Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1851 Page 5
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1WCTAL ?OTIC?. ja^fOIAL NOTIc?-THB TBI KB ANNUAL FBST1VAL O W the latrlHi DnuiU r?4 iMHiiUn will Mka i,,Ulfn.ul1*4 ?"?Pl*e?. ?? the a (tor Boase, oa P* ?' April. Tiakatf. M eaak. May b? procured from the rresldf at. Btnrj 0. Stebbtaa, Ism ; the Soaretary, Praaois *'-m eye* V > ot MJ of the TrmMw, /. Freeoott ft*11, If'C' 'P^a N?K?on, N?j., Ta. P. Chapman. Bsq., James t. Brady, Esq , Thomta B. H.mblln B*i ; alto of aay ?? t?a Diiaetore, aadat tbe office of th* As tor Hoaso. N.B. T? | ili'i i u J U U u,0"",y llUiit,d' 'Mediate UISTORT OF THE JEWS DR. RtPHALL DELIVBM **?ond leotnre thin evening, at the II all of the Me dical Col .... Crosby street, near Spring street. Tioketa, SO ?MM, at the door. Loiter* to oommeaoe at half-past seven, preeitcly. A tSOCIATION OF THE NEW VOKK BAR A KBQU j* '?* ?eeti?g of thii association will be held thia (Thurs day) evening, at eight o'olook, at the apelal term room of toe Bu prone eourt. Memb?reof th. kai are requeeted to at tend. DANIEL BOVVLf, President. _ Thomas W. Kei.i.v, Cot. 8eo. AO. o. F. EXCELMO ( LODGE, SHAKSPBARE. NO. ? 1 - A itated meeting of th. abov. Lodge will ke hold oa Thursday, March 20tb, at 2 P. X.. io the Lodge Room, M'J Bowery. By order. CHAR. B. HILL. SeoreUry. ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK FOR SALC-TBC CLOCK A tjtt ban been for .overal years in use at tko Chronome ter Warehouse of the late Alexander Megarey, is offered for ?ale at a reasonable price. It is a remarkably aoeurato ?ime ptooe, and will be warraatod equal to any in the oitr. Apply at 19w Water street. ST. JOHN, BATTER. -THE 8UII8CRIBER HAVING ?old tbe laate of his former plaoe of b isiness, has retanved to Ike oomer of Pine and Nassau streets, where he will be pleased to serve his frieads with Hats an4 Caps that shall in ?U respects equal the prodnotion of any house in the trada. sr. JOHN, eornar of Fine and Nassau street*. OCOlN COLLECTORS.? PROF. D X. GROUT, Nu mismatist, from Boston, has the honor to annoanoe thai k. will remain till the 22d inetant in New Vork, and that eeUeeters may choose between 4,000 Coius and Mednls to ?omnlete their above collections. He is to be seea at Br. Bd. Norris's, Naturalist, No. 1 C?urtlaadt street, two doors from Broadway, up Hairs, from 10 to 3 o'clock. MMCICMiAW KOtll. CALIFORNIA FLOWER, SHRUB, AMD TREE SEEDS.? The subscribers bar* ;uet reoeived from the bands of th* loolleater, nearly fifty varieties of th* above, nil fresh ?ad is good condition. No other countr< in the world, with a fmperate climate, | retentt eueh un array of rtoral beau t?** at do the western alope* of the Nevada Hills, where the pr***nt collection was made, and it ii lelieved that aa re gards novelty and beauty, no previous selection has exceeded the one now offered. The erode are put up in neat email VMkagea of forty- it von varieties, price SJ 60 each, with de scriptive catalogues. and oan be sent to My part of the ValUd State* or Cut ope. by mail if desired. THORBURN & CO , 15 John ttreet. J. M. QIANT ASPARAGUS PLANTS ? TWINTV THOUSAND extra fine two yenr old plants, at large aa the ordinary rnn of three yeare old, put up 1b tundlea nf 100 *aoh, at 75 MBti per 100, or $6 per 1,000. J. M. THORBl'RN A Co.. IS Jeha street. Early Sovereign. Early Foxite. aad Early Ath Leaf, Kidney Seed Potatnet. t 1 60 per tuihel. TO HOTEL KEEPERS AND LA UNDRIES.? FERGU sen't Arrow Root, a v?ry oheap and delicate article for Paddings, Blanc MaaKc, Soft Cuttardt, Mo. Aa., warranted fete Arrow Root. It la far tnpeiior, at regardt tlavor. con venience and cbeapaete. to aaythiag in use. Ferguaoa'* Arrow Root Btareh- Stronger, better, aud cheaper than the ordinary starch For tale, wholesale, by l 8Ch'Er FBI IN BROTHERS te Co., 106 John street. | U RAN DIES 1 BRANDIES!! BRANDIES !! 1-THE OLD- ' MJ ett and beat brandiee, winee, liquor*, Ao., imported ex- I praaily for the proprietor, are to be found at tae now and ait*a*ive brandy ttore, I'M Broome street, one block east of Broadway. Particular attention n paid to the hurling do- j part men t. which consists cf the choicest gradet of Madeira*. Sherry* and Porta, and are peculiarly adapted for medical . ?urp?M*. being genuine, ana *o warranted by th* propri*- ! tat. AMBROSE D ALL! MORE. | STATIN ISLAND FANCY DTINO ESTABLISHMENT. Office No. S J oh a- St.. New York.? The propiieter*of thi* establishment, whose dying and finishing have been to long and faverably known to the community. are ready to receive ardor* for dyingand cleanilnii silk, woollen, ootton. linsa. And fancy good*, of every detoriptioo, in the bett manner. BARRETT, NEPHEWS A CO. Damaged iron and steel- -half roun^, oval, theet. rod teroll, horae, shoe nail rodlCaat Steel. Spring Bt?el, ando'her kiada, from B. M. Wiloa A Co. * ire, for aale t y PETTBE A MANN, 2J8 Sou'h street. ZIMO FAINTS ? A LARGI SUFPLT OF WHITR, biown. aad blaok Zino Paint*, manufactured by the N*w Jericy Exploring aad M<nlng Company, for aale by 8. T. JONES A Co., reneral ageot*. 53 Beaver (treet. ROOFING-CHEAP ROOFING -GOODWIN'S PATENT Hydro Pneumatic Cemeat Sheathing make* a eneup, Mght aad durable roof. Done ?? rough plank for ceut* ??r foot, ovor tin or ihiagio* 3H cent* per f?ot. and war ranted, by SAML. GOODWIN, 283 Spriag street, near Hudson. FURNITURE-RICH ROSEWOOD. BLACK WALNUT aad mahogany.? H. Stoney respectfully invitee those per aox about **leetiag their Furniture, to examine hi* etock of fashionable, substantial and flrtt elaat Furniture, at hi* wareroomc, S.'Vj Broadway, where my old ouitomer* will Had Abe u*ual large variety, aad at the usual moderate priie*. HENRY BtONIY. MO Broadway, one door above '?"Tlr.Z st Paper hanoings.? tbomas fate a oo. No. m Pearl *tra?t, aear Chatham, importer* aad manufao iCT*rs.fc?Y? 9> hand the largest aad bett assorted atook of Paper Haaiing* of every detoriptioa in the oity, whioh they ?Bar at wholeeal* aad retail at manufacturer*' price*. P ar ticular attention i* given to the oity trad*, and th* beat Workmen are tmplnytdtohaag ptper*^ IMPORTANT NEWS -A M ft R DAV1BS ARE NOW sailing Wlt4o? Shade* anl Corni'es. Paper Hanging*. Laae ana Muilin Curtains, and every description et curtain material* tweaty-llve per cent lower than any other house la the oity. A- M. A R. DA VI BS, Uphol Merer*. JOO B iwery. CHAN DOR S SILVER PLATING. AND SILVER PLA ted Ware ?Every detoriptioa of metal diver plated or *?ldplat?d to nrter. Sp.ioa*. Forki, aad every article of Bllvcr Plated Were, furnished at vary low prioctby A B. MILLER it CO.. No. It Wall ttreat. Agent* for L, Cl.aidor T. a.? Old war*, of all kind*, re- plated cjual to a*w, at about one-fturth th* i riglt al cost. Lamps, manibl candei, auras. oiranoolkp. Cutlery, Pin ed War . * ? A tin* BMP atojk of Coral line'! enboftad lamp!, mam n;?. chaadeliere. k*- : alto, ill* r plated on Herman Hirer ten H'.i, eumri bM kett, table forkt, *>>; tpoona f 3 dnn; ivory table cutlery, teatraya, ko. A. MORGAN, l.U W illiam ttrtet, between aaii Aaa, oppoeite the Church. French mechanical (carczl) lamps -on head, the largest *tnik aod rarlety ot FruaoA curoeL, med*rat <ra or preeaioa. itndio*', i thoea' itaHMri', and rej hIi' Lab tie; Ckaaddicra, Caadeiabra* Bracken, kc . tilaaa war*. aaa Furalture far I,am|? Sperm and Freooh Oil# fwvudtJ. Lamp* cleaic 1. repaired. broni"d, anil gilded H. pardon VILLE, 445 BroaJwar. |^ARDM.-T. It J. ALDRIDOR'9 HUDSON COUNTY V/ Oakum Work*, Bergen Bndtoa County, New Jertey; one and a half mile* In ui Jcr*ey City lorry. P*r*ont with *ag to go to th* w< >k*. eaa do *o by taking th* nag* at tho forty, that lcaret every half hoar. Penona will plea*e, whoa tkoy aend by mail, *ay what kind Ui*y ?aot? extra ?nperlor. or Americ*a Nary. |~1ENTEEL AND LUCRATIVE OJCUf ATION ? THR V* adrertt*er will eommnnleat* to any l?dy or gentleman printed in?traotion* in two beautiful art* iatftai> atly eapli mt to enable aithar *e? to praottoo tho tame a* a genteel and tocratiee occupation, *lth*r for profit or amnieocit, re ?jntiiag ao prarion* knowledge, and bat trifliac outlay wKorehf laiaaro time mar be t ridtablv filled up. an* a cem tortAble inc?m* aecurtd in 'he prbdnotioa of article* ta eon ataat demand. Mr. ater?n*. Utiea, writ**?" I have turned yoor iattniet.oa* to pr t*able accoviut, th* art lal* being '? ureal repeat in th* noiahhorhn>d. I *iaploy mT**lf carle aad late *om*?ayt." Th* ia*traotina* will bo j uactu&lly forwarded by return of mail to aty part of theUaiied dtato*. free of pottage, for f 1. by ad lr>-**iaa PL. JErVEHOMtf R Roeheiter. N. Y. (?TOP TBR W Al ER.? CROTON WATBR TAKE a* WILL > ' tee by th* lAt* i i > of the B MM I. that th* loav tog a by 'treat or ooek to ' run when not la actual vim," inb teen to tli peaalty uf baring the " *erply (topped t R with ?at furtter m U< *." Thi* penalty, and mush trouble to tb* landloril. may be artldel by th* n*o of tie Bartholomew Pateat Hydrant and Cook, which are calculated t? comply with tlio regulation! of tb* Water Board, being never lelt raanmg whan not la actual u**i are ?ubitaatlal, durable, ant likely to g> t cat of order: are hejplr repaired without digging up, nor liable to fre?>* or b?r*t the pipe. The oaly ?alf-aeUin h)dr*nf, and >aly patent In the market. Uav* beoa la general aad approve I ute fer n?e rear*, tu r i*l* by tb* plninber* g***rr My. Mad* only at Kl Mari u aire it, ky 'be latent**. Order* fr'ni pl.m'ar* oaly. Beware A imitatlea ? an* iafriv gemeat*. __________ MOREHEAD-S MAGNETIC PLANTER ? Ttlid UNRf vail-d f l -eo\ery i* warrarted to b# tho r^a'Mt ttrrmrbeoor ae I pain dentrerar t* tb* w .rill, and 'he aheip. ?