Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1851 Page 1
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Til E NEWJ.ORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6714. , - ^ 1 MORNING EDITION ? TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1851. , PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS BY TELKGRAPH. Intmitlngfiom Washington. CONFIRMATIONS AND NOMINATIONS? THE CASK OP TIIH < OM.MIR8IO.NER OP PATEN TS? CONSTRUCTIVE UU-SAOR, ETC. Washiwotoh, March 10, 1861. Tbe Senate, to day confirmed Mr Tilden at Mar' ?hal of New Mexico. Alio, ajl the nominations ; ior Jurtiaea ol the Peace for the District of Colombia, f. The following a re the confirmations officially an. Bounced to day: Onden Hoffman jr District Judge of the 1'nlted States, for Northern Califorsia; Horns* Blower, of Michigan, sod Jehn Watts of Indiana. As eoeiats Justices of the Supreme Ooart, In Wew Mexioo; Louis J.indner. Consul at Lunenberg. Germany; H. Jones Brooke, of Pennsylvania. Consul at Belfast, Ire land; Henry A. Homes. Assistant DragoVaan, and Sec retary of Legation in Turkey. The brevet army nominations were all confirmed. Robert C. Sebenck was nominated, to-day, as mini ster to Brazil. The nomination was immediately re erred to the committee, and reported upon favorably. The nomination of Mr. Ooodrloh as consul at Paris, Mr as under disovfulon. It will, doubtless, be confirmed tomorrow. Mr. Basby, Commissioner of Public Buildings, will he confirmed, notwithstanding the outside opposition. It appears that Mr. Curtis has not been nominated *s Commissioner of Patenta. nor is that office yet va cant This mistake Is remarkable, as three 8enaters last week, stated that tbe nomination had been made! and upon their authority the announcement was 3>ade. Senators Houston and Rusk left tbls afternoon. Senators claimed oonstruotlve mileage for extra session, but the Secretary of the Treasury refused to pay It. a* there is no appropriation for the purpose. The matter was finally adjusted by thfir drawing uponCor coran b RUits, who have cashed their drafts. A negro, named Noah C Hanson ehargnd with har boring two runaway slaves Ia*t summer, the property ?ft tbe Hon. Walter Ooleock. was tried In the Criminal Court en Saturday, and found guilty. He was floed 11,080, and to atant oommitted until the same was paid. Tbe first sale of Turk's Island salt, this season, took 3>lare at Alexandria, cn Saturday when 0,000 bushels were sold, averaging 26 ornts per bushel. VHIRTT-SKCOND COMOHBSS. BY morse's Magnetic tklmrath. EXECUTIVE SEMIOM. Washiivotow. March 10, 1861. r.Efl. CAM On HITIfti Alto HAKBOR9. Mr. CuttMi the editorial In thla morning'* RepuUir, ;.bout hU letter cn river* and harbor*. addressed to Mr. Kellogg. and mada aa explanation. Ha atated that Ma allusion to tha Chicago letter wan entirely playful. ?nd not eerioaa, aa implied by tha Rtpailie, not waa it correct In aappofiag that he, by that Kellogg letter, waa pledged to anpport the River and Harbor bill. >:?en if it could be tortured Into a pledg* to auppert tha River anB Harbor bill, It waa thj bill wh oh, on the U6th of January, waa before the House and not the bill which waa before tha Senate. The bill before the Semato waa an entirely different bill, and contained appropriation! whish wrre never called for by the de ?artm< oia. He would bare voted for a proper bill. Ha bad no doubt but a truly national btll oould have been parted. The Ri public framed to aooff at hia be *au? ha entettalnrd coastltatloaal and religion* t-cruplee. He waa not tnhdoM to dnslare that he Lad both constitutional an i religion* aornplea. He waa a believer In the divine institution of Sunday, and never, la time of puace uo ild ha ?onseut to deaecrate the Lord'a day, by holding a ?er*ion ot the Senate, and trauaarting business on i hat day. Ha alao bad constitutional doubtaofthe right ot Oocgraaa to legialatn after 12 P. M.,on the 3d of Man h. Genera! Jar k*on and Colonel Polk had aimilar dcubte. He did uot believe that Congrtfk* had ?4ty pownr. after that hour, t fegielate lie dl*tilatm*d iay I that thia attaik. or ituy former <. ma, by tha it jmllie, were approved by the adminiatration but ha Tagarded the editor of that paper a? delol?nt either in woral or mental qualification* He again dented in moat positive terms. that there waaajy truth la the n'lt nent that, at Olavelaad, ha avoided any expression of his sentiments because ot ?' note* and routu*loa " <itm. mvi t?e? awo van iusiii.toi xa.auai i'a dii ivk OS SOIIH I'ANOLIKA Mr. Ihktt roee to defend South Carolina from cer Iain f?lae and irroneoua statements. whioh he foaud m ntaloed ia a letter written by G?n Hou-too '.o 0?n. Ilamllt a, and published In yesterday'* I'man. The /aleeb'od* w?re tbat no man oould vote la Sjuth <"ar? iu? who w?f not a freeholder; that 110 man bat % fr?? bolder waa eligible to th? L*gi*:a'.ure, that all election* were eonflced ta the l.agii lature. aad tbat all officer*. dowa toaherift, were <-boeer. by the Legislature Alo. the Implied allega ttoa that the ronatitu'.ian cf South Carolina ooald ba at any time charged by a majority of the L'gtilatur* lor lotfy yesr* Mr It. said th-re bad always l>aen VDlver-ai suffrage in 8outh Carolina? a?.y man owoar of freehold property, or teu *la?<*. wkeiber in or out of deb: ?** eligible to the Legislature ; all orunty or ;yarUh * Clears were *lert-d b.- the pe-tple and it ia julred a two 1 vctt of eson brannh ol the Legisla ture ti> amend the cooatiti ti in. It was true that United States Senator* ware ch >?e? by the Lagisla tore and tlil) waa m> st a?toni ht?g evlten<-e of an oligarchy. It war- alao true tbat the Legislature 1 chme electors for Pr^fldeit. but every other State did to at one time, and It waa thought, when the eon niltutlon rra? adopted, tbat iu h was tbs trub andjpro Varmtde He raw no evidence ia tbli ot any oil ,> areliy in South Caroline He thought It tlaas that ' ? Lis ?ii<ileeale villiflcatlon ot Hi'u'.b Carolina and bar j '?atltntlona ehnulil he brought to an end Ths Hena'or r?.m Texas slri' -s M* Natatorial t?rm. had bad aufB i leut opporfnnl'iea . i hare ducovered tha truth of ' ? bis Biatttff Mr II r .i a? I ret him right once before about It Mr U>, art ? Tf.e Senator oas beea oorreited lo hla ftateme at enee before Waywta the errou-ous alle <ati 'O a<ain madt' It little b?oaai a H'.a'.e whl -h, ? ut the other day. baeave a "t?t . to join in tha villi i feoatioa of Sunth Carolina It waa partioalaily 111 lie seining ia a Sens tor, who repreeaated a State for , ? hi' i. B ?nth t'arollns bad fought eo aajeeaafulty. Ilui' 'of South Gatolina, Texaa woull not bow have been I .here Gaa Herarow said he waa ready to reapoad at any time to any matter brooght against him If he had sired, it ?a* tot Intentional, cut tbrouth aa inad i erteace i r. retting hold of a wrong copy of the ooaati . ut i a of that State. Mr Rhrvt I h tva esamioed theeopl-a of th? South < arollnaoeaatitutlon la the library, and what I have tated appeara la th? m all tieu'-ral dovaros aald It waa obvloaa tbat no latea tioaal mlerapreaentation ceuld have haaa made. He i ad l >ag b"?