Dey street about J o eloch In the morning; It appeared to be from a dlstrees tbe noise was at 61 Dey stroet 1 went to the h< ure 1 met Charles the eldest son. near th? house. In his night clothes; he spoke, but I oould not under stand htm; 1 had a dark lantern and on holding It up 1 taw the old gentleman (the deceased) lying on tti ?idewalk rtuht In front ot the basement door, with his throe t s ut I r ue g m y rattlo lor and offl >.r Powell and aoother came also tbe private watchman fremthe Ocean Bank; when 1 got assistance I wsnt Into tbe house and tho sons showed me the window through which the prisoner escaped, I saw the sons boil all bloody, and tbs prisoner s coat layl&C on tbs end of the counter; I saw Uoed near the kitchen door, tho window was partly up. and two panes of glees wsrs broke, the furniture in the kitohea was ospeited. on the table In the bar room there were oae or two knives elth blood on them, I tound some spooa. end forks lying on tbe side walk, there wm no blood on the flocr where the prisoner lay. I sent tor a doctor immediately. I took Louis to the station bnus- his sntraile were protruding at the Unas aadfeehold his band to his side, officer Powell aud one of tho eoas of tho deceased took the deceased to the station house; I went back andssarch?d the yard. but found nothing there at that time, I went again to the premises la m'Tolnc !? coniNiqnoac?? of loformatloo I r?e^if sd from Mr Andrews. (joweUsr,) a nolghb^r of Boa s' au. I went up an alley way. in the roar of th- houeo 47 Dey street, between that and No 61. and 'there paw tno prisoner in an ar-a, the area was i about M f?et deep I called through iho wiadow to him , I out a ladder down aad Mr CouVn ant I took th. priso.-r no he *i< completely covered with blood from head te foot tbero was blood on his face and hands, he was ont " th. head, as If from the fall, and there was , blood In the area where bo was, hs was parti/ ua ?ireeeed' It was Impoeelble for a man to got out of that are" without help th* prisoner did not appear any | wav strange he < ame ap th? ladder very oautloaslv, be never .|.oke, 1 spoke to hi?. but fee did not m*ke j *"/be*';ourt here took a reoesa The J odg. advised . the lurv after they bad dined to go in eo.pany with | the officer* to visa the premises where ths prisoner , was arregto 1 F.' *ra?i**. Mr MoCulloa?h waa r*call*d. aad hi* ero*? ***m' gttl'i c ob in ? no 4 Nothing m*'?rl*J ??? *h*tt*d. [On* of th* jatorr Mr Ournay. h*r* b*eaa>a ?u4 d*nlv indl*po**d. *oi *?? obll<ad to t.? r*m<>T*d by an ofHo*r Alt*r ?om* abort tlm? ho r?twrn?<i and tha.iudg* told bt m If h* did not f?*l abl* to (it out tba trial b* would adjourn th* Court. Mr Ournay (?Id b* f*lt much b?tt*r and tb* cat* pr.>**" ]*d | Jibh Coulton oflcar of polio*. d*po**il that h* vast In oompany with tb* l**t witn***. to tb* pr* ml*** la tb* r*ar ol 47 IHj atravt. whar* th*y fouu I tb* ?rt*oa*r, and tork bim up by manna of a laddor Offlrar I.**** t**tlfl*4 to tain* at tb* ao*a* of out r*?* and Mid that b* track*d blond from tb* a-*a back to tb* kltebrn. w*at tb*r* th* morning aft?r and found blood on th* torn** an 1 on tb* window, took oharg* of lb* b*n*? and tb* money ttat waa th?r* found b*tw?*a two and tbr?* bundrad dollar* in jold and *ll**r. wfclrth b* took rharg* of. tb*r* wn* blood on Ih* mon*y till, a'*o ahout th* taM* and ***? on a loal of br? a<l that lay on tb* t*t>:?, tb* prtaoaar ap paarad rational enough; tb*r* wa* an offlr*r th*r* ? bo apok* Pr*n*h. found a dirk knif* with a Whit" handl- It wa* cp*n, 1 put a mark on it. (Knif* pro 4o<**4 ) Thla lath* kilf* I found th*r* w*r* more mark* of blood on it wh*n I fr?ind It, tb* knit* waa T*ry 'harp at th* tin*, far 1 out my flagar with It. I Tha kntf* waa ?ahihtt*d to th* jury | 1 b* udg* *ald lot a** gantlaman. It la an Kng llab knif* and if It b*long*d to tb* prl*o?