Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. ABOBBJLBNTB THIS ITBMiMS. tOW*BV 7BIATRC, Uvwtj-Thk SrBASbaB-CttBV I^OiDViT TBXATRB. BreKlinLj-Al t TBat Gut lue it Mot OeiB? Bilumm. SI1LO S OARDBN, Broadway? Iaui*** bt Cmiu m - C _____ BUBTOJI-V TEUTI1, Ctw>in lilwt a Shobt biti M? A Mimi Om ? Da v 19 .'omintiA ?ATiONAL TBBATBB, CtelkMMmt-llcui to Bic M*M -Sam Paicm ih /bamcc-M ?w? Tci. BB0UGHA1TB LTCBUX. BrMdwmy-A Ctrmev* Cw ? F?rr Mi" ~Womu>'? Taia. rBBIPTTS B1NBTKBLS, KMtaaiM* B*U. 472 BfMiwftJ BiicriA* ?i!*rr*Djrr. J BLLOW8 B1N8TBL3, IVUrwi' Ofwra Hoa??,MI Btoai Btiuupiaji B:h*tb*x*v. AJtBBieAN BCSBUIl? Axviu*? runiuwit JurrxM frVC* ABk ( NIW TORI AMPIU TBBATBB, 37 B<rw?rr- B?jc?t*u? Fl?l?BMA.WKS. WASHINGTON HALL? Fabobaiia cr th? Fmaaat's RATTUCR'5 COBMOBAMA. 0 cruel of TblrUeati rtree* M< EriMVIJ. HNF1T& BOOMS? Pan e it ama or Irblafd. II cw Yorlt, Friday, Berth 7, 1851# Aiiliml ofthc Vat Itio ? Important Cwopttn S??i. j j The Collins' steamer Pacific arrived at her ?whan a few mmutes ^ after five o'eLck^yesterday eveaicg, afier a very short passage from Liverpool ?in fae?, one of the two shorfest western passages made in the winter season . She sailed from Liver poo! on the afternoon of the twe nfy-secoad ultimo. The oifcer short passage was made by the Baltij On this account, we think the pnblic may entertain a just pride in the Collins' line. It was predicted lhat however good the summer passages might be, Those m the winter would not ev.i&l those of the Canard steamers. After a fair trial, this vaticina ron has proved to be wholly baseless, and the mo dels of oar American steamers have exhibited thehr t icellence alike for Atlantic voyages in <.ura* mer and winter. ' The latest political news from EBgtand is of a d?epl> in'eresting character. The telegraphic intel ligence-sent from London to Liverpool, announces -he resignation of Lord John Ruaaeil and his cibi net. The cause of this action on the part of the wiimstiy, is to he found in the history of the Jebdte, and m the vote on the suffrage ques tion, which is given in the letter of oar spe cial correspondent. On a motion of Mr. L?>ekie ^ing, seconded by Mr. Heme, a division took place, in which, as it aj pear?, tne ministry were defeated, tfcouph in a small house, by a majority of forty e^jht. The announcement was received with great cht* ring; and, doubtless, upon such an evi decc* t-f dtftMt, the cabinet decided to resign at once. Th? probable effect of this movement is expressed in an extract from the London Times, whith set ma to int mate that there will be an attempt to form a coalition in the new ministry ? ky which, -we pretume, Lord John Russell may be retained, sr;d Palmerston and Grey, at leant, seat into rtimmeiit. The recent vote on the protec tion fttttfn raised by Mr. D'lsraeli, it will be remembered, g*ve ihe miaistrv only a mijority Of sixteen This fiat, t?k??n in connection with the cwldo' se wi h which the budget of the Chancellor of 'he Exchequer was received on its presentation w> rt !?; ment, assures us that the ministry must be rascally tvenhiown At all events, no coalition ?an be effected between the whiffs and tori?*s which * ( -u Id not &oon place the new cabinet in a 4>Mi*eeeable position, from which they will be JAKE I ? mcB >.v VulnaN XVI Muabcr 65 ?? ?r Bjk asaa. k . r?*-?l by the course of events The que; ion of the new min<?'ry is a highly important on* on more account* that those which *Cectihr peace, hippm-ss and prosperity of Great Britain dojicg the present year. If we have not read erro&eouaiy for ten month* pant, the aigaa of he lu'.ure in European events and preparation*, he ?nuiiii*r political Nltuee will be a* warm m ? Europe a* it bae heeu frr many year* piat. The 'teneL'ti of a grtal aimauon have he- n reethmji, ??*4 shifting, an! oniMing >n the v??' diplomatic caatdrrn.gmcff okeaof?iKh devd's broth as must ne?ai* boil over, if it does uot prove a feast. Al vn<y, ?t a pi ?ears Gsribaili a^conds by his pro AO<e the views < t M?zzu.i ?i b retpeet to the ?rfraeratioa of Italy Tha rumor ttmiei France, and >he moretfee her tayour '8 ia Rom ?putting her army of <c:ur<aiicn en a war footiuf. 8a tnneh .<t .'southern Euro ^e. ia which Kagl tnd bat a deep latere at, particularly af er having pr?- ared prod eta*. tr?Dt? lor 'to- w no p-rform in the p*. jy ant of ??e Pi pe, .a ilie B* 'i*b domm <as Can at he bat Mai. mi tits cenvrd money from the B?i iah tytuiujr to carry on h.a gr* at plan ?t <r?eOoi?i ' r i-ai>, hot fteca i?e Great Bntam Itma M</' r(' r?, hit the T ? ''aa! Ilaa Pro ? so. itnif>n > Ji?d naewi for th? atnfe, thit H nt.iy *'??. ff power that would set up the /eu?l? n?r. ?f r.h into tried 'iiyai'ar.e * Tl?e?? tie i??'T c" *,'f ilf.! "fi? Tt>-y are fu'l ??f m?uuirf, fc' * -?' or. h* ru . ae .turt ?4 I aiy, will th* fa lure fa" t Auttr.a harg? that fawn whoa* 'r n ?? Ki'.vu'i ' .1 ern ,ay ?????* if wuo ? oiMii <1 atr -t . id "aoi?y The Mfcer it " i-ffenc f r? n \ari' i? p.rt? ?f llurofe, will iwl -? pa.'a^h ? vtr ?>y the iBt-Lig*jt r?ader * No prepares ?o ?-\-.nne the ( ? ,->? -n* of ttftntal. g the 067ii *k Fr* nstm ?t (???'?./ i'a'e of doul t ard ur.c"!t*.'n'f a* to t*"? ? ? >r?; . t t h-.t near *a'ih.? , a. ftsd .iay eaLr.i . ?',oj -i . mpeaw di turt uca ?a?inie; t?, 1 t? fr,* -r|e e in > era r?e A >ua* *><'/ -? . 1 i I* ad to r.s ? t >r m ?ud eaer*?on? of ?? ? f ? v. ? * t a r.e * fvi ieo I >? i ,c* c > France, woaid la<ri net.! ii?, n t?? hi f*? ??f fi- iew r?rihl:? J ? - i ? o i iff ?? ? ? ,.i?^o to at? imIm.l*, attd ttie .tat 4 r>." *e* a i.r eo-itii 1 ? '?o?i ?' i*e ? ia r te 1 ? r? ? ' r< [*. l. -jk'u ? 11 l-r . !iti? w ax<i e?c ior ?a. ae , ???i|*rti.?t ?*? ??<vrir ?? 'it?? .tfLi v 1? ?? ?f e r j- ? I kuU. Ti?* '? iff .<? ti?*??f . ?.,? ?urf p fVoa |ylva?a ? ? !c a <. u r ?: .ncjaf w c jr? a ace Isr ike flfpMt "f f'.>* 1 c .< ? a< e j? I (1 ?!<?.?' .? ret ?' ia' <f : ?ir k??r?r'M'.' * ; .?? ?* . - ? ?? .<^g ?< ih> ???;?? ifii' . sio ? 40 t a ?a ? a- ?aa< ? tt. Va.? 1 ?* a?e-j ? I K/ii??i??ri m a? I *a wur> if l?M?y)??jiU r-f?i'a f ?ii,'< 1) t * i? ?i . ?i * *11 .1 .. f ta'a, w ??? ?i?aro ? jt. h?r vi- ??' ar?a> atl*# * m naaa *? - 11% o* f .1 W Nat , ?r ?"?*?'? ? -e'ae li' n?(i*.r .4 w r aaf b ? .?>?? .i?, i? h a '??f ?' Bi' ?.r Kot* a M?'?? * ?* f*?e* ?a* Ua?tw aaa?? ??>? ?r. ??> ??f #t !? ii ? r irt j H ??e? * B "en1 J J ?'??awtteir ? "?'<? ?"b** ***' "*?' '"fl# |i N It 1 ???-r K|a ?i- -f 'ef?e? e n?. <a?aW^' .1 ' .'?$ -ir' X ??iiw<.,.n w it 4*a ?U naiv (I Ka 1* ' k'M'wa I ?e ?*<?? C ejirtoilna Ihf ft 1 * f| ?" 4 Worsen* * ii'innj < p t I f ???> 1 a??? t ? ? > Par ?? ?? .?? 1 er >*a f% " !? i? ?? a< k1 ??r? I h ? "t -Ji- lh)u *??;' ? wVlth ;j?? ?v?9ha?* rlx w etnfet?'a n fa? irrd re 1 ? ??tf M wrtiHa't fcr I ??. i?n , at f ? act* fie wai aau uiat" . f. r ? .at o1* m tii. a4ae? ^ r* ?f ^?ry'*ad, ? t ?< lodlilM, Mid boa ae a4" arat, I ?;? ..,14.^4 ?iftfc' atifm*' ? ??'???? i'-ic ?'a *re- li.a/-i*nd- a<M?u <.ai?i .. 1 .. . n. Um l?>r? Ini a ?n;d ta ?? I ? >| ( ( ' ffcf>? of ?-'h?| MWIlt >a ? r u ? 