Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6723. - . MORNING EDITION ? THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1851. - PRICE TWO CENTS DOUBLE SHEET. UVEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ESTATE OF AFFAIRS AT ALBANY. Coavention of tlic Anti-Renters* BUSINESS IN THE LEGISLATURE. The Election of duited States Senator. 3EIMVS EFFECTS OF THE STOKM IT BOSTON. M AKIN ? OlIAfiUBRS AT THK SOL TH, flee , dec., flee. Antl-nertt Convention. HV MORSK'8 UNK NO. 16 WALL STBEAT. Ai.barv, March 10. 1851 Tb? convention tu called to order at two o'clock, by tb* Hon. J no I. Bllngerlaad. on whose motion Neal B?m. of Sullivan county. wh oho ten Preei dwt. Jot. Qttgorj. of Rensselaer. John /. Bliagerlaod, Al bany Mr Boughton. of Albany; Mr. Boirdltch, of Montgomery; John Tyler, of Oneida; Levi B Tarbox, n'^t^ejo, W.N. Mill*, of Columbia. \ toe Presidents; ?ad Klijeh Spawn. Adam Mott, and 0 Uindman. Secre tar las The fallowing eonntlee art repr?i*nted In this con T< ntion, Ti*. Albany, Rensselaer. Delaware. Sullivan Montgo unary, Ota?go. and Bohoharie. On motto* of Mr. Tarboi, a committee of five w*ra appointed to draft resolutions, consisting of the fol lowing gentlemen :?B. Johnson, L. B. Tarboz, N. fMgsby J. Bowdltoh, and Adam Mott, expresalng the oense of thla convention. Mr. PtTia Fiwii.e, of Albany county, was requested to address the convention, aad state its objacta. lie remarked that, as thl* was an adjourned nan conven. Aion he felt mortified that so small a number of dele. Kates as he aaw present ware only in attendanaa. In stead of this email number there should now be her? at least 8,000 of aotl renters make an at tempt to redraaa their grtevanoes. Ha was for forming a 'political organization . independent of all parties, vr i t-hould at this convention, form a political rode, irre opeotiva o I either party, . and, In a short time, wa ehould command from SO 000 to 60,000 votea in this 3tate. It aeeawa that our anti-rant atrengch is de creasing every year. There la a coldness among our friends Politicians have entered our raoksandii Tided us. We ahould repel suoh demagogues , and only nupport such men at the ballot boxes who have been :iied and not tound wanting in our gloriocj principles. It we deeire to conquer our enemies? the landlords *na ice patreons- we mutt unit* uj en it new ocde ad here to ft, and maintain It at the ballot boxes He further stated that he bad suffered as much aa any otber mam In this great cause of aotl rentlsm. and he '?it ha bad so suffered In a righteous cause. Ue hoped ;o see a new organization uivie at this tine at the capital of the Btate. which should extend throughout the Slate This being does, tio fear* need be enter tained that the rights ot tenants will then be obtained, and our objeots be accomplished. The U on. J oh i* I. Sliu'.i'ki aii ii also aJdree.ed the i contention, mainly oontendln.: ttal ih* Uw before the JDegtsLatare was one which the tenants should press ?K jiU3 the consideration of bolt: houses The act to j prou edla|s was reasonable and should at once b? enacted an J certain matters, in whieh we are at con test with the landlords. nould at rare be ?ettlrd Mr S wooid lUe to proc-ed In a body to the Lal'? of the Legislature. but still it may be better to appsmt n committee 10 press oar rights in the pa"sa?e ot tlm bill Mr 8 stated that when he wa? a ra?m>?r of the Legislature. a few years i'nee the aati-renters were tew, and petitions then presented were rarely regarded is worthy ot notice out, since that time we had be come rasper-ted an 1 much had been dons to recognite the existence ot auoh acla?no? oltliens as antl renters He urged the necessity of uniting upon ???me plan of r>rganl*ation in nation . Utwte. county town an4 s?l?*>l distxiets b / which w* ?hall be able to re iters the man/ i /Tiers ir es under wbioh we are now so -jnh.ipplly '.a- i Soring A l?tt?r wa* read by Vol rrlnk. nlttor ot the 1 h\fr I old' i fr"Di Mf Tboin?< \ Detya, Of W||- | li*maburi<h, addr?a*?d to the farm-re In convention | areemb d. advooating the rlghta oMtif aitir. nter* 1 an J th* lend reformer*. urging thoae of -t.h organi- I ??lion t* iner^" them- -iv.-n Hit" a poll tip? I psrty and 1 ?ote teuctbvr ia endeavoring to alleat th* reforma ?b:(*b tu -jultotb 4hIn. In 'peaking ot thUcoinbl- I nation he Fetnarha :? *? Thl? can be done mest efT"c- I t'jully by Joining yourr werawlth thoae of the ltd reformer* throng bout the Ste^e Che ploige of the land reformer* whi-h haa b**n ron?l l*red a bar to tbll union would not form any **ri<.u* difficult/ The ' einiple freedom *1 the pubiie land*, in litu>u>d <| u%ti title*, U> actual *?-tU*r." only. I* the vita! element of I uatioual '.and ral 'iio and *jppoae that Ci?.i led 01i< 1 are oppo*-ul to :UU prtu iple. end t bat 8.- * ir J and Houston a r* in favor ol i: If th>lr "eepaotlvt par ties for Prr?-.ien* Savard on th* ca* rid* j till C?m "b iht at be?, then w- confrm the nomlot t'oft Of 8eward and ? "?% h-m If on the contrary th? whig* aom inate Olay. an t the rte;r. or -at 'lonjron w? ? ?o in for tb' latter. ?I1 i h "li bim Id the Vhltf IIoiim la either case w* hare on ? uiaa. and to u? It ought to be of lltt.e ocawKiurnc* t" which party he l?-!oagii '' j The contention wa- r>ir? h*f a 1 by II iq 0U*??i . a menit r of th- Lul'latnn !rtm Delawtre 1 rounty lie went into a full and lucid -?.amlDa'.loo of the tlMe? of landlord* te inanrr land* In ra'ioof ?ection* ol the fltai- U> atid the auti renter* bad *pci mp!i?hed much aince tt\?y I, id commenced tb-lr ?organisation Th? la<r in.- dlitr**? for rente had boen repealed and landlord-' would nolotiK^r -wear foth. tr ?i?r clalae and any tenant who felt diapoied, oonld now teat luoh claim in a co-irt of iuatlce The anti rent era hud alao comr H"<I tbe ern gmt *ud lordly aoillordi to walk Into co'irt, and exhibit t o Juror* Ik* tltlee tt landa. whluh they never lo tor-- w-n!d "on *?nt to do. Mr 0 d r"lt at e.. neld?rabla N-nath fn cppoai'lon to what fa known a* the II ordai. burgh T?t>n? In Delaware and Ol?t*r rountie* ao a? ? terea of land*) . aaeartlac that the titl ? to tbote '.and* have been frnudaleotM h?ld Mr IW* riri n offered, for the eo?Md?ratirn ?! th? ?on?? ntion the folinwInK preamhla and reaoiution We the e'|uai ritrhta party ot the Knplre itet* who b?ve hitherto auc ?? "'ed an the ballot box U* wi'ld th* | political power eo a< to deteroilae the def'.iaiea < I th* l wo polltfoal partlee In the elective of th*ir candidatea for) Plate office*, an J * ImnWI-d ot the n*e*e*ity and uitioitaaee of a uior' unilcrm f>r(r?nlr?tion to aeeur* foliti al atrenxth. In ?upport ol in?n to otflc*. whoee ; riaelplea are farorahl" to onr measure* of refrrm | ?e hold tho*e trath* to be aelf evident, that oar poll ti?tl ?*l*tence la ???ential to the adrim'-einent of our I ren<0-tbat If united *e alaa I *r If divided w* fall | Therefore K ***ot **ed That la et?ry county, towo, ordi>tilet eithla the State of New V-.rlt where laada are elaimei j under mauiilai titlee to held and occupied for ! agrlctUtkral purpoae*. under th* leaaehold lyatem. aan elation* ehoold be for?><.| nnder constitutional - %rtlcli-? ot c '?nfeJeiatlon to b* adopted, that forth* i future onr ralon may be perfect and onr concert of action ?(Teotual aa a political body The I' i ?au i<iT (Mr. ften>oa). a!