*r. It wa* probably bonght aft?r b* cam* bar* Wltn-a* to tba Judg* taoh knif** ar* aold on atanila round th* ward n**r Washington Mafkat To Mr Pluat? Took tb* monry out of both th* trunk*. Alanaoa ? Jon** phyai?>ian d*n?**l f w*? ra!l*d upoa oa th* Ibtfc Hc?*inb*r. to g'> to 61 t>*y *tr*?t, final tha two yowag man (Obarl** and l.oat*' wouadad. and tha old man tti*ir fa har. 4*a1 found a wound on hi* throat, whtah look*<l|** if th* knif* had g*a? ta and out tb* throat out all rl?ar, all tha graat art.rl'* lacked a* If th*y bad ba*a ?ut with a Ihruat and tfcaa th* baff* drawn ontwardf, tbara waa aa ua Important wound *w th* wti*t; th* *ao*a of hi* 4*a;.h waa th* lot. r.f blood tba? wouod m th* n?"k waa nn 4*iibt<dly th* **??? of hi* d?atb I, out*, tb* aon had a wrnad on tb* M4* hi* whol* *bdom*n w?> *at op* a m4 fc* wm* prou U?* wo?a4 waa au iaog Mow the uUtteui U liittttUii n?h as the knife nroduoed would be calculated Id Inflict suoh in juries tatilM; OWIw kM I vat oa the Ml M sd his throat, wounding the fullet and the windpipe, in i1miv?ui<mUm it?Hk,?Uok went right UM the oavlty of the lug*. To the Court? The wound* on the ao as were highly dangerous. To the District Attorney? tew the prlsonsr oa the morning alter; he had a woand on the iorshsad: it wae a (light wound, it eould aot hare produced the quantity of blood that wae discovered in the area; he wae in a state of nervt utness to the greatest degree; he wae in a complete state of perturbation; his wrist wae dislocated , his hand wae bent in; It wee such an injury as would be produced by a fail; I attributed his state to nervous exhaustion; I saw nothing about him exhibiting Irrationality . conversation was carried ou in t'reneband German between the prieoner, the offi cers, and o there, which I understood; and the prisoner said that it was net he that did it, Officer Taylor deposed that he visited the premises in Dey street; examined the money drawer and found forty-eight cents there. [Witness described blood marks on the shed and in the area where the prisoner wae found ] 1 did not eee the prisoner there; I saw the ladder by which he had been taken up by the other cffioers; 1 took charge et the piisoner; he was per fectly cool; I took him to the body of the deoeaeed, and showed it te him; he appeared not to take any particular notice o 1 it; it did not seem to move him at all. Offloer Ottigon deposed that he conversed with the prisoner in Vrench; he said he oame in the ship Wil liam Tell, and thut hs was a watch oaae maker; he se< med to be perfectly rational. The Distriot Attorney announced that, with the ex ception of the testimony of Coroner (leer and Mr. An drews the case for the prosecution closed. Mr Distln begged an adjournment of the court, (It being half past four o'clock,) belore he should be asked to open the defenoe. The District Attorney consented, and the Court ad journed to Wednetdey, (this day ) at 10 o'clock -offi cers being sworn to take charge of the jury, and to allow them to visit their homes, but with directions to return to the hotel far the night Clrc nit Court. Before Uon. Judge Kdwards. John McGregor and others vi. James Comttock. ? This suit is brought lor the recovery of a house and let in Kfsex street, in the Tenth ward. The cause was tried before and reported. A non-suit was granted on vari ous grounds, the principal one of wliicn, was, that the ancestor from whom the plaintiffs allege they derive their title, was not a naturalized oltlzen. An excep tion to the ruling of the J udge was taken, aad the cause carried to the Court of Appeals. The latter tribunal reversed the judgment of the court below, ani eent it baok for a new trial. Adjourned. MAILS FOR EUROPE. V II B WEEKLY HKKALD. The Closing Scenes of tlie Thirty-Unit Con gress. The American mall steamship Baltic, Capt. Coot stock, will lsave this port