*t aad be*' plaator *eer laven'ed. Put 'ip in air tight tia be***, *nflloi*nt to apread Hv *c el?r*it plaeter* nud anr eblld *?? apeead tbeu.. I'riee S3 ?>at* a bne. wi'h lull direction*. ?aaafa*tar?d and *old bv the inv*ntur and proprietor, D.O. MlbRBHEAM. M. D.. 1.11 Mroai way. DH ClIARLR^ MI NDR S WATRR Cl'RR RflrABLISH aai<, at lUaaoneillo. Mortb*mp<- a. If***., ha* boea ra? ? (Oned Ihe doetor i* tli* earlieat dia <ipl? of Prietenia:. ?ad tb* ?*'ablithm*at. anua'od In a pleaaan* and t.eal'by ? ' aala ni m oountrr, ha* a* abuad knee of ?h* put a' and ??Id*** graait* water. For furtker paetioular*. apply '.o Ta Rtdd*. 322 Broadway, N*w Tvrkj or to lh? Do 'er, aa Mrs jrrvijs coi-b candv.-thr ?onu ?r the C*M. With laryai ten l*r aad nn, With eyo-lid* rh?nmy and rod. A tl?ti? aa'. with h*r fat* b .aad ap, Aad aa awfat b*r bead. ?' P?b ! ngh ! ugh !** Till bre ht!'?d tomia<if; Aad Ihae *ho apak* in 'he li\'e?>Ha Of b?r dry aad hncky * ogh. " Co+f h oough ' eonah ! Wh*a th* woiry day daaliatf, Aad *nrgh ? anngh ' *vn rh ' Whea 'k* lint of morning (kin"*." Bat *lto fonnd her ongh a lar*. hi Mr* i?rii'* ll. If a cbrtatiaa life you wi?h t? >???, 11 1* worth i la wol(t t in gull. Ok ' men with *i> tort dear. Ob ' men with m?\h?r? and wleae, A *lagle pi'ltit, If bought la Urn*. F?rthea<-e may tar* tk*ir lira*. Ok, thlak ia aeery rntigh, T"u haar l>e*'h *pe?k alnnd, Aad haatan t? Br*. J*r?|t'e *tore, Br* liny otaa* with tho heart* aad ahread. B y ' boy ' aew ' To morrow may be to* late. Of th? pra**at remedy make a ,r?, And take a bond of fat* Held wt..|**al<- and retail br Bre W JBRVtS. Br ad wmr. eo* deer ab ,e* Praaklin *tr*et, and *old by dr rgi*te ?eaoral ly. MARR WHAT WR SAT. At 4BI Broedwae, Ton can pureha** A pe? der to kill All the laaeet* that *11 Your pan'.rle* aad bed*. Tonrat'l'* ynnr*hed*. Totir drap<-rl?t lee??. And 'he cat* in tha ptwt Of yonrelmrohee to fwet, let bed kuge. eeekroaehee, er aay of the a*ti?-i? ?tibe? rf In.eetL iaalaua't themeeH** where 'he* will. W**'" Bafnetio Pewder will rea-"'. and deetroy th*m. Lyta * ?a?a?H' Pilte are* intlly dettrue' Ire to rat* aad mie*. aad Mta are p?lenr,l??e to man aad the largar qnadruped*. rrinlfol detet. tft Broadway. ^bribtiri) oacvAim brlt -srpfOSR tbr caie v'.." ? t?r??a ??. <-f.d wltk that baae of eiriliiatioa. di * pepota. or aeiy other e.hron|e or nerron* dl*nrd*r. fa orli? ?a?y oa*e?, ttlmulanw ar* 'abea, wblah. br ?h?ir a. tlea <>? 9B ?"V** ra?e.t*e of th* atemaeh, aAord lemperarr *i.I i whi4-h lee*.j the pat'?nt la a lower *tat*. and wlla Injared faeulH**. after tb* aetim fhet tieltel ha* ?ja?*d Now reaipare thle with th* ef!e*t r??eltla? from tppllnatloa mi the Milraailo belt Tak* a dy?p*rf''' ,,,f" '* 7T** .eraiptom* of aa att ?ek. aad limply tie th* belt renad th. kody. eelag the magaetiff flald ae ?M??t#?. In a abort period Ih* ineenji 1,1* peraplral. na will a?tea the pee i tl v ? ?l*n>*t of th* bdlt thereby eam-laf ? yalraak eirealatiea. which will ra**ea to th* negative, ??< aheaee baek sgala te the p*eltir*. thn* keemag up a t?n ttow?e* g*lv*nle elreulatlen lhy?t ighont Ik* trttta Tflt??. Iktatoet Mitri ea**? of dT,?.wla are perttaneatly mre t. A few day* It amply *??n'nt t<i tradioat* tke dUoae* o7 rntre, D. 5 NORBIIBAO. B. B.. Oen.rU Aieatf.V ta* taifdSta.**, iUDioAiwaMfiwy.ik. 1X7 ANTED ? SITUATIONS FOR A LARUE NUMBER Of IT uwllnl PiitNlut Nnuli, OmIi. OhakmitMi, hwitwiui, Niim, Uaitimii, (Muni Voiktri. Til ton, CowliaM. OudMMi, Fuaua, boy*, ko. Om >? of lb* Prote taat Employment Society. 7 Ctralat atroet. N. B ? Sun, tidy, sober, hoaeat. and eapabli hkuM, in giv*a situation* fro* of okarga. IITANTED-BITUATIONS FOR FIRST-CLASS 8ER Tt vanta. ol every domeatie nation. at the office of th* Booiety for lb* Encouragement of Faithful Domestic Ser vant*. 106 ChiBbm atreet, established la LKJS N. B. Wor thy irrvmstA only u? *a*ourag<d at this iaatitatitn. N. B The t?rm? are rednevd to $1 per year. O&co hour* from AM. to gr. M WANTED? SITUATIONS FOR PROTESTANT COOKS. Chambermaid!, Boamatreaee*. None*, and general aer vaati, at the Protectant Ageney, 4.11 Hndeoa atreet. N.B.? Neat aid tidy lervaat*, with Rood reference, oaa prooore situation* free of oxpenae, in the beat privste families. WANTED A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN (French or English preferred) aa Seamatrees, ko., ia a ?mall private family. None need aeply without the beat re ooaamendatioai. Applv at lits Twelfth atreet, between Breadwa? an<i Univereity plaea. W^MANTED-FORftTHE U 8. MOUNTED SERVICE, A few active yoang men, to whom will be given good pay, eloth'uK. horee aad aoooutremente. Regiment* eorviag ia Oregon and California reoaive double pay. Anply at Dra ioon Rendetvoua, ft Chatham Square, and (0 Mudeon atreet, lew Totk. Two dollare wMI be paid to any oitiien bringing a reeruit, if aald recruit be aeotpted. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTAHLE youagweman, as aurae, soamatres*. er to takeoaro of oblldiun. or aa chambermaid and waiter Haa no objeotion togoathort diatance in theooualry. The beat of olty ro ferrnce oas be givea. Apply at 4H B'ward ftrect, ia th* rear, tiret floor, froat room. Can be aeen for two day*. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPE0TYBL1 young girl, abou t alxteen year* of age. to do chamber work, or to asaiat ia washing and ironing, or to do the work ?f a amall family. She I* willing to make her<elf generally artful. Please call at 17 Mott atrtet, aeooud floor, latbu rear. Can be aeea for three dava. WANTED-BTTWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMEN, eituations? one aa chambeimaid and waiterithe other aa aeariistrera The beat of city referenoe given. Inquire at 80,1 Br< ad way. in the oandy atore. WANTED? A 8ITUATION Alt SALESMAN. IN A wholesale dry goods liouee by a gentleman from the South, who haa a very extensive acqnalatanoe, and could control a lar*e share of trad*. Partin* wishing to oonfer with him, will apply to J. C. L., No. 96 Irving Hon**. WANTSD--A SITUATION. BY A YOPNO OIRL. TO do general houaework. cad wash and iron lor a pri vate tamilv ; beat of city reterence ean be givev Please call at the rear of 3U7 Mott atreet; can b* aeon for two toy* WANTED--BY A HEALTHY. RESPECTABLE Wo man, with a frenh breast of milk, a situation aa Wet Nurae in a i< electable private family, the haa Wat her baby, one waek old. Beat of oity referenoe, it required ; oaa beseen natil suited. Apply at No. 11?6 West Twentieth atreet. up stair*. WANTED-A PROTISTANT WOMAN. A8 COOK; ONE who naderatanda her buaineaa, aad can give city re ference*. Call at 128 Chamber* atreet, between the hours of ten and two o'elcok. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABLE Wo man, aa cook, waaher, and ironer, or to do generMhouao work In * small private family: good rcferenoea can be gi ven. ricaao call at No. SUTbomnaon atreet. In the rear. WANTED- BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, ? titration to do urseral houav work, or ohamberwork, in a m all private j, ?he ia an excellent washer and ironer, and a good plain oook: the beat of reftreneea oaa be (i n Pletae cal! frf? tea till tour o'clock, at M Nine teenth atru-? . *<t'.ween Broadway ail Fourth avenue; can be leon (or two <?y?. WANTED-A SITUATION AS M'RSE, BY A WOMAN who haa been loot aoeuitomed to the care of young oliildr*i>: la ompe tent to take the entire oharge of aa la titat; would have no objeotiona to go to Enrope with a lady; Is a good aeametrex; ean give moat reap*etable city rafe ri neea. P *a*e spi'ly at 883 Greenwioh etr*et. WANT1C-IV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a litnatlon ai chambermaid an 1 waiter, or todn file waahlag and ironing; ha* the beat of olty refe rences Irom hcrlaat plaoo. Please call at No. It Fifth atreet. Can b* aeen for two day*. flTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAHLE v V yonag woman, a* chambermaid, waiter, or laundreat; ean fulfil either aituation; ia eapabl* ol minding (hildren; the best ?f *ity references can be givea from h*r last place. PJeaso oall at 374 Broome atrc*t, ean be aeen tor two days. %JkT AN TED? SITUATIONS FOR TWO MOST RESPEOT vT abl* youeg women? one aa Cook; th* other a* Chamber maid and plain Beacatres*. or to a*?ist I* the waahlng and ironing, or to take ear* of children, la a private family Has ao objeotion to th* eouatry. Can be a*ea for three day*, at No. M2 Twenty tint atreet, between tho Eighth and Ninth avennea, third floor, front r?*ra. Rood referenoe given. WANTID? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION, in a reepeotable private famllv, aa Dreiamaker and Beamatreaa; haa no objeetioa to go in the country for th* saaBtr.or wonld wait *n a lady, aad trnvel with her. Please apply a? 34 1 Eaat Twelfth atr**t, between Fi rat and Second aveauta, for two day*. The but of oity referenou aa to oba ra*ter *nd capaMIlty. _____________ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROfESTAKT WO man. a aituation aa Nursaand Seamatreaa, at. . .a a g... . hand at (hirt making. Can be well rooommeaded. Apply at 197 Hester a treat. Can b* aeen for t hree data. YJIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY ONE v v who undaratanda outting and making boya' clothes; ha* no objections to take care of childrea. or di a littlo cbtniberwork If not auited. ia wiliiag to work by the day. Apply at ISO Fourth atreet, flrat floor. Cam be seen for two < I day*. I %itantio-a situation as fori ii an, in some v v ntpuctibU tv.lorin* ectaMiahmtat, by a -entlemnn of twelve year* eiparieace in bnaineee, being alto ft practical cutter Can begeen at N?. 1.