#o*addrea#ed th* con- 1 *>ntloo In a very an'. m* ted and earneet m*nn?r He theiifht the hc?t method to adopt In combatting the landlord- *a? to 'it? organi; ttiona in ererv town, rtlea a fund Of 910 JiXi in each town to he need tare. | ?latlnt and defendlag aulta and In ? mplnylnt th* beat , >?al talent* He iiioufh' that by tb* time *neh a fun lea* *shau?t*<J, In preventing *.h* collection of lent*. In contesting *nl'? the landlorda would de*l*t ?toni further p*r*ecotton That plan had been adopted 'a f iilllna county, and bad encceeded admirably for the tenant* bad ealned ?veiy trial except three and Ihoee bad beta tuff*rei Uri by default Without conald?rlpg the bu*ln*** ot th* convention 1' al;onta*d until rhur*d*y morning when the c"m mltt?e on r*eolutlon? and organliation will be pre. ?eat*4 Auotlitr Alltinpl t* Klert ? I nlt?<t , >?>?*<?? In Mn<itrhu<i tt* ? IwiM.KtnlUtUU. Th? rln#t*?nth ballot for* laitpil Stata* Staatot ook placa to iny , Har* l? th* rarott ? CbarlM ?aom?r mlltli# RoWtC Wlalbrap. wbig *nntt.rlB| ? tiol? ?nmb?r of ?ot?? js# V r#'??r? t? * '*? TM? ?bnwf ' h?*. 11 ?k R.imnrr ba? iMt ow rot * Mac# (Ml trial T???ty *n? of tb? wntt'fl'Jg ? >r?for Fi*nry W* B'.nhop nil tin* loin ), rat, fta-l lhrr? w?r* for Chariot A11*a Vwml'f ijon tii? nnnrnnr' mint of th? ro'iilt, Mr Kollojg ? Mr, ni I* l*t ? " i Id. tnor?4 t<i po'tp^n* attempt ?DfiMt till th? flrnt Mori ui in July, which ?? aqulva it nl Ij kb laioiinlt* A wirm (j?h?t? anted, aflor alilck it ?<? rotod, by torty-Tre mv?. it jr to fti'tpr.o? in? t??o w??k? tBIir llrrnktHR up oi Wlntir In C'An?tl?. Tm?o*Tr,. Maroh IP, 1#M onrbatV* t? bMtift r*pM'? *n I tho lo? I# . ?>??'?* ??at of tb? b?y * ''*T '? t Kb aid *h? prni'ttl it?*? of U log* cotititiU' n?*1(r?Hon will b# TMamtd '?ry *| ?ciH/ . lit# Unorktrt at I'ltttburuli Vi'Tirr iinH ?i *r ? n |n XMI A Noilly of ka?*k*T? h%?# ?rrl??d b?r? %?h ?ra ro??lo? e iwl lorabl* Sun and ?f'?? ???t IBW YORK LCOIILATDBIi BY MORSE'S MAGNETIC I.INI, NO 16 WALL STREET Stastt. CO NC LI SI ON or TUESUAV't raOCEEOIlfOS. Albany, Match 19, 186!. THE I'ltlTI D STATES SKNATOHIAL ELECTION. Ai loon Mr. Carroll had finished, which iu alter midnight, and motion* tor a riom and lor adjourn ment had been rejeoted-10 to 14 ? a resolution lor a nomination, if tha Assembly oonour, was adopted. J utt at this time Mr. Brandreth arrired, by the mid night boat from New York, and immediately took part in the proceeding* The Assembly, by the aid of the previous question. bad ooncnrred, and about two o'clock the Setate nominated. Hamilton Fiah was nominated by Mr. Baboook, of Brie; Beaoh. of Oayvga; Colt, of Livingston; Cook, of Saratoga; Crollm, Morgan, and Williams. of NewYork; Cross, of Brooklyn; Dlmmlck, of Broome; Oeddes, of Onondaga; Johnson; Millar, of Rochester; Owen, of Cattaraugus; Robinson, of Allegany; Behoonmaker. oldster; Up ham, of Oenesee ? IS. John A Dlx w as nominated by J.Crook, of Clinton; Curtess. ef Bull! van; Mann of Oneida; Noyes, of Cho nango: Bnyder, of Columbia; Stone, of Madison. Mr Biandreth nominated Aaron Ward. Mr. Brown nominated I>anlel 8. Dlokineon. Mr. Pox Dominated Arphaxed Loomls Mr Bklnner nominated Horatio Bey m our. Mr. Stanton nominated James B. Wadsworth Mr. Tuttle nominated AmaA J. Parker M r. B> rxMAN asked to bo exoused from nominating, and was excused without debate Pretious to the nomination. Mr Beekman submitted the following prvt?st : ? The underslcned, Senator for the Fifth Senatorial district, i . " 1 j aeka :???? to proton, and does hereby solemaly protest, siainst tlie pioeeedings by whloh a new da; for aa election of a United Btates Seaator ie sought to be fixed, by join* renolntioo, while a law exists upon the statute book, by which tbe Legislature of the State of New York have Pf#*?ib?d the time, flaeu, and manner of sueb election; su V law bavin# keen full; complied with, oa the in) t hurt. in named, and no election bavin* been made, and this Legit latu re hat 1m endeavored to pais another not for the same purpose, without success, the attempts made ?? amend a atatute by a joist reeolatlon. Ie n violation ef the 14th seotioa i f the Sd artlele of tbe oonstitntioa of the State, aid appelate a method of election not la aecordanoe with that prescribed by law, in obedience to the 3d and 4th sec tions of the 1st article of thi oonstitntioa of the United Btates aimed, JAKES W. BEBKMaN. Senator for th Fifth Diitriet, New York City. Senate Chans btr, March 18, is|i. Then tbe Senate went Into the As?. -ably Chamber, and upon comparing th* nominations of the two houses, they were fouad to agree on the names of Hamilton Fish, and after the clerks of the Senate and Arsrmbly bad so announced, Lieut Governor Chi-sch rop? and (aid? I pronounce and declare Hamilton Fish duly eleoted a Senator In Congress from the State of New Ycrk, for the term of six years, from the 3d day of March in place of Daniel 8 Dickinson, whose terra of efflee expired on that day. The Senate 'hen returned to their hall and adjourn ed w? Aitiiii , Marsh IS. 1861. The Statu a?.-t at 12 o'clock OI*E r.a. A bill *u wpwtfl to authorite the oity of Oswego to borrow money. iTTiKriT o* m>ri stock* The Comptroller in answer to a resolution of the Beaate. transmit t- J a report giving a statement of the unclaimed inte-r?t lue from the State on its several stocks. WII.LIiMSS' K .h Ths A??embiy bill to incorporate the oity of Wil li.' ro^lmr^h ras r?tei r?4 to the Oo mm it tee on Citiei. and Villages, of which Mr. Osose is chairman >ti mm mtvsmm Mr. Choi us ? a?e notioe of a hill to define fraudu lent patterne. to prevunt and pnulsh ths ase thereof, a:.d lb ;ale(f articles made tpereirom IMC 1*1 II OHM ? II" A"lt> HUM N*\ I-.ATIOW I'OWPiJTr The TCte rejection the act to 'imrnd thf charter of Cbe California Inland ("?ani Navigation Company "as re-ou'd'-rel S?W ?0?X 11*1 k'iWMt Mr Ili.rk i.i . urwii- an elaborate report oa '.he pro prltly ol p:- . idii-u a library for th- tr?e academy in :<<*York city, and introduced a bill app-oprtatlc^ $4 0(0 for ?uch purpose 1 lie Brtkte then took a recess until 4 I' M . *?> ?t t> *?ii.*o?? roi I 3 T j on tea-isemblteff the bill proetdinn for th? pay ment of cuna! telle on Jreisht tri?nsport?d on the Kris and Ogd*nsbiiri< Railroad was called up but there . war no diepcsitiun to dienu?s the subject to lay ckXAi. turiiiKitsuisis. The Li:: ?i'bttinit th- outltt of Canal Huprnmend- 1 euts, was il bated in Committee of th? Whole and it | wss ulderel to a third reading an ! pa?s"1 *iy a ?triet I jiarty t ot? Adjourned AMtmbl/. . i.' *iik? ?r r?Hr ??'* r? ? ? Kmc . ? A: ??:?> March 10 1MI IMI OK , <J. UXltku ilklil lUiTOt T" til* U* Awmbly for Vn!?*d 8tat?? S?na- 1 tor, wan a< follow* - For lakiiUB timh ? U ? .4. J. W ti-ui... k. r li ' ' k n ? t> J. b.r 4. t 1' II ki ?j.Jiat.Bul, Bi.I. p, ? ra?f j. Br*> 'on. ?ti ??i Ct>dj-, t'amp'>atl CUn? Coo* Cot"- Fir F*l!?r F'*k, 1 uhi)?, Oils, ; t.t.Wti .n, IjriUa a. ? <ir?*ory, U. Uirrn, 1 P irr ? lltti.i, U ?ut lJopiiia, liuuiphrty, luc taoll. Re!* if. I kkc Ltnfcfi L.I.Kic't 11 Iwi <Ui, . ujj h' r, Mil?? P?:i ?, J. I. f-itf, Kaun\ R we, R:u.?"V, k)?n e?T?r???, Sbct rats Six ' t ? a, A ? Sdl'h. H: nth* ink , Su\tL?, " ? era*. I r'lk I. T'.wt. riid Tuhill I'nle ou.'d. >mu. H:.l<iakn W*rl. * ld<rn WhwUr ?1 -?*id . Y? r r?si- 1 - Tor Jr A. On? J 1 Cits ?, ti .on. Muter, N i s?iw*n-?. U.J All?n. Am.i*n ?.l A A Th>mp- >n 'eolnalt r? I Jlr. Il > k*'on*wtti lir P C'*r*?r Hr. Ho> k? ?li \ ?t?d fi r W <1 Uon<-k. MaklDK 'ir lleml.lnn Hub 0# .loo A bit >> F Ul*UK?r. 1 , taJ Y . (! Ilounk, 1 Adiournel ? mini *? e mocCKoiri"*. Albany . March 19 1461 Ilir finn'l HkfriOn * *11 TM? Mir o?iTfO?r ro i iic.i mri?