Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1851 Page 2
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MEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GOIIOON BENRKU, FKoFaiBTOK AND NDITO*. ? ?moa n. w. cor>ek of tclton and bamaubts THJS M ILY HLIL.ILJJ, 3 cent* per copy? $7 per *^r'k(E '< EK.KLY HEHALU, every Saturday, at tetUt p ri-uvv.or tU"r annum; the European Edition %i f<r awr ">? to any part of Great Hritain, and %& to any m.?r< i *] the 1 ontuwnt. bnth ta im lude the pa*tune. ~lirVST..lH CDKHESPUXDKXCK, Lontat m?f iw**> taut ?' u ?. *oluxt<dfrom any quarter of the win La; yf tted, will ''?? litet ally raid for. Oi k Fomcim Cobiiui r,.v;i..r? Ai.t pAkini i ahi v Rmivurrco vo trrvnu AMI I'lc KibU unt TO v?. Vuiuiuc XVI K amber 67. AMI ;?AMAVIS TO-MOBtfOW BVKNINa. ?OWiay TUAATUB, Mcwary-KUHABD IU-3hvd* Di ftt> BftOADWAT TulATKB. kroaJ ?????! ?ish Aaiisii K* -ALL That is Not Gold. R1BU) R GAKDHLN, Brotd*?j? La UirrBfetti dk Lm> m ^.sAi.1.*. ttl'BToN'S iDtA I KA, Chkmberi str??t? A Shout Rich.* im iMiti.i Um -'1'wkc Kn.i id- Wo?uj'? 1'aib. NATION ALTUEAT.tE, CL*thim ?treae-0ABa\ 11ub ? ki> Jibvant* hv Llcaov ? Tut Gii'i's Uiienri.ii. ABOUUBAM-a LYCEU11 Bri>?Jw?T-Mv Fbibwo Jacb ? Ya Derm.* 4 >i Da. ? n irt?? Thi Itom Bay. J Hit! STY'S 4iNSTKKL8, MsttBuioi' OaII. 472 BroAdw?j moi'iA* ki smut. rtfcLOWS'MINSTKM, F Uow.' Op<r? Uoiue.Ut Uroii Hi-Jnaoni> iu**i,ari.av. A ib f R :*N Mt'tlM-- A- m .>i Periorxasco A.-ricm *1.^ *. i.m wtw TOSK ABPOITUtATKE, S7 Bowerj-JUv?aT*iA* PMtr-.ll.XAM.-ka. * aSBiNviiON 1IALL? 1'AkOBAMA Or the Pn.omu'a fftOfciUMi. SAT1 ;.EH's COSMOBAMA, corner of Thirteenth rtreet Mi Bioa*vbj. MM n tTA BOOMS? P AM OB AM* or IBL1.AI TO. Ntw York, hatday, llarcil t), 1S31. Tile Stwi from California. We publish in our columns to-day a quantity of | ?fi? i. t resting matter eoaceraing California, which , extrcttt-d from newt;ipers published in '? th?.t u< w Starr, received by the Empire City and j Georgia It embraced topics of every character, ' ?ji ? veg p good insight into the 3iate of society, | t i -s ~?id n j. iu that celebrated region. We It am frcm these accour.t3thit new discove rs i g ild unites are constantly being male la pia> rs whtre i: was &up, i aed there was none of th prrc ous rretals ; that companies are being formed for rr.uuog the quartz rocks; that society in the ci.' a ?? improving : and tint bu-iaess throughout iht State is sound and healthy. The ixiilatioa and sfectilttu n caus d by the factitious value p'.aced on th- u< fanatics of li'e, have produced their natural Jesuit, and it new and more healthy order of things ha? tucceedtd It is one of the most promimrg gig i j o California that agriculture is occupying th?> at entioa o the people. Many farmers frrrn the Western and Southwestern States, who huv? bee n dise; | ointed in getting rich a-- eia.Iy and with as little I*bor as they imagined, hive turatd their attention to the cultivation of the soil. This is all ih^t California ne-d3 to retain her present state t prosperi'y, and to becime, in tru:h an! i:i jt, the richest State in the Union. The In d>.n tribes in the neighborhood of the mines are brccriiirg troublesome, and collisions betweea i.aii< il j aTii- bcf ravages and miners have occurred, v !.,o) have resulted in great loss of life. The fir "W? ,-t his at length been reached by our enterpris ftgg population, and the red man is hummed in on ?ui - , !? c by llit an. This will hasten the inevitable hi: v huh the settling of this confined by whites lor< It Id to the Indian. He has been disappearing rspi<-*!> for a couple cf centuries? he has been tore* ?d to g . ay to the more enterprising wuite ; buj his ikoni ? ill" 0e hastened with a celerity that jro nu*?s.. lefore ai other century shall have elapsed, u witness ti?? ir aamhaiatioa on that portion of the cii 'iarnt ?B:braced within the limits of the United States. I At th> tir-.f of ti e departure of the last m tils < fn hi .California, there was doubt as to who *i d be ( Irctt d to represent that State in the I ted Man f Senate in th- pl-se cf Col Fremont, v term expired With the Congress which lias Just tl< ?d. His popularity has been on the want for torn* mc . ti e ; ist ; scd although he has sti.l a grest muy friends, the probability u that he w.ll ut t In ie.. cite J. The two parties are neatly ! a 1 ??>' u the Cal torina Legislature, and, although it u not j 'tb 1 !<?, a whig may be ?< iocted in Col. Fr< i oijt'b place. California, Sew York and Ma. -a' ht -cf.s are in pretty much the asms situa te. c in regard to ;<rnatoiul election r Wepmttive t /our intelligence, that enterprise? ;r< - ere taking immense droves of suetp to ? ' , and thct tht s.Tecuist.on promi es to , \ *?e II. 1 ?e;e is no hiog to prevent C-'iforuia I m lect !i .t g cue of the ^reattst wool producing Sutrs.cthi l i .i Th* roil and climate ate well edited iu the raisii g of theep, and entile of a. kit ci . < u l ? Whole, the tews from California is goo 1. <n,.i 1.i cono. trrnrtrg from there in Urge qu i. nt : f, and ki hough the amount u not ao large i - :t eause any =pf rehens una respect m<f an in. ne gieat ?U..i.e in tUe Vdljt ?' ih ^t prec.ous u. t .i, su? h addi ioiie ?s are rect ve>l by every c.rr ? v.,1 h'-re Mid win* .? i' ot to uiher counuies io the ?rdinar> course ol trade, il enehaag lor mer ci/ai <in-e, mutt j rtxiuce uch a ciiauf ; for be ' i'.jL* cu.i miuecaa tiioac of '.ihfur^u, i: u iiL,' ' iMc for fold to mii.r.dia ra ffeaeat *?'u 'I i ? lircr- .ihc .11 ??l.;*,h)?"vr, ?r?l be j.r.ii u i mi cat till. >V ( .!?<? ?i#i hewevf r? a ho of i .:?ii ii i r over ?p caution?may pro Ince a iii.-t. i..i cri*i.% wh <e (Ot.-' i * uid b c. . :c f. t i "??; '? "iBi; Navt-Uan if r.? 1>j?; Kits?) v it. ? . ? i ; . f?rof)??r , ..! I. ? .V i' i i' it.' < < k n >e j.x: a ddvfjcA.iriih'* ntHiii n-kol! . itir '? the navy, rrf . iaLaMia:rd tb%t >i ? ? i. glit to ?? c rdiaou?t tioaal ahi,)? v , t .i< m ii. ii ?>i nod t r u * -i ! i ?-.i4Ml*nc I / jhr c?i' -Ed C'.lt V.' wre satieti'd ? lt u - j ;! a it i-- ( f cor recti r' i i^l tt* <% g? '-?(> i ' t .> n -ne tw : cn ia t! * hi 1 1 of tii .r *l't ',ijtca r. i ? lirt.-.'iT i. ; n <f ( o i?' in a ? *nic winch re. <r . 'J h- ?a ? C, ** (J l>y ? ir i: . a! ( it tei'h hut . ? fV, .3, L.I ti. .an to Ill* rM It ? fit*. t , ? r r ?d, de e .ir in' "1 - t < a M *) (.(tdicui'iii wt re t.ii'p, wJ 'a ;> tavhtn nt ? Ik ? *m t?-ol-*hmt, tfwi die >piine eooli ;o" lw ip?u. i u CfnO'ie '.??? if w- o? ( ,.r v *n of war, iid I'd* :i ??;ir. i i , ,n cad, 1 ?? ie n . , - I it :? loo h on to I n hi > , oin 4* to tre *?hnt of thia r i' ?mi ht? h-ea, o w *t it *i!l lik?ly t- thr<iu;: i I .* "-r\ . ? : ' .i (mm all that we t urn, re the beet f i mi 4?<r !?if? i.* that lite na rf c\.\ e ? > ? *t ea w? 'I, an 1 we bciie/e bcntei? wr. i ?>: th? i < u. hi ?i h it. ? 'n t ii if aub)e. t o.jr read ?r? v . u>i .in ea'ractifom ? l~ttef wriu-a by ' u1' Jk' ? -h, r-'HR'tnil'i i-f L'n.tfi S'-?te? C? ? j! r which wp c>m a nd to Ui? i re ?? >'( r "1 i:?i! Vr>?* hi* k?M Micom* tutut oe i' vrral mrn l a ; ind iltlnxifb he it)i h; ktf> hn. h? 1 m* n ariiiiiigj ,a erf*, M< la t. ?? b ?1 ro . ill uliy iu mi Uauioinff Hi?cJp ab> ?! ii! h r, wtr ' < ? h? 'i 'i'ici,i*W aay . Hn ehi,. ? otd r, a'.a is a rn-diJ ta%lh" e*)?n N >v , if r,ai, , Melatoah ca? do thia? w?n* ?? t" ir-vmi ..Ui-r ' i m? fact i ? worth a tik< i/fatid i)>i ( ?it?' or ? (at hi?i?not*ll, hi vril moatiM ?inceth*' <> , lit' ^?t> Una p? t ; ?r. i i ;i to -tie tim? of fetf arht ; ' a* Rio <\> .1 , n? ro. not a grog ration k*<i i ? < r> t ll?ti i rbyiheci- w Here, the%We li. ve ? i> 'rr|?