0 M^^asap^** i" h?Tr! r# mi* r? ,.t 4eji f-o wj; t? a I ? a 'p. >?? ? h? h 1 aiu,u to el>e? 1 ? *1 ? ?, p?;. Miwiw ought to b?, for be ho conferred extraordinary benefit on the United States. He ha j acted coa ?pirupusly in two >mnL end covered hfemelf with both. Htyearyn bin per nop sfars receivM in mm battles of yr cowry, aijd oka proved to tpt wjffkl th?t, grearod jpwerfuJ fa the paited Stages is in peace, it is equally great and powerful in war. Hia exploits during the Mexican war excited the ' admiration of the veterana of Kurope, and hia I couraee and gallantry are acknowledged in both I hemispheres Gen. Scott's connection with the abolition sec i tion of the whig party, in this aad other States, . will tend to injure his prospects for the Presidency! [ and were be to coamlt hie ewn interests, be would ' repudiate such connection at the earliest possible moment. The public pulse haa been felt recently public sentiment haa been sounded? and the reeoft wna an expression of deep and abidiag attachment to the Union, and of condemnation of Sewar/iicm and abolitioiiam, of every kind, character Vad de scription. No man can get the electoral vote of aay State in the Union, who ia known to be Cat aboli tionist, or who is suspected to sympathize with the abolitionists m their mad schemes of fanaticism and disunion. This is undeniably true; and it is on tfeis account we are sorry that Gea. Scott was nominated ia Delaware, under the auspioes of whig abolitionists. We regretted it at the time, and we regret it now, for Gen. Scott's sake. The Presidential game is now regularly com j menced, and ere long the chess-board will be sur ' rounded by the leaders and intriguers of the respec tive parties, the numerous c'uiues of which will , exert their ingenuity to checkmate each other, and i hold the game in their own hands. We shall watch i the signs of the times, and report progress, from | time to time, &s the wire-pullers show their hands. ! Gra.njj Union Cass Bam, vrd Henry Olay Ball. ?The grand Union Case ball, tor which prepara tions were made a long time in advance, came oft ' at Ttmmany Hall last night, and w as one of the most agteet ble festivals that has taken place in New 1 York for a long time. It was very worthy of '.he statesman in whose honor it was got up, and re i fleeted the highest credit on all who were engaged in the prelimintry arrangements. The great Henry Clay ball will take place at | Niblo's on Monday evening next, and it promises i to be ia evtr.' respect as brilliant as the other. These two distinguished men, who are thus honored by their respective friends and admirers in New York, occupy different positions. General i Cass, as a politician and a statesman, is beloved by the democracy ; bat Mr. Clay, as au indiv dual, as i well as the leader of the whig party, has a deep and abiding hold on the affections of his followers 1 and of the public at large. As an individual, and 1 aside from his party, General Cass has not many ' friends, while as a statesman, and one of the shia 1 ing lights of the democracy, he is almost revered. 1 He has fallen heir, in a great measure, to the ve neration paid to Andrew Jackson. Oa the other han 1, Mr CUy is idolized as both an ndividual and a statesman. We question II there it imtn i living who has more friends than the distinguished j sta'esman of Kentucky. His manner is so winning i and to captivating that he carries all before him. ' This is not so much the c?se with General Cass, although his manner is by nc means anpreposseH* ; ing. Mr. Clay attracts people to him? General ) Cats does net. You may shake handa with Gene i a 1 Ca^s ani forget the circumstance in a week ; with Mr. Clay the ceremony will make an lmpre* si-Jn on yon ihat you will 'ever forget. Through | all his defeats, Mr. Clay 't J.l^nds have stuck to I hirar and at each successive r.i sformne they have evinced, in a stronger manut r than ever, their un titrable and undying attachment to him, no mit 'er how dark hit political prospects may have been. When General Harrison was nominated, his bir.h ' d*y was ctlebrat'd in a more than usually enthu- ' ; liastic manner the following winter. B< U> ?r ihese distinguished statesmen are orna ments to the country, and each has exercised his i* flutter m umktng the United States respected abroad aid happy and prosperoua at home. Ot r F!sla?:o*s with Haiti ?IJy information reetived at Konon, from Hsyti, we lsarn that our relatione with that island are last approaching a crisis. Ton inodore Farker, of th? Saranac, has rrnde a forrrn! 4ernand on Faustin the first, the mgp*r Emjieror, for redress in the matter of the >m\ risonrrrot of Csp'ain Mayo, of the bng ; der It is to be hoped ihat, if redress be not imme diately granted, Faustin will be promptly punished for 1 is ineolent e, aai made to pay more rtspect to A m? rirans 'han be has been in the habit of tccord j utg. Kt.w?a*" mc.cmIdr flf? dollar* for Mm Thomp. ?tt> and ib? ana*; for*ardad Mr? T ra M4?? at No 101 Lianl atraat. I.rocklyn. *brra dcma a.'if ?tci id b? f?tt l itiUd M*??i r^miaiMioiitr'i Unrt. I J W >al*OB Ea?j ctMuriTai. ok i wiiN rY*OME or rn? cuw of tk* VM? I* IfAM ? FOR KKV.H.T. Mt* a Pram* w illWn* and JO o>n?r* of tha eraw at Itif H*bb. ?ara Ircnuht twfora iba i naolt n'l'f ilitr^rd ?i'h ?n FLil'tmr u> raaka a ra*?lt. Mr Pttrn.?t? ? ci h ball m thr I i lt? <1 H *'?*. pro Ino-d ?? ??> jirota thai lh? J-f' ti'luoi ? ri>fu?Hcj to d? ?In'r ? t N'ird 'ba f???l ?hll? Iffr* o(T tha h*rb>r of > - k ?j??f fld?M?ir? lilaud. On* ot lh?in '' r k?' 1 apta-r. ff>( v?r tha ni uiD']?r ot tha ahlo t; t .Lr ?>?'. ?b?<t.-r atru*k bi:u aararal tltnaa van t t ' a; r i | c mJ . u*d to kill him . tb>-> u?al ftj . ?('. iwrmtc ??? ctndoetad lh*m?al??a lo a TlM ? at <1 dlat.rdarh n.amar and rafu?-d to d" duly Ti* i ptaiu ???<>*? ?|Tk1 U am biuiral- >i h pl?to|a ????; p< ? th? i-?i ti- ' d .a para. d out *tlil l?f ua-d to do X f "? far f a |iru?cd tb* Coiomfaiooar - ' tr m ?<J '? ?t ' i?rtyl?r trial aod th?y ??ra r-ttatadt. *a<tt t?? tb? To*ba. V ( ' .? L? 4 HVrMi ' ?i< - Tbtttl <'? it -a L <- t n o*ati r?o?l id'd tit Lataoa 4? *r ? i ' t:r O-aat, ?'aai-v-ra oa ta? pare i b> ?> ?4 t i. ?a?il L|i Iba ? am iw'on-r liM la ,t ? i.( bini'x a ? D- iirt?bdaut p'.aod? tarr-'- ?".h ttaairc . rg laiaa aau forjad p?p?ra. to tka d'va.'laaa 1 a ' ft 4 ? a# a? idanca la ?j^att ! a ? a. !f / l < a i. ? . .ti lit ? p*?'fa, ?* *?jii tba ? ?r- .ti .t? lu?>' ; i(N If M?'i In, ? o ?*??*? i'? ci?. d' ? n?. i anp?ar rb?t tb? :?!?*?>? ?% ? aod ? "J i? r*o?od b>?ord all ? <t T>,a '-aly ?? ' ???*?* th? d?( t daat , Mr "? -T f?? ? t i .!>? ??.J"t>ca?f dr M?r I ( ?? ?!?' a IU| . V | -at# h|"ik tb? d?f-Dj?nl ? ? <r v.. fc ? .,( , i.j; npncatol 'a t b> ? |ictt ju ki? hand *rl 'Joe - th? i,-r> ; ?? o. ? fct- 'a il .??t ol tt.a d-f?i daat t ? ? ?. .-v i t ft <4 ?? l'*at > c.? ... ? bt u-. .1 ? t,ri-oa?* Marrlk** a*.-t?ioly ? 'ti' i ?' f ei a p*'ijr ?h? i?i>? tli* - ? it.* i- m kiaiMilj and ?l ? tfc <*? r ? r" !f? dH-adaat 1 ba b f ' *?!???, M?d ?>? lain(tri1'M *?r t I t .j'iawb bta < bara<-t?f 'it ?#t? ? ' r <? p'f'du ad by tt? ' " ? U> > b> M**r1b* ? la ? ?o? J ? l* ? I ?? ?? i l ?<> ?\ > r< r a . f tb'? CM* I. J J?t ? ' * - ? "t" r w* i. ? ? .,0 ?!,?. pr?l<flBlaary ? * a *r ? ;o <;?nic? run r r ?? iiiii. i t ? a jinai ?? oa'h ?? i< l '.??? ???? f r If tha ^ ? ?r 'tif*l -aid ?n?t? h h? (iinw th* fin* t a i ? Mil fiir> ??