-n a target far every oae la S >a'h Carolina to aaeail. For hia vote oa the Oregon bill he had been aJeaoaared, aad evea before th si luring the faiaa TWVtriaUaa tha Governor of that Htat* had da uombc'J him aad hia eompaaiuna ae outiawa, and uawortky of the aymnathy of the people of tha ^alte l State* Ia hla letter to Ueneral llam l- | oa. If be made errora, they wate unintentional, > "?ut ha atlll ballaval that South Catollaa waa ruled Ly a few leadera Tha paucity of the vote at the refect eliottea ihowed h iw little Interest the peopla took la eleotloaa. No altlaen ot tbat State ever vjteJ tor Uovetnor or for PreaMeaiial electors If he waa tab* taivht < onearnlng hla e luraa oa publia afTairt, herlatni'd the right to aelert hia own preaeptora. Tatars and repreeen'atlves of Tetes ware net to be taught bj South Carolina hew to love and prefer va ?liberty . tbey had learned ita iaeflable value by eipe rtaaae Nor were they to be taaght how to aava tklf aad tha in. portauaa of ita praaervatioa by aay SoMth Carolina teethings W ? had ao dealra to d? tract from the marlta of South Oar >ilua. but be oould aot admit that the stood foremast la averythlag great ?nd goad Mr I*' tut had alwaya avotded aay eulogtea upon ! 00 Jth Carolina lie regarded suoh to be la ba 1 taate, but he enuld aever submit to hear her deaouaced In terms ot detraction and abate. Da a former ocnaetoa, In the preaeaea of Oaa. Ifoustaa, ba had dealed the aherge thst tbere waa a property {uallileatlon on the , right to vote In ftoath I'arollua, aul the deaator from feias must nhoose between the alteraatlves ot ao: 1 having read that oonaMtutioa. or of having real ?t without capafity to aaderstand It Thia might he ao for. to aoaa miads a well balaaced and properly framed eoaetltutloa waa as difficult or aoa tprebenelon aa a Greek laaleoa woull be to a aarage Tha error might ba oae of inadvertence; but It waa annoying ta bear a public man persisting Ia a state ment! b? truth of whlih had beea dtaprovad to hla faaa The Governor. It waa true, wa* net ahosea by the people, bat he had but little powar he had no ?ato II* waa perfectly earprteed tbat aay public m?n would lend hlniaelf. for any "euse to the utter nojutt and gtcandltfe prejudicef ageinat Settk Carolina or ?hat be would take opportnaltl-a ot making attackf upoa that State whlrb w?re untrue, and oaly ealeu 1 ?te<l to laereaaa that prejudla* Mr Houftoe dfsi-laluief aay d*etre ta add to any ax 4-sttag prejudice agaloat douth 'larollna. and admitted bat he had eatertalaad prejndlsa again*' South Oaro laa He read from the eon**ltut|< a ot S >uth Carolina ? nd admitted that he had overlooked oaa ptovialuii n hlrh areata unlvereal snfTrage. aa iiai.v. awn covarav eaw^rerrea Mr nai'? Mr Prealdeut. I rlee to a per final at ?, Ianation I have aeen repeatedly, la vertoae papers a all parte of the eouafry I bave not the papera with ,ne bat I wlfh to say that, la all thai they nave eald ? r may aay. fharglaa me wl b Impropriety, there la i ot a single word at truth. (Laughter ) tgt u? *?v? s i* ? <? The ' ha'.r laid Before tha tt-na's a eommnnl >b%ib mm M?aara dales h lea'aa, denliatng after thla a p. iaJ aeaelon. ta publlah datly debatee of thaaaaate oa beg rcnn l that th* ttftt** is Bttdh greater than the compensation. Referred to the Committee on Print lng THE MILKAGF. OF CALIFORNIA SFNATOKS. Mr. Coort.K, from the Judiciary Committee, reported ?gal net allowing California Senator* mileage by the Panama route. Alter an executive Marion, the Senate adjourned. NKW YORK LEQ1ILATCBI. Sinati. ?V MORSE'S LINK, NO. iti WALL STREET. Albini. March 10, 1861. riTiTiorr* riitUTiD. Mr. B> kkman presented a memorial from the Hoard of Kduoatlon of the city ot New York, prating for the consideration ot all the educational law* ot that oity; of the Hietorieal Sooiety, for aid m building a li brary; of the Tenth Ward Sobool Association. against tba consolidation ot the educational laws of titw York oity. HKiilSTFR OF IIIRTHa, MAKII Kill AND DI1THB. The bill providing for the appointment of Beglster Oenaral of Births, Marriages and Death* was advo cated by Mr. Bkkkma*. lie stated that the effl?l*l census returns show that in the northern distrlot of this State the deaths are ooly in the proportion or one out of every eighty- two, while in the Southern district it Is as high as one out ot everv thirty-two. After further dsbata. Mr Bkcilma-> said it was evl dent that the Btata of New York was not prepared for such a law. iMcmUy. Albany, March 10, 1851. PETITIONS PRESENTED. Ten. for the repeal of tbe Kree Sobool law; to 00m Ml the New York and Krie Railroad to adhere t? their original chsrtor. REPORTS HFtKHTtU. In favor of Incorporating the Broadway Savings Bank. New York; incorporating the Methodist Kpisoo pal Benevolent Society. New York; protaotlag the me chanics of the city of New York; amending the oharter of the Female Guardian Society of New York; amend ing the llan law; amending assessment laws of Nsw York. ASKLSSM ENTS . The House, in Committee 01 the Whola. considered the general assessment law No question taken, and progress reported The Assembly then took a recess. Probable Death of Llt nt. Hldg?ly,&(. Baltimore, Marob 1(1 U e M Lieut. James Ridgely, of the United States Navy. jump?d out of a third story window of the Ksohaug* Hotel bait an hour einoe. and is said to be dying. We have no mail south of Raleigh to-night. ?nlcide. UosroN. Marob 10. 1851. 9 Robert Troupe Pain*, of the senior olaas of Harvard College, committed suicide, on Saturday, at his room Holwortb Hall, Cambridge, by taking thirty twogralns of mor)>b?ne. His body was not discovered until lite on Sunday evening. He is said to have been insane. Mary IauU llcrorm Convention. Aivarous, Maroh 10, 1851. The convention have d?tid*il that only tn your* rtsidrnnf in tba I'bIUi! Rtit?*,iihill be a DMHiirj qualification lor a candidate lor Governor. The Itw Constitution of Ohio. Q|Li uit i, March lu, 1351. At tb? Constitutional Convention the question ?u taken to night on the adoption ot the new constitu tion and carried Ayes, noes, 14. Twenty three whigs voted in the affirmative He<roroloKW?l ObwiTationa, Blareh 10. BY 5IOBSk's LINK? OKKK B 16 WALL. STRKKT. Riifai.o 9 A. M - A lieauti'ul morning; we had some mow during la?t night; wind north; thermome ter 02, barometer 29 1lK>; merourv in barometer fl 1 8 P. M.? Fine, clear day and evening; wind aouthwast; thermometer 27; intrcury 60, barometer 29 626 RocMKtTca. 