*.r ?r* f.T'a o ve i, vj/ that ii < cift he pf*a? r*e# "n timrd our nitmnal ? hi|f> wtM'U* t? e !> . f . er. I ? crew .?:< r> well Mli*fi<ii wttfi tie Miner, miller a *'KKi aad km t ron nmi 'I' *, 'tat fbejr W ;il d# wilhowt tli i rot ? en. 7 hi ?? ! e r t ? m ? t?m? ant < f u ir Im? rn ? <-!?>.> Umf a.?<?'it."u ot Mte i iah, an I it alwwa ia the ?U?S|eat ?jht the wudom of the weaaur*. TU? PnptNd Sew Lines or lUuuklpi-llto I Colllai Line. For tome time past, there have been a number of application* before Congress for the establish meat of new lutes of steamships between this coun try and Europe, Africa, and Asia, all of which have been laid over to the next session of Congress. There also has been an application to Corgressto increase the annual allowance which the I rut til States government gives to the Collins line of steamships, for carrying the mails from this port to Liverpool. This, like the others, will not, in tili probability, be passed before the adjournment. All of these applications have met with bitter op petition in Congress; the principal objection urged agamst tLcm being tha , by encouraging the mail steamship service, the government was building up and aiding and encouraging gigantic monopolies, which would exclude individual competition, and place in the hands of a tew persons of wealth the whole trude of the routes on which the proposed steu nships would plv, incase of the applications for their construction being favorably considered by C? Dgrt fs. At first sight, this objection seems very plausible; and, no doubt, its ; lautibility was the cau&e of the defeat of the otiers that hive been mfcde to extend the naval system of the United Stales. But, even admitting it in full force, let us look at the other side of the picture, and iuquire what the advantages would be of having, for in etiince, a line of stenmshipa pl)iog between the United Stales and Shanghai! It is easily seen that such a line would direct from the present channel the passenger trade between Europe and Asia, as well as the transportat on of the mails, and a large portion of the ligat and valuable merchan dise which comes from that quarter of the world, aivd dia*' it to and through the United States. Surely, this would n.ore thuu counterba'ance any of tne evils that a monopoly would cause. Again, if a contract were made for five or ten years, it could easily be rescinded beiore that time, if neceBsary; and no such contract should be entered into a stimula tion of that kind ; or, if not retcinded, the govern on ntmitht refuse to renew it. Admitting, there fore, that it would create a monopoly, the benefits Uiat would result from it would ft? trnre than equil to the disadvantages. The originators of every enterprise are entitled to a monopoly for a reason able period. The mm who makes a discovery is ent lied to a monoply for fourteen years; and the ? overnment ot the United States, on Lis apphca Mop, steps in, and, by letters pitent, secures sucti monopoly to him Further still, if the dijcoverer shows satisfactorily that hb monopoly hi3 not been profitable to hnn for the j>eriod for wliich it was secured to him, the government, on his applica tion, as has been doue in agr<at mmy instances | will extend the time of hia monopoly. Thepro j pii' ty of granting patents, or, in other words, | granting ntonojiolu'S, L> so apparent that it would | be a wa*te of words to argue the subject. Suffice to sny, there would be no inducement to men to | excite their inventive faculties, or to waste their I una im&r.?, as is frequently done, n endeavor j p.ig to mike new discoveries, if th? product of their j laber end money was not to !>? vested iu them, or v.-ds to become public property. Again, bounties ere given by govertm nt for the purpose of en caursgii g ecrt&ia fisheries ? a business which is free to all who please to engage ia it. The pro priety of doittg so is obvious. What difference Ehculd there be made in Granting a monopoly f >r a cumber of }ear> to a mm who expends his time bth' money in petlectuii? an invention, and in grant, ing ?. monopoly to another for originating an enter. I prise nke that of ocean steam navigation, as far as I :?e principle of monopoly is concerned I We can | not tee ai y But, it the arguments that have been adduced haw s.ny lorce at all, ia reference to the establish 1 meat < f n- w an 1 additional lines of steamships, we would inquire wbat bearing they have on the ap plication ot the block holders of the splendid steam ships composing the Collins line, for an increase of the rate allowed by government for carrying the muilii ' Surely the country is rot willing to alio *r th- se magnificent steamships to retire from the friendly rivalry ia which they have engaged wi'h the Cuaatd steamships. We are very much mis ' taken if the people at large would not willingly cu> i, ;t to direct taxat.on to support them until tiVy i re a a f i tioa to tight theirowa way w.thoat any pov^rnr.-.?Lt or other bid, rather thaa that they r hru!dfi ... We tl erefore hope that the applica nt) v. ill b< nxre socceeafol at the nextn.ssion of (.'-agress. Tin: 3h opt JIoite fro.i Cut s.\.? Among the wonderful imp >rtatk>ns in the Empire City, ar rivrd yesterday, is a srnell cheat of tea, which h is bfCjKxty nine days only from Shanghii to ?.'e*r Villi. It w .s thir y fear lays <n route to San tr- nc io, and thirty-five to New York. It came by Oi goiy's express, and is intended for Preei lea*. Fillmore. TltnvuA Llfto* Ougam /.inoN in Canada.? Our Toronto cor respond ease is panic ularly ia>e. irtiirp, oe arcour.t of its gh n* a description ?l the ?, ( h ' s : .c'utl> made ia Canada oa tlM Fugitive Si. ve A> t. .>n-i of me subsequent formation of an i ni to u.d the uboliunais s ia the Unite 1 bt ' in the irr tern of theft. Tue motto of these stratfe aicrul:s'.s is, "Do wrong that good in y t< I- < ,*' ar.d set ; g ti to it wuh a pertinacity of p ir pt ? tnet levels the -.inctry of law, they proccetd n ih ir ttavish work, steal i r ' 'Mae livery of I t ten ?o ?-Tve th- df vil in." Tlie Caaadl in d.'. ;s< : , "Hiii >Mii. art it w.>rk ia tivs has aesa, < : : t unities! -.1 in l.< h itof prin-;iples deroga t > o the chitidCier of h rural men, and which will lui'f. lis* n% r.t no %>?> distant day, in '> vety gu t; dar, r; tar p-l lie c^nion, e ven ;a Canada, wu I i.i ? j -t.f)' such u. '.liferent- ? wiih the poii'ical Con di ion (f the I.' ci ted Su es, as hss been recoan r,i? tided by thei"* uew ai'iU ors. i t . i !jr, all th'seagita'crs iaCtaadxcull th m t , n . .en. as.-i wt . ,1 nH he c JOii iereci n> , ? ? r? ? i i r. ?outs ' c :n ? a il acts ; ytl a th' ? iu ' .\\.j ? ? k , . ..' rin, wh*i th?y se{ : ? ?* i :a "*, i ntjthe 1 ? ?* ?f a - . *. ? ?} i i ia i ' ? -? c< ace*l:neiHif prep -r y v. .? --c? *mv d ss ?uch by tlie statues of this e< u ? , ! V> . .< tj .lit a t > e * t up hia o va id' a t i . ?? at.d ?t <h'. ia i .?!' ???luoa to law, whfct < I t ; i se-?i? ! ? ' * t? iu't t.a o sack c, induct ' .? i*? <14 b* con (h ' ;rt)"d, i; ? t i >i iB"t r ; ? * i >? , > and h" p, n." t ' a \ . . < aae .? w t vi w ii< j i ti >n, "i ? n:?| i. -( ?r..e ?>f iii*n is to th rjoftramec wh !t ;h y r.'. id c< . ' - tOivrat; aadiaar -a ft '?> ii r e?i* ? v ? ry rnai wii<> o,)j? es tii r I i*' is in I ?' ?: -j< r.*y, sn 1 sir ? R?t:i t.1" first li1* of the I 1 ti -w up u.t, W;,.n i'' i, ?. 3 aay ic ?? <>,? . .ii?i c. ii, ni.ii aut'iu othi- c ui'rr. i f r t t? ( an < I ?. 'lie anne piiur nt.iih sci. ' '."n*-* Ani'i ?r,' lr. n tfi h n ? th' 'I e rft?' Hn .-i ? ? bf** *h":r ?i> *c s? ?? ? '??.? *,?