Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1851 Page 7
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The llMOon af ????tor la PUrite-VUte* *??? fcf H*i. Mr. Tula*. la the UiiitdlUUi Seaate, ob the ?th Inst., Mr. Morten pii hd ted tbe following communication from the Hm. David L. Yulee, which wm ru< and ordered to be printed _ . _ Washington, Maroh 8. 1M1. 7V the Senate qf the United State i: I beg leave to preaent extract from the daily journal ol the Oaneral Assembly of Florida, printed by authority and forth* u?e of that body, showing the JitMtdlan and rota whloh took plaoa on tha 13th of anuary last in the oholoe of a Senator of the United State*, for tha term commencing the fourth of Maroh, current. It will be Men tha president of tha joint meeting announced that there was no eholoe; in ooaaequenoe whereof tha Legislature proceeded In several suc cessive votings, until, on a subsequent day, it was annonaeed that the Hon. Stephen &. Mallory was chosen After a careful examination of the subject, I have a ?trong conviction that the Arst voting o>>mpleted an election; that, in laot and right. 1 was then duly and constitutionally chosen; and that all the subsequent proceedings were therefore void. It appears that I was the only person put in nomi nation; that no votes were given for any other eli gible penon; and that more then a majority ot a ?luornm of the elective body declarvd me to be their choice It is understood that tbe Legislature acted under an impression that the concurring voices of a major part of all the members elected to the two branchts (the aggregate being fifty nine) was neoessary to a ohoice; ana that number, to wit, thirty, not having declared for an eligible person, no choioe was thought to have been eleoted. If I was legally elected, as I believe to be the case, It Is my duty to assert a right to the oflite; and. as a failure to do so now, when the Beuat* iseonvened, and 1 am present in the city, might be interpreted into an abandonment of claim, or at l*ast of negligence in its assertion, I have thought it incumbent upon me to hring the subject to the notice or the body. But as my friend Mr. Mallory, who will doubtless regard it as his duty to present himself with his credentials, is not aow here, it is not my purpose or wish to press the question, nor to aik a decision, until he oan be pre sent With respectful consideration, your fellow-citizen. D. L YULKB. Extract from the journal cf theOeneral Assembly of Florida for tbe i:ith day of January. 1861 >' On motion of Mr. Milton, a committee of three, consisting ot Meisrs. Milton, Baker and WardUw, was appointed to wait upou the Senate and Inform that body of the readiness of the House to proceed to the election of United States Senator and other officers, according to a resolution previously adopted by the two houses "A from the Senate announced that the Senate would be ready In a few minutes to go into said election. " The Senate entered the hall, and the President, npon invitation of the 8peaker, took tbe ohalr. The Psksiuent having announced the object ot the joint meeting, and that the eleotlon for Senator was now ia order. "Mr. Milton nominated David L. Yulee lor that oflce. The first vote resulted as follows " For Senate -Mr. President, Meecrs Brown, ot Columbia; Brown, ot Hillsborough; Forward, John son, Maxwell. Mosely. Perry, and Taylor -1). House Mr. Speaker, Messrs. Anderson, Bennett. Bradley, Burnbam, Dllworth. Flnlayson, Hawea, JamesB. Jonee, John W Jones, Kenan. Kllcrease, Lott, Maybee, Mil ton. Smith, Standley, Steele, Taylor, and Wardlaw? 90. Total, 2*. " Blank? Senate? Messrs. Austin, Avery, Badwla, Buddlngton, Crawford, Fialey, McMillan, Smith, and Stewart? 9. House? Meisrs. Allen, Baker, Battle, Brett, Brownell. Brown, Bryant, Ferguson, Qelger. Hopkins, Langtord. Long. Mathers, Maxwell, MeCall, Plummer, Scott, Shine, Turner, and Wilkinson? JO. Total. 26. " The Presidential^ >unced that there waa ao alec tloa." Superior Court. u Befora Chief J uatioe Oakley. ?.r. H*K- A? - f" su" "? Case.? The plaintiff waa in ? b* 'h? defendant* nnder a policy affected in the i ^ .im ''0" (wbl?b the latter Maimed to fi ?k ^ *00^S 8olinger. in Prusaia, to N York n^'h.' f ' th# rt ,tS" ?re found 7o be dim-' ?fed, and the insured and insurers oould not arras as f 1.0?w which tb* "tter wa?a biEE ?o ^ " determined to ?eU the good* ?/.k i* purpos# ?' aaeertalning the exact a bo not of the Iom. and tent the goods to Pavton ieL^rlWCdlHn*!r He aold them and failed, andne < thfnlrtu. u! ?k? P*7?0?. 1*h? Pr00M?(1? to either of toe par tie* in thia *uit. and he now bring* thl* action ta defendant* the amount for which the 5ut a . T^* ?"? ??? tried before, and a ver J? f? \ ^tiffa. Defendant * counwl ? *3nd*-^,.f*K r cb4r**' OD th* following ha iniated that th* gooda. which con tha rlfuert In!ffo? entUr3r' w?e ?o'd exclusively at the request and for account of the plaintiff defend f. A? ?Tl?5 '"tera*t in the sale eieapt toobUin by i? it **e*MaT' la format ion for eemputtnr the a mount ?f tha loaa to be paid under the policy and that auoh I?d th* tT?.o/thatin.tru?.nt and ana that deftndanta ware not beund by the act of h.hlJiV i**1, "bo'#nt the good* to th* auctionaer he having no authority from them to act. and thefa vhatfcav ihl^nli?** ** l*g*11' bouo<1 b? hli ?<*?; thit AmiJTaI . auo.ionear waa the agent of plaintiff or b?tl? thit ?' Uw *"d net ot f?at and, ia#tlj, tut tht Judge was in trror. ?Tory part of in hli V0*?1 4t 'B (t*tlng If the auotleneer waa ta a roHU? tk* P*rl,M the defendant* were entitled ta a verdict The Jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff b? *?? "?< Before Judge Bandford. mZVJ^U'V "Uul! ??-"*.* .nd ?W?rter._Thi* waa an action to recover damage* for a breach af con ?J*?1- Mr. Komalne Dillon, counnel for plaintiff atated that the parti,. w,r, Italian eillea, who had arrived J ?fc that they entered Into n contract ta carrr ?? the manufacture of soap and eandWa, the defend tiff to wBoTh5h0) *? 'Uppi7 lh# m*terlala, and the plain u,'m "?;??*? P^lng all e?p.nae* the Mfondant waa to receive one-half the cretlta tar hi> The th# ?th,?r UU f,r bl" Tha plaintiff allegea that about a month after the partnerahip waa formed, and they had aommenoed ?"?"facturlng, th* defendant declined to farniah tha material*, and broke through the agreement, in conse quence of whleh the butlnesa had to be given up Adjcnrnad to ta morrow (thl*) morning W ? ??f?r* Chief Jnatla* Oakley. r.*Ae*Comn ~ 1 T'" *'tm IW* M ? ,'V ~K ? thlf the Jury did not agr*e iT*' f< 1 "f "" ?"'cK P lit forU l lurch t ? Nann.Ht and IUr<Unl,urt>i Thia waa " tha recovery of ?60 balance of rent to," two cffloe, occupied by the 3? lee dent* at tha eorner ?f Broadway and John street The suit waa defended by Mr Manning, an the groand that ha waa only liable for half the rent; that there wa* an understanding between the parties, when the Tr6** TV lh*t each leasee waa to be acarunt ta d hi.'* f, I! *nJ lb4t h* M?nntn? had &!*???* t ?Lk"r *U# U WM '"nfnded for the wloU ?.!!*/?," j?,0llr ?nd liable ln. .V?r.. . i l.h'r* ,M ?"> '"'h uudTitand for ItO 63 0P <Uf,n<u,,t Vardlot for plaintiff* T M,lU"k'' ?' JtUjnnA.r Drnni.loun ,1 al,.~ This la an nation ot a**unp*lt brought by plaintiff, who are merchants, residing In this city, again. t the n,7nh???ln l-lverpoolTto recover ii . f the sale of ova thousand barrels of lour alleged to he in violation of instructions Tbs causa ^k10!!. *,D * T*rd,?t rendered for the plain ViU ll'llSJ a""' "p?" a . o B*?are Judge dsndford " OViuwtAio ernf enofArr ? In this mure the Jury rendered a verdict for defendant* Common Firm*. i* .a Jodge Woodrufl ? ?ac ii II ? f.mtlt Keren Ma> gu-rrntu, vs. " V '* ?n ?0('0" ?? trespass on tha "Y.Z I?r raeovsry of th* value of a frank, together with IM contents Th* defendant* ar* owner* ofa lln* T:r ,.b*lw'#? tb" rrt M* tondon. In th* mi nth of 1 f'bruary, I860 th- plaintiff took a cabin p%. ?age for himself hla wit*, two children and a servant, In a **?*?' belonging to the defendants, ealled the i*f".,.^I *???? Pravlou* to the day of snlling the I lalatlff put on b< ard i. In- rasa, of lu?t ag* The next day he went on board with bU family and the ve*?.| dropped down tha river On the arrival of the ve***l I ere It seems ne of the casea which waa a yellow iij J"0? taming n large quantity of wearing app?e*| and men plate aa pin ff allege*, was mi**lng aa i which ;:?? ??