< ir imo Tb? bed j wt at four. P M *ud wtnt into Oom m It tee of the Wbol* on tb* bill appioprlatlrg ? larg* eertlon ot tta- landn In tb* Wllderne** lintrict to th* Par **t ? U*rb?r Kailroad ; : Mr. Lt iiN. alcr*?*ed th- jotcnntt.- ? -?r?r of th* bill II* describe 1 tb? rotin; f through which thl? road wan to pup ar th* 4w.u*:i*ud il N*w York II ?? Ltd h??rd uiucL paid about b*ar? wol?*? ?nil cata Biouut*. id common wltb tb- land He bad b??n tbrt u|b lbn Mftlrn and bo conld abow poorer land within a mile and a call ot tb* Capitol than could b? found ther*. The land ther* at l*a?t produced tiu.b? r--b?r? It ^ihlblt- but a poor, ftcrargv Imitation ot it Tils W Ud?rn*i>* dlatrirt n??il< oi<iy a little ot tk? fotteilng cart of tb? flat* and t would toon d>* 1 valcp* ItP rtal craiutb It mitt'lt br ntilr om of tbi? t art gtaiinc covntiiu* in tko But* Xbora i? a obaio of one bondrfd milr* of lako r avlgation ibar* wbick ml^bt b? rrudatod avkilabl Mr \ft'0?aia followed in op; tuition lit* lr. | nnunci 1 tb? bill M an MtoMft W rraata MM Of tb? met ?xtraordlnarj monopolU- that *Tar wm ?ug< g<-n?d. It wa* a mlMlin of Bby'.o^k aftar tba p?op]r 1 domain Mr > k?M m ?ald k? wa* tlrrd of boarin^ thi? p<*rp? tual talk abcut monopoly. It was wnll ?notigb wh a ! ra;troad companl< * ha 1 to com* bar* f t *pacial cbartarii Kallroad* bad to Sa built up from tba ' wnlt'i of tba Stata and h? wa" w?ary ofhaarlag *o ; nil'1) "a'd al nvt -O'prra:lon? and mnnojollaa Th. ,ua?tlcn wan takan. md tb* Hon** adjourn* I lr>t<i??tl>K From \\Mhln|tAn. StCRITARY CO* WIN AWT> CMURIN L*W|A? 40 t mi jiT* or Wwaud 0<Kmt worth kw-rakk. rrc. W*BHt?nT0i?, March 19, IKil Th? rt: notion* oi out of your Wofihiagtoa eorroo poadoBto. upon 0*ot?tAiy Corwla. tor not acMbk opoa tho oliiiDM OillMitt Lowlo. of Philadelphia ?r? ??ry nnjmt Mr 0 hu boon lit for *oao Ubi#. which. ?H?1 ti ' h? pf#?? ot 'n 'h' lopATt akfDt At tho cloif f *.b? ??*?! a hAf pr???nt?<l him irc.m tAkiD? no tbo ?'Apor? ) *t Thl? i? tho wholo *00 rot of tb* antt?r Tb? PiMlifil hu ???tr to rota*tat? Mr I t'horl?? A T>tIo*aa a? CnBim>rriat Agont At Pt ThoiDA* *? hAf h?o? KtAtO'l (? ob* 9t too later* from hot a. floword iootoi hor* t i Borrow b?*lafl forrrobly In pr?w*d th? a Jan I a titration IP a* oh'tuj ahoattho ?lrctlon of Fl?h At Albany, k**p WwbtBk In "lUst, or I OAuta tho i V)' , ?o crra? o nt to doy wt Mi An ?f> T>?ol t? Whig #<! t?r? -9 k-*p 'ho wh?>lo party tinltr 1 owl not dl?m?f, rUlmft 0' ?7 n?f f'fPf'l d??t tmtil b -irHi obI Aoarrntloa ncmlnat** 1 und?r?tor I <'r*onontb. tb * brothrr of t ho ?ruln'nt m l p?t?nt ?*??? t ho* proforroa ? to tbo Pwllltn el l *io I . tfflrr Ui?t 1- tiitDn .?? ,nld for I bo i>o\ .lr Bt i' a ol bii U ?* l' 'it of tho Potent OfllM fas 1 o? tap fo f h ? c n'ltno I l!ln *? of >?-??tAT,r Hv? ?*. th* l'rr?l<l?nt ha? Mr Orphan fl' -rotary of ?ho to tbo 9?cr?taryM,i j> M ii? Yrfftttiry . ? im't M Oai?tn? <. of fow Y?'*. iia? boon ?rpP???M) l'a tn??t?r oiiii Military ?narahoo|?or >%% WoVOtrltai Ar. a* . ?U Btadoro L*r>?lau toaiov* i llr?lh O' ?? Ae?ni? Of ? , v ?f0ta IH, IK,. I ? , i ' iijiat i-i t n ?#?>??? oi. m a ri; 4 Gr??t Dinni* b) Um SImiii la Iwton, ?AST AMOTNT OF PROP) RTY. 1NJTTBKD? THE RArt/? KOAH TRAINS DETAINED, BTC. Boiton, Marell If, |&1 The tide here *u so high yiatardaj, that the cellars in all the lower portion of the city were lubwrgri, and an Immense ?mount of damage was sustained At Coaatltutlon wharf, nearly 1,000 barrel* of floor, be longing to the Suffolk Mill*, wen badly damaged ; alee, from 1,000 to 2,000 boxee of or an fee. The oellars in Ana street bad over a foot ol water la them, aad the residents ware obliged to temporarily abaadea them. Ia the oellar* on Long aad India wharves, a large quantity of valuable property was damaged Th* total damage Is estlmatsd by soms as high as $100,000. Ths railroad train* from all quarters hare beea de tained by the snow. An embaakmeat on th* Kastera Railroad, between Salem aad Lynn, was earrled away by the tlds, and a train of ears from Boston. In at tempting to pass, was upset. end the passengers thrown Into a heap together. No one, fortunately, was seriously hurt. Oa the Worcester Railroad, a train, whloh left the oltv'at 0 o'clock last nisht, atuck In a snow bank four miles ont, and was detained there all night, aad thea obliged to retarn to the oity. Ob ether roads the trains were throws off the trask The New Ilaven train, which left New York yester day morning, arrived at 9 laet night ; and that whloh left at 1 X, r M., arrived at 8 this morning. The Bton ington passergers. who left New York laet evening, ar rived at 10 this morning. The lightbouie on Mlnot's Lsdge, for whloh fears were entertained withstood the fury of the waves. No aooouats of marlns disasters have yet been re ceived There were fifteen or twenty sail of Qlouosa trr Halibut fishermen on Uoorges. for whom soms anx iety is felt. The anew ceased falling at daylight this morning. Altcgsther about a toot and a half has fallen; and it Is ssld to have been by far the most severs storm expe rlenced for many years. Mftrln* Dllut ere ? L?m of Life, dir. Baltimobe. March 10, 1861. The ahip Robena. from Liverpool (or Baltimore, west aebcr* daring the mow etorm on Honda; last, off Cape Ueary, where the attll lie*. Fired her cabin passenger*. two ladles and three gestlemea, were drownsd in the aurf while attempting to land. The itmaiaderot the passenger* were all got off safely The Kobena haa a heavy oarg o of salt Hd Iron. She has on board 100 paaaengere; the experienced severe weather during the entire paeaage. Oa the SOtb ult. the Robena lost overboard Frederick Auatln, a leamai The ateamer Kaliet haa gone to her araiatanoe, aad hopea are entertained that the vaaeal will be got off. She la iaaured for >60 000, the graatar part of which fall* cn office* in tbla city. A Brltlrh bark, nam* not atcertalned, loaded with ra ill cad Iron la alao aahore near th* earn* place Sh* ia represented to be in a tery dangerous aituation CHiiLimn. March IT, 1961. The abip Talleyrand Oapt Wllliama, from liavre. ia ballaet. went aehore on tb* bar. but vaa eubaequeatly got off by a ateamer, leaking very badly. NoaroLK, March 18. 1861. We have beard nothing farther from the fhip and hark repotted aehore. The former la now aoppoted to be the bark Falaatine The wind ha* been blowing freah trom tbe eaat to day , and it la feared that ttw ahip ?UI alao bilge Reduction of Ohio Conol Tolla. Al??mv, March. 19 ISM. The Clrt eland Plaind> altr give* the following impor tant reduction* on caaal tolls upon Hour, wheat vbifkfj. and articles of prodne* generally, except oorn upon wbloh the reduction at tM( tin* is lest. The toll* are to be 7 mills for 100 lbi tor the first 100 miles and 4 zb ills fcr the second 100 miles, and not to exceed $1 per 1,0(0 lb? for any dlstenoe on the caaal, with a reducticn tf 80 per cent M those rates, on p-o iluo? trom .Newark to CleTtland. and 40 per cant Iron Coiunbui to Cleveland . salt and tt.-h the same rates, on n.?rcb?Ldis* 12 mills per mile, and not to exceed >i 70 per 1 000 lbt tnr any distance. with a like reduc tion ot 110 aid 4? per cent *? above. The tolls on lumber are aiio materially reduced. RalcMe or o Itieolsgiaa. Hostok March 19. 