/!?. It o^era'e with ej aufarc! re, -o r r.i n fr i any i t i.m, i-? . in I I c>' - >n' plots ft r if'1 < i i u?i ion of this I'uiofl. ii. tiis Ii. : , ** t? I; vi i;,e ci nimem.' d .utertfr tn ' wi' i out . ? t( <?. thf |>iit i.l a tew i ' ?.??? ian-. t? ' mea? wr.h a pr< ,-r r tsuki* from e\ ? ?) ? : t ' I'll r" m?i ir 't> ? cotof>i ?S, tat hi-,' ?('?mill th' p?r <i i <*lrtoai*' wit' >>e r* i?t> tint d | by ' ? ? g i i < ' e ot the Canadian p ipulatioa , g?i:' rail; . _ Xnr I'aik or !'/,? pa II mhi t ? We leif* ftttn Jir iloru .k, the spei.ia] meesTifdVof Me* ri j Gregory ?V <io. s fsmt nae'i -e??, tfcat h^ whs ia ft rr-;ed at MtrtlltttM th- !t"li ?'! , thi' the nolo ritusFark*! 11 French had h*?n sh .t when Within about tw-nty miles of (hat place. ?ic,T? mei'tn of P> iplt. V 1 I'ii u* ?u'l lady. V."*fini?gfoo. I'rut.niir.r (??? ti rito ss! ?dj Nsir Vofk; B Morrt^ Mtlanri; ? i ; ,t|t| I ast' n. t?M nm ng lh? ?rri?als. ye - 1 rys *' 1 "'on I'Uea.Jti tel. ii R'?abary. O-orir* II tlsmmend. Va . 1. Wi > i J Am'? Boston, V. linvard Pi, 1 ? n or r t e iitti Carn loa Mr Lyarh 0. 8 !* . ?!. i-t'ili. rl Afi.imiI Wff imoDf tb? arrieaJ*. fasts - u ? t ?ii# Aiin i -:a Hotel Vr rinii Caltforala. It A'l llng^on Ml*? *V. M ii?< ti 1 < II r.n II Wh.t# Baratoaa, lut-rkr *?#? , st? r iioatoa . ('aptala Pt?riio< < ?il(brala wars assong I V e arrital* jesterday at ths Astor IXoas*. ^ V?r j Lite from Cmk*. | Tbe *t*fm*hip Georgia. Oapt. Porter, arrived laat aigbt from Htvui. wheno* ahe sailed on the 3d in*t. Mr Jibn Gordon Bennett ud lady returned In her. Thai* U appareatly very little mwi la faro Indus trial Jt la Hub* *u, UmoI which we reeeived by the G. | Kvrrything wee quiet whin the left llaraaa. | The Captain General ww booomlng quite popular. It U (aid that he intend* going to Spain In two or ; three month*, (or tka purpoaa of urging a more liberal I form of government. No dopeadonco can b* plaoed i upon the troop* under existing circumstance*, and two or three regiment?, among them th* ai tiller j, are impacted ol diaaUeotioa. There waa a larg* aaval fore* in Havana kept ready lor *aa. Lamely, St* eteamers, two frigate*, and tw? or j thiea brig*. Bom* of them had ja*t returned from a | cxuiie along the coasts. A few cum of cholera had appeared at Cardeam. Havana wa* ?ery gay, being the commencement of tk* Carnival. The opera, Ravel*, bull fight*, cook fight*, and masquerades, were the order of the day. Th* operatlo season of th* Italian company was on the point of being finished, and th* last performances, givt n for the benefit of the principal artist*, were fully attended. Balvl, who bad been sick for feveral days, wa* recovering, and it was supposed that he would leave liavaua in a few day*, to join Uaruum and j Jenny Lisd la the I'nited States. Th* Ravel* continued, at every perfermanoe, to at. | tract numerous audience*. The benefit of Lean ; Javelli the celeb: ated rope dancer, ??well known in ! this city drew one ol the beet houses eter seen at the Tacon Theatre. The lalcou had arrived at Havana, bound for Chi gree. The Ohio had not arrived* Georgia left, ! but passed her otf the Florida reef*. Sei/.it.i or Ssv go!. ed Goods ? We leara from | Messrs Gregory Ar Co.'s special ageut that the . custom house officers at Mazatlin seized, on the j 9:h ult , at that port, upwards of $600,000 worth of 1 contraband good*. This is a singular event in j Mexico. Marine Affair*. Avother Quick Tair. ? The ship Memuon.'Capt. G. K Gordon, made the voyage from San Francisco to Uong Kong in the unprecedented short time of thirty six <Ja) a DcraATvac of Foca 0< kan Steamships. ? The tol lnwicg steamships lett our pott yesterday, for their various destinations The It. M steamship* Cambria, Shannon, lor Liverpool, and the Merlla, Sampson, tor Bermuda and St. Thomas; the new steamship Union Budd lor New Orleans, between which city and N;? | Vera, she will form a regular lice, in conjunction with | the Winfieid Scott; and the steamship Alabama, Lud low. for Sat tenth. Lir.ifT?!tA5 ' Hoskin, of Tiie Grkat Bmrnt Stgamkb. | ?The eot&aacd ? ! the Hanthee, la:e Holyhead steam packet, Lut now fitteii for the packet servicu between til s lla and Jaatseiil-x. hue been eonterred e i Lieutenant ^ J&m.s lio.-fcun (18k8), the well known commander of the Creat Western stenmer. then t ti" unfortunate | ierew ship Great Britain, and snase^uently harbor I il aster at Labuun. Ti.ATTs.Rino CoMruMsxT. ? At a meeting of the pas | senpers ol the st?umer I'anam.i. on h?r late trip from Sail 1 rucciscc held Feb 20 1861. of which Ylr. Cnarl- s I Parsons. of New Yorfc. vi< appointed chairman, and : John King of Wm , secretary, the following address ' v?? -res- nud to Capt Watkins. commander of the ! steamer : ? Caitair James J. Watkixs I Si k : -Rumst-t you this evening With feelings ft r I beyond three wbit.h usually prompt passengers to ad I dTe'S a es (ita'.n. We know tnat we have received from I you, and those under your command, every attention I that we could wish; and trom the day of leaving Ban j Francisco la thi# time. when we art drawing uear the ' termination of our voyage, we hare warned tor do I thing that reasonable passergers could require. We * ould paitlouJurize, but everything hw bueu so near rifht anJ nothing wrong. that we know not what to speuk of nrst. The cleanliness of, tne steamer, the i systematic attendance of waiters.'the freedom lrom tyranny, the willingness to impart information, th? I dertre to rendu every passenger happy, together with ! the skill ol the tagiurrrs and ofllcers. haTe rendered ttis voyage one that will fcg revrted to by ea^n MM ol ns wit hirelings Ot pleasure. We take tni j method to I ?ypres? to you our gratitude and thanks, and wish yon | alcngkud prosperous command of the star steam-r . of the Pacific. May we. fw th" future, find a Capt. iia i Wat kins in c< mmand of every steamer upon whieh we I cay travel.- Ruhr. IIopkixs. Waf.rkn Lulami, Isaac i b , committee on behalf ol the fansengers. Axothlr Niw Ciih ii - We notice, for the en- ' ! couragetuent ot mechanical ^ kill, the ariival of a 1 beautirul clipper schooner, bulit by Samuel P. Hart, i : of Ncrthport. L 1 fcLe is constructed of thi best ???. ! terials and lasteuings. wit 'tout regard to expense H>-r j | lingthcfdeck is to !?et; breadth of beam, 21 feet 8 I inches; and depth <>f hold ' leet 8 Inches. W? thiut . j b?r model for tailing can hardly b? surpassed, and I I great ere lit is due the builder, bhe is a >w laying ?t ; the pier foot Of Beekjaan street, where the can b? ! ' p??n She is owned by l.oger* x Oo . of Falun : market and Is named after Robert H . Coleman, of the Aitor iiouee. Ae ther is lo be launched soon, to be i ; tamed alter bi* partner. Charles A Stetson whi th ' v r.l be r^nt to London during the World stair. The I R 11. C. is commanded by Captain R Jeryne. Bmr r.i it d? * < ; in Nk? r RvroR r. ? Notwithstanding I the dullness of ti e last year or two in the eaplcy | cunt of shipping, there seems tu be a l?r;? amount of Uncage la ptecees of ronstrnetien are now 1 building in our rLip yards sis large ships note lees ? t> an lite hundred tcn? and trom that to cue thousand, Khing i mploy meat to from tw o hr.ndrt d and fifty to I three hunare i men These ships together will make I ft nr thon/acd two hundred ton? of hrst claas v-eee'e, which, at KO per ten. the cost when compie'e'y ringed will amount to nearly flA 0 000 Abiut on ' half of their trrnag- ie owned hi re and the reeidue | by merihuLts end others abroad. Oar eitigess a-* ; aieo considerably interested lu ship building oat of I town ? A"i*Aut|r/'ui{ ll.ratd I I Stnliicc of UtUli on Ilcury (unitl, fjr Mardtr, CutP.T cr C\ ER A.i:> TCr.MN'E*. March 8. ? On tLe Bcnch Cbi- f JuatUa KJmaufi, ?t l AltfTte'n Franklin and I'eUm-.ter before wboia I the j t.f nrr waa trlrd. md alro lloa J ui^es EJwarJa Mlt< b<-l and King and AM. rit.u Miller. TLoi Carnlay, bi<\ , tna ftharur, took a leat ' ile tba bench. It lelrg >aown Haury Ca*n?l whoh?d ba?