*" b"? r*Mv*rZt kvi dance at th* delivery of tha trunk on b ard wae given trnti in'i ^ glT* ''''''n"* o? it* con 11 ln^ f^i> tht court adjourntj r ailted Mai*. l>l.t i let C'oart. Before Judge Hetls. i Kll*abeth Uwsm ,?d Catharine llobb. Who are also indicted lor pssslag counterfeit mo. ey Were anaianed and plead, d not e-iit, Ur.r.V1 l2WtLkl.{0tta K"" Do^i'" "dieted for Tba trial* of all the prlsrn.r* were *et down for Vlo? [a Thajnrv was then dlsrhsr*ed. I _,Jw,-8co" OfJUan-Tni Dkm* ' wLV " VTI,f ~w T of !h'' loctd^au in Watniagton, juit bff.m- the ad jou r.irn^nt of Con ? gr?- <?, wu* 'hr- mating id (Jen ,S. otf an. I (i?t. Marry. At n |'?rt|r, embracing u(iwaHi of one hun .lining., uhfrf g.ntlemen, f. r. ign minMfrrs, .8,;ri1, 10 ,fV ? "i^ym^nt (if th? tdvtntrtgr l ,.n" f,,r,n ?*"*< h,rn< "^fiookin* nu rrrr r.,B,Mrrt ? j?v m ,r?y rhHn?. d a T'm l ' **' *'nUf m 'n h*H 1,01 **? n? *? ? w?f? nin?e Mr 9 crrt?rv Marty a fit> upr* ^ ffHllnnt gen. ml, tt? he w/? ?ta?ti KMng Og, tor Mrxlco l>t g {"v. Mirt y, ?n Sco t iniftMNliiiteljro^tfrrved .??Th rrr # Mht cjrf I mm* r? ppmk H?h him fit th" Km i?nr Since our ,*??, and inh con| f .. "JJ which the Unrnl', fli,nd!, ? , , ? ?? warmly ai.,.r?,ved Cross,,, 7 0Vfr lo *h**f b"J Marry wa< fandnwr. <i n ir,j.. j i , , w,.hHr g,..rful o?.r aal oMr^'n 'k0'' I f. rgrifiiioees the ii.ia- i <<iV m , . i'<? it, lhanferd him warm!) ; m.f th- . vr?'t ahr Ta r-.-lmhlMd beauty d ev.?,?L. ^^.,,,.0,1,. ' 'uv. M *?cj Z\ Lt' Mon, II, re,,lv,rg .. a . f ?? for in e hi 'utic and atr.ii / term* ,t(P , ?r> a..rf I . illiant deeda of , Z Bltlnmuf,, Mmr K 12 * ,fce Tatted StatM Clr?mtt Cemrt FNMit, Judge* Nelaoa and Bett*. MilcH 10. ? The United Statu is. Utuglan, Co nsents and Utmost. -The tiUl of the defendants. who u< indloted for the murder on the high seas, of Mr Ha ven*. Mtl of tho American ship Olinn, wa? Mt down for thi* morning Tho jadgea, after taking their **ata, inquired it counael war* ready to prooead with the trial. The United State* Dletriot Attorney an swered that he wa a randy; Mr. Geo. C. lintts, counsel for Dougla**, atatad that he wa a not raady: that a ma terial witnaea waa abeeat In Mloblgan, and that it waa impoaalble, in ao abort a time (a week), to prooare her attendance He alao atatad that he would Insist upon a aeparate trial. Mr. Hall, the Dletriot Attorney, urged that the alleged murder wai committed on the hign sea*, on* thousand mile* Irom land, that It waa all one tranaaotion; the prisoners were all partiea to it, and war* present, aiding and abetting at the time; that all other persons who war* present were now In attendance; soma of them were In jail, at a great ex pense to the government, and the oaptain and sur viving mate were under heavy recftgnizanoe* and de tained from their business at great Ijss ami incon venience to thems?lvea. II* oould not, therefore, see what neoeasity there oould be either for a postpone ment or separate trial*. Mr Betta replied, that it did not follow. because all the witnesses stated by the District Attorney were present, that there ml^ht not be other material wit nesses for the prisoner*. In regard to the application for a separate trial, be laid that If the prisoners were tried together they would sinitly be deprived of their challenge*, and he urged, with great earnestness, that thle wa* a material point in favor of his application, inasmuch a* though a juror might be a tit and proper person to try one of the prisoners he might not ba at to try the other? and the latter would necessarily be deprived of tbeir light of challenge, and be tried by a person prejudiced againot them Messrs. Benedict and Marsh, counsel for the other prisoner* stated that the indictment sontained a vast number of counts, that ?he case was a v-ry important one; the lives oi three human beings were In jeopardy, and that they (the eounael) had not had Hufflslent tine to cenault and arrange with their clients. Alter some further disousiion between couniel on both sides, the court grunted a separate trial to Douglass, and fixed the trials ef all the prisoner* for the first Mou ^ay in April The United Statu Vi Jam ft Max.? Max, who was oon victed, about a fortnight since, for receiving stolen coupons, wa* brought up this morning to receive sen tence. Alter a lecture from the judge, he was sen tenced to one year s imprisonment, to b" kept at hard labor during that time, to pay a fine of one dollar, and to be imprisoned until the tine was paid. Weekly Report of Deathi la th* City and Ceuntv of New Fork, from the 1st day of Maroh, to the t*th day of March. 1N51. Men. S8i Womea, Ms Boys. 123; Girls, 91-Total. 389. DISEASES. Apoplexy 11 fever Congestive 1 Atrophia 4 Gout 1 Ansina 1 Heart, disease of t bleeding from the Womb. 1 Hooping Cough 1 Bleeding 1 Inanition I Barned or sealdod 1 inflammation of Brain. , . Ill Bronchitis 4 " of Bowel*.. 13 Canccr of Womb 3 " efChest... 1 Casualties 4 " of Kidney*. 1 Cholera Morbus 1 " ofLuuge... 27 Colic 2 " of Stomach. 6 Consumption ** ofLivsr 2 Convulsion* 21 Intemperance 1 Croup 5 Jaundice 1 Congestion 1 Lues Veuerea 1 " of Lnngs 5 Malformation 1 Contusion 1 Marasmas 10 Debility... 6 Meaales 10 Delirium Tremens 2 Old Ago. 6 Diarrhoea. 10 Palsy 2 Dropsy 8 Polsoa 1 ' in the Head.. . ... IS Premature Birth 4 Drtwacd X Rheumatism 2 Dysentery 12 Sorotula 2 Erysipelas 9 BmallPox 27 Fracture 1 Sprue 1 Fever 2 Suicide 1 Fever Bilieu* 1 Straagulation . . . 1 Fever Puerperal 4 Tnmor 1 Fever Remttcnt 1 Ulceration of Throat. . . . 1 Fever Searlet 17 Unknown 5 Fever Typhoid 1 Varioloid 1 fever Typhn* 16 ass. Dnder 1 year M From .10 to 40 43 From 1 to 2 year* 39 " 40 to 90 31 - I to ? 62 " 60 to 00 22 " ?to 10 22 M 60 to 70 11 " l#to 20 18 " TO to 80 7 " 20 to 90 47 " 80 te 90 4 Place* or NammT.? Uaited Btatee. 219; Irelaad. 120. ?ngland, 13: Bootlaad. 3: Wales. 1; Germany. 2t>; Franc*, 1; Bwelea, 1; Switserland. 1; Italy, 1; British possesions ia If America. 1; I'oitugal, 1; unkaowa, 1. Fbom? Hospital. Bellevu*. 13: Peaiteatiary. Black well's Island ft, Small Pox Hospital, do., 3, Ward'* laland. 43; Ran dall's Island. N; City Hospital. 9: Alms Home, black well's Ulead, 6; Colored Home, 3; Colored Pereoa*. 11. A. W. WHITB, City laspeetet. City Inspector's Oflee. Maroh 8. 1861. ?HIPPING. fhCEAN STEAM N A VIOATION COMPANY.? FOE BRE V/men, via, Southampton.? The C. 8. Mail ateamahip HIK MANN, E. Crabtrec, commander, will Mil far Bremea, via. Southampton, on Saturday, March 21. from pier No. 3 North river. Trie* of pa**ag* la the tir*t cabin, fill); iu th* **eond oabin. >60. Aa experienced Burgeon i? attached to the ahip All latter* matt paae through the Pott Office Specie de livered la Havre at reduced ratea. For paaaage or freight apply to MOLLIS, BAND ft RIERA, agenu, SO Broadway. QTEAMSBIF C1TT Of QLaBOOW-FOE LIVERPOOL, O B I. Mathewe (lata of th* Great Ifeiteri,) Commander, will tail p**itlv*ly. from Phil?d*lp\a, on Saturday, March 15th, at twaWt o clock. Thla *hi|T* regular paaaago* and her tuparior aoeommodatioai for llrtt aad aeooaa eabia paea*ng*r*. make her a very daiiratie ooaveyaac*. Prioa of paaaag* la drat eabia. oaa hundred dollar*; fa *ac*ad eabia, aixty aollara. la order to *av* trouble, railway ticket* to Philadelphia will be provided by BICHABD80N. W ATAON. ft CO., 41 Exchange Plaaa. Tub kotal mail steamee merlin. capt. samp. em, will rail for Bermuda and St. Tbomaa. on Wedue? day. the !/? h of April. lKftl, at nooa. Rha haa '.-Heat ac commodation* for pacieagcr*. Price of pauac* to Bermuda, tSV to 8t. Thomae, 170. 1 her* i* a regular eommuaicatloa tt men S; Thon.a* aad the W**t laoia lelaada, Havana, Vera trux, Veaaiovla, etc. The Merlia will tak* freight. Apply to E CI'NaRD Jr , 3H Broadway. UOl CALIFORNIA, VIA CHAOIBS. DIREJT-THE F new *ad ipleadld double tngme *team*hi|< fROMI lUEUp, of I, MJO tea* bnrthra, will leave from Pier No 1 North niv*r, en Thuridav, March 17th, at 3 o'clock. P. M The well kaewn aad favorlta *t*am*hip New OmMH liar* Panama, on th* 10th of April, tor San Fraaciaoo. dl r*ct, glvin - ra*ee?g?ra by thiPr< mnheu* the opportunity of reach la? California by th* mo*t apeody and eomfortaM* *? aveyaaee N B ?A few Sr?t elaet itate room* remain uatagagid. for freirh t or paerage, apply to D B ALLEN, N" y Battery Place, up stair* E.