>' tb? ??? lit la. I am r) if k' ? j' a no *?>? a ??1;? ri*?ad ?? "Bin Unj a ? *?'.?! ii. r aaaaiw iM It ti aH ;?*?a that < >? -.r i-ta'i" n aa b a^a nat Iba m -e r ?? a i* ?npa??d ?*t'H <???? ja'-l'a 'aiM! ?t IMI*. aod afa n tbr Jfh K'ulfaw f l?i.?r ? in i? ?hi' J at .alaaa It ap[aaaa In tk* ?* i nu t>t .ti. i? lii if at< hM aa v?ll a* I 1 . ? I a ?'t ? a. 'rt tfta ii?rf,?-t?'a U) r.l?? ?.r4?t f-f aiaa' ' Itr *baTi I* ^>h>laiilB II n ?rr.t ' ?*f tb*aa t-?'r.?niaa af la* 4 lain t aiji! ? ti I ..Id ti.? It: ? I' < . 44 Wiwl La a?UII aMilt tha datiacM'.-r I. <t,a - .' ?t?j? ^?a ><tai}<? I r ?*' 'S > ??i*' ? WahajJi/n i i*ifd?f!|i n l?t it j liia" i?a? broujfct ? ?r??: af'a'i'i ft a i^aan:*c# ?1tF ? *ar" ??*! ? r "Yaf ? ta* '?>??? trff ha f??n -rr<t I,* ttia *? V 'r*-^le:?d l>f afr #u? rrmr >r a? j .r f f '? ? ' ti Sa<f r*?taa ? fcat i ba pn j n(t' !-> at; j? I ? a | V.' r*. at ' **r th* haad ? i .1 - it- u o > tu i t jj .a* i>r tbfa* alt*** tfT'(?n.n?'i kt ? I i rrh a Ia*rod?ia?d Wtl t'liVt l o ?!< a tta* tfcara <r?? M fca :a??n faf.* ,t tt *1 1 h* I * a*4l*r got tb? *or* of It i r<J ??? pfi.rlj k,i rd ,ta cnplalat v?a thai-, i, r-. t ( ir (iinri <n . f if 'j ft* ?'ataiaataf rt ???.**! v* >*t?Miaf tb? fn r ?V| r at i HI' aa in thla Hal*. . fHI *M| ?nd njt ih" *t InalMt' t *Tnrn Mt'la. r,/<+i* -t ..ftty n H.. Iilioa. todnaatat Rant *7? '*-??? Jaffatai.? a?'i fll^ba Raatlay poat r,rit< ? *?blm*9> ?*rar. .*a#aa?o? aonnty. Caray f,. , 4. '7 P< . -in-aa'ar; f *at 1 arlln Ranaaalaar a????y, , ?bb A "t. t'*tmrnr ar I'.^'watlBbad Oraaa'tOar ?**, firal ;a aa-uoty. ^ ??? _ I a^r nai? . c ni? "Miaaol*.? Bj a (Wp*4?h fri-m fi'Mi ?v*h. vra laim tba' Iik?t?o4*4eafaiob*4 hf ih* '"aniayl'aii * K*t'r?ad r^mpaay, m Mm , v . nat* 4*1 .a, ,n P itirtiargb <?i H?tnHay ? r ' J f*n iiv^ tfays ^roni city to city ni matob ?|an mm i amb uswon- I L BmWW* AmUoo Moaatfort / ,T?to rday ?f mrnim, Ik* 1*H igltaM ?w#w UNMob. iMtWMyatam KtagalaQt, Mi Bertio* h W HMhi MM UM pottce mMntt, Ul matter VM lidM kj UM JiltlM convicting *U th* pwtu** ag%ln*t. Tbi following i? th* judgement K/i, m^tatwu : y^rt, OH* ?U Cewtfy ?/ ATeiu r?r*. II. ?*? ?*???. iWillKI W??<?r, AelM 0- f?'M W" *?+?t William fUtt, William VUtr , ??rge HfuMtom, anj C*e*.-Th* foregoing oomplaluti y *yt? m against th* several defendant* '?yj auu4, m rMatlou of tbi eighth and ninth Ik* Ordl New York, , _ 00ti#llM)> 1 ?M*id fUf I. lM?r*?4 vhkh chapter iru rt-MMt?4 my " tk? Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty, of the ony of New York, ta Common Oounoll," on the 80th May, 1848. The eem plaint* against the first four named defen dant*. is for a violation of teotlon eight, of Mid chap ter, and the complaint* agalmt the three laet named defendant*. I* lor a violation of section nine of the mm* chapter. TlUe one ot aald ohapter la ' Of Lioenalnc Stage* or Accommodation (Jeaoheo, and Drivers." And aection one oi that title to a* follow* 8 ec. 1.? The Mayor ot th* olty of New York, A>r the tin* being, to hereby authorised and required, from time to time, to tooue license* under hi* hand and j seal, (and revoke th* same at hto pleasures to so many person* a* ho shall think proper, to knew and nao accommodation ooache* or stag* ooaehe*. Such licen se* shall *p*oify In ea?h case, and lor *ach coach or itsgi. the same el th* owner, the number of the coach or stage the roate to be taken in going to aud return ing trom *neh part* of the sity lor whloh it shall bo licensed. Section* 4, 8, 9 and 10, of th* same Title, ar* as fol lows:? Bsc. 4 ? Separate license shall be taken out for every accommodation stage or coach. Sec. 8.? No person shall keep or drive for hire, or 1 wag**. In th* city of Now York, any accommodation roach, or stage, or *tag* coach, by whatever na?o or title the tame may be known or designated, without being licewed a* aforesaid, nnder the penalty of fifty dollars lor cveiy such offence, to be recovered ftom the owner or owatra, or driver thereof, severally and re spectively. Ukc. 9 - No person shall drive any suoh coach or stage, unless he be twenty-one years of age, and have 1 obtained lloease irom the Mayor for such purpose, un der th* penalty cf ten dollars for every such oifenoo, to be recovered from the owner of such coach or stage, and from such driver, both or either. Stc. 10.? The Mayor is hertby authorized to graat ! licenses, from time to time, to drivers of such coaches > as are herein mentioned as often as may be necessary, ' and to suspend and revoke the same whenever he may ] deem It txpedlenl. Prior to the yesr 1948, the penalties prescribe! in the foregoing sections were renoveraole only by suits ' at law Instituted on behalf ot the city by the corpo t ration attorney. By means of political and other la { fluences, but few of the numerous complaints made 1 were prosecuted to judgment, and but little was gained to tht city when judgments were obtained againrt the I delinquents. In order to correct this great and la 1 creasing evil, the Legislature embodied lu article 3 oi the law. passed May 13, 1848. by a two third vote, en titled '' An act to umend an cot, entitled en act for I the establishment an! regulation ol the pulice of tbe 1 city of New York," passed May 7th. 1S44, the follow in* Btc. 10.? Sections twenty and twsnty on? of an act, ' entitled '? an aet relative to tfce powers of the Common Council of tbeCtty of New York, ani the polise and criminal courts of said city passed January 234, 1833 shall apply t? carts and "ar' men cabs and cab men. hackney coaohes and hackney coachmen, sta^-s, ' and accommodation coach*? ?. or omnibuses and their drivers, and pnblio porters and hand sartuien Beet Ions teeuty ?nd twenty one of the act of Ja ! nuary 23 1(33, referred to in rectlon 10 of the a:t of I 1 May 13th, 1?46. above quoted is an lollow* : ? Si- 20 - It Fball be lawlul for the Mayor. Aldermen and Commonalty ol the city of New York, in Common Council convened, to pax* such ordinances as they ? may deem neceirary fcr the regulating ani licensing ot keeper* of ordinaries, or victualling houses. ?r where lruit. oysters, clams, liiuors, ?r meats, shall be sold, and for the mere effectual suppression of vlco and immorality, and for the preserving ol pea-e and good order in said city, and for the licensing and other wiie regulating the use aod employment of dirt >tini, and to prevent or regulate the Bring of any Cro arms, or the tiring cr letting off any t.julbs, gunpowder, jochete or fir* works. In said oity. 8i:c. 21 ?And all persons oifenaing against such or dinances i hall be deemed guilty oi nticdemeanor, tJd bo punished, on conviction before any of the magil* trates described in the second section ol this ast, by 0 f oe not exceeding ten dollar*; o> In default of th* pajmrct of inch fine, by Imprisonment, provided b j-h imprisonment does not exceed ten days. The iecond seel If n of the act of January 23 1833, mentioned in the twenty- flret section of the same act, conferring final jurlidi-:tt<ro in the oa**s named In laid act Is in the a ords fol, owing . ? St. 2 ? It shall be the duty of every sonrtable, or other peao* ofllcec. whenever required by any person to carry s .nvey, ?r conduct such vagrant before the Mayor Recorder, or one ol the Aldermen or opeeial Justice! ol th* said city, fcr the purpoec of examlna tin*. beclion three of the same tit prwwrrlbe* the noh fit procedure; and although it.