-n Rcn?icttd tt tbe cirrdi r of CbarlM M. , *. Lid to Mntrnoid thlf day the court win J n??)y | er?-wd?d ly m<n.birf oi the bar a J la) ?j c valor I Tiii I'ark. in rront of la* atcpa Wad.-, j to IV r 1# Court. %<.e almost InaiseaMbia trom tl.a nua'xrs that ti.rt tf ? d around. Jifen Kdaad and William B.iyal. convicted of tin i ui?i.-Uu?bt?r of P. tfr Jrlir.<on th?f rn'fla tae ?e. ! cctd and tba latter la tba fouri-b d* free. w?r? r?a tenced I'.olacd to Jour year. and?lx o<<ntb? iuifrlion crt It. tb?- Mate primn, and Royal to b? iffljncnei , tl i < e cct'-lif in tbe Ci.y pi lion. a tbtia a a* csjd* ULbttaatc kMIJntitf. THE sr.!?T?l*r? Or MUTIt. lit IildtUt AUmh; (Mr N. U. Maa*) ttaa aai<l ? i'.mf It pt>?aa ycur feaaetf, I new. '? a of tV lt< |]? of tt? mate of Saw York XI %a forth r aUn-i# I ( f 11. . it CB lirnr/ Camrl, CO" :-.l?d tt Ida uu: (Jof ui Cbailti M Rcnaeau lit II f. Cllnt n, pi!?rn?i'? coui' ! a!t tkt^ he L? j r> jar? d a bill t f p kci ao 1 b ft ithtoart t< gt*;n: a *tay ct ftMNdliui < kief i ? There li t.r Us i is th* zt - to jititi ly tha cot>-t lu Ictt'ifu lug. You ?an take your oo jrv afit nriiO on tba bill of axcrptljn* W? think time art no grcaBdr, or wt would great tbe application Mr Dlitia. aaooclaU oeunwl, wkcl tbit th- day a: ? SiCutl I. I.* ).ut cU ton lung a peiloj al p'-'.tN |a < rd< r to girt tin* Icr tbe argciaent ta tba biU o! ?x*?ptki.? lit. H-nry Vanlarroort. th# e!etk I ?ra told the pri t i.?r in the uruM Imdi. ?bi;b *??? hf >lr. klcritLgb. tt>ai L? ta j b#?n iadl^UJ fur lb: D M irr of Cbaa M K'.??*U to that lndirt.uirt; L>? h . 1 ;>?d?d Mt guilty, and that a jary ct th* p . >pl? oi 't ?? H*t? ft N ? w Votk bad found nim (ullly. II ' wai th?t aik?d If h- bad aoytbtfig to ray *hy tti l u>n-t tt tL<> law ?IiMtld not b? | a??'d upon Lira IL? jrUator aj.n-?r?d la-ehly and ? *\j la tba I"r?i b)ani>ur^? wblcb ?*.? li.trr|r?t?l lj ::t U'r ro^b. ?? follow* Tr? dir. b-?an?? I am n t guilty i.t I bia c f ; ? nca Ifgrntl-m n knar ho? Iba took plat*, I would ??v?r I>a?a b??n iaipiUQbfl to: r am i ot *ullty I arrlTfd 1b >?w V?rk * ?trac -?r, oa tu? lft ' ?i icVr; thtrtly att?rw?rJa ? t. ?i i ? in-1 I 1 th*a bad > 44 la n?y pa?k?t. Aftar? ? < t* k poaaaa ?U,r tf ??. I d??lt#d to r*?.?ra ta SwltarU^-l; andth? ' p. . 1 1? ? ilh wh' n. I Ut?4 ad?"? 1 ma n .t ii 1 r% d It I ?ti j ? d ib?y wrsld find ?ork. tu?y did nat g- 1 i. ?/?il an -I f want oath# 16th Nat atk In ???rrb ot ?Kplojm?nt. AINxaatkl tiatlatj ku ikfi ?fc?r? I uat i?>tn? Otbhb?. and I *nt r?d ' iri.o co?.??r??'l' n w:*h tt?Bi I ur.dTi 'ioJ wtiat [ ki; wn' rptaVlnrof. It ?a* a'.nnt a far; ? t<f who la' t H * ctb I ? <a not thiak'ng o tha". ti n?. [ of lii^rau; I aa? B?r?ly tMuking of my?Hf ; I ! tf?f? |?ft Haaufk at out ar a*lf i?**t tna a'< tn <o dw. tw a atiirar m?natart. ry, I ih?r? on* ?i? t:. try ??d obtain ernploymant bat th? ro ?'-r > 1 diii hi t uikke bi? a | |?aranr?. an J oi* ot tb? ?nrkm?n ti la ti- to a|'ply lat?f, when the aiaar- r *< u.J be lbir?, I 1MB i--tnr?*<l to New Vork aa i ti< uaa?la !? i i ; ? n { a) aient at tba ?.i*ar faot.jry. I tt. n w.-at tela a l"T tke 4,nj< /' ta aaa a yuan f <a*ii w| h wl oj f ?? ? a" i nal'i '?'I, but c old not tin I tn* /< I ' ' ui I ??e 1. 1 one wao f|>oke tha French. I ? <ml I "?iy : hitd 't.i ?a afco ep<.ka Ka<liab ana Uirmaa, I a-.i'. |n-o a tii> 't. abtre I a-kaa ? ??aaB it ah* kaaa wUare tt ? ?? at. o l' ' * a: 1 If b< r b ueltasd ? a- at b' in* k* rnald ' t? II II * , abiie tbirra two ynunx men naoia ia aai tba I v on. an at .? I tb?ei if Ukey kavw tba titf l a-lalea , I Ibi; Mid they did. and conducted a* there. oa arriv ing at It. 1 did not find th? young md of whom I was is search On coning out, these two young men tikti ?t to drink win* with them, u we wfw trom the Mae oountry, we drank a bottle of wine; I then wiahed to ?? to Newark. but being a stranger in the eity I thought wu going to the place from where the ' boat for New ark goes When I found myself on the wrong side, I returned and touui ay Mil in the centre of the city ; wh?n I arrived at the otlUe from whioh the boat goes I found 1 wu too lat?, and wm compelled to remain In New York till the fol lowing morning On arriving in this olty drat. 1 waa cautioned not to walk near the dock* late at ni.;ht, as 1 might be attacked; I therefore thought tiiat 1 would go to the youug hjseeaus because they spjid my na tive language 1 went there; I tried the doorUtob, and it was fastened; the young Kosseaus were in the room; one of them came and ( pencil the door; I toll them what bad happened me. ani tbey ueked me to remain till morning. they asked me If 1 had found work, I said not, ana I told them about the carpenter. Oharles Korean said he wouid accompany me to Newark; but X did not tell him that h< could hire work, nor that bo would get $oia month for I dii not know bu capacity. When I went to bed that night I ton* off t my coat and b^ote; 1 kept on my tMVMM because 1 bad co palliacse under me. In the middle of the night I heard aoieams; 1 sat up in bed; the youu* m-n then passed by me into the ba reom, I go' up Hnl put on uiy bootf; on arriving ut tin barroom I r? ;-iv-J a blow ?u the forehead and another on the h.iud, 1 tbeu open ed my kkife to de.'md ir yn-r ; 1 then saw a perion Sassi! b b> the window and 1 went to attempt to seiti im. and i Ml; 1 do not know how; 1 called same cue. i but cobcdy came; I thought the police mi^ht have beard me I feel perfectly innocent of the crime, and God knows 1 am innocent. I am a stranger h re, and totally unacquainted with the Unguage, which ren dered me unable to give expltn irions Tie Chief Justice then proceeded to pasi upon th.i prisoner the following sentence, which translated to him by Mr. Aloriough. piiragraph by p:i.a,;rapU : - lit nry Camel? You bare been charged with au I t'ied tor. The cflenoe of wilfully killing Charles Kosneau. uu der circumstunces tbat iavelvc the crime oi ruurdir, and rubjeet jou to the punishment of death. Ou your trial. you have been alded?y your clergymen, by the commercial Kjent of your couatry, by couasel, who have /ealou.-ly. and without compensation, engaged in your cause, aud by r.u anximn de.*ireon the part of the Ccuit and jury to tind something i i the cas^ to exempt; you from the aivful consequences impending over yo'i. Notwithstanding all this, you have b> *n found guilty by t.lio jury, and their verdict is approved by the Court. ' l!' my duty to say that you cannot hope to escape tbi consequences ot yojr conviction and that jou must prepare for death. Tbat death *111 soon be at hand. H id will cocje on you with a c< It rity which will leave you but a btief lime tc. prepare lor the a* Inland final cha"K?. and it isourearnebt hu^e tbat you will profitably u?e the time that will be left to you. The atrocious crime which you have now com mitted. as well as your cajt life for we are informed tbat, in joar own country, you were recently a con victed criminal, alike tei.d to admonish you of ths ne cessity oi listening to our advice, while it imprej?ej upon us tlie neceiaity of stera'y and rigidly ent icing the la*, however .mash vre may lament the coose : qurnces or however much our hreits may ache at the ' fatal result It is. therefore, iu obedience to the dic tates of this duty, and bidding y.iu to repose your ' hoje.? for the tutor*. only on your QoJ, that we pro I ceed to pronounce upon jou the sentence ot tise law. which is tbat on I'liday* the second dny of May n-xc, In u be hanged by the neck until dead, and m iy (iod uv? mercy on your soul The Court then requested the sheriff to taks his plac* by the tile of the prisoner, while the clerk retd the a a: rant if execution Mr. Vandervooit then rcid the warrant to which

