Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1851 Page 7
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Crarttf?M?rti RtmImi. Before J(4m kkM ?ii Al?. QrtMa ul Oakley. M*n m 3.? ill# March term of the Ooart of Beeeioas <???* la Am fena this morning Tkt following la ^ Aseault Ml battery with inteat kill, 3, robbery la the first degree, 1; attempt to hMyti lj forgery, ?; burglary, i, graad laroen/, lii petit tarceay eeooad ofeaoe 1; obtaining goods by roieo pretenoea, 1; abduction 1; procuring aa ebor ??f. *i abandoning aa latent on the highway, 1; aa lleloua mischief, 1? 47. b?i11n tkm easee, the fol lowing will also elaim the attention of the oourt ? Convicted. 8, indicted 22; bastardy. 1; abandoning aa iafant. 1 ? 27 Total old and new oases 04. So Gran J /urt.? The name* of persons summoned i to serve as grand jurore were oalled; but aa a suffleleat number to form a Quorum did not appear, the organi sation of the ijiraal Inquaet ?aa deferred till to mor row. Women SmtemeJ fw I 'at ting Counterfeit Money.? Two women, named Ana Kelly and llavanna Hewers tbU morning pleaded guilty to a charge of forgery, tn pass Ing counterfeit notes. These women were two of the gang who came on here from Philadelphia, a tew weeks since, with a let of oounterteit money. Part Of the gang plsaded guilty at the last term of the Court, and were sent to the State prison. Ann Kelly, a woman past middle age, appeared at the bar for sentenoo. She asked the Court to be lenient lor the sake of her child ren. Bbe said she had several of thorn, aad their fa ther was dead. The presiding Jrdge, in passing sen tence, reminded the prisoner, in touching terms- of the condition to whioh she bad voluatarllj brought herself. The Court ordered that shs be imprisoned In {he (Bute prison for the tern of fire years and two months. llavanna Mowers was next oalled up for ssntenoa. This prisoner was young, aad rather Interesting in appearanoe. She looked sorrowful, dejected, but had not as yet shed a tear. Her counsel, A. A. PhlUlps Esq., said aha left an Infant only two mont*i 0t<i i. Philadelphia. The J ndge aaked of her whT aha would thua eater herself for five long yea:, fr0m her infant why aha oould not d.TOte b-;,.Mif t0 honest punulta. *??taad 01 tke trade ab'j had been pursuing' At the mention of her be ?V the color roee In the priaonor'a lace, bar eyes _*>oame suffused, and in a moment she *" weep'tig like a child. This sentence, like the other, Was lire years and two months in the State pri son? the least punishment the law would allow. Trial for Countrr/eiting.? Charles Wesner, one of the persons arrested at about the same time with the women Kelly and Mowers, was next called upon.? This eaee Mr. Phillipa aald he should defend, and a a jury waa therefore ' empanelled to try it. Mr. Samuel Betts, of 61 Bowttry. being sworn, testified that the prisoner came to hibplaoe, (which is a hotel) on the 10th of January,? asked for something to drink, and offered in payment a S10 bank note, purporting to be Issued by the "Miners Bank" of Potteville, Pennsyl vania. Witness looked at the bank note list, and find ing bo allusion to a counterfeit ol the bank and de nomination of the bill before him, he took it, and gave 99 94 In change. A money broker waa called who testified that the bill was a counterfeit; but the prosecution failed to prove that the prisoner knew that the note which he passed was spurious. The jury, alter being absent about half an hour, returned a verdict of not guilty. The dtstrlot attorney moved that the prisoner be remanded to prison, until it ?hoald be ascertained whether there were any other charges against him. This was opposed by the coun sel lor the defenoe who said, 11 the pnbllc prosecutor oould produce any charge against Werner, he was ready to go into a defence. The oourt said they would send the prisoner back until Tuesday morning, when, if no charge appeared against him, he would order his dis charge. Charge of Obtaining Money by False Preteneet. ? Hen ry N. Watson, alias John H Woodbury, was put upon his defence, charged with obtaining $1076 from Win. H. Bakor, on the 8th of November last. There was no verbal evidenoe, but a number of pages of written tes timony was read, all of which went to prove that the pretencea alleged to be false were made in Mexico, aad that the money waa actually obtained la that re public With theae faets before them, the court in structed the jury to render a epecial verdiot of >4 Not guilty, aa this court has no jurisdiction of the case." Watson waa then aet at liberty. United State* District Court. Before J udge Betta. March 3 ? Charge of an Jhrvtlt uith a Dangtroui Wfptn.? It appears that Douglaaa, Clement, and Benson, have also been lndleted lot an assault with ? dangerous weapon on Char lee Small, the master el | Oleinn. They also were arrainged on thia indictment, and pleaded net guilty. Their trial upon thia indictment la alao fixed for Monday. The grand Jury (hen came into court and handed up true bllla againat James Smith and Francir Kelly, lor pafeaing counterfeit money. ' ' Board of Snperriaora. Pre. 9.? Alderman Hawea In the chair The Board met for the flnt time thii month. PETITION KCPBaKBD' ?f Oeerge W. RRiblett, [for payment for copying documents of Police Juatioea, he. The bill of B. French for $70 for aeveral meala for inrera, ofBeera, ho., engaged on the trial of Patrick Dalaney, and other email bills, were ordered to be paid. Adjourned. lavfti Intelligence. Assistant Ivioiom UffiTKD Statu Nat?.? The fol lowing Aaalatant Burgeons In the Nin, 'examined by the Medical Board reoently convened at the Naval Aaylam, Philadelphia, have been found qualified for promotion, and paaeed. via Kobert T . Macoun, Paaied Assistant Burgeon, to rank next after Paaaed Aaalatant Surgeon Richard M cSherry. William A. Harris, Paaied Aaalatant Surgeon, to rank next after Paaaed Aaalatant Surgeon Robert I. Wall. Paaaed Aaalatant Surgeon Henry O. Mayo, te rank next after Paaeed AsaUrtant Surgeon William A. Harrla. Of the candldatea examined lor admlaeion Into tha aerrlee aa Aaalatant Surgeona, the following have been lonnd qualified, via : No. 1. Samuel F Cowea, Portsmouth, N. II. Me. 2 JacobS Burgan, Philadelphia. Re. S (ieorge Peek. N. T. Me. 4. Charles F. I aha, York, Pennsylvania. Mo. ?. Jenka H Otla, Beaten. Mo. ?. Frederick Homer. Jr , Wurenton, Ta; No. 7. James B. Whiting. Norfolk, Va Mo. I. Baadolph Harrlaon, Carteravllla, Virginia. Mo. ?. W E Wyaham, Baltimore. Maryland Mo. 10. Albert Shriver. Philadelphia. Pa. Mo. 11. Thomaa Le Page Cronmiller, Savage Factory Maryland. No 12. B. Drayton. Philadelphia, Pa. No. 13. William L Nlchoi, Naahville, Tenn. Mo. Id John 0. Coleman,* Hall fox Oonrthouae, Ta. No. 16. J. Page Hopkins Wineheater, Ta. Me. 1*. Richard II. Cowman, Annapolla, MA Wn#klv lajflil to tht C!lf Craii; of HftT?rk. from iko 29d Uy tf February, u> tha lat day af Naroh, 1M1. Men. Woman. 02; Beya. lit; Qirla. H-Tetat Mi. naeuaaepi Abseeee 1 laaaltlea 1 Apoplexy IS lefUmmaaion ..... ...... J Atrophia 1 laSemmeUoa ef Brela . . . 8 AMttpa... 