9 A. M.? Cloudy, with indication* of ?now; ye?t> rday was a fine day; ?l?d northwest , ther mometer 33 hi'. M? It ban been an unpleasant day. cold and raw. with a northwest wind, but we have a line clear evening. and a west wind, thermometer 40 Statelier, 9AM ? Park, nlouly and unpleasant mornlog; mowed tome last night, wind at roar from northwest, thernomet.;- 34. 8 P M ? It has bean ratber ufples^ant, but cold: wind northwest; thermo meter CO. Oikii.o 8PM -Somewhat nlondy. but not napl'a ?ant; light south wind; thermometer 32. barometer 30 18 Vtm a 0AM Snowing moderately; wind east; thermometer o 1 f , ; barometer 29 too 8 P. M ? Tha weather has changed elnoe morn Inn but it la still nn (ilrasnnt and cloud> this eveclag. though not stormy; wind northwest, thermometer M\% . barometer W 760 Aiirnsv, 9AM -Snowed moat all night but is now clearing wind northeast; thermometer IV 0}; mercury lu barometer 03. tbeimometer 31 8 P M It has been rather unpleasant all dsy but this evening it la cJear and pleasant; wind west; thermometer 34; baro meter 30 1(0. iLernury A'i Tsov, 9AM- Bnow fell last night to the depth ol au ireh and a bslf with a slight sprinkling tbl? morn ing; wir.d wcat. thermometer 30 S P M ?(Hear and cold; thermometer 32, wind ttr-ng from northwest, rt'her a pleasant day. by bain's ljjw ? ornoi 'M* wall strut. AotVIS, I f M Clear and c Id, wind northwest Foai Pi aim, 8 P. M ?Cold, ani good sleighing ther mometer 87. Kinusron. 8PM ?Weather moderate, but elonly, the |t>a<? are drjing up finely; wind northwest Our Philadelphia Cori rapoi denee. 4 Piiu-am:i riiu, March It). 1851. Prot,ritt of the Fugiltvt Slivt C^K?Probablt Biilk of a Ftttman ta huir^nJeni Hull? Sen tinre of a llur^lat ? A I'tlty Th*ft lit a rily I'unithid. The peculiar situation of the woman claimed, with h? r con, a* fugitives from service, by Mr. John Perdu, of Baltimore, haa created a good deal of sympathy in their behalf, and the United Stale i listi ict Court room h*s been crowded with sym pathisers A great proportion consisted ol females, of varicus shades of color, acd among the leading f rie nds present was Lucrelia Mott. The lirst step taken by the couawl for the fugi tives wa* an attempt to quash the warrant for the arrest, on the ground that the affidavits on which the original process, u-ued by Judge Heath, of Baltimore, whs based, cootained no description of the alleged fugitives Judge Kane overruled the ofcjtctions, mid the evidence as lu the identity of the mother and son waa produced They were positively sworn to by the father-in-law of the ciaiman', who gave the family to him shortly after hia marriage, about aevei.teen years since. This was corrol>orateti by other testimony, an l ttiere can lie no doubt that they were the property of the claimant. The counsel for the tugrives deny the identity, and have brought witnesses to controvert the e\idence of th?- other side; hu', so far. they have failed, and the Judge can have no other recoura* but to place the two in the custody of their former master. The great point of argument in the cae* a ill be the retaining of the rnoth? r until after her CflBtiaatnent In opining the caae, Mr Brown alluded to the si nation of thi-womtn, byaayngthit the necea si y might arnse l. r a poatpoaemcLt, and give no tice at that early stage so that there could be no objection made. There ia some dang) r that the accouche meni of the poor wo/nan will take place before the case ia decided. She is, at present, lodged in the United S ates Marshall's office, over the room in which the declaration of independence wss signed, sud beneath the helfrir, containing the eld "7I> bell, that proclaimed " liberty throughout the 1 1 nd " It would be a novel event for a slave to give birth to a freeman in such a locality, with de puty marshals for hrr attendants The examina tion will l.e continued tomorrow, and it Is not likely that the case will be closed fur two or three days The family of the fugitive all eaeaped at tie same time, in NovemNtr, 1*19 The father, a daughter aod another boy, are still at liberty, and are probably out of the reach of their master Kef >ff ihiettme. The first boat from Keadinr, H? the Schuylkill csnal, arrived at Fairmount this morning John Hughe*, the celebrated Jack Shepherd, of hiitglanoiis notoriety, who haa for yearn gone uo whlpped of justice, haa at liat been convicted, and waa tho morning sentenced to three yeara im prisonment The Grand Jury this morning ignored a hill rhargirg a poor negro man with stealing four gingerbreads, valued at four centa fir whfh he was committed to prison in December laat I .id^e I'arson* gave an awful scoring to the ptrties throuith whoee neglect the poor man waa ao long kept in confinement Mowemanta of 1)latlngvlah?Ml People. ~~ Q. Nlabnlas, k y , C Pait-raon D it It.; Hoa F Oraeeer Oanar daigna. P. > Wardln-r. Baltimore W II Delan, Bo. ton, Capt Jobnaon llae ford lion A. C Oreen, Providenee; W. D Wheelnnh California, wera amongst the arrivals yesterday at the A "tor Mr and Mrs Janet Q Rei>n*tt i!few York, Alg 3. L. Alfonso Washington, U. W Davenn. Meileo, W A. Bridge. Nlraragua. Henry Paek New flavin, J W Beet>e Virginia, were among the arrivals yaatarday at tha Talon Place Hotel lion I K Reward. M C ,Te?aa; Hea. I Clameaa. M C? Alabama; lina S. V Pawnea IS 0 , konlalana, lloa Oeo. W Jonae, M C , I??aj Hoa A 1 Penn, M C., Hoa L B Peek, M 0., Vermont Cal Jennings. Lonl'lana, Oanrja Simmons. Saa fraa el?ea; Senor Dr J H Oaltaa. Charge Iran B >g"ta, nr rived at tb? Irrlng Honse yeeterday A Wallaee \rkansaa. J Mel,an?hlia. Philadelphia-, td A damson, Morrl.towa i. SernealMaes , M Robins, Philadelphia J B Meree Boston. arH'ed yeatsrdar at the Aaerisaa TBS HINET CLAT SALl. Enthusiastic Reception of Mr. Clay by the Ladies and Gentlemen. SPEECHES AT THE 8VPPER, tee., Occ., Otc The Henry Clay Ball eame off at Niblo's last evening, and tu a grand affair, so tar aa numbers were con cerned. The weather wai propitious. and the com mittee. by dint of exertion in the after part of the day, had tha dancing saloon deoorated in a beautiful and appropriate manner. At the head of the room was the Thirteenth ward Henry Clay banner, whloh pre sent* a portrait of the aage of Ashland, with the words? 