there wa; attached a large black seal. It was also in ' terpreted to the prisoner. The following la a o*py Ol the document 'Tm Peofli ok the 8t*te ok NiwYuik to tub Sue I kdf of tkkCitv a* i> UounTV Ok New Yonn. G aKErirns : ! .utuiuiuii Whereas, at a Court of Oyer and , ^ ' -I* Terminer, held in and for the city \ Hl T'l*' v and county of New Yoik, at the city Hall of the said city, ou Wed ne -Cay the fit'.h c' ay ot March, in the year ot our Lord cue thousand eight hundred and tify- on j. Henry Ci?r ???, ,'D du? torij of law. eonrloted ol the murder I of Charles .\f Rosseau. And whereod. cn Saturday the 8th 4.iy of March, in 1 the j ear aforesaid at the said ('ourt ot Oy-r aad Ter miner, held in and :or the s^ia City and County, at tfie , City Uail of tke euid City, judgment was given in the saiu court tbat thd ssidUeury Carnel tor tho said ; muidei and felcny aforesaid, be haaged by the neck until he be dead. And whereas, ou the Mid last mentioned day, the : laid lleury Caruel fas sentenced to bj ta^-n t? the ' City Prison ot the City ot New York from wtience he ; came, and from thence, ou friJay the ssond d<ty of May next ensuing to the place ol execution, aud then and there be hanged by the neck uutil he be dual New, therefore, you, tiie said Kneriti, are required and by theee pittrnu strictly commanded to cauee execu tion to be dene upon the said Henry Carnel iUCksrilne to law. and the saldCouit hath appointed, ani doth | hereby appoint, Friday, the second day oi M ?y nex: the | day in wbith tho said sentence shall be cxeuutfd. In witner.* whereof we. John W. Kdmouds. Justice ot the Supreme Court and SmM 11 franklin aud H^muei Deiamater. two ol the Aldermen of the City of New York nnd Justices of the said Court and who constitute the raid Court, of which the raid John >V JCdmoLds was tie presiding Jodge, have tereuato sub peril) d our names respectively, this eighth day ot March, lo the year ot our i.ord one thousand ;ight hundred and titty one. l&igned) J W KDM0ND3 G EO U KK.VN K I.I ,V. Attest, 8.1ML. D^LA.M.\rt.K. 11 i.n i. v VvtnEiiNooaT, Clerk. Tb* prU'.ner was shortly att- rward* removed to the Toml ?. handeuMed, by tho bfaernt. atcompauied of Mr- l)v>tb< lr aud some other officer*. The prisoner v us thoughtful and downcast, but did aot seem very deeply atiecud. M incn y ? Smttna of Joitph Jlrritarr Jmr Far/try. ? This vouug nan, wb>iwn tried on Wednesday tai convicted of tergery In the third drgr.e lu forging a check for 91 ;;t)0 on tha Ureenwich bank, lu tl.u name rt Robert I'ugsley. his em plover, wua, this utorniua', sentenced to toe Btate prison for two years. PoltCC IlltcUlgeilC*. THE IN VESTI0 AXIOM IN TtlK MaITEE OF THE MIL WAI htK BilMDS. Before J uitiee bcihr^p. Vw!ttd*7 (Saturdaj) the ieri'Ktrfatiea la the al ltged frauaultnt repmeataUbbt ?*U to hate b *? n mtae m abtaialBg ceita.n Werlera reeuriUM t<elJO?' ? iiifl to th* Mi.aruUKle aud Mle-l'sippi Kutlroa t Com I<ny. caiountibg to roine $(t6 0uj. w.m eonilcaed. Ctunerl lor the defeadaata M??*re V an llureu d?od lord. lii llruhn mi KobiId? prtiliai to the tettl incut. i taled tl at they motel to have their i.-lieaia v aire tte uiltiaUoh uo X lubait to a eomui tarn*, and tur the Juatiee to t?t ih? amouut oi Lail required. The following i aa then erltten out by Mr Siuiiord, aLd crtarutt d to the mrt: ? ' We now i&ct a that ?'aoiM McKay and Jota I*. Cijder be ccumittea ty the aagiatrate. upja the ch. rgeaeateitaiaed la the wafTBa*: and the m l Jiv .'it:' aj m.u J. an V. Cryder aefertily traite the p*t Boa a I paam. i alion jadieiai by a la", ute ani r. .j ai r f >q < bogtattfttv io ti* lb* ataouii. ot bail to t? Kiteu co ur>?' r 'aid charge." la n (<,v. the ungl?tr*t? ?;av? the following d?eltlor. : ? Tli? iMralttra.* uteilBM^o commit the deitn'iatiu, us l?iiuttud, oil tfea <1 1 ? ' u u le-firat. X/iit them i* luilh.t proof. a* he i ' ini<rintl acl bell tee, aul otl?' c te.merree tiuw |i[ ?ii*, oua of wa. ui In n >* fwcjn nod about to b' "<aailaei. material to fie p*o. Mention, end a'ee it y to ttm end* ot juitioe. h -londly Th.i*. he liti* not fat d't?riuiued tb th-r be *IU Li. a the jai:iet to Ku*??r, or dU'iharge th-rn Irta tlx , Ieta ? pr? I n-i ?t-ain?r. tu-ui. Aud, thuil.i Tl'.it l.e In boi ud li / tli? #u:uiej> W < : *r tU-iian e>am!i*tl<r Id iLe'.r o?u b ha f andtr thru b<L?fu aad whicS intjct b* u n? uattl aii the ir /of )ri t<' all cl the i ofle ha I been taken a; the*." Oakea Tenli! Jr , helBgaoorn ?ay? I ff?l<Jnt to t. I I.. ' j. ! w aj . u>j h . i * ? ?* Ll in if? Jtatln { f a t ?r?ie? both Qer>' ar I at .xewiown. l.'^an . my u;:l ??? (a Sa* Yotk la at Mo. l i'J hru le?y Mr IfitliaaJ.Va letiUae e -ncyiM iha earn# Mi e efth me; ?- are put B) ia it tb?MM U4hm; i kn w 'Jeorve A. Kif{; I L?. ?e kso* ?' him a' out t?ro y?e*?; ha nieer "i: ip ; ? 1 lltiune f ti..: i ? i-o n.. , ha i? aNo a | krtM ?l;o m < tBd . ueb lb tl..? city he ha* ao rtoet ofBce Mt '- i? (?ti I cu. y; i !a? g i?-?lor? at Oatori la Ooai. fltlo -t w 1. .re !i?ik couuect* d in bu-loe?e at. .at tifdt BraUi; I a.:: a. .aiated atih i ii lnu ' 'fttiac i?a a/rcn.'it her a ^rniu.^cd nnd ?xUibit*4 iu ID' ?it.aa t) l?> ie un.; uhMdiy ia tu? h?nd?iiiia( of At ? U|f; 1 ea? >lr 1 ? at the Irtlag II ?m# tt 8ie ?? tea #Bf? before lia itfc day ot No* ?-nil r. X thu k it waaoa ar afeont th? Sttn or OctoH'r; i ?.,nt to ikr I;. la* Hoaae a.thJaai?ii 4afvty; ) i 4 b a i <|U?!nted ?rh Jlr McKay BerSapa "lir e mont ? b ?? : :? ; I vent t>> the Iretag lit je*- at Mr r? I r. gv to exaatiiie ?. n. c ?eearitix ?; -w Mil v *ukh' mi,4 Ju>eii"ip..i Hj..ioal Compaay t!i-4tw?-i In tl.. |?a- .??!? u oi Mr S.aii Mr llendefa Mr. iiitderd'i te. a 1 aaoti er per oo r. h<- %? wiitiag, *eie pref- at I lMk>4lt (ajiiri'.lef : ooe^ati'*"' *?(.? 1%b' -1 to n ? in a yal.otr r .t >r Ktlflh I -:;.?!uiv < 1 and ! ??k*d If 'hat ?as the <?!; 'fa*?'! f th>' ?? ? i- I, I met kae* of heard of Julia IP. i'.ydef. i a .. J Mr Crydaff at Uuc "oaf*, wb u he vaa foitftti , oat o iae, i hate aiace in n.r |io<??*ai(io r tae n> i th ?e ?ec rltiea Kaeelloa What ? Bicuat of ta'H) I reeutttle* hate y^a Mtf 1 1 your p ' Aoitec I hate hi i 'n my p'.jae?/ifi, I ?houI 1 lUa'i tet r. *n IIUiIA/j aad | . u Cu aorth fr< ti QrtttaUut, ! fi :elr? l ft -nj Janiea MrKay I niran to nay th# tlret | a< Ka*.- I i?cel?<d leui tleor^e A in t'l# M'h ot ."nt?mt T. in the i u'ei'le <>f i .le pv* n t* aa* iiar. -.1 Iia6'>i, 1 my iin.ire-a. >.i i? net it a Be Biarked ?u tha bai k lett?r " i " Mr lie.f (I- lltererf tie package to Bia, m old <? No l-i iital^ay. abiul hail t?*t teven oclo-H. e"ine time afti taai-l" It may hue b?en a utitiU. I rata'ted tiro ja-ktic* ft t'.**e lei-drt'la# lr?<n Mr M is'4y; tl a> | aiikagaH la aaiount <? re rn*i|er t'laa ,hj i r?.ti' .i i.u"; tb?ee ??-re all the fi vlB)rea I et'r bai ?.r it M.'*e aeeiilltlae : Mr Wm J. v aleatlne, i attar I Bia > the li an ? n theBi took lotna ? f tie m- | t.iliii?-e an i i>b(B<ae<l Baonty to tbea ftaill Mrtflld r- . ?l?ta ahlab ??< urlti-a I iaa la tha po?*i-<?ion *r ' t :ldarrleera, the other two paakafea 1 po it?J in I i.iy rate. >ieept for a t'O day* iiiirin^ ahlaa li it on.