1851 Ike Kee Mr. I orster. stpdeni ot the And' rer Thoiogi. eai Instl'ure crmmiTted sulsidt in that town a day or twc since lie is supposed to have been Insane Ills d>'?.l b<dy was lecoKnlted by his father, who went tc ? ht hi lie was a tin* young man n< troroicgleal OI>Mr?*|tont, March 19. KY MOS>'fc. S I.IM? OFFi: K H> WAIJ. STKFKT '< iiaio, M M Look* wind nortbwMt; tb< minuter 3'2 barrinatar 9V Svb: fro?t taut nlfcbt 8 I' M M'eatber cloudy, viiid north ?mt, tbrrmo ii. tit. S4 tit'.UM tl, i Kt< ili l?r BfaHnim, (A M .? 0H?u4y and cold. winJ north a.?t tatbrr attoDR. tb?nui>?f?r 33 6 P M. -Cloudy, ?lth told ?lnd from the f rth?.?t. therm' net<r 4> Ai M'Kft. \> A M ? Clwuii) and oo'J id.) ratber uo pieai-abt wlbd n< rth; i b> riui Biner 3tt HI* M -Cold aoJ cloud) wind north wnat , tb> i n oiti?t*r A'l himoi 8AM Cot ! and tlomly. t ut not unplea sant attlT nortbwt-M ?iod. tbf ??>< met*! 33 HP ?l ? He* u tatbrr pli araui lo da.., but f^ulte cold; wind ETth <nt, thermometer 30 O-Kir.o PA VI -ool r'.oint' morning ?ln<t norlb; tb?imometar Hi. ban m-t- r kk.nSt urn l)ark. uupit kmtii rffiilnn li? mi?f I nio^t. all iU) but incited tf it fill, ?ibd uortb. lh>-rtr. nn4?r 5? bars arU-i tt.t'K) I' iii a, V A. M.? Cloudy but not uo|.le-<?ant ; w'.itd tkcWMrtrr 34 btrfBf'fr 2# 3im< ? P M - Hatt.?r an utjl?a'> ct day rcuiawhat atormy; clotd; but nut ptoriu) 'Kit fimii. wind noitUw^?t, 81: barometer rt?iu* A. :hm . V A M - Cloudy. indloa'in* ttoroi triud n< rtb lte;o?Bip>r A" urrouiyoi. tuaronrter 'aj t ?o 81' M It La* he. t, a taw dWajreeahli- .lay. cloudy tl<l* awning *lnM north t hernioni'ter 48. mercury 6 St. lasomati r US. "10 X'Ui PA M Very cloudy and i'?ery npp>'*rarca of mow or rain, thermometer 81, wind notth HI*. >i - A cloudy ratrdaj; wind uortb lhrriiiiailt?t >i<.r./a?.aL, V A II ? Tbaraionieter 3SI baromctar .0.70, wlo J EO' tb 'apt and rather rluudy K-n..?io* I' A M ?Cloudy and mild. tharmometHr S, niuii north T,.s iir?i ), S A M - Clear and beautilal morning ! bft air it ' 3". wind ea?T v,' i 9AM Tbcrtnoin-ter 86; baramatar M 10, ?lni treat and <?londy 1, m..TbV B A M faoaldf. a 10 d Bbllh*??t. Ihtiai ni-:rr tl V mi i 9 A M Cloudy. " It . notth. th*ria> | mrltt 40 little auow laat bight i. SainV op Firs 2!? wai.i. simt; Puaai Mi.ti ,| A . M - Baoa it n . t h<" mom' t?r F if i P i', IP M Cold aid cloudy. tli*ruiom?tar a? Narkttti PiTi?atta?M. March IV I tin I O r waraboui"--* aro orerflowla* with *ui>d? lu tran sit ?a?t ??4 w ft and bnainea* ia ui prared'atxll* brltk Freight* to Clnrlnnatl ara t?n ?ent? Tha tfw n*a*'ir*a olua l"t and la rl?ln* Our Phllatfolplkl* CormpenMcm*. Ptiu inti.PHu Mtiek IV iSai T TV: ??rig Kvii. ? Politimmi C*lckint a r*rt?r ? R tportri l>fth <\f h'r.l ? jtf p r<>a>Ai*? F< ? at* nj thf KUi tinn Crmf'lt ? Fitr Banking #c. Tba rain* of tha BuUdlnga attract buo 1 d.*d? to tt* tlrlnlt; troai ouiloalty ai.d It I* with graat llffl'-ulty tbay rin ha k-pt fn n walking Imai llltfl; b#n??t'a tha tottorlBg willf A lu lf who I daUmiaad to rtik b?r lit* In thin way, *u ; tnrnad ba-k by an "<flic?r thl* Bornlag aad provad | ktfl'K th? rary of tartar bj bo* lag hi* ar? for bla A part of tba wall fall I | tbie moratag. au 1 tb.' pclico had (oiamabo.d la nollahlog th? njoat <laa*-i?ii* porti< or but tbay Wara i at ppfJ hy thiagant* of tha toftnar* ? bo 1?Mr* to rthotlJ It wltlo'i* aar ?"'? ?*i>?a.?than una 1 **ry Vo'T corraaponrt' at acctdantall* in "IftJ I Motilf'ir Horponj a A-adauiy in thla c? i. '??vallro, 1 bit ba I* OH* o I tka h* uaaomg inaatar* that ?a? n-it 1 buraadout 111* hall ta t?o a>juari taunt iod, wlih hi* noual klndliaartalB' ?? h? baa TnluntaaW th? um nf hi* baautlf* aal ?B to th? l?M 'r-tuna?? br*tbt?a of bin i>rofa*?l< a Fill. th? man wbo Wfoakd W* t>rutal v t.g?aue? upon Woo Jold*- for ?ntpo?a<1 orlmlaal 'nt*Tr.M?T*a with ht* la e?r<-?atlr fanortad a? ha*tag vaatarda? 'Ha I ftr.Di an attack of apiall po* Tbo o<Mr#<Hnaaa ot thl* l* lonhta I l i many " ho ?aotn to think that it may bo but a ' ti * tc lafoat tb aadf. of J?? CaviiMia* JU u*htiy, a child tut nit' ;? tri oU had b?r aim in u fi >ui iba abvot i>'t, faatarday at a rag ? III aaar l'?r1y by bain* Mugbt In a b?1? Thf pa r?nt? a- wall ?* tbo pror-Ha'/fr t *r it aon>? f>imt*tim?nt for f ' tT?rlnf atich a ^htl I tg? ba aniploja.1 about ft-a? matMnar/ Tta r i tact"1 "lartk.ft mm was a?a>a bofar# iba (' Bi moii Plea* Jndga* tbl* uimdil*. aou a ?(?*> tty o| no orrtltta. f hi id w?* a?l tfi ?' udga '> lag >)Mtd*4 to allow ta> poud< ?t# to ajti-rid tlwt' ? an llu? trt'dttCf f rldai i a o/ airora to couijtfrbi-Knca t liosa* a'ldo.'fit lir th ' ?ty?'t .'<irtfa ' ? mfib'll colr ^ld?1 ball (t Ool t'm 1 fn th" ?our?* ' ' 'h? In U|(aU( u ao'J ? .illi I An au. mpt ? a" tbrn n.a-' tn<i ? y tritli'J to I *ra ? -uat 01 r nth- *ot?a Tho ? vt .of- *?*? haatl aad tba coiirt dacldrd t ) > vat tb- arvwani n ?it eomwnna ta morro* T^ ? y tt* Banklrg 'aw 'tl by otu 1,1 bai* b' aa to a Urad ?? o-n lha oi'gii al bill tba?, Ita ti aet fiatuti". ?ra not kaowa Tinf hoKNtu of P!*ia loaa# ai? lc km^ lo" !?? fa'-ajt' "iy tt" fTmaawlU ?r?a Ifctaif-at a? 't Will run lh<Bil".p to far at la??t hy r-rafing a laminJ f >i tfcan, by ?U wh1 I?al? - '? ;.?arra ht'iblng "u tbf t 9*1 aooopat Colors <1 Mea'i Convention . Last ?t?i!b| the convention of the gentlemen o< color held thur third meeting it gfclloh Presbyterian cburcb, corner of Prlnoe ana M?r/w streets The meeting was called to order If Mr. Wllwi, the Pr?el(knt, ud Pt. T. Joiner White, and John P. Thompson, noted m Secretaries. Prayer having keen offered b y the Chaplain, a re consideration wa? moved, of the vote paned on the previous night, adopting the resolution renting to M savings' hank, and policy gambling The motion to reconciler woe roted to laj on the takle. On the motion of Mr Putnam, the report on ffce so cial condition of the colored people, published 1b yes terday '? HeraU , was adopted. A delegate from WiUianuborgh t"wn moved the Al iening resolutions ? W be teas all htetory teaohee us that every paeple ehonld be prepared to defend themsel vee by a know ledge ol the nee of offensive weapons Therefore Keeolved. that thla convention impreae upon the mlnde of the young men of thle olty, and the oliy of Brooklyn, and Wiliiaiaeburgh, to organiie military ecmpanies. Keeolved. that thla canventlon impreea upon the mlnde of parents the neeeeetty and advantage ef being favorable to their children learning trades; and the .