% Broadway, or at No. 4 Park place, where reference can hegivoa. WANTED- A 'SITUATION, IV A TOUNO MAN, AS Gardener. Can pr dace the highoet tevtimonlnle ai to character and ability. A note ad J II M. C., Herald ?net, will ba promptly attended to. WANTED? IN THIS CITY, A SITUATION, BY A So ber, induetnoue woman. Ian good pUin cook, and an excellent waeher and iruner. Undereiande bakiag. R? epectable city referencee given. Pleaee call it M Whitehall WWW WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE ENOLISU GIRL. A ?ituation aa Bcatnetreie. or Chambermaid an J Sea*r. utiere ; la a good wMher and iroacr Would hnve no ob(ec lion to travel. Baa the beet of city reference Plenae eall >t 36 Great Jouee etreet. WANTED- A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A RB ?Mrtnble young *NM ; la alee a |tM waeher and in ner Line to ,i reference lr?a> her lnet place, for .'iX yeare. Enquire at lt>H Amity place, in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A REtPECTABLI young woman, to do chamb*rwork or waiting. in a Srlyate family. Good eity reference given. Enquire ai .'IIS liiub. th etreet. in the bakery, near Honeton etreet. Cnn be eeea for two daye. if not engage<l WANTED-A SITUATION AS IIMUSBEEEPER, Bf A widow lady of reepcctablc family. She ie fully cmpc. t'-nt and would with to take the entire charg* of both booiehi Id aRaire anlthe enreef children. The beet ef re ference will We given and retired . Pleaee direct a note to II T. enre ef C H. King, 191 Broadway, corner of John etreet. WARTBO-A SITUATION BT A RESPBCTABLB young women, aa Chambermaid, or Lnnndreee. C<i?k. Waeher, or Iroaer, or to do the general houeework of n email family. Hat no objection t > go a ehott dietance in tke country. The beet of city reference ean be gxen. Apply a> IU Twenty fourth etreet WANTED-A SITUATION BY A BRSPECTABLB | jour.r worai, aa t r.aubermaid, or aa Nnrce and to do r'aiu rt*u>(. Cnn be eeea at her prectat place, ti Weet Broad way. WiMID-BY an f.xpebibnced cook, a SITU. " ation in n reaper table fan lly. The beet city refcreucea given. Ad.lreee Bov .ifWi. Poet offlea. WAN TED - II Y A REM PBOTAIILr. Ml DDI. E AUEO wetnaa, a elinaitoa na Cook In a private familr. or privn'c boatdlng hcuie. Ie alio a go 14 waeher and lr?net. W aid hnve no cbjc tion to t > n enort dietenoe in the coun try. Pleaee apply at No. 9 Howard etreet, in thi rear, t an be iccn for tvi day*. WANTED? IN A B ESPECT A BI.E FAMILY. A IIT!' ati u ai Wet Nnrae. Application at 121 Ninth etr t, bc? w?*? Avenue* B erd 0, where referencee ean be hvt W A N T I D- V All I ATION, BY A SMART, A'TIVE v* y.uigwman M Ciet, wtM nikiM tM 1 r ? u 1 0 1 or t? da the general lionework fir ? email itmily. Can tlve t. Ml t. ? 01: y reference. He ? no objection to ?o a ihcrt 1 tanC'! in the country. To boeen nt 101 Siath avenue, cornsr tt 8ww?te> Mtkii. WANTBD-BY A RESPBCTABLB YOI NO WOM\N n aitnaticn a* Ccok in n private family, cr Here iperta'lc i arding l.ouee. Nc o'l'ctin to g a ehort lie tance >n the oenntry. The beet of eity tefe.eace. W .tild a'llit in tfce waehlng and iic%lp(. Pic Me call at ? 14 M . ? I - berrt etreet, corn r ef Wnlker, in the baeeauui. P- ? tc e*'-a for twa daye. W t.l T." D~"' * SHIPPINU OFFICE, A TOUNO . " .?tat levcn'een yen'. ago; Butt rteide with -?n't, be n g<i>4 petmnr .ad <|tiii<b at fl<<ir*a Oood rcfereacce repaired. Addreee Breaevn. Hcral* office. In beadwrttiag of applieaal _ ________________ WANTBD-BY A RESPgt TABI.B ENGLI1H WOMAN, n ?ituatioa ae Chaiabeemaid, and t > neiet in the waehing and iron. n/. or ne ccok and aoiet ia the waihiag . and with good tile r'trenre Tan be ecen for two daye. Plea>e to oall at >> Great Janec etreet, la tae rear. WANTED-A SITUATION AS MILLER. TO OO B\ST, Win, orSeu'h t? take ehatge of a fl mrfag mill, or would teat a gend mill The beet cf reference ean be even mic cnpability. En (nire at I* Gran I etreet for Miller, 'hit week. _ \1 ' A S T E I ' BY A RESPBCTABLB T<?lNQWOM\N vT acituatioa ae Cham^rmeid, cr tc doig?acral hoaee woik. Apply at id H- ary etreet Caa b' >cea two daye. Beet cf eity refemaee. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A REPBCTABLI e'ee4, womna.aeCcok Haeher, and loner, and hi - Jeretande bat let eml yaetry well, line ? od cill refer ence*. Bn iaire at ?- Graad etroe'. Caa be eeea for twa cafe WANTED BAH TBNDI.R? OHB H HO TIIORHI. BI.Y uadenUa lc hi* buriaee.. aad caa briag good referencee from hie leet employer 'cr capability aa<i hokectyi ? oh. and none ?ihcv?, aeed'aprly, at F.mrire City, coraer ti Broad any na i Hr'caie e* , from I t-. $ 0 clock thie aft-rntoa. WANTED A SITUATION. BY A RF.SPaCTA BL1 yenng womnn. ne Ccok. Waeher. and Ir >ner, or would do the general houiewerk of a email family, flaeaoob ? '.ion to go a ehort dietanee In tbe country. Pleaee call at 42 Wane ctreeb C?abe *eea far tw* daye. Good city re fereneee cen be givea. if r*'|ulv?d. WBANTI l? BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNO QIBO, A eitiiatlon in a privnt* farallv, ae Chambermaid, aid lo dc p ain eewmg. or a*alr?tla the wnthlng ind.r nlng. Ha* the baet of eity reference. P.eace apply to 64 i n vereitv Piece. bet?e?n Twelfth and Thirteenth etrrete. Caa bt-eeea for t we dcye. __________ WANTED-BY AN IXTERIBNCF.D DRBetM AK ER *mpl')??-nt fr'Bi a lew reepvctabl* famtllca, by the ?ley rr ween. Fleae* adtirect I. W , Hetald WANTED-BY A RRSPBCTaMLI TOUMO WOMAN aa ( hanbermald aad Wa ter, of wcnld dc the general Mii iifemirk of a email famllt ; Ie a good plain cook, aad e 1 cellent waeler and i. ener, thoroughly uaderctnnde ohnn bet work and waltiar;g??d reference cnn be irleen aa te nh*'?eter end 1 npaAillfy, II reqaired. Ple**e enll at Ictea'h ave nue, betwtwa Twenty, third an -4 Tw. nty-lourth etrectc; cna te eeea for three dave. WHANTBD-AN INTBI MGBVT MAN. OP STRICT IV ? tegii'y, aad thorengli buelaeec haalte, wbo an em - a aad oae tbontaad <lollnr*. The ent*rpriee pramieee return < niiffli .ent to meet the eepeetattoneof the moet ianredulou*, and cmpleyment of b.'te meet acre. able kiad parti nlarly ta 1 ae tw o woalJ tike t<*travel. To aa aotlve aad eatarprleing rertaa. the labjec* ? III romaiead Itcelf a* a rare opport ualty. PaMicnlar* ?av be leaat'Cd by adcreeelae a aota t? Betec rlic. lit rajd efRcc, elatlak' where aa latorvlt-w caa be had. I cbekut th*?e bavin* <he ?*ady money and a^Je tc f iraieh Mha jadf.',cte4 -ee .moaK^e a* ta chareater, a-e 1 np I wim. WANTED.- AM Y PERSON HATING A WILL AB MrtM retail a took of <n noli to dlapoeo if, Ml loot tbaa $1,000 or mire than fft.OU) worth, ni) bear of iiood epportaeity for ooavortfag the eame la to im, without Iom, and within a thort period of time. by addteroiag aoommuai cation to D. B. D.. (ox JM Poat,0?ce. Newark, New Jtraoy. atatiag whero t? iatorviow may ho had. WANTBD? A SITUATION BT A TIRAT RATI SBAM atreaa? one who undoretunda cutting out. and la wil ling to aaaiat at ohaiahoi work, or atteud to ohildros. Haa do objeotion to traval with a reepectable family. Pleaoo oail at 7M Weet Seventeenth atreet, la the baaemeat. WANTBD -A SITUATION BV A BESPBCTAB LB young woaun, an Cook, tirat rato Waaher and Irooer, and goodftakor. Call, any {day this wet*, at 77V Waah la|ton aireot. SLkiSZH Ch?a?b,Bri ait REd81>ltCTABfcE R MO. foJTr,V.% M m "tin?. WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO ilo general homework? a good plain oaok. waaher. and iroacr. Can give city relercaoe from her laat place. Pleaae call at No. 123 Baat Twenty- bfth atroet, between the Second and Third avcnuoa. Can bo mm for two days, if aot en gaged WANTBD-A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON. Good eity roferencea will be required. Apply at 19 North Moore atreet. between the honra of lu and 1. WANTED ? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE youD? woman to do the hourework of a small private family, or to do chamberwork, or to ttkn oare of a child. Ban the beat of eity referenoe from her Uat flaoe. Please *?11 ut No. 377 Hudaon atreet. third floor, froat room. WANTBD-AN ACTIVB YOUNG MAN, OF UM Ex ceptionable character, in a hardware etteu? one who oan pack, and muko himself generally useful. Apply at 58 Maiden laae. up atair* WANTBD ? A SITUATION BY A KBSPBCTABLB young woman, to do Chamberwork ana Sewing, oi the housework of a mall private family. In a good oook. waaher, and irxnor. Haa the bos^ of eity reference from her laat plaoe, where ilia lived fouryeara. Call at No. 2 Sixth atroet, back room, tirat Door. WANTBD-AN AMERICAN WOMAN, AS NURIB FOR a child, and aa Beamed ea*. None but an American, and one who can bring the beat oity reference*, need apply, between tho houre of !l and 12, at No. 2 41 Wait Twenty eeeond itreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenuea WANTED? A SITUATION AS SB AMSTRES9? UNBBR a tan<la making ehildren'a olotbiag tine ahirta to order and all kinda ol plain lewlng, embroidery, and aaal.'t in dreaa making ; la willing to attend grown children. Beat of eity references given. Plea?e call at 2!>2 Bowery, up staire, ia a obildrea'a clothing establishment. Can be aeen for two day*, if aot engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatant girl, at Seamatress and Chambermaid, or a* Children'* Knrie, in a resectable private family; an dcratanda htr buelneas, and is ascuetomed to the car* or children. No objection t* go to the oountry, or to travel to Europe. Good < ity relerence given. Can Be teen at 02 At lantic itrrtt, (Brooklyn, until en(ag:4. WANTED-A WttMANTO DO THE COOKING, WASH irg and Ironing of a small family. A competent per *f n. with good oity referenoe, may apply at 27 East twenty first street, from 2 to ti P. M. U^ANT*>? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation at Chambermaid and Laundress, or Cham bermaid and to tsks cai-e of children- Has no objeotion to go a short diaaanoe in th? country. Beat <>f city reference in!n. I'leaiu oall In the mi liner'f store, 270 Bowery. Wanted ? by a respectable protf.s'-ant young girl, ? aituatlon as Chambermaid and Waiter. Has noohjecti'ns to go a ahort diatanoe in tbe country. Can be seen for two daya, if not engaged. Please call at lit Varick street. J?,?: WSKW.Bftj.?. "?o? utr ?t 62 spring etrost. ,h" eou?'*T. InHuire* flV Vwo j",1/ ?>?%!;. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a aituation, to do cooking, which ahe underataada perfectly, in a private family, or in a respectable private boarding houro. Understanda bread baking and all kinds ?-f paatry. Or would go aa lanndresa. Cool oity reference. May be even at 107 East Thirteenth (tract, between Third ana Fourth avennet, for thtee dava. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ycutr woman, aa Lady'a Maid and Dretatnaker. Can arrange lac ies' fcair U?? no ebjeotion to travel. The beat eit j refcrnoe can be given. Can be teen for two dava at 1*1 Eliialeth atreet. rear ol' Bowery WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE girl to Cook. Waah and Iron, or to do gem ral house work wi'h a nioe family. Best city referencs given. Apply at No. 140 Eighth avenue, near Seventeenth street, for two WANTED-ALL DRUGGISTS THAT WANT AN OVAL Plaster Machine, tu call at the Manhattan Hotol, KO Fui ton atreet on tha 20th, between 10 and IS A.M. WANTED-A DKESSMAKER, TO 00 AIIOUT THREE day* jturney from tbe oity. None seed apply but in person, fully competert in fitting and trimmln-', and to take oirge of aii establish meat. Reference givea and required, as the will beard 'with tbe family. A Preach dressmaker preferred. Application to be made this day, (a? the poreon Inierting will be leav iag the elty ) ' y addressing 0. H. S . at the B> raid oflice. stating where an interview may o* had. WAKTED-BY TWO BESPEfTABLB YOUNG WO mea. situations, one to do ehatnberwork and waiting, or take ear* of children and dc plain aewiag: and the other to do general houaewcrk: i* a sood washer and iroaer. The bi at ol city reference can be given. Plats* call at 230 Eliza beth atreet. tea te ***n for two day*. WANTED-A MILLINER TO GO TO WILMINGTON one that underataada tbe buaineaa perfectly. Salary ao object. Apply at '-R'i Eighth avenne, between Twenty fourth and Tweati -filth atreet*. VANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE American woman, to d* chamberwork and mind chil dren. Oo*d city reference. May be Men at *41 Twelfth stf ? ?. be* ween First and ftecoad avenne*. for thi* week. AS CHILDREN'S NURSE, AND TO DO PLAIN SEW Ing. *r to do chamberwork uad a**i*t in waehiag and irrning. Likea cliildrea. Haa been need to tak* care of them. Good city refcreeoc Can k* icea for two daya, if not engaged, at 248 Mnlberry atreet. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED MAN WANTS A SITUA /b. ti*n as Walter or light PorUr. The advertiser has tha beat of eit? reference*. A not* addreaeed to thia uffl ?*, for H. D? will I* promptly atti-aded to. A RESPECTABLE OIRL M ISSES A SITUATION AS Cook. Understands general housework. Is an eaccHsnt washer and ironer. Bt-(t ef olty reference*. Has lived two yeare ia her laet place l'1*a?* tall at S* Atlantic street, up stairs Brooklyn, third blook fr*m the Soutn Ferry. A RESPECTABLE VOCNG GIRL WANTS A SITI'A tion t* Nunc or plain S*w*r. in a respectable private family. Can giv* the best of city referenoe. To be e sen for two da)*, at fHCIilf street. MAN AND WIFE WANT SITUATIONS THE ?l \N a* inside or onUid* gardener, and stand at a stall. Tbe womai aa *ook an 1 waet.-r, aad first rate ironer. N* objection to go ia the country. Cood city reference. Ap~ p. ?? M mm atreet, _____ 8EAHSTBBBB.-WANTBD. BY A YOUNG LADY. A Itrraatrat (Knation a* Seams' r oe ia a respeetabl* private family. She umlrstande tnakiag ahirta and chtl irtn'a dtciaer. Good reference given. Addre i P. K? Herald offle*. Situations arb wanted bt two smart, tidy girl*, ene to crok, waah. and iron ; the ether ta do ehata berwork aad waiting. In a small private family. Good olty references given. Weald Ilk* to be together, or will a*aa rate, if tutted. Can bo seen fvr two data, If net engaged, at V East Thtrt**nth street, batwcea University Place and Third avian*. TO PAEENTS.? WANTED? AH ACTIVB, INTELLI gent, respectable lad, to assist la a wholesale iter* and ? ake himself generally uaefql He must realde with hi* parent*. and be well recommended Such nn one may obtain a permanent eitnatlon with preapects of advanosment. A I df (* C. S V.. Herald office. rP? CLOTHima.-WANTID. A PERMANENT 8ITUA a. tin, by ? Bret nf ? practical Cutter, on* who hu a thorongh knowledge "< the bnaiaajr. both ouiiiom aad aalo wrk: nlao fully uiumUUi tht aat:1*g nt 7*nU.'< ?nd ?hildrf? ? clothing Tln?l af rlty referent *e gtrea. A IIWAI ealniy rtqnlred. Aiiirm Cemralag. pottpald, at thle o#ce. TO TAILORS O* C!OT!!tri>* lUM'in \ part nor in, er i nrebaaer (or na eettMi tiitn'-nt f?r the mmu teeture o! rlnthmr n?w la ?aec?*?ful operation inthieeity. I To a IM|?I||I, driving *,nn. ant, *.*l> er lAlXi. ihe opjxir tnnif T It M nno?n-.Vif *?f <1 one. ?? the bnelnee* ran b? ia - I craaa.d ?- l(f without >a intrenec of capital A i aatd kMrreetd to N. B. C . *iU meet with lam>iiatc at. ttatiea. _ ~ BOAIlUiTO, IM. " OAR DING -TWO OENTIBWEN AND THEIR WIVK3 eaa l>e MMMM <i a private family. ? rthhatd ?' ?? fu r niah ?>1 >| artmr nt?: hr?alfi?t and lta(*r"l?? a tl?maa. aid diaaer ?a Stindaye. Bath* ia th? Imnn; aad ao rem at lit of Mar In<i?ir* at i?'l \ art ? k etreet. Board wanted with an CNrrRNtsuEo r:>o* aa* a >edroam off, hy a a?n?l?tnea. lady, aad ??hill, (board for the law) y and ehild cat*) ia a private fatally where th*rc are ao btardtit, bath la the honae. AJdreaj V. L , Barald oAc*. UOARD IN IIROOKLrir.-THRia OK FOCJR SINOI.E mt geatlrman e?a he accommodated wi ?h well f'lraiahttd roem?. braakfaet aad tea. and diaaer ea Sttadaya. la a re* aptotakl* rart of Soutk Breoklya. Apply at No. Sd State itreet, Benth Brc< klya. _________ nOARD WANTF.B -IN A PLEASANT ASD fl?NT*F,I. looatioa. by a lady at, d geatlomi-a. with hoard far tha lady oaly. ia a 'iniea faml.y, wl.ere th?r* are no oth< r b?erd?re- with a widow lady prafarrrd. A.IJraea ' Rlac " at the alHra of t hie paper. elating t?tai, (whieh muat ba ?ic 1. rate. ) I'.cntioa. Ac. PBIVAtl BOARD -A LAOT ABB C1ENTLRBAN. OB two ar three atari* g'atlemen. ran nee mm-i l*ted with rnralal.ed r r nnlnratehe J ro?ma. aad to?r<l, at Bo, ad Beat Tamleth ? treat, betweea Fonrih arcane md Broal w?y. ?JOOB8 ir TOWN.? A PRIVATE FA WILT IS DB AV airant at aacemaetletlag ihrea "t fonr alnglo g?ntie aacn with haadaomaly furatahed ?nltea of raoaaa, aad brcak (aai aid tea, ta a <MiabtfnlIy alttiated honea. ia ronrt<eat|i atrect, teplete a III. all tha aad*rn iiaptoi ataenta. Iiam? diate poeaaaaiaa, II deairad. Apply at SI St. Mirk * place. <|V|RAt. fAMILUS WHO VHH TO SPRNO Tfl K ' ?naitn?r air athe ia tka ranatry. are deilrona of fla'laa a bear !ir* haaaa, capable ?f arrr>ianio<lattafr earn'ona^lf eay fT' ta twenty ?a twaty See parenaa. with elmpla boarl. at mod. rale charaae. A W?ti?a of t>aay aaeeaa ta the elty. with tathlng fe?*tltt|ee, ia perfion'arl r wart'd, aad aa athar koarden taken. Addteee Ana 1.179, I **i Offlee. Tll?rr. SINOI.R OBNTI.BMRV TAN FIND BOARD, with breaklaet aad lea ai Ha. *) Cliaton atiaat. a-H.tHOWA.. \J B. nrSTAV RKI.RB. FRO II OANTZIC, PLRASE IrA to five hie aBHreea to Priedr. flvrhard. (root Daatiia, Hotal. Tnic I A DY THAT AMOBTRD FROM Tfll ST\OB earner of Fonrth aranin- and Thirtieth atreet, oa Satur day laat, nbaat noen. blafk ailk dreea, klark aiik mantle, w<>wld hear af naae'liiai to l>er advantage ky aandtaa her ailraw ta T. La Her. Hrrald nfflw. \yA.NTRD- INFORMATION OF Bl IZABSTH RAN A Ma, Rina'e Cannty, Iralaad. By ralltaa At Bra. Uertiek a. Me. tu Mnll>arry alreat, alie will haar af her alitac. WANTTO- INPORMATH>N FR?'? THE BOSTON BOY, whe l?ft heat" on ar ?t-ont tha llth af Mart h Ha ' ill Sad a lattar far h>ia in tha New Torh Poat OHeo aad ha ia teqneetad ta write t? Me aiSialaii aoihar ll< a' M aot be alraid ta ratara hc^pa, aa Aa ??tl( h kladly ret.?i*?4. IALM ITAWMfb BT JACOB 8. PLATT-L. 0 CABBINOTON, AUC ti-J'W <"tooka?y, Chiaa, Ml QlaMwar*; 40 Mi oh Ohl. ? ft and Faaey Toilet Seta, of 19 to U pioooo, of high ooat "'?Mil Teat ray. ud Waitere; 500 Maatef Vaaea, ko ? Jacob 8. Piatt will Mil, thia Atkf. *t 10 o\ look. from the abelve*. In tho Iftrio sales room ever tho auotioa (tor*, la lot* to iuit purchaser*, together with hvhiI huadred iota, ?ODiievm^ or a***rtmeat* throughout or oc, Dipt, Our o aad Florence light blue; 10 crutca Chaiaey. kt ; aow pa' tera waite granite; bout Mowed klu*Ju<*; Tulet ware, dtah