- word " vagrant " 1* uit?<l Id thin a* wall m the preceding section It ia e?l d< ot trrm tbe langtisg* af MM n twenty that ths procsedlrgs on oomplaints for violating certain ortll. nircmi therein mentioned shall sonform tbertto I will >iuote a portion ot It to (how, ttiat in the emmi DatJon of the caseft before raw, I hare been guided strictly by the fttatuten In rush cafe* made and pro vided ? 3 If such magistrate be satlcfled. by the coo frrilon of the 'S?nder, or -oinpetent testinioay, that tuch persou lan vagrant wlhln the description afore (aid be shall make up and sign a ree< rd o( conviction thereof, which shall bellied In lb* offl <e of the Clerk ot the Court of Brsvton* aad (ball by warrant, undar hi" bard. CMnmit each vagrant " kc. by An Act in rtla'i'iD to Joatletf and P>llce (Vnrt? In the etty of New York '' passe 1 March W IMS tka Legislature ImM tba pence jaatleeg with ' all the power*. " and required them to perform U1 the dulltft ol -_he special ja?tieee tor preserving the peace in the elty of New Y>t k " Buch la tfce law. I wul now alssrt to the teitlmony. It ii clearly proven that on the 13th day ot Februa-y, ll&l. Ilamllt- a Weaver Ralph T) Martin John Mil roae. aad H llliam Holt. a?re each driving a stage in the city of New York tor hire or wage*, and receiving fare fr on the pa?** ny?rs In the atageft. eo drivan by then respectively without eald ?ta#e* being licensed a* r> qairt J bylaw the lUst-e of each of said stager hating bet- 1> revoked by the Mayor on the eighth day of the earn* month !? 1* aWe fuUy prov*?> by competent te-t;?soiy. that OB the (aid l)th day of February lhjl William >ader, tlsnrge lltui'i ii. and James rook each drove a stage In ftald ttty. w ithout having ? btaln?d a I1'en?e from tb? Major for suob purpose an I that neither of the states so driven by said Y*d?* Uoustoii and Cook respett ivtjy . waie .ief used as r^ulr. ! by lee. tlie Uesa<? of ea f ef >aid stages fearing b?en revok' J by tba Mayor oi the eighth Of said month ol r'ebruary. It is not n.y - r??l? e or a part of my official duty to scat lb* aots of tie Mayor, aad I am ait Utrretora ntw ro deck'- i r ? xtrss* hd < [itn'.in wh-tber -h* re t ?rat*on Of tt e Hcens>-a fir Mid (tags* ?o driven bv the a?i-odaat?. was legal or pr? per Having MMM feow ? ??* in the arset Integrity of cbaraiter of Mayor Mrr?lenJ I H< nt not that ha ha* ailed conacien tlrusly in the matter and In tb? f.rm balinf that it was we* ?wly hlft teflai^r? rotative but hlft duty, to revoke sa J.icsnMe Aa the legall'y of eu.-h r- r~at iaaaoit 1 1 e "nfttltntionallty ot tha law will probably lie tested befca tb* trop'r trihunal f rapeti nt to deaide on avrb ies ' ia? I shall refrain fr< m making any fur ther remar .? aa that subject. I will take thre oaea atr n to ray. 'bat Is my judgvent aecMca 1, at tula 1. of chap. eg ('I, eft' a 'rdlnsnr.- Of et sgea or aocomtuo. datlon eeaebe* '? should b* ft" amended a* to relieve the tejer ot the almost aesp tic power aow ?e?t?d in Ital luaationary by law The power of aathrriilag ef?i>lishlng or dlftooaunaiag sta?a robt-s In th* city ofNswYrrk i? a matter of mora iatare't and : ? port tuts to i he city than hn? hiUberto been anppoeed; and P st.ruld never heie be?n (ariad with by tha C'ltiwi o Coaacll. but retaialng to themselves such rigtt the route* ah>-nM be de-ignated by ordl Banee After tlie savaral stage routee hare been (o fjied a pen aad established avery ciiiten of Use are of twentv ona years aad apwardt. and Ihe o ?nsr of twa gcod h> raaa aad a suitable acar mntatt a stag*, etienld be lictaaed to drive oaone et ?*?h roatasnn.ler snl'abia regulation* and restrictions The ur^ast am copoly ot stage routes by eep. allsta w aid tbas le br< let up esi'l ni< n ef moiieraae means thereby be en Siua to em bar A la the hu*ia*ss r have no duubt tha pu'itlc would be a* well accommodated in mj opinion rt would have been N>:ter for Messra, iisrUbe aad Kyers?u to have petitioned the iV.naon Cr.nacil lor rei.ef. after the tev'icatioa of be Im'uvi ot th'lr staves fcy tb? Mafor end then if the Mayor J an* jnet rsaeotl* for revoking thoee licenses the ' roua?s Coiuv w would. I doobt aot hav* restored ; thsai ( do act. know aad bave tu>t asked the Meyer, bte rewaon# far su^ revocation bat this I know taat HwrsM ha nn?t?ary rathe epfrlt ot our rspabUaaa tastlt i;?o** it ean?i?tent witti nnr legal jert*prud?nee, and at variance with tb*- genius n* the American peo ple torapuMlo futMAionary snereiv through naprlaa. or tha gratifirattoa of t e?*on*| pretudiea to etarates the M.wer veste<* In blr iy law. tjraaiieally. orpree si vet y crnwjs s'lw If the lew i*ee.< however may ? eem oppre <e|ve or arj' at to a p r'.lcn ef o-tr ett ii.' * th. taalt. If there b* ei y. tfeeuid not be attrihated ta him who adalnla ten tie law iprightly t ene*tly. aad Crihly, but to tlio*e by wbo? sr eh taws are eaacted The people tfivrarh tiieir repreeentattvee in tha puMic noaocljs ? ate he law* foe the government ot the whole body in :1- add 'iaaane po?ar oaa am?r.d or ra?-. el them a I ? r ?. h? y hec ?? odle-.? or aaeuited ta tb^ popular will lint so I cv g aa a ?*w remain* an tba statu* a uoeg i>rreB*< ta<* t? a ai i *t*r? <V the law are bannd by Uietr ( final < at hs aad t y tbatr dity ta that ??m* p?H a.Vornfi ?? aad ntnaie tboae lawa i nd he who ehrtrba Uerefrcni > nwcAy the sta'.icn he i?i >gei;h?- ? ?. ant pt the law. or tao aier aiea-y ivit -rait fWtf'.riy and fearleaaly if'Jt" irt-naitt ft. in the ana--* t.ow hatore ware t? WJttie'l longer io violate ??tii napui.lty the lave wtliaft I fia?e ^ur >4. why me? not the Y ugi Mt * 3U?a law aa It i# fftrtned pa*eed at 'h- last section o? '"Ton gtesa. i*er?y other aot at onr national or f??ate legla latt./e, (tW our cl J government, be vteUted with ? lI ?.f>Bel J by othsr portion, of our aitu?n? and w?fc aa ninat _plan?1 Mllty and oone<?ie?(y ? i do <?..nefcw?? cenviot tba ?atd Ramilten Weaver, ?rijh D Marts'ia, John Milrtra, aa-i William Holt, n f sad severally, of a mi dameonor in having, on t.a ifth day ef 'ry. l*f?l. keen guilty at a viola ?"? of ?e? I. title I, eh ?pt*r it of th* erdlaanaae af ' be Uy of hew > ark, sgta M, Of sta?a? ?e aeceenma I.tlet 'oac^oa;" aad for a?l<l effeaee. i do a4ia>:gw m aad eaab af them, la ferte* ud thaeefor. Mid to pay a flaa nf two dollars, to he diepoeed of a* be itntnta dtrsals X ua r.m 4 a* flat WitiMi Thfar, 8?eega iiat|gV>a, nd haul Cook, iMk ui NTutllj. of ? nM? tn baviag *a tt< laid 1Mb Itj of Pvbraaty, k?w plltj H ? violation of sec t ?f th* title, ch*)tw U4 ordiuaao ifetri alluded to; aad. f<f Mid fffoaoo, t do adjudg* UyHa, aad *aih of tbea, turn tarfeiUJ taanior, aa<\ tbfay a Sao o( thru* doiter* td bo dia fMod of lecrltog to U?. ?V. B. MOUNTPURT, P?Ueo Jaotloo. At tbo coieliiloa of the deolaioa, tb? coun**l tor tbi defendant* wiabed tbo Jnatice to nuptid making cut hia rocord uatll thia do;. In order to give htm time to got oat aucb papora aa would poHlbl; bo neooaiery to earrj tbo onto up boforo a JuJgo for review ou a cer tiorari. To thia requoot tbo maglatrate consented. ' CMy Ncccmart Cokrh tio*.? It appear* tbat Ibo propria tor of tbo Nortb American llotol. Mr. U. N. Carr, la mentioned 1b tbo paper* aa baring committed suicide. Mr. Oarr baa ealled upon aa to deny tbo foot; and, it our lyia did not deceive ua, tbo report ia looorroot. It waa another Individual, and aot Mr. Oarr, over whoee body tbo Coroner bold aa laqaeat. Anaihib Bo?ati*k roa Mm*. Two?ir?oi?.? We bare r* eohod tbo following letter, eaaloaing %t, for Mra. Thompson : ? TO THK KDITOR OF THE 1IK*AU>. 