at noon to-day, for Liver poel. Her mails will close at half past ten o'clock this morning. The Weekly Herai.d will be pub lished at half-past sine o'clock. Its contents will embrace the closing scenes of the thirty- first Con gress. Single coplss, sixpence New York, March 3d, 1851.? At a meeting of tilt' Maieppa 1'iie Engine Company Mo. 4S, hold at the Bcgine Bcuie, Monday, March 34, at 8 r. M., P. J. Henry is the ohair. W hereas. Mr. Joseph V laman, the present Foreman of this Company, has siguitied his intention to resign from bis pre sent position: therefore, Resolved, That we hereby tender onr thanks for theeffi. cient manner in which be has petformed his duties daring the period he bu been with ns. and that we consider hia in every respect a gentleman, aad, as a fireman and an offioor, unequalled Cbas. P. Miller, Bernard Quigly. Edward Cun ningham. PETER J. lltukr, Chairman. John Baicht, Secretary. The World's fair and Knox's Hats.? 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Roada. % , lludaon Hirer Honda , Norwich *nl f #r- I eeater, 1, Btonlngton. V IUrl?m, X: Reaiia* Rall road, X, Morrl* Canal V L*. 8 ()'?, IM7, advanced '4' per Mat, New Jeriey Kiplnrlnx nod Mining Company, V. At the aeeoad board Iteadiag Hatlroad Irapioved 1 par ceat; tlarlem Krl* Railroad, Rrla la eome Honda X; Merria Caaal. 'i; Port?m~-uth Dry Dock, H The batyancy noticed at the ?econd board waa but temporary The annooaeamaat of a larg^ (allure eraatad a moderate panic among holdera of the weakeit atocka an I tha market aloaad vary heavy. Farmer*' Loan aloaad at flf. , ; Reading Kallro*d, 00 V S I Kdgewortb, S", Tha Kmplre Mlil* ( omp*ay la tha 'all lira allniSed to and tha amnaat of llabilitle* la latga, Tear* are entertained that aeveral ei'.enalvo bou?ea will be Mriouaiy affected by thla tu'p?o*im an I tha paper of oaa or two concern* waa freely offered In the (treat, at two and three per ceat per moath Oood irtocke were net affected auak, but tboee ahaklaf 1a tha wlad ara likely to be mueh depreaeed Rdgeworth will, wlthoat doubt ei.oa recover all It kaa loat by tha break dowa la H oat a a The *t?ck kaa latrlnali ! valne aad It will raaelk It* proper laval The aa low ptktd tXviU trf farpjjie* wltfr ?f*?*U|or?, tad will alw?ys k? b?n or Um active. It n?aii?* *a*ft? null capital to mti ? great aumbec ?(iku?ili>4ft ?mall >4timi |1tm rack ft large par Mat profit tfca investment, that this clas* of stock* nut ooatiaa* 1? demand u4 attract uij out* id* operators. Tha ?took of th* N*w J*i**y Bxplorlag u4 Mialag Co*, paay la steadily advanoing Tor j Uttlo Is kaowa, m jet, of the meriU of thl* compaay, bat thoee who ftrw ported up, ?ro quietly picking up ovory dun oflm?. The manufacturing operations of this oompeay tr? of the most extraordinary character, ftnd mart bo **ea to be believed. The profit* of the builneas In wtiob the eompftay is engaged, mult be fta ooormoua pec oent oatha capital employed. The reoeipta at the office of the Asalstoat Troaaarec af this pott, to day, amouoted to *87,051 89; payments^ $7,623 76? balance, $3, 813.025 79. The JeffernOB Insurance Company hftTe declared *? dividend of three dollar* per share, payable oa de mand. The Grocers' Fire Insurance Compaay hare declared a dividend ol five per oeat., payable on the 10th iart. 1 The Pliaulx Hank, at HarUord, haa deslarad ft aaiaW annual dividend of (our per oent. The assignees of the Commercial Bank of Manehei ? ter, Miss., have deolarod a dividend of tea percent payable at the Maahattan Bank, on the 10th laat. The Provlncetown Marine Equitable Insuranoc Com pany have declared a dividend of $26 per share oa laat year's business. The reoeipta of the Erie Railroad Compaay, tor th? month of February, 1861, amounted to $126,106 20; against $102,212 61 for the aame month laat year, showing aa increase of $22,862 20 for the moath thle year Total receipt* January aad February. 