9 oooocoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo g o " JliariCI TO HKRRT CLAT." J " P ROTKCTION TO AMERICAN IWDl STRT.'' 2 5 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo i At tha other end of tha room waa a large banner, on which wa? Incrlbed, ia golden letters, the following aentence 0000000000000000000000000 000 OOOOOO 80 ">000000000000 o o " I hare wished the good opinion of tha world, f bat 1 defy the most malignant of my enemies o to ahow that I hare attempted to gain It by ? any low or grovelling aot*. by any mean or ua- f worthy saerlfioo, by the t tola t ton of any of the | obligation* of honor, or by a breach ot any of g the dutlaa whloh I owed to my oountry. H. 0L1V." | ! ooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo ? On tha wall dlreotly oppoaite to tha main entranee was a full l?ngth portrait of Mr. Clay, ore/ whloh two American flags were taatafuiiy put np Garlands of roses and evergreens adornad the aides ot tha glided frame. Over all was the Insoriptlon? ooooooooc ooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooon S g ?" I Wast? nothing g but my country o o ooooooooooooooooooooooo OOOOOOOO JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU And beneath the portrait was? OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000000000000 ooooooooo o " I would rather bs right than be President.'' | o ? i OUO OOOO OOOOO OOOOAfWiAflfWWMWVlAAAAAAAAAAAAAWftA-VAft/^ I>lreotly oppo.ita to thl, tableau, ,M ? blnner belS? T* rh"tr' ?* b"?M ?"??*?? to belong to tba Hanover A.oociatlon. There wm upon It a palttin, of the - Mi , Boy of the 81..h.. ?eated on a quiet horae. Directly over th. bawar wa. placed tba portrait of Washington. Numerous other H I" th* Bh4P* b*at">r* ??<? iaeoription* were diepl.jed from the walls. One read tbu. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaoooc 0000 00000000 3 B0 for prlooe. Mr I | tympathlea are reserved tor ail mauUnd " | oooooooooooooooooooeoooooooooooooooooaooooooooojo ( Then came the Second ward Cla, banner. Z tZ Seventeenth ward banner." with othera. ahwSV \ ?.el0,?k Dodworih'B ?>??<? 't'ock up an air Which .Igaifled that the bail wa. ibout to open. rent .Le7h " ,#t bUt Jtr' Uw P? t?t. and there wa. pi.nt, of room in the big dancing the o 1 p,0???d<? ?uta, time progressed, th. company oame b, two., thre.., half doz.M .o that ?t ten o clock tb. floor wai pretty well taken np by the M WM %t 0Be* ?PP?rent that the ladies had oome out mere forth, purpose of eeelng Uenry t lav ttan for waking . dl-pJmjr la th. ball room. Mao, Jf them wrre 1 In dark illki, and even .taffa ot firmer f.brlc; bnt little jewelry wa. to be eeen.andthe nl'r'.rmllt'Y tk*tB>0,t PWt W?fB h'*h UP aW th" ?",0,t "*? dwelling eoatuuiM The dancing b^a'bo t't. th# ?r*T"r,aU0n 01 one .earned to be about Mr ( he r.?Hy coming ? 'Are you aire klaa'the ladle. " acd'e d*?ce?.' " 1 wonder if h.'ll character might bfhf^Tf'roL'ih '"I"'*110" <* ?*? matron, .t?,?, turn th* "P' 01 m,MM *?4 Tan o clock arrived, bat not Mr. Olav " n. dui t ?;i >.t UanifP^T7?? J'Sl " Bat * issSPP^is 0 bad.JrlT.d . h- ! ? ,h" wnr* nwd ?** Mr 1 ptowitl/ aa ,oa,d th" "J ?53? ?Ss , sHHf""" ? ?S Ks'.jsri? f ."c.^^v,r?rrTLr"''""'vi-:'l,;; and thi"ir flo??ri lii fk 1* iV ,h"' b.pdkerobff. Sftnnr t-'jr sir? ^ everv few aem. ? *l>0ut? were Innreaeed ?od wcnM ikZ Jr *'*uUrly org.?t.ed three rh-?r? anrl'ew,!^ ,"nd'd h"? ? Beautiful little roe" .,T Ahl 2. """" " k|,? ebowered utmo klm J h.111!"!!! ,,lrlJr S.-i.',':,: .^""S ;;f ,r;'" "? "" "m m. b?! ? lltll- Ktpr'y wnu" tr" ?sa .h. ? is* r'? " Into th# Ia tu. ?4?ii? . *W?mUm*& gm**t r a i |r>v m t? ok fiigm f JLL/"' whrr# informal pr#n#B time the room WM ' ?r darirt?hirh ^ of i ^u^flr.r:?c^nr n ?? tiz' gtM^TbreT ehwN* loI^fF ^ th.uSZ | ??t give three ihur. / .! V th? Ullei did 1 ebeel. Mr' Z*"'* n"' looked e*r?edin?ly well and ^!mei fn",? /?*" . I wherea'ntitnbi' IV'^'V0 th" ?o?fcUtaa rem I mmmm th!re ia- i , with Henry Cl?r i??r? waa a Iremeodou. preeaura at the lo?f I VA mTmImI ,,h'1OUt"','r* the, 'weJa i; Pltl, . h ,0 b* with him ee three who got in , armar , i r * bat ,n,,,? nt tho.e who P'lltl. ?)lv lu rtM. tow wera foremoat In killing htm t^ fklhei Jt ^A?V^ Mr ?'?? ?oon found tbl. 1 ssrKSa-P^" A*. In there ?2. T . a. WM "?* Udlee until at lerRth Mr riaweiV! CrB,U*r*,>'" ? aa foime.t ?enn?V 1 a corner, and a circle who b.-gan te train bl """"mlttee. cuniia em he? i * for the rr>a?e<| aearra nt nrnmla UoZ ihTfZlZ, "I' ,UV** h,na" Th* 'otrolne. I r^olvel u ^Tr', '^,"111 ?' !?<!* CI?T nilttee ?o.ri?alr" ard iitnn.r'nr by ,h' M" W%i?? notlr?4?kL? V! * ?. th* ?PP** ????. ikod tinnpe, . hi. ' ?ont#fitp, th# fttjn nod ?! flV.nV 0,r,, ?0rt"U ?* ?h? h?ad of the room i he u to'hi l 'h;/;;n' "!,h Mr -ho..,?"t ing lather u nreaeor.Ki* #f*" Pr**?nt It ha f?r . urrar ? n^ m ? t ?""te.l that ha wo.ld wait wUel j in retM V., 'p*^h ??, ( lav acUd almoat J.?. ^ d^h^J0' M 11 '*\h# WM i^ta arw k-;- T ?'???/? "".r | r?ai alned an fceu/hj!?l"?? -nf K**to"*r joat ' o eloek ^harin, depw^.4 ,f . qMrt<lf ,3 ' great' we te ??i ?,,er,'JL^Il w*e annftunaed, and ao up under the direction of Mr. G. W. Vesey. on th* pert of Mr. Niblo. Justice hiving been done to the viand*, the intellectual part of the proceedings com menced at a quarter to one o clock. The President. Mr J. Dk Pkvsteh Onuin. *ald : ?The ctar of the evening hat set, for Henry Oaf has none; but it U onir sel for the night, for that star .'halt rise again, and shin* for ever, in the poiltioal flrn^ament. (Great cheering ) I elsh you to remember the mw who ha* ever shown hlmselt ready to make self ?acri fires for the country"* petoe and satuty, an 4 forihe inviolate preservation of the union of these States. I need My no more I ask you to drink. " Prosperity and UappineH to Uenry OUT " The toast ?aa drank with ioiuiruse cheering. Ilera there were lou l cries for 0 trroll from all parts of the room Mr. 0. theu roee and read the following correspondence 1 ROM GENERAL CASS. Wash imiroN, MarohS, 1851. Gentlemen-It would afford m? muoh pleasure to make one of tbe numerous ass* to Mage who will attend the ball on Monday evening, to be given in hoacr of Mr. Clay, for well does he merit this distinction by a long life devoted to tbe service of his couutry, ual which will place his name high among tue patriots and statesmen who illustrate and adorn her history In some of the severest trials we have experienced,