2H:? laeloaed are live dollar*. Though aaall iaanioaat, ?ubt net bat a kindly will prompt 7*0 te band it to th* widow of Mr. W. H. Aofep*oa. Mnrili, March 5th. Flock Or St*ay Burrr.? On Thursday morning, bo twooa Uto aad ilx o'clock, a Book of *tray aboep waa found by two oMoora of tbo Sixteenth ward, in tbo Sixth avtnne, near Sixteenth atroet, numbering about ono bun dred aaimal*. An owner ia wanted . In a 81 ai t or Nudity in th t Struts. ?On Thursday morning, at balf paat four o'clock, Ellas Brandos waa found wandering in the streeta, In a atato of nudity, by Sergeant McCready, of tbo Second ward police. Ill appeared to bare teat bia reaaon. Brandoa ia a very bard drinking nan. Aceictirr .? Yesterday forenoon, at 11 o'olook, Mr. Alfred Ward foil, at tbo States Ialand firry, brtakiog bia leg noar tbo knio. Mr. will deliver bia oration on tbo Unloa, tbia evening, at tbo Hope Chapel. Ho ia a jtty elo

quent lecturer. Warrhm's Cu<TKirrT?L Bramo Chairs. ? Wo baro tried a new description otf chair ealled Warren's Patent Centripetal Spting Chair, and wo find it to bo all that it la ropreeonted to bo. It la dccldedly tbo most com fortable chair wo over Rat In, and when In It, we dlaliko to got rti, th* luxury of remaining In it being so groat Thiv are for sale at No 240 Broadway, at the store of the Patvnt Merchandise Company, where patented ar ticle! of almost any kind can be obtained. Theatrical mrd Snilcal. iH.ATRK -TbiB ..tkblUbmtnt iJ .^ry ni|t crowded to sec the gre*t tragedian, Mr. Thomas 8. Hainblin in ? round ol traglo characters j.h. per form* n cm for the past four night. wsremarksd by the best effort. ol tbl. excellent actor, wh.. wcwbl. sol* an ronnd as formerly. would put luto the shads m*DT ?tor! of the nre?nt day. But with this much again* bim be still holds hi. distinguished and tlon as the best reader, with a proper conception of the author? bl? action is graceful, and his ^7th? most thut of a gentleman ol retined eduoatlon, and the moat polished manners. To-night he appears in the beau tifully drawn character of the Stranger, in which, 11 doubt, he will give the utmost satisfacUon Miss Wenyes will appear as Mr* Ualler. Mis. 0. "inert will sing a ballad, and the enterta'.nmenU w 1 ?oncludj with the "Comedy ol Error.," with a flue ea.t ot character.. 15*04pw*t THt*TRE.-TbU ?TeBing. Mles Julia Ben nett, tne highly accomplished aotress, take, her beneilt at the Broadway. As it '? tbe lMt ui* nV-!*", ?B?i 0 ?"f engagement ? us she must appear in Philadelphia nei t : w?ek? if we may judge Irora tbe house. which .he has drawn du'ng thVwefk, there will be an lmmws. at IS. this evening Bh* will appear la th. n.w nuir net firmed in America .ntitled All tbat Gutters ht not Cola." fh? wUlBuetalnthe c raster of Martha Qibbs. with Conway, Whiting, Da ridge, Miss A Oougeuheim, who is a chimin,; *lr'> and Mrs Knight in the principal character.. &.ll?i. There/e and ^ Bchmldt, &. accompn^dandfa^ Ite dancer., will exec ate a rat .1- dtux. . The next an a concluding featuM wiil b? the beautiful drama of Del nD-gor, Mils Bennett as Madeline, and -onway, Whl^ Fog Bcharf, and Mis. A Mr. Knight, In the leading character.. Mis. Julia lWnnett ha. so won the esteem of the ?Ifamatic pub lic, that she may calculate, tbl. ?7*^?h 'inSi.r the warmest reception she has ever m?t with in her the atrical career. Only one night mew. and consequently another lull and fashionable assemblage. Nislo's Oakokji.? Where can one .pend an ev.ning .0 delightfully a. in this rotreat of sjlph. and peri#.. Since the arpJwance ol the charming and fascinating 5." ? ', Caroline theatre is crowded every evening with the most fashionable and brilliant audience., mL are attracted b, oneo.tb.b^tball-t troupstbat had ever appeared in tkl, cl'' f th* ? utf rt?iinmeiit/" *1U commence with th? fc?autixui Frrn< b vaudeville ff Indiana et CharlBSagae, with Mile Felice audM. Bitssiani and A lUeha.t iO the ! p r I l c i pal e bar act ere They are exceedingly clever | ki? ever received with warm expressions of pleasure The entertainment, will ?oaclu^*'1'? tbe splendid ballet ef "Giselle ' which, *, b?"eTC, were it played for a month would draw ? semblf ge. Tbe Uou.t-t family are indeed Terpel star., and their d.using bae n-ver been dualled in tbta city to|.:aroiine a abiUties, she mey justly be termed the ouern ol har profession -for graceful attitude, fascinating expraasion., and sylph. , like mcTtments, .he has no competitor. Bci.t0n'? Thiatbb.? The great comedian !? 1 aa lndeUtigable a. ever, la catering well 1w hie oa?nne. t*earoely a week paste, but eomethlng novel la produced To night anoU? capital comedy will be produoed tor the first time, entitl.d A Short Re!?tn and a Merry One," with ne^y all the truly talented and distinguished artists , attached to the theatre in the cast. No doubt the attendance will, as usual, be Immense,- and why not. Ca? better entvrtalnmente be tound In any theatre In ( the Union than those given at the Cham b?l i^grett thsatrt It Is not alone a. regard, the .el?etlon of Di^-??, but also in the manner they are performed every member la ca?t for a part which both nature and ( sducatlcn Ot him for and hence the eucoeee of tkls | flourishing estatllshmeat. Ml* Walter. an4 M Pre d?iic wllldanoea polka; anJf the amu.sments will terminate with the splendid of" DmTM^?fyr. Id " all go, for Wurton will upon hi. native heath," In the character of Mleawber Wet.o-.tTM.ava.- Mr. and Mr. J. P. ; enceged at this prosperous and ably conducted eeUb- | li'bment Tb?*y are great fa?oritee and will draw well. Tbe performa.cee lov this evening are. as **' eeetflngly attractive; they will commence wltb the eom.dy ol "The lload to Rlche.,' with . One ca^t. This pie-.. ?. greatly admired, aud Is every nigh, received with enthusiastic cheer.. Mi.. Hal vlna will next appear in a BwI-s dance Ths 1 next , Btre. win be the drama of ? Bern Patch, ."hlth will ( Introduce Mr and Mrs Adams In two fayori.. e^ra?" ters They will He supported bv several of the prtn^irai comedian.. Miss Malriwa will then app?ar n a favn rite dance and tb? eatert*ln m?nt. will jonelude with the splendid spectacle U ? The Magi. W.H " A dra-ua .1 great, rniUlsd ' Harry ISurnham; or I'll. Y*ng Continents 1,'' will shortly be produced at this theatre, with the utmost s..nlc magalfleence Bnw-Hs-'eLtrr. M-thls neat theatre If dol ng a line hn.lnes. Brougham hlm.eli Is generally admlrad Marv Tevlor I. th? most versatile e.tress thai can OS foo.d; In ermedyshe is egfwllevt; as a vocalist she .tend, hliih In publle eetimatiee. a. l she Is happy In everitbmg Ka'e Horn I. a splendid aotre's In ner line and Mrs Vernon, we verily hsliev. outehlne. rv> ry actress In ber defartment In taMMWM. | troop, are go. d and receive well m?rlted P^ud^ts Ir.m d. lighted audiences The perf?rmancee of thle ??