< < 't tl. ia ?>? de^oel led ?? It b Ki?J>n W : ii ?, v Halck. itt ? url'j for other Bi'irn, I diialiaa tj hDf 'i ? her>* tfenae par ttaf-a are at pnt at; I am ?*ll I it k to itr;> r thai 1 ' i. aj or Uo d* i haee hvl aotai to t" v it ii 1 1 ?? e?eurltl?e ?inue th y naoie lot ? my p >? n'lfir.n: I ni'trr ?e w Mr I'rt.Jer null I ?a? hira h r? in aomt; I wi?ii io ei|,l?lB lioa they c?an into nit t aae.alet. Mr. ?fcKay tam" t > m? aad aakWl tin II I ha J n ? mcneT t<' knn. h? eeld he want-d ab lat J., I t id him f be i 'i'i eurh ?-ti to 1 >aii. hen pmd r- i '4 I not loan It it he irnul.l caake it an objeat t" In* ' I irf ind)e poe*lblt I toald; hi> th?n 1-f . m / i fll'-e. aid in a tear a*j* alter exll?d In a??lti, aaJ tfli I me it ' roulJ loan that moaey or tr. fiat ? fTeot I e Ihn n l ; I li tell you what t oant altli itf-ir tlirty day * h tb" piitt!r/r ?f p?>i ig It hack I i ten dar*; Mr Mthuy Mata4 thai he ttaa abwat innkin^ a iiejo ti? li-n in leMifii. two or ti re# hUB'tiei] ta iill*4n I d< '. .a.* ? Jttb Of !>? i, if ' ! thr ,>i i'. ea'iVle Ha lei I I >m penj . and tal I ha i oul 1 har# the (elilo^ ol the whale of thi'B, end the etpree*ion he ueed *aa. that they ware worth aore thaa L'alttd Itatea aiiaa, aad by making the llrat payment of 1 10 000, the whole eould bo obtaloed at par; he said he, or they, oould make $itc OtO In t tow rperatlon; I understood him, either on this or mil* other oooasitn. that, by paying the $10, 100 they m cared the sal a of *b?ut $100, 000; h* then told bo what ha would give ae for the money , for 80 day*, wi'h the piUiiege ot returning it in 10 day*; I tbeu aeked him what would b? my security; he pro I pon-a to me some real estate 1b New Jersey, which ha ! said was worth tbe smouut 1 would loan him; 1 de clined to loan to that amount on an; teal estats in New Jersey, of that deeorition; he then proposed to give me, as security, these bonus and mortgages, 'or which he was to pay $10 000; I tai n made him a pro position to inter into a contract to loan him $10,000, on two days notice on securities which shiuld bu deemed gu?d and satisfactory by ine, b.<fer? I loaned the money ; this contract wa?eii..erel into, written out and acknowledged before * .1 us> ice of the Peace; that ' contract was dated the '24th of October; Mr. McKay | came in a Jay or two utter tha:. una said he wanted to be fciire ot his money when called tor, and thit he i wanted me th.fn to go wr.k hioi aud erarmiue the se | curlties, and ta endorse on the oontraot deluttely ? what securities 1 would take for the monay; Ue then < took me lo tbe 'vvlng IIou?v uud introduced -ub to | Mr. 1 landers ; 1 exai^.'rcd the securities which Mr, i showed me; 1 returned back to ay office, | and Mr. McKay came in shaitl^ afterwards, and in I (paired what I thought oi the scou. Hies; 1 then en dorsed upon the contract 1 was tatisGel to loin | $10 000. at two days tctloe, on the sei -nlties [ hid seen exhibited to me by Mr Fl* triers, provided he | wi-uldgiftf ae an outright deed of the estate lti Me* j Jersey, as an extra security ; 'tis extra security wai aito ucdorsed ou the back, Mr. McKay then can ine the uctke that he w?nted the money; this, i belierc, was the 24th of October although t! at da'.e might no: have bern oorrect; the money I >idvficed oa the 6th day of November; on that day Mr. McKay called on me. and said he wanted that money; 1 paid where is the securities' he shoved nie tbe deed of the Mew J eriey property; he then requested nin to 1st him ta'ss tbe b. ney, und be would I udh back the r-st of the securities. those bonds and mortgages; I retus'd to do ] that point blank; I tbeu aakeu liiui why 1 could not | goandtatu the securities in v<t>*lf; Mr. McKay replied I that I bad been und examined tha .securities myself, and that Mr. Flanders uiigh* think tl:e re rarities bad j In n at a higher price t!i?.a he w . ? p irur tot j tliem. aud thereinre oid not wish me to go with h:m; I that tbe contract was not s? t ally closed bat that ! Flanders might <o somewhere else if he could make a | better bargain; 1 then iofjuirtd of hioi it tfcjre win | not a definite agreement that he kne* what he w<ts I about; cesaid there was lar a part but not for the whole; therefore h? did not wi?h any ot'isr persou to ' go.itear him; that is ai near as 1 can recollect; I told j h:ti if te bad to obje-tisn, I would pine the wmey I Itto th? hands ot Mr, George K Flag*; 1 did oo, I put I tti S 10 CtO into the bands ot Mr. Ylagg. and gave hiia I private instructions; Mr Fisgg took the money and I brought me back tbe securities. I li Left:h uow 8 o'clock, tbi magistrate adjourned any further proceedings until 1 o'clock uj Moaday af ternoon. City liitclllgcr.ce. Murk 1. 1 ht and a W*tkk fui. u k ? A memorial id In citcul atiou stating (hut i.nuy Urn* are lost, and mi: :h property ttoleu, lu consequence ot the imperfect light ing ol the ]i!ur?aoJ wharves, an 1 alto from the want of a vater police. provided with boats. At presunt the thieves etter chips from small b"Hti aul carry away their plunder iu thr very Right of the police, without their being able to pursue them. Melancholy Suicide. ~ On Friday night, at ten o'clock, William Tel bolt. residing in Cweoty sixth street, near Tenth avenue, committed suicide by hanging himself with a rop<* in his meat chop. No cause can be assigned far the ao* ; be was doiotf ? tolerably good burinest, and appeared to be comfort able. Tbi* deceased was a nation of Unwind but for ?erne thirty years a resident of this city. lie leave. a w) t and 'amity to mourn his sudden and unuxpeotud death Ihr deceased was fifty years of ago. Coroner User t?H an Inquett on the body. tn< a verdiot was rendered that th<) deceased cum? to his death by tulcide, by hanging himself with a rope. Death by ArOrLsxr.? Coroner Oeer yesterday held an iLi(ucst at No :;ol Spring street, on the body ot N b Xagnon. aged CO years, born in Boston, who came to hl3 death by apoplexy. It teeme the dtueased oams to the above named house apparently in good health, and on Thursday last was taken tlok with pain in hi.i fide, accompanied with ncu^-h, and continued to gst worse until about 0 o'clock on Friday cvtolag, when he died Verdict? death ty apoplexy. PKow-tn .? On Friday ths b >dy ef a drowned man was fuund at tbe. loot (I Feck ?ll;>. It appeared to hate beet along tlma in the wailf. Bruise from Daowsiso. ? John V inning, belong ing to the pil it boat John W. Avery, lying at the loot cf Roosevelt street, fell overboard at half-past nln? b'elook on Friday evening, and was rescued hi m drowning by officer Clahtne, of tho Fourth ward po lice. Svirisr. the 1>i:ad without a CrnriKiciTK ? Dennis Mcl'ermot wi?a ariested on Krldny, by the Nineteenth ward police, far proceeding to inter the dead b >Jy cf a ubild without a certificate. lie raid he had lost it, but whs detained. PttiOLinn Onrms n thi P trkets ? John White was arreeted en Friday by an t Ulcer ol tbe First ward f olice tor peddling oyateis and throwing the shells In he streets. BcoAWAt Hons* A?niCAnr. -On Friday evening, amidst the ano*. a hcree and cart ran away witb great violence thl0U|.h West Broadway, spreading consternation all around. The cart was loaded with two boxes ot boots; they are at the Filth wurd (tuti')n houtt, waiting for i an owner. Ihtatrical and Mtulul. Buheey Thi *i s ?. ? The appearanoe ot Mr Iftmblin, tbe great tragedian last wee K. at this old and celebrated Theepiau temple, attracted every evening an iiameote artetrblago of his friends aud ine dramatlo public. F.very awning his