1 " af Bewaia.. 14 ?tried or aealded 1 " ef Cheat... 1 BiWahltirr. ? " af Heart. ... I Caaeram aria > " af Una... * Casaaltiae S " ef Stemaah. 3 Cello a M ef IFoaab... J Qeosampttaa .....42 " efLlver.,... I Qeavnlaioas 14 Jauatlae. 1 Oreup. , . ... 10 tilled or Nurdered I Coecestlea of Longe 4 Lees Vmeree 1 Cyanoel 1 NeKormatlea 1 Debility. 0 Naraamua II Delirium Tit meat S Maaales t Diabetes 2 HortlOaatiea 1 Ptvrbaa. 7 Old Age 2 Droaey ? Paiey 3 r la the Bead 21 Poison..... 1 Prtnad 1 Premature Birth. 4 PrMitery... 6 Plearlay I Bpllepty a Rheumatism 1 Bryeip?lae ... 0 Rupture af IFumb 1 Fteetare af shall 1 Serofula. , 1 lever 1 Small Pel S3 Pover Bilious. . 2 Sprue I Paver Puerperal 1 Sirlstere 1 F?v? r R' nittnt S Straagalatioa. ........ . 1 Paver Searte*. 12 Starvatiea I Fever TypheH 0 Teethle* 4 fmifmu w Tamer 9 Fever Norvoas ...... ... 1 Uahaowa 4 ?eart, dieeaee af 0 ac a. (fcder 1 year M Frem40teM 21 frral te 2 yaara M - u>ut$ 17 "|to ? 00 " 0HU70 9 - 0 te It 17 " 7Ste? ? ? it te at 17 ?? attest i ? ? to SO . . .. 44 t'akaowa I Ti.Acm or Katttttv".? U ai ted Rtatea. 2? ?. trained. 03 1 ?aglaad. #i Saetlaad. h Oermaay. ?'>; Fraars. 2. n > Iliad. 1| Swe'ea, liSpem/l) Italy, 3; Pruteia, I; unkaowi, 0. raeae? Hospital. Bellevae. a: Psnlteatiafy. Biaak wells lalaad 3: Small Tea Ho.piial, do., ?. Laaatle Aavlun, de.,1; Ward's Island 30: Randall's lalaad. 0; City Boer tel. 0; Alms Boaie. Blaek wall's lalaa*. 3; Oalsasd Pereeaa. ?. A. w. WBITB. City laseeetor. Iaereetor*aOOee. Mavah I. 1001. BB1WCAU " riBABFBMHKRQ DIDK AL AND SCRaiCAL INSTI VJr tute lat the inetmnt of the DUeeaee ef Femalae -Thi Wveefeekerg ('oaep?ey bea leaae ta aaaenaea te the pi all a, thatla e. aeaqeea e ot the ettraordleary eneeaaa whleh haa attaaded the n.e ef their renediee la eaaaa af prolaaaue ute ri (falllaa ef the weak ) aad other diaaaaes panuliar ta fa ? aeelee, they have been ladaoed to eatahlieh aa fastitete de voted especially to their treet.mest. It *111 he tiadar the direetiea tf able phyaieiaae aal aercsaa* (eaipl?ya4 by tha oemp?o> ), who have devoted manv jeers la this aad ether aeeatnaa t<> the etady ead practise ef that i raaah af tha yf feesiea referred te. Tha treatsaeat le strletly upoa Path alealeal prtaalplee, aad It la Ur ta adveane ef that pureaed kyDre. VaederTere. abbey, and othere. No abdoetmal sep pert.reere need to efford temporary relief A prompt aad peraaaeat nare may be relied apea In aU eaaaa aadertakee. ' ' i atteadaaae. Ot?e i fer eoaeultatlea Ivlee to the peer netie, on Saturday, froai .1 to 0 P.N. Coaealtatiea by let poraaaeai onre mey ee reuee apon in ail ' apoa eonnltatioa with the rhyeleiea la at hours from V A N te II n No ebarae I aatll the patient la aader traatmeat. Ads Sar.statlac oartioalereof theeaee, aad eaeleelaa a fee af B will be promptly at tead-d te. Oeaeultlai ro m? af tha tit ate, for the prevat, at Ua ofltoe of the Qraofoaberi npaay, 214 Broadway. Doctor todesslf-pob tosntt pivkiosntb By meaaa of the Pooket .tteealaplaa, or trery Oat nls Pwa Phyeleiaa | thirtieth edition, with eae huadred an r??ln*a, sbawlaa dlaeaeesaadmalfonaatieae la every ahaea aad form, by ITlUlam Yoaag. B.D., Oraduatoof the Ml vanity ef PoaasylvaaiA. Tha Terleoe forme of eeorea dla eaeaa are faithfully deaarlbed. aad all the reel pee *<vea la pi ale laasaaaa. The ahaptar aa Salf-Abeaa la wertky ad rtrtienla* a'Aeatlaa, and shoald be read by every oae. ?am men, who have beea uafertaaate la aeatraotia| dla eeeeprrvioaa ta plaelna yoaraelvaa aader the eare of ana doctor, no matter what lis pretantlsaa nay be, get a aopy ef tfcle traly eaafai work. Stranrare rleltiaa the aity, partioa larla thoee eoeteaipletlac marrlaae. doa't thlak ef ratara lac home witbont a aepy aftho Pooket .Vsealaplas. tea ?eaptalne aadaereeaa tolas to soa|ahoald paeeoea Dt Teaag'l tiae on ?errlace. tl e l*ooket iReenlaplal. er Ivsry Oaa Dwa Physlalan. Aay p.reap seadlag twenty 0va eeata analoeed In a letter, will reeeive oae eapy of this book by di1 lU! w Addraea Dr. WIL TOUNO.JM Kpraoa street, Philadelchlai else fer said by strln*'- ? Towne?n<! 222 Rroadwav. Ntw foii. Da BB tANET, A1 TH' R or THB "PBIVAT* BBDI cal Oelda, Aa., aea he eoaeulted aa all dieeaer- of a deHaeta aetnra. dleeettt <f tbt tkln. manhood s dobllltlee. imp*4in#ate to marriage, aad dieeaaaa ef ftmalee. leeteed ef boll.w self-laudation?, tha aathor rffara te tboaa who had no proof ef hie sej^vtor aktll h.fere, the meat aaeaeetleaahle referraeea. botb la at?y aad eenatrv. Reese t eaaea removed la eae day, b? Ms ewe taMrely a.w method. PaMaaU. U ?Melrod, MMaded at their te-ldoesea. The peer aretie. Treetmeat. alee, by letter, la Bealleh, Proaeh. or Oermaa. CmU'mihT "*** Broadway and [ML. WATTS'! WMVOUB ANTIDOTE? THE I1U OF TT thto Cordial kh* ladl? wtt??w ?T<cyUiM U?t ?Ttc *u diNtrWM, f*r tktll pNliltl diiaaail; Mtrl; >U aria* Irom *f lb* umui i;iMa, whieh it Imme diately rectiti**, and health u4 au*agth eueeeed M Nrttli M liMbt a?d kMt f turn th* tun. $ 1 per bottl*. $9 per doaen. IMHmim ?tret>. PA BIB AND LONDON TBBATMBNT 07 rUTUI tlmin, 1b n few hour*, by a TmttkU application. with Ht pain. Ia debility, broach! o? ?j .improper habit* u4 ooaatitutioaal aSeoUoa*, I oombiae mediotaee with tho lowl remedy, ui saa ahow any oat than art thouaaad* who oaa aot be oured with oat it, u I hart eaeae daily. of raan* atasd lac, 'ro? tho othor ph yirielaae. Ia all. I puuta a y*rm*> aoat our*. I hare ooatraotioa* dally I euro without oauitU, whloh othor* in, oaaa*d by thetr sot eapelling tho diaenae eoea enough. My diploma, with theee, and the hundred* of eertafloaiee, ahow that none oaa equal II. Toa oared lae la ?a* day.? D. M. Corbyn. Toa *1 polled my oomplaint U ? tow hour*. ? C. Doroad. I waa uador tho other phyeieiaaa ever a year, without benefit; my body waa covered; you earod me ia a ehort time.- John Rolllaoajr. I said over B90tia five yeare, to b? oared of debility from *elf abaao, withoat benefit; yon *nr*d mo, by looal aad (Moral treattaoak. la ? ?hort time.? J a*. Baliabury. Treatment by letter. MUd hour* from 8 A. M. to t F. M., aad from Tto I P.M. DK. LABMOMT, U Read* atroot, two door* from Broadway. NEW MEDICAL BOOEB.-A COMPLETE PBA0TI0A1 1" work oa the natar* and treatmeat of delloate dleeaaoa, aad all th* kindred affaetion*? illaatratod by a groat num ber of boaatWally oolored plat**, a* largo a* Uf*; by Home* Bootwiok, M.D.. Uotnrer oa aurgory aad dleeaac* of tkd aboTo aaaod natar*. It li a largo quarto? 900 pagea; aoooad edition, prieo $10. Extract from th* " Boaton Medloal and Burfaoal Journal" " It may b* aald, fearloaely, to b* equal to Bioord'a or Aotoa'i work* oa the *am* family *f ilr , ,.i aad far aup*rier to aaythiagof th* kind ever BnblUhedli - "The F D , R. WARREN IB COM FI DENTL Y CONSULTED 01 iJ Dia*aae?, from 18 year* praotioo, 3 of whloh were U hoerdtaL Dr. W. to enabled to guaraato* apeedy euro*, withoat meroury. Bee hie diploma ia hi* offloo, No. I Moti a tract, adjoining Chatham aquare, with th* Orek name* la ?uraer y and medicine thia country ever produced. DR. COOPER, U DUANE 8TREET, HAS. FOB TH1 laat fourteen year*, oontiaod hi* practice to the treat meat of mercurial and other diaeaaea. Ho eaa cur* th* mo*t aggravated eaaea of thia diaeaae, and mild oaaea removed ia two to five day a. A perfeetcur* orao charge. DR. JOHNSON, NO. 1? SHANE STREET, SO WELL known in tho treatment of delicate dieeait*. Th* Dei* tor'* reputation for akill ia thoae half -cured eoaea that hare cxllted for year*, ia ?re-*mlnent. Conatitntional weaJmexa, brought on by a net-ret habit, eifeotually cured. Eeoeat cyca cured la four day*. List or lsttirs rim aiming in thr nrw for* Pott Office, Mareh 1. 