<nlDg "ill commence with tbe celebrated comely called A Cur, ewe rase. In which Mr Bfongha* aid Mle. Kate (lorn will enact tb. principal characters Thle will be followed bythe el-gant ? comedy of T>?. Fast Maa ' with aeaet ot lnc?mi ?rat>l? talent embra^ lag th? names of Mesers Hreug h*n> l.ynne Itaymind, Ai m Id ai.H Mi?s Kate llrvvn; Mile Ducy Barr. will ex ecute the wlsasing dance .ntitled the , audth. ent.ruiasn.nts HI ?l Mill HJ JgLfeg* last tia* that m?et p ipwlar pier. Ms World a s air in wblab all the talant attasbed to this deservedly po puler house will appear. m s Mi ni st ? Tk. afterno?a performance. bH. aj e always very Interesting T-o fares of supe^ rlor quality, lull nfaum-r abd wit pass awa? the hot.r. ?ml #?|Wtl0iW **?r th. rompiOT ^ aid lull of talent. In theevenl.g -M-idel.'ne" l? P'T'"r* ed wow t? erowd. I audl?n> ?? W> h?" ?pok'ii ol it. merits and 1* mnst be admitted that it Is th. ai oe t s v sctWeg ' t the whole class of demestlc 'ramae. while Ik. moral a. dlsgustlrg the cer^nnnity with intein aswaace in all I*. shspes i< I In a manner and Thap. eminently affecting Vadeline Is nabty per Ictmed It ?? eaet in theg|PM?MI manner *id is In ..,1 t.?i*chltglyb*e?H'ul (I,* Tea a Oia<i'. The .etenlehlng fea'f ol th. | French MM at the ? mpbltbeatra in th? Boery : BfD tiishtly received with ? nth'?et?etln applause, and welt niTtt the general eommendollen they tecelv..? The I'as H t ) rien np n Us liir?es by M lie foi.r Mb, re ao<l Mrns Beooit Is a ."vel snd admlraMy sx- ( ?r uted display i f ? .| west rlaei lew ,* hllj the net of horse. ' Biwnstiip entitled l a <?a?ma is certainly the mo-t , deshlag aad el.^ent pevKie,??nce of the kl.d ever , witness. d in tmerir. Th. hill tor thle eve.lng."m- > aikseea aelectlan of hlghlj dlvevstled enU/tal'iiaew s of the most attract! t e nat ore a stay ba aatletpatai, r *a mi '? -Thr proframm* of i?u? mmti for thla roral-ta of m fTn na|odl?a bar- ' Wafcj oa o^rni. ifivtrn farforman?a? and duti* ! Iff TM? d?arrlptl?.a ol ?m it??ni*nt aa*ma to plaa-a ?h- tnilH'n Mi* t* ' h* ? ?ntUni: wh*th?T It la tba I f L? ifU'M of ada>la?|nn or thwt ?hn?a aouthrra air* ar? m> niMt, and ar# gaaaraliy a??+?rrd by thla band wl'.b (i??I htraw; h>mh?oI?; h?it tW'W may k? I tka MM| lb* bfiM la arow4<0 MM ril*ht ffcitowa' Jlp-nn * Tha parformanoaa whi?h B'a 1 ?*? " h< ra#??ry?rat .t , r- ..f tk? Bloat attraot p ra Kr.??? (,"?? ab li'r T)oMlk*r l? ? ?n? Tiniia parf/>ra*r ''hrlHlM n T;o l?>n ar* xlmira' ? *1.1 Prlgf* M ? bonr play* r ? n>l a?|tro r?INNIUtlf? in *iraTF*nt Tb? ?maw- > ?MM ?*' aral.r '"*?l?t of aM?dl?? la*rninontal par- I lot tnai- ' ?? korlr'qil* opart "C-n-a *tid dafirlair Pi'?h*i or Thla k*?ut;tul painting la g? it-rail r admired ig l la a'tra^'io* larga aaiiaaeag ( arary aramlng flararal of 'baunat baauUful ? eauaa 1 la < ha fartila ard n Arid* of Ireland ara ejhibltrd. j with an 'l"]V?nt atid ti miry IlluatraUm ky a rary talaalrd l?etnr?r. Wa?m*?fO? ir?Lt.- Tba p?n< r?m? of tha Pilgrim a rrograaa In koth haaattfal and inatraotlv* Tha boa-la ' ot fainiliaa would do w. II to i.rlag tbalr ehlldraa i? ?*? thla aplmdld work ot art C?w- rar.? Tha 'laraiaa t?4l?a Renarolaa'. Boclaty af Walkrr atra?t, ancouDA* that th? annual eaa**rt Id aid of tkair Saalaty trill taka plae* oa Saturday arming. Marnh Ith at tba Apollo Kooma oa which ooaaalon a pr"(NBin> ?f onuaaal Intaraat will ka praaantad Cmip' tba Irlah mmadlan and rooallat. la playlkf with rrrat n?MN at tha Walnut atraat th-atra. Philadelphia Mr W llarakall. tha aalakratad trag?dl?a, whoa* prefaaalawal rarrar la thla ally haa alwaya ka?n aao- | '?-?afal haa aavfrad In thla alty, froa? th? Month altar grrat aaaaaaa. and l*ar?? tomorrow for I>owal, wh*ra fca la a*f?f*d, aad will Mast ?pp*M In Boa too. I* a | i (mad efmkirvti ?kuteim Thi Atlantic Mnll lurid. TO ml KD1TOH or TIIX HKKM.K. Bin I vu Mta aurpilaed it i atatimaat u year leadlM article thia wmlMi etallag ItaBl the Baalish KOT*r*?.nt ku t|?r?<?l the alloJkuoe giveu to tkl Oaaixd rt?iM>l>?," and igiia " ha? atiaped In b?twMa Mr. Cuaard in 4 Mr. Oolllae. |ad iMh the tor mm by It a ktw; puree, to injore tb? Utter." Thia la to palpably hum that u; odd mijuIdUI with tbe fiota of the mm doee lot need au; ooatradlotioa or It. Leat, however, lav of Ml numerous readers should be misled, 1 would state tbit tba eontracta far carry lag tba milla between tbla country and Kuglaad ara publicly lat by Parllameat to tba lowest blddar, ind lay one who would aontract it a lnea rita tbn tba Cuaird line, aad arlve aeourity for tba fulfilment, would, whenever tba time arrived for tba renewal. re oeive tba ooatriet. I should be glid if you would In form ma, U your uaxt paper, what la tba axaat amount tba Collins llna reoeive for oarrylng tba milla, iad I tbtak I will demoaatrate to you tbit they actually reoeive aa muoh, ii proportion to tba number of voy ages tbey mike, aa tee Oanard line doaa. I bin no intereat whitorcr la either one, iad truat both may suoeeed Aa in KngUahman, however, I in aot wil ling to let la arrer piae uncontradicted I remila. air, your* vary respectfully, Mrw To??, Miroh >, 1861. Q. C A LOB AFT. Marina Afkrii( The Ohio.? We learn that the aUamahlp Ohio, touohed iff Char I eat on bar, oa Saturday night, but did aot raeceed la getting the milla on boird. aor landtag thou the hid, in eonaequenoe of the bo later ? oua weather. Court of Common Plewb IMPORTANT TO SAVi.NBS BANK DBPOHTOKS. Decision by Hon. Judge Ingribim. March 8. ? JtKn Muhrman vi. the Bunk fur Saving$ in the City of Mtu> Y?rk. ? The queation in thia eiae la, whether i aaviags bank which bia paid money of ? depositor, without notice, to i person who bid etolen the book, md personated tbe depositor, la liable for the mmj ao paid. We hive heretofore held tbit the bapk wia not liable where tbe money wia drawn by ? person who wia entrusted with tbe book by tbe de positor. Tbia case only differs from that, in the faot tbit tbe book bid been stolen by tbe perron driving tbe money from tbe bink.'inateid of being entrusted with it. In tbe opinion in thia cue referred to. it via said that if the poesession of the book was obtained by fraud, i different rule might prevail; but, on more re flection. 