1861. . .$270,011 Do. do. do. do. 1850... 216,107 Increase 1851, equal to 26 per ceat $51,847 At this rate cf increase throughout the year, the Ag gregate income for 1861 will amount to two miUioa ot dollar*. On Thursday, the 6th lost., the whole iaiue of convertible bond* of the Erie Railroad Company, amounting to three million*, five hundred thousand dollar*, ($3,600,000.) will be aold at the Merchaat*' Ex change, without reserve to the higheit bidder. Th* bond* are Issued in sums of $1,000, dated February 1, 1861, aad payable In tweaty year*, bearing interert at the rate of seven per cent per aaaam. The bondJ are convertible into stock at aay time within tea years irom date. By a oommuaioatlon from the Erie Railroad Com pany, published la another part of this day's paper, It will be seen that all the objections to a diversion of the passenger traffic from the main track of th*roa4 at Ramapo, have heea sfttisfaotorily answered. The people ol Roekland county have ao cause for complaint; and the compaay have aot, ao far as wa can see, acted contrary to the spirit aad intention of the oharter. Ia the construction ot railroads, State lines or limit* should never be recognised. Travel will take tha shortest route, and the compaay that caa make the best time la the traaiportatloa of its passeugers, aad savs between certain poiats the greatest distance, must oommand the traffic. The idea of compelling the Eri? Rallread Company to oarry passenger* to Piermont, ia coming to or goiug from New York, is absurd; aad th* travelling public have oompelled the compaay to maka use of the shortest aad quickest line ia reaehlag their road from this city. 8o long aa a sufficient number of trains are run to aooommodate the people of Bocklaadl county, It i* all they oan ask. It 1* our impreaaiea that the oppositioa to this aew and desirable arrange, meat of the Erie Rallread Compaay, comes from ? large class of land speculators, on both sides of the lludsoa river, in the ?iolnlty of Piermoat, who bara been disappointed in their calculations. The value of merchandise Imported into this port (or the moath of February, 1861. was as-aanexed ? Commlhcb Of THE Poax Of New Yon*? Valvc or ExroRTS. 18(1 Frtt. Dutiable. Specie. Dut.ei. February. $1,208,030 $9,412,007 $104031 $2,346,149 Withdrawn froai ... Warehouse ? 899,438 ? $14144 Entered from ... ? , Warehouse ? 1,240,329 ? 100,014 Total. $1 208.0343 $11 ,681.771 $104,031 $$,119,007 Valuk of Eiroar*. Domestic Merchaadlse $2,167.32$ Foreign Fi*? Mercbiodill.* ????????ee*** 6.138 F ore lga Dutiable Merchandise 279 707 Bp. oil Total The total value of Imports for the month was $12,963 811, showing aa excess over exports, of $9 602 689. ThU Is very large. The Imports hare besa unusually heavy, while the exporta hare beea uu usually small. The Legislature of Iowa bas abrogated all n*ur^ law*, aad permit* parties to make their ewa contract* (or the u*e of money. The Mineri' Journal say*. "We hare received from our represeatativea, oopiee of the charter (or the aew road from the coal region to Philadelphia. The principal feature* ol the bill are tbe*e The shares are fixed at $20. brlngitg them within the reaoh o( all classes ot the commualty? the eapltal stock is limited to seven millions of dollars; and Interest, at the ret* of six par cent Is allowed oa the iastalment* of stockholders, a a paid la a(tsr the road is commenced, until It is com pleted. which Is to be charged to the constractioa ac count. The charter limits the expense of traasportlac coal to the Delawaie at $1 26 per toa and for passea gere aot to exceed three oent* par mile. The company will have the extluslve control of the m*ti?