when the firmest were appalled and the wisest were wavering, he neither doubted nor hesitated, but went forward in the good work of patrietism, looking only to the constitution and the Union, and in the recent and most perilous crisis we have uver seen, and through which, by the blessing of God, we have safely passed, lie acted in the same rpirlt, and with all the energy and intellect which marked the effort* ot his earlier life. I watched his course with equal pride aud pleasure, and I shall never cease to do jus tice to his eminent qualities displayed under th > most trying clroumstancss. and still toe brighter as the danger became greater. May he lind a reward in the affeotious of his countrymen I cannot be with you at this manifestation ef public feeling, a* my duties necessarily detain rnibre. but my best wlrhes attend you. I am. gentlemen, your obedient servant. LK'VId CAS8. Nicholas Carroll, Esq., and other*, committee. FROM OEM. J. K. WOOL. IIkid Quabtkrs, Kasiik* Division, t Tho*. March 4. 1851. > Gfhti.kmki:? I have received your invitation to at tend a ball to be given In honor ol Henry Clay, by the oituens of New York on the 10th lest. I regret that my otiloi&l duties will not permit me on the day mentioned, to participate In doing honor to the great Statesman ot tbe West. Now. that the po litical tempest has passed, aau the flag of the Union is still waving over the capital, with every star in i's place. It 1s, Indeed, an appropriate season to do honor to whom honor Is due? "Kender unto Cu>*ar th* things that are CVear 's." For th* complim*nt extended to myself by th* com mittee, I Under my grateful acknowledgements. I have the honor to be, with considerations of th* highest respsot, your ob't eerv't, JOHN K WOOL. To Nicholas Carroll A. C. Klngsland, Esq*., and others, committee. FROM OEN. .TAMES HAMILTON. Oeimonico's UortL, March 10, 1801. Ocktlrmkn I bave just this instant received your most flattering Invitation to attend a ball to be givea to Mr. Clsy this evening, U this city. I regret ex ceedingly t het the necessity of my leaving at fire o'olook for Boston, on business I cannot postpone, should prevent the gratification of its acceptance. You will permit me to rematk if mf personal attend anoe could furnish any testimony ot the profound respect and oordial esteem in which I hold thin dls tlngulahed statesman, it would be most gratefully af forded, for I regard blm as a man whose spirit gallan try, patriotism and honor, are on a level with tiie bril liancy of bis lofty genius Accept my thanks for your distinguished attention and the assurances of the great respect with which I aut your nb't serv't. J. HAMILTON, of 8 C. N. Caxioll. A D. Draper. E A. Buckingham, managers. FROM OOVKKNOR Ml NT. BS^S&EgS pr*M?j" ED<1 Rlorj 01 ?^?UB??n aid"?' *?? f?# SSSawsaii?. &s?*3S or onr fr#? KO?crDmnnt Kcfr?i.Hntf *i..t ^ ? tU,'y f ?... ? ?? p.r.*L SKSyfta tt With grrat ntud. \ our Obld't HrTUt, "a;?.0? ?? *'"?*" Z^'X'Z.ToL I ROM HON. KUV'AXD XVSHgl'T lo.t . In honor of Mr CU, g'T#a ?" the 10th th^portV.0en.?07^ With y#u ,J rour of try thFou.h hu i J ???'??? "ud.r#d to th. roua ten ?' P0W" 10 b# in H.w Vor* on tbe loth Hdr -? "R.EDcSK.K.7.f PKO I HOX r. FREMSOIir \ s?:\ ssss*.trsf .'.."r.C-H?S Kr*" clou. I'rovMi ft* (lufnfil au?l f lj r ??( .?? ina ? u .1 **0rn" of *n in , tumulti of n??|?n ,"f ??."'lon"'? P*nlf3r th", *nd oonrord jn tl ? tranquility, con | c i.Mltotiou It. nha t.B.d fruit ,! *Jl>lf" ?r our ' d??otrd th. .n.rslM hi. ? cftmPrf mt?" h. Am-ilfan h!." to h^? dU?j:?''4t ?"!1 AD* P?" r>? ? ? jfjfj H ftfid Ditrinflx #r I ' T ffltwnil COfl <<y fully. R.aM.B.n ) na-?wi??i Nlchola. Carroll A 0 K??U. iRy.I"0HDV!MC!* f>itd.e, nd (.tii.rj ?.?.A ? Dap.yr..r i'ritatloB " ol th. Conmfiti. of FROM f m ? T. ;?vn. I ?? MM'te iu*to 'r V" lv"",ut,n th- 10th o, l? h'nor , nil ?r, y .'rk ?? ? P??r# you ffffcf l?*m# r? T **' nr7 Cifc/ I ability to do m*?ir thl II ? ??"b ro?T?t my in. o? h.ln* ncV.,rt _ Ji!, ?"* ?h. honor ^ ?rr ?ri.)'lL"L'rr,,rg ? - Tb?n ray?.|f BO <nfr,n 5 "??t?.c-m.nt? to th. A r.irrii ?n rnnatlt mor* b?artlly attached th. Rtite whinh ...A and th. Colon of No ob. can m?r. h.artlly rriofea"/* r0"BtrJ mia. which will | tm.t .? ! ?*.. i'?at t >tnpro- 1 Ko cd. mor? truly t?. t'hl""' *""*'? h 11 mar who l.d in thin glorl.ii* m^IL ""B* a gr"t (ad p.t r '.t; . ?I,a <? ?k"'? -l?h htm a?<t tHun. Jh.V,% b^lu^.h"' \? ,ho?1,'"r inn T th?? lire tn ST*" '*? ?'?r" Lon? .^ V^Aa^u;,^: / ' *** iabora la partial )?t. with^ f.l n. .,^"7 * ?'>0<, *ni to t7u. r^r.r^d6 ? h roUhth.J, :' " 'D th'h,"?'^. <*MC, o? a.d ??-. ' * "'"'rHal ProVi. a. tho.. ihaJI ?mir-Tr"" "?t,on A* |n"? to hrnor th. n.? ' 0^0.^* " li," P*tr,0t M,?ht y*ry r..p.rtfiil;r ynvtt rrerldrnr. Marrh 4 18*1 0HA,, T JAMf? M?wto JT CUm?,nU"d-N,rho,M ^ n-w.dl.t Cod. antt.. ?1 t"*. Joh? M r*0M 110.1. o. $. n*vA?. To Vlrhola* Carre II a C? ^*re* VM1 ??r (>(d?n Nirhnl.. ?. ^ t>* P?T BlUBl OhM >rnoii..ii 4 N ft O.BtWBi.n - 1 -B mtu i.'1.' !!! com mitt.. hind invitation fo ?tt?5 L k H i. ' ,our r"*""t ?Utir.B.ofH.w vJk ob?I??aJ1 ??? *I??b by th. la howwrolMr 0<a? 7-J-u^?7 M?rrh ,0' p.thlra -oat trwlf^nh V^ .!,.V? ^ thmt 1 titnd. to th. all wM. RhI^Vn m* ?*PrT,r" of ?r* wh?*B yon?,? ?o4 e" al??.n. te ar.rV ?tT>- .'w-/"**'*?. w|tfc o?f f.llow. ? iUBd.d to a. th. , rl.Mi,Vmr # , rorM,'"?* pwlr.d th. nhv.ln.i Pr.?.r?lnf unlm <**. mlninrd h..rt of Hw? Ota?' ',U?",U, lvr fc*" r"*rJ'Vt lain, by r.,nt.wit>;at In. rJ. . . * .?Bl' ??"?'?* ?t? ? av.du. Th.rmmi. ' tha ruin from whkih It ha. st 'Szs^jsS&^r*1^ ?aovr. Bnthn. a .Btlr.l? tTVu-lr rai Tu " 0 " ,tnrn "?.b FTow dU ^ ??rt ho,,., wh.r. |?.ra "aw much to that th." r . ?f d"p*lr - Worth .ml gonth wll. 1 ? UbIob .T?ry?h.r?, **lw?d - that th. ?i>irlt oT" 1'' ProP*T'f birth .till r.?,? and tv./.h"""1"'** whl"h ?? t nr fath.r. a*d th. - tbf BWXrratl.. .pint of oikit.ui o?. MoP|. Mill anld. .17 '">? many pt.T.11 How d.ll.M,!, ?nM* |o?.r? . n 1 will tha ..rk.d obanJ! ,"?h iVl'IJ ,0/'r of th* ^Blo. h'trf* aad mln l.T? ' , . tellu??aa4 tft* ?? *o?w?ry?aB. To tha ft&wat -?t ar rwth^, m 7o, ftyU, a.r?> It^Th. great settleme nt." you properly refer", this most hippy Mid grateful change in the national *>?tiiBent The part which Mr. l;lay took In originating. In ad vancing thl# moit auspicious work is ktimn to every oitizf n of the republic. Panegyric upon sunto services would, I leel, be vain? we can only point to tbtm, and be grateful. But I am mre, gentlemen, that you will ooicur with me In the sentiment. which feelings too warm no J too strong forbid me to repress-that we canuat properly appreciate Mr. Clay or his labor* or fltlv prlx* kisf celebrate him or them, wltheut remembering. en tnks occasion, with kindred homage and gratituan thoje, bin patriotic compeer# and coadjutors, who. fill- 1 with the same rpiiit did their part, too. in tliit great work. The lofty column which we would rear to tbe 1. >aur Of our illustrious and venerable countryman wool I 1 mm tare, not do bin or hie feeling* jus?'?? unless the nanea of Fillmore and Webn'er, Cats and Klck-rnou, were nniteil with that of City, in the inscription, which would record a nation's gratitude Regretting exceedingly thai I shall be denied the privilege and the pleasure of sharing fe?