1861. 0? noiAi i.v publuhix) in run paper havimo the LAnoaar circulation; Fleaao mention the date of th* llit in wh loh they tn advertiied. LA DIRS' LIST. A Abbott Mri.Thtmes Armet Rlicabtth Allison Mill Ann R It Atwood Mri Corn Arch Kin 8?r?h IJiDlMri Mu; Jut Armstrong Mri 0 Alleoad Mri Adami Lydin AUim Mm Alioo AUenaa Mri Alger Min Abby Armet Rliznbeth B Bmoi Mary Jam Brown Mil* Citha- Ban tick Min Catbi Bradford RlUabitb rino Bibby Mri. 15th at Blair Mrs C C,i BjvU Min Mary, Brion Widow, Wa Broadway Franklin it tor it Blake Margt Bmld Mra Harriet Benty Min Rllon Brady Min Bridget, Burtage Min Ann Bronnan Mri, Spring Monroe it or Catherine it Bailey Min M Bnrnham Lydin I Barry Mill Rllon Blangev Mad'llo Byrne Bridget Borna'd Min Marin Baker Min M R Byrna Margaret Beaumont Mri M Bmnagen Miu Bryant Mri W, Wa- Boj a Loniie, Allen it Margt verly pi Boileon Miu Mary Barrett Mri L A Bracken Mary Brown Min Ann Barry Mra R L Biadihaw Frlieilin Brown Mm Rliia Batei Mist F J Blake Mn, Hadion Boyle Mill Mary, Briggi Mn Martha it Allen et Rreem Mr* Brady Mill Bridget Boyle Mill Margaret Betgaa Bridget Brady Miu Cntho Boylan Catharine Brennan Mill BU- Brady Rllon? 2 Bnrki Margaret or zabeth Bailey Mill Jane Tboi Mtthon Bernard Min KateC Ball win Mri Theo- Barton Miu Thereon Beiley Mri Olirir doro R Byrne Mill. Rl llcavine Mn Mary Banki Mri, White- dridge it Broderiok Rllea hall it Ryrne Mary Brown Mri G L,0th Barrett Mn, Do- Byrne Mils Roianna a* laney it Brydon Mn. 19th it Brown Mil Jane Barter Elita Roeiman Rllon C Caffee Mn Conrea Peggy Caeey Mary Callan or Eoongh Connon Bridget Chaae Miu Celia D Mn Maria Oonnon Cat We, Cavaaaogh Maria Cam pboll Miu Mary Jameitt-2 Cleahatn Miu Mnry A Connelly Bridget Ulinoh Mn Campbell Mil* Mar- Connelly Miu Mary Chrlat Miu Nanny garet Cook Miu Mary Chriitoy Margaret Canty Catharine Corn Ann Jane Oodey Miu Mary Chaie Mary Jane Co w en Mn Botlinda Coffee Catharine - Talhonn MiuJinnla Corle Roiely Colbert Mri ClMtk Stoma CnilenAna Coltaan Margaret Clark Mn Mary Camming! MnMar- Canlin or Loath end Clarke kiy Saian garet Bridget Carr Mn Tlaeent Cunningham Miu Connor Mn Carrigan Miu Mar- Rebecca Connors Cat hi, ?ant Charchwood Mn Pearl it CarrighanM iuSarah Oraggi Mn Connor Mary Anne CarlwrigbtM iae Bed- Craig Miu M Connelly Jane daoi Campbell Miu Jane Cnakrjcht Ablgal Carliile Miu Mary ?> OeoperMliiCarallae Vaiemiat Mn Campbell Miu Mary M C actio* Miu Rlita Ann Coniina MiuRliia Creamer Ann . CananMiuJalia both Clifford Mary Oaaloa Mary Co* Miu Rebeeoa] Chriahlow Mn H-S Cau Mn Ann Cndohee Catharine Chrtitiolnn Clark Catharine Crumley Aine Criawell Mr* Cerola Clarke Jane D Comniaga Mn H CUrke Miu Dniaa C Sophia Codey Mn Riehard Carr Harriet H CnrtliMiuMalrina Coloar Mary Carrol Miu Mary Oorly Margaret CrolyMiiaCatbarlai CarrighaaMnRaehel Quiak CaTkarlne Combo Mn Rliae CarriagtonMaryAnn Cnihmaa Miu T H Conklln Rliia both ^ Carter MiuMvry Ann Daly Sally u Donnelly Mn M A Dcmpuy Miu Dalven Mn Mar- Dooley Mri Mary- Catheriao gam etta Dea MM Davit Miu Rithtr Doras Bridget Depledge Mn Tie Duvitaon Miu RU- Dougherty Bridget lata an both A Dowl Bridget Detrieh Sarah B Davy Mn Royen Miu Cath- DiokeonMieeLeaiia Dean Miu Harriot trine Drtiklll Mn Margt Deary Miu Cathary Dnffy Mn Ann Dolland Miu Margt Delany Cathariao Dnraiaa Alienor Denovaa Miu Jo Demareat Mill La- Dalton Mn baaaa vlnla Darrow MnSarabA Doollttle Mra WmA Doming Mn Oeorge Davie MiuMargaret Doran MnliabellaR IH alien MnMaryA Molmet Dowd Mia* DeaingMlu Pan line Denn Mn Hnnnah Doyle Mn R DoatefMnMatigaret Deering Bridget Da So Miet Mary Dmnn Julia IVgman Mn Rather Dnatan MraHnanab Delaa Miu Julia Delany Mary Dyett Mn ? lagan Cathariao Rtllly Miu Sarah Engelhard Madam M Mattel Miu So ? Early Mra Maria L B Rtherldge MnMaryJ phia Bytiage Mn Marry Faddoa Mn Sarah Pltifibboni Rliia Freeman Miu RUam Ann Pitapatrlok Ann Field Miu Rmaaa Platon Miu Aalce FHuimoneMtu Aaa Fiaagaa Bridget Ilaaagaa Margaret Pord Miu Jnlia A Flab Mn Mary Ann Franc. i Mn T H Florentine Miu Jo- Piah Mn C S Pardon Mnrgt uphoaa Fithtr Miu Mary Fntbnra Mn. Flood Miu Hannah Fltigerald Nelly Gneawlch atreet or Cathariao Fltapatriek Mn? 1 Flemlaa Miu Mary Fallon Mnnarat Pitapatrlok Maria Fliaa Mra Mary Faloonnier Madame Fvloom Mn Hannah Flaaghty Mary Faher Miu Ann Ford Miu Virginia FiakMiai Franklin Miu Bm- Foote Mn R D Picker Mn Q tnnnn Fountain Mn Fran Piaebel Mn Mary Fee Jaae ooala Aan Prvemaa II i? A M Flynna Ann Oaddtt Miu Jaat Oeodohild Mn Gebbard Mr and Mn Grafton MnHelenP Richard (ireabam Miu Rlian Galagher Miaa Ann Goodman Mn both Gammon Sarah Goodwin Mn Arm- Oerranghty Mn Sw Garaer Mn bella aan QaraonM Gormley Miu AUiee Onet Mn William Orahatn MnBrldgot G?u Miu Maria Origg Jehaana Gray Miu SeraldTne CelTaey Miu Mary Gillmon Miu Mary Gaylerd Mre Horaoe Gallger Mn R Geberl Madame OreeaeJ W Onlein Miu Mary Charlotte Greta Mill Kama Anne Golden Miu Ann? I Grain MraFraneeiH Ganly Mn Catha- Ooodridge Miu Mar Oebhaid Mn F A rino riott Gregory Miet Anna Gardiner Mri Goodman Mill Mar OihualarnhA GVaaaoll Aan tha A Griffith Mn Rliia- Great Miu Corde- Gormen Miu Har betb Ua A riett Oillam Mri Mary Caynor Rlltabeth Oo reach Miu Oillttplt Miu Bllon Uaylord Mn Cioerge Conld Miu Bmma Golroau Miet Lelle- Green L M Galea* Rlltabeth ?tint u Green Mi a< Rlltabeth Height, Min Char- Helaet Margaret Hay ward Jaae lotto Melited Mn Heaay Mar r Balleraa Mn Aaa Helliagiworth Mn Heninian Mn Hamiltoa Mn R A Andereoa Menaouy Mary Han<t Sarah Howe Hiae H N Merighton Miu Ma Ilaadly Bridget HoeardMleeMaanab garet Man.ta Mary Howlaad Miu Aana Healln Mia* Cathe Hert Mn Betuy Hnnatca Miu Mary rlne Harrii Mra Ann Haghee Mn Mar>HidaMlat Harrington Bin garet Hlrgint Mary Catb HalbertMn MaryO Hillorn Mri Jane t Hern ran Miu Ca- Ballon Miu.Gnea- II ill aaa Mra A theriao wiah rt. ?iatnanMiuLaoiaA Harvey Miu Jnli- HamaeoaMraJoMpb Hofmaa Miu Sa ette Hamilton Mra Sa- rah A HaeklatMre Savlla rah A HagaafBridgae Haraaa Miu Sarah Haalr Retty H?Mea Mn Hawe Rmehae llandiloe* Anna Holland Mn Hare Maiaarot Hanniford Miu Hon Maty Hedertoa Mary Mnry A Hepktai Madame ??adoa Mlao 0 B Han Cecilia Seward Mn C O Benegan Margaret Hnrrit Mn Jan* Howard Miu Mary Hoary Rliiabetk Hargone Miu Ma- Hoyt Mra R Hei tr Mi ao Henrietta tilda UnghoeMluR Hewitt Miu Mary-> Raraaek Miu lien- Haghee Sally Higgiaa BarahMaria rlotta Humaborry Hut HiUmaa Mn Harvey MlotMarvA Bllen Hlao Miu Mary ? Hanly Miu Barah, Hyatt Mn Come Hobler Madame Clicennt l>a L Hogan Anne Hay* Brtdg*t-I Biggin* MittSarahR Ia?aIUMIuR*bao*a Jibaeoa Mn J T