parents do not discharge their dnty to their chil dren who are not willing to maka eone sa orifices, la order to have tlieir children to learn the various bran ehei of trade. Mr Pi tram said i hat the r*to lotion on military tu lle* ought to be referred to m committee an miiitar j affair*, If we bad (neb a cae Mr. 0tOR<.E T. Dowxiflii said he was favorable t? tha' resolution. and the subject was occupying a good dee of aMvbtion in Maaeaohnsetts and elaewhere Mr. Fvtkam? I am In fcyor of fighting u long m ' 1 em bece on trrra firmti. (laughter), and It a knowledge ot the trt 1* of bo use to u. It any be to thoae that will follow u*. I move that the reeolatloa be referred to a special committee. The revolutions were then referred te a epeetal com mittee. eotsistlng of Messrs Bell, Downing, and Put nam. Mr. Bull declared hlmaelf a* not being a tghtlng ?as. Mr. Dowkin*. alao declined to aet. at being Ignorant of the use of araa, the oouatr j having ret used him the right to bear aims Two others were then appointed, Instead of tha gen tlemen wbo deolined. The tollowi&f resolutions Tore presented, and re ferred:? Prtamole avH Htwlutians nffertd by llrpre$rnftuet of tit* Frttkoldei t jisstHiaiHin of Hi otklp*. Whmn. It la a matter ot fact that where??r the people or a portion ot them are deprived or neglect tbe ueeot their political right*, the/ euffer in propor tion a disadvantage both tooial and political to the rent of the community; therefore Resolved That we impress upon the Bind* et our pernio the nacenslty ot acquiring a competency to vote, luetead of being at enmity with tbe law that re built* a property qualification Resolved That the colored people In the cltlee of New York. brooklya. ami vicinity an well ae in the country ai larf t-.raii do much bv tbelr political Influ eaoe. if they will concentrate their eflorta upon mea sures tor their '-levatiunland not parties Received. That among ooiored people there should be DC kfllnitlft to polltlcnt |>arti?s ao ibej now exit t. rate tbat which tends to our beet interest Mr B> ill nrenentfd a set ot reeolationa In i'avor of a safe place ?f depceit and a borrowing and loaning company, tlie fetabhfhment of a newaptper in the mterert of tbe ooiored people, tbe conferring of the franchise upon all ooiored men; the encouraging of niaputectUTi a among tbems.lves for tbelr own con sumption and the eaUbltebment of a protective union albtEg the colored race, in order to protect and < ncourkge mechanic* and artisans of color The** resolutlona w*re referred Mr (lfco*<.? T I>owmn(i then read the report of the 0" ?mittee cn emigration aa loilowa ? KWOkT or COM Ml IT Ik ON LMIORATIOM Mac) conHderitloni anae in the rerlew of the qne? trnotlh. cuitgintien Of Mm colored American 'roni th?jl?ffC'bi??M' the laud o( M? nflillj to auy lurelgn |i|?cf. Among tt in on prominent and Impor taiit aie? lhat bin i* ut nail v a lauo that lurr w< live. HUd hare llred: that her* wa bwpe and have hopeo . and that no amount ot persecution baa drimn. Of wilt drive u- to an; nihont lUlde reclou ? to any iriiiou eUateOeaer. mr that to whit h death uliall oon \?) u^ Our lelli w coutitry men have ?. lected Africa >< the piac* lor onr future abode and glae ai a reaaou why * e ? boulii leave thi* our native ian<i tbat In tbi? our native land w? ran narer hope to be elevated ???dully alio politically , turtLer dealaring. that Afrloa la th? lai n ??! 01 r loreia* bar* *1.1) that -he needs to fctrege u?tat (I iivlllre'1 What a libel upun our couii try ? o-ji otuntrymen Tha colored Ameriotn " van btirt hop* t"V el'rnted foelally and polltlialiy in tl. in country it Is tals* We do hope, predl -at i g that hope ufuo a i a?l? everlaatlug and whioil tlx sign* of the Hike* ir.dieata? " truth < ru*bed to earth a III rue agaia, Ui etttttl tesrief U(*i?nin" A* to the t ia'il icrbllity of colored men going to \f nca to Litter tbrlr condition. It l? fallacious Toe Bean* by which w* or any elan* can betti r their con oil 11 l 1* ; lie ai i|U rinK "f aKh un I rduoaiion Tha tar liti?* 10 praaeea either are lar noire abunJauiiy aHotdeJ ifer color -J man at home than they a<*e in Africa It tn in I t the MMtclM Ol I ha dliyMlljoa ? to a qv i; ?hloh d.rpoaii.on la tha ?ani? latin m:? pe-*? >Laib*- he bt la Af'ica or Aioerlo*. Taere are lard* tract* (1 .and in this cuuntir tertlli and beaiititul. which I It- -olored m?n oan oceuov? live an j i ? lent ll'e ?b*r? h? oati rommaad r?*i>aet and toi ? J k*i t- Ihnu'ac ' of acr<-e ot *hioh are alrea Jy 1 o?n*d ly col'.raa nun In ihia B'.a'e Taert are many rau'a ?i d pruieitlOM of larpectabllliy and In lutut? two to iiiu lie need.-, hut lha nulUtelmu ot the ab >adllp4f.U.n A* or t? e a ^i.lrlu ? ot *<luc? lion I1!- iacnil ? ' ar ? gn aici; mo>a and more sMin daut uhily Tl a fr?t '? mlnarier <>f the la .d are biiug oni n Vr tl ra -aptloa cl colorid atud-nt' In the Kairern St?t*a there ar* exception* whaie a colored ?tudent cani.ot be a. I n out o?n *taie two 1 J OH UK melt lit rata talent hare beer. aleValed to proMS ?#Tnl>ip? tacaaol liar ''oil. ge? A* an Illuatrat.lOM o( j the eupeilur ai'ntUgrt aflotded u< lmi? to those n jojfl in A'rics t? woniil 'fate that the dlat.l'.atlea of 1 l.i In r n srod tl >ir hiMr* n and ralatlres to thl? aouii trj tot* e-Jtra; ?<!_ Instance Kuehworm'a r>n? K' but* M'atl-.a Put t? ? claim 31 ? fn ilry with Afrtra Thl? l? onr lor ? V* ln ?" b?h? Id no uth*r run a?? that piercing ilia r.auda that tip eur nobla All?Kiia(ii?a ? : ? tlch itllatena on nar 1 ?n lolllim Lind-on. and gl aa ?. gMailoa *u i 111* to tba K'.een heida w'j?r? our utii ta ite Vk* -atid of our forafatfear* V Mi mui 1 ill I 1 ur to all olhat A mai Icaua tio b' tn ? 1 o thr plic* 1 your lather* aaluntatuy ! ft, :ir fr 'a liera *?? ff>ec*d thara thalr aona will ?5t " ' (rrr'l away" Mirtbar wa dn ??t I'lM nut ai a : ' ;J tCi Africa %|nne We trae ? It to KoRliahtaan I'l'hoi-n Hcotnfcmen. 10 >' ranctinen, t" lha duuiau to the A'tatlr hi wail is to Atnca ? Tha bait Mi>oi ot Vir?ln:a couia** thiougk our *ain* W? ?>?? pattaUa a e? f ! y with pour knighted Africa We w|?h 1 bar dlsviitb a'di j) ir a fha d??p snp? -alltlo* and Hrlatry In which aim i* lUiik W * would *aa har ra | lilufUrt- eivlhiaa "W? do Lilt lava Cjw laai hut l.ime wore. Wh ha*a ba-n peraacut-i l)a*pila 01 tt- >ri |>ita ol all tua' baa t>?? u * i ll. d uiton ui l y uer M'orf dut tr; n?n wa ?' lora oar coi nt*y #tl'l ' ; would dai'Bd har honor while wa <?0 ira har ikltiM. A fair drauoy a?alt? h. 1 a tfer: Injr i.ladiwad ?ti tba ;ant'!?>n of :ha Pl!*rlui fa?hr ? oorrlorlmti ?'d ?'?i(rn ,? Independence- In tha praaent tlmea 1 What elf ? la It but lliit It iboaid b? r??r?"l not > har to rafat'Wh coaplata the Idea of unl*i.r-al h- thir hood In I ?air K "Vea the de?pl**<i aui ?'lulii. ilia rejeotr I the cl at i??n Una the f?it win b_r iJad to thrt ? *!ec t 'b# far 1 thai the hra? **rtyr Win A? tlr?-? r-a' tran tlat fe II In 'ha reaoluMoca-y ?trnjpla. Pghiinfi iii emdMatlon ot tha 'act "t tha jnaMfy ot tn?n an I In defanca Ot tha right* ot man !n fittr ? ?ha I 'aa ol hrotharhoo l. wa* a biaefc niao ?lornJ be hia lan .# Wtll alM obaiid hare c,t -al- i tha )a* I H'M which ha* haen raowwuabla la lha pa^ ricutf.lar. 1 outrnje I colored man' What Iioro diaconciileil tha many m? T?m*iit? f tha ataaaa fn M Iter i<r to die slor'ouily ' It lath fl^ger of (lO'l pvrp^aae ? (loriona lertlnt cur Union ? 111 he j-a aeread M* bath ?ullart I tbn ;iaia?-oni i >n iu be T n? per-e at? 1 an I tha periarotor will join ban i? The world future itenemtlnna will ?ia?e *tlrtanea at tha trnth'wlrieae of the lletk it uniraraal broih^hw I. Prasiouatoth leclaratlon of thia gran I lde? by toe fath- -1 0} 76 i.U Kniilan 1 ha fallh In the I a* of 0 aqvality In man anil It la left unto our oonntry to g.te l( ra aii I erf >e*aion to It* oppo*lt? l,?oh upon the many rtiarma which engage g??i rai attentloo an ' behoid bow ol if tb'in go to umke up % aeutlraant whlrli mnit * bbi'allal* i.aTtry an I < ait It (torn onr oll erwlaofalr c untry U? happy In'lui nee will ope ra'e tipna th* w-.?! 1 In general TbU roniideratlr? caur ?* us to be more deeply Ilia I ?nd In > IMo if r?? nbl-.ln our JeleraiinatiPB fo a'jlda a*r* out home Cuuntr;meD: Imetl in* why will ye 'ttlre to nlien ?t? ui from ovr horn* why will va continue ta op fri'tW will* n* to ho w?