> iviSies so con. genial t?ny feelings. I am. gwntlemen, very respect fully. your friend and fellow oitiuen. GEO B. BRYAN. Mr. Bi.rriT, District Attorney, being then loudly called for, brie lly addressed the e?inpmy. lie said am'dst the pressure of hi* arduous duties, he came to do I onor toa man whom he had politically worshipped for the last twent? years of hit lite lie felt tonight as If liis youth bad o>>mo back again, when be saw the tld nun eloquent. Curing a period of twenty years He had never found aught in the career of Henry OH/ to find fault with. That veteran patriot bad met them to-night und<r peouliar circumstance.'' It had always been the pride and boa*t of Mr. Clay that in tr.U great emporium, which was spread ing itself irom the Atlantic to the Paella oi-atu, be had always found honest, and sinoere friend*, following bim through Congress, and com meeting with 18U. they found him throwing htm st It in the gap.%0S the eloquence of his voice roecho lug from the balls of the national legislature through out tbe country, and inducing Con^.-ess and the Go vernment to beard the lion of Kngland; aud to c >n iuer an honorable peace Krom that day to this his life ha* been one of self saoriflce, till on a late ever memor able occasion tbe thunders hurled baok fict'on a id dis union. and he trusted, crushed them forsver lie *tood upen tbe Door of Congress, as upon ?Vo:aKion oentr*; He knew no east, no west, no north, no south, bat a common country. What his ultimate dettiny on tbis earth might b* none oould tell, llat he would stand before his country, and his lanin would go down to posterity as tbe man who had ' rather be right than be President " No honor e m i xalt II ?ury Clay. The Presidential chair oannot add to his rs newn? it would rather receive than impart honor by bis elevation to that dignity (Loud oheers.) Mr. Tomlinnon Mr Mulr and others. then a ldresseil tbe company, when a number left for home, and Che lemainder returned to tbe ball room, and k?pt up dancing till an advanced hour. City Intelligence. DKrARTL'HK OF MB. CLAY. Henry Clay, and a number ot other members of Congress, sail to- dry in the Georgia tor Cu'j 1. f??.niO' s Accidkkt o* the New Ji rs? y Rtu nom - An unknewn man was run over about sevsn o'clo yesterday evening, tn the cut of the New -iers?y rail road near Bergen Hill He was walking on the tranW, and was not discovered by the engineer until within a few feet of him, when it was Impossible to stop the train. When first seen by the engineer, he wa^nn bis hands anJ kneel on the traek and tbe truck* of ?h* whole train panned over bis left leg and right arm, both cf wbieh wet* horribly crushed He wa* imme diately taken to .Jersey City , where the leg an! arm were amputated. On his person were found a pa ?n ticket to the name of Mr. Turner, several memoran dum* for soap rerelted from No. 3 Kldridge street, and a letter written by a lady, snppo-ed to be his wife, and dated at Kalrfleld. probably in Connecticut. He is said to be an Kngllshman with florid complexion, , dark hair, and fatk brown whiskers. He was dr***el in black cloth coet and pants, black silk vest, and black stock, and overcoat ot heavy mixed cloth. He was entirely unknown, but it is supposed he has fritnd* in New Vork. 8rri ial 8f*Ci0i* or th r Oomwoi Council,. ? AJ<p*etal '?'"I' n of th* Common Ccanoil t? oaLl-d for to- marrow evening by the Mayor. Th* following ar? th* suhje it* for the Action of the Council a* ata'ed in th* circular according to law : Th* leasing of pirr* and *llp?, th* extenaton of th* City Hall rcgultllon of atreet*. and eale ol market property There ti not a word about the fran contract. That U to come on n?it time Po*t 0? i ic* HoakicBv. A letter >'3Bta(ali( Itildln; Railroad bond* em -vunMng to f.#C<v> wa? atolcn in tha ! Naar York pact cflkca In tb* ealy part of .fanoary | laat. and tb* bond* were thrown into the market. Hat ' they bad changed *o many band* befora th* robbery wa* dlvcovored, that it beoame exceeding difficult t*> trace them to tha guilty party A *p>>eial agent of the Poat Office Department went to work, and dually traced the theft to one of tha clerka in the post office, ? ho, it ia atated. ha* confaaaad hla guilt. Tn? Wiki v Bill o?- Mokuiit> Th* general av? rage of th* weakly bill of mortality !? aot indicative of an nnhealthy condition of the oltjr 3s9 d-*th< ' out of a population ot half a million But thare ai? acme itema in tbe report ot th* City Iaape:t. >r oaiou- > lated to alaiiu Tb-re are O! death* from ejaauaip tlon, and 27 from Inflammation of the lung* making PH fatal rate* of lung dla*??r In One weak, or n*?rly occ fourth of the whole mortality. TUij las eeriou* matter, and ought to lead to reflection on the ctme of rich ar rice** In tbe dl*ea*? of a aiogls organ. i?e obfrrre that there are 27 r?ae* of (mall par The dlreaee however. Iaehl< fly on Ward'* Ialaod. and the emlgraal* aie th* victims. Laat week ther* wer* I M ea**a f>n i 8*1 > o? Book* -The hall yearly trate ?aie ot book*, by .lame* U Cooley, eommenaed j-?*t*r Wy morning. at hell patt eight o'clock. at hwamtioa room* In Bron I ?ay The aale opened with the eal* Of atatiotiery. The aale of book* mbdii'm tomorrow. | There ii a ?wt collection cf contxibulMna on hand for thia *ale. An Patriot I*?atk.? An Ttallio patriot, named Paj'i>rl. wa* tak.-n into cuatody ye?t?T lay. by ? I. leer Hamilton of tha Firat uard polira at bin; in eane and danperoua to be left at large lie |* nn artlat. from Home, and ealled from Bporia, in th* frigate f oBBtltiillon. to thia roantry. lie we* wounded in eeii-ial plaieewbil* engaged la lighting during th* r? toliillonary struggle. Tm KnitMiir Sri'ptoiTT. ? A yonag woman, nam ?d Bead- r ("herry who arrived at tbla port by the *bip New \f orld. aboot, two weak* aju ?*< found lo the rtreet. on Haturdajr afternoon, hating lort her w*y. Hb>- waa at aarvic* and we* eont out on an erraoJ; but eeeld not re collect where ah* lit< d. 8i ??< brought to tbe station h"uee and food gl?-u to her If rhe abonld not have Img aent for In the aourae of yester day, the ceptaln Intended to send bor to the Oommi* elontre ?t Kmlgratlcn, Hh* mu*t b* a bright on* who could not remember her home. Ca?? or iTaaama ?A man named Thome* <*arolin ? ae p tabbed i n three piaeee. on fuudat night, at I i , o oli ek in Kldg* *ti*et. at No. 112 b? a m?n inin-1 John Ata>r who tied, and ha 1 not been arr <at*I ye*. terdev r r Nirhvle waa lent tor. who drewed tha wound* of Carolin and adminl?ter*d *uoh mediciu* a* th* caa* tequlred Dr?n In ante Kov"P -The dead body of an Infant we# found jeatrrday afternoon at onn oV.lonk, in Pernnd n?nu*. b?tw?en fourwien'.h ail fifte-uth etreet* by ofltrer Kendall of the Kightwnth ward and brourht to the etatk n ho'UM. At (I o'clock ye?terd*y ?orntng. Sergeant FarHngton. of 'he Rerantern'n ward noilre. brought to the etati >n hon%* a dead In fant toond hy a hoy named Tom Kettieman, In front of a bonae In the Klrat MINI n?ar the earner of fourth etr-et. in a email l>ox It had inarki of vio lence on