Johnston Miu, Irwla Bridget or Jokmoa Miu Kma- Broadway Margaret Itao JohnmnMre Waver Jaebaon Mn Rlita- Jebaioa MnRacbel ley plaee both Irwla Mrt. Pitt it Jobaeoa.MnLR Jaeiiaia Mn, av R Jaekeon Mre.O'ldi' Johaoon Miee Mary Jonu. Mre VTm H Jaobeoa MnMartha Ji rdan Miee Alio* JobaaanMn.Oretn- Jiffen Mn Jalia Joaee Mim Ann wieh itraat ^ ReheMiuCethnrlne ElUan MraM.Ooarck Elola MnC.Catha Ra.aeegh HraMllia I'rtet riae ttreot E*?ffe Catharlae Elaae MnRdwardB K "'ingsrMrerhebtA E to* aa Miee Jaae Eiaeela Miee Dote Re*a*dy Bile* Kelly Mra Abb Eleraea Margaret Renaevaao IN Roily Marcant Raaonta Miu M R Jamu Re Holier Jnlia Reea Rllen litre* Mary Rerr Bridget Reoaaa Miu Mary Kiaally Bargaroe Roaaa Alley Roily Mn M A Riotam MiuMarga Keanody Miu Mng- Roily Miu Jaae ret gant Roily MreMaryAnn R i re ten Rmlly Laa* Margaret Lewie MluTlrgiaia Leod* Miu Faaal* Lanaoa BiaaMarga l^ckbart Miee Jaae LoeeonMnMewebam rat Loaietraot Miu, l.eeaard Mra Sarah Larbia Bridget I6tb etrett Leavy Miee Roae LawlerMiultridgot Lions Mn Merey Leavy Rlu Maria I awreaeeMraMaryBLyoni Miu Mary Lowli Mre Sarah Lawrtaoe Mn Ba- l ynch Mre Anna Utile Snean rah J LyachBreCharlott* Lombard MiutfaryR I.' June MadamMa- l.ynoh Mary l,oriag MieaFranou rlu Schmidt Lyadaey Mr* 1 veee Mtee E L*?aerdMla*C*tha- Lanraeter MreVary I.yene Miee Sophia riae Lamond MieaEtnma I.yneh Aaae I earv Mary l^rbia Miae Mere Ltach Jebaaea l.'avy Miee Bridget l.anrenee Mlae F, Lvantn Miee Blita l.ittle Miu Oraoo Ca eta here etreet Ligbtbedy MieeBlna Aaa Leaa Mle* Rliia M Mace Mre Charlao Marti a Catharine Mabea Mary or Macktaroe Jnlia Maenn Mrs Delia Margaret-I Madigan Miu Mary Mai?e|||||io Mnry Mallone Ma-caret Magiaaoea MreMarr Aaa Metier Batny Mehar MiecHenaan Mead* Bridget Mareh MiceManarot biebony Catharlae MreherMtaeMa'IU* A MiUarMra,Snllivan Milla Mica B L Merry Mra M I# arr*?t Maekey Miee, Mai- Mather Miu Mary MellcrjMntC.I^th berry etreet B cutat Meglaa Mary Meade Miu Malcie Mary Megnire Miee Ana Meiaa Mi c Mary MalU ?eev BHeget Mah-nv Mm Ana Meighan Miu Aaa M*aaa*g>> Mre earah Hailor* Mary B i erMary Miller Miee M J Rouel Sarah MnreMiec Martartl Miller Mr* Oarnlinc Martha Miu RUaa M*rri* Mre J*im Mltrbell Mr* Ann or Mar* -*,a _ Bitehell M?e* f*rab Me'lla* Julia Mcrgaa Miae Boee Mlllerick Rite i*- M*rd?eh HeMjab Mortoa Mre Merpby M* Mary Motion Mm Mary iu Mj*r.Mr.Mmma Marry Mm I Mtui Morpfcy MXm Mm- T\wU>) Milter fiSS LoateaM KihitH <* MnOrtfc* lupnl "?a" *" Est;#* ?mM MniMiWlu MortM K1m Cmo- Mm*J **? *???2' lis* ? M. An US* IUTT *?*?*? ** M^y *i"0*Ul" ? ?sssfjff-a^ur-'" asii&'K. Sat. sss-.'j.wiss.saflu-o.u,. ISsr" Karaa? .?-?..? SffiiiBs? vci's iS" Mtltj MUIHM ? Mad. ?U? NojUu MiM Bi?- to , Bophl. tetofirf Ef?flj",,i S!??^h2i-n,oiim Mm Km* Nickol. Jan. B piou*ht?n Mary Mono Abb. Mu.oat IUm Norlaa Mr. Mwi Hit. Mi.. j?ugoBvau?? Nooaan Abb q 0,4* M?.<*oliM ??*?* IUTT ???( *?- ?? Orr Maibtr J"," Onu Cathafi*. Ormoad ML. Mary Of*JWi? q'Bui Catharia. O'Bri.a *!????' ? J}?" Mfi 0MB^ O K??. Mr. <7th at 0'.Do?n*U ASM M nt o-ii.ii Marr ? t*?&. O'Brl.. K?f2brttoO B?U Mi. ThoMM OHmbMmt O'DiUo.I^Mm Pm..B.M? Mart. PbUllF. Mr. CU fSr^SM mi... rS?nMaiy orCMh PotUr Miu AiU 'is?" feysnfftt f?U .?*?, RSJft- ?t?~ v% ?? rrie? Mi* Fianow P?kim? CathariM Qalas CathMta. Q?i" M^MaUM* QulmbyMi*Bri4?.t Raymomd MiM M ????? ' **S!K' "il,BIU* SM^S"" KS'r?M?" R^rirtSStRT1" &""?? i? "i2 ML 5.r- ",M ""V!" fatfjaSW" nu^> m?i l ?t?. t1/.1" BiUy Mr. Mv|W' v.^Min BHia K Bntl.4g?MU.Aa?l. Btfbbi .. M I.) F A M*y?oM? Am *J?r *u? amwum v R yam Siltn g Wr^Mr.AbiKr-W^,M^^^. m1*7 Siibrntlw MIM H "t H ? _ ;*vd Mu,c*th'"tho7t l:SJr 1 S5KT v-5" ? SEE? Sir. SImmMmEa-B tSlllf Mr. Catha- Mi..Ca S.h.m.rhorm'il? . jflSttM J ^ ..""i'lMluBw- B??cUt. Mr. Ba?h BtBgUt8> hT*?2 MU# H * 8an4for4 Mr. Lncj Btoryto JbITb Smith Mr. Dor?k Bt?nU.m Mr. CbM- ' ""If.1" " tollh5i!5*"' Bhwily Cjth.rU. 8h.l?. Mi. Ohrifr SmUh Mi.. Bu.^1 Mfl*?M. MmT ^ ?(1,1Bl Smith Mi.. H?eor? Mr. ^B^liM_S,Ui? Simmon. Mto. H? S^m?i Miw ??*? v Thar? Mr. FrM.U Tempi. M^K.oor Thnratea Mr. L Tolk Mr. CImt? B AkbM. Tbnrb.r MiM Mm- Tbomp?o? Mr. MM- I Tr?M. MuVlIU* SP"?2fi*Vj0- Torr?,B1fi3?.t-J Bsr^&a v--""" ThB^M?W??:^2?HmB TutU.Mi?LP T ecd.r Ml* C ? ViMU Mr. BU? ? VM8UM.Ur.fc YimwjINu*! "WJ w .t liva V|y Hm ?vmi 3 w ik(U14 MiiiB WettSi$lna3?-WsLi Mm Abb *?"?? "'f Ub WU.h MMy.OrMg. WBUrbmr j MM WuSSi *" wVbb Mr. JUbert B W.toh jjtj iu Ward Miu LrdU WaiurMr. Car.liB.Walrt Miti i Wdg.t ^^Mi?MVr?M.t.WaM??.,. MU. ^M-I. A. 5fl :ht^? j.*2 u w^lrta ?i3i J wmu to \KlbM att t. L Woed Mi* Marl.t* W hlU?? Mi* AM W?*. MM CbM- Wb^i^B. w\Hi*r. MU. CtM. William. Mr. A W Wetmor. Mi* V??- Wolf, to ?4 Wilcox Ml.. Baraa a?a _ Watt MiM, JamM.tWard Mar*ar?t Wart.mtoB?U.f. Mi. Mariawt 2m?* M" CatharlM Tagiart Mtr* Tapper Mr. K Tajl.r Mi* Ai Abbey Chaser* Adler Joel A die a Jldll Ailttm 1 M Allea Jcba GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Acker Rdwia Abraham* I/?wl? A ok ley Oapt H S Adler O J A bra an J Afflick Biarj Allleoa A R AUiepateb J 0 AlbarteB.Wect *t-l Aliitalw Boary Altoaao Dob Jul L Alaieader Joha W Aleemealerea Mo* Alloa John ? Albert!* Bar Mi Albaf Heiarlch Alleend Aaraatc AlMcad Aan| A? a. John V| Akm George Aaiadea JmI Andanoa A ? Antoln* Mr Andaraca Wa J And trees Jeha Atwator Joehaa A*pinwall Joe Araaao A*r*lio| iorocMoa- Alloa Ooorgo ? N'Li'0 ^^?a1<<b Capt W O Alice Caft P A lleot t *llliam |AmM Joba eiear All* a George A Ilea Cap! Frede rick A Allaut Z Aau Jab# Aac* Mr, C?<M ?t Ami Ooora* Aad*r*oa Hcnaoa Aadorooa Roht A aii 11 un Aadereon If* If Aaetla Thoaa* Ailaa 0 Aahby Jibn Jae Aehaore ? Aradt Albert driest Copt Joaepfc Aterr Joha M AjcrtM Cbarlee Ayerlgi Chariot Armor 0? 3?on* r Attn I'attH Aycrigg Charlea Aycri?* Charted Armor Boo F Black Mr Brady Wm Buoa I'huf Black Joba Black 0?o B Bacoa Jamoo C Babbitt Boaj T Badaor Jacob Bkobht 0 Brad thaw Joeha* Brady If ai Baker David Brady Bcraard Blair Thoaa* Hrainard Jiba A BalaTboiA Balrd Aadrow Baker Mr B Blake Roht Ballaatlae Mr Blakalla Boary A Mala Tbo* A Blako Patrick Bailey Joba D Ball** Tataall Baldwla CkOt Blaledell WeUlag- Ball Dr Alfred t?a BlackAeld Uiram Braat Johaaa Brougham Mr Blaaebard lldaey K Beak* Joha Barktr J W Bank* Tboa a* of Barragwasath Boary Bartkaae Jobs Baratow John Baretow Joba Donate Bartiott Wm Barkor Lttbor Barney Rimeoa W Baiaey Kiobard Bartiott Cephlla P Maker I A Bartoa J W Bartiott Jaaoo Bartholomew Ele- Barkor Jo* fe Co ?