>hy*? w?wlH m 14* ar? ilnlifj ?r||h wtio h?r? bM<l H boada Notbhg nboull or ??pBra** Out lot?r f tbayar* uiutBai a**4 ?u?tp.rabli , It would b? i nmmau ? t'B our part to <U?cftiinrot oar lutoiMU iroin ib?lr? roaardir*, ?? fh<n>? wtio lr> llafcfl with tharu id appri-MiOB, i? Arvrl un* -\?f AnipMr.n to *toiU lha i .pi or'.billt; of bnttltftif amnion tbf aha?. nod dtfradatli ii tbit ?riro* at tat p . iili >u of Atuari ? , I t-t*nfp cf li ,<r holdtafr ?fn and ktNlNn In b? t da tt wont'i ????? , down prop ?ha V.opi? ? ?iieb bi'5? mb4 anMa'n* tb? rhama. It miiM t ? - ? ?>r tr * t? ? BiB^t r It wo.ild bara th? ff??rt to lar<w? ihr bappj njcipitbf, tba baatlnrf tifl't, *hlth |< b^iilBbliiK lo Itaiobia (L* Aa#rlo?n ? art A^>. tbia ?)u?|.?;h), tbin b??ltnf heart la ob nmd mb no maoi.t-r uitra fort lbl? iiban In !M oppo ?iiict. Wvfba I ugftlva fft?ata?t?<| patlla* ' *?, i*l i. rir i-rl ?ha f?<t *? thay may and do, Oard'B raa?i'rjf iiar 1 * h?M tiln inBtlt '*? fotood Rabat bmoao th? paU anbja?t? ft? *??!' (?vJ M,?:?ti Ko?i *l?'lfrad t9 ?*???'? tfct same of Washington; FlUmcm Kay l?a? (Mr pro cliu Iodi, to Mki thwMlrn ridiculous all Uli ??7 done, ud more bwt (Her# la mo oeaoealiBf the tact that Northern httrta. with ? lew exoept leas have no sympathy with the fugitive Stave Uir, Mid will whenever they can nullify He jmrrtslens. W? we cot to be forced or entteeii frea owr d at I re land Nay, W they finish their ilfimbiM with erti more spleniler, and mak.- their tables groan with viands more rare thaa those fonad 1b our steam palaces yet th<7 will Lay rotting on the im, ere they will be regarded ai an laduoeuent for in to leave oui borne. The Kbon7 line li an Meato lull, to satisfy to cover over, to smother the tya.<pathy fertfe, and again*) the Fugitive Slave law, bat it will signally fail aye. even the aierto loSueaee of Ifenry Clay aannot effect it. We cuuld suppose that even be w-uld Itool of the first passengers, lathe line sooaer thaa ur for Ib Liberia he misfit beooaM President, were he not Iwpreseed with the taet that, in a shor) very ehoi?--tia?r. he will wing his flight ta heavea, or some where aire. We have not as yet staved for ourselves a she raoter -reputation We aA bat the Immediate de soendanta of those who hav* been reared under all asanaer of decreeing influences, lcr Ignorance ia aa ignorant section of the oountry. aad South* ern plantations ; we have cat had a fair trlai oar position Km been a stooping one We are begin slug ta fee: Me aecesslty of slartag ereat. We have too generally ooeapled menial pasftlona, whieh hat been urged against us. Tbls muel b* ohawged, this la bnlng ohasged. Oar children the ohiltftea af tbose that occupy meatal positlona are ^Mnjf educated to a more reined tmte Not, however, to dleewrd boaor able lat: r. They will possess all the requisites to sao oees and advancement They inherit 'a spirit of sb duraase a virtue naaereary tosuoeess. They are sen sitive which ereacae peroeptloo. They bbve strength, being the dreoendatrte ol maaoalar iraoae They are being educated, let their children be opjrbseed as we are Keep them depiaseed, oast down aa wthaveand our fathers have beea, and you have accomplished that which to us seem* physically aod mortify impos sible. Tbej will be respected here socially aad ?elltl cally Believing thi? aad admiring the prlawpiee of our government belifriag that the oountry la by na ture bust with ad ran ta*ee fer beyond those afforded In Africa or any where elee how can aay ose eapeot. even Horace Greeley tUnasell that the eoiored atau ? 111 leave this oourtry No; Horace Ureeley will go brat. for be rsems. of late; ta have a very lively Interest ia Africa Not but that there will be oases of indi vidual emigration this nay be sxpeoted. It betakes of a spirit ot enterprise In keeping with the pregrees ef ? nr people; bat no such1 emigration should extend to a coaiDilttal ol our people to aa alisalatlon of our people front their oountry. to a disconnection of In terest, responsibilities ami hopes, with other Ame r:eana I Tow committee read with sorrow and regrat, the I ooaaunicHtioa In th* \rw Yt*k Trihane of tbe 101b ' inetast. relative to the I ifcv-rja Agricultural A eeoola- ! tion." It being evident from the r fading of the earn* I that K Ik an atixl'ijirv and ai!v to the colcnliatlon | mo'vearnt; that its meub. re, iu defender, and reooin mender, are bedfellows ? uh the leading ooloaliation iste of our city aud that It cauet uacr rt**rily receive our oenepre and oond-mnalion The B/ttlnh invriimt Is oonjiderlng the feasibility and profitableness of ,'ur pee-ita narrating to the Hrltlah We^t Indian ^f* r*/*rU lb* spirit dictating tk* plan a? selfish , b?sijBB,lt would not a flora a p?uun ?ty iBdueamen? to the mau; at th* *ame tiiaa. all the objection* irged In luit "port against wapiir ratio* to Africa apply to it with tha fol lowing r|itt*rf n jbb - Tbe colon, Ulon soolety ef this oountry I* dictated bj hate : theer encouraging emi gration to the Went Indie- ere not, that the Afrioai olimate Is aor* enervating than that of Jamaica; tha*. in th* eaeo if I Iberia, ft la a pro^riptive gorernaent. ? xcluHIng man b'taute of their oomplexi in, whilst th* other limit' ct no such dietiootlona. Yeur com mittee would recommend our people to remain Arm, is tbe tec* of all tbrea'a and lnilocemente, to thi-ir oft repeated resolve to live, die aud be burled here in the fr*T?i of th>ir lather*. To i-move to the COUB'zv to bee 'iiie tillers of th* a.Ml. That if any oue be drteiuiiiied upon eailgra'iiif from the country that ..lie) mH;ra> to Jamaica, and not to Liberia. That pereori i :ul*rating to .'amalea or other place* t? ?pk?(?* wbe:e*ver they caa it commercial tra4? with 'boa.- they 1-avc luir.ud All of will Mi a?it raape tl illy fiubuiittud UhOi T L>OWMiN?i i Thta dnrurr ?t.t was : 'eejv.'d vtth tha moat rathuai 1 aatis applauFe j Dr Mi Ot'M fx- >?" epl'jplaed the leport, aact aald he j regarded tha doctrine of eTatureiie lax Africa ai a piece | ol nirticular LioccahiBe. it an.T people r?|U'red I *xefc*eli*et on it wm tbe arieata n?l levltaa of thi? ootrat ry ? l*i* h iiar t beaded mini**"-* who eeil?d th-m 1 Wfiiatka miniature tf <!hrtat e'.tkoua foot in tbe : ytxTo and Lac ctb'-r * tht? wot 10 telling ua >t ov*r ' e. BiB'Oti bvmaiiity at. \.hri>t Uj.rf tor th* who!" i bur ar raee ai.rt e \ i ? Uiuv to# c . ed portloa ?>? | that ?<? 'r-ui .b.- ci uici J u t bie cooping them i ?l in apalHrf. (Ur?Ht apoUn. ) lb' r?potk wm tk*t uiiai>iiit?uely adopt* J , M; .1 N ? M usi. then p ;?">** ote<1 ? t-r'*" of 1 r??ohit inra to be 'rjiowlsg ?ffec* That thoe -?ho li??-tlv or ladmcih i:ouu iiium th? r nnr ? .if 'Ji-* ' eoli r "d raoe m tin- 1 otttry, ^t* naltora to :helr ' btefhrtn fc*e? to tialveraal lihertv and nawortby if I ?outldeno* reepect. or ?ei*em A Comruiliei rif Fi y- t" he appniate 1 t?> prepale 1 nrtioiv* of valoa In tfc'a city, ?:jd to r*cenm?ail "o- j operatic ?cciitli* la t thi'C I: > Htat?a the 'iyvot , U?iua :o .aif ? futid? lot iui<iiiTe brolfitta <01 ilaura, ! ? n i the aBulve ra.nry of aui a uplou to !?- 'i-ld 1 n M?y !!<*i'e*l i'bit it la the hxe.j '.et*.'3iina li>a of th I* ' c? i.m" ' 'on fSa* th* onlv aeparatloa from o?r enalaved i ?rd a'iffertng b'ethren to wLioti we aa**nt. and wblth j ?* w ll -1 o?at y |?romo*a. I* the a|>ai*.? |n*iad*4 t?e I tweea tA* northern aad ao :hrta 1 hure* of Lace Kri?. Th?'- "'"'It oua vtre referred witouut debate M ? 11>, tfaea *ead tha roport 01 th* committee on ; Agxioul'u.-f wlurb h? ?aid w? ? d'a?s up two jr?