it* head, by whtoh it 1* euppoead to hav* ?cm* to It* death. Bran Boom o. Aft-i i* F?u*o? At 10 o'clock on ?un<ley night, the d??d body ?f a crlored woman iM touud at tb> corner of Kighth avenue and feeenty *?e*nd etreet the had perlehel eppjrrrtly. from 'he ette*te of cold The body w*? hronyht to th* Nine teenth ward itatton bona* At half pa*t I o'alook on Sunday evening two ofrioer* of the Heventeenth ward polire foi.nd Thome* Tolma* on tbe *ide*alk in Firvmth etreft. nearly dead, and took him home to Na llt< l>r Hhej-ard waa lent for but before he ar rived the man died. Suppoaod from Intemperano*. Fiar Wit I i*M?ef*. h ?The *t*bl** Of M-e?r* lliifit h t'o . etage proprietor*, were coneumad on fla turdey. together with twei.ty-flv? horee*. Thi* I* a , beavy loee to M ee*r? II k Oa , but we underetaaJ , tbat tbe atage line* of thi* city are to a*ei*t them F? i.i. O- aee^aan - William MeOononth f*?ll over- ] board ?t Oetherlna elip. ye* erday morolag. at balf paet 1 o'rloek, aad w*a reeoaed from drowning by olli c*r Bhava*. of th* Fanrth ward p >lioe John Alf (ill Into the water from Pie* li North fiver, at halt j a?t 10 o'oloi k on Bunday night, and w** ra*"ue | from drowning by ( ffloera Mct/'aity and K*llam. ol th* Firat ward. Iiirnai. ow tiik Irr? At half p??t 7 o'clock, oa Bnndey afternoon. Rob?rt C Clarke, realdlng at No, 77 Dhertff etreat. accidentally fall on the *idawalk by ?lipping on th* ic*. at th* corner of Spring and Mott *treet*. and broke hi* leg lie ?al conveyed to hi* reeldenf e by an officer of tha Fourteenth ward pMIe*. M?rtne \ ffklrt. Vraan* roa tm* Mttiraa We nnderctand tbat on* of the mo*t eminent *bip bnildera of thi* city ba* flva ve**?i* upon tha *tooka, for th* Mellon* navy. They nr? not to he of n v*ry large oin**, but th* nam* of tb* bulid*r I* a *nr* gn* i ante* of their being very importer ve***l*. They are to b* named MaryO. Al len, Clifton, Bonito, Antonio. andCnyetana It K*M*mr VaOTtira JotatnaW. ? We learn that C*p taln (leorgr W llowen I* appointed to th* perniaoent command ol th* *pl*ndld n*w *teamer Brother Joan' than. Captain How** i* w*ll known a* an *tO*rleac*d and akllfnl navigator He wa* formerly cm wander of th* packot ahlp* Fmerald and Bt P'nla. an.l la'aly of tbe Bnvarta of tbe Havre line. A better captain could n*t h*ve been *?l*ctid. W* nnd >r?'and thnt Captain Btoddard go** in the It J on her flrat trio, a bile his own Baa ?taainer it getting rtadj (or *?a. TlitittVal and Mimical. Bowkrv Thutii.- Ifha programme for thi* evening if very attractive, consisting of tbe beautiful play of tb? " Mountaineers," tnd U* excellent dnmi of tb< | 'Pirate of the Iflaa." Ah the great tragedian, Mr. Hamblia will appear but for' two nights mora, tbota who have been aiway* delight ej by hi* great hUtrlonio p "wer?, should avail themselves .*f ths present oppor tunity. lis will appear as Uctav *?n Mr. Ilamblin'* aobls appearance bis exoellent I ???Unit and great knowledge of stage business. eminently "t btm for tha highest range of tbe drama, which be has always sus tained throughout a long and arduou * thea'.rlsal oa rerr; and has universally been receive. 1 "''b expref siens of admiration and delight by di learning au dience*. Miss Ueifert will sing one of her admired j ballads; and the amusement* will terminal * with tha | irau.a of the ?' Pirate of the Islei " Meear*. ' Steven*, Hamilton. 'Ml** Wemy** and Miss IlilT-rt a.V" ia the pilncipal rbara-'ers This bill will, no Joubt, orowd ? vary department Broadway Thka i ? k? Pi**? AmnMcii or Mr Can ins. ? A ft tT a tour of several months throug hout tbe {States, this inimitable aetor has re* timed to da light the New York publio witn bis delineations of i^ia I Irish character. Mr Collins appeared lastjulght. before^ orowded and fashionable andieace, who wtlecnei hloa\ with an enthueiasra that proved they were glad to sen 1 bim. and anxious to testify their acknowledgments of hi* talent*. He picked Sir Patrick O'Plenipo. in tha ?? Irish Ambaisador," with bis uiual power*; he waa .'a ry without being vnlgar, and gave atone to theoha rac'er whieh has. in our mind, ?o 'completely MenOfltd h>m with the part. Hi* ainging, a* usual. waa ap plauded to the ecb and bis voice, we are glad to per oelve. if as sweet aad flexible a* ever The o?ncludli?i piece was tbe comady of "All that Olltte.-s I* nos Ucld,'' wbloh was witneaaed with the same enthnsi aum ? Mad. Pontei. Mis* A. OawaMai all Messr*. Conway Davidge, Reynold*. Whiting and Hill, *ia taining the principal character*. Mad. I'oolsi* beaa tHil representation or the hoaest. virtuous factory girl, drew forth repeated oheers. We have never eeea Mr. Conway to greater advantage thaa in tha charac ter of Steven Plum -hi* abilities are versatile, and ha is a <*r?at tavi rite. To night, Oolline appears aa Mcjhnne in tha " Nsrvout Man," and will flag forna beautiful tongs. Nihi.o's Oi?di:n.- A bill of great variety I* offered for this even iii^'s amusement Tbe entertainment* will 09nmei>t'< with the Kaglieh vaudeville entitled ? It I* net ? Mis*"? the character of Mr* Aldgat* by Miss W*? i Mrs. Prettyman by Mr*. John Seftoa, and Sophy b) MirsOshorn; the part of Hrederiok Kita> alien by Mr. liallagher. (his iirat appearanoe.) and that ot Mr. Pretty man by John Befton. The entertain me ts will conclude with the magnlfloant ballet ot ' t.ueUe,'' which, tor nplendor of scenery, and every /?her requisite necessary to the brilliant display of ballet performances, has never been mirpasssd in thin i i' sea. an l by th-ir beautiful dancing, reoeive every tight the most enthusiastic cheering. To *ee Caro line alone, a* ahe moves gracefully and sylph-like la 1 Giselle." is worth the price of admission. The house la crowded every night. Bi kton'h Thkatri: ? It la almost unnecessary to eiy tbat a bill ot great attraction i* presented to tha visiters ot tbl? popular, prosperous, and well managed establishment Two piece*, either of which, ia Itself, would be ?uffl'. lent to draw a large audience, are offer ed tor the amusement of the evening The first ia order is the tavorite comedy of tb? - Serious family," with Burton, the greatest representative of tha verita ble A mlm.dab fleek. in that character. Bland an I bai lee Torren*. Jordan aa Capt Maguire. Mrs Hnghen as .Mrs Cream ly and Mr* Kussell, a oharming aotresa, both in expression and proper conception ot character, a* Mr*. Charles Torren* But we must not torgat tha lively, animated, and favorite aotreit, Mrs SKsrett, who will appear as ths widow Delmalne. Mr* llol man will >.lng a ballad the orchestra will play several geais Irani tbe opera* and all will conoludo with '*&ha Stoop* to Conquer," with a very talented oast. This 1* stsrllng value for llfty cent*. N ai ion ii Tiikstre.