\PKR?S LINE FOE CB AQRE8.-THE N1W AND aplti.did ateamahip BROTHER JONATHAN, 1.400 tote, QM.ri> V. U ?*, commander, will nail on the ISth in ? t. fr<m Pi*r No. 4, North River. Thu *t*am*r, fff itreagth, ajeed end comfort, ehallerre* comretiti m. Al theiirh the will eail four day* after th* L'. 8. Mail Sttamer. ehewill land her paa**ag*v*, and Bedford ft Co 'a Utter* aad package*. in advanc* of the U. 8. Mall. Flrat eabia, $-<? ae oi ad do. 870; etterag*. $40. Number of puerugere Limited. Plaa of eabia* #eea and paeeag* <* lured at thlauffioe. B El FORD ft C0..1 Aitor Hum*. Ve**y *tr**t. 1 INDEPENDENT STEAMSH I P LI NE BETWEEN CBA grva aad Ne? i rk, at reduced ra'** of paeaaga and fr*i|ht. aad at cenarctioa with any c ml'iaittUa or m no poly. Th* aow and elegant awamahip NORTH A N ERIC A, (one f f th* above line ). j.ium toa* burthen, f e f**t*nt iteaui ehlp in th* world, J 0. Illethca. Commaadar, will l><ar* Ch*yr*( on or about th* Iftth of ea< li month, (on tha arrival ol th* regular ttcamabip* at I'a- am* from San Franonco, ) for Nawl'oik c iff t. without ?tom i*? at Elngtton or Ha vana. and It I* confidently expected t hat 'h a ahip will -nake the peerage* between Chagre* and New York In **v?n day*, or le*?. II. ia ahip will leave N*w York far Chog-e* on Fri day tk* li'h day of Aprl!, from p" r No. I .V rih river, at tbiee c'clock P. 1 1 Tt* abov* v**t*l te entirely aew. having made but two trip* to Chagr**, and pa**ea?ere eaa depend upon her teiag clean, and her bed lug. ft* , ft* , fr** from a n v di*e**?. Thl* *bip haa tight* Urge aad comtuodiou* ? tat* ratal, ttmt *f them oprewly d**ign*d fur the u*e of l*mili*t Pa**eniera that are iatend;** to Uai ? Saa Fran elaee ferNew Tori, it New Vork for Saa Fraaciaco, would do w*l| to nake tb*ir arr*ai*meat* to take pauage by th* Indecenirnt 8t*am*hip Line between Ch*gre? aad New fork. 1h* abow ateamahip la vei.tllat*d <m aa Improved rrlaclple. atd rBMeager* by thl* ttipoan detx nd upon having *v*r; thlag to their eatire eatlalactioa. Aa < ? penanced aurg' n i - attached ?o th* ahip. Fir further iafnrmeiioa ia inire at the office ra pier No I, North river, foot of Iforri* (tract, where th* plaa of th* eabia *aa be icaa, aad atate room* tr her it* tccnud. U^MNITBD STATES MAIL 8TlANSaiPCO?PANr-POR Chcgra*. Havaaa. aad N*w OrUaa*-Thr?u*li ticket* te Saa Fraae!?<o, at rtdnccd rate*? Ch agree ra'<-a*-r* traarferrvd at Havkaa to tht eph adid Kteam<hlp FALJON. On Wtfaerday. March !fi. at S P. M . tht iplenild doublt I < agir* (leamiblp OHIO. \00U toa* barthea. Jae Fiadlay 1 Pthem k, (tmaaadtr, will Mil pvtdMly M ! 'cloek, P M.. ' from her pier at the foot of Warrea ttrevt. M. R . with th* Gotirameat Mail*. dlr**t f*r Uaraaa. N*w OrUaa* aad Chaarr Frvigbt takea to New OrUaaa at u*ual ratta r p. ? i ? <.*ly ' akea aa freight to Havaaa. N* kllla ef Uiliag algnfl after df t ai 'uic of ahip. For p*e*a*e or fr' ght, apply M.O. EOBERT8, 177 1F'?t ?traet. aaia-'taf Vaman. MKDICAL. TO FEMtl.IS.-DR. LA FONT'S CRLEIiRATED PILLS. ? Three pnl* ar* *afe la th*ir *H?*i*. aad arc highly {? rlted ** a I' mal* medicla*. t* be need la caaa* of Irrega aritie*. alxtrwrtloaa, ft*. Full and etpllelt dir**tl*a* *a clcard. F^r aal* ooiaer of Br >adway and John ??r?*t, cornet of W**t llroadmai aad Btvli etr?*t, corner of Uraad aad Allan *treet, corner <>f Bronlwty aad Boaatea atr**t. Prie*. 8fty e*at? aa* one dollar per be?. cr.iW) R E tr A h D -JBFFRIIS- ANTIDOTE. A SPE tiBs forth* cur* of priv*t*di<ord*r*. It ( a?k*i * e(*edy eure. > ho <t the l*a*t r**:ri*ti?a* of ditt, <t?ink e?p'*nr erehani- tn appllratioa to bmla***. Th* ptoprittor ehall*a>"( a alatle ra?? whith th* miatar* will I aot eare, nader th* forfeitur* if Ave hundred dollar*. It ii I at I p In I ottlea. With lull direction*, at ft. On* I ttl* l**ta * we. k- many are tnrad in two da)** For tale by I fit 4* ?"NO. 1"! Bro*<1*a>. I ? lu-ar l e'rcci, New V*rk; W R. Little, H'l Oaao *r *tr**t, Boatoa; Wright ft C*., New OrUaaa. Doctor toirhri.f for t wen tt- five xjints Bv mean of th* Pook*t ^C*culapia*, or ftvery On* Bit lea I'hjalciaa ; thirtieth edition, with oa? huadrad ?* taviage, ehawingdi**a**aaadmalf*rmatloa( ia aver* thai* and term, by William Touac. M.D., Graduate of tft* Uli eerr tyaf Peaaeylvaaia. Th* variant forma of *oer*t dia aaeee ar f ?? t h' u II w deteribed, aad all the recipe* giv*a ia P'*in langnapt. The chapter ca Self Abn*e I* worthy of parMenlar atbeatloa, aad *hoald be r*ad by every en*. Teuag men, who hav* been uafertnaat* la *ontraetla( dl* *a*e preview* to pUeiag yonrnelv** aad*r the ear* of aay do*'cr, ao matter what hi* pretention* may be, g*t a *op* of thu truly n**fal work. Straagera vidtiag th* ?lty, partltn I larlr thoae ooatemplatlaf marrlag*. don't think af return - lag hem* without a copy of th* Pocket ^Cjcolaplo*. Sea taptaia* aad Iperaen* goto* te tea, *henld po***<* Dr. V nat e Pr*atl?* ca Marrlag*, the Peeket dt?uUpla*. cr Every Ol* lit Own Phytieian. Aay p*rtoa eeading tweaty fir* -?*ata ??>'' *'<? I- a -?r will re**iv* ~n? aepy *f thla bro* by r.all *r 8re aeai** will be **at for oae dollar. Addrcaa Dr. WM. VOrNO. IM Spraea *t.r**t, Phila<t*|phla: alia far aal* ky Stringer ft Town* nl.KJ Broadway, New Fork. PARI) AND LONDON TRIATMINT O* PRIVATE di?fae*e, in a few houra, by a veget able application, with aat paia. la debility, brought oa by lmprop*r habit* aad I eormtita'.ivaal alTeotien*. I oombiaa medUlaea with the laeal remedy, aad eaa *how aay oa* thar* are thoataad* wha *aa aot be cared wlthoat It, at I have eatee daily, ef y?*rt' it**| - lag, from th* *tt*r phyeiolan*. Ia all, 1 go areata* a perai atat r o ra. I hav* coatraetioa* daily I enr* without ttwMa, Whi*> Other* ae*. > an*ed ky their act (tpelllng th* di*?**e ao .n -3' ugh. My dipUma, with th**e, aad the handred* ?f Mt'inuat**. (how that aoa* eaa equal it. Tea eared mala *n* day - D M. Corbya. Ten aip*il*d my aawplalat la a taw heor*. ? C. Derond. I waa under the other phyeteiaa* ever a year, witheat benalt: at body waa eevared; yea eu*d me la a abort tlm* - Jeha I aaid ever AW* I a 8va year*, to k* cured of dability from **lf aknn. withaa ? beaaft; yaa *ar*d m*. ky local and general treatateak, la a (Aert time J a* 8*l'*bnry. Treatmaat by lettar. OM?* he ir* from 8 A. M. t* * P M , aad from 7 ta f 1' fL PA I LAEMONT.MfttfeUtUMt.kvtioaikfrXRPfeadwey. UDNAL. BANHAN'S VBUBTABLK BLIIIR IB FAST GAINING M *aviabl* itu4 with ib? human family, for tb* our* ?f all tbo tiMMM of tho eh*at, oonaumption, aathma, rftUini of Blood, lifer complaint, dyepepila, lo** of appetite, nereoue (lability. *o., fto. Br*ry day itimpi It* rirtuet indelibly oa thoe* wbo tat* it, for on* and all proaoua** it the beet aad *b*ap**t madioin* ?*er brought beforo th* publlo, and My tint tbo** wbo bar* not triad it ahould apead U oiau lot a bottl* *( it. To b* bad at tb* Depot in Chamber* *tro*t, ?n* door from C*ntr*. NSW MIOIl AL BOOKS. ? A (JUMFLKTE PRACTICAL work oa tb* natnr* and tr*atm*at of dalioate dii*a*aa, aad all tb* kindred aff*otion*? illuetrated by a Kroat ana bar of beautifully *olor*d plat**, a* laic* M life; by Homo B at wiok, M D . lecturer oa aurgery and dieeaaea of tie abov* named natnr*. It i* a large uaarto ? 960 pacta; a*o*ad ?ditlon, prlo* $10. Extract from tb* " Boaton Medical aad Bnrrual Journal" I?" It may b* laid, fearUealr, to b* eqial t* Bloord'a or Aotoa'* work* on th* a am* family of dl*ea*??, and far auptrior to anything of tb* kind eeer published in thi* oonntry." Author of "Th* Family Phyifoian;" piioe IS oenta. Author of a work oa " Bolf-abu** and it* de plorable effect*. k*. ho.," aixtb edition, fourteen plat*a, price *1 . For aal* at th* publi*h*r*', STRING BR k TOWr BKND, 322 Broadway, and by tb* author. MM Broadway. DR. WARBBN 18 OONNDBNTIAUjY OOJIOULTBD on Biaaa***, from 18 year* praotice, ? of wbish wer* m hoapital. Or. W. i* enabled to guarantee ap**dy aurea, without mercury. Bee hi* diploma ia hi* otto*, No. 1 Notl ?traet, adjoining Chatham aquare, with th* flrit name* ? *urg*ry aad m*dl*ia* thi* country e?er produced. List or littirs remaining in tub niw voh* Poet OOce. March I, 11451. OrriciAi.i.v rviuMru in tmb r Area matins thi lauvut CIBOVI.ATIOM. 