1 im of the opinion tbit. tbe bank ia not liable. The pirties, in depositing, hare ? right to mike soch conditiona as they please as to the mode of payment. Tbe terms in thia ease ire, tbit '-the possession of tbe book may be treated by tbe bink aa authority to pay? that tbe aocountant ihill endeavor to prevent frauds; but all payments to persoaa pro- | dacing tbe book thill be deemed good payments " Applying these uonditiens to this case in their ordi- I nury meaning, there la nothing upon which the bank cm be held responsible. The case shows tbe proper , irqairle* by the offlesr paying the money, and tba ? payment of it to I person hiving the possession of tba bock. No notice of the loss o( the book wis giren to i the bank until after payment, ind they ir j not in uny way in default. In the mode of business neeessirlly idi>pt?d by tbeea institutions, it ia requisite that dlf- I ferent rulfs shall be adopted for their government unl 1 protection. As between the bank una the depositor, the equity in certainly with the bank, they having . paid on production of the book, i.nj the depositor, by | negligence on his pirt having suffered the book to be , stolen from his possession. Kicb party lasuraea oar- I tain dun. i on making deposlto. Xhe depositor, that 1 he will take proper care ef his book; and the bink, that they will not pay to any oue who doee not pro duce it. ?aeh party must assume, also, the eonse iu. n ee reiulting from a neglect on his or their put to comply with these condition" iad that party which has failed to eomply with them must bear the ooaee quenoes. The judgment in ast be for the defendants. Court Calendar for Friday, Si rBiMt Court? CiR' uit? Adjourned to the third Monday iu the month. flrrriuOH Oou*r? Ncs. fltf, 63, 83,87,85. 03, 95, W, 6o 100, 101. 10J, 104, 108. 34, 1J4. 115. 117 to 131. 8,63 Commow Plka* ? Noe. 183. 307, S^Otf. 337. 348, .!?, ?60, 376, 377, 380, 381, 38 5,387,301. 393, 3V5 397, 39'J, 401. C. 8. DjaTRitT CeuRT.? No?. 10. IS to 20. The Glpacy Chl?f,-Thle morning, a new a? d rcmantio etury, full ef at riling incident*. wo?cn iumi plot of inttLie iataraat, it oommea el Id '.he col iuhj of ILo Iteming Star. It la entitled ttx? Oip?ej C hief. The *nrld of fashion, the elate that rcakoa piultijao> and dithonoety a pmtegelon, and the gipeiee, at.ut aAeae origin uo many the' - rice hare been ttarted, til h?/e their tharo in thi? highly dramatic, powerful, aud tioyirg Actios. Tbal it will create a marked tentatlon may ba cun i'lrntiy predicted, for >a 9 the prodaction of a mentcr mini, and it ua true both te tbo bright end the dark aria of lininaii nature at any flit ion that baebein publiehed fortnaay yea is. OtBce. N?. 143 Naeeau atteat. Price, One Cent. Goldaaalth'a Vew Kooiau.- Vouui ip?:lOM rr.oina fural.thed v. itb all the erpliancee of eoafort ud ale gam a. hatirg beau aeded to Coldrmith't Writ. ok Eetatilitb ment. In the Lafergo nuildioir?, . 0 Be )ad ?ay, on <.un oot tdeatly pro mite to private pupilg tba mot'. perfecpoaiet aad pri ?aey in tl e proeeoatioB tf their leeaent. Tha ..amiouiout tu hia cheap claeeaa will continue durinx tha weea. ird.oouitl (aataharaa)woald aajra >??? DjiUf Spriat Bvt la. fot ? e hare teen ^ S?4 combining alantaoa urith deta 371 Broairaj Vprl?f Fatkiam, ISM.? V/. !->, David, 8w cotter to aai4t>a,WI ltrea 4 nay, near Daaaa at'oat, tol . cite the a tea lion of hia eoetomera aad tha public to tha Bpr ng atilee of geatleaea') Bate. Thoaa who waat a really beam if jlar iola. would do wall to rail aad judge fur Uiani aeirta. H. D. All taateo snltad. SnrlHif la Comlng.-MoTlng tliae aud tke vtr i ? . a change of dreaa coma together. Btertbady la houiahuttiBg. and a great many geatltmen are hat hunting. There who are la tearch of the imal aad boat erring etyle of Hat#, will find what tbay wont at tho etaa'art estaelieh r??nt el MEALIO'S. <16 Br Id?r. comer of Canal at rtrt. iLia ityle la aaqaeetianably the haada?iaait of the aaaaoa. Tke Huah to Kaoi>^>Tk? airlval of a ? tamuer, the aiploaiaa al a bank babble or tba advent af a new priaa doaaa, areata bat email ?pt-imece of aa oieite in n'. e'a[e;-d eith :lxl ooeancnee by Kaox'a uatehleae halt. M the Spring (ethloo. E tr/bn<ly if after t.iam. L.e manufactory it crowded whh buty work people, and hie etore wi h outtoa era, aad yet, aa (real are hid for butt Beet, that ha la eaabled te m po'j all t hat -all u i> . n kim. II yen waat a nelly eltgaat hat, *mt hia, at 1U rultta at. lite Late at, anal mttl atrlklnr ?? 8lfn of the tiaea," ia ia a aa< tar'a wiad'iw. under tbo Irving tlouie. uipced ef l rilllan t af ga? lurli t. aad arallt the name of WaRNOCK. Vb>a t gen tit a ^-a ra*d i tba: aaae, he kaeva tha; he ttaadi a ear tha etore where are eold the ta^tt heaatl fnl hate in t tr ell*. Tha fact it at pi \ia aad ditu n - \e 1 tig a. The aaice of Wara^ek and a I eeittful bat ara tynoa tao ua. C'0ntl?Ui?b,a Hata, Spring faahlon, light, tftrlaUn aad durable.? C?)l aad ju?ge f?r yoa'aalrte uf ta advaatagee of avrrbaainc at i'n ee'..iMieiiUieet. Fiaatt ?na'ity mel'ahta ailk bate, t3 SO; aplen'tid tiik hate |1; aheit tan alba. $J 50; beva' aad rhildraa a .tpnng atyle ? uth and atlaet cape. BaN ia, IM Canal ttre<it, corner ef Weoatarairaal. _____________ I I'ffant Invitation, At Home, At Church, ead Cake i.arda, tngrtvtd and printed in .he at ft ?hn nedle atyl. a, at B V RH DIMM K)? liroad way. ta-atr Iriiana rtreet. Beautiful B?ie< for tTeddlac Cake; apUadld Biiaal Eatelepee, Wafere. aad fiivor Cord. rSmbroldared Br?ahfa?t Capa.? R IE. Hew aaa.Ma 131!, Bread way. eVart aboat l?0 doiea of tha abate, at 4a. te aea tte. eaak? the neael pnere ar? 6e tu He. Ladle* will find Ihtu the ekeapett goode e?> r uttered te tbelr ae Maa. alto, a large let of laaa?ud autlm oader electee, ef tke aewett at j let. Portable Urtttlng Caaea.- Tlt'aa artlelea ciaiw the et.entma et travdlere ua arrouatef their t etreae a aiiicu eae. darafcillty aad utility, while the atecaea ef all i rritnvaacrt readert tkta ttry eeateaiaat ta all vliee* er tleaeure eall 'hen fr"ta hoa>>. B'TNOMS. U7 aad ?7 Broadway. O. Raandara' M?talil? Tohlat Strop.? Th? original article eaa be obtaiaed at tk* m^aufact-ry, 147 h rial4 way, eoraer ef Idbtrty etreet. an J J 7 Brtal*a|. A liberal diecasat to whnitnale par' he tore. Vaaa. ?Jmmt HertlTtd, a Large Invoice ef pearl aad ktae atieb. ean4tiw?d, an I ipanith Fane, wbith eaablea ue ta elftr aa aae&rtmeat wh oh, fer variety, etyle, aad theepaeja, hat et??- ??- n ett'lled in thla any. OKBORNtk BOARimaN. 411 Broadway, o?rn?r of Litpeaard. "Ml Pleret three- ply laipeimf, i\i 14. per yarO; t" pi?r#t taperta* ingrain, at rig; j.>w>a rut h>aty eil elotk, at TOe. par yard. f""r tai- by B4 II. BT a BMM . 4.'.4 ftarl, rx Chatham. Vli-41 French Shell Cotnha ?We have J oat adetd taear rreviane ae?ortm?at a great tariety of Ih?i| ? ' abe, ?t tke vary laaeet tttlae, 1 ??a tat eeiabiithai?at ef Pi :ard. the aieet etltkrartd atatfalHttt in Parte. The American ea?ba will nn| at all e-.ttipare in He*<ity ? f de riga. fin itb er eheapaeta. OSBOR>R A BO A RDM AN. Impnrtere. 4*3 Breadwat, e> r??i L'epeaard ttreet. feaib Factory, 3N7 Btaadway? l<adle? are reep.-ettully laeiWd te eaaaiae thie 'hi e e*lreti<ia r>f dre?e faike; t he tartate la, beyond all aeubt, h?gr.ata*t ia tba ejt>, einprieiBg the aett Weaatifel '.paa werh a thcll aad huffale kera. Caabe repaired aad aade w<> ? t>i?r A. ft J. BACK DhRS. Phaltn g liagle Hair Dft, to color the hair er wiiubert, tha atari t It It a ip'ie*. ?t l,?ni it iary ta tr.a hairt r tkla. I* taa K? ?? ?? Inediettli vitkcii 4i?. tarbltg tha col ? d ha> b? bai nd?r It te a-| ? d, )t ?ald, at Thaioa'a 1 Ig and Teepee am a.i'^ry. iui lit ad VJ' ^ aauatyy ty <iu(g.tta g aa (ioaitnil'a Kali*>i n?ll(*(td "up m-r? fr?ekl*#. ?"?. Iv di iktili tr?4i?a '? h?ir f">?! ?r r P*rt of tfc* ? o<f. 1 , ?' *??#?>, f?f pi If lip? ???t rh??k?. Bur K wr"?H'?, L If ? ?? Ir , kt ih? "l? ?rt?> Il?l d?j ' >1 Waik*ttl.,IMI South TUN PVUi?l(.h..?. (lonrind'a liquid Hair I>j ? will ro .t?il in; ot rM MMi ? |<l Umi it ?