*-a 1 rqo.bBt would iiBtWi r row ?? welt a* aaj he could 0 iw up tt *? i? rutb?r a ds:1v doaaaeu: which 1 alvotai '1 grii ultce a? the pr'jiti? nu de of living. | and M nMt < omVjc"-- to IB ntal phyaic* ta I moral cnltur* a"<1 cp 11 ? '?'! br ref-er n r to tbe un ?<! eat a t d! Oirri:; f- ?? If h T^? report rtromreailed the 1 a i f?l??. of th? followiag ra?latlo>? ? IV ??rrena t fr^ej^m inui'i .. 1 ui .? and t' ? !.T t j : .'j * fareer a lifa w<ll throw around the ?oiore ' p*opl? r lem*i.t? of olierar' ^ ear*aual t" happiae<* and prr ' it- * Th.rafer.. ? 1 eaclvJ, thnt ir ? -'*oo>i? 'T i to our Beop'..? gei ?- ' rally ' "Mc* ??* th ? ltli-a an 1 their employ ui-ntt oi ' f 'enry thi r?In lid > mil ? ate t* tknae patu oX 1 tU* nn.t ?, wh? ? ? land la rbeai ami b-ocr.i* the I rtiitlfawt* ot ll.e aotl tb* ture?t road fo r >apn?t? ? > Mlity iuii?i emiane* an'i it K> loivej thnt if ? tea mui'ind to the S mt'h gi ??., ea of an : ti uiibSmj' a' ace atid makctoK" ; racliuai ?i. ol'." Ir bot leatca la and thereby prove 1 i.i.miel' ; ?Le WOt ttf t'T '1elaj|?eot r*hl- a b -aeta^tci' rva4 if.c:'' !ty r?ap '< n;? P*f ?1*1' '"-Beflf of ?o noble* ^-Jt. T!ie -'con ard n ?olutl"C* ware all p -i ??r liawriTn-i h-u int. Ji.'jaa Mr Marreli ulWll* 'tireVa'gh. to th# b>- 'mar a* a man oi who bad lue ' ? an *xira r Mri - Jtaoct.rf. by wbici. he C' . i.i ft ope i ciarVu-r by iiitsa *i>h<Ti- .ir i*v*t*ad ft nUrnm aad aioutat., sow In WIUieBi'burgh were pra p? it ^ to arry out hi ? ltiv<nfloti M M miu I l ^ invite I 1 - the t'halruiaa to ad { ? ? the m*-*inr t'-j.acuni ' : ward 11* te a v^ry lark rat a f ; I <v I ) vear* 01 a?? with bu, a e bUkei ? and a Biuatacbe lie aald the ? '*ity on hi.tb had ua 1 -ibted 1 Intm "I h:x with g ? ater '? noi.l ige ot tk* ; ?'.hje?t a. Ud-w to than had ?v?-r u-en yr!. given .0 ] aottal siaa lie <?ui-y ni'j.i !t ; 1 aiai.ini' a 1 a peec ti. b* #)U| be ra? O' t tnueh of an jr%* 39, wh?b tnd< ll -ea irt\ aff ?r -at A Co. I ctl .. wa *iu larte Jtiri ??,* rf.i hMt T' .w,l ntrg prepr-ri 'cnn the '?K?ntuci; Hunawa* w <?*"?-- * i< Dfienava- Vec ihwt ia a ?o<? i Wa < for inwate liath eherma"? I'r f.rii.La? Mut there ar ai eava<a* Here, i 4rar?t ! '? j? bt*r j Th ? "?tii waetb'n auag Tua hit* ??1 a t **9*" ? -e a* foiloai ? I run away on* uiooaiight ? ?*bc, 0". I aai ter ft?;i*we-l m - But -orn I 'eft 'din out of l *tii , t rr tbe laml et '!berty 1' nidma't-:, den ' . after a* I m jaat itf mrhl ot t/?na4* W bora color* 1 men r^o ire* ??ri w?.i I. niu'ky td' ?AbaiiB't?, Per thl? la the ;an 1 ! j* aa I - ioat artived la Onaada, Whero ro'.ntcd m*a are u?' Tbe ao?tln| than adjocined "? ' WIRTtr ? T T'ti: ? iT.ORET t <>or reporter att?m.-l itethe' 1 k.. U ye" --.ay rn rnlBn vkafatb" ?1>*M ootored laarendon <a<t auai aneed their tat>-iiion to meet purauant t < jonrnaeiit hnt there ??t ni ai^tlai held, anl.vnne ot the c Iored bretbr'Ti aade the.r tpiiat'Hea. MoTftnimli i( Pi Ron John Un |:nron Kl?|llci, J King Utllfn- ' ?i?; J Turnbtill. Md J L V.'?.?rti?n, X . Col K. Jx'pup Ooeu &?'* R Aiikiwi. tl?)i . ?*;? ih? ?rn??l? l*r ?t tba I'liDt^n lliitol. bi Uovornar v'i ,tt ?s kM (?ftM tb? ?orupl>t??n. of ? public Jlj 3?r f ? l?f 1 Mm bj hl? f.Vn<t? ?t N tm OrI'?n# H<n f? rf rir>r'fi? It Ik ??<i. h?? ft nt?"l to ?c?pt 'b# f lun'otchlt t?f th.* 1#'*M of h*i? <rtM"l Mt YvIm (."*^??1" 1- B M* kin*. n Itf Xmij. J W D* M?it?o. lutr * j.lth \ ir?(r. In Ojd'-rt P K<l ??J? N?w Yatfe I t. .1 fl.oic Btltefpm'ti i Mnitl. fc?? !U??n ??j? ?u? B. t J* url'ili ?t tb? I lllou t'lupc Jrtrl ; r A Wrl*b Mt P'TMnn ? .mtot R ffew^r. mil ?lt'.ib'r? ft T* ?*<!?? snr? V tl ?r?ln?rrt, W*?n!t. ctrr ) ? Bull f* th?i?r A W Whc? toelr ?" -,?r r. i *pl?ln K?ln??> l'nit?<l *t ?>** !???? T A p|vtk? 'IToy ( K I u 4n* bnrjh hr ??'. utrlt i-i ?? the Irrtsg Oe iM. t I I<w#t, Hrot ; A fhlld* T 0 i W<^r If >: n# i; ?<on I ft R. jtMr t Kjr Hon K it UMt?. ?' ?**?. Captain Strain I'nltad Stat** u* in ,, it.Mft: i Apr #?' ' ' awt*#4 f Oij at tfc? Aft r Ovtrpe I) V*'.'l? ?> H Pmltb. Naw m r J 1 ??- ' M '?'? wo Tinker Bo? Van, or Ti*j. : r* It IKaktvt'nirftb, t'aHaA B??tf ? h?t : t?. I'h'ladalpbi*, b??" ?. at I lie Ann-Tir>fl An .r *nt ???'? ??'" ?? *?? ' *"*t la itnUnor*. i *b?r? th?y ?lil r >?i'.n '? - A '?? tf ? -ni?c | ??*???? V'-t* ?> t?-.?? ' Pm<?Dllon ?f Gtarg* Wllktl for LIMt rot ouKKtpiiiK c?i?fiT or ovir and tkrmine* Before the Hoa Judge Maoolo And Afsoolate Justice* Grant and Itall. Tlk*i>4t svih.vo. March II 1SSI Counsel for the defendant commenced bj saying k* would gladly bare left tbe summing u'p of this onm, which be designated a? tbe fag end of the variety ?t proeeeulions wblcb bad been referred to. te hliassoai ate wbo bad opened fbe oaee tor the defence, but as it bad originated is New York and a* be bad been concerned Id tbe defence of tbe oaee again <t Oarpeo ter. bit acer elate counsel bad insisted that it shonld gevolve en htm to address them on tbe evidence Out af all tbe wamerous prosecutions to which Mr. Car penter bad been subjected. aot one of them ?uc seeded ?gainst him II# had oon? cot of tbe flsry ordeal without a (Bell upon big garment*, or a balr of Ut# beaft being smved and now the efforts are dlreoto* toward Mr Wllkee lie wcwid not dwelt upon tbe oiteuaetanoe of tM* cause being hrrunht be re far trial: that bed e*-ady been sufficiently attuded tn Tne defrsee wm principally oc juried' by tb? reading of erldesee and tne? bad been placed at a ditadran tagebynrt taring thoee witnesses personally on the stand; bt~they wou'.J find that there wa* nothing in the aeldentrs which bod aot beeu sustained orer a ad ?rer again If there be uny idea in tUlf ctnir.uaUy, ."bat Mr Jordnn *m not sufficiently ksowaln New TorV tv gain a :air >rlai, he (conns*!) did iet participate In n. He on* gained a high posit >n. to whloh hie eminent talent* entlU* h'm Connect Jld not beller that it wae nej'seeary tha"" a gentlerran wbr nae en joyed tbe office ef Attorcey General of thla Mtate. she aid drag tne Mfendant here, with the recordj of tbe sanrts of N <nr V'ork, for the pnrnese of vindica ting hie- chars iter. He did sot believe If all the paper e InNewTerk, hs:* ettaolra on Mr Jor dan. that bis reputation wr-ytil bare entered Bat hesee-nsio tare c-Mertaimd the idea that the pec ? pie of l>uteh?ee touniy think hi* cbarafter La* been unjust!? aspersed end that, therefore be le entitle* to a verdict from a ury of the eonntr. Now it ha not beeirabcwn that >?t one binat being In Dutch en ooun..?, or. indeed. In any other part of the Stnt* of New v irk ban read' tbe artlc>. or reading It, uh ? derstosl ft to be a libit on Mr. Jordan. It was said hy Mr MaStir. in oyentog the osse for the proeeen tion that Mr Wilkes wae no ordinary man Well >J. *V ases does not clnhu te be an extraordinary mm but hteis. as en A crriran citlssn. equall> enti t'.edasucy other man t9 his rlg2tts and privileges lie no doutr, .egretted tLnt a* an editor of the pub tie pi ? ? he had ever come it to collision with Mr Jot dan. It ooulii Jo him nogwod; but fbe could have etipposed that this artlole eould have snbjeetsd hint to this trouble and expense be would not have writ ten It liCt but he was fearless but that he wo aid ran- cfruUni, it>t-d before Ls would ha /e encountered M- Jcr-JanHud hie legal !r>n is, who h?v? brought blm away from bl? home end hie frlerds Belnp here., i? sny llstlocMon Is to be ma^e they oppose that It will be made in his tavar; and it tbat ruspect and fee tag tor ;b>' stranger be not entertain*1! here, as It i? ever j wberr elee, tb?y were n.istaken Indeed It any influences are to be broai;ht tgalnst the defendant, **ce^t ptcI. s? arise eut of th? evidence in this oaee, rotisfel t-it ?.