1'ieaae mention tht date of tht liit im which t hoy at* adyortued. LADIM' LIST. Abbott Will Ana Allen Milt Mary Jrfort Mn. Elm it A J am a Mil Lacy Atkintoa Mill, Ahem Ellen Ann William it Allon Elizabeth Alton Mill, Frank- Anlotoa Mr? Ro- Mri, St lin it aauna Mark'i plaoo Altera Mri Fraacit Addie MIm Agaea Aui tin Mra rlor* Atfreduon Mil* Aabton Mn, Wow- Akd?non Miat Mary Uuldt t?r it Adiuna ELloa B Brn?k*a Ann Brown MiM Jeanet-Bankimith Mim Bi ad y Mm Cat ha- ta B Koaena rine Brown Mri William Beaaley Mri N?ncy Brady Mary W Iloatty Mn J Bradbury Mri Wa BBrower MIm Sarah F Blatant Mra, C Bailey Mm Bliia Back Mri Mry AuaB onkloy Mary Baker Mm Anna Burk Mm ?, Buk Bleooker Miaa 0 J Baker Mn Mary it Bo man Mri Saml H Barm RiztCoraiUa Bourke Minaret Bertam Mri Eiiia L Burgoaa Mix, lUtn It bath A Ban-on Mariarat hiirion Mri lireanahan Eliza Barlow Mm Eliza Bio ad ridge Mri Boanett Mri Sarah Barnum Mm Sarah Mary R J l.uuna Butler Miaa BUen Bridged Mri Allot liarklin Mary Ann Bj m<.e Mri Ann Srintuell Mri Mary Brav Mary Byrnri Mary f Beak Mill Mary Brron MUa Eliza. Boliaae Mri Elizabeth beth Buoib Mri Suaan Beardilt) Miu Inn Blaokall Catharine Urott n Mra Agaea M Brady Illen Brown Mra Eliza Beckett Mri Iran- Bradley Mm Caro- iirown Mri John eel C lino B ane Mary B'.eie Margaret Bailey Mil* Phcba TB oyla Miai, Frank - Brllowi Mra Maitha Bait bald Mri Sophia lin at Bertabeck Mra Mary Hak< r Miai Marv Bndd Mill Roia G W Banckcr Mri David Bucko Mim Emma Bellinger Mim Catht- C Burm Mary rina Barron Mr* Buitoa Mm Btylty Mim Mada- Beriy Catharine Burton Mary Louita line Barnum Mri lliza- Butler Miai S Bi: hop Mill Kate A bath L Butltr Mary Boh Madam Mania Barnard Mill Fran Byrn<:a Uathartne Bond Miai Mariaret cm C Bryne Mri Sm an Brown Mm Anot-2 Braun Miar Leant SBryaat Mri Lydia B Brown Miai Ellen C Call well Mil* Mar- Colmtll Julia Ana Carrigan Jane (Bret Crona Mary Cat hell Mary Cruyl Mri MaryAnn Conner Catharine f'aneman Mn Champion Miu Ma- Coaley Mri Bridget Ceugh Julia M 'IB Connelly Mri Mi- Childt Mra Ana 0 Canr.eU Mra Alex ehtal Clint, n Mri CathM Clark Mra Adelaide Cooler Mri Amelia rine Clark Lariaia Creia Mir* Ana Chrinman Mri Ka di-roll Miaa Ana Coetello Miu Mar- chal Carty Mill Mary gtr? t Cohen Mra R Abb Coward Mr* Colton Mre C Caroline Mill J u- Ca- Colliai tloaora dith tharine Coleman Mariaret Cue Miai Pritailla Cunningham Miaa Commtngt MiraMary E Mary. Ma nroa Conner trial Betaey Chate Mn Aahblint Courifl Mri Mary Connell Uariat Claip Mn A L Crane Mn M, Broom Connolly Mariaret Or e aairMitaet M ary atrial ConaneeKy Ellen Clineh MiM Eliaa Chaaoler MiuSarahCook Mri Uiram Chicbaatir MiM Cauon Mm Ellen Ooratt Miu Flitab'th Cadle Sarah B Coakerv Mri Sopit Cochraa Miu Ann Clark Liuciada nia H Colt Mri Mariah Wheeler Coughlaa Judith Cniick Mil* Ellen Collier Mri. Oreen- Clark Mra Mary Cnnniaghaa MiM wieh it Carioll Miu Allot Ellen CiiBtlngham Mary. Cunningham Margit Cooker Mil* Mary W cottar Collim Hannah 0 Dultoa Mary B Doyle Uim Miry Diving Wimlord Darling Mra WmB Doyli Mitt Nancy Mary Davit Mary Drum MiM Amanda Doaaelly Miaa 0 R Debrow Mm Suiaa Duna Catharine Doaphy Margaret De Forreit Mil* DnndatMiMLnciadaDooaaa Abby Mari ha Buaavaa Widow, Doraa Ann D* I lorreae* Mri Madiaoa it D >uilaie Mr* Robert Gilbtrt Duaigaa Mary Downiag Mri \ ? Delone Madame Dunieoth Mill Sa- Doylt Catharine Deiemaao Mra rah D>ylt MiM MaryAaa DialnnyMriFC Darkin MiM Mary Doyle Sarah Dohtrty Oath arise Daaiel Mill Bueey Dumph*y MiM Dor.ahne Mill, Dari- Mm Eliza- Louisa Roi aevelt itriet beth A Duna Mi. ? Maria D on. Ily Elizai>*th Day MIm S Dnndirdale MiM DonaghyMary De Blmiicn* M'lle Roaahe tl Dogaa Mra Mary ErBeatiae Doaavis Mn Bllea DouglaaaMmttettie Dertuody Mary Duulgan Mary Aaa Double J ay Mr* Delanev Catharine Dulamont Madam Better Dick Tnoa W Mari* Adrioon* Dowtey Mr* Eliza- Doliag Martha Dnrjie Mr* Sataa beth ? Iatom Mn Obadlah Elmore Bridget Engelhard Madam Moore EmertonMn&rtdgtt Mathilote Edwatde Mia* Julia Fdwant Mr* Caio- Eaa'.maa Mn Naaey Ebbii Cathanaa Lib* EvaaaMiaaEiuabeth F Faby Cecilia Fitzgerald Bargan'.Fina Bridget tiaM Flanagan Ellea Rooaavelt atreet Fluaughiy Mariarat riaaagan Mn J a* FoUat Mn Piaaeci Fi'rgerald Bridget Faraa worth Mr* <a*BPoler Mr* Murv Pitagarald Margaret ri'n.tag Mra, Miath Furaian Mn, Bliae- Fitzgerald Mre Mar "treet kar airaat garrt,' kAmbanet Fenely Mri Marr Flyaa MIm Dolly Foley Im J ana Fergaaoa Mitt liar- Tlaaery MiMBridgttFewler MIm Mary rut Flatagan MIm Mary Loaiaa Vitcbtl MiM Mary Farrell Marr Fliaa MIm Aaa Ann Fr?rata Mrs Jarvii Flyaa MraMarga Fitigertld Aaa Furl* Mra Margaret rat N )'itz?< raid MIm Flammiag Wiaai- Fit/gerald Mri io Margartt frtd _ baaaa ? Crate MIm Margt Orizzal Mn Cardatr Mri lulliL (?ago Kim Eliza- Uoldiag Mim Urat Miu Uathe beth B Ba.? loth it tieoca Mn J W Gallagher Aaa Goad win MrtCatht UlaMoa Mn CallaberMUa Gordoa Mm Booeerelt it ?ridget Eluabath Oibtea Mri, Broad Oallbreetli MIm Gould MIm lllea way Graee Oe^aa Margaret Qritf n Mri Catht Galvla Johasna Grady Ca?h* Gillma* Mn C A Oard MIm Abby M Gala Mr* Martha Giichritt Mn Oaiaer Mn Eliza Galahor Mn Aaa Matilda Garrev Mm Martt Gallaher Mim Glvea Mri Emily Gray Miaa Sarah 8n?an Geldea Marat Gt'laeyCatbt Ga Hiaa Mm MaryOo?dmaa Mri Mary Gleeaon Jaae Aaa Aaa GiMoa MUa Brld(etQraat MIm CtrdiliaOnrby Margt Gilbert* Mn A Gorrft Mrt Broome it Caira Miu Mary OmyeiMiatFaBBy-2 Gilroy Billy Abb Camay Mra AO Gill'gaa Margt ^ Bagarty Mary Biaaey Mary BaalHtt Mrt M A Baim Madame J, Heiaghan Margaret Hand MiM Catht BroaaieM BearyMnUaniot QSaalon Mary Rimiltta Bn D Headeieoa Mrt BarriaLmy Bamiltoa Mri E W Haaaan Bardtr Mim Aaaa BaiBtltea Mrt Ana Berva* Laniia A Barrty Mary Barrio Mn M M S Bagger' y Mim Hrdge Mn 0?rtrade llarrla Miu Baliaa LorladaA HenryMraCathariae Uartttroig Catha- Hall MIm Mary A lleaeer Mim Marg t una llritumby Mrt, Uendtraoa Mary Bawaa Mri luiaa Waicrit Btruglity Mrt, lltrM Mary Hamilton Mrt A B Anthony it II mier MIm Amaa-Berlghton Miat Htwkiat Martha da A Margt BealyR' aaoa Bi kaMri EUiab-tb Boat Miu Marian Boras Mary Cilroa Mn ilurit Mra Elua Haray Mn Hilt MiM Calh't tlueam - re Mitt Hoy Mra Lu'iaa Bogg MiM (elina Ma.ia II igbtt Mary B illr.e Mra Karah Hill Mn Mary HuatMriElitabethC BotchkiuEluaboth Highland Mra Eliia Ouatlry Mra Joha Howard Manarrt U>d?eMriSaml Hn-ted Jaat Ana BotgUad Mim Hya iMit Hoy Johaaaa Catb'e B ^ Hagh'tMary InniiMriMargarttA Irt.r.1 Ml>t Mary Irwin MiitELtab- l J Jamea Mi at Jcbt'ton Milt J.hai.B MIm CatA Jtekioa Mra Mtry L Cathriaa riao Jtikioa Mm I iibb Johaaoa Marr are l Jeaiiai Mn Klita Jrtaer Miaa Mary I Jehneoa Mn Mar- both Jent.MuiAmi lia-2 gatit ^ Joat i MiM Sarah ? Raight MIm Jaae D Kennedy Mary Aaa KellAft MraErallyA Kaeffe Mary Kerr Miet Roeey K'?tiag Milt Margt KtaataJaat King Mrt Ruth K' aay Kluabtth Kelly Miu Aaaa Klllroy Mary K-aay Mary K aily Mra Ttreat Keary Mri Thot K-n dy Mary Kelly Miaa MoBioa KeeU r Mill Mary K> ant . y Ma: gar? t Ktaaa Margartt E*iza?eth K roon Mrt Keaayjalia Kellj Bridget Killoraa Cathriat Keaa<dyAan Maria Krager M m B I aekey Miat Ana MtlagtteB MiM Leoaard MIm M I ant Mri Matilda Louna t L^ry Mra B I awler Miee Jotaah lyach Miaa C Lii'er Aaa 1 **? r Mre Caihriao LychCaiha L?k*ood Eliiabath l.iegerart Mim l.yaeh Caihrine Loughliaa Marga-et tmeliae 8 Lack' yMiMRieanaaLyath Mm abb D I eavenawor hMroH Lawler Elizaboh l.ynrh Cathriaa L' wit Mile Mary L' ITirttMra B' aaa LjnBa llau ra lord MnCathriatB ^ Ulaad Mn Mar.Ia Mt'itn Mim Moadtr MnO'Brita Meoder Mn Joaa Magee MnCliriitliaMooBty Catht thaa Martin Mrt Barth M rgaa Widow Merchant Mn Mallear llaaora Morgan Mn Kilia Milla Karah Mai er Mil a Mary Mortoa M.u Sutaa Miller Mra lllea Mataa Rot? II Millar MiM Mary Malpat Mrt Morarty Jady Middl-brooktMn 3 Matnirg MliiCatht Mnlltn Mia* Marat Molaaey Mra Martia catht MnirhtadMtMl aibtMahaa Mn Phlll Maraier Mn Robi Murray Mary B Muatm >r?noy Mary tad Jaae Mur| hy Sarah t Meoaey Mim u aaaah M"ade Miai Brl4|t Madigaa Bndgt Morgaa MI'a Car j Mallat Mitt Be- ManuirtJane lint ?hr"i la Maii< r Miu Ellea M rriron M ti"a'ht M'ltdith Miu Ko- Mtlitr Mary Mtr>am?rt Mra Ba *e y Ma) ar Marat rah w MilltriMrt Malone Jtdy Mnllia Mi?a Bridget Millir Mm Fiaacit Mtan Mn MulTihiil Margt Jana Martin MiM BC Murrey Catht Mlddlatoa Barah Mra Hngh Murphr Mn Mol.