*r W Batoholer W T Bailor Tkoo 8 Boo Boo B Beach T hood oca Blocker Mr Beliafsate 8 Bolt Bavard 0 Bali a a Michel Baa'crr Kdward Boact* Wm P Bnanaa Fell Broaaaa Michael Baar Bred Bat?baldor Ja? A ?ray D*ani* Beak A f Baaamott Victor Aatboay Kdward Andrewe Col M B Aadaraoa Wm W Anbalt J Araald Alfred A'crill Archibald Altaaac Jcba Atwill Jaa 8 Artkar Goon* B A] roc Bloater Ayarlgg Cbarlad Armor Ooo F A 41 or E J Brady Tkoo Black Joha Black) or Ward B Brady Barney Brady Patt Bradley Michael Baker Jarria Baldwla Capt M L B rata ted Jacab, Jr Baker Tbo* Ballcy f N Baldwin G Bake Hoary Banflald J.ime* Bamford OUrer Banco Capt ? B Bamberger Da rid Baraae Walton Baraum Oactama Baker Lochia Bitcw Joba r?tt N P B k *> low J*ba Barry William Barry A l*i Blatekford Jaa Batea Oal Wm Back witk Ooo Bcckley Dr Ooo Booeley B Bcldea W B Blocker Joba Jori- BeloherCeptDarUT ??b Bcaaott Wm P Boll Artbar Redder Oeerge Brclaer Fred Wm Br?m*a J*aa Bonder L Brat ES Beajaata Idwd Boadall Mark Jod IloaaoaJohaChapia Beaaon Jeaea Berry Bleaaor Boqmaa B Bcrrlgaa Biekard Broalaad Brary Bediaade la Con * B'doardf Bill ia Joecpb Brlrf! Che* P Bilfia Richard Briudy Both Blanhaa J W B?i(o Robert Roland Lewie Bordaaa Daalol H'.land Th, mac Bchrar Beai B Brett Mlrhacl Balhaccr A Brewer Joooph B?iih E 8 Barliafer B Baaaor Jaaoo B Bcajaaia Joha L Barf a a Tboa Hi r**r J Brewer Mii?hdl Bar?h I J Broaary Tboa Bias** InSaoI Bldea Bdward Bricaol* Bernardo Biua Jeaea Buee C C Bi?kBoll Jeecph L BI*eoa William Biaelow A Idea B Bliec f R Brydiaa f'rattcatea Bieeoa William Aldea B Brydiaa Prat Bum Idawell Bird Frederic Broadband Oco ? Brnehctt J L? I Boelerc Nevtot Hookalkea D Bolea Blnita Bonrdmaa Rev B A Boddea fbomaa Bohoa Michael Bread etlrk Brcadhead Ooo M Dwl*ht? 1 Proekott J. L~a Bogort R Bodiae Newt*a Bnlaad Mlahaal koekelkcB D. Brockett II W B"l?n "imna Bmadbcar Boaj Boddla tea Boole Wa W Brooke J Banldla Joha Bl< ndbeia Chaa Berry Brooke J Booldla Joha Blondbein Chaa Boary Breve Jnllae Browa Joha B Browa Miehl Browa Awoa Pre we W m Brown rimena T Bre? a Theodore Brown Che* Browa J B Browa fe Co B?ardoa Moacnr Broaeoa J B Breawar Theod A BoaiaterJcha Banrh Tho* Bomer BowdiUh J M? t B< o rliard Moae Brow}*r 8 Boyle Kartia Boyd Edward Be we* Benj F Brownaoay Andrew Bertwick kwd B Be* man RoIm rt Brnatay Jeaea Br>wn Mr Bnohanaa Ooo Bnelianan Joba Brace Adam Barn am William hxraaa Mr Br* le Mea* Paal Bntier Oreenlcnf Bnlrieh Thni B Burlln?bam R- f Patrick ? mea W Burae Theme* Bnrrer Oeer?e Brtaa N Bn hep Job* Cody A ('?" hone Oapt Caheare Mea* Cadelm Chaa Craamere Jchn Caa t* e' ' Q?i C?mpbeH J?ha Camr h..ll John 0 C1*apltt C Creae Caleb O C ert? Bene ola < aee.ll Miehl ( arr M w rarew Miehl Vavpeatai thee lk( ia*a*r Joha B"wel Mr Bneklla Boary Bol| In Oeo Brnla Joha Thee Bnel !>avid Bwtl W'.lllam L Burn* Nichola* Bnrrewe Aaoa 8 RiK'H Jeaea 1 Bodd Chac 4 Bnr*e I ,een Bura* Ma H Bnry The* B Bntlrr Al'ord BwrheBk W Byra< a Michael Bryan Jane* Bj rne Feter C Caldwell R' ht Caldwell TVo Cr*ln JnhaT CahHI Beraard OampbeU Daaiel 0-1 Clanoy Jaa 8iii*a Joha airfc?H Joe I Camher* Wa J Campbell Mn(h Oa.tiatoi.HikCo Ctrmiet Wa la CopWr J oh* Caeier a t CarpoeierWmC Caree* p k Biahop J Broderiek _ Dwiih t-I Sofaad Mlehaal Broekott B W Broadhoar BeaJ Boole Wa W Boaga Robert Bolaad Lonia Bnrdaaa Daniel Bolaad Thoa Bohrcr B R Boerdmna Re* B A Brookaan L>oal* f Bennard l?aie Broekmaa Louie T Boaaerd Loot* Browa J w Browa Capt 0 Brown Dr J A Brown Robert Browa Th e Roeeerviii Adolf -| Bronghtoa Warren Rorn Michael Byror* Wm Botcford fltophe* JJrowniee Alea Bo?* Jaraee Biyle Joha Ball A B Bndkc " Buoiianoa DrOaa Banting Chaa A BnekloY William InHnl Joha 1 Bat**a J Jr Bntier 8pc*ft* Bnrg?e* Wait** Bntrill Chaa D B"r?a Patrick B*'ler Deany B**<lltt Edwin B Bnrke J?m-a Brr*e W Bi rn* Hu?h Bl*(haa Oco R Cad-ell C P (.'ale leaae f Cnil Joe I. Caffroy Fhilif Caamac Dahe Caaaiaa Mr Otoea et Cham hare W ChaacU-r Ooo Cahooa Joba Carroll Joha? t Oatlee dead Dei OHtMMMUia " ? | ? ? 11 OmwjJmM Out* Tkd Oart wright W ? Ciifl JiAM scsrwo OukMinV Clark B is 4m* Clark k Vhn Clark Inn t'Mtnw DT I Cutj Jm ? CnitM If I Cum Jm A I Cihv Saul I Carta 1??1M I Cm ?<? ClarksoaW S??w Jr.*"* Cui; Mr. York ft Cherry Albert! Centto Aekillloui Ortii Uaktrt Cteiealevet Aa-| pitu Omij Mlehael asa#-*., Coatee Patk Ocbb Banfor 1 C?ni> 6n W? 31 ? Artomiui-l Cut Marti ? Clark I4t It Q CUrkOT^^H ClathJoha-S OlarkWM^H Cmo LH Cm* Nuu Cayey Thoe Cui Win B g^a^Psassiar Olltj Tho* Cram John T Clay Bmi Cream Joha L OrawUy Mortfcatr CnmUnlil gCleiland K Creal Uaary ii ?? KM Jm anM Creren Bartheie Chipmaa CbtrlnD Ooffay Christies Cherry Joha I Cliff ? Thoe Oodd Jm Coekroft Thos Coffin 0a? C oct wall Wm Cole Jm W CoaTt A Drieoole? 3 Coolsy Patk Colwoll Isaac Cohea Plato A Colsom C Cellini ThomM Coltmaa Va Cohan M Colb? Caleb K Conners Ml Connor Benard B Condan Wm Cronia Philip Connolly Jam*! Conway Hugh Cob t toe k Uaary Croam Oa? Cola P Colt Geo W Colwoll Andrew Collakan Daaiol Coll J W Co alt Iiaae ? '? Craokot Elijah ?bb Danno almas Patk Collins Wm Coltoa 0?8 ColleasBH Ooli Mr _ Colfax B W CoUeary Patriok Co ilia* Piter Colei n? Willia Churbuok Iiaai B Chnroh Frederisk E a^Hnday Martia ^?aan t Bncam S Coureeey Joha T Condit Wm Conner Jihn 8 Connill Jiremiah ComwayJamai Cumstook k Tjlir Conner! Mr Conlia Join Comiyyl Doct 0 0 Carmody Joha Caukiy Broa ComiKii Qirarda Condon David ComteeJ Coupe Edmand B Comitook Chat M Coalaa Thoi Cook Robirt Conairi David Coomki JamM M Cooper Wm ' Cooley Porter Cooaev Andero Cooper P W Corllei Joieph B Cornill BirdshaU Coonty Edward Coogan Joha Cooimaa Oliver Coon HarnmUl CoitUlo Bniok Cronley W C Con Piter Corigaa Patriik Colby Edmund Corner Chabo* CrOM A 0 Cary Mr Coitigsi Duraod Corr Robirt Qowkiv Miohtl Oopant Id ward CoTiotan Michel Co art Lonii CoicroveJamii Cox Charles Coughlan Wm Copland Alexaader Cot Art 0 P Crown Patriok Co will Joe CounawyJeka Cor Joha Coreafrndt Harry Cinntni E V Cotliar Robert Crowe Parrell Coylo JamM Cnnninxbam JamesCovell D W Cuaigham Martia Cully William Cnalagham John Cnsilagi Joieph? 3 Cnaaingham WU- Cuaingham Bamael Cunningham Joha liam Cuddy William Callaanomki Cunerv Capt Cutdmiikey Jamil Cutvie Juan CharlM Curtii J B Curry Bebert Cueashi P Curtia JamM Churton Joha AJh-Curran Rev RkhardCurtis William toa C'urliy Patt Dalrymplo Jamil Daily Peter Daltoa Joha Danieli Praaklla Day Jamil B Day Calib Davii Simon Daviei L J Davii W a too a Davii W Davis CkM Davii ThomuC Dederiek Robt 8 ?can lira W Da Cook Moaa Vloreat Do Laay A Delany JamM Benton Beaj Deamaa Chaa F Curie y Patrick Cutlno Bartolemiw D Duval Moiby 8 Duff John Daly MiekMl Dainty Joieph Daly Thomas Daniili It Zaket Draddy Joha Dabiihild Mr Darrow Bd M Darmoody Patk Dayborongh Mr Daviei JamM B Davidioa Boary L Daviion N Davis J C Davii DrDaalB Davii John W Davii James P Day W W Davisen Thos Dean B W Do Aloear Joee D'Aogereaa Hy Dean Wm E Deatera Jamil Davii Joha R Davii Human B Davii J L Do Areor Marques De Deukruk Moas De Lapontta Dwelling Jm L Delahays Mom Alex Dc aalow Bomir W Dennis g Dr WUlardDempiey Lewis Defaadorf k Aikia Deaaiion W It Co Dormody JamM Denny Devit Mai tin ~ P Denaii 0 Denniiton 0 H Deiaioad James Dexter Calib Be St Mart. Moas George Del v in Heary Dillingham D H Si Hen Joha iviae Patriok Dingethal G Deheity Patk Doaovan Wm Dobiea Michael Dennen Edwin Deimend Patk Da Triai A H Dew JamM Dey John M Devlin P Dilli Jm H Diltl Jaeob N Dillon Timothy Dioror Joi A Diokermaa Aiahsl Dipaall Mr Driikil Michael Doggitt Joha A Boa Driakwater Mark L Do lan Lake DochartyJ B Doherty James Donovan Maarloe Dodge Dr Joaathaa Deaniien Mr Doaiko Jos W Demon t Dr C M De Tos Pieter Dower John H Deeiag Bd Drew J B Dillon Joha Dabioa Wn Denies Thos iDondiekin Batliy Dodi Dr J Bevee Dehirty Bernard Dowd Joha m Donovan Cora* Dodd L 8 Do; 1 Joha Dowd A Doorley JamM Dowaa Jamai Dougherty D Doyle Peter Doody Denial Douds TkM Doraa Thomai Duario Deaaia Danlap^^^H ^?