M, k* ; ft quantity of >.11. w ware; painted Tea aad China Tea 8et?, aad Vaaei; WO t?i Kuivea and Fork*. Urui Caa dlettieki, fcc : alao, 50 karrela Ulaae War*, via Tumblore, Specie Jar?. Mirror Dial. re, Caadle?tieka, Vinegarn, Mua tarca, aad Pepper*, Bait*. ko. Alao. a general ftaanrtment of GlftMware, froB the akairea, in lot* to auit purahaaera. N. B ? The aboy* will be cold ia lot* to auit oitjr retailor* aad country dealer*, fta well fta others. and their atteatua ia directed to thaaame. BY JACOB 8. PLATT-L. Ci. CARRINOTOy, Auc tioneer -Bioh Toilet Beta.? Tho attention of purohaa*re ia dirootad to the aftle af 40 elegaat toilet aeta, of 19 to 21 piesea eaoh, to ba aold thla day, at 12 o'olook, in the large ?alea toom oyer the auotioa atore, 23 Matt atreat. Alan ?eyeral hundred lot* of Crockery, Ulaai and Earthenware. RC. KEMP. AUCTIONEER? MAN DSi)MB ROSEWOOD ? aad Mahogany Cabinet Furniture, at 1?7 Ulaaoker ?treat, corner of 8uLhvan atraet, Thia Day, at half paat 10 o'olook? K. C. Kemp will sell a; auction, aa above, tho antire atcek of Mearra. Bchaale k Lenta, who, bsisg abjiit to remove, will aall without reaerve, their whole xtook, all if wbioh ha* been made tor their own euatom tra'e, and con ?iata of roaewood parlor furniture en auite, oovercd in rich ?ilk. breoftUlle and maroon (ilk velvet plush; mahogany parlor furniture, en (Bite, ia hair elolh; Voltaire, e.ay ftnd pftrlor chaira. variou* kind*; carved roaewood and mahogany chamber furniture, en luite; painted and enamelled cham ber f u it 1 tore ia sets, eitenaion dining tables, cottag) furni ture, blaok walnut tedsttada, oane aeat oha>rs, hair mat tresaes. ko., kc. Catalogue* on the morning of *al*. Anthony j. bleecker will sell at auction on Thuriday, March ill, lriil, at 12 o'olook, at the Merchants Eiotatge. thu following valuable (touk(. on ae ouunt uf whom it may concern, via ?(00 (harea Merchant*' Bank Stock ; -50 ah an ( Trad.smea's Bank Stock ; ISO (harea Leather Manufacturer' Bank Stock ; 75 a!iare( New York Insurance Company Stock; $5,300 City 5 per oeut Stook, payable lHttl: $22,221 City 6 per oent Stook, payable 1S5H : $7,178 City ft per oent Stook, parable l-<70 . $22 ?2t) City 5 rcr cent Stook. pavabl* 1860; $:i 019 State 5 per cent Stook, payable IViS; $0,000 State ft per cent Stock, payable 18fiO; $10,000 I nn. d Slate* li per oent Stork, payable I >'7 H^HENRY H. LIB OS, AUCTION BBS. WILL 8BLL AT auction. cu Tliuraday, the 20th, and Friday, the'. 1st March at 10 o'clock oach day, corner of Broadway and Uraud ?trtft, a splendid atock of elegantly bound (tandard book*, engravings, pastels, (tationery, brome*. opera faua, outlecy, and ft general assortment of laacy article* imported eipresa ly fi r tho retail trade, and of the beat quality; alao the de?ks. glat* case*, ko. The tiret day's silo will commence wiiii tan*) got da. ko.; second day's title with tit* book*, sta tioner*, ke. Bale poeitive. WU W. SBIRLKY. AUCTIONEER.? AUCTION SHE of beautiful Oil Paintings, by Coatta, in rish gilt frame*, peal posed on account ot the storm oa Tuesday, will t*te place on Friday. March II, at 12H o'el.ok, at J. iluut's Sales Room. No. Ifll William street. Sal* positive, and werlhv the notioe of families wishing a parlor ornament. BY J BBCBMAN. AUCTIONEER. ? FBI DAY, MARCS 21st, at 19 o'olook, A.M., at No. ? Park, near Carlton avenue, Brooklyn a gaueral assortment of genteel parlor, chamber, and kitohun furniture, in good order. Catalogue* at the sale* room* thi* afternoon. Auction notice -thos. hill. auotimveicr. By U.N. Undi ? Sale of Pictures Painting. Engrav ings. Work* of Art. ko.? Thi* day, at Lalf paat lo "'ami, ia the 'auction rooma. 10 North William etreet, will basild, without IMMTM. all the paintingx, pioture*. ko that have been accumulating for over ft year; variou* lubjeota, and Mite are truly valuable. Alao, bronzt clock* ami tlguro*. convex mirror, eld timea, a apleadid enld hunting lever untch, gun, and other ar .ielea. THOS llKl.L, Auotioneer. Auction sai.f. of standard ro^is. iiy r. c. Lawn noe k Co.. No. 11 Wall street, on Thursday. Maraii 20th. at 1 1 o'clock. -Wc would call the attention oi amateurs to thi* Iftrg* sale of new reset, from the nursery of D. Ball, ttoriet, btoftdway. eorner of Fiftieth street. We would al>to giv* a word ot advice Early application is alwayibeat; failure with rote* i*. ia a great measure, owing to late plan . !?>(? ADMINISTRATOR'S 8AI F.-TO CLOSE AN ESTaTR.? Messrs, J. H. Millar a. Co. will nell, at tho Menhaatr Exihsnge, en Friday. the 21m iuit., at twelve o'elook. one eighth ot the Schooler Jihn B. M .icmi of New York, of ll!)3tlt6 ton* register. LARGE SALE or AMERICAN DEW Ri>t SB MP. - Miaturn ? Co. will iell on Friday, 21st 'netant. at II o'oloek. at the ?tore? of Mr.O. Merle, Mm 2!H>and 3S0 '-Yater strtet, SW) bales Americaa dew rot hsinp. Catalogues are now ready, and the hemp arranged for examination. THE CORPORATION SALE OF RRaL ESTATE WILL be continued thu twelve M . at the Murjhaata' Exchange, con, meat ini with lots n fifth avenue, between Eighty fourth and Eighty- fifth gtrset*. The oreat pale or improved daikv stock consisting of upwards of 100 head, belonging to Th?mu Ball, of MorrUauia, Wesuhester eounty, will oe sold at publio aoetion. on the 2Ath day of Marih, at 12o'clo?li. with out reserve. A catal^tuo, giving a description ol aaoli ?ui "iil he #n *?? <l?y Ot sale. TUOMA3 BfcLL. Wt N- Lewis, Auctioneer. Morrisaaia, 9 miles ftma rfew York, by Harlem Railroad. HOUR IB I, ROOHI, Ac., WiliriBI). House wanted-a two or tbreebiorv house, by a private family, not below bleeuker or above Fit - trenth street, la the vicinity of Broadway. Address boa 92t Post tRH. PART OF & BOUSE. CONSI JTING OF THREE OH four rooms, wanted l>y a gentleman an 1 wife, in a able neighborhood. Any ptisan haviar suoli apart msats to dispose of, aby bear of a desirable teaant. by ad draasini O.G.. atthis ottico Rant not to exoeel liv per anaum, which will ba paid .|uaiterly. in advance, if re i>ur?d. Raferaacas given aad required. WANTED- ON Oi BEFORE TUE FIRST OF MAY, A store or ofHce, down town, in any of the bu?ine*e street*. Reat on to exceed S300. Address WILLIAM MI RPBY, 2ti.'i Madison at riet. WANTED? IMMEDIATE L.T, A GOOD, SUBSTANTIAL, tire proof store, ia the neighborhood of tha foot ol Canal street. Apply to EDWARD K COLLINS. V. Wa'l street. WANTED TO PURCHASE -TWO THOUSAND BAR tela af whiskey, thirty above proof. Oae ihon.anl battels to be delivered on ship board at tho port af New York, and on* thousand barrels at the port of Philadelphia, the barrels in good order; to txt delivered bv the 10th ol April. Prop sals.wlth the aaaias ol aotartay lee Itt prompt delivery af tin: sane will be reeelvsd by T. W. NEWEL. Philadelphia Post Ottce COP ARTHK HS II I PS. Partner wanted? a person wishss to in vast tl.tUI in some eonntrr store, about one hour's rids Irons hew York, in a pleasant village. Tnis advsrMoe meat is mads In good faith, and all eommuaicatioai will be considered strietly ooaMdsatial. Address Jao. 8. Sags, post paid. (.'Latham square Post Oilier. WANTED-A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITAL el sir' or $.? ,.i, to eagage with th* adrertisar ia the Flanr, Feed, aad Grain basiaess, la oae of the best looatians fer business ia the sity, being uoar the New York an* Rne Railroad Depot The premises can bs had with a leas* for a ttrm of years: aad ti e advertiser will furalah a like amonat. Address Box 2,754 Lover Post OIBc*, with r*al aarne. P. 8 ? All e< miauaication* ooaiideatial. VANTED-A PARTNER TO RNOAGF. WITH TUE aavortiser to establish a first class Diaing Salooa aad Lodging Bous*. ia tbs vicinity ef the New York aad Erie Railroad Depot, with a oapital if oae or two thousand Hol lars. baits oae of t be best locations fur the abeve bniiai -?? ia this pity Ths premises can be bad tor a term of years. Address immediately, h ? S.7M La war Tost OIBoa, wltn rofcl aamc. Ac. p. 8. ? Commuaicatiaas s aMaaUal. P1KWC1AU National bane or Ireland drafts ?oi largo or small amonats, oa said bank aad It* braaohas la tralaad, aad agaata ia Eailand, Scotlaad, and Waiaa, foi sal* by 0. I. IIaBICUT. Sol* aathonsad agent of Na tonal Bank of Iretaad For tho Ualtod Btatos. PARIS BANE ERS ?TIIE SUBSCRIBERS, AGENTS FOB the leaking bouse of Messrs Allies a Grand, II Rue d? Travis*. Paris, will ap*n credit* upon them for partlee Ira psrtlng geod* from Frano*. Oermany. aad Swltierlaad. Also, for travellers going to tha Continent and te England. Foi terms apply to C fc B A BICIIT fc CO . N Wall *t. A GENTLEMAN. WHO IS ANXIOUS TO STaRT A /a. Milk Dairy a>-ar the city, would treat wi>.ha ? apitalut to iaveet five or ten thonssad dollars, as spcial pa-ta*r tor tha t-tm I?f fi e vears, to whom half the aet probtf, or a stipwlattd sum wuuld be paid aanually The advertiser i* tht roughly eoaveraaat with the buaiassa. whish with aatir lag industry aad porseversaee. and fnin it* aatur*. not b< itg liable i* loiaes iasideat M other busia***. would war r?nt a Ursa aaanal return on th* espital. For particular*. S...l:e** Dairy, Put GITic*, which will be striody eeafi deatial. nvnvcnon. TU II E FRENCH LANGUAGE TAI'OIIT BV A SHORT aad Eaav Method? Madamnlsel.a MIOII EU formerly ia Itniatrea* ia the laslltatioa of tb* Legi?a *( U -a Tin Pari*, is desireas *f obtaiaiag tnpils lor the Frea- li lan*u age. As hsr kaowledge of Engiie i ? limit*d, she *4dr*e**s herself to ?hoss [ertoa* oaly who have alr?r ly aMlltH a pirtial knowledge nf the Frenrb. aad may desiro to perfect them selves In the languago aad to acquire |a (eirrest pronnn ta :isa. l aexooptionao'e refereace will be givea. Aipliea'i a ma/ be made t? Madein Irelle MICtlRL. ">61 Broadway, bo waea tb* hours ef 2 *b^ \ 1* M . CI OLD5M ITU'S WRITING ROOMS, t S? BROADWAY, I E first corner abov* tha Itvmg. Tara* i?dno*d oae-htlf, I pvis. $1 fOfor tea learons of sa hotir aa^h, stationary, V) | c?ats; er t wontv l*?soa? lar S-V iaeladia* at*tl?n*rr; private instruction, Sin psraMe ia advtasa. KioU Peas, of sap^rlor tiaitli. with gold aad silver ea ?*? PtRH t.l E'E lEA' IIKK H ANTED \ IT.ttoM 'M lioteat to tcach the Portuguese laagaar*. Addrvf Cans, i ?