*a Mary May Aaa" M r era Miaa Dorah Moloney MlttCn tht May Mri Sarah Mac M'Alear Ron MeLaughlia Ana McEroy Ann Mi Cake MIm Ana M l.atghlin MIm Mi Farlaad Miu MeCarthyMlaeMarv III /aaeth, 4'k at H^aaah MtCeanaa Catha- McMali a Mim Oa- M> Onern Bridgtl riao thtrlnt M'Kar Mn J ta MeCoraiekMary or Mr N lei Mra John McKeererMiM Marat Me Arthur Mrt. Kth Mary Mefully Margartt tt MiL rta Iliiabeth Melt, ally Aliet ??cab* Mn Taaay MiLanghlia Mn Me Ire y Marr MeCtrrta Mrt R Hi abeth MeGregor MliaHtr- MoCnrmith Mrt ItoManai Ellea rltt Reade HiMaaut Mary MeGuiroAaa MeCaibyCatharint M?Naiaara Mim Mr Kenaa Bridget McDufftt Mn Chaa Blizahtth MeKalght ABet ^ Bt Pat laad Jaat Newnra Mn Mary Baaly Miat Iltaor N. Ian MaryorM.tbl Ni'tMiM Bewmaa Mn Car. NearyAaa Niooll Mra Jtha liae Hilton Sarah o Oatltw Mn Robt O'Neil Mra Catbr O'Donongho* U'Briea Catho Owiat Mn Adallat Widow Miehaal O'Oaaaer Hiehatl 0 Br lia Jehaaaa O DoanoU Oatha O'fioaatll Roet P Pico MrtMary B Fritt Mn Sarah B Feten Mia A L Mn 7. I> FriteMlMlllta Ferkint Mn Ada Parker Mrt Thot A Fowtr Mrt Cathriat (aide Peartaa MiM Ba- Pnrdy Mr?llleab?thPrl - Mn Margarai _tllda Failltr Mim Mary Folitt Mn Jona* Fall Mn Mary Aaa Parktr Biat I Power Mn Jaha Ptlotgt Matilda Fair* Mn *arah Porilll Bridgtl Pateraaa Brt Ta- Julia Fhainfird Mn ftat? Fi.aipt Sarah - ^ % Qnirl Bltt Mary ^ Q iiaa M m Baavartt Raaeej Bttilda Btbf Mft, It Rltt Mida, ffUkh* Rogara IiabellA IWM Bridget Roaark Hn Folia 1(IM Mary IfMfUlt.Cbu ry (tract luint Mn litn Bawiou Mr* Raymond Bra M A Reed Htry Ann R*illy Mr* Ann Rallly Alice AAA rt M^NniAin RMAiaag Mn. Dd lm; >t Rwtrey Hn M ? *???? Catharine JUcar* Hit Jim Rom Mn RrsMtia* Robbb Eliaabeth Ryan alia* Muj Catlaa Rjan Kllan XiiUj Jim Eullivau Mu;, Oak at Sullivan Mary, Yea?l?wBtcr ?t ward J KhiriuiilllMUoTB Bhelly lira Am M Raadolph Ma F* mIbm tumid IIh Oj a tAlB A lN4lMtA Abb iUilly Ml** Aaam ReUiy OeUiTrTne Reilly Mr* ThoaA* Ri:e Mn, BroUwlj Bi*k*rd* tliiA Richmond Mn Cl? riMA I Staok Mary.Catba ? Bherleek Dili Jul Btaart Mri Uale* riue it Bherwood Mri Starr Sullivaa Oath* ? J Sadler Mil* 1 ??> Stilton Rn Harriet Ball! ? *a Mary, Baad* Mir* ElisA M 12Ui ft Scannell Ellen Sw?itg*r Ktl Cor- BymmM Mri AunaC ihaa Mi aaMary delta Suydam Mri Sarah Baaford Bliiabath Smith Mn, 11th it Btiad Mr* f arnfleld Mary Smith Mary Add Bebenok ?*'? (Ally! Shaw Mr* Luoy Smith Pblloaa (bony Jaaa Bcott Mn fFUllaa Mlvarmaa Mn Surliag Mr* BU*b Block Acid Mill Mary HaawaA Rt*v*ai Mri EM-1 Smallin Mn Jchn ?a?ok Mary, Room- Shepard MnRlisa Btuart Mii> Jane A Tilt it betk 8mt?u Rebecca Blade Mri Calvin Siepird Mr* Ed Stanley Mr* ? I Beanlon Margt Shannon Barah Banderi Mn Calk* 8?t*a?y Mill Snian B*athelMla*RailyABhaw Mill M Jab* Seymour Mri Ellen Btebbini Mr* Luoy Scott Mri Mary Smith Mm Corolla* Pe*ry Mr* Mary Shertt Mm Jane Smith Molly 8t*?{* Saiaa r Stau?htun Mri P, Smytb Mary Sncll MiaiCharlotte York *t Storr Mi** MaryAna BtevenaoaMriCatAe Stamp* Mn Cath* Boo tt Mn Jeauette Sheiaid Mi* Mary V Tat* Ma* 0 Thotopien Mn Vir- Touvilliger Mn TraeyMin.Prlnc* it jtinia W Julia A Tcnipleman M.m Toy Mn Jaae Thompioa Mn C, Helen Tiggart Sarah Demiaiok it Tit* a Mi*i Rreile R Taylor Sarah Kliza- Turner Mrs U Themaa Mil* Char- Lath Tyman Mia* Mar lotto Tool* Miaa Ana Karat 1 D A ^ Vpham Mitf Liia 4* Tan HoruM mSarak Vaa Vl**t Mn R, Preicott YanvtlU Madam, Fraaklinit Vaa Vorat Mid* Bway Vaa Uouton Mil* Fanmo M Vorlei AnM* Elua WadloyMr* MariaL Wil*oa Mr* A*A Wc Water Mrs Mar Walker Mri Fany Williami M11 xaret Walker Mri Oonrge louiaa 1 Wells Mlai Matilda Wallace Mn Elua Whittle Min Mary Wheetor Mm Julia Wamiier MiaiMary Wnodi Bin Mary Whialau Catkarin* Wation Mr*. Broad- White Catbariae Willti Ann *?? Wolf* Mil* Martha W'ilaon Mil* MaryB Welch Mr*. 10th it Ward Mi?* Fnche W?rti Mr* Fredo WhelocLMre WmA WaihburnMiiiMary rioka White Mn Elua- M ali' n Betty Whits Mil* Eliaa beth, Suflelk it Wead Mr* Belindas both, Pearl *t Watere Mn Caro- Wakoman Armiuda WilliamiMnAuuEl. line E Walker Mim Maria Wioli'ld Mri, Mtdi Webb Mri Raohil Wallace Mua, Madi- ion .it Wheeler Mr* M R *oa it ^ Wood Mri Bliza Yearn an* Sarah E Youor Sri Da Marl A GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Ac hi L Adriine R. u?l B Atlckca ? J ao. M A liaatk* Julia Ail' n William Ataei Brutal J A lli n Ctarlei B Andrews Nuth'l Ania V Amh-rion D C Ad 'uc Nicliola* Auobor Jobs Arh L<'bB Atwater Joahua Ajers W'lliam- - Apnell John A vi ry Johu M Adam* Orris Allen Th' odore P Adam* William Acyandri- Franoi* Alixasder Li t Allan Jehu C Alien* Fatk Andcraea J J Adami Jai Abboit Dnet Ubui Addonn John Alben 11 Aturae John Allea Ban j F A hern* Thoi Aleiandir Edwd Andu2* Aohill* Am r*M Archibald Aadernon Robert Abui tiou Jane A t m ood 0 W Ayniar A F Aribieldi Jamei Art hal.ald Jamu An? rion Hen.' F Andiraon Jauir* Austin John ArmitroBK J0I1B Arnold Richard Atkinion Atdrow J Armitrunx Sterliaf Alh Mou'r B Brady Pntk Brabo llenrr Blaka W F Prof Banaa Patk Blaekaalia WDr Bailey 8 Braiaard Albert Baldwia Ilarvey Baldwin Ja* Brady John Brady A Co P 2 Braitccn Ja* B- i blatkman Hornet Bale win Wu Biker Jai Blake JohB llaldwia W blair Baraard Blikily Birdiey W Biakeilrc Ja* Kan^i Eldridge Branin Murty BlanohardClarlei- 3Banoket a W Barnard Joha Baak Uirdy Baraai Dema* R Baaker Saul Partly Jahft Barnes 8 Barrowi Isaac W Barclay John Bluvltt Edwd Baiter Chai W filailaad Cap Wn BataiJ W Be. ker T M Brewer t<a|nuel Break Joteph Brat Cartii C It) ard lieo A Bjrti Patrick Breea Paik Breilaad Heaery Btenaa Edward Bell Thoi Bell CbaiE Bell Arthur Beldta R Portar Bell Capt Wm R Britt JoLa BiMrich Ch* Boice Wm Bo|*rdni E< *ar Bo eke CbiUtlaa Boardmaa Wa F Bogie Robert B01 net Ja* BArrinfton Rwd Barry I)r W T Barhar 8 Barloa Benj W Bell Joha Beatly 11 vary C Brunt Solomon Benedict Wm F-2 Bennett S< l'uioa Bt nett Jamea Bentoa Col Th* Q Br uiau Michal Bennet 3eary Bennott M ae* Bernard Carll* Beroan Ja* Berk John Borry Wm Bmekaor Wm F Brie a Ja* Brifg* R P 1 Birle Fred Briioo The* Bithop Oea S Bolmer Wm Brookee flr lhen k Boat Brodixaa Mlehl Bo(i n Peter L Boithwiok L A? S Breoka Alaaioa E Boreha Ja* S Bit om Joba Brown R Bi owa W A Brt.aWS Brown Fraak'ia brown Samuel U BrowL* P Brown B Bonn* Joha Boyee William Brawn Paauel Bro?aell W Bower Jama* Boydea Iht a S Buckley John Brook* Joieph BnwiEJ Browa J Bnwn Bavid Broaae Rwd Browae Ja* Blown R*v Mathaw Box Moa* Aufat* Artnaad Loui* ii Black Joba Bieke Joha Babtoek W 11* J llrady Patk Bradley Jai Bailey Peter- 2 Bait r A Oe Balw.aT R Baily Maml Braiaard A L Baldon Jai Bianga Ja* Bannter Robert Brannon Patk Bla?* Thoi Barr< t Noya* P U Barnard John B Barry A H Billiai i Calvin O Bieklord Henry Bili'ch B II Robt L Bieader J Biptelow Dr A O Brim* Raubea F B'lCf Ja* 8 Bioknell Arthar Brill Juliua Brittoa Fred biaa* N Britlan Joha Bciitow W bitter ft Paicuay Bri***ad*a Edwia bruger E H Bri*?o Edwd T Bicwa Franklia Barea Wm U Buie* Benry Br.i*an Joha Boiee Wm B Brophy Ja* Boad Oliver Blockaay Wa A Browa Ja* M Browa 0*? Brown Loaii P Browa H*adr*y Br..wer Aloaia Browa B Boticn J R, M.D. Boaae Cart T Boutun Mr Bonmaa l>-3 Broafhtea War r*n A Bowae Oeoria Bureiek Lewi* Bulpaa Oao Boulaad ? Y Bowddet Jeka Bnyee liaac D Bojd w a Boyd J W Ban Joieph Bruea Jane* H Burliuftham Re? AD Balklay RafcaaldW BuekaaAa Dr A H Bn I man Ad Burtia N W Burn* Thome* Bnrtii Nath'l Bars* Jamei D Haeklaad Rabbi J Baraett B l-l Barke Michael Eryan David BachanaaDrA H Borney Joka Barahaa Fred O Barke Marti a Burdiek Oee A RnyaWaB Bnrae John W BalUrJobn Bntlar Or*aal*af Bura* Martin Buaeb Cbai Bnrni Daaiel Burikirk Tbiodore Burk Jaha Br) aat Jocapb Candiler Beraaa Caldwell Ja* Calvia Jam** C Caldwell RCU Chamdtr la Camp R Cbambtr* Wm Cram 8 Capt C rana Jeaiah t aatnail Jo* Carnev tdaoad Carroll Mieb 1 t'hapmaa R L Cairoll Ja* Carta r A M < arvcr D L Capt Cardoa Ckaa CI apia Aahial CkaaaaA Uoo Clara Peter Claik Jake* Clark BylvMter Clark lilviiiar Clark* M a F*atr- Clark ( ba? Clark Ui?o?a B Clark Ja* D By rn* Jam** O Byaa Alpha* >0 Cad alio Ckai-S Caia Heary Caliehaw Tiat'y Camello Cianaa Cbaafraa F $? I Canfleld B B CAAot Thaodon Chamberlain Ueorfe Cam pi Eli* Carter Wm M Carodia* Bieh'd Chappall Wa Chapel Wa Carne ? David Ara etrou? Carpenter Oea Carlatan Oao M Clark Thoe *;*?*? a a?_ ?*ar? ?lA^t0? * D.,. ,C,'?