>i* Dougherty D Duaifraa CkM Duffey Edward Drammoad B L Dunni Dials Dedliv Mr ^ Dumpav LaaraaM Piltkoa J S Davii Heary L _ ? ; K Edmonds Abraham Btebart B Tory Dunaing Bobt Daelufeaa Moas Duff Oris Dunn JameiP Baffcy John Dwyer Joha W Bdwardi OMrgo WMhingtaa Early Michael BsglMtea Edwd Bgaa Deaaii Exgeedaa Goo Elena Giuioype Bldri'ge Edward Ely Joaathaa J Elfii Francis ElUot Jm Eaaii A1 Earight Bdw Eyre J ? FlagWr J B Fabian Bentham Fraaoe Jm Praaiti Daaiol ? Praasii Ckti i' razee Wm Parrell Mlahaal Baila Joha 8 Bdgerton Rieh Bball ChM P H (BD) Elolei Wm Bldridai H W Ely k Co Ely Angiitis Bllii ChM It Co BHiaWmO Ely Joaathaa 8 El Li Baigbt Bgan MicnolM Bmkrei Osa W W Flyaa Pa* Pallor JoMpb B _ Pairbaaki Joha M PraaiKsi _David Doherty John Doaolen Martia Dukert v Felix Deyio John Boyle Wm J Dowdall Joseph? 2 Doud gamuol Dawm Mr Dandoa JamM Dnntoa Jaeob Duaniag Wm Daadae J W Dulaay Joha P ? 2 Dugara Gcorao Dyor H H Dyer Owea Dsrkee Harrises Daalap ThM Ragaa ThM Bvaus Fraaklia Baa lee A J Ea (barton Cm Eddy E Bag le ton P A Bull Joha S Blibary Ephraim Bills Saira Elena OIm eppa Ertel 8 Jacob EldridgeCapt David Barigbt John SjHl TkM B FrtetMJoe ABO* Plaaisaa Joha h'laaeraa Thee ? Fraeole Henry tlauxal Matbiaa ParroU Bdmead FaavaU W Parrell Daalel Faranm Heary B9* Praier Wm ParraU Miehl Faalhaer Hoary Paalkaer JM PMaay Pa* Pegaa JM Pergason H Famagton JosiabB Forriagtoa B 8 Fazrea Milee H Farrell ThM Praser Wm Fatteriey Jm Farrell Miekl Parrell B H Parr all j Pat Pay Joha , Fleet Anguitiaa Farrelly Fat ? , Fieemaa Ang J Prtama Joha Preaeh ? J Plaauchly Martia PargieoaMr. 1Kb it Poreiot Pierre Peaaay Bobt Fleming Chaa French ChM Ferguson J Feres* PetorflaaobiiFoa tea Hoary ? Praaak Dr D O Preaek A Ja*k#ea Fleming Joka Fektsa AUaa Perron Nioholas Fielan rotor Pria Jeremiah Fields Oao Firdlay W M D Finegaa Jaa Pealaysoa AlSXM FliaaJJ Fillmore J _,dria tin a Wm Pinley Bov B 8 Pinch Jm W Prisbio albert C-2 PrilbUTheopklluiM Pilh Hinry W Firgnsoa J M Finwiek W L B Parrell L C Freaeh A Jacksoa Praseh Dr D 0 P arrelli Heary Pialey Bebort Fltisimmons Pa* Pitipatriok J ere mi ah Pelerey Coraey Ford Revel T Ford Dr 8 Pcrtor Fi* * patr.c k Wm Fi.ber J?s Pitspatriek Edward PltiaauriM Heary PitipatrlikAadnw Fund David IForbnsb Albert Plitgerald Robt K Po rop?apt Ferbea A Praa k Ce Pox J Fool Philof F?s t*r Raaford 1 PMtor J O Ford Wm MM ^?frMt Capt Wm ^?Plood Mlehaal Flood Owen A ? f>i Bernard Itsei Foifc Loll ? Foiiai Wm F j J'haH Piran Don Padre Pnfler B P Penally Manns Folger Bobert B Porous W H Pesd Alvln Fiord Chriitepbeg Pox Mishl Pox Jm Footer Bum Fester John Plyaa ThM Pulton Andrew Gallagher Jhin Orahaa Jobs Gallagher P?t nek Gladwin W II Oalpia Willlaa R Uaffaey Peter Oilid Fruk M Cu<mi > Galaey Patriea Gaaaoa 4 Gallagher Timothy Or kit Lewi* OuMiTktau mhiDiiHV Omt U*kJ Oarria Smith Onm Prof Ou<>? Fntk 1 Oarelt Frod'k ? Uuuu John 0 truck Vi lUkt Orif Joh? Ouirijr Rdwai4 Omul ?eor*a OriiCO Uynll Jimi GariaBeatFraacU Mriull Beajamla Gray (naita) Graea Capt U?? Oray JoLa Orm Bobart OmaauCkH B Greoa William Graea I. Y-2 Oreea l>r R Oreoa C Bennett Greta CLarlee O Greoa we o4 Jooepk Oreea J Green Ma W Owitf Jeha Oreeae 0 C Oreea Jeba Greenwood Frank Olcawa Michael Oray Thema* i?Hl f> I Olbeea Nnthnaiel-2 0en(ed * a teal Glbbea* R W Olbeea T J Gilffltbe John W Griffin Joha A Gilaaa Brethertca Oriereea Mil OUebriet Cap* On ft a Ree Benj ~ Oil to Bamael Gilbert k Boae Gllekrlet Joha- I Geerte W OllaiarUa P*l k Grim Nleholae

Glllcoly Jeha Crimea Patrlek Oreena LitrtaM Olkhee Patrick OWlerlyJeba Grime W U Oilleepie Ckarla Oilleepie Alei Good ridc?BeraaaB Godfrey Joha F Goeldea Patrick Goodrich D'l rfliiaa rflHap Golden P. Cetata W Gormaa W GoaU Geerie ? Oaary Mr Gaily Byaal GrlewoU C at W F Goiter# Joha Oalkraltb Vm Gleaeoa EdwMd 0 alUrd J Ooodmaa Pete* Qaodkew M Oocdeh.U fa R 0< rden. Adam I Ca Gordoa John I Germ ley Patriot Goaeilet Joeepk 0?a Jnm?e Gitomoire Tboa QHll f Oriaaa At rabaa Oalbaatb Oeerae OaJria William Oaflney Bernard Grabim Hr. iur*eo? f of ehir Amenea Grant WUlinm Oaana Hoary Ooaahaa Btepbea Gamble Robert Gartheratte fa Oardiaer Curtice 0 Guodean B4war4 Oray TDK UauhellJonethaa-2 Oeam John Oregery Auaoitui Ooer Baal P Greene E OB Green wood Ghee Greene JarphO Oeaaay E L Green William Groaa I P Oermaa Will lata Ooaeel Cbarlaa Ottboai J T Olbaaa Adam Q Oibooa Alei GrtSa Joeepk Oil mora Rderari nil lay Tboe B Gilltcaa HJehael Gilbert Aaaaal 0 Otlaa Hr Gill 1 A Gllllaan Thorn M ?reebeek k Daoker Oooe Adam o ..-.d f. II W HiltoaJ Gordoa Aadrew Grooaiaaror Hear. Oould >r P Oormaa Edarar* Oarry ratrUk Gatmea B Siayeae Bid Gea Haaalac Rdwia Oataai irtitt Baana fa Bale ? W Haok merer F. I Ua?aa Joeerh Uaokt't rati Haha Joha llei?ht T B ?aafeH Balk Hammeed R Bamhraa Hr Halfpenny Prftaell HemelteB Joha Baaaall Chae F Han ton Joha Bamberger k Bra HaalayJoba Banaa Thoma* I iley Joha Baa Loale lamiltea II C Rape. h Andrea* aaaa Cbrietopkar Hart B A ~ HairtaCT Haaaa * m Haaerd W 8 Hart laaen Barrio C barlaa Barrewer fa Harral T Bairiaoa T B Barriaoa Jeha F llaraiactM, Pat'k Ilaya Hr BarrleHB Ilalal Baye Micbrel Bay ward A arc a Ratal II Baydea I. Batet Nona Baft ioka llayto Fr*<l T Be?aa Peter Heydra Seorae Bae?>ll A R Hrrrlek Janat Beaay Thoa B.eb Joba H?n-h?w Oaa B endeW r O Bnvuj JebB? I Heeler Fraaete Beeelloa teeria fleoaitoa < apt? I F era DoBinlaR Pill Heat y l> Haailtaa A B BaaUa B*bt Haaaaa Wm Baa ley Daaial Raaea Joapfa IHrraa IFwi C Bardlnf loaao Baraaer laa A Harrie B Rraaa Baakell Geo 0 BarriaTbna L Harvey J W Bart C B Harri?an Joha Barriat'^aGU -- llerrer H?nry !*? t Baraa^Eliai.a Kpaor _ no Thee W Har'ieoe Bawial F1*rr1a Patriek ?_Iabaa Hlehaal Hava Oeorfo layae taiwt ? area H r gayaa i W Haet ia?a ftaal Hawthern Alea Hay a Rantrd n?ieo Jaka ?afnrleh Johnna neddea Geo W H*aly Tbomaa Hoary ("kae W Beaery TheaM Uarl Br HI eke (1 O'pf rhrienaa Hepbn II iirar* Joha P II calae SBF Bill fa n 1 1 1 j ?o i. Hill Jeaea tllcriae Coral1* Bill llenra C nmdaiey ?? I Dchait Geo- 1, Hoa4ley joha Holt Jare4 B?dyaboa Riek'? Hodeliae B P Uclllaaawnrth Hil'-ek Panlal Aadera en Ralatee Robert Booker H H Soomoe B A eaMlM ?attott B B n< Tbtira H 0 ntralaa Pa'rlek llicie Ckarlo* Billiard Wm B H II JfMFk Hill 1 A Bin Wm H'Ur?r Oaa Hllmraa Bmlllna R i acne *a Bireehfald Pr Hafaa W m Bonier Thaed Hathbora Wm Bra** Bi'Haal Bateb L f _ Bar ilaad ? F-t fla?eaa Jamaa Bawk< worth Gerard Boaaa kdjta Heoraoy Cal H F ?olaaa loha Benry Wa Roaaeoer 1 aa?e Heeeele frtaola Heart tea Jaaee Berrmaa H-ary Rewett 1 O Hill leaai Milliard R R Bill Ja? a Aug H<ek? 11* Hlitrlae Wa H II (aland Patt Hif?aa Patriek HU?a* Goo H y Blktkeook W 0 II i a 1a Oaa 8 DelHron* H II B"ilead Joha Holder William Boflaaaa I Hel'lew rtb R d Bnilaad Thoaaa Holhro-k, Buck la* R aUyJJF m H ham k Co? I Hollaa* John 0 ?ajatl Hoary Hollia Car LoaM B een H H HoWay Jeratl Hale Hnrdeeel H?J a?a tjinmae H HolTwiaa a?a>u?l Hopkiae Wo 4 Eklae P rab'? W k 9 eke* k Baak Hoy t Baaaal ft Ban *ea CbrilUta Balk ett Chaa B Ha?a? Jnka Baaoa Cbarlaa Ball Jeeaph W Baobett Joha Baal* fraeeie Bal'erweM J W ?or'oa Aahr<.ae H"*ri??a laka j pk rrkl B>-or*e J iliaa Bowel) Geo H ?WM/I fcsr\?