*rald oflio*. I PUBLICATIONS. li^MTIRELY NEW, VALUABLE. AMD POPULAR I J work.? Just puhlish> 'I by Ji>ha Taliis * Co. Plan of Ln*doa and it* Environs, gratis: eost ? f ?nicravlag, f l.tgW; I la parts at ]S eente ? Ttllia s lllmtrated Loadoa. In fit > m-?soraiioB ot tb- Great RsbiM' ioa < ' All Nations ia 1.11. fi rming a complete gat<t>- t* th* British Metropolis aad i'* i avireae. w n h historical aad desenpi ive le^er press. By William Gaetey, Rs'i Every snbaerib-r to Joiia TalUs a j Co.'s lllaatraird L' aaon. will be prsaaai d npoa th* aowp'e- ! tioa of th* work with a beauttlul plan of Linden snd it* ? I tn irons easiaved *a "?sl I y J Eapkia. Irom the Bttt r - ? at govaronisnt aurvava, aad (arronailed by *a ilegant and ; approprial* bord, r. with npwardael litty b? satiful vigai tie ; views of all the priseiral pa alio bniidiairs aad places of immemrtt ia the Brttisl. Mstropolls and lis suburb* tha* Inraisblag ths t isitor to the great exhibitioa in IS.5I, aot merely with aslmpl* plaa to diri it his *t?os. but a faithful r?rreseat*t|oa of th* most Iwpottsat edlfiJce aniplseesof entertair meat. *e that when he retnra* t his far di taut j h> me, ho will poseeaa s faithrnl mamorisl < : all the ? >n|ar* | ba h***e>a oa tht* vi*it to th* great eghibltioa t?l th* laduf try oi I'laMim* ia IN1I. Paitseaeto tire now r-adv. Ha ?are to aok I r Ta'lis ? e.iinon. a* It iasnp- rlor to all othtr* C'Oftol'FLO, Ni CENT ; MAKE OLP B'">ES PKINTI ' > ha., ill theeli- ap | lbli**tloa?. nc!" I in ! D" L?v. r Gaosgc Saad. Disltea*. Bnlwcr James, Me Morgan's Tre. Ms*??ry. Old aad aew bo, ks hough* *ad ael.l at tv'* Oi* Curie aity Shop vh*re*v*ry persoa is lavitsl la call and riamino th* stooh. as It ? ill be aold s- th* vary |ow**t rn'* d inBN P N EAG1.S IM Naieaa stro.t.A fi't itIW) PI > MiEKED ?KoM l?i MP RaNt* - tr*?ji'v/\/ Th* N*W Yarker HiO Nsann sTtal, will son taia titsoat lag deolosures ol aron.rstotho si fieri sg emi ? graal*. Agaata send ia yoar orderaearlr. THE NATIONAL POLK E GAZETTE. ?T THIS W EBK. is sow rssdy an I la it may b* foand, among other good Items -The L-f* ef William II thempeon. wltb ataoot suro rior portrait, engrave sspraealy for thi* n mb*t The gra .d Cllmnx ia if,* Wetharlll Di- uieo Drao.a, "viag sll of Uraot K leraan's family letters, which have been ,i**id*,l to he the greatest pt< dnetioa of the pr?'*nt ag- Tho Trlsl ot fie 'r*e Wilh**, at PosghkraMi* t?r aa alleiod libel oa A I. J or i \n. Atlorrep foi tha Rl/d ^alvsg* (V-mpaay: Ft II Particular* of tho lata Peat Otn, a Robbery la thie efty. Mora a bant tho laonraae* C'-mpaaies: Foaeh c'nmiaal N*w?? llorribl* ? urdor ia Par a Bis?Usb Criminal New*? Aa lalarnd Swaia: Criminal New*(^?m all the prlneipal oiii** U th* I nion, Correspeadaaee, of ,la. p iaier**t. from all part*, ks , R? l)ff,i o, B*. I0S N ae*a u s ml. S?U ??srywh*t.' Oaly _ amp? arwy. Bowiky TBEaTKM- boxes. m CENTS . KIT, 11* cut* , Orehcetra Soxaa, 6 U luU. twi open U (*. M ?oanixi at 7 o'clock. Thureday eveaing, March *), the Mrfvinaaaai will eommtnoe with tha '??> entitled BEL rHBGOR? Ouilllanme. Mr. K Eddy, Duka do Mnlkaiog, Mr. Pupa; BaiUle da CoargcmeBt. Mr. Utmltel; Count da Ca*trl blaagy, Mr. Martin; VicomBte Heroulaa Mr. W. Jor dan; Henri, Mis* S. Dauta; MadUia* Miaa Weaye*; Nlui Hora. Mr*. Jordan To conclude ?<th lb* drama of tha SEA? Cart- M*ndevi4!e, Mr Pope; Harry Helm .Mr. Tilt-.u; Prior Poultio*, Mr. Vmtai; Jack Hulm.Mlai 8 Dcn.a, Mary Hela, Mr*. Jordan; Kate. Mr*. Waloot. BURTON'S THEATK1-ON Till KS1)AV EVENINa, March JU, tut pertormaueoe will commence with the coBifdy of the HYPOCRITE? Dr. Cantwali. Mr Ulake; Maw worm, Mr Furtcn; Colonel Lambert, Mr, Jordan; Old Lady Lambert, Mr*. Hughe*; Young Lady l.atabert. Mis* Weaton. Tobe followed by the burletta Of DELICATE GROUND ? Citiian Sangfroid, Mr. J W. Letter. To cenolude with tha ENGLISHMAN IN PA RIS? Sir Hipplngton Milt. Mr. Burton; Rigmarole, Mr Johaaton; Antoinette. Mia* Barber. Boaes, Drea* Cirela, an<l Par<i?et, 50* : family Circle, 25*.; Private Boxe*. Si aad ?? ; Or cheat re Beat*, 75c. Door* opea at a quarter to 7; to begin "at a quarter paal 7 o'elook. National theatre. ? thursdat evening, Match 2(1, will be preceated the (rand national drama entitled MAKKT BURNHaM. or tha Touag Continental? <;?n Waiht?.i?- M - " ? ? -- ? *ry Manner*, Mi** E. Meatayer. Previiua to which, the farce entitled the FUGITIVE SLAVE-Brother Ingall*. Mr. II srbert, Felix Feaaeaden Mr. Stafford; Hideout Ruggle*. Mr. Rachel. Mrs. Hautouville Bo***. 25o.i Pit. [?V-l PriTate Boxe*, $S. Duor* open at a quarter to 7; to begin at a quarter pa*t 7 o'clock. MECHANICS' BALL, NO. i72 BROABWAY. ABOVE Grand itieau-Opcn every night daring the week until Th#, original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. oompriaing aa aAaient and versatile "eorp*" of " talented" aad " experieuoed periormere." umier the ma nage men t of E. P. Ckriaty, whoao conaert* in thia city. for a luceeuion of "flva years." have beca rcceiyed with favor by highly retpectablc and raehionable audiences. Ticket* 2S oent*. The patron* of Chriety'* Mineral* arc respectfully informed that the uaual Saturday afteraeoa coaoeru will be diaoontinued for t?a future. On Saturday evening next, March Z.d, annual benefit ol J. Ut*oB, fioliont. Door* open at half- pact *>: oomraenca at a quarter to 8. Fellows- minstrels, at fellows- opera houae.ldd Br. adway, between Howard and Grand it reel*. Open every night during the week. The oclobrated i riginal aad well-known Fellow*' Minstrels, ' ouuprioug an etHoieat and veraatila corp? oHtalontud and experienced portoriner*." under thedircotion of J. B. Follow*, whote concert* in this city for the last year, have beenreoeivod with the greatest favor by the elite xud faahioa of thi* (treat metropuli*. Their conoert* consist of Burlesque Italian Opera Scene*, Witty Saying*. Solo*, Duel*, ChoruM*. Danoing, and ln ?truBtntalPerformanoc* On Wednesday and Saturday af ternoon*, a grand Concert for the aanominodatioa of ladiai and famllie*, commencing at3o'olook P.M. Admiaeioa U cent* noon open at 4^4. commeane quarter before 8. Circus-new york amphitheatre. 37 bowert. ? James M. June fc Co., Proprietor*. Door* open at a quarter before 7; to commence at hall -pact 7 Private Boxe*, fill eenta; Boxe*, ?> cent*; Pit, I1H acute. Mr. Runael*. E'|u*atri*n Director ; John Gosein, Clown; Capt. DeCamp, King Maater. ThuraJay evening. Maroh '20. the peerless French eqiieatrienne. Mile Louiae Touwiaire will appear in two tupeib (cenes of Horsemanship The territio Hautuedc Leap* will be giveu by the entire oorapmy. Mwa Mary Ann Well*, in her caring and prmoiral act. Varied and aetoniah iug Irenes in the Circle. Tlic whole to conclude with a near laughable Afterpiece. The original new Orleans opera troupe^ I Knars J. Burke. J. C Rainer. J. H. C?llta*, 0. li. i'waine. Maater Ole Bull, K. Buckley aad M. Sulzner, have the honor to announee 1 1> at they will mate their rc-anpear ante, after an abainec of two year*, at the Trlpler Hall, "f which due notice of particular* will b* given. Rats. hats, kats.-a r\t match will take place at the SportcmaD'a Hall, II Madi*on * tree t, on trid*T evenlcg, March 11, I^M. The ceiel>rated dogja' k, I'WU' d by a ,ri?a'e reatlemau, will kill twea>y-tlve Rata agali.?t the old veteran Charley. f?> l.VI aaide. Thi* will b* a rich treat. Dooi*op*nat eight o'olock Tiok-:ta 15 <'ent*. I AMUSHMENTN IN BROOKLYN. Brooklyn musbum.-pkokiubtor and man*. ger, Mr. F. M. Kent ?Prices reduced ? Parquattt. 25 oeute: Qtllery, 1 2X cen's. Fourth night of Meitsre. Chanfrsu and fee- tt.? 'j liur-uay evcairg. \larob -O b, 18A1. will bt pcr tortrtd the <nmt i f TllAKaiE, or. the orphan ol fiareva? C.irwia, Mr. J. K. Scott; Thereto, Mr* Dyott. After which, the leal play of NEW VI1RK A H IT H-Moae Mr. F. S. Clatfrnn: I.i/e, Mise Albertinc. To conclude with the S1A kl.-K TWINS. ron IALR AND TO LSI'. AT PRIVATE HALE? A NUMBER Of VALUABLE Building Lota, in tho Seventh ward, Brooklyn near the WillUmshnrg line. Enquire of J. V. 0. bill! ?11, No. J Wsshing'on pUoe. W illiainsbarg. CASH BI'8IN ESS FOR SALE, AND PREVISES TO Kt n\? A rare chance here offered to a perma wishing to engagt in ths H?n er provision vraoking businosj. The place is n< w d 'in* a g iod and prc Stable business The pro l ? : n t< r sale is two boner and MM wsgons. and ohsr n. -? ? -ar> ar'iclae to carry oa the tusiness whioh will be sold a haiidsi ae bargain to a responsill- <ea?*t, that would lu&se tb- rretaitcs at a fair reat. App'y at 7 Stone street, or I'd GrMBWltfc itlMl. DAGUERREOTYPE GAl.LIRT FOR SALE-1V SOC caa,lul operat-oii. eligibly ? Ituatad. at 170 Broadway, li ur doors above Courtlaadt street. For partioulan luquttt as it ?? ______________ Special notice -a chance or suca peculiar ad\ aatage to aay person wubtrg to buy out 'ha stock, stc , of a merchant tailor's establishment, the proprietor J ?l.i< h has brm in bunness in this oity for t?ea-y years, s etld* iii orterrd. The subscriber having other business to a> '.end to, requiring all hie B'teatioa, will sell oat his stock, kc , a bat gala to tba purchaser. J. STEVENS. ?M ffadsoa it. L^OR SAL*? A FARM, II0HTCEN MILES FROM NE4T r York, near Rah way. N. J., wi Inn one and a kali miloa f tbaiailrcad depot. o< ntaiaing lereut , aoroi. nine cf which an- c.ivcrt 4 wnh a growth of vnnaj wood, the balance moa ? ?low a, snd superior land nnsir high oaltlvation, a large i.r.bard ef aboat ?no grafted frail tree* coalag la to tall boetlag: a good house, with tba modern improvement.^ suoh us furnace, cold aad hot w ater up stairs, shower bath. Re.; a observatory and garden laid out m goad style, with an abuBdsnce of trait tiees. peaches, pears, plums, grape*, an.; a well ot the best water: tvensive out buildings. In good order. The r 'ac? Is kao?