**ea D." t'tVeTf^ ."""a*?,** i k-p' sssSk Cbaddertoa J a* Cabbie Elijah Cable Wm H Caaeren John Can,) bell Alex'r Caaell Benry T Craa Reaiellaar Chandler David Campbell Mor daaai Carter Heary Cat*I1 Patk Carroll Wa Carley Aaa'w Cark Oeo Carter lmbl*y t bamklia Carty Uaaiat Carter Jat-ob Clatke Willoa|hby ( larae W B Cater T P Claik ft Mattow Clark Peter Clark Cypriaa D Capt Clara B Cutlet Wm F Clarke Rluha Clark Mieaael (,'aalar Oeo Crawford H F Crawford Jno Cavanach Daal Crawford Bernard Ceeey Patrick Cavaaa^h Dan Caawford Wm OMMdyJa* Caibin Michael Claary Frao i* CTecdaa Deaat* Cheeaey J B Cleavlaad B ury Ch'iyCba* Cnam*a Ja* Clittoa Uideoa Child* H B Cbriat aa Robt CnaciyMr Critseadoa A P Cnaroy Jeha Croak Jae Coeketair Rehel* B C(.ek?r*a S B Crocker Retrieve F I' iieahill Wa A Clarke Jay L i'iui Jao a Celline Patrick Colliai Wm Colemaa Jai Cook Orrla ColUag 8wi W Celliae Jaha L'oraey Bar' law Cdaaei Jeke Coanell Joha Coaaor Jae Cera- II B Cepelaad Jai Ueaka Rev Baml-1 Cooper Joha M Carnwell Jn M (kroee Judak U Corbett Capt P 9 ("orry Miabl (J rod ley Tarry Ca ? Jae P Co u rai* i Rekt B Coekefair ( ha* B Collin* David ?"olby Joha L t'ol*aa Fraak Collia* Tho* Canaiaghaa J a#? 2 Carry Jaa CI j mri Brian CryitieJodA Cl< u*a Miebl Curtia Wa Carrnt J W Conl* Rd ?ia B CuBaiacham Kay A l; Cuaa* Joba Cartinoa Joha Cnrry Jaha Cntu 1 R Co win J'-eaph lt*a t'liatoa Colliae rionare CmkliB Jekn t eaklia Oao Coaaell Wa Ceaaer Tho* Ceaataek Ca'.vrt Coan ally C B Cora* P H Copeiaa I Joka C"i'<!land Ja* Cnrvtll J L Cope Oao T Crnach Levi Cr a -h Ja* Cueninahaa A N Cam* R?l't Carry Bartin On r til N P B OiunhtU Wm Cartia Warttatil M Cnuchlea I'atft Oaaaia?haaMi' kaalCanimiati R p " i" By B Palon Mich Daltoa Carar4 Dai lay Thoma# Dalay Jaka Itli) ret Daya- Biaki M<li fill Da' it Phialay I l>avia DtMR Dm Hil?a A ton- 3 D ii H l>oi? ? 0 Drrtrta* r W H'maraat bay B D?aa*y Jha Daaaia U it D'nalo* w U! W P?ral1 Daarh?a Ba*>art l>araroai Caj t J l>a?ana < kaa Daaa kt?rh?a fit* Bichar4 Diakiaaca Hy B P Ditakar Mr D"?? Uao D naldnoa Joka Dolaa Thf i Dakarty Jm Penally A D ?' ih ( hritto l'k?r M LatMaoa Ju D>il|i Ut| D< laa rati I'nrmc Joha DflTit By D<>?ain( Patar W Dotirtdar Dr ? 4 liian J a oak btifl'l Joka A Dana Jaa A bully B?ra?r4 Dudlf y Part4 Dyrr Wm Darfet I Mia Dairy Mania Barla * m Baglotoa J 1 tar If Barnard Katoa In T A Bdwar4i Wa L Mar D B Bkaaltt* NalMl Rllaa R |4*ar4? f?r laaa BtvaUB Da lay Hr> an Daganiand A Due tt W m Dal i Bart h a Da*i4a< n l)anl Daytoa Joha M<ii Baary [< Daria W m 6 giala Aaatia rta >4* in itaat J L inharr C D'ppr t A Dvnvia ftmick Darky k Miliar Barb S B Darky <? B k Co Dartoihar* I. kaa Ptririaa Th a Darlin Bmry Diakinana Ja. Da Caaara Ka Dal? Jot a Daalala Boarar4 Dan ai< Howard Day C li Dana tam< Don Joha Darla Charlaa B Daan Oaaraa t Da< r>? A A- J D- luraat J?fca Ei Unaud ft mmitu a Waod aay Tjomaa U'na>o Braalal B Da Chart*! D a??y Bi?har4 On* I tayhaa M Draaaa lorff Fru D-vlin Hank Duyar J U Dillinir ham CiwiaB Diokia?an llaaMa-S Dial jofin Dtnamur* J at Doanally E4 Dcaoraa Th ->? Dohtrtt Jaa Dod*a frr J LoaaallJ B Dodga Ban* IK> l?a H?n DaaJ I)"da John B D'aaally lly Doaeraa D-aia fh>B*haay Jni,a Dorin 'ait Daa4y Thu D"?laa Kiakl I>?aa J Daalaar Joha P Dnucnak Vm toffay I'araard nrloa H'm Dyar H?nj Daplan Moaa Durgaia Iaraal E-lward. W H Bdaarda. Jaaaa B latH-l Baatl*k*r f far) Jaa B irftar Fntaa Elliott Bakt ?aclaatta 1*4 ilw?' d forla Wp.t Diaa Irfllil P?aalda>a rho? Diaoraa Via Drum Bona B?laa Pat?r Dohioa Br Dally Lq Dnnnally 14 Dalirar Uao W Doaaar T !?? ian Patk Dalaa Jaa Dowd A Day)* Joha Do> la Thoa Dorr Jotapk B Uar*?rth J ha Drommond Bl P inna M lohl Daa<>an W? Dnna Thoa Dr?r By H Drnry fa Dayar Unitl Daly Joka Blliat i:dfa E4 ar Jn( Bkkiaauita ami Kkaraola B aa Ba> .a Jaha B

Btalaaa n?aj t Biarart A Blaaa'i. rf Cart T Bltwortk Ij II iiiiiiii" r Bitot l?H Maglimaa *imoa T M ??HMtokl fci cktua^M ?Iiiri lvlll fa::?. Wm Fair lamb Jonas P Fallon John Tiuoo 0?o Fariuur J ames ? I Fuxoa Bsnry Fauesl C?o Faulkner fetb Fraser Wb Fellows B 8 Federmun Mr Fnlia ratriek f'rdimiad C T Fleming Juh Fleming . Pwlds W_ Finlsvoen Wm Firm Daniel ? Pialier Dr. Morris st Fiab D Pltxgerald Ju Pitapat rick F J Fittaimana Jh Floor iUobd Flood Joa J Ford 8 r Froal Patrick Potter laiaaa Futeoner Captu Burgess? 2 Mania JaU M Tvltt Bwd Brass 8 0 Esmond J tbm? 2 V Fryneaa 1'akriek Fair field Joha T Fab any Cataw Francis J H? ? Kay Va Farroll Chaa H Farmer Fa .or I raser John Faltoa Mr Fuu Tkrnai r oaaey Pa tar Flauhor P Adel'h Triggtar Joa I id ward Faaao L Fridge J F a Co Field Wluslow Fisher James C Fish Ca^ Job a ?t??erald Michl FlWpatrick Jaa Fraat N Foignot k Tajlor Ford Henry Fonial Ariotids Fax Jamua Foatar Jaa Furbws 0?o IF Graham Wm Gait Tbua Glad ding Wm B Grant Pruteaecr Garoey W m Orsy A Uiay A O Gregg Cbai 0 Or enC C Oiaan Edrard Greenwoi d Fr'k Greedy Patrick Gerbard Jaa Qerhard Felix Oil! Owen Gibba Capt I Uibba John Gilbert Cbarlee Gilmore a Ca E Gilbert A Grin cell Ik Co B B Gilleit Jacob Godfrer W E Goodwin F A Gonialot Jnaa da diet Grotjaa Etnae'l Glover Henry Gormly 1'atnck o Gallagher Jno? 2 Gatigi-r Darn Graham George Gaghrla lle*R Gavm i'atrick Gray M Oruteot 8 H? 2 Gra?a Wm Green J H GroeaG Gr*vt Jamea B Greely Klliha O Gegelln Emit netano I'eter Grillln R B Gr>tlin Francis II Gilmer John Gillie Wright Gilbert S C Omnoehlo John Gilny Wm Uilaay Jamea Oiimore Fred'k ?onaoaa Di | laaaaal A Eyre J ? Brwia Miebl Color Joha Firme Joka Fablaa B Paleeaor La wit Falahy Ml-1 Faaaoa Jelfery Fraaklia Jaa Farrall Paler Faulkner J M Feng as Mtobaal Fearioy Ltvraee Freemaa Joa O Featbaraan Mr Predrickeoa C F fmmm J?n?> Feawiok Tbomaa Fellmore Wm Piakett E 0 Flick Joseph FUlier Geo Fieher A I Fit>|iatr>okTerraae? Fitigerald Joba Folty Tboa Ford Joa C F.ird J 0 It Forraat J 8 Froihingham Ury Fox Sylvan us FnUarton John Grimlay Geo O Gaby Henry A 8*4 lor Fr Auk ran ada Pedro Oraaty Thoa II C Qannoa J a* Glover Jaa Gray John Green George Green Geo W Gray Jooeph Orenr Alex Groarliu Wm George Wm f Gin Tbomaa Glif'H Wm Gliddoa J W Grin nail Hsnry Otlbert Gao Gillerrai later Charlaa Oillaa Joba Gnawold O D Groeoohki C 4 A CoGormaa John Goedwin JoaepU G oclenoughj B Gomel Ignacis Gorman l>aal?l Ororos John Guthie Joba Gnire Mr.BroadwayGntmana Nat'u Garcia M Gnthrie Gao N Harm Robert Baight J U Ball U T Band Bernard Dan ley Antlu rvy Hannah Gee W- 2 Grsjnas 80 n II at sea Elijah 11 .U Kiobard P Bnna Oeo Ik G F Hammell Patnak Banaoa Geo- 2 Uandeverk Albia Bannalord Artemui Hand y Emery I. Hurrimaa Jaeob K Hart 8 N Harria Rev rhoa L Uartahorn K b: B Barcn Gcorjre liar tabor n B P Hartigan Patrick Hawkina C M Hay Joba Bawa 8 Bayaa Aucuate Bawkiaa Tlioa Hartz Edward Hardy Thou Bart Mark Barvey J W llama John O Harned Geo H Harrington Mi'hl May aril Cbia Hxuraad Auiuat Uavket Henry T Harard John V S lia?kell& Ualdwla, Baydea Iaaac Meaars Bayta Joba H?t< y Jcha Hagerty Daniel Baiiiieraoa Jobn B Bebbhaw Chaa Br pry Ntuton C Ha mo Patrick Hcvltt B Joaae Herrin Farrun T Bigtina Bogb Good John 8 Gold C W 2 Goodyear Dmtiaa A Gomel Julian G Y Guyoa Gilbert Ourn Peter Bule Joha II Uait; lit Beary Ball U?b? Hanley Framia Hanna Thomas Hammoad k Mil bank a Hand Tb >mas Harriagtoa C L Qwi cr John if amis P B W Harvey Samuel T Harrigaa Cat nek Bar a^ale Jamoi Haves Joaa W llaatel Wm Haakin M JN Haskell Naia* P Haawell A 8 Haynee Geo A Haven Beary My Healjtbin Jamea Iledger Bylretter iicnainry B II nd r?on Jas Hie! man Tbod Higfisi JaiM ( iek Jcba Holmes Glaagov llolliater James U< ran Pat-2 Bolmea G H Homer Mr Horan Joba Honatra !? aas Bows Wm llowil Jsmss Ilavsn H G Batmana Bsary Hagaa Pe'.er Henderson Win Hem p Frederick L Ilonry H B Henry K E Hedrmnn Mr Henderson Jsba Hews Mr Hsys Marouss Herriek Capt Baml IHwIinn" Tbes Bill WG Biekok Capt D 8 Biggins Daniel BsganPatriok-2 Hill Chaa Far<oa Hill Jossph B Hiackam Wtn Hnlden Cyrus D Hahn Mattu> Bodge William Hsrgan Jobn Houe V W Hotton Cbarles Harnett Edw B Boward Saml-J Howland Messra Hutbea Si C? Jobs Hnkee David LI ii IT Joba 1' Buteklnaoa Jno Jas -2 Hunter Alex 2 Hut ted Thecdore M Bultea Daniel D Hyatt Abraham Butchias Wrn L By att James H> ?aey Joha IiislaOeo A Iria Joisph M Irvma Ktv J C Jackaon TD Jackaun Abrm Jarroassa Leoa Jeakissoa Jas Jeneks L Jeakias Chas Jol naoa B P Johnasn J Jobaaoa Wright Biggin* uvo W Hinds Fraaoia Holionks Henry Bollerin John Ilogaa Dennis Hooper D Hopkins Musa Horrlskon Dr J M B ward George Moilsr Howard Tbos Boward S N lltighee Daaiel Unches Jaa W Hubbard Chas W Huat Capt Moses lianti ngtoa N Hnater William Hutchinson JuSson Hnntin^ton JoaepbS Busted H H Jelmaon Jonathan TJohnsoa Beaj F Johnaon DrIPM Johnatnn Joha Johnasa Wm J Joneston