*jat the jury would be tbe firet to Inter ->oe? < heir protection Mr Jordan has been the At torney Meutral of this State olected by ii.e people and has oeen as pubMe a man as an oftloer of the law es IH Wl'.kes has be.->n as an editor of a newspaper But Mr. W ilkes can claim no sympathy arising out el polttKai oAl.'S. B'jrsd tbe Not the* he has been a faithful waru> 11 on th.> watchtower. and has cautioned "he ee? ui'it :t ? >f dacter and that he has broken up deneef ocunf'-rfe iters, be csn claim no sympathy has brought 'tenders ' o justioe.and has stooped to no unwevtby me^ne to aecempllsh that As regards thes<i servloes Mr Wilkes trust be ooneldered In a poeilion bv no means inferior to tbat of the prosecutor. Mr Jorcf e Insist* that Mr Wllken shoul'l be eonvleted ae acrinlnal a*d sub.iseted to flue and Imprisonment, or either, lu tbe dt'creMon of the Court. [Counsel he te read th?. indictment. ] If the defpudsnt lias pub lU'ied aiijthiu,; charging that Mr Jordan wa> corrupt, th?e he is eaiitled to he eonvleted. but If It turns ont that be did not, or that be did. on suhlelent arounds tbeu be c nsidered tbat ti^n defendant wiii be entitled to an asquittal at tbe iiauds of the jury. In a provision of the constitution, an tbe Judge would Wll tbeni, tbe jury are In cases of libel, made ji;rfge*jfrt the law as well as the taste. This wae [?ranted a'te our suceoesfnl struggle for i:>depen (?-ice? ? * whleh made us a nation Counsel then r*ad the article of tbr conetitullon on tbe priv^ ,ege of wrltine* and tb. freedom of s^eeclt and con tar- ?' the iv- dawantal lawof the \aniwlth tu- tj,a*w i f the Id '.ni'llsh 'aws We have tak<*n car- that no legislature shall interfere with that sujrsd right ? ? tnken caru ttiet there 'hall be no sedition ?? ?n4 thst whetherl a men be Att- rney Oeneral not tl ere ?ht?u be a free exer.-i^" ot an dplfl 1*1 n-l n -^rd-r that this right ot freedom ef pt -b ..1 xpresslon ef opinion tuay be en j> > t is re;r<rded in tb? oonstituti^n It *?? "-the 'try to say whether the defendant bad pub lished a iibei. usd'r such circninstan as to b < aine nable to th? :rlmlESl la* Me -itterly dsbisd tbai there wsi hii> proof of publlcetlou which w?kee the de f cJ .af liabli he sdinlfs that h1? !? propri<torol tbe Set i U (iatri'r It has b*en jron-d that Mr Ii*>,'h.aock bought a copy of tbat psp*r in l'ou/!>k->sp sle tr->ni M' '? n worthy who keeps ? bather's >,nop sod sell* n -r ?eaprre. tut he would like the g,<atl<?uiea on *he otber ?id>- to ehow that Mr. Keuworthy was an ? tbo'liedto . *11 the A'atsewe/ P?h\r t/r M*th?r - I)IJ not counsel adml* that this paper was a copy of th? /V < - (irtr'tt and that th* defendaut ?-.# ! ae proprietor ''wru'l for i^f.-noe 'aid th?t th*y a laittad that, p-id -vould tiiSc b?-h sathin.r lbs* they had admltt-d Mr. Wtike* would hara bean Hal>l? l<>r *mj lib*) that might V' |i'.iMmb*d by him la New Yi.rk, hat hewoaMaak. nd the ,?ury e*?r ?ea i m,i jn wbleh : jr: ? were <o men; apltoM cavilling* in tbl< ra<e \lwcet f-i - ;??? r.{ t?iUnonj offered (i t *be defence n.. c t bv ;h? pr> v -iittnn It !.e (couna'l) -? v' I *h#?W \y * j.-re 'hat tber? h?a been n. pnbllaa He ? r?1iT l)uf"h*?e county tkw th* dihtliM li . It tn t ulttel lie **td it ? ?it-ihordti>ary that Mr ti'tf B#t put b'- .enf re I'm ?u??d M ? wiine?? .nd n thru the beneflt t f bit leetlui.-ny, *?> 'r '? tlo fileebood ?t the *'.i?pit.r jn .vxtaiued lu >ila 5uneel derate i to the lry th* rharao Iff of A Irt the par joned frlon lu Jnoet withering l*ra ? lli- i to Rofaoe #???, wh?'? It ?? la'd M?titUt it * lib*! I* pubiieh?d by in i,'rnt. It mart l!>. V ? -ni I \ ? hut the il?"> n lid! h?l autUoriltd ?? th?a?nadi"l to |)m Terdlcta < b'.alnfd If Car yr ' ? ? r ? - >? lu-'. t ri-elaud H h ?til<>n. and othera, and ??ld t bat tl>>" .u w . m.ugh of jurer* to I ?? c nviuc,.d lb?t tbey ?< -j|<t Dbtraattrr ueb her.ry rerdbti. no opt In r r| i ;r? ; JJoary p?T??rut\f n. an 1 It 114 ip,"?r t? Mm tt*t the yroeenutiwa of Carpenter. pereleted Im bv the KUd aaleag* Comply *w #Ith the eery de i .or.f r?i .in/ rid of fhi?e b-r.Tf Trrdiot* a/;iin?t them ? un??: iJie i prer?eil?d to r '&U and comuatpt ui>on it ? n)r Jordan to Goeernor I <>uo?; but had o* rr-o!i* ? ' b' addr?'?? at tb? rlgiag of the court at 7', o'alaaii \ ijoumed to > o'clock .if *t m minir W> Mof.i< . March 1J? I(N 1 far !d- d?j. uoe .viun?d bit adiireee to the f>? ?ontli;BeJ to e*Am?nt upon the letter of Mr *: J <i> ' i i.r Uotim a< r. which i-et lortb tb air c i ? j > nder ?hi :? A ndrote wat coariated. ?nd ? .ft bie i | Lion a* tc the propriety if ?r * . r> I ? ? blai l icbt e e*rert?loed from the faote b? i a ?? ' 1 Ooni>a<', liario< reviewed tba L.ttary ol t'i ? ? Kt it at l<'n?th r n. lifted hie *dd'?a? * 'i aa a; j ill ui on Mhelt or hie cllen.. in wlUeh ha l I a U p. ;hat tha jury w>uid not diecof?r It ? -1 * ! the tMt* ?i.d eircDM*. enrea ol tb> a%ee ' hat TH< '?T-t iati' na? I.n appropriate ohjeat for 'inr a?ia?! >a~ itutson ?Y TCI.KJUAPII viinicl or otiLTv. i* ?? .Hmn 'ii Weun "??lay eeeniag ' March 19. I HI \ /ae J id*o !??rjr?4 the ury who r*tlr?<l ab->at fire a half elr k, aad in tweaty-flro ulnatea r? ;>raod a ?er Jlot of guilty A atay o( pr na--itara ?a# ..ak?i ob tha part of defendant Th? oaart aald (hoy ?"ill lay the natter ovor till mnraiag Tkia *on-l? t.v a 'tthje^n the defeadaat t<> a flee not ?leecitlaiC *2f>. or Ijifrlaonneat aot eiceedlac tr?l* menthe or botlu Tut UiT' Sl(Iil.;,o? Th 'MJ' OS.O f P iH \i ? ? ii i? i tir n. < lao' holy duty lu announce tb> tr th ol cua i?f our ?M??t and mo-it buihljr MNioHfitt /r ae. barldua 1 hwiDptou, wh>oh od arred at hi* rraMtaw in title eitr y-trrda) iftrrtPN, tl In tlf patl ;ao o rllock Uapt Thomppou w*i tmrn in I ?rb> . Connrt'icut. on the 2.1 of July. P? At I Ihf ge f<f ten trara hf went t< era, whiuh h ? 'i?l I k?wed until 1*11. In 1?!^. duriflf our dilHcdlii^# wi'htbe (jorrrnnient m Fraace. he wm In tfc" W??t Wheft be waa t&ken , riaouer con vry i to >uaduluu(?' ??ad tkfirr cn?linet1 la miO be ?haii''iiaeil the oeren, and la thai y<-ar mow.i to Lewirtoa, NiHi.'ar? county, where here maievd uu til ill*' Theaca h< catnt to Hlack I\i re. Had rfnoaiaed then uatil |M.M,wlien lie t<< 4t hi* rf^idfnce n th> - citj He was tb<- first ^^ ^or rircied by tie1 i?'0|ile ol ihn ritjr. whtcb fi?.e fleto ifl ihe year l>K) >\ i'h the n<1? 'tice nieiit end - m it uiy m PufTalo he ht? beet cl <?ely identifit. lie wat largely "ngaged in ertmtter. , ? r i l?r? ntil within b few yesrs piat, nnd hiy I t in - t v an i ( apui itj bud ccumu. r> ! .? ri-i ? 1 1? fioMeaar.l maay a.Mr trniie ol lu iractei. which will Ir>ug |w treuMired n? th# j ? iru iy of ihw <f who I D'* him. Hia ialetcMlw ? lie )it'o|ei portion of ron\niunity V4 of the , i ;,ii> . ei. t t ioet i||f(iUe ?hAftetcr, %n?i h% I in |>e W'i looted up towrih nHecf uite r? ,#*i He v m? qiiok I# diawrn Ojerit. and proir -t ">e?. tend t" it ;i (eaerotta aid We give ?tire*- < r, to ? f**? t anown tr mnr/ of our r?>a<i"r?, when we , tha' he aided <n the eataNhahias of nt"f? ye t ii in l>m!,firae m Huflaio th. n aa\ other ??'ifieidnpi ?? th', city '>ttrin* the brief ill *a? 'hf." nrrced#d fila -ir?lh, he ' \hibited thr earn# fount. .0i. ? i .?d rbe' riulcra* of K Bii?r thai werw i ontiat i<"?ai *a ?r i>la chk*arter vm ???

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