%!La liUnftSaCr Harrell JiaM Hyd* Alkaa B;Ut A U?u (?Ml Va lrelaad David a fcSTJsr" Jartl* X N Jtnii Ju R*v i?M Jeakine Hurt Jeaniaga ThM J ok boob Oliver R Johnaca Martia Jobnaoa R Jehaetoa Oee Jtbitoi Ju auUfnuM 1 (MMt/M- 8 Irillf Jum 3 /MkIM Ammm jMMjHI JaokMB llbt J IBM ItfMt Javatt Baml A JeaktaaJu J eaoka a*?j B Jouun Va JtkMnfa J ?bum Wm lUNtl. Jokaaoa Wm JobaetOB Ju B ? ' ?ki *4 Va J Bt*? frMri ?lit ha? . V imu Oau fagWl Jokaatoa J?utkM;?hini r>?l Joley Ja* Joka**aCka*a JeBO* XUiak C? f ? MnTI J jlm Cm J .nee Mr imu Jo4a B /???? Baml /oim D?fi4 JlUM l*ftAi JoBM B P Jobm Jobs Jobm Henry Joa*e JU Jono* Btur P Keane Mr Xaapp Wm I KaappJoba KuiTkN Kelt; k firflNl Kelly C'ornalia* Kelly Patk Kelly Jm Kolly Jat KoU?* Hawaii Kilk Deal Kolly Patk Kendall J oka Ken hew Joha Kenny The* Ktnaedy Martla Kennaa Id M Kendall Geo A Kedd M W Kidney Ju Killmnrry Pati Kiernaa Jai Kiag C j rue Kieram Va Xiaen* Mr Kinidy Deaai* King Ty Kiaen Oh King D C Krugler F J King Jehu UabkBlMUv Laidlow Was Lacy B I.acke) Jaail Lamb 1'etar Lairuh Joba La 11 y John Ladly Walter Lata Henry Lawreaee Borate J La raw ay M M LarklaJoba Lawreaoe Cyrue If L* ? roac e X Lawioa k Rhattuck Lara a Haat Latimer Horace X Lawioa Biker t C Kaapp X T Kavaaaagk IUn Kaae I'aJY Xeiaaa Ju Keith X A Kellg* I Keeier Jaa Keeraa Ju Keleo Lew.i Kaell Mr Keltaee Jtta Kaeaaa Jaa Xaanedy TkM Kerr Tkaa KeanedyX-i Kaaay W Keny Jaa Kaoay Jen j Kllkiol Jaa Kill Jaa ?w Kee'on rrt L t Klrhy Thoa ? KirUand CilM X Kritter Pater Kit ilea PetK King Patk King M Kiaek A ? Kirk Wm Koch Of Artkac Jaakaaa Ju I Jaakaoa Rokt Jamee Mr. WMac ? Jam** Seat JeBatna Wm Jaaklai OeenefH Jeaaxage 0 Jekaaaa Oltfi itkms* air ekaxtoa J C ekeiea Caaa Jekaetea Maaa J oka Okaa Joaee Lyaaaa M J oaee Joka W Ot Jeaee Joba J'tN L Jeaee I?j J>aea Bear; P j ?M Wm X J '|m J Jkiei f T Kaae Jeka 0-4 Kaapf Prea -ie Kevaaeaeh PkilUp Keagia Wm Kelt Jaeok Kali JtMk le.'? D X Keaa oa-ii Lavidge Oaa O L aerie Goorge-2 Lovett John Lawall Samuel Lawreaee ?ke W legett Abraham Lietlt Lemea Andrew* Leidini Htm Leaky Michael Leaky Timethy Lecompte J Laddy John Loyden Mlchl O Leonard Wm 0 Leoaard T Levieoa L Leonard Levi Lewie Oraado B Ligindam 8 D F Lille a Joba Librent Heary Libit GraaviUe Little T B Lolernte Maaa Loekley P Lawraaca Wm P LatbraaThM P Lark i a Diaaee Laikia t||u>a Larkia Daaia Leede Raaaall La CaataaU* Al pknaae-2 Laa Daniel Lea Jeeeph X Sanaa Kobt W aley Jama* Leek Darld M Leeter Henry Laepinaaee Maaa Lenaoa J eh a Leail Beory Lewie Mr Leonard Jaaepk Liddla JoMpk Llaikaa Joba Liaihaa Gaorgt Little Jamea 8 Little Iaraal W Look a 8 Morri* Loekwood Alfred Lcokwood PraacilD Lockwoed Lonaabury Wm Long Mathav Lammere Barn d Ltaaibnry Wm Lowe Abel Lortcn Mr. Looe Frcdeciek Loner R Lottere Jamea Leilri Orlaado Lovell H Lodge Naval Leomia Ford la Long Joka K-I Lottman 8 0 Loneeett Praaeala Lord Banry Lleyd Abraham Loate Doe 1'nda riek D Low Charlee T Lodge ftaral Lndlow Bon 8 X Lnelett Jawpk W Luobt Ckarlaa Ladlow Richard I.neeViaaJ Lyaa Dr E M Lyon Cbarlaa H Lndlow Jemee W Laokey DrBamlM Lynch Bernard Lyaek Denle Lyater L H Lejen Heaaa Lymaa Joba Keaa Jvba Kelly Mlchl Kally Jaa Keighroa Jena Keaaler T P M Xeowa Ju Kara Jae Adam J Keaaard Ga* W Kerwaa Patk K?a J Kanaedy Jeka Kidd Marua M Kilajr Michl K Una Ky Kilmartia Jeka Ktetili J X Ktaaltag luael X Kiag Kot>t Kiaob Xaht Kiag T/ Klaaa Cbaa Kiaf X A Kruaa P C b Xoraaia Praaaie Latleaetu Paal B Lanek leaac W Lamea Xn bard Baergaa Miekal 'ate UiMm t Laaali Warrea Laaaalt Joaepb Latham A L Lara way M Me are a Lawioa k Aaaealey Laadea William Lawlay Diaaea Lark lag Miekael Lanaley Caa A Lee ThM X Lefaaakenr Xd Lae Beary Lehir Mune Laar Thomae Laaky Joba Leduae Miakel Lewie C K Krmont L Lotobm ttmaa A kn M Laa L Bucbaa P i o Tkoe Llaaa ?eorge Liad Cbarlaa Lift Aajpiat Liviagatoa Jaa L Bkley I' k Jamea W Lock wood X Lo41ngtoa Mr Llayd Joka Haryar Lyaak Theaaaa Luaell William Laaaakarv Wm B Lord HiltiamW Lord Wm Lagaa WO Lowe Ckarlaa m Laag Tkeaaa Mia Heary Oermalae Lyoa Darld Jeka Loik Wta ? Lake Wm L Lyater X V Lairat Jamea Lynch Jamea Lyaak Bryaa M alone Thorn a* Maokeaiie Jaba Maedonald A Maanira Joe L * add an Jamaa Maraire Tbea Maek Matthew Magi igkam Jaa MeDevit Kdwd Magratk Jaa H Maaa Wm L Malaky Dr Geo Maakeeway l-oni* Maaa Tlmatky Mu float Jaa Mi Her Jaa Malonay Gea A Maloaa PelU Maaaing Jaba Maley Joha Mkrioa Jeeeph M erodes P Magill Bernard Magaae Cbaa Mag** Wm M agnira Kaeaaa Maguire Jaa Macalra Back Maekey Oao H MoGowhan Fraaoia Halloa Ueary Magratk Miekel Mantborne X L Maaaiag X X M ah oat Martla MaaieU Jnba H Makony Tboe Manaiag Walter Mae Om Maodoa aid 1 W HaMagdonaldward Maddca Owes Magaae* II D HackattMaPatriik Mao lay DO. Rot A Haaaaad Keadriok HakTTjoka Haaa Wm X MaaZerriUa Mr Malvaa Xakl MaUoy Miakl J Rowland Martia Ckarlee.-M Uanoa JoeR Marvel Cbaa Maraton W H Mariga Mas rice Martia* Ja* Maaaa Peter Maaaer Bartbola- Mahoaey John mew Maaa* (Jamil Maloae Jaa Martiaei Jaaa Bat Mann Joha L tholomew Maker John Mareokal Jaa Maetel Ma to* Maaabal W P Marehall Alex Markkam k Xr*wa Martia Joka Whit* M*e*rs Mayburgb F ? MarntuLtoaar Maytr Cha* C Mattbewe Jaa Haaaa Heeekiak Hayaak Lewia Maga* Wm Max wall M Melaard 01i?*r-? Meaaa Uabomiak Mellon Rekt Meyer H Mesaaagk Jaa Middl*ton Wm Millar Capt Dal boa*!* Mil?a Wm R Mil** Patk Mill Rekt Millar QUm Mlukell D 0 Mitekall Joka 0 Marl. a Rokt Maraty Mr Martia Aadr*w Martia ratritk Maxwell B M Maria* Jnaa M Maar*ria Moa Mater R Maxtad Capt Maaoa Bawarly W Maek** Tkaa Matthewa Wm u .... W Maya*k Bomialok M*ad* Jaka H*agb*r Xlebd Meebaa Ja* H*rMr Joha W H*yer* Wm H Miebacl Jaaepk Mellow i ta Carl Middletoa Alex Hickel Tkeodete Mickatl Baml-I Millar Saal Miro Gr*giri* Mitckell w Q Mltekell Xck*rtXH Hentgomery KiekardMontgomery ReMt Maloay Patk Mol*y W Meliiaaa Jm^^h B Moanal Th** Moffat t Mr Wm Mean* W H Moot* T M Maj Moore Joaatkaa Marrow O Horrta R C Col Hooaay N Meriag B B Motif I L Mrrtea J H Moore MarUa 8o rile Pet*r goraa W m urt*a T P l*rrl* Wm fioujtoa Kei X P Martia Bearv Mareower Bumoa Martin Miakaal Mattbi*M*aR*ab*a Maaor Alex Maiwtt Ja**pk Swart I Mattkewo Wm Matbeeoa Alex Mayo Phillip Maeen Cyrue? 2 Matthew* Tboe Medkery SylrMUr Mclier Carl Headaia Joha A Merritt Bearv H Mondolocn aim Miakell Capt TkM Mailer Setk 0-1 Miller Hiram Mailer Alrak Milla Wm Mill* Xdw Mitel, ell JM Mitoball D Graat Miak Palk Meaka J*ba Mead* J*ha jr Monell Walter J Mallaguac .aba Moore Saml Moore* Jad* Mr Moeaa Patk Hertia Wm ktrtMlifM Mn** Beo Mori a Mr P*t*f Momeay Jaa Moral Kckt "lorti* P*?