*? ?r., t? MMt It l? literally ibt i.? r th* !?? ?a? I' withoat ??itiaKg ?hn nfc'lt. W ? r?? ? ? ??! . ?t no fly ??!?*?, r npd ' rir ?i i>r t> i? <? '#?? ?' '.< li i#t *7 * ftlksrtUMt, IntlUlf Iron llHio II. Hair *ln?< lie ?r'? lniUnU <'rll< 1.1 qtui? Hi 'T Lit*. ?? ? IB Lund, a, I'mIi, Phil i l!*ltin otr, W?it.;ogv n, ?-r.. i?n til* M >r? :?l?H |*lili e ??. 'b? n. *? . t fry, ? * ?ir?- t, N>. ? ? ? rk Th? mm' ( tuJiittlf-ilr. ny *r,-n? AipicmM. iti* for ??ii *Lo!??al? ni r tail, or aiilied. I ? I f <h? ?? Hr'??. (llialiugh't Wig' *,,<1 1 oii| rr< l>?Tr Hren f?f >?*r?, ana ?tlll - &ti ni? t? l>? !'.? v ? ?K ?? ?' l'?t<?<l l*t?t#t. ri *n<< cj..<9 ?, -H- t ? * I roaii 1 rIj : ?? w ???! *iMt 0 t>, tiitlr ft'** m trm ?-l il??lr ?4i?m,? ka>l il?rant gli* ik?m ?ll ?ra? i t ??iur?'? ?? 1 huaili "rati. Only all anl ' tL< m It 179 Bioai'aay, up ??* r?, r.| | < ? t? 111) ' aril ? Hnttu H Ifi and foti|M ???.? i*ar?? ? ? aiifcln* ? T 1 ' i't't 9 lg "t T ii?? dntlfcill ?t Bmhil?r'i nh? ktn 4 ?ll* fa*Ut?, *? ? Wall 'trf-v rt.y a>H '?4 hi r?rf?oil? "?4?r?**B'liall tkatr fM?alra??a??l ao Bat'tr ?a? ? h t lit, it %*y*T laiil la M tk? h*?4 ?? (*? ? ?>? il?? ? ? k'l t >!*???, Mil ir,at? a toUfei l! it. C?l i ?r? ( t? I, m ? ' ?1L W nil * V*rr???a %n(idoi<> ?In another pa t 1 1 iM* p*t*r w<ll M fi ?4 ? ?<?f f of a ffilmn '.i |!? M< a*r th? nil", rn ?rr>- ?? a "?? ml?'?a *? ih? m*r ? lit n i ?li 1 1?# ?? tM? i in ?Hifiin^ ? t lift I H ft <??', It m Hi ? ?% viu i tav *?. UHrtmfet off Pnra B?* Medsls. Cruoiisos, Itlj-nMr Fonts, ?*>., Jul rooelrxi aadiorsalsky j.IacVoniir. a . tfHtHwlw. mp ituo. Coutry Alf is fL fema Kllxlr or Hwllk? Sod w?SO it .H be ?i?M without 4. trim.. t u bu.l.sE It I* wUe to seiss upon A* manually. Tks lsvely Tillao* l?tt Mt ?tC><U?|*nt|t,*ppoiit? Harlem. is >? uir. t" vi*} '! '? H rtrQ;tB ?;* a keaaurai let. as KSiivriit cawKlTirAseius?'^ 4??r (na Amity strset. For Sole? A Complete PUo or tk* BtnM as- K3i"?ku.(irf4 'Rj&zz&siXinir* m 1 1 _ ? 11 0 If K Y MAHK1T, Tiivhsbav, Maroh #-# p. V, Quotation* for Boat of the fanoie* are iteadily set tling down. The market opened borj this morning^ and} large amount* of ato*k were proering for sale. Harlem belt it* ova well, notwithstanding the la%e ?ale* ; 111! noli Canal fell off per cent. The injuno tion was formally served epon the eon pony to-day, and no more tranafer* of the old rttck mo be made. The question at Une must now be fairly met, and no one can doubt the reenlt. Operation* in the stook hove lately been MaalUd, and the purchase* are princi pally for delivery on oontraet* matured and maturing. The company have made every effort to *tov* off thic Injnnetlon, and have boldly denied, up to the laet mo ment. that one had been granted. Tranafer* hare been made up to thl* morning, In the face of the injunc tion. The board of broken May. for the present, au thorise transactions in oertlfieatee, and have power to prevent trouble among operator* ; bnt consolidation muat ultimately take place, and all dlfflcultiea be removed. The company having been forced to do, by legal proceedings, what it should have done long ago of ita own aooord, it la propoeea to aaoertaln, by leg iela* tive interference, what necessity there may be foy fur ther investigation into the affaire of the eonoern. Tfce plot thickens, and before the curtain dropa we s^alt see sight*. Brie Railroad closed at the first board heavy, at a decline on opening pricea. United Stated #>*, 1W7, iell off per cent; Erie Inooae Bonds, ,*? Erie new Hondo, Canton Company, X; Stenlngton. 1; ttlca and Schenectady, X', Uarlem, ; Farmers1 Loan, JK. There was a desperate effort made to sus tain the market, and at ths seeond board prises ruleH a little higher. Reading Ballroad advanced 1 per cent; Farmsra' Loan, 1; Erie Railroad, }i\ New Haven Railroad, }?. Wall street was the scene of considers ble eiciUment to day, and tbe effect of the reo?nt failures upon the public mind hardly had an opportn nlty of exhibiting itielf. As soon as things in the street get quieted down, we shall see a great want of confidence. and a disposition among the most caution?' part of th* :ommunity. to hold themselves aloof from, operations in stock* not pos*ssaiBg bsna fide value. Rumora were abundant to-day of ether failures; but we have not been able to satisfy ouTselves of the tru:b of any of them. It is stated that th? H Cluster Bank has not suspend ed. Th* Ilamiiton Exchange Rank continues ad vent, and in active operation. The Henry Keep Btul: has filed a notification of closing business. The note? of these bask* are good, and holders should not sacri fice them. The Lewip County Bank Is a Safety f un' institution, and its circulation Is theref re ? *' itourity. There was a very large ecmpr.' - act Kri? Railroad bondr to day, at tbe j 1 the bid ding vii quit* spirited. The ui . at,? $3 iOO, CCO? w as disposed of In a c aul brought much better prices than was an ticipated. The pricee Obtained were a* follows |2,C80,000 at IK) per cent netting 02,41i,OOO 8C0.0W at W U " " 740 OOo 20,000 at It " " Id. 1UC $C,j00 COO " *3, 170,100 It la said that the pre seeds of the above sale will ena ble the ctmpany to eoaiplet? the road to the lake aatf stock it with enfflMeat motive power to do any amoun> ef business offering. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port ta-day, amounted to $114,031; payments 1 43.1(0 II ? balnnce, 4 024,620 01. The Stamford Bank has declared a seml-anncal dlrN dead of five per cent. The United States steamship Pacific, from Li verpool, brings seyen days later lntelllgeaee from al1 parts of Europe. In a ecmm*rcial point of view tho news is unfavorable. There had b*ea 'iulta a panlr tn the cotton market but prices had recovered all tho dei reflation, and the sales had reached the nxual ex tant The corn markets w?re mach depressed Therw had been ne alteration In :he rate of Interest. Money continued abnadant, the steady ebsorptlcn of securi ties on account of the government, and other invest ment*, being fnch as to keep the rate as low avt#o p*t cent. although ant of doors there had been ft fair dt mand on mercantile psp?r at three per cent. Stock Kithasge. 01JOOO V S?s, M ll*\ -1.0. ftneRR 500 de '67 lift U 4< e!Ml 81 1400 111 Ink ?4s 900 Harltm RR iH lfllOO Rend M Bdi, ?C0 7kfc HO do ?.-?? 101 00 do >-0 100 to ?#00 trie 7V, "M UK 4M> do 900 1 10* Ml do "S'J 101 too do 0>& ?00 Erie lneBdi.ifO Wk 1<?) oe *90 6.* 1?0<0 to ?S0 W, K0 Albas? ft Schen !Ni M0 do 9. ', .15 i'urnmu'h DO I t, torn do K'i IkO do lj'l 51 1 0 do bhO 9 V !<?> Sttsmxtci IIR * K. ]l the Vtrchtn'.e Bk 1 1 > ^ !"& do 41V 7 Bank Coametce IWX 9? do b30 *1 h do li'? Morris Caaal i 7 3aw WNJlallire 17 SVJ do bC3 ^ )U0 do 4tMje 17 l(? d> >M 17 4 10" Edgewsrth Ce (0 do .10 IT -7 ?i do ?*; Wteadin; flR ft V JW) do e AO de * ' IflO do 300 de ?U<2 900 Fsrmeri' Tint t *t'< WO0 do *?* M do M*. i(io do (30 ti ?? 1*0 de itO I4)i SO do bin *>'? IfO do bit 44 1W? eo e.W 9?<1 JV do sty 48 aeO de 50 Cento* Co 5^V? 100 t i ?") 8 ', )M do WO dn t.*1 tit JM) do 4.1 nil N Vork ft N U?v Htl i|1 SO dn ?T0 fZH ,*l Iflkit a Bihun KR l?l 4?> Ir.e K It Mi. 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