great hlrtrioni) abilities were re ward-d by the mist uarkt d and warm demonstrations of pleasure. Many persons expren an Intent* desire to see Mr*. Ilamblin alto, as sbe is oonaldi red even at the prtsent day, the most cla'-i 3 and exe-ltent a> tiesa on the stage. To morrow evening a ti l of great IhrMtiou is offered The pieces selected ars "lllb htc ill " and tfc? beautiful d-ama ol '"Claada Duval " lu the tret piece Mr liamblin appears iu bis great character af lllchard in wbUb he has on forra*r un?. sioL given such a brilliant display of his histrionic powers Mr. TiltoBj w ill appear as Bishiu nd. and Miss Weinyss as LaJy alo? In the Utter pi <v. llr. I 8t* veni will spt -a. ?? I'laode Duval and "diss W *my?s ; as Aurora ?jds.ey. This bill will bs sure to crowd the I house. Broadway Theatre ? Marshall and Barrett eosm to . ex< ; t themselves more in 'he p - ? nt theatrical can - ' ) * !;? u ttaa tbey have ever before. K -ery we< k Tievelty alter BOVtity follows in succession Miss Julii Iteu ii?il Las hs t a eri .iant engag-meot. aud deugbted i the audiences by bsr splendid comic abilities To morrow evenirg an' ther raii*'y.aud one which has ? alwiiva l-?en r>-ii-h? 1 and Just I? rewarded, li otfsrui I for the amuseruent of tbe th-a'rlosl puilis Mr. Col i lins wbo has inaint?in"d l is pr mil position as ths 1 abie-t representative of 1 rts!. c'lsracter. as well as b - 1 Ing a vocalist ui a very huh order, will uake l.i? ?p pioiancr, afu r a Inng aud euooAsful career thrnugh nul thu B'at .? in lu* great m.aracter nt Sir Patrick 0 I ill ij?o. iu the ' Irl-li Aubas a<lor ' We iisvesetu msry attempts to represent this ebntaiU.- l>ut nine r.o scree -siuiiy us Mr Odilns llli apciaranoe ar. h expreoii n and bold igsk'og enrelese ?>-inenu>,r eml r.eoUy Hi. hiui lor his |i*ej i*r task, arid we believe lie Lae now oeen stamped 'hr ug'i'iul th- e.i'.ire o^n ry as L'rln ? chief* am in llits'rioal competition N 1 doubt the hi u*? will be ftile'l to r? utmost capa-ity Tti" bean'tlul Mmsdy of "All that h?:ter i? u :. *? . 1 ' wi 1 in alio pla red. Ttose wb 1 1. are seeu this adeetiag piece on i riday ami tstlhiiif evening* will apse with 11 ? ibvt 1 1 is one ol tbe b ??; gju -i.-e ? f?r Jir ?dtt<>ed lu Ibis city lilt b<- pla) e I C nring lli< wr?k. ?ith the g eit att-crtton of t'"Uini Isjui?c e houses will bl the | CCI >eljSim3S. N>ei.o's fltii?s ?The prc'r.imm- f?r to morrow evening it exnewdinglf at r? tn? The ire! In >rdT it tlie French vaadevtlle ? t Li >1 I Itresse des b?o iu<t ' in wbteli Mile Fell'e il Iienlul and \1. i.ioLart will ?u?'n u 'lie prlnilpal . h* jr.tert. The neit and eon luiiug t ature eiii be tbe hsaatllul I bsliet Of " Ulre'lle which linin g the pvit Wevk if -4 ' such Ijj lut I: ? e |,c ':'SS It l? pin >;i 1 ti ; 11 t.A? ita" In | att}i*<>t splendor si d nag-.iaoeaoe lor whi<ih Niii) b?s al?r js reeo *?: !ita'?d TU-1 Bo>is't t fa -illy are 1 teat tnvoritrt aud Ji'irvil." sc for f.ey art t. (cit ies t t*r|.'i b? r-an a- le'll I tle ballet troops g u ? re'lj ? . - I ? It Is full a .d ci?etlve O^r iilue a? 'II tell-- Is > x, ? l!"i t and he? gra< siul anl ela's!,* m *a. den's b? tilul |? f and lae. Ii#atiiig et&it'1! (1 e, 1 fm ? h the ?j-ioi-i-t a .'I 111 ?*t < utl i'ia> c ni'erlng. Tho" w?i^ winh ?'? wb I- ??ay an e??aiag in pi ?tanre, ?b 1 d > Is It N ibl t to m r r 11 ? night lii ui. . . fttaataa -Tt ? p ? iraun* aanocti'sd for to Bi .-re* -leult g it mis of the n'?t afr?'tie ol lie ??aeon ? h? mei.uer in wbiiii this e>t<> . . < iment it uaiie.i . most aiwa; t ?? uie puhl'c p?. o*aja Civil n J asliglag d< m aud b'x ke. ,,-r? ag-n It nvi'y trea suifr wti"?- la tel. 4Me?eala?ally ft" h.'n fort ?tH U4 i <n s n oref. s?ra wu ?? 1 twee t aud tnslo llous m jsIo charnit th< tJdlence and a compeiy of enm?dl nt tb?t nay defy n .up-tltlMo To morrow erenlng the l.ertiitf.nn >?! will oommi uce with ? a rtr>- 1 KMga ae I a Merry On* " *i h a 1. Uliaftt oast, ilitt Waif rt will next give a favorite m*dier danta ai d >bi? wnl be fbboa 1 by th? larce ?t Te'io l.iiled " t ae next will be a [opaiav bsllad hy Mrs. linlmar anl over tures pulse* wall' t ltd ^uadriliea by th oic'ieetra, si d |h? aoiasi mentt rill ri.ncind* with the ? Wnrid t Fa>r ' iio early aad secure teats, at the bout) Is ge nerally erowceu at an et^y h iur Nstmi-i, Thutio ? Purdy it still as ||4afitlnlls rs ? \ . r He pi e*euti an i- her ne w and bsa 1' r 4 ait tble -*enir g etklttied 'llarry liurnhaei or tu>?f nin{ Cctilanui '' wiiiah has tie-- lu preparation f <: s " ? ? ? time, and aUi be prodaced win mat rp>rr.\>t. Tn c.t*' of ch*"Mit art -1.1 vmbia :? ail tbe leading be. s 1 1 t be esttbii'hlti' nt. Ni<d<labtthi neadr i'ia wl.ich 1.h" b'nn Jraiua*. t*d fro- 1 a Very i:i;?rr< i r ^ 1 tc.ry . will attract la' re en';i"t.<-?? a v ry 1 1 1 aiag of t h ? ft'li jwinf; w -eg During '. e court* of ifet avanitg Ml?# Mslvlna will appear in sviritn dmce The eetoa 1 jiirtf slil he the farre ^ervaatD' kf l<egaey ' an l ? he pertoi inances wilt >ermioate w ih toe .ipera'in d-s-ia ot " 7 us Cadi s Daughtar. ' TM* letenw Inr and very a< ' rei tlve I ill Will. ftr. deabt, draw a Urge assMibiagt. Furiy't ex>it'oat d-ssrre pabiis p> Uotagw Eim uhsm's tve-rt M rhs er.t-fC?;ntrien'? gtvtn evi tj ? vi n'rg at this r and well i'flliMt'1 the itre, alva ie-,?rai ( len-ure and sa i?t? miou I'be pi- :i> te Iscted ate light an I amu>tn : tbe oimedhns are a.l goid-Mr liroughsui e favori.e iUymmi a capiti.l roraedlao Lynn- a >en 1-oian of high hljtrt HM lllliUti I.' a 'h 11 an an I r t ner s tre tl*v-rin tiieir way . and Mrs VeraOD I, ate Uorn. an 1 Mary Ia?|( r are tttrs fn their teapi.-riye tines The t1*' fo:ui?nc-e lo morrow evi slag will tontist of tb- farce ol My t riend lacs thll will b? f lliwed oy a new bnr'e* ij ue i t |?J ' Ve Devil and l)r Faattai " in which most m the tal*nted artist* will app?a* The Amuse ments will* ruinate ?i (j The K ton Boy " ThU li a very inieresi it ? and highly emuMtg entertainment, ana v-iii, no d mbt. drew a lull atteudauoe. Tsiei 1 r flat i... fbe piograruine for the emaert on M< ndey evening, at T ipier U'all. it certainly ot' of the mr sf attractive offered thlt teatoa Mad fltephay Mil. Joo't and I'billip Mayer, la atyeral arlat and songs, Md Mis* Lavinla Bandinl, an Italian girl only thirteen years of age. Is to perform on the violin a very difficult fantasia trom ?? PuriUnl ?? We are told she plays with astonishing execution and rauuh teelinc . It will bo i great novelty to mo ono so young perform* lug on an instrument so difficult aa the violin. Ano ther feature of the evening will be thu introduction or two new quicksteps, performed by Adkim' Military Hand, the dhekspeare Musical Sooiety, and tha orches tra. under tL ? direction ot Mr. Noll. Christy's JiiKtiKicLB -The veoal and instrumental abilities ol this popular company are properly appre ciated Kit at a! tor n-ght their ball is literally thronged with the most respeciable audiences, who testily tbeirappreciatlon ot the pertoruiaaoaa with the mod enthneisstlc bursrs of applause The programme for next wee f. is very attractive, embracing the name* or the Inirul'able George, whose witty aayioga are always receiud with roars of Uugbter; Leopold H?yfr, the unrivaled violinist nnd N. Would, the pleasing {ui'.uiUt u^etlier with othrra, whose uauss are well now a by the patrona ot this talented company. Fellows' Mivstrels --This exceedingly talented bard of Bthlopian delineators nightly receive the warm< ct di jicneti iitions ot approba'i'iu irom their na meriue pa'ron* The versatility ofthsir performanjec Is cuta nly astonir.liU Tbeir solos, duet), and cho ruses, are rendered *uh tbe greatest harmony, and tt.eli instrumental performances are executed with: the utmost precision Horn, who Is itlone in hia pecu liar et>ie. may justly be termed the " l'r.