Jss Joy ham Jos W Jonea Bsnry A Joais Mortit Jsnas Wm Gordon Levi C J> sepb Capt Joha Jsyss Joba Hardy Oeerge 0 Burden Mr Barrlaoa Geo laasss Thomas Ide.Coit AC j, Messrs Jeyss Aamasl 0 Jaeksoa J Jarott James J amis Ufia h Jawett Joseph Jenaey Be a j ami n C Joliaaoa J B Johnsoa Orssnlsaf Jobssea Joha L Johaasa Ceo Joiston Jas Johast a Martia B Johassa Pstor Jolmatoa Bokort Jshasea Coraolioas Wm J jbason Jeremiah Jonea Ambrots J Jsnes Thos H Jones Iligah C Jones Jobn Jones Jas Joy Chs H Jones Jas Willooa Jo-dsn l?ral S Irwin Beary Inglis Thomas J Jordea Beinrleh Jackaoa Chas U Jacobs lease Jamea Fraaeis Jewell Jr. Joe Jevett Thomas B Johnsoa Thss Kays Martia Kauflman Maeir Kalay Jaa Assllsy Jas Keby Mi'hl Aslley Michel Eeegaa rat Kslfey Mishel Esmmsrsr Mr Krrrigaa Thos Ksnaeday Tbos Korley Momnnd Kidd M W tisrsoa Jsba Kirnh Oeo King Mania Kirkbam Wm ? lag Byras K.onlss Wm Ji.y Thus Jtnria Juloi K Kalis Fredrick Kellt.aek Wm Keller Eldrldge 2 Kearney Kvbt Keel en I as Keilay Pat Mean James Korean Fraaeis Ksndsrain Wm KsogaaPbill Kslley Csrnelioas KiTaallan Gss Eirby G W Kiitridxe J W Kis-am T J k Co KUak Gee Krug J V fc Co Kaosp Joba k IP Jnlee Miebel Joelm Jacob D J u it ice Bottoa Ktdd Alexaadev K ahn l.eoni K aratnng Mr K-efePatt Kelley Edwd Ktlley Kraneie Kellogge Jaa Korley J 0 Koat Joha Kenny John Kondey Edwd Kimble DeWiU Kilboara Jas Kidasy Jaa K iasley Koowophns King Wm Kirwaa Joha Kaowltoa Danfred Lilly Joha Lamb i buUitt btnry Iautoa W ai Un? l.onno Lawry W m B Lawiaioa Cap! i a?> a C A Uiuna trsi LathaM J La* laa* Biokil Ltftitr Dmnil Laaritt Gao W Laa Cabnol W Lao Par id Ul bow Frad Leaky Uilkort Utlllllru J?ha Umti Hitri Lawli J B Latroa Jobaaoa la lit Juhl Q Uij Dairy A Lilln Baurtca Lilly Patk Lf*b?y Wm Lltiraori W 0 Locktry Daniel Lr i+i Martin Loral] Va S La?ary Dan Lowa Jaa t) l.?adbatrr Tboa Londra Sam oaJ LorttU Joba Lcrd Jllli I.) n >i N K Lyaia Tl.oa I tntli Thee Lyi' li Bmhael Li l*k Jaa Liacb Th I LlaoijMtt H l.ii i Moil Luia Patrick Limb Rich liac Wm O LiBoit Daaiel 0 Law CI ?? P l-atbroaa SUM P Utmn'Ju K Lawrence P M Laad Jaa Ladd Or Jeka O Laae J aa S LaageB Miekol Lackav iaa Leoa Lath am Char lee R Co Latkropa D N Laweoa Bran LAorme* Daaitl K Laiara* Cd?d M Uvkbm Vt'ataoa Laa Joa Smith Latikaa 1* J Laa W La Daa Va 0 Laary Daniel Laetkree Tboa Lair Frail Lt'piaaaa* Prill l.'-oBirt ArtamAa l.aatrr Gao L "Bird Lerl Laoa Mr Tlii. a Larkaa Patrick I<aa l?r Wm A I.eCeaaeh Co J Lc Bait Lawia laaaiaf Hnmpkray l.oaraeo WiUard l.aa Patk Loade A Co Wm W Leftriek S L Unto Cm La via Oaa La?y Raary 4 Laalla Joieph l.ewia ll'nrj iJndaer Rr Wm P Mat Rarahard Little John T l.lnard Frame* Mreraora DaiterDLittl* Qeo P I."ck< W B Loehor 0 l.o yd Rav Aar?a La<>mla Amaw Kan Henry N Lockliart R?n| Din it Warr'-A P Loomie Pa<abAl Leookr H'irj Lore Robert Iaf aa Laren< a oyoUad M arena Ljoa Job a C L man Da W itt Lnden Joha I.-. ash Jnha Lyaa* Denial Lyeneht Tboa Lyarh Daminick Likb> r UoH fa Lnft'.rd Ooa Lor aa Jaa I?owt Lajea l.yaaa Aaauel E I. yon Char U I. imadan J BR JO L)B'h Jaa Latt Chriatopher Luaaier P R Ladlam Jaa W Liadca IP Macdoaaaah Chria- Burphy Thoa l tapber Ba tdenald A. Jr Balden B Baaden B J BaiorCbaaB Baioae Jaa Baloaa Joha Baiura I L XititCB Baedoaald Jaa IP Rad'?an Mirhal Ball ah r Capt P MabbIb< Jaa Ballrr J tit Barkb am Praaai* Barthell Olirar L VaVaV^V A!' ?eU ?'hXlW* B'sf5* Rilto BUI" % . \\\? L^iaoB r B^l'jVrX l$Us? viS'""" 0 *0,^i JM ? i ""?t! D1 * r M?ot? f jBd .0'Sfc.AH Vs"'*""1" Mf-' :!F pSBHP ?"?kip" S&P H*r?n Th ? IMP' ?"?TtJ a S2?r* *rc ??"* c * gnn,ii b*. f'taa f; !? th S?r 7 J.;^ 5*'rfa nr a*a Mr*r? Back C?arad Ba< 'I Pitt BaZiaaa Jaa Man iorty I'atl Balibla Ju Mahar John Baae aiJaa 3 Baaa in And Marrhi-tti Vaaaaaal Martla Rirk Marahall Rr Barahall J P Bartiaatti D at aioa Maaj Moaa B%t ?all 0 >a Baaa? Uanry R Baana Nrhrslah M ad' A?a Morrall Ukrni H Miall 0 Mirha#: laaao Mill*r. Williamaoi A Parrall Bilkora r Mtll*ra Wm 0 Millar Oaa Miller Jaa I Bl ktla I t ward Mialtha"*h Mirkaal Ba'ia n?al II M?a iarxa J oaa Ba rll M->nr Jar k Bnll-aa By T B .llar Br By?r? B BylaarAnlr Tl.oa "a i ray Rtah? Bnrray Joa Br rphy Biekl Bln?aa Jo( M'<raa ' ? B <b*( 'inary B L B<>aahaa Joha Botany Daal Baora Theodora ??3 ?aora Bd Bartaa J?k| Baatoaa J W Boras Rokar Borria Joha Borrin Br Borria >n Waltaf B or to a Jaa ? Mm BaKaaaa Juha BaMara Jaa B Nalll ? haa Bal'arllfa Aaroa Bocae B fair Bajh MoBcmnrngr Data B'Baana C Bad rat k A ? BaNamara Wai MePaHaad Jaha BeUaall Joha Botjalaa Jaa Baunian Th?a BrNaaar-i Bd ward ? BfCapTWBi . MaDonoiifh Praaaia RaC'ak* Joha A MeQoitaa Pa'rii k M*< r??k?r Jr fc Co M'BoaoMJaa Jaa B'Uoaan Bart la B-Oartky Tln? iky BeCorraa Oar* BM aaa '?ka_ Bt Cak* Capt Wm ??Adam Jaa paCaBa Patrlak BaCarty Inf?n? ifCAr?f n?otkj B?At<?r Patrirk B<-l allenali R W MrOattar H'Bry BaCraady J D Brt aalay Br MeBrtda RaalaaB BeCottar Hn?h BoUcmiek Jaa MeAlaar Thosa* MaCa^ray Jaa MaCal Kraaala BeCoy Ofo BHulty Fraaala B^Anhar Joha B?U?rai(hty lhaa BaGrath Wm MaUaoraa Baaa?l BoDaawd W H BoDala ?a B?Oraa|h Joka BaUllaa Jaa Bel ?aa Oaa W ? M Bofadia Tkoa BtOaort* Wm B<-Ora*h Richard Br Doa oaah Wm BrDoaaall Blrhaol MoRartnott jfcaa BoUroaorAHariaAa BoDonnall Chaa Bi-Crrt Baraar M l-?a? Cart Wia M' K imm Wm R Mr Warty Daala B< latyr? Kaaaady BaKaova Jaa MaLaak Pa"r B?Hn*'i P ?tl anghlia BMatt BoUrraa Alaaaadar B?It>rry Prank BaTaaa J< ka A MaRahoa Thoa ?aflaBia Daalat EVfa BoMnrry Javal Brdalna Tkaa P?)<?U DaRj staffer* ss-v.,; BaOaufcaa B?M McLairbt Robert BoLaoftUia Bach Kmm J o<? MtltnfotH B Nalla Peter Noel Robt NawM Wm Ke???i Thai ? Nat* awe Philip Jukn Nuk Birth * Nnwbery Id Neal ?aml IT Kivbih Gutter Newkifk Dr AB? (Newkirk David II U'Aiia^Wni W Niaklboa Martoa Nel?on Jnba KiohtU Wm Koiflett Joe Nome Kd 8 North Geo F Nolan Wm Nob O?o Norin ta N Q Noah Jea Oikmu J ot W Oata Jam on amd Ifcady O'Borao Hoary 0' Berne Michl O'Borao Folia O'Brian Thui Ordea John D O Broil Cabriel O'O. niior J u O'Connor feiehl JMiaMMa MdMimltfriml NuijUliuil ?>U? T? I MeUoa Jokn Noovoaa VrOUam NiaMmb Jaaam Hoialaior hW NiokoU IMR NleUole B Nottir N uriua Oa#l Ma?H bolca of Nortoa Mr, ItlMI ? 'root Nob'e A B No' ran Deal# Numni Frank O O'Coni.ell Daniel? K?'K? il> Path Nfpht kiobl N olaa Franoie North Joha D-2 Nonree J a* B Morhnry Joha H Morton Aadrew Wereeili Pietra Ntoaau John O Obort Alt i II Oakley Jll Otrine Chao? 2 Ob.rbreltBM 0" Berne John O'UeraeChaa O'B'ra Mi'lil O'Berae Louie O'BrjanJetia O'Horne f'att O'ltrynv Ju O'Brian Patk CXdridKo Joha Olaan II r O'Calghan Patk Oliver Eeieaa O'Connor (>?ea O'Oarrell B P O'Connor Jaa O Connor Joha O'fonaell JohnTkeaO'Uoanell Jao O'Bea D-2 O'Leary Timothy Oaburn Win Oetee Jam O'BalUvaa Wm 0?ene Patk O'Neil Joha Oritan P>tk 0?<ood John W B O'Caoaolt Miebl O'Dwier Wm O'Koeffe (ieo Ort Philip Over.efcer Blahep Ougteltreo Lafay- Orrutt Wat _ 0?K?od Wm otto Farmelaa Capt Ha- Pliilipo Jamoo A leklah Pickett Col A J Paraone J oo Poole P ParkTliuA Porchet A raand Parker Wm Polloa Claris. E r Polheimae J U Parker Jaa O Portel L?c n Pftyuft T P.imroy J t>#M Pattia Collia PcnotjH Fratt Rev Wm W Power John Pay ton k Bawkina Potter William Pradinalia John Power John Peabody John Pearl M Fahl Chaa Prentice I P Freacott H A Pom Cap' O S Petcrtoa John Petere J O Price George PriMbard Thoa Pinkorton Alox Pickett Joo Dec ha Fiaroe Abm Porhen D franca Plympt'-a J< ?< [>h R Poaroa Joha S P Par till I'atriok Parry Wm A Pulnu r * Ilacliolder I'enncll Joo P Palmar Franna L Feraj Cba? Plat Blomnel Pednau Wm Po.rao MA Peek Riohd S Priaoh Ucarich Ponn K Out. ell Joha T Patau B P t'reaton Oao Peri. ell I lioa Pbillipo B U Flo... B'ephan A Pond Charl<o I, P>nk Heu.y Pyno Porcival Phillipa iharu> Flnmmur Jerome S Plnllipn Jtmei A Phillipe Phil' ta I'ariai t L< Pai ker ( h&ii W Pr*H U?v,rt M PalintT Wm Pago N ? I'aimor Gilbert D Pidgeoa Boceno Poi tor Aroa Pol'ei Oeome I'ower* Ut<irno Porter Her Bmary B Piatt Riohar J, hcinPoplamki Meat of Pond U d Pratt OP Potter Joha'e Wm T-S Pottoa D C Prek C A Prioo B a pm T J Foariatra Nioalaa Proator Joaoph Fortar Capt T N Pom.'oT Jaaae Parker K A Ca Perrymao JerTi Partington Uesry PcaWre Anthony, Di- Powell A Piatt Francia Tieioa at PawarJoka P att Tudor Pinkeri'in A Porter BoaryO Piatt Jno Henry Piikert nHr Powell John PUttea DC Phillip" l,a?? P"?t Capt Aa than t Peace J A Pierce Cap: Ebtno- thehei'fof Phelan Jeremiah lar PulaiferDrMB Ploakatt Mlohaal Vnfyley Themaa Raybnra k Co B S Raymond Dr Kicbd Raddar. Patrick Raj sor William I) Ratclil) f? Raneom Cp Cha'e Rahlee Albert Rim d Capt Jaeeb Rceree Joeeph V Reouia Parol Renoud All red Reirhat Mr Rt( ?an BJward Reoman Rawari Ken! Thoa Rods David Reen Robt Rehm C P Richter adolph Raj Ray Muckel Ratter Jatrn Randal b D Renaiti Onet Reely Johu R?ed L T Repphahn Mare tie Reaman William Heilly Jamti Ktpplicr Chae A Ktllly 8imoa Re) aold? W Ie-2 Hicn'er Mr Richmond Kdwin Kim IIMD RtaabardThoe Hinder Matthias Ri tte n?er M Richter Prcfeaeor Adolphue R< liinat a John Rohrrteon J no 0 *< herte J B R. I bine Nathan Royne John Rot* cere 1 boa Rolling Geo A Ri'uJti Modi PbbI hkHland Oao Rooeen Benry Rons Jamea Rntenlhnl L Roelmorause Efrim Roe* John D Ruthiu. ?