* pow*r ? but otbere may put oa cars, under their rale* and regulation*. which the company ate bound t: tran sport and charge therefor aot more than two and a halt cents per mile (or each passenger, aor three cen:a per mile for each toa of tiro thousand pound* (relgbt; three cents per mil* for eaob raieenicnr or baggage car, ani two cents per mile fer each burth*n or freight, ear, (ear wheels being oomputed ? ear. As *ooa a* seventy-Are thousand share* are *ub*crib*d. aad two dollar* paid on each share, the comptny can be organ ized and the work commenced, provided It is com menced within two years from the date of tbe act. We learu from Ilarrisburgb that the bill meet* w!tt great favor, atd there i* but little doubt of Its pa* 0*f6 " ft toe It Kiehat gc. $2*00 C * ???. 1W7 r? ???*?' Trast. <? t. d? 11-'.'* ?no do I<M CT dwocfcsear"*, ?J I IV* ?*> do *000 l ? ? s. '61 1?1 J"0 *o 810 lOoullllatlnp 40 100 do M0 ftv JOCK' Krntutk; #'s lt?'i lOOshs Farm Trust, **0 4? '^ 1C00 laliaaa IX r e *? *?? lo 1**0 Rt?d M B ,*. ls7n 1*0 de _ ?? ? - ? ^ " ? Ml 8* V . mo io ?S 'oo *? mo H* H O do 310 Stonis**** RR ? ?<M> An 9 a* Ner aad ?**?? 1i? <o 810 9 1300 sbs Reading RH 00 SCO do fV M do 10 Oe*aa Bank 104* *M do 10 10 Okie Tree* ?' 7 20 R t ?rk aad N Bar IIJ* Ml.Eaeh aad Sjr tl#^ 6 1? !'? kscond board. ?.? ths Readioc Rft 61 $10,01*1 lei* Jao ,m?.t ?) $$ IUq do k30 6I\1 1UI> krte (aeone, e 4 !'3 10* de 81 *?' she B4(sw?rth Cs 0 100 4* b60 ?!'< fiO dj 9 IUO llai m RR W ?0 So '? 7*0 do 8.10 r, 9 ?? do I ,, 110 do f- % ""0 Morris Caa .l. | X) l7 , liO do M0 6* 100 do 18 BOO de b.10 GO hi Por smoatb DD 14't IKFarain Trust, bJ to do fc.W 14. 1(9 4* P2 mo d* iiv 1(0 do CO 200 4o 830 14^ list do MU SO fteaisr>?a BR *1 . 100 trie RR M do MO 1*0 do MO U 10 Ni gx * H.e Co 14%. at I. do *J0 mi jm Caa tea Co #'? l'??Ii!en lf.? IllU JH to in ,V. MO Erte lietat 's:\ M de ?10 04 1'0" Bad Ri r RK 1.1D4 IMS #?? Ki.e RR, H? 0 do ?d R4 IT S $0 do s*0 !M)sh* N J K<aaio Co 1?'4 l? do Sto " ?0 Edswt rth Co ?? ftm Morrl* Caaal, *? I IDVERTIM-Mm KBN8WBB BV8RT DAY. ? NfTHK TlOXft. SIHPANISB IANt)lA(. t ORAL IY8TBM - PROP. TIN |ut, of lh* L'?l?.r?ltj of **w York, mil miiti ??>??<<? a. ???< li> ? tAlit' ??(?. ( W.dnniaj ) fr?a 7 t > f, P H. 8i? In *<??* will b? iivn *nti?, to allow t h* leknlar* ta jadg* ? ' MM BUM b-' ?" <'i? lontn ?nnm. Kmc, |l( Id tw?atyf<?r l*?**aa Apylv it No. M~ Broadway. ?PKCI AL none KM. NHotic?.-a bietino op tbi alias op ANNmu ? Jin r Bifl-'n. will ba keld ca R' r <1 n *?d A v llllmr. n Ik* lik 1 not t it 7 1 ? a'eluc k. at Kit.* tin (fill, *?. 29 8?erad at ma*. c. C. KIERflTID, ChalrMU. O Gnotvt.iirii. Jr..S*?r*tary. INbUSTHUI. ?,0*E ASSOCIATION, NO. I.- Till HIM - ? k*t? ff Ikr ladattml Bom* A*i*clattoa, No, I, art k?tc? I) aollfltd t kit a rp*eial m*?tln( will ba h?ld a'. Nat."n*l Ball a i anl *?*?<-?. Hr?da?i4a? rr*nlar. BirehlU.i half (lit 7 a'*lotk. t? take iato rpa*t'i?T?tli>? tk* %d*tti<-;> ?< th* n*weonititali<n . J. ITI VANS, l'r?*f d*i'..* A.Cooria, R S. TDK MARBLE CARVERS Of NEW YORK I* FATOH I ff '-MaUit* a S?.r|?'y for muiuil l>aa*ft>, art rtiiniMi |tn tnr.t at f. kliilrtnainf, F7!l Br?a4wi/, ua Friday troiia* th* 7th ln?t., at * ?'?lo5k. INTEGRITY AM) II .Not.- *? BAD TB? PUUI 1 tut *<??in? if wila**>inrth* proMitjkti >n*fahand*om? tilae* <f fliU to a *t.lp|'li'K m*?Ur la S<.?th ?tr*??, for bta boa?*ty lad lat?i*l'y. It hor* th? foltowiai imcriptlaa. *' Pr***i. I 'I !? J him.*, ti a mark of < t bl? hoa??'y tad iate/rrity a* a ?hi|>f>in? a**at, by lit* frioad* A. r. Br*d I at in l S. ?il?-'a. Naat and *|pr<prl*t- ?na? ha* wata ?tad* or th* a?>aai?a, which did hoior to ill tonoaraad H^BOWaRP BOTtU CORNIR OP BROADWAY A N t? M*ld>a laa*. N*w T rk. I) a?? k*pt k* ALRIRT Cl-A BE. formerly o? th* I'aitid Ktat** II >t?l, Boat.. a, io 1 lAMI'll BMI.aY, fr<m Rprin*(l?ld, *i??. n.a Imp*' ?* ? ?wu Jn?t ao?ipl???d la tfe* H t*i ?*k*l< '?* vf tkf a?t> #*?lrl( t* k?*MI fa| kt tttT?U?| i? t*? *i ?p.

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