*mier Jester." lluc fey. in his banjo solos, nightly c'.icita th? greatest ' praise. T. Christian, the greu: Tyrolean situter, die | plays an astonishing volume of voice, and D.niker, | the unrivaled violinist, is reotived with the greatest; marks of pleasure Bahnvm s Museum ?The moral drama of " Made loice" u^ntinues to draw a c*owd, and iuiprores in its representation every evening Ai a liienesa ot the horrors of tbe ioeraiate's lite, and a wernlog to the young to avuiJ t hit social rook upon which so many gallant spirits founder, it haa no equal. Its scene* ore exceedingly interestirg. particularly the one in which Madeleine* discovers that Bertrand h is broken i optu the bur. au and taken tbemoney she hai boarded i up to put out. ber tlok child to a healthy nurse. It would be diOlcult to dad anything mora iuio-'Heivn tban this play. It is performed iu the most striving; and capable BIMV. l*s IMtiMil so great that it Is done every evening now The afternoon perform ances are vtry Uvtly and ajinting. Htve Vokk Circus. ? Messrs. June& Co. announce a great array of attraction* for the ooming week, at , the amphitheati eiu the Bosrery. M lie. Tourniiire, tht< far famed and ju'tly celebrated French equestrienne, { will appear tiigl.i Iv in two magnificent scenes of horse i nansLip and the jouthtui and charming Mary Ann Walls will leuppear at tbia establishment to morrow evening Attemnou perferuanccs arc announced t*i Wtdnetday and Saturday. PiNOIiMl ok the Pilhrim's PRor; s rsi. ? Th s gucoesfl Of this uplendid and truly instructive paiating is de servedly increasing Thousands have already wit nepned it with the greatest satisfaction, anl we would advise those who have not yet seen it, to avail them - ?elves of the present opportunity. Pakorama or Ihkl.%nii. - Nothing can exceed the pUaauie and approbation nightly eviaeed by the nii< merous visiters who assemble at the Minerva Rooms, I to witness the representation* Of various rienea in I Ireland Tbe eloquent illa*f rations of the lecturer i are ulone worth the prije ot ltd mission. Mr. C. W Clahke's complimentary benefit is to take place about the 19th or St taof tbe present month at Niblo's Guidon. We under*' ~ud that this la a very s trong movement ou the part of Mr. Clarke's friends The Dctft Familv.? This highly talente 1 family intend giving another of their ple4singand attractive entertainments on the 20th lust., at Constitution | Hall, Broadway Miss Kanny and Master Charles displayed a great versatility ot histrionic talent at ' tbeir iast concert, and we are confident, from tbe I general eatietaetion evijeed, that they will have a ! crowded house^ Religions Intelligence* }>K!t.VlO.NS TOtlAV. Free Episcopal Church, Monroe street ? Rev. Kalpb Ilojt. morning. Congregational Church. Sixteenth street - Her Or. Du Witt. evei.iog StujTerant Institute, BroaJwij? Rev. T. I.. Harris, morming. Unirersaliat Church, Orohird street? Rev. C. U. Kay, ?venirg. St. Luke's BuilJins, Uadaon street? Rsv. Jatntw> Macbeth, afternoon. M E. Church, dre-sn street? Rev. Dr. Pease, morn ing tit Matthew's Church, Christopher street? Rev. Dr. Ea*ks. evening 1 Jfew Jerusalem Church. Eighth street- Il?v Dr, | Brown 6vinin{. Constitution Uall, Broadway? Mrs. Margaret L. i Bishop afternoon 1 Seventh Preabyteri>n Church, Broome etr <*t-Rer, E F II at Held. evtuitg t'act*rn Cotgregational Church, Madison street ? Rev. A. 8. Cheesborough, afternoon. Chi'scmes ix i:i i ma.? The osn?tn return* of the city and coun'j cT Philadelphia show the following ? n of church> s .? It.uiau Catholic, 17; Prcsby telian. &2; Kpisnopai. 41; Methodist. 58; Baptist, 32; Friends, 13; Lutheran. 10. Hebrew, 2; Covenanters. 2. (itriLftn Reli rmed. &, Unlv rsalist, 3; Moravian, 1; Unitarian. 1; United Brethren. 1; Inlspsodunt, 1; Bible Christian. 1, Menonlat. 1; Bunkers. 1; German Gcspel 1; New Jerusalem. 1 6 wsdenborgian 1; Bea nie us, 1; L'nton 2; t.'fcrlatlan. 1 Total .251. The wV-Ji of church property in the city I* I >4 SoO.bCO. The aggregate number of member! to t&? | whole is 186, 6;e. The tirst Catholii priest ordained in the United States was the Kev. dtephen Theodore Hadiu, wh J la at present reriling lu Cincinnati The ce;smouy took place In Baltimore, on the :7:1a of May, 1793. The Rev T Fuller bai resigned th* peroral charge et ike Baptist chtr-U at Wert li'iurlelia and ace*pte<? the pastorate of the Baptist chuich iu Nealaae, N la gala couuty Rsv. II. Mudge has rsfigurd his paitoial chtrge over the church at Keu'tall ami. according to the appoint ment of the New York Baptist. >1 ! -ioaary Convention Of January, la settled at Touawaud* Erl? ooiaty Rev. Setli Oregory bai r?ai^n?l h'? pastoral relation to the Baptist church a*. New Lisbon. Kev Mr OotM of Norri*town Pa . has given not be to his ars'ion. that he will apply to Pr< lliytnrv. at it* nejt atated ixeeting, to diaeulve his paatural relatiou to that chutch Rev Hsmu'l S Totter e *? re? |v-<| iuto the Preaby t-ry f>| Whitewater, Jam a. ? j th" Pr??bytery Cf Newark, aud on the it ci* <ras losteiled pastor ot the Preibyteiian chuicn at i.awrenoabu rgb, In diana by a ccc-intuee ol pr.shytery. Rev K 8. Haru-s, ia'.e ?f t'hazy, 8t. Ltwrence coun ty he? accepted a call a ills Preebyterian ohu*eb Ic BosnvUle, Oneida county, and entered upon his labors. Rev. I hil?n-"n II Kowler, late of l.Jair.t was in stilted pastor <>' th# Hrst 1'resbytertan uhur-h in Utl ca, by the l're*bytery of Utica, Kebraarv lutb. Mr 8 II Bartsau, a graduate of Auburn Theologi cal Pi miliary, w?a or* aired end inrta'l- d pastor ol tin. Presbyterian church tn Wrona, N V., on the 10 b ult. Rev P C llaatlrig*. in c?nse.ju?.ric? of ill health ha. rerlgm d his pastoral cia/js i. ths church lu Mau lies, N Y. A portion of the Third Pi e?bj terl ?n church in flhl en no bate tecs 'led ?pJ 1 i unci a churcU iu c -nuec tiou with tl>? Krse h?sb;t?lian Chur ib, Hev J A. Prime, pa-t .e of ? ho f'iith 04"e<ationa'. rLurch in IJbitlord t:us imii! U > be din :o i! irom hla people. A bous? of worship erects t by the First Ccrgrega ti ii.l t ji li iu liaolne, Wis , ?as d<.d;ca'?d on ttiu 16. h ult. A Wil?h Conce f *Mosi?i ehureh vn esnsiltated at Apple lti?er, lit ?. i u?ry *>? b, aud lit v >lr. Jsnkln* was il sta>ied pastot ol ttie rami Itev .toespk I'latt Is <hga??d as Sup ; 'y rf tke 0. 8. churches is Rctsviile sou l>?yt?u maJ It v Jo>epli lw.fc.ern hss b, mi li,H.:.eil l ier the U 4 cLcr^hln iiouj.i Prailie. Io?a Raiiii InSelilgt- nrs, Tfc* I' F Irtn si'tu.>ui,> *1 i i.enjr ?rri?< I at tho "sty 1 efl tio-i'rt rn Monday, trom \V-?.'- .igto ti, r t "he purp ?? oi 1-n'titt-d with lis whewli, in Stead Of ?! - r pres. ,t : t?rgs1 pr .ytil r Tl'e I it stsaiser ..orl'ieer n 1 M*?t?r Olai tej, ?">ir ir ?i.UIpi' ?it'? >1 ?? Nortel ,n r ir ? ' >y morti.os, Irt ia Veabii^t'n Lasr g in to* tta U. ri tUaaei AUeghauy . 8ih>. K. HO ?:?ai*-Th# iillow: r.g It a l'?? #f th* i flicsr* ef t .? t ?> etrtey e no j-r -.1 <?i' ehich railed from rh>l?1-*lpHa oa the UMh i.ltluo. I- stiuei to tb? cem ''let ???' i n? sonty of tla'vn ?{ n biy an the adja, o' r.< *'? ? L'en'erant Jmr P A. < (si ii, lost Lleateaac. Charles I'a Asriftent Hnrgrea Itao ?l I. Ilryan; ,t t:n? M...ite? h.aurtce Ptnn'3? paa?wd' Tht?? l'jUl?ua al l Leonard 11. I<yi.e; braiJgliUm :u, U urn T. Ctaira jr. ?? Tlsc t a t Ili-o ?k?, %,t 1.0 Fnl t e S'r??.?. l? 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