* Miebl RuttaaW R\anJame> Kjan Tlmnu Ruddy Ptaaela Hochelmeuter Geo Ryan Valentine Raonx Charles Raflerv Wm Raad John O Riad Jr Joal Raid tienraeC Kail* Philip Raad Cka ' Benin Raffoele Seeltiir Edward Bceloe ( harlea St am burn Dr J W Spragne Gto R Mambndfe J Sandiotd Chee F Bandar* Cdaard Sand ford Jobs Panda Kichd Seandlln Daa Band V Sanlabsry An'w Sarbce Jamaa Bweeglaa An'w J Shaw Roht Spark* Mr BtMT Jai arlee Raid Jamce B C Re- My Petk Railly Pat Raynolda BirUI B Raad Johu ? Raynolda Mr Riband CaptLuieai Rieharde Borate Riley Jamea Riao A Rikec A D Rleharue Jamaa Kipple Jaoi.b Rlekardeva Bamual Kilky Jamea Rittla B P Riely D?ni> Kiorinn Oilhart Rut ac JohnNapo- Riiby Bun lion RobetUon Jae R Robineon Wm H Rabinacn Alhart Robbineon Jama* L Robineoa Jamaa L Rbodea Wa B Rahinaon Oaa rga Roan Thi tna#- 2 Rsbinaon V B Rogere Frederick Riaoh Thomna Heoeuateia Jacob R< *ere Henry Syl Rowiand Jeremiah veater Roaa John or Wm Romion iuulafl Roodea Cbarlea Rotheekild Jnaob Rorho Jamaa Rowley John Rowland John Rornca Manriaa Koaaly Pedro Rueoell 8 P Ryan Kiraa Rrnn John Rynn John Ryan RiohatR Smith Thoa P 8 8 hater F B BchaDer AuKuatne 81 Be a J O Bpra?e D Btraae Cornell oa SammoLd John B Samuel 0 M v era Bwaa Joeopt. J Bpiford Martin Bwaa /eeeph C ISaJpauK'i John W Blanfwrd At*. bar B Stealer J thank'and John B Band ford O L Bbanklm Tboa Bwnn Tboa Shlptoa Mr Thaa Bfcaw 8 Bta|le> Henry Paroy I'luyatM Blanen John Paunleraon P Bavaae R Baarfl John Bpnnidinc Alfr'd B Btitrta I taB ntawnrt Coaa B Bwaet Jahn Meeiwr Blina P Baadi n laaao Shea John Btrntou Phllipf Sterner Jacob Bpanoar P L Bteinmaa John Stewart Jahn N Stewart John If Steele Boymtur B Btedmaa Oaoip Bwaet ear Moaaa Spnaiar A M Sandeafoa Roht Bnndford Jna L Shnaly Prank Starr Wm B Bar ( ana t That 8 Sahwnrta B Bharkay Jna lauataa Miahl Bt arka Jna 4 Btiaw Chriet'r ?heat John C Bwaa tear Jahn Bwaataar Meaaa Baanan Jahn Btawnrt John H P perry Datid Btarlinn Jahn N B'aphoaana W? Bbarwoad, Roarer ? Stavata Lnd? Bpemeur C baatar P Bpairjaaea Bebaithe > alantine Shaatar Nayaa ?ae I Co Baj moor I T Bawrli Rubt Staveiaoa J P Sherlaad Pat'k Sehwamiagar T Fa Bpire Daniel Bhielde Roht Bhtridan Patt Btratfe Louia Bbendaa Br>?a Bpaaaa Thoa Ba(aa litwta 0 Bhemeld Vhaa Stewart Jabn M Btawnrt J aim M Sohermarhorn Maaa Sherwood Jeremiah Sia >eaa Jahn Stewart, Bnrrowa IbendanWm ft Warden Behaatt Chaa BmiUy taaaet Bhiela Jan W Behiliraer (' and L Staler 9aml 9 Btmaa Wa> liiaaton fltinant Wm .- mpeen CK?a Bkianer Prederia Bmttb M B Smith Cbaa Smith WStCl Smith R BenJ Smith, Pamer k Ca Smith Mr Bmitli Idwd South SamIR S pa..inr Jnhn L PaitbJ Smith Wm ft Jaka Smith Rnfaa Smith Canted Smith Oeo W Smith Jaaob Sw>ith Patt Bmttb Uaorca tmith Mr Bianelt Oeo'fe Sahe tel<l A 'e > Stoekar Praaa'a Sprout A R Stone J M Suae Kelaaa J Smith Rnmeya Smith B M Smit h S M Smith Jamaa Bmithay Jamaa Si pre J M Shalt i Ant -a Si rktoa A 0 Bioaa Alfrud 8h ?e Wa B Son tl.ev ilt Jae Srutt Jnba B BtawebaryOrOaaW Sehnti Jae laea St .rteeaa' Olford S'urtevart S D Sally Patriak Shnrweat Baary Steele Abrahaa Smith Ceo Bdvia Taacart S M Ta fl?r Dunoaa Tan.' ft Mat ahil Tnpley Jerome T Toucher Oweae Taylor Baary Tl.atcbar M L Sulliraa J . ha Smrth Oaona Bcely Juiitb'a T Tat <<M' >a A Tnit T 8 Tetier Bherhard Sun t Baa l Sereoea J Piatark Swift W R Siaaa Oaa &)Ba?ena W Sidaey Pater Slicbt Riek'd Spillia BaalB Smith Jvba T Smith K Smith Rdwd r Smi'.h ColaahM Smith Uerrit Smith OawiM Smith fa B hank Jeba Smitb S Pa'.tiaaa Sliacerlaad J J Btakaa 8 P Ipolaae Thaa Stone Reakaa 0 Starry Jaaaa 8th *ar R Btraae Jamaa Shorter II B Sktlfeldt PkU W S?? Paal Steebaa A>i?ae? Snlueaa Marty Saith Wa B Smith Bab. a Thateher Oeo I allrnan Jaaaa C Traay Wa Tillaaa. R<a? ft Co Telle Bidsey Tillman l.ena Tiffany Better Ti*he Jo>n Tillon P R Thobray Mnrtin Tripleti a Co T'nl roaek Tkaa 8 Tlmnu PatU Tuda Dr Jae Todd Joha T n. . . i . . O TlompkiaaT B Toitlleeoa leaai Th'mp. a I' Thaa ai J. rem h ToddWroT Thnai i?? W W Tanaaanl JaLiea Taapiiaa Of M Tan I ant Lea Tht rae CI a- R T oeker Daa R Thnrae I'haa R Thora Jaiaea TnwaeandRJ TownaaadRJ T waaead W II Tattle S B T. aaer B C Tafta lax Taeaieliffe Jahn T.illy ?lr^ael Tkarher Ahner Tuahary P W Taeker ft Richard* V l lrieh Jcha I'mpfelka-k A V Taaqnea fateraa-1 Tender Aar<a Tahbert ttillmaa M Tbataher llenry Teyler Lake Tnylor R-i anrd Tappan Joha Tennep J> hn O Varwerk ? W-l Vattar Alfred Toy * a M Veral.-r Mna* TaaaC T Tan (' h a rlaa Van Bioekl'n J Vai.derllp O M Tan Hetrinfen Prof Bbtt Van Wa?rner J r Tnn llaiRi apjp Daa Beep Waller P W Wallace Abenlnta Wallare'eia It I. Ta?aart Cbaa M Taylor Cbaa R 8 Taahau Tboe Tory C B Triplatt ft Bre J'ba Tibbita Praaela L T (ale 0 M Th.mpaoa ft Bra TallaaaJaaMa Tb'tpp?,i? rrlcaftCoTbrmpaea B I ram Thomna tawia Tetnliaeaa Jho B Ton aaend Aaaa Ta aaaaad Wa 8 T w aaend Jaha Thorp Wa R TWpa Ma-ikew Tnrr th Tuaker. Brer.keftCa Trncky r T aderwaad Jaaiab -? ? aabarah Rel t TotUa aoaaet Boa i mare ? nlaatina Ra'pk v aa" Rakart Yaadory Me, ?7tfc ?treat Tan Dyek /aa Taaae Dr K M I Talna-iuet Don ? an an a Taaetnn Jaaee Villere Jnoarh Velle J ft Van Tan I' tran J Lir i orat oa- J Vudiryovi W ? Tent_ntlio?a?n J B Van 8etm?e- B - Recaaalaer Jai.a U ?aa?haa Jamaa lard Tan Waraar B V aakea ran J aa B Waitet'knat?|.herBWaiker Oaarta Walker Jnha P.llie Walker Walker Br (nlk Waller CkarM dyer) Walker Stewart Walla Jaha Walahe Jamaa Walter a ( a Wa Wallie Mtehael Wee tier Chat lea Warlord A J Wa'eeaaa Cbaa Waahtnitna leaae W*aMn?tf n Joha Watkiaa J Da l^eey Wa tare Wm A Weehknta J D Wallace Alaart O Walt Jaaaa Walah Jnaaph Waleh Walter A Walah Tbomae faniH Ur Weraer Predk R Watu Mr. Rudaea ? treat Waltiae Theava W lahtani Bal Wataon W Watte (> R Webb CearM aft Waterkary.Bid41a.Webb Wm taft ft Ua Welle Am eO Wal b Th mna Wheele . ai tCe. rfe W nodb' aee Mr W eater R 0 ? " Wehater B Wa ah Vaa Wyek Waleatt Wa WaiawTigat J Bow* ard-l Weller Jeka Wa Watak Daat' t Waldarr Daeld J Ward D '? aaaa Watkia* Wm Waabmataa C?pt Joha Watkiae Bi'aey Watkiae Jeka W Wran?rt>aok Bearp Waterman Wm Weak* J M Wheat ft t'hapliaa Weheter Cwudlaa WjekoB WllUam Wheeler J a bat Wheeler Bam I 8 Waetoa Jnemh D W eet J ?? Wenhelbaeh W Weet Jaha 0 _ dward Thoa? I Welle Jaaepk Wilana Rliee We'l> Mr, Oatla?a Wee I tee U H Plaoe Whalrly J' fta A Wheelnek Chaa Wbe< ler Maraelitta W?ll.1a?er KaeJaba Wheatna Wm Waet k Praakl ia Waet Cbarlea B Weatwortk Jara Wbeity W B alali C Wri(ktCl.a* Saith W ?? at wart h Araald Wllaoa Alexander Wilcetenii J. hn WeeiereiH Joba J Wilk CriatoR W.lle, W II Wtiaaa Wa B WriRht Sam i O Willalaa Patriak 'M Widowaaa Mr. tawia Wilkor Biraa ttyeet Wllmarkh Jamea Wiikinecn B W fllaon Jaa*e B iiliaOee R rilliaaie Ar' har Ime Wm B * llliame ' Wileey Wm B While The., e f While Bifhael Whipple Meae Wiaej W illtaa Whitftck P B-t Wii well Oaa P Wiater Benrich Whitin* Dr 8ay aaar Wood Jamea 8 Wartman Joba Woodrnff Smith Wanda Jamee Waleh Peter V el leek Jaaee Taaiare Jeaaeret Vowaee Bi'ke I, Toaa? Will ?a 'ilhaae ? hee Willlaae Rdwd 0 W iiliame k White Jaha Whlit Jaaaph Whitney Chaa Wltttama Oaa Wright L _ Whitaar* Saal B-8 ill Whl'aere i; W Wiaa Cart Wa White I Whltty R' bark Wianata Ran baa A Wiaehaeter B Wlaa Rocar Wbitaey S R ?ere Jaeob ead Datid rhittearre ThaaB WelaottChaaB rao-ira IT Sea Woadkary Rakt W Woedwerth l-'aat B Woade Ba|h Wondbary Joe l P Wood D WraknB R I, Woelny Caf t ReaJ P W allaak Joka Jaha- Walker J R ?Um 2 + 1 Walk* Bar Wa O Toaag Heary Tark Oaarte II Tawdali Jeka Tenaa Dr Wa XnabarnaL a Zaiaaf Jeka wr. r. bra Br, r.a

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