> a as Prospaet Hill, and Is etniaently healthy, tiva tialae run to and from New Vork dailv. Stlnrdlnr avsry faeility fit t>ereons doin,r business iu this oity. The commutation ie Aoi) yearly. For further particu late apply A. S. BN ILLINU, ntf Wall streot, or to M. A. Picot.onthe premises. DOR SALE. OR TO LIT? AT TtaE NARROWS. NEAR r Fort Ilstnilton a very plaaeent and cimmodioua bouse, two atones hlgli, with basement and attic, pillar* in front, and wiag naaened. sai about three a< res of land, being the premises lately occupied by Capt. Joan B Bennrt:. The houee eoatairs ten ro. me, and is ia sompl-se repair, *ud the grounds are in good ordtr. and wsll eto ked with fruit and ornament -1 'roes and shrubbery. The view from the bcaie tor besuty Is un?urpas?ed Apply to UORACR HOLDEN, IS Bookman crtat New Vork. LSOR ? A I.E? Til E STOCK AND TWO VEARS' LEASE IT cf a Fan .r. aad Thread and Noodlo store, in ens of ths bas> thoroughfares ia the oity; reat very low. with flstarss bslonsing te the store. Fsr further particulars apply to JGBN MORTON. sorner of Caaal etrwetand Wast Broadway. For salb or to i.rt-a large and commodi I ous bouse ia Bliiabcthtowa. N i , plaasau'.Iy lo< at. I. with a latse gardaa tilled with the choieeet fruits: pare wa ter, bara sna out houses. F'.r particulars, inquire of 8. B. liuiehings, between the houta ?f 10 ani 12 A. M., at 3i Joha itrsat, or to T. lawge, 5 Gold a '.root. POR SALE -THE FIXTUbES OF STORK 107 FULTON etrtet, eoBprieiag soaatare, gls-s ases, shelving, aad taw wiadows: also, agoid second haad iron safa. la iuira of J. W II A W Mil" R*T, oa the promiae). For sal c. cueap.-a okeat baroain.-c alto s Paaorama ol the Coaaastioat tivsr. Apply to Mr. BTOPPANI. No S9S Broadway. VALUABE PINE TIMBER LANDS, ON PINE CREEK. I.frcmiag ooua'y Peaasvlvaais. also, a large feady ot laads ia Nicbo as county, Virginia, for sale k* James MAUI IRR No i?i Walaut atroet, Phila. ONE OR TWO IIOI SRS AND LOIS. IN FEE, FOR eale, ia Tweaij- eighth strsat, between Msdieon sad Fourth aveauea, northwest side. One housa Is IA f?et front by M' feet, two etailse, the other tt feet trout by 4-1 feat, two sUrits. Ths housee ate well built, with all the modern ia provemeats. The lots are 100 feet deep. Paymeats ma-Is ea>? In |aire at No. IS Twsaiy-ujbth strsat, from 7 to II A. Vf . or from S ta 7 T. M. NOTICI.-FUK SALE. 1 HE ?TOCK WF LUMBER AND gftd will nf yard, ona f the be-t lo:at oas in ths oity, dt iag a good bnsincae, with maay of the beet of cut om<**e. all on nai onabla terms. A liaa ta this offiis, address*,! to J M , where an interview ean bs had Noaa aeel a] ply without a cash capital of Still). DEMRAHI E COl'NTKV RESIDENCE TO LfeT.? TUE 1'iliaetibor iHars t>i 1st "is '? ia' rr ' "ueaee, aad ail aeti i af lead , for ths sutntusr m n hs. r ' r a term of yaa'e, sitaated oa tfis we?t baak of tha Hudeoa river, an" mile woat of BamptaM, aad fi?a aorth of The fio i?e Is ttro atotlse high, witk wiags. msdora built, with marble maatels and grates oa tke (tret floor, pis ?e I r n? aad rear, a well of excolleat water near tha dear, a ?ood vesetable -ardea. well st< ckid wltb fruit, also c arrive hours, hay loft aad stablss. Ths lla laon River railroad depo'. at New Hatabnreh is Iks etly i Bam to, an 1 ihejjemma^l a(loas to aad t; tn N-w Y' tk s ie slmost honrly. Tor terms 4s . arply. aftsr is'rea sell. a. r M . tt MILTON B WITMaN. K7 Ess- Tw-ujy-dr-t stre- 1. T'! I IT THE DWEI.LINi; PARTS OF SR\ ERaL FiNi H largo foar stoitr lleusos oa Foarth avsaua bstw ea Twonty-aovaath aad Tweaiy-eighth etroeta, aoasistina af two la'ga parlors aad two hall bed rooms, ea eo<""? I fl >or; two yome, hall bed room, aad bath, oa third floor, foar lsrge attis rooms oa fourth Boor: large litensa. with rarga, ?e. Arply to E n KINsniMER JU Fourth avoaao. from S to 9 A.M.. aad after > P M. TO I.ET-TWO OR THREE OINTBEL TMRCE STOEV aad ba<emeat housaa, aa Leilagtsa aoaaae. b?-wsea Twenty. filth aad Twenty- elath atroets. Also, ea .on Twen ty, eiath street? will eoataia sovea rooms, two parlors and basements, with rangee, bathe, gas hs? reat (Avi Arriy to B. B KIMSHIMRH. VW fourth aeenaa. after* P. V. TO IBT-A LA ROB ROOM, ON THE TUIBO FI.OOB cf tha City Hotel, snra<'r af Rr-adway and Maward street, sni table for a elub ra< m. or lor aay genteel bneiaess rt'iuiiiag egtoasiva aoaomniodatioas, I -nag .'S feetiawidtk by about IW fiat dsop. Isqaire ?a 'he ptemie?s of FLORENCE ft HARPEL TO LET? WITH BOARD. AT CLITTOK, HTIflR lllsad, la a delightful yeitaatad oaitage oonmanding a fall visw ol ths bay a salt* of r< ome. saitablo for fiv# or si* gcatlemea. Bath bi ase aad stalling i>s tba promisee. For psrti- niars. arply at iosaph Agate's staro. 2S7 Br-adwuy; or of tha sallector of tke bee*. TO LBT A PART OR A WIIOLB HOI SB, NO l* AMD JfVH Hods, a street, seasiattag of ?s r->om? and baae. meat kitchens. Croton water and wator <-|>a?ls. ?lth all ^e modem improM'meats aad coavoai'-aeea. Apply at No. ISl Priars sfrseb. TO LET- A LARGE STABLE. BAS BREN CSBD A? a single stabla. It woald meba a good etatd lor a l.rary stakla. or lar.-e fastory laonira af J Mt RPHV, oB tba pretr lees, Blsvaath stiaat, near tha Seooad aranua. rPO J.BT,? BOOMS AND OFFICES. 8111 aRLE F >R ? Fhy Islans, As., sitaai'd ia Chambers stisst, oear Bt adwey. Apply to R Rtaaiey Boat. Bs-a o Ai-at, N?Mndinti itiMt. TO LET-TDB PMNCIFAI. PASTOF A FOUR BToRV House, la a plaasaat loeatiaa dawa toen. Fer t.rme, ?a., Addraea C.ll O., Persld OtTic, TO LET- BTOBE NO |03 a*n> WICB STREET. AND no?M 19o. tKt W. 9. wl (ifrtiwifh A PARLOR AND BEDRm>?~Tb~Urr TO AHllOLB reatliman. ta aprivala family Theee ro< ms are beni fiiraiatad, aad ia <-ae of the bo?t lo<'atieae la tke aity. A bath srd water closal a< i asked Terms moderate. Reft tenets esr hanged. Inquire at .'AS Broad aay, eaa d?or abort Frank in ttrtsl. MANUFAUTVABftS -to LBf, IN JRRSBT CITT, M. the baaamaat aad flr?t aad ?eeoadaberles la Ike aew brisk buildiag. slti ated corner of Fork aad Greear s raat? Jereoy City, withla one block of tha ferry: well lighted, aad at peetally adapted te light meohanteal bneiaaaa, with A good Mirply ol aoft water, the akoso ron me will ho let eeparately I >t fogother with staaai power Pote<eeioa given ta tlie let Mey. for 'nrihtr itformatlaa. apply ?a tha peomltaa. tr ba URI BNBtl. ft 9t>A, j? Ma idea la a a, g f. Airiv?ftTf. _ DR0ADWAT THIAMI.-B. A MARSHALL* MJ Lmm, G H. Barreet, Hutfn -I'tiriiu nub March >0, will to perloraed Um ?om?dy ?a titled Mil LAI LBdS? O'Callaghaa, Mr Calliasj Mra Moatagua, Mr*. Hi el Aft?f Which, the taroeoi the IRISH POST- Swi CP Oral Mr Colliai; Mr. Capaiooab, Mr. ?httln?: Mr*. Capeieomk; Ml.. lie ?ht. To eoeclude with tha oonrtv of ALL THAT aLlT-iKRB IB NOT MOLD ? Stephen Plum, H*. 0??W1 Toby Twiakle. Mr. Davldge; Martha Ulbfe Madaae PoaiM. Doorcopea at 7. curtate iTae* at hali-PA*!* Draaa Circle aad I'arqurtte, 40 eeata; Faailytu . TStrd <'ir?aa, 15Matl,OU ery. i?H o**t?: Private Buaa U aaa jd. NlkLO'V UAKl UN.? MANAOIK. MM JOHN SBFTOW, Tickets, 60 cent*. Doors open at half- part 6, t* kacto at 7. Private Boxea. %b -Beae*t of mia. rellc?-Laot ai(l? but one of tha a<a*ea, aad of the woaderlal Caroliac li?mt> and her three listen, Tbereeiae, Adalalde, aad Olaaeauaa. Tbureday, March :V. the perlormaace will comBeuoe wltk an Overture by tha Orchestra. Leader, Mr. La If aaa a. Aft*v which, the aaw Freneb vaudeville oi LA FIOLI OB CA0 LJo JTiU- Le Baroa tviMie da MurviUe, MUa. faliad Lieut. Re*taald dc C'aeat*ay. Mont tfre-M-aai To ooteleda with tha graad ballet of CaTaRIN A? Cat n lee, MUa. Caro line Rons set; Count Bern". Mile. Adelaide Rouseet. ^ B^hbouohamb i.tcbum. bmoadway. NBAR b boo mm ?treat.- l>reee Circle and Par<iaet. to ot? family OtraXe, Hi ota , Orchestra Stall Beats. $1. Private Boxea, 16. Deaf* open at 7; to bagta at 7W o'olesk.? Thureday evening, MalaB IV. the performance* will eommouee with the draaaof tha KINO AND THE MI MIC- Frederick. Mr. Lyaaa; Siolbach, Mr. Brougham; Counteaa PlMrea. Mra. Oeo Loder. Aftev which, the builctta of tha WORLD'S F\IR -Jove, Mr. Bronghta; Columbia Mtaa Mar> Taylor To ooa"lude with Its burlenque apeotacle, called TB DETILLB AND DR. FA L'STl'8? Dr. Fauetus. Mr. Broa*bem; Count da OaM* Mr. kHl; tha^f $&- ; ?? ( )? M! M ss Mary Taylor. N^m IBLO'S.-JOHN BI I TON'S iiBNBFIT. KKIDAT, March 21. cn which occaeion the wonderful Caroline ? - ? -.V.. ... . I. V.IIIUU me vonnomil t/afoliao Rouaaetand ber lister* will appear In two Uallata; the pop ular con.edi?n. Mr. Bnrtoa, will appear a* " ' Iljeaa, and Mile folio* will aiag the Mareelll poiitively the last nnht af the Ballet see*?a. f BCTURB BOOM or TUB KBIT VOliK HOCISTY LI M-d biary.-RUs Worrall'a Second Snlrc* Muaioalo will take I' Bic this eveaia*. Thuridat. Meref !0. Programme. part ? . if1? . - 'ABtaiia, with variation* on tha admlraB gaio. Mozart; old English ballad, "(elly la oar Allay, " nrehem; Bnglish national air, by r*'iu- it, " Uod Save tht> tjwaen " An interval tf tea minntee. Part II.? Son*. "Bid me Diaoonrte," Biahop: new ballad, ' Come out to Ma," Nal ?on; new aon;, "The\ Clrl'n Son* " Onmtha; Pianoforte. Irllliaut variation* on Btllini'a opvra "La DtrauiarA." Ba fllrn; new ion*. " A Voiie haa st-len my Qcart Away," Willi?B?; ballad, " The Rwiat Olr'," 0. LinUy; t utarlaaa na tit' ii a 1 air, '? Btar flpan*led Kaar er,"witb ehorua by tha au dience. The whole of the above perfuraaano* to baeneautaB by MUa WorrAiL OaBNUM'8 AMBR1CAN MUdBOM. ? P. T. BABMU* O Proprietor and Manager; John Gre-jnw iod, Jr., Aiaut an?Mana*tr. Afternoon parferra:tnoe at three? in the eve nir* at half-paat aevea o'elook. Admittance to the Muieua and each (aloon performance, 2ft ncnta; ehildrca under ten year* of age, 12H oenti extra. Kverylody want* to aec tW ranii'ua new moral drama of MADCLaINB. that i? oreatiaft a ti eh a icniation, and hence it will be produecd every even ing tbia week, oommeaein* Monday, Marth 17, IM61. Ia tho afternoon will be performed, the MaKKIBD BACUBLOR. Alter which COMt'oRTABLB StBVlCB. i? Um evealaa. the atiikin*. elfootive, and exeitin* moral draaa, ea'itlei MADCLAINB, or, the Foundlin* of Pane? Bertraad. Mr. 0. W. Clarke, Reni, Mr. Ocnkiai: Madelaine, Mia* Ohapmaa; Catharine, Mra. Ttomana. The iauumvrable enrloeitiec cC tlua Muaeum. the vaac t'hineae oollectioa. the Qipty For tnne-tt'ller. (at all timca to be eemalted,) Bo., arc to b? teen at all honra MINBB7B ROOMS. 