*f jurton T P Morrow Ja* Motley J M' oat Xickd Marika Beraard Moylan Joba Mount Joba W Mailer Beary Moilicta Ju Mulraikt Ju Mulkollaad David MiUaa Miebl Mullia Rlebd MnbrarhiU Ma Merray Ju Mnrdock a lex M n bm 11 Vraak Murphy Joha Meoaey T X Maagrar* J P Merpky Jeka Hyklai Joka XeCaa Jaka McCbbI* Daaial MeCra Joka MeCanUff* J*re miak M D?a aid Jaka M> Dormott I?r Clark Me Dennett 0 Mallowny Joka Murray ThM Myere ae ?arwm Oe? Merray Jeba Merray Hicbd MaUia Ikaa M K?ae Felix MeKeyy 11 ward MoarM J ? Xaq Moore J X Moore J B Mocrlae Wm W Moran Franoia Moran David Morton tol 8 Marrow Mlckl Horrelly Wm Moitow Daniel Morgaa Joha Morn* Tboe Men* David M*ier8 II Moo* Bad f::si.7;" Malv*y Tboe Mnklll Daalel M Uer Ja* Mnrduk J X Mnry Martia Mardoek Ju Cpt Muatell Xiram Murray Joha Murray Miakl Myere Ju Murpky Wm A Mykla* Damel M*FaU Malar Daa Me Par laa* Letker MeKevy Eiwar* l McKirdy Aloxaad*r M* Laagblaa JeeerhMeGrath Jamee MeLaeghlia Joka MoGaaghey Robert MeLean Capt Wm- S McOloaghua Mi MeMo-row John ehaal M' irthnr Jeba M'Goaera Miohul Mr Aveaty Jaoie* MeOowaa tamnal McDeaaid William McAnliffjCoraelia* McGeldriek Br MrDoaald Aadrow HckleMThemaa XieUard MfDoaald Peter MeBryeW Melaaray Patrijk M*Doaald M >11. em MeCarrick Tkomu Mcl^t yre D iaiel -1 McKlaraev Cbarlt* MeCollem George W H'Kewa Joka M< Klrey Jamee Me Jertuiek JaaaM MeKioraam Hugh MeBaeaayJoka Me< owaa Xderard MeKee W P " ? MeColma John MeKeanan br W MeDarmott Michael Mrl.angkl?' Miekul MoD-mali Charlee k iaa^-rL*aard MeDonaoll Tkomaa Mcl.aXan Jamee Me Pall CkarlM MeFaddea Joka MrOalre Bngk Mebbaa Joha M'Gowaa Tkomu M<Glul.aa Daniel Mr Qrakain Xekt MeGia J M latyr* Mr MrKeaale Blot MeDavitt J na McDowell D MeDewaU Ju McXvaly WiUlaa Mi-Bate* Jaai>i Mc Marty Hegh MeaultlT Jamee Mcalaraay Laa reaoe ?eAlley Jamee Mr kallHo Jeremiak jelwm OMl McBaraoyTbomu MiCermiekftepbea MeCallea B Bad J pcCBBna Ja ba MeNamara Bdward McCaueh-a W X MeCaa William MeKe-ly William MoCaalJchaR M -CneJamea Mr \ eay Will. am MrManuii aa McCotmie Phillip* Mot lnne Tk'BU MoMwIlen Jeka M -Carty MeCabe Patrick McNultyJu McCartk* Deal* MeOael Aleaandar MeNamara Mathav Nathaniel MeCermaok B<lwardBoMair Uagb MeCrea MeCarthy Will.i MeMicbef Jamee MeMakoa J McMahan Jobs MoOtaaail Bohott Metkarry Thorau MeCormiek Phil MeTlear Rokevt MeCaffray B M' Willlame Hamual MoNakt William M Laae Jeka X fl'l'Jne Hall ? C? f? N?al Dr ? Dm ? N?wp>?t lhaa SMI Jna cr?i Ju _Hf>i o N#bK<t??b Nr f>n?B ?r Kit' ? laml Mil** A lira fil?? B?I1?W If *M .MnrfriM |r BottI* * B ffailt Jao Nnl?B Mcirll > S * Jfatkaaal* Wm >?wh nua* (MM NmI| A I Wt t -? Vrnaiaaar Jaa Ntli'i Wm Noiiu runts Mallia AkrahMk? ] Saalila Wm NMbttt J???ph Nawall Tiaatay Do44 ImiN'wbii 1 T Odoraill J aa Ot>FTm?yl*l Brit***, (Ikbm Aln f 0 i?hf my M chl 0'W?il r>a?l? (hir ??>?? C?l Otla O i?h*n?ha?M? Ju Otlf in Stti Jae Tartar D K Fal? mill. ? Pnaacar. Pani ?r * Ca A Palnrr u?a Pia ?? lokt Fa la ? ? P* ???<?*? fltnl r?lai? r H?4 r?t?*>T? w i Ft tt?a ( afi Wm Pratt* Ja??a Pat'trtta laa ftitt *?a T Ph.iaa Jata? P*H?n>aJaa 1*?' ,W 1 t) f ?SB O V,V"s>,*A'.? get . VSf'jr fesftSJft Num B Th?a4ova Nil** ta?f NiahoUQ D lliiaai*( has Nnwlta ttanai* Worarata C B N owlaaca W m Notaari Oaa Natl H N?laa4 iu Norm Mr Oti ia Tkoa ? O H vara I /a* Oka wm W ? Hara fill 0"Rail Jn* Orr?ll W altar W O iallliia Ju Qah ira* Ht 0'3nUi> MiCoraaliaa B4aa laaaal ? >"? UlMI iar Via rua>a Im Baaj P*?? A P r?lm?r Crrmt D rarrUk Oaa PaJaolJoha M PMkat fha* auar Dail Fat?*raoa CVrtata> _ Paal ??<! Wm TalMraaa ll|*a F*n? J M Bearl4 J iae!*y lp?IH KW'U Sal ia Lari ? Jrraaatak W i* ik er >1 je**ptc-l i J B v ifLcn Car'B Sumij Dr ? ?l >lni|4?l U*orf* Bbealay Ja CuUti Uao A k Ini laril? Fr*4eiieb 8arill J B Bcharf Aacaet l>ur Tk?au 8 parka Willi** 8 Irani H i StMtM IB Imiii ImaH TkMUa Mit>iilN4, . Bakiaa J. ha li (Mil Jmm ' lie*- r* UkM ft Jaba kaiKi |Mk?ui?ali iiaiiM iimw MUriia? (Mini J 1 i**u r mi>? luti >!<(? J I?altwa4 C hmmImm Ih4< Intll U>< r lleraaa ?*???* > # iu?l; lirtaal lua>B<?a J lualaM inkdliutiMiJ ? I khaaaoa J Bbaaaa^Wa liitu Mr ImIiAwm baiixi liraat Biarr W L _ Bab*d Bw**t ? ?j j?"?? 1*?4aar4 ?a aa4ere liraai rr ?t>M w Ska* J?ka nauKiai 0 V b>a4m IH erlai Aaaalaf ? CkrwaefhM Baalee Va I MMral 1110* Vhe4rl 0 0 ?.fcvS* ??m I J>ha M ?In t Rekt itiwa Jaka Boaaiaa MaeterGaaMBear t Oaea iNtmu llIM > Ikolioa ML U>llu? HUla B< .. i ?, i?r 81 JikB Oaeria * ? "? MaiiJak* hrrt Siabutaa Jaied ?ekeaek Joba N Biattaaaa Be at aaa I liraa Jta< an Jterea Jamei Btai'haai Mr. Jaa Staph** C L Stewart Fte4 A kh^rwoa4 - 8t?rk<atca JakaV 5Ku? Bilteek IT twin Jr J Aa Bheppar4 Riefc4 Bkeraaa Otfl Cat ? IB- 1 Street CVial*|kit Buna Cbri?t?pker Bt?*ar Ja< M ? ?hirer 0. fttawart Varna ? ? pre C*pt Wa Bi yaear ? ? A L Beriaaer B f laill Vea liaawli Heary bimpeia i Bat Skittair Ci rje lajr-l _ ? laoRiia W Itapaea W I Bcbi?khar4t Qaa lia>iia Una flak Iakai4t C T iliba IdmeadT fatrt Alfred Bhial4a Jaba llaaaaM laa Bus paaa Jiroaa B tlaa Alaaaa* Spriaaer A II ?alth bUarr Baiitk Altai* P Smith Cap i Smith Matkaa Smith I.'oailaa Ba-lth Joha Smith Jaa k laa Smith r B Smith W Smith Wa faith W altar ialtUn Ckaa Battier Jaba lallta .Gai'aao- 1 Stoddard lim a A It*44*i4 Capt Four Adolph ?a at Jaaaa Baerar Ira SoathiBgtoa Jaa- 1 leheeeaberg<M?a-S Btrougkt (? Boatar jMifk Bo?awtky r Saka laaaa ??L I 8ntt< a fa BI Brillraa B WM nrtk wh| luaat Mate jiaala laar* I ("kaa^ KuTm mc tiaaaa I air**?4 lu'a [taaari I Itairaa Haaaa rk?H U?ta i?a?t Tkaa laatv a I r? C xvn k ?.j ?|*aa :a2 IS?tk Wm laitl JaSa ft IM fcaa^na ft Mm. _ (lagtaa ?< kial I Bliaiarlaa4 V I Eitkiw ?anuh ckaa B lalik Tlwa I Bauik Vat Eith J W laaitk Br Biaitk Wm B ?auih A Cra* Ba'ti A a laaith Jaa Baivahtl ?iaaa A ft *4 Jar Bivaibn laatt J L Iakaaaaral4 M r If paaair L?*aU Iftau Caoraa | fcfcultM a 4. ? ??s W? Jvii | BeaUJaaV BnMiiaa Mr. Aaa Ivlliraa Jaaaa* ?K,tV ?rlliraa B T lill -nJ?ka f faUttaaJaa ^kVrl-Ti I - R??r, Tracy Kairaa Tan nar Bjraa Taj lor 0a? T Taylor Roaar I K'c Taylor Ckaa B Tracy kttkur Tool j ? B Trent r .ru.aa Toaaaaa4 Bar CC Thora4ika Jaa W Tl.oraa Ckaa B Tkarp W? B Tayaa F J IkuraMa Bam I B Taraar Daaial Taylor (liarlaa TkaaaaUa fa Tarili Jaaaa Tilli Mr Tltrcmb B B Thrift Mr ThiBKifor4 J J Tibbaiti Fr'i I Tbomaa Joba B Tboapaaa LC Tbaaaaa Laa J Tt.. mpann W J ToaNltl 0*4 M Taraaar I B? 4 l'a4orw"o4 Mr fbl,? B4w Thatobar. Skav B Ca T aa*f Vnak ' Ta?at.t /B'-* Taylvr'bJ , Timn PaMf . Tatlar taaaf Taaalay Viaa Tianan Tra Tirana l Mr Traarbrl4fa Oka L Tarpy Biak'4 Taraar Capt Jaa Ta'ly Ckaa Tahot J Trail ram Wm mm Tainar4 Bar B Tibbita Johk fe , Triatat Chaa Tiaai K H 0 ayl r Ma _ tj or BO '?tram A rl?r CK-J ti-r Job Craai Japaa Mi a* TanaUay L D | B*P Jaal Taak?r Bao Tattli It Ta> lor ?*<. V Taarair Taat w,jr Tianiltaat Jaka Tricky A D Tbumpaoa C C Tliuaipaoa Harriaaa Thoapaon V? , Taapkiaa A 6 Tompaoa W Tti ap??a Jail Haafaaa Oo* Trajk Bdaia Tkoaar Ja> B Thifiu a l Ttacl* Jaaab Tiaraay lU'haal Tboaapaoa NBA Boa Thaaipaoall T Vaafhas W Tali* E4?ar B ??aaia Mark T laaoat A Vi|tJ t a a dart pa Pater VaaJrieert Joba _ Tia4r(tift tkaaip- Taa Maa* Jaka aaa V aa p .roa Br-I Taralatya* Nloki- Vaaelaa' W in 0- 1 TaaBcktaaJB Taa Kurea Peter ^ V allaaa J C Walker Ckaa Walah Idw Walt*rMr Wal'ir k v-ua* WaiteC*inaB Walker Joha* Waikir ioka WalakCarala W hall Br Wajkar Jaka Bill* Malta K4 ? V Ua<>Altl Joat Cehir M"B t'lery Sinn 1 l'(ia Jaae 0 V ?ait B Teleia Bean T?ll>p B>ear4e Taiaatiaa Maaa ? Tela- a Capt Jaaab Taiaa Da?i4 Taaanibeka J t T aleat laa Praak Taa Lia4eraa A4rt-Taa*iebli Ckaa Taa #? 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