- The new an 1 extellaat drama, entitled " Harry Burnham." wblah was received la?t evening with tha warmest demonstration* of pleasura and admiration by a very full aud reipectable audi ence, will agalu be presented thi* evening It may ha recollected that the *tory from wbioh thi* pieoe wan dramatised, appeared. *oine short time since, in one ot tbe journals of this city It ia deeply interest ing and co doubt, will draw large audiences every evening It is play d. All the character* are ably ens talncd. and tfce scenery, dressca, and decoration* am on a superb scale; tiie music I*, alsa, excellent aid ap propriate Mi?s Mai ?ine will appear iu a favorite |m?, whiah will bi? followed by the faro ot ?? Servant-! by Legacy," and tbe amuseineTics will eonalude with tha operatic drauia of the Cadi's Danghter " Thi* bin wtli. arsutedly draw aa Immense bona* Purdy da terves suceesn, as be is untiring In his rff >r .* to plaaaa hi* ratrons. BaouoMaM's Lvcktm ?Two more new Ly:?ntn spe ? ialtia* were greatly *u?*e*stul. laat night. In tha fliat, ' My Friend Jack.'' Mr Brougham ^raiautel a new phase of hi* versatility, In the imtue Mat* per*nn aliou of three most opposite oharaoters wltb a fidelity to mature truly artlntic; b.i* the new ro nnu -.. n? rromantio buries-) 'ie spectacle, entltlsd '? Te Devil nnl Dr. Fauatu*." took th> audience by storm It is fia t?ry kind ot piece full of fun. spirit, and local *ioc* always ainu?iog and nevtr offensive espejiUly titling 't tbe elegant description of ?u flen-e for whlah tiki* baauttfol thaatra li alread/ famotai i * is a wor thy succacor of the - World'n Fair, ' and has a II tla touch at everything goir./ fr >tu the lofait dr ioatner to tbe gr>at t< male e juecirlan Mary Taylir play* tha Drvll, in ber usual pi juaut and ialultabla manner, as many a stricken heart must testify, daring the run at this immeosrly amu?lDg f(odu:tloa. I BKRit'ira Marktsir's Comckbt This Kiaviwa ? Tripler Hsll. to nlgat.will be thr-mgad. djubtdejs, with all the ? of tb- opera and by thousands wba ?re clataed with tbe :atMotabl<? musical clrclea of thin tns'.r . pi 11*. all anxlou* to be present at an catertaia m> nt which has )>e-n prepared fnr the b>n- Ot of Dig nr.ra Bertucra Mtrrtark. tLa lady of the popular lr- /'-murirt of the Of- ra Among many noveltie* *Ua will rppsar as a harpist ia which profession she haa no e.|jial in thi* o> untry, and but one or two rlrai* ia Kurcp*. Heretofore, *ha ba* only been heard la a simple aocompatiinient; bit on this hrilllant o -caaioa she will execute rouie very difficult and beautiful oi m positions Nathalie Kitsjames, M'tla Kuganle, aud some of the l.est perto'iurr* of the opera, alaa, ? rr to a| pear on tbl* occasl.ia. t-igs'lier with ii rtekrt, tb* violiuis'. Taken altogether, a more brilliant pra trsnime ka* Pever been oiI"ed an *unh an occasion. Maretr.ek will be pn-'env wpb Ms or.ihsstra and all theforoe* at hi* con^nand to a id to ths mt rsst ot the entertainment raring retaraed from Boiton la tin.e to do lull ju*tloe to tha first musical event of tha new feaioa Crrmtv'* Mivstrfl* ?A fine bill of amassment la r '<? r- .1 tc r tbls eveilng \ art u? ne to m?l >dies bnr le?i|ue opera perfi rn.ances splendid a^los on tbe violin and guitar by Messrs Meyer and Would, capital danc li? end tbe most er.ty and am'-?-lng *aylng* by tba creat'st negro repras>-ntatlTe i I the age the laughter exciting G?orge. I'rt. lows' Minsrmi a? Thi* band U elegantly orga nii<4. and rank* among it* memb-rs many of the beat representatives o| negro nha-acter Donniker'* foloa aie greatly admired Chrietlin ? Tyrole>an eong*. la wb rli he tit - play a a powerful falsetto voire are very pl-aslng, the bur1?s?|ue opera Is a card In lt<?lt. and the singing dancing aud other perforaianoes, are ax cellent. P***r?i> Mi *?> ??. ? Tkl ifUriMi ytTfitaMeoi b?r- *r? foiiitkian oat of th? enonoii way, tb*y kru ro ?liaat?ai. *o plr* m(. no lull ot K"uuin? y*t rb?M? hmi.dt n v?rf'irm#'l now, la aoapllaSM with tho popnUr wi h *T*ry evening II tint* ***r/ bcd* It >? j-.ut mitloui *uough, aad jw* noiatc *a oiifD tml I* b**i !??*. a ?pl*-adi J warning iniliiat IK* of lnu apn*B<*, 0uoh Moral dram** at thin da ? iv( deal of good Sm Yo?? Ciii ? i ? Tb* ?op*rb rldlnjrof that gram fui and a. -niBpIMhrd ?|?'ri??, Mil- Tourolaii* th* at hi** i - faata of Jub* It U*,'? a<loiirabl* cnrf) of Hjntiwt'. tb* exultation ol th? yeatbful and eh*ra It k Mary Ann Well*. th- drolI?r|rr nf the f?r> '?? elf*#. J"IuOm?I|. and in tart all tn*p*rfnrm*a - ? pre>?ritrd at th* awphithoatr*. in tb* llo???y ar* nightly raoalvod with th* warm ?*t d*aion*tratioa* of ?pprot?*M< a, and afford th* mwl complete ?a*.t*Urtloa to all who witn**# than M??t? JunrkOo. tltlrd to pr*at or*dlt for tb? liberal m%aa*r la wbteh the drm* baa l*?a conluft-d daring the pa* I win tar Miiim* Ronna.- Still th* b*ailtlfai Faonrasi of Ireland l? drawing large audl*n?? It I* a work of great artlatio marit W**Hii?i.Ton II .1 1 - Th? elegant vxhlbltloa *a'itte4 th? ?* PUgrlm'a Pr ??**'**?? |< (morally admired. It In both beautilal and instraetir* i T*at***< i.r. ? Madam T*!. ot.lnl'? ?oar?rt will bo ' *l??n to mrvrinn i>onin| at tb ? T*l>*rnacl* Ph* wfll 1 n? *?*i*t*?1 ?.y SUnora Pr*ran?a. Mr* Lincoln, ?M<n<?r i Paravflll, Mr II Liaoola. aa<l hi t??eor \ aa I)? \t?jd* Ph- b." ' h*?n ?*ry *uee*?*ful la her Smri** Mmu fl/n, *d! bb? obliged to r?p?at the pieo** rtw? tbn ?n?( Tb* pi?r*e **leet*<1 ar* eie*ileat. and tha ? Mir* yrr^ramn* I* of a rariad and Tory aMraoilea | character Jtni?T I-i*t?'? Cw?*ttr Cowrvat at Itrw Oai.cnoa. Tb* Ii Mowing distribution. w* l?arn. ba* b*oa maV tiy M'HeJ*ray Lied, ot tb? ftwMlt ?f few Okwlty 0*a o?rt |tt?n lirt ?Tnli| fl.OOU: Hrrman'd Ohartkabi* I ??"elation. *1 000 (1*. 1 thillc tloy*' Orphta Aaylnm. Third mnainlpaH'y fftQfe i PathoHeOltU'OrrhaB A'ylutn ? 'ampat. iftQ" %.->?!??? | tor tha Rrllaf tif Indigent WVd->W?. H?a??i% Pithel. ???**?; Bree* Orphan K *) I iro l,aU >it> * ??; I t Bnolot e 'le* Dan<? d* In Proelvlenae |:Imi. a^raal Society Poo< Riled Man ?loo The hatanoe In dirpoaao* la i>tl*ato nharlty M<rlOrlM*< Mar i A S Tb* PowIm F*aelbloa. naVml la <iompl'm>at to tha i worthy Trfaawr*f nf tb* Natloaal Tn*atro, *a<trom ; mavdrd l<r ('apt Pwrdy, tb* l**?** ?!** thrlr flr*t hail thl*??*niac. aad ao douh It will b* a brlllliat anl MMlablo ***ftably IwrflBTAnT llnlKM 11 OaWFORII*.? Thf pr*ire C?>mt haa d*CNi<- 1 th I the Alc?l<i?? who I nrlil office at the time, an i ^ft^r iho MMti'iw ??? ?he treaty at HMaljr". mad* M Fehrmry, I**!"*, nrhinird :*>ih Mny, hvl |o powroy to ?v>?rry Undo, and that lh*ir (rani# ?r* ?o? valid I thai Indfbn HtWa ar* nun anil v?W, a* wa.l'r l ran l?wr the? p.ia**aa?H in ri^h! to ili'iiW th<*M I int .!*

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