40D BIIOADW AL-NAOLfll 0 rand Panorama of Ireland, panned by th* ftrat Irlah artiata, from cketohei taken vrlthin tha laat Ihrae year*? la fldality, intcreat and beauty unrlvallod? with lriah *oa(*k Iriih mnaio, aad an Irivhman'a Uluat ? tieau. Bvety av*? tnc, at 7K c clock. Wodneada; aad Sa irday afternoon*, at 3 o'clock. See handbill*. Bdmittaaoo M oeata; shildraA. lidar 13, half prioc. raniTpHIBi-r. T. BAR than braaa." aad cbarartera in which bia identity ia aa kaowledaed by the uaiverae. In the atteraoea. Raaaall fmith'i (irand Panorama of Mexiaa. the latliune, and CaU lornia. will be exhibited. Tate le rexarded aa oae of tha aoa% oi rrect repreaentatloni of thuee moat mteraatia* lvcaLtiea. Admlaaioa 2S ota. ; ehildren uader 10 yeate. 12>( ota. CL.OTMINQ. NP.H. BARRETT A CO., (SL'CCBSIORS TO JOSBPH ? Flaadera) 47 Naaaau atreet, wbolcaata dealer* I* Children'* and luuth'a Clothin*, are now prepared t* ax hibit oae ul the lar*cat aad varied aaeortuicaM la heir line, for the apriag tMde in thia cit*- -ruitcc to tha ta*ta and climate of every portion ef the Union. We would ipeciailw ?all atteatioa to onr atock of Youtha' Baeki, Ceatteei. aaa Pan ti. Children* Munno an J Silt Velvit braided Suite aad Sacka, Flitted aad Bhlrt Suiu, to*e;her with every deair* ble artlole ia the line. Country Mirohaat* are lavtted t? ixamia* before purchaaia*. Cooda freely ahewa. JOSBPH FLaN L>EKS U WINU SOLD TO M. P Ht Barrett B Co. all of hi* wll atock of childrcA'e aad youth*' cloth n*. contained in it^re No 47 Naaaau itreet. bcaa to inform hia old ouatomeri that he nae loaned thabeao tiful atore M? -'fJ Broadway, where e*n be found, at alt times, a itoik of yeua* Ixeatlemet'i, boy*' aad childroa'a Clethln*, inperior te aa> in thi? market. Ttiia atock u new, ?md will be cold by the *ln?lc anlt or p*eka*e Thia Mtab Uihment ia prepared to Rita to the eit> trade advaatagoanot to be obtained at any other Ilka conoera in tbia city: CLOTH I NO HOCSF.. ? BRMMK9 BHOTBKKS, NOJ. llf ? and 111 Chorry airect, corker of Catherine atraet, New Vark, deair* to iatvrm their fneada aud ?natometa that they have now for eaie an exteuaive aad varied (took of ready made Clothia*. embracing every quality and deoeriptloa. Merchant Tailoring ?They wonld Invite especial atteatioa to taeir telcetioa of good* for the eeaaoa, whtah have beea oarefully procurrd for thia departmeat CABT OFF CLOTHING AND FIKNITCBE IF A NT BO. ? Lad lea or geatlemea havia?|aay auperflueu* efTeeta. ?ueh aa clothin*, furaitarc. Jewelry, or lire araaa, aaa ebiaia a fair?a*h pric* far th? aame by evading fut tha lubccriber, at hi* r?*i4*mee. or by post, will b? nr,aetual|y atteaaed w> M o, COIlBN.ft'f Kaadn atreat, up atalra. L*<liee atteaded by Mr*. Oohea. L? DIB8 OB OBMTLKMBN DM1KOCS OF OONTBBT lag iato each their anperflu ua aSecta. aueb aa eaat-oM ?lothuag. ooatuae*. ftrearma, furaitarw, waiohea, aad iswalry. Will ebtala from th? aubeeriber 61 ty per caat Bore thaa beta tefare reeaived. by Madia* 'hrourh the poet or etk*rwtn. ISAAC e. LYON. Na.l Vallctra^ Ladies and ubntlbmin arb ubbiby rmspkjp luliy inform** that they eaa okratn tbe fall value la cash for all de*eriptioa> of aeeoid baad or eaat-eff eiethian and a< eoad hand articles ia gaacal. b> *>nd In* their eddreaa tbron*h pest er otherwise. ?r ea lla* aa J A MSB MOBONBV, at his store, II Oraa*e street. Bear Chatbaa atraet. IIOHNKH, ( AKIUAUKI, lAOOLIftV, 4w. H^HCft.?F. W AOON ANU HARNESS WANTBD.-AJIT pat* >a hftvmii aho i* |(< lor -ft!#, auitftbl* fat Ik* r<ia*. wil' pl#ai* aodreia II i .'I.1S9 Lever P.*i Otto*. F.t ruu ihe m" ap**d ftftd prlea if hit** Horse, babul*. and bridle fur sali aj? imwr'iit Rigliah bio d am, I'H 'iftnda hi**, ale ycara old, ft tin* trotiar ftnd ? . oi n?, undar tha a add la, and ? (nod trft?#liar Is unitl- tad doukla hiriMi, *w rantad Kiel ftftd kia< , ftU ? aalll# ltd kridl*. Priaa % :?*). Nat k? a**a oft arplicatioB to Nr. DlBllRO W, At tha Rt'Uir IklMl. MM tin Off a Inn. DOSUIA-IT A OlhTLMA> OOI- miuidpl K A ?#ry baftutifal pair of ( unt(? ijoni <*. ouin; >?d th# bl**h, thftt 'ft* trot ft mil* in .IS Binnt#*. Tk?y art aarraftted p#rt#etly nod ft' d kial. Inqaira ftt thaata bl# opreait* the Italian Uporft in Aitut piaaa. from 10 A. M. to I f M Prir# t*>> Al-o ft PhwMB ftftd a Troltlx Wa *o?, made by I'ftrb *r, which I* qait* a#w. aa 1 errant (ia*!* lid d*ahl* harae*? . IN9IK ANCKft. RELIANCE FIKE IN SURA NCI COM PAN V.-C AF ITAL '.(* OtlO dollari, ia ?( ar#a ot fV < *ch. k? *a Ixaul La Chatham a-inar*. ot? I nit?. Diraoior*? Nftthaa Itnharta, Janok A. weat#r#*ll.w dmuail l>rt?x# Thoma* Kmnalr, Ftmbib Hltoot, laaat T. Lud'aiu Kranoia P. Fnraall, Juha P. I.aiotir. |v-?m?o aapW-1 John Polhaaa#, John fftlmer. Ephr*im I) Broi a, William DeaaKtewp, Ja nob Ball. Rllaha L. Wftlt?a. St?Bt)?a Cattar. Joha T. Riot*, Bfttuutl Philip*. P*t*r Ualan /and I I a air. M D , William J. P????. John H Browaiag. (jfrfu C Hathora, Oeorx* Wld? aijtr. Alfnd Aartia, Edwaru Ew#b. Ilttlcl U. Wright, Kir bar ! B?rry William B Lftnaat. Aftdraw MiU*. Thiau Oiaa#. G*?r** B pMfc. kl.a* L. Ba?r?tary, Nfttlaaa Robert*. Pr#*id*nt. th# nndarM<a*J ooataiMlaaer* fir* notira, that hooka far *n h*o#tnti?a to tha capital itoak at t hia r<>mr an y will ka apaaad It iImb aa TkaMtf, Nth Barrel laat, aad #?ati*#rl < paa 'A# two nwndiN dava, during ba*?a?## hour*. at thi f?ilowia? plae**, ta til Ika Tradramea* Baak. Ma 177 Chat ram (tract; ika Sareaih aard It* ? k . ?. rntr af Prtrl >iml aad Barling allp; Bad th# Naohanie*' aad Trader* Baak. N .V1 Tlrand atraat, at 4 that aa iaatalmaat of taa p*r oaat >.< th# aaao'iat aakaarikaA will ka rtqalrad ta ka paid oa aakaariMad, wkiah will ka ra - raivad kj th? raahlar# of tha at>o?ai.aaard taala, ?ia -Rlah arJ H?rr?. Alfr#d A Vraaar. aad l^braia D Brawa. B? irau Naw York. Mar?h 11. I**l. jMn? \ Waatarvalt, nataaa CftBpbell, laaao T. I.adlaa. Hi# lard Barry, fraaai# p. '"i* ' 1 ' '<?Ki**>oaara Lir* AMC RAW t-R.' N M ION A I. LOAM FUND 1.171 Aaaaraaea 8o<-i# a of Load -a -Uaaaral A?#nt' a A**. 71 WaU atraat. R#w T#t(, Bar t> I. It6l ? capital RJ.kuj.tu, Md aarpiaa RtlAt7l ? Tha withdrawal tail# af tbakaalaty afford* ta tha aaaarad. wha mar takaaat paliaiaa aadar thaaa taklaa, tha araataat p'##tkla pra.aat aad proataotaaa ad#aatftcaa that oaa ka ? af? rr#4 Itf# aa?araaaa. Oa thl* takla tha aaanrad ka aatitlad, at aaa tiai?. to rac#iaa at lata raat aa laaiaJlata adaaa^a ta th# ??'aat of aaa- half tha aatoaataf tha paid aaauftl rr>nii'i>ua, witi< itaaoartty. r?r aoaal liability, or d*r?ait af ha policy.bat ky atmrla #a doraaai'Bt tkataaa . or tha ha>f premium may ka aa withAalA doriat th# whala aaatiaaaaaa ?f th# pulioy. AWa, >a tha ?atat af tka aa?ar#>l at aay tla# a? r imriat ta aaattaaa | th* pattey, aa lta?urraad#r *aa- half vf '.haaaaaal praaaiom* will ka rataraad ky tha aarifty At tha laat aaaaal ia##?U(ati<>ta, frprrtad la Nay. 1*0. tha kaaaaoa daclarad ta tha aaanrad Vara -tha aptioa of a ralaik af 19 P<y #aat oa thair pra?iaa>< in %#u. r ? ra?ara?#a?ry addition ta th# ort?>aal ana aaaurad ky aaa* pollay, Tfttyiadl iroa W ta i* p#r ?aa?. Rxampla* af btauaaa. alraady daalarad, will ka faaad ia tha #?rlat) '? paarhlat. t iaath^r with atl#*_*f rataa, aaA ?thar iafnraatioB, na ftppliofttiaa ta 71 Wall (tract, at a* ftay < f tha a?aaciaa, fra# i t #ip?n#a A party aay, at a a?d?rat# aaaaal praataa. iaaara fa* Ufa, aad If ha aarvlaaa to reaah th? M- ?f <k? raara, tha fall taa lararad, ap ta RIA.'??' will k# paid to hlia or if Hi* d#a?h oaaar kafara that p*ri< d th# ??? ?##?rad will ka paia loMolRBilfr wliRRl ni rim**" * trn?#maarTtai r> A a?am. C. SDN A Kl? lltBU IIT Ciftiraaa. i. i. Ptlaar, J"??ph 4alllar4. tt (I H. Boa laa'l. Rokart J. Dillon, and William Vaa B##k. J I?'?Tjl?lwa,?a Th# Beard tr??> aaary W#daaaday, at 71 Wall (traak, fat tha traaaa?tloa ?? k?#ln##a. J. I RAN DR R 9TARR. aaactal A??at aad ?apariat?ndaat of tha I'aitad A'ataa Laaal Board. REW IK VKNTIOIVVa PATRNT CAST IRON BL'ILDINflS THE 8UR90BI bara ia>it# at ten tiaa ta thair rrmaipl* nf kail4>n<, ?kick baa now baaoa# aatabliahad la |<akli* favof. aad Bra pr#partd ia faraiah drawia?a Bad aatimatdi far paMlo <nr prltata knlldlBd*. af #T?ry d#*rr1rliaa. Tk?y ha?# aaarlp ermplated th? two apaalnaa fr#ata af tfea Rna Baildiao, ak Baltiiarr#. iiutinai 1*0 fa#', aad ?!?? atarlaa la hetiM, whirh ha* k?'a praaaaaoad tha moat im|,o*la? atr?#tnr? ia th# Tnit?d Stataa. alao ' th* front of Adam A Oa'a E?p a#a Ofh'#. at Wft*i.ia|toa. D. C. Drawia*# of th* ho?*** aa#a Ik?ia( oaatm taa fat Califeraia, aa I ih*aa whl#h haka alratdy I i??t fatwa#?^ad at pr?*at aaaaftad by aha kaaka aad Intnraa## nampaai#* at San rraa*i**a, aay ta i##a at tb#it whlah will gi?# aa id?* af th* *trl?a a?*h l? favor fot akipaaat. A# th# aaat alahoaat* *trl*a *f at chltrrtat*. ar# In aa #*a*al?l aaanar arplioakla t* lr?a, *t*ry b#?"Mfnl aad (tra?#fal t'au ahl'h aaaat k* tai ii in m*t h# pro<la*?d in ir->a ? airlHiat *a#t. m lOblWCI I lRf >fli, *af. Qaaa* aaOiwawA K OALiromiA# IBCHHOFP, Dl BO I, A A 00. COBHIBRION JiaA ?a rhanta, Ban Fyaa*l*oo J'alif >rnia B?'#raaoaa B?#ara Oraaar A Co., Bt. Thaaa*. V. I.; B?ll*r Band A Kiara. '?? T#tk| T. w. Brna# A Baaa. Baltimora ; Uoaalat R Ca.Bn^ taa ; Fmhlia# k fintahaa. Ixad <a ; Jaha A. Droaaa a Oo.. Araara. Oam*a*a A C*^ Baakari; i#ha Baaaa AC*.. Phi UdaTpAia,

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